No Agenda Episode 1196: “Clinton Kildepstein”


Adam curry
Jhansi divorce your award-winning
information media assassination episode
11 96 this is no agenda enjoying just

eight hours of sunlight and broadcasting
lives parallel to runway two-seven is
people airport in amsterdam phonation
lowlands in the morning everybody

I’m Adam curry but we have going on I’m
Jesse oh man I got here’s dark I woke up
and I got to work in his dark again it’s

like it’s dark a lot it’s well it’s only
eight hours of sunlight right now in the
Gitmo lowland no there’s no no Northern
Lights here at least not that I know of

no not at all oh man what a trip
and it never ceases we now expect to
hear that the travel report sometimes
the best part of the show it’s gonna be

real short real real you know what was
interesting life I left yesterday 11
a.m. flight no pre-check of course
course but there’s no line at TSA I go

through I had the whole studio with me
now I don’t think there’s been one sing
maybe one other time before that it went

right through everything the studio bag
the wire bag the microphone they didn’t
even try to pull it out you like got a
vibrator in his bag no none of that it

was perfect it would flew right through
not an issue then we had a tailwind got
in half an hour early all that was good
except for the fact that once again
Calum had no Wi-Fi on the flight they

apologized for it but come on it’s like
how can they can’t they can’t keep that
together that’s because it cost money
yeah olive theory yes it’s likely I

don’t know if we just take the Wi-Fi and
turning on on half the flight deck will
make a million bucks a billion dollars

I did have an an OTG moment that really
teed me off just before I boarded the
plane in Austin so we have the new
terminal and this is where a lot of the

delta flights originate from and this
new term was the yeah in Austin you’ve
got the in the new international
terminal and so they built everything
beautiful new on the inside but all of
the kind of coffee places are down the

other end and they’ve decided here is
where we’re going to innovate innovate
which is like one of those coffee
machines have you seen the automatic
coffee machines at the air will you

haven’t been to Airport in ten years
probably but you know it’s kind of cool
with the touchscreen and these machines

have been around forever but here’s what
was different so you can’t pay with cash
so you have to swipe your card so I
swipe my card and be free by the way the
coffee at an airport oh no no I don’t

know what it was but I’m sure it was
five bucks at least – hi
of course it’s – hi Sonja the machine
you can look through it the arms then
you have your PIN number you know what

you’re assigned when you when you pay
for it you type in your your PIN it’s
like oh hello Mr curry welcome here’s
your coffee the window opens and there’s
your coffee in the coffee is not bad so
I go back to the gate I get a text

message from the fucking car I’m sorry
from the damn coffee from the coffee
machine telling me that I should use
lifts next time I come to the airport
so they have tracked my telephone number

through my card swipe and then decided
to send me an ad message after I paid
for my coffee you were off the grid man
yeah I’d wanted coffee you okay shut up

about you’re off the grid you know what
I’m talking about
this is this is I think this is illegal
I did not consent so would it be illegal
well I didn’t give my number to the
coffee machine somebody has it you know

what it is is that it’s ID look at Jack
Dorsey it’s the square network square
does this minute you’re on their payment
network they share all your details with

everybody it angered me like wow I paid
for the coffee and now you’re gonna send
me an ad to I mean if it were free like
okay good I won’t take lift but thanks

for reminding me but no I paid for it
and they send me an ad
yeah yeah they’re double-dipping
while I’m boycotting them now which

means the coffee machines now brother I
wonder if you can hike if you can do
something fun you know they have these
new coffee machines in San Francisco
mm-hmm that are that are they look like

they’re people making coffee but a bunch
of robot arms yeah this is what I’m
talking about I’m not talking I said you
didn’t listen to me the robot oh yes the

ass the robot you see that cars yeah for
just one bite okay let’s stop on the
coffee I have an important report a
train report since you brought up the
Safra how many how many cars was it ten

ten cars economy’s doing great
apparently because of climate change
global warming scorched earth more
people are taking the train this holiday

season it was a busy weekend in the air
and on the rails as Amtrak expects the
numbers will show a record-breaking
surge of travelers M track had its

largest passenger count during last
year’s Thanksgiving week with over eight
hundred and forty six thousand riders
that number is expected to be met or
exceeded this year so many people
especially in some of those comic market

faculty/staff duty to pack and once they
came spokesman Mark Magli Ari says
Amtrak spends months preparing for the
high volume of holiday travelers that
includes adding more trains to routes

and supersizing others with so many
passengers it’s likely trains will
experience some delays thankfully riders

can get real-time updates on Amtrak’s
website our currents are always reports
of GPS and our system parking back and
forth of the Train Rachel Pearson News
Radio 105.9 FM and on the rails Amtrak
trains headed to Chicago this morning

we’re running on time one notable
exception the California Zephyr coming
to Chicago from Emeryville California
near San Francisco it was running about
five hours late how come you were not

aware of this tardiness because of the
extra cars
five hours late
the California Zephyr everybody you

remember from those beautiful ads it’s
great and five hours late nice well
that’s nothing like to Train apparently
that was like figure out where this was

what happened Betty was in the southern
part of the country
the train was two days late yeah two
days Lee is fantastic well I’m in Europe
I am here at the at the airport hotel

which as you know is my favorite and
which means everything kind of works and
I didn’t do the best studio build this
time I was really groggy when I woke up
and went to bed and we got in that’s

just I was like you only literally sleep
drunk that’s how I felt it’s wobbling
around the hallway yeah like wabun or on
the what am i doing
but you turn on the news because I want

to give a little local flavor for the
show today and of course the news is
only one thing right now in all of Euro
land because when you have these
countries close together everything’s
interconnected in particular air travel

there’s a massive massive strike in
France today well it is absolute chaos
here for workers in Paris eleven of the
city 16 metro lines are not operating

today most metro stations like this one
behind me are closed and shuttered and
we’re going to see big demonstrations
later in the day and shops and

businesses along the routes of the
protests are mostly shuttered banks have
put up wooden screens to try to save
their windows and cash dispensers from

being smashed as they have often been
during the yellow vest protests and
thousands of police are being deployed
in the French capital because of fears

the yellow vests and anti-capitalist
protesters who are likely to be violent
may join the union marches across the
city so he

for people who are not on strike today
getting to work is a huge struggle and
I’ve spoken to many people who’ve
resources to bikes or who are simply

walking hospitals are open but all but
non urgent operations have been
cancelled and many schools are also
closed and a lot of shops have decided

just to shut for the day to avoid
possible damage by if those protests do
turn violent to millions of people on
the street in France which screws up

everything the train traffic the air
traffic is really bad because you know
KLM Air France they’re all one Delta
pilots you know this they have to

reroute everything it’s vacation time
it’s well it was the ground crews that
went on strike which makes it really
tough you can’t do much without the
ground do have I have a report similar

report called massive strikes that came
out of a fair sand cat oh yeah
French source okay let’s have a listen
to that by law public sector transport
workers must give their employers 48

hours notice of their intention to
strike this allows the French railway
operator SNCF to announce its traffic
plans at least 24 hours before
disruptions begin based on the

information it’s received the company
has warned about major transport chaos
on Thursday with only 1 in 10 trains
running as normal served routes will be

the high-speed TGV lines between Paris
and other major cities in France
including Badal Lille and Marseille
meanwhile around half of Eurostar trains
including 16 between Paris and London

have already been cancelled according to
the company’s websites also striking are
employees of our ATP which runs Paris’s
public transport system only two lines

on the Metro will be operating as usual
11 lines will be closed and three will
be running during rush hour only
regional train bus and tram lines will

also be badly hit
last but not least air travel will be
affected three of the unions
representing ground crew for Air France
have joined the strike along with air

traffic control staff 20 percent of
flights most of them short-haul have
been canceled on Thursday so this is
also being followed in the Netherlands

and other countries because the dispute
here is about pensions and this has been
going on for several years this
conversation I’ve been following it in
the Netherlands it basically the
pensions don’t have enough money the

pension funds certainly not the
government-run pension funds and so they
want to cut everybody they’re talking
about 35 percent less and old people are
pissed off and rightfully so although in

in France euronews puts their own little
spin on it about six out of ten French
people do support the strikes but
there’s a paradox here because the same

opinion polls also show that
three-quarters of French people accept
that it is necessary to reform france’s
complicated patient system and to

streamline it what president macro
essentially wants to do is to scrap the
country’s 42 different pension systems
and harmonize them bring them into one

uniform system so it is a paradox I
spoken to an economist and a sociologist
about this and they explained it by

saying well the French support the
reforms with their heads but with their
hearts they’re still backing the strike
so difficult perhaps to grasp but for

now the the strikes do enjoy a very high
degree of public support well it’s just
getting underway

and I think all of Europe is going to
start burning
people are done with it they’re so done
they’re done they’re done with it done
with the EU that done with all the
bullcrap did you know that even the

Irish farmers had also protests that we
missed this no but yeah about five days
ago they played storm the the Irish
parliament tractors and somehow I didn’t
see the – I did hear this I don’t have a

report but I did hear it so between the
unionized by the way one of the things
about the French especially in Paris
that you didn’t get on any of these
reports but it is played up on on some

of the European stations which is
they’ve taken to the streets Nestle
bicycling to work many are on scooters
there apparently the scooter invasion

this is Paris helps well if you can get
to work very nice
III see I see issues you can feel it in
the air then everybody’s all in with the

strikes I mean okay six out of ten
according to to euronews but everyone
hears like meh yeah I agree
and so why wouldn’t that happen here you
got the farmers you got to organize

workers they’re all going against the
and I think maybe Trump had something to
do with it
and well you know there was this NATO
summit and I have to say I kind of liked

the noumic Ron giving Trump a big mouth
that was kind of cool to see like yeah
okay president well you know Isis isn’t
really over it was not really done yet

did you see this clip with him in Macomb
it was a back and forth at I mean I may
have a clip of the clip I have a clip a
clip of of that event which I liked and
I think I think it’s good one because

Trump got a little pushback that was fun
to watch and I don’t think he Teddy took
it very well and two I liked it because
you know if I were Germany I’d be going

you got a big mouth over there France
what are you doing say NATO’s crap and
then Trump’s crap and we have a
tremendous amount of captured fighters

Isis fighters call in Syria and they’re
all under lock and key but many are from
France many are from Germany many of
them UK they’re mostly from Europe and

some of the countries are agreeing I
have not spoken to the president about
that would you like some nice Isis
fighters now I think he did that because
my con was was talking crap about NATO

which of course is true but Trump is
really proud of the two percenters who
have paid their dues and France isn’t
there yet and so I think this was kind
of a snide remark towards him saying

would you like some Isis fighters the
ones that we get rid of for you and then
McCrone comes back you can take every
one you want

you have foreign fighters coming from
Europe but this is a tiny minority of
the overall problem we have in the

region and I think number one priority
because it’s not yet finished it’s to
get rid of Isis and this always works so
wait I thought we got rid of Isis now
he’s saying we didn’t this was a slap in

the face this is our number-one priority
and it’s not yet done I’m sorry to say
that yes these Tila fighters in this
region in Syria and now in Iraq and more

and more and for the oldest civilization
of the region makes the situation more
difficult to fix the situation against
Isis and and and don’t don’t make any
mistake your number one problem our most

foreign fighters this is the Isis
fighters interesting and you have more
and more than fighters due to the
situation today this is why he’s a great
politician because that was one of the

greatest non-answers this is kind of
building to a head after they really

just kind of a blunt blanket insult that
Trump laid on the entire EU earlier
little meetup this is the best yet if it
was actually it was part of a summary

but this is the random this is actually
quite just something that none of the
mainstream media people are gonna play
this is the random NATO comments I
inherited a situation where the European
Union which was formed partially for

this reason I guess for a lot of reasons
it was formed but partially to make
better or take advantage of the United
States and they’ve done that very

and frankly it’s not right so I’ve
exposed it a lot of people didn’t know
it and we’re doing things about it we’re
doing things ma’am and do big things

you could use things about it which I’ve
always firmly believed was established
to as a bulwark against the United
States insofar as the economics is

concerned they wouldn’t have us big
giant market that could compete with us
because we’re a big giant market well
are but just by ourselves yeah every
time somebody brings that up everyone

gets bent out of shape well I think they
did that Makran is doing something very
interesting you all of a sudden his
balls dropped and he’s got a big mouth
and he’s talking about now NATO’s no

good we got our own army and I don’t
think he’s talking about a European
armies talking about a French army which
they have they’ve got the Mirage
they fly all over the place and that

works out so well for him and meanwhile
in Britain according to the Daily Mail
would take that with a grain of salt
the slaves they’re being told to keep
the population down and to stop them

from killing trees Britons should eat
grey squirrels it’s an interesting take
on the bugs the scent of aggressive back
we’ve had a recipe that our southerners

developed a recipe called burgoo burgers
with squirrel students from a publishing
a newsletter I’ll make it we got tons of
squirrels in Austin oh it’s only really

good if it has tire tracks though they
know it’s the best it’s nice and tender
yeah tender and marinated yeah this

yours al-jazeera’s NATO meeting reports
its NATO meeting report from Al Trump’s
response on being asked about the
Canadian prime minister’s comments and

soon afterwards he tweeted that there
was no need for a final press conference
Emmanuel macron meanwhile continued to
press his case for change international

terrorism in particular these were all
subjects that were not sufficiently
settled debates should be about

something other than budgetary and
financial issues the voices of
reassurance were left sounding a bit
thin we have always been able to
overcome these differences and then

unite around our core tasks to protect
and defend each other and that’s exactly
the question it all raises is central to
what NATO is and what it exists for what

happens to an alliance built on
collective defence when that collective
commitment that spirit of unity isn’t as
solid as some would like it to be

yeah yeah never will be either no it’s
just going downhill then we have the the
big cop 25 taking place well before we
leave that no I did want to discuss the

fact that there was a little back and
forth between Trudeau and Trump
and it was it had to do with Trudeau
making some allusions or something about

trumping lay or the so-called hidden a
hot mic at camera episode between Boris
Johnson get a good tape but let me tell

you I let me tell you I tried for about
15 minutes I tried filtering I tried
noise reduction I tried everything I

could to make it audible enough for the
show and it’s just not there I mean they
have the subtitles in the video clip
basically just talking about Trump being
late or what just oh really

but but it did result in Trudeau making
up some phony baloneys story about it to
try to cover his ass and that brought in
one of the Canadian of competitors to to

Trudeau this this seek named Jiang met
si Singh
and he had a funny thing to say he did

he support his trumpet oh yeah this is
the this is the the guy who’s also run
who was also running wasn’t he
yeah the see yeah yeah and here is on
Trudeau I’m looking for a c-clip me jag

meat okay I could have known what I’ve
said often about mr. Trudeau is that he
certainly says some things in public and

then says things very differently in
private for example he talks about the
importance of indigenous relationships
as being a priority in public but in in
private in a closed-door fundraiser with

wealthy donors he mocked and and made
fun of activists that were complaining
about a legitimate concern about clean
drinking water and mercury poisoning in

grassy narrows a very different approach
in public and very different approach in
private and that’s something that I’ve
said before there’s many reasons to
criticize mr. Trump but criticising
about making someone late to a cocktail

party it’s not one and these these two
mr. Trudeau’s in public and private is
something that we’ve seen I’ve seen many
times that I think Canadians are
starting to see more and more wow it’s
just like the the the sub show of Big

Brother it’s like come on the main
program it leads me to believe because
when you saw that MOOC thing you tried
to get the clip from it was a little
gathering around Trudeau this leads me

to be that believe that the guy is
probably pretty funny to this all group
and probably pretty nasty that I believe
I don’t know if he’s funny but I believe
he’s not well the nasty could be funny

of course it could be funny and Ness but
he looks like one of those guys should
gather around it cuz he had he just slam
other people and it probably is very
entertaining but I mean Boris Johnson

was laughing about something Boris
Johnson laugh about anything but this
guy I think he’s on to something here so

Trudeau is one of those guys let me tell
you about this guy yeah this guy is
really I’m and I gotta tell you he’s
just really no good
anyway so you were going on about we’re

changing topics well actually I was
gonna do an ultra mall
let me see yes only discussed on the
previous show just just the four is it

four days ago we talked about it we look
for the historical we predicted it and
here it is the spirit of giving has
arrived in mid-michigan it makes you

know that there’s good people out there
but an anonymous donor paid off people
what’s great about it not only do we

know this was gonna happen but it also
happened in Florida the same amount at a
Walmart and but I don’t I couldn’t get
any clips well one is because I had to

set up a proxy and so there was all
kinds of issues getting through to
certain sites through the local TV
stations websites they all just say huh
you’re from Europe now it can no can do

but I’ll finish this one because this is
not only is the whole setup a native ad
for Walmart they do it every year but
this time the station was in on it just
listen how far they go on day morning at

first I didn’t believe it I got a text
from Walmart layaway seen that someone
had paid my layaway and I only owed a
penny Melissa holidays gifts all paid
for frozen dolls and a tablet gifts for

her three-year-old daughter who also has
a birthday in December her payment would
have been nearly $230 wasn’t shocked I
didn’t know how to feel but then I sat

at home and cried for a little bit and
then I picked up my items Walmart
confirmed with us the mystery donor paid
off around three thousand dollars in
layaway items focusing on gifts for
children and the gesture is one that

Melissa won’t soon forget
conditions so we’ve been behind on bills
and struggling a little bit it was just
great to get that phone call it was

something that really helped us now
we’ve reached out to Walmart to try to
find out the identity of the mystery
donor they’re keeping it anonymous so if
you are the donor and you’re watching

the people who you helped out way to say
thanks god bless really helped our
family and we’re we’re very very happy
almost almost a perfect 60 second native
that it was beautiful

well done executed everyone pretends
they’ve never seen it before roll with
it it was 250 bucks at Walmart now okay
did cost him 250 bucks to pay off the

lady’s bills and then probably well they
said it was three they said it was three
thousand no no they said it was it was
three thousand that the the total
payment to pay off the laya ways which

seems low okay but yeah that could be
that could be all fiction but but they
did well that’s also true but I saw the
same report in Florida and I saw another

one from Pennsylvania so they’re doing
it nationwide
yeah supportive ascii is part of a
scheme scam I’m surprised that these
news stations by the way should be

ashamed of them on it come on
this was clearly that’s why they should
be ashamed of themselves they’re totally
in on this is the sold proposition they
come around with every year you know one

of their two of the stations actually
couple the station Jersey run it and
they get paid to run it yeah
and then the sales the sales guy comes
up to the new staff says look yeah I

know you saw the story we really got to
cover this because you know and we got
another buy coming up so if you could
mention Walmart a couple times maybe get
a little shot and then maybe do the
stand up in front of the Walmart to sign

that that would be great okay you know
that’s that’s it and get me those TPS
very good Walmart proud of you another

fine American scam perpetrated right
under some other boneheads marketeers
from the various other retailers having
come up with this scam and use it for

their you know it kind of preempted
because if you do it before Walmart does
it you know and it looks like sour
grapes makes them look bad you know you
could actually sell this idea to two

local stores look I’m gonna get you a it
doesn’t have to be the the layaway but
it can be any Good Samaritan giving for

something and you could sell it as a
whole package this guy the local guys
should be doing it to the local stores
yeah there’s a lot of potential here for
know people who do broadcast sales yes

oh yeah brown shoes it’s too much work
reminded I’m reminded of the time mm-hmm
this is probably as understood in the

compilation – so I’m working for tech TV
and I’m just by a couple years into this
gig doing a daily show on the air of
their network I’d go to New York to meet

with one of the salespeople for
something I had to check I forgot what
the purpose of my meeting was but I went
there and so I think the person’s not in
some woman oh she’s not in that she’s

oh then oh there she’s coming off the
elevator so I’m happy
no I’m John C Dvorak and she said oh
you’re who John C Dvorak okay you you’re
you do what

I said I have a I have a daily TV show
on this network Oh what’s it called did
you walk away and disgust I did yeah I

would disgust they didn’t know anything
they’re selling that they’re selling
supposedly selling ads for this network
and nobody knows any of the shows they
never watch it amazes ridiculous now

it’s just a numbers game so and what are
the braiding let me just see the numbers
I don’t care don’t care well let us go
to the cop 25 for a moment this is the

the 25th 25th or email be there have
they done this for 25 years already here
they do multiple in the years it must be
the 25th year so they just keep on up no

no of course we’re not really
represented there or are we because
apparently the whole delegation Nancy
and the crew were out there Pelosi and
she got on the mic and spoke

where was this well it’s the new locale
remember the was supposed to wasn’t
supposed to be in Bolivia where was it
supposed to be it was all shit where

things went horribly wrong I think I
believe this was in Madrid yes in Madrid
but it was supposed to be stopped are
you telling me that during a major

impeachment trial that seems to be the
most important thing happening in this
country at the moment if you if you are
to take the Democrats seriously that
Nancy Pelosi

yuria traipsed off to Madrid with a
couple of her pals even even better than
that she said something which I think
he’s impeachable
and I will explain why after we listen

this is a mission this is a passion this
is a scientifically based approach to
all of it and we’re here to say to all
of you on behalf of the House of

Representatives and the Congress of the
United States we’re still in it we’re
still in it we’re still in the Paris
Accord apparently according to Nancy now

for all the things she says about what
the president can and cannot do
it is not her responsibility to say what
we’re in or not not when it comes to
treaties that’s that’s the the executive

so she should not be saying this in her
bounds what if she thinks she’s
president she should not be saying these
things and certainly not with that slur

my goodness yeah that much isn’t fair
it’s boys I don’t know what it is but
she’s also tired now I think she’s tired

you know I’m tired from going back and
forth to Holland a couple of times these

people do well of course they fly a
little differently they don’t fly middle
seat coach no let’s see who else wade in
of course Kerry what’s his name first

name Carrie Joe Carrie Carrie Carrie
John Kerry yeah under his watch as
Secretary of State is when they got this

whole Paris thing together and you know
of course he has clients these people
there go did you you and me he has he
has you know clients at Bain Capital

although of course no that’s just a
former former company but I’m sure he’s
got clients there and he’s now also part
of some group I’ll have to look it up

and see exactly what they are now find
in a second here E is that talking about
how severe it is
he uses an analogy we’ve discussed
before before you play this

you have seen to have forgotten our
previous agreement I know but I’m gonna
I’m gonna let it go but well the minute
you think he’s too boring let me know

it’s only a minute ten so hopefully
we’ll be able to get through it the fact
is that it’s in the beginning so hold on
the fact is that we are so far behind

that you need now to organize Nations
almost as if we were at war that is why
we call this new organization world war
zero because no one country can solve

the problem of climate change you have
to have every country at the table most
importantly the 20 or so largest
economies in the world which are about
85% 90% of all emissions secondly you’ve

got to start to make a set of decisions
that are really enormous not unlike
decisions that were made in the course
of World War two to make sure we could

win the war we’re not doing that today
we need to accelerate the transition to
decarbonize transportation to move to
electric vehicles that means you’ve got
to accelerate the process of building

the infrastructure so you can charge
those vehicles around the nation I mean
their whole set of interlocking
decisions none of which are being made
by the United States at a large national

level because we have a president who
says that climate change is a Chinese
hoax and the result of the American
presidency moving out of the position of

leadership that President Obama and the
administration gave it is that other
nations that want to be slower and
laggard about it are doing so so the
entire effort has been slowed and it’s

very dangerous lives are being lost now
here in our country mudslides fires
floods droughts and in other parts of
the world which is all interconnected
there challenges to food production to

habitability people are going to be
refugees climate refugees there already
are climate refugees this world war zero
thing is big it’s
it’s a well it’s really nothing it’s

part of a bigger nonprofit yes there’s
this war again well this is what’s
interesting is it’s it’s a non-profit it
is the what does the name of this place

it’s so it’s a project of this big
nonprofit which is filled with Admirals
and Generals it is an actual military
industrial complex operation that he’s
in here

and he’s got you know celebreties he’s
got and all the big names I see I know
how that’s for some reason I’ve lost my
place with the with this who was it well
oh yeah the American security project

now this is a bunch of fine people
what do you think Board of Directors
want to hear a few I always helps
obviously yeah let’s see Board of
Directors okay Gary Hart he hasn’t been

around at heart yeah Christy Todd
Whitman but then we get Brigadier

General Stephen Cheney US Marine Corps
retired then we get a congressman Donald
Breyer Lieutenant General Daniel
Chrisman also retired let’s see Admiral

William Fallon
we got a Vice Admiral lee gun the
Honorable Chuck Hagel he’s it’s like a
drinking club

it’s a whole defense Club who have who
are who are naming their latest thing
world wars zero because we have to fight
it like World War two well in that case
you better get the Russians on board

because you need them to win but it’s
they got danced moins everybody’s in
this club and I bet to get paid to they
probably suck some money out of

something’s gotta be it’s gotta be and I
probably not minor amounts enough to buy
better booze that’s what it’s all about
I think that sounds which was sounds
like I mean it sounds like the Army Navy

Club roster with the way you’re reading
these names it’s exactly what it is yeah
Bill Nighy piping up again with the one
of his famous PSAs and this is guy yeah

the science guy and he’s sitting in this
shot with stacks of dollar bills or you
know that maybe they’re Benjamins you
can’t really see so stacks as we call as

we say in hip-hop stack stacks and racks
racks of stacks stacks lots of money
and he’s letting the truth out if you
wanna be rich get on board so here it is

people I’m gonna level with you the real
reason you should do your part to combat
climate change is it’ll make you filthy
and ranch can you imagine how much sweet
sweet cabbage you will be piling up if

you could invent a cleaner energy source
or help develop carbon capture
technology the math is simple stacks
plus stacks equals more stacks so go
green and get green see what I’m saying

and turn off the damn lights so he is
telling kids get on board get some
government money to do some research and

you’ll get rich by being on board the
climate train
and a pandering is a very debts that
doesn’t make it sound like any was very

sincere about the problem no no it’s all
about the Benjamins for this guy
they did give me the ISO possible ISO
and turn off the damn lights I thought
that might be possible end of show why

so turn off the damn lights that’s
actually not a bad because I have one
competitor which came out of the
impeachment hearings oh okay and this is
hearings eleven ISO okay it’s really
gonna look at this and say huh like that

we got some submission we got some
submissions from from No Agenda kids Oh
Jaden then we had to take two – they’re

both kind of good
yeah they’re both usable I don’t know

about in the show but I think they’re
true just generally just to use in
general well I have the I think I have
the absolute end of show end of show I
so you ready you got to sit down for

cuz it’s made for us clips or we can use
that as a pre end of show will we

actually run out of clips that I’m
filled with them today miss somebody
really loaded you up well I just people

hear this stuff and like oh yeah we
gonna give you some ice sauce man get
some ice those going on
good I’m glad is getting competitive yes
all right where were we well I think

you’ve mentioned a couple times you
might want to bring me up to the date on
the impeachment I have you see I don’t
have much actually in fact I had very

little time because I didn’t see it I
was traveling during the first full
draft what antigens will understand this
round now we had Jerry the troll Nadler

that he was running it this is the
Judiciary Committee the committee that
would actually draft and file articles
of impeachment and now we’ve we’ve

gotten to the point where we had to
bring lawyers to explain to everybody
how what the President did was
impeachable is do I have this right that

that’s what it was it was a bunch of
lawyers doing telling explaining to you
how the law works in America was that
what was happening here know is mostly a
bunch of lawyers of pining they’re all

well let’s see alright let’s play I got
a food item it let’s play the long you
can stop this video if it’s too long
this is the hearing rundown on NBC now I
would just mention something so this

thing is on the network’s not Fox but
CBS wait they say they put it out and
they put the whole thing on the
network’s during the day yes they
probably emptied their programming

during you dick wow what a mistake
Kathie Lee oh what a mistake oh this is
going to hurt them so much think of all

the ad slots we’re losing out on
Christmas are they insane well they
pulled the plug on it okay what happened
was there letting distinct slide and and

it’s going on and on and until about I
think about Pacific time around ten
o’clock maybe all three networks almost

simultaneously and this was during the
part where Doug Collins was ranting
about something and they also this is

right after the Republican lawyer who’s
she an anti-trump er but he’s the only
guy they did allow was going on about
how this all bunch of nonsense and just

as that was going on all three networks
at the same time hmm pulled the plug no
really now yeah there’s almost like it
was okay boys we’re pulling the plug ABC

what about NBC they’re pulling the plug
we’re pulling the plug we see it’ll be
see they’re pulling the plug we’re
pulling the plug
you’ll be good to know who pulled first
who want who plugged for it was

impossible to tell because when one
pulled the plug he goes that work
they’re pulling the plug and pull into
place CBS CBS went first there there
there the big dog aren’t they you know
it’s I believe maybe CBS did go first

and they’re led the way and they pull
the plug and everyone pulled the play so
they do then they’re all go to a little
short term analysis saying it in fact
contradicting what you just heard

especially on NBC well that’s terrible
you know guys that comes up and says
well the chumps really there’s nothing
here’s you’re on tonight’s with this
stuff and they pull the plug and that

meanwhile they CBS pulled the plug but
still had a little box where the EVC was
going all running on hearings underway
live right now too boring to show you
can see doug collins screaming his head

off you couldn’t hear it those was the
only good part of the hear that oh who’s
running that show these guys are nuts
that’s gonna cost him a lot they screwed

up yeah now let’s listen it along and
you don’t have to play the whole
administration right down on NBC
inviting a panel of constitutional
scholars to bolster their investigation

President Trump has committed
impeachable high crimes and misdemeanors
by corruptly abusing the office of the
presidency what has happened in the case
today is something that I do not think

we have ever seen before a president who
has doubled down on violating his oath
to faithfully execute the laws three of
the Democrats experts arguing the
president’s alleged misconduct

pressuring Ukraine’s leader to
investigate the president’s political
rival Joe Biden is grounds for removal
the Republicans loan
and is dismissing the Democrats case as
wafer-thin I’m concerned about lowering

impeachment standards to fit a paucity
of evidence and an abundance of anger
Democrats emphasizing the urgency for
action if we do not act to hold them in

check now President Trump will almost
certainly try again to solicit
interference in the election but the top
Republican Doug Collins appearing

exasperated attacked the inquiry as a
partisan sham it didn’t start with
malware it didn’t start with a phone
call you know where they started it
started with tears in Brooklyn in
November 2016 with Democrats eyeing an

impeachment vote before Christmas
Republicans say they’re focusing on the
calendar not the facts this is a vast
impeachment I would argue it’s not a
fast impeachment it’s a predetermined

impeachment the tone not always
scholarly professor Pamela Carlin taking
offense to the Republicans assertion the
experts have not done their homework I
would like to say to you sir that I read

transcripts of every one of the
witnesses from insulted by the
suggestion that is a law professor I
don’t care about those facts later
Carlin drawing criticism for invoking

president Trump’s thirteen-year-old son
to make her point that a president is
not a king the Constitution says there
can be no titles of nobility so while
the president can name his son Barron he

can’t make him about the first lady
tweeting Pamela Carlin you should be
Carlin later apologizing I want to
apologize for what I said earlier about
the president’s son it was wrong of me

to do that all of it coming is Rudy
Giuliani the president’s personal lawyer
already under scrutiny for his role in
the pressure campaign on Ukraine is back
in Eastern Europe according to the New
York Times meeting with an Austin

Ukrainian prosecutor as Giuliani again
tries to dig up dirt on the president’s
political rivals all right Peter so
what’s next in this impeachment process
yeah Lester after today’s marathon

hearing House Democrats are trying to
keep to a short timeline to review the
evidence draft articles of impeachment
and vote all in the next two and a half

yeah so I did catch the the angry
Stanford Law professor who had to
apologize about what she said about the
present I thought it was a funny line
yeah he could have stuck by her guns I

mean that’s what Trump would have done
but no no she wimps out is that you know
the classic this is the classic
spineless Democrat kind of thing and she
starts apologizing for what what does

she do wrong
nothing well you’re okay yeah it was not
politically correct to mention him why
why were differences to make it’s a
funny line she executed it perfectly she

got her point across had nothing to do
with a law or and the reason I mean the
reason what is the reason why is exactly
that that was the problem it was a
highlight of the entire telecast a

scene-stealing highlight and she had to
be hammered down for it yeah I agree it
was good there was one piece he bought
into the hammering

yes stupid she should have said stop the
hammering and I did catch I did catch
one clip of Jonathan Turley he’s the law
professor from George Washington

I guess together that was representing
the Republicans that’s obvious but I did
like what he said because I mean first
of all on the plane since I had no

internet I did download the House
Intelligence impeachment report which is
about 300 pages and I read it well you
know I had a certain point you skim

through some things but I spent a lot of
several hours reading this and it’s
fictional it’s you know it’s things that
are just absolutely not true such as it
states that under huge public pressure

only then did the president release the
transcript this is not true this is not
true he released it almost out of the

blue there was no public pressure there
was not I mean it was it was the next
day wasn’t it
he released it out of the blue pretty
much yeah I think it was pretty close to

when they started bringing up the topic
he did it too as a mechanism to stave
off continued bitching but it wasn’t
because of public pressure what are they

talking about and there’s stuff like you
know quote from from the hole and all of
this is based on a transcript being
interpreted you know with artistic
license so when you say then the

president asked to quote do us a favor
and then the quote ends to dig up dirt
on his political rival Joe Biden it’s
just not true it’s just not what’s in

the actual transcript now that they has
a lot it’s a lie yeah well it’s it’s
this you know George George Washington
University professor because one of the

articles of impeachment will be
obstruction of justice and which they’ve
already tried with this president but
they’re trying it again
because he is taking these committees to

court over certain things they want to
have I don’t even know what it is they
want besides his taxes but whatever
they’ve got a lot of documents they want
more and he’s taking them to court and

there’s an interesting historical
perspective to this when it comes to
impeachment you’re saying article one
gives us complete authority that when we
demand information from another branch
it must be turned over or will impeach

you in record time now making that worse
is that you have such a short
investigation it’s a perfect storm
you set an incredibly short period

demand a huge amount of information and
when the president goes to court you
then impeach him now does that track
with what you’ve heard about impeachment
does that track with the rule of law

that we’ve talked about so an
obstruction I would encourage you to
think about this in Nixon it did go to
the courts and Nixon lost and that was

the reason Nixon resigned he resigned a
few days after the Supreme Court ruled
against him in that critical case but in

that case the court recognized there are
executive privilege arguments that can
be made it didn’t say you had no right
coming to us don’t darken our doorstep

again it said we’ve heard your arguments
we’ve heard Congress’s arguments and you
know what
you’ll lose turn over the material of
Congress you know that what they did for

the judiciary is it gave this body
it wasn’t the roadie no extreme position
that only you decide what information
can be produced I can’t emphasize this

enough and I’ll say it just one more
if you impeach a president if you make a
high crime and misdemeanor out of going
to the courts it is an abuse of power

it’s your abuse of power you’re doing
precisely what you’re criticizing the
president for doing we have a third
branch that deals with conflicts of the

other two branches and what comes out of
there and what you do with it is the
very definition of legitimacy I don’t
know if that went over anywhere if
anyone cares about it but that was an
interesting historical perspective is

that true about Nixon yeah he’s right
about it he was very good on there um
kind of laughing a lot man
because of these other maniacs
especially that woman and who just was a

you know well in fact we’ll just I’m
gonna skip one we’re gonna play a couple
of things but let’s go to the kind of
summarize things I think gates that the
guy who’s always getting criticized for

being a rough a little too harsh on
everybody oh really he did have it he
had his Republican yes kind of a muppet
face you know like when you scrunch it

up up it gates yeah but but he
definitely laces into everybody and does
a pretty good job of it I thought he was

the best of all the guys but I saw
something want to play but let’s play
this guy first
this impeachment two gates one professor
Gerhart you gave money to Barack Obama
right my family did yes for time
I that sounds about right Mike yes mr.

Feldman wrote articles entitled Trump’s
wiretap tweets raised risk of
impeachment he then wrote mar-a-lago ad
belongs an impeachment file and then mr.
Jake Flanagan wrote in in courts a

Harvard Law professor thinks Trump could
be impeached over fake news accusations
my question professor Feldman is since
you seem to believe that the basis for
impeachment is even broader than the

basis that my Democrat colleagues have
laid forward do you believe you’re
outside of the political mainstream on
the question of impeachment
I believe that impeachment is warranted
whenever the president abuses his power

for personal benefit or to corrupt the
democratic process did you write an
article entitled it’s hard to take
impeachment seriously now yes I did
write an election House Democrats have
made it painfully clear that discussing

impeachment is primarily or even
exclusively a tool to weaken president
Trump’s chances in 2020 did you write
those words until this call in July 25th
I was an impeachment sceptic they’re all

changed my mind sir and for your
testimony professor Corley you gave
2,000 bucks or you gave a thousand bucks
to Elizabeth Warren right I believe so
you gave 1,200 bucks to Barack Obama I

have no reason to question that and you
gave 2,000 bucks to Hillary Clinton
that’s correct
I’m so much more for Hillary than the
other two because I’ve been giving a lot
of money to charity recently because of

all of the poor people in the United
States the only those are the only folks
you’ve been given to now have you ever
been on a podcast called versus Trump
whoa I think I was on a live panel that
the people who ran the podcast called

versus Trump on that do you remember
saying the following
liberals tend to cluster more
conservatives especially very
conservative people tend to spread out

more perhaps because they don’t even
want to be around themselves did you say
that yes I did Wow again the podcast the
star of the show fans

plastic well these are all these are all
lawful affair
lawyers this is a group called the law
fair group and they’ve had all these

different strategies I think every
single one of them is a member of the
group and their strategy has been to get
rid of the president one way or another
and they published this they publish
strategies they’re the ones behind the

you know the convention of states to
usurp the electoral college there’s all
this kind of stuff going on it’s you
know right there I think there may be

responsible for the idea that the states
will their electrical electric no no no
it’s electrical college from now on I
don’t care like specifically changed to

the popular vote winner right
countrywide yeah that’s the idea that’s
the idea yes so if I’m in Nevada and
electoral vote would go to trump but the

popular vote for the US which means
California votes for Hillary then I had
to change mine yes Hillary correct yeah
that’s that’s that’s great

there were this part two of this because
he continues to it excoriate these folk
do you understand how that reflects
contempt on people who are conservative

know what I was talking about there was
the natural tendency if you put the
quote in context the natural tendency of
a compactness requirement to favor a
party whose voters are more spread out

well and I do and so I just have to say
when you talk about how liberals want to
be around each other in cluster and

conservatives don’t want to be around
each other and so they have to spread
out it makes people you may not see this
from you know like the ivory towers of
your law school but it makes actual
people in this country when you like may
I’ll get to interrupt me on this time

now let me also suggest that when you
invoke the president’s son’s name here
when you try to make a little joke out
of referencing Barron Trump
does not lend credibility to your
argument it makes you look mean

it makes you look like you’re attacking
someone’s family the minor child of the
President of the United States so let’s
see if we can get into the facts to all
of the witnesses if you have personal
knowledge of a single material fact in

the shift report please raise your hand
and let the record reflect no personal
knowledge of a single fact and you know
what that continues on the tradition
that we saw from Adam Schiff where
ambassador Taylor could not identify an

impeachable offense mr. Kent never met
with the president fionna he’ll never
heard the president referenced anything
regarding military aid mr. Hale was
unaware of any nefarious activity with
aide Colonel Vin Minh even rejected the

Democrat talking point that bribery was
invoked here ambassador Volcker denied
that there was a quid pro quo and mr.
Morrison since there was nothing wrong
on the call the only direct evidence

came from Gordon Sandlin who spoke to
the president United States and the
president said I want nothing no quid
pro quo and you know what if wiretapping
a political opponents a new-school

offense I look forward to because maybe
it’s a different person
oh my good and you know I’m amidst all
this Trump did a good job another sales

job sold another 250 million dollars
worth of stuff and the end and Congress
is not approving it
or they’re dragging their heels or doing

something else because they want you get
them find themselves in a heap of
trouble if they start bucking the
industrial military industrial cliques
when they’re supposed to be the big
supporters and again this is not gonna

do this is not gonna bode well for them
you know
remember Trump said at some point
something we had a clip he’s talked
about the never Trump errs he says in
some way they’re worse than then

Democrats who hate Trump which is most
of them this whole Ukraine thing again
it’s I think it’s so deep I think it’s
so corrupt there was so much money in

the the round robin
you know boomerang where you we give
them money except we don’t really give
it to him we turn around and say hey
who’s got something we can sell these

guys here’s the money the never Trump
errs must be the Republicans who were in
on the deal why else would you be so
anti and so angry about this this one
little country which is not our you know

this is not the the firewall between
Russia there are Nazis in World War two
it’s like there must be it must be so
bad because why else would you roll out

all of these people to just embarrass
themselves the whole thing is
embarrassing well and it’s a shit TV
show that’s what’s the most embarrassing

that is unamerican America like yeah I
agree with that let’s play a couple of
short few second clips this is the
impeachment snippet you have from Doug

Collins sorry it sums it up very simply
like this just 19 minutes after noon on
Inauguration Day 2017 the Washington

Post ran the headline the campaign to
impeach the president has begun yeah
yeah we knew that minutes yeah we knew
that yeah that’s a clip that we loved
that in this around that little picture

that the articles still floating around
and then he continues with this little
gem Mark Zaid who would later become the
attorney for the emphasis whistleblower
tweeted in January 2017 the coup
started the impeachment will follow

ultimately and in May of this year Al
Green says if we don’t impeach the
president he’ll get reelected yes
that pretty much sums up now are they

doing something I do have to wait I do
have one last clip uh-huh which was he
says we’re gonna balance this a little
bit let’s have Nadler mm-hmm and this
hearings to Nadler and this is he’s got

a little there’s a little piece of
history in here I believe does the right
clip I want you to see if you can
identify it
no I’m trying to identify the click

hearings to in Nadler BS ah I got it
2016 the Russian government engaged in a
sweeping and systematic campaign of

interference in our elections in the
words of special counsel robert muller
quote the Russian government perceived
that would benefit from a trump
presidency and worked to secure that

outcome close quote
the president welcomed that interference
we saw this in real time when President
Trump asked Russia to hack his political
opponent the very next day a Russian

military intelligence unit attempted to
hack that political opponent what was I
missing here well the thing is to see he

said the that Trump asked them to this
is yeah this story it was a joke he
started as a joke
he also has that unfortunate I don’t

have this one I thought I clipped it out
but he says I’ll go back and dig this up
cuz it’s pretty fun honey it’s a another
gaffe of a fact but I can’t find it on
here alright I’m good

alright let’s do a quick 2020 overview
before we take our first break there are
a couple of things happening now did we
did discuss briefly Joe’s bus yeah let

it talk about the malarkey to the
malarkey tour and I bring this up in
context of a question that we were at
that we asked producers on the previous

show he said what was it that got you
hooked on no agenda you need take a
couple listens and and we got some
interesting responses

most of them way too long to read on the
show but but very thoughtful and the one
I liked very much was from Angela brown
who I’ll read that I’ll read a little

bit of this because it does kind of play
into this I started listening to na in
January 2017 my father passed away at
the age of 70 and you read our donation
note in his memory on episode 901 I had

to listen to the show in order to hear
it right away I liked your voices in the
back and forth you and John have I’d
listened to na occasionally when
visiting my brother and he repeatedly
tried to hit me in the mouth over the

years I didn’t listen because they
already had a full roster of podcasts in
my feed this is a course of a problem
John we gotta realize that people have a
roster of podcasts so I didn’t think I
could fit in an additional six hours a

week like you’re so busy
my brother was successful with his
attempts to hit my father in the mouth
and I will say that when we visited him
in the hospital that last month of his

life he would always have his headphones
on listening to no agenda chuckling and
smiling much of the time that’s
beautiful after he passed away I decided
to finally give na a try for real and

see what it was that kept him
entertained and what my brother kept
going on about at first I did not get it
either there were a lot of inside jokes
and acronyms sayings and clips that went
right over my head I felt a little out

of it because everyone seemed to be in
on the jokes
except me but I love the funny catchy
jingles and your and John’s report when
impressed me the most though was that

you truly did not seem to have an agenda
mind blown now that cetera cetera and I
realize that this is a common thread or
a common thing amongst people that it’s

the jingles and the song parodies and
our funny things that really draws the
newbies in so I think it’s probably a
good idea to do more of that in the

beginning of the show you know what I
mean how much more we can do cuz the
whole beginning of this show is one big
well I mean stuff like you know if we’re
talking about Joe’s bus then maybe we

play something like this

No yeah we should play that no my

and I’ve concluded I’ve concluded that
we’re right somebody on Joe’s campaign
absolutely hates him

wants him to look like an idiot wants
him to fail you can go to any branding
company you can go to any marketing firm
none of them will ever suggest you name

it the no malarkey tour in 2019 ever
ordained this coincides with your other
with the continuance continue yes thesis

yes which is when you we hear all these
clips of him sound like he’s in a bucket
Mike with them yeah
totally my is made they do this on
purpose or he’s up against the Mike’s

you know distorting everything yeah uh
as possible I think it’s sabotage
you could John provocateurs they exist I
mean there’s plenty of him in within the

trunk Trump organization that hate him
it’s gotta be it’s gotta be I mean it’s
is so wrong
it’s just wrong I mean it makes no sense
you can talk to anyone’s like who who

decided that was a good idea it might
have been funny in the 80s maybe maybe
early 90s but probably not it was

already toast by then there Joe Biden
dope big dope dope door so then we had
oh this is kind of cute this is from

world weather world free beacon when is
that free beacon people they do the

yeah free beacon they do the supercut
says it a supercut of camelot harris
leaving the campaign and what the what
the mainstream media and that for those
of you who are new to the show you would

say MSM mainstream media but we speak
hacks or so we say m5m in case you were
wondering what that was because the five
is an S on a calculator upside down in
high school so they put together a

little a little Kampala that put some
music under which I always find it’s too
bad that’s annoying because first of all
it could have been a better song but

just isn’t cut in nicely but you’ll get
the idea and she is a great candidate I
think she’s a great candidate and I
think that you can’t be a race I’m not
we’re here rootin for the sister that’s

running for president right really the
first major candidate to drop out of the
memorizing story real threat to
president Trump kind of got inside his
head remember on your show she was just

she is genuine she brings a remarkable
passion it’s a bittersweet moment I
think it’s a high integrity move on her
part is a very young and talented a
political figure Kamala Harris looks

like the future of the Democratic Party
Pamela Harris the telegenic California
senator I think she’s a better candidate
now than she was when she started do
think that women are still held to

different standards as candidates it’s
tough to be a black woman in politics
they have to be perfect on the stub
which I never saw her stumble she
treated badly by the press I mean just
treated badly by the press she got

pummeled by you know sexism a Pete
Buddha judge like a lot of white guys
I’ve barely waited on his potential
she’s valuated based on her resume and
her daily performance there you go it

was sexism and racism from the Democrats
apparently that that God camera kicked
out of the race not that she was an
idiot that she had no platform or no

program or too much that dismiss my
camera impression I think I’m doing

pretty good Matt that’s pretty good sir
Kevlar sent me a note he said we missed
an important important piece of the
Bloomberg clip that I played of him and
Fifi Lagarde talking about taxing the

because you know it’s it’s taxes or
death basically that was his that was
his reasoning is like we have to have

tax your tax for your good health yes we
have to tax you otherwise you know you
will eat wrong slave but he but he
actually said something he used a common
phrase and I think the truth came out in

what he was really saying but the
comparison is a life for a job or taxes
or life which do you want to do take
your poison

the phrase is pick your poison but he
apparently just wants him to take poison
regardless take your poison slaves just
take it just take a poison yeah that’s
what he’s saying

it leaves that guys at zero chance oh
yeah I know but he’s gotta throw a bunch
of money to network so no one’s gonna
tell him this until he’s you know no I
do I 100 million this clearly has to

just don’t let him know the way we will
say this those ads are running here in
California tons of them mm I see a burg

ad probably twice a day yeah that tells
me that it’s meant to wreak havoc on
what’s going on I still think that it’s

very possible that come convention time
I don’t know when it is there will not
be a single candidate that can lock up
enough Democratic delegates or
super-delegates or whatever they’re

called to actually get the nomination if
you throw in a Bloomberg who apparently
is throwing the money into the
Democratic pool in California then that
must be that the whole plan must be to

screw it up
brainy – to pave the way for the swoop
my friend because I will see well Howard
Stern the other day not listening again

I listen I’d listen to the stern
interview it was uninteresting it was so
so unlike stern of the old days I mean
he could not have been far enough up her

butt crack and he was really it was
quite and I you know we’ve talked about
stirring before as being a great
interviewer yeah in this case all he was
doing was yak fell down flat you know he

there was so much that he could have
talked about and so much he could have
gotten into is a with Hillary but he
didn’t or at least not in the stern way
it was clear so okay he loves her fine

but watch out she spread her ways and
went in for the swoop on the Graham

Norton Show in the UK and where are you
are you saying forget me is that your
mantra now not yet

is flying you could step back into the
ring yeah I hear that

I especially have been deluge dingy
weeks huge with thinking about doing
that but right now I’m not she said I

didn’t even hear this the first time
what’d she just say then deluge Dan you
know the last few weeks with thinking
about doing that but that’s interesting
she’s been hold on yeah what she said

Dell used with thinking about it now
she’s been deluding herself yes that’s
exactly what she said yeah I hear that
I especially have been deluged in you

know the last few weeks with thinking
about doing that but you’re so right
she’s Dell using herself right now I’m
not at all you know planning that I’d

have to make my challenge
wait wait listen to this thinking about
doing that but right now I’m not at all
you know planning that I’d have to make

up my mind really quickly yeah again
with the regatta make up my mind it has
to make up my mind really quickly no you
don’t you just wait for the convention
you know what I think it’s planned I
think it’s going down because it’s

moving very fast what’s moving very fast
what Jen you know planning that I’d have
to make up my mind really quickly
because it’s moving very fast what’s

moving really fast there’s there’s
messages in here but I do want to
continue to influence the debate you

know I’m not I’m not leaving you know
the political arena completely I’m
working really hard to you know make it
clear that we have to hold our current

leadership accountable so I’m on Twitter
I’m not as I think clever as Chelsea is
it you know dealing with a lot of the
undercurrents of Twitter but I’m out

there all the time sort of pointing out
some of the foolishness and craziness
that we are currently experiencing so
you know I’m not going anywhere I just
don’t know what role I will be actually

in uh-huh leaving it open yeah everyone
know still leaving it open it makes so
much sense when wherever she is whenever
looks is England of course but whenever
she says it off no I’m not I’m not

ruling it out everyone goes wild then
they will jump on it they will love her
she will be the savior she has to come
in there’s no way I’m looking at it she
has to she’s not gonna do what I wanna

do New Hampshire and there’s no reason
to do either one of those and she might
as well said you know the old rule as
well every president since Cleveland has
won either

Iowa or New Hampshire it’s not important
you can easily I’m sorry I need I need I
need to correct you I need to correct
you it’s not important it’s not yeah I
it’s just not and she knows this

times have changed super Tuesday’s
really the big day that anyone has to
worry about but she could make an impact
immediately by getting on the South

Carolina ballot so you’d have Budaj edge
is gonna win Iowa this is whether you’re
one thinks and it’s either gonna be a
Warren but probably Bernie will win New

Hampshire either one of those two are
gonna be the president you even if
Warren wins cuz there’s too many forces
against them and it just forces against
almost everybody except Hillary and so

Hillary can see this and say wow this
doesn’t you know allow my time run in
South Carolina cuz she’s a big favorite
in South Carolina because the South
Carolinians love Bill and so she runs
South Carolina and when get immediate

momentum for Super Tuesday sweep that
pretty much probably take about it in
half for more than half of the of the
various elections and she’d be in – good
to go but why why even bother with that

she can’t wait to the to the convention
why not which is risk hitting skips it
sleazy yeah he didn’t one is that any
sleazier than what they did to Bernie in

2016 is it any sleazier the whole
Democratic National Committee had to
resign and to resign it was so sleazy I
hope she comes back Wow how good would

that be for the show oh I go to I pray I
pray for her to step back in there’s not
everyone’s a loser in this gig right now
no one’s a winner
everyone knows it

yes whether they’re trying to impeach
Trump their last best hope and with that
I’d like to thank you for your courage
and say in the morning to you the man

who put the C’s in the electrical
College John C Dvorak well in the
morning to you mr. Adam curry in the
morning he lost ships at sea
feet in the air subs in the water all

the dames and nights out there yes in
the morning to the trolls in the chat
room hi there trolls no agenda stream
calm I was great listening to Darren O’s
pre stream this morning it never ceases

to amaze me when he ends we switch over
I pick up the stream from here it means
there’s something magical about it that
I could only wish for as a young radio
pronounced Decatur I love it very much

and you should check it out no agenda
stream calm lots of fellow trolls
hanging out there in the troll room also
in the morning – Darren O’Neill he is
the man who brought us the artwork I
think is this the second time in a row

if he’s already had Heinrichs no it’s
not oh that’s why we had data before
that well he he brought us art for
episode 1195 the title that was the ear
on a hams

and we didn’t even see it the first time
I think we had to look at the art
several times before we saw the
blackboard no agenda computer 101
dropping the tea nice touch

what made it work that totally made a
work and you don’t you don’t see it
right off the bat your your eye sees
computer then you look at like ah I see
what you did there

and that was hands-down the best one and
we appreciate that Darren O’Neill and
everybody else who was some competitors
but it was definitely the Wow it was it
was once we saw the drop T of course
issue and it was easy easy for us we

were actually going with the pre
extinction part of Larry Dane yes I was
promoting it yeah until until we saw the
the drop T on the blackboard it was good

it was a good good piece very nice piece
and also nice the way did the chalk font
yeah it was good do you have top notch
this is what the value for value system

is about bring it and bring more of that
Darren thank you no agenda art generator
calm that’s where you can find all of
the art submissions for the pre stream
and a lot of these go on to t-shirts and

mugs no agenda shop comm and we’re
waiting for more people to come up with
some innovative ideas what to do with
this fabulous artwork no agenda Arjun
Area dot-com on this program we we have
listeners what we call them producers

because they actually do produce the
show not just with clips and thank you
again for those you have sent in clips
but also deep knowledge of certain
topics we have experts in almost every

field and I mean almost every field that
I can think of but we also have
producers who sustain us with their
finances and about this time in the show
just like Hollywood we like to highlight

our executive and associate executive
producers in this case for episode 1196
indeed and we like to start with seems
to be coming in constantly here sir Dave

food is odo Earl of America’s heartland
and Saudi Arabia Wow 350 $3 and a dime
and he writes in a note which I actually

have a printout of dearest Leo and
Tolstoy greetings in the tradition of
the NA numerology today’s donation is
the summation of dates to celebrate dame

melody and my anniversary six December
and Dame Isabella’s birthday 7th
December oh nice she get on the birthday
list I think so yes I believe so add it

into the donation amount is a thrice of
33333 for some travel karma so you have
to put that up and I’m flying back on
Friday from a tour of the Continental
Holdings of my earldom

unfortunately Dame melody will be in
Austin Austin when I get back and
following a brief reunion she just soft
jets off to Budapest or as they like to

say Budapest wished Bucharest for the
International part of her master’s
program we were reunited as a family in
Mainz in a few weeks

after spending almost five years there
it is a special place for us all and
where I finally divorced twit hitched my
wagon under the No Agenda Show and never
looked back after a few days of

Guttenberg City I returned to the
kingdom with my Dame’s in tow to
celebrate another workday known as the
25th of December it’s the local fave

they’ll be spending the winter break
with me enjoying the festive season
until having to head back to manage the
heartland my amygdala says hi thanks for

all the great deconstruction please send
me a random Rev Manny and a wee bit of
goat Karma for all the upcoming travels
geez look about being on the road you

know I had we had dinner the keeper and
I had dinner with with Sir Dave the Earl
of America’s heartland in Saudi Arabia
and Dame melody and Dame ISA Bella and I
gotta tell you

Bella is an whore she 13 12 13 this this
young woman she she’ll be Secretary of
State or something one day she is so
well-traveled so well-versed knows how

to hang out with boring adults they’re
doing her a very interesting service
with with this traveling and exposing
her to all these different cultures and

people I’m excited to see what becomes
of her good here’s a fun group to hang
out with yeah and when they come back to
Austin when it all works out we look

forward to yet another dinner go ahead
and boom Shaka bra and here’s the go
you’ve got karma yes the troll room says
quite correctly that it may be true but

you’ve got to keep her away from Uncle
Joe yes this is true
so we’ll make sure she goes nowhere near
onward with sir Roy Pierce in Fort

Pierce Florida 334 uh we have a note
from him by the way mm-hmm 3 or 34 bucks
this is a very funny note by the way

further this is unusual note there’s not
the kind of note most guys to set in
I’ve tried different Linux distros twice
a year for a decade we’re all have
loaded and run as described none

survived their first update mint was the
worst all four user interfaces vanished
the universal forum advice was to return
to the windows because Linux is for

those folks proficient with the Linux
console my problem is not so much with
Linux as it is with the assholes that
use it all right
a couple things I actually had an issue

with my Linux what yeah I know well what
happened was something ran over well a
couple of things but I had this running
on several machines at the same time the

same install and they all broke they
wouldn’t boot up and you know things
were breaking I couldn’t figure it out
and so I posted a link on No Agenda
social calm and on now no

agenda social immediately dude’s name
been like ok try this do a ctrl alt f1
get into the command line and I did and
that’s how I found out quite quickly

that my Drive had filled up and of
course when you drive this full and I
can’t create temp files and so ok I
understand the problem there on Twitter
I got that Oh switch back to the muck

it’s like work on your material people
hey by the way I blocked every single
one of those people who did that I’m so
tired of the amateur comedians when I’m

actually asking for some help and that
was yeah that was just oh man I can’t
believe people are so mean but I also

figured out I know why we like why we
like Linux it’s obvious
our show is the Linux of podcasting it’s
the same problem if it takes a while to
get into it you got to try it a couple

times you know over the years it’s
worked better you know the the quality
of the work is really dependent or
downstream from everything’s we have to
get good mainstream clips we are the

Linux of podcasts I’m telling you that’s
why that’s why we attract these kinds of
people and I’m proud of that
well Roy definitely was worked does Roy
one a karma for that or just wants to

make give him one just anyway I think so
you’ve got karma coming in there’s our
last executive producer Stephanie Bell

who does not have a note she’s Great
Britain I did could not find an email
from her under Stephanie anything or
Belle anything so she has something to
tell us does she I hope she sends it in

somehow that we can identify it the
email stream yeah I’m looking at I don’t
see anything either so I don’t know $333
I would just throw some Carm out for her
okay you’ve got karma Toronto Ontario

two three four five six
and he says Adam yes yeah madam ITM has

been exactly one year since I lost my
dad I’m sorry to hear about your own
dad’s passing I hope your family’s doing
okay underlaid I’m certainly qualified

for a knighthood a few donations ago but
wanted to note the if you ceased using
the term Kanda Naevia this will be my
last contribution right okay so we have
the show don’t cave to haters

I’m confused now we had we had a
Canadian citizen say that if I ever use
that term again he’d he’d unsubscribe

well Jim Bennett is at two three four
five six in Toronto Ontario if somebody
ups the ante you’ll reconsider from now
on it’s still Canada Naevia I agree I
think Canada Navy is in the candy

Naviance seem to be fine with it
and thank you very much Jim thank you
yes and then Zachary McLean comes in
next Cottage Grove Minnesota nuts
200 that’s not a big group today thanks

to the W ATP for mentioning the show
wait W ATP thanks to w ATP for
mentioning the show what’s w ATP I have

no idea
well apparently this got this gut
Zachary to listen yeah I started
listening two weeks ago he’s already
donating love John C Dvorak on CNET Wow

excellent not many people have seen you
on CNET but you did a great job
apparently yeah I was doing my CD ROM
reviews there Twin Cities check in d

douche him census by request only wink I
hope to keep giving you love okay now I

I’m a little stumped w ATP it must be a
podcast sees it ends in a pee oh who are
these podcasts okay we were who are

these podcast yeah that’s a very good
plugin we were on we were on who are
these podcasts no we were highlighted in
one of their shows that’s what I’m
saying that’s what I’m saying we were on
it they highlighted us when did they do

this oh it was a while ago
huh but I guess he just listened to it
two weeks ago I don’t know maybe
recently again I’ve listened it on and
off quite a bit actually thatthat show
cuz it’s very although sometimes they go

off with less high quality and that’s
hard to imagine because there’s so much
high quality out there like 700,000
podcasts this week the number this week

yes of which a hundred thousand will be
gone in two weeks of course well a lot
of people can’t keep up the pace thanks
to those guys out there that’s you know
a good podcast I would recommend

listening to it I used to do the that
show on Sirius we’d be promoting all the
podcast and we play little bits of them
for two hours a day
until they saw the danger yes like yeah

this is probably not a good idea to
promoting this and we’re gonna do our
own thing yes do this anyway our last
associate executive producers Glen book

house key actually who calls himself a
dude named Glenn Bukowski from Sarasota
Florida and he comes at 200 bucks and
has a note okay he wrote in that’s a

real note cuz you can hear that after my
last donation John requested that I
report back with the results of the
Trump jobs karma I received ha the jobs
karma worked well and I am now working

in a much better dude named Ben job with
a significantly higher pay over three
years ago I hit my friend Chris sir

sir Valera sir Valera sir Valera that’s
it in the mouth and he has become an
avid listener of the show but uh but on
the house please call him out as a

douchebag don’t be shy guys I hit him
I would like that double down the first
Trump only jabs karma that you played
for me which caught contains clapping at

the end please also play John Brennan’s
guilty until alleged and slave meat can
eat macaroni and cheese now see this is

the problem oh by the way I was finished
this before I make my comment thanks
again for all your hard working for
providing the best podcast in the
universe I don’t know I mean we have a

we have a variety of Trump jobs karmas
yes now this one he said yeah yeah I
know which one he means okay so you know

which one he means hmm so that’s
probably the only one we should use
because it’s been proven well for behind
no I don’t think so first of all is no
where’s dynamic it’s very low-energy and

unless it’s specifically requested which
appears to double your income apparently
I’m gonna stick with the with the
classic I would not just do that all of

a sudden that’s not when you’re gonna
play him
his favorite though yes I’m gonna play
his favorite and first I’m gonna play
Brennan people are innocent until well
alleged to be involved in some type of

jobs jobs very low energy but it must
have some secret spark going on

somewhere they make crazy low-pressure
zone of karma think it’s sucks it right
in freshers zone of karma mmhmm yeah I
thank all these folks he’s our executive

associate executive producers for show
1196 and when remind people do another
show coming up on Sunday Adam will be
still be in Holland and we’ll be doing
it from there yes and thank you to these

executive producers and associate
executive producers you scored that
credit and you can use it anywhere that
critics critics credits are recognized
even LinkedIn and everyone seems to be

using for the jobs karma LinkedIn is the
place to be that’s where these things
pay off but you can also and I like
seeing that on Twitter if you put in
there in their profile description and
if I see that I’m gonna follow you Jon’s

gonna follow you which will do something
hopefully it’ll hopefully add you
followers just make make make me more
visible if I follow more people I’m so
suppressed on the Twitter in my own

partner who I’ve been doing a show with
for 12 years doesn’t even get my tweets
olive theory this is true by the way you
know it’s quite I mean about when you
shoot this is only recent where it’s

usually the show tweet has always gone
into my feed which it should since I
follow you but more recently I’ve only
been getting every other show tweet and
then I complain about it yeah and I can

see it happening because I tweeted out
and and I think on the last show where
you had this issue it took a good 10-15
minutes before I got a retweet so I and
so I know that it’s being pushed away

it’s fine whatever I do have a couple of
other make good here
this is from Sir aeronite of the knots
then he said thank you for all what you

and John do I’ve heard you say on
multiple shows this notice from a knight
so we need to read it yes we do that we
do that frequently you can imagine how
disappointed I an I twas when the note I
wrote about my smokin hot wife becoming

a dame was not read I pulled it up and
shared it with her after the donation
segment so no need to cover it now as
the only new entrant to the round table
for the thanksgiving show she was very

honored and excited to become a game she
appreciates what No Agenda does for the
greater good and I apologize we missed
it we absolutely do read notes from
Knights so I will read the relevant part

of your Thanksgiving Day message my
donations from the credit union allowed
me to reach knighthood a couple of years
back and I now see that I have reached
the baronet level however I would rather

bestow a dame hood upon my smoking-hot
I now believe that couples that are able
to recognize the torrents of B s coming
at them no matter what source it is
coming from are much happier than couple

stuck only in dementia a or b
calling out someone on TV as liar is
much more fun when done in unison with
your spouse the love of my life simply
wishes to go by the title of Dame Kitty

she got that and she also had her
cookies and Kahlua at the round table
well thank you very much sir aero night
of the knots and then we had a special
emergency health karma from a circle Gor
trout of the dudes named Ben so another

night note that we will read I’ve been
enrolled in the four dollar week program
for a while now but I’m setting this
quick note to ask for some karma from my
younger brother Chris just learned he’s
scheduled for surgery this Friday

morning after being on a waitlist for
six months the estimated nine-hour
procedure is to treat acoustic neuroma a
non cancerous growth on the cranial
nerve he’d been keeping his diagnosis

quiet until deciding on the surgery
earlier today brain surgery can always
use a good dose of No Agenda karma good
luck Chris
thanks for continuing to bring us the
best podcast new nurse from circle or

trout of the dudes named Ben and we’re
going to throw in a special goat twist
for his mother there
you’ve got karma never underestimate the
power of the Karma and if you want to

support the program in our value for
value Network all you have to do is go
to the following website
vollrath org slash and a and remember
it’s always Kanda Navion until it isn’t

our formula is this we go out we’re hit
people in the mouth

where were you kid
been waiting for you shut up slave
I was watching some Australian

and there’s a very interesting
transsexual in in Australia who is
saying some things that are very
unpopular with the trans activist

community which often consists of people
who are not trans at all and and it’s
very consistent with things we’ve heard
from the official No Agenda tranny Ali

Jade and I wanted to share this
interview because this Katie McGregor
you might have seen her she used to be
Malcolm McGregor and I think she’d
transitioned when she was even in the

Armed Forces
have you seen her around you know I’m
talking about she’s a sports writer not
that many look her up yeah so she’s a
sports writer writes about cricket
freelance sports writer and was kicked
off of pretty much every writing job she

had when she said things about the trans
community similar to the clips I’m going
to play here but being a trans woman I
thought it was interesting to listen to

her take as she is much more in line I
think with the way you and I think about
about particularly the transitioning of
children at very very early age and
we’ll start with what kind of her stance

about the trans activist community the
ABC you were opposed to go for the ABC
they appeared to have dropped you the
trans you movement you’ve tweeted and
made many comments that they regard as

Harrod heretical they’ve dropped you
very happy to be at war with the trans
movement by the way I think they’re
dangerous I think some of the ideology
they’re purporting to stand for is
sinister and frankly it’s at odds with

what a lot of trans people think frankly
this unelected cabal don’t speak for
plenty of trans people who are quite
conservative I have yeah I happen to be
religious a believer in God I have a lot

of trans friends who are the same but
this cabal mainly based out of Victoria
where half of them on the payroll of the
Andrews government they aren’t the voice

of transgenderism in Australia and they
speak for no one but themselves but some
of what they stand for is appalling and
yeah I’m no longer flavour of the month
at the ABC I was dumped with no

explanation last year as a cricket
I tweeted today I have been on sky five
times in the last fortnight I have been
on the ABC once this calendar year and I

did that purely because I wanted to meet
Jordan Peterson for 12 months so the ABC
I didn’t know they say it that way the
ABC is clearly anti-trans at least this

trans woman because if you’re not towing
the trans line then you get ostracized
and now let’s dive into the kids issue
what do you what do you make of children
school kids being pushed into hormone

therapy or even surgery by teachers and
doctors and parents where do you think
the line should be drawn I think there’s
some there are some misperceptions on

this unless I’m missing something I
don’t believe children are eligible for
surgery I think kids at 13 or they’re
there abouts are entitled to get hormone
blockers providing they have a medical

diagnosis and I think I think that’s
providing there’s medical and parental
involvement I am more skeptical and I as
you know I opposed the Safe Schools

program when it came out there’s some
stuff on gender fluidity and that’s and
the the point that Rita made earlier
there are two genders male and female in
the transsexual I am NOT a woman

I can’t live comfortably as a male I
arrived at that decision very painfully
but in my view there are two genders
there are not fifty-two genders I just

don’t get where this nonsense is coming
from and it’s being peddled in schools
and I think it’s dangerous but I don’t I
don’t want for a moment to be seen to
impede legitimate medical treatment for

kids who are suffering genuine
discomfort about their their gender they
should get the best care that’s
available namely psychiatric
intervention and at a certain point

providing they are genuinely
transgendered and have dysphoria then
they should be given appropriate medical
support but surgery shouldn’t happen
before 18 and I’m sure it doesn’t so all

of that is apparently
here at the end yeah he says I think it
doesn’t well it does maybe well maybe
not in Australia but it does in the
United States or at least that’s what we

were led to believe yeah some that was
not until I cashed nice please just say
it just say just say yeah nobody can do
that buddy 50 – 70 – I thought was the

gender number I think he’s off by 20
breaking news I just got a text from
President Trump you know this is aunt

now I have ignored all of the you know
they keep 100 bucks 100 bucks now we’re
in the now I’ve been moved down to
another category I shall read it to you

gosh this is great
it’s so much here I can’t even keep
track of how many there are here this is
this is the latest I’ll shoot just pass

by hold on the OTG phone I have to
scroll through all do you know how many
messages I get from the Trump campaign
on a daily basis with all the matching

it’s another match except I just
scrolled through they’re gonna match oh
that’s news that’s cool they’re gonna
match you see finance update President
Trump asked you where your donation was
don’t let him down on this impeachment

fight donate in the next hour for three
times match but now wait here’s the who
buy what oh yeah here’s the next one
this is the this is today President

: first quid pro quo then bribery now
treason they are liars and frauds
let’s end this scam donate $35 now
they’re really trying aren’t they they

went from a 200 to 100 and now it’s 35
kicked off the list if I don’t watch
myself yeah well don’t 35 Stu highway if

you chip in at the 3 buck level yeah
Jack you back up to the next level and
then maybe give it another shot I don’t
respond to messages like this and

besides I only donate to campaigns to
get on the list and I’m on the list I
would like you to do something mm-hmm
I’m not on that list
I’m on day yeah
would you like me to sign you up no no

God people do that to me all the time
and I don’t know why anyone would do
something like that so here’s what I’d
like you to do I’d like you to be is two

cents a note back mm-hmm miffed saying
that you gave you gave more than this
before and now you’re saying to me that

I haven’t because you know they don’t
track any of this no in any real level
no of course not they track probably
some big beehives you’re dropping a
grand they’re gonna be tracking you

you’re down there you’re not gonna be
tracked so you can go say I gave you a
hundred bucks last time and now you’re
telling me I didn’t give anything what’s
wrong with you okay
see what happened yeah it’s probably as

effective as me tweeting back at the
coffee machine telling him I thought
there were assholes yeah they didn’t
reply to me either so
unless you put the word stop in there

somewhere you don’t get a reply from
these systems but I will try it I will
try it I’ll try it after the show of
course anything for the show John
I have a clip that was on democracy or

Deutsche Welle and saving this clip
because I’m asking to ask you about this
because I don’t know our dogs really
valuable in Europe some dogs I guess

well here play this black market dogs
clip dogs like these can bring in lots
of money
dealers are trying to peddle a puppy in
Berlin we recorded the attempt on a

hidden camera but she’s cute
where’s she from with animal welfare
Stefan klippstein seen here on the Left
witnesses scenes like this almost daily
he finds suspicious ads on the internet

and alerts the police the illegal trade
in dogs is a multi-billion euro business
this is another typical the dogs
presented by itself on a sofa and as bad

eye inflammation a respectable dog
breeder would never present his dog like
that and the 500 euro price is way too
cheap from a regular breeder it would
cost from 1000 to 1200 euros

oh yeah the purebred dogs they go for
that kind of money sure this and this
makes nothing but sense that they that
they are all over this in Europe because
dogs are people too we have human

trafficking now we have dog trafficking
most of these dogs apparently being sold
in Germany buy these but in the gray

market next March German Shepherds know
they’re strays did they browse from
Romania and Poland this they find it but

just straight they patch them up shave
them a little bit and sell this as a
full as a thoroughbred sure sure 500
bucks that’s a steal of course yes the

dogs are people to meme is seeping into
people’s brains though it’s people
really equate dogs with human beings
this is a local news report the warning
everybody that we must be very careful

with the holidays particularly with our
Farid human friends because they will
eat your ornaments
this is Gatsby and she is a potpourri of
holiday trouble most recently eating
what did you say 15 apples centerpiece

here’s the deal
it’s the holidays it’s a dangerous time
for us to get four on first before we
have the information you need to enjoy
the holidays and keep people like Gatsby
people animals like Gatsby thing

yeah she tried to save herself but she
said people like Gatsby she talked
called the dog a person
that’s what she said yeah you’re right
people like gas people like well here’s

the deal
yeah I know Joe yeah here’s the deal
okay a cornucopia of teas it’s getting
bad out there

geez yes as in tea dropping I was
watching his he’s no a cement-like PG
tipps no no no teas dropping the teas I
was watching ESPN isn’t you I often do I

had one the other day lost it was one of
these it was right in the middle of a
good clip I gotta get then I couldn’t
find it again oh I have this one from
Dan Orlovsky you know him from ESPN yeah

you know why everyone like it when they
climb Everest because it’s the most

difficult mountain to climb right to
catch it to that peak not anymore I
think there’s other mountains right
thanks like I love Baltimore but that’s
the biggest mountain this NFL has ever

seen when it comes to organization and
tell someone even the guy there said
Mountain interrupted him and said
Mountain and the guy doesn’t take the
clue that keeps going Mike you saying
mountain mountain my voice cord above to

form a quarterback so what you expect
but this was surprising a national
advertisement for oil of olay it
skincare from around the world better

than a way to find out all a face to the
world we tested our vitamin b3 formula
and beat Japan’s top moisturizers South
Korea’s most innovative and even the

$400 French creams Olay Regenerist face
131 premium products
from 12 countries over 10 years ouais
hydration was unbeaten doing a national

spot Wow national commercially paid her
to say be and a lot of money that’s

thousands of dollars a national spot
that that’s a big-ass deal and there’s
over ten years ouais hydration was
unbeaten every time and forget residuals

from that dig cheese you get $10 less
away with a half a million dollars I
think but certainly in the ten grand

range if it airs a lot during the
Christmas but I’m baiting and someone is
someone in the wouldn’t pay that’s great
they’re not permeated the ages of the

season the ad buys and they and they’re
all down with it yeah they’re totally
but totally down with it no man
yeah we’re doomed yeah I’ve been

corresponding with one of our homeless
producers Gregory Jacobs Jason sin that
I think San Diego the guys are gonna be

homeless that’s the place to be the guy
clearly is incredibly intelligent
you know like over-the-top and and he
has a phone he has an Obama phone so he
so he can he can send me messages and he

I mean there’s some disturbing stuff but
then he sent me this one clip which he
recorded on his phone as a vocal fry
from Gregory Jacobs I just want you to
have the same experience that I did like

oh that should be interesting
okie-dokie oh man Gregory be safe out

well that’s a topper okay let’s see what
we got on the clipped list
how about got me to get a few of these
out of the way

first of all this did we hit we never
really did the update on the BBC Hong
Kong election so I got a two-parter here
good ass Hong Kong elections BBC starter
Chinese government has responded to the

landslide victory for pro-democracy
candidates in the Hong Kong elections by
emphasizing that the territory will
always be ruled from Beijing and has
warned against further protests

pro-democracy candidates won almost 90
percent of the seats in the local
elections and the result is being seen
as an outright rejection of Kerry lambs
leadership and a massive show of support
for the anti Beijing protests that have

been going on there for months
our correspondent Rupert Wing Phil Hays
reports now from Hong Kong this is not
the sort of media attention usually
given to the winners of a local council

election but last night’s victory for
Hong Kong’s Democrats was no ordinary
win it was an unprecedented landslide
these newly minted young politicians one
85% of all the seats contested Wow I

didn’t hear anything about this
of course what is why I’m sorry what am
I thinking
so what’s going on with that so they
they’re changing the local government

yeah it’s not going to do much good I
mean they we also had that situation did
the Chinese are ignoring this the also
the situation where they passed this
bill and Trump finally signed off on

it’s condemning you know the Chinese or
not this is the the youger Muslim bill I
think is what this is
I don’t know that I don’t know that yeah
it’s possible yeah but here’s the here’s

kind of the response to it this is a not
sure where this came from this China
condemns Trump Pro Hong Kong laws
Beijing is strongly criticizing bills on
Hong Kong China’s foreign ministry

firmly opposes them accusing the u.s. of
meddling in its domestic affairs
he says the move violates international
law and the basic principles of
international relations and the Hong
Kong regional government also criticized

these bills that Trump signed into law
and said the move interfered in its
internal affairs and damaged relations
with the United States the Hong Kong and
Macau Affairs Office of China’s State
Council said the act severely violated

international law and basic norms
governing international relations and
the liaison office of the central
People’s Government in Hong Kong also
condemned the move saying it was

essentially supporting the actions of
rioters and was an attempt to
destabilize the region I know where that
came from
well there’s China News Service yeah
well there’s two there’s two bills one

was a resolution condemning the actions
in Hong Kong which is like okay it’s a
resolution which just says we we
disagree but this other one I think they
had in their provisions to stop Huawei

from selling their stuffs to the United
and I don’t know what it’s not a block
but there’s some provision in there that
I think was it certainly would be

something has made China nervous about
that personally I think you’re
absolutely right and the reason why is
we know what we did with Cisco we know
we know what’s in the Cisco stuff we we

were spying on everybody through the big
routers the big iron the heavy metal so
of course we don’t want China to do the
same thing to us of course all that it
is it’s the only reason you make such a

fuss yeah of course I mean they’re not
doing it to d-link and do you think I
put my open wrt on Don Maddie like yes
on D then found

there were some other China stuff and
then I was tracking to see China bars US
military from Hong Kong ports over
support for protesters
so that’s a kind of yeah here is a

dollop shoot story it was the ugar bill
that that US House passed demanding
sanctions over human rights abuses in
abuses in Jing jjang jjang jjang camps

hmm do we know anything I mean I’ve
heard about this everyone seems to be in
universal agreement that it’s happening
I’ve seen I’ve read stories about
pictures I’ve seen pictures I’ve heard

stories that I’m wicked on the mic and
on the two Tories it’s I I wonder how
true it is
is there really a camp in in Europe

province that has a million Muslims and
Quora incarcerated in a kind of
concentration camp do we know doing a
very good job of denying it but I’m
still waiting for proof I’ve only seen

some stories and some yeah some pictures
of the outside of the building I just I
well I know what kind of proof you’re
gonna be able to get out of China
especially of that particular facility
but you don’t see him denying it which

seems to me to be the first step in
ended being a bunch of bullcrap
somebody’s got to say now is not
happening but those are old barracks
from World War two hmm
they’re not saying that but we have

producers in China yeah but they’re not
going down in that part that area is not
a it’s not a glass not a good not a good
vibe not me it’s like going to well it’s
not bad I mean it’s not any not a place

to hang out
probably not especially if you’re nosing
around hmm
we were also going to talk about Iran

because we had some personal stories and
Iran is in the news and the Netherlands
again today as the Netherlands has
joined in sex I NS te X the insects
which is the European I think it’s how

many are on now that I think that we see
a Belgian Denmark Finland Netherlands
Norway Sweden joining in with I’m pretty
sure France Germany and the UK who

established insects and this is to
combat the United States lock
Iran out of the Swift payment Network
which is pretty much the network for all

payments international at least
certainly in dollar payments in maybe
the Iranians can go to pop money well I
mean more egregious is the fact that

these countries are doing it you know
they are creating a shadow banking
system with this or chatot shadow
banking transfer system and they were
all kind of if you recall when we first

reported on it they were all kind of
head G yeah yeah yeah well they were
just talking about getting it done but
now they’ve actually said they’re gonna
do it and by January 31st it should be
in full in full swing and these

countries will be doing trade with Iran
subverting the US sanctions this is not
gonna stand I don’t think so either I
think it’s very very bold Trump worked
about these meetings over there that

nobody’s covering this
maybe we hear about on our show there’s
one only story going on around or Iran I
do have a clip where they apparently
they commandeered a vessel uh this is a
clip is Iran caught smuggling weapons to

Yemen the Pentagon says the US warship
has captured a vessel with missile parts
believed to be linked to Iran the
seizure was made in the north and
Arabian Sea and the crew has been

transferred to the Yemeni Coast Guard
Washington accuses Tehran of illegally
smuggling arms to who’s he rebels
fighting the Yemeni government hey you
got to do it legally like we do you know
make a big deal out of it and sell it

say hey we’re selling the Saudi Arabia
to go kill some people in Yemen you got
to do it with big fanfare yeah that’s
legit now the last time I was here I had
dinner with Lex Lex Harding who was my

first boss and we’re still good friends
amazing and his his wife is Iranian they
frequently go to Iran in fact if he was
locked out of coming to the United

States for 10 years because he had been
to Iran and somehow he niggled enough
with the embassy that they got a visa
for the United States which forget the
exact language but it’s something to the

to the effect of
you’ve received this permission as an
exception to the proclamation the
proclamation being I guess the

president’s Proclamation well I didn’t
know this so you’re telling me that
because he visit you know he’s a Dutch
citizen yes he is yes so he visits Iran
mm-hmm and now the US won’t let him in

the country yes he visited today he went
to get a and this is two years ago I
went to get a visa and they said we see
an Iranian stamp here in Tehran well my
wife is from Iran she loses me that she

has a Dutch passport now she’s dual
citizen and I said oh sorry you can’t
you can’t come into the United States
that is on the books right now that is
the proclamation the immigration is
different than people bitching and

moaning and groaning about the fact that
if you go to Israel they won’t let you
in to Saudi Arabia if you got at Israeli
stamp in your passport I agreed not
gonna argue that what was interesting is

her telling me about she has a little
store there I mean the way it works is
basically she’s been supporting her
entire family which is quite vast

because the economy is completely dead
they were running a little I guess a
little rug shop or something that she
had opened up and and the family was
running it and there’s just no customers

there’s no money there’s no food it’s
really bad and I don’t think well no I
know that this is not except me go away

scammers I don’t think
this is discussed or reported on at all
but these sanctions really are hurting
the people of Iran and it just keeps on

going and the news always just kind of
you know Iran this Iran that but there
are a lot of people there who are in
trouble because of these sanctions and
it’s really kiddley killing the country

well that’s kind of the idea of these
sanctions but it never works but it’s
this warfare maybe if you hurt the
people like that it’s war

yeah well the idea but the idea let’s do
the idea okay
the idea is that well if we if we put
the clamp on this country and make

everyone suffer mm-hmm then they’ll rise
up against their rulers yeah and and
take over the place and make everything
fine and they’ll like us we try this

well we’ve tried it and I think we just
do it now out of sadism okay see no I
don’t want I don’t want my name on that

out of sadism I’m not I’m not in I know
like watching them youtube videos where
some guy does something nasty and falls
in a hole after that and there’s some

sadistic kind of a mindset that allows
these things to go on well I don’t know
I find a problem I they just want the
whole country to dry up and blow away I

assume it’s not working it’s like the
Cuba thing is the same time well it’s
it’s not working and then we have this
alternative payment network to make
things work for them and this is going

to come to a head and I really feel that
the United States media is not even
looking at it
for whatever reason what would you what
do you mean for whatever reason well you

think that the oh I’m sorry in pH and pH
of course
don’t see the vorak bakelite hi today’s
Teddy K he’s an OTG kind of dad

Oh TG kind of guy that’s right we got
the OT G’s on the no agendas and there
is some news to report as the worldwide
camera network is growing and with this

I specifically mean the ring doorbell
yep favorite oh yes so now the province
or I should say this the city of howdah

in the Netherlands you might pronounce
it as Gouda
it’s where the cheese and the candles
comes from that little town oh did you
go to the cheese factory no I just got

off – I was on the rail and I said gawd
this is the place where they make the

cheese so I jumped off well they are now
subsidizing the inhabitants of chowder

with 250 euros if they install a ring
doorbell and take a subscription so that
the cops can then see the recorded video

now I can see that yeah so they are
actually subsidizing these citizens yes
who would take the deal everyone’s
taking the deal are you kidding

they love it that’s their that’s the
cost of the whole thing the ring
doorbell cost it wasn’t the 90 bucks 100
bucks and then you get to get it free
and then it’s like you know 20 to 20 you
know it’s like 40 bucks a year for the

subscription yeah and then now now we
just have the government of this fine
town or just saying you know what you
know what we’ll just subsidize it
then she’s deploy

from V ABC Australian Broadcasting
Corporation it looks like they are
moving quickly towards the micro-grid

idea by outfitting their customers with
the so called peak smart technology peak
smart and this I’m reading now from the

ABC it allows the electricity network
company to send a signal that turns the
air-conditioning down for a short while
during times of peak demand when the

network is feeling the strain we cycle
down the compressor which is what
creates the cooling part of the air
conditioners is Peter price an executive
general manager at Energy Queensland it
cycles down for 20 minutes the fan still

runs blowing out cold air customers
don’t even know we’ve done it but it
pulls down the peak demand enough to
make a difference
mr. Casey got a rebate that covered
about half the cost of installing the

air conditioners and he’s a happy
customer everyone’s happy now so that is
the future where you will give total
control to your to your energy company
so that they can then determine what

temperature you have in your own home
and people are happy Alone’s at all oh
yeah Google’s totally gonna own it now
while on the OTG segment I do have a
note to read okay

from produced from producer Ken who’s
written I’ve gone back and forth with
him on a couple of items he’s a ham he
said so we went back and forth cuz he
said all you use a ham as you should

chew apparently is an old old Famer he’s
an M a few weeks ago he writes while
watching a PBS examination of the
campfire debacle in California I thought
how critical it would have been for a

couple of hams to get involved cell
towers and phone lines had been
liquefied a couple of decades ago in Los
Angeles I was a member of the LAPD ham

watch in white areas of the valley north
of downtown LA LAPD officers could not
communicate with dispatch on the other
side of the mouth

range the bad guys figured that out and
officers were getting shot and crying
for sky rod an officer who patrolled
that area had a ham license and fired up
his rig whenever he was in a bind

you’re gonna read read that again but he
fired up his rig come on man put a
little heart into his rig but a couple
of times he suggested it in the chain up

in the chain and the cell the call went
out for volunteers our ham watch link
soon became essential and cops for
getting their licenses on mass
1894 Northridge earthquake epicenter was

a short bike ride from my house
landlines and electricity were out but I
was able to get my Jeep out of the
garage my little Kenwood 733 model

became the comm center for about the
first four hours Wow cellphones were few
and far between in those days with cyber
war upon us it’s a no-brainer for China

Russia or Iran it’s all to take out our
communications at will
now that I’ve written that I’m going to
go dig up my old rigs and see if they

all still work thanks well there you go
and you know how long will it take
before energy Queensland says you know
we’ve really got a turn off everybody’s

internet for a little while you know
peak peak times we can’t have you on the
internet or whatever the problem is it
makes so much sense just to take the
test take the test it’s very simple grab

a couple of those cheap china rigs the
bail things bail fame the bail things
there’s not one do name band listening
to this show and there’s plenty of dudes

named band variously that can’t just
take it without study and could go take
it without study but it all you have to
do is just go to the ARRL net they have
the current questions with the proper

answers published all you have to do is
know what the answer is it’s multiple
choice the answers will be out of order
from the test from the prep test duh but
yeah you can read it through once and

still get it then you buy a couple of
these $25 rigs throw one in your car
throw it in the kitchen and throw one
you just have them everywhere just in
case that’s a little

okay all right hand boy all right we got
you and then I do have a little update
on my favorite OTG phone of the moment

this is the the Alcatel go flip three
not to be confused with the Alcatel flip
which was shit underpowered no good this
is the one you want to have it also has

the 4G it’s got a lot of things in there
I have there is a little chink in the
armor though the first thing to note is
I have made some phone calls on this it
is dynamite I mean really it’s almost

like being transported back in time to
make a phone call on the flip phone
because it adheres to the curvature of
your head for most people John Kerry

needs a special version but it is it
really fits nicely you can hear people
properly not like that slab that you’re
pressing up against your cheek trying to

position the hole right over where your
ear your ear opening is this is a if you
want to talk to people on the phone
which I know is a weird concept but I do
it a lot more since I can’t do much more

with it or at least not fast it’s a
great phone to talk on here’s the rub
when you hang up there is nothing more
satisfying than that click you know

where you see it you just click it
and it’s supposed to hang up the problem
is when you do that you click it closed
you hear beep from the closed phone you

always hear the last second of the phone
disconnecting while it’s already closed
does that make sense what I’m saying
yeah and this annoys you it’s like it’s

it’s so dissatisfying the whole point
do you like the finality yes yes the
explosive like there’s a analogy if it’s

gonna make a beep no of course not it’s
very weak the huge user interface issue
otherwise the phone is solid no yes
please immediately change that and you

might want to get that as the report to
now out that the iPhone 11 Pro still
collects look location data even when
you have it all turned off Apple says
that’s desired behavior mm-hmm I’m sure

it is I’m sure it is so again you know
consider what you’re using it’s not just
the tracking it’s also just to not want

to use the thing because it’s so bad
and try some Linux while you’re at the
OTG reports when you’re no agenda show

well let’s take a little another short
clip just to keep keep us up here on the
space force update been waiting for that

Russia’s president is accusing the u.s.
of human space as a potential theater of
war Vladimir Putin says the rapid
development of America’s space commands

has prompted Moscow to ramp up its own
sector Putin insists he’s against Mills
noise in space Donald Trump says he
wants the u.s. to dominate space space
force I think there’s something else

going on here but this is a little
radical but second half of show stuff
mm-hmm that the Russians jumped in on
this with is complaining so they could
get involved with space force because

this is all just set up shop and space
to stop the alien invasion coming are
you talking about we were finally
getting everyone’s getting their act
together because like damn it man the
Israelis they got bases there we gotta

do something about this I’m gonna show
my food by donation to no agenda imagine
all the people who could do us
a few people to thank for show 1196 and

we’re heading to show 1200 by the way
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he will have some will put some jobs
cover specifically for you at the end

bradley Leadon $50 Blake Harper in
Edmonds Washington Sir Brett Farrell OKC
Oklahoma every month
$50 Baron Alan bean comes in every month
with $50 and as okay we got hey I eat

she Kitagawa again so he probably gave a
hundred total yeah so we’ll give him
some special jobs karma and one thank

all these folks are contributing to the
best podcast universe and helping us
produce it and get it out of here yeah
this is a simple system we just decided
a long time ago like when we started the

show and it became an actual job we said
hey you know what what is this worth to
you this work that we’re doing it’s very
different to many different people and I
think the big revelation was just that
that people were interested in

supporting the show financially for the
value that they received from it which
is why in our immediately called the
producer but also the the numbers
themselves became content where we have

double nickels on the dime you hear it
all the time there’s five four three two
there’s all that you know 69 69 the
threes the the six this there’s the
boobs there’s all it’s become content

which is it’s really it’s it’s an
unbelievable concept and I’m gonna do
the Karma’s and the the health of jobs
Karma’s and health Karma’s and then I
want to share a little clip as the virus

of the value for value model is
apparently spreading so first I want to
thank you guys and everyone who came in
under $50 this is for people who are on
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every single week or month or sometimes
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and also people who want to be anonymous
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thank you so much for supporting us you

can do it again on Sunday I will be once
again coming to you from parallel to
runway two-seven here at schiphol
airport and get mo nation lowlands to
go to the forum org slash n a new jobs

karma since they both work ABS jobs jobs
jobs jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for

jobs you’ve got karma

well today is Sutra class here in the
Netherlands that means the good holy man

and his black peeps are running around
bringing gifts and candy to the kids
putting it in their wooden shoes but we
have some birthdays as well as you heard
earlier a survey of our Earl says happy
birthday today mr. bellusci celebrates

her birthday on December 7th Mike
Nicolai Chuck turned 40 just recently
December 4th sir dude named Ventana mrs.
happy birthday to his unnamed child 30
on November 26 unnamed huh

and a happy birthday to my very own
uncle Don he celebrates today the 5th of
December no idea but I had pretty sure
he’s pretty old happy birthday uncle Don
everybody else from all your friends

here the best podcast in the universe
only one for today one quick title

change Sir Anthony farmer has changed
his name and I don’t know if that’s an
upgrade or a change but either way we’re
happy to highlight it he is now sir elf
of the nether realm and you will be
expected to address him as such and

thank you very much for your continued
support sir Alf of the nether realm
quick overview of the Meetup
let’s see what’s going on we’ve got a

couple organized for the month of
actually we start with Friday in
Nashville Tennessee that is the six-week
cycle it happens every six weeks 6:00
p.m. that is rich be organizing that for

you the venue will be announced on no
agenda meetups calm it may even be there
actually the Seattle monthly also taking
place tomorrow at 7:30 please meet at
the long type table at the Canterbury

Ale House that’s every first Friday of
the month then we have the Portland
Salem local 33 event number five which

will be at McMenamin old church and pub
in the pub Tim your executive-produced
from episode 962 hosting that Spokane

Washington seems like a lot of West
Coast 7:00 p.m. local time Jeffrey akin
Berg is hosting that at the nectar wine
and beer we have the Chicago Meetup
Chicago Illinois this is the big one

it’s the Midwest furry convention we
cannot wait to see these photos and I do
expect a video of furries singing the
Gitmo nation national anthem I will be
very disappointed if we don’t get that

the first just yell shut up but we need
video it needs to be video yeah and it’s
in fact as much as we can get and we do

have a couple of a couple of submissions
from our meetup reports let me see I
have let me see here
I’ve got yes I have audio first of all I
finally have the Australia the Sydney

Meetup Gitmo nation anthem which I’ve
been trying to play for three episodes
is crapping out we have a winner
human resources and beyond we are happy


now listen to the very end here could

you please leave immediately without
fuss yeah you can get kicked out of the
bar these are really great I don’t know

that everybody has to do that because
you know everyone kind of knows the
words where was this Australia Sydney
now most bars at least the European ones
especially when you get to the bars in

Germany these people are constantly
singing yeah but they also had a goat’s
head and a whole bunch of other weird
things I think if you’re gonna sing
loudly don’t bring the goat head yeah

probably right now we did get some and I
really appreciate the songs yeah we
haven’t we have a number of these and
you know that and I think it’s a almost
a requirement that you have a meet up

that you sing the song I really like
that we’re not gonna play it every
single show in the meet up report but we
did get to audio meet up reports the
first one here is the Kitchener Meetup

hey Guardian is a reality this is
surstromming the stinky swedish fish
knight of the bog of eternal stench
we’re all hanging out here a bunch of
slaves for your magic in the bar and you
overhear this like honey let’s move to

another table these guys are nuts
hey guardians of reality this is
surstromming the stinky swedish fish
knight of the bog of eternal stench
we’re all hanging out here a bunch of
slaves first meetup in Kitchener went

pretty well everyone is not triggered
and we’re just gonna pass around the
table and say yo oh and this is local
for 2033
Catherine the patient proof that meetups
are not just sausage fest Saturday night

I’m here with the Kitchener and meetup
here it’s going well this is Sir beaches
of open again I do have a knight name I
never definitively chose one or called

in for one so this is actually a
vanadium no this is producer Chris
enjoying my time at the meet up and
Jamie Laura and Tim reduce regs this is
Brian also having a good time but to
meet up still a douchebag soon to be a

knight now that’s a meet up report model
meet up report beautiful so I’m so I’m
in the bar like you said next to this
group and my wife turns to me and she

says hey what’s going on and I say
Shriners we need the hats writers I love
those Shriner hats yeah I think we’re

headed there and then we had the Puerto
Rico meetup hosted by our very own Jambo
Joe Winky from the cannon club and old
San Juan Puerto Rico this is Jambo Joe

and John Henry Sir John of the Sica no
Joe is there no no he’s probably opening

up a new store who knows it’s a new
market for him you know he’s gonna be a
billionaire I mean the first official he
does have the he knows how to market

stuff he does and then the value for
value model something happened this week
which is worth mentioning dave rubin
started a new company and his
explanation for this was very

interesting I’m very happy that he has
seen the light in a Dave Rubin I think
he was was he doing commercials at any
point before he went to patreon

I think he may have yeah I think there
was some maybe YouTube money and then
there was deep platforming or de
monetizing and then he went to patreon
and the Filner rug out from under him

and then you know he looked at his 10%
that patreon takes and he’s like well
that’s no good and then he decided to
launch his own company called locals
locals dot-com that’s a good domain name
actually and here is his little pitch

which I again I found really great on
one hand and I do have an issue with
what he’s doing on the other we
officially closed my patreon account for
weeks I had been telling people leave
patreon join us at dave rubin com we

built out a great site so that we could
just do the same fan funding that we
were doing on patreon we actually went
to a place where we were offering no
reward so on patreon I was doing all
these Google Hangouts and we were

sending people all this stuff and it was
becoming another job unto itself and we
then just created dave rubin comm and we
allow people to just donate whatever
they wanted to do to help us keep the

show independent everything else and we
found that by not even giving rewards
just showing a little bravery just kind
of sticking up against against big tech
against patreon in this case that our

revenue actually jumped about 30% so we
were actually giving people less rewards
in that we were giving them no rewards
anymore and our revenue jumped because
people were like oh Dave and Jordan and
Sam and and a few other people it’s like

oh you guys are doing something good and
doing something brave and all right I
just got stopped here Dave stop with
doing something brave you’re not brave
okay doing something very brave people
are not donating because you’re brave

you have an outstanding product that’s
all you need and then you just say what
is it worth to you in a really bizarre
time so as we decided to do that I
thought this isn’t enough you know I

because of a couple years of doing this
have built a nice a nice business here
and I’ve got a great staff and we were
able to build us a website and figure
out how to fan fund and my my garage I’m

in my garage right now my my studio is
in my home my my control room right over
there is a guest bedroom and the green
room right over there is another guest
bedroom we’ve built an incredible

business here and what I realized was I
want to start giving the tools that
I’ve been able to build I want to start
giving them to other Creators because
these problems are not going away now I
have not signed up for locals but he

does talk in this is the whole thing is
about half an hour he does talk about
this new business that he started and
I’m not really going to say I think

that’s a good idea
because you’re basically going to run
into all the same problems you just
walked away from and to say look I had a
look here’s the deal look I had a couple

of years to build my business and you
know and he kind of implies that you
need these tools and you can bypass
those couple of years to start your

business this is where I’m going to say
no no it takes time it took us I’m going
to say
five years at least until it became a

little bit viable for us maybe even six
or seven years do you remember – no but
before it was viable I didn’t quit my

job until year five you have to quit
your job yeah I did
what do you mean eventually you’re gonna
quit your job but cuz you’re gonna quit
your job yeah but then for a cover we’re

if we if we if we do what we know today
it’s very easy to get to zero to a
hundred and two years this doesn’t take
six seven eight years okay this is
interesting but you still have to build

it and I think the no agenda show
recommends you build this yourself I can
only presume Dave Reubens new business
is charging people for these tools yeah
I would hope so but just do it yourself

you don’t know he like he says what he
really said and let’s just be honest

about it he said you know this patreon
we could do pages pretty much be what
patreon is doing and just change the
names of the day Reuben calm or locals

calm and it but it’s still patreon for
you suckers but meanwhile for me I just
the Vig is missing that I get all the –
the credit card fees of course which you

can pick up by the heavily but everybody
else picked up now this is nonsense I
mean there’s just a genuine yeah that’s
what it felt like a little bit to me

it’s like oh you know yes you’re right
about it’s amazing if you just let
people send you whatever they think it’s
worth although he didn’t say it in those
words it works but then like oh you’re
gonna you know make things complicated

yes I mean nobody wants to just take a
look at the simplicity of it the thing
is you which I think we learned just on
accident is really the way the world

works if you want it to be simple you
make it simple that’s we only have
don’t have a big staff of producers and
engineers this is the main thing this is

the main we’re killing themselves well
yeah and also learn to tape live because
the post-production will kill you they
will kill you yeah this is why no

post-production is no good people have
to realize that I mean that’s what
happens you are one of our competitors
that was probably and they did model

after us but they’re putting out a good
product camera over the names that I can
never remember the name of that old
podcast but they’re putting out a great
product actually but it was post
produced take three or four days to get

it out the door yeah what they also
doing video there’s another there’s
another video which is no reason for
that even ten unfiltered reasons
unfiltered was the name of the show
unfiltered very good it was a very good

podcast yeah and kind of like had no
agenda twist they stole a lot of our
jingles and things which you know we
grossed about now and again and simple

but they had too many people that they
were doing video and they’re doing
posting the whole thing up and it was
semi rehearse and almost scripted it was
yeah we’re gonna get right now we’re

gonna give away all the secrets it’s
real simple one open-ended to as many
payment method methods as you can garner
and never be afraid of checks or bank

transfers or anything like that be open
to that particularly in the United
States there’s a lot of ways you can
transfer money from bank account to bank
account for free I would say consistency

of if you say you’re gonna do it every
Thursday then do it every Thursday twice
a week on Thursday do your show and do
it more or less on time do it in real

time and then I think the number one
secret to this success after you’ve
conditioned people and you may want to
just I mean I would recommend people

address and even recognize your
listeners as producers because that’s
what they are and the new radio is what
podcasting is is gone way beyond the let

me call in my request on the phone line
or whatever it is completely interactive
your people are making your show if you
haven’t figured that out it’s never

really going to work so your listeners
are your producers your producers are
the ones who are responsible for really
for keeping the content honest on par on
track whatever it is and they’re the

ones who will support it financially but
then above all the reminder and I think
the newsletter is of critical importance
importance critical people need to be

reminded and that’s that’s it is there
anything I’m leaving out
quality product well above all if you
don’t have an outstanding product all

the aforementioned will not work at all
no it’s not gonna work unless you’re
providing something that people really
want or need and I can’t get anyplace
else or or it entertains them we try to
do a variety but our approaches various

let’s say yeah where we have
entertainment value we have
informational value we have analysis
value we do what we can but this has a
lot to do with the fact that we’re both

older and experienced yes you should
also be also be old to be old and then
you’re good to go
better I finally received my Epson

didn’t kill himself bumper stickers I
got him just before I left so I haven’t
put it on the car yet I’ll put him on it
about a building in Amsterdam now I
didn’t bring him with me they’re still

at home but there are some interesting
things regarding epstein that have
cropped up now two stories this week the
first one Jeffery Epstein’s private

banker at Deutsche and city found
swinging from a rope executive suicide
before FBI could question him
there was there was a banker from

Deutsche Bank and I have a call into the
former New York banker to find out
what’s going on but there’s never any
evidence that he was Jeffrey Epstein’s
private banker the same way that that

was this small aircraft the piper went
down in Indiana and this is a very odd
story the guy apparently had some had

someone just fill up the tank an intern
who was working you know like on a jobs
program that’s the guy who’s very very
sketchy but then they say this was
Jeffrey Epstein’s plastic surgeon he

must have been killed by the wrong gas I
mean come on there’s no evidence Epstein
had even had plastic surgery but okay so
these things I find very annoying very

annoying every death you get relate to
Jeffrey Epstein yeah exactly and I just
want to point out that since almost the
inception of this program we’ve been

talking about aliens and sex parties and
pedophilia and all kinds of all kinds of
weird things and in fact that’s how I
got my name the crackpot that’s how I

started with the radio station that got
burned down in the Netherlands
figuratively speaking and now it’s just
mainstream chicanery now we’re just
laughing about it like yeah like it’s

the most normal thing in the world it’s
not even really news anymore
although the BBC is still staying on the
Prince Andrew thing as they interviewed
Virginia Roberts and that interview

aired this past Monday now apparently
they had already interviewed her before
they did the Prince Andrew interview so
that’s how they knew about the sweating

and the dancing that he responded to
that was impossible because his reptile
and he has to shed ten years so now this
piece aired and it’s all over for Prince
Andrew out of that royal scandal in

Britain TV viewers tonight saw a
dramatic interview with Prince Andrew’s
accuser Virginia gue Frey called on the
public to stand with her against sex
trafficking Charlie d’Agata on what
could be more damaging news

for the prince he knows what happened I
know what happened and there’s only one
of us telling the truth and I know
that’s me that truth as Virginia – Frey
tells it in her first interview on

British soil is that she was forced to
have sex with Prince Andrew when she was
17 years old it was taped before Prince
Andrew went public and that widely
criticised interview where he

strenuously denied all allegations but
jew-free says the prince had sex with
her on three occasions she was brought

to London by convicted paedophile
Jeffrey Epstein where she was instructed
to dance with Prince Andrew at a
it was horrible and this guy was
sweating all over me like it was like it

was raining I have a medical condition
which is about don’t sweat right didn’t
sweat at the time and then – Frey
described what happened next at a

townhouse after the club it didn’t last
very long the whole entire procedure it
was disgusting he wasn’t mean or
anything but he got up and he said

thanks he walked out and I stopped there
in bed just horrified and ashamed it was
a wicked time in my life it was a really

scary time in my life I just been abused
by a member of a royal family it is a
scandal that refuses to go away and one
that has shaken the royal family to the

core in the wake of the crisis nor the
decision has been made for Prince Andrew
to step away from all public duties for
the foreseeable future
oh yeah no yeah he’s in the mail well I

have a question yeah
for one thing I realized that I probably
had met this guy prince am silicon yeah
there was some Silicon Valley thing I

got suckered into going to hmm and you
know me yeah yes I do okay I’ll go to
this because I’m gonna get to meet
Prince and with somebody else was some

other celebrity there turned out there
was like a million people there and you
maybe you could stand in a line you come
by and dude give a high-five or whatever
I don’t even remembered if I actually
touched him that courtesy but was it

when you were in England am i just
mixing up these princes wasn’t he always
known as Randy Randy Andy yes Randy Andy
okay I don’t know no no no not that I

know of I thought he was supposed to be
Randy Andy and I thought you supposed to
be gay no I was Randy Andy because he’s
just all over the supermodels he had all

these buddies ran modeling companies he
was in the set oh yeah he was in the in
fact quite frankly if you touched him
you should go scrub your hands who knows
I can’t actually remember what do vent

hug but I’m a which one of those things
where I go in something like oh my god
there’s too many people here I can see
you go no and turn around and walk right

out I can see you doing I’ve done that
many a time now luckily in the United
States of America we always have our
humor and our wits about us we’d like
making fun of things the Jeffrey F scene

didn’t kill himself meme is is very
American I think I like it it’s funny it
lifts the spirits and there’s nothing
like it lifts the spirits and there’s

nothing like going into a Walmart and
saying hey I’m looking for my buddy
could you please announce his name and
ask him to come to the register

okay mr. Clinton killed Epstein’s by a

joke on The Simpsons but it were still

Depp Steen what’s his first name Clinton
what’s the last name killed Epstein okay

come on what my favorites killed Epstein
you want to leave on this high note er
you want to bring us down with the final
clip well we got a couple of final crews
that could bring us down well let’s just

do this one this kind of brings us up
just just catch people up with the fact
that Brin and page were now out yes the
ends of an era at Google
the online Giants co founders Larry Page

and Sergey Brin are taking a step back
from parent company alphabet leaving
their roles as CEO and presidents in a
joint letter announcing the shake-up the

pair said they would remain actively
involved but said it was the natural
time for change while it has been a
tremendous privilege to be involved in
the day-to-day management of the company

for so long we believe it’s time to
assume the role of proud parents
offering advice and love but not daily
nagging after founding Google as

Stanford graduate students in a garage
over two decades ago page and Brin went
on to become one of the tech industry’s
most successful double acts the Silicon
Valley duo moved from Google’s alphabet

when it was created in 2015 as part of
restructuring to include new initiatives
such as self-driving cars the pair have
been pursuing a more

hands off approach for some time a move
that’s drawn criticism as Google faces
pressure over anti-competitive practices
and tax avoidance after taking over the
reins at Google four years ago sundar

Pichai has become the public face of the
firm he’ll now also become alphabet CEO
while the move is the most significant
leadership change at Google since its
creation page and Brin aren’t giving up

their ultimate power between them they
still control 51% of voting rights on
alphabets board is this this is just a
formality isn’t I mean these guys

weren’t really involved in the
day-to-day anymore about a year ago I
thought sundar was was doing everything
they were there his boss he was just
doing what he was told no I didn’t

realize if that’s gonna continue by the
way with just with them in a lower
profile yeah the thing is what are they
gonna do I think I’m sure they’re gonna
do something big in public and I have
something too with space some another

one of those I didn’t realize that
Sergey everybody goes into this space
Sergey now he was married to an OG key
yeah and divorce and she is the CEO of
23andme what I didn’t realize is that

Anne’s sister Susan is the CEO of
YouTube it’s kind of incestuous you
think I just didn’t realize it I didn’t

never put it all together like wait a
minute that’s the sister so a
sister-in-law got a cushy job that’s
nice yeah but actually this the older
sister the 23andme woman is worth 600

million and the younger sister somehow
is up with 40 million and talking about
falling into it she’s
well right not much of that for us as

podcasters know but we’re podcasters yes
someday it would be looked upon as wow
these guys were pioneers yeah okay don’t
hold your breath

pioneers no years now Dave Rubin will
get credit for creating the value for
value model and you know Ricky Gervais
says the pocket you’re gonna be the
first podcast yeah that’s it everybody

remember to propagate the formula we are
the oh geez let him know because it’s
true and Nic the rat is coming up with
no agenda stream comm with another

this one’s titled dear sewers so I guess
he’s talking talking to his house that’s
kind of next no agenda stream dot-com
then we have end of show mixes

from Brian longenecker Leola puke and
Jesse coy Nelson appreciate that as
always and I will I have my family
funeral function tomorrow and then on

Sunday we’ll be back with another show
right parallel to runway two-seven here
that’s people airport in amsterdam gitmo
nation lowlands until then remember us
at Dvorak dot org slash

na until then in the morning everybody
my name is Adam curry and from Roseau
Silicon Valley I’m John C Dvorak we
returned Sunday right here I’m gonna go
cut up with Genda until then adios mofos

jeffrey afternoon comes
in the bush and I have to deal with is

incredible and I’ve defeated the OB

whatever you

is incredible


I’m Joe Biden and I am Joe Biden his

wife’s finger in his mouth

he describes children and how they were
playing with his leg hair
ooh is America ready for that I got
hairy legs and the kid used to come up

reach in the pool and rub my leg down so
it’s raining then watch the hair come
back up again jumping on my lap he likes
children crawling on his lap

that’s a lot of malarkey we’re telling
the truth
I got hairy legs keep punching at it and
punching at it and punch now the

president has a big stick poor kids are
just as bright and just as talons white
kids / Vice President Biden you are


I’m going why

no working and I inhale I didn’t I
didn’t it was a long time ago I just

broke loose
she put over 1500 people in jail for
marijuana violations and laughed about

it when she was asked if she ever smoked
this is gonna sound immodest but I’m

obviously a top-tier candidate well yeah
and especially when people are at 0 1
percent or whatever she might be here
and so I did expect that I might take
kids tonight and I’m gonna now direct
this advice president you also work with

them to post busing and there was a
little girl in California he was part of
the second class we integrate her public
schools as she requested every day and
that little girl was me

upon being elected I will give the
United States Congress 100 days to get

their act together and have the courage
to pass reasonable gun safety laws and
if they fail to do it then I will take
executive action the senator Warren I
just want to say that I was surprised to
hear that you did not agree with me when

I called on Twitter to suspend dollops
account that you did not agree and I
would I would urge you to join me
when the President of the United States

speaks her words are very powerful
once drawing huge crowds one of the top
candidates on the Democratic side
senator Kamala Harris announcing she’s

dropping out mofos for an org slash egg
we have a run out of clips now