No Agenda Episode 1203: “RET”

this is no agenda with the drone star

state in the morning everybody

I’m Adam curry and from Northern Silicon
Valley where I’m wondering if this bird
poop is a gift from North Korea
I’m John Steed Evora all right two
places to start from bird poop or burger

boobs your call sir well I don’t have
much for the bird poop was a one shot
although it was referring it was
referring to the meteor that broke up

over the Marianas that thought everyone
thought was maybe them would mean well
of course in the middle of the I think
Guam was hit by typhoon YouTube typhoon
YouTube I don’t know anything about this

look it up I know there was a typhoon
but I didn’t know it was called YouTube
I’d pretty sure it could be wrong in
fact I was that was called I heard the
report I never I never read anything but

it’s they she said YouTube and I found
that in I did write that down that story
is look here’s here’s a story where lots
of people died and no one’s no one’s

attributing it to climate change much
because they don’t have the right
reporters and it’s also brown people you
know gives a shit house is not important

not important I did want to start off
our last show of the year just with a
little simple deconstruction a reminder
what the No Agenda show is here to help
you with and that’s just just a little

bit disappointed that one of the most
emailed articles over the past few days
to started Thursday was the estrogen in
the impossible burger which apparently

is so much estrogen that it will make
men grow
hey you saw this yeah I did of course
and of course everybody quickly debunked

well but that’s not that well the
debunking is I guess if you’d have to
eat four whoppers a day for you know for
five years and then maybe maybe you’d

have an a cup for whoppers right then
what I was disappointed in is that you

know where was the No Agenda thinking
cap people if this is such an easy one
and only we’re too obsessed with
headlines and little synopses and we’re
not really doing the work anymore it’s

disappointing though you know if you
look at all the stories there’s a source
for this report and the source comes
from the tri-state livestock news of

course also known as the newspaper that
ranchers read and it came from a
veterinarian who to publish this so not

even a research no I just want people to
understand that you it’s worth looking
for two seconds and they meant wow okay
now I understand what’s going on instead

everyone is online at least I don’t
think it really made it much to
mainstream because why would any any
television station or newspaper do
another at all those do a negative story

about a Burger King that’s not going to
happen but online yeah online it’s just
no deconstruction pieces a voice again I
can’t I can’t do it I can’t do the voice

it it’s it’s a natural talent I can’t
force it
welcome those of you who were just told
this morning by Scott Adams on his
periscope that you must listen to the no

agenda show that was nice he give us a
plug he did find it quick what he
finally listened to his show think
here’s what I think happened i’ma think
I’m gonna go listen to the interview
they did with me was it last week pretty

good show that I think about it no I
believe what happened I’ve I have not
heard it yet I have not looked at it
because it happened just before the show

started I think comic strip blogger
at least he’s taking credit for it put
something into the chat and said oh no
agenda show and Scott apparently
responded to that and said oh yes no

agenda is a great podcast you should go
and listen that’s what I think so good
worry well thank you comic strip blogger
it was indeed you very good work yeah I
don’t what you have to do I’d like to

remind everybody the no agenda Christmas
album sir Chris Wilson’s EP is going to
be online for you know the full 12 days
of Christmas so you have a few more to

get it link in the show notes you can
find it any show notes calm and it’s
well worth it I have a great end of show
mix from that album which is the ring
doorbell hack so we’ll be listening to

that at the end of the show
ah and even though I thought it would be
kind of hard to put a something together
today there’s some interesting news out
there I’m glad you got it cuz I ended up

getting caught up in a number of
retrospectives and I ended up with some
old clips and I’ll do a thing later what
is this like you’re going mainstream on

me now you’re gonna do like like all the
m5m boys no I’m going meta mainstream oh
so I took a listen for example on the
media yes they had a day did a
retrospective of that one else that’s

right the worst I only listened to it
the first minute and a half and I was
like no and someone emailed it to us and
was very enthusiastic about it I think
or did I just misunderstand my email Yod

really that bad well I mean if you want
me to get into a couple clips that I
didn’t clip it too much but I made my
own list of what they talked about

because the clips are not really that
great do you wanna if you want to we can
do news or we can start off with you
slamming than the mainstream for this
that what do you think I rather start

slamming okay I’m with you boy let’s
start slamming otm these well don’t say
Oh TM mm-hmm as opposed to in the

they have otm on the morning on the
media on the media yeah well the first
clip is this is what they’ve learned a
lot on the media is a a radio show
produced in New York City WNYC I think

yes part of the NPR public radio
spectrum I’ve been on it and when when
podcasting first kicked off they had me
on the interviewed me yeah for a little

bit does anyone have a clip of this how
I’m sure it’s out there I’m sure they
have it in the archives without it
anyway so it’s the guy that’s the kind
of the fae producer comes on and he

talks about what we’ve learned we’ve
learned a lot and by the way this is
really a prelude for him begging for
money for the podcast they have a
aside from the huge amounts of money

they probably received from n whatever
that that station is plus the
underwriters all the underwriters they s
whatever you want to call it but here we

o TM learned a lot 1 hey there this is
John Hanahan ot I’m producer at the end
of the year we like to comb through our
archives they stop this is the exact
moment where I turned it off I remember

hearing this guy come on as one of the
producers and like can you imagine any
No Agenda producer talking like that and
the enunciation hey there this is John
Hannah Hannah Theon producer at the end

of the year we like to comb through our
archive or pull out some of the new
words we’ve learned and this year we had
a bumper crop Telos someplace we are
bound to end up this is where this

historic ox complex gets us into trouble
disco girl comes from a nap photo
editing app called disco technical debt
is doing the quick and dirty and not
really figuring out what things need to

look like in the long term clearly we
all learned a lot this year the hell did
they just talk about learn anything by
broadcasting still stuck at combing

through the archives these words that
you never heard of that were important
somehow important and they and then by
the way they continued with more of

these went into a pitch oh okay I didn’t
believe me I the rest of its
indecipherable but then they went into a
pitch for money and then they went two
more words I never heard of as though

this was all sort of some sort of thing
so I gave up on that part and moved into
their their big story decided they’re
gonna look at what the real big stories
were and and the big trends for the year

and in media and all the rest
we asked University of Chicago historian
Kathleen Ballou to lay out some of the
ideological fundamentals of the white
power movement the notions that

motivated that shooter and
also the 2017 unite the right rally in
Charlottesville Virginia replace us what
does that even mean people in the white

power movement see a whole number of
social issues as fundamentally being
about a threat to white reproduction
abortion is a threat because it might
kill white children immigration is a

threat because of the threat of hyper
fertile populations of color over
running a white nation LGBT rights and
feminism are a threat because they might

encourage white women not to bear white
children all of this is felt not as a
soft demographic change but as a real
apocalyptic threat Wow now just this one

by the way should have been the third
one but this fine is did over they have
to be in order but white power is one of
their big themes and it turns out by

their logic the only reason that all
these women are people anybody men women
blacks Hispanics whoever Catholics
doesn’t matter the only reason that

they’re against abortion it’s not
because of some fundamentalism or some
religious way so we need more white
people yes because the white thing it’s
probably more babies of color who were

aborted but I’ve you know who cares
right it’s this is better logic for
their purpose that was a nice one for
Christmas guys great so they actually

believe this so that’s one of their big
issues they had other ones but let’s
play a couple I got two other clips and
then we move on but here’s another
here’s another big story this is the one

on conspiracies even apocalyptic we all
crave explanations for things we don’t
understand so some of us fill in the
blanks with conspiracy theories we dug

into that with animal an author of
Republic of Lies American conspiracy
theorists and their surprising rise to
power how can we weren’t interviewed
what the hell

was that there’s a whole book American
conspiracy series did you get a call did
you get an email memo nothing it used to
be that far-right conspiracy theories
went from fringe sites some of them
actual disinformation sites to

eventually places like FoxNews and
that’s sort of where they stopped and
now they have another stuff which is
they go from Fox News to the president
or from fringe sites like Infowars

straight to the president like my props
to the president or from fringe sites
like Infowars straight to the president

and this problem continues to get worse
and worse what is the logical extension
of all of this this is good
John what do you think really is

happening in the world when it comes
from info Warren Street to the president
out-of-control tinfoil Henry
so one thesis is that especially

state-backed disinformation sources like
the ones we’ve seen in Russia like the
internet research agency except that one
of their goals is to make the

information ecosystem so chaotic and so
unstable and so unreliable that people
start believing that the actual
objective truth is not knowable and that
they should stop looking for it oh no

conspiracies by the way only right-wing
has never been a left-wing conspiracy
Dora there all right wait wait stop
Cooper the day for that one just out of

it just definitely clip of the day
yep touch through this whole thing and
it all the culminated in Fox News that’s
right and it and and the other route is

from Infowars direct to the president
Alex Jones hotline to trump hey listen
up tears with wait until you hear my
update on Seth rich maybe we can get in
next year’s retrospective so now we have

some other ones from Russia Russia
Russia this is the big story now this

was a little tougher to kind of grasp
but it’s called it this is another major
trend according to these guys on the
media there are media deconstructors
inversion we’re going to return to a

couple of the year’s biggest themes for
us anyway and let’s start with one of
the first episodes of 2019 which we
called everything is fake

I spoke with New York magazine senior
editor max read about the endlessly
innovative ways the internet messes with
our sense of how the world works we know

that about 60% of traffic on the
Internet is human of the remainder that
spots and then there’s this huge portion
of bots that are pretending to be humans
to saying hello I am a user and I would

like to see this advertisement and click
on it and then I’m gonna walk away from
here so what happens when a facsimile
Internet where fake people visit fake
websites and generate fake data begins

to rival the size of the human Internet
when the truth becomes so and meshed
they’re indistinguishable max introduced
me to the term the inversion which is a

take on what can happen so the inversion
was a name that YouTube engineers gave
to an event in 2013 when the site was
under attack from fraudulent bad traffic
YouTube like most platforms has pretty

sophisticated fraud detection systems
but those systems work by identifying
real and fake traffic in part based on
the percentages on the site this attack
was so large that it was brushing up

against about 50% of the traffic and the
engineers were genuinely worried that
their systems would start to regard real
traffic as fake and fake traffic as real
how why they work with machine learning

so they take
samples of behavior and they can say the
majority of our users act like this and
the minority act like this and so this
minority is likely robots so if the
majority at least on a given day is

robot the machines say well that’s the
legitimate traffic that’s the traffic
that’s supposed to be here all these
BOTS and all these silly humans who are
trying to watch videos we need to kick
them off the service oh this is a good

I like this inversion because of course
in the advertising internet the
inversion is complete it’s been going on
for years for years people have been

fundraising ripping off advertisers with
nothing but fake traffic this is not new
did you call the company called monopoly
was that the name of the company like

monopoly know what I know I know what
you’re talking about but no it was a it
was in Florida yeah you call them up
well I need some traffic I need some
traffic are the only thing the only

reason for this story is to say don’t
advertise on the internet advertise with
us you can trust us you can’t trust that
YouTube thing there was that element but
they did mention that this story dates

back to 2013 so it’s not really a 2019
anything right so this kind of a fake
hmm so anyway they went on with other
things the white power was a really

major major theme yes and as you know I
noticed all these left doing operations
of white supremacy white supremacy white
supremacy all these left-wing operations

without exception including these guys
all over looked at one of the really
great events of 2019 that would that was
media related in fact it was media
driven mm-hm

jussie Smollett if not a single one
brought it up huh
nope huh go figure
no you’re stunned the kind of stunt

racist I should play that the end of the
show again
yeah so they missed that one entirely it
wasn’t a big story John no one really

talked about it wasn’t on the news at
all with note that we didn’t have
newscasters crying I see you mika
brzezinski crying please yeah well while
those guys were jacking off to

themselves WikiLeaks released some
actual newsworthy information it’s been
going on for a few days but they finally
got what I consider the mother lode of
this document dump of the Office of

prevention of chemical weapons the OPCW
which is a no big un outfit and their
reports actually they’re independent I

believe no they’re in The Hague though
they’re mmm okay independent of what I
think they’re I think they’re more
closely aligned with the EU than they
are the UN uh could be could be

there’s the documents and emails where
the chief of cabinet at OPCW instructs
that an engineering report you removed

from the secure registry which is their
archive and here’s an email please get
this document out of the documents
registry archive and please remove all
traces if any of its delivery storage or

whatever in Dra
and it just keeps on going on that these
cylinders that were found at duma that
apparently were the chlorine gas that
killed all these children there was a

big fat hoax and the reports their own
reports stated very clearly symptoms
observe observe were inconsistent with
exposure to chlorine and no other

obvious candidate chemical causing the
symptom could be identified we we drop
bombs over this yes a bunch of missiles
over this because because trump was

upset about the little children yeah and
of course the no agenda show yeah that
would be you and me yes we identified
this as a whole
from the get-go cuz it’ll do because it
was illogical didn’t make sense and and

remember you had those you had like the
rocket stuck in the in the ground up
headfirst in the ground unexploded like
thing with tail fins on it the whole it
just looked bogus all the reports we got

from people in the field said it was
and this years ago two years three how
many years ago was this it wasn’t that
long because it was early within the

first year of Trump’s two years ago more
than more than ten years a couple years
yeah but why paying attention to that
though it’d be crazy no I’ll be just
nuts all right supremacy so let me let

me lay the smack on you about South
Ridge something you know when when
everything when the din dies down in
media land around this time of year when
everybody’s off doing white supremacy

and inversion retrospectives
sometimes stuff comes bubbling up and
here’s I’ve I found out about this
really late last night and I got up this

morning early I was trying to listen to
a couple of podcasts understand what’s
happening there are a number of
journalists who claimed Seth rich who
was the DNC staffer who was shot and

subsequently died in DC which I’m pretty
sure we still believe based on reporting
from people like Seymour Hersh that Seth
rich was probably the person who

exfiltrated the data from the DNC server
and it looks like he was killed over it
which oh I mean how could you even think
this how could you even be so stupid I
mean there’s they’re actual people on

Twitter who registered new accounts
every day just to come after you and I
about the about our opinion about this
so it’s important to somebody that that
that gets says that we had shut up about

that and and the family was who was
well more interesting the brother of
Seth rich he’s suing a number of
independent journalists not even like

non-main Matt couch I think he appears
on Fox from time to time a number of
different journalists about
now but it says it’s a civil suit and
really all it’s for if as I understand

it is for discovery so this law through
law firm Wilkie Farr has filed civil
suits which kind of specious I haven’t
seen them but I’m just telling you what

I’ve heard and I’m trying to distill it
down into understandable information
have sued a number of independent
journalists or alternative or whatever
you want to call them to invoke
discovery and get information about what

they know what do you have what did you
know about sets and then you know
there’s audio seymour hersh saying that
he heard from an FBI source that this is
what happened this firm will key far

represents CrowdStrike in a criminal
criminal suit which of course is ongoing
regarding Ukraine etc so and and and I I
guess we could have known this but it

seems like this is the way that some of
these big law firms work when you’re
when you have a client an important
client and you’re defending them
certainly in a criminal suit if you want
to get any kind of extra information

from players who were ancillary to it
you just file an onsen civil suit
against them and go into discovery and
get as much as you can and some of these
journals these alternate journals are
not falling for it

here’s the main thing I learned that it
wasn’t just the emails which were actual
traded from the system which we have on

authority from people like beanie and
others who’ve looked at and we did the
research on the Donny he used math to
figure out that you couldn’t get this

information over the internet at the
time of the considering the connection
they had but what you have to back up a
minute because you’re going on as if
we are expected to know what the source

of this information is you have not
really is it a podcast you said yeah I
was one of these last guess was it it’s
uh Laurie says and I’ve never heard of
her before she’s uh I guess she maybe it

seems like I don’t know I guess turns
out he has podcaster please very
credible I think she may be friends with
Laura Loomer who I don’t deem incredible

you know she definitely has done a
journalistic work in the past but she
was talking about her experience with
and up and this link in the show notes

to her podcast about an hour and she’s
talking about if she’s reading the the
discovery demand she’s received and
she’s laughing about them and she
explains some of this but the thing that
I was going to get to is that according

to her and others who are in this
lawsuit the thumb drive did not contain
just the emails it contains an image of
the server which is a pretty damn big

thumb drive or a very small server I
yeah it’s possible though I’ve done a
lot of work with VirtualBox and all that
you can definitely image a server on a
USB Drive yeah if it’s 128 gigs or that

might be enough I don’t know the state
of the server but that it was not just
the emails which of course put Hillary
Clinton and Donovan and what’s-her-face

Debbie wasserman-schultz put them all in
a big pickle with the with the
Democratic with the preliminaries with
the nominee where they had to steal they

screwed birdie and it came out on these
emails but apparently there was voting
software stuff on it
algorithms for the voting machines
documents about deployment of this

software that’s all I know it doesn’t
mean anything more or less than that if
true it has very deep and it makes a lot
of sense if it wasn’t little I’ll give
you a couple of good research some the

one part of it that makes kind of sense
even though I don’t know what if she
even knows what an image is now she’s
very very unknown on technically he for
example if you’re dead if you’re sitting

and you have access and you’re putting
stuff on the thumb drive I don’t know
about you but I know I’m kind of the way
I do things if I have a let’s say 500
and gigabit gigabyte thumb drive and I

and I download 100 or 100 gigabits of or
gigabytes I’m sorry of emails I got 400
gigabytes left I’m gonna just put stuff

on it well so how about this I mean
you’re the one that introduced me to a
Cronus and there’s multiple types of
software you install the software
package you plug in a drive and you say

mirror the drive right in fact an
Acronis will mirror a drive and I cuz I
back up my Tarab my terabyte SSD which
is what I use on my main machine I back

it up I’m not a great backing up I
backup once a month and I use the
cronniss to mirror the drive so if the
thing ever blows up which SSDs will do I
can just plug the other drive right in

and I’m back in business I might I may
be a few weeks lost a few weeks of
material but it will do I it’s
interesting to try to back up a lot of
files onto tamo drive it takes a long

time it’s not gonna be fast with a
cronniss using a USB 3 it takes to
backup a terabyte takes about an hour
and a half max and and you know who

knows the size of the server but also if
I’m gonna steal something it would make
more sense depending it wasn’t a Windows
server I don’t know what it was was it a
UNIX server if you’re just going to

steal emails it’s probably I don’t
you’ve ever messed around with exchange
server let’s say it was Windows or even
with me with them with send mail or
something like that you go in and get

the the mail spool now none of that’s
gonna happen you just want to mirror the
drive and get out of there I think that
that would make a lot more sense than
I’m just going to copy these emails that
would take forever just to remind us

longer than mirror into drive so just to
remind us assume that these guys I mean
they’re running a terrible I don’t know
is at that point in time is this
I doubt if they had a big drive I mean

it probably you know some minimums like
something I wanted I don’t know but know
that regardless even if it wasn’t a
thumb drive it could have been a USB the
SSD drive yeah just it’s too long to

play the whole thing but just to remind
everybody those little drives those
little plug-in drives from Costco plug
it right into USB for fact seth rich was
spotted at costco just two weeks before

his untimely death seymour hersh is an
award-winning journalist and was fine i
didn’t clip this podcast where i got
this information from but the woman who

was with just tory t o r e she’s like
well there’s a couple other people who
were also being sued by this law firm
who represents CrowdStrike and she goes
to delicious mat mat mat couch you I

guess she knows hymns like here’s some
other guys in those seymour hersh I
don’t know who that is just runs by yeah
yeah she runs by Seymour Hersh she’s
never heard of him
it just give us a quick background on

Seymour Hersh
Seymour Hersh is the guy who outed the
US government for the me lie massacre
that’s how he got started he became the

number one and one of the top
investigative reporters in the country
and has continued to work until this day
when he has been sidelined by the media
because no one wants to talk to him cuz

he’s got too much good stuff they kept
they kicked him out of the New York
Times and because this stuff was too
revealing then he was running for the
London Review of Books but then they
couldn’t take it anymore cuz somebody
came knocking at the door saying hey you

know you just saw broke this guy’s he’s
no award-winning right he has multiplied
you know he’s won Pulitzer yeah so he is
a and he’s what he’s incredibly well
respected by the Lib Joe’s and so there

you have it ah well I’m going to play a
bit of this clip which was audio of him
explaining that the FBI told him what
happened with Seth Ridge I’m going to

play a little bit of it so you can
swallow whatever you had in your mouth
about the kid okay what I know I know
comes off an FBI report don’t ask you
know how you can figure out of it around
long enough the kid gets I don’t think

he was murdered I think I don’t think it
was murdered because of what he knew the
kid say niceboy27 he was not an IT
expert but he learned stuff you the data
programmer but he learned stuff and so
he’s living on one Street someone she’s

so pretty even in a very rough state of
it and in the exact area was very bit
different about ten I’m sure you noticed
it about eight or nine or ten violent
stuff and I robberies no shit with

somebody brandishing a gun and it’s big
his hands I’m telling you what I’m sure
you know what his hands are marked up
the cops included he fought off the
people tried to run any shot up try to
the backward of 22 small caliber and

then they the kids who didn’t ram it got
scared didn’t take it okay so what’d the
cops do this and here’s what nobody
knows or I’m telling you maybe you know
some above when you have a tip like that

DC cops if you’re ticked you generally
don’t just go yep or find out what the
moat we’re going on you have to get to
the kids apartment and see what you can
find if he’s dead you don’t need a
warrant but most cops get a warrant

because they
as a roommate you need it warming so
they get a warrant I’m just young there
is such a thing they go on and how they
can’t do much with its computers pants
were the council not much about it so

the DC cops they have a cyber unit in DC
and they’re more sophisticated they come
and look at it the idea is maybe he’s
had a series of exchanges if somebody
says I’m going to kill your mother
fucker over a girl and they can’t get me

they are the cyber guys did a little
better but they can’t accept it so they
call me they call the FBI cyber unit at
DC the DC units of Washington field

office is a hot-shit unit they and the
same one they call Emma said the time to
get through here so they find this is
according to the FBI report what they
find is he makes fun personal you have

to know yesterday often note some basic
facts with one of the basic facts is no
there’s no dmg will possess the email
that that exists beyond May 22nd May
21st 2013 select email from either one

of those groups and so this so what the
report says and he makes contact with
WikiLeaks that’s in his computer and he
makes contact now ok so it’s worth

listening to the whole thing but so
there was actual proof according to
Seymour Hersh who has some believability
and credibility that the FBI discovered
that he had been contacting WikiLeaks

they had a Dropbox the passwords have
been exchanged and it seems like this is
a story that gets so much better when
you think of it being an image server

which could have much more data on it
that was problematic
and that the law firm who was

representing CrowdStrike who apparently
well actually who installed the anti
hacking software which you know two days
after they installed it that’s when

apparently the Russians were in the
server so it’s a quagmire and you know
when the Dean dies down this is popping
up to the to the surface do I think it
will go anywhere ultimately no probably

not because now with these guys who are
doing the medias coverage in the liberal
media itself when they’re concerned
about white supremacy and that’s the
reason they’re anti-abortion now that
kind of logic I mean they’re completely

scrambled there’s also another piece of
very disturbing news kind of along these
lines do you remember a doctor Robert
Epstein or Epstein I should say the name
rings a bell yeah here’s actually your

clip which will remind you remind all of
us exactly who dr. Robert Epstein is the
number one financial supporter of the
Hillary Clinton campaign in the 2016
election was the parent company of

Google alphabet okay who was our first
witness they were her number one
financial donor and your testimony is
through their deceptive search methods
they moved two points in her direction I
would say this is the professor who

showed with deep research which was
immediately discredited of course but
the research stands by itself we went we
did a very deep dive on the research at
the time I think on the show this was

one of the stories of the year that
again along with Jesse Smollett nobody
covered his wife was killed December
23rd really in a very freakish car

how she lost control of her Ford Ranger
the truck quote slid out of control slid
across four lanes jumped the median into
the path of a freight liner semi hauling

two dump trailers
jeez right
it’s yeah it sounds like it’s one of
those things you see in the spy films

yes when they tried to assassinate
somebody it’s always overkill well
remember who was the husband so long ago
before Andrew Breitbart died after
drinking a wine at a local Hollywood bar

and Michael who was the who was the the
reporter who hit the tree Oh Hastings
Michael Hastings yeah with his ex s spy
wife right God I mean this look we’ll

just call it coincidence that’s all
yeah the Hastings story was the most
disturbing of the group because of the
nature of that particular wreck so but

this sounds pretty bad yeah yeah and and
this you know this professor he he kind
of came and went you know he he made it

he made his statements Cruz made a big
deal out of it we saw clearly that if
you have the ability to manipulate the
top two choices on Google search which

Google of course has that ability those
are the only two that matter anything
else is just going to be noise
underneath the noise floor when it comes

to clicking on stuff and that’s how
information is managed into people’s
brains by yes i relational apps improve
that you can sway like some boys like

but yeah a large amount of people to
think differently no yes huh well that’s
I know yes happy end of year news

everybody we could be doing a
retrospective about white power or we
could just tell you what’s actually
happening in your world today and the
more I think about you bringing those

otm retrospectives to the show the more
I like it just shows you how lame how
lame it all is you can’t trust any of
these fuckers any of them on any station
and I’ll do my own retrospective here I

have one retrospective clip I saw that
you had your retrospective you titled
them ret so I have 1 ret clip Jeff
to remind everybody exactly how it works

when it comes to messaging to citizens
Nancy Pelosi explaining the wrap-up
smear of course it’s great that she’s

explaining it because I think she’s very
good at it it’s a self-fulfilling
problem you demonize and then you it we
call the wrap up sneer if anyone talked
politics cause the wrap-up smear you

smear somebody with falsehoods and all
the rest and then you merchandise and
then you write it unless I see it’s
reported in the press that this this

this and this so they have that
validation that the Press reported the
smear and then it’s called the wrap-up
smear now I’m going to merchandise the
presses report on the smear that we made

and it’s a tactic and it’s it’s
self-evident what she admits here in
this part of the story is you create the
smear and you go to your friends in the

media who then will report it for you so
that you can then say look what my
friends over there reported in the media
that’s the only part she missed in her

ask well she was yes she was not
explaining it well but it’s a trick that
this it’s in the books
I mean it’s known trick in the CIA is a
met a master of it and the way it was

usually would initially explained is
that they would go to the point of
placing these articles or these smears

in foreign publications yeah although
that’s it that’s the best you put it in
in the Uganda times then the New York
Times can say according to the Uganda

times yeah and then they report it and
then then you say look and you did a new
report what the New York Times report is
and the New York Times just reported
whatever the Ugandan Times reported

which was done by a CIA guy working at
the Uganda Times and this is why it’s so
important to have so many people placed
in all the publications that are Aegeus
and that’s why you need all this drug

money to have this black budget the
sea-ice budget is who knows what it is
but they have a lot
people working for him at the newspaper
level yes not just that but I am willing
to say anybody who appears on television

on a news show which is never about news
if the if the station has the name as
the word news in the name you know it’s

not news so if they show up and they
have a book they’re CIA they’re
immediately suspect they probably didn’t
write the book very few people write
their own books and very few people get

to go on expensive book tours I’ve been
looking at this business for about a
year or so you don’t just get a Hampton
on a book tour and I will argue that a
bit oh yeah and I’m not working for

anybody except to no agenda listener but
now that you bring that up we might as
well play this ret clip mm-hmm this is a
William Arkin guy and this is a spooks

is pundits clip so you talked about the
people who populate the networks as
pundits and you’ve been a fierce critic
of the national security state or at

least understanding who it is who is
explaining things to us reading from
Politico former CIA director John
Brennan laid a super spook they said to
be reborn as a TV news II he just cashed

in at NBC News as the senior national
security and intelligence analyst served
as first expert views and Meet the Press
the Brennan acquisition seeks to elevate
NBC to spook parity with CNN which

employs former Director of National
Intelligence James clapper former CIA
director Michael Hayden a similar
capacity other lesser-known National
Security veterans thrive under TV’s grow

lights almost too numerous to list they
include truck rosenberg former acting
DEA administrator chief of staff for FBI
director james comey and counselor to
former FBI director robert muller Frank

fig Lucy former chief of FBI
counterintelligence Oh Juan Zarate
deputy national security adviser under
Bush at NBC Fran Townsend homeland
security guys are under Bush and it goes

on and on and on these are now the
pundits and so
you have a situation like president
Trump announcing he will immediately
withdraw US troops from Syria and have

the troops that are in Afghanistan you
have this massive attack on him that’s
actually led by the permanent national
security state under the guise of

pundits on television well I think that
you’ve I mean what you said stands for
itself Amy but I would add to it that I
think the real crisis is that when we
have a panel discussion on television in

the mainstream press and even in the
mainstream newspapers we don’t populate
that panel with people who are in
opposition we have a single war party in
the United States and it’s the only one

that is given voice and so really the
crisis is not so much that there are
experienced government officials
speaking out the problem is that there
aren’t critics who are sitting next to

them saying that you’re full of it
they’re also spokes so to me we need to
balance that and I think that probably
because of the phenomenon of Donald

Trump let’s just be honest about it
really what we see on TV now is former
Obama administration officials
masquerading as analysts who are

nonpartisan when in fact they are
partisan and and indeed we see fewer
retired generals and fewer retired
admirals who sometimes are useful in

terms of explaining the profession of
arms and the conduct of military
operations in favor of these political
figures who have a partisan view I just
don’t think the American public gets

well served by the fact that there isn’t
a broad range of opinions on those
panels I want to see peaceniks I want to
see academics I want to see historians I
want them to as much have a voice their

dream of understanding what’s going on
as I do see a former Obama
administration official we have to break
yeah yes please break away so for sure
if you ever come out with that vinegar

book then we know you’ve been
compromised that’s that
it’s a given that some yeah yeah he’s
gonna have to write that vinegar boss

okay well we’re in this topic I do have
a Hersh clip that kind of backs that
other clip up and this is when he was on
al Jazeera being interviewed to Seymour
Hersh oh this is another literate

Rhett’s yes I think it’s going to hell
now what you have is if you don’t like
Trump you read the New York Times and

Washington Post and what certain cable
shows CNN if you like Trump you watch
Fox News and you read other paper that’s
equal all your that’s flying into a
Trump narrative Fox News is not the same
as New Times you know Sam still does

good journalism by the way the Fox News
but it doesn’t but the credibility of
the New York Times because it’s so
hostile to him maybe legitimately but
over the top I think they’ve gone way
over the top in terms of like running an

anonymous letter yeah okay how long ago
was this because it was one of his last
nonnamous letter this was in January of
this year
yeah well that was definitely one of his
last appearances ever well it was on

eligible Al Jazeera of course do another
thing from this exact same theme just to
stick with the RET theme again from this
year in January and what we just heard

about the New York Times and the guy who
owns the New York Times New York Times I
here’s Jill Abramson the New York Times
her former employer the former executive
editor of the New York Times Jill

Abramson criticizing that newspaper in
her upcoming book calling The Times news
coverage unmistakeably anti-trump let’s
bring in howard kurtz

fox news media analyst and host of media
buzz she’s not going to be making a lot
of friends among her former colleagues
at the New York Times with a lot of what
she has to say in this book Howie
absolutely not Jon but this is an

extraordinary rebuke by Jill Abramson
the former executive editor as you say
if she not only calls the news coverage
on mistakable anti-trump she says the
younger staff they’re the woke staff

members as she puts it are so concerned
about what they see is the dangers of
Trump’s presidency that they want to
throw out the old journalistic standards
she also says that given the papers
mostly liberal audience

there’s a financial reward for the times
and running so many stories about Trump
almost all the negative of that is
soaring traffic yes that’s why people
come to the No Agenda show this is true

yes I have two observations about
something the president is doing which
is not I don’t think being well I’m sure
it’s not being analyzed by news so this

is just you know one one VJ to an old an
old columnist we’re pulling out of a lot
of different areas and Trump is making
some very interesting moves that is

obviously not being reported on very
very broadly at all Japan is now and I
think at the invitation of the president

moved into the Strait of Hormuz this is
you know where was like 60% of the
world’s oil passes through this 20 mile
nightmare this straight yeah and of

course Iran has you know been been
making trouble yeah we had a drone shot
down or shot her own drone down who just
a big quagmire but what I think is
happening is Trump is pulling completely

out of all of these regions you know
Turkey and Russia are now messing around
in Libya you know what leave it leave it
just leave everything to those guys and

mainly because we don’t need to get our
oil from the Strait of Hormuz in a brief
breaking report on Friday Japan’s Asahi
Shimbun said Tokyo had decided to send
its own troops to the Strait of Hormuz

instead of joining the us-led coalition
tasked with safeguarding commercial
shipping in the Middle East it said
Prime Minister Shinzo Abbott told his
ministers in a National Security Council

meeting to review the mission specifics
it also said that because ah they had
visited Iran in June possibly to serve
as a mediator between Iran and the US
this could be a move to avoid clashing
with Iran and at the same time stay on

board with Washington’s plan for the
defense shipping the Strait of Hormuz is
a crucial area in term
of international trade because if the
route taken to transport 20% of the
world’s petroleum so I think Trump made

some kind of deal with with eBay and
said look you go park over there I’ll
take care of those disputed islands that
I that we all know are really yours but
China’s are trying to take them over and

and that will be the new theater for us
so if you know that’s the oil part or
petroleum another thing always important
when the world is you know just in the

world in general is gold where is a lot
of gold mining done
it’s a place we’ve all heard of but week
I certainly always kind of glaze over
when I hear Burkina Faso I and whatever

where is it what’s in Africa and this
report from france24 tells us that maybe
Trump is not so interested in everybody

having any more gold or mining it or
whatever his attack did not come out of
nowhere even if it is the worst attack
in burkina faso’s modern history we have
seen a sharp increase and I mean a very

sharp increase in attacks since Burkina
Faso as a whole became sort of dragged
into the broader conflict and the
broader sort of jihadist insurgency that
began in this whole region around 2015

it’s perhaps no accident that France
just last month in November announced
that they were deploying more troops as
part of their bark on reach operation
throughout the Sahel regions to Burkina

Faso I always love that you never hear
about any other countries messing around
in Africa finally we hear about the
French it’s and more specifically right
to the region where these attacks happen
today it’s the so called three borders

region it’s where Burkina Faso’s border
meets up with Molly and me share and as
these attacks are escalating another
military presence in the region the u.s.
is reportedly planning to withdraw

and yeah what I could tell you comes at
the big caveat this is according to a
report that actually appeared in the New
York Times a couple of days back saying
that the US military is now weighing

proposals for a major reduction or even
a complete pullout of American forces
from West Africa not just from Burkina
Faso or from but from West Africa in

general and that this is part of a
broader Pentagon sort of rethink of its
entire global deployment strategy so
drawing West Africa would be the first
in line but there could also be American

troops being drawn down from regions in
Latin America Iraq Afghanistan why as
part of the new focus on is this not the
story of the year I mean it’s a week I
didn’t withdraw recently by not the

media of this some report in The New
York Times somewhere mentioned it but
this is this is huge pulling out of
everywhere and it makes so much sense

go ahead you have the next 20 years of
bullcrap whoever wants to go in China
have at it
certainly if I mean Burkina Faso it’s

gold really is mining it’s a there two
major exports are gold and children who
mined for gold small-batch this
small-batch artisanal mining that’s

really what they do and a lot of you
know there’s other mining around around
Burkina Faso and other countries
surrounding it in West Africa in general

but again you know what we always put
more troops in under some bullcrap ruse
of Ebola we gotta go protect everybody
or our interests so that’s done with and
I think that this is part of the overall

Trump strategy of no just no pulling out
of it it may have to do with the
outrageous squandering of funds yes
trillions of dollars that could go into

our own economy I just lament every time
I like I was driving in Oakland uh a
couple days ago just some streets and go
from here to there and it was like yeah
I mean it was like pothole city and I’m

surprised I didn’t break an axle for 12
years he’s not broken an axle yet but
the complaints have been there hey it’s
borderline situations believe me his car

luckily I you know I Drive a car that
hasn’t well made yeah but I don’t know
yeah well you know where’s the coverage
done there’s no no no let’s just talk

about impeaching peach and peas or beef
well you bring you bring up a good point
about about the squandering of funds and
this is where it gets a little difficult
and I’ve just had a lot of time to think
about this if you look at that just take

Ukraine as the example you know where
yeah one American news and Rudy Giuliani
and they’re going to uncover thousands
of sealed indictments seven and a half
billion dollars transferred back to you

know everybody everywhere it’s a lot of
it’s in the actual government documents
themselves if you look at money that was
intended for the Train it does take a
genius it’s you know 300 million dollars

was earmark government money our money
tax money 300 million dollars for AIDS
education in
Ukraine and that’s going to NGOs and and

that’s how it works you set up you know
it’s like hey John we got a buddy over
there and you know they make it in
Congress and you know they got some
chips in with somebody else so why don’t

we start a little non-governmental
organization we will educate podcasters
how to be be free media something like
that and then we’ll get into your market
we’ll get twenty five million dollars we

put together a class though this is what
it is and this is what we should be
doing I know this is the you need a good
grassman ship person somebody knows how

to write grants and you can you can make
a lot of money off of this thing that
they’re trying to put an end to and I
think is wise to put an end to it
because it is squandering taxpayers
money is not going toward jets it’s not

going toward anything you know but but
wait wait wait wait this disel this will
make you laugh Greece what do we know
about Greece Greece is broke it’s broke
it’s broke

however the finance that was the finance
minister the defense minister Nico’s
poolboy Panagiotopoulos told parliament
earlier this month that they needed to

upgrade their VIPRE class f-16 fighters
and so they’re going to spend two
hundred and eighty billion dollars

on upgrading their f-16 fighter jets who
even knew Greece had fighter jets don’t
you do they really need them no because

it’s for us it’s us we give the Greek
money through IMF and other mechanisms
and it came right back to us so we’ll

have a nice tool that per se okay
Lockheed is that not us well I’m not you
know what I mean

it comes right back to the u.s. to
Lockheed but others whom the maintenance
contracts the shipping the logistics
it’s all economic hitman stuff and it’s
not really booming anybody but assholes

who were already rich or their kids and
one American news is I mean we played
this months ago about paul pelosi her
son they’ve now wrapped it up into a
little news item we were quite a bit

ahead of this one as the ukraine scandal
backfires on the Biden family the
Pelosi’s may be the next to come under
scrutiny an old promotional video
resurfaced on Thursday more than six
years after is uploaded by an energy

company which does business in Ukraine
the video starts out with Nancy Pelosi
speaking about her efforts in office to
push for clean energy her message is
followed by a promotional statement from
her son Paul who was a board member of

and an executive at its related company
energy lab just two years after this
video is uploaded Pelosi led a

congressional delegation to Ukraine to
discuss issues like energy security and
her son travel to the country as
recently as 2017 on behalf of the
corporate governance initiative where he
now serves as executive director do you

run a court you have a corporate
governance business and you’re here in
Ukraine speaking with representative the
government investment bankers discussing
certain things relate to the soccer
exactly the Biden faces similar

allegations they use his father’s
position to make lucrative business
deals in Ukraine and China
so there you go just you’ll give the kid
some money well you know that way you
can spread it out a little bit by the

way you know that a one American news is
suing Rachel Maddow no I did not know
no I looks like they have a case tell me
and so rachel is going on saying well

you know whatever I say something is not
really a fact it’s just something I
think for what happens when it never has
I’m a hotshot lawyer it was the case
about what did she say she said that one
American news was was a Russian front

but paid for by the Russkies I hope
someone says that about you and I well
he’d have to assume but yeah well that’s
the hope said they have a case and then

now she’s all freaked out about it well
she should be because she’s got a big
mouth yeah someone yeah it’s about time
someone took her down a notch well be
more than a notch if one American news

has its way
yeah we’ll see that’s good I didn’t know
that yeah it’s pretty fight got a kick
out of it
all right I think we with that with that

at the one hour mark exactly I’d like to
thank you for your courage and say in
the morning to you the man who put the C
in Christmas John de Boer AK well in the
morning Yuma striker any more airship

see boots on the ground feet in the air
subs to the water all the Dames
tonight’s out there in the morning to
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which is what they do so well thank you
Thank You trolls for being there no
agenda stream comm got big plans for
that website this year and finally going
to try and get something together make

it a little more cohesive we’ll be
reaching out to you
that’s no agenda stream comm where you
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place to hang out and exchange
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and yourselves also in the morning to
our artists for episode 12 o – we titled

that one invidious phobias which i think
is the title of 2019 I really liked it I
still have to look up the word invidious

every time I think it means scary or
something like that
Mike Reilly Mike Reilly brought us the
perfect Boxing Day artwork Santa Claus

Saint Nick boxing with the kangaroo and
not only was it just perfectly done it
pops because it was yellow background
and yeah it’s a pro well guys say the

guy’s a pro we found that at no agenda
art generator calms where you can look
at all of the art 10 times as much art
as we have episodes there was a lot of
good art and so we had to make a

decision and they would that’s we picked
a we generally swing a little bit toward
original art if we can find it and in
other words the guy draws something yes

and O’Reilly pretty good at it I mean he
I mean he boys he does one piece usually
and he’s not like it Darren O’Neill gets

more hits because Darren O’Neill’s the
productive guy he’s like Bam Bam Bam Bam
does five pieces of show easy yeah with
one hand where we talk about to say oh

this piece I really like this piece yeah
I know I would say you you will like I
won’t like is something somebody won’t
wait well you know you know what we
should actually well let me finish this
story because this kind of the way it

works and say ah you know you look at
this Darren O’Neill and they say well I
hate the gays dude nice then you find
another piece of okay would pick that
it’s also Darren O’Neill I always say
well I don’t feel so bad about rejecting

his other people look I’m just looking
at the at the page it would be an idea
although I don’t think I have the
bandwidth but it would be an idea you

can literally take what the artists are
doing while we’re doing the show and you
could put that into a timeline that
would switch when we switch topics I
mean it goes from Kevin Spacey to Trump

to Jane Fonda to the the the boob
growing burger is it’s almost it’s
almost in a time line it’s very

interesting now that’s is that project
for yet and a lot of times the guys like
in the last show there’s somebody who
tried to outguess the show there’s
always one artist by the way I don’t

recommend doing this cuz it’s pretty
hard to do is say I know what they’re
gonna talk about yeah oh yeah well
that’s the burger we didn’t talk about
the burger last time no I send people
already they did art for the last show I

thought about the burger he never talked
about the burger I wasn’t actually until
you brought it up on today’s show I was
never gonna talk about the burger but
I’m a burger kind of guy you are your
burger kind of guy mmm I’m a I’m not a

nothing burger
the point is is that trying to outguess
we’re gonna talk about is not to because
we don’t just because was in the news or

it was some sort of gimmicky story
doesn’t mean we’re gonna talk about it
and generally we don’t know and
generally the things that we think all
we have really got to talk about that we
forget to talk about that’s that that’s

the show that’s when you only have
thousands of producers outside the
studio there’s not actually someone here

to kick you and say hey remember talk
about this well let’s thank a few people
for being executive producers and
associate executive producers for show

oh is it twelve Ostrom or three yes now
is this our year-end special this or is
this a this know that with everybody’s
well the year-end special is actually

going to be on the 2nd of January this
is the special but anyone who
contributed three hundred thirty three
dollars and 33 cents forgotten an
executive producer for this show will be
can use it they can claim executive

producer ship for the No Agenda New
Year’s special ah okay and then that and
they were not gonna do another one of

these special executive producer things
until July fourth which is the fourth of
July for you I know you don’t remember
that date but you know just because you
wrote a shitty sentence in the

newsletter drafted to try and tell me
that I don’t know what July Phila friend
what cut and then you called me a
communist you McCarthyite I’m reminded
of star like thirteen or in that movie

where the guy comes in and he somebody
tries to talk about the 27 Yankees and
the guy doesn’t know what he’s talking
and so they figure so let me just
mansplain this okay John always sends me

the newsletter to look over and there’s
usually some typos and so I what I do is
I click always there’s usually some
typos one or two it’s not a big deal and

then I’ll copy the line I pasted the
line with the correction and this first
line was
you know this it was I just didn’t
understand it and so I copied and pasted
the line about you won’t have another

chance like this until July 4th and like
wow we’re not kind of any special shows
until July 4th I know what July 4th is
so I just replied July 4th question mark

can you come back with Jack comrade make
up some kind of commie please so I’m
thinking I’m going back to stall like 17

or 13 wherever that movie was and they
beat the crap by this guy doesn’t know
anything about the 27 Yankees and I’m
thinking poor Adam who doesn’t like
sports he shows up in a Nazi

concentration camp right all right who
won the 20 to 2019 World Series I’d be
like put me up against the wall gotta be

more people that don’t follow sports and
be more so today that back in the day
but Colditz was it not cold it’s Stalag
a Stalag 13 cold it’s I think it was

called I remember I don’t escape from
escape from style like 17 that’s what it
was okay anyway let anyway listen
anyways people who helped us year wait

wait stop who won the FA Cup wasn’t at
you know this is another thing that
bothers me let me let me stop again okay

so I’m watching ESPN which is just
deteriorated I mean they’re okay during
their football playoffs and even though
they don’t have good sound engineers it

seems they I’m looking at the scores
underneath and they’re showing all these
British club sports soccer scores hmm
and this is one after another I’m
thinking why are they doing this because

it because Americans are all into
they’re all Manchester United fans or
witnesses they they know that nothing
goes better with avocado toast than some

soccer scores then I think to myself
well if that’s true why are they so
racist about it
racist where’s the soccer scores from

Brazil where’s the soccer scores from
Mexico where’s the soccer scores from
Africa well but this you know if you
were just like it where’s the cricket
scores from India it was kind of a big

championship me but this is week after
week day after day we’re talking about
the regular season they’re just showing
British scores of soccer games it’s Iran

it’s a plot but they don’t show
Brazilian scores they don’t show Mexican
they don’t show any other scores from
any other countries just bridges they

don’t even show the this stuff well they
do show they’ll show Madrid that some of
the scores of them in the continent
well here’s I’m gonna answer this for
you maybe they maybe they’ve figured out

that by only showing the British scores
they will keep old white coats like you
engaged wondering why there’s no
Brazilian scores because you’re clearly
yelling at the TV let’s thank some

people by the way everyone should yell
at the TV is fine it is good let’s start
with Richard Bagwell at Louisville

Kentucky you don’t even give a
horse-racing scores you keep one two
three four five six which he does yes
that’s right beautiful call I’m sure
Richard even though I don’t think he’s

claimed yet to know but Sir Richard
country’s my annual contribution of the
best podcast in the universe requesting
jobs karma the original Pelosi solo also
requesting Adam except my LinkedIn

requests okay well this is a very good
point I have not managed my password
like I had do not know the password I

know I can retrieve it I have not
managed my LinkedIn profile probably
ever but I think I I set it up when we
started pod show because that looked

professional I am hereby requesting to
outsource my LinkedIn profile and anyone
who is serious I would like you to
manage it because I believe that man

the profile is of huge importance and
could actually help the show
I’m sure somebody’ll take you up I mean
I’m thinking of doing it but I wouldn’t
no no no I’m not letting you anywhere

near that thing jobs jobs jobs and jobs
that’s karma I think I just I just felt
the keepers ears perk up going hmm maybe

I could manage that yeah she could
probably do it oh I know she could I
don’t think I can afford her
you know the pair alright onward with

Sir AJ van der Steen in Carlsbad
California with $1,000 this is our
retired lieutenant colonel from the
Marines ah yes that’s right he always

ends its has it been a year since we
last heard from or did he come in an
interim I think about once every six
months what we love you know he came in
during the year at least once if not

twice what’s with smaller donations but
he always sends a very nice note with
that he was he got he got himself into a
health Jam as you recall from the last
note and he he’s back I believe he’s

also its official title sir Joseph with
an F Earl of Southern California when
approved oh there are issues with the

segmentation down there and it has to be
resolved by the peerage committee it’s
taking a little taken a lot longer than
it should clearly I don’t you know what

is with these guys I know anyway so he
always writes on marine letterhead is
very attractive
I am John and Adam I have attached my
last contribution for our calendar year

2019 omnibus budget please put it to
good use
regret that we are a bit tardy with this
submission we were visiting family in
Texas where we got a clear impression of

the awesome power of the m5m though we
spent three weeks with the most prolific
Trump haters Rachel Maddow Watchers and
just plain crazy people for this family

I guess you know you’re in trouble when
you see Rachel Maddow on the family
Sirius XM radio list and the bumper

sticker beto on the back I honestly
didn’t know that Sirius XM carries full
time Maddow Show

we love our family but it sure is good
to be home
1,500 miles away is Carlsbad uh this
contribution makes me eligible

eligible for promotion – Earl on the
peerage list okay well with this with
the blessing of all the members of the
peerage committee I would like to
maintain sovereignty over the Southern

California Protectorate please change my
title to Sir Joseph pearl of Southern
California and asked the back office to
send the appropriate parchment no
jingles but I would you I would I could

use a bit more of your great goat health
Karma thank you and Merry Christmas to
you and your families so I think I
should put him down for an earl upgrade

we just leave the Protectorate in
abeyance for now I think you can give
him to protect your it in abeyance
in California in abeyance yeah ia that’s

six billions is abeyance ABA why why I
think is a Bob eBay and I think it’s EU

I think it’s a balance
and punch it in it’ll give you an
underline if some punching it in your
right a be what yes you’re right you’re

correct this with an e good okay so he’s
on the list
outstanding well I’m glad you survived
your health issues and the family don’t
know one is which one is worse well it’s

like you go through this probably did
him well to go down and makes you
appreciate lysis of all places by the
way makes you appreciate life insanity
sanity of the amygdala yeah healthy

healthy yes and he wanted a a goat karma
right a you got here comes simplify
you’ve got cool for us to say that even

though neither of us are Marines yeah
you can say it no okay cool it’s a
greeting it’s like a greeting it’s like

a cheers like cheers yeah I mean that’s
a little more history to means a little
more to the Marines that’s you’re
kidding yes okay well that’s the marine
trolls in the troll room say yes yeah of

course they like hearing it RC mouse in
Vista California is next on the list
with $334 he’s in Vista California and
he has also has a handwritten note and I

gotta get my glasses on again he’s
actually sent a nice card with a mouse
on it I’ll make a small correction we’re
allowed to say Semper Fi but we’re not

allowed to do ha
apparently you gotta you gotta you gotta
have gone through the training to do
that one yeah I’d I would think so I
agree I get it mason’s to me warm

christmas wishes the rights RC mouse
thank you for another year of an
entertaining media deconstruction I
couldn’t not think of a better way of

showing my appreciation that become an
executive producer many thanks for all
the plugs on the show for the Fareed
Khan meetup in Chicago well we are had a

we are furry enthusiasts we are we are
and why not why not no there’s no real I
have I have a furry uh mm-hmm
kind of a well let me explain what

happened chest so no I don’t I have a
furry dog had a big giant thing it’s a
huge up take a picture of him putting

the newsletter put it on your head and
take a picture
drape I think it’s officially a furry
costume J who dot does dog walking
mm-hmm ran into a period for about one

month where every time she went dog
walking there was something with a
little free sign out laying out in the
somebody’s driveway and she picked up

I’d like a not a couch but a big chair a
table that was actually she refinished
and his dog head dog head and the thing

about the dog hair by the way and you’d
be surprised how big it is it has a
fanny in it a battery-powered follow to

keep you cool yeah otherwise I guess
you’d sweat to death in the thing and
it’s okay I guess somebody’s throwing
their kids three customers up maybe

there’s so let me just get this way so J
and knickers still living with you right
temporarily yeah so they’re bringing
trash back to your so this like Sanford
and Son this whole outfit that you’re

running there yeah junkyard like look
dad I got a table I can finish it make
it look good here I got a dog head for
you great fine J another day’s work is
good well I’m just kidding I like dog

head I have I’ve decided as an aside and
I really appreciate I appreciate the
invitation to to Jays wedding in in May
I think and we’re very excited about

coming but I do have one stipulation
I would for once just like to see your
studio yeah
and why am I not allowed to see it it’s

a mess yeah I know and what if I saw
happening what if I signed an NDA
Oh think about it just think about it
it’s I’m just putting it on the table

that’s an interesting idea
okay all right onward with Kailen this
store at three hundred thirty three
dollars and 33 cents be a special
executive producer for the special

coming up thanks for a great year he
writes my thank you for a great year my
friends many more happy new year as Sir
Colin team yes this is Cal from lavender

blossoms org
who I think started his company during
during our tenure of the show oh you go
it’s only a few years ago and is

apparently going quite well
well we’ve helped him and yes yeah and I
want to mention that is a good product
is only reasonable cause we wouldn’t say
anything both the products from lavender

blossoms and Jambo from Jambo Joe have
now we’re not sure if it’s if it’s
directly attributable but Tina had like
a sciatic nerve problem which could be

quite painful and you know the minute
the CBD was applied the next day things
got better
I’m not saying it’s completely
attributable but I’m a believer I’m a
huge believer in the CBD so he’s got

rheumatoid arthritis and she uses the
cream on her hands and she says are
fantastic so that was she calls you that
and acupuncture do one yeah yeah I’ve a
Q PI like acupuncture I’m actually okay

with that so at Cal thank you very much
thank you for your support of the show
and thanks for bringing those great
products to market boner pills next

okay now I have to look this look I’m
going to squirrel mail here no no way do
I have to do it no yeah I do I have to
because it is better than just plain old

IMAP or SMTP you like send mail forget
about it you want to go straight to the
source the source can find your emails
anywhere that’s dripping down way beyond

the spam he doesn’t get none of that
ladies and gentlemen they won’t tell you
there’s time for jaunty Dvorak’s mo
program known as
there’s nothing there Scott Spencer 300

$33.33 thanks Scott
squirrel Mel obfuscated your did your

obviously torch Onix nephron next with
another 33333
and I could say we only had three of
these donations that click that
particular button so we do have the show
coming up but I’m guessing that these

special things are people already got
their specials in I’d like to be
knighted a sir does Peter Chung good
good good I’d like to be knighted sir
Peter Knight of the day well that’s a

good one I either sent accounting to the
wrong place or John skipped over it yeah
could you repeat can you repeat on the
air where a new knight should send
accounting info yes I will laughing John
at Dvorak org works which hey Baron he’s

on the list on the list Peter yes Peter
thank you very high it $333 credit to
baron hey the felicitous felicitous

felicitations gents i’m making this
donation to show support and i smacked
my lips tear because i’m what’s this mad
mother she was trying to swallow some
saliva this apparently getting into my

discussion here that’s my working this
donation to support the show for the
animated No Agenda YouTube channel John
should check his squirrel mail for
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jingle but thank you for bringing that
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everybody right now go to animated no
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really good my daughter is showing it is
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listen to the animated no AG right which
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friends cuz there’s a hundred million
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yes Jennifer what do you mean we never
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subscriptions algos kick in let’s see if
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thankfully what I said it before I’ll
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on that’s more work it’s more work some
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I’d never thought I’d be a cartoon

well you are now Toni Cabrera 309 mister
sorry sir Alex Vander Hanks
three 2120 is his annual contribution

donation 3 2 1 . – Oh yep Happy New Year
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of icon that much just the end he says
73 sir Rick and J&K Epstein didn’t kill
73 sk v acc martin viola in berlin
Deutschland nice

nice time of year in Berlin Dear John
and Adam thank you again for the great
value of your show loving life for 2020
may I ask for some our est ECP karma and
all the best Martin yeah

danke mati
our ESP ICT you’ve got karma Kim
Vacheron and veteran comes in with 250

bucks and she’s in Foxborough
Massachusetts where the were the New
England Patriots play football hmm
I think it’s the first donor from

Foxborough she sent a note in this is my
first donation my oldest son Griff hit
me in the mouth sometime late 2017 and
not long after I pulled a walk away good

hashtag walk away from the foolish
Democratic Party mm-hmm that’s
interesting I was a lifelong dem up to
then but had become increasingly

frustrated and finally had enough I’m
now happily unaffiliated you’re very
good that’s the way to go unaffiliated
exactly yeah and a devoted listeners the

best podcast in the universe I hope we
helped please accept this donation of
250 bucks and thank you from the bottom
of my heart for keeping my sanity and
check with your excellent deconstruction

and many laughs you guys are seriously
the best Oh Thank You Kim I know she
didn’t ask for it I would like to offer
her a deduction what I didn’t finish the

note merry Christmas to you both and
best wishes for a happy healthy 2020
I’d love a resist we much and stop the

hammering along with a long-overdue d
douching so now I gotta find all the
other stuff because it wasn’t much you

can find pretty quickly but you can do
the D douching now okay
you’ve been deduced but resist we much
we must and we will much about that be

commitment and I couldn’t find it find
it damn I couldn’t get it in time but
stop the hammering yes you know how many

can I do it on word search
and do you know how many how many jokes
we have about stop the hammering just
play a random one what is this actually

one of my favorites okay I’m gonna do
the sequence over again but desist we
much we must and we will much about that
we commit stop the hammering there we go

and that feels better feel good now your
you know your people should know that
Adam is superstitious
I am us

what it’s more like obsessive-compulsive
but yeah you can call it superstitious
Scottsdale meetup oh nice oh okay gather
$220 Oh beautiful how many people I

didn’t get a note so I don’t I’d I have
no idea what a note with a check and it
says here we had our first meetup in
Scottsdale this came in from Jenna we

had our first meetup in Scottsdale and
with about 10 attendees the good news is
we collected $220 the bad news is 200 of
the 220 came from the barren of this so

we’re gonna put Baron and Verde no no no
he put it in there keep it there other

remaining 20s from your host meet mister
genitals as this was an inaugural
meet-up of strangers I didn’t push too
hard for donations however we plan to

make this a regular thing so the future
so in the future I’m gonna get more
strongly encouraged donations if for no
other reason than we don’t look like a
bunch of douche bags no day that you may

be interested in as you guys have
predicted everybody got along well and
there was no awkwardness whatsoever
all attendees were male most were 35 to
55 with 120 two-year-old and one over 65

2 to 3 learned about the no agenda show
from today in tech a couple by
word-of-mouth and a couple by just
listening to random podcasts and one

from the Donald the Donald subreddit hmm
I’ve been I’ve been struggling to come
up with a short explanation of exactly

what the meetup is
you know because what is it exactly that
makes this it’s such a mouthful to say
well you meet people who have really one

thing in common is that they’re not
going to be triggered by whatever you
are what you say or and you’re not gonna
feel triggered by then yeah it’s a
trigger ‘less environment but then he

finishes no no finally one of the most
interesting observation was as follows
although many different topics were
discussed there was zero mention of
impeachment hmm yeah as far as I’m aware

he says right I thought this was odd
considering it’s it that this was the
big controversial news of the week
no I think that’s exactly right and no
agenda meetup would completely ignore

that so that’s not important it’s a sham
anyway I’m struggling with coming up
with the right descriptive sentence I

want oh just a sentence so somebody can
write it for us we have people out there
are creative okay
last on our list of the associate
executive producers staff on Madison in

Brooklyn 200 $11.55 we need more
Brooklyn listeners by chance donating
purely first excuse me selfish purposes
need I need that sweet sweet Nancy job

jobs come and I have the hiccups for an
idea I propose to my boss which would
eliminate a management position that
gave me a hefty chunk of change I’m
enjoying the show as always we need 9

more seasons
yes seasons now we’re not we’re doing
seasons I’m against this this idea of
seasons but you brought it up much
before and I’ve never never been someone

else someone else brought it up
previously I would never recommend this
I don’t like weight doing in blocks of
1,000 shows exactly worth we’re 1k
blockers we don’t mess around here yes

be more than happy to give you some
sweet Nancy jobs karma for that idea you
propose and let’s hope that works out
tap on thank you very much for your
courage and your support jobs jobs jobs
and jobs

vote for job you’ve got karma and that
concludes our list of executives that
associate executive producers for show

12:03 I’m gonna have trouble with this
number by the way I keep thinking 19
that’s okay and thank you to these execs
and associate execs you know the deal

this is the credit that you deserve and
you need to take it you need to display
it proudly loudly if only just for the
badge that that it is that the Badge of
Courage of Honor but it can also be a

lure to bring people closer to you an
executive producer I wonder maybe he’s
looking for an unknown
anything could happen with an executive
or soceity executive producer ship as
long as you use it accordingly and thank

you will be thanking more people $50 and
above in our second segment and if you
have not supported us please consider
that for our next show the first one of
the new year by going to Dvorak org

slash and news you know what’s really
going on these days our formula is this
we go out we hit people in the mouth

stop the hammering

I have an update I’m an update I need an
update yes an update so let me see I
don’t have an update sound update sound
I have an update update on 23andme in

the military I have the update sound
update nice I’m time coding that there
was a story that we talked about last

show of the show before about the
military not wanting any of their
enlisted people anybody at the Pentagon
not wanting anyone in the military to do
one of these DNA tests specifically

23andme and were mentioned
and it was a little confusing there’s
like oh it’s national security security
of the troops you know we weren’t really
sure what it was about but of course we

have a very vast array of producers many
who are boots on the ground literal
boots on the ground and to emails I’d
like to share some information with the

first one this one let you know the
military actually takes a DNA sample
during the initial medical processing I
was told the DNA profile is kept on file
in order to identify remains if a

soldier is killed in action and could
not be identified by other means that
makes a lot of sense doesn’t it but
instead of the military saying we
already have the DNA you don’t need

another test the second email is perhaps
a little more pertinent Adam the reason
they’re not saying the the true reason
is because having your own DNA under

your control could help you or others
discover unknown kids belonging to
military members this could or could not
be a problem in the military and even

punishable under military law example of
the kid as a result of adultery that’s
illegal Uniform Code of Military Justice
UCMJ best-case scenario may be single
troop had one nightstand and didn’t know

now the kid and mom take part of your
check and the kid is entitled to
military benefits
don’t think the military wants to deal
with that because it could make you less
deployable I think that’s probably

something to that I think that’s
probably it
I mean I hear so much about yeah I yeah
I would never do a DNA test just my own
personal privacy reasons but there are

so many people who find out that they’re
you know that their parents aren’t their
birth parents or their brothers been
adopted none of this seems like a great
idea to know they people who know and

have found this out I think typically at
the end they say well you know at least
it enhanced my knowledge of Who I am but
it comes along with a lot of heartbreak
and you know stuff

I know a guy who’s a stockbroker II and
one day I saw him he was like
he’s got a pail any tourney somebody

knocked on his door
and it was his son mm-hmm and he never
met or knew he had 21 years old Wow
yeah whoops like what whoops

there was a a little bit of a fracas
that happened think two days ago Putin
did his

his big press conference for for the
media where he answers all these
questions a year does a big press
conference all day there I said I was a
week ago so now we have people from all

over the world to listen to the show a
comic strip blogger I’m not sure if he
is polish or if he grew up there or if
he’s there now I have no idea but the

pressure is polish I think he’s polish
so he sent me a note saying wow look at
this he was accusing the poles of be
assisting the Nazis and that there was
the damn anti-semites in Poland and he

said you have to talk about you my talk
about this I no agenda put a knockoff
upon it so I take his note and of course
the clip that he sent with it associated

but you know there’s the subtitles and
there’s you know interpretations so I
sent it to Sir Jean you know the Earl
over here because he speaks the Russian

and so I said well what’s going on so of
course I get the Russian version which
is comrades this is this is much ado
about nothing you know so it’s like
everyone’s arguing about who was the

biggest shitheel in in world war ii when
i’ve discovered that this had nothing to
do with any of that it is purely a
political statement by Putin for a

pipeline according to the Russian state
television for them are putting under
his end-of-the-year speech to
high-ranking military officials with
accusations towards the Polish diplomats
from the 1930s he referred to the 1938

appeasement part where the Allies agreed
to the petition of Czechoslovakia what’s
more he reserved particular criticism
for Poland namely stating that Poland’s
impossible to Germany at the time was a

Nazi sympathizer essentially they called
it with Hitler this is clear from the
documents and archives particular
critique was reserved for the Polish
Ambassador at the time use ellipse game

apparently put in service about him and
he means that bastard that
anti-symmetric peg he expressed full
solidarity with Hitler and his

anti-semitic views in Erie and he is
given Australian
according to Polish analysts are several
reasons why put in a singling out Poland
first is the practical seizing of the
construction of the Nostrum that’s it
that’s what this is all about because

Poland is playing with us see that’s
Trump gave Poland the Visa Waiver like
theirs they’re helping wart the North
stream to pipeline which is the big deal
for Gazprom in Russia that’s what all

this is about and meanwhile exactly what
I’d wanted is people yelling at each
other over something that happened
before they were both born
and gene is a Duke I’m sorry it’s not an

Earl who is also the sheriff
yeah that’s confusing he just wants to
be a Duke he is a Duke so anyway so
that’s what this is about

it’s all about the pipelines and by the
way you know this is the Russian agent
Donald Trump who was making all this
trouble Russia yeah and also also
Putin’s running the USA according to the

Lib joes and Russia had just finalized a
two point nine billion dollar transfer
of money to Ukraine for gas transport

you know they’re they’re at war and this
is you know our national security
now they had a nice little chat in
Vienna and they figured it all out they

also exchange prisoners don bass
prisoner swap so now maybe it’s not
quite as horrible as the m5m would have

you think it is they’re clearly doing
business well the m5 Em’s got its own
agenda and I actually agree with the guy
earlier they William Arkin character who

is the old military intelligence guy
that you don’t you will never hear on
the air again after that little thing he
did on the Amy Goodman show mm-hmm uh
where it was like you know it’s a what

does one party in charges the war party
yes well this is true I think we saw the
war party just giving us the news and
they’re not gonna tell us anything that
does anything you do it piece that was

like a big game about peace but during
the war party I was thinking about this
you look at the people who were well
there’s a couple things first of all the
ruling class and I had a long discussion

with the keeper about this about the
what the ruling class is because I
believe it’s people who run the banks
are the ruling class the educators the
universities of the ruling class yes

politicians but they the politicians
aren’t actually calling the shots
they’re influenced by everybody else
I mean it isn’t is that how would you

define the ruling class
I would say is the top top-level
influencers right but not necessarily
lawmakers but just influencers I think

there’s a few lawmakers in the class
must be so the Nancy Pelosi is of course
part of the ruling class yes she would
be there so if you look at the ruling
class and my goodness man look at who is

running the country buddy in Congress
it’s worth over a hundred million
dollars that’s not really there’s a lot
of his a lot of them they’re all pretty
old they’re seventy plus which is you

know it doesn’t bother me at all but
when you think about how they view
Russia they grew up with the Soviet
Union and USSR and I think there’s

plenty of trauma that went around and
I’m not diminishing you know the Cuban
Missile Crisis and I don’t know how old
you were but and that I can see that
would have been very scary to a lot of

people of a certain age today you were
maybe too young but doesn’t matter these
people who are running the show who was
between 75 and 80 witnessed that and I
think have trauma the same goes for

their whole globalist New World Order
view which is whatever we keep getting
pushed towards and I was watching an

interview with a Dutch politician and he
made this point he said these people who
are the ruling political class grew up
with John Lennon’s Imagine and had to
think about it and then you look at the

imagine there’s no heaven it’s easy if
you try no hell below us above us only
sky imagine all the people living for
today imagine there’s no countries it’s

not hard to do nothing to kill or die
for and no religion to sound like
something like a formula to get shot
this is the the dream no borders no

religions we’re all one we all live in
peace and harmony a brotherhood of man
I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one I
hope someday you will join us and the

world will live as one yeah I was very
it’s a very new world ordinary thing new
world order no borders one-world
government that’s what he left out yeah

imagine there’s one world government
dominated by the ruling elites I mean he
should add some more lyrics I’ll rewrite
it for you they got they killed him
because he didn’t put that in that’s

probably what happened there yeah I know
it just hit me it’s like yeah I can see
where people who grew up and I remember
the song but you know it was like the
the 10th anniversary of it well by the

time he wrote that song he was in the
ruling elite even though he didn’t know
it was the ruling class yeah I mean you
know what card he’s a billionaire I mean
let’s get a clue here yeah yep yeah

of course he’s not the real polls aren’t
doing us any favors this is a different
guy now it doesn’t matter and your point
is well made well it still is yeah it’s

still proposing as the same guy yeah and
he probably thinks he’s that guy now so
so one way or the other
these people are going away it will get

how much longer can they last they’re
just then they pass it on to their kids
yes turn an CE Pelosi is toast man she
is her her eyebrows are at her hairline

now just touch your face your eyebrows
start above your eye socket hey one more
facelift and she’s gonna have a goatee I
hadn’t heard that one would I like it

okay alright enough of my silliness that
you want to hear another retrospective
let’s do a retrospective first of all I

want to bring in a retrospective of an
ISO showing that this is a 12 second ISO
that it was used at end of show we used
to have used longer ones when they were
funny no

I think they I think the nose habits are
you sure we use that end of show I’m

pretty sure hmm it’s doubtful but it’s a
good one it’s a very good one I mean I
have one that I that I’d like to offer
as as a potential
this is Matt Gaetz the congressman Matt

Gaetz no agenda for America doesn’t get
much better than that
yes that’s somebody read it yeah that we

could have we had that one and we just
dropped the ball on it this is the one
though that that’s that’s the one that’s
good we have this is another one of
these little clips that I picked up this

was my favorite this was from the spy
show Berlin station this movie ran this
in January it’s a retrospective I
consider one of the best cuz I I
consider it my favorite clip of the year

and this is the turn this to set it up
this is a one of the spies had quit the
agency but now he’s he’s still living in
town and he’s gonna everyone’s afraid of

what he’s gonna do and here we go what
do you know about Gilbert Dorn
Gilbert Dorn same as everyone
legend put out to pasture saw and did it

all during the Cold War cast a pretty
long shadow at Berlin station he never
left retired in Berlin did not know that
let me guess he’s writing a book worse

podcast that is the new spook outlet of
the future podcasts that’s where all the

spooks are moving towards podcasts I
think this is a good idea yeah hey you
want some influence that’s the way to go
people the people are tuning out of your
m5m before you continue with

retrospective let’s do something a
little more current there’s an issue in
Australia that the temperature of the
sea has gone down yes I know it’s a
problematic it’s at the same time a

climate change is burning everybody
alive in Australia so you know somehow
this has to be fixed you might want to
get a pencil and a piece of paper to

write down the reason as brought to you
by the BBC
potential for these fires in this
particular case this year we’ve had a
phenomenon known as a positive Indian

Ocean dipole and what that basically
means is sea temperatures in the eastern
side of the Indian Ocean so close to
Australia have been lower than average
now cooler seawater generates less rain
the warmer the warmer the air is

essentially over the oceans the more
rain we get because the oceans have a
little bit cooler there hasn’t been as
much rain that’s one of the reasons why
it’s been so dry across Australia
because the ground is so dry it heats up
more quickly so you know we can trace it

back we can find reasons for this but
scientists will obviously be looking at
it in the broader context of world
events to see that linked with climate
change alright then rich thanks for
bringing us up to date on those weather

conditions this yes lovely we have to
link it to climate change the positive
Indian Ocean dipole of course if it’s
not the arctic blast what was the other
the other term we had there’s a bunch of

them like yikers like to bring up the
fact that there’s gonna be they made the
predictions gonna be no snow in England
ever again yes the children in England

would only see snow in snow globes yes
so it’s the opposite of the polar vortex
is the positive Indian Ocean dipole
which of course we’ve heard about for

years whenever this took place no never
ever and how it just rolls off I think I
need to play it again just from ice I
just need to hear just need to hear him
say that again we’ve had a phenomenon

known as a positive Indian Ocean dipole
and what that basically means is yeah I
mean can you believe this and they say
that I the straightest is when they say
there’s no the oceans aren’t rising

because Australia again is providing a
sponge effect oh yes sucking up the
water yeah and the cyclone bomb we got
we need to we need to keep track of

these well let’s go back to and again to
January and remind ourselves this is a
nineteen second ret ami climate gloom
who study published this week finds the

melting of Greenland’s ice sheet
may have reached a tipping point it
could severely increase sea level rise
over the next 20 years the report
confirms other recent studies which

warned the Arctic is warming at twice
the rate of the rest of the planet
due to climate change yes and let’s just
do a little update we’ll go to Google
which I don’t use typically animals do

warming at twice was one of the
originals we had a clip that you had of
all these people saying this is twice

the rate twice there how does one place
gonna be with global global being the
operative word well here’s one place
started warming it twice the rate so now
let me just hear what Amy said again new

study published this week finds the
melting of Greenland’s ice sheet may
have reached a tipping point and could
severely increase sea-level rise over
the next 20 years the report confirms

other recent studies which warned the
Arctic is warming at twice the rate of
the rest of the planet and climate watch
Canada is warming up twice as fast as
the rest of the world so we have Canada

the Arctic northern hemisphere UK this
is fantastic

everyone’s claiming it everybody Russia
warming twice the global rate Australia
warming twice the global rate Britain
China warming twice as fast
Ireland warm it just look it up on

Google it’s all there horseshit people
that’s what I say
manure do chavala
then bringing up one more of these and

then I’ll get back to normal yeah you
might as well go to this ret fat people
I don’t think I remember this one
keep doing what why researchers say

obesity is bad for the environment
obesity and global warming both heavy
topics now linked by a new study from
the London School of Hygiene and

Tropical Medicine it says people who
weigh more tend to drive more and eat
more and all that food it shipped on
average 1,500 miles from words grown to
your plate fat people researchers

contend are killing the planet more so
than those who are thin well I don’t
remember this clip you don’t know but
does this mean that fat people are

causing global warming yeah that’s
that’s a whole new dimension to fat
shaming right there oh yeah damn I know
I’m surprised it didn’t catch on there

was a I think the reason it didn’t catch
on is because most of the people
seriously in the global climate crisis
are tend to be overweight hopefully

since it’s just making that up there was
a what was this article and know if it
was in the Los Angeles Times it was it
was a professor he has from California

to address climate change we must
seriously question private property
ownership I really like this angle that
this guy is taking
who is this guys names from UCLA

aspirations of home ownership and the
belief in the importance of private
property could be reinforcing the
conditions that result in wildfires see
the idea here I think and maybe it’s

it’s been part of the agenda 21 push and
subsequently the 2030 goals and the 2050
climate neutrality is to not let you
determine where you want to live or what

your house looks like now you should
just all be renting and the homes will
be built specifically like cinder blocks
I guess just a cinder block where you
sit in it best new housing developments

that you describe like that are also
easily convertible into minimum security
prisons they are sad for true to no
agenda imagine all the people who could

do this oh yeah that’d be fun
and on we go with some people that
helped us and show 12:03 starting with

Lauren smudski in Pleasant Grove
California and she sent a check in and a
note you know I just came in with $100
there no agenda thank you for the for

you to and all of your support and
disillusioned written and back in people
and this is a special thing and has a
unique audience

I appreciate the autonomy and see that
which is what we have and see it as a
light yes there are many great aspects
of no agenda the anthrax sounding

Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself
being one of them but you’re independent
standalone saw a short sort of original

internet operation is the coolest Thank
You Lauren thank you skipped over
Jessica Sawyer

Jessica Sawyer actually topped Lauren
with a hundred and thirty six dollars in
Lakewood California and she worked well
we don’t need to know let me do this

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underwear with J hazel in Lenexa let you
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this town in Kansas with Lennox Lennox
I don’t know 99 33 Ryan Radetzky in Iron
Mountain Minnesota 808 herb lamb and
Earl of Georgia oh I’m sorry I wanted to

read Ryan’s note it was a nice note
forgive me pod fathers I must confess
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hand written on paper you did me one
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much count and then he goes to he leaves
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right while listening to the show other
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reading letters featuring the United
Federation of Planets letterhead so here
are some United Federation of podcaster
stationery this is our guy yes if you
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even if you don’t I’m gonna scan the
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a Happy New Year Merry Christmas coming
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Wow we could get some this some crazy

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indeed and we say happy birthday to
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I’m out of control
Michael DeLozier Christopher Gutierrez
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Sir Peter Knight of the day you are all
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now couple things off the top February

there should be a Delray Beach meet up
in Florida I know it was being planned
or planned I have not been able to

retrieve it from No Agenda meetups calm
but the keeper and I are going to be in
Florida Delray Beach on the 21st of
February it’s a Friday and we need a
meet-up organized because it’s gonna be

fun and I think we’re even getting
mmm-maybe Horowitz leap and drive up for
it I talked about it yesterday says well
will people know who I am say yes Andrew

you’re famous don’t worry people will
laugh people will love you yeah no
problem no problems there so please get
on the stick people and confirm with me

so we can have some closer coordination
for the Delray Beach and Delray Beach
Florida meetup on February 21st
Delray Beach up the Delray Beach oh we
had a number of meet ups take place of

course over the the course of the past
week and we got a report an audio report
which if it’s short enough and I edited
this one down a bit to make it a bit

tighter I’m happy to play this is from
the fourth trajector meetup in Utrecht
the Netherlands also known as Gitmo
nation lowlands the fourth director
meeting in okay item also known as

mutant your name is Babas together
so Sir Robert of Eastern
there we go and this is Dave with a

little actual Corey with my ankle 10
bulb 10 bones
Jimbo damn Corey – boom yes hello Adam
big case Benny were destined you take a
dusty electric cord oh sorry enema I’m

case I’m an escaped slave I drink white
I am from save our democracy Thank You

Cindy of Holland surrouding so here ko
tell us who you are I’m sure here I’m
Serge a cub guardian of the Limbourg

coast share here KO night of the papal
fiefdom of you pricks I mean just
hearing that you want to be there that
sounds like a great group I love Jamie

of the doomsday denier I drink white
wine can’t get much it sounds like a
that’s just like a party thanks guys
thanks for sending that in and this is
what happens at these meetups people

come together who really in in regular
passing in life would probably never
bump into each other but we all have
this one thing in common
amygdalas of normal size and we can talk
about anything without anyone getting

triggered about it because we know it’s
just not worth it we’re not
participating in the game and there will
be a number of them for the month of
January Amsterdam kicks off on the 3rd

at restaurant Delphine and
entrepreneurial is your organizer for
that one that’ll be at 5 o’clock
Amsterdam time at the same time the
other end of the world Seattle the

Seattle monthly at a new location the
hop vine pub check the back of the bar
Patrick will start organized organizing
that at 7:30 then on the 7th of January
the second biannual Knoxville meetup for

a clock at Barley’s Knoxville sir seats
it are hosting for you also undone on
the 9th that will be a show Dave
Thursday the note this is a good one and
no agenda tuned man tour the Beirut stop

this is Jesse Coyne Nelson he has done
end of show mixes for months almost
without fail every single show and I’ve

seen him progress I mean you you hear a
Jessica Nelson makes you’ll know it
right away because he often sings and
it’s atrocious but somehow it makes it

work he’s a traveling teacher and he’s
set up a number of meetups as I said
Thursday the 9th in Beirut Lebanon Jesse
will be hosting this at the rabbit hole

on mock DC Street in Lebanon Beirut
Lebanon 6 o’clock
Beirut time and looking forward to
getting a sound clip from the people who
meet up there and Jesse’s also going to

anything he’s going to go to Israel hang
out with the Knights there he’s on he’s
on a tour then the 11th a brand new
entry that’s the Saturday and two weeks
the long island long island beat up

excelsior slaves come one come all first
attempt at a Long Island and New York
City Gitmo nation meet up meet at st.
James restaurant and bar
Andrew Grasso will be hosting that and
that is your a current overview for no

agenda nation meetups go to no agenda
meetups calm where you too can enjoy in
this in this activity which is a great
compliment to the show because the

meeting people in person is incredibly
having that human interaction the troll
room is good no agenda social is
fantastic but when you get together and

you drink and you talk and you see each
other’s faces and yeah you know it and
the energies it’s a very good thing it’s
fact scientific fact look it up in the
model report

well that was a good report yeah well
this is we got good people man
we got producers all over Gitmo nation
well let’s do at least of one

impeachment story which is that the
impeachment has stalled stalled and so
nobody knows what to do about this and
so they don’t even know how to report it

here for example is NBC’s report
President Trump and the first voice of
dissent or at least dissatisfaction
among Republican senators over the way
the Senate leadership is planning the

president’s trial we get more from Hans
Nichols tonight President Trump dealing
with a potential Republican defection on
impeachment Alaska senator Lisa
Murkowski signaling she’s unhappy with

senator Mitch McConnell’s pledge to work
in total coordination with the White
House when I heard that I was disturbed
Murkowski who has defied party leaders
in the past responding to these comments

from the Senate Majority Leader last
week my kids from the from the
president’s lawyers Murkowski demanding
some distance from the White House we
have to take that step back from being

hand in glove with the defense I need to
be able to sit back and look at both
sides of this president Trump has
relished in Republican unity on

impeachment we had a hundred ninety six
or so republicans voting a hundred
percent we didn’t lose one Republican
vote in the house while putting his
faith in McConnell’s Senate Neves

ultimately that decisions going to be
made by Mitch McConnell and he will make
it he has the right to do whatever he
wants he’s the head of the Senate but
Trump today admitting that impeachment

is impeding his role as commander in
chief writing on Twitter it makes it
much more difficult to deal with foreign
leaders and others when I am having to
constantly defend myself against the

do-nothing Democrats it Hans is with us
now Hans how are other Republicans
reacting to Senator Murkowski comments
we heard from Louisiana Senator John
Kennedy’s a Republican and an

impeachment skeptic saying she’s
entitled her opinion and Mitch McConnell
is entitled to his but still no news on
a potential trial or a start date Wow a
minute and a half that I’ll never get

back yeah that’s that’s so empty
you know this is the biggest TV show on
earth but the thing is Donald Trump is

the show he’s the show so everything you
hear has to relate to Trump every news
story everything Keith he can never be

impeached the media if they could would
give him a third term
he is the show yeah
yeah and now that the impeachment

stalled yeah what do we do these guys
are like beside themselves because they
can’t cover it parently as we point out
on this show every show well there’s all
kinds of news stories around that could

be covered yeah but that’s not the show
that no one cares about dead people in
the Philippines we won’t even pull
global warming into it we can’t connect
it to trump did Trump ever have a

Filipino hooker no sorry no story what
else there they’re working on it now
there is there are some other parts to
the big show that I wanted to touch on
before we say goodbye to 2019 as the
show progresses if you don’t have money

then you’re not in the show and
Elizabeth Warren I think is running out
of money and when you run out of money
you’re not buying ahead to me don’t buy
ads you’re not in the show you get voted

off the island so now it’s Warren she
was great she was just great just a few
days ago she was great but now no she
doesn’t like polling and I don’t know

her medicare-for-all answer wasn’t right
I mean it’s annoying I think when any
kind of political candidate says I don’t
do polls I mean yeah I get it you don’t
want to hire pollsters but you can’t
ignore the polls I mean the polls 50% of

her voters are saying that they’re not
for Medicare for all is she gonna ignore
that poll because her numbers continue
to drop and is in Medicare for all to
blame for Warren’s crash should she not

be paying attention to that poll well
Medicare for all I think is a big piece
of this puzzle because if there’s one
thing the Democratic voters want it’s
not actually universal socialized health
care or anything like that it is

defeating Donald Trump so they need to
nominate someone who will be electable
and Elizabeth Warren over the summer was
sort of positioning herself as the
person who could be that who could be
the electable progressive maybe not as
far to the left as Bernie Sanders but

maybe doing better sharper on the trail
than Joe Biden but I think her stumbles
around Medicare for all have left some
Democratic voters a bit worried that
she’s not the person to get them across
the finish line yeah in other words she

has no money just look at the numbers
she’s running out of money can’t buy ads
can’t buy polling numbers so she’s off
the island done you know out of here
well if this is one of the rare

opportunities in California we
have because everyone wants to be that’s
word California’s gonna be important in
one election and one election only
that’s the Super Tuesday number because
there’s a lot of numbers involved in

so although Democrats want to win
California and so they’re advertising
here but if I watch the ads the only two
people that are advertising to an
extreme blow me every once in a while an

ad comes in and it pops and it pops out
there’s only two and which one take a
guess who Webb nuumber Bloomberg
Bloomberg is number one he and who do
you think the second one is

biting well of course it’s Biden yeah I
should have known
yeah Bloomberg and Biden are advertising
like crazy and I don’t see anybody else
advertising at all they’re not gonna

cory booker’s never I’ve never seen a
Cory Booker at no I think mayor Pete is
now somewhat in play because he does
have money that’s why they call him Wall
Street Pete

although Amy Goodman and Michael Moore
had a hard time with the mayor Pete the
other day I mean yeah just like any
candidates politician you know people

watching this will have their
disagreements or whatever the one thing
you can’t disagree with is he has been
true to his convictions about Bernie but
here comes the Millennial that’s running

their age I love that correct themselves
and say I think that’s his new name put

Mary Putin may know mayor poot now mayor

poot got a butt slammed by all right
wing press and here’s how Fox News

presented his interview with the Iowa
Des Moines Register wanna legalize
marijuana but this is the first time
we’ve heard a 20/20 contender pledge to

decriminalize every single drug out
there listen to this
our serrations should not even be a
response to drug possession maths coke
ecstasy all of it mayor Pete releasing

his bold drug plan this week it also
includes reducing sentences for other
drug offense so you know this is of
course what Fox News would do timecode
that good if you listen to the full and

now he sat with the Des Moines Register
for an hour and a half but he’s actually
saying something a little bit
differently and I’ll play it since we

have some time it’s a little long about
two minutes I do not disagree with what
he’s saying we I think we’ve discussed
on this show many times what Portugal
did by now that must be 18 years ago

they decriminalize didn’t legalize they
decriminalized all drugs as far as I
know you can you can go to a doctor and
get a prescription for opioids or

whatever whatever you need whatever your
addiction is but across the board the
numbers show that criminality related to
drugs declined a prostitution declined

significantly a lot of things went down
and there is a difference between not
locking people up who are strung out who

clearly have a dependency issue and need
medical help there’s validity to this
but when you the way it’s presented the
way Fox News just presented that to you

he’s intended to make you feel my God
when a meth addict running around never
mentioned Portugal in any of these
reports we all need because Portugal
it’s just like what approves a great

point but they it’s not a point anyone
wants to make it’s weird and you know I
am against the lowering of standards for
crime you know if you’re drugged out and

you’re committing crime or you’re in the
goodbye you gotta go whatever whatever
the penalty is whatever you’re doing but

just for possession or for using or for
being addicted it’s not necessarily
something you should be locking people
up for not real popular with the Fox
News crowd I think I’ve developed much

more in the direction of criminal
justice reform I would not have said
even five years ago that what I believe
now which is that incarceration should
not even be a response into drug

possession what I’ve seen is that while
there continued to be all kinds of harms
associated with drug possession and use
it’s also the case that we have created

in an effort to deal with what amounts
to a public health problem we have
created an even bigger problem a justice
problem and its own form of the health
problem if you think about the adverse

impact on the time we have kids in South
Bend who’ve grown up with the
incarceration of a parent as one of
their first experience that makes them
dramatically more likely to wind up
themselves having an encounter with the

criminal legal system and so I’ve always
been skeptical of mass incarceration but
what I love that line I’ve always been
skeptical of mass incarceration yeah
everybody should be skeptical of mass

incarceration pute what is that
you know what Hitler did mass
incarceration that was very skeptical
geez poot one of their first experience
that makes them dramatically more likely

to wind up themselves having an
encounter with the criminal legal system
and so I’ve always been skeptical of
mass incarceration but but now I believe
more than ever that we need to take
significant steps like ending

incarceration as a response to simple
on that is that across the board so if
it’s a mess so you’re hearing all this
context which Fox News doesn’t give you

and here comes the one piece they took
out of it and listen what he says after
that for ecstasy any drugs if it’s
possession the incarceration isn’t
that’s right it doesn’t mean

legalization of everything and you know
one issue that gets dramatically less
attention than some other forms of
addiction is something like synthetic
marijuana in our city it’s mostly
affecting African American youth but in

a case like that what we found is it’s
convenience stores selling this stuff
that is basically rat poison sprayed
onto grass you’d be much better off with

real marijuana for this stuff very toxic
and we’ve worked with the community to
make sure that we were addressing it at
supply in with anybody who was selling
right the reality is we’re seeing more

and more counties and states prosecutors
local criminal legal systems who want to
keep people out of incarceration but
don’t have the funding so that their
long back locks on these alternative to
incarceration programs of these

diversion courts that’s the example of
the sort of thing the federal money
ought to go into it’s another example of
something that pays for itself higher
rates of rehabilitation
another the cost of incarceration
another the human cost of people being

divided from their family their
community or whatever support network
might be best positioned to help them
through an addiction scenario and again
don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about

blanket I do believe in legalization of
marijuana but I’m not talking about
blanket decriminalization of a lot of
other harmful substances I’m saying that
our enforcement efforts should be
targeted at those who are willfully and

sometimes violently profiting off of it
not at those who get caught up at the
level of having a substance abuse
problem so the sad thing about this is

here’s a newsroom with eight people from
the board of the Iowa Des Moines
Register and not a single one of them
can come up with lucid thought about
incarceration being a huge business in

America that is set up by politicians
who who want people to be incarcerated
because it’s money in the bank what is
the name of the company the correctional

facilities no Corporation of America
there’s one of them there’s another one
with a more high-tech name that I can’t
recall something in the chat room knows
what it is not a single person of that
newspaper this really important

newspaper can come up with that
Trump so obvious and then the final
thing I actually watched these Des

Moines Register interviews because well
because only little snippets are taken
out and force-fed into the left or right
paradigm whatever you’re living in so it
can affect you Joe Biden said I’m not
gonna refuse also does that exactly what

he said and all really do you stand by
your earlier statements that you
wouldn’t comply if you were subpoenaed

to testify and then impeachment trial
before Essen correct and the reason I
wouldn’t is because it’s all designed to
deal with Trump doing when he’s done his

whole life trying to take the focus off
him the issue is not what I did not a
single person a single person even that
thug Giuliani is pretty compared really

have said I did anything other than my
job every one of the people whose sworn
testimony work for him said Biden did
his job and he did it well this is all
about a diversion and we play his game

all the time he’s done in this whole
career he’s done in this whole career
and I’m very proud of the job I did I
never never never moved off of dealing
with corruption there every single

person thought that prosecuted Germans
should be fired from the IMF to all our
European partners and the people in the
administration but this is a technique

he uses all the time he’s a chronic liar
does that position you as if you’re
defying a subpoena to putting yourself
above the law well look the grounds for

leg to call me would be overwhelmingly
specious but so I don’t anticipate that
happen in any way but what it would do
if I went let’s say I voluntarily just

said literally go make my case what are
you gonna cover you guys are instead of
folks maybe you’re gonna cover for three
weeks anything I said and he’s gonna get
away you guys buy into app all the time

what a joke think about it as we say in
my church examine your conscience
doesn’t mean I shouldn’t testify if you
thought I should put sake what’s the
battle it’s all about what he does all

the time his entire career take the
focus off this guy violated the
Constitution he said it in the driveway
of the White House being knowledge he

asked for help don’t you find it
fascinating this the only president that
thinks that you know I’ve learned three
things one letter recruiting doesn’t
want me to be President and that’s why I
spent millions of duction all these

thousands of BOTS they were finally
taken down so Joe goes nuts at the end
they’re just rushing BOTS around
Facebook but what he what he the reason

why you didn’t hear this is because he’s
calling out the media in his own Joe way
but he’s saying you guys focus on that
everything he doesn’t said it’s like
he’ll get away now true or not doesn’t

matter but he’s scolding them so we
can’t tell you what Joe said just that
he said he won’t go
and that is why you need to continue to
produce no agenda in 2020 as this is how

we help you this is what keeps you sane
and thank you for those of you who
helped produce this in more ways than

just donations
it’s just we have a lot of your eyes
your size assumes it’s a community

we’re what we’re kind of what the left
once that wants to be I do have a couple
of things I wanted to get out of the way
first of all let’s clear out – Eddie
Gallagher story

and which is gonna go which is gonna go
nowhere I don’t know anything about the
Eddie Gallagher story well you should
know about the Eddie Gallagher’s tomb
god that’s why here we go to start with
any Gallagher one and you get catch up a

retired Navy SEAL who’s been celebrated
by President Trump is under new scrutiny
tonight after the weekly a documentary
series from the New York Times obtained
videotaped interviews from the Navy

investigation of Gallagher’s conduct and
we want to warn you what you’re about to
see and hear is disturbing now is this
the guy who took a trophy photos with
dead Iraqis yes okay yeah this is this

is a problem with this is a problem in
general well this is a problem in
general and a guy if the guy’s a psycho
like some of these people like to say

behind behind behind closed doors it’s
possible you have to remember he’s not
in the name he already got drummed out
right and the whole thing that Trump did
even though this is really an attempt to

just slam Trump
it was the get him his little his little
pin back and that pretty much is all he
wanted mm-hmm and so Trump did that in
many people thought it was fine I mean

the National Security Adviser this guy
O’Brien defended Trump there’s a lot of
people that the right wing was all in on
this because they thought this guy was
getting railroaded and he was getting

rubbed drummed out for no good reason
well let’s but it’s possible there was
good reason but whatever the case it’s a
Trump met with him the way the way Obama
met with Bergdahl but Obama paid for

yeah well yes Obama paid for Bergdahl to
get out Trump really didn’t did what
this wasn’t a big money loser or
anything really bad but let’s play play
through this because we had a number of

people bitching moan that we never we’re
not covering it as if it was like this
is a scandal but he had let’s play
Gallagher – yeah I got crazier in 2018
one after another Navy SEALs expressed

turns about their platoon leader Eddie
Gallagher they are going against this
unwritten rule of not taking dirty
laundry outside of the seals in Navy

tapes obtained by the weekly they accuse
Gallagher of targeting civilians women
and children it kind of turned into the
platoon being and he’s personal like

sniper escort to get him from place to
place so you could try to do this in a
garage he’s just fighting metal pieces
team members saying they would
intentionally fire shots to warn Iraqi

civilians other snipers was shoot so
they were run away in hide before any
would the times also obtaining helmet
camera video never seen outside of a

a young Isis fighter had been wounded by
a bomb Gallagher is seen with a medic
bag pushing him and then the camera goes

black it is not clear why in a text
message later the New York Times says

Gallagher writes he got him with my
hunting knife but that seal Corey Scott
changed his story in a bombshell moment

at Gallagher’s trial last summer after
being granted immunity he said he was
the one who killed the Isis fighter yes
okay I’ll waiting for all to play before

I render my judgement here well then
play the third clip Eddie Gallagher was
acquitted on charges of murder and
attempted murder he was found guilty of
posing for a photo with the corpse they

went in and they just told these
completely fantastic unsupported and
fake stories Gallagher’s attorney says
the New York Times is trying to
re-litigate the story and says Gallagher

has asked him to sue reporter Dave
Phillips there’s a couple of members of
the time
who had a personal animosity towards
Eddie Gallagher
you know they didn’t perform well in
combat they were afraid of being called

out for being cowards they made up a
story and they went with it this past
weekend Gallagher posed for photos with
President Trump at mar-a-lago it was a
great fighter he was the one of the

ultimate fighters tough guy in November
President Trump
ordered the Pentagon not to strip
Gallagher of his rank and Trident pin
we’re still sort of you know on cloud

nine about it now but I can tell you
that you know we my family is completely
you know grateful for this decision the
Navy SEALs tonight and an attorney for
Cory Scott are not commenting NBC News

has not spoken with any of the
individual seals shown in those taped
interviews but the New York Times says
it reached out to every one of them they
all declined to comment
huh so this is a story that is is

undecipherable you don’t know one way or
the other on this the it but it’s on
it’s water under the bridge at this
point well and why are they dredging

this up if they can’t even prove it well
because it’s just an antitrust story yes
an anti-trump story but in general
civilians who have never been in combat
need to shut up we have this expectation

somehow we are you know we’re the we’re
the proud men and women and we we have
the righteousness on our side and we go
in there we do clean kills no we drone

people we shoot them up in half we do
horrible things hand-to-hand combat
IEDs on boat everywhere war is ugly ugly
business no one has the right to talk

about it unless you’ve been people who
have been in combat who have a
thousand-yard stare they don’t talk
about it this whole thing is actually
insulting just – it’s insulting to war

war is horrible it’s ugly it’s nasty
people are being shredded to bits
and now that’s why we should be getting

out of these unnecessary yes is the key
word yes
unnecessary Wars I mean it the people
behind these unnecessary Wars or a bunch

haven’t served themselves half-hour
general second sir chicken Hawks have
not served yeah it’s disgusting I can’t
believe that I mean I we haven’t done

this story I know why I haven’t done it
because of course I saw come by but I
don’t like
I can’t bring myself to talk about
something that I really cannot talk
about and to hear other pundits and

douchebags talking about what’s right or
what’s not right give no I I was in Iraq
for ten days you wanna know what scared
shitless is go to the desert where these

boys and girls are and and where they’re
being fired I have no idea what’s going
on you’ll talk very differently
so this whole thing is disgusting that

it’s that they’re bringing it up just
just to do an anti-trump story hell
awaits you dickheads hell yeah all right
here’s the story about for your ally

yeah take us out on a high note John got
to get ahead this will be a high note I
know a real high note huh yes because
we’re gonna talk about drones to be

the FAA today put out the most
comprehensive proposal yet to regulate
drones the new rules are designed to
make the skies safer and they wouldn’t
just affect commercial drones but also
smaller consumer drones too gotta

Schwartz has those details in the skies
across America more drone liftoffs than
ever before from hobbyists to delivery
drones and tonight a sweeping rule
proposed by the FAA could bring

real-time tracking the most drones as
soon as they take flight think virtual
drone license plates with beacons that
broadcast their location and identity
even for small drones bought by
consumers a tracking system that

regulators say is needed before massive
fleets of drones start making the kind
of same-day deliveries companies like
Amazon Google and UPS have been planning
for years the new proposal also aimed at
addressing safety issues when it comes

to close calls with the new rule
allowing law enforcement to monitor
where nearly every drone takes off the
NTSB already investigating several
instances of drones crashing into
aircraft and even a hot air balloon in

Idaho seen here from the drones camera
as it hits the side and tumbles out of
the sky
a drone hitting an aircraft of any size
is potentially a life or death situation
dozens of other drones getting way too

sometimes shutting down air traffic and
causing massive delays at airports like
Newark for grounding critical air

operations during catastrophic wildfires
over there drop down for now the
proposal is only a draft giving the
public 60 days to comment and then

another three years after the
regulations are finalized to take effect
and until then any plans for large-scale
drone deliveries are still a future out
of reach
Scotty Schwartz NBC News Los Angeles

well I don’t know exactly what was in
this report because it was just what I
think is going on is that drone delivery

to your home is not going to happen it
will be it’ll take 30 years for the
self-driving car to be everywhere if
it’s even in 30 years this is not going

to happen it’s a danger to menace to
society it’s a danger to anyone who has
a drone flying overhead with the package
it’s all intended for investors it’s

meant to sex up the company where’s uber
were there with their people drones no
it’s all meant to get investors excited
to bring more money into your secondary
offerings has nothing to do with reality

dream on it’s not gonna happen I’m
you’re right is exactly what it is they
get their little publicity for it and
that’s it that’s you miss the kind of

the new where they actually showed three
drones one with the UPS logo one with an
Amazon logo and one with another logo
that’s it for your deconstruction for

2019 we will return it to 2019 we’ll
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a couple in suburban Atlanta tonight
says the only reason they crime hundreds

of people don’t be watching you soon in

your van

to friends right watching your kids when
you don’t even know them

well that’s the ring down well that’s
the ring back in a statement ring says
this is no way connected to a breach or

compromise of their security and they’re
encouraging customers to change their
passwords regularly

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