No Agenda Episode 1166: “Tacorista”

this is no good hmm it’s not supposed to
be balmy there that’s probably just a

cloud of steaming poop it could be and
will you please stop tweeting that we do
you keep tweeting send people tend the

homeless to Austin I’m doing them a
Austin is opening its arms why are you
such a grumpy Gus he’s opening its arms

to them to the poor homeless and they
you know and they welcome I’m sorry
right I’m just trying to get the word
out oh you do not want you’re homeless
and by the way that you come here and

you’ll bake on the street you hey
there’s a glimmer of hope in Austin you
know a slight glimmer of hope you know

if you live in Texas and you’re anywhere
but Austin someone says hey what are you
from and you say I’m from Texas they say
yeah we’re in Texas you say Austin the
same that’s not Texas it’s exactly what

they say but I think the liberal Austin
local government mayor and the City

Council I think that they’re just not as
when we say liberal they’re not like
California liberals that they understand
and maybe not yet maybe it’s not even

them maybe it’s the people of Austin
they’re revolting against what’s going
on here is you recall several weeks ago
the council voted unanimously I believe
to remove all city ordinances of camping

where you except for of course in front
of City Hall or the Capitol building but
you can pretty much camp anywhere else
not in a sending city park but anywhere
else you want to on the median on the

right side of the road you can do
whatever you want you can Panhandle in
front of bus bus stop school school
grounds anywhere you want and that was a
man freedom actually that was 50 days

ago as longer than I thought
but now things have changed two months
after voting to allow sitting lying and
camping in public places city leaders

are tweaking the rules no one wants
anybody camping anywhere in our city
today Mayor Steve Adler and council
members sent out a six page proposal
aimed to solve problems of people

experiencing homelessness in the city
I’ve lived in Austin my whole life and
my beautiful city is a mess man thermal
and is one that’s funny you say that I

heard this the second time I played it
and does sound like her doesn’t it but
no it’s not my whole life and my
beautiful city is a mess
ken bouncer Mullen is one of hundreds of

outspoken Austinites asking council to
change the sit like camp ordinance
she says it’s caused a public safety
risk and health hazard where is it that
that people should should not be camping

and sitting in line in the report mayor
Adler answers those questions proposing
increased restrictions on people who
camp adjacent to roadways or medians on
sidewalks near creeks or in front of the

arch he also suggests a renewed focus on
creating new housing options but says
the changes won’t be possible without
community input and support are we
really ready to do what it takes to

actually solve this problem this guy
gets my goat you know all he ever says
are we all ready to solve the problem do
we do can we come together

fuck you Adler go do something
oh this guy is so annoying can we all
come to get you’re supposed to lead
dipshit it won’t be possible without

community input and support are we
really ready to do what it takes to
actually solve this problem rather than
just chasing it around the city and
hiding it in the next couple weeks it E

Council is expecting more concrete
proposals on changing this ordinance
also tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock
there will be a public town hall right
here at the Austin Convention Center it

is open to the public it’s your chance
to ask a city leaders questions directly
about this homelessness issue try look
at this six page proposal in that

clueless outline proposed principle
enjoy what is this you play in the
background but what are you hearing I’m

not hearing anything oh must be on my
machine do we need to stop tape are you
okay I’m good I thought it was you’re

just playing a little bad for some
reason proposed principles and goals for
pros community agreement direction our

community needs multiple housing types
and services for individuals
experiencing homelessness next bullet
point we know what works yeah I call
bullshit no clue what works oh here it

is new programs expansions and increased
housing capacity on the horizon possible
places from among which to increase
restrictions on camping sitting and

lying ordinance standards
interpretations and applications rules
regarding camping where it occurs as we
build up more housing and services non
policing tools to encourage people to go

to better and safer places this whole
six page document has nothing about
mental health nothing about substance
abuse or addiction until the very very

very bottom under those non policing
help people get assistance for to the
bullet point one sobering center melv

mental health assistance shelter /
bridge home navigation center and
community court and everything else is
about appropriating apartment buildings

or old hotels to turn into affordable
housing this is this is not going to
work it’s your cells your solution well
sure well there is one I talked about

this there’s one solution that seems to
be working that’s the community first
village September 9th I’m going to go
over there
gonna see what they’re doing and I shall
report back and maybe I’ll do an

interview with the with the CEO who’s
running it hmm this was recently
featured in People magazine’s got a lot
of attention as something that seems to

be working but geez they have nothing
here just nothing no no no not shipping
them to Austin besides that that’s

that’s a standing standing offer gee
thanks no we’re gonna just redefine
everybody oh oh yeah I read something
about this oh yeah

what you got let me read you read some
of this I don’t have any clips but
according to San Francisco Chronicle
from now on a convicted felon or poor
other offender or released from custody
will be known as a former incarcerated

person yeah justice involved person or
just and they did prefer this a
returning resident no they’re really

gonna use that as returning returning
resident of justice that would be even
better just a returning resident oh my
goodness oh my goodness you know now
called a young person with a justice

system involvement or a young person
impacted by the justice juvenile system
a young person a young
person impacted by the juvenile justice

system who is experiencing homelessness
and just happens to be gay and drug
addicts abusers use that for a while Wow
will become the oh actually they’re

changing that’s that that whole thing to
a person with a history of substance
abuse nice and if somebody was quoted
one of the supervisors was that we don’t

want people to be forever labeled for
the worst things they’ve ever done
so we just give them labels should give
new let’s give them a new label a new
yellow star good work everybody thanks

there’s nuts yeah he nice yeah it’s hard
to be nice I went to dinner with my
Jamaican friend ah and and did he smoke

the ganja he smokes the ganja but he
don’t eat the meat so he’s at
pescetarians right and I’d selected this
cool restaurant on the east side that’s

a butcher shop he’s like don’t you
remember crap yeah alright so he
selected the corner the corner bar at
the JW Marriott which is actually kind
of like nice location but you got to go

into town so I’m a mean town ID and I
walked three blocks up in three blocks
over three blocks down near Congress
it’s gotten worse
so yes
since we’ve left I see congregations now

it used to be you know one or two
homeless people I’m sorry people
experiencing homelessness in a doorway
or on a part on a bench but now there’s

four or five of them sitting together
with lawn chairs no tents out yet and
then you know just like in Chicago or
San Francisco on Congress like the
corner of second and Congress or third

and Congress is people just sleeping on
the corner I don’t know
I don’t saying how people don’t can just
step over it it bothers the crap out of

me as you can tell to step over them
yeah I find that very from that very
challenge I mean it’s better than
jumping on him but you know I you
understand my dilemma it’s not cool not

cool anyway keep everybody updated we
were we were right on a lot of things or
nor ahead of the curve on a lot of
things that have been taking place over
the past couple days sure well it’s

always astonishing to me how sometimes
how far ahead of the curve we are but
this one is were too far headed the
curve has become as problematic my last
story of my life this is absolutely true

I should be a billionaire but I’m always
ten years too early with everything no
well which so I had the interview with
Poe I talked to poach enok and who did

he say would be on deck to be exposed in
the Epstein scandal do you recall know
Bill Gates part of baffling history of
Jeffrey Epstein is how he was somehow

able to surround himself with some of
the world’s most powerful people even
after he pled guilty to soliciting an
underage prostitute and became a
registered sex offender for example
Prince Andrew was photographed coming

out of Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in
2010 two years after Epstein served jail
time and now we’re learning Microsoft
founder Bill Gates not only spoke with
Epstein on more than one occasion about

philanthropic spending but also flew on
Epstein’s private plane from New York to
Palm Beach though Gates reportedly
refuses to say why and we should note
the plane was not the so called Lolita

Express which allegedly was used to fly
underage girls to Epstein’s private
island but still critics wonder why one
of the world’s richest men would need to
take philanthropic advice from a

convicted sex offender especially
considering what Melinda Gates and the
couple’s foundation does for young women
around the world separately a former
science advisor for Bill Gates was named
as one of three executor zuv Jeffrey

Epstein’s 577 million dollar will 49
year old Boris Nikola
says he was shocked to learn that
Epstein named him and says he has no
intention of fulfilling the duties

meantime Attorney General Bill Barr gave
an impromptu news conference today where
he maintains that there were numerous
irregularities in the death of Jeffrey
Epstein but Barr says so far he has been

given no reason to question the findings
of the medical examiner who ruled
Epstein’s death a suicide
though Barr says the investigation is
moving forward

there you go Billy Boy and this is
that’s guilt by association again yes
but um if he went to the island I’d be
more suspicious all I’m saying is this

is what pachán ik predicted he said Bill
Gates has a problem he says he took a
known a known sex offender of girls with
him to the girls charity he and Belinda

Melinda maintained so yeah yeah it was
just after he was convicted of a sex
crime yes 2013 this happened all in 2013
2014 2015

that’s the part that’s problematic okay
well that is a problem
yes now how about I should be
untouchable after that you shouldn’t be
dealing with him no of course not and it
wasn’t and that wasn’t on the Lolita

express to the island but it was to Palm
Beach Palm Beach where gates also has a
house and it was and it was on it was on
the the Gulfstream not the ES 727 anyway

it just found that interesting now more
interesting to me and perhaps to you
because this is a guy I’ve met a couple
times I’m sure you have Joey Ito do you
know have you ever met him I know Joey

yeah well well Joey okay well good he
posted a public apology he’s now the
director of the MIT Media Lab yeah he’s
always yeah yeah I mean I met him with

who was the the French guy who ran a Gus
a the French guy ran Apple yeah John
Louie yeah yeah I was raising money for

pod show I remember we had a meeting
with him and Ito sat in on it I had me a
John Luke essay during the same era for
a friend of mine mm-hmm and some

somebody else who I know very well so
why’d you have a meeting with him for so
he gave us a bunch of tips and stuff he
says you know he has zero money in that
when I saw Ito I’m like I’m in the wrong

room this is not we’re gonna get money
so he had posted a public apology for
taking money from Epstein for research

projects at MIT and for his personal
funds two scientists have now resigned
or are publicly announced they are
leaving the Media Lab they may not leave

MIT but want to leave the Media Lab
because they find it untenable so I
think that they probably don’t forget
one of the one of the guys in the papers
in the 2000 that word 2000 word 2000

page document 2000 plus pages there’s
Marvin Minsky big shot at the Media Lab
major major guy I remember running into
him if I te personally he threw me out

of a meeting we need to hear this that
tells us first who Marvin Minsky is and
then Marvin I staked out of meeting one
of the famous artificial intelligence

from the 80s the first go-round and
maybe even the one before every 30 years
or so this artificial I didn’t he kind
of write the book on artificial

intelligence wrote a book at least he
published it well you got me on that so
I got invited as a lark by will Hearst

to go into the Media Lab with the
executives of the Hearst Corporation who
are getting ate at or that you worry to

have to sign a nondisclosure uh-huh and
I was like first and I were just
wondering we’re in the kind of just
wandering we’re just in the group
there’s about 1 2 3 but maybe eight nine

people including the CEO and Randy
Hearst and all these other people we’re
going through this thing and we’re
getting to see the dog and pony show
that they put on which is where I found

out a number of interesting things I
used later and certain columns because I
could I didn’t have to worry about
non-disclosed being non disclosed on any
of it and so we’re going from meeting to
meeting where these guys are just full

of crap and they’re showing us
everything in the place got a great tour
and either a few wry bald comments to
make and so we go into this final
meeting and there’s Minsky in there with

the guys they had at the time whose name
is eluding me involved with Wired
magazine and Minsky sees me he knows who
I am

and he says what’s this guy doing here
what’s Dvorak doing here pretty much
this guy and everybody’s looking left
and right never this stupid smile on my
face and they asked me to leave yeah yes

so will actually will left with me the
two of us left oh that’s cool it was
from what I could tell yeah so we left

we it was at the end anyway so who cares
and we went out and did something Boston
somewhere and then as you left like
that’s the mascot well screw those guys
guilty by association I say well there’s

a lot of that going around apparently
with MIT Media Lab what do you mean
there’s a lot of that going around at

the MIT Media Lab guilty by association
your report you got Joey
okay this immediate levy got Minsky’s
the Media Lab yeah a lot of media lab
guys seems to me yeah well you know one

of the theories this may be an amazing
Polly theory one of these one of the
theories is that Epstein exedoc people
yeah man

well Epstein was into transhumanism and
all this weird stuff and implanting
things and hybrid I already was really
big into implanting yeah we got it the
first time hey-oh

and that he you know because he also
said he collected humans that he might
have been supplying supplying humanoids
for testing too many of these more

esoteric research projects at MIT and
Harvard that he was apparently funding
there’s now also another interesting
connection you probably

about or saw the video of Prince Andrew
at Epstein’s house in Manhattan with a
young woman leaving did you know I did
what was the picture describe it again

so it’s the Epstein house in Manhattan
it’s the mansion and the door opens up
and a young woman walks out and then in
the door opening waving her off is
Prince Andrew of of the Germans over

there in England and so that turns out
to be the daughter of former Australian
Prime Minister Paul Keating just to make
it a little worse I can’t remember it

wasn’t Paul Keating a problematic prime
minister for Australia you don’t know I
can’t this is not even in the memory
banks it’s possible well she is now a
sustainability campaigner who works for

a show business talent agency that
represents among others Sir Paul
McCartney and u2
and she also previously partied with
Jasleen Maxwell and presented a fawning

interview with the alleged procure
calling her a philanthropist so that
just makes it that much more juicy when
we can add those tidbits you know yeah

I’m not saying anyone’s guilty however a
dutch former model taisiya house mum who
was discovered by jean-luc Brunel this
was one of the you know this was the big

fashion the modern else he’s thrown a
drone darts at him yes so she says that
she was drugged and and abused sexually
abused when she was in she doesn’t know

where the apartment was but she does say
she thinks she also remembers Epstein
being there so you know people are just
coming out and a lot of this is just

people coming out and just saying
whatever they remember my favorite
though is Carrie Kennedy and
she is the Robert Kennedy daughter who

do you remember she think you do
remember this story she was arrested for
driving under the influence and her
defense successful defense I might add
was that she had accidentally take an

ambien instead of her progesterone or
something like that and so she was all
walked out and she you know she crashed
into it a trailer tractor so she has

always been good friends with jizz Lane
as she offered her lawyer left court
when the trouble started between Epstein

and the law and left Court of course was
is someone who worked on his defense but
it’s even more juicy to know that Kerry

Kennedy at the time was married to
Andrew Cuomo no which puts the Cuomo
quit create back in the in focus which
is really always fun if we can just

accuse him of anything so you have any
clips from the Wendy Williams Show uh
gee I forgot to watch and I forgot to
record why did you have any no I’m just

thinking of where you’re going here
that’s all I got
I will say something else when it comes
to things that we’ve that we’ve been out

ahead of and this comes back to pipe two
pipelines I don’t remember exactly which
episode was when we discovered how
important pipelines are to the to the
geopolitical state of the world and of

course this was when a lot of pipelines
were being built we were discovering the
old ones things were changing Ukraine
was changing Russia was changing the
stance towards Russia it quieted down a

little bit then we had the big Leviathan
field which we’d known about for not
geez at least eight years and that
started pumping so we’ve tracked that
we’ve been tracking the North stream too

which is a secondary route from Russia
that is intended to pump just a whole
lot of natural gas into your

which once again we’ll go through
Ukraine but it goes along the coast of
several countries and it kind of came
into view what has been going on the
past week when I read this report from

Reuters that the Nord Stream to Russian
LED gas pipeline project across the
Baltic Sea to Europe could be delayed by

up to eight months and cost an extra 660
million euros due to hurdles in securing
the necessary permits from one
particular country and this is the last

country that has to sign off on these
permits and they’ve been wishy-washy
about it for a while and that may make
sense that we had someone come out of

the woodwork to perhaps delay their
decision a little bit longer because
this is Denmark so now you can
understand why Trump was going to

Denmark now you can kind of understand
why he wanted to make a big deal about
Greenland owned by Denmark just because
they are in direct competition to the

natural gas we are now exporting this
pipeline in particular is in competition
to the gambit we have running which is
more expensive of course for Europe but

we are going to be the net exporter of
natural gas and maybe you want to cause
a ruckus around Denmark and then if they
decide that they are going to approve

the Nord Stream 2 across in their
territorial waters maybe you could think
column out is Russian Stooges or
something or you know enemy of NATO I
think that may have been the play all

along it’s a good theory I think he
actually wants Greenland it is that we
did get a boots on the ground report

from one of our producers which I don’t
mind sharing from Wouter he says for the
Danish government he feels it is indeed
absurd and he agrees with the new

Prime Minister’s assertion of trumps
offer and he has the following points
one for the Danish government cannot
sell any part of Greenland without the

approval of the green Landers think we
knew that this is determined by UN rules
passed after World War two so why asked
Denmark he should have made an offer to
Greenland directly and let them
negotiate with the Danish government

well I can again I think my theory works
here because it’s not about Greenland
per se and maybe about stopping the
Russians you know with the final link in
the chain to the Danes are very
sensitive about every square metre of

what is left of the realm of Denmark
this is some good history here
Denmark lost the southern part to Sweden
in 1660 a piece to norway in 1814 and
the northern part of germany which also

used to be theirs they lost that in 1864
which they didn’t even manage to get
back after World War one on top of that
they sold of course st. John st. John
and st. Croix in the Caribbean in 1970

to us for 25 million and thirdly Denmark
may be small and relatively
insignificant in the greater scheme of
things but they’re not stupid there’s a
great potential in Greenland and they

will never just sell because of
short-term perspective the political
leader of Greenland Kim Nielsen probably
had the best response saying he could be
interested in buying the USA because
quote it was the Vikings Leif the happy

who discovered America and his father
Eric the red who discovered Greenland
and stayed there therefore it is only
logical that we get the USA back again
he has not yet decide on the price but

expects it to be quite low taking the
deficit of the USA into account and if
Trump we part of the deal if he is then
the offer will be lower all right well I

love having producers everywhere in the
world I’m sure that’s exactly everybody
feels the point is that they have
already sold us something in the past

yes st. Croix and st. John and say Jan
and so they could you know so it’s not
outside the realm of possibility and

it’s been done
I mean Truman asked to buy Greenland
after World War two and was rebuffed
yeah and somebody in the 1800’s I
believe made the
yeah so it’s not completely nuts it’s

not absurd which you know but here’s
what bothered me so she said this is
absurd now it’s not absurd but his
response is she’s a nasty woman which I

can only I’ve been looking never said
that he never said she’s a nasty woman
Oh What did he say he says it’s nasty
did you use the word nasty referring to

her her comment but he never said she’s
I don’t believe unless somebody get show
me a quote I well that explains it
because I thought he said nasty woman
and I went looking for some connection

between this new Prime Minister and
Hillary maybe he was making that
maybe I just misheard it but his
response was well you know if you’re
just gonna respond like that then screw

you you’re not nice I mean what is that
about it’s only I’m telling I think the
Russian pipeline thing is what it is is
number one or that says that’s what he’s
gonna use now that’s why I didn’t go to

Greenland that’s why I didn’t ask them
this is all about Denmark let’s play a
couple green link clips we got one from
democracy now Greenland on Sunday Trump

confirmed to reporters is interest in
purchasing the autonomous Danish
territory and did not rule out trading a
u.s. territory for the island Trump said
essentially it’s a large real estate

deal Danish politicians across the
political spectrum expressed disbelief
over Trump’s sudden cancellation of the
state visit the Danish Prime Minister

met the Frederickson called his idea to
purchase Greenland absurd she also told
reporters thankfully the time where you
buy and sell other countries and

populations is over
actually I had an idea why don’t we sell
California to Greenland
yeah the commutes too far no then you

can put all your homeless on a bus
oh no Boston there with open arms
yeah the people up did their fries the
deserts number two there’s a bit of new

information in the clip two on Monday
Trump tweeted a photo of shiny gold
Trump skyscraper photoshopped onto an
image of a Greenland town and wrote I
promise not to do this to Greenland

Trump is said to be interested in
Greenland’s abundant natural resources
and geopolitical importance but the
island is also at the center of the
climate crisis earlier this month
Greenland’s ice sheet experienced its

largest single-day melt in history in
July the hottest month ever recorded
Greenland’s ice sheet lost 197 billion
tons of ice the equivalent of around 80

million Olympic swimming pools experts
say in addition to rising sea levels
around the world the receding ice could
expose toxic nuclear waste left at u.s.
military sites during the Cold War John

John John John look out your window
quick the mudflats they’re still there
another thing has changed at the end
what we dumped a nuclear way yes well

that’s not exactly true but in 91 she
said yeah that’s well I I actually got
this on no agenda social calm them guys
like that’s exactly what he sounded like

yeah and we had a secondary base there
and we did have some so-called secret
nuclear testing so I don’t know anything

about the secret nuclear testing but
apparently there was there is waste and
other toxic shit from just having a base
there and then Alameda and they just let
it all snow under cuz it was hard to

keep it clear anyway and then they
abandoned it so it’s just hidden under
this layer of I don’t know ice that’s
now melting and it’s going to expose

that and the woolly mammoth and and and
bacteria the smallpox the black
death that we haven’t seen since 1918
all that’s gonna come when that when the
ice melts
surely you know about this science man

not to mention the amount of methane
that has been accumulated by the ice
somehow yeah this from the woolly
mammoth farts yeah stinks in that ice

for some reason well on the topic of
this of the of the nuclear waste so
there was a explosion of nuke went off

in Russia yeah it hasn’t been reported
as much as it could be a little bit I
mean there’s all kind of the same like
from what I remember the Russian said oh
don’t worry and then they said maybe we

should leave then come on back and it’s
okay it was very unclear well I have the
clip from NBC that kind of explains it
not completely but it’s not really a

Derek testing and I thought it was
interesting because we’ve done this in
the past I think in the 50s or 60s there
was some oh wait an antigravity weapon
well maybe but that wasn’t what happened

Oh nuclear engines Oh new nuclear jet
engines nice and they they’re they’d

work because we’ve tested them but
they’re promised are very dangerous you
have to have a really long garden hose

for the water turbine I hear but they
have they go you know like seams so if
you get one going you could fly it
around the globe two or three times they
just keep going and going and flying and

flying so you can have these things just
flying or constantly here of course is
you shoot one down it becomes a
subscribe and keep flying on the ground
blows up yeah so this kind of would

happen this thing blew up and I don’t
know what’s gonna happen with this
program but they kind of explain it here
and on another global front tonight
Russia is facing new questions over the

recent explosion at a missile testing
site after telling a nuclear monitoring
group to stay out of it we get more from
NBC’s bill Neely
a growing mystery tonight about exactly

what happened
days after a nuclear explosion that
killed five Russian nuclear scientists
at least four radiation monitoring
stations nearby went silent and stopped

transmitting data Russia told an
international nuclear watchdog today
mind your own business
Russia admitted radiation levels did
spike briefly after the accident which

was tied to the testing of a nuclear
missile engine yesterday there is no
threat no risk of increased radiation
but the Kremlin is also furious an
international nuclear watchdog tweeted

this map of a potential radiation plume
spreading across Russia the Kremlin
calls that absurd warning the watchdog
to back off claiming it can withhold any

data nuclear experts say Russia’s real
aim is to hide secrets about this a
nuclear-powered cruise missile the
president putin boasts could evade

American defenses Russia concealing from
the US exact data on its nuclear fuel
two of the Russian radiation monitoring
stations are now working again but

Russia has proved once again that when
it comes to its national security it
will hide what the world might want to
know I don’t know man we got Russia with
the nuclear engines we got France with

the hoverboard we don’t have any cool
shit anymore no drop the ball
yeah they got troops on hoverboards they
got nuclear engines we got Tesla well

thanks Obama I think I remember spending
seven hundred and sixty billion dollars
last year what are we doing with it

just boondoggles yeah annoying meetings
but the president finally caught up on
his no agenda episodes
it’s about time well you know it’s a lot

of people always talking to him so he
can’t always get some time to himself
and this was three days ago a tweet wow
report just out Google manipulated from

2.6 million to 16 million votes for
Hillary Clinton in 2016 election this
was put out by a Clinton supporter not a
trump supporter Google should be sued my

victory was even bigger than thought so
thanks we we did a quite a detailed dive
on this dive on this research and the
guy got into a beef after this the

Elliot guy or whatever his last name is
Epstein Robert Robert Epstein Robert
Epstein he with Hillary because Hillary
says as part of a debunked stuff let me

read it
the debunk study you’re referring to was
based on 21 undecided voters for context
that’s about half the number of people

associated with your campaign who have
been indicted so I knew that this was
the messaging that went out immediately
and this I just flipped to CNN actually
was on MSNBC they didn’t have the story

yet flipped to CNN and yes sir and
there’s another conspiracy theory
Jeffery that he’s on to he took to
Twitter today to accuse Google of
manipulating votes he said Google

manipulated from 2.6 million to 16
million votes for Hillary Clinton in
2016 election this was put out by a
Clinton supporter not a trump supporter
Google should be sued my victory was
even bigger than thought in a day of

wackadoodle claims this is the most
wackadoodle of all and John we went
through this research and you know this
21 unjust undecided voters yes and I’ll

talk about that in a second but there
was thousands of pages and people
underneath all that research which
flowed up until this final test so and I
thought the research was pretty solid

and has been published and the guy’s
been put in as a it’s a it’s this is
Phin ative work important because
there’s not even any claim that google

manipulated votes
there’s no that they didn’t go in there
and change votes no one claims that
except Donald Trump the the idea is what
he’s doing there tells he talking about

he’s trying to make it sit now first of
all Trump was wrong
he says Google manipulated from 2.6 to
16 million votes for Hillary that is a

well it’s a very poor way of stating
what happened what happens is that bias
in their system or bias within the

people we don’t know
put more Hillary favorite links at the
top two positions so and that swayed the
2.6 to 16 million according to Robert

Epstein’s research into voting for
Hillary they were indeed undecided but
it was very important and the research
is very conclusive and has been
replicated but this jamoke to first the

first woman says aw this bad let it be
debunked that and then Toobin comes in
he’s saying well they didn’t go in and
manipulate votes what he’s implying here

is they didn’t go into the voting
machines and manipulate them that’s
exists literally what he’s implying
which is such a douche move those
there’s no that they didn’t go in there

and change votes no one claims that
except Donald Trump the the idea is that
searches were ranked in certain ways
that help Democrats rather than rather
than Republicans this too has been long

discredited but it’s all that part of
this incredible nervousness about this
political standing no one they just say
it’s long discredited by who know by

Slate Magazine who discredited that’s if
I was sitting there at a Stuben who’s
just a stooge I say Toobin sources man
one report you can show me studies and

sources okay shut up I was wrong about
2016 I don’t know if he’s gonna win or
lose in 2020 but what today’s you know

of craziness tells us is that he’s
really worried about losing that’s the
real message not any of the subs now
listen to the the final woman on the
panel you’re nodding here Sabrina well
look i think that is no coincidence that

he picked out this 2.6 million number
from the range that was provided in this
unsubstantiated conspiracy theory
because unsubstantiated this is not news

this is election TV the public million
number from the range that was provided

in this unsubstantiated conspiracy
theory because that’s also very close to
the margin by which Hillary Clinton won
the National popular vote and we’ve seen
the president on multiple occasions
throw out again conspiracy theories that

votes worse to nearly three million
votes were stolen from him in the 2016
election because then that helps him
push back against the notion that
Hillary Clinton in fact won the popular

vote which is a big a sort of sticking
point for the president Robert Epstein
actually posted a very long thread
regarding this in his battle either even
included a picture of him and Hillary

cuz and he’s very disappointed with with
Hillary Clinton and he even show he even
pulls out WikiLeaks emails to show how

Google’s Eric Schmidt offered to run
Hillary’s tech campaign and in effect me
of course he funded the groundwork which
was this little tech company whose only

purpose was to put Clinton in the White
House and after all that last night I
saw late he posted a picture of a beach
and written in the sand was I love life

and he posted I’m I’m not going to kill
I don’t want to die I am very happy with
I guess he the Clinton body count got to
him well if you looked at his

red and the response to it 90% of the
response is related to be careful you
gotta get killed I mean that MIMO is

great what is fantastic it’s so
entrenched in the public consciousness

is I it’s a I’m actually stunned by it
oh and there’s always just something
that without you ten years ago was just
some sort of a running gag yeah yeah a
few people prefer to talk about it we

talked about it earlier
yeah but now it’s like jeez I forgot to
mention on the other Epstein I’m pretty

sure that looking at Bill bars
connections through his dad to Epstein
which is very clear I think bar is is
cleaning up he’s not going to unseal the

thousands of CF indictments but he’s
gotta have a couple people who go down
and I just feel like all eyes on bill
cuz then you know the Clintons go down

do you just all you have to do is step
back and watch everyone else who matters
tumble you don’t think it’s gonna happen
no no immune is that were immune or he’s

got he’s protected a it’s not gonna
happen they’re not gonna do that to any
president well let’s check in with the
Lew and Joe show let’s see what dojo de

Genoa says if we’ve gotten any closer
any information about the sealed
indictments thousands of them after
three years of investigation we still
know so little and and guess why if it

hadn’t been for the corruption at the
top of the FBI and the Department of
Justice to swing the election toward
Hillary Clinton we would have all of
these answers but when you have the
world’s premier law enforcement agency

the FBI becomes so politically bankrupt
and corrupt that it cannot run an
investigation the way it should have
that’s why it’s important that they
clean house and that’s why it’s so sad

that Christopher Rea has never addressed
any of these problems and as
I said when he was Attorney General for
a couple months he says I have more
questions now than before I became

Attorney General boy that tells you
something no it tells me nothing does
just something man
no it’s so disappointing it was three
weeks ago it was gonna be any day now

Wednesday know what know three weeks ago
is gonna be Wednesday uh I can’t even I
can’t even get Tina on board anymore I’m
like oh she’s like I don’t believe it

for a second I’ve heard this all my
married life with you which was three
months a few days ago yeah she’s finally
wised up I’m sure this I’m sure

everybody heard it but since we’ve had
this exact same issue back in the day
I’ll say we haven’t had this happen in

many years the bill de blasio skype fail
was pretty fun oh I don’t know this oh
my goodness yeah it was it was the Iowa
I think the union workers and de Blasio

admissible crap excuse there was and so
he came in on skype and we knew it was
Skype because you do you remember what

used to happen sometimes only on your
end I might I might add with Skype what
was happening on my end you’d get the
helium Voice oh yeah yeah that would
happen here’s Bill DeBlasio calling in

hey thank you everybody with you and I
apologize I couldn’t be there in person
I had a canceled flight and could not
get you by my time slot but I want to
just stay before get into anything about

why I’m running for president what we
have to do in this country I want to
thank you and the audience is laughing
and he does he has no clue and it was I
mean his whole statement is just
hilarious and last night Tina said it

who does he sound like for the fight you
know way doing everyday organized labor
in Iowa what does he sound like we
sounds like one of the female candidates

no man fighting a really really
no but you’ve been doing it in a way
sure there’s someone who sounds like Ben
Shapiro you know you’re a racist sexist
bigoted homophobic hates the poor right

that’s what they know about you and
that’s not they think that about you
they know that about you so much
strength Ben Shapiro fancies should pick
that out it’s a bit like Ben Shapiro
yeah more than a bit yeah honey maybe

Ben Shapiro is on helium that would make
sense that would explain something see
you have a couple other 20/20 oh yes

well Elizabeth Warren finally apologized
to ya
American Indians I’m kind of insincere
quasi heartfelt I know that I have made

I am sorry for harm I have caused I have
listened and I have learned a lot and I
am grateful for the many conversations

that we’ve had together it is a great
honor to be able to partner with Indian
country and that’s what I’ve tried to do

as a senator and that’s what I promise I
will do as president of the United
States of America that was pretty good
people thought it was me do it again I

want to hear I want to hear it without
Elizabeth what you’re crying that was
pretty good didn’t do anything oh okay
but here here’s a here’s a groovy one
from another guy I got my eye on Andrew

yang this he’s all spiffy on that stage
man but he’s a little pompous Silicon
Valley ass in the background however he
went on a podcast it’s always very

dangerous when you go into podcast I’m
not talking Joe Rogan I’m talking on the
podcast were you’re chilled and you
relaxed and this is the h3 podcast and
you feel like you can kind of say

whatever you want no surprise surprise
the debates are rigged and it’s so
filtered and removed and even the
debates like you pointed out just feel
like you’re watching a reality and

actual and not even a good one really
are certain nightmare I mean they ask
you complex questions and expect you to
answer in what like 30 seconds

and then they cut you off and they focus
so much on the drama it’s like they want
it they want you to get into an argument
with Joe Budden and yeah and you know
one thing I’ll share with you all is

that some of the campaigns are in touch
with the TV network ahead of time to
talk about what sort of attack they
wanna the stage attack on by around yes
this question would be would play really

well yes the campaign says hey we’re
gonna make this attack against Biden and
in the network I was okay
like we get it and then they help create
that opportunity what a nightmare I mean

what a farce yeah it’s it’s quite a
disaster and I want to share with you
the perspectives like I’m I think like a
lay person who happens to find himself
on the presidential debate stage being

like what the hell conference call so
that’s quite the accusation Wow that’s a
clip that’s a clip that’s a clip of the

day thank you somebody sent it to you um
no no I found this myself Jim although

let me just say as a part of our value
for value system it’s not just the money
yes that enables you and I to do the

work but this I was thinking just again
this morning is like without our
producers there’s no way no way we would
get the amount the quantity and the

quality of clips and information yeah
inside I got a note to read then okay
from one of our guys is a little long
but I want to read it Hollywood guy in

the morning keep me anonymous I had to
share an event that happened this spring
and an immediate and it will be an
annual event and he’s got some link it’s
called I saw this I saw this

organizations such as
changed to find Americans and harness
which has been offering story consulting
and script integration services to
Hollywood for years we only know that

the one we’ve talked about of course is
the familiar Hollywood Health & Society
USC they’re participating in this event
and this event was called unreasonable
conversation people can look it up on

Google it will be available during
interactive sessions for writers who
want workshops specific storylines or
characters they’re working on proper
says it’s all participants will be all

participants were provided with a
resource guide and contact information
for these groups so they can develop
deeper relationships with them on an
ongoing basis as an unquote this is an
extravaganza of mind programming insider

trading training sorry we’re the top
producers directors and actors messaging
and coercing the new recruits to learn
the new narratives for all genres of

entertainment think Lear foundation I
don’t think this would pop up on your
radar if nobody’s sent it to you you
might be able to deconstruct it in a
novel way Hollywood is no fun anymore
it’s just virtues signaling in the CNN

agenda at every job I’m struggling hard
as a middle-aged white guy in the
entertainment industry and trying to
escape this whole mess before they put
me out to pasture this gathering makes

my skin crawl and it’s a clear virtual
signaling attack on everyone but the
triple disgruntled status people I would
contribute again today but I’m in a bad

place financially and says great show
keep up the good work so there’s a bunch
of these things going on yeah I took a
look at where’s the right I took I took
a look yes well I took a look at

unreasonable conversation org
he’s usually 501 C 3 s but there’s a lot
of money pumping through him there’s a
couple of them another one he he
mentioned I also looked up and that was

me see who was that what was their name
image of darkness define America and
define America in America

anyway so they in March they have the
big meeting this is where they get
together with show runners with
producers and what’s great about it is
you know Hollywood being the virtue
signaling community that community that

it is they do not want to make any
mistake so for instance there was an
article linked to one of these sites
study immigrant TV characters portrayed
as criminals and less educated so just

like you don’t want to get caught up in
some kind of bullcrap controversy as an
advertiser you certainly don’t want to
make a misstep if it comes to daca kids
or if it comes to racial issues whatever

it is you want to bring in the experts
who look very expert and we’ll get to
that in a moment and there should be a
non-profit and by the way I don’t think

it’s free and they may be paying them or
into the nonprofit but it’s like hiring
IBM yeah you can’t go wrong I brought in
the unreasonable conversation people I

brought in the Defiant American people I
brought in the lire Hollywood to help
Society people I brought in all these
people so you can’t blame me and they
will be very careful that they advise
you properly so on the unreasonable

conversation program this year speaking
or as panelist America America Ferrera
remember her as Ugly Betty Andrew
Sullivan who is credited as a

contributing editor at New York magazine
of course a very famous blogger and the
Puddicombe though I don’t know

let’s see bara Tunde Thurston people who
have seen him before on Twitter will
know that he is who he is
bus M Yousef dubbed the John Stewart of

the Arab world let’s go down some more
here a lot of names I don’t know let’s
see Geena Davis we know her Heather R a

very famous Hollywood producer
John Legend well when John Legend’s in
anything you know that that has to be a

completely left organization we chosen
legends famous for saying there’s no
such thing as a creative person of any
sort who’s not a Democrat yes I think

this was the clip it’s John Legend here
I’m hosting a virtual phone bank for
swing left this weekend to help get out
the vote ahead of the special election
in my home state of Ohio that’s right

I’m from Ohio and Ohio has a very
special election on Tuesday we’re
working to elect Democrat Danny O’Connor
to the House of Representatives I think
Danny is campaigning on expanding health

care and proudly promotes his rating
from the NRA his Republican challenger
is state senator maybe it was something
else and that’s okay
call voters from anywhere all you need

is internet access and a play anyway we
had a clip somewhere we said creative
people can only be Democrats
so John Legend is in it Kerry Washington
very famous actress

who else do we have here Marsh Gessen do
you know her she’s the troublemaker who
hates Russia and of course therefore

also hates Trump she’s written 10 books
she’s on staff at The New Yorker Megan
Smith hello we know Megan don’t we I ask
used to be at my silicon spin show all

the time yeah isn’t she a spook it’s
possible I don’t know that okay um let’s
see who else do we have mayor of New
Orleans Rasheed Robinson makes sense

that he’s in there Stacey Abrams General
Stanley a McChrystal they’ve got the
military guys in there too you know to

advise on the proper way to show
anything Steve Levine the future editor
at Axios yeah you know you’re so Valerie
Jarrett oh hello Val she’s in there so

that is what is polluting your Hollywood
products that is what is happening to
MCU is these people are I have their
fingerprints all over it

how’d you like that little comic book
reference huh I didn’t get it MCU it’s
the Marvel cinema cinema tonics
cinematic universe or some shit like
that the Marvel Universe yes MCU yeah

I’m sure it’s generally influenced by
these folks that way that’s why the
creativity is kind of leaching out
people aren’t watching so much stuff I
mean there’s too many shows on Netflix
have them are no good yeah and just a

lot of this stuff is just garbage and
just when we finished up the Roger Ailes
loudest voice six-part miniseries now
there’s going to be a movie with Nicole
Kidman and what’s-her-name mmm

the little blonde from Suicide Squad
Robbie Margot Robbie yes he’s one of
yeah and then the other one the the dear

woman – what’s her name
yes Cherise Charlize Theron Sharon girl
she plays Megan Megan Kelly making it
and everyone says aw she looks just like

her I don’t think so I thought she did –
I didn’t think it was like okay did a
pretty good job but the thing is in the
show I saw the trailer and it was just a
elevator okay this is not exciting bum

bum bum bum bum I mean it was just done
junk trailer you know this movie’s gonna
I love how you do trailers bum bum
ba-bum ba-bum totally yeah I don’t know

if there’s gonna be any goodness I mean
the Roger Ailes thing was that seems
like it did the job it was a pretty good
series there was a Russell Crowe did a
good job that was fantastic but no now

they’re going to trying to do jazzing it
up with some legs well I’m not against
that thing again but with more legs
think about how meta that really is to

do a document or do a drama about Roger
that has more legs than the other one so
they can beat it out that is very meta
when you think about it yeah do a little

movie girls yes hit with that I’d like
to thank you for your courage and say in
the morning to you the man who put the C
in crying Pocahontas John C Dvorak and

morning to you mr. Adam curry in the
morning I’ll ship sassy boots on the
ground feet in the air subs in the water
and all the Dames tonight so hello hello
hello hello troll room in the morning to

you everybody at No Agenda stream com
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both on Thursdays you can listen to the
show live you can chat along troll as

much as you want and not just for no
agenda there’s many shows that you can
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worth your time to go check it out and
hang with the trolls also a big in the

morning to Darrin O’Neill back with a
very sophisticated piece of art we loved
it this was the Greenland Chop Suey
was a good piece we had no argument over
that one

there was a just nice and for added
bonus the fortune cookie had the fortune
America bad it was I think it really had
all them elements were we’re looking for
than a great piece of art yeah that will
draw attention and get people engaged

and it worked we not only got people
people also showed up to support the
show this is the other important part of
what our producers do and we love to
thank our associate secular produces and

executive producers up front just like
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as much no we did one I think a month
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it’s it’s very sickening to go into B
and get dizzy and nauseous I you know

I’ve never said this before but when I
when I snap into dimension B after that
that crazy
yeah voice you’ve got this happened I

actually throw up oh wow well you’re a
trooper you have to grab it I have this
little stinks to high heaven but it’s a
large coffee cup

all right you’re really stretching the
gag become much more than different
dimensions but different planets with

very little in commits in a comment on
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particularly painful for those of us
somewhere in the middle at least on some
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for everything that you do thank you for
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well you will I was hit in the mouth a
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become a future a fixture of my life it
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without massive producer production
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Network I’m happy to provide back second
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douching you got you’ve been deduced
state of the news out lesson the
supposed journalists that work within

them is now close to impossible know
where the truth exists doctors and first
responders treat an attempt to save the
lives of those that have committed such
foul acts that one could legitimately

question whether they are worth saving
lawyers provide legal services to defend
those who have conducted acts that are
seemingly indefensible each does so
because they are committed to the

principles of their practice that all
life has the
you that each person has rights that are
to be defended this is what our media is
supposed to be an organization that’s
committed to the principles of honesty

and truth regardless of the consequences
think about what kind of society would
become if special political interest
inserted this money and control to
emergency rooms or to public defender

offices to define what was acceptable
it’s a scary thought in the last episode
you made mention of the New York Times
meeting where the editor-in-chief as
well as the staff were actually

discussing how to shape the news I could
not help but shake my head and discussed
here’s a group of people who have been
unwilling accomplices to one of the
greatest news misfires ever the Trump

Russia collusion time and time again
they pushed stories that found no
support when the evidentiary report
finally came out they’re responsible as
well we were just caught flat-footed and

time and time again they push towards
about a very real rah rah and they won
Pulitzer Prizes for their flat-footed

work we’re couple of movie Inception
where the characters needed a totem to
tell whether the oneself is actually in
a reality dream it’s with a spinning

coin yeah or not in another person’s
dream journalists have been wrong about
so much for so long I’m convinced that
they have lost themselves several layers
deep in someone else’s dream they need

to a totem to bring themselves back to
reality your gentle sirs or my totem
kindest regards sir Bryan Martin
parkland Florida well thank you very

much that’s very kind of you
yeah well that’s exactly why we don’t
take corporate money you can’t be is any
form of truthful you just can’t
self-censoring and I think it’s pretty

clear we’re not very self censoring
people are innocent until well alleged
to be involved in some type of criminal
haha you’ve got karma and there’s a
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it’s a good one right that was excellent
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this long list Dear John and Adam in the
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school I had just adopted the name Wacom
all for all the troubles I had been
experiencing with my recent home
purchase John seemed disappointed I had
not given specifics as to my trials and

Adam was moving at that time to here’s
my story I purchased and moved into my
new house last August unpacked purchased
furniture hung pictures and made it a

home then in February I found out that
through a postcard in the mail and a
subsequent City open house that road
construction was planned for the road

directly in front of my home no this
this will include adding a turn lane
bike lanes made possible by taking home
owners land and increasing the speed of

35 miles an hour creating a direct
thoroughfare between two major roads
during a bit of doing a bit of research
I discovered that the homeowners
affected had been received a letter of

explanation in the spring of 2017 so the
seller sold the house to me not
disclosing by the way it’s illegal in
California to do that this information
and you could sue them and my realtor

did not do due to diligent do the due
diligence to discover this project
though I had clearly
stated I desired a quiet row with a
nearby green space no I found out April

18th in another city meeting that the
nearby green space will be the future
site of a 19 home development uh-huh so
here we are exactly a year later and

last Friday I closed on this sale well
this house whoa and have a pending offer
on a new one on a done’ dead-end street
this whole process has been one

challenge and a difficulty after anyone
I hope you didn’t go through the same
real estate person thank you for keeping
me saying through it all
yes these include a sir American

Carnegie on the birthday list I think I
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karma and residence karma died looking
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oh and my favorite Reverend Sharpton –
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there’s no real con jobs jobs jobs and
jobs that’s Paul Dortmund San Antonio

Texas 22222 the San Antonio na meetup
was my first and brimming with

interesting people my wife who is
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didn’t attend because she thought it
would be a sausage fest what she’s
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these pickles John at Dvorak org hey
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anyways sad I learned about Mastodon

hams guns that’s
about Massa dot ham radio and guns okay
she’s right it’s a sausage fest wait for
the next at least they didn’t talk about

a hot rod revering Manning please and
thank you very much
sending that one in that’s funny I like
that Caesar Baptista in what is

exhorting Sonya Saugerties New York
Saugerties it must be a job to teach
some words – OH – OH – hello Jon and
Adam eye swollen amygdala feels less

inflamed in with every installment of no
agenda thanks to your hard work please
exist installment towards my knighthood
in exchange for some jobs karma and that
clip montage of sharpton tongue twisters

Baptista it’s at least us is the measure
of whether the country begins in the
state of Wisconsin a national drive to

push back or whether we have more to go
to build a movement of resistance but
resist but that’s not the montage I’m
sorry you want the money I want to do

the montage here we go resist we much we
must they are all giddy about a shutdown
the tortise in the race then co-author
of Kubrick’s lead singer Bono friend

Russia’s big annoy Weaver suspect Johar
tsarnaev rush limbaugh rush limbaugh
rush limbaugh the show rush lombard host

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is
Michael is Mike McCurry
yesterday Antonin II Antonin Scalia Kim
Kardashian and the Republican candidate

for Cairo
Advan Ghazi we rank behind lot V or La
Veta the first stop kazakhstan
kazakhstan two college students in the

James is getting lunch at
for lay the Senora in Iowa Bane is
the gops Tax Day Giveaway to
millionaires why was traffic problems

email sent viola mental projection
agency and what sequestration has done I
could not stop it it’s just so beautiful

once in a while you got to roll out the
full Reverend out that’s rather a
healthy list of executive an associate

executive producers for 1166 we want to
thank each and every one of them to help
and produce this particular show a
healthy is right man that’s fantastic
and since we’re here anyway let me

welcome a new human resource to the No
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road slave just thought I’d let the
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name is Artemus Kendon Johnson born
eight nineteen nineteen for 57 p.m. and
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was born after a sudden c-section in

Temple and is currently in the NICU for
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if you get a chance we could use some
Karma for the little one in the hopes

that he gets healthy and out soon pics
below yes rich I think he actually
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what should I know well I can tell you
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close to your child you can be well
taken care of
because the motto is keep families
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congratulations and thank you to our

executive producers an associate
executive producers I mean like really
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I probably should play this we got a
deep fake deep fake deep deep deep fake

witch and you know there was a deep fake
machine out there and people like to do
stuff and I I hear it I mean well if if
you tell me to find that listen is this

the person is the real person I can hear
no because it still sounds a bit choppy
and not completely natural but when it
comes to this particular guy and his
already interesting cadence well you get

this hello
I’m not Jordan Peterson like the news
you get from the m5m I’m a deep faith I
am an all go made up of skip logic and

the odd glitch that requires you to
jiggle the handle manipulated by a
nameless douchebag producers seeking
cheap love it is more important than

ever that you don’t it to no agenda
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especially from you Jeremy in Bondi you
douche bed please go to Dvorak org slash
and Aid and donate now I may be fake but
this shit is real it’s pretty good isn’t

it yeah couple of glitches in their move
but I liked it yes sounded exactly like
him except for them little glitches
don’t say glitches but those were

glitches where something goes like makes
a glitch yeah wasn’t you right it was a
little glitchy my favorite part was this
there goes this if that made it really
feel real to me that was beautiful thing

oh my goodness who’s our producer that
did that oh well it’s Chris Wilson put
it together but there’s the knot
uh not Peterson not Jordan Peterson calm

deep fake isn’t how people selling deep
fake algorithms it yeah you know that
was available yeah you can just enter
anything anything you want and yeah this

sounds pretty well yes I would say it
sounds pretty good pretty good yeah I
get a kick out of that

oh you know this Iram I thought I had
dreamt this and then I went looking for
it and indeed I had seen it and it did
happen but it kind of passed over with
with the shootings and God knows what

else just the election news channels
it’s so hard to get news like actual
news even news from the president who by

the way I think Trump is done something
very smart he noticed he never replaced
Sarah Sanders as far as I know he
certainly didn’t replace anyone in the
briefing room so his new shtick is

fantastic it’s just whenever he’s
walking to the helicopter you know out
of the oval across the lawn he’s got a
news pole camera set up no journalists

on camera which is why you never see Jim
Acosta anymore just no journalists on
camera only him answering going back and
forth bantering and I think at this

point he must have spoken to the press
more than any president ever in history
comes wandering out sometimes he wanders
on through the over the grass yeah a lot

of grass in these shots
yeah well he’s coming from under grasses
they’re coming up from a chopper and
he’s going to a chopper it’s always
somebody’s on the move that’s right yeah

that’s good but I liked it you know he’s
taking away the whole idea of the
briefing it’s just gone that was just
him and it’s probably the best way to do
it although holy crap man no matter what

he says it’s just another scandal of the
day for the election TV channels it’s
despicable but anyway one of the things
that we always talk about when you of

these mass shootings is was there
any were there any pharmaceuticals
involved now we know that the Dayton
Ohio shooter had xanax and cocaine and
alcohol not a great combo not an SSRI
but not a great combo but you never

really hear about this and it’s never
discussed on the news channels because
the election channels are sponsored by
big pharma in general they spend most of
the money Silicon Valley doing pretty

good as well and as we’ve talked about
mmm several times on the show but going
back many years the closing of the
mental institutions in the United States

now could you do it like a brief
reminder because this was the Reagan era
was it not when we closed that what we
used to call the nut houses well yes but
it’s I get the briefing here because

this was an era that I was this was my
era and what had been going on I was a
Democrat during this era of course
because I was Democrat so there was a
good constant carping by the Democrats

mostly the left if you want to call them
that today but the Democrats just some
Democrats and it was in the schools when
you’re in high school even Grammar

School or anything they always discussed
all the horrible thing they do is look
at these insane asylums it’s not the way
you treat people they don’t need to be
locked up and they made it just it was
the beginning of the social justice

warrior movement I believe maybe it was
and they just moaned and groaned and
moan and groan and moan and groan it was
never gonna end and what was the main
what was the main complaint about the

these mental institutions they were
locking people up man oh man I don’t
need to be locked up and so they were
looking these people up and it was bad

they should be out and about most some
weren’t even nuts anyway as far as
arrogance needs some counseling and so
is just this idea and they kept harping
on it and they’re just like we and this

one Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest was
largely about written by Ken Kesey and
he was a functionary of the of the of
the moment and he put a book about it
was just horrible big dishes lock people

in the Gitmo electroshock therapy and
drug them and so they’re zombies is
so Reagan comes into office and he says
he didn’t want to have anything to do
with all these people moaning and
groaning for this whole six years or

however longer he’s gonna stay as the
governor and he just closed all the
places he didn’t you know he did what
they wanted and you know and they oh now

they’re looking back or they blame him
were these this what were these federal
institutions state and Reagan had the
power to close they were like today they
got real all of them got disappeared we

had Agnew state hospital down in San
Jose locked up we had the nuthouse in
see I refer to it no Napa is in that
house in Sonoma both of them were pretty

much shuttered I think one was kept oh I
think the one for the criminally insane
whichever one that was I think was kept
for a while because they need to put
these guys somewhere during their trial

it would be worth going back and looking
at some articles from that period and
see if if people were talking about you
know the equivalent of people
experiencing homelessness

you know people experiencing mental
issues or some crap like that
well the homeless this thing is
something that does been written about
has been studied a little bit it really
relates back to Jimmy Carter when he

changed some federal rules about
subsidizing housing let’s stay with the
with within nut houses for a second and

I remember growing up they were what’s
wrong with Timmy no they took his mom to
the nuthouse
yeah that would be the way it would be
for referred to well President Trump

heard it going to be focusing very
strongly on mental health because here’s
a case of mental health part of the
problem is we used to have mental
institutions and I said this yesterday
we had a mental institution will you

take a sicko like this guy he was a sick
guy so many sides and you’d bring him to
a mental health institution those
institutions are largely closed because

communities didn’t want them communities
didn’t want to spend them on
for them so you don’t have any
intermediate ground you can’t put him in
jail because he hadn’t done anything yet

but you know he’s going to do something
so whether it be talking seriously about
opening mental health institutions again
in some cases reopening I can tell you
in New York the governor’s in New York

can a very very bad thing when they
closed our mental institutions so many
of them you have these people living on
the streets and I can say that in many
cases throughout the country they’re

very dangerous they shouldn’t be there
so we’re gonna be talking about mental
institutions and when you have some
person like this you can bring them into
a mental institution and they can see

what they can do but we got to get them
out of our communities so the problem
with with doing this today in 2019 and
if it hasn’t already started it will is

mental health and the definitions of
that have changed mental health is I
mean now you at school you can take a
mental health day at work you can have a

mental health day John you and I don’t
know this but this is the fact there’s a
you know this is something that is a
part of your benefits package you can

you know you get this many sick days PTO
and then here’s your mental health days
mental health is described very
differently and and it is much more

inclusive than you’re right for the
funny farm or the nuthouse and with the
SSRIs and I learned a new one SS are n
our eyes know what you’ll hear in a

moment these two people who are
depressed who are really seriously
depressed they have been life savers so
you know you gotta walk you gotta tread

very carefully in today’s media
landscape of what you call mental health
and mentally insane etc and as if on cue
NPR had an hour-long special
celebrating 30 years of Prozac

and I put a link to it in the show notes
it’s it’s worth listening to although at
the end it comes all the way around to
well they’re pretty good we should keep

taking them the woman who did the piece
did this did the interviews and host the
piece has also been on prozac for most
of her adult life and I just wanted to
play a clip from this we’ve had 30 years

of Prozac so why are we still depressed
which I’d like to have is an ISO
candidate for the end of the show I
think it’s a very valuable statement
we’ve had 30 years of Prozac so why are

we still depressed I have this almost
physical memory of the first time I
opened the bottle and shook this tiny
green and cream-colored capsule out into

my hand I remember being scared because
at the time I thought it was going to
make me somebody else and what did you
think I vividly remember you know the
first time I took it but I remember

better the third and fourth time I took
it because I was stunned I was
absolutely stunned at first I thought
this couldn’t be I’m just having a good
moment but that moment turned into a day

in that day turned into a week and that
week turned into a month and I’m someone
who lived with psychiatric symptoms
since I was 10 years old and probably
even before all of a sudden I was better

and I had to reckon with what it meant
that this pill was making me into a new
person I came to believe it was what I

called a psychotropic Drano it cleared
my mind of all of the guns of obsessions
and the gunk of depression and
underneath was the person that I was the
most miraculous thing that’s ever

happened to me and I’ve had two babies
so I’m not supposedly miraculous and it
was miraculous but it wasn’t as
miraculous as being cured in a matter of
days by a pill what’s been the long-term

effect on you um prozac stopped working
for me it wasn’t like it’s kind of
dwindled down I just stopped so I had to
switch to effects

I’m permanently on an SSRI RSS NRI
booster I can’t get off I’ve tried to
get off and it’s not possible for me to
do I don’t see that I’ll ever be able to

get off of it
in the meantime no one knows no one
really knows what the long-term side
effects of the SSRIs are I’ve been

taking them you’ve been taking them for
30 years
we’re walking experiments but the
scarier thing than that is that no one’s
experimenting on us they should be

looking towards us our bodies carry the
signatures of these drugs but no one’s
asking us are looking at us or looking
in us to find out what might be the

long-term effects why are they so hard
to get off of and what happens to the
brain if you do get off of them and what
happens to the brain if you don’t get

off of them I mean something is
happening to the brain and after 30
years of marinating your brain in a
serotonin booster clearly the brain has
changed but no one knows how or why and

apparently no one gives a crap that is
that’s outrageous that is outrageous and
these women have a point that I think is

well made by that one that one woman
yeah what gives yeah it’s like three
years to build yeah I mean this is just
like chantix you know just today are you

smoking now it works who cares if you
tried to kill yourself or your neighbor
who cares if you woke up naked rolling
around in horse crap with a gun who
cares if you’re a celebrity chef and you

kill yourself while in France so yeah
I find that to be immediate grounds for
halting sales until until we fight well

that that wouldn’t be fair because
people these people really need it and
and it didn’t it stopped working and I
mean isn’t that reason enough for the
makers of Prozac to go find out why it’s

I don’t know if that’s a competing
manufacturer but she went to a different
brand and had to add a booster huh yeah
it’s just very distressing yeah and I’m

sure lots of people will send me emails
about their experience and I appreciate
they’ll be feel be interesting to read
but and of course in this case prozac

well okay well let’s see we got
something a little more exciting if we
got tons of things that are exciting I

was just sometimes like you know I got
to put something on blast you know let’s
see we got what is the interesting odd
with Cuomo and the REA oh yeah yeah this

is interesting now this is this was
something I recorded I knew about this
and I thought it was as a topic it was
this woman calls out whitey you know

there’s just some screeching woman
that’s that’s giving some guy crap for
being white mm-hmm but that’s not what I
ended up with with this clip was not
about that this clip turns out to be

about something completely different
it’s nothing to do with the message of
the of the clip this has to do with the
pitch of the woman’s voice like to drop
their register down and talk deep

because you know like you mean like when
he’s running when you’re running a blood
company this woman who’s bitching about
she was talking over two people two

tones and the pitches and the frequency
response of her voice or the frequency
of her voice not the response the
frequency of her voice pretty much wipes

everything else out and I’m wondering if
this is not the most effective person to
have as a spokesperson in a broadcast or
televised argument Jessica’s her voice

let’s listen to this clip and you the
clips been around but just listen to how
her voice dominates this is about
politics is about elections this is

about great authorities to have taken
over the Democratic Party hijacked it
from their own speaker you think they’ve

taken it over interesting it’s so
this is Angela Rai yeah but the setup
would have been very different for me

but okay let’s listen
well let’s because I don’t
care about this bullcrap this is just a
bunch of people bitching and moaning at
each other I don’t care about the
message he has to say but I do care
about her voice and how it easily steps

all over both Cuomo and the other guy
thing that you do at the same time you
the time you chose hijacking I beg to

differ because they hijack the party I
remarked retic party you can and that’s

what you are do but the bottle country
are white men white men who think like

you that is the straightest terrible
absolutely right it’s all because of
guys like me that’s silly rhetoric it
doesn’t get it you know knowing how
dangerous times are right now defending

this nonsense
calling people these folks that was my
favorite yes she has a great voice

she’s a very annoying person she is full
of crap she is boules yeah and she’s
been on CNN for a long time with this
annoying voice and I think you should

hire as your personal spokesperson it’s
astonishing her voice I mean I didn’t I
just cuz I’ve resisted for the message
and that’s why I didn’t clip it for that
I mean the idea that you can’t use the

word hijack because it’s a it’s somehow
demeaning to just just to add to that I
mean you did hear the point where she
keeps saying that white men are the
problem I mean you heard that writers

okay that pisses me she does she’s
racist but it’s the way it cuts through
everything else that’s what I was
impressed by this
screechy voice of hers is perfect it’s

the perfect voice that’s why she’s there
they have selected her specifically
forged she was just a runner at the
black Congressional Caucus she wasn’t
anyone’s important and then she got on
CNN she’s good at yapping over people

and she’s good to go she’s got a career
I love this part now I don’t know
today’s television standards but back in

the day when I was on that on the
television if you were an interviewer or
you had a panel of people and you
resorted to pay who shows it you got a
talking-to how much very amateurish its

it is it shows you have no control you
don’t know what you’re doing and it’s
it’s pathetic maybe it’s okay these days
I guess but you know do you talk to us
like this done on purpose there’s no

reason because the control room can cut
people off they can do a lot but it but
because she is getting her she’s the one
who’s dominating the company she must

give her the show and she’s been wanting
her own show for a long time
I’d say Don Lemon be on the lookout
watch your back watch your index finger
that would be a good person to replace

lemon would be good to get a place with
her the promise I get the sense that
she’s stupid and I’m sorry Don Lemon is
the shining light hello let’s get back

to the program
she’s a da me and probably couldn’t do a
show yeah yes or she’s a prima donna
that would be horrible to be running a

show well I’ll tell you this she would
be a good hate watch people would be
totally into it more hate watching than
than lemon lemon is too is you know
these names

ambi yeah he better watch his index
finger she’s coming for him speaking of
old white guys being the problem this
carries over into the business news Fox
Business News you can

just carve out those that are good for
the environment social and governance
that don’t have board members of a bunch
of old people guys white guys sitting
around the table fallen asleep they we

need to upgrade we need a facelift I
think to some degree this is what
they’re saying but they’re not going to
shift away from profitability for sure
investors today especially Millennials
are looking for this type of

representation in their portfolio and
you can get that anything you’re saying
there is a genuine shift on the part of
society which wants capitalism to be
less gung-ho for profits no I’m not

saying that it’s profit number one as
you say however we’re under more
scrutiny if you have been running a
fortune 500 for a long period of time

and your board members on average are 78
years old and they’re all white guys and
they don’t have diversification they
don’t have younger thoughts
you’re gonna come under scrutiny from

investors okay fair point at that point
hold on a second about you in a second
oh yeah I guess we’re screwed
we’ll be under scrutiny bogus argument
too of course it was you one is the most

experienced people you can get and you
just just randomly throw a bunch of
diverse people onto the boards of
various companies you know don’t you
know that most companies do better when

you have women and scene imagined
management who’s where’s the a B
comparison worse to proof of that
oh-o-oh false equivalency what about ISM
you find it I find that you like my lip

tart false equivalency man back off with
you what about ism
oh it’s you know I think you have a
better voice to do that character I do

no no
shit for it but dogs are indeed people

too I cannot stop being on this tip we
have replaced dogs that we’ve replaced
children with dogs certainly here in
Austin Texas we’ve replaced the nominal
money you know what somebody wrote in

and said the reason our donations done
the less because you condemned dead dogs
I did not condemn dead dogs but I did
make fun of the constant comparison of

dogs to children specifically babies you
never hear this is my toddler you never
hear this is my teenager no it’s always
my baby how old is your baby

Oh in eight years stinky old people and
I love dogs that’s no pain I have no
problem with dogs but owners and oh my
god anyway I could go on forever it’s

fine it’s fine but I am right about this
we are replacing children with dogs and
channel 4 in the UK has made a show

about it trainer Joe racing is coming to
the age of desperate parents for the

controversial approach to parenting I’m
putting my neck on the line I believe in
the concept of the liens at this for
where it is
using job training technique they will

want to be good boys but can you really

train your baby like a dog she said a
channel 4 there you go yes can you train
your baby like a dog yes and they

brought in the dog trainer and it’s this
is one time when video would have been
she says sit you here there in the clip
sit and the dog and the kid both sit
down this is phenomenal

that’s just wow yeah yeah it was here I
think can you train your baby like a dog
when I see a choke chain around some

baby then I’ll wonder well you’re no
stranger to the leash no that’s true but
that’s not for training it’s to keep
them from running and on the tracks his

life-saving measures yeah it is a big
difference breaks it I this would fall
under the header of I don’t know but we

were talking about this I’m pretty sure
I said what are you laughing about what
are you ho humming well I had I didn’t
get it clipped this morning from near
this network Joe and I do so I’m glad

you brought a brexit because now I can
talk about I didn’t clip the clip but I
can talk about their latest scheme okay
well he want here’s what I heard Boris
was hanging out with Angela and the fact

I have the clip and he’s like and she
goes and then he goes yeah I think we
can still come up with a deal in 30 days

it’s aggressive but I think we can do it
this guy is not taking the UK out of
yes of course I think there is ample
scope to to do a deal and I’ve explained
I think pretty clearly what needs to

happen we need to remove those elements
of the of the withdrawal agreement that
simply don’t work for once we get rid of
it if we can change it then I think
there is the the real prospect of making

progress very rapidly the dumbest thing
does person I think what we need to do

is is remove it hole an entire remove
the the backstop and then and then work
as as Chancellor Merkel says on the
alternative arrangements and there are

abundant solutions which are proper
which have already been discussed I
don’t think to be fair they’ve so far
been very actively proposed in over the
last three years by the British

government but I may say I’m very glad
listening to you tonight and gather to
hear that at least the conversations on
that matter can now properly begin and

you’ve said a very mister in timetable
there for 30 days if I understood you
correctly I’m more than happy with that

this you know what’s gonna happen
they’re not really right they’re not
gonna breaks it they’re gonna kick him
out and Nigel Faraj will become Prime
Minister they’re out of control

what Boris Johnson is if Nigel Farage
becomes Prime Minister I would love to
go back I think probably 10 years nine

years for sure and find the notes that
we got from our British listeners back
then because we were a big fans of Nigel

Faraj just for his polemics oh yeah he’s
gonna go nowhere

these are all good we spotted him early
and we stayed on the train and we were
corrected as I think we are often so I’m

watching this clip you’re the latest
here going for and I did it wasn’t
concise enough that so it wasn’t really
clippable I would have sent it this
morning the thing they’re pushing now is

is the is the is the catch phrase
freedom of movement they seem to be
really hounding on this freedom of

movement thing and so they were out and
man on the street do you think it’s
gonna be okay because with brexit you’ll
have no freedom of movement yes this is
a big thing yeah I know yeah as if yours

now you got you got the lead boots on
and you can’t move you can’t even leave
their town you’re a straight jacket
jacket you can’t move you can’t do

anything and this is the same thing with
this Ireland border back stop nonsense
yeah what difference does it make if
they put a stupid border guard at the
Sun well hold on a second now that’s you

that you’re wrong because the people of
ire the Republic of Ireland and the
Northern Ireland people have a real
problem with the border they’re happy

they finally got rid of all the problems
and they are worried they say they that
the problems will come back if we have a
physical border
to a pass-through border just have it

there as has just got got you could
phone into your gun and flown into
europe where you going to the customs
thing and there’s two doors one is green
one is red you got nothing declare you

walk off the plane boom you go through
the grieving bar and you’re now in the
country it took that long the United
States they stopped everybody scanned
the bags they do all this stuff you

don’t need to do that you could just
have a green you know have the border
there have a big green and a red and
just kept people go back and forth as
fast as they want to it through the

green hole I don’t see this being a huge
impediment it’s gonna reach trigger the
Irish Republican Army or anything in
between I don’t know but I’d like a
t-shirt that says the green hole that’s

all I want
yeah Wes probably is all you want but
that said I just don’t I mean there’s
freedom of movement thing they got

everyone saying oh god I don’t know what
I’m gonna do this is not entirely
correct the freedom of movement thing is

also mentioned on the EU side and it is
not just about the back stop and the
border between the Republic of Ireland
in Northern Ireland it is about the

freedom to go work but I’m telling you
that is mention the back stop being an
element okay I’m I’m expanding okay I’m
expanding it’s alright

about attacking you it’s just they
always send the emails to me so I’m I’m
trying to work guys easy to remember yes
the freedom of movement in my experience

the way people mean it is now I can’t go
and work in Amsterdam now I can’t go
work in Frankfurt now I can’t go work
and fill in the blank and that’s true

until you know something is worked out
or if that’s worked out immediately
that’s really and I see that more as
people who don’t want to be in the
UK they’re the ones bitching oh no no

freedom of movement you basically want
to personally actually brexit to go work
somewhere else they should just move
there yes

UK if you want it but you want to work
in Amsterdam and Holland cuz you like it
better than you like little just move
there because I’m a citizen yeah yeah

they don’t want to do that this is like
temporary marriage Boris Johnson as guy
is a nut job he’s but you know what I’m

happy the UK has someone like this now
cuz I got a little tired of Trump bits
here’s a Boris Johnson who was an anti
anti-vaxxer the same time the World

Health Organization’s stripped the
United Kingdom of its measles free
status after it declared the disease had
been eliminated just three years ago
complacency on the part of parents about

the need to get that settlement vaccine
but also I’m afraid people have just
been listing their superstitious mumbo
jumbo on the internet and when auntie

start from the thinking that the MMR
vaccine is a bad idea that’s wrong the
British government’s inviting social
media companies to a summit on how they
can better promote accurate vaccination
information No there you go colluding

with the government it’s called
censorship but ok you can call it a
conference if you want God love that
yeah gotta love that hey let’s let’s go

figure out how we can tell people how
wrong they are they need to and that
this is not a pre a pro or anti VAX
the government’s are telling you what to

do telling you what to do there were two
yeah I’d like to play these two clips
there’s a lawsuit against
Google for their YouTube subsidiary from

Prager you and they have filed the yeah
it’s a this is something we’ve been
talking about when it comes to section
230 of the Communications Decency Act

which of course is what spawned the
commercial internet services known today
as the social media etc and the idea

just briefly it’s explained in this clip
that yeah you could host someone’s
user-generated content it was referred
to at the time UGC user-generated

content which is free you know they do
it themselves as fucking idiots okay
they’re gonna make a business out of
this so you could not get sued for libel
but of course you have to adhere to the

exact words of the statute and Prager
you is taking an alphabet to court they
did a full six minute video I’ve
shortened it down just to give you the

basic of what their lawsuit is about so
the most important lawsuit in America
right now and perhaps the free world
this Prager University in America right
now and perhaps the free world is Prager

University versus YouTube YouTube was
infringing on our right to free speech
we filed in federal court in late 2017
and thereafter in California state court

wait a second
you might say YouTube which is owned by
Google there’s a private company can’t
they do anything they want the answer is
yes and no yes if they are a publisher

No if they are a public forum so what’s
the difference this gets right to the
nub of the matter a public right to the
nub of the matter that’s a typical

lawyer I guess he has no heart can’t say
hearts the nub so what’s the difference
this gets right to the nub of the matter
a publisher chooses the content that
resides on its site the New York Times

is a perfect example you
write a story and just expect the New
York Times to publish it The Times
chooses what appears on its pages or
website and if they publish a story that

contains a malicious lie or violates
copyright law they can be sued Prager U
is also a publisher it decides what
material gets placed on its website most
sites or publishers in contrast a public

forum which can be a physical location
like the classic town square or a
shopping mall or a virtual location like
a website is a place that must allow
individuals and organizations to

exercise their free speech rights
YouTube is an example of a public forum
in fact YouTube describes itself as a
public forum he make a video YouTube
hosts it and anyone with an internet

connection can watch it Facebook is also
a public forum and so is Twitter here’s
why this is so important a public forum
under Section 230 of the Communications
Decency Act a law co-sponsored by

Democrats and Republicans and passed by
Congress in 1996 is not subject to
liability for content placed on its site
if someone posts a video about how to

build a bomb or writes a threatening
comment the public forum website cannot
be held legally responsible for that
content that’s a good thing
it gives YouTube and other public forums

the chance to host a wide variety of
material from nature videos to political
diatribes without fear of being sued and
it worked and then it didn’t the few
years ago the social media Giants Google

Facebook YouTube and Twitter started to
behave not like public forums but like
publishers they stopped following
section 230 which specifically requires
that these websites promote a true

diversity of political discourse and
began to judge content by their own
political and social criteria so and by
the way I pulled out every three-second
gap between every sentence he read so

that was painful as it was it was much
more painful before I chopped it down
and I think this is yeah I think this is
interesting this lawsuit because it goes
after a different part of the statute

which is the description this a light –
description but it is it
of some of the responsibilities and I
think they I think they can argue it

yeah I’ve always believed this I wrote a
column last year in PC Magazine that
said that Facebook and Twitter I said
their publisher and one of these days
something has to be done about it

because they’re not acting like
publishers and they’re I mean they’re I
mean they’re acting like publishers and
that they call products they take out
terrorist stuff they take out stuff they
don’t like and they have buildings full

of people that look at things and decide
whether it should be removed or not
including these some of these very lame
videos that Praeger you has been had
pulled including an Alan Dershowitz
explanation of the founding of Israel

why would you pull that BDS man hey
where are Israeli Knights by the way I
don’t hear from them anymore that’s a

good point little war I don’t see him on
Twitter we nearly had a lot of Israeli
listeners on it but we have Serge oh no
we have we have a couple of nights from
in Israel I have not heard from anyway

sorry continue on your good point anyway
so there so I’ve written about this and
I sent the column over to that law firm
and you know I don’t know if they’re
gonna how they’re gonna handle this

whole thing but it’s about time because
it would be if somebody put years of my
concern and I’ve seen it somebody on
YouTube or anywhere any of these systems

publishes something libelous you should
be able to sue the publisher mm-hmm
I bet you can’t because there’s a

section 230 supposedly these are not
these are forums I like you know like a
bulletin board it’s you know it’s your
local taqueria you know you can just
accept them up there there it is yeah I
don’t think so Stuart’s internationals I

mean the Germans don’t YouTube and all
these guys they make them take down any
not seep stuff and they gladly do it
yeah you’re gonna you kind of set forum

you can’t do that yeah yeah well so
first before I do and say anything I
could not resist I went to try out the
new Burger King Taco since you said
taqueria I did that left it left myself

open yes for the cross-examination now
you can go to Taco subject no I just
wanted to say that I I love me a hard

shell taco and in the commercial they
look so good and the people eating them
look so happy
let me tell you this is a piece of shit
product it comes flat and it looks like

a quesadilla it’s it gets soggy it
almost like a ninja with a
jack-in-the-box taco car it looks
nothing like the pictures nothing like
the commercial it has the taste

you can’t even I am right now I’m put
him on blast I could not even see what
was in there oh what a piece of crap
have you ever had a talk a a a

jack-in-the-box taco no okay well I’m
not a big jack-in-the-box
I’m not a big jack-in-the-box guy
telling you this right now do your abuse

should do this okay now that you’ve
entered the realm of taco bar these are
Co reviewer yes you have to go to the
jack-in-the-box I get a jack-in-the-box
taco to compare it to the Burger King

taco yes am I then not a taco wrist
accurate taco restock attack Arista yes
thank you

all right back to YouTube after this
slight detour Dave Rubin that you
brought up the taco thing of mine I’m
sorry yes because you are flies at Taco

Bell cuz they try to get to the French
fry game yeah with some dip
there’s coated with some god-awful
powder are the worst french fries you
can buy anywhere I have a feeling taco

talk maybe a whole segment taco talk
with your taco is there a podcast there
should be a podcast taco talk with your
taco resis Adam and John hey John

how’s your your beans alright back to
back to Google dave rubin who is of
course he’s a leading warrior on the

front against against censorship and
what youtube is doing and the deep
platforming and the canceled culture
because he’s witnessed it firsthand and

and i applaud him for doing that so he
had a panel that he pulled together with
a number of people talking about deep
platforming and on that panel former
facebook guys been they would been at

facebook for seven or eight years i’m
sure he has his money and he’s fine he’s
doing other stuff brian Amrish and he’s
asked and wouldn’t you know it the guy
inside the companies is saying exactly

what we’ve been saying about the
platforming on this show since the word
deep platforming was invented I mean
just a little insight on how in terms of
what makes it hard to be transparent and

a little bit about how these algorithms
work whether it’s you know ranking and
newsfeed or or D monetization on YouTube
so what they don’t have is some sort of
band list of you know if you talk about

these topics or you use these words you
know with your if you’re an Objectivist
or you’re on the right that you’re gonna
fall into this category and we’re gonna
treat you this way that’s not how it
works so what’s essentially happening

and for this is true for both YouTube
and Facebook on the you know talk about
D monetization for example what they’re
trying to instantly advertisers from is
the risk of their brands being tarnished

by controversy that’s that’s the thing
that advertisers are worried about
they’re worried about the fact that if
they’re associated with something that’s
considered hateful or hate speech or

politically incorrect that that’s gonna
blow up it’s gonna tarnish their brand
that’s gonna they don’t want to be
associated with that is that a very
strange thing though because I don’t
think to say before the internet if you
were watching any NBC sitcom you you

weren’t thinking that
whoever at you know tied endorsed that
particular episode of The Cosby Show or
something like that yeah I think people

have become a lot more sensitive about
it and they become much more may become
more activist like about it in saying
like oh you’re right next to that ad
therefore you know we’re gonna try to
punish you and control you in this way

and so what I’ve understood from the
advertisers and you know I didn’t work
on that part directly but I’ve spoken to
folks inside Facebook about this is that
that’s essentially their concern it’s
not that they have any you know they’re
they’re against it Objectivist or

they’re against people on the right it’s
that they they don’t want to be
associated with something that could
become controversial and so the problem
for these companies becomes how do we
predict what’s going to become

controversial and the way you do that is
not that you have a team of human beings
who are deciding what’s controversial
it’s not the answer is that you build
fairly sophisticated models using
artificial intelligence and machine
learning that essentially try to predict

what’s going to be controversial and
what’s not okay so without going to
matrix right now aren’t the humans the
flaw in the system there I mean these
systems are built by humans who have

their own biases and all that I mean I
look at it from a higher level than that
like I think the flaw is what you were
saying in the sense of like you can’t be
that sensitive about being associated

with with content that’s controversial
because it is it is impossible to build
models that are going to predict this
stuff accurately what those models end
up predicting like nobody can even tell

you you might look at it from a very
human perspective and say like oh it
kind of fuzzy looks like they’re biased
against conservatives or Objectivists or
you know whatever it is but in practice

the way these models work is there there
are hundreds of thousands of levers
nobody knows what they all are they’re
trained essentially you know with data

sets that are and again they’re trying
to reduce controversy and essentially
with them and
the advertiser concern at least and

that’s where it’s coming from but
there’s no sort of band list on far
writer exactly and that’s the whole
problem it’s what has always been now
are they’re biased people pulling the

levers absolutely there’s something in
there that was funny
and catch okay well and why did he keep
saying it Objectivist yeah because he’s

an iron ran guy I guess that’s gotta be
it or somebody is at the company maybe
he was always a Randian and he that’s

why he had to leave
or maybe face because I haven’t heard
that word for decades no we talked about
an ran who you’re a big fan up yeah fana

here we talked about objectivism ever
heard you ever used the word objectivism
well you’re wrong because we went into
in fact you went into great deal of
detail about the bullcrap objectivism
but after I said hey I read this book I

kind of liked it Atlas Shrugged little
grab objectivism here remember that’s
not me that’s exactly you I am nailing
your dream bit no no we did talk about
yeah we did the dream okay alright well

we have our pipes I just found in that
clip it was very very unusual that they
kept bringing that up I agree I’m glad
you did catch it okay yeah of course

then the troll room caught it two people
people people do listen and they also
listen to their customers it looks like

Gillette has figured out that their idea
of the causing controversy with the best
of man Kambei which backfired
spectacularly with a five billion dollar
right down on the Gillette property so

they’ve gone back yeah they’ve gone back
they’ve now changed they are now going
to stop talking about toxic masculinity
and they’re going to local heroes as we
see a firefighter in Australia wake up

in the morning getting ready to shave
and what I’ve been a firefighter for 19
years people sometimes ask if it’s scary
it can be but like anyone who has a job

to do you prepare not just in terms of
your equipment but also mentally and

in urban environments it’s mandatory for
Australian firefighters to be
clean-shaven so that our facemask keep
an airtight seal

sometimes it’s total chaos but you’re
trained to control your stress response
by lots of gleizes fences skin shaving
every day can cause redness and

but Nanami
honestly it’s not the fire I bet most
it’s more the constant reminder of he

might leave behind
I’m a jerk man let’s give God the razor
designed to slow our skin irritation

what after playing the I’m taking away
your clip of the day we used to have
something for that didn’t we

worst clip of the day we don’t have
anything yet maybe Kristi Noem over so I
thought we had I thought we had a thing
that reversed yes yes I’m correct gone
now can I bring it back to tacos because

I planned this you want you want to talk
about Gillette first and then go to

tacos again no I don’t want to talk
about Jill I don’t care about Gillette
well I’m gonna bring it back around to
an article in The New York Times which
shows exactly what stage we are in in
the podcast revolution ma’am we went

through this yeah we went through this
we we I’ve said many times you can’t
monetize the network it doesn’t work
this is not going to end well and

there’s this whole article about fast
food companies doing podcasts and
according to the New York Times what’s
more surprising people are actually

listening to them Oh bullcrap now the
thing that got me though and it’s a
whole it’s a whole article about so
Gizmodo is producing the McDonald’s the
sauce podcast but then I got to gimlet a

gimlet is working for New Balance
creating a show about clothing and
sneaker culture this is the death knell

of the podcasting network the minute the
podcast network take it from me I had
one the minute the podcast network
resorts to getting in advertisers to

make a show for that advertisers product
on the brink of another round of finance
this will not work for a gimlet this

will not any of these never works for
anybody you know any of these podcast
companies that are going to make payroll
by making podcasts for their advertisers
who should be advertising on their

outstanding podcast is going down the
tubes yes today I can’t agree more and
in fact the whole thing there’s some

thought I had and I’d lost it we did
that at me vo we did the our dx7 we did
we had a bunch of sketches we unbox
motorcycles yes so yeah this is where I

was gonna say this is worse worse it is
the pits

it is the pits is really bad we on the
other New York Times the New York Times
is in under somehow because there’s no
way that people are flocking to a taco
podcast done by Taco Bell

whoever the sponsor is well they say
that talked a little bit about the shell
bill we got bill in here from the shell
manufacturing facility outside of

Nashville taco shell makers bill how to
do at the taco manufacturing taco shell
company yeah I thought I was gonna be

Bill you played both roles no your bill

how you doing I’m good we got bill on on
skype yeah I’m sorry bill taco shells
bill well first of all thanks for having
me on the shell cast I really enjoy

talking about the different kinds of
taco shells that are out there so far we
found that the one that looks like a
quesadilla stuck together where you

can’t see what
inside seems to work the best for the
for our tacos but that’s not the way
Taco Bell Taco is bill you sure you
actually work for Taco Bell or are you

just a generic shell maker the Taco Bell
buys from your contract oh hey what this
is the shell cast I got all kinds of
shells big shells small shells I got
wacky shells zany shells they got

coloured shells got hard shell soft
shells I got shells so you you who’s the
inventor I was very fascinated by this
by the way who is the inventor I think
El Paso makes these and that the shell

has got like a bottom so it’s like it
goes down as a hard shell that’s got a
bottom it that’s about an inch wide and
then it comes up on the other side so
you can actually stand up the shell yeah

yeah that was that yeah we I think we
should stop while we’re ahead
you know what Jim imagine all the people

who could do is awesome oh yeah that’d
be fun
you just weren’t up for it ended

somewhere no a lot to be talked about
maybe there is something to that but

let’s somebody please register shell
cast calm and the talker show with your
tucker Easter’s talk for hours about
tacos bitchy bottom that’s for sure to

get into taco truck tacos thing becomes
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wow what a list what a list it’s a very
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I have plans to give away the first ten
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yes it was just a discover today is the
22nd of August 28th 2019 belated
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16th was a happy birthday to Sir

American carnage who turned 29 on the
Lisa says happy birthday to her daughter
Olivia May she was born on the 18th new
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we did that one terry rule ik happy
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Cleveland also 48 today happy birthday

from everybody here at the best podcast
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expanded round table the No Agenda

knights and dames it’s rather large but
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thank you again sir Craig and thanks
everybody who supports the show gracias
my friends well I have a actual
deconstruction you like to run all right

NVC which I got to get more clips from
them because they always run these
whipsaws or whatever we call it whatever
I call and I keep changing the name and

there’s a good example they ran this I’m
not gonna run with these clips but they
did this essentially the clip I’m gonna
play which is the Wednesday Trump
rundown was almost identical to the

Tuesday Trump but in the Tuesday Trump
rundown they didn’t have any whipsaws oh
so we’ll just run – yeah whipsaw is
where they say one thing and then they

clip something else so here’s the
Wednesday Trump rundown and then I will
take two whipsaws out of it after that
we hear the whole thing
also making head
lines this evening president Trump

sparking new confusion on gun background
checks polling new tax cuts off the
table and feuding with Denmark over his
rejected offer to buy Greenland all
while doubling down on his controversial

remarks about Jewish voters NBC’s Peter
Alexander is at the White House
President Trump tonight delivering mixed
messages about enhanced background
checks for gun buyers oh I have an

appetite for background checks we’re
gonna be doing background checks at the
same time after another call with the
NRA chief Tuesday arguing the existing
system is already strong we have
background checks but there are

loopholes in the background checks and
that’s what I spoke to the NRA about
yesterday the president also appearing
to reverse course amid concerns the
economy may be weakening and outlook he
disputes after floating the idea of a

tax cut Tuesday payroll tax is something
that we think about today saying it’s
not on the table looking at a tax cut
now we don’t need it we have a strong
economy the president again defending

the ongoing trade war with China this
isn’t my trade war this is a trade war
that should have taken place a long time
ago by a lot of other presidents
delivering this self-aggrandizing

assessment somebody had to do it I am
the chosen one somebody had it do it so
I’m taking on China President Trump also
digging in again painting Jewish

Americans as disloyal if they support
Democrats I think that if you vote for a
Democrat you’re very very disloyal to
Israel and to the Jewish people
many Jewish groups have condemned the

comments accusing the president of
echoing an anti-semitic trope that
Jewish people have dual loyalties and
are more devoted to Israel than to their
own countries and tonight the president
found another target blaming the prime

minister of Denmark a longtime ally for
the abrupt cancellation of a state visit
there next month after she ridiculed his
desire to buy Greenland it was nasty I
thought it was an inappropriate

statement all they had to do is say no
we’d rather not do that or we’d rather
not talk about it don’t say what an
absurd idea that is the president’s
decision to pick a fight with an ally

comes as he’s advocating for a
Cerie tuesdays before heading to the g7
summit calling for russia to be allowed
back into the group before you continue
with the deconstruction this is only

possible because of his new format of
the grass the chopper and just Trump
yeah that’s interesting okay
so I heard a lot of I mean he’s also

making it easy for him to put this
together well they still can’t do it
without cheating yeah just can’t do it
they can’t bring themselves to it if you

listen to the Tuesday version of the
same thing it was pretty straightforward
there was no cheating in that one
same exact report but somebody obviously
at NBC really one of the worst of these
networks say the MSNBC you know being

the epitome of it somebody hey can you
we do this again but let’s you know give
the guy a little some needling here
because it was like a pretty soft yeah

and so they threw all everything and
they could and the second report but is
the same thing but here’s two examples
of the whipsaws that were in there and I
will listen to both of them and then
you’ll see how obvious it is but let’s

play whipsaw 1 arguing the existing
system is already strong we have
background checks but there are
loopholes in the background check so
that’s what I spoke to the NRA about

yesterday ok he says that the quote says
that he’s to call the NRA to tell them
that the existing system is already
strong that’s not the clip holder things

have got loopholes in them I’m here
together how is that well how does what
Peter says in his analysis says that he
called the NRA to tell him that the

background checks are already strong
that’s not that is not what he said in
the clip arguing the existing system is
already strong we have background checks
but there are loopholes in the
background that’s what I spoke to the

NRA about yesterday yeah they were it to
be fair and not cheaters they would have
used the other one where he said we got
great background checks but he doesn’t

have that he nany never said they were
strong no the NBC correspondent asserts
that Trump said they were strong
does not say that lies alright lies lies

okay let’s try we’ll talk to another
example after floating the idea of a tax
cut Tuesday
payroll tax is something that we think
about today saying it’s not on the table

I’m not looking at a tax cut now we’re
not needed we have a strong economy
Oh old I want to play it again after
floating the idea of a tax cut Tuesday

payroll tax is something that we think
about today saying it’s not on the table
I’m not looking at a tax cut now we’re
not needed we have a strong economy
where we’re in there does he float the

idea he says he’s looking at we’re
looking at tax cuz we’re looking at
Attica that’s a float float to be
specific he says tax payroll taxes is
something we think about you know who

doesn’t you get payroll tax you think
about it thinking about something but
the same as floating an idea he
specifically says yeah we think about
nannies ready contradicted himself

we never contradicted him Suze never
said the fourteen ever the first
assertion was a false assertion this is
what NBC does constantly this is what
they do you’re officially on the Trump

defense force anybody I know

I’m just condemning NBC’s for reporting
your reporting is bigoted biased you
have biased and slanted it’s it’s

terrible it’s really is terrible it is
it is the best part of all those clips
that you played for me personally was
the end of show I so I am the chosen one

just can’t get enough of that in fact
that was pretty funny cuz they condemn
everybody all the networks all oh he
thinks he’s God now yes if you watch the

video Trump out on the lawn and he he’s
he’s mocking the whole idea and he turns
to the left and looks up in the sky and

throws his arms out and says I am the
chosen when is a joke what he should do
nobody takes what he should do he’s done
he’s already done I am the chosen one he

tweeted a quote from the rabbi who said
he’s king of the Jews so of course now
Trump says he’s king of the Jews he way

should do now is I am the God of
hellfire now that would be great that
would be well we we went way over time
the affiliates are pissed but that means

we have some good stuff to carry over to
Sunday the second Thursday show of the
week and we look forward to seeing
everybody that everybody who supported
the show today financially or otherwise

thank you so much it is after all your
no agenda show well end the broke beagle
dog is that dog show to thanking today
we have Tom Starkweather with end of

show Diddy we have rule off productions
and Chris new bald with a great song
about Al Gore great song looking forward

to that coming up on no agenda stream
calm after the show is mow fax with Adam
Curry the facts and fallacies enjoy that

and coming to you from opportunities own
33 in Austin Texas we are in FEMA region
number six for the governmental maps in
the morning everybody by Madame Curie
and from northern Silicon Valley where

it’s still balmy I’m John C Devorah we
return on Sunday right here on no agenda
remember us at Dvorak org slash na until
then adios mofos
[Music] science over fiction over facts
of course are all over the place right

it major chain restaurants and a
thousands of grocery stores across Wow
hopefully we learned what was going on I
have all the answers I’ve been sitting
on them waiting for America to get there

I know that people love to embrace
conspiracy theory I let me let me give
it to you in a nutshell in a very
strange way by a weird fluke of history

I ended up in the center not impacted by
who advertises on my show I don’t know
who advertises on my show spokesperson

calling the tweet ridiculous and of
course not true just look out the window
at what’s going on if you were writing a

thriller you wouldn’t put in anything
this obvious way he just gets whacked
before they fold the truck sharing an
unfounded conspiracy theory speculating
I think is determined for after years
and years to find out what the truth is

but I think that that the truth is at
its core probably something if my
company hadn’t been successful we
wouldn’t be here today so enough with

this so is it healthy probably not I say
this miss trains on a roll off the ball
most modern most beautiful most
thrilling to ride is the California

Zephyr mm-hmm sorry mmm sorry mmm
sorry mm I got a topper oh yeah

wait for it wasn’t that bad I think we

could there goes this effort

tells lies God tells lies he needs to

lie the times he lies about climate
change opposes false accounts he feels

every day global warm with snow still
falling down

Freeza stop pupas it it’s the blind
1166-transcriptG8cpo3I’,’3:03:10′)” href=”javascript:void(0);”>the debate now is about the best ways to

move as fast as we can to solve this
crisis yep we all know that best way is
to pay Al Gore now he lies we need the
money tree

97% of scientists recruit scaring kids
you know they’re too blind telling all
of them



mofo Dvorak org slash and a I am the
chosen one