No Agenda Episode 1172: “Vapegoat”

new Oliver wasn’t staged atom curry
John C. Dvorak Thursday September 12
2019 this is your award-winning chemo
nation media assassination episode 11 72
but this is no agenda printing

homelessness in 3d and broadcasting live
from opportunities on 33 in the frontier
of Austin Texas to cap load the drone
star state in the morning everybody
hi madam Curie and from northern Silicon

Valley where we feel so bad about the
departure of John Bolton I can’t tell
you I’m Chauncey Dvorak ya cryin over
that one

what took him so long
how’d he get there in the first place
that’s the thing no one can there’s
still unanswered question well I think
there mmm it cannot be a coincidence

that the Taliban banana cancels or the
Trump cancels the Taliban after they
blow something up and Bolton’s gone the
next day

you got to think that may be connected
well it’s definitely a coincidence
sure so yeah that was some news but I

found the news for me that I wanted to
start with today and hopefully everybody
paid attention because we laid out in in

some detail on the previous episode
exactly what was going on with the vapor
wars big boars and women wait who got to
jingling great wars and to the tea

exactly as expected yeah and I think I
even said pay attention because you see

how it really works where the media is
complicit and politicians are complicit
and the president is complicit and it’s
all to get a couple of big players a
solidified spot in the marketplace that

crushes everybody else and this is the
vapor Wars I’d late I think now there is
there is important information that
needs to be conveyed in particular to

members of our audience because I also
got a boots-on-the-ground report from
Justin the drug dealer because we have
different vaping technologies that are
being conflated in particular by the

mainstream let’s start with the number
one issue that I have with their
communication ecigs cigarettes is
bullshit they use that term to equate

vaping with cigarettes okay there are no
e cigarettes anymore the thing that
comes closest is the Joule which is
called a Joule not an e-cig it’s called

a Joule it’s a vape and there’s one
other you identify John woos or
something or
some of it you know I saw I saw the ad
they have a shitty ad because I can’t

remember their name da I was just gonna
say the same thing it’s not a shitty ad
by enemies it’s a really well produced
ad except for that one fact it’s kind of
I can’t remember their name whose vuz e

could that be it boosts I think so it’s
something else it starts with an M I
believe and it’s a cuter devices cooler
looking little device than the jewel no

it’s the booze I think this there’s
always one of lose ya think it’s the
booze yeah yeah it’s it’s it’s the same
same idea vu se no well I’m going to be
hold up my opinion on that being the

name until I see the ad again let me see
if I can remember it anyway continue
alright so let me talk about the three
basic vaping technologies first there is
the sub ohm tank and this is a baton in

int and the different sizes for
everything in general it’s a battery and
that can be a very large battery and a
tank that holds the liquid and in that
is the coil and it’s called sub ohm

because of the resistance of the coil is
under 1 ohm and resistance and with
that’s the stuff that if you jack it up
enough you can blow huge vape clouds if
you’re if you are experimental and you

try other types of coils you can short
the battery and kill yourself so you
know most people go and blow yeah most
people go for a pretty simple system I

have the what do I use the smock SM okay
Spock the stick v8 and and the tank that
goes with it and those are I would say

fairly safe then we have the vape pen
for which you can at which is very thin
looks like a pen that’s just a battery
and the controls to turn it on or off or

store it and you will buy little
cartridges with vape liquid in that or
you can get a very tiny tank that you
can fill up yourself and that we call it

a vape pen and then there’s also of
course the
the sticks that we the vapes that we
talked about which is jewel and the
booze and they have a little cartridge

that is prefilled that you snap right on
to the end because that thing is
essentially just a battery and so it’s
got the coil it’s got a prefab coil and
the and the juice in there then we have

THC which is now there’s many ways
people do this and I’m not going to get
into the more esoteric versions of it
but you have the vape pen and you can

buy a cartridge just like with the
e-liquid only it has the THC in it which
is then there’s some additives in there
which actually help and you’ll make it

vaporize and let me start with that
because that is where there is some
actual danger this is more important
than this whole vaping bullshit because
I’m sure I like to vape THC but I became
very wary a while ago when I started

coughing off a one I talked to Justin
the drug deal I said this is no good and
he really did a deep dive and brought me
a report so what’s the problem is the
people who package and sell THC vape

cartridges to the consumer with pretty
colors and and often with you know
things to attract children I’m sure but
they’re just taking a pre-made mixture

which they buy from what they believe is
a reputable source and they put it in
there and you’re even dank there’s a
whole bunch of these big known names
that do this then you have the

manufacturing itself which is not
inexpensive you know just to build a lab
will cost years five hundred thousand
2/4 3/4 of a million dollars and you
have this combination of some oils and

some other liquids that make it vaporize
not unlike the liquid vape only we’ve
seen a number of these manufacturers

maybe one maybe more who started putting
other shit in there such as the vitamin
E acetate just to get it to be more
liquid and to vaporize that is where the
actual danger is you

want to be vaping that stuff it can be
checked by anyone who has the test
equipment which is just chemical testing
so my drug dealer does that for me but
if you if you are worried in general the

liquid in your THC tank should be not if
you tip it back and forth it shouldn’t
flow very quickly in fact it should be

almost like syrup or kind of like
molasses then you’re probably okay
so that’s important because I don’t want
anyone dying from that shit and we’ll
hear that they may have found a culprit
for these bogus manufactured carts

because these guys just buy him in China
off of Alibaba and put their stuff in
there and the manufacturers just think
they’re getting the same thing they
always do and if they don’t people die
bad now let’s get to the vaping thing

the whole mission was to get state laws
in place with hundreds of lobbyists to
have very lenient laws for tobacco

flavored ie
the main business of jewell tobacco
flavored vape products and to push
everybody else out because they wouldn’t
be able to afford the FDA testing

procedure for your more and more popular
vape liquids which are wood ones with
different flavors and fruity and even
mint actually nor menthol it got better

for them because of all this conflation
of people dying and we don’t know what’s
going on and saw scary
the FDA stepped in and created a rule

above everybody else which is absolutely
the best and they announced it with the
president and the first lady you could
not have asked for more if you are the

big player in the vape industry here’s a
clip from the president in the Oval
Office well they become very rich
companies very fast and the whole thing

with vaping is is they been very
profitable and I want companies look you
know that I fight for
these very hard and I am what companies
he fighting for prayers fight that’s why

I’m fighting with China that’s why I’m
fighting with other countries if you
look at European Union and if you look
at Japan and if you look at so many
others including South Korea and many

others were constantly dealing with them
to make it good for our companies
because I view it as jobs I view it as
income for our country and jobs vaping
has become a very big business as I

understand it like a giant business in a
very short period of time but we can’t
allow people to get sick and we can’t
have our youth be so effective you see
this is where pisses me off because

there’s no evidence anyone got sick from
an eliquid vape experience but
definitely from the THC and here the
president’s saying ah we don’t want the

kids to guess that’s how the first lady
got involved she’s got a son the people
were obsessing over this one line on
Twitter instead of focusing on that yeah

instead of focusing on what’s actually
happening now I gonna well it’s not
really his son the heads exploded Oh
what is he saying can’t allow people to

get sick and we can’t have our youth be
so affected and I’m hearing it and
that’s how the first lady got involved
and she’s got a son together that is a
beautiful young man and she feels very

very strongly about it she’s seen it
we’re both reading it a lot of people
are reading it but people are dying with
aping so we’re looking at it very
closely and you know if nothing else

this is a conference that’s going to let
people know about it because people are
gonna watch what we’re saying and
parents are gonna be a lot tougher with
respect to their children a lot of
people think vaping is wonderful it’s

great it’s really not wonderful that’s
that’s one thing I think we can say
definitely commissioner it’s not a
wonderful thing it’s big problems we
have to find out the extent of the

problem it’s so new and so no but we’re
gonna find out and I hope that parents
that you know they have children and the
children are a certain age I hope

they’re going to be able to make wise
decisions maybe basically what we’re
saying today
okay so complete misinformation blah
blah blah for sure
children and I’ll just say under 18

should not be vaping nicotine or
anything none of that is good for you
and the developing body and and
marijuana isn’t good for you either if
your brain is still developing but let’s

see what is really going to happen so we
have the Health and Human Services
working together with the FDA and here’s
the actual announcement and you’ll see
what happens is the big guys win the

thousands of little companies who built
the industry with their eliquid ‘s will
be squashed today president Trump
announced that the Food and Drug
Administration will be finalizing

guidance that removes all flavored
e-cigarettes from the marketplace other
than tobacco flavor D cigarettes why is
that important we are seeing an absolute

surge in high school and middle school
kids using these flavored products mint
menthol fruit flavor alcohol flavor
bubble-gum we’ve gotta stop it we’re

gonna have a whole generation of
children addicted to nicotine and that’s
just horrible and President Trump as the
great public health leader that he is is
gonna put a stop to it we’re gonna let
these tobacco flavor to be cigarette
products remain on the market until they

apply for FDA approval but that’s just
because adults may need them to help
with stopping smoking cigarettes or
cigars but if we see actions that target
these products towards kids or make them

available to kids or if we see kids
start flowing into tobacco flavor in
e-cigarettes we’re coming after that too
so under the guise of Oh kids will start
vaping because they’re attracted to the
yummy flavors as far as I know kids were

always attracted to smoking things to
cigarettes and menthol and whatever but
that’s the cover because Jul makes the
most popular tobacco products oh by the

start of the new year all of the or
actually will be probably about nine
months all flavored liquids will
be banned unless you get an FDA approval

which is exactly what these small
companies can’t afford
it’ll cost up to a million dollars per
flavor that you want to introduce to the

market and of course we’ll see Joule
expanding their line from their tobacco
flavored they’ll bring back or they
probably never even get rid of their
menthol and they’ll bring in their own

and all the small guys are effed
in fact jewel left the vapor Technology
Association over this dispute then of
course the vapor the vapor Technology

Association is pissed because these guys
participated in screwing them out of
existence what I have here I have the

wait a minute that’s not the one I
wanted here’s the MSS CNBC who talked a
little bit about the huge market in jest
of course the fact of the matter is that

we did a study and there are almost
14,000 vapor companies in the United
States almost 12,000 dolls are retailed
vape shops often times mom and pop shops
and they sell a wide variety at a

diverse product range of flavored vapor
products to adult smokers you take those
flavors off of the market precipitously
and what will happen is those shops will
shut down we’re talking about a total
economic impact of a hundred and sixty

six thousand jobs 70,000 of which are
direct retail jobs you take those
products out of the market there is no
business model for people just selling a
stock of flavor and the real harm here
is the fact that those consumers that

are buying those products from them will
have two options both bad and worse the
first option is that they go back to
smoking and that’s not what we’re saying
it’s what the FDA said an open court in
June what they said in court was that

dramatically and precipitously removing
vapor products from the market will lead
to an increase in smoking and and the
worst case is that it leads to more
black market problems because that is

what the American consumers have said
they will do they’ll go to smoking or go
back to the black market so there’s your
there’s your situation and I don’t know
if the president is just completely

uninformed and dumb I’m afraid he
actually it hasn’t in with Altria and
someone lobbied and word got up to him
like oh yes this is really what’s
happening people are really dying but

they’re not they’re not dying from the
e-liquid now long term I don’t know it’s
only been around for ten years so we
don’t know the long-term health effects
of vape liquid but for sure you have to
be careful with your THC and get it from

a reputable source who has tested it
and that’s what I got
you question then okay when was vaping

technology and invented was it patented
and when did the patent run out and why
don’t we hear about this
uh I don’t know if that’s a great
question because I never said it was a

great way to call it that um it’s a
question that’s been on my mind because
it seems to me that somebody could have
cleaned up on this you know if it was

patented well why wouldn’t it well
here’s your smart here’s here’s another
minor twist to the story every single
vaporizer device comes from China every
single one so I don’t know who if you

know who or if there’s even a patent I
have no idea may it may be very very old
that the idea is not new vaporizers are
not new but China makes everything

that’s just another interesting little
ripple in this whole rig even make our
own a little battery wad I would think
Elon Musk came up with a safe one but no

so yeah I think it’s uh I think it’s
just Chinese have flooded the market I
don’t think it makes any different no
one can make it cheaper I don’t think

there’s any any companies here that make
that could be wrong but I’ll find out if
if there’s US made I’ll buy that I’ll
use that they did find a scapegoat thank
goodness in the illegal vape making

business in the manufacturing this is
people this is Wisconsin past me in the
past is this one of the largest drug
operations you’ve had in Kenosha I don’t
think it was but of this type
it’s the largest we’ve ever had and as

far as I know it’s probably one of the
largest in the country
they found 31200 vape cartridges filled
already ready to be shipped out each was

filled with one gram of THC
they found approximately 98 thousand
vape cartridges unfilled and what they
would do is they would hire people and

they would they would actually pay them
in dollars an hour and they would take
THC oil which is on the screen here and
they would take a syringe and they

inject it into the cartridges they make
it sound really scary but the problem is
these guys who is now known as the vape
was probably cutting it he was cutting
it up with vitamin E trying to you know

to dilute it make it work better with
less THC make more money and you just
can’t be vaporizing chemicals it’s not a
good idea

you know glycerin all right you know we
have that in a lot of stuff in your in
your birthday cake but you know vitamin
E that was never part of the original
formula so that’s what we really have to
be careful about and all this is

squashing and an entire industry will be
gone gone in a year
very disappointing
you’re actually disappointed yeah I’m

very disappointed in my government and
I’d see the president like that’s fu man
get a fucking clue
or get a clue even I get a get a clue
yeah it said find that extremely

disappointing and and the worst part is
the mainstream media shocked and
dismayed no I predicted it what are you
talking about

hi I didn’t imagine it would come
through why are you even bringing up
that it that you’re disappointing the
present when you already predicted this
behavior I’m disappointing okay
you should have been pre-decided I think
I was pre disappointed but I did I

wasn’t prepared for the actual letdown
of it all but it’s fun to watch the m5m
collude and conflate all these different
stories into scaring everybody I’m going

along with the program I have to stop
you now you used the word conflate way
too often in this report no I actually
the reason I did it is because the

previous report I said conflate and I
said no that’s not the word and I went
back and looked it up and decided to use
it for the report I’ve used it twice but
thanks what about fucking me no no three

okay four all right fine I’m just
telling you yeah you’re supposed to
report these things yes
okay I got it
I think that summarizes the whole thing

is ever that there’s still missing
patent and also I think it might be
interesting to know how this who started
this craze in the first place which

craze the vape craze yeah on that that
is an interesting question I don’t know
but it’s–but 10 years I know but
someone someone is ground zero of this
yeah someone somewhere just gets no

credit yeah it’s probably some hipster
with a man bun so yeah we may not want
to find the answer to that it probably
is some hipster with a man bun as a

matter of fact the next big piece of
news would undoubtedly be brexit
Wow what’s news about brexit oh well we

got a whole bunch of fun things
happening I mean you know of course now
the the Parliament is in prorogue so
they have been suspended

well actually here’s the BBC who have a
little recap of what happened this week
in brexit it’s been a long and often
dramatic parliamentary session and as it
came to an end it was a long and

dramatic night as a ceremony for
corrugation got underway a group of MPs
staged a protest around the Speaker’s
chair holding up signs saying

do you want to make the point that this
is not a standard or normal corrugation
require any assistance and from you mr.

Stevenson you wouldn’t have the foggiest
idea where to start in seeking to
counsel me on this table I require no
response from you
and then there were cries of shame

directed at conservative MPs as they
left the chamber
it all followed a fiery debate in the

Commons where MPs again rejected the
idea of a snap election in mid-october
and Boris Johnson again reiterated that
he has no intention of delaying brexit

this government will not deny brexit any
further we will not allow the emphatic
verdict of the referendum to be slowly
suffocated by

while the opposition run from their duty
to answer to those who put us here they
cannot hide forever

commander when welcome when the people
will finally get their chance to deliver
their verdict mr. speaker say what I’m

just saying his keys he is well just
play the whole thing but it seems that
he right there either said there’s gonna

be a people’s vote or there’s gonna be a
new election he’s saying the verdict was
to leave and they will get their chant

he’d finally they’ll get the chance to
decide who was good and bad I think
that’s his his way of saying we are
gonna have an election but Boris
Johnson’s being attacked on two fronts

one is the legality of the prorogue
which we discussed and there’s been kind
of floating out there that he could be
arrested because it’s illegal and in
essence what he did is he lied he lied

to the Queen did you lie to the Queen
when you advised her to Peru to suspend
Parliament absolutely not
and that an indeed as I say that the
High Court in in England plainly agrees

with us but the Supreme Court will have
to decide we need a Queen’s Speech we
need to get on and do all sorts of
things so I’m not sure where that is but
the latest and this is almost like you

know anti-trump Ian’s stuff what they’re
doing now they’ve they figured out how
to bring Boris Johnson down everybody
they’ve here’s here’s the story JA Boris
Johnson’s backers so his his campaign

funders and people who support his
mission are all making hundreds of
millions on shorting the market and it’s
clearly collusion

so the BBC interviewed one of these
donors Crispin O’Day who has already
made 220 million pounds from shorting
the markets I don’t know exactly what

he was shorting but he’s shorting and
hurting the markets sorry time
expression matino hora in Boca the
morning has gold in its mass and never
has one felt so much that that idea as

this morning really I discover Crispin
has two reasons to be cheerful brexit
and bonds overnight he’s made two

hundred and twenty million quid betting
markets will collapse as his campaign
succeeds I still think tomorrow they’re
gonna take it all away from you me

that’s because I’ve lived for too long
in the the yer a world he might have
been up all night but he there I’m
feeling fresh as a daisy they got the
perfect guy with the evil laugh well

that’s not very clear on what this guy
did I mean he’s obviously playing that I
mean the only thing the only thing that
I can see somebody like that can make

that much money overnight is playing
currency well you could play you beat
this bullcrap the report said bonds
which is possible is fine well the
shorting bonds I’m just telling you what

the report what world are bonds shorter
bonds going down I’m just telling you
what the reporting is what the reporting
saying reporting is saying there should
that Boris Johnson’s backers have been

shorting the market and and they know
exactly what Bo Joe’s gonna do and so
they’re just cleaning up it’s all of its
bullcrap they’re just making stuff up to

make Boris Johnson look bad which is
what you do but what really came out to
the forefront this week was operation
yellow hammer and we talked about yellow
hammer in January as the secret plan for

what the UK will do in the worst case No
Deal brexit scenario it was kind of
laughed at as off was this and it

doesn’t exist it’s not real now it’s out
in the open now it turns out to be real
the British government’s worst case
brexit scenarios makes for a bleak
potential panic buying and public

disorder the no deal departure could
means the veer disruption to cross
channel reef problems for fuel medical
and fresh food supplies and protests and
counter protests across the country

operation yellow hammer was published on
Wednesday after a request from lawmakers
prepared on August the second it says
public and business readiness for a No
Deal outcome would likely be low the

document states lorries could have to
wait up to two and a half days to cross
the English Channel and British citizens
could face more immigration checks that
EU border posts disruption could last a

possible three months information
sharing between police and security
services would also be affected
documentation yellowhammer first came to
light in the Sunday Times newspaper on

August the 18th Michael Gove minister in
charge of No Deal preparations said then
that the document was not up-to-date
despite handing the information over on
Wednesday he refused to do the same with

advice from government advisers about
suspending Parliament
so that’s just a big fracas I was also
yeah it’s like

one thing in there there’s no police
won’t be able to talk to each other
because of this oh yeah yes the the net
what’s the internet gonna go down they
all the power green oh no this is can’t
bring any power over all right well I’m

gonna take you there this is part of
black vulture see see black we have
yellow hammer and black vulture these
Brits man they’re nuts in Parliament so

black vulture is showing all these
things that the that will happen but
also what the EU was planning so when we
talk about the police not being able to
communicate that’s because of the

technology they’re using these digital
radios and gosh I guess the EU controls
the frequencies or something of that
nature and then we had Lord James of
Blackheath who’s kind of a backbencher

blowhard although he talks softly and he
threw the bombshell down in Parliament
saying well let me just tell you you
know we better get out because if we
don’t you know the European army is

gonna take over
we have this wonderful paper called the
yellow hammer which tells us all the
dreadful things which will happen if we
do go no go now my secretary has got an
alternative list which I have compiled
it called the black vulture which is my

list of the things which they don’t know
about which will happen if we don’t go
no no deal and the first of those has if
it creates for the crowd but the second
will somebody please tell us the truth

about the European defence Union is it
by far the biggest issue facing the
British public and they know nothing
about it officially can we please have a
proper account of what it entails is it

really true that the government has
entered into private agreements with the
European community that they will on
completion of remain or whatever it is
to be transferred to the European Union

in Brussels the entire control of our
entire fighting forces including all
very quickly
you may you may just my lords but it has
been done and you must check it out it

is too important to ignore we must know
the truth of this we must have clear for
the whole public to know I it is true
and I think we should be taught I have
understanding that it is intended that

the oath of every serving member of our
forces will be canceled and they will be
required to undertake a new of loyalty
to Brussels and we have had in recent
months I understand a series of a series

of people sent from our armed forces to
create and install the command and
control centers to be used for the

controller back to that we have been
ceased to have any control over their
use application or deployment so a lot
of fear mongering going on like that one
yeah I decided black vulture and by the

way long term whatever he said is is
totally it has to be true because that’s
the way this thing is set up to go even

though we promise no European army well
we are well you and I have both
documented many a moment when they’re
talking about European armies because of

well you can’t trust the United States
you know NATO and all the rest so that
they’re already headed that way yeah and
and it at some point it would be one

unified European army and the band of
Brits will be part of it if they remain
which they will well here’s here’s a
thought that I had and it it explains a

few things that we’ve discussed
previously so the UK they held it
actually I have the I have the compa
Lodge of the referendum just here all of

the politicians all the Talking Heads
from the beginning of this saying up
it’s it’s gonna be a referendum it’s one
referendum we’re not gonna do a second
one it said whatever the people say it’s

go there will be no second referendum
the second referendum argument simply
doesn’t hold water no I don’t think we
need a second referendum
there’s no second book we will not be

taking a decision like this again in our
lifetime this is a once in a generation
vote once in a generation choice the
once in a lifetime decision there once

ever chance or once-and-for-all decision
a one-off choice between staying in or
leaving completely they won’t be another
referendum on Europe this is it if with

budgets like to quit then we’re out for
good there’s no going back you vote to
leave we’re out that’s it
we’re going whatever the British people

decide we work together constructively
to make that happen I don’t think it
would be right for Parma to try and
unravel the decision that the public
have made the British Parliament
Parliament should deliver what is

required of that decision of the beach
people we would have to accept the will
of the public whatever the result is we
have to respect it labour accepts and
respects the results of the referendum

have we’ve got to accept result yes on
Parliament should respect that
referendum result which said that all
the way through we respect the decision
of the British people
we respect the votes of the referendum
and we have to accept the decision of

the referendum one genuinely accept the
results the Labour Party accepts that we
are leaving the European Union Britain
is leaving the EU we’re leaving the
European Union we live in the European

Union we’re leaving the European Britain
is leaving the European Union yes when
even the European Union we are leaving
European Union will leave the EU in
March 2019 so of course March came and

went and the will of the people has not
been done it has not been executed
everybody was clear you heard it right

there one vote that’s it in or out
winner take all we’re good to go your
democracy in action and Parliament who
represents the people have not done this

that’s because they don’t want to do it
but there’s something that really stands
out like a sore thumb with that
clip-clip osh which is the new mean that
keeps floating around well when people

voted to leave they were voting to leave
with a deal No yeah that’s that’s what
they’re trying to weasel in there’s zero
evidence of that I don’t remember it at

the time and now they keep saying well
people voted to leave but they voted to
leave with no they didn’t they would
just what you said if it that one guys
just says something like we’re yeah

we’re vote leave we’re out that’s what
they voted for they voted to just get
out they didn’t vote for a deal they
voted to get out now here’s the
difference between the United Kingdom
who have as they themselves say an

unwritten Constitution a BBC repeats it
everybody says an unwritten Constitution
and the United States that has a
constitution in our preamble we have an
important part governments are

instituted among men deriving their just
powers from the consent of the governed
that whenever any form of government
becomes destructive of these ends it is
the right of the people to alter or to

abolish it and to institute new
government laying its foundation on such
principles and organizing its powers in
such form as to them shall seem most
likely to effect their safety and have

penis this is why we have the first
amendment because you’re allowed to
stand up and say screw you we should
take you guys down if that doesn’t work
and this is where we really differ

because the unwritten Constitution of
the United Kingdom lets you talk a big
game but if that doesn’t work we have
the Second Amendment and this if this
what’s happening in the United States it

wouldn’t happen the vote would be a vote
and we be done and we’d be gone because
the politicians would be afraid of the
amount of guns pointing at them if we
did not do the will of the people this

is this is the exact reason why the
threat has to be there because they’re
not gonna go you and I know it they’re
never going to leave then the European

army I’m sure will take over the British
army or whatever you know dad’s army
so this is this is your reason right
here so scoff all you want Brits with
your knife crime but just the threat of

Americans having enough guns to take out
every politician and form our new
government makes them do what we want
them to ultimately well except with
vapes I don’t think it’s quite such an

issue as remaining in the European Union
whether you can vapor a flavour or not
but okay they should be careful
get some well you’re on a roll here with

this you just a second time and within I
think two or three shows that you have
gone on this the reason for the Second
Amendment rant aimed mostly at the Brits
because it’s a perfect example well it

is a very good example I’m not gonna
argue it but it’s interesting that you
something has triggered this in you
this has something to do with the Brits

yes because I live there I know how the
British people think and they are
outraged even the ones that want to stay
I just can’t believe that that what

their what their representatives are
doing and
what do they have tire irons pitchforks
you know vape vape sticks what what if

they kind of take to this through what
are they gonna go to Westminster with
nothing nothing well luckily there’s one
guy one guy you can always count on the
common man of the British people to say

it like it is and that’s Ringo Starr the
people voted and you know they have to
get on with it not certainly it’s like
oh well we don’t like that vote and what

do you mean you don’t like that but do
you add the boat this is what one let’s
get on with it would you have voted that
way will you voted for breakfast yet I
would have already to get out but don’t

tell Bob Geldof why did you vote that
way Ringo because I think it’s true I
think it’s a great move I think you know
to be in control of your own country

here’s a good move and I think a lot of
the Brits think like Ringo Ringo is the
common man yeah in common
multi-millionaire to be in control of

your own country’s a good idea is that
like this great thought for the day what
were you guys doing before this dude the

only song he wrote was when I’m 64 so
give him a break okay he’s not already
way over 64 he’s not the master of crows
he’s just uh octopus’s garden yeah that

was kind of good
yeah so is it a my trigger yeah because
it’s obvious that what is it yeah you
listen to what what’s going on like

every single politician take away the
guns buyback how’s that working out for
Australia you know this no no and it’s
not it should be magical politician on

the Democrat side of the ledger yes well
yes be specific here well they’re the
one number of Republicans that are all
in with the Democrats on that issue is

extremely it’s like a couple of people
it shouldn’t be Republican right but
that’s the conversation right now
oh yeah and you know and and it devolves
into it should be for sport for hunting

you don’t need you need to take out
twenty politicians you need a big
magazine but let’s not bullshit about it
let’s just this it’s in the Constitution

it says it right there this is why we
have it and we like shooting stuff in
general like blowing stuff up we’ve got
a big country good space to blow stuff

up yeah you go out to the Arizona
deserts and you can just shoot all you
want if you nobody even hear the bullets
and the sounds of the gun yeah so I
think you know we can’t have the same

stupid conversation and everyone else is
having you know we already have
background checks

that’s probably yes they’re nice maybe
not carry and common sense gun laws
that’s another one of my favorites it’s

common sense you don’t need that
scary-looking thing well now you know
why because if the Brits had guns this
would not be the situation

that’s just simplest way to explain it
yeah but it’d have to be a law yeah you
can’t just give them guns now I mean the
problem is if you don’t have if you’re

raised with that with the goodness kind
of suppressed notion about a gun
ownership and it’s been there for
hundreds of years
yeah and it’s beaten into you if you all

of a sudden cut that loose and gave her
when guns they’d be shooting the place
up they’d be going nuts yeah this would
be entertaining it would be great for
the show but so there’s this thing

they’re stuck yeah I don’t see a friend
of mine in London the other night over
every tie was on skype because he’s
doing this is another writer and he’s
doing a story and I was asking him about

what he thought about all this and he I
said do you think is his John’s gonna
get us out on the 31st or would it the
biggest 31st it’s no chance no no no way
and the Brits will just go oh good I can

hear him if they give up people just
give up at a certain point and then you
know forget about it

sad well more importantly in another sub
segment uh insofar as climates concerned
you know Greta was on the Democracy Now

show and there’s a couple of items in
cat to two short clips
Greta Thun Berg the autistic now climate
change protest or yeah can you what you

pronounce your name Greta Sundberg it’s
moon Berg tune burst
I think it’s tune Berg you want to hear
how it’s pronounced I’d love to hear how

it’s pronounced yes wait let’s hear her
tell us how to pronounce it pronounced
Sundberg okay so why don’t we start at
the beginning there’s a great

controversy and it’s how you pronounce
your name can you say your full name for
us and that’s the Swedish version okay I
got it I can do is I’m sorry I didn’t do

the accent okay give it to us let’s
compare let’s go no there’s no G in
there yes she does she swallows the G
did you make so why don’t we start at

the beginning there’s a great
controversy and it’s how you pronounce
your name can you say your full name for
us and that’s the Swedish version and

yes you come to the United States people
are calling you by different names can
you hum Berg I mean but I think it’s

funny that everyone pronounces it
differently differently so that it’s

just I don’t mind anyone pronouncing it
wrong there’s no wrong way to pronounce
it everyone pronounces it in their own
way so say again how you were born what
your parents called you Wow the

derivative stuff on democracy now did
they get into any conversation about how
she’s been abused

since she’s for the past five years by
her parents Santeria world it turns out
it doesn’t even seem like her parents
were really the the base abusers because
they were somewhat responsible they

stood they do have this discussion I
didn’t pick up I didn’t pick up any and
the good climate changed I just was
trying to draw other things out of this
this interview and this one is her on
her she became a depressive when she was

eight because because of climate change
because she started reading and nobody
was guiding her so instead of giving her
any skeptical you know no they probably
were encouraging her oh yes

no II that’s horrible you’re going to
die it yes Trump’s will this but it
turns out that her parents weren’t all
in and she got depressed but listen this
is her it’s AG long clip it’s two

minutes and but it is fascinating
because this poor girl at eight at the
age of eight who has Asperger’s and
discusses it Bill Gates has a very

similar ailment so it doesn’t really
hurt their ability to focus that’s for
sure in fact it enhances it and so she
is so she’s a focused little girl and

she went into a deep depression and it
lasts over a year and this was his
eighth it’s really a disgusting
sad but in some ways disgusting story he
went through a crisis in that period

after you were eight years old can you
talk about what you went through yeah it
was after that I sort of caught up with
reading about it and I understood and
that made me very depressed of course

and when when you are the only one who
really reacts about this crisis and
everyone else seems to just okay it’s

very important but I am too busy with my
life and I just thought that it was very
strange that no one else was behaving

in in the logical way and so I more with
that logical way have been to do
something your concept zone and to

realize that okay we cannot continue
like we have done now we need to do
something drastically and I and I’m
going to do everything I can do to help

to push in the right direction and but
no one seemed to do that my parents were
just like continuing like before my
classmates every one of my relatives I

mean no one was no one seemed to care
about these issues except me and that
was a strange feeling and so you just

send it into a depression yes it was of
course caused by many reasons but that
was I think the biggest reason to it

because I just thought that’s everything
is just so wrong and everything is so
strange and everything is so sad and why
isn’t anyone doing anything about this

and so then I fell into a depression and
it lasted for maybe a year or something
and then I you stop talking yeah I

stopped because I have selective mutism
or at least had they said if sometimes

grows away that I only spoke to some
people might teach you for instance my
parents some members of my family and so
on and I stopped eating almost entirely

I only it was a lot of weights because I
was just so depressed nothing seemed to

matter anymore well I’m actually glad
they showed this and I hope parents
watch this and got a clue nobody watched
it to get a clue this is what they

always I know it is audience cuz all
that’s that poor woman
we do more about climate change no
deport the poor child got the press
because of all the the climate change

talk you say that nice I’d say that yeah
but that’s not the way the anyone else
is gonna see it
well maybe there’s a few people who

listen to our podcast phew well IKEA
season I hope so this out you know I
don’t want to say we’re outliers but I
mean the way they were playing it has

destroyed this poor girl you know she’s
client would he do something but climate
change you wouldn’t have gotten
depressed that’s the way I’m imagining
them looking at it from that perspective
yeah anyway so she was on there doing

her thing she says she has selective
mutism that’s really what we talked
about that on the Scott Adams interview

when he was having his problem with oh
she had mutism too but and it was like
it was also selective I don’t recall it
the term though selective mutism well he
never used the term selective mutism I

never heard the term that term until she
said it but it was the same thing where
you can talk this guy could talk fine
talk to anybody I think there’s maybe a
couple people he could talk to but he

couldn’t talk to anybody else and that’s
what this would happen to her she
couldn’t talk to anybody certain people
I mean I thought I could I could
continue until deep in my night in my
90s doing podcasting of what could

really stop me but hey what if I develop
selective mutism it’s possible that
would be horrible happen to anybody well
it depends on your perspective would it
be horrible or not well it’s not great

as a podcaster
yeah probably I’m guessing no although
although talking a parent can be with
selective eaters you can talk to nobody

and from what I can tell most podcasts
really talk to nobody so I think you
should still be relaxed yeah that’s
right I have far fewer tics when doing

the show all by myself
because you know I’m talking to nobody
oh well there you go
but selective mutism I have I have the
latest chant from the extinction

rebellion crowd they have a new is it a
new chance I believe it is
altogether no planet well that’s

interesting because I was hearing it
what do you think they were so is
hearing something something there’s no
two terms I thought it was some anti try

goodness if you play it again and listen
for it no to term okay I really don’t
hear no two terms

no two chirps there’s a no future yeah
but it’s like business to turn whoever
miked that chant needs to be arrested oh

it was just the thigh bone video
swooping across a bunch of people that’s
all it was
oh I went I did maybe say that I could
do that quickly I went to the community

first village here in Austin who are
solving the unhoused problem in their
own unique and incredibly successful way
no gay little update first of all the

the guy who started this Allen Graham
has a podcast and I’d listened to a
couple episodes he started this I think
about 11 years ago and so he took me on
it to I went to insist it’s south it’s

past the airport a little bit it’s a I
think they have 250 people renting tiny
homes a variety of different types of
dwellings ranging from 275 dollars a
month to $500 a month and the 275

there’s communal bathrooms and cooking
etc at the 500 it’s like almost like an
RV pretty much so you have everything on
board and two people per per house or

proced rupture but he took me on the on
the tour and uh what was most
interesting I think for the show is that
the concept for what they’re doing

community first the community first
village is based on a book called
chasing well not really the book but on
experiments that were detailed in

chasing the screen
and then I didn’t I think I think I
recognized that the title of the book
but then when he said the author is
Johann Hari then it hit me like ah of
course Johann Hari is the guy who wrote

connections that we talked about
extensively which is also you know part
of that outgrowth is our meetups how
important it is to have human
face-to-face contact that we played a

couple clips back back then and what
Hari details in his book that was
researched from the 70s where they threw
a rat into a cage with food water and
cocaine and within 60 days the rat was

coked out and died they same cage except
they built a couple tunnels and had a
few structures and they put more than
one rat in there and after 60 days they

were flourishing there were baby rats
coming now five percent of the coke had
been used because the rats did like the
coke but they were not dying they were
in fact they were flourishing and so he

used one example he says if you’re
downtown and John over here walks out of
his house in the morning without his
pants on this dick is hanging out I’m
using his words then what you do

downtown Austin as you call the cops and
have him picked up and he goes through a
whole process and it’s not necessarily a
positive thing it may not have a
positive outcome but in the community

first village he walks outside and his
thing is hanging out and the neighbors
will come over and say hey ma’am you
know you put your pants on this is not
OK and he’ll probably go oh shoot I put

the pants on and let’s go talk to
somebody and just make sure you’re okay
and the according to him because we talk
a lot about drugs the number one reason
people become homeless is loss of family

which I think you could also substitute
for loss of community and the success
rate they have and these are people who
are referred by multiple organizations
in Austin from the arch the first step

Caritas if you have social security if
you have disability that’s typically
enough to actually pay for your rent you
have to have some kind of sustainable
income to pay your basic rent and if you

don’t have a job there’s multiple jobs
on-site and they’re now expanding to 500
capacity for 500 more people so it’ll be
a total of you know about 700 people in

this village where people are
functioning they’re going into Austin to
work they have a community there’s no
trash people do drugs in their homes
they don’t do crazy stuff they don’t run

around like nut jobs typically they have
you know car detailing service of course
they got hand handicrafts etc and they
do it all on six million dollars a year
yeah that’s all that this organization

needs to keep running okay they get
nothing from the city nothing from the
state they do it all themselves and I
know I saw it working it seems to be
really a really good program and they
had the one of the first tiny homes that

was 3d printed on premises so I took a
look at that I was kind of cool how’s it
look it’s well it looks like play-doh
you know if you were to guess what it
looks like when they’re making it the

thing is they’re not cost the cost
effective yet so it’s just too expensive
you know they put a tiny house down from
wood boom it’s done this you got to put
down a big concrete slab and that’s

really expensive you still have to put
the roof on and there’s no three print
3d printing the roof but now maybe maybe
I’ll that I’ll get cheaper over time but

there’s just building little tiny homes
and it’s working
how many places does he have
yet right now for 250 people so there’s
over a hundred homes or 100 tiny homes

and phase 2 adds an additional 250 or
300 I think homes can they scale up to
40,000 people which is what we have over
in the San Francisco area now I asked

him about that and he said we’re never
gonna go you we’re never going to leave
Austin do anything outside of Austin but
they do monthly symposia now seminars
and they give the whole blueprint the

exactly how you can replicate this and
and those symposia czar full and people
are trying to replicate this all over
the world now trying to create this kind
of village so there was a very

interesting to see a different take on
what causes homelessness and how to
solve it by providing community and it’s

it’s not it’s like I got an email from
some guy you guys are full of shit with
you we did how were you complaining
about them building houses affordable
housing you know this is all part of the

housing first that’s the the that is the
California theory that that you’re going
on it was invented in California and
that’s they even has a wiki page housing
first is relatively recent innovation

and what I want to say solution but
they’ll call it innovation in human
service programs and social policy
regarding treatment of people who are
homeless and is an alternative to a
system of emergency shelter transitional

housing progressions as their concept
isn’t this I think is what Austin is
following rather than moving homeless
individuals through different levels of

housing whereby each level moves them
closer to independent housing housing
first moves the homeless individual or
household immediately from the streets
or homeless shelters into their own

accommodation but this just it’s proven
it just doesn’t work this is
California’s system housing first
and Austin is following that nicely
except for you know I guess community

first village is probably taking up 15%
of the homeless population maybe they’ll
get to 25 or 30 but the Austin is
spending tens of millions and the wine

that you know that’s gonna spend 8
million on a shelter you could fund the
whole village for a year
well you sound like you should be the PR

guy for this guy well it’s a non-profit
they need some help yeah we’ll help um
yeah well I’m going to MLS org mobile
loaves and fishes and it is
religious-based although there was no

pushing that I saw or witnessed which
some glitches are we talking about I
don’t know the whole thing is a is a
ministry so I don’t know I didn’t ask I

wasn’t interested listen I would ask cuz
there’s always some tax angle well it’s
a non-profit so that their tax angle is
there you know if they publish a 990 I

look at all that they do about eight
hundred nine hundred thousand a year in
rent now from their from their residence
and they didn’t have a whole Medical

Center with sixteen people full-time on
staff it’s fantastic solutions are there
but you know it’s not invented in City

not what the Californians are doing so
it could never be right yeah although we
do is the best you guys got it nailed
for sure
tent city

yeah that’s a community it is but you
need to have community members who are
not in exactly the same boat

but yes this is why you see people
congregate and create their own
community and their community sadly as a
community of typically drugs

yeah there’s share needles yeah so you
need to understand the community aspect
and put them in a better situation
well this is your exit strategy 3d

printing and homes for the homeless
everybody I’m retired
see ya sayonara I have a feeling that’s
not going to work

all right well then maybe with that
since you didn’t jump in with anything I
can last for a little I say let me jump
kind of befuddled to jump in with

anything here what am i doing up this
pad a little bit with a jump in
now I’d like to thank you for your

courage and say in the morning to you
the man who put the see and community
John well in the morning to you mr. Adam
Kerr also in the morning I’ll ships to

see boots on the ground feet in the air
stops in the water and all the Dames the
night’s up in the morning to art roles
in our No Agenda stream control room
where you’re always there hanging out

how many trolls do we have here today
let me have a quick look low count 921
hmm did everyone retweet that we were
live that’s where you can always listen
to our show live many shows live in fact

right before our show there’s need
arunoda is a great priest stream this
morning so that no agenda stream comm is
where you want to check that out and
also in the morning to comic strip

bloggers who did a piece of artwork that
was perhaps the mote ly simplest we’ve
seen with such an enormous explosive
laughter effect and this of course was

the Milania Sharpie enhancement
that we use for our album art on episode
11 71

yes it was the again comic strip
bloggers came in with simplicity yes to
win the day it’s it was it was so simple

because we had we had some pretty
intricate pieces of art 471 we had so
you had some vaping stuff was it was

anything that we did we also did we look
at anything else that we liked
do you recall yeah there was one piece
that I thought was headed it what was
that no I’m looking at it now Oh Darrin

O’Neal had the disciples that was okay
uh it was it was really it was good and
we just looked that we both looked at it

and just cracked up and when you have an
explosive laughter right off the bat
it’s got to be the one now yeah well
sure a lot better than explosive
diarrhea we we did
to have a slight conflict having the

first lady as the artwork prominently
showing her bosom and then calling the
episode slutty vegan yes it was a
consideration but then we went a screw

it we might as well go for it I think
people it was we had to use the art and
we had to use the title some reason yes
there was no better title that’s for

and saying alright that that piece
really stood out and really want to
thank comics for bloggers for that
because it just nailed it finally that
Apple pencil came in handy happy to hear
that no agenda our generator dot-com is

where you can upload your artwork for
consideration as album artwork for the
current show it’s a tough racket man
people are doing these while we talk on
the show it’s it’s incredible what our

artists do and you can see all of their
work at No Agenda our generator calm and
we thank all of them for their courage
and their art artistry and we also like
to thank our producers that particularly

ones who help us in financial manner and
we do our associates associate executive
producers and the executive producers up
front and we have a couple for today I
think even better we have to do is do

right we have two associates two
executives so it’s a Sur otaku Baron of
the North East Texas and Red River
Valley from Louis Lewisville Texas 911
911 guy the palindrome I offered this

palindrome movie I mean we had 90 119
was a palindrome week we’ve got 911
which was yesterday which was a 18 years
since 9/11 and and it’s the only

palindrome in the whole series of 9/11
celebrations nine one one one nine and
II and so I offered it up see if anyone
would take it and he did and I’m glad he

did because I
you might as well play that while we’re
at it and he he’s our top guy when a
couple of vices last barbecue

competition Bank on Labor Day here’s a
donation to remember September 11th oh
well it’s a drunk donation so I can’t
remember much more what I wanted to say
but I just wanted to make sure that
people remember the date oh by the way

can you give me some jcd mac and cheese
karma to round this out some sir otaku
baron of North East Texas in the Red
River Valley 73 from kilo 5 Victor Zulu
and for those of you who don’t know the

phonetic alphabet but John that is K v
VV yes 33 kilo 5 alpha Charlie Charlie
where did that come from hold on

that’s interesting hmm sometimes I start
to lose clips for some reason well Mack

and chief cheap cheddar macaroni melted
together why the hell can’t I find that
you erased it no no no no no no I’m
sleepwalk I mean everybody tells me this

oh how about this one yes this is it my
goodness I feel like a fool today found
it was that was a variation yes Joel

Tucker meanwhile comes in from Largo
Florida not Key Largo 33333
a happy late birthday Adam I do have a

93 birthday but as well wishes come late
because it’s what douche bags do you
know he’s not on the birthday list he
didn’t ask to be on it but ya know if

you want to put him on the birthday list
well you asked for a D do so let’s do
that for sure
please play China is asshole
followed by that’s true and if it’s not

too much some goat Karma thank you both
okay so it was Joe or Joel Tucker Joel
Tucker okay
you’ve got karma this time we try to get

our loot the visa to China you’re going
at the top in front of the line it’s

time to flip through somebody go China
what what is this China a whole a whole
that’s all that’s all what is that what
is this whoa I’m sorry I’m just saying

this is what you’re gonna get harassed
mark Mik Minh in Lexington Massachusetts
203 33 becomes a for social executive

producer longtime boner
please deduce me and give me some jobs
karma as I just lost my job
no thanks a lot for the sanity oh well
we hope this helps


Brian Calderon 202 be our last associate
executive producer in this short list
today while clearing out the house I
stumbled upon a box filled with stuff

from grammar school through her junior
high and what did I find from 1998 to 99
I was introduced into the Feinstein or
Feinstein 33 plus Club huh that’s

I can’t make this up pick attack he has
a pic attached some writing hey Dad Eric
sent them together in the email yeah

yeah it’s a sign from the above to help
produce this episode of the show I’m so
appreciative of last time I donated I
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NICU the sunday show my son was allowed

to come home that following Monday not
only to straddling both dimensions help
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copywriter marketer seriously you both
helped me figure out just how much
amygdala Juice needs to be peppered in
to copy this time I’d like some jobs
karma Nancy please jingle request China

is ask
and that’s true Oh same combo yeah of
course huh

random numbers that’s how the craps
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so I managed to step over on your beat
oh you weren’t wait um wait sealed
indictments yeah no she thought about

not to seal that that’s still yours
sealed indictments no I went to CNN oh
my goodness I I will admit I’ve been
watching more CNN these days than MSNBC

a CNN still kind of pretends MSNBC so
how do they pretend Adam erin burnett
well i’m sure during the day or erin
burnett is she could be on MSNBC she has

so much hate and she makes stuff up she
doesn’t just tell it give us the news
she she embellishes it with what the
person is thinking and all this crazy

stuff which is just so full of and
beyond any sort of journalism I have
five clip you all right first of all
let’s start with and I went in there to

there’s actually really three clips
because there’s this one standalone clip
and the other ones are related but did
you first of all this got me right off
the bat which is this is her discussing

the firing of John Bolton and this is
the clip called blindsides Bolton
yo sorry hold on here we go front

it was personal we are learning more
this hour about the bitter breakup
between Trump and Boulder the source
tells CNN that President Trump turned on
his now former national security adviser
he thought Bolton made him look bad this

week Trump wanted to humiliate Bolton in
there’s molten at the White House a 44
a.m. this morning work as usual taking a
phone call outside he then went in and

led a meeting with top administration
officials and then BOOM BOOM the
operative part of that tweet quote I
informed John Bolton last night that his
services are no longer needed at the

White House well that’s not Bolton’s
version now sources tell CNN Trump was
livid the sources seems to be the source
so story about how Bolton told Trump
that hosting the Taliban at Camp David

was a bad idea now Trump of course was
resoundingly slammed for that summit
9/11 anniversary he felt Bolton was the
one who made him look bad tonight Bolton
is fighting back no so the president

says he’s the one who fired Bolton when
he did it last night Bolton saying no
way he resigned quote I offered to
resign last night and President Trump
said let’s talk about it tomorrow Trump
wanted public embarrassment for Bolton

he let him come to work and take that
call and be on camera a press contain I
think Bolton was going to appear at a
briefing with the Secretary of State
Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steve
Nugent who were also blindsided by Trump

Smith on the guidance to be here so for
YouTube decided by what occurred today
that he’s no longer with the
administration was adduced to you today

because last night I’m never surprised
it was quite astounding to see the

mainstream’s defense of Bolton and to to
just much micro focus on on by being
fired I mean these people never been

fired before well here’s the other thing
this the report took away she does it
cuz she’s making stuff up she’s talking
about how somebody had to humiliate him
you know no sources sources told me

sources sources and then she says they
were blindsided and then they would then
they cut to a clip where a reporter asks
as they were blindsided and after
Burnett asserts that they were

blindsided and then they asked if
they’re blindsided and neither one of
them said they were blindsided so this
was a switchback this is bullcrap
they never said they were blindsided

they said well nothing surprises and
then they cracked up and laughed about I
think it was hilarious and that no one’s
bowled David they were blindsided they
didn’t look like they were not perked

blindsighted people know anyway so but
let’s go away I do have this blind size
bolt and clip – after okay this is the
second part of this clip so I guess an

extra clip sorry this is the follow-up –
after that we watch these guys laugh all
the falling the falling they’re
guffawing and they’re laughing and
Burnett comes back on and says listen to

what her interpretation of this is so we
maybe listen just to the end again of
the the question about being obliged she
had this really good idea here we go to

be here so for you
that he’s no longer with the
administration was it news to you today
because last night you were spoken here

I’m never surprised I think about what
Trump thinks hearing that I mean look at
their faces again

yeah decided freeze it they get it they
work for a person whose sudden rage and
focused on personal slights means that
nothing is normal and nothing can
surprise them one source close to the

administration telling CNN today after
the president’s well whatever word you’d
like to use resignation firing it’s a
real snake pit run by a neurotic

president who is hard to manage and who
brings out the worst sensibilities and
people this is sedition but it wasn’t
that which is one example of what

they’re doing that here’s another one
yeah so CNN this is CNN boosting Liz
Warren crowd and or in this case a new
clip is CNN boosting this warrant crowd
sighs this is another where they started

obsessing over I mean they have Trump
dead to rights on some of this stuff and
they could easily they could use that
against them but instead they go
overboard and they make a big scene and
then they embarrassed themselves in a

very peculiar way and I want to see if I
can ask you to try to find it but you
probably won’t be alert for it but
there’s a moment in this in these two in
this two clip set that these people

should be ashamed of themselves but
let’s play CNN boosting Liz Warren crowd
sighs Elizabeth Warren getting ready to
speak to a big crowd in Texas you see
that live there it is a red state that

she wants to put into play and you know
when you look at all those people
gathering she’s not yet on stage it does
bring to mind something interesting some
of her crowds lately have even exceeded
some of trumps bragged about crowd sizes

so he’s bragged about crowds recently
and then she’s pulled a crowd even
bigger i’ll find now keith Boykin former
Clinton White House aide and Scott
Jennings former special assistant to
President George W Bush so Keith you
know as we look at that crowd here we’ll

put him back up there waiting for she’s
rising in the polls her crowd tonight
wherever she is
a by far her crowds overall are the
biggest in the Democratic field and as I
point out rivaling Trump’s in some cases

if it’s a sign he should be worried was
it in this book yeah I would say I would
say she’s rising in the polls is what I
her crowd size was the biggest in the

Democratic field bulls
oh no that’s got to be Bernie Bernie’s
always been the biggest they won’t
mention his crowd size because they’re
they don’t want Bernie but women don’t

talk about size John don’t you know that
so they’ll talk about size if it’s
Elizabeth Warren sighs oh but Bernie you
know the biggest crunch so she puts in

this bogus meme that oh the biggest
crowd sighs and the democrat party she’s
getting her rising in the polls
she is rising in the polls ended by one
two notches she’s not jumping up in the

polls okay she went up a point but this
really galled me because again this is a
poor reporting you can’t say that when

and they completely ignore Bernie’s
crowd sizes which in many cases have
always exceeded Trump’s crowd sizes
that’s why Trump never brings it up in

fact did I not see Trump moved his north
carolina venue and i don’t know what
happened but he was a lot less Boesky
about it and it seemed to be a much
smaller venue than I expected when I

watched some of his just a little bit
actually now it did have the effect he
wanted because the special election
there in both elections Republicans won
but yeah crowd in fact I gotta tell you

I think Trump’s rallies are I mean
they’re no longer really TV interesting
for TV because it hasn’t come up with
any good new material

yeah his materials stale it’s very
follow up on the truck on the boosting
Liz Warren crowd CNN boosting was Warren
crowd – these crowds are getting the
attention of President Trump they are

and they’re and they’re they’re working
him listen I have clouds that are many
times what her crowds are nobody ever
talks about him nobody wants to talk
about him with her the other day they
say she at 15 if you really count them

up it looked like about eight or nine
and the biggest story was her crowds
that’s like a small crowd from me yes
when I hear something like that I want
to laugh and then I realize this is the

reality of the world we live in
okay in the under estimating her as a
challenger it’s actually his sort of
obsession there as as strange as that
was proof that he is not under
estimating her

well I think he’s probably watches more
news coverage of this primary than any
of the three of us sitting here and so
when he sees news coverage it says
somebody’s getting big crowds
obviously that perks up his ears look I

think they’re gonna run against her if
she’s the nominee the same way they run
against any of them you know they’re all
basically coming out for the same kind
of programming across you know economic
immigration national security issues and

so I think they’ll end up treating her
the exact same way and try to make it a
real choice instead of a referendum on
him do you want a more left-leaning
socialist country or do you want more
you know free-market you know type of

programming that I’m offering may try to
do that but he’s gonna be yelling about
Pocahontas and crowds now the worst of
the group is the what is the last one

and this is about their touch she’s got
some guy on who’s a pollster or is not
upholstery yeah I guess he’s one of
these strategies pollster I don’t know
but he’s talking about the approval

ratings of the president which are 40
they’ve always been pretty pretty there
was no good yeah but the approval rating
of the president is discussed in a way

that I this is really has to be look
deconstructed and to see how bad CNN
isn’t and really all right question
before we get into their question before

we get into it so we have the polls and
then we have approval ratings which are
either are they deduced from polls or is
a different type of poll I mean it’s all

bullshit we know because the Hillary was
going to win 99 percent but it’s a poll
but they always have but it’s a specific
poll by specific it’s a specific poll
done by specific operation honest

specifically select a group of people
okay so it’s manipulation it’s a little
new Alice not as much as you might
imagine it’s it’s probably fairly I mean
it it tends to lean left so slightly

wrong but let’s go with this let’s
listen to this and and because now all
of a sudden there’s some new new angles
this CNN approval rating generality
number one his approval rating is now at

39% okay which is the lowest for him and
I believe nine months Obama though was
only a 43% at this point in the first
term Clinton was only at 44 they both

want now I know in the world of
political polls you could say 39 verses
43 big difference but you know it
doesn’t sound like a big difference does
the does this low approval really matter
well yes no I don’t think that the five

point spread between Obama and Trump is
really statistically significant in
terms of where Trump stands what’s more
important is the larger trend and the
fact that for the entirety of his

administration he has never once been
above 50% and the public opinion poll
averages that’s never happened in modern
polling before we’ve never seen any
president in modern history who’s been

so despised really hold on a second
don’t say really to that the point is is
that the approval rating does not is not

an indication of your despising somebody
it’s a matter of you approving the job
they’re doing it’s like what’s the
approval rating it’s not you don’t get a
pull thing do you have a just hate the

president you just hate or despise who
despise Trump not like find annoying
despise and hate or what should is

despise higher than hate I think so
we’ve we should do the hate hate we
should do the hate poll and so the
approval rating now has somehow it
becomes a despicable rated so if you get

the 30 so now there was 39% of the
public the way that there couching this
and they continue to do this as the
follow-up clip indicates she’ll use the
word despise again to pound at home so

this was planned so no way you would put
this in there unless you planned it so
this is just a propagandistic trick but
so what they’re saying is that third
only third only 39% of the public

doesn’t despise Trump that’s great good
job everybody
where does loathe fit in on the scale

I don’t know this uh is I think is less
than hate but more to despise it’s kind
of a simmering hate I’m telling you you
need to do a cosmic weenie bit about

this list in there so so despise is not
the when you talk about the approval
rating of the president it’s got nothing

to do with despising the president even
though I’m sure a few people that voted
no I don’t approve his job do despise
him but that’s not what the poll is
although they now made us think that

because they slipped that in and then
later on clip to here as there’s the two
who are still chatting Aaron had to
throw the word in again that even though

she’s flubbed it which is funny
which mazed it indicates to me that it
was something rehearsed or something
they tried because yes when you flub
show like that that’s when we flub and
choke choke choke but she says it again

to just to make sure that the public is
a win can now associate the approval
rating of the president with despising
the president is disgusting interesting

point you made great keep it that people
he won with a pretty despising that’s
numbers right so we want despising set
of numbers she choked oh gosh I don’t

know what she was supposed to say
despicable set of numbers but she said
despising set of numbers that’s bitch
must have thought to herself that

sounded smart
cuz it’s stupid play that clip again so
we can just see how stupid that really
is it’s an interesting point you made
great keep it that people he won with a

pretty despising from set of numbers
right so we want it’s a pretty despising
set of numbers it’s completely weird
well it’s a non sequitur makes it’s a

just a senseless yeah
whatever she’s died who knows what she’s
talking about but she had them for some
reason get that word and again to make
sure that we were but she screwed
so the effectiveness was shot shot to

hell but you could tell what she did
what they’re up to but I was so I would
turn on CNN I get this and I’m thinking
to myself that I only have these clips
nice thinking of myself this is a

terrible network well I’m glad you
caught that because I cannot watch Erin
Burnett anymore I used to really enjoy
watching her on CNBC in the morning she

was kind of you know bubbly and she was
not dumb she and she knew I did a show
about ten times was she nice and when
you met was it only we are long distance
distance I wasn’t in the studio with her

and it was quick she’s quick-witted very
quick and she was into a great team with
Mark who died as she left and the guy
died like six months later her co-host
mark course his name again I don’t know

it’s hard for me to watch but the reason
why she is not white well the reason why
Bernie Sanders is just ignored is

perhaps because he says stuff like this
anybody here know how much Amazon paid
in taxes last year I talked about it all
of the time and then I wonder why the

Washington Post which is owned by Jeff
Bezos who owns Amazon doesn’t write
particularly good articles about I don’t
know why so that would kind of explain
you don’t get in wopo you get bad press

and whap oh oh you’re not gonna do very
well on CNN on the end right the New
York Times put it put a woman who is a
Bernie Sanders hater on him and she
writes all that Bernie Sanders material

I had her name I don’t remember it if
you look at the New York Times Bernie
Sanders article you see this woman over
and over again not all of them but most
of them and she and she is just a pit

bull I mean she is hates Bernie Sanders
and she makes it clear in the articles
at Bernie’s no good Bernie’s got the New
York Times I mean the New York Times

against both Bernie and Trump but you
know it’s it’s a little more sinister
that they’re against Bernie so much
there was there against Bernie there
against I suppose Dubois Poe and so

okay so a couple things they’ve got to
be for Liz because liz is now tight with
hills and that’s important when Hills is
close to somebody they pay attention

they’ve been talking behind the scenes
we don’t know exactly what’s going on
but it’s interesting and if Hillary
Clinton is on the side of one candidate
that’s going to be an anointed one so
that’s one of the main reasons a lot of

the New York Times finally printed
something earlier this week about all
the money she raised from big big donors
and lobbyists and corporations before

she went on the I’m not gonna take any
money trip she’s using money from her
2018 campaign which was left over from
her senatorial campaign ten million

dollars from there so she’s got money
there’s there’s money to spend there’s
PAC so they know what side their bread
is buttered on but there’s so much I
mean you heard Bernie Sanders sounding

like Donald Trump it’s in fact it’s a
it’s almost verbatim a line from Trump
yeah I talk crap about Amazon and then I
get bad articles in The Washington Post

well how can that be and this came up on
a podcast Matt Taibbi spod cast I’d like
Maddie there’s a lot of outstanding
working at a couple of people on and
they they kind of came to a no agenda s

conclusion which seems to only happen
when you do a podcast and not when you
do something on mainstream make when
they get up there and they say oh you
know who owns the newspaper doesn’t have
any impact on our coverage or you know
who advertises in our channel doesn’t

have any impact on how we cover things
everybody knows that’s bullshit right
look I’ve worked for news organizations
that and I’ve have come up against the
problem of criticizing an advertiser
before like it comes up and and all and

beyond that it on an unconscious level
it’s it’s that’s where it works is that
works at the point of higher you know
that if you start being a jerk about
certain things you’re not going to get

promoted right companies hire in the
first place right and it was
yeah it’s not all over and that’s why
people like Jennifer Rubin and Max B
rise to the op-ed page and you know and
the glenn kessler is the world will

write will do fine the point is denying
all this just completely undermines the
credibility right press with with huge
swathes of the public left at right Wow
Wow Matt you sound like Trump people are

making this point are like people who
just accused the press of being biased
against Hillary Clinton oh right yeah
you know I would be holding right I mean

like bias exists everywhere and it’s
just a question of like how effrontery
what you are but it’s the denying it
that makes it difficult he’s a voice
coach I think Matt could do with a

little work too but here’s the big news
this is groundbreaking this is some big
ass news after five years running a
National Public Radio NPR my former boss

yarl mone formerly known as Lee masters
on WMMR but he went when he were started
he was the CEO of NPR I met him during

that time I gave him some ideas which he
never followed up on remember I did that
conference in New York and we chatted
for a bit and yeah you’re getting
nowhere now getting nowhere

well it and he also had a open-heart
surgery a year and a half ago and he
only he promised to do five years and he
would get everything set up for the next
person to come in and take over and it
has happened and we have a new CEO of

NPR and I think they made an outstanding
choice if you want to propagandize the
American people NPR has a new CEO his

name is John Lansing a veteran media
executive who has experience in cable TV
and public service media he’s taking
over for Ural Mon who was stepping down
after fulfilling his five-year term NPR

media correspondent David Falcon flick
is reporting on this hi David hey Ari
tell us about who John Lansing is John
Lansing started out as a young man a
teenager is he as a photojournalist at

in TV news from Rome Italy to be the
head of of local / local television
stations for the scripts company and
then headed their basket of cable

channels which included the the Food
Network HGTV and a couple others
he’s more recently since 2015 was
appointed by President Obama to be the
head of what is now called the US agency
for global media overseas international

broadcasters like The Voice of America
Radio Liberty Radio Free Europe and
others that reach hundreds of millions
of people each month broadcast abroad
but not here probably offering people

both news and also programming offering
people propaganda Voice of America and
Radio Free Europe it’s propaganda
against the Russians like it’s

propaganda all over the world and this
guy’s been running it and now he’s gonna
run your National Public Radio Smith
Monday anybody horrible I mean I think
it’s funny that you you brought this up

and you’re totally correct but it’s not
gonna change anything you’re already a
propaganda arm of the Democrat Party I

mean what’s gonna change they’re gonna
be worse it’s any worse
they can do so much better
there’s not there’s not enough loathing
there’s not enough more than enough

loathing yeah there’s more propaganda
works by being less overt like they are
currently so maybe he’ll back it off a
little bit well let’s listen to the rest

of the soft form of diplomacy
what has defined his tenure over the
last four years at the US agency for
global media we have to remember they’re
talking about the new boss so they’re

all nervous his tenure over the last
four years at the US agency for global
media well it’s been renowned you know a
decade ago or so I did a lot of reports
on how dysfunctional that agency was and

it was over a series of of
administrations he’s brought real order
to it as its first CEO instead of
stalling a clear line of command a
clarity of the direction philosophically
a great greater degree of insulation

from sort of political infighting on the
board after all the board is appointed
by the government and in and and there
is some sense of at times partisan
efforts to pressure these in journalists

that are protected by statute but he’s
also been a champion for the idea of a
free press abroad the importance of it
in companies excuse me in countries that
want to have emerging democracies and

it’s been a message that he’s been
resilient about and it’s been a message
that resonated here at home as well as
journalists and the idea of a free press
unfettered has at times come under

attack from the highest office in the
mind you that had what eleven CEOs in in
the past ten years remember that before
yarl came in it was it wasn’t the guy

from Sesame Street yeah he lasted nine
months it’s not easy to run that to run
that place because just the Lib tardes
and I said it you said it Wow

I said it so this is Lansing guy and if
you look at his background the way they
described it he has to be a spook of
course he’s a spook and then what makes

it even more clear that it to me that
he’s a spook he doesn’t have a wiki page
entry oh my goodness how can
be possible in fact when you go to the
the end B I went look I tried to find

first I couldn’t find it so then I went
to the NPR wiki page and there there
Daria’s listed as a key people John
Lansing CEO and it’s and it’s lit up

like it’s like it’s like there’s a link
right but the link is to John Ten Eyck
Lansing jr. some dead 18 cent is 19th
century to century lawyer right mmm well

that’s not him
no and then there’s no other John
Lansing that I can find so I mean this
is a I would I’m just guessing a spook
yeah I I think you should so now if you

want to get your CIA news you don’t have
to go to CBS anymore which because
they’re having trouble with their anchor
and they don’t want to deal with that so
you see the best your best place to push

the CIA message is right out of mpr
perfect I like it so creative that was a
good move CIA yeah it’s it’s an
improvement over that XM TV guy I mean

they kept it to three-letter acronyms
but they had to move up in the alphabet
and go from hands to the seas that there
is a on the website there is a
bio it’s not really a wiki bio but it’s

a bio and it’s kind of what they said on
NPR same thing it’s not much else but
yeah I mean he must be it doesn’t even
talk about his education and where do

you go to school
yeah probably went to Georgetown or
American University or or Johns Hopkins

those good ones for sure sure well
Rhodes Scholar there was a big meeting
at Jackson Hole big Jackson Hill meaning

where all the central bankers get
together as a party you and I will never
be invited to I’m pretty sure and there
was a lot of a surprising talk this is a

meeting by the way I asked him but we
talked about this on the DHN plug show
mm-hmm and I was curious was this like
the Allen and company meeting what kind
of a meeting is this was actually put on

by the Fed yeah it’s it’s the central
bankers meeting it’s the feds party I
think is the way it’s it’s it’s coin so
the feds party they have all the central
bankers come in and the director or the

whatever’s exact title is of the Bank of
England Mark Carney who I think is
actually Canadian he dropped a bomb he

had this speech like hit the luncheon
speech which is an important one cuz
everyone’s gonna be there and they’re
all chatting and and all of a sudden he
starts coming out with well you know the

financial system has clearly gotta
change because not going so well and you
know maybe we should consider some kind
of cryptocurrency and this shook up a
lot of people in nothing no not us you

know I only heard about it days after
like oh that’s interesting
but when you think about it to have this
guy from the Bank of England to the
Federal Reserve’s party and say well you

know the central banking I don’t know we
got to change it we haven’t done so well
the transcript is available I put it in
the show notes it’s quite interesting
quotes such as there will be a change in

our unsustainable monetary system so
when you’re sitting around with a bunch
of central bankers you know you can
imagine a lot of spit-takes going on

people like what the hell is he talking
about and Mark Carney was questioned by
member of parliament
Steve Baker in the UK and I pulled three
clips from that I found the most

interesting and I think that you know it
kind of gives you an insight as to what
he meant and we’ll start with the there
will be changed in this unsustainable
monetary system the things that you’ve

said here do you think it’s possible to
avoid a long term fundamental structural
change in the monetary regime I I think
that there will be a change now measured

over measured over decades it’s very
hard to predict the exact that which is
unsustainable tends to go on for longer
than you think and then happen more
quickly than you expect to paraphrase

Rudy Dorn Bush but I think that these
structural flaws in the end in the
system will ultimately result in a

change and the rise of China and the
relative rise of China will also result
in a change through these two forces and
the question I’m trying to raise is do
we get ahead of that change or do we

help manage that change and effect some
sort of rebalancing of the system and to
be absolutely clear on when I say we I’m
talking not about the talk about the
central banks the public side as opposed

to the private side coming up with an
entirely different decentralized system
so this is partly where we may part
company at that point yeah exactly in

favor of choice but just to be clear so
he’s talking about a decentralized
system which is not what the Federal
Reserve wants as we’ve mentioned before

yeah almost every transaction hits the
New York Fed one way or the other and
that’s how we can shut down countries
like Iran etc this is quite a power
powerful tool and here’s this guy just

saying no no it’s clearly as stuff is
wrong it’s got a chip we got to
decentralize it it’s when you say
decentralize my ears prick up I’m like
all right let’s use Bitcoin no well no

such luck but
yes some thoughts one of the issues
which is linked back to the speech is
whether or not there are going to be
central bank digital currencies in order

for there to be instantaneous costless
payments domestically and potentially

which will be to the benefit of citizens
and businesses and particularly small
medium-sized businesses but all
businesses and the question is whether
if that could could that happen
and the answer is yes it could happen in

fact mr. holiday is helping to lead our
efforts and thinking about how the
various ways and there’s more than one
way you could do it and various avenues
to do it but the question is if you do
have that happen does it make sense to

do it on a coordinated fashion with some
of the core central banks which brings
benefits in and of itself from a
cross-border perspective but happens to

be a component of a more seamless
rebalancing of how transactions are
priced so a lot of big words to say well
you know people are actually doing this

very thing you’re asking me about with
Bitcoin today so yeah I think we could
probably come up with some kind of
digital crypto thing that would work and
we probably have to do that because they

have to compete and this got so out of
hand that the French finance minister
was asked the question about well and of
course when you when you think about

this now this is being said like well we
need to change the financial system we
need to decentralize we need to have
some form of digital currency and of
course that’s what Facebook is trying to

do with Libre they’re taking a basket of
currencies China US Europe etc and
they’re using that as a quote/unquote
stable coin to be able to manipulate the

price of it obviously and just using the
digital properties of it for being able
to do transactions and I think that’s
why they were they were ready for this

to happen and the French finance
minister Bruno Lamar is having none of
I want to be very clear I fully share
the concerns expressed by Stephen
manoosh in about deliver we do not want

any private company to have the
possibility to create a sovereign
currency we have sovereign currencies

euro and other sovereign currencies
which are obliged to fulfil some
commitments and some requirements so we
cannot accept to have any exchange
currencies being with the same kind of

power and the same cap of all as the
sovereign currency so I think that there
is a need for regulation there is a need
for very strong commitments and

obligations for that project
and for the time being I think that the
necessary requirements are not fulfilled
by the project Navarre and it’s not

going to happen because there is a plan
in place and this Member of Parliament
Steve Baker who is asking the questions
really goes we’re going back to Mark

Carney now the president of the Bank of
England he starts to insinuate what is
going how this is going to work and I
think I know what it is let’s listen to

the question-and-answer first to me it’s
the highlight of what we’re third
explained in the long term nothing I
should emphasize those watching lives in
the long term that we’ve got a system

which is unsustainable and cannot
go on longer than anyone expects and
then will change faster than anyone
expects it feels to me like that in such
a moment of change globally will need
leadership from global institution dr.

hell doing work with what kind of
institution might provide such global
leadership on monetary reform such
circumstances where should we look for
leadership to move this conversation

forward for the whole world
well I meander there are a number of
international financial institutions who
are charged with thinking about just
these questions and you know their names
some of them are also through that

acronym but I hope within that and Mark
is very much in the forefront of our FSS
institution to put ideas on the table
for reforming all of these things London

and the UK still is home to one of if
not the world’s biggest global financial
center we have over the years this

institution given huge amounts of
thought to redesign of international
monetary system and I hope we can
continue very much in in that vein so we

our hope would be among others only that
I save you because I’m very confident

you will be amongst those but I’m also
confident that the IMF will be amongst
them and I’m not promise I won’t press
you too far on this but the journalists
watching will know where I’m coming from
and will afford up to my Twitter feed I
feel confident and will metal do you

think that the IMF should be led by a
politician or do you think it should be
led by somebody who really understands
these issues in detail and can
articulate what should be done in order

to address these going through causes is
that a question the minister back
I think I’ve made my point for those
watching I wish you will so when I heard
that I was like oh wait a minute so he’s

saying really do you think that who
should be running the International
Monetary Fund who should really be in
charge to be a politician or someone who
knows what’s going on now we know that

fifi Lagarde just left the International
Monetary Fund to become the president of
the European Central Bank now I’m I’m
not schooled in in monetary system so

I’m gonna go out on a limb and then jump
in wherever you think appropriate the
the central banking system is in trouble

be and that’s why we see negative
interest rates because there’s just the
simplified I think the the way you
create more money in our current system
globally pretty much is with debt and

we’re out of it it’s just no more debt
to be created at least you know we were
stretching it very very thin so we need
to create new money enter Fifi Lagarde

before leaving she promised to paint the
European Central Bank her new place of
work Green and what she means by that is

the green bonds that are being
structured and/or created right now at
the International Monetary Fund backed

by SDRs the Special Drawing rights and
we’ve been talking about this for the
entire length of the show I think 10
years at least
then the SDRs are based on a basket of

currencies sound familiar with the US
the Chinese wampum we’ve got the the
euro in there a couple more and they’re
going to create this money

it’ll be represented as a bond now it
could be a digital bond and there is now
already an announcement been made that
under the euros European Central Bank

the euro systems asset purchase program
they will be buying these green bonds
now this is where
gets a little fuzzy for me but I think
that is the next the next bubble they’re

going to inflate is all of this money
that’s going to be created and we have
to buy them because if we don’t the
earth will die and we will die with it I

think that’s the messaging we’re going
to see is here’s this bond it’s a green
bond they’re calling it the green bond
and we need to buy these because
otherwise the earth will just be

destroyed from climate change and that’s
how they’re going to create trillions of
new of new money
well I don’t know if that’s anything
close to what’s happening but the green

bond idea is interesting to me because
they they have all these obligations to
pay all these other countries mm-hmm I
mean we’ve supposedly the Paris Accords
I mean all these climate deals that

Trump refuses to sign on to are largely
just scams to get get our money ship
through a bunch of little islands and
people that need bright here that want

free money mm-hmm and we’ve already been
pretty good at giving and that’s
possible at this that this debt they’re
not creating new money to create a new
debt which creates new money it’s that’s
that’s the same if you want a different

side with the same coin
it increases the money supply mm-hmm yes
that’s what it does there’s no new money
it increases the money supply yes

correct oh there’s a bunch of money
flying around that you can use and the
new monetary people are the whole thing
just be becoming nuts it needs a reset
but I don’t like it I don’t like going

over there and free well the green bonds
are from the IMF and she’s going over
there saying she’s gonna buy them from
where she used to work at the IMF I mean

hello oh wow that good yeah that’s a
good little focus but they’re happening
then I mean it’s a loan for what I mean
a bond is alone is like you you you take

you’re getting money from the center
from a bank you’re getting it from the
public or the or the government’s right
and so I’m Apple yeah I decided float
some bonds to get some more working

income cuz I don’t know why add Apple
doesn’t need it but let’s just say they
do it so they get some bonds out there
and people buy up the buzzer so they get
a bunch of money but they course have to

pay that back overtime with interest
mm-hmm and if it’s as if it’s the if it
goes beneath the interest rate then they
actually the better it works the other

way the value goes up well if it goes
below the interest rate goes below zero
then the money is actually extracted and
in the reverse force for the bank’s get

more and more money right because the
they’re holding the bonds and so that
bonds are whenever they sold the bonds
they sold the bonds
my head’s exploding okay is ridiculous

what you’re talking about is right now
the system is in you know borderline
collapse mode yes yes that’s what it
sounds like and it could collapse and if
it does it’ll be I don’t know what what

to tell you I don’t know what’s gonna
happen it’s a mystery it’ll be a Potter
mystery yeah well these are no small
statements that these guys are making at
loser freak out they don’t know what to

they already screwed up I think that’s
the that’s the message that needs to be
communicated they’re they’re freaked out
because they screwed up and they don’t
know what to do then and it seems like
everyone is directing it’s actually

going the wrong way yeah with this
negative interest rate thing that’s not
with the way that anybody wants nobody
wants to see that it’s only getting
better it’s negative interest rates are

just doing better and better every day
well they haven’t gotten to us yet so
we’re hanging in there the United
States’s above it that’s why we attract
so much money which keeps everything

propped up didn’t we have it a clip on
the last show that someone said yeah it
could come here pretty soon yeah they’ve
been saying that for a while but it
hasn’t yet right but it actually
happened in your and is happening in

European countries so it can’t happen
anyway I remain a Bitcoin maximalist I
think that’s still the safest way to go
for my ten dollars a week imagine all
the people who could do this oh yeah

I know I just don’t sell everything and
buy just all in we have a bit a couple

maybe to buy no one for sure we have a
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we do have a list of birthdays firstly
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the brown says happy birthday to his dad
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noose and he celebrates on the 14th
happy birthday for everybody here at the
best podcast in the universe so I have a
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but first a recap of the orlando meetup
it was not great
says dame meow dicin Adam I want to
provide a recap of the Orlando meetup

from tonight sadly the organizer was a
no-show and texts or calls from myself
and other attendees went unanswered on
top of that the venue was locked so the
five of us plus one extra friend had to

make our own plans he went to a brewery
down the street ate some food had some
drinks for a few hours and it was a
generally nice time my boyfriend and I
printed your heads for sticks but we

forgot them
lots of fails for this meetup but we
will definitely be trying again some
good news is that we learned the that’s
true ladies live in Central Florida area
and we’re hoping they host a seminar so

some of us can stop by all in all it was
an enjoyable low-key night and we will
make another attempt at an area Meetup a
dame me out listen and I’m sorry to hear
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but you know it’s completely volunteer
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we were gave you shout out earlier
September 22nd is your date to hang out
the 26th Las Vegas and Luxembourg
there’s only 30,000 people who love live
in Luxembourg it will be at the meet up
27th of September San Antone in Texas

the 28th Victoria BC and also in
Copenhagen and Havre de Grasse Maryland
that’s where you will be able to hang
out with people get some in-person close

up connection with people who don’t get
triggered and people you probably would
never know
we’re listeners of the No Agenda show
moreover they’re all producers so we’ll
hopefully have more reports and more

meetups on the next show and right now
we’ve got
sir otaku the Baron of the Northeast

Texas and the Red River Valley has
dropped his status once again with
another thousand dollars in total
donations to become the earl of
northeast texas and the red river valley

we congratulate him on his new title and
you can always go to ITIM slash peerage
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standing is and in the event of calamity
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protectorates and they are the people to
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thank you again for everything and
supporting the No Agenda show no Knights
or no Dame’s today just one title change

that’s odd yeah well
happens all right so where were we
um will

I’ve go uh yes and something I’m
following up on something we talked
about and something I couldn’t find so I
did want to circle back to that we’ll

start off with another obsession of the
m5m mainstream certainly in the United
States and just for a to mix it up I
figured I’d bring in Jimmy Kimmel to

tell us the day’s news instead of
meeting with the Taliban yesterday Trump
spent the day lashing out at John Legend
and Chrissy Teigen for realies
apparently he’s watching a town hall at
NBC last night probably waiting to hear

his name mentioned it was upset that
John Legend didn’t give him a shout-out
for the bipartisan criminal justice
reform bill that he signed so he got out
his thumbs and he wrote guys like boring

musician John Legend and his filthy
mouth wife who wasn’t even there by the
way are talking about how great it is
but I didn’t see them around when we
needed help getting it past his filthy

mouth what what is what we can’t have
all these filthy mouth women around what
the Taliban is coming over guys Trump
hates women who talk dirty unless

they’re spanking him with a forbes
magazine so Chrissy Teigen responded to
this she wrote lol what a ass bitch
etc and for that she got more than

500000 lights there’s almost 10 times as
many he’s like is he god for his tweet
about her which i think means she’s our
no president right Oh what I found
interesting they bleeped

the pussy part so what she was tweeting
over and over again it was a hashtag his
pussy ass bitch president why would they
bleep the pussy and leave the ass bitch

in that makes no sense not a weird isn’t
yeah cuz they save grabbing by the pussy
yeah that’s well I don’t know why
instantly you know grabbed by the pussy

grabbed by the pussy but now they bleep
it yeah so pussy ass bitch became a
trending topic and it was just like it
really this is all that we can obsess

over and that gave me reason to go back
and find the fine John Legend clip from
NPR where he claims that really the only
people who are creative
our Democrats well we’ve always been

liberal musicians actors it’s almost by
disposition we deal with the gay and
lesbian community all the time so we’re
going to feel like they should have to

let you get married just like we do we
deal with people of all colors and all
races and we travel to different
countries all the time to perform so
we’re going to have a more global view

and a more inclusive view it’s almost by
nature and by and by circumstance of the
things that we do so
if America doesn’t want to consume the
art of people who are liberal minded

there’s not going to be a lot of art for
them to consume as simple as that
because the best artists most of them
are liberal sorry there are some country
artists that I know where they are

conservative I have a lot of country
artists that are friends and believe me
some of them are liberal but they don’t
make a big deal out of it because they
know it’ll eliminate their base
I’m telling you most creative people are

just so you know
and they say things like pussy ass bitch
it’s pretty liberal is very create very
create very very liberal very creative
liberal oh yes John Legend now this next

clip was one of the few times they tried
to create some good news the mainstream

let’s put some good news out there I
don’t think you saw this video because
as you’ll hear in this clip they say it
went viral but their numbers are odd

this was the two the two kids two little
boys black boy and a white boy and they
see each other on the sidewalk and they
run towards each other and they hug each
other did you see this video out there
in the wild by any chance probably

didn’t did you
I think I did right so oh so cute
so cute but the reason I play this clip
is a because they they’re trying to make
it go viral and be I just couldn’t

resist listening to this guy without
with y’all
twenty six month-old Maxwell and 27
month-old Finnegan pure joy at the sight

of one another running to give each
other hug much bigger than their size
the innocence of it all is exactly why
it’s going viral they just took off
towards each other and I just got my

phone out as quickly as possible and
just try to record it and they are just
too cute together and are you ready for
this another minute is this guy of talk
cute is an understatement michael says
narrows Maxwell’s dad shot the video he

says he’s not normally one to post a lot
of private things on Facebook but
explains why he decided to in this case
with all the racism and hate going on I
just think it’s a really beautiful video
the reason that it’s getting attention

because it is with a little black boy
and a little white boy and one’s mind
right you know or just changed their
view on things you know then it’s
totally worth it

at last check it’s gotten over 300
shares and sixty-five hundred views
that’s viral the comments are mostly
positive but there are some naysayers
definitely not staged and it was just a
lucky moment and I got it on camera and

now with all the attention that it’s
getting it’s just gonna be a great story
to tell him when he’s older the
pint-sized best friends have known each
other for over a year now it’s a special
relationship and their parents are good
friends as well

and there’s not anyone else that comes
close to Finnegan status in Maxwell’s
eyes great to spread the love and to
show people that kind of love and beauty
in the world yes thank you very much
I’m 650 plus all the love and beauty in

the world now I didn’t even think about
cuz I did see this I just said yeah I
just visualize you yeah yeah but now
that he mentioned it now I’m convinced

it’s staged the core thing he if he
didn’t say I just like to tell right
yeah I didn’t staged it no it wasn’t
staged but I’m thinking about it totally

to kids into doing this and you get the
camera ready because for one thing you
can’t if the kids were running and
they’re gonna go hug and they just you
can’t get your camera out in time you’re

not gonna make this it’s just it’s not
gonna happen it’s just bullcrap
so he staged this oh he’s okay kids on
the count of three run to each other
gives you the biggest hug you can and
they probably did okay let’s do a safety

okay that was great let’s do one more
for safety how much I hated that that
was great great segment Adam perfect

let’s do one more for safety
you liked it or you didn’t like it
yeah what’s the safety bullcrap so they
staged it was obviously staged cuz these

kids see each other all the time why
what’s always what’s the deal you know
that now they’re hugging each other so
what yeah yeah a stage great
thanks pal some happy booting that

polluting the minds viral video arena
was staged crap but of course nobody
does that
never why do we do that there was a

thing I think it was in busts Jeter
wanted they should have top five viral
videos that were staged oh yes so I went
through him and there was a couple in

there that I remember seeing and I had
no idea they were staged remember which
one yeah I’ll remember the one you you
probably saw it it’s some I think it’s a
black girl but it’s some girls little
just slightly over

I look slightly chubby and to add to the
thing is she’s gonna she’s danced in on
the camera in this she’s gonna do us
she’s gonna stand on her hands or
something against the door and then

somebody opens the door she falls
backwards into a table of candle yes yes
yes that was that’s the place on fire
that was staged
it’s totally staged huh good one yeah

that’s right that was impressive you can
fool me with a state and there’s the
number all along but it’s like I can see

being fooled
I mean thought of were the ones that
we’ve all seen and we know were staged
like the Eagle coming down and grabbing
the baby on the golf course well yeah I
think that was not that was edited that

wasn’t staged that was just shoot it was
a fake fake fake
but yeah a couple of OTG items OTG
off-the-grid baby OTG yes well you

probably saw that well I saw it and then
what a waste of time the Apple special
events where you know it’s a big camera
thanks that’s great but they’re also

they announced iOS 13 and we also have
Android 10 coming up and face bag is
very worried about this so they have

Paul McDonald the engineering director
has posted a it made a blog post just in
starts off like this

Facebook is better with location it
powers features like check-ins and makes
planning events easier it helps improve
ads and keeps you and the Facebook
community safe how does it keep you safe

it keeps you safe just shut up and don’t
question the bad man features like find
Wi-Fi and nearby friends use precise
location even when you’re not using the

app to make sure that alerts and tools
are accurate and personalized for you
your Android or iOS location settings
allow you to control when you share your

device’s precise location with apps like
Facebook that’s why we’re letting you
know that Android and iOS have released
new versions of their operating systems
which include updates to how you can

view and manage your location the newest
version of Android gives people more
visibility into and control over when
apps can access the devices precise
location the new version of iOS called

iOS 13 will send people reminders about
which apps can access their precise
location information when they’re not
using the app and how many times each
app has accessed it so I’ll skip forward

a little bit if you decide to update
you’ll have the option to allow when you
good your apps to access your precise
location either while you’re using the

app or when you’re not we understand
this may be confusing if you’re already
Facebook’s background location setting
this update may cause a few instances
with Android and Facebook location

settings will be out of sync a long
story short they’re doing everything
they can to tell you that you should not
be worried when you see your phone
telling you that Facebook is tracking
your precise location and and this comes

back to what we’ve always said it is
location is everything
you’re the location of where you are
tells you so much about a person where
are you I’m at the doctor’s office Bing

we know that where I’m at the bank being
where you I’m in an office Oh probably
your office being without telling
anybody without posting without even
speaking you are telling these companies
exactly what you’re doing and what your

life is about and you need to delete
these apps from your phone because now
they can easily access where they can
continue to easily access your location
although not entirely precise even when

you’re not using the app delete this
crap off of your phones then for the
credit karma users amongst us and other
credit the score based apps there’s

we’ve looked at the data points there
now adding in to your credit score which
where is turning slowly into a social
credit score in addition to your pin
this is now being proposed as law that

all of these companies will need to
report this and act upon it
not just your your utilities ie do you
pay your your utility bills on time
which is now being added to your social

credit score but also which magazine
subscriptions you have and Goldman Sachs
ally financial discovery financial

services are all now incorporating the
information on magazine subscriptions
which I believe the post office is

probably helping them with since
whenever you move and I’ve moved a
couple times four times in Austin or
five times in Austin alone they always
try to sell you magazine subscriptions

now so I’m pretty sure that the post
office the US Postal Service is somehow
involved in
this information I don’t I I don’t think
they know I really disagree with that

it’s too much work
the the date if there’s databases out
there that you can purchase that will
get you all this information easy enough
it’s already there now first off is not
gonna give you anything

okay so what’s out there but then it but
they’re now incorporating it so if you
subscribes to a garden in violation of
my privacy for people to know all my new
magazine subscriptions this is like what

web pages of I’m browsing it’s it’s very
similar and so if you subscribe to
gardens and guns which is a real
magazine is a good magazine
it’s an austin-based magazine no less

gardens and guns or you know who knows
what you subscribe to could be a whole
bunch of things that is that will now be
known to the credit scoring social

scoring companies and well I guess if
you what difference does it make to them
what magazines I subscribe to
well what there’s seriously well this

are trying unless gardens and guns is
like for boating or I don’t know well I
guess would they also use an ammo and
all the rest of motorcycle week I mean

do what difference does it make to them
let my said affect my credit score but
let me tell you the example they use in
this article
there was a because you caught me a

little off guard like in paraphrase a
woman had a bad credit score for some
reason and she could not get credit to I
don’t to buy a house or something and

they they went in they looked closer oh
here it is
Christina Segura 24 had a low credit
score from unpaid medical debts when she

applied for financing from from fin tech
startup Mert Merritt eyes which is a
credit score based company providing
with loans the company which funds

higher education skills based training
used her high school transcript to
approve her loans totaling nine thousand
to attend pipe Welding school merit eyes
considers factors such as improvements

in grades signs of students challenge
themselves etc so they just want to have
more social information about you to
make their determination of how

creditworthy you are and I can see where
the you know if you would subscribe to
Harvard Business Review
mmm that will be good

garden and guns probably not this is
is it it should be
between face bag trekking and tracking

your location when you don’t even you
which is encouraging stalking by the way
if you’re a woman or like our little our
15 year old that just sent that note in
who wants to go OTG mmm-hmm if I was a

woman I would have all that stuff turned
off because I don’t want to be tracked
because people can hack through these
systems and you get some creep yeah
who’s just following you around is a

stalker well if they psych I always
thought this was inviting stalkers yeah
sure does nobody ever mentions that this
is like inviting stalkers because it’s

technology man it’s cool it’s cool
all right well I’m sufficiently grossed
out sorry

don’t make it up let’s catch up on some
stuff okay
there was an interesting little uh well
first there’s a guy from the Great Bay

an expert on the Great Barrier Reef came
on they came on to discuss some of the
bullcrap he got fired fired from he was
that what he’s like the number one

expert on the Great Barrier Reef and he
got fired from some University for
telling him that dull we were hearing
his bullcrap but anyway here’s some of
it well thank you very much don’t let’s
all heard that the Great Barrier Reef is

on its last legs and it’s being
smothered by sediment polluted by
fertilizers and pesticides it’s killed
by dredging and of course climate change
so who who here put your hands up
believes that story is true as a matter

of interest right let’s in traces so I
mean out there almost everybody believes
it true there’s literally hundreds of
millions of people around the world who
think that so you you guys now have got
a little bit of a tricky question

because you’ve been told is dead and you
believe it’s dead so how are you going
to tell this am I just our whistleblower
or and the world has been conned or am a
complete lunatic and of course the way

you decide is that you listen to my
arguments that this is the libertarian
way but unfortunately that’s not the way
of a modern University as we will see in
a minute so I’ll give you before we go

into my little tricky situation with the
University I’ll give you some some facts
about the universe about the reef
climate change is supposed to be killing
all the corals but did you know that

most of the corals that live on the
Great Barrier Reef also live in
Indonesia and Thailand where the water
is one or two degrees hotter and they
actually grow 50% faster they’re in fact
probably more coral bleaching which

you’ve heard such a lot about is not a
new phenomenon it’s been going on for a
hundred million years or so it’s like a
bushfire it looks terrible but the the
corals rapidly recover from it he goes

on and I was one thing after another
everything you’ve heard about the corals
is bogus
this guy’s the coral expert get the

whole I got to get this whole speech
because then he goes after his universe
that fired and because he kept he kept
he kept contradicting people that were
just dropping these lies and if

apparently if it is what if things do
warm up the corals will grow fifty
percent faster oh man
I haven’t wondering you know I remember
the Greta turned Bergen team assuming

gaming mmm cumin yeah she what happens
with that girl when she when she flips
and goes on and finds out that she’s

been that most of his bullcrap oh we
burned her at the stake no no she’s just
be a dynamo she seems like the kind of
person to be very easily worked two

weeks trip on that boat press boat but
you haven’t given me for today isn’t I

so I thought I had one in here I don’t
see any ISOs and we do need something
well you have the China China asshole
okay when in doubt you can always roll

that one out yeah I got an old Democracy
Now clip I want to play this is again
something we haven’t been talking about
much it’s kind of got out of the news

cycle it kind of will come back but it’s
the water scam which we used to talk
about quite a bit now it’s kind of
fallen by the wayside but it’s being
maybe brought back by democracy now 17

countries representing around one
quarter of the world’s population are at
risk of running out of water this
according to new data published Tuesday
by the World Resources Institute the

countries which include India Iran and
Qatar are facing extremely high water
stress meaning they’re using up almost
all of their water reserves several US
cities and states such as Los Angeles

and New Mexico are also considered to be
under extremely high water stress the
number of afflicted regions will
continue to climb due to global heating
the World Resources Institute says water

stress is the biggest crisis no one is
talking about its consequences are in
plain sight in the form of food and
security conflict and migration and

financial instability
she said
I don’t know if this clip was just old
no it’s not that old
she said global heating yeah she said

global heating I noticed that too it’s
kind of odd yeah you mean it’s not the
climate crisis the climate emergency a
global warming its global heating I
think that’s a more like an anglicized I

think the Brits use that sometimes
global heat global heating
and then one I don’t know what the point
of that was to she’s usually Ron bored
with the climate emergency yeah yeah a

climate crisis yes and she also was
either one of those water stress another
good one so in the newsletter I put this
little item about I guess dan Rather

came out with a tweet that said you know
Trump talked about fighting Nazis you
know there oh he went back to the fine

people on both sides yeah and then but
he took it further he said that he
called Nazis fine people that’s what he
said it is he’s dead rather the bastion
of news reporting guy who you know got

fired for this for a really bad story on
George Bush Maya in which people lived
show us all defended him because they
thought it was a real story but even

though it was Bogut if this was the
letter this was written supposedly
during the forties or during George
Bush’s time and not in the 40s but I
guess during the Korean War some period

of time it was so long ago that you that
it was obvious it was not there was a
fake because they had the th was in
small up lower innocent 11th with a T
Asian no and it’s not like Microsoft

Word does it shrinks it and puts it up
there that you couldn’t do that back in
the day so rather and he gave his pissed
and he kept working but I have to say
you know these guys he’s but that these

guys these writers and reporters that
are just locked in and they refused to
listen to reason and of course Scott
Adams jumps in and just his cuz he’s a
big oh let me guess let me guess and

then Dan Rather went oh you’re right
Scott I’ll stop doing that yeah well
that obviously didn’t happen but I do
reminded me of this clip that I’ve been
sitting on which is where we’re beta or

or ik is confronted by someone from
daily the caller or some I don’t know
some right-leaning operation about this
hoax because beta o rourke is the big is

probably the biggest promoter of it of
Trump saying and back people up
Trump never said that they refined
people on both sides

except after he made a disclaimer saying
I’m not talking about the Nazis and the
white nationalists very clearly did that
yeah and so that’s what you know so we

have this two sides that well he he said
that but he still said find people so
here’s but here’s the way the Democrats
are and they hate to pick on Democrats
but this is beta O’Rourke not listening

to the guy and just going on with his
pitch I really decided now here I
despise beta O’Rourke the President
Trump after charlottesville said that he

condemned the white supremacists and the
neo-nazis totally are you aware that
you’re misquoting him or partially
quoting him not quoting the full extent
of his remarks in Charlottesville are

you concerned that that might inflame
tensions rather than heal divisions no I
believe in in the truth and in being
honest about what the president’s doing
and it’s not just that he referred to
Klansmen as very fine people it is that

he attempted to ban all people of one
religion from this country for
constantly warned of an invasion of
killers and rapists and animals from
Central America and Mexico though we

know that they commit crimes at a far
lower rate than those who are born in
this country this is a very coordinated
attack on minorities in this country on
the most vulnerable and the defenseless

for political gain for the president and
he knows full well that it not only
offends our sensibilities as a country
it is leading to violence and the taking
of lies as we saw you know past but he

said he wasn’t referring to the
neo-nazis it’s just a quick just a
clarification he said he wasn’t
referring to the Klansmen it’s very fine
people that he was referring to
nonviolent protesters left and right
he has openly courted the support of

white supremacists oh I got my hair cut
yesterday and the lady who cuts my hair
grew up in El Paso and you know went to
the same school as Bobby is Bobby by the

way not bad it’s Bobby O’Rourke
robert francis bobby and even people in
El Paso are like yeah we like will is
worn better so if you can’t make it in

your hometown something’s wrong
the guys is dick correct well I have one
last thing to share Joe sent this in I

think it’s worth noting since we haven’t
really gotten and I trust our boots on
the ground reports from our producers
out of my wife and I had the pleasure of
attending an event with Ruth Bader

Ginsburg over the weekend she lives
because of her recent treatment but I
was pleasantly surprised to see and hear
hear her in relatively good health she
had a man and a woman escort her by the

arms as she processed one of whom was
certainly for security reasons as well
as physical aid once she was up on
little stage and seated she was very
she stood several times throughout the
ceremony to deliver her pieces spoke

with a strong with as strong of a voice
as any diminutive 86 year old lady could
be expected to do the impressive part
the impressive part was the vigor with
which she stood pop right up every time

it was her turn if it comes up feel free
to share the antidote don’t identify me
or the wedding
okie-dokie just know I was very curious
about her health she appears to be doing

well all things considered love and
light joe says so there you go she
lizard yes I think just grabbed a lizard
lizard I wonder did you see dart her

tongue in an ounce so she smells coming
up on no agenda stream comm we have Oh

mo facts meet the parents the mo facts
with Adam Curry and I have a couple of
good mixes the Darby’s returned once
again these are new guys on the scene

also we have Jesse coy Nelson
sir Chris and Sir Felix Wilson and Who
am I missing here and Freddie got

fingers there you go as your end of show
mixes we always welcome them and coming
to you from the opportunity zone it’s
number 33 here in the frontier of Austin

Texas FEMA region number six in the
governmental Maps if you’re looking for
us in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from Northern Silicon
Valley I’m John C Dvorak we return on
Sunday with another episode of

deconstruction for you right here on no
agenda remember us at Dvorak org slash
na until then adios Mose and such

Jumbo’s and length of Trump clowns

they’re trying to start some hail
dossier never happy without a water cell
yeah mama they had a do it but I’m kept
dragging on he’s a coward

we choke finally trumpet weeded now both
things I see is not when both we could
have addressed each also cover mean I’ll

always be a Dodger will never be in a
5×5 wfdys us to watch eliminate North
Korea eliminate North Korea maybe

couldn’t stop that you were young his
head and crash I’ve always had a problem
with both and every time I think Trump
is making progress Bolton putts in and

here ooh is it a 20 white Bolton is a
Chicken Hawk didn’t want to serve in the
Iraq war didn’t want to sit in the Iraq
once in Afghanistan they want to serve
in Vietnam 2015 year wrote a piece for

the New York Times saying we ought to
bomb Iran but if we had done that then
what do you think we do now well I think
Israel could have done it 15 years
before we’d be in a much better place

disrupt as many people as possible by

vegan process to specialized farms like
this one out and California reads
crickets for human consumption if you
grab something like the Kyle you can
always start me to sell it as well

it’s coming

sorry candy that sorry candy that sorry

citizen is the belief that humans are

superior to all other poisonous whether
that’s in actually farms their flesh
whether that’s when they’re locked up in

well why no that’s when they’re brought
into schools you know for children to
have a bit of amusement on their lunch



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