No Agenda Episode 1177: “Moral Army”

there’s no budget for it Adam curry
John C. Dvorak Sunday September 29th
2019 this is your award-winning Gitmo
nation media assassination episode 11 77
this is no agenda firing up the gentian
broadcasting live from opportunity zone

33 in the frontier of Austin Texas
capital the drone star state in the
morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern silicon
valley where we’re now drinking Perrier
blue lightly carbonated I’m John Steve

all right well for those who are in the
troll room on the stream they know that
we’re about an hour late today when we

last left the dynamic duo John see
Dvorak’s power went out on Thursday and
Adam tried to end the show with a couple
of no agenda hams but just went into a

mega mix of Greta today today lightning
strikes twice on a show day this types
of equipment failure apparently and I

think this gavin newsom I started
getting text messages from Mimi about
quarter to ten my time so an hour and a

half before who we usually start and it
was the cryptic I’m like why is she
telling me stuff about Pacific Gas and
Electric I know

and like oh crap so she sends me a link
to the map it’s like it was bigger than
Thursday’s outage as a big outage but we
don’t know what happened some equipment

failure idea what transformer blew up
that’s what happened I don’t place it
well what else could happen
enron rolling rolling blackouts days are
over likely but there don’t seem to be

completely over yes during the great
Davis if people don’t remember this but
in California we had a May a governor
who was recalled yes
Democrat governor who was recalled which

led to the governorship of
schwarzenegger this guy had gotten in
bed with em Enron and they all of a
sudden all of a sudden where our powers

for prices had gone through their
skyrocketed and we had rolling blackouts
all over the state and this was but I
don’t know 10 15 years ago
yeah yeah probably more well it’s
probably more like close to 20 years ago

but we had all these and they and the
commentary and everyone’s buying it I
but everyone’s buying oh oh well there’s
such a heavy load we can’t buy the power

for the people anymore and so the
rolling blackouts will be what we have
to do constantly now for the rest of our
lives they told us yeah oh yeah I
believe it I watched the movie those

guys like the rolling blackouts so
they’d have these blackouts I was like
the end the right grid I didn’t have too
many of my thing you know maybe one
because I was I’m on the same grid as
the police station so they don’t they

weren’t messing with us too much and but
they kept talking about this no this is
the way it’s gonna be this is your life
this is your new life just like Rachel
Maddow said was your life is your life

now but so what happened on Thursday
then was it also a transformer no it’s
just some like somebody in a pole or
something oh okay well I find it
coincidental that it happens twice on a

show day and if I can add to that you
are you are the biggest phoniest of all
ham radio operators I mean is this your
power goes out and then you’re calling

me on the cell phone that’s when you
gotta hit the repeater man take
predictive the phone ended up in here
that does that’s in the car I wasn’t
going outside to go do you even know

what a repeater is I haven’t hooked up
to that to the other device the decom
here the D star C star D calm which is a
great product yeah

now we know your phony ham no Han thinks
D stars are great for real hams hate it
I love it

and you anyway welcome back we’re glad
you’re up I was actually it went free
I’m not about this of course not no I I
was I was chilling oh my god it’s gonna
be a couple more hours and I got some

time huh no such luck
well it came in faster so a couple of
things yes I thought were funny first of
all so I get after I woke up on time
without the alarm going off which is

classic wait you you never look I see
that the alarm clock is not there’s no
lights wait a minute wait a minute you
had an
school analog alarm clock that just goes
thing inning inning inning inning no oh

okay but it’s battery power so it does
make up noise if you know I mean it will
come back on to the right time but it
doesn’t beat much when it alarm his I
heard a little bit so I get up and uh

great the power’s out and I go
downstairs and uh geez and so I’m I
figured I’d wait till about 8:30 before
I give you a call and meantime I want to

get something to eat and because I’m not
stuck in some community that’s decided
to not run gas lines gas so I’d like to
gas stove up and I gonna boil some water

make some tea fry some bacon fry some
eggs I’m good to go nice because I have
because I have not been and being while
I’m looking out the window and the
people across the street whose power is

also off they can’t they want to go get
some breakfast because they have all
they don’t have gas maybe running they
can’t get the car out of the garage cuz
they got the garage door open so they
they’re in there trying to figure out

some way to finagle the the garage door
to open it up manually and they finally
managed it and took off but this this
reminds me of the situation that Mimi

was going back to Port Angeles and she
was to put her dog in they she has a big
dog Fila dog
yeah I know when I was Brazil kill you
though but yeah exactly so the Fila dog

is left in the she’s got to she decides
she can’t make the trip all the way so
she stays at this motel in Cottage Grove
where she always goes which has amenable
to dogs puts the dog in the in the to go

get something I don’t know what she was
she left the thing left the dog in there
for a minute goes back the door won’t
uh-huh so the dog is now freaking out

you got a feel of Dagar it’s not happy
this is nice like D like 150 pounds
these dogs yeah they’re big and they’re
wrong what’s wrong – something’s up some
persons trying to break in so they can’t

get in they can’t get in then he has to
go in through the back
by breaking it and she’s with the motel
manager he can’t figure out what’s going

on the long and the short of it the
power went out
and alizarin lost one of these modern
places that has keys that are all
powered yeah I mean come on people

yeah well you needed Jenny you needed
Jenny Jenny got to get some generator
this is that I figured these last these
two events were a random number so it

probably won’t happen again look all I
know is Mimi’s buying you a generator
she says the last thing last thing I
need is him moving up here so she’s she
didn’t say that but it’s a kid he said

you wouldn’t want to be there because of
the snow you hate it teachers yeah
global warming is making it very cold up
there well thank you for bringing me to
global warming is with all this Greta

stuff that was going on I think it would
be good for us to remind everybody that
this is part of something called agenda
21 we haven’t talked about it in a long
time on the show years yeah and it’s I

think it’s me I don’t know this is a
common mistake we might make in general
as you know we’ve been doing this for 11
years so hey I remember we talked about
it these people didn’t hear about it so

obviously you know it’s six hours a week
not everyone’s heard everything but you
can go to Wikipedia and look up agenda
21 and while you’re at it you might want
to look up the Club of Rome and all

these things are connected and I’ll just
read from the from the first paragraph
of the Wikipedia because this is this is
all about climate change is really all
about agenda 21 and a couple things we
want to talk about from the Wikipedia

Book of Knowledge agenda 21 is a
non-binding action plan of the United
Nations with regard to sustainable
development it’s a product of the Earth
Summit which was held in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil 1992 an action agenda for United
Nations other multilateral organizations
and individual governments around the
world that can be executed local
national and global levels the 21 in

agenda 21 refers to the 21st century
it has been affirmed and a few
modifications at subsequent UN
conferences its aim is achieving global
sustainable development one major

objective of the agenda 21 initiative is
that every local government should draw
on its own local agenda 21 and since
2015 sustainable development goals are

included in the agenda 2030 project
which you’ll remember is something that
we talked about well not everyone

remember we talked about years ago 2030
would be a very important date and a
couple of things been going on this past
week in New York of course with with
Greta in town just a reminder the agenda

21 came out of the Club of Rome which I
think started in 1968 and one of the
founders of the Club of Rome was a guy

named Maurice strong then he went on
later to create the first carbon credit
trading platform with Al Gore so the
guy’s been in it for a long time and
obviously he’s in it for his own

sustainable goals but one of the things
he said at the time on record is I know
I sound like Alex Jones which is why
it’s always fun to do this
I read the documents he said on record

that one of the way one of them the main
driver of of agenda 21 in United Nations
the goal is to create global governance
I won’t say government but global

governance and the only way to do that
or what Maurice strong posited and I
think has been held true he said posited
only once the okay I won’t say it again
this show is you need to

indoctrinate I didn’t say this but
paraphrasing global warming he did say
that literally is the way to get

everyone together and know that we will
all die the world cannot sustain itself
unless we all work together all
countries all regions all nations and
the United Nations was it’s supposed to

be that the organization that manages
that all and if you look at what’s
happening in legislation in general
particularly when it comes to

sustainability and justice these things
are peppered throughout political
discourse throughout our language
throughout popular culture another big
push was sustainability of the food

chain and we’d have to eat less meat
we’ve been tracking this since this
first started telling us we should eat
bugs or get used to it because we’ll be
and and this impossible burger and I

can’t believe it’s not meat or whatever
companies it’s really a part of this and
that’s why this that’s why these
companies probably are successful
because it’s part of the agenda so just

to remind us of what this does in
particular to young people I have a
follow-up to the compa large that you
had on the previous episode of children

during the last week’s climate strike
where they were not didn’t leave school
the school approved it and escorted them
and shamed their parents into making

sure all the kids went and they were
walking around saying stuff like this
these are parents
the planet and except on our generation

to save it
my future is in jeopardy all of our
futures are in jeopardy baby boomers all
these people call it Generation be the
last glare of the outfit because we are

going to be the last generation in
survive we have only 11 years to
rectified decades of damage that we have
inflicted on our planet and only 18
months until some damages are

I am only 16 years old to speak for the
trees I am here for the people who are
suffering and dying because of our

country’s decision revolution in the
116th Congress 9621 pieces of

legislation weren’t reduced only 203 had
the words climate change in them even
though that 70% of adolfs 90% of kids
believe that climate change is real and

happening from Flint Michigan but North
Dakota access pipeline
the South Bronx this is environmental
racism and we must acknowledge ESU the
climate crisis will disproportionately

affect the marginalized the impoverished
and the voiceless we refused to continue
with business as usual because we know
that is a death sentence

I want our policymakers to see the faces
of the people they are condemning to
I refuse to be the last generation to
thrive we are gonna give it to the

generations to come
oh gosh I’m done thank you guys I’m done
yeah they’re all such heroes I think
before you continue I want to make one

comment yes
you know the 11 and 12 year olds are one
thing because you know their brain is
really very formative and they’re not
they’re not do not that bright let’s

face it hmm
but when you get to 16 and you’re still
acting like this you know you have to
view I would check myself in or maybe
take some remedial courses cuz you

really have to be extremely stupid to be
this entrenched in this nonsense okay
when rain washing trick it’s working
fine when your parents are all in on it

did why why not you know you derringer
you’re well they’re hopeless if that’s
the case but and I want to point
something else out that even though we
disclaim IDUs claimed it during the show

you know we had an end of show makes
which you probably didn’t hear and a lot
of people have done Greta mixes I got a
lot of pushback this is sad this poor 16
year old group like where’s your head at
I mean this child might as well be dead

I mean she’s but she is completely under
hypnotic spell and control it’s
incredibly sad I think we both agree
with that but you can see how effective
it is that our own No Agenda people even

go you know and that was little too much
we have a lot of climate uh fanatics go
to the show plenty another part of
agenda 21 just just to add it

that makes and I put the agenda21 the
whole document is in the show notes in a
show notes com the Club of Rome the book
is in there as well as Roma is one of

the most subversive operations in the
60s and 70s there were there was they
were all behind Erlich in his relation
explosions all gonna die by 2000 and

there’s the population clock there the
clock and were taken down and in the
year 2000 we’re all gonna be starving to
everyone’s gonna be starving in the
streets yep that gender equality is a

big part of agenda 21 conservation
management of resources for development
social and economic dimensions
demographic dynamics and sustainability

now this was written in 92 you’re
hearing these words ain’t coming out of
children’s mouths right now and climate
racism whatever that is oh that’s a good
one no it was actually environmental

racism mental racing yes environmentally
we did play that clip from that other
girl who was a kind of a model for Greta
she was talking at that event in 1992
you’re right

yes she’s moaning and groaning about it
you know we’re all dying here we’re
dying we’re all dying and meanwhile
she’s still in the business as an
environmentalist and she’s in her 30s
now late 30s I think or and she hadn’t
died yet but okay just to keep this an

international flavor a producer Robin in
C dum in the Netherlands went to the
climate strike protest in The Hague last
Friday he says actually there are about

30,000 people there and he did what
every No Agenda producer should do is he
recorded the chance analyst says there
was a really only one chance and it was
just a boring one but when you get the

Dutch accent the ED the cadence becomes
a little funnier
so that’s the Dutch following long

perfectly it is good yeah now just to
show you how well this type of stuff
works and ultimately how a country
filled of smart people like the United

States can still fall for some bullcrap
but then ultimately overturn the
bullcrap so I have hope one of our
producers sent me a clip from the Ken
Burns documentary on prohibition which

currently is running on Netflix and
listen to this clip it’ll sound very
familiar when you just think of what is
being done to the American public and I
think the public at large throughout the

world of Gitmo nation regarding climate
change answers will ‘red placed married
Hunt in charge of the department Hunt
lobbied state legislatures and the

Congress to require anti-alcohol
indoctrination in the schools forced
textbook publishers to conform to the
WCT use message and sometimes demanded

kickbacks in exchange for her stamp of
approval she also directed women from
chapters all over the country to
pressure local school boards before long

public school children in every state 22
million of them were sitting through
temperance classes three times a week
kindergartners were taught to chant

tremble King alcohol we shall grow up
older children studied texts filled with
lurid misinformation calculated to
terrify just one drink some books

alleged could burn away the lining of
the throat and stomach and begin eating
away at the liver and kidneys you know
little Johnny has one drink and the next

picture he’s lying in the gutter
unconscious one of their most notorious
things is they had diagrams of body
parts so you’d have a diagram with a
and then they had a diagram of an

inebriate stomach and what happens to
well the inebriate stomach was full
color alcohol caused deafness dropsy
lunacy they claimed not only in those

who swallowed it but in their children
and their children’s children and always
some text box warned there was the
fearful possibility that drinking could

spark spontaneous combustion bursting
suddenly into fatal blue flame millions
of children came to believe it all and
it would not be too long Willard prayed

before they all were old enough to vote
well I I think what they should bring
the spontaneous human combustion forward
to the yeah this would be great we’re

all going to spontaneously combust I
will I will mention that during the push
to get the Americans involved in World
War one the exact same propaganda

mechanism was used against the kids and
it’s just it’s a common technique and it
is unconscionable but they for some
reason we keep doing it over and over
again and it’s a lot of corruption like

she’s you know there’s a woman the WCTU
woman women’s Christian Temperance Union
she was getting money from giving a
stamp of approval for some of the
do-gooding that was going on it was

well last night I was talking with the
the keeper about this and she doesn’t
know much about a Jena 21 I said you
have no idea the meetings and the
meetings are always in the exotic

locales will take Rio where it all
kicked off but there’s thousands of
people who go to these and these are
civil servants from countries all around
the globe and they all meet and they all
have you know they’ll talk about stuff
like oh how are we gonna get people to

stop eating meat you know put some put
some nuts together and some grass and
call it I can’t believe it’s not a
burger I mean all of this stuff is
discussed and there’s positioning papers

and there’s government grants and it’s a
huge bonanza and has been going on for a
long time
this brings us to the culmination of
climate week in New York on the big lawn

in Central Park it happens every year
once again time for the global citizen
festival and this is a musical event
that is intended to bring children from

all lands together make them feel part
of a global family and listen to their
global representatives who they hope one
day will be part of global governance
and I’m going let me just tell you about

this outfit global citizen org Peter
Murphy is the founder he’s from
Australia and I have a little piece of
of promo from him just some other people

who are on the on the board and and so
you know the sponsors or as they call
the partners of this event in Central
Park which you can’t buy a ticket to you

have to earn points by doing things good
for the environment so all these little
slave le’ts running around who wanted to
be a part of this they were organized
into getting credits climate credits get

him ready get him thinking about how
that works but of course we need to make
some money on this and it needs to be
paid for so it was presented by Citibank
by Cisco MSNBC was a presenting media
partner with Comcast NBC Universal and

iHeartRadio hello Elvis Durham
production partnered Live Nation
entertainment and then the major
partners Johnson & Johnson Procter &
Gamble Verizon and of course the new

york city parks board of directors lots
of bankers CVC Capital I’m just give you
their names unless you’d recognize it
iconic capital Chris Anderson the CEO of
Ted Michele Anthony I don’t think she’s

Paulie Anthony’s daughter from Universal
Music Group she’s the executive vice
president then we got a guy from rock
nation that’s Jay Z’s social justice
outfit chief operating officer Rafi u.s.

concerts Live Nation mark campaña we’ve
got the vice president corporate equity
and partnership for Johnson & Johnson
then just throw a good name in there
Kelly Curtis manager Pearl Jam right on

put him on the board Leonard green and
partners we’ve got the Women’s World
banking chief people officer at Cisco
the editor of Forbes I could go on and
I’m not going to but it’s a very long

list and everybody’s on it and there
were some promo with one of their
presenting partners and that was MSNBC
in the morning Joe’s here’s Hugh Evans –
promo the event this is our 10th
anniversary is an organization and this

year it’s all about celebrating the
global citizens themselves the
year-round activists who work day in and
day out they make the phone calls to
members of Congress they send the tweets
to world leaders they volunteer their

time to come to the festival but they do
it even when the festival’s not on and
that’s because they’re learning about
issues that matter in this plan is
planet and they say you know what we
want to be the generation to end extreme

poverty to tackle climate change and to
see the United Nations global goals
realized you hear it to see the United
Nations global goals realized he’s
talking about agenda 21 and agenda 2030

then it’s there’s no hiding it this is
they mean this stuff which is fun so
they don’t have to hide it they don’t
have to hide why would they have to hide
it when people who listen to this show

condemned you for playing a Greta clip
exactly it’s working perfectly for them
yeah no reason to hide any of this no no
correct so you know to make it a fun

show they let me see what the full
lineup had there’s some good acts I like
her and that’s good and just whatever
just a musical acts but the big

headliner for some reason they brought
out Carole King and this is the kind of
stuff you get so just a short clip of
some ad lib of Carole onstage

let me tell them
I was 12
we’re still saying

I wanna celebrate every global citizen

helping to make better the world

oh but they’re gonna welcome me on stage
all that has all that ad-lib stuff and
then the last clip is what it really

comes down to it’s the moment we’ve all
been waiting for ladies and gentlemen on
stage the man who flew his private jet
just to be here with you tonight after
an activist Leonardo DiCaprio along New

and the four years is the Paris
it’s been four years by the way this is

a mean fest it has become clear that our
political leaders have failed to live up
to the promises that we celebrated that
day as our reliance on fossil fuels

continues to hold our future hostage our
planet continues to warm and the result
the massive loss of biodiversity rising
sea levels climate refugees worsening

storms fires and droughts that plague
every corner of the globe we’re fucked
our future is being gambled away and our
leaders those whom we entrust to protect

us and set the example are either
failing to stop these dangerous trends
or in some cases denying the very
science of this catastrophe very science
of this climate catastrophe and make no

mistake our scientific community has
already spoken the facts are clear and
unless you live in an alternate reality

there’s no more time for denial Oh
a carbon neutral future is the only way
we will inherit a planet capable of
sustaining life on Earth as we know it
and while our leaders continue to deny

the science I can tell you one thing for
certain the youth is not last Friday
young people led the world in strike

millions of brave individuals did more
than simply walk out of their schools
and places of employment they took a
stand they set an example of true
leadership that we so desperately need

right now these young people have said
clearly definitively and without fear
that the time for inaction is now over
yet surprisingly some have reacted to

this movement with insulting tweets late
a talking poise
individuals that seem to care more about
about profit and their own

self-interests about your future Jacques
you suck use but we know that the
climate youth movement is more important
and crucial than at any time in human

history at the kids we are in this
around this movement needs all of our
support to become even stronger and be
even more impactful while its leader
greta thunderbird couldn’t join us here

tonight now i don’t know what happened
i’ve looked for any kind of evidence
that she’d cancelled a nervous breakdown
well they covered for her give her a big
round of applause she calls her the

leader yep to us to get behind other
young leaders for this monumental
undertaking ah time to introduce some

new puppets in case this one drops dead
these are the truth these are true
global citizens that are powering the
movement from the front lines tonight
horrible and real honor of introducing

three of Gretta sisters and arms three
young women that are proving on red you
don’t have to be the politician or a
celebrity to have your voice heard and
make a difference alright and then the

girls come on I was kind of give this
guy a douche bag will ya dad is
unconscionable this guy’s used the word
twice you know I’m not gonna use it

again that’s alright but Wow
yeah so that’s what is happening and and
and by the way by the way I bet you he
did fine in his private shit what he
does of course it flies everywhere I’ll

bet you went solo it just him and two
pilots and a stewardess now the reason
for this agenda 21 and because that’s

what people why is why does one sorro’s
what all this why do these because he’s
in everyone’s all these elites are in
cuz they believe that you and i are
stupid we’re just useless eaters

I think that’s Prince Phillip who said
that useless eaters would really no good
you know the whole concept of let’s move
production around

world everywhere that it’s cheaper and
then when that country gets built up
then we’ll move it back to the country
that we just you know hollowed out
that’s to protect their way of life
there’s they only want limited people on
the earth hence the Population Bomb

which came from the same people of
course they couldn’t stop that so now
the push will continue to be for global
governance and you know there’s other
organizations that come into the story
trilateral commission etc but if you

start with agenda 21 in the Club of Rome
you’ll learn quite a bit and then I’ve
put a couple other videos in the show
notes any show notes comm so you can
just get an idea of where this is all
coming from and it truly is to rule over

us and to tell us what to do and look at
I lived in the United Kingdom I lived in
the Netherlands now you can’t even say
anything in the Netherlands that might
split the discord or caused discourse

amongst the population you can go to
jail for two years and this is not me I
did break these laws there’s a bunch of
these laws we talked about a little bit

mm-hmm but I think we should you should
get the you should go over the whole
list again I mean it’s unbelievable and
they’re serious about this it’s not like
joke laws like in Canada they would do
something like that in the show notes

from the previous episode I can find it
but I’m just saying yeah but that’s the
main one the UK has similar complete
limitations on freedom of speech and so

add to that and I know it’s it’s it’s
hard for people to wrap their head
around that the gun discussion in the
United States is not about hunting or a

scary gun and yeah sure we’re told to be
very afraid of our kids getting killed
in school of course that’s a possibility
the percentage is actually very low

there’s more chance they will die on the
way to school or coming home from school
but it’s still a horrible event but that
is all too conditioned you to hand over
your guns willingly and that’s why these

look at Australia look at the United
Kingdom I mean in the Netherlands right
now yeah there’s no you keep I mean you
really to have a gun it has to be locked

up in a gun
it’s very you know the licensing is a
nightmare you do you’re not gonna have
this thing rolling around but meanwhile
there’s something called the macro war
as the Moroccans are fighting they’ve
been fighting for ten years groups

amongst themselves over some missing
shipment of 300 kilos of coke or
whatever that’s 50 or 60 people have
been just liquidated over this yeah and
then the citizens are standing by no

protection nothing but most of all
there’s no fear the government has no
fear that hiding behind every bush in
every car in every closet even granny
could be strapped and that keeps them in

check I don’t know why they didn’t just
say that properly in the Constitution
although there’s mention of you know
tyranny you know enemies foreign or
domestic which would be our own

government and that’s the only thing I
think that still keeps us kind of out of
the realm of this this this global idea
and so when you see Trump who clearly is
not a globalist who wins the election

people are freaking out because they
were getting really close this mofo shut
down the Paris Accord that was the
mother lode that was the beginning of it
that’s where it was all gonna go we were
gonna get this global governance we were

getting really really close close we
were getting that close but we’re
getting a lot closer but you can’t stop
the problem I don’t think it was just
going to from Paris of course the global
governance because there’s still a

number steps yes it was momentum yep
momentum there you go
that’s the word momentous why they keep
trying well we got a resigner we got to
get back on track we got to get back on
track there was something like back on
track because back on track means let’s

get the momentum back it’s like a
football game you know you lost the
momentum now what are you gonna do
exactly and they haven’t gotten the
momentum back and they’re now they’re
going through this rigmarole with Trump

trying to get him impeached you know and
that’s not gonna help and I think most
people see the transparency of this and
it’s like although the lip Joes are all
in but I don’t people see the Chinese

explain it okay good
if you want to go there your rant on
this thing which is getting me mad I was
just gonna play one one more thing cuz

it’s not just well the children is
clearly right now the focus that’s a
good way they’ve got Greta
she’s got an iconic image she’s being
kept that way with the two braids will

say this I will say this the children
are being set up
propagandized to literally sell out the
country yeah being set up to sell out
the United States to sell out the

country that’s what exactly what’s going
on and if people could come to realize
that eventually then maybe they’ll
figure it out and do something about
their own thinking so what are they
really selling out they’re selling out

their own future and and people are not
sitting down for two seconds and
thinking about this because we all
believe sorry now and we see this will
get to the the Ukraine thing with the

only thing that has changed with their
the momentum they had is the political
class the elite class is still kind of
stuck in the well we’ve got the media

and and now that sounds like oh I’ve got
my tinfoil hat on no just look at what’s
going on they have the media the media
is all in for whatever reason whether
its financial they’re just hypnotized or

stardom and fame there’s a number of
different things not that hard I’ve been
in that business a lot of sincerity in
there oh there’s definitely sincerity
because they look at the elites go home
I’m sitting here with Al Gore holy crap

former vice president down that element
exists yeah that’s that’s the most
pathetic part about it that what you
just described is extremely pathetic
this is this the cultures been set up to

be a celebrity worshipping culture and
it makes the public very susceptible to
that so so you run into a celebrity and
celebrities themselves you’ll see them

do this oh oh oh I see so I saw
oh she’s standing right over there and
that’s the celebrity talking about
another celebrity exactly I mean this is
really pathetic so

that was really good what you said but
then I kind of got off track what I was
going my point that was no no I was
gonna say that the political class and

the elites still believe that the way to
indoctrinate people is through
television and through entertainment and
meanwhile underneath all of this we have
built we the people have built

infrastructure on the internet that
allows us to tear all of this crap apart
I mean the idea that I can just download
the entire agenda twenty one document

for myself and read it and see what
they’re saying and see when they were
saying it and look at all these in and I
can communicate with other people
outside of their system they haven’t
caught up yet they still think we just

have people go on TV and say this over
and over and over again they’ll believe
it yes it’s working to a great degree
but look at this show this shows a
perfect example we don’t need

advertising we don’t need the corporate
world we don’t need the Silicon Valley
platforms just a group of people who are
doing this all together and that’s the
part that they need the audience and the

only politician I know who’s figured it
out is Trump he’s the only one who
figured at least part of it out like hey
I don’t need to do it the old-fashioned
way like all those presidents anyway

let’s go just by the way before you
finish that thought that is why they are
I mean that’s why they hate his tweeting
so much they harp on it who cares if you

don’t like his tweets don’t subscribe to
his feed that’s the way I see but that’s
not the way they see oh it’s tweeted
he’s tweeted he’s tweeted as if this is
like some horrible thing he’s doing
maybe he’s an idiot as he tweets I don’t

know if you don’t like it don’t read it
exactly so here’s a perfect example of
the old-school way this is at the United
Nations General Assembly they got all

the muckety-mucks now we now the gret
has already spoken there she didn’t do
much you know she said I’m not going to
submit a written testimony as she read
from her paper and she just resubmitted
the the scientists likely slash moderate

to high confidence trope know
positioning paper on climates cuz it’s
not a hundred percent if they don’t use

percentages they use terms like it’s
likely it’s moderately likely it’s
highly likely never 100 percent sure of
anything because it’s all based on
modeling anyway so they gotta bring in
someone to communicate the message won’t

you please think of the children who
better to bring it to you then
Harrison Ford president McCrone we’re
sincerely grateful to the French
government which has committed to
investing in this effort with a 100

million dollar contribution thank you
sir thank you it’s a great start please
please clap what what did he say McCrone

gave a hundred million dollars France
for a macro give it so France hasn’t got
any so there in other words they’re
taxing their people with the carbon tax

and giving the money away
you got it the French public put up with
this well you’re not gonna find out
about that you’re not gonna get that
answer on television you will find it on
the Internet will you see that the

yellow vests are still protesting of
course they don’t like that this is then
it’s very insulting but it didn’t it
wasn’t really big news I didn’t see any
big article keep that quiet that’s just
for the club here at UN come on man shut

up it’s Indiana Jones mofo president
macaron we’re sincerely grateful to the
French government which has committed to
investing in this effort with a 100

million dollar contribution thank you
sir thank you it’s a great story that’s
how that’s how much money these bozos

deal with that a hundred millions like
me whatever it is a great start but it
is not enough on behalf of Conservation
International I’m honored to announce

that we are committing an additional 220
million dollars in funding
let it go so it’s all about money but we
can’t do it alone we need all the help

that we can get this money must go
directly to indigenous people and civil
society the people on the front lines
the people on the ground the people with

their feet in the mud our efforts will
have effect we will make great progress
and we are not alone there’s a new force
of nature at hand here we go

stirring all over the world they are the
young people whom frankly we have failed
who are angry who are organized who are
capable of making a difference they are

a moral army and the most important
thing that we can do for them is to get
the hell out of their way out of their

way man that’s actually worth watching
the whole thing he he kept getting stuck

and couldn’t figure out his note it
didn’t work an audio it was fun to see
him sweat a little bit yeah he’s he’s a
wreck that guy one of the foremost
justices in the United Kingdom is

predicting now it’s all a part of agenda
21 that eating meat in the future could
be banned just like smoking and he
called the offense

Echo’s before they do that maybe they
should do something about eating
secondhand meat just as dangerous if not
worse yeah you got me there

so in the shownotes you’ll fight there
are there are of course all kinds of
climatologists who do not agree with
this there’s an article out 500 climate
scientists who wrote to the UN that

there’s no climate emergency and there’s
a lot of groups
that explains a clip I have well let’s
go to that then because I’m I think I’ve
made my point

more or less I think you made your point
and you could as far as I’m concerned
you can make that point a lot okay
here’s the here’s the latest that what
you just said reminds me of this clip
because let’s just go in the other
direction and go CBS of course is all in

on this a CIA Broadcasting System and
here’s the climate change push they
brought a climate guy on so they give us
an update because this climate has got
to be talked about more in climate watch
a new CBS News poll shows more than 9

out of 10 Americans think the earth is
experiencing climate change in some way
but there is greater disagreement on
whether the primary cause is human
activity or natural patterns only 9

percent believe climate change is not
happening most Americans think action
needs to be taken right now to address
climate change most consider it at least
to be a serious problem including more

than a quarter who say it is a crisis
their opinions on the subject are marked
by partisan divisions CBS News climate
change and weather contributor Jeff
Farraday Lee joins me now to talk about

the poll Jeff thanks so much for being
with us we see the polls on what
Americans believe but for the record
what is the scientific community now
believe about climate change right so
Americans are kind of 50/50 split on

where scientists are do scientists agree
I can tell you they agree in fact the
agreement is between 97 and 99 percent
of climate scientists that study climate
on a day in and day out basis believe

that humans are because of climate
there’s not really a debate on this it’s
not a debate on it and it’s all of it
not virtually all of it but all of
climate change is being caused by humans

the science is in
all of it all everyone all of it as we
listen to her who our climatologist many

of them a lot of them older retired so
they can say what they want they’re not
on the dole they’re all full of crap
meanwhile but the eight-year-olds say
they know what’s going on

you know I follow retraction watch oh
good as a followed by I know blogged
nature which is a serious publication is
retracting a 2018 paper which found that

the oceans are warming much faster than
predicted by previous models of climate
change the article quantification of
ocean heat uptake from changes in
atmospheric co2 and co2 composition

appeared at last October but quickly
drew the attention of an influential
critic who said the analysis was flawed
so to make the this article very short
they had to withdraw it they will no

longer be published they admit they made
some mistakes in the models roar roar
and or this is very shrewd for so they
will resubmit it to a different

publication in the future and so they’re
having trouble I have think many of
these studies if at all are replicated
that are published
you know this the rest is what science
is all about wasn’t really the

replication crisis is real and science
admits that this is an actual issue so
this papers being retracted which
directly affects the IPCC’s new oceans

report because it cited that paper so I
don’t what the rules already did you’d
think you’d have to retract your paper
if some other paper that you base your
paper on is retracted but known who

knows why bother but it’s but the
climate change is is just to scare you
into compliance it’s it’s a lot more and
thing of the meat it’s a big thing

everyone you should tell Andrew or
Horowitz it’s like I’ll call them today
after the show
shut up with this impossible burger
thing you’re part of the problem if part
of the elitist crowd when you promote
that no he’s against the impossible

burger when I thought he said it tasted
okay no
no no he said it didn’t taste okay okay
he said it tasted yeah okay it’s like
here having a substitute burger what do
you think of it well it’s okay yeah I

guess it’s okay but I’m not gonna get it
again I got you and that’s a big
difference a lot of people that a lot of
people went all-in on the impossible
burger King burger and all the rest of

them because they wanted to check it out
because they say while everyone’s
talking about it cuz it’s good publicity
stunt you have to admit very great job
tastes just like a regular whopper and
you end up with a bunch of people trying

it once and saying yeah I had it so you
can say I had it you got your bragging
rights I gave it to fill the pipeline so
I don’t think it’s gonna last it reminds
me of the McDonald’s burger that had the

hot on the one side and the cold on the
other it’s too much you know it’s not
not worth the trouble
well a couple other things they noticed
that are unnecessary to talk about in in

this in this timeframe last night
Saturday Night Live came back after
their season after their hiatus which is
a fancy television word for they a long

vacation screw you notice that they
never say vacation in entertainment they
say the shows on hiatus
well yeah but hiatus is also used to
mean you’re done well there’s that part

of it but the show was on hiatus they
came back and it was very interesting
and I watched until about comes on an
hour earlier here so about 11:30 cuz I

did want to see Billy Eilish perform and
they started with kind of the expected
you know Trump you know he’s freaking

out about the impeachment he calls Rudy
Giuliani and then there’s bill bar and
took kind of what you’d expect I’m
covering up the cover-up so all the
talking points were and then that was
fine but then the next sketch was very

interesting they had actors playing the
top candidate so Bernie Kamala
Biden it was a Woody Harrelson played

Joe Biden very well
got war and I think Pete Buddha jej Cory
Booker for three seconds and they you
know they made jokes about it but then

they went through the top contenders and
they made a laughingstock out of all of
them Joe
Elizabeth Kamala who somehow they were
able to she had some description for

herself and it wound up being heard that
she is a font you know it’s like a
family with a bundt cake or something
and that’s why I’m a font you know

obviously then signaling to the world we
think she’s a see-you-next-tuesday
Elizabeth Warren like a whack-job
Marianne Williamson and very funny but
they really didn’t show because I was

waiting is like okay are they gonna make
less fun of one person or more fun no
this is how they ended it mr. Trump no
one is above the law above the law on

and those are our choices America that’s
how the sketch ended so here’s the most

liberal of programs on the most liberal
of networks making fun of all of the
Democratic candidates yeah actually

saying good well oh here she comes
Sunday morning CBS this morning shortly

before House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
announced a formal impeachment inquiry
this week Hillary Clinton told CBS
Sunday morning the president’s actions
need to be investigated you live through

an impeachment as first lady and the
Clinton administration what is your view
today on Donald Trump’s prospects for
impeachment well my my view is that

given this latest revelation which is
such a blatant effort to use his
presidential position to advance his

personal and political interests there
should be an impeachment inquiry opened
I don’t care who you’re for in the
Democratic primary or whether you’re a

Republican when the president of the
United States who has taken an oath to
protect and defend the Constitution uses
his position to in effect extort a
foreign government for his own political

purposes I think that is very much what
the founders worried about in high
crimes and misdemeanors the former
Secretary of State who lost the 2016

presidential election revealed why she
does not think President Trump will be
reelected she and her daughter Chelsea
also discussed four new

so she’ll also be on Colbert now of
course it’s CBS Simon and Schuster so
she’s doing the CBS shows to be on the
view this week if there ever was a time

if there ever was a beautiful setup it’s
to have Trump getting impeached Biden
looking like he’s non electable
everybody’s making fun of all the all

the frontrunners even NBC or CNBC is
putting fear out there about Elizabeth
Warren how is it possible that this
company cannot find a CEO I mean are

they worried about Elizabeth Warren
attacking the TV sure he would be of
course they are and of course that
person is why wouldn’t they be I don’t
know if she becomes president what do

you think’s gonna happen to the banks
well it’s not a suboptimal situation I
think you think Elizabeth Warren know
pushes banks into a woman they’re

already down 20% for the Harz but yeah I
just think thick I don’t know it’s good
look I’ve gotta tell you when you get
off the desk you talk to executives
there are more fearful of her winning I
mean I’ve never heard anybody say she’s

trying to be stopped I don’t know she’s
very uh she keeps going up in the polls
she’s raised a ton of money so he’s

gonna win I believe she’s a very
compelling figure on the stump by the
I hear it too and it’s another reason
why companies are being implored to do

things now if you want to get something
done you really see M&A or anything
think about doing it soon because come
early to mid 2020 if Elizabeth Warren’s

rolling along everybody’s gonna be like
that’s it now they’re all here the banks
won’t you get actually linked to a CNBC

article in the newsletter that talks
about this right problem because they’re
the bankers you know and Hillary by the
way is the bankers person yep which
makes this even move see more even yes

yes CNBC an NBC Comcast MSNBC we all
they’re the real Democrat spokespeople
all of them and they’re the English
Dennis and Comcast NBC was involved in

that event that you yes just a
presentation partner of global citizen
festival so they’re all in and so
they’re controlling the narrative and

they’re the ones you have to assume
because of the bit that because I didn’t
see it the bit that you talked about
that was done on Saturday Night Live
which was detrimental to all the
candidates this is this is all’s being

set as a set up for Hillary two
companies to be led Oh it’ll be after
the next debate she’ll jump in no she
will not jump in
you’ll be drafted should be not forced

to come in she’s gonna swoop in John
like him take a reptile reptile she is
she doesn’t sweat you know pterodactyl
like the reptile she is that’s right

so yeah this is all this is beautiful to
watch especially since I’ve never taken
her off the list of camp camp and here
ever and here’s the weirdest thing I am

personally excited for you I don’t care
about the world about our country about
the show I’m really excited for you this
is a win I want you to have three years

open to three years I want you to have
the who gives a damn about the country
it’ll be great for the show obviously
well yeah it’s something to think about
so let’s let’s listen to what they had

to say about the nobody were talking
about a little bit about the impeachment
uh and I want to play a couple of clips
let’s start one can I can I make a

suggestion since we’re right at the top
of the hour oh yeah good idea good idea
I would like to thank you for your
courage and say in the morning to you
the man who put the well in the morning
to you mr. Adam Carlson in the morning

all ships to see boots on the ground
subs in the water
feet in the air and all the Dames the
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now it’s a good fun place to hang out
also like to thank all on a second the
artist for episode 1176 now the title of
that was Seuss – Pete and well there
were a couple of options that we had for

artwork and title but we both really
love the weddings day Adams version of
Gretta Thornburg which was done by Nick

the rat and it scored big on the social
Nets cuz everybody saw this and went oh
I know exactly what you’re talking you
didn’t have to say anything the No
Agenda font type was in kind of Addams

Family font type it was in you know the
right grayscale black and white of the
old Addams Family a great piece by Nick
great piece and this is his second I

think in a row yes that’s the second in
a row so he’s up for the hat trick which
means that the other artists are there
now because we have war of the artists
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on and oh I see one of the artists says
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is great
let’s put it that way and the heat is on

saying is Mike Riley but but it could be
it may be but now is the time for them
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wildness simplicity and any hits early
does yes it’s probably up but his

winning art is probably up already and I
need to mention you we have these end of
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operatic in in production and execution

today we have another one by cast of
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run out of time at the end or I don’t
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credits Rogers and stop the Hammerstein
so Sir Chris it’s the Gitmo Nation men

with penises choir featuring sir Abel
Kirby common douche bag goof sir seat
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and due to the fact that I am currently
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Islands oh yeah Wow yeah so you know I
ran into a guy does he think it was a

check maybe is it when I was I did some
work at MSNBC years ago before it became
what it is today and there’s this guy he
was the sales guy thing and he had this

he’s a regular guy but he had this
unbelievable tan it was it was just for
some reason pretty like not like George
Hamilton pretty but no no that’s just 2
to 10 more it was just pretty tan it was

it wasn’t it was a color that I’ve never
seen before that way and I and he claims
that he can only get to eating that he’s
a tan guy oh yes only the light in the
Cook Islands you can get that tan right

yes what he said yeah I remember that he
goes to the Cook Islands and he spends
much time as he can there to get his tan
this is a fanatic by the way but I have
to say it’s like something you just look

at cuz it’s like what a tan and I don’t
even like tans I like pale skin thanks
I’m glad to hear that

well I’m pale so I figured peels good
but I have to say this Tanner was
dynamite he says I
would like to claim my Protectorate as
the Cook Islands if I’m able
I probably yes you can he always says if

I’m able I probably won’t be I can get
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no no no you’re reading oh and by the
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that’s great yeah uh lol he says yes
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whole load today
well I’m gonna give you the whole load
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YouTube so I clipped it the whole load
the whole the hood the way he wants the
whole load and followed by look at that
juice which is of obviously this is lewd
by the way children don’t Raph stop

laughing in China
asshole which everybody seems to be a
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discovered further insurance policies
that we had no paperwork on a retirement
account and investment Greg had begun to
plan for leaving something to everyone
but all these policies were established

years ago and never disclosed to anyone
so this is what kid goes on it was
probably not uncommon this is okay
lecture over now that the dust is
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Georgia to be closer to my family may
please have real estate karma for both
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again for everything you do and keep up
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otherwise it’s a pain in the ass the
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it’s uncomfortable but Jennifer thank
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and we got some big heaping of karma
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Michael drew Liske to Nick jr. putting
Lincoln himself Daniel day-lewis behind
Monica Lewinsky the one and only trace

on is here but Alison lundergan Grimes
Jeana del de house when Gina dangers
who’s tea party challenger mate Matt

Bevin people don’t want to have their
Social Security overall it Republican
Savior Marc Rubio’s big night in
evolution in male oh I mean this whole

thing of Golay oh America’s changed we
are changed unless our IT and skillets
President Putin doing something similar

back and it won’t change this
fundamental fact about the GOP just how
absurd these attacks is nearly six
months after the dangerous traffic jam

nation the Thai military says my friends
with many
John above you’ve got karma that was a
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looked for something special for her so
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millions and as a TV show on MSNBC we
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nil but I’ll call him nephew so he
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people in the entire family that’s my
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and he says I’m listening to the show
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and he showed me a ad for vaping shows
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now there’s a couple things about this
Wow that’s I’m it personally I’m

impressed I’m impressed too but I hate
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somewhat illegal I well I mean here it
is well I love let me do you have a
story yeah go ahead
there used to be a in the early days in

the 90s probably 96 I’m guessing 97
there was a number of and I thought this
was a good idea at the time there were a
number of operations that news supposed

news operations and they used frames
yes frames right right right and so they
buy my frame and I frame I don’t know if
it was called and it was covering I just

frame okay yes it was an HTML code that
would allow you to create a border
around a web page that you couldn’t
display so you display in New York Times

web page and under the guy and they
would have a little menu and the frame
that was really the owned by the guy
that was that was pushing that the New
York Times content other people’s

content was inside right the frame and
they would then you had menu it update
with anyway they were I thought this was
creative and I thought was a good idea
when people were doing it but then they
got sued by a number of people even

though it’s just still links I don’t see
a person I didn’t think it was was a bad
thing although this was the era when oh
you’re stealing bandwidth when you’re

linking off somebody else’s photo which
the long since ended well there’s not
the bandwidth is free but so they got
sued and they got sued and they’ve
created a precedent for doing exactly
what’s going on with that add on that

well it’s actually illegal it’s a little
worse it’s a little worse than that
because I’m looking at the screen shot
and the so that you see the player and
then there’s the controls about you know

a third of the screen and then aren’t
1176 who’s Pete and then above that
where our album art normally is is a
huge banner ad space filled in
which is a video about the youth east

cigarette epidemic so it’s you know
clearly some propaganda that but they
but he was listening to that and they
pulled that piece there I guess out of

the transcribing on the fly or they have
a transcription track that runs
alongside of it and they decide to throw
this up while he’s listening to the
vaping segment and it covers our album

art you know Google I don’t wish bad on
many pieces to Google yes it’s the
Android podcast player I is from and it
is the Google it is the Google product

yeah oh this is high that’s actionable I
I really don’t like make some extra
money for the show we any lawyers out
there I can tell you the precedents that
are out there against make this illegal

yeah of course I want to make money for
the time for the show well okay maybe I
mean it’s going up against Google’s not
going to be easy but above all it’s just

swarmy it’s it’s lame smarmy swarmy
swarmy shwarma it’s it’s it’s it’s
scuzzy it’s low I mean if you want to

get some free transcription from Google
as a problem you know they cut you off I
can’t even
I’ve been banned for life from AdWords
yet oh no problem we’ll just stick this

on your podcast Curie because they’ve
because they essentially took a mp3
player and jammed it into a web app it’s
just I don’t use their products anymore
and I and I suggest everybody certainly

if you’re on an iPhone get overcast I’m
not sure what the best Android app is
but anything with the Google pop podcast
player cuz those guys I mean I kind of

wish them dead yeah it’s it really got
to me yesterday like it’s one thing to
throw an ad up but to be contextualized

douchebag at least I mean you feel
better yeah okay Google
I think I feel a little better
thanks I need well that is dumb the dead

that’s reallocate I get it yeah you know
what I’m saying right now before before
we go into Ukraine I’d like to set it up
because we talked about the disparity
disparities the differences between what

everyone was saying was in the
transcript of the call between zalenski
untrim and what was actually in the
transcript so we heard that Saturday

Night Live obviously used the popular
version which is you know not at all
reflected in the words I’m not going to
read the transcript again there’s only a
couple paragraphs you can read it’s in

the show notes it’s publicly available
anyway even in the edited version from
the New York Times it still doesn’t get
to what people are saying but the worst
thing and this happened on show day
that’s why I’d have to play it today is

when they had a session of the
Intelligence Committee and the
Intelligence Committee oversees the
entire intelligence apparatus these guys

they have a lot of information they get
to go to the skiff
so the secured room to read documents
that no one else in Congress can read
and it’s headed the chair of this

committee the boss of the oversight of
the Intelligence Committee is Adam
Schiff of California and we heard him on
the last show talked about it’s a mafia
Pratley just like a Mafia don and when

you have a hearing and I think this was
for this was the opening statement
before the McGuire testimony which was a
dud otherwise the chairman who controls
the time controls the whole situation

does his own opening statement in the
opening statement is ending from five to
ten minutes long and it really is meant
to set the tone for of course that
party’s viewpoint of the hearing and

then there’s always the ranking member
from the other side who gets to do his
opening statement but when you do an
opening statement you want to kind of
stick to the facts but what Adam Schiff
did was mind blowing in a just one

procedural standpoint of how the the
Oversight Committee the chairman of the
Oversight Committee runs his meeting and

so what happened on that call
szalinski begins by ingratiating himself
and he tries to enlist the support of
the president he expresses this interest

in meeting with the president and says
his country wants to acquire more
weapons from us to defend itself and
what is the president’s response well it
reads like a classic organized crime

shakedown shorn of its rambling
character and in not so many words this
is the essence of what the president
communicates now so he’s already lying

because the requests which wasn’t a
request but hey I’m almost ready to buy
your javelin anti-tank weaponry was not
immediately followed up by a request

that came much later in the conversation
so that’s already not true or heavily
editorialized at best and now here is
shifts interpretation of the transcript
of the call we’ve been very good to your

country very good no other country has
done as much as we have but you know
what I don’t see much reciprocity here I
hear what you want I have a favor I want
from you though and I’m going to say

this only seven times so you better
listen good I want you to make up dirt
on my political opponent understand lots
of it on this and on that I’m gonna put
you in touch with people not just any

people I’m gonna put you in touch with
Attorney General the United States my
attorney general bill Barr he’s got the
whole weight of the American law
enforcement behind him and I’m gonna put
you in touch with Rudy you’re gonna love

him trust me you know what I’m asking
and so I’m only gonna say this a few
more times in a few more ways and by the
way don’t call me again
I’ll call you when you’ve done what I

asked this is in sum and character what
the president was trying to communicate
with the president of Ukraine it would
be funny if it wasn’t such a graphic

of the president’s oath of office I mean
that you do know what Schiff said
afterwards right you do have that
afterwards what on the panel know what

he said oh yeah he says he said it was a
parody yes it was a satire yeah
what the hell is he talking about what
kind of a satire is did this it wasn’t a

satire but this is what I was talking
about earlier here’s one of these
old-school politicians who thinks I’ll
just go up there which is what all these
all these hearings most of it’s already

the questions are known the answers are
known this it’s all kind of scripted
it’s all for television to get a
soundbite and that’s all he’s doing like
haha I’ll do this and you know they have
no problem lying about what’s in this

transcript weather whatever happened you
can’t say this happened it’s in the
transcript when it’s not in the
transcript but they believe they still
can do it they’ve forgotten that the
people actually do have access and we do

have ways to communicate other truths or
other realities definitely thing which
brings me to some clips I wanted to play

good starting and I want to start with
the one that came up last week because
there’s some talking points in here that
you’ll hear again from Brooks I’m gonna
do shields and Brooks because they have

a pretty good analysis that it’s not a
believable one but it’s pretty good but
let’s listen first to Al Green in
impeach this is the impeach Al Green
clip you’ve been calling for starting

articles of impeachment since 2017 but a
new Quinnipiac poll taken after the
release of the redacted Mulder report
found that 66% say Congress should not
start impeachment proceedings and

there’s a sharp partisan divide as we
all know with only four percent of
Republicans favoring impeachment
congressmen are you concerned that
impeachment talk may actually help the
president’s reelection

I’m concerned that if we don’t impeach
this president he will get reelected if
we don’t impeach him that he will say he
has been vindicated he will say the
Democrats had an overwhelming majority

in the House and they didn’t take up the
impeachment he will say that we had a
constitutional duty to do it if it was
there and we didn’t he will say that he
has been vindicated but here’s what I

say we’re confronting a constitutional
crisis as I speak to you as I look the
people of America in the hi I’m telling
you we have a constitutional crisis when
the chief executive officer the

president of the United States refuses
to comply with Campinas subpoenas and
says he will order others to do so
this creates a constitutional crisis but
this isn’t the genesis of it it started

when the president decided he would fire
mr. Comey for his failure apart me as a
result of his desire not to be
investigated I love the beginning of

that if we don’t impeach him he’ll get
reelected we can’t have that
yes this is the this is the attempt to
that’s election interference as far as

I’m concerned but he’s saying see a lot
of different ways he’s actually
literally saying it yeah he’s saying
what is the fact which is if we don’t
impeach him he’s going to get reelected

and we can’t have that we don’t want the
public involved in what’s going on No so
let’s go with we have Brooks and she’ll
I got two clips here I want to make sure
I don’t do the right okay this is the

one I want
this is shields and Brooks why not no
oh man I get you forgot which is which
but let’s start with this when shields
and Brooks this is shields this about
shields and his theory on impeachment

wait wait let me let me I got to set
this up because it’s kind of complicated
no kidding
okay in fact let’s go back to the other
clip shields and brooks shields why not

to do it now this is this is Brooks
actually talking about why not to
impeach the president and you’re going
to hear kind of the same talking points
that Elle green has which makes me think
and Brooks of course is a phony

Republican conservative phony Republican
he’s a real DS actually a Democrat but
he’s sitting in that boot to give us the
balance that they do on PBS there’s no
balance whatsoever but he has the same

pretty much the same idea as Al Green
which makes me think there’s some
talking points going around about this
and Al Green was less area died about it
and I think Brooks has got it kind of

nailed inquiry the house is doubling
down there we had Adam Schiff the
chairman of the House Intelligence on
the program last night saying this is
more serious than a Muller report which

they spent months and months considering
it’s certainly narrative ly cleaner you
can understand when Russia was much more
complicated and to me the decision to do
impeachment is a mistake they I do a

great Trump did something impeachable
but this is a political process not a
legal process there’s no obligation to
prosecute and to me it’s a mistake for a
couple reasons if your object is to get

Donald Trump out of the White House if
each one does not get you there because
the chance that you will get 20 senators
20 Republican senators to vote to vote
Donald Trump out of office seems to me

so remote it’s miniscule so the mutt
likely outcome of this is that Donald
Trump will be say see I was acquitted in
the Senate I’ve indicated I beat these
people and so he’ll get a little victory

and then both parties will go into
revolt and so that’s the way it likely
looks to end up in the meantime you’re
trampling over your Democratic primary
season you’re not having the debate the

voters wand which is about climate
change and health care and jobs and
stuff like that you’re focusing all the
attention on the Democratic side or mut
the bulk of it to the Congress not to
so candidates and to me so what policies

done I think here is taking a decision
that has a very low chance of succeeding
to get them out of office but has huge
risks in ways we can’t even imagine and
so I I’m a little nervous about where

impeachment is gonna get us you think
the Democrats are doing the right thing
or not Derrick rats are doing the only
thing they can do I mean what this
president has done is not outrageous
it’s not indefensible it’s criminal and

and that’s what he’s done he is he is
totally abdicated abrogated and
corrupted his oath of office Wow go
ahead finish this than I ever thought

about the impeachment process I’m sorry
okay well the day way he was the same as
al Green’s talking personally Al Green
was good coming from the direction of
that having him impeached and having
these negative effects if he’s not in

peace Brooks sees it the other way but
it’s the same thing but meanwhile since
the Lib Joe’s in the audience yes I
commute they’re all in on this is the
end and apparently Chris Matthews I

don’t have the clips as this he’s done
may I explain when we say Lib Joe’s John
has a few a very well-known journalist
California so most of my fans are live

but these are well-known the famous
writers famous and they’re so they work
so their Lib joes
yeah well in arm in my mind they’re
famous they’re still famous those but so
they are the same thing you know he’s

done finally we got something on the
guy’s doomed and you know they won’t
take they want to put their money down
there I think I’ve taken too much money
from them it’s really been a mistake of

mine by overdoing it but so a lot of it
is going to stem from what you’re going
to hear here which is this is this is
shields who thinks you know he’s a

criminal he’s the worst guy in the world
he hates his guts and all the rest of it
really real journalistic integrity here
but what he’s about to express is I
believe and it’s somewhat self

contradictory because what he’s about to
express says that Trump doesn’t have a
chance in the world of winning the
election anyway so what’s the point of
but he also takes the Elle green

sidewalk because we have to do it
because he’d made these mistakes so he
have to do it but the there is a note of
I don’t want to call it straight denial
I think it’s more delusional okay but

when you listen to this you’re gonna
hear what they’re actually with what the
lip job mentality is and why they think
Trump is is done and what is going on
and it’s very straight I thought it was

so real when I heard a toy said I I know
where that’s where these guys are
thinking so it’s it when you just break
down the logic chain it’s a very clear
we do this from you you owe us here’s
what you can do for us and that is it’s

not an explicit quid pro quo but it
comes pretty close to that are there
shades of questions here about what
happened in that conversation mark or is
it clear-cut it’s clear-cut Judy I mean

what it puts to rest is the lie about
the confidence of the Trump campaign
we’re leading at all polls where we’ve
had he was so terrified so intimidated
the president united states got on the

phone with a leader of Ukraine to get
dirt on the one Democrat who in every
major poll was beating him and that
candidate son I mean this this shows the

terror the intimidation so and the false
bravado it’s just totally exposed and it
is David I think David was more than
kind it is it is totally explicit this

this is a country Judy that it has a
smaller army than that of Sri Lanka I
mean it’s a it’s a it’s sitting on the
doorstep of Russia that has shown
nothing but an imperial totalitarian

impulses toward it it translated in a
physical action it’s got an economy
small of that of El Salvador and we’re
holding four hundred and fifty 1 million
dollars in the president United States

it’s a supplicant mendicant it’s it’s
the boss to the to the lowest employee I
mean the power is totally
disproportionate anybody has to
acknowledge that who sees it David you

still have Republicans though saying
entirely appropriate for the president
itíd States to be saying to the leader
of Ukraine we want you to clean up
corruption in your country that that was

that is appropriate I supposed to say
but you know the Republicans are not
going to break on this and that’s why I
think when as we look at impeachment
I remember Watergate I was young but I
remember the sense of gravity a sense

that we’re stepping outside our party
lines at least some people did that Sam
Irv and other people Howard Baker and
we’re gonna weigh the evidence and this
is so serious we can’t just play normal
politics that’s not gonna happen this

time oh my goodness now let’s go over
what we just heard
besides Brooks coming on and talking
nonsense about Watergate he knows he’s
talking about his Watergate never went

to impeachment because the Republicans
didn’t like him no to certain ones
didn’t like Nixon they didn’t like the
break and it was a good was thuggery it
was bad and Goldwater was included the

guys who went over told Nixon to quit
but it’s but there’s that also Brooks
also says I’m supposed to say something
uh huh I thought that was a little
revealing but the main thesis of shields

is the following trumpets is a wimpy
little kid scared to death of Biden
because he knows that Biden will kick
his ass in the general election and he’s

and his all fawcett false bravado
because it’s DC’s the polls and the
polls say as if he believes those he
sees the polls and in every poll says

bite and bite and bite and bite and
shields as added as a Biden supporter
and and so it did got him freaked out
because he’s so timid this
trump guy that he called the guy Ford
actually Ukrainian called him but beside

the point let’s change their narrative
he calls them to get dirt on Biden
because he knows he’s screwed if he has
to run against Biden who will kick his
ass but this one are you nuts this is
the Hillary script man this is the kind

of things they come up with it’s it’s
nutty it’s completely nutty
and there’s a couple of interesting

extra data points that have come across
in the time line the first one is that
on August 29th almost a month before
this story broke Adam Schiff chairman of

the Intelligence Committee tweeted the
following Trump is withholding vital
military aid to Ukraine while his
personal lawyer seeks help from the

Ukraine government to investigate his
political opponent it doesn’t take a
stable genius to see the magnitude of
this conflict or how destructive it is
to our national security so he knew this
a month ago second piece of interesting

data on the timeline somewhere between
May and August and this call took place
in July the intelligence community

changed a requirement that
whistleblowers provide first direct hand
knowledge of alleged wrongdoings so they
changed the rules so that apparently

this whistleblower transcript would fit
within the whistleblower rules of the
intelligence community right it didn’t

before that it did not if it it did not
fit so there’s a couple things what
seems to have happened is this was more
likely a leaker and and how this

happened I’ll come gall circle back the
leaker went oh hey I’ve got this we got
some stuff going on but that had to come
out in a in an official way so the

leaker became a whistleblower but they
kind of had it set up in the set up you
could see because Nancy had her stage
with her flags Joe Biden had his stage
with the flags with this I think

something went wrong which was probably
Trump releasing the transcript at this
point because you know why else would he
I mean Jeff is really unhinged here with

what he’s doing he shouldn’t have to do
that if they had just some good you know
hearsay stuff and a whistleblower
complaint and the whistleblower
complaint if
that were the document which former
Director of National Intelligence

clapper and hoops analyzed on CNN first
I’ve seen many whistleblower complaints
during my time as DNI and this one was
the best written best researched it was

footnoted it didn’t get ahead of its
you know the ski tips it was very
compelling and very convincing I think

it was written in the style of a
seasoned intelligence analyst and it
approaches the quality of a National
Intelligence Estimate

which is kind of the apex report that
the intelligence community issues one of
the things of the many things suggested
by this whistleblower was that he or she
spoke to many White House officials and
government officials the president has

now suggested that these people are
tantamount to spies and he mused you
know how spies used to be treated when
committing treason which of course is
they were executed so what message do

you believe that that sends to either a
whistleblowers or B people who might be
witnesses in this investigation well I
thought a statement and as usually

extemporaneous was reprehensible and I’m
not a lawyer but it’s it’s Mac to me of
potential witness tampering and it’s

directly as a chilling message to others
who might consider being a whistleblower
and the whole point of the whistleblower

in fact the law governing Whistleblower
Protection Act one of the major features
of it is to insulate complainants from
retaliation and I’m kind of looking at

some of the Republican champions of
to speak to this which probably won’t
happen I could have actually cut that

off earlier but you get the idea this is
not all this the Thomas Drake and Bill
Binney yeah
this is this is not your run-of-the-mill
whistleblower if you’ve seen it and we
had it in the show notes for the last

episode it has tons of footnotes as
references I mean it’s a very it’s an
analyst piece it’s well done and here’s
what I’m thinking is it’s maybe possible
because and then I’ll get into the
procedure that we’re talking about that

the the whistleblower may have been set
up and in fact I’ll take it one step
further after having heard the Ukrainian
president speaking with President Trump

at the United Nations I’m even thinking
this might have been scripted for this
case specifically I know 3d chess all
that bullcrap
but Trump was ready for this his
campaign had ready-made pre-produced

videos about impeachment and the
Democrats are crazy I do need to read
the Thursday I read a couple of the win
red which is the president’s son in laws

outfit all GOP fundraising all
Republican punt fundraising has done
through win read they take six percent
off the top I find it to be a huge
insulting scam just to let you know and

of course he comes I raise thirteen
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and so it’s not this is not defense this
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wonder who’s read this last time I
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thank you match hi who’s doing the
matching I don’t know anyway when I hear

that I consider that to be one of the
world’s worst scams well so Friday cuz
somebody who is who is doing it unless
you who is the person do you have a no
ran no idea I don’t know who’s doing the

matching I don’t know but let me
continue reading so Friday I get a
couple more
president Trump impeachment no more like
witch-hunt help crush our quarterly goal

in three days gifts are 4x matched for
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left President Trump called on you Adam
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don’t wait donate now it’ll be
quadrupled I share this with Tina she’s
like she’s never seen she’s a

fundraising professional she’s never
seen this aggressive tactic take place
ever well you can’t do it you can’t pull
that stunt unless you’re under the gun I

mean then the Democrats have provided
that the the gun they have provided
quite the gun and the Democrats provided
the gun which becomes a gold mine for

fundraising on the Trump site especially
if they’re gonna take the tactic their
takeout which is like what by the way I
would say this and I don’t want to say

Republicans are generally smarter than
Democrats because I’m sure they got all
kinds of money but that just going in
there but the Democrats seem to be the
type that are more susceptible to this

sort of fear-mongering as shown by the
climate change folks yes yes yes yes yes
I’m scared to death about everything oh
my god we’re all gonna die and that’s
their mentality where’s the Republican

side is in you know it seems unlikely
now and so the Republicans it’s possible
I’m just trying to deconstruct what
they’re up to and if from fundraising
perspective it’s possible that the

Republicans are so laid-back about this
sort of scare tactic that they have to
go into overdrive with the 3x 4x where’s
your name’s not on the list really

threatening you
yeah to get you to do anything because
it sounds to me as though this is a
extreme tactic to get people to donate
well it’s probably not even about the
money it’s yes you say it’s purely to

get the base riled up and it’s not
working on me but of course nothing at
the base but
the process of impeachment is

interesting and and just to make sure
people understand that there’s no real
rule for process on what the house does
to get to voting on the articles of

impeachment so it’s been different been
done different ways in the House of
Representatives but ultimately all they
have to do is file and vote on and file

the articles of impeachment then it goes
to the Senate now the Senate trial which
would have to be won by three-quarters
of the Senate is not the grandstanding
we’re used to it is an actual trial with

actual trial lawyers these senators
don’t get to question they don’t get to
no they sit there as in effect the jury
of the people of the country and you can

call any witness you want can you
imagine calling Hillary Clinton calling
Cheryl Mills going although calling
Robert Muller imagine Muller on the

stage if they went to the Senate which I
don’t believe it will I think I still
stick with my theory which is this is
just to get a lot of negative attention
supposedly to hurt Trump’s candidacy

that’s all it is I agree and so you’re
nuts for this just vote will never
happen because if the Senate got a hold
of it and it’s a Republican dominated

Senate and it was with also with Clinton
in the Senate back then so now we’re not
even gonna take this and they just
tossed it out but in this case because
it’s so annoying that and it’s their

same party with Clinton it was a
different party but they still threw it
out they’re not gonna throw this but
they would sit down and they would bring
they could reopen the entire Moeller
instigation to find out who started it

why it started open lots of documentary
they could bring anybody up we’ve had a
one guy wrote in and gave us a dot line
and the worst case scenario and it could

be pretty bad for the Democrats that’s
why this is not not gonna happen and
even after the election the there’s no
road that anyone sees where the
Democrats are gonna take over the Senate

the funny thing is in an odd way it’s
not going to happen I agree let’s say
Trump was in peach
somehow yeah half the Republican
senators are sick and he gets you know

they go through the trial and he gets
impeached and he’s out of office he
could actually run again for two more
terms if you want I mean it’s a crazy
it’s a crazy situation but I totally
concur that’s not going to happen

they’re not stupid they don’t want they
don’t want an actual nobody on the
Democrat side want and probably some
Republicans don’t want any of this to go
to trial for what might actually come
out because man that’s when the dirty

laundry would be aired but and I it
feels to me like they got caught off
guard I’m just just I got to play this
clip Nancy Pelosi responded again
outside of her her stand-up speech and

and either she has completely lost it
she’s completely lost it it is wrong for
any foreign government to interfere in

our elections and here you have the
President of the United States asking
for that so it is again they now will
engage engage in a cover-up of that but

the cover-up of the cover-up two wrongs
do not make a right and president’s
going to have to answer that and they
know how how long it is so it’s wrong
for a company as we saw with Russian
interference and by the way I think

Russia has a hand in this by the way you
know but we saw with the Russian into a
disruption of our election last time
their interference 100 percent
confidence of the intelligence community

high companies and the intelligence
foods that the Russians disrupted our
election that was wrong now you hear
Nancy say two things one she’s oh I
think the Russians had a hand in this

and then she stumbles corrects herself
well the intelligence community is a
hundred percent confidence now they
didn’t actually they didn’t say a
hundred percent confidence that the
Russians in that meddled in our election
she Russia corrects herself a high

confidence just like the bullcrap
climate change reports high confidence
it’s not proof it’s not it’s not 100
percent assertion it’s yeah we got high
confidence in that so I I don’t know

what’s wrong with her but she’s off her
rocker off another here
just a very short 23 second clip of her
I think continuing is probably in that
same vein I don’t know

this is Pelosi rambling about Trump and
what America is
what’s more serious is that he can’t win
that is very serious to our country to
us as America what is America America is

our Constitution with our system of
checks and balances a republic freedom
expression freedom of the press the
guardian of our democracy the press

that’s one that’s America the Lib joes
did a back and forth with their the
idealistic situation and I don’t know

where they got this one Trump gets
impeached then pants gets impeached for
what I don’t know but he gets a piece
and then Nancy Pelosi is the president
and these are serious journalists who

were actually contemplating this
scenario yeah yeah yeah I don’t find
that sad and that’s troubling because I
just I know this there must be so much

hatred there and I don’t understand that
at all I don’t understand now be
fuddling I did put some work into Hunter
Biden because what I heard continuously

on the m5m is already looked in 100
Biden I was out kosher way talking about
this wrong there you sit on the board
reindeer was it money but to a lot of
that so I wanted to talk a look and yes

the New York Times did some puff piece
on whatever his his role was but the New
Yorker magazine did quite an in-depth
look at hunter Biden’s life it’s in the
show notes it’s called will hunter Biden

jeopardized his father’s campaign it was
not written around this lease the recent
fracas but before and Hunter Biden you
know when they said yeah I was trouble

you know cocaine no no this guy’s entire
life and it’s ad has been one of
alcoholism addiction
I’m talking like getting caught with

cocaine in his urine and then making up
a story that someone
cigarette with crack actually smoking
crack you know stealing money that this
guy has been to the bottom sad you know

in hotel rooms for a week on end
completely strung out not just a little
coke now and then the guy has serious
serious problems what is really and of

course it’s no investigation no
reporting being done on this but there’s
another player Kerry’s kid John Kerry’s
kid was also in this yeah you know they

together had a lobbying firm a hedge
they actually got Chinese involved
before this Ukraine board meeting and it

was to help their Chinese client place
an investment in what’s the name of the
barrese my I think is the yes is the is

the name of the the oligarchs oil
company that hunter Biden was on the on
the board of that and that carries kid
was there too and then you know some sex

model dude ex model from Abercrombie and
Fitch I mean you can just see these guys
are you know big cock around town on K
Street picking up money and doing all
kinds of deals because the guy is the

vice president’s son and he even lived
in the same house as the vice president
his dad and in The New Yorker piece it
says well you know we just didn’t talk
about my clients yeah okay sure it’s

scandalous and NPR is trying to figure
it out and even they’re having trouble
there was a movement among Ukraine’s new
administration to investigate corruption

the company at that same year in 2014
suddenly appointed Joe Biden then the
vice president’s son Hunter
and that obviously raised questions of a
perceived conflict of interest and why

they might have wanted someone in the
Obama administration on their side but
why did hunter Biden take the job I mean
as many said at the time he was a kind
of you know a corporate lawyer he had no

experience in Ukraine
what’s the reason he took it I can’t
speak to the reason that he might have
taken it but it’s clear that he actually
had no other value or brought
know the value to the company except for
the fact that he was related to someone

in a senior position of the
administration well and his critics and
Trump supporters say it was also because
of the enormous amount of money he was
being paid to sit on that board I’ve
seen some reports of fifty thousand a
month and that that was a way of taking

money out of the country that’s how
President Trump and his supporters have
positioned it that’s true the president
and his supporters have focused on the

large sums of money that hunter Biden
was paid I think that they it’s one of
these things where it’s a clearly
unethical it’s not illegal it was
declared and open but it’s also quite
ironic of course that the president

would be objecting to this when he had
hired as his campaign chairman Paul
Manafort who was documented receiving up
to 12 and 1/2 million dollars in
off-the-books payments through shell
companies that were set up in belize and

kyrgyzstan so there seems to be a
strange focus on the elements of our
system that are open to perceive
corruption from the president and the
supporters in one case but not in
another one well that’s by the way one

of the reasons Paul Manafort is in jail
having a hard time figuring out what
they’re gonna say but it could go
D’Oench what she just said is that maybe
by exactly in jail exactly

oops so you have Joe you know just not
not a very chipper 76 year old happens
different people have different brain

functions at different ages and not
everyone can be like you know Bernie
Bernie yeah yeah I mean even Trump e73

Elizabeth Warren is 70 but Joe is just
not the guy he’s not the guy to do it
everybody knows it that Joe knows it it
was his book you know do this for me dad

as his son is dying everyone else’s cry
remember that that hunter Biden married
the dead son’s wife oh yeah
and divorced again and then he married

some filmmaker from South Africa
I have a feeling that this was meant to
go a little differently not with a

transcript from the president
it was meant to really get the
impeachment going based upon a real
impeachable or at least a fuzzy enough
story they don’t have a fuzzy story and
and not to throw Joe under the

proverbial bus but it they did that I
think they had to sacrifice him Joe’s no
good Elizabeth Warren is the enemy of
the bank’s burning has been effectively

cut off once again by the m5m and common
law doesn’t matter these other people
don’t matter no that’s why Hillary has
to be the candidate and it would have he

has to come back and she will when’s
that when what is this filing deadline
and when is the next debate you said
after the year ahead of this is the
filing deadline to get on the bow is
probably next year’s no no no no no no I
think it’s this no but I think it’s a

year in advance I think no maybe
whatever the case is it’s always been
perceived the following because of the
following reasons I’ll repeat it when
Clinton got into the race bill to run
against HW who was who just as the

economy was going down and he was sick
there was that it was gonna be Mario
Cuomo was gonna be chose there’s all
these different Democrats and they was

always gonna be seen as a lost cause
because you can’t get you can’t beat the
incumbent and so bill as things were
just falling apart they couldn’t find
anybody that was worth of powder bill

jumped in in October
of the same year that did we’re in now
it would be the equivalent of this year
and Hillary has decided supposedly that
she’s gonna now cuz she screwed up the

last time and the time before she
screwed up twice now she screwed up
against Obama and that’s just screwed up
against Trump this time she’s gonna
follow the pattern of Bill and jump in
in October and she’s gonna she’s gonna

dog his old model and this is gonna make
her president and this is what while
we’re waiting for October but if and I
said that I will take her off my

candidates list as potential candidate
our potential nominee on November 1st
because that she has to do will jump in

in October and that will probably I’m
guessing after the next debates imagine
all the people who could do

and of course you do some people to
thank for show 1177 starting with my

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Victoria BC can the Navia another

successful meetup for No Agenda
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as the climate crisis protests that were
happening in Victoria on the 27th this
is Victoria’s version of Greta’s Friday
climate strike my 12 year old got out of
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40 minutes and then go goof off downtown
for the rest of the day with his buddies
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signs of course we had your heads on a

stick and attached her a couple of
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Burning Man meetup report when your
power went out appropriate when you
think about it but there was a meet-up
there were no agenda producers at the
meetup at Burning Man Basel night of the

Warmack horns from canary cry radio and
canary cry news talk bringing us the
report from Black Rock City that’s at
the Burning Man big thanks to Jason from
Chadds Ford for putting it together the

meet up at Camp big puffy yellow was a
success in total five attendees Jason
from Chadds Ford Bobby from the Big
Island Gendo Brian and myself

six if you count the infamous other
jason sleeping on a dusty couch in the
corner conversation topics range from
the classic m5m slamming for cure to
enlarged amygdala and of course lizard
people we also played a rousing game of

who’s the douche I think they need a
jingle John then they need a jingle
come on do your jingle but I don’t have
a jingle but I’d like it to your horn

yeah douche beautiful it was a highlight
of my Burning Man experience to meet up
with some fellow transdimensional
thinkers in the sea of dementia be BOTS

although we all ended up agreeing that
they are far more No Agenda types at
Burning Man then the event gets credit
for thanks to Brian from the Big Island
for bringing a refreshing thermos full
of fresh cold smoothies and Jason for

popping a bottle of cook champagne also
quick shout out to Gon’s knight of the
samurai babies who was with us in spirit
but had to stay behind to perform his
fatherly duties or duties as it worked
if anyone’s interested in hearing some

boots on the ground reporting from
Burning Man just Bing Burning Man canary
cry radio or search for it in your
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where you are in the world there’s
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Charleston South Carolina also one in
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South Austin hey that’s a new one
October 10th I think I can go there
South I live in South Austin October

11th Tokyo your house yeah hey guess
October 19th Atlanta October 20th
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October 25th Portland North Carolina and
October 26 Nashville Tennessee and also
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produced by I’m looking forward now
most his name John why am i why my
spacing oh yeah David wark David or cut

David or cut Orca Orca or cut David or
cut Orca or I mean Orca it’s not Orca is
it or cut or cut or cut no it’s or cut
is the same easy got the same name as

the O as the defunct Google social
network it’s not defunded transexuals in
Brazil still use it
no no they shut that down yeah go Google
just shut it down hell with Brazil they

said hell with the two did their
transphobic there you go proof there you
go so he heard he heard the call that
would be great for us to take a a show
off from time to time we like to do that

it doesn’t happen often in fact maybe
once or twice a year but it’s always
hard to fill that could we don’t want to
just do a rerun or just have nothing I
am by the way looking for to interview

marianne williamson if anyone has a
contact i would love to interview her
I’d love to interview her as soon as
possible and it would be it would be
great interview you know you gotta have
a lot of you gotta have a lot of I’m

thinking if you’re gonna do the
interview you need a little background
sound I’m thinking tell me tell me about
your thoughts for the economy thing is I
won’t do that to her because I’ve

listened to some of her talks and
seminars I appreciate you don’t have to
do that you don’t have to be a dude to
douche a dick okay anyway so the the
request was wouldn’t it be great if you

had the best of special of all of John’s
stories and that would require someone
to have knowledge ability story I mean
if you wanted to listen to every single

No Agenda show it would take you I think
over a year and a half if you listen
24/7 so he has knowledge of the shows I
don’t know what he’s done I kind of felt
like I would like to give a little

teaser of this have you heard any of
this of this night now do you mind if I
do a little minute and a half teaser of
this of the show we don’t know when
we’re gonna run it but just it’s such a
beautiful piece I’m sure it is some sort
of an insulting clip but go

no it actually shows your talent yes
this is a this is a riot laughs clip it
shows your absolute Talent and this is
the genesis the origins of the straight

room route from Reseda give it up for
Raven oh yes okay and as most stories go
they kind of just happen now I cut out a
lot of the setup here but there is one

segment where you do possibly the best
well I’ll let the co segment speak for
itself what you have to do your welcome
to the stage when someone makes it rain

straight from Reseda
here she is Raven give it up up next
bambe bambe edge of the stage Wow

you do know it okay I’ll do Raven then
we getting them one come back to you

ladies and gentlemen a big round of

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she likes dirt bikes dirty dancing dirty
boys in Star Trek as we would say oh my
Sharona give it up the Sharona Julian

Donnelly the time I’ll be doing a
lesbian act on stage to bring him up
bring him up Joe and Donna these two
hotties can be seen at the club on
Wednesday bud wrestling two words exit

strategy there are some great this is

obviously the whole setup to this and
how that happened but it’s a really good
story so I’m not sure when we’re gonna
schedule that but I can’t wait to hear

the whole thing
the whole show is John’s stories and
some of them are really phenomenally
and somehow all humorous our cut is now
working on your stores because you

actually have as many stories as I do
but they tend to be more showbiz stories
and that’ll be the second the second
show which would so you can almost
combine these two if he when he gets

that one – that’s gonna take him a month
I don’t know how long three months I
know he took to do this one but took a
while you know but I guess what I what I
want to say I’m so incredibly

appreciative of this the things and you
know the end of show jingles and what
you’ll hear from sir Chris and the cast
of thousands for our Dame donation drive
these impossible in mainstream it would
not happen like hey both can we have

someone produce this there’s no budget
for it yeah yeah my am I wrong
time go down for that one but that’s
exactly the way it goes and it would

never happen meetups there’s no we got
nothing in the budget for anyone to
organize meetups all this happens
because we’ve cracked the nut of the
future of media
at least forget radio media until they

kick us off the air they cut our power
off every time Wow
well you know you’re gonna get you Jenny
I’m gonna get you Jenny in your hot spot
and we should be able to get on the air
so yes back to the show yeah this is the

show I want to I do want to play because
since we talked about the candidates I
do want to play these clips this one
clip in particular because I pulled a

couple of of potential ISOs oh very nice
didn’t realize what a horrible cliche
this is the Kamala Harris is the worst
yeah so so a Yeltsin door woman they

sent her into the field on down PBS
newshour the black woman who took yeah
yummy yummy she’ll send me sh Y you
meets the South Carolina to go to a

black kind of a black South Carolina
Democrat Party or somebody’s a party
that the block parties it’s like a party
it’s a block party yeah and so she’s got
a few she she went on the street this is

the SC dem meetup and you got a bunch of
man on the street little commentaries
and then she she at the end of it she
asked yes Kamala because it turns out
that no no black people in the South

like her for the north to the north yeah
you’re right and so did we get this clip
5 News all right but nothing’s bonding

burnheal opacity a life span you know
cory booker he yeah i mean he’s pretty
so I I’m just not connecting with her at

all your sudden black voters said they
don’t trust Harris because of her
background as a prosecutor when I read
so far about her they were saying that
she was kind of harsh on African

Americans quickly point drug charges and
things like that so how was she trying
to change this perception look at first
of all clashes back up because here’s
the thing I am the only one on this

stage who decided to jump in the fire at
a very young age in my life and do what
I could to reform the system from the
inside she jumped into bed to get what

done what she needed really brand yeah
oh my me what got me is this I and I got
to I soaked up camel a backup cliche I

so I have two of them I having the
longer version which is three seconds
then I shortened it to two seconds I
think it might be good but it’s this
it’s just a series of cliches look look
you know it starts with looking gets

worse but let’s play it first of all
let’s just back up because here’s the
thing first but first of all look let’s
back up here’s the thing is that yeah
this is a long one look first of all

let’s just back up because here’s the
thing first
no look first let’s just back up here’s
the thing and it’s like what does she
said what is that it what is all that

here’s the thing that swishes by the way
she’s pulled from Biden has brightnesses
yeah Biden yeah Biden is here’s the
thing here’s the thing passports she
stole that look look she uses that all

the time
so I shortened it to digit I cut the
last part off and I think this would be
a good ending look first of all slashes
back up well yes
but I have to say I might have a

competing eye so uh oh and I can’t play
the eye side without playing the bit
without playing the full clip and I
found this this clip to be phenomenal

you remember the the former Obama ice
director Tom Pullman he’s kind of the
gruff guy Lee but he when you hear when

you hear him you’ll you’ll remember he’s
kind of a gruff guy and he was acting
ice when when blondie took a hike or
surname again boy 1 he’ll Snelson he’ll

sing Nielsen Nielsen yeah yeah when she
she got out and she was tired of being
you know harassed obviously
oh she’s be brutalized so jayapal you

know representative jayapal another one
of these fine fine democrats is running
some committee Oversight Committee and
is of course disparaging this guy and

Trump’s at Trump horrible Trump killing
children babies and cages etc and Holman
just decides that look I’m a witness
here they all right and this guy’s great
is there anything you’d like to respond

to what you’ve heard today yeah I’d like
to respond to acting chairman Jay Paul
and your comment about the Trump
administration moving money around for
more detention beds I’d like to remind
you on the Obama administration we did

that most of the years he was president
we moved money around DHS is called
reprogramming we did that under the
Obama administration I didn’t I don’t
remember any hearings on that and I also
like to remind you that that under the

bomb administration I mean you’re quick
to point out that the cages were built
under Obama administration I was there
family detention we had 100 family beds
under Obama administration we built
3,000 more so when there was a surge in

fy14 and fy15 on board congress was
quick to give all the money we needed to
build the tent facilities but it get
transportation contracts we reprogram
money how the majority of the earth she

was president that was fine under Obama
administration that by 12 we remove four
hundred nine thousand people half what
last year there was no hearings on that
so I know this is about transparency

let’s meet let’s be factual about it the
time of the gentleman has expired so did
address some comments at me I’ll just
say that I didn’t like it under the
Obama administration either in fact well
being honest the American people can’t

point out faults in the Trump
administration while have some
integration that’s dishonesty it’s
pathetic in a sad mr. Holman I
controlled by the way she’s banging the
gavel the time and I am the chairwoman
of the committee thank you for

respecting that I didn’t like it under
the Obama administration and I’ll remind
you mr. Holman that you also testified
before Congress in support of the
Obama’s priorities enforcement program

before the Senate Judiciary Committee on
May 19 2016 which had a very different
approach what I can’t respond I respond
to that I respond to that no of course
you’re not

I find it very offensive that anybody
would compare any federal employee
frankly to someone who the Gestapo or
running Nazi concentration camps that is
very offensive now wait for this last

bit when she is she just freaks out with
the gavel
I have 15 seconds and I yield to you
thank you for saying that I wish some
brain Democrat leadership would say that
out loud

look you want to either 50,000 people in
attention you whine why we have a
million men one man into the entries
United States you why not have these
issues because you have failed to secure
the border you have failed to work with
this president
the clothes are three little poles we’ve

asked for in two years to close if you
want know why this issue exists you need
to marry mr. Holman look please respect
the chair and the authority of the chair

the moment the gentleman has expired
I bite let me go beyond my time thank
you let other people will be on thirty
knots the time only you don’t get me go
beyond this time mr. Holman we have the

Republicans and the Democrats with the
ranking member we increased the time of
one witness at one member of Congress
who was interrupted by a protest that is

done with the approval of the ranking
member please respect the chairs
authority the German teacher is adored
by the chair helmet but you work for
I’m a taxpayer I’m a taxpayer you work

for me
the witness will suspend stop the
hammering I love that he just you know
so she says the witness will suspend but

I like this one the best I’m a taxpayer
you work for me so I don’t know it’s in
competition with that one that’s what
you can do do the cops when they pull

you over oh you work for me yeah so I
don’t know I mean you want to do camel
or you want to do uh I’m a taxpayer you
work for me is better I think it’s
beauty I’m a taxpayer you work for me I

love that okay well good because that’s
what everyone says but not when they’re
in front of a committee with the lady
bang and you need to see her ugly-ass
face man because it just gets all

scrunch up and she’s banging away like
like like a crazy schoolmarm with a shoe
on the desk
it’s just how jaws of Zeus
sad sad sad people well

all right well let’s see what else we
got I I do but I do have a last clip to
finish things when we get to that rock

we’re close well okay where we might be
close but so let’s get a couple at least
some news stories either let’s do the
good let’s do did a lot people aren’t
talking about the riots going on in

Haiti I got a 30-second clip to bring us
up to speed
riots in Haiti how come I was not
informed about this yeah you tell me and
I’m I’m trying to latest from Haiti
sorry thank you I’m trying to show my my

outrage while searching for the violence
in Haiti escalated yesterday as
protesters continue to call for the
ouster of embattled President Jovan el
Moysey opposition supporters ransacked a
police station threw rocks at officers

and buildings and burned barricades the
protesters charge the government has
failed to investigate accusations that
the president’s allies embezzled or
wasted billions of dollars from a

Venezuelan aid program this is the third
week of demonstrations that have forced
businesses and public services to shut
down the protesters have pledged to
continue until president Wei Zhi resigns

marry now yeah nobody’s talking about
that no there’s too much of a quick Hong
Kong update yeah thank you because

that’s that’s something that kind of
gets slips between the cracks lease
armed with tear gas and water cannons
but an early end to a government
approved pro-democracy rally in Hong
Kong today thousands of protesters threw

bricks and Molotov cocktails at
government buildings while marking the
fifth anniversary of the start of the
2014 umbrella movement members of that
demonstration occupied downtown Hong

Kong for 79 days in an unsuccessful
attempt to convince the government to
allow democratic reforms tensions
between the Pro and anti-government
sides are expected to rise on Tuesday
when Beijing celebrates the 70th

anniversary of the founding of China’s
communist party
sorry oh it gets a cheap unavoidable
it’s network that’s what this show is

about now if I can get if you were done
I got other stuff we can push off but I
do have an end of show clip by not into
show but end of our show yes I don’t I

guess a 29 second clip this is the
Indian announcer I don’t know if you
heard this one okay well this now I
don’t even know if this is a real clip

or somebody over dumped it but this is
the soccer match and what happened in
the soccer match is that to block a shot
that was going into the goal someone of
the Indian players ran like hell and
then slid to just kick the ball before

it went over the line and in this in the
process he split his legs and went right
into the pole oh no so he netted himself
oh and and the announcers version of

this is like you’d never hear this on
American television I’m surprised is it
this may not be real but I think it is
who cares it’s hilarious it was a cheap

laugh it’s on no agenda fantastic scene
but I believe he hit his nuts on the
he is down let us have a closer look
that instant replay not only just

self-sacrifice on this play but
sacrificing future generations as well
obviously going all our esteem saving
the ball right here but also losing to
on the place putting his balls on the

line let us have a moment of silence for
this man’s fallen brothers as you see
right here he got to the ball and sold
it the goalposts not only taking one for
the team he took two who cares this and
that – did you find that yourself he

took two for the team I find it on
Twitter actually that’s funny
ah okay well hopefully we’ll have power
on Thursday for our first Thursday of
the week show or second Sunday coming up

after this program on no agenda stream
comm where you can join in with the
trolls Billy bones has a walk through
the mind that’s his show episode 64
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frequent end of show mixer got two lined
up for you since sir Chris and the cast
of thousands is a full song is nothing
like a dame but it is a beauty we’ll
play that and also Jesse coy Nelson

checks in with little ditty and that’ll
take us the end of the show coming to
you from opportunity zone 33 in Austin
Tate haast capital of the drone star

state FEMA region number six and old
governmental maps in the morning
everybody I’m Adam curry and from
northern Silicon Valley where next show
I’ll be reporting on a no-phone I
actually bought I’m John C Dvorak we

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