No Agenda Episode 1171: “Slutty Vegan”

I’m the pond father listen to me Adam
curry John C. Dvorak this is your
award-winning nation media assassination
episode 11 71 this is no agenda star
state in the morning everybody

I’m Adam curry and from Northern Silicon
Valley where we’re watching hurricane
Dorian it doesn’t seem to be coming here
anytime soon I’m Chauncey Devore yeah
but apparently it’s going to Kanda

that’s his already hitted it’s hits it’s
hated the candidates and it’s getting
it hit Nova Scotia hmm and they brought
the troops in and no I guess now it’s

headed over to the British Isles it’s
gonna hit Ireland it’s gonna go down the
coast yeah it’d take out most of the
coast of France and it’s gonna bounce
around it’s all done by the Chinese were

there weather modification technique
finally we agree on something
somebody’s finally got a hold of this
they got that steering wheel they’re

moving this thing around you know what
its gonna do it’s gonna decimate
everything in its path decimate just
decimate decimated decimated decimated
and people from the island of avec ou

are now taking refuge in Nassau after
hurricane durian decimated their homes
get our first glimpse of the decimated
Bahama Islands from the air nature’s

my shopper and the northern part of
Africa is completely decimated it’s it’s
a minor minor bitch that I have this

then not minor no but we gave up on it
we gave up on this a long time ago well

who knew it was gonna make such a
comeback and then and then how can you
use the frayed well watch it back up and
give people the definition of decimate
yeah decimated technically means 10% is
gone you’re not it’s been cut down to

10% but and think about it decimated
10/10 is bent end so they took and this
comes from isn’t this from the from

Roman times the use Robin yeah yeah so
will it go and decimate they come into
some area that did kill 10% of the
people now to say completely decimated
yes it’s right on the nose completely

decimated I think it’s okay if you acts
for decimation otherwise it’s just
devastated would have been better

devastated would have been probably
correct and we’re making light of it but
holy crap decimated please yes when you
hear the word decimated think of the No

Agenda show yes and remember that means
1 out of 10 it means 10 percent
decimated yeah it was in sigh roared the
two of us together we discovered that
you would discovered it’s this not the

stuff you idiots are using the word
wrong but you know eight years ago I
think so yeah and so we started and I
guess we went on a little rampage about

it nobody paid attention so they’re
still using the word improperly let me
see if it’s still let me see if it’s if
they still
oh it’s changed a little bit let’s go to
merriam-webster which we I think we’ve

used consistently
so now definition of decimate to select
by lot and kill every tenth man so that
is the correct definition or to exact a
tax of 10% to reduce drastically

especially in number so now it gets a
little funkier and so that’s 3a and 3b
is to cause great destruction or harm to
so the language is a minor new use

change minor and new usage I don’t know
if that’s as bad as sharpie gate but we
were done with it in 45 seconds so we’re

dumb we’re done with bitching about
decimated but this Sharpie gate thing
I’m sure you follow this to some or you
her like no brother call it map gate
2019 the question this morning did

President Trump show a doctored map
hoping to prove he was right when he
warned Hurricane Dorian would hit
Alabama the president displaying that
map in the Oval Office that was the
original chart and you see it was going

to hit not only Florida but Georgia
could have was going toward the Gulf
that was what we what was originally
projected and it took the right turn

take a closer look the black line
projecting that Dorian would move from
Florida to Alabama appears to be drawn
on by a marker here’s the original
issues last Thursday by the National

Hurricane Center Alabama in the clear
President Trump has repeatedly insisted
Alabama was in Dorian’s path the
National Weather Service even forced to

correct him saying Alabama will not see
any impacts from Dorian but he’s still
not backing down I know that Alabama was
in the original forecast but Alabama was

hit very hard and was going to be we hit
very hard along with Georgia now FEMA
and NOAA referring all questions about
the seemingly doctored map back to the
White House where President Trump’s that

he knew nothing about it so hold on I
said I’d know about this dis event I
didn’t know it was called sharpie gate
well first of all the fact that this is

the cousin national conversation on the
so-called news while well while all that
well the Bahamas are decimated what what
do these people have time for by the way

I used a photo in the last newsletter
that was a sharpie gate the IP image
because there’s a bunch of these memes
going around and then when I put on the
newsletters quite funny but this is like

yeah this is kind of a mountain out of a
molehill kind of a well it’s looking for
anything I guess I don’t know and my
favorite one I think was one of the
newspaper said it’s legal but Noah

actually came out and said yeah actually
the president’s right that there was an
actual ten percent the chance five to

ten percent of Alabama yeah when they
wouldn’t all the spaghetti stuff that
what came but sure and that’s another
thing that is so fantastic no one in the

that’s an eye at fifteen spaghetti
string so-called models none of which
actually appeared to be correct at least
not initially that’s okay but then you
know this little extra line which I

don’t think Trump drew that it’s maybe
he do so who cares but then what was the
point of him like vouching for Alabama

so much to distract from the fact that
this was a Chinese weather weapon that
we’re combating maybe uh-huh
let’s not look a second half a show okay
this saved it okay

yes I would be wiping this hour but this
one this went pretty far Yale
psychiatrist explains the dangerous
mental pathology behind Trump’s unhinged

Sharpie gate fiasco
I mean they’re really yeah they’re
really taking it that far
he’s unhinged and grown up with the

sharpie took a mainline doctor ban DX
Lee now this is that’s the woman who
wrote China Chinese well she wrote the
book and has all the psychologists onto

her yeah she’s a trump is incapable of
backing down no matter how wrong he is
in a sense becoming his own worst enemy
and the ramifications for the country

beyond one silly viral moment
so hey that’s the news everybody that’s
what the news is doing is they’re
talking about Sharpie gait the meanwhile

can the Navy is getting decimated
these parts of one of the models maybe I
mean I have to go back a little guy
because I do have that spaghetti chart

somewhere in my files hmm
if any of them all showed that thing
just taking a right and bouncing up the
coast at North Carolina then hitting
Nova Scotia this is pretty much of a
longshot model I’m curious if it’s there

you should go back and take a look at
well because it’s a do we have a lot of
it they had models going every which way
yeah Oh secondly we have a lot of echo
today it’s an you sound echo II to me

maybe not but I think chatroom do I
sound echo II
so we’re witnessing something moving
along here we’re witnessing something in

real time which is fun to watch true
manipulation of the media and by the
media and by PR consultants and
lobbyists to change perception and usher

in laws that solidify a small number of
large companies sounds familiar I’m sure
but I wanted I wanted to get this out

right away because this is something
that I want everyone to be aware of and
to watch because it’s really fun when
you understand how it works and how long
have we been tracking the vape wars
about three years now maybe a little

you met Dexter Adam hergenrother is been
in an illinois hospital for a week from

vaping they told me if we didn’t bring
him in when we brought him in his lungs
would have collapsed and he would have
died the Centers for Disease Control has
now identified 450 possible vaping

related illnesses in 33 states vaping is
the only common factor in these injuries
to date many individuals have reported
vaping THC the ingredient in marijuana

or other substances the CDC says it’s
too early to point to a single common
substance in all cases but earlier this
week New York state health officials
said vitamin E acetate found in some

vaping products is a focal point of
their investigation like most who fell
ill Adam Hogan writer says he used THC

and also vaped nicotine in a separate
product made by Joule the largest
cigarette maker in the country I didn’t
know what nicotine was in a statement
Joule lab said the ingredients of our

products do not include THC or vitamin E
compounds like those found in THC
products regardless health officials
warn don’t take chances folks really
should consider

not using these products not vaping
until more is known about what is
causing these lung injuries the Food and
Drug Administration is also
investigating and it has collected 120
samples it’s now testing to determine

which chemical compound may be causing
so many bad reactions so that’s kind of
the headline which most people have
heard yes yeah hold on
did somebody slip in the word that guy

did slipped in the word differ when I
first first started dueling oh yeah no
of course this is this is about putting
Joule the company that sold 30% to atria

formerly known as Philip Morris for 18
billion dollars and Reynolds is in this
as well the idea is to make Joule in
particular the only vape you can buy and

let me explain a little bit how this
works because this has been done exactly
the same way by Big Tobacco who now
effectively owns Joule so first let’s
start with these jewel the founders of

Joule have a kind of a weird they’re
weird part of this story is they created
the Joule device as a smoking cessation
device so that you will stop smoking

that’s actually kind of a negative for
them because they’re being sued now for
making false claims and unproven claims
and but that’s that’s a little bit of a
side issue I went as deep as I could to

find out who these three people were who
died from vaping let’s just leave in the
middle what they were vaping it turns
out two of them were gentlemen over 65

years old who has had serious lung
issues and had vaped THC and so they
died and you know no one is conclusively

saying these people are getting sick
from this or these people died from this
but for sure they’re conflicted
conflating not complaint they are
intermingling vaping of ejuice vaping of

THC and jool into one nice little
bundled story and here’s how it’s
supposed to work
they have 600 lobbyists right now in

Washington for vaping for vaping Jul the
company alone before the purchase before
the the partial acquisition had 88
lobbyists they all want to do the same

thing which is how Big Tobacco did it
previously you want to swoop in and
create state laws as and is happening

it’s it’s it’s happening in Texas this
month age is going to 21 there’s a
couple other things in there why do they
want the state laws because they have
much bigger control on state
representatives particularly tobacco

states but they have a lot of control
over them a lot of money going into this
and the minute they get the state laws
in place CDs can no longer create
ordinances and they put in all these

preemptions so there’s many different
little subtle things like Oh doesn’t
count for veterans you know if you got
one leg and you’re and you’re near
school you can buy it anyway there’s all

these little things and it makes the it
makes the policing of the measures much
more difficult this is exactly what RJR
did there’s nothing new except the media

is either playing into it half of them
probably are and the other ones are too
dumb not to know history and here’s an
example of Michigan and the big stories
snuffing out an epidemic Michigan

becoming the first state to ban the sale
of flavored East cigarettes Gretchen
Whitmer tis very important flavored
e-cigarettes flavor accusing a cigarette
companies of using deceptive advertising

and candy flavors to hook kids on
nicotine Whitmer ordering the Health
Department to issue emergency rules to
ban sales in the state aisle this after
a series of mysterious respiratory

illnesses right here in Michigan and all
around the country all associated with
vaping the vaping industry already
responding leading manufacturer Jule
labs pushing back on the pending ban
including menthol based products like

mint flavoring saying we believe that to
encourage adult smokers to switch from
combustible use the number one cause of
preventable death in the world they
should be available at retail alongside

tobacco vape shop owners sounding the
alarm that the ban will bulldoze their
business I’ve never witnessed one
transaction that doesn’t have flavor in

it so if this continues and that’s the
point they want the little vape shops
shut down because true almost all
liquids are flavored it’s very I like

tobacco is very hard to get a tobacco
flavor unless oh guess what you go to
jail who are the main manufacturers of
tobacco flavored products yeah they have

some menthol but I’m sure they’ll figure
that out so the it’s very simple get the
state laws in place squash all of the
independent people who created the
industry scare people into using nothing

unless it’s FDA approved and jool is
gonna be the ruler right on top that’s
what’s going on here and you can watch
it in everything
well I do believe I do believe you

believe that there is a one competitor
I’ve seen him advertising there which is
on the Joule level I think it’s tobacco
company yeah there is there’s one other
product I forget the name of it but yeah

yeah looking back on this is that is
that for a couple of things that people
could note this all came on out of the
blue all of a sudden every you know
everybody’s reporting on it across the

country history indicates this is some
sort of a PR scam and the thing was is
remembers just two or three years ago
when the whole scene was just really
I wouldn’t say vibrant but it was

rocking and there was all these shops
everywhere and that’s when those guys
had these you know 25 volt DC boxes that
they breathe the you know the oh this is
the giant vape cloud and they blow it

out and it would fill a room with smoke
and you see this weren’t those guys all
in in at the hospital you’d think no
because it’s untrue now it’s very

possible that this teickhoff roll
acetate which is vitamin-e acetate that
is where’s that in a vape well that’s in
the THC which is typically home build

stuff you know they people get carts off
of Alibaba they throw some stuff in
there they throw some some dab basically
you know come highly extracted THC and

they want to you know get some oil there
so that it can convey per eyes and you
know that it may actually be hurting
people absolutely but you don’t want to

do this kind of experimentation of get
stuff off of the street there are
reputable companies if you if you want
to vape your THC they’re very safe
approved and you get it from California

mainly anything else is of course
dangerous and there’s all kinds of you
know you can get popcorn lung and all
these different things that people
warned about but having been a lifelong

tobacco smoker and having stopped and
pretty much moved to vape there are some
definite side effects
such as I am not short of breath I can

bicycle longer at spin there’s a whole
bunch of side effects that seems to be
quite beneficial but I don’t use some
hokey cartridge that some guides palmed

off to me on the corner of the street
that’s what may have been happening
there but it it’s kind of moot because
this is a Hill and Knowlton job or some
other company who knows exactly how to

do this and they’re succeeding it’s
great and now it’s the CDC versus the
FDA well guess who’s gonna win you know
it’s gonna be the FDA and they’ll give

the go-ahead to jewel and if you want to
make a flavored liquid that’ll be okay
but you’ll have to pay about a million
dollars to go to the approval process at
least that’s what jewel will set it at

so no one else can compete yes it’ll
scam yeah works is the American Way and
just like the marijuana industry you can
totally ignore it you can make your own

illiquid at home you don’t need to go
buy anything if you don’t want to you
can ensure that it’s safe like marijuana
you don’t have to buy it in the
dispensary you can actually take a seed
and grow it yourself it’s quite fun to

though but I do want everyone to pay
attention to this because you’ll see it
you’ll see more and more yes apparently
calling you of nothing else that’s like
calling me it’s a it’s fun to watch once

you’re aware of what’s going on then
it’s fun to see you know how they’re
doing it and how the news media is all
in oh and completely know no questions
asked just they have no interest in

actually digging into the story even
just a bit superficially know it which
is all you need to do to get to the
bottom of it but they won’t even do that

much work it’s just not it’s beyond them
just get there to get the video press
release from some oldest look at this is
all packaged up all we need is a
voiceover there was another one of these
like that that came out and I think I

know where this is coming from and this
is the Oxford report on vegetarians I
hope you heard this one I believe so
yeah let’s let’s listen to the intro

plant-based eating has momentum more and
more people giving up meat here in
Atlanta you’ll find a long line like
this at the restaurant slutty vegan last
month KFC tested there was no video

while they were saying it sounded like
slutty vegan to me last month KFC tested
plant-based chicken it sold out in less

than five hours Burger King has a
meatless burger option now as well
according to global data there’s been a
600 percent increase in people
identifying as vegan in the United
States from 2014 to 2017 but a new study

links vegan and vegetarian diets as
increasing chances of having a stroke so
we wanted to talk more about the first
she’s already mixing up vegan and

vegetarian the study was about
vegetarians and I like how it’s been
tied into the meat meatless movement
which is why I think the study came out

in the first place or at least the study
is being abused for this so uh meatless
Oh everyone’s going meatless but all the
slutty vegan oh no this could not be all
what’s going on so you’re set up to

already not want to eat the meatless
burger so you know who’s behind this
ready doctor ready could this really be
a legitimate side effect of giving up

meat well this was a pretty impressive
study it was done for the University of
Oxford in England and they looked at 48
thousand people in their 40s and
followed them for a very long time

and as they followed them they talked to
them about their diet and they found out
what we’ve known before that a
vegetarian and or vegan diet can lower
the risk of heart disease but there was
no data on stroke and in this

study there was a slight increase in the
risk of stroke now the authors are quick
to say this is not cause and effect it’s
an observational study and no more
research needs to be done but I think

it’s really worth talking about as we
see more people embracing a plant-based
lifestyle this is the 20% increased
chance of stroke if you only if you’re

vegetarian but the study is quick to
point out that this is no does not prove
causation the same Oxford three years
ago 2016 released the interim report of

the same people except they didn’t
follow him for sixteen years instead of
eighteen years and I said actually 35%
of people don’t eat meat seem to have
healthier heart didn’t mention anything
about stroke but then just listen to the

news folks who are all in on the
meatless generation
yeah but Huey plants you can feel better
it’s easier to digest you are gonna live
longer these are not doctors these are
the news people talking after this

report just so you understand where the
money’s coming from yeah but Huey plants
you’re gonna feel better it’s easier to
digest you are gonna that’s just how it
is the generations the more meat you eat
the more physical maladies you’re likely

to possess listen here’s the here’s the
doctor who’s going who’s doing the

report she’s against it is achill
maladies you’re likely to possess well
on full disclosure I’m a lacto-ovo
vegetarian I do it black to ovum
vegetarian that’s very common out here
it means you drink milk and you eat eggs

I thought that was black dough I’m so
over full disclosure I’m a lacto-ovo
vegetarian I do egg and she’s been a
vegetarian for many many years and and I

works for me but I think this is a
personal decision I think there’s also
ways that you can be a healthy
meat-eater and there are ways to be an
unhealthy vegetarian if you’re gonna eat
a vegetarian diet and it’s going to be

full of refined carbohydrates and sugars
that is not good for you you also as a
vegetarian have to be cautious to make
sure you’re getting your protein on your
calcium and focus on vitamins
the authors in this study speculate that

some of the vitamins that vegetarians
are often lacking may be contributing to
the increased risk of stroke but I think
you can eat meat and be healthy I think
everything in moderation maybe avoid too
much red meat avoid processed meat for

limited I’m not saying eliminated but a
limited the bacon sausage these are the
same global warming doofuses now a

couple of things the woman before I’ve
been talking about the Oxford report
said vegetarian lifestyle I thought that
was interesting just the I did if it

being a lifestyle and it’s a life choice
the vegetarian lifestyle I’m Pro
lacto-ovo and then the lacto-ovo woman I
mean why don’t you could you be can you

slip the word meat in there I’m a
vegetarian but it’s like this commercial
is going around where this guy says dude
what’s the veg invested he says to his

wife in the Volkswagen some funny
commercial on the west coast for 76
products hmm and his couple of hipsters
and one of them says to his wife uses
do they have a vegan menu
she’s a restaurant they’re trying to

find she says no you’re not a vegan he
says I am a vegan when I don’t eat meat
and I think this is flexibility going on
like this like this is people just kind
of like well I’ll be vegan for a day now

I’m reminded of a story when I went to
see bit once with this guy with a group
of people one of these guys was wait see
because that is that the computer

conference in Germany yeah the big giant
in Hanover mm-hmm and so this guy’s
adamant vegan vegan he made a big scene
about it and he was a big fat guy mm-hm

was he’s run into in tech and but it was
a fact out of the big gut and I’m
thinking this guy’s a vegan you should
be skinny as a rail I mean he doesn’t

move I don’t get it and so I went to
breakfast one morning and there he was
even what do you think his breakfast is
just candy bars cereal not candy bars
but nothing but but Dana

just like a pile of like ten or eleven
stud cinnamon buns it’s like his main
diet was cinnamon buns and this was
veganism to him are you sure he was a
vegan we said he was he made a big stink

about it
and I would be better if everybody was
is it political you know yeah well he
ate well we have dueling factions here
we have the meat people as you said that

what is it the cattle ranchers wherever
help mister whoever the the meat people
are and the meat people are fighting the
meatless movement and and you know what

they are they should be better that’s
their job they have these associations
you pay into these clubs and they’re
supposed to do that jut that business
and so they’re doing something finally
yeah finally yeah now we’re all from for

meat hey I guess I am for me to actually
up we cook some meat last night this
birthday gift to Tina and I took a

cooking class just meet here here’s some
meat I went to a cooking class oh I’m
reluctant to talk about it because

you’re just gonna just gonna make fun of
it oh okay well if I guarantee not to
make fun of it no then it won’t be a
good segment I’ll moderate myself so I’m

not affect I’ll take it seriously Isis
is a cooking session I would maybe go to
this I’m we want to learn some very fine
specialty about how to use phyllo dough

in a certain way I’m sure they have a
class like that this yes this was the
date night cooking session there’s just
a date that we’ve learned how to make
creme brulee

we made popovers happy and check it out
I was skeptical but we actually had a
kale dish that didn’t taste all that

yeah have you cover it up with enough
bacon fat no cook it to death
it was shallots and and if it was creamy
cream loaded up shallots there’s a good

one that’s a good cover up and I learned
how to properly dice a shallot which I
didn’t know there’s a good way to do it
oh well what way is this well you put
the shallot down and then you slice

slice horizontally seven eighths of the
way through then you go on top and then
you get your perfectly small dice yes is
that with onions – the same thing oh no
I’m sure it’s it’s it’s more just like

it was new I learned that and it was
good though it was funny and you’re
doing that there with a couple other
people and you’re drinking wine and
spawn it was it was I had a very good

time there’s a lot of fun and we made a
beautiful piece of meat what was the
meat that you I thought you were making
a possible reason dessert stuff yeah
that was all there – it was so it was a

nice was the meat that you had what was
so special about that that we cooked it
it was it was like you cooked meat
before it was a of course I mean I
cooked the meat the same way except I do

it you know I always have seared on each
side and then into the oven it goes in
the in the cast-iron skillet and that
was basically the same so there was
nothing new for me there other than the

the topping with through this huge
butter and more shallots and you know
seasoning and just melted all over it it
was so good and and not very vegetarian

so you let you got out it’s no fun if
you don’t make fun of it then it doesn’t
work well there wasn’t that much to make
fun of putting butter on meat is nothing

new but you walk out yeah it’s done in
this place called sulla table which is
kind of a Williamson or Allah table they

got desperate at Berkeley operation
mostly eyes yes you walk out like I
really want that knife that I just used
that was full retail sharp knife save

yeah they got one of those blop erasers
here on 4th Street and they got one up
in Seattle and there’s a couple more on

the west coast I think yeah a day yeah
they’re Boston is an obvious place for
the suckers to go there you know no
problem make sense suckers it was a
Fanta fabulous evening well happy
birthday thank you

what were you doing meanwhile hopefully
you were prepping for the show while I
was off cuz I was watching football in
the beginning of the new college season
yeah okay I got to watch the Oregon rack

up 77 points Wow
doesn’t mean anything to you but it
means a lot to me but I was also trying
to follow what’s going on with brexit
which I do want to talk about for a
minute yeah and the reason is because I

didn’t realize this cuz I never I hadn’t
followed him but I’m on Twitter Boris
Johnson is doing a trump oke only he’s
up the ante I think in Trump is
following suit

Boris puts on videos he’s much like Adam
or Scott Adams or oj you mean like
really like oj like really shitty videos
they’re pretty shitty and selfish like

hey everybody so he’s got does he
actually start off with hey everybody
that would be close it’s close yeah not
quite he doesn’t have the doesn’t have

the little singing at the beginning or
oj a twitter world right so but this is
Boris Johnson this is a long clip but
and it’s a little I think it’s slightly

dull cuz he’s a Brit and so he speaks
you know with this kind of style that is
like uh but he does go on and and he
makes his case for what’s going on with
regarding Breck said it’s a little bit
bullshit we heard the Faraj clip last

show about him you know sneaking over to
Brussels trying to do a deal here is
Boris Johnson on Twitter explaining
himself hi folks a lot has happened this
week and I wanted to update you I’ve

been negotiating over the past five
weeks to get us a new deal EU leaders
were willing to negotiate a deal because
they knew were going to leave on October
the 31st Deal or No Deal last night

Jeremy Corbyn and others voted to wreck
the chance of a deal their new law tries
to force the government to go to
Brussels beg for another delay until

2024 as long as Brussels demands people
want another pointless delay but this
he’s even worse Brussels could demand

that I hand over billions of your money
in return for this pointless Alain I
refuse to do this my view is that if
Parliament tries to force another

pointless delay refused to do that
then voters should decide what happens
people can choose Jeremy Corbyn to be

Prime Minister go to Brussels on the
17th of October to delay brexit again
and do what Brussels wants all people
can choose me to go to Brussels on the

17th of October try to negotiate a new
deal and I’m confident that I can but to
leave on the 31st of October in all
circumstances so that the country can
move on last night Jeremy Corbyn voted

to stop you the public deciding this
he’s now voted to destroy the
negotiations to delay again for no
reason and to stop you deciding whether

we delay or not he sees me he doesn’t
trust you to make this decision I do
trust you it will be totally wrong for

Parliament to force another pointless
delay without your agreement so if you
want brexit sorted out before October
the 31st then please ask your MP to vote

on Monday so that you can have your say
on who goes to Brussels to sort this out
me or Jeremy Corbyn thank you now that
was actually pretty good III appreciate

what he’s doing
but where are we exactly it’s not
entirely clear to me what is the status
of everything now you know it’s not

entirely clear to me either I can say
that you know apparently they they’re
pushing and pushing and pushing to
extend date again I understand that the

his ministers have been fired just over
the last few days they’ve been firing
him left and right because they’ve been

turned codes it’s called the action
again at the end he lets you see what he
wants people to do force another
pointless delay without your agreement
so if you want brexit sorted out before
October the 31st then please ask your MP

to vote on Monday so that you can have
your say on who right so this Monday is
when the the Parliament has the vote and
then we’re and then if that law passes

then Boris is basically screwed he can’t
do anything then he’s locked out locked
in locked out yes it was lodged
somewhere all right so I think it was
comic strip bloggers of all people so

take that with the authority of which it
comes said that the plan and remember
there’s a cumberbund noah cummings is is
running the campaign that’s that’s the

guy who ran the brexit campaign that’s
the the the smartest guy in the room
type algo meister so and he’s running a
lot of this for for boris johnson and
you don’t hear much of him but

apparently the idea is for Boris to
refuse the law be held in contempt
that’s what he hinted at in that in the
little Twitter speech and then go to

jail and then the Queen would pardon him
he’d come out and then he could do
whatever we do because the date has
passed and he is in charge somehow so
there’s something that’s like some

strategy which sounded pretty wild to me
mmm no I don’t know it’s a pause I mean
there’s all kinds of possible isn’t is
not beyond Boris Johnson to pull a wild

it would make things a little more
exciting yeah cuz this is not really
working for me we don’t have a penis I
can just get this another vote coming up

and this was B you got your prediction
on the line what that Boris won’t make
it happen yeah that’s my prediction he
will not make it happen
you see I had a

was this of course what more interesting
to me is the propaganda that goes around
and this was a piece where was this from
I think this might have been BBC of

course this is about the settled status
scheme for those who are not Brits
living in or who are you citizens I
should say living in the UK but don’t

have don’t have the proper paperwork
possibly to stay after brexit so they
bring out this this woman who’s on her
from the East Bloc country she’s been

married to a guy she lives in Bristol
they have a son together and she’s
worried about what’s gonna happen to her
and there’s this whole in the report
with just no words that the music goes
down a little bit and they put a title

on the lower third which I will read for
you after the bit passes I’ll go back
and read it to you so you know why this
is the kind of bullshit they’re doing
they’re worried about my future worry

about the future of my children what
will happen to me on the first of
November what will happen to them
why is impact on them as well it’s also
a feeling of being rejected true to the

country in your own home I’ve been
living in the UK for 16 years I’ve I see
same employer for 15 years and I’m
married to an Englishman actually
applied day mainly to boat and salty and

sinking hey let’s celebrate his birthday
and celebrate my social status
so here’s this hole in the report and so
what she’s saying is you know I’ve been

here for 16 years I’ve been employed for
15 years my little boy turned 13 is like
oh I’m gonna celebrate my my official
status before any price he’s burst and
sedated prepped my safety status

Lily’s application had insufficient
evidence to be instantly approved in
other words she had no right to be there
but okay I never actually see what
happened to me I feel that my voice is
not being heard I think my voice in

their voice is three million in you
citizen living here it’s not being
helped no one is asking us how it’s
impacting on us on a day-to-day life on
on mental health I want to remain

positive self lost trust lost trust
so they’re using these sob stories and
get everybody into the right mood oh we

can’t this is no good the poor woman oh
no meanwhile ain’t UK a plan for all we
know she works for a public-relations

they just saying this is all malarkey
absolutely think about
the business the United States could do
with the United Kingdom if they were
freed from the EU and Trump is doing all
cases now we have 20 was it tariffs a

hundred percent tariffs on dairy goods
and even some Gouda cheese which is kind
of upsetting to me it’s one of my my my

pain sources a protein
yeah so that’s GU sanctions going up I
think with the US and in the UK could
have fantastic trade we could yeah we

could make them our manufacturing base
but those Brits to work yeah we’re gonna
put them Mexicans back to work
oh really yeah that’s what it looks like
in a sense some Canadians – but they’re

it’s just this whole thing is just just
dragging on too long I can’t believe the
public they’re good where’s the redo
that’s what they’re gonna have to do

yeah it’s the dwell on the 19th of
October they have the 9th of October
yes the 19th of October is another March
the people’s vote March and they’re

pushing that big so I think that’s
that’s the plan the 17th they’re all
back the 19th we have the end is this
will be a big protest let me see

because this is it’s like it’s like the
the people’s vote March that was a who
was sponsoring that last time with all
these those professional signs
I don’t know it’s probably some French

company yeah miss yeah I do have a
report from PBS and the miner brexit
protests that are taking place now
they’re expected to grow on a second
what’s it which is this – Rex protests

dueling marches collided in London’s
Parliament today one side in favor and
the other side against the UK leaving
the European Union without a deal

members of the pro brexit Democratic
Football lads Alliance clashed with the
anti brexit group March for change
European Union flags waved besides a
flying beer can police managed to keep

the two groups apart the UK’s departure
from the EU under a no deal brexit is
still set for October 31st but debate
continues in Parliament okay here it is
it’s the the people’s vote Saturday 19th

October 2019 London people’s vote March
let us be heard
and 15 towns and cities across the

country culminating an enormous historic
march in London October 19th because it
is now clear that this is a crisis that
cannot be settled let me see FAQ say
whose no funny doesn’t really say who’s

behind this but when you hit the donate
button which is usually what I like to
hit first
you’re hardly gonna believe this chip in

whatever you can afford
towards the March now they’re using the
chip in language so they probably got
the same consultants yeah the same

people who writes the nation builder is
nation builder isn’t that a part of
share blue probably then share blue and
these guys room and the American

Democrats are all against the idea of
brexit because it really slows down the
progress through one-world government
yeah which is where and we’re supposed
to be that’s a real target and that’s

gonna take a while and you can’t do it
with stuff like brexit yeah
drawing this makes a mess and now god
now we got to go to truth what we’re
gonna do about that
yeah it’s a fly in the ointment

yeah nation builder started in 2008
surprise surprise
from some of the Obama people there you
go that’s where it’s all coming from

yes Errol but I think they’ll get a lot
of traction I think there will be a lot
of people marching whether there are or
not it will be portrayed as millions

let’s put a number on it
I would say they’re going to say
something like over tootin must be good
has to be good no I don’t believe this
okay but give us a never I have my

number they would have to say three
million people nationwide or something
of this ilk
so not just love that’s hedging but okay
I’m gonna say there’s a half a million

people half a million will be the number
they used and it’s gonna be in London
you know it’ll be all footage from
London but they have to go bigger than a
million because they’ve already done

that done that one before so it has to
go a little further I don’t think
they’re gonna take and pull it off I
think they can say half a million it’ll
get the same impact I don’t think you
need to say a million half a million
marching in London’s a lot of people

well bottom line a long long bottle
running two million you know to make a
number make it happen
Hong Kong is great we are doing such a
good job in Hong Kong now we’ve we’ve

moved it we’ve we’ve shifted everything
to pull my goodness it’s not just that
people don’t want the Chinese government

they want murca testers are taking their
demands straight to the US consulate
huge crowds are gathered now a head of
an authorized march to the consulate
building it is the 14th straight weekend

of demonstrations many are waving
American flags these are live live video
we have for you right now and they hope

their pleas for democracy will resonate
with Americans on Saturday the US
defense secretary urged China’s
government to show restraint in dealing
with the protest movement there are more

American flags in this live video we’re
showing you now and they’re singing the
national anthem and they’re waving the
flags I mean this is it’s been a while
since you’ve seen protesters in another

country saying we want America to step
in how on 21st century is that no one
says that anymore orchestrating that but
that takes a lot of nerve its foot spa I

think is the term yeah wave these flags
and say you want us come on then you
think brexit is a bunch of phony baloney

these reports are not people have
serious issues and they’re very pissed
off and maybe they are extremely
frustrated and all they can can hope for
is that somehow the united states does

something to help them because it’s no
joke what they’re going through no I
hear something bad more normalized
report I do have which is from CBC which

is in other words doesn’t really talk
about the American aspect but is it but
it’s pretty complete report which is
unusual for CBC Hong Kong report but

let’s turn now to Hong Kong where it is
already Saturday morning it’s also where
officials are bracing for yet another
weekend of protests
setting the stage protesters trashed a

subway station overnight an act of
destruction aimed at disrupting traffic
to the airport it wasn’t supposed to be
like this protesters filling the streets

and taunting police the police shooting
back with rubber bullets the concession
by Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam this past
week was supposed to leave most people

satisfied angrier than before why
because we know it’s a lie it is a lie
she’s trying to do something she’s

trying to this is trying to divide us
and we’re not going to let that happen
instead tonight’s crowd seemed united
further demanding that Lam call an

independent inquiry into perceived
police brutality something she has
but the protesters refused to forget
this scene from last week beatings in

the subway by police looking for them
this man too afraid of police to reveal
his identity got in the way today he
showed a handful of reporters his

bruises he insists he was just a
oh dialed a sundial dick I was pushed to
the floor and beaten with their batons
he says called a cockroach payal pooja
that anger spilled onto the streets here

again tonight met with police warning
flags moving away from the police
station right now there’s been a black
flag meeting tear gas is coming at an

orange flag meaning there could be
shooting right now they’re trying to get
everybody who doesn’t have here doesn’t
have equipment out of the danger zone
indeed the tear gas came quickly after

as did more shots the police did manage
to regain control of the streets but as
they left cheers from bystanders showed
they have not regained Hong Kong’s

now we have one of our producers wrote a
nasty note in saying you know this is
interesting and all but why is there so

much emphasis just on these Hong Kong
trees when the yellow vest revolution in
France has been going on consistently
predating this yes and continuing to

this day and there is zero news coverage
of it
he’s leading him to believe that this is
like you know staged and not staged by
any means and so far as it being a fake

but staged by the American public
relations machinery to be promoted oh oh
of course it was just to embarrass China
well we have to we have to promote the

right story at the right time yes and
there’s nothing to do there’s nothing
good about these protests in other parts
of the world which are going on and I
mean there’s nothing good that can come

of it for us as a you know in general
well let’s be factual there’s this is
only about what we’re shown and that’s a
downside to the to the type of show we

do is we can really only respond to what
is out there although again I’m dipping
more into podcasts and other alternative
forms of media because it’s so boring so
boring what the mainstream is doing and

it’s just over it just to just
regurgitate same story do it again you
see the same thing at every news outlet
bang bang bang exactly the same thing
it’s like you brought that up with the

sharpie gate and how is this a new story
at all hmm it’s not this should not be
the leader should not be the lead when
people are being decimated the
decimation of Nova Scotia and then there

was this report I had and of course I
can’t try it anymore and I won’t try it
bridge if I is the app of choice now for
the Hong Kong protesters since they won
that they were they were doing using all

kinds of different apps to communicate
with each other the smartest one I
thought was Pokemon Pokemon go where
they were using the DM feature a chat

feature to communicate but now now
using bridge Fi which is a Bluetooth
peer-to-peer a chat app which I don’t
know and again I can’t try it I don’t I

will not to try it on anything I have
I’d like to know how it works I mean
what’s going I what else is it talking
to doesn’t she
they think it keeps them safe now I
don’t see how it keeps them safe is

there some kind of encryption can you
identify people could a could could a a
law enforcement official come in and
listen along I don’t know but the idea
is cool but I mean bluetooth is one of

the number one snooping mechanisms used
at retail get your Bluetooth on Oh we
know exactly who you are
all that data is known

don’t know yeah well maybe one of our
producers give it a shot or maybe we
have someone at home or just break it
down for us and yeah I would like to you
know a plenty of guys can do that yeah I

just I can’t contaminate my cloaked
iPhones loved ones use Tina’s gear I
tell you she hates the fact that she has
to have gear but you know her job

requires her to have some stuff with her
on the phone and worse but I’m always
like hey try this said no no he’s taking
most things off that she really doesn’t

need but she has to have the source of
social media apps on to complete the job
but no thanks maybe I’ll ask the
millennial oh that’s the Millennial

she’ll do it the millenials don’t be
glad she got this app which is the 5%
Club which actually kind of like this
when you can enter a special chat room
when you’re when your iPhone battery is

below 5% and just have people chatted
with each other but I’m at 4% now I’m
about to go about to go out in flames
and then and they have this these huge

rallies around people dying that would
really their battery going with them
kind of dying in real time Armageddon is
upon us
this is silliest thing I’ve ever heard

it’s it’s funny in a way but yeah it
just goes to show and wrapping up this
first hour with a few unhoused pieces I

told you about the Town Hall that we had
in Austin which was at Edwards
University and again the mayor was there

and a couple of council members and it
was not quite as clean as little rowdier
than we thought or the previous previous
town halls had been and I said that

there was someone who got kicked out it
was actually
oh and Schroyer from Infowars who does
what i said he has a show on the War
Room I think is what it’s called and I

want to play two pieces here one is and
this did make as parts of it made the
news but not not asthma not the full
minute where he’s just sitting there
he’s got is he’s got a camera he’s got

his Infowars Mike and he just stands up
and starts yelling at everybody and I
thought it was kind of cool
a program that I think helps point

directions where we need to go I can’t
take this anymore nothing is gonna
change in this city with meetings like
this this is pathetic
nothing is going to change in this city

with meetings like this and leaders like
this this is pathetic how many times
because of bad leadership nothing is

gonna change in this city or your city
with this bad leadership this is
this is pathetic nothing is going to
change in this city and notice how every

city he mentioned is run by Democrats
Democrats do this to cities nothing is
going to change in this city with this
leadership nothing now I like this

because the the expression on the on the
the mayor’s face and the councillors is

one of total
non lack of understand ah – that someone
would do this in their holy presence you

can see them they’re like oh my god how
dare this peasant and you can really see
it and what I like about this it’s an
old tactic is it does sometimes spur

other people on to take a little more
aggressive stance such as this young
lady with double privilege

now when you get a double privileged

minority and a woman who we’re not gonna
throw her out we’re gonna listen to what
she has to say so now will it help
doubtful no of course not it’s rich but
thank goodness people are pissed off you

know that are there any meetings in
California that have people angry you
never see it well then they’ll put it
out but it happens all the time it’s
constant you’re screaming at each other

in the Oakland City Council they’re
screaming at each other Berkeley they’re
screaming at each other in San Francisco
in each other we need some reports we
need to know how to do it you know how
not to do it I think the guy from info

world wars has the right idea and they
triggered the other woman which is
perfect as they’re doing it fine they’re
couple of bills going through the
through the House of Representatives to

amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986
to allow for non-recognition of gain on
real property sold for use as affordable
housing so they’re still trying to do

the housing thing so it’s the affordable
housing incentives Act I know really
avoid zero asked me to please post a

link in the show notes which I have done
under the unhoused topic to the hobo
ethics code because people should be
living by that this was from the 1889
national hobo convention in st. Louis

Missouri you remember it John it must
have been a good time it was great
it’s the ethical bozo it’s the ethical
code created by the tourist Union and it
has things like decide your own life

then like a tourist a mean hobos yes
well that’s what hobos were back in the
day there were the the National
Authority burrs their neighbors who are
camping neighbors who were camping next
to your house I have a look at that the

hobos ethic code which has it doesn’t
even come close to how the hobos are
treating our cities now but yeah yeah
they used to have a code yeah yeah I was

like be helpful don’t get in the way
don’t do crappy stuff so now they’ve
dare if they feel entitled Oh totally
when Jung jungling in town which I guess

is what panhandling used to be called
respect handouts do not wear them out
another hobo will be coming along who
will need them as bad if not worse than

you always respect nature do not leave
garbage where you are jungling may be
jungle from jungling jungling jungle
jungling yes if in a community jungle
always where the chance attend city yes

jungling try to stay clean boil up
wherever possible when traveling ride
your train respectfully take no personal
chances cause no problems with the
operating crew or host railroad act like

an extra crew member but there’s all
kinds of fine things to adhere to as a
hobo well this proves that this problem
is not new oh heck no so if it’s not new

why is it such a problem now in certain
specific Democrat run cities like San
Francisco and Austin and Seattle it
appears because at Portland they want to

transition people from hobos to Camping
neighbors I think that’s where the
problem started
it doesn’t solve it doesn’t solve

anything for them
what there’s something else that’s
that’s bothersome minutes going on and I
can’t put my finger on what it is but

this it’s too coincidental that we have
these and I don’t want to just call out
the Democrats on this but these cities
are all run by Democrats now they all
have this prop the same exact problem

and they’re all it can’t do anything
about it but this problem has been
around forever and it’s always been
dealt with in one way or another
usually enforcement does part of it to
hold that if somebody breaks your car

window like in San Francisco maybe it
should be taken up by the police and
maybe the guy who obviously did it
because he’s walking up the street
it could be arrested and something could
be done about it but no the lawn for a

car window no no big deal
the law enforcement has been neutered
they can’t do anything and that that’s
consistent maybe this bill this
affordable housing incentive Zach maybe
that has something to do with it when

you think about the answer to and I can
only speak about Austin but I think the
same is the same for other cities where
this is happening Portland Los Angeles
San Francisco Seattle you can keep going
it’s always the answers always I’ll need

more housing more affordable housing
housing and what happens is you create
the affordable housing which the young
people move into because they can’t
afford what’s going on and then the

rents the revenues for people who own
and lease out real estate it just keep
making more money so that’s the only
some house a real estate scam it seems
like a real estate scam and this Housing

Act with no capital gains taxes could be
part of that that would expect so and I
were recalling the reports that we have
here was ID not recording but local news

reports oh the run of the problems with
the homelessness is because no one can
afford a home in San Francisco where the
median house price and they say this the
meat is a good number the median house
prices sandwich this goes 1.1 million

yeah well that’s got nothing to do with
homelessness nobody can afford those
kinds of rates unless you’re you know
that’s why most people don’t live in San
unless it’s you know you he’s just not

or double at all but would but it’s not
affordable a lot of places not
affordable in Beverly Hills they don’t
have a homeless encampment there well I
think they’ve specific city ordinances

there so yeah and their real estate
market is tightly controlled they got it
all they they don’t need to have more
real estate to sell Austin is it is a
fantastically expanding city and yeah

you just have to think that this is all
a big real estate scam keep saying the
answer is affordable huh oh my gosh now
they’re camping everywhere because we

drop the ordinance we need to speed up
affordable housing housing we need to
get more money we need to raise more
money how can we see it any other way as
a real estate scam

the problem was it being a real estate
scam is that this is an unhealthy
condition they’re creating well as the
former New York banker said things are

so great they don’t give a shit
hahahaha we got people pooping on the
street who cares ok and we’re doing
great we don’t live in the city
well there’s that I think there’s some

truth to that I hate to do this on a
sour note but with that I do want to
thank you for your courage and say in
the morning to you the man who put the C
and the D in these Centers for Disease
Control John C Devore in the morning you

mr. editor in the morning all ships at
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value for value network which I do want

to talk about later but these are things
that people do to help us out including
what our artists will do an artist make
album art for our podcast so that it’s

different with every episode it has
shown to be very effective
with getting people’s attention and for
the fourth this is I don’t know if we’ve
had this happen before four times in a

row now one artist the one and only
Darren O’Neill has score JJ did this
this was well now we had quite a combo
quite a combo about this and by the way

the title of the show was generational
justice and Darren’s artwork was a
typical well I said it was just

interesting was the no vaping papers
sign of the bathroom which did relate to
the show but there was a number there
was a number of things and we have the

trifecta that we that we’d like to pull
together which is the opening clip we
want a title and we want a piece of art
and if at all possible we don’t want
them to be the same name be the same and

no crossing over now you wanted and I
had this okay so there are two pieces of
art we liked a lot I liked the Nick the
rat where the kids was drowning under a

sea of lies
um which would be the climate hoax and
you made a compelling argument to say
it’s just not a great idea to have

drowning kids as our artwork yes that
was and you could really argue that I
couldn’t made similar points but I could
argue against your chosen title which is
bongo bongo land I had was an error in

judgment but but let’s let’s go back to
Bongo Bongo land which was my choice for
a title and I said that’s an incredibly
racist thing that Brits like to say we

never knew this
yes Bongo Bongo it was just kind of an
offhanded thing that this guy was
bitching about on hoodoo because it came
from a clip Bongo land yeah and I
thought it was the funniest thing I’ve

ever heard because it’s so ludicrous
these stupid sounding and it turns out
if you do some work and do some research
as rude as I’ll do right now well you
can just go to Wikipedia there’s not a
hell of a lot of research yes no there’s
something good into Wikipedia that talks

about this let me see if I can find it
in British English Bongo Bongo land is a
pejorative term used to refer to
third-world countries particularly in
Africa or to a fictional such country

and when did this start spoil this is
the problem there’s no clear-cut there’s
no clear-cut went 85 when Bongo Bonga

line came up and they think it was name
they think it may have been let me see
if I can find this or the president yeah
yeah this one the president of Gabon

Omar Bongo was his actual name yeah one
of these guys one of the Alan Clark a
conservative I prefer to Gabbana’s Bongo
Bongo land because it was this guy’s

country Omar Bongo yeah when that just
deteriorated apparently oh yeah well the
thing is you you kind of have to give up
it’s like decimated you know we can

bitch all we want but people now use it
to mean total destruction and Bongo
Bongo land is just a racist term well so
he didn’t use I mean that’s not racist
yes go ahead so the point is is this one

of the things we recognized about the
show I mean the two of us are different
personalities but we both have a were
scoot enough off of each other that we
can spot the you know the errors yes we

both goodness yes thank goodness like I
would have used Bongo Bongo land and
everyone we’ve been condemning me but no
I can and then he would have used the

drowning child which was another didn’t
take much convincing for me to agree
that probably wasn’t a great I see if
we’re drowning children on the front of

our podcast hello was a good piece of
art Nick technically Nick should have
had that that piece because it was a
good piece it worked but it was it would

it just had that element that was not
not appropriate so yeah and there were
there were other ones but these were
really the the toppers and I really
appreciate the work that everybody does

on this and this value for value system
is just something I wanted to pause for
just for a second there was an article
about this that I that I tweeted about
and very few people understood what I

was saying surprisingly a lot of
big-time producers of this show also got
enamoured by the technology of it and

didn’t really understand the point pod
pass proposal for an open protocol to
enable direct listener relationships and
to summarize pod pass is a technical way

we’ll stop you’re not backing up enough
I’ve known his pot password to come from
why are you talking about that’s what
I’m just about to explain it I said pod

pass is a technical way and you told me
to back up what would fall back you want
me to go where did you run into this
word is it about I mean hot pass is a
proposed protocol to enable podcasters

to make money without ie
disintermediating patreon and other
companies like this and I read their

paper and I thought it was ID for one
thing you’re gonna have to explain what
this is in the first place because this
made zero sense to me any of it and I
thought that they were kind of

encouraging people to still use patreon
so the so they’re they’re proposing the
solidification of a model and the part
that I liked is they say hey people are

having a hard time making money with
advertising on podcast duh ok you could
have called me I would have told you
that so they say the way it seemed the
way it seems to work which you and I

disagree with is to give away free
content that people can listen to freely
and then have special membership bonus
and premium content yeah

which behind the special pay wall now
why is this nowhere how we’re
disagreeing on this well let me finish
ok you and I aren’t disagreeing but I
said yeah we disagreed no I said people

who produce this podcast not you not a
producer oh no this this this whole
Premium Member so my point was it’s not
about a technical solution while I’m all

for disintermediating patreon and having
you get the money yourself
does is something very very very evil
and it’s the same thing that iTunes did

with music they unbundled the album and
sold each track for $0.99 making a song
which takes a shitload of work for most

into a 99-cent piece of fucking candy
and so what these guys are saying is huh
due to your podcast it has zero value
nothing no value at all and then for $5

a month you can get all this other stuff
like this is the worst artificial
marketing in the world it does not let

people determine the true value of the
product and that’s what the value for
value model does many people are even
Chris Wilson while we can do it with

this in JavaScript it’s not about the
technology please see it’s a dead-end
it’s okay why would even if you’re
making a hundred million dollars off of
your premium content why would you

continue to make the shitty no value
content which everyone else can get it’s
stupid it’s not the way to do it
a thing that comes and goes which is

this oh why don’t you do I mean it would
work by the way with D H unplugged
Horowitz and I and I could explain how
it would work there but in 99.999% stock
tips is a little different stock tips is

different but on most shows you have
your content and then there’s and you
see this on patron o become a patreon
and then you can see our special content
and they have like a little 10 minute

bit that they do this that’s outside
their show and who do people who told us
that we should have done this before and
I always have the same response why what
exactly are we gonna do a second little

show that only a few people listen to
that might have important content that
now we may have to refer to and that
nobody else ever heard I mean you can’t
have these these these these mystery

shows out in the middle of nowhere where
you have you have references because of
the shows this show is like a tangle of
news analysis that goes back for a
decade a decade over that has you can’t

say well they’re not in the show that
nobody heard and you can’t hit you have
no access to we we already discussed
this topic I mean if this makes zero
sense they have this special little show

then nobody gets to hear or except a few
people yeah and they but they’ve the
patreon people are suckers for this I
don’t know that anybody even if you sign
up for for example bryony’s

congressional dish mm-hmm to listen to a
show this is free me so she of premium
episodes please tell me she doesn’t do
that I don’t know that she doesn’t does
it but I think she offers something a
little you know one of the after-hours

kind of thing bill you know after the
show bill mark continues on the podcast
doing this show which is also free bill
maher I don’t think it’s free you have
to be a patreon I mean that but the
patreon people all’s yeah I know

Tom area oh you just you get this you
get that you get to listen to this you
would never get to listen to otherwise
it makes no sense to do that
you’re hiding content from people why
are you doing a show and then hiding

most of it from the from your main show
putting a little-bitty ten minutes of
something else on the side
whereas these knock tips it makes sense
but everything else it makes zeroes well
that’s because it can be translated

directly to money and this our show
gives people lots of stock tips without
even knowing and I got an email from a
guy who said the minute you guys were
talking about jewel and the AH tria
acquisition is I bought stock in a tree

immediately and I’m doing great then he
says he’s gonna donate but you know
that’s the kind of stuff we want to help
with but it never shows the true value
this is and that’s why I was surprised

that people got into huge technical
conversations when I clearly said you
what you want if you want the market you
want the people who produce the show
with you to determine the value and it’s

ok if it’s nothing it’s ok if it’s one
dollar a year it’s ok if it’s a hundred
thousand it’s up to you and that keeps
everything and everybody honest

particularly when we just tell you
everything transparently out in the open
which I think we should do right now
well we could and we guys should mention
another thing that bothers me since

we’re on the grousing mode about regular
you know the podcast don’t be led astray
when there’s a great way to do it and
people get first this is the old let’s
here’s your offer you can subscribe for

two dollars a month it’s it’s like why
are you limiting people to to anything
let alone two I mean this is so

old-fashioned it’s not it’s not like a
magazine where you know this costs are
all valid you can say well the magazine
it costs two dollars and forty-five
cents a month or two dollars and 47

cents because you have the numbers down
it’s like the two dollars a month of
movie what are you trying to accomplish
why don’t you let people pick their own
damn number and it turns out that’s what
you want and you have people picking

numbers that are sometimes oh by the way
by the way the month as I’ve been
studying my Marshall McLuhan and I’ve
been watching after the last episode I
had no idea that you would studied him

started reasoning understanding media we
have we and when I say we not you and I
the no agenda family then all no agenda
producers in Gitmo nation have succeeded

in converting money into content
and that’s because of this model it’s
not something we intended but when you

see how people use numerology specific
donation amounts they’ve you’ve turned a
transaction into content it’s
mind-blowing except that no one really

sees it that way we see it that way
that’s something that is not done
anywhere well I think it was intentional
by owlets our first guy is anonymous in
Austin Texas 1011 dollars and 12 cents

and he you send a check in it with his
note a friend of mine hit me in the
mouth when he invited me to the Austin
meetup last March by the time I arrived
at the meetup I had only listened to

about 15 minutes of the no agenda show I
was not really impressed with the show
but curious
well 15 minutes is not gonna I’m also
curious what show he listened to 15

minutes but ok didn’t continue it can
happen the shows you know as boring I
did meet open-minded people at the
meetup the way he was curious enough to

go to the meetup I thought that’s kind
of weird I mean how do you know about
the media he says a buddy of his dragged
him to the meter ok I got it I’m sorry
I’m not paying attention to what I’m
reading I didn’t meet open-minded people

of course and the group was impressed
with the show but
what made the meet-up and the group was
oh and the group was energetic sorry no
nonetheless had no interest in the two
celebrity Yahoo’s that everyone was

fawning over oh thanks for fawning over
us that’s the celebrity Yahoo’s yep it
says I’ll be me I guess not – celebrity
says – celebrity Yahoo’s hmm unless

you’re two people after the meetup I
gave her it’s this and they would like
to support it by becoming a knight so he
starts off with a big donation so this
is right off the pot but I have the bat

here I find it the only thing that I
regularly listen to now we hook the show
notes are great I consider any
commentary that doesn’t reference

sources just a bunch of hot air hats off
to the best podcasters in the universe
please Knight me as you get your pen out
oh yes you get your pen out it I think
he’s on the list but he did this has the

extra here please Knight be Sir Henry a
flower-filled at the round table please
include a lactating wench and a rack of
lamb lactating winch and a rack of well

he he certainly has slipped into the
community with some comfort yeah no they
would like a little karma that would be
concluded well fantastic thank you very

much sir to be and
it’s your little car me didn’t ask for a
goat karma so we’ll just hand out some
straight up and down
you’ve got karma and I’ll see you at the

night table the round table sir Vito
meanwhile from Evergreen Colorado thinks
the show is worth three hundred thirty
three dollars and 33 cents
just spent eight hours at booth 33 at

the Evergreen chili cookout to fundraise
for local first responders got the
message signed up for the NOAA J no
agenda social immediately thanks for my

last jobs karma the new gig started nine
weeks ago your pal sir Vito
congratulations sir Vito and so there’s
a perfect example of a darned sorry
about that

jinxed so there it is there’s a
transaction as content three three three
three three he got a 33 he got the
signed up for no agenda social by the
way no agenda social calm some people

have said well I don’t want to be a part
of something that censors because
they’ve read something about Mastodon
and Mastodon itself Mastodon dot social
says we don’t publish any nazi websites

good runes just cuz they don’t list them
doesn’t mean that we don’t work and
doesn’t work perfectly so your what
everyone’s welcome to join no agenda

social calm thank you sir veto that’s
really appreciated first social
executive producer be Michael Howie in
Calgary Alberta $265 or throw this D key

these guys had a meet up this is the
first Calvary meet up last night yeah
yeah they had a whole bunch of people
there so this three hundred fifty these

guys be bumped up to the executive level
yeah because they came in we’re gonna
fifty cat donation in the name of the
first Calgary meetup from last night
great group including three nights and
two games I think the men taenia Singh

yeah but says games CAD fifty of the
donation came from fifty fifty dollars
of this donation I came from Graham
Erica who were there at the meet up yeah

there was a one of the guys from
America tweeted a picture of him with my
head on a stick and he said Oh at least
I got to interview Adam at the Meetup so
didn’t you just do them no no I have to

do it buddy but you know it’s always
Saturday to somebody else then you just
do something
No I thought you did no no they right
America wants me to kinda and I have to

go on it’s just their timing is always
11 p.m. Saturday nights it’s like no
Saturday night and I just got paid just
have recorded any time
nothing to it no apparently not ah

dammit our lambs Idol this 201 dollars
an 11 cents
hi Lou Jon and Adam my name is hunter a
24 year old originally from the desert
in Southern California played college

baseball at North West Missouri and I’ve
been listening for about a year and I’d
like to note that my Uncle John and
South Carolina introduced me to the show
and glad to say that I’m no longer a

douche bag but I must say you two are
the only true place of news anymore I
finally said enough is enough I have to
give back I’m migrating back west and my
siblings in Phoenix here in the 16th of

September and would love some jobs karma
and a recent college graduate looking
for a career oh he is a recess anyone
needs a rare and a type of millennial in

the area let me know and he does have a
yeah why don’t you if you have something
here’s the tough email address so email
me like I said you people play it

backwards I wanted it looks like is that
it is that yes 5 2 8 4 2 1 s 5 5 2 8 4 2
1 at Northwest Missouri dot edu or NW

Missouri edu anyway thanks again yes it
is so I think he also deserves a
deducing of this is his first his first
donation and he wanted to sing and a run

a jobs and a job scarper jobs and jobs

Paul crow crow Schulich 201 dollars
Paul crow Schulich a Discover credit
card has a 5% rebate on paypal so I
thought by an associate executive

producer credit yeah five five back 5%
back Wow
5% yeah that’s a good deal it is
I know I’ve always thought about getting

one of those I don’t like cards thank
you very much Paul thanks Paul
Matthew low more $200
he’s mine mind adding myself the 11th
for birthday and my mother the 12th for

the birthday for this show wanted to add
this on the note but don’t know if I
screwed up or PayPal changed the ability
to send notes with donations well 73 73
s to you kilo 5 alpha Charlie Charlie

you’re on the list
Dame Pamela yeah Haig in Allegheny New
York 200 jingles Trump spaceforce and
shut up stop laughing and go karma

please I’ve been inspired by your
situations in Austin to San Francisco
your new exit strategy is this create an
uber type system in which drivers answer
calls from people who want to remove

people experiencing homelessness from
the community
the driver is then directed to take this
person’s or person to one of the upscale
communities please pitch in an extra $15

per person to give them a meal and a
large cardboard box pamela egg from
Allegheny New York that’s a great idea
sign up to my app it’s like hey you want

you want some food yeah we laugh but
it’s not really funny but he’ll what a

great idea
buddy yeah you laugh what does she know
she needs her jingles and a goat Karma
well thank you very much Dame Pamela
support and exit ideas always appreciate

long enough why are you are laughing
shut up you’ve got a lesson our list
with $200 is Anoushka

blick warty in Lafayette California and
she sent a note in that check wishing
you a hip hip hurrah and give something

in Suzhou Lindo in Dutch I woke up here
hora and give Felicia tower he people
die for fairly see tears exactly yeah
from a fellow Virgo who has been hit in

the mouth by my sister Julie Bleeker
with his probably new shit as a guy not
a girl possibly I’m guessing I’m
guessing maybe by my sister Julie Blake
from heemstede Haim Schneider him state

Ames this summer yeah he missed ADA of
2017 I’m a bit over doing donations so
here’s my birthday gift to Adam and the

show and as I can I get my smoking-hot
husband not is a woman yep I knew it
anooshka that’s a woman’s name I cannot
get my smoking-hot husband this is an
interesting dilemma

I cannot get my smoking-hot husband to
get hooked on no agenda he will for sure
not request a happy birthday wish to
surprise me when listening to the show
this Sunday therefore I’m asking for a

happy 55th birthday wish for myself on
September 7th hoping Adam will share the
Dutch way of celebrating birthdays again
oh boy the good Dutch accent please I
have to put it on the list now if I wait

a second what is his name Anushka
Anushka blick warty – DISA – name her
last name is blick BL i spell it

b li ke – hmm w AR dy
bleak Vardi wasn’t what phenom is that
now she’s married to some guy who’s 50

thanks to the guy okay we do that we do
you’re very happy he people are today

for you great fantastic and that is our
last associate executive producer want
to thank everybody for helping produce
show produce show 1171 yes and for all
who and for all who have donated in this

segment in this first segment we like to
do it like Hollywood these the amounts
that get you an executive producer ship
or an associate executive producer for
this very show for episode 1171 it’s a

title that you can use and can display
proudly put it into your CV your bio put
on LinkedIn it people do respond to the
title executive producer if there’s any

ever any question will vouch for you
with great Glee and if you would like to
support us please remember us for our
show on Sunday just go to the main
Thursday I mean the second Thursday of

the week that’s what I’m talking about
and of course you learned that
transactions can’t be content is this we
go out we hit people in the mouth


I’m always confused with what the day is
we’re talking about the you had that
little I saw you stuck in there I have
one I took Boris Johnson as a little

twittering I I sold one the best I could
do I don’t think I have anything better
than okay end of show I saw now she can
give it a shot
thank you it’s pretty simple I actually
had one let me see

I had an ISO and now I don’t know where
it’s gone it was part of a different hmm
well I
while you’re doing that I do a

contrasting Boris on Twitter to Trump
cuz he’s like a trump clone hmm
Trump is also decided to put more videos
on the Twitter but and I don’t think

they’re quite as good as the Boris
Twitter because this is essentially
clips but here’s the truck
here’s the Trump example of him on
Twitter he talking it was just announced
that we had a record-setting jobs report

for the month of August and
african-american jobs were the lowest
unemployment rate in the history of our
likewise Hispanic job report just came

out lowest unemployment rate in the
history of our country the women are
doing great
Asians also lowest in the history of our
country it’s incredible what’s happening

our economy is strong our country is
great we’ve never been at a better
more people are working today in the
United States than at any time in the
history of our country almost 160

million people so to all fellow American
citizens I say one simple word
congratulations isn’t it fantastic
though because we kind of gloss over it

because we’ve been through it now for
four years that that the President of
the United States that the Prime
Minister of the United Kingdom surpassed

the entire system the editing the sound
byte culture the
you know the really suppression or
amplification of news that matters to

certain stakeholders and it goes
straight to the people that is something
we just have to stop and admire for a
moment yeah that is really the meaning
of our existence eventually well now

that may be true
I found the I so I wanted to play for
you it actually pertains to the unhoused
KFI in Los Angeles think isn’t KFI are
they Stanford Los Angeles 50,000 Watts

Bowery KFI so they’re doing they do a
morning show and if you and I were doing
a morning show in Los Angeles you know
that we would already have come up with
hey John let’s have the Monday morning

poop report yeah and you talk about what
poop is on the street is cetera so yeah
so they have one of the mixtures around
Moke the website in the Instagram for
KFI and John Cobell took some pictures

of the homeless encampment oh what a
mile or two from your home yeah my wife
called me this morning says it’s really
bad today and she ended up stepping in
some poop because she went to a
hairdresser appointment down the block

and she saw the guy who’d made the Pope
he was still him standing nearby pulling
his pants up so it was a fresh loaf on
the ground so I thought the ISO would be
fresh loaf on the ground that’s quite
good that’s quite the good I say please

this is going too far
oh speaking of speaking of poop I have
our guy

who’s the the reporter that sounds so
constipated Oh Jeff pajayjays yes yes
yes there’s one of the best reporters
I’ve concluded I’ve said this before

this year it’s herbed about you calling
him constipated I think he’s really when
he does some of the best packages
they’re very objective and he’s not like
a douche I’ve never said he wasn’t
objective or wasn’t good and there was a

very underreported story about some
sabotage on an American airliner which

if had gone undetected by the air crew
could have had disastrous results an
American Airlines mechanic appeared in
Miami court today after being charged

with sabotaging a jetliner the plane was
filled with passengers and set to
takeoff Jeff the gaze on what happened
next at 10:30 a.m. on July 17th American
Airlines flight 28 n 30 a.m. on July 17

American Airlines flight 28 34 pulled
out of gay 49 at Miami International

Airport headed for the Bahamas but the
pilots noticed a problem and as the

plane with a hundred and fifty people
aboard moved into position on the runway
they were forced to turn around
investigators say American Airlines
mechanic Abdul Wahid Maroof Ahmed Aulani

who appeared in a Florida Court today
was seen on surveillance video tampering
with the planes navigation systems just
an hour before it was scheduled to

depart the investigators say aloni who’s
worked for Americans since 1988 said
that he tried to sabotage the plane
because he was upset about a stalled
contract dispute between his Union and

American Airlines and that it had
affected him financially investigators
say that aloni told them that he hoped
that by sabotaging the plane he would
get overtime to fix it American Airlines

calls all of this disturbing and says
it is cooperating with investigators
Nora deeply disturbing fresh loaf on the
ground deeply disturbing I think it’s

very disturbing and you hear a name
which I think should have raised some
I can’t even repeat that guy’s name it

goes on for days yeah I mean it’s it’s
obviously bigoted and it’s targeting a
certain group but yeah when it comes to
Airlines yeah you have to kind of think
that way since 9/11

man oh we’re coming up on that 911 again
aren’t we well this guy’s logic this
this mechanic’s logic is really sick he
sees always over time well that’s his

excuse do I know it could be just a
terrorist act but you see we can’t we
can’t we can’t even mention that on the
m5m because that would be racist they

can’t we can’t erase as we can’t do that
I’d like to do a few OTG reports if you
don’t mind there’s some very disturbing

news which so far has only been reported
by Forbes so you know take that for what
it’s worth what they call an exclusive
that the feds have demanded from Apple

and Google that they hand over the names
and that’s about ten or ten thousand
plus users of a specific app and this is
the gun scope app for the Obsidian for

or things obsidian and is this I believe
this is some type of gun site that has a

that has a camera and you have a camera
and then it’s connected to your phone
and then you can see that is that the
idea this is all news to me
Oh including this whole story yes okay

own a rifle got a scope – oh it’s the
scope got a scope to go with it the US
government I’m reading from Forbes might
know soon who you are where you live and

how to reach you
that’s because the government wants
Apple and Google to hand over names
phone numbers and other identifying and
identifying data of at least 10,000
users of a single gun scope app it’s an
unprecedented move but according to an

application for a court order filed by
the Department of Justice on September
5th investigators want information on
users of obsidian for a tool tool used
to control rifle scopes made by night

vision specialist American technologies
Network Corp the app allows gun Odin
owners to get a live stream and take
video and calibrate their gun scope from
either an Android or iPhone device and

apparently they want all of the data now
I don’t know if this dad has been handed
over I don’t know I have not seen the
application there’s no link to it in the

in the story but for sure that’s the
process what’s the problem well the
problem is you are now getting the name
well here’s one problem these are ten

thousand people who apparently have a
gun until you met the app with some sort
of a problem well yeah you can’t just
turn over people you have a go well
maybe they just have a scope it seems

yeah sure justice good okay but let’s go
back up a little bit and tell him what
is this this is this scope got Bluetooth
or something yes dear yeah I think it
does it’s a Bluetooth enabled scope I
think so

I think so we could look at they want
everyone who you had has the app which
presumably means you have the scope
unless you’re just but you’re a nutcase
and you just download apps about

everything which it does there are
people that collect them sure
why does the government care about this
is there something is this something is
there some secret code in this go pers

or something that we don’t know about
there’s some missing piece of this
I’m trying to find the website for the
scope but of course all you see now is
stored is this story but this is not a

cheap scope these things started holy
crap like 2,800 bucks yeah that sounds
right that’s a serious scope so a Wi-Fi
GPS Bluetooth aya this is the this is

the whole kit and kaboodle
Thermal monocular got all kind ok so
there’s all kinds of versions of this
yes it’s it’s the gun version of the

ring doorbell I guess
but okay so anyway Forbes reports this I
don’t know what it means
I don’t know if it’s been given if

they’re going to block it but it’s
something – maybe he found it – somebody
killed someone using one of these scopes
some sniper is still that old still is
complete fourth amendment

stay out of my sweat not arguing that
point but sensors third parties involved
the Fourth Amendment is really pretty
loose I mean it’s not like if Apple has
the information on its servers about a

shooting mm-hmm oh that’s different I
think that is different but that’s not
what they’re angling for now they’re
saying we want all the names we want
everyone who has one of these scopes who
want to have and uses the app we want to

have their information
well at Apple has that information and
wants to give it to them
uh it’s too bad for you if you have if
you’re on that down that list oh of

course you get on the list in the first
place of course so it’s it’s more about
hey what what is it what Apple and
Google going to do but also why does the
government want it something’s amiss

next story as of I think Monday’s Monday
believe it happens Monday the you and I
John will have to reprogram our

over-the-air free TV channels what yeah
what so we often say it a reduced role
I’m out well that’s why we do the show

together the FCC has ordered about 1,000
over-the-air TV channels to reconfigure

and move around and this is to make room
for 5g so they so most place G got to do
with OTG over-the-air OTA they gave up
someone that some of that frequency the

spectrum for 5g is being taken away from
the digital over-the-air transmission so
the 5 G’s a millimeter wave product at
its base it’s got nothing to do with it

these frequencies something’s amiss a
few years ago the FCC auctioned off
local spectrum forcing many channels to
switch channel numbers this auction

freed up space for things like 5g now
the time has come from a local yeah
you’re right for many local TV stations
to switch channel numbers starting now
through the next year or so 1,000 TV

stations will be changing their TV
channels with many of them making the
change this week or this fall meaning
you will need to rescan your antenna to
stay up to date

so it is a spectrum issue I’m not sure
exactly who or what well you know the
funny thing is typically typically the

local news stations of the local
stations will give you an announcement
if there’s a rescan necessary yes for
your over-the-air and we’ve heard
nothing in the Bay Area well you guys

are all yours West Coast man you’re
always a little bit behind and you’re
leading the way in many in many aspects
there is a as a consortium of senators

who are up in arms that the Department
of Motor Vehicle in many states are
selling off people’s data it doesn’t

surprise me this is a new yeah it’s kind
of surprising the post office has given
everyone my new address to in which I
found disturbing like I get all kinds of

emails and mails showing up here now
they gave away your email address Oh
home address these emails yeah but I’m
getting emails saying hey just for your

convenience we’ve changed to your new
address the post office told told you
that you change I didn’t ask the post
office to tell anyone that I probably
didn’t check a box to say no well did
you do have forwarding from your old

apartment yes but for you tell the post
office oh that’s purely for forwarding
and they put a sticker on it and goes to
my new address this is happening behind

the scenes this is happening with bank
statements with utility mainly utilities
are are automatically should let you
hide from the long arm of the law that’s

for sure and then oh yes I’ve been all
over these social scores or what we call
credit scores in America which is really

just a way of engineering people into
good behavior and I found a bill that is
has just been introduced to the House of
Representatives let me see who

introduced this one mr. Hill of Arkansas
and this was referred to the Committee
on financial services it is the credit
access and inclusion Act of 2019 and so

what we have what we’ve uncovered is
that these companies who are using a
so-called credit report which really has

nothing to do with your with the
official fic oh the FICO score which is
very different credit agency but now is
kind of a mash-up of the three there was
it TransUnion Equifax and and the one I

never remember that and some other magic
sauce thrown in it’s just really a
number that’s in an app and the whole
idea is to help you manage your your
credit how much debt you are going to

have by giving you loans that are
applicable to your situation so it’s
really easing you into the great
American system of debt and this bill is
intended to amend the Fair Credit

Reporting Act to clarify federal law
with respect to reporting certain
positive consumer credit information to
consumer reporting agencies so the idea
of these apps is to they will help you

raise your credit score which is your
social standing your credit score you
need it for everything from getting a
job to renting an apartment or or
purchasing a car financing a car you

need that credit score to incorporate
your behavior and here’s what is going
to change so as a positive

the following information should be
added to credit reports if positive and
it should be reflected as such it is

here we go
communication telecommunication services
and leasing information so the term

utility or telecommunication from of
course means services through public
pipes as a wire landline wireless cable

other connected facilities radio
electronics in the transmissions lease
agreements utilities we have a subject
to the limitation and not withstanding

on the provision of law a person or the
secretary of HUD Housing and Urban
Development may furnish to a consumer
reporting agency information relating to
the performance of a consumer in making

payments under a lease agreement with
respect to a dwelling including such a
lease for which the Department of
Housing and Urban Development provides
subsidized payments so they’re going to
report in to your credit score if you

pay on time even especially if you are
in some kind of subsidized housing if
you pay your cell phone bill on time if
you pay a utility bill on time these are

now going towards every single credit
score in effect showing you have good
behavior as a slave of Gitmo nation yeah
that’s targeting the poor at the poor

and the young yeah the poor in the young
yeah who else would be leasing a
subsidized housing the poor the young
and the meek yeah and they all have to
snap too and just a reminder Credit

Karma massive if not main owner and
investor is Google there stay away from
them if you can stay away from these
apps stay away from Google but yeah also

don’t try to buy anything like a house
or a car but I’m just saying you can’t
live I mean we’re being forced into it
and eat your bugs
pay your bill pay your your electric

bill on time pay your cell phone bill on
time pay your housing on time any banks
that’s basically buns instead of bugs
that’s basically what they’re saying yes
well I want to talk a little bit about

Kamala Harris do we have to yeah well
because she’s fading is she’s gonna be
out of this producer won’t be able of me
have any fun with her anymore but I did
dig up that clip of her talking about

plastic straws and giggling like a 12
year old leaders have to lead and are a
big thing right now yeah
do you ban plastic straws it’s really
difficult to drink out of a paper straw

when you had if you’re just like if you
don’t gulp it down immediately it starts
to bend you know the little thing
catches it and then you know but so we
got a I tell you she is high this is a
weed smokers humor laugh process right

you don’t just do it innovation is the

process but but you know let’s let’s
encourage innovation and and yeah I
think we could do a little bit better
than some of those flimsy plastic straws
I’m calling it hi hi funny you would say
this because I never considered this as

a possibility okay oh I know the laugh I
know exactly what you’re saying and I
never considered him as she did giggle
once about the fact that she does smoke

pot mm-hmm even though she doesn’t mind
throwing people in jail for doing the
same thing which is why she’ll never get
elected by any buddy in their right mind
ah but that you’re exactly right that is
the nervous stupid laugh at everything

good pot laughs you know laughs I don’t
even know what to call it but it wasn’t
you know it’s like a there is there used
to be a term for spotted but making you

laugh a lot it’s like a laughing gas
thing but well we call the laugh Kate
that I played the clip now yeah me too I
mean when you’re when you’re talking

about a straw and you’re cracking up
like that and you’re hi this is what we
do okay well then we got that settled
now yeah the other thing is this

controversy over somebody calling Trump
retarded I have one of the big yes I am
ELISA she goes on it no no no it’s bad
you can’t use that word and it’s not a

good to cast a retentive retarded was
the exact phrase by some Indian guy and
he’s uh III don’t even remember hearing
that and she makes a big stink about it
he backs off she’s a wimp by the way

which is again she’s what she’s never
gonna get elected anything she wouldn’t
stand up for herself because I have the
clip of the guy calling Trump mentally
she clearly hears it so I don’t buy that
argument that impeachment does not make

sense and it will acquit I don’t buy
that argument there needs to be
accountability and what are you going to
do in the next one year to diminish some
mentally retarded to action of this I’ll

tell you that if I may he’s now the

headline that I read everywhere is the
guy called Trump mentally retarded
that’s not true he said mentally
retarded action
yes so that’s never said trust was a

little different set to camel Harris is
half Indian she understand it very well
she’s right she’s half Indian she
understands the accent she’s in that

subcultures she didn’t heal you of the
Indians isn’t it makes that and that
guy’s the accident was thicker than the
one I do when I do well now he could
have been Pakistani but still I think

Kamala Harris would have the same accent
and it’s a different doctor and so he’s
would she hurt him very clearly and she
said well said and then did her high

giggle again right but third third he’s
not socially acceptable to use the
r-word where is that in the convo
you’re not allowed to say retarded

that is in the convo I think that’s why
she backed off so quickly didn’t you
know the whole thing is we haven’t heard

any comes back well she’s done but she’s
she done because she just says yes to
everything do we need the band straws
yes I think we should we need to have
that conversation
do we need to let everyone in jail free

yes I think we need to have that
conversation there now the real news to
me at least is Liz Warren siding up with
Hillary Clinton they’re talking behind

the scenes which I find fascinating let
me see this is uh
NBC News Warren and Clinton talked

behind the scenes as twenty20 race
intensifies analysis neither camp wants
to talk about it but the two women have
recently grown closer now if I may make

handout some advice Elizabeth Warren you
should not get into hot tubs you should
not fly any small aviation you should
definitely not go canoeing in any waters

in DC the hag team is out for you the
Hilary assassination group has their eye
on you
what other reason would Hillary have for

for being close to Elizabeth than to
kill her and then go oh wow I was so
close to her off to step in well I think
those days are over

what The Killing days were the stepping
in days
I think that’s killing days are stepping
in days or just are still with us um
well she’s gonna under she’s gotten to
undermine Warren something is going to

happen why would you trust Hillary
Clinton in in your camp well first of
all this is an NBC report yeah and that
notoriously Democrat they may be playing

they may be playing some game on us to
get Hillary’s name back into play oh
that’s good the other could be traumatic
Hillary Clinton Elizabeth Warren secret

talks ignite outrage and mockery on
social media so it’s all reportedly
reportedly they refer to the MDC report
okay so it’s all an NB C job

but there’s no denying there’s no
denials of it from Lizzie or Healy that
doesn’t mean they did didn’t deny it it
just hasn’t been reported yes I haven’t

seen it yet but I find it an interesting
change and her name that the bottom line
is Hillary Clinton’s name is back in the
news in relation to the 2020 election
and in with one of the frontrunners if

not the fuck well it’s apparent to me at
this point although I’m gonna wait for
the third debate mm-hmm which is coming
around the corners coming right coming
it’s coming up I do have a I’m just

gonna say that NBC in particular shows
the New York Times they’re all decided
to turn their attention to they’ve given
up on Joe yeah you see his numbers start

to plummet and some of the some of the
polls came out recently with Joe already
plummeting but then they pulled them
back because the waywe dead their neck

we don’t release that one yet yes they
gotta roll it out so it doesn’t look
ridiculous so it’s gonna have to be
lower and lower it’s gotta be ratcheted
down it can’t just drop like a rock and
so they’re gonna bring him down again

I’m pushing Elizabeth to the top uh and
who’s just with her arms waving all over
the place mm-hmm and then they’re gonna
have to decide whether Hillary’s gonna
step in in other words she has to show

herself as being a very strong candidate
well she definitely has friends in the
State Department I rarely see a judicial
watch video and tom Fitton has been

doing his videos for a while now and
usually they’re pretty boring he got a
kind of skip through them but this was
the this was the opening of his his
judicial watch and I like judicial

watching they’re a bunch of lawyers and
they’re trying to do stuff now of course
they’re very right-wing very anti
Hillary Clinton and here is the latest
opening from tom Fitton the CEO of

Judicial Watch his latest video we were
in court last week trying to get
additional discovery per the courts what
the court wanted us that wanted an
update on discovery we said we needed

more and who was there fighting us the
Justice Department protecting Hillary
Clinton on her emails in Benghazi so
last week the Justice Department is
protecting Hillary Clinton this week

that Justice Department is confirmed to
have given James Comey again on a jail
free card
do you share my concerns the Justice
Department was attacking Judicial Watch

yes the Justice Department was attacking
Judicial Watch for wanting to ask
additional questions about one of the
most significant government corruption
scandals in recent American history the
Clinton email case which by the way is

the very basis for the Russia Gate case
because they needed the Russia Gate scam
on president Trump to keep the Clinton
email issue suppressed and to protect
her so he has little faith in the

Justice Department led by that that
bastion of truth William bar
mr. 9/11 I speaking of at this point I
have to assume anyway let’s go back to

the Clinton era but she was in the State
Department doing whatever she was doing
besides hiding emails and supposedly got
into a plane wreck in Iran mm-hmm
killing one of her aides who was then

mysteriously shown to be dead under some
other bullcrap circumstances she hurt
herself in that plane wreck and cracked
her head which caused these issues which

she had they wear their wierd eyeglasses
and all the rest and so she kind of
healed which they blamed on her fall
down and they’ll get theirs in her
office which I think wasn’t the bathroom
or something there’s something and and

so they’ve been in this healing process
from this concussion apparent concussion
in and from this plane wreck and and for
secret negotiations going on it there’s

so much I think there was so much left
undone in the Obama administration that
was bar needed to go in to clean it up
they well there’s that element is a

bunch of other stuff that just needed a
it was a it’s all a cover-up yeah for
something that we never know about
including the Hillary plane crash which
nobody wants to talk about any of this

stuff because there was some underhanded
dealing going on or some maybe I think
that was that was perhaps you do uranium
one deal or something something going on
with that yeah there’s a lot going on

and they’re just not gonna tell us what
it is or what it was and Trump’s not
gonna tell us more came in marred
covered up the stuff he needed to and he
was kind of failing at it and didn’t do
a good job and then bar comes in and you

know that there’s some sacrificial lambs
here and there you know we’re throwing
out we should probably talk about that
there but I we should talk about the MIT
Media Lab again you know Joey Ito

resigned oh yeah well I think he had to
oh yeah but it’s gotten pretty pretty
nasty what’s what’s been going on there
but we’ll stay with the 20/20 candidates
for a second

Biden another gaff which he recovered
from nicely good recovery and then he
screwed it up we can and I will not let
this man be reelected President of the

United States of America
limit to four years I believe history
will look back in this presidency as an

aberrant moment in time but if Donal huh
Donald Trump is reelected 40 and slip
the Donald Trump is reelected

so you see he did a good job he called
Trump pump which and then he recovered
Freudian slip funny and then listen to
what happened the Donald Trump is

reelected 14 slim the Donald Trump is
female forever and fundamentally alter
the character of this nation Donald

Trump does pose an extra-strength to
this the it’s not hypothetical
existential X’s fuck I’m gonna give up

it’s not a hypothetical Donald Trump
does pose an extra-strength you almost
had the soundbite of the day no no no no

no and to make the wrestling circus more
complete the mooch is out doing
interviews anywhere he can get an

interview I believe that Donald Trump
will not be the Republican nominee I’m
not saying that the current announced
candidates against them will be but I
think he’s in severe mental decline and

I think he isn’t so he’s severely
impaired at this point yeah and I think
that they’re going to say hey you
pitched five or six good innings the
balls going over the backstop now you

got to take a powder because you can’t
put sentences together anymore now you
spoke to mooch I hid by the way I have a
longer clip of him going off on Trump on

the CBC’s I’ve been up in Toronto so
love let’s bring him on and yak yak yak
do you have to play it do you have you
got you get the gist of it yeah I spoke
to him right but I mean he was something

something’s amiss go ahead you don’t be
ki he was it he was a that wouldn’t call
him a trump apologist but he was not not
he wasn’t doing this there’s something

he’s doing this for some reason because
he just switched just like he switched
the flip flip switch the flip flip the
switch me and Joe Biden where’s my
vitamin b12 he flipped a switch and

became this destroy my mic clip from the
CBC which shows that a little
more evidence of this which one is it it
says scaramouche scaramouche or

something yes got it is the president
the same behind the scenes as he is in
front of the cameras
well I mean you listen I haven’t seen
him in a long time you know it’s been
probably a year since I’ve seen him face

to face but are they I can tell you and
people are critical of me they’re saying
well he’s he’s acting the exact same way
that he did in two thousand sixteen or
seventeen why are you breaking them from

them now there’s absolutely no
difference and so I can accept that
criticism but I actually think it has
gotten worse and I think there’s
objective standards to look at whether
it’s his personal mannerisms his

communication style some of the things
he’s now doing on Twitter equated
President Xi for example to Jerome pal
and saying who is the bigger enemy of
the United States I see that that’s

where he has this beef he has I think he
has his beef with with the with Trump
going after Powell there’s some
financial thing actually that’s one beef
and I think it’s because he’s in that

business yes yes but the real beef is
actually the next one I mean this is
stuff that is I think way outside of the
even normalcy for president Trump and so
for me enough was enough

the red line for me was really with the
Congress women using those racial racist
tropes in a Twitter feed is nonsensical
from the leader of the free world

somebody that is running a country whose
first name is United and so they told my
grandparents that a hundred years ago
and I spoke out against that he didn’t
like that and since he’s a demagogue you
can’t be in 7-10 support for him or 810

support you’ve got to be like some of
these Fox News announcers you’ve got to
be an 11-10 support for Trump and so I
can’t do that I can’t disavow my
personal history or my integrity or

things about my life to try to give
somebody a level of loyalty that they
don’t deserve and so I spoke out about
it and I think the situation has gotten

worse I said that Jonathan Swan from
Axios a few weeks back that he’s in
full-blown meltdown it’s like the
episodes of Chernobyl
where they react to talk about it a nut

job equivalency G and Powell or Trump in
Chernobyl okay full-blown meltdown it’s
like the episodes of Chernobyl where the

reactors melting down and now people are
trying to figure out whether they’re
gonna cover it up where they’re gonna
clean it up and so as a good standing
Republican I’m calling on Republican

elected officials we have to clean this
up we have to clean it up on behalf of
our children on behalf of our country
and let’s face it on behalf of the world
and so I’m hoping that happens
so what was the second issue then

according to you what he said he says
the red line for me is when he went
after those Congress women the Arab
women of color yeah and then he says

this is the kind of thing that my
grandfather had to go through when the
Italians came over and he felt that was
the real thing that bugged him hmm
sounds like to me it sounds like he said

what he said he said yes yes to me it
sounds a lot more like he’s working for
Trump and doing a WWE scam like here’s

the bad guy he’s out there on the
outside the ring yelling I believe what
you just said right there is absolutely
probably absolutely probably he’s
probably yeah one of the Samoan brothers

yes it makes sense because WWE and you
know that Trump Trump is from that
school of thought having even been in
the ring yeah of course one last thing I

wanted to mention about the Biden
Clippers when I go back to it there’s
something that I’ve been noticing and
some producers have mentioned this to me
as well as you know I’m a real stickler
for the lack of saying our country

everywhere you turn on the news it’s
this country’s bad for this country this
country this can’t be very few people
say our country that’s one of the things

I liked about Trump from the beginning
is he said our country and I’ve been on
this for a long time and I’ve noticed
now and I think it’s in this Joe Biden
clip the Democrats they say something

different they always talk about this
country they commented gonna pour for
this country mean can’t have immigration
for this country but when it comes to
something else we cannot and I will not

let this man be reelected President of
the United States of America
limited to four years I believe history

will look back in this presidency as an
aberrant moment in time but if Donal huh
Donald Trump is reelected 40 and slip
the Donald Trump is reelected

EEMA forever and fundamentally alter the
character of this nation Donald Trump
does pose an extra strength to this the

it’s not hypothetical his threat to this
nation he does pose a real threat the
core values this nation our standing in
the world our very democracy everything
that’s made America that is it this

nation this country but they always say
our democracy we don’t have a democracy
you see the subtle difference oh no I

think this is a good little examination
here and I think you should start
looking at all four people and just now
that I’m thinking of it the Democrats
always talk about it’s bad for our

democracy we don’t have a democracy we
have a republic you can say democratic
republic even stretched it a little bit
but that’s always this country this
country this nation our democracy
maybe it’s ant fucking but I think it’s

it’s an important difference a little
bit a little bit words man
I like this nation thing that they do
you pick up on cuz he said it about four
times in there and then our demo station

this nation this nation this nation our
country our atom our democracy our
democracy now he could say our nation
but he doesn’t he says this nation and
our democracy words matter finally

before we take a break from a podcast
Nick Gillespie of the reason magazine
interviewed Nick Tom boletus executive
director of the United States term

limits Association or what is it anyway
some group that wants to have term
limits and he makes a very good point
and for us term limits you guys are
pushing for what would be the limits how

many times could you serve in Congress
in the House of Representatives how long
could you serve in the Senate so my
personal preference is one term in
office one in prison

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high resolution we needed to talk went
to the to our donations there was
something we needed to talk about mmm it
was important well while you’re waiting

for that I do have a clip we can play in
the mean time okay which is a little bit
of unknown news that the dye that
they’ve never heard about this nobody’s
talking about it was playing on PBS and

other mainstream people picked it up and
thought it’d be worth at least playing
which is the weird Ukraine Russian
people trade Russia and Ukraine freed

prisoners today in an exchange that
Ukraine’s president called the first
step to stop the fighting in eastern
Ukraine that has killed more than 13,000
people since 2014 planes took off from

Moscow and Kiev at almost the same time
today carrying 35 prisoners each
Ukrainian president Balad Amir szalinski
the welcomed home two dozen Ukrainian
sailors Russia captured last year along

with eleven other prisoners the freed
Russian prisoners included a journalist
accused of treason and a suspect in the
downing of a Malaysia Airlines flight
over eastern Ukraine in 2014 that killed

298 people
now of course we don’t want to talk
about too much about Ukraine anymore
because it would because the president

is a comic
yeah he’s the comedian they elected a
comedian an actor who was a comedic
actor as president of the country and in

his acting role he played the president
of the country and everyone seemed to
like the job he did as an actor so they
made him the real president and this is
like does not this flies in the face of

all liberal thinking yeah and so nobody
now the Ukraine’s been taken off the
don’t talk about that she’s never got to
talk about this guy yeah yes so anything
that involves Ukraine and this was a

kind of a positive step forward I think
except for the journalist was the
journalist that was shipped from Ukraine
to Russia was he trees could did he
commit treason and Russia and then go to

Ukraine to get away from it and they’re
just gonna shoot him I mean does that
what they’re doing here I don’t know
they don’t explain any of this yeah
but the we’re gonna get very little news
for now nothing nothing at all because

this new president who is a comedian
that’s the best part
yeah that’s a very good practice I think
we should do more of that because

comedians tend to tell the truth kind of
this kind of the basis of their of their
has assistants elect Rob Reiner okay I
unlike the idea okay Robert Mugabe died

yes I have a clip
oh good cuz I have a clip to Oh we’ll
play yours first what do you have it’s
just an overview Mugabe dead this usage

of a young Robert Mugabe leading his
people from the tyranny of white
minority rule lives at a burial ground
called heroes acre on the outskirts of

it was that freedom fighter image that
fed the cult of personality that saw
Mugabe through 37 years in power he
deserves his place in history for that
heroic status but then when he had the

chance to lead his country as he’d
promised on becoming presidents to a new
better future he did the very reverse
early promise with a focus on education
was replaced by an emerging brutality

fuelled by personal greed and sustained
by violence and corruption he lived a
life of extravagant opulence while his
people stood in bread lines and his

political opponents languished in jail
in diabetes was one of them tortured he
says he was part of a brief power
sharing government between Mugabe and
the opposition so too did the country

finally in 2017 you know if you want any

type of Africa news and I’m not saying
it’s correct news you always want to go
to BBC world because they seem to pretty
much have 80% programming about Africa

all the time and then they have some
it’s a BBC America I guess is it’s just
always it’s always African news African
news and they interviewed this miss

farmer whose farm was taken away by
Mugabe is X fact his dad died and the
struggle is a horrible story but there
was something that he said that no

agenda nation will that your ears will
perk up when you listen to this death
and Singapore at the age of 95 comes
nearly two years after he was forced out
of power Ben Freeth is on the line he
had a farm in Zimbabwe but it was burnt

down by mcgarvey supporters after he
tried to take the then president to
court when he was served an eviction
notice and thanks for being with us I
wonder what words you would use to
describe Robert Mugabe well I think he

was a genius an evil genius who managed
to retain power for for many years for
his own ends but in the process
destroyed his country and and the lives

so many people in it I met him a couple
of times but I remember one occasion
very particularly where I was asked to
make a speech in front of quite a few

thousand people out in a rural area on a
very hot day in Maga Bea’s presence and
and the crowd really enjoyed what I had

to say I’ve taught about a piano and how
Vienna had lackeys and white keys and a
great player was able to play that piano
with those Black Keys and white keys and

great harmony and the crowd really loved
that but maga be clearly hated what I
had to say and I went to shake his hand
afterwards and his hand was was cold and

clammy and reptilian in fact and that
very hot day and I will take that that
touch of his hand to my grave it was

uncanny it was very very strange well
that would explain him dying at 95 after
being such an evil person

yes that’s what all reptiles live a long
time they always get at least 90 95 easy
and also it was a very hot day not a
hundred who else is is cold and does not
transpire when it’s hot

yeah that’s Hillary’s and sweat and
Obama both oh I didn’t know that Obama
didn’t sway yeah remember Reggie Reggie
loved his his body man yeah yeah he did

an interview he said yeah I couldn’t
believe whenever we were in the beast
Obama would turn off the air conditioner
and laugh at him as he was sweating
Obama did not sweat Hillary did not

sweat reptiles so the guy won’t forget
it obviously it felt like a reptile Yeah
right was I have a question a
journalistic question which comes after

this two-parter this is NPR with a
surprisingly accurate reports although
the report comes from the Lewis Becket
from The Guardian and kind of surprising

it comes from the Guardian as well about
the actual
numbers of gun violence in the United
States after this clip I have a second
one with a question about journalism
which I hope you’ll be able to help me

with our whole gun violence conversation
is driven by mass shootings which are
incredibly horrific and statistically
still even now very rare events if you
look at the people who are dying from

gunshot wounds in this country it is
primarily people dying from suicide
that’s two thirds of it and people dying
in everyday shootings in local cities
and places where there has been

concentrated gun violence for decades
and mass shooting victims make up maybe
one or two percent so we continue to
have the same conversation over and over
trying to prevent 1 percent of people

from dying and not caring about the
other 99 percent those students from
parkland Florida were the first gun
violence prevention group to really say
clearly and explicitly that the American

gun control debate has been racist for
decades that black and brown kids who
were dying outside of school were not
getting the same attention as primarily
white kids dying at affluent suburban

schools like the Parkland students
school and then that needed to change
that we really needed to have a
conversation driven by and focused on
the majority of the victims that not

every solution is going to prevent every
kind of violence and that what mattered
was doing a lot of different things
trying to make everybody safer not just
trying to prevent the kind of shooting

that shows up on the news so I really
like that because were sation you over
the conversation what she in effect is
saying is that the news is racist and I
think we agree with that news does not

stay in it for years the news does not
the mainstream news does not report on
99% of gun violence in our country at
this country our country and that is
because they’re racist they don’t care

about black and brown kids yeah I agree
with that and woo good on you NPR and
Guardian for saying that but then she
came with his turn which I was
unfamiliar with when we examined
solutions journalism one thing that a

very strong advocate Tina Rosenberg told
us is that it’s not always about
solutions that work
sometimes its solutions that don’t if
you think about the single policy that’s

getting the most attention right now as
part of America’s gun control debate
it’s whether or not the country should
ban military-style assault weapons and
whether there should be even a mandatory
buyback of the assault weapons that

Americans currently own public opinion
surveys suggest that a majority of
Americans support a ban on assault
weapons even nearly half of Americans
support a mandatory buy back something

that until very recently was not even
conceivable on the political agenda
right at the start their solutions
journalism and this is a real term

it has its own wiki page and I think
this is what people are engaged for some
organization that does this well it’s
called solutions journalism Network
well the wiki entry for solutions

journalism as she just stated there is
an approach to news reporting that
focuses on the responses to social
issues as well as the problems
themselves solutions stories anchored

incredible evidence explain how and why
responses are working and not working
the goal of this journalistic approach
is to present people with a truer more
complete view of these issues helping to

drive more effective citizenship that’s
isn’t that opinion
no there’s no opinion involved here I’m
looking at this page myself

this began pretty recently 98 is tracked
back to solutions that sounds like
everyone’s doing a version of solutions
journalism instead of just reporting the

news mr. Lee’s 98 journalists noted the
emergence of a new kind of journalism
that examiner would people in
institutions were to address social
problems with people in institutions

were to address social problems address
social problems some journalism critics
observed that the governing assumptions
of traditional journalism anchored in
the belief that a reporter’s job is to
expose wrongdoing that’s not a

reporter’s job no a reporter’s job is to
report it’s not to expose wrongdoing
yes it might not be university valid
simply really whoever wrote this
definition is obviously a social

journalist simply reporting on problems
that began to appear might not be the
cure to all the world’s social woes so
now all of a sudden journalism is
curative by based on this definition

other forms of journalism has simply
responded to a perceived excess of
negativity in news media Civic
journalism which gains some momentum in
the United States in the 90s mm-hmm

there used to be called the city desk I
don’t know that that’s any different
seeks to engage readers in public
discourse in order to encourage active
participation in the democratic process

and catalyze change this is activism
it’s not journalism hmm solutions
journalism is also related to similar
journalistic styles that have been
practiced outside the United States

including constructive journalism which
originated in Denmark so this is a form
of active is active ism disguised as
training yes

masquerading as journalism no matter how
you look at it it’s man if you read this
page you have to come away with that and
some of the loaded language that this
some of the bogus some of the bogus
history here as I mentioned as I read it

where they make dimension that exam with
people in history just social problems
critics observed that governing
assumptions of traditional journalism
anchored in the belief that a reporter’s

job is to expose wrongdoing is incorrect
so do so there they’re using a false
premise to build this definition this
activism let’s call it what it is okay

well they have another word for it it’s
a word solutions journalism is a form of
activism that is contrary to the real
precepts of journalism but it’s being

used as this is bogus it’s just it’s a
bullcrap idea well they’re talking about
it like it’s like they’re all doing it
they are yes why our show exists damn
I’m glad they put a name to it now we

can look out for its solutions in
journalism I got a flag and see if more
people are doing this talk to the Lib
joes about this yeah now you’re talking
and I know one of the missiles even

though he’s the most liberal the Joe’s
think this is bullcrap
if you’re the liberalist of the Joe’s
that’s bad man you don’t want to be that

all right we have time for something
else if you want to make us a bunch of
stuff actually I want to play a couple
of things that are just just like short
clips okay not a clip blitz but short

clips couple of them I got the first of
all the India lunar lander just
disappeared off the face of the new moon
yeah yeah well you know what you do when
you try to crash into Israeli moon bases

India’s Space Agency announced today
that it lost contact with its vikram
lunar lander and the fate of the lander
is presently unknown the craft was
making its final approach to the moon’s

surface to deploy a rover at the
unexplored lunar South Pole India’s
space agency said that the Landers
operations were normal until it was just
over one mile above the surface landing
would have made India only the fourth

country to successfully land on the moon
ah then we have this one which i think
is the funnier story of the day
apparently swatting is becoming
something of a thing in Canada and

here’s a story on the CBC about it an
Alberta family is telling a terrifying
story tonight about heavily armed police
showing up at their door out of the blue
and demanding entry as young children
watched or hidden fear refugee Canyon

looks into the dangerous prank calls
known as swatting there was a police car
kind of slanted in the middle of the
street and I could see the front end of
it by the time – I McCrae got downstairs

just out of a shower there they were
wanting in they said get your hands in
the air and I’m telling them I can’t I’m
holding a towel I can’t do it please

don’t make me do it
McRae’s children and their friends were
in the house as officers entered the
all of ten years old steps up my brother
woke up – so I carried him into my room
and then I told Molly and Madeline to be

quiet though it sure wasn’t easy they
start searching mr. big guns and then I
started crying so it really scared
the family says police left admitting

they got an unfounded phone call
possibly about an armed man on the
premises this is a lot of pieces to this
investigations the RCMP told us they’re
still looking into things and at the

time that unfounded call seemed urgent
high priority means that we believe that
there’s imminent risk of loss of life
for somebody they’re not calling it

swatting which is a popular prank online
recent incidents in Canada have sent
police scrambling to schools in Surrey

and Calgary in the u.s. a SWAT and call
by this man who led to police gunning
down an innocent person opening his door
this criminologist says emergency
dispatchers have a key role to play in

prevention they can effective
sort the wheat from the chaff by asking
the right questions they’re trained to
do that and I think that is an area
where we need to be pouring some

resources and they’re really a short
you know I know it’s not as short as it
could have been but this swatting thing
is an is what is wrong with the police

they don’t they can’t figure anything
out I mean it’s like they send a SWAT
team over to some more make a little
ten-year-old cry no this is all just
part of the technological world we live

in and so it’s all connected to
everything of course you now we get a
bat signal go go kill people
some guy opens his door and they got him
down yeah yeah well it’s the USA Canada

they don’t do too much gunning down like
we do we love to gun people down okay I
have one last clip which is a college
admission update cuz it did to me proves
that you know if anybody had any brains

they’d just give a bunch of money to the
school directly instead of this some
consultant who then slips it to some guy
who’s a coach the college cheating
scandal is shining a new light on the

admissions process at the University of
Southern California the court filing
reveals emails between USC officials
showing how they tracked applicants and
spreadsheets sent by an athletics
department official some applicants were

labeled VIP with comments like donor
potential donor one mil pledged given
two million already 15 mil and dad
well-known ortho surgeon the messages

were part of a defense motion for
Robertson Grillo a father facing charges
in the scandal
Zann Grillo’s attorneys who are trying
to get more documents from USC say
university officials were keenly aware

that VIP applicants did not have to be
admitted based on merit in short USC is
far from the crime victim that it claims
to be responding in a statement USC
calls the filing a legal and public

relations strategy to divert attention
from the criminal fraud for which he has
been indicted adding no athletic
department official has the authority to
compel admissions decissions steven
Mercer was a college application

consultant who used to work in u.s. C’s
admissions office there are people who
see the words VIP and I think the system
is rigged is it rigged the university’s
try to keep their donors feeling like

they’re being attended to but I don’t
see universities bending so much
that they’re gonna ruin their
reputations but the scandal is raising
questions about the role of Maya in

Oh ma’am now so this is one of those
stories it’s the same like the jewel
story yeah that once it something gets
established the way you’re supposed to
do things and you go out of bounds and

try to do it some other way even there’s
money lots of money involved you know
you’re gonna get screwed the way to do
it at USC apparently with the documents
show you just give them a lot of money

directly yeah that’s the American Way
yes America where you don’t go to some
consultant and you go if you have no
shop if you have money is a whole

different world that opens up for you
yeah and just it is transparent it’s not
like it takes a genius to figure this
out I think the people who who are
busted for the college admissions

scandal should be excoriated for being
idiots they did it wrong if I may make a
final suggestion for those of you
thinking of sending your kids to college
don’t save the money and actually give

your kid a subscription to the Adobe
Creative Suite let them learn Photoshop
InDesign all of that crap these are jobs
that cannot be filled right now they go

ahead and take a look that there are
open jobs for people who can do creative
work with Adobe Creative Suite for
$60,000 and up and they can’t be filled

because everyone’s either way
overqualified or doesn’t know how to use
the tools
that’s the job right now
or become a dude named Ben that’s maybe
even a better idea and you don’t need to

go to college just get some of those
books you know Riley books
I need you’d like that and remember to
whiz on by Dvorak org slash na to

support us for the next program which
will be on Thursday I’ll have an update
from the mobile loaves & Fishes the
community first village here in Austin

we’re gonna go see that tomorrow get a
tour from the CEO so hopefully have some
info on that if not maybe an interview
for a best of show one of these days and
we’ll be coming to you from

opportunities own 33 here in Austin
Texas capital the drone star state this
is in FEMA region number six if you want
to locate it on all governmental maps in
the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon

Valley where I don’t have anything to
say anything close to what he just did
I’m John C Dvorak coming up on the no
agenda streams comm we’ve got the grumpy

old Ben’s with minimum wage be careful
of the deep fake joke at the opening and
of show mixers the Darby cyborg Dave and
Jesse coy Nelson and Tom Starkweather
thank you gentlemen

until next show adios everybody
and such as you said mofos these people
really want to be on the street for a

number of reasons one is that’s where
the drugs are box in the screen in the
corner you’re the guest is talking you

see some guy with the shittiest join you
ever seen it’s always half way down then
the guys links his fingers with a mix of

live at drop ins like stop
pretty much been smoking every single

day for the last go in to find the
artery one was leaking the other

when they got ready from Canada Senator
Joseph Biden I’m using the problem he’s
been hitting you wanna run and made a
speech and apparently I think was a
British politician took his speech we

had a paraphrased it as his alone and
then the press Connie and vitus’s not
the worry of you sure his that he said
we have nothing to fear but fear itself
is Terrell the county executive out get

Account Executive being here and all my
time the public life for the stuff
gotten involved the country wasn’t built
by Wall Street bankers CEOs and hunch
but man if the enterprises hard times

everybody took a hit union workers the
UAW took incredible cuts in their future
and their pensions on the left to get GM
working they also got that last year and

try to cut wages or freeze wages for
their people right today the same has
happened to big customers and big
hospital system I have a got to rethink
how we define what constitutes a
successful economy folks in America

don’t think you children have the same
standard living there it means investing
much more in medical research to conquer
to conquer devastating disease like
cancer an addiction to the Alzheimer’s
there is one less candidate in the race

for the presidency tonight Delaware
Senator Joseph Biden dropped out of the
hunt today saying the disclosures about
his plagiarism in law school and his
exaggerations about his academic record

made it impossible for him to continue I
do with incredible reluctance and it
makes me angry myself put myself in the
position of having to make this choice

the Delaware Democrat is the second
candidate to be forced from the race by
questions of character and integrity
with website diplomacy what a week what
a week because it has consumed a lot of

airtime on cable and in the papers this
week you’re connecting dots what does it
all mean he cooked it up real good
the city is dirty and it’s getting
dirtier uh it used to be like the Wild

West basically there were no limits
finally some brain damage we could
actually I believe it’ll work take
carbon out of the air up the water
desalinization and by the way a lot of

this stuff hasn’t been
again when you take a deep breath and
take a step back and you think about it
you see this is really really crazy shit
we can take millions of vehicles off the

road before you had high speed rails and
he wants to reintroduce four different
kinds which I’m not going to burden you
with but one of them has the candle
shaped ones those those are favored for

would eat the guys and the gals one of
the big problems in America as we are
measuring the wrong things under my
presidency when we start measuring the
right things and businesses will be my

willing partner in this Jerome
maybe that’s too campy Jerome
maybe that’s more like it that’s more
presidential I think two room jobs jobs
jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs








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