No Agenda Episode 1194: “Mint19”

it’s a nightmare Adam curry is no agenda

in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where I’m loving my mint 19.2 I’m

Jesse boy it’s it’s our it’s our
biannual events ladies and gentlemen

every two years Adam and John will try
once again to install and live with
Linux and how are you doing well a
couple of things one if you run mint or
I’m sorry yeah MIT nine point yes

nineteen point two I did and I had to
install that and test it because it’s
code name Tina
exactly like that’s a sign from the gods
I need to try this yes I did travel bit

worked out for if you had not answered
correctly I knew this one yeah I did I
divert row machine installed it all hey
it’s still a little too heavy for what I

want what it were you’re running it now
what not I just this moment cuz I still
have the Skype issue oh yeah quite a
couple of things I would recommend
people would listen to this team as well

do the following go track down ultimate
mint 19 okay it’s on SourceForge and
it’s a three gigabyte to install that

includes about a hundred apps all built
in and all to and it’s pretty complete
these days isn’t it well this particular
ultimate mid-nineteen which is a year

old uh-huh but they claimed to whoever’s
doing it they claim that they will
support it till 2023 it’s the LTS yes
that’s correct
yeah and it’s live it’s live so you can
just put it from the cd-rom but it

it’s unbelievably complete I know it’s
got everything is good it’s got
everything you once you get bored you

figure out first of all you gotta figure
out where are all these apps and then
you realize they’re all in the Start
menu you know what I’ve noticed and I
have my own Linux experiences over the
past few days that because of the the
historical culture of Linux because it’s

open-source allows for incredible
customization on everything I mean you
can reset key key shortcuts you can move
stuff around and of course what this

results in is a lot of preference panels
and nothing and you really gotta learn
it because you’re like well I do it’s
like I’m using that clause male it’s

like we have preferences and preferences
for this account and then tools you have
all this other stuff so but once you
figure it out it’s quite enjoyable

because you can actually make stuff work
the way you want it to work
well it’s old-fashioned
is that what I say when I say
old-fashioned I mean old-fashioned in

the sense of what you just described
that was you know never allowed by the
Mac users and then no oh no they always
go back and forth of the PC user well we

could do this we can do that and we can
do that and then pretty soon we do we
could do it but no one would do it and
so it just all fell by the wayside and
now Linux comes back with a really that
old-fashioned approach of you want to do

this you want to do that it has probably
too many competing settings and this are
all kind of preset on the ultimate mint
which I would recommend people to start

with that yeah but the another thing I
renters are these packaging operations
first of all I I found a Skype for this
it’s like just to the Skype on on

lubuntu God people are like what the
hell these guys doing
I tested Skype ladies and gentlemen it
was actually pretty good it I didn’t
have any problems didn’t have any issues

sound was good least on the test Skype
service sounds boy I should probably try
this because mint is supposed to be very
amenable to Skype but I’d wanted to put
it through a snap package yeah these

over here so I’m looking into this you
know say what is the hell said I look up
snappy you know I surprised manager oh
okay yeah and then you can oh wait a

minute yes okay snaps there’s a bunch of
these the problem that I find that you
know Linux is confusing because there’s
a million distros and they’re all
competing with with each other I thought
this was a great idea have a package

manager that you just write code for
that and then you can put it on all the
different distros well the package
managers went into competition with each

other and there’s like 20 of them yeah I
know they all hate each other and this
doesn’t work I’m still kind of an an apt
and apt-get guy but that’s just by the
way you don’t have to type – get anymore

just apt that’s what that’s what I’ve
used as historically well I just got
yeah I’m kind of intrigued by this
there’s app image and auto package and
flat pack and zero install no I don’t
know about that one oh yeah there’s a

bunch of these things it’s a nightmare
so what I would
realized night and I I tried xfce I
tried the alter them the same mint you
have and I’m gonna really like the

minimal install Lubuntu it does have the
full office you know it’s got your
little players for you know audio and
video and those kinds of things but

really I’m email and a web browser and I
don’t need it and no I don’t need any
other apps I don’t do any photo stuff so
that’s all and it runs fast from the
from the USB drive in a virtual machine

which is even more interesting
so there’s another layer I can’t wait to
get it installed on the hard drive
itself because then it’ll really fly
it’s fast in fact in some ways it’s and

now I understand what the problem is
with all these you know like Windows but
particularly the Mac made it so
beautiful so easy everything is smooth
and that’s what’s eating up all your

resources that but your screen is eating
up all the resources just all this all
this overhead and I really don’t care
you know the DUI is growls our resources
are for yes anyway that’s your Linux

update everybody thanks for tuning in to
there’s anyone left on the stream well
Happy Thanksgiving John Happy

Thanksgiving to you and happy
Thanksgiving everybody that’s actually
listening today we probably don’t have a
lot and we probably will have not a lot
of downloads but I want to thank

everyone yes and now we need to that you
are traditional traditional history of
Thanksgiving which is something new to
it so I’m looking over my you know the

true damage I’m the Grinch of
Thanksgiving and I just want to mention
I read it from an old blog post from
2005 I’m always amused by the
cock-and-bull story about Thanksgiving

about pilgrims Mae’s turkeys and Indians
when the holiday stems from an Abe
Lincoln proclamation at the behest of a
magazine editor the road to today’s
Thanksgiving has a rocky road in fact
I’m not sure when the

bologna began about the pilgrims and the
Indians actually took hold in the
folklore but I find it offensive that is
taught in schools as fact it’s
considered fact by everyone now did you

hear Trump’s version of oh no you have a
clip well he did the history of the of
the of the pardoning of the turkey which

goes back goes back to Lincoln and then
of course that’s now my understanding is
actually George Bush that really
invented well listen to this
as we gather this week with loved ones
across our beautiful land we give thanks

to God for the many gifts that he has
bestowed upon us today we also come
together to honor the beautiful
feathered friend to the noble turkey now

that’s a beauty it’s said that Abraham
Lincoln was the first president to spare
a Thanksgiving turkey at the request of
his son in 1947 President Harry Truman

accepted the first annual National
Thanksgiving turkey in the decades that
followed presidents from Kennedy to
Reagan would show mercy to their birds

but it was George HW Bush who first
issued an official pardon in keeping
with that tradition today I will issue a

pardon now did you see the pardon
I saw the only only the part where the
guest trying to a peach yeah I’ll just
play it out to a pair of very handsome

birds butter and his alternate bread
would have been funny if he would
diamondden silk that would have been
really cool that’s true look at you
their names were chosen by the students

of Harold’s Christian Academy in North
Carolina great state thankfully bread
and butter have been specially raised by
the Jacksons to remain calm under any

condition which will be very important
because they’ve already received
subpoenas to appear it’s Adam shifts
basement on Thursday
you know how whenever he’s bitching

about something during his campaign
during his rallies he’ll say it’s true
it’s true and he does it here he does
the biggest lie that everyone knows is
lost bent on Thursday it’s true people

have it seems the Democrats are accusing
me of being too soft or Turkey but bread
and butter I should note that unlike

previous witnesses you and I have
actually met it’s very unusual in any
event I expect this pardon will be a

very popular one with the media after
all turkeys are closely related to a
vultures I don’t know if I like that
line but this is speaking the writers

room on the fly cold reading his jokes
well just and I want to get back to

Thanksgiving but I just have a short
clip he did this rally in Sunrise
Florida and he signaled something
spectacular which a number of producers

caught and I was I was very surprised
and I can’t decipher it have a listen
they’d like to try in to mean always
watch the world this is that let me tell

you we’re winning you’re smarter you
better look in your shopper
and they call themselves a leaf but if
they’re elite than where the super elite

they talk about these people that are
elite that you know that are running I
mean have you been watching these

what’s elite about that guy what’s elite
there’s nothing elite but we’re doing
great we’re gonna have a tremendous
victory but when I ever perfect call

think of it
33 what they get away with and don’t
forget explain this to me he throws the
code 33 in in the middle of a sentence

for no reason it makes no sense
listening getting watched elite there’s
nothing elite but we’re doing great
we’re gonna have a tremendous victory
but when I have a perfect call think of

33 what they get away with 33 what
Wow the thing is it was so well done I
didn’t catch it the first time as we did

we point out on the show we endlessly
yes yes than once because I wouldn’t
have caught that unless I’d clipped it
and then played it actually but when I
ever perfect call think of it 33 what

they get away with I find it peculiar
all of a sudden he throws in a thirty

three just a random Lou random lucious I
guess talking to you right now 33 thing
you know I just would do that hmm now
this there was a reason after the show

I’m gonna have to just talk and talk and
talk 33 and then throw 3-3 and maybe it
was saying something in reverse speech
maybe I’ll have to reverse it after the
listen I don’t know is the if I found it
extremely odd anyway thanks back to

Thanksgiving yes so Thanksgiving is a
you know a holiday was kind of created

it was they did have some one dinner or
parent in two 1600s with some Indians
and there’s some cartoons about but it’s
just propagated as some sort of a
celebration that began back when in fact
it was referring mostly to Thanksgiving

for the soldiers who weren’t killed in
one of these wars especially the Civil
War didn’t became promoted by some
busybodies in the 30s and 40s it became

a tradition after a while it was more of
a patriotic thing around the turn of the
century and I puts a couple of pictures
in the newsletter showing this there was
a lot of flag waving and stuff that goes

on it’s been kind of that’s been kind of
denigrated and now we want who deep
there’s even talk of this thing called
friendsgiving well and you made a very
good point in in the newsletter and as I

was reflecting upon that the the
transition from Thanksgiving to
friendsgiving he’s made perhaps part of
really a globalist

I mean it’s not much different than
trying to diminish and and really get
rid of the Dutch tradition of the black
Petes in Calamba Christopher Columbus it
used to be a big deal particularly with

some immigrant groups now he’s a racist
and you know it’s indigenous or labor
this is its it appears more to be a
global push to just remove any national

traditions that you may have because
we’re you know we are the world we are
the children we’re all one global family
and this has to go

and the friendsgiving I it really
removes at least the original idea of
hey you know we we we went through some
hardships we almost died and we made it

we came out the other end and here’s
this great country which yep true or not
doesn’t matter that’s the story like
Santa Claus isn’t real either but we
still have traditions and stories and

stuff and there’s a meaning behind it
and that’s it and the whole idea of a
thankfulness but it’s the wrong part it
should be you can’t even do it that way
I mean Thanksgiving is you’re giving

thanks and what are you giving thanks
for well you know stuffing your own life
and for like today if today we’re
friends giving it would be it wouldn’t
make sense for me to say I’m really

thankful that my dad passed away
yesterday so I’m thankful that he that
he literally passed away you know he’s
slipped away
and I’m thankful he was my dad

friendsgiving couldn’t even mention it
you know that about you sorry for your
loss but you never see him but you know
he’s not well I live he was a baby

I’m very handsome yeah I’m very happy
that I saw him a couple months ago when
I’m one of my critters yeah no I saw him
and I had to seen him in years cuz he
was the last 10 he was in a home and the
last three he was nice toast ready for

what I understand quite the character
well I have a lot of his humorous timing
I look in the mirror and like oh man I
look like him too dammit at least but he
had his all his hair you know I kept his

hair but but back to your point yes it
was friendsgiving I’m disappointed you
didn’t say love and light that would
have made me feel a little better I

never say that because for some reason I
can’t pull it off
thanks for anything but you know they’re
gonna what’s gonna happen is they’re

gonna reverse engineer this into some
sort of an International Harvest
so it’s nervous fast and this thing
let’s see how that harvest we’ll have to

see how that goes not that I have a clip
but following on with the Dutch the
Germans and the French farmers are now
blocking highways all over Western
Europe with their tractors because

they’re done with it they’re done with
all of this but they may not be a
harvest anymore well I don’t know what’s
going on weather triggers every tractor
in France apparently is on one of the

freeways in Paris what do you mean I
mean you have you seen those pictures I
mean this house is attracted what most
things should be out killing Germany had
eight and a half thousand tractors

I mean it’s fantastic the farmers are
revolting it is a farmers revolt and no
one is no one is paying any attention to

it we are well okay you’re right
but turn on the news and tell me you see
one story about this it’s ridiculous
no it’s Trump Trump Trump and PG but

even in those countries themselves the
it’s yeah it’ll be front page for a
minute and then okay it’s done and then
that’s if it didn’t happen

well back back to Thanksgiving yes I
just had the one final thing every year
I report you know something about the
bogus nests of the whole thing which I

because I’m playing into the into this
whole globalist notion by doing this
report but I got another new I added a
new twist to it because then I don’t
know how I grant into this and started

looking at cuz we have turkeys all over
town and looking at and by the way the
wild turkeys out of Florida oh my god or
those things get the biggest tail
display it looks like a wicker basket
it’s dynamite

Osceola rather they’re called so I got
into reading too much about turkeys and
it turns out because this was brought up
at our dinner table a number of times
and I think I’ve heard it and maybe she
even taught in schools is that Ben

Franklin wanted the turkey to be the
national bird rather than the eagle yes
I’ve heard this story total bullcrap
Ben Franklin also flew a kite in a storm

and got electrocuted so well that could
be both got to but this is total bull
crap and it was created and it actually
became the thing in schools around 1960
to tell me it was an ad agency no it was

a cover of a New Yorker magazine where
they made the turkey and then they
related the story and this story got
into vogue and it became like a thick
just became folklore that became a truth

which is a real problem in this country
and everywhere around the world were
something somebody passes that would
that make sense oh yeah frankly he’d be
that kind of guy and they they had us
they had a letter from him to his

daughter or somebody and he’s moaning
and groaning about the bald eagle being
that the two hoots he thinks is a
chicken shit bird because it steals from
other birds that don’t work it goes on

and on about this and then he casually
says you know the turkey would be a
better bird it’s at least as an honest
bird but that was about as far as you
went with it he never protested the

establishment okay so well then it was
like a New York Times of the day because
that’s what they do draw a conclusion
yeah office allusion was drawn that
turkey emblem with on the seal is put on

the cover of 1962 New Yorker and the
rest is history all of a sudden this is
a fact Snopes should have a debunking of
that it should be very clear check Falls

there’s another one there’s a second
myth tied to the alterations President
Truman made to the presidential seal
it’s sometimes said that the eagle on
the presidential seal changes during

times of war to face the arrows instead
of the Olive Branch oh this one is
unquestionably false although somewhat
understandable from 1916 to 45 the Eagle

didn’t face the arrows a version that
can still be seen on the resolute desk
but it was changed when Truman existing
issued executive order nicely this is an
executive order nine six four six

modifying the seal so that the eagle
faced it Olive Branch a gesture symbolic
of the post-war nation’s dedication to
we’re full of information on this show

the turkey thing has got to go – that’s
it no it’s gonna be a problem you know
there’s this new movie out in which I

don’t think it’s gonna be in theaters
even but it’s James Cameron aren’t
Arnold Schwarzenegger like a whole slew
of big names and it’s called game
changers and yeah you can host the

viewing and it’s a whole movement I
haven’t quite figured out who’s behind
it but it’s something of the day and and
you know I’m sure this will include

Turkey by next year they ate a lot of
meat they show this commercials mistake
that’s what amis selling that idea that

grilled man ate meat serious man but you
got to understand that’s marketing this
is based in reality I’ve been teaching
fighting techniques to government

agencies for more than 15 years van I
got injured unable to teach for at least
six months I spent more than a thousand
hours of studying science on recovery
and nutrition and stumbled across a

study about the Roman gladiators
declared eaters were predominantly
vegetarian how could the original
professional fighters eating only plants
when I made the switch to a plant-based

diet probably fucked my third Olympic
team I broke two American Records a man
I should have done this a long while ago
when I would plant bass I wasn’t sure if

I was gonna survive and I actually
became like a machine one of the biggest
misconceptions in sports nutrition is
that we have to have animal protein to

perform at a high level that’s just not
true someone asked me how could you get
as strong as an ox without eating any
meat and my answer was have you ever

seen an all eating meat
there you go it’s a game-changer man
plant-based all the cool guys are doing

it yeah I saw I was Jay had been turned
on to this video and she said you gotta
watch this

did you eat just I watched as much as I
as I could
well as you saw obviously the problem
with it is it it it’s just at some point

you it’s like okay I get your point
and you just get sick of it it’s just
it’s it’s almost like they’re insecure
about their point yes there’s plenty of

athletes who are vegetarians that do
very well they have a very generally
speaking that it’s not something you can
do when you’re growing up or it’s not
something necessarily that you can do
like for example we I have a I know

people that have dogs that put on a
vegetarian diet the dogs have all kinds
of healthy dogs yeah you can’t do that
that’s cat so you can feed him anything
we had a story about that where the the

veterinarians were saying no you can’t
do that you can’t put your these animals
need to some they have a particular diet
you can’t make a plant-based only

and they don’t talk about that in this
in the show and Schwarzenegger is
disingenuous because he would he was a
big monster bodybuilder he was not a
vegetarian no uh-uh I mean there are

vegetarian athletes who didn’t perform
as well well I mean they or they were
subject to all kinds of weird injuries
so you get but in yeah if you’re

conscientious you know what to do and
how to eat and get all the right amino
acids and everything in your diet
through plants you can do that with a
lot of sesame seeds it’s fine you go out

and eat that way and be that way so what
what dimers doesn’t make tit doesn’t
make any difference to me no but I don’t
get the point it was the point of this
exercise well the point is from my

perspective it’s working this is
indoctrination and it’s without a doubt
agenda21 driven it is you know it’s the
impossible meat it’s the I can’t believe

it’s cost more than real meat oh yeah
but you find that to be disturbing and
it has a bunch of calories it’s not like
the burger is catalyzed in all kinds of
chemicals you might as well be eating

Soylent blue or green know so I think
Green is people man oh I’m sorry
and one day if and we should be careful
the dogs will turn on us eventually
people understand this you know already

with it and this is all part of the same
thing you know dogs are people too and
boy we tell them what to eat and we tell
them when to go to the bathroom what are
they going to turn on us you know fairly
gonna eat you tonight they’re gonna me

I’m gonna you and I just learned that
technically by European law this is big
news now in in the EU

cats in Europe by EU law aquinnah this
was all written up in the Journal of
environmental law are not allowed to be
outside untethered you are not allowed

to have an outdoor cat in the European
Union because they are a danger to
almost three hundred and seventy
different types of animals yeah
including bubonic plague history over

there in the EU no man the creating
heading no cat thing going on back
during the era of the Black Death and

they turns out that the cats could have
controlled the whole thing by but no no
the cats were bad oh that’s interesting
so the the black plague or the Black
Death what was it was the black the

plague Black Plague Black Death so
there’s information that that could have
been avoided if they had let the key if
they had had cats running around yeah
they didn’t have any cats running around

cuz cats were evil they were it was
they’re in some for example in my
neighborhood just on the side of a hill
there’s a lot of rodents in the area
there’s Gophers and there’s mice and

there’s some rats but not as many as
there are mice and and we used to have a
an old cat woman across the street that
has all this feral cats that she would

feed and so there’s be a like ah
probably 20 of them and then another
neighbor thought kindly on the woman had
the caps captured and neutered hmm so

they wouldn’t you wouldn’t just go crazy
around here so but we did have these 20
or so feral cats they’re all over the
place and there was no mice no of course
not no mice now the cats since they were

neutered it all died off there’s no more
feral cats in the neighborhood this took
place over a long period
now there’s mice you gotta get my
mousetraps and glue traps and everyone

smells good so much you get one mouse or
two in the house and this is disturbing
you know in future you might want to do
a little tutorial on how to get rid of
how to get rid of mice we’ve already

done the ants so yeah well I’ve hear
Tibet I don’t want to discuss the best
way because everybody moans and groans
about it well you’re not allowed to

stomp on them anymore you know there’s a
the president no the president just
passed a law against me can’t stomp on
yes yeah there’s a let me see I have it
here somewhere he he passed the law and

it what it’s the anti animal crush act I
think I’m looking for it now because
apparently there’s a lot of people who
film and post to online video sites

videos of them crushing small animals
for fun crushing him to death yeah yeah
yeah preventing animal cruelty and

torture Act which I’m sure can easily be
expanded to you know having a dog or in
the house or a cat outside yes it’s the
pact Act here it is it should be

unlawful for any person to purposely
engage in animal crushing in or
affecting interstate or foreign commerce
or within the special maritime and
territorial jurisdiction of the United

anyone who intends or has reason to know
that the animal crush video will be
distributed in or using a means of
facility of interstate or foreign
commerce commerce or the animal crush

video is distributed online
so you are not allowed to post videos or
even intend to produce a video

that displays conduct or visual
depiction of conduct that is the
slaughter of animal instead is okay

there’s a lot of things you can do so
you can stomp on a fish if you catch it
if it’s for food if it’s for research if
you’re euthanizing the animal which they
also go in detail about but apparently

it this is so rampant and it may even be
a sexual fetish that people film this
crushing of animals and post it online

yeah yes wants to see that well enough
people that they had to make a law about
it must be a pretty big deal is that

still out in Crescent cuz I have to do
that with a southern accent because we
know the only southern horse way yes of
course yeah now is that on the Federer
is that what we can see these videos

probably hey I just want to point out
one thing by the way about this the Ben
Franklin myth and some of these other
ones the guy writing about the men–the

myths this Jimmy Stamp he was writing in
the Smithsonian about him and he see I
got a read this sentence about because
he’s writing about myths and he says in
part by a 1962 illustration for the

cover by so-and-so who imagined that the
Great Seal of the United States might
look what it might look like if a turkey
did become our national emblem above
image got a picture however while it’s
hard to imagine that overstuffed

flightless bird in our on our currency
and the president’s lectern he goes on
and on it’s not a flightless bird this
is another myth the turkey is they’re
very flight ‘full yeah they can get in

fact they can fly to higher altitudes
and we normally see them flight normally
use him it’s a pretty frightening thing
to see
they’re not really very very aerodynamic

looking nobody they can get up I was
reading all about turkeys for some dumb
reason and I was reading that many
turkeys can get up to you know they can
fly at altitude okay the more you know

on the No Agenda show beautiful let’s
get into some some nutjob stuff I got
some nutjob stuff that’s all that we got

for this show well now we got I got more
stuff I got multi parters I did some
more live I have multi have one
multi-partner first identified this over
on the no agenda reddit I made the

mistake of checking in once again it was
more to see how the browser rendered on
reddit can and so the this term that’s
been floating out there is now rampant

is that Trump is a cult
oh you’re here this why I’ve got that I
got a whole bit about this oh uh what is
it with clips but but wait wife clips

too well why don’t you do it wait wait
wait more importantly what is the GUI
you’re using for your Linux
the GUI for Linux I’m using

xfce I think how I’m using cinnamon oh
yeah okay yeah yeah that I’m talking

he was talking about the windows manager
no I’m just using Lubuntu which is
minimal it has almost it’s it’s nothing
it’s not command-line there has to be so
I have a command line – of course yeah

of course everyone does it’s just it’s
nothing it’s nothing it’s very is very
small so I’ll send you a screenshot all
right now back to the cult if I don’t
want to okay I got three clips well

dunno why don’t you do your cult thing
and I’ll play my clips okay well I’ll
start with one clip which I think you
don’t have and this is so besides seeing
it everywhere in our own group people

accusing no agenda producers of being a
cult the cult of Trump I’m noticing in
the mainstream which of course is where
these jamokes pick it up from and I I
would like to point out this was I got a

note from one of our producing he’s you
add cult to the longer the laws yeah
Trump rotation calm rotation I said I
don’t you got a bad on no I don’t think
so and then I started hearing and

hearing it now brother okay this is Rick
Perry I think which Anna Navarro
okay so Anna Navarro you know the nutjob

Republican who’s always on CNN yelling
about Trump so she posted that Rick
Perry is is the main cult member you
know like one of the lieutenant’s just

listen to this clip and it’s so clear
that he’s in a cult and you’ll see that
cult maybe code for something else God
used imperfect people all through
history King David wasn’t perfect Saul

wasn’t perfect Solomon wasn’t perfect
and I actually gave the president a
little one pager on those Old Testament
Kings about a month ago and I shared
with him I said mr. president I know

there are people that say you know you
said you were the chosen one and and I
said I said yes you’re the chosen one
so there’s a very thin line between

calling an outfit a cult and then saying
all because it’s a religious thing or
it’s Christian it’s a cult
and what Perry used there were terms you

specifically by the family if we talked
about the family the family in Indy sees
all the these religious guys yeah that

operation with it with the house yes
it’s on Netflix have a whole list
good special I think we should recommend
people see it yes it’s the family a lot
to watch but they but they literally say

you know they’re looking for the wolf
you know who will shepherd the sheep and
Donald Trump is this is the people who
outed their hands on him there was a
picture a couple of years ago the

evangelicals were all there praying
those are the guys from the family and
they used the example of King David and
the term in imperfect you know the
imperfect leader so you know this

there’s a lot going on here and I’m and
I know what you’re going into because
there’s a book that came out about the
cult of Trump but there is an actual
kind of religious cult in DC which Perry

may very well you know have be in
contact whether it belonged to and I’m
just gonna call it a cult because it’s
looking at that documentary it seems
very college to me

I agree I grease very cult-like
operation it’s mainly one charismatic
leader that runs it and he’s the guy who
would make it a cult if it wasn’t for

him it was just a club but he just like
a paternity and he just died different
didn’t he just died recently think he
did yeah so now it’s just gonna be this
situation that happened with the Church
of Scientology where you have a bunch of

guys scrambling to take over the place
right with the one guy emerging who’s
worse than the original it was Doug
co-ceo II dug coal way to go yeah and
Doug Coe he died $0.20 he always stayed

in the back end he was really
interesting because he was one of those
guys who me people should watch this
special because he went out of his way
to stay in the background yeah very very

but he’s everywhere man every president
but now if you know they could this this
could be a part of outing them I don’t

know I’m just feeling there’s a lot of
stuff and I hear Perry using these exact
terms got me suspicious well I have a
different explanation that was brought
up and I I’ll be kind of you owe me a
play my except so he just started this

is the seltzer water guy on CNN yeah I
saw this interview and so he starts off
by introducing a guy wrote the book
you’re just discussing let’s play clip

one tea I talked about his claim that
Trump supporters are in a cult just last
week dan Rather said he thinks support
for Trump seems increasingly cultish and
this weekend in The Washington Post

Trump critic and her hosting strategist
John Weaver said the GOP is not a party
anymore in the traditional sense it’s a
none of them are mental health experts
Steven Hassan is he’s out with a brand

new book called the cult of Trump he has
first-hand experience escaping the
unification Church back in the 70s and
he’s decided to write this book because
he believes there’s something seriously
wrong with our politics so there’s a guy

who’s of course immediately equated cult
to a religious organization
sun-young moon yeah but he the fact that
he was susceptible to being suckered

into a cult makes me wonder whether he’s
he’s got a bone to pick or he’s pissed
off about the cult not doing what he

wanted it to do or but he was already
had some I don’t know how to explain
this but I don’t trust someone he’s got
to be biased is what you’re saying this

guy that or or you’re selected the guy
who used to be a smoker or the guy who
used to be an alcoholic yeah that the
world they’re the worst
why you drink you shouldn’t be drinking

ex alcoholics I hate a man they’re the
worst they are clean up their act and
then you know I don’t drink I don’t
drink I don’t know why you drink what
are you drink nobody should drink I

don’t drink you don’t drink you
shouldn’t drink I drink I don’t drink
so you go on and on a vibe and I’ve been
sorry then they brag about how long
they’ve been sober I just want to stay
sober for five years why you drinking
people who are sober that are to be

applauded I do want to say that you’re
sober but I don’t need the aggravation
personally it’s like vegans I’m vegan
yeah same thing

vegans are probably worse let’s face it
no there’s only one thing worse is when
you say I’m a podcaster I mean you might
could you be an ex-alcoholic I’m yeah
okay here podcaster all right

the so I’m skeptical of this guy because
of this his own background of being in
the unification Church and then he’s
gonna tell everybody else what’s gone

but you know and he’s a Trump hater it’s
pretty apparent when you listen to clip
two so I define a destructive cult as an
authoritarian pyramid structured group
with someone at the top who claims to

have total power and total wisdom that
uses deception and and control the
behavior information thoughts and
emotions to make people loyal and
dependent and obedient followers so for

me the the issue of between an ethical
healthy cult where you’re free to think
and free to leave versus a destructive
cult I’m referring to Trump’s

organization and and Malo worship as a
destructive cult where people are being
fed propaganda and they’re not being
encouraged to think for themselves and

not being encouraged to really explore
and and look at the details and arrive
at their own conclusion much of what
they’re hearing is emotionally driven
loaded words foster stopping and and

thought terminating type cliches like
fake news or build the wall or make
America great again you say the
president is using mind control but

how’s it provable so look we can start
with the pathological lying which is
characteristic of destructive cult
leaders saying things in a very

confident way that have nothing to do
with facts or truthfulness the the
blaming others and never taking
responsibility for his own failures and

faults shunning and kicking out anyone
who raises questions or concerns about
his own behavior his use of
fear-mongering and immigration is a

horrible thing it is frightening to hear
a cult expert say that you see all these
signs right now today in American
politics yeah this was a good piece of

that interview
now couple things one he says it’s a
cult is somebody can’t leave and people
are leaving this cult all the time then
he asked him to secede

he never said anything about mind
control but he but seltzer water says
yeah this is how did how could you prove
that that he’s brainwashed cause he’s
lying he’s lying because he’s lying is

what he says that’s that’s your expert
on cult that that was his top reason
well lots of people lie doesn’t mean
their cult leaders and now he that but

just there’s a lot of it which is it’s
nonsense but I mean to me it was
complete projection what he was saying
well what you say I was just insane to
settle Dutch saying yeah but you said

bring yourself meet you cope through the
health it’s like what you were saying
about the others is what you are
yourself this totally he actually went
on I know if she saw the whole interview
he said and you know seltzer water drew

the conclusion that well a Thanksgiving
you can you know just offer people well
why don’t you look at one of my stories
now look at one of your stories and
exactly the advice they should be taking
themselves these particular I refuse to

listen listen to Rush Limbaugh yes oh
yeah there’s a lot of that that’s the
common thing you hear stuff like that
I don’t refuse to listen to anybody so

in fact I’ve been listening to one of
these guys I can’t remember his name but
he’s a left-wing to me listening to me
for 12 years I mean alright so so of all
people that have kind of the best

explanation for this that actually makes
nothing but sense
mmm-hmm it’s got at about of course yeah
so here listen to what he has why is
this cult thing even around he has an

explanation that to me who literally
explains it
okay so my first occult day okay so my
worldview is completely consistent so my

worldview says president Trump did not
do anything impeachable and therefore
will not be removed from office now if
he’s not removed for out from office my

worldview will be consistent but what if
your worldview is that you’re your
Democrat what if your worldview is not
only that he the president did something

that’s impeachable but several
impeachable things and their worldview
is it’s all obvious there’s no question
about the facts it’s just all obvious

what would you think about the president
not being removed from office
how would your world make sense in my
world he doesn’t get removed from his

office because he didn’t do anything
that would warrant that but if you think
he did plenty of things that weren’t it
how do you explain it
yeah year from now when he’s still in
office well but we’re seeing the answer

to that you already know the answer
right the answer is that the Republicans
are a cult that’s that seems to be the
answer they’re looking for to make their

world makes sense because if Republicans
are a cult and not looking at reason
then that makes sense because the
Republican majority in the Senate will

never vote to support impeachment but
not because there’s not evidence
according to the Democratic
it’s because it’s a cult it’s simple
simple but yeah I mean it’s like a

desperate a desperate last-ditch effort
yeah and I don’t know how this
I mean it’s camp is obviously the the
coincidence of this guy showing up with

this book makes a lot of sense I mean
it’s just whoops and there’s this guy
and everyone’s calling Trump a cult so
do you think it started with him or was
it started here’s just one of those
things that swells up or was a

coordinated I think it’s been building
yeah because looks listening to the Lib
you’re running the country they’re their
worldview is so skewed and irrational

and wrong that for example and I would
like to remind new producers to the show
the Lib joes which is short for liberal
journalists Lib Jo’s two very famous

writers one of which is a journalist who
wrote for the big publications the big
papers and you have continuous contact
with them for some reason they find you

humorous enough to clue you in to their
to their thinking because of course
they’d never listen to me trying to
convince me that they’re right it was
very nice

so they have a they’ve had this
worldview that like Scott Adams said
that is wrong and for example a year ago
or longer they were convinced and most

of them are convinced especially by at
the beginning this year that Trump would
quit yes we play that we have all day
all this the Liberals would think oh
he’s gonna quit office all the walls are
closing in

oh it’s he’s the whatever that one
liberal he had a million people going on
and on about it yeah you know that’s a
bombshell you know the end yeah all of
that right the beginning of the end and

so they were and they the to Lib Joe’s
were convinced that by this the end of
this year he would have quit well it’s
not over yet we still have a horse I
want bets on during the election period
that when he was running for office who

when he was first running in 2016 they
were of the same kind of mindset
thinking that oh he’s not he’s gonna
quit he’s gonna drop out and there it
wasn’t like there was thinking about he

might drop out he’ll know he’s out yes
and he did drop out so this is what
again this is what Adams is referring to
where you have a your worldview you have

to look at what you’ve decided this
reality and how does it how’s the end
result coincide with which what it
should be based on your reality and it’s

not working out no
so you’re running it’s not what there’s
expecting that isn’t happening so
they’re looking for other excuses so
there must be some reason for this and
now that well then kudos to Democratic

Representative Lawrence who is
backpedaling on her decision for
impeachment she apparently there’s

pressure coming or something and she’s
not using the cult meme let’s go now to
Democratic congresswoman Brenda Lawrence
who sits on the House Oversight

Committee that are getting a lot of
attention about this issue of
impeachment and what to do here here is
a part of what you said about President
Trump well we just buy it so viewers can
hear it we’re so close to an election I
will tell you sitting here knowing how

divided this country is I don’t see the
value of taking him out of office but I
do see the value of putting down a
marker saying his behavior is not

acceptable I want him censored I want it
on the record
so she’s calling for a censure which is
like you know an official it’s kind of

the same thing that the impeachment and
our articles of impeachment are but
really censure is just like well you
know bad boy we disagree with what you
did there

you say there I want him censured and
you don’t see the value of taking him
out of office referring to President
Trump what exactly do you mean by this
congresswoman but the discussion was

will the Republicans in the Senate go
through and impeach the president there
seems to be no giving in that right but
the thing that keeps me awake and

troubles me and what I was talking about
is that there was actually a movement to
resolve the president of any wrongdoing
we cannot afford that to happen but in
the Senate

instead of massively absolving him you’d
rather they not vote on remover not
reals if they vote on sensors just
answer him in the Senate yes privately
the Republicans are saying yes it’s not
right he’s done something wrong but

I’m is just not impeachable we have to
put a marker down so I’m going to do my
job in the house and when it gets to the
Senate I was putting out there that this
is a way for history to reflect that

this president and any president from
now on this is unacceptable and that we
will not tolerate it and that we will
say as the checks and balances in our

government that we did our job this is
now where it’s going she said it three
times we did our job we did our job
everyone needs to know that we did our
job we did our job we did our job don’t

be mad we please don’t be mad we did our
job and she’s she’s going right around
the cult thing she’s not even talking
about it she’s going she’s in what I
would call the proto cult mouth camp oh

and you’ve used as I mentioned this you
will recognize that the protocol camp
won’t come out and just say they’re a
cult it says that they’re privately oh

yes that’s Senate Republicans are
privately against Trump yeah you’re
right you’re right it’s there I could
have caught it damn it

yeah so she slips the same thing did you
see shift
do you see shift backtracking oh he
doesn’t know what to do with himself
poor guy

poor guy no I mean really I mean she
just mailed to shed his skin a pillow
his eyes are popping out because of it
you’re popping out yeah that’s true well
he was on Jake Tapper’s show I like Jake

Tapper he’s always had an edge to him
he’s pushing back and shift just just
pulls out the biggest chicken shit
excuse ever if the facts aren’t

contested and your committee is writing
up the report and you don’t at least as
of now have any scheduled witnesses or
depositions do you think president Trump
should be impeached I want to discuss

this with my constituents and my
colleagues before I make a judgement on
it are you kidding me he goes on he goes
on you want to hear a little more this

is very cute this is the whole thing
start from the beginning okay if the
facts aren’t contested and your
committee is writing up the report and
you don’t at least as of now have any
scheduled witnesses or depositions do

you think president Trump should be
impeached I want to discuss this with my
constituents and my colleagues before I
make a final judgment on it there are a
couple really important things we need

to think about and one is are we
prepared to say that soliciting foreign
interference conditioning official acts
like 400 million of taxpayer money White
House meetings to get political favors

is somehow now compatible with the
office because if we do it’s basically
carte blanche for this president and
anyone who comes after him but are we
also prepared to say that Congress will

tolerate the complete stonewalling of an
impeachment inquiry or our oversight
because if we do it’ll mean that the
impeachment Clause is a complete nullity
and more than that or an other side

ability is really an ability in name
only but if that’s your view and you’ve
also said that this week’s testimony
quote goes right to the heart of the
issue of bribery and you’ve also said
that what you’ve seen is quote far

more serious than what Nixon did explain
to me how you have not come to the
conclusion that the president should be
impeached I mean it sounds like you
think you should be impeached well I
certainly think that the evidence that’s
been produced overwhelmingly shows

serious misconduct by the president I
don’t want to hear more from my
constituents and I want to hear more
from my colleagues this is I will be

making alone but at the end of the day
this is a decision about whether the the
founding fathers had in mind founding
fathers like when they gave Congress

this remedy and I have to think that
this is very much central to what they
were concerned about that as a unethical
man or woman takes that office uses it

for their personal political gain
sacrifices the national security to do
so if that wasn’t what the founders had
in mind it’s hard to imagine what they

Wow yeah so he’s and he did fail because
now the and I guess next week the
judicial oversight the Judicial

Committee is with Nadler are not gonna
do some more hearings this this thing is
falling apart at the seams it didn’t
work he didn’t get you know the outraged
people aren’t on the streets there’s no

farmers with tractors get rid of Traum
nothing going on none of that none of it
and he even admits that none of his
had anything any any facts that did they

did that they didn’t see it didn’t hear
it and in fact his the only argument he
if you recall what’s the guy’s name oh

the Trump’s new chief of staff who did
mess up and he he went into in front of
the press and what oh yeah quid pro call

happens all the time it’s it’s ghetto
get over it grow up witch yeah of course
we understand what he’s saying but it’s
like here’s some red meat hello hello
angry media machine what an idiot for

him to do that well it was yeah well he
thought it might work hey let me at
common sense would rain yeah I’ll just
played that one bit have any witnesses

testified that the President himself
explicitly linked a White House meeting
or the four hundred million dollars in
aid to an announcement about these
investigations yes not a single witness
did that but he calls Mulvaney a witness

who of course was not a witness four
million dollars in aid to an
announcement about these investigations
yes the president’s own chief of staff
the person who meets with the president

every day on live camera admitted
exactly that yeah except he wasn’t a
witness and he didn’t admit exactly that
easily the most serious and that is the
military aid but look what mr. Conlon

did say is everyone was in loop on the
preconditioning of the meeting that
Ukraine desperately at whatever blah
blah blah blah blah what a what an

incredible douche wasting our time with
bad television there is almost no crime
bigger in the United States we we
invented that and you ruined it you made

bad television that’s for sure it did
not consult us had just no idea what you
were doing no no no arc of tension just

ah I got a Democrat here I was going to

explain exactly how it will work how
your prophecy John C Dvorak the man who
predicted Hillary would run again how

many years have you been saying this now
well it was election over this is Robert
Pattillo he’s a civil rights attorney

he’s a Democrat and he explains well in
fact the question was because he’s been
a believer in this theory and do you
think that it’s Hillary can still step

into this race well I think the odds are
actually higher now that when we spoke
before that she’ll get in and let’s
understand the recent polling shows that
there’s a four-way split at the top of

the race and we may very well have four
separate winners for each of the early
primary States at mayor Pete wins Iowa
Bernie wins New Hampshire Joe Biden win
South Carolina I was in Warren wins
Nevada then that means going into Super

Tuesday you have no clear front-runner
yet when Hillary Clinton has 100% name
recognition she has a formative form of
fundraising base she has a clear reason
to run a rematch to 2016 where she won

by over three million votes and now has
a ground game to actually win the Rust
Belt if Joe Biden isn’t able to lock
down this nomination within the next two
months then there’s no really no reason

for her not to jump in prior to Super
Tuesday so you have a ground game which
is in place from the HRC Oh 8 campaign
you have consultants who have been
recently leaving other top campaigns and

as more candidates to drop out more that
top talent becomes available just this
week you had Joe Biden’s top elite
latina advisor leave his campaign so
those people are in place she has the
ground game she has clearly be

fundraising apparatus so for someone
like Duval Patrick is it reasonable or
realistic for him to win no but for
someone like Hillary Clinton who already
has the apparatus in place

it’s almost turnkey that’s almost a
turnkey operation you come in you turn
the key you flip the lights on you have
a 50-state campaign already in place
right now the party is completely
splintered you have about 30% in the

birding / Warren wing of the party you
have 70 percent who are staunchly
against seeing that wing of the party
win even we’ve saw the reports this week
Obama saying that he will step in to

make sure that Bernie Sanders does not
get the nomination and because you have
the splintering between Joe Biden people
to Jamie Clovis are some of the other
minor candidates their answers idea you
just need a uniting now how many

disparate aspects together I like the
idea of how he sees the the four
frontrunners winning basically their own
little territories and there being no

clear no clear winner
and that that would be the impetus for a
uniter to swoop in and well to the first
to Iowa and New Hampshire

he’s probably right but Nevada is where
he falls apart in with number four
because a lot of people think that Biden
will take that hmm so we’ll see but I

like his thinking it’s pretty much to
learn the lines of my thinking and she
does say the apparatus she never busted
up her machine right busted up the
machine she’s still in place ready to go

ready to go at the drop of a hat
she still has all these adoring fans she
has I like California for example all
the women here that are healbots
are still here they haven’t changed

their minds they’re not healed but no
longer healbots they’re still thinking
she got gypped how about that hit job
though on the on Bernie cuz that was
there’s no no proof of that there’s no
fact that apparently Obama told one

other Hamid is yeah no I said you did
the out of emotion there’s I think he
did say it way too many people well

that’s why it’s a hit job oh it’s a
total hitch before Bernie but it was
reported as he said it to one of the of
the of the candidates but we don’t know

who it was and we knew we know that Mary
piece is the hit job job the newspapers
okay first of all let’s line up who’s on
whose side the big boys the New York
Times in the wopo wopo not so much the

network’s although I believe maybe MSNBC
they’re all behind Warren and Warren is
failing right in fact then Warren
doesn’t help things much by saying maybe

she’ll have a vice presidential pick
will be a woman this I read that
somewhere how is that we know I heard
her say it he was on being interviewed
on some radio show or something like

that and she says the woman wouldn’t be
beyond the where I’m a possibility what
difference does it make is a good idea
she would and that means it would have
to be campbell harris cuz it would have
to be a woman of color she’s not gonna

pick another white woman so you have
that combination of to death combination
it has no chance of success she’s being
pretty much booted out of the scene but

the these papers of
it reminds me of one of the venture
capitalists that we both know and love
who is a huge supporter of Democrat
politics billionaire guy from kleiner

yeah yeah and he was like he would I
remember during the I think it was the
we’re talking about JD yeah I’m I love

it yeah I’ll just say his name or is
that 10 so he well I don’t like to give
him publicity but he has he was like II
BB gives millions to these different
organizations and he’s the one who

turned probably the both of us on to the
fact that he’s doing it to get an
ambassador ship to either the UK or
France and but he’s B’s backed gore he
everyone he’s back just failed he also

backed a half a billion dollars worth of
green tech he’s not a great he’s not a
great picker of anything not a great
picker president’s not a great picker of
companies they met list they missed out

on Google and was so embarrassing that
they they had an important late they had
well that a midnight meeting it was
explained to me and maybe one day I can
recall exactly what it was was a

midnight meeting and they went to
Sequoia and vindaloo or whatever and
said hey we have to have a piece of this
you just can’t leave this out and they
overpaid they really overpaid now of

course in hindsight that paid off
handsomely but maybe only a third of
what other he was a mechanic investment
it was they failed they walked away from

it they didn’t see it they didn’t have
the vision yeah those are your top
elitist the Silicon Valley guys can
luster well again there are as hot
Democrats with a world view that’s

inaccurate according to scott scott
adams that you can make that you start
making mistakes like this and they’d a
never stop one mistake out there we know
that this is the reason you want to

listen to the no agenda show and you can
kind of find in tune your worldview it’s
not that we’re right about everything
but at least we have some notion of
you’re on them we look at the logic of

everything and we see what what makes
sense and what doesn’t make sense and we
try to
make sense of it and it generally
speaking what makes sense literally
makes sense
is the right way to go and they’ve lost

a touch the more you know in the morning
and with that I’d like to thank you for
your courage and say in the morning to
you the man who put the C in complete

nullity John good morning to you I also
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ground feet in the air
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donation notes for that matter well we
thank you data or data for your courage
and for supporting the show with your

probably dated after the robot I think
so with your Revere talents and that is
a great contribution towards the value
for value network that keeps the show

running and of course is contributed to
by all the producers around gitmo nation
and we would like to thank a number of
people who today are going to be now we
have a special a special producer ship

it’s the instead of executive producer
of No Agenda show 1194 today you’ll be
able to use your credit as executive
producer or associate executive producer

of the No Agenda Thanksgiving special
which we think looks pretty good on a
resume yeah absolutely and anyone by the
way anyone still wants to get in on that

go to look at the newsletter by midnight
tonight you can still take part no
agenda or generator calm thank you
rora for arts yes yeah we do a few
contributors to that that well I’ve

looked at the list briefly before we
started heartwarming
people are thanking us the majority who
thanked us also don’t want jingles or

karma some exceptions but it was just
that it’s straightforward like people
were saving up for this day thank you
very much I’m just going to say in
advance it was nice to see all the kind
words that we will now embark on reading

well let’s start with John Klein who it
was four hundred dollars and forty cents
from Sin City Ohio Cincinnati thank you
for the best podcast in the universe

please send health and jobs covered for
my friends who should remain anonymous
it’s been a trying year but that light
has been getting brighter at the end of
the tunnel you got it John thank you and

thank your your anonymous friends I’m
gonna job Skaar that’s what we wanted to
do jobs jobs jobs and jobs
that’s their job

karma jobs and health care package into
one little bundle we have our contingent
of executive producers for the
Thanksgiving Day special which you’re

listening to
starting with Stuart Callum Northville
Michigan 333 dollars and 33 cents you
htm’ pools
you went from Harding was hgm who’s well

he’s second on the list we just did
starting with Ono these are the 33 33 s
gotcha this was a special donation
amount I got it

okay starting with HTM polls 333 dollars
and 33 cents he’ll be executive producer
Thanksgiving Day special in fact of
course John client Glenn clean KL it’s
clean like I said clean I think clean

John clean instance in City Ohio will
also be executive producer for this show
now if you’re a friend who got hit in
the mouth by me mentioned that he would

has turned into a regular anonymous
donor to your fantastically entertaining
and enlightening show I started feeling
it like a douche for not contributing
for about a year already so d douche me

an appreciation for hitting him in the
mouth my friend nominated me yes on his

latest donation sending me off to the
ranks of the Knights yep maybe a name
change into something more romantic
could be arranged does he want to change

here he says from sir
Hooper Hubert Knight of the southern
South China into so Hubert Knight of the
wild wild East of the Middle Kingdom

uncle uncle of the tiger yeah well
that’s more chinesey yeah and it was it
was an anonymous donor in China actually

yeah who dragged him into the ad to the
round table so yeah we’ll do that today
I think mistake we have listed as a must
make sure we have it listed as a title

change let me just double check yes
continue says hope you guys can send
some business Carm our way we’ll do that
but I do how about I do it now

well I thought you’re still looking
something up no I got it I got it we
couldn’t do it he just needed a business
it’s this car
okay well the goat needs to come in for
the business Carmen you’ve got really

don’t have a business now the use of the
term Middle Kingdom has fascinated me

for about a year
oh and it refers to China
and hey I looked it up and I tried to do
some research on this usage and there’s

some couple of announcers on the BBC and
elsewhere there’s some certain specific
announcers that always refer to China as
the Middle Kingdom
I have not gotten to the bottom of this

usage interesting oh yeah he uses it to
I see sir Cal meanwhile from Northville
Michigan yes comes in with three and
$33.33 also one of the executive

producers that Thanksgiving Day special
Happy Thanksgiving folks or calendar
team MEP PS we had a few in this is
circle from lavender blossoms Lavin

lavender blossoms org official CBD put
the supplier of the No Agenda show we
had a few conference calls with Kevin
Harrington original shark on Shark Tank

and his team they offered to propel us
to new heights but I had to decline our
products are in over 20 stores and
demand is growing it rather rely on you
you the listeners of the No Agenda show

to spread the word goat karma please
what a great story now this if I recall
cow was I think it was a dude named Ben
who literally bought the farm he retired
he was sick and sick and tired of it I’m

paraphrasing if he’s still alive that is
he died he bought a farm and then he
started to make CBD products and as far
as I know he the launch was kind of when

he sent us he sent us some samples and
we were and we liked it and we had
friends test it and it was working well
on cramps and arthritic hands of
firefighters and all kinds of people

were liking it and now he’s in 20 stores
turning down some shark like hey man hey
I really love your product you want to
be rich you wanted but still I do you

like do you like stocks and bonds you’ll
be rich me I’m gonna leave your wife
rich man that’s how that’s how rich I’m
gonna make you count you with your
products just come ten percent of your
own company that’s right that’s how the
shark this house sharks usually operate

I’ll give you $250,000 and you’ll own
let’s give him the goat karma which will
help propel the business to even greater

you’ve got surcoat monkey comes in next
with 333 and 33 a happy turkey day

please give me a random el Sharpton soar
code monkey random enough sir Matt
Melbourne Australia 3 3333 happy

whatever you want to call it from sir
Matt in Melbourne Melbourne now you’re
bearing from Down Under looking at how
many dollar Roos I don’t know what he

had to pay for this $330 cuz it came in
as three hundred thirty three dollars
and 33 cents he probably had to had to
it’s gotta be five hundred five hundred
dollar Roos I got to pawn off his car

that’s you the accounting based on the
matching program to see where I based on
the match yeah three eggs
to see where I would be but in real
money this donation bumps me up to the

level of I count so I’d like to be at
UCS I think he’s on the list I only
request the alternative title of I
counted Victoria then my next few
donations will go to the Dame drive to

bring my daughter who claims to be a
reluctant listener as I Drive her to
school but can sing along with the
jingles that’s how we that’s how the
cult brings them in how cults work

that’s all you gotta have a game hood
it’s exactly what Jane goes no karma
thank you for your courage sir
Matan my counted Victoria pending yes
that will be today

looking forward to it test for math
thank you for your courage and hello to
your daughter
I’m sorry yes hi hi how you doing sir
hashtag 33333

uh Happy Thanksgiving Adam and John
thank you for working today and yes we
do we work on non Thanksgivings we’ve
skipped one I believe maybe to thank you
for working today and every day to keep

our amygdalas in a healthy state suri
hashtag blessed of the cavity
aficionados on that note I am going to
Holland for a for a small thing with my

sisters and I’ve been able to plan the
actual cremation of my father around
show days I just want you to know that
is how dedicated we are to the show so

you can’t you can’t put them in the oven
on Thursday or Sunday this is not
my sisters understand this joking
they’re fun they’re ok with it but as so
Wednesday this coming Wednesday I fly to

Amsterdam middle seat coach I arrive
Thursday morning I’ll sleep I’ll prep
I’ll do the show Friday is when we have

our our family gathering Sunday and
because I have to stay a weekend
otherwise the ticket $5,600 round-trip
stay the weekend it’s doing now it’s

still the two grand it’s crazy
did you ask for bereavement prices wait
a minute what can I get a deep well is

it too late now I’ve already paid but no
actually this tends to be for
last-minute oh all right
maybe they can maybe they can well I’ll
instead of bereavement pricing I’ll take

an upgrade keep put me in business
well how do i how do I do that do I say
I think it’s like the customer service I
don’t know I’ve never done it I just

know it exists well anyway so I do the
show Sunday and I come back Monday so
that was as it relates to we do we do
care about what we do here and being

consistent with shows and show times is
one of the few but significant secrets
to our success
yes it does make a difference this is a

yeah I mean I’m reminded of the good
place the TV series which is like one of
these very Cavalier as Rick and Marty’s
a little like this very Cavalier let’s

put on some episodes this year and skip
a couple years put it on again because
we’re so great that people just keep
coming back and I get kind of lost
interest I mean I probably watch this

series it’s finished it off cuz it’s the
last season they only do four seasons
was just dumb but why did you lose
interest because there’s been over a
year you know I got all about it this is

really something about regimentation
helps a lot adapt its you know these
sorts of things are important it turns
out that you know if you get into a

groove about something you’ll and then
all of a sudden it disappears then
you’ve lost the groove and yeah yeah
I’ve heard of it I’m gonna go we work on
Thanksgiving cuz we worried is freaking

paranoid yeah I’ve never run a rerun on
this show a rear Abner never done a
rerun no no specials occasionally we
then interview shows everything’s fresh

and new pretty much or or it’s been
remixed to be fresh and new just just a
little lesson for you
podcasters who think that you can just
cavalierly do the show whenever you feel
like it cuz it’s a podcast no end of

lecture onward to sir rate Jacobson in
Ashland Virginia who also comes in to
the Thanksgiving Day executive producer
I give thanks to the new agenda that no

exam breath I give thanks that no agenda
exists I’d like to request family
vacation karma and that my grandson can
attend insert family drama here his

mother is denying an upcoming film a
fun-filled Florida vacation to a four
year old with his dad and possibly the
last this time in his life to meet his

great-grandmother goat karma would be
yeah I’d had the family drama like that
that sucks and I would say particularly

because meeting your great-grandmother
my daughter met her great-grandfather’s
and I think was valuable for me sir for
them for you davin for me you’ve got man

thank you for your support
so it’s like we’re talking about we’re a

couple years ago when you’re in London
we’re gonna go to Paris on a side trip
since we’re all over there for the big
be kind of a meetup we had a meet-up

but we couldn’t arrange it you know it’s
too many people it was then we never got
over there just stayed in London and and
I think Jay was lamenting this and I
said you’ve been to Paris and she says

yeah when I was – it doesn’t count does
yeah and it doesn’t count
no a certainty the Duke of the 7th

Federal Reserve District in 33333 uh
these has at the beginning no harm no
foul mm-hmm crackpot and buzzkill thank
you for both for your twice weekly dose

of sanity not on Thursday and Thursday
oh and my best wishes for today’s
celebration in the of the harvest here
we go is this all he started there’s the

harvest it’s launching on our own damn
show John yeah that’s what happens huh I
know agenda but what better show anyway
to all that no agenda producers

especially those in the seventh Federal
Reserve District this donation is to be
applied to the knighthood of Joe foe who
manages xyr own accounts exerting sir
juror please my cab will be able to read

this stuff in the future please play the
jingle requests China is a ho us asshole
it’s true and a Fletcher call out

these if Lu wants let your Foley College
specifically interesting keep up the
great work
certainty Duke at the seventh Federal
Reserve we did it for you you know

I exchanged some notes with Foley oh

yeah grant do great huh I said you know
what about using your house for us
Silicon Valley meetup oh he has a great
place for that so I thought it was an

imposition and we took a you know from
my even my own perspective that took a
lot of nerves kind of but you went for
it of course and said yeah it’s a great

idea so nice to think about maybe doing
that now you have to go promise you know
the thing is just like do you want a
bunch of these guys over at your house

that are I don’t know I just like John
we stopped home on it’s not because of
the people that’s just because of the
bar and the tab and the you know the way

we normally do it’s at a bar and
everyone picks up their own tab do you
have a few people that are generous and
they like to buy drinks for everybody in
the atmospheres bar like it’s kind of a

bar atmosphere that you know it’s noisy
it’s got other people it’s not just a
really you really embarrassed yourself
with this one that’s what you’re saying
it’s not a good request I’m thinking
twice about it because of the nature

unless we get a band in there hey can
you get the stones Foley sure probably
you want to meet up and we want a Mick
and the stones yes at the store that

would be cool yeah that would that hey
I’d come over for that one yeah you do
it okay anyways sir Warren Carroll’s

next on the list with $333 from
Indianapolis Indiana your baronet of
bottom filling here I have decided to
spend my budgeted amount for

psychedelics on the show since it’s just
as important for my mental health he’s
got some little comment there thank you
for all that you do and if any producers

want to see the coolest beer dispenser
in the world check out bottoms up
beard calm yeah I believe sir Warren
I’ve seen this it’s been around for a

while very sick
well I believe sir Warren works at the
company this is the company that they
have a bar top

you know the tap and yeah and you put
the glass on top of it fills up from the
bottom which has a lot of benefits the
main one to the we’ve talked about on
the show the main one to the bar is it
the significant increase in profit

because less waste etc
is it cool it’s a cool device bottoms up
beer they haven’t been Austin now – now
check this out

Dame g-money 333 333 oh I know damn gee
money I met her at the meetup Happy
Thanksgiving a No Agenda nation this

year I’m thankful for my normal-sized
amygdala John and Adam and all your
producers douchebags and slaves can I
get some Pelosi jobs karma and AF cancer
for my girl Montgomery ah they love you

mean it a PS I could also use the D
douching we give her that right now it’s
been a long time since my last donation

no all right we got it for you John to
the associate executive producers

starting with baronet’s Stephen of us
luego with the river popular donation of
two three four five six
I need some serious jobs karma boys

going for an IT job at the VA so better
make it the old tried-and-true not this
newfangled stuff at ass was enough twist
if you can still looking for a smoking

hot girlfriend baronet’s stephen of us
away go okay he wants an old-school
swallows enough we can do that jobs jobs
jobs and jobs let’s vote for job you’ve

got karma with our baron sir de fuga
Zotoh uh Saudi Arabia somewhere or

Middle East who knows before five six
also popular deer stuffing and gravy
thanking you for your courage please
give us some JA travel Karim afford a

melody and lady Isabel as they head to
Lola’s house for the holiday also a
second special karma for producer Jerry
e G in Houston

Jerry G
hmm also a second special karma for
producer Jerry G in Houston who lost his
mom this week thanks you guys really are

the BPI T you have a swell holiday
weekend Dave now
wait he did ask instance he is a baron
and who came in last show and he

specifically has four separate
Karma’s you bet I think we have to
deliver those do we keep them the same
or should I make one a goat
I think the goat for the travel it’s

like yeah go for the travel go to the
you’ve got karma and here’s the special
one for his buddy you’ve got karma miles

well especially for flight high in the
high-end dollars 11 yeah – and $11.20 he

may be our new handlers we don’t know
who knows and I an see ya although I do

need a deed don’t in JNC know then see
and think eh yes but it doesn’t need to
do yeah we got this for the hard work
you put into the show Adam and John

you’re the insight is invaluable and I’d
like to especially thank both of you for
being open and honest with your opinions
and big sets that makes us podcasters
and big thanks to all the producers I’m

very happy the show doesn’t run ads and
both in art and jingles are top-notch
I’m surprised Utah hasn’t come up with
the pronunciation debate I’m not getting
that by mutants you tones have been

dropping their teas oh I see so you try
be you I got it here’s some fun short
clips to play if you know the history

behind it according to the BYU study
linked below
you ton’s drop the T differently than
the rest of the US here are some fun
short clips to play anyway if you have

the time normal tea drops anybody’s got
a bunch of these examples we’ll put them
together and put them on a future show
when we get into that topic again unless
you did that which I doubt I know I
didn’t I just look for him actually but

I couldn’t find him that quick so okay
we’ll do we’ll do something with that
later because it’s a funny idea that
Utah which does have his own kind of
you are you tones utox

would be the have a different way of
doing this you know they’d have to
whatever they call it Roger a were away
were they real Worley were that could be

Worley Roger world in Bangkok hundred
dollars in 88 cents
okay the no agendas show is essential to

my well-being
he’s in Bangkok another donation was
long overdue I’m grateful for what you
and Adam from dear who keep up the good
work and please send me a health and

jobs karma thanks as for the newsletter
I always you see them just fine so how
would you know if you didn’t that’s the
question I have to ask yeah I remind me
to mention something about the

newsletter and email issues cuz we have
some people who are of well-well mind
but are making some thinking mistakes
about that jobs and health care we yes
we got that for you

jobs jobs jobs and jobs
that’s the job karma Christine Khadija
her Katya one of the two two hundred

dollars happy Thanksgiving Jon and Adam
thankful thankful for both of you and
the no agenda family dinners Christine
thank you Robert Simpson two hundred

dollars this donation is one half of the
four hundred dollar filing fee for
opposition to the trademark application
for the no agenda t-shirts

and J and K and no need to read further
but he does say thanks for handling that
so quickly so what exactly does this
mean that means I think it’s neither

t-shirt guy I don’t know I this is not
no agenda shop
where’s image Simpson involved with it
well whatever whatever you’re doing it

thank you very much because yes we are
on that case we are we are going to push
back because we have to you can’t just
step in and just step in and use our in
our name like that no that’s not okay

name is Gillick sandwich the most with
the most open guys use whatever you want
please credit us copy the show anything
you want

we don’t complain about stitcher putting
ads around our show we don’t complain
about Spotify and Pandora just putting
our shows on having ads you know
tracking and we have not complained I

didn’t put it up there
we don’t complain please just copy it
but this was going a little too far Fox
nation yeah I thought so too right
sorry you you read the cease and desist

order yes I did it was quite funny
should we read that on the show one day
or is that not good etiquette maybe
maybe one of these days right now I
think would just let the lawyer do his

thing okay uh Robert Simpson James
Gillick deluge the Robert Simpson you
know I didn’t Robert Simpson 200 here we
didn’t know that was Robert Simpson I’m

sorry I’m all confused I’m a mess James
Gilligan that’s who we’re talking about
James W as a matter of fact I TM gents
today I’m truly thankful for all that
you do to keep us sane I would like to

ask for some health karma from my
brother and fellow producer Tom Gillick
s’en who who will be having a procedure
this Friday no he would like a foamer

and any rev l mix it to be appreciated
crown all day two we are watching that

was a turn each eneral
eric holder
about some Republicans called already
beating the drums of war today the

Pentagon refuted that claim and he said
the American people do not want him to
quote okay Xander will hacia 200 he’s in
New Jersey Jersey rules whatever he’s a

strong Jersey strong this Jersey rules
first things first happy Thanksgiving
John in a time when the most immediate

douche banks have checked out for the
week as they have we can always count on
the two of you to continue to inform and
entertain us the news cycle doesn’t stop
that’s right I took a look at the last
time I donated and it wasn’t since

episode 760 that’s too damn long in my
opinion my opinion too actually
that’s okay you guys offer a lot of
value so it’s about time I provide some

value in return it’s a holiday so I’ll
spare the douche bag call-outs against
the freeloaders they know who they are
my smoking-hot wife and I are planning
to move to Pennsylvania in the new year
maybe get some house buying karma please

the same time this will be an expensive
endeavor so we need to get used to
eating mac and cheese and we will for
sure be living the mac and cheese life

for the foreseeable future anyway you
like those two jingles enough goofing
off on my end and closing this
Thanksgiving I’m most thankful for the
No Agenda show hope you find gentlemen

to get to enjoy some time with the loved
ones after the show and we will yes
indeed I’ll give you this one

like mac and cheese
you’ve got karma sir Maxine gray waters
gravels back 200 seasons greeting and

Happy Thanksgiving she could be 10
people doing this but it does things
don’t think anything’s possible yeah
John a quick reminder it is Sir mwg and
not Dame yes what does they do now in a

previous show you misgendered oh no the
show must stop yes first it was Derby
Dyke then some dude named Robin then me

I’d have gone gender-neutral but several
queries no pun intended a hole into the
peerage committee went unanswered hmm

though there’s a peerage committee is on
hiatus they’ll probably get back to you
as soon as you would they get back

perhaps a rebranding of the show – no
agender er get it that gender yes yes
yes yes is an order anyway jingle
request bite in whole load Whoopi get

out of my vagina and jcd electrifying my
balls and Peterson’s that’s wrong
perhaps whether that’s true at the very

end the love light and turkey mwg
I’m just looking for the Petersons
that’s wrong oh here it is
Peterson’s that wrong and then what’s

the last one
Oh Oh aye that’s true very okay you know
that’s quite a lot to look up and I
actually gave it a little extra twist

I’m gonna give you the whole load did
they find my balls wrong thank you okay
was there any Karma knows no Karma

needed Roy doesn’t care about the
current register just the lewd thanks a
lot well innuendo mm-hmm sir dart farmer
of dark mr. dirt farmer of Illinois 200

he’s will be our last associate
executive producer for this fine show uh
thanks for the harvest Karma
the farmers needed it best of all the

producers out there have a great
Thanksgiving and chip-in interesting
that this is the second producer on
today’s list who spells karma with a see
yeah I mean language just change I mean

maybe we have to adhere to this there’s
just random number
you’ve got karma trade Karma exactly
that’s our group of associate executive

producers and executive producers for
the special Thanksgiving Day special for
show 1194 want to thank each and every
one of them for helping us do this I
believe I have I do believe I’ve got to

make Goods one is from a for Sir Richard
lighter last week John only read the
second half of my donation note which

called out my friends but the douchebags
but the real impetus for the donation
was job’s karma most powerful strength
available for my daughter who graduated
from pharmacy school and passed her

boards this summer but can’t find a job
she’s getting desperate she’s also
married to a douchebag missin he to
subsist relationship Karma well
the two sometimes are related I’m just

saying that is sometimes how the
universe works so if she’s listening
sometimes you got to get we got to
deduce yourself to make something change

anyway relationship and jobs karma as as
make good here jobs jobs jobs and jobs
let’s vote for job we’ve got karma and
also got a note from a jennifer ugly

which is important
he says forgive me Adam of John I meant
to send this email much sooner to
address the donation I made for my
husband on episode 1175 in the amount of
$210 and 25 cents for our of an

anniversary I failed to ask for the
donation to be made in his name Matthew
ogly so he could get the credit as
producer for the episode as he is
actively seeking employment and would

like to use the credit on his LinkedIn
and resume are we able to rectify this
yes in fact I would say because it’s you
know it’s a job-related thing and it’s

for the LinkedIn if it’s okay with you
John can he have a special can he have a
the the Thanksgiving special
associate executive producer for this

Thanksgiving Day special yeah because
that’ll look really yeah it would be
easier than editing the old things just
put him on the list do you read my mind
let me just make sure we like how can we

make this easier on a second I just to
make sure I I do this properly if I
don’t were in trouble uh what’s his name
again Matthew

Alima ghana he matthew ugly ogly ey okay
good and then she says he goes on to say
house asked for jobs karma frame was she

did not receive and since the show is
still not and since the show is still
have found employment so as a desperate
plea can he please receive and make good
on jobs karma so hopefully in the future
i can report back the job karma works

the student gets a job the sooner we can
donate that’s not what it’s about the
last request please deduce him as this
was our first donation okay you got it
sorry we missed all the jobs and jobs of

the no agenda thanksgiving special and

our associate executive producers of the
no agenda thanksgiving special it will
look very good on your linkedin make
sure you send the link or post something
so that we can see that and thank you
for your courage thank you for your

thanks really
it’s noticed and it’s appreciated
particularly on this day when when we
give thanks and when we’re also here
when most people aren’t that’s our way
of thanking you value value

perfect if you want to helps out even
more sunday we’ll do it all over again
go to the full rack dot org slash
propagate our formula is this

for his people in the mouth

do a quick little aside here since I
would never record that Scott Adams clip
uh-huh I got another one from that same
show of his he doesn’t show on periscope

yeah his live microphone camera thing
now I talked about this like the perfect
Silicon Valley description of what

periscope is live microphone camera
thing yes so I had discussed either the
last show of the show before sometime

about the magic black magic being used
by Steve Jobs I mean yes we even have an
end of show clip about the match the
black magic of Elon by Sir Chris Wilson

specifically here’s an interesting I
don’t even know Scott doesn’t say it per
se the way I did listen to this clip
about his experience with this black

magic so let’s talk about the cyber
truck apparently there are 200,000
orders for that thing and I told you
last couple days that I started with a
that that thing is ugly and a day later

I was starting to think well maybe I
wouldn’t mind having one of those cyber
trucks and then the third day in I
really want one I totally want one so

whatever magic Elon Musk uses to make us
want his products he’s doing it again
and Scott is not the isn’t he the one

who can figure out what that now said
instead of persuasion it’s just well I
can’t figure him out must be black magic
because the persuasion was working on
itis to once apparently this is dispels

are so fantastical that they went right
into Scott’s over a minute didn’t he he
didn’t even come around with the with

the analysis of why this is happening he
just he just gave into it
very odd and I’m concerned for Scott
do you imagine you imagine driving
around in that okay I’m not even gonna

think about it that’s fine that is the
dumbest thing that we will never ship
this is my prediction what’s interesting
is that I was thinking about you know

the American automobile or our
automobile culture is diminishing
rapidly and you know how we used to talk
about freedom and all this you know

something great that you had it was I
think it was kind of about your car or
you know your 15-14 like I can’t wait to
get my license you know it’s gonna be a
car and then you get a great car and and

that is kind of changed into the
smartphone that is now what people you
know see is oh I’ll can’t wait until I
get my smartphone I can be on Facebook

I’m old enough and I have freedom now
freedom to look at all this stuff
whenever I want then maybe this is some
kind of hybrid that it’s it’s still
zapping into Scott’s brain as a Boomer

regarding vehicles but it has that it’s
even the name cyber I think he tapped it
he got double tapped
he got tapped by the the the hot

technology phone thing and his old
boomer –is– car desires maybe I don’t
know all I was just taken aback by this

I didn’t he just like pass it off as
wellis where it is they didn’t have any
real thoughts on it I think he was he
was encapsulated by whatever this is

that goes on I don’t know it doesn’t
seem to affect me at least he does at
least a Musk stuff doesn’t even have no
desire to get this many of these really

but somewhat
fit and trim kind of poorly deport
manufactured vehicles well I think Scott
may need an end intervention well we’ll
see in the years ahead so the cops were

on our street this morning ooh when they
stopped a crime-scene unit
and as tina was leaving for the gym they

stopped her
CSI CSU actually the car said CSU I was
looking out the window spying and
oculars to make it look you know so I

could be really obvious no not um and
they stopped her and said excuse me yeah
yesterday there were some youths walking

around here apparently checking
doorknobs now I was home all day Tina
was home all day I don’t think there was
no-one checking no doorknobs but
actually she said she did see them they

had a piece of paper in their hand
though she thought maybe they were
looking for something or but no so one
of the neighbors called because
apparently these kids were touching
doorknobs and what did the cops want to

know of course they want to know if you
have any video exactly right do you have
a ring can we access the video we want
to see them how about that maybe they
weren’t a scavenger hunt and you know if

if we had one I would have said no I
think Tina would have disagreed because
she kind of said no to some kids on a
scavenger hunt I would have said no to
the cops asking for ring video oh you

know I said no now you can’t have that
go away nothing happened he’s a crime
scene unit
but you know of course they were black

so I’m sure that the white neighborhood
got all riled up by it but yeah they
were probably on a damn scavenger and
who knows but they were out there for an
hour before the show started waiting for

other neighbors to come out and ask him
for ring video huh that’s that’s what
cops do now I mean there’s nothing left
to do in Austin unless something
happened but they didn’t they said no

there were just some kids checking
doorknobs and we’re suspicious behavior
yeah but that was yesterday and that’s
I’m sure there’s something going on in
the city and they’re here front Shores a
lot more going on than our looking for

ring video I think there’s better ways
you can do that I would promise I would
come back to the e what was it about it

was about something in the one of the
you were gonna help me remember I
okay it’s about the email being received

or not so I’ll let you worry on a bitch
about the emo I’m not gonna bitch about
it I just want to heal you should I want
to help people understand and we also by
the way we have an insider at MailChimp
thank you very much for your courage

anonymous he explained exactly how
MailChimp works but I’ll relate that to
some very good initiatives people are
talking about unknown gender social calm
can’t say that enough it’s a great place

to hang out with the Gitmo nation No
Agenda social calm you can get an invite
at any of the show notes no agenda show
calm the thinking is hey since this is
problem with the email why don’t we

start an email server and then everyone
can have an account on that email server
and then you know it’ll be guaranteed
and I said this is one of the worst

ideas you can have the idea is not to
centralize on the Internet in fact the
opposite is better
everyone should actually have their own
email server that they can control

because I’ve never missed out on an
email because it comes into my server
but I want you to understand the issues
besides the obvious that no one should
even think they want to be responsible

for anyone else’s email server this is a
of epic proportion you will get so much
you will be doing that full-time you’ll
be administering to all kinds of things

that aren’t working right for people as
just no no no no and there is no
protecting your your so-called great
solution from the perils that our email

on the on the internet and this and I
was reminded of why this is why these
problems occur from our insider producer
at MailChimp they don’t pay any of the

big companies for white listing fees
according to him and I think he said why
won’t even mention what department he’s
in but he would know so they don’t pay

for that but they have huge servers that
are very careful about what networks
they’re on because here’s the issue if
you have an e if I have a server at home

I’ve done this you have an email server
if your ISP will even allow you to send
on port 25 the SMTP protocol if they’ll
even allow it most don’t
all you need is for one a hole on your

entire network segment to do something
with spam his IP a guest a P address
will get reported and you’re in the
entire network block that goes along

with that also gets reported and this is
apparently what happens to MailChimp
from time to time is because they have
cloud infrastructure they continue to
switch IP addresses and over time an IP

address of a mail server builds up trust
believe it or not it’s bayesian and but
there’s also Google and Yahoo and all
these guys have big algorithms that look

that learn how to trust an IP address
the sending email and again you get one
guy in the same data center who sends
out a whole bunch of crap on spam your

IP address gets demoted or blocked and
so there’s no MailChimp is constantly
switching away from these networks that
are reported and blocked and that’s why
it’s intermittent and yeah and I believe

this is probably the problem and and add
to that when you sent the email it’s not
like your email it just goes out our our
newsletter is in one batch no it’s
lumped in with tens of thousands

hundreds of thousands of other emails
going out and it gets into the queue and
so you’re sending along with other
people someone else’s email could have
something shitty in there the Google

Gmail doesn’t like and then yours ours
comes right after that Gmail has already
taken measures to block it so it’s it’s
been ruined
it’s a nightmare it truly is and there’s
this there’s very little you can do

about it when it comes to mass emailing
other than and it’s I would recommend
people learn how to set up their own
email server it can be a very cost of
thing okay go ahead Oh stopping you for

the following reasons first of all you
go on and on about how what a nightmare
it is to set up and eat your sir ah now
you’re tying you’re recommending you

know make up your mind no first of all
stop bitching at me I’m no mood for your
shit because you’re just doing it to be
whatever dick no no no I’m saying you
don’t want to host

email server for a whole bunch of people
you want to decentralize I said that
specifically decentralized and then you
personally have to take great care for
the trust of your own network you can’t

have someone else do that you have to do
it you have to what most people don’t
have the time to do what you just
described will then most people are just
gonna have to live with shit email

and that’s what they’re doing as we and
I disagree it’s I think that it’s it’s
relatively simple to set something up
with a with you know what I’ve been I’ve
been preaching okay your own email for

as long as the show’s been on the air
and mine’s fine I’m gonna say something
positive here so you don’t grouse in
it’s the way that I downloaded that
ultimate mint 19 which is an

all-encompassing Linux distro with
everything you need to really if you had
a little company you wanted to put
everybody on you wouldn’t have to buy
any Microsoft licenses you could install

this on all the machines in your office
and it would be fine from 90% of
everything unless people have to use
Photoshop let’s say why isn’t there a
downloadable Linux distro with exactly

all the elements that you’re talking
about an email server simple to maintain
a server that you just download and run
and boom you’re done why do you say that

there isn’t I’m just asking if there is
then totally
absolutely so that’s what you’re using
well I’m I’ve hosted mine at home of
hosts currently it’s been in the cloud

and on a network segment that I pay
extra for so was that IP addresses is
trusted and I pay almost nothing for it
it’s you know the free tier cuz there’s

not a lot of data really that comes in
and goes out and it’s been running it’s
just almost completely unattended for
you know eight years
um but that was that was a setup with

something called I read mail which was
not the same as a distro you download
and setup my point is now you said
people don’t have time

well okay then shut up about not getting
the newsletter because when you I’m the
one complaining about them not getting
their newsletter or people complain
about not receiving the newsletter all
the time but they’re on Gmail

so when you get what you pay for hello
so a gmail is not a great solution that
anymore is yahoo mail or AOL Mail

protonmail seems to be working pretty
well for people that’s so far yeah and
that and that what again it because you
you just don’t want to have a big

centralized system that is not the way
the internet was designed
supposed to be distributed anyway it

it’s moot no it’s not it hurts the show
yeah but I just what will hurt the show
more is if people set up a group email
with the thousands with thousands of

producers right back to the point that’s
that’s going to suck back to the point
if I was there something else he said
though that was kind of interesting he
had a lot of things to say besides that
well that was the main thing is that

they they bundled it all in and their IP
addresses you know they switch around
and then you know it could be that
someone else is it’s not a good idea to
use that system either that’s the bottom

well no I agree in fact has a VPN user
another another Pro there was a problem
with VPNs – there’s always a problem
with GPS but as a VPN user is funny to
you because you switch your view you

know you go on and off it because
sometimes you just can’t do anything
with it running and you go on one from
somewhere you just doing a Toronto
Canada and you click and there’s a

certain number and then you try to do
anything on the Internet
you’re blocked right because where
somebody apparently used that specific
number to spam the crap out of everybody

exactly yes and so everything’s blocked
and then you know and you remember the
numbers dot dot one one four that’s aw
crap so you disconnect and reconnect and
it comes up with some other number

everything’s fine but then sometime in
the future when you disconnect and
reconnect you backed it’s one one four
and it’s the same thing right which
makes you wonder why the VPN guys just
can’t kill that IP but they don’t want

to just leave it there so to accentuate
very this is a mess yes so it’s to
accentuate the point and the warning
this show has consistently warned that

you are a fool if you try to build your
business on these free platforms and I’m
looking specifically at you youtubers

because your life is ending and if
people don’t know it yet I’d like to
play a couple of clips here in which
were released by the YouTube

family partnership division because
Google um yes Google lost while there
was a lawsuit and they were penalized

under the terms of Coppa the Child
Online Privacy Prevention Act and or
copper because copper see protection not
prevention privacy yes sir thank you

privacy protection children under 13 is
the u.s. rule you may not track and
store data on them and guess what Google

does that all the time but now the
YouTube videos become a problem because
there’s the artificial intelligence
can’t figure out that what the intent is

if it is good for a kid is it not good
for a kid is it what people for should
people under 13 be able to view it so
they have pushed this on to the creators
that’s you youtubers creators under the

heading important updates for update for
all create ORS because they’re pushing
this on you and they’re making it sound

like it’s your problem and you have to
comply with Coppa which of course is
bullshit because you didn’t have to pay
any of the fine 170 million dollars they
didn’t ask you for a check no they have

to comply by knowing that they can’t
track a behavior of users on certain
videos so instead of an age verification
check which they can’t do amidst is not

going to happen then no one would watch
YouTube anymore they’re going to say
well creators are responsible for
marking it as kid-friendly which by the
way means you can’t make any money

because we can’t personalized ads as you
know they can get a generic ad it’ll
only be for stuff for certain age group
that you know basically you I got the
clips here in fact we’ll get into it and

then I can explain more about the
problem is because well yes I do have a
bit there is one simple easy easy fix
beyond me why they just don’t do that
what’s that stop tracking people yes but

then where would they monetize we can’t
monetize if we don’t track people here’s

the important update if you create
content for YouTube this video is very
important to opera for us it describes
changes to the upload process all of
your existing videos and potentially
your monetization oh hi I’m Lauren and

I’m the head of family partnerships here
at YouTube by louis i’m gonna go through
important new requirements for all
videos that you should take action on as
soon as possible I’ll provide some
background on what’s happening walk you

through a new audience setting and
YouTube studio and how to use it and
then answer some questions you might
have about this update I already want to
kill myself listening to the background

music back in September we shared the
steps we’re taking to address a recent
settlement with the US Federal Trade
Commission that will help creators
comply with the Children’s Online

Privacy Protection Act known as Kappa I
love how they make it all about you
complying with that you’re not
distributing Google is distributing this
is the beauty of what they’re doing

another applicable laws in order to help
you comply with the law we’re now
required to ask you to mark all of your
videos as made for kids or not you know
your videos and audience best so we’ve
launched a new audience setting that

lets you tell us if your videos are made
for kids or not in addition to this
setting we’ll use machine learning
systems to help us find content that is
clearly made for kids

uh-huh but don’t rely on our systems to
set content for you like all automated
systems it’s not perfect if you don’t
set your audience or if we detect error
or abuse we may set your audience for
you but in most cases we’ll rely on your

audience setting to determine whether a
video is made for kids so this is really
interesting what what is something
that’s made for kids and it or is it not
friendly for kids now Gary – no agenda

cartoon is perfect for kids well we will
be demonetized de platformed and and run
out on a rail because there’s all kinds

that makes it not perfect for kids the
topics are not perfect for kids at all
we have adult entertainment we have
language we mark different the adult
entertainment one it’s worse here’s

here’s a little rundown of this
definition of made for kids what’s
considered made for kids content I think
we comply per the FTC’s guidance under
Coppa when deciding whether or not your

channel or video is made for kids you
should think about factors like the
subject matter of your video you want to
run down the subject of our video so if
I give you a little idea if that’s good

or not
well your construction now okay
let’s look at animated no agenda and
even just the titles I have a feeling

are not going to comply with what
they’re looking for
we have
noodle boy fart gate well that’s for
kids you’re right there vocal fry we’ve

got the biggest pooping
we’ve got the club 33
she looks dateable yeah that’s really

good we can do we can do that one John
I’m sure no problem
defiance date defining sexual harassment
I’ll listen to you to know your intended
audience for the video whether the video
includes child actors or models whether

the video includes characters
celebrities or toys that appeal to
children including animated characters
or cartoon figures there you go
whether the language of the video is

intended for children to understand no
whether the video includes activities
that appeal to children such as
play-acting simple songs or games or
early education or jingles whether the
video includes songs stories or poems

that appeal to children
douche bag and any other information you
may have to help determine your videos
audience ultimately we can’t provide
legal advice so we’re unable to confirm

whether or not your content is made for
kids that decision is up to you taking
into consideration these factors but we
want to help you follow the law as much
as we can Oh check out our Help Center

and talk to a lawyer if you’re still
unsure whether or not your content
should be marked as maybe it’s your
problem okay let’s ask a question since
you’ve been on this side now I can be

the guy I’m the reporter I’m asking your
questions you know what what what’s
going on what so I might contest not for
kids oh that’s very good so you mark it
not for kids and you probably will not

get any advertising
but wait a minute if I market for kids
isn’t gonna be lousy advertising just
for kids that’s right but if it’s not
fine market wood then what where’s Ford

motor they can’t put a Ford ad for
buying a new f-150 pickup truck do you
see the King on a kid’s video cuz their
kids aren’t gonna buy a pickup truck do
you see the conundrum this is the

problems they’re conundrum not mine but
they’re making it about you because they
want what they really want is brand
friendly but you have to market for kids
because they they are not allowed to

just listen to all that this is the
final clip here they’ll explain what it
means for you and for YouTube but mainly
what it means for you since you asked a
question about your videos and listen to

all the things that the kids won’t get
which shows you what they are tracking
and I guarantee you you market that not
for kids

you’re reviewed manually your shits
gonna get taken down all the time one
little thing that could appeal to kids
and it’s gonna be a problem
if you say your content is made for kids
what does this mean for your channel we

will start limiting the data we collect
on made for kids content to comply with
the law because of this videos that you
mark is made for kids will be treated
differently on YouTube some features

like comments will no longer be
available most importantly those videos
won’t show personalized ads so some
creators may see a decrease in revenue
uh-huh what other features will no

longer be available if I set my content
as made for kids
starting in January if you mark a
specific video is made for kids features
like comments personalized advertising
info cards and screens and more won’t be

available on individual videos if your
entire channel is set as made for kids
your videos won’t have any of those
features your channel also won’t have
stories the community tab the

notification bell and your viewers won’t
be able to save to watch later or save
to playlists keep in mind that these
restrictions are to follow the law isn’t
that cool all those things that they’re

tracking they now have to turn off to
follow the law of course they make it
sound like it’s your problem but that’s
all the things that take into
consideration to see what who the hell
you are and what your interests
if you don’t say your content

appropriately this may result in
compliance issues for you under Coppa
and other laws now now you’re not
compliant under Coppa
I’ve Primus fantastic what they’re doing
I also find it part of my over arching

theme about these some of these
companies in YouTube would be one of
them where the bean counters have come
in and they said what are we gotta this
is costing us too much money what do we

do what’s our excuse for stopping the
comments how do we call the herd cuz the
comments are a part of that olive theory
you know there’s comments at some point
costs bandwidth I mean all those

thousands of millions of a millions and
millions explain the olive theory again
because I think the theory was was given
out by the story that goes around about
the Kramer Crawford I can’t remember his
name we just said the same thing last

time was the CEO of American Airlines
used to fly in first class on his own
planes instead of a private jet and guys
talking to him and he’s bitching about

the food and they and the CEO says well
you know these olives he says we turns
out that we take we took we take one
olive off of the alpha-1 meal on every

flight we make who saves us twenty five
million dollars because there’s one
olive that’s fantastic and so it’s like

that’s why we’ve you know we do these
things and if in do but most people
don’t understand cuz we’re all you know

we’re running a little companies or were
in but we’re employees or we’re not at
the looking at the multi-million
multi-billion dollar companies where one
little thing according to the bean

counters you know going over the
spreadsheets they take they look at one
thing so holy crap we couldn’t be making
another ten million dollars a years if
we could find some excuse to get rid of

the comments because it’s chewing up
bandwidth well also that hundreds adds
up one hundred and seventy million
dollar fine yeah that I’ll get your
attention and it’s not big for for

Google by any means but it gets your
yeah the bean counters don’t like it and
they’re looking for cost-cutting all the
time and this is just looks like an
excuse to cut costs I mean this is like
again the MailChimp didn’t confirm this

the middle chip guy didn’t confirm this
but I still think there was a you know
occasionally they you know throw there
just like the mailman who doesn’t wanna
deliver the mail you find a bunch of

mail everyone said well this happens all
over the country you find a bunch of
mail in the garbage well the point being
that we sometimes are somewhat from the
future we see things coming down the

pike we’ve promised you that you cannot
monetize the network and that is exactly
the problem that YouTube is running into
that you cannot do it it eventually ends
it just eventually ends because you run

into all these problems as far as I know
and I was there at the creation of but
of podcasting they called me the pod
father until everyone else started

taking the name you can’t monetize the
network there’s only one way to go we’ve
tried everything John you’ve been there
through an entire podcast network the
only way that seems to work is value for

value imagine all the people who could
do with us oh yeah

now we do have a few people thanked for
sure 1194 the Thanksgiving Day special
and it’s special because we’re the only

ones working on Thanksgiving very
special special for us special
Sir Patrick Knight of the so-called
Hills or this it’s funny now maybe this

is the night of the Southern California
Hills but SoCal wanting the so called
Hills I like it I think I were using

that 150 dollars thank you sir Patrick
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you’ve got oh yeah we break for that
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sir Scott Morgan out of Austin Texas
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get in touch with the Scott he set up an
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that came in as one of those bank checks
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I knew we had anybody there who should
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it’s well first of all the the airstrip

on the Isle of Wight is fantastic it’s
on a cliff
so either landing or taking off
depending on the wind direction you
coming over you it’s over this cliff
it’s spectacular and it’s kind of a

sloping landing Atlantic strips a runway
so it has it has its challenges but
everyone that lands there to go to this
crab restaurant which is up on the on

the cliff because very small and it’s
not another Big Island at all no it’s
it’s picturesque
so people just go there to eat crab yeah

well in America people go fly their
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a douchebag who might have to work on

getting that one that sounds pretty
funny Brad hora was 5005 and sir scott
nelson in melbourne florida melbourne
florida 5001 the following people are

$50 donors name and location if i got it
on here including Joe winky in Santa
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Paul Dubois in Kerr honks in New York
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this Dame Jennifer I want to read this
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dinner tomorrow almost giggles in her
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in momentarily Jennifer Vasant the
sun–the dharmaraj I’m hoping in
Ellenton New York chipping in daniel-san

sends in spring texas Elwha label parts
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Dainik the neck wets the neck oh it’s
yes I’m thinking he’s in Dubai hey Dubai
you can go there to Dubai all kinds of

things Jeffries Ellen in Oakland
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11:47 those are the people who helped to
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birthday to Steve Sims he’ll be
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celebrating today November 28th happy
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are and thank you for your support of
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people are getting tremendous benefit
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coming up on Saturday the south east
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away also on Saturday the 8th at local
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o’clock this is berrin sword eh slammer
and bear nest dame bang bang if you’ve
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you’ll love it find all the information
at no agenda meetups calm on Sunday the
old San Juan Puerto Rico meetup that
this is Jambo Joe Joe Winky who will be

hosting that he’s must be in town for
some kind of an convention we love the
Jambo products this great all and then
on Monday an interesting date

interesting day of the week Kitchener
Ontario in Canada eight o’clock this
will be the second southern Ontario
slave Union they’re still working on
their local name and surstromming night

of the bog of eternal stench that’s Josh
we’ll be organizing that and all that’s
we have for for this coming weekend I’ll

do the rest we also have two reports
briefly there was a big meetup in Sydney
Lee down under Meetup
quick report hear from Sir Chris Wilson

Sunday at the gasoline Pony was a very
successful meet up with ten attendees
some from as far away as the Blue
Mountains Doral and the Central Coast
sir Andy Cantrell bought his goat along

for extra karma we drank plenty of
Marrickville finest ale from the local
Brewer Willie the boat man and exchanged
tales of being hit in the mouth hitting
others in the mouth and how karma has

been fortuitous for all of us in its own
unique no agenda way the luminarias
called in for a chat and a photo with
all of us on FaceTime well I’d like how
this this cross-border thing where

there’s a meet up and then people from a
whole nother country call in and and and
say hi to everybody why does it kind of
make sense to me that in some crazy
Australian bar summer would come in with

a goat and no one would think twice
about it no it’s totally cool I
though some guys said that’s not a goat
this is a goat mate

my movie joke after many hours many more
ales plenty of free and open-minded
exchanges of ideas and recording the
Gitmo nation national anthem on my blue
spark digital mix I threw in my backpack

and we said our goodbyes to those who
took their life and family
responsibilities seriously and then they
just went on well I should read this the
rest of us being sir Ned future Sir

David and Phil and I shared a short taxi
ride F Ober to my home oh boy for pizza
and red wine including a six year old
Wyndham estate bin 888 Cabernet I’d
bought a few years ago for jean-claude

but I figured he wasn’t up to scratch
when it was much younger I must say it
had improved remarkably with age and
then the Mossad handler sir Brian of
London called in from Israel Sir Felix

entertained us with his stories and No
Agenda banter taking full advantage of
our consumption of three bottles of wine
over dinner and had us in tears of
laughter sadly Sunday rapidly came to a

conclusion and so was Sydney’s train
service so we thanked each other for our
courage check the timetable and I
pointed my fellow cult members in the
general direction of the train station a

few blocks away where they safely
traveled and arrived home eventually the
next day I awoke with a hangover and a
new episode of the best podcasting
universe of my phone and a smile on my
face and I will play the the a Gitmo
nation anthem is sung by our Sydney

meetup at the end of the show and then
we have one other report it’s actually
pretty good
from sir Hendrik he hosted the Utrecht
report meetup in the Netherlands short

report here it for the internet meetup
or The Hague as you said on Sunday I’m
sorry that’s my mistake
it went well at the second location
dBase where at the same time a rock

concert was happening a group was of 10
and made up of mostly meat uppers from
the past two times unfortunately only
one night ring was was spotted Dame
Jacobi no does not seem to get her ring
size across or confirmed by the shill

mountains I need to work on that send me
an email
are there attendees included EDM deixar
in deputy from Portugal Peter Boko c’mon
bust lonesome la solder push cadaver
which is uh like Gus cadaver just the

way it sounds sales guy you he’s been
around forever
sir spork and another anonymous producer
I later heard sir spork enjoyed a
vegetarian meal for which he used

regular cutlery oh well I brought the
Zoom to catch a clip with all the names
meanwhile I’m fighting my smartphone and
laptop to get pics transferred greetings
from trajector hendrik what’s your name

they sound baked man I love that I’d be
plastered I love it I love it thank you

thank you so much No Agenda meetups com
go find one near you if there’s a one
listed make one it’s easy
website helps I have a couple of

different things for you to know because
I know we’re gonna run out of time and I
have not really so I want to play before
we go okay
and then go up well the first one is the

romaine lettuce I’m sure you want that I
have that too so that knocks me down too
to know that I don’t have the romaine
lettuce oh I have the Romanian way it
let’s play romaine lettuce there’s

breaking news tonight from the CDC a
nationwide warning that could affect
your dinner an e.coli outbreak linked to
romaine lettuce has left dozens
seriously ill in 16 states Jamie yuccas
on what you need to do to protect your

family and urgent boring to consumers if
you don’t know where your romaine
lettuce is from don’t eat it public
health officials are investigating an

e.coli outbreak of food poisoning that
has sickened 40 people 28 have been
hospitalized so far at least five with
kidney failure the outbreak started two
months ago near Salinas California in an

area that produces more than 60 percent
of the nation’s romaine lettuce it was
also the ground zero for a major
outbreak last year that cost the
industry a hundred and sixty million

dollars the CDC is telling customers to
throw away any romaine lettuce with
Salinas on the label lettuce that isn’t

labeled and ready-made salad mix that
contains romaine restaurant owners are
being told to take it off the menu this
happens like every year we get a romaine
a buddy in the family when this story

cropped up at different times said the
same thing it’s always the romaine I did
why is it always romaine and it’s not as
though it’s not like the worst lettuce
versus for example I would think green

leaf lettuce it’s more likely to be in
good contaminate than romaine because
it’s really a difference the lettuce
that has all kinds of nooks and crannies
that can catch whatever is causing this

problem but why is it always romaine
there is something fishy about this
story and it’s gone I think this is the
third or fourth time we’ve had a romaine
yes problem well let me see is there is

there some kind of
Association the romaine lettuce farmers
association currently Salinas is
response over 60% of the world’s room or

the United States is romaine consumption
is it maybe big grower trying to put the
little growers out of business or so
this is some kind of maybe this is a
some sort of a scam where you you’ve

tightened you know poised in the crop
well here here’s the clip from from last
year home health officials have expanded
their warning about romaine lettuce they
say if you don’t know where it’s from

throw it away
cutter Evans has more on this the
growing outbreak appears to be caused by
a particularly severe strain of e.coli
more than half of those infected have

had to be hospitalized CBS chief medical
correspondent dr. Jon LaPook D coli
infection of this type can be very
serious and you can have diarrhea which
is often bloody latest reported victims

so far at least 60 people have been
sickened in 16 states it’s almost the
same how many states was in that indan
in the new report they said the same

thing this is very weird there’s
breaking news tonight from the CDC
checked your family Urgent boring to
consumers if you don’t know where your
romaine lettuce is from don’t eat it

public health officials are
investigating an e.coli outbreak of food
poisoning that has sickened 40 people 28
have been hospitalized so far at least

five with kidney failure the outbreak
started two months ago near Salinas
California in an area that produces more
than 60 percent of the nation’s romaine
lettuce it was also the ground zero for

a major outbreak last year that cost the
industry a hundred and sixty million
dollars so it is the same thing comes
back to the old report so far at least

60 people have been sick it’s almost the
same amount of people can in 16 states
the fluid loss alone can lead to
dehydration okay this is so that place

needs to be shut down I mean this how
can that be well how do we know this is
not an extortion rack it’s got to be

it’s it’s almost the same report 15
states vs. 16 states 40 people versus 60
people the same place and you can’t have
this happen to two years in a row all
they needed in that report was to throw

a 33 and it would have been complete
I smell a rat there’s something amiss
there’s no doubt about it it’s not being

reported as such no nobody has reported
this is the interesting part because we
heard this report from different sources
nobody has reported that that the what’s
the details of the – compared the last

years in this years they’re just
reporting this year’s mostly it’s almost
mad to mention there was a report last
year but well the food and ghosts more
than one last year the Food and Drug

Administration needs to get on this
place because California once again is
poisoning the rest of the country you
guys are at shitty over there man I
don’t like what you’re doing to us this
is very disturbing I will stay in

California as you know I’ve been
tracking the microgrids as the way to
solve all problems not just the problem
of Pacific Gas and Electric lighting

fires because they can’t seem to keep
their wires from doing so but also it’s
a great way for ultimate control where
we can say I’m sorry we got to turn off

your your refrigerator because we’ve got
to conserve a little bit well the micro
grids are rolling out and they’re very
successful people are extremely excited
about them of course this is only a test

so the micro grid is not quite ready for
primetime yet and to find out more about
these so-called micro grids we turn next
to the KCBS ringcentral news line and
check in with San Francisco Chronicle

energy and business reporter JD Morris
who is writing about this in the paper
today JD this is pretty fascinating all
the way around to what degree did this
seem to work during these PSPs

it seemed to work pretty well I mean
they have been talking about doing this
for a while particularly in Angwin in
napa county and they were able to keep
the parts of that energized that they

wanted to have stay on as well as a
couple other spots throughout the month
of october when they turned off power
however this isn’t like a traditional
micro grid in the way that people

normally mean when they refer to that
these are temporary diesel fueled
what people are talking about when they
refer to microgrids i love how his voice
goes up because he’s so annoyed by the

fact that he has to work
this guy’s a anon he’s all in on the
microgrids he’s so annoyed that he has
to report that they’re dirty nasty
diesel generator that provided this
power that his voice goes well these are

really not the traditional which is
really not the real microgrids very
diesel fueled situations which is not
normally what people are talking about
when they refer to micro grids
but this was able to keep power on for

some areas and I will note there was
also a delay because as you know the
temporary nature of this actually takes
a fair amount of time for them to switch

from the normal grid to this temporary
solution and then to turn power back to
the normal grid afterwards so it’s not a
perfectly seamless thing because all

these guys are our those diesel
generators pulling on a rope to get the
thing to start here’s but he does give
us a glimpse into the future of micro

grids in California now contrast that to
a place like the Blue Lake Rancheria
in Humboldt County which has a it’s only
permanent solar-powered micro grid said
of them you know they told me that write

down the name of this place because we
gotta track that and solar-powered my
clients disclose it yep another County
which has a its own like permanent

solar-powered micro grid set up with
them you know they told me that it’s a
totally seamless thing like they don’t
even know when the rest of the grid goes

so that’s just a more expensive solution
we’re just not at that time but I did
want to ask you you write that PG&E is
hoping to set up about 40 of these micro
grids in coming years and we don’t know
where those are gonna be but maybe it’s

possible that a lot of the places that
have been turned off repeatedly might
see some benefit from that in the future
all right there you go much more
expensive solution he’s been told it

goes really fast he’s a reporter doesn’t
have any information but there’s gonna
be about 40 of them micro grids
your future
micro scam

yeah the Brooks I saw I want to run by
it before the show round see from a
longer clip but we’re not gonna play
that clip

yeah I agree with that yeah I agree with
that at the end of the show yeah yeah
can I knew it wasn’t that exciting
okay I have someone what did I get here

I have this is also not great but it’s
that could have been an MTV Veejay
what’s that
I think that’s a lot better okay I have
a Julian Assange updates it’s gonna be

old news if we don’t play it pretty soon
earlier this week Swedish prosecutors
have for the third time dropped an
investigation into sexual assault
allegations that Assange has long denied

the move comes as Julian Assange is
legal team is fighting his possible
extradition to the United States where
he faces up to 175 years in prison on
hacking charges and 17 counts of

violating the rarely invoked World War
one era espionage act for his role in
exposing u.s. war crimes in Iraq and
Afghanistan a full extradition hearing

will take place in February Julian
Assange has been locked up at London’s
Belmarsh prison since April when he was
dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy by
London police he had taken refuge inside

the Ecuadorian Embassy for over seven
years to avoid extradition yeah you’re
right I’m worried about him too

it could be way too late this guy’s
gonna die that’s the every report I see
kind of says that this is it he’s done
plus when we’re taking care of the

problem all the WikiLeaks is still going
fine without him
and it’s just that they’re setting an
example this is odd the the Sydney in
the morning Gitmo nation

unsupported file format what does this
ah the song yeah I probably scented it
there’s aa guevara snow I couldn’t
actually actually couldn’t I can handle
log yeah that’s what everyone says okay

all right well I I wasn’t quite ready
but that was definitely my cue to play
the outro music alright what I will tell
you is we’ve got this semester Chris

Wilson Hugh Alison Jesse coy Nelson and
the false flags with Rob Doozer deucey
for coming up and I’ll have to play the
the Gitmo an anthem on Sunday

everyone coming over to your place today
no oh that’s right yeah we’re all so
we’re going to Ellen she says she’s
cooking she’s hosting so that you know

what to clean up the horrible mess of
Thanksgiving meal using results in the
rocks right boomer okay boomer let the
Millennials take care of it

and we look forward to seeing you Sunday
and of course we’d love for you to
support the show a little bit of value
for the value go to Dvorak org slash na
to support us coming to you from the

opportunities on 33 here in the frontier
of Austin Texas is this a FEMA region
number six on all the maps in the
morning everybody I’m Adam curry and

from Northern Silicon Valley M John C
Devorah we return on Sunday right here
with another no agenda episode the best
podcast in the universe until then audio

Happy Thanksgiving
well yes I am an idealist and I’m still
young enough to be that way however oh

really the kids the kids these days now
they look at a piece of crap truck that
fails my demo fails the demo and they

they’re all shitty and they love it you
put on your hundred dollars on a credit
card and then you’re in line to buy it
one is this is never ship it’ll never

shit probably never ship this guy can do
a demo of fails horribly twice the magic
of Steve Jobs believe me when I say this

but this sold themselves out to evil
forces it creates this magic around the
mess is done you can do about it

you mean like black magic magic that’s
in some cases they have to wear the
it’s yes part of the part of black
turtleneck yells of ups

packs are the same to Elizabeth Holmes
who can make you fabulous too broadly
but you gotta wear the turtleneck
otherwise doesn’t work
got a black magic Ilan I’ve got a black

magic Ilan
I’ve got a black magic Ilan God I saw
the truck I must see

I’ve got a black magic Ilan he’s trying
to get a hung you out of me that’s
wasted the Boomers boomer equals winner

world-class loser what do you man the
Emma loose

losing is the funniest thing you’ve ever

seen if you imagine if you’re watching
Blue Gene and there’s a guy you know I
think it’s luge is fun but dull is more
fun bloomer equals winner preacher hard
into year after year two turkeys with a

deadly secret
I am honored to follow in the footsteps
of President Lincoln and President
Truman who began this tradition of
keeping at least one turkey off the
Thanksgiving table with this

presidential pardon our friend here will
retire to the petting zoo in Fairfax
County Virginia to live out the
remainder of this year surrounded by
friends not peas and sweet potatoes
watching the football I now have the

duty of ending the suspense of our
feathery guests this turkey and his
traveling companion this will not be
their last Thanksgiving and live out
their days in comfort that Brooks

through an unconditional presidential
pardon they are safe from harm
this year’s Turkey his name is Kurt he

traveled here from Goldsboro North
Carolina he gets out shoots the cop
right away and then he stole a mail
trucks President Kennedy was even given

a turkey with a sign around its neck
that said good evening mr. president but
he showed mercy and 20 years ago this
Thanksgiving the first president Bush

issued the first official presidential
pardon for a turkey
yeah people started running panic
everywhere a lucky turkey gets a
presidential pardon and Turkey is so

lucky I’ve ever seen such a beautiful
Turkey today’s lucky bird and guest
Sivan is named to peace along with his
alternate named Terris different

shooters to different cities so we may
never know exactly what was going on
I got ants it baby debated it




you didn’t kill them





mofo Borak dot org slash and a VJ what’s