No Agenda Episode 1168: “Poop-in”

Adam curry this is no agenda in the
morning everybody

I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where we’re getting ready but not
for sealed indictments hurricane durian
or helicopters on Mars we’re getting
ready for Greta mania I’m Josie Devore a
professional man I just that was so

slick greta mania Microsoft morning
screw Greta what happened oh man it was
a big Windows Update and I always get up

at 5:30 on show days and I did it last
night yeah you were some more tonight
usually I just like if there’s gonna be
an update you know 5:30 a.m. is okay if
it takes 30 minutes 45 minutes and have

to reboot everything just to make sure
it all works and then it reset drivers
it turned my screen to dark mode I’ve no
idea why yeah drivers were set to the
wrong bitrate

just look I don’t know why did that yeah
I had that thing turned me into dark
mode one side of the blue on him update
I can’t figure out why yeah but I never
had a bunch of drivers reset maybe

because you have all kinds of weird
drivers that why would any of them yeah
I shouldn’t it just leave it the way it
is maybe the updated a driver that’s
possible you see them Windows 10 updates
shouldn’t be updating drivers randomly

well who the hell knows that’s the one
thing I did appreciate about the
if it was broken it was just broken for
a long time
there’s no no quick little fix on

Tuesday just busted you know I just
these things anyway we’re on the air
yes greta mania she made it didn’t she
oh man I was stunned and then she

she came I guess she came out the other
end okay now she’s stuck over here and
it’s gonna be Greta mania you watch
gonna be like the Beatles is she gonna
do a ticker-tape parade through New York

she might I do have an NBC a soon Berg
report if you want to play that a
teenage climate activists whose passion
for the planet has attracted global
attention arrived in New York City today

the young environmentalist chose to
travel on a zero emissions yacht and she
invited fans to share the journey here’s
Kelly Kobe a tonight climate activists
Bredesen Burke is back on dry land after

15 days at sea the 16-year old Swedish
student who started a global youth
movement when she went on strike from

school last year that sailed from
August 14th for New York and the United
Nations climate conference taking a boat
she said because flying is terrible for
the planet so I think this will be fun

sharing her maiden voyage with her two
million social media followers tweeting
it’s like camping on a roller coaster
and on day eight you really lose sense
of time but one day stood out highway

that bad weather making them just one
day late two weeks to stare at the ocean
and think about the planet kelly

cobiella NBC News yeah yeah well I hand
it to her I’m impressed that’s that was
no no small feat for a child I probably
would have turned it down myself

yes that’s okay guys unless you’re a
sailor and you really like you want to
give it a shot on something really in a
very high-end boat but now one of those
guys now this is a whole United Nations
deal and of course they’re flying the

crew back she getting bad that’s still
unclear she got a single hand the boat
back it’s gonna do we mean the flying
the crew both gonna do I don’t know
maybe we get to keep her that would be

nice so you know that here on the no
agenda show were not big fans of abusing
children for climate for green New Deal

hysteria but she seemed to be into it so
okay let’s find that Canadia has a
Canada has a new campaign where they’re
really abusing kids and this is the

eighteen to eight campaign have you
heard of this yeah well the eighteen to
eight ten to eight yeah so they feel
that eighteen know the voting age in
Canada Naevia is eighteen and I want to

change it to eight yes they do and
here’s why excuse me do you guys have a
moment to talk about climate change we

pulled kids across Canada and asked them
to rank election issues in order of
priority 74% ranked climate changes that
issue most important to them climate
scientists are now saying the only of

twelve years left asked if you want to
avoid catastrophic damage that’s why
we’re lobbying the federal government to
lower the voting age from eighteen to
the future

and if we were

you’re alive
I can’t
these kids are not here let the kids
vote let kids vote the last voice at the

end was mr. Miyagi
they even got him in he’s a hundred
years old now from Karate Kid yeah the

kids again terrorizing kids there’s also
any of the kids were seeing it that was

pretty good
yeah that is actually a good one was
thats your chance

twelve years left we’re all gonna die
but it’s okay because this what happened
less frequently in our future this is
going to go away it’s going to become
less of an issue you know why that’s why

well no no no it’s the children will no
longer be making children we have to
reduce said so herself on her live
Instagram I think about the kind of

family that I want a plan and I’ve
already known my entire life that one
day I’d love to adopt children but even
now you know when you put climate change

on top of that I know that I want to you
know perhaps have one less child and I
thought I would maybe have it if I can
even have a child biologically I don’t

know right and and you know I think
having a mixed family is part of my

planning but it’s really hard and I
don’t think sometimes that older
generations really understand how much
we’re taking this into account who
didn’t want to account that they don’t

want to have children’s less children’s
and the way she says it she says I don’t
think down to older generations know how
much they walk did she say it’s part of

my personal so she says she once have a
mixed family with one less than she
would have planned as part of her

planning but it’s really hard and I
don’t think sometimes that older
generations really understand how much
we’re taking this into account oh no we
do you’re terrorizing the younger

generation night we’re very cognizant of
what’s going on thank you very much a
gist we know what’s happening just prick
what’s happening what what we don’t talk

about is that Michael Mann the premier
climate scientist who first handed the
hockey stick graph to Al Gore lost James

Hansen who handed the hockey stick no is
it not was Michael Mann okay and he just
lost the court battle has to pay court K

court costs and lawyer costs because he
refused to produce the underlying data
in court
of his assertions oh he’s got nothing
well he refused to show it why if it’s

so powerful yeah so he just made it up
yeah well it was the actual oh this will
be good this will be swept under the rug

well there’s a bunch of reports about
this now this was the hockey stick trend
that was featured in the third IPCC
assessment report that came out in 2001

that is what Al Gore used and what was
the oh yeah so the court and British
Columbia dismissed his lawsuit because
he was suing you know for slander or

whatever because many dr. ball I think
said is bullshit you don’t have it’s not
true and they dismissed the lawsuit with
prejudice which I think me in this case

means it was so stupid you brought this
to the court and it’s the are to
regression analysis which underlies his
graph he refused to produce the

documents was ordered to produce them by
the court given a deadline refused to
produce them the court dismissed the
case now will you hear that anywhere on
mainstream media probably not not with

Greta mania a good old Greta luckily
though luckily though we do what you

brought the analysis of this Amazon
lungs of the world to the previous show

which now you were saying knew I saw
Newsweek time um the New York Times they
didn’t did they do any kind of story on
this this hoax that I didn’t see it that

the Amazon is the lives of the world’s
well that world NatGeo had a nice little
ditty on on the Amazon and you know the
funny thing is Pamela Anderson used to

be the lungs of the world
one single tree can produce enough
oxygen to support two people and the
Amazon rainforest is ten times the size
of Texas producing 20 times more oxygen

than all the people on the surface of
the earth could consume but not one
breath of it leaves the Amazon there are
so many animals living in the Amazon

basin that the life their uses all that
oxygen for all these years I’ve been
thinking the rainforest is the lungs of
the planet now sure it makes a lot of

oxygen but it uses it all no that’s
another interesting little factoid it
never really leaves the Amazon it’s not
it’s like and I don’t I think I

mentioned this after the show and you
said you didn’t say it on the show I
thought I did but I’ll say it I’ll say
it now which when I was a kid that’s
what we were taught we were taught that
the Amazon is the you know get produces

all this oxygen and it’s like very
crucial that it remain intact yes I
think I learned similar yeah this
reminds me of the International

Geophysical Year which I believe was
1957 and was recorded by Steely Dan then
before it before the International

geophysics year everybody would in the
schools would teach that it’s just a
coincidence that if you look at a globe
that South America kind of fits into

Africa like out like a couple of jigsaw
puzzle keys oh yeah I always heard that
no no no you think that fits now no no
yeah then the International Geophysical

Year appeared and they determined big
that’s when they discovered tectonic
plates and that realized that yes it was
once one giant landmass and then it
moved away very slowly but it did fit

which was the which was the first thing
you’d see when you looked at a globe
logically it looked like some it fits
and they’re trying to deny that the
obvious ‘ti of it why were they denying

it and when now it’s it’s
generally accepted as true baffling it
just became some sort of a standard you
know somebody I have no idea hmm

think they didn’t want to believe it I
guess it was like now that can’t
possibly be true because that means it
would be one giant landmass and we have
no evidence of such a thing well this is
such a convoluted topic that the

Democratic National Committee voted
against a presidential climate debate
amongst the candidates the delegates

voted two hundred and twenty-two to 137
against allowing candidates to
participate in the debate dedicated to
the topic after a heated floor fight
interrupted by protesters chanting we

can’t wait and failure of leadership
which are not good chance by the way but
okay this was quite quite lame so they
decided no we’re not gonna have a debate

just about climate change CNN
immediately turns around second hmm if
you’re gonna address this which we have
addressed in the past this has been
going on for a while but what what would
be the debate they’re all on the same

side well I completely agree with the
leadership actually that it’s it would
be suicide for them to have a debate
because no one has answers it’s all
conflicting you can you’re right they’re

all on the same side it would just come
down to how much money I don’t know it
would be it would be hilarious to watch
and great for our show it would have
been fabulous so instead they someone

co-opted CNN and they announced an
unprecedented top primetime event
they’re going to do seven hours of Town

Hall’s back to back live from New York
on Wednesday taking audience questions
oh yeah so we start at 5:00 p.m. with

Julian Castro followed by Andrew yang at
5:40 Oh there’s different interviewers
to hold on this is great
so wolf blitzer oh right

wait I should mention this because yeah
this is a little a dimension to what
you’re doing here when this first began
which was before the first debate they

said anybody who takes part in something
like this will be kicked off the debate
stage period I don’t know if you
remember that I do well these guys that
you’re starting to mention already I
don’t know maybe it’s gonna be changed

if you keep reading names they’re
already off because the Democratic Party
decided no we’re gonna do one debate now
it’s not gonna be twenty people and
they’ve already exercising numerous
people from the stage oh well so that

sounds like these guys are two of the
guys well we’re only gonna have one to
ten and but this lineup is very
interesting again it starts at 5:00 p.m.

Eastern Time and it ends at year-round
midnight Eastern Time so if you were to
take this rundown and you flipped it to
the left you would have the people on

the Left start and the people on the
right end and of course the important
people in primetime will be right in the
middle so we start off with Castro
interviewed by Blitzer at 5:00 p.m. then

Andrew yang at 5:40 then Kamala Harris
at 6:20 p.m. interviewed by Erin Burnett
then we get Amy Klobuchar I can’t
believe she’s still around

she’ll be at 7:00 of course vice former
vice president joe biden
will be interviewed by pooper at 8 p.m.
followed by bernie also by pooper at
8:40 p.m. then elizabeth warren

interviewed by chris cuomo
what a bum rap that is at 9:20 followed
by mayor pete at 10:00 p.m.
and Don Lemon will interview Beto

O’Rourke at 10:40 p.m. sayanora Beto and
Cory Booker at 11:20 p.m. he barely is
barely on the same day so it looks like

Joe and we this is gonna be five hours
or how many hours it is
seven seven hours and know of an hour

and of one Laur
one hour long interviews with the
various candidates about climate change
it looks like it’s 40 minutes each time
well there be ads in there have you ad
free is it I think it will break for ads

it after each block I think I don’t know
they have not mentioned this I’m not
looking at a at the spot card the rate
card um this is a disaster

and notice Tulsi is not on the list the
nor is Marianne Marianne Williamson yeah
both the probably more interesting than

all of them combined if you’re making a
show it sure would be and if you want
some different noise definitely told
actually Tulsi and Marianne Williamson

Ruby – they get they get ratings these
other people nobody wants to listen to
any of them no you’re right blather on
any burn you’ll probably get some
numbers but who else is gonna get

numbers this is like a ratings nightmare
I can’t believe we got to look at the
overnights on that when this happens
because it’s gonna be it’s a joke yeah I
mean who wants to watch anything for

seven hours on a Wednesday isn’t there
any is or something on Wednesdays
Tuesday it’s gotta be something up
there’s a bunch of like FBI and I think

somebody’s up these might be on
Wednesday SEAL team I know is but
there’s really actually not a lot of
good programming on Wednesday so buddy
but but still well you know last night I

was surfing around and it’s like boom
the new Beverly Hills 90210 they brought
it back so I likes clickety click I’m
like yeah let’s watch this within 7

seconds the keeper goes I can’t watch
this go bad ok I’ll just turn it off
speaking of television the Video Music

Awards I don’t know if you had a chance
to see them once again MTV rolling out
the Illuminati fest that it usually is
and the alumnus in fact you one of the

first VJs and very popular in the in
your era yes and no so you were invited

to do it like a retrospective no there
was this little thing where I quit and
took with me that they still
kind of hate me no but but they don’t

just hate me in 1989 I was asked what it
was demanded of me that I gave Michael
Jackson the video Vanguard

Music Award which was an award the music
video would which had which had not
existed prior to that and it was a real
hassle because had to be done LA and

there’s a whole bunch of and I really
didn’t want to go but I had some
personal stuff and anyway they they
worked it out and so I go there and it’s
a famous video of me with Tom Freston
and Michael Jackson standing on an Apple

crate so he’s the guy 6 was 6 feet tall
he was half a foot taller than me but it
very specifically the award was from

then on always to be named the Michael
Jackson video Vanguard Award and began
probably because of the movie the
documentary they decided to just drop

that they would not say it it was not in
any announcement it was not an in any of
the voiceovers it was only the video and
it went – what’s her name Missy Missy

Elliott and who deserved it but she look
she was nice she actually said you know

I want to thank Michael Jackson but it
was so lame of MTV I mean that was a
deal then and it was part of an actual
contract that it be named after him
because they wanted him to perform on

the awards that year so they broke their
contract down kid I don’t but anyone
um so that was severely disappointing
but man this the stage was in triangles
there was all oh yeah I was everywhere

and then they brought out the high
priests of the Illuminati John Travolta
and Queen Latifah’s Raisa no both at
least kind of gay and in the Hollywood

weirdness though I just oh there they
are there the high priests come on in
and then they showed a Doritos
commercial where they didn’t show the

actual chip which is not that commercial
yeah the commercial it’s all about the
triangle and they flashed the all-seeing
eye I’m sure it’s funny but but the
thing that really got me is in one

commercial block I saw an ad for the
clear blue pregnancy test followed by
teen moms – you can’t make it any
crazier have you ever seen teen moms no

it’s the saddest show you’ve ever seen
and then the and and that comes right
after a pregnancy test

Edie this they’re going crazy over there
well everything was sponsored oh here’s
the Jonas Brothers with their Toyota ad

it’s you could see the meeting yeah what
can we do man we could Jonas Brothers
there we can get him do some photo for
the brand let me think
I know ultimate road trip playlist from
the Jonas Brothers great idea I’ll run

it by management infantile gnarly it’s
what it is sometimes why don’t we break
sit we had a little bit of action fine

well let’s catch people up yes I think
maybe this one clip will catch people up
which is that the Queen has agreed what

happened was Boris Johnson decided that
he went he wanted to do this is called
prorogue yes shut down what is the what
is the etymology of pro-roh

is the word rogue a part of that I don’t
know Provo look it up if you can find
look up entomology at prorogue I think
it’s uh just some old term that had
referred to a shutdown but the idea is

that we’re coming up on heart on brexit
in october end of october so we’re gonna
do is around September 15 shut down

Parliament and leave it shut down until
we just have a hard hard brush well two
weeks before two weeks before well yeah
actually the two weeks before should be

time enough but probably won’t be two
weeks before be it just enough time to
extend it might well it’s my debt none
yeah I have some thoughts but let’s do
your stuff yeah we have some thoughts

well let’s see if I got a Devon number
comes mostly from people moaning but
let’s just the NBC and their brexit
reports tonight the UK may be on the
brink of a constitutional crisis the

Queen has approved Prime Minister Boris
Johnson’s plan to suspend Parliament
from early September to mid-october the
surprise move blasted by opposition
lawmakers one calling it a coup they now

have less time to debate Johnson’s plan
for a brexit divorce from the European
Union by the October 31st deadline so
there were some fake news that kind of
went along with this as your people were

immediately saying oh this is a hijack
and this is not uncle Scoob
hashtag coup Boris Johnson’s coup but
it’s not uncommon for in fact it’s quite

normal for Parliament to shut down just
before the Queen’s Speech which is kind
of the State of the Union only it was
and by the way prorogue means basically
prolong I looked it up that’s the that’s

the etymology of it and so it’s longer
than it typically is and what you just
heard at the beginning of that report

that let me just play this beginning
here tonight the UK may be on the brink
of a constitutional crisis so about that
constitutional crisis here is a channel
for UK

the reporter standing of course on the
grassy knoll there in front of
Parliament listen what he says Rex the
crisis is that entering uncharted waters
even file flexible unwritten
Constitution it just took the Queen to

give her consent and it was done
Parliament will be paroled or suspended
flexible unwritten Constitution this is
not in their constitution they don’t

have a constitution we’ve got a Magna
Carta so this is way back to this
constitutionality is bullcrap I think
that was put in that the phrase

constitutional crisis because of
something Americans can understand okay
and it’s some Brits can understand too
because they think that Trump is trying
to take over the place yeah focus

blather bogus blather yes there you go
do you have analysis of this I have a
couple of guys on the street moaning and

groaning some what’s that my famous
people and this is off this little
network his little online network called
Joe which is in the UK and it is seems
to be a pro EU mechanism of some sort

and this you know they every time they
have anything so much waving the hell
with the British flag we’re waving the

EU flag but let’s listen to this one
this is a guy who’s a who’s a baron a
parent Adonis
used to be a member of parliament wait a
minute that sounds like a no agenda

Baron name he’s there with his pal he’s
no Adonis I might add but he’s there
with his pal in there bitching and
moaning to do to the man on the street

report on the network Joe and it breaks
it means no deal you know not enough
medical supplies to the country
shortages of food people not being as
getting an out of the country then it

definitely needs to be either an
election or a friend of that it’s a huge
pity this has happened because nobody
wants to queen dragged into politics she
has to follow the advice of the
government but to be pierogi in polymer

which prevents Parliament for meeting at
all for five weeks during a national
crisis is quite a
acceptable Hilary and I have been in
Parliament a long time we’ve been
ministers no way with the governments of
which we were a party of thought of

offering advice like this to the Queen
and it’s keep creating a deep
constitutional crisis which i think is
only good to be resolved by Boris
Johnson backing down and allowing more
time for our Parliament to debate these

crucial matters the referendum campaign
much was made of taking back control do
you think many people realize that meant
taking back control for the executive or
no one thought that because remember all
the people were in favor of brexit now
told us there’ll be a deal you know

indeed remember Faraj said that Norway
was a great place to be well Norway is a
much more elaborate deal than even the
one that resume negotiated this is
Norway nonsense yeah everyone’s scared

to death and that’s why they’re
promoting the second referendum of
course I mean they’re gonna keep doing
that now this other guy is actually more

interesting and this is the clip Paul
Masson this guy was a BBC economics
correspondent this shows you the kind of
nature of the BBC being a stooge for the
EU and the guy heads up something called

Europe now or something like that some
organization which is promoting you know
Europe taking over the world
aka Germany and he’s comes on and he’s
worse than this other guy he’s a and

again he’s an ex BBC correspondent he
was an economics the he could the
economics guy and he just goes he just
goes off think his lack of a popular

mandate makes the decision to Prague
even more suspect it’s not even suspect
it’s so clearly programmed as soon as
the MP said we’re going to unite to stop
you he’s pulling the plug on part of him

it’s it’s a plan whose plan is it it’s
the plan of the elite it’s the plan of
the billionaires behind Trump the dark
money behind Nigel Faraj it’s a plan
it’s being executed and you know I know
make people just don’t would rather be

doing something else so what I yeah it’s
still somewhere in my head but it’s at
times like this that your democracy can
be stolen from under your nose
Trump waded in today what’s your

response to him saying that Jeremy Trump
is my response fuck Trump
for Trump full stop exclamation mark and
align the guy doesn’t understand
democracy you know what what right is
heated to dictate the outcome of a

British political crisis but of course
that’s what it is but the whole design
this is for me by the way this is no
longer about brexit with or without rex
it leave all remain the issue is are we

going to become a colony of trumps
America and lose our democracy yeah
since he was mentioned in the clip

I have Nigel Farage who of course is
part of these billionaires and the money
billionaires behind him black money well
he says something very different
well here’s the big dilemma you know how

do we leave the European Union on the
31st of October do we leave with a clean
break back set or do we leave with the
withdrawal agreement that mrs. may put
to Parliament three times and the three

times rejected and here’s my concern
much as I think Boris has brought great
optimism and energy that the job things
the president from who identified it
looks like he wants to go for an amended

form of that withdrawal agreement and
that would still leave us very tied to
he rules and would mean we could not do
a trade deal with the USA for several

years to come so I’m what I’m doing as
leader of the brexit party is putting as
much pressure as I can on Boris because
they come on we spent over three years
waiting to do this let’s just get out
with a clean break brexit and get on

with our lives
I actually had two clips if you know my
I’ll just play this about the same
length where he actually talks about the
billionaires before you play it the term
clean break brexit mm-hmm it’s really a

good term instead of hard brexit clean
breath much regular me kind of read they
should change the nomenclature I think

clean break is very positive it sounds
very positive sounds good well that’s
what you want in a relationship you know
we just we had a clean break yeah
what was the under hard break

difficult hard it’s meant to sound
difficult I’m sure someone labored over
that term yes and they should change it
to clean break if they’re brexit ears

let’s talk about what’ll happen after
the break
I spent 20 years working in financial
markets before getting involved in
politics and very often you get
short-term hysteria in markets and it’s
always the old thing isn’t it you know

sell the rumor by the fact and I think
frankly I think frankly once the UK is
less the European Union if you’re in a
clean way
I think foreign direct investment will
flood into the United Kingdom because

we’ll be free of Greece and Italy and
all these economies that are doing so
badly and the arguments against leaving
are those from the status quo those from
the big firms who were doing very well

thank you you know and life’s always
like that you always get the bigger the
rich one no change actually the time has
come not just economically to change but
democratically why should my country be

run by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels
I want to be free okay he wants to be
free I want to be free I want to break
free yeah well I don’t think it’s gonna

happen by October 31st what do you it’s
not gonna slice Tomatoes yeah it’s not
gonna happen it’s not gonna get and

they’ve put it off and put it off and
put it off and put it off I mean I’d
like to see that mr. about time we got
this off the table but they just don’t
want to do it they afraid well you know

they’re they’re using the wrong
messaging and I think that if you really
don’t want this to happen if you or
let’s just say you don’t want a clean
break or a No Deal brexit you know this

it was on PBS when I was actually was
written on PBS I wish I had to clip it
would have been funnier all across
Europe families and couples on vacation

are seamlessly crossing borders were
their beloved dog thanks to the European
Union pet Passport skiing now oh is the
No Deal brexit looms as a possibility
for Britain

that’s right yeah your pooch if you want
to travel with your pooch when you come
back it’ll have to go into six-month

quarantine I mean it’s not really
what’ll happen in reality but man what a
scary thing to use
they should be hyping that it’s great
what the Britta didn’t the British

always have restrictions on bringing
dogs into the country well if you recall
when we moved from New Jersey back to
Europe we wanted to move to the UK

directly but we couldn’t because we had
six pets three dogs three cats thank you
very much and so we had to be stayin and
what do you hate dogs we had to stay in

an EU country for at least six months
which was great because in the
Netherlands you know it was no problem
and didn’t you know we flew him over we
actually flew him over on a small plane

my buddies flew us over and the next day
Defra I think they’re called were there
was six cages here we’re here to take
your animals away because you didn’t

declare them I said would they’ve been
in a European country for it yeah no no
you have to they have to be chipped I
said but they are chipped well you have
to have the paperwork and they they came
back and they were ready to put these

animals in the cages and I had had
called actually was a doctor in Belgium
and I told him falsified that shit and
send it over by fax right away and he
did thank goodness and so they were able

to stay with them because they all had
the chip but the passport scheme will
fall apart just like the regular
passport scheme I guess I don’t know
we’ll never see it cuz it’s not gonna

happen I don’t see this happening for
some reason I it just doesn’t feel like
it will ever take place well if it does
the mark is gonna collapse we all market

like the financial markets well I think
it’s gonna be temporary but I think it’s
gonna be like one of those flash crests
crashes yeah cuz people go nuts oh my
god did it actually happen what are we

gonna do I don’t know I can’t take a
chance get out of my stock so I’m gonna
I’m sure that all the scenario
have been baked in and they’re ready to
pull triggers at any yeah no no not only
they are baked in because I think

everybody’s get your attitude it’s not
gonna happen it’s not gonna happen I
gonna say it happening so or they gonna
have a redo which is my I’m still

sticking with the redo hmm and do
another election I mean that’s what your
original thesis is yes yep do-over
well that’s not the thesis that’s the
European Way is a difference the EU ages

beat you down so there’s a controversy
amongst Americans Americans and this
well then to some degree I think anyone

in another country can follow along with
the controversy and this is the Dave
Chappelle special on Netflix which has
just been a phenomenal spectacle to view

the feedback I mean I know you saw it
because you posted about it on on the
tweeters yeah and now Scott Adams I
think you in relation to that or maybe

you tagged him or something this was not
I disagree that if Scott Adams says one
out of three people have no sense of
humor while that’s Beck might be true I
think that number is one out of four

well while that might be true this was a
dimensional problem and a big one I in
fact I viewed it in mixed dimension
company and it was very on it was that’s

great you had that opportunity it was
very like I did too cuz I watched it
with with Jays fianc√© Nick and he’s a
molecular millennial did he like it he

loved it okay
yeah well you didn’t have a good mix
then he’s clearly not dimension B I
didn’t say age difference as I said mix
dimensions and I think that’s where the

difference is and I thought it was
I laughed a quite a lot watching it it’s
and I’m not gonna deconstruct a Dave

Chappelle but I do think there was a
moment that was just so beautiful in its
simplicity it was a great joke and he
set it up really well by completely

preparing you to such a degree that the
audience actually just shouted out their
bias well here I’ll play this for you
this is the the impressions that I say I

feel kind of well he it kind of got the
whole ball rolling where people got mad
tonight I’m gonna do something that I’m
not particularly good at but that I like
to do do not even try some impressions

I only got two

I the first impressions kind of dumb but
I like it this this is my impression he
ready this is my impression of the
founding fathers of America when the

Constitution was being written you read
yeah it goes hurry up and finish that
Constitution nigger I’m trying to get

some sleep now
now that’s brilliant to set people up
into a racist mindset you know I found
it to be extremely smart what he did

followed by this
the next one
the next one’s a little harder I want to

see if you can guess who it is I’m doing
an impression of alright let me get into
character yeah guess who it is though
okay here goes hey sir if you do
anything wrong in your life and I find

out about it I’m gonna try to take
everything away from you and I don’t
care what I find out it could be today
tomorrow 15-20 years from now if I find
out you’re fucking finished who’s that

that’s you that’s where the audience
sounds like to me

that’s why I will be coming out doing
comedy old fandom y’all niggas is the
worst motherfuckers our identity
so it was so beautiful that and I

isolated that one little bit in the
middle where he says who do I sound like
and you can hear multiple people in the
audience know it’s yeah there was a
number of people the audience is said

Trump but I think I think that trick by
setting you into a complete racial
mindset just thinking about oh my god
those guys were so racist and of course
you’re thinking about Constitution

you’re thinking about presidents that
he’s put that into your mind and he may
I think he made people think that and it
worked and then he said no but that’s
you and I think that really was a blow I

think that really hurt some people’s
feelings it’s possible and uh it was
definitely he too recently one of the

things about that particular but I’ve
watched a lot of Chappelle uh and his
comedies always been unstructured this
was an extremely structured act it had

the beginning of Midland and it had
callbacks right yeah yeah and it was
structured way more than anything I’ve

ever seen him do before which is one of
the reasons I kind of liked it and more
than usual I mean other people’s oh my
gosh yeah they’re gross yeah I mean a
lot of people grousing about it but I
don’t know got me off-guard there were

two things that I think really that
here’s what I heard from the mixed

he’s transphobic everyone he’s transfer
he’s just and he did and I’m so proud of
this show how many years have we been
talking about what he calls the alphabet
people what we call LGBTQIA PPK and that

they don’t get along that it’s not a
community and so he took that basic
premise and he turned it into I thought
a very funny joke about driving and

everybody in that in the alphabet car
but you but the only thing not the only
thing I’ve heard
and read consistently is he’s
transphobic either transphobic and

because he did he messed with everybody
including his own wife but also his own
celebrity and fame and his kids I think
that and you you posted a link to a

review where the the reviewer seems
somewhat ups and the reviews are just
you know crazy social justice warrior
stuff this particular reviewer was
rather obsessed with how much money he

has or how much money he made and and I
figured it out
it’s because of his privilege but it
doesn’t compute to say well the black

man has white privilege because that’s
basically what he has and so that came
out in the washes he’s rich he was

forage did you know there was twenty
minutes of bonus footage I actually we
killed it after that so I have to go
watch the bonus footage like in the next
day or two so the show there was 20

minutes of bonus footage which was an
easter egg he had to let it play all the
way out and then it wasn’t it looked
like it was ending if you looked on the
timeline but then it flipped to another

playlist item and that was this 20
minutes right after his the same
performance I think on Broadway and he
sat down he talked to people and he had
one story of how he was prepping for the

for the comedy for this particular show
and he was doing some smaller gigs and
in one like 200 seat I think in San
Francisco does one woman got really

angry and one of his jokes and then as
she’s leaving says well I’m sorry I got
raped you know she was really really
upset and crying and it kind of you know
it really put the whole place in a

downer yes but the same show he said it
was interesting that there was a a trans
woman there and she was laughing and
laughing and he thought I mean I have
the clip of him saying it if you want to

hear maybe he’ll explain it better
because there was something really
beautiful that came out of that which I
think he he would have been better to
put it in this
special the same show there’s a trans
woman sitting in the audience this is

true story this is like a few weeks ago
I did six shows that weekend this trans
woman came to four of them calls herself
Daphne man this chick defens and they’re
cracking the fuck up and everything I

said about everybody
it was amazing she was laughing and it
was fun to watch your ass do you tell
she was letting go with something that
was heavy and she throw her head back

and she smile with all the teeth she was
having a great time and the more fun she
had I felt bad because I knew I had some
trans jokes on Logan

and I thought to myself maybe I
shouldn’t say these jokes cuz I’m like
fuck her evening up she’s having so much
fun but then I thought to myself if I

can’t say it in front of us should I say
this shit at all so I let her rip to my
surprise Daphne laughs harder the trans

jokes than anybody in the room in fact
everybody in the room would look at her
to make sure was okay
so now I go out of the dressing room and

and like you can see like all the staff
is there like cleaning the club up to
the audience at dawn and sitting at the
bar by herself who’s definitely and
she’s like hey come join me for a drink

and I don’t want to think that I’m
transphobic another I guess I could have
at least a drink and we get some tequila
I was sitting there and she was fucking
cool turns out the damn thing she wants

to be a comedian she’s asked me for
advice and I told her advice to all this
shit and then she says to me she says
boy you sure do get a bad rep for your
trans jokes I said definitely thank you
but you don’t have to say that I hope I

didn’t offend you she goes nah oh no no
no she said in fact I read about you in
the New York Times I said you did she
said yeah she said I thought it was

interesting that they blamed you for our
Kelly they said you normalize them for
telling jokes about her I know yeah yeah
they said that she goes I wonder why
they never said that she normalized
transgenders by telling jokes about us

and I’ve never thought about that it’s
never occurred to me and we started
making out

and and that was I thought that was
really a beautiful thing and I bet it
happened just like that but it’s not I
don’t see trans people up in arms

yelling I see people who had you just
can’t find any other group that that
they can call victims then trans yeah
this is the classic identity politics

right which I explained in an essay that
was sent around a lot of people like
that that was good was a very good essay
you want to summarize or just saying hey

people go read it well it’s no it’s
actually really something you need to
read because it stems from the thought
that you’ve changed the kind of a
Marxist concept of oppressed and

oppressor into various little groups
where you always have a someone’s being
oppressed as someone’s the oppressor
where it where it boils down to the the

white male cisgendered white male is the
maximum oppressor he’s oppressing
everybody and he must be you know dealt
with somehow by I don’t know how you do

anything about it but it’s just very
interesting okay yeah well start there
he’s horrible white males so yeah and I
have to go watch that end the bonus was

with some good stuff in there some good
stuff yeah anyway back to this thing you
were talking about which is that you had
a dual audience who was in the audience
that you were watching it with you

watched it with with one of the kids
mother-in-law yeah it’s called the
stepdaughter yeah yeah she didn’t find
it funny how is how old is she 22 so

she’s a younger she’s cutting in between
or she’s a young she’s a younger
millennial millennial yeah and 20 just
fine any humor in it uh no I don’t think

she thought it was very funny and and
she said you know he’s he comes across
as very transphobic and yeah we didn’t
really have any conversation about it
but yeah I was laughing and you know I

didn’t see any laughter and I felt
you know it’s like wow wow what is that
and she has humor she’s not a humorless
person I just what what is what has

happened and she hates black men no I
think also no exposure too by the way
the debt joke due which I just said
takes the transgender complaining to
another level yeah it’s just trying to

let that one go sorry you weren’t gonna
get away with it well the you know but I
think that she may not have had any
exposure to this type of urban ish humor

not even urban just just blatant
in-your-face comedy which let’s be
honest has kind of been impossible for

comics to do for the past what five
years at least not a ten well there you
go there so it’s it’s a complete
different differently formed funny bone
and if you go and look into that guy who

wrote that article and patch who hated
the the act yeah he does describe his
favorite comic which is a guy from

Saturday Night Live who does extremely
weird dry comedy see the shapes comedy
interestingly I watched a little bit of
that and I didn’t find it that funny I
didn’t find it funny at all there was

nothing so that’s the dimensionality
wide wide did he find that super funny
and why did we just non-threatening
humor for starters hmm so that may have
something to do with it

it’s very strange that dimensionally I
you should find out whether your
stepdaughter likes that guy oh good idea
that’s a good idea

because it’s interesting to understand
the word at least deconstruct and try
and see what the things are you know
it’s uh but I guess it right if it boils
right down to it if dave chappelle were

white this show would not be on Netflix
ever in a million years I think that’s
the bottom line so it comes down to

that’s who I am that’s why he gets on
the stage is because he’s member of an
oppressed group you see yeah as you said
you see I know I was using that on

I would think I’ve seen other acts that
are pretty pretty pretty boy pretty out
there on Netflix okay well anyway I find
it’s interesting little that’s a second

is a new segment of the show
entertainment reviewing yes
enter interdimensional so instead of
intersectionality we need
interdimensional ‘ti we we demand more
interdimensional ‘ti in our country was

definitely educational what the Dave
Chappelle special was educational no it

wasn’t I think so hmm I didn’t clip it
but I was watching succession on HBO is
that HTML yet you know the show

succession is that the one with
what’s-his-name it’s kind of like a
Murdoch family and in the figure the one
where the president got killed in a no

no no no no this is no this is a very
very good series I like it a lot this is
the second season and it’s it’s a family
it’s it’s modeled after the Murdock’s

and the what was the family that used to
own the the New York Times Seoul’s
burgers yes yes and you know they’re
it’s it’s really deep it anyway in that

show I heard the phrase pump the brakes
and I was blood and that was Sunday
right after you said it on the show like
holy crap pump the brakes there it is
first sighting in the wild well you may

have just missed it before well if
that’s a lot of these things I happen to
me and maybe it happens to everybody but
we bring out of a phrase that we find
offensive and then you said well I never

heard that before when in fact you’ve
heard it over and over again you just
haven’t noticed it
well that’s possible and this of course
is what the No Agenda show does to a lot
of people is like all of a sudden is
like having a ten speed bike you see all

those bikes driving around oh yeah never
never notice before yeah you don’t yeah
or bill you start looking for Priuses I
used to have a gamer used to play with

my daughter said I would make a guess on
how many Priuses from going from the
house to a store just about a mile maybe
how many Priuses we’d see on the way I
think I remember you talking about this

on the show well a speaking of things
you notice when you’re looking for him
the unhoused in Austin Texas have

increased their visibility dramatically
since the city ordinance changed this is
big it has been about six weeks and of
course we remember our mayor Adler who

said that Wow what are you worried about
we’ll take a look in six weeks and
before the six weeks were up they were
already talking about maybe changing
something today 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. but LGL
LBJ auditorium I think there’s a huge

town hall the university is very pissed
off because they do not want camping on
the perimeter of the campus which is now
allowed and students are being harassed

who are coming on campus but we have a
lot of reports from Austin I only want
to share to our main drag in Austin is
Congress Avenue that it goes straight up

to the Capitol you see the Capitol right
there in front of you beautiful building
extra large sidewalks and as we’ve
discussed previously you’re now allowed
to camp on the sidewalk one of my

favorite shops which we talked about on
the show before is royal blue grocer
it’s the downtown grocery store they
overcharge on a lot of stuff because of
course you can just walk to it

particularly alcoholic beverages they’re
pure ripoff but it’s a it’s a high-end
grocery store where you can get
prepackaged stuff and
no not really anything to cook but some

produce and just it’s for rich people so
they are typically open until midnight
and they are now thinking of closing

down at 6:00 p.m.
with change comes issues we just we
consider ourselves a compact urban mark
we’re a little different than a

convenience store we’re also not a
full-size grocery store and we kind of
fit in the middle Craig Staley is all
too familiar with the issues of the
change in homelessness ordinances we’re
talking about the challenges of

operating a business on Congress Avenue
with the changes to the ordinances we’re
really feeling a big difference down
here we have a lot of sympathy for the
people that live out here and we take
care of a lot of them we feed them in

our stores they come in with money and
buy things from us thank you the changes
and the things that are happening down
here are having us consider closing at
6:00 p.m. every night so we don’t have

to deal with what’s going on in the
evenings because it gets pretty rough
down here we’ll have folks just take
something from our store and argue with
us on the way out there I can I’ll be
right here remember and that’s a big
change wasn’t always like that

and we have a pretty seasoned staff that
works the night shift here yeah there’s
just a crew that works here at night but
when they’re coming to us telling us I
no longer feel safe oh yeah definitely
that’s the big cause of concern for us

so while they’re staying open right now
till midnight
al unless something changes outside the
store they’ll solve the issue
himself we’ve got a sooner than later so

there’s crime there’s fighting they’re
stabbings amongst the homeless
themselves and I’m I know that you saw
the the tweet from Austin Skid Row the

at Austin Skid Row and they showed this
whole perimeter of tents that in
downtown Austin I just wanted to explain

what’s going on there because if very
interesting this is right by the arch
that is the Austin Resource Center for
the homeless it is the only shelter that
we have at the moment in in Austin

downtown Austin and they have you know
your typical shelter facilities inside
and this is run by a non-profit and they
get lots of money and they have lots of

people who serve their clients but the
people on the outside are there for a
reason it’s a small gesture to begin to
break down the walls keeping dozens of
homeless people from seeking services at

the Austin Resource Center for the
homeless with just the number of
individuals that we’re seeing on the
outside and the folks who have been here
for a long periods of time
that we’ve got a situation that could

get a lot inside beds food laundry
showers case management and a cold place
to relax outside ever-growing chaos even

with mounting safety concerns about 80
percent of people living on the outside

of the building never go in and that’s
not because we’re capacity or turning
anybody away it’s just a choice to not
come in great McCormack executive
director of front steps the nonprofit

that runs the arch says building a new
shelter in South Austin likely won’t
make a dent here it’s great I don’t
think from my engagement of the

individuals outside McCormick says he
finds many people living outside the
arch have developed their own community
there and after years and the elements

they’re more comfortable here they’re
gonna go inside somewhere then we need
more shelter space they are not going to
go inside somewhere then we have to look
at other solutions Austin Mayor Steve

Adler proposed placing camping
restrictions on certain busy streets and
at specific locations the arch was one
of them

that’s an unsafe place so it is
something that I think needs to be a
relatively high priority to the degree
that we don’t let people sit and lie
near the arch but we haven’t provided

homes or places for them to go then all
we’re doing is moving people from one
place to another place in June City
Council asked the city manager to
consider at least 10 locations one in

each council district that would allow
camping what the manager came back and
said is let’s focus on getting housing
all over the city rather than focusing
on on an open camping area so this is a

disaster people don’t know they showed
the inside of the shelter and it looks
kind of like rule yes it looks like

submarine berths you know I wouldn’t
want to be in there either it’s
dangerous we all know that it’s housing
shelters can be very dangerous
particularly for women but these people

really want to be on the street for a
number of reasons one is that’s where
the drugs are you know and so they want
a camp or where the drugs are and where
they’re and where they’re allowed to and

it’s I don’t know what’s gonna happen
today but it would be quite sad if they
just continue to roll on this well we
have to make it’ll take years but they

haven’t killed anything it’ll take years
before they build something after
they’ve appropriated land etc Wow this
big football field where everyone’s

allowed to go you can only imagine the
chaos that that will create yeah well I
mean I could say the same for San
Francisco I mean if or Los Angeles
that’s what I’ve been saying and the

worst I guess it’s getting even worse in
Los Angeles where the population of the
homeless has increased is such an
extreme ever since it became you know
the boos noted as a problem I think it’s
up to almost 60,000 people I am actually

up my muscle play it there’s a woman
bitching about the homeless living right
across the street from her and in a
pretty good neighborhood what am I
looking for here woman I have a huge
rats nest right across the street from

where I live where there’s a home and
homeless encampment I can’t shop
downtown I literally get sick I actually
have a cold right now because I was
across the street talking to a homeless
woman for about a half an hour

and I’m literally like I’m I feel ill
after just talking to her because I was
surrounded by trash and rats and fecal
matter and urine
wait a minute from where you live I
think that this misplaced compassion is

is the problem yeah I hate to say it but
you need to stigmatize homelessness
people need to feel like they have to

pull themselves up out of something and
if they have substance abuse issues
which i think is a massive factor the
doctor I talked to dr. drew says so so

why not but and he does have experience
with substance abuse we’ve got to do
something other than will do homeless
because now people who are who are

housed are running into trouble you want
to change something with your shed you
can go get 14 permits maybe now you want
to camp right right – unconscious go

ahead do whatever you want and poop on
the streets while you’re at it we had
our first pooping video go viral from
Austin on the corner in fact they got a
note from Sir Mark Hall he’s thinking

about yeah I’m telling you San Francisco
leads the way it’s true you guys are
always on the leading tip of popular

culture yep sir Mark Hall said that he’s
thinking of starting a non-profit he
wants to call it Austin poop action and
the first thing the nonprofit will do is
hold a public poop in at City Hall and I

am in unit poop now we’re gonna get the
guy from build the dome to lead the
movement of course we’ll have him poop
I’m not gonna poop I think it’s this is
it’s really really really sad but I have

hope for Austin because people are
really pushing back um particularly
downtown but it’s everywhere John it’s

pushing back so much on the west coast I
mean of course Austin did welcome the
with open our course like like idiots of

course we’d like idiots and so the
homeless deserve to go there because
they’re gonna be welcomed with open arms
and that’s not happening here
but at the same time they’re not doing
anything about it besides still hiring

more people to clean up poop human poop
on the streets they got a team before
like 7:00
it’s almost they got more than that now
mmm okay and Los Angeles apparently it’s
worse because in that report but the

woman’s bitching to Mona
turns out that this part of it excuse me
a bigger report work because the LA it’s
got different climate than up here where
it’s pretty moist so the poop stays in

its in a non friable its moldable but
not fried but the poop in in the LA
basin it’s a hotter down there and the
poop will dry out and then powder and

turn into dust and then all the
pathogens and everything and you breathe
it and that’s what this woman is sick
she says just from being around it
because there’s poop everywhere in rats
is the other thing that’s the problem

which is the rodent infestation which is
taking place in Los Angeles and I’m sure
it’ll be a problem in because rodents
say you know as far as they’re concerned
this is great this is NPR with poop talk
Jhansi Dvorak and Adam curry discuss

feces yeah yeah well everyone’s got

my Amsterdam is out of control they used
to have not with homelessness but with
tourists they used to have a Bureau of
tourism sure it has been major tourist
attractions do oh it has been renamed

Bureau of tourism management they are
turning people away their kind because
it is over full it’s become some kind of
playground you know everything is shut

down throughout all of Europe really all
the fun is gone in Amsterdam which never
at legalized marijuana it’s harder and
harder to buy it in the coffee shops
because once you die or you sell the

coffee shop it could never be a coffee
shop again so that’s diminished the red
light this job is is the moniker for a
yes I’m sorry the red-light district has
been almost shuttered they have one

street left and now they want to even
close the curtains it was it was a fun
tourist attraction but yeah it was what
you get is tourists coming in drinking

too much eatin the brownies smoking the
weed puking and everyone’s plant holders
peeing in mailboxes making a general
nuisance but we live therein in 2000 and

it was already a problem it is just out
of control so this stuff going on or
maybe I just have too many people maybe

a day o’seas on to something less people
maybe no tourism is out mass immigration
is in it’s the way of the world
everybody and with that I’d like to

thank you for your courage and say in
the morning to you the man who put the
sea and unwritten Constitution
John C Dvorak well anymore new you mr.
Adam curry in the morning all that boots

on the ground feet in the air subs in
the water and all the Dames tonight says
hey trolls in the morning to y’all good
to see you all there in the troll room
no agendas incredibly
important element of our show I would

say it feels so good to be live and have
live feedback something that even you
could barely even get back in the radio
days unless you had someone call in its

color 100 gears have a continuous roll
of people calling us names and saying
thank you that’s what we’re talking

about so they’re trolling and it’s good
because it keeps me on my toes you know
and it’s something gives me a little
cannon and a little aggravation from
time to time which is it is appreciated
especially during the Dave Chappelle

segment quite embarrassing I hope
there’s no log no agendas you
cannot listen to our show but 24 hours a
day 7 days a week there’s something
going on you can join fellow trolls and
have a troll fest also I’d like to say

in the morning to the artists for
episode 1167 this is Darren O’Neill
and let me see we had a hard time I
recall and go back to the art generator

no agenda art generator calm there was a
lot of what did we have now he actually
had almost nothing we have a couple
pieces I like yeah but not like the

Darren O’Neil piece and I liked one
other piece on there yeah it was
unusable it was the get slogan here was
the bumper stickers the Chinese bumper

stickers no that wasn’t it now you’re
gonna have to make me do work and yes
sorry let me see what you would have I
think I’m the one there now that was the
one that was no that was there was very

little there and I remember I liked a
taco truck hip okay and that’s I liked
the taco truck and I’d like to know

agenda University of those are two I
liked and you said the taco truck was no
good and it was mad and then turned out
we couldn’t find anything else and so

you felt with due to fall back on the no
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the way decided Darren O’Neill is
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where is he selling that and auntie
spring I think let me just double check
uh uh oh I got a whole page I’ll put the
up with the link in the show notes its I

like the art because it did refer to the
daydrian Peters Adrian Peterson’s before
Jordan Peterson say a parent starting of

a university is some sort of a gimmick I
don’t know what he’s up to
well as teespring calm slash no agenda
University and I see here rush shipping

available hmm thank you very much Derek
know that he sold any to Rush Limbaugh
has he oh thank you very much Darren Oh
for your support of the show this is
always appreciated because we know that

people are doing this during the show
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associate executive producers who we
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through the art generator I should get
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start with now this is a name I can’t
pronounce but I’m gonna say it’s yard
brass er short short short brass era
short yes and where is he lived where

does Holland yes very good 33333
which is a good number hello this is my

first long overdue donation as I’ve
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dudes please add a jobs karma as I need
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should we give him a D douching as well

didn’t ask for it but yeah yes I think
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you’ve been deduced jobs jobs and jobs
let’s vote for jobs Mika

and thank you very much shirt
Tim Tim Dale came in from Houston Texas
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there are this three hundred thirty
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or so listening I can’t tell you how
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I will keep trying thank you both Tim
Dale so we’ll just give us some
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alchemist comes in with 333 dollars flat

from Grand Rapids Michigan I’ve had bad
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day back after a lovely two-week
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hands as I’m ready for my first solo
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social call i Adam an email yesterday
after being suspended from Twitter when
I tried to send him a link to an
interesting article about the censorship
of the Tiananmen Square photograph on

reddit yeah that was a banned photo for
a little bit there and read it Ron
stated it because it’s it’s dangerous
for your health no you talked about the
photo of the kid standing in front of

the tank
no the photo after the tank rolled over
the kids you ever seen that one it’s
probably about 18 19 people some of them
chopped in half by the tank laying there

it’s not a very it’s not very detailed
or yeah he consumers okay it’s gruesome
yeah so that would be against Twitter’s
as health and safety teams terms

somebody finally and I sent a tweet out
I reported somebody I keep reporting P
Mike report Rob Reiner all the time for
hate speech and so he says am you and

apparently doesn’t never feel either
they whitelist him that you can’t get
rid of him but I did get somebody kicked
off account suspended
oh really proud of myself no sensor

you’re you’re part of canceled culture
very good jcd very good what are they
what did this person what did this
entity do but it was so long ago it
takes forever to do this that I can’t

remember oh that’s lame anyway wait wait
I just I just wanted to finish about the
invite I’ll get you an invite you can

also go to the chat room the troll room
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good way to go John Fiedler comes in
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note and it’s quite long and it’s
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see if he’s on the list I don’t know I
was first hit in the mouth on show 666
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aha you had been discussing Gulen and my
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more information to light I started
sharing asking questions and was
reportedly asked if I was CIA I knew
right away and found the podcast for me
what was the third gene we had Tim do

you America
pew-pew and what was the third one space
force space war Scott okay that which
was the second one in the list okay this
was a couple years before the coup and

the rest of the world started hearing
his name that’s when I realized that
atom was from the future in 2015 when
the migrant caravan started marching
across Europe
I remember Adam stating that this would

be the end of the EU
once again future Adam was correct as we
continue to watch the EU slowly implode
well I often don’t agree with many of
your positions I don’t think people need

to say that because it’s kind of I mean
I don’t agree with my wife sometimes I
mean it’s kind of do you know what it is
it’s a kind of hedge virtue signal I’m

convinced it’s to say I listen to those
guys of course I don’t agree with
everything they say yeah you’re right
this exact it’s a fact that you don’t
have to say another word that’s exactly

what it is so people stop doing it I
love that you challenged us to think
about research topics research topics
and not just the be spoon-fed
information from the media and society

at large your podcast helped me to call
BS on my friends in both universes keep
up the good work
work yeah one small complaint though oh
here we go
small small complaint small complaint

yeah eight or ten episodes back you did
what you said you would never do you
opened up the alternate universe machine

as part of the end of the show mix and
just left us there I did I don’t
remember that either that and the fact
that you do the show twice a week on
Thursdays has me a little messed up

lately going to church on Wednesday
something’s wrong
so if he’s on the list it should be
knighted as Sir Ichabod of the bike path

Korbel yes he is on the list this is the
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you got an extra hit extra extra bong
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error of my ways
sorry yeah one night when I don’t agree
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I’ll bet you do remember candles bathtub

be careful anyway he says he’s in
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and this was Lake Forest on this on the
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has it the pew pew in this stuff never
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thought karma okay Jean morphus in
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associate executive reduced read also
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clothes find some value in exchange for
value received a few random comments one
one thanks indeed for the ongoing
instruction and critical thinking a
couple of years of listening has brought

me to at least the post grad level two I
was going to recommend a meet-up here in
Texas to cysts taxa chooses let me start
using that cousin Bellingham

Massachusetts not Washington sorry
Bellingham Massachusetts got it or as he
calls it taxa chooses which presumably
would be well attended we are going to

do something in October November first
part of November and Mimi and I will be
there however you’ve recognized very few
producers from this area recently time

to chip in fellow Mass residents or be
called out as lazy churlish sort short
sighted freeloading douchebags is a
special three a special commendation to

you both for watch must be an endless
painful hours of watching and listening
to prattling pundits yeah biased
newsreaders and dim-witted polls as you
develop show content and particularly in

an enviable occupation my sincere thanks
for taking that task on and for finally
a shout out to Sir Cal whose magic

elixir has brought relief to my aching
joints the lavender blossoms solve is
doing it again huh
it’s what it does fantastic they would

like a Putin don’t worry be happy
warm regards Jean Martha’s and then he
sends his PS John I got some thoughts on
the wealth tax


a lot of good jingoes we haven’t played
in a while I appreciate that
these are nice okay
anonymous 234 dollars in 56 cents
otherwise known as two three four five

six i TM and such no jingles no karma
please keep me anonymous I got so much
love for you guys and the entire No
Agenda family it’s out of control I

wanted to give a shout-out to the book
Dark Alliance by Gary Webb too bad he
suicided himself with two shots to the
head Maxine Waters even did the prologue
gotta say what’s up or say what’s up to

grow America to peace I have to go on
that show
yes but it’s always it’s late it’s like
oh well we’ll start at 11:00 on

Wednesday or Saturday it’s like these
horrible times for me and I’m sorry any
time you want they record it I thought
they streamed it live
I got an instrument I got I gotta answer

them I’m a horrible I’m a horrible pod
father I’ve got ants for them I should
it’s on my list

yeah they got a pretty this pretty good
guys there I I’d loved your interview
and I need to do it that’s all I just
need to do see do you want to talk about
podcasting and I get started know know
what they gonna do is gonna go on about

moon bases okay they’re gonna knows
Rayleigh moon bases to be specific well
that’s the only kind there is let’s
continue with Robert Bruce so who came
in with two hundred dollars and fifty

three cents and he is in pickney
Michigan hmm ITM John and Adam the best
in the universe just got better and

better happy 53rd birthday to me he’s on
the list shut up slave still my all-time
favorite oh this is jingle requests shut
up slave two to the head uh and llama

tan oh well let me see if I can live my
good luck no I haven’t I haven’t have so
it’s there you go as requested onward

till our last associate executive
producer another anonymous person

anonymous from parts unknown
dear pod fathers please send good vibes
and play and f cancer from my cousin
Heidi she was recently diagnosed with
stage four cancer in her spine and brain

she’s only 39 in an amazing middle
school science teacher who constantly
wins national awards including from Neil
deGrasse Tyson Oh every year she takes
her gifted students to tour NASA she’s

just started a treatment this week she’s
not a listener but I hope our intentions
will reach her she truly has a lot to
give the world and we don’t want to lose
her early to this disease f cancer thank

you for your courage PS John great
write-up on wealth tax yes and of course
we have an F cancer for her and you
never give up you always continue to to

fight against it and that’s why we all
wholeheartedly say
you’ve got karma

and that is our a list of associate
executive producers and executive
producers for show 1168 all right Thank
You execs and associate execs it is

appreciated as always it’s the only way
this system yep
that’s crazy you know I I tried to teach
this Dutch guy at aubergine so it was I
talked about a famous TV guy and started

doing a podcast and his podcast really
took off and now he’s back he’s like I’m
gonna I’m gonna start doing daily now

and I’m still gonna do stuff on video at
the same time and I’m gonna have
sponsors like what are you doing this is
the only way to go well there’s a thing

called overextending yourself and you
yeah if you’re not in a system like for
example I think there’s a number of

people on a TV in the radio that do a
lot of radio work they do us daily show
Rush Limbaugh would be a guy who does
the daily show but the better example is
Sean Hannity you just three hours of
radio a day every day except the
weekends and then he does a one-hour TV

show at night yeah you know what he’s
probably one of us good sounds like a
robot I know I couldn’t do anything like
this but it’s but he’s in a system he’s
in a system but it’s also boring he’s a

boring system he’s just a robot and it’s
boring because you have to fill three
hours a day on radio and then you carry
that stuff over into t he sucks he’s no

I can’t watch him
ya can’t well I watched Tucker Carlson I
gotta talk about that right after we
thank everybody once again and know that
these credits these executive producer

credits associate executive producer
credits no different than the credits
you saw on the Dave Chappelle show
special exactly the same it’s people who
help but help the show in this case you
finance it and that is highly

appreciated and I look forward to
thanking more people in our second
segment and you can always support us
for the sunday show it falls on the
second Thursday of the week by going to
vote dot org slash
yes you too can astound your friends and

family with your knowledge of dave
chappelle this power formula is this
we go out we hit people in the mouth

so I’m watching the fox news i watch
typically i watch well i usually watch
MSNBC during the day and when I say

watch that means I have it streaming on
my hearing aids that so I can walk
around the house and do things and you
know but that I can always look over and
see what’s going on Wow yeah but it I
have no it’s what it’s is what we do

it’s what I do
yeah you have to monitor this stuff and
understand where people are coming from
I will switch I switched over to CNN a
little bit more often these days because

MSNBC you might just called election TV
they have nothing else but election
stuff CNN does the same but they’ll
break away oh let’s take a look at
brexit for a second you know so please

had the idea that if something horrible
happened and oh I’ll hear about it and
Fox I might watch the five for a second
in the afternoon to see who’s in the leg

seat and who’s in the the Democrat seat
um which is surprisingly often is Donna
Brazile which is a head scratcher in
general and then i’d like to watch

tucker carlson because he has some
interesting guests on but last night
holy crap he did something which really
pissed and actually scratch that he
always does stories about marijuana that

make me angry and not so much the
content of the story but he has the same
damn file footage then I’ve bitched
about it before you see close up in
little box and the screen in the corner

while here the guest is talking you see
some guy with these nasty yellow fungus
ridden nails rolling up a joint a
shittiest joint you’ve ever seen it

burns holes halfway down then the guy
licks his fingers were the big saliva
droppings likes trying to stop the
burning that is not how you consume the
holy herb

he took it one step further yesterday
brought on an incredible narc who wrote
a book about the topic and to me it’s
like I’m sorry
this is nuts in the aftermath of the

mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton the
country scramble justifiably to
understand what
might have motivated the killer’s
ideology seemed like an obvious reason
and we we picked that apart at some

length but could it just be part of the
answer a toxicology report on the Dayton
shooter for example revealed that he had
several drugs in his system including
cocaine and xanax who’s also known to be
a longtime user of marijuana now again

the Tucker is for some reason very anti
marijuana you just heard him set this up
by saying he’s also known to be a
longtime user of marijuana if he’s a

heavy user or whatever’s exact words
were that shit stays in your system for
a couple of days so if you’re a heavy
user and I will freely admit I may have
been a regular user since I was 15 which

was actually too young I’ll be the also
be the first to admit you really
shouldn’t be smoking that stuff with
your brain still developing but to say
well alcohol xanax cocaine also known to

have weed okay well there was nothing in
the toxicology report about it so as far
as I’m concerned it’s bogus
for example revealed that he had several

drugs in his system including cocaine
and xanax who’s also known to be a
longtime user of marijuana it turns out
in fact that many violent individuals
have been avid marijuana users probably

would have because I got his own out
sometimes on some of these clips and I’m
glad you stopped it to point out the

obvious ‘ti of what’s going on here this
report has nothing to do with marijuana
he throws it in as an afterthought and
then he makes it the topic of

conversation this is the cheapest trick
and by the way I want to point out to
people that because I get this nose
where these guys you know they’d you’d
like to deconstruct him media but they

never deconstruct conservative media
usually because it’s so stupid this is
the dumbest cheapest crappiest trick
coughs I’ve heard from quite a while and

I’m wondering you I want to mention that
Tucker is in the O’Reilly spot which has
always been the anti marijuana our
why I don’t know you might as well ask

somebody at Fox because it disappears to
me now and that you brought this up that
this has more to do with the anti
marijuana hour which is that’s that’s
exact same time slot that Tucker’s in

that that or Riley was in and I don’t
know why but that’s the fact but this is
bullshit this report well it gets worse
and I do want you to hear the narc speak
and I just want to again reiterate I

have standing in this area and I am
certainly not an advocate of if you’re
underage to learn use the word knowledge
instead of standing please but I have

used overusing the word standing when I
think knowledge is a better work term
and it’s standing ready to me me so
that’s legal you are the one that
started the holes

I have standing on this on this very
show I’m remiss I will never say it
again instead of remiss me please say
I’m wrong I have knowledge of this being
a marijuana smoker from the early days

of when I was 15 in the Netherlands I
didn’t smoke a lot but by the time I was
17 on the weekends definitely and in my
adult life
there’s many years I didn’t smoke at all

particularly my daughter was just born
but I’ve pretty much been smoking every
single day for the last 30 years almost
there 25 maybe and I’m you know so maybe
it’s three day at it depends depends on

what the day is what I got to do I’m
very functional I don’t think I’m a
violent person I do not have a history
of violence yet I’d maybe I’m just one
of the lucky ones when individuals have

been I never heard the Association
Jamaica where they smoke the ganja I
have never heard an association of

marijuana with violence here it comes
there’s a book about it the narc in a
system including cocaine and xanax was
also known to be a longtime user of
marijuana it turns out in fact that many

violent individuals have been avid
marijuana users is there a connection
well experience knows more about this
subject at almost
the former New York Times reporter and
author the fantastic book tell your

children the truth about marijuana
mental illness and violence what what is
we don’t want to jump to any conclusions
they’re not supported by evidence of
course the whole intro was jumping to
conclusions without any evidence but

what is the evidence that connects
marijuana used to violence so we know
that a large number you know in the wake
of the Dayton killer and the information
that came out about him being you know

having signs of mental illness and
possibly being diagnosed with bipolar
disorder a lot of people said you know a
lot of people in the media well many
people in the media said well there’s no
connection between mental illness and

violence there’s no real connection
people with mental illness are not
really more likely to be violent than
the rest of the population that is not
true but if you talk about people with
severe mental illness people with
psychosis people with schizophrenia

right those illnesses unfortunately are
highly linked to violence so the best
studies which really come out of Europe
show that as many as 20% of people who
commit homicides have diagnoseable

psychotic disorders and that appears to
be the case in the u.s. too so we so we
know that mental illness accounts for an
appreciable amount of the extreme
violence in not just in the United

States but all over the world and we
also know that cannabis can produce
psychosis drugs in general can produce
psychosis but cannabis specifically can
produce psychosis
so I mean I don’t think it’s going way

out on a limb to draw the connection
then this use particular issue in
chronic use and acts of violence I mean
what the heck because marijuana is known

to create psychosis and it is in young
children definitely but that’s the
connection it’s not hard to make the

connection between mass shooters and
marijuana Poly’s I think if anything
he’s trying to get drug companies to
advertise on the show again this is

despicable but why don’t you talk about
what the drug companies are doing by the
no report about Johnson & Johnson on
Tucker show no report about the Purdue

Pharma on Tucker show no no let’s blame
mass shooting on marijuana that’s pretty
bad Hey I think it’s unforgivable it is

it’s the holy herb can’t believe my
voice skip down that stupid yeah so gosh

golly gee golly gee whiz golly gee whiz
people stop that anyway
that’s very you shit I’ll make you feel

give him a douche bag yeah yeah gosh my
gosh golly gee oh so I have a nice old

church we’re talking about these online
guys like we’re gonna take a piece of
this thing but it’s so stupid I just
took the I so mmm this is lawrence
O’Donnell the president is raving

lunatic no contest it’s already in the
last slot on the line it’s good to go
yeah that was that was quite a fun
little little escapade there where the

he and Rachel Maddow we’re talking about
Deutsche Bank having loans to Trump with
Russian oligarchs is cosine

it’s true they brought back the old if
true and what did some Trump’s person
one of trumps personal lawyers that you
gotta apologize any day oh my goodness

I dug up from I took this from that
actually took just from one of it one of
the Alex Jones Show they dug it up not
Alex Jones just stroke but one of these

other spin-offs he’s got a bunch of them
mm-hmm and this is this is from Twitter
check she says Trump 2016 but this is
actually from 2015
this is Trump talking about not getting
flu shots on the Opie and whatever show

it is on XM Sirius XM alright well do
you get the flu shot every year
no why I don’t know I’ve never had one
and thus far I’ve never had the flu like
the idea of injecting bad stuff into

your body you which is basically what
they do and I guess this one has not
been very effective to start off with
but the last one but I’ve never had a
flu shot and I’ve never had the flu I’ve
been a knock on wood with some water how

is it that you’ve never had the flu with
all the business you’ve done over the
years you’re always shaking hands I am
shaking hands and I just don’t
understand it myself
but I have friends that religiously get

the flu shot and then they get the flu
you know that helps my thinking because
I say why am I doing this and then I’ve
seen a lot of reports that the last flu
shot is virtually totally ineffective I
passed on this but that doesn’t mean

people I know how you’re a healthy guy
and I’ll bet with those flu germs show
up you go get fired I can’t believe
people like those guys so much I never

heard him so I don’t know yeah
unfortunately I don’t have them a recent
clip of the president saying how
important vaccines are I didn’t say flu

vaccine then be great anybody said oh
yeah back to god I haven’t got to do
them well I do have an update from the
CDC we’re in big trouble when it comes
to measles
did I see earlier in this week breaking
news breaking news woman at concert has

measles it was breaking news who has
but some woman I think was a concert or
a concert or conference and she had
measles and was breaking news breaking

news because she was in the midst of a
lot of people and she might have
infected them with the evil Meisel the
evil measles so you know we got a blaze

so we got to blame this measles stuff on
evil Meisel we got to blame it on
somebody who should we blame the measles

out and not just the outbreak but we’re
about to get D listed as a country this
is how bad it is oh my can you hear it
I’d only have one channel this is crap

piece of shit no like not hearing
anything you didn’t hear anything at all
oh my goodness this is such a great clip
let me see if I’m to reboot well no it’s

the stream heard it but you’re not
hearing it well just bear with me for a
second at the beginning is not that
important you may hear the Nexen rubella
so low that in the year 2000 the World

Health Organization declared eliminated
in the United States now CNN is first to
report that the US Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention says there’s a

quote reasonable chance that the US will
lose its measles elimination status as
early as October 1st by the way this is
some idiot who produced this CNN report
this television report where they did

the voice over on the left channel and
everything else on the right channel who
does that anymore dr. William Schaffner
is a longtime adviser to the CDC on
vaccine issues losing the elimination

status of measles yeah you can’t hear
okay it’s no fun if you can’t hear that
now anyway he blames it on the Jews
that’s that’s the punchline what yeah
I’m the on the Orthodox Jews in New York

who refused refused to get the
vaccinated yeah that’s their fault it is
pretty lame anyway so we’re in danger of
losing our Meisel free Meisel eradicated

status on the world stage I’m not quite
sure what
that’s that is an embarrassment to who
to the country I didn’t even know it

existed I don’t know which I don’t know
which body does this I’m sorry that clip
is the unhearable for you very
interesting that they did that should

Amano do it before you yeah I didn’t
catch it I didn’t catch it I didn’t
catch I would have I was dealing with
the Microsoft Monday what can I tell you
so I was something else you were talking
about diseases go to the mosquito report

oh boy now what more than a pass tonight
some mosquitoes from the Midwest to the
east coast are carrying a virus that can
kill people in days spreading across wet
warm regions where mosquitos thrive

eastern equine encephalitis or Triple E
is being detected at an alarming rate
her brain is trying to heal itself and
she can’t do anything until that happens
14 year old Savannah to heart is one of

three suspected cases in Michigan that’s
done probably the worst time in my life
I watched my daughter almost check out
while extremely rare Triple E is

incredibly deadly a mortality rate of
30% with no vaccine the virus targets
the central nervous system causing
swelling of the brain mother and wife

Lori Sylvia died over the weekend the
fourth confirmed case of Tripoli in
Massachusetts this is one of the most
deadly mosquito borne infections with
nearly 30 communities now at critical

risk in the state tonight health
officials are warning residents in parts
of New Jersey Michigan and Massachusetts
to avoid outdoor activity during dusk
and dawn the heightened concern comes

just before the holiday weekend as many
flock to the outdoors the advice is
simple use bug spray with DEET on your
body and your clothes and avoid standing
water where mosquitoes breed tonight a

warning protect yourself from a small
bug with a deadly bite you might not
you know it’s possibly that was a native
ad for DEET I was going to say why did

they that cuz that’s a brand no that’s
not a chemical it’s not a brand it’s a
chemical that’s in in various brands uh
insect repellent hmm could be I had not
heard about the killer mosquitoes Oh

gonna die so what exactly are they
infected with equine encephalitis
something he Triple E mm-hmm ACEF
lightest where your head swell your

brain swells correct yeah your brain
swells and then you’re you’re you’re
kind of you’ve used long shot you die if
you can get through without being brain
damage well thanks for that uplift
neurologist I live next door and they

told me about some of these brain
swelling diseases and the way you’re
supposed to do it if you catch it by the
brain is swelling what you hit if you
catch it while you’re breathless wait do

you have a headache lessen the swelling
oh god nobody talks about this they you
have to drill a hole in the skull and

let the excess fluid which is
accumulating stream out like you know I
could drain it nice it’s like it’s like
collecting maple syrup put a little tap

in there mmm and you little boy at the
bottom I always thought that was
gruesome but okay whatever I hated to be
very careful when you drill I guess you

want to get any shards mmm let’s do a
little a little OTG off-the-grid report
oh good a couple of things here first
big news rain wait where’s the jingle

come on I like the jingle Oh which one
would you like
Oh TG going OTG I’m an OTG got a guy

like that yeah happy yeah that’s the OTG

yes okay
big news came out as we kind of expected
Amazon has part well we’re not gonna say

Amazon will say doorbell camera company
ring owned by Amazon has partnered with
for hundreds police forces across the

United States granting them potential
access to homeowners camera footage and
a powerful role in what the community
calls the nation’s new neighborhood

watch the partnership allows police to
automatically request video recorded by
homeowners cameras within a specific
time and area helping officers see

footage from the companies millions of
Internet connected cameras installed
nationwide I just want to read that
again helping officers see footage from
the company’s millions of Internet

connected cameras installed nationwide
now you’re the company’s customers but
ok they’re yours I guess probably in the
EULA officers will not receive ongoing

or live video access and homeowners can
decline the requests which ring sends
via email and I have a feeling that if
you don’t respond they just do it anyway

and why the hell wouldn’t they allow
access regardless of what you say this
is so bad we have created a security
state in our own neighborhoods everybody

on my street has them you cannot walk on
my street without someone seeing you you
must obey that’s exactly what it is I I
find this very disturbing and I don’t

know what to do you can’t vandalize them
because everyone sees you walking up so
I don’t know what is there any any
thinking on how we can you can vandalize
them yeah but I don’t want to be caught

vandalizing no here’s how you do it
no tip for any vandals out there and we
probably have a few few listeners who
are vandals you know the humor the
humorous ones you put a ski mask on run
out of your house as fast as you can but

first you first of all you block put a
piece of wood or something in front of
your own whirring oh I didn’t know is
that I gotta take notes hold on okay put
block of wood wood wood yes would put a

ski mask on grab a spray can of do I
need a rope for this is well just a

spray can of black like a maggot hat use
rust-oleum paint cuz it’s got some
chemicals in there that might scratch up
the blends uh-huh and then run over to

your neighbors and spray them thing as
fast as you can making sure that you’re
not being you can’t be seen from other
ring doorbells good leaving your own
house if you can make sure of that then

you can do it no the the whole street is
well we’re honest cul-de-sac so we’re
blanketed all the way around I don’t
think you can see your porch from
another house the minute you get on the

street everybody can see you so the
minute you walk out your driveway
everybody can see me in this
configuration where we’re gonna

cul-de-sac that’s that’s where we live
so I don’t like your idea I wish there
was something I wish I could can you
destroy him with a laser you know kind
of shine of laser well that used to ruin

cameras that won’t work anymore will it
I don’t think a laser is gonna do much I
mean it’s possible from a distance if
you had a high enough foot laser which
is probably illegal at the begin with

that’s something you don’t want to play
with you could probably blast them you
know one at a time but you have to be a
pretty good shot yeah yeah but again you
know you oh maybe a drone maybe a drone

with a spray can attachment or something
that’s an oh yeah that would spray can
attachment or like good is one of those
drones that holds like a 45 and she’s

the judge strapped the judge to my drone
we’ll take care of that for you yeah
anyway so there’s your security state
you know and and believe me it’s gonna
come to bite people in the ass but okay

see oh I got an interesting note from
one of our anonymous that was it for the
no no what is the phone that you have is
it app you said it was a guy phone five

something yeah hold on this is this is
still part of the OTG segment just
because I’m going into an email oh yes
the iPhone 5 is the lowest number I used
to be on the Nokia e75 it I still like

that device but it’s 3G only and that’s
starting to go away and it has problems
seriously what Jay has found an
accessory for your phone for the Nokia

no for the iPhone 5 well then let me
tell you about my setup and then I want
to swing it over and then I want to hear

what the accessory is so in order to be
prepared for the ultimate shutdown of 3G
the lowest iPhone that will do 4G LTE is
the iPhone 5 you don’t want the SE you

want the five is a five has good battery
life you want to turn every first of all
you buy it off of Amazon between 125 150
bucks and it comes in yeah it’s
completely fresh and new so you have to

create an Apple account we should just
do a bogus name and you get a you know
like an Apple ID and you do not put your
credit card or anything in that’s just

so you can get through the through the
process of setting it all up you there
is one little gotcha that I ran into
because I wanted the latest software

update for that phone available because
that would allow me to use my hearing
aids it’s the also the first phone that

allowed that had the hearing aid
integration from Apple
you have to sink it through iTunes
because it will no longer download that
automatically over-the-air so you have
to do some work now so once that’s done

you turn off all of the iCloud stuff
turn off backups turn everything off all
the privacy settings to the left off off
off no location and I kind of trust

apple’s device in this regard I think
that they’re pretty fair if you’re not
logged in through iCloud now of course
your maps won’t know where you are and
you only want to use Apple maps if you

have to but the thing about this phone
is you could flip it on also you’re not
going to install any apps except for one
and this is the tricky part because this
is where you do need to consider if you

want to pay for this or not and that’s
called privacy Pro and you can get one I
think free but you really want the paid
version and that is the equivalent of a

pie hole for your iPhone 5 so you can
block any URL it comes loaded with with
all kinds of links that it’ll block and
you can fully block Google Twitter face

back and Instagram none of that stuff
will work you can add things and it’s
essentially a VPN so what you are left
over with after you go through all this

and I should probably write it up and do
a video which I think I’ll do just so
people have the steps then you will have
a phone that does calling it does
you couldn’t down you can use the

podcast app that works reasonably well
you can do text messaging and you also
want to make sure that I message shit is
shut off so none of that you don’t want
to be because you’ll get locked into
their system to don’t use that and

you’ll have a web browser and the web
browser is really underpowered you can’t
you can barely do Twitter with it if you
want to Twitter of course a heavy site

just on the web browser itself but if
you just want to you know do something
really quick it’s possible an email now
email is not going to be a great
experience but if I’m out on a Saturday
afternoon I get the newsletter email

from you I want to take a look at it it
takes me longer it’s a pain in the ass
but the flipside is I have no reason to
grab this phone
to look at something really quick
because it’s a pain in the ass

so either you don’t look at it you ask
someone else a handy instrument
interdimensional millennial who might be
nearby Hey look that up for me I learned
that from you it works very well or you
just just don’t do it go home and we’ll

do it there and I feel that Google has
having a hard time tracking me and you
know it’s it’s blocking all of these
wonderful all of these wonderful little

URLs with trackers and clickers etc so
and that the battery lasts a long time
because there’s no apps that are you
know spying on you and talking to home

base in fact nothing goes out of there I
think you’re gonna bring down Google I
hope so
well we have a case that we found
brand-new in the box did you email it to

me no email it mail it to you oh I
thought you said you’re gonna eat as a
picture or something okay no no I got a
stainless send you and it’s a case but
it also has a battery in it so your
battery life will last for months yeah

and I appreciate that and I will try it
out but I really like the very
lightweight I pick up the the keepers
fine like you’re having a case you’re
gonna drop it

oh I’ve dropped this phone already this
is known as a busted into a million
pieces no no haven’t they fixed your
problem chip the corner off because it
has an actual you know metal rim not all

glass that shatters on impact but you
pick up an iPhone 10 like whoa what is
this brick you’re carrying around no I
love it and I don’t use it I use it for

phone calls text messaging and maybe an
email and that’s it method all you want
and you’re reasonably secure still not
the best but it’s better than nothing
and you got the 4G anonymous says he

works at a university or she and the
second day of class administration was
left flat-footed after a technology

over the past several years the school
has moved to automated door locks on
many buildings and classrooms these
doors are unlocked the specific times of
day and days of the week based on a

central server well after a nightly
technology glitch the network servers
were down in the morning and guess what
the students couldn’t get into
classrooms employees couldn’t get into

their buildings employees who found
their buildings master key found it did
not open most of the doors
police were asked to break down the
doors and can you imagine what kind of
crap we’re gonna run into in the future

this is just the start I don’t
understand why anyone would think this
was a good idea
well I think it’s I don’t know I don’t
know why it’s at that apartment that you

used to live in to have this system like
this and this is just power went out
people would be stuck in or out no it
was the elevator okay
it was the elevator that that you have
to you have to pre-program the floor you

want to go to and so all the panel’s
turn off but yeah you also can’t access
certain areas because the the the swipe
cards you know the RFID system doesn’t

work which is surprising you know we
have Texas that’s another thing I will
not do we have toll roads in Austin
particularly yeah we have a toll lane on

Mopac and you have this you know if
we’re like the tolls in San Francisco
for the bridge or whatever you got a box
right and how big is this box that they
gave you for putting is about three

inches by three inches is it powered or
is it no bad as massive it’s it’s RF
it’s passive is induction so they have
now it’s just a sticker it’s just a

sticker yeah but these things the thing
over the highway that’s about 10 feet in
the air that’s a good distance it’s
powering it’s passively powering this

this are RFID sticker and it’s blasting
it back I’m impressed
tell you might get irradiated ten feet
at least give induction telling yeah

just like that cooking machine you know
he says cool burner you put a piece of
mail on it starts heating up if you by
any chance and I all your fillings are

gonna be heating up if everybody would
like to take a look at their smart
phones if you got them shame on you make
sure you do not have the Foursquare app
still lurking on there somewhere I don’t

know if anyone even uses Foursquare
anymore but several years ago they’ve
checked in well yes apparently that
audit they’ve automated some of that

check-in stuff based upon where you’ve
been in the past or where you’re going
this company still makes according to
reports 100 million dollars a year off
of location data and that’s just went

zombie apps because they have very
because of the check-ins and where
certain locations are if you’re on the
fifth floor of a building or the ninth
floor the fair the Foursquare app

somehow knows that still based upon you
know they have 100 million profiles and
still people leave this app on their
phone you just don’t think about it but

it’s communicating your exact data back
continuously remove that battery it
wasting battery to remove that from your
phone so I’m doing all kinds of research
about tracking etc I came across a movie

which is on YouTube which I I know if we
talked about it I’d never seen it called
a good American have you heard of this
movie just a cartoon
no it’s and how that’s Team America a

good American is about the NSA a
particular bill Binney story and Bill
Binney the whistleblower but there’s a

part of the story that I had never heard
and you end this is a must see it’s
about an hour and 20 minutes it’s well
done is professionally done it’s little
slow from time to time but he goes

through this scenario that he and his
small team within the NSA had built a
only tracking system called thinthread
and it was so good that it was

automatically predicting things were
going to happen based upon the
algorithms they had built he was
predicting them not after the fact but

they could say in fact they came closer
within 24 hours or something happening
was I think the the coal yeah a US coal
attack and they know and they hadn’t and

they hadn’t even completed the system at
that point and what he also had done or
Benny and his team is they had encrypted
all of the metadata nodes so in you
would never know who who was talking to

who they were just represented by a
cryptographically signed or generated
hash I guess and so if you want to find
out who it was after seeing the patterns
because that’s what it was all about for

this particular system then you could
always get a warrant and then you know
get the the private key out of the vault
and unlock it and this system works so
well that when one of the bosses before

the the boss are you’re gonna hear about
in a second came in said well what if he
gave you a billion dollars what could
you do with this program and Benny you
know and beanie and his team went away

and they they thought about they came
back said well for 300 million we can
blanket the entire world with the system
we really don’t know how to spend the
other one you know the other 1.1 billion
dollars so in 2001 a new leader of the

NSA came in do you remember who that was
that was general Hayden exactly Hayden

came in and now I’m going to switch over
to a piece of this movie general Hayden
higher bill black to come in and take

over the deputy director ship
once bill black was brought in from SAIC
where he had been a vice president the

following spring he brought in another
senior vice president from SAIC and that
person with Sam visitor
and who gets the contract to develop

SAIC what’s wrong with this picture
SAIC was a private company it is made up

basically of retired NSA individuals
people from NSA retire and they’ll go
into a company like SAIC and then
they’ll use their contacts back at NSA

to get contracts back to the CIC so this
was really the start of what would
become an incredible boondoggle as the
thin thread system which was working had

accurately predicted things that NSA had
not even seen before and retroactively
Lee found these patterns as well which
they had missed no no Hayden had decided

that it was going to be thin thread was
going to weigh going away and it was
going to be trailblazer and Trailblazer
was all these big consulting firms you

heard about SAIC coming in all the big
manufacturers billions of dollars on the
line consultants everywhere they shut
down the thing that was working

perfectly well and these guys came in
and started to create this huge storage
of everything unencrypted no
cryptographic masking of names etc and
it’s a fantastic story to hear how all

they gave but all they cared about was
just big money from their own buddies
and then listen to this last clip about
9/11 I remembered this these Hayden came

in in 2000 one day after 9/11 I came in
dressed like I was going to sweep the
floor so the guards let me in otherwise
they would have kept me out then too

because that day that general Hayden
ordered everybody out of the building –
I just need to mention that you’ll hear
a name here who was the number three in
command Maureen Baginski and she you’ll
hear about her about in this clip so she

was the third in command under hate know
when I got in there
my god went up to the sark and while I
was in there trying to look at the
material and my on my computer why my
contracting president of the contract

during a group that I had working on a
thin thread came over to me and said
that he had just been in a contractor
meeting with Sam visitor and the in that
Sam Bazar had told him that he said to

him do not embarrass large companies you
do your part you’ll get your share
there’s plenty for everybody and he also
said that Sam had said that we could

milk this cow for 15 years
we began to go about to the workforce
and I would accompany marine Baginski
the workforce took this extraordinarily

hard people would ask her what are you
gonna do and I still remember her saying
9/11 is a gift to NSA we’re gonna get
all the money we need and then some

direct quote 9/11 was a gift innocent
all she saw was dollars coming from
Congress here we would get to spend

how does makes my stomach turn yeah they
already disgusting they compromised the
country and it’ll give a shit about the
country now they don’t take care about

their pocketbooks this is a very
disabled should be rousted they should
be rousted and they should be roasted
beaten with with rubber tubing in front
of ring cameras for all the world to see

it’s and hate and especially and we
always thought he was creepy and we know
these things are about boondoggles I
hadn’t heard this history no I haven’t
heard this story either i’ma have to

watch this now thanks you’ll like it a
good American is the time always like
Benny Benny and Thomas Drake or my to
the you know there’s a two or three
other guys yeah but those are the two
guys the main two guys that I like Drake

and Benny
I think Drake was the second guy you
heard in that clip I think I’m not I
didn’t for me but that’s the guy who
gives us lecture he always charged it
off with was now it is never talked to

the FBI don’t talk to the feds man ever
yes if you remember Thomas Drake was
another whistleblower and he would

before he got you know rousted busted he
actually went through the normal
channels you’re supposed to do and that
included talking to the FBI about some
bad things going on at the NSA and they

just took all what he said and turn it
against him and arrested him yeah oh
yeah you know they they rousted those
guys they took all their files from

their home everything pointed guns at
him while they were in the shower
yeah it’s so corrupt it’s so corrupt –
its damn congressmen people they went
outside protocol no they never did go

outside protocol they were in protocol I
think the prowl created the protocol and
Hayden went on to run the CIA yeah
jackasses man so while we’re on TG and
then some B mile I got tons of stuff to

talk about but
please stop using uber and lyft you’re
getting ripped off besides that they’re
selling all of your data I noticed this
years ago maybe two years ago that I was
getting weird pricing based upon just

who I was because of tena standing next
to me use the uber app on her phone
she get a lower price now it’s coming
out Ars Technica had a big article about

especially how these dial eber is when
it comes to surge pricing they’ll charge
twice or three times as much as the fare
only give the driver like five bucks so

it could be it could be that there’s a
$90 charge with surge pricing and the
driver still gets $15 this is a horrible

company I I don’t think I I think people
don’t even know he’d use it well they
use –lift

but I think lyft is similar it’s all
based on algorithms and they’re just
charging your shit do whatever whatever
they want to do don’t just take it fine
so don’t use that I’m going to attempt I

don’t use these things I’ve actually
used a regular cab but sure Here I am
I’m getting off of one time I there’s
nobody to pick me up from the airport so
I took the BART through the whole system

and got ended up over in El Cerrito I’d
take cab home
meaning II don’t want any friends while
you’re on BART must have been fun no
it’s not very sociable to be honest

about this drug addicts on BART anyway
so I come back and I say have a lyft
account and so I said well it’s lyft was
there was a car right around the corner
and the price it was 750 I said and

there’s a cab sitting there waiting just
jumping this cab hell with this I get
back and I get to the house and what was
the fee you think okay yeah
the fee what do you mean the fee was I

pay to the cabbie Oh versus the $15 for
the app no versus the 750 I would have
had to pay lift I have no idea
750 exactly the same yeah hmm so I’m

thinking what’s the point
well you get to wait around instead of
going straight to a cab I mean the cabs

in Austin are not great at the airport
not a family I use it though I know I
just I’m tired I’m gonna pick you up
yeah well like you we have children oh

don’t give a shit you come back from a
trip they’re not there to pick you up
there’s nothing in the house
everything’s dark your weeds gone that’s
all this stuff it’s just horrible can’t
when I tell you that happened I didn’t

mean to do that you know what the clip
you should have played during your
little thing there with the Bob Benny
was the pre-crime clip Oh
do we still have that we haven’t

replayed that Berlin times pre-crime
let’s see he’s the under pre-crime it
might be under pre-crime let me see you
know I think this is it getting comfy no

that’s not it I have a lot of pre-crime
but it’s all it’s all I don’t have the
the jingle why wouldn’t I have that
jingle I do however have this jingle to

show my food by donation to no agenda
imagine all the people who could use ice
oh yeah

well I’m gonna have you play that again
because I have a lead in here for this
it’s a clip okay that would be what we’d
be doing on this show had it not been

for our model okay this is the second
part of Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast
revisionist history I noticed we played

at the opening of his show a couple
shows ago but in the middle of the show
he interrupts things to bring in his
sponsor and and and kowtow to him
in this clip and back with no kotoba

we’re talking about 5g the next great
digital revolution the revolution beyond
the phone today an ambulance pulls up to

the hospital and you’ve got a handoff
data to the medical professionals inside
the hospital with 5g you can imagine
that becomes an automated process which
also helps patient lives it’s more

efficient and you’re handing off the
data more precisely it’s a beautiful
thing and then more long-term becomes
how do we think through training doctors
to become better surgeons faster in the

future using augmented reality you can
literally watch the best surgeons on
earth perform surgery and learn as if
it’s you doing it with augmented reality

you can overlay the scan of the patient
if you will so you never have to look
away from them it can help guide you on
the next thing you need to do as part of
your surgery and presumably when you’re

training someone you would no longer
have to be in the room as you train them
you could have access to a wide number
of people who are giving you advice
because they could all watch through

your eyes right exactly
wait this is just a general
if she made have add what the hell it’s
just for the whole industry well he’s
from AT&T so it’s for AT&T

oh oh oh this oh you’re right it’s the
eight oh gosh well that’s pathetic he’s
so like the part where because of 5g you
can hand off the documents it much

smoother away somehow I don’t know how
that works
jam it into that little hole in your
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much longer than we are or the show
sounds kind of shaped fatalistic I know
but I say I got a couple of things I
want to get out of the way one I’ve been

noticing these six week cycle events
that are I’m just marking them all six
week cycles so we were over the time we
can see if any of them actually are
mm-hmm there was one a couple weeks ago
some some doofus did something stupid

this is one here’s a little bit more
dubious even than the one from the last
one I’ll explain why also breaking the
knew all right you want me to stop
explain why after the clip also breaking

the new mass shooting plot that
authorities say they have foiled tonight
a student at High Point University in
North Carolina arrested with guns in his
dorm NBC’s Steve Patterson on what
police say he was planning and how they

caught him
you’re in court today the 19 year old
suspect appearing in court via
videoconference today are you accepting
this attorney services as your attorney
prosecutors say High Point University

student Paul ste burr wanted to carry
out America’s next massacre he guards
foiled the alleged plot when they
confiscated this 9-millimeter

semi-automatic handgun and 12-gauge
shotgun plus ammunition from his dorm
prosecutors say ste burr a Boston native
planned to shoot up the school
confessing his timeline to kill people

had been planned since December and that
he had studied other mass shootings the
district attorney told the court stiver
chose to enroll at school in North

Carolina because it was easier to buy
weapons state law prohibits the
possession of firearms on school grounds
stiver faces charges for having weapons
on campus and for communicating a threat
of mass violence university officials

say they discovered the alleged plot
when other students alerted security
Steve Patterson thank you hmm talks
funny now this is bullcrap the guy had
he had a gun he had a semi-automatic gun

which he kept in his room which is not
supposed to do I guess on this school
and then this so called shotgun looked
like an old blunderbuss I don’t even
know if it was a shotgun big horn big

horn at the end didn’t have the horn at
the end but it had big giant hammers I
mean if it was anything it may have been
some old shot I have a I have a

double-barrel 20 gauge with hammers on
top they’re beautiful this is not a gun
for a mass shooting you need a pump back
should gun the choice of shells and you

can pump away oh do tell John what else
do we need for mass shooting well you
don’t want a double-barrel shotgun with
hammers at the top no and he had a
pistol big deal he didn’t have like any

just dumb did he have a military-style
assault rifle no oh
stupid shotgun if it was that I still
think it was a blunderbuss and a pistol

what’s it gonna do now
said that he communicated that he wanted
to before to execute a mass shooting so
where did he communicate they don’t talk

about it it’s like he said something
just girlfriend or I have no idea this
is bullcrap this is the bad story
well no it’s it’s a story that keeps
them everybody looking like they know

what they’re doing and we’re protecting
the public because yes you see we can
thwart mass shootings yeah that’s what
it is exactly now the clip which is also

from NBC which really irked me cuz we
did this clip over a year ago and we
could have gotten on NBC we could have
done some publicity I don’t know why we

can’t get publicity for some of our good
work because we’re old white men hello
so here is the story that they did on
NBC which is the story we did a year ago

but they’re gonna do it anyway and of
course there’s no way if they have no
solution they don’t bring in Elizabeth
Warren they don’t bitch and moan they
don’t do anything this is the phone
cause scammers here’s a twist on yet

another story about criminals using
phone scams to trick people into giving
up personal information this week the
tables were turned on one card con

when a police captain answered the call
NBC’s Tom Costello has more on how the
scammer got scammed and Stevens admits
she enjoyed messing with this scammer

security number with you without a clue
he was talking to an apex North Carolina

police captain the phone crook claimed
he was a social security officer and in
45 minutes
she’d be arrested on serious charges not
coming to get me I’m pretty sure that

she posted the video as a warning to
victims especially the elderly we wanted
them to see they’re gonna use any tactic
they can to try to scare you into
believing that something is going to

happen so you’ll give up your personal
we just want people to know never do
that the bad guy hung up folks these are
scam calls don’t ever give out your

information the good news this scammer
has now gone viral Tom Costello NBC News
viral Heath gone viral I’m Betty so

NBC stuff out of the way first of all
the scammer never got scammed like they
started the story with oh the scammer
got scammed how did he get scammed
because they they they call out culture

man we called him out we win went viral
so and then the other reporter says she
was messing with him she wasn’t I when I
did my clip I was messing with the guy

was getting a bad information I was
stringing him along she just refused to
talk to the guy I’m not giving you my
number I’m not there was no
entertainment in this clip there was no
entertainment and then it’s a cop and

this is legal and what does the cop do
about it laughs it off and posts it how
about going after the guy finding some
way to stop this bitching about the fact
that Elizabeth Warren promised that she

was gonna tell about this bull crap well
no I laughed it off oh it’s all funny
two things happened yesterday to me and
as it relates to this I this I know

unless it’s unless I recognize a number
like it’s in my address book I think I
have 20 names in my address book on this
phone that’s it I don’t pick up when it

goes to voicemail here’s one that went
to voicemail yesterday
let me see if I can make this work
social security number is being

suspended and there is an arrest warrant
being issued under your name to talk to
an officer press one I repeat to know
more about the case press 1 so you know

obviously I didn’t didn’t call back or
anything like that but I caught a call
somewhat later in the day and it was an
877 number now if it’s a 5-1 to I’m

inclined to pick it up which is our area
code 877 is typically like that might be
a legit service it wasn’t my own six
five-oh area code I still have a phone

from Silicon Valley days and this lovely
lady but she sounded older you know
hello may I speak with Adam curry I hate
that by the way I despise it announce

who you are first but no so I said who’s
calling so I can always you know get out
of it well this is a Ford credit like
this sounds like a scam and she really

sounded like a scammer but you know my
lease is up in six weeks and I’m happy
to get rid of this this car because I
don’t need it anymore I don’t have the

and and it’s too you know they come to
you she’s like sit well we’re gonna come
to your house and we’re going to and I’m
still not believing it we’re gonna
inspect the cars your inspection said

you’re gonna come to my house and
inspect my car and what does this cost
me said no no this is a Ford credit and
she and she kept in – I need your home I
like it gave you my home address I know

who you are you clearly know what kind
of car I have I don’t like this and then
she went through a whole bunch of
numbers that I could verify account
number okay you’re really and she was
and but it took 10 minutes of me just

trying to figure out if she was legit or
not yeah that’s part of the problem yeah
so I’m sure they feel crappy about it
cuz everyone thinks they’re criminals

she might have been a criminal
it’s always the old grandma it’s always
the grass she was
good man she got me good yeah on Sunday
I do want to provide an update on

Patrick Byrne who continues to write
about his his involvement with Maria boo
Tina he’s writing some crypts of cryptic
stuff that he says I’m not gonna talk

about this but I’ve already I’ve already
figured out that it relates to Anna
Chapman apparently Maria boo Tina was a
part of the same outreach program that
the actual hot Russian spy was a part of

only Anna Chapman was the one who was
spying on the Democrats and Hillary
Clinton and he has you know I’ve done
some research on that and we’ll talk

about that on send up and go a little
bit deeper unless there’s some kind of
breaking news I did want to leave with
this one clip from Andrew yang who I’m
getting a little more respect for except
he never says this stuff on television

or in interviews he only does it on
podcasts and in this case it’s about the
media the other thing is just how
corrupt our media conglomerates are

where I was stunned I thought they just
reported news much more so but they’re
actually really do have their fingers on
scales in various ways so there’s a
little bit of truth to a lot of the I

guess traditional conservative criticism
that the media is not always even-handed
its wild during this run I feel like
I’ve now seen kernels of truth and a lot
of Trump isms honestly it’s like fake

news and then you’re like come on Trump
but then you look into it well there is
something there obviously he’s overly
emphasizing it and dramatizing like
enemy the people stops obviously like

you know like heedlessly extreme but
yeah that’s actually been a surprise to
me like I’m sort of stunned that I get
treated better by fox and MSNBC I
thought MSNBC would like me I would have
thought that that’s very funny I wish

you would just be honest and say hey you
guys suck he would actually get traction
he would that’s what Trump did it work I
mean I think the public is kind of

amenable today I do have a clip to
follow up that which is the Sanders who
he’s also saying he’s saying the same
he’s being treated very poorly by them
by the media but he’s going about his

condemnation kind of the wrong way and I
think it’s you know it’s been documented
that the New York Times has got a
reporter that that covers him and who
hates him and his parent his job is to

dismiss him and I
according to Sanders the wall the
Washington Post has a person like that
too and even though he stays up there in
the numbers race is not gonna last for

long especially after he does this kind
of thing and this is the unreported this
on democracy now it was unreported by
everybody else but it’s quite
interesting independent senator 2020
hopeful Bernie Sanders has released a

plan to protect independent journalism
and end the consolidation and corporate
control of media outlets his plan
includes ending federal approval of
major media mergers giving employees an

opportunity to have ownership and news
outlets increasing funding for local and
independent news and strengthening
antitrust regulations to stop tech
giants like Facebook and Google from

quote cannibalizing bilking and
defunding news organizations Sanders
notes president Trump’s assault on the
press has further threatened the media
landscape nice threatened nice threaten

yeah I don’t like you know like some of
these ideas I’m hearing you know I think
the I think the the the press when they

can’t make their business model work
just have to go away I’m sorry we may
wind up with the New York Times

Washington Post I’m sure we’ll survive
probably USA Today and the rest will be
just whatever blogs you trust I mean all
these these hot shit publishing

companies are all going out of business
I’m sure you read that essay by some
person who was on staff at I guess
Gawker and they got spun out and bought

and this person was complaining that oh
all the all the Silicon Valley hotshots
who bought the company all they wanted
was clickbait and yeah I mean exactly
the shit weed they’re accused of

yeah like no one cares about your dear
in-depth reporting online this is
there’s no money to be made off of that
we fix it we need takes lots of clicks
so it’s cat videos yeah it seems like

the lot of this stuff is over things do
come to an end you know well you know
the fact anyone who study it the fact is

that the newspapers began their decline
with television news it had nothing to
do with the Internet has always been
declining and it forced them to like do
to certain kinds of consolidation if you

look at old newspapers from the 1900s
it’s nothing like today there’s lots of
competition San Francisco had like what
four or five newspapers you know they

had the call they had the bulletin which
had the merchants at the call bulletin
they had the examiner they had the
Chronicle which had to eventually merge
merchants eventually everybody got but
and I was at one newspaper The Chronicle

and there was other papers there was a
New York must have had 10 or more
newspapers and it was very competitive
and everybody got paid well and there
was their breaking stories and they were
doing they clickbait in their own

version with the headlines and they
would sell paper boys would selling on
the to the commuters yeah read all about
it all that sort of thing died with it
with the television and cut started to
consolidate and just got worse with the

internet I’m surprised they’re hanging
on as long as they are well what I see
forming before our very eyes I see long
form journalism being done and I think
very well there’s some journalists out

there who don’t need money even call
themselves journalists and like George
Webb on YouTube and there’s a lot of
in-depth work being done that is

extremely valuable and very readable and
I would say it appears better sourced
now you can’t trust the so-called
mainstream either so at a certain point

you you follow someone and you see what
if they were talking crap or not and the
future appears to be people like you and
I you know human content routers we sift

through it to still let some stuff seep
through if I had a penny for
every time someone says I only listen to
you guys I don’t need to watch that shit
anymore well I’d have a hundred pennies

but it now an element of that should be
noted which is well what are you gonna
do if the all the big papers you won’t
do stealing content from the big boards
and just usual for them we wouldn’t have

any kind of the best content that we
have including this the things that you
just played is that like that you Andrew
yang clip that you have exactly our best
content does not our best ridiculing

content where we just exploit these guys
for doing a piss-poor job that comes
from the mainstream media but our best
informational content does not it comes

from all these other sources we don’t
really use the New York Times to source
some of our stories if we’re going to go
into in depth stuff we use them to point
out that they’re biased so that’s
bullcrap so you’re right it’s gonna be

guys like us as long as we can keep each
other alive we’re in good shape nice
stop smoking so much weed all right

Thank You trolls for keeping us on our
toes at least me John doesn’t look at
you I do I see you trolls and thank you

to our producers for today’s program and
of course we will return on Sunday I
hopefully will have an update and we’ll
see if I can make it to the big the big

meeting at 6:00 may be overcrowded see
and please remember us at Dvorak org
slash and egg without your production
dollars we go away
it’s just how it works yeah this your

iPhone 5 make videos it can both of you
record the food go take some videos of
them dead event coming to you from
opportunities own 33

the frontier of Austin Texas in the
morning everybody I’m Adam curry and
from northern Silicon Valley
we’re Greta mania is on its way I’m John
C Dvorak special thanks to Jesse coy

Nelson Tom Starkweather and sir hoopin
soccer before the end of show mixes
until Sunday and coming this fall to a
home video July night 2019 was the

hottest month ever recorded across the
world that is according to a reports on
Monday by the ears of copernicus
a climate change program the thing that
couldn’t die UDOT from NASA shows 2018

was a book hottest of lost 159 years the

thing that couldn’t die
2014 was the hottest year on record in

the world’s oceans and 2017 where the
hottest ever recorded the researchers
said in a study the thing that couldn’t
die you begin by denying that there’s a
consensus besides there is a consensus

and science
the thing that couldn’t die NASA records
show global temperatures have risen

but there was never a spike in
temperature like we saw in 2015 there is
no stopping analogizing people to
insects is is always wrong we can do

better you don’t have a mathematics that
proves one thing is better than the
we just have opinions I welcome being
called the buck a professor at George
Washington University described me as a

bedbug or a metaphorical bedbug he had
to get Queen Elizabeth to go along guess
what she lost she did and the chicken
sandwich wars are coming to an end the

question they’re raising is that why
shouldn’t this be up to the voters who
are going to be voting in early 2020
rather than up to the to the Democratic
Party officials I’m not

what a fine they went on to say it

forces campaigns to fork over millions
of dollars to face but if the people
don’t qualify what does that actually
mean for their campaigns moving forward
they won’t have the exposure where I had
no intention whatsoever to get him in

any kind of professional trouble I mean
we are just children we shouldn’t have
to do this if the adults should take
that responsibility
wacky shells zany shells


I think we should stop while we’re ahead


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president is a raving lunatic