No Agenda Episode 1176: “Soest Piet”


he just took heart from the Spongebob I
put heaven
Adam Curie this is your award-winning
Gitmo nation media assassination episode
11 76 this is no agenda in the morning

everybody I’m Adam curry and from

Northern Silicon Valley where the
weather’s finally turned normal for one
day I’m John C Dvorak what was it you
mean today’s normal it seems to be the

fog is semi in but not totally hands
it’s cooler it was a hundred yesterday
hundred in the Bay Area’s not something
to dust easy that’s not typical for you
get us Texas weather Texas weather but

only last for a very short time because
it creates a an influx of the sea breeze
hmm so and usually if I’m not mistaken
most people don’t have air-conditioning

in the Bay Area and indeed you’re not
mistaken it with that would you be one
of those people of mr. dvorak who has
yeah I don’t mind a bit
I don’t mind hundred degree temperatures

as long as the humidity is reasonable
now does the smell of the poop waft
through that hot air and just enhance
these I get to the East Bay where I am
oh that’s too bad

I’m sure San Francisco stunk up into
place stunk
it stunk stunk it just stunk to high
heaven I tell you how much it stunk
although it does dry out the poop but

then when the poop is dried out then
it’s friable meaning it can be turned
into dust and it gets turned into dust
and then it gets in the air and then
people breathe the desiccated poop nice

all kinds of diseases that way
well you know why it’s a hundred degrees
I don’t have to tell you global warming

yes yes of course it’s all perfectly
timed perfectly timed for four Greta’s
arrival for Greta speeches
oh my second I just lost my entire show

prep outline for some reason what
happened here yeah so I thought there
was a there was a lot going on with hi I
have a couple of clips about you you

really want to start with Greta or do
you want to get the most obvious bull
crap out of the way
but what’s the most obvious bullcrap if
you’re not if it doesn’t involve Greta

the whole zalenski called the Trump had
and the impeachment this is this is I
mean everything got wiped on it let’s do
the let’s do the global warming first

right yeah okay okay the other thing the
other thing is kind of it’s a curious
dead end and in a charade of some sort
mm-hmm I mean it’s just designed to get

people you know hating on Trump so they
don’t vote for him and I also believe
well okay now that we’re so hold on let
me let me just open the segment
I have a feeling that will be used a lot

in yeah coming a few weeks so it could
be could be alright yeah I have a clip
from another rug that Greta cloned well

actually it’s not even really a Greta
clone but I want to play this clip this
is another person at the summit this is
a very famous than she’s 30

I think she’s 13 and she started at 9
st. very just very much along the same
lines as Greta here she is severn
cullis-suzuki at the climate summit
we’ve raised all the money to come here

ourselves to come five thousand miles to
tell you adults you must change your
ways coming up here today I have no
hidden agenda I am fighting for my
future losing my future is not like

losing an election or a few points on
the stock market I am here to speak for
all generations to come I am here to
speak speak on behalf of the starving

children around the world whose cries go
unheard I am here to speak for the
countless animals dying across this
planet because they have nowhere left to

I am afraid to go out in the Sun now
because of the holes in our ozone I’m
afraid to breathe the air because I
don’t know what chemicals are in it now
you may try to pull a fast one on the

producers but you’re not gonna pull it
on this podcaster I know what’s up with
that clip is from 1992 I know I just had
paused 1992 it was a good year for

abusing kids and she was she’s still in
the business you know her parents again
the same thing one of the parents is an
environmental listen trained her and she

started at 9mm and she’s still in out
there you can look her up she has a wiki
page called severn cullis-suzuki she was
born in 79 that was in 92 so she was 13

and it was the same thing with a because
same similar types of parents as Greta I
think probably a little more together
than Greta a little less psycho you can

do it as you wish I personally I don’t
want to disparage the kid I mean sixteen

year old kids are morons they don’t know
what they’re doing well she said she’s
16 now
does the other girl was 13 and she was
actually sounding better
I’m just very insulting naive and I
don’t know who wrote this for her but it

was I think they went overboard and this
is her speech to the UN speech
completely from beginning to or that me
I there may have been an intro at the
beginning catch but this is it you
should play it and we can just at least

say hello Greta this is all wrong I
shouldn’t be up here I should be back in
school on the other side of the ocean
yet you all come to us young people for

how dare you you have stolen my dreams
in my childhood with your empty words
yet I’m one of the lucky ones people are

people are dying entire ecosystems are
collapsing we are in the beginning of a
mass extinction and all you can talk

about is the money and fairytales of
eternal economic growth how dare you
for more than 30 years the science has

been crystal-clear how dare you continue
to look away and come here saying that
you’re doing enough when the politics
and solutions needed are still nowhere

in sight you say you hear us and that
you understand the urgency but no matter
how sad and angry I am I do not want to
believe that because if you really

understood the situation and still kept
on failing to act then you would be evil
and that I refuse to believe what’s
missing from the context here is the

grimacing facial expression she was
making and with her left eye starts to
close and almost Tourette’s like yeah I

know it I felt very bad about this
because this is all right I’m just not
gonna disparage Greta because she can’t
help it in fact there’s a clip out there

of milena toon beer that’s her mom who I
think is an actress of some sorts and
you don’t even have to understand

Swedish to hear that she’s a nut job
that’s what’s so great about this clip
and I’ll tell you what it is I think
it’s a commercial maybe for frozen pizza
in a supermarket because she’s walking

through a supermarket with kind of a
Kate Bush type weathering Heights robes
behind her six guys with Eyes Wide Shut
masks and dressed in black and she’s

wailing on about something and then
holds up the pizza so I know if it’s a
commercial or if it’s sue I’m assuming
it’s a commercial it listen to it you’ll
you’ll hear the cadence and know that

she’s a nut job

doesn’t sound normal

like that for a commercial now let’s
let’s set some basic info about Greta
that is not mentioned

she has an escort her mom’s off they’re
doing frozen pizza commercials
or whatever she’s doing I’m sure our
Swedish producers will let us know she
has an escort to take her around all of
these UN departments and she visited

quite a few and I have a few examples of
that her escort is Lisa Marie Bauer and
Lisa Marie is a 23 year old German
climate activists in Germany she’s one

of the one of the main organizers for
the school strike and she belongs to the
one foundation in fact she’s a youth
ambassador of the one foundation

and I’ll play the same game I played
last night with my wife who do you think
is the biggest funder of the one
foundation Soros there is he’s he’s

helping her out

and they Shepherd this poor girl through
all the different UN organizations here
she is actually she’s this is the
introduction to Greta and 15 of her

cohorts at UNICEF thank you for joining
us this morning here at UNICEF House my
name is hello Peter von etske and I’m
the deputy executive director here at

UNICEF and for anyone who doesn’t know
what UNICEF is we are the United Nations
Children’s Fund we stand up for the
rights of every child in every part of

the world every day sometimes it is our
job to speak up for children when their
voices are not heard but more often it’s

our job to listen and to make sure that
the world listens to them too and that’s
why we are here today nice so then then

they abuse fifteen other children
including Greta the same basic thing
there’s well not the same basic issues
but they are suing Emily there’s like so

many other suing
they’re suing um they’re seen suing
eight different countries because
they’re not acting on their behalf

then she went over to the World Wildlife
Fund that did a little public service
announcement with this wasn’t this is an
odd pairing George Monbiot who is the
extreme leftist does he still work for

the Guardian
mom mom mom yes known as it the most
socialist of the Socialists at the
Guardian and he was a columnist I don’t
know that he is anymore

well I won’t play the whole thing it’s
three and a half minutes you get the
idea pretty quickly my name is Gretel
tamari we are living in the beginning of

a mass extinction our climate is
breaking down children like me are
giving up their education to protests
but we can still fix this you can still

fix this to survive we need to stop
burning fossil fuels this alone will not
be enough right in front of us I’ll let

my friend George explain there is a
magic machine that sucks carbon out of
the air costs very little and builds

itself and here’s the bullcrap that
really bothers me he’s saying it sucks

carbon out of the air no it doesn’t
carbon dioxide so the the carbon dioxide
we saw it move to just carbon in a while
ago and here it is

in the in the leader of the movements
video they just call it carbon of course
we need to plant more trees but we have
to stop using oil and you get the idea
coordinated perfectly with all of this

is yet another IPCC report that came out
we didn’t even hear about that
and I have a quick news report but well
you’ll hear the thing that’s pretty

funny because they always choose a nice
location you know we had the Paris
Accord you know so it’s a good
vacationing spot it’s a great you know
hey what should we do the assessment
announcement John so we did what kind

what place should we do it in
well the Bahamas has been ruined for the
short term so we had to find some places
a little more do it while we go to
Saipan no has to be a place where I can

get my hair done oh don’t you understand
she was the best hair but it’s go to
Milan no no no it’s too many Italians li
anticipated UN climate change report out
this morning raises the alarm about the

world’s oceans more than a hundred
scientists spent the last three years
looking at the impact of climate change
on glaciers and the seas Mark Phillips
is in Monaco Horace where the findings
were released let me tell you about

Monaco it is not easy to get to unless
you’re flying by helicopter right
because that’s what everyone does they

fly by helicopter to Monaco otherwise
it’s it’s it’s a substantial enough
drive it’s very hard to get around in
the city it’s expensive as all heck and
of course there’s still nothing but it

elites there so yeah Monaco let’s do it
Marc what we learn good morning well
this report concerns the world’s oceans
and frozen regions in other words the

North and South Poles and mountaintops
it’s general conclusions they can’t take
it anymore the consequences for Humanity
until now much of the Earth’s warming

has been absorbed in its ocean
but according to this latest UN report
tipping points are being reached tapping
points another one you hear the sound
effect of the falling ideal and report

tipping points are being reached where
some of the most severe consequences of
climate change can no longer be avoided
okay so that report goes on I do have
the IPCC special report on the ocean and

cryosphere which I like is a word I did
in a changing climate and just to give
you an idea of what you know so you just

heard that’s the science is in shut up
this is just right down cryosphere one
of these words I want to remember
everything’s all in we all agree but if
you read the report let’s see I’m gonna

go to the executive summary which they
say is appropriate for media usage and
policy makers which i think is always
interesting here we go or is it here

observe changes and impacts over the
last decades global warming has led to
widespread shrinking of the cryosphere

with mass loss from ice sheets and
glaciers and here comes this is what
they do consistently in all the reports
in parentheses very high confidence
reductions in snow cover high confidence

an Arctic sea ice extent and the
thickness very high confidence it is
virtually certain that global ocean has
warmed unabated since 1970 has taken up

more than 90% of the excess heat in the
climate system high confidence since
1993 the rate of ocean warming has more
than doubled likely I mean and then

it’ll see over here a loss of oxygen has
occurred from the surface to 1,000 parts
per million medium confidence their
whole report easily crap it’s what they

always do they say the ocean by the way
be cooling there’s all these chunks of
ice in it but okay well they say they
state a fact and then say high

confidence or medium confidence or
likely what does that mean because
obviously not stating a bullshit no it’s
not a faster all opinions that’s really
just can you hear how they report this

oh it must be true by the way Dinesh
D’Souza got a lot of heat on the the
Twitter BOTS for making a comparison
with vote with photographic evidence

between Greta tun Betty and an old Nazi
which has one of the Hitler ujin’s a
girl who looks surprisingly like Greta

with her pigtails
now although that’s you look at you go
out man but really it still is
ultimately an image if you search for

Greta tune berg hair loose
I found one picture and only one and
when you see that picture and you can go

ahead just do it on being or Google or
whatever yeah I’ve already gone through
the pictures because I found that she
looked more like Wednesday Addams well
in fact the algos did that to me too I

saw some Wednesday Wednesday Addams
photos pop up but when you see her were
there hair loose all of a sudden she
looks like a young woman this is
complete styling this is definitely

image related and it’s on purpose
yeah well it’s to get everybody riled up
about before we go to four I don’t want

to get away from this topic too far
before we at least play I was kind of
more concerned about these kids
night-night admit I will have taken that
I lifted this which is a disgusting
medley of kids complaining they have

these already in flames
we can’t breathe we need to do more

instead of having

corrupt president who won’t acknowledge
that the earth is literally dying we
need to listen to our children because
they totally get it I hate to do this to
you but I think I can top it I think I

got a topper good I’d like I would like
to hear a topper this is a an appearance
by Kamala Kamala Harris and there’s a
young woman who approaches Kamala and

she is in tears over dying from turning
spot yes and in this case it’s too bad
we don’t have video I implore you to go

look at look at it in the shownotes 1176
no agenda notes calm because the faces
Kamala Harris makes a baby with a frowny

type I would argue this with you I think
the face she’s making is reflective of
oh my god what have we done that we have

people like this well let’s let’s just
like a female in cell
you’re right to feel that way we also

have to remember that we’re all in this
you’re not you’re not you’re gonna be

and we’re gonna take on the people who
are just failing to have courage okay
don’t worry baby you’re not gonna die

well that’s not the message take that
take that back oh speaking of take that
back hold on by the way that was not a
topper no you’re right in audio it’s not
a topper I agree about how to take that

back or is it it was really funny
well first here’s some women from the
ITV talk show loose women responding to
Greta this is in the UK a 16 year old

environmental activist Greta Sundberg
broke down in tears while speaking at
the UN climate summit in New York
yesterday in the speech she called are
world leaders accusing them of stealing

her dreams and childhoods finally got
ears Christine I honestly watching that
night still brings tears to my eyes
because very rarely in this world now do
you see people who are so devoted to

their passion and it is to see that rule
passion about the world this is about
future generation she’s so passionate
about it and I just I just so adorable I

really really respect her and her
passion really got to me and years old
and I’m really sorry but she’s not being
melodramatic that we are living in the

world where we have to watch what we’re
doing there are animals that my children
will never see you know on extinction I
mean I did a program years ago with

David Attenborough about animals who
were close to extinction and I was sent
to Sri Lanka to look at the turtles goes
into the ocean and the turtles eat them

because they in plastic bags because I
think they’re jellyfish we need to
educate the Turtles they die it’s just
like that is our own doing and I think
for me I try and do what I can but when

you look at the facts she made me think
well what is this about why is she
getting so bad but passionate about it
because she’s the core rainforest around
the world are being cut down it says

here a rate of 30 foot it says here it
oh yeah
says here 30 football pitches per minute
a minute that is fact
it makes me think I’ve got to change my

lifestyle and I really didn’t I went
home i sat down I thought what can I do
what well the children are thinking of
themselves and I think the funny thing

is it leads to this clip which is the
birth strike opener is this
is this okay so this first strike
phenomenon is something that I’ve sort

of had like casual conversations about
with friends but I didn’t know that
women were actually considering this
yeah it’s not just women either it’s a
lot of men couples specifically who are
talking about all of the reasons why
they will or will not have children and

now they’re just considering climate
change and for these birth strikers that
is the number one reason and they have
declared signed it into the universe
that they will not have children or have
any more children

because of climate change well what do
we feel about this is this so extreme or
kind of because of climate change well
what do you feel about this is this so

extreme a little bit but then when you
think about it like I’ve had these
conversations not necessarily about
climate change but just children in
general with my husband with my friends
like you said and the number one reason

for me is money but you know kind of
changes it’s another big thing too it’s
another thing to consider in a list of
things to consider when couples women or
men decide to have children I have to
say that after the UN climate change

report came out last fall and they
basically said that by 2040 if we let it
go up 1.5 degrees Celsius that we’re
gonna see more floods more extreme
weather people will be moving inland

more droughts
and I actually thought well if that’s in
my lifetime is it worth bringing
children into this yeah so waters I got
one more of these clips good so waters

of Waters world guy this this one of
these promoters of the birth strike
which is now there was no babies and of
course he’s a joker yeah and so this is

a blithe and the no babies movement on
waters world and it I think young people
to have a legitimate question you know
should is it okay to still

children Alexandra Ocasio Cortez
cautioning Millennials about climate
change and posing the question whether
people should even be having more kids
but the movement reaches much farther

than DC women in Great Britain refusing
to have children until global warming
ends I can’t have a child until I am
passed absolutely convinced that we are

as seriously seriously different paths
here to explain the founder of birth
Blythe pepino okay Blythe what are the
risk you’re doing an interview and

someone starts off with okay you show
killer show killer show closer but okay
all the time he looks a little like Bugs

Bunny in fact he is the most insulting
of all the Fox host okay okay Blythe
Blythe pepino okay Blythe what are the

risks in your opinion of having a child
there aren’t any risks to having a child
than giving birth do you mean or in the

future if you give birth which you’re
refusing to do but if you get pregnant
and give birth what would be the problem
to the world or to your child the

problem that we are talking about is
that we are afraid for these these kids
futures would you be afraid of their
future we’re afraid for their futures

but what could happen to the child when
they grow up well what we’re looking at
in the next few decades at the end of
the century is a worldwide famine mass
displacement of people yeah famine food

shortages across the world as a result
of drought in our the places where we
grow food around the world and how we
feed ourselves
so you you’re also looking at mass
displacement of people we’re talking

five to five to six billion refugees as
a result of five to six billion
refugees to come on your on planet earth

there are everyone’s gonna be a refuge
we’re all gonna be running over there
you move over we are gonna be running

somewhere perhaps the most cynical abuse
of this situation came to us from
CloudFlare who when did they go public a
week or two ago

if they did I missed it yeah well so now
they’re all about the PR and so they
they jump right in with some climate
news and some climate initiatives

they’ve taken and I find this very
cynical malicious BOTS continue to be a
problem on the Internet as the CEO and
we’ve decided to fight back because what

a BOTS do when BOTS are out there
wasting bandwidth what are they doing
they’re using up CPU cycles and that is
a direct you can directly correlate that

to energy usage and to killing the
environment so from today customers have
the option of enabling BOTS fight mode
in the settings of their CloudFlare

dashboard CloudFlare as you know it has
no problem removing people from their
gateway and CloudFlare is an interesting
company many many organizations use them

the kind of as a front for all of their
back-end servers so if you get a some
kind of an attack denial of service
attack or any other type of attack then

the CloudFlare people are there to
protect you and your server but they
have no problem completely throwing
people off they’ve done that what was a
couple of websites they said you can’t

use our service anymore and they
determine what web servers or what
things are BOTS so this is they’re
really turning it into a very nice

censoring machine just by getting
everybody to flip on the bot fight mode
to fight climate change
I find this well I don’t very I’m very
familiar with this company you are and I

there’s climate change nonsense Oh too
bad they shouldn’t do that yeah how are
you familiar with the company

well besides having talked about him on
this show about four years ago or five
years ago hmm I visited MIT wrote an
article by met the CEO I think I had him
explained to me what the hell they were

doing huh
and I played the pinball machine this in
their Lobby yeah you know him t-shirt
did you’re an expert you’re an expert on
them now oh my goodness spot in my eye

so yeah we yeah I did I liked that one I
think that’s the best for the end of the
show that’s the other one which is the
Blythe one but it’s no it’s not like

it’s not like Greta and we could
probably close the night
that’s right Greta I’m sure we’ll be

using that jingle again in the future so
I’m not sure what happened to Brett
Brett Kavanaugh when we gonna impeach
him how long ago was that was that four
months ago the whistleblower showed up

that’s why they heat off a Cavanaugh
this is very interesting I kind of dove
into this it is we can probably say up

front this is a non-story it’s just as
dumb as Russia as the Russia collusion
it will go nowhere in fact the
telegraphing is that it’s going nowhere
we had a series of speakers and things

that happened before the transcript or
notes or whatever it’s called of the
phone call between President Trump and
presidents Lensky which is really just

two comedians hopping on the phone and
riffing together before before they
spoke and we had a whistleblower and I
was able to read the complaint as it
came out today

which was another thing that’s all yeah
this is horrible
the the bad orange man he’s a he’s whole
he’s breaking the law
he’s holding stuff back from us this is
all completely wrong we can’t have any

of this and so we had a couple of clips
before the transcript came out and a
couple after and the first one I wanted
to highlight is the as far as I know at

this point I’m the only challenger to
president Trump of the only Republican
challenger so he he does want to try and
become the the nominee instead of the
sitting president which is always that’s

a tough nut to crack this is Bill weld
and he clearly was read in on the
whistleblower in the manner that whoever
leaked this information or if it was a

leaker to begin with and later became a
whistleblower and he of course he got
all his facts wrong and he also had a an
interesting solution obviously canceling
primaries undermines democratic

institutions and democratic elections
but that’s far from the the deepest I
crying that the president has committed
here he’s now acknowledged that in a
single phone call right after he

suspended 250 million dollars of
military aid to Ukraine he called up the
president of Ukraine and and pressed him
eight times
Joe Biden who the president thinks it’s
going to be running against him talk

about pressuring a foreign country to
interfere with and control a US election
it couldn’t be clearer and that’s not
just undermining democratic institutions
that is treason it’s treason deny and

simple and the penalty for treason under
the US code is death that’s the only
penalty the Constitution is removal from
office and that might look like a pretty

good alternative to the president if he
could work out a plea deal okay you get
a clip of the day for that when I miss
that lunatic before we continue with
this discussion I do want to get this

straightened out about the whistleblower
issue mm-hmm and I found a clip which
was from it actually a columnist at wopo
of all places on the PBS Newshour

explaining this whole you know cuz it’s
it’s not well understood is he a
whistleblower he’s not a whistleblower
they have the had the DNI guys
testifying before Congress as we speak

and he’s telling them the same thing
that you know this guy’s not a
whistleblower that has anything with the
intelligence community why are you
dragging me up here and here’s the
rundown I think this was pretty good by

the way this this is the wopo
whistleblower rundown let’s get right
into this whistleblower complaints under
the law are from the intelligence
community or supposed to go to Congress
how did this one end up at the Justice

Department well it’s a pretty calm
located paths but essentially what
happens is once the complaint is made
folks in the intelligence community
question whether this is a valid

whistleblower complaint because the
president obviously is not a member of
the intelligence community he’s not an
employee of one of those agencies so
what happens is they get legal advice
from the Justice Department and what the

Justice Department says is that no this
is not a valid legal complaint because
the it doesn’t the whistleblower rules
don’t really apply to conduct of the
president but interestingly and in some
ways more importantly the Justice

Department says but there may be a
criminal violation here so we need to
look at that so where we the Justice
Department are going to take a look at
what happened here and see if there’s
reason to pursue a criminal

criminal violation of what campaign
finance law the question is the
president seeking a thing of value from

a foreign entity which is a violation
under campaign finance law and and that
question quickly turned into could you
characterize an investigation by a
foreign government as a thing of value

and that’s the question they were
wrestling with and what was the timing
of all this when did it get to justice
and when did the folks in Public
Integrity clear say there was no
violation so it gets to the Justice

Department in late August and you know
different parts of the Justice
Department get read in and get involved
at different times but essentially
you’re talking about the Public
Integrity section with some input from

the Criminal Division at the Justice
Department and the National Security
Division but essentially they look at
this question and by last week we’re
told and that’s important because

obviously a lot was happening upon this
issue publicly last week but last week
we’re told the Justice Department
decided there was not a criminal case to
pursue here so done yeah well but what’s
interesting is that Democrats and most

of the news media jumped on this before
they had seen any transcript of course
this all happened in July the
whistleblower one day later made his his

or her complaint it’s all bit and I just
read it this morning I’m not going to
read it to you because it’s just
very long and it’s all hearsay and other
people heard this and we’re all worried
and oh my goodness oh my gosh oh my

gracious what are we gonna do and but
what brought out all these numbnuts who
are apparently worried including John
Kerry and why John Kerry because his kid
had deals with hunter Biden and I think

they I don’t know if they completed
everything together in Ukraine maybe
even some of the China deal so Kerry had
to come on Face the Nation this was
Sunday and while here he is first of all

it was hardly appropriate for the
president’s personal attorney to be
involved in another country trying to
find dirt on a presidential candidate
number one number two what President
Trump has done is an abuse if he has

done it and the way to proved whether
he’s done or not is released the
transcript of that conversation that’s
how you get to the bottom of this but
there’s just a you know for the

president United States to be leveraging
American foreign policy Hawking it
extorting the leader of another country
if that’s what has happened is
unprecedented and the last time the
President did that Richard Nixon the

Republican Party stood up and held them
accountable for the abuse of power
this Republican party today is running
for cover and actually it was
inadvertently supporting a cover-up if

if what is alleged is true if any way to
get out at his release the transcript
let everybody see what the president
said and if he leverage if American

foreign policy and foreign aid to get a
president of another country to be the
opposition research arm a famous
campaign that is a fundamental profound
and deeply disturbing power if hedging

his words so let’s get down to the
actual impeachable part Adam Schiff was
right back up on stage we haven’t heard
from him for a couple of months he was

very quiet
boom their skin shedding hey I’m sorry
he was shedding his skin he’s back
fresh fresh new scales and he did a

little stand-up yeah I don’t want you to
get too far off the track before we go
from Carrie who claimed in
that’s then that little spiel of his

that hit that Nixon did what Trump did
is what he said I know it’s completely
untrue as far as I can recall Nixon
Nixon was was busted for obstruction of

justice because of the Watergate
break-in yes what they’re sad nothing to
do with a foreign government or or
extorting a foreign government for his

political purposes what’s he talking
about well this is why I’m going to play
Adam Schiff with his new skin he did a
big big stand up a big speech which have
some other excerpts from but first the

question was asked what exactly is
impeachable that the president did well
I think in its most naked form and this

is what our inquiry is going to look
into the president has now admitted the
notes of this call and and we don’t even
know if these are the complete call
indicate the president United States

shaking down a foreign leader
essentially undermining the national
security of this country for a personal
political gain and one that violates his
oath of office so it is very powerful

evidence of that kind of potential
impeachable offense but we want to get
the full facts before the American

people and we also want to make sure we
take corrective action and I want to
thank the whistleblower we still don’t
know whether this is the subject the
whistleblowers complain but I think this
single courageous individual may have

had the effect of forcing the White
House to provide Ukraine with this
funding knowing that these matters were
going to come to light
but this whistleblower has already added

tremendous impact in exposing wrongdoing
in the president United States and
helping protect our national security in
a way that his or her boss was unwilling
to do and by that I mean the director as

well as the president United States okay
so what
comes down to what they’ve all said is
he had a quid pro quo of withholding aid
in return for services that would

potentially help the president with the
2020 election so at first I thought it’s
not even that long we’d read through the
call but I’m not going to do that but I

just want to give you the relevant
pieces so we can understand what exactly
this quid pro quo was according to the
notes we really don’t know if it’s true
so this is president Solinsky he says I
would like to thank I was gonna do a

voice but I want I would like to thank
you for your great support in the area
of defense we are ready to continue to
cooperate for the next step specifically
we are almost ready to buy more javelins
from the United States for defense

purposes and then the president says I
would like you to do us a favor though
because our country has been through a
lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it I
would like you to find out what happened
with this whole situation with Ukraine
they say CrowdStrike

I guess you have one of your wealthy
people the server they say Ukraine has
it there are a lot of things that went
on the whole situation I think you’re
surrounding yourself was the same people
I would like to have the Attorney

General call you or your people I would
like you to get to the bottom of that so
they is we just go it’s what he did he
answer to the javelins his CrowdStrike
which has nothing to do with Joe Biden

has everything to do with Hillary
Clinton and her emails and we’ve talked
about the CrowdStrike
Ukraine connection before the FBI never
saw the DNC server that was apparently
hacked and for all everything we know it

somehow it’s in Ukraine so it was not
about Joe Biden that is and then that’s
after the next piece but here’s the
thing that everyone is getting wrong in

court including shift and I’m kind of
informed on these things because they’re
talking about this aid what aid and at
Fox News everyone oh yes with not four
hundred million in aid four hundred

million of the bull shit can people not
read we are ready to continue to
cooperate for the next step specifically
we are almost ready to buy more javelins

from the United States for defense
purposes in 27
the State Department and the president
approved a sale of anti-tank weapons
javelins to Ukraine a sale this is not

there’s no aid involved it’s a sale it’s
what we do we sell our crap to everybody
so DS we sell them to Germans we sell

them to every whoever wants that it’s
our main business there is no aid zero
and he says we’re almost ready we’re
scraping together the money we’re

breaking our piggy banks were getting
those javelins mr. president we’re gonna
buy him from you so right off the bat
the premise is a lie there is no aid
nowhere and I’m well I’m flabbergasted

by this you should be and then let’s go
to PBS
uh because what you said right there is
now I want you to listen to this is a

Judy and I’m gonna done playing two
clips out of order here just to be
that’s actually referring to your point
this is Judy talking to one of the
Democrats on the Judiciary Committee

Chris Murphy a congressman what the
what’s the fuss this is Chris Murphy
assertions on PBS senator Murphy thank
you very much for joining us

given your longtime knowledge
familiarity with Ukraine what is your
reaction to this memo we are now seeing
of the conversation between President
Trump and the president of Ukraine in

July it’s absolutely devastating within
moments of zolensky asking the president
for more help for increased weaponry to
fight Russia the president asked

Solinsky to investigate one of the
president’s political opponents Joe
Biden and makes some vague suggestion
that President that Vice President Biden
was bragging about getting a prosecutor

or stopping a prosecution in Ukraine
which is fundamentally not true there’s
no way to come away from that phone call
without the impression that a priority

of the president’s is to take part in
his political campaign for reelection in
the United States and of course this
phone call doesn’t stand on its own Rudy
Giuliani’s name is brought up several

times and we know that Giuliani and
perhaps others were repeatedly trying to
get the Ukrainians to open up these
investigations to politically destroy
one of the president’s rivals I don’t

think we’ve ever seen anything like it
you are not allowed to trade away the
credibility of the United States in
order to score political points or
destroy your political rivals and I

think it underscores the need for the
inquiry the house began yesterday the
senator as you know though the White
House is saying this is just an effort
and open effort by President Trump to

encourage the Ukrainians to clean up
corruption in their in their government
well that would be made more credible if
the president had mentioned any other

corruption investigation over the course
of that call there are you know likely
dozens of different corruption matters
that the president could have pressed
the Iranians on if his actual concern

was cleaning up corruption in Ukraine he
only mentioned one and it happened to be
requesting an investigation which is not
presently happening against his likely
plum 20 campaign opponent oh what a lie

it’s what a lie and this is Judy talking
to him I want to play a package on Judy
show that she ran earlier in the show
before she talked to this guy this was

the end of the of the whole kind of
segment done now listen to this this is
the previous package is the clip
previous package a counter to this what
Murphy just lied about another
rapid-fire day of news centering around

President Trump he was at the UN meeting
with world leaders today but the
headlines came from his decision to
declassify and release a five-page memo
describing a July phone call with

ukrainian President
balota Mir zalenski the text is critical
to the fast rising impeachment debate it
shows president zalenski bringing up the
military javelin missiles he wants to

buy from the United States immediately
following that President Trump asks for
what he said is a favor to look into
the company that concluded Russia was to

blame for hacking into Democratic Party
email in 2016 a conclusion the president
has questioned after zalenski response
stressing the ethics of Ukrainian
investigations President Trump

next says he has heard about a Ukrainian
prosecutor who was unfairly shut down
that may have been a reference to this
man Viktor Shokan whom the u.s. saw as
corrupt and Joe Biden while he was vice

president tried to have fired a few
sentences later mr. Trump says there’s a
lot of talk about Biden’s sudden that
Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot
of people want to find out about that

so there were three items not one like
Murphy said and and Judy knew it because
this is a package that she pushed
why doesn’t Judy say something to Chris

Murphy when he makes that blatant lie
that you pointed out and because she’s a
no she’s I think she does loss she’s
they’re all in it is she’s lost it so
again just to reiterate when the

president with the the lens president
Olinsky says we are ready to continue to
cooperate for the next step specifically
we are almost ready to buy more javelins
from the United States for defense

purposes and I’m reading from the CNN
version of the transcript so it this
could be wrong to the next thing the
president of the United States says I
would like you to do us a favor though
because our country has been through a
lot in Ukraine laws and a lot about it I

would like you to find out what happened
with this whole situation with Ukraine
they say crouch like sir I just read
that to you
then szalinski comes back and he’s going
through a hole in he’ll he’s he starts
out the whole thing is mr. president I’m

we’re draining the swamp we’ve learned
so much from you really excited to talk
to you I’ve been trying to get together
and then he says I guarantee you as the
president of Ukraine all investigations
will be done openly a candidly of

corruption in his own country and then
Trump comes back and says good because I
hear you had a prosecutor was very good
and he was shut down that’s really
unfair a lot of people are talking about
that the way they shut you you’re very

good prosecutor down and you had some
very bad people involved mr. Giuliani is
a highly respect now it goes on about
Giuliani and then he says the other
thing so the it’s completely separated

from the javelins there’s a lot of talk
about Biden son that Biden stop the
prosecution a lot of people want to find
out about what that’s or whatever you

can do with the attorney general would
be great
Biden went around bragging that he
stopped the prosecution so if you can
look into it it sounds horrible to me
and then did the Solinsky comes in and
says oh yeah I wanted to tell you about

the prosecutor he says I’m knowledgeable
situation since we won the absolute
majority in our Parliament the next
prosecutor will be 100% my person my
candidate who will be approved and then

he asked Trump for a favor
the issue of the investigation of the
case is actually the issue of making
sure to restore the honesty so we will
take care of that and we will work on

the investigation in the end of the case
on top of that I would kindly ask you
mr. president if you have any additional
information you can provide us it will
be very helpful for the investigation to
make sure that we administer justice in

our country with regard to the
Ambassador to the United States from
Ukraine as far as I recall her name was
Ivanovich it was great that you were the
first one who told me that she was a bad
ambassador because I agree with you 100%

her attitude towards me was far from the
best and she admired the previous
president and she was on his side she
would not accept me as new president
well enough which is his entire issue
because he could not communicate

corruption was going on between then
Obama State Department and Ukraine and
they were worried that we would you know
think that they were horrible people

so all it takes is just to read through
this to see that they’ve made this up
out of and it’s worse than I’ve ever
seen and immediately jumped to all these
conclusions so much so that Pelosi I’m

actually I’m gonna just play the
beginning I’ll skip to the end again
before the transcript came out Pelosi
was standing on her podium not her
regular Speaker of the House podium oh

now we had five flags we had everything
all set up
she had her new she had that she has had
new skin
I mean if you squint at this video of

Nancy Pelosi were the new hair and her
new skin it’s just like when you put the
glasses on what’s the movie
they live they live yes she looks like

one of those Skeletor beasts so this is
before she has any proof or even the
notes of the transcript she’s she’s
pushed to do this last Tuesday we

observed the anniversary of the adoption
of the Constitution on September 17th
sadly on that day the intelligence
community Inspector General formally

notify the Congress that the
administration was forbidding him from
coming over a whistleblower complaint on
Constitution Day

I’d like the intelligent community
instead of intelligence that’s kind of
cool press reports began to break of a
phone call by the President of the

United States calling upon a foreign
power to intervene in his election okay
that’s quite an extrapolation of what
went on here so I’m fast-forwarding
through it all to get to the end it’s

for article 1 powers including a
constitutional power of the utmost
gravity approval of articles of
impeachment and this week the president
has admitted to asking the president of

Ukraine to take actions which would
benefit him politically the action of
the truck the actions of the trump
presidency revealed dishonorable fact of
the president’s betrayal of his oath of

office betrayal of our national security
and betrayal of the integrity of our
elections therefore today I’m announcing
the House of Representatives moving

forward with an official impeachment
inquiry ok official impeachment inquiry
we heard this we heard this on episode
11 63 of this podcast from Jerry Nadler

this is formal impeach impeachment
proceedings we are investigating all the
evidence we’re gathering the evidence
and we will at the conclusion of this
hopefully by the end of the year vote to

vote articles impeachment to the House
floor or we won’t that’s a decision that
we’ll have to make but that both that’s
exactly the process we’re in right now

so we’ve been in the
process it’s an impeachment inquiry the
impeachment starts with filing of the
articles of impeachment and it takes a
vote in the House of Representatives but
apparently everyone’s forgotten that and

now we’re just pretending the
president’s being impeached which is
just emphatically not true
well that’s well hello I know but I’ve
but it’s that’s the idea because they

can’t do the impeachment somebody said a
very interesting note to us describing
them the impeachment process to remind
us that you really really don’t have I
mean the true if there’s gonna be a

trial about impeachment if they’re gonna
do all this investigation that’s
actually gets done by the Senate well
ultimately yes but the house has to
finally have to do much more than just
fuck all these they would just file the
articles of impeachment and then he goes

to the Senate for a trial yeah there’s
no reason for all these hearings as the
hearings thing is just a just a charade
it’s just nonsense some way to embarrass

and slow down the president from doing
anything came from hopefully keep
Ginsburg alive and maybe when the next
election I think they’re blowing at
doing that but just as an aside that I

had to sit I was up this morning I they
had the the DNI guy live on yes-mo
Flores yeah five feet through YouTube so
I clicked on it and it starts with this

ad of a I swear these people will see
this ad somebody having a stroke it’s
like this fat guy who is a dead ringer
for Jerry Nadler really having a stroke

in this ad and now behold what the signs
of a stroke are and is zoom in on the
guy I swear to god I’ve said what what
what is Jerry Nadler doing in this

advertisement and was anyway I don’t
know that began this probably Fox’s idea
of a dumb joke could be why but it
wasn’t real ad but I was a public

service ad so why why there was YouTube
running this well there’s anyway but
this is a couple things I want to finish
up so now we’re after the release of the
notes and we need to give it some color

and this is the clip that was played
quite a lot and again we’re going back
to Adam Schiff so you just heard what’s
going on yeah but you you’re not doing
it right you see you got it you got to

understand what Trump is really saying
and this is what Adam Schiff is going to
that this call summary proves that there
was no quid pro quo because the withheld
military aid never even came up in the

conversation what’s your response to my
response is the president of Ukraine
brought up his country’s need for
military assistance and immediately
thereafter the president ID States said

I have a favor I want to ask of you and
would not let this subject go there was
only one message that that president of
Ukraine got from that call and that was

this is what I need I know what you need
like any mafia boss the president didn’t
need to say that’s a nice country you
have it’d be a shame if something

happened to it because that was clear
from the conversation there is no quid
pro quo necessary to betray your country
or your oath of office even though many
read this as a quid pro quo I’m not

concerned whether it is a quid pro quo
or not
Oh Ukraine understood what this
president wanted he made it abundantly
clear he made it redundantly clear he
had his emissaries making it clear and

Ukraine needed no knew what it needed to
do if it wanted to get military
assistance and that is help the
president United States violate his oath

of office I mean do these people really
think they’re gonna get away with this
that it will really work that we’re all
so stupid
yeah okay then will it

no no okay then we’re not so stupid
apparently well the problem the problem
is we can go into that is they’re still
having the Republicans aren’t buying any

of this
there’s only 5% of the Republicans that
in the poll saying who should and should
the president be impeached it’s the
numbers are not I mean they they just

keep hounding the pounding this is the
public and it’s starting to annoy people
that a lot of people I think are just
turning off to it and I think the
Democrats might and and by the way this
Pelosi thing I met the point now where

I’m thinking Pelosi just given up and
she went along with the program because
it was the and she says it was the five
freshmen and there were these five
freshmen scores squad this is squad no

no not them five other freshmen know
that that were always against
impeachment until this we got to do
something you know cuz I’m gonna lose

they’re all newbies in contested
districts that could go Democrat or
Republican and not the squad the squad’s
been kind of I don’t know never making
any noise and sorry they get other

things to worry about you know what’s
and she knuckle to these five freshmen
who are all nude nicks mostly women so
you can say they’re all women but to

whom are actually guys but it could be
women alright so Pelosi anyways let me
Pelosi maybe deciding that the only way

to get a to get this resolved it is to
let the parties just lose the house
again and and just draw arms up in the
air so look I told you guys how to do

this you wouldn’t listen to me and yours
now you’re all screwed live with it
it’s the only explanation I can have for
Pelosi knuckling under to five fresh or
seven freshmen

what is the anomalies these people
shouldn’t be saying anything they
shouldn’t have any opinions away this
the way the system works is a seniority
based system if you’ve been proven that

you should be there and not just a lucky
one shot because you got in because you
know that was the off you know that one
the off season election you got in and
now you’re starting to throw your weight

around now this is not gonna this is not
acceptable nudnik is Yiddish stems from
Russian word tedious
it’s a good word

the thing that that didn’t get any
airtime and I had to go to c-span to get
it is the UN General Assembly besides
all the media attention Greta got the

two presidents sat down actually had a
press conference President Trump and
president keep forgetting his name we
really should know this zalinsky and
address the issues I think you read

everything so I think you read text I
I’m sorry but I don’t want to be
involved to democratic often elections

elections of USA no you heard that we
had I think good phone call it was

normal we spoke about many things and I
so I think and you read it that nobody
push it pushed me yes I mean that we

have independent country and independent
general security and I can’t push anyone
you know that’s it that’s the question

that is the answer so I didn’t call
somebody or the new general security I
didn’t ask him I didn’t push him that’s
it now when vitam son walks away with

millions of dollars from ukraine he
knows not to interestingly Trump isn’t
is now just doubling down and hammering
on this stuff and they’re paying a
millions of dollars that’s corruption

when Biden son walks out of China with
1.5 billion dollars in a fund and the
biggest funds in the world
money out of China and he’s there for
one quick meeting and he flies in on Air

Force two I think that’s a horrible
thing I think it’s a horrible thing but
I’m going far beyond that I know the
President and I’ve read a lot about

Ukraine I’ve read a lot about a lot of
countries he wants to stop corruption
Rudi’s looking to also find out where
the phony which I’m started how it
started he had a Russian witch-hunt that

turned out to be two and a half years of
phony nonsense and I think he’s got a
very strong right to do it he’s a good
lawyer he knows exactly what he’s doing
one of the great crimes committed is
Hillary Clinton deleting 33,000 emails

Congress sends her a subpoena I mean
I’ve never heard that she’s done far
worse than that although I don’t know
how much worse it can be and then she

said as I remember it that oh go they
had to do with the wedding and yoga she
does a lot of yoga right so they had
33,000 emails about the wedding of her
daughter and yoga I don’t think so and

that’s really Trump’s point he’s really
going after the Clinton server
CrowdStrike the emails that’s really
what he said yeah I don’t think he cares
at all about Biden now remember we

talked about win read this is the
Democrat the Republican fundraising arm
it’s kind of like cher blue or act blue
I’m sorry they do all the transactions

all of the funds that come through from
the chip in campaigns and that’s owned
by Kushner and Kushner’s buddies they
have been on on full-blast a given
example of some of these tweets that are

coming in and it’s always the same
amount by the way breaking news Nancy
wants to impeach President Trump needs
you on his impeachment defense team
we’re sending him each donor in one hour

replied yes to donate $100 next one do
you not stand with President Trump he
needs you on his impeachment defense
team Adam slick personalized show him

support all gifts match two times reply
yes to donate $100 and it’s just five a
day their fundraising like crazy off of

this and I find
that’s the idea yeah I find I find those
texts and I’m glad you stayed on the
mailing list but I took myself off I was

on warrens mailing messages I don’t have
my text but I’ve never received text
messages from presidents pretty

aggressive it’s very aggressive these
guys are all over it and I find it quite
insulting personally I think it is
insulting it’s also you know it’s
assuming that you don’t know what’s

going on it’s almost like oh great look
what they did this is gonna give us an
opportunity to bring in a lot of
millions that’s annoying people should
be sending the money to the No Agenda

show instead
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episode 1175 the title that was son of a
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discovery that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
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was sandy and you should take over John
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yes I mentioned in the process that
sandy is a very common name when I was a
kid I think Adam had a few friends but
to me it always invokes the girlfriend

of spongebob this the squirrel named
Sandy who would go to the hang out with
SpongeBob and his buddies the squirrel
in a and she’s always be in a diving

suit and so she’d be down because you
know squirrels really can’t live
underwater like it like a sponge can
well and and so Nick the rat immediately
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sandy diving suit
cartoon frames and stuck or tear Casio
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would just made me laugh a lot when I

saw it it was simple and genius and
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Knight is the measure of whether the
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slaves ok County Baron Doom liber8 or of

the Minnesota slaves yes
Baron doom liberate and yes to be

pronounced that would doom doom hip dude
Liberator to the Minnesota slaves I will
read a little bit of this he says before
I explain my value for value journey
since it does have something to do with

us I want to bring a counterpoint to why
I think it’s important for people to
write in and indicate that they don’t
agree with everything you say I also
think it’s important for you to read
that and preferably without berating

when you hear read that you are reading
it with the mind already open to the no
agenda way of thinking however new

listeners who are trying to break their
minds free from the masses are caught up
in a hyper polarized environment we are
expecting to blindly in with that
question accept and agree with our side
no matter what the societal requirements

make it hard for new listeners to hear
no agenda and understand that we just
get to think for ourselves while
disagreeing openly when we don’t agree
with whatever the group you’re

disagreeing with when people write and
indicate that they do not agree with
everything I think it’s very important
okay now he goes on and on about this
issue which I will now address we’re in
we yes we do Mach many uh people who

come in with any comment whatsoever
especially when they say that but the
reason is not because not because
they’re saying that they did they don’t
agree with everything it’s because it is

always assumed that they don’t agree
with everything because nobody would in
fact Adam and I even on today’s show
don’t agree about the one-upsmanship

clip we disagree constantly not not
constantly but we disagree enough and
it’s which is the reason one’s crackpot
ones buzzkill
and so it’s not that we’re mocking them

or condemning them for disagreeing with
us ever but for them even bringing it up
that’s it that’s all there is to it but
I appreciate this note and I will not

mock you since you’re now a baron so
barons are not mockable
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formula is this we go out for your
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yes the vape wars and we have a huge

development in the vape wars as
witnessed by this clip breaking news as
the heat on e-cigarettes increases Joule

labs CEO Kevin burns announced his
immediate resignation on CTM last month
Burns gave a blunt message to young
users don’t they don’t use Joule don’t
start using nicotine if you don’t have a

pre-existing relationship with nicotine
house whatever he wants the company has
also suspended all advertising and says
it will not lobby the Trump
administration on new vaping laws saying
in a statement it will fully support and

comply with the final policy when
effective on the first day of a four
month ban smoke shops across
Massachusetts had empty shelves the
moratorium of e-cigarette products

includes flavored and unflavored
containing tobacco and/or marijuana
which is legal in Massachusetts and both
online or retail sales the Massachusetts
governor Charlie Baker said it was

necessary for health officials to get a
handle on a spike in vaping related
illnesses this temporary ban will allow
state government and medical providers
the time they need to understand the
dangers and respond accordingly

Massachusetts governor says he can
extend the vaping ban beyond the four
months and other states are taking
similar steps neighboring Rhode Island
just issued a ban for all flavored

vaping products in California is urging
its residents to stop vaping altogether
so let’s put this all together we had a
vape industry insider who was in the
advertising side of the business and

said this is all just delaying tactic
and this is maybe a week and a half or
two weeks ago all of this noise about
vaping and people dying and it’s all
noise all the tobacco industry is trying

to do is slow down the vaping craze so
they can come in with their real new
product which is the
dried tobacco it’s not really a

vaporizer but it is a smokeless system
known as I coifs IQ OS and something
that we wasn’t really on our radar is

after Altria bought jewel for 18 billion
dollars they were working on a merger
with Philip Morris and now this the CEO
of jewel has been replaced with a top

tobacco executive and now it looks like
Altria and Philip Morris will merge but
on very different terms than all the

Altria would have wanted and let me read
from the New York Times I mean that it’s
on and off about the merger but I’m
pretty sure that the that they’ll get
together but Philip Morris has said the

two companies are now going to focus on
rolling out the I cross heated tobacco
product in the United States they
emphasize that I cross which Philip

Morris International sells abroad which
has received FDA approval for sale in
the United States is not an e vapor
product I cross as a pen like electronic
device with a battery pack that

resembles a cigarette case it features
the heating blade that warms a tobacco
stick and emits a vapor with the taste
of tobacco but with fewer noxious
chemicals than cigarette smoke the FDA

has approved it for sale in the United
States and said the product could help
people to quit smoking the agency is
still weighing whether to permit I costs
to be marketed as a reduced risk product

so this was the plan we knew something
fishy was going on
yes it’s very dangerous to vape nicotine
salts at high at high wattage or sub-ohm

as they say so low resistance so you’re
really burning that it can create bends
I think it’s bends ain’t been benzene
acid and that apparently is what is

drying up in people’s lungs and making
them very sick and making them die I
think it may be even up to
eight or nine people globally now still
less than Tide Pods that people ate but

there you go or the four hundred
thousand that died here from smoking so
they really the you know and they went
after the vape industry on the hill

there was a there was a hearing about
vape products and they brought in Vicky
Porter who’s a vape advocate and
Rasheeda to leave for some reason is on
this this committee and she you know

took her orders from wherever it’s
coming from I guess from the tobacco
industry because that was the whole
point to ruin the vape industry outlaw
vaping states are pulling vape the

outlawing vape stores are shutting down
there’s no more access to it yeah you
can still have your Joule maybe who
knows maybe it’ll just convert to I
cross I don’t know so she did her job

was on health and so it’s so important
that you all continue to speak truth
about this because the long-term effects
is very dangerous especially because

they have been targeted towards youth
and then you don’t miss Porter I was
reading cuz I want to know more about
you and and your beliefs and I respect
that we all have different abilities but
you you call yourself a comes converted

conservative and a reformed Marxist are
you conspiracy theorists I think my
politics are entirely irrelevant to this
hearing oh okay why were you winking at

one of my colleagues on the other side
of the aisle you winked cuz I know Glenn
Grothman oh that’s what it’s all the
winking did he introduce me he’s a
friend of mine
okay understand I didn’t know what the
winking was because I thought maybe

there was something like a conspiracy
thing going on there I didn’t know
anything there’s a conspiracy in this
very ma’am no I actually think people
are speaking truth here and you can
provide per information AI a drop may I

address the truth well the truth to you
is very different for the majority of
people in this room who do believe that
children are for me like quit smoking
with these cigarettes noted agent Lee

and other people you’re still smoking
I’m not smoking
thank you thank you I’m not lying under
oath Porter please yeah just another
shit show on the hill but it and now I

just just off business wire terrible
what the hell’s going on there
that’s a Rashida to leap just off the
business wire Philip Morris
International Inc the makers of I cross
today announced that merger discussions

with Altria Group Inc have ended
Andre Colin t-butyl Apple of CEO CEO of
PMI said after much deliberation the
companies have agreed to focus on
launching ike wasps in the US as part of

their mutual interest to achieve a
smoke-free future so that what they’re
doing I think is because I think the
jewel guys were worse were suckered into

this and this maybe is a question for
you know that you and Horowitz can talk
about I have the feeling that they they
lured them in to then make this big
stink about vaping products and under

the guise of hey man we’re gonna acquire
you but then kill them kill them kill
the company killed the whole industry it
will be illegal back to bathtubs

everybody just to market I cross and now
they’re tossing them a bone like yeah
you can market this because they do owns
they do own some I cross patent I think
yeah go ahead you can market this and

then they’ll buy them at a much cheaper
price that’s what I would predict would
be next is Altria is a massive target
now that the dis has taken place so
there you go this whole thing is has

always been about putting the slaves
back on actual tobacco products with
actual horrible shit in it although much
less than traditional cigarettes and the
news media helped them and so did the

politicians good job everybody
we didn’t help them done we didn’t
that’s that’s the way the system is yeah
that’s it

it works somehow yeah so we can retire
the vapor wars jingle because the vape
wars are over and I can’t wait to try
out this I cross it sounds like a real
turd sure it smells like one there’s a
backhoe here which reminds me of

barbarians at the gate a movie a
must-see for No Agenda producers
barbarians at the gate was about the
leveraged buyout of was that Philip
Morris no RJ r RG art that Nabisco

abisco and the whole thing fell apart
because they had developed a smokeless
cigarettes spoiler a smokeless cigarette
that actually was smokeless except when

you lit it with a match then it smelled
like actual poop
and that ruined anyway it’s a great
movie to watch I think it’s an HBO

production actually well another
controversy is now boiling Oh
and I have three clips which are defined
them very entertaining mm-hmm it’s about

the latest on about black Pete oh not
again it’s oh you know why it’s almost
we’re coming up on December 5th that’s
when when Black Pete appears in the
Netherlands here’s a good background

Iran black Pete and what they’re gonna
do about it because it’s become a we
knew this was gonna happen
I think we predicted it on the show that
black Pete can not go on forever
no and so they’ve come up with a new way

of they come up with a solution
Santa’s help her in the Netherlands is
known as Black Pete and we’ve spoken
about Black Pete on the show before and

the controversies surrounding him and
and the helpers according to folklore
black Pete is a more from Spain and when
people dress up as him they often table
their faces with black paint and therein

lies the problem many believe the Black
Pete character promotes racist
stereotypes there have been violent
confrontations over the issue unless
even sparked debates in the Dutch

parliament DW correspondent Stefan boss
grew up in the Netherlands but this year
is gonna be different stuff um yes it’s
going to be radically different I would
say wow I love that you got this clip of

a ditch guy shown that’s great II
because for the first time only beats
with soot wipes will be allowed they
even call him the soot beat no longer

the black Pete okay yes so what I’m
saying instead of painting your face
fully black you just can dog yes as
though because you know traditionally

Santa Claus comes down the chimney and
if you can manage to me you’re going to
pick a specimen so that’s the thing
exactly and that is really a dramatic
development because it was announced

even by the national television
broadcaster and they announced that for
the first time only suit Pete’s will be
allowed to participate in this annual

entry this year it’s Apeldoorn and the
municipality there was saying well we
are not really a way
black Petes anymore so the blackfeet has

been banned from apeldoorn Wow so you
familiar with such I am was not up to
speed on the suit beats this V now it’s

here because if to no agenda show which
did you know it’s the best podcast in
the universe according to the middle
report so I got two more clips that
one’s the last one is the short one but

let’s hear more about such Pete ok yes
some foreigners are quite surprised by
the whole black peace debate American
author and comedian David Sedaris has
written a story about the tradition the

story is called 6 to 8 black men and he
once read it to a group of Dutch
students this I think is the greatest
difference between us and the Dutch
while a certain segment of our

population might be perfectly happy with
the arrangement if he told the average
white American that 6 to 8 nameless
black men would be sneaking into his
house in the middle of the night he

would barricade the doors and armed
himself with whatever he could get his
hands on 6 to 8 did you say David
Sedaris there and yeah he’s talking
about your average white American what
about your average black Dutch person it

is very interesting because there are
very different reactions of course the
people from the group called kick-out
swore to Pete that is even here existing

they are very happy with this latest
arrangement because they cite history
they recall that in 1863 slavery was
abolished in the former Dutch colonies

of Suriname and the Dutch entails
ending some 200 years of slavery and
they view this black Piet character as
really a leftover from that horrible

time now I’ve also spoken with other
people his friends from Suriname and
they find this discussion ridiculous
even one of them told me well it now

means that I can no longer play the
character of black Piet but it is a very
divisive issue in the Netherlands
what was also interesting that in recent

years even a massive police presence was
necessary to welcome Santa Claus now
that’s of course not really how you want
to celebrate what is really a children’s
feast you know I was while that was

playing I was looking for back to the
archives this this whole Black Pete
controversy started many years ago we

covered it on the show by a woman whose
sole responsibility as a consultant to
the United Nations is to prove that
reparations are needed for the former

colonies of European countries so when
he mentioned Suriname Indonesia I think
while Suriname Netherlands Antilles
those were colonies and she started this
it would have started anyway but it was

always intended to spark a conversation
about reparations for slaves of the
Dutch colonies and that conversation is

alive in the Netherlands today many
people who are from Suriname or
netherlands antilles background are
saying oh yeah we deserve that money we
can’t wait to get it and that will be

the next report you hear so that’s the
origin of this and now of course it’s
turned into a whole blackface thing and
and the fact the funny thing is with all
the grief that Justin Trudeau is

receiving mm-hmm
apparently the Prime Minister of Hall
and dresses up as black Piet all the
time that many times have have
politicians been the black Piet or the

Sinterklaas the Santa Claus yeah well
this comes up in the third clip the
third part dutch Prime Minister Mark
Rutte ahe’s he actually went the other
way he’s saying well actually there’s
nothing to apologise for because this

character is harmless this is a old
children’s tradition sinter Klass and
sorts Pete’s black Petes and it is not
Greenpeace or Brown Peter this black
Beach so I cannot change that this is a

old tradition and I can only say that my
friends in the Dutch Gentiles they are
very happy when they have seen the class
because they don’t have to paint their
faces and when I’m playing black Petes

I’m four days trying to get off
my face so Stefan just our final
question do you think that next year
when it’s not an Apple dorm when they
have a new city is gonna host it are
they going to go back to black Pete or

are they going to go with the new
version Pete I think they are going
without Pete simply because this has
been a development for some time they
have very very slowly changed the

character I have to say that even in
recent years you could still see a black
beat mixed with species with different
colors so I think this is a development
and I expect that slowly but surely

black Pete will disappear from the
television screens here in the
Netherlands Stefan boss DW is resident
Dutch month Wow great report mm-hmm and

this comes along this is important
because there’s protests I mean the ED
for the past couple years we’ve had the
pro Pete’s and the anti Pete’s you know

people literally yelling and screaming
at each other while children are there
waiting for the holy man to come on his
steamboat from Spain with his black
Petes so it’s been very traumatizing but

this comes along with an interesting
tweet from the the Justice Department of
the Netherlands Minister you from your
CC and phallic ID justice and security

or safety from sir Roderick Zelo who we
all know TPO podcast he’s been a
longtime supporter of the show there’s
been some changes in Dutch law for a
certain crime so if you participate in a

criminal organisation you could can now
get 10 years jail time if you have a
illegal gun which is any gun if you’re
not licensed and almost no one is 8

if you
participate in porn shaming what does it
what’s the term you know where you post

some some naked picture of your ex yeah
something shaming something shaming two
years of jail and here’s the one that he
highlighted porn shaming I think it is

yeah here’s the one he highlighted if
you instigate hate discrimination and
ie the right to freedom of speech may

not be misused to create a split in
society so if you say something that
causes a split in society

you can get two years of jail in the
Netherlands that means you can’t say
meanwhile Blackfeet and I hereby call

such Pete said Pete I hereby call
that we have to stop with fat Santa
Claus it’s turning it’s it’s making fun

of fat people because they’re they’re
not always jolly so that to be jolly and
they’re to be generous and funny and
wise no no no more fat Santa Claus we

may not hear anything on that but I’m
just saying it’s if you put up a website
and you started making a fuss you could
have I think you could start a movement

I got another think you could I got
enough work on my hands with with
keeping a podcast going well I thought
you were sincere do you really wanted to
stop fat so I’ll let someone else take

care of that work no no no no no no no
no no well I thought you I had a hunch

we were unfamiliar with suit Pete I was
not familiar with the subpoena and I’m
glad that I put that those clips
together to educate you about your own
country residents I want to go back
there’s something coming up and I want

to put it on people’s radars to the Emmy
Awards which were the lowest rated ever
I believe who was down 26% I mean why
not it was quite boring most of it there

was no host make a comment here please
do I failed to watch them I had Monday
Night Football on which was the winner
wasn’t watching that I was dinner time

but I failed to watch him and I realized
the next day as I read the overnights
mm-hmm and looked at the Hollywood
Reporter and these other trades mm-hmm
realized that I’d missed him and I said

well I can always download it there’s
places you can download these things and
watch it again watch it later in fact
get some clips out of it and then I
failed to even do that I was so
disinterested I don’t need to listen to

a bunch of Hollywood doofuses lecture me
about one thing or another I really
found myself kind of repulsed by the
show I never even bothered to see a clip

of it we watched the whole thing
good there wasn’t really any super
highlight but what caught my eye
and I love these award shows I really

like watching the red carpet because
that’s where I can see what people are
wearing you know what they’re really
saying you because it’s not really well
staged or lit you can you can people
often things shine through and you just

see other things you may not see on the
show itself but something that came back
continuously was October 8 I think was
Laverne Cox I think her name is who was
the trans woman who is most famous for
her role in orange is the new black and

she was on the red carpet telling
everybody about October 8 October 8 that
the evil Trump administration is trying
to make it possible for any employer to

fire you just because you’re trans and
this was a theme throughout the evening
it was called out on stage and then she
would la verne’ would stand up and hold

her purse which were specially made by
some designer I’ve never heard of which
said trans life matters whatever October
8th you know because there’s going to be
a Supreme Court hearing on October 8th

regarding title 7 of the Civil Rights
Act so I’m a no agenda producer so I
want to find out what is what is going

on is is can this be true is the Trump
administration trying to create some
kind of legislation so that any employer
can fire a trans worker this doesn’t

sounds horrible so I go and there’s an
amicus brief which is a letter The
Descent on behalf of you know two
friends of the court a lot of documents

in fact in all of the documents
surrounding this October 8th case the
word transsexual does not even appear
all the cases that are mentioned are

about gay men there’s not I don’t even
think well there is mention of a sames
female same-sex partners but certainly
not of transsexuals and I’m going to
explain what’s happening here and it’s

it’s really what’s misunderstood in the
Civil Rights Act it is absolutely legal
or an employer to either not hire you or

to fight and this is based on all the
case law and and the explanation in this
brief it is legal for you to be fired or

not hired based upon the fact that you
are gay because that has nothing to do
with sex and this is what they want
change they want the word the meaning of

the word sex to also mean gender gender
identification anything but male and
female reproductive systems and you are
allowed to not hire or fire someone

based upon them being a gay male as long
as you do the same this is the Equal
Rights part of this of the Act to a

who is gay and/or living with it with a
same-sex partner so it would be crazy if
employers could not decide who they want
to hire that hire that is exactly what

this movement is trying to do is to
solidify that anybody that anyone who
claims they are not of a straight up and
down orientation heterosexual that they

will be protected and it’s fascinating
to read this I’ve put a PDF in the show
notes that’s highlighted and marked up

so you can see it because they never
really even consider that it you almost
think that all you can’t fire someone
because they’re gay well you can as long
as you’re consistent between men and
women and for some reason this is now

and it’ll be just like this impeachment
inquiry it’ll be just like the the jewel
the media is spinning it literally
saying Trump doesn’t want anyone to be

able to to have to hire or confine a
will any transsexual person and it’s
just not true it’s just a lie and
honestly I think it’s it’s it’s probably

a good idea I like the Equality of it I
think you should be look I don’t like
the way you look I’m not gonna hire you
and that’s okay as long as you could
also say to a woman who’s look you don’t

like you can’t discriminate between the
sexes that’s the law if they want to
change that right something new right at
another amendment or something but this
is a fight that is just ridiculous and

it’s and I’m all for trans people I
don’t care I’m from Amsterdam we got
black Petes I don’t care I don’t care if
they remove them tremendous suit Pete’s

but the Civil Rights Act is it’s very
simple it’s straight up and down you can
read it for yourself it’s not difficult
to understand but it’s being miss you

and I’m sick and tired of the lies that
the media just propagates without
reading anything that’s why we do this
show I guess so it’s well worth a look
into that it’s been a trend it’s very

noticeable in California
to kind of make it luckily as well as
for bigger companies I think under 25

you’re pretty exempt from this but
they’re trying they’ve been trying to
and to make sure that you cannot be
rejected because of your appearance and
this was promoted but there’s a lot of

people in the san francisco bay area
let’s say that have gauged ears you know
big holes and their ears and they’re
tatted their faces all are all tatted up

and they have horns embedded in their
head my face that’s my favorite the
wholesome bone put in there via plastic
surgery so you look like you have two
horns and and you have a big your lip is

pierced and you just got a bunch of you
know you’re just horrible looking and
they these people want to make sure that
they don’t get discriminated against

because of their appearance when in fact
if you’re running a business especially
if it’s public facing you can’t have
some of these people being a public face
of your company if they’re gonna gross

people out but you can it’s your own
it’s your own company’s own choice they
can do whatever they want but that’s
what the that’s what I’m saying yeah in
California trying to make it so you
can’t do what you want right you have to

hire this guy yep by law and as I
learned from a long conversation with
moe-moe fax calm the connection between
black Americans and LGBTQ as leverage to

create legislation on behalf of wealthy
typically white people in America goes
goes pink goes back hundreds of years

that like you’ve heard of the Harlem
Renaissance in the 20s I don’t know if
you know about that now okay but anyway
three lesbian black women I mean it’s

it’s amazing when you see how closely
tied legislation is to LGBT LGBTQIA
piqué and black people in America it is

continuously put together and abuse
to create legislation that really only
boovs rich people and usually which rich
white people it’s it’s it’s mind

boggling when you think about it but is
it really that crazy to think when you
see what is being pushed upon our

besides the climate crisis and emergency
and making them all afraid
now Mattel who have had their issues
with their toys have released a new toy

kids right now especially Jennifer kids
which are kids under the age of 10 they
see gender very differently we
experienced under very differently it’s
a perfect time to introduce this new

doll line that is truly gender neutral
objective of this doll is eliminating

all the adult labels that we put on it
from the kids they did not want their
toys to be labels
they don’t want ruleset around their

play and what we heard from parents was
an increasing concern about gender izing
toys this will be really challenging for
a population of people we will challenge
people’s points of view about how they

think boys and girls should play
well you get the point this goes on and

on so they’ve released a general neutral
gender-neutral doll which can be both
boy or girl or at the same time you’re
gonna have half of the doll boy half the

dog girl and the kids love it
there’s evidence in the whole video kids
love it it’s great fantastic and parents
are concerned I wonder why no they’re
concerned about gender did you really –

they said that we developed this because
parents are concerned about gender
identifiable dolls they don’t want that
no that’s one every doll to be just a

zombie neutral yes like their kids do
you you know you’ve made a call on the
last show and you specifically said we
need a Jose gaff of the week jingle do

you have a Joe Biden gaff for us I do
not have a know those de joe biden
gaffes or generally run on Sunday oh
okay but if you have a jingle I’d like

to hear it in advance I have two and you
can choose or we can alternate the first
one is from sir seat sitter

then we have one from one of our old
buddies who’s currently on the road with
the Bob Dylan’s kids band but no offense
sir seat sitter but Jeff Smith is a

killer that’s one you want he does that
in the middle of the night he can wake

up and just write that and record it
it’s not easy to do that stuff he is
indeed a jingle guy that’s so true
good lyricist should be able to write

jingles in these what he does we have
some outstanding end of show mixes I
think we have we got a lot in of Greta
of course this is some really
outstanding work I don’t even I don’t

know if I can play them all for today’s
end to show unless we end on time is
just so much is it’s phenomenal I’m
loving it alone away at that time no
problem blowing away I did run into an

NPR thing I wanted to play because it
was funny and it’s kind of a kind of and
normally I don’t want to go out of my
way to defend a fellow podcaster who has

done quite well for himself in fact made
a lot of money and but it seems because
he’s now a podcaster who is demeaned I

thought oh this guy familiar with Adrian
Lamas the hacker who died mysteriously
and he’s the one who turned in Chelsea
Manning oh yeah they did a special on

him trying to follow his career it was
very boring and it was too much of this
kind of thing right but then why you
know I’m gonna talk about it but I just
found this to be incredibly insulting to

a mutual friend of ours a podcaster this
was probably one of the few moments in
Adrian Lamas life when he was truly

because before all this happened she was
a fucking rock star Warner MCI Worldcom
Microsoft and very famously the New York

Times Adrienne Lama one of the most
celebrated hackers in the world
submitted welcome to the screensavers
was an old cable television show all
about technology it aired in the late
90s and early 2000s and the host was a

guy named Leland it’s not a term that I
try to sell myself as people use hacker
he definitely had an original approach
to things

Lorraine Murphy writes about hacking so
why is that disparaging let me make it
sound like the guy’s not in the biz some
guy named Leo Laporte in the late 90s
they make it sound like the East he’s

like a nudnik from using that word too
often Dvorak I will stop using it they
make him sound like a schlemiel from the

from the distance pet distant past when
he’s inactive he’s in the business I
mean it’s just that to me seems
insulting and I’m not here to defend leo
but I just thought that was the way they

handled it was they I just thought it
was insulting this time there’s another
clip from from leo which i put in the
show notes because i want people just to
hear it it would fall under the green
new deal I’m not gonna say anything

about it but he’s he deserves to be kind
of disparaged after that one well that’s
another story that is but that’s a
different reason to yeah I know I’m just

OTT going ot I’m no teacher guy okay
I’m gonna go time for that off the grid

segments we are all OTG kind of guys and
I wanted to start with the truth that
always wants to come out and maybe I’m
just looking too much into it maybe I’m

hearing too much but Amazon did a big
presentation yesterday of their new echo
line echo echo Familia known as Alexa
but they have to stick with their

branding for some odd reason I guess
they couldn’t trademark Alexa
although echo must be hard too and
they’ve got it in a ring they’ve got
some kind of the mood ball that kids

love and it’s just the spy stuff
it’s just spy stuff it’s microphones
with the speaker the microphones always
listening and it’s trying to interpret
what you’re saying or what else it might

be hearing and they have a new product
but listen closely to what the presenter
says I’m pretty excited because we have
two different day one edition products

to show you the first one we call echo
frames and this is echo frames allow you
to get done more around you and be more

present in the everyday they look just
like regular prescription glasses in
fact the fact that I’m still talking to
you says they are prescription glasses
they have my lenses in them and they’re
incredibly comfortable there are only 31

grams you barely know that you have them
and we intentionally not put a display
in them we not put a camera in them we
want you to focus on your everyday and
Alexa should be here to augment that

through the day and built into this is
very discreet
directional microphones that allow me to
hear then hear what’s going on but not
the world around me now this is the

problem I have what he’s saying he’s
saying this has very discreet
microphones which allow me to hear the
world that’s going on and not everybody
what he might have meant to say was

so that he can hear what these frames
these glasses are saying but is he
really as an Amazon echo leader is he

not saying we want to make sure that I
amazon can’t hear what’s going on around
you I think the truth came out here
let’s listen again should be here to
augment that through the day and built

into this is very discrete directional
microphones that allow me to hear then
hear what’s going on but not the world
around me am I just looking too far into

well I’m not gonna say that like it’s
kind of confusing what he’s saying what

is he talking about so that’s what you
say is is probably what he’s talking
about which is that he’s representing
Amazon and so yes he can hear everything
that you’re hearing yes because this is

what what doesn’t make sense what he
said under why and maybe it was just a
really dumb mistake but that’s how it
came out
so what are these things it’s glasses so

it’s spectacles with just glass in it
and it has it connects to your phone
through bluetooth and it just looks like
like my glasses my black rimmed glasses

so nothing spectacular you can put
prescription lenses in there’s
microphones in the glass with
microphones in the in the it’s in the
feet in the stems what do you call them

feet stems the back now the the the
things that go behind your ear yeah so
it’s the back that’s the back no not at
the back that’s the sides it’s the whole
thing doesn’t okay so they got two

microphones on the little ear stems
yes stems exactly and then tubes so in
essence what your ears hearing this also
the microphones are hearing cuz they’re
right next to your ear hole no there’s
nothing in your ear hole no they’re

right next door they’re they’re closed
there’s behindest up there behind your
ear hole you know they could be sticking
out well I had them on so I saw it I saw
the presentation so they’re behind is it

behind his ear yes and and the
microphones are in there so that you can
walk around and go hey Alexa what time
is it oh it’s this waiting for you to
start saying and then have some speakers

or what yeah it has little speakers
that’s what he may be meant to say so
only I can hear what Alexa is saying so
it has little yeah that’s the thing do
they you hold them does it vibrate or Z
there’s a big speaker I don’t know how

this works it doesn’t make any sense why
would anyone want this no Amazon wants
you to but they’re all practically
giving this stuff away and it’s all
1600s it’s real cheesy frames are nice
and they’re giving it away

well not giving it away but almost it’s
69 is 79 bucks which is cheap for frames
and it has all this stuff in that it did
taking a loss on that they don’t care
they just want to listen to what you’re
doing and sell you some gear

but by far joy wait wait stop this is
what I’m interested in now
there’s no cameras unfortunately but
there are the things can pick up the

sound around you so in other words can
you record this can use it as a
recording device so you can use like as
a an eavesdropping system if you well I
don’t think it’s intended for that I

don’t think you can do that look only
Amazon has that capability so I guess if
you say Alexa and then it starts
recording you can go into your Alexa
account and see what it recorded but not

it’s not a very good way to do it now
now they got a ring so you can you press
the ring and then you talk into the ring
and you put the ring to your ear it’s
like and everyone it CNET it’s like oh

Billy loved it all this quick Oh slow
I probably should have waited for this

one but well did you see borin Geoff
Boris Johnson at the United Nations
General Assembly no I did not he went
over the top

ot G out of his effing mind and I loved
mr. president your excellencies ladies
and gentlemen faithful late-night
it’s it’s customary for the British

prime minister to come to this United
Nations and pledge to advance our values
and defend our rules are the rules of a
peaceful world and protecting freedom of

navigation in the Gulf to persevering in
the vital task of achieving a two-state
solution in the conflict in the Middle
East and of course I’m proud to do all
these things but no one can ignore a

gathering force that is reshaping the
future of every member of this assembly
there has been nothing like it in
history what do you think it’s gonna say
what you think it’s gonna talk about

well if it starts about 5g that would
make sense
Oh way beyond it not just 5g OTG when I
think of the great scientific

revolutions of the past print the steam
engine aviation the Atomic Age I think
of new tools that we acquired but over
which we the human race had the

advantage which we controlled and that
is not necessarily the case in the
digital age you may keep your secrets
from your friends from your parents your
children your doctor even your personal

trainer but it takes real effort to
conceal your thoughts from Google
and if that is true today in future

there may be nowhere to hide smart
cities will Poli late with sensors all
joined together by the Internet of
Things Ballards communing invisibly with
lampposts so there is always a parking

space for your electric car so the Mobin
goes on emptied no street unswept and
the urban environment is as antiseptic
as as Urich Pharmacy but this technology

could also be used to keep every citizen
under round-the-clock surveillance the
future Alexa will pretend to take orders

but this Alexa will be watching you
her tongue and stamping her foot in
future voice connected connectivity will
be in every room and almost every object

your monitor your mattress will monitor
your nightmares your fridge will beat
for more cheese your front door will
sweep wide the moment you approach like
some silent Butler your smart meter will

go hustlin and its own accord for the
cheapest electricity and every one of
them my newly transcribing your every
habit in tiny electronic shorthand

stored not in their chips or in their
innards know where you can find it
within some great cloud of data that
Lauer’s evermore oppressively over the
human race a giant dark Thunder cloud

waiting to burst and we have no control
over how or when the precipitation will
take place and every day that we tap on

our phones or work on our iPads as I see
some of you are doing now we not only
leave our indelible swirl in ether but
we are ourselves becoming a resource by

click tap by tap just as the
Carboniferous period crated the
indescribable well zeef by decaying leaf
of hydrocarbons data is the crude oil of

the modern economy and when do you want
me to go on another minute and 30 Oh God
this is great by the way I did before
you continue I’ve been saying this for
the last 30 years oh of course

this is nothing new except you didn’t
hear about this really promoting and
only the No Agenda show plays this sort

of thing and as you asked me if y’all
want to go another man and a half of
course will play the whole fastest the
Carboniferous period created the

indescribable wealth leaf by decaying
leaf of hydrocarbons data is the crude
oil of the modern economy and we’re now
in an environment

where we don’t know who should earn
these new oil fields we don’t know who
should have the rights or the title to
these gushes of cash and we don’t know
who decides how to use that Dayton can
these algorithms be trusted with our

lives and hopes should the machines and
only the machines decide whether or not
we are eligible for a mortgage or
insurance or what surgery or medicines

we should receive are we doomed to a
cold and heartless future in which
computer says yes well computer says no
with the grim finality of an emperor in
the arena how do you plead with an

algorithm how do you get it to see
extenuating circumstances and how do we
know that the machines have not been
insidiously programmed to fool us or
even to cheat us we’re already using all

kinds of messaging services that offer
instant communication at minimal cost
and these same programs platforms could
also be designed for real-time

censorship of every conversation with
offending words automatically deleted
indeed in some countries this happens
today the digital authoritarianism is

not alas the stuff of dystopian fantasy
but of an emerging reality and the
reason I’m giving this speech today with
this slightly gloomy pronet proem is

that the UK is one of the world’s tech
leaders and I believe governments have
been simply caught unawares by the
unintended consequences of the internet
a scientific breakthrough far more

reaching in its everyday psychological
impact than any other invention since
Gutenberg and he went on for a bit
longer but that was the the best part

the first five minutes
I was blown away by it I’m like damn yes
it was great but what was the point just
not to talk about brexit I guess see you

Anjana and he also got to give the
needle that some people apparently were
on iPads well he’s oh yeah but here’s
what I was thinking you know when he

fails to brexit which we’ve predicted
and I think it was probably was yeah
it’ll not happen he’ll get kicked out he
won’t be Prime Minister I think seeing
as he was born in Manhattan he should
probably give 2020 ago he could he’s US

born he’s old enough he could run for
he’s us-born you didn’t know you didn’t

you know never been a citizen know I
think he
I think legally he could be I think he
can yeah
q 2020 that’s what we need

yes I would love to see stronger than

anyone could take I wanted to see Trump
and Boris Johnson debate each other that
would be the best ever
yeah we do have a few people to thank

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