No Agenda Episode 1165: “Duck Wubba Nub”

look like with the dog drinking water
Adam curry this is no agenda curry and
from northern Silicon Valley where I’m

skipping it I’m gonna flip homes and
Greenland I’m John C Devorah you know
when I read that about Trump saying you

wanted to buy Greenland I like oh my god
smartest thing I’ve heard in the past
year from anybody and they’re all
pooh-poohing oh my goodness this was

this is fantastic
it’s not I have a clip oh good I read up
a lot on this and it’s a very

interesting idea
I love you read up but do you know this
is not the first time we’ve tried to do
this as a caress oh god that’s correct
where is my Greenland clip you know I’ve
been doing this a lot tell me you do

another clip slip we just named it
something really strange
I could be Trump economic rundown good
clip despite a roller coaster week for

the Dow and some worrisome economic
indicators President Trump continues to
insist all is well on the economic front
I think we’re gonna have a very long
period of wealth and success but the

president’s trade war with China and
sagging economies in Europe and South
America have rattled the markets and
stoked fears of a recession a major
warning sign for the president who sees

a strong economy as key to his
you have no choice but to vote for me
because your 401ks
down the tubes everything’s going to be
down the tube according to president

balsam media and the Federal Reserve are
working against him and holding back the
economy in recent days the president has
phoned Wall Street CEOs to discuss the
markets many in the business community

are worried two-thirds of the CFOs
surveyed by Duke University
expect a recession by the end of next
year markets and businesses are starting
to think that the President may not

really have an endgame here Michael
strain is an economist at the
conservative think-tank
AEI the president has been insistent
that China is bearing the economic
burden of the tariffs when of course

there’s lots of good research that shows
that US consumers are facing higher
prices for certain products president
Trump continues to defy conventional

wisdom but historically presidents
seeking re-election have won when they
had a strong economy and lost with a
weak one well I like the clip was sucked
on the Greenland front nice clip yeah

that part which I wrote I did this is
just not here it was a PBS clip that was
quite good they talked about all the
other people who tried to do this over

the years including Truman I think well
here’s the reason why I immediately
thought this is interesting
what is Trump known for buying
properties at low prices and selling him

at high prices like this is what the guy
does like you know his Palm Beach
mansion it’s all this stuff he’s like
buys it for 7 million sells it for 50
million likes oh I understand what he’s

looking for and he knows how to do his
diligence on that and then you look into
the history of the United States by I
mean we bottle out of our country the
Louisiana Purchase hello I mean that was

a pretty big chunk we bought land from
Russia Alaska from Russia all good deals
by the way you know none of these broke
100 million in fact most were much lower

and and I guess it was was it Truman or
Eisenhower who tried to buy after so and
at World War two
Greenland said hey America come and hook

us up
and leave it was Truman I don’t think
Eisenhower dude there’s been attempts
earlier there’s an attempt in the 1800’s
we have tried to buy Greenland more than
once yes and and the reason and the

reason that I think always would be that
it’s strategically a great spot to be
these days thanks to global warming and
and people yeah if you’re gonna buy into
global warming why go to Mars go to

Greenland yeah because it’s gonna be
beautiful there and have beaches it’s
gonna be fantastic
also keep an eye on the Russians in the
arctic area it’s a great spot to expand

our existing military base for oh you
know to be able to detect ballistic
missiles a read shoot ballistic missiles
that’s fantastic because the permafrost

is melting rare earth metals are now
easier to get to it with you know
opportunity I mean that it’s just it’s
phenomenal but but here’s the real thing

that’s going on and it’s not just the
opportunity of Greenland Greenland owned
by Denmark the Denmark of course could
sell it they can only sell it by

constitutional order it’s you know
they’ve they set this in stone when they
accidentally came into possession of
Greenland there would have to be a
referendum of the you know 58,000 people

who live there who by the way are kind
of Trumpy in some ways this is what irks
me about this missing clip I’m gonna
have to tell you what it would urge me I

got this the kind of trumpet did you
some of them are kind of rubbish so they
go and they go into this CBS there’s a
man on the street and they go up there
and they talk to various green Landers
and they know al I don’t know and you

know they’re kind of like wish you
washing this time some guy comes I said
no no way there’s no way this horrible
Trump football and he goes on and on the
guy is Chinese oh that would have been
great not want to be been better in

video but well so here here’s something
interesting about this concept and mate
and maybe
do it right after this we’ll get into it

but there’s there’s a lot going on with
the central bank’s with these negative
interest rates which is is very
confusing and actually went looking for
some couple days before this Trump wants
to buy Greenland business I was looking

at the Kaiser report with max and Stacy
and and they were talking about
specifically this new mortgage that they
are offering in Denmark where they pay

you to take the mortgage and that’s
because they have a negative interest
rate on savings so yeah so you know
leave it to max and Stacey specifically
Stacey in this case to explain how that

works and then you understand that you
know Denmark Denmark
yes Denmark is is basically in Falls
they’re they’re bankrupt and so it might
be a very opportune time to come in and

in you know give it a little influx of
cash Denmark’s third largest bank is now
paying people to take out a mortgage
what this means is that if you buy a

house for $1,000,000 and pay off your
mortgage in full in ten years you would
pay the bank back only nine hundred and
ninety five thousand dollars no mortgage
payments would be due between the

purchase and payoff date so effectively
a borrower only has to repay principal
with a small discount guaranteeing that
the bank loses money on the loan and
that’s a negative point five percent

right and ain’t no referring back to
that film we did about Iceland and I
think it was 2008 about the Ponzi scheme
there danke bank was the one who
additionally put out this report

suggesting that Iceland was a Ponzi
scheme about to implode now in Denmark
as you’re pointing out here they’re
using the exact same technique of using
the hyper leveraged mortgaged real

property assets as as collateral to
create this enormous Ponzi scheme so the
negative interest rates are a reflection

of a Ponzi scheme not as economic policy
and yeah you might end up having zero
mortgage in the bank paying you half a
percent a year or percent a year but
let’s keep in mind that the value of the

property itself if it dropped 50 60 70
80 percent that’s
a good deal so here’s that there
economist from the icecap ank which is
offering this mortgage
it’s another chapter in the history of

the mortgage he says by the way Stacey
not doing voices on the show and she
does it very well
they’re economists from Daisuke Bank
which is offering this mortgage

it’s another chapter in the history of
the mortgage he says a few months ago we
would have said that this would not be
possible but we have been surprised time
and time again and this opens up a new

opportunity for homeowners in practical
terms the negative rates will act as a
subsidy to the repayment and the
repayment portion will become smaller
and smaller as the debt is reduced he

said yes I hardly understand it either
in fact I said it can’t happen but we
have figured out how to make a negative
rate mortgage what what’s in that little

description and Max is going to explain
it in a minute is this little spread
between a negative half a percent that
you’d be paid to take out a mortgage

versus and now in here comes 0.75
percent negative interest rate on
savings so there and they said you know

it would it would subsidized or whatever
abort they’re doing is they’re taking
money from one side and giving it to the
other how to make an egg with their with
their five five basis points in between
it a rate mortgage this is another

wealth confiscation scheme if you have a
large sum of cash at the bank they
charge you a negative three quarters of
1% to store your cash at the bank it’s a
negative interest rate so the bank is

taking money out of your account every
year to the tune of almost 1% they don’t
pay you to have your money at the bank
they take money away now with a negative
mortgage that money is going to a

mortgage buyer so they’re confiscating
wealth from savers and they’re giving it
to property speculators because the
banks have always made their bones in

property lending their balance sheets
are heavy with property and if they were
to mark-to-market the value of that
property they would all have to declare
insolvency so to keep their fee stream

going they are engaged in guaranteed
property loss mortgages your property
will lose catastrophic Lee with these

mortgages because it’s a three thousand
year bubble at the same time your
savings are being confiscated by
negative interest rates that’s the bank
max is so good at explaining something
really clearly and then leaving you

confused with the last five things he
says like what yes see that’s that’s the
problem he slipped he slipped that in
that’s bullcrap I mean you could say

everything is a bubble and from 3,000
year old with 3,000 year bubble so he
throws that stuff and he also threw in
early or he threw in another nonsense
concept yeah you’re buying the mortgage

but you’re gonna lose 50 or 60 percent
of its value I don’t understand why that
why would that happen because of a
housing bubble OOP we’ve already seen
the housing bubble what they look like

and they haven’t gone so it’s not any
big shock to know what they look like or
that some in some areas property values
go down Detroit being a good example
during that to collapse but that’s not a

worldwide phenomenon it’s a in this
negative interest rate thing is this
kind of a it’s not just a debt markets
all over the world
yeah well this counts for the fact that

things are depressing it’s a true
depression prices are going down and
deflationary thing happening but it’s
not to the extreme that he’s describing

it well he’s a 12
look this is max so of course we
understand how he speaks in 10 years
would be like oh yeah he’s kind of right
and Max was telling us about Bitcoin for

10 years
oh yeah I guess he was right though
it’ll take maybe he’s he foresees the
future I don’t know but this but anyway
the have I presume that the Greenland’s

bonds or Treasury bills whatever they
have I’m sure that they’re they have a
negative yield curve or whatever on on

their debt or Denmark I should say
Denmark now yeah grin was there hold
dead structures based on salvation yeah
they dead dug a hole in they threw a box
of coins in it that’s pretty much the

government soon so it sounds like a good
deal is my point
like it vt close it yeah
do you imagine I already said no I would
right away be buying property they just

give me a little piece of land yeah they
said no but what are they doing with it
and the Chinese you know there was a

moment the Chinese are moving in to
green land to exploit it but they
haven’t made the choice to try to buy
the place the Chinese have neither that
I know of have gone into Africa all

these places where they go and bought
anything they just no no they just say
look and are they in
in Greenland with their operations ok
and yet another reason to go how many
are in there I don’t know all I know is

that they’re there and Trump knew it
never something next thing you know he
wants to buy the place and kick him out
that’s why I thought it was so funny to
hear this Chinese guy signal American oh
good how a potential Chinese built

Airport in Greenland could be risky so
they’re building the building in Airport
like you need to on that island because

we’ve got a base to Lee I think it’s yes
yeah and they can build an airport but
they’re poor would be for transport to
move of course of course that’s exactly

what they want and that and I think
that’s the move that’s the move right
there very funny I’m sure you meant it
though all right well hey let’s do some

financial news this GE thing that you
guys talk about that on the know eh I’m
plugged I play this this news report
this developing story on the heels of

this nearly 170 page report from Madoff
whistleblower and financial investigator
at Harry Marco Polo’s we’re getting now
a response we got a response from GE on

this report earlier today but now we’re
getting a direct response
ge CEO Larry Kolb as well he says quote
GE will always take an allegation of
financial misconduct seriously but this

is market manipulation pure and simple
mr. Marco Polo’s report contains false
statements of fact and these claims
could have been corrected if you checked
them with GE before publishing the
report the fact that he wrote a hundred

and seventy page paper but never talked
to the company officials goes to show
that he is not interested in accurate
financial analysis but solely in
generating downward volatility in GE
stock so that he and his undisclosed

hedge fund partner can personally profit
you may recall earlier today on squawk
on the street we had mr. Marco Polo’s on
I actually asked him why he hadn’t
spoken to the company the point he had

made was that he was relying on
financial statements and that based on
his experience talking to the company
didn’t want to put them in a position to
be able to destroy any kind of evidence

or financial documentation nonetheless
this is the response from GE CEO Kolb
and will continue to bring the latest as
the story unfolds now this is I was just
looking at the troll room no like yeah

this is fake the guy’s name is marco
polo but this guy has credentials yeah
number large he was the Bernie Madoff
yeah he’s the real deal and the thing

that was I thought was most interesting
about this is well first of all you hear
in that messaging well he hasn’t even
talked to us man well your public
company douchebag everyone should be
able to calculate numbers him doing this

if market manipulation yeah that would
be pretty stupid to go around everywhere
saying hey look at me
they suck no good and not mean it but

third it’s long term health care
insurance what exactly is that
I have no idea because that’s that

before we go on I want to make a couple
of things mention a couple of things
about ge ge hasn’t been known to be like
this lingering zombie dog for decade at
least it’s always biology is the worst

right they can write do anything right
they got their jet engine company which
is pretty I mean they got good companies
but the overall the whole company is
kind of flagging and it has been ever
since Jack Welch you know instituted

stacked ranking at the company right one
who brought introduced it to the world
and ruined I think that ruined the
company I think stacked ranking ruins
all companies is what it does anything

Marissa Meyer touches and she says I
think she’s a stack well she’s a big fan
and this is a technique where you it’s a
look it up we’re not gonna go to great
detail about it but look at what’s

called stack ranking it’s a personnel
management technique that is possibly I
don’t use achill chairs of the business
world it’s the world’s worst system and
Microsoft branded for a long time and

they’ve drank run the country country up
the company right into the ground anyway
that comes from GE and GE and I remember
the one time I was at a summit vent and
I was sitting at a table and a bunch of

this is like 20 years agos GE executives
and they were the most arrogant jerks
uh-huh and they were bragging about how
they invented this and they reinvented
the TV remote conceal you know that that

were they drinking at the time or it was
something a bad hey Mouse man hi we
invented the remote and we invented the

alarm clock and we invented the
push-button with all these old
inventions about how great they are I
find they’re very listen to something
wrong with these guys

it’ll be very you know man we invented
the fridge man I was Westinghouse it
maybe was General Electric whatever it
seemed to me that they were just

blowhards mmm-hmm well this long-term
health care insurance problem they have
is interesting because you know when
we’re talking about

health care in america and medicare for
all these all these different things and
the real problem that we have in our
health care is the insurance company the
insurance sector that’s why the prices

got jacked up and i’ll give you one
example the pet insurance before pet
insurance hey you go to the vet 25 bucks
you know maybe a little bit more pet
insurance now you can’t get out for

under a grand because a pet insurance so
now you’re you’re expected to pay
seventy dollars a month for your pet
insurance and they jacked up the prices
it’s how that market works because it’s

not a free and open market its regulated
but if these companies are going broke
because they don’t have the money here’s
the marco polo’s guy explaining the
numbers I mean we’ve been seeing it

making white ops the power business
reserves against the insurance business
which is at the heart of what you’re
saying is the problem here ultimately
why now why why choose to investigate
now we were doing another case last year

against the long-term care insurance
company and then we spotted all the
losses from these insurance companies
landing on GES books so we switched
focus to GE because the fraud was so
much bigger here so you’re saying 15

billion dollars that they’ve set aside
saying look people are living longer
it’s tough to get high interest rates to
set against what we’re seeing in this

business it’s simply not enough correct
it took 15 billion they need to take
twenty nine billion dollars more even
nothing but negative surprises four
years twenty two billion for Alstom in
November 15 billion in January 2018 a

long term here 773 million this quarter
for energy grid
big surprises they’re always negative
they should have been taking them all
along in smaller chunks they wait to the

last minute
and they hide things from the market
first quarter of 2021 they need to take
ten point five billion dollar gap right
down as a non-cash charge so ever right
but an 18 and a half billion media cash

charge whenever the Kansas Insurance
Department has requested they had a 15
billion dollar write down in January
2018 but they had no cash to pay it so
they had a spread out over seven years
that’s the problem with GE their cash

poor they say they have over seven –
almost seventeen billion in cash the
problem is their current liabilities are
sixty billions so the cash is nowhere
near enough and I guess the low interest
rates are there one of their big

problems so they can’t make any money on
the money they have right well yes
there’s that but that’s probably at
least money’s cheaper for him but he’s
right about all this but I think it’s

just the tip of the iceberg when it
comes to these liabilities unfunded
liabilities which is what we’re talking
about yeah all the states have them yeah
I mean I can’t imagine what you know the
CalPERS here in California and all these

other places and all the big
corporations have them in countries from
do countries entire countries have these
liabilities cuz of this insurance scam
we’ve all watched it so now where is the

pain $1,500 a month for health insurance
oh but I’m so happy doing it so if that
is the leverage that the Democrats have

in the 2020 election even though they’re
not playing it right how do they how do
they have leverage with that well
they’re pushing for you know Medicare
for all
most of the leaders are set for Biden

right and they’ve got an argument to be
made it’s like there’s some people do
annual salaries on as much as their
health insurance costs

well let’s and what is that would
they’re never used to be health
insurance cause they never did all these
things are bogus that prices of drugs
weren’t assigned nothing was until
health insurance scam came along Nixon
administration well let’s see what I

want to promote it what I was gonna say
let’s let’s hear how Medicare for all
would work
in the united states we have a pretty
good example the UK national health
system everyone says it’s great why

can’t we be like them well let’s have a
listen make sure to remove your dentures
before surgery or you could swallowed
them that’s what happened to his 72 year
old man in Britain the ban had minor

surgery he returned to the hospital six
days later complaining of blood in his
mouth and difficulty breathing doctors
were not able to diagnose the exact
problem so they sent him home with some

prescriptions for mouthwash antibiotics
and steroids but he returned two days
later and that’s when they found this
dentures lying across his vocal cords it

took him into surgery one of the
hospital for another six days take out
your dentures before you have this baby
Lourdes makes no sense of course not I

had it laying around for like three
shows I had to play this sometime get
that off the books okay well yeah I

don’t know what we do is the insurance
scam is is what it is that you never
hear anyone talking about it where’s
Elizabeth Warren talking about the
insurance companies there same people

don’t talk about it because the networks
won’t pick it up if they do the networks
are you know different pharma is the
main beneficiary of the whole thing with
their billions and billions and profits

selling you know screwy drugs
and they’re they dominate advertising
and it’s just corrupt the whole thing is
corrupted we’re one of the I think maybe
two countries in the entire world that

allow drug manufacturers to advertisers
and promote expensive drugs on TV yes I
don’t know why we do it this obviously
the corrupting influence it’s it doesn’t

and then you have the guys like Obama
who’s number one when he was running for
president is number one and investor was
the insurance industry with the

insurance industry and then guess and
guess what they got they got Obamacare
yeah which again now they get to make
well but as much money as they want yeah
well okay well that’s the end of the

show for me I’m properly depressed
let’s go buy some land in Greenland I’d
love to go have you been in Greenland
over stopped over there I mean what
would be the reason in the what I mean

there’s a lot of places really nice
refueling refueling people refuel in
Greenland they’re refueling in Iceland
Iceland I think more frequently
well Iceland is actually a great place

to have a stopover yeah because they
have the big shopping center people the
airport actual people and people in bars
lots of bars I got it I can’t how many
Chinese are in Greenland that’s I hadn’t

even thought about that
of course those guys hey I was wrong
about the dress the Epstein dress

although I’m still not convinced it was
hanging in his in his apartment but okay
I guess it I guess it’s wrong about
twice I said well I had definitely seen

you some photoshop job well I had seen
this before I had seen this image and I
didn’t know if it was a picture or
whatever it was and so this is not new
new is that it’s in Epstein’s house but

I found the evidence that it’s there to
be quite sketchy but I didn’t even think
it was an actual painting but it was
then it was auctioned off and fine art

collection I mean that does not bode if
it really was in his house that’s pretty
bad yeah and you know bills coming by to
visit from time to time is that just to

poke him in the eye they hit him you
know what the point of it would be if
you met if he comes to visit day he
probably doesn’t visit that area but
yeah or into the the rooms in the back
but as we discussed it’s like we’re

never gonna find out about Epstein
everyone’s gonna go crazy and they all
I don’t even read it anymore and then we
got of course I was interested in Jala
Maxwell and now she’s become you know

like Elvis like Bigfoot oh there she is
at an in-and-out burger who took this
you know there’s no evidence that this
was a recent and who the hell sits in

the pinup on the picnic tables at
in-n-out burger the whole point in and
out is it drive-through you don’t
actually eat there you can I have once
okay but now let me I have my thoughts

on this because I think this was just I
think there was messaging here I think
this was spooky stuff well you know this
whole book there’s no evidence that’s
the book she was reading it was there’s

no photographic evidence that’s why I
think this whole thing was this was
staged yeah by 4chan no it was staged
for some methods to send out some
message about this book I read this book

no go ahead take over I’ll keep us keep
us going okay well first of all she
shows up in a very posed photo with the
book and she has a review section in

another I feel said well it’s not really
her could be anybody just an actual on
Amazon yeah and she had reviews and
other reviews books and she reviews

mostly junk junk fiction series junk
romantic fiction but if you look at all
her headlines and you look at her the
bet you know it did looks like a perfect

place to do you know to call home it
just looks like a perfect place to drop
messages especially if you what on
Amazon on Amazon review site yeah that’s
interesting okay and and if you’ve ever

met if anyone hasn’t seen the series
Rubicon 13 episode series that they
killed yes you see that this kind of
stuff goes on and it seems like she
checks in if you look at her books she

checks in if there’s just every so often
she checks in with some stupid review
and she’s got coded words this is reads
like code something coded and the
Rubicon story always goes into how books
are used a lot

to get messages across you there’s just
coat the decryption code is in your
original message and then you go to some
book perhaps the book she just read or
claims to have read and then you have to

go and you look up the letters whatever
than that yeah whatever so she you know
and everyone assumes that she’s in
Mehsana so she writes this review of
this book in the in the Amazon what is

they now give us the name of the book
first the name of the book heroes fallen
here the book of honor okay it’s about
intelligence community the book of

honors written by this guy GUP and this
guy’s a professor at one of the cup back
east colleges and he you can’t really
look at his background and see him as a

spook but all he’s written his spook
books and he wrote he’s the guy that is
most responsible for writing about the
Greenbrier in which is the giant
facility underneath this resort and I

think North Carolina or South Carolina
one of the two and it is the underground
place where all of the Congress was
gonna go live if there was a yeah yeah

so he busted that and they had to shut
it down I don’t know why they didn’t
turn into a tourist attractions beyond
me but okay they shut it down and costed
because there’s because it had the

zero-point energy going we they couldn’t
let on about that 150 million dollars in
wasted work so anyway that’s this guy
and he did a couple of CIA books so he
goes to see the wait does this book how

explaining cuz I I didn’t think much of
it by the way and if there’s anything
that seems like it’d be a coated book as
this thing so he said he went in to
visit for some interview and he stopped

stopped at the stars and there’s a bunch
of stars the the the wall of honor the
wall of honor and he notices there’s
only 12 of those people are 13 some
small number that are actually listed in

a little black book that is under the
wall of honor that I guess some people
have access to his in a it’s locked but
it’s not but there’s certain people that
they would they know who these stars
this represents this guy that guy this

guy meanwhile he says something like
forty nine of them are not identified so
he decided that he’s going
defy him as his goal in life so this
book identify is about 15 of them that

aren’t aren’t listed on there they’re
not in the CIA refuses to talk about it
and it’s kind of interesting cuz there
any tells their whole story it’s a very
interesting read if you want to read and

he’s but in there he slips in a lot of
little information about the CIA
training and he puts a lot of details of
stuff in there and this is the book that

she reviews and she is reading and to me
it’s just like a coat to me she’s
sitting there with this book and she’s
reading the book and the discrepant
thing that people everybody noticed is

that she’s got a hardcover copy of the
book she’s a big kindle user and on the
book review it specifically says she’s
got a Kindle version cuz the Amazon

tells you what you’ve read and not read
ah no version but apparently says a
hardcover – which he had at this at this
shoot at in-and-out which is kind of
code if you think about it I went out

I’m in I went out I’m in and out yes
yeah okay and the first obvious thing I
noticed yeah it’s and so and this

picture of Hearst crystal-clear she
poses for the picture so this just say
this she wants an extraction or she
wants to get sent back to wherever I
don’t know what she’s asking for because
we don’t know we just don’t know but

something’s fishy about here’s a review
from August 15th by G Maxwell a
comforting read after a personal tragedy
is the headline and I think these

headlines are all code for one thing or
August 15 2019 format kindle edition
right so having the book is is makes
little sense the hardcover it was unless

you have to I mean it’s possible means
likely a good friend of might know she’d
be reading it with a Kindle paperwhite a
good friend of mine died read I can’t

remember which one she has but she did
buy in her list on her review she has
cut a cover for a as she bought a cover
for a purpose
how can I just
your question have you seen her with
this book in the photo no I just saw her

sitting there posing with a
double-double or whatever she was either
gonna have no we just but we don’t know
that because there’s a lot of

speculation oh look at the book she’s
reading and it’s this book and that’s
the one she’s reading there but we have
no evidence of that correct guy who took
this photo and and got it posted this
something is very fishy about this whole
thing I know it’s he’s like Bigfoot man

another sighting okay keep going she on
her amazon review she’s listed as living
in Portland ok onward August 15th Kindle
edition a good friend of mine died

recently under very tragic circumstances
some of us saw it coming for quite a
while but it was still a huge shock when
it finally happened I picked up this
book at the advice of a friend and

absolutely couldn’t put it down I’d read
it walking the dog getting fast food in
a nutburger
or even just lounging around the house

it helped me it helped this may be a it
helped me realize that she’s got
realized it’s a mistake which may not be
a mistake it helped me realize that my

friend really believed in something and
that giving your life for the CIA NSA
FBI Mossad or other intelligence agency
is truly a higher calling and not

something to mourn a wholehearted
recommendation yeah was it her just
somebody coincidental was it a

coincidence and why’s Mossad chucked
into that list hmm
hello Alex Jones

I have Jhansi Dvorak for you I’d like to
talk to you – Mossad that’s pretty good
I like it

yeah I don’t know why you’re reading
that and I’m not but you poo-pooed it
right off the bat of course i poopoo
this m-matt GMAX well as the Amazon user
let me give me a break if anything

that’s that’s Jeff Bezos under his
command doing that back to 2012 yeah but
this recent post is is is the 15th of
August yeah she’s been posting all along

she posts she doesn’t go more than six
months without posting okay and if you
take one of her older posts are they
just as whacked some of them are kind of
screwed but most of them are just little

coated things as just you can’t tell you
can look at them good you go over michgo
good looking I live site a link I like
it and maybe you can see something all I
know is that I know that there are
people that can see look at it one of
these things ago she’s using the first

verb and then that refers to how many
letters in that verb that’s right well
then I can’t nobody in not bro you do
that now I refer back to 4chan I’m
expecting results from them they should

be doing this work well I don’t see any
results from anybody no all right well
I’ll take a look at it it’s just neural
networking you eventually see the
patterns this isn’t from Sir do suffer
green bar briar is in West Virginia and

they still sent where it was was it
restful West West Virginia and they
still give tours of the underground
bunker well I don’t know I can they say
they lost all this money wait well

here’s a clue and sir do surfer says I
performed puppet shows there in 97 I
think maybe they need to adapt their
programming they want to make money if
they using do servers puppet shows yeah

that’s a that’s a quite a quite assemble
Wow so where the government is gonna
convene to some guy one of our list

not just delicious and nice you denied
my friend a night doing Punch and Judy
shows we are taking over the government
that’s what I’m seeing why you see it

that way yep yeah we got that
straightened out so don have you a mayic
help on where this place is located but
yeah this this writer is the guy who
busted those guys so well interesting

well I will definitely go back and look
at historical stuff and we’ll keep our
eye on it see something new pops up ah
but again still is like I think because

he was at in and out that she’s done
she’s out she’s already gone you think
she’s I think you should have been
pulled away she’s I think she’s Jesus

one day we’ll never see her but we will
keep seeing so well I keep having
sightings of her like Bigfoot I’m
telling you Bigfoot Elvis she’s like
right you might be a missionary she

moved to Israel and just stay there
working a government Bureau you know a
bureaucracy job hey who knows she didn’t
sneak into Israel you know the day after
Epstein died there was a 10-hour baggage
outage at the airport everyone where

everything was a disaster ben-gurion
airport perfect time to sneak in yeah
and that actually that would be a
perfect time to sneak in meanwhile this

staged event at the in-n-out burger was
already a done deal days earlier they
must have had that on file yeah of
course he ready to rock with that and so
she’s back she said you got your safe

you’re here okay let’s run with the
other thing and then they run the story
it goes in the New York Post but wait it
was Daily Mail first wasn’t that it
didn’t come from the UK first maybe it
was some some one of these news

organizations to play ball now this is
Vicky ward she’s she’s the pass-through
you watch Vicky Ward’s passing it on to
her contacts in the press yeah there’s a
twist for you well anyway there’s

something up good report
meanwhile back home we had the the big
freakout and boycott of equinox and

what a soul cycle and Equinox the
boycott we had the boycott remember the
the CEO of the the company that owns the

gym and the spin class oh this spin gym
veggie boycott the spin gym guy hold on
that by the way is a whole new cat

that’s an exit strategy I’m gonna write
that down spin Jim so you go there and
you can spin and Jim it’s it’s a combo
it’s the spin Jim yeah you’re pumping

away and you’re pulling down weights at
the same time yeah perfect spin Jim okay
I’m writing that down as an exit
strategy so you know of course I’m a
spinner so I by the way it’s a good

business there’s real money in the spin
spin business but you got to keep your
nose clean you can’t have your founders
donating to Trump because people start
the boycott romp yeah and I don’t know

how how effective the boycott was but
what and you know every spin studio as
its known they do what they call a
charity rides or community rides and so

a portion of your of your fee will go to
the local charity it’s a very community
oriented thing it’s great for social
justice warriors now it’s it’s hey
there’s still money coming out of these

places going to charitable organizations
and you can’t can’t fault that even
though it’s all virtue signaling etc so
what they’re doing is they’re giving

every every instructor at every Equinox
I met every SoulCycle a monthly
community ride which will be free to the
people in the class but the equivalent

of a full class in money will be given
to a charity of the instructors choice
so I think it’s a pretty good loop
around a pretty good way to to make
people continue to feel good about

themselves even though they hate the
fact that the guy gave to Tromp and I
think crisis is averted so well done
everyone’s moving on but
there were other organizations who are
extremely worried about what they saw
here like holy crap we cannot have this

shit going down 95% of our boys in this
Network donate to Trump it’s all public
what are we gonna do the NFL preseason

is in full swing but a move that the
league made away from the field is
grabbing headlines the NFL reached an
agreement with rapper jay-z’s
Entertainment Company rock nation to
advise the league on entertainment

offerings like the Super Bowl halftime
show the deal also puts the company in
charge of amplifying the league’s social
justice program called inspire change
the league has been criticized for its
approach to social justice because of

its relationship with Colin Kaepernick
Wednesday mark three years since the
former quarterback first started
kneeling during the national anthem to
protest police brutality and racial
injustice inspired change is designed to

help combat the issues Kaepernick
addressed but some players aren’t happy
that Kaepernick is not involved with the
program safety Eric Reid who also
protested with Kaepernick tweeted the

NFL is champion social justice to cover
their own systemic oppression in
blackballing Colin he also criticized
jay-z saying the rapper quote knowingly
made a money move with the very people

who’ve committed an injustice against
Colin and is using social injustice to
smooth it over with the black community
so jay-z the most disingenuous human
being on earth goes over there like yeah

man that was great you guys get the
black community and he’s gonna advise on
the halftime show and let’s make sure
that whoever’s there doesn’t have to

partner up with some or white lady who’s
complaining about maroon 5
you know why’d this guy have to go on
with the Big M from maroon 5 the white
guys yeah it’s okay fine and then he

cuts out Colin Kaepernick doesn’t bring
him into the deal at all because this is
what it is
Kaepernick was problem you now he’s
permanently been replaced and just like
with the Nets where jay-z you know had

like 0.02 percent of the team but runs
around courtside like he owns the whole
thing you know that’s cover for for a
fine investment which gentrify the whole

neighborhood it’s unbelievable and these
guys think it’s about Kaepernick that
they’re covering that up that did you
hear Trump mentioned in that even though

Trump’s been the big problem with the
NFL knew nothing at all
smokescreen yeah good one though but you
got to be careful of this jay-z man

devil worshiper I think that doesn’t I
don’t think he cares too much about
black people we just care about his

bought his bottom line yeah no shit no
shit anyway
I’ll play this as a congratulations and
you not only called it but you nailed it

after I glibly said oh you’re wrong
about Stacey Abrams she’s coming back
you nailed it with the with the Biden
head exploding VP strategy yes I did I

nailed it do you want to be vice
well fair fight 2020 is essential for
every single thing that we want to

accomplish in 2020 it’s about making
sure that we have a level playing field
and that we are not fighting voter
suppression one single-handedly but what
I do want to say is that my focus is on

making sure that we use the primary to
build for the general if however a
nominee decides that they would like to
include me on the ticket I would
certainly be open to that but my focus
and my mission is to make certain that

no matter who our nominees are that we
have in place the kind of robust
response but also anticipatory offense
to make sure that the right to vote is
sacrosanct in every one of those

battleground states yeah I know that is
extra obviously that’s extremely
valuable and I know that that’s where
you’re putting a lot of your time and
energy but back to the vice presidency
for a second have candidates asked you
I’ve not been asked to run for vice

president because everyone who’s running
for president right now is focused on
getting that nomination and I think we
all know it’s deeply presumptuous to
assume that anything happening after or
after the primaries is

but what I do know is that voter
suppression is real that we saw just
this year in Texas and Tennessee in
Arizona and in Florida steps taken by
Republicans to further constrict the

vote and if you go to fair fight 2020
org you can find out more about our
initiative and I know we want to talk
about what happens next but we have to
focus on what’s happening now and right
now the Republican National Committee

has a new carte blanche to engage in
behavior that has been forbidden since
1981 we know that states across the
country are further putting in place
obstacles to the blah blah so just to
recap the former New York banker told me

months ago keep your eye on Stacey
Abrams that’s the big push isn’t gonna
be on her and of course didn’t exactly
work out the way we’ve thought but now

with the possibility of Joe Biden still
being the candidate being pushed by by
the by the money by the networks which
is all that really counts

knowing that Joe’s head could blow off
at any time and this is not just a joke
he said was it – he’s had two full brain
oh yeah – right – full brain surgeries
it took the top of his head right off

he’s the first to tell you about it you
know it would be pretty good to have a
successor who everybody wants and this
is a Soros sister she had her
gubernatorial run was partially funded

by Soros and she is the perfect
embodiment of the Democratic strategy to
drive a wedge between black men and
black women and have black women say

this is the way we’re going to go get in
line he’s perfect for it I just hope
they can use a member of the Council on
Foreign Relations how does that happen
right and you know and no one ever asks

any questions about what exactly was the
voter suppression with your fair fight
2020 org it was fair fight org but I
guess you needed to rebrand just the URL
fair fight 2020 org this goes back to

the 2018 election where she had people
on the street with a different nonprofit
registering people to vote not writing
down the names accurately a large number

of those
her team collected which were not
written down correctly were then
declared not eligible that’s her big
voter fraud that’s her big claim over

what happened in Georgia her own people
of course they think they did it right
but then the the was it the the of
course this makes a problematic the

governor the current governor at the
time had them reviewed and said well
these don’t match so when they don’t
match they get tossed out and she says
that’s why she lost and it was voter
suppression specifically of black
Americans and but no one ever really

talks about what exactly happened cuz
when you know all the details too little
you know and in this 2020 org you can
donate oh by the way it’s not a 501c3
it’s not a non-profit it is the donate

page is run by act blue so it’s going
straight into the Democratic National
Committee coffers yeah it’s not or I
mean it’s being routed through them let

me put it that way now not dissimilar to
what Trump has with Wynn red but you
know the it’s it’s about being a member
of the Machine as you say part of the
CFR I’m not very I’m very trustworthy

but I think you know I think she’s
sketchy and okay if she did that tickets
not gonna win buying Abraham’s is not

gonna win as a ticket it’s not a winning
ticket it is a ticket that I can foresee
it makes nothing but sense if I’m a
Democrat and they’re trying to and I’m
resigned to the fact that Joe Biden is
the one that’s next in line and we have

to give him the dude the baton because
we didn’t give it to him and instead we
gave it to Hillary we probably should
have given it to him then let Hillary
wait yeah but you know it’s the same

thing with when McCain ran it was a
similar kind of a deal that goes to the
Zephyr by the way how many cars looks
like 10 I might encounter I missed it
it’s gone by too slow so so they have to

use one of these things McCain you all
McCain has to be the nominee and then
you know wasn’t really there wasn’t
really anybody to run cuz an offseason
that’s like who cares anyway but I still

Biden’s the guy I mean unless why seems
we’ve talked about me mean I’ve talked
about this and I kind of been in
agreement with this idea yeah

Biden is trying to get himself out of
this deal god I don’t want to die in the
Oval Office he does he wants to get out
of it he doesn’t want to run for
president it’s just he’s insincere he

doesn’t have the he hasn’t been juiced
up he they haven’t drugged him up so he
can get up there with some fire
the term is he got jacked up yeah he’s
uh he’s gaffe and left and right and

they didn’t now it’s just accepted that
well you know we tried to keep him off
the air as much as we can because he
can’t seem to go five minutes without
saying something that’s stupid and
unlike Jame Trump does the same thing

but he doesn’t a different such a
different way you know you know it’s
really just to interrupt you on that
very interesting you saw the I know if
you saw the New Hampshire the New
Hampshire rally where he yes I have a

couple of clips from it well the the guy
that got kicked out here hold on a
second let me just play this for a sec

that guy’s got a serious weight problem
go home start exercising
get them out of here please

got a bigger problem than I do got a
bigger problem than all of us now he
goes home and his mob says what the hell

have you just done
we are continuing our incredible
movement the greatest political movement
in the history of our country there’s

never been a movement like this never
our movement is built on love but here’s
what’s interesting

producer Sean sense in a notes and you
know he says I was at the Trump rally in
Manchester Trump made a mistake by
shaming the wrong person three people in
the uppermost balcony behind Trump held
up a white sheet with the words Jews

against the occupation a fat guy ran up
grabbed the sheet and then threw it down
from the balcony the fat guy ran back up
to the protestor started dancing around
security walked up and removed the

protesters by this time Trump realized
exactly where the commotion was and he
looked up behind him the fat guy was
still dancing and Trump just assumed it
was him doing the protesting and
proceeded to shame him I was down in

front of the podium and the folks
murmured oh no it wasn’t him the fat guy
did not even appear to be bothered by
Trump’s mistake and many people went up
and shook the fat man’s hand yeah there
was a report later they would the fat

guy saying I’m fine good with it I’m a
huge fan I’m not sure but he was not I
think I could be wrong but I think I

also read a report that Trump actually
called him I’m sure he did phone I’m
sure he did college I yeah I’m sorry man
I’m a fat guy I’m sorry dude I got you a
fat brother yeah exactly

no there’s someone who’s not triggered
by his by his own visible issue and we
all got something going on don’t we know
oh I just want to say we got excoriated

for making fun of dead dogs oh god let’s
stay at the Trump rallies I guess a good
two flips
okay making fun of dead dogs yeah we’ll
get back to that let me make a note so

here’s I find I got two clips from it I
could have gotten a hundred but you know
he’s by the way I don’t think this was
one of his bed
no he’s it was very disorganized he
repeated himself a number of times on

the same talking points he didn’t have
the right thing you have a lot of fire I
don’t think it was one of his good big
speeches mmm
but he made a few points in new points
at least one point seven don’t remember

and I thought I’d play a couple of them
that I caught that this is one of them
this is the random talking point
question where did you watch what were
you watching son on YouTube or were you

watching the stream because it wasn’t I
think most networks didn’t really carry
it Fox interrupts it I got it on YouTube
okay hard to believe it Democrats are
now the party of high taxes high crime

open borders late term abortion and
the Republican Party is the party of
freedom now I got the biggest laugh out

of this this is a classic where you just
do a laundry list of things that the
other side is representing and then when
we will throw in some stupid cliche yeah

and we are freedom which you know and if
if the Democrats did it that payoff
would be and we are justice probably for

equality yeah that’s the justice
inequality group okay now here’s one to
put that’s actually more of a funny
point that this is an actual point that

he makes that I thought was very
interesting because he could this is one
of his goes out he loves going after
Obama you ever since it’s so apparent at
least to me that ever since that

Correspondents Dinner that Oh Trump
attended in the waning years of the
Obama administration I think the last
year of it where bomb adjust insults the
shit out of Trump and and quite honestly

it was because Trump was trying to yeah
yeah unmask him as an illegal resident
of the White House with his with his

the snipe was not unexpected no but it
seemed to really bug Trump so he’s his
whole job is to do what he can be like

humiliate you by now that he’s got the
podium it’s like no it’s WWE and then
while this is all taking place we have

skerin or what’s-his-face
yes scare Moochie popping up that’s like
the guy who you know like the old one
happened the Russian duo who comes into
the ring and like you suck and he gets
popped out I mean it’s WWE it’s show

time it’s actually even corny er than
that but let’s play this is a very
interesting clip and I never thought
about it much because we know for a fact
that already

Trump has put in more federal judges
than any present in his first two years
he had put more judges into the on the
federal bench a–‘s than any president
in history and I didn’t really under

how he’s doing it but here here’s an
explanation so importantly we have
confirmed more than 140 federal judges
within 90 days it will be 179 federal

judges thank you very much President
Obama thank you very much I don’t know
what happened to them but I came to

office that I had a hundred and thirty
eight judges that were not appointed by
President Obama so I say thank you mr.
president very good and they’ll say he
was a great president though the fake

news he was a great president he was a
great president how come he left me a
hundred and thirty-eight judges to a
point when everybody says that’s the
single most important thing a president

of the United States has to do great
president he was great
he was a great president
and these judges will apply the laws

written including reappointed to great
Supreme Court justices Neil Gorsuch and
Brett Kavanaugh now wait a minute there
were a hundred and thirty seven open

spots that’s what he says that’s how he
got that number so high Wow so these
weren’t replacements there was just no
one in this in the slot at all right

this story I didn’t know and it makes
sense because his numbers I always for
fascinated by how did you get to all
these judges appointed I mean it’s not

that’s all he’s doing is just pointing
judges and how did he manage to do so
many and apparently that’s the reason
cuz Obama dropped the ball this is the
opportunity and people I think he’s got

a point if this is true because Obama
could have been putting good liberal
judges in to you know push their agenda
and no no get a bunch of right-wingers
or quasi right-wingers in there pushing

their agenda so that was a mistake yeah
a big one
interesting Obama according to the hill
Obama is trying to all allergies has hit

all of a sudden Obama is trying to take
some kind of active role in Joe’s
campaign former President Obama has
summoned top aides on former Vice

President Joe Biden’s presidential
campaign to Washington for a personal
briefing as Obama appears to be taking
an active interest in fight his campaign
for the Democratic nomination the New
York Times reported Friday that the two

met last month for lunch and that Obama
summoned top members of Biden’s campaign
to his Washington DC home earlier this
year for a briefing on Biden’s
communications and digital media
strategies ahead of the former vice

president’s campaign launch the former
president has reportedly urged by this
campaign to include younger advisors and
The Times reported that the former
president is frustrated with some of by
his closest advisors who he perceives as

out of
with the younger activists base of the
Democratic Party I think that the hill
they actually recorded on an iPhone
while the driving to work these
voiceovers I don’t know what they’re
doing over there so the worst the Obama

crystal ball works now uh yeah I think
that is yes no is it the is it the hill
I don’t know I don’t care about these

people what I care about this is we’re
gonna have a very short certainly second
donation segment which donations are
terrible yeah I have a pre donation clip
I need to play remind me but run

donations okay I remind you what I’d
like to talk about and you are uniquely
qualified to give us a little deeper

look into this is this transcript that
slate put out of the New York Times kind
of internal Town Hall which I from what
I understand was recorded and then the

tenth and the recording got out and then
slate decided to transcribe it of course
I think I even sent it to you as stupid
I’m sure you already knew it from your
your Lib Joe friends but this was the
way I see it quite a condemnation of how

the the newspaper of record really
anticipates the news moving forward and
I’ll just summarize they’d like to hear

your entire take on it where apparently
they had set up the newsroom to be ready
to pounce on you know on bar I mean on
on the Mueller report then this would be
it for Trump and they’ve every day

organized around that and it all came to
a head and and blew up with a headline
that the print hub couldn’t do right
because there was enough space and why
didn’t we just call Trump a racist and

why can’t we call him a rate you’re
literally seeing the transition from
Russian agent to he’s a racist and now
that’s going to be the big story
according to the executive editor of the

New York Times in advance of of anything
and so it shows that they’re not really
a news organization or that what does it
show what are we what are we reading

well shows the the inmates have taken
over the asylum for one thing much of
this that’s going on at the Times is the
is the staff the the writers the

reporters they’re all Trump haters right
and banned by it just to back up a
couple of steps here first of all it was
very strange that the slate did this in

the first place because this is a kind
of an internecine kind of uh
silent the silent law would have cops
have where they don’t talk about stuff

it’s fight Clinton the you don’t talk
about Fight Club this is the Washington
Post own slate then Washington Post the
one that’s responsible for running the
story so you mean they’re doing it

against their competitor to slick move
be zoast and I think that this is not
gonna sit well because this reminds me
of the vacation we see this in the big

Network the broadcasting networks or one
of them will go maybe do it a story
about working conditions at Disney at
the right Park yeah you don’t do that
thing you know there’s just scandal a GE
I mean I remember when ABC and yeah when

NBC was owned by GE there’d be all of a
sudden to be us GE scandal that it was
being played up on one of the network’s
that cuz they had played something so

they do this this is the problem with
big giant corporate news well can I just
say them doing that is obviously based
on racist ideas they are racists because
Carlos Slim and Mexican owns the New

York Times so they’re racist that’s a
good point
racist for pub for publishing this this
is a very racist act of the Washington
Post now the point in the article though

is that the staff is the one that’s
pushing fraud they’re complaining and
they made the headline change we put day

I showed the headline change people can
look at it in the last newsletter
there’s a there was a good picture of
the old headline in the new headline in
the old headline was Trump urges unity
versus racism and that got everybody

bent out of shape because Trump’s a
in order to should have just said he’s a
racist that should have been the
headline it would have fit perfectly
yeah Trump is a racist that should have
been there so this is the so they had

this big town hall and somebody
obviously is a not on board and recorded
it or took a recording I don’t know how

they got the recording I have no idea
but it’s doable you can do it if you’re
standing next to the speaker you can
have a gum in your pocket or even your
cell phone with you if it has good like
an to record it’s a very good device

I’ve done that and they will break it up
quite nicely and then you can just put
it out there and let somebody transcribe
it so what so the guys probably there’s
probably I hate to say it I know it’s

pretty sketchy and people might condemn
me for it but it’s possible that there’s
a Republican somewhere we’ve got to root
out the Republican out of there

shave his head so this is the executive
editor and apparently everybody else but
a lot of other people Shullsburg
everybody came out and spoke and it’s

they’re trying to calm down the staff
because the staff is all kind of jittery
and amygdala swollen and they’re trying
to oh my god you know he didn’t you just
molar thing didn’t work out it backfired

and now what are we gonna do and so
they’ve been pushing this this talking
point about the braces Trump and I don’t
know where what they expect from it but
Bernie is making him I think Bernie is

the example making the best mockery he’s
making a mockery doesn’t know he’s doing
this but I have two examples of him okay
and I will go to those so they don’t
have any clips from the from the meeting

no this is Bernie in this is Bernie on
Trump it says true mo Bernie on Trump in
Iowa but we cannot maintain a presidency
where the president is a racist where he

is a sexist
where he has a homophobe where he is a
set of Pope where he is a religious
bigot he didn’t say anti-semite the

religious bigot I like it religious
bigot so here he is like a couple of
days later on the re some whatever this
guy this re character on MSNBC here is
they re asked him about something and

his triggers Bernie to go into his spiel
here is again well I wish I could tell
you ally that I am shocked I am NOT we
have a president who tragically is a

racist is a xenophobe and who is a
religious bigot a hold on a sec so is he
leading the times or as the times
following Bernie is that what we’re

concluding here I don’t know but I know
that the most of the people that are
involved with is the there’s I think the
times is following Bernie to be honest

about and Bernie by the way cut his
thing down to three points from five yes
yes first what was racist and then it
was sexist homophobe xenophobe and he’s

a bigot religious now it’s just now it’s
just he’s a racist he says I think it’s
racist Center folk bigoted but religious

bigot right which is ludicrous but okay
I think that I think Bernie I think
Bernie’s an individual actor the New

York Times the end of Washington Post
have both and and Bernie called out the
Washington Post for this they’ve both
decided to kill Bernie
kill stories about him make him looks

like an idiot they put somebody there’s
a long expose and I can’t I think
there’s a Columbia review of journalism
someplace they isolated this writer who
writes with the Bernie he’s got she’s
got the Bernie beat mm-hmm and the times
yeah and all she does is excoriate him

um that’s all she does she just goes
after him just as she’s a dogged Barney
hater and also The Times is just all

let’s just review it it’s it’s just a
replay of the 2016 election
the media did not show his huge rallies
did not give him any attention and just
basically squeak and he’s not a Democrat

no one like him if fall back on that
apparently Washington Post is doing the
same thing yeah now overlooked in all
this and the bitching and moaning going

on is the follow is the main factor
would you we can’t keep over we can’t
overlook it is one of our themes of our
show bernie is for campaign bit and
bernie by the way i’ll going to harken

back to my meeting with the bernie guys
at the at the rally I went to in El
to get him to release the full report
from Muller and this guy’s Bernick guy
and I got into an argument I said well

he said you weren’t surprised that you
know Bernie had his chance last time he
couldn’t get past it any and then he
made the huge mistake of supporting
Clinton and no Bernie supported like
that and many of a voted for Trump

because of it I told it to this guy the
guy looks like Bernie by the way this
guy I’m talking to host Emilio and he
said yeah it is totally and so he says
well yeah we know that’s a real problem
and we’ve gotten back there be I said

and they said in Bernie’s promising all
this and that now everybody’s promising
it so he’s not that he’s not that’s not
usually technique no and so he says to
me though he says this to me and I think
this is the key he says well you know

one thing what Bernie says he’s gonna do
he’ll do it they won’t and I had to
agree with him on that one point and
that’s the point that the media cannot
let Bernie get this nomination cuz he is

for campaign finance reform which means
they get less money it’s a simple
equation people as long as he’s one of
these guys promoting campaign finance

reform and you know that he will
implement it unlike the big talkers like
Warren and the rest of them that talk a
big game and never do anything Bernie
will probably do it and they’ll be

screwed we can’t have Bernie put in it
put attack dog on him at the New York
Times put an attack dog reporter on him
at the Washington Post let him bitch
about it so what and we’re just not

gonna let him get any traction and he
still gets traction but I still can’t
get past Biden so this is all about the
and whores I’m concerned as much as I’m
sure Bernie’s a nice guy I mean he’s he

seems like he’s reasonable in many many
ways but the fear of you know Trump is
not gonna do anything capitalism will
trounce whatever bernie is trying to

sell and that’s there’s your proof
this this capitalist system we have is
not gonna let that happen anything that
it’s not it’s not now that you put a
double attack dogs on that’s the way it

is part of the system yeah it’s how it
goes now what is your bonus a special
clip that we have to Dupre donation
segment yeah I want to play this this is
uh somebody sent me to say they didn’t
give me the specific show but they sent

me to the fourth season season like
we’re on our 10th season season of our
show no I’m just saying the Malcolm
Gladwell revisionist history podcast oh

wait the fourth season it’s on the
fourth season hmm okay I didn’t figure
out what he’s talking about when he
wanted me to listen to you but I did
play the beginning and I guess there’s

more inside the podcast I played to be
and this is the reason that I can’t
emphasize enough for people to consider
their donation schedules on the for this
show because I want to play something

because you could make a heck of a lot
more money doing what Malcolm Gladwell
is about to do as you’re gonna hear I
don’t know if it’s helping the public
it’s kind of a sellout thing to do I

wouldn’t do it I don’t like the idea of
doing it that’s why we do our donations
the way we do them because you might end
up with something like this is the
beginning of the Malcolm Gladwell
podcast and he starts it with an ad and

here’s how the ad goes this history is
brought to you by AT&T business and I’m
having a conversation with the president
chief marketing officer of AT&T business

Moke Adam we’re talking about the coming
5g revolution we started the
conversation last episode and now we’re
going to explore a little deeper when we

start connecting everything at lightning
speeds what are the possibilities
real-time translation via your device as
I’m walking down the street exactly so

the beginnings of that exists yeah today
however when you think about each one of
those commands has to go back to some
central cloud that might be hundreds or
thousands of miles away from you versus

in a 5 g world
it’s literally within dozens of miles so
it’s essentially doing it in real-time
translating on your behalf yeah yeah
flawless communication well what’s the

point in taking languages anymore in
school you should this should have come
along thirty years ago and save me high
school French what’s wrong with that
I had to John well of course she’s never

gonna question any of the bullcrap that
this guy just delivered that apparently
wherever you are in the world there is a
massive server within six miles of you
that is taking care of all your 5g needs

I don’t know how you can do that how
that’s even possible but that’s what the
guy just said G radiating you as you’re
walking down the street probably burning

out your eyeball melting in your eyes
but you can still see your thing and you
can do some translation on this fly
because there’s a server right there
somehow right next to you almost this is
the kind of crap

now this AT&T is not a small operation
to put out little pennies to do this
sort of thing that’s caused at least one
it could be more disgust at least twenty
five thousand dollars so he for this
episode the minimum minimum he picked up

for this podcast is twenty five grand
for one show minimum could be more it
could be a half a million for all I know
but the 18th he’s not gonna write a
check for less than something like

25,000 it’s just not what’s the point
they don’t doesn’t that’s how they do
advertised advertising anyway I just
find it abhorrent and I find it was
disgusting the way he just panders to
this guy and then he plays along with

the game way and all I don’t have to
go along when I was in school and take
French it’s unbelievable it’s the
inherent or was it implied we keep keep
forgetting term the correct massive

corruption thank you
the passive corruption this wasn’t even
passive there was active corruption is
active corruptible unbelief I’m gonna go
back and pick up some more of these five
G story that’s good I love that a lot

that you can move anything you can
believe anything the guy says I mean you
know I trust him now it’s like his
assertion is beyond belief that’s not
even possible what he says and that goes

lapping it up little look like with the
dog drinking water it’s unbelievable and
with that I’d like to thank you for your
courage and say in the morning to you
the man who put the C and Counting set

for cars John C Dvorak when the mining
you mr. Adam Korean ammonia ships to see
feet in the air stops in the water and
all the Dames tonight’s out there and in

the morning to our trawl room hanging
out there at no agenda stream calm where
there’s always a fantastic show to be
listened to and a show notes refuse to

connect that’s interesting oops
I don’t like that
shoot we have servers down server down
yeah AT&T cut us off yes something like

that anyway thank you very much at roll
room for being there to troll along how
many trolls do we have hanging out right
now let me see
they got 1252 trolls there’s no more

trolls in nor Norway or Denmark they’re
all in our troll room and you can join
them 24 hours a day seven days a week
for all kinds of great programming

including the no agenda show we do it
twice a week on Thursdays that is no
agenda stream dot-com and I would like
to say in the morning to irritable who
brought us the artwork for episode 11 64

the title of that was jacked up Joe and
this was the akhom brand razor it was
simple it was beautiful it made sense in
the context of the Epstein story and it

actually even though we had some
discussion over the
of the print on the on the razorblade
it turned out pretty well and people
could read it okay and uh and and

everyone had a good time the other stuff
see we have a lot of Windows jokes with
hookers great story by the way a classic
Dvorak story if you didn’t hear go to

episode 11 64 just dynamite so anything
else that we don’t think there was much
else that was really the fabu was there
that was clearly the best piece

conceptually and visually no agenda art
generator comm is where you can find all
of the artwork we you can upload and
participate in this twice a week

showdown is a big part of our value for
value network we really enjoyed people
like the changing artwork yeah I had a
sent a note to the Apple guys that were

helping me set up an RSS feed they love
when I when our images changed that the
podcasting guys at Apple by the way they
still they do something very unique
still in this world they will still

recognize a small-time celebrity like
myself and help me out directly the boss
you know like they should the way were
they Hollywood supposed to work our

version of Hollywood yeah I like it yeah
well you’ve been in touch with those
guys forever yeah well but I’d like it
that they’re actually fans of the show
but not or they can’t say that’s the

Sony listeners can’t say it that would
fly no if they can say it or not but I
guess like that’s a good example of what
a podcast should be like exactly exactly

know the way you’re supposed to do it of
course why not we have the inventor
working on the show before we start

thanking some people I have a note from
Felix Wilson who we knighted on the last
show and he received as you recall
knighthood from an anonymous patron an

anonymous donor who came in with $1000
made sir made Felix I was fest sir Chris
Wilson’s son made him a knight and so he
has two quick notes he’d like me to read

and I’d like to share that dear
anonymous patron thank you for
sponsoring my no agenda knighthood I
wasn’t expecting it and it was a lovely
surprise for my parents as well as me I
enjoy making people laugh and I’m glad

you found my clips funny regards Sir
Felix and then he has one for us dear
Adam and John thank you for knighting me
I wasn’t expecting it and while it was
fun there wasn’t enough stuff at the

round table for a child my age the
sherbert tasted yucky and made my tongue
cold and the friendly lady smells
smelled funny you know it was weird

having the hookers that blow in the rent
boys and Chardonnay around
eight-year-olds Felix but we know we did
warn everyone in advance I checked with

my mum and she suggested the attached
children’s menu which I shall be serving
today at the round table
daddy suggested pizza and ping-pong but
mummy said no way and slapped the big

back of his head with the magazine that
made him laugh even more for my title I
would like to be known as Sir Felix the
early night I have a special message I
would like Adam – please play that I

recorded for all the no agenda parents
thank you for your courage sir Felix the
early night my name is Sir Felix Wilson
the youngest night to join the nor

gender Roundtable while I’m eternally
grateful to my own ominous patron for
their extreme generosity and I’m proud
to sit beside my dad he’s still a douche

bag at the round table there is one
thing that you all forgot
I have no one to play with there are in
the grown-ups here doing grown-up things

and I’m too young and innocent before
someone disconnected the Wi-Fi when you
went RTG so I can’t even play for nine
please go to turn for the old /na and

sponsor a child today I’m bored and
lonely and I need some friends to play
with continuing in the fantastically
successful vein of abusing abusing that

a kid children for financial gain and
donations are not great today so I comes
in perfect timing to a guilt people

about their children yeah you need to
get some pictures maybe get a picture of
you in some serve some garb that would
be appropriate alongside the sad puppy

which is coming into the next newsletter
by the way ok be with a sad puppy yeah
again this is show 11 what is 65 yeah

that’s the one Michael Taylor’s the top
the list $350 he says I’ve listened to
your show since episode 10 65 the result
of referral by my son who’s listened

since episode 5 59 having tuned out all
other media prior I was skeptical but
soon was relieved and immediately hooked
well not perfect yours is truly the only

outlet that comes to comes close to not
having an agenda your deconstructions
that include factors beyond what we are
told makes listening during my commute

something to look forward to being near
your ages yeah I am almost exactly Adams
age and yes I remember him on MTV the
affinity keeps growing while there are

other value for value platforms to me
your show stands out as it was worthy of
support it’d be great to listen now to
douchebag free jingles you put ok this

is now juice oh it’d be good to listen
now douchebag free
he wants jingles jobs Pelosi health
karma and it’s true and I’ll give him a
douche you’ve been deduced

jobs jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for
jobs we’ve got karma next on the list is
anonymous one thousand one three and

thirty three dollars and he got sent an
email which I could have printed out but
I did find here in the scroll Mountain
here it is this is your privilege to
donate to what we must acknowledge as a

singular voice in the increasingly
challenging information landscape a
perfect intersection of info world and
the daily source code what an unexpected
mosaic for us all please pass along my
thanks to Mr curry for his determined

analysis in the mark tech ad tech
synergy that is happening with companies
like axiom and live ramp I work with
many people named Ben and Bernice that

are responsible for the architect for
architecting data and identity solutions
with these and other DMP / digital
onboarding solutions that come from the

meme generator I don’t know that was
good he’s clearly in the data broker
business he knows what’s going on we

struggle in the trenches every day
against what seems to be an inevitable
collapse between personally identifiable
information in the third-party cookie /
digital fingerprinting systems right

hopefully hopefully my modest donation
will provide an additional incentive to
follow the topics some day soon to
follow the topic follow the topic

someday so nobody if he means by that
he’s gonna send us something important
to relate Oh perhaps good for example
that I might find interest in axioms
close known relationship with another

Arkansas force the former Arkansas
governor mr. Clinton and his DNC in my
honest opinion the references to the

Clinton powerhouse of the fun
fundraising is a straight line to the
proprietary identity resolution Keys
found at that company between toad suck
and pickles gap well so what he’s

talking about here is axiom who by the
way I accidentally identified as having
been purchased in our many talks by
Oracle that is not true they were

purchased by WPP one of the largest
advertising corporations conglomerate
yeah but I had also somewhere talked
about being acquired by Oracle that was
a mistake

but they are originally from Arkansas
that’s where their headquarters were and
you know where they just opened up or it
actually just like a year ago where they
opened up a new new headquarters China
so this is the company the data broker

that really is the go-to for all
information about people and they’ve got
the financial flows they sell back to
Facebook and and Twitter and Google

that’s how big these guys are yeah and
then coincidentally they’re from
Arkansas Little Rock any signs off
anonymous 1001 my name is 1001 none of

us one doesn’t already know
ok onward to Daniel sends I think yeah I
always had trouble pronouncing his name

Saenz si e + Z any isn’t curly or it’s
gonna be a night 250 bucks he’s
associate executive producer to my

extreme honor to be inducted to the
night so the No Agenda roundtable
accounting below I’d like to be known as
sir musical signs signs send signs maybe
the science is how you pronounce it

signs sign yes or musical signs
Daniel signs science it that sounds
about right feels right at the
roundtable I request Kappa Zoli Devon
Kappa Zoli the very wait a minute how am

I gonna pronounces Zoli de Venera depth
which means nipples of Venus you know I
have the kids menu with Felix there

today but okay if we’re gonna be there a
bottle of Paul Roche reserve okay let me
put me order this I got to put the order
in at the round table you know the funny
thing is is the Paul Roche is really one

of the great champagnes
so it’s Kappa Zoli Devan era and a
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okay so I put in the order it’s not
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travel and for that I am grateful you
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call out the BS that is inherent in our
media which consequently creeps its way

into our everyday conversations well if
we don’t this is a great show idea what
if we don’t do that someone should it’s
a great idea for a show yeah it is we

should do it your producers are the best
the best and provide amazing content
adding elements to your show not found
anywhere else this is a fact and so he

requests the following jingles played
seamlessly he demands ok seamless they
will be there always seamless when is
when are they knots now they’re

sometimes a little herky-jerky
uh-huh you don’t use threads I request
the following jingles played seamlessly
WTC won’t go away shut up already
it’s science Obama no no no original

without the music and karma thank you
again sir Michael signs all right and
will amuse achill science vehicles and
we’ll see you at the roundtable already
no no no no no hey you’ve got karma yeah

that was pretty good

it was thanks for your approval you’re
welcome I tried to I tried to be
Elizabeth Pendergrass is also objective
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a health coming from my Uncle Roger who
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thank ya it’s a good-looking dog I can’t
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Baron Dury and last but not least is
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usable he sends us a clip I think it’s
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shortened it for foreplay today he sends
us a clip of Bill Maher and then he’s

laughing over the clip oh I didn’t get
that I have the original clip the dick
bangs version no dick bang so he took
like his phone or something he’ll it up

to the TV and as the clip is going which
you can’t hear anyway he’s laughing his
ass I didn’t see the yeah I have a clean
version of the clip one of him over it

like could I call him out on it
he says of course he says he got cold
out he says I wasn’t submitting the clip
to be played we wanted to make sure you
guys saw it so you could go to the

source file and clip it says usable
version okay John guilt-trip me as if I
was submitting for the show versus just
getting it on your radar so in the

future so in the future how does a
strictly financial producer like myself
a man has got to know his limitations
submit clips to get on your radar so you

guys can just
decide whether we talk about this refer
we’ll talk about it again after your
note here as they finish where they get
the clip a source file nor how do you
get no agenda show quality in other

words should we even be sending possible
clips to you it’s more trouble than good
now the shoutouts team ABC Archer
what’s this team ABC this is the able
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balls and bugs
Barrett Alexander bangs age 3 loves
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Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Colton read

bang all okay and Mickey Mouse then
Colton read bangs age four months love
smiles kisses and his duck Wow but nub
enough I don’t know if people want to do

this they put it in a note okay open up
I’ll read anything what do you know you
know this is just one you not dead dick
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just one guys like me I wanna make him
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thank you do please accept my penance
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barren dirty dick banks of DC okay so
first of all let me just say you just be
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done that’s what that’s what a producer
does the good job John go ahead okay
there’s a number of ways of going about

this I think now first of all you
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stuff from the internet you can get you
can use audacity or any number of
systems that work most of the time to

clip live audio streaming off your
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Clippy shorten it you can edit it a
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will look at a clip and they see like a
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the information is that’s the way men
with some proper context yes that’s why
that’s why I didn’t know what was going
on with this welcome glad wall clip cuz

I couldn’t find it what he’s talking
about cuz he just randomly said there
was something good right that’s how I
ran into this I’ve got that beginning
what you’re getting to hear is everyone
we don’t talk about listeners how many

listeners you got I don’t know we only
have producers yeah we only have
producers and but you produce in a
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understand that’s a very that’s that’s
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best clips and stories from no agenda
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yes and we of course as you can tell
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okay so two things I’m just trying to
stay on track and remember what we were
going to talk about so the first is yeah

we got excoriated for making fun of what

we weren’t making fun of the dogs dying
this is the the green blue algae that
has killed at least three dogs in the
Austin area and we were laughing about

the clip where the comparison of the dog
to a baby as in a human baby was just a
little over the top and and and and if

you’re offended where have you been the
past three years when I’ve been bitching
about and I love dogs I got the head and
butt bitching about dogs and their
owners specifically yeah you’ve been

you’ve made three years at least you’ve
been compressed when you’re living in
the big a high-rise apartment which is
which was dog piss yes everywhere smelly
well and it’s horrible but let me

reiterate the building being pet
friendly is fine yeah I’m ok with that
but when everybody has a dog and many
have multiple dogs and the owners are
just shit then you know who don’t care

or I’m not sure what the mentality is or
like oh you know everyone’s dog pisses
in front of the building I’ll let mine
piss there too it starts to smell when
you’re walking the building I mean it’s

just like it’s normal and then this in
the elevators no one clean stuff up so
it’s more it says more about the owners
and the you know the comment that I got
was you know well for some people we
can’t have children these literally are

our babies well no
No I feel I’m happy that you have
something to replace that you know but
that’s okay we can still make fun of it
please I mean here’s touched a nerve

well yeah well here’s what pisses me off
we’re stupid because we for three years
we’ve been talking about how people are
going crazy they’re not having actual

human kids they are taking dogs and
putting them in strollers and you know
take him into restaurants and all things
we didn’t used to do and many countries
don’t oh they will it’s cultural to

still not accept that but okay we’ve now
adopted them as our babies and where and
where we were treating them as our
babies then we’ve been seeing this trend
grow for three years and we missed we’re

missing exit strategy after exit
strategy this one especially with your
knowledge of food and my knowledge of
large-scale business we could have

nailed this recent figures show
Americans spend more than seventy two
billion dollars a year on their pets
including more than thirty billion

dollars just to feed them yes now some
new food options have appeared
particularly for dogs with ingredients
that rival those we feed ourselves and
it appears dogs can tell the difference

some ground beef potatoes few potatoes
and then just like fresh fruits and
veggies I feel like I’m looking at what
you’d make for me
yeah but ronaldo web is actually
preparing a personalized meal for man’s

best friend it’s a little bit of pumpkin
for them yeah I mean this is actually
great for a dogs that have like
sensitive stomachs more than ever before
pets are being treated as members of the

family and web is betting their owners
will want to feed them that way I was a
consultant working in pet food factories
I saw they’re able to use what they call
4d so dead dying to seize and disabled

like meats
retching making the product I just
didn’t feel super comfortable feeding
that to my dog once and so I started
cooking for him
love the food that expanded to kind of

my close circle of friends and then
epilate really grew out of that idea we
also have our barking beef our most
popular dish for the dogs the company’s
meals are designed with the veterinary
nutritionist and made in a USDA facility

for about $4 a day dog owners can
satisfy the foodie in Fido with fresh
meal deliveries portion sizes are based
on weight and activity level this would

have been such an easy business for us
to start I’d even tested some of these
green grocer blue blue aprons shoe
things these meal kits yeah you’re all
into the meal kit for good six months I

would say about three but okay six
months but we missed this obvious exit
oh you missed a we missed it you know I
did think that Mimi’s written a book

it’s never been published on dog it’s a
family tradition
it’s a family tradition I published this
book I mean I get there though it’s just
this is a short book it’s a small book

but it’s about cooking for your dog
which is right at what you’re talking
about here only it was it’s cooking for
your dog in the natural way dogs came
about because they hung out the garbage

dumps outside of the early civilizations
and they became they liked eating
garbage they eat from garbage cans they
eat cat shit from the cat shit thing

they which is disgusting by the way no I
had a dog that lived 25 years and
basically ate one thing and one thing

only scraps and I fed him scraps and
table scraps and they would just that he
was the happiest dog ever and Mimi feeds
a lot of dogs that we’d feed dogs table

scraps oh the people no you can’t do
that is what dogs love to eat and they
live longer they love eating scraps so
some people are stupid if you can’t feed
them chocolate you can’t feed them

grapes or certain things can’t feed him
but table scraps generally you can now
you leftover spaghetti dogs love
leftover spaghetti so it’s just
uh I think PETA just got a hold of us

Pete were being ddos by PETA there we
hear back you’re back you dropped out
for a second I did yeah

that’s a shame I had a good little pitch
go do the end because it was just the
last sentence I was just saying that
dogs have been raised on scraps and this
is just reverse engineering the process

this is not really you know yeah it
looks like your feet from buddy-buddy
them scraps scraps no here’s what’s
gonna happen you buy that food for your

whatever that dog has left over you can
I love dogs just not that many of them
around there good here okay I do have a

few I have a couple clips I want to play
okay I do have I just gonna tell you
what I have well once you play what you
got yeah that’s right just let me go

knock yourself out so I have the
original clip shortened that sir dick
bangs was talking about
without his without his commentary and I

feel it will be it’s a little long it’s
four minutes which is long for this show
but leak crap yeah but in context it’s
it now did you see this is we able to

sit through I did not see this
I saw the dick bangs clip right but you
might be good I mean maybe I’ll
interrupt it to break up to four minutes
I don’t think we have to because now we
play Bill Maher clips all the time of

the idiotic stuff they talk about the
stupid things his guests say and and and
honestly even though I’m pretty sure
it’s a bit you know when he goes rule I
hope for a recession so reading your

Trump out it’s like I think that’s I
guess that’s outrageous you know like
Howard Stern used to say outrageous
things I think and it gets people
talking about him and I understand what
he’s doing there but in his heart

sometimes he comes out with some very
interesting observations and will
excoriate his own people
and also hidden in this is a very
obvious who he is going to who he is

supporting for the 2020 Democratic
nominee and a surprise surprise it’s not
Joe Biden but he did say something some
things that I thought were very astute

that the line extremely would the No
Agenda thinking certainly about some
newer generations but also just
something that we are you and I are

confronted with every day which is what
you did 30 or 40 years ago and this has
become a part of the canceled culture
when you want asshole thirty years ago
so you must be a dickhead now and he

just put it into his perspective that I
thought was no agenda worthy Bill Maher
Kamala Harris was our Attorney General
here in California in 2010 and I
contributed to her campaign and I was
disappointed when she opposed legalizing

marijuana well now she’s for it that’s
all that matters
we don’t need to beat her up about 2010

that’s called learning we used to want
that in a leader Obama was against gay
marriage when he became president as was
most of the country but then and I’ve
been going through an evolution on this

issue and do you recall who got him to
evolve Biden I didn’t want to interrupt
here as many people don’t remember this
and I remember we saw this happen

exactly and it was one of the biggest
gasps Biden has made this was supposed
to be part of Obama’s legacy where he
would legalize same-sex marriage and he

was he was gonna go through this
evolution and change his mind and and he
was going to set the gays free and Joe
Biden was he of course Biden was in on

the on what the what the strategy was
and he was interviewed by was it Robin
from ABC from Good Morning America I

think and Joe lets it slip out oh no I
really think you know we should have
same sex marriage freak out in the white
house the next day Obama’s out there oh
yes I’ve evolved their whole rolling out

of Obama Savior of the gays was blown by
Joe Biden and I and I think a lot of
people haven’t forgiven him for that for

not attaching that whole legacy to Obama
you remember that’s kind of how it went
down wasn’t it I believe you’re correct
okay anyway back to Bill Maher
humans evolved you could be against

gender inclusive bathrooms and then one
day change your mind because you have to
take a wicked piss people need to stop
pretending that if they were alive back

when they wouldn’t have been the same
asshole as everyone else yes you would I
know your parents told you you’re
exceptional but not to the point of
seeing the future you would have driven

without seatbelts and drank when you
were pregnant and hit your kids and hit
your neighbor’s kids they did that shit
because woek site is not 2020 and you

don’t have a s PCP extrasensory
politically correct percent

if you were around in the 1980s you
would have worn those horrible colors
and the big shoulder pads you just would

have you’re not Nostradamus and if you
were around in the 1780s and you were
rich and white you likely would have had

slaves the first abolition society in
America was founded in 1775 and it had
24 members 24 people in the whole
country thought slavery was wrong

the year before we declared independence
stop being surprised we used to be
dumber than we are now the humans of
tomorrow will be horrified by us they
don’t believe we used to sexualize

people during sex
Millennials seem to think they came
along right as society met perfection do

you really think future generations will
look at what you’re doing
the man buns and the the giant stupid
ear stretching earrings and say that was

the moment civilization peaked we can
add nothing more
man buns clapping the loudest obviously

you’re not morally better than your
grandparents you just came later
you’re just the next upgrade you’re the
iPhone 11 yeah it’s funny nobody has

trouble grasping technological evolution
nobody writing a love note with a quill
ever said why can’t I send a dick pic
nobody in 1975 asked why is it my TV

why is my eight-track not satellite
radio nobody’s speaking into that
Kleenex box that we had at first was mad

at it because it wasn’t a smart phone
yet things get obsolete because we grow
and improve including us
can we please stop pointing out people

breaking rules that didn’t exist yet and
just grandfather in the shit you would
have done if you were alive then
I’m sorry Joe Biden had to get along

with segregationists but when he first
entered politics he had to get along
with Erin Byrne so what I find most
interesting is that the people who are

in that audience who are exactly the
people he’s talking about are the ones
yelling and clapping the loudest well
the problem is with that show is that
you don’t know how much of that is sweet

and how many like true that’s true or
there’s some guy in the corner there yep
jumping up and down doing jumping jacks
you know one of them guys who runs the
crowd yeah much of it well I thought it

was a good Stefon Utley pumped I’m sorry
I was interested it was a good point
yeah I don’t know what the point of the
point was I mean is this because we got

we have Billy Crystal and black no no no
no Rob Reiner no I’ll tell you why and I
cut all that out it was two minutes of
preamble and this is what showed that he

is all in for Kamala Harris
he was ragging on Gillibrand he was
basically ragging on everybody for
calling out Joe and calling out Kamala

but didn’t
didn’t callout Kamuela caught calling
out Joe which was kind of you know
telling because he’s all in on calm when

he has a lot of baggage she’s a cop
she’s a lousy da and this is all recent
though this is not like 20 years ago
this is pretty she was just yeah he
feels eight eight years ago we should

already forget that’s what he feels
about Kamala yes that’s his that’s
likely that Joe oh is that Bill yeah
bill yeah that’s not gonna happen no
camel is not that although she’s

unpleasant she’s got that glued-on smile
that looks just doesn’t look right she’s
into this year she’s no good not really
no it really isn’t that good I mean who

is I mean that’s why Joe is leading the
pack because at least he’s Pleasant I am
there was a hole his hair what the hell
happened now as he’s losing it it’s the

guys he’s getting up there I mean yes
but he may just eat like he used to have
a pretty decent head of hair he had
plugs remember this plug era I don’t he
had plugs oh yeah before the show we

this is some years back but he was
getting ball in French so they plugged
him he’s got all plugs in front so he
had a million plugs put in and after a
while they could comb him out and look
pretty decent you look pretty good but I

thought those I didn’t realize the plugs
are gonna die too
it’s just sort of coding or something
money money the plugs isn’t that real
hair when they put in the back so you

know they I’m sure they have a warranty
an expiration date I don’t know I didn’t
know that places got me notice with Joe
is grown his plugs man it reminds me
that we have a basket famous basketball

player from the Bay Area you just play
out the words called Rick Barry hmm and
Rick Barry used to have a lot of talks
he has three sons that are very
successful broadcasters but he he used
to do dr. marinelli you’re saying used

to go on and on and off the hair club
and he’s different you know these
different things that make him look so
good as it with his hair you see him now
it’s like he looks like Biden right

so I don’t know that’s not a good look
um marianne williamson still my favorite
my favorite person in the Democratic
primary when I will she make the next

round of debates or she gonna get not
gonna make the cutoff do you I believe
she’s going to make it because
Hickenlooper is dropped out so the opens
up a new slot and where’s that other guy
who was that what happened – oh Sh alts

is what is he running independently yeah
I guess he’s running independent not as
a Democrat right dholtze yeah the word
schultz yeah this he’s out of the game
he’s not gonna do anything he’s done he

was just a fluke I think so yeah but
who’s gonna make his steyr apparently
just he’s one more poll than he’s in the
next debate so that should be fun no I
should buy he’s gonna buy a poll yeah

he’s gonna buy a poll okay yeah you got
it got the coffee today got an egg and
coffee I gotta get some lozenges so
Marianne well I hope she does make good

I can see that yes she’s obviously is
not far off from the way the media
portrays her from the the guy you know
from the guy that vermin supreme the guy

with the boot on his head that’s
basically the way to meet admit right
left everyone wha-ha-ha crazy crystal
lady which is it’s really it’s quite
rude I mean she’s very successful what

she’s done she’s helped a lot of people
in the process you can’t deny that in
the people that is denying it it’s just
ridiculing her yeah it’s a crazy crystal
lady is terrific well why would you want

to pass up this opportunity well because
I I’ll take an extra two minutes out of
my day to play something that she said
that was interesting and so this I would
say that this is the thing that Marv

really needs to be talking about is that
we have forgotten that we are the
government the people have the power now
do I think Marianne Williamson is going

to change it no but she was in San
Francisco that an hour long talk and I
watched it and I thought it was pretty
decent and here’s the two clips from
that this is her explaining how the
people have always changed the course of

history in the United States it’s
obvious but she does say it Nick
invincible political establishment is
not the fix to all this ladies and
gentlemen the conventional political
establishment is the problem it is time

for the people to step in now I think
this is a very very good time to read up

on American history because it’s really
a fascinating story and it’s an
important story and when it comes to the
history of the United States just like
with the history of your family when you
go to therapy or the history of your

your tribe or your ethnic group you’re
empowered by an understanding of your
history and we’re empowered by an
understanding of American history as
well so let’s be very very clear in 1776
the most enlightened principles that

were ever coded into the foundation of a
country were coded into our Declaration
of Independence the gnarly part is that
the men who risk their lives to

establish those principles of life
liberty and the pursuit of happiness for
all people the Equality of all people
governments are instituted to secure
those rights and it is the right of the

people to alter or to abolish that
government if it’s not doing its job
those principles were laid down by men
41 of 50 some-odd of whom were
themselves slave owners so this

dichotomy has been with us from the very
beginning we have been throughout our
history not only a nation built on the
most aspirational and enlightened
principles ever coded into the founding

of a country but we have also been
throughout our history
throughout our history we have a times
represented the most violent
transgression against those principles

all I’m saying – ladies and gentlemen
this is not the first time we’re not the
first generation they have to push back
against forces that are essentially
undemocratic they did it before slavery

was responded to by abolitionists and
the suppression of women has been
responded to by two major waves of
feminism and the women’s suffragette
movement institutionalized white
supremacy and segregation was responded

to by the civil rights movement we’re
not the first time they have to deal
with this let’s just not be the first
generation of
Americans – wimp out on doing what it
takes that has the right idea but the
voice and how she does it just doesn’t

deliver right it’s it you’re right it
sounds like crazy crystal lady but I
like what she’s saying I’ve never heard
anything like that before well have you

heard it this time around as anyone said
that they’re mostly screaming at Trump
yeah I do want to play this clip I’ve
been meaning to play for us as we’re

talking about candidates is Bernie again
and this is when he was on the Joe Rogan
show and this is the gaffe that I
thought was kind of amusing I see a lot
of people caught it and Joe didn’t
nobody seemed it wasn’t nobody was think
that Biden’s a gaffe machine but

Bernie’s not what did you think overall
overall I found to be quite weak I
didn’t think the I expected a lot more
from that interview with with Rogan
I don’t think Rogan likes him yeah but I
journeys never looking him in the eyes

looking down he’s well Joe I tell you I
tell you I tell you joke the world right
now is spending a trillion and a half
dollars on weapons of destruction
designed to kill each other and maybe
just maybe if we had a kind of leader

and I hope to be that leader who says to
the world instead of spending a trillion
and a half dollars killing each other
maybe we use those resources to
transform the global energy system and
save the planet for our kids and our

grandchildren that’s the goal that I
have well these these ideas sound great
but in the competitive environment of
global politics how would you convince
Russia or China or any of these
countries to do something that would put

them in some sort of a competitive
disadvantage well and the answer is Joe
if we do not do that in 50-100 years
everybody I’m not you know I’m saying
yeah I’m not telling you that tomorrow

it’s gonna happen but you got to make
the case these people you know Putin is
a dictator I dislike them intensely you
know Qi and China very authoritative
ones up but they’re not crazy people and
presumably they have concern about their

kids and their grandchildren this is a
planet under siege you know I don’t want
to become a science-fiction you’ve all
seen the movies the media racing toward
Earth we got blow up the earth what are

well we got to get together this is in a
sense what that is about you know what I
think about in 1941 after Pearl Harbor
all right we were faced with a war in
the east with China a war in the West in

Europe with Hitler within two years the
United States had transformed its
economy to address and win the war
basically in two or three years by

reindustrialize hammer we can do it we
can lead the world that’s what we have
to do no wait a minute well what was the
big flub China China did he say China
yeah war with China is a big war with

China in world war ii remember that’s
thinking of war with china that’s not a
that’s on his mind yeah never vote for

this guy so that’s not a flub that’s
that is the the truth wants to come out
yeah he wants to have war with China
let’s just listen to it in context again
you know what I think about in 1941

after Pearl Harbor all right we were
faced with a war in the east
with China a war in the West in Europe
with Hitler within two years the United

States had transformed its economy to
address and win the war basically in two
or three years now I think you’re right
I think he wants to go to war which I’m
gonna give you a borderline for that

that was a good catch
that was a good one that Joe’s not
really listening
I got a flub obviously so this is really
wait so this wasn’t just a flub it was

the truth wants to come out and I also
have a the truth wants to come out clip
and this is about Bruce and Nellie or
and they are deeply involved in this GPS

fusion GPS steal report with the golden
showers and I’m sure this is from Fox
News or Fox Business News today before
we play that can I just throw in a

little thing mm-hmm I think I don’t
think I brought up at the show but I’m
gonna bring it up this this whole golden
showers peeing all over the place and
I’ve been making the beds think whatever

they’re up to and all this other stuff
that Trump you know is somehow involved
with you it’s always overlooked that
Trump is a germaphobe yeah when you’ve
brought this up many times on the shits

right guys I don’t remember the dinner
table or if it was that on the show okay
all right so again the truth wants to
come out that nellie war is in constant
communication not only with Bruce but

with his underlings at the Justice
Department on a whole host of matters
sending news reports in the original
Russian to her friends at the Justice
Department of course trying to smear

Donald Trump along the way you know it
turns out Nellie hormann le or may have
been the most significant higher JS
Jamaa and what makes it is scratchy I

have to give you a borderline for that
showing these things knowing whore deli
for WoW

let’s see I’m gonna come oh I got you
under some news because we haven’t you
gotta catch up with some news stories
let’s talk about Zimbabwe for exam oh

yeah let’s do something like oh you mean
no don’t tell me you’re actually wait
that’s not what I want there’s more than
he looked at my rails it’s pretty much

empty this business has been decimated
by little funny you sell your products
to customers before you actually get

hold of your money there is movement in
exchange rates and you lose money and
you are unable to replenish these queues
are just ridiculous if I am to take
chances here I’ll spend the whole day

which means I’ll lose pretty much the
entire working day just queueing for
okay just made a short Club because they
couldn’t get any really good reports but
Zimbabwe is in a world of hurt there

back to the 2008 year where they got the
outrageous inflation this guy’s showing
that his store is dead empty because
apparently the process there’s you sell
your products before you get them and

because of the inflation rate you end up
having to give the product that’s
already been pre sold at a price that
cost you money end up losing your ass
and going broke that’s how fast
inflation shows gasoline lines that are

one day’s wait oh my goodness and this
is this is because the the the Zimbabwe
monitor agape Mugabe no Bobby McGee the
guy who ran it they got this new guy was

no good and the country is shot and it’s
not being discussed by the mainstream
media at all it is completely it’s just
it’s broke well can’t we say Trump isn’t

a here media here’s something you could
still talk about Zimbabwe just by saying
Trump is such a racist he doesn’t want
to even mention the problems in Zimbabwe
man and they can go into the story

you’re giving him ideas but it’s a good
hey is it the is it oh wow wow it’s
hyperinflation is really what we’re
talking about here I’m looking at the

chart that is it is actually off the
chart it’s off the charts
what is the what is their monetary union
unit in the US this is the same
operation that you had member the 100

trillion dollar notes yeah I still have
one of those I got a couple of them so
they’re worth even less now and must be
oh they’re not worth anything they’ve
had to change they did what the
Brazilians did they changed the name of

their currency oh okay
the Brazilians did it at least twice
that I know of they had cruzeiro’s and
then Carrizo and they had something then
they went to the rial and you keep doing

that and then you you dislike a reset
button but then those things
hyper-inflated don’t have it under
control which hasn’t returned to Brazil
luckily but it you know there’s too much
inflation but apparently in Zimbabwe

this situation is return so we’ll be
looking at some more stupid super-hype
down nomination bills so the new
sovereign currency
with the introduction of the real-time
gross settlement dollar or the Zim

dollar oh my god yeah this is really bad
yeah well you know it’s the world can be
burning down around us as long as it’s

not I mean if it’s a white guy with a
gun oh stop
go look at that guy then back to Trump
no one really is here we’ve talked about
this for months now the swine fever

epidemic in China and the rest of
Southeast Asia began a year ago and it’s
still spreading Christine McCracken and
her colleagues at the big financial firm
Rabobank been talking to their clients

in China companies in the pork business
trying to figure out how bad it is every
day we hear of more outbreaks according
to their latest estimate African swine
fever is killing off so many pigs that
by the end of this year China’s

production of pork could be cut in half
that’s roughly you know 300 to 350
million pigs lost in China which is you
know almost a quarter of the world’s

pork supply which I found stunning
should I be stunned by that you should
it’s it’s a massive number African swine
fever is not swine flu this disease is
harmless to humans it can spread through

contaminated pork products or the
clothes of people working with infected
pigs not through the air but the virus
is really hard to get rid of which
Chinese farmers are finding out they’ve

had a hard time repopulating herds it’s
hard to decontaminate a facility in a
short amount of time generally it takes
at least 6 months 2 sometimes 3 years to
decontaminate a site McCracken says many

Chinese farmers have slaughtered their
herds early out of fear the animals
might get infected so there’s still pork
on the shelves in the past month or so
consumers in China are starting to see
the impact pork prices are rising it’s

really hard to see how this is gonna end
though at some point you know they’ll
just be better more bio secure
facilities that have fewer chances of
getting the virus traditionally almost

half of the pigs in China came from
small backyard operations hundreds of
thousands of them those farms though if
they can’t protect their animals from
infection may not survive
yeah and that looks to be the way it’s

going this is a massive problem but not
worth reporting on no there’s no reason
for that or and I think another thing
that’s under reporting I have a clip

tell me it’s gone cause it is being
reported on a little bit but it’s not
the impact of it is not being discussed
much this is the Kashmir situation oh
yeah and it’s it’s funny you have a clip

for that or funny this was the exact
that’s interesting how that works my
handler steve botanic remember when i
was talking to him about Epstein he had

already kind of telegraphed I won’t talk
about Kashmir in India and Pakistan and
you and I have talked about it a little
bit but where’s this clip from who who
had the audacity to stream Odyssey now

oh the stray off the the Trump hate
train to talk about something else
other people in the world oh they’re
brown democracy now has the ability to
walk and chew gum they still hate Trump

tension is growing in Kashmir as
Pakistani and Indian troops have
repeatedly exchanged fire across the
line of control al Jazeera reports six
Indian soldiers as well as three

Pakistani soldiers and two Pakistani
civilians have died over the past 24
hours this comes just over a week after
India revoked the special status of the
Indian control part of the

muslim-majority region meanwhile in
London thousands of demonstrators
rallied Thursday to protest India’s
crackdown in Kashmir Chef Ramsay is the
director of the Oxford Islamic

Information Centre
the countries that occupy the countries
is going to be second Palestine is going

to be many people died two countries in
nuclear and one of them give the stupid
they can destroy all work
well this is that this is obviously a

proxy thing India is in direct
competition with China China has put
massive amounts of money into Pakistan
time to crank it up again we’ve got a

production moving away from China going
to India I mean this is it’s what Hong
Kong is another one we man there was
there singing the star-spangled banner

at the protests in Hong Kong if if not
meant would be the Chinese doing that
well it’s oh come on the Chinese are you
on purpose just to make us look like we

got something to do with it what we do
and I think it’s great
well let’s go back to Kashmir all right
the Indian government used to tell where
they were taking this whole place over

what is the population breakdown do you
think in percentage of Kashmir by one
harkens back to something by site by
what population breakdown of what China
Muslims India’s a Hindi 45% Indians yes

35% Muslims
yeah and yeah on accounts for 20%

Chinese sure and that’s where Kashmir
that’s Kashmir Eden Kashmir itself yeah
20 percent Chinese Wow what’s all that

about they don’t discuss that of course
well in any real way doesn’t it so we
don’t get any news about about any of it
if we have to find you go to find some

papers written about there probably
China’s probably pulling one of those
stunts where they come in and the next
thing you know they’re taking over the
place like they do an Africa thing it is
a bunch of dumb shits and India got fed

up with it and put the kibosh on it
because they are competitors and somehow
it has to do with the water in the Butte
on region
that the Chinese needs then that and

it’s I gotta look into this again but
the water in the butan region isn’t is a
part of this and the Chinese needed for
whatever industry they’re cooking up and

that you know the India could turn that
you know could just block that water
flow I mean it’s it’s a mess it’s always
been a mess yeah well this is now it’s
got an extra dimension China hey man we
should write a song about it we’ll call

it Kashmir it’s just the thought anyway
so that’s that’s another thing we’re not
getting any coverage on thank you thank
you New York Times you have your your

Town Hall is all about hate calling
Trump a racist racist racist but now the
rest of the world could collapse do you
have any other real news I have comes
closer to home I do I think I have more

we got to I got a good thing on the
tally not going to Israel thing which is
a kind of a hokey story but I thought it
was funny this is the one of them one of
our covers that’s not a real news story

I mean you have a real news story
well I real news used to mean celebrity
news when we started we have to change
around you have anything of interest for

the rest of the world our climate report
Oh see that’s what I’m looking for
hottest ever climate report the National
Oceanic Administration has confirmed
July was the Earth’s hottest month since

record-keeping began a hundred forty
years ago in a statement NOAA said quote
much of the planet sweltered in
unprecedented heat the record warmth

also shrank Arctic and Antarctic sea ice
to historic lows July was the 415
consecutive month with above average

temperatures meanwhile Australia is
facing criticism for watering down a
climate agreement at the Pacific island
Forum which has just wrapped up in
Tuvalu Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bonney

Marama tweeted we came together in a
nation that
risks disappearing to the Seas but
unfortunately we settled for the status
quo in our communique water down climate

language has real consequences like
waterlogged homes schools communities
and ancestral burial grounds great
in other words Fiji didn’t get the money

they want exactly well there’s a new
term which I think supersedes the
climate crisis and it really wraps it
all up into one it goes just a little

bit further because of this story it’s
appropriate to play this 26 second clip
from George Monbiot he is the yeah he’s
that guy the climate writer for The

Guardian socialist to mainland well the
dole fashion socialist yeah you don’t
have to say socialist from England you
can just say it’s from England everybody
knows I know what’s going on over you

areas I would say that bosun ro is the
most dangerous man on earth he wants to
rip down the Amazon rainforests the
biggest terrestrial ecosystem on earth

if those rainforests are destroyed by
volson arrow we are screwed and those
rainforests restore a phenomenal amount
of carbon if they are cut down and burn

that carbon goes into the atmosphere it
will massively accelerate climate
breakdown there it is
climate breakdown like that it’s
multifaceted because our climate is

breaking down but the climate breakdown
is the breakdown of the whole idea of
the green new deal of moving forward
with the new economy with the solar
panels etc so I think climate breakdown
I think it’s I think it’s one for the

I’m in Genoa gender imagine all the
people who could do is awesome oh yeah
that’d be fine

very few people to thank for second half
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meetup will be the big puffy yellows
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condemn and won’t get triggered it’s
just that simple no agenda meetups calm
right three news items I want to get out
of the way before we show alright but

one of them say this one the one to the
end but first of all let’s talk about
least get it out of the way 16 second
clip bought the bogus bombs in New York

which got everyone all bent out of shape
and I did I don’t even know what the
meaning of it was it’s not part of the
6-week cycle that I know of the man
behind a bomb scare in New York City is
in custody tonight police say he

allegedly put two devices inside a
subway station Friday morning the
devices were believed to have been
pressure cookers used to make bombs but
it turns out they were just rice cookers

no charges have been filed so the guy
basically just had rice cookers and rice
cookers eat not equal pressure cooker
old rice cookers he threw out and so
they arrested him yeah no brother

and they also he looked like he had
cerebral palsy or something cuz the
shots they had of him being arrested he
was jerking around like a guy you know a

certain kind of a style of brain damage
and they didn’t talk about that so that
was the end of that that was a bullcrap
story then we have kim jung kim ill the
new you know he’s got sending off

missiles again and this is kind of an
interesting story cuz i have a take on
it rarely has North Korea tested
missiles at this pace six short-range
ballistic missiles launched in three

US intelligence officials say these are
new missiles which are solid fueled and
mobile and can launch with little or no
warning and fly at a trajectory that
makes them harder to intercept

despite their short range they can
threaten American troops based in South
Korea but president Trump insists he’s
not worried I have no problem we’ll see
what happens but these are short-range

missiles they’re very standard according
to North Korean accounts Kim jong-un
ordered the tests in reaction to an
ongoing u.s. South Korean military
exercise even though it is largely a
computer a war game without any of the

live-fire pyrotechnics of previous years
former intelligence analysts now CBS
News consultant Robert Carlin thinks the
exercise is just a convenient excuse

they have to test these new systems
they’ve been working on working on them
for some time now they were ready to
roll them out and this was their
opportunity last week president Trump

tweeted he received a letter from Kim
apologizing for the tests and saying he
would like to restart nuclear
negotiations as soon as the u.s. south
korean exercise is over the exercise is

scheduled to end next week so there’s
still time for the north to get some
more tests in after that the real test
will be whether Kim’s stops launching
and starts negotiating Margaret okay so

this looked like he was just kind of a
some sort of back-channel agreement
we’re gonna do these because they had
you know the insistent military insists
on doing these exercises with the South

Koreans even though Trump doesn’t want
to do them so they do it like a lesser
version giving him the chance of
according to the CIA guy to test some of
their systems there’s new systems and

Trump calls them these short-range
missiles are standard I don’t know what
he’s talking about and so they did get
these tests out of the way and it serves
it serves a secondary purpose which is

look at these missiles they’re only
short-range right
Korea needs to buy more defenses more
stuff hello sales hello
the sales this is a sales job it seems

to me and they will stop testing after
the things are good no way Matt sighs so
the way if I understand it correctly
which i think is that is the gambit is
you have Kim Jung yum-yum doing that and

then we’ve got our own thing our own
exercise going on it’s some the Trump
call up Kim Jung Yong Yong and say hey
can you shoot something off so I can

sell some more Rockets over here to the
South I think there was a back-channel
possibility right do this well I don’t
think it was that what the hope the
whole region has always been used for
that for that entire purpose is to sell

more weapons that’s why they’re on the
axis of evil I think they’re part of it
now hmm I think they’re part of the
gimmick but it’s the part of the scam I
like it very good it would make sense
well yeah of course cut him in two

now the other story was this they have
this this woman Talib the Palestinian
congresswoman yes who it you know

Trump’s and you know this is a big
scandal Trump’s just occurred there’s no
such thing as a Palestinian
congresswoman I’m sorry yeah and she’s
from she’s from where’s she from in

America Michigan and Pennsylvania I
don’t know it’s a good question I lost
track of her okay but there’s there’s no
such that you can’t just say she’s a

panic I misspoke okay anyway she’s a
Palestinian sympathizer she’s from
Michigan and her MA her mom are grandmas
and pallette and not in Palestine but
she’s in Israel some places around they

all visit over there with to lead to
leave and Omar gonna go and now they
shouldn’t go no one thing isn’t she
specifically a part of the BDS movement
the boycott divest and big part of in

sanction okay because that’s a real real
move a real movement against is that’s
why Trump said they I don’t understand
whether and they soon as they saw what
Trump had to say was like a hint

everyone believes Trump demanded it of
Israel so they cut him off said no you
can’t come then
to leave made a fuss because report
dying grandma’s on her deathbed and

she’s got to see her and she was you
begged for mercy so I have two clips
because there was a piece of information
in most of the clips or most of the
reports that I didn’t get a good handle

on and it got answered let’s play this
clip which is the background is to leave
light on CBS an emotional congresswoman
receded to leave address supporters in

Detroit Friday after announcing she will
not travel to Israel to see her 9 year
old grandmother in the occupied West
Bank for the nanny cinema granddaughter
to leave is called Israel’s policies

towards Palestinians oppressive and
racist she and fellow Democrat Ilan Omar
were scheduled to visit Israel this
weekend president Roth has been feuding
with the freshman lawmakers for months

speaking to reporters Thursday he called
for Israel to block the trip I think
would be a terrible thing frankly for
Israel to let these two people who speak
so badly about Israel a pending

diplomatic norms Israel decided to bar
their entry Israel reversed its decision
after to leave appealed on humanitarian
grounds to be able to visit her

grandmother but to leave ultimately
canceled her visit saying that Israel
had imposed restrictions meant to
humiliate her president Trump tweeted to
leave obnoxiously turned the approval
down a complete set up the only real

winner here is two leaves grandmother
she doesn’t have to see her now
grandmother doesn’t see it that way
speaking outside her home in the West
Bank she shot back may god ruin him I
was happy that she was coming okay

alright so that’s so the thing that got
me about these reports and this is
classic mainstream media reporting what
were these things what were these these

requirements that Israel imposed on this
woman that would have humiliate her and
all the rest because she had to refuse
the invitation she wasn’t allowed to
participate in any protest I think that

was pretty much how democracy find out
exactly what it is because it’s it’s
discussed on democracy now in the clip
to leave

going to Israel Israel’s announced it
will conditionally allow congresswoman
Rashida to leave to visit family in the
West Bank
a day after barring both Talib and
fellow congresswoman Ilhan Omar from

entering Israel to travel to the
occupied territories Israel is still
refusing entry to Omar Israel initially
blocked entry to both lawmakers after

President Trump took the unprecedented
step of publicly urged Israel to bar
entry to the women the first two female
Muslim members of Congress on Thursday

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu defended Israel’s initial
decision to bar both of the US lawmakers
in a niqab in the bylaws and we are not

willing to commit anyone in to Israel
who calls for the boycott over the State
of Israel and accidently legitimatize
the state of the Jews Israeli

authorities say Rashidah to leave will
now be allowed entry on humanitarian
grounds to visit her ailing 90 year old
grandmother on the condition she does
not promote the boycott divestment and

sanctions movement during her visit well
there you go
so it was all a sham to start with it
was a scam a sham she wanted to go there
to push her BDS thing right in Israel

and now that you can’t do that because
there’s well hell with the grandma she
didn’t want to see this old lady
well what gets me is that the United

Kingdom’s of Gitmo nation East has been
blocking American citizens from visiting
there for very similar reasons by saying
all your troublemaker we don’t want you

in Michael Savage but there’s been many
who turned away at the board there’s
never a big outrage about that ever and
we give just as much money to D U
countries and support them as we do

Israel we block Modi from coming over
here and who was a politician in India
before he became prime minister
well he wasn’t block tree came he was
just over a couple good friends with him

we’ve got a different guy the last thing
I want to do this guy
different guy is a different guy so the
last time I discuss was the Portland

situation I have like you know the clips
are no good cuz nothing really happened
in Portland there were a couple of
skirmishes I got them done I’m trying to
get this cleaned up but I want to play

the Portland Police announcement which I
thought was weird

now here’s the thing about this get out

of the streets the sidewalks are closed
the streets how were you supposed to go
in through your home to watch the m5m
how do you get there without going on
the sidewalk now there’s another report
on CBS somebody gonna bother playing it

but I would the thing I get the kick out
it was Scott Adams who normally is a
very kind of a non-violent guy and all
the rest easy I don’t know he looks like
the kind of guy that could snap and kill

everyone with an axe I I’m not gonna say
that’s not true so let’s listen to but
he had a major a very short clip of him
discussing I think the getting to the
gist of this now what’s the anti-fog

gonna do in response to being accused of
being a domestic terrorist group well it
looks like they’re gonna put out masks

and show up and beat up people now if
that’s not entertaining you’re dead
inside he has a point the problem has it
well you know you and I like that I I

think we should have criminal executions
capital punishment should be on
television and I think we should show
all death and violence instead of just
this gussied up version that you know

that we see in video games and in war
movies to show the real thing show real
people getting beat over the head they
don’t do that and that would change
people’s attitudes believe me yeah take
on the inside from a television

production standpoint yeah all right
well I got lots of stuff to talk about

will do hold it for Thursday I have new
information on the opportunity zones
I’ve learned a lot about that from from
our producers who are actually
opportunities owned fund managers we
have the best producers in the business

I’ll have some OTG news that shows you
once again that it’s all about the
stacks and racks not about not about
social justice necessarily but the real

money is the advertisers for these
Silicon Valley companies and you know
we’ll dive into that I didn’t even get
to the let’s just do the Mercedes
commercial I didn’t even know about it

until you pointed it out just as the
last thing
Mercedes has in this is Mercedes Canada
and they have a series of commercials
abusing lgbtq+ which is wrong to start

with because it’s LGBTQ Qi a PK everyone
no jet in the nation knows that and so
they have a line of BMWs Mercedes I’m
sorry that are in the pride flag color

so right now we’re going to jump on the
pride wagon and we’re going to show
these beautiful colors you can choose
your own color which color you identify
with which apparently you have to be

LGBTQIA PK to want any of these colors
and it’s fine I’m happy that they do it
at they’re going after their target
market which is often dual income no

kids very high net value that and the
people who are portrayed in your
signalers it’s complete virtue Sigma and
it’s all fine but the rule is when you
use the media for your own goals like

this or whether you’re an individual or
corporation eventually it’s gonna come
around so we’ll see when and what
happens I personally find it to be I
don’t know I have a listen I find their

music offensive above all
Green I love it its nature its birth its

balance and it is everything grounding
green means the intersection between the
lgbtq+ community and climate change and
the earth because without the earth and
without caring for where we are we have

no community we have no reason to fight
I identify most with the green color in
the pride plate and I am so close to
nature in my life and in my work my
identity is natural during my coming-out

process I felt like I wasn’t gay enough
and I wasn’t straight enough I doubted
my identity for a really long time when
I came out to my family my mom and dad
they weren’t as supportive as I thought

they would be and they didn’t talk to me
for about two weeks but I found support
and I found love in the lgbtq+ community
the flag is a symbol of hope it’s a
symbol of inspiration it unifies us all

I am a natural product of the universe
and however I choose to identify it as a
natural thing and that’s why I resonate
so much with the color green my name is

Matt my name is Sarah my name is Daniel
and I identify as a gay man bisexual
person or a queer person and I’m a proud
gay man and so they show the the green
car now I don’t I don’t mind this type

of advertising I mean although I think
it kind of puts lgbtq+ people on par
with you know the Geico lizard and the
slandering can extreme it’s really a

disgusting commercial the Liberty EMU
and stuff it’s just like you know it has
nothing to do with the product the
products not gonna be any better because
it’s that color but yeah it seems like

pandro I don’t know I mean I’d yeah this
is clearly the direction but we saw
Gillette went pushed it too far and it
did cost them billions of dollars which
they found to be very valuable

the Millennials that are creeping into
these advertising agencies with these
ideas and they know it all attitude
whereas who you don’t know what what
people are thinking anymore you’re out
of touch yeah and then they come up with

this stuff and this is what the result
is and it’s this is gonna be our gonna
see more and more and more of this
because these kids are incompetent well
it is true that I feel out of touch I
was alert I just did it

moments ago I was alert
when I said oh yeah it’s all about the
Benjamins well that was just saying that
shows how incredibly unhip I am today
you guys say it’s all about the racks
and stacks so we don’t know what we’re

talking about but we’ll see if that
works for mercedes-benz um I think it’s
interesting nice and stacked sounds a
little too sexual for my taste

well I think a stack is a thousand
dollars and the rack is like a whole
bunch of something like yeah yeah anyway
coming up next to no agenda stream calm
random thoughts

there’s always some good there no agenda
stream comm so check that out and show
mixes we have lined up for you some sir
Chris Wilson we’ve got oh it’s been a

while I haven’t played the let’s get
social song and something from UK PMX
throw that out there for you as well
and coming to you from opportunity zone

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I’m Adam curry man from northern Silicon
Valley an opportunity zone no I’m John C

Dvorak we’ll be back on Thursday right
here on no agenda until then





this is the car
I switched to
nobody’s gonna watch you chew today

she’s gonna
make them stream fini
she always says she was good
but you can see no truth because there

is no truly one reason do you need to be
I don’t like you to tell me
I don’t like it you community strong

the whole side down
hey now y’all can we just get real do we

really care about our fans there’s this
just another deal yet another way that
we lost our way
socials about the people remember we are

people do you really need another life
perish here so we need another person to
show up everywhere I hope as we scatter
that we never forget then I first live
forever even when we go to bed


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