No Agenda Episode: 1163 “Cashless Millennials”

I am a robot I am sustainable you must
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beautiful day in the neighborhood won’t

you be my neighbor I’m Jessie boy I’m
just gonna ignore the whole neighborhood
conversation I know you don’t like him

he’s dead don’t worry about it maybe –
hates sweaters I got it
the man is not loves what are you what
are you rambling on about I know you
don’t like mr. Rossi you know like mr.

Rogers it points a point of order
point of order kind of information point
of information comrade I would like to
mention the way we work on this show is

a novel way we believe it is the way to
go John and I are pretty much not in
contact in between shows during the week
except for some um maybe administrative

stuff maybe there’s something we want to
make sure the other has seen but rarely
will we talk about what we’re working on
what we’re collective should mention did

once in a while not often we work on a
skit yeah and that always fails you know
how many cars four five six seven eight

nine ten no at no extra car so similarly
I do not know what Clips John has that

he does not know what Clips I have
however John does his Clips the evening
before Saturday night so they come in
around 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. my time I don’t

see them until the morning
of course I do download them I don’t
listen to them I do look at the titles
and to give me a little bit of
indication what in what area he’s been
researching and I’m very happy to see

that you have crossed the streams and
entered into my my fantastic poly
territory which I like a lot actually
that’s not the amazing poly I think is

her name so I immediately ceased all
production on the amazing poly clip so
we will get to those ashes a fabulous
Pollyanna it’s amazing the amazing Polly
the amazing Polly is what she is the the

youtuber apparently you found as well
and following for weeks and weeks
well she cropped up on the botanic feed
yeah that’s because he he actually has

gotten stuff from her so we so he tells
yeah well it’s a dubious source to say
the least

well she’s not a source she’s a
deconstructionist she is she’s less well
if you want to call her that I would
call her a um guilt by association

oh yeah well she does yarn she does yarn
in tax you know colored yarn mirror
artist I wouldn’t say that okay so this
is Sunday August 11th the second

Thursday show of the week typically the
events that occurred yesterday happened
on a show day so it was quite surprising
we had a little bit of time to at least
think about it this is the apparent

suicide of Jeffrey Epstein and the crowd
goes wild yeah yeah here’s the crowd
I was I was downtrodden disheartened

when I heard this
well considering is in a federal
facility and he’s got was was on suicide
watch which apparently they dropped and

he was being monitored by cameras which
apparently stopped working and all the
rest now it would be somewhat
disheartening I don’t think anybody was
too happy about it bar in particular

well a couple of things change as far as
I know it was ABC and the New York Post
who reported this first and I and I and
I’m always I mean I had that because it

happened early in the morning and my
phone was just because I was getting
text messages from people saying I got
to see this you got to see what’s

happening and so that was kind of handy
that we could immediately see who was
responding first and what they were
saying and no doubt that it was the same
everywhere I think ABC though was the

first and not only did they kind of
start off the the messaging but they
also changed a couple things now how
have we always heard Epstein being
described the billionaire financier

hedge fund manager then of course all of
the alleged alleged assaults so ABC
didn’t just came out with this and I was
like okay wait so sources tell ABC News

Jeffrey Epstein does for them to report
sources and very came a very fact of the
everyone had according to sources no
name no official statement have we ever

really seen the official statement from
the Met from the Metro corrections
facility I don’t know it’s a good
question because I don’t remember I
don’t recall seeing one either so the
message was put out very distinctly went

so sources tell ABC News Jeffrey Epstein
took his own life the exact timing and
circumstances are unclear right now but
the mega-millionaire
is notice this we’ve gone from

billionaire financier to mega
millionaire he’s gotten the down
it’s accused of exploiting and abusing
dozens of minor girls he’d been on
suicide watch in a New York City Jail

you’ll remember he was found
unresponsive in his cell last month with
marks on his neck and literally just to
make sure we keep this correct it’s not
it’s not true it’s not in New York City

Jail it was also not found unresponsive
a couple weeks ago he was found
complaining of some of his neck being
hurt I don’t think he was unresponsive
yeah this cell last month with marks on

his neck initially investigators thought
he’d tried to take his own life they
were then looking into whether he was
assaulted by another inmate or if he’d
even paid someone to beat him up

Epstein’s attorneys had been fighting to
get him out on bail but a judge refused
prosecutors argued the mega millionaires
lifestyle and wealth made him an extreme
flight risk again

mega millionaire just interesting to see
that change another couple of things you
should note assaulted by another
prisoner yeah
this particular jail is not a allows
mixing of prisoners and you can find out

kind of what this place is like believe
it or not by the Yelp reviews how many
stars does it get as a star they’ve got
to be paid Yelpers you know advertising

boosting it reviews and it describes the
places being almost impossible to even
see any other prisoners dallona be

assaulted by one so this news was so big
that they immediately had to get our guy
the the constipated reporter Tommy amis
get him on the phone yesterday of one of

his associates a separate court case but

one of the Epstein accusers coming out
and naming names of some very prominent
businessmen and politicians who have all
denied that they did anything
inappropriate but they start to name
names started to come out in the

public and and that this is a little
confusing because there’s a couple
things going on there is a new woman who
is speaking out Jennifer
arose I think her name is and she’s new

on the scene at the same time there were
actual new documents that were disclosed
thousand pages the two thousand yeah and
have I thought so that included Bill

Richardson names came from who
specifically according to Yama’s does he
say who was naming names cuz every time
I’ve seen the interviews with all these

women they don’t they’ll kind of beat
around the bush but they never name
names no I didn’t know I don’t think
I’ve seen it yeah they’re all listed
there on that document that’s one name
that’s where the names came from but
he’s saying it came from this new they

started to name names started to come
out in the public and and one of the
associates it was thought of that some
of these exiting associates were going
to be brought in and possibly charged

criminally so the case was only getting
bigger so many young girls allegedly
abused by Jeffrey Epstein thought they
finally were going to see justice they
thought they were going to see him rot

in a jail cell it’s unclear at this
point what they’re thinking today if
this is justice but Jeffrey Epstein the
monster that they painted is no more
then he had one other short piece of

well the criminal case against Jeffrey
Epstein personally obviously is over but
if they go after some of his associates
you have to remember there are
allegations out there that several women

work with Jeffrey Epstein to procure
some of these young girls essentially
Madam’s if you will so far notices women
have been charged criminally yet but
there is thinking that the US attorney

may go after some of these people so the
criminal case though is not even there
yet could continue in that direction
there are also civil cases because gotta
remember Jeffrey Epstein is worth at
least five hundred billion dollars all

right so yes apparently this does not
necessarily hamper other investigations
we don’t really know exactly although
I’ve seen some legal opinions that no
one can challenge a search warrant now

because Epstein is dead
I really don’t know I think in America
you can do a lot with with the legal
system and delay a lot of things but I
am personally quite interested in just
laying Maxwell and no one really seems

to there’s a lot of saying Madam’s
handlers pimps maybe you’ll hear Maxwell
not even the first name of course it’s
almost impossible for most Americans to

pronounce where is she now I think she
is a person of a tremendous interest but
we’ll have to just keep batting
back-and-forth for several weeks about

Epstein did he hang himself was he
was it the Clintons you know it doesn’t
matter you know and I’m happy I think we

should probably discuss it a little bit
but then we just have to agree this
guy’s out of the picture and there’s not
much unless you’ve been its I personally
think he was this was more than an

extraction possibly than anything but I
think there’s a possibility of that I
like the extraction idea because as you
just mentioned the one aspect to it I

didn’t consider which is there’s the
official statement yeah we haven’t seen
no fish as far as I know no official
statement except for Barr who said he
was appalled to hear of this and he’s

gonna do something about it and pretty
much immediately this was politicized
obviously the Clinton body count had
been trending for a while and so this

only from his home he helped that meme I
liked the opposing politicization let me
see if I can find it here where is she

yes this is joy Reid our favorite from
MSNBC this is somebody who not only is
high-profile who not only know a lot of
high-profile people whose papers just

came out of court just to let out some
of the documents related to his cases
that named high-profile people who was
friends with the current President of
the United States who flew a previous

president of the
States around on his plane who was
alleged to have trafficked girls to a
royal a member of the royal family of
Britain okay this is not a this is this
is you know on the same level as a bill
closet is a famous person now who’s now

in person he knows a lot about a lot of
people and as you said earlier his only
woman out at this point would be to talk
about those people so he’s in this very
vulnerable situation and then you throw

in the fact which I did not know until I
think I Stephanie Gosk was sitting here
and told me this that this is now
facility under the control of the
Department of Justice and this
Department of Justice does not exactly

inspire confidence let’s just be blunt
what William bars Justice Department is
not one that you can readily simply rely
upon and feel confident in and so what
do we make of all this now that in this
federal facility this person was allowed

to be alone long enough to either harm
himself or be killed by something we
don’t know what happened right we just
don’t know so the implication if you if
you’re on Twitter for more than 30
seconds you’ll see that and it it has an

Occam’s razor ring to it that because
and there is no evidence that Trump flew
on planes except one ferry flight back
from Miami to New York when it was just

him I think and and the pilots I don’t
think that flight log shows there’s
about six people in there when that when
Trump was on it ya know and were they
going from Miami to New York that’s what

I didn’t see where it was going I just
saw the somebody one of the Lib Joe’s
had cut it out he was on the plane
there’s statements contrary to to him

being involved and and by the way can we
say children instead of young girls or
under or underage girls as a child is a
ten year old a fifteen year old is a
girl yeah alright good luck so I don’t

use I wouldn’t call fifty rich I like on
your own I call a fifteen-year-old a
child well but alright fine
you call them girls I’ll call them

children but the Occam’s razor aspect of
it is oh you know Trump clearly you know
because in 2002 he’s D even said you

great guy he loves to party with girls
on the younger side if you know what I
made he disowned yourself from this
guy’s even know him that’s it that
doesn’t matter because over 1500
especially doesn’t matter if you listen

to and you think that joy read was bad
you get that was bad I got a topper
oh yeah just finish the thought just
finished this crazy thought which is

just as valves any other crazy one if
you watch that movie is Trump through
bar his new who as we know is not the
Attorney General of the United States he

is the Attorney General for the
president we’ve been told this over and
over and over again so I have to believe
that now that he put out the secret
signal and said I at the time to off
Epstein totally plausible and a very

simple explanation so I have compassion
for people who believe conspiracy
theories I don’t think this is the right
one but I understand where people come
from with this that if you know my my

favorite one of these off-the-wall kind
of Occam’s razor good things is Scott
Adams you just put this up recently
Oh his Occam’s razor was this bunch of
incompetent boneheads running this

prison that got kills himself and that’s
also a perfectly valid explanation yeah
I mean I’m not buying it but yeah all of
that well if it wouldn’t be the No

Agenda show if we were buying any of
this no of course not but it’s good to
look at all aspects before we just
decide to move on the guy’s not in the
picture he’s gone so uh in July of this

year Amy Goodman interviewed Vicky Ward
ah for some unknown reason you’ve been
having him or you’ve been condemning on

Twitter well I’ll tell you shortly while
I’m sure you will but and if I have four
clips of their very mostly short but the
beginning clip which doesn’t really

involve Vicky Ward is the example that I
have that tops Reid when we know that
Trump hasn’t spoken to Epstein for 15
years and maybe more in the last

reference to him saying anything about
Epstein is in 2002
but yet Amy really makes us sound like
they’re best buds here it is Jeffrey
Epstein has counted presidents Donald

Trump and Bill Clinton among his friends
they’ve flown with him Trump told New
York magazine in 2000 to have known Jeff
for 15 years terrific guy he’s a lot of
fun to be with it’s even said that he

likes beautiful women as much as I do
and many of them are on the younger side
Trump said about his friend Jeffrey
Epstein again this was before all the
charges were brought
about his friend Jeffrey Epstein as

though they’re like bosom buddies yeah
this this is a classic example of of
Amy’s bigotry when it comes to reporting
on Trump I mean this is unconscionable

it’s you can call it bad reporting you
can call it sorry hmm you can call it
bad reporting you can call it lying you

can call it framing you can call
anything but objective reporting yeah
there was it just to me is why Amy
Goodman is not really and it should not
even be considered a journalist anyone

okay so why don’t you expand I have let
me tell you about Vicki ward then I got
turned on to the Vicki I heard Vicki
Ward as she started to pop up on someone

yeah I’m always watching MSNBC and stuff
during the day but she was popping up on
CNN in fact she got hired by CNN just a
few weeks ago and then I started to find
interviews of her talking about how she

wrote the initial expose in 2002 or 2003
for Vanity Fair I believe was Vanity
Fair and she went to her editor and her
editor said no you got to take all this

underage girl shit out this is no good
it’s just hearsay this is her story so
it became much more of a profile a
financial profile of of Epstein and now
she’s saying well I warned you all about

it and I think there’s a couple things
she wrote in 2008-2009 when that when
the really light sentence came down on
Epstein and as I’m searching around and
this is probably the same time I found

amazing Polly I see her as like an it
girl in in New York
high society type parties and she’s
always hanging out with Jill just Lane

Maxwell even though she’s very
condemning of Maxwell of Islay Maxwell
and all these interviews that she’s been
doing you know since 2009 and since she
had written about Epstein and everything

that happened I’m like well what is she
doing Palin around is this kind of weird
so when she tweeted yesterday oh don’t
worry miss lane Maxwell knows more like

what up girl
do you know her you’re partying with her
you’re pretending that your buddies were
there so you tell me what’s going on of
course she doesn’t answer her cuz I’m
just a crackpot blowing in the wind and

I think that’s where I saw more the
background got some background from from
the Polly videos and I find her to be a
very interesting character she doesn’t

seem to have any real background yet
she’s written books about Wall Street
fraud and all kinds of interesting
topics and her I guess is her ex-husband
his I think his boss her ex-husband’s

boss was Maxwell’s nephew or something
because that’s it’s like if there’s a
connection there there’s always know

they always have a connection from one
to the next and you know and so that’s
why I kind of leave it to the youtubers
to do all that but Vicky Ward is a
person of interest to me and I hope you

have some interesting things well first
of all I I saw what you were doing and
so I did my I immediately went to work I
could inspire you suckers you fell into

my trap looking for Vicky Ward it’s
quite possible that actually did happen

all right
Vicky Ward is a very transparent
character she goes back into the 90s and
she’s always been a very extremely
accomplished writer and something of a

workaholic and so she’s great but she
doesn’t crank out enough so many books
and enough books with enough inside
scoop to make me think that in any way
she’s mi6 which is what the amazing

Polly implies which is bullshit there’s
no way I went back and listened to her
and she’s been on TV a lot I’ll give you
her whole story she started she grew

graduates from Cambridge and she was
what wanted to become a journalist she
became a newspaper writer in London for
I think the daily standard the telegraph
there’s she bounced around became an
editor for a while she’s very good at

what she did and she
this guy first and she writes a very
long essay on her divorce that ran in
2011 she marries this guy who she

probably shouldn’t have married and they
never got along and they were pretty
much separated by by 2011 when they
finally got divorced and he’s the one
who drugged her out of England because

he’s a nephew of Conrad black and I’ll
black that’s why it’s not Maxwell black
yes I’m sorry no yes
Conrad black he said come on kid you
joined my operation out here I’m in

Canada in the United States just movies
they made him had him moved to New York
she didn’t want to do it she moved to
New York but because of her and she’s
met if she’s anything if you want to say
she’s something odd she might be a

lizard can I just can I just interject
one crazy yarn connecting conspiracy
data point sure Conrad black about a
month ago maybe six weeks ago was

pardoned by President Trump right that
was interesting was that was interesting
railroaded anyway it’s just the timing

of it is always fun well her
relationship to Conrad black was dubious
because she never worked for any of his
magazines that I know of she may know he
may work for the post for a while and

then she quit but she comes over here
and she kind of because she’s got a
British she’s British and she kept her
accent she never even tried to get rid
of it she became one of the one of the

many British women over here that or
that fit right into the upper classes a
structure check she wrote a whole book
on the Astor’s or at least a long

article and she fit right in she has the
look she has the perfect kind of a dead
socialite look she’s also she up until
recently she had a nonprofit that worked

with the United Nations and she’s an all
kinds of just like Angelina Jolie
special United Nations programs and
there’s the woman who’s the direct
descendent of Queen Victoria who’s on

her board and she’s really
the British society but it’s not the
British society it’s the American
American producer side yes our social
thing and the British are so welcome

because they fit right in and even
though if in Britain she was a newspaper
girl yeah she did a bunch of books and
they’re all the books tend to be
celebrity she really if anything is a
celebrity reporter she roamed in and out

of various kinds of you know celebrities
circles and met a lot of people and she
would run into jillaine it’s just Lane
Maxwell numerous times but she wasn’t

hanging out with her there’s no evidence
of that and there’s some mi6 connection
that happened in 2011 according to
amazing Polly but she was long not even
associating with her husband by that

time very well described in her
discussion in the in the madman the
magazine article that she wrote for the
Daily Mail about her divorce so what
happens is this Jeffrey Epstein thing

breaks and she did have a couple of
pieces of about the girls in that
article all of a sudden out of the blue
now the question in my mind is is she is
so out of the blue she says well I

warned everybody she’s something of a
phony she’s she’s a she’s kind of like a
kitty Kelly type of writer who maybe
makes things up now and again very

well-structured writer if she wanted to
really bring out anything in 2003 when
she ran that article she could have
chopped it someplace off the else if she
wanted to she could under Ronan Farrow

didn’t put up with no for an answer
over and over again mhm so she wasn’t
that serious about these two she had
some information if it radiance if it
was even true at all

maybe not just her word saying that they
cut it out it’s possible but Graydon
Carter did come out with a statement
okay he says that did it wasn’t a well
presented and he just thought it should

be cut out so he did cut it out so this
is not she didn’t make that up
necessarily but the circumstances of him
cutting it out may have been due
according to her when I have some clips
or her bitching about it only now

bitching about it I think the following
happened personally from looking at her
career and what kind of a writer she
isn’t who she hangs out with and her
celebrity status and a certain in that

social structure that we had know
nothing of we have no idea those things
show up in town in country the people
that are these parties those photos are
all over the place it’s like the Palm

Beach Florida social set I don’t know
who any of those people are but they all
seem to know each other if I believe the
following happened with her no matter

what everybody says she wrote this piece
on on Epstein and she gets some stuff
she has some hints about the 2002 piece
in 2000 she wrote it 2000 in 2003 that

was cut out was turned into a financial
piece which she admits and it would seem
to be written that way to begin with
all of a sudden this thing breaks the

epstein stuff and and she says and
people have to say look you did a whole
piece on this guy you know there’s just
Lane maxwell there’s photos of her with

what did you what what what and so she’s
covering her ass yes just by saying oh
yeah well I had this and I did it she
was clueless she’s a celebrity reporter

she didn’t know that Epstein was running
anything but hold on when I so all I’m
saying is why would she ten to nine
years after the fact even wanna be okay

so there’s no evidence they were
partying but they were at the same
parties and taking pictures together I
know how it works the photographer comes
by said hey take a picture cuz you’re
talking and then y’all snow two or three

people you stay understand but why why
if if she knows all this and and
have a clip from yesterday she sure does
she sure did then in 2011 2014 there’s

pictures of her with Maxwell of course
she knew that then she writes about it
she writes about everything after the
fact the issue here is what happened in

2003 where she where she got her piece
was like no in 2009 she definitely knew
that Maxwell was involved because that’s

in the document she you know all of the
accomplices were protected by the deal
that was signed she knew it in 2009 like
everybody else that’s my point yet

11 2011 2014 she’s taken pictures with
it that’s my point
she knew it in 2009 we knew it in 2009
it was it’s been in the press since 2009

well okay we knew in 2009 she knew in
2008 so what was I got to do with her
being a bad actor or mi6 I didn’t say
that but no that’s what your your buddy
famous Polly said but I didn’t say that

I’m Tom I’m just going for simple stuff
let’s go to amazing Polly
to talk about what led up to Epstein’s
most recent arrest stay with that Amy

interviews Ward 2 to talk about what led
up to Epstein’s most recent arrest and
what comes next we’re joined by vicki

war an investigative journalist who
profiled Jeffrey Epstein for Vanity Fair
in 2003 and a piece headlined the
talented mr. Epstein the magazine’s
editor at the time Graydon Carter cut
out the testimonies of two young women

Epstein allegedly molested who’d spoken
to ward on the record one of them
underage ward wrote about what happened
with her
Epstein reporting for The Daily Beast in

an article headlined I tried to warn you
about sleazy billionaire Jeffrey Epstein
in 2003 welcome back to Democracy Now
it’s great to have you with us Vicki so
for people who do not understand who
this man is he’s referred to as

billionaire hedge fund manager Jeffrey
Epstein who is he and what do you
believe he is being charged with right
now the
indictment is about to be opened so I
don’t think he’s a hedge fund manager he

is a certainly very wealthy
there is great mystery as to how he
actually made his money he tells people

that he advises he takes a percentage
and he advises billionaires only I won’t
take anyone poorer than a billionaire

and he takes a cut which adds up to a
lot of money this this when I
investigated him in 2002 really turned
out to be untrue what was interesting

was that the man who claimed to have
sort of taught Geoffrey many financial
tricks and who claims to this day that

Geoffrey has his money as a gentleman by
the name of Steve Hoffenberg who went to
jail for 20 years for committing the
biggest Ponzi scheme pre Bernie Madoff

okay I never know about that so she had
that uncovered which doesn’t surprise me
you guys got in except you Vikki Ward
you were doing the first pieces back in

2000 I were your twin daughters right
now twin sons 16 16 years old so that is
very significant because you were
pregnant at the time you were doing this

piece can you describe what happened to
you when you wrote the speech you spoke
to Jeffrey Epstein though multiple times
multiple times he wheeled out you know

all these important bankers and
academics and finances to talk to me and
he would call me all the time but he
would threaten me he would talk and then

he would say you know Vic if I don’t
like this piece you know something’s
gonna happen to your unborn children you
know and it way he would sort of say in

is it you know lightly but you know I I
went to the magazines general councilor
that you actually put security on them
in the NICU and when
came early he had asked me what hospital

they were going to be born at so I
actually did put security on them they
were born two months prematurely
well that was kind of creepy yes and so

then we go to the last part where she
discusses the Graydon Carter incident
closable he had his girlfriend Glenn
Maxwell who very charming well-educated

British sort of socialite around Neal’s
very significant she’s the daughter of
Robert one of the new news
Galen was the one who phoned this these
young woman’s mother to reassure her how

safe they would be and because of course
the poor mother
now blames herself terribly for what
happened and you know I talked to there

are numerous people the artist Eric
Fischl was a friend of the older
daughters couple of things you wanna
back up yes we’re seeing the timeline by

the way she’s the timeline of two girls
who ever seen was was assault they were
younger that wanted to go to college and
he was gonna pay for their college and
just Lane he but he hit they had to move

in and do stuff to him
yeah and Jazz Lane was the salesperson
who talked the moms into lettin isn’t
right but when when did that happen when

did she know about it that’s all I’m
curious about is that this is right from
2003 era okay yeah okay so she so this
was so she knew back then supposedly she
has a tell I think uh-huh she there’s

some stuff I think she’s she’s in the
same category again as Kitty Kelly and
some of these other Michael Wolfe is in
this category very famous kind of
celebrity writers who do makes known to

make stuff up Michael Wolfe has got all
these Trump books a lot of this stuff is
bullshit if not all of it that Vicki’s
in the same category of writer and I

think her tell is the use of the word
and twice in a row instead of saying and
she says and and interesting I think you
were three times in the piece friend

Glenn Maxwell who very charming
well-educated British sort of socialite
around noon
significant she’s the daughter of Robert
that’s one of the news news

Galen was the one who phoned this these
young woman’s mother to reassure her how
safe they would be and because of course
the poor mother

now blames herself terribly for what
happened and you know I talked through
there were numerous people the artist
Eric Fischl was a friend of the older

daughters they all verified they
remembered them tell that these two
women recounting their trauma at the
time so brave we all go through this and
then to suddenly find at the eleventh

hour that somehow Geoffrey got to the
editor of the magazine this story was
being pulled I wait a second he came in
to country now he he came in I had had

no I was not told about this he came in
he had a private meeting with the
magazine’s then editor Graydon Carter
after which I was informed that Graydon
believed Jeffrey Epstein I was told that

Jeffrey Epstein had told Braden that he
was quote unquote
sensitive about the women and so they
would be pulled from the story so now be
a business story and what a business

that was a business story that explained
that Jeffrey Epstein was not who he
claimed to be in his professional life
but but but the the very powerful awful

stories of what happened to these women
got taken out with you and and I am
these girls yeah right are they involved
the the tell is after she lies that’s

the way I’m reading it what she I can’t
say I’m sure one way or the other I mean
there’s some truth in whatever she’s
talking about I think she’s maybe you
know for example the grain Carter story

itself which may be where the aunt Anne
comes from afterwards yeah that’s that’s
kind of that I thought that’s kind of
kind of how I’m very dubious and into
her part it Carter is considered one of

the greatest editors in the history of
magazine oh well that’s suspicious right
there then
there’s some reports that the story

she’s telling is not actually accurate
and Epstein didn’t show up to talk to
Carter he showed up with it with a bunch
of high-powered lawyers yeah telling him
look you can run this if you want but

you’re gonna be sued out of existence as
a magazine and I don’t think your boss
is at vanity at Conde Nast are gonna be
too appreciative of the kind of troubles
you’re gonna cause if you run this piece

and so much for being one hip so much
for being one of the best editors what
kind of pussy editor is that guy who’s
smart let’s listen to her tell again but
but very powerful awful stories of what

happened to these women got taken out
with and and I and these girls yeah I
are they involved with the case that’s
being open today where he’s being

brought into a Manhattan Court I don’t
know I have heard it I have not
confirmed that I have one sources told
me that possibly they are which obvious
which for me would be sixteen years

later sixteen years later because one of
the things that has haunted me is that
there I was trying to expose this man in
2003 and the original the furthest FBI

investigation the one that got muted by
Alexander Acosta didn’t begin until 2006
so it’s always been on my conscience

that for three years he molested
hundreds of sort of helpless poor women
who were in no position to fight back

against him I just want to go back to
because you made a pretty interesting
statement the Graydon Carter is one of
the great all-time magazine editors I’m
paraphrasing but that’s how it came

across should this guy and I be hanging
his head in shame for rejecting one of
the biggest stories of our lifetime with
his comment no not necessarily because

rosy don’t like that unless it’s
well I’d never saw the original so I
don’t know well he didn’t she wrote it
and I wonder if it was rock solid his

claim is simple the story was not rock
solid and when you’re an editor at that
level of the magazine that this which is
a high paying magazine I mean this is
not this is the big leagues is the major

leagues everything has to be pretty much
batten the hatches have to be batten
down you can’t put anything out there
that’s gonna so concentrated did a me
try to move this towards someone else

did she try to pin it on Trump who while
she was having this conversation
yeah it’s Trump was actually the editor
I want to make sure it’s democracy now

we’re listening to enough ayk program
alright so is that the end of that clip
yes I have and and I have a current clip
from Vicki Ward who’s now a

correspondent from July of this year
right but I have one from like this
morning and and now what has led to
these charges of sex trafficking you
know of of teenagers this is part of

that big network it is part of the big
network and I think you know fredericka
that what so what had so many people
interested and on the edge of their

seats about this what would have been
Jeffrey Epstein’s trial but then still
really matters is the trial if you like
of the ecosystem because don’t forget

the original indictment talked about a
conspiracy there have been many other
important powerful names brought up in
connection with this case former

President Bill Clinton the lawyer Alan
Dershowitz the financier Leon black less
waxing them that the retailer last week
saying you know I gave jet Jeffrey

Epstein power of attorney but I
discovered in 2007 he stole millions and
millions from from me but in wit but it
begs the question then why did Leslie
Wexner not go to the authorities there

think that all but the fact that the
case it still is going to sort of go
forward means that that all the people
connected to it after all it was a

conspiracy should still we backed it up
for a second there’s been no official
word that the cases go this was
yesterday no official word the case is
going forward she stayed satisfied that

the case still is going to sort of go
forward means that that all the people
connected to it after all it was a
conspiracy should still think that

they’re going to be questioned well then
attorney as some of the attorneys for
these accusers have said that even in
his debt they will continue to pursue

avenues to find those responsible
whether there are co-conspirators you
mentioned you know Maxwell whose name
you know appears but that this case is
not dead because telling us to say

something I’m nesting it now you can
hear this is Fredrika wills I think
Frederica Wilson anything or his name on

CNN she’s an airhead she you can hear
them telling her what to say or not the
same with their co-conspirators you
mentioned you know Maxwell whose name
you know appears but that this case is

not dead because Jeffrey Epstein is for
now Micky Ward another thing you’re
noticing is that and I have a clip from

Vicki ward from 2007 which is the
earliest thing I could find she has
developed this kind of socialite
stammering that apparently the reason

she has it is because she caught it it’s
like a disease because when you hear in
2007 she doesn’t have it she has it now
and it’s so contagious that this woman

that is interviewing her is now picking
it up I’ll play if she’s stammering
here’s the 2007 clip let’s get a a
background first on Brooke Astor tell us
a bit about who she is and how she

became so
wealthy and such a great philanthropist
Brooke Astor came into her fortune
actually almost by accident she was
married three times

first very unhappily next to the love of
her life a man named Buddy Marshall and
her young son Tony from her first
marriage actually took his stepfathers
surname Tony Marshall and when she was

in her 40s she found herself widowed and
that was when she really got to know the
very very wealthy Vincent Astor who was
a grumpy pretty miserable man their

marriage lasted five years and when
Vincent Astor died to Broadcasters
enormous surprise he left her all his
money and she set about carving a

character for herself that really didn’t
exist before and hasn’t existed since
she gave away more money to more
charities than I think New York has ever

seen and she did so in a style that was
unprecedented and unrivaled
where was the stammering none zero huh

now another thing that does cause
stammering is unsure unsureness lying or
lying or talking about something she
knows the Astor story and went on NPR
just booked right out got a problem

doesn’t know right I still think this is
a covered that she wanted to reinsert
herself into the story because she did
write that piece in 2003 there’s no
doubt about it there it is but she’s
been kind of out of the picture

regarding it and now she geta gets a gig
on CNN and she gets herself back in the
news that she’s floating around she gets
to promote her book which of the her
newest book which is the Kushner Inc
book which is another kind of a slam

against Jared Kushner nice she obviously
I don’t know if she’s run into her New
York and the party scene or whatever
she hates Ivanka ooh yeah I do let’s
finish this this thing you’ve got where

you get to stammering going back and
forth every which way
and it was over it was the end sorry
yeah but here she is this is one second

home so in the in that most recent
report she mentioned every other
possible she keeps saying it’s a
conspiracy this is a conspiracy the fact

that that the other people will be
investigated she states that as fact
then yeah I’m just saying she may be a
great writer but she’s pretty shitty cuz
I don’t know about it being a fact yet

that’s certainly not yesterday and she
doesn’t mention Trump which is either a
a glaring mistake or she’s gonna keep
that gig on CNN I bet you she’s not for

more than six months if she if she’s not
talking about Trump being complicit no
it’s not gonna work for her and she
doesn’t get does so this book about
Kushner Inc which I have not read it I

know I I’ve seen the cover I know what
Krishna’s doing with Wynn read I don’t
know by anything else and except for all
the stories so she does not like Kushner
and ignore Ivanka Kushner she doesn’t

like Ivanka mostly and I don’t know but
you can tell it in her voice she
discusses this on MSNBC when they’re
talking about her book and you can tell
it in her voice or some disdain and I’m

not sure what it is it may be the
possibility excuse me it may be the
possibility that she has a British
British what just it just has a dislike
for her that’s that’s that’s visceral

you know that you know you’ve had that
you know some of you just really don’t
like her and she just slams her in this
piece I thought this was quite even
interesting now I don’t know where she
got this information or even if it’s

true it may have been picked up by
research I don’t think it was an
intelligence source I just don’t see it
I’d looked at because I had that I had
the sense that you might have been going

after as an intelligence
why are you stammering yeah this is
worrying me now
I got let’s just play this clip that at
the end of the day the president’s

president’s great Achilles heel is
actually his daughter
that he had said to John Kelly when when
general Kelly became chief of staff that
he really wants them gone you know he

doesn’t like it when people other than
himself draw negative attention to the
White House it’s fine if he tweets
something and that that creates a
firestorm it’s not fine if somebody else

reflects poorly on him he hated their
misuse of private emails because that
was something that he had gone after

Hillary Clinton with so he said to
general Kelly you know to get rid of
them they waffle unless you send them
back to New York make their life so
miserable they want to quit and you know

general Kelly was successful if you look
at the period when he was chief of staff
Jared and Ivanka were very very quiet
during that period it’s the president
who was who couldn’t pull the trigger

and I think that that shows that
ultimately Ivanka more so than Jared
Jared is there because he’s her husband
but the President cannot say no to his

daughter which means that this White
House is essentially a family business
hmm she’s got some of the talking points
there I liked it some more good hmm

she’s no slouch but let’s let’s move
forward to this year and move away from
from Viki war don’t think we’re gonna
get much more except keeping her eye on

her and I still want to know where
Jelena Jasleen Maxwell is what of course
hours after this reporting came out
where I was kind of waiting for them

okay what are we gonna hear from from
the president and here’s the chip Todd
Chuck Gregory Todd talking about Trump
tweet a few hours after the news of
Epstein’s death president Trump waited

in sharing an unfounded conspiracy
theory speculating about how the
financier may have died the President of
the United States retweeted a
conservative commentator and comedian
who wrote quote how does this happen

Jeffrey Epstein had information on Bill
Clinton and now he’s dead again the
president retweeted that Chuck Todd as
NBC’s political director
so it remind you a comedian but okay and
moderator of Meet the Press Chuck good

morning I wish you and I could sit here
and say we’re surprised that the
president retweeted that but right right
away jumping to a conspiracy theory
about his opponent in the last election
and his family will II think about what

Donald Trump has done to American mass
communication over the last two years
I’ve quite frankly an appalled and
embarrassed by the amount of responsible
people that have jumped right into a

conspiracy theory on this yes the
president is is sort of leading the
irresponsible charge here but there’s a
lot of people on social media I mean the
tweets this was just a classic Trump

retweet so what it’s not anything more
than that he thought it was funny I
thought it was funny yeah these guys

think it’s funny well why don’t you ask
your lip Joe friends I’m sure they’re
all over this in the same way that Chuck
Todd is of course it’s too seriously
these people are idiots

now this morning that you probably saw
this you know cher blue is this as kind
of an outgrowth of media matters and
they it’s a techno expert it’s trolls
it’s about in troll stuff and mainly to

troll the takedown advertisers of you
know they’re canceled people would
cancel culture the first thing I didn’t
know is that David Brock is no longer
running it this is new Allison Gervin is

the new CEO of cher blue and he’s an NBC
News except that Brock was running Media
Matters never share blue oh yeah oh yes

it’s it’s it’s an outgrowth of Media
Matters share blue is big that’s that’s
where that’s not a lot of money goes
into that and so I did not know that
this guy had taken over just last month

and he headed NBC’s NBC News’s business
tech and moseying what’s his name
Allison Al is o N Gervin gir VI NASA
guys guy

the guy I’m sure he’s elitist and they
had a message for their for their trolls
which they call stalwarts the share blue
stalwarts and I’ll read this so this is

what goes out to the online techno
expert trolls who are supposed to go and
do something and they it’s looks like
it’s pretty well organized outfit

stalwarts by now most of you will have
seen the recent news regarding the death
of Jeffrey Epstein already the news is
being used by far-right activists to
spread smears and conspiracy theories on
social yeah I wish I could talk like

that unsocial yeah well if you did if
you could talk like that you’d be
selling merch
despite being both harmful and untrue on

tour it says but I’m sure he meant
untrue there’s clearly if wow that’s a
tell isn’t it if you misspelled untrue
there’s clearly a very concerted effort

from the right to reach the public
consciousness as you can see on your –
you’re – the past few hours have seen a
rapid well in far-right disinformation

so they have some kind of dashboard
known as a – capital D where they can
see I guess stats on you know the the
right wing trolls I’d love to see some
of this I’d like to get the – as such we

need as many as we need as many
stalwarts as we can to counteract this
promote our own messaging and discredit

the claims being made you can find the
key notes regarding Jeffrey Epstein at
at your – and navigate to the
appropriate conversation

as this is Bree a breaking story the
keynotes I guess as their talking points
are currently bare-bones any stalwarts
who can help and adding to them would be
greatly appreciated it is the utmost

importance we act fast and face these
smears head-on with the correct
messaging currently the messaging you so
it says currently that is : do not so
this is what the dash says you should do

not do do not deny the possibility of
foul play do not excuse Epstein of his
potential crimes or the doubt or doubt
the validity of his guilt do not link to

the current court documents regarding
Epstein or use them in constructing your
argument because boy that would be crazy
however do wow yeah isn’t that great do
sympathize with the potential victims of

Epstein do remind people of the prior
allegations of President Trump talking
subject 14c do remind people of Trump’s
prior quotes regarding Epstein and their

proven interactions subject 34 live
article currently bare bones do remind
people of the power that the President
of the United States holds in comparison
to members of the public and 5 as always

roll con upper-case rol Co n once again
we need as many stalwarts activists
possible as role con is not that hard to

figure out once you s search around it
means play the role of conservatives so
pretend to be conservative ly use these
talking points don’t point to the

original document and implicate Trump
that’s great that’s well that’s it this
guy comes from NBC News so I I’m all-in
I think now let’s with that in mind

let’s listen to this article again a few
hours after the news of Epstein’s death
President Trump
waded in sharing an unfounded conspiracy
theory speculating about how the
financier may have died the President of

the United States retweeted a
conservative commentator and comedian
who wrote quote how does this happen
Jeffrey Epstein had information on Bill
Clinton and now he’s dead again

retweeted that Chuck Todd is NBC’s
political director okay let’s see if
Todd can get all the dew points right
and moderator of Meet the Press Chuck
good morning I wish you and I could sit
here and say we’re surprised that the

president retweeted that but right right
away jumping to a conspiracy theory
about his opponent in the last election
and his family will he think about what
Donald Trump has done to American mass

communication over the last two years
I’ve quite frankly an appalled and
embarrassed by the amount of responsible
people that have jumped right into a
conspirator think this may be a point

for mine people of the power the
President of the United States holds in
comparison I think that maybe can you
ring the bell when you get good catch on
the talking points and it’s pathetic

easy to identify a Chuck Todd as a
stooge role con yes the president is is
sort of leading the irresponsible charge

here but there’s a lot of people on
social media I mean it is it is to the
point where the the I think it’s way
ahead of any investigation here I think
it just shows you how particularly the

president in the way he sort of warped
information attacked the press fake news
conspiracy theories all of that stuff
which he’s embraced over the years I
think the fact is my biggest concern is

that you could tell this is a virus that
is spreading so let’s set that aside
with what the president did there
because this is a this is that’s a
horrendous virus as for Epstein
look I think you’re seeing bipartisan

outrage we are you know we have some
senators who have been so mute on other
issues they see the Epstein thing almost
as an opportunity to say oh I get to be
outraged about something and I don’t

have to make Donald Trump mad so you’re
gonna have some of those people coming
after the Justice Department here but
you’re also gonna have others that are
gonna come after the Justice Department
for what they believe so I think bill
bars on the hotseat the entire justice

system is in the hot seat oh this one
and we’d like to think the president’s
would tamp down some of the conspiracy
theories but again he’s elevating them
no well they didn’t do a very good job
on the talking points he’s not elevating

he just mentioned that the Epson was a
buddy with Bill Clinton that’s it he’s
trolling where’s the conspiracy sir he
didn’t mention the hit list

he’s totally trolling these guys by the
way mental health and suicide is of
course a serious business and we’re
making very light of it here on the show

we need to talk a little bit more about
some specific mental health issues that
have been in the news recently so I did
want to bring this short public service
announcement to everybody are you at
risk of accidental suicide if you are

then this advice my health avoid police
custody or any protective custody or
incarceration do not spend any time
alone in a high-rise apartment avoid
small aircraft hot tubs scheme canoeing

long drives on lonely mountainous roads
or simply being in a remote place always
vote for you Democrat nominee in federal
state and municipal elections should

anyone start up an awkward conversation
you simply smile politely and say I’m
with her follow these steps to reduce
your chance of accidental suicide today

brought to you by your local No Agenda
affiliate station exactly good good nice
I love that someone scrawled in chalk in
front of the Epstein mansion in

Manhattan xoxo Hillary and Bill okay do
we have any well I guess the only thing

for me and I don’t know what you have is
like I would be mrs. Lane Maxwell thing
yes yes and then I would say we’d be
remiss if we didn’t listen to poach

take I didn’t think he had much to say
in that particular last one amazing
Polly accepts which I could gladly quit
no let’s plan I could but amazing Polly

I don’t listen to her I don’t think
she’s that good I think she’s a she
invites associative kinds of
condemnation and I think she’s full of
shit with a lot of stuff cuz it was just

she’s not accurate but the person I do
like who I think is does do nice little
documentaries on the youtubes and that
is the truth factory talking cat yes the

truth factory talking cat is pretty good
yes yes well here’s her here’s the
talking cats little thing on Maxwell
words a target

Ghislaine I believe the real brains
behind the entire operation was
Ghislaine as this was not her first
rodeo surrounding herself with
pedophiles in 1986 she was allegedly
caught in compromising sexual photos

with former British MP Harvey Proctor
who liked to spank naked little boys
with a riding crop from there she
attached herself to Epstein and his
money becoming the handler of the young

sexual victims and just like her father
Maxwell Neve seen were both likely
working for the Mossad this theory was
made credible in a Kostas comments when
he said he’d cut the non-prosecution

deal with one of Epstein’s attorneys
because he had been told to back off
that app scene was above his pay grade I
was told that Epstein belonged to
intelligence and to leave it alone

but what would intelligence services
want with a disgusting sex offender
probably the same thing that the Mossad
got by filming Robert Maxwell’s sexual
exploits they would use agents of

influence like Epstein to blackmail rich
and powerful people Jeffrey Epstein was
running a honey trap in a 2006 court
filing Palm Beach police noted that a

search of Epstein’s home uncovered two
hidden cameras in a 2015 of a lawsuit
filed by Jane Doe number three who is
likely actually for jr. Roberts seen
here with Ghislaine and Prince Andrew

she accused Maxwell of having recruited
her in 1999 when she was only a minor
after Maxwell introduced her to Epstein
she was groomed by the two of them for

his pleasure she asserted that Maxwell
Epstein had trafficked her and other
girls often at sex parties hosted by
Epstein at his homes an alleged that
Epstein wired his mansion with hidden

cameras secretly recording orgies
involving his prominent friends and
underage girls you know it just brings
it in and he sees Alicia discusses the

woman yeah but the one thing I got a
kick out it was this little other thing
the honey pot clip where this this is
the kind of thing that as somebody who
has any brains probably would have done

if it was presented to them because
especially the way it was presented this
is story about a journalist who went to
one of the parties and I think these
cameras which we’ve discussed on other
shows were used mostly for the purposes

of getting other people to shut up not
necessarily the clique of pedophiles
which I still think was a kind of just a
club as opposed to all blackmailed I

don’t think they’re necessarily wanted
you know me they blackmail because they
all know each other but I don’t think it
was the intent to blackmail them as it
was to blackmail other people to shut
them up and this little anecdote coming

up I thought was very on the money
Jeffrey Epstein’s job was simple to be a
pimp and to find elite people in the US
political and economic industries and
compromise them journalist Eric Margolis

even said when meeting I’ve seen for the
first time soon after I walked into the
entrance of Epstein’s mansion a butler
asked me would you like an intimate
massage sir by a pretty young girl too

seemed out of place and weird to me so I
swiftly declined as an old observer of
intelligence affairs to me this offer
reached at the ye old honey trap a
tactic to ensnare and blackmail people

that was old when Babylon was young a
discreet room with a massage table
lubricants and no doubt camera stood
ready off the main lobby this footage
was likely used to blackmail elites

afterwards for hush money once you have
that money you can buy more mansions
cars more girls and have massive parties
where you can connect to even more
influential perverts that you can extort

to keep growing this disgusting Empire
this was in a in a in an article I think
I’ve read this I don’t think so
yeah this is a guy who wrote about this

experience verbatim not have to look it
look the cat didn’t go into the mansion
we know that that would have been very
the talking cat would have been a
surprise now it’s too bad that Epstein

is dead extracted gone whatever although
I still want to bring this important
piece of information we had a we
replayed a recording of the Epstein

deposition of 2009 here’s a reminder to
my campaign
yes do you solemnly swear the testimony
you’re about to give will be the truth
the whole truth and nothing but the
truth so help you God
yes I did

could you please give us your name
Jeffrey Epstein
is it true sir that you have what’s been
described as an egg-shaped penis form

dang and dr. Jackson your honor I’ll
give you the first one investigated that
these types of questions are not only
argumentative but let’s get Denise the

second version of the question if you
continue that this type of question all
adjourned the deposition immediately
sir according to the police department’s
probable cause affidavit one witness

described your penis as oval-shaped and
claimed when erect it was thick towards
the bottom but was thin and small
towards the head portion and called it

egg-shaped those are not my words I
apologize but as mr. Rajan has mr.
Creighton has stated that this is
information man new shit has come to

light yes the No Agenda producers never
cease to amaze me with their with their
experience background and information
they’re willing to share from producer
Eric we received Adam and John enjoyed

the clip on the egg-shaped epstein penis
that’s always a good opener for an email
I feel I feel I might be able to shed
some light on this I was a professional

Pearce and body modifier in several
underground communities in the late 90s
and early 2000s the term we had for guys
back then was milk bottle dicks because

their penises look like a milk bottle
these guys were penis pump addicts they
would use a vacuum pressure penis pump
to enlarge their dicks the anatomy of
the penis is such that the shaft expands

at a different rate than the head making
the base and shaft a lot longer and
thicker than the head my guess we got a
pumper on her hands and I I thought this
is very interesting information because

for sure I’m never going to buy a vacuum
pump now and I recommend no one do this
wow I can totally see that guy being a
pumper yeah the more gets better the

better on the no agenda show
I should I should have had this one
ready the more the more you know here it

is that’s the one the more you know in
the morning alright do you want to go to
this pajama clip quick we don’t have to
do every single day and and then we’ll

be done for now right yeah okay
so and botanic emailed me this link he
said I wanted want to record a long
interview with you so he’s got something
to say and I’m gonna talk to him on

Tuesday and I’ll record it and we’ll see
what comes out of it but he he his quote
was his quote was I really want to talk
to you about this let’s record it many
more going down I’m interested when he

says this you know I have no problem
talking to our friends sealed
indictments okay many thousands of
unsealed indictments okay what were

sealed sealed indictments who knows by
the time I talk to him and maybe under
sealed what do you know hi this is dr.
Jenna and let’s talk about Jeff Epstein
suppose it suicide whether he committed

suicide or he’s dead
or they took him out of jail is really
not relevant what happened today with
Jeff Epstein is a travesty of justice
and the law but also of our intelligence

system several weeks ago in July 15 16 I
saw the story being developed where
Epstein was decided that he was going to
commit suicide and he had a rope around

his neck and had marks on his neck and
there was a member in his cell which was
absurd of course Epstein was in his cell
now by himself his dynamic is such that
he would never commit suicide he’s too

narcissistic bombastic I treated guys
like this they don’t commit suicide
whatever you think of pachán ik he does
have the credentials to be able to make

a claim like that and he’s not the only
one making that claim who else has made
this point a lot of people have said
that he’s too narcissist he’s nothing
he’s not suicidal stances although I I
was reading a report somewhere else that

claimed that
pedophiles they commit more suicide than
anybody especially pedophile heard of
pedophiles who abuse boys
I don’t know where that article is but

yeah so there’s conflicting information
out there I saw that too but botanic has
credentials in this area so unless he’s
bullshitting us I’m gonna tell everybody
filed commit suicide so no some don’t
for some reason and I think we can

assume he’s one of them what we do is we
take them out and remember what I said
a month ago several months ago he works
for Mossad and the CIA why because he
compromised so many political and

economic figures that it was important
for all of you to understand this wasn’t
just an individual this is a system that
we funded and that we’ve been an
alliance to the Mossad and the Jewish

Americans who are leading us now this
was interesting this glitch in the
YouTube video is in every version you
know every single time I looked at it
the minute he’s going to say something

about the Jews in America it and this is
a glitch
it literally glitches out I don’t have
to ask him what he said when mechanic is
Jewish we should mention that yes that’s
why he said you should never talk about

this the way I talk about it only I can
do that system that we funded and that
we’ve been an alliance to the Mossad and
the Jewish Americans who are leading us

Jeffrey Epstein as I said to you is an
operative he’s a poor jerk of a
low-level Jewish guy who never amounted
to anything it was grandiose the fact of

the matter is that he had compromised a
lot of people using make-belief money
and a fictional background what really
is true is the following and most of you

did not follow this two days ago a
member of our military was appointed as
Director of National Intelligence
McGuire a Vice Admiral of military

intelligence now why is that important
and what does that have to do with
Epstein everybody wonders the answer is
very simple military intelligence which
I’ve been part of for over four decades

is the only institution that we can rely
on that will not be compromised by the
Mossad in turn what happened is two days
ago Susan brought a Gordon who was
deputy of national intelligence behind

clapper and others was not appointed to
become Director of National Intelligence
now why is that related to Epstein
because season Gordon is Jewish and she

was close to John Brennan who’s close to
the Mossad
so Trump in his wisdom as crazy as
people think was a Fox in the henhouse
now I’m not exactly sure what Powe genic

is saying here I think what he means is
that he the Trump is getting everyone
around him who is a potential problem

away cutting all the potential issues
out although I think you and I still
have questions as to who’s writing his
speeches you know possibly putting in
Nazi code words nothing weird shit that

could still be someone in the orbit but
I heard him say I’m one of those famous
on the way to the helicopter stand-up
things on the on the White House lawn
says what do you think I should I

appoint sue should be sue yeah you want
to vet her sue so he was goading kind of
to see what the response was I didn’t
get it at the time so I guess that this
is distancing himself and everything

from the CIA who apparently would be
implicated with Mossad in this epstein
platform almost it was a given that
Susan was gonna get this job

oh okay so then there you go it was a
given by the hierarchy of the system
yeah by that by the by the buzz yeah all
right yes one of this is her turn okay

you know this this happens in government
and everybody I mean that’s why Biden is
his turn him let him we continue exactly
to go away from the CIA and the civilian

intelligence and bring in military
so Susan Gordon is out John Brennan is
out the Obama people out the Clintons
didn’t do this this is far more

sophisticated but also more awkward than
you think the reasoning goes as follows
in the intelligence community I know the
CIA very well I know the most signed
very well they’re not very bright when

to creating a storyline like Jeff
Epstein that this part I like very much
this is the part that I’m on board yes
they created this beast and they created
this incredible you know a pedophilia

ring but what they didn’t understand and
they couldn’t come to any resolution was
the fact that well we can’t explain the
suicide we’ll just say he’s suicidal and

he died in a cell by himself committing
that’s called paradoxical intention what
that means is that we’re gonna use the
most absurd concept and lecture people
the civilians run with it as long as we

can label conspiracy theories so in
Wikipedia in the New York Times all they
did was fall for this trap of
paradoxical intention where they said
okay it’s a conspiracy theory the man

killed himself in a Cell which had no
capability to kill yourself so who else
was compromised and why was this so
important to come out now governor de
santis of Florida who is a Jag officer

and a SEAL team of Special Forces and
fought overseas decided he’s going to
have a florida investigation at a
prosecution of the Attorney General

Jewish guy Berman who was involved as
well as the police chief of Palm Beach
who lied then we have a woman by the
name of Jeff er who implicated the mrs.
Maxwell also implicated Prince Andrews

of England now Andrews of England was
accused of sucking the toll this
fourteen fifteen year old where they
whether he did or didn’t do it’s not
important the point of fact is the winds

of family has always lied cheated and
was corrupt then not Windsor’s they’re
basically German they were pro-nazi in
the beginning of World War Two and had
it not been for Winston Churchill we

would have not had a successful England
so what else was compromised
Richardson bill Richardson of New Mexico
summers of Harvard a whole bunch of
other individuals were compromised and

as a result of that the resolution had
to be that Epstein had committed suicide
in our business we say kiss excuse SEC
use another one he who excuses

fork uses himself and also don’t forget
paradoxical intention you all will call
this a conspiracy thank you and good

I’m not sure other than okay I looked
yes there’s an investigation that the
scientists has called for and apparently
that’s starting to bring out everybody
who was involved presumably also Acosta

everybody who wasn’t involved who was
involved with the with the light
sentencing in the deal with Epstein he’s
now being investigated and there’s and
of course we saw the the documents which

have been released
will that be more I don’t know Bill
Richardson definitely there’s some
interesting stuff in his past with the
Clintons yeah yeah him and the Clintons
are tight yeah and I think they would

wasn’t he also involved in Haiti somehow
Richardson I don’t that but I do I will
say this about with poach annex and
tires thesis where he kind of meant it
he hints the possibility saying is not

important but he hints at the
possibility and I think he’s actually
saying that that this was an extraction
yes in an offhanded way because you had
the right people to do it you had the

CIA and the Mossad you know and there’s
and this hospital in mid to Orson is
kind of in Midtown I’m in Manhattan the
hospital I mean the prison this federal
prison and this all took place late in

the middle of you know the night and
it’s suspect and the next thing you know
this where’s the body
yeah well we know one thing identifying
marks would be the egg

and nobody really wants to see that well
we await the many indictments too many

people who under this indictment is we
we await the takedown of the swamp I am
extremely excited not gonna hold my
breath because otherwise it might look
like a suicide but Rollo nothing as we

discussed this first started up this is
a not gonna nothing’s gonna happen they
they’re putting the kibosh on it the
kibosh one of the ways this pronounces I

will predict the following we will see
at least three more people go down one
way the other may be heart attack
something else three we meet people

dropping yeah dropping going away
dropping disappearing whatever I I’m not
gonna say yes that because somebody who
knows something about that’s not part of
it but somebody in the it the prisoner

somewhere that knows what happened and I
would quit immediately and get out of
town yeah anyway eyes on jeez lady

Nvidia Ward and eyes on the egg
everybody I would further say cheese
lane is gonna death is gonna happen to

her Vickie Ward is gonna hold her job at
CNN for a while and that’ll be the end
of her it should be off to another book
and nothing else would come of except
the people’s names who get dropped or

unfortunately mentioned in these
documents which are gonna be released
well it’s gonna be a lot of guilt by
association yes yes as long as we’re not
in there then I’m happy

well I’m pretty sure we’re not with that
I’d like to thank you for your courage
and say in the morning to you the man
who put the C in the Clinton body count
John C Dvorak in the morning to you mr.
Adam Carina morning all ships receive

feet in the air sub subs in the water
and the James tonight’s out there in the
morning to our troll room and they’re
all over the map this morning we’ve got
about 1300 trolls standing by doing what

they do it’s a regular 8chan here for
chann maybe a to chin at one and a half
chance sometime
but it is no agenda stream comm where
you can listen to a great shows like
this one 24 hours a day seven days a

week and many of them live you can troll
along and in real time it’s a very
welcoming community come on by No Agenda
stream comm also we’d like to thank the
artist for episode 1162 the one we did

on Thursday titled that Thank You
comrade and this was a classic comic
strip blogger win it win for the CSB
simplicity rules we were talking about

wait wait wait CSB is that the same guy
no he put comics for bloggers now he’s
changed his name you telling me that CSB
CES I think he may be the same you’re

right it matches up we had we did the
story on the the British Columbia Human
Rights what is it a mission known as not

commissioned it’s a better word tribunal
yes the tribunal who determine if you
are violating human rights of someone

for instance who identifies as a woman
but wants you to wax their private parts
and that was a stick-figure guy with the
Canadian Maple Leaf we’re in the right

spot it was well done we cracked up
there was there was no doubt funny there
was no doubt this was the one and got a
lot of comments on it guaranteed this
works extremely well when people notice

it in their podcast laugh so thank you
for helping us get more reach more
people comic strip bloggers and
obviously thanks to all of the artists
who participate in our value for value
in network system and provide this kind

of value that really makes our show your
show our show your buddies show much
better and you can participate in that
yourself at the show the show at No
Agenda art generator calm and thank you

for your courage we did get a big
response I think a lot of the reason we
did very we had a lot of executive event
associate executive producers we did
have a couple meetups which helps but I

think the Epstein thing people know when
something like this crops up that they
expect us to cover it okay they start
thinking of us think of us and when you

think of
should think of donating well this this
adds interesting perspectives which is
we can get more more guys like this to
disappear sir mittens of falsities leads

the list here with $777 Wow that’s very
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to cut back on the verbosity this time I
do have a humble request though I’ve
wondered for weeks about the legitimacy
of dot connecting conducted by George
Webb and John O’Laughlin on their

respective YouTube feeds
hmm I’m most interested however in Steve
patch annex estimation of the research
presented on those channels any chance

of playing proxy for me uncle Adam
especially before yesterday’s
paradoxical intention blurs the boundary
between the dimensions in honor of dr. P

a closing quote look you’re already in a
jackpot I’m trying to get you out of it
selectively huge curative Karma to all
producers douche and non douche alike
yes it’s a fall city well I feel we gave

that to you just moments ago so I think
we did that for you it yeah I watched
George Webb he does too much that’s too
long is there’s too much George Webb

really but he has credentials the web
has credentials I don’t know much about
John o’loughlin well they’re buddies the
two web and O’Laughlin in fact there’s a
couple of at least one time I’ve seen on
the same together right next to each

other talking and they tend to be I’m
not either I can say that I’m not I
don’t I don’t pay any attention to you
the one of them personally yeah I

certainly don’t watch every one of the
episodes when someone points something
out I’ll go over but it’s it’s in a way
it’s like there’s no agenda show where
there’s a lot of referrals back to
things that you kind of have to to pay

attention but I think it’s just too much
it’s overload George Webb is overload
for me it’s just too much content isn’t
it like every day he’s doing something
of an hour
so onwards your Patrick well hold on

you’ve gotta better give out this
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use and we can do that on Thursday show
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in Santa Ana in the Socialist Republic
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sanity in our sea of derangement I won’t
have any teachers out there like this so
I think many we recently hosted our
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swimmingly keep up with the nautical
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beginning of a second year car for us as
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onward sir Donnell barosky nah he came

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Cheers Donnell borovsky sir Donald over
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good as long as the Federation
letterhead them and then we know all as
well yeah no idea what the code numbers

are but yeah yeah you never know
sir Paul Schneider in Edmonton Alberta
priest credit credit mr. Paul Schneider
thanks effort why is Canadian side 33 33
okay ah so he becomes yeah he it’s the

rule so he becomes an executive producer
for today’s program Aaron Chamberlain
listened in a newt which I have printed
out I did for one for once I did this in

advance here it’s a long note but I’m
gonna I know if I can cut it down a
little bit sir pot father and trusty
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sidekick next I like to give sake goes
I’ve been freeloading for a thousand
episodes sorry about that it’s time to
make amends please humbly accept this
donation two three two three two

okay I’d like to give some insight of
the Dayton shooting I live in about ten
yeah you know yeah it’s just coughed
that’s all oh I live in Dayton about ten
minutes from the shooting we have a

personal friend who came to us the
Saturday evening after the shooting he
was a co-worker of the shooter and he
actually worked with him the Friday
night before he told us he thought the
guy was a little odd but never got the

vibe of a ruthless killer our friend
told us about the time he actually went
to the gun range with the guy and he
thinks he held the rifle used in the
killing needless to say our friend is a

little shaken up huh he wasn’t best
friends with the guy but more than
coworkers he went to a concert with the
guy just a week before the FBI came to
question the establishment he worked at

Chipotle there you have it and offered
one trauma counseling session for
everyone that worked there if they need
it and any additional sessions that
insurance would help pay for triple is

very generous by the way they’ll let you
take as much counseling as went as long
as somebody else is paying for it our
friend is a black man who’s from Guyana
South America so if the media defaults

to calling this racially charged killing
spree I would argue the contrary and so
nothing to report but I want to provide
a little insight for the show that is

interesting it is interesting the wife’s
birthday is a little early August 30s
but I want to give up you may have to
sorry about this I didn’t put this under
lists of Eric okay birthday for my fine
fine with cap it all caps lady Laura

Chamberlain okay no age no Laura
Chamberlain and she celebrates on the
30th okay it’s not taking any chances

I’m in time baby and that’s from Erin
right I’ve attached pictures of our
dog’s Daisy a lab Rodina Labrador and

get Great Dane there must be something
and I didn’t see that by chiweenie
the Mexican hot dog Chihuahua and
Ashland not sure if you liked it not
sure if they’d like to show they

definitely like people especially did
who will pee on you also cats too many
attached only one Jean King bub fattest
cat around may uses a newsletter jingle
request you’re not gonna believe this no
I believe if it’s send your cash you’re

in no yes but it is pew pew pew pew pew
and then Obama phone which I have no
oh yeah we got that and thanks Obama and
please clap okay got the it was not too

much to ask you do the three by three
jingle at the end of the show that’s a
lot to ask I haven’t heard that jingle
for years keep up the great work and

deconstruction breath of fresh air in
this second society sue Obama phone
thanks Obama
and what was the other one clap please
clap please clap I thought we had a very
short Obama phone we don’t even know why

Obama phone yeah I know all right now we
have anonymous two hundred twenty two

dollars and 22 cents I got an email this
is a sir American carnage yeah anyway as
his anonymous donation he says he’s

knows the brunch debris over email yes I
said you guys note about acceleration
ISM in the show were the same name a few

months back I guess we we didn’t pick up
on the Bronze Age mindset which is this
book slash manifesto which I read which
was pointed out to me is may be

motivation for the El Paso shooter at
perhaps even Christ Church it was very
odd here you guys mentioned brought
pervert he is he so-called author as I
followed and interacted with him on

Twitter for about three years he is part
of frog Twitter
that’s not Pepe but it’s a niche
reactionary irony part of Twitter the
best I can explain concisely is that

some on iron some irony content Twitter
someone irony content Twitter I guess
that’s like white twitter black Twitter

irony content Twitter have performance
art identities that never break
character Bronze Age pervert is one of
those yeah I think I figured as much
some are so involved in complex that

they even write books under their
Twitter identity name Bronze Age pervert
has been trolling journalists and
confounding the blue checkmarks on
Twitter since before the 2016 election

his book is a meme extension of his
identity it’s a social commentary under
huge layers of irony performance even
the title is a meme joke play on the

grifter dime-a-dozen mindset books of
the last few years
John was pretty much right no you hear
that John was pretty much right I didn’t
hear you broke up with John was pretty

much right and if anyone committed a
shooting over BAPS writing that’s bran
Jade pervert then that is super cringe
and they don’t know the ethos of frog
Twitter and they got trolled so clearly

we need to shut this shit down because
we’re going in the areas of performance
art that are weird but okay
it makes nothing but since I think

that’s a lot of what the Chan’s Artoo’s
a lot of performance type art and it’s
it’s postmodern art form and I think
absolutely yeah and I think that you

nailed it Knights I definitely had my
question like this could be fake I don’t
know what’s going on so yeah so I’ll
ignore I’ll ignore it from now on
because I have my time can be spent on

better things than reading ninety eight
pages of the Bronze Age pervert but
thank you I appreciate the appreciate
the knowledge so again the more you

learn on the No Agenda show boy learned
Kimberly Redman in Toronto Toronto
Ontario 221 and she writes thanks for
providing me with a sanity check it

means more than you know as a marketer
ah I’ve been quietly observing as so
much unfolds behind the scenes I like
watching The Wizard of Oz pulling the
switches and all the while people

continue to argue over partisan issues
it’s good to know that there are others
out there that see there’s more than
meets the eye please send some jobs
karma as I am relaunching a platform and

also starting a new venture this year
hopefully I can help – aha PS I’m not
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finally oh yes yes yes yes did you I
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clipped I got a clip I have two clips we
got two clips and then let’s take your

clips yeah Jen briney of the
congressionals podcast man who who was
really your protege I’ll say it you have
worked with her helped her on learn on a

number of things but I like her podcast
she said she is a left-leaning Bernie
fan but she doesn’t like to mention now
and when she talks about herself but she

goes on the c-span show one of the
call-in shows they had a whole bunch of
people that came on that would the whole
bunch like three or four that came on
that debt that are podcasters that do

political shows we could have been
invited yes we have Adam Craig Johnson
of work here from No Agenda show and

let’s go to the caller the first one
Epstein’s got an egg dick none of that’s
ever gonna have trouble but she came and
she gave us a little plug wait wait

Jeffery egg Steen now I got it it took
me a moment
gave us a little plug and then she did
she also followed through with the
secondary a catch which I would call but
let’s listen to Briony on advertising I

see in the corporate media is that they
are serving advertisers they see
advertisers as their customers and so
there’s a there’s a passive corruption
in that because you don’t want to bite

the hand that feeds you and so that much
determines which stories you pick to
cover and I just didn’t want to do that
and so I essentially crowd fund my
podcast I call it the value for value
model which was actually / it was
perfected by Adam curry and John C

Dvorak they host the No Agenda so I mean
it’s their model but I’m copying them
and basically what I do is I produce
something of
value and I think there’s a lot of value
and knowing what’s going on in the law

making part of our government and in
return I ask people to return whatever
value they receive in financial form and
my wonderful community does and you know
what well done well explained I liked it

it was very concise what I thought was
in you clip that off understandably I
like the guys response to that very I
thought I thought very interesting the

way we’re funding it which is something
different let’s just listen to how he
responded to that the financial forum
and my wonderful community does have
been working for six years then

financially it’s been working for maybe
two years and let’s take some calls yeah

you know he’s like he would I don’t even
know he’s listening he’s definitely
missed this yeah this was and I thought
it was good that Brian he caught it she
kind of smiled and thought it was funny
and this is one of the just in one of

our apparently one of our listeners who
calls in and starts with sorry Bernie
pointed that out like this is why I like

Bernie so that’s here from Justin
Justin’s here in Washington DC hey there
in the morning you know comments on the
like New York Times about Epstein XD

someone wrote it was hag the hillary
assassination group and like i was great
we’re finally seeping into culture i
love that all 15 people who watch c-span

were exposed to our model that’s very
actually i think there may be more
people watching that than you think is a
lot of people either maybe they didn’t
catch it maybe they just saw it posted

somewhere but i got a lot of people
sending this to me so I wonder if that
show is really well watched perhaps yeah
what am I saying no idea
they don’t give numbers they don’t need

to and they don’t anyway but I was cute
that she would she played along with the
in the morning yes which was a plus and
that you know she’d draw

the ball on that I would been very
disappointed well of course the other
guy didn’t know what the hell is going
on yeah okay
onward yes let me see where we want to
pick things up what was interesting and

always happens is the complete news
cycle shift I mean it was just it blew
over the weather a couple things going
on we had multiple mass shootings we had

the rather massive raid on one company
that how do they pick up like six
hundred and eighty people released

several hundred almost immediately but
they had outstanding warrants for
multiple offenders and I think just
before the the epstein news happened

this was I just wanted to play it
because it was such an incredible use of
well abuse of children which you know we
do track quite a bit

we still have Greta Thornburg out there
who’s very concerned about it yeah she’s
she’s really being abused I feel we both

feel probably I’m concerned for her life
well as she’s taken that you know cross
ocean sailing trip on her what is in a
50 foot you know competitive sailing

yacht not gonna come toast or not it’s
not fun that’s do you want to go across
the ocean in no Adams you’re pro you
know sort of a professional and in fact

we’ve we’ve started using this tactic to
to increase our own support by abusing
children from Australia to read sad
notes and and clearly it’s working so I

can’t say that’s a bad thing and I don’t
care if a father like Chris Wilson so
Chris Wilson abuses his kid that’s fine
it seems to be getting the kid is too
old news I think Chris’s is more likely

to be knifed by the kid now these
Aussies are tough so there was this ice

and I guess this was not the first time
they’d raided this company although the
way the the m5m played it was like oh my
god this is you know it’s like the Nazis
coming to get the Jews and it’s

unbelievable and and the kids it was the
first day in school no they had no
parents to come home to which turns out
wasn’t true everyone was asked do you
have a child in school someone who was

going to be alone they were sent home
they were released immediately as per
the spokes holes who were talking about
this but that’s not the way the m5m like
to play it in general it was really all

about the children not about what these
these people had been had many of them
hundreds of them had entered the country
illegally multiple times and now forget
about that it was unbelievable how mean

they were because this affects children
it’s always about that children now we
don’t need to talk about the children of
legal citizens in whose parents OD or
what parent get arrested or broken

families or domestic violence you don’t
hear much about the children from the
m5m when it comes to that but oh we
found one everybody we found the one
child and everyone had a microphone in
front of her face subtitle of course you

watch this video and you know the

comments range from you know the outrage
you’d expect to she’s acting and it
doesn’t matter either way it’s an abuse
of a child and then to use this child
for your political statement is

disgusting and I wish I wish we talked
about children more and the children who
are suffering of the citizens of the
country but now that seems to not be the

talking point so that’s
we left some things off there were some
20/20 stuff there actually I would like
to play this Austin had their monthly

city council meeting ah yes and there on
Thursdays which is sad because I can’t
really go although if I’d known that

this schedule would eventually wind up
ending eight hours later than planned
ie I have a piece of audio here from
1:00 in the morning when finally item 77

came up which was the homeless or as we
say on the show say the unhoused
ordinance camp at camp anywhere which is
not entirely everywhere

you can’t camp on city grounds but it
has increased the Munda sidewalks city

grounds no no no no that is not no in
fact that is exactly what came up in
this I mean there were a couple of
things that that happened in this
because you only ten people are allowed

to speak and they put it on video and
it’s you know and it’s archived but
nothing’s really great if the audio is
not good I’ll cut the segment I think
it’s good enough for you to listen to I

just want you to kind of hear how the
citizens are looking at this and then
the City Council and this is one
gentleman who showed up and he I think
he has a tape pole with 2500 or a
petition with 25,000 signatures on it

and he’s just there saying hey you know
could you please turn that law back
though the ordinance back to what it was
because now we have people pooping on

the street essentially today
any one of the knives now can you hear
this at all is it worth it to play this
play for a while I’ll let you know they

also create human waste anyone who can
wear sleeves is created in human waste
it’s just now homeless people are

allowed to sleep in camp in public not
here at City Hall I’ll point out but
anywhere else in public except the city
parks they’re creating human waste and
the photos and the videos I get sent or

shared on social media that are taken in
real time are shocking truly shocking so
there’s a there’s a profound public

health concern here as well third I
don’t see how this is a good good policy
for tourism our downtown is thriving and
we all take pride in that fact we have

people from all over the world that are
coming here it is simply not good for
tourism to have this be the image of
Austin that people are seeing that we

are trying to effectively emulate the
policies that we see in cities like Las
Animas in San Francisco in Seattle and
Honolulu I’m here tonight carrying the
voices of the people who have signed our

petition I’m asking you I guess at the
August 22nd meeting to undo this policy
this is not thank you okay so I think
you could understand enough of it what

the guy’s saying is we are now adopting
the policies and he’s interesting he
said San Francisco Los Angeles Seattle
and he said Honolulu yeah I didn’t know
Honolulu had I don’t know this either

but it wouldn’t surprise me it could be
a Soros sister running the thing this is
what the problem is
well then and this retort is what I what
I was surprised by one of the city

council members that would be district
ones Greg says our he calls the guy back
and I’ll just set it up for you yeah and

he’s like oh you said not in front of
City Hall this is a big point of
contention with everybody is like oh you
couldn’t say you can
amp and poop anywhere you want but not
in front of City Hall and this guy’s

gonna correct him on the record which
only shows you the arrogance and makes
it worse of what these elites and
they’re not even elites they’re elites
that sell upwards into these City

Council Lenape elites oh my god they’re
the worst
especially this Greg says our and he’s
not my district but here’s a libraries
our recreation centers or the Capitol

they got a mansion you ever heard that
not aware of those locations no I’m
aware that private property city parks
and City Hall where exam that was not
aware of those additional exam size

exemptions also it’s just City this
Lily’s generally that have curfews like
libraries and parks in the capital and
the governor’s mansion okay so can you
commit to making sure that you explain

that information I really absolutely
okay so the guy is perturbed that the
public doesn’t know that not only can
you not camp and poop at City Hall but
also the Capitol and the governor’s

mansion so just so you know that’s
disinformation by omission Powell what
the fuck he’s making it worse there’s
more places that you cannot camp that

are not accessible to the public per se
but oh it’s government it’s us so just
let you that you can’t camp there am I
miss reading this or is this guy just an

elitist prick well I don’t think he’s
much of an elitist he’s just a prick
we’ll take it and then they got into
little altercation
and how it is that ticketing or

arresting someone for merely being
outside reduces homelessness and
therefore reduces waste okay so i’ll set
this up and i let it play so what this

council member is saying is I don’t see
what difference it makes in where people
poop versus a month ago you know so to
tell me what’s going on with the wet

with the human waste situation is to
paraphrase like what is your problem
with now that people can poop anywhere
in front except City Hall what is the
problem that we don’t conflate those

things and I just don’t understand and
still haven’t seen how it is that
recreating those behaviors is going to

reduce that violence that you pointed
out or reduce the health issue
do you pointed out it comes from that so
that’s so on the waste issue I would say

is that the difference is now this just
happening in publics happening on
sidewalks is happening in you know there
wasn’t having before inside their homes
they don’t have well it’s happening
where were they congregate a lot of

times it happens in a hundred minor
overpasses under bridges eastern Otto
there ways that happen and you hardly
see where wasn’t happening what I’m
saying is if you walk through downtown
now or another neighborhoods this is now

it’s now becoming a problem for citizens
who are walking to school walking their
dog walking in their neighborhood to an
extent that it wasn’t before where are
folks Langston

I hope this time if you’re asked to be
like where’s and almost people where did
almost people congregate in this city no
it’s not asking you that question you’ve
said that there’s more human waste and
that it’s causing a health issue right
when I’m going to the bathroom in June

what I am saying is that if you came out
he believes this can’t believe this is
what they’re discussing he’s saying well
where did they go to the bathroom a
month ago what is wrong with these

this is insane
I you’re talking the wrong guy
I know but it’s like we have he said it
right up front this is the policy that

the LA in San Francisco and apparently
Honolulu are adopting why are we doing
that his answer is well where were they
pooping before it’s like we need a poop
report I mean what is going on that

research needs to be done I mean yes we
need a steering committee to attract the
poop habits um anyway what the City of
Austin in all Bruins have done is they

voted YES on forming a corporation which
will run the new shelters so all right
good I’m sure that’ll work out fine I

will keep you updated on Austin poop
epidemic well wish I could just get more
people to move there it’s too expensive
here people don’t want to be here now

missed it’s and it’s not working out
well then Santa Monica now let’s talk
about mental illness for a moment as it
links to them to the mass shooters the

president came out and the way I took
his statement was it’s mental health
it’s being a mental health as a problem
to combine that with the violent video

games and social networks and hate hate
something about hate and we have to stop
hate and we’ll have red flag laws and I
didn’t like anything that he said the
mental health part I can see a valid

point people are saying well you’re
stigmatizing mental health and I and I
think there’s a valid validity to that I
don’t necessarily personally think that

mental health is
issue I would say the issue was what is
being prescribed to people who have
mental health issues it is the
medication that’s that comes with fair
warning on the on the bottle and says

you know you may become violent you may
become suicidal lots of you may come
more depressed than you were and that is
what doesn’t seem to be investigated but

on democracy now they had a and I know
I’m in your turf here they had on a lady
who was a member of a firm research org

and and she’s an emergency room doctor
so she’s I do not believe she is a
psychologist or psychiatrist a firm is
the american foundation for firearm

injury reduction in medicine a nonprofit
corporation comprised of health care
professionals and researchers working
together to find lasting solutions to
curb the epidemic of firearm violence

across the united states which is never
explicitly mentioned in the intro or in
this or in the interview that they are
act basically an anti-gun organization

very small formed in 2018 no 990
published yet looks like they have maybe
a fourteen thousand dollars in donations
over all of 2018 and she had a couple of
I think valid things to say about mental

health as it comes to violence but also
a tell a a clue there that we’re on the
right track with the true the true issue
with these apparent mass shooters and
mental health a slash medication for

more we’re going to dr. Megan Ronnie one
of the authors of the time article the
dangers of linking gun violence and
mental illness she’s an emergency room
doctor associate professor of emergency

medicine at Alpert Medical School Brown
University and chief research officer
had a firm research a nonprofit focused
on firearm injury reduction welcome to
Democracy Now it’s great to have you

with us dr. T so if you can respond to
President Trump
immediately linking saying
not guns it’s mental illness that pulls
the trigger so that is just false the
mass shootings that were experiencing

across the United States the vast
minority of them are committed by people
with serious mental illness about 20% of
Americans across the country suffer from

mental illness and as you mentioned
they’re far more likely to be victims of
violence than perpetrators themselves
where they’re most at risk is risk of
suicide as you said two-thirds of gun

deaths across this country are suicides
and by labeling mass shootings as mental
illness we risk further stigmatizing the
mentally ill driving them away from
treatment increasing the rates of

suicide and also preventing us from
making forward progress on this epidemic
well dr. Ronnie can you explain how did
this link come about that basically all
these mass shootings in the US are a

result of mental illness it’s not an
obvious conclusion to draw yeah I know
that to me was like what are you that’s
not an obvious conclusion yeah it was

but her answer contains I think the the
truth illness it’s not an obvious
conclusion to draw on a second stop it
what is this woman thinking what what is

the obvious conclusion to draw Trump oh
guns guns Trump guns hey yeah of course
yeah no you’re right on that forward

progress on this epidemic
well dr. Ronnie can you explain how did
this link come about that basically all
these mass shootings in the u.s. are a
result of mental illness it’s not an

obvious conclusion to draw that really
is show norm is bias in your reporting
does she ever see that Aurora guy when
he was in court for the first time or or

Lanza or these guy you know these
characters there were mentally I know
they had guns Bushmaster ar-15
unbelieva can’t see the can’t see past

it all right here comes around in the
u.s. are a result of mental illness it’s
not an obvious conclusion to draw
I mean I think that we want to assign
blame somewhere and in common

conversation you’ll hear people say oh
that guy must have been crazy right it
seems quote/unquote crazy to go and
shoot a lot of people it’s something
that’s been repeated over and over by

the news media about 40 percent of
articles about mass shootings mention
mental illness as a cause it’s something
that we’ve come to believe as a nation
but the evidence does not support that

link it supports a link between
substance use and mass shootings a link
between a hatred and mass shootings a
link between prior violence and mass

shootings but not with mental illness
did you catch it was substance abuse
that’s not what she said that’s what I
thought the first time – she says about

mass shootings mention mental illness as
a cause it’s something that we’ve come
to believe as a nation but the evidence
does not support that link it supports a

link between substance use and misuse
substance you use what is the substance
the medication you’re given that’s the

she didn’t say illegal substances no
substance use so there may be evidence
of that although I’ve never seen said
evidence because it doesn’t seem to get

studied or published but she clearly
said substance use and she’s the expert
all right and I think there’s probably
something to that although this is not

effective if you want to if you want to
you know start a campaign against guns
and in a roundabout way said no no
mental health laws nothing to do with
this we all know it’s hatred and an easy

access to guns easy access to the guns
you want to do it right you do it the
way a presidential candidate does it
ladies and gentlemen you do it like the
yang man more than a dozen presidential

candidates are in Iowa speaking at a gun
control forum and CNN’s Arlette Science
joins us live in Des Moines Arlette what
have been some of the breakout moments
you’ve seen there well on over the
course of this day you’ve heard from 16

Democratic presidential candidates here
in person at this gun reform forum and
really they’ve been laying out their
vision for how to solve this issue
relating to gun violence in this country

there was also a very emotional moment
just a short while ago with Andrew yang
when he was asked a woman asked a
question and noted that her young child
was killed by a stray bullet take a look

at that moment that happened just a
short while ago I have a six and three
year old boy has imagined I was imagine
he was one of them that got shot and the

other that seemed that she described I’m
sorry it’s like very very affecting you
right that when there’s a gun in the

household you’re more likely to have a
child get shot or the owner get shot
than to kill let’s say an intruder into
the house ma’am you know pretty good for
a first-timer

another dance about bromide but he was
crying John oh yeah you would that
wasn’t yang though was it yes that was

yang crying what oh hello did you hear
my intro yes the intro and I thought he
was you’re playing a guy crying that’s
actually Andrew yang listen listen again

but play that whole clip again no I’m
not gonna play the intro I’ll play him
here we go here we go listen I have a
six and three-year-old boy huh imagining

I was imagining was one of them that got
shot that seemed that she described I’m
sorry it’s like very very affecting you

right that when there’s I saw the video
so I know it’s him yeah okay I get it
now I was paying retune to my ears
yeah yes first time Mitch how could you

not Boehner oh yeah well then then
surely people will make fun of him and
then finally on this whole that make it

won’t make funny yang they made fun of
Boehner because he’s a Republican no I
know that’s why I’m saying they they’ll
make sound of theirs knowing that they
were local don’t cry exactly Judge

Napolitano no fan of President Trump at
least I don’t know is he a fan now or
was he not a fan he’s not a fan of alert
but do I not getting a point he’s not a
Supreme Court justice I’m sure about

that but he agree with a lot of what
he’s saying about this red flag law and
all this crap the president was talking

about you know we’re gonna find his find
hate on social networks by the way I
want to mention the red flag law thing
which I didn’t pay his close attention

to as I could have when you were you
were too wound up do you actually you
actually said perhaps hysterical and I
listened to the show later I’m like yeah
a few Devore at eff you know you

when I said it no you missed it cuz you
weren’t even listening to my hysterics I
was listening so I would so apparently

that this is already a law just about to
go and get me past in California oh yeah
it’s already set up and he’s on board
it’s it’s abhorrent and I think there’s
the there’s another one HR 838 the

threat assessment prevention and Safety
Act of 2019 there’s a number of things
set up and good to go
and I don’t I don’t think I would

suspect that some of his base is not
liking this at all
I think I don’t like fourth amendment
encroachment at all so this snooping out

online and getting and collisions hey
this just Castro’s Cuba
colluding with the social networks and
you know who knows what’s gonna come out

of it but I don’t like it I don’t like
the threat I don’t look like that the
president’s doing this although
apparently he wasn’t even at the meeting
so I don’t I don’t know but then you
talk about the red flag laws and we’re
gonna find here if someone said well

listen to Judge Napolitano a almost
Supreme Court justice Republican Senator
Pat Toomey telling me earlier on Fox
Business that a lot of his Republican
colleagues are indeed now rethinking

some of their previous no votes on gun
control legislation of the like but a
judge janitor Palitana says a lot of
those proposed laws won’t hold up to
constitutional muster he joins us right

now judge what do you mean well Neil I
good afternoon and it’s always a
pleasure to be with you the proposal
that the president offered the other day
is called a red flag law that’s a law by

which the federal government would pay
the states to change their state laws so
that anybody who wants to raise a red
flag my next-door neighbor is a little

crazy but he has a gun I think you
should come and take it away from him
can cause the gun owner to be dragged
into court in some states the gun is
taken away before there’s a hearing and

then the hearing decides whether or not
the gun owner might abuse it in the
that’s the serious constitutional
problem Neel because in this country
it’s been this way for our 230 years now

the presumption of innocence and the due
process requirements mean you can only
be punished for something you’ve done in
the past not something you might do in
the future and it was a brilliant colony

we’re looking at this he said you can do
it on the basis of a fear of what a
person might do but relatives or friends
are telegraphic authorities hey we’re

worried we don’t like what we’re seeing
it concerns us greatly that was the case
of the mother of the shooter in El Paso
telegraphing local officials you know

she owned a gun I mean what’s the deal
and this was this reporting is also a
little sketchy I read this in a couple
places but do we have any proof that

that she indeed informed the authorities
on ownership of a gun to authorities not
that I know of yeah you know one week
when these tragedies happen there’s a

natural instinct I myself have this
instinct for the government to want to
do something to keep us safe god forbid
something like this should happen again
and now we see that there were red flags
that weren’t warning signs for both

Dayton Ohio and El Paso but the supreme
law of the land is the Constitution and
the Constitution simply does not permit
taking a right away because somebody
fears it might be abused in the future

when a Supreme Court last looked at the
right to keep and bear arms had called
that a fundamental individual liberty
that’s in the same category as speech
and privacy and religion that is the
highest category of Rights it can’t be

taken away because the government fears
you might abuse it it can only be taken
away if you have committed a crime no
there you go
so I don’t I don’t know how this is
gonna work but I would constitutionalize

I know all the way on this but
California apparently the way their law
is written is if you turn somebody and
just because you just hate them you get

a bonus no but that you’re never there’s
no check mark against you they get put
on a list and and if they try to get off
the list and they try to condemn the

for calling them out you know as a
nutball yeah
and and it can be shown that you’re not
a ade not in that bond anyway and this
neighbor just hates you but they’re
deciding just to make your life
miserable cuz it’s a lousy neighbor

which is always possible yeah too bad
too bad for you you’re on the list and
that’s it and now you’re on the list no
guns for you you can’t buy one you have
to give one but what’s the what’s gonna
happen pretty much and they all persons

scot-free even though the whole thing
could be a scam now just so I understand
states individually can make almost any
law they want correct no because there’s
one law in the Constitution and in one

of the one of the amendments that
finally said that all states are subject
to the same they’re subject to the same
US Constitution and at the bait at the

very end of the day at the end of the
day okay so then how was California able
to have a so-called assault weapons ban
for a decade cuz that was only
California wasn’t it or was it was that

federal I thought it was just California
I don’t know that California has an
assault no no it’s gone but they had it
for ten years
well they guys it gone well it had a
sunset and then in that and they’ve

looked at it and said didn’t help at all
and then say okay well then we’re not
gonna renew it cuz not make any
difference you have to talk we need a
lawyer on the show oh yeah we need one
right now as soon as possible

but they’re subject to the same Bill of
Rights and everything anyway what is the
president thinking this is not gonna be
a very popular stance his ideas on no is

dumb I think he just shooting his mouth
off as usual no it was it was it was a
written statement the same one that had
the 88 code right maybe they drugged the

president up because he looked like and
sounded drugged he does sound drugged a
lot and just read this and then not see

a date and Toledo and red flags and got
to do it video games hate it’s maybe
maybe they’ve got him on some program he
wouldn’t know I’m may I question this

actually that was it not a good moment
for the president’s that I wonder I
wonder what they’re doing with him that
whole speech was a tipping point of

something in my mind well we’ll see
where we see where it goes probably it’s
gonna go like everything else nowhere
you mean the red flag laws yeah yeah a
lot of chatter yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

and then there’s nothing right isn’t it
just to get people to buy more ammo
native add basically this is a big

shooting and everyone’s get all
concerned about gun control that’s the
time you invest in gun stocks no I yes
because they’re always skyrocket after
that yeah I bought 10 more guns all

right all these guns for and by the way
I will say this when you see somebody
who but all the guy had a lot of guns
and so they show a collection of guns if
a guy does not have the same like ten

copies of the same exact gun he’s not
arming himself for some Armageddon he’s
a gun guy he likes to have a bunch of
different guns and go to the range so if

they just show a stock footage of a
bunch of guns yes always a bunch of
random guns there’s no two guns the same
right it’s not a guy who’s a danger he’s
a visa but enthusiast yeah you’d like a

platform you know
like one kind of a weapon that you can
interchange parts sure sure that makes
so I’m always dubious I see always a gun
he’s gonna kill everybody he’s down

there’s different guns I got guns like
yeah I was watching the eckstein video
the ABC video and as as they’re
narrating he was rushed to the hospital
and they showed like a dramatized

snippet of video maybe two three seconds
long that was clearly from you know I
don’t know what’s it what’s a like
Chicago 9-1-1 or something where you see

a gurney being rushed to the halls of a
of a hospital had nothing to do with any
actual live footage they just threw it
in there it was and I caught it

immediately but that really sets people
thinking you know when you put in that
kind of dramatized footage into a news
report I thought it was bizarre huh well
I didn’t see it so I don’t know it

doesn’t sound it seems like they’re just
trying to trigger people okay I got a
story here that’s just a one shot but I
was disconcerning to me very good you

caught it you caught yourself I’m proud
of you cashless Millennials mmm they
must be in great numbers so let’s talk

about this we know fewer and fewer
Canadians are going out and taking out
huge amounts of money to carry around in
their wallet all week to make their
transactions how significant has to
shift been lately well more than we

expected we conduct research regularly
we payments Canada runs infrastructure
for payments in Canada as well as that’s
the rules across the country and we’re
modernizing that and to make sure that
we modernize so that we meet Canadians

needs we do research and what we have
found is that the way we pay is changing
and Millennials are out in front in many
ways they’re leading us on what where
you can expect in the future there are

three trends that we see happening one
is a lot less use of cash
the Millennials as a category over 50%
use less use cash less than four times a
month that’s once a week and that is

dramatically up from last year when it
was 20
so we’re seeing a massive shift away
from cash the second is three-quarters
of Millennials make a purchase decision
online in order based on the payment

experience rather than only the product
so they are choosing where to shop when
based on how easy it is to make the

Wow low Amazon yeah you know last night
we had a couple friends over for dinner
and one of our friends has a bar
it used to be dad’s bar it’s in Houston
it’s actually by boat I don’t know if he

wants me it’s a well-known bar and so
already business had been impacted by
Hurricane Hugo but he said you know this

business is over the your local bar is
over he says I don’t think we can we can
stay afloat maybe another couple of
years because of the change in society I

said well what do you mean he says the
damn Millennials what’s up he says
people no longer congregate in the local
bar they don’t come to the local bar

they’re all on Instagram and that’s
where they have their connection and I
said the the second reason you’d come to
a bar which is to hook up is been
removed by the dating apps he says that
just no one goes out to local bars

anymore it’s over he says I think you
know at this point we’re just gonna get
driven out because the landowner will
you know we’ll see that he’s you know
got kind of a fixed rent situation going
on could make more by selling it to put

up another condo complex and you know
they’ll raise the rate three times like
happened in Austin with thread gills and
boom it’s gone and I’m not I’m not
blaming Millennials but that is the

trend this is debatable there’s plenty
of bars and ones typically now
orchestrated by the Millennials
themselves it’s a new kind of bar okay
it’s a bar there’s plenty of them around

here there are usually hipster bars and
they have a kind of solution they’re
packed by the way mostly with
Millennials this is what he’s running

somebody’s running an old funky bar yeah
that is just out of vogue I mean there’s
yeah there’s there’s this old stinky I
would call him stinky but I think Isis
crappy old bars that nobody wants to go

to I think specifically it’s the local
bar and I think that you’ll find that
the the Millennials are going for not a
local bar but a concept where they can
still Instagram cool pictures

I don’t know if there really that’s not
true either could we have a Albany which
is right next to Berkeley is a bar town
it’s got a lot of bars and there’s a few
local bars that have been shuttered but

most of them have adapted and they’ve
changed and they’ve modernized and
they’ve hipster eyes so what’s the name
boys the new you know San Dimas I mean
this one place the really old
hotsy-totsy Club which has been there

it was taken over by hipsters and now
they have a taco truck parked outside
where you can go get a taco go inside
have one of many beers and high-end
liquors and old Tartan old farts don’t

go there anymore because they can’t
afford it but the Millennials who seem
to spend too much money on things that
you could find cheaper or frequent to
place in another place which is in

Albany which is called the Ivy room
which is really a funky old place that
is turned into a blues club and still
you know they’ve they’ve modernized I
mean these other places you have this a

stinky old cigar smoke over yes exactly
I’ll be sure to tell him what he needs

to do so let’s see is the sell the place
need to get a whole bunch of expensive
beer what jamuns and picnic tables what
else do we do that really works with the

Millennials tables is a good tables
everywhere for sure the new hip places
are where you can find fellow no agenda

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sounds like Koval to me we’re already

setting up the next Meetup just so we
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and we a couple that are coming up for
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Meetup semi semi regular 80 year old
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extensive triggering test of both

attendees commences both passed with
flying colors good time had by all and
such this is it this is this is what can
it’s time not quite sure but it sounds

like it was good
southeast London meetup 11 the amazing
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why because every no agenda deserves the
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Naevia so those are meetups for the next

week apparently there are a lot of fun
to go to and you know we are going to
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the the impromptu one in Berkeley and
the keeper and I will be attending some

of these soon as well No Agenda meetups
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it’s very different but I should read
this note miss my life phone moment he
says first off I absolutely want to keep
running the art generator I’m sorry if

it got the impression we got the
impression from your note and talking to
you yeah that I find it to be a burden
that again was provided by you I have
been quite swamped as me and a few

partners have been diligently working to
build what is it I say I WT VDOT live
and has led me to spending quite a bit
of time on the highways and backroads in

the beautiful country OG yet another
Cracker Barrel and Walmart shopping
center such diversity to provide live
stream set a rate 4x higher than the
Goliath of our industry ok well that
didn’t you were busy a second second and

more importantly I think the Drupal site
was moved to a laravel in mid 2014
yeah in mid 2014 for all the reasons you
mentioned about Drupal’s increasing

insanity oh so this so he’s you know
he’s a top guy I also moved the code
base at that time to publicly for cable
JIT repository yet sorry mr. developer

Dvorak such as always JIT
Jeff no times rain Jeff you should be

I am consistent finally I got a brand
new build coming soon I’ve been waiting

on laravel 6 to drop drop and I plan to
use some of the crazy medium deep
relation skills I’ve picked up in the
last three or four years as I have had
to become a bit of a crazed command line

video audio and image editor to power
some of the apps that make our network
work I was close to releasing the news
build or the new build
when Tyler well announced version 6 of

laravel will be coming in the next weeks
I feel it’d be far better to let that
roll out first to make sure I have the
necessary changes done and development
he’s one of those he’s one of these you

know he’s like voiced zero something’s
new I think that’s every dude named Ben
who loves this job does this anyway so

he is an aside that crazy former had
this Drupal dev that now works on making

a Netflix look-alike full of guys and
gals play fighting in their underwear
well I don’t know what that means he’s a
former Hitler’s Drupal dev so we don’t

need any more help
we won’t need anybody for the moment but
you have your aims I’m putting on a list
every yeah your office seven eight nine
guys yeah you know what hey you sent
this you’re now on a list okay you’re on

the journalist here on the Drupal list
it could be a could come in handy
what now sounds like it’s not gonna come
in handy if Paul’s gone over to laravel
that he’s not the only guy I mean this

is like AI think Drupal is being dumped
I don’t know I haven’t checked as late
as to me I can’t look at the latest shit
repository if I’m not a Drupal guy so I
don’t know never liked it I know I’m

still a JIT repository I’m all shitty
over it I can’t get over it’s too good
yeah used to be okay
if we cannot let this show go by without

showing you the the gaff machine that is
Joe Biden there’s always a couple good
ones this week West was no
disappointment the first one I would say
is this I just love that the crowd loves

it we choose truth over facts but then

this one which is really sad because it
was a prompter miss Reed I saw it happen

Joe’s reading he miss reads the prompter
he’s supposed to say rich kids can do
just as well as wealthy kids but what’s
on his mind is because he’s racist on

his mind is that rich black that word is
well white or he reads wealthy as white
whatever it was it came out as white he
yeah he tries to save it and then adds

wealthy you know because that’s what
that was the word in the prompter
wealthy black red yellow or whatever
you’re listening and the other thing we
should do is you should challenge these

students we should challenge students in
these schools they have Advanced
Placement programs in these schools we
have this notion that somehow if you’re
poor you cannot do it poor kids are just
as bright and just as talyn’s white kids

wealthy kids black kids audience who
thought that the truth over facts was
great they’re applauding the racism fact

over truth yes no it was truth over
facts that was bad but it was it was a
prompter miss Reid and he tried to save
but that’s because it’s on his mind but
okay there was too much of a pause and

you you just don’t want to start with
rich kids and then go to white I mean
you can see the guy he’s no but I

thought he saved it well for him okay
well make sure you vote for day was too
much of a plus and it was obvious what
was going on but it was he what did save

so if you if you quoted him you had to
put the whole sentence in there which
include all the other stuff yeah
but of course you heard it yeah it’s a
gaffe so what happened but this is not
how the modern m5m political process
goes the modern process is hey soundbite

everybody mine by the way I did want to
mention this statistic since I was
reading a broadcast and cable magazine
oh I do this all the time

why oh well because I get information
man the 2020 elections come delight yes
okay here’s a little game the 2020

election will generate and I’m not gonna
say the number in local political ads
spending and they did this by estimating
percentage increases over the last

election so it’s fairly good at
broadcast and cable they have to predict
things reasonably well because there are
industry trade magazine so how much do
you think is being projected to be

generated in local political ads
spending for the 2020 election now of
course take into account we have 25
Democratic hopefuls so there’s a lot of

political ad spending and this includes
television internet or online I think as
it’s represented and radio etc what do
you think the total amount will be of

local ad spend 3.5 billion six point
five billion dollars and it breaks down
as follows the three point yeah Wow is

right over-the-air television will get
40% of local political spending or 3.08
billion the next biggest share will go
to online and digital outlets with one

point 37 billion representing a 21
percent share multi-channel video
programming distributors will see 919
million 14 percent radio will get 312

million or 4.8% with the remainder going
to other media oh yes podcasting expects
to receive $7,500
just kidding it’s not in there the late

here is what was interesting because
these are local elections and because I
presume there’s such a large base of

Democrats running in the primary the
number one market for political
advertising at 2020 is expected to be
Los Angeles with 368 million dollars in

spending la TV stations expected to rake
in 168 million during the election
digital getting 76 million cable 55 and
radio as a meager 70 percent of that

total so they are definitely getting
some big money in in this 2020 election
in California hmm but that amount there
was never enough that’s six and a half

billion dollars do you think that that’s
that’s that’s some people seriously want
to choose their leaders don’t they I
mean that’s not just coming from mom and

pops with their hundred dollars to Lizzy
Warren and that’s some real money
that money’s coming from every which way
what does that menace encouraged and

what do you mean every which way it’s
coming from big big boys little boys
moms dads moms pops large corporations
yeah everyone hmm farm pharma banks real

estate unbelievable this how can anyone
have one single message with with all
those as you just got to be say yes to

everybody and then hope you get in and
then I guess whoever spent gives you
more money
I apologize apologize a lot more money
system is sick man if he gave us more
money would be better yeah I mean I I’m

not against um I so did I well I was
just gonna I was gonna rather guess what
I was gonna rap I was gonna wrap it up
with one last thing about Biden now this
came from Fox Business News this is the

week where markets began to price in the
possibility of no
with China before the election we saw it
happen we saw the tick on Monday of that

terrible drop when the the reality of
that seemed to settle in is the market
right no deal with China before the
well it’s there’s a good chance now of
no deal the president has been making

the case that the Chinese see the
Democrats as softer much softer than he
is on China trade especially on
enforcement and so I checked with the
Chinese myself David both their press

and talking to Chinese individuals who
advised the government they do believe
that Biden will win
they’ve got polls and their own
assessment interestingly enough to move
back in 2016 they said Trump will win he

will carry Wisconsin Pennsylvania and
Michigan and I said no that’s not true
I’m sure Hillary is gonna win this is at
some point in 2016 they were right but

this time they seem to believe that
Biden’s are gonna win and that would
explain the president’s comments are
probably accurate now could it Oh time
there you go the Chinese maybe that’s

where a part of that six and half
billion comes from yeah that could be
wouldn’t be surprising I mean that
there’s always a need to be all it
there’s always been the rumors that

Obama got hundreds of millions through
from China through credit cards
yeah well they also from Saudi Arabia
through credit cards yeah but it’s kind

of like the sealed indictments I guess
it’s exactly like the I do have three
ISOs I want you to consider okay none of
them really except one it was on the

show the other ones are just kind of
things that are in the public domain
they were floating around I had to kill
all men we need to kill all men does
that come from oh that’s from Jenny

McDermott she’s a troller yeah yeah yeah
you have a lot of time I was gonna break

it down today show we didn’t have time
I’m glad we didn’t just roll her
all right that’s now this one is harder
to come by this is a woman at just
socialite New York socialite stoner

named her the last name of Mueller and
she has this I feel evil I saw which I
thought was really good but I don’t know
if it’s a good enough quality I know I
feel evil but I can hold it no no you’re

right it’s no doesn’t work as an end of
show it’s a shame it was one of those
concealed microphone things are no good
and then I have the in the morning from
Jenny and the morning I personally like

he need to kill all man I think that’s
an end of show I so I mean that’s that’s
okay that’s secure Isaac cleanest yeah
it’s also the most accurate let’s be

honest anything else I do have one clip
of North Korea update 37 seconds to help
us keep up with that the South Korean

military said today that North Korea
fired what they believed to be two
short-range ballistic missiles into the
today’s launches were the fifth in less
than three weeks the u.s. and South
Korea are currently conducting joint

military exercises which North Korea
calls wargames and tweets this morning
president Trump said that in a recent
letter from North Korean leader Kim
jong-un offered quote a small apology
for testing the short-range missiles the

president said North Korea promised to
stop the launches when the joint
military exercises and the u.s. and
South Korea have scaled down come
drills since the first summit between
President Trump and Kim jong-un in 2018

yeah I thought that we’re gonna do those
those mock you know practice things with
South Korea’s military mode and ground
military district complex we never sound

more missiles we got it blow some up or
otherwise we won’t sell more this why
does Trump let that happen
I’m telling you man they’ve got they got

him on some drugs they got him on
something I don’t know they twirl
something in front of his eyes and I
just don’t understand that
or maybe he’s choosing his battles I’m
not sure but I can understand what if

you said okay we won’t do that anymore
and then he does it yeah then Kim
jong-un’s gonna light his little model
rockets and then that looks shit for
everybody not as shit though is Jerry
Nadler this is just a short update you

know he is leading the impeachment
charge completely blown off the news
cycle for now so he’s come up with a new
way of explaining what he does which is
exactly the same thing only now he’s

kind of adding a very transparent twist
to it
this is formal impeach impeachment
proceedings we are investigating all the
evidence we’re gathering the evidence

and we will at the conclusion of this
hopefully by the end of the year vote to
vote articles impeachment to the House
floor or we won’t that’s a decision that
we’ll have to make but that both that’s

exactly the process were in right now so
the headline was formal impeachment
proceedings which is completely
meaningless and I don’t know why he
thinks that anyone’s being fooled by

I don’t know what it expects to
accomplish is just gonna anger people
well and and maybe even anger nancy
pelosi by the way that just says the

last one that you see AOC is now ripping
her ex chief of staff for divisive
tweets about fellow democrats this is
the New York Daily News so now she’s

distancing herself from ello she gave
really read the riot act yeah although
she read the riot act to her and she I
guess yeah did fall apart
yeah the last fifteen minutes you’ve

been falling apart it’s uh I don’t know
where’s no this is terrible I gotta make
I’m putting a call in I believe it’s my
connection well you know will do first
of all that’s not often that you will

admit it’s your connection so this is
serious business people will have to end
the show here yes because I know when
it’s my that’ll do it for today but we
will return on Thursday this I’m sure

there’s a lot to be deconstructed broken
down discussed and queried I’ll make
sure I get botanic you know either
provide an update or maybe a clip or two

or we’ll see what we do with that we’re
supposed to ask him some things weren’t
you supposed to ask him something
specific and
I’m sure I’ll remember when I go through

today’s show coming to you from the
frontier of Austin Texas it’s the
capital of the drone star state FEMA
region number six and all the
governmental maps remember us for our

show on Thursday at Dvorak org slash na
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