No Agenda Episode 1174: “Soros Jugend”

dark mode is here Adam curry Jhansi
Devorah Thursday September 19 2019 this
is your award-winning Gitmo nation media
assassination episode 11 74 this is no
agenda being scrubbed slowly and

broadcasting live from opportunity zone
33 in the frontier of Austin Texas
capital of the drone star state in the
morning everybody by Adam Curry and
from northern Silicon Valley I see a

yellow truck I’m John C Dvorak okay is
it a big yellow truck is not that be a

nice kindness your spiel is it a dump
truck it was a small pickup truck as a
matter of fact and now that I think
about it as I look out and I can see B I

can look out and and see the freeway
I don’t see anything but gray and black
and the occasional red white what car

colors ooh I saw one blue there’s a
great great great great great black
black black gray black black white I
mean this is it’s dull out there John
also this yellow truck stands out like a

sore thumb did men in white coats get
out of that truck in front of your house
so boring to see these w-what can take
me back in I was a kid in the fifties I

used to have three tone cars oh yeah
yeah tan roof
well I’m sad to report and I’m pretty

sure nine I’d and I I wouldn’t call it
shadow banning but the new Twitter
algorithms are definitely screwing with
me and I attribute that to the fact that

I have no blue checkmark and I can see
it I post something normally within five
minutes there might be 10 20 retweets or
likes now 2 3 maybe I retweet myself

maybe wanted to pick up all all kinds of
reports of people even entering at Adam
Curry in the search box doesn’t

autocomplete so I think the and by the
way I’m not seeing a lot of people
either I never see Scott Adams anymore
not that you know it’s that much of none

of this is a really a problem for me but
when it comes to the show like
announcing the show and you know just
announcements it’s not working for us
anymore here let me see what I got now

buy it on the bat-signal let’s see
so we have how many people we have in
the we’ve got 763 trolls and looks like
four retweets come on so it’s a college

I don’t call it shadow banning I don’t
think that’s what it is this is just the
algorithms like oh this guy let me help
you out with that

okay I can’t do it at now cuz it’s real
complicated but I will walk you through
a process to make your life to make this
less of an issue there’s a process yeah
no just tell me simply what is the

process I don’t believe it I think this
is just the settings and you got it you
gotta take a and look at what Twitter is

determined that are your interests oh no
I understand
I can change it uncheck a million boxes
have you done that if you cha unchecked
any boxes well then what happens I see

more of who I want to see I want people
to see me know it changes it it’s like
that the boxes that are checked yeah are
represented milieu oh I mean the wrong

milieu I see hmm well
yeah maybe you’ve got a solution now but

this there’s no this is not a I’m not
saying this is a good thing I mean even
the solution is like sketchy right but
it does help a little bit well this is
why I’m going to suggest two things

first of all after today’s show I will
post in the show notes
an invitation link to no agenda social
calm I mean this is clearly we need to

have some mechanism so now you can get
all kinds of apps and they can give you
alerts but when I’m posting and there’s
all kinds of stuff we can do because the
Twitter is over for us and yes so maybe

now I can change my perceive milieu I
don’t know what I have to check or
uncheck yeah but that’s not that’s no
future for us it’s just going to get

worse and I think it’s time to reinstate
no agenda hams what don’t you remember
we had a repeater we had reflectors we

had echo link channels we had all kinds
of cool stuff going on ya know why it
was to be fair seven or eight years ago
but it was like yeah it was not long

after we started with the after you got
me into the Hobby let’s know I see okay
yeah you were you’re all jacked up there
goes the Zephyr thank god you’re all

jacked up buddy yeah well I am I’m
reject and it’s and I think with good
reason and I’ve set up my my HT my handy
set that up again and I’m monitoring on

D star reflector 33 charlie right now in
fact if anyone can I saw you know yeah
I’m thinking I’ve just as I think about

this I saw those tweets yeah that’s when
the algorithm went in the the full force
and and shadow bad oh my god one of
these guys get off but I I think we have

a ham radio as a competitor it is and
if you I think that we have enough
people now to start up the No Agenda
nation repeater network which could be –

you know it should it should actually be
a repeater to repeater Network we may
have people in close enough proximity to
get a lot of that instant you know not
rely on the on the internet back-end but

I’m gonna be Ondi star on reflector 33
charlie and I’m going to be monitoring
and the conversation I’m interested in
having this was the problem we had

nothing to talk about
we had the No Agenda hands like yeah
yeah your rig sounds great yep yeah it’s
coming through fine yes good all the
conversations it’s pretty much but now

we can talk about building our repeater
network which will be handy for
something you know you can do a digital
and we can do a lot in fact you know
what we need their own CubeSat that’s
what we need if every there’s an idea if

every and if just continuously we could
be the ones we could be the ones who
save the world when all hell breaks
right fly right but I think a CubeSat
a CubeSat could really could really do

you can leave messages on those too for
them to be rebroadcast now here we have
ham radio guys ham radio is the public
service network of last resort when the

apocalypse comes we’re the guys who are
going to save the world right right
but I’m serious I I want to build this I
want to build a repeater in I want

people to set up we can do echo linked
reflectors we need to do cross cross
linking between reflectors we need
analog with a repeater to repeater and
I’ll meet you on D star and of course be

like so someone needs to set up a
reflector again and then we can do it on
echo link and if you don’t know what
this is you’re missing out on a fabulous
hobby known as amateur radio and you too

can become a ham today anybody who
listens this show can pass the tech test
probably probably just right now study a
couple minutes and you definitely pass

well the beauty of it is that the
questions for each test for each year
are released publicly with the answers
you get the test it’s the same answers
just in a different order if you can’t

and by the way that’s well it’s not all
of them sure it’s just a a selection of
them anybody can do this and you can get

a ham radio that would work on this
network for 25 bucks now yeah the Bayeux
trying to go Oh T G and using Chinese

crap to do it with it’s great well
that’s the cheapest stuff that’s for
sure yeah so
and and and are no agenda hams are so

alert not a single one has called me on
the channel like Oh watch I’m gonna
mention it on the show and they’re gonna
fire up their machines and start talking
to me nope

well so I have a way to go with the
eventual evangelizing of the project
well that’s the way it always just yeah
uh-oh lot going on it was actually a lot
going on it’s all subtle yeah I mean the

brexit thing what’s going on did you by
the way I did just to start with if you
want to start with breakfast sure this
guy you know Giggy vanderhoven bluffin
he’s the Belgian guy the Belgian guy who

you hope sound exactly like when you do
that voice yes sure I am given hofstadt
I am very very nice to be here in the
show well here’s a I got two clips from

him there’s actually shows three but
when it was just a long clip that we
don’t want to play but we got he went to
London and he was at the meet up or

convention of des Liberal Democrats who
are all wearing get you know stop brexit
and you know Liberal Democrats are
really New World Order uh globalist that

they don’t like England any more than
half the people of England writing well
yes that’s known like the country yeah

and so this guy he’s gonna go he gives
one of the keynotes and gets a big round
of applause but he had two moments in
the keynotes that I thought were
worthwhile besides him trying to be

funny which he apparently does
constantly yeah and this would be the
this is one that I just heard
offhandedly and I felt it needed to be
rethought and this is Gyan brexit

interpret dis I have one conviction that
breakfast happens is also assigned this
European Union needs to be modernized
needs to be more effective we cannot

we cannot continue the friends where the
Europe that is always acting too little
and too late yes she cannot go on like

this as I said to my wife this morning
that’s hey it’s pretty hard not to laugh

at this guy because it is his accent yes
well this particular commentary which
was short it was a what was it the
length 21 second what he’s saying there
was he started by saying the brexit was

a only happy wait let me I’m gonna
deconstruct it completely and tell you
what he actually said was that brexit
should have never have happened because

the it only happened because the EU is
too weak to put the kibosh to put the
kibosh on the whole thing to begin with
they were they just were not strong and

underneath that thinking is that we
needed a European army and we need to
you know we shouldn’t let these
countries do stuff like this brexit
mmm-hmm and that’s what he said he

literally said stop if we had our act
together brexit would have never have
happened because we wouldn’t have
allowed it but let’s listen one more
time it’s only 20 seconds I have one
conviction that breakfast happens is

also a sign that this European Union
needs to be modernized needs to be more
effective we cannot continue
we cannot continue the friends with a

Europe that is always acting too little
and too late and friends we will be
acting on behalf of the European Union
vvill gives them shit if they try to

leave it’s not going to happen on my
yep yeah but this guy is a total douche
he’s a he isn’t order Kratz love him
he’s the guy I on I have the he’s the

guy that said you have to hand over all
your sovereignty yeah cuz way he’s the
guy you’re right

he has such a jocular style of delivery
that you don’t take it too seriously as
you should
this guy is threatening you yeah
as I can’t find it that easily but

anyway oh yes here we go here it is it’s
20 seconds as well it guy speaks in 20
seconds sound bytes how about that and
that is the real problem colleagues why
there is such a problem in this crisis

because member states are reluctant to
transfer new sovereignty and powers to
the European Union and we all know that
the only way out of this crisis is a new

transfer of powers to the European Union
and to the European institution and make
it Snell yes it’s not it’s not a one-off
this guy is very consistent yeah and

they’re loving it over there too the Lib
anyway so he did the thing somebody’s
one of our producers sent me this flip
and I pulled that other part but he’s
the emphasis everybody’s making is on

this clip which is I don’t know it’s I
don’t think it’s as onerous as the other
one is longer but it does tell you a
little bit about some of the kinds of
screwball thinking that goes on and this

aggi on the new world order of tomorrow
in the world order of tomorrow the world
order of tomorrow is not a world order
based on nation states or countries it’s
a world order that is based on empires

China is not a nation it’s a
civilization hung in you you know it
better than I do is not a nation there
are two thousand nations in India 20

different languages that are used there
there are four big religions at the same
time it is the biggest democracy
worldwide the u.s. is also an empire

more than a nation maybe tomorrow they
will speak their more Spanish than
English I don’t know and then finally
the restaurant phaedra the world of

tomorrow is a world I gotta start do you
hear what this dick just did actually
it’s like being overrun by immigrants
you can’t be speaking Spanish tomorrow
this is exactly what’s happening in his

backyard in Europe people are coming in
who do not learn the native languages of
the Member States
if you dig deeper into what he’s saying

and again nobody takes him seriously
because of where he talks but he’s
saying that look at India it is there’s
20 or I guess he said 20 languages that

they’re all speaking but yet it’s this
big democracy that seems to work get
that out but it’s somehow it works

according to him India is they’re moving
to Europe because they got no water
this is shithole oh shit let’s finish
the clip I’m sorry I didn’t mean it

interrupt but I think come on time it is
the biggest democracy worldwide
the u.s. is also an empire more than a
nation maybe tomorrow they will speak
there more Spanish than English I don’t

know what will happen in the last and
then finally the restaurant phaedra the
world of tomorrow is a world of empires
in which we European and new bridges can
only defend your entry

your way of life by doing it together
any European framework and in you
and those difference those who want to

defend or standards of living of social
standards or ecological standards our
labor standards can only do that they
know it only in the framework of Europe

and inside Europe in the center a
Britain that take its responsibilities
and not is going out of this great

yep to me it’s unbelievable and they

cheer him yeah oh yeah yeah yeah right
let’s just that now that’s this is I
don’t want to make a analogy that

stretches it too far but this is as if
gave a speech in England sand the late
30 or mid-30s before a world any of the

frictions began and said why don’t you
just surrender to Germany that way you
don’t to worry about having this big
Wars gonna kill a bunch of people and

we’ll all be happy and we’ll get this
done together because you guys can’t
take to keep care of yourselves you’re
you’re incompetent
I need us I could just go on and on get
the clips they are applauding this this

to me and we’re seeing some of this
happening in our country there’s stuff

that’s like I mean waiting room who will
be talking I’m sure about the the school
strike tomorrow and these are all really
old the policies from socialist country
communist China I mean this is crazy

what’s happening and this is in the EU
he’s exactly he’s just saying we should
go back to how it was in the 40s the
good old days
I don’t know I just find it distressing

and they’re gonna have another election
I’m sure of it
breakfast is not gonna happen I mean
it’s the Brits are so screwed at their
core but they’re they’ve already you

know they got too many of these Liberal
Democrats that are that sort of thinking
this is yeah let’s just give ourselves
away and just throw our sovereignty and
give it to the EU just let them have it

because we can’t we can’t manage
ourselves we’re gonna do it boneheads
that’s what that’s what the guy said
that’s what he says you guys don’t you
can’t do this we need labor laws that we

tell you what to do yeah you guys have
he’s almost like you had your shot now
you gotta listen to us
I’m sure that’s what he’d like to say
that’s what he wants to say he’s there
just what he wants to say I’m sure is

much even better than this I do have one
brexit clip as now this was very odd to
me as the prorogation is now in front of
the UK Supreme Court and to see if this

is legal and there’s all kinds of issues
going on and as I predicted I don’t
think Boris was ever gonna make it
happen and now I didn’t even know the UK
had a Supreme Court they don’t have a

written constitution it’s kind of it
yeah well this bits from here and there
and we got some precedents and some
jurisprudence and the Supreme Court is a
dude at a low desk in a small room and

like he’s it like he’s a university
professor I think even had a blackboard
behind him he’s got you know did like
binders and crates not you know he’s not

wearing robes or anything it doesn’t
even look like me this is one guy you
see the court I don’t know how it works
and then some other guy is pleading his
case and this is and they don’t know

they it’s like well you know we you know
who determines what’s right who is the
ultimate authority in the land to do the
exercise of the power to prove that

Parliament has the potential to affect
or undermine Parliament’s ability to
carry out its constitutional function
while holding the executive to account

my law by definition my trial exception
exactly those terms that I’ll be accused
of accepting a contentious proposition
but McCory Gatien that’s the point that
I will come back to has the effects that

it has as though the bills that were
previously before Parliament full they
can be reintroduced and so that
parliamentary questions cannot be asked
so that the parliamentary committees do

not sit and so of course to that extent
it has the effects that it has that my
my submission will be as despite those
features this is a well-established

constitutional function exercisable and
to be exercised by the executive and the
question remains
whether there are to go back to the

rational identified in struggle whether
there are judicial manageable standards
against which the sort of political
judgments that are inevitably interwoven
into decisions to propagate at whether

there are such standards I’m going to
come to analyze that and also but
whether it is as a matter of
constitutional propriety appropriate for
those controls to be exercised by the

course as opposed altum at least in the
body to which the executive is
ultimately accountable and this is how a
shut up slaves your representatives
don’t mean crap they wanted they want

the court to make a decision on this
well we’ll see and he says Constitution
like what Constitution now I’m sure of

Horsham does of course will have left
plenty plenty helping us out
I you know I I spoke to perch annek
yesterday ah good what did you find out

well I asked him specifically about
these the drones and the Saudi Arabian
refinery good because I’m like you know
what what is what is this is it from

Iran did some did Iranian shoot it off
in Iraq was that a cruise missile was it
some kind of sophisticated drone how did
it get through the to the defenses look
at by now I think everyone’s seen the

holes I mean these are what maybe 20
yards apart perfect holes in these domes
and that that’s a pretty pretty badass
cruise missile strike and just a whole
look there’s been a couple I don’t know

if I have a lead-in clip but there’s
been a couple of different reports at
first I heard there were two draw
there’s a bunch of these I don’t know
what the point of the drones were but

there were two at least two cruise
missiles and then it was NBC I think
they said there were there were nine
here’s this play there’s a lead-in clip
this is David Martin and this David
Martin is probably one of their best

foreign correspondent old-time our leads
pretty straight in terms of his
reporting it doesn’t likely lean into
the Trump hate thing and and he could be
CIA but he gives you a really good

reports this is David Martin on the on
the drone strike front CBS we’re gonna
begin tonight with David Martin at the
Pentagon who has more on the growing
case the u.s. is building against Iran
US officials say experts have examined

pieces of the wreckage on the ground in
Saudi Arabia identified the specific
type of cruise missiles and drones fired
and determined they were made in Iran
other analysts have traced their tracks

back to points in southwestern Iran one
official called it a complex and
coordinated attack involving two dozen
drones and nine cruise missiles although
vice-president pence stopped short of

saying flatly it was Iran it’s certainly
looking like Iran was behind these
attacks our intelligence community at
this very hour is working diligently to
review the evidence

Iran appears to have found by the way
that’s a great little thing he threw in
there the intelligence community at this
very hour that’s that’s war talk that’s
great you know it’s like at this hour we

are bombing Baghdad at this hour landing
on the beaches of Normandy at this hour
there’s another tent going up in
downtown Austin these attacks our

intelligence community at this very hour
did he say my intelligence community
fantastic pensee no he said he said our
intelligence kamar gee I think he’s our

our our now I miss the best part
okay our intelligence community of this
very hour is working diligently to
review the evidence it’s interesting

that pants you know I mean there’s this

issue we’ve talked about on the show
before about the pronunciation of Iran
mm-hmm and the insiders had at some
level at some side of the fence
pronounce that Iran which is what which

is what David Martin says if you listen
to me says Iran and then of course the
other side of this of the pronunciation
fences Iran yeah that’s wrong that’s
just wrong it’s wrong it’s wrong it’s

repents pronounces it sorry just once no
I just got to throw some as some sound
effects in there there seems to work
really well at this hour great hour is
working diligently to review the

evidence in Tirana people found a gaping
hole in Saudi air defences around their
most valuable asset oil Saudi Arabia
relies on US made Patriot air defense

batteries but they were all pointed
south toward Yemen where past missile
attacks have come from the missiles and
drones that hit the oil facilities this
weekend came in from the north

the US has patriots of his own and an
airbase in the middle of the country but
they were too far away having been
unable to prevent the attack the u.s.
warned it might retaliate we’re locked

and loaded
locked and loaded we’re ready to defend
our interests and our allies in the
region make no mistake about it Lewis
has been locked and loaded
spring one issue that is my sound effect

they just used their listen to it I’m
gonna you’re gonna hear theirs and then
I’ll play mine okay you’re ready and
we’re ready to defend our interests and
our allies in the region make no mistake
about it us that’s there’s my effect

yours is more elaborate mine’s better
for sure region make no mistake about it
USA fed locked and loaded since last
spring when it sent an aircraft carrier

and b-52 bombers to the Persian Gulf
but Joint Chiefs chairman General Joseph
Dunford told reporters the president has
not yet asked for any military options
for now the most concrete consequence of

what Secretary of State Pompeo called an
unprecedented attack on the world’s
energy supply is that President Trump
said he’d prefer not to meet with
Iranian president rouhani next week when
world leaders gather at the UN not right

now before I get to poach an egg that is
a good lead-in thank you for that Shep
Smith brought Shep you know Shep Smith
Fox News he brought it which I never
watched but I did find this clip soin

sent it to me he brought up the obvious
which we said always has to be part of
one of these deals expecting the
president shortly we’ll play that for
you as we get it Michael the bigger
picture there was a time when world oil

prices factored in risks to oil
facilities and there’s a name for that
it sort of been on the on the side for a
while but with with this new drone
technology and instability of the region

I wonder a bigger picture how concerned
you are that this sort of thing could
happen again I do worry because what we
really need to stop this kind of thing
is is directed energy defense laser
beams essentially an indefinite number

of small if you have to use a missile to
take out each drone the economics are
against you the geographies against you
and the laser technology is coming along

but it’s not quite economic I’m
surprised these guys they don’t do any
effects they should be doing okay you
talking about lasers and shit nothing I
call an effective enough yet that it
could really protect all these Saudi or

other oil facilities so on balance there
is going to be some ongoing
vulnerability here my guess is we could
probably do a little better with the
point defense of these kinds of
facilities maybe not each and every one
but the most valuable the most

agile so I think that’s the next step is
to look into how much better defense you
can do there’s going to be a certain
amount of vulnerability however either
way you look at it our allies seem
concerned all right so there’s Europe

there’s your military-industrial complex
you know thinking about ramping up some
directed-energy weapon technology so
that we can take those drones down so I

spoke to patch enik and I recorded our
conversation and I asked him a couple of
things and out for those who don’t know
Steve poach an egg go look him up on

Wikipedia p IE CZE and
i k he has an unbelievable record and
resume a resume for sure record I guess
and he certainly has his own take and

when I asked him about what kind of
drone was this who did this he came out
of such a no agenda angle I’m angry I
didn’t figure it out myself one of the
key factors that came out but nobody

really realized was the fact that Aramco
or the Saudi Arabian oil was to go
public recently oh I thought that was
off that was off the table it was still

ready to go it was off the table because
the what we call the strike price or the
price of the stock that the initial
offering was not what been haha what

Mohammed had wanted or the Saudis had
wanted because in fact without Saudi oil
we do very well thank you very much of
America is a net exporter of oil and we

do not need Saudi oil the reason we
allow Saudi royal to go up there is to
really allow them to be our subordinates
or sycophants so to say but Mohammed
then Salman doesn’t want to admit it and

I honestly if I were in his military I
would have an overthrow because he’s
really a danger to Saudi Arabia and to
the Middle East the truth of the matter
is I don’t think anything hit those oil

on their own because when you have an
IPO and this goes back to my days as a
managing director of an investment
banking firm and you pull away from us

strike price that means you did not make
the front of the
money that you wanted now Mohammed bin
Salman fantasy is that he will make two
trillion dollars based on the net asset

value of oil in Saudi Arabia there’s no
way you can say that that’s worth two
trillion he spends about a hundred
billion a year just subsidizing the

whole government and using his National
Guard to terrorize people and the war in
Yemen which he does not be millions of
kids have died it’s a proxy war against
Iran and guess what Iran will always win

they’ve been around a lot longer so the
bottom line is I don’t believe the story
it was a five percent deficit in oil we
made it up within minutes and Trump
correctly said oh let me see I don’t

think anything hit them but it was
Iranian operatives involved or machinery
baloney you know this is a
self-described destructive element in

order to get the oil price up and it
didn’t work and I went and looked on
Reuters and market watch and it’s true
they were planning on going public and

well we don’t know I like the theory of
the strike price being off the ie the
price of oil wasn’t high enough let’s
see if we can jack it up and now they’re

saying they want to take it public in
November instead of next year so now
there’s all kinds of IPO news they’re
really trying to do anything that maybe

before oil goes down again even further
yeah they ain’t plan to go out when they
plan to go out the price of oil was too
low so that we’re gonna get to all that

money that they were hopeful and they
had to change the as I don’t know why
says what we call a strike for whose we
know he calls a strike prices the price
it’s what he’s now but what he’s talking

about is the IPO you have it’s your
price of price it is how is it different
than price
I don’t know why you’re acting on that

but okay I know I just seemed odd okay
you think that’s our son right is it it
was actually wasn’t that it was like it
was somewhat patronizing I thought I

think he means what he means we as an
Adam and Steve because we talk a lot
about day trading he’s a day trader yeah
so that I think that’s what he meant I

don’t think he meant it patronizing he
did go on to say that the real problem
in all of this is mb/s it’s Mohammed bin
Salman who we don’t talk about much but

you see his investments in Twitter and
he’s trying to do anything he can
according to Pacino cause you’re here to
find additional value in anything he can
get his hands on now remember this Adam

your audience has to understand this is
not the first time the Saudi Arabia has
wanted to go public right because they
have no indigenous businesses in other
words Mohammed bin Salman in his fantasy

world is going to my age and William
Morris in Beverly Hills he has to reach
out all the Jewish guys in order to
bring up how does that work out

high-tech companies but in fact the
reality is he tried 2017 they failed to
go public 2018 they failed to above

public a few days ago wasn’t an accident
when Bolton left suddenly we had a
missile strike so to speak in the Saudi
gas tanks when in fact there was no

missile strike there was a deficit of 5%
of oil when there is no debt for system
we can make it up in a nanosecond then
we do with West Texas Permian oil thanks
to you guys right attacks we can make it

up we don’t even need Brent oil which is
$10 more than what we do in whisper mian
so basically the Saudis are pretty much
screwed they know and we know it and

their valuation can never come to their
own assessments in other words they have
no assets that really are valuable now
you know more about the oil market so
I’m just gonna presume he knew what he

was talking about well he can’t say that
there’s they got nothing of value
so that giant pile of oil is worthless
is that what he’s trying to say there it

makes no sense um I think what he’s
saying is that they’re no longer the
boss damn they don’t have guaranteed
customers we’re no longer a guaranteed
customer we have other choices I think

that’s the point uh that’s not what he
he said they have nothing of value I
don’t think the oil market is drying up
so much – if you pull if you pulled the

Saudi oil off the market completely it
would have an effect on the oil price no
doubt endowed but the this bombing
didn’t have the effect that was rumor

and memorize that was before was chatted
about this it was like the oil price had
a short spike mm-hmm
because oh no and then everyone came to
their senses except apparently the TV

networks I don’t have a clip I don’t
think where they they brought some goof
doofus onto one of the congressmen as
well you know we’re so weird the paper
so dependent on Saudi oil I’m saying

what window is this oh yeah I was read
was watching Sunderland yeah we’re we
haven’t been dependent on anybody’s all
week we’re self-sufficient hello so when
you hear somebody say we’re dependent on

Saudi oil yeah who’s it’s bull crap
where’s he getting this check from is
the first question spiked up and then it
did ramp down as fast as it spiked up

pretty much and it was a net result of
nothing exactly nothing burger as you’d
like to say no I don’t say that I’ve not
yes I’ve never no find it bullshit
recently what you want again two shows

oh I’ll give you four shows find it make
finds eight eight fine done okay and
then what count the times you go so uh

you’re supposed to stop me from doing
that it’s impossible this is you in and
it’s the imperfections that make you
the point is is that the there’s it

didn’t work he’s right but genic is
totally right about this which is yeah
it was a flop if it was designed to run
the prices up now here’s the funniest
part sure and by the way I thought it

yeah well I I said they were talking a
hundred and you said no that’s not gonna
happen it went uh but yeah I don’t
believe a hundred but I believe twenty
twenty points up but it went up like two

sixty and then back down again yeah yeah
final clip which is funny because
obviously alright we so this didn’t work
we still have the looming war with Iran

and we’re locked and loaded and what
does it mean why is Trump doing this
well what what Trump’s to do and loaded
and the Iranians are pretty smart

they’ve watched Trump over the years
just like I did in New York and we know
that he actually builds what he says he
builds he built woman Memorial Park ice
skating ring he built 42nd Street he

puts the Trump Tower so they’re
interested more than anything else
where is Trump gonna come in and where
would he’d like to build a hotel Boulton
and Pompey is gonna make a deal and

somewhere on the southeastern coast of
North Korea you’re gonna see it Trump
Towers and a Trump Hotel surely I’m not
being facetious you’re gonna see in
Tehran and Azerbaijan and police all

kinds of Trump Tower hotels he’s not
interested in war never has been never
will be but he will use force and the
threat of force in order to force you to

come to the cut the tables but he has no
problem coming back again and again and
again until he cuts the deal and he’ll
cut the deal I think he listens to us
too much Wow he’s getting way too many

ideas from us
there you go everybody drones drones
well that’s just that’s something you

don’t hear on the networks constantly
but yeah it makes sense and then have

you know if you hear pens at this hour
so that makes a lot of sense
it’s pen sense it makes so much sense
for him to all soon you’ll be echoing
this and making kind of war talk there’s

no intention whatsoever and everyone I
know who has family in Iran is or was
born in around lived in Iran they all
say these moas and the Americans they
always work together we’re not really

worried I mean it sucks they got a lot
of problems but they’re never really
worried about America coming in and
wiping them out well it’s they feel
there’s too much collusion too much

collusion could be yeah I’m not saying
this I’m not saying that anything said
there was beyond the realm of
possibility right exactly

what else we got here oh man there’s
well Trudeau this is uh you see
Trudeau’s in blackface
yes I got the clips I got everything oh

good cuz I got to go I got the photo by
never got the clips oh yeah I got well
here’s what I’m gonna do I have a I sort
of the clip as brought to us by Fox News
which i think is important and then

because this is a all part of kind of
canceled culture stuff
at least they’re trying to cancel
Trudeau out with this Thank You Time

magazine and here and so then I have his
actual statement but here’s the here’s
the hyperbole off the top we should know
the Canadian Prime Minister Justin

Trudeau admits the picture is him it
shows Trudeau wearing brown makeup on
his face neck and hands during a party
in 2001 at the time the 29 year old was
teaching in a private school called West

Point Grey Academy the school was
holding an Arabian Nights theme gala and
Trudeau was dressed up as a character
from Aladdin complete with robes
headdress and brown skin the party was
attended by faculty administrators and

parents and the photo was given to time
formerly Time magazine by a Vancouver
businessman who was part of the West
Point gray community and the man said
it’s important the public see the

picture this is not a good start to the
prime minister’s re-election campaign
because Trudeau is already involved in a
scandal over whether he pressured his
then Attorney General to drop corruption
charges against the large and powerful

Canadian engineering firm it also may
not sit well with voters considering
Trudeau has called himself a champion of
minority groups
Canada’s many cultures he’s speaking
right now he was asked if he’ll resign

he did not answer the question he has
said that he did this before this
picture was not the first time he
acknowledges that a ticket will not
think it was racist but now he knows

that it was racist let’s listen to him
done something like this mr. Trudeau is
that the only time in your life you’ve
ever done something like that not when I
was in high school
dressed up at a talent show and thank

you heesang Dale for those who are too
young deo is also known as the Banana
Boat song made famous by Harry Belafonte

and this is often done by big black

women with lots of bananas all over the
place and I think I’ve seen some in old
school actresses dress up and do this I
think Lucille Ball might have even done

it once or twice here now okay so that’s
really sensationalized and and you know
this is twenty years or to be the

funniest thing in the news this week
it’s funny because he’s such a social
justice warrior yeah that’s why it’s
funny exactly but but I will give him
props for just explaining what happened

here’s his his full statement a little
calmer and not so shouty and is I think
better audio – in 2001 when I was a
teacher I was in Vancouver I attended

their end of year gala where the theme
was Arabian nice anyway dressed up in an
Aladdin costume and put makeup on
I shouldn’t have done I should have

known better but I didn’t and I’m really
Toph remember step down I think there
are people who’ve made mistakes in in

this life and you make decisions based
on what they actually do what they did
and on a case by case basis I think I
deeply regret that we that I did that I

should have known better yeah so what
else can you do I’m sorry and that’s
what he’s doing
however if they let him get off which of
course he will then there’s another

chink in the armor did I say chink a
chink in the armor that you know of this
whole social justice warrior cancel
culture movement which thank goodness

we’re seeing some resistance and we
typically don’t do show business things
but I think that seeing as we’re slowly
being scrubbed away from Twitter for

probably similar reasons including not
having a checkmark the SNL comedian
scandal was just fabulous and tonight a
dramatic reversal of fortune for a comic

who by the way this is NBC reporting on
NBC gotta love that but just been hired
by Saturday Night Live now fired over
racist and homophobic remarks here’s
Stephanie Gosk

tonight comedian Shane Gillis is out of
a job his offer to join Saturday Night
Live rescinded after days of backlash
over racist and homophobic slurs he used

during a podcast damn Chinatown’s nuts
the video surfaced just after it was
announced Dilys will join the SNL cast
along with the show’s first comedian of
East Asian descent now a spokesperson

for show creator and producer Lauren
Michaels releasing this statement
writing in part we hired Shane on the
strength of his talent as a comedian and
his impressive audition for SNL we were

not aware of his prior remarks that have
surfaced over the past few days the
language he used is offensive hurtful
and unacceptable
31 year-old Gillis who made a name for

himself and stand up from New York to LA
responding tonight I’m a comedian who is
funny enough to get SNL that can’t be
taken away I understand it would be too
much of a distraction I respect the

decision they made I’m honestly grateful
for the opportunity the coveted job on
SNL which appears on NBC network has
launched comedians careers for decades
tonight one comedian watched the chance

slip through his fingers Stephanie Gosk
NBC News New York
you know I watched the video it’s a
podcast and it was a it was a the hidden
episode or some bullshit like that and
they’re talking about Chinese

restaurants and and you know making fun
of accents no nothing that we don’t do
you know exactly about Chinese and
Asians it was it was afar haha

marginally funny I’m sure I’ve never
seen this show I’m sure that they make
fun of everybody as we often do and it’s
always surprising that when we make fun

of everyone and then we’ll hit someone
will get bent out of shape you never
hear from them but well my wife is this
or my brother’s this or and people
forget that you know it’s you’re
supposed to be able to offend equally

luckily I’m seeing comedians pushback
and Bill burr would have to have you
seen his new special yes I have I
thought it was pretty good well I

thought it was it wasn’t a one sit down
were like the Chappelle show where you
just started watching you couldn’t stop
but it was it was in the state it was

kind of like us I don’t like bill burr I
think his hilarious guy he’s very down
there it’s kind of quarter borderline
right-winger and he is funny he’s
extremely funny but I hate to say it but

compared to the Chappelle not produced
knowledge to each other I agree it was
kind of this it was second-tier well it
was I liked it was good what I thought
was interesting about that specialist he

taped to the Royal Albert Hall in front
of a mainly British audience fascinating
yes and the shit translated a lot of it
translate it was good I was a crew man
well he also blew up

one of burrs bits sticks is that he will
do some extremely he’ll do something
very offensive to the point where the
audience just freezes yeah yes then he

uses that Johnny Carson as a comic used
to pull this kind of thing – he loved to
do these bomb gags
and then he would work on that and he

gets the audience to freeze and then he
will go he will give the audience grief
and he does it is he burns really really
adept at this particular gambit and I’ve
never seen anyone any better at it

actually but yeah I saw it I liked it
and so the David Spade has a show lights
out I think I told you should probably
give that a watch I have been trying to
catch this on at 8:30 and yeah I just

put it on the on the jar otherwise yeah
I just put on the DVR because it’s hard
to believe it or not it’s on too late
for me I have to be in bed and David
Spade was on SNL and he had Jim Jeffries

on with Jim cherish from Australia I
think and and Bill burr I’ll just play
this just because they’re doing it
they’re responding publicly and that at
the very least is needed but this is

just canceled culture the guys should
have been fired it’s just a couple of
things back in his history we’re gonna
go through everyone’s history or are we
going to get rid of every sketch that
SNL has done that involves race like I
remember John Belushi dressing as an

Asian man with a samurai sword that was
the whole sketch
or maybe I could have read what was it
Mike Myers used by a Japanese host like
this and if they got the question wrong

they had to cut their hand off did they
go back and also try to look at good
things that the person might have done
are they just looking for the bad stuff
is it you just scroll through help cat

out of a tree that’s not it grandmother
walk across the street that’s not it you
know that’s not like on a podcast there
it is yeah do that you could honestly do
that to anybody so I don’t get it and

then I don’t get if you say something
like that you can’t work in a sketch
show but like it’s okay from what he can
work in a lumberyard
yeah he’s certainly going to meet more
agents there right now that’s a joke
about our SNL’s not hiring agents you

know so I’m in trouble
we’re not running for office when is
this gonna end is it
Millennials you’re a bunch of rats
exactly bunch of rats now the thing that

never comes up is you know why did SNL
fire him and we know the answer no
agenda nation knows the answer is
because they don’t want to launch their

new season with this kind of controversy
that the advertisers won’t like that’s
the bottom line I’m sure that every
comedian SNL is like well all right you
know exactly what he said they had

entire bits about this in the past
good point there racist bits all kinds
of things what the thing is that the the
people who do this is they’re very

successful okay you know it’s when I
went to Iraq in 2003 with the Dutch
Marines and we walked around different

towns and you know and I and I’ve meet
people you know it was kind of a you
know it’s like the the USO you know it’s
you get to meet culture and the people’s
okay fine I mean while I’m with 20 guys

and tank so it’s pretty safe for old
Adam and I think it was the commander of
the unit said you know what really
fueled a lot of what’s going on here

because it’s very confusing place
certainly 2003 is or actually going back
to the first Gulf where we had the Scud
missiles remember the Scud missiles and
these things were big and bulky and

sometimes he just crashed in the ground
and just stuck there like what broke up
in his life like wily coyote had didn’t
explode on the impact all kinds of weird
stuff we said what was so fantastic was

the feedback loop these guys would you
know light off a Scud run back to their
to their Hut
with their satellite dish and watch Wolf

Blitzer report on it on CNN that this is
kind of what we’re seeing here it’s like
let’s all let’s all jump on this
let’s go completely crazy and and then
get cancelled and they think that they

have this power but it’s really the
advertisers that hold the power and you
know those things can change over time
you want to say something no I was just

thinking that yeah you’re correct
yep Adam’s right it’s but Esther it’s
this feedback loop you know you and and
and by the way it’s like a pressure

cooker you know where’s everyone so I
gotta impeach Trump and we’re trying to
to blow the valve open and all of a
sudden there’s a little teeny valve over
there whew the steam out the little

Cavanaugh hole which lasted for exactly
24 hours
yeah well it’s coming back Cavanaugh is
coming back after this book has been

discredited after it’s been discredited
yeah what you got I don’t have any clips
I thought you knew yeah I mean they’re
going after him again yeah but no but
they went after him and the whole you

probably haven’t followed this so the
New York Times published something and
it was from a book and they omitted the
fact that the person they were talking
about didn’t remember the whole incident
and then the two journalists who wrote

this who worked for the New York Times
it was a PR piece for their book said
well in the editing process in the rush
to get the paper out somehow they
inadvertently removed the part that the

witness couldn’t remember any of this
this whole premise that we’re talking
about so I think it’s kind of filling
it’s a dud I don’t think cuz I don’t
think that’s always be everything is a
dud right but so they’re not really

doing much else now it’s just dud world
but yeah this in and there’s gonna be a
lot more canceling before some of this
ends but I I love hearing you know

Chappell and Bill burr and other people
just pushing back against it come on
well they’re on their own I mean they’re
undone these specials that don’t have
any to worry if there’s no worry about

advertisers on Netflix but then there’s
no worry
I mean worry about advertisers on Amazon
and Amazon actually has put on a one of
these little stand-ups are starting to

do stand-up comedy it’s not and they’ve
got a girl who is one of the social
justice warriors pushing back the other
way on Amazon
it’s not them you get it the details on

this woman here you notice the but she
doesn’t sound funny you notice that
they’re tried oh this is a good point
thank you so when it’s an advertiser
based medium you’re very quick to get

cancelled when it’s not advertiser based
turns out that people really aren’t that
motivated so I did see calls for I’m
consoling my Netflix subscription

well of course no one does there’s
bullcrap they’re not really cancelling
that so you see that the model it’s like
our model Wow
it is like our model that’s why we

haven’t been canceled yet we haven’t
been canceled because we don’t care and
I’d like to thank you for your courage
and say in the morning to you the man

who put the C and canceled culture twice
John CC Dvorak in the morning you missed
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it was it was kind of boring um I got a
couple of notes from the former New York
banker ah and I wanted to know if you
guys had discussed this over at the

Dvorak Horowitz unplugged that the Fed
started something hadn’t done in about
ten years since the Great Recession and
they started injecting money into the

system as the overnight lending rates
between banks spiked at one point there
was a bid for 10% and this is very

similar to what happened in the
2007-2008 crisis and they’ve already
pumped in 56 billion they think though
they can go up to 73 billion we can

probably just double that who they sure
these guys are they talk a big game that
do all kinds of stuff did you guys talk
about this injection is not for this
particular thing and it now do you know

what this means do you understand this I
mean I got completely
this is banker stuff the overnight repo
rate as it’s known which is what banks
and other financial players charge each

other to lend cash in exchange for
super-safe bonds should be close to two
percent but it shot up almost as high as
ten percent on Tuesday one of the
underlying causes of this scarcity of

reserves compared with the amount of
Treasury bonds in the market that has
made banks less willing to lend to each
other even in exchange for safe
government bonds to settle markets down
this is from the Wall Street Journal the

Federal Reserve Bank of New York has
dipped into this market conducting three
auctions this week where banks could
swap Treasuries for new reserves so the
banker sent me this note when it

happened I guess they sent it to me on
Wednesday it happened to
in the overnight and I of course what
does it mean and this follows along
perfectly with now with what he told us
before do you remember he talked about

Goldman Sachs maybe being the next Bank
to go out of business yeah so here’s
what he wrote me this is additional
capital requirements that have been put

in since the crisis which make it harder
to borrow overnight that’s corroborated
that there’s there’s more kind of
sarbanes-oxley type rules and they have

to have certain amount of money on hand
since the crisis and I think they might
have tightened down a little bit or
started yammering the banks are really
doing this so too can you that bankers
has additional capital requirements are

put in since the crisis make it hard to
borrow overnight were huge amounts of
money sits like all other big banks
central bank level borrowing is no real
credit risk here just another way the
Fed is needed to make things work

smoothly good for big US banks bad for
trading houses Goldman Sachs Morgan
Stanley foreign banks and large
investors when the Fed needs to step in

there’s always a loser
so this could be the Goldman Sachs
moment kind of like Lehman and Bear
Stearns ten years ago

well the Goldman Sachs should have been
amongst that group ten years ago
according to most of the people
especially the ones that worked at
Lehman mm-hmm um so as possible I mean
maybe maybe not it’s hard to predict it

yeah if you could predict this stuff so
well you would be you wouldn’t be
talking to anybody you just be me maybe
lawyer castles maybe he’s just trying to

share the wealth John you’re so
skeptical either that are trying to
manipulate you in the market yeah I’m
going short Goldman everybody hey dude
I’m a podcaster give me a break

podcast podcast is revolt yes
podcasters in blackface yeah podcasters
in blackface I like it I like yeah be a

good podcast but she was just audio yes
I’m wearing my Aladdin outfit what are

you wearing John in your pocket
podcasters in black P IBF podcasters in
blackface nice is it that’s it that’s a

very good idea for a show I think I’ll
snort another one that’s savart to
Pete’s podcast exactly
okay well anyway let’s go on to the

little politics we’re done with this
let’s do some political I collected a
bunch of Biden gaffes yes yes it’s kind
of its kind of your beat well I’ve got a

couple of them that are interesting then
one I think is miss Desmond he’s been
missed it’s been miss applied to bite
and I think they’re giving it was a bum
rap but I have a I have the corn pop
story which is that idiotic story that

he told I think as a couple years ago
it’s great it’s great it’s a great story
it’s a crappy story but it was a
Biden drops like sometimes entire

sentences the way Ron Paul used to do
well Ron Paul will be talking about
something a bit dented did you buddy he
has some little things in the middle of
that buddy

he’d have a little little auctioneering
going on in the middle of this thing and
you know you’re expected to know what
he’s supposed to be saying but Biden
does that and here he is here’s the corn
to start with this is cuz this I don’t

know if he’s a bull crap story or not
somebody did some research you don’t
know if it’s a bull crap story and I
learned that it makes a difference

this was the diving board area and I was
what I think you need to do we need to
set it up by saying for those who didn’t
see it that he’s in a black community is
talking about when he was a lifeguard at

this you know in this main lovely pool
public pool mainly used by black kids I
think that’s his point he’s surrounded
by black people I learned a lot and I
learned that it makes a difference this

was the diving board area and I was one
of the guards and they were allowed to
choose a three meter board and he fell
off sideways you landed on the damp side

the darn cement over there and corn pop
was a bad dude
and he ran a bunch of bad boys back whoa
I’m surprised no one called him out on

that racist you call black men boys come
on Joe and corn pop was a bad dude and
he ran a bunch of bad boys and I did gym
and back in those days and shot things

have changed one of the things had to
use if you use pomade in your hair you
had to wear a baby cap and to ease up on
the board would enlist and I said hey
Esther you off the board

rough up and drag you off keep Majan I
mean this is being completely glossed
over calling a black man Esther Williams
has got to be the most racist thing I’ve
heard it’s funny but it’s got to be

racist could you say that today hey
Esther Williams I don’t think so I don’t
think so either job why he came off
and he said I’ll meet you outside my car

this was mostly these are all public
housing behind it my car there was a
gate out here I parked my car outside
the gate yeah
the Stargate and I said I’ll be waiting

for her three guys and straight razors
not a joke there’s a guy named no joke
Mouse the only white guy and he did all
the pools

he was the mechanic and I said what am I
going to do he said come down here in
the basement where mechanics where where
all the pool builder is you know the
chain that used to be a chain that went

across the deep end and you cut off a
six foot length of chain you fold up he
said you walk out that was a chain that
went across the deep end those are
plastic like the plastic red and white
chain is that what he got he’s talking

about the chain in the pool that’s not
it’s not it maybe it was a big heavy
metal chain back in the day no wear
mechanics where all the bull builder is

you know the chain used to be a chain
that went across the deep end and he cut
off a six foot length of chain you fold
up he said you walk out he cut it off
with scissors with that chain and you

walked out of car and say you may cut me
man but I’m gonna wrap this chain around
your head I said you kidding me he said
no if you don’t don’t come back and he
was right so I walked out with the chain

and I walked up to my car and that’s
that those days used to remember the
street rays you’d bang him on the curb
get him rusty put him in a rain barrel
get him rusty and I looked at him but I

was smart then I said first of all I
said when I tell you get off the board
you get off the board and I’ll kick you
out again but I shouldn’t have called
you Esther Williams I apologize for that

I apologize but I didn’t know that
polish is gonna work he said you
apologize to me I said I apologize but
I’m not for throwing you out but I
apologize to what I said he said okay

close the straight razor my heart began
to beat again what was the point
straight razors are a dangerous and

extremely sharp why would you want them
rusty and why would you leave him in up
in a bucket or whatever he said to get
them all rusty and scraped up because

they’re not gonna be what there’s
nothing like a straight razor if you’re
gonna cut someone you don’t want to so
it’s don’t you do admit wanted make it
dull what’s the point use any old knife
I think he’s what’s the point of that

well back in the day of course bad bad
Leroy Brown baddest man in the whole
damn town he had a rusty razor in his
shoe and I think Jo has just had that in

his head he’s like what can I do then
raise any rusty razor shave his belly
with a rusty razor I don’t know it
causes infection

Gary’s nuts
well this is the more typical this was
the gaffe of the week and everybody uh
and I don’t know what he was trying to

say but his numbers were way off this is
biting on the 720 million women you get
a tax break for a racehorse why in god’s
name couldn’t we provide a $8,000 tax

credit for everybody who has child care
cause it would put they would put 720
million back a million women back into
workforce it would increase the GDP to

sound like a walk here by about eight
tenths of one percent it would grow the
economy I don’t know what happened there
I really don’t we of course have about

325 million people in America yeah in
these United States
it can’t be 720 million women 128 she’s
the one is the seven because some people

draw it draw it funny
oh I mean he was reading or he read it
he wasn’t reading that I know of he was
just chatting but I think a minute is
sometimes in your head especially read
something off of a prompter maybe he saw

the number at his bed is 720 I don’t
know it was really stupid but now I’m
gonna be balanced here on the pod show
pod show in the pod down with this one

the African gap which I’m gonna say that
they were this was they were condemning
Biden for answering a question and then
saying that Guiana was in Africa and if

we listen carefully you can see that
Biden would bite and said is not really
inaccurate thank you for being here mr.
vice president

growing up as a child in Guyana my
grandfather used to tell us stories that
God made the United States Pete ole is
the one about the wonders and freedoms
in this country I live my life striving
to become an American citizen and I’m

proud to have achieved that goal as
president what will you do the future
grandfather’s will continue to share
stories of our great nation i bendiga
I’ve known all through Africa

and understand what’s wrong well Guillen
is in South America
oh I see what you’re saying
but he’s been to Africa

no he says I’ve been to Ghana did not
hear this guy was sock monkey on on well
to be honest if that’s what he meant I

pronounce it Guiana What did he say
thank you for being here mr. vice
president growing up as a child in
Guyana my grandfather in there well he’s
from guy aina or whatever he said I
think it’s I would pronounce it Guiana

but that’s why I pronounced it but he
says enjoy your local but he could
easily be heard yeah if you’re thinking
the you thinking there’s a black guy he

must be from B Ghana he said Ghana
here’s why I been to Ghana I’ve been all
over Africa it’s just he’s just misheard
I this is not a true Biden gaffe this
should be off the list and her head is

gone here it is i bendiga I’ve been all
threatened well you know he says Ghana
but it almost sounds a bit like Guiana
was this again I bendiga I know he says
gone he says Gandhi just misunderstood

yeah he’s honest so this is not a
tillage it this is a non this is an
illegitimate bite and gaffe please take
it off your list yeah immediately all

those who are collecting these as mi
your collecting the good gas is that
what you’re doing only real gaps only
real ones

excellent maybe that’s my bite in Sigma
that’s good I liked it well let’s talk
about the green new deal for a second
because tomorrow and many people will be
listening to this tomorrow so when we
said yesterday you’re gonna hear a lot

about the kids on strike led by Greta
who who is I have I can’t have the
perfect lead-in for this if you want to
talk about it we may have similar but

what you got I will you know I doubt it
cuz you don’t have them from democracy
no no I don’t this is climate news one
and two which Lee it leads into the
strike that you’re gonna discuss hang

but but apparently Amy who asked
specifically asked foon Berg whom how to
pronounce her name yeah and you can come
close to it

grasan doesn’t mean somebody she now
called it because she asked her twice we
had those clips she now calls her Greta
Thune Berry in climate news a new study

warns the global average temperature
could rise by as much as seven degrees
Celsius or 12 and a half degrees
Fahrenheit above pre-industrial levels

by the end of the century unless nations
move rapidly to slash greenhouse gas
emissions the stark warning comes as
world leaders are preparing to gather at
the United Nations headquarters in New
York on Monday for the climate action

summit UN Secretary General Antonio
Guterres said Tuesday the world is
losing the race to avert catastrophe
why was the hottest month ever these
five years will be the hottest five

years in record we see the rising level
of the ocean taking place the highest
concentrations ever of co2 in the
atmosphere to go back three to five
million years to get the same levels of

co2 and at that time water level was 10
to 20 meters higher than what it is
today so we are really dealing with very
dramatic in Washington DC youth climate
leaders called out lawmakers Tuesday for

failing to act urgently to prevent a
climate catastrophe 16 year old Swedish
climate activists school strike leader
get it tuned Greta right Swedish climate
activists school strike leader granted

to marine Getty okay I can do this now
here’s the theme Betty and people go who
was invited by Democrats to a meeting of
the Senate climate crisis task force
told The Gathering quote don’t invite us

here to tell us how inspiring we are
without doing anything about it she
added I know you’re trying but just not
hard enough sorry she said yeah this is
a this is a big move everybody’s in on

it NBC I know if you saw their climate
confessions they put up on website I
you did well it’s basically Twitter in

squares I mean I don’t know what’s so
great about this this is pretty funny if
you read them it’s I love meat I hide my
own car because I think that public
transit is horrible and unreliable I

compost at home but not at work I use
way too much plastic I live in South
Carolina so we don’t have the options to
buy products and specialty stores I

bought a year’s worth of freeze-dried
food in case of emergency I’ll probably
never eat it before I die so wasteful
this is very funny that the whole thing

is hilarious and it’s like I we should
probably have a link in the show notes
way to do it I got it I use a lot of
q-tips I can’t find a better alternative

I’m eating bacon with breakfast this
morning and I’ll have it again tomorrow
see this is why Twitter senses this is
why twin Twitter shadow bands this is
not what NBC wants no this is not what

they want but this is a hundred and
fifty countries apparently well I party
leads you into what you’re gonna hear
old Carolyn Benson of Marilyn called on

students and workers to join a massive
series of climate strikes planned for
Friday and you have to be involved and
that means you adults as well you are
the ones currently empowered we don’t

have time to wait till my generation
takes over it’s you but have to act we
need you to listen to the scientists
that are showing us that climate change

is here and climate change is human
caused stop burning fossil fuels please
for my generation organizers predict
Friday’s global climate strike will be

some of the largest climate protests in
US history with actions planned and over
800 sites in all 50 states more actions
are planned worldwide this is I have a

big problem with this New York of course
is ground zero
for this is that’s where all the the New
World Order is assembling for the United
Nations global assembly and that’s you

know it’s no coincidence this is all
pre-planned good create that you ready
you know took her little sailboat and
she’s I guess she’s been in the States
the whole time and all public schools in
New York are going to go on strike which

of course is the opposite of what the
word strike means it’s not a strike if
the school says ok let’s go let’s go to
the and they could have done it after

school perhaps but no so it’s not really
a strike all paint on a strike in the
Indian East but any sense of any meaning
of the many definitions all at all all
parents have to sign an approval that

their child is going and you know that
half of these parents are afraid to say
no they don’t want their kids singled
out and what are they doing they’re
holding up signs saying you’re not doing

anything which of course politicians
aren’t doing anything except trying to
scam money out of this and you’re
terrorizing these children I have an
idea why not instead of going on strike

we all won’t use our phones for 48 hours
that would probably that would saving
some electricity how about going
cleaning up the beaches or sweeping the
streets or doing anything except just

holding prefab signs just like Communist
China where the party put kids out to
prote it’s an old it’s not this is

nothing new you pull associate I want to
do it as quick mention
I’m as this progresses especially with
Greta Thune bury him in it and that girl

who just gave did a little speech the 15
year old she’s in tears in her you know
she’s just almost crying this reminds me
of the Communist Youth party that Nazi

youth yes her youth yes
brainwashed kids easy to brainwash you
got them to the point now where they
want to vote at the age of 8 it’s just
like this is that I’m wondering if this

is one not one great big
monstrous social experiment to see how
far you can go outside of government in
other words it’s not the United States
that’s doing this like it was Hitler or

like it was the Stalin but creating this
this movement of youth but just the
independence Soros let’s say how far can
you go how far can you get with this

especially if everybody’s kind of
playing the game to have a bunch of
brainwashed kids who are really
borderline morons at this point they are
in fact Soros Uganda
that’s what they are chorus Uganda so

like it so they had a panel on the hill
and they brought in a bunch of kids and
this is a typical of a report about this
this hearing and then we’ll listen to

who these kids really are so here’s your
teen climate activists I already have
like underlying issues of like anxiety
and it’s just really hard to grow up in
a world full of ifs you know I don’t

think a lot of people in Congress
understand the conversations that are
happening in everyday American high
schools and it’s just like this constant
looming uncertainty and it’s this weird
form of of nihilism and and weird

um just fear that’s that’s been existing
in my generation where kids are joking
like what is even like the point though
the world is ending what are we studying

for what are we doing and it’s this kind
of depression and it’s this fear that is
not just among me or my panelists here
but but everyone and that anxiety is
something that no child should ever have

to fear very convincing and this is
absolutely true you need to add to that
that kids are constantly being
conditioned and trained to be shot at
even though the percentage that love

likelihood that happens is quite low the
drills the training the constant we saw
the Sandy Hook parents come out with a
video today back to school and showing
you know kids using their backpack to

stop bullets and the skateboard to smash
a window to escape you’re terrorizing
these children and yes that’s why you
have these anxieties throw some SSRIs
and antidepressants on top of them hey

you’re slowing down a bit BAM some
adderall on that bitch and you’re going
and this teen climate activists is a
part of the problem because her name is
Miss Margolin she is Jamie Margolin from

zero hour which is one of the you know
it’s just it’s in the group here are
partners they got a whole website you
can donate not a non-profit

it’s a haha yes it’s a political action
fund and their partners are the Sierra
Club the climate reality project
Al Gore
indigenous environmental network women’s

March youth empower the years project
the Alliance for climate education this
is big money Baltimore beyond plastic
better future project biodiversity

bye-bye plastic bags care about climate
Chesapeake Bay Foundation the local
ambassador’s climate Hawks vote earth
Guardians hip hop caucus I matter muzaka

talks m40 iMac Mother Earth project our
climate Voices planet for the planet
Seattle schools under two degrees
centigrade schools for climate action I

mean it goes on and on and on and here
she is talking like the she’ll that she
really is how do I even begin to convey
to you what it feels like to know that

within my lifetime the destruction that
we have already seen from the climate
crisis will only get worse doesn’t sound
too much like a paranoid scaredy cat kid
now does she all of a sudden like that
previous clip injury is the fact that we

keep getting promised what isn’t there
on college applications I keep getting
asked what do you want to be when you
grow up the media pop culture businesses
and the whole world tells me that I and

my whole generation will have something
to look forward to that we just don’t
you’re promising me lies everyone who
will walk up to me after this testimony
saying that I have such a bright future
ahead of me will be lying to my face it

doesn’t matter how talented we are it
doesn’t matter how much work we put in
how many dreams we have the reality is
my generation has been committed to a
planet that is collapsing the fact that

you are staring at a panel of young
people testifying before you too
pleading for a livable earth should not
fill you with pride it should fill you
with shame youth climate activism should

not have to exist we’re exhausted
because we have tried everything we’ve
built organizations organized marches
and worked on political campaigns I sued

my state government in a lawsuit called
Piper versus versus the state of
Washington yes sounds like your typical
teenaged college a high school kid
doesn’t it along with 12 other

plaintiffs for contributing to the
climate crisis denying my generation’s
constitutional rights to life liberty
and property
I thought it was life liberty and the
pursuit of happiness is it life liberty

and property it why does she say
property oh she maybe has a big land
holdings yeah for contributing to the
climate crisis denying my generations
constitutional rights to life liberty

and property the lawsuit is also arguing
that the natural resources of my state
are protected as a right under the
Washington State Constitution the
shellfish salmon orcas and all of the

beautiful wildlife lordosis civic
northwest home is dying due to ocean
acidification caused by the climate
crisis and communities all over Seattle
are suffering from the new fossil fuel

infrastructure being built to lock in
decades more of climate destruction into
my state my friends and I were warned to
stay inside the last two summers because
our city was shrouded in a suffocating

smoke from wildfires it gave me such bad
headaches for so long and my friends
really had to go to the ER the future
that we have to look forward to climate

change is real it’s real it’s real it’s
real so these are just a bunch of
activists and the entire scholastic
system worldwide it appears is in on

this it if you want to go protest
something else you’re not gonna get
approval from the school and then the
audacity to keep calling it a strike
please this is this is if if the kids

held up inside a sign that said China is
asshole they are they’re polluting
everything that would kind of give him a
pass but no

no no
and meanwhile this kind of noise this
kind of nonsense terrifies children
you’re hurting your children take them
out of school home school anything but

this this is ridiculous again I’m gonna
go back to the idea that the kids are
part of a larger experiment and mean if
you look at the documents for MKULTRA
which was a program from the CIA we’ve

discussed it a million times it was
supposed to be discontinued we don’t
know that but it starts by kind of
frightening the making somebody you know
creating artificial PTSD by frightening
somebody tying them up beating them up

you’re giving him electroshock there’s a
lot of ways to do it but it’s possible
you can get the same results by doing
these just this what we’re doing which
is what you said Tara making the kids
worry about getting shot so they’re on

edge all the time and then move and then
pumping them full of this the whole
world’s gonna blow up if we don’t do
something about climate change and
they’re acceptable to becoming just
MKULTRA zombies yes but then you drug

them a drug drugging is another part of
that whole experience it’s part of
MKULTRA yes the drugging is part of
MKULTRA the terrorizing is part of

MKULTRA the propagandizing
non-stop so I’m gonna what is the point
why are we treating these kids this way
and what are we trying to get out of it
well how about I’d look at it a
different way I like your MKULTRA angle

I would say they took everything they
learned from Oh MK ULTRA and they’re
applying it that’s nothing to do with
the test its application they know it

works I I’m gonna say that’s a
possibility but what is the what is the
long game
to steal our money and to keep there the

elites money safe there isn’t that
always the end game
that is always the endgame
we need to do something light-hearted

here I need to we need to change the
pace for a second was kind of
light-hearted know that wait until you
get this my millennial taught me
something that apparently has been all
the rage for the past year and you and I

missed it no no mukbang
are you familiar with mukbang
the term well don’t look it up cuz
that’ll ruin looking up anything I’m

writing it down as a possible Showtime
mu K ba ng mukbang YouTube videos have
millions of views and it’s all from
South Korea I’m here to look at a

completely new unusual trend called
mukbang it roughly translates as food
porn but not in the way you’d hope it’s
more kind of like a food selfie where
users are logging on eating lots of food

to camera and then thousands of other
people are logging on to watch them so
this is there’s more to this report so
we already discussed this on the show he

had the clip of that guy who used to eat
food you know that he’s very popular he
just eats and eats like huge amounts of
food and then bitches and moans and get
sick and this guy’s got millions of

viewers okay
yeah like bang it’s much yes and and the
keeper watches some do not miss this but
well but we didn’t get the name mut

mukbang and we didn’t get some other
important facts yes we did miss a lot of
this story since 2011 a peculiar trend
of live streaming while eating large

quantities of food has become more and
more popular in South Korea because the
people who participate in mukbang have
become – celebrities in their own right
to the point that they’re referred to as

broadcast jockeys or the more popular
term don’t laugh BJ’s become BJ’s yeah I

we didn’t catch these so-called BJ’s I
learned that there is such a thing as a
free young
this is Park su-yong one of the
country’s most popular BJ’s for whom our

town was a full time job better known as
the diva at one point she was making up
to $9,000 a month fascination strategy
we can do this $9,000 a month compared

to the girls who do make up videos is
minor but we can do ASMR mukbang here’s
an example this is a guy eating a pizza

we could do this well maybe you’re not

in but I think I need to do some mukbang
I think you should do it I think you
should do it and I’ll watch but listen
to the headline VJ becomes BJ I mean

could it be any better it’s obvious the
promotions right there ready to go yeah
well there’s another dead end
look I’m the number one BJ in America I

think we should look in it start
thinking about why it’s popular watch
people eat I think with the homeless
situation I did this is just a mockery
this is mmm this is the elitist mockery

I’m gonna people who don’t really get a
good meal of rarely I am with you I’m
totally with you and yet there’s this
millennial arrogance well not entirely I

don’t know I think it is I think is more
than Millennials we know you know
there’s another guy can t let me know
hey let me I’m gonna eat a big sandwich
in front of you well the keeper watches

this one guy in Instagram who always
it’s not like a huge quantities but he
eats cookies and stuff and the any so
into it and it’s funny to watch it’s not

him consuming an entire meal like the
BJ’s but there is something about food
that it now it’s not for me I’m I’m nots
food-centric at all

yeah and I’d be like yeah I’m hungry now
fuck it I’ll smoke a joint I mean that’s
who I am but a lot of people very very
food centric and there’s something going
on with this which is societal and I’ve

everything’s societal yeah but I don’t
know if it’s just Millennials hi it’s
Adam Curry yeah everybody I am your BJ’s
the muck bangers ball everybody

we gotta get to deal with a Korean
accent got them OTG booze gonna bring
you some news ladies and gentlemen

please welcome to the stage the vocal
stylings and mr. John C Duvall Rambo TG

I was stunned yeah you watch it give me
like the Beatles now normally I wouldn’t

play a jingle that long but it was so
good I had to you are really talented
yeah yeah unfortunately had the wrong
key on his blues riffs it should have

been the key of bad Thank You Hugh
Alison yes a couple of OTG mentions have
I forgot a very important part of my
report about Las Vegas Bruno Mars we
went to see is the og OTG artist and I

had completely forgotten what happened
about I think is a year and a half ago
Bruno Mars started four he was the first
one he was started forbidding cell

phones at his concerts and and we didn’t
know this or I didn’t think about it and
when we went to go into the theater the
the Park Theatre there at the MGM there

were people you know throngs of people
around the cardboard box I thought maybe
was like some merch some merch
merchandise that a little bag looked
like beer cozies actually and so we just

walked right through and went up to the
metal detector and I put myself my
iphone my cloaked iPhone five down that
the keeper had her little clutch and she
had her her iPhone in there and we just

went through and then we’re in there we
realized everyone’s holding onto these
little like bags and they’re locked with
the same mechanism similar to what you
have in the clothing store so you can’t

they take the tag off
they have to demagnetize it at the end
of the show yes this is by the way I
should interrupt you and mention this is
the thing going on in the local schools
good and there’s one school district

here that has required the kids to come
to school I think a San Mateo which one
of the school districts and they show it
on the news all the time it’s a little
gray bag and they put that to put their

cell phone in there and then they have
this little blocking Micmac netic
locking mechanism that you dislike
exactly what you said it’s like the ones
in the Clovis and then you can carry
that you keep it or put it somewhere but

you can keep it but at the end of the
school day you unlock and you get your
phone back now and at first the kids all
objected I don’t know why because you’re
supposed to be in the school you know
supposed to be on the phone but okay but

then they said after a couple of weeks
the kids they were studying harder and
they were everyone what got into it it’s
a no problem I don’t worry about you
don’t worry about taking messages while

I’m in class yeah it’s like a big deal I
think this is gonna be a national thing
I hope so and that’s just at the
beginning of it if you if you notice it
at that place but this is I think and
it’s a California thing I believe this

will be a national trend once because
who the hell wants to teach a bunch of
kids are looking at their phone well in
China they and there’s a a ten minute
video which you’ll find in the show

notes here’s about fifty seconds of it
teachers at this primary school in China
know exactly when someone isn’t paying
attention these headbands measure each
student’s level of concentration the

information is then directly sent to the
teachers computer and to parents China
has big plans to become a global leader
in artificial intelligence it has
enabled a cashless economy where people

make purchases with their faces a giant
network of surveillance cameras with
facial recognition post police monitor
citizens meanwhile some schools offer
glimpses of what the future of high-tech

education and the country might look
like classrooms have robots that analyze
students health and engagement level
students wear uniforms with ships that
track their location there are even

surveillance cameras that monitor how
often students check their phones or
yawn during classes these gadgets have
alarmed Chinese netizens but schools say
it wasn’t hard for them getting parental

consent to enroll kids into what is one
of the world’s largest experiments in AI
education a program that’s supposed to
be students grades while also feeding
powerful algorithms so the kids where am

a headband that tracks their brain
activity and changes color based upon
their engagement so the teacher can see

where they’re at and they can see from
each other where they’re at and the
whole thing is you know if there’s a
reason to get rid of phones it’s because
they want to control the technology in

the schools this is only beginning the
BBC by the way are doing the most
disgusting thing I’ve ever heard of with
children and apps and
with the backing of Prince William and

the princes brother William making a
splash with a new app as well the BBC
launching the app to fight cyber
bullying it was created with help from
Prince William cyber bullying task force

it’s called own it and it recognizes if
a child is typing something that could
be hurtful and then ask the person to
rethink what they’re about to send
interesting you can also identify

language suggesting a child is in
trouble and encourage them to speak with
a trusted adult I don’t know about you
but that’s what we call a keylogger
it’s a keylogger they’re logging the

kids keystrokes and tracking what
they’re writing sounds great Prince
William this is what what could go wrong
this fantastic and that is from the BBC
I just discussed they’re idiots that’s

really disgusting you and I have talked
about the surveillance network known as
the ring doorbell now in this case which
is what you want is a positive message

the ring doorbell saved the child
Irving allegations tonight out of North
Phoenix the mother accused of abusing
her own son and police say they have the
visual evidence to prove it Nicole
marker and a boyfriend William Johnson

now facing charges police started
investigating after markers young child
showed up at school with a burn on his
hand officers later recovering thousands
of ring video clips from inside and

outside the child’s home near 32nd
Street and Bell Kelis say those videos
showed the two adults assaulting that
six-year-old well police say the abuse
happened because the child struggled
with reading words or sentences I’m so

happy the ring doorbell has saved the
child once again some things of note
they discovered videos no they got a
warrant and got 2,200 videos but the

part of the report I’m puzzled by is the
videos of outside and inside the house I
don’t know what that’s about maybe they
have some other device maybe they have

an Amazon Alexa one of those screens so
it had to be a screen so this is I think
Ground Zero of what these devices truly
are intended for and as you see the cops

just go and get a warrant it’s not a
problem at all take that shit off of
your door it’s ridiculous yeah well tell
it to the judge good news I’ve been to

this town actually Fort Collins Colorado
oh yeah I’ve been there
yeah that’s beauty Colorado tech town
but it’s also kind of historic

if I recall if I recall well they they
finally beat out Comcast in in a and
this I think this took him a couple of

years multiple lawsuits going on since
2017 they now offer their own one
gigabit per second service flat rate
$60.00 per month to every resident now

the rollout is take is gonna take a
little longer of course luckily it’s not
that big doing like 20 homes a week so
it’s gonna take a lot yeah it’s gonna

take a while but good on them and you
know then they claim net neutrality well
we’ll see how long that lasts
but you know that’s I think that’s I
think that’s a positive message I’m very

happy about that and I’m elated about
the new
candidate for the ultimate OTG phone it
has just been announced it was announced

by hmd global the home of Nokia phones
they are coming out with the Nokia 27
2012 27 2015 KAS which I kind of

dismissed because Google made an
investment in it and there are if
Twitter app Facebook app the Google

services app but you can block all of
those in the settings that it’s
specifically in there to allow you to
not have those services it’s a

linux-based phone it’s you know that’s
what kayo s is then there are guys now
who have who have it this device I don’t
think it comes on the US market for

another couple of weeks its 4G it’s
plastic it’s cheap it’s a hundred and
fifty bucks it has a web browser it can
do some email could do some texting it
doesn’t have the full keyboard but it

does have big ass buttons to do your
your your typing with and I think that
I’m very excited about this I mean I
will forego the hearing aid benefit of

the I folk Typhon 5 just to get my hands
on this this is really a smart a really
smart dumb phone and I’m very excited
about it the Nokia 27 2008 Alinea s

unlike the banana phone which they never
came out with a with a device that
worked for Verizon or work for t-mobile
only AT&T so I’m excited and this is the

new anti phone review well since it is
the anti phone review I wanted to play
fair and I wanted to allow the guys from

9 to 5 Mac who I consider to be absolute
authorities and all things Macintosh all
things Apple all things iPhone and they
reviewed the most important features of

the new iPhone 11 there are 200 John to
grid improvements this phone you I mean
how can you not have this phone

especially when you here I mean
obviously the most important
improvements to the phone are upfront in
the report boys and girls in this video
we explore over 200 new yes 200 200 s 13

features you don’t want to miss this be
sure to LIKE and subscribe for more
videos like this so arguably the
flagship feature in iOS 13 is dark mode

there able from the dark know yeah
the number one feature of your thousand
dollar phone is dark mode and that’s it
that’s that’s the level that they’re at

now dark mode and listen to the benefits
of Dartmouth dark mode dark mode can be
enabled from display and brightness just
like this and dark mode allows you to
use your phone in dark environments

comfortably oh so what you’ll notice is
that a lot of the interface gets darker
Oh John in dark mode a lot of the
interface gets darker and that makes it

so much easier to use
yeah when you’re in a dimly lit
environment all the applications are
gonna be darker even third-party apps
can join in on the fun feature that

we’ve been looking forward to for quite
some years it’s finally here in iOS 13
yes fine you know the funny thing about
this that you mention it is that you’re

right this is this is like the big deal
which be is beyond me but okay and it
and there was one article with the
headline once you go dark mode you’ll

never go back which is a race is a play
on a pun and it’s like okay this is
really you’re reaching the bottom of the

barrel here for this sword now I want to
bring up something that I noticed at the
Berkeley Bowl and then apparently
there’s comedy day was last Sunday and
me me and that’s why me me was in town

it’s the big day yeah it’s the big thing
they volunteer and and icarus there’s a
beer there’s a whole beer contingent
Lagunitas serving thousand
of beers the three of them and but I saw

it at Berkeley people and I didn’t think
much of but apparently they saw this
happen quite a bit at the comedy day as
they selling beer and that is the guy
I’m watching up the guys in front of me

he’s this kind of a skinny millennial
classic really really skinny with a
t-shirt on and make him look even more
skinny and I’d end up in a bun man bun
and a kind of a scraggly beard and he’s

checking out and he takes his hand with
his with his Apple watch on it and he
clenches his fist and this is exactly
the way you’re supposed to do this

because they were seeing this exact same
thing at the beer fest or at the comedy
they he clenches his fist in it and then
it kind of got his hand in his a fist in
the air like he’s protesting something

and then he lowers it down to the Apple
watch down into the the RFID reader or
whatever it is that these things have
now these certain terminals and it
beep-beep let me see paid for it mm-hmm

he goes down he goes and then he holds
his fist up and goes yeah and now he did
it in dark mode it’s unbelievable yeah
this is very sad by the way we’re seeing

the exact same thing with the exact same
way everyone did the same thing paying
for beer oh my goodness by the way for
the trolls and for people listening the

concept of OTG is not getting some
stripped down you know Android the point
is to have no notifications to have to
be able to communicate short messages
text message mainly to be able to call

someone and in great necessity I and I
only have one example is it’s Saturday
we’re out and about we’re doing stuff I
get a text from John it says newsletter

and you know we have a whole process for
this and I can’t have the man waiting so
long for me to proofread or whatever and
so then it’ll take 10 minutes but I can
get my email I can open up the the

document and I can you know
to do some rudimentary copy-paste if
there’s something that needs to be
changed the point is you don’t want
distraction you want a long battery life
no distraction but you’re in

communication and of course you want a
bail thing $25 ham radio yes that’s what
the future is for us but this yeah the
the the Apple cult

is I don’t know that
when you see a consumer do that you’ve
got to be really happy as a Tom Collins
guy it’s like when people have a real

reaction like yeah I mean that you want
it you just got to love that but that
child is clearly you know lost yeah I
was saying that the the idea of holding

a clenched fist and and paying like
you’re some sort of Superman Dick Tracy
or whatever you think you are is this
it’s gross it’s kind of disgusting even
though when we are kids we all

desperately wanted the Dick Tracy
wristwatch two-way radio and now and now
it’s here it’s better than ever and I
just get it off of me I don’t want that
just get it out of my life get away from

it’s got to be so easy to design some
sort of a hack that can pull your data
off your watch if you’re walking around
and meet us out in the open

yeah you should be able to bump into
somebody with a little reader that can
but don’t you think that’s possible
terminal why not
well my ham radio now comes in dark mode
dark mode and I have a some interesting

news about the unhoused situation which
is not just San Francisco Los Angeles
Seattle Austin or New York Portland it
is everywhere in the United States but

before we go there let’s listen to some
motivational speech from KFI Lausanne
just a big 50,000 Watts this is the John
and Ken show now we begin with Chris and
Carlo from KFI news who has an

interesting story from the LA County
Board of Supervisors they want to find a
way to get more homeless people to vote
let’s get Chris on Chris ha ha hey how’s
it going yeah well they they are looking

at a couple of things at today’s meeting
having to do with almost people one of
them as you just mentioned they’re
helping to get more homeless folks I
guess registered to vote and I talked to
a couple of the people that were pushing

for this afterwards and what they said
is the problem that they keep running
into is that yet homeless people who
don’t have an address and so they go
online and they try to put it their

address in or they try to put the
nearest intersection and which is what
they are legally allowed to do when it
comes to registering a person but the
online website won’t actually let them
do it because of the way the state has

set everything up so it’s not a county
decision it’s actually a state decision
and so because of that it’s harder to
get more people who are homeless with a
registered to vote I talked to one guy
who was homeless and I said you know why

is it important for homeless folks to
register to vote and vote and he said
that literally this is the only thing
that we have of course it makes so much
sense don’t help them get them to vote

promise them stuff have them vote for
you put up in dark mode
this is very cynical this move to
register hold on you’re so cynical

so the Los Angeles Times published an
op-ed and I think it’s very important
for what’s going on it may have already
have influence that we were unaware of
or we certainly will be aware of soon

and this came out on August 23rd so we
missed this and the title is how an
Idaho Court decision will increase
homeless encampments on la streets
here’s what happened last September so

there will be a year ago the Ninth
Circuit Court of Appeals now the Ninth
Circuit Court of Appeals is that like
kind of the last stop before you get to

the Supreme Court it would is one of the
last stops there’s also the 1st 2nd 3rd
4th 5th 6th there’s a bunch of them ok
but the ninth is one of the hard at
they’re the ones that are always

stopping anything Trump that’s the one
and that’s the one around here that’s
the San Francisco one it would ruin
chuckle so although Trump has been
softening it by replacing some of these
well last September the 9th Circuit

Court of Appeals issued an alarming
decision that strip cities of a critical
tool in meeting the responsibility of
protecting Public Health and Safety in
Martin versus City of Boise the Ninth

Circuit became the only appellate court
in America to rule that a city’s
ordinance against living on city streets
violated the US Constitution’s

prohibition on cruel and unusual
punishment for those who have no other
options 6 judges of the Ninth Circuit
who opposed the decision have warned

that the ruling would have dire
practical consequences for hundreds of
cities and their residents unfortunately
they are being proven right the courts
position is unworkable and wrong on what

the Constitution requires that’s why as
lawyers for Boise I guess they’re the
op-eds we’re asking the US Supreme Court
to weigh in so there we go we’re going
to the Supreme Court and that is an

interesting caveat to this
and what might that be well the Ninth
Circuit ruling says that it is not meant

to cover individuals who do have access
to adequate temporary shelter either
because they have the means to pay for

or because it is available to them for
free but who choose not to now the way I
my mind was like okay so if you’re
camping in the the authorities or

someone comes over and says hey you
can’t camp here but here’s room in the
shelter then you say oh I don’t want to
go then take a hike if I read that

correctly and there’s tons of shelter
the people don’t want to be in them so
that could be a roundabout way of not
succeeding and solving the problem other

than clearing everybody out of in this
case downtown Austin it won’t change a
damn thing about people not having a
place to live or wanting to live there
so maybe it’s not quite as dire as the

Los Angeles Times says or as this op-ed
and the other way you do it is you chip
haha well there’s a long way to get to

that point but I’m serious about this if
this goes a prenup I’ve stopped I’ve
stopped I’m not gonna condemn this idea
I condemn the idea in general but but

the idea of chipping the homeless
is pretty radical that’s right now in
dark mode I’m gonna show my food by
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people who could do is awesome oh yeah
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what we do people do we do have a few

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so money there’s a story they didn’t get
a lot of it got some play didn’t get as
much as it should have that I want to
play just because it just one of those
stories just personally bugs me and this

is about the payroll tax online system
that folded oh yeah out of the blue
leaving everybody high and dry which is
very common with these online

initiatives that that are they sound
like a good idea at the time and then
you give them too much you give me your
money and then next thing you know or
you or you trust your data with them

these things are to come and go like
crazy and this is the payroll tax online
scammer store survey finds that sixty
percent of Americans live paycheck to
paycheck so you can imagine the shock
the tens of thousands felt when my

payroll HR suddenly closed this month
and they didn’t get paid Meg Oliver now
on the fallout the hometown diner in
Rindge New Hampshire’s closed on
Tuesdays it’s the day owner Bonnie

rosengrant pays her 23 employees today
for the first time in ten days she was
able to do that it was very hard because
I know a lot of my employees sorry or

paycheck to paycheck on September 5th
rosengrant was shocked to learn none of
her employees had been paid because the
payroll company she used my payroll HR
had folded her employees and tens of

thousands of others across the country
were left without a deposit in their
account very emotional we’re a small
business so every penny counts my

payroll HR was an online service that
handled payroll for small companies when
it shuttered it was holding nearly 35
million dollars in wages these images

from the Daily Mail show an FBI raid
Monday on the upstate New York home of
the company’s CEO the mysterious
collapse of my payroll HR impacted some

four thousand businesses across the
country from exercise companies in
Chicago to animal rescue shelters in
Nashville to fire departments in Florida

rosengrant is desperate to find out what
happened to the more than $30,000
that is missing we want our money back
in addition to not paying her employees

rosengrant told me the company hadn’t
paid her quarterly taxes for the last
two months either nearly $16,000 Nora
hmm so the money started beside the fact

that you don’t pay your quarterly
quarterly taxes but once a quarter it’s
unlikely you know the last two months
she says it hasn’t been paid as makes

sense but other than that this is the
kind of thing you ran into during the
dot-com era mm-hmm in the late 90s
there’s all these companies that were
you you know they were well-funded they

had all the big venture capital money
behind him and they were just they were
losing money but they were soaking they
had cash flow and they were you know
they were getting money and data from
people and then they just would turn out

there half of these places are
fly-by-night operations I don’t trust
online these online systems I don’t even
like using MailChimp that much oh I saw

a different one it was really good I
wrote it down somewhere I’ll send it to
another email service but we’ve you know
I learned my lesson then again like

LinkedIn is a good example LinkedIn I
was I was a premium user I took my
premium subscription threw it out cuz
I’m not gonna pay them anything because
up until about six months ago when you

downloaded your data your contacts you
would have their email address mm-hmm oh
yes I remember this you know yeah and
I’m bitching about this and now if you

download your your contacts they don’t
give you the email address anymore if
you want that you can go through some
sales system they’ll sell it to you
they’ll sell you your the day that you
should own yeah yes this is Microsoft’s

idea of a good way to go good deal yeah
I think far as I’m concerned this is the
biggest scam ever I don’t collect these
names so I don’t get their phone number
I don’t get their so I can’t use I mean

it’s basically I have to do everything
off of LinkedIn which I don’t want to do
I mean even MailChimp says make sure you
take your data off of our system every
so often because you never know which
I think is honest and they say the same

thing I can’t move my linked in a
contact list to any other system because
Microsoft just won’t give me the data
guy I get a list a name so what
I mean why am i paying I was paying the

premium I’m not paying the premium if I
can’t even get the data I want if I want
to download it have my little for my own
address book
yeah this is the common theme with all

this online crap
thought you would get a little more
worked up about it I’ve been worked up
about it for a while yeah that’s what
producers do it’s vapor Wars I have only

two bits for the vapor wars today and I
think we’ve given everybody just about
all they need to know except of course
it’s always fun to watch dick durbin
talk some shit in Congress how many 50

year-old chainsmokers I can’t wait to
get unicorn milk flavoring for their
vaping device it’s all about kids and
the vaping industry despite all their

public denials have targeted these kids
and effectively recruited our children
to be the next generation of vapors for

how much nicotine’s and that little
vaping device the one that looks like
it’s a flash drive for your computer the
equivalent amount of nicotine in vaping
as in a total pack of cigarettes 20

cigarettes you get with one hit on a
vaping device is a very addictive
chemical I know from my family
experience we all know from those who

try for long long time to quit using
tobacco cigarettes the nicotine draws
them back time and time again Oh
fantastic so one draw one draw of the

Joule gives you the equivalent amount of
nicotine as twenty cigarettes in one
draw it’s amazin likely it’s not true of
course not it’s total bull crap but dick

durbin should be listed as a liar you
know I did receive a notice from a
Insider of two big tobacco advertising

who obviously shall go unnamed would you
like are you interested in hearing what
the theory is there I think I’m sure
that there is much better than anything

we’ve come up with well it’s better than
dick Durbin fucking Durbin ah so I I
read all of the biggest vape brands are
subsidiaries of big tobacco companies at

this point including blue BL you that’s
the one I kept trying to get the name of
yes and they advertised on TV all the
time and I still can’t remember their

name they’re owned by Imperial Tobacco
no small player jewel which as we know
is GTE jti Altria glow and vyp v ype are
owned by ba t British American Tobacco

these were either acquired or develop
in-house as a response to the threat
presented to their traditional business
by independent vape products any
regulatory measures aimed at

certification or testing of eight
products anything that stops or slows
down the vape revolution will be a net
benefit to them tobacco the tobacco is
always to be a key component in any

possible innovation introduced by the
big tobacco given the massive production
and logistics of tobacco across the
world that they historically support
they of course bypasses the need for

tobacco entirely and people hooked up on
puffing any smoke other than from
tobacco is a problem each new vapor is
one less current or potential smoker
honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if the

whole marijuana prohibition was lobbied
by tobacco in companies for the same
reason since they became a thing great
time and money was invested in trying to
come up with a way to use actual tobacco

extracts in vape or better yet find a
way of bypassing liquids altogether to
use dried tobacco in non combustibles is
called hnb it’s an acronym for heat not

burn a stopgap measure for creating vape
light effect along with good old tobacco
were traditional menthol and new capsule
products where one is supposed to crush
small flavored capsule located within

the filter thus making it like a vape
plus all of the nicotine and tar
delivering goodness of a traditional
cigarette those were especially popular
in South America where they featured

stuff like two or even three capsules
inside a single filter so it’s all about
innovation and how that they’re really
the finally the thing that may have
contributed to a tax on vape at the

moment is the ban on menthol and capsule
cigarettes coming up from coming up next
year in the European Empire and some
other countries and there’s an FDA
proposal to ban it in the u.s. too and

this makes sense because we heard about
menthol menthol menthol so that’s even
being Mis appropriate the menthol and
vapes is being abused by people who want
to get rid of menthol for cancer sticks
the stuff that replaces the flavored

tobacco will invent in inevitably be
vape it is therefore important to slow
the competition down while the customers
make the switch I would expect the small
manufacturers and Chinese suppliers will

be subject to some bad press over the
next few months whichever of the big
tobacco’s own brands is not mentioned in
the MSM is probably helping the campaign
love and light a source in big tobacco
advertising that makes total sense it

makes nothing but censor my wife said
something the other day she was like
she’s against this whole the discussion
she’s what’s the big deal she says

everyone did why a couple people died
from vaping she says sick before the
400,000 people a year can can be
attributed to smoking they’re not
talking about smoking deaths they don’t

even mention it in comparison to all is
three people died from vaping here in
the United States because there was a
big vitamin E or whatever it was it was
hurting them but they don’t even compare
it to they don’t even mention let alone

compare it to that almost half a million
people who died from smoking worldwide
plus and it’s just like left out of the
conversation and you got dick Durbin and

going on and who cares right small
potatoes is what she says well if and
she’s right and if you look at what the
kids the memes they’re sending around
it’s like yeah

it’s it’s literally you know like
tobacco 400,000 deaths you know thirty
thousand deaths for over fifty thousand
thirty fifty thousand deaths from car

accidents thirty thousand from opioids
eight deaths from Tide Pods six deaths
from vaping so the kids are seeing it
they’re not totally stupid but you know

meanwhile dick durbin Durbin’s of the
world are I guess he’s lobbying for big
tobacco where’s he from Illinois hmm
maybe he’s from the Midwest somewhere
he’s from Illinois but generally

speaking the way you do the lobbying
efforts if you’re in Congress I was
lectured about that guy from Utah who
was the old the old the older senator
from Utah his name eludes me for some

reason somebody in the chat room will
mention his name gray hair he was like
the number one lobbyist insofar as the
liquor industry is concerned to keep the

keep interstate shipping from happening
and he was I was told by a big importer
distance information may be dubious
patch but he said what hatch yeah Orrin

Hatch one half or any hatches the big
he’s just no you can’t do this we can’t
do that you have to you need blue laws
and he uses the excuse that this room
Utah and they don’t drink cuz they’re

all Mormons in Utah right and so but
he’s actually representing southern
wines and spirits at the time now it’s
their luster of a player than they used
to be which was a group out of Florida

which may have may or may not have
connections back to the bootlegging you
know of course yes and he would he and
they were and southern wise the spirits

was one of the biggest against oh you
should not be able to ship from for
example KNL liquors in San Francisco she
has a real big business sending sending
stuff to states where it’s allowable but

which turns out to only be about fifteen
states Texas for example even though
they produced wine I don’t believe I can
ship a bottle of wine to Texas you can’t

I mean I’m still trying to get the
homeless people off the streets I’ll
deal with liquor later just saying
and that’s the way you go and dick

durbin is a good example it should take
somebody that doesn’t seem to have any
relationship to an operation in Florida
yeah and you know I need they does the
bidding for them that’s the way it works

according to an insider the Mueller
yes this is a corrupt world something
interesting ever since you introduced us
to the the swine fever the swine fever

Ebola that is a big Ebola appears to be
at least killing half of everything in

everything pig I just saw an interesting
the article today it said Hong Kong’s
green Monday sees breakthrough for
plant-based pork in swine fever hit

China I’m thinking that’s interesting
just from the time we’ve got all this
beyond meat I can’t believe it’s not
meat you know whatever all these brands
are yeah do you think they could really

try that do you think the Chinese would
go for that you think they’ll go for
plant-based pork are they gonna fall for
this well the problem is that the
idealism doesn’t work because in fact
that was I learned this a long time ago

in my culinary exploits is the Chinese
when you go for example get some just
hanging pork so it’s just generically
called barbecue pork you got a big piece

you chopped it up you put it in your
fried rice you use it for all sorts of
the Americans always all want lean they
want lean it’s like the bacon I want
lean aren’t lean I won’t lean bacon the

Chinese want fatty because the source of
energy really comes from the fat I’m
just getting protein from the lean which
you may or may not need too much of
especially if you’re a mature adult but

you do need energy and the energy comes
from the fat content you know so they
always want more they want fatty
barbecue barbecue pork and fatty bacon
and so I so I don’t know how you can get

that component in the bullcrap product
but it’s gonna all be lean which is the
Chinese don’t like hmm all right no it
was just a thought so I just think is

gonna be a flop you know I’ve been
observing the advertising or I should
say lack thereof on Tucker Carlson
cancelled tonight because he’s yet he is

still a huge target of canceled culture
sure and he yeah Pharma has been a
problem you know for me I think that I

think Fox has taken a beating on that
show well I think they I think he did a
native ad
oh brother I think really surprised me
yes it was so and it was almost like

back to when did we have the swine flu
when I got swine flu 2010 2009 2010 you
know where they’re the Lions yeah so I

think they’re trying to bring that back
because the if you if you look for the
headline within the next 36 hours a
super flu could spread like wildfire

across America and Tucker kicked this
off yesterday with that douchebag doctor
who he always brings in the guy who
would you know they all hate weed and

it’s always anti anti good meds and it’s
always chilling for the big
pharmaceutical industry listen to this a
new report by the World Health

Organization says it’s just a matter of
time maybe not that much time before a
major flu pandemic okay now before we do
that let’s remind wait there’s nuts
there’s they don’t have something on the

horizon there’s not a bug that they can
identify this come out this is just a
vague vague report that one of these
well it is the World Health Organization
let me remind you of the kinda kind of

report we got from them in 2014 Ebola
epidemic it’s the largest and most
severe and most complex we have ever
seen in the nearly 40-year history of

this disease
no one event outbreak responders would
experience dating back to 1976 to 1995

people that were directly involve with
those outbreaks none of them have ever
seen any thing like it we were all gonna

die and then they all and that guy came
back we had Ebola and he was live on
every news channel and he just hops out
of the ambulance remember that yeah I’ll

just go inside here so the world it was
also the nurse who said screw this and
she wasn’t gonna be put in she went
basically so the World Health
Organization are a bunch of douche bag

shields and Tuckers all in a new report
by the World Health Organization says
it’s just a matter of time maybe not
that much time before a major flu
pandemic this days hyperglobalisation

flu could spread worldwide 36 hours and
potentially kill 80 million people are
we prepared for that could we prepare
for that come on seagulls a Fox

contributor he joins us tonight are you
worried about to hear that they had a
little sound effect in there there’s
like a little emergency beep-bop when we
sure that wasn’t you know what that

could have been it could have been a
timer so that because they have to talk
about this X amount of time it is
including his intro okay hold on Paige
you are nailing it my friend

this report will it’s too
fifteen on the timer the be broke comes
almost at exactly two minutes I think

you’re right in just 36 hours and
potentially kill 80 million people we
prepared for that could we prepare for
that tomorrow yeah are you worried about
this dr. Tucker I’m worried about this

because flow is a very changeable virus
it mutates all the time and if we see a
flu that we haven’t seen before and then
we don’t have any immunity to we could

see a lot of deaths from it and already
in a regular flu season to give you an
idea kills half a million people around
the world and infects a billion people
every year
that’s the flu that we have immunity –

that’s the flu that your flu shot
protects you against but if we saw a new
version at pandemic strain
a serious one not like the one we saw in
2009 but a really bad one with air

travel it could spread around the globe
in a matter of days and we wouldn’t be
prepared for it we could make a pandemic
vaccine but that’d take months we have a
universal flu vaccine in the pipeline

but that’s going to take five years
before it’s ready we right now and
another thing why don’t we have the kind
of detection software we need to tell me
if someone’s sick before they get

symptoms people travel on planes right
they’re close together they’re coughing
on each other they could be in Asia one
day and here in New York the next day
spreading a serious killer like the flu
flu spreads very easily it lives on

surfaces it spreads through the air it
kills you it can get you quite sick it
can cause pneumonia it can cause all
kinds of other infections I want to know
that a person has it before they’re even

sick we have the technology for that
we’re not using it and I want that flu
vaccine that we can use against all
strains that come out what’s going to
get us in big trouble is a mutation
something that mutates from a bird or a

bird-like creature to humans we’ve seen
it before we saw it in 1918 if it
happens now you’re going to also see a
lot of panic and one more thing Tucker
bioterror we’ve talked about that on the
show here you could take a flu molecule

in the laboratory and change it so it’s
one just that slight change genetically
so that we’ve never seen it before or a
some of your reports are reassuring
tonight’s is not among them dr. Singhal

gracious I find that to be the most
despicable but what was that you think
it’s part of a program of love yeah
there’s gonna be more and Morris until

they finally have the punchline of who
who the big advertiser is because
there’s no evidence that there was an
advertiser there oh no this is part of
the World Health Organization came out
with a 36 hour warning super flu they

repeat this verbatim add some biological
terror to fill up the two-minute window
they promised and think about it because
they finally got the measles every old

measles hub or measles Meisel music
everyone’s ready they’re ready to get
flu shots
I think the advertising starts next week
they’re gonna push it okay what now you

have to follow it of course I’m gonna
follow it I love this I think for this
love it in the reminder that guy’s an
idiot that doctor will wait for this if
the super flu really shows up this is

the report I would have done but of
course I wasn’t getting paid to do it
and to the people who were homeless on
the street

that’s gonna that’s gonna be some
message dangle that’s gonna be some
nasty shit in fact an angle less an
angle for a good story if your local
news producer mm-hmm I would say you
just heard a very bad man donate if you

heard a very valuable executive level
idea that the troops should be list
paying attention to yes dynamite yeah

exactly and it reminds me a little bit
of I think it was
must have been Star Trek Deep Space nine

I think episode 11 sanctuary district
21st century history is not one of my

strong points too depressing it’s been a
hobby of mine
it made some ugly mistakes but they also
paved the way for a lot of things we now
take for granted assume this is one of

those mistakes a bad one by the early
2020s there was a place like this in
every major city in the United States
why are these people in here have a
criminal’s you know people with criminal

records weren’t allowed in the sanctuary
districts then what do they do to
deserve this you know
just people
without jobs or places to move so they

get put in here welcome to the 21st
century doctor I think that was that was
filmed in you know 99 or something
before that maybe

ah yes visionary that’s right and get
you get your flu infested campers
and one way to rouse everybody gets sick

this is an epidemic going around yeah
hey you got a nice offer end of show I
think we should end this have a yeah
I’ll be long unless you want that one

you can try and kinda take a look at
this this is the there’s part of one of
the byte in series is kids here words
sure the kids here words make sure the
kids hear word

it’s okay but that’s all I got that’s
all you got well I can’t count on you
but apparently okay I will make it fight
effort in the future what am I gonna do

for this show I don’t know they do have
one clip I’d like to get it out of here
okay let’s do that
sorry about that no it’s okay it’s not
your fault I just snowed in here snowed

in versus trumped is back in the news
that’s not being reported in the
mainstream the Trump administration
filed suit Tuesday against NSA
whistleblower Edward Snowden over his
newly released memoir titled permanent

record seeking to block his publisher
from forwarding any revenue from book
sales Snowden tweeted in response well
this is the book the government does not

want you to read unquote this comes
after Snowden who’s been in exile in
Russia since 2013 told CBS News Monday
he would return to the US if he was

guaranteed a fair trial and chance to
share with the American public why he
leaked NSA documents I’m not asking for
a pardon I’m not asking for a pass what
I’m asking for is a fair trial and this

is the bottom line that any American
should require right we don’t want
people thrown in prison without the jury
being able to decide whether what they
did was right or wrong yeah apparently
the new DNA was at the

of D&I who’s the new guy yeah the new
guy yeah he has written a letter saying
time to renew the what is it what’s the

name of that act it’s the the patriot
yeah no it’s the follow-up to the
Patriot Act which has you know the same

so-called protections of national yet I
know what it is
national defect no no no no no it’s like
the good stuff in it no it’s like I’m it

well this is because I was reading I
can’t believe it i don’t have this
article somewhere it’s like the isn’t it
that it’s not patriot it’s the america
oh here it is I got it I’m sorry USA

Freedom Act oh yeah there you go that’s
the one yeah
yeah so he ya Joseph Maguire he says the
USA Freedom Act wire 9mag wire the USA

Freedom Act of 2015 preserves
significant national security
authorities enhances privacy and civil
liberties protections increases
transparency bullshit arrest Snowden
yeah the yeah arrest Snowden and the

administration supports a clean and
permanent reauthorization of all the USA
Freedom Act provisions of the Foreign
Intelligence Surveillance Act that will
expire in December 2019 including the

lone wolf and roving wiretap authorities
and the acquisition of business records
including called detail records under
title 5 of FISA the USA what’s the name
of this act again the USA Freedom Act

how is that freedom yeah
forget about it reflector 33 charlie
that’s your freedom right there

everybody hams will save the world i
we’ve got
oh the full interview that it was steve
Bocelli coming up after the show if you
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off kind of end of show I’m gonna have
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Tom Starkweather Jesse Coyne Nelson I
mean it’s a lot so I’m not gonna play
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na and support us with that coming to
you from opportunities own 33 in the
frontier of Austin Texas FEMA reached
number six all the governmental maps in

the morning everybody I’m Adam Curry
and from northern Silicon Valley I’m
John C Dvorak we return on Sunday with
another edition of the best podcast in
the universe until then adios foes and
such in Italy 1 million smokers have

taken up East cigarettes market

researchers Euromonitor International
estimate the industry will be worth 7
billion dollars by the end of the year
in January a cigarette makers in Italy
will have to pay 80 point five percent

of their revenue in taxes so e
cigarettes for now subjects were 92
percent tax instead of Vermont
the bill is aimed at curbing youth levy
the new tax is not actually going

effective cigarettes it’s only going to
be affecting ethics and I’ll dispose
others substitute products

Elle Saint Peter at the golden gate that
Jew hates to make him wait but you just
gotta have another cigarette they took a

large group of people who wanted to stop
smoking half of them they gave thee
cigarettes too and the other half they
could choose whatever they wanted for
nicotine substitution to patch chewing

gum it turned out many more people were
successful using e-cigarettes let’s call
it vaping than any other method of
smoking secession government is so

dependent on that text solar that comes
from tobacco it’s no Norma’s another
bull Mr P they will be very reluctant to
see that go down that if people switched

off tobacco and went on to vaping then
that tax take may reduce and made it
that – the real reason the largest oil
facilities today in neighboring Yemen

Houthi rebels claimed responsibility for
the attack
got them OTG boo gonna bring you some

new ladies gentlemen please welcome to
the stage the vocal stands and mr. John

C did Vollrath she got damn boat eg blue

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