No Agenda Episode 1206: “Tolerized”

okay okay okay okay
Adam curry John C. Dvorak this is your
award-winning keep our nation media
assassination episode 1206 this is no
agenda star state in the morning


I’m Adam curry and from northerns to the
gun Valley where we’re all shocked and
stunned by the fact a Justin Bieber is
fighting Lyme’s disease fact I’m Jesse
Dvorak thank you for this important fact

I’m very glad we know this I’ve always
wondered about there’s a lot of

celebrities who have Lyme’s disease yeah
I wonder if that’s uh I think they’re
all tick covered well maybe it was what
we used to call going to the spa you
know what I mean

I have Lyme disease you won’t see me for
a couple of months yeah don’t you think
that’s what right he’s probably pregnant
I think that’s what it used to be I’m
going to the spa for a little bit just

going to rejuvenate mm-hmm yeah well we
kept the amygdala small we sure did
nobody else seemed to do it well I got

to tell you man when when did those when
did the Iranian missile strikes happen
was that was that so Wednesday night
well do we did the show on Sunday right

I think was the next day well I wasn’t
yesterday that would be Wednesday night
it was it was pretty incredible
the keeper she saw it on social media

I’m sure she’s like oh my god
and I’d heard my phone gone and I kind
of ignored it and it was Agent Orange

who I think is in he may be in Kuwait or
I’m not sure he’s always around sandy
areas and he was sending me you know
pictures in fact he was telling me stuff

and ten minutes later would show up on
on TV that’s how short those lines are
from the sand yeah whatever’s going on
there it’s pretty quick it only takes 10
minutes or so and then it comes through

on US media but even I’ll for a seconds
like holy crap this isn’t is this the
playbook what’s going on and then pretty
quickly got the message that the Nano

they well they didn’t actually hit sand
outside of the base they did hit areas
inside the base but as we now know
it seems to be some kind of game Trump

tweets an American flag how many tweets
an Iranian flag one guy doing all of it
when the leaders of countries are

tweeting flags at each other you know
this is bullcrap that was a whole
premise it is really bullcrap but there
were a lot of extra little bits would

made which made it just incredibly
interesting so to reiterate our initial
analysis of the situation with soleimani
I think we even talked about once in

your soul amount or Khamenei was
tweeting back at Trump it was pretty
obvious that this was some kind of some
kind of well as everyone says now

face-saving mission but it wasn’t just
face a or who knows exactly what went on
but there were a couple other things

that happened during this during this
evening which leads me to possibly
adjust the thinking of what exactly went
down was it just a bunch of missiles
that the showed up some with warheads

some not I’m not quite sure what
exploded what didn’t you had pictures in
the newsletter of an unexploded drone
which we got a great analysis from one
of our producers as to what exactly it
was but if you look at everything that

happened you know there was uh let’s see
shoot man I’m looking for the for the
best but we’ll start with this one I did

speak to the FAA moments ago they said
three hours before that Boeing aircraft
went down they issued an indefinite ban
on all US carriers flying over Iran Iraq
the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman

translation those were the waters
between Iran and Saudi Arabia there was
a concern about the u.s. or any
passenger being a target but also a
misidentification of a plane couldn’t be
something else so it may just be

coincidence that three hours before the
missile strike FAA sent out a special
warning to aircraft in the area don’t
know flyovers they already had I think
of 26 thousand foot ceiling restriction

but that’s been there for a while this
was new three hours before just three
hours and then this happened in Iran in
the last 24 hours now 50 people or more
killed in a stampede during a sermon is

a funeral procession it had to be
suspended he was eventually buried in
Kerman later but 50 dead in a stampede
then Iran launches 15 missiles directed
at US bases in Iraq hits two of them no

casualties hours later a Boeing for a
brand new Boeing plane recently serviced
a falls out of the sky after taking off
from Tehran’s Airport and then this is

not widely reported but then there was a
4.9% in the point nine magnitude quake
right several actually across Iran
including one very close to a nuclear

facility and the markets are at record
highs and the market is the markets at
record highs so just for argument’s sake
I’d like to expand on the idea that

maybe there was a little bit of warfare
that did take place in the background
and I’m going to say it earthquake
machine it exists it’s been talked about

in the United States Congress since the
early 80s
other countries apparently have this
capability what if the there was early
warning there was knowledge that there

that missiles were going to be incoming
no knowledge if they were going to be
targeted properly or not and
you know what guys the minute those
things are flying we flip on harp we let
him know that we’ve got the goods on

them and unfortunately the Ukrainian
aircraft was in the way of the waves and
it got toasted at 8,000 feet altitude I
know it’s nuts but I just firm it up I

just want to put it out there as a
possibility the possibility I’m not
saying that I mean the original theory
is solid it’s it’s just a possibility

that the Ukrainian aircraft accident is
an interesting one yes it is it’s the
most interesting aspect to me I said it
was filled with Canadians will not fill

but there were 60 I think 60 Canadians
30 from the University of Alberta hmm
all uh most of them dual citizens going
back to Canada but somehow for some

unknown reason going from Tehran to Kiev
to someplace then to Canada I don’t know
where they were routed that way what the
point of it was but a number of

professors a lot of students here’s
Ukraine’s response which is a take-back
big development today is that Ukraine
now says a missile strike or some act of

terrorism our possibilities and must be
looked into remember initially those
things were ruled out by the Ukrainian
embassy in Tehran as officials there
immediately pointed to mechanical

failure that early statement was taken
down in the country said it was too
early to tell what happened now the
president of Ukraine laid flowers at
memorial at the Kiev Airport today says
the investigation must be open and the

information from the black boxes shared
in accordance with international law the
plane crashed just three minutes after
takeoff from the Tehran Airport at about
four hours after Iran fired missiles at

air bases in Iraq flight tracker data
shows the plane ascended to about 8,000
feet at normal speed and then lost all
contact witnesses say the plane was
engulfed in flames as it plunged to the

ground there never was any communication
between the pilots and the tower as the
plane was going down but officials in
Iran now say the pilots were attempting
to turn around the plane
let it land it back at the airport Iran

is blaming the engine failure fire and
the Western intelligence agencies also
believed there was a technical
malfunction that caused one engine to
overheat but many crash experts in the

US are skeptical they got almost 8,000
feet so it wasn’t like right after
so the fact there was nothing coming
from the cockpit probably meant that the
cockpit was destroyed upon impact with

something and the pilots weren’t there
to make any kind of comments Canada is
also expressing the desire to have a
very open investigation they had they
lost a majority of the 176 passengers on
board Iran says that it will not allow

boeing to inspect those black boxes and
we’ll have to see if that changes in the
coming days yeah very fishy but there
wasn’t an explosion it was on fire they

say which well eyewitness accounts you
know you always just miss just a
smattering of the you know get to watch
the whole event cuz you’re not looking

there yeah yeah it’s very very fishy
they said to show a lot of bullet holes
in the tail section yeah it would look
like bullet holes that may or may not be
something but who knows yeah no no I

don’t think so either
other than the HAARP machine theremin oh
I’m not gonna know I’m not hitting the

theremin all of this this does come at a
great time for Tom Cruise though doesn’t
it what you got new movie coming out
yeah Top Gun – no isn’t this three three
uh how many top guns do we need this is

what well the plus is what Ricky Gervais
is with bitch hold on hold we’ll get the
Ricky Gervais the the sequel is reported
to involve a conflict with Iran in which

Tom Cruise steals in Iranian f-14 after
being shot down
God knows guy knows how to plan shit
he’s good wasn’t there an old wasn’t

there an exact same movie with Clint
Eastwood where he stole some Russian
and I don’t know these these are not
very creative movies I well apparently
the CGI is really good it’s a flying

flying movie so I’ll go and take a look
at that now there’s just a lot of weird
things around you know this this 48-hour
period the New York Times specifically

Steve what is this guy’s name was it’s
who’s this reporter Steve Simon who used
to be one of Obama’s top policy guys

wrote in The New York Times about a
hypothetical US military strike on
sulemani in Baghdad really only half a
day before it actually happened did you

did you read this did you see any of
this I heard about it yeah so apparently
he said you know imagine or where is it
find the exact quote something the

effective imagine you’re going to you
know your soleimani and you’re in
Baghdad and the address of where you’re
going is known it would be easy for a
hypersonic missile to strike you I mean

it that could either be a of course
complete coincidence be message Allah
rubicon is what I was thinking
that was sounds more like it yeah to let

people know to either buy or sell stocks
I don’t know what the the thing is I
think they they can’t seem to control
the market the only thing it controls

the stock market our Chinese
announcements yeah so then the rubicon
the idea would not come from there so
because the market went up indeed and
then we did discuss this on the da Chomp

lecture about how and during these wars
episodes that market tends to go up not
down mm-hmm so jab by the know it sounds
like a Rubicon event to me but I don’t

know where the investment but the idea
of Rubicon these things are always
moneymakers or maybe well maybe it
wasn’t necessarily an investment advice
maybe it was maybe it was hey man you
might want to another one I heard is

that Soleimani had a blackberry issued
by CrowdStrike
I don’t know if that’s true but I like
CrowdStrike trying to make good with the

elites of the world hey Manuel will help
you drone that guy don’t worry about it
they say there were oh yeah this was
he’s all just interesting little data

points this was only see
Roka hana is that that’s a congressman I
guess yes for Fremont free oh he’s from

California yeah well he brought up
something interesting that happened in
with regards to the NDAA the National
Defense Authorization Act which was

signed sealed and delivered by the
president what just two weeks ago and of
course if if the White House hadn’t
intervened none of this would have been
possible at all so yet another curious

data point the legislation is very
simple it would say that there will be
no funding for any offensive strikes on
Iran or Iran Ian’s officials this
actually had passed the House of

Representatives as an amendment to the
National Defense Authorization Act and
there was majority support for it in the
unfortunately the White House stripped
it from the final defense bill had we

fought frankly harder to keep it in as
the Soleimani attack may have been
how about that well that’s actually the
most interesting of the group he’s just

presented that’s pretty interesting take
that out we need that taken out so they
probably I mean they probably worth
figuring that that would not fly because
they knew they were gonna take the guy
out one way or the other was not a an

overnight operation they’ve been
tracking him for a while yeah well let’s
go back to the basic premise at which I
think these very explenation for people
who haven’t heard the basic premise

which was your idea that the irani has
wanted to get rid of this guy and they
needed something but they couldn’t do it
themselves for some various political
reasons because you could see by the by
the the funeral procession there were

millions of people who were in love with
this character and but he had too much
control he had control of the major
armies and he was and the underground
and the Hamas and everything in between

but he’s getting too popular and he
could have taken over the country how
they get rid of him without making it
look like a you know to too obvious and
have the United States do it part of a

quid pro quo now we’re gonna start to be
able to do business now right and we’ll
we’ll send some missiles over there in
the meantime to save face if you don’t
mind and okay and now it’s everyone’s

standing down and there’s nothing’s
gonna continue that’s gonna maybe lead
to something or not yeah and I think
Trump’s the president’s speech which was

orchestrated in only a way Trump could
think of doing coming through earth with
the halo of light behind him that I mean

that’s that’s a Putin and by all these
guys that look nervous as hell they did
all kind of look like oh don’t fuck it
up man please just stick to the script
and he was bumbling through it too he

was he was signing over he was tripping
about Edwards I have most of it
including to what I consider to be
hilarious gaffes because in within the

speech he did he pulled two O’Reilly
which we turned into one of our words
and what’s word that we keep using all

the time that O’Reilly threw out there
and we now it’s becoming so common I
racking my brain what do you talk and
O’Reilly that sounds like you know you
rape some woman what isn’t O’Reilly I

don’t remember Bill O’Reilly came out
and he put two words together made it
word out of it that we used all the time
it’s so good that we can’t remember it
well this chatroom chatroom is you do
your job they’re trolls man they’re not

they’re not chatters whatever trolls get
to work Bogut if huh what Bogut him yeah
there you go
thanks trolls see we uses so much you

don’t even remember even did it no I
thought you made it up I didn’t know
that Bill O’Reilly came up oh no he had
the quote where he said Bogut if instead
of saying bogus and something else’s
became with Bogut if and so we started

using it as a term it’s funny you know I
I’m telling you I swear to God I thought
you made it up that’s interesting I
don’t even see this clip but we didn’t
yeah I’m looking in the archives I don’t

see what it’s around okay yeah he’s the
one who coined it he didn’t coin it he
just fell into it the same thing here
okay yes yes all right what are we gonna
play well first I’m gonna spend a little

bit of that speech started start with
part one which is the way starts off
which was unusual he never says hello as
long as I’m president of the United
States Iran will never be allowed to
have a nuclear weapon good morning now

that was another part of the interesting
entrance the whole deal that was I mean
the only all I could think of is that
was the message

that’s the message nothing else mattered
well I’ve never heard him anyone do a
prelude no to a hello like a teaser like
and I’ll be right back with my speech

after these words from our sponsors
stars yakking away and it’s very boring
and this is part to Easter you can get
to sense how dull it is I’m pleased to
inform you the American people the

breathing man 90s he’s hyperventilating
yes totally
see nervous he’s like maybe cuz he’s
good maybe two or three of the guys

behind him have a gun on him I think I
think he really wanted to do this right
this is what happens to Trump when he’s
in acting mode because he doesn’t have

this when he’s on stage and he’s just
you know doing his thing doing his stick
he’s great what he’s doing his thing is
just natural when he’s in acting mode I
have this to a to some degree you’re

just so focused on what you’re doing
what you’re saying that you forget to
breathe and once it started I have this
on the show sometimes and I’ll have to
hit the mute button and just take a deep

breath because I’ve been talking for
five minutes I forgot to breathe
sometimes I have it on the phone too so
I recognize that you get into and so
he’s trying not to do the big intake

gasp of air and it’s a little paperback
take a paper bag and breathe
excuse me for one second Iran will never
have a nuclear weapon as long as a

president he just just do it
Emily grateful and happy no Americans
were harmed in last night’s attack by

the Iranian regime always out of breath
there too it’s really bad
I think on here one I think that just
the basic no agenda thesis er which is

your invention which you dreamed up or
got from someone or I don’t know came
from God
it came from God who are you and rush
limbaugh so I think that he is he’s

obviously part of the of the scheme but
I’m wondering if he doesn’t trust the
scheme he thinks he may be being set up
and that his nervousness he can’t trust

anybody except his daughter yeah and so
this is making him nervous but he’s
playing along hmm that’s Wow so he’s not
in charge of this of the of the gambit

no he wouldn’t wait I got a dream this
kind of thing if this is a spooky spooks
spook spooky thing it seems so simple
though I mean no okay regime we suffered

no casualties all of our soldiers are
safe and only minimal damage was
sustained at our military bases our

great American forces are prepared for
Iran appears to be standing down which
is a good thing for all parties

concerned and a very good thing for the
no American or Iraqi lives were lost
because of the precautions taken the
dispersal of forces and an early warning

system that worked very well I salute
the incredible skill and courage of
America’s men and women in uniform for
far too long

all the way back to 1979 to be exact
nations have tolerated Iran’s
destructive and destabilizing behavior
in the Middle East and beyond those days

are over Iran has been the leading
sponsor of terrorism and their pursuit
of nuclear weapons threatens the
civilized world we will never let that

just on the on the early warning system
general retired General Douglas McGregor
had the following to say and I think he

may have led a little bit more slip out
than he intended
the president is very lucky these
missiles as you pointed out were
targeted in advance and we were informed

in advance of where they were going to
land so we were able to evacuate
soldiers sailors airmen and Marines and
have no casualties the president made a
right decision not to respond now he

needs to live up to the promises that he
made to the American people and pull us
out of both Syria and Iraq so that’s not
just an early warning system that tells
me something was launched he said they

were targeted before and we knew where
they would land yes that’s switched by
the way I should mention this we did
have one of our producers go on about
this possibility being bullcrap yeah but

I think this changes that well I think I
just when I heard the first time I heard
that they were warned I never got the
impression it was from the base the

operations going all those missiles
incoming missiles to take cover which is
what are in which which is our military
guy told rice said that’s why that’s
what did it it wasn’t Jim you know Bob I

am back in fact I believe this was it
this whole thing if you were gonna go
along with the if we’re gonna either
take it or don’t take the fact that

there’s a scheme afoot
yeah I’m all in on scheme afoot and I
think our producer who had who says he
has good credentials and I’d have no

reason to doubt him but that would be
what he’s been told to believe of course
he’s not gonna be who’s gonna be let in
on this we had somebody tweet Oh as one
of the Khomeini or says something and

make some announcements there’s no
mention of any sort of us of the good
agreement although man I got a lot of
Twitter hate when those missiles started

coming in I got a better story than that
it’s because I’m sitting at watching TV

with Nick as the A’s are announcing this
Nick is your
you know his fiancee yes and Nick is it
and I said I explained him to just the

scheme with you know whatever ability
but I had it roll with his eyes when you
never know he’s very he’s pretty much
all in on this idea his dad would
definitely be rolling his eyes yeah and

and I was explaining to him in some
detail and then they made this
announcement and then as soon as they
said and there were no casualties
bingo boom Shakalaka it was like holy

crap that’s exactly what we you know I
for a moment there I felt my
relationship was on the line you know
I’m I’m here telling my beautiful wife
don’t worry this is just all this all

show that was after our Sunday show then
these missiles come in at her head man
whips around looks at me turn Democrat
on you’re either in the house who says

she isn’t we’ve been doing this for 12
years you and I she’s new to the party
you know she hasn’t been through a
massive prediction which turns out to be

especially one when it’s it’s scary or
you’re you’re being told to be very
afraid because every channel had a
person on talking in the dark with two
lights in the sky shot a flare that was
alright yeah I’m not gonna play well now

yeah I’m gonna skip three because these
are pretty crummy let’s go – lets get to
the gaff parts now I have it
Trump talk a take on Iran floor there’s

one thing I wanted to mention I was
hoping was convene your clips twice he
talked about the Iranian regime and when
you when you discuss this type of golden

plate clips where you might be in there
oh okay well it’s not that important was
last week we took decisive action to
stop a ruthless terrorist from

threatening American lives
at my direction the United States
military eliminated the world’s top did
you hear what he said at my head my

no no voice yet might what might it was
his final say-so maybe it could be could
make that claim noise anyway the he says
we’ve stopped a terrorist from making

threats last week we took decisive
action to stop a ruthless terrorist from
threatening American lives you can
interpret that in multiple ways but I

see you’re an open literally yeah I feel
your angle at my direction the United
States military eliminated the world’s
top cursed terrorist he’s doing a bush

terrorist terrorist Kassam soleimani
and what happened what’s this with was
it soleimani solo meny
or is the New York Times would have a

sulemani yeah oh yeah and you were right
in the newsletter it’s like this happens
every time it was Osama bin Laden then
it was Osama bin Laden’s code it is code

it’s like what Intelligence Agency are
you working with well smelling it this
way so you gotcha as the head of the
cuts force solemn Annie was personally

respond Alemany so he’s addressing all
of the intelligence agencies possible
for some of the absolutely worst
atrocities he trained terrorist armies

including Hezbollah launching terrorist
strikes against civilian targets he
fueled bloody civil wars all across the
region he viciously wounded and murdered

thousands of US troops including the
planting of roadside bombs that maim and
dismembered their victims Salah meny
directed the recent attacks on US

personnel in Iraq that badly wounded for
servicemembers and killed one American
and he orchestrated the violent assault
on the US Embassy in Baghdad

in recent days he was planning new
attacks on American targets but we
stopped him solemn and his hands were
drenched in both American and Iranian

blood he should have been terminated
long ago by removing solemn a knee
we have sent a powerful message to

terrorists if you value your own life
you will not threaten the lives of our
people unfortunately what I wanted was
not in there which is the regime which
he mentioned twice and who knows we

might get lucky here we go as we
continue to evaluate options in response
to Iranian aggression the United States

will immediately impose additional
punishing economic sanctions on the
Iranian regime see this almost no one
talked about that about well the regime
part is one but also new sanctions which

is really hurting the people of Iran
this has really destroyed almost all
Commerce but he’s he’s I think he’s
putting it all I think there is some

verbiage going on here using regime not
saying government not saying Supreme
Leader not saying president no regime

and that can only mean that we’re
talking about a regime change as near
the end of the speech I don’t know if
you have it you know he said hey the
people inside Iran are all pissed off so

to me it’s like I’m just waiting and
looking to see okay when do we see
so-called protests with brand new signs
pop up within Iran that would be the

next logical step if this indeed is the
type of game that we think it is
maybe I mean everyone ends up getting

rebel eyes I mean we have to remember
that hold on we have to remember that
Libya was a good example this one

everyone did they Trump how to put some
tents up for the guy because no no was
it no hotel would allow him to yet
because he wanted to or too many floors
right and so he let him set up tents

with all of his yes he lived in tents
set up by which car they are usually
living in tents there they set up tents
by Trump god I wonder if we still have

that clip we must have had a clip about
it or maybe we only talked about it well
let’s get to the gaps because I think
that a part we are listen alright let’s
do it okay you’re gonna have to spot the

gaffe this is part of the game okay it’s
O’Reilly style gaffe where he actually
makes up a word and this will be the
Trump on a rat for gaffe one Iran must
abandon its nuclear ambitions and end

its support for terrorism the time has
come for the United Kingdom Germany
France Russia and China to recognize
this reality they must now break away

from the remnants of the Iran deal who
are jcpoa and we must all work too hard
swallow on that to besides the breathing

listen to the swallow yeah who are jcpoa
and we must stop for a second you know
the one thing that people have to
realize about this show and because we

realize in fact you were I think are the
first one to point it out seriously when
I was playing these old clips from TV
shows yeah how bad the acting is how bad
the acting is is that if you just listen

to the audio yeah you has a poison fish
the show is on video if this shows on
video we’d miss a lot that we catch
everybody would be too distracted by my
ticks well there’s that but we just keep

you off camera but the point is is that
you cannot catch a lot of this stuff
unless you list
sin yes exactly not and this show is
really benefits from being an audio-only

through to us yeses and we produce it to
make sure you can hear it in your
earbuds you hear well that’s that’s
I just had a thought though I had an
idea for the president and it’s an idea

that is has been pioneered here on the
No Agenda show i from time to time I
have a tick which is a a sniffing tic
yes I heard it and that’s why I did it

but I’ve heard it before
oh yeah but it’s really sometimes much
worse than you would know because I have
a foot pedal right here so I just talk
but that’s what Trump needs when he if

for every time he steps up to the mic so
he can just you know he’ll talk like
this and then I’ll just hit the pedal
and you didn’t hear the snort

because the sniffing and the breathing
is distracting
I think so – that’s why he’s so much
better when it just does lie so it’s

just just an idea it’s this is actually
and I know someone listens this is the
rolls mic mute mmm 11 and you could put
it right in line with his setup and they

just steps on it with one foot and then
the problems over
yeah and they should what do you got – I
got a wall up or you could have a whole
board or you could add a little echo for

the Iranian regime no you could do Oh

bullshit let go yeah that’d be great
oh I can’t get it off there we go
oh man what’s going on uh-oh soot I’m

sorry I’m stuck I’m stuck in Echo hell
luckily I can’t hear it you can’t hear
the echo well it’s hold on a second

you’re stuck in echo mode is that it and
what about me am I an echo mowjood yeah
we’re both an echo mode but I can’t seem
to get it to stop maybe this will work

just after bragging about how great the
sound is its echo sounds like no that’s
not okay this is the thing it might all

echo my my console is frozen
ah there we go I did it sorry about that

let’s get back to the president the Iran
deal who are jcpoa and we must all work
together toward making a deal with Iran
that makes the world a safer and more

peaceful place we must also make a deal
that allows Iran to thrive and prosper
and take advantage of its enormous
untapped potential Iran can be a great

country peace and stability cannot
prevail in the Middle East as long as
Iran continues to foment violence unrest
hatred and war the civilized world must

send a clear and unified message to the
Iranian regime your campaign of terror
murder mayhem will not be tolerated I
played that one back a couple times to

see if there was any reaction from the
the stiffs behind it there was I think I
think it was Esper the defense secretary
he shot a quick look like Oh God there

he goes Tyler Aidid what what exactly
was the word well play the clip that I
have the I saw of it which is I saw a
gaffe one Trump
oh yes oh these are these are out that

those are ISOs yeah will not be
tolerated tolerated taller right it’s
being rubberized only it’s the opposite

arise your tolerance the word tolerance
be taller I know it’s tolerated he says
well he said taller I said as if he was
Brazilian let’s say but it still taller

I I’m staying with tall Erised okay how
do you spell taller eyes taller eyes @g
taller i tol a Ric D yeah colorized okay

new word here the merriam-webster taller
eyes just like it yes okay that’s good
now he’s got a second one in here which

would play we can play the long version
which is obviously they deaf to do today
I am going to ask NATO to become much
more involved in the Middle East process

over the last three years under my
leadership our economy is stronger than
ever before and america’s achieved
energy independence these historic
accomplishment shades our strategic

priorities these are accomplishments
that nobody thought were possible wait a
minute he said a couple of things in
there didn’t hear a particular can hear
this once these historic a compliment

shade compliments compliments that’s in
a compliment I’d like to a compliment
you on that which I think you got taller

eyes and a compliment compliment I don’t
understand why the mainstream media

doesn’t doesn’t joke about that when he
does that it’s hilarious it is hilarious
and they don’t joke about it because
they have no sense of humor no there’s
that so I have two opposing clips one is

from a professor in at the University of
Tehran this is on euronews
that should tell you enough about the

outlet and this is how the professor
what is his name here Syed’s see what’s
his name he is well I can’t find his

name he’s a professor at the Iranian at
the University of Tehran and here’s what
he says the feeling is and what people

thought inside Iran of soleimani people
in Iran are outraged and obviously the
people in Iraq are also outraged because
the Americans also murdered a senior

Iraqi war hero who was the deputy head
of the popular mobilization forces these
two gentlemen the Iranian general and
the Iraqi commander they were the people

who basically pushed back Isis from
Baghdad and expelled them from Iraq
these are the same people who Trump
himself when he was a candidate was

saying that they’re the ones who are
fighting Isis but unfortunately the
United States behaves like a rogue
regime and the US media because of its
sheer power hides this reality behind

the narrative the United States is
bombing Iraqi government positions it
has murdered an Iranian senior official
an Iraqi senior official right inside

Baghdad International Airport and they
did this in contravention to Iraqi
sovereignty they did this despite the
fact that the iraqi prime minister said

that they have no right to carried out
attacks in the country but because the
united states sees itself as exceptional
because western countries see themselves
as exceptional they can invade countries
like iraq they can create al qaeda in

afghanistan they can support extremists
in syrian destroy the country they can
destroy libya they can help starve yemen
with the saudis and they still claim to
be the supporters of international law

and human rights so his point at the end
there is well made of course that we are
the assholes of the universe certainly
idea Ted a disco yes it’s called the
University of Tehran

totally certainly under previous u.s.
regimes we have done all of that
absolutely but this guy’s clearly in one
part of Iran but there’s multiple parts

inside and I was what someone sent me
what’s like the travel guy Steve no Rick
Rick Steves yes and in 2014 he didn’t
episode on Iran oh it’s in the show

notes any show knows calm and you know
what you see consistently is of course
young people because most of the country
is under 30 I think that’s pretty young
people who are very very clued in they

have you know lots of in fact when the
internet first started exploding the
number one language on the internet was
Farsi not English but that’s probably
been overtaken by now but for years

Farsi was the number one language on an
ally find that not true I’m told I’m
talking 93 94 95 yeah in the 1990 91 92
93 94 95 I don’t think so okay well I’ll

find some reports I mean I don’t know
how anyone measured it to start off with
but yeah
anyway they’re very literate internet
literate and they love America and they

love Americans they just hate their
regime and one of those who hates the
regime is a fairly famous Iranian
youtuber and she normally she gets

probably about a hundred thousand views
on her videos when she’s talking she’s
done a lot of a lot of videos about
Syria and etc but this one got three

million views so I chopped it down to
about a minute and a half so we can get
her take and she grew up partially grew
up in in Iran and is now an American

citizen I’m in Iran watcher I’m an Iraq
watcher I’m a serial watcher I’m an icon
asan watcher and for the people on the
ground they don’t hate America

they don’t hate Donald Trump in fact
there’s a lot of training hashtags right
now from Iran on Twitter Thank You Trump
thank you thank you for you know

Salamone thank you you know go look for
yourselves and people in Iran are happy
and they are giving out you know and
you’re in the Middle East it’s a
cultural practice when something

wonderful happens when there’s a
marriage or when there’s a celebration
you give out cookies you make cakes and
you should see the videos that are
coming out people are baking cakes
people are giving out cookies in public

in the streets because they’re happy I
mean I don’t know do we do we live in a
closed society that we don’t know that
most people in you know in the Middle
East are not free

specifically in Iran it’s an Islamic
state there’s no freedom of religion
there’s no freedom of speech there’s no
freedom of peaceful you know protest and
for anyone who disagrees with the regime

they’re arrested they’re jailed they’re
tortured you know and yeah there’s a lot
of video coming out right now about you
know the the the funeral of costume

soleimani it’s so much propaganda you
guys the regime has been saying death to
America for 40 years they forced us in
school to say death to America I was
seven years old I don’t know what I was

saying and the people that are like
saying that right now they’re called the
Bessie G they’re like you know they’re
getting paid they’re the ones that get
paid to kill people on the street so

yeah they’re gonna see death to America
but that’s not the people the majority
of the people in the Middle East don’t
hate America they don’t hate Donald
Trump and I’m probably knows a lot of
friends for saying this but thank you
mr. Trump for making a very hard

decision and for having the moral
courage to do something that probably a
lot of world leaders wouldn’t have had
now my experience with Iranians or as
they as they prefer to be called

Persians certainly in Los Angeles when I
lived there I a new number of them but
also Lex’s wife she’s Iranian they go
back and forth to Tehran a lot and she

tells me what’s going on and it’s the
same message you know it’s like and they
also always feel that America and the
regime are somehow in cahoots

and are always working on schemes
together now that’s you know just the
the population who feels that way but I
didn’t yell
there’s always something behind it
there’s always something behind these

especially the Middle East the misery
Middle Easterners in general all the
different cultures and countries they’re
very gossipy and they yes yes they are
and they tend to come up with these

sorts of analysis not dissimilar to ours
in many cases and a lot of it is right
on the money because it gets verified
that because they’re so open about

discussing this stuff behind everyone’s
back so let’s so what would be next as
possible that I mean there are other
other evidences that we are working with
them oh it’s lots of it oh by the way
BBC now reporting BBC reporting that CBS

News is reporting that u.s. telogen s–
intelligence says a satellite detected
infrared blips of two missile launches
followed by another blip of explosion

therefore saying that Iran mistakenly
shot down the Ukrainian plane there goes
the earthquake machine theory

well it doesn’t explain the earthquakes
earthquakes happen to blitz wildebeest
so 1 into sig int or who knows who

decided that there is a there was a blip
of showing a missile to blips and
hitting to blips bang bang and followed
by another blip I love these these

technical explanations little ish blip
glitch uh-huh
yeah exactly
so if if we look at the cycles if you

look at the cycle of Iran we’re about
due for a for a regime change for why
would they or do for ruble ization why
would they mistakenly shoot down this

what planes do they think we’re flying
around you heading out of town that were
what they think was an American jet what

were they thinking it was a mistake this
is the reporting it was a mistake
oops yeah sometimes things are very
unfortunate bad add a wrecker as we say
in aviation to think if that was true

quote/unquote mistake there was somebody
on that plane that they had to yeah I
lied hill I did get the passenger
manifest Minh and I saw every name but
I’ve nothing I would recognize I had no

Ronnie names no but that that is
obviously something that we would look
at a de wreckers what I see so far
but you say they’re due for rubble
ization I don’t think so we’re not gonna

rubble eyes Iran at all I think
eventually we have to know maybe oil
fields but you cannot rubble eyes no no
I just don’t see that happening did they

could they rebel eyes everything else
wise rot Iran gonna get it we’ll ask Ron
has been our buddy in the past you know
they’ve done a lot of so is Libya yeah I
know it’s it’s bad actors that make

these decisions so hopefully we’re not
going to rubble eyes Iran what I would
be hoping for is another October
surprise hostage situation this is the

year to do it that’s what I’d be looking
at a cycle
this is not the year to do it’s a year
to do it would be in 2024 because they
when they did the first Ono you’re right

you’re right doctor first right right
because Carter’s first go-round they had
to get rid of him and but this would be
an attempt to get rid of so people

wouldn’t vote for Trump yeah but they
can’t because he’s such a loose cannon
nobody knows what he’d do
mhm and it’s not like Carter they knew
it was gonna wimp out yeah

but we all know that you know that the a
deal was made to intentionally delay the
release of the hostages so it would
benefit Regan yes these are the types of
these are the level of deals that can be

done with Iran and I’m sure that that
could come in handy depending on what
happens with I don’t know peach birth or
something of that ilk it’s going we can
talk about that in a minute but let’s I

do have one more clip about trumpet and
his little chat and the only reason I
want to play because I having a WTF
attached dude this is a seven second
clip a trump talk on WTF military

spending the American military has been
completely rebuilt under my
administration at a cost of 2.5 trillion
dollars yeah I I caught that number as

well and I actually expected some
outrage I didn’t read any outrage about
that though it’s done which is like how
much who’s giving them media the media
can’t even think for themselves on any

of these things they can’t ridicule him
for his taller izing and they can’t talk
about this this number which is what is
he talking about
he’s been in office two years they put

in 700 billion dollars each year for the
military which is one point that me if
you add the two together which is not
rebuilding that’s just maintaining
according to him that’s 1.4 trillion so

as he gets this huge number I know maybe
that’s the the two trillion that
Rumsfeld couldn’t account for I don’t
know pockets Rumsfeld you know we
couldn’t find and that was wasn’t that

the day before 9/11 that he said that
yes this is wait a min how much did
Trump say that’s very interesting how
you point four trillion I to plate again
in 27 seconds Laura for Pete oops right

that’s the wrong one we go the American
military has been completely rebuilt
under my administration at a cost of two
point five trillion dollars two point

five now let’s listen to Donald Rumsfeld
just before 9/11 2001 had agon the day
before 9/11
Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
declared war not on foreign terrorists

the adversaries closer to home it’s the
Pentagon bureaucracy
he said money wasted by the military
poses a serious threat in fact it could
be said that it’s a matter of life and

Rumsfeld promised change but the next
day the world changed and in the rush to
fund the war on terrorism the war on
waste seems to have been forgotten my o3

budget calls for more than 48 billion
dollars in new defense spending more
money for the Pentagon when its own
auditors admit the military cannot
account for 25% of what it already

spends according to some estimates we
cannot track 2.3 trillion dollars in
transactions close enough are you close
two point three two point five who knows

it’s all a big ripoff what we get whole
ripoff in fje you can support the
military but you don’t have to support
just squandering money and what did it
go towards I mean I I saw the National

Defense Authorization Act I think it
went to face force that’s where the
money went by the way there are two
producers of this program the No Agenda
show who I have confirmed are now in
space force

oh really yeah I think I heard about one
of them one of them is pretty high up in
the launch area and another one is in
the bowels NASA that’s just the ones I
know but space force is the real deal

man it’s the real deal
so yeah 2.5 trillion it seems like a lot
of money I I know that what do we
appropriate 750 billion dollar 700 plus

yeah hmm so where’d it come from there’s
this money this money the word is 2.5
trillion come yeah the CIA’s money took

that money back from him by the way very
interesting ever since you had the guy
on from the Quincy Institute everywhere

there’s articles every Emmy just yeah
opinion the Quincy Institute the
hypersonic missiles are a game changer

this is maybe these guys are the new war
or the war power college whatever you
know that people behind it right let me
miss this oh wait let me guess you won’t

guess it correctly but go on sir is one
of them actually I did see this AI
brothers oh yes that’s right

I did see this Soros & Koch brothers
yeah to find war outfits right there Wow
finding the ruin see Institute so
whenever you see someone from the Quincy

Institute do you know where it’s coming
from where they’re tell me like that one
please and then just a reminder that
John Kerry’s daughter is married to the

son of one of I think the finance
minister of Iran just throwing that out
there in case you see him making any
interesting moves but he’s always over
there supposedly doing back Channel

deals illegally in violation of the
Logan Act or whatever
yes exactly yeah meanwhile general Flynn
been broken by the system they took all

his money the guy’s a wreck
I have just one last clip in this a
relatively short I guess a bunch of
Democrats got up and we’re tied at the
the new push now is the War Powers Act

yeah and by the way Mike Lee finally
turned on Trump like he was always an
anti-trump er and he kind of caved for a
while Mike Lee has missing Mike Mike

Lee’s the other senator from Utah with
Romney and I think Romney finally cajole
them in to be yourself Mike it’s okay to
hate him there’s no problem there

yes what we’re discussing well the
Democrat yeah the Democrats and the War

Powers Act right and this their Act yes
Nancy Pelosi sent a message the original
War Powers Act was in 73 but they beefed
it up drive era right and so but I think

that they’re going to try and you the
way I understand they’re gonna try and
use this to create more articles of
impeachment yes yes well I know my
latest idea about what what might be

going on sure let’s go back to the
possibility that Nancy Pelosi is not
insane she never wanted an impeachment
but and she goes cheese flips on and

goes to all four and now she’s holding
on to the impeachment papers she knows
that the to the embarrassment of the
Democrats if she pushes these
impeachment papers over to the Senate

which unlike and to all the right
wingers are Joel well you know they can
do it the Senate can just do what they
want well they can just quit and without
even getting the paperwork but they’re

not gonna do that nobody’s gonna do
anything and I’m sure that Pelosi should
be talking to the McConnell over there
at the Senate about what can we do to
prevent this from happening because it’s

an embarrassment to the party so this
would be a way out
I’m here’s the fuse my thinking that
this I’m not fully sincere or fully
subscribed to this I’m just putting it

out there as a possibility mm-hmm she’s
gonna sit on the impeachment papers
through the election and in to the next
couple of years she’s just gonna sit on

because she knows that if they put them
through and they get kicked back by the
Senate they will do it again and again
they would they’re gonna just impeach
him over and over again different things

most patient for this impeachment for
that he’s so she knows that a ruin the
Democrat Party for sure
yeah so she’s gonna she’s gonna sit on
it through the elections that her excuse
to sit on it through the elections is

gonna be well if the American public
gets a clue and they put and they turn
over the Senate to us dammit
it’s then we can get him so let’s just
wait right right well that would make

sense because she doesn’t want to see
I’m thinking this possibility she
doesn’t want to see the Democrats get
kicked back you know the kickback the
impeachment by the Senate will kick it

back except for Mike Lee they’ll kick it
back and then he’ll do it again for
something else then they’ll do it again
and again and again the parties look
like a bunch of buffoons so she writes
to her Democratic colleagues this week

the house will introduce and vote on a
War Powers Resolution to limit the
president’s military actions regarding
Iran this resolution is similar to the
resolution introduced by senator Tim

Kaine in the Senate that was a Hillary’s
vice presidential pick loser it
researched Congress’s law spook by the
way Tim Kaine it asserts Congress’s

oversight responsibilities by mandating
that if no further congressional action
is taken the administration’s military
hostilities with regard to Iran cease
within 30 days as true as how the War
Powers Act operates so what’s new it’s

just a reassertion it’s just a
resolution all right the House
Resolution will be led by congresswoman
at least a slot Caen she is a that’s
right here

congresswoman slot kenaz a former CIA
and Department of Defense analyst
specializing in Shia militias sounds
like the man for the job
actually represents the public she

served multiple tours in the region
under both Democratic and Republican
administrations multiple tours tours
what does that mean well I guess she she
opened up a print shop she were in a

magazine but what can it what is a tour
when you’re when you’re in the CIA when
you’re in the CIA yeah you’re probably
undercover as a journalist something
else I greatly appreciate the solomon

solomon solomon t saw solemnity
solemnity thank you salaam to you too
aya greatly appreciate the solemnity
with which all of our members are

working to honor our responsibility to
protect American lives and values
never truth which is the Constitution
thank you for your patriotic leadership
during this difficult time so Wow it’s

really nothing new other than a
television moment from what I can see
because this is a show building it’s a
resolution which is not law it’s just

that’s the same as as impeachment it’s
basically another article of impeachment
in this resolution and of course is
gonna take it past 30 days like every
other president before him is done look

at Syria and I can’t believe these these
senators and I think was mainly senators
who were bitching and moaning about what
we got a briefing it was no good you
know it was like we’re there was a job I

looked over all these documents most of
the Senators thought that briefing was
fine if not really good except for Mike
Lee and Rand Paul – I think Rand Paul

I’m using Rand Paul’s I’m sort of a foil
I’m not sure what Rand Paul’s up to it’s
Mike Lee a former spook I don’t think so
I mean he might be out looking mob the

Democrats are up there talking about
this and in the background if you watch
the video we video would be handy for
this very moment
Ilan Omar the congresswoman
representative from Minnesota she is in

the background laughing it up she’s
she’s goofing with some of her cohorts
behind jeyapaul I think is in the front

in the in the foreground and oh she
loved Jackson Lee who by the way when
Sheila jackson-lee sees this video she’s
gonna be very pissed because it was
incredibly disrespectful as she’s

moaning out droning on about whatever
war presidents from sucks orange man bad
at Elon Omar’s in the background just
just cracking up laughing I don’t know

what the joke was but then it’s her turn
to speak and this is what she said thank
you row I feel ill a little bit because
of of everything that is taking place

and I think every time I
you’re about come here of conversations
around war I find my myself being
stricken with PTSD and I I find a

feeling that I I served with great
advocates for for peace and and people
who have shown courage against war uh

why her PTSD was triggered except she’s
laughing it up in the background the
whole time she is very insincere woman
oh you think vote these people out why

don’t you doing with that and with that
I would like to thank you for your
courage and say in the morning to you
the man who put the C on CIA tours John

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chunka and he laughed saying the name is
from a Russian children’s song yeah it’s
a it’s actually it’s not just a song
it’s also a cartoon and I believe it’s a
really racist cartoon it’s like little

monk monkey kids living on chunka chunka
Islands it makes it even funnier in the
context of which the Russian pranksters
did it yeah that’s what he says to also

about the alternative universe
travelling machine and last time it
brought up the machine you both thought
it was I was asking for a jingle I was
simply asking about the machine and how

you haven’t used it in a while but Adam
just fired it up today before the show
started that day I understand is a very
highly tuned instrument and it’s not not
a jingle for the new listeners to the

maybe you could explain universe a and B
and verify which we are in because the
craziness of the sjw’s with their
swollen amygdalas are getting out of

control and I’m worried that we might be
stuck in universe B well but keep up the
great work and I’m sure we’re all
looking forward to an amazing year
I’m PS I’m looking forward to more

candid avian meetups this year people
cheer served white tonight so we
identified multiple dimensions and a
split universe years ago was this even

before Trump got elected I think Emily
must have been yeah and it’s what Scott
Adams would say the same movie playing
on two different screens

so we’re proved no chupa doped people
seeing two different movies on the same
screen isn’t that this okay no you say
there’s two different movies they’re
watching the same we watch the same

movie but there’s you see it differently
and and and I think the just look at
what pundits are saying everywhere in
the news there’s you know there’s people

who see the events differently and I
think the no agenda screen we’ve
identified as dementia a and dementia B
is everything that’s unhinged that’s a

code that’s it in a nutshell but we do
from time to time use this highly-tuned
instrument which is precision
it’s a cnc’d into precision and we use

it to travel to dimension B when needed
but I don’t really appreciate you doing
it because I always get I didn’t say
this before I tell you now to always two

days later I get hives oh really and you
always get a little nauseous too when
we’re traveling well that’s yeah well
that’s well I’ll get you the Dramamine

for the next time we fired up thank you
very much she’s a copper now I’m used to
copper did copper bracelet it’ll work
and of course they you know Sparky who I

haven’t seen Sparky in a while Sparky’s
a part of the Machine nothing got left
in dimension your operates it
yes our spark he actually flips the
switch thank you sir Dwight tonight

appreciate that
onward to I hope that clears things up
Dennis price in Pine Grove California
$200 Johnny thank for another great year
what you do means a lot John in the

summer I manage a forest services
station at Carson pass just past the
Kirkwood mountains on highway 88 next
time you go towards Tahoe please stop in
do you ever come up you ever pass them

up into the tower we are open 7 days a
week and take some shots yeah shoot from
up there from June through September but
if you come by on Saturdays I lead a

history of Carson Pass history from
Carson a history of Carson pass from
10:00 to 11:00 hour and a half lecture I
love the history of Carson Pass I’m sure

I’d learn silence I’d do it I’d go there
it’s cool stuff about Kit Carson believe
it or not I also about John C Fremont
pioneers and more find us on Facebook
Carson Pass station tennis pro price
Pine Grove California that guy’s some

karma all right but before I do that who
was Kit Carson Carson is one of the he’s
an American Hero he’s a good kid
he’s like that era of dead Daniel Boone
and Davy Crockett Kit Carson well I

expected a little more from you I mean
we have doesn’t have any more than that
a big Kit Carson fan it’s an
international show will your arson City
was named after Kit Carson the capital
of Nevada or Nevada American

frontiersman oh that’s a great one he
was a mountain man wilderness guide
Indian agent Indian agent yeah he’s
working for the not fast enough sorry

good try good dress slow US army officer
he became a frontier legend in his own
lifetime via biographies and news
articles often exaggerated versions of

his exploits were the subject of diamond
novels yeah you write those die dime
novel dime novels he understated his
understated nature belied confirmed
reports of his fearlessness combat

skills tenacity and profound effect he
was the original Donald Trump is what it
sounds like yeah maybe you some Karma

thank you you’ve got karma and always
nice to learn something new
Fabian sure shil Churchill chef sheriff
though it’s gonna be Deutsch cuz he’s

from Deutschland scarce he’ll Bobby on
scarce code wow that’s minor but special
last donated for show 601 went overboard

for quite a while but I’m back with Lou
and loving the show recently felt like
it was time to chip in again I’d like to
call out

Brigadier Bradshaw as a douchebag and
then he’s like a dealer’s choice of
Reverend el best regards fab X Linux
outlaw not operating radio nowhere at

random I or guy I’m not getting any of
this but okay there’s some code in here
I don’t get read it again
best regards fab X Linux outlaw now

operating radio Norway no no we’re okay
is operating radio no we’re at radio
Radio 1 and NW org you should check that

out actually the radio NW org yeah he
put some interesting stuff on there I
think some of that should be on our

stream but yes right he’s always
tweeting about radio radio nowhere radio
radio and well thank you very much
catch up to this I’m sorry I didn’t I
was flat-footed yes and now I’m gonna

jam a Carm after this too
Oh Yahtzee teeth you’ve got karma that’s
our two executive producers than three

associates executive producers for show
1206 I want to thank them for helping
get this show produced yes it is
incredibly important because we need to

pay bills as well and there’s not just
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stuff but more importantly it’s
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to our executive and associate executive
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pretty sure you could be the smartest

one at the water cooler enough you know
what actually went down our formula is
this we go out we hit people in the
so I was baffled I was really baffled by

Ricky Gervais and I was not I was not
baffled by his whole spiel but baffled
that NBC would sanction this

news on prompter oh yeah no no I even I
saw him on the red carpet and the
question was asked you know well you
know does does everybody know he said oh

no it’s all been approved it may be an
ad lib here or there he says but no it’s
all been approved everybody’s really
happy for Gervase to go so hard I mean
and to me it was really about one thing

there was a way stop we didn’t even tell
you know Albert Pike who doesn’t know
what we’re talking about Ricky Gervais
see there’s people that are wise people
don’t sit around watching television all

the time they would like to know what
we’re talking about Ricky Gervais the
the original office inventor and and of
course the US office television show
flowed from that also early podcaster

and comedian who I think is very funny
I’d love his stand-ups I think he’s got
some great bits it’s very English but
very interpretable for the United States
audiences and abroad was the host at the

Golden Globe Awards which is he’s known
for as would say in the UK taking the
piss out of the celebrities but I mean
the extent that he went to this time was

to me it was either because it was on
NBC the Golden Globes to me it felt like
what he was saying was either a planned

release valve he was a perhaps corporate
cover or a message to Hollywood and I
don’t know if you have any clips but I
only have 36 seconds that matters at 36

seconds that matter was right in the
beginning and this to me is this is when
I just went holy shit but tonight is
just about the people in front of camera
in this room are some of the most

important TV and film executives in the
world by the way he does say in part and
I’ll let him slide because he’s British
but he’s dropping his TVs in the world
people from every background but they

all have one thing in common
or terrified of Ronan Farrow he’s coming
for him he’s coming for you talking of
all you perverts it was a big year it

was a big year for pedophile movies
surviving r.kelly
leaving Neverland to Pope’s so you know
the Ronan Farrow relationship with NBC

is you know is we’ve read a lot about it
and for NBC in effect to condone the
message or propagate the message he’s

coming for all of you I felt it was I
really felt it was more than just this
is a this is funny because it wasn’t
funny to most people in that audience I
don’t think at least there wasn’t all

that there was a lot of grimacing but I
felt it was a message
it’s interesting to point that out the
Ronan Farrow like NBC connection and he
would go you know you know what the last

thing he said at the very end when he
signed off for the show did I forget
well you you didn’t probably see it
because I’ve never gotten it no I forget

I didn’t hear his bleep but you could
see his lips his last words as he left
was fuck off
I ended the show

could be no it could be I don’t remember
I just don’t remember so didn’t you
that’s what he said yeah but he said
that a number of times
yes I’d he said it on a couple who one
of the clips yes I remember yeah where

he says get get your award and fuck off
that that was what you’re saying yes he
could have said sod off or buzz off or
anything else I would have stayed in
there and I’ve been better for clipping
because that day you get get your warden

blank because they didn’t beat them they
just they cut it but they silenced him
yeah it was just they cut it out to cut
out the sound well I did he I have that
same clip but I have a I think mine’s a

slight variation on yours and the
pedophiles which is one of the things
you opened with let’s play this but
tonight is just about the people in
front of camera in this room are some of
the most important TV and film

executives in the world what you can
stop it’s exact same clip as I just
wanted if I started the exact same point
you did yeah it’s kind of amusing

alright let’s go on now here’s the part
just as Gervaise this is the part I
thought that everyone picked up on which
was the accepting the awards clip right
and and this is this is what got all the

play which is why I immediately wanted
to remind us about the Ronan Farrow
comment because this this is of course
what people love love to hear about the
Hollywood elites like because it’s so

easy to hate them for these very reasons
if you do win an award tonight don’t use
it as a platform to make a political
speech right you’re in no position to
lecture the public about anything you

know nothing about the real world most
of you spend less time in school than
Greta thumb burg so if you win right
come up accept little Awards thank your
agent and your god yeah and then I was

cut and then did it right now now that
it was is a throwback in the audience
did not like that but back in 1978
I put 7600 paddy Chayefsky is the clip

paddy Chayefsky it went in front of the
Academy Awards after Lynn Redgrave oh my
god get back in time
yeah Lynn Redgrave went off on my Jew

hate about how Israel’s a horrible place
and went on and on and on and che s key
and who was Jeff’s key I’m sorry okay
Jeff sees one is the greatest

screenwriter ever okay and you can look
up his credits has got you know
everything that’s really whoa I know
that I know that I’ve seen that it’s
really outrageous you can look him up on

IMDB but Paddy Chayefsky as CH e why I
was considered and in fact there was a
paddy Chayefsky award at the Golden
Globes song so anyway so this guy who is

very famous writer he in fact he did the
movie hospital and it was noted that
with the it was just a the movie the
hospital I think is the name of it yeah

the hospital was was highlight with the
it was one of the few films that was on
the marquee the hospital by Paddy
Chayefsky the very few writers ever get
to that point whether you even Tarantino

doesn’t do that so he goes on there and
during this they keep cutting to the
audience and the audience is in
applauding the assignments and the
audience disabilities are they’re famous

people and they’re applauding Chesky for
saying what he’s saying if he said this
today they’d be booing him clip before I
get on to the Writing Awards there’s a
little matter I like to tidy up at least

if I expect a little with myself
tomorrow morning I would like to say
personal opinion of course that I’m sick
and tired of people exploiting the
occasion of the Academy Awards

for the propagation of their own

personal political propaganda
I would like to suggest to miss Redgrave
that her winning an Academy Award is not

a pivotal moment in history does not
require a proclamation and a simple
thank you would suffice okay I’m going
to think that 1976 this was he was there

yeah I got the wrong date on here Oh be
78 because in 76 he Network came out
which he which of course is they had no

agenda classic yeah I’m one of his with
Howard Beale I’m mad as hell I’m not
gonna take it anymore which is all about
the manipulation of the news media or
all media all television for to boo

who’ve the elites which is a must see if
you’d never seen it interesting well
those days are over
yeah well again we did get we had a

bunch of speeches on the Golden Globes
but anyway the last clip I have there
was not one of these speeches Michelle
willing this is one of them I didn’t
like but Gervaise did I thought the best

bit was deeper into the show and
Gervaise does this I thought was really
nasty and the guy he announces the guy
from the Foreign Press Association yeah

and the guy comes out and gives it back
to him and he’s the only one nobody else
had the guts to say anything about
cervezas performance or anything about
it anything they were all chicken but it

was but it was obviously you know the
the president of the HF PA knew what
Bruce gervase was gonna do he was ready
for it so that’s why he had no problem
doing this anybody could have said

something there’s a bunch of
professional actors and comedians and
all kinds of people they come out and
they refused to acknowledge anything
Gervase said or did order insulting back

because they were shell-shocked John
they were shell-shocked I’m telling you
the whole pedophile thing that set him
on edge welcome back still having a good

as you know the meal tonight was all
vegetables as are the members of the
Hollywood Foreign Press please welcome
the President to Renzo Soria
Kanika you keep saying this is your last

year hosting for God’s sake please put
it in writing
now that was written that was perfect
that’s what you did good but John I

can’t I can’t get over whatever the
message was it was there it was a clear
message and it may just be one of these
things where you know you get a ten

speed bike then all of a sudden you see
ten speed bikes everywhere but there’s a
lot of pedo bear news popping up all of
a sudden
the first one is this hashtag which has
been trending on on Twitter and the

hashtag is TV underground hosts CP
and there’s this guy who proclaims and
he doesn’t really have any legitimacy in

my mind but I’ll it’s kind of like a
queue type thing I guess where people
are all Gd about it and all in he claims
that the DNC server the one that tanked

Debbie wasserman-schultz and the whole
Democratic Party although that proved
that Bernie got screwed for Hillary to

get the nomination of which we believe a
server image was made by seth rich who
met an untimely demise that apparently
that server is up and running in ukraine

where it went to CrowdStrike and that it
is a relay for child pornography now I’m
just bringing it up in the context of

Ricky Gervais sirs entire performance
which went back to that a lot with
Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself he
threw in a couple of Harvey Weinstein
bits when there was a lot of really odd

stuff that he was pushing out there at
the same time mother of sexually abused
boy banders breaks her silence
implicates Disney CAA Hollywood Records

LAPD district attorney and industry
elite in pedophile ring and coverup
which is not a surprise we’ve been
hearing about it for a long time but the
craziest one was Paul Krugman who all of

a sudden tweets out well it looks like
I’m on the phone with my computer
security service as and as I understand

it someone compromised my IP address and
is using it to download child
pornography now as a Nobel Prize winning
economist did you eat shit for breakfast

I don’t care what’s going on that is not
a swell thought-out tweet at all
you’d y-you know I do a man on that

tweet and my thinking was who has a you
know what is he talking about my
security consultant I mean he’s just a
what is he talking about

I mean if you’re that concerned about
anything you I don’t know what I just
don’t that tweet was baffling to me it’s
either that I don’t know I just that
you’re right I’ve completely beside

myself of what’s he talking about what
is he trying to cover up or that’s the
thing that you’d be wondering about and
by the way the Pentagon networks there’s
lots of articles also the past few weeks

about the amount of pornography
particularly child pornography that is
running around the networks at the
Pentagon yeah but that’s not new that if
you remember that was around yes I know

but it’s back in the news I’m just
saying it’s like the ten speed bike
thing am i just picking up on your
brightness we I did the same thing with
you know you start to decide to start
looking for Priuses we just have a game

my daughter and I how many Priuses would
we see on their way to the store and
you’d think well you see two or three is
it 20 yeah well look at where you live
man maybe how many gas guzzlers do I see
now that would be a challenge I know you

live all Priuses ifi’m with you that
Krugman thing was very strange and
remember we still have the backdrop of

Podesta now the the fabled pizza gate
and just years and years of doing this
that there seems to be a lot of

pedophilia surrounding political and
entertainment elites
and and you know whatever ricky gervais
says role in this was unfortunately I

think it was my initial thinking that it
was a kind of like a planned release
valve that seems to be the most obvious
like let’s just get it out there so

everyone can laugh and joke and create
memes of Tom Hanks’s face and then it’ll
die down because dudes is getting hot
under the collar here and maybe Ronan

Farrow is coming for somebody else
why not
what else that is Ronin Pharaohs job
apparently is yes

he’s got high in this credibility super
high now so he’s got to be frightening
name Ronan Farrell’s on the phone scary
scares you don’t want to hear by the way

that is something before the Russian
pranksters do it could somebody please
do that call up some Hollywood people
and say Ronan Farrow here I’d like to
talk to you know fill in the blank that

will be funny that’s a great gag and
then just don’t just start talking is it
okay well I there’s a couple of things I
need to discuss with you see how far you
could push it yeah stop leaving this to

the Russians we’re good at this we used
to be well who are the prankster kids we
used to have the boys the Jerky Boys
Jerky Boys yeah the Jerky Boys yeah the

original Jerky Boys what happened but
everybody was doing it we have two DJs
in San Francisco we’re doing it right
got old but but these are good men with
masks if you’re not good at it you gotta

get it can’t do it yeah we had the the
ship that thing was the same two Russian
guys like oh we have compliment on
Donald Trump we have we have naked one

into that we need more of that please
that definitely I think calling up and
saying I Ronan Farrow I’d like to talk
to Phil in the name of Hollywood

executive Phil in the name of politician
see what happens it could be funny
well you know since the obsessive
thinking they had that Tom Hanks stuff
was just a pretty much of a you know

kind of a boy next door guy and from the
bay area he these days I saw Twitter
some picture of him getting on the or he
was on the lowly Express he was a little

only to Express oh yeah yeah oh no Tom
Hanks I’m not so convinced he’s so
squeaky clean
now at all well you’ll find out soon

oh yeah thousands thousands of sealed
indictments the minute the minute
they’re release a gate now amidst all of
this of course we have the big nerd show

going on in in Vegas the Consumer
Electronics Show which neither of us pay
attention to or would go to or really

interested in at all except Ivanka truck
drunk Ivanka Trump did keynote and
apparently people were really outraged
by what she said and I have the the clip

of her outrage did she say well I have a
clip and the clip will also explain that
people were outraged I personally when I
listened to this it’s only 33 seconds by
coincidence I’m outraged by her dropping

her tease so just just bear with it
you’ll hear it and then maybe we can
figure out what was truly offensive to
everybody else and you’d mentioned the
importance of defining work based on

skills rather than credentials is
incredibly important in recorders and
the major shift in our thinking it’s
hard to imagine that that would have

caused the controversy that of course is
Ivanka Trump on the stage give you the
keynote speech at CES for some reason
some people were outraged at what you
would say Liz clay so I know maybe
because so you don’t need a bachelor’s

degree or something like that or I don’t
I don’t know what it was I just couldn’t
get past the important
cannot be President if she can’t
pronounce T’s in words like important
forget that side of it and try to figure

out what it is that bothers everybody I
think there’s a sense especially in in
tech there’s this I think it’s like a
fall there’s a there’s a word for this

and I can’t come up with it because I
didn’t think about this topic where you
you need that you you have these
phony-baloney degrees that give you some
sort of you key to the kingdom or you

know if you don’t have a degree and you
know somebody’s really a natural
computer person that there can just code
like a champ
they’re usually bass players many of

them yeah great coders or point is they
have these innate skills right and yes
and so they should probably be those
skills should be exploited to the max

but not if you’re gonna say well you
don’t have a bachelor’s degree so we
can’t give you that job that that’s the
LM something like yeah something like
that is something well has to be stem
your your anti stem if you say people

can just do it without an education
maybe maybe that’s part of it maybe well
as some day we need to figure out well
have you been looking at watching any of

the coverage from CES what are the what
are the great new gadgets and what is
what are the fantastic consumer
electronics that we’re going to see in
our homes that are now being presented I

don’t know but I’m waiting for some more
unboxings well because it’s really the
box that matters a couple of reports of
course at the Consumer Electronics Show

we need to have more fake food and now I
can’t believe it’s not pork is on deck I
am taking the bite of the brand new

unveiled right here impossible pork
fondue sandwich
tell me what’s in it soy protein right
sorry sorry protein sunflower oil

coconut oil that’s weird
here it comes thank you so much I’m

gonna finish this in the commercial
break you know real American yeah
clearly it tasted like shit which is in

it and and he’s like I don’t taste
anything and then all of a sudden oh yes
the aftertaste would you burp it up
disgusting so that’s the product I don’t

need what other great products are out
there at CES this is this is where it
all comes down people this is the future
of your life is right here at the
Consumer Electronics Show

rich tomorrow here at CES 2020 in Las
Vegas here in the LG booth and I found a
refrigerator that does something pretty
unique Wow finally John we’re there it’s

going to order the milk when you need it
mark vut Anza from LG is here to tell us
all about it thank you for a chatting
about this fridge what does this do

so it’s an indoor cultivating machine
that allows you to grow up to 20
different types of vegetables okay
indoors okay so okay okay okay control
okay the environments that you would

have indoors so you’re getting precise
humidity okay okay and light source to
give you the best cultivating for
different vegetables okay okay can I

grow wheat in that sucker vegetables so
okay excited okay that he’s dripping

over his word okay
this by the way is what passes as
technology reporting there are reporters
who make a lot of money doing exactly
this it’s disheartening okay

watering and light source to give you
the best cultivating for different
vegetables okay within a Satan column
refrigerator now am I just planting

seeds or does this requires some special
equipment great question so unit here is
a specific pod so once you finish okay

the hey okay do you get disposable and
finally what types of items can I grow
and when can we expect to see this don’t

have the expectation on when it’s come
in the market but primarily leaf
vegetables okay small okay
leaf vegetables maybe some fresh basil
basil right you heard it first and

what’s the super critter called it’s
part of the signature kitchen sweet
brand its part what is it called this is

where you say the brands is where you
say the name of the product that’s not
ever coming out because that’s what CES
is bullshit it’s they have so they’ve

nothing nothing new to show you that
want to grow basil in my refrigerator
all you do is a seat
you could grow it on your windowsill you
can grow it anywhere some use like a

he should say weed I grow I’d be
interested what is the name of the
product right you heard it first and
what’s this refrigerator called
the we diretor it’s part of the
signature kitchen sweet brand here at LG

all right finding some neat things here
at CES donees if you want to learn more
about this fridge go to my website it is
rich on tech dot TV reporting from Las

Vegas I’m rich tomorrow great report
rich really fantastic why didn’t you
suggest weed okay this is what he should
have done that would have made it more

interesting cuz then the guy would have
okayed himself outta there and none of
this is like Sony introduces an electric
vehicle but we’re never going to make it
all of this and then this one from CNET

which also known as CBS Interactive real
people getting paid real money to go to
this real show and deliver this shit
literally so this cute little guy is the

Charmin robot and the idea is if an
emergency strikes and you’re in the
bathroom and you run out of this
valuable material the Sherman robot will
be able to bring it to you lickety-split

and you’ll be able to use your phone to
control it okay
just want to set the scene the guys
sitting on the floor of the booth
there’s a little he calls it a robot
it’s like a little two-wheeled device

it’s about the size of a pole Jers
coffee can and on top of it is a roll of
toilet paper this is the innovation of
2020 if you are taking a crap and you

notice that your slaves didn’t hang up a
new roll of paper or put one underneath
the sink like most people Charmin is
introducing a robot that you it’s not

even robotics you control it with your
smartphone to and apparently it already
has a roll of toilet paper sitting on
top of it in the corner of your house

which is a great conversation starter
and then you can have it and apparently
you’re also not downstairs they’re
upstairs you’re on the same level it
will roll towards you and you can you
can steer this thing to bring you a roll

of toilet paper how is it opened a
bathroom door and then you don’t have to
worry and get up and embarrass yourself
right now to balance itself see it has a

self-balancing technology boom there it
is so it can handle its own weight it
can handle the way to the toilet paper
it works a little bit like a Segway no

it works exactly like a Segway which is
technology from 15 years ago it connects
to your phone via bluetooth well you can
remote control it to go where you want
which you know is to you on the toilet

because you need the toilet paper you’re
not gonna be able to buy this for a
little bit still it’s cute it’s very
enthusiastic it’s already spinning its
wheels again and it’s gonna bring you
and what you need the most at that

moment when you need it the most
just in time shit paper that’s right
everybody I’m so dismayed by this so
dismayed this is this what has happened
remember the good old days you’re beat

now know how to report on every show and
more stuff like this it’s so sad ok I
think I saw some folding screens ok whoo

that’s so crazy I tell you I can fold my
screen I got a flip phone but this now
impressive would be you got to take a

dump the thing rolls up right underneath
you just poop into a hole on top and it
rolls away and done that’s impressive
not something that you have to steer
with your Bluetooth connected phone to

navigate through your house just get up
like everybody else
this clench and go get it
yeah of course this this robot will also

never go into production because once
again and what is Charmin doing at CES
and I think there’s room for innovation
in publicity and CBS Interactive yeah I

think there’s room for innovation in the
in the toilet paper arena but this is
not it
I’ve never liked Charmin I’ve always
thought it was too slippery oh I’d like

Shawn that’s my favorite
I’m oh you never try if you want to try
type it which you’ll rarely find but if
you can ever find it it’s it’s from
Zellerbach and it’s called z ze gel

Urbach hold on
Zeller buck yeah big paper company but
they make a toilet paper called just ZZ
e that stuff’s unbelievable now what is

the what is the what are the
unbelievable benefits of the product
it’s just it’s like a cleaning machine
it’s um but it just works like a champ

it’s just fabulous
just I don’t want to go into the details
I know you’d know I do find it
interesting let’s see this has there
been around for a long time this is 1950

okay I can’t play that one I should hear
it now it’s it’s it’s not gonna work
this is a hey I’ve never heard of Z but

they’ve been around for a long time is
that the is that the forever is that the
toilet paper your mom was afraid the
Chinese were buying up no no she’s never
seen Z she just whatever the Chinese

were buying she’d she’d buy that but it
could have been anything
yes my mom was always fearful when she
went to the store and she saw a bunch of
Chinese mind tore the paper she figured
the end was near

so she tore the paper and she could
afford at the time now you can buy some
you can buy it online I’ll try some I’m

always in for a better experience is
available online yes
oh yeah get some to see what you think
cases that’s ludicrous by the way I
guess how bad things have gotten

every wonder what’s wrong with the
country that’s what would you just said
there is what’s wrong with the country
or a toilet paper online yes really the
worst a case a case is the 37 dollars

you get 240 rolls that you get a one
roll somehow I’ll get one don’t worry
and please do not send it to the PIO box

is very confusing for the postal workers
mail what’s the up to say something oh
boy I can’t believe you brought that up

because there are new jingles for the
Department of Homeland Security’s see
something say something campaign now for
those of you who have not been a part of

the the value for value network for a
years and years and years ago when the
MTA the Manhattan Transit Authority
introduced and copyrighted the if you

see something say something slogan we
immediately had a jingle for them made
by the genius sir Jeff Smith and we have
been trying to get them to use this for

years this is what it is totally catchy
all the kids get it it’s it’s on message
it’s easy to remember no they’ve never

used it and now they’re doing the
stupidest thing ever
they’re shortening the slogan why why do
we ignore the things that give us pause

that seem out of place that don’t feel
right the answer to why defines who we
see something why do you say something I
see safe for my friends for my community

for my family for each other because all
of this matters we all have something
worth protecting so why do you use these
things report suspicious activity to

local authorities you see something say
something so they’ve now short shorten
this to see say like it’s a new verb
what do you see say that’s dumb

thank you see say well I want you to
play the jingle our jingle again and
they remind people out there that is

there it’s there for the taking I mean
we will gladly pass it along as a public
service thank you money mm what do you
think now that would be just for Jeff

Smith alone but this is a national
campaign now it’d be much more but we’d
be happy if they use it for free it’s
just a suggestion
what do you see say him brother yep

all right what else has happened while
we were gone well um see I think we had

some green New Deal stuff oh yes oh I
have a clip I want you to just play a
little attention to okay play that
Snowden has got to go clip Snowden has

got to go very latest on the
international standoff over NSA leader
Edward Snowden he is still in Moscow at
this hour

President Putin defined the u.s. saying
the Russians will not turn him over but
also telling Snowden publicly it’s time
to go ABC’s chief investigative
correspondent Brian Ross has been
tracking all of the very latest good

morning Brian good morning man with
Hooten told him it’s time to go yeah Wow
the thing about it is this is a clip
from 2003 you bastard

it’s time to go for it’s really time to
go now it’s time to go hey it’s really
time to go man

okay green New Deal first of all the
rains really started coming in Australia
and we get no credit for it but I’m

gonna take some of it because I really
believe rain sticks work our rain sticks
are highly tuned precision instruments
we’ve been trained and how to use them

they’re not made just by some you know
children gluing stuff together in China
made in Utah sacred grounds by Sherry
Osbourne and it’s working

granted our direction was a little off
apparently a lot of our rain stick
action hit Indonesia and didn’t quite
make it to the spots in Australia that

were necessary but you saw people
dancing in the rain I mean you can call
it coincidence I’m calling it rain stick
mrs. might think so too

I don’t like to flip this thing around
randomly it’s uh it’s actually dangerous
well because you can get a lot of rain
in the wrong in the wrong places Daniel
by the way is 2013 neck tip not 20 2003

okay so anyway corrects me just as good
as far as I’m concerned that’s seven
years ago well I’m gonna do the same to
you then since you did that no good if

you give me the clue I’m not gonna tell
you when I’m gonna do it I’m just gonna
do it all of a sudden oh you’ve done it
before so now we have confirmation that
nearly 200 people were arrested across

Australia for deliberately starting bush
fires these so-called fire bugs the
arsonists I just got a video in this
morning closed caption TV in Australia

and there was an interesting take on it
you see let me see what the wonder what
was the me see if I can find the exact
title of that order they title that

brazen teen trio in Melton West is from
the age so you see these three kids who
I would say we’re kind of greta toon
barry age walking around lighting an

entire the field on fire in australia
and then running away and the thing
catches fire very quickly oh yeah you’ve

got to wonder i hadn’t considered this
could some of the school strike children
be so riled up by greta that they feel
to propagate the danger of climate

change point to prove a point that they
have to help light some fires do you
think that’s Paula I think absolutely I
I’ve always thought two things one you
have the environmental nut jobs and you

disick lose the tree huggers that guys
who spiked trees that there’s a bunch of
them there earth first groups yeah and
then there’s the terrorist possibility
too which is why wouldn’t the terrorist

organization if they if there is one I
just go around and light the whole
country on fire
who else happened in the Civil War they
had these Confederate spies had moved
y’all snuck into New York and they’re

gonna burn down the whole town they
almost did it they just couldn’t quite
get it done they here’s their lighting
hotels on fire here’s a clip in
Australia unseasonally hot temperatures
combined with strong winds to fan the

flames of nearly 100 wildfires and 36 of
the fires in New South Wales the most
popular state in the country were
burning out of control smoke plumes

stretch for miles and even cast an
orange haze over downtown Sydney
conditions are still too intense to get
an accurate number of how many homes
have been destroyed and that was a clip

from 2013 just to let you know that this
is nothing new but as you were just
mentioning another clip this time from
2012 dick the terror threat is in an al

Qaeda newsletter online it says forest
fires are easy to start and hard to stop
the LOS Conchas fire near Los Alamos
last year was New Mexico’s biggest ever

devouring everything in its path it was
started by a tree falling into a power
line but the state’s Department of
Homeland Security says that just shows
how easy it would be for a terrorist

with one match to cause widespread
damage do you remember this inspire
yeah the CIA publication these threats
are threats and we are at war still with
an enemy that is bent on inflicting harm

on us those threats are in this English
version al Qaeda newsletter called
inspire it’s surfaced recently on the
Internet it calls on sympathizers to
start wildfires giving them a

step-by-step how-to guide even
highlighting the American Southwest is a
region ready to go up in flames
how come this has never brought up again
I know the answer obviously I’m being
facetious but is the answer it was the

CIA magazine to start with it was
bullcrap from the get-go yeah but the
idea was valid the ideas valid but how
come it’s not brought up I didn’t hear

anyone talking about it I think
personally hmm
I think that it may actually have
occurred I think some of the fires in
California may have been started that

not necessarily the newest ones but the
problem is is that it doesn’t get the
message across it doesn’t create the
Terrorism message we’re all we’re now we
have to be afraid of these terrorists it
always drops back at the end any smart

terrorist organization would know this
it falls back to global warming yes it’s
like we set the whole country on fire
and they don’t even give us any credit
they get if they blame global warming

right it’s it’s definitely crossing
crossing messages yeah so the message
the messaging will not work using that
technique even though it’s new works to
burn down a lot of stuff but it always

falls back on a global warming and it
may actually be a counterintelligence
move to no say you knew that this was
all done as in Australia in particular
was done by either dumb kids starting

stuff stuff on purpose or terrorists but
the counter Ducote Intel message would
be all glow up blaming that global
warming we do not want to encourage

people to lighten things up right
I like warming now that yes now I think
about it how many of those California
fires might have been helped along by

some overzealous kids who were
mind-controlled by the grete message
could be all of them for all we know
this thing for in Australia and only
blame one or two on PG&E right now I

hope they really look into these kids in
Australia did they do more of that were
there more kids doing it what was what
is the motivation that seems a very
likely thing to me seems likely to me

I’ve been working on on our exit
strategy as always yes well there is
something going on in Texas which might

work for us I mean it’s not yeah it’s it
would still mean work but we could
certainly make a lot of money if you’re
interested well the work part of its
kind of disconcerning here’s Shelby
County Texas Shelby County Commissioners

plan to pay more than nine thousand
dollars a month to a podcasting company
to produce podcasts and market it on the
internet whoa this contract is so
outrageous that it just baffles me why

we’re doing this Shelby County
Commissioner Mick Wright is the loan
commissioner who voted against paying
the Kisuke Network almost a hundred and
ten thousand dollars to produce podcasts

for the Commission when you’re talking
about over a hundred thousand dollars I
mean you could buy a small fleet of
vehicles for that amount and still do a
podcast the local i-team found there are

cheaper options in town the OEM network
operates out of the crosstown concourse
here a podcast cost $300 for the first
episode and a hundred dollars per

episode after that o Am’s
owner questions why the county is even
paying for podcasts when it video
streams its meetings and also broadcast
them live on the radio the owner of

Kisuke and didn’t want to comment for
this story but at the Commission meeting
he explained the cost this way we really
work with businesses and we work with
government entities to make sure that

they have a very high end product it’s
that easy there’s a lot of counties
every County listen we work with a lot
of businesses and we ensure you have a

high end quality product the curry
dvorák podcast production group i would
love to hear these high end products
from this guy if they’ve produced any

shelby that would be funny I should have
actually looked into that I’m sorry
let’s see Shelby County podcast no

nothing yet
but it’s it’s something we could
consider 100 grand a year yeah for just
one County for one kind of you would do
a thousand counties boom we’ll just stay

on the on the podcasting tip for a
moment thank you everybody who emailed
in a clip from the most recent Family
Guy we’ve got to prove Lois is innocent

that’s right and a best way to crack any
profile crime case is to do a podcast
before you have all effects okay podcast
is poor sound quality and tons of

commercials all right we’ve got Lois
calling in from prison she’s only got
three minutes
you bet Lois my first question is do you
get a good night’s sleep well if you get
a Casper mattress now you have a hundred

days to decide if it’s the right
mattress for you I don’t have time for
underwear that bunches up that’s why I
wear me undies perfect hanging yourself
in your jail cell sounds like you could

use blue apron you ever wanted to
receive a vegetable in the mail a you
need blue apron I’m like obsessed with

the stir-fry Brian here likes the
Moroccan beef i I have no opinion on the
Moroccan beef Peter Brian this is not
art this is commerce before I go I need
a new lawyer this one made a sexual pass

at me oh boy everyone knows hiring is a
nightmare at least it was before zip
recruit zip recruited we vastly
overestimate how many podcast listeners
are in a position to hire someone to no

agenda imagine all the people who could
do with us oh yeah that’d be fun
and indeed we did have a few people help

us out for sure 12:06 that family guy is
so spot-on
yeah I could probably set and have the
other dis staff probably listens to

podcast and they hear of all this crap
and they can’t take it yeah which is and
before we start into our value for value
proposition I would like to expand on
that that what you just heard there yes

it’s funny
I’d like the vast over estimation of how
many people hire will people listen to
podcast but above all that is the
limited universe of advertising and they

could have thrown in square Squarespace
and because I was just interviewed the
other day and that’s why I wanted to lay
this rap down for a second that advert I
cannot you cannot monetize the network
I’ve said this for a long time and then

ending today’s connected social network
you can never get beyond these types of
advertisers which really in from a

business sense is such little marginal
stuff if you want it’s what Spotify or
Pandora or whatever whatever these
companies think they’re gonna own

podcasting they will have to get
automotive pharmaceutical alcohol these
are the that’s where the money is
everything else is just margin it’s you

cannot survive on that as a podcast
network podcast company sure you can you
can get by with your podcast but cancel
culture has brought us to this point

where if someone just doesn’t like your
show doesn’t like your opinion they go
after your advertisers this boat has
sailed it’s done and it’s gone we saw
this a long time ago fortuitously

because we may not be you know being
pulling in joe rogan money but we’re
still on the air and very proud of it
and i think the show is better because

we’ve opened it up for the listeners to
become the producers and producers
produce in multiple ways and one of them
is taking care of the financial aspect i
like the idea of pharmaceuticals

watching some stuff yesterday on the TV
s like they were in primetime television
the pharmaceutical companies have taken
over that – it’s unbelievable he was
like the new wasn’t what kind of you

know what kind of illness you had you
might have by watching some show you
just watch the show well yes I have a
protip know I have a pro tip here when
the ads come on I definitely turn I mute

the sound because these ads that are
talking about all these horrible things
you can have
I believe the ads will give you that
that Cuddy I written I’m not a lot of

women and superstitious people think
that – well thanks Jesus women the old
women are not necessarily wrong old

women are known to be the best stock
pickers I’m just saying that if you’re
continuously barrage by these horrible
things that you can that you know that

apparently people have some of a really
bad it’s you know the rashes and the and
the stomach stuff and then how many
times that poor girl can’t perform with

the band because she’s got a poop I mean
I just don’t want to hear it I don’t you
seen it you know who I’m talking about
I I believe if you you’re infiltrated
with that it goes deep into your psyche

before you know it you’re pooping
everywhere okay you can’t do this you
can poop but you’re pooping all the time
you can’t prove it all the time the show
yes you can’t do the performance so
anyway yes poor girl anyway luckily we

don’t have to deal with making you sick
by playing ads about how we can help you

get unsick if you’re sick it just it
makes you sick
we don’t have any ads at all no
corporate interest which means we can
talk about anything we want and I think
we proved that we did we thank anyone we

want starting with soar a jelly head
who’s got a birthday or something coming
up he came in $120 and 60s it’s very
short list today so we’ll be done with
it in a minute sir Brandon in Vista

California a hundred and twelve dollars
and 35 cents Steve chef chef
and under nine dollars and 20 cents or
Kevlar in Atlanta Georgia
Hey 0:08 he’s got a note boobs boots

miss Jamie of the highway 73 88 JC Fiore
Cramer in Harlem

hot nerd and Netherlands yes just that’s
by the master Harlem Harlem Harlem 69
Alexios the ACOs via the coast ti-ti

ACOs I’m guessing it sounds Greek you
know buddies in the trash but interest
boot 60 sir milkman 5569 sir Paul and

Twickenham 55 55 Matthew shower 55 10
double nickels on the dam also Rene

DuPont that one that goes on the dime is
in Grosse Pointe no no no no she she
listen I’m female that’s for you I only
make 130 dollars a week so I’m trying to

take advantage of sir dog patches offer
crossing my fingers oh it was not sir
dog patches hieronymus yes use his name
it would be better to reduce his full

titles through on emissive dog patch and
lower slovakia but that might donation
see we’re gonna put you were gonna maybe
suggest that Rene DuPont Brunel
Grosse Pointe Michigan yes become a

knight from named Dame Dame what Knight
Dame okay maybe she wants to be a knight
there is one woman that is the night
Sean Cardinal in Saskatchewan swell

wouldn’t mean Saskatchewan has to be
Saskatoon yes 5347 and that is for some
baby-making karma for Sir Paul the black

okay no we shall we show the following
people are $50 donors name and location
sir Jason de Lucia and Schatzberg

Pennsylvania drew Moe Jack and El
Cerrito right down the street from me
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blowhole Jonathan Meyer in Xenia Ohio
there was a blowhole in Iceland I got to

see waves come in and a boom big thing
goes up in the air it’s called a
Jonathan Meyer and it’s not what you
said but my friend just let me just read

his note
it’s amazing blowholes note it’s amazing
I asked Adam for some rain stick Karma
for the Aussie bush fires next day it
rained a little first time in months

then some more the next day it works
they says please accept this donation
for a long slow shake of your rain
sticks no for long slow soaking rain I
am weary of this John I do not think we

should be sticking I agree I think we
should we should wait write something we
can’t just abuse I think more is on the
way so I don’t think we have to do
anything we I gave three extra shakes

after my three my three turns so hmm
Jonathan Mayer you that was uh that was
you Gunn rogue Jonathan Mayer in Xenia
Ohio is 50 Edward Mazurek in Memphis

Tennessee are Quebec in Netherlands
meppel oh really
this Renee – buck from meppel meppel is
the very air that’s I don’t know if it’s

that way anymore
but meppel was the home of the black
sock black sock Church yes very reformed
the kind of was like now sect like

almost almost the cult cult II yeah when
I’m thinking more of Amish in a way Oh

religious but Amish yeah they’ve got you
yeah you got me you hear me
gotcha Larry hey in Mooresville North
Carolina at Tony Smith in Fort Worth

Texas and last but not least
Michael Rupert in Albuquerque New Mexico
I want to thank all these folks are
keeping the show going with the
donations to show 12:06 another show

coming up shortly hopefully we’ll have a
better response yes we do thank those
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the shortlist indeed also thank you to
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typically done for anonymity but when
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got Karma
and also a very short birthday list I

don’t know what’s going on but no one’s
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smoking hot wife de Meaux luminarias yes
we have the same sentiments happy
birthday from everybody here the best
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on the 21st of February which I mean now
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would be the Beirut Lebanon meetup the
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Street Beirut Lebanon he will be
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sure Saturday Long Island has meet up at
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7:30 also on Saturday oh is this the new
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meetup that’ll be it Doc’s backyard in
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and this is worth it that Saoirse our
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next Saturday
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Bravo hosting that and just go to oh
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near you if you don’t find one here’s an
idea start one yourself it’s a great
place to get to get that together with
people new people you’ve never met non
triggering conversation amygdalas our

normal size and it everyone seems to
have fun we’ve not had a fight break out
at one of them yet yet yet actually I
wanted to play

I had a gaff clip which they completely
where are you I have a gaff clip that I
completely you were playing the gaffs
Trump gaffes yeah I have a gaff clip

it’s not Trump but I I wanted to play
this because I feel bad I miss this this
was on Fox News the president making it
very clear that the suggestion that was
kind of misfired from the Pentagon
yesterday was actually not the case at

all that the United States is committed
to staying and protecting and standing
with our Iraqi allies and the soldiers
that we’ve trained there was the feeling
on the ground about all of that tonight

well look the Iranians have been trying
to increase their foothold in the Middle
East for some time now many analysts in
the region describe the possibility of
Americans being forced out of Iraq as a
post humorous victory for custom

soleimani was killed last month did you
hear it yeah post humorous you think he
meant that the hell’s that even mean
right I think I meant to say to humor
sake he meant to say posthumous yeah

what came out post humorous you don’t
know he may be he may ever really said
the word I don’t know I mean I’m
reminded of words I used to say wrong

you know chouse is a good example as a
kid I would say Chou’s instead of chaos
pronounce it spelled chouse it’s just I

love chose a OS how is that how would
any kid think that that’s pronounced
chaos yeah I asked you yeah I hear you I

hear you well I have a note from I want
to read from psycho Mike no sir psycho
Mike Oh 96 mm-hmm this is an important

note I TM the brown marmorated stink bug
has been in Western Maryland since the
mid socks first being found in shipping

containers in Allentown Pennsylvania in
1998 it is an epidemic and we have had
it for years with thousands of them
clinging to our brick houses in the fall

and many getting in through the crevices
there seems to be heavy years and some
do not and some not so heavy although
you’ll always see them in the fall

please note
do not vacuum them bad do not smash or
excite them their stink attracts more
stink bugs on the worst years we keep a

medium-sized tote on the back porch
filled with soapy water and deposit live
bugs into it on light-years of there is
less bugs we flushed them down the

toilet although in California that
probably isn’t an option ha ha ha I’ve
lived in the same house for 18 years on
sidling hill mountain and it’s only met
maybe 50 melon that or Dali’s is a

different topic but he hadn’t felt like
throwing it in and we’ve only had maybe
one or two 50 mile-an-hour wind storms a
year for the past two years we get 50
mile-an-hour wind storms at least 20

times a year this again I’m thinking
weather machine twice this year in fact
this happened all at once I’ve never
heard an explanation for this weather
pattern which I see is caused by

temperature swings that only lasts a
couple of hours
ie it’s in the 30s one minute the
temperature will ramp over 60 in no time
and then be back down to 30 with huge
winds also may be related maybe not I’ve

noticed sometimes dramatic temperature
inversion happening quite frequently
thank you for your courage from psycho
Michael all right well that Butler he
will see the pay attention is somebody

wrote me a note complaining that he was
listening to the show as we were talking
about stink bugs and there was a stink
bug on his desk yeah that we actually

called the stink bug apparently yeah
CNN settled their lawsuit with Nick
Sandman this is one of the Covington

Catholic high school kids
salmon suing a number of mainstream
outlets including the Washington Post
and CNN apparently they settled with CNN

which is I think it’s kind of sad
because I would love to see you know the
documents discovery and we would get to
know a lot more about how CNN works and

how these how they just allow triggered
individuals to go and blame whatever
they think is on their screen on their
dementia a screen and we won’t know now
dementia b-string

dementia medium sorry I guess you get
that right so there’s nothing more to
say about that I hope the kid got a lot
of money
I hope so too Borden is now the second
large US milk producer to file for

bankruptcy and they cite the nuts app
industry as the reason
well that’s that’s pathetic well you’re

the one that’s always kind of your beat
you’re the one that’s always complaining
about this you know milk substitute
products and yes there aren’t milk no
they’re not they’re nuts up we’ve been

through this not goo no no I think the
not slurry nut slurry is the term yes
yeah that’s interesting

no you know what happens if milk could
just go away I guess or become a
specialty product it is it is kind of
handy for the sexual food I mean the

other stuff you know it’s questionable
some of this stuff’s soy milk for
example which is very popular and it’s
got to be bad for you it seems to me
there’s all these issues with people

having all kinds of hormone problems but
by either ingesting too much soy there’s
a lot of research on this always gets
quashed definitely men developing
breasts from the estrogen effects of soy

mm-hmm not unusual and it’s not you know
what’s what is food I mean food of
humans of mammalians milk dependence so
they get started in life I just wanted

to hear you say the word milk I just
love that I could when I saying milk
again yeah but that’s you know it’s the
Dutch word is also Emmy LK milk yeah
that’s where Cory came from

I could say milk but no more just pops
now there will be a new source for us to
to mine soon it will be the BNC the

black News Channel
which will be launched
in February they intended to launch

initially in November but they changed
the according to this article they
changed the date too for it to coincide
with Black History Month which is in

February which is easy to remember
because it has the least amount of days
and it’s very cold which is I got that
from bo2 remember Black History Month

I’m excited about that I want to see
what the what will a black news channel
be more Trump hate why would it be any
different than anything else because one
of the co-founders is JC Watts former

Republican congressman I don’t know
maybe not oh well maybe yeah what’s
what’s kind of switched back over to the
others to the dimension B side so watts
and Bob brillante

it was mod early on teh sounds like an
Italian to me he looks like he looks
pretty Goomba looking at the picture
yeah in an a they want to attract

millennial viewers 98% of whom have cell
phones he had more than two of them okay

what’s the point here you’re gonna put
the news on the cell phone
yeah but they well but they’re launching
the launching and on telethon a cable
channel so no February 10th I’ll be
watching I’m excited something new have

you followed any of those if you go up
above beyond Pluto
well if you go past CNBC and you know
all that stuff there’s that have you

seen cheddar
oh yeah cheddar well I mean cheddar is
the father Susie doesn’t newsy it’s kind
of like millennial news terrible it’s
very unprofessional yeah but it’s what

they’re I think kids are watching it I
don’t think anyone’s watching and I
watch it I love cheddar oh you’re the
only one I love me some sugar we’ve got
the two viewers today I want to thank
Lauren Tyler Grayson and Eileen who sent

to the keeper and I a fantastic wedding
gift which was not necessary but I got
it there was a huge box in the p.o box

pens these spices are you familiar with
this pen Z spices pnz ey s no yeah you
think I know that
yeah you think you would but it’s it’s a
box filled with just great smelling

spices and different kinds of salts and
some different peppers and I mean it’s
the biggest problem is I’ve my spice
rack won’t hold it so I have to figure

out what to do with it but the cooking
with the is your spice rack
you know it’s it there’s probably 30
different spice bottles in this in this
packs it’s big ooh there’s anything

really obscure or then he blends its
blends yeah it’s mainly blends and thank
you Jambo Joe who sent me and what do
you say America I got one it’s send a

thank you to Jambo jury sent me the same
thing you got this super mint oil pour
now what you do it oh it’s it’s some
bottle of oil yeah and what you do is

you you swish it in your mouth for three
minutes and it pulls all of the dirt and
grime off of your teeth that may not
that may still be there after brushing
and if you do it for 20 minutes you
don’t even have to go to the dentist for

a year it’s fact it’s true back I try I
like this stuff
you tried it yeah of course unless you
have to put it in your mouth just a
little bit a little bit that you fill

your mouth with oil just the tip just a
little bit it’s just a little bit of oil
just take a swig like mouthwash except
it’s kind of disgusting because is this
is it a shot glass full or less less

less less much less that quarter shot
glass half shot glass I just did a
quarter between a quarter shot yeah
quarter shot glass and you just swish it
around and it’s a mouth douche it’s

fantastic it’s it pulls the dirt and
stuff sure it does it’s oil pulling this
is not new it’s under it’s actually a
very old concept it’s a little idea and

people didn’t have toothbrushes right
well maybe the toothbrush was the start
of all the decay could be his people God
knows nobody had to decay or missing

teeth back in the 70s oh not at all last
story for me which I think there’s some
confusion going on
or do I have it here yes I’ve reported

on this a couple times but this is the
first full report with the FBI involved
now for the last week Michela cops had
spotted a high-flying

nighttime mystery above her rural
Northern Colorado home drones
sometimes a dozen or more with wingspans
six feet wide the sky is lit up with
Christmas lights basically there’s

lights and things flying all over
sheriff’s departments across the border
area of three states have been flooded
with similar reports since mid-december
I think whomever is responsible for it

will probably have a little bit of
answering to do to the general public
the military and local companies have
denied responsibility there’s one
hovering over here
we waited with that Gulf until the Sun

went down and the skies lit up it’s been
dark for about a half-hour and we are
seeing drones all over the sky they
appear as little twinkling lights
sometimes there’s just one but in other

cases we’ve seen clusters of six or more
tonight there are still more questions
than answers and residents are feeling
vulnerable it feels like an invasion of
privacy almost and a new development

late today one of the sheriff’s offices
says it is now looking for a closed box
trailer with antenna or a large
suspicious van and is asking anyone who
has seen it to call authorities I find

this pretty interesting so it was
Colorado now it’s Nebraska yeah
something’s up well there is one other
thing which any theories out there about
this no no I mean military denies it

law enforcement denies it’s theirs I
don’t know how people can determine so
easily that the wingspan is six feet
that’s very difficult to do that from
the ground possible you happen to be

very you need really need to know your
drones and your abs derry-o what is it
I’d love to hear Mimi’s theory let’s
call it she says it’s Amazon and ups
their mapping the area so they can do

their drone deliveries
which is mapping drones possibly but I
mean it’s just a theory I don’t buy it
no I yeah I mean it would be kind of

foolish for them with what they’re
trying to do to do that without clearing
that space and that makes no sense
there’s no it’s bull crap glad we didn’t

call her there is one other thing that
can be at play as
Elon Musk now has his StarLink
satellites going into place I think

there’s he now has 120 or 180 of them in
in orbit low very low Earth orbit and
they see really okay no he’s long it’s
only a 60 of them I didn’t know there

was that many you know yeah they’ve had
three launches it’s 60 at a pop and but
they what they do is they communicate
amongst themselves with laser and
because of this they’re obviously lit up

in the sky and if you look there’s a lot
of videos and pictures it’s this I mean
it’s this complete almost straight line
of all of these lights that are just you

know going by passing overhead
he’s already apparently sent to tweet
from it because this is the Internet
anywhere from space but there’s a couple
of things that are controversial about

it and the biggest one is that it’s
messing up astrology the light pollution
from these things astrology you me
Astron astronomy I’m sorry yes astronomy

the light pollution is screwing up
experimentation is making it impossible
during certain windows when these things
fly over for astronomers to do whatever

they’re doing I’ve kind of find it
creepy myself he plans to have I think
12,000 ultimately I net he kind of

people are now starting to question how
Tesla automobiles will be involved in

this because the StarLink system while
it will work great if you’re stationary
and have you put a little box outside
and it’ll receive and transmit but in
order for that to work

ubiquitous lis around come wherever you
are you’ll need ground stations and
there’s some evidence pointing to the to
the to Tesla vehicles being used as a
StarLink downlink and ground station

which is kind of a cool idea but you
know I don’t think everyone’s happy that
he’s gonna be using their vehicles for
yeah I didn’t buy a card so he could use
it as a base station yeah but it’s kind

of crazy when you think about it he’s
gonna have 12,000 of those little sub
and they’re not even that little I think
they’re a couple feet the size when did
they start plummeting to earth it would

be quite pretty well he says that or he
or whoever the spokes hole is for for
Starlin says that 95% of the side light
burns up when it when it departs orbit

so you we won’t get any the only 5% of
the junk will fall on our heads but that
is fine but just the idea that there’s
all these lights in the sky

I mean you know
it’s my sky – well apparently it’s not
your sky chump just find it interesting
this elites can do whatever they want so
I have a four clip clip glitch if you

don’t mind
holy crap I wasn’t prepared for this
well yes I think this is a grand idea
this will be it then this is how we’re
gonna get out of here okay clip blitz I
need to set this line of scrimmage okay

and I think a path think we are ready
and then start start tick tock ban tick
tock ban and the US Army ban on a hugely

popular app the military banning
soldiers from using the Chinese own
video app tick tock on government-owned
phones calling it a security concern
this after a similar move by the Navy

earlier this month
Facebook’s dropping deep fakes
Facebook is taking aim at deep fakes the
site is now banning certain types of

videos which have been manipulated with
artificial intelligence to make people
do or say something they didn’t the ban
would not affect parodies satire or
clips edited to change the order of

words earthquake state of emergency in
Puerto Rico a 6.4 magnitude tremor

leveling businesses and homes damaging
schools this church completely destroyed
the powerful earthquake killing 73 year
old Nelson Martinez old wall had

collapsed on his bed emergency crews now
dealing with the aftermath hundreds now
in shelters many in tents afraid to go
back inside
Delta Airlines more than 500 Delta

Airlines employees are suing lands ends
the company that makes their uniforms
alleging that the chemically treated
fabrics in the uniform were causing
migraines hair loss rashes and other

medical issues most of the workers suing
are flight attendants but they also
include ramp and gate agents and Sky
Club workers pilots not wear the same
uniforms Lanza did not respond to a

request for comment from CNN Delta was
not named in the lawsuit but a rep for
the airline says it’s top priority is
the safety of employees but it defended
the uniforms saying they underwent

rigorous testing and the airline
believes they’re safe
well if you want to finish something off
we can play an ISO from Donald Trump

missiles okay our missiles are big
powerful accurate lethal and fast I have
some ISOs for end of show that I’d like

to try that one’s a little long I have
this one
that one or this one yes science that
one kind of like that one yeah I like

that one
do you have any of you have any other
ISOs to test not really now that was um
okay but we’re gonna use that one then
that sounds like the way to go that will
be it for our deconstruction
extravaganza for today we do have that

Larry show coming up with an exclusive
interview with John McAfee if you’re
listening to no agenda stream com
we’ve actually heard part of that

yesterday so give that a shot
end of show mixes which I need to credit
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and coming to you from opportunities own
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FEMA region number six in the
governmental maps in the morning
everybody I’m out of curry and from

northern Silicon Valley I’m John C
Dvorak we return on Sunday right here on
no agenda until then adios mofos and
we have seen him kill himself
they everybody go to Joe 303 300 and

help me in this fight
thank you for inviting head when into
Detroit found 60 black women and they

trained them and his his conclusion is
if you can shovel coal into a furnace
you can coat they went out into the

neighborhood stay from 54 happened to be
all women not painted color with a few
exceptions just 24 24 to 50 you need to
code my liberal friends

give me a break sisty black women in
Detroit and they turned on the sewer
can’t doesn’t get much more

intersectional than that not even minors
will call into a furnace on a maybe on

that train you can code code a modern
game yeah they can punt the Wumpus they

might be able to do that with a little
bit of hard working some science man
code code code he can’t even remember
his he can’t remember his own text code

let alone that he can clean solving
three three foam whatsit Wampus by the
way did we know what hump the one hump
hump the Wampus


the computer is processing the data and
I will be notified as soon as there is
any information and I want to be careful
here I any advertiser or campaign I know
we’re working with this believe it it’s

goal is to sell everything doing
everyone why am I seeing this ad well
that’s a great question your user uh
pretty much sucks we see more passive

listening and passive monitoring in our
own homes with the information we have
accumulated on
we provided support to the Trump
campaign and he’s been terrific he may

be a globalist but I still like him he
was calling those things that was not as
though they were is what he was doing
Dean yes yes seriously a globalism no

question but there has never been a
company quite like Amazon kin to a game
of whack-a-mole goodbye and you mofo
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