No Agenda Episode 1183: “Infosanement”

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
Adam curry dvorah episode 1183 this is
no agenda curry from northern Silicon

Valley where I’m watching Pete Buddha

judge throw tulsi gabbard under the bus
as a Russian agent I’m John Cena Bora is
Mary people piling on Mary P I didn’t

get it there’s a late clip by the way
there’s a bonus yeah I got I got your
bonus clears I call most got her stuff
over but so he’s done they meet the

press with Todd Chuck Todd the Todd cast
its the Todd cast everybody and so Todd
asked him about this and booted judge

says well he’s just gonna paraphrase but
believe me you can watch this I’ll get a
clip a plan on the next show he says
well I don’t want to get in the middle
of anything

well he does a sandwich I don’t want to
get in the middle of anything he says
but you know the Russians have been dead

oh yeah and then Todd push push them
further he says I don’t want to talk
about it well you know where the stems

from the stems from yeah let me just
hold on for a second 15 years ago
I never thought that I’d be talking with
you on a podcast about something Hillary

Clinton said on a podcast whoever could
have thought this would take place I
mean this is a beautiful invention and
as you know people like to go all out on

the podcasts and this is where Mary
Pete’s getting it from did you hear this
whole Hillary podcast with the David
piece and not heard the whole thing but
I’m familiar with it what happened all

right so I’ll play the relevant part
first which is the one that Peabody jej
is piling on to this is what Hillary
Clinton said on the podcast with David

Plouffe who is not just any old
podcaster no no no besides a ray boo me
room and sirens wailing outside he was
also the campaign manager for Obama 2008

and I’m not sure if he did anything in
2012 I’m sure Bob sure did something so
he has a podcast and this is what went
down one of the reasons he was able to

win is the third party vote right and
what’s clear to me you mentioned you
know he’s gonna just lie I mean you
forgot what he’s gonna say whoever our
nominee is will ban hamburgers and
steaks and yes lie and infanticide and

people believe this so how concern to
you about that uh-huh for me so much of
this does come down to the win number if
he has to get 49 or even forty nine
point five and I think he can so he’s
gonna try and drive it people not to

vote for him but just to say you know
you can’t vote for them either
that seems to be I think to the extent
that I can divine a strategy their key
strategy right now well I think there’s
this is why I have three clips from this

podcast I mean and the stuff they’re
saying it’s like what and infanticide
and what what is all this I mean do you
want to hear it again or do you just
want to move on you tell me –

unbelievably okay just move in here
extent that I can define a strategy
their key strategy right now well I

think there’s gonna be two parts and I
think it’s gonna be the same as 2016
don’t vote for the other guy you don’t
me don’t vote for the other guy because
the other guys gonna do XY and Z or the
other guy did such terrible things I’m
going to show you in you can interrupt

so what she’s saying apparently nobody
has ever done anything like that in the
past has never been to Ross Perot as a

third party never bit anyone just don’t
vote for her you know you know you don’t
like or don’t vote for her no oh yeah
that’s new is this new tactic it’s it’s
Trump land man that’s new stuff the

other guy because the other guys gonna
do XY and Z or the other guy did such
terrible things I’m gonna show you in
these you know flashing videos that
appear and then disappear and they’re on
the dark web and nobody can find them

this is why whenever I see a popular
soundbite or a clip I always go to the
source because people always cut it off
they miss the nuances of the good stuff

I mean did she just talk about videos
there were flashy imagery you’ve never
seen him then they disappear and then
they’re on the dark web what is that
and did that help Donald Trump win the

other guys know what she’s talking about
it’s great guys gonna do XY and Z or the
other guy did such terrible things I’m
gonna show you in these you know
flashing videos that appear and then
disappear and they’re on the dark web

and nobody can find them but you’re
gonna see them and you’re gonna see that
person doing these horrible things
they’re also gonna do the third party
again and I’m not making any predictions
but I think they’ve got their eye on

somebody who’s currently in the
Democratic primary and are grooming her
to be the third party candidate she’s a
favorite of the Russians they have a
bunch of sites and BOTS and other ways

of supporting her so far and that’s
assuming Jill Stein will give it up
which she might not because she’s also a
Russian Russian asset I mean totally and

so they know they can’t win without a
third party candidate and so I don’t
know who it’s gonna be but I will
guarantee you they’ll have a vigorous

third party challenge isn’t the key
states that they most need it so that
prompted Tulsi Gabbard to get on the
Twitter’s immediately
and accused Hillary Clinton of being the

true source of evil against her I knew
you were hiding behind the curtain come
on out there Hillary I knew you hated me
even though she did not mention Tulsi by
name I think it was smart Tulsi grabbed

it right away and of course well it was
well Tulsi found it there was the word
that a one-of-a Clinton associate who
was grilled by somebody and she made it

clear was about Tulsi even though it was
pretty clear I do have a CBS report on
this by the way CBS actually covered
this as oh well I saw very well they
didn’t have Tulsi ah no bet

no but they here’s the coverage scabbard
a spy out to an extraordinary
development in the presidential campaign
in the 2016 nominee called Tulsi Gabbard
one of the current candidates quote the

favorite of the Russians Nancy Cordes is
following this isn’t that interesting
isn’t that interesting just listen to
the words that she uses there of the
current candidates quote the favorite
let’s go back a second here campaign

Hillary Clinton the 2016 nominee called
Tulsi Gabbard one of the current
candidates quote the favorite of the
Russians no she did not say Tulsi
Gabbard is one of the favorite of the

Russians that’s a fucking lie CBS now it
may be what she intended but that’s
bullshit she no one said Tulsi gabbard’s
named Nancy Cordes is following this and

Nancy what are we to make about all this
well Nora Hillary Clinton did not
mention Tulsi Gabbard by man but the
food confirms that that’s who she was
talking about when she made this

stunning claim that the Russians had
already hit on a way to meddle in the
2020 election much in the same way they
meddled in her election in 2016 on a
podcast interview Clinton said quote

they’re grooming her to be the third
party candidate she’s the favorite of
the Russians they have a bunch of sites
and BOTS and other ways of supporting
her so far Clinton was referring to the

fact that the Hawaii congresswoman gets
a lot of attention from Kremlin linked
as Green Party candidate Jill Stein did
back in 2016 this afternoon

Gabbard lashed back accusing Clinton of
trying to destroy her reputation and
calling Clinton quote the CLE the queen
of warmongers embodiment of corruption
and personification of the rot that has

sickened the Democratic Party for so
long for now most other Democrats are
staying out of this fight Gabbard who is
that one or two percent in most

Democratic primary polls has repeatedly
said Nora that she does not plan to run
as a third party candidate an
interesting omission that I think every
report made was she said this on a

podcast no listen to what I’m saying
they didn’t say David Plouffe spod cast
they say a podcast yeah this is a

problem of course because they don’t
want anyone to figure out how corrupt
this is that it’s Obama’s guy who’s
doing the interview problem but of I’m
seeing it as a meta they don’t want to

promote specific podcast I forbid people
go listen to him no there’s not any make
a point there here’s Tulsa’s response on
oh but just before we leave that report

I should mention another little element
that’s going on besides the fact that
Buddha judge just threw Tulsi under the
bus hey Bernie refuses to back her and
and all the Tulsi fans I don’t know if

it’s in your stream of the tweets but
it’s in there somewhere
apparently when Bernie was screwed over
by Hillary Tulsi came out in support of
Bernie and made a big fuss about it and

which i think is maybe part of the
reason this is a payback from from
Hillary for doing that you know heaven
forbid mm-hmm but at the same time were
people worked about isn’t that so much

as the fact that Bernie refuses to back
Tulsi after he got helped bag I’m glad
you brought that up because I have a
clip here from 2016 where it is exactly

about this that the Tulsi backed Bernie
what about any retaliation the Clintons
have had

well-oiled machine in Washington four
years do you fear any retribution from
the Clinton what’s your relationship
been like with it well you know I was I
was heavily warned by people who care
about me to not endorse senator Sanders

because of that fear of retaliation and
and look that fear is is something that
exists in a lot of folks that I’ve heard
from there is far too much at stake here

to stand on the sidelines and let
politics get in the way of what’s real
and what’s real is war and the cost of
war I’ve seen and felt that cost

firsthand through my service and my
deployments to the Middle East and I
cannot stand on the sidelines and do
nothing when we have a clear choice that
many people are not informed about there

are very stark differences between
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and
I’m going to do everything I can to make
sure that people know what those
differences are so they can at least
make an educated and informed decision

and as you recall she resigned as vice
chair of the DNC over this over the
corruption that was going on during the
primaries now we’re in 2019 Tulsi can’t
get an interview anymore except probably

true on the Kremlin linked RT or the
clip or the Kremlin linked Fox News let
me tell you what this is about this is
about Hillary Clinton sending a very

strong message saying that because I am
and have long been calling for an end to
our country’s foreign policy of waging
one regime change war after the next the

likes of which we’ve seen in Iraq in
Libya and ongoing in Syria and because
I’m calling for an end to this new Cold
War a nuclear arms race that I am a
Russian ass she’s very consistent I’ll

tell you that that I am a traitor to the
nation that I love and not only are they
saying that about me they are basically
saying sending this message out to every
veteran in this country every service

member every American anyone watching at
home was fighting for peace and who was
calling for an end to these regime
change wars this new Cold War an arms
race they are saying that you are also
Russian asset that you were also a

traitor to this country that’s really
what’s happening here and the reason why
she’s doing this is because ultimately
she knows that she can’t control me
that I stand for I stand against

everything that she represents and that
if I’m elected president to find the
Democratic nominee an elected president
that she won’t be able to control me she
won’t be able to manipulate me she won’t

be able to continue to work from behind
the curtain to continue these these
regime change wars that have been so
costly thousands of my brothers and
sisters in uniform were killed in Iraq a

war that she championed their blood is
on her hands
I am calling for an end to these regime
change wars this is why she’s speaking
out strongly and smearing my character

and trying to undermine my campaign and
just as she is doing this to me this is
what will happen to anybody who’s doing
the same she could back off a little bit
on my my bloodied brothers and sisters

you know that seems to be the only
message she has so she could do a little
better than that but I think politically
was the right thing to do and yeah I’m
pretty sure Clinton meant her but this

this Russia thing Hillary Clinton is
still obsessed with this I have just a
couple more clips from this podcast it
was so mind-blowing to hear what she was

saying because you know Putin he’s still
in the game with Trump we have to assume
that it since it worked for them why
would they quit McDonald Trump is
Vladimir Putin’s dream you know he said

that the biggest catastrophe I think in
history was the collapse of the Soviet
Union as a former KGB guy he is intent
upon undermining democracies and trying

to lay the groundwork for a resurgence
of Russian greatness as their deposits
and Donald’s I know that’s delivering
that to him on a daily basis I don’t

know why exactly I don’t know what Putin
has on him whether it’s both personal
and financial I assume it is
more than that there is our adulation

Trump has four dictators and
authoritarians he dreams of being able
to order people to do things and make
them do it

he has no democratic instincts really
and I saw that when I was Secretary of
State and traveled 112 countries one of
the problems I like to slip in that job
with 112 judges were people who got

themselves elected and then became
authoritarian and then did everything
they could do rigged elections
everything they could to make sure that
they were never forced out of power that
is his game plan that is what he’s

trying to achieve and it’s terrifying to
me because you know scholars like
professor Timothy Snyder who wrote that
great little book on tyranny they’ve
told it what is this great little book

on tyranny they familiar Timothy Snyder
who wrote the professor Timothy get out
now okay a great little book on tyranny
if you’re gonna tackle tyranny just do

it a little book there’s like professor
Timothy Snyder who wrote that great
little book on tyranny they’ve told us
what the game plan is but I still think
people have a hard time believing that

David it’s like really oh come on you
know that can’t really be true and so
part of what we have to do is alert the
campaigns try to protect them work with

people like Eric Holder and others who
already protect the voter registration
and the actual voting process or try
raise the alarm about breaches of our
election systems try to stand up against

the misinformation weaponization of
information the propaganda
misinformation weaponization of
information the propaganda that’s a
bumper sticker but they’re gonna have

unlimited money I think the amount of
money that the Trump campaign and the
RNC is racing right now will be really
hard to compete with it’s not that
informations he had twice as much money

as Trump in the last election listen
that’d be hard to compete with listen to
the end here but they’re gonna have
unlimited money I think the amount of

money that the Trump campaign and the
RNC is racing right now will be really
hard to compete with it’s not that
informations and the Russians is not
it’s not that money is everything but

you do have to have enough you gotta
have enough money
all right so now I’m playing is a little
bit about out of order the one of the
things I’ve mentioned I think in the

past couple months is that the
politicians certainly the older
demographic politicians still believe
that you can control the people and give
them the message whatever that is and

they will believe it if you do it all
through television through the media and
through the New York Times Washington
Post USA Today LA Times so it all in
there because that’s how it used to work
and we could just do a statement hand

over some talking points and then the
Talking Heads would read it yeah I’ve
been of course you know don’t pay an
attention to operation Mockingbird there
might have been some CIA assets
controlling the news as well but that

it’s a long time ago but this these days
are over and they say the same with the
European Union these these politicians
still believe that they can keep the
order in the way they want it by using

by truly using propaganda through
mainstream media and of course that’s no
longer true this show is an example of
that but when you hear it coming out of
Hillary Clinton’s mouth in the manner in

which she says it it’s mind-blowing I’m
just curious if you have a sense of how
the media environment we’re in right now
may change things I think you summed it
up really well I think we are in such an

information overload world people can’t
figure out what’s important what’s more
important than something else how do I
make sense of this when we had three
networks a couple of major papers the

good old days and a lot of other papers
so remember yes that bottom in the New
York Times The Washington Post but you
had really good papers across the
country from Boston and Baltimore to you

know LA
and it was wall-to-wall coverage you
could not escape you you couldn’t get
distracted you couldn’t dive into your
own social media feed you couldn’t go

down a rabbit hole chasing conspiracy
theories it was the country’s business
being reported on and presented in a
serious thoughtful way and we don’t have

that anymore we have a really difficult
environment to do politics and to govern
in legislate in and certainly conduct an
impeachment inquiry in and we have a

single network that is a propaganda tool
nor not just the Trump administration
but you know the point of view the kind
of elitist fear-mongering point of view

that preceded him but has been amplified
by him with Fox so I think it’s a lot
harder for Americans to know what
they’re supposed to believe you’re doing

it wrong Americans you don’t know what
to believe you’re believing that what
you’re supposed to believe I know it’s
beautiful for Americans to know what

their support yeah you’re supposed to
believe this which by the way is what I
run into it the Lib Joe’s I did not make
this the thing I didn’t put the Lib Joe
gag together this show unfortunately but

when I read what they have to say
constantly yeah it’s always right along
these same lines exactly the same that
they are expressing what America is

supposed to blows to believe yeah
supposed to and even though she of
course doesn’t want to portray that the
truth just came out there you’re

supposed to believe this because that’s
what I said I’d buy him with Fox so I
think it’s a lot harder for Americans to
know what they’re supposed to believe
you know when Walter Cronkite got on

your evening news and said you know I’ve
been to Vietnam and they’re not telling
us the truth
people went whoa I can’t believe it but
Walter Cronkite’s telling me that I
remember in the impeachment work I did

in 1974 Sam Donaldson who was you know a
very prominent correspondent
he would stalk us trying to get us to
talk to say something but he had to
physically stalk us you know he didn’t

get to stalk us online you know you had
actually shy right like we’re doing now
with her
yeah we’re stalking her online of course
but he had to physically stalk he didn’t

get to stalk us online you know yeah
actually shoves oh come on
he’ll already talk to us so it was a
much more controllable environment and
now I think we’re living in the age of

distraction and that benefits the less
serious the more anxiety-producing or
conspiracy minded people because they

can plant so many seeds so cheaply and
easily and they don’t have to stand
behind it and Facebook biggest news
purveyor in the world can say oh no
we’re not interfering you know it can be

an absolute lie it can be Nancy Pelosi
you know you know mashup of a deep fake
but you know we’re gonna let people
decide people can’t decide because we
are conditioned to believe what we see
and what we hear when it is delivered to

us in what looks like an official way
and that’s we now we’ve got tens of
thousands of channels that are doing
that yeah so just so everybody
understands Hillary Clinton thinks

you’re stupid that’s that’s the message
here you stupid idiot you don’t know
what you’re supposed to believe because
you’re being tricked you morons morons
that’s an extreme interpretation I’m not

saying it’s not true
but what I get out of it is a little
different I get the impression that she
actually is very knowledgeable she knows
a lot she’s she has a lot of inherent

knowledge she has a lot of current
knowledge of what’s going on don’t
forget she was the tech expert girl and
she was the one with the expert Internet
in a bucket you know in a briefcase in a
box in a briefcase on the computer ship

you know there’s lots of I remember her
at the hearing she’s always on her phone
she’s on the phone all the time looking

at stuff so she’s not you know a slouch
she’s not like a complete Newton diggin
to know she sounds like someone who’s
been keeping up on everything to hop

into the race that’s what she sounds
like she’s ready she’s sparked up wait
let’s just talk about the debates for a
moment because the last short clip here
because you know of course the debates
are you know the very hard when you have

someone who’s not playing by the rules
like a Donald Trump and you know did the
debates really there’s only one person
you can really blame when they go wrong
but you still have to prepare for them
you still have to you have to prepare

for them if you think it’s gonna be a
serious endeavor Trump didn’t compare he
prepare for them he sat at his Country
Club in New Jersey with Rudy Giuliani
and a few people and they just traded

insults you know I go and then call her
this and then I’ll say that because he
understood that the press was still
paralyzed they were incapable of dealing
with him so call me names do whatever he

do he would not pay a price for it and
unfortunately whoever does the debase
this next time is sure gonna have to be
better than they were last time for sure

ja for sure sure Hills yeah you really
got robbed in the debates Mel for sure
for sure they’ll change that they’re
fantastic I mean to please do more of

these Hillary do more of these I love
Hilda podcaster it’s the best and the
the plan is apparently to bring it all
back to Putin whether it’s Ukraine or

anything because the Nancy Pelosi is in
lockstep you know that was the subject
of conversation yesterday at the White
House I also pointed out to the

president I had concerns that the our
roads seem to lead to Putin the Russians
had been trying to get a foothold in the

Middle East for a very long time
unsuccessfully and now the president has
given them an opportunity I know she’s
full of shit but just let’s just listen
to it and then we’ll stop and he

constructed cuz she says it over and
over again and now the president has
given them an opportunity with the Kurds
reaching out to them
for support in Syria they have that the
Russians were the beneficiaries of any

withholding of assistance or
encouragement to the Ukraine again Putin
benefits the Russians benefited Putin
did only president could place some

doubt about our commitment to NATO right
from the start of his administration all
roads lead to Putin and president said
well reason I’m taking the troops out of
serious because I promised in the

campaign to bring the troops home my
question to him was is Saudi Arabia home
the Saudi Arabia home why are our troops
going to Saudi Arabia if you promised to

bring them home he said well the Saudi
Arabians are paying for it that really
we’re putting our troops in harm’s way
for Saudi Arabia because they’re nervous
it just didn’t add up and what what it

did do was of course a meltdown on the
part of the president because he was
unhappy with that about those questions
alright let’s let’s go back to the
beginning let’s go back to the beginning

all of a sudden this is this all roads
lead to Putin oh yeah Putin’s always
wanted to have a hold in the Middle East
like the the deepwater port he’s had in
Syria for 35 years

used to be number one buddy with with
the Iranians they still metal they’ve
been in the middle they’ve had a
foothold in the Middle East for a long

time what’s new this is new this is new
fat what was to do is that they kind of
gave up their foothold a little bit and
let us come in there and screw things up
when use the metal they wouldn’t have
put up with that in the past and our

NATO ally in Turkey decided to go not
with our fabulous weaponry but with the
Russian s400 so good you know they’ll be

in coming you know if there was a if
there was a scheme afoot yeah it would
seem to be that I’m reminded of how the

US was suckered suckered into falling in
line with the giving day taking over
where the French left off and Viet

yeah the French no you know anything how
can you Oh ever so long bye we’re out of
here you guys yeah we were totally
suckered by the French to take over the
Vietnam War and if we look Dilawar we

lost no matter what you can’t cut it any
other way
yeah is I think if there’s any way of
suckering both Turkey and Russia into
taking over this mess in the Middle East

which has done us no good whatsoever
that you unless someone can say well
it’s done us I’m good because of this I
don’t see any good that’s come out of
our being in the Middle East so if we

can sucker the Russians and the Turks to
take over and fight these idiots that
are there in endless wars I’m all for it
I don’t understand what anybody’s

against this it makes no sense to me now
I think she has a superficial point
about military in Saudi Arabia saying
well they’re paying for it isn’t that
exactly what NATO is even though they’re

not NATO but don’t we do this all the
time people put money into the pot and
we go stand around and protect their
interests so it’s not much different
from from a NATO situation and
secondarily the old I mean the only

reason I think it would make sense to
have some presence there is to protect
the price of oil and American interests
yeah that’s that’s totally I mean I’m

not happy with it at all but I can
justify it
among all the other bullcrap we do with
our military but yeah
yes it’s that’s just rewriting history

right there rewriting history
wanted to get a presence what up bunch
of malarkey this woman is full of crap
now that let’s talk about her face for a

moment the amount of work not because I
only own the No Agenda show the amount
of work she has had done is astronomical
apparently she’s had so much work done

at some place in the closet there’s
another from the parts I just painting
nasty but considering her age it is
unbelievable the the work that’s done

and it the it’s great for for
appearances if you just look at her it’s
like and if she has the right lighting
and the right camera angle she doesn’t
look a day over 65 then what is she now

80 is she in their 80s
I think she’s 97
I think she’s no let’s take a look I
believe she is 79 I think she’s 7-7 yeah

almost 80 yeah but that could be I could
also be she might have tacked on if you
pull back a few years and over the over
time she totally has the full monty

going back behind the ears and they cut
right along the line I know this because
it might my first wife I’m very skilled
and seeing what’s going on there and I
would say if you have money you know

there’s hope women are always
complaining about because they get a
they get a raw deal you know men start
to look more distinguished they will
tell you
lose everything they will tell you but

if you have money then there you go
not bad all right where do we go from
here do you want to go to the
impeachment task force or what does I
don’t have any believe I don’t have much

in the way of a couple of screwy things
I got a lot of screwball clips today I
don’t know that I have any impeachment
work I would rather actually maybe to

get out of the way would be the brexit
situation which is really that’s to me
as amped-up
yeah I’m ready for that well I’ve got
that couple of clips I got to vote this

vote I which I thought was really a good
one because it includes a ice and I so
does the Parliament vote to stall brexit
just just a regular vote but it is
dramatic the eyes to the right 322 the

nose to the left

the eyes to the right 322 the nose to

the left
306 so the always have it the eyes have
it unlock I presume the ISO is so we
said Johnson’s not going to get the job

done and he may pull this defense of
bullcrap Boris Johnson he’d never
intended to get it done the guy’s a
shill he is not on on anyone’s good side

over theirs well I have three clips from
PBS actually did a good run down mm-hmm
believe it or not and I have us a three

parter okay and this is it breaks it
down in how it works but they they do
something in clip two that I’ll point
out before we play it but play start
with brexit report one will they stay or

will they go the fate of breakfast that
your plan to exit the European Union
remains unknown today an extraordinary
Saturday session of parliament ended

with a vote that delays a decision on
Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent
negotiated agreement with the EU no one
anywhere in this chamber believes in
lowering standards

Johnson presented a new plan to a
bitterly divided House of Commons today
hoping for an end to years of debate and
now is the time for this great house of

commons to come together and bring the
country together today leaders of the
labor and Scottish national parties

called the deal even worse than one
Johnson’s predecessor Theresa May tried
and failed to negotiate mrs. Vega I also
totally understand the frustration and
the fatigue across the country and in

this house but we simply cannot vote for
a deal that is even worse than the one
that has rejected three times they have
laid Scotland down in the end there was

no vote on the overall brexit deal only
a vote to pass an amendment that is
supposed to slow down the process
outside parliament hundreds of thousands

of protesters filled the streets many of
them calling for a second national
referendum on brexit and a chance to
keep Britain in the European Union we
called every single piece of this worse

than Teresa Mays deal
do-over of the vote
now there’s something that’s interesting
they’ve used there’s a propagandistic
term that just showed up and it’s called

and it’s and I’ve never heard it before
but they keep saying it and it’s as if
it’s a negative term is used for the
purposes of demeaning the brexit ears
and it’s called crashing out right

crashing out means we go without a deal
no deal breaks it correct well why don’t
you just say that
and without a deal we’re leaving the EU

without a deal that seems different to
me than the violent term crashing out
well of course no no yes you like well
yes yes you are correct this is

completely propagandistic and it is
intended sighs such it works usually on
a PBS what does PBS got to do with it
they they use the words okay so the PBS
is using this now in the report I just

started noticing it and so it’s I just
put it in it but this part to Franklin
said is a correspondent for NPR and

author of the recent book the Shanghai
free taxi he joins me now from London
what exactly did Parliament vote on this
morning well Boris Johnson the Prime
Minister wanted them to vote on his

brest withdrawal agreement that would
take the country out ideally from his
perspective and from the deadline at the
end of this month but instead lawmakers
in the parliament had a different idea
they’re concerned that they can’t get
all the legislation finished in time and

they were afraid that the United Kingdom
could invert inadvertently crash out of
the U with no deal at all causing a
lotta economic damage so what they said
they’ve asked amendments saying we’re we
will approve this only once all the

legislation has gotten done so this is
actually delayed to vote who was
responsible for setting up for
orchestrating the possibility of a delay
well there were a number of lawmakers
who were very concerned about crashing

out of the EU and also I gotta be honest
there’s a lot of distrust of Boris
Johnson he remember last month he
suspended Parliament here as the Supreme
Court of the United Kingdom slapped him

down said you broke the law and so there
was concern that either through accident
or perhaps deliberately some breakfast
ears might try to foil things basically
mess up the legislation so that the

country crashed out so people even
people who want to vote for this deal
were very worried and so they they
backed the amendment compelling him to
ask for a an extension from Brussels oh
what you’re hearing

okay this now I understand what you’re
hearing here
is an embedded reporter who has been
assimilated he’s been he’s been sucked
into everything including using the term

crashing out which I think actually
shows his bias
oh he’s incredibly biased you can tell
the whole time by his report he’s
against the idea of crashing out you

know and he hates Johnson in fact they
ask him about this and he’s worse there
was the real problem here Johnson so he
is that yeah he’s been assimilated by
the by the Borg and he’s and a
resistance is futile

so let’s go with the part three what
must Boris Johnson do legally now
legally he is supposed to write a letter
tonight to Brussels asking for an
extension he says he won’t do it he just

refuses to and the reason is that all
along he said that he would rather die
in a ditch then go back to Brussels and
promise to get the country out cuz of
course it’s been almost three and a half
years since the 2016 brexit vote and so

he’s adamant he won’t do it what are the
true sticking points the true sticking
point I think you’re really in she did
you see the whole video of this because

this is edited by a 12 year old worse
with question like what go ahead well is
scripted to the max yeah
and it’s and and the woman who’s doing

it this is the weekend reporters this
all it’s happened on yes sir that
explains it okay so we have the weekend
correspondent and apparently shrim
Nasser a good guy the guys really
talented that that does the weekend PBS

show wasn’t working yesterday so they
brought in this woman who I’ve never
seen before and she is maybe she was
brought in for a purpose so she could
work with this guy who was lash out guy

you can hear the inserts just what was
that pot happen hey by the way it was
very poorly edited but it was it was
scripted to the max and she’s reading
from the script and it’s not it’s not a

free-flowing conversation in any way
what are the true sticking points the
true sticking point I think here really
is is the distrust of just an fuck over
this it sounds like she’s in the editing

Bay talking into the microphone in the
desk it’s like oh we need a question
here okay what what are the true
sticking points the true sticking point

I think here really is is the distrust
of Boris Johnson and the fact that this
timetable is so tight this is one of the
biggest decisions made by the UK
government in many decades and they

don’t want to make a mistake and they
don’t want to miss something the hill is
reporting that the US Chamber of
Commerce is calling for the deadline for
breakfast to be extended which leads me
to wonder what’s been the economic

impact of all of these delays would you
ring your bell over I miss it
what is the US Chamber of Commerce did
you with this mistake and they don’t

want to miss something
well the hill is reporting that the US
Chamber of Commerce is calling for the
deadline for brexit to be extended which
leads me to wonder what’s been the
economic impact of all of these delays I

was on a train recently up to Manchester
and I met two people who work in there
headhunters in the city of London the
financial district they voted to remain
in the EU they said that right now they

can’t get any business done people can’t
make a decision because there’s been so
much uncertainty and in fact they would
actually back Boris Johnson’s deal so
they actually were switching sides so

from a business perspective I think that
this uncertainty has cost a law
what do a verge people think at this
point they’re exhausted what’d you hear
a lot from people is get brexit done

nobody thought certainly when this was
sold to people the Braxtons tears said
this would be easy it’s been anything
but and I think there’s a tremendous
amount of braixen fatigue even some
people who voted to remain would like to

see this done I hear it even from some
young people so I think people are very
tired of it it’s very interesting you
talk to people and they’ll say even if
there is short-term economic damage I
just want the country to move on it’s

very striking that said thousands were
out today saying we need a new
referendum in this country the deal did
Boris Johnson has is not at all we voted
for for 2016 so the country also remains
very divided

my how often that we’re gonna have to go
over this again and again and again
predicting since day one to do over for
three and a half years the two of us

yeah and this still keeps coming into
the conversation and they just they
won’t pull the trigger so can I have to
do it the do-over is coming of course
it’s coming that’s the only way that

they can keep them in there cuz that’s
the whole point and I never want to hear
another British person ever say anything
about our politics in America okay
yeah that’s a good point as the US

Chamber of Commerce by the way which is
always at loggerheads with Trump is a
globalist organizations nothing to do
with the normal Chamber of Commerce

course of course is well also we have
other issues regarding brexit know when
I have this clip you’re speaking of a
globalist yeah this is you know Fifi

Lagarde left the IMF and went to the
European Central Bank
to steal the money from everybody and
her replacement is not as fun Kristalina

missy Kristalina Georgieva i’m not quite
sure where she’s from but the work were

we’re crashing out the whole economy of
the whole world is crashing out brexit
trump global economy is now in a
synchronized slowdown synchronized to

slow down
fractures driven by trait driven by
uncertainty surrounding geopolitical

tensions and breaks it there he’ll
holding back growth hazards in this
shared road we are traveling calm

they’re slowing us down I think she’s
trying to do a version of Dave
Chappelle’s alphabet people in the car
but it’s not coming out right because
we’re on the road to grote

and it’s slowing us down
yeah no that’s that’s her only message
it’s just the ones now okay yeah yeah

yeah he’s gotta blame something yes
hey there’s a story that was breaking
breaking breaking and I wanted to ask
you about it

California has passed a law that goes
into effect January 1st 2020 and it is
the gig I would call the the gig gig
economy law although it’s actually

California Assembly Bill five yeah and
it’s meant to
help define what gig workers are and it
is further how they’re treated

yeah it’s a fine tuning of a labor law
right and and if they’re treated if they
can be treated as independent
contractors or if there’s some reason
that they should actually be full-time

employees with benefits etc and while
they were doing this and of course a lot
of negotiation goes into it out of it
came a ruling regarding freelance
journalists in California yeah oh yeah I

missed oh whoa check it out
the every I’ll read this verbatim so I
don’t mess it up the passage of Assembly
Bill five offers some relief freelance

writers editors photographers and
editorial cartoonists were given a
partial carve out allowing publishers to
hire them for up to 35 separate content
submissions in a given year

so because journalistic publications
their core business is journalism
they are curtailed and cannot just hire

temporary work contractors continuously
although because it’s their core
business so they have to hire full-time

people unlike an uber whose real
business is booking not driving that’s
the the gambit they use there so now in
the law freelance journalists may only
submit 35 the content submissions in a

given year to a and they have a term
here to the was it
a putative organization putative yeah

putative what’s putative mean putative
I looked it up actually I’m glad you

asked me that let me open this up I
think it’s the if you describe someone
or something as putative you mean that
they are generally thought of to be the
thing mentioned so I think what they’re

trying to say is the organization so if
I’m writing for BuzzFeed I can only work
for them for 35 stories a year which of
course is going to put a lot of people

in the poorhouse the 35 they’re doing 35
a week that’s please guys Bailey all of
and the way they came up with the number

is he said well they felt that a
freelancer is like a columnist a weekly
this is this is how nuts it is so a
weekly columnist would submit you know
roughly 25 columns per year they cuddle
I’m just at 52 I’m sorry 50 52 they cut

that in half there was pushback so they
took it from the 25 or 26 and they
bumped it up to 35 that’s how they just
it’s arbitrary but now every I’m reading

here from The Hollywood Reporter
headline everybody is freaking out and
this is going to I’m happy with it

because it’s going to kill these
stupid-ass websites
and people are getting 25 bucks for a
column or for a submission as they call
it to the putative employer yeah then

they do three a day for to get 75 bucks
yeah but that but that will count as one
tenth of your annual budget yeah you
know I do this for ten ten ten and a
half days and you’re done and there’s

and this is you should talk to the Lib
joes about this and there’s as there’s a
clarity is needed on what the putative
organization is is it the holding
company that owns multiple publications

is it just you’re really screwed oh yeah
is it each individual publication so if
you work for Conde Nast can it only be
35 for all of Conde Nast or can it be 35
for each of their publications so that’s

why the word putative becomes important
but I don’t know how it’s gonna work
legally but I thought that was and and
it’s also isn’t that in a way
freedom of press a freedom like a first

amendment issues that yes now that you
mention it here it’s unconstitutional I
mean that literally stop abridging the
freedom of press yeah

as California uber alles well California
braless has always been unconstitutional
but that’s not constitutional not to
mention it I think it’s great and while

we’re on that we might as well talk
about Trump’s lawyers they sent a an
email to CNN did you see this thing yes

this was another great distraction of
the week well what I found interesting
is essentially you see it there the law
they’re citing is the Lanham Act which I

happen to know a lot about yeah well you
should because it’s about trademarks and
copyrights well and false advertising I
was sued on the Lanham Act when MTV
wanted and of course both the

parties settle out of court neither
parties and he further comment
but the Lanham Act is also for false
advertising and that’s what they’re
that’s what I found funny it’s

completely misinterpreted by Twitter and
the retards everywhere else I’m sorry I
can’t call anything else but that George
a for calling him bad names is absurd no
the Lanham Act says if you say you’re

unbiased and you provide fair and
balanced news that’s false advertising
if you’re not if and of course they cite
the project Veritas and all of that

it’ll go nowhere but I thought it was
interesting that it’s only sent towards
CNN because you know right there in the
title fair and balanced Fox News you can
take them down for two if you’re really

gonna apply the Lanham Act and let’s do
it and it’s just you know I it always
bothers me when if people misinterpret
these things that are done it becomes

I guess that’s a life well I got into it
1 1 1 go round with a Twitter Twitter I
said I told Atlanta mag this is about
the Lanham Act this is if anyone thinks

this is going anywhere
and when it wants to argue about it
count me out yeah
exactly exactly it’s stupid it’s stupid
but it’s so funny you know Scott Adams

had I have to say I didn’t I don’t take
it like I mean clipping him out you have
to clip me got a really clip him hard
because he’s got a lot of pauses yeah

but he came out with he kidding some
funny stuff on his periscope show which
I by the way he’s got a new book out
which I’m supposed to get a copy out
mm-hmm and how not what is it to be a
loser yeah yeah and he finally decided

I’ve watched him do this I did just
dawned um I said you know
when I interviewed him he is already
talking about a loss an income on Dilber
but it’s not necessarily because people

hate him or Dilbert his market is dying
forget it the cartoon businesses is oh I
mean he’s the last of the Mohicans
selling panels there kick it they’d

already kicked out and fired their
editorial cartoonist and they can’t even
that can can’t afford it period they
can’t afford anything they get bend this
syndicated stuff they can kind of afford

but they’re gonna probably cut this is
like I were to hate to Tet keep telling
these stories but why we love their
stories don’t hate telling that’s good
doesn’t mean I like telling them but I’m
so I’m at tech TV then you’ve noticed

you’ve probably seen this too they have
to do some cutbacks so the first thing
you start cutting back is the free first
it was free milk first
it’s always the coffee the food the the

food go to makeup artist what mono
before makeup parking goes we literally
saw that or any of you what are you
talking about we had parking with key no

way never had parking at me vo we did I
said of me vo don’t you remember
I protected your haunted spots it was
hardly enough parking the town I

protected your spot man yeah I did have
a spot Nexxus makeup and Dennis the
lighting director of course that’s how
it goes
yeah the makeup go out the way it went
at Tech TV was first the milk and coffee

and then it was the makeup artist which
was ridiculous because it’s the makeup
artists I think to any makeup artists
out there or you and you would know this
we put in particular the makeup artist

is maybe the most important person or
persons yes it’s at any of TV let me
explain why people may not realize this
and makeup room and the makeup staff and

these aren’t artists are also
psychologists they are the ones that
will sit there will know the shit that’s

going on in your life will talk to you
about it will make you feel calm would
you like another cup of tea a cup of
oh yeah and they and that while they’re
making you look good they will
completely build up your ego and it is a

fundamental part of certainly of any
live television but any television in
makeup is where the peace and the calm
is put into the guests and the host

would you agree I would agree with that
but at also in most situations on
television people don’t realize that
many of the incredibly attractive women
are at base ugly ducklings and they

could use a couple hours and they’ll
take it two hours in the makeup chair
they come out Miss America and that’s
very important for the image of the

network do it yourself having some of
these women do their own makeup is a
nightmare yeah and then but also
television makeup is very different it’s
a very different animal and of course

after they get rid of the makeup
department then they get rid of the
fluffers I mean it’s just downhill from
well in this case they got rid of
wardrobe and it which is another thing
so people had to start dressing

themselves and this is not gonna work
yeah but but they this is the kind of
thing that goes on I don’t know how I
got off the track this why why I didn’t
want to talk I liked it and I was just
thinking of my own MTV story when I just

take the ball and run with it
when I arrived at MTV in the late 80s
they had no makeup department no
wardrobe and the lighting guy came in

once a week he said stand here he’d
knocked this thing around with his stick
bumper-to-bumper the puppy said good
okay just this is your mark you put a
little AC next to it so I knew it was my

mark they had no hair makeup or wardrobe
whatsoever and it was I mean they were
able to hire me and bring me over from
Europe and this was a going operation it
was Mickey Mouse yeah it sounds Mickey

Mouse but back to I think the point was
business Scott Adams has seen the
writing on the wall and he knows it’s a
dying industry and his cartoons were you
know so he that he makes I think he

makes the bulk of his money now on books
about the cartoons and these these
expositions and he’s not a bunch of him
he’s done like three books in the last
couple of years they’re always

bestsellers he’s got a good name for
himself and then he does this periscope
thing which is a promotional question
for the book question for you you know
what kind of money do you
and author like Scott Adams makes off of

a book million bucks
damn that’s pretty good yeah
that’s pretty good okay
at least have something to strive

towards yeah he make it well he’s got a
name he’s got the distribution he’s and
he does big publishers and they do big
deals and he’s probably he maybe I he
could probably be laughing if he’s
listening to this he doesn’t listen to
the show but he could be laughing or

little does he know he could be making 2
million 3 million I don’t know could be
like two hundred thousand he’s making a
million at least okay well you would
know and so he does these so he does his
periscope thing is something that’s

pretty funny but he did one the other
day about the predicting that whatever
happens when Trump pulls out is that
you’re gonna hear about a hospital
bombing and using chemical weapons oh
good so he does listen to our show is

what you’re saying well he says this is
the case with all these boy he says it
doesn’t matter whether it happens or not
but you’re always gonna hear about it
but he did it kind of in it this would
be something I’m always you do it you

still do it I still do it it’s kind of a
problem which is the being sarcastic on
the internet or even especially online
because it could you just can be quoted
out of context but but he went on I just

I got a clip here Oh Scott Adams on
McRaven so the McRaven the general and
then Mad Dog Madison McRaven this real

Admiral from the Clinton administration
and bammed buddy BIG’s both of them
Clinton supporters they went after the
president which I think was very
unprofessional for millets professional
military men to do this because he’s the

commander-in-chief you know but they did
it anyway and McRaven it was really and
it was always about it was about Syria
and it’s screwed up Syria and Hillary’s
all in on this officer is sorry we got

to be in Syria even though we weren’t in
Syria as you proved two shows ago when
you played all these old clips no boots
on the ground no boots on the ground
advise and assist role we’re not
fighting anything no no no no no no no

so Adams goes off in a very sarcastic
funny kind of a sarcastic around which I
thought would be worth playing because
it’s amusing but but again it’s
sarcastic so I can imagine people

listening to this and agreeing with him
instead of realizing he’s being
incredibly sarcastic but I thought it
was clippable according to Admiral
the this president has damaged our

standing with other leaders and our
credibility so much so that how can we
depend on them in the future for example
let’s say we got into a big war do you
think we could you know depend on Greece

coming to our rescue
no Greece would look at the situation
and say well look what they did to the
Kurds we’re not coming to help them
militarily how are we gonna win a war
without the without the Greeks I don’t

see how what if what if let’s say Russia
sends a nuclear weapon our way and and
starts a nuclear war we’re not going to

have the Kurds on their side so how are
we going to defend against a
thermonuclear war with Russia if we have
no curbs no Kurds at all like not even
one Kurd is going to help us what are we

gonna do well I would say we’re in
pretty bad shape in that case so Admiral
McRaven has got a good point here who is
ever gonna help the United States who

who is gonna help us because before this
before this you can see that other
countries were they were forming a line
to give us money and military aid and my

god other countries wanted to help the
United States so much that we almost
couldn’t handle all the help they were

giving us yes I recall the freedom fries
vividly that is very dangerous for him
to do because when he does that he
sounds very serious out of context and

he knows that he’s quoted it I think
Jordan Peterson made it pop popularize
it that I don’t know if the numbers this

high but 25% of people out there have no
sense of humor right don’t get anything
and that means 25% of the people
listening to him we’re going all yeah

that’s true it’s funny we saw Scott
Adams last night we went to Dracula the
play here in Austin
yeah yeah and so Tina I were sitting
there just before it started people

coming in Scott Adams we saw meatloaf
Liz Oh even Stephen Hawkins it’s a good
say Austin is happening
what I might not have been them but man
they looked like him

oh just saying Scott Adams has a lot of
double gangers out there
anyway so he’s working it and I think

he’s a smart guy that can make money so
well he’s you know he’s got to make a
lot to maintain his lifestyle I think or

at least I mean he spends a lot of money
puts money into real estate and all
kinds of deals and and I think and
restaurants I personally think he’s out

of the restaurant game completely
I think he’s prone to being soaked if he
doesn’t watch out
so soaked so he’s got he’s gonna be
careful gonna be careful yeah I’m glad

you did that
that was a good report and with that I’d
like to thank you for your courage and
say in the morning to you the man who
put the sea and crashing out John well
in the morning you mr. Adam Curry also

in the morning all those seats on the
ground beats in the air subs in the
water boots on the ground and the dames
in the nights out there close enough in
the morning to the trolls in the troll

room who are ITM in a way as we speak as
is no agenda stream dot-com where you
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there’s always some kind of live stream

happening on just before the No Agenda
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the host of the show troll people live
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an invite to no agenda social or just
hang out with people who generally
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dot-com then I would also like to say in
the morning to let me and get it here
yes well it is the same Darren O’Neill I

was just talking about Darren O’Neill
who brought us the artwork for episode
11 82
see forgot we had a jingle for it yes
let’s critique the show art had no

agenda our generator dot-com this is
it’s a segment now you see it’s a whole
segment now we had a hard time once
again that’s kind of acute voiceover

voice I’m forgetting who did that it I
don’t know who did Oh Tom Stark where
there’s a partner I think oh well she’s
got a dynamite voice she’s just used to

work she’s not she’s just a mixing – she
does some of the mixes end of show mixes
so what we had we had a number of we’re
all gonna die we had some looks we had

the Queen as a lizard we had LeBron with
a money basketball and Chinese Flags
Pete Buddha jazz a Buddha judges head in
a pile of poop but the one we chose it

was the break up with big tech based
upon I guess my quota Bowl since I’ve
seen it pop up here and there let’s not

break up big tech but break up with big
tech and it was a good line it was a
good line thank you there was actually
two pieces in this in this series that
had a break up with big tech I think

there was a nether one were this one
where the where the the comic strip
bloggers had a big tech falling off a
cliff right right which it wasn’t just
didn’t hit home for us the one that we

kind of both liked but we didn’t choose
another dare no peace by the way because
we were figured that people wouldn’t get
the joke and it was a an agency news
live from Syria shot and it’s clearly

the Alamo agreed we discuss this
particular piece yeah I liked it the
most and but then but then I relented
because as we discussed it and then I

came to the realization is that today’s
generations and many people listen to
show or just generally Americans exactly
don’t know what the hell I Mobius and
they would never recognize it if they

saw it exactly and that’s what it was is
the Alamo and
I don’t think anyone would get to joke
now know that without was what we
discussed and so we agreed that now they
probably would and I mean I know the

Alamo of course and and I confronted
with the image more frequently in mail I
have if yeah it’s pretty small I had a
different a different idea in mind yeah

do you know whose when I was there
his artwork was on displayed you know
who was a huge collector of Texas art in
particular Alamo related art no Phil

Wow that’s odd he has a his whole
collection Susu t studio guy yeah yeah
one more well the genesis guy yeah till

the Coens well no Phil Phil Phil hates
me he hates you yeah I there was a
period in the 80s where we would always
be bumping into each other I’d have to

interview him if it wasn’t you know it’s
um at Wembley Stadium for some kind of
you know one of those benefit shows he
would be in my studio and then a certain
point you say Oh hurry too tall too much

hair I hate you and he would walk away
huh yeah it was loving it was luck I
think I think it was love a form of love

yeah it was in the air tonight
she got his autograph we have a system
here on this podcast which you know we
don’t get it leads to drop by we don’t

have a corporate money
we now have sponsors we’re not a member
of like a podcast one network that yeah
would get us money know what we’ve done
is we have determines that we also do

not have an audience we don’t we just
don’t have it the modern way of radio
let’s just call it that is you have
producers your entire audience is a
group of producers and they help you

create and produce the show in many
different ways obviously lights have to
stay on server bills have to be paid
food needs to be purchased and that’s
why we have producers who support us

financially and just off the bat well
Iowa I always do it in the second
segment I want to thank everybody who
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as well right now we are the claw CLIs
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the club o’clock less CPU yeah this must
be a reference I don’t understand no I

don’t think anybody I guarantee there’s
five people out there that get that joke
all right okay all right unfortunately
yeah okay yeah I’ll tell you the story

the clock less CPU was the was kind of a
holy grail of processors that was
discussed for a decade or more and it’s

still just still bandied about is
something no one can do it so it so it’s
just it has no limitations it just goes
as fast as it can it goes as fast or as
slow as it can it that would settle it’s

not there’s no clock right just judge
this thing and but it can’t be
apparently with most of the electronics
world you need a clock you need
something that’s fixed yeah we are the

clock let’s see we don’t have we’re like
the holy grail of pikas we don’t have
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Boswell came in with 500 bucks and he
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Virginia with $396 which was also known
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very much for Gregory yes Douglas Garcia
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entertainment boom boom three in a row
well Thank You Douglas Garcia and those
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are Prince’s we’re not writing war and
peace yes so let’s shift gears Darrin
O’Neil comes areas speak of the devil
this is the Darrin the Darrin O’Neil

from the artwork Darrin O’Neil from the
pre stream does Darrin O’Neal had have
any kind of existence outside of our
show I don’t know there’s not a night
anyway – five six no he doesn’t – Fred

now he’s going still going for the
trifecta we don’t even know if he’s real
he may just be an AI or something you
know it could be that cartoon character

he draws of himself here could be six
seven five
which has some meaning I’m sure hello
John and out in the no agenda University
sweatshirts generated a few sales and

parted this donation us right he did the
notes right that’s right
Oakland University gorgeous did look
just the no agenda Logano sweatshirts it
with the University and this part of the

donations part of the prophecies giving
us relisted the items and we’ll be
adding some more using other artwork
I’ve done in the near future daddies

will be available at no agenda
I hope that John received the hoodie I
sent him yes I did and is it is
prominently displayed I also added some
cash that I recently received

unexpectedly to bring the total of three
to two fifty to five six seven five
health karma update my dad’s hip surgery
back in the early July went well good
he’s been progressing nicely sense and

is being able to work or able to walk
with just a cane no agenda health karma
works can I please get the Dvorak Curie
marketing treatment for my podcast

grumpy old Benz
he does it with Orion BEM Rose sir Ryan
barrows sir ryan BEM Rose yes sorry it’s
a tech guys take on the world so

basically we stole the idea of cranky
geeks remove the knowledgeable host from
the mix and added to unhinged hosts
instead I’d say reformat sounds good to

the entries was better than most the
decisions there’s so many tech
podcasters why don’t you do a tech
why should I do a tech podcast result
it’s magical we are just two old guys

yelling at the cloud neither one of
you’re that old grumpy ol Ben’s calm
thank you for yeah I grumpy old Ben
Steichen ah my kid don’t we have it in
the rotation I’m not sure grumpy ol
Ben’s runs all the time after the show

on the no agenda stream no absolutely
I’m gonna go fishing but I want to say
something out the stream all right thank
you for all you do to keep us saying
it’s appreciated in the morning Darren

I think and I think we should do it on
our show too so I’m listening to the
stream and I mean you know I decided
Melissa stream as to what you know a

baby it should be bumped but I’m
listening and so and be hearing this one
guy and he’s going on and on and on it’s
a ferry one he’s a one guy he’s a single

yeah kak-kak-kak-kak and he talks about
he’s got some good stuff mm-hmm
because spiritually kind of stuff but
most of these podcasts seem to be and
there’s another podcast and they come
and they go and there’s then there’s a
good woman with another guy and they’re

talking about something and nobody they
go for hours hours and nobody ever does
you’re listening to yes yes
and I think streamer we don’t have to be

it make it mandatory but I think we
should do it ourselves that’s just at
the beginning like maybe at the sent end
of this donation segment or something at

least twice in the three hours we should
have a canned it has to be canned
because it has to sound canned okay a
promo listening to the no agenda show

well we have those that run in between
the shows we have plenty of those
sweepers good oh just you just just one
just right just promoting our own show
on our show not our show the show there

is being I understand right can you said
we should do it to on our show yeah you
said on our show show while you’re
listening to the no agenda show yes yeah
it’s called the station ID it would be a

but the equivalent of a station ID
there’s no station involved but it would
be the crew oh and I would like the
podcasters that we can maybe we could do
maybe you could do them all because I

need more to do this morning for did you
an email if someone said I was too lazy
to look up Jon’s email please forward it

to him
like I’m your biatch sure yes so okay no
ma’am may I make a suggestion
the suggestion is as follows we need

coming from a background of doing this
why don’t we get
the the voice that I just played which
was the here the the show art voice here
we go why don’t we have that voice go

you listening yep and then have her do
that for every single show then we have

what we call station color and it’s
female which is good good these days for
the social justice warriors oh yeah
so I think it would be dynamite it would
be there for all the shows that are on

and I’m on it I’m making it happen as we
speak because it was bothersome listen
for the 24 hours and so you know waiting

for the whatever the show ends and then
even when the show ends is kind of
sketchy what the show was you don’t know
what it was but there’s lots of sweepers
and promos in between the shows that

that works very well and you avoid and
bam rose and all those guys have that
set up beautifully
but I agree just doing that if you’re
part of the no agenda stream throw it
we’ll do it too

we’re just yeah we just do it okay so
Tom Starkweather now has work with his
partner excellent yeah we need a couple
it takes not just yes yes mr. executive
producer a goat scream karma because I

just feel like giving it to me you’ve
got I was thinking about this thing and
I’m watching Amazon come out with some

of these turds you know in their per day
they need but and they say well let’s
just do a whole season this worked fine
when he had Kevin Spacey Asst
you know a superstar producer director

but right now out on the outs do you
know he started it off with the house of
cars they did the whole season at once
without having to worry about it
but in in network television even when

they only had three channels they would
run a series and they’d kill it after
two shows yeah oh one there’s plenty of
Broadway shows that were killed out
through the first night and sorry that

Dracula should be killed off until
though well anyway they would kill these
shows of this because there were suits
I think the suits are important now that
I’m starting to think of like one the
suits the suits the guys would say this

show stinks yeah it it is important to
have some kind of suit somewhere but you
see this there’s a couple of new things
on Amazon they’re just the worst now I

we watched something good last night
couple episodes of modern love ah that’s
the word I think it’s actually
incredibly good I consider it the most
racist thing I’ve ever seen let’s go bin

racist you’re thinking about something
else this is adaptations of the New York
Times column for what the New York Times
co-producer so they’re the kind of this

suits there okay it’s not racist name
one woman of color in the entire series
what shit do I give about that it’s a
good series what who goes first the

first show this woman she’s seen every
guy she goes out with so white guy who’s
a douchebag yep and this she said says
she says some shot with the black guy
cuz he’s not a douchebag

black men are not douchebags and white
guys are all douchebags you don’t see
this I took it very differently
she was bi she had no no partner and the
doorman was her was her real friend and

you know come on
all right I think the line I wasn’t
looking in their eyes Natasha I was
seeing in your eyes whether you liked
them I mean maybe throw up you are you

are a stone-cold bastard huh it’s a
great series the room was lit with
candles wow I mean I’m I’m pretty open

to seeing weird stuff in show I saw
nothing but just lovely stories that I

really enjoyed and now I feel I almost
feel dirty for liking it because I’m
seeing shame
for being a racist move on please damn
huh no the one good review I saw some

guy gave it one star says I just wasted
they said watch the 3 episode wasted an
hour and a half of my life alright on
where to our donors who are more
important than that horrible show and

the racist show by the way
there’s Spillers is in she’s up on deck
and she did send a note where are you

where are you
weird role Nelson I know what you’re
doing oh oh and for some reason I saw
hands spill it okay chill Nelson is in
Richfield Minnesota 247 bucks hey Joel

hey all as a know I saw is that JC d had
note and I know Spillers had to know but
I didn’t see this
Joel Nelson note so you know what I have
to do no no no no no just because

you don’t like romantic stories and
immediately see the black and white
issues because you probably inherently

are a racist
doesn’t mean that you can just go ahead
and pretend you didn’t do any work
because you didn’t have the ready

and I hate dogs you do there’s nothing
here Joel Nelson said another missing

newsletter on August 24th 2019 cutsies
thanks Jan I didn’t get the newsletter
uh but there’s nothing that has to do
with this with this particular let me

just do a quick scan I don’t have any
yes note oh I’m sorry I do have the note
of maleness in well that was fun going
through squirrelmail no never this was

supposed to be one half of a lucky Jew
donation but like most things in my
fiscal life it’s a bit of a short is a
bit short thank you both for keeping on
keeping on with the best Cod’s piece in

the universe I found a humerus according
to the molar report okay uh show us off
the rails now okay it’s off the rail

karma requests okay resource Karma first
wife who’s growing our first need some
dis all karma so it’s just a big one big

car okay health Karma for me as I
recover from an acute disk herniation
small business karma for the dude named
ban who hit me in the mouth well that’s

nice positive thoughts to you both and
then a dealer’s choice of jingles if you
want anything for something there uh do
you know what I’m going to give him a

little bit of extra special Russian
Karma today which we just received in
the mail I think that will be my
dealer’s choice and then we’ll throw in
some goat Karma Divya yes
you’ve got karma Russian course

hey it’s Russian what can I say it came
out of a gray recording booth the ROG

don’t want to make this a show about
shows but now does she mention it
because you mentioned it earlier and I
didn’t chime in about her being in that

little booth you know just sound like
she’s on a crappy booth does anybody
find it annoying when you watch TV news
you know what these booths are they have
these not every studio has it but most

of them do when you’re doing a package
you’re going to this little cell like a
phone booth and it’s got a mic in it
typically if the mic has got dead it’s
sounding completely dead sound and you

talk into the mic you do voiceovers or
whatever you think the booth has holes
drilled into it either that paneling oh
so you don’t die yeah yeah it’s the old
school you’re a hamster in a cardboard
wheel here so when you would listen to

the reports on television and I’m
talking Network you hear the guy with a
crispy crispy voice and then he guess he
goes into his package the voice changes

Tommy almost the 44 ABC news
what is the deal that day people would

say that not sound like Joe Biden what
is the deal that people think this this
transition from one noisy sound kind of
an open mic full room sound to a closed

soundproof booth how that’s is that how
is that professional and they all do it
what’s interesting is when at MTV we did
many packages for the weekend Rock and

which was a weekly show I really enjoyed
doing it early on of course they they
kicked everybody off because they had a
news department in Kurt Loder came in

but we would do the voiceovers right
after knee or before show depending on
what it was we probably usually do right
after we had recorded we do a voiceover
in the studio with the loved Mike

sitting in the same spot for the
packages they were going to put together
later because then you’d have the same
audio of the force the problem is it’s
much more expensive to keep the whole
studio running just for these voiceovers

but man does it make a difference well
let congratulations I think that’s
exactly what you have to do yeah yeah
thank you
I don’t think I deserve any kudos for it

but that is I’m just giving some
technical background it’s all going to
be in the book onward Juna
Jairaj Kolchak I don’t know he’s your

coach Chuck
cz is checkles dead Czech Republic Oh
Jack now by the way I got called out for
saying Czechoslovakia Republic lovely

who are you Putin all roads lead to
Putin once again no jingles no no jingle
joke karma and I would know no jingles

just jobs Karma and Jo Jo JK no jingles
adjust it even says it there in English
I’m thinking I’m thinking and checked
jobs jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for

we’ve got karma John Patrick in Decatur
Illinois Illinois $225 she says much

respect go podcasting right on that’s it
yeah very nice well thank you would it
what a great list of donors today no

one’s really asking for anything that
just saying nice things except you in
the same group I said she sent an email
two hundred and one dollars and she’s

the email that I was trying to get to
earlier okay well I’m not gonna play the
no I don’t have to look it’s re re found
it I haven’t already posted I did my job
oh okay oh you got a pen

brother you did your job except you just
okay throw me under the bus
alright got my pen this donation makes
me a dame oh this is more than just a

pencil I got to get the spreadsheet okay
let’s go
so and Spillers this is fantastic so we
dance fillers James is a dame this is

our game Drive and yes I understand but
it was completely unexpected because you
weren’t hoarding the note yes yes I was
I was boarding the note that’s exactly

right and I’d like to be known as Dame
and of gray rock okay a and E and of de
man of gray rock you said of grey rock
yeah gr e wire a Y a Y gray wore grey

rock one word yeah
grey rock nice with a K you should kid
you can continue this gag for as long as
you want

Ock okay I’m just kidding
the last few shows have been fantastic
thanks for the amazing deconstruction my
seven-year-old daughter who must have
appreciated Adams earlier f-bomb and I

love you both my husband not as much
surprise surprise but our daughter is
desperately trying to convert him Wow

conversion therapy No Agenda style yeah
for the bottom up nice thanks for giving
me the opportunity to introduce her to
critical thinking she’s gonna be a

terrorist by the way a seven year old no
agenda way of looking at things will be
President Justin destined for greatness
stay in touch what’s her name do you

have a name for the seven-year-old she
never mentions her name okay can I get a
health camera for her since she recently
diagnosed with juvenile arthritis oh
crap yes you can get arthritis too and

it stinks I’m also a reverend al
dealer’s choice
China is asshole and that’s true keep up
the great work in okay so we’ll do

and that’s true and does she not have
anything for the roundtable was my
nope oh that’s too bad okay you know
that’s I don’t know why you’d encourage

that the round tables loaded with stuff
I mean okay she’ll be happy with
rentboys and Chardonnay I guess no
there’s a female version for that that
is the female verse karma oh nice

I’m very very nice we got a we do our

Dame Drive continues this is is very
encouraging we I want to see a de
Machaut a de Machaut
oh man yes yes yes it’s doable

no where’s my hair doesn’t need the Dame
Drive donation jingle that’s what we
need here

see you showing our true Broadway roots
John I of course come from the theater

decades spent receive from the theater a
couple nights ago and I was there just
last night well thank you very much Amy
I’m sorry to thinner say thank you very
much and really look forward to having

you by yourself up here on the podium
and thank you for teaching your daughter
the right way
yeah and finally last on our list and in
this within the same theme of the entire

list Sir Joe comes in with 200 bucks
parts unknown and he says no jingles no
karma and J&K we’re done fantastic thank
you to our executive producers and our

associate executive producers these are
credits that are real just like any
other credit in show business of course
we don’t have yet the hookers and all
that stuff for you yeah but as an
executive producer you do get to log

this credit over others they are
valuable everywhere they’re recognized
so feel free to put that on your on your
resume put on your LinkedIn LinkedIn
it’s the place where everybody gets

hired these days it’s it’s none of these
job listings it’s all about LinkedIn
it’s an incredible ripoff for people who
are advertising jobs on it but it but
they can also like John does you have

the premium count you can go search for
people I pulled my premium account
oh that’s disappointing oh yeah I’m not
gonna pay that money that you would

touch I said it before I’ll say it again
I download for backup my contact list my
my phone and they stop giving me my
email addresses breaking up with big

tech and I’m proud of you John
that’s very good now for those of you
who will still have regular jobs you
probably will see that that to you being
recruited on LinkedIn so when someone

looks for an executive producer do you
know many people look for executive
producers a lot so make sure you put
that on your LinkedIn profile and will
be thanking more people who came in $50

and above in the second segment we have
Damon coming up in our Dame Drive and
for anybody else who would like to
consider supporting this program as a
producer of the No Agenda podcast you
can do that by going to Dvorak org slash

I think we earned our Spurs for today
you know what go out there propagate our
formula is this we go out we’re good
people in the mouth

shut up slave I got a new one
I guess this little girl was that well

the seed man of course has been hearing
for years cuz he listens to our show
obviously yeah and I guess this way I
guess I guess something stuck it’s kind

of harsh isn’t it yeah
ODP oh yes off the grid for a moment
here with a no agenda shush shush show

off the grid well we break up with wit
big tech and we’re happy about it very
happy I do have a couple of the stories
too that were sent in a couple things to
mention and your review

do you recall on the previous show we
were talking about the device the
manager the manager of devices at Google
saying yeah you should probably disclose

to guests that come over if you’re using
a Google speaker or Amazon Alexa you
should probably disclose to them that
these systems are listening all the time
yeah because they didn’t sign the
document the EULA right and do you

remember what we made a recommendation
of how you could shame people into not
having these devices yeah it was extreme
but it was a good idea so bright want to

repeat it i well producer producer Brad
reports Adam the but porn search worked
that was my suggestion and say hey

Google search for but porn and Brad
writes in Adam no freaking joke man
you just made my phone look up but porn
I was playing who through a Bluetooth
speaker and you hey googled my phone

into looking it up I couldn’t believe it
worked so after 15 minutes of browsing
but porn so it does work excellent thank
you very much Brad for that report

Corrections came in this is from a dude
named Ben Adam Thursday’s discussion of
you block origin being banned from the
chrome store was premature this is the
very very often I’ve used it this is a

very popular ad blocker ad blocking is
an issue it breaks Google’s advertising
model a chrome is a Google product it

was only the development build
apparently that was rejected by the
automated submission system
it was never removed from the store I

don’t think I said it was removed for
the source it was blocked just one beta
build that was automatically rejected
for unknown reasons but the issue has
since been resolved okay but I think in
the in our future ad blockers have a

limited level limited prospects and then
with regards to safaris fraudulent
website warning this was also fun he
says which means we probably fell for

fear uncertainty and doubt the issue now
what I reported on this is that the
Safari Browser looks and went if it hits
a URL that is on the fraudulent website

list which is the problem quite honestly
that’s the problem yeah it then was
reporting this to China’s $0.10 and to

Google so he goes on and says with
regards to safaris fraudulent website
warning URLs are only sent to $0.10 if
your region is set to China okay

Google Safe Browsing list is used in the
rest of the world I don’t know why
people are losing their shit over this
though oh let me tell you why I’m losing
my shit over it because we’re on that

list that list gets propagated to
firewalls to corporate firewall we are
blocked in so many places because of
effing lists gee I have a real problem
with people doing that I have a real

problem with a central problem with
people who don’t think it’s a problem
yeah and he’s a dude named bin so you
know I’m going a little bit but it is a
very big problem

see this lists of fraudulent websites is
very subjective and can get off of these
websites know of this list no you can’t
get off the list

who do you contact there’s not no way to
get off the list you’re on the list
you’re on the list forever I can never
ever do anything advertising base with
Google I got banned years ago and it’s
impossible never had not that I want it

but it’s impulse actually part of the
reason we’re doing this is because I saw
this happen like okay fine
was 2010 I think or 2009 and they
rejected me forever forever lifetime ban

now let’s talk a little bit about and
this is I’ve this is probably my
favorite story
why you need to break up with big tech

is shutting down on October 28th what
yes they are they will be wait hold on a
second yeah yahoogroups for the first

2001 2001 they started yahoo groups
I mean surprises that late but they had
they’ve had these groups and people have
even though over the years they’ve been

banning people they’ve been actually
active about then they kind of backed
off they didn’t care but many sewing
clubs and ham radio guys mobs shove the
owners many sort of group dogs or people

easily lovers yeah of everything’s there
and I think it is mainly because they
can’t figure out how to make money off
of it I don’t know how much it cost to

keep the Hat up but you can’t make money
on this stupid stuff there’s no money to
be made it when’s the last 800 but you
can pretend you’re making money by doing

something other than absolutely nothing
yeah you can’t make money if you don’t
do anything this is for Verizon things
that’s bitchy but you know how much

money we get from Africa we don’t get
any money from advertisers oh we’re
shutting down the podcast well you never
had an ad yeah well there’s that I mean
come on
well the point is that p.m. so now there
are a number of people and call it

including or number of outfits and
clotting including groups I oh we said
yeah you can port your stuff over and
and the sheep yeah that is so stupid
there’s you can sub your voice it was a

little bit as a little offshoot of
Freddie the fire yes a little bit like
that but please think think for a second

people don’t take it from one and throw
it into the next and anything your own
yes Tom is free learn how to set up us

don’t even don’t even go to free what
you set up your own server learn how to
set how to import some data and a set up
a great knitting club to do that why not

you have what kind of knitting people
aren’t stupid you don’t want to do
that’s really that’s really degrading is
I have no idea why you said that they’re

both a lot of computer work they’re
they’re dead you know
patterns is all this stuff that involves
computers and you just buy uses no just

an old white dude now that’s patriarchy
talking right there yeah yeah so but
anyway mother love Verizon is getting
out of the game HuffPo was up as up for

sale I’m sure you can get it for $1 for
the domain name it’s yeah it all goes
away it all yeah what you’re seeing now
with Facebook and Twitter it all goes

away they may take another decade it all
goes away it what’s going to me is that
they sell it as though it’s gonna be
here forever oh yeah and and I know what

the old thinking wasn’t Yahoo it was all
you know we can set up these groups and
they’ll keep people in the Yahoo family
they’ll be on the site we can then get
them to go over to our news and they can
get them to do this we can do that

because they’re on the site so let’s
these groups are great they don’t cost
us a lot of money and they don’t cuz
it’s not much going on it’s not a lot of
not like just breaking the bank right
running you know a group of small group
but the and it was all this you know pie

in the sky and then of course now
they’re owned by AT&T or owns Yahoo I
can’t remember isin Verizon Verizon rise
jerk-offs you know these phone companies
get all good hey man we have we have the

network and the content man it’s the
dream that was the AOL dream that was it
yeah and we’ll send people CDs discs

it’ll work it’d be great if floppies
mm-hmm now for the Estevez Easton’s
producer Mike true to the longest OTG
segment has historically now somebody

get a time code on this producer maybe
producer Mike the sent me as he promised
through to the PIO box 18 209 Austin
Texas seven eight seven six zero a pixel

3 a completely flashed and loaded with
graphene OS g ra ph en e OS graphene OS
which is a the developer of copperhead

OS I got you know in some tiff with with
the company that I was trying to set up
and this anyway he left and he created
his own version of this and this is the

one that will change your network cards
MAC address randomly so there’s all
these different tricks that will
certainly circumvent spying from big
tech but it’s really much more of a

complete open source no Google touching
it at all I think it’s called a sop so
it’s really the the original operating

system and then tweaked so that the the
apps can’t talk to each other under the
hood you can set every single permission
manually on every single app all of them

are off pretty much by default but you
could say no you can’t access motion
sensors and they have the f-droid app
store which is all open source free
software and so it has email it has a

stripped-down version of Chrome which
has removed all the googly stuff it had
a number of VPN type firewalls very much
like the pie hole that we’ve talked

about we can download a block list and
these URLs will never even really come
into your machine you’ll never actually
go and access them it looks like shit of
course because of this there’s no

prettiness to it it’s just functionality
there’s a podcast app in there and I was
able to install a couple other things
and I thought that this would be the
ultimate break up with big tech phone

very much like we have you know the pure
pure ISM phone the Libra m5 I think and
there’s a number of these you know pure
plays that are out there and I was very

excited to try this like okay finally
I’m you know this is it because I’m
still using the cloaked iPhone 5 which
is pretty pretty good against tracking

it’s certainly not a you know not
bulletproof for someone to try and get
into my phone but there’s really not
much there cuz I don’t store credit
cards and all that stuff
and I have to say it’s unusable for me

it’s too good I cannot use this because
here’s what happened to me
thing is so fast that I was you know I
was finding myself just grabbing the

phone on me just check email for a
second or I can just get a look at
Twitter you know I can just check that
real quick in the browser exactly the
opposite of what I want I need a piece
of crap phone that deters me from doing

this it has to be so much effort to do
any kind of function except take a call
send and receive text messages and once

in a while like if you’re out shopping
and your podcast partner says could you
please review the newsletter
you know it’ll take me five or six
minutes to get the email find it the

email queue to download then open it up
and something actually will open word
that isn’t word and then review it and
painfully copy paste and put something
back to you so as much as I really enjoy

what they’re doing with this it it does
not and I slip right into a John I slip
right back into the addiction I felt it
coming fast and hard like you take that

one that one toke of the cigarette like
that’s okay I can do it I know I can do
it I can just have that one no
you need to have shit os it has to be
the worst in the world

otherwise if you do and I just don’t
have that much willpower it becomes too
usually a puff you take of a cigarette
what did I say Tok ooh sorry old habits
break her head well let’s stop and and

and think about this you don’t want so
in other words this off-the-grid thing
is not about solely just being off the
grid because the fixed and and then let

me back up a further step it doesn’t
have to look like shit it doesn’t have
to look terrible or crummy because there
are artists out there and there are that

are better tech savvy you mean you’re
talking about it the whole Couture is
who does that the decide what’s your
point what’s your plan I said the

graphene OS it didn’t matter that it
looked like crap no I’m just saying it
but it doesn’t have to look crappy
that’s just the Dylan and the iPhone
effort or care the iPhone I thought I’d
let’s do it okay forget I ever said I

will let’s get back to the point I’m
trying to make which is that you don’t
want to be off the grid you don’t like
these to be stuck thinking or using
these products seamlessly so you because

you get addicted let me explain and you
don’t want that either so you know it’s
not just being off the grid no it’s okay
G is a misnomer of course if it was

truly off the grid it would have no
radios and wouldn’t communicate with
anything it’s on the grid it’s about
making me an extension of the grid I
don’t want to be continuously connected

this is why I laugh at people who walk
around with their phones while they’re
driving while they’re talking while
they’re eating well that people making
love pick up their phones you need to
remove that from your life that is the

damaging thing yes okay I almost got
yeah I would say I almost got killed no
I almost killed somebody luckily when I
Drive if I were he telling these stories

their stories are great I used to drive
I used to work for the air pollution
district we had to drive all the time
all day and all night so you get really
left foot braking and so I hope I Drive

that way normally when I’m in the city
or anywhere around I’m always left foot
braking because then you don’t do that I
always tell you that when it’s
incredibly dangerous it’s not how is it
dangerous tell me about how you almost

killed somebody
some dummy some girls making a left turn
while on her phone uh-huh
and I saw this coming a mile away so I
let her I slowed down I got it you know

and then I and she turned right in front
of me on him on a main thing right in
front of me I was like three feet away
luckily because I’m left foot braking I
could stop in time and lay on the horn

we saw everybody in the vicinity could
see what was going on she was pulling
right in front of me because she was
paying no attention to that turn she’s
making a left turn in front of me and I

couldn’t I was thinking about afterwards
cuz I but I just don’t do this but I I
thought you know I could I could have
gotten some body work done here’s how
here’s how I imagined you in whatever

you’re driving all she’s making a
left-hand turn and that’s your horn
pretty much and but I didn’t hit her but
it would have been obvious what would

happened and she probably was texting or
something well turning these people are
nuts so what’s your point you were
breaking it down and you’ve told this
story I’m just

the reason I’ve told the source because
you said you don’t like people walking
around looking at their phone like
zombies they’re driving like well also
well okay it’s not just the public
safety issue

it’s a sanity issue I already see in the
troll and people say well just turn off
notifications no it’s when this is what
happens every waking moment that there
is a downtime second in human

interaction people whip out their phones
oh boy we’re waiting for the waiter to
come let’s look at our phones
gee I’m at the stoplight let’s look at

my phone gee you know that’s it’s a
commercial break let’s look at my phone
that’s the sickness and you need to
remove it from your let you still have
to be connected it’s important to be

connected in a connected world but
without incredible willpower you become
a zombie through just the draw that the
information has you have to put up
blocks in the end the only way and so I

guess that’s the the point of my story
it does not matter what the operating
system is if it functions well it’s bad
for me this is my personal experience it

has to be really shit and at the shit OS
is what I call it at the same time I was
also compared to the iPhone 5 which is
just this beautiful format nice and

small you know it has no cover on it
I’ve dropped it on the ground it doesn’t
shatter right away at least it hasn’t on
me yet I have chipped this corner off of
it but the glass didn’t break it and it

only does the it keeps me in touch with
people through text message phone call
voicemail and if I need to I can get an
email I can send an email but I can’t

even do my typical show prep stuff on it
so if someone sends me an email check
this link out to click on the link
before Safari has gotten there it takes
so long that it’s not worth it and

that’s that’s what I’m that to me is OTG
okay and it’s for your sanity now you’re
you’re lucky you already have inherent

ability to leave this thing in the
drawer I mean I kinda roar I also know I
don’t I don’t text you I there’s no
reason to text you you’ll never read the
text except twice a week we might do

text I do too some texting that I do it
on the computer using Google Voice okay
that’s fair so I type on it but it’s
only when I have voice open
and I only do that for I only routinely

do it twice a week because I do it want
to send the newsletters ready that’s not
coming from my phone that’s coming I
just finished a newsletter and I okay
and I just mailed it to you and then I

just go to another tab on my browser and
I say and I type that into the Google
Voice as a text message and you get it
it looks like a text message from a
phone but it’s not it’s bullcrap
I rarely text from my phone I will

receive text once in a while and I text
but if I didn’t pay the bill or
something or they brushed it charged me
right and I go back and forth but he’s
generally ends up with a phone call but

I’d like to I don’t like to have the
phone with me all the time I just don’t
I don’t like the I don’t like the idea
of it being on in my pocket because
every time it’s because I haven’t put it

on by the computer once we’re on this
buzzing and buzzing and the noise is
good that’s this electrifying my balls I
don’t need this this ray RF down there I
don’t like it on my ear I don’t like the

RF against my hand I just don’t like it
or then you put it in your pocket your
shirt pocket which you know it should
fit into it Electrify your heart
you know because all these signals are

just doing signalling that’s way above
them and beyond what should be doing now
all of this being said I was very
impressed with the open source mapping
and driving application called here h er

e incredibly useful I mean it even had
some I think I had some traffic data

that it was getting yeah but it was not
it’s not your big
Silicon Valley a big tech type of
operations does it do turn-by-turn yeah
just turn-by-turn and a moving map and

the whole thing and different voices I’m
very impressive really I mean all this
stuff works my problem was the browser
when your problem is but I’m kind of
interested in that part you you would

love this it I don’t know how it from me
likes to whatever if we’re not gonna
borrow anything because when it goes to
your place it’s in the black hole be

aware of your sanity I’m new I should

probably register that hold on a second
can you just
just something to chicken I can probably
do though CG sanity no no no it’s going

to do
somebody’s doing it right now they’re
trying to beat yeah no no no no one can
beat me on this I don’t think anyone has
this I’m not gonna say it until it’s ah
damn it

somebody’s got it shit os out someone
already has it that’s too bad
shit os calm we have a seven-year-old
listening hey now it just as it is a
kind of a fun clip okay you’ve heard of

well the bonus clip I sent I want to
play now this came from one of our we

both know this woman she’s a famous
broadcaster and I would leave her name
out of it but I got this this morning I
just thought it was hilarious let’s just
play this clip the mayor of Puerto Rico

of the main town of San Juan Puerto Rico

she’s a climate survivor climate change
yes if you can be a climate change

denier then someone needs to be a
survivor like a Holocaust survivor very
good yeah yeah that’s the connection
exactly Wow well you know there were
some protests going on at the Capitol

which no one heard about and two very
famous actors were arrested which no one
heard about no uh-huh well we’re gonna
hear about it now so this is the what do

we want a green new deal when do we want
it now the most uninspired chant in the

effing universe he as as Jane Fonda and
Sam Waters get arrested
and now gene gets arrested

all right she’s what she’s showing her

handcuffs to the camera and here comes
Sam waters Waterson waters waters
Watterson Waterston how pathetic is it

that people are getting arrested and

there’s cheers for it the cops are
standing there going really I got a clap
this eighty five-year-old in handcuffs
okay he’ll like alright if that’s what
it’s just a waste of time

it made zero news coverage no one cares
but Jane Fonda’s face looks dynamite I
mean Nancy Pelosi should go talk to her
oh my goodness

he said she has work done by the best
and she has the she had the beret on you
know with the and she looked perfect Sam
Waterston I guess they’re both on the

show Frankie and Frankie and grace grace
and Frankie which I like that shirt
I’m sure it’s racist and dumb I’m sure
that you hate it I like the show but
it’s because I said that other show is

racist doesn’t mean I think everything
is racist
you think this show is pathetic because
it makes old actors play gay people
you’ve that that’s what you’re thinking
I don’t you know I saw this show when it

first came out I thought it was well
done well shot well produced I thought
it was a little slow moving and boring
so I stopped watching that maybe sell
too it’s very boring show I send them to
do the racism no I didn’t say that

there’s no black people in the show you
there is one black person token black
sea’s racist
hmm but I just find it very sad that
these act and they were holding green

New Deal signs professionally printed
all printed yes yeah and you know Jane
is funny you know what you can’t make
you can’t make paint without fossil fuel
no you can’t it’s just the whole thing

it’s like I just felt sad sad sad sad so
there’s well on the topic of celebrity
so I was gonna do one more

climate change okay doing way more than
I wanted to get back to celebrities yeah
of course why wouldn’t we get back to
celebrities when we can be doing climate
change just for everyone who really
wants the u.s. to stay at war you know

this is something you could use around
the water cooler if someone says yeah
just to see if you could fry someone’s
brain man we got two major studies
published in June remained buried by

most major media outlets the first
Pentagon fuel used climate change and
the costs of war by Brown University’s
costs of war project confirmed previous
findings that the US military is the

single largest producer of greenhouse
gases in the world and that the Pentagon
is responsible for between 77 and 80
percent of all US government energy

consumption since 2001 the second study
hidden carbon costs of the everywhere
war logistics geopolitical ecology and
the carbon bootprint

of the US military published in
transactions of the Institute of British
geographers found that if the US
military were a country its fuel usage
alone would make it the 47th largest
emitter of greenhouse gases in the world

between Peru and Portugal but these
groundbreaking studies received no
coverage in virtually all of the us’s
biggest papers and TV news channels well
duh I like that carbon boot print

is that what she said someone in the
troll room said it I don’t know somebody
said carbon bootprint that’s great by
the way I want to give you a borderline

clip for that that was a nice clip thank
you it’s from the show counter spin and
producer sent it to me I don’t remember
who sent it to me but it is of course

appreciated I just have this is a clip
that really has nothing to do with
anything does it that’s a thematic topic
for today but I just thought it was

interesting but because it refers to the
movie that is getting more publicity
this Joker movie oh yeah yeah which I
haven’t seen a scene either no I
probably see it when it comes out on

pay-per-view but hello pay-per-view you
mean like Amazon or Netflix I don’t
think pay-per-view was really a thing

is this still a thing but the it’s you
know it’s a controversial film but it so
this guy that comes on and does his
editorials where you’ve seen it before
he’s got this very stilted way of

speaking and a giant mole named mr.
Regan or mr. Regan and he’s a podcaster
and you’ve seen him and he paid this
little aside he went off he was doing a

review of the movie which he thinks is a
work of genius lightweight art of course
and he did this little aside that I
thought was just whether it’s true or

not I’m not sure but I can kind of
believe it might be true and it’s very
disgusting with this film they were
trying to say this is what happens when
the wealthy and powerful neglect the
common people this is what you get I

discussed this film yesterday with a
very talented successful director out
here in Los Angeles he’s a closeted
conservative he can’t expose his
political views to anyone without being

blacklisted but he happens to be a fan
of this channel so we’ve become friends
the other day he was told by his agent
that he wasn’t gonna be getting much
work in the near future because he’s a
straight white male the agent suggested

very seriously that this director come
out as trans or at least gender
non-binary this the agent told him
make him eligible to get more jobs as a

director that is not a joke I believe it
leave it in fact I have a just to give
an idea under the SJW heading this is a

promo for the Spotify the music company
now you have two that I wish I could
kind of shit I can’t really show you
this but the people speaking are all

white they’re all trans except for the
one Asian American girl millennial who I
guess is in charge of Human Resources

they’re in a beautiful glass building
overlooking San Francisco in their
office with a barista sipping cappuccino
while they’re discussing this everyone
just each other in-house this culture

it’s okay to ask questions even if they
might be difficult questions those are
kind of a tricky subject in that I keep
going back and forth about kind of what
what do you use where well I spent about

30 years or so in the closets because my
previous employers didn’t have any
particular tolerance for transgender
people and spectrum is our LGBTQ plus

employee resource group at Spotify
having a diverse workforce and being an
inclusive is important that we can feel

like themselves at work so we did
you come with a list of essentially
every medical procedure that trans
people might need basically Spotify said
oh we didn’t realize there was a problem

there we’ll fix it and Dad was pretty
as a 20-19 we now offer a
masculinization feminization treatments

recommended by the world’s professional
association for transgender health it’s
not a question of vanity you know for
someone who needs these things it’s
really a question of being able to be

perceived you know as themselves have
Spotify everyone’s part of Spotify
everyone’s a member of the band and
everyone is determined to help everyone
else who needs it my advice is don’t be

afraid there’s nothing wrong with
knowing who you are and where you stand
part of what I’m doing here is trying to
be visible so people who are like me
know that they’re not alone as we were

talking earlier John about the
entertainment business and I consider
this to be an entertainment company the
first down quarter this publicly listed

company has gone are your feminization
treatments okay that’s the first thing
they’re gonna cut that I’m telling you
that’s new on the list by the way
it’s but this virtues and it was the

thing that struck me was it was all
white people
trans this trans that overall virtue
signaling oh and they’re drinking
cappuccinos in their glass offices

overlooking San Francisco it couldn’t
get more elitist well now that’s the
latest I took the thing there’s a subtle
message in there I think is elitist gay
because Valley thing probably then

social I think it’s a little et I think
it’s a gay company mmm-hmm and and the
reason I say that’s because of the code
word that was in their wishes for all
members of the band yeah

and there’s if there was a movie called
boys in the band which was one of the
first know a gay game of a button the
gays a bunch of elitist gays yes that
are just virtue signaling and it’s like

it was it’s your right is all bullcrap
totally and it’s all going away with
your first down quarter or you’re for or
you’re for you know when when when you

lose the lawsuit and you have to pay you
know eighty billion dollars in back
royalties this is the first thing that’s
gonna go hey give me your feminization
back specify yeah I can’t believe why

would they put it this is really the I
really hate virtue signalers like this
mm-hmm and I hear you I hear it yeah you
want to do all that stuff just do it why

do you have to brag about it I mean the
old group thing was like like if you’re
a very generous person a philanthropist
many of them to this day they don’t go
bragging about it’s not philanthropy if

you talk about it that’s the way I see
just do it either do it or you don’t you
don’t do it and brag about it yes oh yes
I’m so great

exist so so so so uh you know we should
take a break right here we’ve had and we
do with you people that thank as a

matter of fact including Charles McAdams
who is this hang on
I don’t know I got this on here anyway

Charles uh McAdams in Chicago $140 in 99
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look every by the button yes button is
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McAdams okay Dee yeah well first of all
he needs a daddy douching 40 McAdams

then he needs are calling out 40 Mertz
left team Mertz love I don’t know where

to do this you did not help that’s good
all right that’s it all right
yeah I thought there was a whole bunch

you said I thought it was too until I
looked at the list
okie doke uh Charles me okay that is in
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Providence Texas and she needs a jobs
karma for a smoking-hot hubby it’ll be
at the end you bet Dame Gina
Robert Dawson isn’t can I just say

something you’re racist man you’re
smacking your lips a lot today
thank you a lot of thank you for that
all right right I’m gonna just do that

Robert Dawson and Tainan City and Taiwan
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money’s always worked the best for
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dr. Jones PhD is your host I can’t wait
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that is the breakfast before politican
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Anthony is organizing that for you the
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that way hoes
No a hose no a hose well I got a couple
of things I want to bring into this so

we get people up to speed and stuff that
no one’s reporting on sorry yes what is
that it’s a premature clip elation well
let’s play let’s start with this is a

short clip but I didn’t know this was
going on didn’t tell me you knew this
was going on
riots in Lebanon well yes in fact that
was exactly the clip I was about to
today’s anti-government demonstrators
returned to the streets of Lebanon for a

third straight day protesters angry over
the country’s failing economy called for
a new government waving flags and
marching past storefronts that were
smashed and rioting last night yesterday

Lebanon’s prime minister gave his
government a 72-hour deadline to agree
on a plan to avert an economic crisis
and put an end to the demonstrations in
a televised speech today the leader of

Hezbollah said the group opposes a
change in government and said every
citizen is responsible for the financial
crisis this is very interesting I was I
was literally going to play a clip that

related to this because I don’t have
audio of this report but BBC News is
reporting that this riot this protest
started because of the what’s app tax

yes the government had listened to this
the government had announced a 20-cent
daily charge on voice calls made through

what’s app yes it comes down to about 6
bucks a month and this the BBC is
claiming all yes the people are rioting

over the what’s app tax and I’m thinking
really now Lebanon shit that’s not what
I wanted to dammit I want to play want

to play the obvious
and here’s the obvious so I came back to
see him a few weeks later and by that

time we were bombing in Afghanistan I
said are we still going to war with Iraq
and he said oh it’s worse than that
he said he reached over on his desk he
picked up a piece of paper he said I
just he said I just got this down from

upstairs meeting the secretary defense
office today and he said this is a memo
that describes how we’re going to take
out seven countries in five years
starting with Iraq and then Syria

Lebanon Libya Somalia Sudan and
finishing off Iran I’ve been waiting for
Lebanon to join the party here they are
thanks to whatsapp and yes thanks to

face bagging what’s the for the BBC to
report this I mean you know that this is
this is a colorevolution it’s the West
that’s behind it they’ve been on the

list since 2001 that was General Wesley
Clark who two weeks after 9/11 received
this briefing of all these countries who
were gonna take out and I’ve been
waiting for Lebanon to show up and there

it is boom the neo-cons at work a new
theater and now it’s of course because
the free people deserve to have whatsapp
man it’s just crazy
they can’t go without whatsapp hinged

whatsapp once the question is you know
is this the Trump administration doing
it is it is it douchebags in the in the
Foreign Service and his douchebags in

the Foreign Service I think they don’t
pay any attention with Trump once
right on cue as we’ve been following the

vape wars in the phony-baloney
propaganda only meant to do one thing to
bring the smokeless tobacco to market
without any hindrance and nullify and
dare I say decimate the vape culture and

the vape industry to remind everybody
this is the same company that bought
Joule is now going to kill Joule and is

going to market only
the smokeless tobacco I I cross I QoS
and we’re going to get rid of everything

and it’s in collusion with Health and
Human Services inclusion with the FDA
and here is the Health and Human
Services Secretary as are going on CNBC
the money business program to move the

needle a little bit further to get rid
of a perfectly fine industry events in
the news jewel and mind you they don’t
say vaping continuously it’s east

cigarettes e-cigarettes is an
e-cigarette these cigarettes cigarettes
bad a cigarette a cigarette who uses the
e-cigarette term in the normal world
nobody it’s all vaping but no not when

you’re trying to get rid of it he
cigarettes in the news jewel is
suspending online sales of fruity
flavored cartridges in their vaping
devices they’re teenagers from buying

them special guests in the studio this
morning Alex a czar Health and Human
Services Secretary mr. secretary welcome
to the program great to be with you
Stuart I heard you early this morning

saying that vaping devices if I can call
on that are illegal anyway I didn’t know
that that’s absolutely right the Tobacco
Control Act says that these East
cigarette devices actually have to be

approved by FDA before they can be on
the market now the Obama administration
said let’s let these be on the market so
that adults can get used to them build a
market share to get off of cigarettes

and we carried that forward but the
problem is what we saw is just districts
ocean of kids using e-cigarettes and we
now have five million kids regularly

using e-cigarettes and eight million
adults and while it’s important to get
adults off of cigarettes and we’re
committed to that we can’t let a whole
generation two kids get addicted to
nicotine because there’s five million

youngsters notice how the equation
between nicotine and cigarettes is just
on par here it’s not the same thing
that’s why they continuously call it
e-cigarettes vaping does not have tar

does not have formaldehyde it’s not a
ball it it may have other crap in there
but this is a hit job on an entire
industry Oh indeed addicted to nicotine
that is poor I was the first lady and I

were with kids last week a young girl
who was doing multiple of these
cartridges each one is a pack of
cigarette packet teen no let’s let’s
make a better comparison it’s like

smoking a pack of cigarettes 25 in your
face we’ve got kids who have to go to
AAA they’re gonna be in recovery the
rest of their life they’re so addicted
to make it to LA Times that a story that

people are actually starting to use
cigarettes to wean themselves off of
their nicotine addiction oh yeah this
happens all the time the e-cigarette
products do you think this should be

banned that’s a foolish question if you
ban the whole thing then you ban the
device which gets people away from
smoking tobacco and that’s a bad thing
in itself that’s right so your job
really is to stop kids getting it but

now that was very important things
actually Stuart Varney so maybe Fox
Business that’s very important what he
said there well we can’t won’t know we
can’t be banning devices no well we
can’t do that because we’ve got the

smokeless tobacco device coming out I
wish I could back it up because the way
it was phrased is obviously rehearsed
Lauren he makes it sound as though he he
doesn’t his side is one of these funny

grammatical things where he says we
should be banning these things something
about cigarettes which is a bad thing in
itself and it made it sound as though
banning the the vaping devices is a bad
thing it was very funny structure but

it’s what he actually said wants to come
oh I’ll back it up let’s listen again
the Guerette nicotine you’ve got kids
who have to go to a
they’re gonna be in recovery the rest of

their life they’re so addicted to
nicotine the LA Times had a story that
people are actually starting to use
cigarettes to wean themselves off of
their nicotine addiction from the
e-cigarette products do you think this

should be banned that’s a foolish
question if you ban the whole thing then
you ban the device which gets people
away from smoking tobacco and that’s a
bad thing in itself that’s right yeah

yeah it’s like the truth came out and he
caught himself I guess kind of it was
very weird no idea doctor’s prescription
yeah that could be one option that

Congress could look at it’s all about
balance who want the adults to have
access to products so they can get off
the cigarettes we want to keep them away
from kids the key right now is we’re not
banning them Congress actually said it’s
honest and yet we’re starting to stop

there’s a logic inconsistent well yes
but the logical inconsistency is the
following one kids are using these
things and they have to smoke cigarettes

to get off of them that’s what he just
said according to the LA Times but
meanwhile their only thing they’re good
for is to get people off of cigarettes
yeah it’s the hope so how can they be

good at getting you off cigarettes is
that it when if you use them you have to
use cigarettes to get off them it makes
zero sense what he said because it’s

also bullcrap well we know this bill
whole thing is bullcrap it is just a
scheme and Varney should be ashamed of
himself from put it this is like this is
a native ad for something for I cross
that’s it’s it’s setting it all up they

have it they’re opening stores all over
America now they look like Apple stores
and you go in and this is a vape like
looking device and it’s got a pod

except it’s not just pure nicotine it’s
smokeless tobacco I am dying to try one
because I’d want to see what all the
hype is about but it’s you know you’re
actually getting as cigarette only it’s

kind of like barbarians at the gate
you know the smokeless cigarette
that’s that’s that’s been the Holy Grail
for the tobacco industry for decades is
to have this IQ you are yes I small I

capital qos and you pronounce it I cross
it’s the shittiest branding I’ve ever
heard of I’m gonna continue the clip
couple seconds left a doctor’s

prescription yeah that could be one
option that Congress could look at it’s
all about balance who want the adults to
have access to products so they can get
off of cigarettes we want to keep them
away from kids the key right now is
we’re not banning them Congress actually

said it’s Congress banned we’re starting
to enforce that and say if you have
products that are attractive and
available to kids get off the market all
of you by May of 2020 half to come and
go if you have products that are

attractive and marketable to kids like i
don’t know
facebook tick-tock snapchat
maybe you should be banned too it’s
dangerous for their health lefty and

submit an application and we’ll review
that will look at nicotine levels we’ll
look at all the ingredients are they
safe can the product be adulterated and
are you gonna mark it in a way that will
make them available to kids so we’ll

bring them under a regulatory framework
for the first time yay douchebags and
you know and the first lady’s in on this
very disappointing that she’s been roped

into this
she’s out there’s a whole vaping very
bad and very bad yeah I don’t think any
of us good for kids but please don’t
just lying

the huge tobacco lobby does not deal in
nicotine they deal in tobacco and they
could not have these nicotine
administration devices floating out

there getting people hooked on nicotine
they need to be the delivery device they
have tobacco fields and a whole
infrastructure that’s why I cross that’s
where it’s headed did you look it up I’m

looking at while I was looking up to see
if there’s a store in Austin and I can’t
say no no there isn’t
I’m waiting for it no there is no store
in Austin they’re just starting but I’ve
gotten lots of cost a hundred samolians

what what cost a hundred samolians a
hundred bucks for the little the little
smoking smoking thingy yeah and and then

how much for the pods I haven’t gotten
that price yet but it’s too expensive
and actually it’s called the heat heat
stick yeah the heat heats a double e egg

at the hey man I got the heat pass it
around pester redhead pass around the
heat what is this is this a video one of
this this is a video they got going on

no audio okay whatevs
fine so there you go an industry being
killed for the tobacco lobby everyone’s

in on it including for cooling Varney
yeah and yeah okay well whatever we’ll
just go along with it I think this is a
very roundabout way of doing things I

think it was it was borderline genius I
thought that jewel was gonna be the
product they were gonna use it as the as
the entry point thing but no they just
bought it they bought it to kill it they
bought it to kill this is an

old-fashioned scheme this is the old way
that used to be done you know I didn’t
you kill it yeah catch and kill was
dynamite Yeah right guys anyway you’re
so disgusted I’m impressed

I just hate my government doing this to
me and to people you know to our to the
people and it’s just as oh yeah cuz the
government’s always been so honest what
would what would we do with this show if

the government was honours there’d be no
show yeah we’d be done yeah and it’s me
laughs but it’s the media this is
business business show and like Oh roll
roast each cigarettes usually flag off

I’m sorry Telus ready it was lame that
was lame it was really embarrassing this
is why people should be listening and
donating to no agendas show because we
don’t do that stuff scripted promotion
for something unbelievable but they do

it constantly I think we should leave
our show on that note music you’ve made
II know you’ve made a perfect point for
an out

this is an out that will continue by
saying to know it chant the show because
it’s your only well since it’s our road
to sanity tell you I’m still from
killing themselves on the freeway

I’m a 35 which isn’t even a freeway the
well thank you all very much for
supporting us and what let’s get it I 35
internet and you that’s it the

interstate system I 33 has to be a
freeway okay it’s a freeway by guess
thank you for supporting the show

Dvorak org slash na coming to you from
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and decades prior we don’t need it we
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what I see I’m doing is he was a
campaign promise yes it was he has made
a very specific threat towards Turkey

turkey starts massacring people he says
I will I will bring down their economy I
will kill their economy and he can he
was a campaign promise yes it was I have

drunk loads the boss yeah yeah I have to
say that the map about the deep for

themselves about questions he provides
certainty we’re blessed creates
uncertainty imagine my head is the

planet the negotiation of the future
relations immediately after the deal
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our debates on the present move on
without the interruption
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island the violence watching wabbit knew
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