No Agenda Episode 1195: “Iranahams”

climate shouts atom curry Jhansi Dvorak
Sunday December 1st 2019 this is your
award-winning game Oh nation media
assassination episode 11 95 this is no
agenda in the morning everybody

I’m Adam curry and from Northern Silicon

Valley where I’m now a big fan of
Weetabix with little maple syrup
I’m Johnny the boy Weetabix what’s next
Marmite Weetabix kids grow up on that

that’s what kids in the UK grow up on is
Weetabix Weetabix my way to mix yeah we
mix is also made in Canada and sold here

once in a while I don’t know where I’ve
only found it by accident but or as the
kids would say on accident I still don’t
understand the clouds the kids so I
looked into it it’s actually an

Australian product called wheat – Bix
yeah that was the two guys who invented
it that was sold out from under them
they moved to South Africa started up a
company called Weetabix and then they

moved that to England eventually and
that’s really oh and a private this goes
back to the 20s
Wow I would say that there’s a Lanham
Act issue with weet-bix and Weetabix
it’s too close it’s too close yeah you

know you should try that with some of
that Shanksville maple syrup well I used
maple syrup but I don’t open every maple
syrup that comes along right away I had

to that is outstanding I’m sure it is
you understand it to us it’s just it’s
too small Pennsylvania’s and it probably

makes us distinctive maple syrup because
it’s it’s you know these different areas
make the trees or they taste different
yeah well yes I’ve licked many a tree

and I can agree they taste very
anyway of Lix embarked myself yeah you
know the that’s where that’s where the
DMT comes from from tree bark yeah yeah

the DMT tree yes and you gotta have a
druid who knows how to do it but that’s
that’s where the good stuff comes from
is from the tree hey thanks for the
newsletter that was really nice

oh you’re welcome yeah I thought you
were gonna be in Holland today the
newsletter was kind of misleading well
not really I mean it would have
corrected you a discount it made sense I

guess it was just confusing if you
didn’t know exactly what’s going on yeah
I leave this week and I arrive Thursday
morning I sleep like early I think I
explained this on the show maybe I

wasn’t clear so fly Wednesday arrive
early Thursday sleep do the prep then do
the show sleep and then Friday we have
everything going on okay and then I have

to stay the weekend otherwise it’s
$6,000 why they still doing it well if
you stay a Saturday you cost less what

is up with that closed load-balancing
obviously but on the backs of the
passengers I don’t know it doesn’t make
sense to me well we might as well start

with my unsafe airline clip then hold on
a second
since I’m flying anyway to replicate the
real-life panic of an onboard emergency

smoke fills the cabin as the lights
suddenly go out now under orders from
Congress to set minimum seat size
standards the FAA is looking at whether
smaller seats actually pose a threat we

want to see a varying seat pigeon width
has any influence or affect on the time
it takes to evacuate an aircraft but
critics say the tests up till now had

been flawed no one grabs for an overhead
bag there are no children elderly or
disabled participants and very few are
obese the dilemma three out of four
Americans are now overweight yet the

airlines have been shrinking sizes for
years from 35 inches down to 31 inches
and less today a lot of it comes down to
plain and simple comfort but number one
should be safety if we can’t get out

during an emergency evacuation then
people are really in trouble the new FAA
test involves 60 volunteers at a time
ages 18 to 60 still no children disabled
or elderly but the FAA promises the test

should better
reflect America’s Wade demographic
aircraft manufacturers must prove that
every passenger can get out of a plane
within 90 seconds with half the exits
blocked the question tonight is whether

too close for comfort is also too close
for safety so there was a couple things
ahead and realize thinking about that or
listening to that clip one is children
disabled and elderly wow that they will

hamper my exit
probably we should put him in their own
section well that’s an idea but I’ve got
an idea that I’ve floated a few times

which Noah’s likes you should and I
think this is the most logical thing to
do with the airline fees is you should
charge by the pound yes I have heard

this in in the past but the still that
doesn’t mean that I won’t have you know
a child hampering my emergency exit okay
you can pick the kid up and move in

because you caged the kids put him
everybody wins parents win – yeah well I
see you’re just being flippant I’m
actually serious about my by the pound
thing because it’s all calculated by the

pound of weight do how much fuel it
takes to move X number of pounds hmm
yeah yeah you’re noting that moment I’m
thinking about it but no I mean no a

little fly CB aren’t fun and some of
these little puddle jumpers you get on
they go from here to there yeah they do
way you before you you know on some of
these flights times yeah sometimes
I don’t know I think the way we charge

is just fine the fact that they’re
overcharging is not so fine and that
we’re charging for a weekend that’s what
I want someone to tell us why that is
taking place

it’s load balancing I’m telling you I
just told you I neglected to say or to
mention something which I think I do
every year on the last show Thanksgiving
is Black Friday and how in the in recent

years the anti-american United States of
Europe has picked this up black fly have
clips very good I’ll finish my statement
have picked this up and and actually in

every language they call it Black Friday
it’s not as far to Friday in Dutch no
you hear like in the Black Friday

Kumba ham you know that’s that’s one way
to hear it and it’s in the media that
everyone calls it Black Friday and I
think what what what happened is
everyone is so wrapped up in the

Commerce of it and the fact that it’s
Black Friday that they forgot to warn
people there’d be a lot of people out
there a lot of people congregating and
it could be nefarious actors roaming
around trying to cause to wreak havoc
there were no warnings well no well this

Black Friday thing first showed up in on
our show when two years ago when I was
in England for Thanksgiving yes ah

that’s right that’s right I thought I
was imported back dead because I was
stunned I was screwed there was Black
Friday cuz the day after Thanksgiving
Friday I’m thinking puts black for what

watch this is an American thing and then
I would if I recall the report was that
it’s Amazon that was behind promoting
Black Friday in Europe oh that would

make sense and you had to get everyone
didn’t ya to get people jacked up so
they can have Cyber Monday I think
that’s a long-term goal but I didn’t
realize at the time that this had been

going on and when I reported on it this
has been going on in many parts of
Europe and this report from DW describes
the whole situation this is Black Friday
DW report love it or leave it

Black Friday is part of the calendar now
a day of over-the-top deals and big
retailer hopes this year’s been no
difference although some participants
are in a less than festive mood Santa
Claus in Los Angeles makes it obvious to

one and all for Black Friday’s about
christmas is just around the corner so
by mountains of presents or just spoil
yourself but buy buy buy
Black Friday arrived in Europe years ago

like here in Paris where consumers are
also scrambling for bargains but this
year in Paris and many other European
cities climate activists have joined the
throngs they’re making sure everyone

gets to hear their protests against
consumerism wasting of finite resources
and packaging some shops shut their
doors to stop the activists from
protesting inside many customers were

suddenly locked in and only a few were
allowed in at a time the climate
activists are calling it Black Friday
the idea being to block the shopping
spree to publicize their environmental

we’re protesting against overconsumption
today we can consume but more fairly
more ethically so when you buy a handbag
don’t get a new one every year to change

the color keep it last 10 or 15 years
from Black Friday back to the US and
Black Friday shoppers are more
interested in finding bargains than
worrying about climate change or the

downsides of consumerism you got up at
1:00 a.m. so you know the anticipation
that you see behind us there’s a lot of
people who are aligned so you want to be
the first person to get what you want on
the Black Friday
traditionally Black Friday is the most

important sales day of the year the US
retail sector depends on it being a
success no nice climate change happened
with a bunch of climate change nut balls

in front of like you know one of these
Black Friday things you know at Walmart
it would be unbelievable they get the
crap beat out of them yeah they’d be
trampled but this is the European way of

course but it’s been going on forever
apparently Paris was AB is a big Black
Friday operation I guess I don’t know
but it’s like a holiday and report on

that although the French members of
parliament did come out with a statement
there right in line with X R they want
to ban Black Friday because of resource
waste and overconsumption mentality that

you have to wonder about some of these
governments you need consumption in case
in an economic system like we run
everybody just stays home and just uses

old purses what is global warming have
to do with consumption I mean I could

see consumption know the overconsumption
everything you consume has a carbon
price attached to it realize this that
would have to be it although no that’d

have to be it so here’s the Black Friday
report with not this one here’s another
one that’s this is the NBC one and I
have to
a local this one here they were looking
dis this is like I think this is a

native ad in disguised as a news report
and they lead this is a one of the most
I’d say heinous reports on Black Friday

because it’s a report on Black Friday
and the retail and get out there and buy
stuff but it but they couch it as a
homeland security warning and then they
dropped a whole storyline of the

homeland security and just get into the
native ads selling stuff while you are
Iying the sales tonight a new warning
keep your eyes peeled for scams the
Department of Homeland Security wants

you to beware of fake websites while
shopping online sharing to examples and
red flags websites that have unusual
addresses or lack contact info adding if
the price is too good to be true it

probably is
but for many consumers there’s no
stopping their shopping much of it
coming online
Black Friday saw a record high seven
point four billion dollars in online

sales nearly three billion of that
coming from smartphones alone flying off
the shelves this season and kids toys
paw patrol hello well surprise and
frozen to merchandise and electronics

including laptops Apple earpods and
big-screen TVs experts say this year
when searching for those deals the
calendar will actually work in your

there’s only 22 days between Cyber
Monday and Christmas which is six days
less than there were last year consumers
are going to reap the benefits of that
because retailers you’re gonna see them
offering more sales starting sooner so
the sales have been worth it

but not all shoppers are leaving with a
full stocking on social media complaints
at Walmart after advertising a marked
down Apple watch abruptly canceled
orders saying they were out of stock

Walmart calls it a technical issue
saying those customers can reorder at
the same Black Friday price for shoppers
in Atlanta there’s only one measure of
success this season with some deals so

Walmart had this overstock issue

of these of these damn Apple watches and
they’re like oh man what are we gonna do
by native ass yeah that is pretty what
was the word you used news report

disguised hmm I don’t know no yeah I do
it was okay it’ll come back to me he
used a good word in the intro to that

that’s exactly what piece of shit I
think we could have said too it goes on
and they give drop this Walmart story it
is where she’s got nothing to do with
homeland security and they drop this

Walmart thing at the end about it oh
yeah they ran out of the Apple watches
their discount their Sony’s washes for
124 something $75 offer it’s still an
expensive product but it’s cheaper than

buying it from Apple and I’m wondering
what why Apple has to run stuff through
Walmart they also have a Costco
operation now now but they’ve gone
all-in man they’re selling everywhere

they can’t it’s the ads that they’re
doing on TV now the cocoa ads with the
with the telcos there’s how they’re
doing a lot by the way before I forget
pumping them out probably about 40 in

the next 14 days we’ll have our annual
Secret Santa who pays off everybody shit
on layaway we’ll have that one coming up
will it be for Walmart again because it

usually small at Walmart
yeah probably Walmart Walmart Walmart
Walmart yeah so they have that thing you
get the news report Oh everyone’s on

layaway was paid off by a Secret Santa
yeah market maybe tourists coming just
as like you know these others things
always come let me see news story you
can expect year after year or month

after month or every six weeks or
whatever yeah it’ll be some and it’ll be
Walmart I’m trying to find one of those
older reports uh-huh

layaway no and he’s mr. anonymous no
it’s always some anonymous person who
pays everything off but what would we
have named a clip like that
oh I don’t that’s a tough one too oh yes

yes offering new incentives to attract
high school no that’s not it damn I know
we have this I know we have one ago if
you started your Secret Santa you’re

gonna spend too much time looking for it
okay there’s not a lot and yeah okay
anyway we’ll have a new one in a few
that’s right yeah yeah well I think was

it five point four billion dollars done
online in the US that’s pretty good that
seven something that was that was all of
last year wasn’t it I don’t know this

report was pre well anyway but Tina and
at least went out shopping in the
afternoon they said it was it was not
that it was okay but it wasn’t crazy
people weren’t killing each other I

think more of is just online I think
Amazon is right they pushed this and a
Walmart of course also has their online
whatever they bought did they buy
something for a billion dollars and
they’re trying to catch up the Amazon

with it day yeah I bought some company
well good luck it has to be better we
had two of these companies really
competing as said just Amazon dominating
everything that they bought jet that’s

what it was jet yeah do it
I’d like the climate change angle I do
have a couple of updates in the green
new deal corner and the first would be
that there was an article in a de JH the

Ad Age is still still meaningful for the
industry isn’t it I believe so
advertising advertising age at a sad
week and advertising is those two yes ad

we can add age and their Advertising Age
tends to be the more old-fashioned more
traditional and I think better done

publication personally I agree back when
I was in the industry you would look
forward to ad ad week was more like
whose move and where who’s you know

who’s got a client who’s pitching but at
age yeah I agree that’s more a little
deeper in the industry well Aaron Hall
who I don’t know if he writes for them
regularly but he’s the group director of

naming a global brand strategy firm
Siegel and Gale who I don’t know but
sounds impressive two names and he wrote
an op-ed in ad age renaming climate

change can a new name finally make us
take action and he starts off by saying
I was a professional neighbor I create
names for companies products and

services after the global climate strike
this past September I found myself
thinking about the terms climate change
in global warming are these scientific
terms which i think is funny by itself
are these scientific terms to neutral do

they do enough to grab attention and
inspire people to take action well I
don’t need to read the rest of the
article except for some of the
highlights because obviously he’s

looking at rebranding climate change and
getting his cohorts along for the ride
because there is a lot of climate
activists advertising going on it’s what
we do money it’s good money

not any money if you have the right
brand and the right branding whether
for a product that you want to
intertwine with climate change or you
just want to get some of that sweet
sweet government dollars you got to have

some good names so he set himself out
little strategy you know the way you do
it in advertising for reach the new name
needs to speak to a global threat
affecting 7.5 billion humans as such our

global team of neighbors from London New
York San Francisco and Shanghai
developed these new names the audience
I’m going to give a little advertising

spin to it this is briefing you know as
he’s pitching to go in before you
continue I have not read this or you
this is all news to me and now he did he
address the fact that they’ve already

tried to change global warming to
climate crisis and climate emergence
he’s completely ignored that because he
actually has some of that in his in his
pitch names he’s actually not keeping up

no I think he ignored it purposefully
and he has a number of names and he
probably threw in some stuff just to
make it you know like oh that yeah I’ve

kind of heard that but we want something
better I think it’s something to do do
you want to sell pair of shoes you show
someone the sandals the boots and then
the shoes you actually want him to buy
audience the brand needs to reach an

audience that isn’t trained in
scientific terms it’s like climate
change that’s a scientific term we need
these folks to up these folks to
understand the severity of what’s

happening to their planet and inspire
them to make more eco-friendly life
choices and pro climate choices at the
ballot box and the message there are
many possible themes tones and styles of

names to explore the name could signal
hope fear or change it could be a call
to action be more descriptive or use
familiar metaphors that emotionally

connect us to the issue with all of this
in mind our team of words myths
developed you can’t charge for a name
like wordsmith
you never call you never call your

global name branding team wordsmiths
anyway with all of this in mind our team
of wordsmiths developed the following
new names for climate
change now I’ll just give them to you if

you want a little further explanation I
can I can go into the to the pitch
paragraph but we’ll start with the first
to global meltdown and global melting
wow what a lipsmack well let me tell you

this is interesting both of those are
terrible by the way so this guy I would
fire on the spot he has more so he has

more I’m just you’re fired
but the reason I say that is because I
was talking to the lip Joes and a little
roundabout on the on the chatter to chat

mmm-hmm messaging yeah there are the RCS
yeah and and I was ridiculing this
stupid picture of Greta is this has been

put on the side of a building in San
Francisco and it’s just huge head that’s
just a monstrosity and it’s just
frightening I think people should

protest the City Council is scaring kids
and I said and I said want you put
somebody else up there I just mentioned

Abraham Lincoln Martin Luther King
there’s a million people you wanna paint
a big head it would be more appropriate
I can’t wait for the comeback and what
and I said why did they do this and so

one of the Lib Joe’s writes back because
the earth is melting
so this is in the lexicon yes well these

options are subtle brand shifts from
global warming subtle yet they deliver a
more negative image these names signal

that ice caps are melting but also
create a more visceral image in the mind
that real feeling of melting when it’s
too hot outside we’ll move on climate
collapse or climate chaos

well climate collapse I think is they’ve
tried that the problem is climate
collapse is off what we’re done we’re

done we’re over go back to work well he
personally likes the alliteration anemic
view would to a naming trick proven to
enhance memorability so I don’t like

either one of them then he goes on to
boiling point or melting point again
with the melting yeah yeah it’s just
what they always just done during the

winter where they’re all bundled up
outside yeah I don’t know yeah we’re
completely about the boiling point
it’s a boiling point let me type myself
it’s time to take the gloves off and

stop pretending sometimes the brand
names to be name needs to be hyperbolic
to truly capture hearts and minds if we
don’t take massive action now earth will
be uninhabitable an irreversible barren

wasteland plants and animals will die
humans won’t be able to survive extreme
weather like floods droughts and fires
if we don’t change won’t you be able to
spend time outside this term paints the

dart the diarist picture of what’s to
come and what we must avoid and is
likely the edgiest brand name from our
exploration care to guess huh by the way
the for enlightenment apocalypse for

anyone to write that in add age that
paragraph you’re pretty far out there
scorched earth is his term which of
course is not anything new but he feels
that would be really good to get

people’s attention
that’s terrible all right now he has
some other courts earth is a specific it
isn’t not a scientific term as

historical term yes and it means where
you do your leave Europe in a war and
then you decide to burn down everything
behind you so there’s anyone chasing you
cannot get supplies or live I think this
Court’s jurisprudence that assumes

somebody’s actually doing something
try think did this Aaron Hall did he
come up with the new coke name seems
like he might have been on that team he

has a couple other honorable mentions so
that was it that’s his pitch those are
hers hidden age thinks he has a couple
of honorable mentions a mission-critical
planet critical pre-issued criticals a
pun listen to this one pre extinction

this I like you and I could use this
what climate change yes I believe we are
in pre in the pre extinction phase which
of course is pretty pretty good because

we are we are in rebellion is exploiting
that but we can actually say this cuz of
course we’re pre extinction well so the
Holies are yeah perpetually in pre
extinction that’s why I like it pre

addiction we have to come up with this
little snow slogan well here’s the great
collapse which I think isn’t interesting
you know the great collapse sounds like
an economic thing yeah this is no good

and then earth-shattering that’s no good
no there’s none of these are good except
a pre extinction that’s kind of cool
that’s kind of cool but well it’s not

gonna get the job done sir gene weighs
in he says why not just call it earth
cancer that’ll here’s the latest from
extinction rebellion when you’re outside

you keep headquarters because yes
they’re protesting outside YouTube
YouTube headquarters in London when
you’re outside YouTube headquarters
because our Guardian report has found
that the majority of YouTube by the way

is Guardian reporter the reporter is a
reporter it’s very fun build-up of
course when you’re outside YouTube
headquarters because our Guardian report
has found that the majority of YouTube
videos go against the scientific

consensus about the climate crisis and
we’re asking them to tell the truth
about the climate crisis and not let
this misinformation be spread once
you’ve watched one video question what’s
misinformation it keeps you a stream and

it keeps going on with just more and
more and more MS information that’s the
way it’s algorithm works people do what
they do because of the stories that are
told the majority of the videos about

climate science on YouTube are telling
lies lies charge of this company know
that we are in an enormous emergency

the reality of the crisis that we face
then they would be in the streets with
us there you go
extension or extinction rebellion pre

extension and rebellion see a picture
they got a picture that Geysers has that
thing up is just a horrible looking
person he looks like Satan in the UK
they had a I guess they had some kind of

climate debate and neither Boris Johnson
or Nigel Faraj decided to show up so on
the TV because I don’t know if they

decide last minute or they said we’re
not coming I think was more like we
don’t want to do this and so they had
you know three or four different party
leaders and then on either end it would
have been Boris or Nigel and instead
they had melting busts of them of ice

melting very funny I was there by the
way this is the typical unfairness of
the whole thing to do to do that but

they could have had to brought a
spokesperson and it said you know four
people want to do a campaigning the way
you’re supposed to do it is you you have

so many doesn’t show up well he didn’t
show up but we do have another
representative self-proclaimed you
Kippur your exit party member of bill

Jenkins here and you bring some some
stooge in that’s got nothing to do with
the party doesn’t believe in anything
over there and just makes a fool of

himself always a stutterer right there’s
some you place them you bring to you
like that and you don’t pull this other
stuff cause it’s too obvious the other
way this way the way I’m describing is
never much necessarily obvious except to

that you know fine tune folks who listen
to the No Agenda show there was quite
the fracas over the past couple couple
of days as balsan arrow of Brazil
Brazilian President bolson ro claimed

that a group that supports
I guess works in an NGO Amazon
forestation NGO received money from

Leonardo DiCaprio and that they’re the
ones that set the Amazon on fire yes I
have this I love this I’m covering your
ass today yeah well thanks which one is

it every every topic I got a clip well
here’s here’s how it works I sit down
I’m gonna do clips if I see you have the
clip I’m just gonna get the set dressing

I’m gonna get the window stuff yeah
you’re getting all the credit oh your
install was that it was the segue was so
beautiful thank you by the way before

you segue out what you’re gonna do I do
have a couple other screwball climate
change these Melissa listen to bolson
are this this things looks like I don’t
know who this is a publicity stunt for

but it is for somebody tonight a war of
words between Brazilian President Wilson
ro and oscar-winning actor Leonardo
DiCaprio president Bolton ro blaming the
star for the devastating Amazon

wildfires earlier this year Caprio is a
cool guy he said giving money the Amazon
on fire Bolton RL has accused certain
non-governmental environmental

organizations of deliberately setting
fire to the Amazon contacts Leonardo
DiCaprio he alleges he donates $500,000
you are contributing to the fire in the

Amazon investigators have not found any
evidence so far to support the
accusations and now the actor and avid
climate activists is hitting back saying
in an instagram statement while worthy
of support we did not fund the

organizations targeted adding that he
remains committed to helping secure the
amazon for the future of all brazilians
the fire so far have helped destroy
millions of acres

how long before this concludes how how
can this not be a problem for the XR
folks when when he’s saying well while
it’s worthy of support of burning down

the Amazon we didn’t do it this time
isn’t this whole thing like wasn’t
everyone all out of their minds because
of these fires and it was going to

more carbon dioxide and and less plan so
where did i do what did i miss the
change here that this that it’s okay for
him to say oh it’s good that they do

well there was this was disco we
discussed this in great detail as I
recall in from all kinds of perspectives
and they do burn the forest quite a bit

every year yeah sort of a process that
they used to greeing with it but how
come the the extinction rebellion aren’t
up in arms that he would actually

support that
sinara would support noted DiCaprio
supports the brothel the Amazon I don’t

don’t you remember that with amazoness
burning we’re all gonna die I did miss
the ones of the earth yes the lungs of
the earth did we miss this report and
now but I’ll Leonardo said it’s good and
then we just don’t talk about I’m sorry

maybe I’m misinterpreting this you might
be mr. turban something cuz I don’t
remember I don’t know that’s in there
you can you play it and tell me this
specific part you’re referring to yes
five hundred thousand dollars you’re

contributing to the fire in the Amazon
investigators have not found any
evidence so far to support the
accusations and now the actor and avid
climate activist is hitting back saying
in an instagram statement while worthy

of support we did not fund the
organizations targeted adding that he
remains committed to helping security
while worthy of support the the NGO that
burned down the Amazon we didn’t give

month give them money oh I see what
you’re saying okay yeah well there’s two
things and it didn’t that clip that ever
bothersome that’s one of them the other
one is in an Instagram the announcement

is when people are starting to do their
announcements on Instagram is that just
for photos oh man Leonardo you can think
that’s your platform it’s where you go

Amazon for the future of all Brazilians
the fire so far have helped destroy
millions of acres of the ecosystem known
as the lungs of the earth in governments
around the world including Brazil we

need to work together to make sure this
doesn’t continue for the president of a
country to claim that an actor is
actually trying to hurt the environment
that he’s trying to protect is just it
just shows how how little bulls marrow

has in his in his pocket
you hear did you listen to that last
part again and really understand the
implications of what he said I want to
hear it again the last the last 10

seconds here yeah that guy some Joker
comes on at the end and says something
continue for the president of a country
to claim that an actor is actually
trying to hurt the environment that he’s

trying to protect it’s just it just
shows how how little bull Harrow has in
his in his pocket
does he it sounds to be like he’s
implying that actors gen have no power

well there’s that but he’s saying that
actors in general would never never know
actor oh right just as all all all
creative people are Democrats

yeah according to a John Legend so
there’s this kind of arrogance in the
amongst the ranks that you know if
you’re an actor you’re an artist and
therefore you’d want to do this and you

want to do that you wouldn’t even think
of voting Republican who was the guy at
the end there who did who some guy he
was some stooge I don’t know they may
had a lower third with his name on it it

was not an important person but he was
making commentary but I just was what I
saw I left it in because there was no
actor could ever ever do that no actors
are for client we’re all against climate

change with us an actor you wanna hear
the John Legend clip for refreshing
release well we’ve always been liberal
musicians actors it’s almost by

disposition we deal with the gay and
lesbian community all the time so we’re
going to feel like they should have like
to get married know just like we do we

deal with people of all colors and all
races and we travel to different
countries all the time to perform so
we’re going to have a more global view
and the more inclusive it’s almost by

nature and by and by circumstance of the
things that we do so if America doesn’t
want to consume the art of people who
are liberal minded there’s not going to

be a lot of art for them to consume as
simple as that
cuz the best artists most of them are
sorry there are some country artists
that I know they’re conservative I have

a lot of country artists that are
friends and believe me some of them are
liberal but they don’t make a big deal
out of it because they know it’ll
eliminate their base I’m telling you
most creative people are liberal to say
I have a lot of country people who are

my friends is that not the same as yeah
I have black people who are some some of
them I guess for
like people who are my friends country
people my friends exactly the same banks
legend and then we also reintroduced the

secret vote thing which is that well you
know if you got a minister secret vote
they’d vote against him and that’s what
he’s implying there is just a lot of
country-western singers in there in the

closet there in the closet you see they
can’t really say anything because they
can’t say anything but if you actually
could get them to say what they really
meant matter oh yes of course obviously
so DiCaprio continues to be a good

shepherd or steward I should say of
agenda 21 as he is now officially
announced his investment in the beyond
meat vegan burger company chemicals are

us now is it true
do they have chemically better living
through chemistry yeah well is it I
thought it was just all beans sure this

kid there’s a bunch of there’s a but I
don’t have the package in front of me
but there’s a lot of additives and
things to make it work
and as peas I think right the that did

you want to do some more a climate
change because I’d yeah I got a few
singing this is pouring rain here and
it’s freezing cold oh man we had thought

it makes I think it’s worth to Madden we
had a couple of dreary days here as well
cold wet it’s actually where I am it’s
actually not as bad as it is everywhere
else in the Bay Area but yeah we got an

invasion of purple urges as an NBC
report this purple urgence invasion one
with an environmental emergency in
patterns an unexpected predator is
disrupting a fragile ecosystem off our

west coast gotta Schwartz went under the
sea with a group trying to make a
difference before it’s too late
he’d never noticed from along the
coastlines of California but below these

picturesque waters an ecological
emergency is unfolding crisis you have
to go deep with the small scoop armies
of volunteers all the way to the

seafloor or purple sea urchins are
invading and destroying what were once
vast kelp forests the sea urchins just
one piece of a catastrophic trifecta a

devastating the ecology of California’s
sea life warming waters from climate
change in a diseased fish have led to a
purple urgent which is why volunteers

like Joshua Russo were spending their

weekends trying to remove as many purple
urchins as they can bag so this is one
of the last stands yeah we’ve lost over
90% of our kelp beds in there in

experts say the kelp forests are the
foundation for countless food chains
from plankton the abalone fish
sea otters all now replaced by a barren
sea bed of urgence now where do these

come from sea urchins yeah they are the
indigenous yeah they’re native and they
used to here’s the real problem they

could bring me the Sun God a global
warming global warming kills the
starfish and no the starfish died of
some mysterious disease that they’ve
never identified and they could be

replenished because they’re pretty
because the starfish loved these urchins
and anyone who eats uni knows what
they’re going for there yeah I was gonna

say I mean can’t we it sounds like a
good supply of food yeah we can do a lot
with these urchins it’s the fishing
trade there’s like a billion of them Oh

right now they guesstimate yeah and
they’re out there all over the bottom
there’s pointy they’re horrible looking
things and they’re picked they’re trying
to I don’t mean what they’re where
they’re bothering but but when you

listen to part two you can get kind of a
clue and then I would we’ll talk about
after you listen to this part what’s
changed out here we have a crisis and I
making the ocean is dying because we’ve
got a billion sea urchins and are eating

everything but on shore solutions are
limited with regulations restricting how
many urchins can be harvested by hand so
for now volunteers are plucking them out

one by one
purple drops in a bucket for a problem
growing every day I think we need
emergency legislation what seems to me
what would happen here was that sea

urchins these little purple guys were
being being produced by it’s being
protected by some bullcrap legislation
and they grew out of control yeah and
this is a Democrat state they could

change the legislation easy enough I
don’t think it’s a federal law that
keeps you from just taking a plow cuz
you could see you could go down there if
you had some mechanical stuff because
you have to by law you can only pluck

these things by hand and you can’t even
count to a billion let alone pluck
a billion of these things out at the
bottom you know it’s obviously the the
the sushi restaurant owners lobby that
is keeping these regulations you play

probably killing all these things and
they’re running short and then they said
no no no you can’t do that you know guys
you’re killing all these damn things and
so they legislated let him grow and so
now they’re taking over the place and

there’s a lot of this story that needs
to be further investigated but I’m
sausage is one of the problems which may
have been it for all you know poisoned
yeah to keep the sea urchins going so

they can have more Unni the Japanese
love Unni well now you’re talking some
trade would with Japan apparently we’re
set we’re selling rice to China now so

why would we sell sushi to Japan well
yeah I don’t see why not
I don’t know now somebody out there
who’s an expert do we have some we have
people that we have people definitely I

think you say this is not the edible or
the edible sea urchin but I don’t know
why would it be protected in such a way
if it wasn’t so I’m sure it’s the edible
one and ingest our fish apparently loved

eating them so it’s a mess but the
global warming is not the problem no but
it’s always fun to mention it
yeah I just keep hounding and hounding

and hounding because it works it does
work as we know I don’t know if I get
any more global warming stuff here well
nobody we do have this this is something

we probably at least get out of the way
at least so we can feel better that
we’re doing this show on the we did it
on Thanksgiving we’re doing it today you
were doing it where you’re in Holland
and let’s listen to what’s going on

around the country the Thanksgiving
weather report good evening dangerous
deadly weather is slamming much of the
US right now these are conditions
crippling parts of the Rockies Midwest

Great Plains even Arizona and this is
just the beginning more than 70 million
people will also be hit with gusty winds
flash floods and tornadoes treacherous
conditions for the 55 million traveling

home from the holidays airports are on
alert canceling flights thousands more
already delayed we’re tracking multiple
storm systems this hour Kathy Park

starts us off tonight
powerful stores creating chaos for
post-thanksgiving travelers as snow
heavy rain and strong winds barrel
across the country in Colorado

hurricane-force wind gusts whipping snow
in all directions creating whiteout
conditions tough even for this
meteorologist and and dangerous for

those daring to drive on the roads in
Arizona a massive pileup on the
interstate with trucks stuck for hours
and a snowy Grand Canyon town declared a

state of emergency with no power
stranding a thousand Taurus tornadoes
even touched down in Phoenix and
floodwaters turned deadly in nearby

an RV slept into the street only six
people made it out alive as water week
Lisa Ward’s the vehicle listening to
this in audio is probably even better

than watching this on television it is
except for one thing what’s that they
had a photo or shot or a video of the
Grand Canyon each covered with snow yeah
Wow was that something to look at

it’s just the Grand Canyon but there’s
snow all over the place it’s very pretty
hmm what we should do like we should do
our own little report I think you should
toss to me I’m at Austin Bergstrom

Airport and we’ve got a report from
madam Curry’s in Austin Austin Bergstrom
Airport as we speak at him

does Adam curry at the airport be safe

buddy people in the in the troll room
like hey man it sounds like there’s some
static or something what am i hearing
that’s the wind blowing on the mic you
fools have a bit you know do something

actually if you listen to the report
that I had the clip of day but you
looked at sound into the voiceover

they’ve used myself the sound of a
reporter in a hurricane out in the wind
and he’s got a dead cat whatever is
using the bat muffle sounds not helping
it’s my favorite kind of report love

them so now they’re just using that
sound to make it maybe sound yes exactly
bad miking very funny yeah speaking of
the of the holiday Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving I’m sorry I have one more
global warming clip Oh John well that
has precedence of course well we’re on
the topic yeah sea level rise Shorty and
Deutsche Welle if you live in coastal

areas of China Bangladesh India Vietnam
or Thailand you may have to move within
the next 30 years
the reason sea level rise a new study
predicts that by 2050 increases in sea

levels due to melting ice sheets could
affect more people than previously
estimated yeah I think what they’re
trying to create is some kind of panic

selling moment the elite can come in and
get some nice beachfront property and
what they brought they brought this guy
on who did this report for some climates
change operation and he admitted that

there was no difference in the numbers
that they’ve ever been he said now
they’re they’re perceiving the
possibility that the landmass
is going getting lower yes it’s sinking

it’s sinking in say yes instead of the
sea level rising actually the land is
sinking and a lot of that is happening
there’s a lot of erosion because of sand
theft primarily a lot of these islands

sand is being stolen and it helps make
that country sink like the Maldives
they’re stealing sand
one word so we laughed on the last show

a bit about the Newsweek report that
oh he’s spending his Thanksgiving
holiday golfing and drinking uh golfing
and whoring and mani toward horrid horn

around and of course he went to
Afghanistan which was somewhat
now that Newsweek reporter was fired and
now the reporter is retorting saying

hold on a second I called the editor who
was on duty and I told him hey
something’s going on and he filed my
report anyway it’s his fault yes yeah

the pointing fingers at each other I
like it yeah run scared yeah but it just
shows how phony the news business is
everything you saw on television pretty

much maybe your local live news cast
but even that had a lot of pre-roll
packages because that’s what happens
this just they stop with news they go
home they have their own then public be

and then just filed the reports and you
know make it up as they go along and
it’s not just Thanksgiving it happens
with many other things
that’s why that’s why I like being here

and like being live hello I thought you
were gonna had a clip that was gonna
exemplify this oh if only I did no I
have other fun stuff to talk about but I
don’t yeah I kind of followed that story

with that woman in her false report and
she was she was told to file at days
early and so she had to guesstimate
what’s gonna happen your Thanksgiving
report earlier just just people don’t

realize it when people die their obits
go that’s that’s how they sometimes slip
out by accident yeah every so often
somebody’s accidently prints one of them

yeah very well prepared oh ‘but if there
was a there’s a big revelation in the
Jeffrey Epstein case now that was
detailed in the New York Times

apparently some hacker named Kessler has
come out of the Woodworks and has been
yeah in fact has been talking to
different parties for several months

saying that he has an entire server full
encrypted etc etc of prominent people
from Jeffrey Epstein’s recordings that

he set up the secure server or a secure
server for epstein and that he had
access and he’s now created a replica of
it he went to the some lawyers and it’s

a very just got it this morning so
haven’t really I because he’s gotta get
killed if he doesn’t do this right yes
but he but what’s worse is he went to
some lawyers that okay you know I have

this what we’re gonna do and the lawyers
actually wanted to that as per this
hacker wanted to take that information
and use it to blackmail the people
themselves well here I have a I have a

clip from the weekly podcast because of
course if it’s Jeff for Jeffrey Epstein

we got to move it off the front page to
a podcast this story really began for us
the day in July
the Jeffrey Epstein was arrested and
criminally charged with sex trafficking
of minors suddenly he was I’m just gonna

say up front I am as much as I love this
invention podcasting what they’ve done
with reporting is it’s like they’re
trying to all be Scorsese you know or

the you know Phil Spector the wall of
sound look at these edits I’ve got these
little music beds in these hit just get
to the damn story to trying to make Emmy
award-winning store what is it Marconi

award-winning stuff every single time
with a I’m so dramatic the story really
began for us the day in July the Jeffrey
Epstein was arrested and criminally
charged with sex trafficking of minors

suddenly he was someone we were thinking
about one of the big questions was where
his money was from how does someone like
that come up with hundreds of millions

of dollars and we were tantalized by the
fact that he seemed to have influence
with a lot of power
people when these weren’t models and

Hollywood people these are some of the
biggest names and business and finance
there were Nobel Prize winners Wall
Street bigwigs the listeners on and on
and we want to figure out why people had

gravitated to him even after he had
become known as a sexual predator and
then in September our reporters met a
man who claimed to have a secret trove

of information from Epstein’s properties
this is someone who had extraordinary
probably unparalleled inside access to
not only Epstein but his evidence

digital archive if what the informant
was saying was true it had the potential
to unlock Jeffrey Epstein’s most
important secrets that’s what I mean

it’s like here on the no agenda show as
we think about the most important things
it could be exactly needed that it we

should just do the show like that just

over bit I should be playing music in
the background it could be useful well
if you read the reporting on it though
it’s this is interesting of course you

know this is you were reading from the
screen we could they could have been a
lot shorter I just like taking forever
to say what they want to say and I just
love that they have you know that

there’s this guy out there who’s his
hand I’ve got it and that apparently
showed something on his phone it was set
up a Deadman switch and make sure that
stuff goes to WikiLeaks I may if
anything happens to him yeah well I

don’t know if you wanted to go to
WikiLeaks but well someplace yeah well
he’s that’s he has said this yes that he
has a weird pleasure WordPress blog what
no Squarespace for your Deadman switch

no sacrilege
in the me to arena very important study
has come out in the Springer
evolutionary psychology cool science

publish section of their publishing
system so it’s an official one I can
only get the abstract because I don’t

have any way to purchase this in your
Verilog yes sexual strategies and the
perception of sexual advances oppression
or opportunity here we go then remember

this comes originally from
iliza shlesinger as highlighted by the
no agenda show from an evolutionary
perspective the perception and
interpretation of sexual advances depend

on sex specific mechanisms individual
differences in the perceivers mating
strategies and the actors attractiveness
in two study’s participants evaluated
hypothetical situations of sexual

advances from a co-worker varying in
attractiveness do you imagine this study
done imagine you imagine well hey we’re
in this study can the No Agenda show

help choose the participants it’s like
doing a casting call varying an
attractiveness that was study one and

physical appearance or status in study
two that’s very slight there’s another
one yeah yeah in both yes reach now
here’s that here’s that here’s the is

the thing though
in both studies men perceived sexual
advances as less negative than women
especially when the advances arise from

a physically attractive actor from our
first stop the presses
furthermore each ad again I had no idea
who could have thunk in both studies men

perceive sexual advances as less
negative than women especially when the
advances arise from a physically
attractive actor now mind you men are

the horn dogs so it’s less than women I
think since I don’t have the study I’m
pretty sure they put it into me
women sound less douchey but it’s
amongst its really equal as we continue

to read furthermore the higher the socio
sexual orientation of the participants
what the hell does that mean
socio-sexual I have you know generally

speaking I could probably like from some
perspective answer that question like
that I have no idea what you’re talking
so sexual socio sexuality is the

individual difference in the willingness
to engage in sexual activity outside of
a committed relationship out cheaters
the higher this a cheater socio-sexual

doesn’t even imply that
crazy term but they would keep reading
science furthermore the higher the socio
sexual orientation of the participants

the less harmful these sexual advances
are perceived okay finally the same
behavior from an attractive or
physically attractive actor is perceived

as less harmful than from an
unattractive actor results are discussed
from an evolutionary perspective on the
perception of sexual advances so it’s
it’s a scientific fact that if you’re
hot you can you can harass all you want

well I think that’s borne out by reality
and then poor Harvey wisely must really
feel like a crap the world apparently

well Billy Joel already proved to us
that as long as you got talent or money
it doesn’t matter how you look and

that’s how he got Christie Brinkley you
know she left him at the drop of a hat
that was the alcohol that was the most
staying power
I just thought you’d be happy about that

I’d be chaste just about that chaff
shuffle I don’t determine I don’t know
what that means

well something happy about it just
confirms reality and it’s just like the
whole thing and now you got Chris
unfortunately reopens the well she’s too
ugly to have a boyfriend kind of

arguments gonna be heartless heartless
right-wing girls a good-looking
heartless right-wing women are always
condemning the ugly women for being ugly
know what is what no I logical outcome

is why didn’t you sexually harass me
because I’m ugly is that why oh that’s a
great way to go of course it’s going
that way yeah then you have just the

opposite to pendulum swings in the
opposite direction I mean already if if
you’re us in the social justice circles
and someone says well would you date a
trans woman you have to say yes if you
don’t say yes then you’re trans folk so

would you date an ugly woman yeah of
course you have to say yes yes of course
yes yeah well that’s part of the laws
that keep trying to pass in California

where you can’t discriminate on account
of looks right literally kind of looks
and this was put forth by a bunch of
people who are all you have their ears

gauge they got face tats
they got horns that have been embedded
into the head their face is red look at
the devil literally look like the devil
they got canine teeth that have been

implants and so they looked just
horrible looking people that just
gruesome yeah and you have to hire them
all right you want to do a twenty20

politics here you won’t do something
else yeah we have a couple minutes if
you want to I have something I wanted to
do a little brexit
oh yeah brexit would be good get into
this we get into some action yeah we’re

getting pretty close yeah first I have a
man on the street report that’s kind of
interesting this is uh they’re talking
about Brexton and the upcoming elections
is how important in this election to
using bricks it is very important it’s a

really important issue to love important
issues Britain at the moment and so it’s

hard to separate it from the election
but dig deeper and things get more
complicated is there anyone in
particular that you think is better

placed than anyone else just sort breaks
it out so I don’t want bricks it to
happen so whatever outcome of the
election makes that more likely would be
good for me

what conservative would get it over
their line I would believe
is that what you want to see happen not
necessarily opinion polls indicate that
the number of people who will base their

vote on bricks it has more than doubled
since the last election from 18% to 40%
now add the prominence of brexit as an
election issue to the huge divergence of
views on brexit and what you get is bad

news for a settled result vote for the
party that wants to stop breaks it labor
has a clear plan to get breakfast sorted
within six months we can get brexit done

now one way or another almost everyone
you talk to once breaks it over with
but what if the voters are so bored it
breaks it

they screen out the issues rain breaks
it what the vs. screen it all outs and
they decide to vote on the domestic
issues that worry them whether it is the
NHS or housing or all those other issues
and those are areas where by and large

the opposition party the Labour Party
have got the strongest policies and the
biggest support that’s one among many
variables in the coming election
country’s issues have been put into the

backfoot last year talking about breaths
of breakfast so I don’t know if
anybody’s competent or not I’m a bit
confused with it all to be honest with
you the polls do point to a conservative

victory though and if Boris Johnson wins
a majority that could mean the UK
leaving the EU he says by Christmas
there’s some irregularities that took

place we had this stabbing on London
Bridge which enabled the Prime Minister
to be interviewed and speak because you
know it’s they have a two week is it two

week at that week dark period where
there’s no campaigning there’s no
political messaging there’s really
nothing on television I think this or
there’s no political programming perhaps
I don’t know exactly what the rule is

but you can’t campaign I think
kind of stupid rule so they had to get
special permission for the Prime
Minister to speak on television about it
but also this knife attack itself I mean

when you have an important election
coming up which will be very determining
for the outcome of brexit with you know
either stays the same or goes away

entirely or as many would hope there’s a
majority for the Conservatives and they
can go ahead and RAM everything through
and make it happen to all of a sudden
have an immigration based tragedy take

place is always handy
this is beyond handy in particular
because both the the guy who who did
this he was out on special circumstances

at a conference for earlier prisoner
release and the guy who was with the
tusks I think there was a guy with I
love these guys who I also doubt they’re

battling a guy with a with an IE D belt
with a fire extinguisher very heroic but
the guy with the tusks was also out on
some special program for killing a

fifteen-year-old or something the whole
thing stinks
let’s stop and deconstruct it I do have
one report that we could least play for
background all right which is the

stabbing stabbing make sense police at
work at the site of Friday’s attack one
of the victims has been named as Jack
Merritt he was attending a conference on

prison rehabilitation at the time and
250 kilometers away extensive searches
at the home of the attacker 28 year old
Osman Khan he served time for terror
offenses but was released early subject

to an extensive list of conditions and
it is this revelation that has stirred
debate in a country in the middle of a
general election campaign we want to
toughen up the sentences for serious and

violent offences and I’ve said for a
long time now that
the practice of automatic early release
where you cut a sentence in half and let
really serious violent offenders out

early simply isn’t working and I think
you’ve had some very good evidence of
how that isn’t working I’m afraid with
this case I think we need to look at
that what happens in the in the prisons

what happens with the Probation Service
and what happens with the role of the
parole board in this and make sure that
the sentences are appropriate but above
all is what happens inside the prison if

prisons continue to be understaffed
overcrowded and a lot of prisoners not
being properly supervised dand I think
there is a danger to everybody in the

future in a correction it wasn’t the guy
with the tusks it was a different guy
James Ford now couple of funny things
here and let’s just go to the conspiracy
side this was all staged another Russ

I’m good buddy that was stabbed and it
probably wasn’t staged but let’s just
say if it was staged here’s some
elements I thought that yes okay I have
an element Nolan Ross yes okay
some guy in the middle of the bridge has

got an or wall tusks which I’d never
heard of before in my life nor wall
never heard it nor walls like a giant

sea otter it’s like a sea lion kind of
animals like what a big giant want a big
thing and and apparently it’s a tooth
that grows into a tusk huh and he sticks
straight down you can stab things with

it but he this guy’s got this thing
which apparently was at some fish with
fishmongers Hall yeah grabbed off the
wall which is what I think I’d do to
like oh let me think of a weapon there
we go

so let me grab this noir wall tusks and
run down over the Brooklyn Bridge and
have this thing and be poking him with
it a little suspicious that did go
through all that trouble and discoveries

would have been very interesting another
guy’s got a fire extinguisher where I
don’t know where he lugged this thing
from it that was my favorite he loves
his fire city spraying the guy that was

great I think he caught them in the head
with it which is typical of if you have
a fire extinguisher you can do a head
shot with it you’ll knock the guy out
and so there’s some cops show up and the
guys pretty much subdued it seems to me

and they’ve taken to the ground but they
said clear away and the cops put four
slugs into him yeah if this was the part
that I especially when you’re doing it
at close range and why I mean you’re

afraid he’s gonna blow himself up and
then you’re gonna shoot in the area see
from that angle angle as well yeah if
you’re gonna take this to light two

conspiracies I wouldn’t it be possible
if this whole thing was staged and these
these boneheads had to be getting out of
there who knows about the guy was a tusk
I don’t know about that but they the
whole thing could have been you know

just a crock of shit and he was carrying
a fake bomb vest well stop here is the
most annoying part of this when the
story broke everybody was not reporting

a fake bomb vest it was reported as a
hoax bomb vest which means something
very different
fake versus hoax is not the same thing

and why why were they saying hoax hoax
hoax monitor mayor’s code the guy’s got
a fake bomb vest is it possible that the
fake hoax bomb vest was actually a

bulletproof vest very likely that a good
one not as you know a Kevlar or one of
those kinds that they use in battle but

you could cover that up with some fake
bombs and so you pumped the four bullets
carefully into the bulletproof vest and
haul the guy off I like it
job well done I like it but but that’s

why I think the term hoax was code
yeah could be let me just see if it was
the BBC as well who were reporting that

let’s see USA Today hoax Telegraph
reported as hoax
New York Times as hoax and then that

that kind of went away but to me it was
I’ve never heard that reported as a hoax
because a hoax means intentionally
tricking people but yeah well actually

what is the difference between hoax and
well a fake bomb this is just a fake bit
just objectively what it is a hoax bomb

this would be one in two supposed to I’m
sorry well hoax the actual definition is
a humorous or malicious deception so if
it was hoax the guy meant it as a joke

no malicious
that wasn’t the term though it wasn’t no
malicious deception you just read the
definitions in there

okay now humorous or malicious malicious
yeah right malicious
okay well I just found that to be odd
and I like your theory though none of it
made sense it made zero sense to be

shooting the guy from what was it maybe
four feet right there boom boom boom and
and maybe as you say it was too you know
it had to be some kind of item payment

that would really hurt if you hit
someone even when the best from that
distance but you want to aim perfectly
at the vest so maybe that’s why it was
so close
but regardless very convened for the

election let’s just put that out there
whether it was real or not
very very trump bad not Trump in very
bushy and George Bush were there always
jack up the alert y’all were up at red

alert or orange alert for the election
of George Bush they jacked it up to
orange cuz we’re under threat from the

I missed the old alert system it was so
much fun wasn’t it the one that never
changed it was just pretty permanently
orange orange I’d like to thank you for
your courage and say in the morning to

you the man who put the C and climate
alliteration indeed John in the morning
to you mr. Adam curry also in the
morning all feet in the air ships in the

water subs in the water ships at sea
boots in the air and all the games and
ice out there yes in the morning to the
trolls who are in our troll room it’s
where you belong right there in the

darkness at no agenda stream calm let me
see how many trolls we got hanging out
today we’ve got oh one thousand one
hundred and sixty one not bad almost as

high as our episode number fantastic
that’s gonna be cool we hit episode end
controls at patrol we are at a patrol
1195 today but no agenda stream calm is

a good spot to go hang out I did also
want to promote animated No Agenda which
you can find in the show notes as a link
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put in your search engine animated no
agenda the magic number is the most
recent episode fantastic job by Jennifer
once again also a big in the morning to
our artists for episode eleven ninety

for our Thanksgiving special so that
artists can actually say that he was the
the the artist for the no agenda
Thanksgiving Day special 2019 and Darren

Oh Darren O’Neill did it it was perfect
it pops like crazy it was the no agenda
turkey with the Epstein didn’t kill
himself on his on his chest everything

about it was perfect for our
Thanksgiving special I really liked it
it worked you could be a little more
positive just it worked it was like good

job Darren you popped it popped it was
good it was the pit was a clear winner
of the group that no agenda art
generator calm is where you can find all
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account hopefully if it works and upload

some yourself we always look forward to
right after the show to see what
everybody has done it’s it’s kind of the
the dessert for our no agenda meal twice
a week on Thursdays

let’s think a few people starting with
anonymous Duke executive producer five
six seven eight nine from Michigan uh-oh
there’s no location by Michigan’s good

enough I’ve been donating anonymously
since 2011 a zoom past Duke status
sometimes years ago woohoo thank you
boomers for all that you do love and

light for Curry’s dad Happy Thanksgiving
and such a day late but not a dollar
shout out to grow America and mo facts
and no agenda social the book Dark

Alliance by Gary Webb as long as hell’s
as long as long as hell but is so good
Adam and Mo brought it up on Episode

four not that I can remember but years
ago yes all right guy Jerry Webster guy
who broke the story about the

iran-contra scam going on with the CIA
that’s right brought it up broke it out
at the San Jose Mercury News yeah
they got pushed back from the government
even though the story was completely
true and everybody knew it but he got

pushed back ended up getting fired for
him bad
ended up going you know living out his
life and dicing dead killed in
Sacramento and it was like you know this
is example of the good doing good work

two to the head gun in the left hand a
lot of it had to do with the fact that
he was working for corporate media
so we don’t do that Andrew Brewer

yeah and you can thank knight-ridder for
the whole thing hmm good work boys
Andrew Brewer in winston-salem North
Carolina $500 ITM gentlemen and thank

you for your courage JC d mentioned
patterns on the perfect Thanksgiving
show he thought the Thanksgiving show
was perfect a lot of people like that
show yeah it got me thinking about my

donations to the best podcast and I
realize that I give some value for value
every 300 episodes or so since the
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which during these breaking bombshell
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it’s the donation finally catapults me
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normal amendment nice

uhh sham Boursin and dark chocolates we
have perfect addition to the round table
what is that sham Boursin know what you

look it up and then at it no I’ve
already ordered it but I figured I mean
I don’t know what I don’t know what it
looks like I don’t know if I’m gonna put
it in find the right seat could be a
GABA goofer all you know where I would

like to sit as the savour sabor savor
Sabo I don’t know save or of the Yadkin
Valley grapes

hmm in recognition of a surprisingly
spectacular vintage being produced in
the region this is a wine you should
rape you should know this I should know

but I don’t
where’s Yadkin Valley I don’t know that
how do some magic in the valley how you
spell it

yad ki in Yadkin yet a Atkin North
Carolina oh it’s a North Carolina
product oh no North Carolina some it is
I’m gonna tell you on this side here I

noticed when I first went to Bordeaux in
1973 and a lot of the vineyards that
weren’t the great vintage where every
grape euros worth thousands of dollars
but in many of the small vineyards they

had side by side growing with the grapes
in Bordeaux this is I don’t think you’d
see this anymore and I don’t think I’ve
seen it since tobacco ah so you have a
villa vineyard in a tobacco field mm-hmm

all in the Bordeaux area
you can’t I have always said what that’s
interesting that you can grow tobacco
and where you were these grapes and I’ve
always had in the back of my mind so I

went to North Carolina which is a
tobacco growing state
and found that they were switching a lot
of these tobacco fields to grapes and I
visited a lot of wineries there I

visited more barbecue places than
wineries I will admit but I went to a
lot of whiners and the wine was quite
good and it was you know I was made with
kind of a lot of lack of self-assurance

and low self esteem you know is this
anything you know well you’re from
California you must know about this
so here try this and try that and try
this and as if everyone from California

is at wine expert and in fact the wine
was very good and I think they can grow
some good grapes up there in North
Carolina I think eventually it would be
seen as one of the great wine growing

errors of the world
I think the tobacco has something to do
with it it’s in the few minutes in the
earth very nice but I don’t know what
this is sham Boorstin is wealthy
abortion is a grape from France

originally it’s probably a good wine
they’re making us some of the areas I
noticed this when I was in Texas will
appreciate some of this so I’m in the

hill country going they got a bunch of
wineries there they’re all over the
place and vodka distilleries yes we have
a lot of anything on the vodka yeah yes
one of the best in the in the world and

so I went to all these little these
wineries I didn’t buy anything because
it was there for one thing they’re
overpriced and they’re not that good but
it’s interesting that they’ve taken a

liking to growing Tempranillo outside of
Austin Texas and every winery made some
of it and it seems to take take well to
Texan Texas yeah and Tempranillo is the

grape this mostly grown in Spain to make
the great Riojas and other wines but
this Louis so Texas has potential for
that particular grape anyway onward

sorry everybody loves it John this is
from meetup in one of these more
established wineries in the spring of
summer 2020 and of course hosts a CD and

JC needed tour anytime addy douching
you’ve been deduced yes the Karmapa do
see some some career-boosting karma to

take me to the next level professionally
okay get laid karma I received about
three years ago and continues to be
amazing could be so kind as to play the
following jingles Jordan Peterson that’s

Reverend el Sigourney Weaver can you see
the juice and oh my god that was amazing
and finally don’t eat me Hillary Clinton
too many keep up the great works

gentlemen yours and deconstruction Andy
when Andy brewer winston-salem at Ultra
star on the tweeters sir save our savour
sabor or something of the Yadkin Valley

he says the swoop is coming that’s wrong
big annoy Weaver
karma I got him on Richie Earl of Luna

sir Kevin McLaughlin in Locust North
Carolina 33333
jingles request F cancer karma ice luge

goat scream jobs karma f cancer cover
for my uncle Huey Willett of locust
North Carolina to North Carolina is in a
row here no this is my decree everyone

is just to be happy and healthy
sincerely the Earl of Luna sir Kevin

you’ve got I love it
Tom Whittaker in Redwood City California

3:30 important donation note here
important important
I work at Google and no agendas
sometimes the only thing that keeps me

sane amongst probably the largest group
of swollen amygdalas on earth if you
could play a family guy I’m a douche bag
for me that would be great I don’t think

we have that one though
you know we do hat we clip in eight
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I’d really like to but I have no idea
no idea well just sorry don’t give a
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googles whereas a mikvah is fighting
sighs äj–
and I give him a goat screen karma
you’ve got thank you man it’s good to
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the inside I’m sure it’s not easy
apparently Microsoft filled with these
folks to folks
my daughter’s fiance and her went to
Vegas to visit his grandma and his

parents were there oh and their hair
amygdalas are swollen to an extreme and
apparently the old man was driving down
the road according to the Nick 2 reports

yes report he’s hot hole and starts
cussing about Trump okay this is all he
wanted to do is get into political

fights at the Thanksgiving table that
still actually happens huh yes oh the
kids had to put the kibosh on it oh my
goodness so he was he was really baiting

everybody trying to kind of get him all
riled up
Wow we have a diversity that you wanted
to argue he just wanted they couldn’t
not do it on work to sir JD Baron of

Silicon Valley
33:13 Jews yo dudes upgrading greetings
from the Silicon Valley love and light
to Adam and family safe travels and hope

you can celebrate fond memories I give
thanks to original show with no agenda
I give thanks to original show with no
agenda the crackpot in buzzkill and the
no agenda nation and the knights and the

dames out there okay I think you just
forgot the word the the word though it’s
like hospital okay good I hope that you
had University

I hope 33 I hope that you had just as
much or little Turkey and or family as
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give a shout out to the cast and crew up
up – up – up up the upcoming sounds like

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soon here in Silicon Valley this play
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okay read next and the cranky geek your
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a meet-up down here soon real than the
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no agenda me finally no agenda
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eme or EI m she’s got to see our EAM
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that is you know I don’t think you want
it but we’ll have it at the round table
you’re deconstruction has been
invaluable and has encouraged me to look

deeper and take nothing at face value ah
this is good your insight that’s what
you want another way in other words
think everything’s bull crap another
we’re insights and unique styles of
delivery provide both enlightenment and

the entertainment needed to expand my
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time thank you Adam and John for all
that you do Eileen sword muskegon and I
want to thank everybody just briefly for

all but nice notes I received and and
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very very nice and I just want to thank

Gitmo Nation for doing that
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Slovakia two three four five six one of
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Barra to the round table or bara bara
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happy thought makes a huge difference to
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this a lot to be said for that thanks to
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yeah that’s why the bigger audience the
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best podcast in the universe oh yeah I
f cancer for anyone who needs it circe
looks Shawn of Slovakia you’ve got karma

a surf for her oh that’s a good question

I I think so Bar ah let me check
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sir bara fine no it’s supposed to be sir
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have to do it right
sir not a dancer not a dame yes I’m glad
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okay bar that’s good got it night Bruce

222 at 220 dollars and 22 cents Adam and
John I thank you for the show as always
the last show I’m very happy to see you
also debunking this game-changers vegan

please also do some research on some of
the work of dr. Shaun Baker has been
doing in the carnivore diet it has saved

my life love and light night Bruce Bruce
thank you okay and last but not least is
Chris G $200 ITM gents first donation
was hit in the mouth by a co-worker hold

on hold on first donation we got a
deduced I am going to make it clear that
I disagree with this policy really I

think it has to be requested okay I’m
sorry I died that thought we had treated
this differently in the past I I must be
remiss no I don’t think you did I just

don’t think it’s ever been expressed
okay I think it’s come up that often
most people ask for the D douching and
some people have said I don’t want to de
douching because I haven’t given enough

money and we didn’t de douche okay I I
will I will no longer unrequested D
douching is off the table

okay toad but his douche D douching has
been put into the into the wild so he’s
been d douche it did happen
yeah so he’s nothing we can do about it

he was hitting the mouse by a co-worker
one year ago didn’t not get much of the
show at first this interesting huh but
appreciated the deconstruction and humor
now I did not get much of the show at

first but appreciated the deconstruction
and humor what else is the show humane
points like drug interesting observation

all right but I else is there what is it
you like so much please we’ll do more of

now I get it and love it requesting jobs
come from my youngest human resource on
her upcoming interview also goat
screaming your little girl yay thanks
Chris G absolutely and thank you for

your courage and for your support jobs
jobs jobs and jobs
that’s Voter job I wonder what the
mechanism is that you listen to the show

and you don’t get it and that but you
keep listening because there’s something
about it that you listen there’s some
reason you keep a lot of people
listeners so this guys are nuts
they’re a couple that’s know I think

more like this they hear so and this is
a problem admitted it’s a problem but
anyone who is told hey this is a great
podcast today it’s a-you know is no

agenda there’s really you know they have
no political agenda but they deconstruct
the news and it starts off with I can
understand it’s jarring we have had that

complaint early on which because you
guys was that this show is trivial
because you’re played you start off like

a morning zoo part of the problem I
think it was reasons to do that and
those reasons reasons are still valid
then I’m also always a must when we do

14 minutes of talk about Linux Mint
distros and and people still show up and
actually a lot of them appreciated our

biannual Linux talk well I said at the
time after the show I said to you I’ll
bet you some people will check out this
ultimate Linux 19 and they will get back

to me and say that’s really I’m glad you
told us about that and guess what
happened well done
I know they well I got a lot of email a

lot of yeah and of course a lot of it is
well you know that’s downstream three
levels you don’t want that you want Arch

Linux that’s what the bad boys yes says
a lot of that but it’s appreciated
because I couldn’t no there are some
questions that I had and people were
answering but anyway the point being at

what point is it and maybe people could
email us this what what you’d listen to
it you probably didn’t get it right away
what was it that was either holding you
back or what was that that code that

made it click
because I think there’s I think you’re
right there’s this something that
happens that people say oh I see and I
don’t know what it is 12 years this is
this I’ve held this job down longer than

any job of ever done in my entire life
just wanted you to realize that almost
three times as long as any job I’ve had
and it’s a job it’s the actual hours six
hours a week which is non-trivial for it

generally broadcasters talk for talking
part that’s forget forget the rest
I mean it’s talking talking talking yeah
it’s interesting there’s no doubt about

it has some there’s something magical
well magical for sure and a lot of that
magic is directly attributable to the
people we just heard from our executive
producers and associate executive

producers for this episode eleven ninety
five of the No Agenda show because it is
your podcast that’s the big difference
that we put in we don’t have listeners
we have producers and then everybody

else and of course you start to call
these people douchebags so that was
that’s on you but that’s what producers
get to do that’s the big difference
that’s why it’s working and we’ll be
thanking more of these fine folks in our

second half our second donation segment
but for this please recognize that these
credits are valuable and you can use
them in places that can do good for you
including putting them in your LinkedIn

description and if you are so inclined
if you would like to be an executive
associate executive producer of no
agenda show 1196 please go to Vollrath
org slash and I promise you no more
McClintock stalk of this show

our formula is this we go out for your
people in the mouth

you know I knew when I had to back you
off on that because I do have to say one
more thing about Linux about this mint
Linux ultimate so I’m really you’re

really gonna do this okay
just because I forgot to do it last time
so I’ve got this mint Linux and I’m just
playing around with it and so I type a

document oh you know Libre Office
document I said what happens if I go to
the printer and so I hit print it worked
right away it worked right away I know
and I didn’t have to go find a printer

and a doodle or any drivers it’s a Epson
printer as an XP 950 it just worked and
I was that was what stunned me the most
okay well since you brought it up I – I

I’m still on lubuntu I’m very happy to
give me yes now the only not about
anything about Linux but I was thinking
that and maybe that maybe this does

exist maybe I’m so out of touch me but
when I was grown up we had classes in
school we had woodworking we had shop –
home economics which meant cooking and

stuff there should be a class and maybe
there is I would just call it tech or
technology class and you enter this
class you’re given a laptop and a CD and
you’re told okay you’re going to create

the perfect computer for you and you’re
going to learn how to do that in this
class and of course you know it starts
with choosing a distro of linux and then
customizing it because the more I

realize how incredibly shackled I was by
the two predominant operating systems
and Linux is now finally at a place
where I can actually use it and I and

I’m not saying this lightly I’ve tried
many many times over the past years and
and in fact I would say the way to do it
is just get your VirtualBox for free and
try it because you can’t break anything

you know – you know boot anything on
your drive and it’ll work just fine at
least for testing and probably even
better than that but we should be
teaching kids
the actual basics of how this stuff

works because they’re dealing with it in
their everyday life
and you know when I look at a smart
phone I can see all the things that are
taking place and how it come to how

would the information eventually you
know it comes back onto my screen and
there’s tremendous benefit to that this
tremendous benefit to the creativity
you’ll have in the future if you unreal
II understand how things work but this

is not being taught and the only way to
learn it and boy is Linux a great play a
great way to learn how this stuff works
because you actually have to get your
hands dirty to make it work it’s just a

thought maybe it exists maybe classes
doing this I do that we would have heard
of it well in fact what you said which
is the same when I was a kid they had
woodshop hmm they had metal shop they

had auto shop
yeah auto shop sure and all the kids
would learn how to tune cars into
whatever you wanted to eat and they had
home make home economics right and it
was a it was a room full of ovens now

the problem is while I’m saying this of
course we’re about 30 years too late
because Apple and Microsoft and now
Google with Chrome OS have completely

swamped the educational system and are
eating your children alive literally
because you are a slave to how they want
you to do things

just try and install Windows 10 out of
the box these days they try to suck you
into creating an online account with
Microsoft no matter what you try and I
think they should take this computer
shop class and actually to extend it so

you actually build your own box that’s
what that’s what I just said we used to
take a laptop you get my laptop you give
them a composer will bill okay yeah why
not CPU how about just a Raspberry Pi

this is fantastic
option but I’d like to see a real
computer commodity but you’re old school
well Raspberry Pi in those little nudnik

things and some of these other Lourdes
devices also fun Arduinos or whatever
the hell they’re called and let them
strap stuff onto it and we’re
learn about this stuff they teach none

of this for Christmas please for
Christmas give your child one of these
raspberry pi startup kits for kids you
will not regret it maybe you will but I

anyway I think that weird this whole
idea of learn to code No
you’ve got to understand how the stuff
works make it work for you learned it
code is a scam of course it’s a scam

scam it’s do you want to be an obedient
tech worker do you want to be the next
genius to wear a turtleneck

so we’re talking about brexit a minute
ago I do have this little sub clip
because we’ve talked about this on the
show we’re always been baffled by it I

was baffled by it with my friends in
England they yes I know exactly what
this is about this is about the leaked
documents isn’t it well this is in this
case the clip is a very short one but

it’s a WTF clip yep
play it Jeremy Corbyn also says he’s
obtained documents that reveal Britain’s
National Health Service could be up for
sale and a post brexit trade deal with

the United States yeah this is the big
scandal apparently a trade document
between the US and the UK
leaks out and and that’s where they and
we already heard this rumor like the

National Health says here ago yeah so of
course they’re selling out the NHS
Trump’s gonna take it over well no it
has to do with a pharmaceutical industry

and they feel like it’s not Advan tage
do not know what’s going on but it is
not advantageous for the UK according to
the to the Socialists yeah well while

we’re on this topic of trade and dirty
dealings and big industry I had a little
bit of a chance to go back and look at

some of the vaping roundtable that the
President had you know that he was about
to sign a document that kind of source
or some regulation was going to affect I
don’t think there was a law per se but

of course they do want a law to ban the
flavored vape liquids because oh it’s
how the children how they how they’re
getting addicted to nicotine all of this
on the heels of the great vaping

disaster of people dying from vaping
went away pretty quick as you can tell
though we cured it I guess somehow and
only in America no one died anywhere

don’t vape vape in China don’t vape in
there Europe don’t babe in the UK but
they only died here and the first
sightings in North Carolina of the I
cross store already popping up that’s
the test market scare Alliance

well very important important because
this is still all about tobacco and the
reason the vaping
industry I’m just gonna recap for people
who haven’t been along for the ride the

vape industry was kneecapped that’s a
good one
kneecapped because the tobacco industry
which is quite big in billions of
dollars terms makes no money on nicotine

they need to sell leaf they need to sell
the plant they need to sell tobacco that
is necessary to generate revenue the
states need to get that revenue because
they’ve already written bonds against it

that revenue is taxes but it’s also for
death there’s extra special money that
the tobacco companies pay they’re trying
to get to the nicotine to be taxed but
that’s really not what it’s about it is

big tobacco beating down the innovators
beating down the little man who just
wants to inhale water vapor and here’s
what Romney at the roundtable Romney all
of a sudden Romney’s in the room with

Trump and he’s got a big mouth yep
Mangalam September 2018 you used throws
he was a number one most populous
product on the market flavors aren’t
issued they are attractive to the kids
how about the children yes sir we’ve got

I think almost 6 million kids addicted
to nicotine nicotine because of flavours
66 percent of the kids addicted to these
products are saying they didn’t even

know it had nicotine in it they thought
it was just a candy type product it’s
it’s the flavour the strong the kids
then it’s a health emergency I salute
the fact that Julis said we’re taking
these products off the market because we
care about our kids who was a kids know

many adults and the adults have acts has
the adults have access to menthol
products through jewel they haven’t at
the tobacco flavored products and
there’s but when I got putting out
cotton candy flavored and what is a

unicorn poop flavor
this is this is kid product this is kid
product it’s horrible
the children this is no good because
children getting addicted nicotine the

flavors this is just nasty
what did romney’s firm Bain Capital do
in the past an explosive new reports by
The Huffington Post sheds new light on

Romney’s time at Bain & Company the
Boston consulting firm it describes how
the firm made millions on big tobacco by
helping Philip Morris increase its
revenues in the US and aiding two other

tobacco Titans to dominate the Russian
market long as consultants helped
foreign firms and aspiring oligarchs
decide how to coral Russia’s riches
including writing an official manual

that outlined how best to navigate the
process at the same time being leveraged
its contacts with senior Russian
officials to arrange sweetheart deals
for its tobacco clients of course he’s

always been a shill for big tobacco and
he’s in the room as a senator shilling
for his former clients I’m I’m somewhat
outraged oh you are not outraged you

know you expect us from that guy’s a
douchebag yeah somebody do shit that’s
one thing in there I just kind of
chuckled about which was he said the

66% of the kids yeah smoking these
things he’s a vapor to vape and didn’t
even know there was nicotine vol.60 yeah

no but these kids know nicotine is
involved that’s why they’re doing it and
then he goes i am i applaud joule aren’t
as dumb and I applaud jewel for for

taking the flavors off the market he’s
in cahoots with jewel the whole idea was
to strangle jewel to buy them and
smother that shit into the ground so we

can bring our new smokeless tobacco I
cross smokeless tobacco coming to a
store near you people kids will his love
it son oh they’re gonna Ram it on

everybody’s throat I’ll see apparently
John apparently maybe a comeback to the
vape apparently well okay so
first of all apparently people who have
vaped and have smoked love the I cos it

is apparently a great hit and so that I
don’t you know I don’t know either I’m
just telling what I’ve heard so the
product is supposed to be good but but
then it could be propaganda you’re

hearing but listen look here’s the deal
here’s the deal
Trump was about to sign some kind of
regulation or legislation he stopped and
said well hold on we need and there was

after this meeting we need to think of
you know why because he hates Romney so
much he sees it he sees what’s going on
he’s like I’m not gonna give this to you
Romney I’m not gonna give this vaping

tonight I’m pretty sure you might be
right of course he doesn’t like Romney
Romney’s a pretty much of a wine bar
slime boys a slime sleepers like he

swore me and you know he’s in with the
tobacco guys and he’s a Mormon than they
should be doing everything to stop all
tobacco products yeah so that doesn’t

make any sense
yeah looks like a it’s like the drug
dealer who refuses to use the drugs he
yeah I hate drugs these drugs are

terrible would you like to buy exactly
since we’ve already joked about it
several times I do have a couple of

dropped tea clips that I wanted to share
now this was from a recent protest in
Greenville uh earlier this week a
problem which I will say that I believe

feminine hygiene products should have a
lower or no tax rate I’m all for that
you know this it’s really the the cost
of a feminine hygiene products are are

an outrage
and I feel bad that women have this the
secret tax really a just a tax on their
life but okay men have other things but

there’s the pronunciation issue which
came into play in this clip three
quarters of women think the tampon tax
should be a thing of the past with 67%
of them saying it’s a form of sexism one
poll conducted

to the study of 2,000 women who have had
periods on behalf of in Tamina and it’s
not just financially where women feel
like they’re cheated three and five
women said their school sex ed class did
not prepare them for their periods and
they’re not here for the stigma

surrounding menstruation with 37 percent
saying talking about it is still taboo
in fact of quarter said they’ve seen or
heard someone say women shouldn’t come
to work when they’re on their period
somewhat surprisingly women 18 to 24

were most likely to think society still
sees it as quote shameful according to
the in tamina study and it affects the
way women talk about menstruation too
with more than half saying they’re more
comfortable using a euphemism like quote

monthly visitor when discussing it so
even though 8 and 10 women said
discussing administration openly and
honestly is important it seems we have a
ways to go from a trump rally support
him yeah so it’s it’s partially it

sounds partially like there’s a southern
thing to it there’s also a British thing
I think the love island UK has has not

been helpful and I had a clip now I
don’t know what happened to it this is
kind of unfortunate I had a clip from
South Park from 1998 let me just see

what the heck happened to this yeah do
another one of my great setups John yeah
lined up before you know soliloquy

I have here’s the thing I have the whole
I’ve everything opened up I’m ready to
go it’s like my it’s like a running gag
on the show now it’s not even that funny

I’ve done it a couple of times really
pissed at myself my favorite one is
where I have this great clip I want to
play and somehow I miss edited it you
have liked it last three seconds now

that’s the best way to go but man okay
well and then I have in the Siena and
that wasn’t my kind of my payoff going
into I’ll go into this bit then damn it
South Park apparently had an episode in

1998 where where this was discussed I’ll
look for that while we played this clip
which is from a Netflix special the
keeper and I watched yesterday the day

before there was at Mike Birbiglia he’s
a comedian and he all of a sudden he
rolls into this bit that is something
that we really have taken issue with on

this show and it shows up in donation
notes all the time the instructor was
like what’s the most exciting thing
about having baby which is a new thing
for us where they don’t say the baby

they’re just like baby we were like we
just want baby to live we don’t we don’t
have high hopes for this thing because
we went to hospital and we spoke with

doctor and
she did test and it’s touch-and-go at
moment and that
yeah that’s good so I found the clip but

for some reason it doesn’t show up in my
let me see if I can play it directly
from the drive I knew I hadn’t forgotten
it will it play yes

here we go South Park 1998 hello
my name is dr. Adams welcome to the
planetarium I thought it was planetarium
well it is but I have a bone disease

which impedes my ability to pronounce
the T and planet area that’s a pretty
weird bone disease yes perhaps someday I
can get a bone marrow transplant so they
were doing it back then

yeah well it’s I think it’s been
installed I mean you listen to these
linguists that guy berated us they think
it’s some sort of a trend but I don’t

know that it’s a trend anymore than
saying University or thinking about that
the other oh I went to university yeah
you can say I went to college
lycée I went to the University of me by

MnDOT University I’m not in the car you
can say I’m in the college in certain
situations most time I owe the gate he
went to college he went to university it
should be the same why I’m so upset

about this misuses there’s one other
minor gripe that I have that I’m hearing
more and more is anyways I love anyway
but anyways is said with sincerity not

as any who was alright well fine its
mocking but you know talking about bad
language talking about people that kind
of talk funny out of class let’s talk

about Joe Biden oh yeah
this is clip of the century I had to go
back I’m that this has got to be a deep
fake this can’t this cannot be true it

could be a deep fake I thought about
this too because I don’t know there’s no
real documentation for this but it’s
been going around and it’s the kind of
thing he would do

yeah oh well did you see there’s a
clique running around of him being
introduced on the stage and this old
woman has her hands out and then he nips
at her finger that’s his wife is it is

that his wife oh it’s Jill well whatever
the case is she’s standing there she’s
throwing her arm out it’s almost like a
comedy act where she she says and then
we get mr. Bryton and she puts her hand

out in the air right in front of his
face like somebody in a in a cheap Benny
Hill skit oh if it’s his wife then it’s
okay then whatever it was funny but you
know you give the guys some you but with

this particular clip here which we
should play is the worst you’re I saw
that made me aware it when I was in law
school proudly for Holloway probably for

your dad first african-american state
senator in the state of in the state of
Delaware everything about and by the way
you know I should understand and to get

hot I got Lana I got hairy legs that
turn that that turned blonde in the Sun
and the kid used to come up and reach in

the pool and rub my leg down
so it was training that watch the hair
come back up again they look at it so I
learned about roaches I learned about

kids jumping on my lap and I’ve loved
kids jumping on my lap and I tell you
what the men they’re now all men the
guys that work with down here and
they’re all guys at the time they’re all

good men most of them made a lungful of
themselves and her Larkin had a rough
time in some of you knew Earl I’d if I
came back as a public defender his

rambles like this now this could be a
deep fake and it wouldn’t surprise me
well I’ve seen but it could but it’s one
of those things that’s believable well
yeah I’ve seen full-length versions of

this and it’s part of his corn pop
speech which is why it’s surprising and
it’s only showing up now because this
was part of the corn pop in the end the
chain and whoop his ass

I don’t get I so P of course okay I’m
putting it right into the ISO slot
already knowing it’s gonna win got hairy
legs yeah beautiful wait a minute I have

an ISO from the New Orleans thing to
that which I sent his late clips which
is today was the breaking news there had
a shooting in New Orleans I play the ISO
from that that that clip wait oh no

where yes here we go please no do not
drink and drive no hairy legs beats
drinking and drive in any old day back

to bitin we do have a Biden campaign run
down front off of NBC which we should
play and it’s got a little camel

harrassing at the end which I want to
comment on are investigating the motive
now presidential candidates are back on
the road Criss crossing the country
among them Joe Biden hoping to make a
splash with a big push in Iowa here’s

Kelly O’Donnell today in Iowa the Joe
Biden campaign bus on an eight day 18
County tour of the first caucus state
trying to rev up his lagging poll

numbers beginning in Council Bluffs I
promise you I promise you we’re gonna
win this race his new ride branded in
Biden speak as the no malarkey tour he

says to contrast President Trump
many but not all Democratic hopefuls
hitting the trail across the country

with stakes high for early state voters
anything anyone says could make or break
like I

the candidates running also in Iowa
today Kamala Harris at a Des Moines
house party which we have the ability to
unlock the promise of our country

we have the ability this is she’s never
said anything of substance we have the
ability to unlock the promise whatever

that is of our country what does that
mean and B why didn’t Obama do it he was
in there for eight years at a Des Moines
unlock the promise of our country

yeah I mean they gave Obama the key
we have the ability to unlock what is
the promise of our country that needs to

be unlocked
well Harris is done for I’m sure you saw
the the resignation letter more from one
of her her campaign oh she’s resigned
saying here the leadership’s not there I

think she bolted too
when she go to she go to Buddha judge
she went to someone else’s campaign
think Buddha judge oh yeah it’s a mess

over there it’s a total mess Camilla
Harris cannot organize her own campaign
she’s no good she’s just no good we knew
it she a pretty face you know the ha ha

ha she kind of the Hillary wave and it
fell apart and I thanked Tulsi Gabbard
for ripping that apart within the boys
at debate two or was it the first one
yeah it would know his debate – yes

that’s what Tulsi Gabbard brought down
camel ash because camel went after Biden
for not being a good you for being a
racist or something and she really went

after him hard and it was unexpected cuz
everyone was really happy with each
so then the next debate Tulsi goes after
her and everyone’s like oh that
somebody’s doing it you know I’m glad

somebody’s going after her I’m Biden was
probably very happy and the end the
defector was the end of Camelot the
defector went to Bloomberg that’s what
she went to Bloomberg’s campaign so

cameras campaign is falling apart but
there was some interesting news the New
York Times about a a group a dark money
group with 70 with a 75 million dollar

ad campaign the group’s name is acronym
and they also have a pullet now that’s a
501 C 3 corporation so we do not

actually know who the donors are so we
don’t know who’s providing this 75
million but they also have a political
action committee which is a 501 C 4

company called PAC kronum and we we do
know some of those donors but everyone’s
trying to figure out who’s put the 75

million together which is going to be
spent specifically on winning seats and
elections for Democrats so so for local
elections for state elections and they

claim on their and out their acronym
website another acronym org they claim
the day of all of that there already
have been responsible for 65 Democrats
winning elections in the past

I think here or to whatever they say
here so we’re not quite sure
so the shadowy group very shadowy but we
do know because of the the Pakenham they

do have to publish their donors and I’ll
tell you 2 million came from the
National Democratic redistricting

committee that’s a political nonprofit
run by Eric Holder Obama’s first
attorney Attorney General three hundred
thousand dollars from Dollar Shave Club

see what else well the funny here the
the list news web corporation 1.5

million Fred I chain do you know him
United Food and Commercial Workers Union
one point three million at the top two

point six million is Soros Fund
management so you kind of get the idea
who is probably in on this business for
us yeah I did hate to start off with
them every time but I did pull a couple

of these ads and I think they’re worth
discussing because I find them to be
highly racist so the idea is these ads
are supposed to get you to knock the

vote knock the dot vote and to get
Democrats out and voting but not just
any old Democrats no no this is the
white Democrats because you guys are

dumped we start with the scene two
children with a lemonade stand in front
of their house black man comes along
would you like another two years of do

you got a permit for that you guys
voting this November I’m I’m sorry we’re
actually quite busy right now but can I
get you a gluten-free cookie or maybe
something in nine one one I’d like to

report a suburban educated white woman
out here selling lemonade with her kids
it’s like why they’re not voting I need
you to get down here and investigate cuz
this is ridiculous and could you hurry
please I feel threatened so does the
rest of black Amanda

I thought there’s a lot of powerful
stuff in this there’s a white like a
white woman who doesn’t want to vote and
I’m I feel threatened and so does the
rest of black America next commercial

three clearly supposed to impress
somebody or get them to think other than
the fact this is like a douche bag
operation well let’s continue we’ll

decide I’ve only picked three of the
series is quite a few of them and is
professionally produced by the way
another 30 second we see three young
women white with Lululemon’s on in the

park posing for selfies in the
traditional manner you would see black
man walks by you all may plans to vote
in November not one I’d like to report

an emergency in the park three white
women just taking selfies triple selfie
in progress using filters emojis the
same pitch over and over again playing

pajamas and they literally have no plans
of voting in November excuse me that’s
not illegal
please hurry let’s not have accountants
so just be very clear it’s black guy

calling out the white women but they
also do some ageism which is kind of
cool what you’ll see here is all boomers
all in there I would say 70s these faces

are close a beautifully shot very nice
beautiful characteristic faces of people
yeah that’s a 65 to 75 year old range
but close up looking right into the

dear young people don’t vote vote
everything’s fine the way it is with us
he’s our guy cuts for the rich hell yeah
fuck climate change that’s a you problem

I’ll be dead soon sure school shootings
are sad but I haven’t been in a school
for 50 years I can’t keep track of which
lives matter sure you don’t like you so

you like some Iman Instagram if the
weather is nice maybe you could go to
one of those little marches you might
even share this video on Facebook you
young people never do what I do I do I

midterms primaries every single election
will be there about you won’t because
we’re a generation of doers not whiners

we’re doing great
very ominous music at the end there yeah
I liked one line in there at the woman

for one thing they making bowls on scene
aisle which is meeting probably not
gonna vote but that’s okay but the woman
says I can’t even keep track of what
lives matter it’s very aggressive at 75

million is not going to get you very far
but it’s a valiant effort and creatively
as I think they’re pretty funny

that means racist ageist everything
you’d you’d expiring the Democrats
playing and a couple more things here
Nate silver the from five three eight

media the genius the statistician that
everybody is all Gd about him well yeah
once upon a time it completely missed
the entire Donald Trump phenomenon he

says on the tweeters keep in mind that
the subtext he’ll maybe just the text of
the Bloomberg campaign is to facilitate
a brokered convention it’s not competing

in the early states instead it’s hoping
for a chaotic outcome there then it
hopes to have a brokered convention now
we’ve posited this ourselves posited we

did and that still could be and it could
be in combination that Bloomberg’s in
there to pave the way for the swoop of
it I don’t know it could be getting

ready for the Hillary swoop
it seems like something is kind of up
with Hillary now if if if there was if

there is an inkling of her reentering
the race every television and media
organization is going to be somewhat
careful with disparaging her since she

will hold purse strings if she swoops in
she’ll have a lot of money to spend and
the political season is when mainstream
media makes their money

it’s bigger than Christmas it’s a lot
bigger than Christmas
they’ll it’s Christmas every two years
or four years for your market and
election appropriately and Fox News is
clearly feeling something as possible

they had a Nepali nough on she’s from
Turning Point USA so you know these are
very anti leftist people anti Democrats
specifically this is just a kind of a

chopped up version of what happened
recently when she said something about
Hillary Clinton and then listen to what
the Fox News hosts of course she should
be investigated there’s plenty of

evidence that Hillary obstructed justice
by destroying evidence in a gross and
massive way joining us now Anna Paulina
director of Hispanic engagement at
Turning Point USA and Doug Schon Fox
News contributor and former pollster for

President Bill Clinton good morning to
you both my Thanksgiving I think it’s
only fair
I’m all for starting a Clinton
investigation I’m just amazed that with
everything going on in the world we

still have Hillary Clinton in the
headlines her piece okay that’s news
that we’re breaking here we’re gonna
wrap this thing a little early done

because some of the language that was
used in this segment we apologize to our
viewers for that so because the girl
says Hillary Clinton won’t go away like
they cut the segment short throw her off
completely and then in the next hour you

want to reiterate that we do not condone
the language that ana Paulina just
displayed here and we apologized to
Secretary Clinton for that

News does not condone condone her is
cinnamon this is the strongest evidence
we’ve ever had that she’s coming back
into the race
when Fox is sucking up to her for that
there’s a leak p’raps clip of the day oh

well thank you
that was a great catch especially the
second one the second one no it has a

one-two punch is obviously not a oh just
one good clip but it was part of us of a
calm process comma comma so she says she
won’t go a she like her peace you won’t

go away we just know it’s not even funny
it’s like 1980s Paul Provenza material
yes how about my comedy reference yeah
but you know it’s like a bad penny she

could have said or whatever doesn’t make
any sense anymore that sort kids like
bad Mexican lunch oh that would be
racist I’m sorry
was like herpes it keeps coming back
like bad Mexicans but I mean I I would

have said well that’s good I mean
there’s a lot of ways to handle that but
it’s not obscene well they they thought
it was really inappropriate so Hillary
still being protected even by Fox Buddha

jobox Fox is really a Buddhist Judge
Mary Pete got a huge hit job from from
the root look of course we know the

problem with the with the elections in
general would be the black American vote
the black vote is what’s going to make
this happen and the fight is on now with
with blacks for Trump and you know the

well who actually has the black said
with the Democrats and Mary Pete no gods
but but slammed by the route the article
was really related it was a total hit

job with something that Buddha judge had
said in 2012 or 2013 and this Michael
Harriet from the route that said Pete

Buddha judge who lies like a an mf’er I
won’t say the word because we try not to
use that on the show
so this warranted a quick explanation on
the joy read show which is always fun to

have to black people talking about a
white guy who can’t attract black people
it’s just a beautiful fest over there
that MSNBC after Michael Harriet of the

route penned a scathing response to
comments that Buddha judge made back in
2011 about black children and education
in a roundtable interview with no people
of color president president Buddha
judge opine the kids and minority

neighborhoods haven’t seen the education
system work and they lack role models
who can personally testify to the value
of education Harriet’s responsible
scathing he wrote that Buddha judge
knowingly failed to address the

structural and institutional factors
which create education inequality
instead placing the blame on the black
community itself a kind of Paul Ryan is
culture critique put a judge to his
credit responded to the trending piece

by calling Harriet to have a discussion
but the article landed right in the
middle of a larger problem for the young
mayor who’s become a media favorite and
boasts growing
support from mainly older white voters

in places like Iowa but who has
struggled to gain support from black
voters without rich it’s hard to become
the Democratic nominee and joining me
now is Michael Harriet’s senior writer
at the root Michael it is great to have

you on the show welcome so let’s talk
about this this piece that she wrote
that went everywhere I got texted by
about 400 people to be honest about 400

I don’t think so joy everywhere I got
texted by about 400 people we to be
honest everyone in this race and
especially someone as educated as Pete
Buddha judge knows why these problems

exist and so when you the fear of black
voters is that when they get into these
annals of power and they get into these
rooms and they’ll start talking about
you know fixing the education problem in

America this is what will happen they’ll
say well you know they need some role
models or maybe they just need some you
know some after-school programs or we
know it’s a problem of institutional
inequality that fits into the history of

racism in America so when you frame it
like that there’s no white person who
will be allowed to even enter the race
because that is a hit job it’s not I
have nothing with mayor Pete but what a

nasty thing to do pull a clip from that
eight nine years ago and then say this
guy’s it’s important it’s really they’re
you know they want to get this guy

marginalized a little bit because the
race right now is for vice president and
Cory Booker is targeting it and so you
want a black guy in there so let’s go
after anyone who’s a possibility I mean
you have the opportunity you’re gonna

have whoever’s president nominated
president it’s gonna be a white guy and
from what we can tell it’s gonna be
Bloomberg it’s gonna be more Hillary
another wise Sanders the white guy

Hillary white guy Hillary or Horry well
Hillary’s kind of come in late but so
you want to start moving things around a

little bit to get the right vice
president candidate so what do we have
to have we have to have a
a candidate that’s contrast II so you
could have worn which no one wants to do
her deal with her so she’s done but you

could have a woman any woman who would
do you can have a gay male white guy
that’s because it’s actually a you know
a minority it’s so far as these guys the
way they think with their might their

way of identity politics or a black guy
so Buddha Jess is the target to get out
of the West and get a black guy in this
woman get maybe Cory Booker and the idea
would be of course you’re gonna either

have Biden or Sanders that say as the
president or Biden is the front-runner
although he can be taken out or or
Bloomberg but Biden in it is probably
not gonna last of four years right and

but Stacy Abrams why wouldn’t it be her
wouldn’t she be more you’re the only one
that’s pushing this by the way I’m still
I’m was she mentioned in that piece that

you just realized she’s just a swoopy as
Hillary she’s not going anywhere
well I do have a nice piece to
understand Mayor Bloomberg’s thinking
just in case anyone was interested in

him this is from last year this was the
IMF Spring Meeting 2018 this is when
Fifi Lagarde this is a great clip Fifi
Lagarde was still the the ruler over

there the IMF but she had this little
presentation which does one-on-one with
Lagarde and she has a one-on-one chat
onstage with Michael Bloomberg and
they’re talking about taxing people and

really taxing the poor because of course
no matter who’s coming in certainly on
the Democratic side Republican side
probably as well they’re coming after
you they’re gonna raise taxes something

has to happen it with their system at
least with this old thinking this
elitist thinking so here’s two of the
most elitist people I could think of
Christine Lagarde and Michael Bloomberg

talking about taxing the poor slaves and
listen all the way to the end taxes are
regressive but in this case yes they are
that’s the good thing about I’m sorry

what does it actually mean when they say
taxes are regressive that means they you
gressive taxes means that the tax rate
goes up right as you get as you pay make

more and more money your tax goes up and
again it increases folks is 10% somebody
up gets you know 50% that’s progressive
that’s progress or regress is the other

way around where there where everybody
either gets taxed the same or there’s no
program or the taxes are actually go
down as you make more money okay
taxes are regressive but in this case
yes they are that’s the good thing about

them because the problem is in people
that don’t have a lot of money and so
higher taxes we should have a bigger
impact on their behavior and how they
deal with themselves so I listen to

people saying oh we don’t want to tax
the poor well we want the poor to live
longer so that they can get an education
and enjoy life and that’s what why you
do want to do exactly what a lot of

people say you don’t want to do the
question is do you want to pander to
those people or do you want to get them
to live longer and there’s just no
question if you raise taxes on full

sugary drinks for example they will
drink less and there’s just no question
that fill sugared drinks and one of the
major contributors to obesity and
obesity is one of the major contributors

to heart disease and cancer in a variety
of other things so it’s like saying I
don’t want to stop using coal because
coal miners will go out of work well

will lose their jobs we have a lot of
soldiers in the United States in the US
Army but we don’t want to go start a war
just to give them something to do and

that’s exactly what you’re saying when
you say well let’s keep coal killing
people because we don’t want coal – to
lose their jobs the truth of the matter
is there aren’t very many coal miners

left anyways and we can find other
things for them to do but the comparison
is a life or a job or taxes
or life which do you want to do take
your poison

so it’s regressive it is good now now
this is my favorite part it’s as
regressive it is good so they’re going
to now justify taxing poor people so
they can tell them how to live their

lives because you’re stupid
and you’re poor you should want to live
longer and listen to us which do you
want to do take your poison
so it’s regressive it is good there are
lots of tax experts in the room and

physical experts and I’m very pleased
that they hear you say that and they all
say that two things in life which are
absolutely certain one is death the
other one is tax so you use one to defer

the other one that’s correct
okay exactly well said this is this is
essentially the king taxing the peasants

yep to save their lives because if they
don’t pay their their taxes these
peasants will kill them exactly this is
this is a good for you peasant here

peasant give us what you little money
you have there we go and now we’ll say
it we will take the sword away from your
throat and we will return next year to
collect more money you have just gotten

one year of extra life congratulations
stupid poor person imagine all the
people who could do with us oh yeah

that’d be fun
I’m sorry just volunteer system we
started I’m sorry I’m very late I’m very

late I completely lost track of time
just so you know I’m okay apologies fan
air I always look at the clock when we
go to this last segment I say oh I know

you got one clip left the play van Eric
Janson yeah 104 dollars and 60 cents he
needs a job scammer will give it to you
at the end for your smoking-hot wife you

didn’t name Jean Jean Paul della hi hey
della hey Jean Paul Delahaye and best
Netherlands yeah 1001 cents very good

job got a birthday and Winchester and
two lot in Oregon hundred dollars
Merry Christmas Alec said you were onto
that we’re also coming up on show 1200

ladies and gentlemen yes Alexander abort
abort talk eighty Texas dragon
Louisville Texas
79 36 he also sent me a box with two I
got the steak seasoning ooh nice

which includes some rubs and some very
unusual barbecue sauces which I will
report back on okay so I want to thank
him for that

Robert I owner in Marrickville Australia
70 sir grab you lon sir grab you line 69
69 sir Craig corner in Portland Oregon
606 our Excel works in

pies pies
yeah I I don’t I

don’t know this name
his name is Eric Albert spies
oh that would that’s not where he’s from

though my first donation I enjoy
listening to podcasts were riding a
bicycle didn’t s4d douching he helps me
collect stories for my colleagues when
going to work helps me forget about work
on the way home I hope this first

donation would get me a D douching
you’ve been deduced there he is he’s in
he just says the Netherlands he doesn’t

have a City inherit
he likes the YouTube the curry and Vani
Engels show it is this that was my fight
we I still have fans from 1982 hey get
closer to the mic well I still have fans

fans quote-unquote fans who condemned me
for my comment about the mus about the
mouse but they’re gonna die before you
so that on the way out don’t worry about
it brought you Robert Bruckner follows

up with 5555 Stan Perez yuck
bezel brown brother Brezhnev Perez
marries Paris very well he’s into Ozark

Missouri which is a town I have been it
yes it’s right that it’s right in the
middle of the Ozarks it’s a beautiful
little town and there was a there was a

bookstore in that town that had a bunch
of Nazi books nice Adam Ruiz in
corporate and he also sold t-shirts call

I’m a hillbilly they mock their own
hillbilly kind of way of life they mock
it in a funny way it’s a very it’s a
beautiful little place

Adam Roo is in Corpus Christi Texas did
you find hold on
first-time donor got hit in the mouth
about a year ago live in China can’t
confirm that it can be asshole but it’s
not so bad

keep up the good work and can I get a
deduced now that we have the rule I’m
looking for him look please everywhere
but China that’s a that’s a big jump

from Corpus Christi is it
there you go 5510 Fran Aurora Keller for
Colorado from David Russell Bill Johnson

parts unknown mark goes Castellanos in
Guatemala my condolences they add a 5151

I had Guatemala good sir Jackson night
of the transistors in level in Texas
5150 Gavin Harbour field in Mitchum

51:33 Josh Cox in Austin Texas
yes Josh like at Dolan says this is one
of them josh has also been saying he is
a massive Linux dude so I have a Linux

dude in Austin he’s that he’s I mean I
think he’s gonna come in very handy so
thank you for your support there Josh is
Josh yeah Josh Cox well he’s actually

sir taught of Thai Thai hi-yah I should
have known we just talk as Adam and Josh
on the emails sir Sean Black Knight of
the dudes named Ben what does he say

here I’d like to give myself a birthday
shout-out from Monday December 2nd
turning 30 no-one else who loves me
listens to the show ah well they don’t
really love you then I’m sorry love you
love you but he does say I have the

newsletter set up to an email address
which forged to another email address
they’re both Gmail I have a rule set up
to tag all of the emails forwarded this

way in Gmail I’ve never missed the
newsletter in over two years I have to
understand what he’s saying here cuz
that’s is it sounds like an interesting
hack yeah I don’t know but of course if
you’ve missed the knee if you’ve missed

an email how would you know yeah Jeremy
Carter right in Rockford Illinois $50
the following people are $50 donors name
a location
Eric wills and Eldersburg Maryland Susie

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I think prof wore in Bellevue washing up
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social calm so let me read this gents
prof war here concession donation a

bet I’d lost with sir acid of the candy
Navion woods bless his soul forgot the
detail so I’ll just do a quick no agenda
social role call Methos Yuuki ami DC
Girl smash bought drunkard minstrel it’s

worth hanging out over there the social
calm thanks prof war and and to correct
you before you’re corrected by others
its drunkard oh did I not say that

drunkard minstrel yes drunkard minstrel
you said drunken Oh
which apparently sets him off big time
Robert fiddler and Mars Pennsylvania

rhymes with Hitler and last but not
least sir Bryan Watson and Raleigh
sometimes I wonder Dvorak sometimes I

wonder well thank you for these fine
donations from many fine folks on both
sides of the Atlantic and the Pacific
thank you for supporting your podcast it

happens to be the best podcast in the
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overview of what’s happening in the
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Juan Puerto Rico meetup that is 5:00
p.m. and this is the one that Jambo Joe

is hosting in San Juan VA Oh for the
first Puerto Rico No Agenda meetup go to
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then on Monday we have Kitchener Ontario

Canada eight o’clock in the evening a
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Union mmm I think that’s the name of
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then this coming Friday the Nashville
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Berg is your host and Chicago Illinois
the Midwest furry fest convention it’s

the big one on Friday the 6th of
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however everyone furry Con attendees are
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then we have goggle by the way is our
number one name or location for no
agenda listeners in according to
MailChimp nice really yeah fine yes Lou

knew no I did not figure that out the
meetup reports need to be shorter or
they need to be accompanied by some
audio just because people are gonna get

pissed off when there’s start there hey
you didn’t read my
so I’m going to do this one from The
Hague this was from Robin from the dunes
of The Hague last Friday a successful

first meetup in The Hague great location
a bit dark good pier and good beer and
nibbles interesting people and
interesting stories we produce some no
agenda signs to lure our producers but

they were not sufficient luckily Samuel
the Beastmaster wore his slave shirt and
acting as a beacon once in a while while
chatting in the morning did also help
twelve producers showed up among the

douchebags were Knights and even barons
and almost barons good crowd we had
guests from Sydney Australia Harlem New
York who were month whose face The Hague
distances were not important most

attendees have IT related professions
there was also someone from a national
intelligence service a smash cart
what’s a smash cart I’ll tell you
something by the way air at all meetups

one spook appears oh yeah yep this spot
the spook and got to play the game and
they’re and they’re also keeping tabs
making sure we’re doing it right now
we’re very very very conversational yeah

smash cart salesman several government
and travel industry professionals if we
book our travels through the last one we

can get cheap tickets there you go while
our inside contact saves up credits that
she will donate fully to the no agenda
show I will say it’s a win-win and
there’s a lot more to this note which is

a little too much for today’s program
but thank you very much Robin great work
and you know it’s interesting producer
Chris sent me the No Agenda Sydney meet
up get mo nation national anthem again I

save this file I then put it into my
system I check that it works a check it
before the show and now I go to put it

into the player and again it says error
unknown format I do not understand
unsupported file this is the weirdest
thing it worked

and now it doesn’t work anymore there
was that stag intelligence guy
this is that’s that’s very first it
allowed you to play at once

yes it self-destructed after one play
this is very odd okay well I can’t play
it again to Chris I don’t know I’m sorry
I’m gonna have to record rerecord my own
version yes we got that and then for

everybody who requested it we’ve got
some jobs and travel and health Karam
jobs jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for
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on where you’re from here the birthdays

for our list today jean-paul de la haya
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Berra character Sean of Slovakia David
Orkut becomes Rueben waffles sir shins

and sir save are of the valley grapes
hookers and blow rentboys and Chardonnay
for you at the round table also
Shambu scene and dark chocolates and
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course a mutton and Mead if that’s what
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special note that David Orkut who become
sir Roop & Waffles today he is
responsible for two new best best of
shows which he has put together one of

John’s stories and one of my stories and
the first one so that’s why he becomes a
a knight for this incredible work that
he’s done imagine going through over a

thousand episodes of the show and
pulling out the stories all of your
favorites are going to be in there and
the first one will air on just before
Christmas so that would be I think the

twenty-second Sunday the 22nd was at the
twenty third twenty second twenty second
that’s when the first one will air and
we were giving him his a well-deserved

knighthood for that he’ll man’s work in
advance of course we already have the
vials yeoman yo man I like saying he’ll
man I like yield man but it’s yeoman yo
man’s Co man and with that we’re I’m

sorry reminds me of my mispronunciation
I was a kid of cows cows yet Shouse I’d
look at I’d read it I said choice I

don’t know tell me is that you hey us o
chose to you climate chose
now we finally got climate Chow right
now climate college – I realize it was

chaos all right do you want to roll us

out with one last clip before we do end
of show mixes which are nice I might
good oh by the way what was the last
last industrial mix I think there was a

song Epstein didn’t kill himself a punk
rock in a classic 80s style punk rock
beautiful song written I said to you
that cut song is commercial are we gonna
have to pay ASCAP fees but then you told

me to one of our guys written by Sir do
surfer Rob do and perform by the false
Flags outstanding it was very good very
very good well I’ve got a couple of

things I’ve got the blues I can push off
but let me think if there’s one here
that move well let’s get catch up with
well I could do a riots report there’s
about three short clips well I can’t do
the music anymore I’m afraid to do that

because I could we get pushback in
complaints so well we don’t want to do
this music just play the riot let’s do
the right reports get him out of the way
this is riots in Colombia all right in
Colombia anti-government protesters have

called for another national strike today
after talks between a protest committee
and right-wing president Yvonne Duke
eight felled massive protests have
rocked Colombia for six straight days

last week hundreds of thousands of
people poured into the streets for the
largest national strike Colombia has
seen in decades four people have been
killed so far including 18 year old
student Dylan Cruz who was shot in the

head by a police projectile ouch
riots in Chile in Chile president
sebastián piñera has sent a bill to
lawmakers that would allow military

troops to be ploy to the streets of
chile amidst ongoing anti austerity
this comes as human rights watch has
condemned police and military brutality
against anti-government protesters at

least 26 people have died in the 40 days
of Chilean protests this is human rights
watch America’s director Jose Miguel
vegan co well there are hundreds of
wearing reports of excessive force on

the streets and abuse of detainees such
as brutal beatings and sexual abuse that
cannot be left unpunished it should be
quickly and vigorously investigated and
by the Chilean judicial authorities

what’s your third and the last one of
course these mislabel is just under Iran
in Iran videos of the Iranian security
forces violence against protesters are

emerging online as Iran has partially
restored internet access which was
almost entirely blocked for over a week
Amnesty International says over a
hundred people were killed in the

crackdown against demonstrations sparked
by a sharp rise in gas prices earlier
this month
US sanctions against Iran have
contributed to the economic crisis
Iranian officials now say internet

access in the country could be curtailed
indefinitely and here’s a question for
our names are no agenda amateur radio
hams operators with this going down in

has anyone made contact with a ham
operator from Iran because when the
internet is out when the apocalypse
comes don’t the ham radio guys have to
stand up and save the world that’s their

job I would like to know if anyone has
actually had contact with an Iran ahem
in Iran a hammer-on ahem you just would
saved a whole show for that you mean we

have a title finally no we have a planet
title so Iran ham is good though yeah
I’m keeping it I’m gonna try myself see
if I can get a Iran a ham on the line

but all right everybody that does it I
will be traveling but we’ll be here on
the box but for our Thursday show the
first Thursday of the week look forward

to that very much please remember us not
just in your prayers but also at Dvorak
org /na is a fun little place to go
check out to support the show which
after all is yours
and we’ve got end of show mixes it’s

Christmastime so I’m rolling them out we
have plenty of them we’ve got Jesse
Coyne Nelson we got Chris Wilson and a
classic from Joshua Joshua and Jessica

I’d love that one a lot grumpy old Ben’s
up next on no agendas coming
to you from opportunity zone 33 here in

Austin Texas Capitol the drone star
timur region number six in the morning
everybody hi Adam Curry and from
northern Silicon Valley where we’re
continuing with the 10-car Zephyrs
through the holidays I’m Chauncey Dvorak

we return on Thursday right here on no
agenda as always
only two spies Oh No

oh me too
my jaw

kiss and your water too
oh sure


hello I’m Jeff Pegues we’re all of you

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Bitcoin what they get away with 33 what
they get away with the first time as we

did we point out on the show endlessly
33 dead in Pakistan bus collision South
Africa flood death toll rises as

government declares 33 disaster zones 33
what they get away with Robert De Niro
psyche living is in the produce of
household you feel you don’t know what’s
gonna happen next

what crazy thing is gonna happen next
what’s gonna make you say what the
hell’s going on there’s only one angry
person gets to say what they get away
with eatin profit jumps 33% and fourth

quarter Guinea seeks 33% stake in mining
projects pub sells 333 million fewer
pints year over year South Africa 333

rhinos lost to poaching this is
ridiculous our listeners know that we’re
onto this because we keep bringing it up
33 what they get away with but when you
talk about apology I think the one that

you should really be apologize
and the thing that you should be
apologizing for are the 33,000 emails
that you deleted and that you
acid-washed dog hump has just tweeted

and it’s a huge one specifically in the
context of India let me read that tweet
out for you if you can’t read it very
he says the United States is foolishly
given Pakistan more than thirty three
billion dollars in aid over the last

fifteen years and they have given us
nothing but lies and deceit thinking of
our leaders as fools Popo for an org