No Agenda Episode 1204: “Hunt the Wumpus”

oh just use GIMP Adam curry Jhansi
Devorah Thursday January 2nd 2020 this
is your award-winning Gitmo nation meet
the assassination episode 1204 this is
no agenda Austin Texas Capitol the drone

star state in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon

Valley where I’m on the lookout for
tumbleweeds I’m Jesse Dvorak blow on you
get that sound yeah hey bar pack yeah

you’re all from China of course sound
like this the country well once again we
have a joyous sound when I was a kid we

rang in the new year 2020 in New York
and as always we as the commercial
giants that we are once again for the
second year running sold New Year’s Eve

to China did you see it I didn’t watch
that no the big New Year’s Eve show it’s
so much fun every year to welcome the

dignitaries from China onto the stage in
New York Times Square with their red
scarves joining me now is Lee Lee the
executive vice president of the
sino-american Friendship Association a

prestigious independent nonprofit
organization that promotes business
culture and educational activities
happy to be here yes my dear in the road

two thousand ninth year in a row sweet
with everyone in Times Square and the
people around the world we wish everyone
a very happy new year and a go luck in

2020 and a gulag in 2020 a ghoul of
course we are so glad that you’re back
here with us got some friends we would

love to meet your guests yes oh did you
notice that she do this sure that’s cool
even it speak English but she can say
sure you brought some friends we would

love to meet your guests love to welcome
our co-hosting organizer for tonight’s
opening ceremony
Peter Jung the president of the
sino-american Friendship Association our

tonight’s special honorable guest art
master whomping Consul General of the
Consulate General of the People’s

Republic of China in New York and let’s
talk to the Ambassador to see what his
vision is what good things do we have in
store and now I would like to invite a
method of wanting to share his greetings

with Time Square another world we
welcome you to visit China in 2020 okay
you will find our country both modern

and ancient with incredible
landscapes and the friendly people
so join the millions of the people who
have already discovered its wonders in

jail with open thank you ambassador for
that wonderful message we love that oh

yes we love it so much especially in New
York let’s do a quick little interview
we’re so glad you joined us this year
thank you for being here happy new years
to you anybody back home you want to say

happy new years to assure a Happy New
Year to everybody this is actually my
second time to be here to separate this
town of new year new year’s cunning cut

that together with friends from all over
the world
I’m so happy China played a part and I
great to everyone I sincerely invite our
friends to come to China to see this

incredible landscapes and enjoy having a
good experience if I come to China can I
stay at your house of course I would be

very happy to be your host don’t step on
it having a good experience if I come to
China can I stay at your house of course

of course I would be very happy to be
your host and the first over I will
issue a very good reason
good visa not like other stupid tourists
did not get good visa you get good visa

you not go to jail a good visa
I just is there something about this
bothers me this is New York it’s our
American tradition dropping the ball and
there were so many people on stage they

all had to jump in and say something
right well maybe I’ll stay half with you
and then half with you can I say your
house also cause yeah thank you
Jannetty jawad for three nights
there was really some weird in the

background yelling stuff I look forward
to middle friends around the world in
China China is a very beautiful country
China if you will to China China we are
we it will appear on the beyond the

imagination thank you I beat you yet
thank you well thank you so much for
being here
happy New Year to all of you thank you
for joining us in Times Square we hope
you’ll come back next year

we’ll be back next year happy new years
on three ready one two three

pathetic what channel is that on I don’t
know producer Shane went through six
hours of a video to get these clips for
us and then after the ball dropped of

course nothing better than the Communist
Manifesto we had just talked about this
song too

which is why a lot of people email me
like wow they played that at New Year’s
Eve imagine there’s no heaven imagine
there’s no countries no borders we’re

all the same
nobody is different it’s beautiful no it
was all New Year’s rockin Eve

yeah that’s not rockin rockin was CNN’s
coverage again what is wrong with that

I mean there’s a lot wrong with it but
for some reason they feel it’s a good
idea on New Year’s Eve to go completely
gay hello Andy Cohen who was not on CNN
but he’s friends with Anderson Cooper

Andy Cohen produces you know huge hits
like keep it no then cars that from
brother potato economy on the up he
produces the Real Housewives and so here

they’re just talking about something and
yet it was still 10 o’clock she turned
to Anderson that said he’s not gonna ask
me who has the biggest lead of anyone
I’ve ever been with right no it was she

turns to me out of the blue and goes
he’s not gonna ask me who has the
biggest cock in Hollywood is he okay
that’s what she okay I’m seeing it yeah
who has the biggest cock in Hollywood

yeah I know I heard it I thought you’re
gonna give us the answer we all know
it’s there for a year we all know it’s

Billy Preston the fifth Beatle everybody
knows this is that true look it up on
the wiki and then disgusting and then
Don Lemon was in Nashville with Brooke

Baldwin who looks very different not
behind the desk and Don was hammered as
usual I didn’t I didn’t clip him singing
but I did get this I get this this is
you know what’s he gonna do

2020 what are his resolutions the video
going around of Anderson Cooper taking a
shot at Aquila yes
like a real man I saw him down that
thing oh yeah I’m gonna lean it harder

coming a lean in harder
Admiral even harder I’m sick of the
craziness so you thought I was I went

hard in 2019 watch 2020 baby there’s
more to come I’m a soldier
it’s a big year and I’m gonna be more

grateful spend more time with my family
but also lean into work we do we do yeah
What did he say what go back that up huh

what do you want to hear well he said
he’s gonna go after Trump ourselves take
more time with my family yeah but also
leaned in to work harder and we got to

get ready it’s an election outlet we’re
gonna we’re on the grind to do we know
what to do what we do and to all the
people it is an honor

it’s such an honor John to sit in our
seats here on the podcast it’s such a
platform it’s so fabulous that we got a
lead have you ever had so many people

come up to it say thank you for whatever
high five more on a plane amazing right
thank you so much awesome
oh my god leaning harder did anyone tell
does it Donna that’s a Sheryl Sandberg

meme for women lean in and you’re right
I just don’t understand it I don’t know
I just don’t understand

it’s entertaining I mean we will stand
either to be honest about it
yeah we really think they’re the cat’s
ass I don’t know if it’s that or if

they’re so tightly the clearly tightly
controlled on CNN so maybe this is the
end it’s like you gotta let him out of
the pen not sure hmm you don’t need to

control people or ever are predisposed
no that’s just a great thing about it
that’s true hey we got another note from
Sir Chris yes place is burning down he
wants more stick yeah I’m gonna read

this to you the rain stick propagation
to southeastern New South Wales has not
been too good and while we did have a
couple of unexpected droplets on New
Year’s Eve and the much-needed cool
change anything to help the burning is

not made it above the background noise
clearly need more power and an antenna
with more gain on a different band free
of qrm from the likes of Greta well they
only have the one band everyone other

speakers except Australia yes otherwise
you’re gonna get drenched but I’m gonna
do a triple shake here because this is
clearly calling it’s all a triple shake
are you flipping it six times no no I’m

going one two three one so I’m flipping
it three times I flip one flip – flip
sleep I’m flipping it three times
triple shake well now back it off with a

double alright ready three two no no
that was almost catastrophic it could

have been running okay let me wait
all right Australia I have a whole lines
I get a grip spotty got a hold okay go
put your glasses on man

safety goggles yes safety goggles of
course ready 1 3 1 alright that now
that’ll help guaranteed

we’ll see guarantees no wait so here in
what are here at California in
Washington State on the highway 240 mmm
they had and by the way Eric’s power
horse knocked out as a miracle he got

the spreadsheet it anyway the what
happened was this windstorm apparently
under pulled up like I don’t know
hundred thousand tumbleweeds from part
of Washington what and blew them down

highway 214 out um blow weeds are a
common phenomenon in the desert area
Reno or Texas Texas has them yeah and
you see them tumbling along tumbling

it’s a funny product is this thing but
they don’t have this area to tumble much
in in Washington but they found this
highway 240 so they decided to come down

Highway 240 like 10 feet high wave of
tumbleweeds covered up a bunch of cars
they had to dig them out the next day no
way oh I’m looking at it now we take

over oh my goodness man cars were buried
in ten feet of tumbleweeds and they
couldn’t get out of their cars that’s

fantastic man I’d had no idea there was
so much tumbleweed unbelievable yeah

tumbleweed againin yes indeed
did you have a nice New Year’s John

besides looks good we had a nice big
dinner and we watched the fireworks yeah
and open Christmas gifts I’m sorry
it’s the Dvorak clam yeah I have to

remember that you guys do things
different did you get anything nice for
Christmas I got what I wanted whoa-kay a
dash cam no really yeah
Oh interesting well my favorite videos

if anyone wants to go watch have fun in
an entertaining manner for a good couple
hours the Russians the Russian Russian
dashcam videos on YouTube it’s there’s
nothing better television so you’re

hoping to you’re hoping to be here but
they put a new stop sign in down at the
bottom of the street here and people
just keep running it like filming take
to the police think of your local Fink

hey man don’t walk by that house that
guy lives there guy
yeah there’s a lot of other good gifts

can’t think of anything that was more
spectacular the fireworks her dud did
actually the the local fireworks the
ones that the locals are just firing

illegally where it was better than the
San Francisco show that was supposed to
be so good it was terrible
right anyway yeah we go with you how was
your New Year’s what you guys do we

stayed home we stayed home when
everybody seems to have stayed home this
New Year’s or the past two New Year’s we
went out two years ago we went out for
dinner and which at the Four Seasons
which is swanky and and there basically

the meal had just been kept worn under
red lights you know that I guess the
chef’s had gone cooked it up went home
just left it there they served it up

just lukewarm the year’s stinks yeah
last year we went to like a another
restaurant where they had special wine
pairings like oh this would be fun you
know it’s eight courses every course had
some kind of wine sampling it was all

mixed up and they served them wrong
wrong orders like come on I made black
cod we we drank a little bit and we

celebrated on New York Times so we were
we were in bed by 11:30 Happy New Year
well we didn’t go that far over a couple

bottles of good champagne just following
up on the end of 2019 you know one thing
that people take away from this show is

a mental health aspect and we’ve gone
deep into how the amygdala works and how
outrage can and triggering can start to
inflame this this thing and it grows and

then you go into primal mode and then
everything is a dangerous you’re a
reptile yeah pretty much playing
crickets at the store is
you want to eat bugs but this is not

just for mere mortals you know this also
goes for politicians and I think we’re
seeing it take its toll now we had
Elijah Cummings pass away now John Lewis

two guys who look real really really
sour the past three years you know what
I mean really really sour and mad and
Republican so then we heard the sad news

that John Lewis of course you know he
was at Selma he’s the guy’s an icon now
he has I guess pancreatic cancer
of course CBS couldn’t tell them apart

now to an apology Monday during the East
Coast airing of our story about
Congressman John Lewis being diagnosed
with cancer a photograph of the late
congressman Elijah Cummings was

inadvertently labeled as congressman
Lewis this due to a production error aha
we deeply regret the mistake and
sincerely apologize the racist
production error they all look the same
I know exactly what happened there CBS

racists Isis but I think the most clear
example of an amygdala that is on the
verge of bursting and and not just the

act itself but the the face this man
made after this incident was truly
spectacular and in a New Year’s message

this morning Pope Francis denounced
violence against women saying they
should be treated with dignity he also
apologized for his response to one
woman’s excitement over meeting him
yesterday take a look the Pope was

greeting visitors in st. Peter’s Square
with a woman
roughly grabbed the Pope’s hand pulling
him toward her for it’s a slap her hand
away before turning from the crowd he
said this morning that he lost patience
and called it a bad example 50 of the

Pope’s human after all
I’d like the little editorial I guess
he’s human after all and I thought she
said posthuman yeah well that too but
this incident I found it to be shocking

now actually not shocking because I
called this guy being the Pope before it
ever happened before any smoke
goes out of the chimney he’s a New World
Order guy I don’t think he’s a good guy

now maybe if you’re ordained the Pope
then you turn into a great guy
I don’t know but to be the slap that he
gave to this woman to let go of his hand

it was kind of understandable cuz she
did just pull him over it’s like ya know
but then he was ya know he said but when
he turned and he’s walking away the face
that was I love that is the face of

disgust for small irritating people and
an elitist you seem like more of a
discussed for mammalians someone that

you’re taking it very far but and even
though you know as a human being you can
understand this type of reaction mr.

Pope this is not what you this is not a
pope this is of all the things before
you’re about to do a speech on how to
treat women you don’t do that I think
he’s got to go I think that’s an

impeachable offense can you impeach the
Pope I think we should be able to Pope’s
don’t that’s not the way to go
now I’m teaching coaches in in the

n-c-double-a I’m curious what if there
will be any fallout from this I I found
it shocking I mean not that it
personally offended me but I’ve shocks

like Jesus did the poor the meek were
clamoring and help me Jesus and just
slap them away go away you idiots
I know I thought was the grumpy face

afterwards into the slapping and
slapping was you know one thing but the
face the face shoulda just pointed to
her says taser security guys that would
be more logical I could just see it

all week Izzy’s as you guess I just
pulled back by this frail woman give her
the blessing great oh well anyway keep

your own amygdala small people that’s
the message don’t get caught because
this is what happens you get all messed

up I did see a lot of people tweeting
about I’m not gonna get mad anymore I’m
just gonna let it go I’m not gonna lie I
realize I can’t I can’t change anything
about Trump so I’m gonna let it go I’m

tellin my Lib devs postings similar
things on their blogs my resolution is
good for them I wish them all the luck

in the world
yeah it’s it’s great yes because it will
keep them healthy insane yeah but they
won’t be able to do it that’s the

yeah probably not so 105 show days I’ve
been told for this year let’s make the
best of them is that more than usual I
think it is I think it’s a three Morel

maybe because we got started on the day
after yeah yesterday was a show they
probably is but yeah we get a lot in
extra show days extra show days
so I have a number of things to talk

about but let’s figure the 23 minutes
and I’ll let you do so okay yeah
after 23 minutes of whatever it was
entertainment yes entertainment

top-notch entertainment that’s let’s do
a little bit of the BBC’s 2019 rap it
only pulled down 22 seconds of the of
the core of BBC’s the mostly the
political attacks Today Show where they

have a bunch of incredible douchebags
sitting around pontificating and men-men
people’s lives miserable okay we’re
going to fulfill the repeated promises

of Parliament’s to the people and come
out of the EU on October 31st
no it’s or buts I think if we don’t
leave on the 31st of October this

country will explode
if we get a Liberal Democrat majority
government we will take that as a
mandate to revoke to revoke yeah there
you go revoke this is the Liberal

Democrats together gonna get a man they
got nothing no they got less than
nothing less than less much less than
nothing he had a nothing burger
everything I you know for someone who

accuses me you say it a lot I do I like
it I like to term you if you’ve sold me
on it okay I’m just listening to the BBC
over the past couple days nothing really

clippable but it seems like the general
consensus is it’ll be a full 18 months
before anything is really all take I
mean it’s very confusing although there

was a good bit see was this this was in
The Guardian of course they had a very
interesting article which and the intent
is very clear brexit 10 things UK

citizens can still do in the EU after
the 31st of January and what they’re
saying is yeah after Britain Lee she’s
not gonna be handcuffed and beaten no

after Britain leaves its people will
still have certain rights at least for
another 11 months and so here’s the
things that so what they’re saying is

you’ll have 11 more months and then it’s
over then then you’re right then is
we’re gonna be beaten with garden hoses
so what do they put at the top holiday
in the EU you’ll still be able to do
that before you won’t number to take up

a sledge hold on a second
well you mean you won’t
so they can never go back so if you’re a
Brit you can’t go into the EU ever for a
holiday you can still travel to any you

PU Member State up to the 31st of
December 2020 with no impediments such
as visas after brexit it is likely that
visa-free trips will continue for stays
of up to 90 days the European health

insurance card that gives health cover
for tourists and another member state
still applies so that what they’re doing
is saying this is all the great stuff
you have and it’s all going away even
though there’s no evidence they don’t

actually report on what the changes are
going to be
so the it’s really it’s an insidious I
think it’s the term peanut insidious is
a good word this is the kind of thing
the globalist they just cannot deal with

so take up a summer job in the EU listen
to some might have fond memories of
formative weeks and months working on
the continent as a student whether

waiting in a restaurant working in a
factory child minding in the Med that’s
a great term by the way baby
well for some rich fucker on a yacht

obviously child minding in the Med or
working in a holiday resort in Spain so
that’s all going away

get a full trawl low-end service jobs
what do you want those for well number
three on the list get a full-time job in
the EU well that’s never gonna happen
retire to the EU go to go on an Erasmus
study program aw man I’m bummed I can’t

do that
apply for EU funding for science
research oh yeah that’s the money it’s
drying up apply for arts funding I don’t

have any arts funding in the in Britain
all comes from the EU apparently U is
the source for everything Britain is
just a shriveled up old hag Wow nominate

yourself for a Literature Prize I guess
you can do that time you do that look at
cross-border health care opportunities

why would you need to do that if the if
the National Health Service is the best
in the world and you love it so much and
it’s your jewel yeah that’s a question
it needs to be asked and know your

rights and benefits for 2020 ah so then
they have a guide and then they’ll go
scare you so I just thought it was it’s
a mean piece hey where was this where
disappeared Guardian of course well the

Guardian of course course Guardian she
we’ll see what happens on January 31st

where we’re sticking to I will yeah no
you are I’m skeptical I’m super
skeptical you’re skeptical I’m I’m with
you yeah I just I just you just heard
Boris say there’s October 31st yeah

bingo and then they had Katie Hopkins on
Twitter I found an old tweet from her
where she says she’s gonna strip naked
to go to a tea shop with with Nyjah if
it doesn’t happen on the 31st of October

out of the EU
I’m gonna go naked to a tea shop with
tattoos of Nigel Faraj on my nipples
that’s weights that’s what she tweeted

yeah there’s a lot of things I like
about her that whole idea that whole
visual is not one of them no no speaking
of old hags no all right well we might

as well talk about the war machine
cranking up in an almost laughable wag
the dog type of way with the Green Zone
in Baghdad now yes let’s start with some

background do we have I think we might
have a clip yes we do what is this the
right one last reports to say Eden well

this is from 2016 I just wanted to go
back and 2016 thousands also stormed the
Green Zone which I think cost a billion
dollars to build this embassy this is

from 2016 Iraqi security forces have
opened fire on protesters who stormed
the heavily fortified Green Zone in

dozens of mainly Shiite demonstrators
have been injured and security personnel
suffered stab wounds according to the
army the thousands involved in the
uproar included supporters of cleric

moqtada al-sadr so the Green Zone is
pretty much impenetrable at least it’s
supposed to be and this is not new but
despite having all the B teams there

were no 18 producers no 18 presenters aw
man we had to roll it out Iran
on Iran in Iraq running ruck they’re
just not giving up we need some kind of

I’m I’m in agreement with this thesis
let’s listen to some of the clips about
this thing that just happened here’s a
light right there on the Iraq light

analysis play that foreign ministers
spoke about their joint commitment to
sea peace and security in the region and
how to work together to make that happen

again cuts are very critical the US has
about 10,000 troops stationed in a big
air base just about a half an hour
outside the capital of Doha and Qatar
well a key ally of the United States

also speaks with its neighbor Iran as
well and when it comes to the
hostilities between Iran and the United
States Qatar is has very much a neutral

attitude towards it trying to facilitate
perhaps any sort of dialogue that could
potentially happen so what you’re seeing
here is the United States very much
sending troops to the region 750 to be

taking no chances but also the Secretary
of State taking no chances on the
diplomatic front as well playing all of
his cards because it just shows how

serious the u.s. is taking this and how
potentially it could escalate again I
just want to say something about the 750
troops of like da Trump’s any more

troops Trump’s any more trope tops any
more tropes there’s a general who was
interviewed on CNN and he kind of lets
slip out of the bag where these 750
troops come from let’s talk more about

this now with CNN military analyst and
retired Lieutenant General Mark Hertling
general legacy he may have heard from
there actually referenced Benghazi he’s
also been tweeting about how this

situation will not devolve into a
Benghazi like situation it doesn’t
appear to be calming down at all from
your your perspective just how serious
is the situation there well then first

of all I’d say that the use of the term
Benghazi is a bad analogy in 2012 after
Benghazi happened these marine Crisis
Response Task Force were established
seven years ago eight years ago they

have been in Kuwait ever since then for
a response specifically to these kinds
of situations the hundred Marines came
in to reinforce the Marines that are
already providing security at the

embassy along with the security forces
from the government of Iraq what’s going
to happen next is Ryan just said was
about a 750 soldiers from the 82nd
airborne will begin deploying within the

next day they have the rest of the
brigade is estimated to be following
them within the next week that’s normal
procedure as well when there’s a crisis

around the world the IRF from the 82nd
airborne begins deploying just in case
of any eventualities so it’s not like
quite a whole new deal yet but mil what
to me is just it’s so obvious they tried

to kind of make a semi Benghazi type of
thing on an embassy it’s kind of cool if
you could get someone killed they’ll be
even funnier against Trump but as well
if there was that but I want to play two

clips before we start analyze all right
first of all this is from this is a
Friday clip this is a rock light to to
trapped the u.s. is now trapped in Iraq

US diplomats are trapped in that embassy
they were cordoned off there overnight
they had to stay overnight in the
embassy how did they get out now by
helicopter like US diplomats had to flee

said Saigon Vietnam when it collapsed
disliking fools
so yesterday just before I was closing

my clips we finally find this one this
is the up-to-date clip and this one’s
not under erectus is under Baghdad siege
is over o supporters and members of an
iran backed group have withdrawn from

the u.s. embassy compound in Iraq’s
capital Baghdad after a two-day siege
leaders of the popular mobilization
forces ordered them to leave but there’s
a condition they want to rax Parliament

to vote on a timeline so will be
withdrawal of foreign troops al Jazeera
Samoa fourteen reports from Baghdad they
left just as they had arrived a day
earlier determined and angry but also

pleased that they had managed to deliver
a message to the US supporters of the
Iranian backed popular mobilization
forces who had defied the Prime
mistress orders to have draw just a day

before now he did the call of their
leaders while some dismantled tents and
ferried away supplies used to camp the
night out the more defiant ones
staged a final showdown in front of the

embassy gates burning tires and flags to
the sounds of anti-american slogans USA
must get out from our country we don’t
need America we can’t protect ourselves

we have more than 2 millions fighters
who get out who killed Isis rule defend
them country the attack on the US

Embassy was sparked by the latest US
strikes against Hezbollah brigades which
is part of the popular mobilization
forces the majority of the crowd

consisted of its members and supporters
but some here say they were also driven
but what they perceive as an unjust
American policy in the region this is my
land and if you want to stay here

you must understand all rights when the
American governments believe and

understand our
our lights we can’t leave oh it sounds
like we’re all kind of on the same page
so they left so the news media won’t let

you know that yet no that was from
al-jazeera they’re gone yeah now what I
observed during watching all these clips

and in these reports from other sources
than American sources was first of all
the same I glad you got that clip from
2016 where the shot at anybody tried to

get near the green stone they just let
them waltz and yeah I was like how could
when I first heard it’s like you can’t
just walk into the Green Zone it’s not
that easy

yeah they so they let him walk in and
okay come on in coming in I guess I
think there’s some sort of an agreement
it was a setup or they were told to let
him walk in this whole thing as phony as
it comes

they all had newly manufactured flags
number brand new mm-hmm a and there were
of two or three types including someone
some riding on him and some nationalist

flags and they look phony as anything
I’ve seen in American March with the
phony baloney printed signs that all
were identical these were all were
identical and new gotta something
somebody behind this sooro he’s just

walked out
Soros signs again neuroscience well to
me the minute the minute Pompeo said oh
I’m canceling my European trip gotta

stick around you never know this it’s
him it’s it’s Fox News it’s CNN and said
missing it’s all of them
halt we got some war hose would be great

Iran so the same here’s the Iraqis who
are saying hey you know what could you
get the fuck out by now Trump you did
take once you’re gonna get everybody out
you’re not out you’re not out yet why
aren’t you out so now there’s some

protest they want out
they want us out we want to get out but
then must have been Iran attacking our
embassy and it’s so transparent even the

the the rouhani of Iran tweeted he
tweeted a true said think logically
we’re not doing this no it’s us do I

think it’s the State Department that
there was a war yes Pompey is behind
this thing is her is fishy is phony they
came and they went they would do why

would they leave in the first place the
way they did of which of course isn’t
being reported correctly at all no the
whole thing is just smell this bogus
motive I don’t think Trump’s falling for

it either
there’s the thing that’s missing oh one
of these things that we can predict
we’ve been doing the show long enough
I’m waiting for the Democrats and Joe
Biden in particular to reignite the old

term bombed what is cut and run all
right right right that’s true we can’t

put him as president cuz he cuts he cut
and run and cut and run what cut and run
was always used to denigrate anybody who
was like somebody shakes their fist at

you okay we’ll leave ya to make it look
like a cow pussy yeah exactly so they’re
gonna use the word cut and run against
Trump yeah to keep me they just do not
like the idea of this guy wanting to

shut down bases and move troops out of
places where it’s just costing us a lot
of money and not really doing anything
bomb bomb them and bomb them again yeah

she knows but but yours
what’s bounded to as far as I can tell
there was no real threat there I mean
they made a mass it’s gonna cost a lot

of money to clean up but not even that
but yeah go and go and take a look at
the wiki page for the Baghdad Green Zone
and the Baghdad embassy this isn’t this
is not this little building somewhere

this is a huge job just like the town of
it was a billion at the time which when
it was built
a billion dollars was a lot of money
it may still be a lot of money I think

the billing only referred to the cost of
the embassy itself not to maintenance
order or the building out of the Green
Zone now it could be it was very
expensive yeah
mr. coz of all the pen and they showed

movies you know on the regular TV
networks are never saw the cowering
staff and then we had that woman going
on and on about their trap their trust
so she was completely flat-footed on

that one anyway yeah this thing I think
we both agree this is something very
suspicious about this protest and entry
into the Green Zone well not just

suspicious it’s you know let’s just pin
it clearly on I’m putting it on Pompeo
you know and the signs that State
Department work you’re so right when you

get freshly printed signs whether it’s
the Maidan in Ukraine whether it’s where
even red square in Russia now you get
freshly painted signs you only have two

places to look
State Department or Soros or the with
the Socialist Workers Party but that’s
kind of the same thing yeah but they
always put the socialist work or

actually world’s workers right as long
as all the work that night they always
put your little logo at the bottom of
the State Department Department is a
busy you start looking into it there it

goes back historically as to being a lot
of bad actors there and they got their
own little CIA which you don’t know
who’s in it they’re very they’re more

secretive than the NSA about that little
operation yeah yes yeah whenever you
have a a civilian in the State
Department or a civilian in the Pentagon

either way that’s all spooks it’s all
okay any more on your wrongs I heard
that one yeah I do have a little update

on Seth rich you know I got some
information from that woman her podcast
Tory says that the law firms were now
filing civil suits to invoke the Evoque

discovery because they’re very worried
about what information people might have
on CrowdStrike
who this who this one law firm was
representing and and so I got a little

more detail on the imaging of the server
because this is where we left off that
Seth rich had stolen data now it was
initially thought on a thumb drive and

that it was just the emails that were
the DNC emails which got Hillary and
Debbie wasserman-schultz and Donna
Brazile and everybody in so much trouble

because they were screwing around and
were basically screwing Bernie so that
Hillary would win the nomination so a
little more detail on this she actually

one of our producers reached out said
hey no agenda has been talking about you
she sent me a couple of emails very long
emails she likes emailing lots of
details and for some reason she likes
putting me on cc’s of things she’s

sending to her lawyer so I’m kind of not
responding I’m just letting that flow
flow in my box and just collecting it
first data point is that the server
image was made on an SD card and and

there were several copies of this SD
card but I just thought was an
interesting detail because I think an SD
card would probably give you about the

same data throughput rate as a as a USB
Drive if you say USB 3 probably be
similar wouldn’t it
depends on the port bitch how’s the SD
card I’m thinking it was a dedicated SD

card port is what I’m thinking oh what
mission well there are some machines
that have that cuz my surface has lots
of woman’s okay okay then out that would
probably be at least USB three speeds

very fast right so in addition to this
apparently WikiLeaks when they did their
exchange was accessing that data over
the Internet

Seth Rich’s computer where he had the
SD card inserted now that may be
important or not it’s not a big deal but
what she reminded me of is what actually
the incriminating information was that

was on the server and and of course when
I read it like god we’ve we I know we’ve
talked about this but it’s been going I
know and we did talk about it is that
Hillary Clinton had a on her website

which or whatever the vote for Hillary
was had polling places listed which you
were intended to go to but they weren’t

official polling places they were
staffed by fake so what they would do is
because yeah you’re sending people to a
Hillary polling place that pretty much

all gonna vote for Hillary so they would
take those those ballots and then swap
out a whole bunch of Bernie ballots as
they took them into the DNC to be
counted and that was why Seth rich got

killed because that or let’s just say
that happened
whatever happened to Seth rich that was
the incriminating evidence which of
course could easily be used in many
other scenarios including a general

election I think depending on what kind
of systems you’re using it’s a pretty
good idea it’s so simple I just send
people to a polling place I mean yeah

and if you’re not you have to understand
in America lots of polling places are
just someone’s garage yeah I mean this
happens all the time yeah my mom used to
be a polling place

case in point she’s probably a Russian
bot yeah she did it for years she was to
I don’t know what what your job is to
have the polling place there but it was
garage or garage and little houses she

had and she would just it was we go to
vote yeah I think it was for about five
or six years yeah so that sense moved it
but you know now of course if that ever

came out that would be a scandal I mean
that that’s that’s really cheating I
mean this just no two ways to go about
it you set up a whole polling place and
the on your website send people there so

they wouldn’t go to the official polling
place so you could swap out the votes I
mean that’s that’s probably what that we
did have a clip from that that era about
some place one of the precincts in the

New York area where there was ninety
nine percent of the vote always went to
the Democrat
which is a possibility but it seems
unlikely because there’s always you know

there’s too many people to just disagree
with it would rather just poop sorry and
one of the things that then they went
and they one of the network’s went to
this this precinct because it seems so

fishy and talk to her oh yeah we’re all
Democrats here and so that seemed to
confirm that they were you know 99%
gonna vote for the Democrat in one of

these precincts none and it still looks
too fishy to me I don’t know yeah well
anyway that was all in within a New York
area and that’s where Bernie that’s what

Bernie really got burned he got burned
in New York and then there was some
missing ballots if you remember that one
when they never did the swap out that
yes they do so I just tossed him out
it’s like just throw them out okay the

guy you’ll never notice exactly
all of this anybody’s gonna win a lot of
what New York is gonna be Bernie in New
York not Hillary’s no absolutely all of

this of course will lead to thousands of
sealed indictments and this is this
there’s no doubt about it
and he is back

Joe digenova on the trail again is not
an old clean no it’s not no well he’s no
longer on Fox now he’s moved over to one
American news downgraded to Lou here’s
just a quickie and of course this is

also just a memory jog a little reminder
about some of the irregularities that we
haven’t heard about for years since the
impeachment thing has been on do people
go to jail for this

and why not people should go to jail for
the Carter Page stuff the lying on the
FISA warrants to misleading the FISA
courts submitting false documents to the
FISA courts those are all felonious acts

for me what matters is accountability at
this point you have two institutions
that are vital to American freedom the
FBI and the Justice Department they were
completely corrupted under two attorneys

General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch
with the authority and knowledge of the
venn President of the United States
Barack Obama and you will never forget
I’m sure that famous Susan Rice email on

inauguration day of Donald Trump where
she sends an email to the phial Memorial
and moralizing that there had been a
meeting on January 5th with the
President of the United States all

senior law enforcement and intelligence
officials where they reviewed the status
of crossfire hurricane and the president
announced President Obama that he was
sure that everything had been done by

the book
I must say I want to thank Susan Rice
for being so stupid
and so arrogant to write that email on
January 20th because that is that’s

Exhibit A for that Barack Obama knew all
about this from start to finish and was
more than happy to have the civil rights
of massive numbers of Americans violated

so he could get Donald Trump and we kind
of yeah it’s easy to forget these things
about that email that Susan Rice sent to
herself and that is of course I mean I
don’t know if it’s incriminating but it

certainly shows that President Obama
knew what was going on with with this
crossfire hurricane but even one
American news is
not lowbrow enough he we have to go to a
podcast we got to go down a little bit

lower on the show business ladder to get
Joe to Genoa to really talk a little bit
more about what’s happening with the
thousands of sealed indictments as so
many people will be going to jail as now

Durham because you know we we had
everything resting in Horowitz and then
nothing and now everyone Durham Durham’s
gonna send people to jail is gonna

and you know before you continue I have
to say people should note that this is a
mirror image of what the left is doing
totally the left old the Trump’s gonna

quit he’s gonna quit the campaign oh
there’s all this evidence gonna quit
they can’t be oh he won’t he’s gonna
quit the presidency he’s gonna resign
from the presidency Putin’s run in the

I mean it’s exact mirror image of the
nuttiness except that this happens on a
podcast the other one that happens on
CNN yeah exactly so here is Joe Genoa

and and now although I think he’s
correct because we know about the NSA
and these FBI consultants unmasking

hundreds of telephone calls of Americans
which is completely irregular to the
whole FISA process but apparently now
Rogers is talking to Durham and now it’s

gonna happen there was news a Joe that
Admiral Mike Rogers the former head of
the NSA is voluntarily cooperating with
John Durham’s investigation I would

think that might cause quite a bit of
fervor for some folks like James Comey
and others so yeah we’re going to Joe in
the Durham investigation I love I love

how in the podcast Joe Joe Joe Nova is
talking out of his butthole through his
pants today we were told according to
published reports the Admiral Rogers has

met several times with John Durham
did it on the podcast was was the Genoa
ever asked what model number of Radio

Shack but I think he’s using the
snowball actually the classic snowball
that all the youtubers use I’m sorry

someone in the TRO room has this ball
gag in but now I understand the problem

with John Durham and that we now know
that Admiral Rogers who was the central
figure in uncovering the illegal
electronics firing as spying done by the

Obama administration prior to the Carter
page FISA warrants the spine that went
on from 2012 to 2016 involving FBI

contractors illegally accessing NSA data
mr. Rogers discovered that reported it
to the FISA Court all of that spine is

stopped by her and it led to the
crescendo of illegal activity by combing
clapper and Brennan it led into the

crossfire hurricane investigation to
cover up that previous find that had
been going on Rodgers has an electronic
trail of all the spine that went on over
five years he has personal notes ala

James Comey only this time they are not
self serving notes they are the truth
Mike Rogers I have described as the
Rosetta Stone of this investigation this

is the single most important development
in this I have been suggesting for a
long time that ultimately Rogers would
be the key to any criminal investigation

that is coming through what we now know
will happen is I can be barely
comfortable in suggesting that there is
going to be a substantial criminal

conspiracy indictment involving a lot of
people the electron electronic spying by
the way
done that electronic spying that went on
from 2012 to 2016 into NSA databases was

used for unmasking people and then
leaking that information to the press
and when the Attorney General talks
about investigating private parties he’s

talking not only about GPS fusion and
Glenn Simpson and all those people and
Nellie or he’s talking about the
contractors who were illegally accessing

NSA databases at the request so there
you go what you learned is nothing

because it was unintelligible pretty
much well you could hear it out but it’s
very sad that that’s the best that Joe
can do at this point but as I was
thinking about this and not even so much

about that but about the the corruption
allegations which is kind of if you if
you look I think they want to you know
this was in the newsletter you had a

picture of this but what are the chances
of the kids of the following people
having you know jobs with oil companies
in Ukraine and it’s Biden’s kid Pelosi’s
kid Carey’s kid and who’s the nose the

fourth one yeah Romney Romney Romney’s
kid yeah Romney the worst and what are
the chances what are the and you know we
hear about corruption all the time you

know there’s this crap going on in in
Bolivia my goodness we have the guy who
escaped Japan the former Nissan Nissan
Renault executive who escaped Japan in a

cello case had to go back to Lebanon you
know the thing is we believe in America
certainly but maybe in most of the the

modern West those are just banana
republics that doesn’t happen here know
what doesn’t happen here is they don’t
get run
of town on a rail because of course our

politicians are equally if not much more
corrupt just it’s hard for us to believe
it it’s hard for an American that’s for
high-level just they’re not stealing

from the American well they are
Americans but they’re doing it through
Ukraine so that’s okay
well yeah it’s it’s not so apparent but
I really think that people in America
and and in the West modern West they jit

know that really not it can’t be like
dict like billions if not no no we’re
not really stealing billions of dollars
that’s not no that doesn’t happen here
it’s newsflash it does and it’s so bad

it is really everything from these NGOs
to the little to the little rinky-dink
foundations money flowing everywhere you

know look at Baltimore with the mayor
and her scandals and just everywhere
that’s selling non-existent children’s

books to the schools yes it’s rife with
corruption it’s just it’s you don’t see
that you know the forest through the for
the trees anymore
so we’re just as corrupt now only we

don’t want to believe it yeah couple a
couple of black people over there in
Africa of course they corrupt look at
them course but here no no that can’t

well nothing’s gonna happen about it
that we can be assured well with that I
do want to thank you for your courage
though and say in the morning to you the

man who put the C in corruption John C
Dvorak well in the morning to you mr.
Adams C curry I in the morning all ships
of C boots on the ground feet in the air

subs in the water and all the dames and
nights out there in the morning to all
the trolls at no agenda stream com
affectionately called the troll room
thank you for handing off the one-liners
once again all kinds of good things

happening in the troll room how many
trolls do you have online right now
let’s see we’ve got nine hundred and
twenty five not bad for January 2nd are
those the people listening lied you can

listen live on Thursdays in the second
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and but there’s always something on no
agenda stream calm 24 hours a day also
big in the morning too of course

Darren O’Neill once again brought us the
artwork for the final show of 2019 now
that episode was 1203 we titled it ret
which was we actually discussed in the

show which is our retro clips and we had
did have some retrospective now here’s
what’s interesting about the artwork
that Darren brought us and there were a
couple of pieces but this really stood

out but it became extra funny for a
reason I shall explain so this was the
No Agenda
I heart poot P OoT which was the flub
that we got from actually we probably

played that flub who was it again who
know Amy Moore Amy and Michael Moore any
good minute somebody yeah Michael Moore
and this is what they were talking about

talking about mayor Pete I mean any
candidate politician you know people
watching this will have their
disagreements or whatever one thing you
can’t disagree with is he has been true
to his convictions he will fight like

hell for us the fact that 52 percent of
young people are for him in the latest
poll 52% of young voters
the Millennial that’s running 2% 2% of
18 to 35 year olds are for the person

their age young people wanting a baby
judge right
poot poot buddha judge so that was a
funny piece of art and it wasn’t until I

saw the art that I realized oh my the
word poot P OoT or boat in Dutch is
unrecognized and mean completely

recognizable and once I saw the warden
like holy shit in this image
it says I love fag that is the Dutch
slang word for a gay is boat and it you

could translate it directly to fag so it
had such an interesting meaning with I
love boat that
we used it immediately of course always

go for the low the lowbrow the the
lowest laugh possible but nobody pretty
much nobody picked up on it
I was expecting some duds the word in
the genitive google translator it came

out his leg yes it is the word for leg
in Dutch as well but slang is very
obvious but no no one no one no one no
tweets no nothing

I was surprised there you go sometimes
this happens but it was the 33rd win for
Darren O’Neill
according to comic strip blogger that’s
why he didn’t even compete says he knew

that Darren was it was like a no hit no
run you know I’m not gonna ruin his 33rd
yes throwing him by the last homer
exactly so kind so collegiate so ok yes

very nice and thank you very much Darren
O’Neill for doing so much for us in 2019
and he would 33 is about third of all

the shows huge huge and and Darren was
there this morning doing the pre stream
once again for this show so he’s a great
force and our value for value network he

really understands it and we really
appreciate what he does and all of the
artists you can go take a look at their
work at No Agenda art generator dot-com
and we’ve got some people to thank who

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it so it’s not abuse I think what it is
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you know I come up with an ID with a

solution to your issue yeah that you
won’t ever let me see your studio so
they don’t let you see it you have to
sign a nondisclosure and give me $100
cash $100 to G is that that worth is it
worth to you that much

well I’m a bug that’s the tour of the
off the tour of the studios gonna be
anyone who wants to see a hundred bucks
okay well whoa what do you mean anyone
now a little sudden anyone made hundreds

of do a tourist attraction it’s a
hundred bucks and an NDA i I don’t so
what is the what can I cannot do with
once I sign this India what let’s stop

let me revisit this I’ve only been to
John’s house once and I believe was
about eleven years ago maybe a little
bit longer ten years now ten or eleven
years ago it’s probably ten and it was

for Thanksgiving it was very nice and
then I said oh let me go see your studio
what okay go upstairs
I just wanted no in that voice I’m

nailing it today and and I said well you
know whatever it was it was like a no
hard no and and and I’ve never I’ve
never even been invited back and so

you’re in the neighborhood with your
daughter getting married in May and
we’ve been invited and we’re very
excited about coming although it’s on a
Sunday which is rather odd I mean what

child of no agenda nation gets married
on a Sunday showed a nice dad hello I
said we’d love to come but I’d hate to
be in San Francisco once again and not

be able to see your studio and you
immediately know and so now if I sign an
NDA a nondisclosure agreement and pay a
hundred dollars – well the NDA said I

mean you gotta let me I mean can I can I
can’t even mention anything or the line
can I can I see the language of the NDA
man you drive a hard bargain yeah you

can see the language of the NDA how
about I just won’t take pictures
now we’ll remind you you came to my
house an hour late and that you know

people are leaving and like hey you come
in you turn on the the the Warriors game
on television like we’re getting married
notes hey got a TV where’s the ESPN and

then you go upstairs and you take a
hundred pictures of my studio I took a
hundred pictures of your studio yeah
where are those hundred pictures I don’t
have them yeah okay all right fine all

no I will not sign an NDA I will pay the
hundred dollars though that’s that’s
well worth it but the NDA I mean I need
to be able to talk about some how about

a non-disparagement agreement
oh that may be good so I can’t disparage
you or your studio yeah but you’re a
professional and professional brought

guns have way of ways of disparaging
then aren’t technically disparaging I
just want to say I would have to be in

there if I determine that as a
disparagement there will be a fine okay
write it up consider it I think we I
think we can sign phase one of this deal

if very soon all right sir Tristan
Tristan banning it in Toronto two
hundred bucks I mentioned this Happy New
Year he says let her to follow I don’t
have a letter it looked he says calling

tak he says so I guess it was a joke no
letter o JK play please give a healthy
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sir Tristan in Toronto Toronto Toronto

you’ve got Mandan North Dakota two
hundred I’m in serious need of a D

douching you’ve been deduced as it’s
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another exhausting election year on new
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no that’s thing please play a listen to
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you’ve got and they’ll be the conclusion

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there’s nothing on this show we don’t do
but this but I appreciate people that do
it but I wonder about how many these
people are just fakes they’re phonies

this sometimes it just doesn’t make any
okay so I’ve listened deceased band a
journal when they have these Collins
these guys call in and they just not
really for an interaction it’s mostly
for these with most Colin’s are anyway

just make a statement well you call in
the Republican line or the Democrat line
and you get to bitch and moan they
changed it over the holiday to the

pessimist optimist lines brother
so c-span had a formatting change first
time in 35 years guys have got the
pessimist calls in and this is she spent

Dave in Atlanta Dave in Atlanta Georgia
says he’s pessimistic about what he sees
in 2020 hello hello yes I’m Dave in
Decatur Georgia and I heard 20 minutes

ago that you’re doing fine today so I’m
not gonna ask you how are you doing and
I want to tell you that I’m pessimistic
because it was in the 1970s and I’m
standing there listening to this big ol

Protestant preacher telling the crowd of
teenagers one of the boys had on a
t-shirt and said all one people in had
an image of the world with all these
different national flags and that

preacher stood there and corrected that
young mended we’re not all one people
we’re Americans we are exceptional and
that’s what got us where we are today
we are not exceptional we’re a bunch of

racist bigots when we win in Vietnam it
was the side with the white people the
French who went over there and
brutalized those Vietnamese people we
took of that brutality and and I was

involved in I killed people over there
for a lot and it’s a lie is that
American exceptionalism is up is a load
of nonsense subtle we’re gonna love each

other and be kind to each other instead
of loving Almighty dollars okay wow that
was that the optimist line or the
pessimist lost the best bells the

pessimist button
Wow right you know as what well I don’t
know what to say really but he made some

points there he says hey I went over
killed people in Vietnam for note 4 all
based on a lie
yes well at least he’s woke that’s for

yeah that’s it Jesus woke he’s woke I’ll
take that in this new year a lot of
musical chairs taking place the Bank of
England the chief of the the head of the

Bank of England
Mark Carney he and I recall last year
his last hurrah as he was already given
up he was leaving his post he was at the

bankers meeting in there it was it where
they do that that secret bankers meeting
the federal the federal the central
bankers then Georgia somewhere thinking
I’d probably so by the way that best

place in Jekyll Island where the Fed was
or orchestrated is still there and as
they turn it to a hotel for tourists
it’s like a pretty cool place to visit
he okay yes that was he was that

that was September and he was saying oh
well you know looks like we’re gonna

have some digital currencies I mean it’s
time to blow it all up you know the
system’s not working this was his last
hurrah remember those clips he’s like oh
Bitcoin is well that may be the future
but so this guy and you know kind of for

a moment like oh that’s kind of cool
that he said that on his way out you
know it’s nice to you know just throw a
little hand grenade before you leave but
he’s back on the scene or let’s just say

the musical chairs have the music’s
played the music has stopped then he’s
in a new chair guess where he is now and
what his new job is the Royal Bank
closed this and this guy is a former
goldman sachs he ran the Bank of England

so that’s the Federal Reserve of the
United Kingdom no now he is the UN envoy
for climate change yeah bring the
financial guys in oh yeah

and the BBC interviewed him and well he
does are you implying that there is a
connection between world banking and

climate change because there’s money
involved somehow if you hold on for two
clips I’ll answer the question here’s
Mark Carney regarding the the emergency
it’s talked about 2020 being a decade of

action absolutely necessary on climate
change we want action on the finance
side we want that disclosure companies
doing that disclosure there’s a lot of

memes in here climate disclosures
another good one now you have to
disclose something on that disclosure
companies doing that disclosure we want
that to become the norm it’s important

that you and I people watching can
understand how our money’s being
invested is it being invested consistent
with the transition path that is the law
of the land that is what our citizens

want which is that we’re transitioning
in a way that will a stable
this guy sounds just like Adam Schiff
interesting observation I’ll pay

attention to that he it’s probably the
same new year
for sure I just like that he’s saying
that you know this course he’s talking
about the UK he had the law of the land
it’s climate change you got to make sure

the money is spent right remember the
last the the the the the top 25 which
was held in Madrid it was all about the
climate negotiation which apparently

didn’t go so well because everyone
wanted to receive but no one wanted to
pay anything so here’s this guy telling
the British subjects it is a BBC
interview after all we’re taking your

money and we’ll make sure you feel very
good about how we invest it
invested in ourselves the land that is
what our citizens want which is that
we’re transitioning in a way that will

stabilize the climate you’ll spend a lot
of 2020 working on it as part of you how
arrogant is that we’ll spend your money
in a way that will stabilize the climate

I mean if I went on the street 20 years
ago people would shoot me if I said
these things give me your money
don’t worry I’ll make sure I invested
wisely so the climate will stabilize our

citizens want which is that we’re
transitioning in a way that will
stabilize the climate you’ll spend a lot
of 2020 working on community as part of
your UN role in the run-up to the

Glasgow summit I wonder why you choose
not to use the term climate emergency I
would say we’re in a climate crisis just
like a financial crisis where the action
needs to be taken now this is a slow

burn crisis if you will so it’s it’s
it’s more difficult to act because you
don’t have the the public spectacle of a
failing bank or or queues outside a

building society or those types of
tangible of the markets moving around a
tangible way that force action that’s
part of the challenge that’s part of the
tragedy of the horizon so listen very

carefully what he says here he’s saying
we don’t have like a financial crisis we
don’t have people standing outside banks
you know

run on the banks etc now I would I wait
don’t wait III want to hear your point I
would argue well what about all the
fires isn’t in the Amazon California
Australia that’s all being shown as huge

examples of the climate emergency the
climate crisis he says we don’t have
that it’s not tangible enough and he
says that’s the challenge I think these
guys are planning some kind of financial

crash with all this I think these guys
have already planned these fires
absolutely both is that I mean right now
in paradise they’re selling the
properties they’re left and right as you

would expect you can go buy some of
these old properties now for about
pennies and not pennies on the dollar
but about a third of what you would have
paid some years ago and people are just

rebuilding the other people just banned
in the area and they’re leaving the
properties for sale at fires fire sale
prices and it’s a really good time to
get in on some of these things cuz the

whole town burnt down which made no
sense to me right and you know I’ve got
the whole town down like that well I’m
let’s go back to what I wanted to talk
about okay which is what is it when does

the reporter start to grill you about
your language usage like she did she
said to him why are you calling it a
crisis and not in a crime climate and we

already know that climate crisis and
climate emergency were two terms that
showed up on purpose to change the
conversation from global warming and

climate change and they decided it’s not
alarmist enough it haven’t done enough
of alarming the public let’s change
these to climate crisis and climate

emergency and sometimes Amy for example
Goodman will say both right the climate
crisis climate emergency right back to
war and peace report but when does a
reporter instead of just getting

somebody to talk actually correct their
language what’s what well it is the BBC
after all and they have a style guide
and they all chose if you recall they

to use the alarming words climate
emergency but again and I’ll play the
last 11 seconds Carney here is saying no
you don’t have anything tangible but

that’s the challenge the public
spectacle of a failing bank or or queues
outside a building society or those
types of tangible of the markets moving
around a tangible way that forced action

that’s part of the challenge that’s part
of the tragedy of the horizon that’s
part of the tragedy on the horizon
that’s part of the challenge hmm let’s
play that again

the last bit he’s predicting there’s
gonna be a situation well it’s it’s hard
to understand exactly how it means it
cuz he said it’s part of the challenge

and listen again because you don’t have
the the public spectacle of a failing
bank or or queues outside a building
society or those types of tangible of

the markets moving around a tangible way
that force action that’s part of the
challenge that’s part of the tragedy of
the horizon okay so what he’s saying is
we don’t have that spectacle that force

action what he means by force action is
that’s how in 2008 our money was taken
from us they because of forced action
and given to the bank’s literally given

to the banks this is when everyone
started to retire including my buddy the
foreman your banker everyone made off
like bandits because they had a horrible
spectacle he had Obama there we’re all

gonna die
I’m just gonna give it to you straight
people it’s not good not who we are
so that’s what he’s he’s vying for and

the guys in the right position to make
these things happen he’s a he’s a banker
I don’t think you’re ever really a
former banker he’s a goldman sachs guy
he ran the Bank of England now he wants
to cause some kind of panic I don’t

think it’s a financial panic he’s
interested in causing because if there’s
a financial panic that means they you
know people are gonna tighten the purse
strings it has to be something else but
and I think there I’m listening to him I

think they don’t know what to do I think
they’re looking for a good idea let’s
listen to the second clip maybe we’ll
learn more you’ve taken a fair amount of
flack in this role on various different

fronts including from MPs I wonder if
you think that we have as you look at
this country whether we have enough
truth in our political debate enough
truth in in in our brexit debate I think

what’s essential on this topic on
climate change is that we have a
cross-party nonpartisan approach to it
that the science is clear that the type

of transition that we what we’ve been
talking about that we get as specific as
possible about what’s needed we can’t
afford on this one to have the selective

information to have spin misdirection
misleading it needs to be absolutely
clear because we’re all in we’re all in

on it
mm-hmm all in on it you betcha producer
Mike where there’s a kind of ID even
it’s kind of a double meaning the ways
we’re all in on it

oh yeah we’re all in on this one we’re
all in you know as and lean in we’re all
in we’re all in on this or we’re all in
on it yeah it’s very there’s no debate
truth wants to come out there I’d like

that I’d like to play a historical clip
for some context of you know this
obviously John and I are not big
believers in this climate change send
all your money to the elite so they can

invest it for us European Union now with
France team Ramones who was the Green
Deal czar with he must have 50 or 60
people working for him
overnight in this in this deal and he is

requiring from the 26 member states in
the European Union annually two hundred
and sixty billion euros to fight climate
change so every member state has to send

ten billion euros which they don’t have
they have to find it somewhere which
comes from the citizens and they’re
going to send it to the European Union

and uncle France is going to make sure
we don’t die because of any needs that
for a span of ten years where does this
all come from 2008 at the the height of
the the Great Recession at Bill Moyers

Journal PBS television sat down with
George Soros to discuss a number of
issues it’s only a minute and 37 seconds

but if you’ve never heard this clip it
will bring clarity to what global
warming is really about so let’s leave
them something to think about is they go

home let them go home and say mr. Soros
said here are three things we can do
simply one work on a better world order
where we work together to resolve
problems that confront humanity like

global warming and I think I think that
dealing with global warming will require
a lot of investment you see for the last
25 years the world economy the motor of

the world economy that has been driving
it was consumption by the American
consumer who has been spending more than
he has been saving all right over there

and he’s been producing so that motor is
now switched off it’s finished its run
out of we can’t continue you need a new

motor and we have a big problem global
as big investment and that could be the
motor of the world economy in the years

to come putting anybody in building
infrastructure converting the green
technology instead of consuming the
building electricity green and saving on
energy rewiring the houses adjusting

your lifestyle where energy is it’s got
to cost more until it will introduce
those new things so it will be painful

but at least we will survive and not
we will not cook it will be painful to
send all your money to me for the better
world order that’s it that’s it the

motor he’s talking about was the
hollowing out of the United States for
sure we didn’t produce that much anymore
we’re just borrowing money and spending
it on cheap crap from China the motor
stopped the motor is his motor it’s his

drop a penny and get a dollar out of the
bottom motor so he literally said we
need a new motor for a better world
order this global warming thing yeah
that’ll take huge investment rewire your

home slaves I don’t know what the hell
that means but we should do it all
remember otherwise we’ll cook blessed
that’s in the cap-and-trade bill which

back this is back in 2000 time eight or
nine yeah you know nine yep the
cap-and-trade bill came up or as a
Gohmert called it the crap and trade

it had provisions in there and you
remember this when John Boehner was the
Speaker of the House is crying all the
time yes he went on about with segments

of it he read segments we had clips and
where he’s talking about how the lot of
us today’s structures just need to be
torn down because they’re not

energy-efficient enough right and it was
a phase-out law where you just be
levelling houses left and right and
rebuilding him from scratch and that
would be the motor the rebuilding motor
of course I’ll be done under

international world one world government
hopefully according to Soros hopefully
and it was just a nightmare and I so the
rewiring I think was just kind of a what

was left over what he could just
remember about the bullcrap they tried
to force down our throats that’s where
the jobs jobs jobs karma came from yes
so the point here is the whole idea was

huge investment take it from us from you
know the taxpayer take that money
invested in huge important things like
anything that Soros is involved in and

that will be the new motor and then
Trump came in and said no not gonna do
it and and guess what it’s all falling
apart the motors not getting at least
not that motors not getting started and

it’s it was a part of the same push in
fact I have it here hold on where is it
if you recall
here was President Obama and by the way

when I when I went to fish this clip out
of the archives I kind of miss him
particularly for stuff like this hi
everybody hey everybody hey everybody
had done see buddy Barry I’m proud to

join the students teachers businesses
and nonprofit organizations taking big
new steps to support computer science in
America’s schools now you remember this
you remember this whole push yeah it’s

the cohhd cohhd cohhd because you’re not
gonna have any jobs there’s no more coal
jobs there’s not just it’s gonna be done
with you done with your jobs you need to
code learning these skills isn’t just

important for your future it’s important
for our country’s future if we want
America to stay on the cutting edge we
need young Americans like you to master
the tools and technology that will

change the way we do just about
everything that’s why I’m asking you to
get involved don’t just buy a new video
game make one sure don’t just download
the latest app helped design it

okay don’t just play on your phone
programming yeah not possible no one’s
born a computer scientist but with
little hard work and some math and

science oh just about anyone can become
one you hear that
here’s that Google it’s so easy little
math and science a little hard work
we’re coming for you this week is your
chance to give it a shot and don’t let

anyone tell you you can’t whether you’re
a young man or a young woman whether you
live in a city or a rural area computers
are going to be a big part of your
future and if you’re willing to work and

study hard that future is yours to shape
thanks everybody
all right stem stem everybody thanks so
this money this of course was in Joe

Biden’s head when he goes to the miners
wars in West Virginia where was he this
time I believe it was West Virginia but
it was in one of the Virginia’s so I
have the short set up how we started off

I come from a family where an area where
as coal miners
anybody can go down three hundred to
three thousand feet in the mind sure
hope they learn how to program as well

so the so if you can go down three
thousand feet into a mind you can
program a little bit of math dance yeah
now so this was this was what was

tweeted about it was actually hard to
find the audio for it then he went into
this longer rant which made it even more
interesting the Jo is living in 28 2008
president asked me to get Detroit out of

its problems remember Detroit went
bankrupt and it gave me authority to do
whatever I needed to do so I set up with
all the agencies what does all the money
out there Detroit could qualify for they

didn’t ask for they’d know how to get it
the end result was not just because of
me but because of the team I put
together Detroit got out of bankruptcy
started to come back we’re able to

provide everything from street lighting
for them and you know they could have it
to a height excuse me inner city rail
that so we put in a rail so anyway make
a long story short breathalyze I started

the rail to nowhere
has he been to Detroit recently
apparently I’ll excuse me rail then so
we put it a rest anyway make a long

story short things really started move
that we found out something interesting
everybody when things hit went bankrupt
everybody who had any talent in terms of
technology left black white Hispanic man

women we didn’t have anybody got a joke
who could turn on the streetlights hit
me not a joke you hit me not a joke no

one could turn on the streetlights knew
how to turn the system no one knew how
to turn on the sewer because it requires
computer capability and programming
capabilities really outfit that the

major corporations are going to need IT
they went out into the neighborhoods
they found 54 happened to be all women
not by intention mostly women of color

with a few exceptions ages 24 to 20 yeah
24 to 52 or 4 they went through a 19
weeks training program at the Community
College they’re learning how to program

and I remember telling people as to my
liberal friends are saying you can’t
expect that bagel to that give me a
anybody who can throw coal into a
furnace can learn how to program for

God’s sake okay give that clip of the
day but I’m gonna take it because this
was one of the most unhinged things he’s

ever said so what he’s saying is when
he’s safe Detroit good Joe because yeah
this is news to me by the way well the
president gave him the directive Joe so

Joe went and saved Detroit with his team
he gave his team some props for saving
yeah good friend but then they so they
they fixed everything they fixed the

sewer they fixed the streetlights they
fixed the light rail they didn’t know
how to turn it on so then they got one
of these IT recruiting firms who instead
of going and getting a whole bunch of
h-2b Indian workers went into Detroit

found 50 black women and they trained
them and his his conclusion is if you
can shovel coal into a furnace you can

code I don’t understand what one has to
do with the other but that’s exactly
what he said people who are not even
miners but just shovel coal into a

furnace on a maybe on that train you can
and he’s this is 2019 he’s saying this
does he even know can he code with a

little bit of hard working some science
and math he can’t even remember him what
he can’t he remember his own text code

but let alone that he can code something
no people this is not the solution don’t
send your kid to code school give your
kid your old your old laptop with a

Linux distro your kid go make something
work this is unbelievable to me this guy
is so naive he doesn’t even know what
any of this means
you can’t code a game somebody just

sitting there and after home can’t just
sit there in code a modern game yeah
they can hunt the Wumpus they might be
able to do that I don’t think there’s a

lot of you know market for strong if you
can shovel coal into a furnace you can
code it’s clear we we took fifty black
women in Detroit and they turned on the

sewer can’t doesn’t get much more
intersectional than that what’s a Wampus
by the way hunt the Wampus hunt the
Wumpus night don’t know what hunt the

Wampus holy moly
you said holy moley I did sorry should
we know what hump the one hump hump the
Wampus hunch I want to hump the Wumpus

well there’s a bunch of dudes named Ben
out there that are rolling their eyes
with your with your lack of knowledge
about this fabulous game apparently it

works best on a TI 99 it works fine on
anything anyway that guy I’m sorry
cannot be our president that is not it’s

not a modern thought pattern that he has
there it’s that’s it’s sad he’s Ghent
yeah I understand what he’s trying to

because of course anybody can do
anything they set their mind to but if
it’s not just about coding and by the
way what kind of a country would we have

let’s let’s just take the the logical
extreme of this I’m gonna take the other
side of this let’s say that something
happened it could it made it possible
for anybody to write high level code

everybody the entire country could write
the highest level code just like falling
off like anyone could do it at any time
what would that do to the economy well

we’d have a lot of Piper card
applications I didn’t to give a little
update we do have a couple of OTG things

to to discuss as we try to save our
sanity with technology at least I do I
ever since we talked about it and I
should probably look it up when did we

do our our first Linux talk in fact I
can see it was episode 11 94 mint 19 and
that was what’s the date of that there

would be 10 episodes ago so it’d be
November 28 okay yeah November 20th I
have been on my Linux distro since then
have not changed have not gone back to

Windows have customized it fine-tuned it
and am completely satisfied
it is I mean it I feel so good about

running the podcast on it no I wish no
no that the USB stuff and Linux is a
whole different problem and that’s up

really up to the device makers but the
USB consortium is it
Quagmire’s I’ve kind of given up on that
but everything else and I have this
thing tricked out Hydra mised optimized

it it does at all my workflows because I
can but most importantly it just works
day in day out

no reboots no shakin like an
etch-a-sketch no upgrade of my
experience and adjust that’s nice it
just keeps working I’m so happy with it

that I will this is new I mean this it
isn’t he’s been playing with for three
years on the show on and off you know
and it’s always got you guess always got

something right because it doesn’t work
now I I know these you have very
different requirements for me my require
I’m an information manager that’s what I

do so my main my main tool is email the
workflows I was able to create through a
combination of a great email program
clause mail which is also available on
Windows by the way but you could do a

lot I think a lot more interesting
things and Linux you can pipe it off to
programs and defiles a lot of stuff I’m
doing which I should probably document
and write up the browser of course
simple browser work and that’s about it

you don’t need much else and it’s very
lightweight I have it on a USB stick so
I can have it loaded on three different

computers so I have automatic backups
it’s it’s fantastic
your requirements are different I don’t
know if you’ve still stuck with it or if
you’ve gone back and forth or what’s the
status of your Linux life

I can’t use Photoshop on it so it’s a
until Adobe makes a Linux version of
Photoshop which they refuse to do
because John Warnock personally has a as

long as he’s alive even though he’s the
chairman of emeritus is he has a hard-on
for Linux and open-source literally
because he thinks that post the dip the

PostScript clone it came out that was
open-source was ruining his life even
though he’s a billionaire so he would
you’re not gonna see Photoshop I mean

you can run it through wine or one of
these things and get it kinda to work or
you can use GIMP
oh just use GIMP gimps great that was
gonna be my question I mean you have

used GIMP yeah yeah I’ve used GIMP I’ve
used game quite a bit and GIMP does work
in some situations but it doesn’t work
as well as it as Photoshop it’s just not
as good well here’s a question is it

GIMP or jimp well I think it’s GIMP you
know it could be Jim I think we should
keep it consistent know anyone who calls
it Jim but if you create gifs with GIMP

why isn’t GIMP jiff because the guy who
made the who invented the jiff the
graphics interchange format I think it
was for CompuServe he calls it just and

he’s the one who gets the designate how
it’s pronounced mm-hmm I mean it’s just
the way it is anyway so I don’t know how
what you’re working on that you need all

these high-end tools for I don’t see it
on your Twitter feed what are you doing
with Photoshop that you need Photoshop
so desperately where’s the output the
output somebody one of my outputs is on

a six by you know a four foot by five
foot artwork on the wall that needed the
Photoshop for certain specific functions
so it printed out okay what are you

printing photos that are very pretty
oh I’ve got one couple for sale I’ll put
in the condo when I see your studio need
you need Photoshop to do this sort of

work you can’t do it on GIMP
all right and also there’s a if you’re
gonna write a lot the markups stuff and
the things you can do with Microsoft

Word you can’t do with any of the word
processors like what
can take four for example goes ten deep
on every edit made of a sentence but why
would you even need what for your books

that you’re publishing
sorry I couldn’t resist well you can say
that all you want but the fact is is if
you’re gonna have something edited it’s
nice to have an edit trail that you can
follow but uh

Libre Office has an edit trail it
doesn’t have one like these these are
better hmm
well I’d further that grammatical
correction of Microsoft Word is pretty

formidable they don’t do any of that on
any of these other products well you
should use it before you send me the
newsletter then I have flaws I found one
great tool that I just wanted to mention

for Linux which is called note-case Pro
and it’s an out you know I love
outliners my whole life is an outliner
and note-case pro does outliners very
well and will import an export OPML

which is what the entire No Agenda
universe is based on all of if you go to
any page you’ll see down at the bottom
created with the freedom controller
little icon there and that’s the XML
version of the page excuse me which is

nope email and so when I found that then
you know because there really is no good
opml editor
for any any other platform well I guess
Matt it’s Mack does the ellipse Mack

does have um the outliner but anyway
this note-case Pro is very good so I’m
still on the linux life and I love it
very much and I see no reason to go back

as especially now that I don’t to deal
with with Windows worrying around and
doing stuff and eating up resources and
he kind of got a wonder about Microsoft

winning the Jedi contract remember that
the big 10 billion dollar Pentagon
contract that Amazon wanted and the
Amazon even had their insiders and their
shields and they still didn’t get it

Microsoft got it you got a wonder if
they’re doing some kind of Pentagon
and/or spy cloud project but let’s
assume so how tightly does Windows 10
integrate into that because it’s just

spying on you the just taking it all
your information everything you do has
to go to cloud and Windows the seals
drive and all but no you don’t need it
and that is part of the OTG life I think

I didn’t really realize how much I would
enjoy being OTG as in not on Windows
it’s very good
shouldn’t be OTW off the windows TW o TW

m and o TW kind of guy I’m all for it
the California consumer Privacy Act went
into effect as of yesterday

and I’m not quite sure what this changed
that’s what I was gonna ask you about
that if your life has changed I’m not
quite sure what it is anymore but

apparently apparently it’s sweeping that
seems to be the term everyone’s using
sweeping new data privacy law known as
the California consumer Privacy Act I’m

not quite sure I think you’re allowed
you’re supposed to be able to tell one
of these companies delete my data which
would be nice if that’s really what it

says I’d like to have a form letter and
just tell you know send Google a note
every every month you know delete my
data delete my data delete my data but
something tells me that it won’t really

work that way
was there anything else of interest you
have n mo had an outage that freaked
everybody out I guess kids used mo to

pay bills and pay rent I didn’t know
that was a thing I didn’t either but
this was another one of those Mullane
Neal things should be on the list and
hackaday was very clear flip phones are

making a comeback so once again on the
on the leading edge on the tip with the
No Agenda show with my go flip three
from Alcatel now of course they’re

talking about the new Motorola but you
can still look cool with a flip phone
stay safe out there in 2020 everybody go

ot G and o TW and you will be fine so
here is they related to the California
privacy law people is a clip leaving
California for Texas the nation’s

largest economy California is losing a
generation of wage earners Jane wells
joins us now from Los Angeles to explain
where they’re going Jane hi Mike yeah
it’s not just large companies like

Charles Schwab leaving California the
census numbers do not lie all kinds of
young professionals some of them making
decent salaries are leaving to take for
example 30 year old Sidney multi she was

an educator in Oakland making about 58
grand got moved to Portland Oregon got
the same job at 70 grand allowing her to
buy a brand-new condo something that
never would have happened in California

at one point I was working three jobs
and I was just really tired so that was
kind of the last straw small business
owners Danielle and Scott Fortier moved

from LA to Nashville because they
couldn’t afford to stay for retirement
or their kids college funds even though
Scott was working 80 hours a week at his
own business in LA look at this they
owned a 3100 square foot house on a

small lot in Tennessee they owned a
larger house on seven acres with the
building to run their business out of no
state income taxes property taxes a
third of what they were in California

health insurance costs cut nearly in
half we’ve been here about six months
and in that six months we’ve already had
six friends of our six couples relocate
to the same area also people of this

image of all these old people who are
frustrated leaving but actually the ones
who are leaving of family age people
people 30 to 50 for that group that’s
the group that’s leaving and that’s Joel

Kotkin at Chapman University now while
millenials are leaving California fewer
are moving in Kotkin says that could
really eventually impact California sort
of entrenched culture of innovation and

dreamers and that could hurt the nation
besides the fact that we’re all moving
to your state and maybe driving up your
prices well it’s easy for people to
leave guys this may sound geocentric
it’s really difficult to recreate

that culture somewhere else from scratch
yeah we don’t allow that to you’re in
Texas you can come here you can’t
recreate your culture here oh yeah
because Texas is so especially around
Austin they’re so conservative and

they’re all Trump supporters and
nobody’s gonna change that I have
understood that depending on the results
of the census California may actually

lose one or two congressional districts
because so many people have left and
Texas may gain one or two districts
because so many people have entered
probably in okay maybe it’s Adams ships

district but for sure if you’re leaving
California San Diego is a place you want
to leave information on a controversial

decision to put cameras are nearly 3,000
streetlights in San Diego according to
its contract with the city
General Electric will own the images
audio collected with no restrictions on
its use that means anyone’s personal

information potentially could be bought
and sold by private companies city
attorney Maura
Elliot signed the contract with GE back
in 2017 the contract allows GE to
install cameras on 3,000 street lights

citywide and it also grants GE to use
the data as it sees Fed program has been
criticized by some civil rights and
privacy groups local attorney and
candidate for City Attorney Cory brigs

to city leaders were not properly
informed about the data sharing it turns
out that they’re gathering the data
they’ve been giving it to the police but
they’re also giving it to Wall Street

you know constraints on that whatsoever
City Attorney’s Office told us the
contract is legal and was approved by
the City Council but three City Council
members now want the mayor to stop

installing those cameras until GE
provides more information about how it
will use the information how about that
for some representation city council
sign sign a deal for some street lights

they just threw in some cameras as a
nice little gimme and they said well
that’s our camera so we can do whatever
we want with your face slave shut up yes
you do need to leave California yeah

although who knows how I mean we don’t
they took out the the red light cameras
in Texas they tried that tried to tried
to sneak that in well they that comes
and goes it’ll be back they’ve had those

red light cameras all over the country
I do have an ISO for about San Francisco
good okay this is the dead raccoon I saw
from that clip for this is a ret ISO we

didn’t use that was remember the Gavin’s
he funded no I know we played it I just

I wouldn’t know he didn’t because the
clip is so profane we we played we did
play the clip we played part of it to

each other
oh god I bet you I have the raccoon clip
it’s really bad the guy is just cussing
the whole time it’s very funny actually
I don’t have the raccoon clip hmm I

don’t think ever sent it over every time
that one you’re right now you’re right
we played that after the show like
secret stuff secret club stuff yeah
secret club is just look up dead raccoon

on YouTube dead raccoon in San Francisco
and you will all get to listen to this
guy go on about this bomb who comes in

and drops a dead raccoon in a McDonald’s
I’m gonna show my food by donation to no
agenda imagine all the people who could
do this oh yeah that’d be fun

and we do some people to thank for show
12:04 12:04 beginning with
Baron Lacan Baron lattic in hundred

bucks sir Jim zukul $100 is rooted in
the joke okay I gotta read this he says
as a person firmly rooted in a Gen X

generation this is about my millennial
list I have been using dr. Bronner’s
soap for at least a decade well first of
all dr. Furyk
dr. Bronner’s soap yeah I pointed this

out as one of the Jets as the millennial
oh right right right right right
dr. Bronner’s soap which is this castile
soap that doesn’t and when I can tell it
doesn’t really clean anything but dr.

Bronner stuff is funny cuz he’s got a
lecture on every bottle about the you
know how bad capitalism is really yeah
get some dr. Bronner’s anyway so he had

this guy Jim sir Jim says that he’s been
10 years ago is about the time where the
millennials started making it popular
hmm if you said I’ve been using it all
my life then I’d say okay have a point

but you don’t you don’t have a point mr.
Jim is probably 40-plus years old as a
gen Xer and he’s only been using it
since he’s 30 which is one did
millenials came in dr. Bronner’s soap is

over 150 years and five generations of
soap excellence I’ve always wanted to
achieve soap excellence yeah nice it’s
quite the product but there’s always a

lecture or lecture about something or
other on there in fact the ball is
mostly a lecture that can see I’m just
looking some pictures yes sir Greg a
part son sure Greg a parts unknown

SERP 8 in Amsterdam 6969 yeah I’m gonna
do this for him later on it says that
this is irregular for donations of

course he’s a night under associate
level I’d like to get some F cancer for
my neighbor hopefully enough she’s
undergoing cancer treatment and is
waiting for the outcome of recent scan

she’s a very attractive and deliberately
deliberately kind person in our
community and we all like we’d all like
her to stick around in sound health so
yes we will roll that out just before we

get to the the knighting store paid
consider it done
attractive and deliberately nice I’ve
never seen that seems like it seems like
a contradiction right never seen that

we’re gonna drop and a mercury of
mercury of I think in st. Louis Missouri
606 Dooley Shepherd in Angola India she

sent a card and I want to read because
she went through all the trouble writing
a card with just put two pictures of her
dog wearing a hat no shell tea
which is a either a great dog or a lousy

dog depends um we had a Sheltie once
what exactly is a Sheltie a Sheltie
looks like a small collie how did it say
half size of a collie is the same

similar-looking dog long nose a lot of
long hair very friendly pretty dog
always a pretty dog but they they have
idiosyncrasies that don’t fit in with a

lot of people okay my dogs had a
birthday last month but since they don’t
know what it’s going on I’m donating to
the best podcast in the universe Dada
smart smart move the dog doesn’t know a

birthday from anything hmm any producers
who know what they knows that they make
their dogs indoor birthday hats and

parties for their own enjoyment should
send donations to no agenda instead yes
and you know we could do dog birthdays
on the show

yeah with minimum but what wasn’t it
bikes what’s the what’s the dog’s name
she never told us the dog’s name but she
just say Merry Christmas see we could
make give her some jobs karma at the end

this is Julian Matt you got it and the
dogs quite it is pretty us a post the
pictures of the dogs and the next
newsletter though your doxing your dogs

well maybe we can start doing more dog
pictures in the newsletter because they
we like to have pups must haves people’s
pups yeah okay yeah make sure she gets
the job Carmen yes Robert Rutner 55 55

Jonathan Evans 55 55 the Nick Secord
Redmond Washington 55 10 he wants a he
wants a D douching the jobs car mat the

M for you for him yep Daniel Mariano 55
10 Lin Kecak in Newark Delaware 55 10

Austin Wilson to first no no I guess not
two last names Austin Wilson he’s got
some thing they are 5150 Baron of the

Puget Sound if he’s called twice
oh he’s the Baron in the Puget Sound
that’s right now we have a bunch of

Puget Sound errs that are fighting vying
fruit there’s gonna be a fight Eric
wills an elder burr Eldersburg Maryland
$50 this is uh $50 name and location

group Jeremy Cartwright in Rockford
Bradley ledin unknown Michael Janowski
in Ladera Pennsylvania Andrew

Luxan ham in Knoxville Tennessee nice
barbecue there brian kinney Paul
confrim awesome I love like a Tennessee

yeah they got this nice barbecue or you
can every every town like you have a
little a little thing
Tennessee yet they’ve got some good
music here I hear that good music

Paul contra moss theme now and I eat G
Kitagawa hey Rach Rockford Illinois they

got free weed there I hear free weed
they do well it’s legal now it’s legal
oh yeah the private is free I each
Kitagawa one of my favorite names in San

Francisco clip closes is very it’s kind
of a short segment today yeah we want to
thank all these folks who are
contributing to show 12:04 producing it
and I want to thank all the people with
lesser amounts of money to for helping

us get the show the first show of the
year the new decade the first show of
the new decade unless you’re a pet int
the first show of the new decade oh yeah
oh yeah here’s what’s gonna happen

people are gonna email me bitching at
you tell John the decades not really
over yet yeah and I’m I’m okay with your
counting but who’s this come on it’s

media 20 now we’re not saying yeah you
know what I mean right have you gotten
this I’ve gotten emails just ignore it
let’s go back to the birth of Christ of

the Year Zero
mmm-hmm so let’s go back to so you had
mine at 1 BC which was the year before
Christ was born or common air as they

call it now then Christ was born at 0
and then a year later it was the year 1
so wait a minute so is that so that so
when you got to 10 it was it wasn’t the

decade until one with that’s 11 years
this doesn’t make any sense unless there
was no years zero and everything started
with one which I don’t think it did I

think you have a Year Zero you have a
must have a year 0.5 I don’t know
somebody should clarify this for me if
they can prove to me there was no zero
then I’ll buy it yes

email john jo hn at Dvorak org devio ra
k DV o ra k org Dvorak org don’t email
me please

thank you to the CC Adam though yes
thank you very much to everybody who
supported the show it is your show
that’s what we’ve been doing for 12
years well I guess you could say we’re

in our 12th year was 11th year I don’t
years our 13th year we appreciate this
it keeps us going it keeps the whole
program the whole kit and caboodle keeps
running because of the support you were

showing us and yes indeed people under
$50 are not mentioned because a lot of
them want to stay anonymous I see the
four I see you $49.99 but there’s also
people on the ongoing programs so

appreciated that you do that and even if
it’s $5 a month it all makes a
difference we highly appreciate it and
we have a couple of things to take care
of your business wise you got some jobs

karmak at the F Cancer Karma for SERP
eights next-door neighbor also surge in
sent me a note then he says he’s been
actively looking for a job since

September but he’s fighting white male
boomer discrimination so he needs some
jobs karma and sir Colton
I actually think these guys know how to

code that’s the beauty of it yes for all
of you as requested
jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for job

you’ve got karma and I wish I could roll
out the happy birthday jingle but we

have no birthdays zero that doesn’t
happen very often so Chris Wilson
emailed me something and I wonder if I

still have that shoot I’ll have it for
Sunday he emailed me something really
beautiful about the meetups and it was
it was the verbiage because I’ve been
trying to get this right you know what
exactly is it that happens at these

meetups where where people get together
who probably would never get together
they never encounter each other in any
other situation and they voluntarily go
to a bar or it’s usually a bar or some

some place where you can acquire a
beverage and and hang out with people
who listen to the show and it’s not
really about the show it’s just about
being able to talk with someone give

someone your opinion listen to someone
else and no one get pissed off it’s it’s
it’s almost like the 50s then everyone
was afraid to say anything but here no

one’s afraid to say anything and it just
it’s a beautiful experience if you’ve
never been to a meet-up go to no agenda
meetups dot-com and experience this for
yourself you can go to Amsterdam

tomorrow if you should be so lucky
the TPO podcast meetup will be there at
the cafe restaurant Delphine at five
o’clock you can go to Seattle other side

of the world also tomorrow Patrick is
organizing at 7:30 in the hop vine pub
check the back of the bar Tuesday the
second biannual Knoxville Meetup I hear
they got some what they have over there

they got to music meet at Barley’s
carbecue great barbeque upstairs at the
pool table sir seats that are organizing
then next Thursday the no agenda tune

tore just to show you that you can bump
into no agenda producers everywhere this
will be in Lebanon Beirut and you will
meet Jesse Coyne Nelson your host at the

in on Mac DC Street in Beirut Lebanon
this is just a couple of upcoming
meetings meetups that are being
organized by the producers of Gitmo
nation it is something you should at

least witness once if you can’t find one
near you then start your own No Agenda
meetups comm is is where you can sign up
for that but also find any meetups near

you in the future
and Thank You Daniel so much for keeping
that site running it’s been fantastic
all right Christopher up that up once
again he is contributed another $1000 to

the No Agenda show and hereby is Baron
of Brown County and Vai count of the
troll room we saw no issues the peerage
Committee has approved so Sir

Christopher there you go your title is
inna and approved and thank you very
much for your courage now if you could
get out your blade John look up on the
podium gentlemen thank you for your

support of the No Agenda show you have
both supported us with a total amount of
$1000 which means you both get to join
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Agenda Roundtable and I am very proud to

pronounce the Kate thee mr. Alexander
souls burger also sir he faked both of
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for you we’ve got hookers and blow
rent poison Chardonnay foie gras and so
turned by request zucchini and meatloaf

brisket and barrel-aged copper ale
pinball and power cords goat chops and
goat milk Polish potato vodka vodka and
vanilla bong hits in bourbon sparkling
cider an escort

drilling gerbils breast milk and table
men mutton and Mead it is the no agenda
staples the favorite go to no agenda slash rings both of you with
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fill out a little bit of information
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anything you can and makes everybody
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okay there’s something I ran in touch

watching al Jazeera yeah like I noticed
so apparently the Russians this is going
on it’s not in our news but it’s going
on to some put the Russians are claiming
to some Georgian lab that is making

viruses or propagating viruses and
putting them in vaccines and killing
really yes al Jazeera is reporting or
that Russia is saying al Jazeera is

reporting it and so they visited this
Georgian lab which seems innocuous as
post it’s a viral adji lab that is used
to determine it to test this for testing
not for this is an Alex Jones Theory

putting putting cancer viruses in the
vaccines yeah well this is the theory
that the Russians supposedly our

property and according to Al Jazeera so
they go visit to lab and there was one
little tidbit in here that I thought was
kind of interesting cuz I had not heard
this and I haven’t heard on Alex Jones
although I don’t listen to him that much

but I would think I have heard it there
but just play this one out we were shown
inside George’s lugar laboratory which
detects and prevents the spread of

dangerous diseases but pro-kremlin media
claim it spreads disease experimenting
on humans with cancer the Zika virus
killer mosquitoes and plagues of stink

bugs I asked the laboratories director
whether there was any truth to these
narratives but we are not making sicker
virus in this laboratory but the

laboratory is the the level of the
laboratory is low hiders we can diagnose
here the zika ebola creamier congo and
many many infection diseases no killers

Barsky we are amazing this virus is here
no mama rated stinkbug coming from the
lugia laboratory what the marmorated
stink bug ah I’m not a scientist but

what I have been seeing here suggests
that this laboratory is exactly what the
Georgian government says it is the
Russian claims that what’s going on at

the Luger lab is far more sinister
haven’t been supported by any hard
very odd report so they’re talking about
Zika Ebola and then the stinkbug the

marmorated stink bug I’m not familiar
well you look at marmorated stink bug
and apparently there’s been a
contamination in the mid-atlantic US for

example is a contamination of field corn
and it’s like it has something to do
with some sort of spray or something
that’s making these bugs like propagate

this is something we need to start
looking into the marmorated stink bug
yam our more ma are mor a te d finally
is finally we found something that’s

lower than a podcaster it marmorated
stink bugs you can’t get that low even
has a podcast either marmorated here’s a
study from ApS from the publication
relationship between invasive invasive

brown marmorated stink bug and famosa
from puma luminescent from Otteson
contamination of field corn in the

ah decided out I never heard it this
until I credit you’ve heard this report
I never heard of the marmorated stink
bug no harp nor news Noah jumped in

peace I did get a vaccine clip since you
brought up vaccines in Texas authorities
are warning that a traveler with measles

may have unknowingly exposed others
across the country that come that new
alert comes amid an increase in measles
cases nationwide Sam Brock is in Austin
with the latest tonight an urgent Health

Alert from Texas after a passenger
infected with measles passed through the
Austin Airport last week after traveling
in Europe
it’s Travis County’s first detected case
in 20 years or trying to get on top of

this share as much information as we can
to try to really contain this the
passenger left from Austin International
Airport on December 17th but then
proceeded to go to airports in Chicago

and Virginia meaning that other
passengers and not one not two but three
different airports were potentially
exposed this after separate cases at LAX
and Denver International airports
earlier this month but health experts

say Austin is at greater risk because of
low vaccination rates of children Justin
unfortunately is one of the epicenters
of the anti-vaccine movement in America
a startling study earlier this year

estimates one infected person could lead
to an outbreak of more than 400 cases in
Austin with nearly 1300 confirmed cases
of the measles nationwide this year more
than three times the number last year

the highly contagious virus can linger
in the air for hours symptoms include
cough – fever and sore eyes tonight
doctors say it’s another stark reminder
to get vaccinated

Sam Brock NBC News Boston I live in
Austin I get around I listen to the
I need the peppers I haven’t heard about
this no one is panicked we’re talking

about measles outbreaks so this story
has been just created out of thin air it
would know your boots on the ground and
I certainly when it comes to

vaccinations I’d be paying attention I
also don’t think Austin is the ground
ground zero of the
Antti VAX movement that course not a
bunch of lib tardes here I said it he

said it I said it it’s true it’s true oh
yes we’re talking about Texas to get

that out of the way we have to talk
about the shooting that is being sold
miss covered by the media oh the check
the church shooting they don’t know how
to deal with this well of course it

didn’t go as it’s supposed to go this
was all wrong what happened and if you
watch any YouTube videos where just
actually somebody objectively telling
you what happened that guy comes in with

a shotgun I just summarized I do have a
clip of the latest kind of phony-baloney
way to try to present this to the public
they want to present it the media’s
decided well the guy was shot down by a
security guard but this guy who was in

the security guard it was just one of
the parishioners who happened to be with
seven or eight other parishioners coming
out of their seats with gun in hand did
you see did you see that slow-mo video

of everybody like their guns coming out
every which way and the media was not
gonna present it that way
they just weren’t gonna do it they

weren’t gonna they weren’t gonna present
it honestly is what I but also but also
so this guy I think he was already in
the church he stands I have that clip
let’s play that clip tonight about that

deadly Church shooting in Texas the
minister now claiming they had past
incidents with the shooter the church
sometimes giving him food but he would
get mad when they wouldn’t give him
money witnesses saying the gunman came

in wearing a wig and a fake beard before
opening fire ABC’s Marcus Moore in Texas
again tonight tonight new details are
emerging about the suspect in Sunday’s

deadly attack on this Texas Church
the church’s pastor telling the
Christian Chronicle the gunman had been
to the church before saying quote we’ve

helped him on several occasions with
food adding that the suspect would get
mad when they wouldn’t give him cash
Tekin Annan who witnesses said was
wearing a fake beard and dark coat gun
down 67 year-old Richard Wright and 64

year-old Tony Wallace before a hero
congregant killed him the entire
incident captured on the church’s
livestream I mean I got I got a lot of
conspiratorial emails about it

like dad’s coincidence that that angle
the videos too coincidental that no this
actually happens people are nuts but
luckily another one for the good guys

maybe people will think twice and I know
there was a recent change in the in the
law here in Texas where you are allowed
to carry a gun in a place of worship

which of course oh how can we even allow
that and you know well there you go
coincidentally it turns out to be a
reasonably good thing although two
people did die two guys who were also

trying to stop this this gunman got shot
and killed and pretty much
point-blank and point-blank shot in the
face with a shotgun so it’s not all
pretty but in a normal situation you

know run by liberals and gun control
immediately we had one guy come in know
and have a gun in the church instead of

like in Texas where he had at least
seven with guns ready to shoot the guy
and nobody just shot randomly either
they just once the guy was down he was
down you’d have a massacre they’d be ten
people shot dead before this guy was

stopped right so you you know yeah okay
two guys got killed but in fact it was
not as bad as it ended yet you know this
is a good lesson for people the people
in Texas who wanted to go shoot up a

church they may run into this problem
they’re not gonna get very far but dad
let’s don’t report him like that and I
tell you most of the reports were that
guy was a security guard somehow they

make that up but okay well he he is
the business
oh he’s the one that yeah he isn’t any
anything he was firing his strikers had

a security guard working even if they
did what difference but they that’s the
way they could pull MIT off as a report
that it you know the security guard not

that all these armed parishioners right
no responsible for the killing take day
Dave downplayed the fact that there was
about ten brothers probably more people
didn’t well they’re gonna be honest

though I’m really sick and tired because
the media the only one media did play
this and that was Fox and all they could
say over and over again it she a good
guy with a God be the bad guy with the

but it’s like it’s just disgusting
just to say they’re right I can’t you
have accepted that cuz I never heard
that he oh oh my god it was it was the

whole day starting with the Fox and
Friends in the morning all the way
through Tucker Carlson at night well
yeah it’s like beating the drums yeah
but did they the mainstream wasn’t lying

no well Fox News is also the mainstream
even though they’d like to say they’re
not they like to talk about not but Fox
News per se when you watched Fox News’s

that is a cable channel
yeah there’s no no Network News not
Fonseca put one on hey
well they think they like Bret Baier

they get T try slime the rest bear
breath bear whatever his name is fire
they put bret baier they could put him
on compete with ABC NBC and CBS but they
don’t do it so Fox News is still kind of

hmm you know playing the cable game they
won’t they’ve gotten better that’s where
their ratings are the ratings aren’t in
playing to a right-wing base in this
just go back to your basic thesis

they’re a bunch of Democrats sure why
don’t they put they do theirs Fox
stations in every market just like there
is here there’s one channel two is a Fox
station and when 5:30 or 6:30 comes
around when all the networks are playing

there they’re half an hour of news Fox
hasn’t got anything is just some local
programming won’t even put on it take
that bret baier guy and put him on a
half-hour real Network show honestly a
brother I’d rather watch a stupid game

show cuz none of it’s news none of it
I’m asking you a serious question why
don’t they do that that’s not because
they’re making more money first of all
that’s not all their stations Fox News

is not the same as your local Fox
station that’s just not the same thing
so you it’s not you can’t just take Bret
Baier yeah lock station influence Fox

a lot of their other companies who owned
Fox affiliates it’s not CBS and NBC
affiliates and they could drop the
network news if they want to to their
independence but they have affiliation

with CBS
what’s the difference what cuz they
can’t produce because they can’t produce
a good product and no one can it’s you
know you’re talking about and I’m not
gonna argue this is stupid it’s all

stupid it’s all horrible they make more
money putting some stupid entertainment
show against counter programming against
the news that’s why it’s done
but that would have to be the reason

unless they don’t want to well I think
you should take your grievance to 20th
Century Fox
well order to or ESPN whoever owns it
now now I think it’s news cars part of

news guy don’t know who owns something
20th Century Fox is now owned by someone
else Disney I have some good news for
you since this is your beat
you have been very adamant about people

not hiring social justice warriors
and not bringing that into your
organization correct because it’s toxic
yeah in fact we even had a we had a

animated no agenda video about that very
I got a nice note from one of our
producers who says I just had an
interview for a company and they

basically screamed me to see if I was a
social justice warrior crybaby here was
the question do you find South Park
funny or offensive

that’s a very good question for this
type of interview I’d say and my reply
our producer writes both and I
explicitly told them that I’m not one of
those easily offended people I got hired

and he’s 40 smile yeah he’s 47 I’m
usually the one people cry about a
no-bullshit type my experience is a lot
of younger people go out of their way to

avoid any conflict or debate on any
topic the social media only is to enable
everyone to provide positivity not for
socialization yes of course but that’s a
good question to find out what what

where people where someone stands in
life funny or offensive South Park funny
or what what do you think John Dee have
you ever found for South Park to be
offensive at any point in time I think
it’s totally offensive and that’s why

it’s so funny
exactly I don’t think I’ve ever been
offended Rick and Morty’s the same way
it’s incredibly offensive and yeah funny
and in order once exactly just like – no

agenda show incredibly offensive but oh
so funny
and you’ll learn about the world at the
same time so that’s pretty good I’m

gonna have to come up with some quit we
should develop a questionnaire as a
great idea used as a that people could
use that legally use legally key – yes –
make sure to keep these sjw’s out all

right I’d like that
and we’ll have that for you on Sunday
I’m sure of it
I will remind John every day until then

coming up on that that’s gonna work
coming up on no agenda stream comm right
after this fine program a work through
the mind the new year’s resolution sir
Billy bones on the no agenda stream for

end of shows clips mixes we have for you
Donald Winkler and of course the drone
again by requests governmental maps this

morning everybody I’m Adam curry and

from northern Silicon Valley where I
we’re celebrating the new decade let’s
make it a great decade for no agenda I’m
John C Dvorak we return on Sunday right
here and no agenda until then adios

we need to kill them we need to kill
them bomb them bomb them bomb them and

bomb them again
we need to kill them we need to kill

them again

and he’ll
on them
and he’ll


and bomb them again

flying over Afghanistan or maybe it was
Pakistan I promised myself to a myself

that every woman child and man that was
on my list I don’t care if I missed I
remote control I do what I’m told by

someone at a computer Obama gave me a
push more than bush and my cost millions
were supposed to target terrorists but

not so much civilians I don’t know what
to say whoop some got in my way a drone
again naturally

but you’re alone again

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