No Agenda Episode 1178: “Snales and Spikes”

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episode 1178 this is no agenda
broadcasting in the morning everybody

I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where apparently it’s still rush
hour and it remains so until about 11:00

before you want to know about a real
rush hour go over to the Netherlands see
what see see what’s going on there the

other day what oh you didn’t see the
farmer protests no they’ve gotten a big
clue from the French even better though
so the the European Union decided that
the Netherlands has exceeded its

nitrogen quantity they’re allowed to use
and by the way the Netherlands I think
has the same quantity limits as Germany

and other countries much larger than
them and so they said but it’s done you
can’t use any more nitrogen for the rest

of the year it’s all done now maybe we
should understand how important nitrogen
is in farming
for that we turn to our resident farmer
John Dvorak

yeah nitrogen is one of the main
components of all fertilizers and in
fact it’s the nitrogen compound that
means the most and when you buy some
fertilizer you sometimes see three

numbers on there which is like something
like 16 5 and 6 or 16 to max I think for
nitrogen and they referred to the levels
of the different nutrients but the most
important one is nitrogen mhm

and I once had a bag gallon I don’t have
it anymore
I probably would be arrested because
when I was working as an air pollution
inspector I worked at the fertile I’ve

also inspected a fertilizer plant and so
they gave me a bag of a straight-up
ammonium nitrate whoo you mix that with
water dip some paper in there and you

got flash paper you could do a lot with
it yeah I don’t know about what you just
said but ammonium Knight
ammonium nitrate is a it could be used
to make explosives and Pho bombs are one

of the most easy to make which is
ammonium nitrate and fertilizer
I’m sorry Ramon yym nitrate and fuel oil
you mix ammonium nitrate with some just
cheap oil and put it in a I’m not gonna

describe its makeable and so I had this
big bag of ammonium nitrate in the I

think it was I think the numbers on it
was 1600 I had nothing else in it it was
just pure ammonium nitrate and
unfortunately the seller flooded one day
and the bowl the bag got wet and it

turned to one solid crystal ammonium
nitrate oh I mean you could chip away at
it if you wanted to when I was Andy
product when I was growing anyway I was
by the way just to go over the story I

was told that you take just the pure
straight stuff and then you can go to
somebody like a big giant lawn that
somebody has and you can spell out you
know screw you or something like that in

this with this night with you you have a
little spreader and it will make this
grass grow super green and super fast
and like three feet high so it’ll spell

out it’s pretty funny idea
growing up just south of Amsterdam when
I was young we lived in a farming
community there was lots of of this

stuff around and what we used to do is
we’d mix it with sugar and then yet to
the right the right amounts but you’d
mix it with sugar then water then you

dip pieces of paper into the water let
it dry and then if you lit that up yeah
it’s like a flash paper anyway what’s
cool about this in the Netherlands when

it comes to the media story about this
is the Dutch name for nitrogen is stick
stuff which means choking stuff and it’s
a literal translation so whenever

someone’s talking about climate and oh
my god and we’re hurting the earth and
what are we going to do and you’re using
joke stuff oh no this is no good but the
farmers were not having it and they got

all their tractors and they tied up all
of the highways this was was that
Wednesday morning or Tuesday morning and

and they effectively created almost 700
miles of traffic jams nice and the

you know 700 miles you can go up and
down hold for three a couple times you
can roam around in the country with that
so now the Netherlands is very sensitive
to traffic because in fact although it’s

starting to change a little bit for
decades they would always mention the
traffic on the news traffic and weather
together and they do it by length of of
the traffic jam so not how much time it

would take but the actual length and it
would be five kilometres 15 kilometres
20 kilometres and you hear this every
single morning every afternoon that the
country is incredibly overcrowded or

densely populated and there’s a lot of
cars and just not enough roadway so
they’re sensitive to it so when this
happens it cripples the country and it

the country was crippled for this day
and the farmers they went down to the
hague or came up where they were went
westwards wherever they were coming
from the from the e so they want
westwards and the so this is where the

government is in the Netherlands they’d
set up barricades and fences because we
had this very famous field called it

Molly felt and that’s where you can
register and have an official
demonstration and you can stand there
and go hey hey ho ho
you know what the eff has gotta go and
but they didn’t want any of this it was

not a registered protest in the fart
house stupid these people are the
farmers they roll up into the hague
after tying up all the all the roadways
they look at these fences and go

it’s just video after video of him
plowing him down going right through
them jumpy just it was attractive he’s a
you know sizable John Deere’s you can’t
do much against them they’re like tanks

and the Dutch population from what I’ve
been able to glean from following it
I understand behind the farmers like
yeah why are we letting these EU

douchebags tell us what we can do so
they weren’t wearing yellow vests but
they might as well have been very good
well we’re just gonna head though it’s

not gonna go anywhere oh they’ll do it
again the farmers are famous in the
Netherlands for doing they are indeed
the yellow vests of Holland they’re very
famous for their protests and this is
let’s back up to the reason for the

protests so they are given the same I
guess managed mouth rations wartime they
have rations of their of their nitrogen

supply and fertilizer supply let’s say
they have their ration digs they have to
have the exact same amount as the other
countries yeah well doesn’t make any
sense everybody grows different things

they need different we have different
requirements or so you can’t have a
one-size-fits-all for fertilizer well
that’s exactly what they did and also
designed the resident farmer yes also

and what are the crop differences
there’s gotta be some crop differences
and why why did why are the Dutch using
so much fertilizer you think maybe

they’re abusing it maybe
using too much maybe there just is a lot
of runoff involved I mean sounds like
they’re ruining the place these Dutch I
don’t think so
but you asking questions that I can’t

my question is is nitrogen I had not
heard that this was a greenhouse gas
it’s not a gas it’s a gas in the
atmosphere if you’re just gonna say

you know n2 which is just the right
Ridge mullick you’ll so I’m not sure
exactly what it is that is a problem but
or maybe it’s just harmonization so

everyone’s in line but in tour just
plain and in the atmosphere I think it’s
just an a I’m sorry yeah I don’t think
it’s into anyway but the point is is
that nitrogen is abysm is a it’s a

chemical that is it’s using that has
nitrogen in it
mm-hmm right right but look I don’t know
but it’s all I can tell you is that it

seems rather unfair for the Dutch to be
cut off you know with the same levels as
other countries around them when they

are just a different sized country I
don’t even know how you can occur so
small why would they mean well I don’t
know I really don’t know it but the
point is they do their own thing yeah

they don’t want Brussels telling them
what to do yeah well hello that’s
exactly the problem exactly the problem
which was very interesting and maybe

we’ll start we were kind of laughing but
just before we started because we both
had the exact same clip which you titled
the the bonus clip it was a bonus little
a split but since – three seconds longer

I think I’ll uh I’ll grab my version but
don’t you talk about that I wish I had
acted because it’s part of a clip AG a
bunch of clips oh well maybe I was gonna

start you off onto that well here I’ll
tell you what my thinking was and you
tell me how you want to run it so
President Trump is at the United Nations
General Assembly giving a speech which I

guarantee you no one who was listening
right now actually saw it or heard any
clip or anything of his speech and we’d
like to make matters worse as he’s

starting as he’s kind of in his speech
and then we get the Nicole Walt that’s
how that’s where I was gonna go and then
I want that play with Trump actually
said because I think that’s interesting
but if that doesn’t work for you we can

do it later but no we can go in that
direction I just it wasn’t my initial
idea but yeah he’s giving us peace I
thought that was an oppressed conference
that she interrupted it no but it was
his United Nations General Assembly

I’m oh I saw the light I thought okay
that’s but by the way it is in to not
know is in to so so he’s given the

speech and she instead of letting him
give the speech because of MSNBC’s
policies she just interrupts him and
cause I’m a liar in the middle of the

really but the president is telling the
truth these allegations against Joe
Biden and hunter Biden that he’s

repeating have been investigated by the
Ukrainians none other than the Wall
Street Journal included in their report
on Friday that the Ukrainians view this
issue as having been investigated and
adjudicated and what’s amazing is that

what appears to be trying to do is to
turn his own impeachment into a big
deflection yeah change the story I think
we should say two things first of all
the question on the table here is not

about Joe Biden it’s not about Chris
Murphy or any other senators he’s
talking about it’s not about the
whistleblower it’s about his conduct and
whether his conduct as president is
impeachable or not whether it amounts to
misconduct as it relates to Joe Biden
it’s important to note that this story

has been looked at and thoroughly
debunked by everyone involved the Joe
Biden son served on the board of a
Ukrainian company that Ukrainian company
was investigated by the Ukrainian
Attorney General that investigation was

closed before Joe Biden ever asked for
the Attorney General to be fired and not
the reason Joe Biden asked the Attorney
General to be fired he wasn’t speaking
on behalf of himself or his son he
wasn’t even speaking on behalf of the

Obama administration he was speaking on
behalf of the the West at large
the IMF wanted him gone other Western
governments wanted him gone because this
Attorney General was known to be corrupt
that’s why he was

that’s why but Joe Biden pushed for him
to be outed it had nothing to do this
and everyone that’s looked at it has
confirmed that so just just so we lay
this out properly the president the
United States which these same people

will call the leader of the free world
is speaking on the largest stage and has
ideas and is communicating directly to
all leaders not just a phone call to one

guy but communicating his ideas directly
to all leaders they are
so sorry but we have to interrupt
because la blah blah blah blah Abidin
bad like that and you saw nothing of the

actual speed did you see one second of
well did you see one minute of useful
clip from his speech anywhere
no I didn’t see because I dug it up but

I didn’t said that you mentioned I don’t
think there was anybody that would play
any of it oh well gee this is the No
Agenda show his whole speech was about
46 minutes if you cut out all the pauses

because he was in his goober
presidential mode which is slow and
boring too very boring yeah and very
drawn-out so I cut out all the pauses of

the first couple minutes of his speech
and this is exactly what we were talking
about on the last show the biggest

problem with this president is he is
anti-globalist and he will communicate
however he wants to to his to his people
that’s King Trump so here is a shortened

although it’s a it’s just out of context
because I took the the pause is out but
it is the full first few minutes of his
speech and you get that you guys

understand pretty quickly why they were
so sorry they have to interrupt this
thank you very much mr. president mr.
secretary general distinguished
delegates ambassadors and world leaders

seven decades of history have passed
through this hall in all of their
richness and drama where I stand the
world has heard from presidents and

at the height of the Cold War we have
seen the foundation of nations we seen
the ringleaders of revolution we have

beheld Saints who inspired us with hope
rebels who stirred us with passion and
heroes who emboldened us with courage
all here to share plans proposals

revisions and ideas on the world’s
biggest stage like those who met us
before our time is one of great contests

high stakes and clear choices the
essential divide that runs all around
the world

and throughout history is once again
thrown into stark relief it is the
divide between those whose thirst for
control deludes them into thinking they
are destined to rule over others and

those people and Nations who want only
to rule themselves I have the immense
privilege of addressing you today as the
elected leader of a nation that prizes

liberty independence and self-government
above all the united states after having
spent over two-and-a-half trillion

dollars since my election to completely
rebuild our great military is also by
far the world’s most powerful nation
hopefully it will never have to use this
power Americans know that in a world

where others seek conquest and
domination our nation must be strong in
wealth in might and in spirit that is
why the United States vigorously defends

the traditions and customs that have
made us who we are like my beloved
country each nation represented in this
Hall as a cherished history culture and

heritage that is worth defending and
celebrating and which gives us our
singular potential and strength here we
go free world must embrace its national

foundations it must not attempt to erase
them or replace them looking around and
all over this large magnificent planet
the truth is plain to see if you want

freedom take pride in your country if
you want democracy hold on to your
sovereignty and if you want peace love
your nation wise leaders always put the

good of their own people and their own
country first the future does not belong
to globalists the future belongs to

patriots the future belongs to sovereign
and independent nations who protect
their citizens respect their neighbor
and honor the differences that make each
country special and unique it is why we

in the United States have embarked on an
exciting program of national renewal and
everything we do we are focused on

empowering the dreams and aspirations of
our citizens oh that that won’t stand Oh

there’s no good we have to be globalists
not Patriots
so there’s plenty of reason for them to
not show you that

yeah so they’re the ones who are
actually going off the side on the side
on this thing they’re going off the off
the rails with the Biden thing and I

found that the I had the clips I got the
bite and clip admitting that he
strong-armed the Ukrainians and there’s
also was in this show and this guy this

guy that was on that Nicole Wallace clip
first of all she interrupts by saying we
have to stop because these are lies it’s
not true any of this and this is not

this was not as if it wasn’t it’s not as
if this wasn’t completely planned
because how do you interrupt and start
stepping all over somebody and then
bring someone in who happens to be at

the ready
the correspondent he’s standing right
there ready to come ready to go
well he but he was at work if his Lobby
was in the studio correct no I think he

was a remote he was a remote way to go
y’all ready to go then I don’t know they
had no intention of playing the speech
no no of course not but but it does
bring me to the eggs this guy they

brought in who’s a I the little the
little ice so I took of him says a
couple of things one it tells me he’s
probably gay he sounds a little gay you
know if you don’t want to be accused of

being gay which most people don’t care
but don’t be don’t Sally don’t go
overboard don’t use terms like well
plays a clip and you’ll hear the little

gay terminology in here that’s why he
was that’s why but Joe Biden pushed for
him to be outed it had nothing to do
with his son and everyone that’s looked
at it as confirm that yeah I missed that
good catch wait there’s two things in

there besides him being outed which is a
you know what you know who was outed but
at the very end he says listed at the
very end of this clip play it again

that’s why he was that’s why but Joe
Biden pushed for him to be outed it had
nothing to do this on and everyone
that’s looked at it has confirmed that
oh yeah no I did hear that confirm that
no no you missed it again oh well don’t

say anything let me listen one more time
that’s why he was that’s why but Joe
Biden pushed for him to be outed it had
nothing to do this on an everyone that’s
looked at it has confirmed that it had
nothing to do with his son and

everyone’s looked at it has confirmed
that confirmed them
I don’t what is that mean I don’t serve
them you say let me listen again that’s
why he was that’s why but Joe Biden

pushed for him to be outed it had
nothing to do this on and everyone
that’s looked at it has confirmed that
it’s hard for me to tell if he’s saying
that or them but I’ll take you believe
me I boosted it’s the damn man all right

so he’s talking about damaging and this
again is bullcrap and I have two clips
if you want to get into it one is Biden
himself going on and on it at the

Council of Foreign Relations where he
pretty much brags about getting this guy
fired that’s played this like East once
haven’t we this is the bet that we’ve

played this well it’s sure just late
again yeah late I remember going over
convincing our team our others to
convincing us that we should be
providing for loan guarantees and I went

over against the 12th 13th time to Kiev
and and I was going supposed to announce
that there’s another billion dollar loan
guarantee and I had gotten a commitment

from poroshenko and from yachts and
hoped that they would take action
against the state prosecutor and they
didn’t so they said that if they were
walking out to presscon said nice and

I’m not gonna go or we’re not going to
give you the billion dollars they said
you have no authority you’re not the
president the president said I said call
him I said I’m telling you’re not
getting a billion dollars I said you’re

not getting a billion I’m gonna be
leaving here I think it was watch six
hours I look at I said believing in six
hours if the prosecutors not fired
you’re not getting the money
both son-of-a-bitch
you’re fired and they put in place

someone who was solid you know although
I was kind of like annoyed that because
we this clip has played every five
minutes on fox news I just heard
something else in there of importance he

literally tells us that the President of
the United States is behind this threat
then President Obama yeah and so once
again but you safe being yourself but

you cope through the health they are
accusing this president of exactly what
the previous president did exactly the
same you can see kids in cages – well he
also used another term in here and I’m

probably gonna be a nitpicker today it’s
a more colourful term he says at the end
he says we gotta get his assault is

solid he used the word solid yeah now in
context I believe he means in this case
he’s gonna do me a solid I think it
stems from that where the guy is in

other words he’s he’s he’s the stooge
for us and I believe that’s what Biden
was kind of saying anyway the last thing
I have on this he this has been played
too much on I don’t watch Fox oh I

didn’t know that but it’s been played a
lot because it does make a point but and
your catch on the president being part
of it is a good one but insofar as it’s

not just being debunked and all the rest
that they said on MSNBC ABC did a very
long piece and unfortunate I have the
whole thing I couldn’t clip it down and

you don’t have to play the whole thing
but just have to listen to part of it
because it just goes on and on and on
and this is with Tom yamas who I haven’t
heard for much time no okay I’m sorry
confuse those I confuse them once

Constitution does not Thomas does this
thing on the hunter bitin and he brings
up all the points about why is this guy
getting this job you want you might want
to listen just the beginning of it

because it’s three and a half minutes
which is law is max maxed out for the
show we don’t we do log shows we don’t
do them that long
and this is a you know can’t find this
is got long ABC for another funny thing

about this this was done with with david
muir as the host but it was never run on
the nightly news hmm they ran it as the
kind of offbeat special on the morning

show hmm was Stephanopoulos and I found
that to be peculiar so they kind of
suppress the story but they did do the
story and they felt obliged to run and
here it is fatoor ABC News investigation

this morning into Joe Biden the son
Hunter and questions about money he made
from foreign business dealings while his
father was vice president our chief
national affairs correspondent Tommy
Imus traveled to Ukraine to try to get
some answers and Tom what did you find

Dave good morning to you this is
actually an issue Joe Biden has been
dealing with since 2014 but it’s come up
again because he’s now running for
president Republicans including
president Trump are trying to hammer
Biden over this time at issue was hunter

Biden profiting off his dad’s work as
vice president and did Jill Biden allow
it we’re talking about millions of
dollars in at least two countries mr.
vice president Tommy Thomas with ABC

News how you doing got a quick question
for you it’s a question we tried to ask
repeatedly can we ask you about Ukraine
and China but kept getting blocked
questions about foreign deals his son
Hunter Biden pursued my father Joe Biden

in countries with Joe Biden who’s
working as America’s top diplomat
in 2014 Ukrainians sick of corruption
revolted Vice President Joe Biden went

to Kiev to help the new government wow
they’re really glossing over a lot
they’re like Ukrainians revolted the
United States had the whole store ready

to long State Department was over there
and they were at Vicky Nuland
Nudelman caiman have to fight the cancer
of corruption but then something strange

happens just three weeks later a
Ukrainian natural gas company Lewis
mother accused of corruption appoints
hunter Biden seen here in their

promotional videos to their Board of
Directors paying his firm more than a
million dollars a year hunter a lawyer
who had just been discharged from the
Navy Reserves for testing positive for

mr. hunter Biden he had served on other
boards but had no known experience in
Ukraine or natural gas we went to Kiev
and found even among Joe Biden

supporters in Ukraine wait a minute you
telling me this ran on the
Stephanopoulos show in the morning yeah
you mean Stephanopoulos the former and
perhaps still Clinton insider and

operative maybe if you’re gonna go with
that theory was possible sure you’d have
to go like it would go like this then

the story was produced for NBC or for
ACB I’m ABC nightly news with David Muir
and it was shelved and then if you go
with your theory step Anopheles got wind

of it yeah so you know this is a good
story running we should run out on my
show on my show because it’s already
been produced let’s run it yeah yeah
that’s possible possibility and here’s

you know I we got a feeling berry was
troubling how do you judge what hunter
Biden was doing I think that hunter
Biden did a very bad thing and he was

very wrong he allowed his name to be
abused and Ukraine wasn’t the only
country where hunter Biden’s business
and his father’s diplomacy as vice

president intersected it also happened
in China
this video shows Chinese diplomats
greeting Vice President Biden as he
arrived in Beijing in December of 2013
right by his side his son hunter less

than two weeks later Hunter’s firm had
new business creating an investment fund
in China involving the
government-controlled Bank of China with
reports they hope to raise 1.5 billion

dollars hunter still plays a role in the
fund his lawyer says his stake is worth
about half a million dollars and his
lawyers say he never discussed any of

his overseas work with his father but
even a critic of while living in the
same house if current president and his
children’s business dealings says this
he should have encouraged his son to not

take these positions Biden’s campaign
team told us that the vice president
acted at all times in a manner
consistent with well-established
executive branch ethics standards yes
one person who did not want to talk

about it Jill Biden
mr. vice president your take on that was
there a conflict of interest there was
there a clear conflict of interest now
in response to our questions the Biden

campaign for the first time is
announcing if he’s elected he will
invoke a new ethics policy on his first
day in office that would empower White
House lawyers to monitor for any types
of conflicts of interest now hunter

Biden did not want to comment on camera
he says he was brought in to barista
that Ukrainian company that was facing
the corruption charges to help with its
transparency and corporate
responsibility so far no charges have

been brought against death so far these
questions are gonna go away so in the
meantime is he still the board for that
company in Ukraine it’s a good question
David so the same month Joe Biden
announces he’s gonna run for president
hunter Biden tells us his term on the

board expired he says that the current
political climate he’s decided not to
renew you know
I’m kind of sad and there was this this
clip that I saw which I did not clip for
the show of main reason Rudy Guiliani

with Stephanopoulos I didn’t clip it
because it’s Rudy Giuliani and I’m so
sick and tired of all this bull crap
just all of it a sick we read the
transcript I’m sick of it it’s all it’s

all stupid but Giuliani was sitting on
Stephanopoulos show and he had emails
and affidavits and files and and he sat
there unchallenged damnit I should have

gotten that clip Stephanopoulos just let
him rant and rant and rant which is not
at all like him this I think that
they’re just setting it up to get rid of

Joe so she can swoop in I can’t see the
any other way ABC hates Trump why would
they why would they let all this slide

and be so anti Joe they want Joe out and
Bernie’s out Joe’s out
and Elizabeth is out MSNBC CNBC wrote
that article and they’re all the bankers

sale all right bankers put them foot
down they said look look look I said
look more if you put her in we’re
pulling we were gonna give all our money
to the Republicans and that’s where it’s

gonna be so they hate her even though
again we talked about this before she’s
so full of crap but it’s interesting
because my she is such a liar

we know she’s lying she’s lied about her
heard her family heritage and we know
she lied fully well knowing she was
lying and took advantage of that I think

that she is lying to such a degree that
this whole let’s break up Silicon Valley
which we know she has no power to break

up Silicon Valley companies that would
still have to be Congress and Senate and
you know they would the Congress would
have to make it happen but she did oh
yes I’ll break them up these horrible

tech I think that’s that’s bullshit too
in fact I think this whole Zuckerberg
secret recording is part of a set up to
show that oh yeah Liz will be great

because she’ll be great for Silicon
Valley here’s this forty second clip
thinks that the right answer is to break
up the companies you know she is elected
president but I would hope that that we

will have a legal challenge and I would
bet that we will win the legal challenge
listen to him stuttering listen to it

just follow my logic this clip but I
have it within context I have a better
clip okay where is it I have at the
bottom is this is done on Democracy Now

so we get to listen to Amy Goodman good
girl a into it thank you Facebook CEO
Mark Zuckerberg has privately slammed
senator Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to
break up Facebook and other tech giants

on Tuesday the technology website the
verge published a leaked audio recording
of Zuckerberg saying a Warren presidency
would quote suck for the company and
that he may sue the US government if it

attempts to break up the company
like Elizabeth Warren who fix that the
right answer is to break up the
companies you know if she is elected
president and I would hope that we will
have a legal challenge and I would bet

that we will win the legal challenge it
does that for us yeah you know I have a
major lawsuit against our own government
I mean that’s not like the position that
you want to be in when you’re you know I

we we care about our country and I want
to work with our government to do good
things but good luck at the end of the
day someone’s going to try to write
something guys essentially you go to
that now before I go to the to the to

the tag there that Amy’s gonna do that’s
edited that is not the full context of
what he said Fox did the same thing
where I think it’s incredibly important

where the minute he has to talk about
Elizabeth Warren
he’s hemming and hawing and tried to
figure out what am I supposed to say I
have issues with this let’s hear Amy the
words of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

senator Elizabeth Warren responded on
Twitter by writing quote what would
really suck is if we don’t fix a corrupt
system that lets giant companies like
Facebook engage in illegal
anti-competitive practices stomp on

consumer privacy rights and repeatedly
fumble their responsibility to protect
our democracy Warren right now I know
that this is full-on conspiracy theory
full-on okay you have the full clip but

let’s go back and let’s let’s go over
this I believe Amy is a Warren supporter
and so she gives a Warren and her two
reason long tweet around where that came

from him too long to be a tweet the
Warren statement word for word
so she’ll read the warranting word for
word but you have the Zuckerberg also

word for word where she wouldn’t provide
us with that
I’d bet that we will have a legal

challenge and I would bet that we will
win the legal challenge so it’s so it’s
so basically it’s uh he’s trying to
remember what he’s supposed to say in my

conspiracy theory you have a major
lawsuit against our own government
that’s not like the position you want to

be in when you’re you know I mean it’s
like we we care about our country and I
want to work with our government to do
good things but the day someone’s going
to try to threaten something that it’s

essential you go do that
now here’s another part then this is
it’s just coming together in my head now
when this first came out Nilay Patel of
the verge like all congratulations big
scope big scope laughing scope oh and

they and and I actually tweeted this
journalist the journalists about it so
instead of releasing the full audio they

apparently have by the way we don’t know
who it came from no one is asking any
questions I don’t hear facebook saying
this is horrible we can’t have people
spying in our meetings none of that and
they’ve decided to release it piecemeal

every every day a little bit about this
a little bit I don’t think that’s real
journalism that’s clickbait bullshit if
you have this tape do your reporting and
then give us the source material know

they’re stretching it out over as long
as they can I’m telling you that
Zuckerberg and Warren are quite possibly
in this together and trying to make her
look tough when we know she does nothing

we saw the Consumer Protection Board yes
and bullshit things but I’m still
getting phony checks the other loan
offers that look like checks in the mail
and all kinds of a credit card

interest is 27 percent come on
it’s crap I smell a rat in this one
can’t prove it total conspiracy theory I
smell a rat

well it’s an interesting theory to make
her look tough dog warning because the
way Amy took it she cuz she puts this
tough talk Warren on the thing well you

know this may all be academic because
Warren may have already been screwed
over by the bankers cuz apparently all
the deals she’s done and she it would be
amenable to Silicon Valley let’s face it
the Democrats love Silicon Valley that’s

where they get all her money the big
with all the new billionaires are all
from Silicon Valley all Democrats so it
makes no sense that she’d go after these
big companies unless they were there was

some scheme afoot I mean that you
mentioned and I would have never
considered this idea and I was just
saying she’s a bonehead and she’s like
this you know MIT turret and everybody
but it’s possible that what you’re

saying is is correct because it doesn’t
make more sense based on the fact that
the Democrats and Silicon Valley are
tight they’ve been very tight for a long

Google’s been working on behalf of the
Democrats we’ve already known that from
the from the Epstein guy the researcher
whose show that you can you can skew
numbers why would the Democrats be
against that

why do they want to bust up Google when
Google’s helping them why would they
want to bust up facebook when generally
speaking I think Facebook’s helping them
they’re all Democrats well in fact this
urea mate you actually may have
inadvertently just on the fly stumbled

onto a complete conspiracy theory that
might be true well so these the true so
good to go with it by the way thank you
that’s so-called but it’s not gonna stop

Hillary the so-called true Silicon
Valley candidate which is supposed to be
Kamala Harris she jumped in bed with the
New York Times okay it was an opinion
piece but it still is jumping into bed

I’m one of the most ludicrous ideas I’ve
ever heard the president’s tweets and
his behaviors about this are just
further evidence of the fact that he

uses his power in a way that is designed
to beat people down instead of lift
people up frankly when you look at what
he’s been tweeting today directed at the
whistleblower directed it at so many

people you know I frankly think that
based on this and all we’ve seen him do
before including
attacking members of Congress that he
frankly should be his Twitter account
should be suspended I think there is

plenty of of now evidence to suggest
that he is irresponsible with his words
in a way that could result in harm to
other people are and so the privilege of
using those words in that way she’s

really taken from him but doesn’t that I
mean play into certainly the hands of
you know his what I don’t know how many
Twitter followers he has I think it’s in
the range of 60 million who was they
were look okay now there now you know

the the rich folks in Silicon Valley are
just trying to cut us silence me and
taking me off Twitter
she’s so true she’s so pained by what

she’s suggesting because she knows it’s
it’s really not the way we should be in
America but you know someone might get
harmed by his tweets silence me and
taking me off Twitter that will that

will be said but I it we have to hustle
agree that when the President of the
United States speaks her words are very

powerful oh did you hear that yeah her
words are you calling him a woman when
the President of the United States

speaks her words are very powerful and
should be used in a way that is not
about belittling much less harming
anyone and this president has I think

never fully appreciated that
responsibility and so what we see
continuously including in the last 24
hours is a use of his words Donald Trump
using his words in a way that could

subject someone to harm and if he’s not
gonna exercise self-restraint then
perhaps there should be other mechanisms
in place to make sure that his heart his
words do not in fact harm anyone and

that’s my point what we wanted to make
sure is that his words do not actually
result in harm to anyone and in stunning
collusion on the same day the New York
Times publishes an opinion piece by Kara

Swisher who I consider to at least she
believes she’s a journalist
and her article Trump is too dangerous
for Twitter the president fragrant

fragrantly flagrantly violates the
social platforms rules it’s time to bar
him the journalists calling for the
barring of the United States President

on social media which quite thankfully
go on before you play that or you don’t
have a clue I just want a little bit
from it
but before yes well this reminds me of
the journalists who are all against

WikiLeaks oh yeah exactly
oh no WikiLeaks is terrible it’s giving
us too much information
I mean word it were they coming from you
want more information you want people

doing the same I just don’t want to shut
him up it’s so is but you want to shut
him up it’s part of his sister listen
wrote so she’s writing in her piece it

so happens that in recent weeks
including at a fancy-pants Washington
dinner party this past weekend heads
bands I have been testing my companions
with a hypothetical scenario

my premise has been to asked what
Twitter management should do if mr.
Trump loses the 2020 election and tweets
inaccurately the next day that there had

been widespread fraud and moreover that
people should rise up in armed
insurrection to keep him in office MA
most people I have posed this question
to have had the same response throw mr.

Trump off Twitter for inciting violence
if you have said he should be only
temporarily suspended to quell any
unrest very few said he should be

allowed to continue to use the service
without repercussions if he was no
longer the president one high-level
government official asked me what I
would do my answer I would never have
let it get this bad – begun wathah now

my hypothetical game has come much
closer to reality in using a quote to
hide behind what he was trying to say
mr. Trump was testing the system using a
tactic that is enormous ly dangerous

anyway so that she winds it up what
tactic was dangerous how he tweeted a
quote from someone who said that there
would be civil war Oh write that again

so to help them figure it out let me end
with the words of Abraham Lincoln who
knew a thing or two about civil wars and
what they really mean let us have faith
that right makes might and in that faith

let us to end dare to do our duty as we
understand it it’s your duty Karis wish
to protect the nation from this evil
scourge I personally I would love

nothing more than for Twitter to cut him
off shut him down because that would be
the end of Twitter and wherever Trump
decides to go next everyone will join
and I suggest gab just go all out mr.

president go straight for gab do
mastodons whatever the hell you want
just go straight for it the the country
will go the journalists will go they

will have to sign up they’ll have to
participate it doesn’t matter where he
is they people will be there kick him
off Twitter or kick him off you’re on a
roll I never on a roll

super happy about this his fans but for
it for adjourned a so called journalists
because she considers herself the
journalist even though she identified
someone else as the pod father
so I do have a personal beef with her

yeah she just say to say that arms we
she’s got that part of journalism right
what the main accuracy oh my goodness
we’ve gone nuts okay well let’s go a

couple of things there’s some things you
want to point out a little little
sometimes people can look be on the
lookout for life dry bitch about this
before a million times I wanted to play
two clips and I there I can also say

that I’ve seen this in the press two or
three times this is Amy good mrs. Amy
good man had the digit top that play
this President Trump is continuing to
lash out at House Democrats for opening

an impeachment inquiry after he
pressured the president of Ukraine to
investigate his political rival Joe
Biden’s yes one of your favorite words
lash lashing out I tell only Amy Amy was
been using la everytime she refers to

Trump he’s never doing anything he’s
never criticizing or condemning or he’s
or speaking out or he’s never what ever
there’s a lot may I may I make an

observation before you go into this sure
the term a lashing I believe I heard for
the first time and most in the series
roots this is from slavery the master

would lash the slaves
I think it’s no point in students she’s
using this aid that I believe that that
maybe the subtext I’m trying to get with

but let’s read the definition of last
shot now that you brought that up
definition is hit or kick out kick out
at someone or something attack someone
verbally which is what Trump does but

you can also use the word attack once
you use the word attack but curiously
there’s nothing about slaves in this
particular definition but but I know
what you’re saying and I think you’re
right there’s a British version that

nobody’s known spend money extravagantly
he does that too
laughs I’d not hide I’m not familiar

with that use of the of the term I never
heard it but there’s a bunch of yes
spend lavishly be extravagant pay out
spend a lot of money splash out push the

boat out
splurge loyalist explored I love splurge
so Amy’s been using lash out as the only
way of expressing anything Trump does

he’s always lashing out he’s never
saying anything he’s never speaking
about something he’s lashing out lashing
out lashing out I always thought this
was an anomaly with just her because
there’s a or you know one of these

things they do at that station but
meanwhile CBS now is is using the term
play this this is a CBS adopts lashing
out meme

good evening I’m reunited President
Trump on a tweet storm today lashing out
at House Democrats labeling them do
nothing Democrats averages yeah lashing

out slashing the tongue lash so I saw it
the New York Times are seeing it
everywhere it’s starting to show up I
guess they picked the ami file he’s
leading the way Amy Goodman is leading

the way to using everything just
whatever Trump does he’s lashing out so
happy for Amy finally she’s recognized
well took took a while because they’re

not crediting her you know this man Amy
the meme maker she’s all over it ladies
and gentlemen lashing out alright I’ll
get you started on this unless you have
something else I’ll get you started on

the next segment okay
yeah hey what you got no no no I’m good
oh this next segments gonna be on
Hillary yes that’s why I’m gonna lead
you right into it Steve Banyan also

known as Steve Bannon I think this was
an in-depth interview on I’m sure it was

Fox right now the way they’re doing this
blitzkrieg particularly what’s going on
in China and China’s partner Iran it
couldn’t come at a worse time but you
know what that’s not gonna stop them

right now what they want to do is
nullify the election they think they
have a weak field and they prepared as
like in chess that were prepared to
sacrifice a rook to take down a king so
I’m gonna they will find they will throw

biting away yeah right they’ll find a
way to get to trump and hope Elizabeth
Warren or I even think Hillary Clinton
or Bloomberg or some centrist comes in
here Laurie Clinton might be back
Hillary Clinton is doing a whole thing

on a meeting this week for a book she
wrote with her but she came out yes they
said he’s you know it’s an illegal
president illegitimate president you
know he’s got to be removed from what
he’s a clear and present danger China is

not a Clarence the Chinese Communist
Party is not a clear and present danger
Donald Trump’s a clear and present
danger she’s running she just try to
decide yep Steve Bannon finally
listening to the No Agenda show he says

it right there she’s running yes
he’s listed a whole episode yes so the
current thinking by the way for anyone
out there who is take keep me score some

people making bets is I think a 13 to
one shot right now that she I thought
eclairs or if she declares she gets the
nomination right well see but seeing as
they they poison Bernie or whatever they

did oops
blood clot let’s play that clip I have a
little background on that I think I have
the Bernie Bernie being hurt clip sander
CBS stent that’s exactly what happens

all right some more breaking news to
share with you Bernie Sanders will be
off the campaign trail for a few days
after being hospitalized for chest pain
the Sanders campaign says the Vermont
senator experienced chest pain during an

event Tuesday evening and had two stents
put in to clear a blockage in one of his
arteries a statement from the campaign
says Sanders is quote conversing and in
good spirits the campaign also says they
are cancelling his events and

appearances you know and I’m so you can
recover pretty quickly from this but
this is this is an it’s over for him
there’s no one will have trust in his
health at said woodsey 78 76 78 with

this going on the only questions we’ll
get is you know how’s your health isn’t
me I think it’s over I think is he’s
done for he’s done there’s no doubt
about it and I think what you might be

right you could probably there’s
different things you could get somebody
to ingest and it would have a little
part it’s unit oh the timing is uncanny
the timings a little too a little too

and it may not be on the debate stage
the base coming up next the debate will
be on the 15th Bernie probably will be

he may or may not be out there but if
he’s up there they’re gonna be staring
at him because it’s like oh this guy
just got back from the hospital is she
healthy we’re assuming in on they’ll be
talking about it down that down the guys

doing who house Bernie look everybody
looks pretty good forego just came off
the table so it’s gonna be so he’s done
so he’s sadly he’s done he’s done he may
not show up but then the 16th Hillary

will announce the day after the of the
day after his next debate and the
reasons that we have one of our
producers who’s tracking this an amateur
intelligence guy and he noted that

Hillary’s having a huge fundraiser the
next day at her house
no fun for what what does she need to
raise funds for hello what wait what

does she need to raise funds for hmm
getting closer it’s getting closer she

may still bail but you know I don’t see
why she would I mean it’s so it’s set up
so beautifully we’ve got Biden is just
mean he’s he’s just gonna have to give
up Bernie is out Liz Warren I don’t know

I don’t see what she could do by the way
you saw what win read did with the wood
that raised 125 million dollars were
there yelling tactics at people that

works pretty well we should try that
the reason Anna get rid of Bernie’s cuz
Bernie was number one on the Democrats

raising 25 million the next to him was
Buddha jej who raised 19 million and
then compared to trump aways will raise
125 so you so the Democrats have to look
at this and say wait we don’t want

Bernie in the first place but he’s
making grazing the most money we have to
put a stop to that so let’s just put his
time to him literally it’s like hey man
Bernie just raised 25 million dollars
so yeah 125 so Hilary shows up on the

view and she showed up everywhere she
was on I didn’t get the clips from I
have one from Colbert and I have one
from Rachel Model T last you play your

crimson because I have a four clip
series from the views all right I want
to analyze but we can yeah yeah I did
not do the view because I saw your clips
come in I saw the view okay so I don’t
have to do that so last night was the

night before yeah the night before she
was on Colbert and I only just kind of
got the intro and the cackling and then
her her statement just so we can hear

how she’s thinking
you can’t deny they love her at the

Colbert show these are people who are
big fans of the alternate timeline we’re
not living in so nice to have you both

back here you and I want to talk about
your new book the book of gutsy women
right and we’re gonna do that in just a
minute I promise you but you for coming

on Ukraine we can get in there we
learned about the Trump Ukraine call the

private server is it time to dare I say
lock him up

in that interesting how she should say
now now now that’s not really cool two
wrongs don’t make a right so here we are

and we have started an impeachment
inquiry we will look at the evidence we

will look at the evidence I think
exactly what should be done I believe
strongly that this particular incident
has had such a huge impact bajas we’ve

known for a long time that he was a
corrupt businessman of cheated people
and we’ve known that he and his campaign
asked for aid from Russia we’ve known

that but to see him in the office of the
president putting his own personal and
political interests ahead of the
national security of our country just

pierced through whatever confusion or
denial people had and at that point the
Speaker Pelosi rightly said this is

something we have to investigate and
that’s what’s going on so that’s what’s
going on it’s I love this blatant just
you know it’s and I’m so happy we early

on the minute this transcript came out
and we we we had all the pieces and we
could see pretty much exactly what
happened and but that’s not the story
this is just repeat repeat repeat repeat

and of course let’s go on Rachel Maddow
what can you tell the American people
watching right now but why it’s
important for us to support Ukraine well
first of all look at why it’s important
to support Ukraine by selling them

javelin anti-tank weaponry not aid but
selling but okay what can you tell the
American people watching right now about
why it’s important for us to support
Ukraine well first of all look at what

he did he obviously used taxpayer-funded
assistance passed by the Congress on a
bipartisan basis
both threaten and intimidate the new
president of Ukraine to investigate his

political opponents for the purpose of
advancing his own re-election now that
has so many elements in it and it’s one

of the reasons why I think it’s broken
through to the American people oh yeah
it also is troubling that Ukraine has
been a subject of constant on one second
so a troll in the troll room is saying

he held back all of this done not in the
call none of this in the call and I
believe the aid was released even before
the call so shut up trolled and pressure

from Vladimir Putin and the Russian
interests in Ukraine so you have the
Trump administration the president the
vice president others actually

pressuring pressuring a new president
who has a part of his country invaded
and occupied by Russian troops and
putting this poor new president in this

vice you think you’re gonna get military
aid from us well we have a favor to ask
of you yes that was not in the call we
know that the aggressiveness of Putin

has and in fact I would argue actually
accelerated in both rhetoric and
potential adverse actions to our

interests because of what Trump has made
clear that he supports and looks to
vitami Rutten so Ukraine is a very
specific example of what is at stake but

I don’t think it’s the only example that
we could find if we looked at all the
transcripts of the calls with Vladimir

for example we still have no notes no
reporting about the many meetings and
the many calls we do know that in the
Oval Office early in his term Trump
basically said to the Foreign Secretary

of Russia Sergey Lavrov
the then-ambassador kiss lyac hey I
don’t mind that interference in the
election wink wink this is about Ukraine

but Ukraine is the canary in the coal
mine about what this president and his
allies have been up to has she gone
batshit she’s gonna be she’s trying to

bring it all back everything that I mean
that doesn’t seem like smart tactics on
her part well ya know what she’s you
know she’s still in denial and she’s

still worked but did she use the word
that there that he wanted to get dirt
Jesus in his dirt which somebody else
did one of the congresswoman of course
get dirt on his opponents with a plural
yes who’s the other one

sighs Joe Biden who else was involved in
this call
Yeah right no nobody no all right so
let’s so Hillary goes on the view and of

course she’s just welcome there she’s
just and they’re all giddy and they said
whoopee whoopee but in these clips I
have nothing with my Whoopi and Whoopi’s

kind of glaring at well I know why did
you see what happened to her hair a
Whoopi’s hair yes it’s all it’s all
white on top now she’s made all this got
some white threads probably woke up one

damn mistake no no but she was glaring
and she was just inactive it was just
mostly one of the other women and McCain
the McCain girl who serves Alden she’s

all happy for Hillary too
so let’s go Hillary on the view one
let’s get into 2020 because that’s where
the action is right now every day it
changes you’re watching from the

sidelines right how is that emotionally
for you how do you do that well look I
am yeah obviously watching it because I
care deeply that Trump is a one-term
president our last it’s hard to believe

but it’s still early but it’s still
early that to me now I wouldn’t have any

of this if she hadn’t said that okay
yeah good good catch that’s a tell yep
so we go on to two and then she I have
this thing there’s a point in here that

needs to be made that will be made I
think after the Kasai camera but I have
noted good point
till it’s hard to believe but it’s still
early you know a lot of the people who

were ahead at this point in Prior
nominating seasons did not end up
winning the nomination so it’s hard to
tell right now I just wish everybody

well I’ve talked to most of them and a
lot of them call me from time to time
and ask for advice and then I give them
heart attack and I just try to give them
the very best advice I can because it’s

really important to have a group of
strong messengers about the alternative
and but I think it’s a really good point
Abbie because you got the election going
on you’ve got the impeachment going on

oh I like the strong group of messengers
they’re not candidates they’re strong
legate messengers now remember what this
was at the very end she says it’s really
a good what point did anybody make let’s

hear it again a group of strong
messengers about the alternative and but
I think it’s a really good point
Abbie because you got the election going
on you’ve got the impeachment going on

she’s just making her own she’s saying
her own point is great I think life ride
the herd from the beginning nobody made
a point there’s just a bunch of
questions asked of her and she’s
blathering away and she throws in I

think that’s a really good point which
seems to me is there something you I’m
talking to you and you’re yeah I’m not
listening to you and you’re saying
something to me and I said that’s a

really good point Adam and I kid then I
start going on and on again this is
something you actually do from time to
time I’ll have to pay attention to it
but I’m not used these crazy little
cliches or bromides to say that’s a

really good point when in fact if you
listen to the entire conversation nobody
made a point
no no points zero POIs but she says
there’s a really good point all right

well anyway that’s just a little thing I
picked up on and then there’s a this
next one which is clip three oh here she
is you know now we’re dealing with the
blame game whose fault is that

she takes actually takes a little more
in a funny offhand anyway she kind of
blames herself a little bit but it’s but
she blames herself for trying too hard

or being too good it’s very this is a
very funny clip point Abby because you
got the election going on you’ve got the
impeachment going on the Democrats have
to do two things at once they have to do

the impeachment in a thoughtful
deliberative serious way yes and they
have to do a campaign that talks about
why it would be better for Americans
when it comes to health care or climate

change or whatever the issue might be so
that’s a difficult balancing act but it
has to be done and I know everybody’s
trying the best they know didn’t
actually get that done well you’re

sitting at a table in good company
Meaghan myself we’ve all lost
presidential campaigns my family didn’t
get nearly as far as yours did but we
all sat there the next day thinking
coulda woulda shoulda oh right and I

know that you brought on many mornings
where you wake up and this book is all
about being gutsy as women and part of
being gutsy is looking back and
realizing what I could have done
different right when you look back on
your campaign and what Democrats today

might do differently what goes through
your mind what do you wish you had done
differently in that moment we I wrote a
whole book about it because it was
devastating it was devastating as it was
I know for the McCain family and they

involved in our election last and he
loved traveling with you and about you

actually I want to hear
you know but I think that goes partly to
Abby’s questions huh you know I’m a
serious person but I’m also a fun person

but I think I probably came across as
too serious and too you know I really
believed that my job especially as a
woman and though and the first woman to

go as far as I did that I had to help
people feel good about a woman in the
Oval Office hmm a woman commander in
chief and so I may have over corrected a
little bit because sometimes people say

well why can’t you be like that or why
weren’t you like that you know and and I
did feel a heavy sense of responsibility
and it was such that you know maybe I
wasn’t as loose or open as I could have

been so I take responsibility for
everything I didn’t do as well or my
campaign didn’t do as well when you but
take responsibility for Russia she

manages to blame Russia she’s the best
so here we go this is the end of it and

kind of a wrap and I don’t know there’s
nothing particularly here that I noted
but play it possibility for Russia
no but that’s that’s the issue I don’t I
really believe that there were

unprecedented events in this election
the last election I mean that were
beyond my understanding and nearly
anybody else’s when we started talking
in the summer of 2016 about the Russians

you know I think most of the press and
the public goes what is she talking
about yeah you know I mean you can’t go
around making excuses they didn’t
understand the attack that we were
unfortunately suffering so I think now

and here’s what I’ve told all the
candidates I’ve said look you could run
the best campaign you could be the
nominee but you could still lose because
number one you could lose with voter

the UN spacy Abrams and you know she is
a champion for let everybody vote and at
the end of the day who wins wins and who

doesn’t doesn’t or you could lose
because of hacking and theft of material
god oh my goodness cause of hacking yes
and voter suppression we all know this

so okay if people believe that then we
deserve Hillary Clinton as president if
that’s how it’s going to go then we just
deserve it there’s a couple things I
wanted to play before we take a break

we’re running long affiliates please
take note because there were a few
interesting little bits that I picked up
here and there first day a nice quick
little Kampala that this impeachment
just so we remember because it’s hard to

keep track of the bullcrap this has been
going on since the day Trump was elected
the call for impeachment in m5m compy

if he takes the risk of going to trial
he’s convicted that could be seen as an
impeachable offense if Trump were caught
on a video camera snorting cocaine in
the White House maybe with one of his
children there was at least a chance
he’d be impeached if he’s not a little

active president you’re mine there are
tools that Congress has I don’t see how
that wouldn’t be an impeachable offense
that tweet fits the Republican
definition of an impeachable offense

more fully than what Bill Clinton was
actually impeached for impeachment is
very difficult grounds for impeachment
and a peach’ bull offense perhaps and
peaceful offense impeachment the

appropriate remedy something that the
Congress like impeachment all of that
maybe in future that’s an impeachable
offense is that an impeachable offense
is that a impeachable offense to you
he’s much more vulnerable to impeachment
a potential ingredient of impeachment

where do you see in a peaceful offense
it is grounds for impeachment
potentially criminal or even impeachable
grounds for impeachment or does that not
go far enough in your view grounds for
impeachment this tweet alone may be an

impeachable offense let’s talk about
impeachment is on the table which
teachable offenses an impeachable
offense you see an impeachable set of
offense against an impeachable offense
if that’s not impeachable I don’t know
what is the president shall be removed

from office on impeachment is it
impeachable a hundred percent is in
very substantial evidence that the
president is guilty of high crimes and
misdemeanors grounds for impeachment
tipping point talk of impeachment

reaches a fever pitch on Capitol Hill
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi under growing
pressure from her own party here we go
so really just the last three bites
there in that compu-logic aim president

now you mentioned something on the last
show which I went back and found and
because the credit for the impeachment
for Nancy Pelosi’s decision to impeach

was not given to the squad it was not
given to the four women of color
at least not by CNN and perhaps not by
the Democrat Party no it is the badasses

the badasses are the ones who are
responsible for the tipping point in the
impeachment CNN explains even before
they were elected you have adopted the

badass label these freshmen Congress
women created their own group the
I might point out all of these women are
white are out running for Congress you

know across the country then we kept
running into each other
badasses kind of came organically from
the group since we all had either served
in the military or in the CIA being able
to text folks and say you know I’m

really getting hit up on this issue how
have you been handling it I’m not sure
how to translate my service into
something that’s relatable how do you
guys do that translating their service

is exactly what they did with their 180
on starting in a Pietschmann inquiry
well going from no yes after hearing
president Trump admit he spoke to
Ukraine’s leader about Joe Biden others

followed suit including the House
Speaker the specter of having the
sitting president of the United States
you know use leverage over a foreign
leader to get dirt on an opponent like

that very basic idea I think cut for us
as national security people just close
to the bone on you know sort of our
democratic institutions they penned an
op-ed along with two freshman male

veterans it was a great example of
power of teamwork and the power of kind
of doing putting country above one and
one for all oh absolutely I think we all
sort of came to that conclusion together
we text each other and I think we were

all going okay I think this is all
changed this is a bright line backing an
impeachment inquiry is risky political
business for these Congress women
already some of the most vulnerable in

the House Democrats who won in mostly
Trump territory I believe that if I am
out there explaining what these
allegations are and why they are so
deeply concerning that the people will

understand why we had to take a stand
all of us in our prior lives all the
time had to make hard calls for the
reasons we thought were right when we
knew that not everyone would understand

or even know and that to me is something
I feel comfortable doing because I’ve
always had to do it
so the badasses here who are now being
given credit extensively by CNN I’ve

never heard of ELISA slot c’n of
michigan abigail spanks pan burger
virginia’s had a slot can clip his slot
can comes i i’ll have this clay i think

isn’t she she’s military i know she
might be a spook think she’s but she’s a
young millennial spook and she seems
like a dimwit so i really doubt she’s

buddy but go ahead but but the thing was
she goes on and on and you could tell by
listening to her that she has never read
it she has been told what to do she has

never read what we’ve read and what we
talk about but more importantly report
on the jaundice more importantly this is
a rebranding they’re trying to rebrand
away from the squad the squad is toxic

no I’m gonna agree with that the squad
is toxic its Trump that’s tried to make
them the head of the Democrats and
everybody’s playing along now and trying

to make these badasses these women the
the titular heads representative heads
that you’re face of the party yes and
meanwhile this and nobody notices the
blatant racist well I did I’m sorry then

by the way we’re talking about the the
a black and Muslim mixture yeah as no
knows whites no good

let’s also mention Maxine Waters in Al
Green who have been calling for a
pitchman and actually thrown it to the
floor Al Green put a resolution up that
got voted down but he’s what he’s he’s
mashed potatoes I mean what is the well

no zero credit maxine of course not
standing for this blatant racism from
her own party she’s got to get out there
she’s got a she’s got to get her word in
and she’s doubling down congresswoman I

want to ask about something you said as
you know and many our viewers know you
speak your mind many people like that
and as I think you know many people who
disagree with you well critics I want to

read something you said today to get a
fuller understanding with regard to
Donald Trump he’s using mob language
he’s implying people should be killed
for whistleblowing impeachments not good
enough for Trump he needs to be

imprisoned and placed in solitary
confinement but for now impeachment is
the imperative right I ask you tonight
are you speaking literally and do you
have any concern you’re prejudging the

house impeachment and Senate trial
process by declaring he should be I
guess convicted and held in solitary no
not really as you said I said
impeachment is imperative I did express

myself and ways to show how terrible I
think he is and how he really should be
punished but of course impeachment is
what we’re focused on right now I like

the whole solitary confinement I don’t
backpedal I think that’s great now
here’s the one that really has been
bothering me because I’ve been hearing
this for a while and by the way I’m

gonna stop you real quick
in fact if she didn’t backpedal
and she’s stuck with the solitary
confinement think it would have improved
her popularity come on to the crowd that

likes oddly I don’t know why she why
she’s pulling back on that I think Terri
confinement or electrocuted for that
matter all right so here’s the thing

that is very interesting this is the
meme that’s going around I’ve read it
here and there I’ve heard it a couple
times and I finally got a clip and this

clip is from a massive douche bog
Mike Murphy he is a campaign adviser for
Romney campaign advisor for McCain it’ll
even refer to Brahm nee as if he doesn’t

work for Moore never did and the way
impeachment works briefly the house
files articles of impeachment then it
goes to the Senate there’s a jury trial
in the case of impeachment of a

president the chief justice will preside
and the Senate is really only the jury
they then listen to all the evidence
presented and it could be quite
extensive and then they will go and vote

and now listen to this Romney douche but
transcript certainly on the face of it
does not clear the President as they’ve
been claiming ya know the old theory on

impeachment was that we helped the
Republicans I think that’s out the
window I left that in there actually I
left a bit of of Andrea in there just so
you could hear him say ya know ya know
the old theory on impeachment was it

would help the Republicans I think
that’s out the window now this is a much
clearer incident than the Moller report
information and so when the president
released this transcript you really have
to parse your way through it and

eliminate all subtext to say no quid pro
quo I mean I agree with David it doesn’t
have to be a quid pro quo but look at
the context the the aides of the Ukraine
defensive military it was held up the

president of Ukraine asked for anti-tank
missiles because he’s got a problem
Russian tanks Russian mercenary tanks
and the president says well let me talk
to you a minute above some other things
you know I’m a great friend of the

Ukraine except theirs hasn’t been paid
back let’s let’s get into this Biden
matter I mean it’s a it’s a classic
shakedown that’s gonna be the argument
and I’m telling you these Senate
Republicans should

Democrats vote impeachment which i think
is far more likely than not are gonna be
pinned down to a yes/no answer and if
they provide cover for Donald Trump on
this a clear violation of his role as
president we’re gonna lose Colorado of

cory gardner we’re gonna lose maine with
susan collins
we’re gonna lose Arizona with Nick Sally
and it’s gonna be you know the Democrats
will put the Senate very much in place
so it’s not only a question of what they
ought to do the cold hard politics of it

are going to get worse and worse for
Trump and maybe that will that’ll
motivate them going for it I think
Romney’s right more facts I can tell you
this one Republican senator told me if
it was a secret vote thirty Republican

senators would vote to impeach Trump
I hear this secret vote everywhere yeah
if it was a secret vote then we’d really
get a true vote a true real vote of what

these senators think if it was a secret
vote they’re actually trying to push for
this impeachment in the Senate to be a
secret vote

Jeff Flake vote it’s quite likely the
lot of Democrats would vote the other
way too so this nonsense but this is
interesting to listen to because if you

remember before the election the same
kind of guy and I think this guy was one
of them
that was on all the networks saying oh
my god the reason what’s gonna happen is
the Republicans are gonna lose the house

they’re gonna and they didn’t lose the
house they won the house they only lost
the house recently in a bit in the
midterm elections they’re gonna lose the
house they’re gonna be and they’re gonna

lose the Senate and Hillary’s gonna be
President and they had all the same but
we’re not gonna win this we’re not gonna
win that I wish I had those clips would
you do the same clips from 2016 is this
guy sounds exactly like that is it oh

it’s gonna be bad for the Republicans
and it never turns out to be well keep
your eye on this secret vote business I
don’t even know its rules or rules again
it’s a it’s a funny thing to talk about

it’s another talking point McConnell’s I
cannot let it happen there’s no way
they’d had to change the rules of the
Senate to do it which is it not gonna

a and and B this is just another all
well he would have been impeached if it
was a secret vote vote all right I’m
gonna take us into our into a rest

moment here with a set a set up for end
of show I so I think the m5m really
missed a great opportunity so they can
take this from me and they can make
their own little mix if they want to but

I’m giving the m5m some ammunition here
against President Trump listen to this
clip when he was sitting with the
president of Finland and there’s a lot

of static here we go
yeah follow-up of what I just asked you
sir listen you ready we have the
president of Finland ask him a question

I have one for my just wanted to follow
up on the one that I asked you which did
you hear but if you want you hear me yes
ask him a question now I don’t need to
play a little clip did you hear the ISO
right at the beginning get ready did you

hear me okay
right at the beginning he’s doing the
narrow you talking to me me I mean they
could totally pull in DeNiro they could

he’d look he’s a gangster he’s a
horrible person shoots women in their
private parts are you talking to me at
least that’s what I remembered the movie
that is a superb I so yes I think we
shall use that for the end of show and I

don’t have anything to top it with that
I’d like to thank you for your courage
and say in the morning to you the man
who put the C in the Clinton
resurrection ladies and gentlemen mr.
John C in the morning to you mr. Adam

Curry also in the morning to all the
ships to see boots on the ground feet in
the air subs in the water and all the
dames and nights out there and a hearty

in the morning to the trolls you can
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there on 24 hours a day seven days a
week and you can troll along with your
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fact someone did a good troll on
Horowitz the other day I heard you guys

were live and he was like what if the
kook show went over the chat room I need
to teach him he don’t kick trolls out of
the chat room you let him troll it makes
him feel good and makes me feel happy no
agenda stream calm and in the morning to

our artists that kick people out all the
time yeah but I that’s but that was when
it was a chatroom now it’s a troll room
as a difference in the morning to Mike
Riley who without a doubt put a lot of

work into the artwork that we selected
as the album art for episode 1177 and
the title of that episode moral army and
this was the artist at war

which was total inside baseball for the
show and I think everyone appreciated it
exactly for that reason we had Nick the
rats in there we’ve got a comic strip
blogger they’re all it’s a draw drawing

up fight to the death we’ve got Darren
O’Neil and everybody’s in this piece and
it was an original piece and just a just
a diet I mean I would want this printed
out and framed that’s

how good it is I’m gonna put it on a mug
the I will say this it did
I we had entities the fact that Nick was
gonna get a three-peat yeah and they

needed a block somebody needed to block
him yes isn’t it which started the war
it may have not the peace made out of
happen but it did and now it’s gonna be

well no Nick the rat this morning
announced he will not be submitting
artwork for this episode he’s gone on a
comic strip blogger hiatus yes

he’s taken himself out he’s out of the
by the way I would like to mention I’ve
been in contact with Apple and indeed
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to overcast on iOS which is a great app
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there no dark mode that’s cool talk but
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No Agenda our generator dot-com is where
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Mike Riley for the outstanding work on
the previous show 1177 I don’t think my

Riley’s ever gotten a a three-peat not
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there’s only very few people that can do

it I mean Martin JJ for sure I don’t
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long ago we forgot who they are this is
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last is Sir Mark Miller man who’s also
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in the mouth

I did want to make a Natori alum and

over the past few probably the past week
and I think it happened to you as well I
saw you know some trolls come in on
Twitter and I not only look at my

notifications I don’t look at Twitter at
all I’m on no agenda social calm that’s
that’s really where I get information
from and can follow people and see
everything they say but on Twitter you
know invariably something will be posted

and some douche hat comes in and goes
and of course I completely ignore that
but our producers a lot of them of

royalty of standing in our in our
peerage system will jump in and start to
argue which of course results in a very
long thread that I’m tagged in and it’s
to me it’s entertaining but I’d like to

make a suggestion
this is futile first of all there’s no
unless you’re just doing it to get your
kicks and you know and it’s kind of the
same guys as guys who were in different

time zones crystallis or Chris Wilson
well and although you’re doing it in a
finessed way it’s futile but I would say
don’t argue on Twitter and then say hey

if you want your amygdala to be shrunken
or if you don’t want to be all triggered
then go listen to the No Agenda show
it’s called hitting people in the mouth
now I would like to suggest a different
tactic because this doesn’t work with

people who just will never never listen
or they’ll listen and within three
seconds we’ll decide were old white
boomers with boomer talk if this is this

is the new insult your old boomer
straight boomer I would say it would
probably more effective if you said oh
hey you know I hear you there but you

know with the we we were members of a
crazy cult
that discusses news and we laugh and
we’re a cult and we’re very kind of

wacky and you might want to check us out
I think that’s going to be more
in fact I think fuel should call us a
crazy cult well on Twitter oh it’s just

a crazy cult what are your thoughts John
well I’m disagreeing with this the way
they with the Chris Wilson incident you
can do what you could do that if you

think it’s funny but I look at these
guys that guy that one guy that got me
he had one follower he just joined that
morning so he can make it
always check the follow count before you

even if anyone has less than a hundred
followers generally speaking they don’t
even have a photo of themselves because
they don’t didn’t take the time and
usually they don’t have 100 shooting

around they might have 20 maybe but
there’s no photo there’s no it’s just
the join in 2019 I mean just I would
just block them

I blocked you know I get a lot of times
than that particularly one thing that
isn’t positive because Chris will be
worked by this one of the things that is

a positive is that it brings people out
of the woodwork a bunch yeah I agree
with him you know that node that shows
boom block I can block people that have
never talked to you know this is an easy

one to block a block but I don’t even I
don’t even yeah you don’t even on
Twitter so what else well your honor
that the thing the other I by the way no
gender social is far superior I grabbed

there all the time okay the unhoused of
Austin Texas we are the ground zero of
possibly making some interesting

decisions in the homelessness
conversation that is raging across the
cities large and small in these united
states of our country america and we
know that the city of austin the council

and their wisdom and the mayor decided
to lift the no sit no no camping rules
and now people can camp and sit wherever
they want and that has brought the
homeless into the city into a great

visibility if you haven’t heard it i did
an interview with Alan Graham of mobile
loaves & Fishes you can just search for
that you’ll find that interview he has a

fantastic concept six million dollars a
year he’s housing or the people are
working and paying rent they used to be
chronically homeless at 250 of them
currently for this very small amount so

the systems that are working but now
that of course is not with what Austin
thinks we should do and people are very
frustrated town halls come and go

nothing changes finally our governor
Greg Abbott took a stand today I sent
this letter to Austin mayor Adler about
the growing crisis arising from the

Austin homeless policy some businesses
are struggling to keep sidewalks clear
some homeowners feel threatened
some homeless are interfering with
sidewalks with straights and with rights

away feces and used needles are
accumulating at alarming rates let me
tell you if Austin does not fix this

homeless crisis by November the first I
will unleash the full authority of every
state agency to protect the health and
safety of all Texas that should be

send the National Guard over let’s take
care of this mayor adler i like this
fight mayor adler replied with very well

here it is so let’s talk about what’s
happened since june the first thing
that’s happened since june and i think

it’s important to note what do you think
you’ll blame what do you think we’ll
blame the problems on if you were to
guess trump i could guess knows that we
have maintained our laws against illegal
conduct behaviors that people complain

about it is against the law in this city
to defecate there to urinate it is
against this law to masturbate in public
places yes yeah there are homeless

homeless people who are a lot of potted
plants around these are people with
psychological problems obviously but

there’s not enough police can’t do
anything because they really are not
empowered and there’s not you know and
then nothing’s going to happen and the
whole thing is just a sad affair but yes
masturbating in public is illegal it is

against this law to masturbate in public
places and it’s against the law in this
city to impede or to block someone’s
ability to use public spaces like on a

sidewalk it’s against the law in this
city to aggressively confront someone by
the way it’s against the law to impede
someone on the sidewalk never heard him

say that when there were a million
scooters litter all over the place but
okay it’s against the law in this city
and this state
to criminally trespass all of those
things remain I’ve seen the same social

media post that you all have seen and
that many people see and react to I went
again to my police chief today and I
asked him if we were able to enforce the

laws in our city and he told me yes I
repeated to him again if you need
additional support notice what he’s
saying here he’s saying I went to the

police chief and said you everything you
need to enforce the laws of the city
which would be a lot of things he
doesn’t sound like he specifically said
can you enforce these minor infractions

which are very debilitating to the
overall community no can you back it up
and play that again sure thing it’s a
weasel is a weasel enforce the laws the
more and you all have seen and that many

people see and react to I went again to
my police chief today and I asked him if
we were able to enforce the laws in our
city and he told me yes I repeated to

him again if you need additional support
or help in any way from the council to
be able to enforce the laws in this city
ask and you’ll get it he tells me that

he has what he needs at this point to be
able to enforce our laws so I look at
this the social media posts and the
memes and and I recognize that even

before June there were people that were
doing things that were against our law
and certainly there were pictures of
them we continue to have that same thing

again I would repeat if my police chief
needs more help from the council it just
needs to ask for it so let’s just push
it off to the police chief so well
clearly he says he has enough resources

he’s not to take it up with him take it
up with the cops it’s not me I’m just
the mayor I asked him he said yep okay
so what’s the solution the wonderful
thing about this social challenge

is that it doesn’t make any difference
if you’re only concerned about people or
places or like most of is concerned
about both the answer is the same we
have to get people into housing at the

appropriate services because we know
that that works yes how’s that working
in California John we know it works

getting people into housing affordable
housing with services is that working
out there that’s that’s the system you
guys have it how’s it working is it
working tell me is it working well if
you count tenses housing yes great list

in Texas one of a handful of states in
the country that was able to reach
affective zero veteran homelessness we
didn’t do that by taking our vets they
were experiencing homelessness and

hiding them this is interesting
I can go to five different corners then
when I or I can show you five different
intersections on highways where homeless
apparent homeless on house are standing

with a sign that says Vietnam veteran
veteran I’m a vet so if we have zero
veterans are these guys Impostors what’s
going on we didn’t even fix that by

building large institutions to house
them we did it by writing down their
names and then one at a time figuring
out what it was that that person needed

working with the Apartment Association
and the real estate council working with
echo and Caritas and Salvation Army and
community firstly finding people better
places he’s working with carrot top

no wonder it’s not happening here in
hust and if we know what nervous if only
our community we’re willing to scale it
if only we had the resources oh we don’t

have any money we know works we did the
same thing
last year with boys looking like we did
the dollar grant from the federal

government to address homeless children
on our streets we used that money and we
took half of the children and youth on
our streets that were homeless and we
moved them off our streets last year

okay this guy is a full of crap and to
say all the real estate association yeah
they’ve got it we don’t have the money
we heard the news

it’s it’s it’s unbelievable and and I
guess the the very left-leaning people
of influence at Austin I don’t think

it’s great I don’t know I don’t know
what is happening here but I look
forward to November first let’s see if
he’s gonna get reelected November know
that he’s not up for election I think

these these jamokes they sit in office
for five years or something
it’s not uh well I think it’s worse here
we got London breed of all crazy names
if that is indeed her real name and she

things have gotten worse in San
Francisco since she got allowed and
she’s gonna do this she’s gonna she’s
another big bullshitters big talk or no
action yeah I was in the city yesterday
to go pick something up and that came

back through the same way I always take
the same kind of a rat there’s got a lot
of homeless in it and there’s one little
area where they put together this little
cute little park below I don’t know what
the point of it was at the beginning

with but it’s um something between two
freeways and it’s it’s just filled with
you there guy every time I go that
there’s more people there now it’s like
they’re just an encampment hmm more than
ever before it’s I don’t know and now

they’re begging for money on the freeway
entrances but they’re baked for money
way up the freeway entrance hmm oh
really so let rent that goes up there

they’re all the way at the top they’re
not to the top yet but they’re way too
far Wow

yeah but hmm there you go yeah what are
you gonna do we’re gonna do a bunch of
Democrats yeah well that’s that’s easy
to say that but you know it is what you

should say yes shit man it’s yeah it’s
people who don’t want it in their
backyard we he said five you got five

million dollars from the federal
government and that’s how we got the
vets off the streets although I see a
lot of them holding a vet signs they
must be lying but we don’t have the
resources this is what Google is

building a 5,000 employee building it
right now downtown there’s money there’s
we’re building a soccer stadium a soccer
stadium there’s money but no not for

this I don’t understand its if I didn’t
know well maybe I don’t know better it’s
being done on purpose I don’t get it
no one seems to understand this start

worry we’re working on that one it’s
being done on purpose
that would that sounds like it to me
it’s so cynical though if that’s really

true that’s just that’s man that’s
horrible well it’s got something to do
with the agenda21
well that’s for sure
so let’s go this is some screwball clips

that they’re all kind of discrepant ORS
not those theme here I got no themes
left for today but I do have some clips
we should hear okay and there’s a couple
of kickers in here that are kind of

interesting here and there and listen to
this one see if you can spot the what
are you – what this is the what what
anniversary of khashoggi
kicker tomorrow marks one year since the

Saudi born Washington Post columnist
Jamel khashoggi was brutally
assassinated inside the Saudi consulate
in Istanbul the masterminds of the
killing remain at large last year the

CIA concluded Saudi Crown Prince
Mohammed bin Salman had ordered kosher
she’s killing but the prince remains a
close ally of the US government earlier
today Kosho cheese widow and Washington

Post owner Jeff Bezos attended a vigil
outside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul
in Istanbul no less Bezos went to
Istanbul for that

makes me want what huh Jamarcus uji huh
now so Bayes so they have a little vigil
I don’t know how many people are there
and why is Bezos the base of all you

know Washington Post and I just don’t it
I’ll show you how to make money I’m like
really too involved
where’s Bezos going all the way to
Istanbul maybe it’s a business deal
involved for the chicks man

the chicks the chicks of Istanbul
yeah well maybe okay here’s another one
that this woman in I guess it was an in
Dallas this Geiger woman who walked into

the wrong apartment gunned down some
poor bastard it was in there thinking
she saw it was her place
yes hey guy was unarmed the whole thing
I mean it’s just a there’s just one of
the stupidest police stories you’ve ever

heard and she got found guilty so she’s
gonna wait they found her guilty of
murder so she’s toast but right now
they’re in the process of sentencing her

and tell me what you find about this
particular clip that is distressing
since seven hours before finding her
guilty of murder yesterday for shooting

and killing both of John last year the
case is now in the sentencing phase and
jurors are hearing more evidence
including racially insensitive text

Geiger shared Omar Villafranca is at the
courthouse in Dallas one more how will
those text messages factor in sentencing
do we think what will prosecutors are
showing the jurors through text messages
the social media post to kind of give

them a sense of who Geiger is and that
evidence will factor into their
sentencing and after yesterday’s hearing
has a lot for them to go over and keep
in mind she faces five to 99 years in

you don’t think it’s a little
I’d say hominis that they’re using her
text messages against her I mean this is

me I think the public should be aware of
this because hello it’s it’s a yes well
something we’ve been harping on for
years but this is a real solid example

here because nobody even thinks of
questioning this is like testifying
against yourself right self-illumination
interesting there’s a whole bunch of
things involved here but now now these

texts you know y’all you put it out
there you said it well you normally you
say stuff it would be like hearsay you
know what I heard her saying that she
didn’t like this guy but no you got your
text you’re you’re creating your own

death dossier yes the other own you’re
putting together the evidence against
you people think about it when you’re
texting anything yes and it’s not just

that it’s it’s anything you do on so
I’ve always said that if somebody if
you’re gonna hire somebody especially
not so much now cuz it’s been kind of

like changed they’ve changed the where
all the stuff is now it’s like Google
Images and there’s other things but in
the olden days the whole today’s five
six years ago I I would always go to
somebody’s Flickr account if they had

one or any other photo account and take
a look at the pictures and you’ll find
them a drunk drunken at parties you know
just looking like idiots and sinks crazy

stuff finding their Instagram account
goes through it get as far as back as
you can that’s right while I have been
professing the benefits of going off the
grid or OTG you are the tree to true OG

OTG guy
yeah it’s not so good to be

participating in all of that did you see
that in Manchester now they have opened
a slow lane for people to walk in water
away while they’re often while they’re

on their phone yes you meet so it’s like
just like a bike path we have a bike
symbol on the asphalt they have a sis’s
idiotic just can’t be true folks no

there’s a picture even as a picture will
send me the picture I put in a
newsletter and let me just make sure I’m
not full of crap yet Manchester yeah
there it is it’s a mobile phone lane and

there’s a there’s like a little phone
with footsteps in it so that you know
that that’s where you can walk
this is this it’s the zombie Lane I tell

you it’s it’s that’s really taking
things far whereas the you know it’s not
just kids either it you know

now you point ever since you pointed out
to me that people hold their phone
constantly they’re holding their phone
wherever they go like you’re just
holding it wherever they are yeah oh
yeah but a lot of people are now they’re
holding and looking at they’re looking

looking looking and I was at Costco the
other day and it’s not just teenagers
because the Costco it’s mostly
middle-aged people and there’s these
middle-aged people and son even some
gray hairs and they’re roaming around
looking at their phone and we’re pushing

the cart looking at their phone and you
can kind of you could step in front you
want to yeah oh sorry sorry hippies you
could use I get out of my way hippie is
that what you said no no you know you

hear me
you hit me I’m sorry you hit because you
can you can see one of these guys and
you can position yourself so they kind
of bump into you and then you can make a
big fuss already
they what Costco has those enormous

carts which is fun that I’m gonna try
that we’re gonna go to I’m sure we’re
gonna go Saturday and then when
someone’s on their phone pushing the
cart I’m just gonna wheel it in front of

them and they’re gonna hit me I’m go hey
you hit me you can do it you hit me it’s
very easy to do I should just a little
Dvorak story I used to work with a guy
at the air pollution district who used

to be an insurance adjuster and he said
one of the great he talked about
different kinds of scams you know
slipping on the lettuce leaf and all
these different things you could do to

get a quick 500 bucks but he says the
real killers you go to in the nowadays
there’s got to be even easier with the
people on their phone if you go around
Lake Merritt there’s a drive around Lake

Merritt in Oakland it’s just an it’s
like a big thoroughfare and you go
around you want and you just keep
looking do you find the woman who is
putting on her makeup and looking in the
mirror trying to drive yeah yeah you

pull in front of her and then you can
slam on the brakes a letter rear-engine
you say it was a dog in the road and
then he says if you really want to do it
right and this is advice that I’ve never

used but I’m gonna give it to anyone out
there he says you want to really do it
right do not move after you get hit oh
no please and rub the a seat rub your
neck and say I can’t move I need an

ambulance you are a card bumper man
you’re nervous you’re gold so instead of
that advice here’s the advice I give

everyone when you go ot G which means
you have a piece of crap phone that
basically lets you text take calls and
if you want get on some kind of web
browser that’s about it I’d like the

cloaked iPhone 5 I’ve got the privacy
pro app in there and no apps zero apps
no apps only the standard apps that come
with the phone so it does nothing which
is the whole point the point is not to

be a zombie the government you know
that’s a whole different story that’s a
little harder to protect yourself from
that but because you have a phone that
doesn’t function and especially in the

beginning it’s a little hard when you’re
trying to get into this lifestyle of you
know like
and breathing and seeing your
surroundings when you’re outside you can
play a game and it’s the OTG points game
though here’s how it works for every

person you see carrying a phone in their
hand one point for every person who was
standing somewhere in out in the open
looking at their phone not talking I
that’s a thing that’s different but

looking at their phone standing two
points someone who is walking while on
the phone is three points if you see
someone do that in the car it’s five
points you will rack up a hundred points

within ten minutes and that’s when you
realize how fortunate you are that
you’re not a mind-controlled zombie like
the rest of them and it will it will
behoove you your relationships you’ll

probably have to drag some of your
family members into the OTG lifestyle
because you’ll become very annoyed by
them and you’ll start to notice like
geez did you shit now you still want to
keep some some some zombies handy in

case you know that’s your tip in case
you need to look something up you just
say hey key look this up for me Oh
dinner I said how what is that about

just good you somebody look it up and I
had two people looking at doing
competitive lookups so it works like
this we have competitive lookups
competitive lookups so you can get to

the look of the other right answer the
questions I have a couple of us
literally two standalone clips which I
think are very interesting that I’d like
to share
no big reveal but this aired in the UK I

think it’s ITV maybe who’s BBC director
Chris Morris and Chris Morris
he had a four lions was his movies this

guy is a director comedic director he
has a new movie out called the day shall
come and I think the premises and it’s
an American actors as far as I can

recall from the trailers the a black guy
who gets drafted by the FBI and I think
that he’s black is Burton to the story
and well let me talk about this movie in
the context

of what we call the FBI six-week cycle
and this is not a revelation for anyone
who’s been listening to the show for I
don’t know six months or longer because
you’ve heard about this we heard it from

an insider years ago that every six
weeks or so the FBI needs to uncover
some terrorist plot so that they can
remain relevant to keep their budgets

going and they’re standing in the
intelligence community so he turned this
into a movie Christmas you’ll probably
fought me on this but the day she’ll
come seems to me to be a more serious

departure from four lines are you going
to tell me it’s in exactly this theme no
it’s not exactly the same theme because
I think four lines is about four people
five people who are terrorists right and

this is about a group of people who
definitely aren’t so this film sort of
comes in under two questions which is
one who is the biggest recruiter of
terrorists in the USA and two what would
you do if you were broke about to lose

your house and someone offered you 100
grand and that’s really the answer to
the first question is rather
surprisingly the biggest recruiter of
terrorists in the States is the FBI and
the answer to the second one gives you

the clue as to how our story works
because the FBI have accidentally it
seems developed a system which works
rather well and the system is they make
up a terrorist plot they find someone to

try and carry it out and they arrest
them for doing that and then get the
kudos for having fought the great war
against terrorists well they get they
they get all sorts of things really I
mean it’s quite complicated but I guess

the essential element of our story is
that these people are not terrorists but
the government ends up putting them in
jail for very if they were yes 25 30
years and there’s a close to 100 percent

conviction rate in these cases and I
wasn’t looking for this I wasn’t aware
of this I mean I think we all sort of
have a vague idea the FBI may may be
involved in setting people up but then

when you follow the story that I did and
you see it close-up it’s jaw-dropping no
it’s really shocking and very very hard
to believe the statistics once you lay
them out

extraordinary I mean we’re talking about
a hundred instance of the FBI doing this
100 known incidents more happy more yes
I mean I say it’s based on 100 true
stories that’s the sort of notional

hundred it’s in the right ballpark it’s
more likely three hundred well well I
have this movie and I’ve watched it oh

and it’s hilarious I believe it to be a
comedy they have stuff like they have
stuff like a Christina Hendricks is in

it and there’s a lot of actors
understand there’s some pretty
interesting a lot of anti-trump errs
like her are in this thing and it’s very
strange but because an anti-government
movie it’s a very subversive film they

have this for example they got this one
guy set up and he’s got and it’s the
classic bit that we always bitch about
the guys got the phone here’s the phone
all you have to do is dial this number
and it’ll blow guy is the guy is such a

moron the guy who’s the supposed to
terrorist is yeah I’ve wanted to bulb
the bank okay just dial this number and
they got to they got eyes on the guy and

they get the whole thing listen the guys
going okay what’s the number he says the
numbers right here and he says what does
this tell me this is okay three okay
three eight hey five five is a five yeah
hit five oh five that’s an unlucky

number I can’t use that number get me a
different number and the guy goes really
gets really did the guy’s an idiot and
he can’t you will refuses to dial five
and they don’t know what to do they need

a back-up plan to get him to punching
something in the phone the whole thing
is just what definitely worth digging is
disgusting is what it is and I’m totally
disgusting but it seeped yeah they make

light of it I guess they couldn’t
probably yeah anyway yeah I do have
movie does it all have to watch that one
the second clip I have here is one of
our very observant producers was

watching a CNBC special on 9/11 on the
18th anniversary which is just a couple
of weeks ago you know kind of came and

and in this special CNBC anchor run in
sauna I think he does just morning’s or
mid days he was talking about though the
impact that had on Wall Street and how

they had to you know get keep get
trading going cuz you know the when the
when 9/11 took place everything shut
down air travel of course there was a
damage done to the to the computer

systems and the exchanges and he says
something very interesting in this
documentary which one of our producers
caught remember seven seven world trade

had not yet come down right and so when
I went down to the exchange that
Wednesday morning I was saying was the
military and and police officers and we
were looking over in that direction and
if it had come down in the way in which

it was tilting it would have wiped out
everything from where it stood to
Trinity Church to the exchange to
effectively you know the mouth of the
Hudson and so there were still fears
that if that building had fallen

sideways you were going to wipe out a
good part of lower Manhattan so they did
manage one to take that down in the
controlled implosion later on I didn’t
know they managed to take it down a

controlled demolition I thought it was
fire desks mmm that’s rather odd isn’t
it now who thought everybody knew that
yeah well it you know in in the future

that’ll just be the truth again and then
no one will give a shit
ten years no one cares no one cares I
would know he cares he finally some

brexit this really this I picked this up
from No Agenda social or at least the
concept of it and went to went to get
the clip comic strip blogger who is a

even though he doesn’t live in the UK as
far as I know hates Boris hates the
whole brexit idea which is fine and we
love that we love having people with

different opinions of course but he got
really bent out of shape over this
speech by the you
Home Secretary what’s her name pretty

pretty i think her name is pretty petty
know who the Home Secretary is pretty
Patel she’s she herself is the immigrant
her parents were immigrants and here’s

what she said handout Home Secretary at
this defining moment in our country’s
history I have a particular
responsibility when it comes to taking
back control it is to end the free

movement of people once and for all hear
that we’re getting rid of that free
movement of people instead we will
introduce an Australian style points

based immigration system
one look works in the best interests of

Britain one that attracts and welcomes
the brightest and the best one that
supports the brilliant scientist the
finest academics and leading peoples in
their fields and one that is under the

control of the British government just
because let me tell you something this

daughter of immigrants needs no lectures
from the North London Metropolitan
liberal elite Australia gets quite a
pass on that I would their points based

system I’ve looked into it previously
you literally if you’re a a rocket
scientist you can get in otherwise you
need money or need family or you know or

seek asylum no that’s another way to do
it so and I think that’s what people
people are so against this now comic
strip bloggers gripe is that he says

well there’s no reciprocity must a
I think his problem is that you know
this immigration policy says nothing
about what happens to British expats
living in Europe but that would that’s

their problem that’s the –use problem I
don’t see how this woman has anything to
do with it but I like this points-based
system and it’s not just if you’re smart
or have a degree you know having family
in the country is it gets you a point

actually I did look up the Australian
points based system but there’s a number
of things age is all kinds of stuff that
they’ve got in there and no one ever
really bitches about Australia’s points

based immigration system and they have
they called the hybrid selection system
which can also be employer-sponsored
this is a number of different ways but

it’s not just open it’s not just open to
open border no nations no government no
no at all at all at all
um is the UK Parliament back in session

now are they they they’re back yeah I
get your fur of the moment and then
they’re gonna be closed down again for a
week so John Bercow the or da man has
has heard his voice and it’s about time

right and he’s very hoarse and here’s
what he said colleagues I’m very
grateful to the large number of people
who come up to the chair expressing

concern about my stripes and their
generosity spirits and humanity are much
appreciated but let’s take the
opportunity to confirms Laos for the
state of my throat which is purely
temporary is not down to the consumption

of a kangaroos testicle you imagine why
don’t we have that in our play just a

promise as voice is so gravely there but
I didn’t get the joke as I didn’t hear
it so I’ll try okay I’ll play the
polishes tell me what he said let’s take
the opportunity to confirms allows for
the stage of my throats which is purely

10th grade he’s not down to the
consumption of a kangaroo’s testicle
consumption of a cankerous testicle and
kangaroos testicle voices a kangaroos

testicle I don’t get it he said the
problem my throat is not because they
ate of kangaroos balls that’s what he’s
saying okay how come we don’t have that

we don’t have any jokes here Trump tries
and then it gets condemned yeah we used
to be the Joker’s we used to be the
funny guys who would do something funny

the world would go ah only Americans we
had one funny president that was Reagan
I’m talking about the president but just
in general we’d have we have a cute
little it was togetherness you know it’s

cuz the amygdalas are real it’s recently
it’s a real biological situation it’s a
real problem with people and we should
play those clips yeah I do have a note

that I want to read in front of the
donation segment okay but you gotta get
your pin out
pen at the ready please keep us
anonymous my wife works at a private

school that is very swollen amygdalas in
the Washington DC area and I don’t want
her in any you get in any trouble then
listening since 2015 started doing any
small amounts and I’ll just get to the

point here a few weeks ago my
smoking-hot wife and I were on the phone
when she was traveling to Canada Navy
with her father our cousin she says I’ve
been listening to no agenda and I think
you need to donate so that you can be

deduced over time I’ve been listening
I’ve been hitting her in the mouth
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No Agenda meetups calm is hopefully
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ooh today
Netherlands October 5th Charleston South
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only a really cool party and go to no
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I as I vote to you I will do a larger
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oh yes I did have support running behind
today I caught two Fox News Tucker
Carlson in another native ad it’s

pissing me off pissing me off
what did we talk about on just the last
show as a part of agenda 21
you tell me we talked about not only is

the climate and the earth is dying and
oh we have to stop co2 but also we can’t
eat meat we have to eat oh yeah yeah
meat grass and bugs and anything but

meat can’t eat meat bugs bugs are good
bugs so in this particular instance I’m
fairly convinced that the meat industry
is fighting back as they should it’s

their prerogative should of course they
should and this impossible burger and
all and by the way thank you yes I was
wrong I thought Horowitz was all in on
it I stand corrected sorry about it

would be butthurt butthurt I’m sorry if
we get a part you talking to me and so
we always look at what comes out and

what’s being promoted and whenever this
douchebag doctor comes on Tucker Carlson
show immediately I know that this is
gonna be a native ad because that guy is
an idiot

I don’t even know if he’s a real doctor
he plays one on TV but he’s he’s just a
douche and he kind of lets it slip and
again it’s a two-minute segment you know
they they I believe this to be purchased

by what is it the Cattlemen’s
what is it typically the meat I don’t
know who does the beet know I should
know but it’s something I don’t know I

think it’s the Cattlemen’s Association I
think that’s what it is so they get red
meat and meet back on on people’s diet
on on the radar and get people to eat it

again so for years we’ve heard that red
meat is gonna cool you up and now
apparently some survey some research
that’s not true so listen to the Fox
News Tucker Carlson show and doctor

douchebag she’ll literally shill for the
meat industry what do you make of this
is this overturn your views on meat
should we feel better about having a

steak now it changed my views and it
made me wonder about all the Democrat
attack one here one one piece of
research this doctor immediately uh
changed my view changed

right overnight what do you make of this
is this overturn your views on meat
should we feel better about having a
steak now it changed my views and it
made me wonder about all the Democrat
attack Democratic attack lately on our

gaseous cattle friends right that we
actually rely on that that is an anti
agenda21 talking point right there and
even says cattle friends yeah you could

say their cow is Josh’s gala
it was pretty funny I don’t know why you
hate the guys so much for me for red
meat and what this study did and by the
way it looked at millions of

participants in several studies that was
a very strong analysis of multiple
studies and it concluded that red meat
itself mainly unprocessed red meat may
not correlate with life-threatening

heart disease or cancer except in a very
weak tie now what does this mean to me
this means to me that I have to relook
at red meat and say wait a minute
it’s a good source of protein for some

people their only source of protein it’s
a source of B vitamins these are the
talking points this is literally the ad
talking points you could hear Leo
Laporte do this about you know some

product it’s the saint of all it’s a
good source of protein w of iron it’s
got a lot of healthy ingredients in it
zinc so I’ve got to wonder if we have
aren’t throwing the baby out with the

bathwater I’m thinking you know it’s
more of a lifestyle thing maybe we
should be eating our steak with a salad
or a Brussels sprouts
the problem is Tucker that too many
people eat their steak with french fries

that total talking points total talking
point though of course it’s true but
it’s a total talking point exactly and
and and there’s dirt and then they don’t

get off the couch so if we could get
people to exercise and eat more greens
and more plants maybe it’s not red meat
that’s the problem but it never made
sense and I agree completely I mean
obviously potatoes and Donuts will get

you I don’t know one to kind of disputes
that agree Tucker its actual credibly
the processed meat that we need to worry
about ah there it is the bacon the
sausage where you actually add can I use
Mork that could call of course we don’t

want to promote the pork industry thank
you but you’re catching it dude let’s
not promote pork no no no we hate those
guys let’s
they meet with that but I want everyone
out there to know how poor this research

is done that made those connections they
say to you would you eat yesterday well
you may not actually tell what you
actually ate so they canvassed thousands
and millions of people
what’d you eat and then they observe
your response now here comes the payoff

don’t really do what we need to do give
somebody a great hamburger and a salad
somebody else a great hamburger and
french fries you might find out it’s the
French fries that are the problem so

shame on you out there that are throwing
out all of our great hamburgers Tucker
and I are gonna go have a steak after
not every enforcement moderation I’m a
physician here so I don’t want everybody
out there to have three three steaks a

day right but most Americans tend to
have four to five servings a week and
what the studies are showing is that
that’s not as egregious as people have
been saying so it’s not that I disagree

with what he’s saying but this is this
is paid for I’m sorry
the everything in there was paid for and
then Tucker cars like whoa gee gorgeous
so logical whoa please it’s just one

team against the other and they’re
getting paid for it he doesn’t have any
other ads he’s got to do something yeah
what you would do the same thing if

you’re in his shoes
well here’s your opportunity hi I’m Lex
I’m with heart 19 and we’re presenting
here today to talk about our two key ad
products in the podcasting space

explorer 19 started life is strictly
enterprise hosting for podcasts and
earlier this year my colleague Corey
colas and I joined to add a commercial
air and what we talked about today was
the ability to run targeted ads within
podcasts historically when people fought

podcast ads you were buying on a show by
show pieces but now at our 19 we’ve
added technology where we can sell on a
listener by listener basis to so if an
advertiser comes to us and says I want
to reach millennial moms with bachelor’s

degrees we can target those moms across
a couple hundred different shows boils
diamond estate amazing to identify them
so we can match them in an insert net
into the episodes their gallery
regardless of what show it is

the state of the industry ladies and
gentlemen we could target right down to
rid complete know exactly what’s wrong
with millennial woman when they think an
Amish degree we can get them all we can

pull crap being about here is how can we
help digital buyers who love what
they’re doing when they’re buying paid
social whole I love buying paid so Jean
don’t you love when you buy paid so sure

hey hey Sasha they are buying paid
search how can we get them that kind of
digital approach to targeting the
consumers they want but do it knowledge

there’s some brands that just haven’t
been able to get comfortable with PO
straight as in podcasts because they
want to make sure they control their
voice themselves there’s some brains
that love those right ads and we think
the two are complimentary the
complementary the host for Dad hold it
but we’re some publishers it doesn’t

make sense or than have host reads
either because the host doesn’t want to
or it’s a newsie ER show where they want
to keep that law yes so to answer your
question no I’d rather die no I’d rather
die I’m saying if you were tuckle Tucker

Carlson and you were on at Fox you’d be
making a lot more money even though
you’re starving it just because they
can’t get any advertisers so they gotta

go with natives but oh you’re not do you
know what the Millennial said the other
day to somebody about about me no this
should be good are you ready for it

now either drumroll what is your stepdad
do um he has a fairly successful podcast
fairly successfully this pretty standard

I think that was a good answer of all
the things you can say coulda said he is

the co-host of the greatest podcast in
the universe is what she should have
said that’s not what she said I like a

ask me about my fairly successful
progress okay Hillary you were done with
you I do have our three clips left all
right I got two are related and the
other ones just kind of a knit kind of

an EU thing but first I want to play
this this is news that you never heard
and this is a funny story democracy now
of course picks this sort of thing up
does the one thing they do well is grab
stories like this and then they they do

make a little commentary then in their
own way this is the missus says mrs.
Tsui says you can shoot anyone a city in
Mississippi is claiming a man who was

shot dead inside his own home by a
police officer two years ago has no
constitutional rights because he was an
undocumented immigrant not a US citizen
an attorney for the city of Southaven
Mississippi made this argument in a

recent court filing after the family of
Ishmael Lopes filed a civil lawsuit
Lopes was shot dead inside his own home
when police shot through his front door
the police were attempting to serve a

search warrant to one of Lopez’s
neighbors but went to the wrong house
the city’s attorney wrote quote ismail
lopez may have been a person on American
soil but he was not one of the We the

People of the United States entitled to
the civil rights invoked in this lawsuit
unquote a lawyer for the Lopez family
described the city’s position as quote
the most insane thing I’ve ever heard

unquote the attorney said the city is
essentially arguing that because Lopez
is an undocumented immigrant it’s okay
for the city of South Haven to kill him
Wow networks would be on that one Zam

yes that’s a very good story instead no
no no you can’t have good stories like
this on the networks because the way

things go you want something de has done
this guy he’s gotta be about Trump so an
especially trumped-up bullcrap I mean
this is my favorite even though I can
imagine these meetings and somebody’s

suggesting things like this but this is
Trump wants to shoot migrants the New
York Times is reporting president Trump
privately pushed for shooting migrants
and for creating a quote water filled

trench stocked with snakes or alligators
along the us-mexico border the New York
Times also details how Trump has
privately proposed other radical

measures to curtail immigration
including closing the entire us-mexico
border and building an electrified
border wall topped with spikes to pierce
human flesh The Times reveals Trump has

repeatedly raised the idea of shooting
migrants during staff meetings the paper
reports quote after publicly suggesting
that soldiers shoot migrants if they

threw rocks the president backed off
when his staff told him that was illegal
but later in meeting aides were called
he suggested they shoot migrants in the

blow them down that’s not allowed either
they told the Times articles based on a
new book border wars and immigration by
Times reporters Michael Shearer and

Julie Hirschfeld Davis the president
responded to this yeah let me see here
are you talking to me yeah it was just a
follow-up of what I just asked you sir

listen you ready we have the president
of Finland ask him a question I have one
for my just wanted to follow up on the
one that I asked you which did you hear
what did you want you hear me yes I’m
sorry it’s the wrong one this is the one

I meant to play it was alive but he did
deny other accusations in the report
including an account not confirmed by
NBC News the president had also called
for fortifying the border with a quote

water filled trench stocked with snakes
or alligators he wanted the wall
electrified with spikes on top that
could pierce human flesh they said I
want a moat with alligators snakes
electrified fences so people get

electrocuted if they so much as touch
the fence and spikes on top never said
it never thought of it the president
made those alleged comments when migrant
border crossings were over a hundred

thousand a month now they’re down to
64,000 Lester Kristen Welker thank you
so I like the way they both both reports
both Amy Goodman and NBC mm-hmm both

said the same words those exact same
words which makes me think that
somebody’s coordinates come it’s coming
from a book and it’s being reported on
his news that’s why it’s Oh what but why

would you use the same exact words they
the following I’m going to do once I’m
talking about spikes that Pierce human

now what spikes don’t Pierce human flesh
why does it have to be spikes what is it
to say that Pierce human flesh and they
didn’t it’s not like sharp spikes you

said what you can say sharp spikes you
can say something but they both use the
exact same mortage spikes that Pierce
human flesh if I was in charge of m5m
I’d say

spikes that when you trip you could
gouge your eye
no no gouge your eye you fall you’ve got
to make it a little more personal yeah

it’s gotta be gory before we’re gonna be
done yeah so I have three of these
actually I mean push it up push two of
them off but there’s a new series on

France 24 this is little bits and this
on their website and I think they do it
on the TV but I haven’t seen it yet
called fake power factor fake and they
find some issues I guess that Europeans

are moaning and groaning about and then
they do a fact or faked and they go into
it as always some issue that is resolved
in a very awkward way that no it turns

out to be fake everything’s fake
and it’s like for there’s a couple of
these but but they’re always indicate
that the underlying factor fake
questioning that’s going on by the

public to me shows the deep mistrust of
the EU government govern government
itself because of the nature of these
and then in France 24 is trying to
assuage the public so they make them

feel better and this is the one I’ll put
play this one we just understand so they
have a segment called fact or faked but
the entire idea is to show you that that
what you think is wrong because the EU

is actually very good they’re not trying
to kill you with weird stuff is that the
idea yeah okay yeah and I’ve been
noticing a lot of crazy this is the best
example of where there oh no that’s not

the way it works you get to do what you
want know that you want you’re gonna be
good it just seems that ominous the
whole thing seems like Big Brother but
let’s go with this one I got other ones
we’ll play next time FAC fact or faked

Berlin time well this time we’re asking
is the EU trying to put the entire
continent on quote Berlin time that’s a
colorful claim from British tabloid The

Daily Express on March 26th of this year
now this article claims that members of
the European Parliament have voted to
quote advanced plans to shift to Berlin
time in 2021 so what’s the truth well

the route of the article is correct
did vote on March 26 in favor of ending
the seasonal clock changing tradition
otherwise known as daylight saving as of
March 2021

now they were supporting a proposal made
by the European Commission which itself
stemmed from a public consultation 4.6
million Europeans responded to a survey
of which 84 percent were in favor of the

change so it is true that time is being
tinkered with but what about the details
what is Berlin time well The Daily
Express does not explain in its article
where the term Berlin time has come from

indeed Berlin shares its own Central
European Time with 30 other European
states and two in North Africa that you
see et all year round so the article may
as well have called it Paris I’m sorry

Ava time or even perhaps Tunis time in
any case no specific time zone is being
imposed under the proposal it would be
up to each member state to decide which
time arrangement they wish to keep their
current summer or winter time for their

particular zone well a couple of things
about this one of course is Oh a tempest
in a teapot nothing’s going on right and
you get to choose your route we ever not

really pushing but the ice but the idea
of the she misses that where I maybe it
wasn’t miss maybe she knows it but the
idea of using the term Berlin time as

opposed to Tunis time Harrison right
this is a note of hey this is the juror
you were talking about the German Empire
here that’s for anyone everyone happy on

Berlin time yeah that’s kind of just the
point of that is miss completely it’s
also I was missed in the article it’s
also kind of a brexit thing at the same
time you know saw would Greenwich Mean

Time that’s old hat Berlin time that’s
the knurl in time time baby this is a
good segment I’d like you to do that

more off I will remind you of these and
keep a book push these off they’ll be on
their list tomorrow the next list I’m
through Sunday the next Thursday
second Thursday of the week second
Thursday of the weekend the first Sunday

coming up next on the no agenda stream
trolls beware Nick the rat will join you
with tales from the sewer it’s no agenda
stream calm and well we’ll be back on
Sunday second Thursday of the week end

of show mixes received too many to play
today but we do have classic Chris
Wilson’s our Chris Wilson we’ve got
cyborg Dave and I’ve borrowed something
from rebel media who are the fiercely

independent candidate Ian’s do I like a
lot that’s right be careful she’ll swoop
in before you know it coming to you from
opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier

of Austin Texas FEMA region number six
and all the governmental maps if you’re
looking us up in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where I’ll be bringing you my new

phone review on the next show I’ve got a
new smartphone I’m John Steve alright I
cannot wait until then remember Dvorak
org slash an A and the electric they’ve

done the best of the Kleins Hillary’s
going to be running this time

campaigning slashes the posters go up
churning and burning she’s going for
truck she deftly maneuvers and muscles
her ranks
corporate donations are punting from
banks reckless and wild the media forms

the DNC yield she maneuvers have fought
as they speed towards the finish
opposition goes down others give up and
they get out of town the white house is
hers except for one man still slamming

and scamming as long as she can the Sun
has gone down and the moon has come up
and last election clearly was stolen by
Trump but she’s driving conniving and
changing the turns so she’ll be the

president the job for which she’s still
yes she’s lying the distance the she’s
going to lead she’s all alone all alone
in a time of greed because she’s

collecting age stars she’s fighting and
gliding flying all the time she’s going
the distance
let me got to set this up because it’s

kind of complicated no kidding
you would never hear this on American
television I’m surprised this is it this
may not be real but Nick the rat just
bent over in the troll room don’t do

that Nick
this is actionable I really don’t like
to make some extra money for the show
would you like what would you like I

want a curried Co CK please I thought
that was a little revealing
obviously this is lewd by the way fifty

children we make fun of it because it’s
uncomfortable to pain in the ass
banging away but like like a crazy

schoolmarm with a shoe on the desk I’m
gonna give you the whole load today you
imagine nut of the future I love you

Snohomish it’s a Dutch joke I think
so this is what Pete goes on this was

probably not uncommon it was a cheap
laugh it’s on no agenda I find it very








mofo Dvorak

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