No Agenda Episode 1180: “ISIS in Oz”

Adam curry John C. Dvorak this is your
award-winning Nation Media assassination
episode 1180 this is no agenda brushing
up on the Ottoman Empire and

broadcasting live from opportunity zone
33 the frontier Boston Texas capital the
drone star state in the morning
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where we’re all saying the
Dodgers did what I’m John Steed Evora I

guess I have to ask the Dodgers did what
choked out on the fifth game that they
had to win to get to the next level of

the of the playoff games in baseball oh
so your assertion is completely
incorrect what was my assertion you said
we all go the Dodgers did would we
didn’t all go the Dodgers did would oh

in northern Silicon Valley Valley where
we are okay accepted then she’s got
nothing to do with Texas Texas got two
team to probably win the whole thing so

they they’re happy what is the Spurs I
know right I’m so good at this stuff

yeah yeah well the most frequently asked
question in the last three days has been
will John be on the air at all well if I
wasn’t on the air wasn’t because there’s

winds explain explain the situation
boots on the ground what are they really
saying in the news what is really
happening you have one of our producers
in Mill Valley Europian said hey they

cut my power off the winds here are 11
miles and now or it’s not even it’s not
even anything going on and he claims
that the city of San Francisco is about

to cuz PG&E is going into bankruptcy
because of their the fire situation led
to my years ago right and the city of
San Francisco wants to buy out all the

equipment from PG&E which they’re they
can’t legally do without some sort of a
new law being passed yeah and they want
to take over there the
of a gas-electric business in the city

and and he his idea is that this is
gonna be a cascade effect where
everybody’s just gonna go local and I’m
how that’s gonna work but I me every

three eights create this create co-ops
co-ops I guess somebody’s gotta be
responsible for the electricity itself
and the transmission lines and all the
other stuff but how about the how about

the the great state of California take
care of stuff well they can’t this is
this is what happened and I will repeat
this for anyone who wants to hear it we
had a governor here called gray Davis a

Democrat when the Democrats were running
everything that he couldn’t get
Republicans couldn’t get in over a
period of time because of some changes
in local politics right right rough shot
over the Republicans because the

Republican Party in California was just
a bunch of lunatic losers and so they
Democrats were winning and winning and
they couldn’t get him out of there and
they had this guy gray Davis who was the
worst governor ever they re actually

recalled the governor and that allowed a
special election which is when
Schwarzenegger a Republican snuck in but
if it wasn’t for that he would have

never gotten in and great Davis was the
one dude this was an era of Enron having
piece of the action right and trying to
pry and everybody’s come around trying

to privatize all the power you did go
door to door saying you know Amway is
going to be serving your power and it
was just it was unbelievable
and so we started having these rolling
blackouts which were really created by

Enron to created to get the prices
disguise where does Jerry Brown fit in
this wasn’t he the the governor Gray
Davis okay so his pre Jerry Brown or

after the first round came after
Schwarzenegger more weight before but
that was like in the 60s and then he
came back as an old man but in the
meantime we had the great Davis guy and

the rolling blackouts and this was the
news and all the newspapers and
everybody local they’re doing the same
thing which is phony-baloney Winston
which there’s no wind by the way zero
wind where I am and so they great Davis

and they started the the meme was oh
this is your life this is the way
there’s a you know just like we’re used
to it slaves get used to it because we

don’t have we have too many people and
there’s not enough power and there’s no
way we can service everybody so we’re
gonna have rolling blackouts forever and
gray outs forever this is it this is

your new way of looking at things get
used to it
slaves and it continued for like a
couple of years these stupid rolling
blackouts and for the whole state and
everyone put up with it the newspapers

didn’t investigate then when they when
the Enron scam broke out and turned out
to be a scam then although Jesus
terrible meanwhile they Greek called
gray Davis and put in Schwarzenegger the

rolling blackouts ended mysteriously and
then when Jerry Brown got in the rolling
blackouts stayed down cuz Brown is no
fool and he kept things on a kind of
from getting got carried away now we got

gavin newsom and he’s letting apparently
the PG&E people run roughshod over the
public again and everybody’s all in on
this is newspapers i’m looking at
today’s news about this windstorm and

they say all we had in 65 mile an hour
gust at the top of a mountain oh the
whole thing is us it’s unbelievable and

their news people are just the worst in
this area i well couple things one they
are they are basically bankrupt because
of all the claims against them from the

paradise fire and when you go after your
utility company like that it’s only
logical i think that they are become
overly cautious and don’t want to get
blamed for anything so on one hand
logically i can see where they’re coming

not that i don’t think they’re scammers
and because they’ve had a very troubling
history do people remember Erin

was that a chemical thing yeah from PS
and G
and PS and G is what you have the
Pacific Gas and Electric that PGE I mean

PG e the same guys Erin Brockovich had
something – at PG&E yes that was the
that was the company she went after
what was the point of it well they don’t

remember it being PG they pop our
company gasps hello they were they were
they were runoff chemicals you know let
me look it up

instrumental building a case against
Pacific Gas and Electric Company of
California 1993
it was it was against peed PGE
yeah see you didn’t even remember that

no I don’t remember that desperate
that’s a fact
yeah the lawsuit subject of a film and
we should start yeah I know the film
babe it was 20 years ago
yeah but still this companies did shit

heels and I’ve always said that with
asbestos more than anything it seems but
it was think it was Pacific Gas and
Electric operations have been but the

way there it seems to me ever get doing
this is like some sort of extortion
extorting the public I’m not sure what
they’re up to with this with this

turning the power off on everybody just
for no good reason in many cases in most
cases and then the media going along
with it it seems to me that why would

they do any of the turning the power off
unless there were fires in the area then
you turn the power off to keep any
additional fires from beginning if
there’s a lot of wind in one area and
not you don’t presumptive you don’t do
it in advance thinking well maybe we’re

just trying to power off all the time
you’ll never have a problem yeah so what
you’re saying is it sounds like worried
about getting a lawsuit sued but they’re
already out of business

well you’re the one there I don’t have
these answers I don’t know what’s going
on it’s to me it seems the mill very do
sir Mill Valley may have a clue there’s
people there’s people who were angry

enough to shoot
CHP confirms at about 7:45 Tuesday
evening a PG&E worker who’d been driving
on Interstate five in Colusa County
notified authorities he’d heard what he
thought was a gunshot to that his

passenger window had shattered that
driver was uninjured
the safety of our employees and our
customers is our top priority
I love the up talking because that’s how
you want to address the press what

you’re talking about these things is our
top priority a PG&E spokesperson who did
not directly address the incident we
recommend that you reach out to local
authorities for this ongoing situation
shortly afterwards spread about the

shooting investigation PG&E brought out
barricades to funnel people coming in
and out of their San Francisco
headquarters through security again the
company not saying whether the
barricades were added in response to the

shooting the safety of our employees is
a number-one priority as we move forward
public safety power shut off and we
decided to put barricades up to ensure
their safety here at our headquarters

Public Safety power shut off that’s what
it is the public safety power shut off
sounds more like a Pacific Gas and
Electric safety shutoff there’s more

there’s more messed up and this was big
news amongst the names that’s short for
no agenda hams the names

yeah Cal Fire which coordinates fire hey
he wants a fire we coordinated sent a
nasty Graham a demanding letter to all

repeater owners ham radio repeater
owners they’re up on the mountains and
the repeater for those who don’t know is
so that you can use a it’s basically

what both the cops use what fire uses
with it anybody who has handheld units
or mobile units you want to all be able
to communicate so you there’s typically
a transmitter up on a hill or some high

spot that line-of-sight almost can can
be achieved and so you can all
communicate through this one in this one
system and without doubt the ones in in
California have been used for all kinds

of important fire related community
service not for starting them but for
looking out and helping people and
warning people and now the T and V

manager of Cal Fire has sent the
following note to all owners of
repeaters and there’s a lot of them and
if you take these away and all of a
sudden that you know hams go away

essentially I do understand appreciate
all the service you have provided in the
past however with constantly changing
technological advances there’s no longer
the same benefit the state as previously
provided therefore the department no

longer will financially support ham
operator radios or tenancy
if desire to enter a formal agreement or
operator maintain said equipment you
must complete and submit attached
colocation application along with the

fee is outlined on page 1 of the
so they’re kicking all of these
repeaters out now these are just boxes
with an antenna and and a power
requirement that the hams maintain

themselves and they didn’t have to pay
any any leasing fees because it would be
impossible in fact in order to service
not anymore in California in order to

keep their repeaters there the costs
associated with getting an agreement in
place is as follows in addition to the
technical analysis fee twenty-five fun

throughout twenty five hundred dollars
per application there’s a dgs lease
admin cost typically between 3,000 and
5,000 dollars with the preparation of
the lease and of course an annual rent

charge based upon the equipment and type
space so they’ve kicked all the
repeaters out
it’s not and I don’t mean it’s not
costing him anything extra but when they
when you read the constantly technical

changing technological advances and what
if they what if they baked up that works
so incredibly well
all right listen everyone just uses a
cell phone because yeah that’ll work

when the powers off it’s a very
disturbing not that I think Tam’s will
actually save the world but there it
seems like this there is enough benefit
to just leave the stuff there yeah

what’s wrong with that yeah I don’t know
they’re all against it now and that the
hams are up in arms who’s behind the
shutdown CalFire the the California fire
coordinator we have to look into this it

sounds like something something else is
going on well you know do this out of
the blue like that I’m thinking they
might and at the same time they’re

having this phony baloneys shutdown yeah
at the same time that’s happening the
hams are getting kicked out
well one thing kind of covers up the
other well I mean the only thing I can

really think of is that they sold the
the colocation space to Verizon or
someone like that and or they just it’s
actual oh yeah cuz that’s to Verizon has

to get rid of these hams because there’s
such a threat to the cellular mobile
system the hams are putting too big
they’re gonna put him out of business
any minute if the No Agenda hams have

anything to do with it yes we had our
first prep net last night yeah well no
okay don’t never maybe it’s because of
you the word got out of your scheme yes

to take over the world with Hamra ham
radio guys world with a ham ham system
and amateur radio so they put the kibosh
on the whole thing

well we’re organizing baby we’re
organizing we had we had our first kind
of semi meet up last night well how’d it
go who call it the prep net so we had

about thirty hams in there not bad for
the first time yeah I just I only
announced it an hour and a half before
you know I came up with it like let’s do
this said about the thirty hams from all

over the country I don’t think we had
oh you had can the Navia in there I
don’t think we had any other any other
countries but it’s working John and and
if there’s one thing everybody wants to

know it’s when are you gonna get on we
have a C we had it we have one ham who’s

in Berkeley no Jackie ever show up at a
meet up no he’s gonna show up and help
you set up your rig that’s what he’s
gonna know good okay that’s what you
want to find it really recharges for it

first and yeah might as well and bring
both of them the one in the glove box of
your car to bring them both will get
them all programmed no agenda hams calm
is we can find out more information if

you’re interested
yeah so nothing well I’m glad you’re
here I worry I fight just found my glass
so I could read this note from our guy

Nick over in Mill Valley mm-hmm hope you
guys get a chance to talk about the
tonight ville Mill Valley is shut off
which is not the place you want to piss

it’s shut off but it has a wind forecast
of 11 miles an hour something is not
right and I may have found the smoking
gun okay few days ago about the San
Francisco proposing to buy PG&E there

are services cooperation that’s what you
were saying well that makes sense then
this is a this is a political commercial
riff there in could be bullcrap
all I know is there’s no wind storm here

even though that was showing it by the
computer models mm-hmm and there’s not
only not a wind storm here but it is the
last two days have been some of the
calmest days in the Indus in the East

Bay there is no wind whatsoever I said
here’s what doesn’t make sense because
they have shut off power correct they’ve
shut off power yeah I know most of the
area is shut off how come you’re not

shut off I’m in a system on pretty much
on the coast and then on the coast of
the bay and not on the ocean coast my
mother I like I can like I could if I
had a good arm well I’d have to have a

really good arm but if I had a gun you
have a goal you have your whole people
gonna start shooting out the window the

I could shoot a bullet and hit the bay
pretty easily could you toss a dwarf to
the bay that’s the real question no I
don’t think again not that good but you
mean like Jerry Nadler John stop doing

that right okay well if the if the city
of San Francisco wanted to buy it which
makes no sense then this would be some

kind of political action and well then
again while they shut down San Francisco
which was lit the whole time they never
shut them down

yeah the whole county and city of San
Francisco I’m in Texas you’re asking me
questions I have no idea what to do with
what just hold your fist in the air and
shake it I’m angry California Way I’m

angry dammit alright well then the
second most important news of the past
four days it looks like we’re coming

awful close to the swoop as predicted
for the past three years by my co-host
Johnny C Dvorak long shot master

well I’m letting you take this okay I
have a few clips yeah I figured you
would I mean Hilary’s been showing up

everywhere of course to promote her book
she always has her daughter with her and
her daughter just sits next door and not
I not herds Chelsea Sajak about anything

ever she sits next to mom and she smiles
and I’ve heard her talk she speaks at
the very at the very end of the

interview like just add some some flavor
to whatever yeah mom’s great that’s
pretty much it Mohammed like they wrote
this book to start with as if fleas yeah

I didn’t know that didn’t happen so she
shows up on PBS on the NewsHour and with
Jude UT yeah doesn’t look he’s looking

bad but and so they do a bunch of these
you have to talk about one thing or
another and so we have let’s listen to
this clip this is H Clinton on PBS one

and there she go here she starts you
both been through impeachment in your
own family President Clinton how is this
time different from what President
Clinton with this is a much more serious

set of charges than anything that was
ever put forward against Bill and I
think the American people got that this

is a very different time and as a former
Secretary of State I just want Americans
to stop and think why are we allowing
this president to in effect undermine
our sovereignty turning over foreign

policy to foreign governments what he
just did it the Kurds empowering Turkey
and Russia against our staunchest allies
in the Middle East I want to get into
Turkey later on but let’s just stick

with Hillary for staunchest ally in the
Middle East is who who asked you
Israel yeah that’s our staunchest Ally
and then who would follow that
in the Saudi Arabia yeah sure and then

not Lebanon but Jordan for sure and
there’s a lot of them the Kurds
but no the Kurds don’t go to the Kurds
stick with Hillary otherwise we’ll go

into the whole Kurds thing she’s the one
who stood soon mentioned the Kurds
that’s what she’s saying here that her
staunchest ally she she says that that
although nobody else agrees necessarily
although the news media is playing it

this way the Turks are guard they’re not
going in there to shut down Syria or
seal the place or grab all those
prisoners that were up in me and which
reminds me there’s one clip you got to

look it up Polly Williams goes and
visits this this Syrian prison where all
these Isis guys aren’t as oh I have it
on here I will play it later anyway so

this is Clinton going on about this is
that the end of that clip yeah okay play
the site the second part is the part
everybody got all whoa Dvorak you may be
right this is a good one though as all

this is going on President Trump
continues to come after you in his
speeches and his tweets
you’ve been tough on him as well I think
you called him recently a corrupt human

tornado well he’s come back at you
several times in fact he tweeted just
this morning and I’m gonna quote he said
I think that crooked Hillary Clinton
should try to enter the race to try and

steal it away from uber left Elizabeth
Warren only one condition the crooked
one must explain all of her high crimes
and misdemeanors including how and why

she deleted 33,000 emails yeah you know
it truly is remarkable how obsessed he
remains with me but this latest tweet is
you know so typical of him nothing has

been more examined and looked at than my
emails or delusional or both there was
no subpoena as he says in a tweet this

morning and so maybe there does need to
be a rematch I mean obviously I can beat
him again but beautiful that it was that
that just made me tingle thank you
obviously I could beat him again

at a rematch she actually she did reply
to that tweet from Trump I don’t have
yeah yes well it’s not a clip but she
from the tweet she replied replied so

again as I think that crooked Hillary
Clinton should enter the race and she
replied don’t tempt me
do your job yes don’t tell me now this
this is being played as a joke and that

she’s just trolling Trump this is what
I’m hearing from you can say people can
think that I think it’s a pot it means
there’s a possibility but let’s go over
a couple of things here that still crack

me up over the years there’s only been a
few things that just make you shake here
besides the some of the global warming
rising sea levels is one of them but the
one that gets me is this is the fact

that the left continues to propagate the
Trump memes and unknowingly
because why would you read a tweet that
keeps calling her crooked Hillary and

then use crooked Hillary they can
excerpt out of that they know she
doesn’t have to say crooked Hillary’s
you just she can start the thing by
coming in from the tweet yeah good thing
Hillary blah blah blah blah blah but he

shouldn’t say crooked Hillary but she
does they’ll say crooked Hillary anyway
it amuses me to no end that’s pretty
much the only Hillary stuff I have

except for the incessant discussion of
it by everybody
oh I’m running she’s gonna come back and
um I guess well I again she’s gonna wait
for the theory is the way the way that

map was designed is it’s gonna be in
October which is this month but it has
to be after the next series of debates
she has to see

I mean Biden is failing because of the
what Trump has done to him and Warren is
just hopeless and Camelot is being taken
out by even the elites the the example

not heard anything from her recently
well you’re not gonna hear much and so
we have a
the last Tuesday’s FBI dick wolf
so we have a story about and I what I’ve

got three clips for this a story about a
DA running for president hands this was
really this is a fictional FB of which

which TV show is this FBI FBI okay so
it’s not everybody watches this drivel
nobody watches well that’s not true they

got ratings people are watching it’s
just they got ratings but so they have
and they’re always a lot of political
stuff in there but Dick Wolf is kind of
I don’t think it’s not really a
knee-jerk liberal in Hollywood so he

plays it boasts he plays a pretty
neutral game but in this case they have
this District Attorney who’s clearly
even though she’s a white kind of a
redhead white girl she’s clearly modeled

after Camilla Harris running for
president and the leading candidate
which is always a possibility for Kim
Allah but she’s not anymore but this you
know these are produced in advance of

the a written and produced way in
advance of of current events probably a
month maybe longer and so they’re the
one FBI girl officer color that female

who’s always looks like she’s about to
break into tears all the time which is
extremely annoying to watch and she
she’s a big fan of this woman and so

here the we’re gonna play the two of
them there was a bomb attack that blew
up a car that the woman who was supposed
to be in and she lived through it and
everything’s fine but now the story

begins so we got FBI set up story called
well one it should be said although I’m
sure everyone is aware Caldwell’s not
just a congresswoman anymore but
according to the most recent polls she

is the frontrunner to become the next
president of the United States White
House press secretary is on the line she
wants an update POTUS wants to put out a
statement ASAP
okay call book came up a prosecutor in
the Brooklyn DA’s office she is

currently in her third term as
representative of the fourth District so
was this attack about her past her home
life was it indeed about her politics
who are Caldwell’s enemies extreme right
political groups militia organizations

so check him out then let’s look at the
online chatter holy shit this is the
worst acting I’ve ever heard in my life
when you don’t see the the video is no
who talks like this and I gotta go back

to the beginning of this guy this is
horrible gotta say stop first of all
you’ve heard at least as bad because we
every time we will use through these

clips a lot about four or five years ago
yeah from these shows and that’s when we
first know to you mainly first notice
that the acting wouldn’t just listen to
the audio is so bad so bad but this is

not the worst it’s just bad okay it’s
pretty let me tell you this is how we do
orders at the FBI a prosecutor in the
Brooklyn DA’s office she’s currently in

her third term as representative of the
fourth District so was this attack about
her past her home life was it indeed
about her politics who were Caldwell’s
enemies extreme right political groups
militia organizations we’ll check them

out then let’s look at the online
chatter see if anyone’s boasting about
this hey man check it I can’t get over
it let’s check it out online forms any
chatter anyone KKK Nazi canoes that
they’re talking about it I know attend a

social dock ha that’s digging to
social media accounts or texts or emails
identify the because that’s real easy we
can just spy on Americans no problem we
can get into your emails without a

warrant that’s not a problem this is
what he’s saying social media accounts
or texts or emails to identify the
digital laterz and harass sirs expect a
long and vociferous list she’s not just
a politician she’s a progressive female

let me from New York to be clear this
was about her political ambitions then
this was an attack on the United States
and on our democracy itself damn it Wow
this is the worst

through these shows have receive a helps
oh so now now the woman ages that I have
to try that Wow the woman agent is now

walking with her partner who’s a
Palestinian or is all right Arab I can’t

of course of course need more it’s a gay
guy in there do we need some gay guys in
the city have to adjust their staff as
get in the show but anyway this guy
they’re walking along and here she is

she’s very upset and they’re going back
and forth to it to show us that the
female FBI woman is all in on this
candidate which is a double kind of a
double message here it’s like the Lisa

Paige thing seems to me but let’s listen
to this dialogue this is the femme agent
okay fine it’s about Caldwell I saw her
campaign button on your desk last week

I’m a fan a big fan just can’t believe
somebody tried to kill her well actually
I can sadly just why I’m pissed yeah
just when this country is about to move

forward and make progress something like
this happens people are scared of
forward and progressive ideas especially
when they’re coming out of the mouth of
an intelligent charismatic woman with a
legitimate chance to become impressive

sound like a Caldwell fan – no not
really not into politics of politicians
you know they just say stuff people want
to hear yeah but Valerie is different no
she genuinely wants this country to be

better for everyone we’ll see I’m
telling you away
Ellery Caldwell’s difference if you say
so this country don’t say our country
say this country oh good catch good

catch good catch noise yeah that would
be the way the dialogue was written
because they know the lefty so they did
they do make the woman this prove that
she’s a douchebag over time and she was
arresting a lot of innocent black kids

and hiding evidence and it turned the
female agent against her at the end it
was pretty resolved well enough even
though it still looked like she was
gonna be the next president but there

was a moment where they thought that
this black girl who was running an
online forum
threatening her and doing all sorts of
forum anymore that’s so outdated she was
she was the online pestering the woman

and doing all those things and nobody
thought much of that after they found us
what I’m saying is I’m just saying a no
dialogue in 2019 should anyone be
running a forum didn’t you know you’re

on red yes that term was used but this
but it was funny though they the black
girl they get bring her to do
interrogation and she reads the riot act

to these these two agents two FBI agents
and they use some I thought it was
pretty gutsy what the way wolf had him
do this the attack by her on the white
woman in particular I just thought it

was a funny back and forth even though
again you’re gonna find the acting to be
mediocre although I’d say the black
female actress is probably one of the
she was very convincing in this
particular little scene I was at the

garage but I wasn’t looking to kill her
I just wanted to get her on video ambush
her get her to say something stupid so I
could post it on my youtube channel

so you took a job handing out tuna rolls
just to confront cold well it sure did
why what were you gonna confront her
about my brother Wayne Simmonds she had
him locked up for ten years for crime he

didn’t commit
she was the prosecutor on Wayne’s trial
made up all kinds of stories and
theories just to get a conviction now
that she’s running for president I gotta

let the world know how evil that woman
really is evil senator Caldwell
damn right Sasha I know it hurts to see
your brother convicted of a violent

crime but it’s up to the jury to convict
that’s 12 unbiased people who believe
that Wayne was guilty your campaign
manager someday I’m just reminding you
the Caldwell was just the prosecutor all
she did was present the evidence it was

the decision of the jury to convict
Wayne yeah based on Caldwell’s lies that
bitch made her own career maxing out
innocent black men banana she’s running

for president she’s suddenly all woken
compassionate trying to act like she
Martin Luther King jr. something and all
you suck ass white people lap it up and
worship the ground she walks on damn Wow

I am going to give you a clip of the day
for that that it was fantastic
oh man
assassination by FBI by fake FBI that’s

really absolutely yeah and I and somehow
were to blame again white people done it
holy moly that was interesting okay yeah

camel has been effectively she’s down
now Bernie isn’t it interesting and this
was an observation made by sales dude

named Ben during the previous two
debates twice Bernie goes after the
inevitable advertising of Big Pharma on

the debates and excoriates them for that
and boom heart attack just saying that
and now there’s the death of his uh his
son-in-law whoever do I don’t know I

know the kiss I knew death yeah they’re
taking him out of Bernie on to keep this
up this was gonna happen
cheese let’s see

daughter-in-law dead just 46 days after
cancer diagnosis oh my goodness so hmm
to parse that one but she got a cancer

diagnosis then drop dead the next day I
mean this was crazy I don’t know I mean
it just seems pretty pretty coincidental
hmm especially after the heart attack
first it was assistant assistant then

said that didn’t doing that that wasn’t
good enough let’s make it a heart attack
I’m not laughing about the actual heart

attack is that’s not funny still even
after the heart attack I’ll have more
energy than Biden yeah but this is not
what you’re supposed to do after though

I’m cutting back my appearances from for
a day to two today
whew dude go home you can’t people want
to elect them because they’re worried

about him
tulsi gabbard has her own strategy for
the upcoming debate I want to thank all
of you so much for your support I need
to share something with you that’s very
important there are so many of you who

I’ve had the opportunity to meet in Iowa
and New Hampshire who’ve expressed to me
how frustrated you are but the DNC and
the corporate media are essentially
trying to usurp your role as voters in

choosing who our Democratic nominee will
be I share your concerns and I’m sure
that all of our supporters throughout
the country do as well now the 2016
Democratic primary election was rigged

by the DNC and their partners in the
corporate media against Bernie Sanders
in this 2020 election the DNC in the
corporate media are rigging the election
again but this time it’s against the

American people in the early voting
states of Iowa New Hampshire South
Carolina and Nevada they’re attempting
to replace the rolls of voters in the
early states using polling and other

arbitrary methods which are not
transparent or democratic and they’re
holding so-called debates which really
are not debates at all but rather
commercialized reality television meant

to entertain rather than to inform or
so in short the DNC in the corporate
media are trying to hijack the entire
election process so in order to bring
attention to this serious threat to our

democracy and to ensure that your voice
is heard I’m seriously considering
boycotting the next debate on October
15th I’m gonna announce my decision
within the next few days I just want to

say with my deepest and warmest Aloha
thank you all again for your support
she’s threatening to not appear at the
debate as part of the strategy well this

next debate is funny because they’ve
changed they kept kind of the same rules
but they ended up instead of having 10
people debating you’re gonna have 12 oh

is that gonna improve things you’d be
cutting down cutting down cutting down
but no they’re making putting more
people on stage which I’ll few skates
the whole thing well that’s because the
billionaire he bought a pole I guess and

yeah yeah someone else is dire who’s the
fool but okay well he’s he’s a cold guy
I mean he no one takes him seriously on

the the Democrat Party they know they
don’t like him you can’t it can’t be a
Democrat and have made billions in coal
well he also has the world’s smallest

Mouse if you’re notices no I will pluck
them meanwhile of course we did they
have their own Bernie in Canada and

we’re headed whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
whoa too far too fast we got a lot more
to talk about you just you’re riding
roughshod on me Dvorak’s what more do we

yeah I never mind I guess is not that it
now you’ve already taken my head – can

the Naevia let’s go to Kanda Navy all I
had was Elizabeth Warren being an idiot
no I heard part of that clip in the
pre-show play that clip and then we’ll
go to Canada okay this this is she was
at the MSNBC gun safety forum and this

is the reason why she will never be
President the first question that I ask
about limiting limiting guns so one of
the things that helps us so much at

least as best we can understand the data
is that it keeps people from bulking up
in the middle of a crisis and and serves
as a flag if someone look at some of

these folks who’ve gone out and bought a
whole lot of guns at once I kind of like
to know about that and say there’s
actually going to be a federal limit on
this is it going to solve the problem

all by itself no does it survive
constitutional scrutiny Yankee can you
can you
there you go she’s no question no

question it survives constitutionally
proper this hey you’re bulking up with
your guns what’s wrong with you
we should know that put you on list I
know who these people I know one of them

who are both others yeah it bulked up
hmm there was a band a lot of people
bulked up when they said they’re gonna
ban the ar-15

yeah they bulked up on them of course it
bought a bunch of them because this like
a grape is one of the best collector’s
item it’s one of the great products ever
yes okay so Canada has its election

mm-hmm coming up on the 21st of October
yes and they have a 45-day not a
two-year or like we do have a 45-day

campaign window where they’re
campaigning and they have these debates
is that is that a legal window that
you’re not allowed to cast a gentleman’s
agreement I don’t think it’s anything

illegal about it well no wonder their
media is not making any money over there
they’re not abusing the situation are
they nuts I mean that’s thank God for
these for this idiotic system it gives
us all kinds of stuff to talk about

well not as you mention it yeah me do it
this kid is not up to par that mostly if
you think about it they were read the
Canadian media and I do the Globe and

Mail and mainly and but also the west
coast Vancouver Sun and Vancouver I
think is the province is the other one
it but anyway there’s a they’re just

parroting whatever the end and the
national they pair it the New York Times
and they’re all super Trump haters just
like why you guys don’t even know what
you’re talking about

and reminded of the European media is
the same way they just whatever the New
York Times says go is just unbelievable
so they had these debates the other
night and and the Bernie I’m talking
about is this guy Bernier oh yes

Maxine Maxine Maxine banier he’s the
he’s he’s the who was out there
supporting him Michelle Michelle Malkin
I think was was though that would make

well if you
to his his opening so they have the
openings I got some openings here that
are interesting but Bernie aids is kind
of the best and they go from Barney and
then they go to this guy who was just

the opposite this guy singing always the
guys with the turtle EVC the Pakistani
or he’s that he’s a Sikh so it could be
Indian yeah but whatever he is he’s a
Canadian now and he sounds like Canadian

but he’s a he’s a super socialist he’s
like a socialist and Bernie a is like a
it’s like a no agenda guy it’s between
Shearer and Trudeau is the two guys but

let’s listen to Bernie ace opening and
it is followed by singing Terry Anya ear
opportunity to respond thank you we are
the People’s Party and we put Canada

first the other leaders on this stage or
global is they spend your money to buy a
seat at the UN Security Council and also
they are giving your money to other

countries to fight climate change in
Asia and Bill roles in Africa the UN is
a dysfunctional organization and we must
be able to fight for our country

actually we are the only party that will
have foreign policies that is based on
our security and prosperity for country
mr. Bernier thank you the next

opportunity for mr. Singh to respond
very much Lisa
thank you very much Regan after your
question it’s kind of stop to ask
questions in front of a big crowd so
thanks for doing that
and thanks to Canada for joining and

taking part in this discussion to me
leadership is about who you’re fighting
for how the choices you make and whether
you’re doing what’s right for people and
whether it comes to international

affairs standing up to Trump making sure
we fight to build better trade
agreements that actually put Canadians
first for me the question really comes
down to you do you have the courage to
stand up to the powerful and wealthy

interest the corporations that are
having too much influence over Canada
and I’ve seen so far in Ottawa whether
its liberal conservative governments
they haven’t had the courage to stand up
and fight for people we’re different

we’re in it for you I don’t work for the
rich and powerful I work for people oh
okay I’m all-in vote for him he’s gonna
go after Trump I mean I don’t know what
what that has to do well I think he’s
drawing the obvious comparison between

Bernie and Trump who’s talking about
globalists so I’m sure there’s part of
that he’s not really running against
Bernie he’s running against Trudeau
they’re all running against Trudeau but

he was on stage with that yeah so let’s
go with the this is they have more of an
open debate here and here’s where Bernie
a and seeing actually yell at each other
because now they actually get to do this

a little bit with this Canadian style of
debate good so let’s hear this story on
yeah your opportunity to respond thank
you we are the People’s Party right the
wrong one I’m sorry I just

Bernier versus sing I got it the
question you must tell the truth to
Canadians if you want to be the leader
of this country and what I’m saying
about explain multiculturalism it is not
the way to build this country yes this

country is a diverse country and we must
be proud of that but we don’t need a
legislation like the multiculturalism
Act to tell us who we are we are a
diverse country and we are part of that

what I’m saying because it’s in line
with the immigration I’m saying that we
must have fewer immigrants in this
country to be sure for these people to
participate in our society so it is a
great country but it’s time to have a

discussion about the immigration we
don’t want our country to be like other
countries in Europe where they have a
huge difficulty to integrate their
immigrants and and the proud Canadians
and that’s why I love this country and

among the only leader on this stage who
wants to have a discussion about the
level of immigration so we’re definitely
gonna have a lively debate tonight
because nowadays mr. Singh’s opportunity
to debate mr. Bernier on that very she

sounds so excited oh my god now we’re
gonna have something have some fireworks
because the the
guys gonna go he’s gonna repeat a
question the temperament required for a

good leader
I mean mr. Bernie after hearing what was
just said you could have just said hey
man I messed up because those are pretty
horrible tweets that you made and really
for me I mean should come as no surprise

to you I believe a leader is not someone
who tries to divide people or to pit
people against each other a true leader
someone who tries to find bridges
bringing people together that’s what a
leader does and a leader works for the

people who need help not helping those
at the very top which we’ve seen with
governments in Ottawa for far too long
they’ve been working to make life easier
for the multi-billionaires to get
massive corporate tax cuts billions of

dollars go towards them we see offshore
tax havens continue this is the way to
build the country you way to build the
future socialist policy my people
everybody how can everybody it’s not

gonna work well then growth in this
country you must believe your people
you must give back there that’s the
Canadian version of a fight Espace as an

additional point of information point of
information important personal privilege
Bernier was talking about the UN about

how the globalist will take your money
and they put it into the UN these UN
Secretary General Antonio Guterres just
came out with a warning that they not

they may not make payroll in November
the United Nations this month leave of
each the deepest deficit of the decade
we risk entering November without enough

cash to cover payroll
how does that even work they have a
three billion dollar budget
Wow I didn’t know this yeah I just read

it just came out today
I guess some of us some countries are in
arrears of their contributions that the
USA pick up the tab oh that’s what

happened that’s what happened Trump went
now we’re not gonna pay on time we’ll
just wait a little bit we’re always
picking up the slack for you douchebags
and now they can’t make payroll he says
he said he told the 193 member UN

General Assembly’s budget committee that
if he had not worked since January to
cut spending then we would not have had
the liquidity to support the annual
gathering of the world leaders last

month which I guess they blew the budget
on anyway just a additional little piece
of data that you might not pick up
everywhere that you won’t pick it up
anywhere no unless you can blame Trump

all right so we have I’m going to play
one where I should have played the
background or first which was from LG
sir I thought was pretty good background
and I think it’s all anyone really needs

to hear but I do want to play
specifically sheers open because it’s in
the background or part of it but if you
hear it in context it’s actually pretty

good by the way everybody had 45 seconds
to give this open with a clock on screen
very nice and the clock was on the
screen and they don’t actually Trudeau
was that the best at I don’t have oaring

but he nails it zeros last word boom and
everybody was with in time and nobody
went over bored with their time and it
was actually refreshing that everyone

stayed within their they didn’t be
hammer on and on and on so here’s Shir
with his opening statement here your
opportunity to respond well thank you
very much and of course I will always

stand up for Canada and Canadians
interests and promote free trade and
defend our interests all around the
world but Justin Trudeau only pretends
to stand up for Canada you know he’s
very good at pretending things he can’t

even remember how many times he put
blackface on because the fact of the
matter is he’s always wearing a mask he
puts on a reconciliation mask and then
fires the Attorney General the first one

of indigenous background he puts on a
feminist mask and then fires two strong
female MPs for not going along with his
corruption he puts on a middle
class mask and then raises taxes on

middle-class Canadians mr. Trudeau you
are a phony and you are fraud and you do
not deserve to govern this country that
was the clip I had – yeah he did it

under 40 gives 42 seconds yeah 42 so
let’s listen to the overall and this
will be the last of it
this is the background er which
summarizes the whole debates and what’s
going on and who may win and where how

the Liberals are gonna end up and this I
could only find a good example this is a
little longer than I liked but it was
pretty concise and it was on al-jazeera
in a battle for his political life Prime

Minister Justin Trudeau absorbed
withering attacks from both sides Justin
Trudeau only pretends to stand up for
Canada you know he’s very good at
pretending things he can’t even remember

how many times he put blackface on in
the only english-language debate in
Canada’s brief 40-day campaign again and
again Trudeau took fire first from the
right mr. Trudeau you’re a phony and you

are a fraud and you do not deserve to
govern this country and then from the
left the problem is that you set a lot
of these things in 2015 so what’s it
gonna take now for Canadians to believe

that you’re actually gonna fall through
your promises what’s it going to take
for you to follow through on these
commitments because your words are not a
good enough thing it’s not good enough
to have better rhetoric than Mr Shearer
you bought a pipeline it can’t be a

climate leader and spend 10 to 13
billion dollars more on a project that
by itself blows through our carbon
budget to die with the job first it was
reminiscent of Trudeau’s charismatic

debut on the political scene in a
celebrity boxing match as in that fight
he struck back first to the People’s
Party candidate who was accused of
tweeting bigotry publicly what Mr
Shearer thinks privately and then

directly to his closest rival
Conservative Party leader Andrew Shearer
who arrived – mocking chants of USA
as a reference to his recently revealed

dual Canadian and US citizenship and
your plan is to rip up the only serious
plan to fight climate change
Canada has ever had all right an avian
shear has vowed to eliminate through

those carbon tax which he calls too
expensive polls give only Trudeau and
Shir a realistic chance of winning a
mandate in the October 21st election but
the other candidates could become king

makers analysts expect the Liberal Party
to lose seats possibly even its majority
and that would leave each side
scrambling to form a coalition with
enough votes to control Parliament and

the prime ministership in the end
political analysts say the campaign is a
referendum on Trudeau’s tenure at the
question is do we want to continue for
the 4th or for next years with Whittle

or is it that bad that we want to change
and go back to the previous government
we are with a contentious field vying
for position just two weeks from

Election Day none of the contenders seem
to want to leave a cross word unspoken
John Hendren al-jazeera Gatineau Quebec
kind of sad that this is the only
english-language debate and after that

it’s all downhill
well it’s a I mean I I can understand I
cannot understand conversational French
but the clips won’t really work on the
show say the least so a lot of climate

change stuff there which is big because
of the carbon credit tax
yeah the carbon today have a carbon tax

is in play and everyone’s all worked
about it cuz it’s too much and they
spillage to have all the systems to give
it back to you somehow yeah and it’s
just part of the giant carbon tax scam
and it doesn’t do anything about climate

change and then they Trudeau got
embarrassed by the Green Party woman who
is condemning him for they had a
pipeline that was pretty much needed to
be finished and repaired and finished

and I guess it cost 16 billion dollars
but it’s part of the whole I mean think
old economy of Canada is reliant on oil
and so you can kind of fake it you know

they well yeah I’m all for climate
change than I hate oil but you can’t
really do anything about it unless you
want to put everyone in the poorhouse
and so she’s calling him out on that

which I think was unfair yeah it’s just
it’s a mess what are they Trude I don’t
think at the end they like they said I
don’t think that either parties gonna
get a majority they’re gonna have to do

some sort of a deal and Bernier may
actually be the guy that has something
to do with the pick Bernier is the only
guy that makes logical sense but they
call him a bigot because he’s against
they would agree he’s against open

borders against open borders you’re a
bigot so so what are they going to mean
when they when they do climate protests
is it all in French now I mean it’s I

thought I thought English are still
pretty predominant but it I didn’t
realize that most of the debates are
gonna be in French and so you know most
of the know Jared I think they have like
two debates or one had one tip number

two bases minor they had this was the
first debate that actually had all the
candidates and I think it’s the last
they only got 40 days hey hey coho
lashauwn’s you mind clean mcdhh what le

see it doesn’t work you just can’t do
good chance in French
the Dutch are doing climate chants in

they’ve got a new linguist Chancellor
good it’s mostly a targeting Trump
because you see no no no no no no no the
Dutch rebellion extinction chapter of
the Netherlands is out protesting

everyone’s protesting in Holland now
everybody the farmers the extinction of
course the the farmers known as the why
they’ve what’s the point at the farm
watch the pointed protesting if you’re

gonna be extinct well but makes no sense
but it’s all English so the the farmers
with the you cannot get more Dutch than
Dutch farmers the Dutch people in the in
amps in the in the big cities can’t even

understand what what they’re saying when
they speak the dialect is so foreign but
yet the the Dutch on the tractors call
themselves the farmer Defence Force in
English it’s very interesting because it

did thought potentially is the only way
you’re gonna get covered by the New York
Times it’s the only way the Dutch press
will pick it up yeah so here’s the chant
from the Dutch chapter of rebellion

extinction they’re repeated three times
and if you can’t hear it all help you
and so are we

so the thing there’s no planet B so
raise your voice with me the oceans are

rising and so are we okay Joan Baez

biggest fail ever how I mean the tune is
a minor you don’t want that you want to
rile people up you go talking down to me

this is depressing
it’s no good is what it is it’s just no
good I was flabbergasted that they did

they did their heads like a dirge a
dirge yeah derp just song you sing at
our dead a funeral well they are the
extinction rebellion so they are kind of

presiding over their own over their own
funeral but I’m surprised that you
didn’t mention what San Francisco
Airport SFO what they’re doing what
they’re planning with your money up

there I didn’t know what they’re
planning what is that you got something
that you knew know something I don’t
know yes because of climate change
SFO plans to surround the airport with a

10-mile wall to protect against the
rising Bay waters what rising Bay waters
I knew that would get you let me see
where’d this come from

who wrote this thing East Bay Times
there you go don’t you subscribe to East
Bay Times East Bay time 587 million
dollar plan aimed at reducing flood risk
as climate warms this is such a scam

well that is well we have a lot of
contracting scams in California that’s
one of the main ways that money is
distributed corruptly they build things
you don’t need to be built there’s a

lousy job of pavement to pave a you know
they don’t do a good job when their
pavements there’s potholes everywhere
it’s just it’s a lot of money flying
around and so that’s just sounds
a piece of in that area in particular

there was the one of the more corrupt
things in fact a hole a large part of
the air pollution district when I was an
air pollution inspector so this is the
tale this is one of those tales they

would tell you it is you knew me we
could give people tickets and they could
be held accountable is be a misdemeanor
that you could go to the courts there’s

all kinds of legal problems you’d have
if you got fined or cited mm-hmm that
didn’t exist before an event took place
after the construction by the mob of
Candlestick Park oh yes put on a

Candlestick Park was put in his windiest
area in the entire Bay Area so made
nothing but fun great idea to put this
Park there in this windswept little zone

for football and baseball yeah better
built there because it was cheap and
that you didn’t profited from it but
they had it was all cement and so they
had all these cement the forms these you

know this is the structure the wooden
structure that held the cement to hold
the thing up it was like I don’t know it
was like a couple forest full of wood
and they couldn’t get anyone to take

this just scraps it had to paint and
we’re not gonna pay so they torched it
uh-uh they torched off the whole thing
and just made this huge bonfire which is
hilly it was an illegal burn in the Bay

Area and it was just monster fire and
they burn this thing but they did air
pollution district really couldn’t
didn’t have any teeth bet but because of
that fire they went to the state and

they got 200 perfect so thank you for
that but it was still was a net it was
it was classic example the way things
operate around here let’s just burn it

this just in apparently
there are rumors of an explosive sex
scandal percolating the highest echelons

of candy navies media establishment
surrounding a current prime minister
Justin Trudeau
and Trudeau’s accuser is said to be a

former student at West Point Grey
Academy and the daughter of a wealthy
Canadian businessman
and so the headline and this is the

Buffalo Chronicle
he’s rumored to be in talks with his
accuser to suppress this explosive sex
scandal they’ve learned some things from

us yeah at least they’re doing that very
good well with that I’d like to thank
you for your courage and say in the
morning to you the man who put the C in
the Canada Navy in elections John C
double rack

glenda morning to you mr. Adam curry
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asshole that’s true and no karma not
sure if I need to get back what I have

been put
and recently I just began a three-year
meteorology program it and finished a
chapter on climate climate and climate
change this was loaded with the highly
likely virtually certain medium

confidence etcetera language basically
baiting everything as fact but still
leaving a sliver of an out so that they
are covered when the climate does what

it does and blows their projections up
in due time and people don’t realize
that although we read it verbatim every
time there’s a new IPCC report they
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say we have high confidence medium
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scientific people yes thank you that’s
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one he continues I was in truck I knew I
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of the beginning of the chapter of the
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wondered how we know that human activity
is changing global climate unquote
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for the B block I wanted to share
something to set the stage regarding
impeachment for the United States

certainly has lost its lost its
collective shit once again left and
right fighting about what is breaking
the law
what is federal election law what is the

value of data or information versus
money and is this is all a complete
waste of time and I would like to
explain is very important that people

understand the the what you really can
get impeached for and you don’t have to
commit a crime in fact we know that the
Constitution specifically speaks of

bribery and treason but there’s this
little high crimes and misdemeanors
thing that people just kind of gloss
over and we have that we have had

impeachments in the past and let me just
tell you what the actual articles of
impeachment stated so you understand
better what is I think we can explain it

to you better what is happening and why
the media is completely out of its mind
in 1868 President Andrew Johnson
underwent impeachment proceedings after

he ordered the firing of his Secretary
of War that would be the Secretary of
Defense now his opponents charged that
this order violated the tenure of office

Act which set the tenure of certain
officials just so you know that is
that’s the level of misdemeanor that can
be used for impeachment in 1974 the

House Judiciary Committee recommended
the full House of Representatives
approve articles of impeachment against
Nixon it did not cite any impeachable
offense instead it found a broad pattern

of wrongdoing that Nixon had conspired
with his advisors to obstruct federal
and congressional investigations of the
Watergate break-in and the reason I
bring this up is

the only real thing you need to impeach
a president is the United States public
the voters the public need to be on the
side of impeachment and that is what

you’re seeing that’s why the transcript
of the Ukraine call doesn’t matter one
and of course everybody you hear taught
and I’ve been this several times people

very angrily send either emails to me or
tweeted well can you say this is that a
this is a crime
which – which I usually say well

here’s the transcript and I link to the
PDF it please point out the crime to me
and then they go away they do not they
don’t even reply because they realize

they can’t do it but it doesn’t matter
he doesn’t have to commit a crime it can
just be unseemly non-presidential
behavior too much tweeting too much

tweeting it could be actually impeach
him for tweeting at all they could they
could impeach him for his shitty hair
yeah we hate your hair orange face
orange hair if you’re not red white and

blue you’re not good enough so yes of
course and this is why it’s a beautiful
time to be alive to witness this in this
process where the media and this is it
this is a media’s job politicians can

can be blowhards all they want and you
can have Schiff making up his version of
a story but that really doesn’t get
anywhere without the amplification of

the media and they’re really they’re
really all in a number of Fox people are
also all in on this not all of them but
you can see that yeah there is just this
this anti-trump sentiment and they want

to get rid of him and even if they never
file articles of impeachment yeah and I
think that this to some degree has got
to be damaging but that’s really what

this is about in fact here’s another
fine example we didn’t even have this
with them with the Muir
we didn’t even have this with the Muller
report today here is the latest podcast

from NPR I’m announcing the House of
Representatives moving forward with an

official impeachment inquiry and you
cannot find any reason to impeach this
president that really impacts our
national security and Congress has to
is rapid the political cries are loud

and our democracy is in crisis I’m Brian
Lehrer and every day we’re bringing you
the latest in the impeachment inquiry
it’s impeachment the newest and most
urgent podcast from WNYC most every day

for everything you need to know in
impeachment news once it’s the most
earth what do you say it was the most
urgent way there was I don’t know it’s

but some Pietschmann news we’ve a
specialist podcast is this I’m Brian
Lehrer and every day we’re bringing you
the latest in the impeachment inquiry
it’s impeachment the newest and most

urgent podcast newest and most urgent I
gotta write that down the no attend to
show the most urgent podcast even more
urgent than the impeachment podcast most
urgent podcast that’s a very interesting

phrase I like that it’s most urgent
so it is kind of fun to look
to look a little bit deeper at what’s

happening with Ukraine and how they’re
involved in this and I’m starting to see
some interesting side stories that I
think will crop up

the first one is Rick Perry’s
involvement and there’s now a new
narrative clearly coming from from the
right although it hasn’t really been
been spelled out properly

apparently this phone call that Trump
made to zalenski was at the urging of
Rick Perry our current Secretary of

Energy do we say Secretary of Energy or
the energy secretary I guess we say
energy secretary
Secretary to Department of Energy there

you go
and that he wanted the president to call
and just kind of you know make nice and
to check in how you do it and everything

and the reason for this and I did not
know is that we have had a deal in place
with Poland and Ukraine we are exporting
our liquid natural gas

to Poland and Poland has reversed their
systems there because they used to
receive it from Ukraine from Russia now
Poland has literally turned the pipe

around which i think is a little more
complicated than sound and they’re
taking the United States liquid natural
gas which is gas liquefied to to ship it

over the ocean and they’re selling it or
they’re delivering it to Ukraine so this
is very important and you may have
noticed that Trump nominated Poland for

the visa waiver program something we’ve
been on looking at for three years it
was a promise he would do it in two
weeks three years later nominated
doesn’t mean that anything has happened

so he’s trying to make nice and there’s
a lot of deals going on here but this
was really something that Rick Perry
wanted to protect and I think I think
this comes this goes back to Cheniere

and Cheniere Energy they are the ones
that put I think like 18 billion dollars

into the Sabine Pass in Louisiana do you
remember any of this
nope we did talk about on the show in
light of pipeline so the Sabine gas

energy facility he used to take import
gas from abroad and then you know ship
it off through whatever it had to go in

the States but there was this during the
Obama administration there was a big
group of investors and they all didn’t
think about 18 billion dollars and they
all jumped in and they were you know

trying to figure out what to do with
this investment and they to reversed
everything for the export which now
people are benefiting from so this story
about Ukraine had it has to emerge yet

but I think that you’ll find out this is
a lot more about gas and who owns the
gas companies and who were involved also
from the previous administration Bobby

Jindal was one all involved in this in
this in this in this but I don’t want to
call it a scam but it’s a big sales job
and it makes a lot of sense that that

Perry is just kind of a deep it doesn’t
he look like a douchey shoe sales guy
kind of I remember to met him on the
airplane on that tell that story again
yeah the keeper and I were we were

coming back from it was the Southwest
flight and Rick Perry gets on the plane
and he’s walking back and I said hey at
the time he was our a governor

we already just been kicked out of that
I can’t remember was like hey how you
doing hey hey buddy yeah hey buddy and
he’s like tapping me on the show hey hey
buddy yeah thumbs up hey buddy good to

see ya
so there is something happening that the
that still needs to unfold but I think
it’s going to be very interesting
because it has to involve big money and

then it makes a lot more sense when you
see that all of these peeling the
Ukraine when we were following this this
was a total takeover by the United

States governor we installed a new
government we have phone calls
explaining exactly how we’re going to
make it happen and hey this is great
we’re getting Biden over here to Midwife

the deal you know that was his job was
the Midwife it to put all these douche
bags in place including a very
interesting douche bag the Ambassador
the US ambassador to Ukraine and her

name is Yuri no I’m sorry Murray
Jovanovic yeah Jovanovic Jovanovic she’s

a player in this hole she is a player
she was also mentioned in the transcript
I also kind of just glossed over it and
paraphrasing the president said

something the effective oh yeah she’s
she’s going for a rough time right now
and that rough time I think is explained
in this clip from Ukrainian prosecutor
general yuriy lutsenko talking of enemy

of translator here talking about the
Ambassador from the u.s. to Ukraine
Jovanovic how do you engage the
relationship between Ukraine and

specifically our US ambassador miss at
the event events would you create a
pistol area ambassador from any country
represents this country was in our
control from this point of view supposed

I give my respect to the Ambassador
Program another hand
it is true that I had some difficult
personal relationship with a Miss
ambassador but unfortunately from the

first meeting with the US ambassador in
Kiev I mean this person is ambassador
Rafik you gave me a list of people whom
we should not prosecute my response of

that gets it is inadmissible nobody in
this country neither our president nor
our Parliament nor ambassador toxic or
stop me from prosecuting whether there

is a crime that time we’ve had a case or
the embezzlement of the US government of
the Kursk technical assistance ward or
full million years doubt dollars and in

that regard we had this data
doper to you at that time mr. bastard
shot that our government interviews or
Ukrainian citizens of Ukrainian citizens

who were 20 visitors office in the US
Embassy you tell there’s a reason why
you’ll never see this on the main

streams because no one understands what
the hell the people are saying but what
it boils down to is that the u.s.
ambassador came with the list and said
hey here’s the people you may not
prosecute and every single one of those

people had been visitors to the u.s.
so the shenanigans going on and now zero
heads reporting for what it’s worth that
Biden Joe Biden senior himself was also
paid money by Boersma

apparently $900,000
so there is definitely some shady stuff
going on oh yeah and I went through some
of the clips that we had of of them

setting up the government
in here was this I think this one let’s
listen to this what was this the only
way we’d end up in a joint strategy is

if the Russians agreed to the general
premise that we have to have a ceasefire
we have to have a transitional
government and we have to have a
decision on getting rid of Assad that’s

what the Secretary’s been working on in
the meantime we’re working on Isis and
they’re working in a different part it’s
not the one I want to do want to play
well I’ll put some in the show notes we
have all of these calls than Nuland

former I guess she was the ambassador or
assistant ambassador from she was part
of the Secretary of State’s office but
she had an ambassador title of somehow
she got it in right and the bastard

title out of mana anyway yes she was the
senior advisor or the I’m gonna pinch
min she was a bagman for Clinton yeah
but but they they literally went over
there and installed a whole new

government with shields I think at the
time also the secretary of the Treasury
was a Ukrainian who came from the States
we installed that woman to take over all
the finances so it was a total shit show

no one wants that coming up aboveboard
and then yeah and then there’s just so
much that that originated from there but
none of it really has to do with this
transcript none of it if they’re really

running scared and with them I mean the
previous administration if they’re
really worried about it yeah then it
would make a lot of sense to try and
distract and get everyone to focus on
Trump being a huge d-bag well I mean

yeah that’s what actually that’s what
Ray McGovern says he says the whole
thing he thinks that the whole thing is
a complete distraction I do have a
crummy clip from him on a radio Tod cast

radio show podcast it’s just a worse
connection but before we play that I’d
like to play the talking points exposed
which is not the best of these things
which is where you show that there that

all these different newscasters are
saying the exact same thing over and
over and over again which which is
always good for a laugh at least on our
show and I think it should be done more
often but this is a kind of a short one

be impeached a constitutional
constitutional class constitutional
class on Capitol Hill this morning a
constitutional crisis is brewing
Democratic leadership in the House

President Trump announced he will not
cooperate with the impeachment inquiry
warning the president that he will be
hold accountable who that was that was
two different newscasters at the end

there that was good at for all all the
saying the same thing word for word
yeah you know after this is all said and
done a couple years down the line the

news as as they call themselves but
they’ve destroyed themselves that one’s
going to believe them listen to them
watch them no one
if completely just ruined themselves

they’re ruining their business I don’t
well I don’t think news is a business I
don’t think it ever was a business they
turned it into a business when we and
cable cable really turned it into a big

business and that’s when you know you
could because you had a captive audience
you have control you’re a gatekeeper you
can let you you can decide what’s going

where and mind you MSNBC while CNN
started of course but you know they’ve
been around for a long time these are
these are money makers or they were
money makers and it’s not the look it’s

not really a business we don’t have a
business you and I don’t have a business
if we want to make it our business would
be selling ads and we would not have we
would have the same drivel they have

yeah we have the same drivel that’s the
that’s the reason we do it the way we do
it I want to play Ray McGovern who
claims that this there’s a distraction

going on and this is I there’s an
element of this clip I really don’t like
because it harkens back to that
character there your favorite guy who

the million in sealed indictments guy
you mean Joe Joe Genova it has an
element of that and so the kind of
concerns me but at the same time if we

can hear this because it’s very
it’s kind of a crappy connection but
let’s listen to Rainbow Governor on the
on the on the felons that are out there
one question who was Ray McGovern again

okay well we’ve played Ray McGovern a
million times
Raymond knows a million times a billion
times at least now Ray McGovern is my
Jody Genoa Ray McGovern is the CIA guy X

CIA analyst who became a kind of a
radical I think he’s been a left-winger
what he’s really kind of a lefty that

has been on and off he was on all these
shows for a long time and he used to be
on Democracy Now constantly in the last
clip we played from him was about how he

got blackballed from Democracy Now oh
okay yes I do remember that yeah because
he’s not following the you know the
litany of bullcrap that these people are

promoting and so he’s been blackballed
along with steven professor stephen
cohen has been blackballed there’s a
slew of them they’ve been blackballed
and the smart ones if you want to call
him smart or just douchey switch like

Napolitano just switch sides another
anti Trump so they still get work so
McGovern’s on this and I’ve been wanting
to do an interview with McGovern he’s

getting pretty old but Ray McGovern he
hears on this clip he’s discussing me
and when you hear him talk because he
has a funny patter that is uh I don’t
know it’s just very singular let’s play

him alright then promise me you get a
drink of water
yeah I see this as a magnificent

you remember the old movie or book make
magnificent obsession well it works
really well before and not too long ago
I remember when Assange and WikiLeaks
released the dnc email showing that

Hillary Clinton had cheated Bernie
Sanders out of the nomination whoa how
are they gonna handle that
they picked a magnificent diverse by

saying what
the Russian service the Russian whether
the rest active war right now well and
most the American people think that the
Russians did hack and there’s no

substance of evidence or technical
evidence that effects so what’s what’s
going on this time well most people
don’t realize that the Inspector General
of the Department of Justice has been

investigating the people who looked into
Trump and who violated all manner of
laws including the very sensitive
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

law we call it fighter he’s been at it
for a year and a half when’s a good fish
good news for you he finished he
finished four weeks ago what’d he do he

gave his report to his boss
they’ll bar the Attorney General what’s
going on what will why the delight press
forward here and we have bill bar and

the other prosecutor who is working on
this case namely how this whole
investigation of Russia call this whole
thing about Russia gate started John

Durham okay
Durham and bar go to Italy well they got
Italy because that’s where part of the
operation started by this very very
shadowy figure of milk bitch suit and

they get to the bottom of that in the
italians are cooperating so what’s going
on here they’re feeling the heat and
what we have here in my view is a
magnificent diversion of attention

including a peaceful proceedings or you
know the like to the verge attention to
what color would does have come up with
and what Durham and Bob are they’re

keeping their peace but they’ve got
dynamite because really big guys James
Comey head of the FBI
John Brennan the CIA colonies deputy
people in the Justice Department itself

will be shown to be felon yeah nice
really big guys are felons I have
thousands of sealed indictment

so you’ve got really big guys who are
felons that’s your blue what’s
interesting with that clip is an
underreported story hmm that just broke
which is uh it shows up on the web but

you fight yeah even find in any of the
newspapers it’s definitely not on any of
the media that I can clip where and as a
build bar operation that defense
intelligence this is a headline you can

look you can do the search on this
Defense Intelligence Agency worker
arrested on charges of leaking
top-secret information to reporters you
did see this yeah I did see it and

that’s part of I believe what what was
the comers talking about you’re starting
to pick these guys off who are you never
heard of these people but they’re this
guy’s a 30 year old he’s been arrested

for leaking top-secret documents to
reporters right out of the DIA and this
may be the beginning of something so
maybe both the Genoa and McGovern er

maybe this is gonna happen so what do
you think will happen sooner
thousands of sealed indictments or the
end of the world in 2030

due to climate change I think there’s
three choices one is call me gonna be
found to be a felon it’d be a choice one
that thousands of sealed indictments

would be choice to climate changes you
know we’ve already written that wrote
that one off as bogus yeah and I don’t
know none probably but they’re gonna be

picking off these little of these
characters though I’m just gonna put a
it’s gonna change things a little bit
but nobody’s reporting on this this is a

well meanwhile the president started his
own distraction although very
interesting one since we’ve been looking
what we’ve been looking at Syria and the

pipelines you probably heard the words
Homs and Aleppo two full years before it
was even in the in the world media
regarding the pipelines and the
involvement of the Russians and there’s

just so many different agendas at play
in in that region and we also look at
the Kurds and the Kurds who have been
this is all part of the Ottoman Empire
you know and this is a hundred-year-old

issue and the Kurds they did they never
agreed with the Turks and they have just
claimed this territory say this is ours
we call it Kurdistan that you could look

it up there’s no real country called
Kurdistan but they also have the PKK who
were swapping out their military uniform
badges for YPG and commonly known as the
Syrian democratic forces so this been

all this shenanigans going on with what
started as a 30-day trip to go fix
something in Syria but of course it was
really all about energy issues and who

owns what and it’s kind of the same
thing that Ukraine is going through so
President Trump says yeah you know what
was gonna pull out and play a little bit
from his his speech from the White House

which justifies his actions
now the Kurds are fighting for the land
just so you understand they’re fighting
for their land and if somebody wrote in
a very very powerful article today they

didn’t help us in the Second World War
they didn’t help us with nor Normandy as
an example they mentioned names of
different battles they were there but
they’re there to help us with their land

and that’s a different thing in addition
to that we which we have spent
tremendous amounts of money on helping
the Kurds in terms of ammunition in
terms of weapons in terms of money in

terms of pay with all of that being said
we like the Kurds this is like Israel
and the Palestinians
okay there are only one difference maybe
the hatreds even greater is that

possible maybe not I campaigned in
ending the endless wars we’re all over
the world fighting wars half the places
nobody even knows what they’re doing
over there and I feel that we are doing
the right thing and I think the country

feels that too we’ve had tremendous
support outside of the Washington little
Washington area and even in Washington
people are saying you’re doing the right
thing there’s no doubt that the Kurds
who were fighting with us against Isis

created by us never mind
are very brave they’re very good
soldiers they’re highly respected by the
US troops but what Trump is saying is

correct and what the the narrative the
mainstream narrative from the war hawks
and neo liberals neo-cons just everyone
who’s who’s sucking off the

military-industrial complex teat they
are outraged and they’ve come up with
this idea of saying well there are
they’re our closest ally as you

mentioned earlier which of course are
not that Israel is the closest ally in
the region but they’re our closest ally
how could you let them just be
slaughtered they’re not gonna be
slaughtered they’re not stupid they’ve

been fighting the Turks for a hundred
years however
is interesting to note that there seems
to be some strategy behind this and by
the way if you’re going to say you there

are a lie they helped us well then what
are you doing pissing or pissing against
Russia they won the second world war for
us and now we hate them so shut up with
that Colonel Douglas McGregor

he’s a Fox contributor so he’s paid to
say this but I really enjoyed his
analysis of this move by the president

so much so I clipped it from the tucker
carlson show which I don’t do often
well the swamp is clearly very disturbed
which I think you know I think that’s a
candidate for our end of show I so I got

a better one well the swamp is currently
very disturbed because the president has
done something that I have not witnessed
in the last thirty years he’s actually
injecting strategy back into American

foreign and defense policy let me
explain he’s turned to mr. Ayer Dewan
who has been trying to carve out a
portion of Syria now for a very long

remember mr. erawan is also partially
responsible for standing up Isis then
Isis turned out to be a Frankenstein’s
monster and he decided that needed to be
brought under control now he wants to
resettle Sunni Arab refugees in

northwestern Syria and create a kind of
security zone for Turkish interests but
he’s also simultaneously told mr. Aird
whan you can do this but now you are

responsible for dealing with Isis if
Isis rears its head if it comes back
it’s your problem
now this is a very important point the
president has shifted the burden of

responsibility for something that is
clearly regional clearly goes back to
Turkey – mr. air21 at the same time
Russia has promised to maintain the
territorial integrity of Syria come what

may how is Russia going to deal with mr.
air Dhawan who has decided to carve out
a piece of Syria for his own purposes
and then we have Iran Iran wants to
maintain its connectivity to Lebanon and

it’s she idolized in that country but
with the Turks dominate
northern Syria Iran now is going to be
unable or at least will find it far far
more difficult to connect with Lebanon

the point is the president has
checkmated all of the key players in the
region in Syria now they must confront
each other I recommend if possible to

rewind that that piece that clip on the
show when you’re listening to it and
look at the map while he’s saying this
because it makes so much sense and it

taking into consideration that we are
energy exporters we don’t really need it
all the douchebags from decades and
decades prior who are in all those deals

and that includes the Clintons and the
bushes and just all these the Cheney’s
of the world they’re all in these deals
we don’t need it so what I see from
doing is screw it we’re out we’re not

gonna have any heat was a campaign
promise after all yes it was and you
guys go pound sand go figure it out
Turkey well well he has made a very

specific threat towards Turkey said if
Turkey starts massacring people he says
I will I will bring down their economy I
will kill their economy and he can right

now air Dewan is looking at the interest
rate is well everyone recently I think
in the end of July
t strong-armed the central bank

president and said look you’ve got to do
something about the rates the rate was
24% interest rate 24 they got it down to
1975 nineteen point seven five everyone

wants to lower this even more it would
not take much for us in particular to
really ruin the economy again so that
threat is real I think that’s better

than hey we’re gonna stand they’re gonna
fight the Turks are NATO ally it makes
zero sense so the whole thing yeah so
again people are just rolling this into
more fodder for impeachment I did want

to play one more clip from McGregor
gives a little background on the Kurds
before we arrived
the Maoist communist Kurds in northern
Syria who have a long history and a

close relationship with Moscow as a
result we’re always interested in
aligning themselves with anyone that
would further their cause when their
cause involves independence for
themselves in Syria and also attacks

against the Turks whom they regard as
enemies in our absence the Kurds now
have to make a decision do we make a
peace with Damascus which is what the
Russians have told them to do which is

what we have privately told them to do
which is what the Syrian government
would like them to do or did the Kurds
decide to take on the Turks
independently I rather think that the
Syrian Kurds will decide that it’s

probably in their interests to side with
Damascus so once we pull out I think
we’ll see that happen but here’s
something else Israel benefits from this
because Iran is now at loggerheads with

Turkey Iran is interested in connecting
to Hezbollah the Russians have no
interest in turning Syria into a
platform for attack against Israel so
the Russians and the Iranians who are

checkmated by the Turks now the Turks
and all three of these people have to
deal with the reality that Israel and
the United States are benefiting from
our withdrawal which is great for us not
so great for people who like globalism

no is it anti-globalist thing and I have
a clip to follow up on yours okay
your buddy yeah you know you really have
got to stop walking on my turf man it’s

like I introduced the guy to the show
now you’re doing clips every time
the clip was there for the grabbing no
but we’re doing double the work I do I
get the clips to deers pichan ik Steve

pachán ik who’s got a very interesting
background people should look him up on
Wikipedia uh and he I’ve got two clips
with on his and his hiss take on this
Syria extraction it was a little more of

course different is a little more blunt
and a little more spooky but this is the
way he sees a dude leave Syria we do not
need to be in Syria the reason I say

that is because I was in Syria before
the war just started and I warned the
CIA and I warned they not our military
intelligence not to go in of course CIA
went in and during the Obama

administration Biden Obama Kerry Brandon
and others didn’t listen to what I had
to say but Syria I found to be very
advanced number one Bashar Assad is a

physician an ophthalmologist if you want
to send a car an envoy there I would
strongly recommend that you send dr.
Rand Paul who’s also a board-certified
ophthalmologist and particularly

believes in what you and I believe in
which is no more Wars he can work with
Assad who’s also the ophthalmologist
number two don’t listen to your critics
first of all Mitt Romney doesn’t have

any experience of war as a matter of
fact we call him a chicken hawk because
when he was drafted in the Vietnam
several times he refused to serve and
ran immediately to Paris as a Mormon

missionary now I happen to like the
Mormons I worked with Brent Scowcroft I
worked with a lot of CIA operatives were
Mormon I have never met a more cowardly
Mormon in my life the Mitt Romney and

not only is a coward of course he’s
despicable as an individual as a senator
and as a businessman didn’t we wasn’t
there a Mormon war this is their I’m

imagining this but no well wasn’t their
only tried to rouse the moments from
various states before they settled into
Utah I mean I don’t know that was called
a Mormon war

my Mormons were rejected by the
Americans when they in the 1800s or so
when they started when they showed up
and yeah eight Tests there you go 1838
yeah the Missouri Mormon war yeah that’s

when the I guess that’s when i rousted
him sent him they all went to Utah
okay all right sorry that was the whole
clip tower that does more to it you have
a second clip yeah well let’s play that

then let’s talk about the other critics
Liz Cheney the daughter of the most
treasonous cowardly American I have ever
met and the one Nixon couldn’t stand the

one Kissinger couldn’t stand the one I
couldn’t stand none other than Dick
Cheney the biggest coward and treasonous
individual in the history of the United
States he was drafted not once but 11

times to go to Vietnam and 11 times mrs.
Cheney lifted his mother and Dick Cheney
were able to avoid the draft yet
nevertheless he sent us to Vietnam Iraq

Afghanistan and all the wars but he was
too cowardly so I wouldn’t listen to Liz
Cheney so the key aspect here is to do
exactly what you said

the Kurds will not be killed first of
all our one is receiving six billion
dollars from us and from the European
continent because we do not want any
North Africans to go into Greece and

guess what Erewhon is doing our bidding
at the same time you give her to won
some more money and he will not get
involved with the Kurds the Kurds will
be safe if you fear that anything is

going to happen to the Kurds and allow
them to establish themselves in the
Europe in Norway Sweden exactly France
Spain Italy there’s a lot of places to

go at the same time if everybody’s
afraid of the 10,000 terrorists that
were held in Syria
then let us concern myself about another
place where they can be placed and no

one is in danger that could be Australia
Australia is so large this why it’s one
of our closest allies and they can
easily absorb 10,000 Isis members and
the middle of their country and by the

way we have more camels in Australia
than we have in the Middle East so I
think the terrorists will be very
comfortable in Australia as well as New
Zealand since there are good allies but

in fact what you said is correct we’ve
spent the fortune in
war we spent a fortune to get the Kurds
on our side now it’s time for the
Europeans Russia Iran Egypt United Arab

Emirates the Saudi Arabians and Israelis
to handle this problem because that’s
their regional concern it’s not our

concern yeah a lot of people I know in
Europe are all up in arms no now we’re
gonna get all these a-holes over here
yeah so that’s your policy it’s your
policy you want them you said to open

our open borders there you go
well I think this pachán had given the
needle to Australia New Zealand though
all the prisoners and Holly Williams I
do have this clip which might as well

play it is pretty funny Australia does
have millions of camels I when I’ve got
that wide open area between Sydney and
Perth that’s just well there’s there are

some cities in between hey send it to
that rock so they can go there to Ayers
Rock so there is an encampment of a lot

of Isis prisoners in northern Syria and
Holly Williams and it’s really funny to
listen to this she goes into this Holly

was the foreign correspondent for CBS
and she guys think of CBS and she goes
into the camp somehow and she interviews
a couple of these characters and it’s

actually quite entertaining and creepy
too this is the first time they’ve
allowed a camera crew inside this
high-security prison home to 5,000 Isis
captives including Isis leaders and a

men who built their deadly bombs
according to the guards
it was not where we expected to find a
22 year old from Minneapolis Abdul

Hameed al-mahdi whom agreed to tell us
his story but we can’t know for sure
whether he was speaking freely he told
us he was recruited to Isis through a

contact on Twitter
he said the Jew honest because someone
at Isis I said yeah of course he was
bombarded with ISIS propaganda videos he
told us not the ones showing gruesome

beheadings but explaining that Isis was
helping Muslims he says he entered Isis
territory in 2015 hoping to become a
doctor how did they treat you pretty

much they gave me a blank check to buy
whatever I wanted did you not know that
it was a terrorist organization when you
joined it to be honest I was kind of a
conspiracy theorist a little bit but

it’s a terrorist organization uptown
it’s a terrorist organization that’s
carried out attacks here’s the thing
people like me that see this that first
of all don’t really believe the news you

heard him right
I saw what Isis terrorism was fake news
like many in this prison he claims he
was never an Isis fighter instead he
says he was a victim he told us he lost

his arm in a u.s. airstrike both my legs
are brothers here also have terrible
injuries some are children but there’s
no question this is a dangerous place
the guard showed us this attempted

Prison Break from just four days ago
they want foreign governments to take
their citizens home so they can’t escape
and rejoin Isis insurgents Abdel claims
he was interrogated here by FBI agents

who said he could face 15 years in
prison in the u.s. 50 was a very long
time for mistakes he made
coming Syria so you feel you just have

to be forgiven okay oh yeah I should be
forgiven I should be forgiven
yeah that’s but I think this is a call

back to your comment about the news
organizations losing credibility
completely and probably their business
because this guy is a candidate for
mainstream media news he thinks that he

thought the whole he thought the whole
Isis thing was bullcrap didn’t exist
there’s just a bunch of good guys doing
you know helping kids doing Allah’s work
so that to me was like what Wow okay

good work news media no matter what so
full of crap half the time do you know
this is a crying wolf problem this is

what they had with the reinvestigation
we listened for two years the trunk was
going down when the Moller report came
out and all we found out was that no
agenda show is the best podcast in the
universe it’s right there Report now is

a plus all right even if this president
never shows his face again even if our
president is gone from the world stage
what he did in bringing China into the

conversation in the United States I
think has been very very good and very
healthy for us of course most of this
now playing out in Hong Kong but some

big things are happening
and I agree with this protester in Hong

Kong but maybe not in the way he
intended if China Falls yeah the entire
West Falls the United States on of Hong
Kong Falls yeah but the United States is

so tied to China and and we’ve been
looking at the the China’s for many
years we’ve looked at China’s investment

and involvement in the entertainment
industry this is why Richard Gere has
zero work it’s not because of the gerbil
story no no it’s because he’s Pro to be
a pro Tibet yeah yeah if you’re Pro

Tibet you might as well give up your
career in China in in Hollywood yeah and
we’re now finding out that even just
saying stuff like that will get you

banned and as if it was coordinated
South Park comes out with a dynamite
episode called banned be a nd in China
and make a long story short

who’s the guy is at Cartman’s dad who
has the tegrity weed farm he’s gonna go
sell some Tegrity integrity to the
Chinese and he’s on the plane and he

thinks that he’s had this genius idea to
go sell something to the Chinese and it
turns out he’s not the only one first
time going to China and now not really
it’s my first time I’m going out to try

and drum up a little business
what are you heading out for I work for
a clothing company we’re trying to break
into the market and get the Chinese
people as customers
oh hey fuck you I had that idea like

three days ago so what so when did you
come up with it hey Mitchell you’re on
this flight you have that so funny I’m

working for Google now overseeing the
expansions into the Chinese user base he
has still with the NBA doing some press
with the players to try to get more
Chinese viewers oh for Christ’s sake you
have a good idea and everyone wants to

copy you fine
I can handle some healthy competition
who else wants to go to China and get
some of their money Oh for crying out

let me guess you work for a company
trying to get Chinese people as
customers Wow
where’d you get that idea it’s okay it’s
okay I’m sure there’s plenty of Chinese
people for all of us so yeah but you of

course couldn’t hear is that you know
the entire Marvel comic you know cinema
cinema Cinematic Universe is on the
plane everybody’s going to China and you
know we learned that one tweet one

single tweet of support for Hong Kong ie
a bad message for China has blocked this
and I don’t I don’t know shit about this
about sports I had no idea that this is

one of the biggest sports in China I had
no idea as to what is really going on
between our National Basketball
Association and China but as I’m
perusing through the Fox Sports one as I

usually do I cut my buddy Jason Whitlock
with an explanation well I think the
cultural impact that China’s influence
over a great sport a great American
sport like basketball is just now being

exposed in just how dependent the NBA is
born the Chinese economy and Chinese
money to put on the appearance of how

great the league is doing without the
Chinese money and without because you
really have to understand the shoe
companies Nike Adidas they run a

American basketball from the high school
level all the way to the pearls and the
shoe companies are dependent on the
China market and that’s where all of

this is coming from
you see NBA players constantly over the
summer during their offseason running to
China to do the bidding of their shoe
companies and to sell their shoes in the

China market and so the NBA is really
being exposed as not nearly as much of
American business as it is a global
business with China perhaps having more

influence over it than even America not
just that business another huge industry
the video game industry Activision
Blizzard has banned a championship

player because in some posts game
interview he’s showed his support for
the people of Hong Kong boom gone
done everyone is so afraid and I believe

a lot of our politicians here in the US
but probably everywhere in the world are
on the fucking payroll they’re all in
bed with the Chinese and they’re and

that’s why you see people doing just
stuff that’s not in their own country’s
best interest
China is ruling and it’s all about money
now that’s what of course that’s who we

are in America we’re all about the money
but I’d like this I like pulling this
scab off let’s see let’s see what’s
really going on underneath there look at
all these companies Apple you all well
there’s always got to pull this app now

because though they could use it to
track police movements right that’s gone
from the App Store it’s yeah and there’s
already been the which we recall from a
over a year ago where somebody

mislabeled Taiwan or the next thing you
know because the Chinese objected to
this they had to go jump through hoops
to get everything straightened out I
mean this is a tail wagging the dog in

many ways and it’s like it’s
and but Hollywood is the worst example
which you started with oh I mean they
have these studios now they have sound
stages they’ve built and put a lot of

money and shiny
production the Chinese also buy didn’t
the Chinese by AMC wasn’t that their
deal AMC movie theaters it’s a
possibility mm-hmm

but the Chinese have way too much
influence on the American movie business
and and any movie that doesn’t kind of
pair it Chinese norms and so far as
thoughts on communism even you know the

movies have to have if the message isn’t
right it won’t get distribution in China
to lose all the foreign the foreign
money and the foreign box-office I was

reading just recently is higher than the
domestic box office almost every
successful movie yes all these companies
that you built up not you John I wish
people buying the video games people

buying the movies renting the movies
going to the movies yes indeed the
Dalian Wanda group from China bought AMC
movie theaters you basically helped them

build it up and now they’re pissing on
you just taking it all away we should
boycott all of it every single bit of it
you know who cares if we don’t need the

NBA go away
just be a go away the only fee hey go
away the only thing you can count on

that is not influenced by Chinese money
he’s the No Agenda show imagine all the
people who could do this in fact the

money we get from China is almost nil

Hong Kong nila nila
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comm whoo yes a little little OTG seg
a sag a sag OTG sag OTG cig we’ve been

talking about candy Naevia where Kanda
Naevia has a new app
from the company on Leah and on Leah is

mainly a provider of insurance
insurances for automobiles for driving
so they have a new app out which they

say will modernize auto insurance and
they’re doing that well the way they’re
promoting it and I do have a a
not really an ad but you know an online

ad I guess it wouldn’t work on
television where they are promoting this
app which actually helps you become sane
and not have as much road rage by

bringing you comedy podcasts giving
someone the finger before I am a road

rage person
let’s talk about some techniques to take

you from peeved to relieved
has this ever happened to you oh now I
once screamed so loud their fire engine
King the comedy segments actually

relaxed me it kind of just really melt
as well once the comedy podcasts were
introduced to my driving it did call me
down comedy always helps I think you

know laughter is the key to a lot
effects we’re so into the content they
just kind of forget here in traffic 100%
of the using a comedy I feel that while
I was driving this was a good relaxer it

was so common steady that it states
through every altercation every
frustration I wasn’t aware of just how
bad my road rage is laughing while
driving does calm down my road rage it’s

better to try to de-stress the situation
and have fun with it rather than just be
angry or for the whole day because of
traffic because it’s gonna happen okay
so that is kind of the hook to get you
in it’s like oh you know you have road

rage apparently a lot of people have
road rage do you have road rage ever do
you have any kind of now you get mad and
you yell and scream like these people
are doing I will not to the extent I
mean I have gotten hurt by some people

doing some crazy things but this sounds
like point where I want a ram um what
sounds like people are really angry and
yelling well yeah we’ve already
identified this is a part of the hole

right litical see they do yes for
president so here is the app driving
safe comes with perks so it’s not just
about keeping you calm with road rage

but you can earn rewards and you don’t
hear we you can get free coffee and you
can get all kinds of gifts now here’s
what they’re saying let’s make Canada’s
roads the safest in the world only a

sense gives drivers a fun way to drive
safe and distraction free and help
everyone on the road stay safer get the
app and have your phone with you when

you drive simple as that
hmm I wonder why to get personalized
coaching only a sense uses your phone’s
sensors to score you on key driving

factors like speed and cornering and
from there ladies earn
towards complete safe driving challenges
to earn perks like cashback and

Starbucks gift cards and they have some
screenshots here of this app and they
have a dashboard and as there’s a little
dashboard oh yeah not you can get up to

a hundred percent your drive score and
it shows everything how you’re cornering
how you’re braking how you’re

accelerating stay with it staying within
the speed limit
so go ahead slaves this is a really good
idea I recommend everybody to go and get
that app that is fantastic or if you’re
an important person like you’re running

a political campaign or maybe you’re a
politician or well I don’t know
something really important you know you
should get some advanced protection for
your privacy you know so people can’t

hack your shit who can give that to you
some of us need to protect us so much
more than ourselves a cause a platform a
message a movement

protect your sources and your story
protect their story
protect your partners protect your team
protect what matters if you’re an

activist journalist executive thought
leader public official or part of a
campaign team or anyone who feels
vulnerable it’s a highly targeted online
attacks Google’s advanced protection

program is our strongest level of
account security and it’s designed for
you turning it on is straightforward and
only takes a few minutes that’s who I’m
gonna go protect my stuff from Google

yeah Google protect you don’t worry
don’t worry about it it’s all good now
luckily this off the gray is that oh
yeah they give you all plans for
anything is almost done in the same tone

to flip Oh like an a voice of the other
thing and I thought it was part of the
same ad campaign but this is how you
speak to the Millennial set I presume
like this yes you can
hey do you really want to have a good

life yeah yeah don’t be triggered by my
voice so the OTG lifestyle which I’ve
been propagating for several years here
is finally sleeping through to some

mainstream media and NPR did a 17 minute
segment about going off the grid is it
even possible they asked it’s
interesting because on the one hand the
law itself is very much behind the times

but on the other hand police departments
are very much with the times and so
they’re interested in social media
they’re interested in Amazon ring
footage are interested in next door and

citizen police departments are turning
right at the same paces Amazon I think
we’re a little bit behind and I think
that the law itself in terms of
regulations around data collection
particular in the u.s. is the furthest
back my question to you then I guess

that the last question would be is it
possible for anyone to be quote unquote
off the grid
no it’s a great question I mean it’s not
a great question and to be quote unquote

off the grid no it’s a great question I
mean not if you opt into any of these
online services certainly I think it’s
it’s just getting harder and harder to
accept accept the conveniences that are
to avoid accepting the conveniences of

that rather offered by all these modern
technologies you know in a lot of cases
it’s you know the only way to fully
opt-out and get off the grid as you say
is to not use them at all you know sort
of the depth you know trade-off you make

when you plug in that Smart Oven is that
that Smart Oven is tracking every time
you turn it on or off think it’s a
completely informed as to where that
data goes so these are just you know by
using this tech and by being on the

exact you are certainly developing a
profile of yourself with what these tech
companies have insides I’m plugging a
thing into many cases it owns a Smart
Oven oh it’s the big Amazon product now

the microwave oven that has a alexa
built in oh yeah that’s a big push now
Alexa I’ve done I’ve done something on

high one minute no no no no that’s not
no that’s not how it works
now you say Alexa I want to make you
know chilli and then your two your

microwave we’re start telling you what
to put in the bowl and then how much and
then it’ll automatically set the time
and he it’s stupid it’s so stupid
now so what they’re doing is identifying

the morons in the audience that can be
called what is that what are they up to
well the thing is that people think that
all of this tech as that guy said this
tech that if somehow really improving

your life but it’s not and I have an
example we we’re in the opportunity zone
here in Austin which means you know
there’s it’s a de Nate if they ever

gentrify this place will be golden but
it might not like that happen so there’s
things that you know that’s not seem as
gentrified already if you ask me I’ve

been there
well did you look at the back right in
the back of our house is all Section
eight Howard Section eight housing right
beyond the forest it’s not a little far
it’s like 50 feet and then it’s but that

doesn’t mean that that’s necessarily
where criminals live but something
happens the other day someone rang the
doorbell I wasn’t home keeper opens up

and it says really vague I asking
about you know something did you order
something into teens like no and she
closes the door now here’s the problem
we don’t have a peephole

and it didn’t come with the house and we
want a peephole maid
unfortunately the way our door is
constructed it it takes some work to
drill the peephole on the right spot and

not crack the glass the long story
but I’ve found the glass door just look
through the glass oh it’s it’s okay
thanks John do you remember you are at
my house you can’t look through the

glass it’s it’s milk milky glass so you
can’t actually see what’s on the other
side we have no windows to look out of
there’s no way to see who’s at the door
in tell you what that means well so

here’s a woman alone and she doesn’t
want that that crap so I found I get a
ring shut up for two seconds okay so I
found a guy who’s going to do the

peephole for us which is weird we agreed
people but then this happens I’m like
okay until we get the people you’re
right I went out and got a ring just to
see what the experience was like and

believe me in two weeks is gone and
they’re on sale for like 69 bucks near
the old version so that’s fine but
here’s the experience so the it works as
advertised you can set it for motion at

a little early or if someone actually
rings the bell it’ll alert you but this
app you open up the app and where is it
now I don’t have it it’s on Tina’s phone
and right there it says neighborhood so

you have your little video window and
then it says neighborhood and it shows
you all the crimes that have taken place
in your neighborhood for the past month

or two there’s like oh all this crap
happening that now now I have anxiety
because of this stupid app which is
supposed to give me a sense of security

it’s none of this is good it’s all a
very bad idea
we’ve got firearms that’s all we need I
need a firearm and a peephole always
come to the door with a gun I’m not

gonna let you forget a review of your
brand-new phone do the phone what I’m
gonna have to review the phone because

people are bitching at me saying it’s a
scam I don’t have a phone and bla bla
bla bla bla bla really myself a blue X 5
smartphone big it’s big it’s clear it’s

got all the absolute who makes this who
makes this blue BL you X is off brand
one of the two or three off-brand phones

these guys are out of Miami so there’s
something fishy about it to begin with
and this thing is 75 bucks on sale brand
new Google is guy Google Android 9 the

absolute newest of the new mmm-hmm it
has the maps it’s got it does everything
any other smartphone does it plays a

even get to Pluto TV on this phone yeah
do you think it’s so I’m showing it to
the kids I’m sure I got it is okay look

at this and I just where do you think it
is good I want you to guess where it is
right at this moment uh the kids have it
no no it’s turned off in the drawer it
belongs yes now I said it comes with a

Kate with one of those cover cases and
I’ve been I think for the screen if you
want to put it all free is you know the
it’s just an unbelievable product for
the price and so I’m showing this and

meanwhile everybody at the table JC’s
got the newest Apple and you know
everyone else got the new a samsung and
nobody could show me how my 75 but phone
is any less a phone than their phones it

takes good photos it has HDR and the
camera inside the pixels are probably
only twelve I think megapixels which is
more than enough for a phone and it does
all the s get the two it’s got every

thing and so so JC says he cuz he’s got
this ridiculously expensive phone which
is probably superior but it’s a thousand
dollars am and I’m company phone and he
says you know because you’re always

ahead of the game you might be the
inflection point we’re a 75 bucks phone
and there’s not this not the only cheap
Android 9 phone out there there’s a

bunch of about two or three of em out of
China that are pretty cool-looking and
they have a lot of features he says that
it’s possible that people would begin to
realize that you don’t have to spend two

hundred three hundred five hundred six
hundred a thousand eleven hundred
dollars for a functional phone and by
the way a kicker the back comes off and

I could take the battery that’s very
nice yeah yeah now how do you use that
device you use it only when you’re going
somewhere I rarely use it but if I’m

going somewhere I need the Navigator for
example or if I’m worried that you know
the car is gonna blow up or I take it to
the store sometimes I have to call back

home and ask him if they want this brand
or that brand
I mean I don’t I seldom use it I mean I
don’t use these phones constant I’m not
constantly on it i I do most of my work
off the phone I don’t know I’m not glued

to this for you you have discipline you
have old school discipline and yeah so I
don’t use the phone all the time now but
I do hit but this phone does I can’t see
anything it doesn’t do including Pluto
TV which these other guys can’t seem to

get on their phone it’s just a great
product and it’s 75 bucks in the diet
got a long battery life at boots real
fast I don’t I don’t do not see why

anyone would pay more than $100 for one
of these things any reminder that when
it comes to being off the grid of course
you still need to be able to function in
normal life but the main thing is is to
keep the tracking have you installed the

privacy Pro it’s called something
different on and no I don’t care I keep
the phone turned off in a drawer right
but they still know the googles know
exactly where you’re going and what

you’re doing
so they
know what story I got to have the phone
with me yeah they probably do yeah but
it’s pretty rare well doesn’t it have
anything cool

Oh TV she’s cool all right that’s all
you put any any Android Apple run on it

so whatever cool is there you can find I
got the thing that makes a fart noise I
mean if that means anything I’m always
good to bring out in a meeting
pushing off a couple of segments until

the sunday show and it’ll be well worth
it this has been your no agenda show for
October 10th 2019 the lucky Tenten show
we would love to see you help out with

your support for the 1181 for that go to
Dvorak dot org slash and a coming up
after this program on no agenda stream

dot-com hog stories operation Ice Cube
and we have end of show mixes from Hugh
Allison Jesse coy Nelson and Matt

coming to you from opportunity zone 33
here the frontier of Austin Texas that
is FEMA region number six all the
governmental maps in the morning
everybody I’m Adam curry and from
northern Silicon Valley where I sense a

slight breeze which I suppose as part of
this horrible windstorm I’m Chauncey
Dvorak we return on Sunday right here
with another edition of no agenda until

then adios mofos and such a citizen

Butare ting ting ting tong tong ting

tong china all the time let’s say China
China and China





shut up this is a bunch of scumbags he
begins by ingratiating himself he

expresses his interest in meeting with
the President and says his country wants
to acquire more weapons and what is the
president’s response this is the essence
of what the president communicates we’ve

been very good to your country no other
country has done as much as we have but
what I don’t see much reciprocity I hear
what you want I have a favor I want from

you though and I’m gonna say this only
seven times so you better listen good
I don’t shoot your cheap cheap cheap
cheap cheap oh I want you to make up
dirt on my foot a component understand

lots of it I’m gonna put you in touch
with people not just any people I’m
gonna put you in touch with Attorney
General the United States
dobar and I’m gonna put you in touch
with Rudy you’re gonna love them trust

me you know what I’m asking and so I’m
only gonna say this a few more times in
a few more ways and by the way don’t
call me again I’ll call you when you’ve

done what I asked this is in summon
character and what the president was
trying to communicate suppose Adam
Schiff was caught and a pedophile

trafficking ring is somewhere in Los
Angeles he has been highly confident
Adam Schiff is a stone cold start down
liar I don’t want to beat around the

bush and say always being deceptive he’s
being deceitful no no no I don’t want to
say that he is a liar that what he just
did was a lie i think it’s immoral
i think it’s unethical I think it’s

unpatriotic and yes I think it’s corrupt
with what week you might say something
to the effect of everything is great

right yeah let me give you example what
I mean there it might be that I’ll say
hey you’ve got that new job everything’s
great with it right
I throw that word right on the end of it

the implication is there’s a certain way
that I want to hear you respond I want
you to tell me that things are going
well and then if you come back and say
well it’s not all that great then it

makes you look like well then you’re
doing things wrong and you’re not giving
the right reaction and so you’re more of
a negative pampered spy of course and

being positive right it’s it has a real
subtle put down towards the person you
might not give the correct response it
has a real subtle foot down trouble put
down you know you got


OPO dvorak org slash and a well the

swamp is clearly very disturbing