No Agenda Episode 1173: “Vinyl Vote”

12k lives matter man Adam curry
John C. Dvorak Sunday September 15 2019
this is your award winning combination
media assassination episode 11 73 this
is no agenda revving up the 500-mile

drones and broadcasting live from
opportunity zone 33 the frontier of
Austin Texas capital of the Durham Star
State in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry – from Northern Silicon

Valley where it’s foggy unbelievable I’m
John Steed Evora in our world today many
things are unbelievable foggy and San

Francisco not one of them ah come on
how can you call that unbelievable when
because it’s not July unbelievable is
weaponized drones that fly five five

hundred miles
well that’s unbelievable
what kind of drone does this electric
yeah I find this whole story a couple of

batteries of course I’m referring to the
yes saudi was at oil refineries a

refinery or processing what exactly is
that a refinery that is processing so is
everyone now waiting for the oil markets

to open tonight or when i think the open
late sunday to see if it’ll go to $100 a
barrel well we’ll go to $100 a barrel he
took out well for one thing it’s a
refining operation not a crude oil

production operation so the refining
will be done someplace else right but
it’ll it’ll cause a a slowdown it has to
yeah what is it

apparently it accounts for 10% of the of
the production of the worldwide
production on a daily basis right well I
mean what I’m reading in a lot of
publications it’s all oh this is gonna

be a heart attack for the oil oil
industry the price is gonna go through
the roof well they are gonna go up yeah
they were pretty low actually we were at
2 to 15 a gallon here

which is nice well it’s the same four
bucks a gallon here so how much higher
it’s gonna go I just by cycle if you
don’t like paying $4 a gallon use a

I just can’t get over this this non
reporting of what kind of drones did
this I feel exactly the same way what

kind of drones here’s the CBS this is
the drone strike a clip CBS wrapping it
up multiple drones bombed Saudi Arabia’s
the largest oil facilities today and

tonight Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
accused Iran of launching the attack and
ruled out a claim of responsibility by
Yemeni rebels the attack damaged the
source of an estimated eight million

barrels of crude oil produced there
every day that’s about 10% of the
world’s daily supply of crude oil
here’s Roxana Saberi flames and black
smoke filled the sky over the world’s

largest oil processing plant in Saudi
Arabia this morning spreading so far
they could even be seen from space
Saudi Arabia confirmed the abdic
refinery and her s oil field the

country’s second biggest were both hit
by drone strikes in neighboring Yemen
Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for
the attack
republic min allahi ta’ala the group
spokesman said the Houthi struck the two

sites with ten drones and warned of more
the iranian-backed Houthis have been at
war with the saudi-led Coalition in
Yemen since 2015

brutal conflict has pushed Hammond to
the brink of famine and turned the
country into what the UN calls the
world’s worst humanitarian crisis lately
that war has stretched into Saudi Arabia

with rebels repeatedly using drones to
target oil facilities the heart of the
country’s economy and a source of 1/10
of the world’s crude oil the Saturday’s
attack hit deep within the country

proving the Houthis ability to carry out
increasingly sophisticated strikes and
threatening to escalate tensions that
are already inflamed in the Persian Gulf
today’s drone strikes could have an
effect on oil prices but that depends on

how badly the sites were damaged Rina
the Saudis say Crown Prince Mohammed bin
Salman received a phone call from
President Trump saying attacks like this
could have a negative impact on the

economy in the US and around the world
well I have a couple well go ahead well
couple things first right by the way
everyone just a quick aside I do have
that I sewed I knew you’d laugh at it

many you many I so yes so you might like
it they probably mean a lot actually
this begs for a combo thanks for
somebody to translate it well let’s give

this a shot hold on a second let’s try
this I mean just rewind they probably
mean a lot yeah I would I wouldn’t mind
a little trans translation that would be

nice yeah translation would be good
let’s try this yeah let me just try it
we can do a three-peat come on freeway

me a 3-way oh yes a three-way yeah
that’s what I meant let’s try it and
that’ll be it then I’m done they
probably mean a lot yeah it’s definitely
a combination worth remembering now

the thing that got me about this report
besides the kind of vagaries about how
much it was the damage the type of
drones not do we didn’t learn anything
nothing uh and then that the last thing

he says Trump called Ben Salman and said
hey you know the economies are gonna be
affected by this really that’s not a
phone call he’s gonna make and that was

verbatim I’m sure it’s bullcrap but if
you read here’s the New York Times the
attacks immediately escalated tensions
but even as key questions remain
unanswered where the drones were

launched from and how the Houthis
managed to hit facilities deep in Saudi
territory some 500 miles from Yemeni
soil Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
accused Iran of being behind what he

called an unprecedented attack on the
world’s energy supply and asserted that
there was quote no evidence the attacks
came from Yemen he did not however
specify an alternative launch site and
the Saudis themselves refrained from

pointing the finger directly at Iran I
just have a real problem with the drone
part I can’t tell you anything else
about any other truth in this or
untruths what drones swarm apparently a
swarm of drones with I guess c-4 charges

auto home 500 miles I I’m just as
baffled as you are as the first thing

that came to mind is what kind of
reporting is this well there I do it we
we do have one guy who’s in Saudi Arabia
that yes that did give us a report I am
reluctant as I mentioned earlier before

the show to mention his name let’s not
do that but we can read what he sent to
us is a very one of our best producers
yes have it here gents hope this makes

it in time for the conversation today
indeed information beyond the news still
kind of sorting itself out but looking
at the drone attack on the Ramco sites I
chatted with some local colleagues and

have actually we’re not doing this right
I just the way that CBS report just went
we have to have sound effects you know
they I heard this in the background they
had that

like machine guns well know that not
always need drones there we go
both sites are in the eastern region of

the kingdom karai’s I think karai’s is
about 100 kilometers east of riyadh and
ab pike
ABQ aiq is closer to the coast one of my
friends a local here showed me a video

we found on YouTube ostensibly uploaded
by a guy in Kuwait the clip shows a
night scene and what sounds like a jet
flying over he claims that that’s one of
the drones that was launched from inside
Iraq and headed from Saudi Arabia sounds

like there were four that he heard and
I’m assuming those would be part of with
the apparently 10 drones that were sent
out reported by the news here if it was
a jet it may have been a cruise missile

vise drone
I’m familiar with this model cruise
missile glice drone since Iran has
transferred / sold Shabaab cruise
missiles to the Yemen Houthis I’m not an

unmanned aerial vehicle expert though
and could be wrong sure truth is out
there we’ll keep poking around I know
our clients have been visiting out east
working to secure pipelines etc yes

another good reason not to mention his
name so this is a little different
sounds like this was a jet like a cruise
hmm yeah Christmas is not the same as a

drone no but a cruise missile would have
blown up the entire facility yeah
now you’d think you think it would it
all depends on the on the load on the

charge the payload the bomb
well yeah carrying nothing and just fuel
it would did what it did but I don’t
know it’s vague and nobody’s helping
here so well let’s see who benefits

oil traders okay well they’ve been
they’ve been looking for this for a
while I mean this this does come as a
gift from the heavens for the commodity

this also benefits the United States as
our exports are now valuable well that a
and B apparently China according to this
guy Kyle bass who I’ve been following

very closely I don’t have a clip from
him today but he’s the one who’s looking
at China very closely and China’s oil
imports have just skyrocketed over the
last few years and they’re they’re real

and they’re paying more than they should
and now he’s actually kind of cool if it
wouldn’t collapse the economy but it
wouldn’t do do them any good if the
prices of oil skyrocketed we could

probably take it because we have most of
our stuffs internally produced mm-hmm
but the world market would jack up the
price of jack up and the next thing you
know the Chinese would be under the gun

again so what the Hawks are saying is oh
well this is it this is our reason to go
to war with Iran I don’t really see that
and so that’s this another group that

would benefit doosh bad guys

eventually the truth will come out yeah
in a rose or he sent the drones in the
Rope yeah well you know could be anybody
but if if this is the story that they’re

gonna hook the Russians make out to
lists don’t forget that they make out
with their with their exports sure there
but if this is the story they’re gonna
hold on to then we should be really
worried about this drone swarm with

incredible range capability using our
the cheese I mean it goes through
oh also our military industrial complex

might benefit as perhaps we need oh you
know think of the timing of this so we
have learned dome well if well hold on
we have the little uh

these apparently are smallish drones a
swarm of ten do you remember it was I
was it maybe a couple months ago that
drones were showing up at airports and
shutting down the airports for for 24-48

hours where they tried to find them and
I think there are some drone catching
technologies that have been touted in
the recent yes netting yeah well there’s

the nets there’s the microwave we can
essentially zap it and then bring it
down and land it and you know I like the
Nets myself I think that’s cooler to see

some net gulp deploy snag a drone
well okay hey get drone and just snag a
drone and so we everybody wants to snag

a drone I guess we’ll just have to see
what comes out this I find this very odd
that it’s so it’s just tossed away so
cavalierly I asked some drones right

quite sure 500 miles happens all the
it’s like droning Los Angeles from San
Francisco yeah think about the White
House these things snuck under the radar

presumably our radar don’t we sell all
our stuff to the Saudis I think so yeah
it’s a good point
mm-hmm well yeah the White House would
be vulnerable from Baltimore

more info needed I would be remiss to
not say that I’m very sad that Eddie
Money died yeah and money yeah he’s a

good guy or was he used to play in
Berkeley free at this one bar for
probably ten years before he got
discovered yeah he had a kind of a

comeback in like 80 88 I think and then
he came to MTV you know it’s such a nice
his family’s all cops and firemen and

well he you know he is you know about
the coma right I think so
refresh my memory is and it kind of
ruined his career that’s why he had to

make a comeback because everyone what
happened to Eddie Money anybody got some
bad coke that’s believed that’s what it
was or something you some he ingested
something and went into a coma for a

yeah I do recall that and he was out of
commission ER he was just in the
hospital for a year was kind of like a
who’s the reet petite Jackie Wilson he

Wilson Jackie Wilson went to a coma and
stayed in a coma and died in a coma and
he was one of the real great rock and
roll or early rock and rollers from the

60s but Eddie Money the same thing it
looked like it almost happened to him he
was out for a year and then he had to
make a comeback and you had them it was
that member he’s partially paralyzed the
part of his face and never came back a

little they was a joke yeah and so but
he’s always said that that sexy gravelly
from probably from polyps well he died

of esophageal cancer yeah yeah man
anyway I’m just sad 70 that’s a little
young for Eddie although he probably

lived 15 years past this time he think
about it yeah including taking that one
year away probably did okay uh yeah so
we got back last night around time back

would you go ah Tina took me to Vegas
after the show Thursday
what should you drive well alright drive
from us but we almost did now she had

scored tickets to Bruno Mars and so and
Oh was it that she was that first place
or second place was two tickets to Bruno

Mars you’re so funny
and we had we got hooked up by Dame
Angela there in in Las Vegas she got to
say basically a comped room one night

Compton one night reduced rate at the
Cosmopolitan the hippest hotel on the
strip ladies and gentlemen but you’re
required to say that for the free room

oh yeah I don’t think so and I’ll tell
you why in a moment cuz they’ll never
give me a free room again but we almost
did wind up driving as we went we went
out we went nice and early you know with

the show would we would do and I were
done on time got out there we had at
least an hour and a half again
we didn’t have pre-check so we needed a
little bit of extra time for some reason
that didn’t show up and then so it’s six

o’clock and then we get a she gets a
text message oh I’m sorry your delight
is the latest flight is delayed until
9:30 like we’re gonna see the airport
for three and a half hours so okay we’re

ten minutes away as they will pop back
we can watch the at least an hour of the
debate which I was gonna miss and we’re
almost home and the text comes back oh

sorry your flights on time in after all
which meant we had you know about 37
minutes to get back and get to the gate
through the nope recheck TSA checkpoints

I thought you paid money for good money
for free check yeah well you just don’t
get always get it you know and you can

run askew and in bitch all you want you
don’t always get it so needless to say
we did make it that worked then we got
to the hotel you know by the way people
shouldn’t met know this

just because it says it’s delay there’s
two things that happen when a flight
gets delayed and then just a little
quick good tourist tip we love two
things happen one you look up you start
talking to people and you find that this

delay is bullcrap it’s not a half an
hour delay it’s gonna be our two-hour
three-hour delay yeah it’s Jenny but
they keep giving you they make it they
want to keep you’re near the gate the

other one is when they do a long delay
and then they pull the plug on it late
this can happen all this happens all the
oh we’re got lucky we took a new plane
we got a new plane we’re gonna be

leaving in an hour before you know we
said we would and what you’re supposed
to do you gotta stick around you can’t
just do what you did which is the
logical thing to do which is go back
home yeah and we only live as I said 10

minutes from the airport but by this
time we’re going back at 6 o’clock we
hit rush-hour traffic so you’ve got a
little got a little interesting there as
well and white-knuckle e so we check-in

of where we’re at to check-in for the
hotel and and the checking lady says oh
I’m going to upgrade you oh well this is

Vegas is starting off perfect yes yes
where we’re upgrading it to a
one-bedroom suite hi I’m a high roller
baby and it’s the second time the second
time it’s happened

it’s the disabled suite
you know with which has a closets that
to hang your clothes about waist-high if
you’re in a wheelchair this is great

room but you know the shower I have to
bend over to if you get disabled sweet
more than once it happened once ago it
happened to I remember then but I’ve

never seen one of those sweets but this
but they call it an upgrade it’s like I
want I should have called Donna’s excuse
me did you run out of disabled people to
upgrade I mean surely there’s someone

with a hump or half a leg who could use
this you know better than I can
or maybe and this is the scary part they
looked at me and went damn we should

give this guy a disabled suite put them
over in that room we don’t want him

anywhere near us it’s just it’s very odd
you know I’m sure they have to fill up
the rooms and there’s some there’s some
logically outdoor rhythms but why don’t
you move I mean it’s not an upgrade for

me it’s yeah so you get a little more
space and you can everything’s got
handles your bum I mean again if you’re
disabled I can totally dig the vibe of
this suite but if you’re not it just

makes no sense
and moreover no one else could use this
over me I don’t understand this was also
my first trip in Vegas with my hearing
aids this this was over stimulation to

the max never thought about it but
you’re right yeah I guess is noisy yeah
and I think especially the cosmopolitan

is and I don’t know maybe it’s me that
it is it just that they’ve ramped it up
and again it’s with the hearing aids you
have to the way I have my hearing aids
programmed it sounds like this podcast

everything in my ear sounds great you
know it’s nice compression and sounds
perfect but when you throw slot machines
and people and music and all this added
it sounds like I’m listening to a

recording of someone reporting on Vegas
it’s just it’s just one big massive
noise and very confused is orienting
overstimulation moreover the them you

said twice what did I say Laura / well
if you say moreover you automatically it
means once again the mr. Olympia
conference was in town oh this is how

you’re talking 45,000 muscled people
muscle-bound dudes
oh no no couples women couples oh yeah
everywhere couples I didn’t know that

was a competition oh my goodness yeah
they’re all jacked up now and they seem
very nice I mean but it’s a hobby it’s a
little intimidating Tina’s like I don’t
think I’m gonna go workout this morning

why not well Olympia people of being
there who the hell wants to work out
near them you just feel like shit
yeah that’s interesting within the
elevator etiquette we’re at the same

hotel oh yeah all over our hotel
everywhere all right and but some
big-ass people you know just yes they
get pretty big if they make that life
and speaking of sports she did it again

the keeper got the two of us into
basically one carry-on bag I don’t know
how she does it
that’s that’s that’s how she got her
name but man she should do a YouTube

tutorial on how to pack especially how
to pack how women should pack yeah I
can’t pack like they’re that major
offenders it’s not it’s not an offense

you know Tina’s like what get the small
suitcase well I don’t mind slepping a
bigger one just no okay oh yeah she
loves it she loves doing this it’s a

sport and she succeeds it’s amazing
after my talented wife so you so how is
Vegas Vegas is uh besides noisy what’d
you do buy did you just turn down the

hearing aids each other yeah no yeah I
do I went to a very narrow band program
side to filter everything out so you can
basically just hear someone talking next
to you and everything else is like an ad

in Bruno Mars was fantastic this was at
the the park the MGM the park theater
it’s like 4,000 seater yeah I think they

have boxing matches in there yeah what a
gig that guy has man he shows up in his
basketball shorts his baseball cap does
an hour and a half

crowd loves it’s fantastic tight guys
hit after hit yeah it’s just millions
and millions of dollars you know that I
was talking to Dame Angela just the the
money they make on alcohol alone covers

anything they pay him in Vegas you
cannot get a drink for under $18 of
anything with alcohol any what $18 to
give you free nuts

oh yeah maybe in the high-rollers that’s
over those days are over
no there’s no more free booze and when
you’re playing the slots no no no no now
it’s it’s crazy expensive I mean

obviously we’re on the strip so that
makes sense but still the hell don’t
really have a need to go back was our
hmm he didn’t get to the restaurants you

told me about although I did find out
that the I was right the Waldorf Astoria
which is a new hotel
in Vegas used to be the Oriental the

Mandarin no the Mandarin a flopped yeah
that didn’t work I don’t know if this
Waldorf is gonna work either
it doesn’t look shitty like the original
looks too nice the way the Waldorf in
New York is a dive I mean I think so at

least whenever I’ve been there well I
was there once maybe twice and it’s did
it’s a shabby is the only where you can
describe it mm-hmm and it’s like it’s
got a lot of old gold leaf and snows

flaked off I mean this is kind of to me
I’ve always reminded of the colors gold
and black hmm
and it’s just had but it’s it is the
hotel has got that underground rail road

tracted Frank yeah there’s a special
armored vehicle train car and then they
admit as an elevator takes you right

into the hotel yes
and for years I guess reporters couldn’t
understand how Roosevelt was getting in
and out of the hotel well I guess they
figured it out now yeah I wanted to

bring an update on the VAP Wars and then
I would love to hear from you about the
debate I was able to watch some of it

before we took off and you know you have
the Southwest Wi-Fi in flight I couldn’t
watch it but eventually I was able to
get an audio stream just the radio some

radio station was broadcasting it so I
heard I could not really experience all
of it it seemed
what I heard was like kind of this more

the same I guess I’m sure there were
some gotcha moments there’s just well it
was more well I was kind of surprised
and I wish I had this clip which was one
of the CNN people or I think was CNN we

said well at least there wasn’t you know
at least they focused on the issues they
really got down to brass tacks on the
issues instead of just bashing Trump
yeah it was bellied it was bashed Trump

I can’t believe they still call it a
debate let me do this this is a vapor
update first because there are a couple
of developments to talk about the vapor

wars and the first one I mean we’ve done
a couple reports on it and I like that
the No Agenda show is now becoming a
show prep for other podcasts welcome
back everybody wealth power and

influence so glad you’re here I’m Jason
Stapleton with me as always as Matt
we’ll be talking a little bit about the
debate today we laughing at some of the
people who were in it and then we’re
going to talk a little bit if we have

some time about the vaping industry Amy
came in this morning while we were doing
show prep and played about a 20 minute
clip from was the name of the podcast no
agenda podcast when they were talking

about the the vaping industry now was
the name of that you know the name don’t
pretend what was the name of that
podcast I can’t remember was it I used
to do that all the time here is the

latest from Utah as the PR continues all
we have to do is just keep discrediting
vapes Grant Heller owner of I VAP says

he became deeply concerned after
Representative Paul Ray’s press
conference on Wednesday out of the 12
bottles ten tested positive for opioids
PCP barbiturates and THC and they’re

talking about vape juice not about th th
C capsules or anything vape juice from
the store pillar believes the panel

tests used to get these results is not
reliable and shouldn’t have been used
the fact that they were done with the
ready strip tests shows me that there
was a different agenda than transparency

in public health yesterday
so what they did is and just to throw
gasoline on the fire they took this vape
juice and took you know you know what a

ready strip is John no I don’t know
maybe I do but I don’t know doesn’t ring
a bell the ready strip is essentially a
drug test that parents can use that you

tell your kid pee in the cup and you dip
the strip in and then the strip will
will tell you I think by color what kind
of drugs your kid is taking but it’s not
meant to dip into vape juice and then

say oh yeah it looks like there’s kratom
in there come on he an austin-healey
with peak vape met with Beechtree
diagnostics on thursday the lab behind

the test result ABC 4 News was allowed
inside but they asked us to turn our
cameras off I wanted to sit down and
obviously be transparent and try and get
some transparency out of them I think we

achieved that today in the meeting the
owners of beech tree said they don’t
endorse the panel test which is only 40
percent accurate ray says he
acknowledged that in his press

but still chose to use them as a warning
to the public to be sold in the state of
Utah health officials say the state has

not decided how that rule would be
enforced yet owners with beech trees say
a formal statement will be released
later today and the attorney for beech

tree Diagnostics decided not to weigh in
saying in part we’ve determined not to
respond in a formal way regarding the
comments made by representative Ray
Wednesday afternoon beech tree has no

position either for or against vaping if
you’re concerned about this issue please
contact the representative to share your
concerns but the damage of course was
already done it was already out there uh

there’s this THC and kratom and opioids
in your vape juice thanks well done well
those test strips like anything that’s a
test strip is usually designed for one

specific purpose yes and it would and if
it’s designed to read your residual
something in pee it used this is very

because it has to be pee mainly be
because there’s pH levels and certain
things that the way the chemicals work
they have to be you know it’s just not
you just can’t dip it in gasoline you

don’t expect to get any kind of results
unless you’re running this stuff through
a chromatograph it’s not really it’s
bullshit of course I mean I just I got a
report apparently vape juice contains

traces of ranch hand I mean it’s crazy
what’s going on these days well that’s
pretty slippery now here’s what a couple
of European publications even Politico
picked up on this hey how come this is

missing in Europe where’s the vaping
sickness no one’s dying nothing’s going
wrong with vaping in Europe
maybe it’s because they’re safer were
there with the actual THC cartridges

could be but for sure that’s nothing
wrong with the vape juice over there
now in this global world these things
tend to matter a little bit you know

yeah there’s a scam underneath it all
well we we know that obviously I got the
patent information oh yeah on the
vaporizer this was patented by Herbert a

Gilbert in 1963 it’s way way past due
and it it expired it’s it’s an expired
patent so it’s pretty much open

all right it was the trades you got one
other thing
well it sounds like you’re not

interested in no I’m interested well you
made your point well there’s a
documentary about which it came out in
2016 called a billion lives and this
documentary I have the trailer I’ll play

a little bit for you then this
documentary which you know is an award
winner in one of these palm things
showed how the tobacco lobby was willing
well of course that’s the documentary

was willing to put a billion lives in
jeopardy by trying to stop the vaping
industry and it’s well worth the watch
I’ll just give you a couple seconds of

the trailer here my whole life I’ve been
told that smoking is bad smoking will
kill you smokers deserve to die I smoked
for forty years fifteen years I’ll go to

my grave smoking I pretty much thought
that smoking wasn’t thing in the past
part of history I was wrong
billion people dying from smoking
related diseases

seventy percent of current smokers want
to quit you trying to fail you trying to
fail I was shocked when I found out that
many people are using new ways to quit
is one of the biggest public health
breakthroughs we’ve ever had okay we’ll

do this electricidad it’s gonna go to
the savior alternative to fighting out
about day I stop those ways were being
banned in
or in more countries easy to buy
cigarettes than to blind a cigarette

that makes no sense
governments worldwide are the biggest
shareholders in the revenue of
cigarettes dangers of e-cigarettes and
the public health communities lying
about those chemicals this is no

evidence to back that up abroad people
are gonna die we don’t know but we don’t
know antifreeze and other flavors
antifreeze I’m spent almost a thousand
shipments right in my hands nobody wants

to talk about the public needs to know
the truth about these products and then
you public health people telling the
truth about the risks at least ninety
forest and West recipients were
responsible a few days destructive

chance you get the idea it’s a good
documentary to see how the tobacco lobby
was all against vaping and until they
were until they were the vaping industry

and now it’s just about getting the
small guys out yes okay now I’m done
let’s talk about the debates well I did
want to mention the debit slip is stuff
like anti-freeze into that that little

dialogue that’s a propagandistic
neuro-linguistic programming trailer
this should be abhorrent don’t you
remember that that was out there though
oh ha this is antifreeze and vape juice

I remember it I don’t I remember a
member of a pinnate man debates so let’s
start with the thesis that they didn’t

bitch and moan about but Trump bright at
all mm-hmm so like I just have some
short clips they gave my minute or a
minute and a half to open and I have

four of the opens here that are kind of
interesting that the most interesting
and I don’t have the whole things
generally except for koalas but this is
uh here’s here’s bado
does the base bado opening it’s an honor

to be on this debate stage it is
wonderful to be back in Texas in Houston
back here at TSU
on August 3rd in El Paso Texas two

things became crystal clear for me and I
think produced a turning point for this
country the first is just how dangerous
Donald Trump is the costs and the

of his presidency a racism and violence
that have long been a part of America
was welcomed out into the open and
directed to my hometown of El Paso Texas

where 22 people were killed dozens more
grievously injured by a man carrying a
weapon he should never have been able to
buy in the first place inspired to kill

by our president he fries and trumps
vape juice president don’t worry they
don’t apparently didn’t hardly mention

Trump at this debate this is just part
of the Sanders is the base Sanders
opening let me be blunt and tell you

what you don’t hear much about in
Congress or in the media and that is it
goes without saying that we must and
will defeat Trump the most dangerous

president in the history of this country
I’m glad they didn’t bitch about Trump
no they didn’t and so now we have this
is kamala and this I believe is her a

whole bit and she just goes everybody
kind of introduced maybe something they
were involved with like even bado
talking about gun control and later you

know Mon didn’t grow anybody we’re gonna
take we’re gonna take your guys’s with
the Republicans and said that but here’s
Kamala and her bit and it’s just all
Trump senator Kamala Harris thank you
it’s great to be back at TSU spending

tonight talking with you about my plans
to address God the way the way she talks
I don’t even have to see I promise it’s
what is that what is it I’m hearing I’m

hearing a it’s it’s it’s not a
laissez-faire it’s a it’s a prosecutor
district attorney yes patronizing yes
condescending thank you I’m spending

tonight talking with you about my plans
to address the problems that keep yep
night but first I have a few words for
Donald Trump who we all know is watching
so president Trump you spent the last

two and a half years full-time trying to
sow hate and division among us and that
is why we’ve got nothing done
you have used hate intimidation fear and

over 12,000 lies as a way to distract
work from your failed policies and your
broken promises what 12,000 lives I

didn’t understand that 12,000 lies Oh
lies I thought lies documented lies is
it 12 thousands this is the official
number under policies and your broken

promises the only reason you’ve not been
indicted is because there was a memo and
the Department of Justice that says the
sitting president cannot be charged with
a crime but here’s what you don’t get

what you don’t get is that the American
people are so much better than this and
we know that the vast majority of us
have so much more in common than what

separates us regardless of our race
where we live or the party with which
were registered to vote and I plan on
focusing on our common issues our common
hopes and desires and in that way

unifying our country winning this
election and turning the page for
America and now President Trump you can
go back to watching Fox News now I give
her a point for saying our country I

give her a point for that you don’t hear
that often from a Democrat twelve
thousand lies comes from Washington Post
or Trump has made more than 12,000 false
or misleading claims 12k lives matter

man you know we go to what the one guy
didn’t really bash Trump never spent too
much time on bashing Trump everybody

else did which is Gandy’s weakens their
whole position that’s okay let them do
what they want but this one I thought
was really rude this was Andrew yang who
comes out and even he z4 he starts off

by suggesting he’s gonna if you go to
you ain’t Andrew yang 2020 dot-com or
org one of the two you can sign up and
maybe be one of the thousand to ten

people ten people that will get a
thousand dollars a month for a year to
see what you can do with it this was
highly anticipated because he had been
telegraphing mainly on podcasts the only

place that he can still be heard that he
was going to do something big something
unexpected and you know I think it was
it completely expected he’s the
universal basic income candidate and his

idea was to show people that you can
really make it you can be great if I
give you $1,000 a month but it wasn’t
reported anywhere I saw as linking back

to the universal basic income they saw
it purely as a campaign stunt
it wasn’t picked up properly by the
press well the press was going along
with the program because the Democrats

starting on the other side of the all
the way over he was on the far right on
the far left the most furthest left was
Amy Klobuchar and she started giggling
and then Cory Booker was pretty much

laughing out loud but he had turned away
from the mic but he was de falling over
there and then cam Kamala was it sounds
like Kamala laughing but from from what

I could tell it was really that other
group and it was its Amy Klobuchar whose
laughs sounds a lot like Tomales so she
was laughing at ya hear it you’ll hear
it today wait wait wait I’m waiting

she’s laughing Cory but Cory Booker said
something to her I’m sure because they
showed up a long shot they showed her

cracking up and Booker turning his face
away from the camera so you couldn’t
hear him and then Buddha Jed just next
to them and he’s cracking up he’ll cook
and he’d finalizes it with some comment

to kind of quell the the joke that was
that nobody knew about it was really I
thought incredibly rude well you know
they’re really just laughing at poor

that could be the element use in America
today everything revolves around the
almighty dollar our schools our
hospitals our media even our government

it’s why we don’t trust our institutions
anymore we have to get our country
working for us again instead of the
other way around
we have to see ourselves as the owners
and shareholders of this democracy

rather than inputs into a giant machine
when you donate money to a presidential
did someone throw up the Yelp like a
hyena sign I have no idea what that was

giant machine when you donate money to a
presidential campaign what happens the
politician spends the money on TV ads
and consultants and you hope it works

out it’s time to trust ourselves more
than our politicians that’s why I’m
going to do something unprecedented
tonight my campaign will now give a
freedom dividend of $1,000 a month for

an entire year to ten American families
someone watching this at home right now
if you believe that you can solve your
own problems better than any politician
go to yang 2020 calm and tell us how one

thousand dollars a month will help you
do just that
this is how we will get our country
working for us again the American people
now people judge

she’s hi again its original I’ll give

you that
the American people are divided Wow
they know exactly what he’s doing that
was rude they know his whole program was
unbelievably rude tease

okay well I was very taken aback by that
that’s your Democrat brethren yang e

cheese so then we had this little
back-and-forth there’s a couple of short
clips here this is uh this is where bite
and calls his point it’s talking to
Sanders and he’s pointing to Sanders

he’s talking about and he calls Sanders
the president taxpayer I hear this large
savings the president think the my
friend for Hamas thinks that the

employer is going to give you back if
you negotiate his union all these years
got a cut in wages because you got
insurance but where did this happen
before but he called Sanders the
president no he called he called Booker

the president this happened before I
don’t know that I don’t remember that
two debates ago I’ll see if I can find

it while you continue and then Castro
goes ageism and he Castro fuck screwed
himself he’s out of the race now after
he went after Biden for supposedly

forgetting something said Biden
Castro thought Biden said something that
Biden didn’t say and everybody
documented this and all the news media

got all over Castro what could okay
here’s here’s what I heard read just not
having seen this part that he that
apparently Biden said something and then
Castro said what you don’t remember what

you just said two minutes ago and then
and then he kept on hammering about it I
didn’t know that it was to me I’d like
I’m sure Joe Biden said something
completely dumb that he that
contradicted himself this case no Wow

Castro just heard something that didn’t
exist and he started hounding Biden
about it and he did it in such a way
that was again incredibly rude and he’s
trying to make points that dead Biden’s

and old fogey doesn’t remember anything
and so I just would have sounded like
from the Castro site goodbye you just
said that you just said that two minutes
ago you just said two minutes ago that
they would have to buy it and if Paulo

fire you forgetting what you said of
Maddox would be in four
the crowd clearly thought he was not
doing something good there no and so

then it was very very rude and then we
have we have this is bado on immigration
I thought never wrote this is actually

about but just play it but you changed
the debates bado on immigration that’s
uh debates bado and immigrants

oh here it is yes sir but I think the
larger question that we’re trying to get
at is how do we rewrite this country’s
immigration laws in our own image in the
image of Houston Texas the most diverse
city in the United States of America in

the image of El Paso Texas one of the
safest cities in the United States of
America safe not despite the fact that
we were a city of immigrants safe
because we are a city of immigrants Cano

Samos Chios Muni Dada’s us Lopez
necesitamos Tata cada persona con
respeto Edina Darin they probably mean
Allah Allah for one thing he says we got

to rewrite the immigration laws in our
own image what does that mean it sounds
we have to rewrite the immigration laws

in Houston’s image he’s speaking in
tongues I tell you what’s wrong with him
oh there’s something wrong with that guy
now in terms of you something wrong with
the guy I do have this is that none of

the basis says Joe Biden this is Joe by
Joe Biden this is an I so I suggested I
saw her out of the blue Joe Biden says

you should put your kids to sleep in
debt and and and play the record player
make sure so a record player on at night
yeah now this got a lot of discussion I
had a record flavor it’s got a lot of

Acts how many people in the audience
even know what a record player well I
saw I saw Symone Sanders who is special
consultant now she ran Bernie’s campaign
last time around now she with Joe Biden

and I could I had no way to clip this I
think it was on joy Reid was filling in
or something just saw it in the hotel
and she was saying oh you don’t know
about the vinyl vote that’s that’s their

that’s their witty comeback is
apparently there’s a vinyl vote people
who like that – Joe’s familiar with this
is a vinyl vote more like final vote for
him is he still is he still the front

what a front-runner yeah of course
see so the last I had last two clips or
both the camel a Harris she’s going off
on the camel Harris on Medicare

everybody on this stage I do believe is
well-intentioned and once that I gotta

hear that again body on this stage I do
believe is well-intentioned and wants
that all Americans have coverage and

recognizes that right now 30 million
Americans don’t have coverage but at
least five people have talked some
repeatedly on this subject and not once
if we talked about Donald Trump housing

we need to we need to low Joe up with
some more anachronisms like would you
like to take a picture with your Kodak

disc you know you gotta have some more
things like that even though of Kodak
just during the era of the Kodak disc
maybe they can fish with the brownie the
lubuto so here’s cameras follow-up to

her we don’t talk about Trump enough no
no not at all so let’s talk about the
fact that Donald Trump came into office
and spent almost the entire first year

of his term trying to get rid of the
Affordable Care Act we all fought
against it and then the late great John
McCain at that moment at about two
o’clock in the morning kills his

health care from millions of people in
this country fast forward to today and
what is happening Donald Trump’s
Department of Justice is trying to get

rid of the Affordable Care Act Donald
Trump’s administration is trying to get
rid of the the ban that we placed on on
denying people who have pre-existing

conditions coverage
that’s all she does and then again we go
back to the CNN pundit who says well at
least they didn’t talk about trauma

thank goodness
yeah well that would have been horrible
that’s kind of it it was I got no real I
mean I think Castro’s I think
everybody’s pretty much out of it except
for the big for the polls to vote for me

that’s my ISO of the day so Joe Biden
and and he’s still the front-runner war
yeah this is a part I know this is great

they just wanted these Democrat parties
decided he’s gonna be the guy and the
Vice President will be the one who takes
over and get in next so it’s gonna be
interesting how they’re gonna make this

ticket Julian Castro was thought of as
one of the potential vice presidents but
he’s done now after this ridiculous
display of arrogance so here’s the
here’s the omission that is obvious and

I think it’s been obvious from the
reports it’s been obvious from here a
summary report nothing from Liz she was
if this was supposed to be her moment to

you know to outshine everybody and I’d
hear nothing did she not have a moment
of did she not have a she did not do a
Trump bashing it and her opening so I
didn’t get that mhm and she did mostly

Liz stuff yeah and she followed as she’s
blue all in with Bernie’s uh Medicare
for all and then she was not standing
out to me well not to anyone the same

old same old Liz I mean there was
nothing specific that she did that was
now can you crimpable now why do you
think that Castro is over and out just

because of that
it’s gonna be a bite and ticket buttons
not gonna put up with a guy like that I
mean he’s why couldn’t Castro beat Joe
Castro can’t beat anybody do you’ll

recall when before before Trump by the
way stop stop I gotta get design I gotta
go get my notes on this Castro at the
end of his little beginning he puts on

this I don’t know if you ever seen I
should go back and clip this and or
screen you save it Castro has the
creepiest smile it looks kind of like
the Joker in the Batman movie smile it’s

incredibly creepy it’s went when he
thinks he’s done something great he
pulls that smile I’ve seen it it’s
creepy hat is it’s a maybe it’s like a
lizard smile reptilian perhaps could be

good it could be could be I think we
both have this clip so I’ll just play it
since I thought I have a question about
this is marianne williamson who was not

at the debate but who was caught on a
mic this is the question I have about
ethics she was interviewed on Fox News

and here’s the guy who was interviewing
her on Fox News introducing the clip
that he is you know that was done out of
context off air but he’s gonna make it

said well she was Mike she was a hot mic
so it’s fair game let’s play the clip
and then we’ll talk about that
so last week I interviewed 2020 hopeful
candidate Marianne Williamson just after

the interview while still on camera with
a hot mic this happened what does it say
that Fox News is nicer to me than the
lefties are what does it say that the

Conservatives are nicer to mayor’s
bizarre world man
it’s such a bizarre world you know I’m
such a lusty I mean I’m a serious lefty
there’s so I understand why people on

the right call them godless and I mean
it’s like I didn’t think the left was as
mean as the right heart so I find that
this is a borderline case I mean

obviously Fox is doing this to show
because she says hey the lefties are
a-holes and they’re mean but it’s really
insulting and to Marianne Williamson who
was dumb

you got you got it you should know
better and she’s clearly not completely
honest in her own public statements
otherwise she would have said this
publicly but ethically I don’t think
it’s a very cool thing to do

with the Aster
yeah hmm I don’t know if they did of
but what if they didn’t sound ethical

but if they did ask her hey can we use
this clip you know well yeah sure I’m
not in the thing anymore
yeah I think she’d probably agree what
he says yeah when I said man what
happened no I don’t think so I don’t

think she agreed to it and and I’m
disappointed because you’re objecting to
it she would have come out and said
something let’s well we’ll keep our eye
on but she’s definitely not going to be
in the fourth debate

she’s out forever she’ll never even make
it on CNN or MSNBC again ever
probably not but she never made it on
before I never heard of her
so it’s not as though she was kicking

ass on the MSNBC wall for years and
years no no but I know her from the No
Agenda show so she’s she’s my favorite
candidate yes she was there’s a lot of
people say but I want to mention a

couple of things that are noteworthy
about the debates overall one is I don’t
know but the psychological effect you
know this is a problem having too many
people up there all yelling at each

other you’re yelling and overstepping
their their time and doing all the rest
of it is besides doing that which makes
him look like pet makes him look bitchy
only because they can’t stop talking
bite and call them out on it once is

that you’re watching this thing going on
somebody’s talking and they stay strays
their hands like they’re fifth-graders
to get their hand in the air and yeah
Bernie’s got his you know moving his

hand around like I mean like but
everyone’s holding their hand up call on
me teacher call on me call on me I mean
it looks juvenile it makes them look
unpresidential I mean you’re not a

president if you’re a holding your hand
you never saw a trunk do that and with
all those other care he would just say
something funny into the mic can me
teach me me me me me yeah but you don’t
have these guys holding their hands up

in the air and bite not bitin but Bernie
someone who started that years ago even
when he was just what mano-a-mano with
Hillary Clinton last he’s always stick
his hand up yeah exactly

like sixth grade fifth grade yeah it
calling me calling me well you’re gonna
get called on that’s where you’re up
there you don’t have to hold your hand
up how was it just for my own

edification compared to the cable news
guys how did ABC do with production did
you like production in general I mean I
didn’t hear of any audio issues
everything looked it sounded pretty good

everything was smooth
I thought it was you didn’t have any
flaws and if you does what you’re
looking for it was more professional
yeah than CNN all right
well Friday night all hell broke loose

on the Bill Maher’s Bill Maher show on
HBO they had to bring out the big guns
after the debate they bring out Michael
Moore of course I got a couple clips

here just so you can hear how the the
big guns so this is Michael Moore and
Bill Maher together they definitely
represent a section of the Democrat part

of the Democrat voting base and I think
the well Bill Maher’s actually appears
to be a little more level-headed in this

as you listen to what Michael Moore is
saying about the Democrats and what they
stand for and what’s gonna work the
country is for raising the minimum wage
of course the country is not for
Medicare for all is so did you ask the

question get rid of private health
insurance I mean Barack Obama said if
you like your doctor you can keep your
dog into insanity not true for only 2%
of the population and the whole country

went apeshit about the 2% right now are
you gonna take away everybody’s well
completely get rid of arrived it even
though there are so many things to fix
the bottle bomb you don’t like that
that’ll don’t like that no they like the
fact that their 26 year old can still be

covered nice Obamacare that’s that’s
Obama like the things about Obamacare
but right but they didn’t go far enough
and and we’ve got 30 million people that
are uninsured we’ve got 50 more billion

as net are underinsured that that is
velocity points out Obamacare is a
better benefit the Medicare for all
doesn’t play for pay for catastrophic
you got to do that you built we’re going
to be true we’re going to do trunk well

that’s not I’m going to say no and I’ll
see if the election okay say let us the

election were tonight Trump would win
how about that woo
all right this how dangerous it is does
every would be so you see look at the
same reaction when I said that three
years ago
ya know now don’t say that you have to

respect the evil genius of this guy
he’s gone crazy now the evil gee he’s

using Trump’s words which is interesting
how deeply embedded that is yeah and
this wait a minute the guys I’m
supposedly a moron who doesn’t even have
any money but now he’s an evil genius

did the same thing with Bush Bush was
the either a moron or an evil genius of
an antichrist I mean come on make up
your minds about these images in the
next that clip here is about the squad

which i think is universally accepted
that trump has been doing a pretty good
job of positioning them as the face of
the new democrat and the democrat party

which logically i think it turns off a
lot of voters not according to Michael
Moore though he wants to make the squad
the face of the Democratic Party I know

one other person who wants to do that
you yes will win let me tell you 70% of
the people who are gonna vote next year

are either women people of color or
young adults between 18 and 35 that’s
70% of the electorate women people of
color young adults we should be
appealing to them and if you’re saying

okay you don’t like those women because
they’re you know you don’t see thing yes
exactly but what do you say they are not
power to hate they’re not populist I’m

true always love them people of color
love them women love them this is the
most bigoted conversation I’ve ever
heard he’s literally saying because

they’re women women love them because
they’re brown people of color love them
is this guy on drugs
he’s bigoted who thinks like this
anymore uh they’re brown people of color

will love them it’s a head shake the
entire electorate one of them has an
approval rating above 25% so you’re
making this up they’re not beloved these
people because they don’t believe in

things that a lot of people believe in
like what not Medicare for all
and people do believe in Medicare for
all people do believe it if you’re out
there with people this people do believe

this that’s why all the candidates have
tried to sign on but they did when they
called Nancy Pelosi a racist you know
they think they go too far and I think
they’re good too for another bitch yes

what and and young people go too far you
know always romanticizing the young
people everybody looks good when they’re
young because they’re not empowered
enough to make decisions you know when

they get to our age they’ll be assholes
too yeah Michael Moore really believes
the squad can do it ladies and gentlemen

this squad can people love them women
love them because they’re women people
of color love them because they’re brown
I’m come on bigot Mario throw weird
stuff into he had this thing earlier in

this first clip where he said that the
Obama you can keep your own doctor thing
which turned out to be bullcrap yeah
this is that he says but it’s only

affected 2% of everybody that they
couldn’t keep drone die he’s implying
that only 2% of the people could don’t
keep their own doctor yeah I’m I’m sorry
couldn’t keep it on target or anybody

else could keep drone that’s bullcrap
it’s in California which is a good part
of the entire public the entire
population of the entire country which
is more than 2% you can’t it is all

based on networks yeah you have to be in
the network if there’s your doctors not
in the network yeah you can keep him but
you’re gonna have to pay him and in

California that’s not even true let me
maybe another places but in California
cuz we had a good my daughter wanted to
go see a dermatologist that we always
used and she’s part of Cal care or

whatever the Obamacare networking the
Obamacare implementation is in
California she’s part of that and not
only did the doctor refused to take her
I said well what if I just pay cash too

you know in California is illegal too
yes Wow I didn’t realize that yeah if
you in other words I got a doctor I just
gonna hey if I was if you’re not part of

Cal Cal kid whatever it is Cali can
however they call it Cal man Oh Cal
cuddles whatever it is if you’re in that
system which is the Obamacare uh you
can’t do that you can’t pay cash if you

weren’t in the system you’re just an
individual like me you could you can you
can’t do it but if you’re part of
because they want to discourage people
from going outside the network well as a

discourage it by fining it the doctor
and dead throwing him out so he says no
no no no I can’t even touch this this
client as we discussed when Obamacare
was just cranking up that the insurance

companies are such rat bastards that
they squeeze the doctors down to 30
cents on the dollar and I have
personally witnessed if you go into the
doctor’s office not in California

apparently and you say you know what
I’ll pay cash I’ll pay you 30 cents on
the dollar they’ll usually settle for 50
they will because they have that it
takes them weeks phone calls emails you
know they have to show pay all this

paperwork just to get paid I mean while
you’ve already paid your you were
basically paid for it with your with
your deductible because that’s on a
hundred percent not thirty percent so

you’re paying for everything yourself
you’re paying double but that’s that’s
legal here I had no idea that that was
outlawed in California you cannot pay
the doctor directly how can that be
that’s that’s why it’s is it a law or is

it just the insurance and whether the
way the laws are written cheese well if
you want to hear something I could look
into it more and write something my god
you know it’s really it is really
because the guy refused to take the

appointment you can’t you can’t this
allows someone from enacting legal
commerce pretty you can well in
California everything’s possible

he thinks possible in California final
clip just to hear some more fact free
stuff and just how off the rails this
group is gone they had that little end

discussion so we have Michael Moore was
the guy that used to run the the RNC
the black guy yeah yeah steel yes do is

on a crystal ball and they’re talking
about uh what is this clip oh yeah this
is this is mainly about Mahler and about

you know the molar report and how that
all fell apart and it’s just funny to
hear the heads explode they built up
expectations so much when the report
came you were like oh no big deal with

like anything shortness he taped with
nothing right well the person who
shipped the bed was Robert Muller
he can’t even go after the taxes
seriously that’s your investigative

technique don’t follow the money this
hero and shit the bed shit the bed I did

the campaign manager the deputy campaign
manager the hook the presidential mo
fucking memo not a law not in the
Constitution just a memo we did a whole

thing on this remember that night right
after can I agree with you but he laid
it on a platter from he didn’t have to
sir got the taxes legal genius of Rudy

Giuliani was able to protect Trump the
whole thing is the taxes the reason why
he may be a Russian asset and just he’s

the worst businessman ever so at a
certain point the only people who give
money of the Russians that’s you know
what while her mother didn’t establish
collusion per se because it’s a

technical term he showed clear
coordination between the campaign and
the other I think he did his job could
he have done more sure he do enough

and they’re not alone right there are
plenty of people who were involved in
the overhyping of this but then what he
did find the facts were not enough for a
public that expected like Barry said
that they were gonna get the P tape my

quick take on all of it was everything
everybody said is absolutely right but
here’s the rub at the end of the day
the Democrats in Congress the media
allowed the Attorney General to come out
and define the narrative before yes so

at that point folks it didn’t matter
what was in the report because we were
told there’s nothing here follow what is
this bullshit about like we did not find

out of control
they’re mad and and Mahler and what is

this I’ve heard the term but what is the
etymology of shit the bed and what does
this come from debt apologies but it is
an old term yeah let me just you know

your screws yeah so that’s where their
heads are still at oh they’re yeah
you’re ready doing that Migdal is too
big yeah whatever happened I thought you

meant just that crystal ball she you
know she works for the hill she does
some online video stuff she is and she’s
lost her she’s anti MSNBC now that she’s
no longer there yeah she got kicked off

and she’s yeah and I think Mar brings
not because she’s kind of his style cute
and oh right
that meet brings these women on he

brings Hannah Coulter on a lot he’s got
some thing about her too but did
reminded me whatever happened to that
guy – ray remember him yeah where is –
ray yeah okay enough thinking about it I

only thought you think about him for a
second or two – ray he was the worst and
she was on the show with him right he we

had an a he even had an didn’t he have
was that show MSNBC show yeah miss MBA
miss NBC show – ray I don’t know he’s
not what I see here as a former

MSNBC host just a quick little oh wait
Ghent Dateline January 11th former MSNBC
host to raid niblet accused of sexual

harassment I have learned and grown how
he got me to do
oh well that didn’t get much much girl
interesting that didn’t get much play at

oh I don’t recall it I don’t recall it
we would have recalled that if we even
got a hint we would have bloated but no
so yes we would have bloated me got me
to doubt that’s interesting he chewed

the hell out of here and with that I’d
like to thank you for your courage and
say in the morning to you the man who
put the C in Castro is out John C Dvorak
well in the morning you miss Adam

Corolla in the morning all ships at sea
boots on the ground feet in the air subs
in the water and all the Dames and
nights out hello trolls I see you there
in the troll room a in the morning to

you that’s right no agenda stream comm
is where you can listen to this show
live I’m gonna see how many trolls we
got in there today it seems like oh wait
that’s the wrong one let me see we’ve

got today oh nice nice crowd eleven
hundred and thirty six trolls with their
polls handing off one-liners it’s
appreciated you can listen to that 24

hours a day seven days a week that’s the
stream and chat along with troll along
as you wish also in the morning to our
artists who brought us the artwork for
episode 11 72 the title that was vape

this was Nick the rat who’s back and
were happy to see him that he has been
submitting for a while and he just he
nailed it with his NPR national
propaganda radio with the logo and of

course that was meant to play into our
reporting of the new CEO of NPR who is
clearly a spook and worked for the

spooktacular Voice of America and Radio
Free Liberty which are propaganda
stations the United States operates the
broadcast Board of Governors and there

was I think there was some stuff we
needed to discuss because there were
some other
candidates let me just check the artwork
real quick we had a couple there was

just one the CIA one that Deb O’Neil did
but I always thought that the NIC one
was the best it was a little more subtle
yeah it was it’s just it worked

it wasn’t very subtle but it was CIA
less true it’s more subtle than that
yeah there were other stuff that was
just the one that jumped out we both

liked it immediately so and worked well
and we’ve been happy for Nick thank you
of course to all of our artists who
submitted artwork and they do it while
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sharpton quote followed by that’s true
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great work over there no agenda shop

okay next is Heather futanari in
Fullerton driana $33.33 she said please
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see this email differs from what does
she got here she sent an email and
claiming that the note wasn’t taken I’ll
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yeah please oh I got it
please accept this payment is my flesh

as my last towards name hood as we close
our palindrome week and ready myself to
reconnect with some amazing folks we met
during the infamous or Orange County
Meetup I thought this was the perfect

time to seal the deal for five years of
donations also it’s been a year since my
last donation of 3 3333 which I made in
desperation of jobs karma a year later I
find myself flourishing in that position

films camera works though jingles no
karma just a side of hi-yah
ayahuasca ayahuasca what is ayahuasca
don’t worry I’ll put it at the

roundtable just stay away from it it’s
not for you at the already bountiful
round table please anoint me Dame
swagger Prince of the orange curtain
73’s Heather kk6 Mme ah 73’s kilo 5

alpha Charlie Charlie with a twist the
you’ve got ayahuasca was noir karma she
asked for by the way no she said she she

I thought she wanted a karma no no Jane
it was no karma I’m sorry I can’t take
it back now I don’t know how you’d take
it back I can’t I can’t
I’ve ruined we do this that karma is for

David Julien congratulations for $333
know he says n J and K he doesn’t want
Chloe he doesn’t want it either no email
sent to Adam

kisses sir Julianne Earl of the South
Bay and autonomous cars you have the
email let me see I believe I do
mmm you should send a email about the

recipe yeah no I I don’t see it I know
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well O’Dell what’s David Julian I’m
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and who knows how the hell these systems
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the shill saying he would send the note
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sorry so send it again David Brian
Brady’s next on the list with the two

hundred thirty four dollars and fifty
six cents two three four five six in
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania here’s the
lowdown on the Pittsburgh meetup
provided with the donation because I
felt bad rambling too much without
chipping in I flew a bit too close to

the Sun trying to combine a soccer game
and a bar meet up into one so the day
before we decided just to go to the same
bar where producer ma held the inaugural
meet up we ended up with ten people nine

adults in the fat first child attendee
in Pittsburgh meetup history well even
though four of the nine adults were
attending their tried take notes even
though four of the nine adults were

attending their first meetup within ten
minutes we were all talking and laughing
like we had known each other for years
there’s something truly magical about
the people bonding over calling one
another douchebag had to own up to
hitting my mother in the mouth during a

car ride back from Nashville
Doug fitler was kind enough to provide
the high-res heads on sticks so we got
some great group photos with both of you
into them we also informally decided to

make the meet up on a periodically
occurring event and are going to keep
the notebooks we brought four letters to
you two until we fill them up then send
them no I think my fellow Pittsburgh

producers from both meetups or with me
wholeheartedly in expressing our
gratitude for the show and what it has
grown into hell I even got a new
shooting range buddy out of this Meetup

good I think I’ll go to Pittsburgh to go
shooting think about this though there’s
ten people
who not only like the No Agenda show in
Pittsburgh enough to come out to a meet

up but also like soccer and this is some
news right here
I find it distressing personally I think
it’s great it’s probably a smart idea
they went back to the original venue

these things kind of tend to stick
unless the yeah unless the venue was
really bad for some reason but I’m glad
a good one in Oakland we’re never going
back Sir Peter the high powered vanilla

ham in abstract the high powered vanilla
hammerheads Oh al I guess ham
hammerheads a two 3333 from Holland and

he says dear Guardians of reality from
behind the great Chinese firewall always

in China
I finally had it my smoking-hot
girlfriends douchebaggery must stop now
at first she thought the show was lame I
support your show is saying that show is

lame I support your advice would never
mentioned this show on any first date
but now she keeps me awake with her
laughter and comments until I she hasn’t

even though she hasn’t supported this
show so in other words it was lame but
now she thinks it’s hilarious okay which
it is this must come to an end
currently we are on a four-week cycling

trip in China
Yunnan and Tibet whoa and almost
everything is firewalled wait a minute
this is like hikers in China where these
guys spooks

yeah we’re cycling well maybe they’re
glove they’re cycling near the North
Korean border I’d be more suspicious but
no I know people that do this sort of
thing let’s go to China and cycle ah I’m
sure our producers don’t sound like that

well they can’t hear us in any way
because they’re in their their
firewalled yeah so hard to get some
decent information is beautiful by the

way and the people are nice that’s true
that’s true love and lights repeat at
the high-power vanilla hammerheads
and aim to become Inga I think I can
insult weird characters it’s true China

asshole asshole yeah true China ass
and goat Karma now I want to mention
something people go into China in China

it’s and I’ve said this on the show
before but apparently nobody loses their
reason show and every minute of it when
you’re in China or most of these Asian
countries I’ll make sure you have a

little notebook and you carry that and
you have people write stuff in Chinese
on it in other words you’re at a hotel
you go to the concierge say I’m gonna go
here here here in here here and they
have them write it in Chinese on

different pages and then you have a
little note at the bottom saying what it
is like the stole or and then they have
right and then you used that notepad to
get around because in China itself they

don’t all speak the same language that’s
all dialects and they can’t understand
each other necessarily but they all have
the same written language so it’s very
common for even Chinese to use this
trick of having the notepad full of

little notes best to be small and you
hold it up to it like a taxi cab driver
and you just show it to him and his fine
is good to go the more you know in the
morning you’ve got Kevin Benson

Australia $230 long time overboard

produced with six six six six six so for
putting in Australian three three three
and a few pennies to make the final jump

into sanity would love a little girl yay
to mark this moment is he gonna be yeah
he’s being knighted today yep he’s on
the list

well he’s blue I thought he was on the
list let me just double check produced
marks my move out of Sydney to better
places and more time for listening to no
agenda as I move to Kiama in the south
of Sydney don’t know where that is I

would like to claim sir Kevin or
something protector of qiyama blowhole
yes it’s
as you look it up no I’ve not looked it

up but he’s on the list I didn’t look up
his keyaki i’ma blow I’m not gonna look
up any blowhole I saw there was a blue
there’s a blowhole in Iceland it’s
fascinating there’s a beer what a
blowhole is it’s generally something

where a bunch of water rushes in and
it’s not a geyser per se which is caused
by boiling water it’s just such tide
comes in and in boom and blowhole yeah
it’s the water and I’m looking at it now

apparently it’s dangerous this is a
danger always dangerous yeah yeah
qiyamah blowhole just sounds lewd it
does no special favors to include I eat

most things that fall on the floor I’m
also a cheap drunk but I do call out
Bruce Johnson of Cape Town South Africa
as a douchebag he listens he keeps all

his ran tightly stuffed up his ass
well Kevin we’ll see you at the at the

round table and well I guess we’ll just
leave some scraps on the floor for you
for you to enjoy along with your hookers
and Lil Oh Kevin Benson $233 the next
one doctor sorry sir and your protector

of the bound book in Ann Arbor Michigan
200 $22.22 Sir Andrew of the bound book
here nudging over every closer – baronet
would be grateful for a booster of

health karma to get past some nagging
issues thanks for all the hard work
you bet here it is ready you’ve got
karma last but not least is Daniel
Roberts 211 dollars and 20 cents from

the US parts unknown this is my first
executive producer contribution ever and
I’ve been on a modest subscription for a
few years now with larger contributions
interspersed throughout this shows value

to me is far greater than I’ve been able
to budget for first I’d greatly
appreciated jobs come with a dash of
goat as my current gig has been pretty
tough lately

I sent both of you the investigate
Childebert shirt he is our guy mm-hmm
that Adam mentioned Thursday and I’d
like to offer a bit of explanation yes
shelter Berg is a small annual weekend

camping event that will be at em along
Metro Park in Austin Texas May 23 to 26
on 2020 you have to go how could I not
it’s open to any self-identified lover

of Liberty no no no maybe not regardless
of political affiliation it will can
coincide with the libertarian National

Convention in Austin you have to go to
that and there will be so business
crossover I would be busy
well the libertarian party nerds are
playing third string politics will be
grilling having at the time free to

chill children burgers but we’ll be
accepting donations for free org he’s
the Ross Ulbricht the the Bitcoin drug

platform was that called again I’d
forgot no I’ve forgotten to Adam if you
want to swing by for some burgers or
even camp tonight Silk Road yeah you can

camp tonight in Austin anywhere there
will be at least a handful of producers
in the tennis that I know of who already
would love so much to see you may be
enough for an impromptu to meet up John

we’d love to have you two if you wanted
to make the trek any was at childer burg
on twitter yes yes I actually did look
this up because I saw people were

tweeting and mentioning me and in there
tagging me about chill DeBerg and how
funny it was that of course yeah it’s
can I bring my record player um sounds

like a pretty fun event if we’re gonna
be you know thrown some burgers on and
and in hanging out I’m not gonna camp
but I can definitely go envious I don’t

know how far the metro price is not that
far and get there yeah for sure I’ll go
I’ll rep
that should be fun
the Silk Road was Ross Ulbricht Bitcoin

platform remember I even bought drugs
off of there with Bitcoin don’t you
remember we did all that
hello yes you did I remember that you

never said what the drugs were well no I
don’t want to go to jail or didn’t at
the time at least
well anyway Thank You Daniel and you
become an associate executive producer

along with your other cohorts and of
course our one two was pretty
even-keeled here we got three executive
producers very nice these are valuable
credits because they’re real you can use

them anywhere credits or recognize and
we suggest putting those on your profile
certainly on your LinkedIn profile you
are executive producer or as it is
associate executive producer of the No

Agenda podcast you can say no agenda
show episode 1 1 7 3 and we thank you
for your courage and anyone who wants to
be in this illustrious line up for
Sunday show can do so by going to Duvall

red dot org slash and well now at least
we know where Jill DeBerg is you can go
out tell everybody as you propagate the
formula formula is this we go out we hit
people in the mouth

while we’re talking about Austin Texas

little unhoused update as the war on the
homeless continues it looks like in
Austin the people of Austin are making

some headway
so council members and kitchen and Kathy
tovo submitted one plan and then
councilmember Greg kisara and Mayor
Steve Adler submitted another plan
but the biggest takeaway from both plans

is that there are more agreements here
than differences
so both plans will limit sitting lying
or camping on sidewalks in busy parts of
downtown like sixth Street and Congress
Avenue and around some of the homeless

shelters but the kitchen tovo plan takes
it a bit farther and includes the drag
in parts of UT’s West Campus it also
includes Parsa parts of East Austin like
11th and 12th streets I spoke with both

council members cat kitchen and tovo and
kitchen tells me this all boils down to
ensuring safety for everyone saying that
it is ok to camp or even or sit and lie
in areas that are not saying it’s not

good for anyone and I don’t consider
that that’s not discriminatory
the plan that councilmember kisara mayor
Adler support is based off of 2010 map

it shows where people can’t ride their
bikes on sidewalks now this map is
primarily focused on the downtown area
so it doesn’t really include any
restrictions in West Campus apart from a

section of the drag or in areas in East
Austin mayor Adler tells me he knows the
map is outdated but he says it’s still a
good starting point the city’s
identified sidewalks that have so much

traffic on them that they shouldn’t have
bicycles on them how sick is all this
these people name just the way I heard
it kitchen somebody’s name kitchen toboe

and Kassar I mean is there any normal
names in Austin where these where
somebody named kitchen come from I don’t
recognize this you heard the name

kitchen yeah kitchen and tobo heard I
only know I know our our councilmember
is P oh let me see kitchen and kitchen

you’re right and kitchen she’s district
5 and she I think is the isn’t she the
mayor temp or whatever it is I think
she’s tempera asking me he may it may or

tempora she and I think her crispy
tempura he’s male mayor tempore for the
Japanese exactly this is really code
oboe or whatever that other person is

there’s another council these are all
council members well but but the what’s
mind-boggling is how about the sidewalks
being used for what they were built for
we had I watched we walking yes we have

the scooters on the sidewalk riding on
the Skywalk part I mean they’re all
these rules about where you can park
your scooter but go ahead if you want to

pitch a tent and now the mayor saying
well yeah obviously you know if it’s
really busily then we can’t help I’m
comping their hello
and there’s something else disgusting

going on now Austin yeah what if if I
ask you what is Austin’s main business
music no of course not University of
Texas well that would be the actual

answer but where we’ve become a
conference town and part of that move
when we think when we found out the del
which is you know founded and operates
from Austin Texas could not even hold

their annual sales the sales meeting
because there were not enough hotel
rooms there was a decision that was made
okay we’re gonna be a conference town
and we are a city and we have a big

conference city and a conference center
and we have lots of hotels that are
opening up now and so they’re a big
lobby surprise surprise they’re going
after the STRs the short-term rentals
and so the people announcer now the the

to come together were people who were
doing air B&B or say well wait a minute
uh I can’t rent out my home for people
to stay in it but it’s okay for people

to camp on the street I mean you see how
this is not going to end up well with
all these different groups yeah that’s
for sure and at least they’re doing
something and it looks like downtown
this is no City no lie ordinance will be

here will be reinstated which is a
somewhat of a win it’s not fixing the
problem but it’s somewhat did you don’t
you have any vagrancy laws in that town

oh this is exactly what they did they
said go ahead do whatever you want
you’re just camping they call it the
camping laws it’s no sit no like camping
and then there’s no doesn’t the term

homeless does not enter that
that that rule is just camping
it’s an interesting workaround yeah

that’s what it is all right well yeah
and you’re welcome to it
so I have and I said then saying so too

much I’m surprised you haven’t caught me
let’s get them Felicity Huffman update
yeah this was uh this was interesting
which which one do you have I have a
kind of a showbizzy version listen to

yours for new details tonight on actress
Felicity Huffman sentencing in the
college admissions scandal Hoffman must
turn herself in by October 25th for a
two-week stay at a minimum security

prison in California according to prison
guidelines Huffman will be allowed to
sunbathe at a certain time also made her
own bed by 6:30 a.m. every weekday I
have a longer report from Inside Edition

we need the we need the real news jingle
for this this is this is so much better
although that was start and now back to
real news Felicity Huffman was sentenced
to 14 days in prison for her role in the

college admissions scandal Huffman says
her daughter told her I don’t know who
you are anymore mom why didn’t you
believe in me why didn’t you think I
could do it on my own

the US attorney asked the judge to
sentence her to 30 days in jail
Huffman’s lawyer asked for no jail time
Huffman was ordered to turn herself in
on October 25th to federal authorities

to begin her 14-day sentence in a
surprise move she asked to do her time
in the federal penitentiary in Northern
California it’s a much cooler climate
but the Bureau of Prisons may choose to

send her to Victorville in the desert
she should not expect camp cupcake she
is gonna be clinging back Holly Coleman
knows firsthand what it’s like in
Victorville she served 13 months there

for wire fraud she says Huffman’s time
behind bars will start with a strip
search that’s not the only indignity
that she’s going to face you get
harassment you’re done means you are

yelled at Coleman who is now a prison
consultant says Huffman will have a hard
time from the correctional officers not
the other inmate they’re going to
probably try and rattle her cage a

little bit more so they’re gonna be
really around her barking orders at her
what was the food like there it’s
you couldn’t even really tell

what it was if it was chicken it really
didn’t look like chicken in fact most of
the boxes would even say not for human
consumption I chose this report
specifically to just show you that this

has nothing to do with law this is part
of the canceled culture shaming
humiliation it’s very odd I don’t know
if I can really describe what I think

about this but it’s more like ah you
have to clean toilets bitch it’s kind of
like that instead of instead of what is
going on with an application this is the
same as the olden days in the 1600s or
the olden days you put in stocks yeah in

the stocks in the stockade lot but in
the middle of town there’d be some guy
in this bandage with his head through a
hole and there’s our life down yeah and
kids who come and spit on him it’s kind

of what it is it’s evil that way isn’t
it that’s just a two week sentence so
that’s easy but there’s no there’s no
real discussion of what’s actually going
on here and why this is necessary and

what the hell CBS had so she’s living it
up except for the fact that she has to
make her bed whoa yeah that’s so sad so
yeah well the idea was of course is to

scare the other one Lori Loughlin
yeah who’s with Olivia Jade the daughter
with the giving the finger to everybody
they’re gonna go to trial and I think if

I was on the jury I would be very
hard-pressed to find any of these people
guilty they were suckered by some by
more or less a scammer or a system that

was a scammed system and they didn’t
know any better cuz they weren’t
educated themselves and the daughters
are should have gone to junior college
like everyone else if they want to go to

college at all they didn’t have to go to
some prestigious school like Olivia Jade
needs to go to anything you know above
you know Fullerton JC mm or Long Beach
but okay but I still think this is the

punishments not fitting the crime here I
mean yeah there was some fraud and
bribery and things like that but it’s
all it was all scumbag but also this the
way the loop has not been closed there’s

no closure on okay is this still
happening and what was this ring where’s
the guy who was behind it we don’t hear
any of that zero we don’t hear anything
about that guy it’s it’s it’s just

become the largest distraction of the
week the end of pool just shut up about
everything else don’t worry about it
still going on of course just in
different forms surely through the

athletic parts of the of the system ions
incredible disservice this is your
academic industrial complex who are
likely blocking stories however whatever

is being done is its disservice to the
people indeed all right gotta break this

a brand new theme song

courtesy jean-claude this could be a hit
Oh TG I’m an OTG guy come on cut see the
t-shirts and the bumper stickers yeah

well I’m all in a little update on
you’re off the grid why should be off
the grid and why you should be like me
and like John John has no phone I have
the phone Yeah right you haven’t a nexus

one and good phones a landline it’s
right made a bakelite I have the cloaked
iPhone 5 which I realized I still need

to put the instructions together how to
do that it doesn’t matter that much if
you’re on Verizon do not buy the iPhone
5 from Amazon like I’ve done they will
no longer activate it on Verizon so that

phone is now being shipped out to
pasture if a knife verizon uses they use
CDMA don’t they they don’t have the SIM
cards ok so that’s just tough I’m pretty

sure the F the iPhone 5 will continue to
to function for GSM based networks with
a SIM card finally we have some

reporting with questions like should
apps share details of women’s
menstruation and sex lives with Facebook
and other sites question as it turns out

60% of the apps that track cycle as
minster menstrual cycles or ovulation
cycles which of course ultimately comes

down to sexual cycles the minute you
fire up the app it sends off all your
data to Facebook even if you don’t have
a Facebook account of course Facebook
has an account on you you just don’t

participate in it the
iPhone 11 was announced there was some
an omission in the presentation but
where experts are now pretty sure it

contains the you one that’s letter U one
location chip to facilitate the Apple
tags none of this was mentioned in this
particular special presentation that Tim

Tom Collins cook did but let me explain
what it is the U one location chip uses
ble which is Bluetooth Low Energy I

believe that’s the same technology my
hearing aids use it’s a 2.4 gigahertz
very low energy so it has a limited
field but incredibly precise location

determination as possible and the Apple
tags this is very interesting you
they’re selling them I guess they’re
gonna sell them everywhere I’ve seen

them about certainly in the phone store
it’s a little sticker which of course
isn’t an eye an RFID type of sticker you
can put it on anything you want so put
it on your keys if you leave your keys
on the and you’re walking out of the

house your iPhone will alert you but pop
up you’re walking too far away from your
keys you so it knows that you’re in the
house out of the house but let’s say you
leave your keys at a bar

the Apple tag system will be able to
locate your keys even if you’re at home
10 miles away or 100 miles away it
doesn’t make any difference and how does

it work yes how does it work Adam the
all Apple iPhones we are now part of a
network of course encrypted we can never
see what it’s all about and it’s a mesh

type of network where they are detecting
Apple tags anywhere in the vicinity and
reporting it all back to Apple on a
continuing basis so there are neither
words hold on a second I’m guy just and

I’m stopping it so I can ask a wise
question so I’ve got an RFID tag on my
keys and I left the keys at the bar and
they’re apples assuming there’s so many

people there at any given public place
there will be a number of Apple iPhones
correct and those Apple iPhones will be
sending out some some signal something
to get the induction to work on the keys

the ID and it say oh look there’s a key
number one one five five six six brief a
b25 ba ba ba yeah let me just take that
information and send it to Apple and

maybe some other people can cut
triangulate on this key and they’ll at
least Apple now will know where the key
is if the owner of the key wants to find
it do you know now in the process of

doing this the Apple iPhone is sending
signals to the headquarters and Jennsen
conduction currents out to the to the
RFID tag and it’s wasting juice no

wonder the battery doesn’t last for long
that was my problem with the system but
you make a good point I’m all for it
yeah that’s not bad
that’s exactly what it’s going to do and

but you can put these things on anything
you can put it on your kid you put it on
your dog put it on your neighbor you
could you can track other people if I
slap a tag on you you know like I’m
putting a you know you put a kick me

sign on someone’s back you slap a little
tag on them so there’s a lot of
implications about this but the main
thing is going to be used for is for
retail tracking and you better believe
Apple has all kinds of deals in place

to help retail understand exactly where
the customer is standing and this will
be this is going to be very big and I’m
sure Apple’s not the only one and
they’re not really talking about it all

they talk about is how how they care
about your privacy and your security
well I’m not so sure about it but this
story as I was watching ESPN I’m always
surprised it I flip on ESPN to catch up

on sports as I do frequent lights as I
frequently do imagine my surprise when I
hear a kind of an OTG segment certainly

show material regarding bama we tried to
look it up I guess that’s the Alabama
team Bama brother oh yeah everybody
knows Bama yes I knew that

bomani Nick Saban has a technological
solution for the empty student sections
he keeps complaining about his New York
Times reports that Alabama had students
install a custom version of an app named

fan maker that tracks locations of fans
inside the stadium and the reward is
loyalty points to be redeemed for SEC
title game and college football playoff
tickets so what does this app sound like

to you
alright so I do like kind of dig the
idea that you can be rewarded for
staying the whole game because they do
have a problem here which is they be
beating the brakes off people and not

everybody wants to be running the risk
of getting skin cancer watching a
foregone conclusion right so I
understand that part of it however the
idea that they are tracking you yes this
is the case with most apps you use to be

clear most of them have this power and
do that but it starts feeling extra
creepy when you start hearing about it
in these settings it sounds dystopian it
sounds like you are getting paid actors

to end up attending these games because
the players are not paid so what do we
do we have to build the environment
around them that helps recruit more of
those players and so the fans are

complicit in that but for me this all
strikes the privacy it strikes to the
notion that we are just going to let
schools universities employers bosses
track you because where does it end

where does it
you get your location well hold on now
we’re kind of burying the lead to a
degree here now we’re the lead because
we decided to focus this around Alabama
but on our research coming up to do this
show we found out that the University of

North Carolina is using tracking to make
sure that the players go to class like
it’s no longer enough now to put
somebody outside of the class which you
can do when everybody takes the same
classes and just to check if they go now

oh no no no they are going to be using
this to track whether you go to class
which gets us to the point that you are
making at what point do you think they
are going to stop like once they get a
little bit in here they’re going to keep
doing it why because they see it as a

good idea why because it makes sense if
one argument that we can’t continue to
use Pablo for justify things it’s simply
that they make sense because then you
get to this stuff imagine my surprise an

OTG segment on ESPN this is not yet
we’re spreading this is a big story
actually in the sports world because
Alabama or Bama they are the best well a

second best actually the second best
college football team but but they’re
always the best or the second best and
they and they play all these a lot of
teams like minor teams because they do

get to play three week
sisters every year and they’ll run the
score of 277 to 675 three or the 70
point mark you know in this in the

second quarter before they put all the
substitutes in people start leaving it’s
like yeah I think this game’s over we
don’t really have to watch it anymore
the stands are empty by the end of the

game right so this is like a did it fed
that coach felt thought there was
hurtful that people are staying for the
whole game against Citadel yeah well
well you know what’s next I mean it’s

just a matter of time before they just
skip the phone and just like me I have a
mobile phone sure pull it out once in a

while if I think that you know me I’m
gonna drive a long ways and I and I
might need a phone did call for an
emergency help or something but
generally speaking I don’t even carry

the phone of the store or anywhere
what’s the point I don’t need a phone on
me all the time
so I leave it you know so I don’t have
phone I don’t not trackable the phone is
off and it’s in a drawer in a cabinet

and yeah maybe you could remotely turn
it on if you wanted to turn the phone on
a blot to battery but there’s nothing
you can do or you can’t track me well I

think that these this Apple u1 system I
think that’s really giving us a whole
bunch of new options where you can just
you can just slap one of these on on the
people as they come into the stadium

Oh much easier wait no here’s the way
you would do it I’m just thought of this
because it’s kind of like that but it’s
like you have your you get a ticket with

that with the indicative thing on of the
tags on the ticket mhm and the scent is
printed you can read some point the
future bill to print these tickets with
a sure sure and so you at you but you

have to keep the ticket with you at all
times because to leave you got to use
the taste like a but you know when you
get on BART or some subway system you
have you need the tickets on many of

these systems to get off the thing you
may have to need a ticket to get out
well this brings me to the final OTG
story for today which is kind of the
getting out of it the opting out and
this is a company that people have been

emailing me about for a couple of weeks
I’ve heard of them before but never we
looked into it and I was surprised when
I see where they came from this is my
life my life calm no no if you’ve heard
about this yes I have so my life calm

has an actual reputation score and this
is what I’ve been talking about when it
comes to credit scores companies like
Credit Karma owned majority by Google
who are trying to find out everything

about your financial life and your
behavior in general in the first case to
offer you loans and to control your
behavior so that you don’t drive too

fast you go to bed on time yeah you know
you pay your utility bills you subscribe
to the right magazines by the way garden
and guns is originates from North
Carolina and a lot of our producers

subscribe to garden and guns it turns
out great magazine but my life calm now
just my life calm to go it you know say

oh okay we’re doing a reputation score
is one thing but they have a very
interesting model this they started as
reunion calm which I do remember that
that would goes back to 2002 do you my

pivot ‘add well they did a whole bunch
of first of all they got they raised a
bunch of money
I think they’ve raised over a hundred
million dollars which is something to

take note of
they acquired planet alumni good
contacts high school alumni my address
book comm one also they acquire they’ve
just been growing like crazy and what

they do is they their SEO is
really well done so if you search for
your name you’re gonna and maybe I don’t
know what deals they may may not have

with Google and other search engines
because that would make that would only
make sense they’ll pop up and say oh
whoa look what we found about you and
they collects all of these horrible new

you know people saying shit about you
all of this is collected by them and
somehow algo eyes into they score and
you pretty much have to become a member

and use their services for them to get
rid of all the shit that’s out there
about you you can have stuff deleted
this is they’re not the only company

doing this because and there’s some
major databases that everybody accesses
her and I find the whole thing
incredibly annoying because it’s gotten
to the point and I remember when this

first began when the yellow pages and
uswest all these phone companies they
all put their their telephone books
online mhm and this was in the 80s and

they were all banned they were gonna cut
they were competing with each other so
if you wanted to find a phone number you
could look up the guy’s name or if you
had any idea where he might live and
this phone number comes up now and it

all I never was all jacked up about this
yeah we’re gonna have the best yellow
pages and you can get everything so it’s
gonna go through this then now all of a
sudden it did very slowly morphed into

because these guys like my life we’re
buying up all these guys and so the next
thing you know is now if you look when I
look up somebody’s phone number you
might get it but most of the time as she

goes to my life and they says oh yeah
we’ve got his phone number or you know
but you got to sign in right oh yeah
well wait a minute I admit yeah oh it’s
well you can do it for just you can sign

it for one day nine bucks I mean so you
got to pay like nine bucks or a block or
ten bucks is something to get a phone
number nowadays when it used to be wide

it’s really I think is that I don’t know
why this hasn’t been investigated but
now it’s almost impossible to get
people’s phone numbers
well the thing that I’m worried about is
not like domain not so much that but if
you say well I’m look if I goats and if

I look for John see Dvorak
and if I just do it I’m doing a Google
search you’re pretty much unfindable for

what should where’s this here we go
it’s going to you have a reputation

score of three point six five which
means well it’s right it’s fair but it’s
right under the good section that would

be to get me to go over there I don’t
care my reputation yeah but who are
these guys marketing to companies that

hire people companies that don’t want to
go through looking online just give me
the reputation score from my life com
that’s what’s gonna happen and all and
as you’ve warned 411 for over a decade

all that shitty stuff you post on your
social networks it’s being sucked up by
these guys and you’re going to wind up
paying to have them obfuscate their

results about you that’s the scam yeah
that’s a good one too come on love the
blues riffs all right that’s your OTG

report everybody the idea is to stay off
the phone do not install apps do not
deploy them and if possible use the

privacy Pro to cloak your iPhone 5 I
think there’s also a version for Android
you might as well be shoveling snow I
mean this is uh the the people that bama

for example as you referred to it mm-hmm
you’re not gonna be able to do that
you’re gonna go to the game you got to
have your phone you’re gonna have to be
tracked yeah that’s true cuz and the

reason is because there’s not enough
people these college kids to bitch about
it hey I don’t like being tracked
because they’re on the phone all the

time they’re being tracked they don’t
care will so what I’m not doing anything
wrong mm-hmm and the whole thing is this
is fruitless everything goes in cycles
John you know it yourself the pendulum

always swings back when you hear ESPM
tspn doing a better
tracking off the get off the grid report
then any news report I have seen in the
past five years you know it’s getting

through to somebody so I have a little
more faith in humanity that eventually
people will go I’m sick of this and then
they’ll just start to ditch it okay I
know I know I know I’m wishful the

children hold the future I want to help
them so I’m trying out but by way got
one more eye so okay this is the one
they got this off of Bernie decided we

didn’t play it as a longer clip but
here’s the this is the huge mistake I
saw a huge mistake I don’t know I think
the Yemen the Yemeni ice that’s still

the best because what I’d like to know
what he’s saying I don’t think we want
to know it can’t be good
see oh just just a fit no I don’t want

to do that you got something before we
take another break I think quickly you
would like to a few different clips but
I we can do uh throw something good in
there she wants something entertaining

there’s some fun well here well Piers
Morgan spiced watch they’ve got that cup
I got three clips actually one of them’s
a little lengthy so we’ll maybe move
those off by Gavin
the one funnier clip so Piers Morgan I

watched this show it’s good morning
Britain or something as on ITV yeah
Channel four and so I’m watching this
and he’s got he’s got he’s got going

they brought a robot girl on with it
with a robot girls inventor and he’s not
doing anything they’ve inventors not I
don’t know if this thing’s hooked to a
radio what is this one of the sex doll
robots or what is it they never

announced it as a sex doll robot but
it’s a it’s a robe and I don’t think it
is because he can’t really open his
mouth that much but if you know what I
and but it’s a robot girl and she can

wink and she can talk and she looks you
know she looks in the till she actually
moves she looks kind of like a person
and so they’re doing a whole bit with
her and so they finally come to this

particular bit where they ask her to
tell a joke
which this is Pierce Morgan versus the
robot in a rudimentary sense well let’s
try it it’s a V can you got any jokes

what cheese with you use to persuade a
bear to come down from a tree what’d she
use what I used to persuade a better
come down from a tree I don’t know what
she’s come on bear what would you like
to say – good morning Britain’s audience

hi everyone please make friends with
Henson robots like me and like my
the professor Einstein robot which will
be available online on July he’s amazing

for now I bid you farewell wow that’s
that’s like a level Alexa and Google

home and that’s the kind of stuff you
get from them that’s the future that’s
what your billions of dollars are going
towards the future fan and we’re screwed
by donation – no agenda imagine all the

people who could do is awesome oh yeah
now we do have a few people thank for

show 1173 start with forever of the watt
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Ian field what 91 90 here’s the last of
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nine one one nine one nine
nice and you still have some belief that
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David Bierce in Altoona Iowa 6-9 6-9 oh
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podcast you’re producing it
I feel today
so so what so what

hello that’s it no nothing it’s just
okay um snowed in his back
well he’s never wrong he’s back but not

back in the States
he’s definitely not back in the States
but he hasn’t back in the news he has a
book out yeah yeah I did a book yeah and
and it’s really it’s it’s odd

because he’s getting no traction this
like Snowden is just no longer
interesting to most and quite honestly a
guy went from Gardea the Guardian

newspaper went over and interviewed him
and it was boring just really I mean
there’s a few new things that he talks
about here but in general no any still
for some reason is still wearing the the

eyeglasses that misses the left nose pad
and I still for the life of me don’t
understand why that is owed we’ve been
thinking it’s code but is it really he’s
been in Moscow now for I think I get

frames in Moscow that are probably
pretty good well I think he only wears
it when he needs to show brand Snowden
apparently he although he no longer has
to go out incognito in Moscow I don’t

know what change but apparently doesn’t
have to do that anymore
man he’ll was made with the FSB in the
CIA some kind of deal was made and he’s
now married I didn’t know this lady

Marius girlfriend did the answer yeah
Wow interesting you say that you’re just
as shallow as everybody else the way she
was treated in the media how you feel
about that lens he’s always been a much

more complex figure and and I think the
media was ready to grapple with they saw
that she had been a pole dancing
instructor and you know things there

were videos on YouTube of her doing
performances and they’re like oh she
must be a stripper yeah because that’s
that’s they reduce women to these sexual
I’m talking about you Dvorak dancer I

did not say stripper I went out of my
way not to sneeze drew abrogate well
done Valery nazar dancers too you know
well done this sort of supporting role
and they didn’t look at her complexity

they didn’t look at the fact that she’s
a photographer they didn’t look at the
fact that she’s a poet they didn’t look
at the time she’s lazy and whose
politics in fact shaped my own she’s a
poet she’s a poet looking at the full

woman she’s a poet and she takes
pictures and how did they meet
so if we went to do – fortunately

there’s like a site called hot-or-not
down common the next vein basic and
television I was attracted who is near
you you could say I’m interested in

meeting this person what did you rape
her and she was attend with the
cheerleader not attend but high enough
that she clicked the the meet you know
we were always perturbed that no one

ever tried to interview her as if she
was completely uninteresting and now we
know he’s a poet takes pictures we
should have gone after her we should
have gotten more information to Snowden

did you know the promise with her poetry
starts roses are red it’s really a known
Anna poetry this is snowden opened up a
bit about russia and how people should

not be afraid of russia russia is great
one of the things that’s lost in all of
the problematic politics of the russian
government is the fact that this is one

of the most beautiful countries in the
world the people are friendly the people
are warm and when I came here I didn’t
understand any of this I was terrified
of this place because of course they

were the great fortress of the enemy you
know that he’s thick a CIA agent looks
at Russia and it was never my plan to be
here but with time with open my way stop

it you can see that our oh yeah stop you
got it back it up where did he say CIA
what CIA agent

did he say he was one well he was he was
a CIA agent yeah he was but it was a
contract for the CIA yeah he says I was
east no he was a CIA oh yeah your

contractor works this year
yeah but he was a contractor later for
NSA right and then but he was a CIA guy
before that and because people know you
CIA your CIA I always see us like

Marines you know your marine your marine
yeah but the way he produces just
glosses over that’s little CIA may one
the CIA even better he says imagine a

CIA guy I think that let’s find it of
this place because of course they were
the great fortress of the enemy you know
that he thickest CIA agent looks at

Russia and it was never my plan to be
here so he says you thinking that’s how
a CIA agent looks at Russia and it was
never my plan to be here so yeah of
course he’s saying is a CIA agent

any question well no it was just we need
to remind ourselves I think that much of
this is an attempt or it’s believed or

it’s possible that there someone’s
trying to extricate the extricate
extract him from Russia somehow without
him getting into a lot of trouble I

don’t know the whole thing is weird
let’s finish is getting weirder by the
minute let’s finish this thought here
the great fortress of the enemy you know

if you think a CIA agent looks at Russia
and it was never my plan to be here but
with time with open eyes you can see
that our presumptions about a place are

almost always different from the reality
of it what people don’t realize about
the Russia is you can get basically all
the same things you can get the United

staes they got Burger King they got
McDonald’s they got Krispy Kreme
buckless only a couple it did if your
Oldman the only thing they don’t have in
Russia let’s talk about hey exit
strategy open up a taco joint in Moscow

that’s the way to go he does have one
parting thought for us how to resist and
make change in the world come to the

conclusion that you’ll maybe logistics
polymer surveillance for legislative
change and might not happen so maybe the
best way to resist this through some
mass international protests you know the

way like extinction rebellion or occupy
extinction this guy is now talking
extinction rebellion and occupy to
Snowden it’s like okay and Snowden

responds as if this is all the JIT this
vid this is the odd one Street me not
that that’s basically what you’re
advocating though does that change
something when our political systems are
being slanted to deny us influence when

our economic systems are being shaped to
prevent us from having an equal
opportunity to

benefit from the production that has
been created we need people to recognize
these problems to understand these
problems and then to be willing to give
something up to change that problem this

is what we’re struggling with on climate
this is what we’re struggling with on so
many fronts yes people can believe that
mass surveillance is wrong yes people
can believe that climate change is an

enormous threat facing the future not of
a country but of the plan but it’s not
enough to believe in something you have
to be ready to stand for something if

you want it to change
and so that is what I hope this book
will help people come to decide for the
house right ready to change and this is

his mistake no one gives a shit well you
know he he should do an OTG book he
should be telling the common man how you
can at least he beat that would be a

best-seller if he did it OTS that’s the
agent it’s the curry Dvorak publishing
company just look at our slate of

publishing ladies and gentlemen well I

don’t know I don’t think he’s relevant
and it’s kind of sad because he did
really open a lot of people’s eyes to
some incredible crazy stuff that is
going on in spy world now nothing yeah

CIA’s left him stuck there in and I’m
assuming he’s still working for him
yeah I’m collecting money never stuck is
stuck in Russia and of course he

followed the old rule like well never
learned this language because then you
do you’re gonna be on that assignment
for the rest of your life which is what
I was told by someone Hey Hey
but their whole family of spies and they

tell each other and the family do not
learn Arabic or you’re gonna be in the
Middle East on assignment you don’t want
that so he hasn’t learned
rushon to this day that I know of but

maybe they’re just gonna leave him there
until he does hey Edie
hi it’s Adam and John from your
publishing company that occurred Dvorak
yeah we got a great a great book signing
for you at Hooters Hotel in Las Vegas

you’re gonna love it ed bring your
girlfriend but she can recite some
poetry yes you might find work um I just
wanted to mention that in this whole

just which I drop off the face of the
earth like this guy well he would not
you point it out I think after he you
know he was appearing on like the
robotic screen that would drive around

onstage it South by Southwest and his
head was on it yeah I think everyone
kind of was done and also just listen to
what he said it was I’m sorry it was

nothing interesting he needs it he needs
it this book is not the one he should he
should have done something like here’s
how you protect yourself here’s the
stuff that’s gone maybe he doesn’t know

him he’s effectively maybe he’s just
Davey the book is written for him well
yeah that’s very possible
I just wanted to touch on the MIT
Epstein scandal because there has been a
twist there’s been a twist after former

nightclub owner Joey
Ito who was running the the Media Lab
over there as designed we have a new
puppet who popped his head up and said

all the wrong things and that’s the
Richard Stallman I don’t know if oh yeah
so he know Richard yeah of course I know

Richard but no no Richard but here’s
what he did he he did a very typical
kind of
stereotypical developer type thing and

responded to some comments by other
people at MIT and the Media Lab by
ripping apart their their language the

well it’s unfair to call this particular
case rape if it’s atme he was trying to
get into the semantics of very
nitty-gritty details that’s his Stallman
s it’s a complete Stallman thing and

he’s getting slaughtered for it it’s
like shut well this is a I’m gonna tell
you that as far as I’m concerned it

might be time for this because he’s been
doing this on the about public domain
software and about copyrights and about
everything he has been doing this type
of yup Stallman like thing for so long

that people have just tolerated it yes
that is saying rich or you’re full of
crap on this you know or you’re wrong
and he would just go back out I mean it

might be he maybe bit off more than you
can chew that’s that’s actually pretty
funny here’s some of the reports Richard
Stallman founder of Cambridge is free
software foundation a visiting scientist

at MIT argues that Jeffrey Epstein’s
victims were likely quote entirely
willing and to stop besmirching the good
name of deceased MIT AI guru Marvin
Minsky just because he might have had

sex with one of Epstein’s harem you see
this is what he’s trying to do is trying
to that defend touch the legacy of
Minsky perhaps but he’s this is the odds

I feel bad for him because he’s I know
that in his heart he means well but he’s
dumb just dumb

schmuck II is what schmucky was naive
yeah I guess you’d call it naivete

probably the whole thing is this the
affecting number of number of people
yeah and apparently Jon Brockman is

really taking a hit on this women
Brockman who’s that again remember when
the agent a big shot New York agent I
used to be my agent I used to be once
Nellie I don’t have any perform and one

time it comes already it comes all the
way out to the west coast and he’s we’re
talking he says you got any books you’re
gonna use you got anything and I says I
said something like no I haven’t got any
I got nothing he’s just great it’s like

at the beginning of just seeing him for
a long time and seen it bro he just
turns your ass as well I’ll see you
later he walks right out it walks right
out and but but she says he is

associated with the Epstein even though
he’s not he’s a fine not a guy who would
really partake unfortunate associations

who knows you don’t but a lot of people
I’d know I’m well enough that it’s just
not even in the cards
but the he’s a Tourette’s sufferer can
imagine what he’s he know Brock Bell

Brockman huh a really bad surrett suffer
any and depending on his moods
I mean he’s we’re talking about the real
jerking around Tourette so I’m not like
my phony-baloney Tourette’s like my lame

asteroid your little Tourette’s is
doesn’t hold a candle to Brock when he’s
done Tourette’s alert there’s something
to aspire he’s almost of the point where
you get like all of a sudden a fist

could come at you cause it was just
joking oh that’s pretty bad yeah let’s
get that and so and then if he’s really
relaxed it was very rare he just has a
jaw like a jaw tick you know the jaw
jerks over oh yeah mm-hmm

that’s when he’s fine but at the times
it’s like you know it’s just you know
it’s just dangerous don’t tell me how
this because I’m gonna start doing it
now I Mike it would like I don’t know
what John’s like during this moment of

tribulation but I’d can’t be pretty no
and you know and there’s also a lot of
people talking about Aaron Schwartz in
relation to this MIT epsteen epsteen

stuff remember Aaron Schwartz he
suicided himself hanging himself he got
suicided for
is like a yeah yeah he was good work too
yeah it’s it well the insinuation is

that he figured out that what was going
on with these guys and there may have
been some pornographic images stored on
some servers inside the Media Lab or
something like that and that’s why he

had to be cleaned up no I’m just telling
you what people are saying it’s no no
what they’re saying you know it’s out of

control but it is you have to kind of
appreciate especially if you’re not a
thing to do with it in the least you
have to kind of appreciate the humor
oh I’m laughing all day yeah bad you

know laughing out loud wait laughing
like Brooke Brett Kavanaugh is now back
on the chopping block the New York Times
you now

oh no then we need you now well the New
York Times is doubling back and I
haven’t quite figured out why they’re
doing this news analysis which is what
isn’t is that like not really opinion

but not really news what is news
analysis it’s not analysis opinion okay
well it doesn’t say opinion says news
analysis Brett Kavanaugh sneaky Brett

Kavanaugh fit in with the privileged
kids she did not Debra Ramirez is Yale
experience says much about the college’s
efforts to diversify its student body in

the 1980s and this story isn’t this came
up when Cavanaugh was going through his
confirmation but she says she and some
classmates have been drinking heavily

when she says a freshman named Brett
Kavanaugh pulled down his pants and
thrusts his penis at her prompting her
to swat it away and inadvertently touch
it some of the onlookers who have been

passing around a fake penis earlier in
the evening dude what is going on at
Yale what is up with that so
this is now apparently the girls are

passing around a fake penis at the bar
and Cavanaugh rolls in out of the blue
of reason Hey look at this
hey that thing you got there that
plastic thing look at this yes I don’t

believe this
well the x is in this opinion news
opinion is saying that they have
witnesses who will corroborate and I

think they’re trying to reignite the
well there’s a hashtag this is how I
found it there was a hashtag trending
hashtag trending impeach Cavanaugh now a
classmate max tear saw mr. Cavanaugh

with his pants down at a different
drunken dorm party where friends pushed
his penis into the hand of a female
student Oh bullcrap
I mean first of all of course it’s it’s

shitty and sick but it’s also Yale
apparently and college hey I went to
college I never saw anybody do anything

like that ever and I went to plenty of
you didn’t go to Yale I did not go to
Yale this is a fact the Yale ease I’ve
always questioned them well they’re the

ruling elite
apparently they’re a bunch of
exhibitionists I don’t believe a word of
period I just think the whole thing
sounds sounds contrived why didn’t it

come up before it’s just a bunch of
hateful hateful Democrats I guarantee
there’s nobody else yeah there’s no
other political party represented hmm no

probably not
and they really are scared to death that
Vader’s gonna die and Ruth Bader
Ginsburg is gonna die even though she
seems to be in good cordage to our bonus

round yeah five easy but there’s their
words because most people aren’t don’t
understand that part of it and they
think she’s gonna drop dead and Trump’s
gonna get another one in so that may be

to get this guy out we can you know this
is clutching I hope that the Democrats
win the the Biden is gonna pick someone

it always is Biden always is not only
that the Democrats will also win this
the Senate cuz you have to have the
Senate the Senate where all this takes
place other ones who say yes and no

right so they’re just wishful thinking I
have a chemical question for you okay
well whenever I’m interested in better

living through chemistry I talked to my
friend John C Dvorak this is actually
under the green new deal heading and
there was this a short clip that I found

of a wind farmer that’s now a vocation a
wind farmer who was very shocked to
learn the electrical industries dirty
secret I was do either way and he by the

way the the hum in this audio is because
he’s standing next to his wind farm and
it’s generating electricity that
apparently it had some kind of effect on
the recording system I wasn’t aware any

gases at your 23 times in Tamil
thing is here – I’ve never heard about
it until a couple days ago it’s clearly
an extremely dangerous greenhouse gas
compared to anything else we have around

here but I don’t know what risks that
presents as it is at them I want clearly
anything which has the really high
global Kendra like sf6 has is concerning
if the owners that presumably more

expensive which is why they’re not been
used so they either need to be
legislated for or then it’s been so
incentive to bring down the cost of
production so what he is talking about
is the protective sf6 offer hexafluoride

which is used before some form of
insulating purposes in the electrical
industry and it apparently is 25,000

times more harmful to the environment
than co2 do you know no I don’t know no
I had no sip I can look it up and do

some research by it
I don’t know anything about this I do
know this though and I do believe yeah
that this guy is standing in some place
if that’s causing that much on that RF
disgusting that much he’s probably not

recording yeah what’s it doing to the
body that can’t be healthy the main uses
of sulfur hexafluoride or sf6
are as an electrical insulator in the

end in the production of magnesium it is
also used to manufacture semiconductors
it’s an inorganic colorless odorless
non-flammable non-toxic but extremely

potent greenhouse gas and an excellent
insulator of electricity so this is
apparently someone’s trying to throw a
damper on the wind and solar industry by

saying ha ha look at what you have to
use you SATs you’re using this horrible
glass house it used as an insulator it
is I guess they pump it into transformer
enclosures etc

where they need that for beware they
pumping it in therefore we insulating
how doesn’t make a lot of sense them is
a gas yeah okay well I can I can say
it’s in its used in the electrical

industry as a gaseous dialectic medium
for high-voltage circuit breakers
switchgear and other electrical
equipment often replacing oil filled
circuit breakers does that help yeah

that helps a little hmm but now stuff so
good that instead of having the oil
which is a you know as you can control
it they have this gas yeah well air of

course will conduct at high enough
voltage you know they don’t really so
that’s why they pump in this sf6 but I
don’t know it’s it’s clearly it’s
something of the anti green people yeah

rolling this out see that well seeing as
you don’t even know about it and we
can’t come up with any info they got to
do a lot of Education before it puts a

dent in anything well yeah that was
pretty lame well right just always
identifying things that are out there
now you’ve identified that that’s for

sure I get something to identify again
back to pierce mortgage I promise this
get it he had a transsexual on and a
good morning Britain translation and

some guy apologizing for the BBC with
who he loves the slam because the ITV is
a competitor and it’s about apparently
the BBC came out with this list of 100

genders 100 yeah yeah and this is this
pique hilarity ensued so let’s listen to

these clips because I got I could find
that I don’t know if therapy ii was a
little long but if the entertainment
value phase you can kill it listen to
clip one you are transgender i well i

transitioned from male female but i
don’t i’ve never refer to myself as
transgender and if i did i think my
friends would go ballistic my opinion is

there are two genders male and female
sometimes you’re not lucky enough to be
born into the right one so you

transition into the one that usually
it’s eminently sensible and i have
complete respect for people that do that
it’s not an easy process physically
psychologically and emotionally or any
of those things i salute you for your

common sense now let’s bring you into
this equation you think it is right do
you identify i’m a man that’s right so
what are you i’m a cisgendered man
so that means if you were so you were

a woman and therefore nice to identify
as a woman so you’re a cisgendered women
okay and that’s because of my physical
that’s because female now identify with
how you what a marginally why serious is

gendered I’m honest in a thing if I if I
may assume not assist anything mister
man whenever you a cisgendered matter
Dennis mean well that means that you
were born the way that you identify I’m

just born a man but so as you transition
why do you calling me something I’m not
well you can refer to yourself as just a
man if if if you like but most people
identify as male or female man and woman
that’s right the vast majority of people

but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t
other people who identified if
there are no different genders on this
BBC list apparently right one of them is
two-spirit person yeah Pierce reminds me
of a friend of mine Michelle Harper

these guys and that you got to be over
50 they just they don’t they will not
accept this they would not they don’t
like it and I’d be honest and there’s a

lot of labeling going on yeah so he goes
on of course off the deep end I never
liked this guy when they brought him

over to CNN cuz he replaced Larry King
he didn’t do a very good job of it but
yes he’s becoming a real curmudgeon
Trump Trump brexit guy yeah in the UK I
think he’s funny and he’s got this

decide click Louie’s or whatever her
name is he’s got this and he’s got you
she has two women but with him but this
one in particular is always his partner
and she’s always going at him and it’s

really a very entertaining moment but so
let’s listen to some more where he just
rags on this guy who is defending the
BBC you support the BBC’s do this is the
public the public broadcast have paid

for by maths with the license fee is now
instructing children there are a hundred
genders they can identify as you have
come to defend it and you don’t know

what half of these are but hang on
Pierce ignorance isn’t a defense you’re
the ignorant one and you’re the one
defending it well here’s you’re the one
that doesn’t nobody is as well of course
I gotta tell you what agenda is a fairly
hey what happened to his voice is more

the guy’s voice changed a little bit now
that he got emotional over it he’s not
quite as soft soft any member stemming
from the Greek or meaning separate app
origin there’s an umbrella term meaning
agenda separate from male/female and

anything in between Mostel having a very
strong a specific gendered feeling that
latter part is key then distinguishing
it from a gender bully can you explain
that to me what does that mean well that

means that someone identifies
differently to you and that’s what is it
I don’t know can you explain which is
one of the hundred genders that kids now
have to be
what is it well how good you know it’s
not it’s not it’s not University

Challenge I just told you what it is
children Benjamin this is what my
problem with when I was a child
university level for us to get our heads
around a hundred different gender

identities Alec nickel makes a really
good point it’s actually it’s about
personality yes it’s just their thing if
I was that I mean I spent my whole
childhood watching the animals of

farthing would you know I you’re
impressionable you know you’ve got to be
careful I bet you didn’t know but I
thought I was the squirrel I thought I
was gonna grow up and be surrounded in a
tree surrounded by nuts you know what is

new troy’s oh come on are we gonna go
through a 100 you know any of them
national television to defend the BBC
telling kids are a hundred genders I’m

now reading out a number of these
hundred genders I’ve never heard of them
and me you’ve no idea what they are but
see you want to encourage my BBC to
instruct our kids that they should be

one of these genders but that isn’t the
point the fact is that is the point the
fact is that people identify in
different ways and when you get bogged
down by the idea that children might
know that they’re different that there

might be helped to understand why
they’re different that the teachers
teaching them might be prepared with the
apparatus to explain it to them that is
a good thing absolutely you know what
new choices you might find it strange

and unusual and we might not be able to
answer what everyone if the 100 is but
that doesn’t exist whoa
and it goes on yeah yeah that’s new

Troyes was my favorite what’s sad is the
kids man
kids how would they be well you know
it’s like the indie kids used to always
be told you’re everyone’s individual you
you’re everyone’s an individual there

but now you can’t be an individual as
like AB little boy individual you have
to be a just label them as a new choice
or whatever he is and then let him go on

his merry I’m a new Troy I think I met
one of those in Vegas actually okay I’m
sure you did
place is crawling with them
alright everybody we will come back with

more distress destruction with more
media destruction but for you on the
second Thursday of the week I got to go
look up new Troy’s now I got to make
sure I don’t have any of that

and protect your kids from this insanity
just remember to tell them one thing
it’s old straight white guys they’re the
problem that’s all you need to know
that’s ultimately what it comes down to

call us sis if you must I coming to you
from opportunity zone 33 in the frontier
of Austin Texas
it is FEMA region number six and all

governmental maps and that of course is
the capital of the drove star state end
of show mixes thanks to Jesse coy Nelson
Tom Starkweather amongst the cast of
thousands until Thursday remember us at

Dvorak org slash and a until then in the
morning everybody I’m Adam curry and
from northern Silicon Valley where
things are settling in I’m John see all

right we return on Thursday right here
on no agenda until then
adios mofos and such


flying over Afghanistan or maybe it was
Pakistan I promised myself to a myself

that every woman child and man that was
on my list I don’t care if I missed I

I do what I’m told by someone at a
computer Obama gave me a push more than
bush and I cost millions I was supposed
to target terrorists but not so much

civilians I don’t know what to say whoop
some got in my way a drone again
naturally patron again naturally

just what you’re guessing all right

here’s the answer
oh yes I mean I would just say hey Joe
it said it’s saying no we can’t let’s
say yes we can um you know first of all

I want to say no actually I want to
translate that into Spanish no now I may
not be the loudest person up here I know
that the senator says she’s for Bernie
well I’m for Barack I’ve got a kid one

of my little boys just started probably
school last week and I was not there
because I was under for president and I
invested early I used to line my dollies
and teach school I had a reputation for

being tough and fair you know that movie
The Day After Tomorrow
it’s today I’m the only person on the
stage that finds Trudeau’s hair very
menacing that’s not a bad idea if you
like it I don’t like it let us be clear

Joe play the radio make sure the
televisions each TV
make sure you have the record player on
at night make sure the kids here worked
you know he reminds me of that that guy

in The Wizard of Oz you know when you
pull back the curtain it’s
small dude
okay sorry

picking up by Cory and they told
everybody else what we are looking at is
a corrupt political system the president
thing yes my friend
for a lot thinks that the employer is

gonna give you back if you were
negotiated as Union all these years got
a cutting wages because you got
insurance you can do all that without
Congress which is good what’s gonna
happen in family’s pockets what’s gonna
happen in their budgets money finds a

way money will find its way back in we
don’t even know who our enemy is the
fact of the matter is that what’s
happened is that we’re in a situation
now where there are so many people
because that’s what people want know

what else unites us and I’ll tell you
wait unites us is that right now this
discussion is given the American colored
a headache we can not put together let
me let me say it again it will not be

together so you want to be President mr.
yang can you learn to levitate my father
on a peanut farm in Asia with no floor

very good mr. yang can you learn
geography from the old masters
I’ve now been in 57 sticks I’ve got one
left to go what would you do if you were

elected about a leper about Aleppo and
what is Aleppo Aleppo is in Syria it’s
the epicenter of the refugee crisis okay

got it got it now what do you have to
say mr. yang we’re not very good at
rebuilding countries and if you want
proof all you have to do is look within

our own country of Puerto Rico country
in Puerto Rico the country at Porto Rico
I think they may have a president on our
hands people ask me my levitation
performance is real or if there’s a

this is what I have to say my father
grew up on a peanut farm in Asia with no

Dvorak org slash and a probably mean
allahi ta’ala