No Agenda Episode 1205: “Death Bus”

you just walked away you just walked
away from the show Adam Curry
Jhansi divorce is your award-winning
Gitmo Nation Media assassination episode
1205 this is no agenda Austin Texas
capital of the drone star state in the

morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from Northern Silicon
Valley where there’ll be no record set
today because we miss the Zephyr I’m
John C Dvorak thought to be fair the
Zephyr was just earlier than normal we

didn’t really miss anything well I saw
go by ok but yeah anyway

I guess some stuff stuff happened days
is when it always takes place but before
we go into Iran I do want to make
mention that Thursday by a request from

Sir Chris Wilson in Australia we were
requested to give yet another massive
shake of our rain sticks which are
precision instruments these are not just

some phony-baloney tourist thing these
were made by sherry Osbourne in Utah and
they work conditions have eased on the
far south coast of New South Wales after
fire threatened the town of Eden live

now to our reporter Trudi McIntosh trees
in Eden treating it take us through
what’s happened well we’re starting to
see a sprinkling of rain here in the
town of Eden but yes you can see behind

me there’s certainly still plenty of
smoke blanketing this area plenty of
people who have camped here for the
night at the Eden Wharf after what has
been a pretty difficult few days in this
town it must be said people are staying

here because this morning there was an
emergency level fire that had been
coming from the Victorian border towards
this town I spoke to one local resident
Joann a short time ago she tells me
about what it was like to be in the town

as this fire came towards it I thought I
would have to come down here tonight but
with this rain it’s heaven-sent and I
went home wash me hey my hair was that
dirty I couldn’t believe it and the

birds come out and they started singing
this afternoon so we figured that we’re
we’re right not out of the woods yet but
heaven sent birds and rain in Australia
did you see this morning’s report about

the rain
no this was caused by the intense heat
bullcrap it was caused by rain sticks we
all know how this works intense heat we

never get credit for any never ever do
it now we need a lot more rain to fall
but it’s a good start and they’re

predicting a lot more so hopefully
things will look I sent out a note on
Thursday to all produce a Australian
producers and
you guys do one and everybody kind of
had the time I’ve had the same same

feedback it’s like yeah it’s bad it’s
been worse but you know there was a lot
that could be done and oh yes some of
this may have been set by arsonists

which I think is with 85% of all forest
fires has some chance of arson involved
that crazy people
arsonists well yeah and well if I have a

report they actually know where the
arsonists are apparently in Australia
well listen to this the flies
destructive force was fast and furious
now the meticulous investigation

will soon be pouring over the devastated
fire grounds all along the south coast
vital work for the coroner who will
probe all aspects of the fire there’s an
enormous amount of work to prepare for

the coroner not just with the burned out
buildings and structures but also
clearly the deaths of people that have
occurred as a result of these fires and
a more sinister consideration were the
fires intentionally started police have

formed strike force in daraa comprising
detectives from homicide and arson
squads plus drawing on insights from
officers with local knowledge who will
lead the work we’ll make available any

other specialist resources in terms of
our Forensic Services Group and other
criminal investigators arson squad
detectives are also part of this strike
force responsible for tracking down fire
bugs nine to be responsible for lighting

deliberately lit fires like this one at
South Tara mara last November part of
their Charter is also proactive knocking
on the doors of known arsonists when
conditions get this bad hey mister

arsonist hey just want to check make
sure you’re not starting any fires that
sounds kind of weird well it doesn’t
happen so much in this country because

we find ways to throw the key away with
an arsonist because because it’s been
determined it’s not just it’s beyond me
it’s beyond a sicknesses as a sexual
perversion oh I didn’t know about the

sexual perversion part well it doesn’t
disgust a lot but in Australia you just
go you know where they are you just go
knock on the door hey registered
arsonist hey 70 fires lately hey don’t

do it okay don’t do any knocking on the
doors of known arsonists when conditions
get this bad to prevent them from
getting up to no good well seven years
has been Tulsa believable

I find that very lackadaisical if you
have a tinderbox card you with this have
a tinderbox country you know maybe you

should keep a real just not you know
happenstance just drop by and knock on
the arches in his door it’s like when I
was in Tuktoyaktuk North I was in the
North Pole years and years ago but yes I

took two yoke took is the hangman tight
yes it’s a little bit above Inuvik in
the northwestern territories and this
was the Molson ice polar beach party

with metallica and whole and Veruca Salt
was and we cyber casted this is a long
time ago so we’re up there it’s a cyber
casted oh we had a MUX we had 24 I’ve

heard enough going 24 phone lines that
we that we combined into MUX with the
was at 9600 baud modems and so that’s

how we did the cyber cast anyway it was
at the time we were there was 23 hours
light during the day and you know you’re
up there and it’s kind of like an oil

rig area and you know just kids are
driving around on their bikes midnight
because it’s you know the sun’s out
and where the whole crew is looking for
something to drink and which of course

is not allowed in that in that area in
those territories and so you kind of
side up to a kid say hey do you know I’m
any chance and the kid immediately will

go oh you want the drug dealer or the
booze guide it’s that house or that
house that’s kind of like the arsonist
in Australia oh you live with a mate
yeah just like that but not only are we

helping with the rain stick apparently
Australian government even listens to
our show
well that would be a different yeah the

Prime Minister he’s he not only does he
listen he’s taking our material around
people lifting our material and not
credit crediting us I’m absolutely sure

of that well here it is boots on the
ground planes in the air ships at sea
and trucks rolling into communities that
have been impacted just taking our
well there’s no subs in the water it’s

not gonna help much with the fires
we wish Australia the best we hope
everything is going very well
so some guy got shot or blowed blowed up

yeah apparently right after our show
yeah thanks and it was this it was a guy
I don’t know about you but I made the

claim that no one’s have heard of this
guy now all of a sudden he’s the most
famous guy in the world
first and he had people protesting
people protesting in San Francisco
Suleiman’s unfairly it was like they

don’t know who this guy is they can’t
identify Iran I mentioned this in a
newsletter you couldn’t find it on a map
I think we need to open the segment
properly we’ve done this segment about

Iran probably since the third year of
the show and we have jingles whenever we
talk about Iran

the war machine is rolling once again
everybody loves a little bit of war with

Iran because we all get to talk talk and
pontificate and talk and threaten Mart
to Sherry signs shake a carry signs and
be smart and tweet and tweet well if I

know about that thing in San Francisco I
would have had it over there because
there’s had to be a lot of collectible
signs I have an m5 M Kampala a short one
of their ass immediate assessment of

silver money as you know a revered man
John an iconic military leader a revered
figure money is is difficult to convey
how revered he is regarded as personally

incredibly brave the troops loved him
trying to think of somebody I was
thinking to call a brilliant man he was
the Cardinal Richelieu
he was the Machiavelli even many of
sulemani ‘s enemies admitted he was a

military genius he was at the Baghdad he
at the Baghdad Airport and deserved this
ok let’s just stipulate that let’s just
say maybe it was the right decision to

take him out but you have in that case
right decision wrong commander-in-chief
good how does all this jive with Thomas

Friedman’s column which I actually had
excerpted in the newsletter yes where he
starts off by saying sulemani was the

dumbest guy ever he’s a bonehead nobody
like oh I gotta play the CIA analyst
who’s on the BBC

so again he was the dumbest guy was that
that’s what that’s what Friedman said
yeah dumbest guy and they’re gonna name
a street after Trump because they killed
him obviously a dramatic development for

a complicated region here to break it
all down is Kenneth Pollack a former CIA
intelligence analyst who’s now at the
American Enterprise Institute thanks for
being with us always a pleasure

so you wrote that general Soleimani was
like a combination of Lady Gaga James
Bond and Rommel all rolled into them how
significant is the moment of his death

very significant
he was hugely important for Iranians he
was extremely popular within Iran he was
a critical elements of the Iranian
leadership arguably perhaps the second

most powerful man in Iran yes just like
James Bond and Lady gaga rolled up into
so we’re getting mixed messages from the
CIA the way I see yeah no kidding

and I’m guessing that Friedman’s
probably better connected than that guy
yeah this is yeah I’ve heard he’s a
go-to guy for the BBC well they should
go go to someplace else

mm-hmm well let’s listen to some regular
regions just the normal straight up
reports it’s funny that one that’s the
most one of the most objective ones I’m

you know they would play it right away
is the democracy now they actually did I
think they were more even-handed than
ABC let’s listen to this is soo Lee su
Lee they’re all called su Lee and this

is ABC’s intro oh you want to ABC first
um yes I would at first it would get to
Amy Amy Dame you took good they all took
it to ten minutes all the networks and
Amy – okay big segment big segment okay

here’s a Democracy Now ABC as we come on
president Trump has now addressed the
nation about that major escalation in a
conflict with Iran the US drone strike

targeting an Iranian military chief
minutes after he landed at the airport
in Baghdad general Qasem Soleimani the
architect of iranian intelligence and
military operations across the region

for decades a revered figure in Iran
today thousands mourning and protesting
in Tehran Iran’s supreme leader vowing
harsh retaliation and revenge for the
death of the man he called a martyr but

president Trump blame Soleimani for the
killing of hundreds of Americans and
claimed he was actively plotting to kill
more when he was found and terminated
the president saying he did not order
the strike to start a war with Iran but

to stop one and yet tonight some 3,500
more troops are being sent to the region
and others put on alert ABC’s chief
global affairs correspondent Martha
Raddatz leading us off with the timeline

and the Swift reaction
all right so there was some typed it
there for some reason time line swift
reaction and by the way this swift

reaction the this was obviously not
Trump’s operation no no no no no yeah
because their indy trump start driving
drones around following guys and if i

well hold on let’s just stop there for
one second about the drones i looked up
some of the statistics and at this point
in his presidency under President Trump

there have been more drone killings than
under Obama and Obama was kind of the
drone king now granted you don’t hear
about them much anymore I think a lot of

them are taking place in Yemen and
that’s paid work for the for the Saudis
but I personally I despise drone
killings and the reason is it is it is

absolute terror that you have drones
flying around everywhere in the world
except America the drone flies and
people ducking they’re freaking out

because you know that usually means
you’re gonna hear something next and
then someone gets blown to smithereens I
do not like this type of warfare and we
got to be very careful of being all

shitty about it because we already have
unidentified drones flying over Colorado
now granted they’re not the same
platform as what we’re talking about
here but these drones can carry some
weaponry then one day one day we will

have drone strikes on Americans there’s
no doubt about it I’m just saying don’t
get all too happy about this because
it’s fucked up shit drones I don’t like
it at all

well that’s one way of putting it
let’s play that I’m gonna back off from
his ABC report oh there’s a switch back
coming never mind play ABC switch back
dead end weird this is the weird clip

here I wanted to separate it out
marry most members of Congress were not
given a heads up about the president’s
action against Iran and tonight
lawmakers from both parties are

demanding more information what both
sides are eager to know what comes next
what’s the broader strategy here and
what’s the plan for if and when Iran
retaliates we do expect the full Senate
will receive a classified briefing next

week and speaker Pelosi is demanding the
same over in the house what would what
exactly was that was the switch back
there I I think it’s because they he
started off with the assertion that

nobody knew what was going on and they
wanted to find out more and then they
never did even addressed it well I think
let’s just talk about about that
response for a moment where all of a
sudden Congress has some kind of

conscience and they’re like well you you
can’t do that you the Congress needs to
declare war let’s just set it straight
real quick
ever since September 11 2001 a little
bit after that we’ve had the authorized

use of military force as long as you
couldn’t use the words terrorists in a
sentence you can operate under that and
do anything you want
killing how do you think we got into

into Syria under Obama Congress didn’t
authorize a war in Syria you know if
anything Congress needs to shut up
because we’ve been acting we’ve we’ve
been conducting acts of war against Iran

with the sanctions I consider that to be
actual warfare they didn’t condone
actually they did condone it Congress
has just decided stuff they don’t know

what to do because this is an affecting
their whole strategy for the election
now yes
well you mentioned the part of my
Congress shut up let’s go to the CNN
version of this report this is the an

analyst who came on CNN who mentioned
who thought didn’t think much of
sulemani he thought he was in moron for
going into he just blows into a rock on
his own after the embassy attack just

shows up like you know how you doing I’m
here to see my boys anyway just play
this so you get it

officials in France say that today we
may we wake up to a ward
world Democratic Senator Chris Murphy
asks the question
did America just assassinate without
congressional authorization the second
most powerful person in Iran knowingly

setting off a potential potential
massive regional war so he’s America
safer without Sun wonnie this morning
what I would say to senator Murphy is
why don’t you just be quiet

wind as Iran ever demonstrated
self-restraint I mean that’s the
question I have so is the world more
dangerous today maybe it’s more
dangerous but when has it not been

dangerous when have we not been a target
of a regime like exists in Tehran I mean
it happens as a matter of routine what I
find an amazingly brazen is the fact
that sulamani felt comfortable and he

felt somewhat naive that he could simply
show up in Baghdad and in his role as
the leader of the IRGC in the cooze
force he shows up and he says hey guys
how’s it going how’s this attack on the

US embassy going absolutely brazen and
at that moment in advance we had built
up intelligence which was pattern of
life different forms of intelligence and
so we had this target folder on sulamani

and this opportunity presented itself
and I’m certain what happened was we
decided the president made the
determination let’s pull the trigger now
and it was I would say not causally
linked to what occurred at the u.s.

embassy a couple of days before other
than he happened to be there checking up
on what was what was taking place he’s
so smart I mean all you need is one of

those drone target locator devices in
your pocket also known as a smart phone
that’s how that’s how you target a guy
like that

I think I got a lot of briefings over
the past two days so we can get into
that in a moment I want to hear what
other clips you have I do want to play
one brief one here from debbie Wasserman
Schultz she is a congresswoman from

Florida not well-liked here on the no
agenda show and of course she had to go
where you mentioned just a minute ago
that all well we all

but this is really but we know why Trump
does these things what what I think is
going on here right frankly is that this
action was taken more in president
Trump’s self-interest rather than our

national interest we had you know
damning developments in just the last
day where emails came out that made it
very clear that they covered up the real
reason behind the the withholding of the

hundreds of millions of dollars to
Ukraine just impeached or we can have to
go and we need to get to the bottom of
how and who carried helped him carry out

this illegal cover-up to allow him to
withhold aid to help him politically and
personally allowance you crane to

interfere in the presidential election
2020 that’s outrageous and I think that
has a lot to do with what she’s way off
message here

well you know she used to write those
messages and pretty much think she still
has the ability to go freelance she’s
gone rogue alright okay let’s go let’s

just skip the rest of the ABC stuff it’s
not that good let’s go to Amy and this
will be sue Lee rundown WTF one demonic

States assassinated the Iranian
commander Major General Qasem Soleimani
in a major escalation of the conflict
between Iran and the United States which

now threatens to engulf Iraq in the
Middle East
president Trump authorized the drone
strike that killed sue the money at the
Baghdad International Airport it killed
also four other people including a

high-level Iraqi militia chief this
happened Thursday night u.s. time Friday
morning in Baghdad general Soleimani has
long been one of the most powerful

figures in Iran he was the leader of the
Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Cootes
force Iran’s powerful foreign military
force similar to a combination of the
CIA and US Special Forces Iran called

Suleiman is assassination and active
international terrorism yeah did you
hear what she said what what was that

Trump called the assassination of
sulemani and of international terrorism
hear that again powerful foreign

military force similar to a combination
of the CIA and US Special Forces Iran
called sulemani s assassination an
active internationally run not Trump
Iran called it that

well then I’m missing time miss heard
hope I’m hoping for the best okay you’re
losing the plot run down to me I got if

the Islamic Republic decides to
challenge and fight a country it will do
so unequivocally we’re strongly
committed to our country’s interests in

our peace we’re strongly committed to
the dignity of our country we’re
strongly committed to the progress and
greatness of our country and if anyone
threatens that we will without any
hesitation to confront it and strike it
the targeted assassination came after

members of an Iranian backed a rocking
militia and its supporters attacked the
US Embassy in Baghdad and set fire to a
gate house in response to a slew of US
airstrikes in Iraq and Syria that killed

two dozen members of the Iranian backed
Iraqi militia cut the Abe Hezbollah
these strikes were in retaliation for
the killing of an American contractor in
a rocket attack and care cook Iraq a

week ago
you know I don’t know about you but it
seems to me that the Iraqis have no
control over their own country all this

action is Iranian oh yeah oh yeah well
there’s I mean I have a bit of an
analysis I want to wait and see what
what Clips we get out of the way first
clips real aim he would get her get her
rolling here the head of catan Hezbollah

Abu Mehdi mohandas was also killed in
the drone strike the New York Times
reports general Soleimani had flown into
Baghdad from Syria in order to urge

irani and back militias in Iraq to do
more to stop the wave of anti-iran
protests that have swept Iraq in recent
months the militias are already accused
of killing and disappearing protesters

and human rights activists the Pentagon
spent more has sent more than 14
thousand US troops to the region since
May the u.s. is now warning American
civilians to leave Iraq immediately the

attack has sparked fear and alarm in
Iraq and across the world
france’s Deputy Minister for Foreign
Affairs said this morning we are waking
up in a more dangerous world unquote

tensions between the United States and
Iran have been escalating since
President Trump withdrew the u.s. from
the landmark Iran nuclear deal and
imposed crushing economic sanctions on

Iran in response to the assassination
protests are planned Saturday and at
least 30 cities across the US as part of
a national day of action US troops out
of Iraq now as usual Democracy Now and

ABC and I’m sure most most mainstream
networks in the United States really had
no analysis it was just regurgitating
blah blah blah on a protest and did no

one really wasn’t doing there was no
analysis that which I actually prefer
especially from Democracy Now
well the BBC the CIA basically went

straight to BBC they had all their guys
out there everybody was talking to the
BBC and relaxants yeah okay
well I mean I think that they were

trying well yeah I do it as part of this
system I’m you want him yes plant
information overseas and then point to
it welcome in other words hum Friedman
going on and on about the guy being a

moron so I have a couple of clips from
the BBC news hour regarding well the
whole really the whole sequence so first
about you know the actual reasoning for
doing this well here’s the clip I’ve

spoken now to two officials who were
briefed on the intelligence that led to
this strike and what they’re both saying
is that the claim that there was a
unitary would have claimed

what I said she in a library way she
whispering her report it’s a very
serious matter what they’re both saying
is that the claim that there was an

imminent attack that would have claimed
hundreds of lives is razor thin
in fact the intelligence showed three
things number one there was a pattern of
travels for general Soleimani that

showed that he had been in Iraq in
Lebanon and in Syria meeting with Shia
proxies that are known to have a
confrontational relationship with the
u.s. number two there was chatter of a

conversation between at this general
yeah this this chatter word actually
popped up a couple of times in in emails
that I was said from people hey there’s

chatter over it whenever someone says
chatter I’m thinking you’re spook unless
you’re copying something from a spook
verbatim in the news there was chatter
of a conversation between at this

general and the Supreme Leader of Iran
where the general said something on the
order of I would like to have approval
for this operation and the leader of

asked him to come to her on for
consultations basically not giving a
go-ahead and thirdly there’s been a
pattern of increasing bellicosity
towards US interests in the area that we
saw with the attack on the walls of the

embassy but what dear fishes are telling
me is that even though one two and three
are worrying it is not evidence of what
we have been told which is this imminent
attack so there was a conflation if you

like of these three bits of evidence and
a deduction that something big was
planned and that the targets were

American that’s right and as one
official put it it was an illogical leap
so this I thought was interesting
because what it implies is that there

was a difference of opinion between the
Supreme Leader of Iran I guess that will
be home a knee and Soleimani and how
many didn’t want him to go ahead with

this did
to do this big strike which is
apparently what we counter struck I
thought that was interesting that there
may have been some disagreement in the

ranks there Trump was subsequently
presented with multiple a smorgasbord of
options of things he could do and mind
you I think that the president’s coming

into a room and the only people he might
be able to trust there are his daughter
and her son-in-law but then again no
probably not everybody there hates Iran
everybody wants to bomb the shit out of

them so he chose the extreme option as I
understand it the assassination of
general Soleimani was one of many
options being discussed as retaliation

for the attack on an Iraqi air base
which killed an American contractor on
December the 27th that’s right so the
discussions appear to have begun with

President Trump on the 27th of December
it’s following the strike that killed
this American contractor and at that
point he was presented what onesource
described to me as a menu of options

where the killing of silly money was
basically that the far out most extreme
measure that could be taken at that
point on the 27th the President himself
did not choose that option he chose a

more moderate path which was a strike on
several bases that were linked to this
Iranian backed militia in Iraq and in
the region however soon after that what
we saw was an attack by Iranian backed

elements on the wall of the US Embassy
and at that point President Trump
decided to go for this much more extreme
option yeah yeah I’m gonna call bullcrap

on that so Agent Orange our military
intelligence he actually called me
Friday he rarely does he call he called
me to explain what he thought was

happening I got a lot of different
briefings from people you know there’s
some pachán ik information that as well
but I think that something else is going
on here and that this may have been a

very interesting move by Trump although
again I’m against all drone killings I
don’t like it at all
Toula money it was a little bit of
background which I don’t think anyone

gave any any proper background he’s a
hero of the iran-iraq war he was
promoted to division commander when he
was 23 well you know we’ve all heard he
was you know mr. James Bond all

superstar is fantastic so it becomes the
commander of the revolutionary
Revolutionary Guard and then commander
of the cuds force which is it’s kind of
like Special Forces but it really has a

different position from what I
understand it’s above the the
revolutionary the the Iranian or Armed
Forces so they have kind of their own
special status so during when
Ahmadinejad was in power the

Revolutionary Guard there was a
privatization scheme that that they got
underway and the RG Revolutionary Guard
came in in possession really or control
of a lot of important organizations at

economic power they were given control
over border regions the Secret Service
the Straits of Hormuz all the
Revolutionary Guard but also they had

smuggling networks money-laundering
really proxy wars that’s what this guy
was doing and he was the master of the
proxy war strategy close ties to Putin

and you know which of course ties into
everything that happened in Syria so
this guy in short formidable force he
had you know what they say 50,000 troops

armed and trained shutting down the Gulf
of Hormuz making us shoot down our own
drones over the of the Straits of Hormuz
not the Gulf does the Straits of Hormuz

whether they shot it down or we did and
doesn’t make any difference but because
of this this guy is also a political
force to be reckoned for and once
Khomeini started tweeting back at Trump

which we saw with with the so-called
breach of the of the green zone and the
embassy which you know you and I this
thing is a fortress you cannot get in

you can get in through the the first
wall if you have a yeah they pass and
you’d only get that part day
let you yeah and you got a pass you can
come in there were special forces there
I have pictures of Special Forces there

as that was taking place so no way was
there any danger of anything really
happening so that may have been part of
a setup and I think when you see hominy
and Trump tweeting back and forth well

we’re gonna kick your ass
we’ll kick 52 or your asses for every
one of those people you had in 1979 then
I knew it the show is on
everything’s determined it’s all over

this was something that benefits hominy
it benefits him to have this guy out of
the way Trump has wanted to have a deal

with Iran and now they’re just playing
playing the game back and forth to make
it all look real I think that this may
have even been done in cahoots with the
mullahs then with well that’s an

interesting thesis because if it’s true
that he didn’t want this sulemani to do
some plan and so he’s probably pretty
much of an independent contractor at

this point he could do it anyway very
money has to be taken out yes so so
there could have been some back-channel
action saying yes okay once you didn’t

blow up up and we’ll deal with it later
now in mind you soleimani was in Iraq
let me just get my notes here he was in
Iraq because there was bad blood with Al

allomere is the leader of the Badr party
in Iraq so there was already all kinds
of strife and I think all Emir actually
so Allah meeya were supposed to have a

meeting with Soleimani
he cancels sends his deputy who also got
iced in this in this drone strike so you
know took out his own possible political

foe or adversary second-in-command in
Iraq you know I’m not gonna say Trump is
the genius mastermind behind this I
think it would be more something that

how many himself came up with but to me
and every Iranian you would speak to and
I know many of them they always say the
same thing but how many and the

Americans are all playing together it’s
one big game and they know it but this
guy who they got rid of I think he may
have been a real problem and it may

actually change things for the better a
deal could be possibly in the future I
certainly don’t think we’re gonna see
anyone and no I don’t we’re not gonna
see retaliation we already had a

sorry-ass lame fake news bullcrap they
hacked one of the United States
government websites did you see this
yeah of some some division I’ve never

heard of there’s a question that that
has never been asked Oh buddy ever crops
up I can’t find the answer to it and it
seems somewhat important is the pro

genesis of the whole thing wishes which
is to keep talking about the american
contractor who was this guy
yeah that’s a good question was he a CIA

guy well yeah you know a guy was he some
bonehead from Bechtel who was it what’s
his name yeah we don’t know that at
least I haven’t found it but 30% of all

activity is done by contractors this is
why these a-holes love war is because
its commercial business you know there’s
big money it’s been it’s been completely
outsourced so before we continue let me

just give you a few choice sound bits
here of who people think will get killed
in retaliation or who the possible
targets could be oh yeah we’re gonna

turn this into a really big super shit
show yet previous US presidents when
given the opportunity to kill him passed
on it because they were fearful of what

it would unleash so what could the
consequences be this time well this is
the problem or we don’t know but you’re
absolutely right
previous administration’s certainly
thought about may have had opportunities

as they characterized that they passed
on those opportunities because they
didn’t know how Iran would respond and
it’s dangerous business for states to
start killing off each other’s highest

level leaders we totally wouldn’t like
it if the Iranians killed off someone
like a Mike Pompeo okay there’s one vote
for Mike Pompeo let’s go to Senator Tom

Udall and I think what the president has
done here killing this major general
that is a part of the defense

establishment in Iran is the same thing
as if they had attacked us and
assassinated our Secretary of Defense Oh

someplace this is getting us into a very
bad road and putting us on a very bad
path secretary defense of course no one

knows s Pershore wouldn t wouldn’t even
make her the second page of the
newspaper let’s talk to the u.s. NATO
Admiral James stavridis

potentially raising the stakes for
American military planners
military-to-military how would you
expect the Iranians would fare against
the u.s. they would fare badly they

cannot match us in conventional forces
but they are masters of asymmetric
warfare the Iranians may turn around and
attempt the same kind of activity

against the US ambassador this was a
proportional operation I Got News for
nothing’s gonna happen no retaliation
this is a stupid show

and it’s in you know what this was even
to some degree predicted by our buddy
unfortunately he’s no longer with us as

a big new Brzezinski the the grand chess
game the architect the master the man
who knows all the man who fathered Mika
Brzezinski and were still pissed off

about it
2008 he made the following statement on
the c-span show about Iran’s
relationship to the United States and
Iran’s relationship with Iraq so the

three countries that are in play right
here right now Iran Iraq and the United
States we can certainly take another
look at some recent historical

experience after 9/11 we decided to go
into Afghanistan for obvious reasons to
eliminate al Qaeda which country was
close to being most helpful to us when

we undertook that task
Iran this is completely ignored in any
public discussion of Iran which is
consistently painted as a menacing enemy

of the United States there are no
friends of ours I have no illusions
about that but because of their own
national interest they chose to be
helpful to us in Afghanistan in a very

significant way why shouldn’t they be
helpful to us in Iraq they have mixed
interests they don’t like the Iraqis
Sunni Arabs previous rivals but at the

same time they don’t like our presence
there I think we could discuss some
arrangements in which perhaps emphasize
perhaps in capital letters we could
reach some understanding but we’ll never

know the answer that possibility unless
we try but there certainly is some
commonality of interest here in a stable
Middle East and let me add one more
dimension which should be of importance

to most Americans we are in the midst of
a growing energy crunch have we spent
any time publicly discussing what would
be the consequences for energy

of an American Iranian accommodation
what would happen to the price of oil
and there was this dramatic increase in
Iranian flows what will happen to the
objective of energy diversity for Europe

if Iranian oil and gas could flow
through Turkey to Europe these are
strategic interests of ours which are
being completely ignored in a kind of

blind antagonism for the self
perpetuation so there’s all kinds of
reasons for us to be working with Iran
secretly it’s important that that’s the

most important part because Saudi
Arabia’s for a whole bunch of reasons
not just oil something about religion
they disagree on stuff

and we were their pals and we have to to
their tune extreme you know and we can’t
be doing the bidding of Iran which is
what we had have done by basis on the

basis of your theory by blowing up this
character who they did maybe one of dead
because he’s getting to be uppity well
he’s very annoying he’s causing a lot it

what he’s he’s he’s a big dog on campus
so yeah I think that this is much more
devious than them we’re seeing a

definitely benefits Trump by getting
everyone off of impeachment talking
about something else and so there’s no
doubt that that helps you know the funny
thing about in Trump’s reputation the

right-wing talkers don’t see it the way
you do or I do for that matter they see
it as the following Obama you know he
had a shot at this guy he never took it

and Clinton could have killed Osama bin
Laden two years before 9/11 he had a
shot at him and they wouldn’t take it
yeah so everybody had these shots at

these guys in history would have been so
much better if like for example Clinton
had killed Osama bin Laden when he had
the chance of course that doesn’t
include the possibility that Osama bin

Laden was working for us all along and
there and may not even be dead by that’s
beside the point
Clinton had a shot at him didn’t take

you know Obama wouldn’t take a shot even
though Obama’s shooting everybody out of
this you know with this drone let’s kill
this guy today yeah well he had the the
the kill list Tuesday you listen but

Trump at Trump again under Trump there’s
been more more drone killings very
disappointed in all this and the end the
top it off oh I can’t believe the
president said this my highest no no it

is to uphold protect the Constitution

that is your oath that is your highest
order of business that is your duty oh
god I despise that so it may you know
what it will do for sure is set it set

the Machine rolling everybody gets to
tweet everybody gets to say something
you see what Rose McGowan said oh she’s
nuts that woman dear Iran the USA has

disrespected your country your flag your
people 52%
of us humbly apologize she speaks on
behalf of 52% of the country apparently
we want peace with your nation we are

being held hostage by a terrorist regime
we do not know how to escape please do
not kill us Wow is she actually she
issued an apology or at not an apology

an explanation of what she meant and she
did it in a video I don’t support Iran
over America I want America to be better
I want rave to stop and I want Harvey

Weinstein to go to jail
she can’t she can’t let that go they’re
not wrong like Trump errs and
right-wingers when they’re like
Hollywood’s a bunch of fake liberals I

make yeah they’re not wrong they aid and
abet many many criminals here’s the
thing I do not believe governments I
don’t believe Iran is government I
believe in American government Clinton

on the eve of his impeachment launch
rockets at Iraq I mean and this is the
weirdest part I became so
disenfranchised with the Democrats after
learning the extent knowing how closely
Weinstein worked with the Democratic

Party for years how interlinked he was
now I said he was Hollywood’s cult
leader but he was protected by the
Democratic Party for sure so I grew so
disenfranchised and disgusted with them

and I’m somebody who like when I first
moved to America when I was 10 I was
handing out vote to caucus cigarettes in
little cellophane box to like out and
knock on doors like a cigarette vote to
caucus when I was at 11 I was handing

out anti-iran pamphlets like opposing
Sharia law and their treatment of women
and children Moran I come from an
extremely political family and I was
raised this way

yeah well she’s cuckoo
uh I don’t think that made anything
better for what she just said cuz all
she can do is you know then bring it
around to herself and Weinstein etc

Callen Kaepernick Kaepernick tweets
there’s nothing new about American
terrorist attacks against black and
brown people for the expansion of
American imperialism America has always

sanctioned and besieged black and brown
bodies both at home and abroad American
militarism is the weapon wielded by
American imperialism to enforce its

policing and plundering of the non-white
world thanks cap what is idiot you know
he makes a mistake it’s brown people who
live in Sandy areas okay it’s not just

brown people universally if you live in
sand and you’re brown then you got to
watch your back but these types of
responses is unhinged
and well the whole thing is unusual a

problem again yeah but the whole thing
yeah anyway
now there’s a back and forth between
Steve Kerr who’s condemning pants for
being a liar and then Trump’s not a

sketball guys like breezes right back to
your basketball analysis Murray who were
that guy from fs1 accused the entire NBA
of being in China’s pocket

well the tweet about that pence put put
out there saying well you know this guy
is related to the 9/11 attacks depends
is full of crap that was totally

bullcrap he’s like yeah they came from
you know they came from Iran no I don’t
understand where pence was well Pence
was allowed to make this diss tweet and

I think that if anyone’s gonna make up
some bullcrap retaliation list put pants
on the top he’s the number two guy you
know he’s the guy that should be

watching his back and yeah whatever he
was tweeting that was not approved he
was not read in I don’t know why he did
that it makes no sense yeah it was
actually it made no sense what a Steve

Kerr got to do with it yeah everybody’s
part of the machine if you’re on
television if you have a platform you’re
part of the Machine and this was the
reddest meet you can give the Machine

everything everybody loves it and
honestly it’s good for our show we got
to talk about something different for a
little bit but what a piss-poor analysis
from everybody just yeah it’s like it

truly looks more like wag the dog than
anything I’ve seen yes very well in fact
it started with it started with the
shoot with the death of the unknown

contractor right which the dog ever
since with with the the Green Zone with
people walking around with brand new
flags lobbing even the the so-called
protesters were saying these gas

canisters Americans are shooting at us
because it wasn’t anything was not
intended to be anything
but I guess we’ll maybe we can crack

down at the airports maybe the TSA I
mean this is not over yet
this this is just beginning and I think
we’ll see the security state and getting
all Gd we’ve seen the stocks are up

everybody loves that oil is gonna go up
it’s fantastic for everybody else and a
skyrocket except for the sludge because
of Iranian oils not even on the on the
table but they figured that well maybe
this will escalate and it’ll affect the

other oil-producing regions some
historical context for this very entry
we all know the Wesley Clark General
Wesley Clark seven countries in five
years clip in fact I’ll play it just so

we can remember what it is seven
countries in five years starting with
Iraq and then Syria Lebanon Libya
Somalia Sudan and finishing off Iran so
these were the seven countries that we

were going to attack in five years after
9/11 this was given to him in a in a
verbal briefing there’s no no he handed
him a sheet of paper he tells it a

little differently in a new version of
the story which I’ve come into

possession of this is it’s a little
different the sheet of paper was not the
actual order and I wanted to play this
clip because it explains very clearly
when this really started and where this

is all coming from and who the players
are that involved and that there’s an
entire faction in the media in academia
in the middle of course in the
military-industrial complex and in the

US government who want this still today
and then I came back to the Pentagon
about six weeks later I saw the same
officer I said why why haven’t we
attacked Iraq we still going to attack
Iraq he said officer he says it’s worse

than that he pulled up a piece of paper
off his desk because I just got this
memo he didn’t hand it to him he’s
reading it to him the Secretary of
Defense’s office it says we’re going to
attack and destroy the government’s in
in seven countries in five years we’re

going to start with Iraq and then we’re
going to move to Syria Lebanon Libya
Somalia Sudan and Iran by seven seven
countries in five years I said is that a

memo he said yes sir I said well don’t
show it to me
he was about to show it to me sit right
there and now listen to listen to what
he says though listen what he says why

he doesn’t want it by seven seven
countries in five years I said is that a
classified memo he said yes sir I said
well don’t show it to me
he was about to show it to me so because

I want to talk about it apparently if
you haven’t actually seen the memo then
you haven’t seen the classified
information I guess this is an
interesting question because this
brought up the you know the people in

the some people in the intelligence
community that can’t look at WikiLeaks
right you can hear about it but you if
you actually see it see the actual
document then you can this is a question

that somebody needs to answer for us cuz
we don’t know the answer to it Roach’s
the do which is that you should be
phrased as following if you know
something’s top secret and but you don’t

know but you’ve not seen any you have
not personally seen the memo the top
secret information or you’ve never been
actually shown it right but you know

it’s top secret because somebody told
you it was and urine in the in the
can you talk about it well according to
Clarke here yes I seven seven countries

landed in five years I said is that a
classified memo he said yes sir I said
well don’t show it to me he was about to
show it to me I said because I want to

talk about it and I couldn’t believe it
would really be true but that’s actually
what happened these people took control
of the policy in the United States and I
realized then it came back to me a 1991

meeting I had with Paul Wolfowitz you
know in 2001 he was Deputy Secretary of
Defense but in 1991 he was the
Undersecretary of defense for policy

it’s the number three position of the
Pentagon so I called and up there he was
available and he brought me in and I
said to Paul I said and this is 1991 I
said mr. secretary he must be pretty

happy with the performance of the troops
and in Desert Storm and he said well
yeah he said but but not really he said
because the truth is we should have
gotten rid of Saddam Hussein and we

didn’t he said but one thing we did
learn he said we learned that we can use
our military in the region in the Middle
East and the Soviets won’t stop us he
said and we’ve got about five or ten

years to clean up those old Soviet
client regimes Syria Iran Iraq before
the next great superpower comes on to
challenge us it was a pretty stunning

thing I mean the purpose of the military
is to start Wars and change governments
it’s not the sort of deter conflict
we’re gonna invade countries and I you
know my mind was spinning this country

was taken over by a group of people with
a policy coup Wolfowitz and Cheney and
Rumsfeld and you could name a half-dozen

other collaborators from the project for
a new American Century they wanted us to
destabilize the Middle East turn it

upside down make it under our control
and that’s what’s going on here to this
day still
these jagoffs who do this stuff

interesting if we take a let’s try to
reanalyze the idea that this sulemani
guy had to be taken out because he was

working against those interests hmm
because he was it he would have led to
the possibility because what we do the
real proof in the pudding of the pudding

whatever of some other pudding is is
whether or not at the end of this whole
series of events Iran gets rubberized or
not oh yeah I guarantee you is not going

to happen
guaranteed is not gonna happen what
happened here is someone went too far
yo if you kill American boys and girls
in the military okay that’s just justice

what happens do you kill a contractor
like part of an American business and
now we’re pissed off that’s what I’m
seeing that’s what I’m seeing this is
disgusting hey what you hurting that

company now this is bottom-line stuff no
no no no we can’t have that so now how
complicit Trump was in this I don’t know
he was at mar-a-lago behind-closed-doors

the press pool didn’t see him come in or
out really while it is during the the
New Year celebration and thereafter so

he might have been a big part of it I
know most of the reports that I have but
I still have a lot of clips which we
don’t have to play no I’m interested if
there’s anything good but there was

mention of Trump during the whole thing
playing golf I thought I thought it was
eating ice cream again wasn’t that
wasn’t that the report he’s playing golf
but he did the playing the golf didn’t

match the timeline because right
generally speaking plays golf in the
morning but while we’re doing our show
right and this happened later it was in
the early morning and over there but he

wouldn’t be playing golf after guts gets
dark nobody plays golf at night you can
you lose the ball yeah it’s not a great
time to play golf

yeah I don’t I don’t know how complicit
he was but just looking at the show
that’s unfolding
look this is the twin this is 21st
century warfare this is 21st century

stuff that we’re we’re used to it here
Trump tweeting around by the whatever
but for home a need for home a need to
tweet back yeah doc that was that was
the tell for me that’s like okay he’s

like hey hey Khomeini guy listen up
tweet back at me man come on clap back
I’m gonna say something you say
something and I will talk about stuff

you threatened I’ll threaten and
meanwhile let’s work on a deal manse
work on a deal we’ll work something out
you stay in power you stay big
I think the analysis my analysis is

clear but complete wag the dog scenario
and we’ll see how long the media can run
with it oh they’ll take it as long as it
doe try to scare the public as best they

well now the problem is for them it’s
detracting from impeachment talk so
there are agendas here at home they’re
hand wringing over this more we talk
about this is gonna make Trump look good

you can’t have that
there’s no doubt about that on my mind
now let’s play this this is there’s Amy
she gave her now she goes on and on with
a very long explanation of everything

but she does bring this guy on you know
to discuss it they never bring anybody
on des balance it brings some socialists
on but they did bring this guy on and I
just want to play a little bit of this

he’s from the Quincy Institute which is
some new think-tank and by the way this
is where you make money these think
tanks they just get a bunch of money in
this case they I know who he gets the

money from but or he put him in the
Quincy Institute do you name it after
some like I’m some founding fathers kind
of named Quincy John Quincy Adams
so you give us some name like that the

Hamilton is yeah you use that or you put
the word freedom in there yeah freedom
freedom heritage all good this got
absolutely nothing to tell us that he

just doesn’t like Trump welcome to
Democracy Now tree to parcel your
response to the assassination of
sulemani I think a couple of former
Obama officials on TV yesterday put it

best when they said that this is an act
of war it’s an act of war that took
place without any consultation with
Congress any approval from Congress any

a thought authorization from Congress
it’s fascinating to see that the last
couple of days
Pompeyo has been spending a lot of time
talking to the foreign ministers and the
leaders of Saudi Arabia the UAE and

Israel and not until today that he
actually started making phone calls to
the Europeans and others so this is
something that is going to be a major
point of escalation it’s a decision that

I think ultimately
has made America less rather than more
safe I think that’s clear from the
decision by the State Department today
to urge all Americans to immediately
leave Iraq rather than ending these

endless wars that Trump promised his
base that he would do he’s sending more
troops to the Middle East he’s doing
things that is further destabilizing the
Middle East and that will probably trap

American service when men and women in
the Middle East for a longer period of
time so we have the same memes over and
over from all the reporters and from

every analyst on this side of the water
know that it makes us less safe and
Congress wasn’t consulted that’s it
that’s all they got it’s all the guy

wasn’t consulted as you pointed out and
everybody really knows this Congress
doesn’t need to be supported or I’m
sorry informed about a drone hit on

someone no what have they ever been
informed of it but Obama had his hit
list was he calling Congress something
saying what do you think Nancy should I
kill this guy at the wedding we went

into Syria without a declaration of war
come on this I mean but that’s that’s
just grasping at straws but more
importantly today here you say that
there’s real money and these think tanks

is that possibly the exit strategy we
should be looking at there’s real money
in these think tanks if you if you know
how to manage one the you have to have
we need if somebody out there who could

do grantsmanship so I think we should
have the curry Dvorak Lincoln Washington
consortium don’t you think so does that
sound official Consort consortium group

no what do we need curry Dvorak Lincoln
Washington confab no I’m looking for the
right Lincoln Washington just a good
beginning curry and devorah who are

those guys so just put Lincoln
Washington consulting i Washington
Lincoln Lincoln Washington yeah Lincoln
Washington so you have to write you’d
have focus group this baby can we put it

would just throw JFK in there for good
measure Lincoln James case out he’s out
okay so the I think the Lincoln
Washington consulting group
yeah okay Network Lincoln Washington

who’s Lincoln who’s Washington well you
know we have to we have to wait as
president I bother
how about strategic strategy group
that’s better Lincoln Lincoln Washington

Strategy Group people can watch this in
real time as we develop this and with
that I’d like to thank you very much for
your courage and say in the morning to

you the man who put the C in the Lincoln
Washington strategy Consulting Group
John C Dvorak who any morning you mister
I’m Korean two more trips to see boots
on the ground feel yourselves in the

water all the names my son I was quite a
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popping piece of art it was thought
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blogger returns with the artwork for the
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think we have the whole list Erik the

shill was back in the tumbleweed terror
in the Pacific Northwest and is now is
this a storm that’s going on that their
power keeps going out of their way the
storms wind storm is this a beer I’ve

not heard of this happening yeah well
that’s what happen with the tumbleweeds
and no I mean it’s happened twice in a
week but is this something historically
that takes place then weather is what

bothers me about you me yeah we have the
fires in Australia we have these crazy
winters that make no sense and not once

not once have you brought up the idea of
a weather machine
I’ve been waiting it’s not it’s well I

call it as I see it
Australia is clearly the arsonist who
they just knock on their door and say
hey time to go and I don’t know what’s
going on with Eric the show that’ll win

the wind was it wind is a problem in
Australia too
well the reason those fires routed
controlled because of the wind and when
we had these fires in California

recently the Paradise firing all the
rather ones last year the year before
there was a lit was all wind base and
there the wind now they’re shutting down
our power and in PG&E shuts not a part
of the wind wind oh this wind all this

new wind I’m sorry I was focused on the
wag the dog up from the wag to the wind
I’ll take note I’ll work on it life I
feel like a bad crack party I’ve been

waiting and waiting and waiting so I had
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Sam Leung in Toronto Ontario 33333 ITM
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your studio for once in my life and a
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all people who considers non-disclosures
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so it’s quite odd that you would take
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colleague but otherwise you that I can
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something you don’t want to tell us
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headline former MTV Veejay crushed in
collector’s home the pile fell over the
pile of wooden Indians fell and crushed

him onward thank you very much Sam Ling
Ling Ling and his and his wife I believe
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so just in case I’m gonna give them a
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got Karma yeah well we have a second

edition of war and peace
this time from our associate executive
producer Sir Dave Earl of America’s
heartland in Saudi Arabia this is fugu

Soto yep
and but his stuff is always interesting
because he floats around somehow from
place to play he’s an interesting guy

many of our kind of guy very interesting
kind of guy he’s my first donation of
the new year and offset by a week from
the first 2020 show buddy give two

hundred $20.20 nice which is a lot of
20s just in case here’s a good holiday
in case there’s a post holiday slump and
indeed there was a melody Dame Isabella

and I had a lovely 25th of December here
in Riyadh and I had a IDIA and I had an
opportunity to show them around this

fascinating country they left yesterday
and despite Saudi Airlines best efforts
actually got home to middle America a
few hours ago and so now he can write

now he can talk because now he’s alone
now the countdown begins to our next
meeting regarding dr. Bronner’s castile
soap I’m a couple of years younger than

Adam but when I was a boy scout dr.
Bronner always came along in my backpack
on camping trips well it was somewhat
effective as somewhat effective as soap
it was exceptionally aromatic which

after a few days on the trail was also
appreciated according to the microscopic
print on the balls have you ever seen
when he’s polish yes I did and I love
his little run down here of what’s

actually on the bottle in the
microscopic print yeah he says dr.
Bronner can serve as a shampoo body soap
dog soap dishwashing soap laundry soap
toothpaste mouthwash deodorant massage

oil and ice cream topping useless drinks
mixer head grease or personal lubricant
motor oil refreshing beverage laxative

solvent antiseptic bug repellent etc
really a great product it does all those
things poorly truly a miraculous product

i everyone should keep a bottle close to
the hand and surprisingly despite as
many uses it’s not on saudi arabia’s
prohibited list so everyone’s soap up I
was mesmerised by the multiple you know

when I was on the Middle East at one
time it is before I can before 9/11
you couldn’t even bring up a cell phone
or a camera in to Saudi Arabia oh no no
I was mesmerised by the multiple usages

but was smart enough even than to know
that despite is useful nature the
political rantings of dr. Bronner’s
manifesto was BS hopefully the

Millennial fascination stops at the
doctor’s cleansing properties certainly
listening to the No Agenda show aka the
best podcast in the universe is an

antidote enough to counter any of these
multi-purpose more Kuro
of effects which is talking about that
the messaging on there’s a bunch of
communist stuff yeah anyway here’s to

another year of no agenda continued
presence of the cornerstone of my
amygdala management program may we the
know Jenna community cult find blessings

abundant in the new year now you give
some I like the amygdala management
program also known as amp kind of like
that I’m at middlemen amygdala map yeah

amp Yap it’s perfect amygdala management
program yeah a lot of amps going on yes
for sure
some yeah karma from both of us and for
Isabella and melody laughing karma

thanks a lot Space Coast in Lewisville
Texas – OH – OH – Jojo – ITM happy new
years gentleman I beg you for a dose of

contract buyout negotiation karma I
could really use it
please feel free to edit for brevity I
would add my input to the ongoing
dissection of Millennials and our sad

idiosyncrasies I’m a 28 year old full
attack development or full stack full
attack full stack full stack is a full
stack guy full stack guy full stack full

stack developer end curving Texas Jon
hit me in the mouth root wit more than a
decade ago I’ve never heard of anyone
using venmo to pay their bills but is

widely used as a replacement for cash
I’ve only seen it that’s right van
moseub is a millennial thing well they
don’t have one of the lists of n we
talked about it because venmo had an

outage and people were freaking out
because they could not pay their bills
they definitely pay bills with it yeah
fact fact I’ve only seen it ever being
used dr. Bronner’s grandma pine tar so

for years extensive use of subtitles is
all yes that’s another one subtitles –
real as a small get-together you know
I’ve talked about this

Nik Jays fiancé
I said I come in there the TV room
Anushka is there watching something and
it’s got the subtitles on ah
I said subtitles are subtitles he’s and

he claims he’s a musician he claims that
the subtitles are on because their sound
is poorly mixed you know John we’ve only
talked about this for 50 days

subsequently I don’t know why it’s
coming back up as a small girl gets a
small get-together in Millennials a girl
asked him I’m reading again to turn on
the subtitles because she couldn’t

understand the Boston accents of The
Departed Wow I wouldn’t allow it
Adam I I owe you a report on my
experience with companies that prey on

the people who have fallen prey to the
everyone can code bs yours in exile so
two things one
yes we’ve discussed quite extensively

the abundant millennial use of subtitles
a lot of this is because of distracted
second screens a lot of it is definitely
because of the 5-1 sound makes that is

being jammed through a shitty-ass a
sound bar that’s another issue big
problem in fact maybe one of the main
ones and there’s also a cognition issue
that’s taking place because people are

so used to reading little short bits of
text is just like a tweet each of these
subtitle cards that pops up people are
losing the actual ability to translate
sound into something that they can

recognize in their brain that we’re all
gonna be deaf eventually we’ll just be
reading subtitles everywhere well what’s
interesting to me is not understanding

the really mild Boston accent or any
Boston accent it’s not that hard
well I think another problem and is when
you when you don’t when you’re not

exposed to accents you see this a lot
with love island UK which was really big
during the season which is a stupid
reality show but everyone’s speaking in

a very British accent you know very
slang ish as well and it’s it’s you know
you got a folk
and listen and having lived there I
think I know a lot of the slang but I

think when people use crutches
continuously then you lose the ability
to understand what someone’s saying
through an accent or even in a different
language I can hear someone speak in any

language they can pretty much pick out
what they mean if it’s a simple thing
just because I’ve been around language
and I’ve had to decode it by listening
to it I think people you lose that

ability the brain is very very good at
parsing stuff you have some exposure to
some you know maybe a little bit of
French might help a little bit of
Spanish you can understand a lot of
different languages but not if you’re

just always reading a translation or a
subtitle I think you lose it you don’t
use it you lose it
onward but did he want any car more

gamers little Karma for all that all
that work you’ve got karma which brings
us to search warts 202 dollars and he

says forgive me pod Father for I have
douched please accept this humble
donation all I wish is Adi douching
you’ve been deduced and he wants some

divorced karma ooh but hey life in is
great and when you keep debunking the
corporate media it makes it even better
sir Schwartz you’ve got karma thank you

very much this ward sorry to hear that
and finally we got anonymous Brooklyn
New York or two hundred bucks no note
and Ryan black from walk walk saw walks

off North Carolina with no note I can do
a quick look upon him to see if he’s in
there I thought I recalled something
from Ryan black coming in now we don’t

know because Eric the show may have not
been able to put everything into our
spreadsheet because of the lack of a
micro grid let’s just call it what it is
he needs a micro grid up there you

should you should get that installed
let’s see we got here Ryan black here it
does there you go right there
payment received from Ryan black Jim
okay hello no agenda the day is just a

thing from nothing – no this is just a
receipt how’s the receipt okay all right
all right well we would like to thank

these executive producers and our
associate executive producers for
episode 1205 of the No Agenda show I was
looking through some of the profiles on

LinkedIn you should see Nussbaum’s
you know talking about putting one of
these credits into your LinkedIn profile
Nussbaum and a melon song

oh man melon song he has a LinkedIn
profile that lists every single no
agenda show he’s been an executive
producer of he put all the different
different specials it’s all in there and

this guy you can look him up very
successful in his field extremely
successful in technology and I a lot of
that to to the to the titles he puts

into his LinkedIn profile that’s what
gets you hide ask him ask him about it
I’m sure he’ll agree so yes well I was
gonna say it doesn’t cost anything it’s
free yeah you can make it put everything

you want in there on that LinkedIn
profile you can load up that’s what he
did it really did load up check him out
but above all know that you have
contributed towards keeping the show on

for yet another episode we’ve been doing
it for 12 years we hope to do it for at
least a couple more I know about 12 more
I don’t will live 12 more years but man
do I love my job I got to tell you I

wake up Thursdays and Sundays I don’t
always know what day it is but I love my
job because I know that I get to do this
and you’ve made it possible you all
producers of Gitmo nation that thank you

and remember we’ll do it again on
Thursday please consider us at at
Vollrath org slash and you can tell
everybody you know what’s going on with
sulla meny quite the dog our formula is

or hear people in the mouth

then goat slipped in there there was the
the other big story in my opinion which
wasn’t covered as much and but I thought
was much more intriguing is the is the

gold story now this is the the
automobile executive who was I guess he
was kicked out of his job and arrested

he was or he was going to he was in
house arrest and he was going to come
forward on some unspecified financial
shenanigans charges which looked and
tried the only thing I could find and

maybe you have an answer here in these
clips from what I understand the only
thing that was a problem was his
apparent wish to have a merger between

Nissan and Renault is that right and now
there’s more to it than this is really

yeah I’d love to know well let’s let’s
play a couple of clips and then I’ll
discuss what I think it’s going okay
this play goes in through Turkey one so
for what Turkey has said is that it has
launched an investigation the Istanbul

prosecutor’s office has is looking into
it now and they have detained seven
people as you mentioned four of them
pilots one is a manager at a private
aviation company as well as two ground

staff service workers so the Istanbul
police now is going to be going through
their testimony trying to piece together
what happened and what we know about
this mystery this puzzle is that there

was a flight that took off from Osaka
Japan and landed in Istanbul a little
while later another flight took off from
Istanbul and went to Beirut that all
coinciding with the timeline of guns

mysterious disappearance back to Beirut
and the Istanbul police now are trying
to figure out what happened on the
ground in Istanbul atatürk Airport
that’s Istanbul main international

airport it was the Commission just a
while ago and now only services cargo
planes and private jets like the one
that gone is suspected of having
maybe some of the testimony that the

Turkish police gather from these seven
detained suspects will shed light on the
mystery of what’s happening and the
international the Interpol the red
notice that has been issued is basically

going to make it a bit more of an
international issue for gone but there
is no extradition between Lebanon and
Japan so the likelihood of him being
returned to Japan is very low and that

Interpol red notice of course is just a
request to international law enforcement
and it’s not an order so what will
happen what will come out of that is
something we just don’t know at this

point what we do know that here in
Turkey at least one small part of the
puzzle now is in the hands of the
Istanbul police and perhaps they will be
able to shed some light on how gone got
away again everyone focusing on how he

got away instead of why he had to get
away in the in the first place yes in
fact there’s a bunch of crazy stories
about this which is like he was put in a
double bass cello case and hauled out of

there and all the rest of it and then
there’s another story where he escaped
his house what happened was he was
actually in jail so let’s start there I
thought it was under house arrest he was

in jail and then they he had a lawyer
that had begged and begged and begged
there’s no reason to keep this guy in
jail he should go to his house and they
could keep him there under house arrest
and under surveillance mhm and so they

gave him bail let him go home and
supposedly the one of the stories is he
was the cello case which makes no sense
what’s funny the other one he put on a

and a hat and a beard and just walked
out of there and went straight to the
airport and took off mm-hmm under all
this elaborate surveillance I’m thinking
first of all they wanted it they did

Jeff this is an embarrassment to the jab
and I thought you promised me you’re
gonna tell me why why they because he
understated his income tax that’s the

reason why that’s the main reason why
and then they started digging into and
apparently the company they lied about
how much they paid him and it’s all

about income and so then it’s all and
then the company wasn’t making a lot of
money they didn’t know what to do with
this guy they wanted to get him out and
I believe the following this guy was
trying to orchestrate and then there was

a fallout between Renault and Nissan
during Japanese can’t work with a French
let’s be fair nobody can work with the
French really so he so they that didn’t

work out and he’s not was losing you
weren’t losing money they were still in
a profitable company but they weren’t
making the billions and billions are
supposed to make his Toyota’s making all
the money

I think the following they didn’t want
this guy to stand trial and he still
claims he’s gonna spill the goods on
Nissan and maybe it’s a corrupt

organization he claims he’s gonna have a
press conference and to tell all but
they had to get rid of him they couldn’t
bring him on up to trial so they they
let him walk out of there oh he’s got a

mask and a dog yeah you can go because
the embarrassment of whatever was
happening with the merger or not
happening with the merger or what kind
of crap is going on with Nissan okay and
also the one I think this is even more

primary the Japanese and you can talk to
people who have been involved in the 80s
especially when the Japanese were
kicking everybody’s butt economically

and there was a riot every we should all
do it the Japanese do you know cuz the
Japanese economy is gonna kill us or
there’s so much Sony was going to own
the world I remember it once the Walkman
came out we like that’s it they got

Betamax they got the Walkman they’re
gonna own all of us
so the Japanese if anyone you know has
worked for a Japanese company United

States during that era there were these
things called the death bus’s then I had
a guy who explained it to me in great
detail just as losses yeah
you’d be running a Japanese operation
here in the United States it was mostly

Americans and then once you started
making profit that you weren’t getting
profitable and everything was going well
the so-called death buses would come in
and these were your replacements oh who
you had to train long Japanese right so

the death buses so the Japanese do not
like I’m ever stringer that guy who ran
this sony Sony the Sony Music Group or

the Entertainment Group yeah the
Japanese do not like to be shown up by
foreigners right huh so they have a guy
running one of their basic major

companies Nissan Motors and they they
didn’t lie I think they just didn’t like
this guy because he was probably moving
them to in a direction that was not

Japanese e-enough and they they they
railroaded him and then finally dragged
it got him out of town he got himself
out of town and he’s gonna talk about it
eventually but this whole thing stinks

and the other guy does look like mr.
bean and is the whole story this spooky
story is could this somehow also be
related to the to another merger with I

think it’s Pozzo and Citroen are they is
it not Pujo and Citroen who are merging
who is I just heard this the other day
well that could be but it would just
would have nothing to do with it this is
a Renault which is different since it

was French and it’s it was yeah I was
French Renault and now it looks as
though did the deal that was gonna come
down it looked like well this guy was
still there was that since the Renault

thing wasn’t working out it looked as if
Chrysler which is privately owned was
going to buy Nissan and Renault and do
the whole thing itself out of town right

but now we have Chrysler agreeing to
merge with Pujo and and Citroen yeah
well they gave up
on this because there’s something up and
it’s the Japanese culture and I think

they didn’t like this guy you ran him
out of town he’s you know he’s
introducing foreign ideas I don’t know
but it did the whole thing is suspect
and and he escaped

they let him escape there’s no way he
was gonna get past the surveillance and
all the rest of it so and how would the
story still has continues to unfold I
just thought it was the funnier story of

the two what is the what’s in the second
the second clip is it’s more of the same
we play it out yes on that Carlos gon

investigation now reports just out in
Lebanon say the government has received
an Interpol arrest warrant for Carlos
gone now the former Nissan Chairman

arrived in Lebanon on Tuesday after
jumping bail in Japan where he was
awaiting trial meanwhile police in
Turkey have detained seven people
including four pilots and a private

airline on suspicion of helping GaN
escape rule to soothe now is live for us
an instable
assemble with the latest I mean go look
at the plot thickens here Turkey’s

demanding answers we now have this
Interpol alert do officials there have
any idea how Turkey was incredible that
certainly gone thinks he’s free and
clear now especially as he remains in

Lebanon he will likely speak to the
media in the next few days but in the
meantime the Japanese are trying to
piece this together as well so
embarrassing for them considering this
was supposed to be a man who was under

absolutely I mean this is quite an
embarrassment for the Japanese this was
a very high-profile individual for them
and their legal system was working to
basically bring him to justice and
instead of that happening he’s now fled

in this audacious escape and we don’t
have a lot of answers for it but Gorn is
expected to speak and so far what he
said has been very very critical of the
Japanese justice system he’s called it

rigged he said that it’s discriminatory
so all in all a very embarrassing moment
for Japan and at this point now that
he’s in Lebanon there isn’t much that

they can do to bring this man to justice
in front of their own legal system
regardless of what’s happening here and
it seems like the media is only focusing
on his escape and how he escaped and did

he get into a musical instrument case or
did he take a covert and chartered jet
flights but no one’s focusing on the
real news and I thought honestly from

your T’s in the newsletter I thought
we’d get a little bit more about what
actually is going on with this guy and
with Nissan and this supposed merger or
failed merger

but there’s another backdrop and that is
that Japan is now our ally in the Strait
of Hormuz and they’re moving their fleet
in there so maybe there’s some
embarrassment that’s taking place it’s I
don’t know if there’s any connection at

all this guy by the way I should be
mentioned that he’s kind of spooky
he’s got passports from France three or
four different paths Lebanon and he’s
got a passport from Brazil yeah which is

another place if you want to go and hide
out somewhere they we should all not
extradition with everyone we should all
have a Brazilian passport actually we
see what I posted that one just in case

but well you inspired me on the previous
show with your retrospectives
and that the big and actually was two
shows ago the big the big stories of

2019 and I wanted to follow that up and
I was actually planning on peppering
this throughout today’s episode but
we’re already halfway through here are
some of the big stories that were not

recapped at the end of 2019 the one that
you mentioned specifically and I think
really these would go as the big media
misses of 2019 let’s just remember how
accurate your m5m stations were in the

past year we start with the story that
no one wants to talk about anymore
jussie Smollett Empire star Jesse
Smollett was the victim of a vicious

racist and homophobic attack his
attackers hurled racial and homophobic
slurs not only talk about racism we’re
talking about hate with steroids they
are looking for two suspects who were

apparently wearing make America great
again hats the offender’s uttered this
is mega country
this is stomach-turning mind boggling
information telling this is a horrible

yeah parentis and unacceptable
this is America in 2019 so let me see
did they get that one right John that
Jessie small that story did they did
they were they right on the money with

wrong wrong let’s try another one how
about the covington high school kids
with the Native American War hero
outraged over this now viral video

showing high school teenagers harassing
a Native American elder well the Native
American man who was beating the drum
Nathan Phillips and those kids and the
make America great again hats that we’re

kind of smirking at him and kind of
looking down their noses at him as one
smirking high school student blocks the
elders path the video appears to show
dozens of youths wearing make America
great again hats mocking Native American

elder and Vietnam veteran Mason Phillips
a veteran a Native American man was you
know how to standoff with students who
were you know mocking him we feel that
President Trump is giving license to

some of this behavior
let me see were they right about that
one John about the about the kids
smirking and no wrong wrong Joe Biden
likes to touch people’s sniff their hair

especially children let’s remind
ourselves how the media handled this
story when people’s first started to get
creeped out by him very affectionate I

find people on the mouth he shouldn’t
he’s always touching people’s shoulders
I’ve seen him rub the shoulders of women
and men Joe Biden calls them expressions

of affection he is an affectionate
old-school politician he’s a really nice
generous funny connecting guy
Uncle Joe as we affectionately call him

he’s a very affectionate very likable
person you know he’s just an
affectionate guy I’ve know Joe Biden a
long time as I many others and have
always found him a very emotional man
who is very very affectionate

he’s touchy-feely he’s been doing it in
his entire life in a an affectionate way
I think the next time I see Joe Biden if
he doesn’t hug me and give me a kiss and

hold my hand that’s not the Joe Biden I
knew he’s a nice guy
he’s not a predator and this is
ridiculous so do they still talk like
that about Joe are they little more
creeped out about it now this this is

why you listen and why you help produce
the No Agenda show because this is the
bullcrap that the media puts into your
head 24 hours a day if you allow it and
it goes through your eardrums into your

brain processing and then swells up your
amygdala and then you become insane
let’s check another one
um remember the Trump meme where he was
shooting all the media was killing them

which was from the from the movie what
movie was that in the church what was
that again

did you just walk away you just walked
away you just walked away from the show
it’s like it’s like here I am I’m
looking for my wingman to introduce you
something I have to go get a sheet of

paper from the desk and then you then
you threw it to me for some unknown
reason because I don’t know that movie
Kingsman yes you do Kingsman Oh Kingsman
yeah you know I never got to see the

second one well but you know you
remember the meme where they had all the
mainstream media logos on the people in
the church and Trump was there with his
head killing them all in the night right
this video do you remember what about

what how horrible that was I was going
to kill everybody in the media yeah
video was shown at a conference you know
whose supporters it’s about so much more

than a single video it’s about a
president and his supporters who were
sowing seeds of hate and division
there’s something very ugly at the heart
of trumpism and we saw that in in this
video it’s vile

some of his supporters would think this
might even be somehow funny you know
there are real people’s bodies and lives
on the last easy for all of you judging
me that I’m offended and upset by the
video you try doing this once a member

of your family is continued to have this
happen over and over and over again now
did anyone from the media die and
did anyone at the end of 2019 wrap up

the Muller report about how right the
media was and how spot-on they were with
their analysis oh you mean how it was
that he was doomed because of the Muller

report he’s gonna be delivering what I
think are gonna be his indictments the
final indictments this is suborning
perjury I think there’s no question it’s
an impeachable offense and at that point
we are in high crimes that misdemeanor

and we are an impeachment the spirit of
what Trump did is clearly treasonous
there’s outright treason I think he’s
feeling the noose around his neck
the noose is tightening he feels the
noose is tightening the noose is

tightening people might go to jail
you’re exactly right that’s their lives
I think they’re all going to jail well I
think they’re all going to end up
together in prison and maybe that’s why
he has no idea that right he’s going
down the investigation is over and

according to a senior DOJ official there
will be no further indictments how can
they let Trump off the horse did
everyone go to jail with the indictments
imminent was the report of any

significance no apparently not now I’ve
one more last one okay last one this has
got to be my favorite because it’s been
so many it’s been years since they first

laid this smack on us and it’s good to
remember how incredibly wrong the media
were or was about the steel dossier
parts of the now-infamous dossier on

Trump have proven to be true your Intel
community has corroborated all of the
details in there that when the president
just refers to a fake dossier that is
false I I don’t think that’s bad that’s

the accurate characterization back to
Gators have corroborated part of the
dossier we do know that parts of it have
been corroborated it’s not been
corroborated but it hasn’t been

disproven no major thing from the
dossier has been conclusively disproven
to date none of it has been disproven
and whole big parts of it are holding up
its dossier

holds up well it’s a fact that none of
not one word have been disproven in fact
a lot of it turned out to be right on
the money
the FBI would not have just taken a
dossier to the FISA Court and use that

as their predicate for the surveillance
they had to corroborate it themselves
that’s how they operate so if you’re
wondering or someone in your family is
wondering why you listen to this podcast

that’s why and I’m sure we can do the
same thing with this iran/iraq soleimani
thing at the end of this year you know
the funny thing about that dossier story

is that Oh Lords we didn’t document as
specifically is the way the dossier
story kept changing and morphing in
regards to the FISA Court yes when they

first came out they said well it wasn’t
that important to our fights or you know
requests yeah and then it became
important to the fight then it was
apparently was the only thing that it

was divisive request was based on was
the dossier this dossier was a I don’t
understand how it it got as far as it
did cuz it was just look phony from the
get-go it has stunk and he had a smell

test I might get a clipped for Thursday
it’s an interview with the author of the
book the I think it’s the the plot to
bring down the American president forget

exactly what the title of the book is
and this guy has done all the research
and his assertion is that the dossier
was not used for the FISA warrant
application it was written specifically

for the Flexer warrant application by
slipping in one or two very pertinent
lines which literally say the Trump is
compromised by a foreign power and that

that line and not but that was written
in specific that’s interesting enough
that makes that it’s that it’s exactly
reversed that that the the steel dossier
was not the genesis of the warrant but

they knew they wanted to get this
warrant so they had they created this
through steel and you know there’s lots
of implications as
was complicit in writing this anyway I

I’m reminded I want to just want to just
ran into because I was going through
some of my old files and I forgot about
it this was from a year earlier and this
was classic because everybody bought

into this and they bought into a hook
line & sinker and they’ve all since
forgotten forgotten about it Donald
Trump’s guerrilla channel Trump like the
watch television but he was the girl

you’re right I got about that he had to
watch guerrillas so they created a fake
channel for him so he could watch
guerrillas and so they as he watched the
girls she’s always bitching and moaning

about they weren’t fighting enough so
everybody pass this around his fact
Donald Trump into gorilla Channel that’s
a good one yep petaa me of the stupidity

of the left and this the basic audience
out there there are suckers for this
sort of thing and that was probably
promulgated by everybody there was a lot

of TV stories on it and it was all over
the network and there the Internet yeah
but the gorilla Channel yeah nice lassic
do we have any clips about that I’m sure

we probably go back probably 2017 mmm I
don’t see anything offhand I should
probably put together a little
compilation of that of the of the
gorilla Channel that was hilarious that

was the the Russian pranksters as
they’re known I just liked I prefer to
call him the podcasters vuelven and
Lexus have they struck again now

previously they had gotten through to
congressman Adam shifts office claiming
that they had compromised and
compromising pictures of Trump if you

remember we had some of that some of
that phone call and these guys like
radio guys like weenie in the butt of
Moscow so they have a new gambit and
they went after Maxine Waters and

pretending to be great
to beg and grant his dad and they made
up this they made up the name of an
island chunga Changa I think that’s

literally what it’s called and they
decided they’re gonna call in to Maxine
Maxine Waters office get her on the
phone and they will listen there Maxine
you know it’s Gretta and Greta’s dad and
we’re here in I think it’s when they say

they were South Carolina and you know
we’re here to to garner support to save
the island of chunga Changa and could
you please help us out we’ll put you on

speakerphone and I pulled the pertinent
clip from this from this YouTube video
and you know this used to be what
Americans did we used to be the fun
phone phone pranksters we’ve let Russia

grab that away from US Congresswoman
yeah I have Greta in her father’s Avante
on the line very much congresswoman this
is wanted for the greatest father and

very happy to talk to you
well thank you both for calling me and
I’m very anxious to hear from you yes I

know that you’re called you aunt Maxine
brilliant brilliant butter up first
bikes are calling her aunty Maxine

that’s it you’ll love that butter up
very good by the way these guys sound
nothing like Swedish Greta and her dad
but still Maxine is falling for it
that’s so nice we have wonderful climate

strike to support the the ecology of
chunga Changa islands thousands of
people came to meet me well thank you
and I’m so glad you came to my stage and

of course I know all about you you have
made quite a big big big thunder on this
issue I am really really very proud of

you and the work that you’re doing we’re
now in a North Carolina so we are in the
climate strike here in a meeting okay so

you’re in the meeting now you start the
yes yes all right yes yes we’re not here
now in the meeting and if you will allow

me I will put you on a speakerphone so
yes and we will let you say to people
who is around here which island are they
targeting this is this is a part I like

the best all these politicians are like
that it’s like if I can get anything out
of you and of course typically these
calls are about money but right now I

was like oh shit I can align myself with
Greta Jim Betty this is fantastic this
is good for me and they can roll out
some bullcrap script be just right off
the cuff even Maxine and she’s up there

an age but she’s still she’s a pro at
rolling it out so she has a little bit
of information she knows it’s North
Carolina she knows it’s Greta who’s a
thunder apparently she knows it’s chunga

Changa island which doesn’t exist and
she’s gonna do little promo oh yeah and
we will let you say to people who is
around here which island are they

targeting chunga Changa yes hello
everybody this is congresswoman Maxine

and I am so pleased to be on this
telephone call with Greta on this
telephone call with Greta fatberg I am

just so proud of her and her father
savant a dead bird and the work that
they are doing as you know Greta is an

environmental activist and she took part
in the United Nations climate summit in
New York recently and she has been

traveling and she has been the greatest
advocate for what is happening with our
climate and the environment and I’m very
pleased that she’s with you in North

Carolina where you
to saying on protecting the very
important island of tula challenge I’m
so happy she’s supporting the very

important the critically important
island of chimichanga you Greta thud
berg and your dad Devante thud berg come
on well I believe these these two

comrades deserve a medal for this work
this is really very good well let’s give
them a taste clip of the day yeah you
know I wonder what that we should do a

Russian version so we can don’t know how
good they were
comrade now both of them sound like a
couple of Russians more ludicrous it’s

it’s a 15-minute call there’s there’s
more in it but I thought that was the
funniest one especially the thud Berg

what a moron that should be on the
normal news don’t you think yes it
should be but no we can’t impeach a
member of Congress so stupid to fall for

this I mean if she was keeping up with
anything she knows that grete boogie
back to home base and she’s not in North
Carolina she didn’t go to North Carolina

after the event in New York the whole
thing is just ludicrous and it should be
regular news that that’s regular news
story I agree

no no cuz the news media is so fraught
with Democrat left-wingers just to be
honest about it they can’t bring
themselves to do these stories yeah oh
my god it makes it look so stupid

I refuse to run that story Wow hey we
did have kind of a crappy story here in
Austin on Friday was a Friday or

Saturday morning we had a stabbing one
person died

South Congress I mean really like ten
minutes from my house
let me see if there’s a so here’s what
happens it’s at a a burrito joint and

this is right on Riverside and South
Congress this is really where I’ve lived
for a lot of the years in Austin this
general area and so first there was an
altercation in a coffee shop then this

27 year old suspect he was detained by
people because it was harassing a woman
so there were civilians I think and they
detained him the guy broke loose the

cops arrived the cops run after him he
you know the cops can’t catch him he
runs into the burrito joint stabs two
people wounding one one cook there
fatally then he runs up onto the roof

and Swan dives while the cops are trying
to you know are ordering him to come
he Swan dives off the roof onto his head
and people could hear his neck bones

cracking he’s in critical condition and
of course in the hospital but in custody
and you know what people in Austin think
right away is who is this guy everyone

thinks he’s homeless or transient that
sparked an immediate Rauh between the
governor of Texas Abbott and the mayor

of Austin mayor Adler an Abbott tweeted
there we go 21st century diplomacy he
tweeted and said holy crap I’ll bet you

this guy was homeless once again that
the mayor of Austin is not protecting
his the people who put him in office and
then our mayor turns around and tweets

back how dare you how very dare you
assumed it was a homeless person or as
he would say how dare you assume it was

a person experiencing homelessness
and of course it turns out that that’s
exactly what it was and I Austin police
say the man accused of carrying out a

deadly stabbing attack Friday is
homeless that information being shared
as the governor continues his attack on
Austin’s policies toward people living
on the streets he most recently tweeted

today quote the city’s top job is Public
Safety and they are failing
kxan’s Caitlin Carr mood taught to
Austin’s mayor who’s pushing back before
realize that there’s not a link between

homelessness and criminality that’s like
suggesting that all all immigrants are
just not true and it is this is mayor
Adler’s response to Governor Abbott’s

tweets we talked to him while he’s in a
New York Hospital waiting for his
daughter to give birth he felt it
necessary to respond to the governor’s
attacks on Austin policies towards
homeless people this comes after a 27

year old man attacked three people they
South Congress shopping center killing
one shortly after Governor Abbott
suggested that the suspect would likely
be a homeless person

mayor Adler called that suggestion
irresponsible and today APD confirmed
the suspected killer is homeless today
governor Abbott had a series of tweets
suggesting that the city must ensure its

homeless policies doesn’t endanger
innocent people the mayor Adler’s
response most of the crimes you’re not
community 5 people experiencing

homelessness so to demonize people that
way and they guess scared of people does
a real disservice to the community
mayor Adler says instead of a Twitter
feud he’d like to speak to the governor

I want the state to be a partner how to
be working with us well I’ll tell you
not a lot of not a lot of credibility
left for the mayor here in Austin yeah

vote him for him i I really like the way
he sticks to the memes homelessness you
can’t just cut it down to homeless no no
you can’t you have to sakes and you have

to see neighbors experiencing
homelessness but the problem is just
like California cities here now as well
you know there’s no prosecution for
small crime there’s no prosecution for

small assault there was a woman and it
could have been the same guy for all I
know a couple weeks ago was assaulted on
this thing of the South first or South
Congress bridge and you know it’s become

violent because these are not just you
right he’s right homelessness or people
experiencing homelessness that’s not
necessarily the issue but Austin has

become a mecca for transients to come
through because this everything is free
here free money camp where you want do
what you want just because you can’t
camp downtown every median of grass now
outside of the downtown area is filled

with tents barbecues people park in
there their cars on hot nemedian our
mailbox was broken into yesterday you

know as you know we don’t have mailboxes
we have one up at the top of the the top
of the street but broken open all the
mail stolen packages ripped open which
is a federal crime I might add so that’s

thank you thank you yes that’s not just
some some petty crime where’s the ring
doorbell now where’s all that but I you
know you don’t see the cops running

around now saying oh do you have any
ring doorbell video and doorbell any
video and no they don’t even show up for
it well we have a still do California
versus Boston we have a new issue and

the left media left-leaning media leases
on this one and it’s not quite the same
as what you just described but it’s it’s
an issue cuz it’s gonna cause somebody
it could be anybody a lot of money

another money grab and here’s a report
from one of the stations I think in
Southern California on the new
California water law all right so many

laws get considered each and every year
they’re discussed and in their past all
right this one I’m not sure how I feel
about this you’re not gonna be allowed
to shower and do a load of laundry in
the same day III had the same misgivings

doing a load of laundry it takes about
40 to 50 gallons of water taking a
shower for about eight minutes takes
tene gallons of water well there’s a
limitation on your daily use of water of

fifty five gallons per day so that means
if you are taking a shower and doing a
load of laundry you can’t do both
without being a violation of the law
there are some exceptions about this you
can’t do both without being in violation

of the law there are some exceptions
about this there are some caveats for
instance if you have a multi person
household if you have four people in
your household or three people in a
household that 55 gallon limit per day

applies in for each person so it you
could do a load of laundry if you have a
multi person household and okay well you
you can actually see your your water

uses on a daily rate with your water
meter now there are actually fines
available for this as well your your
first your violation is $1,000 for each
day that you’re in violation it’s the

state legislature the governor signed
into effect effect January 1st now
there’s also another caveat if we’re in
drought conditions and the governor

declares an emergency that fine can go
up to $10,000 a day so be careful you
could change their word to serenity to
anger now so all of a sudden I can smoke
marijuana as much as I want but I can’t

take a shower yeah I saw this and I
clipped it as well that’s KTLA the law
very famous Los Angeles station

it’s what was most fascinating to me is
the female anchor says oh who made this
law hello news lady you’re supposed to
be on top of this this was a state

legislature and it was signed into law
and they can completely track this right
down to your micro gallon you know
exactly how much you how many people
live in there two people that’s 110 cal

at gallons a day don’t go over it oh
yeah fines are coming yeah
well luckily you don’t bathe that much

you know you don’t need to Britt bathe

if you use dr. Bronner’s doesn’t it
require some water no this stuff doesn’t
get some unbelievable fabulous I’d know
I just wipe it on and wipe it off use a

squeegee yeah let’s start off with
spanking a few people for sure 12:05 mmm
starting with Mike Nick Kalai at Chuck
Nicholai Nicholai Chuck nickel nickel

I’d say Nikolaj physic uh he says he’s
by the way one of my one of the guys
that tracks the newsletter and he’s I
got a lot of people that didn’t get the

news I got a second mail email from you
so we had another problem with the with
the email reaching and I’ll give you a
little background on this I’m trying to
figure out how many emails just aren’t

getting to the place at all which i
think is a problem with MailChimp mm-hmm
and so I’ve been discussing this over
various second secondary mailings and
people are the everyone writes in oh I

got it I don’t care if you got it so I
this time I came up with the bright idea
which was email me if you didn’t get it
why no I always say that the problem was
everyone emailed me anyway where they

got it or not but this time I added the
stupid easy thing I should have always
done which was used the subject line
yeah I didn’t get the email yeah so that
way I can sort out the people just want

to chat and people who actually didn’t
get the email and made it a lot easier
net and I can see it was like twenty or
thirty people which means it’s just this
tip of the iceberg is not everybody’s
even gonna bother right but so they were
not getting the mail out or something

there’s something amiss the way I see
cuz if you’re not getting it at all even
in your spam box yeah there’s something
wrong well you know what because I’ve
been working with a lot of email in my

with my
workflows on Linux I’ve noticed that in
particularly Google Gmail is being very
very stringent with the Demark

you familiar with Demark no I’m not DM
RAC yeah this is a it’s like a policy
what does Demark stand for domain

message authentication reporting
that’s Demark and their be they’ve
tightened that up I only just started
looking into it because I know that I

don’t have my D marks that are properly
on curry calm
so if MailChimp doesn’t have that set up
properly if there’s one small and not
anomaly immediate non-delivery that I
don’t even know if it sends a bounce

so there’s once again it’s mainly Google
but I’m sure the others are falling suit
whatever Google does everyone does yeah

yes right
anyway he is actually sir
a raw SK
of the Paris of the prairies from

Saskatoon obviously yes and you I just
give him a D douching okay you’ve been
deduced John Robin a 100 bucks forgotten

eight Sebastopol California 69 69 beer
earn mark 10 or twice a month Whittier
California six seven eight nine sir tom

dari fifty five to twenty five ten from
DeForest Wisconsin Francisco Tejeda 5432
Steven son da Vall 5333 michael gates
fifty to eighty oh it’s another news

item Michael gates so Bill Gates big
makes a big stink yeah I think we should
have you know Washington State is one of
the few states like Texas Florida Nevada

there’s a few that have no personal
income tax yes you have other work
mechanisms Washington State they use
speed traps and they come here we use a
property tax well they use property tax

too but it seems to be better running
states with when you start getting the
state income tax they states get corrupt
and California is the worst example

mm-hmm but so Bill Gates comes out the
big statement Washington State now this
is after this guy’s already shut them
shut the lid on the submarine he’s in uh
watch this state should have because he

has no personal income anymore at all
he’s got zero he did all his money is
just money in the bank that he spends
the state of Washington should have a
income tax this is this is ridiculous of

a guy like just to say that just butt
out it got everybody all up in arms so
our producer Michael Gates should call

his family member and tell them to shut
up is that the connection that’s the
Eric local and Mauro’s Joycelyn $52
Brian Burgess in Pelican Rapids

50:33 so this is an honor to help
produce the show it provides in-depth
analysis no one even attempts

esra Robert shots in San Diego
California 2020 Matthew Grice 5005 and
he’s got a happy and a Happy New Year to

us and he’s got a birthday for someone
he has well first of all this was 73
didgeridoos which comes out to 5005 and
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list yes January 20th she’ll be 12 so
we’re a little bit early but she’s on
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today in the following people are $50
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Matthew Haynes
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she I think Newman anyway yeah Adam
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ground report on dress like to know what

else is going on yeah yeah Paul Dubois
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Barron Alan bean in Oakland Jeffery
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but not least sir Bryan Watson in
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very disappointing in that regard but
wouldn’t think all these folks are
helping us in produce show 12:05 yes and
everyone under $50 we see you we see you
there in fact I think a lot of those

didn’t even come through on the
spreadsheet John I’m looking like
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the tumbleweed terror that Eric the
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it on the tumbleweed we can’t help it at
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we did get the smallest together luckily
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of the tall corn will turn 39 years old
tomorrow as I said earlier Matthew
gryce’s happy birthday in advance to his
daughter Freya she tore freo she turns
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birthday to Erik you on me who
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check the status of of all of our
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show notes more regularly and thank you
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this is the problem
so what happened and nobody seems to
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gonna do it because she’s gonna get
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rooms sports grill at six
first there’s the saltwater brewery
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yeah yeah so let’s make it to saltwater
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six can I ask you a question
why are you so angry at me what do I

have to do with this I have to do this
I’m being firm with the organizers
well somebody has to make a decision
about which one you’re gonna do gonna

pick saltwater brewery but which one six
six thirty seven thirty by the way
somebody else has one that he wants to
go to four in the morning with okay so
it’s gonna be at the saltwater brewery

and it’ll be around 6:00 and everybody
who’s organizing that except for the one
person who had a different one I’ll see
you there
don’t the organizer we’re gonna stick
Krystal and David Kulpa are gonna be the

organizers okay Scott mez and Nick B
have to contact them and then maybe you
can switch ownership of this thing if

you want to but Adam is decided that is
the saltwater brewery 6:00 p.m.
organizer crystal and David yes there
you go

that wasn’t so hard I’m sorry there was
so much angst in the Dvorak household
about what an actual meeting no no this
will not stand

yeah that’s why we had to go to go to
the goat go-to-guy which is you okay
come up with something else
oh I so I hear I do see the note here

finally Cavalia okay I have oh man I
love when Mimi gets all upset it’s all
for the joy of the 21st February 21st
and saltwater I like that everyone chose

the saltwater brewery
except for Lou Lou don’t go to Bruce
room Sports Grille will see it the
saltwater brew he’s gonna put the shoal
water brewery must be a good place for a

yeah if everyone’s thinking that way
it’s gonna be a great meet up I think
Horowitz might show up and by the way
because he was very concerned about this
if Horowitz shows up everybody pretend
you don’t know who he is

what do you do a podcast with who with
do you don’t show with John – never
heard it – make sure you do that because
it’s very concerned if people wouldn’t
know who he was you being the kind

gentleman you already decided to set him
up exactly what else are friends for
so that is a current overview I did want

to mention the 25th of January as an
additional that’ll be in Moscow Russia
so make sure you get nan I would love to
go to one of those we got it we’ve got

it got to do more trek more traveling
this year I’ve decided then a I know
your laugh you say that every year
that’s exactly what Tina says I want to

remind you every year you tell me we
need to travel more we now have a map
with pins in it it was a Christmas gift
yeah so I got a big map with pins where
we’re going yeah I have a meetup report

a audio report this is really the only
kind that works best for a podcast so I
appreciate sir Roderick Zelo we all know
sir rod he is night of the no agenda

roundtable also host of his his own
podcast in the Netherlands which is very
successful he organized the Amsterdam
Meetup and recorded everybody in
attendance this is the rod that imagine

meetup Amsterdam and this is sir pate
with the protectorates of Friesland and
North Holland
I’m Tim Farley and from hormones boy
Adam I’m getting lots of things so

that’s a really cool time you’re do you
of Harlem’s writing this is my second
meetup in one week in the Netherlands
I’m are now from I’m Sylvain whose

hi Adam and John this is Jacob from
Wisconsin coming to you from Amsterdam
I’m Jakob bina I’m day most doomsday
deniers and we’re not talking about
impeachment hello

Esquire and soon I will be surveying
night to see empty PayPal accounts hello
Jon and Adam this is entrepreneurial
from Amsterdam young Johnson
hi Martin tiny fire just dropping in

sure here Co Knights of the papal
fiefdom of Utrecht second meetup in one
week not too much never enough the
bitter bulls are excellent now that’s
meetup report I live how they talk to

I think that that wasn’t one of the best
meetup reports you’ve had I think it was
introduced for some time get it out of
the way yep dynamite dinosaur odd no

rotor I keep II produced it so you cut
it up nicely made it all work I love the
guy the future night of the empty PayPal
account I think that’s a great night
name that’s a good name yes thank you

all very much and remember no agenda
meet ups comm is where you can hey we
need some more people to organize and
meet up on the 21st let’s see if we can
find some other locations it’ll be fun
yeah or just find something near you and

go attend it’s a great opportunity for a
trigger ‘less conversation about
anything good drinks across boundaries
across age groups race creed religion

background age you name it we’re a crazy
cult go find your meetup
have a stinkbug update

talked about the stinkbug yes and now
nobody knew about anything going on but
apparently these stink bugs have invaded
a good part of Washington State this is
the marmorated stink bug I believe is

the force exactly I got a lot of emails
from people about your story apparently
yes they’re everywhere brown marmorated
stink bug is something Darrell fiefdom

of Varitek’s pest control has plenty of
experience with their asius : Vader and
if they come in right about now but now
and again and particularly now
homeowners call in with little clue

about this critter wondering what it is
where it came from and whether it’s
harmful I do all the multi care there’s
like six hospitals and forty you know
outpatient centers originally from Asia

the stink bug first crossed our border
in 2010 since 2012 it has spread quickly
from Clark County to 20 others working
its way across Washington wait out the
winter and cracks and crannies of heated

homes and then they get busy I mean they
propagate over the past month the emails
and phone calls have flooded into WSU
researchers more than 300 so far most of

those sightings and King Pierce and
Thurston counties so what do you do
what’s there inside don’ts question
because they will stink either vacuum
them up throw away the bag when you’re

through there throw away the bag that
you will win you’re through vacuuming
because your vacuum will reek for weeks
the real threat is outside where they’re
ready to gorge on trees and shrubs and

they don’t discriminate they decimate
which is why agriculture experts hope
people help them keep track in Seattle
Copeland King 5 news so a question just
looking at these pictures how big is a

marble we don’t have them in Texas I
don’t think how big is one of these
defects how big are they
they’re the size of a thumbtack okay so
relatively small hmm
maybe that’s what I could tell some tech

now do you remember cuz this is I think
we maybe went to two cycles of these bug
stories bug again ins it was probably
two years ago maybe three bedbugs yeah

it was a re after story about bedbugs
and hotels and met bugs and bed bugs and
bed bugs and that what did what happened
to all the bed bugs died I came that
story just dropped off to it just

nothing it wasn’t scary enough the
apparently these stink bugs are now the
story so hmm it’s always some bug now
can you eat them are they tasty
of course not if they stink and they

will make a good vacuum cleaner reek
apparently it’s a nauseating smell
because I that’s why it’s called a stink
yeah I’ve definitely seen this type of
bug it looks familiar but I don’t think

I’ve ever seen one here in Texas you’re
right yet but and I’d like to do I’d
like to know a little bit more what is
this – what is maybe we should send you
a few made a couple for yourself you
won’t do that that’s not a good idea at

updates Epstein updates the apparently
FBI is now officially looking to to talk

to some people like wow they figured
maybe you’d be good idea to go have a
chat with Gil a Maxwell and see if she
had any involvement in any of this stuff

financing trial on sex trafficking
charges but the case isn’t closed
Reuters has learned the FBI is
investigating people who may have been

accomplices to Epstein’s illegal
behavior to law enforcement sources told
Reuters the principle focus is British
socialite Guylaine Maxwell seen here in
2013 Maxwell has not been accused of

criminal wrongdoing her lawyers did not
respond to a request for comment one of
Epstein’s accusers virginia goof ray
said in a civil lawsuit that Maxwell
recruited her into Epstein’s a circle

and so she introduced you to Jeffrey
have stated yeah so you were hired to be
a masseuse for him initially yeah
Maxwell has called goof Ray’s
allegations lies who Freight claims
Epstein forced her to have sex with

friends including Britain’s Prince
Andrew Andrew 59 also categorically
denies the accusations and has said he
has no recollection of meeting GU Frey
the law enforcement sources said the

FBI’s focuses on people who facilitated
Epstein and that Andrew does not fit
that category
ah somehow I think they’re just never
really gonna talk to Gillian Maxwell or

as they say well they say socialite
British socialite now she’s protected
she’s protected she’s protected she’s a
spook she’s protected by multiple

intelligence agencies and will never
know anything however tonight
60 minutes is promising something new
Sharon Alfonzo has investigated

Epstein’s death for five months and
reveals what happened in the moments
after his body was found what did the
prison guards do with Geoffrey Epstein’s
body so immediately after they

discovered him they took him to the
they were trying to do CPR on him about
an hour after he got to the hospital
they declared him officially dead about
7:30 and then he was seeing the morgue

where they did the autopsy the next day
what do we know about what was found in
Geoffrey Epstein’s jail cell so it’s
interesting you would think that it
would be sparse right this is a federal
prison high-security what we have

learned through our reporting is that
there was multiple sheets in there lots
of bedding an electrical cord
prescription medicine
there was actually notes and a paper he

had written a note so in the piece you
were heard saying that a guard was
saying breathe Jeffrey breathe so this
was widely known what was happening in
the prison or – we aren’t sure well we

know the way that the prison was set up
he was in a secure area where there were
about eight cells and so we have heard
and our sources tell us that the guards
could be overheard saying breathe

epstein breathe and what’s kind of eerie
is that after that the prisoners that
were in that secure area all started
chanting breathe epstein breathe so the
prison they were the prisoners other
prisoners were aware of what was going

on they knew something was going on it’s
you know the doors are blocked they
probably couldn’t see that much but
certainly they heard the commotion
whether it was their video surveillance
in there in that area it’s a great
question we know there’s video

surveillance facing the guard steps
which is outside of the area where he
was we are told that the video facing
the cells the video that might have seen
his cell door was corrupted

was interrupted meaning we don’t know
okay good question no problem finding
ring doorbell video of anything in the
fucking universe but oh this one’s

corrupted in the jail and he had
electrical cords and she had everything
what this is an abomination it truly is
an abomination and it’s insulting to

people’s intelligence yeah but then
again what’s new what’s new with this
story I didn’t know I didn’t know what
they had all this he had all that stuff
in his cell well even so but that’s kind

of pertinent to how someone kills
themself it’s all I ever said they saw
the cord wrapped around his neck I
always imagined something there choking

him saying breathe breathe that actually
think is the best theory ever the guy’s
standing there saying breathe Epstein
while he’s choking him that I think is
is something to look at imagine it yeah

yeah now don’t I don’t expect much not
expecting I’m not even gonna watch it i
watch a football game instead well you
do that I’ll watch I have an old clip

that I wanted to get out of the way is
this gonna be our last clip yeah okay
wasn’t we can go back to 2016 I I never
heard this clip we never played it on

the show that I know of
this is before Trump was even elected he
had just been nominated president and
there was a discussion with Harry Reid
he said he hasn’t been elected he’d been

nominated president with wood Oh what
did you just say he’s not been elected
yet this is before the election oh he
has the nomination of there’s the
nominee for the Republicans got it so he

just she’s just a new nominee so he’s
not any big thing but there he is and
this is the kind of thing that was going
on during that era where Trump just got
nominated here’s what the Democrats were

doing it’s obvious that he doesn’t know
what he’s talking about
it’s obvious he can’t control his mind
or his tongue and what I suggested if
now because he’s the nominee for the

party and he gets he’s entitled to
briefings from the CIA for example I
told I said publicly giving fake
briefings pretend your briefing don’t
tell him anything that you don’t want to

get out and that’s how I feel about it I
think that the man is a loose cannon I
think he’s done so much to hurt our
country with our international relations
already what is the Republican nominee

isn’t he entitled to get those briefings
give him fake briefings what does that
even mean
it means they’ll tell him stuff you
won’t know the difference you’re
basically telling the intelligence
community to lie to him like I’m not
gonna lie to you but I have to tell you

everything is that one of ours no I
found it on the interwebs
well it kind of was surprised when I

heard I had no idea this was gone that
far back he’s already ruined the
relations with the world he just got
nominated and this is what this is where
they were headed with and this is where

it began I think this predates even you
know the stuff that was just prior to
the election well just before the new
year Al Green representative Al Green of
Texas who has put his foot in his mouth

multiple times when it comes to
impeachment he is of course the the man
who said well if we don’t impeach him
he’ll he’ll win he’ll be reelected which
is I think kind of the money quote for

just before the New Year’s he’s on with
the Chris Hayes on MSNBC talking about
the genesis of impeachment and when when
when the decision was really made that

you know this guy needs to be impeached
and leveled against Democrats during
this entire affair particularly since
September when the formal impeachment
inquiry started in you you play a
starring role in those charges I mean

the argument goes like this of House
Republicans and Trump and his allies the
president as allies is basically the
Democrats want to do impeach Donald
Trump from day one they cast about
looking for a set of facts that they

could plausibly use to do it and all of
it was pretextual and reverse-engineered
to get to this point exhibit one
congressman Al Green who’s been calling
for the man’s impeachment for two years
now what’s your response to that charge

well the genesis of impeachment to be
very candid with you was when the
president was running for office and he
had members of his own party to talk

about his unfitness to hold office so
when he was running before he was even
the nominee we knew we had to impeach
yeah I pretty much says it all in this

Harry Reid thing I mean this guys were
these Democrats were not gonna let this
guy Wow ever it’s pretty astonishing
actually it’s a great time to be alive

an even better time to be a podcaster
would you agree I would say there’s
nothing else that you could do if you
want to get information out you have to

be a podcaster because the media is not
gonna or the mainstream is not gonna
pick up on it
no they won’t they won’t run with it
because that’s against some narrative
that unspoken narrative that I guess
everybody internalizes and then we end

up with what you get which is crap so if
you’re looking for non crap but a whole
lot of stinkbug check in with us
Thursday right here are no agenda no
agenda show calm or if you want to

listen live no agenda stream calm we
will deconstruct anything that happens
between now and the next show day you
never know a lot seems to happen on show
days and please remember us for support
at Dvorak org /na coming to you from

opportunity zone 33-year the frontier of
Austin Texas where people are being
knifed to death in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from Northern Silicon
Valley where people were being pooped to

death I’m John C Dvorak it’s great to be
alright everybody we will see you on
Thursday right here no agenda Dvorak org

slash n/a please remember us and until
then adios mofo stay tuned for the
grumpy old mental beat grousing about
air travel and such bomb bomb bomb bomb
bomb Iran

good evening everybody the United States

is once again attacking Iraq sort of as
like a big boulder sitting little the
road in yes bill we’re hearing us a
series we’re hearing a series of very

the aftermath shows an attack that was
deliberate and sustained with around a
half-dozen explosions the Americans
firing with teal and missiles awesome
you want to declare war we took action

last night to stop a war present another
Gulf War we did not cause her acting
today it is less likely that we will

face these dangers in this movie he was
plotting attacks against Americans but
now we increase of America’s ability to
prevent future acts of violence and
aggression last night at my direction

the United States military executed a
flawless strike that terminated the
terrorists ringleader earlier today I
ordered America’s armed forces destroyed
military and security targets and ladies

and gentlemen I know I sound like a
broken record to many of you of the last
six years speaking so much about Iraq if
you’re a Sunday morning junkie you’ve
had to hear me almost every Sunday
morning to demonstrate once again that

reckless acts have consequences and I am
ready and prepared to take whatever
action is necessary to do this tell me
how this ends Charlie let me close by

addressing one other issue that the
serious debate currently before the
House of Representatives would distract
Americans are we Canaris off to facing
down other Democrats are questioning the
timing of this strike which comes as the

president faces a looming impeachment
trial while the Congress was voting to
impeach the president the US military

was bombing Baghdad this could escalate
they could lead to a cycle of violence
it just got more dangerous
you know I don’t know about that are you
gonna be with me Charlie huh here

because they’re coming see if I can turn
that to a song

I hear there’s a pro coming it’s coming

it’s coming it’s coming


oh ho vorak dot org slash and a