No Agenda Episode 1202: “Invidious Phobias”

will it cook the Gophers Adam curry
Jhansi divor award-winning media
assassination episode 1200 this is no

the drone star state in the morning
everybody I’m out of curry man from
northern Silicon Valley where we’re

expecting a big match on today’s boxing
who’s fighting anyway I’m John Steed
were a match oh I get it boxing day okay
you realize that until just about five

or six years ago that’s what I thought
it was about I didn’t never got it
that’s not true because we’ve been doing
the show since I’ve lived in the UK and
and you knew exactly what boxing day was
I don’t but then it was just before then

okay well I’m glad you’re up to speed on
that yes it’s boxing day why is it
called boxing day because they put stuff
in boxes yeah you give each other’s box

wine why go and alienate our ruk
producers well they’ve been picked up on
Boxing Day in Canada they use Depp
boxing be up there and now we’re

thinking about it Oh a bitch it’s gonna
be a millennial thing boxing day you
watch you can you can you can just put
money on it I always thought you know
when I think originally I was some

Australian thing cuz that’s what was in
the UK and had to do it’s kangaroos
mm-hmm boxing
I always visualize the Kent couple
kangaroos with boxing gloves on okay I’m

boxing day well I’m glad that you’ve
been put straight
but again and I think it’s a fine
millennial trait that’s how it’ll be

brought in boxing day oh yes we have
friendsgiving and boxing day we don’t
celebrate Christmas we celebrate Boxing
Day don’t you see that’s head it’s
headed that way
race boxing we celebrate Boxing Day
Christmas is pre Boxing Day I wrote down

a couple of millennial things for you
well while I was traveling just just –
well the a – important man spoke out ya
know is this is this gonna be a

published list or what is it going to be
yeah published on Twitter
wow that guarantees no one will read it
okay so but maybe baby I’ll put a web

page a wordpress page so I I just have
to but I think they’re important by the
way we’re getting a lot of these and a

lot of people most of the ones that yet
cut which is kind of along your lines of
thinking most of the ones I’ve been
getting are what do you call it it’s the
way people act it’s as opposed to like

things like mine is like things
okay craft beer and dr. Bronner okay
that’s the thing most people are mostly

about how people act
okay so gender-reveal parties is a thing
it’s not – it’s an act and it’s a thing
yeah so I think you should put that on

but I have I haven’t I have one that
I’ve been noticing more often and it is
intact but it’s a flame by the way by
the way yes I think the gender-reveal

party where the woman pooped our farted
out a big blue cloud I think that
shoulda killed it
gee I must have missed that viral video

make sure you tag me in it next time it
comes around I have not seen that one ah
it’s gross here’s something that I’m
seeing very frequently and it’s just

wrong and I’m not sure why it’s
happening won’t or did it must be a lack
of education you see this in emails you
see it in tweets you see it in text

messages putting the dollar sign after
the amount instead of in front of the
hello yeah I’m writing it down so you

never know
you might have fallen over backwards
from this revelation so we’re seeing
this Oh
so instead of dollar sign like fifty
four fifty dollars it’ll be fifteen

dollar sign MLS because it makes more
sense you thinking about you say $50 so
you’d be fifty dollars and as opposed to
in the old way which is putting a dollar
sign than 50 you say fifty dollars but

it’s out of order
yeah if you think about it yes I know I
understand but it’s it’s not it’s not
common and that’s stupid I’ve seen this
a lot

another thing I see a lot but the other
wise it says like another thing is did
we talk about this at people driving
without their headlights this is
happening on increasing smart

increasing it’s because they don’t know
I I think because everyone’s used to
automatic headlights that just on then
I’d have been driving a lot of dusk for
some reason or maybe just getting darker

earlier here in Austin and I just it
must be thick every time I go three four
cars driving with no lights on and they
don’t even know it
loudly obviously well I don’t know of
you well that’s that

it’s an automation most millennial
things on this list should be overt not
just dumb these guys fell into well
anyway you know a lot of Millennials
have fallen into holes listen I I feel

the plight of the Millennials they’ve
been slack off I’d there’s a lot going
on in their lives and so we’re just
we’re just making light of a few things
we have we have nothing against

Millennials obviously lists long enough
I’ll be older when I bring it up at the
dinner table it’ll build be able to add
a few extra items all right now before
we do anything else
I feel a rain stick is in order for

Australia sir Chris Wilson’s down there
he he actually requested it they’re
burning up so they need some rain stick
action and he haven’t done it in quite a

all right I think this is for New South
Wales everybody other than Australia
especially Becky should turn off their
speakers for the next 20 seconds yes
because it’s gonna hurt you real bad and
we know that it’ll it’ll in about three

or four days it’ll be raining cats and
dogs in Austin but that is the plight of
the rain stick so we give two full
shakes for New South Wales yeah okay
here we go New South Wales

I hope it gets better there so I do have
some tales of travel since the keeper

and I yes the travel one of the
highlights of the No Agenda show sure
since we went to New York Friday we left
so he had Thursday had the show then

what a dream to travel without the
studio for once thank you everybody for
allowing us to run a special John story
time on this Sunday so we did not
produce something live on the day itself

and thank you a David or cut of course
we’re producing that our executive
producer for the show which also puts me
a bit out of rhythm I don’t know if you
noticed that this morning but you know
not doing that Sunday show I was a

little off I don’t know maybe because
they had to do Tuesday’s horowitz either
he’s done sabbatical for the next two
shows okay so I was just treated lounge

around all right so we had to TSA
experiences and I noticed something
right off the bat as we departed from
Austin now we had a pre-check

I have no reason to have pre-check I’ve
no longer qualify whenever I travel with
the keeper who also has no pre-check
privileges we always get pre checked so

that was a breeze we flew right through
not a problem and if you go through the
pre check line it’s always noticeable
that you can keep your shoes on you
don’t have to take your laptop out of
your bag and my my training well my

boots whenever I go through a non
pre-check magnetometer that’s the metal
detector they go off I mean there’s
always something in the boots that will

go off and they did not go off so I
presume that they’ve detuned the
pre-check magnetometer just you know so
that it doesn’t respond to for instance

stuff in in boots or maybe a bracelet
that you may still have on or even a
belt and this was accentuated on the way
back which was a very interesting trip
we flew back on the 24th of the

Christmas Eve
JetBlue from JFK
there was a line it must have been 500
people in the line but it was moving and
what we did is we went through that damn

dog thing again which I identified on my
my the trip before last when I came back
from from Europe where they send you
through the you know the gerbil lines
and all of a sudden you come to a little

open square space and then you line up
to two people at a time may not be the
person you’re traveling with you shut up
slave you sit next to him okay and walk
when we tell you and then you’re
supposed to walk slowly across this open

square and then they walk the dog around
you so they’re doing this dog thing
again I have never seen this ever second
time for me second time now of course
the dog that never looks at me I don’t

know what he’s looking for and then and
then we got to the to the security lines
and they had a lot of them open must
have been eight or nine of them and
every single one of them you could keep
your shoes on your laptop could stay in

your bag they detuned all of them
nothing went off they want to move it
well I got a report this morning from a
whistleblower at the TSA more than 40
million US airline passengers are

expected to go through airport security
checkpoints this holiday this TSA
security director says you may not be as
safe as you think
what they’re doing is injecting danger

into the system Jay Brainerd is the top
TSA official in his state and has been
with the agency for 17 years
he says TSA is cutting corners on the
screening process to shorten wait times

one example TSA reduced the sensitivity
on all walk through metal detectors at
airports across America they’re reducing
the concentration of metal that it would

take to set off that alarm so that you
can speed up lines and have fewer
pat-down how do you know that’s why they
did it because there’s a memo out that
supports it this TSA memo shows the
order came in 2013 quote changing all
walk through metal detector settings in

all lanes to the TSA PreCheck setting to
normalize the passenger experience
Brainerd says the
this continues today and he worries
bomb-making components could go

undetected you could have a 30-minute
wait time and they treat it like it’s a
national emergency that is such an
unhealthy obsession of plating placing
speed over security Brainerd says that

obsession also led the TSA to disable
technology on x-ray machines that screen
carry-on bags and pre-check lanes this
internal memo states as of last month
those x-ray machines should be operated

without the auto detection algorithm
enabled why don’t they just let us walk
through at this point for revealing this
you had a nice experience plays blown up

no but now with the more likely like
this would happen if he hadn’t said
anything the whole report is worth

listening to it’s about five minutes
it’s in the show notes under a shut up
slave you can find it there oh yeah and
there’s a lot more to things yes yes you
can turn them up and down it’s true a

magnetometer you can make it more or
less sensitive generally speaking
they’re set to the point where it won’t
detect a belt buckle right so what yeah
well that’s to move people through but

it has nothing to do with safety moving
people through that’s the thing they
have to do once in a while right but it
has nothing to do with safety this is
just the theater part just what we know
yeah I know no reason to talk about a

life this is ridiculous I think somebody
a favor because he’s all in terrorists
are everywhere oh yeah you gotta bust
him on this creep poor guy he’s just

trying to do his job guys an idiot okay
New York is by the way before it just as
a size that you’re talking about that so

I dropped the kids JC and I’m trying out
JC but Jay and Nic at the airport so
they can go up and they’re gonna spend
their spent to nigga motivates with the

Knicks parents up in Washington mm-hmm
so who’s the mind people should take
notes of this you should take notes on
these things
monday they flew out I drove to the air
Oakland Airport the place was desolate

huh there was nobody there right I got
there two hours early cuz oh my god you
know I Drive in Terminal one there was
that one car even parked on the curb and

then Terminal two there was a few cars
but it was about one half what it
normally is in southwest and they said
that the TSA line was non-existent hmm
so Monday that Friday meanwhile was a

nightmare yeah I’ll bet before the
weekend but then Monday was nothing so
people take note there are these moments
and I’ve flown on him where you go to
the airport there’s nobody there right

well we had it was pretty busy both
sides but New York was insane and there
is nothing wrong with the economy if you
look at New York of course it’s no one
from New York who’s in there we we

stayed in Soho I think I told you about
the app that the former New York banker
turned me on to the hotel tonight um you
have not told me about this little

oh okay hotel tonight which isn’t it’s a
website or an app it’s it’s kind of like
an overstock only it’s for douchebags
like the former New York banker so you
guess so you get swanky swanky rooms we

got the was it the the sixties Soho for
it you know a little over 200 bucks a
night it was I mean that’s that’s half
the price of what those rooms cost so

that was fantastic
that then you know it’s it was a fun
hotel and a little booty key but at
least we were out of the Midtown area
it was just they’re hurting people like

just like like sheep everywhere yeah
okay walk past that display walk past
that Fifth Avenue you can’t even if you
wanted to you can’t move in or out of it

you just have to go with the flow it was
completely completely overcrowded and
then downtown in the village it’s really
quaint and there’s I mean all you see is

restaurants and stores to buy stuff
there’s no infrastructure there’s new I
didn’t see a laundromat
I didn’t see you know any of the things
you even grocery stores are very few and

far between so I conclude that there’s
you know this must be just mainly Asian
NYU students who are hanging around who

live there because there’s me getting at
the end it really is there’s nothing to
live and although wow I we took a look
at the Hudson Yards I hadn’t that I’d
not seen any of these Westside projects

with the the buildings it’s just insane
what’s being built with no one in them
rushon own no one wants them no one can
afford the taxes I don’t know how it’s

gonna work out except for the tourism
that which works really well the tourism
well if they want to turn New York City
into a tourist haven there goes a Zephyr
wait one two three four five six seven
eight nine ten

whoa economy is doing great back to New
York people like this effort report yeah

of course valuing the economy is doing
yes in New York if they want to turn New
York into nothing more than just a
tourist attraction or people can point
it to tall buildings and go WOW then
they have they got it made but if

there’s no grocery stores and all the
little things you need to sustain a
actual living public it’s not yeah I
don’t think I don’t think there’s any
way to sustain a normal living public

this is it’s just not there and you know
and it’s a line of people who are still
standing in line for cronuts and what is
wrong with people standing in line for
cronuts yeah there’s a whole line and

every single day was right by the hotel
what are they standing away for for
cronuts of doing good for half an hour
for the croissant doughnut cross-like
okay now not as many dogs as I had

expected although the air the airport
there were quite a few dogs when we
arrived but in the city itself in
general not that many dogs very
noticeable amongst the the women in New

York particularly the younger women all
of them
well not all but a huge majority have
enormous fake eyelashes and at the
keeper and I we attribute this it has to

be something with Instagram that this is
happening but I mean the eyelash is the
digit millennial yes oh yes young women
the eyes on the list yes the eyelashes
the young women are wearing are I mean

they’re like Betty boots they bat their
eyes and my hair flies all over the
place it’s noticeable but I thought that
was interesting let’s see what else did
we have oh yes so we have stalls you

know there’s always a little stalls
around Central Park or just anywhere
that people can set stuff up by the way
plenty of counterfeit china stuff
counterfeit Gucci Chanel that’s just

going on that never stopped I thought
that was supposed to end yeah oh no no
no and they it’s not just Canal Street
it’s everywhere they got that little rug
bump they got everything there and

they’re out in the open no one’s
hassling them and I so I guess that’s
still oh there’s so much for copyright
net force exactly so we got that cash oh
yes there are stalls peppered throughout

New York Eve where there was
Washington’s was it mmm
Washington Square Park I think Central
Park anyway

stands with Trump hate buttons the whole
stand of resist F Trump just and it’s

it’s organized you know these aren’t
just single guys this is New York’s
gotta send me some photos of this yeah
now it’s it’s it’s everywhere but anyone
around Columbus Circle can that can take

some I think I got one picture but we
need to have multiple I go I should have
done that actually you should have yes
let me see what else was there that was
was interesting
yeah the cash is a problem you know

they’re trying to move to to the
non-cash systems and we went to to see
Moulin Rouge on Broadway and in the

foyer a like Oh grab a drink is a guy
standing there with a little stand and
ordered two drinks and I said what what
do you want cash or cards not card is

easy okay so give him the card and first
so first he has to go to a a wireless
terminal he has to clickety click press
some buttons then he has to get the
terminal the portable card reader

terminal has to type in the amount that
didn’t communicate then he sticks the
card in pulls it out and then I have to
sign the piece of paper like when is
this exactly I’m like white why didn’t

we just do cash yeah well I don’t really
have a lot of change and yeah just one
of those miners understand my deal to
Moulin Rouge which I’d not seen the

movie and apparently the the theatrical
production has been updated with the
songs and if you’ve ever seen it John
but it’s it’s quite it’s cleverly done I
enjoyed it very much

they have an intermission and the minute
the intermission hits so the lights go
down the actors are off stage lights
come up everybody jumps up taking
selfies running down to the stage oh

look it was it was bizarre just selfie
after selfie like oh my god you have
nothing better to do the husband that

discuss the peace with your seat with
your your neighborhood no no no no no we
got it devil take analysis selfies are
better here yes I can post them on

Instagram to show off that you’re at the
play and nobody else’s that’s the point
that’s the point
you give me look at me I’m at the play I
play and you’re not food-wise two

experiences one I was very surprised to
find foie gras on the menu which I
immediately ordered and devoured I said
how can this be

is this not outlawed in your city
in your state and which I was informed
it goes into effect 2021 so if you want
your foie gras in New York you can still
get it while the eatin is good on the
others it duck or was a goose that was

goose it was yeah it’s apparently I
thought it was outlawed I know that you
know most of the duck foie gras is is
actually out of Long Island there’s some

farm there that doesn’t wouldn’t
surprise me uh and so New York is a big
producer of the duck foie gras and it
seems to me there would be a get you
know that there I don’t know hurt in

their own businesses that California
also makes fuck before I go on and
they’ve banned it yes dump
well it’s still it’s not banned yet in
New York then we we went to this place
called flippers which was a pancake

Waffle House now I know I was a stripper
yeah that’s officially I was like yeah
let’s go there
but this wasn’t it was like an upscale
kind of hipster yeah there was a place

if you waited Birmingham Alabama the
same food for like $2 wait for it so I
order pancakes and bait and the bacon

that’s it pancakes and bacon it takes 20
minutes comes back on the plate there’s
two pancakes on each pancake is a
sunny-side up fried egg and on the side

its truffle fries alright this is first
of all this I what is this with the eggs
yes that’s a menu failure most people

just know we’re going to serve it that
way said well I don’t want the eggs on
my pancake he said if I wanted that to
go to a truck stop and even then I don’t
think I want it it was very odd and then
who serves truffle fries with pancakes

Tina had waffles a people will love it
chicken and waffles with Japan it was

really good David had some kind of
molasses type you know the dressing and
or syrupy stuff and that was outstanding
but I just I couldn’t get beyond the
fact that I ordered pancakes and then

these two eggs show up
he’s on my pen I am NOT a fan I think I
picked up that when I was in air
pollution in spectrum we used to eat at
Denny’s all the time and Denny’s used to
always serve an egg on the Grand Slam

whatever the hell it was that is the
Grand Slam yeah that’s really eat well
you’re eating it’s a fancy place I as
the government worker was eating a
Denny’s yeah but I got into the egg on
the pancakes that was that mmm so I’m

gonna pick my pancakes usually make an
egg well hard piss from the full fries I
haven’t tried that oh the whole thing
was strange but we had a great time
thank you everybody

thanks for letting us take a show off
just to recuperate I haven’t really
recuperated I think that you that one
hour time difference somehow it can mess
me up more than six hours it’s very

so there’s only one hour I know I know
but they have waken up early and I just
yeah and I hope everybody enjoyed your
your story time I certainly did

I’d loved listening to it we love your
stories yeah I got more really you have
more that you haven’t repeated yet most

summer reruns us so let’s see there’s a
number of things we can talk about I
don’t think there’s much about the
debate that we have to cover that was on
Thursday after the show I don’t think

there’s anything that we have to it was
it was a nothing burger god jeez all I
heard is that Joe Biden went into some
stuttering thing and half from half of

America thought he was making fun of
kids and the other half thought people
are making fun of him for stuttering did
you did you follow this at all no I did
not follow that at all all I know is his
eyeball didn’t blow out and they didn’t

Jack him up enough with enough drugs
well listen to this here it is this is
eight seconds
what do I do I have I think Joe stutters

like that I think he got caught in it I
don’t think he was making fun of any
kids no I think he was making fun of
some we’re not making fun but describing

a stuttering kid really you know he’s a
stutterer remember that was his excuse
when he did poorly that’s why he bails
he could do that big did that gang
because he has a former stutterer he

could be a stutterer
he wasn’t mocking a stutter he was just
just showing how a stutterer does
sometimes talk really to me it sounds
like him he wanted to do that but he got

caught and he and he actually got into a
stutter mode that sounds like doctors
okay let me listen again no kids I do I

interesting that we had a vice president
and a president who both were stammerer
slash stutters in Obama
you could do it too he could get caught

oh no Obama is a total love yeah
if he wasn’t a stutterer when he was
younger I’d be surprised but he’s
definitely a stammerer right and then
Joe same thing yeah then maybe Emilio
maybe that’s what it is the Melia could

be the milieu of them okay so that was
it so the debate was I’m not gonna use
the word I can’t believe you used it but
I used it because you used it again like
few weeks ago well then let me get to

the thousand way I use it differently
uh-huh I say nothing burger Oh instead
of no words as opposed to nothing burger
you are a man of so many talents is

unbelievable I could do that let’s get
to the 1,000 sealed indictments that
we’ve been waiting for us as we are
still awaiting the cook well know
digenova has he’s not showing up much

anymore he’s kind of been banned because
he keeps promising too much but Fox News
did an interview with bar and it’s in
this case video would be helpful because

he has a real smug smile on his face
when he’s going through these little
bits and the first question here is
about the Durham investigation which is
of course you know Horowitz was just a

setup the Horowitz report no no the
thousands of sealed indictments they’re
coming in this one but it could take few
weeks few months can you update us on
that in terms of how that’s going or

what the time frame is when we can
expect to see that report well you know
he’s moving you know very diligently I’m
not involved in the day-to-day work of
that I know in just a general sense what

they’re what they’re looking at and
otherwise it’s his investigation that he
runs a disease sees fit and I haven’t
given it given them any timelines and we
haven’t discussed the timeline as to

when he thought it would be complete
but just my general there were people
who expected it to come a week or two
after horowitz’s report and just based
on my general knowledge of the things

he’s looking at her and has to look at
in the future I wouldn’t think that he’d
be in the position and you know for
quite a few months and I said it’s a
criminal investigation so there are

criminal investigation elements to it
oh there you go there’s thousands of
sealed indictments criminal criminal
investigation ongoing and he’s doing a
very very thorough investigation

including the intelligence agencies
heads will roll you know he’s not just
looking at the FBI is looking at other
agencies and also private and
departments and also private actors and

so it’s a much broader investigation and
also he’s not just looking at the FISA
aspect of it he is looking at all the
conduct both before and after the

election it would include agencies that
could have been involved in this but
we’re getting a lot of cooperation from
those agencies you have to remember on

something like this you know part of the
reason you do something like this is is
to deal with some of the various
theories that have been thrown out in
either show one way or the other whether

they’re they’re valid or not so the fact
that you’re looking into certain
allegations doesn’t necessarily mean you
give them cretins and I think the media
understood that when Bob Muller is doing
his no listen this is a very interesting

I’m glad you caught that listen to what
he says here at the end some of the
various theories that have been thrown
out in either show one way or the other
whether they’re they’re valid or not so
the fact that you’re looking into

certain allegations doesn’t necessarily
mean you give them credence and I think
the media understood that when Bob
Muller was doing his work
and they should bear that in mind when
they’re watching Durham I’m not quite

sure what is he saying that well it may
look like we’ve got thousands of sealed
indictments but don’t be fooled and what
exactly is he saying exactly you nailed
it that’s what it sounded like to me

it’s like calm down it ain’t gonna be
all that very disappointing we’ve been
promised we’ve been promised we’ve been
promised nothing and then Giuliani oh my
goodness Giuliani went on Glenn Beck’s

show the guy’s a maniac I love this guy
Giuliani is there and he’s got papers
and he’s showing ya affidavits he’s and
he’s saying he’s gonna send him to jail

he’s gonna prosecute Joe Biden hunter
Biden they’ve stolen billions of dollars
here’s the proof not you know Adam
Schiff lies here’s the proof now the

Ukrainians started to investigate this –
people from our embassy went to see them
and told them don’t investigate it well
we don’t we don’t care we don’t care

about the 5.3 billion dollars of our
taxpayers money and you say well why
would they do that and then that was
even a lot more pressure why would they
do that because what this shows is that
our embassy was giving this money not to

the government if we give it to NGOs I
you know the biggest NGO owner is yeah
George Soros I know we said the word
George Soros I’ll be damned if you’re

gonna call me anti-semitic
I’m not anti-semitic i prosecuted that
Italian criminals I prosecuted Jewish
criminals i prosecuted every kind of
criminal imaginable even prosecuted some
Martian criminals I think okay Rudy Rudy

this money is going to democratic ng I
know and they waste half of it the
government gets half of it and here’s
what the decent Ukrainians told me and

there are a lot of decent Ukrainians
said you guys particularly under Obama
where corruption got much worse they
will all testify you guys come here like
Biden and you lecture us on corruption

and then our people laugh at you because
he and as such were the most corrupt
people in the country they all knew he
was a joke can you convince me that
this will come out that these people

will be judged
sounds like deck is pretty annoyed by
thousands of shipments as well and yes
exactly my guy so they better kill me

there’s no way they shouldn’t be
prosecuted this should be in a federal
I know federal courts I know federal
courts better than anybody I will be
completely immodest and say I was the

most successful US attorney in the last
50 years
these are out-and-out crimes if
anybody’s afraid of prosecuting them you
make me the special prosecutor with two
people and not 35 million dollars I’ll

prosecute every single one of them
no I Rudy Guiliani laying it down smack
down and he’s he and everything that
we’ve discussed and the the reports

we’ve gotten about Franklin Templeton
Investments how the money is routed
around and then ultimately and now add
the coming back again after Pelosi’s kid
apparently you know he was I think we

played a clip of him he was there
pretending he was there for baseball but
he was consulting up for some other pipe
you know pipeline company or something
telling you thousands thousands of

seasoned Titans someone doesn’t go to
jail I will lose a lot of faith
somebody’s got to go to a couple of

fines here and there and so he’s got the
force to give the money back you know in
Lindy Hop Lindy Lindsey Graham remember
he was there in Ukraine with all the

shenanigans with McCain and with well
with the whole Clinton team with the
Brennan and with Victoria Kegel noonim
Nuland with her F the F the EU quote and

so Lindsay was first he was like well
we’re just gonna do a real speedy trial
just gonna we’re just gonna vote in the
Senate on this impeachment we’ll be done

with it so we get back to doing stuff
because he’s afraid that he’ll be
implicated in some of these obvious
corrupt practices that were going on but
he had a meeting with the President and

now he sings a different tune so I just
met with
president and he is demanding his day in
court every American accused of a crime
or wrongdoing gifts their day in court

apparently except Donald Trump and if
you believe the Clinton impeachment
trial was fair that’s exactly the same
type trial that will happen in the
Senate with President Trump but I just

left President Trump he’s mad as hell
that they would do this to him and now
deny him his day in court the reason
they’re denying his day him his day in
court sino their case sucks I’ll give

you a Berlin clip for them I didn’t hear
well he probably assured Lindsey that

he’s not gonna go to jail hey says if
anything happens I’ll bail you out don’t
worry about it
yeah cuz I mean Lindsey was like not not
for a trial at all anyway this whole

thing I mean the idea that there’s no
just kick it out to make it look like a
joke is I think the way to go as opposed
to just dragging this on for another

year with new testimonies and new
showboating although it will prevent
them from doing anything it will also
screw up these schedules of the senators
running for president right I mean

there’s there’s elements there that are
positive but for the most part it would
be nicer if they just kicked us to the
curb as fast as they could and get it
over with they would be forgotten by the
time of the election yeah I don’t think

that’s the plan on either side I think
you think everyone’s vying for this for
this timeline and who can we screw up
more in the media I mean this is the red
meat this is what they need I mean my

god I’ve seen them the media is so
deprived they need something now that
they’re even trying to create a horse
race between Yang and and mayor Pete
really later in the show we’ll have a

lot of international news that’s going
on lots of very interesting stuff yes
going on and you you know that is not
being covered because the media is just
too bloodthirsty over this one

one-to-one loan topic right and I do
have a few clips I want to
play about impeachment okay I want to
post play the get the ketchup clip this

is the Trump rundown on NBC talking
about you know everything from the
impeachment to the to the Christmas
surprise but tell me is it is it Jeff

I wish too bad that would have been that
would have been a true Christmas gift on
this Christmas Eve president Trump is
sharpening his attacks against Democrats
as the standoff over the impeachment

process intensifies speaking from his
mar-a-lago resort the president accused
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of hating the
entire Republican Party and the
president also addressed North Korea’s

ominous warning of a Christmas surprise
all of it creating a sharp contrast to
his holiday greetings to troops overseas
chief White House correspondent Holly
Jackson has the latest from West Palm

Beach on this Christmas Eve the
president’s making his own list of who’s
nice like Mitch McConnell the smart guy
very good guy a very fair guy and who’s
not like Nancy Pelosi she’s doing a

tremendous disservice to the country she
hates the Republican Party she hates all
of the people that voted for me
it’s a familiar refrain from the
president frustrated as negotiations

over a Senate impeachment trial appeared
to be on a holiday hiatus Democrats back
the House Speaker as she holds off on
sending those articles of impeachment to
the Senate until she’s confident that

process will be fair still the president
insists it’s Republicans who have the
upper hand we’re in a very good position
ultimately that decisions going to be
made by Mitch McConnell and he will make

it you know he has the right to do
whatever he wants he’s the head of the
Senate the trials start date in question
here at home and overseas questions on
the timing of something else the

so-called Christmas surprise North
Korea’s been hinting at for weeks ever
since officials there released these
photos of Kim Jong Moon on horseback
visiting a sacred site seen as a sign
Pyongyang was plotting an aggressive

move we’ll find out what this
and we’ll deal with adverse accessory
and let’s see what happens
US military and intelligence officials
are on alert for a possible long-range
missile test with new satellite photos

showing North Korea expanding a factor
it used to produce those missiles the
president downplaying that Christmas
gift threat with equipment maybe it’s a
nice present maybe it’s the president

where he sends a beautiful buzz and
we’ve had nothing another the Vaz may be

stuck in shipping or at customs so
disappointing that we didn’t get
anything from kim jeong-hoon
Wow I’m surprised me well of course

Pelosi pulled back the saying the
paperwork over even though it according
to some experts it doesn’t matter where
she does or not but I got this clip of

her answering the question somebody
accusing her of playing games and I
played the clip and I was producing it
last night I’m listening just wait we
played this clip already and so I went

back and they realized it was this I
have from a month ago I have a very
similar clip where she just get loses
her mind and we marry that clip but it
was it last show those show before the

show before that it was way back and so
you listed this clip and this is a deja
vu clip I said Nancy we are we have I
had when we bring the bill which is just

so you know there’s a bill made in order
by the Rules Committee that we can call
up at any time in order to send it over
to the Senate and to have the provisions
in there to pay for the product for the

impeachment and then the next step okay
whatever you want to call it the killer
trial that is where you put the managers
I was not prepared to put the managers

and that bill yet because we don’t know
the arena that we are in frankly I don’t
care what the Republicans say
any other pet not on this subject I’ve
said this is it I don’t dance

what clip I don’t remember I mean she
sounds like she sounds often I don’t
know if I remember the problem
incoherent he does and meanwhile the the

old meme is back that you know the
president is a Russian agent this just
continues I mean I’m sure it was slow

over the holiday for the B teams to come
in and and and get gas and who did I
find here I found their old notes
well I’ve this was very funny I got
Democratic congresswoman Torrez yes I’m

not sure what she she may be from Alaska
and it would they were really scraping
the barrel and here’s what what she said
about about you know the ongoing

controversy with the president it’s
great to have you and I wonder how
concerned you are that Putin was able to
influence not just through sort of
Russian meddling and trying to

persuasion person this is my favorite
meme that will not stop they keep saying
that Russian disinformation about
Ukraine’s possible involvement in the

2016 election which would in this case
according to what we’ve been told relate
to the steel dossier is just
categorically wrong it’s been debunked

it’s a it comes directly from Putin
Putin has put this into the heads of
every single member of the Republican
Party it’s great to have you and I
wonder how concerned you are that Putin

was able to influence not just through
sort of Russian meddling and trying to
persuade persuade voters or Americans
but actually the influence the president

in a way that has him picking what Putin
is saying over his own Intel community I
think after the 2016 elections the
gloves were really off when it came to
Vladimir Putin influence with President

Trump and the GOP because let’s not
forget the GOP continues to parrot not
only on the floor but also going on to
Fox News

all of the things the lies that Putin
continues to spread blaming and
deflecting everyone else on his
interference in our US elections why do
you think the president was such an easy

target for Putin here while we know the
answer this one I am afraid that
Vladimir Putin may have something on the
president and it is a reason why the

president has continued to play the hand
main – Vladimir Putin inviting him to
the White House and opening the doors
and not having any advisors present

taking the notes you know from from the
interpreter and continuing to talk to
him and continue to parrot everything
that he tells him you know Russia is no

moron she’s a congresswoman Torres look
it up for you almost on us they have
never been a friend to us they continue

to compromise us internationally they
continue to attack our friends and our
allies overseas so we have to be very
careful we have to keep a close eye on

how this continues to evolve I’m sorry
she’s from California
yeah that makes nothing but sense yes so
you know again it’s obviously Putin has

a pee-pee tape that’s why the president
is act about it we already know about it
just keep on how this is gonna be how’s
that blackmail just keep repeating keep

repeating keep repeating then we have
things I don’t think they are repeating
I think they’re honestly sincere
yes it’s clearly nobody’s not repeating
it but they’re idiots it’s let’s play

let’s play one more this is the this is
a kicker
oh wait lemon is coming skipped it well
let’s let’s go to this one first this is
Alex Jones now seriously you’re just
doing this just just to work me this was

interesting because you know there’s
always this information you know there’s
always this kind of like even put
chanock questions Alex Jones about he
was like yeah who was once Alex Jones

who is Alex Jones he drops a little gem
in here first he’s going on about how
you know these guys are trying to set
people up for blackmail and they’re

gonna do and then he drops a bombshell
in the middle of it and she’s just
ranting it you won’t even notice it
except I kind of ended it why I actually
let it go a little further but now they
pointed out you’ll notice it but I’m

listening this going what was the point
of that little nugget here I always
loved Bill Hicks one time got convicted
smuggling kids now she runs the Amber

Alert this just like something out of a
he’s talking about the the woman in
Haiti who smuggled the kids out and then
yeah this is the lead up about don’t

worry all right it’s fiction movie but
let’s look at some of these documents
here’s they look at the clinton body
count and and these are just well-known
cases and now there’s been so many

others that have died that have been
connected to the Clintons and this whole
network they’re using a blackmail to
control people through folks like

Jeffrey Epstein and then over here
you’ve got the epic Times breakdown of
all of this and how they created the
insurance policy infusion GPS the fake
dossier and
tried to set Trump up with double agents

with the Russians but Trump never took
the bait and now these people who are
tied into this whole network are
politically trying to impeach and remove
the President of the United States but

they’re getting more and more desperate
as their operatives are exposed so we
got to ask ourselves what are they going
to do they’re going to threaten to

release dirt on all of these people that
they’ve been blackmailing in this
network if they don’t do what they’re
told but by Infowars and by you and by
President Trump who’s been going after

these networks exposing Spygate and
exposing how they’re controlling people
with payoffs and blackmail and
corruption and threats and lawsuits
within as this information comes out

it’s only going to implicate them
because they can only get over the
blackmail when people don’t know about
the larger system and they can just leak
in the news this somebody was having sex
with a 14 year old girl or that somebody

is a is a Satanist or that someone is
involved in the occult or somebody like
Adam Schiff is admittedly at parties
doing quote Egyptian rituals with IDI

buck and all those dead black men they
keep coming out of his house well this
is not new I’ve reported on this on the
the standard hotel in in California with
the the chemicals and you know the the

chlorine cloud which apparently was used
to dissolve dissolve one of shifts
underage victims this is not news this
is all part of the thousands of a sealed

yes it was news to me that Schiff
hanging out with all these guys who
ended up dead in some sort of gay cabal
ya know the the story is that shift

accidentally killed a fourteen-year-old
kid and as Joan said there the story
goes there was a black kid and that it

was fourteen and that you know Schiff
was doing stuff with him and yeah and he
he the kiddo deed or something which is
kind of in line with buck
yeah the buck who is a number one

major-league Democratic isn’t in jail
now isn’t he still in or in arrest under
and we haven’t followed but we should do

that they won’t play much about that
it’s not of course they won’t do system
well the well the since you brought that
up I thought I might as well play the
audio of the latest Kevin Spacey video
did you see this you know I know about

it I was one of those things I was
working on something else and I kind of
avoided it I said if this important atom
will pick it up so Kevin Spacey he did
one of these previously I think it

wasn’t about a year ago in the meantime
this has been some nasty stuff that’s
happened to Kevin Spacey yeah it not
actually stuff that’s happened to him
but people who have accused him kind of

wind up dead including most recently
this week re Ben who was the Norwegian
princess’s ex-husband died at his own

hand aged 47 and he had openly accused
Kevin Spacey of groping him at some
event so people wind up dead when they

accused Kevin Spacey of doing anything
you know the the thinking is that Spacey
is somehow connected to these persons

well these types of groups who do nutty
rapey things and and he is threatening
to expose everything and this is just

the story so he comes out again with his
Frank Underwood accent so he’s doing the
whole rod do declare and he’s sitting in
front of his fireplace and first he’s
stoking up the the fire and then he goes

into this one minute bit
you didn’t really think I was gonna miss
the opportunity to wish you a Merry

Christmas did you it’s been a pretty
good year and I’m grateful to have my
health back and in light of that I’ve
made some changes in my life and I’d
like to invite you to join me as we walk

into 2020
I want to cast my vote for more good in
this world yes I know what you’re

can he be serious I’m dead serious and
it’s not that hard
trust me the next time someone does
something you don’t like you can go on
the attack

but you can also hold your fire and do
the unexpected you can kill them with
kindness cue the creepy music
entertaining I’ll give him that

Jason tweets yeah and and so the his his
hashtag is Katie WK kill them with
kindness and I don’t know so he’s saying

hey if someone does something bad to you
you can strike out you could wait you
could wait patiently and kill them with
kindness so I don’t know man Kevin
Spacey is a trip I’m so happy using in

in the world doing this it makes it so
excellent excellent there okay I got my
last impeachment except I think this is

it this is the just so we know because
we’ve been teasing this a bit and we’re
gonna just gonna continue for a while
which is more impeachment articles
coming out geez House Judiciary

Committee lawyer has raised the
possibility of additional articles
impeachment against President wrote that
the house uncovers new evidence that
Trump attempted to obstruct

investigations of his actions the
possibility was raised in a court filing
Monday amidst legal battle over whether
the Democrats can force former White
House Counsel Don Magan to testify again

was Special Counsel Robert Muller
central witnesses testimony could relate
to whether Trump tried to obstruct the
Muller investigation the house has
already impeached Trump for abuse of

power and obstruction of Congress
related to Trump’s effort to pressure
Ukraine to investigate his political
rival Joe Biden this is not the first
time some Democratic lawmakers have

raised the prospect of additional
articles of impeachment among them
Democratic Texas Congress member al
Greenhill in 2017 was the first Congress
member to call for president Trump’s

impeachment from the floor of the house
this is Congress member Greene speaking
on Democracy Now just after Trump’s
impeachment we have brought these
articles of impeachment dealing with the

bigotry the hatred the homophobia
Islamophobia xenophobia all of the
invidious phobias the anti-semitism
the articles of impeachment addressing

these things understanding of course
that the House of Representatives went
so far as to condemn the president for
his racist comments but that wasn’t

enough condemnation was best impeachment
light if Andrew Johnson could be
impeached in article 10 of the articles
of impeachment against him for reasons
rooted in his hatred his bigotry and

racism this president can be a peach for
these reasons as well I tell you they
have so overplayed their hand with this
no one cares no one’s watching
everyone is completely tuned out not

interested even the debates got was at
six million viewers lowest lowest lowest
so far and then I mean I’ve see people
tweeting uh dispense no president I mean

that’s how stupid we are no one’s paying
attention I ain’t I guess Pence is
president what this people don’t know
they don’t care it’s been said it’s
they’re still living in the days of

Watergate and thinking they’re Woodward
and Bernstein whatever they think
they’ve they’ve accomplished it’s not
working the American public is not that
they don’t believe it they just

completely don’t care
they’ve been inundated with headlines
and clickbait and that no one reads it
just doesn’t care do not care at all
except for the mainstream media I have a

couple clips to wrap this up
Michael Moore now I don’t know if this
was a podcast
well they did bleep it so maybe it was

on CNN Michael Moore in conversation
with Robert DeNiro could you ask for a
better parent I mean that is like that
is like PRDS Clippers a written all over

this is like pairing foie gras with a
beautiful Riesling my friend this is
what you actually actually foie gras
toda cam is considered the absolute top
tarring ever is that a Riesling no it’s

a Saturn Oh delicious sweet so turn the
reasoning I had was almost like a so
turn it was probably about Baron

oscillation or say no idea what it was
it was one of those hey we’ll pair the
wine for you like okay you do it you do
that anyway
here we go Michael Moore with the
infamous Robert De Niro right I know yes

if people are thinking that I’m talking
to one of those characters mr. De Niro
is not going to whack any of the
Republicans or do anything to them or
Jake LaMotta them to the ground no even

when I said I want to please Trump in
the face after I you know I made a thing
maybe wait about a few months before
he’s elected and I was meaning in it as

a figure of speech not literally per se
but just to say okay to let it to see
what it’s like to hear you to hear what
you said by somebody else like me say

I’m gonna punch you in the face see what
that’s like
that’s what it’s how dare you say that
to people somebody who’s like being
harassed in the audience or something

how dare you that’s wrong right but it
would kind of it’s not hurt him but just
punch him in the face just a lie
yeah they’re actually talking about
physical violence and how cool it would

be that two people somebody who’s being
harassed in the audience or something
how dare you that’s wrong right but it
would kind of feel good to punch it not
hurt him but just punch him in the face
just a lie yeah just cathartic items no

I know I’d like to see a bag of shit
right in his face hit him right in the
face like that and let the picture go
all over the world

that would be the most humiliating thing
because he needs to be humiliated
he needs to be confronted and humiliated
by whoever the the the his opponent is
his political opponent they have to

stand up to him they don’t have to do it
in an obvious physical way but they have
to have the form and ability to confront
him and to put him in his place because
the people have to see that to see him
be humiliated so he would let us go that

guy’s you know this is the reason he was
pretty much banished from the Golden
Globes nominations for his role in the
Irishmen which which he was expected to

get a nomination for Best Actor they was
snubbed him oh you think but this guy
you can’t trust him in a live telecast
either but but I’ll tell you to say and
he walked it back a little bit at the

end but to say I’d like to see a big bag
of shit just explode right in his face
and the picture should go all over the
world that’s exactly what happened with
PIM 410 who was going to win the Dutch
election in 2000 and he was an outsider

and people just vilified him and then it
was the animal activists and I started
throwing cakes and pies in his face and

two weeks before the election he’s shot
dead by one of these nutjobs you got to
be careful when you’re saying that kind
of stuff ya know De Niro is is a
horrible person it’s because he’s still

i watch the irishman I was able to watch
without being triggered by being him and
he’s still a great actor no he’s a great
actor I couldn’t watch the Irishman

though it’s so slow I want to watch it
funny you want to watch the well paced
movie that is outstanding humorous it’s
very funny

at top of his game is the Tarantino
movie once upon a time I saw that I
didn’t like it it was okay it was okay
the story just wasn’t great for me it
was shot beautifully I get the

connection to Tate and you know Manson
and all that but man well here’s here’s
a review for you since you know I am
team Jen
I’ve always been against Angelina Jolie

in this Jennifer Aniston and Reese
Witherspoon got paid a lot of money no
doubt to create a series for Apple TV
and I decided that I’d sign up for the

free month and but also I will go
another month just to support this show
the morning show yes everybody likes the
show it’s not that funny though it’s not
meant to you see at when I and we first

started watching it it’s like well this
will be a show about a morning show and
you know it I kind of get it and it’ll
be really interesting but it’s not it’s
completely and they’ll say it’s it’s not

really based on Matt Lauer
but it’s about Matt Lauer it’s about
Lauer it’s about Weinstein it’s about
this station that goes through the exact
same scenario right down to the button

under the desk that automatically closes
Matt Lauer’s door in this case it’s
played expertly by Steve Carell this is
not meant to be funny this is a drama
and it’s very very well done I mean I’m

blown away but I don’t it may be a
mistake for them to do another season I
think they could have ended it with were
they where they did but what is

extremely cool about it is it shows what
we’ve been talking about for 12 years
when people are in production television
mode how they talk about on-air hosts
how they talk about what shit what’s no

good get this person off the air you
know the stuff that we do when we say
we’re in executive mode we’re going to
talk about someone about their external
features because that’s how it’s done in
television and you see right down to
every single scripted word it is if and

it’s extremely accurate and what I like
is they take both sides of the Ray penis
of Matt Lauer by showing that the

culture within a television production
studio can sometimes just get silly and
I don’t know if I can explain this
without you kind of have to see it but

John you know it when when you’re doing
a show with the same crew and it’s
either every day every day is a better
way to look at it particularly if you’re
all getting up at 3:30 in the morning

it happens that you know funny innuendos
or double entendre will become kind of
what the whole crew was joking about am
i explaining that right yeah I well I

think you’re explaining it as well as
you can we which is that people had they
develop their own language is so much
like our show we develop their own
language is yes and you develop your own

language on a set yeah and uh people
just one word will mean a whole bunch of
things to people that work there
which explains why when we saw the
actual videotape of Matt Lauer saying
something really suggestive and rude to

think the makeup person and that was
caught on camera is saying anything
about it and he was like hey I really
love that dress you can wear that
anytime that can often be I’m not saying
it’s right but that can often be the

exact time of vibe you have on a
television set with the crew and
everyone will participate yeah and
everyone will participate men and women
alike now yeah there’s no doubt that
that that there was extreme violations

happening at least depicted in this show
but it’s a great show if you want to
understand how television really works
because it’s extremely accurate in my in
my experience and also it’s just a good

piece where they look at me too from all
sides not necessarily just one one bad
actor is Matt Lauer the rapist no the
female host participated in the culture

and it’s it’s it’s it’s a little more
gray than you’d than you think it might
be so I would recommend watching that
get they can get the free trial than at
least to see one or two episodes it’s
outstanding work really outstanding the

only bummer bummer the others a bummer a
bummer while the consultant Wow the
consulting producer

because part of it is loosely based on
his book top of the morning is Brian
seltzer water he consulted on this thing
and not so much for the meet the hashtag

me to stuff but for the accuracy of what
it’s like to be on a top-rated morning
show everyone sleep-deprived and kind of
how you know how how that works in

television so he knows enough about that
he’s the gossipy kind of new guy yeah
understands that you know that that
thing that I thought of people don’t

understand is those morning shows where
you come out of New York people have to
get up at 3:00 in the morning like you
say or for ya to get to the studio and
get prepared a lot of the people that
are on those shows are that actually can

handle the shows are or abnormal to
begin with yes so they can do that weird
sleep of sleep deprivation type of show
Brian Gumbel who was on The Today Show

for decade or more of a long time very
serious guy he said once that he only
needs two two hours of sleep yeah he
says sleeps overrated well and the Jets

you know yeah they still can’t do that
kind of work they show this the alarm
going off at 3:30 constantly kind of
like a Groundhog Day

I’ve done that I’ve done I haven’t done
morning television done morning radio
for several months at z100 in New York
and it’s hard you know you got to go to
bed at 8:30 you know if you want to be
any kind of human being it’s and you

know I can see why a lot of people would
start to do drugs in fact a lot of
morning radio guys do drugs for that
very reason not me you know so I do have
a brian Stelter water clip as it

pertains to the impeachment here he is
with yes this is David Remnick from The
New Yorker now is he just is he a

columnist or is he used to – Remnick
took over the New Yorker and I think
he’s ruined the magazine because what he
did was he brought in the Millennials

they got rid and what and it’s very
noticeable in the car
toons they got rid of there a long time
I think his name’s Bob man coward
Manukau or something he’s a long time at

a cartoon editor and his type of cartoon
choices roll classic New Yorker
absurdist cartoon punchline server and
now he’s running a cartoon collective of

some sort probably making more money
than his ever made before but they got
rid of him and they put in two
millennial I think one of them is a
woman I think one of them is a guy I
can’t tell her sexist but they they had

a video of them once and the two are so
unfunny and it’s if anyone’s ever
murders the old show episodes when they
had the the vice-president of comedy
this woman had no sense of humor

they’re very humorless and the cartoons
they pick are often baffling to anybody
over 35 years old and the Remnick is a
is not a positive force in the in

society apparently well he and brian
Stelter think a lot of the story
yeah but they think a lot of themselves
apparently we’ve seen the Republicans
stuck where they are they’re illusions

about Trump remain and you’re right to
describe it as a flat line here’s what I
hope that we understand that the the
stakes here are immense it’s just it’s

not about the just about the political
future of one man Donald Trump it’s
about the future of democracy and
democratic process and and and this is a
a trend throughout the world it’s about

the future of the earth we have a party
that has decided to be disbelieving
about climate change
it’s about issues as essential as that
and right now you have a country that is

split and to the great frustration of
people like you and pretend people like
me we don’t somehow understand we don’t
understand why the the evidence of

things why facts don’t penetrate so many
of our brothers and sisters in the
United States of America and this is a
source of great

raishin for the press facts are you
talking about facts but listen listen to
the the tail-end here because this is
where they get a little Nutt nutty about

it don’t penetrate so many of our
brothers and sisters in the United
States of America and this is a source
of great frustration for the press for
the press and for anybody who’s who’s

thinking about these issues that are so
important it’s so horrible for the press
you see a press press for the press I
mean these are people like Remnick and

others who run these magazines I have
real their scientific background is
minimal if Annie yeah they have no
understanding of computer modeling and

what a farce it is in general and they
just and they just buy into these things
what client synchronous it’s
embarrassing and then they have their
humorless which i think is reflected in
the cartoons and it becomes a nightmare

for the culture the New Yorkers there’s
still good articles they still have good
writers that force their stuff to go in
there but the generally speaking is it’s

gonna fail because of Remnick well
largely all they need to do is just
listen to Nancy Pelosi this is about
science science science no when she says

it three times you know it’s gonna come
true I do have one last topper of the of
the impeachment clips okay we must

listen to another madman this is Ralph
Nader who by the way thinks that Trump I
didn’t yeah I gotta cut this down

because when he went on forever on a
rant but he he includes in his rant that
Trump should be impeached because he’s a
climate change denier he’s called for
impeaching Trump for deliberately

abetting the climate crisis among other
issues his latest book written with Mark
Greene is titled fake president decoding
Trump’s gaslighting corruption and

bs except he spells it out
so first respond to what is happening
this week it is historic what do you

think about the grounds on which oh well
why was it okay for everyone to say
shithole when the president apparently
had said that even though we don’t know
if he actually did but then it’s we

can’t say bullshit and he where’s the
line is is that a problem because it’s
not the president or how does this work
you’re asking would be yeah i don’t know
he spells it out welcome back to

Democracy Now Ralph
so first respond to what is happening
this week it is historic what do you
think about the grounds on which
President Trump is about to be impeached

far too narrow and perilous if Nancy
Pelosi wants to remove Donald Trump she
went on a very narrow base she is

clearly not supportive of impeachment
generally she took it off the table when
it was proposed to her in 2007
impeachment of the criminal war
criminals George Bush and Dick Cheney

and if she’s come forward with a very
narrow hand a very narrow hand for the
most impeachable president of all time
with that I’d like to thank you for your

courtesy in the morning to you the man
who literally put the C in the morning
mr. Adam curry in the morning all ships
to see boots on the ground feet in their

subs in the waters in the water and all
the dames and nights out there in the
morning to all of our trolls how many
trolls do we have today let me see it’s
the second day of Christmas in Europe

Boxing Day in the United Kingdom’s and
it was about 800 people it’s good to
have them there
trolls or trolls we love them we can get
them no agenda stream calm where you can
hang out with all of your fellow trolls

poke fun at anything that’s live or just
hangout and that is no agenda stream
dot-com also like to of course thank our
executive producer for episode 1201 it

was a special was John’s story time
David Orkut also known as Sir Reuben
waffles and he was knighted for this
incredible effort produced that forest

the artwork for the show came to us from
Darren O’Neill once again he had already
put it in the show before he gets us he
understands our system he clearly knew

we were going to be producing it before
the actual show and he gave us a nice a
nice piece of album art with the best
stories of Jhansi Dvorak compiled by
david orkut the whole the whole

production was seamless and i think a
lot of people enjoyed it and had some
good fun and no agenda art generator
calm is where you can find the artwork

that darren did but also other artwork
and if you want you can contribute
yourself and get that onto the album art
distributed wide around gitmo nation and
thank you once again Darren who does so

much for the show and just keeps on
kicking ass with the artwork we
did have a these are two combined shows
they did what you’re gonna be read what

I’m gonna be reading from here so it’s
gonna be a little longer than normal but
in fact if there were two shows that
were normal shows it would be more than
this we just as the as the chatroom

troll room is down 20 to 25% there so
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because we had yeah didn’t do a show but

Zachary Maclean’s at the top of the list
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ha he to deep dive on Tesla Solar City
scandal lawsuit and Tesla scam as a
company yeah I’ve been lawsuit about
that their batteries catching fire
everywhere I don’t know about that yeah

they’re the big it’s the the solar city
batteries you put in your home yeah but
they’ve been catching on fire at Walmart
a house down I think Walmart is as filed
a suit against him because five of their

stores caught fire because their
batteries keep igniting so best price
know what else to do with that now

there’s a curry want anything does you
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seeing anything
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lot of gratitude and thanks going stay
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well if the comp comes up I’ll be a

happy camper
wink this is I’m on the wrong of the two
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Ynez yeah ok well I’m just doing my best
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reverend al merry Christmas to both of
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Sunday and a while back and one of you
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and how people often believe it he then
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right I wish I could slap them the news

is not always right that kid has a
future I have recently realized that my
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build a movement of resistance but

resist we much we must and we will much
about that be committed you’ve got you
know I forgot that whole thing ya know

we’re in the context the resist we much
well it’s random you know people asked
for random this random that so I’d give
it I give random I just pull it out but
that is the original resist we much

you’re right yeah he goes on and on he’s
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rev out thanks well you should have his
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Mary impeachment please play please play

Trump jobs car for Tulsa
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in our second donation segment a great
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all right I want to actually pick it up
where we left off we were kind of moving

into a climate change from the well I
have the final report from cop 25 from
Amy ah this is perfect in Madrid Spain
the cop 25 United Nations climate summit

ended in failure Sunday after
negotiators failed to agree to a deal
that would limit global warming to 1.5
degrees Celsius or two point seven

degrees Fahrenheit above pre-industrial
levels a key goal of the Paris agreement
scores of civil society groups condemn
governments in the European Union
Australia Canada and the US for blocking

progress at the talks all denier
strategy chief at the Union of Concerned
Scientists said quote never have I seen
the almost total disconnect we’ve seen
here at cop 25 in Madrid between what

the science requires and what the
climate negotiations are delivering in
terms of meaningful action in FRA the
climate negotiator for the Pacific
island nation of Tuvalu whose existence

is threatened by rising sea levels cold
out the United States for watering down
the final document even though President
Trump is withdrawing the u.s. from the
Paris agreement it’s so disappointing

Amy was there she followed everything
she was a part of cop 25 she had her own
studio set up and she doesn’t get any of
the really big news and there’s like a
night matches something she said that

has to be commented on sure which is
somehow even though we weren’t even
taking part in this the United States
was blamed yeah well because we didn’t
participate that’s how we got blamed and

caught pony up that’s what it was yes
that’s only uphill oh that’s way up
that’s called participation well I think
she’s missed a big one here there’s
quite the scoop and you know we’ll just

report on it the Dutch government was
sued by a climate change mmm
group and they lost and this was in the
highest court of the land and they have

to achieve their twitters they the Dutch
government has to attain lost they lost
yes the Dutch government lost in the
highest court of the land

they have not done what they promised to
do by 2024 climate change they have you
know like four days five days left yeah
they have to reduce emissions by an

additional twenty five percent this week
okay and but it it’s I mean this is a
big deal this is how it’s all going to
start running and they and the shutting

shit down John that they’re like okay
the the the lower speed limit definitely
for you indefinitely in effect they’re
going back to the farmers the farmers
are coming out in protesting again

they have lost a lawsuit and now they
they are obliged to just cut wherever
they can hold on a second
now is this lawsuit based on something
that Dutch government said yes do yes

new yes it was their climate oh yes it
was the only country playing it safe as
the United States of course they
otherwise you’re gonna get sued into

oblivion it’s gonna happen yes thank you
organic cut emissions and you didn’t
we’re suing you it’s gonna happen not
just on the on a country scale I believe
will see these lawsuits in California

maybe maybe elsewhere but California the
legislature there clearly made a lot of
promises what they were going to do for
emissions and climate change the

combating climate change I’m telling you
this is this is a new though all the
virtue signalers out there
mmm-hmm are subject to getting their
asses sued because they didn’t do crap

they just talked to big exactly nice
meanwhile good old Jane Fonda is still
getting arrested every single Friday I

stopped reporting on her her media
alerts because she’s arrests every
Friday she goes out she gets arrested
Vice magazine finally sat down with her
for a quick little interview and well as

you can imagine she’s misguided every
Friday Jane Fonda gets herself arrested
on Capitol Hill
as part of an ongoing climate protest
with the group fire drill well you can

pull it radical I think what’s radical
is not doing anything we have to go out
and make them do it and this we’re just
getting used to it we’re just beginning
to work our muscles in the resistance
sector right Vonda has a long history in

activism and controversy like her
infamous visit to Hanoi at the height of
the Vietnam War that she later
apologized for that eighty one Fonda is
still trying to change the world we

detained her briefly to ask why
Jane thanks for joining us it’s not you
you’re just out of jail again what
you’re out there doing is what I mean

the message is about climate change I
mean with you you’ve engaged in activism
for five decades well this is the
existential issue over all of the other
issues this is the looming ticking time

bomb and we have to listen to the
scientists who say we have 11 years to
do what has to happen and what has to
happen is we have to stop all new fossil
fuel extraction no licensing no

permitting on public lands or waters and
and then we have to gradually phase out
the existing extractions over 30 years
and make sure that the workers that
depend on the fossil fuel industry not

only are trained for new jobs but that
those jobs are Union jobs with good
salaries and benefits that allow them to
support a family existential 11 more
years we’re all going to die

20 50
and the thing is Jane Fonda lists Jane
Fonda is a fossil fuel you can’t wait
that’s the only reason you ran that clip

no not at all that I wrote that down
know that I just read that in the troll
room I gotta be honest the troll is
stealing blitz did it karma for blitz

he wrote it just as I’m coming out of
the clip if I had called you out on E
you wouldn’t accredited am I in sure of
it it would have been much slicker if
you hadn’t you know okay thanks
appreciate it yeah not poor Jane huh no

she’s lost
we got she said she’s the way I see it
if anybody takes her seriously at this

point is there they’re the ones they’re
nuts I give her full credit for being 81
and being out there kicking you know
she’s not sitting around knitting no
that’s true which by the way supposedly

is the number one thing well actually
there’s two somebody pointed out there
was a study done and and the the hobby
the number one hobby of Millennials
apparently a lot of people thought was

knitting and I don’t really know any
that knit but it turns out the number
one hobby is guess what the number one
hobby of what Millennials are of
everywhere of all time millennial women
I don’t know canning coloring book

coloring books I knew it was close to
that coloring books well the the new
azar of the Green Deal in the European
Union France dimmer months who I’m very

excited about him being part of lady yes
he’s my buddy and I’m gonna try and get
an interview with him in the new year
because he’s the sales guy brown shoes
sells it he’ll sell anything he doesn’t
give a shit and he and he’ll do a really

good job and what he wants is two
hundred and fifty billion every year
from the 26 European Member States
everybody chip in it’s just ten billion
each it’s not that big a deal he wrote a

love letter to Britain regarding brexit
and it was published in Guardian and
it’s written as an op-ed but it’s my
love letter to Britain family ties can

never really be severed and he goes in
this whole thing about how yeah he will
miss you know miss the UK so much and it
was kind of an adopted the second

country for him and he went to school in
British schools and you’ve decided to
leave it breaks my heart but I respect
that decision you were in two minds
about it like you have always been in

two minds about the EU I wish you had
stuck to that attitude it served you
well and it kept us all in better shape
was it necessary to force the issue not
at all but you did and the sad thing is

I see it is hurting you because the two
minds will still be there even after you
have left in the process so much
unnecessary damage has been done to you
and all of us and I

fear more will follow truth be told I
felt deeply hurt when you decided to
leave three years later I’m just sad
that a member of our family wants to
sever our ties but at the same time I

find comfort in the thought that family
ties can never really be severed we’re
not going away and you yes you Britain
will always be welcome to come back to

us that last part is bogus of course it
is well we’ll see if they actually leave
I’m still not convinced what’s the

latest well the latest is uh they’re
leaving hmm there but battening the
hatches as it were getting ready to do

but as we have shown time and time again
on this show in particular mm-hmm
there always comes down to swell let’s
give it a good two more months let’s
give it another month let’s give another

six months we’re doing three months we
would just put it off just cut its net
what’s it hurt now look what we’ve been
putting it off this long what does
another six months matter what what I
find interesting is the general

narrative in the UK is that the the
media did this the media made this
happen the media branded Corbin as an

anti-semite and it and I find this odd
because the media was nothing but
against Johnson they called a buffoon

you know floppy hair guy and pretty much
the way Trump was running am i mistaken
in this coverage if I have I not you’re
absolutely correct so now and I just
pulled one quote because it’s Roger

Waters Pink Floyd he’s got a big mouth
he’s always talking a big game but just
listen to how he explains this away past
that may have it be sir he have achieved
such an incredibly efficient hatchet job

on the poor man over the last few years
and but particularly over the last year
the the chances of him ever doing
anything really are extremely slim

because he has been smeared beyond
all believe it’s becoming more and more
apparent that propaganda is almost the
most important thing in our lives and

the fact that the mainstream media is
owned by very rich and powerful people
and and in consequence they it may be
that they’re coming closer and closer to
controlling everything not just all the

elections but everything and obviously
the elections they can’t control they
send in the troops you know and stop
killing people what’s what’s interesting
to me is that here we are what 500 years

since Columbus and just now this is the
only thing that makes me that gives me
the strength to carry on in this fight
and is this 500 years later it seems

that we the people are just beginning to
rise up now against the settler colonial
attitudes of the last 500 years and that

gives me heart so it gets him hard which
is interesting
please but but it’s confusing because
yes there is clearly an uprising but

populism yes exactly that that’s what
that’s what’s happening but somehow he
sees that differently is he just is he
just well it seems very odd but this is

this is the way a lot of people are
seeing this guy is a multi-billionaire I
don’t know if he’s doesn’t mix with I
don’t know if Roger Waters is a

billionaire but okay well I would be
surprised if he wasn’t after their after
their home what depends the early
money-making schemes including running
of Lloyds of London to the point was

called Floyd’s of London they were
making a fortune I didn’t know this what
are you talking about I don’t know any
of this you didn’t know her Floyd’s of
London as in Pink Floyd’s of London yeah
no what’s the story they ended up owning

most of Lloyds of London at one point he
tanked yeah I thought that this was all
like old peerage money and people who
had to put up their castles were making

lots of money in the heyday and they
were continue to make it so they how did
they wind up owning it I don’t know how
they what the story is this is some time
ago this is before the company went

bankrupt I mean it’s possible that their
ownership or their part ownership of the
of the company they were investing in a
lot of insurance deals because voice of
London isn’t really an insurance company

its kind of an insurer that’s that the
investors come it’s not like a venture
capital company mmm-hmm
they they bring they put packages
together there’s a way venture

capitalists put funds together and they
bring in all these outsiders and they
put all the money into the fund and then
the fund does the insuring right and
Lloyds but the parent Pink Floyd was big
ownership of a lot of these funds and

they be to the point where was called
Floyd’s of London oh crap I gotta look
into that I’m this is trivia I should
have known I feel inadequate well I
thought you’d know because of the of the

pun i Floyd’s of London has never heard
of this no
but I did hear about from multiple
producers is something happened on the
Patriot Awards this past week I didn’t

realize there was a category but the
Patriot Awards I think is on the Fox
Nation app or whatever fox nation it’s I
never heard about it before this story

he learn it’s not a real TV channel so
they had an award for I guess patriot of
whatever and everyone that email me
about the said Oh

Brian Kilmeade said in the morning he
throw on an ITM like yeah okay yeah yeah
I heard that too
can we get a clip he also hears the I so
in the morning which I’m like you know
the guy is on in the morning it’s like

this is not like you know how many you
know you have to have it in context well
scan throat right clip out in the
morning every so often when were you
worried I was working there I was in the

morning and there was that bad baba yeah
it doesn’t mean we must drop the warning
listen to it in context and you might
think differently by the way you know
we’ve been up a while we all had to

shave to get ready for this
we’ve been up since 2:00 3:00 in the
morning not you right and clean man no
not yeah all right so I’m gonna do
something we rarely do I’m gonna go back
to the prompter in the morning hey some

common quality shared amongst many P in
the morning all right me what was that
I’m gonna go back to the prompter in the
morning I mean come on
okay well in context it does sound like

he dropped in the morning bomb yeah all
right so I’m gonna do something we
rarely do I’m gonna go back to the
prompter in the morning hey some common
quality shared among us was in the

morning on the prompter was that was
that why he picked it up there maybe I
don’t think so
it’s interesting though isn’t it well in
the warning to you Brian kill me so
where’s Brian Kilmeade let’s talk toy
who is this who is this guy he’s he’s I

think he does the Fox Morning News Fox
and Friends
and apparently use a gigantic Patriot
well he’s a baker if he listens to the

no agenda show exactly exactly exactly
well that’s interesting well he’ll get
in touch it with us if he is actually if
he actually dropped that bomb because

he’ll be listening to the show and it
will say okay yeah you got me maybe or
maybe not huh
I’d say while we do where we haven’t
done one of these for a while Oh heavy

metal version I got to get those
straight is an OTG kind of guy well

that’s not the jingle I wanted what’s
the OTG jingle can never find that one
offhand I do have a couple of
off-the-grid stories to talk about the

first one you may have seen news reports
over the past few days over the over
Christmas about 23andme and other very

popular DNA ancestry heritage testing
kits which I have never done I will
never do it I think we’ve been kind of

smart yeah you haven’t done this either
how yeah I’m sure you haven’t done this
because what you hear is like well
they’re gonna use it for this and then
somehow your DNA got away and now the
cops they can issue warrants and they

can get your DNA and so it’s just not a
good idea to participate in this I think
we’ve been against this from day one
this this and they’re not even that
accurate and apparently the military is

not allowed to do it at all a stern
warning tonight from the Defense
Secretary even though the companies are
targeting military members with
discounts and other incentives staying
away from these DNA kits because they

could be putting you and the country at
risk a growing number of companies like
23andme and ancestry sell these kits
that can profile consumers DNA just by
analyzing their saliva they are hugely

popular but pose a risk for military
members the Defense Department saying
the kits are not FDA approved and cannot
be fully trusted
the defense secretary sent a warning

letter to military members about these
kits saying there is growing concern
that the companies are using the data
for questionable purposes including mass
surveillance and the ability to track

individuals without their authorization
or awareness so are these DNA gets bad
for everyone absolutely not but the DoD
says they do pose more risk to soldiers

because soldiers must follow specific
guidelines when disclosing medical
information hmm so there’s a piece of
bad publicity for this easy-to-operate

the Pentagon does not like him doing it
also what else is going on with aramid
cut yeah well that’s possible possible
so just more fodder for the don’t give

up your DNA it’s not all that cute
The Washington Post ran a long piece on
this outfit called spotter
edu SPO tter edu you’ll find it but

edu com and what they’re doing is
they’re rolling out tracking networks
all across campuses in the United States

with Bluetooth beacons Wi-Fi networks
and they are tracking attendance not
just if if students are in the classroom
at the right time even if they’re two

minutes late that will flag them they
tracked the path to see if students who
should be at study hall or in the
library are in there long enough where

they go before where they go afterwards
it it connects into any universities
student portfolio software and is what
this is def exactly

first of all before you can continue in
a second
any University that requires student
attendance rigidly like a high school
does because they get state funds you

know so that so student has to show up
so they get a certain amount of money
from the state is a rinky-dink school
it’s just the rinky-dink school there’s
no reason to like a lecture hall or

something you show up when you want to
show up you got to take the test it’s
the tests that tell you whether you did
a good job or you paid any attention or
you go you read the right books you know
show up to these classes rigidly there’s
no but I will say I have been to visited

some schools where they do ring bells
like idiots but there’s no normal
schools that are normal good
universities don’t have that sort of
structure they don’t have bells you have

to be there on time and all your tardy
there’s none of that this bull crap well
this company unless you’re a rinky-dink
school the company spotter edu was set
up by Rick Carter former ball at a

college basketball coach and it now
works in 40 schools including
universities such as Auburn Central
Florida Columbia Indiana and Missouri as

well as several smaller colleges and a
public high school more than 1.5 million
student check-ins have been logged this
year nationwide including in graduate
seminars and chapel services spotter

edu uses Bluetooth beacons roughly the
size of a deck of cards to signal to a
student smartphone once a student steps
within range installers stick them on
walls and ceilings the less visible the

Carter said the better
school officials give spotter edu the
student’s full schedules the system can
email a professor or adviser
automatically if a student skips class

or walks in more than two minutes late
the app records a full timeline of
students present so advisors can see
whether they left early or stepped out
for a break it just goes on and on and

on so Chicago a company it’s also
gamifying student schedules with
colorful bitmoji or digital multi-day
streaks oh this is like your little

complaint about the yep about the slack
off’ i and with whistle and a fight with
when adding that adds stars and stuff as
though everyone’s a 10th to 10 year old

I mean please but wait this is the
problem that’s going on these kids are
they’re raised by helicopter parents and
by the time to get to school they have
to be monitored or they’re you know if I

don’t know
play hooky I have no idea I mean you
need to go to school or you don’t before
when I was a kid at Cal you’d have these
big lectures they have these lecture
auditoriums and you’d go listen to some
great somebody who’s actually famous

give a speech and you didn’t have to
even go to it you could just go by there
was a company called 5/8 and there was a
note-taking company that would if you
say you didn’t want to go to that class
that day didn’t wanna listen to the

lecture about you know something and so
you go by the 5/8 notes they cost a
dollar or two and you go to this note
company and they give you a professional
note taker would go into the major
classes and take professional level

notes that you would never take and you
just buy the notes from it and now you
might as well have the lecture notes you
get the lecture notes for a fee and
you’re done you’re in business this is
the way it should be not that what

they’re doing here making it into a
slave state carter CEO said the real
value may be for school officials who
can split students into groups such as
students of color or out-of-state

students for further review
when asked why an official would want to
segregate out data on students of color
Carter Carter said many colleges already
do so looking for patterns and academic

retention and performance adding that it
can quote provide important data for
retention even the first few months of
recorded data on class attendance and
performance can help predict how likely

a group of students is to stay enrolled
students here comes students attendance
and tardiness are scored into a point
system that some professors use for
grading and schools can use the data to

take action against truant students such
as grabbing back scholarship funds this
is slave training to the max and I would

you don’t take a phone to school sorry
don’t have one can’t track me
yes so this requires you have one of
these phones that will dead the tracker

triggers yeah don’t take a phone just
type don’t use the phone is against my
religion yes that’s the fari and
religion well this is it’s a very
in-depth profile and i-best disgusting I

mean to me this yes it is
to me this is uh it’s an American it’s
like it’s like Chinese it’s like you’re
getting them ready used to a score will

make you feel good with the bitmoji
then if it’s not yeah then Fred’s not
saying it’s just totally just gross and
it’s exactly like the Chinese social

score it’s just a lead-in it’s a lead-in
is it’s it’s a primer just getting you
ready for getting ready for the real
world by the time you’re out we’ll have
it everywhere in in fact such as

California we talked about the Smart
City sidewalk the smart streetlights the
great piece that came in I think is a
local news piece and believe it’s thing

at San Diego they installed the smart
streetlights which initially was oh it’s
gonna be LEDs and we’ll be better to see
and then it turned out they put some

cameras in there and now just listen to
how far we’ve gotten since these
original smart street lights were
implemented and what the tracking is
today police are calling them a game

changer but critics are saying it takes
police surveillance too far three years
ago the city of San Diego approved
installing smart street lights
throughout the city initially described
as a cost savings plan to replace old

lights with energy-efficient LED lights
it was later revealed that the lights
would include data gathering technology
including cameras officials described it
as the world’s largest smart city sensor
platform around 3,000 of the lights are

spread throughout the city gathering
information about traffic parking and
environmental conditions
police say the lights are also a
powerful aid in solving crime capturing
videos of crimes in action and the

suspects officers say they use the
cameras and very sparingly only for the
worst types of cases or serious or fatal
collisions really notice the big
differences in some of the traffic are
acts and serious accidents but we can

definitively show you know who ran that
red light who was responsible for the
collision and then hold them accountable
in the case of a recent hit-and-run
police were able to use smart light
footage to see the vehicle pull into a

nearby gas station after releasing
surveillance footage of the vehicle and
the suspect they were able to identify
him police say there’s no live
monitoring of the footage captured by
the cameras seeing the footage

disappears after five days if not
retrieved critics however argue greater
public safety shouldn’t come with less
privacy some are saying the cameras
intrude into private life saying there’s
a lack of oversight and possible data

security issue
groups are pushing back against the
lights calling for ordinances that
include policies for oversight and
public discourse saying the police
shouldn’t be the ones policing
themselves a watchdog group recently

filed a suit in the city for not
releasing data collected through the
lights saying the city illegally failed
to disclose public records requested by
the group the group filed several
requests asking for source data for all

smart lights over a 24-hour period
police say the public has no access to
the footage captured by the cameras but
has turned over the data to outside
entities including Harbor Police the
Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and

Explosives and the FBI
this is terrible yeah it’s one story
after another it’s coming to your town

and and people are just okay just as
they’re disengaged from from impeachment
this is the only thing people kind of
care about is hey man I got a good ring

doorbell so that I can see if my kids
come home too late if there’s a porch
pirate oh that’s really cool and then
those get hacked which by the way ring
is now admitting that oh I think 3,600

accounts may have been compromised by a
partner well you know the porch pirate
things another issue I mean and I would
say this and this has to do with the

district attorneys around the country
they’ve been planted by the Liberals you
know the Soros groups they put these
these people in that will not prosecute
anything and so you and so the police

are this stuck they know they can’t do
anything we have this glitter bomb guy
one of these famous youtuber who’s in
his second season has got a new glitter
bomb he sets up and he blows up glitter

and then he has a good mounting that
comes through and he did they throw the
thing away cuz he’s got a bunch of
phones in it and he he started doing
this and people can look up glitter bomb
jutsu about this briefly on the previous

show his new glitter bomb I didn’t find
it as good as the original and it’s also
completely sponsored by Bose so it’s a

little irritating now okay the whole the
whole box
but my point is whether or not I’m
reviewing him and reviewing the what got
him started which I believe he was

sincere in that he had Kay in a ring
doorbell or something and he had
captured somebody stealing a package
from I’m a couple two or three years ago
and he went to the police with it they

said we can’t do anything about it they
didn’t even try no to capture the person
that did this and this harkens back to
the early days of some computer hacking

whereas I remember the story this is at
least a decade ago where some guy was
hacked and he had some nerdy kid in
Minnesota had been harassing him and his

computer cracked at some house into the
Machine and making his life miserable
and he found track the kid down found
out who he was turned it over to the FBI
and the FBI didn’t do anything about a
despite the fact it was a computer crime

so they’re a selective enforcement going
on in this country which is as much of a
problem as anything else is crime itself
selective enforcement and so the glitter
bomb guy was act by the fact that the

cops and he wanted didn’t care about
this they could get somebody dead to
rights and they wouldn’t do anything
they’d have a month he has them on tape
here he is stealing my stuff you can’t
know anything
no very disturbing yeah it’s that nine

hundred and fifty dollar rule that’s
being implemented everywhere yeah it’s
exactly what’s going on pila oh if it’s
a night it’s a crime of need okay well
it’s good nobody needs to steal my

unopened package you don’t even know
what it is why would they need
now well that’s your right this is this
is the district attorney’s and lovingly
we call them the Soros sisters as George

Soros has poured a lot of money into
these district attorney races
particularly for women particularly for
black women Kamala Harris one of them
and the one in Chicago

I mean it’s and why I mean what is the
point how can this be good
that’s that’s the point is not good
Soros is a bad guy

yes from the OTG we moved to yet another

No Agenda favorite which is the
pipelines he has a little pipeline
update now you know president Trump of
course is a puppet of of Putin and does

anything he can to remove sanctions an
agent yes he’s a Russian agent he does
everything he can to remove sanctions to
make it as easy as possible for Russia

to do anything they want to do obviously
we all understand this except when it
comes to the Nord Stream 2 and the Nord
Stream 2 pipeline is very important
pipeline that will eventually come into

there’s interestingly enough its Norway
that still has to sign off on a major
piece to ratify it because it’s running
offshore and it’s gas pipeline from

Russia and it goes into Europe I think
it drops into Germany it won’t be the
first one there is the Nord Stream one
and it’s a fine collaboration with shale
I think Exxon is in there BP is in there

and of course Gazprom owns the majority
of it but interestingly in the most
recently signed NDAA the National
Defense Authorization Act there is a

very strict set of sanctions against any
company or country that participates in
helping Russia with the Nord Stream 2

pipeline in fact Ted Cruz made a promo
video about it notice dream to pipeline
is owned by Russian energy concern
Gazprom the cassock carries his also
Gazprom’s the pipeline is almost ready

the plan is for the 1200 kilometer long
pipeline to transport an additional 55
billion cubic meters of Russian gas
directly to Germany this project will

make Germany and Europe in general more
dependent on Russian gas Nord Stream –
if completed would help Russia
strengthen Putin it would generate
billions of dollars that could be used

to fuel Russian aggression our window
for getting this done is
rapidly shrinking the current
projections are the pipeline will
complete completed by January which

means we have maybe two months to get
this done and if we fail to get it done
we will have vastly strengthened Putin’s
hands at the expense of the rest of the
free world I introduced bipartisan

legislation to stop Nordstrom to the
Senate Foreign Relations Committee
passed it with overwhelming bipartisan
support by a vote of 22 to

time is running out for the United
States to act scary music Ted Cruz so
Nordstrom – the sanctions were put in

the NDAA s passed and here’s Deutsche
Welle from Germany explaining what that
means to the United States to our energy
initiatives and to Europe Germany and of
course Russia that was a more analysis

now I’m joined by Claudia camford energy
expert at the German Institute for
economic research good to have you with
us please tell us how serious are these
functions how will they impact the

well these sanctions are serious but the
impact it depends when the sanctions
really come because if the President
signed it it might be beginning of next
year so that the project might be

already finished so I don’t think the
project is stopped now it might be a
little bit postponed but it’s a signal
and I think this kind of signal of the
US president wants to give to Germany
and to Europe and what is the signal

what what is he trying to tell us yeah
he’s trying to tell us that he wants to
sell his a fracking gas to Europe and
Germany is simply like that it’s a
fossil fuel war where we are in between

right now and it we show that the
President of the United States shall set
the world on different kind of angles
and Arabia but now also in Europe and in
Germany and I mean the pipeline has some

criticism because it’s very expensive we
don’t need it because the gas demand
will decline but nevertheless the US
sanctions are simply because they want
to sell their freakin gas to Germany the

much quoted political motivation is not
the main driver here you say it’s also
political but it’s mainly economic
driver because the US wants to Africa
that gas is very expensive I want to get

new demand for it and that’s coming from
Europe because it’s so expensive but on
the other hand of course in Europe we
have just signed this green deal that
means that the emissions will go down

and fossil gas but all the demand for
fossil gas will decline in the future so
that we don’t need more pipelines like
this we need more flexibility more LNG
terminals but nevertheless the u.s. is
right and criticisms what they simply

want to to
they’re fuckin gas yeah as an agent of
Putin well done you won’t hear this
reported anywhere and this is actually
what matters this is this is that

something Poland’s a part of trumps
energy initiatives they’re going to take
liquid natural gas from us which was
shipping over anything to block Russia

from selling their gas into Europe
Europe is the customer Russia has been
the supplier we we’re all over this yet
somehow I don’t know I guess it’s like
yeah we don’t get here anything like

this well I have a report that’s that
actually has an element of the pipeline
problem mm-hmm and this is something you
don’t know anything about which is

what’s going on in Libya oh yeah
Turkey’s doing some shit now with Libya
I think what report I could find and the
only way you could find it but it’s
really going off the grid al Jazeera oh

yeah to find somebody who and then you
did then you find the weird bedfellows
in this report which come out at the end
and it becomes incredibly weird that the

nervousness edweird again but he becomes
well Turkey and the GNA signed security
agreements last month under those deals
Ankara agreed to give training and

equipment to the Libyan military and
supply a quick reaction forces Tripoli
asks for it a separate agreement on
maritime boundaries was also signed and
that’s angered Greece and raised

concerns among several Mediterranean
countries tensions had already been
running high between Athens and Ankara
over drilling for natural gas off the
coast of the divided island of Cyprus

Greece says the Accord violates
international law turkey rejects that
accusation saying it’s protecting its
rights in the eastern Mediterranean
now Libya’s warring sides are backed by

different countries which provide them
with military supplies despite the UN
arms embargo the United Nations
recognized government led by Prime
Minister fazer sir Raja is backed by
most Western nations as well as Qatar

and Turkey the government of national
accord or GNA as we
mentioned is based in the capital
Tripoli that’s in the West now in the
east of Libya the Parliament based in

Table Rock is Hurley for half the center
of power he’s supported by Egypt Saudi
Arabia the United Arab Emirates and
France he gets military equipment from
different sides Russian private security

forces from the Wagner group have
allegedly been fighting alongside
pufta’s forces Wow I mean I’d read some
of this this morning about Turkey’s

involvement in Libya what is going on I
mean what is the play here well when you
look at the map they show the two sides
they do the western side which is the
Tripoli and they recognize government

and then the eastern side which has got
strange bedfellows of France Russia
Saudi Arabia and half the other emirates
meanwhile Qatar is over on the on the

Tripoli side and so this these decides
are lined up and if you get dig deeper
it turns out to all have something to do
with natural gas pipelines oil who knows

but right it’s this ludicrous what’s
happening and all this with the
background meanwhile all we hear about
is global warming if we got to do this
we gotta do that we’re talking about

billions and billions of dollars of more
natural gas and more you know fossil
fuels going into the economies of if you
look outside the window or just look

around your house we are fossil fuel
societies we’re fossil fuel
civilizations the paint the gas in the
stove the electricity everything

collapses anything plastic plastics
plastic plastics and me and so you have
this action going on all over the world
that is kind of in denial of what it’s
not in denial where it denies or are

they rolling a pipeline from Libya to
Turkey that would make a lot of sense
there’s pipelines involved there’s also
drilling involved and is also Vipers and
all why

illness you got Gazprom involved and
totally involved
you got shell involved you got Qatar and
their gas company meanwhile what is the
news report on Greta I mean this rant

has real shit going on our people did
not be paying attention to real stories
and they just following this sixteen
year old and impeachment that seems to

be all we have in the United States four
stories I’m gonna show my food by
donation to no agenda imagine all the
people who could do is awesome oh yeah

now we do have a few people to thank for
show 11:21 and 11:22 what whoa whoa whoa

12:01 12:01 that’s what he said okay not
even close but all right I’m only off by
a hundred yeah what’s your problem well
we lost the bet we’re off a couple of

hundred uh nerds chatrooms
it’s just reflective mmm starting with
Ian field in the UK $100 at the top of
the list
Robert smiley Sir Robert of sous-vide in

Holland Pennsylvania 800 8 and he has a
birthday shadow for his wife Debbie and
she will be on the list Chris
diced I stir I think I stir in Brookline

Massachusetts yeah she’s not 75 but
that’s for his his hot wife dr. 3d of
Brookline hmm dr. 3ds and send pictures

especially the 3d part yeah Gary Blanche
66.6 T surveillance surveillance 62 sir
Baron White Knight of the rainbow nation

6125 let’s sir Brian and he wishes
himself a happy birthday on the list yes
sir Brian he used to be a contributor to

the show with reports if I were not
Michael Robertson Milwaukie Oregon hmm

that’s funny I’ve been rolling in that
Oregon I never did those Milwaukie
Oregon $60 Harry van Rhine in Nord with
wick Norvik Noordwijk Nord followed is Z
H which is south south along the south

of Holland yes John he says I was a big
fan of the curry and Van Winkle show Oh
check Adam is a radio cult hero in the
Netherlands and I know that equals

poverty I lost track of Adam until this
summer when I was attending a surf
legend reunion in Nord vac in the
Netherlands I met Sir Eric the knight
throw the knife thrown night he told me

about the No Agenda show since then I’ve
never missed a show I don’t need a D du
chien because surfers are no douchebags
by nature I’m still confused when I hear
Nancy Pelosi for jobs karma all the time

I hear tax tax tax let’s go for more tax
howdy Fraulein Palm Beach is snowbird
location thanks Harry welcome to the
welcome to the no agenda family good to

have you here appreciate it yeah that’s
Stas Gomberg 5510 double nickels on the
dime sir euchre Monroe North Carolina 55

uh Alex Oh Paul yeah sounds right
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Forest Martin 5000 five or 5005 and then
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way this is a short list is pretty much
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which represents coal in our sock we got
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toe we got a lump of coal these are $50
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in a my Illinois

Alexa Delgado in Aptos California
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hime Netherlands
Robert Kate Robert wait wait Robert also
had said he needs to be deduced badly

because I listened too long without
contributing to the show the shame is
killing me Robert that’s Robert Soren in
noon Humber Saarinen knew noon I’m 50

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Carolina Andy
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daniel leboyer was a knight I believe
sir Daniel Julian Robbins in Aptos
Simon Alicia will what in in Elster

Wieck Victoria Australia will West in
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in the wrong States Michael caught a

Mitchell Kaufman in Hillsboro Oregon
that’s correct
hey soos Allanon said Allison Texas
Meghan Carlotta pretty in galloway Ohio
and that’s it that sort of list I will

mention that I did not get the mail for
today’s show so there’s probably a few
checks missing which will come up on
Sunday because the post office closed
before I got there I’m stunned

babies hate when that happens so I went
there and they were as sorry sucker and
they closed the door and they gave me
the they didn’t give me the finger but
they I liked the image of it Megan

Carlotta Purdy says in her note by the
way this is a Christmas gift from my dad
who loves the podcast I do too
could you please mention his name Rick
Carlotta would be grateful thank you

very much I went to the PIO box and I
did pick up I was on time and I just
wanted to mention a few items that I
appreciated p.o box 18 209 Austin Texas
seven eight seven six zero from sir

woody of the Falls
you know those tags the red tags that
says removed before flight and it’s
typically on an aircraft it’s on a pitot
tube you’ve seen them and people have

them as tags on their on their baggage
or their backpack is a joke you know
removed before flight have you seen them
no no well for those who know what I’m
talking about he got he gave me a bag

filled of exactly the same only instead
of removable for flight
it says removed before pew-pew I thought
that was a nice gift a pew pew gift got
my a Century City copy that was indeed

our 12th anniversary write-up was in the
paper version that was nice that was
nice to get that yeah who sent that to
us our produced good eases that for us

then I have a what is this thank you
Chris angler for the beautiful card the
keeper and I got two beautiful books
extreme privacy what it takes to

disappear in America which was given to
us by sir Timothy of no fixed title and
he also gave us the book Generation X a
groundbreaking novel which he said
actually helped him quite a bit in in

figuring out was going on in his life in
being a a a gen Xer and then I did you
get the United Federation of podcasters
stationary no I did not oh my goodness

JD any mouse from Mach zero made the
United Federation of podcasters
letterhead beautiful paper and you have
to see it to believe it because it’s I

mean it’s
it really puts podcasters in the
standing where they belong behind the
cop kicking someone out of the way and

too obvious hookers who are on each arm
of the podcaster so nice what I thought
yeah yeah I’ll send you a note with the
jump and get that to you as soon as

had a couple of extraneous things we
needed yes got a note from Chris McGinn
one of the Four Horsemen of the

Worcester Massachusetts Meetup
Merry Christmas Adam and John last
episode you read a note from an educator
who made a point to tell you who is
going to stop donating five dollars a
month I’m a dude named Ben for a school

district who also donates $5 monthly I’m
not a teacher only a mere sis admin as a
tech in education I can tell you that
teachers who teach tech are some of the
most untaxed a people you’ll ever meet

all book smarts and no real world
technical knowledge they are first to
call when something breaks or the
network hiccups having done no
preliminary troubleshooting and

expecting it to be fixed yesterday I
write all this not to talk smack but
instead to say I will be up in my
monthly donation to $10 a month in order
to make up for his overboard educator
with an axe to grind plus I really want

to reach knighthood before your exit
strategy kicks into high gear
well no worries there my friend granted
one of these educators I was a giving us

talk some or a speech or a keynote or
something but meanwhile they’re all
these little you know this smaller
speech is being given here and they’re
you know you’ve been to these events
conventions and this and there’s the

smaller events sometimes over popular
somewhere I went to listen to one guy he
was this educator going on he makes the
comment he says he says and then there’s
great display technologies LCD which

means light emitting diode mmm-hmm and
so afterwards they went out to I said
you should note that your LCD means
liquid crystal display LED is light

emitting diode exactly and yeah he says
hey don’t tell me what I’m doing
to me that’s great

well not all educators are douchebags
obviously but from time to time we get
one that sticks out and now we
appreciate being stuck up for by our
dude named Ben there but we do have a
lot of great educators who are doing

phenomenal work and we appreciate that
we know that they get ideas from this
show to teach their kids corrupting an
entire generation I’m so trying to do so
proud then a note from a Jason the

protector of the big house I’m writing
as a longtime knight and weekly producer
I was laid off from my job last week yes
the company I work for that always

claims that as a mutual insurance
company it isn’t for the profits laid
off a bunch of people the week before
Christmas what a bunch of douche bags he
would like some jobs karma for the

protect or the big house and of course
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that’s the job karma and I would like to
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as it is the 26th of December 2019
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his wife Kristen she served 29th on the
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it was his birthday and finally on
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happy birthday from everybody here at
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meetups calm
okay rap well you know you uh you kind
of threw down a challenge to me yeah
yeah I was talking about space force and

space force wireless and wireless power
wireless power and you immediately just
poo-pooed it and played an Alex Jones

clip which kind of pissed me off
for a few days it wouldn’t it was a
great clip yeah but it was misplaced
where I’m doing I’m doing my space force
power from space and then you have to

took it away from me so I’d like to
introduce you to Texan Texan is a
company that will not be providing
wireless power from space but they will

be providing wireless power an outfit
down in Texas has got that big antenna
no giant thing you drive by it on the
freeway that is a different company they
are they they basically built the Tesla

tower if you drive by it it looks just
like Tesla’s Tower and when you go by no
it doesn’t I’ve been yeah no it does not
it’s a similar well they claim to be

using the similar technique I don’t know
much about that company other than it’s
a very quiet block box this one was
actually attainment at the new power
symposium where they were it’s a spell

in you and you yeah new power where they
were selling their wares and they
utilize the same zenyk wave technique to
broadcast power it to anywhere in the

world I have three short clips we’ll
start with the understanding of this
zenyk wave which is somewhat like radio
frequencies zenyk is ze n n e ck and

this of course is closely related to the
work that Tesla was doing the idea is
it’s a wave that goes around the earth
earth it’s a ground wave not not

something that comes from the sky but
they say it will work you do think
differently in the
this it is radio frequency but it is a
different waveform it follows zenyk

waveform which was done by a German
physicist in 1907 and so it’s so the
theory about it and the math and the
physics is existed since they were doing

those type of studies in the early 1900s
it’s just now has been been developed so
that the wave can be launched which was
the difficult the most difficult part

was launching a zenyk wave over the
earth I wish I’d gotten a memo that they
were launching the wave which apparently
happened in 2003 what needs a little
thing you’re sticking in the ground and

boom you got your power for your house
that’s the idea
they actually first launched the wave on
the earth in 2003 and so they’ve been
working since that time period

perfecting it doing tests making sure
that they had what they they had the
wave in a way that they could be it
could be utilized the power component is

one aspect of the breakthrough just like
the first wireless was radio but it’s
the same concept that radio has all the

way from television to satellite
communications to wireless Internet all
are on that technology and on that that
waveform this waveform will have as many

iterations of technologies that reside
off of it one of those being the
transfer of power and commercial grade
power over any distance so they’re doing

this at somewhere around a hundred Hertz
which is pretty low pretty low on the
band they don’t have any kits I can test
it out with yet but I can’t wait to I’ve

signed up for everything and the first
question I had obviously and of course
this has nothing to do with 5g because
it’s at a much much higher frequency but
if we have wireless power in this Zdenek

wave bopping around the earth won’t it
fry us no it has it’s very safe it’s
actually more safe
then the current standards the current
standards are 90% greater than what this

will generate in terms of an RF
frequency which is how they measure the
health and safety standards with respect

to RF I mean the Sun is the biggest
contributor to RF frequency in any way
as its wharfs everything else and that
is what the standards are set off has to

do with the Sun so when we’re talking
about where we’re gonna be in that in
that component of RF exposure we’re way
below the current standards that exist
so there really isn’t a safety concerns

there’s no shock hazard there’s no none
of the other things that would come as
you would think of with electricity in
the way this is being transported from
the generation source to the receiving

source once you reconvert it into power
then you have all your electrical issues
of shock and those things but those are
all current things that you deal with in
the substations and and delivery from

the point to your house anyway so this
is just my beat I’m not saying I’m all
in and serve em Rose you can calm down
bhim roses in the chat room calm down

man just cares it will it cook the
gophers that’s your right that’s the

only thing that matters but I’m gonna
stay on it you know there’s multiple
companies as far as I know no one has
produced anything that actually works

and yeah and this video was kind of cool
you know the the this is the CEO being
interviewed and then behind him he’s
just kind of like to some Arab looking

dude you know and if you ever seen these
injuries you know he’s clearly involved
in the company just kind of walks up
behind him it’s just you know he’s got
his collar unbuttoned you know clearly
gangster type guys
but the zenyk wave is interesting and

and the concept has been around for long
seriously the invention of it is around
the same time that modern monetary
theory was invented
into thin what in the 19 and over mm no

in the 19 you know foresees in 1907 yeah
is that when modern monetary theory was
invented pretty much well it took a long
time for it to go mainstream now didn’t

it well it hasn’t really gone mainstream
yet well but it’s getting there in fact
there may be underway as we speak which
might be the one of the reasons the
economy looks like it’s doing well I did

want to get back to the other the back
to the pipeline think is that one more
clip mm-hmm about the pipelines or maybe
not it’s about maybe it’s not about the
pipelines but I’d like you to tell me

what do you think is going on here with
another story that nobody knows about it
didn’t know about on Democracy Now and
this is the pulling out of Africa story
the New York Times reports the Pentagon

is considering withdrawing many if not
all of the US troops stationed in West
Africa the potential pull out could
include withdrawing US troops from a
newly built drone base in the share and

ending us support for French forces
fighting in Mali Niger and Burkina Faso
the shift could be announced as early as
January it’s part of Defense Secretary

Mark Esper’s efforts to shift away from
the United States post 9/11 war on
terror there are currently six to seven
thousand US troops deployed across
Africa that’s what I said what do you

what I think what do you make of it what
do you think what do you make of this
well either they’re gonna do something
to kill off all the Africans in West
Africa and they want to emphasize the

obvious get out of there or the other
thing is there may be the previous story
about Libya and the fact that France has
taken the side of Russia and Saudi
Arabia and all these other countries in

the in this blue dispute in Libya and
now we’re bailing out from helping
France maybe something going on there
yeah stuff is afoot that there are
Memphis afoot that nobody is looking at

you mean us moves are being preoccupied
with impeaching Trump and GOOG and Greta
yeah wasn’t much better in the EU
actually but they’re but they’re more
agretti and less Trump no one cared even

Europe doesn’t even care anymore
they don’t get it no I well he is he
kicked out when is the end no one no one
reads pinch-run in the country you have
rights people gonna think about a mid

year like July next year when Trump is
you know still in the news you stole the
president against their gonna what are
they gonna be thinking it’s just like
their minds gonna be blown no we’ve been
tracking this for quite a while dogs are

people too we know it you know it it’s
just a fact and we’ll do anything to
treat them like people her family says
Sophie has a heart of gold and now she
also has a heart that’s making history

she’s just a joy it was love at first
sight but their love story was suddenly
threatened when the nine year-old boxer
fainted we were told that even with
medicine there’s a high risk of a sudden

Karen cordially know learned her beloved
rescue had an arrhythmia the same kind
of erratic heartbeat also diagnosed in

she had a become a genetic right
ventricular cardiomyopathy dr. Anna
gelser a cardiologist at Penn vet
figured the human treatment could also
work for dogs so he was the first case
where we’ve tried to ablate the

ventricular tachycardia for that they
turned to colleagues at Penn Medicine
where human heart patients are treated
we were able to use the exact same
equipment when she explained to us that
Sophie was going to have this procedure

at the human Hospital at her I couldn’t
believe it
high-tech mapping helped guide the
ablation but it was still the first of
its kind on a dog were you nervous very

nervous we’re fortunate that things went
smoothly karen says sophie was pretty
quickly back to normal the human
intervention saving her dog’s life it’s
amazing it’s just completely amazing

crack reporter that give us any
indication of what this procedure cost

pro bono for the dog i have no idea but
the dogs are people too a man would just
give them an open-heart surgery

as plant whatever it needs you need new
kidneys will do it for you
apparently the equipment is ready for
I got into the real story nice this
allowed yet okay well this is the one

another story is not being told and I
don’t even know who did broad democracy
now I didn’t get a little more into it
but I think it has to do with the fact
that nobody wants to admit that Trudeau

is not what he seems
Trudeau’s like a guy who who presents
himself one way as this very you know
soft-spoken kind guy and on the other
hand and it’s been coming out more and

more I think he hates the natives the
native Canadians the indigenous peoples
of Canada I think he probably tells
dirty jokes and sexist jokes behind the
scenes know which he gets big laughs and

he’s just not the right this normal guy
because otherwise this story this story
would not be in the news at all and this
is the story Canadian Mounties preparing
to kill Indians in Canada indigenous

communities are condemning the Canadian
government after it was revealed the
Royal Canadian Mounted Police prepared
for the potential use of lethal force
against indigenous land defenders

resisting the construction of a natural
gas pipeline on the wet sweatin nations
ancestral land in British Columbia the
Guardian first revealed the documents in

which commanders of Canada’s national
police force argued quote lethal
overwatch is required unquote a term for
deploying snipers the preparations came

ahead of a police raid last January
against a protest encampment where
indigenous groups have been fighting the
coastal gas link pipeline in response to
the revelations the grand chief of the

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs and Canada
said quote this form of state violence
is happening to indigenous peoples
around the world it’s disheartening to
know that even in Canada this same type

of planned violence is still being
considered against First Nations unquote
and there’s your happy end of show story
I don’t think that’s a very happy end of

show story at all
luckily I have nothing better so we’ll
just have to leave it at that
but you think you know producer out
there thank you for putting together a

fine deconstruction on this boxing day
when everybody else is doing pre-canned
retrospectives a bullcrap we’re here
breaking down the best of our ability

and that’s because we do it with
thousands yes because we’re working and
they’re all on vacation well there’s
that end of show mixes we’ve got now I
got a lot so I’m gonna they’re gonna

carry over for the next couple of shows
but Leo LaPook Jared Matta and we could
not leave without it a fine Christmas
ditty from Sir Christopher Felix down
under who hopefully will stop burning

alive and we’ve got the Mary R Atmos
Nick the rat coming up next on no agenda
stream calm and we will return on Sunday
coming to you from opportunity zone 33
here in Austin Texas capital the drone

star state FEMA region number six and
all the governmental maps in the morning
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where it’s a pretty nice day is
clear out and it’s not it’s kind of not

warm but it’s nice I’m John C de bourree
we return on Sunday please join us and
remember us at Dvorak org slash na until
adios mofos

and such


you can get her goodbye Hillary oh
please Allah every reasonable person
have concluded that the President of the
United States of America our country for
his cheating in a u.s. election on his

behalf the administration would not
comply with any subpoenas and he has no

I don’t like Trump I don’t like my
president no collusion no obstruction
not so no collusion no obstruction not
so much that he will remain a breath
promoted by Rekha
we’re doing a lot of things that people

don’t even know about
Thomas a promise to impeach Donald Trump
one-term president trumped-up
trickle-down Donna stop the domp down

down Donald Justice will have been
served the trial of the president on
page offense inspired with the Russians
if you fight back and they go down the
door as it’s driving them yes Felix

didn’t celebrate Christmas of No Agenda
no they’re podcasters there to go to

celebrate Christmas can they make it can
go for Adam and children what would you
like to make the jingle about that’s a
good idea

get ready to punch I’m telling you why
Donald Trump is coming
better resist get into a five you’re

gonna take off the fascist override
who’s coming
he’s literally

America great you’d better Moscow Butte

organized it’s time for Allah on telling
you the difference between Santa and
Donald Trump

and is good for bells and doner times
good for jingles don’t forget the
anteater flags

so far – a bunch of amerimike guys
we know he’s

we know
we are
punch him in the face

get the antiva flag start flying

don’t eat me Donald trum are we done
mofo Dvorak org slash and a this is

about science science science