No Agenda Episode 1170: “Generational Justice”

boom his eyeball blows out Adam Curry
Jhansi Dvorak 2019 this is your award
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assassination episode 1170 this is no
agenda still fighting dark mode and

broadcasting in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley I’m John C Dvorak the last show

was so long it took us three three
retakes to do it and now it’s done one

and one and done it got a laugh yeah
yeah for me yes it’s true whoo oh man
what’s been going on blues yeah yeah

what’s been going on but I’ll tell you
what I did yesterday and then you tell
me where you’d like to start because I
watched a lot of that climate change
watched very little of it every time I

turn it I watched it why am i watching
this it was a pathway can elizabeth
warren gesticulate more gesticulate what
is just stick you lating throwing her

arms all over the place when she talks
she makes a huge circle with her arm and
she’s throwing her arms left and right

and left and right i mean it’s like if
she poke somebody’s eye at us they were
standing nearer
yeah it’s it’s the whole thing it from a
television production standpoint what a

losing piece of crap why would anybody
want to watch that well I watched a
little bit of Elizabeth Warren
I watched very little of Kamala the
giggler yeah and I will say this that

Scott Adams had a interesting take on
Kamala Harris he says that she has de
and I yeah I think he’s maybe right
about this she has the personality of a

submissive huh interesting
because I have a clip where that kind of
kind of comes out and just looking at
this obviously the audience was stacked

it wasn’t really a town hall it was a
CNN studio where they had you know the
it was bogus changing images of the
hurricane Dorian on the on the big
screen because of course you know we

know that this is all due to climate
change and really I just I because it
was it was ten hours and everybody got a
turn and it’s easy to grab the gaps in
the dumbness but I just took two two

examples of how set up and scripted this
was because by the way I disagree with
you right away
it’s not easy to pull out the gaps out
of a 10-hour document

I just needle dropped and found stuff it
was that easy but when I when I’m saying
what I was interested in is how it was
set up and you know if you and I were to

produce this
I think someone had some humor I’d be
like okay Elizabeth Warren now let’s get
some questions for her oh I know
let’s get an American Indian desk or a

question great let’s do that Cobra del
she’s from a narrow island of land in
Louisiana known as Isle de Jean Charles
it’s rapidly disappearing because of

rising sea levels and just leave it will
deconstruct it in a minute coastal
erosion Chantal thank you very much for
being with us what’s your question
Chantal thank you so as he said I’m from

the Jean Charles Biloxi Jeremiah Choctaw
tribe we’ve been to designating as
this is great the Cheung Chau Chak Chak
turret prod I didn’t even hear what she

said but she’s like something Chuck
she’s right out of central casting she’s
perfect to ask an American Indian which
is the preferred way to categorize them
an American Indian to ask a question of

the fake American Indian it’s a great
idea CNN first American climate refugees
were the first American climate refugees
mm-hmm we had a front-row seat to a
climate change for the past 20 years I

was had to move my home from Ireland
home when I was little due to mold
induced asthma and from replete finally
repeat flooding so my question to you is
if president what changes would you make

to support communities like mine who
face community-wide displacement and
cultural Eurasia oh man I love that she
said it’s a cultural erasure or because
it should be climate erasure as I said

cultural called race sure erasure how
about cultural climate erasure I’m just
looking for a term here now listen to
the submissive Liz go into her spiel and
she knew this was coming watch your home

disappear and know you’ve done
everything you can do what the forces

bigger than you I have taken over and
when when I think about climate now this
was interesting she was so ready for

this she took that and when she when she
says no let me tell you about this when
I think about kinda she turned to the
camera and goes into a pre rehearse
spiel it was it was slick and so I see

it this way when when I think about
climate is the existential threat it is
the one to threaten all life on this
planet the only day we’re losing species

it’s changing the oceans are getting
more yeah so when I first started
thinking about how to describe what I
will fight for you
president I decided I wasn’t gonna do

one climate plan no no no no one no no
no not just one plan I decided I was
gonna try to look at climate and every
part of the plans I’m working on so that

means I’ve got a lot of places where
this comes in
because that’s how I see it it’s not
going to be a one and done that’s all
confined it’s that it hits in different

places so for example yeah I know I
can’t it did actually the ends funny but
I can’t listen to it
here’s the problem Isle de Jean Charles
has been a quote-unquote sinking for

decades because of the levees in
Louisiana the levee stopped the silt and
this is you can find all kinds of
articles here from the from the New

Orleans lens the people of Isle de Jean
Charles aren’t the country’s first
climate refugees now and then there’s
all this oil and gas drilling its
erosion it’s not because the sea level

is rising actually we have one of our
producers who sent me a long document I
was right fabulous fabulous and he goes
on and says the item wasn’t even known

until 1935 even though it apparently
existed before but they finally started
mapping it and it turns out the thing
hasn’t been even eroding that much the
problem one Road going in and out that’s

very poorly supported they don’t want to
keep this road going and then there’s a
bunch of oil and gas it that they don’t
drill there yeah so they’re rousting the
people this woman hasn’t lived there for

most of her life but of cultural racial
thing is bullcrap now the island is
bullcrap to them climate immigrants is
bullcrap and and elizabeth warren is

bullcrap let’s move on to mayor Pete so
mayor Pete if we were in the meeting or
ended off by the way oh no man if you
and I were in the meeting what do we
want to do to have a little fun with

mayor Pete now the gay guy asked him a
ya know have a gay guy ask him a
question about children this is even
funnier yeah and let’s make sure the gay
guy is in

solar power bill Jordan Troy New York
he’s the founder and CEO of Jordan
Energy they do solar panel installation
as well as the co-founder and board
president of the let’s share the Sun
Foundation which installs solar panels

in poor parts of the world bill thank
you for being a part of this what’s your
question how do you and chasten think
about leaving the world a better place
particularly around the climate change
issues discussed here today to the next

generation and any children you may
choose to raise well we’re hoping to
have kids one day and they want to know
that our kids can thrive when I got into
this campaign I talked a lot about the

idea of generational justice looked at
me funny because I don’t think it’s
something that’s been talked generation
to me write that one down generational
justice that goes right to the top of
the list so does it good walked about

much but each of us has an obligation to
do our part not only to be just to those
around us but to those who will come in
the future and I think you know when
we’re on the campaign trail now and more

and more the questions I get from kids
are about climate they’re almost always
either about gun violence or about
climate now remember do i remember
children have been abused have been
abused by abusing other children to make

them all afraid and just abused the crap
out of them and mayor Pete seems to be
good with this these are personal
questions there whether they’re going to
be able to those kids again it’s why I

think this isn’t just saving the planet
this is saving the future for specific
people who are alive right now
I also frankly think of it a little more
selfishly because when we’re talking

about whether we hit this target of 2050
decarbonizing our economy you know Lord
willing I plan to be here I would now
wait for some stats be in my 60s by the
time we know whether we have succeeded

and can look back at 2020 and be proud
of what we did to begin getting on the
right track or realize that we’re the
ones who blew it
these are the years you know we talked
about 2030 as a deadline but in many

ways 2020 is the deadline because if
we’re not underway by the time the new
president takes office we really have
lost our last shot it’s why there is so

sliding on this election we have to be
underway by 2020 otherwise just forget
about it so vote for me because we have
to get it done by this election so vote

for me talk about twenty thirty is a
but in many ways twenty twenty is the
deadline because if we’re not underway
by the time the new president takes
office we really have lost our last
choice why there is so much riding on

this last wait wait and for me and
everybody I know for the children that
we hope to have for the people who will
be alive at the turn of the century when
if we don’t change what we’re doing we

could lose half the world’s oxygen
because what’s going on the world’s
oxygen Oh ladies and gentlemen please

put your oxygen masks on if they should
drop from the ceiling of your house
because we’re losing the world’s oxygen
and remember this is for the children

that’s why there is so much riding on
this election and for me and everybody I
know for the children that we hope to
have for the people who will be alive at
the turn of the century when if we don’t

change what we’re doing we could lose
half the world’s oxygen because of
what’s going on in the oceans that is
unthinkable we owe it we just cannot
look we’re the eyes of a child right now

with a straight face and say we’re doing
right by them we owe it to them to get
this done before it’s too late
look in the eyes of our children we
can’t do that let me we just need to go

through briefly when now there’s a
scripts there’s a script to abusing
children and getting this meme this
message going and in this case it’s

being abused and children are being
abused for climate change a group of
producers of the No Agenda show put a
couple things together to help me
explain this exactly how this is not
only works was extremely effective so

first of all if you want to put together
some campaign with kids
you’ve got to start by showing the kids
bling playing grown-ups have them

interact with adults making the adults
obviously sounds stupid and unaware of
what’s going on this is an example okay
so that that’s how you’d start off a

campaign then you have the kids you got
to have them pitch the issue to the
viewer and the audience address them in
a little bit of a patronizing way
showing them the ignorant stupid but
you’re not doing enough point out the

deadline like twelve years or twenty
twenty as mayor Pete said and then you
have to have some authority like
scientists and you know say that they
say it’s has to happen we polled kids
across Canada and asked them to rank

election issues in order of priority
seventy-four percent rates climate
changes that issue most important to
them climate scientists are now saying
the only of 12 years left act if you
want to avoid catastrophic damage voting

age from eighteen to a so then you’ve
got it you got to wrap it up you’ve got
to have a catchy hook so you know like

let the kids vote with these clips are
from something we played on the last
show let the kids vote what it’s music
kind of like a we are the world vibe if
you can get the kids to sing on in a
choir a melody that sticks in your head

like cheap chewing gum
you like the song if we were
and this song has been in my head since

the last show
and I can’t
these kids are not here to care right so
there you have it that let the kids vote

campaign done expertly with all the
elements you need yeah so let’s see this
in real time with the No Agenda show

excuse me guys do you have a moment to

talk about exploding and mcgill Julien’s
I think we’re too late for that one
there’s a piece on your cheek that looks

like Rachel Maddow
we pulled 33 kids because getting our
nation in the morning and awesome to
rank issues that affect them in order
for priority they said stuff like douche

bags camping on fortnight friends
cheating in Pokemon and parents hassling
them about screen time but when we gave
them a list they all chose exploding
amygdalas as a number one concern

because it sounds funny
scientists say that we only have 12
years of schooling as children before we
irreversibly turn into adults that’s why
we’ve been exploited now for cheap loss

and to get donations for the no agenda
Felix why are we doing this again my
dead bride man gave you a daddy beer oh
I guess that’s how the rest of the world
works here comes a train that gets stuck

in everybody’s head hit it turn ed
you say

your breath

the Borak dog /

I’m crying right now being exploited
special thanks to Sir Felix Wilson and
Jenny Pham that’s Felix’s friend mix

Wang Jenny’s dad as sir Ned Jeffery who
wrote and recorded the song co-wrote the
lyrics and Squire Arlo Jeffrey there at
the end but that’s how it works and

you’re all now going to donate to the
show let’s hope so
mm-hmm now you have more on the climate
thing yeah I have some clips I have one
other thing there was an interstitial

that ran of a CNN weatherman by the way
the weatherman and they called him the
weatherman not even meteorologists just
weatherman weatherman weatherman he got
to ask questions everybody he’s like

okay and here’s a scene in weatherman
Chad Meyers a little interstitial saying
I used to be a climate skeptic but then
it changed I was once a sighing or a

change skeptic I get it
years ago I didn’t think the world’s
climate would actually change due to
global warming gases I was convinced
that at some point the earth would reach

a greenhouse gas equilibrium where the
ocean and plant life would absorb the
excess co2 that humans produced this
would have certified the ocean killed
the coral reefs and destroyed the ocean
food chain but leave the climate intact

then in 2013 co2 concentrations in the
atmosphere past 450 per million that’s
when I knew the oceans and the plants
couldn’t keep up the demand we were
placing on them there would be no

equilibrium and the climate would change
first so I went out to learn as much as
I could about these climate changing
guests the science the facts and the
myths when you sort the facts from the
fiction you may see things as I do now

so this fool is using the 400 parts per
million as the tipping point which we’ve
well 360 was the tipping point right

what no wasn’t 350 I think was climate
change 350 as that was 360 now 350 360
or but okay sorry
okay one of the two 316 everywhere were

way best at temperatures haven’t gone up
in response that much it was 350 meters
record I checked it
so I thirst something’s fishy about this
whole thing because this was going on do

I think is something fishy Captain
Obvious yes really
okay so I noticed it was good there was

a bunch of stuff going on all over the
world there all these climate things but
there was a beef going on in Australia I
don’t know when this was but it seemed
to be recent and it’s with Alan Jones an

old fart that’s of one of the presenters
on ABC Australian Broadcasting Company
and he got into a beef because they did
a climate thing the night before his

show and they condemned him and all the
rest it’s really worth following because
this guy is pretty funny and this is
Alan Jones versus the professor this is
the set at at part 1 I was accused of

downplaying the human impact on climate
change of course now attempt was made to
contact me so that I could offer a
defense that’s the ABC but one of the
guests was Professor David karoli

referred to as an Australian atmospheric
scientist based at the CSIRO and the
questioner asked professor karoli the
following I saw the radio commentator

Ellen Jones on TV recently and he said
that point oh four percent of the
world’s atmosphere is co2 the question
went on and three percent of that is
created by human beings around the world

and of that 1.3 percent is created by
Australians the questioner said is that
correct and if so is human activity
really making a difference a pretty good

question professor Crawley replied not
everything Jones says is factually
correct no wonder he stumbled in seeking
to repudiate me he were not to say that

while it is correct that 0.04 percent of
the world’s atmosphere is carbon dioxide
quota Jones’s statistics around humans I
think it means human beings causing

climate change and the role Australians
specifically play is completely false
yeah I think I’ve seen this this bit was
very interesting I’m glad you pulled
clips from it yeah I pulled the whole

thing apart so this was because the
night before there’s a bunch of climate
people on it this is like the PBS news
hour you know they’re obliged to show

the line as you remember we had that
clip with Al Gore and Judy and Judy’s
made some allusion to somebody doubting
these numbers with stats and Harrison or

Gore jumped all over her for even
suggesting such a thing and then seems
she relented anyway so this goes on and
then you heard the numbers which 0.0 0.0

4% is 400 parts per million right that
part right so let’s listen to Alan Jones
let the S off first the professor part

he said point out four of a percent of
the world’s carbon dioxide was correct
the other numbers that the question
referred to were three percent of that
is what human beings create around the
world and 1.3 percent of that 3 percent

is created by Australians Karolyi said
though all his other numbers they must
have in those last two numbers are wrong
well on the 25th of May 2011

I interviewed professor karoli on radio
let me just play you an extract very
brief of that interview it was very
courteous and very friendly just listen

to this mr. Crowley good morning good
morning Ellen how are you I’m very well
thank you can I just begin firstly with
a little bit of maths so that we can
agree on a number of things would you

say it’s unarguable that the level of
carbon dioxide in the air
less than 0.04 of a percent if I’m at
that point because nitrogen we know is
about 78 oxygen about 21 and then

there’s argon on things like that but
co2 in the air about point O four of a
percent okay do you agree that the UN
IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change says that of the Earth’s annual

production of carbon dioxide this point
O four of a percent that’s in the air
nature produces 97 percent and human
beings 3 percent of the annual fluxes
that go in and the annual fluxes that

come out yes that’s it so I just wanna
get this clear maths because you’re the
I’m not point o4 of a percent of the air
is carbon dioxide and of that point o4
of a percent 97 percent produced by

nature and human beings 3 percent now of
that 3 percent all Australian human
activity transport industry agriculture
mining power generation that stuff we
produce 1.3 to 1.5 percent the same guy

the night before this that he wasn’t

right so so this is and by the way
people should pay attention to those
numbers because we kind of we kind of
lost track of the fact that that 0.04
percent of the carbon dioxide 97 percent

of it is produced by Nature we got
nothing to do it and damnation or just
the tip of a tip so anyway so this isn’t
some Jones bitching and moaning and

making some generalities this is a part
3 which says free I left the tea on
Allen you’re absolutely right
that ends that let’s just put that aside
I stand by what I’ve said for years we

are talking about a global warming hoax
demonizing carbon dioxide demonizing
coal-fired power which has led us into
this economic suicide mess business
can’t afford the energy bill people at

home can’t afford the electricity bill
why well we export our coal so that
others can have cheap electricity but
we’re not prepared to use it so that we
can have cheap electricity because

carbon dioxide is destroying the planet
that’s what karoli and the mob on QA
would have you believe
now which brings us to the point if if
people are coal producers like Australia

and they’re exporting the code they
should just stop producing coal hundred
percent all did you stop if it’s that
bad but okay now Jones did continue
because this was really part of a show

on something else which was he brought
another guy in to talk about sea levels
who’s one of the world’s experts on sea
level rises which kind of plays into
your clip about the little island there

in the middle of the swamp mm-hmm but in
that this is gonna where I ended with
this but this is I just would throw this
out there because I’m looking at and
there’s the big mud flats out there

which is not assist by any means
since mud um boss Hilton becomes more if
you get sweat so let’s just listen to
this then I’m done with this segment

well here in this country in Australia
children are being taught at schools
that Bondi Beach could finish up at
Bathurst you’ve been tracking sea levels
at various parts of the globe have you
not for fifty years

sea levels rising worldwide which the
climate change apologists keep telling
us is happening no not in the northern
hemisphere and especially in the

European air we can prove and that
absolute absolute sea level is not
rising more than about one millimeter

per year if we go to the except Oriole
region and now we come closer to
Australia it’s not even writing at all
amazing it has been stable for the last

50 to 70 years and that is sorry I heard
a walkie-talkie somewhere yeah yeah well

I will take us out on an up note on the
laughs heaven forbid we present these
facts yes we have hurricane durian which
made some very interesting moves but of

devastated most of the Bahamas it’s
pretty bad and we really don’t have any
I’m just have we just have that

helicopter footage which it really never
does it justice you know you think wow
that’s a lot but you have to get down to
the ground to see how bad it really is
but this thing was supposed to come
careening into Miami then it was going
to be further north then it looked like

it was going to be the power the nuclear
power plant st. Lucie it was headed
straight for it and then did it bops up
here’s a Emory college professor Tiffany
unique interesting Tiffany spelled tiph

a nie wow that’s a cool I mean my
sister’s name is Tiffany but she has the
traditional TI fFANY this is that’s a

new one for me I think the best one is t
iff a and I with a hard I suggested to
Tiffany here she is talking about the

hurricane hurricane Dorian I’m professor
unique you have said that the Caribbean
is ground zero for the climate crisis

and I want to say in the nonstop
coverage in the networks and of course
it should be non-stop coverage of what’s
happening most of this hurricane there
is almost no mention of climate change

yes I don’t know what she was watching
good morning Amy come on Juan thank you
for having me again the truth is that
these storms that are hitting the

Caribbean with this intense magnitude or
historic unprecedented and these storms
are man-made storms I love this concept
man-made storms but yeah that this falls

into the the conspiracy theory this a
man-made storm so I could go out and
wipeout Jeffrey Epstein’s island yeah
that was one of my favorites this is guy

on YouTube Mike who does all the weather
charts yeah it’s like three million
followers insane this guy’s been doing
it for years
and I’ve watched in many times but I

usually give up cuz most of the time
it’s like hold on that’s the wrong chart
hold him oh why didn’t it work refresh
you know it just takes forever to get
the charts working but he had this radar
image which was you know a recorded

image of about 3540 seconds I put it in
the show notes and you see Dorian
swirling and he has a whole bunch of
comments about the winds at the top and
different altitudes which I won’t get

into but then you can see clear as day
shooting across the southern part of the
Florida peninsula a black band that
shoots right into the the the bottoms
the bottom part of Dorian and kind of

starts to whip it yeah almost like if
you had a top and the you know you you
wound a rope around it and pulled it so
this was kind of whipping it as if it
was to steer it in some direction I

don’t know what it is he doesn’t know
what it is but you can really it’s very
clear and I don’t I don’t think he’s a
faker it’s very clear that something was
pushing this thing so in a way I don’t

know if it was man-made it could be I
mean we’ve been under the weather
modification and weather as a weapon is
nothing new and then to see this thing
pop straight towards st. Lucie nuclear

power plant was interesting and that was
the path Trump thought it was gonna take
and even drew a little little extra on
his map but then it just careens and
goes up the coast it was interesting but

you know so when she says man-made I
believe her only not in the context
she’s saying it when I was growing up in
the Caribbean we would get really
dangerous storms once a decade and now

we’re beginning to see them regularly
the Virgin Islands was hit by two
category 5 storms only two years ago
while President Trump indeed was our

president category 5 storms Burma and
Maria in 2017 and to see now that the
courage is saying things

Dorian is going to hit the United States
later today is incredibly insulting and
ongoing and insult to the people of the
United States Virgin Islands because

Dorian hit the United States Virgin
Islands on August 28th when it hit st.
Thomas and st. John it’s as dr. Campbell
said it is quite ironic and standing

that the people who are most vulnerable
to these man-made storms are the ones
who in all cases are not the
contributing factors to the carbon

emissions are causing these storms
these storms are being caused in huge
part because of capital us North
American Capital Islands and the Bahamas

are the ones that are most vulnerable to
these things orange man bad just capital
its capital man-made
though the the big term now amongst the

climate denier climate change deniers
who of course also deny the Holocaust
I’m still puzzled by that clip this was
Amy Goodman yeah
on democracy now if I’m not mistaken

right yes correct
and she has this nutcase come on and
talk about this yeah and she doesn’t say
anything like what words you get this
information what makes you think so

why would she do this it’s on brand it’s
on message mess it up
it’s just beyond me well you watch this
crap is the problem yes I’m sorry go on

well I was just going to say the the
term now amongst the climate change
deniers is thermodynamic equilibrium and

theirs might never use that term I think
I would be in that category
well you’re behind the times my friend
there’s been several scientific papers

showing that the earth at this very
moment is incomplete thermodynamic
equilibrium meaning we have the right
temperature for what we need
don’t ask me how they arrived at this is

this come from
yes it’s got a wiki page and everything
you know it’s real only then it must be

real yeah I’ll read it too thermodynamic
equilibrium is an axiomatic concept
concept of thermodynamics sounds legit
concept it’s a key word it’s an internal
state of a single thermodynamic system

or a relation between several
thermodynamic systems connected by more
or less permeable or impermeable walls
there you go never so but that’s I’m

just telling what the term is
so yeah well so you don’t have to go
looking at it yourself sounds like a
bogus term if ever but when I said just
to finish it when I saw those that ten

hours when they were like the high
priests of the the Church of climate now
it’s the green religion
and it’s trend people are really there I

don’t think they’re acting they’re
really all in well I think I don’t think
they’re acting either all right there
are it does happen at some levels where
some people do act but I don’t think any

of these people these weeks sister
candidates for the Democratic Party
nomination I think that all of them are
all in with the possible exception to
Biden and then bite blew his eyeball out

you know that’s it and I think that was
real that is that he got a bloodshot eye
and it’s the symptom of all kinds of
other stuff and medication can cause it

well I was somebody suggested my
suggestion to cuz get his energy up a
little bit they get some some speed
balls a couple of you know shots of this
and that and he got his blood pressure

blew on eyeball oh it would be guys all
jacked up on something Bennie’s he’s
jacked up and talking like a madman he’s
talking about climate change and going

on and on boom his eyeball blows out
this can happen yeah it’s not very
healthy though and it’s not being
addressed so much blood pressure that it
blows out your eyeballs hold it buddy

doesn’t never spring on it well where
were we
it’s unbelievable it’s not healthy at
all porno then again they could have
just got drugged him to get the eyeball

to blow up to make it make you know I
think he’s this guy’s not gonna be the
nominee what it is what did you think of
his performance overall I didn’t watch

oh those day i ball blow up yeah he was
not good he wasn’t it just not good he’s
not good
he doesn’t want the nomination he’s just
doing it as kind of like a favor to his

one son who does horrible that’s a
horrible way to go out you know you
could have been you know the man who
stood by Barack Obama side now he’s the
guy with the blow not eyeball I’m sad

for Joe don’t like this at all he’s not
and he’s doing like he doesn’t even he’s
not even camped

he’s unkempt you know he’s all these
they have fake hair and I just bawled
you know if he had any thing going on
he’d be wearing a wig and he would have
started wearing it years ago when he had

his plugs now the cool thing is that he
has the same sickness that Trump has is
you know saying things wrong getting
them wrong repeating things that were
wrong saying something opposite of what

he said yesterday it’s kind of a thing
and maybe that’s just age I don’t think
so I think it’s a style mixed with age
but you have to remember it’s my style

so Biden if you recall did run for
president I think it was a couple times

he way back before Barack and right back
in the 80s and I’m leaving right right
and he was just a foolish it guy back
then yeah before it was old he’s kind of
yeah you’re right it’s kind of back

where he was now hasn’t really changed
that much yeah he was a plagiarist and
he also said he got some degrees he
never got he was actually humiliated out
of one of the races for lying about his
college education oh I remember that

yeah and he should be cancelled for that
cancel him you know they only did
they’re letting him do his own thing I
think it I think everyone knows he’s not

gonna make it and we all know who the
nominee is gonna be in a starting to
appear I think it’s starting to very
slowly move into the public
consciousness Hillary yes day one and
I’m not I haven’t changed my my stick on

this list of the dominie sand who’s
running and who’s gonna win I keep
Hillary on there whether she’s on the
podium or not
it would you know timing is everything

and I think Joe if Joe pulls out she
swoops in we already removed Gillibrand
which is good if you can’t have you
can’t have someone else coming from New
York yeah she’s the Hillary clone so

that would be that’s an obvious spot so
it does free up some some space but a
big a biggie would have to go and now
and Joe would be ah be I think Elizabeth
Warren a lot being put especially her

there’s a lot being put on her by the
I think BT and I think you’ve picked her
up as the leader because they don’t know
camel is a a loser she can’t pull it off
and she’s not gonna and she’s giggling

giggles and giggles and she’s got a
super-sized know what she’s talking
about about anything so she’s done and
yeah I mean somebody may still think she
can win I mean including Scott Adams

who’s predicted her some time ago nice
man with it well he’s pretty head at
this Janet who picked at her picked her
for some time ago yeah but she’s guys
got no prayer Warren is the new chosen
one by the media and but if Hillary

comes in Oh goodbye ladies just blow
warning bylaws yeah but Hillary is still
not well you know there’s pictures of
her out and about and you can see she’s
retaining water her ankles are

incredibly swollen now then I can’t go
she’s swollen ankles it that happens
when yet yeah anyway I was gonna follow
up on the shootings we had in Texas

recently and I do that for a number of
reasons mainly on my birthday my buddy
in Holland called me from live on his
morning radio show and yeah so we’re
were yucking it up and then he’s like

well I got asked you the question
everyone wants to know you know what’s
going on with all the guns and killing
in America I’m like damn it’s my
birthday you want me to answer this
question so it’s really worldwide and I
wanted to give a response to that and

then follow up with what’s going on here
after the what we had al Paso we had
Odessa so a lot of shooting going on
here first part in a Matt and I’ve lived
in many countries and the only country

I’ve ever lived in where the citizens
had a right and also owned guns we have
hundreds of millions of them in United
dates is the US and I’ve lived in the
Netherlands I’ve lived in Belgium I’ve
lived in the UK and I’m gonna make it

very simple for people who were who were
outside of the u.s. our country was
founded on kicking the government’s
asked with guns

the Brits is it not look we want to go
here leave us alone they didn’t leave us
alone so we fought them and we shot at
it and they shot back and we want so
it’s founded on the concept of having
guns is a good idea if you if the

government’s a problem now we have the
Constitution and in there it says very
very specifically that the people if
they’re tired of this shit then they can
form a new government well how do you do

that well you can’t do it without guns
because the in every country I’ve been
in the the grasp that the closing in the
Luton the notices the letters the forms

they keep pushing you down and down and
down and in the United States we have
one ultimate deal which is we have guns
so if you really push us too far you

politician will not be able to walk
anywhere because we’re everywhere and
that’s the only reason we really have
the guns I’m not gonna bullcrap anyone

about it it’s for to be ready to be
against our own government does that
come with risk yes does that come with
crap yeah absolutely
it’s not the biggest pool of people

dying but it’s really stepped up it’s no
that’s just so if anyone said mine they
have a guns yes to the Second Amendment
fine I’m telling you the basics of what
we’re about

would you agree John I would not
disagree okay that’s your standard
bullcrap answer I appreciate it thank
you for the many who emailed although we

already know I wanted to know if the
ak-47 was sold in the United States as a
semi-automatic yes indeed and it is
called the ak-47 there’s a lot of
copycats and we may not have mentioned

it but we’re very aware and people
should be aware as well that you can own
a machine gun a fully automatic weapon
in the United States but most don’t

because it’s very expensive in the class
three permit you have to get through the
National you know as a tax stamp through
the end you know this the NFA National

Firearms Act and you know it can cost
ten thousand dollars or more just to go
through this process so it’s friction
that’s why we don’t have them that’s
probably a good thing although I don’t
know I know what difference it really

makes but it’s not you know yes but you
could do Kenny hand you can if you’re a
criminal or let’s say you can create
yeah you can you can make of course but
I mean these are just fantasy it’s you

know people send me like reams of text
and an email explaining that I’m wrong
even though we we know this we’ve been
through this for ten years I appreciate

it yes it’s legal to have a an automatic
weapon you have to go through a lot of
Hoops most people don’t do it but
there’s plenty out there and we don’t
and people that sense you’re talking to

the overseas audience there is a
difference between an automatic rifle
rat weapon machine gun and an automatic
pistol which everybody owns yeah an
automatic pistol is not a machine gun

it’s just a pistol that cocks itself
yeah yeah it’s called an automatic but
it’s semi-automatic so now we have this
topic of background checks and

let me see I have a clip here that I
wanted to play this is yeah this is
governor Abbott of Texas with some

information that I think it’s been
underutilized by the by the m5m but it’s
it’s good governor Greg Abbott said
Monday that’s a suspected gunman who
killed at least seven people and injured

22 others in a shooting over the weekend
had failed a gun background check so he
had failed a background check at a store
which is how it’s supposed to work

but he he had received a weapon from a
friend and this is what they mean by
comprehensive background checks but of
course if is a private sale now you’d be

the only way you can really enforce
background checks on private sales is to
have a guaranteed registration of every

weapon and having lists of people lists
is not a very loved idea certainly not
lists of people who have guns so that’s
where the problem is and obviously if

this guy cuz you know there’s all kinds
of reports that he was shooting at
animals from the roof of his house with
a gun that he knew whether he had or not
someone should have gone and looked in I
looked in on said and checked to see if

he ever failed a background check and so
none of this is done so it’s a lot of
lip service and we certainly could do a
lot better
sadly the Washington Post reports today
and they only quote sources sources

familiar with it that Harper
Health Advanced Research Project agency
is working with of course the president

the the the White House the complete
administration in and I’m reading the
the the wording now in considering a
proposal that would use Google Amazon

and Apple to collect data on users who
exhibit characteristics of mental
illness that could leave to violent
in other words a form of social credit

and I if obviously if this is true this
is this is a huge problem but the

Washington Post doesn’t tell us who said
this to him
and so but the post is literally calling

it a social credit score such as China
and I’m flabbergasted I mean surely this
this cannot be a true story if this is

you could be making it up – yeah I don’t
trust the Washington Post anymore well
that’s the problem I have is you know I
don’t trust any publication really but
you know USA Today is writing about it

voted somebody maybe and use some names
instead of just nonnamous sources well
they’re doing something like this
the concept was advanced by the Suzanne
Wright foundation and first discussed by
officials on domestic on the Domestic

Policy Council and senior White House
staffers in June of 2017 so this is
maybe very old old but the idea has
gained momentum in the wake of the
latest mass shootings that killed 31

people in one weekend in El Paso in
Dayton Ohio
the Susan Wright Foundation
reappropriation last weekend proposed
that harpa include a safe home of the
stopping aberrant fatal events by

helping overcome mental extremes project
no god they came up with an acronym you
dicks safe home officials discuss the
proposal at the White House last week

said to people familiar with the
discussions these people and others
spoke on the condition of anonymity
because of the sensitivity of the
conversations but you read through this
whole article and they’re talking about

having some kind of either an app or
using data directly from the big Silicon
Valley companies to track you and see if
your behavior is apparent aberrant I’m

sorry and if you need to be looked into
I that would be half the people that use
these things I’m a little flabbergasted

I mean I think okay maybe let’s look at
a simple one and I’m not happy about
saying this but if we just took one
simple example whose on antidepressants

here’s a question if someone is
depressed should they have a gun
No okay problem solved there’s your list
yeah go to the drug companies get a list

over there pharmacies yet listen
everyone on antidepressants and take the
guns away that’s a start
yeah that would do it well that’s well
let’s check in by the way since we’re on
the topic let’s check in on China’s

China’s social crest credit score update
XI yang Yang’s company has developed a
social credit app it gives China’s youth
a taste of the benefits one can have
with a good social credit rating what is

this sargon of akkad speaking this is
again where almost what you just talked
about which is this is an app that helps
you get this is the Google stuff I mean

this is just a disgusting story and it
is yes exactly who it is our Cod XI yang
Yang’s company has developed a social
credit app it gives China’s youth a
taste of the benefits one can have with

a good social credit rating the Beijing
startup collaborated with the Communist
Youth League of China to gather personal
data from over 70 million young people
the app is called eunuch town it gives

user a score based on six criteria
personal information volunteer works
social connections credit history
consumption history and track record of
honoring contracts the lowest score is

350 and the highest is 800 users with
high scores above 650 can benefit by
getting discounts on online courses or
even be parachuted directly into the

second round of job interviews but China
Youth Credit Management has more
ambitious goals when it comes to
capitalizing on social credit it wants
to build a system to cover all Chinese

citizens between the ages of 18 and 45
an estimated 460 million people
yay that’s the future right there well

we need to fight that maybe a quick well
we didn’t fight it with credit scores no
but we didn’t know and now Credit Karma
and other companies of the like are

owned by Google’s yeah we should know we
should know what’s going on this is why
you don’t want to install these apps
right I was watching TV last night with
the keeper and I said you know John and
I predicted this at least 10 years ago

cuz every in car insurance company now
has an app you get extra savings for
good behavior so the axis on your phone
you’re required to be a part of the

discount program to have the app the app
tracks your what you did the app will
even know if you’re holding on to your
phone in the car with use of the
accelerometer it knows how fast you’re

going if you brake suddenly it has all
this data and oh I’m sorry you’re you’re
zipping some unsafe behavior so your
premiums are going up and it’s here and
there’s no one outraged about it well

this is great discount discount good
best price this price marshall mcluhan
I’ve heard the name throughout my life I

never really knew who the guy was
he’s a can the Navy indid you ever
follow anything that he said all I’ve
read everything here is ever written I
used him as a basis for a lot of my
college papers holy crap what’s the best

book that he’s written that we should
read when it pertains sanding media
understanding media so someone sent me a
link to a documentary about him
and so this is from 1967 and just the

three topics but all kind of around the
same idea you know when we talk about
off the grid
ot G I want to play that here is the
he’s also the guy that came up with the

the the medium is the message was that
his quote yeah that’s in the book
understanding media okay so that’s
definitely but we have not discussed
this book on the show ever that I can
recall not on things it should be on the

no agenda book list for shit here he is
talking about now this is before the
internet but not really before satellite
or satellite was out there and he saw

new communications and satellites and
how this would affect news on satellite
system of broadcasting permits for
example an immediate participation in

events anywhere in the world ending all
news reports what we call a news report
is a verbalized substitute for
participation in that event with

satellite broadcasting you just go to
the place and participate directly in
the sufferings or the events of that
area floods or whatnot
weather this will tend to create a a new
kind of news right know for example the

present time what we automatically think
office news it’s just bad news if it
isn’t bad news it isn’t news if it’s
good news it’s likely to be PR or
advertising and it takes an awful lot of

bad news to sell all that good news that
we have to carry in our newspapers and
magazine so this and just think of what
he’s saying here in relation to what

we’re seeing with news today so this
1967 I was three is fifty two years ago
this guy was saying there’s either
deconstructing it perfectly before it
even happened and now he’s going to give
us insight into what we’re witnessing

today on social media which back in the
day was called the Global Village the
electronic Global Village does that go
back to the 60s that term

yeah that’s where all came from you guys
were smart back then here he is and
listen yeah but there were just the
other work they made us get stoned so he
couldn’t remember anything well here’s a

little jiggling of your handle Global
Village is not created by the motorcar
or even by the airplane is created by
instant electronic them information
movement the Global Village is at once

planet as wide as the planet and as
small is a little town where everybody
is maliciously engaged in poking his
nose at everybody else’s business the
global village is a world in which you

don’t necessarily have harmony you have
extreme concern with everybody else’s
business and much involvement in
everybody else’s life it’s a sort of an
lenders column writ large and it doesn’t

necessarily mean harmony peace and quiet
but it does mean huge involvement in
everybody’s office of everybody else’s
affairs and so the Global Village is as

big as a planet and as small as the
village post office for example under
the age of the information explosion all
the walls go out between age groups

ethnic groups between family groups
national groups between economies the
walls all go out people suddenly have to
adjust themselves to this new proximity

this new interrelationship and merely to
tell them that this has happened isn’t
very helpful for help for what they need
to know is if it is happening what does
it mean to me for example in the matter

of say automation and jobs screwed
screwed by the way by the way that what
is the deal or commentary there reflects
on an earlier segment of the show where

you got your call from Holland about the
shootings in Texas as if they should
care yep their button in and they
witnessed it as if they were there

because they witnessed the video they
witnessed firsthand so that’s what he
would call satellite now the final clip
short this is this was very astute when
I heard this and it made me start to

think ok what exactly are we looking for
does things to people and they’re always
completely unaware of this
they don’t really notice the new medium

that is roughing them up they think of
the old medium because the old medium is
always the content of the new medium as
movies are tend to be the content of TV

and as books used to be the content
novels used to be the content of movies
and so every time a new medium arrives
the old medium is the content and it is
highly observable highly noticeable but

the real real roughing up and massaging
is done by the new medium and it is
ignored yes so what exactly is being
ignored that is being built with the new

medium while everyone obsesses over the
old content in the new medium and with
that I mean a cable news clips the
Netflix even Netflix Netflix you know

they to a degree they’re creating
something new but not really they’re
still doing the old content on the new
medium repurposing and producing in
similar ways so maybe podcasting is an

example of something that was completely
new I think I say what we do which is a
post modern form of old medium is
exactly what he’s talking about yeah
which is why we’re doing it really yeah

I’m doing it to stay alive just like you
fall in dude that you fall into it well

I have a few somebody’s got to do it I
have a feeling everyone who’s a part of
this value for value network is in one
way the other part of something much
bigger than the individual parts and

maybe that’s a good time for me too
thank you for your courage and say in
the morning to you the man who put the
sea and climate eraser John C borass
good morning to you mr. Adam Caruso in

the morning all ships you see boots on
the ground feet in the air subs in the
water and all the Dames tonight’s out
there yeah in the morning to the trolls
in the troll room hey trolls how you
doing no agenda stream calm where you
and check in 24 hours a day 7 days a

week there’s always at least a hundred
people in there even the middle of the
night they got that talk in their
trollin they’re listening to shows and
we got a ton of great shows lot of them
happen live check it out for yourself

it’s free no agenda stream calm and I’d
like to say a hearty in the morning –
Darren O’Neill hat-trick week how could
we not give him the hat trick 3 album
arts in a row 4 episode 11 69 I was

titled hockey-stick hoax it was just a
great collage of buttons including the
disgust better dead than red the my
other job as a podcast button you

trigger me I’m scared and never reboot
and there was there was good art
but well let me just take away a lot of
stuff but did have a debate over a

couple of pieces oh oh so a lot of
people did the the unhoused or the
homeless experience which was like a
Disney ride yes and I think was yeah

Mike Riley did a very good version but
it was so once you look at it in a
smaller format there was just so much
going on

Mike Riley that was the competitive
piece I think Mike Riley had a piece set
it was very good the funhouse and yep it
was horrible actually it was a gruesome
piece but it was all original art very
nice piece make a great poster yeah yeah

if you blow it up really big and you’re
just looking at it yes holy crap what it
was too busy didn’t pop yeah yeah yeah
that the difference was is that the

Darrow Neal buttons which were simple by
comparison to like a mofo yes like a
mofo that’s right and if some others
have a lot of it was

and I thought Nick the rats
we had this calm he had the scooters
flying through the air for scooter

oh yeah and then but we decided to use
scooter Nadeau as the opening and then
we had to title it something different
it was very complicated when you think
you’re done you still have a lot of work
after the show everyone’s off partying

drinking smoking weed why we are just
choosing art and coming up with the
perfect trio of bits to I want to say
that one of the pieces from us the show
but the camping one yes by oh that was

also very good yeah I thought that was
really a wonderful incredibly great
piece it wasn’t gonna look as well as a
cover I was gonna pop so much but I used

it for the newsletter so I could at
least push it out there good good well
it was just cause it’s a dynamite piece
yes all those little post dual signs
that you see when you go camping a lot
of yeah I was a lot it was good it was

very good
so thank you for that and these things
really helped the show that’s why
artists do we have 10 times as much
artwork as we done episodes we’re over

14,000 pieces of art and no agenda art
generator calm but when something like
that just pops out it helps people
listen it makes it reminds people Oh
something changed we’re one of the few

podcasts that adhere to the spec as
invented where you change the album art
and I understand it’s hard when you
don’t have producers but we have
thousands of producers many of them do

things like that many of them help the
show in other ways such as supporting us
financially and we like to stop in the
first hour and to pay some respect to
our executive producers and associate

executive producers and this is for
episode 1170 level 70 live and 70 let’s
think a few people starting with sir

Dred Scott of the ELB Express who tops
everyone with eleven hundred and seventy
dollars and 55 cents whoa
I love the consistent deconstruction you

guys bring
our last episode commentary on
Disneyland experiencing homelessness
ride they already have a walkthrough
ride all you need to do is fit one of

the non-disney off property hotels you
walked by people sleeping in under the
streets on the streets behind benches
people asking for money etc sorry it’s
been a while since my last donation

anyway think that’s the end of that
moment of humor sorry it’s been a while
since I haven’t been to the Disneyland
as there’s any one of those facilities
for some time sorry it’s been a while
since my last donation I’m coming off a

long or coming off of the law of the
heart of war of new twins twins you got
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partay thanks for the good taste for the
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universe with people who are unfamiliar
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hey 550 5.55 from Tigard Oregon ITM
Jensen happy birthday Adam even though
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spike exposed a loved it in the last
episode as it is of 2/3 of my as 2/3 of
my offspring are up in arms about
climate change is real it seems it seems

only the podcasts are able to get me or
get the word out about the long term
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on or Cynthia Cabrera in Hallandale
Beach Florida no it was a Hallandale

Beach looks like it 3:30 is probably a
cute place 3:30 3.33 I recently be on
the listening to your podcast three or
four or so ago you’re four so far oh

wait she’s up to three hundred thirty
three dollars and 33 cents after
listening to four shows all deduced
after hearing Adams comments on vaping

and the insane media coverage of the
alleged lung illnesses ha I felt it was
necessary to set the record straight
I’ve worked on regulatory and

legislation vaping issues since 2011 I
led what was at the time and still holds
the record for the large the largest
vapor trade associations in the space
and since departing the organization

I’ve consulted two companies larger and
small large and small I speak routinely
at meetings like all like all the annual
tobacco conference hosted events by the

Food and Drug and law institution goes
on and on with their background the
vapor industry is regulated but no
vaping products have been approved by
the FDA in fact there is very little

there’s a very little baton there’s no
battle going on these are the large
battle a large battle now me you want me
to reach this is very small here well
you might the problem is that this is

the one moment that you pick to do the
thing where the Sun is hitting the base
of my monitor of your chefs and right
into this abyss of flat base and

slamming me in the face okay so let me
pick it up in fact there’s a very large
battle going on who’s likely final
outcome will wipe out all vapor products
on the market as of May 10th 2020 any

vaping product that is not submitted at
pmta pre market tobacco application will
be considered an illegal product this is
this is actually some interesting news

this is content here so to address one
of your quotes directly there are no
approved products that have gone through
the regulatory process jool routine
routinely gets torn apart by the media
the FDA and the CDC and every anti

tobacco group out there
jool has been excoriated by pretty much
everyone so they’re not protected or
immune from media coverage I don’t work
for Jul Altria took a 30% investment in
Joule to the tune of 13 billion and they

don’t own the company oh crap the 13
billion they only have 30 percent can’t
believe that in fact they don’t even
have a board seat and direct no
activities at Jul including their media

coverage the vaping illnesses being
poorly reported on a largely attributed
to synthetic THC or backroom type stuff
yes that we did say that not vaping
products like nicotine containing

liquids in them we’re a very good
overview and more read
article from vaping 360 and as a URL and
let’s see the same data claims Joule is
responsible for the epidemic of teen

teen vaping lumps and lumped in together
nicotine based products with marijuana
based products which are used quite a
bit amongst teens it is true that THC
cartridge producers do not generally add

nicotine to the mix although such
product does exist if you ever want
factual information about the regulatory
shitstorm that is about to destroy the
vaping industry please feel free to
contact me you know what a cynthia first
of all thank you very much for this I

think it we talk we’ve been following
vapes vaporizing for a long time I went
up to the Dallas Convention with with
Dexter which was a couple years back and
so this is good to know and even

correcting us on the 13 billion for only
30% of jewell that’s there that would a
monstrous company what a monstrous
product well the thing that’s in there
is that there’s 13 billion invested in

the Joule and then the company that did
the investment isn’t helping with their
PR which is dreadful yeah that’s an
issue that somebody should address yes
that’s that they haven’t got anybody on

the board which is probably a bad idea
yeah what kind of what kind of thirteen
billion dollars around you put something
on the board maybe two people yes except
you know they’ve obviously been
successful too but if she thinks that

the whole thing’s gonna go down the
tubes well that what we’re gonna wind up
with is just a few companies who will
have sanctioned products well we kind of

figured this out early on is that you
know it’s gonna cost you have to do a
million bucks to go through FDA approval
per per flavor so yeah anyway a lot of
this is just virtue signaling there’s no

there’s there’s no regulation yet
so it’s all just media you know
manipulation the making it sound like
there’s all kinds of stuff happening but
it’s all behind it well I’m gonna say

the competitors I’m saying anybody was
behind it but when I see the media keep
picking up these same exact stories and
so it’s like a virtual like a press
release yeah

that you know about the lung damage well
I would say this company is behind it
because what they’re trying to do is
you’ll yes why not of course that’s but
bad publicity they’re going to be the

only guys doing it legally when all this
is over maybe no I thought I put that in
the book for me anyway
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Kristen hey Christina when we met on our
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boom yes boom okay yes okay well I’ve
got some stuff that I this was a there’s

a guy that does a kind of a financial
love I know it’s a video podcast this is
for the investors most is good guys
named Kyle bass you know I saw this is

the this is the guy in the hanger
yeah the guy in a hanger unknown a
hanger I thought was interesting that
you went back to the ban and interview
we played clips from and you pulled more
clips from it well I went the the the

ban and one did the one I sent to you
was this Chinese guy this is the same
interviewer right yes same guy yeah and
the guy’s an expert in Bank of China’s

banking and Chinese banking currencies
banking and currency exchange currency
trading that kind of thing is very

interesting guy he’s not quite he took
out he took on banning Steve Banta and
Benin has a very interesting hour long
spiel that he gives and I’ve talked
about it before and I kept wanting to

get closer on it but in this case this
guy’s was better at drawing Bannen out
excuse me excuse me
you do know it’s Banyan Banyan Banyan in
concise ways either that or Banyan has

been doing this bent long enough that
he’s polished his act Oh Mike fall Mike
came out of his little holder yes okay

you need to shove back in the hole there
we go it’s back in all right
so let’s play I got a bunch of clips

there’s a lot of them are how long are
these things er minute half minute
there’s one that’s pretty long but it’s
good let’s try it start with the summary
a little summary overview this is ban

and bitchin and moanin banda is the
number one guy complaining about china
and i believe within these clips
there’ll be at least two or three things
you’ve never known about before and
you’ll find interesting not necessarily

opening this is kind of a background
or well yeah Davos the people on Wall
Street what I call the IR department’s
of China which are the investment banks
particularly Goldman Sachs and some
commercial banks the lobbyists for China

which is the basically the 25 or 30
largest corporations that deal in China
today they’re the lobbyists in
Washington DC these are all all about
the big private equity guys like
Schwartzman these guys they’re all going

to have to be held accountable for what
went on in China what China was able to
do in in basically coordination with the
elites in the West was de-industrialized
the industrial democracies of the west

both the Europe in the United States
that’s why brexit in 2016 are
inextricably linked what it is is the
exporting of Chinese overcapacity and
Chinese deflation in basic industrial

goods and so China has and from the
Chinese point of view has been quite
brilliant they’ve essentially taken 350
million of their people from kind of
working poverty to middle class and 400

million people from abject poverty to
working poverty
so essentially two-thirds of their of
their population because their
population I really think is closer to
1.3 or 1.4 billion than what they say in
1.1 so what they’ve done is heroic in 30

years okay from from a from a strategy
point of view but that has been
exacerbated by the elites in the West
who basically kind of financed it and
brought it along it in fact would drop
the recent Trump was I think so special

he said hey this is not the way the
world has to be and just for those who
may have forgotten Steve Bannon on the
show known as Stephan Banyan was the

Trump’s right-hand man when he had first
got into the White House and for a while
of course during the campaign and then
he yeah this is kind of an intellectual

law and he kind of got ceremoniously yes
yes yes he’s irascible he never shaves
and he’s kind of a mess as a looking guy

he doesn’t keep him care of himself
despite his Hollywood underpinnings he
owns a big piece of the Seinfeld show
and he has right Bart he’s the guy knows
he’s been around he’s got a lot of money

and he’s been around he doesn’t care but
he does hate the Chinese situation and
claim in general is that it’s our
bankers are people that that we’re all
part of a prop making China what it is

and he thinks it’s a house of cards it’s
gonna collapse and it’s going to take
luckily because if you listen to these
other guys that we’re not so linked to
the banking system over there because

apparently the banks are all according
to Bannon insolvent and the whole thing
is a mess and this is something but but
there’d meanwhile they’re kicking our
ass in different kinds of ways so let’s
let now here’s the various different

little aspects to this this one is and
these are all different discrepant clips
that don’t really connect there’s just
one different one after another for
informational purposes let’s try this

one Bannen on Chinese students by
defense department report on the
infiltration of China into our research
universities in our lab and a weapons

lives weapons labs funded by DARPA the
Air Force and why have why haven’t we
put into place a proper people
management project I want you to go back
because I don’t think people understand

these reports these reports are
essentially declassified reports that
showed that the 300,000 students are
here on student visas right and the
10,000 contractors that we have in the
weapons labs that you know up to I think

it’s 2/3 could be intelligence assets
right right and in some percentage our
intelligence officers are agents and
they’re working in our labs they’re
working our labs this is on weapons

technology funded by our government this
is political correctness and greed and
avarice we’re at large how did the
second time we’ve heard writ large on

this show he’s not interesting Marshall
McLuhan use that in one of his case you
said writ large who oh good we don’t use
it what does this mean
it means it means to an extreme Oh in

greed and avarice we’re at large how did
contractors and let’s call him at Booz
Allen and begin all these contractors
how did these contractors on these big

government programs get so many Chinese
nationals working into our weapons labs
our weapons labs are at the cutting edge
of national security
how did it happen and so this has got to
be done right away I don’t know why it’s

been a huge I think bone of contention
inside the administration the political
correctness of it all Steve admitted the
Financial Times of London leaked the
other day that my colleague Steven
Miller who’s a terrific young man

actually had the plan in place to get
all 300,000 Chinese students out of the
country right way to cut the visas off
right away

not that we’re going to execute on it
but it was even in the thinking and
obviously got leaked in the in The Times
that goes around the State Department
cetera right you look at all the
appeasers I am so glad I take great
pride that someone like Susan Thornton

is now you know owns a farm up in Maine
because she was part of this kind of you
know rational accommodationist this kind
of softness in in the American the
Defense Department in the in the State

Department in our intelligence services
that basically went along with what
China wanted to do and look the other
way that’s a little tid bit we don’t
really think about let’s listen to Ben

and talk about the South China Sea this
is kind of interesting – oh this is
about the dashed line yeah a little bit
for one thing I found that was shocking

is that the South China Sea when I was a
young naval officer we went through the
South China Sea guns up radars up
everything moving is called free
navigation we did in international
borders what we want to do when we want

to do it because we’re the United States
Navy okay we keep the sea lanes free
what I found out now is they got these
reeds everything like that in China we
only go through in what’s called safe

navigation you go through with your
radars off no fire control solutions
like a good little boy just kind of go
and you’re basically answering their
permission to go the South I didn’t I
was on the South they consider they

consider when they
International Court china considers the
South China Sea to be an internal seat
of China I know they doubted lucky I
think we played this exact clip box they

think it’s what they think it’s a
territorial seat I know they are not
prepared the first thing they’ll tell
you that the territorial integrity and
the sovereignty of China is not to be

questioned not to be questioned and they
consider that non dot line you know the
more people put it into documents the
more people put it on TV show more
people that rien further that mean they

want because they believe that that’s
reality yeah you asked me what’s going
to happen the South China Sea I said on
my radio show five years ago being a
shooting war
shooting war okay okay let’s go on and

listen to this one this is kind of
interesting this is another thing I
didn’t know anything about the Confucius
Institute I thought we talked about this
it’s it’s big on tinfoil hat shows the

Confucius scene this is Alex Jones topic
one more issue is the Confucius
Institutes yes the Confucius attitudes
are on many of our colleges they’re
funded directly by the PLA yeah why do I

on the colleges allow so officiousness
it would be odd because II like the it
would be like in China having something
funded by the CIA that was directly half
like Church Catholic Church we’re not

the Catholic Church the Catholic Church
just cut a deal that lets no no but
there’s a huge issue Pope Francis just
cut a deal that lets the Atheist that
run the the regime in Beijing actually
pick our bishops so the Catholic Church

would not be a good idea since they’ve
already cal toad it would be equivalent
having CIA adn I have a Student Center
that promoted CIA culture right – in
China in China yeah okay that ain’t

happening yeah okay you know what’s not
happening cuz the Chinese say hey that
that’s kind of that’s not gonna that’s
not gonna happen because that may affect
our sovereignty well how do so give me
I’ve got a practical you got to unwind
them Wow

I think you just said there you got to
shut them down okay right I think I
don’t think it’s anyway I do what I
think hey this whole thing about you
guys people are saying oh well they’re
not that bad that pushing culture and
the help with students learn Mandarin

hey they’re financed by the PLA they
have some server rooms in the Confucius
Institutes what that F’s going oh this
is gonna be a sauna the American people
working people though here’s what the
American people don’t know this because

nobody reports it don’t know some people
do in fact I do want to counter that
although not completely in China the
National Endowment for democracy which
is what he should have used as an

example is all over Hong Kong and we’ve
spent millions of dollars spurring Hong
Kong Freedom on particularly in the most
recent events so it’s it’s not it might

not like it has to be steak all you out
on this floor is Hong Kong I said it’s
not China

and by the way that we should be doing
that really really good work we’ve been
doing is getting these new or but if we
have I I question whether we really have

much influence on these riots well the
problem I gotta tell you that I got
along or protests and they’re not riot
it’s got a couple of notes from
producers who said you know yeah okay

the extradition bill which now has been
cancelled won’t make any difference this
is something else
rents have risen 300% in five years
people are starving they can’t you know

this it’s shit it’s all kinds of
corruption there’s you know this whole
extradition bill was really about
getting corrupt bankers hauled hauled
back home to take care of them

because all of Hong Kong is one big scam
it’s a big financial scam the way I read
well it’s if you did they do talk about

the liquidity issues with the banks of
the big banks or all the big Chinese
banks are in Hong Kong mm-hmm the whole

China is a complete scam for the sounds
of these guys yes but when you when
you’re living in Hong Kong you’re
getting a taste can a taste of what it’s
really like you know you were born and

you had nothing to do with the
agreements go away
no I I understand the problem in Hong
Kong well the last clip is another
obscurity and this is a little

interesting one just play the Alaska’s
Bannon on the bat tax the most elegant
idea was the board adjustable tax which
is immediately killed by you and I both
know I love I love them that was perfect
in my opinion now by the way John I am I

am a huge believer that and I’m you know
Paul Ryan I’ve had our differences when
I first he first walked me through that
I said that’s the solution exactly
that’s the solution

it’s kind of a gala terian way of going
at it I think I think and we all know I
get crushed yeah I think that that is
something that should be brought back up
in and very quickly in future years we
can do away with tariffs if we imposed a

border dress you got explained the
border adjustable tax I’m not quite sure
good ass yes I don’t understand more
importantly it seems to me who crushed
it so I’d do a little research to figure
that one out

because it has been suggested Bryce the
board is really called a border
adjustment taxes the b8e
and I’ll read from the invest Opia
investopedia border adjustment texas
short name for proposed destination

based cash flow tax on imported goods
also referred to as border adjustment
taxed the destination tax or border tax
adjustment and this scenario exported
goods are exempt from tax while imported
goods sold in the United States are

subject to the tax so there’s no tariffs
it’s just the tax it’s the same thing
it’s the same damn thing no it’s not no
tariffs are terrorists are before you
pay in this case the difference is you

go to the store and they have one of
these products you have to pay this tax
you pay Oh with the bat attacks yeah
border justice tax depending on where
the good is consumed so it’s like a VAT

acts only for certain products it’s a
it’s exactly like a VAT tax for imports
oh well that’s an ore sample of a
corporation ship tries to and then it

gets complicated when you go back and
forth with to do car parts and stuff
like that but has pretty much been
worked out and it was first introduced
in 1997 by economist Alan Auerbach who
believed that the tax system would be in

line with business goals and national
interests this thing was killed by the
Koch brothers
course that doesn’t behoove them well it

doesn’t move a lot of people it was a
bunch of there’s some politico’s and the
Koch brothers and you know the Koch
brothers don’t come up in the
conversation much because everyone still
tries to you know they try to bring this

the Democrats try to bring this nonsense
about citizens united and the Koch
brothers into the picture when neither
one of those groups is indicted think or
the Cobras the Koch brothers were

sending all their money against Trump
and since you can’t associate Trump with
the Koch brothers because they don’t
like him and they’ve never supported him
and they’ve never given their money even

though apparently whatever they give
their money to they win but they didn’t
and there all this stuff – about
Citizens United it didn’t affect Trump
one way or the other and so you did the
conversation is dropped a little bit

about it but they’ll bring it back in
but the Koch brothers they’re not
working and then in good faith with the
American public even though they’re you
know they’re libertarians they have all

these high ideals and then David Koch
dies two weeks ago there’s no
retrospectives there’s no and thank you
from PBS that I saw for supporting I
think he was the big PBS support yes yes

yes it’s now but now it’s just Koch bro
we don’t have coke brother she just
bought this actually a couple other bro
yeah but that that’s not funny so it’s

coke bro
but yeah yes in fact a coke brother some
huge supporters of PBS the NewsHour and
everything in between
and yes they should have given him a

tribute but now of course not it just
hit me that but the guys were like
question sketchy but okay whatever I
don’t care but now but not just for a
second back to the DAT instead of a

value-added tax it would be a boarder
adjusted tax and I think a judge I think
automobiles they actually they do know
exactly what percentage is German if you
look at a Mercedes for instance parts of

its America and you know some of its
Chinese and those those are broken down
on new vehicles I do know that and so
they are those bits are taxed
differently but that is before the

consumer sees it so it’s an interesting
idea I must should I be against this I
kind of like the idea well you can buy
this product or buy this imported
product and here’s we have to pay extra

because it’s imported yeah that’s not it
that’s an interesting piece of friction
to add to the mix well it adds a little
barrier to entry for the product but at
the same time it gives you a realistic

look at how value is just product than
me for example you know they’re gonna
put the tax on cheese and wine from
France at some point so let’s just do
that yeah of course so you got your

bottle of wine and you look at the price
and you the curious thing I bet you with
the tax added to the bottle of wine it’s
still gonna be cheaper than you’re gonna
get it in France that’s in you know in
in Europe the price is advertised always

include the value-added tax so I don’t
think it’s it’s not in fact it’s very
uncommon like in the United States where
you buy something and then there’s oh

and there’s you know five you know five
cents sales tax or eight cent sales tax
and that gets added on at the end in so
so you wouldn’t necessarily and they

could specify oh this includes X percent
of B 80
yeah well be eighty yeah
apparently a lot of people like this and

it’s been sounds good to me I don’t know
I am drawn to it I’m sure I’m wrong some
it sounds good to meet you we’re now
we’re promoting it me you and me anyway
so that’s O’Banion if you’re gonna get

to see these these long lectures if you
can find this one this is a good one to
it’s an hour yeah and it’s with this guy
bass and it’s online as such for about a
year ago a year and a half ago bass I

think his name is Kyle bass
well let’s take a brief break here and
go to KTLA’s reporter on the spot we
tried to reach out to the man who died

in this pursuit they were unavailable
for comment might go back to you well
it’s a single piece of video it’s linked

to it’s a YouTube video and it’s not
edited that I can tell so it makes total
we tried to reach out to the man who
died in this pursuit they were
unavailable for comment everybody


recognized that would get that thank you
just to stay on sorry you knew you’d get
that’s no no no I didn’t I did not
expect it to be clip of the day but I’ll

take it
Alan Greenspan made a rare appearance on
CNBC and he had some comments now we
need a guy who is that guy how old oh

how old I don’t ask ant look at Andrea
Mitchell he’s older good they’re married
aren’t they married oh yeah I don’t like
the interest seems to me but oh but he’s

he was always a wolf a mumbler and just
well she’s on CNN this is CNBC so it’s
not a conflict of interest in this case
so he’s on the CNBC shows and they’re
talking about the economy because that’s

what he’s supposed to understand and
then this negative interest rates which
we’ve discussed on the show which is
taking place in in multiple countries
around the world certainly in Europe

which in an odd way means if you if you
put money in the bank to save you
actually have to pay the interest and to
pay that if you borrow money the money
if you borrow money to buy a house they

actually pay you or you don’t have to
pay the whole thing back which is just a
phenomenal concept sorry yes I’m gonna
say he’s 93 then he’s still pretty
chipper actually this is a gimme then

for mr. Greenspan headline that you were
talking about the idea of negative
interest rates potentially happening in
this country do you think that’s

something possible and if so what would
it signify well first of all what it
signifies really isn’t the world
population is aging and that people are

recognizing that they’re dying off at a
much later date than they originally
contemplated when they started to save
and as a result of that there’s been an

endeavor to pick up fairly quickly like
the US Treasury 30 year yield
I would say offset to the other things

that are going on in the market it’s
it’s a real time that’s the question the
reason that one of the reasons that gold
price is rising as fast as it is 1,500

pronouns that’s telling us essentially
that people are looking for basically
resources which they know are gonna have

a value 20 years from now or 30 years
from now as they age and they want to
make sure that they have the resources
to keep themselves in place that is a

clearly fundamental force that’s driving
this but we don’t know how far it’ll go
how far chairman Greenspan do you think
it could go do you think you could
actually visit our stores as well well

hardly likely that it’s been you know
for example take a look at Japan you can
see it you know quite visually as it as
the population goes down and you see
pretty much throughout the world it’s

just a matter of time before it’s more
in the United States and I think the
issue here is watch the 30 year US
Treasury yield that’s gonna tell you
what’s happened all right I’d be all for

its pay me yeah I got we have a pretty
low interest rate on our house but it
can only get better I’m thinking refi
refi pay me pay the points yeah well
what’s Greenspan said he thinks it won’t

we may not even take that long the
problem is liquidity drops like a rock
as you approach zero interest what does
that mean that means the banks aren’t
gonna give you that loan that you can do

your refi with so you just not gonna get
it I mean you could I mean I D Li yeah
well where I am now and negative
interest rates there’s gonna be someone
giving me something cheaper I preserve a
B maybe not you might be surprised how

hard it is to get refight well then
that’s no fun yeah it sounds good on
paper in it so it’s always was a very
simple process but more recently you
know they talk about all the interest

rates on housing should do this and that
anybody can’t shake the money loose from
these guys he’s definitely not gonna
shake it loose if there’s negative
interest rates because the banks are
making money
because they you know they take in an X

amount say $100,000 and then there’s a
negative interest rate so they’re just
chipping away at it and put in their own
coffers then I gotta loan it to you so
that would cause a housing crisis
because no one can get a loan to buy a

house and then we get across a housing
problem and then we I know the answer
that sounded all hell is gonna break
loose and you’re gonna need a Bitcoin

need a Bitcoin son I stay with CNBC for
a moment
Joe Kernan who is the kind of the older
not he’s not even at all but the older

host on that morning show and he who
seems a little befuddled from time to
time he’s he’s kind of he’s become a
Bitcoin er he’s blue well I’d say he’s
believing it okay well you don’t think

so no I know watch this show I have no
idea whether it believes it or not more
than what I can see people doing it I
mean there’s a lot of true believers on
the Bitcoin I mean you did I think max

is Wow max max max we all know max is
Satoshi just leave it where it is so
this is Mark Mobile Mobius famous

investor and he gets into this short
exchange about Bitcoin and you know is
it what is it worth and what happens is
they both end up realizing that holy

crap bitcoin is not that much different
from anything else that we’re peddling
on this channel do you think that there
are crypto currencies that have inherent
value like digital gold do you think

Bitcoin for example has inherent value
if there’s a cryptocurrency that is
really backed by gold and that is there
is a meaningful agreement and some kind
of modern thing of this connection then

this could be quite interesting that
would be a no then that’s what you’re
telling me because there there are
people that think the blockchain itself

imbues the the asset with inherent value
which is it which is that why they call
it digital gold but I mean we seem to be
okay with a lot of fiat currencies that

aren’t backed by gold you know I don’t
know is the Full Faith and Credit of the
government but nothing’s backed by gold
anymore except an ETF so I don’t know I
mean why why would

we didn’t have any faith in any fiat
currency then no the bottom line is that
there’s old generation of people who
have faith in the internet they have

faith in these crypto currencies that’s
all it takes the reason why people
believe in the US dollar is because they
have faith but with dollars in the hands
they can buy something so the degree to
which a cryptocurrency can enable you to

buy something and you believe that to be
the case then it’s it’s fine
but I think people are going to begin to
realize that these are very very risky
situations and by the way I believe
blockchain is a very high risk a

situation you know a lot of people say
Oh blockchain can’t be broken into no it
can be anything that’s created by man
can be broken into and it could create a

big crisis so I think we have to be very
careful in blockchain okay mister techno
wizard I think this is a seminal clip
both of those guys realized while they

were talking that’s why he threw in some
blockchain nonsense at the end that
they’re full of shit the dollars no more
or less dependable than Bitcoin in fact
I would argue it’s less dependable

because a bunch of Yahoo’s bronies in
charge of stuff so I like that clip well
if you really honestly believe that you
should change to take all your money and
put it in bit I have been stacking SATs

for quite a while okay good ever since I
proclaim to be a maximalist I do that
it’s you know wheat you and I have an
agreement we we don’t take Bitcoin as
donations but I certainly convert you

know a little bit every month a little
bit I convert into Bitcoin so I started
doing it around 3900 when when I Maksim
alized then we look at where we are

today so that’s triple the money yeah
you’ve got 50 bucks now so I’m very very
happy I think it’s I think it’s a
seminal seminal clip

I was supposed to go a little better
than that anyway go imagine all the
people who could do with us oh yeah well

we got a few people to thank for sho
1170 I want to start and I’m gonna give

you I’m going to turn it over to you
when we get down to the tank we happy
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yes it was long but day long about worth

and somehow we’re still ahead of
schedule it’s crazy how that works
unbelievable yeah let’s see all right we
got a couple just some news items going
on but by the way this I want to do a

call back the earlier part of the first
donation saying we talked about vaping
we did have a vaping and school report
locally tonight with rising health
concerns over namely nationally said
vaping Michigan has become the first

state to ban the sale of most flavored
cigarettes and tonight we show you how
schools across the nation are cracking
down hard as students get back to class
there’s NBC’s Anne Thompson they are

back to school at Milford Connecticut
Jonathan law high and back to lock
bathroom principal Fran Thompson showing
us one of the four facilities off-limits

to students just an what she calls the
epidemic of vaping in the girls room
like this they would literally I can’t
believe I’m saying this they would

literally set up like blankets it would
be like a little tent city where they
would just hang out in the bathroom
teachers monitor the other four
bathrooms signing kids in and out and
you think it’s made a difference I think

it’s made a difference in monitoring
where the kids are the teachers the kids
aren’t going for twenty minutes out of
class so that so that’s how do I think
it’s cut down on the vaping I don’t know

it’s a nationwide problem in Texas some
schools make kids roll up their long
sleeves so they can’t hide the devices
in February Nebraska they are randomly
testing students and extracurricular

activities for nicotine there are VAP
sensors in Illinois and New Jersey
bathroom like lungs have collapsed back
in Connecticut these students don’t vape
but they know who does it sounds like a

smoker scoff yeah
nothing they get territorial sports
practices or their like their wheezing
and heaving and like you know everyone’s
doing laughs what was once high school

cool now with an increasingly high cost
hmm I’m not so sure it’s that different
from the amount of kids who were smoking
cigarettes in the bathroom back in the
day well when I was a kid this has gone

through a series of changes this is
different because it’s always different
yeah when I was a kid there would be a
few bad actors that would go into the

bathrooms and smoke cigarettes nope and
there are always the punks you know and
they were the days they roll they’re
still smoking cigarettes as far as I
know and they were in the bathrooms and
then when I got it you know actually

beyond college and being the work force
I heard of the same school oh yeah I
know the kids they all go in the
bathrooms they smoke dope
so all the kids there was nobody smoking

cigarettes in the bathroom I was told
they’re all in there smoking joints
which I thought was a change no okay
and then it went on and then now it

became they’re all vaping and I don’t
know what they’re vaping because this
the report doesn’t say either marijuana
or these just vaping smelly stuff well

that’s that is the problem there’s so
much and this is why I believe that all
this disinformation is being thrown into
the market so one can emerge victorious
it’s gotta be the 60 billion dollar

beast because that’s about what they’re
valued at based upon the thirteen
billion dollar 30% acquisition 30%
eighteen billion dollars so yeah it all

comes down to who’s making what yeah if
you get your THC cartridges made by some
dude and believe me I’ve tried them I
gave it back it makes me cough the

minute I try it so I don’t know what it
is would go away with this stuff
vaping no I haven’t had a problem with
that but I get reputable ejuice
I’m not a big believer in just accepting

whatever jewel jams into their
ready-made cartridges I’m not a big fan
of that juice it’s a juice baby the ELA

well it’s eat liquid but I prefer juice
because if you can see that cheese is it
right where is a lot of ways you can go
with this material but I’m not gonna go

anywhere well let me get the before you
go any further I would like to do a

quick update on the Austin unhoused
situation oh yes I definitely I swear I
have a high priority yes you should do
that at the beginning of the show as far
as I’m concerned yeah it just didn’t

work out that way we started with God
climate change what were we thinking we
didn’t put this that we we blew the lead
so there was another public forum on

Austin homelessness which we call
unhoused on this show and this was at
st. edward’s a university and there was
another panel of jamokes and the mayor
but this one finally got rowdy and this

was right after the show on was that I
think was Sunday wasn’t it yeah I think
I think they they did this on Sunday so

and people are now pissed
and now the Yellin the Hootin and
Hollerin some Infowars reporter came in
and just and I don’t have a clip of that
unfortunately hijacked everything and he

got kicked out so when you hear in this
report from local station KXAN one
person was all removed that was the
Infowars guy who had no megaphone is
yelling and everybody was not really

productive for the conversation but it
didn’t matter because it was pandemonium
a lot to digest this morning after
another a heated public hearing when it
comes to changes to the Austin homeless

ordinance more than 300 people showed up
last night some of them were very vocal
both with the council and with each
to repeal the changes they made in tune
that can lead to a shantytown we cannot

normalize many town that doesn’t help
anybody doesn’t know
our City Council members and integral

care were at the forum at st. Edwards
University those people that you heard
yelling there in that video were
actually some of the calmer ones at
least one person was kicked out yeah
last week the city manager recommended

restrictions on where homeless people
can camp one guest at the meeting said
that he wants to make sure the watershed
area behind his house included in that
plan we were told by APD that it’s
probably not a good idea to go back

there right now that there’s there’s a
couple individuals that might not be
and the disruption continued at a post

forum press conference with Mayor Steve
Adler Muir Adler says city council will
consider increasing the funding for the
homeless of graduating next week he says
the city has to act now because next

year they will be constrained by new
property tax restrictions he also sent
revenue from any expansion of the
Convention Center could be used on the
homeless issue and there you have it

that’s always the answer don’t reverse
the dumb ordinances that you that you
removed two months ago no just say all
we need more money and yeah we’re gonna

charge everyone the max tax rate this
year because we won’t be able to do that
next year’s up let’s join you got a baby
boy we do poor buddy
thank God there are people getting

pissed off now we need a lot more of
that because this is almost old austin
vs. new austin and it’s glorious to
watch and people that wear sumo austin
was to get rid of the homeless yes well

they at least want to turn back that go
ahead and camp anywhere and everyone
uses the same argument you’re you’re
doing exactly the wrong thing you do
what every other liberal city has done

and look at their results
yeah the results are always bad ah
anyway so i’m well we do it better well
we know the mistakes were made but we

can do it better yeah we can do it we
can make it we can make bigger mistakes
with more money you know the shanty town
thing did come up in the conversation I
am of the opinion that

just gonna have to bite the bullet in
these towns these liberal towns and let
a shantytown
crop up it goes on in South America
there was I don’t I don’t like your your

idea I know you don’t nobody does but
it’s the most realistic thing you can do
is s be honest about but you have shanty
towns in multiple cities in California
and it hasn’t produced air there’s no

real true shanty town every street
corner no that’s not a shanty town well
okay I mean how many how many is just a
bunch of people hanging around and you

know hanging out it with tents yeah no
no okay
I’m not talk about camping what they
call it now homeless camping yeah I’m
not homeless you’re just camping oh yeah

just people camping you know I talk
about you get a couple of acres you put
some acres together in an era that’s
really some places you can get waters
you usually a big water truck that would

work bring it in once in a while and
everyone have their own buckets and let
that let you build little SH lean twos
well have it’s all the government is way

it’s like in Brazil in the favelas they
have their own governments yeah but but
that’s my point is the favelas are a
huge issue yeah
also at shanty towns but this is dine
let’s see any other solution

yeah but they cannot seem to address the
problem correctly so you might as well
just let it fall into third world style
well it works outside of Africa there’s
all of these little towns in Africa
there’s little shanty towns outside the

cities Mazda they all South America
there used to be
Romani encampments all over Europe and
you know it’s similar to a shanty town
only they could they move I mean he

didn’t do anything about it cuz they’re
not doing anything about it well it go
to a fallback position so what you’re
saying is designate an area where the
shanty town can prosper you’re saying a

designated place this is not a your idea

alone people are saying hey make a
designated camping ground yeah well it
should be a shanty town it camping
ground is no good it was tense for no
good you want the you know you want a

you want the kind of thing that people
and go and do reports about oh look at
living like horrible and then they show
that then there’s a soap and sewer you
want an open okay you can have to design
these things that Scott Adams has got

something like this but these more you
know it’s not gonna be like my thinking
you want an open sewer so you can be a
guest and the open sewer and the turd
going down the sewer you know I was just

open you want kids and a half naked
wandering around y’all dirty you know
barefoot barefoot barefoot way we
playing with the rusty can lots of dogs

everything yeah we had a we had a quasi
cent shantytown here and in the East Bay

over on the the the bulb was called an
old ex garbage dump that’s over by
Golden Gate feels in Albany there was a

this big area that was was in the very
far reaches of this is like an like a
peninsula that is built of garbage dumps
from me from the 20s and 30s so it’s
it’s green now they got trees and
everything’s growing on it but there was

a huge shantytown out there was a a
genuine one you couldn’t even go out to
it because there’s too many pit bulls
you know guarding the place but it was a
shantytown and they let it go for years

and years and they finally went in there
in the middle of the night and tore it
down well go back to what else we need
in the shantytown I was kind of enjoying
it we we were at barefoot children
playing with open sewers a lot of lean
twos and now there was people yes yes

leftover gelt you know that’s the kind
of stuff that you make for he’s kind of
a galvanized corrugated steel hmm yes
hunks of that in Cork corrugated

fiberglass that she’s got this low
scurvy thing and then this hot pounded
in and and there and you always need to
have a boat trailer with half a boat on
it oh there’s definitely a bunch of boat
trailers that have about people living

in the boats open fires are burned
barrels everywhere mm-hmm-hmm especially
in the winter and ya know the perfect
spot Tarrytown Tarrytown spec it out

we’re gonna do that in Tarrytown here in
Austin there’s a joke in there right oh
yeah if you’re in Austin you’re loving
it through all the rich douchebags live
this Terri telling ya well you put it

right next to him oh and uh what’s
before Tarrytown is uh
and I got to think about it yes that’s a
good neighborhood to do it there’s lots
of trees to connect the shin that lien

two’s oh if there’s a lot that trees are
good they clean the air well we’re
headed that way so we’re laughing about
it but it ain’t all that funny

do you know why we’re on that topic
though there was an article wanted you
to read it was about out of some cities
like Amsterdam have over tourism over
tourism they’re trying to limit the

number of tourists that come in yes well
I was looking at the numbers and the one
that that article didn’t talk about Sam
I mean it had San Francisco as number
two mm-hmm where they have too many
tourists to concern the population the

population of Amsterdam is about a
million with about eighteen million
tourists yeah that’s 18 million people
in the whole country yeah and they’re
all in Amsterdam touring now there’s 18

million do you know that the Netherlands
is at this point I believe more densely
populated than Japan yes what you yeah
it could be it’s possible and an easy

calculation to figure out yeah because
it’s just room per square meter so
there’s 18 million people in the country
and 18 million come through his tours
and I think we talked about this there

doing active tourist management to steer
them away from Amsterdam get him to go
to the north which is a total shithole
has nothing to do with old I mean it’s
beautiful if you want to live there but

it’s all new it means it’s brand new and
once you want to go to the South you
either go to Rotterdam well Rotterdam
would be better for outstanding
world-class architecture old and new and

they got good restaurants they got
Rotterdam is a good place to go but yeah
Delft and you get that big that you can
look at there’s a they have you know the
giant dam or whatever they call it the

dike that means office the Delta works
yeah you could there you go there and
they have a little museum you can look
at how the thing works it’s different I
can Amsterdam you can look at that too

yeah you go look at some Delft blue you
go look at how they make cheese but
still the problem is people don’t go to
Amsterdam but it’s like oh yeah I’ll go
to the anne frank house which is
complete shit

the antenna and Frank house used to be
the Anne Frank House on the canal you’d
go in and when I was there they did the
walls were just the walls now they have
what plastic in front of plastic but

what’s the word I’m looking for
lucite or whatever in front of the walls
because people were we’re writing their
names graffiti so there’s all this shit
graffiti and they built this huge modern

front and gift shop and the lines are
outrageous and it’s it’s nothing like a

bad Disneyland exhibit you know the you
come when you walk past like how am I
going in there let’s go to Space
Mountain and so it’s ruined and people
are just there to party it’s annoying

yeah well now that that same article
talked about San Francisco San
Francisco’s population is a is a little

less than Amsterdam’s
mm-hmm it’s smaller tradition has always
been a lot 750,000 but it’s up to
900,000 they say but it has the same

number of tourists pretty much it has 16
million mm-hmm and they’re stepping in
poop yeah they don’t know what 16
million means 60 million people in a

town of it less than a million which is
San Francisco it’s a lot of tourists I
don’t know what they do I mean I go to
San Francisco to shop at different
places there that I get certain things

I’ve been specifically did you say
population who populates the tourists
are all on Fisherman’s Wharf
yeah what did they do there I remember
as a kid going to San Francisco and my

parents all Fisherman’s Wharf
Fisherman’s Wharf
I still don’t remember what wet where
was it what the hell why was it what was
something great that I missed no I just

miserable rocked around the city and
like I don’t know and the only thing I
remember was
what’s the windy street Lombard which is
now I guess it’s it’s over you know this

every morning on is the reservation you
make a reservation to drive on the road
when we were kids it was better it was
but whatever hey just a couple quick

ease looks like there are thousands of
names that will be unsealed from epstein
documents oh yeah another unsealing oh

well this one actually might happen the
judge Presta and this is from a separate
lawsuit from Jeffrey one of the victims
and you know they want to unseal a lot
of information and people are really

kind of freaking out because your name
could be in there even though you didn’t
do anything wrong there’s gonna be lots
of names you might have been to some
party or whatever I’m just saying this

for your benefit just so you got a heads
up yeah well I’m pretty sure I’m not
bond in those listen pretty sure and I
think we would be remiss if we did not

mention but brexit the latest yeah yeah
we need to we need to update everybody
on brexit not that there’s any actual

change is just some more bull crap went
down but kind of in Boris Johnson’s
yes there’s a move afoot to of course

extend the date of course and they’re
trying to for a great or whatever’s
prorogue prorogue prorogue prorogue even

though it did tend to take this time off
anyway according to all the experts and
Faraj is you know did you get the latest
what happened yesterday what oh no so

they they had a so what Boris Johnson
said the way I understand it is listen
we’re going to get this done on time by
October 31st and it’s in otherwise if

there’s no deal it’ll be a note if
there’s if there is no deal we will do a
no deal brexit and and then he
threatened otherwise I’ll call for an
election and yes they voted yesterday on
this piece of legislation which

effectively blocked him from which by
some crazy number it’s like the the
Parliament doesn’t appear to represent
believe they love there’s some there’s

some corruption and so Faraj cos comes
on and yes there’s a big block johnson

from doing much and then they they’re
good maybe have an election maybe not no
there’s no election because they voted
it down there’s no election day after
brexit of disco okay all right all right

and Faraj was talking about it turns out
they did a pre poll on if they were
gonna do election before the brexit and
the Faraj this party wasn’t going to

make any inroads and so nigel has
accused boris in this clip you’ll hear
it of doing double-dealing and actually
going over and trying to sneak a deal
past everybody that is not gonna be

acceptable remember what I said remember
I predicted I said Boris Johnson is not
going to get it done he will not get a
brexit done

I think he’s doing sneaky deals but
they’re sneakier than Faraj may think
joining us now is breaks it party leader
Nigel Farage good
morning you so when we look at those
latest poll results 13 14 percent
doesn’t translate into any seats at all

this is a lot of effort bearing in mind
that your motivation your raison d’etre
is to see breaks it through we do not be
better there for supporting Boris
Johnson looking services to make sure

that breaks if it does happen I’m taking
that vote 19 weeks ago we launched the
brexit party why because we trusted to
resume we trusted the conservative party
to deliver brexit they didn’t do it

so I formed the brexit party we won the
European elections we reset the agenda
and if we haven’t been formed to reason
mate would still be Prime Minister now
Boris Johnson has picked up all the
lines were used in that campaign

ecclesia yeah because we’re winning
we’ve completely reset the British
agenda um and of course now No Deal
leaving with a clean break brexit is the
most popular option however we now find
ourselves in a very similar position to

that with mrs. May Boris is one Melina
ship telling us he will take us out on
the 31st of October but what he’s done
in the last week is he’s gone back to
Brussels and clearly he wants to reheat

the fold withdraw agreement that was
part year three times rejected in the
House of Commons and if we leave without
the Baxter even without the backstop
it’s still the worst deal in history

even without the backstop it costs us 39
billion it makes it virtually impossible
for us ever to leave the customs union
we will not be a free independent nation
so we are standing and we will stand in

every seat in this election and we say
the Boris Johnson if you sell us out on
brexit with this awful withdrawal tree
see we will fight you in every scene
right so if your rights in that analysis
yai is it that your poll figures are

dropping and his figures and the
Conservative Party’s figures rising if
he’s actually pulling a fast one and
he’s going to give us because the reason
reason people realized yet I stupid to
see it yes because it’s too early this

only began to happen last week and
you’ve got the loud noise says we’ll
leave with no D on the 31st of October
yeah actually look what is being said by
macro Merkel by Boris Johnson Boris in a

letter last week said it was his highest
priority to get a withdrawal agreement
even before I a clean break brexit
yeah now he’s not gonna get it done at
all at all this is not the European Way

this is not how the EU functions
well vote again slaves you did it wrong
it’s not right there was a funny moment

though I was watching just before the
vote which came around I like he was
late for them in the UK there must’ve
been four or five in the afternoon here
and there was a pretty funny one some

member of parliament who is I think
Pakistani and had the appropriate outfit
on you know Boris Johnson at some point

wrote in an op-ed article I think and
this was a long time ago I believe maybe
it was just this year but I thought it
was longer ago he was talking about how
the British I’m paraphrasing how the

British Street Street scene had changed
to when he said something because he
called burkas letterboxes or a
derogatory term and this guy stands up

and calls him out on it
let me see here we go that might
entertain some but Boris Johnson is a
leader that repels as well as attracts a
Labour MP demanding an apology that

never came for a controversial column he
wrote a year ago those of us who from a
young age have had to endure and face up
to being called names such as towelhead

or Taliban or coming from bungo bungo
land we can appreciate full well the
hurt and pain felt by already vulnerable
Muslim women when they are described as
looking like bank robbers and letter

I never heard coming from bunkie made
that I don’t know but I just let me
throw in made me feel good and let’s

leave it on that high note yeah okay
Bongo Bongo land I need to let you know

Mick the rat is coming up next from the
sewer on No Agenda stream comm we have a
number of great end of show mixes from
Jesse coy Nelson we’ve got Tom
Starkweather and Rob and or the Darby’s

with some great mixes I know you’ll
enjoy them and we look forward to
returning on Sunday with another edition
of the best podcast in the universe

please remember us at Dvorak org slash
na and I’m coming to you from
opportunity zone 33 the frontier of
Austin Texas FEMA region number six and
all the governmental maps in the morning

I’m Adam kuri-chan from northern Silicon
Valley where 97% of all carbon dioxide
is produced by Nature I’m John C Dvorak
we return on Sunday right here on no
agenda until then as always we say adios


I know they feel so heavy a game about

the straight Pride Parade
whatever less I’m against it count me
out cuz I’m this fences where I won’t
sit design in Canton says pry the best
courageous hate now it’s a crime to be

safe a pride parade read the bylaws get
your permits to commence it my history
since I’m opposed to a fried peanut
boxes principles I’m opposed to it the

day my son was born amongst the pronouns
I was taller the paperwork I have sent
in gender reassignment is a gift that

lasts forever who watch you commence
we’re against it
the homelessness experience in

Disneyland this is an exit strategy I
think we could create this ride
now do you sit in the ride or do you I
think you should also experience for a
brief moment you were stepping into

human feces I think the most enjoyable
Disney rides are in a cart you know and
you got the music going on like okay
there’s two ways of going about this
there’s one is you’re in the little car
two little car or little thing and it’s

going through a homeless encampment and
people are all that’s like Pirates of
the Caribbean rails we go through these
things different people do you have you

go through the sexual a bunch of
politicians you can do and here’s Los
Angeles and here’s Austin you can have a

couple of show some differences oh yeah
right yeah you good you could take the
cards who wants place or another come
out the other end of it and you feel
real good about yourself and you now you
understand understand now you have

default way to go we were some VR
glasses or you’re in a VR situation do
you experience the whole thing holding

now it’s even more realistic not because
it’s not animatronics it’s not it’s not
dummies and and things like Pirates of
the Caribbean is the actual videos that
you’re seeing and surrounded by food the

real tension fills in like and advance
blowing the smell of crap
and then you go through the whole thing

and you’re in come out the other and
pretty much with the same message but
it’s just a cheaper way to do the ride I
mean now you understand you understand
now you have evolved people used to live
in now the economically disadvantaged

occupies substandard housing in the
inner cities they don’t have a negative
cash flow position fucking bro

they’re not homeless they are neighbors
who are camping that are camping in your
neighborhoods are your neighbors – do

you notice a trend here you’re not
homeless which also is gonna really help
people that are camping currently to

live and more sanitary conditions and be
healthier themselves people just be in a
place because they have nowhere else to
really starting to focus on food its

protect that from our communities from
our house communities we don’t expect
the people experiencing homelessness
for we’re talking people

homeless unhoused experiencing it for
eight years nine years 12 years
live effectively outdoors and now
they’re all just coming in to the city

Hague we can camp there why not it’s not
closer to everything is whip we’re here
where I can get drugs if I want him
it’s a beautiful day this name for her

to create a full take for labor would
you be good
it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood
I’m still not gonna see the movie

it’s a neighborly the neighborly take
for a booty I’m still not gonna see the
it’s one hell of a day in the

neighborhood the hand of a day for a
neighbor would you be mine could you be
mine I hope I get to move in your
neighborhood someday the problem is is

when I move in
y’all move away rouse up blazing a
nation is being torn apart

with weasel words hiding blame oh this
game is a lock

Theresa Mays plans they came back from
the dead
just how many strange fellows can you

fit in but dead Parliament is on the
brink of reppin any deal will be my
business the smirk on her face showing
such sweet schadenfreude ah now Boris

has been charged to get this ice in
order the slight of a hand oh the
illusion you will obey your masters beck

and call me move give me what I say they
want no bricks at all

please rise for your donation
in the morning dead foundation we are
also son to be

sources and servants in all lands
emotions has sea
something is to rest down

we are happy

our nation saw
oh fuck
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