No Agenda Episode 1169: “Hockeystick Hoax”

and sucking all the scooters up into the
air and then throwing scooters all over
the place it’s scooter NATO Adam curry
episode 11 this is no agenda from

northern Silicon Valley where it’s a

beautiful day in the neighborhood
I’m still not gonna see the movie I’m
John see Devorah Sunday he’s not
inspired that’s great there goes 3 4 5 6

7 8 9 10 10 cars or so there you go
thank you for that report

you’re welcome yes alright just in time
so we both got an experience upgrade
with our Skype I just wanted to say one
thing that I don’t understand I after

that huge upgrade just before the last
show yeah the giant windows upgrade so
now when I click on if I open outlook
which I use for email any link did I

click on it does not open the browser
does not open this link I get a dialog
box that says something unexpected rent
went wrong with this URL and it gives me

the URL and that says the file or
directory is corrupted and unreadable
what the hell is that no idea I got it
I’ve got one what did you get I get mine

is I looked it up – this started
happening after that big upgrade you’re
talking about yeah so I go so here’s
what I do I’ve got one of my printer I

get Photoshop or or fan view whatever it
is I go to print and it immediately
prompts me to save the file
instead of printing oh really and it’s

not like a PDF printer that’s selected
or something well first I thought it was
something sketchy
they just need a reboot because this has
been happening you gotta you gotta shut

it down shake it and then reboot it and
see what happens like an etch-a-sketch
so i rebooted it didn’t change anything
let me try Photoshop I went to Photoshop
same thing hit the print but it goes it
says save to file your prints pool no

doubt or something okay a lot of people
it’s happened before is this note was

from 2012 trying to print a document and
the printer props to save the file
instead of printing it goes on it could
somebody help and there’s no the help is
bullcrap there’s no help as usual and

all these online when it comes to
Windows there’s no help I just I just
recommend before we always recommend
here on the show just jiggle the handle
a little bit one of the solutions was

this reinstall the printer drivers oh
you you print a lot of stuff are you

whining I want to make sure this was
phenomenon that was just something to do
with the printer and I rebooted it yeah
so I went to the browser
let me just print a browser page yeah or

let me take the document that I was
gonna print in or a fan view and just
grab it and throw it under the browser
where it’s now printable okay so I hit
the print button on the browser printed

fine huh great
there you go there’s Fletcher exactly it

anyway that’s so much for our tech news
this morning very happy to bring that to
the everybody that’s right well we had a

another shooting in Texas yesterday mass
shooting and this news I was watching
that football yeah well it was big here

of course well what the report that came
out first was two shooters one in Odessa
one in Midland the Midland is right to
the west of Texas and Odessa is down the

road further to the west of Texas so
they the first reports were you know 30
shots two different shooters two
different cities of course you know this
was not what it turned out to be and I

tuned into what station was this it was
the Odessa television station we know
that one part now these guys are in the
mall where there was no shooting but

they’re in the mall it’s one of those
setups where you have offices and etc
and radio stations used to have that I
guess this TV station people can look
through the window and see the TV studio

we know that one person has been taken
into custody that’s all we know we don’t
know about person that may have also
been involved there are multiple scenes
around town a lot of people saying is
videos of officers here and there we’re

just seeing people oh we’re running
through the most right going on over
here we’re not sure what’s going on at
the mall we probably need to get off
what happened here is people started

running past their windows so they panic
everywhere now five people did get

killed and we don’t know very much about
it other than or at least as of this
morning it was one guy who was pulled
over on the road between Midland and
Odessa traffic stop he gets out shoots

the cop right away and then dry
to Odesa just shooting people on the
highway and i don’t know what what
weapon he was using it seems like if
you’re driving and shooting yeah a

handgun might be easier but he killed
five people and wounded at least 20
others while driving
apparently and then he stole a mail
truck and that’s where they ultimately

got him and they got him in the mail
truck and they shot him dead so we may
never know exactly what was going on but
thank goodness Beto O’Rourke right away
went out to to go and politicize

everything so always about politics it’s
not about these families these people
the people affected know right away we
got to go to politics cuz and then you

do it with us into your face like Beto
and then you know what when you’re on
CNN throw in some of your curse words
he’s been really good at that lately and
he seems to be gaining traction the
rhetoric that we’ve used the thoughts

and prayers that you just referred to it
has done nothing to stop the epidemic of
gun violence to protect our kids our
fans no stop so people are now bitching
and moaning they’ve been doing this for

a while about and it’s mainly Democrat
Twitter were yelling at Republican
Twitter and it goes something like this
they’re all bitching about these

thoughts and prayers the very same
people when a celebrity dies will say
r.i.p love and light you know it’s it’s
kind of stupid the epidemic of gun

violence and to protect our kids our
families our fellow Americans in public
places at a Walmart in El Paso we’re 22
were killed in Sutherland Springs in a
church one or two a day all over this

country a hundred killed daily in the
United States of America we’re averaging
about 300 mass shootings a year mass
shootings determined as what is it three

or more people hit by gunfire in one
incident I think this very is a very low
standard no other country comes close so
yes this is fucked up and if we don’t

call it out for what it is
oh yeah
don’t care man he’ll just say whatever
he needs to say just to you out about
yeah I would send in a complaint to the
FCC Amy yes this is fucked up it’s

closed so yes this is fucked up and if
we don’t call it out for what it is if
we’re not able to speak clearly if we’re
not able to act decisively then we will
continue to have this kind of bloodshed

in America and I cannot accept that and
so we’re gonna sleep as defiantly and as
strongly as we can but we’re also gonna
take action
universal background checks so I thought
that would be good I so for the end of

show yes this is fucked up what do you
think yeah you got something better
maybe I don’t have any I didn’t find any
I suppose I didn’t learn anything I
don’t like it okay it’s been one for two

I can give you ten reasons but I can
give you two good ones one is beta world
Rorick one reason is enough what is to
do yeah I don’t like the word I don’t

like the term no the second one is it
makes it sound like that word it’s a
commentary on the show
I’m sure better would say the same thing
about our show what to say that he’d

love to be the guy saying that at the
end of our show so I just stayed on bed
oh because he was and of course this is
not far from El Paso El Paso is just a

little bit more West from Odessa and I’d
followed him around and he’s just
throwing out a mean fest of ideas that
have a list more than I worry about the

politics or the polling more than I care
about what the NRA has to say on this I
care for my kids and this country and
people who live in terror every day

people in El Paso Mexican Americans and
say I feel like I have a target on my
back I’m afraid to go out in public
kids who thinking about going to school
tomorrow having gone through active
shooter drills already know which

bookcase they’re gonna pull down which
window they’re gonna jump out of this is
not right and we should not accept it
and we should be honest with ourselves
universal background checks will help
ending the sales of weapons of war will
help weapons of war this is

no nukes but if millions of them remain
on the streets they will still be
instruments of terror instruments of
terror weapons of war instruments of

terror he should have said tools of
terror that terrify and terrorize us
terrify terrorized instruments of terror
and take our lives but what about not
gonna accept them
but what about the kind of world why is

he not going do so would it help a so is
his town that got shot up you know a

couple weeks ago well it’s better he’s
better old dynamic that USA Today the
editorial board is putting in there that
if you go too far that it’ll kill the

whole thing this this is about the gun
buyback that he wants to do a mandatory
gun buyback and which of course is the
definition of infringing and creating a
law about the right to bear arm ok the

editorial board is putting in there that
if you go too far that it’ll kill the
whole thing this this triangulation
calculation poll testing every move
that’s what got us here in the first

place I listen to those students from
parkland Florida March for our lives
that came out with a bold plan for peace
that talks about many of the measures I
just described a national gun registry
licensing for every American who owns a

firearm use that gun for self-protection
to hunt to collect to shoot at target
practice but you don’t need an ar-15 and
ak-47 I got a question

I keep hearing 8 or so ar-15 we all know
what that is it’s it’s a semi-automatic
rifle that looks very scary the
necessarily night yeah well I want to

focus on the ak-47 this is thrown about
very easily I don’t believe these are
actual fully automatic ak-47s floating
around in the country am I wrong about

this is there I don’t know of anyone who
has a fully automatic ak-47 ar-15 that’s
fully automatic either no but I’m just

saying that when you say
a k47 that is the classic coalition a
coffee it’s a very simple gun and it
does single shot or automatic and they

just throw that out next to ar-15 but I
don’t is there a market in the US I
don’t I don’t I never got the
implication that it was a machine gun

what so my question is is there a
separate line of ak-47s that are
single-shot only and I don’t believe
that exists and I think an ak-47 is an

ak-47 which can be used fully automatic
any way that I have no idea someone
would get best we I don’t believe that
to be true

because it’s illegal to have an
automatic hugely cool that is a weapon
of war designed to kill people as
efficiently as effectively and as great
a number as possible that that high
impact high velocity rounds it

distributes its entire kinetic energy in
your body and destroys your insides we
talked to the surgeons who treated the
victims in El Paso many of them had been
on the battlefields in Iraq in

Afghanistan they said these are wounds
of war how many likes the alliteration
does any weapons of war tools of
terrorism wounds of war now this is all

it’s horrible of course but but I just
want to say something to people who
listen to our show to get kind of
highlights and not be drowning under the
dreck that is shoveled on top of you by
the mainstream while horrible and while

crap and a super day wrecker there’s
probably five other people that died in
these two towns in on the same day from
other for other reasons then what

happens is if you and I I pulled up the
statistics in 1990 to 2017 of violent
crime in the United States and I know

this is an argument that’s used all the
time but I just want to add something to
it so in 1990 we were looking at 729
violent crimes per 100,000 people

in the United States and that graph that
to 2017 where we’re at 382 point nine
violent crimes per 100,000 people and

you animate the graph is it’s like the
it’s like looking at the climate gate
graph in Reverse but what’s happened
since 1990 or really since 1995 let’s

give it a fair number is our access to
media has skyrocketed and the channels
that stuff is coming in it’s just
everywhere and what gets focused on is
the stuff that scares us and you know

I’m think that there was a lot more
violent crime going on decades ago but
you didn’t hear about it or you didn’t
hear about it quickly there wasn’t such

an onslaught and it really is messing up
our brains even I have you know this is
a couple mass shootings in Texas not
that far away so you start to think and
you know kids start to think well when

is it my turn when when I’m just gonna
be in the wrong place at the wrong time
we’re being terrorized and if it’s
really I think it’s probably getting a
223 as shot at you is not healthy but

this is also a slow death for people
it’s very very unhealthy and I don’t
know what to do about it but I just
wanted to say we need to put this into
perspective because that’s all they

focus on is these types of deaths
there’s all kinds of things that happen
bad stuff happens to good people every
single day but we just terrorized
everybody terrorized the kids terrorized
everybody that’s all that they seem to

love yeah they do and I think it’s mass
shootings air accidents these kinds of

things knew they always made the news
but for instance did you hear about 10
teenagers shot in an Alabama High School
football game yesterday no no no of

course not
first of all black so it doesn’t count
oh sorry you’re black we can’t unless
was a white guy shooting yet no so they
don’t even don’t even focus on that to

us I I’ve said this since day one of
this show people moan and groan about
all these shootings they never even
talk about Auckland which is this one of
the shooting capitals yeah people
getting shot all the time but it’s

terrorism the true tool of terrorism is
the m5m the mainstream media is the tool
of terrorism
it’s terrorizing our own people yes now
there is something that’s read it if it

leave if it leaves it bleeds is what
you’re literally know if it bleeds it
leads yeah there we go
as in the lead so but now there’s a new
term that has popped up which I heard in

conjunction with the big town hall in
Austin regarding the homelessness
situation the unhoused and the term is

behavioral health so we have mental
health and we have behavioral health
have you heard of such a difference well
okay I can actually I did I got an

actual answer to that the article I have
here from Alvar Nia University
behavioral health versus mental health

what’s the difference so behavioral
health describes the connection between
behaviors and the health and well-being
of the body mind and spirit
this would include how just summarize I

should be exercising more is that what
we’re talking about here I’m not sure
this would include how behaviors like
eating habits drinking or exercising
impact physical or mental health however

during the 70s and 80s behavioral health
almost entirely referred to behaviors
that prevent illness or that promote
health later the term began to include

behaviors that help people manage
disease most recently behavioral health
incorporated mental health I’m not quite
it does that doesn’t really explain
anything to me but they the least F I

was after the show on Thursday which I
really I wanted to considered going to
this big town hall but a I was tired and

B I found out they were gonna have a
video taped anyway and
once you see that you have to fill out
you know ten pages of forms just to get
a question asking like now that this is

not I’m not going to go there so I
watched all two hours what a shit show
the City of Austin so we had the mayor
we had the I’d say the Financial
Comptroller we had representative from

APD from the police department
they had a moderator you know so they
had a panel of eight people and I’m one
of these hippie hipster moderators you
know the kind you bring into your

company now here’s some big rocks here’s
some little rocks now what do we put him
first the big rocks are the little rocks
you know one of those guys so he was
doing the the moderation they also had a
community advocate and so they’re
talking and then I just wanted to play

this on a single clip from from this
two-hour session where you can hear the
attitude of the city and how they feel
about people experiencing homelessness

which by the way if they didn’t have to
use that whole sentence every single
time people experiencing homelessness it
would have taken them only an hour and a

half to get through this meeting it’s so
cumbersome just say people who are
homeless that’s a lie by the way
experiencing homeless they’re not
experiencing they’re homeless to
experience homelessness if you if you

sleep on the street for a day it’s like
and it’s not so it’s not supposed to
hurt their to be right is this new world
maybe a theme song anyway just listen to

this this is the community I think first
we will hear from the guy from Austin
Police Department and we’ll get to the

community advocate you’ll hear it soon
enough so Chris you’re a community
advocate you work directly with homeless
why do you care about this visual God
because this shouldn’t exist because
it’s a form of extreme poverty that

should not happen in the richest country
in the history of human civilization
and I believe that you know we we have a
duty we have a responsibility as a city
and as fellow citizens to make sure that

everyone is housed and has what they
need ultimately to get by day to day so
chief you have some thoughts on this
maybe safety I want to just reinforce
the importance of calling us when you

see that suspicious behavior because
although we may not be able to take any
specific action in that instance we
already a to driven Department we do

collect data on where things are
occurring where crimes occurring yeah
just this is a quick interruption there
before all this started they were asking
about the loss there it has there been

an increase in crime since the city
ordinance was lifted and you can camp
anywhere except for in front of City
Hall of course and the the guy from the
police department was saying well we

don’t have any data to show that but
what he meant was we actually don’t have
any data we have no data they have zero
data on these past six weeks but that
got reported here in Austin is no proof

you know one of those deals it’s really
despicable with it
I want to just reinforce the importance
of calling us when you see that

suspicious behavior because although we
may not be able to take any specific
action in that instance we are a
data-driven department we do collect
data on where things are occurring where

crimes occurring when it’s occurring and
that’s how we deploy our officers based
on both time and location so it’s
important to note when these things are
happening about us yeah I also just want

to make sure that we really start to
identify what criminal activity means
and what it is people just being in a
place because they have nowhere else to
be it’s not a crime
I think it’s really starting to focus so
what the lady is screaming here is yeah

if I have too many people at my house
it’s against the law it’s considered a
party and I have to break it up but okay
it’s alright these people couldn’t do
whatever they want this is this is the
this is the public versus the people

running the city on stage in a place
because they have nowhere else to be
it’s not a crime I think it’s really
starting to focus really starting to
focus on hands you know no one no one’s

up here advocating for people build us
all other folks or be able to be
aggressive in nature we would now wait
for the for the for the community
advocate except we wouldn’t expect that

from our community from our house
community so we don’t expect it from
people experiencing homelessness so
there we just have to really be able to
identify what it is that we’re talking
about when we discuss criminal activity
if something looks like criminal

activity you know that’s not actually
mean that it is criminal activity is
just people living there doing heroin
that’s not criminal the question as well
because this people that are that are

camping in your neighborhoods are your
neighbors too
and I think it’s clear that we need to

it’s clear that the city needs to it’s
clear that the city needs to provides
additional resources to help limit the
impacts on house neighbors of camping

which also is gonna really help people
that are camping currently to live in
more sanitary conditions do you notice a
trend here you’re not homeless
you’re camping completely different

you’re a neighbor of your house neighbor
of someone who’s camping which also is
gonna really help people that are
camping currently to live in more
sanitary conditions and be healthier

themselves and so I really do support
immediately providing those sorts of
things trash pickup I take 35 dollars a
month for my trash pickup two
porta-potties and other types of
services but I think it’s really

important to understand that you know
people in your neighborhoods are your
neighbors and and I know a lot of folks
are feeling victimized by people camping
their neighbors but almost every single

one of those folks would switch places
with you if they could we’re all trying
to get to a place where we can to live

together and live together well sad
thing is this people in the audience who
were all in with this jamoke oh yeah
yeah I will say this just as an aside at

least the sound was good it took a while
to find a version with the sound that
was good believe me and I only had four

views no one cares
I’ve seen most of these four views –
somebody’s oh yeah there’s a lot of that

there’s a lot of that so a couple things
so this behavioral health I heard a lot
camping is good camp Watson you’re not
they’re not homeless they are neighbors

who are camping and neighbor Shane and I
think the biggest cop-out of all and our
mayor uses that a lot is we all have to
work together you know why because when
it doesn’t work when we did not work

together I know there were certain
elements who didn’t work together
with us it’s like ah anyway here’s the
here’s a a television report by the way
before you continue uh I want to say

because Mimi’s involved in City Council
work in Port Angeles hmm
welcome to the USA they’re all like this
the City Council specifically you mean

yes I’ve in fact she’s always bitching
to me she’s I said no I said they’re all
like this they’re all second-rate it is

really pathetic because it should be the
foundation of the country
yes I know it’s a bunch of use usually
egomaniacs and people who write because
nobody else wants to run that yet to

blame the public at large and it’s and
they’re all corrupted there’s a this
minor corruption it’s like petty
corruption it permeates all the City
Council’s from San Jose the Port Angeles

to Duluth I’m sure lutely for Berkeley
deep in the heart of Texas is one of the
you know flying little capital cities of

the world
yeah it just is it it’s I don’t know
what to tell you and I don’t know what
what you can do about it well find
people who want to run with the better
message and support um I guess and are

they not in our district but they had to
pay more
what do you mean pay more they don’t pay
enough money for these people $76,000
every council member uh most places is

next to nothing like nothing in many
places volunteer work yeah well they’re
getting seventy six thousand dollars on

the next City Council Austin Texas yep
every single member I looked it up
because I wanted to see if it was worth
it it’s not we get beaten up okay it
maybe if I could do the podcast you

could do the podcast and be the city
council person unfortunately I know what
would happen you’d be bitching and
moaning so much it was the show the
podcast Austin City Council podcast
we’re not gonna do that

but I will support anyone who wants to
rouse this who we have here Garza I
think I’m gonna get some guy here so
here’s the news report on the city’s new
plans we’ve changed things a little bit

everybody we’re working together like a
team we want to update you on the city’s
plans for creating more homeless
shelters in Austin first there’s the new
shelter coming to South Austin off of

Ben White Boulevard the city approved
spending a little more than eight and a
half million dollars to buy an existing
26,000 square foot office building there
and to turn it into a shelter council

members are adamant that this will not
be a drop-in shelter like the arch but
this plan isn’t going over well with
some who live nearby the petition
against it has more than 5,700

signatures so far and the other shelter
is the Salvation Army the Salvation
Army’s new ARAG Gaber on tan hill lane
in East Austin it’s meant to house

families with children and even though
there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony for
it in June no one’s living there now The
Salvation Army still needs money and an
occupancy certificate from the city

before people can move in city leaders
have long said the way to fix
homelessness is to address affordable
housing needs
most recently the city approved buying
300 new affordable homes and

specifically 140 of those will be for
people who are homeless have
disabilities or have other critical
now I understand when you’re talking

about a pipeline of homelessness and
people who actually just fall off the
edge because of a medical situation or
something else and it can happen shoot
it could happen to me quite easily

although I of course I married to keep
or so you know be okay but four years
whew I made it four years living on the
edge you know it’s like what were the

donations be who knows you you missed
two shows and your D platforms or
something like that and then it becomes
a problem I understand that and I think
there’s probably a good reason to have

some temporary housing for people and
families to help him catch up so they
can figure it out but we’re talking
people who’ve been homeless unhoused
experiencing it for eight years nine
years twelve years they live they live

effectively outdoors and now they’re all
just coming in into the city hey we can
camp there why not it’s a lot closer to
everything is where I can get drugs if I
want them and I’d said it’s very very

sad and before you know it we’ll be like
Philadelphia help was on the way to deal
with the hepatitis A outbreak it began
with the Health Department declaring a
public emergency the emergency

declaration is really to call the health
care community to partner with us
rapidly to administer vaccine to as many
of these folks at risk as we can as soon
as possible to quell this outbreak since

January a hundred and fifty-four people
were diagnosed with hepatitis A compare
that to twenty one cases in all of 2018
officials wanted vaccinated those most
at risk drug users and people who are

homeless vaccinate them against
hepatitis A and protect them from
getting this so that we can stop this
outbreak in addition to the pop-up
clinics like this one this week in
Kensington to McPherson Park the city

will install hand-washing stations in
the next couple of weeks to help contain
this contagious virus the city also
intends to provide public toilets and
public facilities a great idea to keep

us safe and
for health and body skinny daddy don’t
send the body because it is slowed down
this emergency will stay intact until
the commissioner believes that it is

contained now a madman shooter is one
thing it’s definitely something to be
afraid of but this really scares me and
this is what we were predicting in San
Francisco they would just be floating

around everywhere now it seems to be
happening in Philadelphia
well there’s hepatitis A there is
cholera there’s a number of other
ailments that all come from transference

via poop mm-hmm and you have in Texas
I’d be more concerned there than
anywhere mainly because it’s when the
poop dries out and then becomes dust oh

we are it’s dusty here he will breathe
it and you’re breathing poop that’s
contaminated probably or maybe or maybe
not and the next thing you know you have

a real problem on your hands and there’s
nothing you’re gonna do about it
overnight what does hepatitis A duty to
you actually what what is there what
blows out your liver oh well I might
need that I mean what might need that I

might need my liver now is can you
because there’s a vaccination against it
apparently Cain is there a cure it’s

chronic oh you don’t get rid of it no I
don’t think so then geez hmm so on that
upbeat note how you doing you got

anything because that’s that’s
everything from Texas today we’re
shooting people we’ve got people camping
it’s beautiful well looks like the
pac-12 still sucks packed well uh

anybody else needs to know that little
piece of tidbit information
what’s a pac-12 yeah never mind it’s the
football league out here oh okay
college college football began okay well

there’s a mother I got some clips from
some interesting things we might at
least get the Hong Kong update out of
the way cuz there’s a new twist I
thought was very creative
cuz as you know in Hong Kong during

these riots the Hong Kong they’ve got
they got the umbrellas out this would
things bounce off the umbrella yeah yeah
they put a cone on top of the gas
canisters and then pour water on there’s

a bunch of things going on but this
little new one has got this load they’ve
this is I like this authorities banned
today’s March but tens of thousands of
demonstrators gathered at government
headquarters the protesters armed

themselves with makeshift weapons and
shields as they confronted police who
fired blue tinted water from cannons to
mark the protesters this weekend marks
the 13th week of unrest and falls on the
five-year anniversary of a decision by

China to limit democracy in the
semi-autonomous territory that
announcement launched a 79 day
occupation of Hong Kong streets by
pro-democracy demonstrators known as the
umbrella movement why did they you’d why

do they choose blue hot bright yellow or
bright blank wouldn’t you want something
good I don’t know what you would want
you have your spring Asians who have

brown skin and you want something to
show up on a brown skin maybe the blue
dye works I don’t know but I thought the
idea of shooting diet because this is

what those dye packs doing to bank
robbers yes you know you put a date to
dumb bank robbers they put a bunch of
money in a bag and put a dye pack in
there and then it explodes all over them

throws dye all over the ball over the
money I had a one of those bills once by
the way I mean it still you still take
cash for me but it’s or dial over the
money and then throws dye all over you

and it’s just stuff that doesn’t come
off for a month they have they do that
with clothing net tags as well now they
also have dye dye bombs things that they
unclip before you leave the store yeah

so if you try to hammer it yourself it
won’t it’ll hammer on you basically
and and it also ruins the garment so it
can’t be returned for cash which is

really the scam which is what most
people want to do I want to take it and
they want to return it I bet there’s a
very high percentage of women in in the
United States who frequently go to a
store buy an outfit wear it for the

evening keep the tag on and return
you kidding it’s almost every woman I
work with all the broadcasting people
I’ve ever worked with in the Bay Area

all of them do that all of them not one
or two there used to be a place across
from me vo that was up on the other side
the street up and over it was on the

corner it was some fancy dancy place and
everybody would go over there and they’d
grab a garment they really the height
they have tape they tape up to the old
tags and they were on the air they could

have expensed it what’s the problem
nobody expenses clothes either have a
dart unit was my company I would have
signed off on it

no you wouldn’t believe me if you were
signing off on the clothes you’re broke
how dishonest yeah they’d go over there

well aware of this
men don’t do this no men don’t do this
you don’t care but all the women do and

they they take they get a little piece
of tape they tag the thing up and they
go and they do its thing on the air you
know we had this a tech TV and we had a
lot a lot of women and they’ve all did

it one time they didn’t do it as much as
they did a meteo but they did it one
time or they all did it all of them and
they would go and they’d say that’s
really nice yeah I got it so so I think

I’m probably gonna take it back but I
was gonna keep it and they take his
stuff back is very common with a lot of
women especially that wasn’t working in
broadcasting and it’s not like I’m just

scandal oh well I just kind of noticed
this hmm interesting well this morning
just came back to Hong Kong there was

more chaos this is reporter just picked
up from this morning just to give us the
most recent news hundreds of protesters
gathered outside Hong Kong’s
International Airport on Sunday as
pro-democracy rallies showed no signs of

abating the demonstrators are determined
to carry on their campaign despite
increasingly violent calm
concessions with police and warnings
from Beijing dangerous everyone who’s
out here today is prepared to be

arrested dangerous isn’t an excuse you
shouldn’t ignore what’s happening
because we think it’s dangerous and let
Hong Kong fall by disrupting air and
train services the protesters once again

focused international attention on their
he said the gathering was illegal and
warned of a dispersal operation
did you see the the footage of the of
the Train where the riot police are just

hammering on people they just wait for
the doors to open and go in and kick
their asses yeah those are trains from
China yeah I think these are all Chinese
from the mainland and meanwhile we’ve

got military buildup which Beijing says
it’s just regular rotation nothing to
see here they got tanks they got all
kinds of stuff rolling around in the
neighborhood I don’t know if they’ve

always been there but it seems like it’s
kind of being under played by the media
well we’ll find out soon enough to see
well they again it may go on to October
so they have their celebration then come

in and kick ass by the way I was
watching this was like a couple of weeks
ago and I’ve been trying to find it I
didn’t take good enough notes but there
was Christina Amanpour some PBS thing

where she interviews four or five people
yeah and her anxious way and they had
some Democrat on there who was talking
about the Chinese Hong Kong riots
claiming that they were they were

protesting Trump’s racism and I can’t
for the life of me find this clip oh but
I threw it out there anyway unproven so

anyway yeah anyway we’ll see I mean the
reporting is just all kind of the same

but it’s been spinning this way for a
while so I think it’s very important
what happens for Chinese man for tour
Hong Kongers yes the Hong Kongers is not
this constant it’s the Hong Kong

while you define everything of course
there’s other some other protests going
on there’s some dissent I get a PBS
report dissent in Russia Oh what was
this about in Moscow today thousands

March to protest rules that bar some
opposition candidates from running for
City Council marchers at the
unauthorized rally held up pro-democracy
signs and chanted quote Russia will be
free protests over the September 8th

election began in mid-july including a
permitted rally that attracted about
60,000 demonstrators the recent protests
over the city council vote are the
largest showing of dissent in Russia in

more than five years I can hear a lot of
talk where I’m reading a lot of talk
about you know Putin maybe on the outs
and how much longer can he hold on to it
we really don’t know a lot about how it
works in Russia know who’s really

running the media yeah orange man bad
yeah there were protests over the
weekend in Boston at the straight Pride

Parade which yeah this was kind of
interesting and I did get an email from
one of our producers who said do you
want I was there on the anti on the

counter protest do you want a report I’m
like yeah I say well yeah I still
haven’t received anything so I don’t
know what’s going on but I have two
reports one just before and one after a
post Pride report I just listen to how

this was set up and there’s an
interesting gaffe in this one to Emerson
students are moving in but tomorrow the
college warrants of a disruptive or even
dangerous event taking place on the

streets directly outside the street
Pride Parade it honestly just really
scares me I think a straight Pride
Parade is nothing but you know pride
masquerading as hate these so-called

what is wrong with these people
but she said instead of hate
masquerading as pride she says it’s
pride masquerading as hate and they lit

again and they left it in which is very
odd to me
Kelly outside the street Pride Parade
honestly just really scares me like I

think a straight Pride Parade is nothing
but you know pride masquerading as hate
what is that about I think it was just a
follow-up I kind of Miss heard it the

first time I heard that’s why I had to
play it again I think they were just
rushing the report out and they’ve been
in the Edit room and they just let that
one go by and nobody picked it up at any
level yeah which is really all conduct

concerns me more than anything
you got a banker reading it you got
somebody editing it you got a good eye
in the control room and nobody picks
this up do ya
the guy who smokes weed everyday picks

it up straight Pride Parade is nothing
but you know try masquerading is hey
these so-called street pride parade is
in response to Gay Pride events
John Hugo is one of the organizers

celebrating our own sexual agenda and
traditional American values they don’t
deserve our attention Arlene Isaacson
co-chairs the Massachusetts gay and
lesbian political caucus she stresses

straight people have not been
marginalized throughout history for
their sexuality so it’s silly to say
that they need a straight Pride Parade
when candidly straight pride takes place
365 days a year there is exactly the

problem and I understand that what these
people are trying to organize is
provocative and understand it’s kind of
like hey you know straight lives matter
too can’t just be all about the the

small marginalized groups but of course
it’s being it’s being interpreted as
like you’re Nazis of course crazy parade
begins at Copley Square and ends at City
Hall with speakers organizers have a

four-hour permits starting at noon
Boston Police are expecting more counter
demonstrators to the parade than actual
parade participants of course they go
out and they talk to these freshmen who

are just coming in to Emerson College
hey listen straight gay we’re all gonna
be on this stuff together I’m doing that
this guy because of the potential
volatility police are restricting
parking what people can bring and there

will be lots of officers Emerson College
has even canceled an event and
restricted access to certain buildings
students plan to use the dorms along the
route for their own message people were

talking about like hanging there gay
pride flags out the window which I’m all
for and
yeah we’re all against it so I just the
possibility that a whole bunch of

straight sis normal gender fluid and
fluid whatever people just want to have
a parade without you know having a just

have a parade because these days it’s
not it being a gay parade even the st.
Patrick’s Day parade has become kind of
a gait breaker there with all the gay

here comes two gays st. Patty’s Day
parade errs yeah I mean the last person
once to have a parade was Trump who
wanted a yeah before the July parade

what a tank for eiated you know there’s
this story which was a local news outlet
in Vermont this is the crazy University

of Vermont hate sticker story which is
permeating the East Coast along with the
with the straight parade stuff well to
be this is the most I was just jaw

dropped for me maybe I’m so out of time
much now I have to assume I’m completely
out of touch well class is back in
session at UVM but it’s not the
welcoming most students wanted just not

kind and now this campus stands for yet
again three hate speech stickers were
found posted in areas of campus this
time displaying messages like better
dead than red and Keep America American

I actually think that’s kind of scary
because this is a really diverse campus
police say the group responsible goes by
the Patriot Front which has been
recognized by the Southern Poverty Law

Center as a hate group the various
stickers pushes a message of white
nationalism it could be a dog whistle
this is no new issue this comes nearly a
year after similar stickers by the same

group were found on UVM’s campus and
just weeks after more stickers were
found posted in various areas of
Burlington UVM now working with
Burlington police and

with the FBI but for students this isn’t
the start to the semester they were
anticipating I don’t think any of the
faculty appreciate it I don’t think the
majority of the student body appreciate

UVM police hoping this will be the last
of a group looking to cause division
concern about a group like that being
involved here and its impact on our
community wait a minute so the only
thing I heard there was one of the

stickers said better dead than red and
that was the only one they mentioned was
there anything no there was two of them
they mentioned but one of them was
better dead than red which is really
scary yeah especially since it’s from

this girl and the other one is America
for Americans
whoo that’s scary scary they’re dead
grounded in hate although I don’t like

the name anything front you’re just a
dick you’re gonna name you guys the guys
do a hatred front there’s no proof of
any of anyone anybody’s putting the
sticker up could be a bunch of frat boys

we’ve ruined our children here’s the
better dead than red is an old piece
from the sixties commentaries 50s and
60s actually I think it came out of the

50s which was the sticker you know it’s
a bumper sticker because it was like an
anti-communist bumper sticker but no
anti-communism is now scary terror in
America for Americans is not terrorism

terrorism shut up scare what is wrong
with these kids well let’s listen to the
post pried straight Pride Parade and
most of these kids were arrested for

wave the American flags and dressed in
all types of costumes more than a
hundred people took part in the straight

Pride Parade in Boston participants most
of them Trump supporters marched from
Copley Square to City Hall voicing their
strong views on traditional American

values I don’t know I don’t know if they
interviewed all 100 of people but most
of them Trump supporters this is what
we’re doing now the media is connecting
Trump supporters to straight people to

Nazis it’s really it’s just numr you
left that way it may be it may be in the
rest of the report terribly sir that God

made one man and one woman they get
together procreate I can’t sit down in
my house no more and be quiet that I
need to stand up for my godly values if
the parade was met with even louder

protesters from the LGBTQ community and
NT foe
police with riot gear on bikes and in

armored cars were out in full force
along the parade route several
protesters were arrested the rally part
of this event has been delayed because

organizers say some of the special
guests who were scheduled to speak had
not been able to get through the
security checkpoints which makes these
protesters happy no major injuries were
reported more than a dozen people were

arrested straight people not welcome in
Boston straight people are not welcome
in Boston you heard it here first
now I talked to I talked to my local
Millenial about this kind of stuff I

actually went back to it was part of the
larger discussion about Dave Chappelle
about the show that we here that we
discussed on the last episode and I can
kind of boil it down to this you and I
John and I turned 55 on Tuesday I become

50 and I saw that is of course I’m twice
the age of the young college graduate I
don’t feel old but the basic takeaway is
I have not evolved this is truly it and

Dave Chappelle has not evolved he has
not evolved to the point where he
understands he just it’s not cool to

make jokes about someone’s sexuality of
course there’s a host of other things
but it’s something about you you’re
thinking that mine is not evolved and
therefore only an uninvolved person like

you which usually is then described as
an age issue
it’s ageism it’s always ageism and
you’re a little bit older than me but

for me it’s is very difficult right now
where on one hand I have to admit I
don’t really know what’s at the top of
the Billboard chart I don’t recognize
half of the people I saw in the video

music awards of course I mean I’m also
doing other things I’m not in that
business like I used to like I used to
but I don’t yeah and when you’re in the
business admitted it behooves you to

know all that stuff yeah yeah if you’re
not in that business why would you know
all that stuff
right but that but this is the complaint
you’re not evolved in your thinking so

I’m literally I’m not keeping up with
evolution and I and otherwise I would
never even think a joke like that was
funny and and and this is this is more
of this evolving and if you were keeping

up yeah if you were evolving then you’d
know how scary it is to see a little
sticker among three stairs on the campus
that says better dead than red so

there’s a couple other things in the
Nats evolution a couple other items gain
kind of news that pertain to this eric
mccormack who i like is an actor he’s

the he’s will on Will & Grace I’ve
always liked that show actively called
for a blacklist of supporters of
President Donald Trump in response to a
Hollywood Reporter story about the

Beverly Hills fundraiser the president’s
going to be attending next week and
here’s his tweet hey Hollywood Reporter
kindly report on everyone attending this
event so the rest of us can be clear
about who we don’t want to work with is

that the evolved thinking is that the is
that the evolved thinking is a version
of the McCarthy era where they had black
lists and numerous writers Hollywood’s

he in Hollywood in Hollywood this is
Hollywood turning on itself like like
once again only now it’s over Trump then
it was over the Russians it was not it

nothing to do with this country Russian
agents so it’s the same thing basically
well there’s that meanwhile the new Dior
ad had to be pulled because they clearly

are not evolved and they put Johnny Depp
it’s a good ad actually that’s although
Depp is kind of weird and he’s promoting

the new Parfum from Dr but the
commercial is him out you know like in a
western landscape he’s got
is a black guitar is out there playing
guitar he looks all kind of rowdy and

lower from where’s the power cord to
that guitar that let’s play like that
yeah he can do that but in the
background there’s that an American
Indian you know in full headdress

twirling around and that of course is
cultural appropriation so they had to
pull that I can’t believe they’re not
evolved on this stuff so stupid
who is evolved is Calvin Klein though

Calvin Klein is really trying to
relaunch and reinvent its brand with
plus-size models I speak my truth in my
hashtag Calvin’s uh this been pretty big

Plus models they’re showing in these ads
so they’ve literally gone from Kate Moss
looking anorexic to Marky Mark remember
a Mark Wahlberg he was the who did the

Calvin Klein’s and now it’s big
plus-size models and which is fine by me
not okay that’s also changed though what
what what is considered to be a

beautiful woman Lee shape has changed
these days women that I have met and
interact with which seems like kind of a
standard really want to look like Kim

Kardashian they want the skinny waist
the humungous but in the end the breasts
to match and I’m not evolved know to be
evolved you have to be a Kardashian fan

that’s basically it and yeah those
involved there you go
so these people are so media yeah you’re
right marketing and everything else that

they’re so proud of not being able to be
influenced by cuz oh no we do we’re
immune to advertising this the
Millennials as the other meanwhile they
want big giant butts out of the out of

the blue yeah and it’s kind of and the
the desired female shape has morphed
many times over the ages the rubenesque
a woman was considered the height of

sexiness and that changed that was in
the 1600s I think it’s more 17s but yeah
about a hundred years but yeah it’s

being involved it’s like they’re being
they’re being brainwashed into I don’t
know into into beyond me all I know is
when I heard that girl from the

University student said it’s so scary
about a sticker that says better dead
than red which refers to being a
communist mm-hmm and that’s scary

and she’s upset about it and they don’t
know what to do she’s beside herself
this is this is it’s gone way too far
it’s everywhere though and it’s

propagated through podcast John I’ve
created a monster it just keeps on going
yeah podcasts aren’t helping I have to
call back though your idea of it’s the

homelessness experience in Disneyland
this is an exit strategy I think we
could create this ride
now do you sit in the ride or do you I

think you should also experience for a
brief moment you stepping in human feces
home is always stepping in human feces I
guess some of that are really down and

out staggering down the street all lean
to the right is the ride are you going
to actually experience it like so is it
right is it I think the most enjoyable

Disney rides are in a cart you know and
you got your music going on you’re like
yes but well okay there’s two ways of
going about this I’m a huge connoisseur
of these things here we go

there’s one is you’re in the little car
two little car or little thing and it’s
going through a homeless encampment and
people are all animatronic that’s like
Pirates of the Caribbean yeah exactly

like Pirates of the Caribbean only
you’re not in you may be it could be you
know in a kind of a river of pee you
know if you ended kind of stinky pee
that would be okay but I think generally
speaking be better on

and you go through these things and you
can see all these different people and
then they have you know people do you
have you go through the section with us
a bunch of politicians trying to come up
with good solutions and they finally we
just need more housing you come out you

come out the other end of it and you
feel real good about yourself and you
now you understand you understand now
you have evolved the other way to go put
you where some VR glasses or you’re in a

VR situation do you experience the whole
thing only now it’s even more realistic
not because it’s not animatronics it’s
not pi it’s not dummies and things like
Pirates of the Caribbean is the actual

videos that you’re seeing is surrounded
by the real extension fills in light and
fans blowing just the smell of crap
they’re fake yo and you go through the

whole thing and you’re come out the
other and pretty much with the same
message but it’s just a cheaper way to
do the ride maintenance I personally
like the Pirates of the Caribbean

version I like that a little better I
always like those rides better than the
ones that are because you go through you
know City Hall where the councilmembers
are also in there pontificating they you

could do know it here’s Los Angeles and
here’s Austin you could have a couple
show some differences oh yeah right yeah
you good you could take the car through

one place or another and there’s you
know guys begging for money in different
ways along the ride people keep coming
up to your cart skate for money yeah
we’re going to hell for this but but I

am actively actively working on this
problem in Austin I’m meeting the CEO of
community first village not that next
month Monday after next and I’m gonna

interview him maybe we’ll pull something
out for the show so he’s doing something
that’s working so I’m interested in that
we could incorporate them into the ride
yeah I’ll pitch him and with that it’s
time for me to thank you for your

courage and say in the morning to you
the man who put the C in the comi Red
John see
Paul Raque well in the morning you mr.
Adam girl so in the morning of feet on
the grounds feet in the air subs in the

wor substantive water subs in the water
dames and nights out there and in the
morning to the trolls in the troll room
which you can find that no agenda stream
comm now this is an interesting place
because it’s not just where you can

listen to us stream live and troll me in
real time in the chat room which we
affectionately call the troll room
there’s many shows right after our show
is done people discover shows this way
they’ll stick around listen to what’s

coming up next and then before you know
it you’re kind of listening all the
times you can drop into this no agenda
stream comm 24 hours a day
sample a new show listen to it interact
with people and then obviously you can

subscribe to them or keep listening it
is a fun place to be certainly if you
live under a bridge and I’d also like to
say in the morning to the artist who
brought us the artwork for episode 11 68

he’s no secret to you he’s Darren
O’Neill is this a hat trick for Darren
has he done it again is it now three in
a row it’s possible he brought us a
great take off of the eighteen to eight

this is the let kids
canden avian kids vote at eight years
old so he had these it was really good
was we can a mote let us vote and handle

these kids and he dressed them up and
was a Che Guevara t-shirt I was really
quite disturbing but a beautiful piece

it was disturbing we see the three in a
row let me see who did 66 oops I have a
feeling he had three in a row didn’t he

no Mike Riley had okay so he’s had two
in a row he could go for the hat trick
for today
by the title of the show was he’s
listening he might be on me you know
today is a holiday weekend there’s a lot
of people aren’t in the United States

yes this is true well there are 80
percent of our audiences in the United
States yeah but I like to talk to like
like I’m talking to the whole world I’d
be talking to the whole world I’m just
saying we have a lot of

people United say so when they when the
numbers go down it’s because of the
United States well it is any place that
Europe should be stepping it up yeah we
wish well this is highly appreciated

from Darren he’s always always doing
work for us one place or the other if
he’s not doing priests dreams he’s

working with voids Iran the back end
with Ben Rose the God knows these guys
do all kinds of stuff he also I think he
did the pre-show for today’s program
actually and it’s part of our value for

value system you know you can help us
out a lot just provide some value this
is a great way and we love the artwork
we love you know jingles all kinds of

things that people contribute and we
also really appreciate people who feel
that their way to contribute is through
a financial donation just like Hollywood
we want to thank them we give them

credits up at the front of the program
here are our executive and associate
executive producers for today’s program
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scampi I saw that yeah vote Trump
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the 404 error page and it’s a specially

constructed page that says oops
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White House next to some American flags
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buzz killing Trump apologizing
bug-eating dimension straddling antics
and being on a $4 per week subscription
for the majority of that time plus a few

larger donations thrown in for good
I can finally stake my claim to a seat
at the No Agenda Roundtable I would like
to be known as Sir Beatty Dark Knight of

the morphogenetic field
morpho genetic field Dark Knight of the
Morpho genetic field is that on there I
think it is I believe so I think I saw

that coming earlier today the first
thing I’d like to ask for is a major
shot of Mental Health karma from my twin
brother Patrick he has a rare disorder
called H PPD hallucinogen persisting

perception disorder it’s that’s
interesting well it’s a mental illness
as caused primarily by using
hallucinogenic drugs like LSD I’ve heard
of this we still like I said like a

flashback is that basic is a like a funk
for night where you have flashbacks
constant oh geez
the symptoms are pretty straightforward
constantly experiencing visual
distortions and patterns similar to the

can you experience while on LSD long
after you stop using the drug it can
cause an unbelievably painful chronic
head pressure which is far worse than
any migraine according to my brother

he’s a twin hmm unfortunately this
condition has led to my brother being
hospitalized twice in the last six
months there are medications that can
mute the symptoms but there is no known

cure if I know agender producers out
there have experience with it or
suggestions on how to deal with it I’d
really appreciate hearing from you email
h PPD info h PPD info @ on a

higher note you can proceed the mental
health karma with a mac and cheese i
love bugs and the foamer clip adam my

brother and i share a birthday with you
September 3rd my mom Karen’s birthday
September 7th and my friend
Griff’s birthday is September 11th he
hit me in the mouth three years ago so

happy birthday to all of the above thank
you for your courage Wow Brendan soon to
be sir bTW what a story and I have a
feeling that there’s a large section of

her audience that will have some ideas
as I see what’s handed to me sometimes
in envelopes at meetups s I think people
know what’s going on but this doesn’t

this sounds I mean I’ve heard of LSD
flashbacks but to have them like
continuously what that’s a true
nightmare yeah have you ever dropped
acid John back in the day

dropped it what would I drop it come on
man isn’t that how you do a lid did you
lick a lid did you drop some ace and
some dropped I dropped it in the river
have you ever experienced like I’m not

saying for insurance purposes
like mac and cheese by Iran Nicolette
Nicolette Biggs follows from Plant City

Florida two hundred dollars and thirty
three centers and she writes this is my
first time donating so I believe that
calls for a deduced the man who punched

me in the mouth are like half my
donation that go towards Sam Garcia’s
knighthood I love what you guys are

doing and the community that follows oh
thank you Nicolette and how sweet of you
to do that frame yes I keep track of it
yourself cuz weird that’s how it works
here Christopher Cottington and kahlúa

Kona Hawaii Hawaii you’re welcome
Thank You major baby surgery karma works
Emmett Paul cutting ttan turns one

tomorrow August thirtieth he’s not in
the birthday list I think we should put
him on ok I show of him there and he’s
doing great a few shows ago a producer

needed some Karma for his new human
resource that is on the NICU and I
wanted to send a note of encouragement
and it was born with Pierre Robin
sequence in our small Hospital here in

Kona within six hours he and I were
medevac medevac to Honolulu
he was then on life support waiting for
an insurance big wigs to approve a

transfer what this yeah yeah yeah I know
exactly what this is typical yeah you
know this is worse than government yeah
anyway what he is worse than government
cuz the profit motive he needed what he

needed couldn’t be done in Hawaii thank
God for the Ronald McDonald House Judd
hillside Road on judge hillside
and the keeper indeed as a keeper for
all she does the doctors here wanted to

send him home with a lifetime of feeding
tubes and life support in his future
fortunately being builders on the
luxurious Kona Coast my father and I
knew some folks with real pull calls

were made then jackpot meta meta meta
what do you think this is medevacked
medevacked okay so he’s medevacked again
I can medevac halfway across the Pacific

to UCSF best Hospital on the west coast
Benioff Children’s Hospital Mission Bay
thank God what an amazing place well in
San Francisco we’re how is it taken care
of by the Family House Charities great

people then jcd got our boss our box
adam don’t worry yours was on the way
karma Oh what box did you get a box okay
thanks Emmett got his karma and then he

got his surgery not only that that but
buzzkill even noticed what a babe my
wife is was really lifted her up during
the tough time ever since Adam read my

boots-on-the-ground family report about
the bunk the bunk missile all the
bullshit miss alert yeah I knew this no

agenda thing was a huge was a huge
family the last year really proved it
having listened since I heard Adam on
Infowars thank you sir
Lucifer Lucifer hmm may I humbly ask for

addy douching for I forgot to ask for my
first donation and give him that now
would would love these jingles Putin

don’t worry be happy
it’s true and a plain goat karma finally
a huge health karma to all those in need
young and old this shit works Mahalo

Kris it’s true and then all of these
services like certainly Ronald McDonald
House is really fantastic no matter if
and this is great thing about it rich

poor doesn’t matter they’ll take you in
of course you know they would like you
to support them when you leave if you
but they do great work keeping families
close you’ve got uh Cal Parker $200 have
a good list to add to say yes cute

gentlemen great shows as always I’m
going to through some shit and would
really use some karma wrapped up in a
goat please those goats have always put
a smile on my face keep up the

outstanding now finally last but not
least is Dame foreign lady before from

dackel up Georgia comes with tune of us
and she wrote a note and I have to make
a comment about the assumptions God’s
long note I’m not gonna probably read

most of it she says she has a note on
the note a little post-it note I tried
to write big to help you read my writing

the size is not the issue this is the
writing big big giant letters I’m not
like ninety but this is like people who
go to Europe and they think that you

will understand English if they shout at
you yes it doesn’t work people do not
understand English if you shout at them

louder or softer or whatever you do so
writing big isn’t the problem she has a
nice hand but it’s a little bit I don’t
know if it’s old-fashioned but she has a

lot of usages that it you don’t see what
you see like it’s like trying to read if
you know there’s different kinds of
longhand as people don’t realize and
when you you learn difference
different theories of it I forgot the

one that America is normally used but
it’s definitely not the same when the
French used for example hold on I think
your mic is coming undone I could I
could hear it is it did it fall off the

stand or did you fall off I got a wire I
got a wire twisted around my foot and
moving my foot it pulled the gear down
to the floor so I put it back okay I’ll

try to be more careful yes anyway I did
so the French I can’t remember somebody
in this chat room may know what it’s
our form of longhand but the French form
is so ailing is impossible for an

American yes our form is a cursive no
versus a name if somebody’s name I can
almost had it today

Nestle answer a penis little house with
a great pleasure I enclosed my donation
of 200 bucks in hopes of my 71st
birthday okay this is a very old form of

longhand which is not used by anybody
Paul Palmer method mom er yes thank you
the Palmer may be the newer version of

what she’s writing okay um so she’s 71
she needs to be on the birthday list
this is you got her name there her
actual names she doesn’t see say she

wants to be anonymous but it’s Susan you
could say Susan
what is she already on the list no she
why would she be that reading this note
now yet nobody knows about this but it’s

oh sorry it’s just Susan yeah Susan well
you can use for your dog okay
Dame for in alright ding ling for and B
for I know that part how old is she

71 and what what day so second tomorrow
okay got it she’s on the list as I began
my 70 second trip around the globe some
the Sun the Sun the Sun the Sun I wish

all got better this curse of reading
from distance than you are
well okay I’m gonna I can take a picture
this is an S and then it looks like an

eye and then it looks like an e and then
it looks like an M Spencerian no Sun no
no I’m all to know just as this was the
best for their for their something I was

delighted to have had the pleasure of
meeting Adam Oh
at the London meetup in June Oh with the
other Dame’s nice I truly was delighted

together she was did in London sadly the
adventurer lives in Georgia
sadly my attendance was cut short as my
grandchildren needed to get yes I
remember her cranky no this I remember

her very well fantastic lady her
grandkids are all with her and they’re
going like grandma has lost the effing
plot what are we doing who are these

people who’s that guy with the
Tourette’s I mean they had no idea like
they were tripping they’re like mmm
grandma we think we need to take you
home because these people don’t seem

very safe it was hilarious she says
their daughter’s day where they were
they got out of their my usual

impairment is due to Big Pharma drugs
specifically plaque us plaque missile or
something which caused my blindness I
listen to your show on both Thursdays

and after often hit people in the mouth
myself okay this is finally the best
paid best pad best something you know
that’s the best podcast in the universe

play me the jingles karma and I’m
specifically struggling to support my
disability disabled daughter while

writing for her writing for her too she
can be approved by Social Security and
let me tell you let me tell you this I

happen to know that is
this the social services if you have a
child that actually has something and
this child is white you’ve got big

problems it’s not easy to get any of the
right forms to be on any kind of
services for these children I’ve seen it
time and time again it’s infuriating
people camping out your neighbors but

this kid screw him it’s very hard this
is that there’s something that well
there’s a lot of things messed up but I
I feel her pain in that regard I have
some close experience with that it’s sad
the paper sheet okay well she wraps it

up and says that she wasn’t sure how she
should go to attend another if there’s
another meet-up in Georgia as long as
it’s outside of Atlanta and she wants to
go to Duluth Duluth heh I guess Duluth

Georgia that’s where she lives
I’m guessing yes that’s where she lives
anyway thank you for both for all you do
for so many around the world
and don’t forget Canada’s federal

elections in October and that was no
jingles no car my apparently give her a
go give her a caramel she needs a car
you’ve got karma great note I will say
there is these different longhand

theories cursive as they like to call it
and if anyone gets the chance or if
anybody’s on listens to the today
anybody’s French and writes in that old

fashioned French longhand you’ve got to
check it out if you haven’t I used to
correspond with a lot of different
wineries and you’d get this writing and
be like holy crap I can’t read this can
you tell someone’s personality from the

way they write cursive theoretically
maybe yeah I mean they say you can’t I
just got another notice they want to
reboot my computer no no let me well
you’re trying to stop that let me thank

these executive producers and associate
executive producers for supporting
episode 1169 of your podcast we call –
no agenda show according to the model
report it is the best podcast in the

universe because it’s yours you support
you really put it together we’re just
the conduits okay we come with some
experience on how to do that but this
system has been working it’s been

working relatively well for all involved
and in our second donation segment today
on the show we’re talking a little bit
about some of the meetups that are
taking place and how important those are

in this fantastic experiment we call the
No Agenda show so again thank you these
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executive producers and you can be one
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weird people in the mouth

yes this is fucked up

I have you know what I have I have
lovely British accent oh I don’t have a

lazy British accent but all I have is a
reason to open the gates why did we
start using that Climategate jingle can

you recall just at least eight years ago
Missy is an oldie yeah out of her first
yeah let me see if I can just I’ll tell
you when it was it was during that

Climategate era right I’m just looking
to see if I’ve uh and I don’t have a
time stamp on this so that jingle has
got to be from 2008-2009 if you recall
there was a lawsuit yeah this is great I

should have got a clip on this well I
have I have a couple Clips good yes so
Michael Mann is the quote-unquote
inventor of the hockey stick graph of

the the graph that shocked the world in
2001 that certainly helped Al Gore bring
his Inconvenient Truth movement the
board has made millions off of that

hockey stick yeah
and in the Climategate papers we were
able to see that there was fudging going
on which has since then been painted
over as you’re an idiot did your

conspiracy theory that didn’t happen we
didn’t do any of that this was all real
whereas they will go ahead I do want to
say this that when that happened that

Climategate operation which was in
England and they fucked if somebody some
hacker had unveiled all these emails
showing all these numbers aren’t working
out let’s just fudge them and they gave

Jimmy the numbers actually mark the
beginning of the end as far as I’m
concerned and I and things are really
not gun I mean they still talk a big
game and everybody’s on you know doing

their best but I think the movement is
except for the radical left and lefties
in the and the dummies and the people
that are scared of stickers their

most people well I pay dr. dr. ball
stated publicly that Michael Mann was
full of crap

and that his hockey stick is fraudulent
to which Michael Mann sued dr. ball for
so the story we receive which you will

not hear a lot about I think in the
mainstream m5m because it does not move
their agenda it kind of broke the whole
idea of this global warming propaganda

to bits and the judge dismissed the
lawsuit with prejudice and told Michael
Mann that he has to pay court costs and

other costs to dr. ball for this bogit
of lawsuit that he that he had saddled
saddled up had teed up lined up so it
wasn’t the the guy it wasn’t dr. ball

saying hey I don’t believe you and suing
him no it was Michael man himself who
put this hockey stick in the first IPCC
report he sued today I’m defending my

honor so let’s get some details exactly
on what went down I have a three parter
here and we start with now this was the
Danielle Smith podcast if you want

anything good these days you can barely
get it from m5m certainly not on on this
topic so this is the very dr. ball who
was sued and won against Michael man who
sued him for slander and this is kind of

the the intro let me tell you I just
want to read out what Michael Mann’s
response to to the initial reporting was
he said there have been some wildly
untruthful claims about the recent
dismissal of libel litigation against

Tim Paul circulating on social media
here’s our statement the defendant ball
did not win the case the Court did not
find that any of Balls defenses were
valid the court did not find that any of
my claims were not valid the dismissal

involved the alleged exercise of a
discretion on the court to dismiss a
lawsuit for delay I have an absolute
right of appeal my lawyers will be
reviewing the judgment we will make a
decision within 30 days

the provision in the court’s order
relating to cost does not mean that I
will pay dolls legal fees this ruling
absolutely does not involve any finding
that balls allegations were correct in
fact or amounted to legitimate comment

in making his application based on delay
ball effectively told the world he did
not want a verdict on the real issues of
the lawsuit so that’s his comment what’s
your counter comment about well the
counter comment is that I did want it

he’s the one we had at court time
scheduled for February 20th of 2017 we
were scheduled to be in court he
cancelled it he delayed it not me
and so he’s the one that’s persistently

delayed it and he’s had a that that was
almost 9 years to produce his evidence
and he hasn’t done it and the court
ruling in the dismissal said that he
made all sorts of claims and provided no

evidence to support his claims so what
do you think Oprah Tver is the complete
opposite of the facts so it’s important
to hear how it’s going to be spun in the

media but it seems kind of like our
doctor ball is the hero of this and and
he came out on top so here’s the
background well it was a combination of
both of those see the comment about

being in Penn State is what he’s listed
in his defamation suit saying that by
coholan did I get the right one saying
that he should be in state pen I was

implying that he was a criminal and of
course actually I do think he’s a
criminal and the reason I’d say that is
because Michael Mann was the guy that

literally rewrote climate history you
see one of the problems that these
people that have pushed human-caused
global warming all along has been that
people like me who knew what the climate

history was said hey you know a thousand
years ago it was much warmer than today
in a period called the Medieval Warm
Period and there was there was no
possible way that that could have been

created by humans this was a natural
cycle and so and and there’s actually I
have an email from my professor Deming

and she and he said I wrote an article
that was questioning the the hockey
stick and he said like I got an email
from one of the perpetrators of it
saying you know we’ve got to get rid of

that Medieval Warm Period in other words
we’ve got to rewrite the history and
that’s exactly what they did is your
microphone reattached like sound like
you were messing with it is it working

I’m good okay I’m just I’d heard a lot
of here’s the final clip of this so what
he did was he took the modern

instrumental temperature record and
grafted it on to the end of the sounds
like you’re saying he cherry picked a
particular tree sample that gave him the
data that he wanted for the early part

of the record and then used the latest
temperature data grafted on to create
this this this huge spike yep the thing
is when you look at that blade that

sudden upturn in temperature that he has
as the blade of his hockey stick
it’s the accuracy of it is plus or minus
33% okay so how did this the iconic
graph that everybody referred to and

that has driven so much of the climate
discussion because these people were
being paid and worked at the United
Nations Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change and that their goal was

to show that humans were causing global
warming and climate change and therefore
they created the data that justified
that and a person hockey stick until
these humans and their industry appeared

in the 1880s the temperature was going
down slightly and was almost level and
then all suddenly both there it is
that’s proof that humans are the cause
that’s the whole objective of what

everything they’ve done climate change
is real which guide the doctor dr. ball
who’s talking yes of course it’s not

gonna book him course not you got to go
to buy book wait book him you got to go
to podcast to get some real information
these things
believable these nobody wants to take

you it seems like a perfectly good thing
to talk about seeing as you know this is
a lot of the the genesis of the hysteria
that we’re in now I mean if that’s being

questioned you should at least report on
it but no which is why if you read the
whole thing you’ll see multiple times in
the Muller report that no agenda is the

best podcast in the universe yes by yes
by omission meanwhile of course you have
this durian coming down the coast okay

and does anyone see the the joke in this

that all their computer models and we’re
all gonna die in 12 years it’s even
terrorizing children sorry I can’t
resist if we don’t do anything now in 24

and 2014 and it will be the first year

with no ice in our tech yeah
all gonna die you know in the Arctic and
no ice in the Arctic yeah well here’s
the Dorian report so we get a little

clue what’s going on it’s keep people in
the wet and the east coast of satisfied
forecasters now say hurricane Dorian may
head north and east in the next few days
skirting along the coast of Florida
where warnings are still in place and

heading toward Coastal Georgia in the
the hurricane is now a category 4 and is
projected to hit the northwestern
Bahamas sometime in the next 24 hours
with winds approaching a hundred and 50

miles per hour
Florida is still in Dorian’s potential
path and it may bring strong winds and
life threatening storm surge to Georgia
and South Carolina early next week but
before the hurricane reaches the US

mainland it is forecast to slow down and
drop as much as 4 feet of rain over the
Bahamas this weekend the prime minister
there urged residents in the storm’s
path to evacuate yeah so they don’t know

which direction that’s going this is a
very slow mover though which is kind of
like Hugo which is relatively new in the
hurricane development world well that’s
what they’re telling us I’m not sure

that’s true oh yeah of course who the
hell knows
there is now at Miami I guess it’s not
gonna it seems like they’re safe now
Miami’s gonna be fine well they were
scrambling to get all the scooters

rounded up Wow you know I think it’s or
NATO and those scooters would be a bad
mix can you imagine a tornado which has
more sucking power because this is the

concentrated going over some little town
like let’s say any town that’s got a
bunch of scooters Austin sucking all the
scooters up into the air and then
throwing scooters all over the place
it’s scooter NATO

scooter NATO yeah but you don’t think
about those things
well we just did hey if it came by
Austin you’d have scooters flying

through the air and people experiencing
homelessness poop and tents we’re going
downhill pretty quick on this one Nate
oh yeah I just wanted to mention one

thing a report came through over the
weekend from the Netherlands just
staying on green new deal climate change

now what have we been looking at with
the Netherlands specifically they are
really trying to get rid of natural gas
no more homes being built with gas so if
you want to heat your home if you want
hot water anything and no gas you want

to cook your Roux and it’s gonna all
going to be electric so they’ve been
pushing this for a while that a big push
on electric vehicles the Tesla’s were
heavily heavily subsidized I don’t know

how many Tesla’s there are in the
Netherlands but it’s quite a bit all the
cabs now is the airport egg see all the
cabs at the airport are Tesla’s but
people have also been put into small
electric vehicles and they enjoy them

and I and especially for a country like
the Netherlands relatively small you can
actually get from one side of the
country to the other on one full charge
you’d have to charge before you go back
but anyway it’s there electrifying their

society with the recent it’s not really
a heatwave but it’s been pretty hot so I
think that has something to do with it

the network the elect the electricity
the grid in the Netherlands is at if not
a little bit over capacity they cannot
handle the demand they have the supply

the actual grid can’t handle the amount
of people who now are cooking with
electricity charging with electricity
they’re not heating right now just

imagine what its gonna be like in the
winter so they had they the grid can’t
handle it what do you do in that case
what do you do when when the grid can’t
realize that you’re stupid yeah did

nothing wrong with gas did anyone think
to check and see if all this I like
added electrical capacity if that would
I’m sure I am absolutely convinced that

one engineer at the electric one
probably a half dozen tall had the math
and they showed the mess and you know we
really can’t do this shut up we’re gonna
do it anyway

because that’s what mathematicians and
engineers do all day they work on
problems like you just said and they
come up with with mathematical solutions
real engineering and mathematical

solutions and they
sent them in reports and it says no and
they send they say well okay well we’ll
do it anyway that’s what I’ve actually
convinced of that hmm well it seems to
be a problem it looks like the

Netherlands is going to be ground zero
of the problem so it’s a good
experimental area yes it’s always good
to mess with seventeen million people
who cares well they have robotic chicken
processing there in that country yes

they do beyond the bird world class yeah
I get this lecture when I get my tour of
the Netherlands from that doesn’t sound

that doesn’t sound green nobody said it
was green huh yeah there’s this big
giant chicken packer that we’re going by
there’s a bunch of trucks coming are
these huge monstrous trucks the chicken
yeah he says and those factories are all

robotic I said what why this is because
we can’t get Mexican workers here so we
dreaming up all these robots to do the

job so novus cheaper or more expensive I
would guess it’s more expensive but I’m
not sure that’s what he said yes and I’m
sorry I brought it up let’s talk a
little bit about about Biden okay first

of all I do have they got one
deconstruction of the major Biden gaffe
and then another Biden guess and I have
Brooks and shields but mostly Brooks
talking about a couple of items that I

think are worth discussing so let’s let
let me do it this way let’s play Brooks
Trump is losing it on PBS you look back
on the g7 again the meeting in France

last weekend and it was more
characterized by tension that he had
with other world leaders than by any
sense that anything was getting done
yeah it’s just sort of part of further

course for g7 summits but I think what
struck me of this week was how the
debate change around Donald Trump
there’s been whispering is he mentally
not as fit as he was our impairments
rising that somehow seemed to rise and

now become public conversation when he
said his father was born in Germany when
your father’s born in the Bronx that’s
not something you normally get wrong
that his wife is good friends with the
North Dakota North Korean leader when

she’d never met him
and they’re just a lot of things coming
out of his mouth and this has always
been a case but the the verbal patterns
the psychiatrist are not allowed to
judge people they haven’t met but

there’s certainly a lot of people out
there raising a lot of red flags so that
to me among the tumult of the political
tumult of the g7 the psychological
tumult is almost one of the key
takeaways you know just on that one

point about what Trump said that the
first lady had had met Kim jong-un also
liked him because I saw that whole
speech and I didn’t think much of it I’m

like no that’s interesting I didn’t know
that she met him that’s not impossible I
guess why what is that because to me the
way he said it on stage and the fact

that it was a blatant lie it’s it’s
pathological it I hate to say it cuz I
still love the guy but it sounds like
something Ron bloom would say not that
any that means anything to anybody but

you and I but we know someone who is
like this yeah what is that I mean why
the why did what is going on with that
that’s a pathological liar there’s a
bunch of them out there they’re crawling

all over the place I’m always skeptical
of them I’m very I always try to avoid
them but the thing about this is just
piling on and it’s Jenny he’s and yeah
it was a stupid thing to say but this

think about his dad being born in
Germany is not new but we had a clip of
that that’s two years ago but I thought
while his heritage is it was his
grandfather born in China German this is

Jonny family yeah
the drums the drums yeah so he’s brought
this up but then when he goes on and he
said then Brooks’s they turn it around

because then they bring in these bite
and gaps and I’m decided I’m gonna play
the bite in gaps in which which makes a
lot of sense because you know you got
here’s to you but you’re not David
Brooks who’s posing as a desert

Republican apologize oh I’m sorry I
should have known that harsh Democrat
yes what am I thinking so let’s listen
to the way he handles pretty much the
same kind of and I would say that Biden

is no different than Trump ease of he’s
also a pathological liar and he’s also
full of crap and but it’s different
apparently with him comparison here but

David this week there was attention to
to Joe Biden in in because he’s been
telling a story about meetings he had
with with us American veterans who were

fighting in Iraq or Afghanistan and
telling a very emotional compelling
stories about pinning a medal on them
you know and and how one was you know
retrieved a buddy from a burning vehicle

and another one rappel down a down a
cliff and so forth but it turns out
these are different things that happen
jumbled together with some you know
there’s been some are saying this should

this should be connected and compared to
the president others saying in no way oh
I think in no way I mean I mean Biden
may be aging and maybe that’s an issue I
think it’s legitimate issues for voters

to think about but he’s not mendacious
he’s not irresponsible he may embellish
a story to improve its dramatic effect
and he may be forgetting things
our memories are just much more fallible
than we think every memory expert will

tell you that and when you’re on the
campaign trail doing thousands events
traveling everywhere things get jostled
in your mind so it could be just the
normal jobs thing of campaign and for
some reason we’ve gotten into a pattern

where Biden gaffe is the story yeah
well the one he did that I think they’re
referring to here was pretty amazing I
mean it was like five Stewart five

stories put together it was great I have
this is the deconstructed one this is
the Biden story deconstructed it’s the
whole thing with as some commentary and
I think they did a pretty good job on it

but I want to go back with what Brooke
said you know oh he’s getting old and
maybe he’s making mistakes and maybe
he’s too busy with not as if Trump isn’t
and you know he makes these little
errors and it doesn’t mean anything and

you just swapped out the words Trump and
Biden on that those two pieces and flip
them back and forth you could see you
can do that just the opposite you could
say just the opposite is he’s trying

he’s just trying to lie to us so he can
make himself look better this story
about him giving the medals to the guys
make because Brooks did that thing goes
on longer and he says well but never

lies to make himself look better so does
Brian Williams at MSNBC so does Hillary

Clinton under fire I mean yeah and you
know what I do it myself sometimes but
I’m more disgusted by PBS allowing this
guy to continue with this two-faced kind

of approach to end news analysis this is
not helping anybody it’s just it’s just
Fanning the flames as far as I’m
concerned this listen to the long Biden
story deconstructed clip when you put

your money in the bank just sit there it
goes out in the world image what well
that’s a commercial you recorded it’s a
powerful story former Vice President Joe
Biden tells on the campaign trail

including just six days ago but
according to the Washington Post it’s
actually a story that’s made up of three
different events that Biden has
conflated into a single incident take a
listen I’ve been doing out of

Afghanistan and Iraq over 30 times I
pinned medals on Silver Stars on
soldiers up in the upper cone our Valley
in the middle of a firestorm the poor
guys have gone through

young Navy captain Navy Navy up in the
mountains and the cone our valley in
Afghanistan one of his buddies got shot
fell down a ravine about 60 feet
four-star general asked me whether I’d

go up into the fob now everybody got
concerned a vice president going up in
the middle of this but there were we can
lose the vice president can’t lose many
more of these kids not a joke no this

guy climbed down a ravine carried this
guy up on his back under fire and the
general wanted me to pin the Silver Star
on him I got up there and stand is that

God’s truth my word as a Biden my word
as a Biden okay and by the way for those
who are wondering fob is Forward

Operating Base and those are no joke to
get to so yes but his word is I think I
think I need to do that did you take
that cookie my word is a Biden I didn’t

know I should have clipped it out yeah I
got up there and stand this to God’s
truth my word as a Biden he stood his
attention I went to Penn oh my sister I
don’t want to damn thing do not turn it

on me sir please sir do not do that he
died he died
The Washington Post found that Biden was
a senator not the vice president when he
visited Kunar province Afghanistan in

2008 the service member honored in that
instance was an Army Specialist not a
Navy captain and Biden did not pin the
medal on him but did award the Bronze

Star to then staff sergeant Chad workman
in 2011 for his heroic actions in
Afghanistan Biden responded to the
Charleston Poston courier late this
afternoon saying quote I don’t

understand what they’re talking about
but the central point is it was
absolutely accurate what I said the
story was that he refused the medal
because the fella tried to save and
risked his life save saving died that’s

the beginning middle and end the rest of
you guys can take it and do what you
want with it
no brother Joe yes bad but my favorite
one though I know it’s a very short clip

but my favorite Biden a gaffe which is
another one of this just a flaw
which trump does too but this is my this
is my all-time favorite so far and these
kids who come and they end up doing well

they become Americans before a lot of
Americans become America no I’m serious
they get in school they they do well
they contribute to the community I swear
my word as a Biden Brooks was on TV you

know I’m writing my books I got to get
into the vibe of stuff and I’m watching
book TV to see you see what my fellow

authors are up to so Brooks is pushing a
new book a new Brooks book and I clipped
it for you because you’re always
bitching about Brooks and just I
understand he is a Republican right no

oh I thought he was a Republican he
pretends to be a Republican and he’s on
that thing to balance the Republican
Democrat but he’s not an act he’s not a

claim a proclaimed Republic’s far as I
know he’s not a registered Republican
and I believe once said he was a
registered Democrat well I got this clip
just for you I thought you’d get a kick

out of it so I hope you do so you spend
a lot of time on television talking
about politics and when you were writing
your column and you are writing and
still you were fairly critical of I
think was candidate Trump maybe it’s
President Trump I can’t remember you

were critical maybe both so what is your
view on the likelihood of President
Trump will get reelected
I am I have actually a cheerier view
than a lot of my Democratic friends I

think the guys at 40 percent and he’s
offended 60 percent I mean I take it
stupidly that’s not good and so I I’m
more I’m more optimistic that he will

lose than a lot of the Democrats I hang
around with when you write any critical
articles of him do you ever hear from
him does he ever call you and say I

don’t like that article or you know he’s
the tweet about me but I’ve never had
any contact that I’m very happy not to I
really don’t want to be in the same room
with a guy and so what is your view on

the likelihood the Democrats will retain
control the house or get control of the
Senate as I say well I think the
Democrats you know when we see that what

I think is a pretty big advantage of the
Democrats of course knowing the party of
the main question is I wonder how
they’re going to find a way to screw
this up
and and so I you know I if I were

advising the Democrats which I’m sure is
advice they’d love to get I would say
just go with the bland like the number
one job is to get Trump at office so

he’s a never Trump or that’s really what
he is he wouldn’t even go you wouldn’t
want to be in the same room with the guy
what kind of a reporter this is the this

is the kind of reporting and reporters
and columnist that we have at the
highest levels now they don’t want to be
in the same room with the guy these are
the New York Times yeah and these are

the same kind of people that say all
WikiLeaks they should be shut down
because heaven forbid they dig up stuff
that we can use a news story on you’re
just not evolve

apparently then that’s your problem no
not and we’re all by stickers I have a
multi-part I’d like to fit in before our
next break it’s about Big Pharma and
you’ll like it because it’s about

schooling in a public school and
homeschooling and this is from another
podcast and it may bring a couple of
things around that clearly Joe has some
mental issues certainly Trump has
behavioral issues you know this is

behavioral health and mental health week
on the no agenda show but what’s going
on with our kids and and this may also
kind of come round to some of these
school shootings what is really

happening with him so on the addiction
podcast which I don’t subscribe to one
of our producers sent this to me got
time codes they weren’t exactly what I
wanted but I was able to skirt around
and pull out some good clips they

interviewed barbi Rivera who is who was
a public school teacher for well 28
years ago and and she now runs she now

runs a private school which is really a
home school for a few kids in her in her
community but she starts off talking
about and this is 28 years ago about her

own son and this may ring may ring true
for a number of people who were
listening to the show right now 20
eight 29 years ago a certified teacher
told my first grader told me about my

first grader that he was mentally
handicapped and he needed to be drugged
and I was like I can’t believe that
that’s the solution no tutoring no extra

work nothing but they were already with
the list of medications that he should
go on now of course we know what this
medication is because we’ve talked about

it for at least 10 years ritalin is what
was the big thing 28 years ago your your
kid and it’s always the boys we need to
do something and here’s her take our

lady into first grade the certified
establishment taught my son that he was
stupid and my son at the time I mean
he’s bilingual I don’t speak two

languages my son spoke two languages
fluently he could go anywhere with
anybody he never had a meltdown in the
grocery store he did his chores it was
like a perfect little boy who used to

run around in a cape and he’s going to
grow up to be a superhero fire fighter
and on and on with that kid on drugs
just what I think a little boy that’s
what you expect of a little boy exactly

and then he was just shut down and it
was interesting because I looked at him
and I’m like oh my god if I don’t do
something he’s gonna be on drugs when

he’s 13 14 15 like I saw it because I
have betrayed my son I sent him to a
place that I did great with I did great

in public school a hundred years ago
yeah me too you know I did the teachers
love me there was no drugging there was
no homework when you’re in kindergarten
none of that nonsense but my son had a
different experience so I took him out

of school and it took me two years to
get my son back
and not that he was taken away from her
but just to have him detox from the
Ritalin so she starts her own private

school home school and she has kids
coming to her from the community listen
to what happened to them now I’ve been
doing this for 28 years my home school
is now an accredited private school in

Florida small but we’re out there and
the majority of the kids in my school
have been on ritalin prozac adderall
Intuniv and I’m talking I have spoken to

children who are five who have been on
Prozac for two and a half years of their
lives Prozac what are we doing with a
two and a half year old like what are we

doing and you can see it like when a
five year old comes into my office I
mean my name is Barbie so I have a
Barbie doll in my office the normal
five-year-old wants the toys the

stickers all of these things and when
you have a five-year-old who comes in
that has theirs note there’s a shell of
a body I
what medication Oh how can you tell I’m
like how can you not I mean that’s five

year old on Prozac no that’s pretty
that’s pretty bad but they started at
two and a half which i think is they

should just make it illegal the drug
contraindications on the package you’re
not supposed to give this any of this
stuff to anyone under 18 so here’s the
kicker so she so what happens when she’s

running this little school and the drug
companies are interested in her children
this to me was I mean I’ve heard this

happening with doctors but educators now
that I have a private school I am on the
list of the drug companies right in
every year once to three times a year

they come to my school now I’m gonna
call somebody out which could get me in
trouble but Florida International
University is a University about 20
minutes away from my school they are

funded thirty two million dollars on
several different drug studies on
children thirty
two million when Intuniv was on the
market FIU was doing a drug study

because before the drug can go public
they have to do drug studies so where
they need kids so they go to the
daycares the private schools the charter
schools the after-school programs the

public schools and they come with their
little briefcases and they come with
their brochures and I think it was 2007
I could be wrong on the date but it was
around then that Intuniv was coming out

and there was three levels of
participation for this drug study
offered to me the principal the first
level was for every name address and
phone number I submitted to the drug

study I would get $100 cash the cash
could be to me personally because I own
the school or to the school because
let’s face it Barbara you’re in a
shopping center it’s small and it’s ugly

quote quote so we’ll give you $100 for
every student well for every name
address not students every name like if
I have your address I submitted I get

$100 the second level of participation
was if I fill out a new staff checklist
yeah I’ve talked about this before this
is the mailing list this is the value of

a name yeah it just varies from ten to a
hundred dollars
wait for it address I submitted I get a
hundred dollars the second level of

participation was if I fill out on
mental health checklist on the children
and there was about 57
stipulations can’t cut with scissors
three years old can’t cut with scissors

Mike I don’t give my thirty
five-year-old scissors in my house come
on I’m kidding
my son Damon is gonna murder me right
anyway so if I do a mental health
checklist on my students and turn it in

I get $500 per mental health checklist
if I sit with you and I get you to put
your son your daughter or your
grandchild on this drug I get $5,000 per

this is unbelievable nice five Hey exit
strategy that’s what I’m saying

everybody yeah earlier in here load
discussion she talked about compulsory
homework in kindergarten I think that’s

the norm yeah I think I’ve heard once
yeah I’ve heard of this sure that is
insane more insane than from getting
paid $5,000 for darking a kid 5,000

bucks a pop yeah that’s a lot of money
do you have 200 students there’s a
million dollars wait a minute so can’t
we get I mean we have 2,000 students

sorry how many new people do we have on
the No Agenda mailing list like we have
it’s not that huge eighteen thousand
eighteen and nineteen thousand how many

of those have kids that are eligible for
a program okay
can we like send out forms and have them
just sign it and send it back and then
we’ll split the difference with our

producers these people had never
listened to the show they’d be glad to
do it but oh my goodness we’ve actually
but we’ve we’ve cleared the deal this
should be outlawed how can this take

I find that disturbing I didn’t I know
they pushing on doctors and give them
all kinds of incentives but school

teachers principals how many principals
are on the take huh probably uh I think
this needs to be investigated this is
this is really a problem and yeah the

same problem that was caused by these
pharma companies that were pushing a
heroine or oxycontin yes actually I same
thing I actually have a clip here this

is from NPR this is an expert from
Stanford Law about the opioid crisis and
these companies that are now being sued

a very interesting take from Stanford as
part of the challenge here that that
there are people who successfully use
painkillers and and rely on them I think

that is part of the challenge you know
sometimes we get caught up in the
culpable of behavior of a drug company
as you know maybe we should but we have
to remember that at their heart they
make products that we want we want these

companies to continue in business
because not only do we want their
opioids we want the other products that
they make and we need this price this is
not like a jewel or a tobacco company
where we might think well the world

might be better off if they weren’t in
business know we need these companies to
stay in business the question is how
does use a lot jewel well I think she’s
trying to show what’s on the horizon for
the new big tobacco being fought by big

pharma apparently Stanford’s all in a co
company where we might think well the
world might be better off if they
weren’t in business know we need these
companies to stay in business the

question is how to use the law to send
incentives to behave responsibly while
they’re making those products yes you
watch these opioid cases move through
the legal system do you think justice is
on its way to being done I think it

probably is the verdict in the johnson &
johnson trial really suggests that the
theories that the plaintiffs put forward
are going to be applicable to all the
other claims that they’re bringing in

these other lawsuits the real question
for me is what will that money end up
being used for and how do we ensure that
it goes toward addressing the problem
that the litigation was intended to
address do you have an answer to that

question we know from the tobacco
litigation that particularly in times of
recession or in state budgets or
straining the temptation to raid these
honey pots can just be overwhelming we
know from tobacco that in most states

very little of that money actually ended
up going towards tobacco use prevention
and treatment so you know we media
watchdogs can help consumer watchdog
groups can help in short but the courts

aren’t going to be involved in
administering how those settlement funds
are used so it remains really an open
question whether they will be used in
the way that they’re supposed to be so
there’s there’s a big push everywhere
this is to me this is just hey you know

okay these guys were bad but we make
products we want so we we can’t sue them
out of existence and Fox News clearly
run by Democrats as I’ve always said
is all on board if it

Tucker Carson Carlson with his narc is
not good saying that school shootings
are caused by kids smoking weed oh no no
they did let’s go back to Fox they’re
all on the anti weed train now federal

health officials are issuing a national
warning against marijuana use by
adolescents and pregnant women Surgeon
General Jerome Adams girona Adams says
the science shows marijuana is harmful

to the developing brains of teenagers
and to the human fetus
it also says marijuana is getting
stronger mr. Dave marijuana is far more
potent than in days past the amount of

THC the component responds what what I
said this is news they’re reporting this
this is new this is breaking news the
amount of THC the component responsible

for euphoria and intoxication but also
for most of marijuana’s documented harms
has increased documented harms all I’ve
heard from the government all my life is

we haven’t tested it sufficiently now we
have documented harms but wait there’s a
marijuana’s documented harms has
increased three to five fold over the
last few decades

this ain’t your mother’s marijuana
Surgeon General of the United States
your mother’s marijuana Wow I mean you
nailed it they have made a fuss over not

being able to do any research whatsoever
because the hoops you have to jump
through to be able to even get some
marijuana to research it is outrageous
all the research has been done in Israel

and the Israeli guy who’s a head of it
he says heard in he’s never documented
any harm so this is the lies the warning
comes as legal marijuana has grown into

a ten billion dollar industry in the US
with nearly two-thirds of states
legalizing it mainly for medical use so
I think that there were they’re moving
is towards regulation of amount of T THC

that’s what it feels like to me I think
there are already some guidelines or
maybe even strict guidelines for medical

but they’re gonna want it yeah that
we’re gonna want to determine how much
THC is in your weed already
most people that I talked to in
California and Oregon they say that the

the store-bought weed is shit yeah they
already don’t think is very good so I’m
not sure exactly what the message is
here or what they’re trying to do but

more control is obviously where we’ll be
headed because this ain’t your mother’s
marijuana which is stolen from your
daddy’s Oldsmobile commercial it’s just
it’s pathetic it is pathetic

it’s a plant ladies and gentlemen it’s a
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us get this thing off the ground

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best podcast in the universe we start
with a report from the Victoria BC meet

up in the morning John and Adam says sir
Stephen the Victoria meet up on August
18th was a success we had about ten
people all together even a baby
interestingly we had one person from

Washington DC and another from Russia
clearly certain three-letter agencies
are taking a big interest in our little
Meetup I’ve attached the pictures I
believe there’s all that believe I

believe a lot of these meetup serves to
spook well why not
I would meet ups of course I’ve attached
a picture see if you can spot all the

spooks I think everybody had a good time
enjoyed talking to each other for a few
hours about a variety of topics
including obscure techno and how we can
get John to come here we even toyed with

the idea of moving the Victoria meetup
to Port Angeles Washington rather go to
Victoria here just about it Sir John
over better bars
Sir John overall
offered to plan the next meetup for

Saturday September 28th from 1 to 3 p.m.
at the Philips tasting room thank you
for your courage and thank all of you
for your courage it’s beautiful these
meetups is just incredibly nice – to see
how that is happening in these days of

nutjob discourse all over social just
splattering all over social networks to
have face-to-face communication without
worrying if you’re gonna trigger someone

or step on someone’s toes and just also
to listen to what someone else has to
say he’s a lot of fun
we don’t benefit from it one way the
other accept its legacy I think and it’s
legacy for the people who’ve made this

show possible and continue to do so this
is really bigger than us and I love that
and so we’ll continue to promote these
meetups for as long as we can I have a
let me see I have the latest list here

they got from the back office from me me
so here’s what’s coming up September 5th
in Seattle that’s their monthly meetup
but the Canterbury Ale House starts at
7:30 p.m. and Patrick organizes that

September 6 the first Calgary meetup
this is is the Stampede going on I think
they said it was not true I don’t keep
up with the Stampede I’d love to go to

that though yeah I’ve been once I had a
good time 4:30 p.m. and that will be at
the Wild Rose Tap Room and Sir Michael
of Calgary in Vegas is taking care of

that September 7th this is our Zurich
late summer meetup 6:15 Central European
summer time just like last time in April
we’ll meet up again this time a
different location if this heads on a

stick PDFs are available yes they are
downloadable now from no agenda meetups
comm if you’re in the zurich area in the
zurich metro area head over to Rivington
and sons bar and that’s in prime tower

haja Tasha I won’t and you’re a host for
that is evolve September 11th that is in
Orlando 6 o’clock p.m. this will be the
meetup at Grumpy’s underground lounge

and eatery christian coffins is the
arranger for that the 14th of september
el paso las cruces
there’ll be 2:30
in the afternoon since there are

probably only three of us here in El
Paso Las Cruces area I can be flexible
in date time place want to get something
on the calendar that is gen Jackson who
is organizing this venue is still TBD so
hop on no agenda meetups calm to

participate in where you’d like that to
be and then we have September 14th
Pittsburgh Riverhounds game and Station
Square at six o’clock that’s at the high
mark Stadium and sir Ryan Brady is your

host still on the horizon
September 20th Manville Louisiana Nelson
British Columbia Oregon local 33
southeast London number four meetup is
now new and improved September 21st the

shills of eastern North Carolina in
Gardner North Carolina yeah there’ll be
a meet-up in Minneapolis Arlington
Virginia on the 26 in Luxemburg also Las
Vegas at Hooters September 27 San Antone

Victoria BC once again offered the grass
in Maryland and Copenhagen round two all
on the 28th this is just I’m blown away

by how cool this is you guys getting
together with each other and and just
being humans being humans no agenda
meetups calm jesse coy nelson was so

excited he made a song about our meetups
I thought it was so bad I needed to
share it if you don’t mind
living politically correct all day sure

can give you grief taking a break from
triggering worries you wanna be wary
thinkers you wanna be no each other meet

up in your town that’s right this I’ll
play the whole thing and of she probably

renditions of social social let’s get
social yeah do it you should do that
he’s got the right voice for it yeah

Mary McCormack would love it hey thanks
everybody and thank you also for the
support in more ways than one yes okay
so when you get the rap I got a couple

things I want to get out of the way
first of all we need to talk a little
bit about the brexit thing which is
getting funnier oh yes do tell what you
got well I got the general report from
PBS which is just brexit news as a short

clip but we can actually skip that clip
okay there’s nothing there we don’t know
about – the longer actually more
in-depth report which is the NewsHour
in-depth on brexit clip the United
Kingdom is counting down to brexit their

exit from the European Union with
Parliament facing suspension court cases
in the works and protests like today’s
likely to continue national public radio
correspondent Frank Lankford joins us

now via Skype from London for more on
this developing story that’s what we’re
seeing seem to be growing and they seem
to be not just limited to London anymore
no we saw them in Glasgow in Oxford
Liverpool other cities around the

they weren’t that big today and I think
as we get closer to the October 31st
date when there could be the country
could crash out of the EU with no deal
at all

I think you’ll see them grow this isn’t
just the people who are
well I guess in the opposition party who
are pushing back at what Boris Johnson
did over the past couple of days we’ve
seen members current members of the

Conservative Party as well as previous
ones you do and you I think you have
rebel members of the Tory Party who also
objected this and then a lot of the
objection is to the principle we have a

parliament that’s sitting here Boris
Johnson is maybe going to give them five
as little as five days to come back and
try to mount a way of stopping him from
taking the country out with no deal the

majority of the parliament is against
this there are on record being against
this so the idea that Boris Johnson is
trying to curtail their time and power
really strikes it’s a much bigger issue
than just brexit it really strikes that

many people feel the representative
nature of the democracy in the country
now similar to the United States you’ve
got people who support this people it’s
a very sort of divided or a divisive
issue you went out to kind of what’s

called the Midlands what we might think
of as the red states people who support
leaving the good lane right yeah it was
it’s really brexit country and I gotta
say Hari it’s like having a parallel

conversation like in a different country
when I was up in a town called Boston
for which Boston Massachusetts is named
what everybody was telling me this has
been going on for more than three years

we feel that these anti brexit members
of parliament are trying to defy the
results of the 2016 referendum and they
say they’re the ones who are being too
anti-democratic not us so people are

looking at this issue right now through
completely different lenses in this
country and so when do we get to do over
I’m ready I think they’re working on
angles in other words you’re gonna stick

trying two different things to see what
sticks to when they get the public to
get it since they have a lot of time
left now the month of September which
just started today but here’s what I’m
curious about they may be some of our

lawyer producers can help out what
exactly determines the exit is there a
piece of paper that is you know is there
an exit interview is there a piece of

paper that has to be signed and you know
is it just
things like okay we I mean what is it is
it one signature or what is the deal or
you just say we’re done we’re not paying
we’ll see you later is it mean is it

like a real breakup you know I just
wonder I mean are they effectively not
misses just a matter of him saying we’re
done the legality of it the pin-to-pin
is their paperwork know what you’re

saying yeah I’m not there’s their paper
one only you don’t need to change your
tone of voice into different things to
maybe make me understand I have no idea
I think that’s right somebody needs to

I just never explained on these shows
now you’ve really made me self-conscious
well you or do you were working me I
feel like it’s my job but you were
working me for no good reason cuz I have

no idea
well see this you can bake me to tell
you the answer but I still can’t tell
you the answer why not well I don’t know
all the answers you gotta crack your

voice better you have all the answers I
can’t this is actually now you got me
wondering since why I was using
different tones of voice possibly you

ring a bell or can you just do it’s like
a Muslim divorce in in the Middle East

you just say it three times you turn
your back on your wife and use your
something and then you or is it like a
hotel where you can do electronic fast
the the quick checkout yes not in that

room because we got that room who’s got

to be ready well okay we can give you
one but we can’t give it a three can you
get out by one yeah exactly
maybe someone knows I mean or is it just
as if all it takes is Bojo DJ you know

Proclamation just say it doesn’t do it
now yeah he could
interesting I only have one live a
couple quick non clip updates give

anything funny yes but good Prince
Andrew’s lawyers are now claiming that
the photo of him at Epstein’s mansion is

probably fake play ever heard of oh it’s
completely now that’s fake now there’s

no evidence new evidence whatsoever
there is one other name I want to bring
to our attention and actually a couple
of names because now there’s word of the
epstein associate no one’s talking about

and her name is she’s a german-born ex
model uh what is her name now oh yeah
here we go

Nicole young Carmen he’s never heard of
her no but she was in a group that
included Epstein and a who Barak who of
course we also saw in probably a fake

they had a an app that they were
creating that they wanted to I guess
they were working with the 9-1-1 system
in the US and this app if there was an

issue then it would you know it would
send if you had a problem he needed
9-1-1 you click the app it sends like
your entire life your address book your
location all of that stuff to the system

which seems like a great tracking
mechanism she also in 2002 her company
acquired the FIFA World Cup rights in
Germany so this is she’s a player like

the television rights okay so now people
are looking at her and what was she
doing she apparently she’s also on the

flight manifest I don’t have anything
more than just that’s an interesting
name there you go again this is the
thing that bothers me the most
the guilt by association let me I’m just
telling you what’s being reported

I didn’t say someone’s blaming you I’m
blaming the people of their report now
what you were changing your tone with me
trying to make I was like this so you
know yeah I’ll do Freddy the firewall

this is just no another data point it’s
Freddy the firewall offensive to you I
didn’t realize it until people started
objecting to and I started actually

listening to it now and I realized that
it was the worst thing ever
okay Epstein has a ranch in New Mexico
the Zorro ranch okay this is a dis is

actually a good point cuz just go on and
I’m going to I’m gonna confirm what
you’re saying over there looking at this
place that well they were very close

just just about a year ago do you
remember the Observatory in New Mexico
that closed and we know at first it was
always maybe they saw aliens

it’s the sunspots solar observatory and
I don’t know it closed for 11 days in
September yes you do you just forgot
because we talked about it on the show I
did so it’s right right below on the map

right underneath the Zorro ranch and
after these days of it being closed and
no one knew what was going on it turns

out that some employee there was nailed
for child pornography right by the
Epstein ranch
I know it’s guilt by association I’m

just saying and that ran the ranch was
never was never raided don’t even know
what they’ve even been in there
no that’s baffles me the most and people
keep bringing it up yeah don’t they just

go check it out got a warrant you know
the guy’s a criminal he’s dead no no no
no listen we don’t no one killed him he
hung himself the camera was broken two

cameras two cameras are broken some of
the footage was unusable what is your
problem guards were asleep it’s a big
nothing burger there’s nothing to see

now we’re stupid in fact I think the
population is literally stupid like okay
it’s probably a cover-up move on they

don’t care no one cares anymore well
it’s not like their business no true and
then do I have anything to play for you
get out of the way silly story this is a

silly story you know anything about your
bar or your buddy
Oh draw party he’s gonna pay for it
everybody’s all bent out of shape about

this scuse me why is Bill bar my buddy
he’s not no I told you this guy is
cleaning up for other people if anything
he’s obfuscating stuff and he’s

protecting people he was involved in a
report came out I didn’t buy into that
until now
this guy’s a total cleanup artist he’s
Muller couldn’t do it he couldn’t cut it

Muller is over the hill he’s got the
Biden stuff going on Luke you saw it you
saw it he’s just sad it was a sad
sayanora for the guy
so Barr has to take care but protect

whoever it needs to protect it seems as
clear as day Comey bought bad boy move
along please okay
yes what about him well bars got a part
he’s gonna do a party I just thought

this story was so stupid it was not
played by the mainstream which surprises
me but it was played on Democracy Now
because you know they’re well against
all things Trump the Washington Post is
reporting Attorney General William Barr

is planning a 30,000 dollar holiday
party at Trump International Hotel in
Washington DC
the event is reportedly not an official
Justice Department party and will be

paid for directly by bar critics say
although the event would not be a legal
violation it skirts an ethical line
Maryland and the District of Columbia
previously argued in a lawsuit foreign

governments and other entities
patronized the Trump Hotel in order to
curry favor with the president putting
other businesses at a disadvantage a
violation of the emoluments clause no
you’re incorrect because the mainstream

did play because I have the same report
from MSNBC so we take
get their take on it I wonder if it’ll
be different about it and this falls
into category of just looking weird the

Attorney General built bar apparently
bouck book Trump’s DC hotel for a
200-person holiday party in December
that could have a revenue attached to it
of $30,000 I don’t know I’m not a lawyer

I know people are gonna say this is
highly inappropriate but it doesn’t even
pass the smell test it’s just weird
there’s a lot of hotels in DC where you
can have a party yeah a person who works

at the Justice Department who wasn’t
speaking officially because again this
is that this is the Attorney General’s
private party and not a Justice
Department event that Justice Department

official said that the reason he
selected the the Trump Hotel a few
blocks from the White House is because
the other big hotels fancy hotels in in
downtown Washington were booked you know

it doesn’t break a lot you as you say
it’s just kind of weird but there would
have been another option here which is
just don’t have the party that’s just
right there’s a lot of stuff that falls

into they just kind of weird category
these days they didn’t bring up
monuments clause surprise they didn’t
but the other thing is they said well
they said they were all booked that’s

why they had to do it the Trump thing
she would in other words I checked
everyplace else she confirmed that by
calling one of the hotels you guys
booked for this day but just so they
could do some actual reporting instead

of just sitting there blathering no she
didn’t do that did she no the whole
thing is like it’s also possible that
Trump just gave him a deal I would think

are you working for the guy who owns Oh
JAL I mean but honestly Bar is stupid
why would he do this
Trump is stupid too and in the next g7
oh let’s have it at the Doral ah I mean

yeah it may be the best place it may be
your people may have found that to be
the perfect spot is better than anywhere

top world-class but you’re a moron for
doing that I disagree really that no I
think it’s sometimes you gotta just do
good distraction material well it’s
gonna be great for the show but it puts

everybody in a foul mood and if they
didn’t do it at that place or he didn’t
do the party at all like was the option
that MSNBC had get wants to do we have a
party I don’t know why I’ve done parties

and you do parties when you feel like it
yeah and so he doesn’t do the party he
does do the party I don’t see at this
point what difference does it make okay
and time to leave now because now we’re

quoting Hillary Clinton although you
left out well you did put in this point
like put it into runks yes you did you
did this to throw us off so we don’t

blow your cover that ladies and
gentlemen and children of all ages is
our show for today of course we look
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I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where it’s gonna be a hot day and
for some reason the traffic is all
jammed up again on this holiday I’m John
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blame the cats also thanks to Jesse coy
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living politically correct all day sure
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relief sometimes you wanna find a place
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