No Agenda Episode 1167: “Nine Dash Line”

the skies are blacked out over Sao Paolo
Adam Curry
Jhansi Dvorak is no agenda Madame Curie
and from northern valley where there’s

no fires around here yet
I’m just eating no fires round there hmm
yet yes yet exactly now you know before

we start I want to make sure I’m talking
to John C Dvorak as opposed to Hillary
Clinton now when you said this on the

last show I was all I wanted to call it
I don’t know white when I was wasn’t
appropriate at the time I want to call
you out and say hey man you sound a lot

like Hillary Clinton and in one of our
producers who does Gary I think he put
it together have a listen what does it
make I’m afraid of that well I said that

of course I love that phrase from
Hillary but I left out the operative
term and which is this point at this
point that’s not in there I’m not

Hillary I just love the cadence was so
perfect fantastic
okay all right

well yes I do have a deep fake
commentary oh good okay so we hear that
let’s play the the not Jordan Peterson

site as it currently exists and what
what’s going on there
hello and welcome to not Jordan Peterson
calm this is not Jordan Peterson
in fact I’m a neural network designed to

sound like dr. Peterson unfortunately
for the time being the site will remain
inoperable but please sign up to the
mailing list below if you would like

stay informed of future developments the
idea of this website is you could typed
some text in and then the not Jordan or
Peterson would return an mp3 file well
those days are over that didn’t last

very long
yeah which makes me wonder if the whole
thing wasn’t set up like this and I
wonder whether that’s really a deep fake
if it’s not Jordan Peterson himself mmm
interested a mailing list deal going on

now which is like that sign up sign up
yes I mentioned in the newsletter these
mailing lists answer were ten bucks
minimum wait dad stop there any mailing
list does it have to be a certain type

of mailing list it has to be a mailing
list as that’s a usable mailing list I
mean it can’t be just some mailings from
the forties but so it doesn’t say oh I
can just take everybody out of my
address book say here’s a mailing list I

can sell that those pick and sell them
my friends and acquaintances you don’t
sell me even better I can rent him like
a pimp yeah I got tons of email
addresses that are good there goes the

Zephyr by the way one two three four
five six seven eight nine and ten and no
added cost name the movie come on if I
know the arrangement from 1969 with Kirk

Douglas yes listen again oh yeah and I
should know that mm-hmm

now that yes if you had a if you
substantially you can’t do it like you
got ten names and expect anyone to give
a crap no but let’s just let’s do the
math for a second and if you 10,000

names you have 10,000 names in your
personal address Oh easily and they a
bit you they all work sure ah I got you
there didn’t I Wow now if we take your

500 whatever you have 5050 let’s put
them together we can see we can rent
those for 10 bucks a pop I’m diggin it
no no you don’t rent it for 10 bucks a

pop that’s what their net worth is you
ready for a hot $1
okay I’ll take $1 that’s fine I’ll take
this is I didn’t know this is the exit
strategy she’s repeating your name

that’s right okay I’m sorry I didn’t
want to interrupt keep going so this
looks like it began and ended with a
mailing list this you remember the guy

that I don’t want to come the Nutty
Professor or the computer professor hi
I’m the Kaiser that a kind of a balding
guy with a mustache
hi I’m the computer professor I’m going
to teach you how to use word I’m gonna

buy my seat yeah I do kind of remember
that guy yes you’re free the first ones
free so you sell these CDs for free now
the CD if you’d want to do the math on

this you can find the CD guys who make
CDs and ship them to do the whole thing
that’s about a $4 deal so he’s
collecting mailing lists names that a
net of 10 and selling and giving away

these CDs at 4 much the name where’s
this guy that he retired to the bikini
Islands or where is my soul this list
off to some broker uh-huh in the olden

days this used to be a more lucrative
business but it’s becoming more and more
lucrative with the email mailing systems
that are out there and so they can get
your names from all kinds of different
people you rent them you should send

them a note you can only do it once of
course in the end you have to have some
seeded names in your list make sure to
make sure no one’s stealing exactly uh
yeah it’s a business then it’s a good

it’s a good business do you want the
Nutty Professor now or what are we doing
okay well this is the bonus to my

freaked out it no I know I’m sorry I
think as you just said Nutty Professor
so I’m like I got this thing huge office
like that was a mistake that was okay so
left over in Graham in my brain okay got

it got it because I was just talking
about the guy who collected names right
so I think they’re Jordan Peterson’s up
to something because he announced that
he is going to start an online
university okay

or someone over there is well let’s see
how that plays out well then here’s an

idea I’m gonna register a specific email
address and then we’ll see what I get
sent to that email address and not
everyone should do that get a
non-existent email address let’s see if

it gets if it’s rented out oh that’s a
good idea coded is what the word is not
non-existent on site coded a coded yeah
you should ever want you to do this
anyway I guess we never talked about

this on this show but you should code
your email address and in other words
you have a different middle initial you
say what’s your name you know John or
John with a seed jammed-up sauce John C

with no space I’ll use that a lot yeah
and if it’s okay but if you have
something specific I would say Adam
Jordan hey curry calm yeah and then any

email you got you get to Adam Jordan is
being rented by these guys
yeah that’s not Jordan Peterson address

so I yeah I do I do that routinely
justice you who’s pulling this who’s
doing what not that do me any good I
mean those bastards so like Indian okay
uh-oh last night the keeper and I had a

lovely dinner with Sir Dave day melody
and Lady is Sevilla a fuga Zadro for
Zotoh the fogers odors were in Austin
yes and we took him to the Lonesome Dove

and you know lady Isabella is the Nicias
I think 11 I want
and she’s the Irish dancing champ but
she’s the Irish dancing champion or the

Riverdance how old is she think she’s 11
what in Irish dancing you know being a
guy who hate like a comedian you know

Hey hey man nice to meet you tell me a
joke I didn’t want to get this child
started off on the wrong foot because
that’s what everyone I would never do

this kid is fantastic by the way he
Lonesome Dove is known for its its elk
its other venison and its rattlesnake
sausage that’s the game joint yes the
game joint that it took Horowitz to the

Horowitz’s and she was right there man
elk sliders no problem
rattlesnake sausage loved it this is
Fanta and and Dave and melody are
fantastic really nice he’s are me she’s

Navy so there’s a built-in strife that
is very beautiful to watch yeah it’s a
very good time very nice to see them

here and that in Austin
of course Dave is well de melodies Dame
Lady Sabella then damed and dave is a
multiple night is me a baron at this
point he’s probably up there somewhere

I’m a nice new question comes to my mind
is how did their little girl get into
Irish River dancing or whatever it is
God you know no actually I think tanks

yeah right I think Tina was talking to
Dane melody about it and I think it was
that where there was a it’s the same way

I got into fencing we actually talked we
did talk about this you get a
demonstration at school you know it’s
it’s a sales job and yet suppose this is
how we’re turning it go on I’m not gonna
go into that joke go on continue I’m

sorry so you saw some fencers he said
this would be cool and you do too and
you sign up exactly it’s like you know
they take a couple kids from the
audience teach them a few things like
you get to you know in my case a man is

holding a sword
which foil of course but sword you can
sword fight and yeah before you know it
say come by for a free lesson okay and
then you’re hooked and then you mean I
did become third in the dutch national

championships in my age range were yeah
um I think it was 13 12 around now maybe
yeah 11 or 12 same ages as ley de

Sevilla anyway it was good time picked
up picked up a couple of tips a couple
of thing he works in in Riyadh right so
he does she was he’s like I can’t get

enough bacon these are pork on the menu
give me pork really really craving it my
bacon II so it’s nice to see them it’s

always nice to see some some of our
producers in Austin if it all works out
and we can actually hang out doesn’t
always work out but this one did they’re
great seeing them okay why don’t we
start off with this with what I think

well I’d love to hear your take on it
the the Amazon fires which coincided
nicely with the g7 summit near this is
being used as leverage used by the

globalist you know to say well this is a
good example man you got you got this
bowls a narrow right-wing nut you know
he’s burning down the place and we need

world governance yes we do we need that
so let’s take a look at I got a couple
Clips here again this story start with

this clip from a couple shows not a
couple shows a couple maybe last show
Amazon burnin Democracy Now report in
Brazil public outrage is mounting over
massive wildfires that have consumed
parts of the Amazon for several weeks

the hashtag pray for Amazonia trended
Tuesday as images of the raging blaze is
circulated on social media the skies
over the city of Sao Paolo went dark for

around an hour during the middle of the
day Monday after winds carried in smoke
from the forest fires over 1500 miles
away the fires are thought to be direct

getting lyrical
in her older age there has winds swept
away over the place her style is Walter
Cronkite Walter Cronkite

Amy Frieden smoke from the forest fires
over 1500 miles away expected to say
President Kennedy at this hour he’s dead

you know that’s that’s almost what you
expected to say the fires are thought to
be directly caused or exacerbated by
agricultural exploitation and
deforestation brazil’s space research

agency has recorded nearly 73,000
wildfires so far this year an 83 percent
increase from the same period last year
far-right Brazilian presidential year

bosun Otto has worked to deregulate and
open up the Amazon for agribusiness
logging and mining since he came into
office in January despite international
concerns over the environmental impacts

of deforestation recent data shows
Brazil lost more than 1,300 square miles
of forest cover this year climate
scientists say the protection of the

Amazon rainforest is crucial in the
global effort to fight the climate
crisis the lungs of the room man so what
we have is a is a I don’t want to call
it a hoax a climate hoax but they have

these fires every year they do a lot of
brush clearing they just have a lot of
fires and they have the number finding
that 1,300 square mile which is a big
number hmm if you live in California

finding that number is almost impossible
if you look at any of the report you’re
gonna find all there’s 80 percent more
is what they keep saying 80% more 80%
more hey wait wait

80% more than what last year 80% more
fires yeah than last year
okay got it and and Boston arrow says
they somebody’s just you know this is
like it’s some sort of a scam there’s
millions of these fires millions of

these fires yeah and if you look at the
fire map they’re all over the country
they’re not just in the Amazon and when
you look at the 1,300 square miles

you have to realize that is the square
miles of Amazon forests specifically
Amazon forest only not the rest of the
country which is woodsy it’s 2.7 million

square miles so this is really not much
hmm and but it’s beside the point
because this has become a they talked
about if you look at the mostly European

newspapers like the Express is a good
example the sky has been blacked out in
Sao Paulo yeah so I immediately went to
the webcams yeah

and I sent you one of them yes let me
take a look right now let me look at him
it’ll be a link in the show notes
hopefully this install Paulo and I
looked at that look your webcams while

you’re looking at that one yes I’m Paulo
panorama let me see a shows up and down
yet is downtown so you see the downtown
it’s loading now Grande Rio Grande Azul

and catch it Santa Catarina I’m clicking
on the live cam now oh it’s we have a
couple of like cotton ball clouds oh
it’s beautiful looks nice looks like it

looks like a nice day in sorry so if
it’s daylight here’s in fact it’s nicer

there than it is here in the Bay Area
fans I look out the window but no no
that’s not the way the Express has it
and now it’s turning out that most of
the photos you’re seeing on Twitter are

from 1998 when there’s a lot of bad
flyer Twitter’s really become quite the
cesspool now hasn’t it it’s just old
photos and so this thing is set up so

Mac clone and all these other people can
bitch and moan and let me just mention
this I have a lot of friends in Brazil
and bammo some are like most of my
friends around the world like most

people outside the United States they
tend to be left to leaning did you mean
if not communists did you meet them on
Orkut no I’ve met them when I go there I
never was a man I was a member of Orkut

for a few minutes anyway badge Orkut
that’s where you meet the babes
uh-huh sure John they’re babes uh-huh
well I don’t know I never met him uh-huh
but that’s where you’re supposed to meet

him so you want me to do the reporter
just gonna make fun of my report first
of all they all hate Boston ro it’s like
to an extreme why because he’s a

right-wing doofus oh they hate him they
hated such an extremist is a fascist
right garyun yeah makes sense and so
this whole thing is you know and they’ve

been trying to you know he’s kind of
like a I would say in terms of politics
is like a middle-of-the-road Republican
in the United States but no in Brazil
which really leans left they like social
programs they have a lot of free stuff

for the poor and they have a real wealth
gap that makes us look kind of like weak
sisters and so anybody who comes in
there with capitalistic ideas ISM is a

it’s gotta be condemned well let’s look
at this this so they’ve got this thing
going on with these fires and it’s like
they use it as leverage and they’re
Europeans are using it more than the

Americans there’s a couple of reports
here there is that one from democracy
now and I got a second report from NBC
which just came out yesterday fires
raging in the Amazon outrage spreading
around the globe as leaders and

activists are demanding immediate action
to save the jungle responsible for much
of the world’s oxygen NBC’s Kerry
Sanders reports tonight with the Amazon
burning the political heat on brazil’s

president joe airball senado getting
at home and around the world protests
in Canada France Germany England the

demand Bowl senato tonight stop those

setting the fires
if the Amazon reaches a level of
destruction there will be no turning
back and that’s your fear your
generations fear yes completely the
Amazon often called Earth’s lungs

because of the dense jungle is
responsible for 20% of the world’s
oxygen that was so well done when he
goes to the lungs and the oxygen you hit

the birds tweeting all of a sudden is
beautiful completely the Amazon often
called Earth’s lungs because of the
dense jungle is responsible for 20% of
the world’s oxygen now set on fire to

clear the rich soil for agriculture
boasts an auto blaming the fires on aid
groups during up controversy tonight a
firestorm of rhetoric what’s lost will

be lost forever Kerry Sanders NBC News
Miami all right so let’s start with the
bullcrap that everyone’s propagating by
the way I should mention the Amazonian

Basin is not rich soil is depleted from
all those years of producing all those
plant matter the earth then what you see
over and over again if anybody sees this

in any report Earth’s lungs or 20% of
the oxygen mm-hmm 80% of the oxygen
produced in the atmosphere by the way
which is accumulated apparently over

millions of years and if every faucet in
production stopped tomorrow you would it
would take a long time to deplete 80%
comes from the algae in the ocean so
that’s where it comes from so you have

to say that the rest of the 20% there’s
no other vegetation in the entire world
all comes from the Amazon this is
bullcrap in fact if you start reading

the any literature whatsoever and I
could just go
some of it here’s one I can read this
dr. jonathan foley explained in the
length lengthy twitter tweet the amazon

represents at most six percent of the
world’s oxygen production no that’s a
good number to have i that 20% number
has always bothered me and this and

you’re right the lungs and the 20% meme
is rampant it’s like 97% of scientists
it’s exactly the same as ninety four
seven percent of scientists and the
of the six percent if it was twenty or

six the net-net
almost everybody agrees is nil because
there’s so much rot in these forests
which uses a box as in one new what’s
this nil use all of a sudden that you’re

sitting hill that you explore eyz soccer
and i by the way when i say nil i refer
to soccer that’s typically a game yeah

so the amount of oxygen in total is is
pretty much bounce a zero coming from
the net from the amethy even though i

remember when i was a kid we roll
through the green forced the rain force
by the way if is such a rainforest like
it doesn’t put out the fires with the
rain sticks we should get the rain
sticks for the amazon i bet you we can

save it i’ll bet you in one year this
won’t be a crisis maybe in one month it
won’t be a crisis if we do the rain
sticks so anyone who says 20% or Earth’s
lungs in a news report is trying to be

is just part of a scheme to for one
thing came this balsam arrow character I
need to get in here are you done with
the deconstruction I need to say

something that I think you’re
overlooking go all right I’m gonna play
I only heard one report and it’s similar
to something you had in yours but I knew
exactly what was going on the wild fuzzy
the Amazon rainforest award in Brazil

has sparked a hail of criticism against
it countless presidents
it slammed for not protecting the
world’s biggest forest jaibo scenario
has now accused environmentalist groups

of starting them between Paris’s
government so far this year Brazil has
had more than 72,000 fire outbreaks an
increase of 84 percent on the same

period last year regarding the fires in
the Amazon I’m under the impression that
they could have been set by NGOs who
have been asking for money
alright that’s all I needed to hear

because I have the following I have
elites Hollywood elites I have the g7 a
top summit meeting of world leaders
I have NGOs this is Michael Crichton’s

state of fear completely all the way
down to the exact scenario except
Michael Crichton’s state of fear which

in which he predicted NGOs
nongovernmental groups activists in his
case would set off dynamite to blow up a
huge glacier and then immediate and at

the same time there’s this huge
conference going on ie the g7 so they
could finally tip the scales for climate
change disaster green new deal whatever

this is exactly the same game it’s the
script yeah it is
go read state of fear which Michael

Crichton before he died got excoriated
for okay in his dying day he said you
watch I have the clip well enough to
listen to it in his dying day with the
Charlie Rose he says I’m pretty sure

I’ll be right about this and this is
exactly that script right down to the
NGOs the NGOs yes state of fear so go
read a synopsis of state of fear and

you’ll know exactly what we’re talking
about and so transparent and and then as
you pointed out well done I like the 20%
and the lungs of the world this is this

was all ready to go they had the talking
point set up macrons probably in on it
because the crows the bigger biggest
mouth of the group and by the way it’s

the European newspapers that have all
these phone besides having a lot of fake
photos for one thing they said well we
can’t and but in the newspapers by the
way in Europe don’t tell you this 13,000
square miles yeah they don’t tell you

anything so we can’t measure it it’s
immeasurable I looked and looked and
looked and then they took as the skies
are blacked out over Sao Paulo and so I
went to the webcams and there all over

the world people and Sao Paulo is
beautiful the show notes you can go take
a look it’s this there’s no smoke no
smoke so this is this is something of a

hoax and it’s not like there’s no fires
but and then they say well why doesn’t
he do something about it the Amazon
doesn’t have a bunch of fire stations
all over the place it’s a joke to even

think that this is a well don’t even
understand how big the Amazon itself is
is just about the same size of

continental Europe yeah yeah then it
goes into three or four countries it
doesn’t even you know it goes into Peru
it goes in the Ecuador this is bullcrap
yeah but this when you see that I’m just

my warning is besides the NGO thing
which is obvious would you picked up on
and I saw that too is that when you see
20% of the world’s oxygen now as if
there’s gonna be depletion when there’s

not and the Earth’s lungs this is just
nonsense this is bullcrap and I saw it
mentioned by you know check everybody
John everybody was saying this

oh yes Shakira I got a tweet from her
Shakira you follow she can is promoting
the 20% do you do you follow Shakira now
I saw it she was pulled a clip from some

done some other article no okay
I don’t follow Shakur cuz I don’t
believe she has much to say that I’d be
interested in unlike someone I know who
does follow Britney Spears

well she follows me so that’s why I
follow her so that’s a little different
if Shakira were following you I’d be
mm-hmm I should check well Ida Alcon eat
Alcon she was following a president

she is a Danish parliamentarian is that
the woman that’s in the photos with
micron and I think so

Oh Mike does this Merkel this woman and
micron and Miss sometimes true no no no
that’s the Prime Minister Ida is is a
Member of Parliament and she put

together a hilarious this could have
been Dutch actually it’s like the Dutch
or back up danes and vice versa this was
so I mean she even talks like it a
little bit like the Dutch so you know

who was it the first maybe it was was it
the Dutch or the German to do that funny
video to take off on Trump doesn’t
matter this is become a thing for

politics politicians in Europe and this
is all around the g7 of course to send a
message to Trump but I’m standing up on
the social justice warrior so this is
the video she puts together as a plain

windmills if it doesn’t blow you can
forget about television for that night
mr. president I want to present you to

the greatest deal you have ever seen it
is so great that I thought I might
actually get your attention by standing
here next to this bird killing cancer

causing blackout generating wind energy
producing beasts here and look I’m fine
not hurt at all actually and that’s
because there is no scientific evidence

that wind turbines cause cancer and
blackouts for that matter but we’ll get
back to that and by the way my name is
EDA algun I’m member of the Danish

Parliament and now that you hear let’s
talk about the deal okay it’s about you
can see what she’s doing here
cutting back and forth to trump let’s
talk about the deal okay cheap energy

and saving the climate here’s an example
the Nazi
that you see on top of Europe can
produce twice as much electricity as all
the coal-fired power plants of Europe

combined and look it’s smaller than
Nebraska imagine the possibilities in
all of your great United States of

and what about the price you ask it’s
cheap it’s cheaper than coal actually
even in US I have no doubt about it so
stop your plants I know you’re thinking

about building new coal-fired power
plants wind is cheaper listen to science
listen to your wallet and make a new
deal it’s gonna be great darling I want

to watch television I’m sorry the wind
isn’t blowing oh yeah the blackouts
don’t worry about your TV dinners and
movie nights in Denmark where most of

our electricity comes from wind we have
on average 15 minutes of blackouts every
year whereas in u.s. with all your
coal-fired plants you go dark on average

two hours every year and now wait for
the big payoff our country is in serious
trouble so mr. president we all know you
can do this

just grab your pen sign a deal and let’s
save the climate ha ha ha you see grab
like she’s making it grabbed him by the
pussy joke he got that just grab you

Trump made a big mistake he should not
have offered to buy Greenland you should
have said let’s buy Denmark and get rid
of this person my goodness now a couple
of things you did a entire I wish we

have a guy that putting together pieces
of our different spiels
somebody’s got to go track down your
thing on windmill cost-effectiveness and
the economics of windmills that you did

on the show about a year ago is that
only a year ago
I don’t think it was longer than that
okay because it’s a bitch tells the
truth tale of this windmill of his

because that’s let’s be honest if it’s
that much cheaper than coal that’s why
would people be doing it you just make
more money it doesn’t make sense that
there’s not everyone’s not doing that it

is also not mentioned is the annoyance
factor that people have with these
windmills that live in the areas where
the windmills exist of the noise it
drives them crazy they have to move out

right I was given a little lecture about
that in Holland of all places where
there’s giant windmills and they’re
beautiful but they’re and they make a
bunch of racket they did oh I believe

they don’t kill birds either but where
was this thing about cancer and she
associated that was something Trump said
I’ve never heard anything about
windmills causing cancer mm-hmm I recall
hearing something about that but I don’t

know what it is but they call it they
cause cancer of your wall as what they
cause they’re all subsidized they
wouldn’t be working if they weren’t
subsidized take away the subsidies and
then they’re not so cheap now there is

one thing Trump is at the g7 for that he
said he was going to fight for and it
was one of his I didn’t clip it but one
of his on the grass walking to the

stand up moments yeah these these people
they’re taxing our companies unfairly
oh yes and I have a report yeah with the
yet well it’s it’s a little more than

just that tech leaders are sounding off
in a big way at the US trade reps office
today testifying against a new French
tax that they claim unfairly targets at
Hillary Vaughn is standing by outside

the trade office Hillary you’re right in
the middle of everything we’re dying to
know because we’re thinking about
retaliation what besides wine I’m
wondering might they retaliate against
for the French that’s really up in the

air the commenting period ends a week
from today and that’s when you could
really see the u.s. roll out retaliatory
action whatever that looks like we don’t
know yet but what we did here today was
us first tell

US trade representatives that not only
could this tax be passed down to users
in France but it also could have larger
implications for the industry Google’s
Nicholas bramble saying this in his
testimony today quote this is a concern

for international trade and the wider
economy of countries follow the DST
model and select specific sectors and
groups of foreign companies for targeted
tax policies this new tax means that

more data will have to be collected on
users specific to their location and
their actions online which could raise
more questions about privacy and if the
government would then have access to

that information through an audit
Amazon’s Peter hilts testified that they
have not been collecting the data that
they would need to figure out how much
they actually owe France through this
DST tax or how much revenue they are

French users bring the company as a
Facebook says that the tax requires a
quote massive re-engineering effort at
the company to track and then filter
revenue by a user’s geolocation or the

IP address is a discriminatory
retroactive tax that’s been
gerrymandered to specifically single out
successful us technology services that

are very popular in the French
marketplace the objective is for French
authorities to increase their tax base
at the expense of US firms so US tech
companies like Facebook Google and

Amazon have to make their first payment
what’s up in the air here is they don’t
have the system they need to calculate
how much money they owe France and a lot
of the data they need to figure that out

also may not exist that’s total
horseshit lady
so you’re just an idiot for even
repeating those lies but it’s been
Shapiro’s wife I have a ben shapiro clip
actually but at least france is upfront

you know the EU high commission they
like saying oh you were unfair here and
then finding our tech companies and i’m

not saying that it’s not warranted but
at least the french are right up front
digital services tax DST you operate
here you pay 3% over your revenue you
know i i think we should shut down

services to france if that’s what they
want to do but i can’t blame them for
being upfront about it
that was actually pretty good well Trump
was just the last time we had a little

trade war with France it was the cheese
oh yeah Trump said he was going to tax
all their wine if they didn’t yeah he
doesn’t care

make a 30% chair make him worse
he has interest in a vineyard so he has
his own why he’s got Trump wine does not
like to interest your idea that winery I

can’t believe they haven’t picked up on
it that emoluments clause or something
so y’all something oh you think your
hello yes absolutely a hundred percent
correct why hasn’t the media picked up

on the conflict of interest they should
have this is what they goat they do
they’re so bad at even doing their own
crappy job yeah we could do a call for
five minutes every morning with C and

then give them their talking points lean
back and make billions they’re off the
deep end that’s why I had to send you

this bonus clip to CNN oh brian Stelter
he’s got some woman comes on and she
goes on about this book they’ve come out

as a new book with five or six drinks
saying that trumps nuts oh another one
of those books okay we’ll keep buying
him and going nuttier yeah and so they

brought on this professor this nutty
professor is the former head of the
psychology department at Duke University
which tells you something about the
academic standards at Duke University

when you listen to this guy I no offense
you do devil’s eye and if the guy
supposed to be there to kind of balance
the thing but no no he takes it to

another level this is the funniest clip
you’ll hear for a while
I know right without saying I’m
diagnosing because you’ve never met the
exact you can describe what you’re
seeing so dr. Frances I know you

disagree with this view that dr. Lee and
a couple other dozen psychiatrists have
had published in this book you say it’s
dangerous to be talking this way why
well I think that medicalizing politics

has three very dire consequences hmm the
first is that it stigmatizes the
mentally ill I’ve known thousands of
patients almost all of them have been

well behaved well mannered good people
Trump is none of these lumping the
mentally ill with Trump is a terrible
insult to the middlee land they have
enough problems in stigma as it is the

second issue is that calling Trump crazy
hides the fact that we’re crazy for
having elected him and even crazier for
allowing his crazy policies to persist

Trump is as destructive a person in this
century as Hitler Stalin and Mao were in
the last century he may be responsible
for many more million deaths than they

he needs to be contained but he needs to
be contained by attacking his policies
not his person it’s crazy for us to be
destroying the climate our children will

live in it’s crazy to be giving tax cuts
to the rich that will add trillions of
dollars to the debt our children will
have to pay it’s crazy to be destroying
our democracy by claiming that the press

and the courts of the enemy of the
people we have to face these policies
not Trump’s person up it’s absolutely
impossible you can bet the house that

the Congress that Pence that the cabinet
will never ever remove Trump on grounds
of mental unfitness that will never

discussing the issue in Psychological
name-calling terms distracts us from
getting out the vote
wow I’m feel good that guy is really
sick I feel bad for him guys of the

rails but it’s an all Democrat talking
points any Muslim a Maxine Waters there
jeez yeah exactly what I’ve seen Waters
does you’re right

you’re right this is a Maxine Waters bit
and it’s like this is academia at the
point that we’re at right now and that
people should be ashamed of themselves
and these universities really have to
have to deal with this is biased
I mentioned something on one of the

tweets and I’m gonna mention on here the
Conservatives have to make a change here
and stop talking and moaning about them
being the platformed and all the rest as

conservatives you’re gonna have to
change your orientation to I’m a
Republican and it’s not as conservative
your Republicans in the and Republicans

are being deep platform Republicans are
being pushed aside Republicans are being
condemned by academia because because
the Republicans are as established old
party Lincoln’s party and it makes it

sound a lot more ominous when you say
the Republicans are being screwed over
by the colleges today by the left and
the colleges you say you can say the

left but is the republic is insane
conservative is really not working you
know a couple of things about this the
the true danger of people

psychoanalyzing President Trump is that
it’s now legal to do that in other words
it is accepted to now look at Joe Biden
and say you know from a psychological

standpoint top of a head of his head’s
been off a couple of times maybe they
forgot to disconnect the wire when they
put it back on I mean we can do this
analysis all day long so I think that’s
really stupid they’re doing this again

that should be off the table unless
Joe’s not a serious candidate for them
because it can give you get full license
to talk about how nutty he is and he’s
made gaffes and that you can say that’s
misfiring of his you know disconnect

Iran has been taking it top of his head
was taken off twice
speaking of oh yes there they’re in
dangerous territory and it’s all so

desperate and they bring this guy on
with who’s supposed to like balance them
right report instead goes off the
defenses you know makes making it sound
so whatever they said in this book is

minor because it’s like Trump is
completely insane and everybody who who
is clinically insane is being
humiliating it because Trump’s worse
than they ever have been and just this

and that I mean this is not it’s not
working for them but I but I think the
Conservatives should really rethink
their position and start saying hey you
know we’re the Republicans are going

after there’s a two-party system and
what’s there’s not a three-party system
there is no conservative party and and
and the people that get hurt the most of
the Republicans Republicans running for

office and so they have to consider that
re renaming things nomenclature is
important well they need to have
strategies they don’t have any stress

political parties are bullshit ben
shapiro did a self-analysis on the show
the other day which someone sent to me
and and when he said it it made total
sense now i know what’s going on with

him do you want to wager a guest before
I play the clip what’s going on with Ben
Shapiro he drinks too much coffee now he
analyzed him he gave himself a
psychiatric analysis without really

saying I’m going to give myself a
psychiatric analysis but he just said it
he said what he ate what ails him now is
comedy no that’s not a psychiatric
analysis that’s a that’s a dietary
analysis I don’t ever guess he was

talking about mental health and then it
the truth popped out looking for them so
much sympathy you’re going to allow them
to loiter in public and pee in the
gutter and do drugs on the open streets

and defecate that’s sympathy right there
and if you say you want to clean that up
you want to arrest people who are
loitering do you want their garbage to
be thrown away because it is in fact
piles of garbage if you suggest that

there have to be consequent that that
people who are who are mentally ill then
living on the street need to be put in a
place where they can be taken care of if
without their permission if

they are seriously mentally ill because
many of these people cannot actually
make intelligent rational decisions if
you are a schizophrenic
I have schizophrenia my grandfather was
schizophrenic that is not somebody who’s

capable of making rational decisions if
you say oh you’re unsympathetic sympathy
and crappy policy matter a lot more than
sympathy and good policy so long as you
can cast to get good policy is
unsympathetic hereditary did he say I

have schizophrenia my grandfather it’s
schizophrenia it’s hereditary and his
family I don’t think he meant to say I

have schizophrenia was the other guy who
said it
hmm I don’t think so okay we should
analyze this because I really thought he
said I have schizophrenia what he said

they are seriously mentally ill because
many of these people cannot actually
make intelligent rational decisions if
you are a schizophrenic
I have schizophrenia in my my
grandfather was schizophrenic yes if you

wanted to say yeah I know what he wanted
to say he wanted to say I have
schizophrenia in my family uh well this
is what he gets you because this he let

yeah that’s the talk fast problem yeah
so he said I wanted he wanted to say I
have schizophrenia in my family and my
grandfather had schizophrenia as an
example which is you talk to the normal

speed he could have gotten it out but he
said instead left out a big chunk so he
said I have schizophrenia
yeah father has schizophrenia maybe I
don’t know I don’t think he’s a

functional schizophrenic at me as
possible but he sure talks like he’s
trying to run away from something girl
that you her plate earlier that I
couldn’t stand listening to him she
sound like she was running a marathon

talking at the same time well you got to
feed all the bull crap into into 30
seconds you got to make it happen if by
the way Thursday was a long-ass day for
me at the show you know things happen on
show days and the show just you know

ended and so after our post-production
everything it’s around 3:00 3:30 and and
then I’m like oh no what is going on I
hear stuff and it’s not like we didn’t

know this was coming
you’re no agenda show
told you before it came down a week
before it came down that the CEO of
overstock was talking some weird stuff
played a clip for you got clip of the

day actually and the tease came like
this out his involvement with the
federal government and a Russian spy
that Maria butanna Brian that is the
wildest story I have ever heard from

anybody of any standing in our society
an overstock is a real company and he
has a story of being asked to be
involved with her by the federal

government by the FBI that is almost too
bizarre to not take seriously so I’m
trying very hard to get him to come on
the show Wow

to explain to here that I have never
heard anything like Dancing with the
Stars yeah and we’re back to dancing of

the stars everybody that’s your CNN
entertainment is I will not bore anyone
with the hours of footage that were
spent Thursday and into Friday morning

on Patrick Byrne I do I did a very deep
dive I want to deconstruct it this got
wiped off the map almost immediately by
Trump’s China situation which obviously
we’ll be talking about and that may have

been fortuitous timing I’m not sure but
I think Patrick Byrne has now already
been painted as an a kook a nutjob off
to the the annals of history with you we

don’t want to know what you’re talking
about and whenever I see a guy like
Patrick Byrne I really get interested
because it’s these people the ones who
talk nutty who often have some very

interesting nuggets of information um
here’s now Patrick Byrne has been
involved with the with the feds
specifically in 2005 2007 he exposed the

DTCC I think is what it’s called which
is the central clearinghouse for Wall
Street brokers and the and there’s a

number of ways that that what is called
naked short-selling is being applied
but what he uncovered at the time and
this was just before the big recession

is that there were all these failure to
deliver stock settlements inside the
system because you know when you buy
yourself stock you’re not actually
buying and selling it directly from

someone else it goes to this big
Clearing House and everyone’s part of
that but when you everyone’s a part of
it they can also sell stock that they
don’t actually have and so then you wind
up with much more stock in the system

than the market cap allows and the stock
will eventually go down just supply and
demand and he exposed this and what’s
called a kook and a nut job and was
excoriated by Wall Street but he did

cooperate with SEC and and and I think
there was some other crimes that he
worked with the FBI on and I think this
is part of what people don’t understand
is that this is actually how the

intelligence services work they co-opt
people all the time usually to be a
front you know to be a company that you
hire someone and they’re doing something
and the CEO knows what they’re doing or

maybe one or two people know and it’s
accepted and it’s it’s except that it’s
patriotic that you that you help your
intelligence services out so we’ll skip
past all that history but if you if you

go to his website deep capture calm he
has videos that explain that 2005 2007
situation very well and you know the guy
has been a CEO of a company that’s been

around for 20 years so you got to give
him some credit
but he’s kooky no doubt about it so
here’s briefly the history of 2015 2016
and why he is now a part of why he’s now
coming forward because 17 years ago I

helped them crack a murder and they knew
me and I helped them have been on Wall
Street 12 years ago they knew me and
they called me in 2015-2016 to assist in
something and I didn’t know who the

orders came from but I assisted it’s the
some very honorable federal agents and
and very honorable people but they named
some Maine
well they didn’t name the names that’s

it I didn’t know who it came from
and I did some I took some orders that
seemed a little fishy in 2015-2016 last
summer watching television I figured out
the name of who sent me the orders and

this is all now been confirmed to me the
name of the man who sent me the orders
was a guy named Peter straw so that got
everyone’s attention that’s the only
piece of information that he has that
the news whores are interested in Oh

Peter struck we have a name connect
connect the dots what can we do
Oh boys is very very interesting uh I’ve
also read multiple interviews with
Patrick Byrne his own writings it’s

remarkably similar it sounds like he’s
he’s not in control of his thoughts but
the way he says it is consistent almost
every single interview I watched all of

them he was on every single Channel
everybody had the obligatory 15 or 20
minutes with Patrick Byrne and then it
was gone so he figured out that
something was going on he was watching

TV and he’s like oh shit these guys
asked me to do stuff that relates to
something other than trying to do some
law enforcement and that’s where the

name struck came up and although he
keeps calling the other people X Y & Z
it’s clapper it’s call me it’s John
Brennan he said that in one or two other
interviews then he consistently says the
men in black came to see me because he

doesn’t want to excoriate the FBI and I
also don’t think it was just FBI who
came to see him and we continue with his
tale this is quite a ambiguous situation
but the issue is I realize that these

orders I got came from Peter Strock and
as I put together things I I know I know
much more than I should know and it’s

right to keep silent every this
country’s gone nuts
and especially for the last year when
I’ve realized what I know every time I
see one of these things somebody drives
600 miles to gun down 20 strangers in a

mall I guess I feel responsible now this
is the only interview where he broke
down when he got to this point point he
said the same thing it’s like in his

the information he have has will stop
the division that we have in America and
with that Democrat Republicans Trump
Clinton specifically that divide is what

he’s talking about and he really broke
down that was truthful he broke down as
like uh I feel very bad and somewhat
responsible because and this is why I

have to tell the story which is once we
understand the story why it’ll be buried
I guess I feel responsible so I have to
come forward I want to see my rabbi and

you know you know do you know whose
rabbi is John this was a very awkward
moment as if everyone knows who his

rabbi is he’s not a race I don’t even
know if he’s Jewish
but his rabbi is someone else tell us
tell us Patrick it’s Warren Buffett and

he mentioned Buffett in a different
interview so he has this information he
goes to Warren Buffett his rabbi to say
what am I gonna do with this information

and he said Patrick you come forward his
he said you can’t let this sit with the
feds let the feds do their job you have
to come forward to the American people

so I am I never heard of the guy I only
figured out last summer who had sent me
these these requests and I named Peter
Straub and he was doing on behalf of
three officials

I’m just identifying now as X Y & Z I’ve
identified they weren’t named to me and
I’ve identified them to the two law
enforcement now it’s just for the troll
room Warren Buffett is not actually a

rabbi okay I think he’s he’s his go-to
guy when he has questions like a
spiritual leader so Warren Buffett is a
Hillary Clinton supporter so why does

Warren Buffett want Patrick Byrne to
come clean with this because they he has
information that the feds spied on Trump
that the feds and by the way this goes

back a year before the official fed
spying timeline FBI spying timeline
that goes back to 2015 and it was Cruz
and Rubio but the true reason this has

to come out is not something Trump or
Barr anybody else wants the world to
know which is why this guy is going away
and here’s the reason why I believe
there’s a massive federal investigation

that is going to turn up that there was
political espionage conducted through a
number of different venues against
Hillary Clinton and against Rubio Cruz

and Trump I know for a fact I know other
people who were involved that’s what
really happened and my rabbis said you
can’t go another you have to do this

right now
people are killing each other in America
that’s this is my short light cream
there’s people
so Buffett finds out from Patrick Byrne
that they were spying on Hillary Clinton

as well this is not the way the message
is supposed to go this is worse than we
ever thought the messaging is supposed
to be the Clintons paid for research
against Donald Trump they had all these

people colluding they all got in there
they tried to stop him from winning and
then they tried to stop him tried to get
him out of the presidency we can’t have
all of a sudden that really the FBI and

the CIA are just completely out of
control and they wanted to manage the
entire election process and that’s why
Bill Bar and I’m really you look at Bill
Barr man this guy is cleaning some shit

up he is he is cleaning up shit not not
for good he’s Cleese hiding stuff he’s
protecting people oh no I’m not all in
I’m bill Barr being the great savior the

idea was we’re supposed to get a couple
of people were supposed to prosecute
them get them out get them done move on
bad bad bad Democrats bad Hillary
Clinton it was all a hoax

now what was going on with Hillary
Clinton and this is where Maria boo Tina
the Russian comes in and I’m not going
to go too far into this because here’s
who was in jail from this whole Mueller

investigation the two key people who
have real information Paul Manafort
locked up
locked down shut up because he has all
the goods and pedesta they work together

so we can’t have him talking and Marie
abou Tina for a very minor offense the
way it’s written is in jail for 18
months we don’t want her talking at all
and from what I understand

Marie abou Tina was actually involved in
the uranium one hustle and I think
Patrick Byrne being a crypto specialist
maybe he was wittingly or unwittingly to

coin a phrase from clapper that involved
in helping some transfer of funds
through crypto I’m not quite sure but
boo Tina was definitely involved in the
Iranian one gambit and that was the

goods they had on Clinton so there’s all
kinds of stuff that was against Hillary
Clinton that this administration has no
benefit to let him come out and I think
we’re never gonna hear from Patrick

Byrne again on this matter in public
well what was the guy’s role his role
was to manage the Russians call her spy

if she is arisen is unclear to introduce
her to the campaign’s to the Rubio to
the Cruz and the Trump campaign I don’t

know if he introduced anyone if he
introduced her to the Clinton campaign
and they came to him and said all right
you’ve got to set some stuff up and when
he started to notice she was like what

these meetings meetings and when Bern
noticed that she was doing she was
taking meetings that could be
potentially harmful as in if she’s a
Russian spy you know you don’t want her

taking this meeting and the feds then
said no no just let it go we want to see
what happens and that’s when he became
is this anything is a bunch of seal

indictments involved in this no did you
not hear what I said Bill Barr is hiding
shit is cleaning shit up for people that
who are not supposed to be exposed in
particular the agencies have to remain

keep their integrity you can’t if the
American public knew that the FBI not
under direction of Obama but their own

we’re just manipulating the elections
you have a much bigger problem than than
what they’re trying to expose so no
there’s not going to be thousands of
sealed indictments thrown in that I’m

taking this seriously the FBI and CIA
are out of control and they were
managing the election I what Patrick
Byrne certainly believes what he’s
saying and he has no reason to be

untruthful about this well I mean if
you’re gonna go back you’re gonna take
this tact you can go back to that clip
that you have mm-hmm where Ron Paul says
that the CIA took over the place after

the Kennedy assassination and so what
else is new
okay well I mean obviously it’s not new
to us but to this extent I think that

would be very harmful if people
absolutely yeah anyways I mean the last
guy that tried to take down the CIA was
Nixon and if you read the book of

secrets or what was the name of the
family book of the book that yeah the
rest of a core family of secrets family
of secrets if anyone reads that book and
they should read that book it appears as

if the entire Watergate thing was a
contrivance mm-hmm done in an by
professional the dressmaker summarizes
the Watergate thing this way and it’s

really worth reading
you can also read about people like
Woodward and how these guys come in to
be but he summarizes with us he says
that this was set up by very high an CIA
professionals to look like a botched job

hmm so that so it would come to the it
would come into play and again Nixon was
out to get the CIA was pretty he said so
he wish that the place was rotten and he

needed to be taken out taken out and so
they did they did this Watergate
burglary as a botched job but these guys
were too high ended according to Baker

to botch the job the way they did they
could have gone in and out and gotten to
whatever information they needed no
problem but no they did a botched job on
purpose get Nixon out to get Nixon out
and it worked

yeah well so that’s that’s been a secret
since I was a little boy John it’s like
it’s not supposed to come out now
certainly not on the Internet’s we can’t
have this we can’t have conspiracy

theories floating around
holy crap bill bar shows up everywhere
this guy is he iran-contra he fixed that
shit yeah he was the run contra fixer a

total fixer Mueller was a fixer Mueller
couldn’t do it Mueller couldn’t fix it
right he tried to have it straight down
the middle

it’s okay you know well then not this
not that no collusion no man maybe it’s
just let it go that was that was the
trap detractor was supposed to be on
maybe we get a Clinton day in court or

something you know just for fun for yox
to make her look like shit but otherwise
now nothing and now oh no we can’t let
him know that we’re doing we’re up to
the same tricks as from the the Nixon

Watergate era we can’t let anybody know
that that’s the damning information
that’s why Buffett wanted it out what’s
in it for Buffett one way or the other

Hilary he’s a Hillary fan he does not
want Hillary to go dice McCrory look
good well better than she looks yeah
sure well then maybe he should be behind

did you get the Hat does that get what
the Red Hat no I did I still haven’t
received a hat oh there’s a red hat that
says make Hillary run again
did you send the to me or is it going

it’s one of our producer sent us
fantastic Hilary run again well hey who
knows anyway no I’m still on my list so
I think I think Patrick Byrne is well

we’ll see well he’s gone back to his
blog which he hadn’t been writing on
since 2015 no I mean no 20 2007 I think
let me take a look just a pissin in the

wind yeah he is
unfortunately cuz he well I mean he
knows interesting stuff and if yeah
obviously it’s my beat I’ll follow it

but believe me and yeah and then we get
the China thing which just blew him out
of the water I think we should talk
about that a moment after I thank you
for your courage and say in the morning

to you the man who put the sea in China
John C Devorah well in the morning to
you mr. Adam curry also in the morning
to all the ships and see boots on the
ground feet in the air subs in the water

and all the Dames tonight’s out there
yes and while you’re getting whatever
you you were swearing under your breath
about cuz you don’t have something handy
already I will say in the morning to the

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participate also a big hearty in the
morning to the artist who brought us the
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Mike Riley yeah this one we have to

discuss yes we have a couple of
unwritten rules we try to have we have
three elements that are post-production
one is the opening clip that we choose

one is the title and one is the artwork
and the title is last
so it’s typically it is that we do

credits together we do that then we
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no first we find the opening clip then
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our minds that taco rista was going to
be the title yeah pretty much
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before we went to no agenda art
generator dot-com we knew that what

would not work is under the unwritten
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they are three separate topics and I
don’t think we’ve ever really broken

that rule mmm I think there was one time
we came close to breaking and it was
dubious well there’s always an exception
to something so everybody did really
interesting taco show art everybody did

and we were just like well none of us
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mean the couple bored aligners that we
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time the podcasts are you looking at the
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taco time does shell shell cast shells
the shell cast yeah and turns out
there’s thousands of taco podcasts who
knew did you did you know no there’s
thousands of taco podcasts we were

thinking oh this is a great exit
strategy taco podcast no so anyway we we
looked at all those and then one of the
first ones submitted was this

environmental projection agency that
Mike Riley did and it was a beautiful
piece is it comes from an Al Sharpton
flub versus the teleprompter and and you
know it had the green leech at plant and

the then the camera it was it just made
so much sense so that’s why we did not
go with the taco but thank you very much
Moshe O’Reily for your work

this outstanding piece of art we feel
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so thank you very much and we we yeah it
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where we do not play commercials we have
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I’d like what you said in the newsletter
that there were certain moments of the
last podcast where we speak in sometimes

borderline terms just to get to the root
of a story but the way we do that would
probably get us suspended or fired on

any m5m channel oh absolutely
I don’t think there’s any doubt about it
we can’t actually do this show in any
other venue I mean we could but we

wouldn’t be the same show I mean we just
be you be yucking it up all the time
yeah like that yeah that would be

dynamite it would be good but it
wouldn’t be the same show yeah it’d be
different show but it would be good and
you know it’s something you can think
about so let’s thank a few people

there’s one missing from here which I do
have the note on I don’t know why it was
picked up okay starting we got the top
of the list is David what do you think
boda boda David boda in Monroe North

Carolina and he came in with 1167 that
doesn’t he’s a show produces the show
amount yeah uh it’s been a long time

since we had one of those actually we
have to seeing the replies of the
variety the vanity tweet about Conan
O’Brien driving the podcast revolution

yeah that’s a good one yeah it became
clear to me you guys don’t get enough
thus I felt compelled to step up and

contribute this is interesting
whenever I the width on this thing is so
high we move it over a little bit uh-huh
I felt compelled to step up and

contribute 1167 to show 1167 in the best
podcasting universe thanks for the
double Thursday shot of sanity each week
please keep it up because your work
means a great deal to a great many I’d

like to be known as sir euchre of Sandy
Ridge North Carolina and look forward to
the ever tempting mutton and Mead
see you at the roundtable PS Adam do you

remember the story behind you were
smoking melted CDs yes I do
of was he one of them the get that sold
that to me ye yeah here’s the yeah he’s

got some gin you dude you missed a story
after this but he’s gonna hey citizen
pew pew Obama you might die round table
he wants to add some Blatz beer I didn’t
know they still made that and bacon jam

oh I need to put that order in for the
for the kitchen hold on let me see me

do we have anything like that yeah okay
I’ve got it in I put the order in
they’ll have that alright and he has
some jingles that he’d like it just us
to play anything else but he said there
no but after the jegos you’re going to

explain this you might not there we go
you’ve got Carmen is being pew-pew no

now this was when we were living in
Guildford in the UK and I think we
weren’t home and Christina had I know

she had a party yeah probably had a
party she was very good at concealing
that and anyway with I got back and I
noticed that my weed was gone like so
this was the mistake she made also there

was a burn hole in the windscreen in
front of my microphone all right what
happened well yeah some friends were
over and my dad won’t mind it yeah but

they left me with nothing so then they
the sheepishly I don’t remember who it
was some boys came over later and said

well you know we had some hash for you
I’m like okay but you guys are a-holes
that you did that and so it wasn’t the
best hash but kind of worked I guess but

later I found out that these fuckers
they had melted CDs down and so that to
me is a Blanca has she SH knows it it
tastes like plastic no it did not taste

like plastic at all yeah I think maybe
the story was bogus that’s a true story
you know I mean the story that they told
you was bogus they were just a get oh

well that’s good cheap-ass shishun’s
that crispy
hey you smoked his CD dummy they got me
twice in that case thanks guys thank you
David boda I know if you were part of

that gamble it must have been one of the
guys I don’t think so and thank you so
much for your support of the work the
show and all of the work all of our
producers do to keep us going thank you
so the missing donation which should be

right here at the top is uh synonymous
or on him as a dog patch ah I was
wondering if it was okay we haven’t
heard from him in a while yeah he came

it was eleven sixty two huh so I believe
this was supposed to be the show number
1162 and it just showed up late or he
didn’t mail it or it got bounced around
I have no idea he made me do Mary

mailing thinks which to say I have a
sense that’s what he’s doing okay
wait he’s doing what reading mailings
this is a an old trick you use when
you’re overseas and you want to make it

like for example if I want a mail I
could try it but if I want to mail a
note to kim jeong-hoon
yeah I’m probably better off sending it
to or sending my letter to a remailer in

oh yes actually we then post it yeah got
it and this guy said she really is a
serious I’m gonna be anonymous guy that
is possible that he does remail Ang’s

and that’s why this came in late so
we’re gonna give him the five bucks and
make it him the show so we have two guys
I’d like this I’d like this yeah I got

to have a normal long note would rule
read for this kind of input yes thanks
for all the producers for their

continued support of the show keep for
supporting even when we disagree at
least we aren’t snowflakes and melts
from the blow back now efforts to take
freedoms away seems to be running amok
in the eastern hemisphere China imposing

rule over Hong Kong and India over
Kashmir err lead to bad outcomes Hong
Kong news has pushed India’s oppression
of the front pay off the front page

during cashmeres Eid celebration hmm
fortunately Saudi Arabia simultaneously
used its financial muscle against India
investing in 15 billion into India’s

largest refinery and locking in a long
term oil customer displacing Iran who is
pushed aside by US sanctions and he says
yes that was sarcasm hong kong and

kashmir are at risk of becoming
palestine like with mainland china and
hindu indians that’s that’s a good
observation well what’s interesting

again is that i’ve mentioned this on the
show is that i don’t have it in front of
me but the population of
Mira’s like 55% Indian Hindus right 35%
Muslim no it’s 45 percent 35 percent and

20 percent of the population is Chinese
oh right yes exactly
people don’t realize that the population
of Kashmir 20% Chinese they’re the lungs

of Kashmir man the lungs man is the
lungs hugs settlers buying a property
imposing their will
Kashmir wishes the Chinese is referring

to Kashmir has too many weapons and
allies but to nuke powers facing each
other is of no concern Hong Kong will
use its financial power to resist as
long as possible but China is patient

and has greater financial resources plus
a military I really hope the US will
stay away from both military uses we’re
not gonna do anything in Kashmir we
don’t have to we don’t even care

military used to although the Chinese
being in there we might care no no no
we’re letting we’re we’re on Modi we’re
on we’re on India’s side where Modi side
we’ve already declared our allegiance to

Modi two modes we’re not gonna do
anything but Modi was not allowed you
know you did Sabo you know the car
banning people from coming in and

they’re removing press credentials Modi
was not allowed in the United States
before it became primp Prime Minister
huh I did he was he was a radically a
kind of a right-wing nut anyway face it

u.s. is only five percent of the world
population with economic development and
of the country’s US military dominance
is prolonged in prolonged be OG
conflicts is suspect peer to peer is

different I feel drone swarms car Bo G
what is that go back go read that
sentence again it’s what it says for
long bo g khan conflicts capital B

capital o capital G I was hoping you’d
look it up keep going I’ll look it up
yeah I fear drone swarms and autonomous
car bombs in our future man you don’t

even need to put the bomb in it
that’s right just let me crash that’s
what show comet Johnny suggested having

a president with business experience
would be valuable in a recession
Hoover’s successful business experience
didn’t help and probably hurt while
Truman’s failed business experience

probably helped government is not
business but politics and they are but
politics and they are distinct
professions I agree with that in terms
of how and why decisions are made

secondly the current office holder is
less a businessman than a brand manager
an important source of his income is
royalty payments for the use of his name
he will protect his brand over

everything else he has successfully made
his vision of the u.s. a brand but
Americans are fickle we all know brand
management is dynamic and he seems
caught in his own rut and needs to

refresh his brand no jingles no karma he
might have meant Bo TG as in boots on
the ground maybe that’s what he meant

boots on the ground boots on ground
maybe that’s what he meant yeah this
what he means okay
prolonged boots on ground conflicts US
military dominance and prolonged boots

on cons conflicts a suspect got it got
it okay well sir on immersive Dogpatch
receiving one of your one of your
communities your communication is Yves

is always a pleasure and thank you for
your unwavering support of the work we
do and yeah keep that kind of
information coming with or without with

or without a donation that’s the kind of
information that we can use appreciate
that and he never wants anything right
and J&K yep okay I gotta give him a Carm
as it is it bad to give him a karma

maybe oh then I won’t do it don’t want
don’t want to know he says then J and K
and J haters but this is for a reason
yes thank you very much in Denver
Colorado 1000

Oh after listening he says to last
Saturday’s donation segment the last
Sundays I knew it was time for me to

step up I have lost track of how long
it’s been since listening to no agenda
how long I been listening to no agenda
but but last time I donated was back

when the 6969 donation was still a thing
it’s been a couple years yeah let’s be
welcome back Luke we’ve lost our girl I
think yeah you have kept me sane with

your analysis through hours of prep work
for my Asian fusion food truck huh oh so
he preps food in the food truck well

listen to the show nice you might find a
finger in there but unfortunately the
food business has proven to be too much
work compared to the income yeah I can
believe it I can understand I mean you

know I and I do truck to me that I was
going to as the taco truck I always fall
back to just a good dog taco truck buy
some ice
so I’m decided to start looking for a
day job is that just by the way it’s

foreboding for the food truck business
so people usually get a cool food truck
you should get roared it Oh if you’re
using it you should use it yeah you got
one just get rid of that gonna be

forever oh for sure this is a depression
phenomenon by the way I get a job if I
can get a jobs Carmen possibly a 69
jingle it would be appreciated like to
bring pork buns and buds to the round

table if there is room now does he yes
so he becomes the knight today yes I
don’t see where it says that well it’s
in blue he’s on the list and it says sir

Luke of northern Denver let me just
double check I’m gonna show you what
I’ve got it is an instant donation there
would be no other reason to do it yeah
well he doesn’t say he’s donated before

he said he donated back when the 6969
yeah well right put him on the list you
know he’s on the list he’s on the list

he already was so I’d look forward to
seeing with the round table whether he’s
getting there the pork buns and buds
jobs jobs and jobs and we’re just Thor

Dorman maru’s ik you think music yeah

I’d say that’s right 33333
first-time donor long time boner very
long time in fact been listening to Noah

Jenna since episode one having been a
fan of the DSC for some time the the
weight of douche guilt is just
unbearable I don’t know if this donation

earns me a right to be deduced or not
but I’ll leave it to you yes do see him
right away
so can his guilt s4 jingles I’d like you

to play here comes the Zephyr pronounced
by Jordan Peterson sounding sounding AI
by the AI version followed by

clippity-clop the message is clear and
for old times sake oh that’s where the
message is clear for old times sake
thank you for the best podcast in
universe Thor the Ukrainian from Toronto
there goes this if ur only seven cars

you’ve got karma thank you very much

funny when I heard that the first time I
didn’t hear the ELISA are you are you
sure it’s Thor because I have a whore
IH o r is that a Miss type or cuz I see

it twice now I have a feeling it may be
males not might not be Thor might be I
know how would you pronounce but maybe
that’s what I was asked for the
pronunciation IH o are a whore a whore I

lie or bi or okay well I mean it can’t
be a mistake a typo twice cuz it’s also

I or I the troll room is being very
helpful with the phonetic phonetics of
this yes thank you
troll room I understand I whore yes very
funny i oh if we’re doing it wrong let

us know but thank you so much for your
support of the show and yes d douche
says he’s appropriate all right now we
got a couple of email was I’m gonna

switch these around cuz I already looked
up Stephanie whitehead stephanie says
note in JC DS mailbox mm-hmm and I do
have that and she came in with two 77 88

to be the first associate executive
producer we’re gonna backtrack on this
okay heard email is while we’re hungover
and enjoying our weekly no agenda Sunday
brunch I like this a happy third wedding

anniversary – sir a knive s connive s of
the Providence Plantations this coming
Tuesday our anniversary’s on the 27th

and tsarnaev s or knives I get it a
sniper yes the capital of V in the
middle that got John that one yeah now
ask me that neither will you this is

gonna capital V I got it was born on
July okay he needs to be on a birthday
list I think oh oh no July 1988
nevermind twenty seven sevens 88 here’s

another reason for this number for your
donation that’s the donation number two
seven seven two eight eight which I will
explain in a short poem a creative
medium I haven’t

seen on the show which is unusual
because we’ve had poetry high end poetry
on the DHN plug show we’ve had haikus
here from time to time the 33s they’re

haunting me at the time the price paid
my phone battery a sign that is time for
a donation but also for a celebration as
wife of Sir knives of the Providence

Plantations reaches a thousand dollars
today and becomes lady butters of
Narragansett Bay oh well she’s
definitely not on the list pronounced

Narragansett for those unfamiliar with
our tiny city everyone knows how to
pronounce so Stephanie white head white
head becomes what’s her name gonna be

butters of Narragansett Bay maybe
butters of Kensit excellent I’m glad she
continues mm-hmm not my best poem but

after a long work week of writing cue
Adams cheesy TV Guide Voice on brand
creative content for the global markets
I need to return to reality with the

help of my smoking-hot husband and of
course the best podcast in the universe
so she’s a copywriter ah go for the
roundtable I request MDMA and IPAs now
that’s a woman right there

nice and if you have any leftover
adderall and LSD from CERN Ives
knighting we can make it a real party I
also brought lots of free play-doh for
the kids table I’m bringing this all to

the table today it’s funny
all right jingles all right unprepared
go hit it well I’m gonna read you the
Jim’s then we’re gonna do she’s got one

last thing at the answer you can have
time all right
I’d like to a couple D douching ‘he’s a
relationship karmic goat flavored please
and that’s true
like the 33 is another thing that
perpetually perpetually haunts me which

is that’s true
yes hearing it and of course
so she just needs a relationship good
karma and that’s true one last thing and
I’ll send out just get out of your hair
it seems that there have been meetups

everywhere in the world except for New
England huh we’re gonna do one in Boston
nice uh I’m going to that one I’d be
willing to swear Marty er joke writer is
I’d be willing to organize one somewhere

near the Rhode Island area but only if
crackpot and/or buzzkill would be
willing to make the trip out here in
person on a date of your choices may be
asking a lot I’d be honored if you even

consider I’d recommend the fall because
there’s absolutely nothing like autumn
in New England we familiar thank you for
your courage happy Anniversary to my
beloved sir knives
hey are you gonna go did I hear you say

that I said I’d go to the Boston one
yeah yeah well fancy I got a Mimi wants
to go ahead and see some friends she has
a bunch of friends there so one’s a
double with Warren she’s gonna go visit

Liz Liz well thank you very much
Stephanie and we will see you at the
round table later for your daming
turning you into a true lady you’ve got

well he’s Anonymous in Redwood City this
is so much growing up but anonymous in
Redwood City says it’s amazing the
feeling a donation to the show can
provide also that’s 2x reward points

from my credit card as it as it is
before the Labor Day deadline for extra
rewards everyone make note almost
tonight who is shooting to join the

table by the end of the year I’ll keep
it short and sweet a shot of jobs karma
would be great for an upcoming interview
and a Colombian for an and the
Colombians it says for krump would put a

smile on my face I’d also like to gauge
support for a meet-up at a brewery or
beer garden around northern Silicon
Valley Redwood City Palo Alto perhaps

yes we’re gonna do one down there’s
probably gonna be code in Cupertino John
what day of the week would you prefer
well it’ll be on that you know we’ll be
talking about it in the newsletter
so yeah it’s expect some

and thank you very much for your support
of the show jobs jobs jobs and jobs by
the way your squirrelmail is getting

pretty tight on the old verbiage list
there I get people who are sentry
sending emails to me because the word
poop was in it and your and your spam

filter blocked it yes and he has got a
word checker so if you if the mail

consists consists of anything poop
anything anything
it gets killed and it gets sent right

back to you so don’t cuss in your emails
to me I mean Chris Chris Wilson has
probably had the most problems cuz he
can write it having something in there

our on word Richard Hufford in Tempe
Arizona two three 3.33 honored to be
associate executive producer celebrating
300 episode says 867 karma for everyone

listening step up to the plate and help
John and Adam or will it would be a lot
darker without their no agenda show love
and light to you gents all things
irreverent al thanks the according to my

records this donation should take me
past knighthood happy to be Sir Richard
of the 11 Ludwig’s okay for the Ludwig’s
yes Crown Royal and ginger ale always

works for me perfect right this is
getting really long for today maybe some
THC bomb flower I don’t know what that

yeah I don’t know what that is either
yeah and you would know I love all
things Reverend Al and karma for the no
agenda listeners it works it works yes
love and happiness to the newlyweds
onward no agenda nation you and John are

the very best
it’s a long version just for you we
haven’t played in a while he’s giving
lunch at chick-fil-a
the tortise in the race – annoyed Wever

rush on ESP ICT they’re all shitty are
ESP ICT there’s no real conference we

but we must and we will karma what do
you think my favourite word in there

isn’t it in that little speech that song
well I like Gd that’s my favourite well
Chipotle’s good too but tortoise
tortoise and the hare the tortoise and
the hare Gitty with it oh it’s disord a

fugu sotto hey there you go 22 bucks
thanks for your sanity and two hundred
$20.20 insanity and for your courage

he’s baron of kansas city I should have
known Aaron of Kansas City Missouri lot
in Mitchum Victoria Australia 200 even
this is my second donation adding two

hundred I previously donated I love the
fact you guys are unencumbered in your
discussions but are humble enough to
admit when things go wrong or things you
don’t know you admit these things like

yeah we do we don’t know anything a lot
of stuff example of the amygdala
challenged insta boys out there I have a
job can I have jobs and property selling

if that’s the thing yeah yeah karma for
my brother I will subsequently hit him
in the mouth real good
a door real good a lot melodies in
Melbourne he says here okay yeah jobs

jobs jobs and jobs that’s
karma now it appears they have to do
another search for banco 75 well I’m not

gonna do the whole squirrel but you
should do that again
I dunno Blanco 75 I do not have him in
my emails no wouldn’t so I don’t know

what happened to his note he waits right
here apparently oh oh it’s great more
information for you
birthday okay birthday ready got a pen

happy birthday to my wonderful and
smokin hot wife Dame Ashley Lady of the
lake on August 28th note ICM forgive me

pod fathers for it’s been a while since
my last donation I signed on to my
PayPal account and found that I had $140

balance I didn’t know about so I decided
what better way to spend it then to get
one step closer to my knighthood and
support the best podcast in the universe
and we recommend people go look if they

have a PayPal account most people just
use their credit card when they click on
a donation button but if you have a
PayPal account that money sitting in
theirs languishing last time I wrote in
Adam called me a hero for working with

the Millennials that play with kinetic
sand and won’t look you in the eye when
they talk that I negotiated an
independent contractor deal to get out

of that place and now work from home so
I can concentrate on real estate
investment business I wish homes
I even connected with a couple other
investors from the No Agenda show and

encourage any others to get in touch
Chris at wish oh I would Chris at I wish
Holmes calm down okay our entire family
my wife myself and six kids

yikes all listen to the show no no
that’s nice and it’s a happy birthday
you gotta run the birthday list as you
get on there yeah yeah we have to make

we’d love to make fun of the stupid
things that kid
bring home for social studies homework
oh did you see I’ll wait until you done
with this and I got ya and by the way if

you shipped a really stupid stuff scan
it send it to us we like to make fun of
it two things I like the definition of
things I like the definition of a law is
a set of rules everyone agrees to or the

insistence from teachers what okay let
me just start over things like these are

the things that he gets the definition
of a law is a set of rules everyone
agrees to or okay that’s one of the
things yeah that’s not that that’s not a
law but okay well that’s why there last

thing about it yeah I know it’s what I’m
saying this is what the class teaches or
the insistence from the teachers that we
live in a democracy I’m still waiting
for one of them to bring home the

question what is the purpose of
government there isn’t one I would like
our response would he be our response
yes yes I’m sure the teachers love us
anyways anyways he says keep up the good

work the whole family you realize and
you guys keep to keep us have you
noticed that this is now accepted in
common parlance adding an S to anyway
anyways I’m tired if I don’t correct

people anymore like you’re an idiot
anyways alright guys do it as a visit
visit no no I knew this is common Oh get
out of the house okay okay I got one we

got to study this is a in advance of us
either one of us using this phrase which

is starting to crop up everywhere and
I’m just begging if you should agree
with me this has got to be banned from
the show and people if they hear it they
should boo the TV pump the brakes

I’ve not heard this wine I’m familiar
but I haven’t heard this one yet I’ll
pump the brakes on that story
Oh pump the brakes on that idea that’s a
real old one that’s an old one pump

that’s like 60s it’s back and I’ve heard
at least five times recently and I saw
in one of the articles
the Brazilian fires it says pump the
brakes on day stories about the fires

that would out someone that got me
did Chris de fer need any Karma’s or
jingles karma for I wish Holmes it would
be said to be helpful we can do that of

course you’ve got karma I did want to
say John in the category of producers
and their kids I’m sure you saw it but
for those who didn’t on the tweeters one

of our anonymous producers this for some
reason I guess it was okay for us to
play this because he tweeted out a video
his wife had sent to him did you see
this no so his his wife sends him a

video I guess he’s on the road and
here’s what she says
your daughter was playing with one of
the little pianos and guess what she
said she did this little jingle on the

piano and then she said you are deduced
yeah so you think she doesn’t listen to
your podcast but she totally does so

awesome words were picking up there you
know what deduced means no but when I
hear the message that starts with your

daughter is like ding ding ding ding
alarm bells and then you think she
doesn’t hear your pod your podcast
interesting word she’s picking up there

I presume that they’re ok with this
otherwise he wouldn’t have tweeted out
that video I guess is pretty funny
inside joke between them well it sounds

to me as though the missus doesn’t
listen to the show or like us that’s
correct that’s my guess yes which
happens but at least the kids are

listening and that’s a plus yeah that’s
a good start for our for our next 20
Matthew bars our last on the list for
associate executive producer and he’s in
Barrie Ontario

Dear John and Adam from Canada Naevia
thank you for the outstanding news
deconstruction you guys are awesome I’ve
been listening since 2013 and after a

couple of shows I was hooked
I’ve been a it’s been a while since I’ve
donated it would request to be deduced
absolutely remember that children in
fact he goes on my wife sometimes will

humor me and listen to the show but my
kids love the show and I’ve been
listening I’ve been listening with me
since they were 9 and 11 they especially
love the jingles like that’s true that’s

of course the I’ve got ants song I’ve
recently started a small business so I’d
like to give a quick plug to rebels
Depot at rebels we sell dark
and cutting edge designs in the

alternative fashion market huh
including skull fashion and jewelry hmm
I wish is popular popular stuff with

with the Millennials I’d like to offer
No Agenda licious 15% off of all of our
products at business rebels
use the discount code No Agenda and 5%

of all sales will be donated back to the
show I like to request the I’ve got
pants song to be played at the end of
the show and you can fit it in my kids
love that song also if I could get a

small business goat karma that would be
great thanks again this truly is the
best podcast in the universe Matt I’m
looking at rebels cool stuff
there’s in particular there’s a

steampunk t-shirt that’s dynamite
this is it’s like Hot Topic only good
very cool yeah absolutely you got your
new business Karma thank you for your

you’ve got executive producers and
executive producers for a show 1167
thank you all so much this was big for

us and it really helps now that we’re
just getting through the dog days of
summer appreciate your support of the
and you know I was talking with the sir
de Baron Dave last night and you know he

says it’s so weird it’s like it’s like
catching up with family or something
I know the feeling it’s exactly what it
is and that’s what we are we’re one big
family and I and I have to keep saying
this show would not be what it is

without our producers and everybody
contributes in some way and we love to
thank our financial producers the execs
and associate executive producers right
up front as soon as we can within the
show so thank you so much for your

courage we will be thanking more people
in our second segment and we will be
back here for more deconstruction on
Thursday to help out go to the bull ride
org slash and hey don’t tell me you’re
not about to speed on what’s going on

with bogus plan to change friends we’re
not our formula is this we go out we hit
people in the mouth

oh I do want to do special karma health
karma sir Chris not sir Chris Wilson but
the other sir Chris who went in for the

electorate electrical cardioversion that
conferred converted his a-fib to sinus
rhythm with his heart has he has
reverted hey it hasn’t depressed me but

it’s frustrating me it’s not cancer
thank God but it’s disappointing me and
keeping me from being like you Adam and
being a spinner can’t spin with afib now
that might be bad love and light also

Karma for Isaac Piggot who has
apparently for reals cancer issues and
is held we hadn’t heard from Piggott in
a while and we would be actually he came

up at conversation just last night
whereas I so we’re going to hand out to
karmerz for health and of course lads
I’m f cancer here you’ve got okay China
this is kind of where we left off before

the donation segment what we what I’m
sorry well before we do that could you
look on the spreadsheet and see if

there’s a Jay Spencer Christic anywhere
on there because he did send a note in
this morning as if he may be a donated
something yesterday has came in too late

to do it today if he didn’t know I do
not see him Spence because he will be
bumped to Thursday for his knighthood oh
geez okay there’s no specific reason
that has to be today well it could be

today well would opinion may show up
again on Thursday well cut offs or cut
offs yeah so we’ll put you on Thursday
China okay

China China China that’s where we left
off where the news what I felt was
significant news of Patrick Byrne
and the Russia collusion was rudely
interrupted our conspirators conspiracy

theory has been interrupted by something
about China and just to get us in the
mood for China I think I’m gonna play
the full clip but the ISO speaks for

itself this was just one of the most
dynamite will ever get I believe this
was a protester in Hong Kong yeah it’s
definitely there’s no topper for that I

need a t-shirt China right there Oh

I love the Chinese now other Hong Kong
Chinese have always been a Chow in case
you’re wondering at the spelling of

asshole we’ll have a couple of clips
about the tariff mess yes I’d like your
taken or Caesar I believe from NBC Trump
tariff messer we start with that one

tonight President Trump threatening to
hike tariffs on some Chinese products in
response to Beijing this morning
slapping new tariffs on 75 billion
dollars in american-made goods the

president unloading a series of furious
tweets including this extraordinary
directive our great American companies
are hereby ordered to immediately start
looking for an alternative to China
including bringing your companies home

president Trump who doesn’t have the
authority to do that revealing his anger
amid recent warning signs a recession
could be on the horizon while some US
companies have started looking for other

places like Vietnam to produce their
many businesses weren’t a move could be
time-consuming and costly threatening to
put them out of business
the president also lashing out at his
hand-picked Federal Reserve chair to

impound reading my only question is who
is our bigger enemy Jay Powell or
China’s chairman she will then swipe
after Powell today didn’t rule out
future interest rate cuts but suggested
the central bank was limited in what it

could do to buffer the president’s trade
policies mr. Trump’s repeatedly ignored
the longtime tradition that a president
respect the feds independence Jay Powell
and the Federal Reserve have totally

missed the call Jay Powell’s made a big
the latest clash hours before President
Trump heads to the g7 summit with allies
waiting already anxious about a slowing
global economy Peter Alexander NBC News

the White House
yeah yeah yeah yeah well they’re framing
this in a very interesting way yeah well

they’re framing it in in the financial
way saying that because which is really
strange I mean I’ve always understood

economy great you got to raise the rates
to to combat that to slow it down a bit
but now it’s great and we’re gonna cut
the rates which is kind of the opposite
of what we’ve always been told and so I

guess that’s the framing of it is we you
know the financial policy that’s that’s
why they put that in the same story with
China I guess I know what they’re doing
play clip – this is Tom Costello caught

in the crosshairs of America’s feud with
peerless precision near Boston a defense
and aerospace contractor the trade war
has sent the cost of steel and aluminum

soaring cutting company profits in half
if I have to raise prices there’s a
really good chance that I’m gonna lose
that job the next time around and
possibly the customer Wall Street today
went into a nosedive with Apple and

automakers hit hard after China said it
will retaliate against u.s. tariffs with
tariffs of its own on american-made
products targeting american-made cars
farm products oil and clothing making

them more expensive in China meanwhile
the National Retail Federation is
rejecting president Trump’s demand that
American companies leave China writing
it is unrealistic for American retailers

to move out of the world’s
second-largest economy as 95 percent of
the world’s consumers live outside our
borders the trade war is not working
it’s doing significant damage to our

economy it risks running the economy
into a ditch
tonight US business is holding its
breath there’s no end date to this as
far as I’m aware which is even worse
everyone’s on the edge of their seat

right now waiting to see what’s gonna
happen next and Tom joins me now Tom put
this in perspective are there any
estimates on how much this trade war
might cost American families JPMorgan
for example says it could cost the

average household $1,000 a year with the
tariffs taking effect in September then
he get
December and if this trade war worsens
that number could grow even more Lester
all right Tom Costello thank you hmm hmm

funny thing that’s being conflated here
we should mention the United States with
the I don’t know three or 50 million out

of a seven billion population they keep
saying this effect actually euonymus
mentioned it too even but he just did
the real number says the u.s. is five

percent of the world’s population and in
that report they said the u.s. is five
percent of the world’s consumers we are
the lungs of the world’s consumers my
friend we’re the lungs of the world’s

consumers this is bullcrap the
population at seven point five three
billion are not consumers in the modern
sense of the word somebody you know

that’s pounding rocks in some obscure
area of the world in the native
environment or that 1 million people
that live in the rainforest I got that

figure out of the blue that are pretty
much primitives but really shouldn’t be
counted as as consumers the number
there’s no whistle style consumers is

probably a lot less than seven point
five three billion yeah yeah and you
think just mention that good but they
always try to do this to say you know
there was try is a demeaning thing to
say well you’re five percent of this and

they get you up 20 percent of their
world’s resources but that is that is
the aoc message that is the message of
the world’s left America bad yes but it
is for the purposes of world government

just like hers of course we know what
the purpose is of course merit Merck bad
America bed
so I don’t know what to be honest but I
don’t know what to make of this if you

have any thoughts yes three or yeah I
have a couple of things let’s hear it
well first of all the president said I
can absolutely order these companies to
do that you should take a look at the

international emergency economic Powers
Act which is indeed true
the 1977 international emergency
economic Powers Act does give the

president sweeping control of economic
transactions that the Carter
Administration I believe so thinks that
a Democrat yes as of March 1st 2019

presidents had declared 54 national
emergencies invoking ie EPA 29 of which
are still ongoing

typically national emergencies invoking
the ie EP IEEPA so we’re gonna call it
blasts nearly a decade although some of
last is significantly longer the first
state of emergency declared under the

NDA and IEEPA which was declared in
response in the taking of US embassy
staff as hostages by Iran in 79 we will
now enter its fifth decade so that’s

been ongoing so this is not atypical but
its trump so it has to be a dictator
hitler literally mussolini no that is
that is that’s what it is there now the
president also tweeted out something

else and i don’t have it in front of me
but he said look look these guys aren’t
playing ball and they promised to stop
the fentanyl they have not stopped the

fentanyl this is what I think he’s
signaling something interesting here and
it is a big deal it is it was a big bus
recently a fentanyl too huge yeah and

you know so there’s so much fentanyl has
been confiscated it could kill everybody
in America twice over easily and I just
want to go back in history for a moment

I did some some diving on this on China
and our relationship and the first thing
I came across
was the movie from John Pilger movie
slash documentary about it’s called the

the coming war on China it came out in
20 and of 2017-2018 it’s a complete I
mean that the whole thing is it it’s

good to see something like this and if
it’s in the show notes from one sided
perspective it’s a very globalist
anti-american documentary the first half
is all about the Marshall Islands and

how we killed everybody and use people
as guinea pigs and blew all the shit up
and and how we’re horrible and we’re
just encroaching around China that’s
what it’s all about and it’s good for
background but there was one bit in

there that I didn’t know too much about
and that is the opium wars and in fact I
had a conversation with with my
Millennial here at home who corrected me
and said no this was about silk and

stuff and you know and I did she studied
this in school so she would know but
this this documentary canard I think
something in school doesn’t mean you
know anything it correct but that’s not

how you approach it what you do is you
go and research it and you play some
shit on the show for the American elite
in the 19th century China was a gold
mine of drugs war in Delano the

grandfather of Franklin Delano Roosevelt
was the American opium king of China he
was the biggest American opium dealer
second to the British he welcomed the

first American ship into China to help
out with the opium wars a much of the
east coast of America Columbia Harvard
Yale Princeton were born from opium

money the American industrial revolution
was funded by huge pools of money where
did this come from it came from illegal

drugs in the biggest market in the world
China let me get this right the
grandfather of arguably the most liberal
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was

a drug runner yes sir Franklin Delano
Roosevelt never made much money in his
life he had public service jobs that
were very lowly paid

but he had Yahtzee at summer homes he
had mansions in New York City the kids
went to private schools he inherited a
fortune from Warren Delano his father
who was the American opium king of China

if you scratch anyone with the name
Forbes in in their name John Forbes
Kerry Secretary of State John Forbes
Kerry that’s the president secretary of

state yes sir you’ll find opium money
his great-grandfather was an opium
dealer how big was opium money opium
money built the first industrial city in
the United States Lowell Massachusetts

it built the first five railroads in the
United States
opium money all over the East Coast but
it wasn’t talked about it was called the
China trade and if you go to various
museums you can see teas and silks

exhibited and they keep quiet about all
that big opium money and so the
literature and I thought that was
interesting and the literature that is

taught you know talks about the China
trade specifically but the opium wars
and all that has kind of pushed over to
the Brits
you know it said the Brits did that and
then they and then of course they

colonized and they took over everything
but we had American military in
Tiananmen Square with on horseback
riding around and the interesting about
John Forbes Carrie I didn’t know that
that was the source of some of his

wealth so taking that into context
there’s a new movie that was announced
this week called claws of the red dragon
I don’t think it’s gonna be slated for

the theatrical release it’s produced by
Steve Bannon
yes that Steve Banyan as we like to call
him on the show and he sat down for an
interview I pulled three clips which

relates specifically to what we just
heard to the tariffs and strategies and
I appeared to me that he’s still on good

speaking terms with the president all
that it was must have been a lot of
posturing to get him out of the White
House because I mean this is all in all
in from all sides here he is talking

about the tariffs
of course the minor spec that we are as
a country compared to China’s 4,000 year

Trump’s program is a half a trillion
dollars in tariffs right to tariffs
goods because he knows the Chinese can’t
respond correct and here’s why they
can’t respond people the United States
have to understand one thing

the Chinese look at us as a tributary
state to them and let me explain that
China’s been around for 4,000 years
right they’ve had good runs and they’ve
had bad runs okay but one thing they
know and the reason they’re still

organized as a nation over 4,000 years
right they know how to handle allies I
know how to handle bad guys okay now
what they’ve done is they’ve got this

system called barbarian management and
they know how to manage barbarians the
way they manage the barbarians is they
take the leaders of the barbarians and
they give them a taste of the good life
and you’re gonna be you’re gonna be
something special

you’re gonna get a special deal now what
happens back into the tributary state is
whatever happens that’s your problem
okay so you’ve been in the United States
what they have done for 25 and 30 years
is played us as a barbarian state

barbarian management okay they
incentivize our elites and our elites D
industrialised particularly the Upper
of this country it’s the recent donald
trump’s president you know JD vance the
great guy from yale hillbilly elegies is

the best sociological study of the Trump
voter and it was JD Vance that told me
says hey those studies that come at at
MIT and Harvard show that there’s a

direct correlation between the factories
of left for China the jobs that left
with them in the opioid crisis it’s not
about tariffs what does about is human
dignity and self-worth those factories

went Wall Street made the money the
corporation’s benefit from it for lower
cost and devil catch the hindmost on the
we’re Jamestown to their Great Britain
okay that’s why the tariffs at the scale

that Trump put him up at they can’t
respond to her so I thought I don’t know
if it’s in the movie but I found it kind
of interesting that he made that
connection he says there is this
connection between the jobs going to the

manufacturing going to China and the
opium crisis that we opioid crisis that
we have here in the states it you know I
don’t take anything for granted these
are not just

coincidences in my mind you know I think
China’s very happy to say here fuckers
remember that take this I don’t put it
past him and why would you very
different culture

well the opium wars did end so they can
stop the fentanyl oh yeah of course they
of course they can stop the Fen tell any
time they want to but they’re not and
man scott adams did a periscope and he

was like kill him just kill lost his
steps on to overdose and he’s like we
should just go in and kill the
executives of the companies making that

yeah as a you can talk to someone who’s
affected by it directly you get a
different message than you and i mine to
might put out there so this so then and
this is a long interest only put took
three clippies and event again going

back to this documentary from from
Pilger about the disputed islands we
talk about them a lot in fact day master
dancer mark you know they do rain over

the disputed islands and they’re not
happening there in japan and i’m not
happy at all about what the what the
Chinese are doing that they’re in the
South Chinese sea and I had not heard of
where this came from where there the

Chinese notion that they can be anywhere
in that body of water and it’s you know
that’s kind of like Malacca Straits this
is us you know this is we patrol that we

keep it safe it’s open that’s the
superhighway of all all shipping lanes
now these guys have got these these
bases they’re building and it’s called
the nine dotted lines or nine dashed

lines and he goes into it in this clip
china considers the South China Sea to
be an internal seat of China I know they
doubt it lot you know you’ve got a line
there’s a joke they think it’s what they

think it’s a territorial seat I know
they are not prepared the first thing
they’ll tell you that the territorial
integrity and the sovereignty of China
is not to be questioned not to be
questioned and they consider that non

dot line you know the more people put it
into documents the more people put it on
TV show more people that reaffirm that
that mean they want because they believe
that that’s reality there you ask me

what’s going to happen the South China
Sea in the situation in Qatar in the
Persian Gulf
Chansey the two greatest hotspots the
world for a global conflict to start
okay not Korea Korea is a vassal state

of China the whole Korean thing is
nothing but a Chinese drama okay okay
and president Trump’s done an amazing
my recommendation as I think the
president I states Donald J Trump who

Tamizh been very even-handed with China
and really you know tried to build a
relationship I think you ought to give
the Chinese 72 hours 72 hours to take
every radar every every offensive thing

on military all the jets everything
either runways everything off the
islands get 72 hours take it all off and
on the 72nd hour in one minute the

United States Navy’s gonna go in there
take it off form and then I think they
ought to take those rings and they are
to dismount them and turn it back into
international waters that what that’s

going to that is good they say the
United States is provocative by putting
the United States Navy back into the
South China Sea to keep the sea lanes
open I happen to believe where this
relationship is going in the lack of a

real response the Chinese going to have
that they’re gonna try to do something
provocative in the South China Sea the
China initiate a response and I think
the president would be proactive on this
yeah I don’t know if that’s gonna happen

but this night war war yes that’s of
course this nine dash line I it’s on the
Wikipedia that’s crazy it was some map

that that came out in 1912 and there’s
it’s literally a couple dashes around
this entire China Sea like that’s our

borders right there it’s and they
believe in that I didn’t know about this
nine dash line thing but that’s where
they get this this territory from they
say that that is that that is theirs and

clearly Banyan wants us to start a
kinetic war over that but this is the
most interesting thing he said last clip
for this and it he try he explains here

how Trump you know he’s a very stable
genius has actually worked to with great
headwinds without pumping the brakes on

it to create an entire manufacturing
zone to compete with China yes the
tariffs in and of themselves on a

nominal number an absolute number are
not huge but we look at the convergence
of everything what Trump is done is said
hey weird economic war and we’re going
to hit back we’re gonna hit back with a
301 s to stop the forced technology

transfers we’re gonna put these
terrorists into the scale they’ve never
seen before we’re gonna have the ability
if we so desire to liquidate companies
like ZTE to basically cut them off from
their component parts in the West

they’ll be out of business in ninety
days also the new things about
investments about these limitation
investments at the surface if it’s
reform that people are talking about you
bring all forces of government together
on that and the stopping of intellectual

property you have something what Trump
is done and this is why NAFTA was so
important a new NAFTA deal that he’s
he’s created is basically setting up a
geostrategic manufacturing base to

counter East Asia okay and Japan is very
quickly going to be part of that a
bilateral deal not some TPP deal or just
one among many a direct bilateral deal
with Japan

a partner we’ve got one with Korea we’re
updating and then the EU Yunker has
already told Trump his already taught is
already indicated that they’re gonna be
a part of this – what Donald Trump has
done in less than two years against the

second law of thermodynamics right the
immutable law of the rise of China right
what he’s done is reorient the entire
world’s supply chain away from China and
this is going to have economic growth

opportunities that are going to be
incredible and he’s done that kind of
single-handedly against against the
fighting of the the corporatist Lobby
the fighting of the Wall Street investor
relations department etc so that’s what

I think is really heroic sounds
plausible he’s got to get some people to
sign off on some stuff though time to
invest in Mexico

yeah or Canadia Canada Navy is a part of
that yeah so and I don’t know if Yonker
you know if he any of that power carries

over with with a new election but no
anyway I am curious to see with this
clause of the red dragon movie will be
well we’re probably one of the few

people to get to actually watch it care
but the guy’s not a dummy that Bennion
no he’s not he’s no dummy little pompous

though this interview was done in a
hangar with a jet and Mercedes and park
next to the Jets like my brother yeah
that’s pretty much undisclosed location

a hangar very funny
yeah what why what’s the point I don’t
know man what else we get oh but do you

have anything on Briggs it I hear you
know a brexit stuff and no because the
brexit thing is kind of like languishing
with pretty much what we’ve talked about

already there’s some stuff we should at
least mention Italy having their
tribulations the dead hasn’t been
discussed at all no let’s play this
Italy has been plunged into a political

crisis as Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte
announced he’s resigning he made the
announcement after far-right interior
minister Deputy Prime Minister Matteo
salvini withdrew support for the

right-wing populist coalition and power
and called for a no-confidence vote
Giuseppe Conte took aim at salvini as he
addressed the Parliament yesterday it is
clear who is the person responsible for

the government crisis but if they lack
courage the political courage no problem
I will assume it I believe this is the
only conclusion the only necessary
transparent and coherent and linear
conclusion I thank you very much dude

that guy’s got like strings of goop when
he’s talking in his mouth yet I courage
the political courage no problem I will
assume it I believe this is the only
conclusion the only necessary

transparent and coherent and linear
conclusion I thank you very much the
outgoing Prime Minister Conte then
headed to the presidential palace to
formally submit his resignation if a new
majority coalition cannot be formed to

run the government the president will
likely call for early elections while
political analysts say salvini is
unlikely to ascend to the Premiership
the immigration hardliner could gain
more power as this popularity continues

to grow in Italy so what does this mean
in your estimation well I think it’s
just another you know it’s another
falling foliage there’s another takeover

by the migrants that have created these
situations in these countries that are
untenable yeah and they’re gonna end up
having to be run by the central
government in the EU I mean they already

put somebody in earlier remember that
was a couple years ago they took they
took over Italy and then they let it
pass oh yeah they had the the
technocrats come in yeah whatever his
name was they’re gonna do it again she’s

and I understand some mess I understand
Bojo might be pushing for for a snap
election before the October 31st date
well you know what that means

Nigel Nigel song was making time for
night Rachel could find that song and

making it to a Nigel song the knits
making plans for Nigel everybody yeah
the Netherlands thousands of Dutch have

signed up for a beach party for brexit
on October 31st they will all stand at
the beach and wave goodbye UK 52,000
might be going 7 for sure the joke no

they’re really gonna do it
stand on the beach and wave goodbye to
Britain the Dutch still have some humour
I’m happy to see that well let’s talk

about some loo off topic yeah or not
totally off topic but vaping oh boy ok
yes by the way so let’s say I get two

clips I got ISA giris expose on NBC
let’s play that first the same thing of
e-cigarettes is under increased scrutiny
has even more people including teenagers
are being hospitalized for severe lung

disease linked to vaping NBC’s Kristen
Dahlgren has more on the urgent call for
action this was 17 year-old Tristan so
filled less than a month ago I could
just feel my heart just pounding out of

my chest his lungs so damaged he was
unable to breathe on his own the day
they intubated him was probably the
worst day of my life doctors couldn’t
figure out what was wrong until they
found out Tristan had been vaping he’s

now one of more than 150 cases of vaping
related lung disease being investigated
across the country no one has been able
to establish what type of e-cigarette or
what flavor or what brand or put any one

thing together that has led to this
increase the American vaping Association
says the evidence can

I used to point a street bought vaping
cartridges containing THC or synthetic
drugs tonight the FDA which regulates
these cigarettes it’s working with CDC
and state health officials as quickly as

possible to gather more information
he’s got Gottlieb was the head of that
agency until April we addicted a whole
generation of kids on nicotine through
these vaping products and this isn’t
like a teen fad that you can just turn

off he calls it an addiction crisis
we’re gonna be at a point where we have
to ask whether or not some of these
products should come off the market
interestin who’s likely to have
permanent lung scarring vows to never
touch an e-cigarette again when you walk

into a high school wherever like you
walk into the bathroom and you’ll see 10
or 12 kids huddling around either
passing one around
if the short-term effects are this bad
then you know what good can come out of
it questions now facing health officials

and millions of kids headed back to
school well now as the resident vapor of
the nose show before you do that I want
to play the next clip okay because I do

want your input on this and I know where
you’re going already because of the
giveaway that was in the first step but
so NBC always likes to do a couple of
these the same story or you know two or
three times usually at least twice so

this was the follow-up story big and
they brought this one not just because
somebody died next tonight that alarming
headline about e-cigarettes health
officials are reporting what may be the

first deaths linked to vaping and the
CDC warning tonight that cases of lung
disease are rising among people who vape
NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren has the latest
tonight the possible connection between

a mystery illness and vaping taking a
deadly turn unfortunately yesterday we
received a report of a death of an adult
in someone who was recently hospitalized
with severe respiratory illness the CDC

is on the ground in Illinois as the
number of people hospitalized has
doubled there in the past week 193 cases
are now being investigated in 22 states
mostly in teens and young adults the

symptoms coughed shortness of breath and
fatigue doctors on alert asking patients
if they’ve been vaping it’s not sure
whether it is a particular compound a
contaminant its nicotine as tea

see nobody really knows according to the
CDC many patients but not all have
acknowledged recent use of products with
THC the active ingredient in marijuana
which vaping advocates say is the real

problem 31 year old Shawn bills is in a
medically induced coma in Utah his wife
has turned over all his vaping
paraphernalia to the local health
department to try to help find a link in

an increasingly dire search to find
answers and prevent more deaths all
right you want to is there something you
wanted to know before I start yeah say a
couple things before you start the this

was this seems to be some sort of a
setup they’re going after doing
something there’s something behind this
I don’t know what it is but I’m always
concerned with these news stories where

the term they don’t know shows up this
is like those drugs they sell us say we
don’t even know how it works but here it
is we know it works but we don’t know

why but these things always concern me
and this they don’t know I mean this
there’s enough there’s hundreds of
people that are being hospitalized you’d
think they’d know more than nothing all

all right well obviously there’s
messaging that went out it who knows
maybe even the Hollywood Health & Safety
Lear foundation is in this e cigarettes
there’s no such thing anymore is an

e-cigarette have you seen anyone walking
around with a thing that looks like a
cigarette where the end lights up like
it’s a cigarette yeah 10 years ago to
this see cigarettes this is a

positioning word because no one uses
these cigarettes anymore I don’t think
you can even buy the e-cigarettes what
they don’t want to say is Jul that’s one
part because Jul is owned by one of the

largest tobacco manufacturers they
bought it for eight billion dollars so
there in the first story very very
cautious to point out that these
pre-loaded pods very dangerous this
street stuff but in both stories they

don’t talk about the and I was just
recently at the vape store and I was
talking my vapor ista and you know there
is no more homemade juice that you can

buy anymore you can still make it of
it’s all fda-approved now it’s gone
through the regulatory process just in

no on the September they will be raising
the age limit for all a nicotine related
products from 18 to 21 so they really
want this market to be fluid and they
want people getting the legal stuff and

that’s the problem is when you get these
and I’ve had many I’ve tried many
cartridges just in the drug dealer would
you know like a year or two ago he said
I’m and he’d be putting it together and

it was shit and you know I’d like to
take one drag it was THC and God knows
whatever like now this is like the CDs
that were melted man I can’t smoke this
makes you cough it’s no good this the
approved produced ones that do go

through a regulatory process including
THC from California are quite good so
this is all about getting everybody on

the legal stuff it’s just like marijuana
like weed itself out of our minds and
gone from the conversation and I just
was thinking of this yesterday like I
found a seed one seed when you used to

buy pot John back in our pot days pot
you’d have to get the Peter Frampton

Comes Alive double album to separate the
stems and the seeds from the weed there
were so many seeds and you could grow
your own so it’s all it’s a trick it’s a
mind-control don’t think about how you

can make this yourself or grow this
yourself or anything like that go to the
approve stuff and that’s all that this
but clues there are they’re complaining
about the THC pre loaded cartridges
would have nothing to do with with kids

apart apparently are vaping in schools
and I also don’t think many of the THC
cartridge producers put nicotine in
there as well

so it’s this is positioning there’s big
money behind it it was more native ad
than anything we’ll find out
it’s all regulatory we’ve been looking
at this for how many two years now this
vape stuff where they’re trying to push

the little guy out which they’ve done
sure so you know of course that’s what
you do you got the big meaty on your
side they’ll take these stories because
they’re packaged yep and you give most
of the stuff of course NBC the big

networks they have to drop Kristen
Dahlgren in there to do a little
voiceover mortgage and help it out
course lunches – straight out there baby
oppressor is a bake during the deal sure
no problem

here she’s baked in that stuff you will
never hear on the No Agenda show we do
have a few people who are baked into the

show that help us produce it and we’re
gonna start by naming names yeah baby
first one harm Westland now this is my
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dualists our ways you’ve been deduced
now is in the Netherlands mm-hmm is it
pronounced harm Parma what kind of a

name is harm well it’s it’s a typical
Dutch name but it’s it’s not harm its
harm harm harm yeah harm you kind of

swallow it harm Hartman is that is it
this name Harmon maybe it’s like it’s
like a derivative of Harmon okay the

short short donation sections in the
last few shows I was ashamed of myself
for leeching for as long as I did thanks
for the show so thanks to this show I’ve

decided not to buy a new smartphone
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my mind without you guys this donation
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getting rid of Google services very good
thanks for keeping me sane in this

outrage hyperinflationary world keep up
the good work greetings harm Westland or
mu or Mello
that’s the Netherlands harmonies in

Ermelo thermal oh I never heard of it
John Catalano and why would I
no message you guys Rock John Callen I
$100 serve on stir the night of the
vector realm ah $100 he got back from

from New Delhi gets an email describing
some of the things you discovered
Brandon Hill in Eustis Florida got a
birthday coming up 808 and Eric he says

sir Jack Mormons – douchebag Brothers
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deducing yes they got hit in the mouth
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a she’s a nice drive this time of year
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a birthday wish I would like to know
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distract GM in Reverse yes
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which is hit em lorem ipsum mouthing
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was the credit for the 6160 John Lopez
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55 55 Tim Ezell I believe for the Ruth
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sir Kevin of the black not we should

talk a little bit about Ruth cater Ben
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in there
mr. Kevin of the black not 55 10 and
Amherst New Hampshire Matt Davidson 55

10 Todd Roth camp in a rip on Wisconsin
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while our boobs may be small these days
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that several times thank you for your
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to do that you specifically but we
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but I found interesting is 800 eight
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August 2009 here’s our birthday list for

today first of all we have a belated day
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today Kevin Weissenberg says happy
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that Kadem in the mouth in Latin in
Reverse the meetups are going great
quick report from Salem Oregon local 33

we had 16 attend our latest Oregon
meetup sent a nice picture a nice
diverse crowd my meetup included the
cover art slideshow and since there were

so many new faces we had a recap of the
No Agenda Jeopardy game played at the
Portland Meetup
which I have received yeah I guess
there’s a whole bunch of things that go
along with it’s like a trivia game but

it is indeed in the vein of Jeopardy we
also included another round of the Gitmo
nation national anthem which is great
people just start seeing it they know

all the words we collected only a little
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exit as always reasonable amygdala sizes
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thank you for your courage Tim the
gentlemen of the manor executive now I
have a list of the new meetups the

meetups that we have starting today
Nebraska at 3:30 p.m. and these are all
local times of course the inaugural
Nebraska No Agenda meetup a meeting
place for great minds and open

discussion it’s a cosmic eye brewing
Tyler is organizing that on Thursday
this is the Burning Man Black Rock City
2:33 p.m. to 4:20 p.m. get it at big
puffy yellow that’s the camp it’s at 6

and K we’re called big puffy yellow
asked for the original Jason if someone
doesn’t know who that is then that’s for
the other Jason who’s not as
good-looking as the original Jason

you’ll be able to figure it out then we
have August 31st that is Saturday Busan
South Korea 7:00 p.m. this will be at
the gull Meggie Brewing Company and that
starts it as I said 7:00 p.m. the 31st

on Saturday the San Paolo meet up at
9:00 p.m. this is at the Ranieri taboc
area you can find it because it’ll be
dark all day because of the fires yes

grab your flashlights and head over
there at 9:00 p.m. also on Saturday the
31st the cottage country meetup Peters
Borough Ontario Canada 7:00 p.m. that

will be at Riley’s if you’re up at the
cottage looking for something to do meet
your like-minded no agenda pals for some
non amygdala busting conversation and
that is organized by Sir Richard night

of the Kawarthas September 5th that’ll
be two days after my birthday a Thursday
Canterbury Ale House in Seattle
Washington Patrick organising that at
7:30 p.m. Friday the 6th of September

the first Calgary Meetup god I’d love to
go to Calgary I’d went to the Stampede
years and years ago and had a good time
that’s in Calgary Alberta the Wild Rose
Tap Room and that starts at 4:30 in the

afternoon Sir Michael of Calgary in
Vegas is your host September 7th Zurich
late summer meetup 6:15 Central European
summer time just like last time in April

we’ll meet up again different location
it will be the Rivington and Sons bar
yes the Rivington & Sons bar in Zurich
as the heads on the stick PDFs are

available ok great
Rolf is organizing that and then we have
the rest of September the 11th in
Orlando the 14th el paso las cruces the

14th Pittsburgh Pennsylvania the 20th
Manville Louisiana
the north from NOL the 20th as well
Nelson British Columbia there’s a date

change a new date so make sure you look
that up the 20th Oregon local 33 will
convene again the 26 in Luxembourg the
26 also in Vegas the 27th in San Antonio

Texas the 28th in a verdigris in
Maryland and Copenhagen round 2 rounds
out the September meetups then we
already have 4 scheduled for October 1

in November if you want to know more go
to no agenda nation sorry no agenda
meetups dot-com and if there isn’t one
near you start one how about that for an
idea and thank you because these meetups

seem to be very helpful to people and
and I I’m just I’m tickled by the
reports I love seeing it we’ve started
something you started something here

that is just continuing it’s a legacy
somehow outside of us all we’re doing is
trying to help you organize it and thank
you and there we go that’s what I got
for the meetups and we’ve done all of

the administrative work for today all
right let’s listen to some little item
they played on NBC and I kind of want to
run it because this is perks um to me

and that is the real ID with the summer
travel season almost over the TSA began
warning travelers at airports today they
may not be able to fly without a

driver’s license that complies with the
new Real ID law next year here’s Tom
nay’s exam you have both sides available
please step down it’s the daily crush
two and a half million passengers

surging through airport security
today TSA officers now offering a
friendly warning next year make sure you
have the star yo-yo ID because you have

to be in compliance with the Real ID Act
there won’t be a setting next year okay
as of October 1st 2020 you won’t be able
to fly if your driver’s license doesn’t
have a Real ID star in the top corner

with a clock ticking state DMV offices
are bustling I know it’s kind of hot
outside but be patient with us that’s
cool inside believe me
in Virginia they’ve even deployed mobile

DMVs to handle the load everybody
required to prove their identity with
four forms of ID
I brought my passport and two more like
a current driver’s license a utility

bill payroll stub birth certificate or
military ID if you’ve changed your last
name you’ll need proof a marriage or
divorce certificate it’s not just flying
you’re also going to need a real ID to

enter a military base or even a
government building don’t wait till the
last minute and absolutely when you come
in be prepared past after 9/11 the real
ID law creates a single national

standard for all 50 states it doesn’t
matter when your license expired by
October 2020 it has to be Real ID
compliant or you will not be permitted
to fly

that’s what’s coming

I was vice betta now this was a thing
that the right-wingers in this country
conservative Republicans were all about

bitched and moaned and groaned about
we’re not gonna do it we’re not gonna do
it we’re not gonna do it and a lot of
states never took took debate including
California we’re not doing this crap but

did everyone knuckled under nobody’s
complaining about it and let me ask you
to get the real idea the way they
discussed it you need your you can have
a bunch of different today could have a

birth certificate maybe social security
card a proof that you pay a bill
this of course keeps any homeless person
from get proof of the bill passport
military ID you need four forms of

identification that they accept I’m like
correct on this well that’s what that’s
what I heard yeah don’t I get an ID
automatically a Real ID with my Texas

driver’s license or that’s no and my
passport is not Real ID enough your
passport you here’s the joke this is the
joke you can use your passport right you

can use a passport to get on the plane
yeah of course if I can just use the one
form of ID that standalone passport to
get on the plane why can’t I use the
standalone passport to get my Real ID

you must comply why do I need my
passport plus my birth certificate plus
a bill plus driver’s license why why we
want you to dance monkey boy I’m gonna

ask you again you Dave you have not
answered the question you’re just
ridiculing me I’m gonna ask you again
if I can use the passport to go on the
plane why can’t I use the passport to
get the real ID if you keep asking me

like I’m a fucking government official
I’m gonna keep ridiculing you I don’t
have an ID and why does this make any
sense to you let me ask a different
question if I do I get I just don’t

because now I gotta go and by the way
there’s lions are out the door because
you go up there and you say well I got
this ID and I got that now

now now that’s no good we need this we
need that I mean come on how many people
past the age of 40 have their social
security cards I still have a very not
not with me of course but in a wallet a

very worn out with my with my signature
from when I was in high school I carried
that with me throughout somehow I
managed it with my stamp collection

which is not something it’s not only why
also have my FCC class one radio
operator license for beyond the z100 in
New York I still have that license to

yeah but is that ID got a collectible
it’s not ID’d I I have some real idea I
never thought of using this I have

believe it or not I’m just pulling it
down I have it hanging in here I have a
u.s. Merchant Marine errs document not
you’re talking yeah this is a merchant
marine document I have I have a Costco

excludes ecute Avadh member bosco
executive oh okay john this is obviously
a scam this is obviously some gambit and

I’m not gonna go and get one here’s my
passport if that’s what you need and
fine you can take a look at that I’m not
gonna go stand in line be part of your
slave slave system no I’m not either in

fact I and I’m gonna do exactly what
EURion do cuz I always have my passport
with me when I travel I have it a
special slot and you know why because
you never know when you have to like

travel somewhere else all of a sudden
you never look out the word you never
know when you have the bug Alex right
Panama here I come so you have to have

your passport with you anyway yeah I’m
gonna use the passport you go into the
airplane when they get to this point but
I find this whole thing obnoxious now
I’m with you especially the part where

you passport you can use win it but you
can’t use the passport to get the real
idea but the passport okay if you want
to get on the plane yeah and you need to
rely DD on oh and let me just say all of
this this you need this to travel on the

plane is
institutional you don’t have to accept
this at all you have freedom of rule you
don’t need any idea to get on a plane
you legally uncon know now and a carrier
can refuse you an airline can say well

we don’t know who you are you don’t have
proper ID we would don’t want to take
you you can have a separate
discrimination suit if you wanted to do
that but the TSA the government they
have really have no constitutional

ground to force me to identify myself in
any manner to them to travel yeah that’s
it’s unconstitutional but now and I
recommend you from now on don’t use any

ID and travel that way okay so I’ll be
in Texas for a long time and by the way
the only connective I think this is a
connective clip mm-hmm because what we
just talked about you played your dear

old a little thing at the end this is a
story that’s kind of screwy this is the
this is NBC this by the way it’s all cuz
it Trump mmm Nazis in high schools now
oh no are now viral video showing high

school students singing a Nazi song and
giving a Nazi salute a sparking outrage
ahead of a school board meeting tonight
in California Miguel Almaguer has

details now and what appears to be an
escalating and alarming trend in America
this short video obtained by The Daily
Beast captures high school students in
Southern California giving the Nazi

and singing a song used to inspire Nazi
troops the teens reportedly members of
the boys water polo team at Pacifica
High School making the gesture before an

award ceremony last year shared on
social media district officials strongly
condemned the video saying they learned
of the incident in March I’m not

and but I’m horrified every single time
because I know we’re seeing not even the
tip of the iceberg the disturbing video
in California comes as this image was
captured in Florida at Universal Orlando

part of NBC Universal officials at the
family theme park saying he has no place
here after four people on a ride
appeared to give the Nazi salute while
flashing this hand sign often linked to

white power the incidents including this
one also involving high school students
in Southern California part of a
disturbing trend racist propaganda
nearly tripling last year and now

tonight on both hosts another sign of
troubling times gelaal McGarry NBC News
Wow okay this is pretty deep first of

all having lived in Europe I could not
give you a single Nazi song and I lived
in the Netherlands we learned a lot

about the Germans in World War two and
the collaborators and the Nazis in the
NSB and I do not know a Nazi song what
is the song they don’t play the song

they just say this and they use the
other thing which has been bugging me
since the fire story to be any of the
show which is just the vague the nut
amount of racist or Nazi propaganda

whatever they said there at the end has
tripled oh yeah does that mean it’s gone
from 1 to 3 yeah well this is a good
point this is you know this was signaled

by the New York Times they said it’s
gonna be about race it’s gonna be at
race hate and I guess you know this is
easy to bring it in because neo-nazis
are white supremacist Sieg Heil
maybe they were singing that John


nice yeah yeah it’s possible they don’t
give us any details that more this vague
they kind of like propagandistic news oh
I know what the song was of course I do

do you know that the Pledge of

Allegiance in the United States before
my time that kid stood there saluting
the flag in what looked like a Nazi
salute yeah that used to be until the
30s and 40s for sure yeah yeah that was

the way we did this pledge at least you
you given it was a high all of salute
yes yeah there’s plenty of photos that
there’s example in the one of the

Olympic Games where the where the Holts
American team gave the salute does this
your to do is look it up on the Google
Images or information or some
information for you 12:31 131 and 201

all three time codes is where your audio
glitched momentarily ha we have a
pattern ah

yeah so you want to call them with that
information adjust accordingly for your
local timezone we’ve been worried glitch

ah who said this well I’m listening I
have a head fall you know it wasn’t a
chat room that kid no no you’re talking
it you okay we don’t talk notch outside
of the show before the show you said

take make time codes of when my I’m
gonna explain to everybody time codes of
when something happens with the audio
we’ve had some issues in the past two

shows and and I’m like oh great I got
some extra work to do i under hand
somewhere and so I’ve been writing it
down and it’s one past every habit hey
we got John see too vark with glitches
one minute past every half-hour

everybody right here on the the morning
zoo good it’s getting more interesting
yeah so some guy I wonder if you call me
that’s where their next test oh I do
another test when I call you okay we’ll

do that we’re gonna the number
until we nail this but if you were
seeing a pattern this is like you’re
reminding me of the era I don’t know if
you remember this but if you were in the
early era of telecommunications Werth

modems especially the little ones should
strap the phone to Oh with you mean the
acoustic modem yeah yeah I love those
but any modem in fact whatever you could
however you could hook it up when you

were in certain parts of Europe and I
think a Switzerland was one of these
places they would boot up they would
spike the line every like 10 minutes or
every 20 you know that you know why they
did that is to and this happened in the

Netherlands all the time when I was
growing up it was you know very
socialist and everyone had a phone we
had the same phone the gray phone and
you weren’t and it was illegal to even

unplug it let alone plug something else
into that so they’d send these these
bullets of voltage across the line
to blow up your answering machine that
you brought from New York if you happen

to have been lucky enough to go there
you know or or that that cool cordless
phone which was illegal so they’d blow
these spikes through and it would fry
the equipment if it wasn’t the
state-sanctioned Post Telegraph and

telephone issue gray model it was great
you know good times just a quick note
from me I don’t have I mean I have lots
of stuff I’m moving over to a two-hour

Thursday show the FDA is about to clear
over the counter sales of hearing aids
and and of course I have hearing aids
and I’ve become somewhat of a but yes

I’ve come become someone didn’t you just
buy him over the counter
no no but and I will remind you of my
experience you can only buy them through
an audiologist interestingly hearing

aids are pretty much not covered by any
health insurance the hearing aids are
really a $300 product but they sell them
to you for three thousand dollars and

that is because of this scam and my
audiologist Amanda lovely and she she
says hey she even said the first time I
showed up said our time is limited
because they’re changing this and it

starts with bows
has developed what they call the self
fit hearing aid and they are trying to
get approval from the FDA for this but

CVS that’s a big drugstore chain in the
u.s. is now already closing their
hearing centers because the thought is

and that and I didn’t want to say
something about this that you will be
able to buy hearing aids that come from
Silicon Valley instead of the
Scandinavian company countries were
where most of the good hearing aids are

manufactured designed I don’t know if
they’re all manufactured there but
they’re just certainly designed there
and there’s a lot of incredible advances
in digital signal processing technology

I my life has changed it changed almost
overnight when I got these things and
the people around me as well but I am
staunchly against the idea that Silicon

Valley of them have ordered these this
kind of gray line between amplifiers and
hearing aids which is total horse crap

it’s you know you could see this coming
down Broadway they were gonna deregulate
this but if you think you can get
hearing aids that will sell fit and and
work without adjustments without someone

who knows what they’re doing you’re
mistaken and so we’ll see what products
come out but you really need someone who
knows what they’re doing in order to get

you perfect hearing mainly because you
don’t know what it is anymore
you don’t know what your ears should be
sending to your brain and a good
audiologist does a lot 90% of the work

they do it with with your audiogram and
and but that’s it’s never there that
extra 10% is what what gives you the
full adoption so I’ll bring more

information on this as it comes and if
anyone wants a consultant for their
hearing aid product John and I are
available I’m the eyeball guy for all

your eyeball
your drum needs Jhansi Devorah can Adam
curry consultant group here for you we

will take you through it
cataracts and eardrums there you go
another podcast developed right here and
we’ll find out there’s a thousand W

right in advance thanking Bill Walsh Tom
Starkweather and Darren Oh along with a
tip of the hat to cold acid for the idea

will be the last mix at the sequence for
our end of show clips thanks to all our
producers executive associate and
otherwise also everybody who supported

the show it is your show and we
appreciate the opportunity to be able to
spend all of our time on it since you
are financially supporting us as well
please keep that up at Dvorak dot org

slash na becoming to you from female
region number six an opportunity to zone
33 here in Austin Texas on the
governmental maps in the morning
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where I don’t know I’m not gonna

get a real ID
I’m gonna use my Merchant Marine errs ID
I’m John C Dvorak up next the mark and
George show in between vacations on no
agenda stream comm take it easy

everybody until the Thursday adios mofos
and such

I get hands again hands

I don’t know if he had a you know ants
we had an invasion uh I was thinking if
you d if you desiccated a big pile of
ants and then ground them to a powder
like a fine fine grind a black pepper

but we were having dinner and yeah I got
an ant somehow is the meal and I ate it
these things are peppery I got ants

again hands
these ants they don’t need a lot and

then you see you find all the ones that
are Omer have go live bet back them up
back them up by doing the burning trick
is torture huge you leave them there the
only honey there are occasional ones
where there’s an ant that you do not

torch and that’s an ant that’s carrying
one of the dead ants back
I got ants I got ants

I got it Hanson
I get handsome

ants as
after a morning tweet storm for
president Roger Upton a few hours ago
and via tweet the president then ordered

American companies to start looking for
alternatives to China every day with the
tweets made it possible that the tariff
rates will change on China and said the
cost to consumers this year from higher

tariffs on Chinese imports will be
$1,000 per household American families
will pay an average of $1,000 a year
because of the higher tariffs on China
reinforcing his threat to force American

businesses out of their fuelling worries
about sending the global economy into
recession they don’t want to be seen as
look where we’re hoping for a recession
so Donald Trump will lose tensions
between Trump and the other leaders

couldn’t throw the world into a
recession if they do that you will be
taxing their wine they’re doing
something out will be taxing their wine
like they’ve never seen before
ah French ban went back and forth you

use the word pinballing an opening I
think that’s a very good description of
it they’re pretty baked when you get
there and it’s true have another beer
you’ve obviously had a few beers already

let’s turn in
I live here the best media tea
construction jelly sweet

nobody breathe



the world

gently sweet

oh ho Borat org slash and a