No Agenda Episode 1179: “Vooden Sporks”

hey progressive rocking candidate it’s
pretty good I rush great band I loved
them Adam Curry award-winning
information media assassination episode
eleven seventy nine this is no agenda

the drone star state in the morning

I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where I’ve realized it’s Avogadro
not avocado I’m John C Dvorak yeah I got
a note about that I guess you got the

same one no no I never got a note oh my
god I actually would say I’ve been
mulling it over when I I knew there was
a joke in there when I was reading it
from the spreadsheet the first time and
I know that we’re and I was thinking

what is he referring to I know what this
is I can’t come up with it and it just
dawned on me this morning so producer
dick sent in a note due Mr curry your
resident chemist should have cut this
this was a he’s indeed correct it was a

donation that someone sent in with the
avocado they said kado number yes
definition of Avogadro’s number the
number 6.022 times one thousand twenty

three indicating the number of atoms or
molecules in a mole of any substance
also called the Avogadro number the our
constant is what so what can you use

this for this this fine
Avogadro’s well you need you to do most
chemistry you need to work in moles yeah
and so you need that number so you can

calculate how to huge yeah you need to
know how much to dilute something for
example or or to get to a certain number
of moles to make it to do a Greek

chemical reaction ah and so you may have
to do that calculation to get to the
point to add so much of something well
this this actually it’s a bare it to me
it was always it was always dreadful

it’s math who gives a shit
but I’m not a chemist but this does come
in handy to understand the nitrogen
issue in the Netherlands which a lot of

people have sent in
emails and explained that in more detail
to me this is referring to the farmers
who put a massive protest together and
drove all their tractors to the hague

tying up all the highways six is almost
700 miles of traffic jams which the
Dutch population seemed to pretty much
agree with here is the issue the

Netherlands isn’t is not allowed to have
more than 0.05 mole per hectare of

and this seems to be a very low number
compared to other countries
surrounding countries but the the reason

they’re really pissed off I’m really
shortening this up I’m sorry but this
wasn’t presented to us correctly think
so I thought it was like the same that’s
right it I think that was my mistake or

maybe a bad source on my part the the
real problem is in order to combat this
they the government’s are saying you
have to cut your livestock in half not

the actual individual livestock’s but
the total number of livestock has to be
cut in half in order to combat this as
well as and I think we discussed this on

a previous show the speed limit will be
lowered in many parts of the country
because that’s really gonna help the
overall climate change situation well
that’ll data reverse it right there and

so they’re so pissed off guess what
they’re gonna do the farmers are not
stopping on the 29th of October they
will be doing the same they will be

taking over staple airports so yeah so
there will be drives it’s like Hong Kong
yeah haha with blue dye and we’ll see
what happens

good on him good on him because they’re
not really defining the EU and they’re
fighting and they’re fighting being um
being run by technocrats bureaucrats and

unelected officials I think people stand
behind them
well I do
it’s I do too it’s a CL weekend in

Austin or its I actually week because
it’s two weekends that means what is
this Austin City Limits it’s a very
large on every Saturday on PBS correct
only this is the festival version of it

so they take over Zilker Park big
headliners and the headliners play on
the first and the second weekend which I
think pretty unique for festivals so we

have childish gambino we have Guns and
Roses with fat Axl and we have the Cure
The Cure on my first my first TV show

ever first show I ever did and they were
all then these guys and so who are the
headliners well that they have three
headliners okay who are they you just

heard them don’t be a blind those are
the headliners well try this Chavez can
be now it says he’s a I think he’s a big
draw but a lot of people have descended

upon Austin to try and relive some of
those good old Guns and Roses days which
is fun to see but it’s a it’s a mess
traffic is a mess people and I’m glad

we’re not downtown that anymore at least
so and that’s your update from Austin
country-western act in there oh there
may be they always have the brothers

Peterson there’s tons of tons of acts
but these are the big ones these are the
big headliners but it sounds depressing
hmm no one’s I don’t know if it’s
depressing it’s just me well I’m just

expressing myself I’m depressed well
then why don’t you get yourself out of
that funk and take us to the green new

I know you clipped it are you talking
about the baby plate everybody’s hurt I
do have the whole clip yeah play the

clip just to enjoy it okay play the clip
okay so was it the babies for those who
haven’t seen or heard it it’s worthy of

setting up this eye I saw the original
on c-span as this was an a town hall
with Sandy Ocasio Cortez so was in
Queens I guess and Town Hall so people

are talking about you know there was
Alzheimer’s on the menu and and a couple
other things speaking of on the menu
someone stood up and said this climate
crisis we only have a few months left I

love that you support the Green Deal but
it’s not get it you know getting rid of
fossil fuel it’s not gonna solve the
problem fast enough a Swedish professor
saying that we can eat their dead people

but that’s not fast enough so I think
your next campaign slogan has to be this
we got to start eating babies we don’t
have enough time there’s too much co2
all of you your you know your pollutant

too much co2 we have to start now please
you are so great I’m so happy that you
really support a nuclear deal but it’s
not enough you know even if you would

Bob Russia we still have too many people
too much pollution so we have to get rid
of the babies that’s a big problem just
stopping having babies a cyanide we need

to eat the babies
her response is genius you have that too
on this clip thank you so I think ya

know so one of the things that’s very

important to us is that we need to treat
the climate crisis with the urgency that
it does present luckily we have more
than a few months we do need to hit Net

Zero in several years but I think we all
need to to understand that there are a
lot of solutions that we have and that

we can pursue and that if we act in a
positive way there is space for hope
there’s we are never beyond hope
sandy OC later said that she really
thought this woman was having a personal

crisis moment and wanted to address it
in all seriousness and and I think
that’s great
this is a new category of I’d called
this falls under the activist category

yeah did anybody figure out who this
woman was and yeah what yeah acting
troupe she’s a part of yes apparently

closely related to the LaRouche PAC oh
yeah that would be it dog
makes sense doesn’t he actually even
sounds like a Lyndon LaRouche y’all have

a weird accent well but just for a
moment because there’s some things that
need to be discussed about the
performance itself
I thought the accent was very subtle
what she was doing here with the

barrettes and her hair on both sides was
a version of a somewhat older Gretta
yeah with it she didn’t have ponytails
but she had kind of the girlish look and
I think the accent was phony was kind of
trying to be a bit of a Swedish accent

Eastern European
right more like it sounds like someone
trying yeah someone trying to do it or
maybe it was just her accent but what
surprised me is the amount of certainly

right-wing conservative right-leaning
youtubers etc who also took this
like oh they’ve gone insane the left is

gone nuts
they really believed it they thought
that this was real which leads me to
believe that people don’t watch or read

anything just like this because it’s
soundbite great let’s talk about that
what a nut job
whereas if anyone did stem from an
actual professor who did recommend
eating human flesh yeah and she

mentioned Sweden and I think that’s
where the gag came from of course of
course I mean that’s where I would first
name one is this is it let’s take it a
step further

well the yeah to me the joke of it and
in our and when I was growing up in our
house we didn’t discuss the classics
much but inevitably there would be a

point where my mom would go you know
there was always about money in our
house we have no money money problems
Marla will be eating dog food that was

always my mom’s and it used to be I
think it was in the when was this is

during the Reagan administration perhaps
but it was south but we’re eating dog
food where people were they well the
media then the media was playing up sure

the the poor eating dog food and
sometimes cat food mm-hmm do they wonder
even wrote about it on songs in the key

life and so you ended up with a lot of
publicity for it I don’t see with this
homeless crisis and that is a crisis I
don’ts you’re going too far I do I’m

just let me finish the thought I don’t
see how if they were eating dog food in
the 80s that they’re not eating a lot of
dog food today okay your takeaway you
interrupted and they’re taking it way

beyond where I want it to be your about
you’re not with the homeless I’m still
at the stupidity of this okay I’m sorry
in my household back back back
in my household my mom would inevitably

wind up saying we’ll be eating dog food
a and there’s only one classic that we
discussed in our household and it was
the story of Jonathan Swift

and the story of John well a bastard by
by Jonathan Swift
called a modest proposal which is from
the 1700s and and the modest proposal

was a joke it was very much the troll of
its time and it was the proposal for
preventing children of poor people from

from was it and yeah let me look it up a
modest proposal per for preventing the
children of poor people from being a
burden or a burden to their parents or
country and for making them beneficial

to the public which they spelled with CK
back in the day and it was a the idea
was for the impoverished Irish to ease
their economic troubles by selling their

children as food to rich gentlemen and
ladies yeah so it’s a classic so when I
heard this but people took it seriously
as they did with this room yes yes
exactly so I think there should be a net

limit this is a Wikipedia entry to this
thing I bet you there is
they said if there’s an entry for it on
Wikipedia then they should add this to
it modern-day version

so I was just surprised surprised how
many people were all in on it and
thought that this was the the nutty left
well I liked the way she played it into

the point where she’s even heckling aoc
when she’s saying well it’s not do we
don’t have no we have plenty of time no
we don’t we have a couple of months we
have it’s fantastic fantastic well let’s

stick with the green new deal for a
second that’s a shame by the way that
everybody bought into it that way no
it’s very it’s not a shame it’s telling
it’s great for our analysis people don’t

read jack shit anymore they look at a
headline they look at us a clip and get
outraged and go for it it’s completely
it’s it’s sad people are outraged and

they don’t even know if what they’re
supposed to be outraged about now so
Putin was asked about the abuse of
children to further a economic policy

that would be the green New Deal and
specifically Greta to me mr. president
what do you what did you make of Greta

Sundberg President Trump said tweeted I
think she seems like a very happy young
girl looking forward to a bright and
wonderful future he answered that to be
patronizing what did you make it Greta

thumb burger at the United Nations
well I’ll frustrate you probably I don’t
share everybody’s excitement about Greta
tongue of humbugs was an intervention

you know what the fact that young people
and teenagers draw everybody’s attention
to the acute issues of nowadays

including the environmental issues is a
good thing and we should support them in
but when children or teenagers are used
by someone in their own interest that

only merits condemnation is the
condemnation Thank You Putin very good
we never talked about the Trump thing
but I think it’s worth discussing at

least for a second
he says she seems like a very happy
presidential son president she’s really

killing a little girl
she’s 16 she’s not even a little girl
anymore in in Amsterdam they have a
mayor female mayor first female mayor

ever and she’s been mayor for a year now
I guess femke wholesome ah she comes
from the Green Party and she’s annoying
she’s always been annoying
she’s a Green Party and annoying it’s

redundant well also she’s I don’t I
don’t want to get into it but her kid
was the one that was caught by the cops
with a with a gun breaking and entering

and then it was like oh no it was just a
movie prop it was a disabled gun and
it’s just the whole she just lied her
way through it to get her kid off who
clearly was taking selfies with a gun

and a houseboat that he broke into and
that’s been here to cover it up so she
but also Amsterdam is in disarray there
is trash pickup as a problem
you know they’ve embarked on this like

every city door where we’re not you know
we’re going to ban plastic and no
plastic straws and you know you know the
drill it’s it’s it’s your typical green

stuff but
she has an allegiance and alliance with
another mayor and she visited this other
mayor and stood two of them in front of

piles and piles of trash in New York
with Mayor DeBlasio here today was
someone very special mayor how some of
Amsterdam in the Netherlands and mayor

your city has been a leader okay just so
you know no there was not a leader in in
terms of protecting the environment but

okay you guys disgust and you got there
ahead of us I came to getting plastics
out of the lives of everyday citizens
imagine em tell us about what you did

okay I’m just gonna tell you everything
she says is not true so let’s be a
little bit humble about it because what
you are going to do is really you should
she’s pressing but we took the plastic

out of out of the city
oh yes we only use
forks sparks as you said this morning
and you know when I went to Amsterdam

man not too long ago John
it was crazy I could only use food and
sporks I did not know that this was not
happening everywhere yet no sparks the
you huh notice how she says huge huge

scale she did it twice that’s because
the Dutch when Trump first came on the
scene he’s you know huge was a big thing
he introduced the dress yes and it is

now in the vernacular in common parlance
when they say huge they they’re it’s
like an automatic trigger the Dutch go
huge mayor what has been the response

when you said to people hey let’s get

rid of plastics well I think there’s a
lot of support for what we’re doing
sports understands that we do have a

all the dirt what it does to our
ecosystem with what it does to our
health well so I think we need to change
well I wanna thank you for being a great

example of change well and and helping
inspire us and I just want to say to
everyone out there we have to get
plastics out of our lives and everyone
can be a part of it we’re today with our

executive Warner we’re taking a big step
forward we’re gonna pass legislation
student to go even farther but we have
to do in our own lives
turn away that plastic straw don’t use a
plastic fork if you have a choice let’s

get away from it let’s save the earth
mayor thank you so much well thank you
for being a part of this thank you oh
yes thank you very much they give her
the keys to the city probably and this

probably plastic food and key is your
the thing that saddens me is and if you
go back and look at the true history of

the United States and we’re talking
really Manhattan in New York when I read
a book about this I have to find the

title of this book it’s something the
island I’ve come to me the Dutch were
very influential in fact a lot of the
settlers that came to Manhattan in

particular the New York area lived in
the in Amsterdam for several years
before they even set sail and there was
the in fact the the liberal kind of you

know laissez-faire attitude of the
United States in my opinion if I looked
at some of the history not just three
ships that came in with some pilgrims

there’s a little more to it that is
complete Amsterdam it’s not the
Netherlands but Amsterdam influence
that’s why they call it New Amsterdam of
course and you know they look at all the

Dutch names Harlem Staten Island these
are all Dutch names but it it truly was
the culture of the Dutch at the time in
Amsterdam that created a lot of what we

consider to be American culture and
that’s just this is horrible to see this
is this is now not even 300 years later
now we have voting sparks we’re going

backwards in time
it’s very sad it’s my opinion
orcs you want to talk about Brexton I
got a whole bunch of clips yeah I have

well I can set it up with a very short
one that really is says nothing so I
think it’ll be perfect for your barrage
time for a quick look now at some other

news court documents show Britain’s
Prime Minister Boris Johnson will comply
with the law and ask for a brexit
extension if there’s no deal within the
next two weeks but a senior government
source told the BBC that the law can be

interpreted in different ways mr.
Johnson has again insisted that UK will
leave the EU on October the 31st without
delay so it seems the more I listen to
the BBC the less I understand where

they’re at exactly five plate it’s like
what am I supposed to understand now I
didn’t get so delayed maybe no he’ll do

it something what No Deal yes please JC
D help us out Bozek up I’ve been
listening carefully to the BBC or
actually LBC mostly and the I got a

couple of interesting clips and then I
have was the stuff about what their take
is on Trump which I thought was more
interesting that BRICS it itself but
let’s there somebody’s taking it
seriously because this is an official

government ad as a UK British ad for
for brexit get ready for brake seats on
the 31st of October
this means the travelling to the EU will
change you’ll need to check online if

your passport is valid for travel to
Europe if you’re planning on driving
you’ll need to check if you have the
right documents to drive and take the
keys and make sure your travel insurance
covers all your health care needs to

keep your trip on track check what you
need to do a gov you k slash brexit get
ready for brexit on the 31st of October
Waymon gov dot UK / brexit know what’s

really engulfed don’t you can’t / breaks
it and just go ahead John I’m just
reading to see what they’re talking
about here now the other thing going on
there is a Boris Johnson still kind of

the prime minister but he doesn’t really
have the votes to be a bright Minister
so this has become because because half
of the either fired I think about 20 or
30 Tories got

kicked out of the party for being like
dicks which is pretty much the whole
party but in a number of them quits so
there he doesn’t have a majority of
anything anymore but they nobody seems
to be able to put anything together to

get rid of him and Faraj tries to just
describe this in some detail and I think
it’s worth listening to this Faraj on
the pond the quagmire there have been an
endless series of meetings going on

inside the Palace of Westminster and
around it and very little noise coming
from the Lib Dems over Labor Party loads
from a nursery but that’s a different
subject and the reason is they simply

cannot agree who the interim leader
should be because Jeremy Corbyn cannot
get the support of the 21 booted out
Tories because he’s kind of seen to be a

Marxist and other things and it doesn’t
work and the Lib Dems won’t go with it
because the did devs don’t want Corbin
to be in Downing Street and maybe not to
look quite as dangerous as some thought

he would be I mean just can’t agree
Margaret Beckett’s names been put
forward Ken Clark is wandering around
the place doing up his tie but he
doesn’t see the sort of work and they

can’t agree on anybody but time for them
is running out it’s running out fast
because here’s the big problem if you’re
a remainer here’s your fear your fear is
that Boris goes on the 17th of October

gets one or more of the EU countries to
veto extension and then Boris then comes
back to the House of Commons as his

rights very simple boys and girls it’s
the treaty
mrs. Mays treaty with a couple of tweaks
or we leave with No Deal now I think if
Boris did that it would have

catastrophic consequences for the
Conservative Party in terms of division
within it but there would be a form of
brexit not a very good one but a form a
brexit if you want to stop breaks it

completely from happening if you are a
you don’t want to take that chance so
parliament is gonna be paroled on
Tuesday if they’re gonna put in place an

alternative prime minister ahead of that
summit monday is their deadline and as
yet well they can’t agree
on anything or anyone oh my
so that’s the situation I think it’s a

good run down and he gave us here’s an
idea why don’t why doesn’t Jeremy
Clarkson just run for Prime Minister
he’s got the right idea and everybody
loves it at the BBC yeah so I so I’m

listening but there’s also a funny
situation that occurred we didn’t hear
about the United States but Nick Ferrari
one of the talk show guys on the LBC

London’s been chatting had the police
Commissioner any it was a woman a police
commissioner of London and he’s carping

about this big pink yacht that was
apparently dragged down the street and
plopped down the middle of Oxford Circus

and so he’s giving her grief about this
and when you listen to her try to
explain the situation you really makes
you wonder if there’s that this country
is maybe should be run by Brussels how
did a pink yacht get talks at circus

without being stopped I wasn’t there I
don’t know exactly how it got there we
must have found out subscribed as a boss
I don’t know exactly how it got there I
genuinely don’t the camera suit I’ve got
and I can’t park on a red route without

one of your boat so we’re coming after
me of course they saw it I think the
question as to why it didn’t get
intercepted earlier is partly back to
what I’ve just been discussing what you
haven’t got powers to intercept a pack

yeah no that stops in the middle of
Oxford Circus the old bill hasn’t got
the power to say oi move that yacht on
or that there is is not specific
legislation that says you can about

highway obstruction yes of course there
is exercise commissioner but because
there is also in the early stages

absolutely enshrined in law a strong
wait wait she’s not gonna say freedom of
speech is she because then I’ll need to

sit down and did you notice back it up
just a little bit did you notice she
does this the same thing Obama is the
one that started doing this and we’ve
seen other candidates

and she just did it which is you’re
talking away and now it’s really
important so I can change the way I say
of course legislation about highway

obstruction yes of course there is but
why was that exercise commissioner pett
because there is also in the early
stages absolutely enshrined in law a

strong you know law which says that we
have to allow protests in a democracy
which causes a reasonable you I think it

was reasonable to put a pink boat the
amount of disruption did they have a
license do you I don’t but I can tell
you that if we had tried to intercept
the pink boat we wouldn’t have had the

power to do so nor as soon as it was on
the highway like that is there a
specific piece of legislation that says
you can take street furniture away like
that and so these are the kinds of

things we need to look at of course they
are so typical so typical of the Brits
having lived there it’s like I mean even
the whole convo

oh I get this ridiculous short break so
I’m listening to this to this network
and I cut one of the news segments they

were actual news they acted this guy
Simon Marx is their guy and there’s I
got four short clip well one of them’s
long looks like but the rest of them are

pretty short this is Simon Marx
reporting on Trump and what’s going on
over here from the British perspective
presidents are wait wait sorry talked
about this before which is the the

defect that they just parrot the worst
of our mainstream media they wake up in
the morning they look at the New York
Times calm Washington Post

you know NBC CNN and write just rewrite
it we’re not gonna do any gems in this
first clip but in this especially at

this Texas clip but play this and we’ll
get into it president Trump yesterday as
you know in the grounds of the White
House broke the law he called on two
countries Ukraine and China to interfere

in America’s 2020 presidential election
but to stop the Hebrew he broke the law
and and asked them to interfere he

didn’t talk about oh no China you
interfere in the election please report
yeah we’ll get into that the law that

was broken according to this guy is the
Federal Election Committee wise by
federal laws were you know asking for
help Charlie wouldn’t help assistance
yeah whatever digging up dirt on his

likely opponent Joe Biden the former
vice president of the United States and
his son hunter who used to do business
in both Ukraine and China and today
President Trump returned to the lawn of

the White House to justify what the vast
majority of observers here in Washington
by the President to break federal
election law which prohibits him from

soliciting support of any kind or any
value from a foreign government here’s
what Donald Trump had to say today I
think I made clear and yesterday

somebody asked me a question and I gave
an answer but always in the form of
corruption what I want to do and I think
I have an obligation to do it probably a

duty to do it multiple times president
Trump at that appearance insisted that
there was a distinction between digging
up political dirt on Joe Biden Joe Biden

and going after corruption that strains
credulity not my opinion but the opinion
of Mitt Romney a former Republican
presidential candidate who took to

Twitter a short while ago to describe
the president’s actions as wrong and
appalling this is the only American
citizen president Trump singles out for
China’s investigation wrote senator

Romney is his political opponent in the
midst of the Democratic nomination
process it strains credulity to suggest
that it is anything other than
politically motivated

senator Romney of course is one of those
Republicans who may well end up
determining the fate of the donald trump
presidency because if president Trump is
impeached by the House of

Representatives there will then be a
trial in the US Senate where Republicans
like Senator Romney are in the majority
they will all have to decide are they
going to vote to keep Donald Trump in

power or are they going to convict him
of high crimes and misdemeanors against
the American Constitution the vast
majority of Republicans in the
our remaining silent at the moment and

that’s not necessarily good news for
president Trump who must surely crave
voices supporting him from within his
own party
yeah that’s taking that’s taking the

show prep from the US mainstream media
boom he’s got he’s got to pump it up a
little bit he they’re not just puppets
reading from the script no please let’s

go to report on Trump to the some
senators all speaking but very
uncomfortably Senator Marco Rubio of

Florida you will remember him excoriated
by Donald Trump as little Marco during
the 2016 presidential election campaign
was asked if he really thought that it
was apt for the President of the United

States to be inviting China to
investigate Joe Biden that’s a real
request for him just needling the press
knowing that you guys were going to get
outraged by it he’s gotten he’s pretty

good at getting everybody fired up and
he’s been doing that for a while and the
media responded right on right on right
on task blaming the media sent his

arobie Rubio looked as miserable as he
sounded he ever looks he didn’t sound
any different than he ever did but let’s

just take a look at what’s happening
when he says this he’s saying or the
media jumped out on cue he’s saying that
to the media yeah including this guy
let’s see that last bit again that was

good right on right on right on task
blaming the media senator opiate Rubio
looked as miserable as he sounded in
that clip Wow Wow
nice one lbc good to go so this guy’s a

liar so let’s go on to the one I think
this is the this is the this is a
shortest one but it’s the biggest
whopper number three another Republican

is speaking out against the president
congressman will heard of Texas I think
as terrible as something I
have done and I can go today I think two
days before that wishing China

congratulations on 70 years of communism
via tweet is not something I would do I
would do either a China is an address
area he is one of more than half a dozen

Republican is from the state of Texas
who have decided to retire rather than
seek re-election and face a possible
drumming by voters in the Lone Star

various with President Trump’s record in
office oh really that’s why they all
resigned okay I’m sure some of them did
so I didn’t realize according to him
Texas is furious Texas were outraged as

I tell you is furious at Trump yes for
his behavior
yes orange man bad me hate him it’s very
frightening we have to retire this is
this I mean this isn’t even the New York

Times it’s MSNBC they’re translating
here yeah that’s that’s quite quite
impressive actually
so the Texans are they hates Trump I
didn’t realize Texas hated Trump yeah

okay well we hate that kind they would
and these guys would have faced a
drubbing you know you know we I’d
whenever I’m faced with the drubbing I
retire that’s the Texas that’s a Texas
way my friend

the Texas Way yeah all right this rap
Dissidia t’ more damage more damaging
issues for the President of the United
States the release of texts overnight

between three American ambassadors
operating in the vicinity of Ukraine it
is apparent that at least one of them
raised questions about whether President

Trump was insisting on a quid pro quo
asking the Ukrainian president to dig up
dirt on Joe Biden in exchange for
withheld military assistance and also a

withheld invitation for president
zalenski to visit the White House for
President Trump the streets here are
becoming more treacherous and the

Democrats are becoming increasingly
emboldened as their impeachment inquiry
Andrew gets underway
all right that’s MLB sees us
correspondent Simon marks in the latest
dramatic twist in the affair over Joe

Biden I wonder still if if Trump has
factored all this in because I’m I saw
polls recently which showed Biden
support was going down because all of

this activity has it focused attention
on his son and Biden’s business
activities and of course if Trump wanted
to smear him in in that it seems to be

whether he’s damaging himself more in
the process who knows all right I would
like to make a case for our stance on
this with some support from some clips

etc because we saw very early on it’s
only there’s only three shows ago it
seems like oh my god I mean we’ve
forgotten all about Cavanaugh we forgot

about Epstein everything is off the
radar it’s all about this and in fact
let me read this I got a note from a
from someone who is clearly and after

our previous show when we discussed this
bullcrap and I just want to share that
so that we can understand where some
people are coming from this person is a

listener and I think maybe even babe
a producer donor you two disgust me
on the new agenda podcast whenever you
talk about Trump

you guys always all-caps
defend him no matter how disgustingly
corrupt and criminal his behaviors are
you are diehard Republicans and it shows
not that is quite insulting actually

someone calls us Republicans but okay
it’s clear there is no low that Trump
could stoop to that you guys wouldn’t be
supportive of and praise I’ve come to
the conclusion that you are both

hardcore Trump errs and I will no longer
be listening to this podcast I stand for
country and moral values over party and
when any president is breaking the law
I support impeachment the fact that you

two can’t see past your crazy loyalty to
party disturbs me how can you let a
president exhibit behaviors so I took
this to heart and decided to explain

what is happening for brother for there
is of course no criminal behavior and
the thing the mistake that people on

Twitter make is they go back and forth
with the with the Liberals call what
about is I’m absolutely correct about
that say well but they got this from
Ukraine on Trump and Christopher Steele

was a foreign agent he did this one from
but I didn’t want to of course and even
the people yelling although this person
I’m not too sure people are yelling this
they kind of know that but that’s not
really what impeachment is about

impeachment when we talk of high crimes
and misdemeanors can really be
determined Amin herbai itself is a
fantastic term and you can use it for

any amount of things I could even make a
case that being unpress
densha could be shown to be misdemeanor
but the trick to impeachment is you have

to get the entire country behind it
otherwise it’ll just be useless
I think everyone at this point knows
House of Representatives files the
articles of impeachment the Senate then

is the judge and jury with the Supreme
Court justice the head Justice the big
wanna Big Kahuna that presiding over a
real it’s like a court drama really and
you have real lawyers and prosecutors in

the Senate they are the judge and jury
and you need to convince them and so
we’ve heard already well you know
there’s 35 Republicans if they can vote
in secret and any 5 percent need to be

the concept that is being played here
for whatever reason maybe there’s

thousands of sealed indictments
everybody’s running scared they got to
do whatever they can’t I don’t know I’d
believe it when I see it but when I even
saw the Drudge Report and a buddy of
mine in Holland the robe against that

called me up he said wipe is Drudge
turning on Trump I said this is the
machine is in full gear the machine is
going 100% Matt Drudge is a part of the

machine I’m sure he’s part of some
intelligence somewhere in his back right
I mean have we ever doubted this of
course not so the machine is trying to
put into the people the feeling that

this president has to go in fact George
Stephanopoulos of ABC’s this week a
Clinton insider an operative still
interviewed the Speaker of the House

Nancy Pelosi who would be the one to
actually call for a vote to file for the
articles of impeachment which means it
would be real this is all just talk
until until they actually vote on it

it’s nothing but listen to her own words
both Nixon in the Clinton cases the
House passed a former resolution to set
up the inquiry why not take that step we
don’t have to but we could

who was most afraid of that won’t come
out the Republicans because they’re
gonna have to decide wouldn’t that make
the process even more airtight is not
necessary we feel that we’re very firm

ground as we go forward and we may go to
that place this week of just because
it’s a Republican talking point but it’s
not necessary okay so what she just said
there is what we’re not really doing a

real impeachment we’re just doing an
inquiry unless I misheard that so it’s
just generally accepted oh if we don’t
really need that just let’s just get
everyone talking about it that’s what
she’s going for need to push this and

and how do we tell people this we have
to continually hammer the message are
there and we are proceeding to get
further evidence as we go forward it

doesn’t hinge on whether Mitch McConnell
has the guts to really do what the
Constitution requires or what the impact
is in the election but I will say this
having said all of that separate from

the reelection of Donald Trump would do
irreparable damage to the United States
this that we have some serious repair
and healing to do in our country for

what he’s doing far
I don’t not sure that to terms it might
be irreparable so you can see he wants
to take it step by step these two terms
might be irreparable that could that
could ruin the country and here’s

Stephanopoulos talking with the ABC crew
after this interview you can see she
wants to take it step by step but she is
completely committed to this right now
I’m just gonna that’s what’s gonna lead
to a real showdown whether it’s weeks or

months it’s coming but that last
statement from her so quite strong very
strong statement from her it was so
strong I can’t remember it
irreparable damage if he if he has a

second term what proof does she have of
that no stop forget the proof it’s not
about the proof the whole idea is to put
into your head just like we just

discussed earlier even the journalists
didn’t and they’re not reading the
articles they’re reading headlines that
listen to sound bites go ask the
question because that’s the question if

I was stepping oh please if you play
more of the clip I bet you he does know
I bet she doesn’t cuz I watched the
whole interview but again no one
actually goes back to the transcript

most people on television including well
Nancy Pelosi herself when they talk
about the transcript and what the
president said and what or what the
transcript is I don’t know what who said

what what the transcript read but that
they’re all basing this off of even she
denies the English truth you know you
support chairmanship but was it right
for him to have that dramatic

interpretation of the president’s
transferred the phone call at the
hearing last week so this so this is
about shift you remember he did this
whole thing with you know made stuff up
made it sound like a like a Mafia don

movie and he got criticized and he said
oh no it’s a parody shift the head of
the Intelligence Committee actually said
it’s a parody Nancy I guess forgot this
no you support the chairmanship but was

it right for him to have that dramatic
rotation of the presidents transferred
the phone call at the hearing last week
I want the American people to know what
that phone call was about I want them to
hear it so yeah it’s there it’s sad but

it was using the president’s own words
so if he’s those weren’t the president’s
words is the interpretation of the
president’s words you’re saying he made
this up he did not make it up and the

leader of the House of Representative
the day for that cat let’s finish it up
because she literally said no I didn’t

make these were coming from together get
rid of this woman and I have to give
Stephanopoulos some props here because
he actually said no that those word
heard his words those weren’t the

president’s words whose an
interpretation of the president’s works
you’re saying he made this up you did
not make it up and and I want to tell
you something oh that’s her tell I’ve
now decided when she’s about to tell you

something well it’s always a look and
then I want to tell you something that’s
her tells an interpretation of the
president’s works just saying he made
this up you did not make it up and and
look I want to tell you something when I
took the oath of office to support and

defend the Constitution as my colleagues
have done as well I did not say I will
do this as long as the Republicans can
understand the Constitution so the fact
that their loyalty is to trump and not

to the Constitution is not going to slow
down or or impair our ability to keep
the Republic okay whatever she said but
she’s full of it because it’s not

exactly what was in the transcript at
all it’s not what Schiff said it’s
almost as if she didn’t read it but
that’s not us beyond the point it’s not
about what’s true or not the idea is to
get the entire machine the machine is

the m5m the machine is the social media
and it’s worldwide its worldwide that’s
why you’re hearing the same copies
everywhere what you just played from LBC

and that is the plan and some people
take it rather far Rachel Maddow is is a
very success fairly successful podcaster
a very successful television host

and she is a strong leader for people
who love this type of thinking about
getting rid of the president but she got
sucked into a conspiracy theory which

was just beautiful and wanted you all to
hear it because you’ll be hearing more
of it it actually contains my favorite
bit about the secret vote if the
Senators could vote in secret then he

would definitely be impeached and kicked
out yeah that’s the way we like
democracy vote in secret this is all
good now so Rachel Maddow is promoting
her new book called blowout which I’d
like to read because it’s about

pipelines every appearance she’s done
about this book has not been about the
book at all they show the cover all
right we’ll talk about that later and
they never do they just promote don’t
talk about what’s in the book they all
want to talk about Trump in the

impeachment and she is a form of
authority show she’s on the view with
the ladies of the view and they just
roll out a doozy my question for you
though is that I just nod I think he’s
going to be impeached it’s not my job

okay yeah well what’s your read on the
fact that you know if he is impeached
she’ll never be convicted than the
Senate because Moscow mitches in charge
and he’s not going to do it you know

that’s sort of the way it works we’ve
only ever had two presidents impeached
one in the 1860s one in the 1990s and in
both this is a very interesting way of
answering the question instead of saying

yeah Bill Clinton was impeached she just
does some dates so we don’t really think
about the you know I was like two guys
I’m like a whole guy I go well a long
time something back and then who knows I
think you know that’s sort of the way it

works we’ve only ever had two presidents
impeached one in the 1860s one in the
1990s and in both cases they were
impeached in the house and then the
Senate didn’t throw them out that’s sort
of the way we’ve done it it doesn’t mean

that you shouldn’t if the Constitution
requires you and if the country’s honour
requires you to engage somebody I feel
notice the country’s honor
not that not really the law or
Constitution it’s the honor and that’s

what they’re talking about and for that
from their perspective I say okay I get
it and that’s what they’re going after
for the honor of the way we’ve done it
it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t if
the Constitution requires you and if the

countries honor required
when – peach somebody I feel like
trying to game out what the political
consequences are gonna be nobody can
figure it out nobody can predict it we
haven’t done this enough we look at how

it’s working he’s unraveling already
because of it working
he’s impeached and convicted right let’s
just say because you only need let’s say
20 Republican senators but I think you
you’ve quoted something that said maybe

35 Republicans under cover like Jeff
Flake or very secretly yeah okay she is
a lawyer a lawyer saying oh yeah so

let’s just say that happens she just
like that will happen like we’ll have a
secret vote for impeachment in the
Senate the the resident lawyer of the
show but it’s something that’s maybe 35

Republicans undercover like Jeff Flake
oh very secret let’s say that happens it
looks like and then vice president pence

would become president pence but it
looks like vice president pants knew
about this phone call with the Ukrainian
president because he had an aide that
was on the call however he seems to deny

that he knew Trump was going after the
Biden’s but that explanation seems a
little fishy Yeah right could you get in
as much trouble this is a new reporting
from the Washington Post which is that

pence basically did it – yeah that pence
as soon as Trump had this call with
Solinsky went over to talk to the Lensky
in person to say you’re not getting any
military aid and we need you to do those

investigations and the whole defense
which is exactly what Trump is going to
be impeached for I mean making telling
another country to help us in the
election is both illegal and impeachable

right but making it contingent on
military aid is just that much worse
pence appears to have been the guy who
connected those things explicitly there
we go to that president his defense is
now I didn’t know when I was telling him

to do these investigations that it was
necessarily about Biden but the
president had already had this Biden
discussion with the Ukraine pence his
top aide was on it he’d been given the
transcript at least twice he’d been

given it as part of his briefing
materials before that so the whole idea
that he didn’t know seems really flimsy
so he
it’s Nancy Pelosi president this is how
nuts has become like we talked about

this already that we talked about it
after the show actually we don’t think
we talked by large O’s yeah I don’t
think we talked about it on the show
which is the danger of walking back to

the show danger who shouldn’t do that
but I will say this a couple of weeks
ago the Lib Joe started going back and
forth at each other and this was their
scenario that they picked up from

somewhere from the views were all we’re
all intelligent journalists guessing
this is weeks ago but the point is is
that the everyone reading from the same

playbook yeah but with the woods to play
the play book is the plate no it’s not a
single play book the play book is shut
up he’s nuts misdemeanor impeach him

everybody agrees everybody’s on it’s
Buffalo it’s steamrolling even Biden
whatever focus on him that’s the game

that’s the game ladies and gentlemen
that’s all it’s about so we talk about
this is but unfortunately which I feel
bad that it puts some of our former

listeners man-overboard good man whoever
that was but did they seem to have bet
bought into the whole thing it just it’s

futile it’s very well yeah of course
that’s why we’re doing a podcast but
that is the system and it’s a it’s a big
big big system and it’s been running
that way for a long time it’s very

get impeached I don’t know it’s anything
could happen
I know and he may get kicked out but
that’s neither here nor there the fact
that this is happening the way it’s

happening which can happen to any
president at any party shows you that
it’s that our system has become shit
it’s just shit with it with the media
and there’s no way no way we’ve talked

about the long term scheme which is to
get Trump Houston after the first term
using any mechanism they can and they
just try everything they can try but it

works so well in the midterms so the
Democrats could get back that right yet
they’re not gonna let up on this because
this is their only way of winning votes
they have there’s no ideas and that this

is why they’re gonna lose again to Trump
because all they’re doing is focusing on
our trumpets you can’t win by hating the
the opponent my you vote for me because
I hate you so the troll in the troll

room says they I guess the troll means
the Republicans had eight years to
impeach obama why didn’t they because
they didn’t they couldn’t get the people

on board the people loved obama despite
what he was doing it’s ultimately it’s
the people who forced the
representatives to do it without that
buying they’ll never do it it’s not

going to happen so they’re trying to jet
a mind control tricks trying to just
wash us with with with nastiness from
television radio and social media that’s

that’s the plan that’s the whole plan
well they think that works I don’t know
well you actually have gone on about
about this saying you do know and that

is it that the media’s power over the
public has been screwed up by the
yes and I don’t know if it’s enough to
say you made a long speech about I think

two episodes ago if not the last but
that still holds true but I don’t know
when I see this note for a man overboard
I start to question it so one one
weak-minded individual listen

I don’t care either way it’s good for
the show but so I’ll give you an example
of how how the how the right is
countering this because of course we’ve
dug up some shit on Pelosi and good shit

too about her son Paul who I didn’t even
know she had a kid named Paul did you
John Doe okay well yes Paul and he has a

very interesting job breaking our
addiction to oil they are developing

desirable efficient cars that get more
than 100 miles per gallon my son Paul
was here with me tells me that that is

part of the course and not to be
overwhelmed by that prospect that will
be considered the normal we’re having a
very exciting day here in Washington DC

a lot of focus on innovation and
technology to help solve a lot of the
world’s energy crisis both oil spills
which will be participating in cars and
efficiency which is represented today in

space and different adventures and using
technology from space to make human
conditions better here so Paul is
management at or was at the time of the

speech at vestroia group which he was an
executive at a getting a gas and oil
company and which is ok yeah I guess I
mean you know but oh oh he was also in

oh no and they interviewed him on TV
hello I’m Alex coop to a few a TV today
I’m speaking with Paul Pelosi jr. he is
a SAN francisco-based investor and

corporate finance expert and also
happens to be the son of Nancy Pelosi
the Minority Leader of the United States
House of Representatives hello mr.
Pelosi welcome the you a TV thank you

Alex pleasure to be here
what brings you to give now what do you
think he was in Kiev for two jean-claude
to me with some oil executives they’re
probably that same corrupt company that

Biden got involved with was that the
answer you would give on television if
you were there do I have to ask it in
the form of a question
yes if you want the category for the for
the win gives a wonderful time of year

I’m here with the corporate governance
initiative and today we’re here to talk
about soccer recently got an endorsement
from the world sports Alliance and we’ve

spoken with the Ukraine government about
collaboration for soccer for young
people you know the Ukraine’s got a
great history in soccer and we hope to
share in that tradition going forward

the first of all it’s a wonderful time
of year in Kiev
I love being Kyiv in the springtime the
blossoms are so great after that
Chernobyl deal and I’m here to talk
about soccer
uh-huh she run a court you have a

corporate governance business and you’re
here in Ukraine speaking with represents
from the government investment bankers
discussing certain things relate to the
soccer exactly well the corporate
governance initiative what we do is is

we work with people to kind of bring
people together a spirit of cooperation
and sometimes religion and politics can
get tricky but sports is an area where

people seem to have a good competitive
healthy relationship and so it’s a
pleasure to be here and to the people of
Ukraine and to meet the young kids that

are very enthusiastic about their
athletic futures so now watch that be
thrown about on Fox News and then Nancy
is she’s a hypocrite and it’s just gonna

go on and on and on and it’ll spin right
back to trump and just it’s just gonna
go on for another year
but now the way I see it they should

either impede that I beseech you must
impeach I beseech yeah
yeah well there’s AB you know I’ll tell

you what I’ll tell you what with that
it’s time for me to thank you for your
courage and say in the morning to you
the man who put the C and corporate
governance John C Dvorak but in the

morning to you mr. Adam curry also all
the morning hold on in the morning to
all boots on the ground feet in the air
subs in the water the Dames the nights

out there and the subs in the water and
they say that yeah you did now well in
the morning to the trolls in the troll
room good to see y’all and some
overboard some troll and hard and some

just here for the fun and that is
available to you every single day 24
hours there’s always something going on
with the with the stream I mean it can
be up or down but when it’s up just
kidding waiter problem earlier this

morning when it’s up there’s always some
great shows live shows as well and you
can interact live troll the hosts as
they’re speaking it’s fun to do
No Agenda stream dot-com also a big in

the morning to net Ned who we looked it
up I think net Ned Nez didn’t he have a
one or two art selections in the past he
did a few easy to be has done art in the

past you study did some I don’t know I
mean I don’t know that he did it he was
picked hmm I think he’s a virgin
well we’ve we’ve popped his album art

chart cherry in this case as we selected
his art for episode eleven seventy eight
the title that was snakes and spikes and
it was the the Dutch farmers on the
tractors blocking the highway and they

were proudly displaying their no agenda
podcast banners as one does during a
protest and we’re very happy that he did
that it was a very nice piece there were
other good pieces to look at as well and

you can actually a hard shortage it was
a hard one to do that particular episode
why was it what was the problem I don’t
know everything was almost good yeah but
it it’s also it’s difficult and you’re

selecting someone’s creative work
I feel like a like an art judge
you are but I’m not really qualified

think that’s bullcrap you have no idea
oh really
thank you makes me feel that much better
I know it just all the fighters any art

judge there is no there’s that you look
at a lot of art and been doing it for
ten years you’re judging it you’re a
judge what do you got ten years
experience who what brother art judges

do you know that how Deb County judges
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Fair and see with some of the picks they
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system value for value and we also like
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Gaudreau no it’s not it’s part of the
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okay sorry anyway onward sorry for the

delay this month getting to a place to
print and mail has been hard recently
and thank you for your researching the
loaves & Fishes housing the u.s. is

unique in its religious and volunteer
infrastructure that displaces wasteful
government bureaucracy and political
vote gathering social efforts by

offering altruistic incentive to workers
unfortunately volunteerism and his
altruistic motivation is being displaced
by politically motivated big-money

donors Soros that make it a governmental
or business oriented 501c3 effort this
is not a good trend and a true breakdown

of US values yes this has begun some
time back I say I personally traced this
low low you can trace it further back
but I traced it to the Hurricane Katrina

the one that knocked the levees down and
there was all these volunteers and then
down in that area there’s a lot of hams
a lot of volunteers a lot of people can
get out there and get the job done and

the US government kept them out that’s
right especially the hams
John is loadshedding a new reality in
California I am used to it and have

generators in my developing country
abodes but no power silicon no power
Silicon Valley panic in the streets no
the answer to that is no zero panic n J

and K and he says I use just to clarify
I use n j NK to tighten the donation
section and not because I don’t enjoy

wonderful combinations other producers
requests and I gotta tell you when we
receive something from Dogpatch I’m

always delighted not that me and it’s
not the first response is not because of
the amounts he donates which are
astronomical in in in our world and
podcast terms not in Rachel Maddow’s

world but in our world but it’s the fact
that he keeps doing it that he is uh he
and you know we hadn’t heard from him
for what six seven weeks I was worried
I’m like I hope he’s okay we have no
idea who he is we don’t know where he’s

from we don’t know what country he’s in
and I’m just I’m usually travels a lot
he’s a Muslim
and he likes code numbers which now I’m
just racking my brains for this clearly
he wants us to figure it out because

he’s hinting where am I finally you
funny well I think we’ve mentioned it
before but just to make sure that we try
to figure it out well we have code
Buster’s that are if that’s not us not

the code Buster’s here well thank you
very much your honor mrs. Dogpatch in
lower slovakia and you will be on top of

today’s executive producer list where
you belong in this case all right onward
to anonymous and Yarmouth Maine

anonymous dude named Ben to be exact
and I believe
this is the note from him

well how anonymous is this guy he’s
anonymous but you have his note yes
thank you so much for thank you so much

for no agenda the two of you have
enhanced my life immeasurably and he
becomes an insta Nights today with
$1,000 and he’s from Yarmouth Maine I

think you mentioned that can I please
take the name sir hashtag blessed if
available and I’d like cavity to be at
added to the round table refreshments

and can you play the twenty thirty amna
pocalypse and it’s real jingles why did
I see an anonymous dude named Ben in his
email you see something different and I

think we should err on the side of
caution that was confused because they
had the wrong email open okay so I mean
just two in a row fantastic thank you so
much anonymous dude named Ben yes and

I’m going to order the cavity for you
right away and as far as I know that
name is available
it’s real it’s real

you’ve got Karma
Neal Gartner comes the next weird four
five six seven and he’s actually sent in

an email which I have in front of me I
printed it out well
old school um and it’s got a big fan of
both you guys Adam from headbangers ball

and the early MTV days then me vo
there’s pod show in the middle and John
from PC Magazine and cranky geeks I

always save the inside track in your
editorials to read last they were the
best okay so i’ve listened for a long
time and never contributed valia valia
isn’t covered with this donation so more

will follow I only have one beef I
finally got into d start to participate
in the ham takeover I found that it’s
moving to all-star and eco-link I’m a CW

Anik data guy over HF anyway like Dvorak
I keep my HT in the glove box
and then he has his request as China is

asshole it up guy 73 is Neil the ng 5 ng
can I add some content to the donation
segment and talk about this for a moment

I would hope you would okay so thank you
very much above all for your support of
the show I want to make it I actually
want to make a pitch for ham radio and

I’ll do that here in the donation
segment since it’s never that long yes
so we’ve set up an all-star node
actually canine MLS Mike in Minneapolis

and his Impala kb9 TYC I think and they
sent it to me and it’s a the whole thing
is like almost turnkey all I did was

plug it in configure some ports on the
router and up it goes and now anywhere
in the world people can connect their
own radios and repeaters or just your

whatever it’s something old you have
laying around to each other and you
create this large network where if you
hit the mic and you start talking it’ll

go out too and this could be an
Australia could be in the Netherlands it
can be East Coast West Coast everywhere
and that is now ready to go and and
actually this is ham radio 2.0 and I

think that’s the part that I wanted to
mention for a second the old ham radio
that we know of is you know sounds like
like Bruce parents would say we’ve

played this a million times here we have
ham radio guys ham radio is the public
service network of last resort when the
apocalypse comes we’re the guys who are

gonna save the world right so no this is
that’s the old ham radio now it’s ham
radio 2.0 what we’re talking about here
is actually a very sophisticated voice

switching Network it’s based on
asterisks which is you know used in
largest corporations in the world it’s
it really is a voice Network
of great quality and it’s in its ad-hoc

no one controls it you can really
connect anywhere you want and make your
own bubbles of networks but more
importantly when people say a ham radio
bunch of weird guy yeah it’s no weirder

than people yelling at people they don’t
know on Twitter this it’s not any
weirder than that think of the weirdness
of people going on Twitter and yelling

at each other they don’t even know who
they are this is like Twitter but with
civility it’s so civil you actually have
to take a test to join the club we don’t

have pronouns you identified by your
callsign you know there’s no outrage and
because it’s it’s not full duplex in
most cases you’re talking over someone

else talks it forces some people to do
something incredibly strange to listen
to the other person it’s very
interesting in fact I would tell you

please get your sons and daughters into
this particular I’ll call it a hobby
whatever you want if you want to call
Twitter a hobby we’ll call this a hobby
you tell them I’ll give you all the

stuff you need to become of this a
member of this network
there’s also respect there’s no no
nastiness towards women or women towards
men you took you took the test you got

the ticket you belong in the club we’ll
talk with you it’s it’s like aviation
where people respectful to each other
all those people get hurt in aviation
and this is digital these are raspberry

PI’s arduino z’ satellites I mean this
interesting things going on and the only
problem is this stigma that it’s a bunch
of old dudes who are talking about how

well you receive me and while that is
certainly true the ham 2.0 is people
having nice fun conversations with each
other it’s very much like No Agenda

meetups and it’s in with complete
civility so if you want to learn more
about this if you want to connect and
you can do it now in fact if you don’t
have a license you can even listen to a

live stream of what the No Agenda hams
are doing go to KFI
I’ve a and it’ll show you how to
connect if you have a $25 Chinese radio
you can become a part of this that’s all

that it takes and your and your license
which is ten dollars and sixty questions
you have to get 40 like everyone’s like
who’s gonna go configures John’s radio

to get on this like no no one’s raising
their hand believe me so it’s I believe
that there’s a big future for this new
ham radio if we can just ignore the old

trappings of hey what are you doing yeah
great I receive you where I’m over here
well good signal no this is you know

it’s like it’s like an IRC chatroom and
it’s except it’s on voice and you’re
forced to listen and you might learn
something interesting and no agenda is
going to lead the way of ham 2.0 as far

as I’m concerned
k5 acc comm to learn more legal
you always learn something in the

donation segment yeah that’s why people
always give it and I’m going to give
Neil his you’ve got karma by the way you
can you can also get on Eko link and you

can use apps and all kinds of things
there’s tons of ways it’s all at that
website sorry didn’t mean to interrupt
Maxine Waters gravel comes in with 300

did you have a notes of Maxine Waters
gravel you know we didn’t get the note
under what was suggested because Maxine
Waters gravel actually has an email
itself okay I did not know yes Maxine

Waters gravel and that’s what you’d look
it up as and so the grout the gravel
rights in jcd I’m humbly requesting the
title of sir Maxine Waters gravel Oh

night of the cheap laughs oh my goodness
I don’t believe this was on the list was
it why how could it be nobody got this
mail but me there you go

okay Maxine water
will become sir sir-sir Maxine Waters
gravel knight of the cheap laughs he

also huge get you started to pan out
don’t leave the pan yeah I won’t leave
the past it’s not sure to notice I’d
like to ask the chef to prepare skillets
and mint tulips for the round table that

was it
Maxine Waters gravel who sent me the mug
if I have a gripe that that’s the weed

mug correct
no the wheat mug came from weed oh let
me tell you about the weed mug is
defective have you tried the weed mug
no I use it as decoration why well no

when you pour a scalding liquid into the
weed mug the handle quickly assumes no
quickly assumes the exact same
temperature as the liquid inside it’s

defective isn’t it supposed to the
handle is supposed to be cold supposed
to insulate you it does I guess it’s a
it’s not right this micro-cracks or

something there in the four schools
joking all right I’ve got the skillets
form and the he wants he has a jingle
first he says love you guys no homo and

then he has a jingle request which I’ll
I could have given you earlier yeah
chong ching China
China a hole and don’t wrath and go

what is ching chong ching China I think
that’s a diss that Trump going ching
chang chong ching chong i think that’s a

trump i really don’t know what that is
but okay don’t rap shining at a asshole
and don’t laugh plus go come I’m trying
to think what I have to poo tada ching

ching if that helps when Trump goes
Trump was one of those little noisy
things he does when he used to make
sound effects hmm I don’t have it I’ll

do what I have and I have what I do why
you are laughing shut up you’ve got the
best I can do for today yeah good enough

onward to David Kyle who is in from
Mount Airy Maryland of 33333 another

note to read today’s note reading day
with John a couple of months ago I sold
my business has retired from the company
they had a lot of dudes named ban it’s

been a while since I have donated and I
thought it would be a great opportunity
to start my next career I can think of
no better place to begin the next phase
of my life as an executive producer for
the know again the show excellent the

show has given me many years of
education and enjoyment I like not only
to make a donation but give back with
some research I’ve collected over the
last year for a paper

I’ve written named Global glacial
activity and sea-level rise and I happen
to have a copy in my hands right here
yeah as secure as you sent you one came

in to the PIO box the show turned me
around about climate change and I have
and I had to create this paper to have
any credible conversation with my m5m

brainwashed friends
I have set this paper to Adam for his
review it is a collection of evidence
from NASA the IPCC NOAA and other

sources demonstrating how we’re not all
gonna die from this bullshit pumped out
by the media it’s not a great paper but
it’s more legit than most of the other

crap we get shoved at us in the news
please d douche me karma for the working
stiffs out there Jay Kyle

Maryland jobs jobs jobs and jobs
considering this publicly this is the

second draft maybe we should put it
together help them put it together and
publish it as a No Agenda one-off well
that’s a good idea I mean it’s in a
binder it’s it’s it’s it’s nicely put

together I only got it yes I went to the
PIO box yesterday or the door Friday and
so I have to still go it’s not that big
it’s only a what how many pages is it

something like 30 20 25 pages not it
it’s also in my p.o box from Sir Mark
Hall a nice book we never went to the

America’s 30 billion dollar swindle by
Bill casing and Randy Reed I mean I have
a great Pio bucks and I got a laughing
goat and I got the the No Agenda DC
meetup framed picture it was guys

laughing go to yes this is from Teague
Hawker looking forward to hearing
simultaneous goat screams which means
you must have one as well well I have a

goat this is it did you get a screen on
goat wait it this is did you get the
little little goat in a box I don’t have

a goat in a box it’s small it’s ages 7
and up become the owner you become the
owner of your very own screaming goat

with this desktop campaign and press the
tree stump button to hear the
high-pitched bleats that caused the
screaming goat sensation to go
roll kit also includes a 32-page

illustrated book of fun facts and trivia
about these famed farm animals okay
we’re off to Rails it’s fun facts okay

what is a large group of goats called
goatees a team be a horde see a pack or
D a herd a pack oh it’s a herd

anyway got me stumped
all right onward sir david von sunder

then the black knight of the Pacific
Grove in guess where Pacific Grove
250 bucks I realize it has been way too
long since I supported the greatest

podcast in the universe we thought I
better step up thanks for all the work
you do supporting the mental health of
the Knights and the many producers out
there we depend on yo

it means you but he said yo sir David
Vaughn Sundra the Black Knight is the
listen nobody would you give my karma
just regular car you’ve got karma whoa

teca’s zenneck I think I can’t pronounce
his last name I’d have to look it up on

one of those pronunciation thinks it’s
viel e and IEC miscellany Aires in New
York neat he’s in New York two hundred
two three four five six one of my
favorite donations and he says no

jingles no comment you know jingles no
karma and thank you thank you
and then lad not last but almost last is
the September Minneapolis meet-up which
sent in a two hundred four dollars

accumulated by the by the way if show
organizers want to do this I think it’s
any sending is as a check and he’s got a
bunch of only Joel Nelson is about 50
bucks so Joel gets a call out and

everybody else is just a kook cumulation
of small donations he says good I don’t
how many people were there one sees a

lot of people show up to these things if
says 5:30 Saturday to Friday book 25
people showed up about every other where
was this where was this where these be

Minneapolis oh fantastic yeah that’s
what I’m saying
he says Saturday evening meetups in a
brewpub mini abnormally Apple is to be
specific okay well who knew cool so

there you go and he came and they came
in with $204 and Austin Wilson
in Sammamish came in with 200 and rights
in this donation brings me the title of

Baron after recently downtown seat sorry
I said nice I said nice Oh after
recently moving to downtown CL from the
ritzy little suburbs of Sammamish I will
be changing my title from sir Austin of

the snowy Cascades to Baron Austin of
the puja sound Puget I’m requesting
these jingles don’t eat me Hillary
Clinton you might die and it’s true

thanks for keeping up the great
deconstruction of the m5m Dame Laura of
the snowy Cascades and I love discussing
your show you’ve got karma I should

reread the ill essences there miss

reddit dame laura of the KU snowy
Cascades and I we love discussing your
show got it together the two of them not
like he just likes talking about the

show for no reason all right and that
would conclude our list of associate
executive producers executive producers
for show 11 78 79 I mean I’m actually
today 79 11717 yeah 1179 do we have a

place am i coming through delayed for
you or is it it sounds like it’s like we
have it why is sound delayed no when I

say something sometimes it takes a while
and then you go what
of Wilson I don’t know I think it’s fine
I you just interrupted me that wouldn’t
in the middle of something I caught my

it took me four already to figure it out
I do want to have a meeting well at
least one more meetup note which is the
Colorado local 719 and the phantom
Canyon brewing I guess they had him they

came with 111 dollars which will be
listed later but they’re having another
meet up on the 25th so I don’t know if
that’s on the list I think so Mimi sent

me the the whole list and we have two
other meetup reports to do in our second
report but now I’d like to thank these
executive and associate executive
producers these are real credits as you

will probably know by now I’m not
everybody does they can be used anywhere
the credits are recognized and these
credits usually are and people are
impressed by any executive producer of
anything then I can’t no one’s gonna go
and listen to the show believe me I

don’t even the even people in media
don’t give a shit about what they’re
doing but it’s impressive and you should
use it to your advantage and we thank
you above all for your courage and
participation in this grand experiment

we call the No Agenda show with our
value for value network more in the bit
in our second donation segment you of
course can always help us out for the
Thursday show all you have to do is go
to our website conveniently jingled

Vollrath org is this
who hit people in the mouth


well she’s back did you hear that sounds
like she’s back there’s a funny article

I didn’t know there’s no clips but but
Willie Brown did one of the major major
players in California camel’s life yes
without that – but I’m in California

politics I’d speaker the house mayor of
San Francisco he’s very very powerful
and he came out with it with an edit not
an editorial apparently they’d given him

a column in the San Francisco Chronicle
where he’s promoting Hillary really I
don’t know anybody but Hillary she’s got
the best most brand recognition she
should have won the last is pretty much

my essay huh which is Wow different
puzzle McWeeny
pretty much my essay going on and on and
on about it never mentioned in Camelot
but he’s thought that the Biden’s fading

and Bernie’s can’t win and this is
divisive this is interesting last night
when I stayed up late for it Saturday
Night Live which luckily does come on

earlier in our timezone at 10:30 then I
really wanted to watch for two reasons
one is Phoebe the woman from fleabag I
was hosting and I think she’s pretty
funny but also Taylor Swift was the

musical artist and I am I you introduced
me to Taylor Swift in the very beginning
of this show and I thank you for that
although we did make some fun of her you

you always liked her and I what her
performance last night she’s just
fantastic which is she’s a great
performer she is in fact on my list of
favorite celebrity women she is nudging
Jennifer Aniston out of my favorite spot

I think Jed
team Jen is hurting because of this
anyway look Jen’s a local girl for you
yes she’s from Dallas isn’t she

originally no Austin Austin really no I
met her in the Austin Airport once
jennifer aniston is from Austin no yeah
no yeah yeah from Austin I met her at

the airport and she’s flying in this
somewhere or other and I guess we both
were sitting uh I actually sat across
from her to look at the chat with her a

little bit wearing sweatpants
I didn’t recognize her I was she was
standing right next to me at the ticket
counter I looked over and I said she was
born in 1969 in the Los Angeles

neighborhood of Sherman Oaks okay not
even close to Austin
she lives he has a place in Austin
that’s what I was just told by the
locals I think I would know all right

well I’ll look into it and I made
mistakes before so of you my friend yeah
I know that’s what you like to condemn
me for so let’s go to one of these

mistakes I want to go to this one this
is a where you just jump all over me for
making just the smile list of
commentaries and then you get
condescending you become patronizing and

then you insult me
because of some just minor thing I said
play the clip challenge one god no
wonder I knew something was wrong with

you today
like what is what is it what is up Joe’s
the Joe well there you go
John’s but when you hear somebody say
we’re dependent on Saudi oil yeah who’s

it’s bullcrap where’s he getting this
check from is the first question spiked
up and then it did ramp down as fast as
it spiked up pretty much and it with the

net result is nothing exactly nothing
burger as you’d like to say no I don’t
never know find it recently what you

want again two shows I’ll give you four
shows find it makes eight eight fine
done okay and then what counts at times

you go so uh you’re supposed to stop me
from doing that it’s impossible this is
you and it’s the imperfections that make
you perfect
all right in the last eight episodes I

presume someone did some work for you
and when a I can you can finally put
that Karina’s place you should be
apologizing instead of condemning me for

doing what you challenged me to do
challenge me to prove it five shows
earlier Steen has a ranch in New Mexico
the Zorro ranch okay go on and I’m going

to I’m gonna confirm what you’re saying
we don’t know one killed him he hung

the camera was broken two cameras two
cameras are broken some of the footage
was unusable what is your problem guards
were asleep it’s a big nothing burger

there’s nothing to see
yeah now we’re stupid John I cannot tell
you how sorry I am
yeah okay that’s insincere but I’ll take

it now I do have two ISOs for
consideration uh and by the way you
should have remembered it was only five
shows earlier that you said nothing

Berger and you had said it before I saw
a reason it’s stuck in my brain you
don’t say it much but I’m shocked that
you would would condemn me for pointing
this out and I didn’t only did it

casually but let’s listen to the
ISO it’s a big nothing Berger yes and
then the other one which is the

competitor you can pick up either one
this one actually may be better but it
may be not eating babies
eating babies we got to start eating

I think that one’s better although I
kind of like the this is the one that I
kind of like but I don’t know anyway yes
you’re right I am I feel really bad

about this especially since on the last
show I told everybody how how much I
wanted Hillary Clinton to come back in
the race just for you because you’ve

held on to it so but I understand that
that my my oversight completely taints
taints my good feelings towards you and
I’m sorry you took it that way just

again you just know I was in the middle
of setting up a clip and now and all of

a sudden I’m being excoriated alright
you have said nothing burger yes you’re
correct and you didn’t do it ironically
you know I grew it in there is a bye and

I feel embarrassed
I’m embarrassed do you write that you
hire I cannot believe that I use the
term nothing burger the way Van Jones

launched it I feel like a heel and and
now that I hear that back I’m
embarrassed by that and I’m embarrassed
that I that I that I was so adamant that
I would never use I feel the shame could

everyone please chant shame because I
feel bad shame shame shame still said
taint though yeah anyway Jennifer
Aniston has has a place in Austin

apparently now I have no reason to not
believe it other than living here for
nine years never heard well there’s a
lot of famous people live in Austin

Haley you’ve said so at least four times
today okay are you there’s anything else
you’d like to I mean I am you have no

idea my Tourette’s is in high gear right
now I’m glad there’s no video fuckin
moose we’re on video actually probably
pack them in I mean my eyes I can fit my
eyes are barely open they’re so squinty

right now it’s just you’re tripping me
all right
so Taylor Swift as I was saying has
pushed Jennifer Aniston out of the top
spot for me but as I’m watching and what
I’ll do if I if I really feel the need

to watch a Saturday Night Live I will
not go any longer than weekend update’
and it’s like okay so I’ve seen the
artists performance II Weekend Update
Weekend Update and this comes back to
what we were talking about the Machine

that’s Saturday Night Live their
audience isn’t as huge but it’s
culturally very important and they’re
their videos go viral and people talk
about what they said a lot and this will
give you an idea of where the real money

is betting so I don’t know what Willie
Brown is thinking about with Hilary
although we know of course what’s really
happening but NBC did a great job of
positioning their favorite candidate and

it happened during Weekend Update you
know where they sometimes have a guest
so in this case the guests will become
apparent but they and I cut this down
you know the whole thing was way too

long so I cut it down to a couple
minutes he’ll hear them slam in
succession they slam Trump of course
that most of the show is about slamming
Trump then Biden then Bernie and they
don’t even talk about Kamala but listen

to this Trump keeps saying there was no
quid pro quo which can only mean there
was mad quid from
whenever a guy with like a thirty word
vocabulary starts quoting a law in Latin

because he breaks that law all the time
you know Trump hasn’t been handling this
impeachment news well I mean he’s been
on a Twitter rampage he’s openly called
for China to investigate Joe Biden and

it also came out that Trump suggested
adding a moat filled with alligators and
snakes to his proposed border wall I
don’t know how to say this but are we

sure it’s okay to make fun of this guy’s
Twitter removed an anti Joe Biden
Nickelback meme that was posted by the

president which is the sense that have
you had said it at any other time in
history would have meant that you were
in the middle of a stroke I also want to
point out that Nickelback is Canadian so

Trump was still technically using
foreigners to go after Joe Biden in the
third quarter of this year Bernie

Sanders raised 25 million dollars and
then he did when any 78 year old would
do after winning twenty eight million
dollars he had a heart attack Elizabeth
Warren has raised over 24 million in the
past three months here to comment is

senator Elizabeth Warren okay so this is
how it works and it’s beautiful the way
they executed this slam everybody else
then talked about the money although
they never mentioned how much money the

Republicans and Trump raised were their
scam ashwin read which was a hundred and
twenty five million but now let’s go
into Elizabeth Warren and this is I
think expertly done if you want to
promote a candidate as a show as a

network and probably as a financial
backing just thinking about what NBC
represents they’re now going to throw
all of these horrible things that are

said about her to the fake Elizabeth
Warren who will then address them in a
fantastically humorous way it’s it’s
what any candidate dreams of

yeah yeah
who’s playing elizabeth warren’s that
Kate McKinney of course yeah so you

raise all of this money without any
corporate donations is that right that’s

right that’s grassroots and guess what
mama loves to garden all right so
there’s her first it’s like oh like no
corporate donations you’re so awesome
sauce every day I spent four hours

taking selfies with every Warby Parker
customer in America and then I unwind by
calling all my small donors to
personally thank them yeah I just wanted

to know that there’s been some big bunny
donors for Democrats who had said they
would rather vote for Trump than you now
this is the next thing that everyone’s
been talking about oh yeah wait whoa
listen to how she does it

million hairs don’t lie but I’m gonna
tell them the same thing my grandson

told me when he took me to Avengers
infinity war they say for you I’ve no
band again taking big checks from Wall

Street worked out great for the last
lady running for president let me just
skip Wisconsin and changed my name to
emails Benghazi that’s how it works

discredit Clinton at the same time
coming from NBC that was beautiful work

that they did there Liz Warren is their
bitch right now
well we’ve spotted this before that they
seem to be on the Liz Warren bandwagon

this won’t last once Hilary shows up I
know but still well done
as was it you that said this or what cuz
I have yet to identify this person as

one of the things and have a selective
memory well I won’t remember certain
things from certain people who want to
remain anonymous for example I’ll never
literally cannot remember who it was

hmm it’s a trick but once in a while it
gets to me so and so I said so and now I
may have been my wife it may have been
you I know it’s not JC I checked with

other people but somebody pointed out is
really oh yeah it’s not in my essay this
is the one thing I should have put in I
might add it

that Hillary Clinton
feels entitled to such an extreme that
she is not going to let Elizabeth Warren
oh yeah I think I’m the first woman
president not you yeah I think again and

we have to stop doing this I think we
talked about this after the show because
it came to me after the show and I said
it was a little different I said no way
in hell would Hillary Clinton ever let

any other woman become the first female
president before it probably was you it
makes sense you know now please keep me
anonymous it’s too late now

but the the point is is that if that’s
true if we’re gonna take let’s let’s
adopt that thesis that there’s no way in
hell that while Hillary is alive that a

woman is going to become president
unless it’s her
is it possible that they’re promoting
they pushed Warren up to the top and NBC

is behind it to lure Hillary in you know
I roof Mehta but why the hell not
yeah it’s very meta but it makes sense

because why would n be C take a chance
on pissing off all the other candidates
and and then doing it start extolling
and we’ve noticed this before extolling
Elizabeth Warren when she hasn’t got a

prayer to be Trump let’s bring back
Hillary and now we had the Willie Brown
thing you just ran in the Chronicle by
the way I come up a lot during the

England they’re making these bets of 13
to 1 that Hillary becomes the nominee in
the bedding houses there’s a lot of
people betting him this $100 bet this is
an easy way to make 1,300 bucks perhaps
I’m not recommending people bet do you

mean if you put a hundred in you could
win 1,300 is that the idea yeah I’d be
13 to 1 bet yeah yeah what’s the spread
or doesn’t it work like that
no it doesn’t I like that I like that
idea a lot I like it a lot

now now the Truman she’s coming she’s
back well that one of our trolls made a
good point and said if you recall SNL
had Trump guest host a year before he

became the nominee so this of course was
not the real Elizabeth Warren and not a
guest host spot but let’s see I mean
what why wouldn’t they under the guise

of promoting her book why wouldn’t they
have the Hillary come in and do a do a
hosting episode if she ever hosted SNL I
can’t recall I usually somebody somebody
in the chat room the troll room can look

it up because they have a list of hosts
on Wikipedia it’s possible that she has
I know she’s I think she’s done cameos
on the show real as her or not it
Elizabeth Warren I don’t know if she’s
done that she may have to but the it’s

beside the point if the idea is they
didn’t put Trump on the shoulder so he
could become president let’s face it all
of course not of course not but but he
was on end you see it thickens

I like it I like that a lot now when is
the next debate
the 15th of October okay so that’s next
what is that next Monday Tuesday’s when

as I think I believed to be a win it
could be a Tuesday or Wednesday
I think taxes is taxes is twos I think
it’s not the day after that

yeah well October 15th would be taxes
then it would be Tuesday I’ve always
said that we should make we should make
Election Day on April 15th when people
are born April 16th when people have to

actually do their taxes not this way
that’s a great idea yeah do it the day
after you have to pay your taxes let’s
see how you vote so the next day
Hillary’s doing a big fundraiser for
what at her house now is this at the New

York house or is it at the Hampton house
well somebody sent me the flyer oh

there’s a flyer for it oh yeah sweet the
picture of Hillary when she was like
thirty smiling I don’t have much on the
on the candidates although I did pick up

a great clip I feel a great clip from
bateau bet Oh Robert Bobby Francis or
Roarke as you know he is quite
explicitly said hell yeah I’m coming to

take your guns no he said specifically
to take your ar-15 and your ak-47 and as
you know we my argument is certainly if
you look at the Second Amendment is the

reason the United States has guns is so
that when the government goes nuts and
they or as some would say too radical
they know that they’re gonna watch

themselves this is you know this is the
problem that the yellow vests have this
is the problem with the Dutch farmers
have you can protest all you want and
these two countries specifically with
the United Kingdom there’s actual laws

against your freedom of speech you know
you can say anything you want as long as
it doesn’t cause it divided in the
social discourse well what’s the point
of speech then it’s actually legal
punishable by two years in Gitmo

lowlands the United Kingdom you can’t
even say anything disparaging about and
a politician you can go to jail so it’s
incredible why because the people have
no guns if the politicians are very

careful in the United States that’s why
they have bodyguards because it’s the
people you know there’s anywhere
thousand guns in every neighborhood
that’s our power you don’t have to use
them an argument against my argument


at that time depending upon the offense

or given to you in my reading of us we
settled this question about whether we
should be able to rise up against our

government in 1865 in a courthouse and
automatics right now if you wanted to
honor yourself sufficient to take on a
government and spend seven and fifty

billion dollars a year on US military
justice more than ten largest military
budgets combined the followers don’t you
love this guy

so his first of all some false
equivalency is he’s brain dead he is
brain dead even
he’s brain dead first of all did the
Trail of Tears
okay that’s Elizabeth Warren’s turf so

lay off that beto and then to say the
American people with your with your sad
ar-15 you can’t beat the American
military might with that you need
aircraft carriers we don’t need to fight

the army in fact I think the army will
be on our side
if needed it’s you it’s nothing what I
gotta go fight the army you don’t order
the army around meadow unbelievably
shallow and stupid this guy

I’ve never liked him I’d never disliked
him but this is just dumb it’s just
don’t always disliked him I mean how can
you even make this comparison

have you seen another increase of ring
doorbell stories on your local news no
actually not here oh man right now

Austin is getting hammered with them and
it’s a test market oh you know these
things are everywhere everywhere just

you know the four packages being stolen
is one thing but now apparently there’s
a ring you can put in your car it is
it’s not worth playing a clip because

it’s a very visual thing so the woman
apparently left her her car unlocked but
she has a ring device on the dashboard
and so this kid gets in the thing is

triggered by you know motion it goes on
but it also flashes on like a you know
like a mini LED floodlight and this kid
you know he’s like and he’s looking

right in the camera’s eyes wide and of
course it’s everyone’s laughing about it
the news is laughing about it but the
meantime you know there’s story after
story after story about how people are
being saved and thank God for the ring

doorbell and that you’re in this but
this ring from your car let’s ring for
under the house other houses ring for
for the side it’s in the lamps it’s
everywhere and apparently the cops have

continuous access to it
it’s it’s so disturbing and people think
it’s great but meanwhile this is the
this is Skynet a pit yeah a little bit
1984 more so but it’s can you imagine

where they say you know what we’d like
to do if we could control the public cuz
they’re not buying a lot of these ideas
and it’s gonna cost a fortune to put
cameras everywhere and they’re you know

they’re not gonna like it
have them to spy on himself as a good
thing we could do it we own the media

as it’s beautiful and it says you get
the money it saves the government oh
they don’t need to say they don’t need
to put anything in place everyone’s

doing it voluntarily and of course no
one thinks it through don’t think it
through but also most people don’t care
yeah whatever they know anything anyway
look and see matter of thinking is

really don’t care hey it works for me
I’m great I’m good with it
yeah and then the and you’ll appreciate
this Guardian did a big story headline
collision course why our cars killing

more pedestrians
and as it turns out since last year
five percent more Americans have been

killed pedestrians by vehicles in total
it’s up 41 percent since 2008 and can
you believe it would you believe that

this is this kind of is it a global
thing and and it is the Guardian and
then couldn’t get much more tardy than
the doom that ardian let’s call him that
the tardy and from the UK so at the end

of the article like well you know could
be because people are distracted when
they’re walking you think so they go
through the well well you know all this
talk of I’m reading from the article all

this talk about pedestrian distraction
driver distraction that’s all a
distraction says Ben well of the world
Resource Institute for sustainable
cities it puts all the responsibility on

the individuals and not the operator
yeah so it’s just this big bullshit
article and what does it wind up with
five Jian cars that will do it and

that’ll save us because does that have
anything to do with anything because the
cars will see the pedestrians and will
not kill them bullcrap what car what car
you all had I can’t do that no of course

not I don’t have that but that’s that’s
their solution for 5 G’s 5g people are
shameless yeah but yes your I’ve noticed
it the other day I was saw somebody
stand on the corner and they were

looking at their phone dude I don’t know
why and they just walked into the street
it’s it’s just walk right into the
street yeah I’m I saw him a mile away so
I had stopped but you know if somebody

else was the court Carroll you but I’ll
tell you combined people walking around
like zombies and auto-drive yeah
Tesla’s is great it’s gonna be dynamite
at all you know I have the game where

you give yourself points you know at one
point for someone walking on the street
with the phone two points if they’re
standing on the phone in the street
three points if they’re walking while on

the phone five points if you’re in the
car while on the phone and someone asks
how many points if someone walks in the
traffic and gets hit I think you get a
free ball at that point I mean that’s

just you you just go home wherever you
were go back home and celebrate a jingle
for you John
for a bakelite sky today steady K he’s
an OTG kind of died it’s brand new

everybody fam
by your favorite band no list everyone

knows you’re a big rush fans rush
you mentioned the Tesla recive rock
progressive rock in Canada it’s pretty

good I rush great band I love them the
IRS is now saying that 70 at least 74
million dollars in federal electric

vehicle tax credits were bogit if and
the end their algos couldn’t couldn’t
find it for 2018 because you buy a Tesla
would you get to duck $7,000 a good

amount of my 7,500 yeah if you play your
cards right
Tesla’s are not a really inexpensive car
because they’re so subsidized which is
yeah the grille genius of Elon Musk
in fact number one sales in in Europe

what country is the number one seller of
Tesla’s Deutschland no the Netherlands
above Deutschland Wow

well the Netherlands also gives a
subsidy on top of the subsidy that the
car already has built into it and in
many places you get free parking and
that’s why it’s like spray that’s what

that ends soon
well let me let’s play this this this
the electric cars in China clip and I
use a short one and I will tell you some
of the visuals that you missed out on
you ID is also greening the city’s taxi

fleet almost all of the city’s 22,000
cabs are electric but some drivers wish
they weren’t forced to make this rich

continues her home electric taxi drivers
definitely earned less because it takes
several hours to recharge the car
sometimes we have to wait in line

two months ago I waited in line one hour
or more for a charging station then it
took me two hours to recharge
thank you those are hours I could have
been working it
but he has no choice the central

planners of China’s government say
they’re committed to ensuring the
electric vehicle market becomes a world
leader this year China imposed new
missions credit system that requires car

manufacturers to reduce emissions nor
certain levels or pay for credits
through other companies
that’s an expenditure they want to avoid
so they’re being compelled to go more

green and that applies to domestic and
international companies no I can’t wait
to hear what I missed visually
so they show a lineup of taxis going

into the charging area and the lineup is
like a half a mile long it like he says
is an hour wait then they show the
charging area thousands of chargers
thousands Wow and they’re packed with

taxis and there’s a line going up
because when you’re dependent on this
imagine that without what the gasoline
lines would be like or even any gasoline
station if you had the if where you

drove up to a pump and you stuck the
thing in the in your car you had to wait
an hour two hours two hours to fill up
the tank yeah if it took two hours to
fill up a tank can you imagine what the

gasoline lines would be like there’s not
enough charging stations and this is
really one of the kind of the
bottlenecks of the whole scheme now neo
that company that were the real popular
Japanese Japanese Chinese electric car

Matic I think is neo and I oh I’m not
sure but we have one of our no agenda
folk that lives in Oakland works for
them one of our producers yeah but they
have they have the right idea and

Tesla’s thought about trying to do this
and they you know they just couldn’t if
they didn’t engineer it right away so
now they can’t do it or they can’t do it
now which is the neo you you drive in to
a charging station and they put you on a

lift drops your battery pack out but
yeah yeah yeah I’ve seen I’ve seen an
animation of that yeah and you’re on
your way did not fail in in Israel
didn’t one of our situation cheesier

cars the Chinese are more likely to make
this work

yeah seems to me I could be wrong but
anyway that’s one possible but then you
have to have these giant warehouses full
of charged batteries yeah I mean this is
just impractical that’s the reason

gasoline we you have to remember that
around the turn of this old century in
the early 1900’s electric cars were very
popular Jay Leno has a number of
specialized for cars

you know I’ve become a bit addicted to
Jay Leno’s Garage on YouTube yeah you
said that I said it also
after the show yes but very it’s a very
entertaining it’s very educational

that’s why you’re addicted to him do you
know what I like the best though not the
electric cars my favorite is the steam
cars we can bring that back the steam
cars which tries to bring it back and

their granny let me just really cool
it’s like what are your chats out in
house extremely yeah they did do 65 70
top speed and the torque is like me and
rips the bass falls out of the pavement

almost yeah I know you got to keep your
car you have the electric car was and it
according to Leno’s Garage that’s where
I got this information that somebody

lecturing it they it was very there were
much more popular than the gasoline car
for the early days and then the steam
car looks like it might have made a move
in and then at some point when they put
in this infrastructure of gasoline

stations and the convenience of a
high-energy liquid that you can just put
in the car and then it goes away you
don’t do op it out uh it beat beat those
other technologies and this to me is

still the most practical way to power an
automobile also the engines I think are
too complicated
in in the Netherlands troll haddem says
you know why Tesla is cheap in the

Netherlands not that not the price of
the car necessarily gasoline is so
expensive half of the you know same all
over Europe half of the price of your
gallon or liter of gas is taxes and it’s

what is it it’s five times as expensive
in the US so I understand I understand
where they’re coming from but it’s going
to end up the
what doesn’t do you have the the the Joe

I have to do I have the Sunday Joe Biden
clip of the week we need yet hold on a
yeah we got something here that’s not

what I was looking for the week what you

got lined up for us today Sean well this
is a weird box because this this little

bit that he does here he actually he
besides me having flubs in it he he uses
it himself for his campaign it is part
of a Joe Biden campaign ad but let’s

play it we’ll see what’s wrong with it
you know if there any angels in heaven
they’re all male and female nurses and
they’re not getting paid enough we’re

not getting treated enough and all those
home care workers they should be trained
how to increase their capacity to serve
everything I mean we can do this what

wait to serve what they’re not getting
paid enough and they’re not getting
treated enough I thought that was kind
of weird but when it resulted in the

backlash to this was not the the bad
sentence structures but it was from the
left his own supporters there are more
than two genders so goodness

to show my food by donation to NOAA Jen
imagine all the people who could do it

oh yeah there’s a few people to thank
for show 1179 but before we do I

actually have a clip I’m sorry and
that’s okay this is a clip that leads
into this and we want to I want to play
the clip first so people realize what
they’re in for

there’s a YouTube celebrity who worked
with or twitch celebrity who worked with
what would called sponsored streams

which was at native ads mm-hmm and this
guy’s name is Jericho and he he was
involved with a lot of sponsored streams
or native ads and they had one and when

Adam and I can both discuss a little bit
of this because there’s there was a one
little mention in here of legal action
when you do these sponsored streams you

usually sign a nondisclosure for example
I me vo they had some sponsored crap
from it was one of those Verizon I think
are one of the big phone companies and

then we’re gonna do some ads for Verizon
and so they had to sign off and this I’d
ever got involved with this particularly
because I was acting and I was irked by
because I’m gonna got a free phone but

they I read the document and it’s very
specific about what you can and cannot
say about Verizon or any of the other
companies you can’t even mention the

other companies that really get some
bent out of shape yeah that was them you
couldn’t wear it was for Sprint when you
could not wear anything purple yeah

because that was the color of t-mobile
even though they later acquired them
that was Verizon I’m sorry Verizon and
wouldn’t let you wear yellow or purple
because Verizon’s red and no purple and
no yellow that’s it

this guy got himself in a jam and he
explains it and he’s been pretty much
blackballed now and he can’t get you
know he’s pretty miss income has dropped

to zero but listen to him explain what
happened this is Jericho yeah put me in
the in the doghouse for a while you know
what it’s fine I could tell you about it

because it’s my fault okay basically I
did a sponsored stream with McDonald’s
and ubereats and at the beginning of the
stream I I accidentally said because I
was just trying to show off the Big Mac

coins that they had sent me I took them
and I had a Freudian slip right like you
like when you call your teacher mom I
took the coins back and I said in
McDonald’s sent me a hundred whopper
coins and I was like immediately I was

like I fuck I missed I didn’t mean to
say that like it was what it was and
then basically and then also I was
playing smash and my character is red

and and and the skins Red Robin okay so
I said that and it was the first time
that McDonald’s was working with twitch

in that capacity and they were using me
as the poster boy for it and and
McDonald’s was very very very very upset
to the point where there was legal

issues involved and twitch is higher-ups
that got that campaign were very very
very very upset as well
and as a result I’m no longer gonna be

doing any brand deals with twitch for
the foreseeable future so I’m working on
trying to figure out a way to make that
smooth over over with McDonald’s but

it’s a very serious it’s a very serious
issue a very big mistake that I made and
I am absolutely in the doghouse with
that and and it was it was like it was

an honest mistake but you can’t make
mistakes like that when you’re working
with some of the world’s biggest brands
you know yeah imagine if I had said
nothing burger

John goodbye
no more show McDonald’s would stop
sponsoring immediately
I found this to be just that I mean I
knew about sponsor estrangement and then

I drew Maya and I forgot about the
Verizon deal that was done at me vo
where they had stuff like he just
he’s character was red Red Robin you
know another competitor he can’t mention

them and change it from you know whopper
he said the word whopper yeah oops baby
this is the roots what you’re up against
and what the kind of crap you get the
general public is just being fed junk by

the media the media is lost its lost
cause that’s what we have to do it the
way we do it it’s the only way that
enables us to actually speak freely and

not be the only thing we have to worry
about is each other basically yeah keep
each other alive we get mad and then we
want one of us we’ll just walk frame and

I’m out you want a ham radio try to do a
show there yeah we get get one of those

cameras at my face in the camera yeah
all the more appreciation for our
supporters who are really producers

that’s why we address you as such
because you make it happen not just the
financial part although incredibly
important for us because we need to pay
the bills I pay our own bills but you

know just just look at what you bring to
the table information help data
documents experience
I’m just overall crazy ideas yeah boots

on the ground is what the ground and
people in the agencies thank you so much
people in the agencies yes your help can

help Philip Wirth is the top of the list
from Myerstown Pennsylvania came at one
two three four five
followed by M Andrew Jones at 111 11
he’s the one a note I read earlier

mmm-hmm these meetups going on Brandon
Johnson in Essex Connecticut 888 if you
don’t mind I’d like to read this because
this is also from a meet-up and this is

an interesting note
forgive me pod Father for I have sinned
I’ve been listening since 2010 and have
never donated is deduced I attended the
Worcester aka Worchester meetup in

Massachusetts I met some cool guys Chris
or Ernesto and not Jake the ratio was
three to one as in three white men to
one black man and three producers to one

douchebag I don’t know how I made it out
alive just kidding everybody was great
but the debugger II could no longer
stand I feel like I’m part of a sleeper
cell of Negroes with the No Agenda

community that has never donated let me
explain black men
it says black men people but I think as
black men want to ball out of control
like the rappers do just ask moe so to

me the ultimate donation in my mind is
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I have dreams of screaming insta night
nigga I’m breeding verbatim

this boob donation will have to do for
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night Uncle John I love you no homo
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second best podcast in the universe
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keep the douche on me but hit me with

some relationship Karma I think I just
met the woman of my dreams she’s an Air
Force flight nurse she’s beautiful and
she’s interested in me then I need some
James Brown Isis in America for my stole

soul stay black says Brandon Johnson I
will put that at the end for Brandon
thank you for the note made me laugh
another another note that could not be
read in any sponsored circumstance

well unless you want to get fire yes as
a great Negro agenda can’t call Johnson
interesting that’s right sir Jim Zuko in

Beverly Hills California 6969
sir got Nate in Sebastopol 69 69 baron
sir mark Tanner in Whittier California
six seven eight nine barons for Alan

bean in Oakland oh he should be at fifty
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he’s on the list here sixty a Hector
Kartik Kartik Mia Cartagena and

Chatsworth 55 25 David
Murphy Mary ad captain I met Mary akan
Mary Mary akan something like that yeah

hey longtime owner he says give him a
douche in Bloomfield Michigan he should
be an go to find a local one they have

these huge meetups all the time all over
the state of Michigan Sean in Hanover
Pennsylvania 5510 another D douching

yeah I said holy moley
who else said who says holy moley the
most maybe not between the two of us but
there’s somebody that reintroduced it

into the lexicon as a public meme I
don’t want to say that I reintroduce it
to the show because you know people go
spending their time finding ways to

disprove me but I remember you lovely
you can’t disprove it unless you go
through every single episode that’s that
was that’s not even possible
on where was Sir Tom Darian DeForest

Wisconsin 5510 Francisco Tejeda 5432
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birthday list on show 10 6 is her
birthday love you guys xox hello Dame
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me and last but not least Bret Farrell
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we go
anonymous dude named Ben and Maxine

Waters gravel gentlemen both of you have
supported the No Agenda show on the
amount of $1,000 or more we are very
thankful for that and I am proud to
hereby pronounce the kV both nights of
the new agenda roundtable so up here on

the podium we say congratulations and
welcome sir hashtag blessed and sir
Maxine water Scrabble night of the cheap
last for you we have skillets and mint

we got cookers and low rent boys and
Chardonnay we got two cavities waifu
sand waffles
we got reuben s women in rows a we got
mutton and Mead oh that’s the favorite
at the end breast milk and Palamon of

course ginger ale and gerbils go to no
agenda / rings and Eric the
shill who will make sure that you get
everything as soon as we can possibly

get it to you but you do have to fill
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and the right ring size obviously here’s
what’s going on and meetup land if you

have not it’s like a potty if you’re not
participated in one of these meetups
this is something you must do at least
once in your life go visit a meet-up and
you can do that by checking out No

Agenda meetups com
I’m gonna actually put the full meetup
schedule in the show notes for some
reason that hasn’t been making it in and
Mimi does a great job of an overview so
make sure you get that but essentially

for the October 10th South Austin is
where that’s taking place and I’m still
to the 10th I think that’s a Thursday
which is I mean May I’ll stop by but I
won’t be worth much you know it’s like

after the show I’m pretty wiped
are you tired after the show
I’m not not as tired as I remember when
I was doing that silicon spin show which

was a half an hour of TV mm-hm I was
more wiped out by doing TV than just
playing audio no no no I’m I’m well I’m
also standing and I’m active and yeah

I’m not standing in blame I’m leaning
way back in the shades we know we know
Mike kind of on the big thing pull
toward me so I’m like I might as well be
on my back yeah I’ve got the standing
desk and you know both arms are moving

and every you’re waving your arms
everything’s everything’s twitching the
jumping jacks sometimes you you fact
that was told by Tina even though they
don’t want me to put this out there yeah

that apparently when I’m talking a lot
that’s why you don’t hear me once in a
while is you drop and do like 10 you do
like Ken push push ups bang bang bang
bang bang during the show and then you

pop back up and I can’t I can’t believe
she told you that that’s so mean yeah
October 11th Tokyo it’s gonna be good
one with massive royalty there that the
guys from Osaka are coming up but we got

Earl of Tennessee is gonna be there of
course of course
Sir Mark Dame Astrid Wow I wish I could
be there October 19th
we have meetups in Atlanta and Santa Fe

and Orlando it’s for the triple-threat
the 20th of October Louisville Kentucky
24th Nashville Tennessee the 25th
Portland Oregon and Charlotte North
Carolina the 26th Nashville Tennessee
again wow that seems pretty tight not to

figure out what’s going on there and
also Colorado Springs Colorado please go
to no agenda meetups calm to see I’ll

get all the information and most meetup
reports are also or many are posted
there I hope all of them will be posted
there I did want to highlight this one
from Hendrick Lester Hendrick from Gitmo
nation lowlands with the meetup report

for the second meetup in the Netherlands
that was this past Friday eleven people
showed up three from the last meetup
eight new producers and douchebags

dearly missed was sir and dippity from
Gitmo nation buck Colo he was tied up
with work someone get mo lowlands
nonetheless three foreigners showed up

from st. Maarten one from California and
one from Texas embarrassingly knights
and dames showed up without their rings
attendee Samuel from The Hague Sir Bob
of the clueless country from hairpin

just I’m gonna give you some of their
job descriptions because he put that in
in the report just to give you an idea
of the kind of people you’ll meet at a
No Agenda meetup so Samuel from The
Hague is IT human resources through Bob

of the clueless country from hairpin is
defamed financial investments at Fund
Ike and his brother from Harappan
network specialist Jacob hopper from
Maastricht the US Department of Homeland

Korey stringer also from Maastricht she
does Jacob is what she explained I guess
I guess they’re a couple

sir Rob from Leiden and I T Robin
Duisburg from The Hague I T Dame Jaco
bina from felt Hoeven works in m5m sir
here KO from a thrift in sales and IT

Pater beaucoup mum from Houghton and his
crowd I guess he brought his kids he’s a
chip designer and of course himself sir
Hendrick Knight of the black Sabre from
who thrift sales in chemical engineering

and catering which Chemical Engineering
Kaeding goat got together incredibly
well it turns out we discussed jingles
ear lobes predicting diabetes cannabis

the 5g rollout and many other topics
good times were had by all this is
exactly what this is about
this is what makes it so fantastic is

you meet all these people you can learn
about them you can joke you can have fun
doesn’t matter what you look like how
old you are where you’re coming from no
triggering because no one’s triggered
because the amygdalas are small and

usually good time is had by all
no agenda meetups calm it’s something I
highly recommend and please if you’re a
ham radio operator consider checking in
to our all-star node it is five zero

four five zero but just go to k5 ACCC
calm all the information is there you
can also get there through echo link as
well then Wow
here we go that’s it I think um no I’ve

done all the jingles done all that then
I had this inner old now named sexy
vegan was arrested on one count of

sexual assault on an animal and one
count of posting obscene matter it’s not
the first time vegan has been in the
media the man appeared on dr. Phil in
2017 when his family called attention to

his outlandish behavior including
getting a tattoo of his name on his face
if found guilty of the sexual assault
charge he faces up to a year in jail
there you go that’s the way you do it
dogs are people too or salt them

sexually at least we’re honest about it
well now I have a couple of clips I got
a fit factor fake follow-up you wanted

to hear that segment every once in a
yeah but jingle for we do not have a
factor fake jingle I bite you have to I
do have something to report just thought

about it okay the zephyr went by this
morning yes how many cars it had nine
cars and it was missing the kind of dome
observation observation deck oh really
what’s not yeah this is that one cars

got all these big windows and it wasn’t
on the train well then it’s not really a
zephyr I don’t know what it is so the
phone so the factor fake we got to I got

two options I would like to go and this
is again a segment that’s done on France
24 on behalf of the globalists to make
it seem that the EU is just a greatest

bunch of guys and they’re just helping
and everybody do their own thing yeah
and so here’s the gears the latest one
we’re gonna run with this one this is
the factor of fake the EU is bring it
it’s a they start with a piece of

fiction and then they they debunk it
this is a GM salmon well this story
originated with a declaration by the
head of the European election candidate
list for Frances far-right a hostile

LeMond Nationale de Partie previously
known as the homeless event during an
election rally Joplin Bob Dylan that the
e youth international trade treaties
were allowing imported into France off

quote hormone beef genetically modified
salmon and terrine washed chicken well
Jordan Bal de la is not the first person
to make such claims the European
Commission rebuffed his assertion

however in a tweet saying that all three
products are banned in Europe so who’s
right well none of the products cited by
mr. Bell d’leh are commercially
available in the EU

neither homegrown for as imports the
hormone beef ban dates back to 1988 all
GM food meanwhile has to obtain official
authorization and it has not been given
in the case of salmon as for washing

chicken in chlorine that was formally
banned in the EU in 1997 only
Lincoln great water can be used to
decontaminate animal products well the
World Trade Organization is currently
examining a challenge to this ban but it

is still in place for now there are
fears that the EU Canada trade deal
could lead to loopholes regarding such
foods Canada doesn’t label GM salmon as
such raising worries that it could enter

the EU fortunately the European
Commission however has no say over
border checks this is a matter handled
by Member States
well that was a lot of information at
the end of the day it’s always handled

by member states because we’re not
really a giant you know Empire the
member states take care of this even
though there’s no border controls for
anything it seems to come and if you go

into one state to go to all of them I
mean this whole thing is a scam but
there did you beat around the bush about
what’s you know GM is not allowed if
with salmon but they never said anything

about beef the whole it was confusing
yeah you’re right
who’s confusing well I’d always find
it’s fine you Adam I could hear the the
chlorine chicken that’s what my eyes

glaze over chlorine-chlorine chicken
again that old gift well well let’s end
with something strong if you don’t mind
I’m looking up you have something strong
because I have a couple of tea I have a

two parter which I could put off the
Fiat Corinna is kind of interesting to
me now I mean straw not interesting
strong neutrality judgment Netanyahu

could be arrested
yeah what is this I love babies jingle I
didn’t know you had a jingle I don’t
have I love babies jingle it’s in your

folder what did it was supposed to be
played back in the baby clip I guess I

missed it cuz I pretty your falter it’s
a good one it’s a very the variation of
the bugs
well should we just last six so we just
leave it at that I thought that was the
best that was a strong one there you go

that’s a strong end we go really visit
that but we will be back on the second
Sunday or the first Thursday of the week
whichever way you want to look at it
which apparently is the same day as the
Austin meetup it shouldn’t be too hard

for me to get there
then you never know what will happen but
we’ll be all over it guaranteed so keep
it coming everything that we can get

from you
we’ve got grumpy old Ben’s coming up
with the latest show I think episode 29
about the climate change I’ll be

monitoring after the show a little bit
after the show
find out more k5 ACC calm and remember
us at Dvorak dot org slash na
end of show mixes Thank You Jesse coy

Nelson Danny loose and yeah that’s Rio
as secret agent Paul do you know what I
forgot to get to my phone report I was

got if I got a new phone I’m gonna give
a review of it and because they always
tell the podcast making a with doing
reviews of phones up do it next show for
sure until then coming to you from

opportunity zone 33 FEMA region number
six and the governmental maps in the
morning everybody I’m Adam Carey and
from northern Silicon Valley I’m John C
divorce mofos







essentially degree number two being
leader dish or the first
anywhere the 35th President of the
United States
Susy was elected remove my world they do

it anyway the Democrats have argued for
nearly three years even if nothing was

the evidence of pollution is hidden how
about just around the corner like the
Loch Ness monster wait the Vladimir
Putin they insist it’s there it’s a

Russian betrayal even if no one can find
it let’s send orange man to jail

I see

and there was

get lost controversy she was so stormy
that making America horny again here but
there was no sizzling effect you can
take out from that what you will

the scandal was a fizzle this is the
Twitter storm


what the hell are they joining


we will follow them to the gates

I feel good
mofo Borat dot org slash and a to start

eating babies