No Agenda Episode 1164: “Jacked-up Joe”

it wasn’t their pillow on his head Adam
curry this is no agenda

Silicon Valley I’m John cd4s you are

Dvorak without shooting at Philadelphia
another crazy shooting in Philly all
wait a minute just a bunch of cops over
shot so never mind you know the problem
with that shooting in Philadelphia don’t

you in more than one problem what’s the
profit you saw well I didn’t see it but
I’m pretty sure the shooter wasn’t white
and that’s a problem for news report
okay this brings us to the clip the

bonus clip the bonus bonus clip yes when
when CBS played this on the morning show
they said and then the bear the I guess

the shooter was then surrendered and
then they showed a white guy coming out
of the building people should go look at
this clip CBS this morning

it’s on the CBS News site right now but
what what was that the shooter was that
was that the guy no it was one of the
hostages Oh God oh my goodness
okay yes they said I watched it a couple

of times I said this guy’s a freak who’s
like some white guy with a long one of
those long go T’s and a bald head kind
of a creepy looking guy coming out and I
said oh god what a creep and so he’s

coming out and then then later in this
sting when they showed the guy when they
showed him at the hostage to the
hospital or something that’s the shooter
or they showed a bunch of people the

hospital they had one guy in cuffs it
was a black guy just wait a minute
wasn’t the shooter white guy so I looked
up the shooter by name with image search
and there it was as a black guy yeah

that CBS I’m telling you if you didn’t
know Wow you
a trick by CBS to make you think it was
a white another white nut this clip we
play it now yes you’re playing long
standoff that paralyzed a Philadelphia

neighborhood is over after the man
accused of wounding six police officers
and shooting repeatedly at others
surrendered overnight his name Maurice
Hill 36 years old he walked out of his

home where he barricaded himself holding
his hands in the air
police say fire when officers came to
the house with a warrant two officers
and three hostages were trapped inside

for about five hours until a SWAT team
rescued them CTM national correspondent
Jericka Duncan is at the scene in
Jericka what do we know about the

accused gunman yeah we know that the
accused gunman has a criminal history an
extensive criminal history that includes
several gun possession charges now as
for those six officers that were wounded

they were released from the hospital and
are said to be in good spirits this
morning you know you take a look at the
scene behind me right now police still
gathering evidence it is quiet it is
calm but hours ago neighbors here

described it as a war zone
sounds of gunfire terrorized this
neighborhood in Philadelphia for hours

long gun officers serving a narcotics
warrant at a home around 4:30 p.m.
yesterday were ambushed by gunmen
barricading himself inside the shooter

by multiple rounds officers returned
fire many of whom who had to escape
through windows and doors to get from a
barrage of bullets

you know I this broke yesterday and I
was scanning across the channels and I
noticed right off the bat Fox News was
going live regularly CNN MSNBC went live
in the beginning and then didn’t come

back really and they were running you
know a special of Anderson Cooper
interviewing Don Lemon I mean just the
interviewing each other whoever the hell
it was and then just they completely

ignored it and I knew right then and
there I turned to my lovely wife I said
he’s not white this is a problem can’t
report on it and they don’t and there’s
no mass shooting the gun that’s get rid

of none of this well CBS tried to do
this gale with the who says the guy came
with his hands in the air I think was a

prelude to showing the clip of a guy
come out with his hands in the air was a
white guy right and then there was the
second little little little gem in there
where the the announcer a woman says he

has a criminal history and then instead
of giving us any criminal history she
says the many gun possession charges
well I didn’t finish the clip so let’s

listen to the rest of it six officers
were shot including one who was grazed
by a bullet in the head one of the cops
was running past you get here hair blood
all owners here
heavily armed police officers dozens of

squad cars and SWAT teams swarmed the
that’s all SWAT police along with the
shooters lawyer were trying to
communicate with the suspect for hours

urging him to surrender and free
hostages SWAT was able to successfully
extract the two police officers that
were trapped upstairs as well as three
prisoners but as darkness began to fall

the thieves didn’t let up more than
seven hours later the gunmen surrendered
with the help of his lawyer Shaka
Johnson I’ve never known him to possess

the trace that would have a person or
having a whole community under siege
okay well anyway yeah it’s very obvious
which way the bias goes and it’s the

same we had a guy tried to blow up an
ice facility with a propane tank and he
was armed with now do you have a handgun
or a military-style assault weapon I

don’t remember but it was the same
similar just no reporting it’s it’s so
wrong I just have to put up with it
because nothing that was gonna do about

it they got it they got the marching
orders yeah well they’re following him
that’s for sure
yes well amidst all that I’ve been
poisoned yeah yeah do you remember Lee

well I’ve been poisoned
do you memory been poisoned yes been
talking to me you should be in the
hospital I should be in the hospital do
you remember uh it was about a week ago
not long after I went wake surfing again

with the former New York banker and had
severe stomach issues well no one on the
show knows that yeah you cuz you’re a
trooper yeah but me and my buddies we’re
in big trouble here specifically in

in the summer heat nothing more inviting
than refreshing lake water but in Texas

Georgia Tennessee in North Carolina
multiple reports from dog owners that
their pets died after coming into
contact with blue-green algae no no
Claire scardy had Harper since she was a

puppy she didn’t understand why 30
minutes after being in the water her
best friend was dying she’s struggling
to breathe and so we take her to
emergency vet ten minutes after we got

there they they told me that your baby
it’s not doing good we have to give her
CPR and she dies shortly after that some
dog owners say they believe their dogs
died after licking their floor which had
been so pissed at ox her baby died I was

waiting for you to respond to that the
dog is her baby I’m sorry

ten minutes after we got there they they
told me that your baby’s doing good we
have to give her CPR oh they actually
told her her baby wasn’t doing it she

died shortly after that some dog owners
say they believe their dogs died after
licking their fur which had been soaked
with the toxins of that blue-green algae
the problem is more acute in the South

in summer because algae blooms in the
heat are more common in some cases the
warnings come in word of mouth it was
like don’t put your dog’s in the water

they’re passing away I’m like wait what
veterinarians say they’re helpless doc
is there an antidote I’m so sorry to say
no tonight in the South a warning your
dogs dip in a lake might be deadly now

so they’re warning everywhere in Austin
I think three or four dogs have I mean
babies have died for babies of course
but they never hand out any warning for

people and I looked it up and yes
blue-green algae can make you sick
it can cause illness capable of losing
several different toxins now tons of

toxins in fact there’s a whole big
problem up in Lake Erie we had a clip a
couple shows ago if you look at Blake
either Erie ER IE or or algae we did I
had a clip that discussed what was going

on up there in Canada in Canada they get
this problem too and you should there’s
the good news and bad news about you and
that exposure since you’re not dead wait

you want to hear the Lake Erie boom yeah
play it bloom at this time of the year
the waters of Lake Erie are normally a
big draw for boaters and fishers and

swimmers and Sun seekers but a stinky
green Sheen is keeping folks at bay yeah
that does not look good
potentially toxic algae is growing in
the western part of the lake and for the

first time Canadian researchers are
teaming up with their counterparts in
the u.s. to find out how big and how
harmful it is RT poll takes us there not
the pristine blue you typically see on a

summers day
Colchester Harbor and Lake Erie in
Ontario is a shade of green all because
of an algae infestation I don’t think
anybody’s gonna want to swim in that

bloom or they’re not going to come out
here at all fluorescent green ya know
she says the toxic blooms coating the
shoreline impact her bottom line but the
algae isn’t just bad for business it’s

bad for the environment it can make fish
sick and if you eat that fish it can
make you sick too mmm it can also send
toxins into the air that can cause
breathing problems yeah this is bad this

should be it’s a health they should
issue a health warning for people which
they I’m going to tell you you’re good
news and bad news okay good news and bad

news I don’t know if this is true
anymore but I know a few years back
there was a bad of taking blue G the
blue-green algae pills as a health

benefit all right that was the Infowars
supply I guess gave you some iodine with
that package yes

but it was huge it was hugely popular
and they were actually and that by the
way they the Canadian report goes on and
I’ll throw this in there which is all
because of climate change okay oh yes no

of course well that’s really going on
right yeah but I think is I remember
during this little fetish period of
blue-green algae being a health dietary
supplement it sold at GMC and elsewhere

and there was also ads in certain
magazine saying you too can be an
overnight millionaire grow blue-green
algae in ponds in your backyard and
harvest it and you know turn it and I

don’t know turn the filter but I’m
wondering how much of this stuff was
propagated by this Spanish era where
blue-green algae was a health dietary

supplement and people growing it all
over the place and making it available I
think into all these ponds and
everywhere else it’s possible that the
it’s a kind of a created problem oh yeah

that could be terrorism bioterrorism but
anyway a blue-green algae does they
blaming a global war in Canada they’re
blaming global warming yeah well I

didn’t surprise Austin has not done the
same yet you know we have had every day
has been a hundred plus it’s about one
hundred and three hundred and four would
kill the algae now I guess the algae

just thrives on it
no don’t know enough about it doesn’t
matter because it is hatch chili month
so everyone’s got stomach issues no
matter what it is hatched everywhere you

go in Austin hatch chili buns
what’s hatched chili well a hatch is a
type of chili pepper I don’t know
anything about this chili pepper no you

should look it up the Hat so you go to
the supermarket they got hatch chili
pepper cheese like a new ish fad to me
you remember this last year yes I think

I do remember it last year do you
remember it did two years ago No
they got a hatch hatch chili chicken
sausages you got hatch chili in the

cereal just it’s like they produce too
much hatch chili this year does
everything is hatch chili hatch chili
drinkin it’s Amazon I’m sorry that’s
chilly at Amazon sure hatch green chile

there you go looks like a brand but it’s
not a brand no it’s a kind of chili well
now it’s a brand it is a brand well then
it’s a brand huh cuz the other ones got

it has a logo and hatch now as possible
well anyway it’s nice to be mom’s
friends a hatch brand is branded chili
damn commercialism chili it’s it’s like

champagne it has to come from the region
of hatch hatch Arizona there you go so I
had a little celebration on Tuesday I

thought it was Wednesday but I woke up
Tuesday morning everyone’s tweeting I
actually listened to that oh here’s

where you say gee that was pretty good
well it was short Wow hour and a half
was a plus 145 and it was yeah it was
hour and 45 minutes your dude DSC was an

hour and 45 yes sir it’s that good that
you thought it went by too fast I must

have just listened to a clip the clip
was you going on and on about the
history of podcasting with some more
anecdotes that I hadn’t heard before
oh the early play music that was the end

of it as far as I wasn’t interested in
that 90’s songs that you played no I
know I’m sorry
the little Nash Rambler wasn’t on my
playlist sorry work on that how the hell
do I get this car out of second gear

anyway yeah there’s one for you as a
callback damn anyway it was it was not
15 years can’t believe it how long we’ve
we’ve been at this game you started

pretty early at the pod show
they’re a fight tech five-by-five wasn’t
that what it really simple things in a
bunch of videos yeah
tech grouch there you go oh man I missed

that guy anyway let’s get into some some
crazy crazy news we have to deconstruct
because I’ve got information man new
shit has come to light you know I’m

tossing Joe to Genoa overboard he’s just
not he’s not delivering he’s not given
me the thousands of sealed indictments
you know it’s just it’s not happening we

have a new guy and I think he has better
credentials than than our friends Joe
smokin Joe degenerate yeah I think the
the CEO of Patrick Byrne

is a CEO a publicly listed company the
stock prices severely is being
suppressed or depressed at the moment

that it’s down and that’s not just
because of whatever’s going on globally
but he’s involved in the Russian Kalusha
Store occlusion story and at first Sarah

a Carter Sarah a Carter comm I subscribe
to the feed and I read her stuff and
people send me articles I’m like this is
really true what she’s saying and so I’m

hunting around and lo and behold two
days ago the CEO of was on
Fox Business News to explain exactly
what’s going on I I let me let me give

it to you at a nutshell in a very
strange way by a weird fluke of history
I ended up in the center of the Russian
and the Clinton investigations I have

all the answers I’ve been sitting on
them waiting for America to get there
last summer I figured out I have all the
answers to both of those what they all

are it’s all about political espionage
had nothing to do with law enforcement I
thought I was helping them and some law
enforcement was all political espionage
here’s the bottom line
there is a deep state like a like a

submarine lurking just beneath the waves
at periscope depth watching our shipping
and a nuclear icebreaker named the USS
bill Barr has snuck up on them and is

about to RAM them amidships that’s about
to happen and I think we’re about to see
the biggest scandal in American history
Wow as a result but it was all plating
you think you know about Russia and

Clinton investigations is a lie it’s all
a cover-up it was all political
estimating Bill Maher is gonna get to
the bottom of it I think I think he has
gotten to the bottom of it it was
believed in out there was political

espionage conducted against Hillary
Clinton and I can tell you two of the
names involved were John Brennan and
James Comey
but there was political espionage
conducted against Hillary Clinton

against Ted Cruz mark Rubio and Donald
Trump on and everything you think you
know about the Russian Cluj
investigation is a lie well that’s gonna
be exposed

yes of course it’s all sealed
indictments I’m sure right with a clip
of the day

the biggest bull crap out there now the
story goes that he was in a romantic
relationship with the a with the booty

Nagaya the Russian spy the girl who was
a girl the hottie yeah well she’s not as
hot as the first the redhead no no no
but she’s the one that was a Rosie pie

she’s in jail right now because she
didn’t register as a foreign agent which
is half of what he sees as was done yes
of course she’s a spook and so that’s
what’s just got hold on a second what’s

this guy’s name again Patrick Byrne be
yrn II and overstock I guess we could
look and take a look it was down because
of the CEO being look at this guy to see

what he really looks like there’s like a

oh yeah well he’s the son of the former
Geico CEO and he’s always been a weird
dude hey here we go August 13th stock
goes from 25 drops down to a low of 1568

yesterday and it’s climbing a little bit
today but it’s still at 50 no no I
didn’t know it’s more than actually it’s

up its up – it’s not well it’s you mean
that’s what it should be
it’s an $18 stock at the moment anyway
hey you know what I like

yeah overstock see you here’s a very
classic overstock CEO Patrick Byrne
touts the benefits of medical cannabis
yeah you look at him you can see that

yeah he’s also quite vocal about being a
Grateful Dead listening flag-waving pot
smoking American yeah I didn’t clip that
part I was like yeah we don’t need to

well yeah you’re right probably better
than Jennifer doesn’t have anything else
I didn’t ever got a company to run so he

will see more of him and less of this
guy I don’t know we’ll see we’ll see I’m
very excited about this new twist in the
saga emphasis and even better a minute
all hell’s break-in loose for these

these bastards of sealed indictments
yeah now I did have a chat yesterday
with the pachán ik if we just get into
indictments etc etc you know he had

emailed me that he violet let’s do a
show this record so I record a show with
and as a typical pathetic fashion he he
always has something he wants to focus

on it’s usually involves China in this
case India Pakistan the Bhutan region
and Kashmir he’s got his marching orders
yes but we did really you’re the only

outlet for him yes it seems like all the
rest have been burned Infowars doesn’t
reach anymore I mean Alex Jones might as
well just not exist in the in the

parlance I guess we’re the same but at
least we were still listed in Apple’s
iTunes yeah we have been kicked off in
he Shh don’t don’t talk like that don’t
say these things you know so I’ve gone

wood so I asked him the typical things
and he said well you know that it
doesn’t Epstein doesn’t matter he’s dead
alive it’s is you’ll never hear from him

again of course and just lay max well
then we’re never gonna hear from her
again she’ll be found dead or you know
the I love that the all of our
intelligence services cannot seem to

find Jilin Maxwell
although the Daily Mail they found her
in Massachusetts well here’s the report
let’s listen to it with a little extra
bonus story the authorities need to hunt

her down and she needs to face justice
we can exclusively reveal that the
British socialite has been laying low
inside this three million dollar
beachfront mansion to 57 year old is

dating tech CEO Scott Bohr Gerson and
living near Boston an insider tells us
she’s become a real homebody rarely
adventures out but her boyfriend says he

doesn’t know where she is
she was just named in a civil suit filed
against that Singh’s estate
Jennifer arose claims ghilane helped
Epstein rape her when she was 15
interesting to point out the disgraced

financier had a bizarre portrait of Bill
Clinton in his New York City mansion
Daily Mail TV has exclusively obtained
this grainy image of the former
president in drag she’s wearing red
heels and a blue dress the painting is a

reminder of Monica Lewinsky’s infamous
blue dress with Clinton’s DNA Epstein’s
brother Mark will likely inherit the
former hedge fund managers 550 million
dollar estate which includes the private

Caribbean island recently raided by the
FBI so just reading the headlines you’d
think that she’s holed up in her
boyfriend’s house but no no one’s seen
her he doesn’t know where he is she’s

not there and then and then this Clinton
blue dress thing is the biggest hoax
I’ve seen in a while that people are
actually buying into what the funny
thing about this is one of the more

elaborate or more not elaborate but well
it’s not elaborate at all
but it’s one of the more interesting
hoaxes because it’s very clear they
don’t nobody says that it’s a photo
nobody ever says but it is a photo

containing of Clinton with it with a you
know without doing it with a horse I
mean John here’s the thing I’ve seen
this photo before months ago I did and I

remember seeing don’t laugh funny
because it’s a poorly Photoshop job of
Clinton’s head on ansan some woman
wearing this dress it’s it’s a Photoshop

and and then they pasted it and I
thought it was an oil painting no it’s
it’s not true I’ve seen this picture
okay so it’s just photos where I get
taken Clinton’s head and put it on

anybody’s exactly but so what but they
didn’t really they did it really
with this grainy photo looking in
through the doorway into the hallway to
the back of the of the hall and there’s
this picture and they zoom in make it

even more grainy bullcrap this is
someone is laughing pointed it is it’s
because this is trolling man this is
it’s no better or worse than Chris Cuomo
with Fredo

I love the Chris chromel afraid of the
thing you want to go there you want to
stay with Epstein from well I want to
finish this thing would go to cradle all
right so I got a couple other things
SOPA genic he’s like well the thing that
Trump did he says cuz I’m like is this

draining the swamp do we have thousands
of sealed indictments ready to pop and
he said now what what he has done is he
has not gone after the espionage and the
blackmail and anything else he’s gone

purely after the pedophilia and
according to poach an egg that was a
genius move because he has now put fear
into the circles of pedophilia acts as
Pacino calls them and that will result

in people ratting each other out he
feels that the john huntsman resignation
right after Epstein unless it was he
when are you gotten out right after

Epstein dine I think or what whatever he
resigned his ambassador to Russia and
the story is well he’s gonna run you
know he’s gonna run for governor of I
think Ohio

wait john huntsman the guy ran for
president yeah the guy who used Lohrman
yeah the mormon used to be in in changed
to be the ambassador to china
and now he’s the ambassador to Russia
well not anymore he was yeah well I

gotta look this up I don’t know any of
this this is John Huntsman as we’ve
played in many times top put highly
algea jacket ching ching and Jigga ching
ching is right so pathetic thinks that

he might have been the chicken ching and
hepatica ching ching in with Epstein he
he is listed I believe on the manifest
as one of the participants in flying on

the lolita express so botanic says i
think he had to resign to get ready for
anything coming out look up Jon Huntsman
Rizzo nevermind I got expelled

how can you misspelled Huntsman I guess
survived by some psychology I pronounce
I spelled with a k one other name he
brought out and that name is also all of

a sudden in the news Bill Gates
yeah Bill Gates showed up in the Binda
in the stream in the news stream
yesterday yeah and the story goes back

to I believe 2015 when a huge cache of
child pornography was found somewhere
within the gates compound and it was
immediately blamed on some rogue

employee who never went to jail nothing
happened we don’t even know his name’s
just gone
but pachán ik is very adamant about
gates being compromised and it’s

interesting because we’re talking in all
of these different circles one name
keeps popping up one brand name and
actually wanted to only see if I have

nation that relates to this and I’ll get
to this brand name the day after the
alleged hanging there was something odd

that that caught my eye my ear only
coming from ABC now the New York Post of
all apparently on 4chan there was a post
about this happening way before the

mainstream got it before it was
supposedly even I don’t know
so that’s why talking about fine
whatever whatever
New York Post put something out almost
the same time ABC News that an ABC News

really led the story but across the
board in all of their written articles
including this first report there was
something new instead of calling him the
billionaire financier the billionaire

hedge fund manager it became quit so
sources tell ABC News Jeffrey Epstein
took his own life the exact timing and
circumstances are unclear right now but
the mega millionaire is accused of

exploiting and abusing dozens of minor
groups the mega millionaire and this and
it kept coming back mega millionaire and
no one is and no one has said it since
except for ABC as far as I can tell and

it didn’t take me long to find the mega
group now if this was some kind of code
then it it would relate to this the mega

group was this group of very wealthy
Jewish businessmen all who going back to
my Lansky was in there the Bronfman

senior was in there Wexner was in there
and then also a Maxwell or the lanes dad
Robert Maxwell was a part of this group

and Epstein became a part of the group
when he went through his association
with Wexner of L brands and in this
group almost every single one of these

people has touched or in Maxwell’s case
directly sold the promised software
which we’ve talked about before this is
from ins law this was the old scandal

from years back is that yeah it’s a very
old story and actually I put a couple
links in the show notes
look at it there’s something called the
last circle everybody’s ever really
looked into it from a investigative

perspective as dad I don’t think I need
to dig too deep on this you know there’s
about six bodies but briefly the story
is that a Silicon Valley company inslaw

created this system called promise PR
OMI a snowy dropped the e for extra
savings and it was able to connect to
mainly financial databases and systems

but it really connected to everything
and to all databases that were being
created and built we’re going back to
the 60s now this is the late 60s that
that a lot of this work started and so

it eventually wound up getting sold to
the US government but they instead of
you know just being good good good users
they copied this apparently with Israeli

intelligence built in a back door and
then engaged Robert Maxwell to sell it
to other countries to intelligence
services in other countries which the

original inslaw company didn’t know
about until they started getting calls
from the French government for support
in French and then they kind of caught
on to what was going on
yeah they got ripped off and they never

got paid well some of them got killed
and I got killed when they looked into
it but if you look at this promise
software and the story around it almost
all of these people some right up to bar

actually all have been involved with
this software in one form or another but
Maxwell apparently was the sales guy so
you know this he’s dead yeah he’s dead

it could have been used I mean once you
have someone’s financial information you
can really track their finances at the
banking level which is I think what this
is used for mainly you really can start

to predict things that are gone that
this person is going to do not unlike
Silicon Valley today in fact there’s
enough circumstantial evidence to think
that if not some of the code but

certainly the methodology of promise has
been replicated in Peter Thiel’s
Palantir software
so there’s a lot going on around that
and well that’s the final thing the

final thing is and this would be the
claim that Bill Gates was compromised
very early on in in the Microsoft
trajectory probably through you know a

honey trap honey pot type scenario and
that the promise widget or some code is
has been in Windows for as long as we’ve
been on the planet apparently and that

wouldn’t surprise me well a couple
things I can the least note Silicon
Valley has a lot of methodologies for
you know tracking it tail numbers of

private jets going here and there and
you find this guy and that guy both
landed at Hayward Unser’s at certain
time and then the two planes left he
figured what this guy was this company

that guy was that company these two guys
don’t really did our buddies are not
hanging out there’s a merger coming
there’s also a a backdoor into some of
the reservations that we know of
open table and you can say well let’s

see I can see a Hearst has been meeting
with someone so and they don’t do really
they’re not pals or it’s not like a
there’s some other reasons so maybe
there’s a merger let’s look into it so
you can get it so this sort of thing is

very valuable if you’re doing a lot of
big trading and you and you can’t get
insight you can’t use insight
information this is right way around
it’s a workaround right now bill has

always been a fund of fund of petite
blondes specifically okay you heard it
here first ladies and gentlemen well I

don’t think it’s a big secret and during
the era of Microsoft when they were
referring they moved to Redmond they
were in I think was Bellevue I think

yeah where Burger master is and I think
Burger master is going out of business
anyway they they had a this was told to
me by the guy who wrote a hard drive

that I think was hard the original Bill
Gates the book on Bill Gates is a
reporter for this
times and I had a long chat with him uh
for some other circumstance that we

started talking about the book and the
stuff that he left out hmm and so he
gave me a number of interesting stories
that he just they wouldn’t let him run
or he couldn’t run or didn’t have enough
backup for it or it wasn’t you know was

a Vanity Fair type job yeah I don’t know
want to put it in that term yeah this is
the normal that normal baby just the way
it works you don’t get everything in it

you want and some stuff get self-doubt
and then you end up talking about it on
podcasts finding out about it so
supposedly this is all alleged god

Microsoft had an account they were big
with hookers in the early days to the
point where they had an account with
someone this is in the Bureau where

there was a lot of hookers and they had
an account at and I would say what this
era was is probably I’m trying to put
the ears on it I’m gonna say it’s

probably mmm early eighties Bush
presidency when they were still in
Bellevue’s all I can say sure all right
and they had a just an open account and
and this is when Microsoft everyone had

their own private offices everybody had
a private office at Microsoft so when we
visited the campus in the early days it
was nobody it wasn’t one of these
open-air things where everyone felt like
a drone it was everyone had every code

everyone who works there wherever you
did you had a private office you close
the door and lock it
and you could have a bed in there if you
wanted to if you wanted to spend the
night because a lot of coders like to do
that to just stay there yeah and that

was very common in the early days and
open account with whole with the
whorehouse and and they it was just
would go on to the bill I don’t know

what the petty cash I have no idea how
they wrote this off but the encoder that
was lonely could get some girl to come
over and keep him it she meant to place
coding Wow and great place to work

yeah but my had to be dynamite that’s
what he could take a cut and pay to work
as a revenge Gharib benefits are a
little more than the free lunch at

Google and I was allegedly according to
the source again the writer he says that
the that Bill’s bill bills Bill Gates’s
uh his hooker was actually the madam of

the place
why is there no book about this the
hidden Silicon Valley and hookers in my
memoirs nice

that’s what does that mean I don’t know
I mean for one thing the Madam’s the
older oldest one and he likes he
preferred from what I get to cuz he used
to date Deborah Weiss who was a writer

for me when I was at infoworld and the
two of them were and I do have a funny
story about that which I’ll tell on
another show but he used to date her all
the time and she go out with him and she
was a petite blonde her and then she

Deborah someone said yeah he likes he
likes petite blondes hmm
well depending on how petite they had
the blondes were that may have gotten
them into some trouble which created
some kind of something in Windows I

perceive problems with a lot of these
girls that were generally speaking some
of these and outcome whores are sales

people and they try to sell you on what
they’re offering and if you’re not
buying their sell you know I mean it’s
like I mean that was a difference

between that reporter in that clip we
had in the last show he says he went
over there placing it and the butler
offered him a very massages the
right and the guy wasn’t going for it if
it was the girl coming out to offer and

as she was doing her sales thing which
is some of these women can do and many
of them actually no offense to the women
sales folk out there
but a lot of these girls go into sales
and do quite well for themselves because

they can sell which is all it takes and
if there’s a zephyr finally by the way
very late it’s moving slow you know what
if I want to know about trains or

hookers I called John C Dvorak that’s
for sure I could go on with these
I’ll let it slide but that just the
point is it’s possible that something
bad happened
well people die around this software and

the knowledge of it and and you know
there’s a in these circles when these
things are taking place all kinds of bad
stuff happens in fact now well let’s
just listen to it this was on Australian

there’s the morning show they had a
guest on from the US and he was talking
about the Epstein case and of course at
the month at the moment soup M

so if Epstein secrets died with him now
are we gonna learn a lot more about all
those rich powerful and famous people
that allegedly had girls procured for
them by Epstein hopefully we learned

what was going on there the the the the
prosecution is not dead because one of
the charges against Jeffrey Epstein was
a conspiracy charge and that’s

significant because it means that other
people were involved so we know that
other people were due to be charged they
just haven’t been charged yet but what
the names that you’re starting to see

thrown around in these things to be
former high officials in the Clinton
administration you’re talking about
names in the royal family all kinds of
names have been thrown around and we’re
just scratching the surface of documents
that are the the surface of the

documents that are available now so
Michael is there a chance that we do
learn the truth but it’s so outrageous
that nobody actually believes it you
know I was asked that question a number
of times today and it just remains to be
see what the resolve is of prosecutors

and though you know it may not be a
prosecutor that finds out the truth it
may be some intrepid reporter Blanca
Chester who takes it into the the bit
into their and their mouth and runs with

it and finds and it is determined for
after years and years to find out what
the truth is but I think that the truth
is at its core probably something

whatever well obviously people Iran to
me yeah so the minute the guy says
here’s the truth here’s what’s going on

they pulled the satellite plug perfect
it just builds and builds and builds now
so many cool it won so many cool
characters are coming out of the

woodwork Judith Miller do you remember
Judith Miller booth could forget Judith
Miller Judith Miller is spook whoo dude
who to Iraq she basically got us into
Iraq into the war in part thanks to her

reporting on Iraq’s weapons of mass
destruction both before and after the
2003 invasion which later we discovered

I was inaccurate information came from
the intelligence community so she’s a
spoke and she’s not and I don’t
understand why anyone would want her on

their media property but I guess when
Tucker Carlson’s out and you have mark
Stein in who I like as a commentator I
think he’s really poor as a host he can
barely get a sentence out without

stammering and stuttering and it’s just
he’s no good but she said something
quite remarkable the one of those as in
the truth wants to come out my point is
this guy is at the preliminary stage all

the United States government had to do
was keep him alive until the trial
and it’s brazen if you were writing a

thriller you wouldn’t put in anything
this obvious where he just gets whacked
before before the trial
it’s brazen either in its incompetence
or in its cynicism and corruption and

the American people seem to be leaning
towards the latter one of those
explanations I know that people love to
embrace conspiracy theories mark but I
really think we have to wait until all

of the facts are in and the facts by the
way are changing a lot we know some
about the facts are changing a lot okay
you would know how that works

Judith Miller the facts are changing
it’s not that’s not how a reporter does
work anyway we all know basically that
Trump is to blame for everything

thus Trump’s falling in yeah and the
Trump rotation Trump rotation calm yeah
do we have conspiracy theorists now
listed I don’t know where that fits in
oh oh within hours of Jeffrey Epstein’s

apparent suicide president Trump was
retweeting a conspiracy theory linking
Bill Clinton to his death it was
immediately picked up by Russian state
media going viral

a Clinton spokesperson calling the tweet
ridiculous and of course not true but a
top trump adviser defending it I think
the president just wants everything to
be investigated for the president
seizing on a conspiracy theory as part

of a pattern he launched his political
career with the false birther claim
against President Obama he may not have
been born in this country in 2016 there
was the bazzara claim that Republican

rival Ted Cruz’s father had been
involved in the Kennedy assassination
there’s a picture of heart him and crazy
Lee Harvey Oswald having breakfast and
after the election the false charge that

millions in California had voted
illegally for Hillary Clinton the same
person votes many times you probably
heard about that other examples that
Justice Scalia may have been murdered
that vaccines cause autism where

thousands of Muslims celebrated in
Jersey City on 9/11 but tying Bill
Clinton to Epstein’s death reached a new
level certainly to accuse even by
implication a predecessor of a murder

conspiracy puts us in a whole different
realm of reality Clinton and Trump had
both known Epstein and Trump critics
countered by blaming mr. Trump online
for FCS death Marco Rubio chided both

sides for spreading conspiracies but no
one gent with as big a megaphone as the
president so the message went out to all
ships at sea okay we got to label this

guy as a conspiracy theorist not note
noted he definitely sparked that we
his retweet of the video which was a
funny joke about the Clinton body count
but NPR got down in the weeds and got

some experts in and let’s talk about
this conspiracy but what is his work by
the way I will say I’m looking at the
list I will have to put it on the list
is 50 number 56 moving the criminal ones

up by one but I’ll put at the end okay
so it’s definitely because of this
birther and all the rest of it she did a
good run down there if you’re gonna make
somebody look like I can sue they can do

that to anybody by the way well take a
bunch of discrepant stuff and through
package it in such a way that you can
say it’s all one thing and I’m in I
think it should be on the list and they
took the same the same packaging and did

it everywhere and I but I thought NPR
was that their marching orders yes
whether President Trump actually
believes the conspiracies he highlights
is also debatable he’s often employed

conspiracy theories to denigrate his
adversaries Curt Anderson who wrote the
book fantasy land how America went
haywire says when a bad thing happens
it’s easy to blame it on some secret

cabal so if you’re Donald Trump my
enemies the Clintons did this if you are
somebody who believes that Donald Trump
is in league with the Russians and of
course you think oh no the Russians did

this but people don’t need a partisan
motivation to come up with a conspiracy
theory consider such a discredited
claims as that vaccines cause autism
that 9/11 was an inside job that the

Sandy Hook spokes people genuinely
believe these things and that may
trouble those who take logic or evidence
seriously Reverend now but Moeller

president of the Southern Baptist
Theological Seminary felt the need on
his podcast to explain why conspiracy
theories take hold we as human beings do
not like unanswered moral questions we

want to know who did it we want to know
how it was done all the more so molar
said when an event is associated with
some strange coincidences we’re looking
for a pattern

our intelligence given to us by God is a
pattern seeking intelligence and a
conspiracy theory can offer a path
Joey izinski at the University of Miami
has studied conspiracy theories he says

people also see conspiracies even when
there are no coincidences to explain now
I would unlike okay they got talked
about me now but now it doesn’t matter
because people can take whatever they

want and turn it into whatever they want
he cites the example of Supreme Court
Justice Scalia dying in bed some
conspiracy thinkers suggested he was
smothered simply because there was a
pillow by his head it wasn’t there a

pillow on his head I remember I
remembered specifically that the pillow
was on his head no anyway you know
everybody has a pillow in the other head

that’s not strong evidence of anything
but to them that was very strong
evidence Kaczynski says his research
suggests that people who ascribe to
conspiracy theories are often those who
feel they’re under threat or out of

power or somehow left on the other side
form so connecting the door just
podcasters thoughts may satisfy oh I
gotta put this is the important part
here sorry
mmm I love this head you know everybody

has a pillow in the other head sleeping
that’s not strong evidence of anything
but to them that was very strong
evidence Kaczynski says his research

suggests that people who ascribe to
conspiracy theories are often those who
feel they’re under threat or out of
power or somehow left on the outside so
connecting the dots may satisfy an

emotional or intellectual need Curt
Anderson says it can also be fun look at
this this person was here at this time
and and look it it connects to this that
is part of the pleasure of puzzles of

the pensive fiction thrillers it is a
form of entertainment well not just the
amazing Polly connecting the dots is
everywhere here’s beto members of the
press what the hold on a second you know

III it’s it’s these um it’s these
questions that you know the answers to
I mean connect the dots about what he’s
been doing in this country connect the
dots here’s what I’ve said I said that
we need the information we need

to connect the dots and we got a drill
down we’ve got to connect the dots get
the facts connect the dots do everything
that I possibly can to help connect the
dots I’ve said we’ve got to connect the

dots I’ve always said if we connect the
dots I believe that they should have to
connect the dots if we’re able to
connect the dots and if we determine the

facts yeah connect the dots Maxine
Waters and the softball teams what
something I didn’t get that I did and he

went all the way up to the elite circles
of CNN International Christian an
impurity is under increasing threat from
conspiracy theories from now hold on a

second democracy is under serious threat
from conspiracy theories how how do I
put that together connected dots man now

democracy is under increasing threat
from conspiracy theories from fake news
a war of misinformation online and is
coming right from the top in many

occasions this weekend President Trump
retweeted a conspiracy theory blaming
the Clintons for the death of the
multi-millionaire sex offender Jeffrey
Epstein there you go it’s it’s hurting
our democracy well this democracy under

threat is is getting on my nerves but to
think about this conspiracy thing where
I think is an element kind of missing
that it’s just kind this is kind of this
isn’t itself as a conspiracy theory and

we as you’ve identified the fact that
you have the same talking points from
different outlets that are very
discrepant by the way they’re not like
ABC NBC it’s like it’s different mm-hmm
and you’ve picked on that but what is

what would be the real motivation to get
people to sing cause it’s just
conspiracy to a conspiracy theory Oh
deep state just a conspiracy theory
there’s no deep state and this is all
eating away if you look at the entire

Trump rotation it all eats away at the
idea of draining the swamp and yes yes
clearing the deep state which
the bureaucratic techno technocracy that

runs the country it’s the people that
are always there and they’ve created
their own governments shadow government
for all practical purposes which runs
everything and then they obviously run
the news media too nowadays by telling

him what to do and what to say yes if
we’ve proven pretty much by this opening
of this particular show although we
prove it week after week yeah and you
know and I would say you know there’s a

pretty good conspiracy theory right now
that all these mass shootings it’s all
because of Trump Trump did it if he
they’re using the same words I mean it’s
a manifesto that was uploaded by someone

else a different time but okay it will
just look past that it’s just all it’s
you know it’s all it’s all Trump’s he
can he can actually mind-control people
he couldn’t mind-control people the

attorney for a US Army veteran charged
with assaulting a 13 year old Montana
boy who refused to take off his hat
during the national anthem says his
client believes he was doing what

President Trump wanted her proc ways
Attorney Lance Jasper’s quoted in the
millions saying the president’s rhetoric
influenced his client who got into a
confrontation with a 13 year old boy at
the start of a County rodeo and slam a

teen into the ground fracturing the boys
skull Jasper says he will seek a mental
health evaluation for his client yes so
even his lawyer says he’s nuts but no no

no Trump man the president told him to
do it and that’s and that you know MSNBC
which I watch mainly during the day I’ll
switch back to CNN it’s just so poor I’m

surprised you’re not completely insane
well maybe it’s not the blue algae maybe
it’s as MSNBC has given me stomach
issues mmm but Donny Deutsche you played
a clip from his show he has a Saturday

night show now
yeah he’s completely out of control I
got to play this clip he is he is he’s
just off the rails enough is enough I
want I want to talk to the white people
out there okay pay attention John white

people I want to welcome white people
I’ve had discussions when I talk to
friends people I know who good for the
economy no friends discussions when I
talk I think is it maybe is these good

friends Chris Cuomo don’t call me Frodo
friends people I know economy but it’s
good to be their old shirts anyway no no
it’s time by the way if you’re somebody

who is poor and you believe Donald Trump
is gonna get you a job maybe you don’t
have the luxury of a moral imperative
okay but everybody else
shame on you at this point enough this
is where you stand up and if you don’t

you own it and I talked about this
yesterday you are no different than if
you’re on a subway train and you saw
four white nationalists screaming and an
african-american woman go home go back
where you came from if you vote for

trying this man just let him rant it’s
funny and own it no boy he’s good for
the economy no more well they’re all
jerks he just says these things we are

heading to such a dangerous place and
guess what you look at history do I have
to guess yeah guess what do you think
what do you think the dangerous place is

where are we going with this dangerous
place let me think if I have to guess is
he asked me to guess I really don’t know
no more well they’re all jerks he just
says these things we are heading to such

a dangerous place and guess what you
look at history it can happen here
maybe it’s the Jews next to a Jew who
says who says you know I come from a

place I come from oh that’s a good
conspiracy theory of course there’s not
a Jews as cursed as a Jew it’s the Jews
oh oh oh I forgot his daughter’s married

to a Jew who says who says you know and
I come from a place I come from a group
of people Wow where it happened to 6
million of them and

I’m not saying he Trump is that person
but in the PlayBook that’s happening
every single play but creating the other
getting rich people to look the other
way getting people to not trust the

press getting the judicial system in
your pocket getting an entire branch of
government the legislative branch to I
mean the Republicans to just March with
you above the law to say that you’re
gonna put your adversaries in jail what

else do we and now
hey you dark person if you don’t like it
here go back from where you came
boy it’s time for us and time for white
people who maybe it’s not so great for

your pocketbook go in and look at your
children and decide who you are Oh
Donnie this guy yeah what is wrong with
MSNBC everything just everything man

just everything you know it you could I
could just sit there with MSNBC and clip
all day all day your joy read with know

this guy this guy is a real interesting
dude he’s been he’s a pundit what was
his name
Ely miss tall Healy mistel he’s the
black guy with the crazy fro the it’s

almost white and the a really poorly
fitting jacket suit jacket it’s really
really did not a good look he’s all
about the hate to try to be better but I

mean the thing is is it the question
I’ll throw it all to the kid how do you
communicate that to people who are
drugged by it right there already
anesthetized by it anybody I’ve had
people call my show in the past to your

Trump supporters who are white who
bluntly said he makes me feel better to
be white again he makes me feel better
about myself as a white person yeah
they’ve literally said that and they’re
like I’m not racist he makes me feel
good about the paper and that we are

suffering we’re a victim he speaks the
victimhood language so for then we look
at his pathetic as a champion yeah this
is really quite interesting this is the
biggest crock of crap ever they’re

making this up what language so then we
pathetic they look at as a champion yeah
I’ll communicate it to them you beat
them you beat them they are not a
majority of this country the majority of

white people in this country are not a
majority of the country and all the
people who are not fooled by this needs
to come together go to the polls go to
the protest do whatever you have to do
you do not negotiate with these people

you destroy them and they’re by the way
the black man said beat them meaning in
a poll in a racist the whole thing from
beginning to end is just racist

yes NBC should be ashamed of itself for
putting this stuff on the air nobody
listens to it I do Seb you two have
ratings they have some rate yeah the

only reason I even have the asterisk is
cuz then one guy oh boy I did want to
asterisks refers to ratings yes they’ll
have enough to yeah yeah the one you

have no ratings then you can get you
have to have some listeners or viewers
to get the asterisk you can get zero
point one yeah that’s the low that’s the
asterisk yeah below that is the a stick

is what we call it that means one guy’s
watch it gets you
you know we’re there’s a little bit of
information coming out about all these
shooters and we have no idea what’s true

or not do you know you just don’t know
at this point anymore anymore but this
bill bar and I think I played a piece of
this two shows ago yeah he’s at bitching

about encryption again this is this used
to be commis job and then Brennan
bitched about it now
he’ll bars like I bet all everybody in
the Justice Department says I was first

in my first computer oriented radio show
and I remember even before that in the
when I was writing for InfoWorld and
that would be in the late 70s early 80s

this was the topic of conversation and
then the Clipper Chip click came along
oh yeah and that was gonna close the
deal in that dinner that was a

yeah these guys are dead just do
anything they can to so they can just
listen in on everything yeah and so the
the drive is the same the idea is hey
it’s okay if you want to have end-to-end

encryption it’s okay it’s just we gotta
be able to look into your shed if we
want to that’s just the way it goes and
I mean what’s the point of the
encryption yeah but we can’t have that

in a democracy you can’t have that it’s
because you have to have law enforcement
this is the problem with Bitcoin you
know we can’t turn off your bank account
there’s a problem we can’t have that so

bar makes an entry I I had only seen the
clip and I went back and watched the
whole half-hour speech and it’s filled
ah yeah they’ve all gonna die if this
encryption if we don’t figure this out

and I think that if the legislatively
and this is two and a half weeks ago we
think our tech sector has the ingenuity
to develop effective ways to provide
secure encryption while also providing

secure legal access some good minds have
already started to focus on this and
some promising ideas are emerging listen
to the prophecy Hutus our colleagues at

the United Kingdom’s GCHQ have proposed
virtual alligator clips virtual
alligator clips provider correspond to a

warrant by adding a silent law
enforcement recipient to an otherwise
secure chat sounds perfectly okay to me
ray Ozzie has tabled a proposal for

exceptional access keys for locked
encrypted phone so that they can be
unlocked pursuant to a warrant is Ozzy
still with Microsoft’s Ray on so Ozzy I
think I don’t know what he’s doing he’s

the guy who did Lotus Notes for anyone
who doesn’t remember that me we remember
I’m replicating I’ll be back in an hour
replicating the Lotus Notes database yes
let’s see what is he doing right now

yeah it was at Microsoft between 2005
and 2010 and currently he is one she
left a stock skyrocket

it isn’t he’s still the chief software
architects I guess not I doubt it no no
oh he’s a bad he’s on the board of
directors at HP Oh

well there you go no way belong and he
joined the board of safecast in 2017
what is safecast some does probably not
safe we continue with some of these

great ideas and Matt Cain has proposed
layered cryptographic envelopes to allow
lawful access to encrypted data at risk
on disks or other storage I would say

layered encrypted envelopes is the way
to go it just sounds beautiful a bill
layer layer layer and clipped it
encrypted envelopes ok now but wait he’s
about to make an interesting

prognostication rip the data address con
disks or other storage devices I think
it is prudent to anticipate that a major
incident may well occur at any time it
will galvanize public opinion on these

issues whether we end up with left so
they they there was a brief moment in
time where I think it was the Dayton
shooter they couldn’t get into his phone

and they were trying to launch this
story and it just failed but you know I
just find that interesting guys it could
happen at any time galvanize public
opinion on these issues no huh oh crap

you know I don’t want to stop the clip
yeah but I want to say this this is not
about just public safety or anything
like that when you really start boiling

it down this is about spying on
financial transactions so you can
benefit the all of this stuff has always
really been about spying on financial
transactions that’s what you want to do

which is exactly what the promise
software did yeah and so it’s that way
you can make a lot of money by being ins
you’re like an insider now you’re just
watching the negotiations go on from

from afar and then you can make your
investment decisions this is not about
protecting fuck again if these guys they
got NSA listening in on everything
they’ve got all this stuff going on we

spied upon in a surveillance society
everybody bitches about it started in
1947 with the the whole surveillance the
the acted Truman pushed into law and
we’re now we’re all you know being spied

upon constantly but they’d not prevented
one of these things except the ones that
they’ve set up and that were phony or
they suckered some guy into doing
something that he shouldn’t have done

instead of just tell him not to do
you’re absolutely right they’re very
good at reconstructing things after the
fact which let’s face it if you get an
IRS audit you do the same like okay
let’s see and we figure out how all this

dip fit together and then you piece it
all together
there you go after the fact there’s
enough records and stuff yeah this is
the old hindsight thing I mean I can
predict stock prices if I go back in

time this is what I can find some
rationale look at the way this chart
went that’s why it skyrocketed well as
old crap it’s all bull crap this is just
a man this is spying for financial gain

blackmail and spine blackmails another
good way to make money yeah as the
saying goes in the stock trading
business technical analysis of stocks
and stock movements is 100% accurate

after the fact and that’s always that
way you talk to a technical guys like
look here’s where it broke through the
thirty-ninth Fibonacci and it was right
above the curve above the noise and it

said oh my god the time series hit no
wonder didn’t you see that it’s so
obvious yeah that was yesterday’s chart
when it’s happened alive it’s a little
different we just like weather

predicting all our climate change for
that matter well okay I’m gonna skip the
rest of this clip and go straight to my
one no one of my climate change Clips
this is from the Vermont I in the sky

weather report I thought you’d get a
kick out of it good afternoon from the
Fairbanks Museum in st. Johnsbury this
is the eye in the sky forecast a few
upper 40s in the cooler spots over the

Northeast Kingdom as well as the
Adirondacks will be found dry conditions
and cool temperatures offer some great
stargazing weather Monday brings more
pleasant weather with mostly sunny skies

and comfortable highs in the 70s
computer models are not in firm
agreement about the timing
of a weak cold front that drift south
from Canada sometime between the evening
and overnight hours on Monday this

brings a chance of scattered to isolated
rain showers primarily over northern
areas again computer models are not in
firm agreement about Tuesday as a
decaying low pressure system moves east
from the Midwest and this brings a

chance of scattered rain showers so
their coveted computer models can’t even
agree on Tuesday let alone 10 15 20 50
years uh computer models they’re great

Pat what could possibly go wrong
and there you have it in a nutshell well
then I might as well just I’m gonna do

two more I’m gonna do my my final two
green new deal clips my climate change
clips and then I’m going to relinquish
the microphone BBC is shocked I tell you
before we go you have to see this

kangaroos are not normally associated
with freezing conditions but as wild
weather lashes parts of eastern
Australia Australia they’ve been getting
a chance to hop on snow this footage
shows a large mob of G girls bouncing

through paddocks around 300 miles inland
of Sydney an icy winter blast is
sweeping across the region catching even
the most seasoned locals by surprise the
snow must be extreme weather the climate

models are in disagreement over that and
then our favorite abuse child seems to
be a theme on this show and this is
truly an abused child who was being
abused by adults around the world and it

just continues this is Greta and she’s
about to embark on her trip to New York
on a 50-foot sailing racing boat with
her final goodbyes said it was time for

Greta Thun bug to find her sea legs
waiting just meters from the Plymouth
port in the UK was the miletti er –
ready to take to the high seas and
deliver the Swedish teenager to the US
but this will be no pleasure cruise

there are no creature comforts on board
the 60-foot yacht which is built for
high-speed racing no shower no kitchen
and no toilet so calls of nature even
fill a bucket yeah go poop in the bucket

Greta I think it will be very quite an
adventure it will be a very new
for me at least and I and of course I
expected to be challenging sometimes and

but also good most of the time
Thornburg refuses to travel on planes
because of the emissions they produce so
flying to New York for the UN climate

summit was out of the question
that’s where the crew of the Mallette
co2 stepped in and offered her a lift
with a zero carbon footprint it’s been
nearly a year since thum Berg started
skipping school on Fridays to protest

global inaction on the climate crisis
she says she realizes sailing the
Atlantic rather than flying is not an
option open to everyone I mean I am not
telling anyone what to do or what not to

do I’m just doing this because I wanted
to do this myself and I am one of the
very very few people in the world who
actually can do this and then I think I

should take that chance to do this I
don’t see if anyone else has seceded I’m
not I’m not that special I can’t
convince everyone in just 12 months

greater Thornburg has gone from unknown
teenager to international environmental
she’s taking a year off school to travel
through the US Canada South America and

Antarctica she’s not sure yet how she’ll
get home that’s the kicker I was waiting
for are you taking the same boat back
no she’s natural yes he’s not sure it’s

not sure how she’s going to get galling
to people like the Caprio and all these
guys who have their private jets and
they all fly into some little place in
the Swiss Alps the meeting about climate

change yes yeah that’s fantastic poor
Greta but she’s gonna get sick on that
he you know this day of the
possibilities which is a long shot is
that she she cuts through it actually

makes the thing and actually likes it so
much that she becomes a sailor by the
way this the whole thing is sponsored by
the United Nations I don’t they don’t

disclose that but you take a look at the
boat it’s it’s a United Nations
sponsored voyage they prize some top
talent on there yeah Greta
well besides her I’ve got you things

making a pretty pretty good time if they
make it at all yeah all right do your
afraid Oh thing might as well
okay so Cuomo now by the way this is

funny because everybody followed up
finding out that Cuomo had already the
stats leave aa guy who used to be the
guardian angel Curtis sliwa yes see he

had him on a talk show a number of years
back where he called him Fredo and he
didn’t get bent out of shape about it or
call it a slur I didn’t know and that
was run on they ran that clip I don’t

have a copy of it but they ran the clip
on the on the New York Post and he’s
been ridiculed for this from a different
number of different angles he’s because
he went nuts he was either drunk I can’t
figure it out but here’s the entire

thing I took out some of the bull crap
that they put in on one of the clips
they also took it offline you can’t find
this clip anymore did you get it with it
with the the raw or did you get up with

all the beeps with the what with the
censored words or did you get it wrong
no I know I don’t have this anything
censored oh good
cool so he’s like a very profane guy no
it’s really to me it’s like I’m

listening to this guy cus just non-stop
like a trucker and I’m thinking he’s
bitchy we on his show he’s one of the
many CNN anchors who talks about oh the
the this the discourse in this country

has become so coarse
because of Trump yeah and so this course
discourse because of Trump and then you
listen to this guy here he is

I like this is my favorite part all the
rest I didn’t care about but I’d like

it’s like my name is Chris Cuomo I’m an
anchor on CNN it’s like who says that my
name is Adam curry
you know who says that nobody

oh I know guys like this by the way in

Jersey there are guys like this who will

talk just like that but you know to say
that the President Trump has been
changing the discourse of amongst human
beings is correct he’s infected Chris

if you look into it is the guy who calls
him Fredo constantly his rush limbaugh
yeah and that’s what he started when he
listened the very first thing Cuomo says

he says only punk right-wingers call me
that oh wait a minute the first time I
heard Fredo I don’t listen to rush
limbaugh was that’s what left
twitter twitter Democrats were calling

Donald Trump jr. they were calling him
Fredo the dumb brother and I’m sorry
either Trump jr. Eric may know Eric yeah
they call they call him Fredo the dumb
brother yeah so then limbaugh I don’t

know if that’s before after Limbaugh
started calling at Chris Cuomo Fredo but
that’s what he calls him Fredo Cuomo and
so that got into the lexicon but now

unfortunately because of this although
they took it down and I you know they
were someone reposted but
it’s down mostly you’ll if this guy if
he’s walking especially in different

parts of Manhattan or any part of New
York if he’s walking down the street you
know a guy across the street is gonna
shout something yeah of course
hey Fredo yeah so he’s made an ass of
himself I’m surprised you know this is

well then there’s another there’s
another controversial story about a CNN
anchor Don Lemon yeah this is the story
looks to me to be completely fake I love
the story though

well the story is hilarious is one of
the funnier stories but there’s no
chance in hell that any of this story is
true it just doesn’t make I mean LEM is
not is I mean just Cuomo think we have
it on tape the other one is all just so

cording to the story which I got from
Fox News so that you know take that into
account Don Lemon was at a Hamptons
I think restaurant or bar and this is

last year but a civil suit has been
filed so this is not just an alley it is
an allegation but it’s an allegation
that’s been taken into the legal realm
and this guy says that yeah I don’t know

if he was hitting on Don Lemon or he
said oh I’ll buy a drink let me dry you
buy you a lemon drop and that’s pretty
gay so maybe was hitting on him

apparently Don Lemon then put his hand
down the front of his shorts vigorously
rubbed his genitalia removed his hand
shoved his index and middle fingers into
plaintiffs mustache and said what do you

like this close your children’s ears
pussy your dick yeah I it seems like I
can see him doing it now I don’t think
it’s worth a civil lawsuit for doing

this dude um I like the story though I
agree with you about the but the stories
about the story itself in the complaint

was filed so you can buy yeah well with
I would like to thank you for your
courage to say in the morning to you the
man who put the C in the conspiracy

theories John C Dvorak who any morning
you mr. Adam curry also in the morning
all the ships to see boots on the ground
subs in the water feet in the air and
all the Dames tonight’s out there and a
big hearty hefty in the morning to the

trolls in our TRO room
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it on Thursdays this being the second
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something cool happening no agenda

stream calm and a big in the morning as
well to our artists data who brought us
the artwork for episode 11 63 by posting
it to no agenda art generator comm we
had a number of different actually I

recall we were supposed to probably
review the art because well people
submit and let me see we had a lot of
egg timers and egg jokes which didn’t
really you know feel all that funny to

us we also it’s it’s it’s there semi
lewd rude rude yeah unlike the show and
the one that we liked was this one by

data which which showed the inside of a
cell block kind of in and there’s a lot
of layers to it so the some of the bars
were had been sawed off so this implies
an extraction of Epstein and then on the

wall it says for a good time called
Lolita that was a funny did we thought
it was humorous yeah the sick sick but
right in line with what we like so I
think this is the first score for data

maybe it’s the second I’m not sure but
we truly appreciate the work and the
work he’s done a number of pieces and
they’re all okay they’re all good but I
don’t know that he’s gotten any in but
so this may be wondering number its

first or second I’m sure I know he got
the Spitz and Connie Dodd I think we
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well we appreciate the work that all of
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it’s been a while I got pissed off at
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did we mock them oh sorry I didn’t know

you were going to the bathroom anyway I
don’t recall us we mock everybody at
some point I’ve took the phone off the

hook so you rang it so he says that he
got pissed off at us when when he or
maybe just me know this to both of us he
felt that we mocked the Glenn Greenwald

and Ed Snowden back in the critical days
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well the pigeon I thought he was a
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about the mocking – despite differences
I have of course followed you
these self-imposed embargo years being

100% aligned means something like a
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news world from an increasingly dumbed
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people in the mouth

so so while on the topic of executive
producing associate executive producer
I’ve been running through the entire
years and years of NCIS following the

various show runners that come and go
yes and I was waiting for and finally
appeared the when now the deceased who

died prematurely for some unknown reason
but somewhat semi-famous Gary Glasberg
became the showrunner and you could tell
this by the way I think this is a

function of the producers guild or one
of them they have these rules about how
you present the executive producer and
associate executive producers and
generally you know I’m the credit roll
you mean on the credit roll at the

beginning of the show not the very
beginning but the beginning when the
reaction starts in other words they were
overlaying with actual show the
executive producer that that appears one
before the writer so you have the

executive producer then written by that
executive producers the showrunner and
and explaining the showrunner job
showrunner is the boss he’s the guy who
runs the show I mean he’s actually the

guy who’s got an office and everyone you
know comes to him he’s destined he’s the
guy he’s the showrunner he runs the
place he is the boss of the of the show
and so he he’s involving every decision

and he is involved in firing hiring and
picking scripts and everything in
between and writing a lot so in the
early Gary Glasberg finally shows up he

brought a kind of a note of screwball
humor into the show and he always puts
them and I noticed that this joke comes
up and to me it was like I very rarely

watched these things and then laugh out
loud it’s stupid stuff but I do have
this NCIS he drops in a blonde joke
sorry and it I don’t know how you can

get away with even putting this in the
script if you’re not the showrunner most
of the time so this is kind of stuff
will be taken out but the showrunner is
the guy it’s like being the editor of a
magazine you pretty much you want to put

something stupid in there yeah it’s you
can do it so he
so here’s the scene somebody’s butt this
woman they track down this woman her
boyfriend has been found dead and so
they bring her in for a fir a and she’s

a kind of a cute but dumb blonde
so they bring her in and he and tell her
that the boyfriend’s dead and here’s how
the dialog goes oh my god I can’t
believe he’s dead what was your

relationship with the deceased
you mean he’s deceased – I don’t think
you can get away with that anymore that

is a rough go I mean that to put that
show that’s funny
is very funny and it was done well it
was just right just straight through
well I mean you know back in the day and

two and a half men it’s on TV land
although almost unwatchable as they now
have 55 zero commercials per hour on TV
land they’re trying to MIT they’re doing

all the make goods for MTV Networks
Viacom yeah so they’re just jamming it
all in there are those stoners they

won’t care you know that they’ve
commercial pods of 15 spots but some of
the dialogue there is really I mean it
would be labeled a huge homophobe show

if if it aired today and they were heard
about this show it is extremely it’s
probably the rudest show that’s ever
been put on television in the modern era

yeah I would say that’s that’s pretty
yes but especially the gay jokes are
just off the hook yeah anyway yesterday
there was some interesting news that

came out the previously in the shadows
5% voice slowed down whistleblower from
the Google’s return to Project Veritas
unmasked himself showed himself and

brought a dump of documents that we
shall discuss after this quick clip
where he is introduced as the now man

whistleblower from Google I felt that
our entire election system was going to
be compromised forever by this company
that told the American public that it
was not going to do any evil this is the

best thing that I can do in the
situation that I’m currently at and the
thing is is that the American public
needs to understand what’s happening I’m
going to you know publish this

information so that other people can see
the system that Google has built in
order to control the entire information
landscape this is something that once
people see it’s going to bring it it

doesn’t matter whether you’re left or
whether you’re right when you see this
both sides are going to agree that this
is wrong so my message to those that are
on the fence is I released the documents
they can go and they can see everything

that Google is doing and then they can
see the scale of it because I think that
there’s a lot of engineers that have a
hint that things are wrong but they
don’t understand the colossal scale that

it’s at and so for those people I say
look at the documents like like take the
pulse of Americans see what’s happening
and come and and tell the world you know

what you already know to be true and I
and I know that people have been waiting
for you know this Google Snowden moment
where somebody comes out and explains

what everybody already knows to be true
and I’m hoping that those that want to
do something are going to be compelled
to act and that we together can come
together and defend ourselves in the

case of litigation you know they can
stop like one or two of us but they
can’t stop all of us coming out and
explaining to the American public that

this is what’s happening that Google is
not who they say they are you’re gonna
be a hero it’s gonna be fine like like
you know clear your conscience you’ll be
able to live with that for the rest of

your life that you did the right thing
very dramatic so I look at these every
single one of the documents
and I’ll give you my take and I’d love
to hear your take first of all yeah

there were you have you have any those
documents that you can open yeah I can
open all of them why can you open cuz
there’s one I want to discuss okay
the one on how to do protests okay and I

can bring that up what is that under
though do you remember that under
censorship no it’s under it’s one of the
lower folders object okay once you’re

talking I’ll go over this go ahead and
take a look okay now there are a few
internal documents you know basically
private Google Groups where employees
are clearly biased about the political

bias and you know they’re saying I’ll
send this off to the team we’ve got to
get rid of this we’ve got to stop that
now I’m sure that that happens
everywhere but I found it really

interesting because it really showed how
the Google machine operates and a lot of
it operates specifically to not piss off
the advertisers there’s a lot of

examples of how AdWords grew up become
incredibly biased in the result of this
it shows up with biased results there’s
an interesting example where women were

shown only ads for lower paying jobs on
a certain ad word combination and you
know I was like yeah I understand that

if there’s a percentage of here was my
favorite example actually of algorithmic
bias where they and there’s even a test
which I recognized immediately because I

live with someone who is this has this
not married to her and they show you a
whole bunch of mugs and they say spot
the bias and you look at it and I saw it
immediately as all of the mugs are right

handed mugs except for one which is as
the handle on the left and that’s a bias
I understand because my my lovely wife
Tina the keeper is left-handed so and
then you know I don’t know what the

percentages of lefties maybe it’s thirty
percent of the of the world I’m just
taking a guess
so the question they’re asking and
there’s in there’s reasonable debate in
these documents should you show 30
percent left-handed mugs or should you

be fair so quote-unquote machine
learning fairness and show fifty percent
of each and they have a number of
examples of that what really surprised
me though is they do have black lists

and these black lists are very
up-to-the-minute up to date a lot of
these documents 424 from 2018 they were
suppressing every single story which was

a lot of good mainstream stories about
the Vegas shooting about the San
Bernardino shooting now again these are
documents that are a little bit dated
so I don’t know if they do that for

every shooting or not that was not clear
but they did have a very long list
including Milo and just people who are
going to be D ranked now I rescind my
original thinking it is not just the

data which they also clearly show their
new sources and they rank those new
sources and at the top you have the New
York Times you have the Washington Post
much lower down on the rank is news

sources such as Fox News
Breitbart has a negative number like a
negative 5 yeah Infowars a negative 1.8
but what’s cool is they have these

things called wigglers and this is where
I really focus my attention twi DD le r
and the dribbler is a you can add a what
they say call a document which could

also be a URL and you can
instantaneously down rank something and
actually the the dribbler will do the
calculation to know where to put it but
you can also trigger it and say put it

on the second page which of course
rarely does anyone get to the bottom and
go looking for the next page it’s
usually the as we know from research is
the first or the second link that people

always click on and take that as truth
and I think that there’s hundreds of
people within Google who could do that
and they show quite clearly that they do
down rank things and

and surprisingly I love seeing how they
are tracking Facebook and in particular
Twitter they look for trending and when
something trends they will take that

trend and they will you to push that to
the top of the search autocomplete box
and you also have to take into account
that a lot of these searches will also
be go through another level of

algorithmic possible bias and tailor it
towards you as an individual so yes
Google is giving you biased results in
many different areas the reasons are a

it is the sources that they use when it
comes to news they are using a majority
of more left-leaning news sources with
higher ranking than right-leaning news

sources at least according to the
documents yes they are messing around
with the search results through these
diddlers and yes they do it frequently
and they do it often at at just a whim

they also do funny stuff like when Trump
came out with coffe Fe which turns out
to mean something in Arabic they wanted
to do an automatic translation to the

emoji of the guy shrugging like haha
that’ll be really funny as a as a search
result to do little Easter eggs and they
have jokes with it
but when you do that kind of stuff then
you could do all then then these jokes

is that you can do anything yeah so
Google Nicole feffy thing was ridiculous
but they really loved playing with that
and spin and screwing with people yes
yeah screwing with people so yes I would

have to say surprisingly it’s very easy
to introduce bias results within Google
as long as you have an access to add
Riddler and you know the dribbler is
written in C++ so it’s it’s probably in

the pipeline somehow as as a binary if
you don’t really know what it’s doing
although I’ve read some of the FA cues
for how to operate them but there’s tons

of these things as many of these
drillers and hundreds of people have
access to it so absolutely Google cannot
be trusted and and I would say mainly
when it comes to spur of the moment the

latest breaking
News they flood therefore their homepage
with their favorite news sources and
everything else gets drowned out that
may not be their intent but that’s the

result of it now is this a Snowden
moment no I don’t see anything any news
organization can present to the public
as a Snowden moment but definitely

they’re biased and the results are
biased and you can’t trust them you need
to look at other search engines I used
mostly Bing and I don’t trust it so much

but I did Google is horrible and then
they track you it’s really pathetic I
just really gone downhill what else did
you see it was like a kick out of their

naivete or kind of their like faux
left-leaning our liberals document
that’s the beginner’s guide to

protesting and how to guide Plus what to
expect Plus how you can help and they
have apparently a go-to team they got a
tiger team go at resist at
tiger and so you can go out there and

and they want you to protest on the left
it’s really Oh everything is about
left-leaning protesting and they just
want you to go to protest and then they
have this the thing that got me was the

experts now this experts guide to
chanting there’s nothing more sad than
when a protest looks like a quiet group
of folks hobbling through the streets
holding a few rolled-up signs so do the
opposite be energetic clap your hands

make noise chant with the chanting and
participate with enthusiasm you can
smile and enjoy the camaraderie comrade
but also remember there’s a protest so
it isn’t the same as hanging out with

your friends that goes on but then they
had these example chants which to me was
like this is people these are people
that have never really been in that
scene and so I think the whole thing is

kind of like Hobbit cobbled together
because they have this
you know the the protests you’ve heard
this there’s the oldies different chants
a couple of livery what do we want

justice when do we want it now
what do we want then it’s not something
where we want it now there so they have
this one you’ve heard this one before it
you’ve heard hey hey ho ho bah blah blah

blah has got to go hey hey ho ho you’ve
heard this right yes yeah here’s the way
they have it oh hey hey oh that Muslim
man has got to go oh hey hey oh is that

some code that I’m not interpreting
properly you get this is this is them
dry labbing or maybe they’ve been killed
maybe they’re trying to copyright it oh

hey hey oh
what is dry lapping what is it
Oh dry lapping dry lapping is where
you’d like you say you’re working for

the government and you’re uh you’re
supposed to test the effluent water and
you know at the end of the month
yeah and so you just write down the
numbers that you got last months and you

don’t do anything you just dry live it
you dry lat means you just use a pen and
pencil right and send that in to the
work I’ve never I’ve never heard that
term it sounds kind of like the famous
term well college kids who took

chemistry do a lot of dry lab doing the
work you’re just making it up that’s
going here but they do but they think is
the orientation is interesting because
that Muslim ban has got to go shows

about the Muslim bet right and then they
have no band no wall no band no
sanctuary for all this is a proposed
example chant no band no wall America’s
for all no hate no fear refugees are

welcome here no hate no fear immigrants
are welcome here from Palestine to
Mexico all the walls have got to go I
mean come on this is you got you gotta

have cue cards for that shit man you
can’t remember that when you’re out
there in the fray well when you go to
one of these things there’s always
somebody with a card a cue card just as
you said yeah who has the megaphone and

they do the chants and then you just
follow now to explain the context of
this again just so we understand
where there’s appeared in the documents
this showed up under under one of the is
under one of that we have the folder

name is LaToya partisanship this showed
up in the partisanship folder and it’s
called the beginner’s guide to
protesting and it’s a resistant it’s a document that over the
internal employee the internal resistors

I got you I got you you can go out there
and protest and ask for open borders I
mean what is wrong with Google well
looks to me like Google wants lots of

programmers to come in well or you’re
free cheap labor from Mexico yeah
whatever the case it’s true but I find
abhorrent and I also found it was

somewhat annoying that they have the hey
oh oh hey I can tell you like people
don’t know what they’re talking about I
know more than that

well the No Agenda show has a position
and always takes a stand and gives you a
recommendation when it comes to biased
search results from Google
right everybody Bing it yeah

I’d say being at you I use being like
I’d say use being 90 percent of the time
I use at Bing images all the time it’s
really dynamite I like quant I’m warming

up to it oh you’ve been using been
trying it yeah that’s pretty serious er
checks every so often yeah I use search
X when I cuz I have search X set up so

it doesn’t talk to Bing or Google all
right right in fact it purposely
eliminates them yeah so you can check
turn all those off and so the only thing
it searches is like academic you know

academic search engines there’s all
kinds of crazy stuff yeah so when you’re
looking for something very obscure
that’s the way you might find it with
search X if you turn off all the normals
so it’s a se AR X dot is it dot IO I

want to say no it’s dot something CRX
think it’s C or X dot IO me just check
hmm no it’s search could be calm I don’t

think yeah we need to know this well
you’re digging around here XCOM know

maybe I’m saying it right wrong now
maybe but what’s har x SC AR yeah that’s
what I have you sure that’s how you
spell it

pretty sure let me let me walk Oh doc me
I think CR X dot me yeah there you go
se AR X dot me yeah that’s annoying
stuff yeah you can I mean the thing to

do is to install this on a machine at
home because whoever’s running the
version that you’re connecting to can
definitely see what you’re doing and
it’s in by default that does spit it out

to a log file so I didn’t quite like
that very much
I’m I’m sure that you know because I
don’t know who’s who has at least I know
Microsoft miss a see you took the words
out of my mouth yeah you know anyway now

will this get didn’t this was finally
traction worthy I think of all the
things Project Veritas has done all
recover videos are shit they they they
always give the illusion of deceptive

editing because it does jump around the
audio is crap so you can’t really you
know rush limbaugh can’t use them they
don’t propagate they don’t go anywhere
and these documents at least you know

they can get around people can
extrapolate stuff from them but for sure
you need to be looking at different
search engines so I think we would
recommend being for your quick down and

dirty z’ then I think you’re
particularly enamored by the image
search on the Bing which is not very
good on C or X dot me but it the CRX

taught me is very customizable and I
agree take out all the others all the
mainstream search engines and any left
over with some interesting choices and
results and then quant I don’t know

quanta seems pretty straightforward I’ve
been getting good results from from
quant so I like that a lot I like those
a lot well anything but these guys it’s

ridiculous yeah and you know and it’s
like there’s not even a need anymore for
things like the promise software really
I mean yeah for corporate espionage but

even that you know you just go to Google
and there’s document there’s documents
in that archive to talk about issues
with scanning people’s Gmail from four
years ago it’s like yeah we’re not

getting we’re not getting the right
results out of the Gmail scans like they
just look at your email and and the sad
thing is most most young people today go
yeah whatever

and they know everything and they’re
listening anyway they know everything
it’s not the way to go people and it’s
not the way to go but okay all right so
we talked about algae a little earlier I

got a retro clip I’ve been running too
many of these but I want to remind
people this ten years ago
when we talked about blue-green algae
there was I don’t know what happened to

this but this seemed to have like died
gone by the wayside even though
apparently was a quote-unquote promising
technology you remember this well let’s
listen to the clip but what we’re doing

here with the fold of General Motors
with the the the new battery storage the
hybrids we drove in a car the other day
congressman Inslee in Israel and I wrote

went from California to Washington DC on
algae on algae you know how you grow the
algae you pump a bunch of co2 in it and

it grows the algae so here you have an
opportunity to learn make cars that run
on algae grow the algae in places like

Ohio that unfortunately or maybe
fortunately at some point give off all
the co2 grow the algae put it in cars
and we have a clean economy

Wow forgotten all about that
I see another old algae clip here let me
see what this is

hey we should invest in algae is there
any company we can invest in that makes
out no there’s nothing I don’t know what
he’s talking about engines

dude dude dude so where did the algae
engines go how come the whole thing was
a scam guys but they drove all the way
across the country

yeah with Inslee by the way yeah I was
running for president now I do that
green here he’s a green new deal guy no
global warming that’s the number one
thing to be concerned about so what

happened to the algae I don’t know hey
did you I don’t have a clip or anything
but I’m sure you and Horowitz have
talked about beyond meat because they
had a pretty interesting IPO and they
that I think very successful with their

public offering correct yeah yeah what I
did not know is that kleiner perkins
Al Gore’s sustainability fund our
massive investors in the beyond meat
company well looks like they got out

with a book with a profit yeah but the
timing of it you know they they made
their investments and it had the that
timed very interestingly with the IPCC

report which very clearly spelled out
that we need to rethink how we use our
agriculture and we should be going
meatless yeah and you know so it was

like they invest you get the IPCC report
and then beyond the beyond meat goes
I think that’s investigation worthy what
sir in vet was let’s say that they take

Gore and knew about this report before
the cat came out mm-hmm
what’s to investigate this is like this
is the similar to the reason that they

allow Congress meant to invest on bills
and stuff that are enacted it’s not true
insider information
well insider information is technically
when you know something a company is

about to do well he knew they were let’s
just the way I would see it is this and
you know yeah okay there’s no reason to
investigate I’m just connecting the dots
man leave me alone spin the dots man how

Gore is just no good algorithm huh
where’s Ben pretty savvy as an investor
he’s very savvy as an investor he’s also

humps chambermaids like a horny poodle
but we don’t talk when I wear them to
that store and how an Al Gore was
somehow involved in the Epstein thing

and they’ve kept his name out of it yeah
well we’ll see we’ll see we’ll see yeah
you gotta think on Hong Kong because
that’s heating up that I do I have it
one of the latest this is a Hong Kong

report from Canada and it is called
something where is it I don’t know I’m
looking for it Oh China trade dispute

I don’t believe so but but let’s play it
Global Markets heaved a giant sigh of
relief today indeed the entire global

economy has spent the summer
increasingly on edge as the world’s two
biggest superpowers square off this
feels like we were eyeball to eyeball
with China and the president just

blinked Trump says he’s really just
standing up for American consumers
if nothing else backing down feeds into

a narrative that the us is an unreliable
negotiator Trump’s tendency to shoot
from the hip makes the us sometimes seem
erratic I think China has had a very

steady position it’s uncertain what the
u.s. position was there’s so much
bluster so much Bluff China is the
opposite no Bluff no bluster in Beijing
there’s a perception that the u.s. is a

threat to the global economy foolishly
if the u.s. insists on escalating the
trade dispute to this government
official says China will have to take
countermeasures and then we just step up

all the pressure in Hong Kong we got
people waving American flags it’s so
obvious that we’re all over this thing
and it’s kind of well done well I don’t
think we’re as as responsible and the

American flags may be a plant and one of
them was done by some nutcase well we
also had you know people from the
embassy handing out cookies just like
Victoria Nudelman at the at the Maidan
all your cronies a good thing

this ghost clips I did because I don’t
know where it is but the point is is
that they’re they’re taking news they’ve
done some new stuff the Chinese

government has planted people into the
protesters and they which they get
caught somehow because but I think most
of us speak Mandarin they can’t get
their Cantonese is no good so they get
isolated and beat up and they also

decided to go after the airport which
they have clear the sense but the
airport has been a good target because
it stopped all international flights but

Burke the bankers everybody worked a lot
of work everybody and then there’s a Ben
it’s never just that has not stopped no
it’s it’s ongoing and I think they

actually have gone back into the airport
and out again and and you know there’s I
am pretty credible reports of the troop
buildup by the way just as a travel tip

even though apparently you might get
beat up if you’re white but if you can
get into Hong Kong you can get rooms at
the Ritz one of the better in Hong Kong

and I’m sure that the Mandarin would
also be available for like less than $70
a night what you get cheap living right
now you can get the Hong Kong Wow you

will get into some of the most luxurious
of hotels and and by the way there’s
very few better than the ones in Hong
Kong it’s very cheap so almost a quick
trip I mean that’s that’s that’s almost

I mean how big are the rooms they’re
really small I mean 70 bucks now I think
they’re empty and they’re just given
rooms away huh
just like 2,100 bucks a month I don’t

know I’m just saying that’s good we
could go live there for a while hey you
meet John what do you say let’s go one
other thing I learned this week and this

relates directly to the unhoused I
learned at the you know I started a
little side hustle with Mo we’re doing a

show called mo fact and which is really
it’s more his show I would say and mo
facts with Adam Curry so I sit back and
relax he does the work but I learned
that the Trump tax cuts may be

responsible for an increase in unhoused
in the country and let me explain how it
works I didn’t know anything about this

part of the deal with the Trump tax cuts
is you could bring your money back into
the United States and in order not to be
susceptible to taxes you could put them

into an opportunity zone fund and the
opportunity zone fund is intended to
invest money directly into areas that

have lower median wage more poverty
section 8 housing etc and the way they
did it is what’s interesting is they

said to the states okay you create your
zones your opportunity zones and and
then we’ll so it’s really up to you and

the way it works for the
you put your money into the
opportunity’s own fund and that’s and
there’s only capital gains by the way
capital gain so you’re not tax on the

capital gains you put it into the fund
after ten years you can take it out
without any tax hit which for you know
real estate investors guys like Trump is
a very good deal the problem is you

leave it up to these states and and it
goes down to the minute municipalities
in the cities and I looked it up
Austin alone has over 800 opportunity
zones we’re in one if we bought a house

in an opportunity zone and what appears
to be happening is once you can figure
out what fund is connected to your zone
and they range from seven thousand

dollars to several hundred million
dollars that’s gonna get gentrified and
depending on how you how you use it and
what rules you put around these funds
and what they have to do in Austin as an

example the if they’re going to do if
they’re going to do something with the
fund in an apartment complex they have
to spend a minimum of six thousand
dollars per complet per unit well at

that point they’re probably just tearing
the shit down and building up newer
nicer apartments which only the overpaid
low tech millennial workers can afford

who are now moving into Austin for you
know to fill up the five thousand person
building that Google just put in there
so in a way it appears that the Trump
tax cuts are actually gentrifying

neighborhoods all across the country and
pushing people into tents
it’s obviously based on that it’s
contributory but gentrification is not

like a new phenomenon that came about
just because the Trump no but it no
absolutely not but it might have
certainly accelerated a lot of things
well I have to only look at the at the

homeless population and as causations in
California where like you second third
tier homeless groups which don’t even
qualify as genuine we have almost half

of the homeless population in the entire
country well and well deserved is in
California yeah and I would attribute it

mostly to the Democrat management oh
well yes and the decisions they make I
completely agree yeah the most recent

council meeting of Austin you know they
all they agreed to for the homelessness
problem is to create a corporation that
will then raise money to put into

programs and that will be a 501c3
it’ll be separate from the government
they’re actually going to be competing
with other programs out there which is
kind of unfair competition and you know

they really just kick the can down the
road ok now go go to go raise money you
know go get some not they’re not gonna
use community money no you go raise some
some money from people and then you can
go and set up program so not even

putting money against it this is it’s
unbelievable although I did get a nice
note a couple of producers connected me
to the CEO of the community first
village the mobile loaves & Fishes we

talked about where they had the tiny
homes and so he’s enthusiastically
reached out to me and I’m gonna go over
there and tour it and see how it works
as something there is working ok go
check that out yeah record a clip

I was thinking about it I mean if I’ll
bring something along to record just the
middle of the Summa I don’t want to have
a zoom I don’t want to interview the guy

I mean if just so if he says something
interesting say can you put this on can
you give I’ll count you down three two
one go

I’ve done that nobody objects to it
everybody’s media savvy yes yes yes yes
yes and this particular guy is obviously
looking for media yeah so I wouldn’t
think twice about pulling and he’s

looking to read they’re doing a capital
raise that’s what he’s looking for they
they’re gonna expand why you just want
your money you know never mind sorry
about that
show my food by donation to no agenda
imagine all the people who could do with

oh yeah
couple of things some hope some
housekeeping first of course I

immediately moved the paper and now I
can’t find it
okay yeah was there some fairness here
it is this is I make good we got to do

it’s Roe Rudolf Nestle viselli
Vasily in the morning I’m assuming my
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I got another note from a mondo whose
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Gordy toes out to you and Adam thank you
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good I just got some a note from Agent
you know the our intelligence guy yeah

just spoke to New York City assistant
director assistant deputy attorney who
he’s worked with before on a different

he says Epstein with choked so okay you
heard it here first something I was
Trump will be retweeting itself joked
joked all right

he’s murdered his face it thank some
people here John yeah lark home in
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mm quickie list today

Arthur Singh celebrates in Matthew
Wilbur turns 40 years old today happy
birthday from everybody here at the best
podcast in the universe here becomes a
baronet thanks to another instable net

donation of $1000 thank you so much it
is incredibly appreciated yes the
meetups continue and people are liking

them I’ve got a report from Chicago John
Adam I write this up after listen to
Sunday show the Chicago meetup after
action report the Chicago me up on
Saturday went great we had 15 to 20

folks show up everyone was extremely
friendly and eager to discuss the news
of the day the Epstein death and no
agenda thinking was on display with some
great theories some of which you
mentioned on Sunday we had a diverse

group of folks ranging from
20-somethings to 70 some things lots of
dudes named Ben but we also had a sales
guy a crane operator and a harp maker I
love we also had a very brave young man

wearing a rainbow Magga hat in the city
of Chicago bottom line that reminds me
of remember Kentucky Fried movie yeah

they were the daredevil vaguely no you
should go look it up I can’t even say it
what they said on that bottom line was
the meetup was a great opportunity to

meet like-minded folks who would
otherwise not have the chance to get
together to grab a drink get to know one
discuss issues in person that you really
wouldn’t be able to we’d love to have
more people to next Chicago meetup which

will try to schedule on a Friday evening
I know I hear you yeah I mean you want
us to come and the keeper and I do want
to come to one of these a Chicago meetup
I was looking at some of our numbers
mm-hm and if it comes to like responses

to the mailing list the number one place
that we have listeners that
insofar as the mailing list is concerned

is Chicago really yeah what is
interesting I didn’t realize that yeah
number five Seattle and then between us
a bunch is like Georgia Georgian is a

player you know mostly Georgia is like
we got everything covered go to these
meetups well probably as we speak a
meetup is taking place in southeast
London it’s their regular rotation also

Dearborn Michigan on the 17th
so that’s Saturday San Antonio Texas
which is Fridays I could probably do
Saturdays are tough the 18th Victoria BC

August 22nd Charleston South Carolina
and one in Toronto the 23rd in Salem
Oregon August 25th is Lincoln Nebraska
then we have uh Oh August 29th John

you’re gonna want to be there this is a
brand new entry on the meetup list
there’s going to be a meet-up at Burning
Man yeah I think that’s a meet-up

you gotta go represent can’t wait to get
the report from that send pictures be
the first and probably only naked meetup
yeah I can’t wait pictures as we say

finishing out the month of August as we
have Busan South Korea and some Paulo
both occurring on the 31st and back up
to Seattle on September 5th Calgary

Alberta and Nelson British Columbia on
September 6 and the 14th is in
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
so the meetups are cranking if you want
to find out more about a meet-up go to

no agenda meetups calm if you don’t find
one near you then schedule one I think
they even have the PDFs of our heads by
now to print out and put on a stick it
will complement your no agenda

experience talk and imagine that what
club can you go to that will have a
range of people in their 20s to their
70s and you can talk with all of them
tell me what club that is none can you

think of any example John well even as
some of the more elaborate clubs they
have different you know that you don’t

have quite the same politics necessarily
of neutrality well I can’t think of well
maybe I mean yeah I think the Democratic
National Committee those guys that’s a
club they all talk amongst themselves

they all agree on everything
yes orange man bed hey get your blade
get your blade Club the club of nights
and of games thanks to the support of

$1,000 per person and it is highly
appreciated I’m therefore very proud to
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Wilson both of you are now Knight to the
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supporting other people in their in
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round table and you can support us at
Dvorak org slash na okay I have a clip
that I think is suppressed news just one

well I’m one that’s a biggie
and I don’t think you’ve tell me you’ve
heard this they’ve cured yet Zola yeah I
actually have it on the list for today

but I don’t have a clip that’s outside
the treatment center in Goma where
people cheered and sang songs as a
mother and child walked out both
apparently cured of the deadly
hemorrhagic fever they were treated with

new anti bola drugs that show survival
rates as high as 90% in a clinical trial
Kristine Burak now on whether this will
be a turning point in the outbreak you

don’t often hear the word cure but it’s
being used to describe
to experimental Ebola drugs both are now
being offered to patients infected with
the deadly virus there’s no doubt that

this is a major advance this is
something we’ve never had before a study
found when patients were treated within
three days of being infected 94 percent
of those given the Regeneron drug

survived as did 89% of patients taking
monoclonal antibody 114 results so
impressive the trial was stopped two
other less effective drugs were dropped

including zmapp which was largely
developed by Canadian scientists all
these other treatment Regina on Rd one
one four and everything else that is
coming up it’s coming up because Zima

was a trailblazer so what makes these
new drugs better both require only a
single dose neither needs to be stored
frozen like the older drugs did making
them easier to transport in hot

temperatures where they differ is in how
they fight the virus monoclonal antibody
114 uses a single antibody taken from
the blood of an Ebola survivor Regeneron
drug attacks the deadly virus using

three antibodies each can bind to
different sites on the virus increasing
the chances of blocking off a mutated
Ebola virus for the first time we have
something that we can use to directly

fight against the virus and so for me
that that’s incredibly it gives me an
incredible amount of hope the current
Ebola outbreak in Congo is the second
largest in history killing at least

1,800 people and infecting about 2,800
doctors say controlling the spread of
the disease has been hampered by militia
violence and local resistance to outside

yeah what’s interesting is the stock
price has barely moved on this thing I
don’t understand and maybe that’s
because it is suppressed news but their
public company Regeneron

yeah re GN is there let’s see what
they’re doing today start price re G and
that’s because yeah that’s I’m looking
at this stuff okay well that’s a pretty
pricey stock this is a two hundred

ninety three dollars
and there’s no moving but they’re hot
it’s already been factored in let’s yeah
I see well it no if you look at there
look at the year-to-date they drop like
a rock in April and the trend is still

down so I don’t understand if they cured
Ebola why is their stock being
suppressed I mean why is it why it’s not

like I’m it’s not like it’s not the same
as a as a erection dysfunction drug
where you can sell billions of pills
these are a few shots through you know
eighteen hundred people who got the

disease no I mean there’s more money in
the vaccine that were you needed to get
before you heard from the other clip
that Canadian company guy says all we
need to make more than three hundred

thousand of these of course this
Regeneron killed their business yes he
map is well because he map was a was the
vaccine and this is not a vaccine this

is a cure I mean it’s not curious like
you still got to get it first and you
still could be one of the six percent
that doesn’t get cured but okay who
promoting vaccines is tough in Africa

and South Asia for that matter thanks to
the CIA’s program did this been
discussed and some alternative news
sites and nobody talks about the United
States anymore and where the CIA went

all over the Middle East and elsewhere
these vaccine you got a vaccinate you
for this and that and it wasn’t a
vaccination at all was just a cap get
your DNA so they could figure out where

bin Laden was story but it’s a fact that
it’s caused nothing but trouble ever
since people with that so they don’t
trust the outbreak they blame the
outbreak of polio in Pakistan on the CIA

program that when they were looking for
bin Laden and they weren’t vaccinating
anybody you should hear what they say
about Bill Gates in Africa and not so
happy about him either

so you have these issues going on it’s
like but meanwhile this story’s I
thought was suppressed I didn’t hear
about this on even Democracy Now what I
didn’t hear or not democracy now that’s

probably because they figured hey we can
send the troops in pretty quick with
this bogit of claim of everyone dying of
ebola and now these guys are gonna go
and ruin it now come on
well somebody ruined if they’re sure
that one we’ve always been looking for

oh wait before you go off to this topic
I do want to say the way they came up
with this this this cure seemed I find
it suspicious cuz I’m not I’m to put it

in a weird way I’m not unconvinced that
Ebola wasn’t developed and for Dietrich
oh yeah you’ve always been on that tip
you always been on that tip okay couple

things about SSRIs antidepressants brain
altering drugs for people who have
depression not necessarily talking about

clinical depression but the kind of
depression that everyone gets prescribed
these drugs for certainly in the United
States there does seem to be there’s a
study that does link the side-effects of

some of the SSRIs with violence I could
find the exact passage for you here

violence especially random violence is a
complex manifestation of various
thoughts feelings and external factors
Wenham multivariate analysis of these
factors is conducted it becomes apparent

that it is not just mental health issues
that are leading to an increase there
may be an underlying substance which
plays a role in a high percentage of
violent acts the use of prescription

antidepressants specifically selective
serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs
and you can find that that research in
the show notes so we typically never

hear about any mass shooters or people
doing crazy stuff if they’ve been on any
form of SSRI X
just this week in Australia wait

the way you put that is as if people
that have taken these drugs have never
reported as shooters what you do is you
stated it wrong

well we’ll restate it for me then if
we’ve never hear about any shooters
possibly ever being on any of these
drugs right that that information is
never as far as I know never released

although I’ve never reported no well
never reported for sure in Australia
that was different
we had a guy running around stabbing
people in the neck in the chest

snapper yelling Allahu Akbar but the pun
Stabbin it’s a jingle you should play
this no no no the last time we did that
it didn’t work out well he didn’t yeah

you keep wanting the dumb Stabbin jingle
which I don’t have I’m gonna stop again
just to do it I don’t remember ever

requesting this jingle oh just recently
oh just played at the end of the show
then it’s alright ok so he was running
around stabbing people yelling Allahu

Akbar the brave men jumped on this guy
and pinned him down with chairs and
tables and pitchforks it looked like but
the reporting was great from those

pictures provided by Paul Walker a drug
that was found next to this young man is
called Anton X we’ve just done a little
bit of a digging it’s it’s not too hard
to find on the internet it is a class of

medicines which are usually used to
treat anxiety and insomnia also classed
as tranquilizers so they’re sometimes
used as an antidepressant medication and
sort of it contains an active ingredient

from diazepam which is a very very well
known relaxant and stimulant yeah
diazepam I thought was supposed to make
you sleep but anyway side effects of an
10x thank you very much Australian

Broadcasting Corporation loss of memory
in attentiveness
confusion lack of concentration
unpleasant dreams sudden anxiety
excitation agitation irritability anger
abnormal behavior hallucinations

delusions hello hello if you dope these
people up with this stuff you know keep
knives away from them well that brings
up another topic which is the drugs used

that are rampant rampant by the by the
boatload like something like 55 million
capsules were confiscated in Saudi
Arabia representing five percent of the

total yes erectile dysfunction drugs no
Captagon Oh captain what is Captagon
Captagon is the number one it’s kind of
a it’s a metabolite it’s a just a crazy

chemical that when you take it it it
goes into the liver and splits into a
certain very specific kind of
amphetamine and some sort of other weird
drug and it makes you stay up all night

and want to kill everybody and you’re
invincible Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley has a
history of smuggling and trafficking of
all sorts oh wait this is the stuff that
Isis was trafficking they were all

jacked up on Captagon was never worked
with this is an area where illegal
activities include narcotics makhmud is
one of those who transports and sells a
type of amphetamine called Captagon

achieve been hugely popular drug in the
Middle East if someone takes Captagon
he’s sure to stay awake and not go to
sleep in a bag like this one you get
around 200 pills

one costs about twenty dollars and some
only seventeen or eighteen dollars each
before the war broke out in Syria all of
the Captagon produced in Lebanon headed

to the Gulf states but a new market
opened up with rebel fighters keen to
get their hands on it traffickers and
users don’t bother about Sharia law when
it comes to Captagon what every dealer

has his contacts his network it’s our
business and no one else’s we sell in
towns like our stallion
Lebanon or in others missile to rebel
fighters and to anyone all that matters

is doing business the hood at the dirty
and at the Fila live if hidden the deep
users tend to take the drug at night
according to this specialists when
someone swallows Captagon he feels more

energetic and less tired in the book but
it’s only an impression and the fatigue
accumulates because it’s a form of unfed
Amin Captagon increases nerve aza tea

and makes the consumer delirious all of
that was that feeling that he’s over
powerful lebanese anti-narcotics forces
managed to seize a significant amount of

drugs but they know that large quantity
still cross borders but what bhavish
oddness in april 2014 alone we seized 30
million pills that you can see here 30
million Captagon pills the drug has

exported a lot in Gulf states and in
particular just sound Arabia for these
easy to produce an to sell Captagon is a
drug of choice for smugglers it’s
illegal trade could even increase as the

war in Syria drags on we’ve used
desperate to escape reality and fighters
looking to gain strength according to
the secretary-general the National

Committee for narcotics control and
assistant director of anti-drug and
preventative Affairs 40% of the drug
users who fall in the 12 to 22 age group
in Saudi Arabia are addicted to this

stuff 12 to 22 yeah reported anybody out
there hear this in the mainstream media
well we can’t be doing that because they
would stop advertising its yeah the

passive corruption you know a couple
shows ago I brought up the neuro cream
knock neuro Crenn neuro cream medication
for people with tardive dyskinesia a

reminder this is what it was before I
was diagnosed by my doctor I didn’t know
why my body was moving like it had a
mind of its own

my eyes blinked way too much even though
I didn’t mean to it turns out I have
tardive dyskinesia a condition that may
be related to important medications I
take from my bipolar disorder so if
you’re on certain I think in this case

it is SSRIs you may develop these tics
twitches your my tongue darting around
in your mouth the blinking of eyes it
looks a lot like Tourette’s but it’s not

one of our producers said hold on a
second you’ve discussed this on show 201
which has got to be eight years ago nine

years ago maybe and listen to the
context okay okay here’s the clip that I
watched this you know we’ve been what
we’ve been playing ads for all these
different drugs and all the problems

they have so I decided that I there’s an
ad for regulan which is a product that’s
not on the market anymore and they’re
suing people for you know their there
you have a class-action suit and so this
is an ambulance chaser ad for regulan
and I’m listening to the here’s what you

wanna listen for listen to the symptoms
that it causes and think to yourself wow
what I’d love to be in the in the court
when these people came up to testify
what is regular and exactly I don’t know

and gastrointestinal patients and their
families the prescription drug Reglan
also known as metoclopramide has been
linked to a rare and serious condition

called tardive dyskinesia
symptoms include lip smacking person and
puckering we’re missing the rapid eye
movements are blinking constant movement
foot tapping and restless leg syndrome
if you or a loved one has used Reglan
and experienced any of these symptoms

you may be entitled to substantial
financial compensation how cool is it
that we identified this the drug that
does it and now they’ve got an aunt I
did something that apparently combats it

eight nine years later survivor is a
great place this country will fuck you
up with the word rate show we do episode
201 well well of course we were kind

mocking it well of course we’re mocking
it that’s what we do yeah I don’t
remember mocking Snowden though no

nearly oh well yeah so some people think
we’re just wrong how we doing on 20/20
yeah you know I know you saw it because
you tweeted about it out of disgust yeah

my tip my tip which you excreted me for
Stacey Abrams looks like she’s she’s
gearing up she might be making a run for
it if one of the one somebody falls down

you saw her in Vogue magazine an eye
roller what do you mean an eye roller
she has Vogue magazine talking politics

what’s wrong with Vogue magazine all of
a sudden that they have nothing but
politically inclined lefty hello hello
this is the elite magazine this is

positioning this is not because Volo cup
one day and said oh let’s get her in no
there’s something going on this is a
push this is the same thing that Neil
Beto and Vanity Fair it’s the same idea

it’s a push she’s coming for you well go
like this then if I was going to predict
anything it would go bite in abrams that
would be that would be a fantastic combo

but she’s already said she doesn’t want
to be vp a people say a lot of things
but if you say to her hey look hey watch
Biden for a few minutes you think he’s

gonna get to the four years left I’ll be
President in three months yeah exactly
that’s a good point and she wouldn’t
even have to go through horrible debates

just with Mike Pence seems like a
shoo-in well no she didn’t she’d have to
go to a debate with Mike pants that’s it
that’s all she’d have to do oh yeah

right instead of all these other yes she
wouldn’t have hurt her she wouldn’t have
to debate Trump then well now they they
get Joe in she’s in his VP they slip him
something slip him a Mickey they got a

sentiment but something more than
they’re doing now they gotta give him
how about some Captagon
Captagon now you’re talking who’s no one

would be the wiser it would be great in
fact I think someone says you suggest
that that’s not a bad idea yeah
Jack Joe up on some cap him up put him

on the stage John kick some butt jacked
up Joe exactly he better do something
man he’s got he’s got to get something

Elizabeth Warren has a chant yeah
everyone likes have a chant have you
heard a new chant well let me go look at
the Google listen see if I can dream one
up now never guessed this one

it’s 2% folks 2020 can add senator

Elizabeth Warren getting chance in in
support of her 2% wealth tax but not
every Democrat is on board billionaire
and former New York City Mayor Michael
Bloomberg calling warrant out for

attacks on the 1% minutes after she left
the same stage listen I just said to
Senator Warren on the way out senator
congratulations was a nice talk but just
let mine jus if my company hadn’t been

successful we wouldn’t be here today so
enough with this don’t be taking my
money away to percents not that big of a

hit but well it’s 2% every year that
will that will be the idea yeah okay but

assuming a lot of these guys when you
get that much money you’re you’re
accumulating more than 2% a year in
additional money
very few billionaires are not just this

not just go is always going up and this
is very easy to do now the real the
actual wealth tax well tax a real one
that that taxes everybody and it turns

out when you do the character I have an
essay on this I just haven’t released it
yet I’ll put it on next week because a
lot of people don’t understand what
you’re talking about

I know the nuance of what your idea and
I’ll send it yesterday essay has the
numbers I mean the the point is is that
if the well Texas would be around 1.5
percent but Elizabeth Warren’s wealth

tax is not a wealth tax it’s a wealthy
tax it has nothing to do with it with
the proper wealth tax which would be the
only tax you’re paying this is in
addition to everything else so she’s

doing it she’s doing it wrong no it’s
bullcrap it’s not it’s something it’s
probably it’s probably constitutionally
illegal even though the world does tax
Excel itself is questionable as is of

that but I was outright to sup it’s
pretty I have a pretty good argument I
think I should put up a web page and
start promoting it I know
Kosmic we need calm cosmic we nee will

be where the essay is yes yes regice
domaine Dvorak wealth tax calm makes
makes it nothing but since you can be in

a think-tank
I could I could be anything tanker at
the bottom of one hey man on the street
if you wanted to do a man on the street
yeah this guy this black out does man on

the street his name web I thought this
was good because what you want to do if
you’re gonna do man on the streak in
Street interviews you find a drunk
what was his so man on the street was

this a compilation of multiple people
answering the same question well I just
put the one part that would the drunk
part that guy’s going from person to
person well don’t you like Trump what is
he doing wrong and I can’t answer okay

so they don’t like him they can’t give a
proper answer until they find the drunk
guy are you working with a group you’ve
got a UAW sign right there how come PES
accuse me whatever no I’m not yes I am

Union television yeah it was under oh I
can’t watch that guy it’s hard to watch

I got it from the internet there so uh I
do have a couple of ISOs oh good I need
one for the end of show all right got to
I got this is when Sanders was in I have

the Sanders clip here two Bernie was in
Iowa but here is Bernie in Iowa this is
his I so

yeah one of those things like Thank You
Cleveland okay this might be better this
would be more up your alley this is an
Iowa woman cheering no cheering we have
a winner ladies and gentlemen

so she said
cheering no cheering yeah and she was
one of those she was one of the Democrat
official committee heads or some telling

people how to act keep your signs down
she had a whole spiel keep her signs
down do this do that and then she had
that little bit at the end which I
thought was hilarious all right I have
one last clip to play this is from the

OTG off-the-grid series again this is
not necessarily to protect you from
security agencies but to protect as much
of your data as possible but really for

you to get off the smart phone that is
the battle the battle is between you and
that device you have in your pocket you
want to have something that functions
but that doesn’t do too much too quickly
because then you’ll keep reaching for it

currently I have the iPhone 5 stock
completely no external apps I’m running
the privacy it’s called let me just
double check the name of this apps they
set it wrong

it’s called privacy Pro and that pretty
much puts the equivalent of a piehole
onto your device and a turn off your
location services you got a trust Apple
to a certain degree and you can lock out

all Google all social media all Facebook
tracking images and and what do you call
it device how it’s the word not
sandboxing but they do a come on what’s

I hate myself no break I don’t know what
you’re talking about you know it’s the
debate device recognition where they’re

doing canvas they’re doing a canvas on
you so they can find out which device
you’re using you can block all of that
and then ultimately the thing is not
gonna work very well but you can make
calls you can send text messages you can

get your email if you need to and you
can kind of be on the web browser for
certain things but even Twitter doesn’t
work very well on it if you don’t have
that part blocked off battery life five
days it’s fantastic but the whole idea

is to get rid of the usage of a
smartphone it seems to be hard for
people you know taking a break from
technology might sound like a good idea

my sound relaxing but there could be
some negative side effects according to
new research in the Journal of travel
research the study shows that people who
go off the grid

when they travel they can have
withdrawal symptoms like you know when
you’re trying to quit smoking or
drinking research it yeah cold turkey
could be yeah you gotta keep that out
device near researchers asked tours to

restrict access to their devices for at
least 24 hours and the participants said
they felt anxious and frustrated at
first but eventually they enjoyed the
digital detox eventually there you go

the digital detox is tough it’s not for
everybody but if you need support you
can always reach out to me if you’re
going OTG

I’m calling it that’s it for today
okay we will return on Sunday with
another episode of your best podcast in
the universe you never know what will

happen between then and now but for sure
we’ll rip it apart for you and watch
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