No Agenda Episode 1207: “Imminent Threat”

Delta Delta Delta Adam curry Jhansi
Devore award-winning keep our nation
media assassination episode 1207 this is
no agenda printing up fresh protests on

taxes capital the drone star state in
the morning everybody I’m Adam curry and
from northern Silicon Valley I’m Jesse

okay you’re in a mood today I can
already tell what well I didn’t get a

proper hit it I got a and then what kind
of opening was that I mean it was my
opening it was spectacular
okay well there some ideas for the

opening I could come up with nothing
sorry problem and mediaand
oh yeah big problem really yeah

we’re no longer seeing impeachment news
as the most important item discussed
it’s gone off the radar well I’ve been

by bit they will be after the debates
which are on Tuesday yeah they will do a
pivot mmm I’m not so sure man we’ve got
us a story that is so big it’s it’s too

hard to resist see and that has already
switched it’s now in hot rotation all
right tell me what it but tell me about
I’m not sure what you’re talking about
but I’m sure I’ll I will know in a

minute Meg’s it
No yes all day yesterday
wall-to-wall the hairy animation okay

pleasure wall
Walter wall okay now that you brought
this up I’m now reached and myself not
grabbing this clip of Michael Bloomberg

going on and on about the about the
thing oh he’s being interviewed in a
train and they asked him this the Aster
that and the only thing he was excited

about her seemed to want to talk about
was this the fact that Harry and Megan
are trying to extract themselves
although a lot of people just think

Megan has gaslighted Harry well there’s
a lot going on here first of all the
obsession with the royal family in the
United Kingdom for one and as you know a

lot of the press here in the United
States just copy and paste the Daily
Mail anyway I’m looking at you Silicon
Valley shit rags it’s like oh this is a
good story click me yeah yeah I’ll write

it a little differently no problem
America is obsessed were obsessed with
royalty and were were just all shitty
about it and one after another of these

royalty experts on CNN yesterday just
boom boom boom boom boom they love the
love love love Megan and Harry and it’s
obvious they got the Diana deal

I’m sorry oh the Diana deal yeah
what’s the Diana deals you’re gonna die
that’s the Diana deal
you have sobbing he’s gonna get killed

by the I Do’s men no I do oh you think
she’s gonna get killed by the Kingsmen
oh yeah oh yeah I think it’s all over
listen she she came in this is not a

real royal he’s the he’s the son of the
was in the Navy captain or whoever Diana
had that whatever redhead was a problem

yeah so the Queen brought sit all right
you know what it’s okay bring in Megan
and then uh oh she’s brown I’m shipping

you off to Africa which is I’m telling
you racist they are over there
so yeah you you go do a tour of Africa
that’ll be good because you know you’ll

you’ll help reconnect the the bonds with
the the British Empire and with the
royal family because you know you know
you’re kind of brown so yeah but then
Harry I think caught on to what was

really going on and this is precisely
how it went down with Diana and she
tried to extract herself she went on the
world stage she did a lot of good and

she wound up dead and there’s this
interview that I found through with
Prince Harry I’m fairly sure it’s the
real deal it could be a deep fake but it

was video so I you know I watched as
close as I could it sounds like him I
think it’s him and what he’s saying
isn’t all that extraordinary unless you
think about the Diana deal my mum told

me a certain set of values of which I
will always try and uphold despite the
the role in the job that’s sometimes
that entails if you don’t I mean but I

think I always I always protect my
family and now I have a family to
so everything that everything that she
went through and what happens is

incredibly brought every single day and
that’s not me being paranoid that’s just
not wanting a repeat of the past and if
anybody else knew what I knew if better
father be a husband and anyone he

probably did be doing exactly what I
what I’m doing as well if anyone else
knew what I knew you’d probably do the
same thing that’s what he says now can
we interpret that as the paparazzi will

be the death of you I don’t think
they’re quite at that level but
certainly Megan Marco has all of the
same hmm personality traits with the gas

with Hollywood yes I have a quick
analysis if anyone knew what I knew now
knowing that he was born from out of

from Diana via some character that you
mentioned earlier yeah he may know
because he’s not a lizard if you listen
to this report they’re hanging out with

lizards your reporting is that they’re
gonna move to LA for the most part do
you have a residence in Canada as well
but it looks like Megan is going back to
LA yes I mean that’s where she grew up

that’s where her mother is she’s an LA
girl you know that’s where her friends
are you know and also be since marrying
Harry they’ve got more showbiz friends
like the Clooney’s and Optra
that’s where they want to be that’s
where Megan doesn’t she take a lot of

advice from Oprah and the Clooney’s and
then that I mean oh we’re hearing that
they have a lot of advice on this and
encouragement on this to break out and
how the Clooney’s man the Clooney’s did

it there’s proof fencing but I cannot
underestimate what an earthquake this is
in in the UK as far as the break from
protocol the Queen didn’t know anything

about it the royal family are furious
Harry’s father Prince Charles is furious
it really is a huge scandal so they’re
not abdicating they’re just kind of
stepping back so really they they want
the benefits but they just don’t want

the full-time gig exactly so they’re
becoming they’re giving up being senior
Royals which means they keep a HRH title
you know
still be a princessy Stila prints but
they don’t have to go

she’s not a princess
she’s a duchess isn’t she yeah I am she
was refused princess dumb yes by the

Queen she’s not a princess and that’s
what pissed her off apparently you know
she’ll still be a princess and a prince
and the main thing is they said they

want to make their own money and this is
what everybody’s upset in England about
because they get I don’t understand
there’s a very obvious path for them to
make money I don’t get it why is this so
hard for everybody to understand all

they need to do is start a podcast money
in the bank moment they get around four
million pounds a year from the Queen and
from Prince Charles to run their

household pay their staff and they’ll
still continue getting a lot of that
money for quite a while and unless they
do really want to work and stand on
their own by the way five point to me

I’m being told 5.2 million u.s. that’s a
pretty good tidy sum of money how in the
world do you protect these two when
they’re in Los Angeles they want to come
over to the Gallagher’s house are we

gonna have a big contingent of security
officers around Los Angeles they are
guaranteed security for life by from the
British people and the British taxpayer
pays for it which is around a million

dollars us a year so that won’t change
whatever they do that will not change
you said make their own money do sheep
go back to acting do you think well I
mean there’s been a lot of debates about
that that you know we think that you

know she’ll be doing more doing more
paid appearances and maybe some acting
if it’s deemed to be tasteful enough but

they’re certainly gonna be earning money
in different ways that they could not do
in England so I remain baffled by this
being 2020 and people still having this

obsession with these fake people with
funky hats who have great houses in the
middle of awesome places and they pay
them because you’re all it’s tradition

we need to keep the tradition
yeah this is all mega-mega this is all
Megan’s doing
Terry’s pussy-whipped he’s it he’s
nothing sad so everybody thinks I’m

pretty sure but the fact remains and
we’ll see this coming week I have a
feeling that there’s so much fatigue of
seeing Skeletor Pelosi and everyone

bitching and moaning and Moscow Mitch
and all this crap particularly on the
cable news networks this is a breath of
fresh air and awesome I can get obsessed

remember hmm
during the MSNBC began as kind of a
generalized Microsoft joint venture with
NBC sure did I had worked there I where

I helped them launch and they had
no ratings they couldn’t get jack
ratings we had a show called the site

that was on MSNBC was a text thing they
they couldn’t get any ratings the thing
was a dud and they did the Diana got
killed boom and they switched their

coverage all to 24/7 Diana Diana Diana
Diana and then they said this is we get
numbers hell with this other crap
exactly and I I guarantee you CNN is

seeing numbers they did this with mh17 a
full year they stayed on that topic top
of the news every hour every panel was

all about buh
where’d this plane go was that mh17 was
a 3/3 the one that I just remember the
numbers the one that disappeared yeah
and it was an obsession for them and

there was there were other things going
on in the year I mean we had a show so
something was happening and now they’ve
grabbed onto this and if you got a
British accent then you are in like
Flynn you’ve got money in the bank just

say you’re a royalty watcher and you’re
good to go
and they’re all cute all the all the
women who show up to talk about you know
who are royalty watchers the
good-looking the easy to look at I think

it’s a ratings bonanza and it’s gonna be
very hard for them to move away from it
yes like is slightly addicting like
tasty candy yeah and and what it is and

why it is and it’ll always baffle me but
it is a fact so that’s going to be
problematic then that of course will

affect us too
unless clips just don’t have any good
clips or CNN making fools of themselves
and before we go well before we dive
into the topic likely democracy now

never make that change so we had there
were a number of severe storms that came
through the Southwest United States also

through canned Naevia in fact I got text
from sedusa fur he said the worst
hailstorm ever coming your way Park

everything in the garage where I think
he said Park your best vehicle hit the
garage the storm came through it was it
was short and violent but there were no
Heather there was no hail and of course

I knew exactly what this was it also
came from the southeast it’s so obvious
this is from our rain sticks probably
this is the blowback do we can always

expect ladylike using them well but just
a couple of reports there Andy from
Terrigal Beach in the morning Adam
hadn’t rained here for many months

before the rain stick all the grass was
totally brown we routinely had days over
a hundred and ten Fahrenheit and were in
constant fear of the fires after the
rain stick we had at least four days of
proper rain and the grass has started to

grow I think this would be true also for
sir Chris in Marrickville and Serb as in
bat obey my father who doesn’t listen to
the podcast has no rain and there’s

still many areas burning out of control
could it be we are only getting the rain
stick effect in places where no agenda
is being listened to
I’m interested to know if there’s a
correlation between where the listeners

are and where the rain fell many thanks
I believe so oh I’ve got totally and I
watched a movie I don’t know how oh I
think it’s relatively new it’s not a

great movie it’s called the Mandela
and the movie centers around a father a
couple and their daughter dies she
drowns on the beach and he starts

noticing the Mandela effect and the
movie kind of you should explain what
that is because I think that’s been
passed over ok lever long since
forgotten that one the Mandela effect is

it gets its name from things in history
that that a large group of people are
very sure were a certain way and turned
out not to be true one is that the guy

on the monopoly box has a monocle he
does not the Berenstain Bears turns out
it was Berenstain Bears Sinbad was never
a genie in a movie and it gets its name

from Mandela that the there’s a belief
that Nelson Mandela died while in prison
and there’s even video of George Bush
saying he’s dead while he was in prison

at W Bush so that’s the Mandela effect
and the ID and the thinking is is this a
glitch in the matrix you know what is
going on so they kind of used this
Mandela effect to get into the we live

in a simulation and long story short the
dad who’s a game developer he figures
out a way with the supercomputer I know

it’s going off the rails to already set
a mount point just before his daughter
drowns and then reboots it basically
overloads the entire simulation that’s
running that’s running the world and

then it reboots right before he makes a
decision that in this case and in the
previous case his daughter died now it
makes a different decision and that

thinking behind it is that the
throughout the world whatever is driving
it whatever’s powering it is not

powerful enough to keep everything
running all at the same time so very
much like a video game
until someone observes a certain area
it’s just dormant it’s dead it’s not
running it’s completely still and then

when someone or it maybe has to be more
than one person sees this area then the
sim camp comes back to life and that’s
where these glitches sometimes and I
said it glitches cut yourself though
yeah I did but yeah it shall be fried so

so just taking this as a premise
I think the Karma and the rain sticks is
a version of that it’s a version of
somehow we’re cutting through the system

and we’re able to affect change on the
simulation in certain areas or with
certain individuals
that’s what they’re thinking yes you

know you know you agree a kind of with
with Scott Adams he said he likes to
throw in the simulation gag every so

often our really yeah yeah but he’s
approaching it from an intellectual
standpoint you know which I’m just I’m
talking about a movie I just watched the
movie and it added I’m impact on me but

we’ve had a lot of success with jobs
karma we’ve had a lot of I don’t think
the rain sticks have failed once every
single time we’ve been requested to
shake the sticks it happens and we

always get the blowback with bad weather
here in Austin I don’t know if you had
any but I always get bad weather after
the rains we had a lot in Washington
state test for sure but talking about
going back to Skylanders about you and

him being in agreement mm-hmm
I’ve got a little work by this way I
have a clip from Scott Adams okay and it
has a little bit to do with this thesis

and it sort dis bothersome that you and
Scott Adams are an agreement on certain
things this one is really the one that’s
the is the bad one it really it’s
annoying they say the least this is just

the clip is Matt Gaetz he’s talking
about Matt Gaetz being a perfect
presidential candidate now have I told
you before the following things number
one Matt Gaetz

is a strong contender and I’ll go so far
as to say probable presidential
contender at some point in the future
probable probable winner as well because

just based on his skill set he has all
the skills he has all the skills I don’t
think he’s missing a single skill to be

a GOP candidate and I think you would I
think he would clean the table on any
Democrat that ran against them with the
exception there’s only one exception

there’s only one Democrat I could
imagine in the future remember we’re
projecting five ten years in the future
or whatever we did not say Oh see that’s
last bit again I love it when you

produce is in the future or whatever
well we agree we agree on a Oh see we
sure do

sandy sandy otos residents and residents
Andy yeah yeah I haven’t thought about
it in a long time she has a dog though
she’s got that she just got a dog you

don’t know kids she’s got a dog so
that’s perfect
got a pooch for the White House

I think the president has been put on
about this in particular but there was
something that happened that caught my
eye and these are the things that we
interpreted in a particular way from the

New York Times a former United States
Marine posed as a security team member
for marine one the helicopter the
transports President Trump and breached
two checkpoints last week at Palm Beach

International Airport ah they used to
pull this stunt with Obama Hans they did
it with Obama all the time it’s just a
message just so you know we can get to
you anytime we want well this brings us

back to the Jeffrey Epstein hanging and
some of the screwing this has been
showing up the BBC reporting that
apparently commis daughter was somehow
involved in the disappearance of the of

the tapes she’s a special prosecutor at
the Southern District New York she’s and
she was put in there specifically yeah
the tapes disappear they kill we kept

the wrong tapes here I have to have the
clip by Jeffrey Epstein hanging story
with this in a secure prison facility is
the warning to everybody that everybody

can be as done if you if you would they
want to get rid of you it’s very easy to
do and now they’ve pulled a stunt with
now Trump has his own people see this
guy he just slipped through yeah what

did they do with this guy once they
caught him
did they bring him aside and grill him
about how why he did is who who’d who’s
behind it and throw him in jail which

they should do he was released on a
$100,000 bond according to court records
neither mr. magna nor his lawyer could
be reached Saturday if convicted he
faces a maximum of 3 years in prison a

fine of $250,000 in a year of supervised
release so they let they let him off
with the reality how that goes
to see how what goes how that goes

whether the guy doesn’t minute in prison
or probably not buddy
the guy was he is listed in the Florida
Department of Law Enforcement sex

offender registry he was released from
the Marines dishonorable discharge
because of some sex offense apparently

and this guy with fake credentials mind
you fake credential the only reason why
he got stopped as a sheriff’s deputy
noticed he wasn’t wearing the right
Marine Corps uniform standard during

presidential travel well how about that
huh all you got to do is have a fake ID
and kind of look the part message well
thank goodness for the local police

message to you Rudy here’s the Epstein
clip since you brought it up jailhouse
video of the area around Jeffrey Epstein

cell on the day of an apparent suicide
attempt no longer exists federal
prosecutors made that admission to a
judge yesterday they said the new york
city jail thought it preserved the

footage of guards finding Epstein on
July 23rd but it actually saved video
from a different part of the jail the
FBI also determined the recording wasn’t

on the backup system due to technical
errors later hanged himself in August
while he awaited trial on sex
trafficking charges I’m surprised that
no one has used the glitch

I keep looking for it no one has used
the glitch word in this unfortunate
circumstance where the backup even
didn’t have a copy Tao is so it’s so

coincidental that’s unbelievable
well glitch maybe code
yeah for a shitty shitty code how’s that
it’s code for crap code that’s what it

is but this this is not a glitch they
could have they could have easily have
said it was a glitch they could have
said something went wrong in the backup
none of that died yeah I’m surprised

maybe absence of the term aim is the
meaning possibly possibly all right
let’s talk about Iran looks like we’re
getting more right by the day well let’s

see I do have maybe a backup kind of a
background err overview overview of that
you Iran Iran update on democracy now
might be appropriate the House of

Representatives has voted to approve a
non-binding War Powers Resolution aimed
at limiting president Trump’s ability to
take further military action against
Iran without congressional approval

president Trump ratcheted up tensions
with Iran by assassinating Iranian
commander Qasem Soleimani in a targeted
drone strike at the Baghdad
International Airport last week
Thursday’s 224 to 194 House vote

included three Republicans voting YES
and eight Democrats voting no the
resolution now heads to the Senate the
vote came as iran’s ambassador to the
united nations blasted the u.s. at the

UN Security Council speaking on behalf
of Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif
who was unable to address the Security
Council himself after the u.s. denied
him a visa in violation of a 1947 u.s.
UN agreement this is ambassador

Majid a trivanti I’m here today to
deliver a statement on behalf of his
Excellency mr. Zarif
whose visa was denied by the United
States in contravention of the

headquarters agreement and here is his
statement we are meeting today to
discuss a momentous imperative we are we
are all confronted here the world is

that it is at the crossroads the end of
monopolies on power one unhinged regime
is he said unhinged regime
do you have the talking points on the

prompter is the question is it just
right in the end of monopolies on power
one unhinged regime is frantically
clamoring to turn back time thousands
gathered in Chicago New York Seattle and

dozens of other cities to protest war
with Iran Thursday night the New York
Times has obtained video that appears to
show an Iranian missile hitting the
Boeing 737 jet that crashed shortly
after takeoff and Tehran Wednesday

killing all 176 people on board all
right so there’s a lot to deconstruct
here I’d like to go back a few days
before we had the admission from
apparently an Iranian top dog well

before before you go back a few days
let’s go back even a few more days so I
can get this one thing out of the way
which is the guy who died that’s
triggered the whole thing we want to get

his name out of the way
what would the clip be called guy who
died there’s no clip I just have that
yes go for it because nobody talks about
this guy so it’s not a clip I can’t get

a clip got it but his name was now Ruiz
while lead huh mid lived in Sacramento
the best story written about him it was
in the Sacramento Bee Whitman is white
because his wife was upset about this to

say the least
and I’ll just read a few paragraphs
Hameed who worked as a linguist and had
attended classes at American River
College was killed at a military base
new near Kirkuk on a rocket attack the

u.s. blamed Khatib Hezbollah a militia
group his wife was notified by his
employer Valiant integrated services hmm

valiant is I’m just reading just a
couple of random graphs so you get a
feeling for this valiant is based in
Herndon Virginia and offers a range of

international services including
interpreters involving INSCOM the Army
Intelligence and Security Command
support for special operation forces and
counterintelligence services according

to its website this is so spook the guy
sorry so the guy was a spook amongst
others and got killed and

this was not acceptable so hey the whole
thing began when they don’t start
killing our people
exactly well you’d think that that would

be the message I’ve learned over the
years that when you that you’re the use
of the word but is you got to be very
careful with the but one must be careful

with the but word when you say something
and then you put a butt in there or if
you say something I say well while yes
John indeed but yeah there’s always a

big but it negates everything that came
before the but then it’s only post but
that matters and this is all that I
heard over the past couple of days

when this all came out and of course we
have a montage there is no question that
sulemani had American blood on his hands

that he was a bad actor in the region
but if there is anything that we have
learned Soleimani is a person with
American blood on his hands but we also
know their this guy was was a bad news
guy but he was the ranking official no

illusions about soleimani he was a
terrible person
did bad things but it’s so funny was a
bad guy but the sulemani is an evil man
he has absolutely ordered the murder of

hundreds of Americans but sulemani was a
malignant and dangerous character
Soleimani has been a threat to America
and Americans and our allies for a very
long time

however undoubtedly general Soleimani
was a very bad man sulemani is certainly
a murderous individual but therein
Salamone was a bad guy there’s no
question about that but this is an awful

however soul I was a terrorist so no
one’s going to lament his death but so
this is all politicizing the event and
it was immediate and it was shameless

Ahnold on all sides I do have to mention
I didn’t realize that there’s an
intellectual variation of but which is
however however I know I considered

using that myself I was like yes darling
however however people who you want even
you want even here the shoe coming so it

was completely politicized which so
anyone who is now boo who wore fu what a
bunch of phonies immediately taking to

politicization they don’t care about
even the guy who was a spook he’s
American citizen there were other offers
just contractors or other Americans of
whatever ilk who were also wounded shit

was blown up now that doesn’t matter at
all they don’t care and by the way they
don’t care they don’t care how many
servicemen and women get killed you
never see that on the news oh maybe
there’s a little announcement here there

no one cares anymore at least in the
news media it’s not important it’s all
about power and politics he’s Joe Biden
on the trail six months ago here in New
York City I made the case that Donald
Trump was dangerously incompetent and

incapable of world leadership in the
past few days in the wake of the killing
of the Iranian general Soleimani I think
Donald Trump has proven beyond that
comment beyond dispute the haphazard

decision-making process that led up to
it the failure to consult with our
allies or Congress and the reckless
disregard for the consequences that
would surely follow was in my view

dangerously incompetent we have not
heard a sober minded explanation to
assure the American reassure the
American people that this decision and
its consequences were thought through no

level-headed words meant to dial down
the tensions and to take us off the path
of conflict no press conference or
consultation with our Congress I’d love

that he’s asking for press conferences
with Congress or a consultation inches
shake elicitor no level-headed words
meant to dial down the tensions and to

take us off the path of conflict no
press conference or consultation with
our Congress consultation sits
No well we heard so far from this
president our tweets

threats and tantrums and however you may
feel about American military presence in
the Middle East there’s a right way and
a wrong way to draw down our troops our
troop presence getting unserem honestly
kicked out is unequivocally the wrong

way complete politicization which I
guess Joad make sense that he’s doing
that but again it’s it’s all about Trump
and it’s very clear it should be obvious

to most that this will be the next
impeachment the article of impeachment
or whatever they’re going to call it
that’s why the War Powers Resolution
came out which is resolution it’s not

law it doesn’t restrict anything above
what the Constitution says which is very
clear and which has been ignored by
every president since I’ve been alive
except for that one time when we got
approval from Congress to go to war

against Iraq Afghanistan we just went
into all kinds of places so it doesn’t
matter whether they give permission or
not it’s it’s a crapshoot but the idea

is to catch him catch him doing the next
time he kills some evil guy where then
we’re done we’re out and we’re gonna

impeach him again he’s jackie speier who
is from california on CNN are you
blaming the president in any way for the
fact that it appears that iran shot down
that jetliner no but I am saying that

but for the escalation in the actions
taken by Iran there would not be a
hundred and seventy six people dead

today it all emanates emanates from the
killing of Soleimani well again the
administration would say that sulemani
what’s interesting here is the CNN host
is is really trying to explain to her

the viewer or I don’t know that well
hold on a second you know it really was
the Iranians who shot something off and
apparently it it hit the plane I mean
that’s really is them and I think he’s

not doing it to say lighten up on the
president I think he’s doing it to allow
her to continuously say yeah
but if he hadn’t gotten up in the
morning yeah none of this would happen

if he wasn’t president none of this
would have them well again the
administration would say that sulemani
himself was plotting attacks on
Americans so the attack on soleimani
itself emanates from Soleimani but just

to be clear it was Iran that shot down
apparently that’s yet what culpability
do they have how do you think they
should be held to account
certainly it needs to be looked at from

you know many perspectives I mean if it
was accidental that certainly needs to
be taken into account as well but we
need to remember how this all started
this Trump was born that’s how it

started I started from the time the
President of the United States reneged
on renig isn’t it reneged
I’ve heard it pronounced both ways no

you know I kind of remember that
conversation Renee this has started from
the time the President of the United
States reneged on the nuclear deal that
we had with Iran and then imposed severe

sanctions on Iran that has hurt them
economically then called the
Revolutionary Guard a terrorist
he keeps bragging they didn’t call he
didn’t call it a terrorist organization

it was designated as such I’m not sure
if that needs congressional approval but
it was a quite a conversation and yes
then they were they were designated not
necessarily by the president the

Revolutionary Guard a terrorist
organization he keeps ramping it up and
the result is that they respond we
should be at the negotiating table
trying to develop a plan for peace

trying to develop a new jcpoa if
necessary with the presidents and
Fermata on it
so that we don’t have Iran building
nuclear weapons but what generated them

shooting missiles in the air was the
fact that they were providing vengeance
or a tit-for-tat to the United States
for having killed their general orange

man bad let’s look at that she’s
shameless yeah well and the the
Republicans were out in mass to in
particular Mike Pompeo let’s remember

that he is also former spook and he
knows a lot and he’s been an a big guy
they’ve been wanting to kill this guy
for a decade so they played a clip of

his while talking to watermelon had John
Kerry on CNN on the jcpoa you know when
you were watching President Trump
earlier this week there standing at the

White House he he said it was the Obama
administration who who essentially paid
for those Iranian missiles that were
aimed at Americans and then your
successor Mike Pompeo was asked about

that and about you on Fox News and this
is what he said stop stop stop
she has this is what Brooke yeah Brooke
Brooke she has the same cadence even
though she steps up to speed a little

bit as the jackie speier did which
indicates to me they’re all in the same
milieu oh they probably go to lunch
together definitely sound almost
identical in the way in their cadence

yeah they do I’m sorry going yeah that’s
okay well and and by the way Trump did
start this this political part which
Pompey was propagating they had the
resources they had the ability to build

out the militias in Syria to underwrite
Hezbollah to build their missile program
all the things that we are now
confronting our direct result of the
resources that the regime had available
as a result of that terrible 2016 that

this could be an eventualities money
being used so he already spilled the
beans on that it’s now coming to

so I don’t know about John Kerry knowing
anything previously but there you go
bunch of chickenshit Hawks out there so
well you know if Obama hadn’t given all
that for the cash the pallets of caches

wouldn’t have happened well please if
Obama wasn’t born it wouldn’t have
happened it’s just it’s disgusting I’m
not gonna play Kerry’s clip because we

have a rule about that anyway so yeah so
oh you know what there was beat you and
I’m glad that you are biting by it one
of our producers Leela puke did an end

of show mix which had another another
one of those talking points everyone’s
saying it now he didn’t send me the

source material I could not find the
source material as far as I know it’s
not as Supercuts so I’m just gonna I’ll
play the full thing at the end of the
show obviously I just want you to hear

another meme that was out there that he
expertly put together in this end of
show mix our missiles are big powerful
accurate lethal and fast
it was not a scintilla of evidence

presented to justify the so-called
imminent threat there’s no clear
evidence of an imminent threat you can’t
have two stories you can’t say that
something was imminent when it was not

there was no evidence of evidence and
specific this administration has not
made the case that there was an imminent

threat they did not just show us that
they were dealing with an imminent
threat I saw no evidence of that
whatsoever the president puts his
interests above America’s interest okay

so you get the idea
imminent threat this is what was lacking
and this is where gates who you played a
clip from earlier strayed from the

Republican Party and said you know yeah
I think I’m gonna be on board with the
War Powers Resolution which is easy for
him to do because it’s the same as

what’s in already on the books it’s just
kind of a confirmation so him imminent
threat is there was a lack of imminent
threat he just went off crazy unhinged
you heard the talking points from the

Ambassador there unhinged crazy
imminence there was no imminent threat
what are you doing just probably –
probably just to distract from the
impeachment but it really does shit
which is a talking point that yeah I

think I have a clip on this okay let’s
see worse I didn’t think about you jump
me you got me it caught me on my
flat-footed I’m and I’ve really done a
poor job in naming the clips today so I

can not find anything okay
but I do have it but I don’t I can’t

find it never mind just it would be here
it is Colonel Wilkerson on Iran and
impeachment I think that would be the
one in December 17 1998 the front page
banner headline red impeachment vote in

house delayed as Clinton launches Iraq
air strike citing military need to move
swiftly Colonel Wilkerson can you
respond for 15 years Amy I’ve taught

this to over 400 students on two
campuses national security
decision-making is what it’s called one
of the influences I emphasize is

domestic politics I would be a traitor
to the academic curriculum which I teach
I would be a traitor to the truth if I
didn’t say of course that had something

to do with it and watch out because
there will be more because there will be
more impeachment play the second half of
that clip which is final words this is a

world Christian going off any final
words Colonel Wilkerson as we move into
this very critical period with President
Trump saying if Iran responds to the
u.s. assassination of one of their

leaders that the US will hit 52 sites
including cultural institutions which is
by the way considered a war crime 52 for

the 50 oh yes war criminal I’m sorry
that would that’s that’s really we need
to we need to take him to the criminal
court in the hague

that’s where Trump belongs which is by
the way considered a war crime 52 for
the 52 hostages Iran took more than 40
years ago if that were the case and we

actually executed such a package we
would solidify 80 million people in a
way that for the next 30 years would

cost the lives of countless Americans
businesspeople too
and so forth throughout the region and
perhaps throughout the world I know what
the packages look like for bombing Iran

okay hey goes on well let’s just move
quickly through the the facts and then
we’ll deconstruct what probably was
going on here so now we know that well

yeah well here’s Trump actually I
thought that was kind of a cute clip but
somebody could have made a mistake on
the other side could have could have

made a mistake it was flying it was it
was flying and not our system now how
does nothing to do with us it was flying
in a pretty rough neighborhood and
somebody a man it’s what you get for

flying in a rough neighborhood man you
shouldn’t be flying in rough
neighborhoods at 8,000 feet pretty rough
neighborhood and somebody could have
made a mistake I some people say it was
mechanical I personally don’t think

that’s even a question personally and
then we have of course Trudeau we have
intelligence from multiple sources
including our allies was this after that

it was already in the news that he says
we have intelligence or city actually no
I think this was just before but that
particular clip intrigued me for some
other reason which is when did Trudeau

decide to wear a year and a cut of a
goatee yeah like an evil guy’s goatee he
looks like the bad guy in one of these

movies yeah he’s he’s roughing himself
up is this getting ready for war baby we
have intelligence from multiple sources
including our allies and our own

the evidence indicates that the plane
was shot down by an Iranian the
surface-to-air missile this may well
have been unintentional may well have

been let’s see
always of interest when these things
happen who was on the aircraft
today’s grief all-consuming at so many
of Canada’s universities here at Western

a Morial to promising students their
futures robbed
it’s Rehan Masood Zachary lost his
friend had as Hayat devotee a PhD

student we are hoping that she lost the
plane and we saw the official named
official list of names of students from
more than 10 Canadian universities died

in the crash driven by troubled politics
with the US and Canada’s academic
reputation this country is a popular
destination for Iranian students is does
Canada have a reputation for their

education they have a couple really
outstanding colleges yeah they got a
note from one of our Knights wheels

being one of them one of our Knights who
is an intelligence analyst I do not know
where but he asked me to keep his
identity anonymous in this case I’ll
read his noted short it’s coming out

that the Canadians and a few Russians on
the Ukrainian on the Ukraine plane shot
down were primarily scientists and
engineers working in Iranian nuclear
plants fearful that those plants could

be US drone targets the scientists
decided to leave as a group so no one
would be held hostage until the conflict
was over because they knew the plans and
operations of the Iran nuclear program

they could be debriefed so Iran told the
scientists they would be moved to safety
but warned they would not be allowed to
leave Iran they did not listen now I
don’t know if that’s true but that would

certainly give a reason for the Iranians
to purposely target that aircraft
i its fanciful you know it sounds great

for the movie I I don’t know that it for
the movie says Tom Clancy totally
totally it really doesn’t matter because
the administration the president

everybody knows one thing in the
legendary words of Rahm Emanuel never
let a crisis go to waste
immediately we’re trying to get shit

started in Iran which is the whole point
the point is you need to have an
uprising for regime change so the
president tweeted in Farsi which also

had a translation but he tweeted in
Farsi to the brave long-suffering people
of Iran I’ve stood with you since the
beginning of my presidency and my

administration will continue to stand
with you we are following your protests
closely and are inspired by your courage
Facebook is now being not just Facebook

Twitter but I think Facebook’s the main
one Iranian the journey a journalist’s
Russian journalist of course but I think
some in the US possibly are demanding an

end of Iranian censorship of Iranian
media on Instagram and Facebook
according to RT Facebook thought police
is censoring pro Iran posts to comply

with US sanctions I’m not sure about
that but I’m damn sure that the
intelligence services are inside of
Facebook and making sure that we don’t

see anything that we don’t want to what
we want is people protesting against the
regime we want flags we want some signs
we want banners it’s full on it’s full

on every they’re really trying to spark
it up now right down to the Ambassador
from the United Kingdom standing out

there oh why is this is this not gonna
play now all of a sudden let’s see if it
plays like this now crap one of my clips
is broken

damn it was a good one too the
ambassador to the UK was arrested at a
an anti regime protest which of course
is played off as I was a mistake I was
just was a vigil I was there for five

minutes and then I left and they had
detained me or they arrested me and we
figured it out no this is full-on this
is the idea we need protests we need
images of protests you will need

Facebook and Instagram protests nothing
else and I think they’re going to do it
they may just pull it off
I’m looking at everyone or two I
mentioned that at the Canadian laws of

these not the majority but there was a
lot of Canadians killed in the crash
yeah and I’m just relating back to what
your spook informant may have said well

there was a they were connected to the
University of Alberta okay a lot of
students and I guess some professors and
based on what he said I actually look up

University of Alberta nuclear facilities
they have assisted the University of
Alberta is one of the nuke places they
have slowpoke a nuclear facility they do

a bunch of they do nucleotide
productions they do neutron activation
analysis they do all these high-end in
the middle of nowhere the University of

Alberta they do these this is it is a be
center of research and there was a story
that I can’t follow it makes sense what
he said based on this if we’re gonna put

two and two together well that’s that’s
obviously one way we could look at it
and I’m pretty sure from the evidence
that we have and also how many of these
things are out there and the
similarities between the 1918 was the 89

in 1989 downing of an Iranian jetliner
that we took responsibility for which

was done with a man pad with a Stinger
missile fuckin a shoulder-fired those
things are pretty good no was it was
done off of a ship by one of the surface
theorem is wrong from yes it was a

Stinger on a ship I looked it up
a Stinger on a ship yeah it was a
surface-to-air does that be an accident
it wasn’t it wasn’t an accident there

was an accident that they targeted that
they were confused it was it was
confusion it wasn’t purposeful so they
say who the hell knows but I like the

theory that the Iranians were so afraid
that they killed all the scientists I
mean I don’t like it but you know here’s
a little tip for four people trying to

escape so they all got on the plane
together not thinking you know about the
possibility of them all getting killed
it was one of them couple should have

stayed back and then snuck out and
taking a train out of town I mean
there’s other ways to leave seems to me
yeah I think wanted to miss the flight
and so there’s been some stories about

that now conversely let’s just say
that’s all coincidence it happens to be
nuclear students scientists in studying
scientists although there was a report

that I did not clip where someone said
that girl was that PhD in disguise you
know meaning that she was incredibly
smart but there you go it said it could
also have been that we wanted and

although a very risky and very evil
scenario let’s just take it as a
possibility that they spoofed the
transponder made it look like something
else we discussed this is a possibility

just to get the Iranians to shoot it
down and then to say uh exactly what’s
happening now I mean the result is the
same it really doesn’t matter who did it
or why they did it the result is it

happened and now we see report after
report filtered expertly filtered
expertly because if you look around
outside of the bag face bag in the

twitters you’ll see that there’s you
know it’s from all sides there’s all
kinds of things going on in Iran it’s
not just anti-regime but that’s what
we’re going to see well this stop for a
second there also reflect on a couple of

other incidents that took place and this
was from an Israeli intelligence and
this took place a number of years ago
worthy a couple of a very famous Iranian
nuclear scientists were were

assassinated in the streets one by a guy
in a motorcycle that ya that’s not that
long ago even yeah and this was
attributed by some people I think Ray

McGovern was one of them to Mossad
and so Mossad could have actually been
involved because they’re pretty good
about staying out of the limelight they

give if there’s a transponder swap out
or some sort of a you know some sort of
a spoof if I I wouldn’t I don’t think it
wouldn’t be anything that we’d ever do

to be honest about it in this regard
because we don’t care about these
scientists who cares about not the
scientist but just to have civilians
killed pin it on Iran and then get

protests started I’m just looking at as
an i as an opportunity I think that’s
minor compared to the realities of
trying to get rid of these scientists
clip from 2012 the family is for five
Iranian nuclear scientists say Israel

Great Britain and the u.s. assassinated
their loved ones those families are now
asking Iran’s legal system to pursue
their complaint through international
courts Iran claims the attacks were part
of a covert mission by Israel and the

West to sabotage its nuclear program the
US and Britain have denied any
involvement in the murders Israel has
not commented on the matter Steve I just
want to say that there is no other media
property that I’m aware of that on the

fly can talk about something one host
who clearly should never be able to
recall these things has the longest
memory in history remembers it and

production fires off the clip within
seconds please appreciate that as these
producers applause applause effective
but the point is is that it seems to me

if we’re gonna go in that direction it
would be Mossad that would either want
he doing rid of these guys and because
it does put a kind of a chink in the
armor of the program um just saying but

it did this University of Alberta thing
it kind of has me like whoa
well our intelligence analysts said this
you know so

it’s so that hasn’t come up in the
conversation on CNN it would be it would
be useful for at least one of these

outfits I think they could use that I
think they could throw that in the mix
but I’m not so sure and by the way the
corporate interests don’t or don’t want
to hear about it right sorry
well we’re waiting for the the

Revolution and I think the signs are
being printed the flags are being ironed
you know we’ll get everything over there
lickety-split we’ll load everybody up
but we did it with the Hong Kong this

should be no problem at all to just
redirect the team and send them over to
Tehran or any other handy place where we
can get some cameras in and it’ll be
good to go

yeah we’ll see well just look at the
headlines let’s let’s do a test I will
go to the the which
doesn’t even autocomplete on my computer

since I don’t use Google
top of the list boom thousands of
Iranian protesters hit streets
condemning leaders over downed plane I

didn’t search for Iran or anything this
is I just went to Google News and that
is the top headline
the ones below for Fuhrer in Iran and

abroad Iran faces growing criticism at
that’s the main one so CNN is all over

it they
they’re pushing the you’re pushing what
they’re told to push well of course and
that’s the thousands of protesters we
need more but that’s a good start

all right and just to show you that we
have our eye on the ball while all of
this was taking place while we were all

looking at Iran Israel turned on their
pipeline and liquid a gas is now flowing
from the Leviathan fields actually that

I think the Tamara tamarind fields which
is part of that but right next door off
the coast now flowing into Israel and
they will become a energy producer for

the first time in their history and I’m
sure Bill Clinton is very happy because
this is Nobel Energy
what’s interesting actually did I wonder

if our producer is still invested in
noble energy
remember he was he was he started
investing it oh haha well it looks like

it went up to 22 last time I looked it
was $8 I should’ve bought what do I know
I’m a dope I never pay any attention to
this stuff yeah so so everything’s good

no one pay attention to what’s happening
over there and they have their deals
with Greece and Cyprus and they’re going
to be selling that to to Europe so it
all ratchets up and hopefully we get the

hell out of the way and with that I’d
like to thank you for your courage and
say in the morning to you the man who
literally put the C in the chink in the
armor any morning to you mr. havitol

said in the morning all ships to sea
boots on the ground feet in the air
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of the of the new year he was very
excited and rightfully so he and again
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now with soros kind of a take-off on the
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something else I thought I liked when we
looking at
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fan I don’t know about you Jon I never
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progressive rock there was a progressive
rock and actually Nick was a musician

explained probably why I didn’t like it
peer to peer I’m sorry peer to peer I
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probably one of the greatest progressive

rock bands has a very specific style of
rock and roll that does not appeal to
everybody no it never appealed to me
but I do know how people are affected by
this they were really the lot of sadness

well Russia’s the Canada’s band sadly on
the same day Rick Kelman who was my
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longtime audio engineer at MTV he passed

away in his sleep which I was a shocker
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some crawling things off the wall to
take outside rather than smashing it
into the paint job the stink bug
presents a unique problems they will

stink if you squish them and they take
flight when provoked enough so it’s a
kind of a bee-like but they’re slow

apparently they’re quite slight they’re
slow enough to capture when they’re just
crawling you can’t see them against the
most woodwork or anything else that’s
dark but they show up against anything
else they perch on and they could be

inside your home for days before you
spot them when they
do fly page to there about the large
loudest bug I’ve ever heard it’s it’s

must be how their wings whip the air
they don’t bite or sting just annoy cats
will probably play with them but nothing
wants to eat them ok so there you go I

have an updates the orange rimmed stink
bug is actually known as a kissing bug
currently found so far in Tennessee and

Georgia it is not a it is not the stink
bug looks very similar to it it does
have orange rim and you do not want to
touch these or try and catch them

because this has chagas disease– ch
agas and can be fatal if left untreated
they feed on the blood of mammals
including humans and dogs so it’s a form

of a tick yeah only it looks like a
stink bug
sticks yeah you need more chickens is
the country was filled with chickens we

wouldn’t have any of these problems yeah
when you go to Slovenia I should say the
whole country is filled with chickens
they’re all over the place unfortunately

have a lot of raccoons and other
critters here that would like to eat
these chickens but most chickens if you
have a roosting place you can they’ll go
back into their roost and you can close
it up for the night

amidst all of the possible regime change
orange bars man bad we have news from
Venezuela and

I was I got i got this from a podcast
believe it or not the podcasters name is
Anja param Pele param pill I believe she
may be from Venezuela apparently one guy

doze presidency is over he’s been
replaced and no one heard about it and
the report is fantastic that is Whelan
opposition leader Juan Guido’s term as

president of the country’s National
Assembly it came to an end on Sunday
January 5th
Cueto had hoped to extend his reign
beyond the legally mandated year long
term limit however after it became clear

that he did not have enough votes to win
the rookie politician actually attempted
to jump the fence surrounding
Venezuela’s legislature in order to make
it appear as though the government had

prevented him from entering gwido could
have entered the building to the front
door the video of him trying to jump
over the fence you know the basic it

looks like Obama in a blue suit trying
to jump over the fence but he could have
just gone in the front door but that
would have been the right visual you see
one opposition lawmaker told reporters
most were able to enter without incident

yet Guido repeatedly attempted to enter
the building alongside lawmakers who had
been banned from the National Assembly
over their alleged involvement in
criminal activity Louis fava who was

elected as the new president of the
National Assembly crams Widow staged the
incident because he did not have enough
votes to win us-backed Venezuelan ku
officials such as Guido’s a so-called

ambassador to Washington Carlos Vecchio
shared video of the day’s events
cleaning it depicted a valiant Guido
overcoming government repression u.s.
acting Under Secretary of State for

Western Hemisphere affairs Michael Kovak
tweeted shortly after the melee claiming
quote wonk we know remains Venezuela the
interim president under its constitution
this morning’s phony National Assembly

the legal quorum there was no vote yet
at least 140 out of Venezuela’s 167
legislators were present at the meeting
well above the 50% required for a legal

quorum eighty one of them voted to
install para a legislator from the
us-backed primero justicia party as
president of the National Assembly
officially putting white OHS rule to an

still Guido held his own swearing-in
ceremony at the offices of ossie now an
opposition owned newspaper in order to
keep up appearances

considering the US has cited his control
of Venezuela’s National Assembly as the
legal justification for its recognition
of Guido as president of the entire
country these developments are perhaps
the most fatal blow doubt to the Trump

administration school policy to date
yeah fail and then it’s so bad that the
guys got to pretend to look like oh I’m
a hero I’m I’m standing up against the

oppressor as I’m jumping over the fence
and they just voted in a different guy
and then he said no no that’s not fair
and he went back to it to his own casa
and did his own swearing-in ceremony no

I’m still the guy this is sad I mean
really comedic did Pompeo just abandon
the guy I mean did Bolton abandon the

guy shut it what to get in Cuddy
probably was a Bolton guy I know but
what is this pathetic trying this is
real a new guy the new guys is an
American pack he’s also a party yes

clearly we all right we got to get this
guy in cuz that old guy I mean I guess
the Obama look is not working anymore

have we seen the new guy do we know what
the new guy looks like what’s his name
Rio she mentioned it through UMUC
Venezuela new Presidente they get to put
the eat the end of Presidente um doesn’t

even say
it’s not even on its
even showing up
new that is it but what’s your search

criteria new president well that would
be yet new president Venezuela yeah I
tried that let me see maybe the I’ll
have to go to the Google News again see

if they’ve got anything listen to the
headlines this is interesting Washington
Post grideau opposition lawmakers defy
security forces burst into Venezuela’s
National Assembly we just heard a woman

who’s there is it that didn’t happen
Los Angeles Times Venezuela opposition
leader Juan Guido takes new oath amid
chaos Wow they won’t even go with the

new guy
that’s crazy weather now eat this is
duel them to me we’re witnessing dueling
intelligence agencies yes and my guess

is the one that’s causing the trouble
and all the contradictions and I don’t
know who’s pushing whose buttons in
these newspapers but obviously they’re
hooked up to somebody is that is that

little State Department Intel agency
that little mysterious one that’s always
getting in the way and causing trouble
yes because I’m reading here that

Elliott Abrams the US representative for
Venezuela now we know Elliott Abrams
he’s DISA he’s a real bad actor yeah he
welcomed the re-election of guido

Abram said US officials remain undaunted
and will continue to put economic
pressure on the Maduro government
through additional sanctions and in this
whole report and I’m reading The Wall

Street Journal and Los Angeles Times
there’s not a mention of the guy who was
sworn in now we’re not looking at the
even the Venezuelan presidential crisis
on Wikipedia which is kept up today has

not gotten mentioned so this is really a
this is just unbelievable I mean our
news media is just totally corrupt it’s
not worth it’s not worth it it’s just so

well thank God for anja prompt you thank
his Russian okay whatevs
Russians and Russians are running a game

anyway I thought that was information is
terribly even dude even Amy hasn’t
gotten anything good
they’re not trying

they’re not trying they just aren’t
trying well we know the Chinese the
Russians and us all want that oil field
yes possibly the biggest in the Western

yes so we got three big superpowers
we’re the closest to it we should have
it by default a man should be actually
that was it was an interesting just

going back to Iran for a second the
Iraqi Prime Minister claimed the Trump
threatened false flag attacks on
protesters if he didn’t accept the oil

deals remember Trump said we got the oil
we got the oil and that we were
demanding fifty percent of the oil yeah
just as all unverified oh it’s just a

data point I’m just throwing it in there
just what it is
alright well let’s go to the upcoming
debate rundown this is debate rundown
just for Tuesday ah very good and this

will be on it’s gonna be on CNN who was
hosting at this time I believe so News
six presidential candidates Elizabeth
Warren Bernie Sanders Pete Buddha Jay

Jay Amy Klobuchar Joe Biden and Tom
Steyer will take to the stage for the
final democratic debate before the Iowa
caucus it will happen in Des Moines next

all the candidates on stage will be
white after New Jersey senator Cory
Booker and entrepreneur Andrew yang did
not qualify for the debate billionaire
Tom Styer qualified after pouring more
than 115 million dollars of his own
money into his campaign billionaire

former New York City Mayor Michael
Bloomberg did not qualify for the debate
despite spending nearly a hundred
seventy million dollars of his own money
on ads I picked up a report from Rachel
that I wanted to share we don’t play

much Rachel Maddow on this show because
well and I did cut out almost every
pause and every eye roll and neck
stretch and all the things she does just
to chop it down to under two minutes but

this was hilarious in context of her
hating all Republicans her hating
everything that is not a Democrat Party
is being MSNBC and now we have these two

billionaires Tom Steyer and Michael
Bloomberg who are messing it all up last
night Tom Steyer officially qualified
for the next Democratic candidates

debate which will be in Iowa next week
the deadline to qualifies today and he
has made it in the days leading up to
today’s deadline it really didn’t seem
like Tom Steyer was going to make it
onto that debate stage she was in low

single digits and most national and
statewide polls he needed better numbers
and at least two polls but then last
night last minute almost out of nowhere
he came in really close to the top of of
the polls in in to early state’s polling

third tied with Elizabeth Warren for
third in Nevada I guess we should just
point out just to reiterate that the
election debate committee which used to

be the women
voters who quit in disgust have
determined that for the primary and I
think it’s uh it’s more DN C that you
have to have certain qualifications to

even appear on the debate stage and
you’re seeing the results where
apparently you couldn’t pop ahead real
easy a whopping twelve percent double
digits right 12 percent tied for third

and litoris second place in South
Carolina Joe Biden’s way out of front
right but look who’s right Tom Steyer 15
percent in South Carolina really a
surprise for politics geeks right for
those of us who pore over each new poll

do you think that she sits there in her
office and is poring over each new poll
I need to get to the bottom of these
stats and information and it’s yes isn’t

it just like simple question and he’s
just polling I mean don’t don’t just
look at the results is there stuff to
pour over for politics geeks right for
those of us who pour over each tuple a

surprise but if you are a TV watcher in
the great state of South Carolina or the
great state of Nevada it was probably
less surprising to you because check
this out along with the fresh numbers we
got today on total ad spending for all

the candidates we also got a breakdown
of what the candidates are spending by
state and it makes the puzzle kind of
easy to solve alright so far the
candidates combined have spent 17
million dollars on political ads just in

the state of South Carolina okay
seventeen million in TV and radio ads
South Carolina alone here’s how you
solve the puzzle of that seventeen
million dollars spent in South Carolina
fourteen million of it was spent by Tom

Steyer that by the way is the I so Tom
Steyer has spent more on ads in South
Carolina then Pete Budaj edge or Bernie
Sanders has spent on ads nationwide for

their entire campaign same thing in
Nevada the other state that helped
deliver Tom Styer a surprise spot on the
debate stage so far there have been
eleven point six million dollars in
total spent on political ads in Nevada

by everybody of that eleven point six
million dollars total spent on Nevada
ads ten point four million of that spent
by Tom Styer is Nevada only ad spending
is more than all of the abs spending by

Biden Warren and Klobuchar combined gosh
can you see that shoes yes as it turns
out she’s so shots a revelation to her
it turns out that douchebag billionaires

can buy your election to we this is how
we vote in America the same way we buy
our washing powder you see a lot of ads

on TV and go okay unless but I think ice
tire tides diretide sounds the same
whatever it this must be driving people

I mean yes especially since we’re
dealing with the billionaire class which
is the Democrat Party hello here’s the
iced over end of show I was considering

perfect I think as I am i yeah okay I I
sewed it myself before the show knowing
you’d like it that much so now we have a
situation with all these guys these rich

guys running and there’s a and they’re
in this coincidentally the Netflix
special the great hack has arrived and
it did it tells the story of Cambridge

analytics and how Trump won let me stop
you two things one I think it’s been out
for a couple weeks – yeah it’s Cambridge

you’re right it’s been out for a couple
weeks and it’s Cambridge analytical got
it now so they had the producers and the
co directors and then some other woman

her name is Brittany Kaiser who’s a
whistle blower that worked for Cambridge
and they had him on the in a me show and
there were some revelations in there

that I thought may would be worth
discussing because they do apply to –
you know – what’s going on with these
elections sorry I thought you there was
a very clear pause and lead-up and I was

getting my glasses I would say the one
you want to play for just three clips
there’s the Brittany cat Kaiser
Cambridge there’s the Brittany on

crooked Hillary and there’s the
complaining co-director okay which is
it’s reeks of said okay you’re gonna
play that probably you probably were
playing the right clip was just let’s
play Brittany Kaiser on Cambridge there

were groups ecologists that we’re
looking into how they could understand
that data and convert that into
messaging that was just for you I need
to remind everybody that the Trump
campaign put together over a million

different advertisements that were put
out a million different advertisements
with tens of thousands of different
campaigns some of these messages were
for just you were 450 people a hundred

people obviously certain groups are
thousands tens of thousands or millions
but some of them were targeted very much
directly at the individual to know
exactly what you’re going to click on

and exactly what you care about that is
so unfair this woman who wrote the book
she wrote the book targeted and she’s

moaning and groaning and she was working
for Cambridgeshire she was aghast by
everything and but she was apparently so
predisposed to being a ghast by
everything that they would wanted there

was an event where they invited Anne
Coulter mmm to talk to him about
something rather and instead of sticking
around which I would do even if I was a
Democrat no no she felt she had the need
to bug out so she didn’t have to hear

whatever evil words and might might plan
to her brain I and I can’t I’m looking
at being at i/o I’m trying to see if I
put it in show nose there was someone

did an analysis and I think was a
facebook person maybe Andy and now I’m
just paraphrasing I’ll have to find it
was saying that in actuality Cambridge
analytic I was really shit is really not

good at what they do have not done
anything spectacular beyond what any
other basic advertising targeting does
but it still was the I think this

article said you know it was Brad Pascal
who figured out what the messages should
be but it wasn’t you know as highly
targeted and sophisticated or even as

good as people make Cambridge analytic
out to be not high kindness but I
believe it not gonna argue that point I
think I think this is going on

constantly with everybody that’s in the
business yeah of doing this sort of
analysis and Cambridge analytical just
for some reason I think had something to
do it brexit to be honest about it yeah
got God singled out I saw I agree with

this is bullcrap but let’s listen to
some of the stuff they did do that was
funny this is Brittany again on the
crooked Hillary campaign this is

you talk about the crooked Hillary
campaign and how it developed absolutely
so this started as a super PAC that was
built for Ted Cruz keep the promise one
which was run by Kellyanne Conway and

funded by the Mercer’s that was then :
she’s she worked at Cambridge analytical
yes and so Brittany she’s talking like a
pundit I mean she’s not talking like

someone who’s be she’s on a book tour
and so she’s oh okay I guess run by
Kelli Ann Conway and funded by the
Mercer’s that was then converted to

becoming a super PAC for Donald Trump
they tried to register with the Federal
Election Commission the name defeat
crooked Hillary and FEC luckily did not
allow them to do that so it was called

make America number one this super PAC
was headed by David bossy someone that
you might remember from Citizens United
basically dark money into our politics

and allow no never happen haven’t seen

know it’s racist that dark money oh this
is bullshit but I like it brought dark
money into our politics and allowed this
was on Democracy Now yeah did Amy jump
in and say well you know obviously dark

money has been in our politics for a
long time we I mean from day one pretty
money amounts of money to be funneled
into these types of vehicle this is a

total talking point this woman so that
we don’t know where all of the money is
coming from from these types of
manipulative communications he was in
charge of this campaign I’m sorry this

is great manipulative communications
that’s what you do that’s all
communications are Oh marketing is

manipulation the money is coming from
for these types of manipulative
communications and he was in charge of
this campaign now I’m that two day long
debrief that I talked about and if you

want to know more you can read about it
in my
book I they told us why and explain
where you were and who was in the room
so I was in New York in our board room
for Cambridge analytic his office on

Fifth Avenue and all of our offices from
around the world had called in to
videocast and everybody from the super
PAC and the Trump campaign took us
through all of their tactics and

strategies and implementation and what
they had done now when we got to this
defeat crooked Hillary super PAC they
explained to us what they had done which
was to run experiments on psychographic

groups to figure out what was working
and what wasn’t
unfortunately what they found out was
the only very successful tactic was
sending fear-based
scare mongering messaging to people that

were identified as being neurotic and it
was so successful in their first
experiments but they spent the rest of
the money from the super PAC over the
rest of the campaign only on negative

messaging oh no – neurotics negative
advertising targeting neuron I’d say
it’s a crime almost that is it’s evil

labrador neurotic and then you send
fear-mongering messages whoa I mean like
clear and present danger the president

is a clear and present danger needs to
be impeached immediately because who
knows what he could do you mean like
that is that is that we talking about
just bend over here it comes again for

you sir well-deserved
thank you now we have a couple of others
in that same group now we have they do
this guy Kareem Amir ah and he talks

this is the one let’s do the let’s start
with this one this is him is the
complaining the clip is complaining
co-director p2 people have come forward

from Cambridge analytic oh why is that
both of the wait stop stop stop stop so
that’s the desta complaint that’s the
other one this is the that would be the
last clip the clip before that is a

little lengthy but it’s it’s more
fascinating than anything so far and
this under that you have to look it up
under l al karima a mirror
all right and he talks about how they

did some experiments in Trinidad ah no
the pain bridge analytical used brown
people to do conduct evil experiments
yes data with data and they and they

psychologically manipulated them I can’t
believe this is going on what is
happening to the world
well let’s listen to this is a very
funny story I asked cream Armour to talk

about what Cambridge analytical effort
to suppress the vote in Trinidad and
Tobago did it was important for us to
show in the film the expansiveness of
Cambridge’s work this went beyond the

borders of the United States and even
beyond the borders of the EU and the UK
because what we find is that you know
Cambridge they use the the in pursuing
this global influence industry that they

were very much a part of they use
different countries as petri dishes to
learn and get to know how about
different tactics and from improving
those tactics they can then sell them
for a higher cost higher margin in

Western democracies where the election
budgets are you know and they you have
to have to remember I think it’s
important to predicate that the election
business has become multibillion-dollar
global business right so just remember

that while we are upset with companies
at Cambridge we allowed for the
commoditization of our democratic
process right so people are exploiting
this now because it’s become a business

and we and and as purveyors of this
can’t really be as upset as we want to
be when we were justified though so I
want to preface it with that now that
being said what’s happened as a result

is a comfort at Cambridge can practice
tactics in a place like Trinidad that’s
very unregulated in terms of what they
can and can to learn from that know-how
and then you know use it parlay it into

activities United States but they did in
Trinidad and why it was important for us
to short in the film is they led
something called the doso campaign where
they admit making it cool and popular

among youth to get out and not vote and
they made the Indian population in the
black and the black legislation and
there’s a lot of historic tension

between those two and a lot of
generational differences as well between
those two and the do so campaign
targeted that was was done in a way to
you know by looking at the data and

looking at the predictive analysis of
which group would vote or not vote get
enough people to dissuade them from
so that they could flip the election
targeted at targeted at at the youth and
so this is really when you war so

actually do so yes exactly and that it
became cool not to vote exactly and then
you look at the level of calculation

behind this and it’s quite frightening
do these people ever see an
advertisement for anything anywhere in
their lives now this guy that was
yakking away there was one of the

co-directors that guys was a blowhard
and every time a me would ask anybody
else anything he jump in before they
could start talking and he liked to hear
himself self talk but the other woman

and this is what kind of got my
attention was this particular clip which
is the last clip and this is the this is
the other co-director woman and she
tells the story that is slightly

reminiscent this is the complaining
co-director P two people have come
forward from Cambridge analytical why is
that both of the people that have come
forward Brittany and Chris and also what

Carol’s writing have been targeted
personally and it’s been a very very
difficult story to tell even with us
when we released the film in January

every single time we have entered into
the country we have been stopped for
four to six hours of questioning at the
border that stop by stop by yeah on the
border of the US and JFK Airport where

you’re taken into the back ask for all
of your social media handles question
for four to six hours every single time
we enter the country since when since we
release the film so since Sundance since

January we’ve every time we’ve come back
into the US and on what grounds are they
saying they’re stopping it no
explanation yeah
it sounds a lot like me know this sounds
like the

cock-and-bull story we got from Laura
Poitras if you recall which yes he was
doing something and there was always
this the same story was never the guys
telling this story it’s always a woman

and they keep talking about getting
pulled over not not like you’re going
back but I’m talking about within the
recent memory the woman who is a
co-director producer or whatever’s gets

pulled over yeah coming this you can’t
say it’s TSA she’s kind of keys it would
be customs Border Patrol not to you well
somebody pulls them out and then gives
them a four-hour conversation mm-hm and

it seems to me that this is canned this
the same Poitras it had almost identical
story now is it possible they’re getting
pulled over but she but this was since

January so let’s take another look at
this and Poitras I think had the same
issues how many times since January last
year I guess

are they in and out and in and out and
in and out of the country and why yeah
the movies out you’re on the down the
road what she’s doing is insinuating
that orange man bad has put his SS heist

police eye on the case and is making
sure that she’s harassed every single
time because you’ll get her will get her
and get her you whistleblower and you

can’t pretend oolitic a whistleblower
will get you it will get ya yeah I don’t
believe it that may be true I don’t know
but it might be true but I don’t believe
that it’s got any good Trump or said

something else is causing it and we’ll
the case with you is a good example
which is turned out to be a reasonably
was there’s a guy with the same name as
you that lived somewhere in the northern

states Oklahoma I thought it was Montana
no I think it was Oklahoma and he was
also in aviation
yeah yeah that happened for a couple
years yeah we thought was first couple

years of the show you would give us a
rundown in fact you even recorded one of
the episodes one of the moments were the
guys grilling yeah yeah it was quite

good yes and I’m sure at the time I said
it’s obvious it’s obvious the Obama
administration wants to stifle mate
they’re harassing me John well all of
this obviously leads to you properly

they won’t know because it’s your data

you need to be responsible for it so
don’t make as much I’ve decided that’s
my new thing if you want to be safe you

want your data to stay safe it’s your
data in the first place don’t make so
much of it which is why I have the fine
Alcatel go flip three flip phone which

is functioning just nicely for me for
what I need to do all the other work is
done still on those Alcatel contacted
you and said you want another one of
these phones or thanks for the plug no

in fact I bought I bought another one
for my stepdaughter
she’s ot she’s way out she liked that
she liked your phone oh my god now this
is Ellen this is not Elise is Ellen so

this is she actually has recited
Kosinski to me and I take credit for it
believe me now so I bought a second one

it’s only it’s 70 bucks you know it’s a
is very effective battery lasts for a
long time and by the way I’m not
creating a lot of data I run you know my

Linux installed still running Lubuntu
which is lightweight it does exactly
what I want and nothing more and
actually that popped in my head today
back when we had daus we just had

command line daus she had WordPerfect
and stuff worked it was fast it wasn’t
visual of course but it would in yeah
you could you could get stuff done

pretty quickly and you you worked a lot
more with daus than I ever did but it
was very effective you create bat batch
files you know you could create little
programs that did things and then we got

visual with Windows 95 and I believe
since then all these you got win it
Windows well you’re to three point I’m
sorry I’m sorry all right three point

one you’re right I remember running nte
3.1 that was the hot cheeto ass man if
you want to be cool but what’s happened
is we have every application that you

have on your computer then the operating
system itself is continuously doing crap
in the background if it’s not looking
pinging for updates and do I need to

notify its do it and it’s just sucking
up all this computing power that’s why
you have to have faster and faster
computers because everybody you know the
OS if Windows it’s updating in the

background it’s sharing part of it with
other things on your network it’s
sending stuff back to Microsoft
information you know it’s it’s almost
like the screen savers back in the day a

screen saver would kick in and it would
him your computer wasn’t doing anything
but if it was like a rendering it would
use up computer resources this is
happening all the time inside your

computer it’s always doing stuff it’s
reindex ting it’s making your life
easier but it’s not really it’s just
slowing down the machine anyway make
less make less data and don’t give it

away to people like 23andme you paid for
the privilege and now 23andme sold the
rights to a drug it developed thanks to

its genetic database and your data and
you’re not getting the cut of it he
believed this people are so stupid
government-funded Android phones

apparently that’s the Obama phone comes
with pre-installed and unremovable
malware of course why wouldn’t we be
spying on you of course it does
they got a spy on those poor people and

my favorite ring doorbell confirms it
fired for employees for watching
customer videos we surprised no but
instead of reporting on this atrocity of

Silicon Valley spying on you no way CBS
Austin they’ll run a native ad we
weren’t getting the ring notifications

little did Arturo Guerra know those
notifications would show this man Henry
Ludwig breaking into his home Guerra was
on a cruise with his family for
Christmas and had spotty Wi-Fi so he was
not able to access his video while out

at sea he didn’t look until a day later
when his neighbor called him to say they
see a car that did not belong to them in
their driveway on the drive back home
they looked at the video before calling

they’re seeing him kind of look at the
front door initially and look for like a
secret key he’s obviously looking in the
window seeing if anybody’s home trying
to get in the only thing you see on the
ring towards the last clips is he’s
coming out of the front door and he’s

got some of my clothes on which is sort
of interesting Ludwig was caught on
camera over a three-hour stretch in the
early morning hours the day after
Christmas he broke a window of garre’s
garage and after taking some personal

items also stole his mother-in-law’s car
obviously it just feels incredibly
violating and everyone’s kind of nervous
and on edge and it had never happened
you know it’s a nice neighborhood we’re

at the long dead-end cul-de-sac so we
never thought all right so I’m just
gonna pause it here it’s almost done
because this is the setup this is by the
way Cambridge analytical lady this is
how manipulative things are sometimes in

marketing is how it works
so we’re gonna give you this human
interest story we feel really bad that
people aren’t a cruise they didn’t get
the ring doorbell notification because

they had spotty Wi-Fi which means had
never taken a cruise again ever but we
have to do something what can we do to
help solve these problems in our house
would be that kind of a target
it was pretty unusual but it’s
frightening at first it’s funny now one

week left behind some of his own
belongings including his driver’s
license and is now behind bars facing
home burglary and unauthorized use of
vehicle charges Garrett got the car back
but does not think he will get back all

of the items Lodwick stole now Garrett
says when he hears that notification
from his ring app he will look and see
what’s at his door we’ve set up more
ring cameras now just to kind of have a
little bit of the overall front of the

house and particularly at night it’s a
little now it’s sort of the chime is
alarming you know it just sort of jolts
your system he’s got that he’s got more
ring doorbell videos he’s got to play

the chime so I know what it sounds like
this is so despicable well you know
what’s really what gets me is that same
old bromide with a guy if unless I
misheard it left his driver’s license

behind so they could find him yeah yeah
sounds really believable we hear this
story and a lot of these clips where you
know that the two terrorists and in

Paris at the Hebdo operation you know
the guys lose his driver’s license on
the streets yeah you’re right yeah right
it’s one driver’s license these driver’s
license you left my driver’s license

someplace special I’m robbing the place
although I don’t rob places I don’t know
no idea no idea
anyway yes that was a native ad I got

caught a couple of weird native ads of
late that were convoluted but they’re
always native ads hmm I’m having
anything good no not on this list

I got some new reports of more
complaining there’s a this is Australian
there’s a bunch of I don’t know if the

guy’s a Nazi or what he is but whose
rally against immigrations going on in
under these Australians were meeting up
in bitching and moaning I got a weird
clip somebody sent me this this guy he’s

on a bullhorn moaning and groaning and
he’s got a huge audience and it looks
sounds like a fascist but it’s just did
they would use sounds a bit like someone
could lay who would been from Europe EU

possibly I mean that’s the same kind of
talk you they have over there yeah this
is going on should be noted mm-hmm don’t
know what the make of it personally yet

no if you don’t have anything I have a
bunch of things well then I’d like I’d
like you to take us into one more and

then I’ve got something that we need to
it’s a little longer okay I can do I can
go on a flier right here and give you my
early prediction for who’s gonna be the

vice presidential candidate if Joe Biden
is chosen which I believe he will be
because this is John John Cooper a real
Democrat hack but a voice of the of the

establishment was a Twitter guy we
follow each other and he is made the
claim that Biden’s gonna win for that he

has the reasons and bitin it appears to
be the guy they’re just gonna pick
because he’s on the list he’s on the
waiting list he’s gonna get picked who
is he gonna pick for vice-president and
so I went through the list trying to

find who the possibilities are now they
hate I presume that my my pick is not
yours otherwise yeah we’ve yeah yours is
Stacey Abrams yes yeah I think Stacey

Abrams is a plant intelligence planner
sorry oh I thought you meant like actual
vegetation she might be I look at her
bio I have a dossier on her and it’s

just everything women you have the
Abrams dossier I like it Microsoft

everything is just something really you
know how does she get on everything
she’s she’s she has very few
accomplishments but yet she’s picked for
everything she’s on everything she could

be I think that a lot of people think
she is the number one of the candidates
for VP I personally liked the idea of it
and the Democrats have always been

successful when they’ve used a ticket
that is it has a broader range from East
Coast to West Coast and she’s an East
Coast person even though she’s from
Georgia so she could say she’s from the

south and she could maybe bring the
black vote but mine is not the one
suffering from you know black
niall ISM I mean I mean Buddha’s jazz

you won’t get any black votes Warren
might not get any black votes but I
think Biden who because he worked for
Obama will get the black vote so they
don’t need a black candidate hmm yeah

and Cory Booker I think also is out
because he’s from the same region
geographical reason a region so I’m
looking to the west coast okay and who

under West Coasters are there’s a dark
horse uh and if you look at the list of
picks you’ll find her name you’ve never
heard of her and I started looking in
door she is quite the character and she

matches a number of criteria as a woman
so you get that little balance now the
Democrats have to know that they that
the woman as a vice-presidential
candidate has been unsuccessful and

before but they’re expecting it’s gonna
have to work one of these days and it’s
a five foot one very strange person
named Louanne Grisham michelle
lujan-grisham she is the governor a

governor so she has executive experience
unlike Stacey Abrams she has executive
experiences the governor of New Mexico
and she is a real character she I think
they have a clip of her at one of her

ads she did an ad when she ran she was a
congresswoman and then she ran for
governor and got it easily because she
kicks ass because she has radical ideas
or how to do advertising she’s crawling

around here and there and she’s in this
case flying around town and rollerblades
and this is the Gershom in the
rollerblade story that that took place
in the local news coverage in New Mexico

it’s hard to ignore if you’ve seen the
campaign out of the rollerblading
congresswoman you probably have an
opinion News 13s Kathryn Mazzone asked
her campaign about it and New Mexicans

what they think about it Kathryn Jessica
it’s one of three ads Michelle Lujan
Grisham released this election season
and reps say it’s by far the most unique
and that’s the point they say they want

the ad to stick in voters minds and many
of the ones we spoke to say it does
people say I’m always moving
politics aside plenty have something to

say about michelle lujan-grisham latest
campaign app that’s different for sure
like I especially ran for Congress you
don’t expect to see that it’s really
corny but I should appreciate you diet

better than the negative stuff
the congresswoman received a lot of
feedback online too most of it positive
we felt like this would be something

if pulled off Gilbert Gallegos is
Grisham’s spokesperson he says he
doesn’t know of many politicians who
could pull off an dad like this this is
a very fun and positive ad but still
reflects her accomplishments and in her

personality while they admit it’s
different she’s out there being active
and it’s not just a stuffy soon some are
left scratching their heads why
rollerblades yeah why do that the

rollerblades were actually her idea the
cop car ambulance and military plane
raised others eyebrows I’m sure chef
permission to do that right turns out
Grisham was never on base for this at

the guy ego says they were actually on a
private runway nearby our producers got
one shot at it and they she took off on
the rollerblades and did it in one take

with the plane taking off so it wasn’t
anything we planned or you know knew
what’s going to be coming Gallego says
the police car and the ambulance were
rented props volunteers actually drove
them back to Jessica all right Thank You

Katherine we contacted Grissom’s
opponents in the congressional race
Republican Richard preen but did not
hear back hmm
now she is Latin X she’s Latin X she’s

also a Native American whoops she’s in
the caucus for Bush she’s in the
Congressional Hispanic Caucus and she’s
also in the Native American caucus Wow
so she’s got a lot going on she’s the

caucus is she’s part of his Hispanic
Native American and the caucus for
women’s issues so she’s got checks a lot
of boxes and if you read her complete
bio as I have in the dossier she is

pretty much the perfect down-the-line
Democrat but she’s got a lot of spunk
boasting radical ideas for cam

painting and she’s a fire she’s just a
hot she’s hot in terms of her you know
she’s doesn’t put up with anything she’s
a perfect candidate for VP and I think
she could bring the Hispanic vote in and

it would help Biden a lot and I don’t
think it’s gonna it would be a very
bitch the biggest plus he could get for
a VP that would make things kind of
interesting right so that’s my

prediction the the problem with your
prediction which I like I’ve never heard
of her I think calling someone with who
has spunk is probably high ‘test I think
short people are the ones that have

spunk you know you a little twerp you
spunky that is definitely high ‘test
gosh I mean the problem is I’m still
waiting for a Hillary to be the nominee

and now you’ve switched to Joe Biden you
know kind of underhandedly
well I’m not just I still have not
pulled my Hillary prediction hmm but I’m
saying if Joe Biden yeah and I’d made it

clear that if his Joe Biden is the
candidate which I believe Hillary
doesn’t jump because of Cooper saying he
will be I believe he is going to be and
he’s gonna have to pick somebody and

he’s gonna and I don’t think he’s gonna
pick any of his any of his competitors
so anybody who saw up onstage with him
he I mean nobody that I know of has ever
done that they didn’t they never pick a

guy that they debated against right
Jesus wasn’t debating against Trump no
no she’s also a tri-delt
yeah yes she’s a tri-delt you caught
that yes Delta Delta Delta I don’t know

if that’s good good good but okay well
it’s reasonable although I still I I
what I see is the black vote is in play

and it’s not guess Joe is a safe choice
but if Joe doesn’t win which I really
think I am not so sure he’s gonna make

it like physically gonna make it
mentally gonna make it to the I’m not
being a dick okay
there’s the possibility of him dropping
dead on the campaign trail that would be

screw up the election yeah that’s a day
wrecker but my point is keep him alive
they know how to do that no matter who
becomes VP the assumption is that person

will become president because Joe will
never make it through four years yes and
having someone who’s a governor and with
executive experience as opposed to

somebody who never got to that including
Stacey Abrams is a plus you want
somebody with executive experience you
don’t just want some some legislative
type person they don’t know how to run

anything they just know how to vote for
bills she looked she looks the business
though she looks like she could kick
your ass and get something done she does
look like that yeah she does but I also
think Klobuchar has a bit of that look I

like and she’s still in the race yes
Bobo chart has no executive experience
what so
ever and she her salad with her comb
that is just it will never leave my

memory I like that I like that I like
that I like what she’s also a
mean-spirited person supposedly and I
don’t like Klobuchar at all and I I
can’t imagine a bite in clover charm

give me even clue but you’re on a bumper
sticker it doesn’t work just Grisham’s a
good name it’s a good American sounding
name even though she’s you know bitch
apparently goes back to pre-columbian

times but bitin Grissom is a good look I
think bite and Abrams is a good sound
too but I don’t think that’s gonna

Biden Booker yeah not so much that you
guys think it a bumper sticker this
you’re listening to a podcast ladies and

gentlemen podcasting is apparently hot
hot hot and of course we’re still
looking for our exit which is apparently
not gonna happen there’s no one has any

good ideas that we can fulfill but
Goldman Sachs did a report I’m sorry not
Goldman Sachs Morgan Stanley did a
report on podcast podcasting and podcast

monetization and I figured we would have
a listen to this as the Morgan Stanley
guide dropped by on CNBC this is

obviously financiai famous podcaster
right yes
and obviously they didn’t interview me
for their reporter view anybody that

seems but the guy must he doesn’t need
the interview because he knows the
business because he’s been in the
business he knows the band and I and I
will say as an aside killin Knowlton did
reach out to me and did interview me for

a report they are doing for their
clients Spotify and I thought that would
be fun to do then I appreciate it and by
the way it wasn’t the American Hill &

Knowlton no of course not
it was the Swedish hill in Knowlton and
they’re doing a report for their client
who was in Sweden and they and they
actually called me as a queen

questions and that that’s I mean since
you mentioned could have as quick as
site because I’m gonna forget to mention
this is a can I know any clips on it but
apparently in Sweden Swedish airlines
are complaining because now there’s a

thing called flight miss Fletcher
flight shaming Thank You Greta yep yeah
there you can be shamed
we went on an airplane anyway yeah now

take the boat to Los Angeles you and
roger McGuinn will so CNBC gets this
jamoke on and maybe I should just

preface that in 2005 I built a podcast
network of companies of shows and we had
the model that pretty much everybody

else has now typical Adam Curry fashion
ten years too early almost fifteen years
too early no exit like the gimlets of
the world etc but the question is

where’s the money
is this a bubble and it is my belief
that you cannot monetize the network and
when I say that in this case

specifically a podcast network cannot be
monetized the main reason being the dave
winer and i set this up on an open
format open standard RSS nobody owns it
the first thing we did first thing I did

in particular was incentivize and
support and through the daily source
code work with engineers and software
developers around the world to build
what we now call pod catchers or podcast

apps Apple has the most used one
personally I think that a lot of people
like overcast but there’s many other
apps because of the open nature no one

has been able to own podcasting you want
to talk about video YouTube owns it a
number of reasons for that but they also
had the flash technology very early on

and owned that
podcasting is not owned by anybody Apple
does not own podcasting I don’t see any
indication they want to own it but they

do want people to use their devices and
software while enjoying it
Spotify is the one with a distant second
Pandora who are trying to become all
things podcasting so we’ll listen to

this report we’ll probably stop it to
discuss a few things because of course
as you’d expect it’s utterly stupid what
is behind the big boost that podcasts
are getting not just Apple versus

Spotify but anywhere you get your
podcast which is what they say on the
pad so right off the bat this woman
doesn’t she thinks that Apple owns
podcasting that Apple has podcast where
Spotify you actually have to give them

permission to stream your podcast on
their app podcast yeah well thanks for
having me confess it yeah look the audio

market is highly competitive because
it’s growing consumers are engaging more
and more and we think 2019 we saw about
a hundred million users in the United
States streaming the almost 50 percent

of smartphone users are now in
subscription streaming so it’s a big
market and there’s a lot of focus on it
one way to differentiate your product is
by investing in podcasts and so there’s
been a explosion of podcasts available

to consumers and there’s bit of a lot of
investment by Apple Spotify Amazon and
others to try to bring more podcasts to
the consumer and for Spotify okay let’s
stop for a second I don’t know what this

guy is talking about about investment I
mean yes Apple has a team and well
that’s an investment he’s making a lot
of assumptions here and it’s not because
they want to diversify Spotify has a big

problem their costs follow their usage
when you listen to one song one stream
there’s a cost associated with that to

them that they have to pay to the
publisher record company etc the PR oh
whatever their deal is
so they’re looking for anything anything
they can own that doesn’t have a per

play usage fee that’s the reason Morgan
Stanley yeah this is really important
where they compete apples a massive
company does a lot of things incredibly
well for Spotify it’s all about audio

and so they’ve made podcasts incredibly
important to their strategy listening
has reportedly ticked up to four point
four hours weekly Apple says it has
800,000 podcasts how do you

differentiate your service to
advertisers oh right away there’s no
other way to do it we got to do ads yeah
look I mean I think one of the

challenges in audio whether it’s music
or podcasts is generally content is not
exclusive you mentioned the Netflix
Apple Competition you know there you
have exclusive programming that’s not as

easy in the audio space so it’s really
about discovery you just mentioned how
many podcasts there are how do people
like you and I figure out what to listen
to see do you think they really did they
really did some research on this cuz

this is the same lie that I heard 15
years ago it’s about discovery man cuz
no one can discover it when you discover
it it’s bullcrap you’ll have no trouble
finding things they hear about it from

their friends it’s not the front page of
Apple that matters it’s not whatever
podcast portal of Google or Amazon
people hear about it from their friends
it’s how it’s always gone by the way

it’s how it works with music to you
people have no power over promoting this
stuff it’s really senseless and so
curation and discovery and the user
interface that’s really where the

differentiation is increasingly showing
up and again I think our survey suggests
that for the first time Spotify has
moved past Apple as the most popular
platform for podcast consumption and
podcast Premium users actually consume

over 5 hours a week of podcasts so
you’re seeing their consumer base
actually even more engaged last hour we
were just talking about one trillion
music strains last year which surely is

a record if streaming music is seeing a
boost and podcasts are seeing this big
boost who’s losing out will probably
sleep would you welcome generally

speaking there look there’s probably
some cannibalization of music
consumption because of the rise of
podcasts but the big challenge here
contests are smartphone adoption

unlimited data plans this is a global
phenomenon increasingly smart speakers
we think almost a third of us homes now
have smart speakers and eventually
connected cars so we’re more connected

than ever which allows for more content
consumption and that’s growing the pie
overall so so good
explain to me briefly Ben if you could
the the the money machine here I stopped

just on that the money machine what do
you think John what do you think what do
you think the extrapolation here’s of
the money machine the B Carbonite the

the the money machine here I get how the
podcast producer makes money as she or
he or they sell advertising that is

either dropped into the podcast or
bumpers it on either end but how does
Spotify and Apple make money from this
yeah it’s a very good question and one
that investors are highly focused on and

I think the answer is today they’re not
in fact while podcasts are not new
monetization of podcasts really is just
beginning and it’s an advertised how

long have we heard this how long have we
heard it’s just beginning the
monetization of podcasts tell me well I
would say probably since 2000 before you
started pod show hmm so it probably

around 2003 so at least 15 16 I’d say 17
years close to 17 years at least 15
years yes where it’s oh it’s happening

now it’s it’s we did this 15 years ago
we saw that it wouldn’t work you idiots
cats are not new monetization of
podcasts really is just beginning and

it’s it’s an advertising supported
platform in general where the the artist
or entertainer is reading an ad which is
pretty old-school but you’re just
starting to see for example Spotify

announced some streaming advertising
insertion technology at CES this week we
have this what 13 years ago dynamically

inserted ads advertisers don’t want to
be a part of it they
don’t want the risk they do not want
their ads showing up on a podcast where

someone might say poop or something else
they don’t like or I don’t know Trump
it’s not going to work they don’t want
it and even if they did people who hate

that podcast and there’s a lot of them
will go after the advertisers and say
these guys are shit and the advertisers
walk away for the same reason it is no

longer model Morgan Stanley CNBC so
we’re starting to see more and more
investment in the tech behind it to make
it more monetizable audience it’s a
highly engaging media so I think that I

think the opportunity is there but we’re
just getting started there are some
small subscription services that are ad
free but you know I’d emphasize the word
small today oh yeah Harvey was really

ahead of his time was it ha ha ha yeah
Paul Harvey was ahead of his time what
does that mean well I guess they are
assuming that Paul Harvey who was self

syndicated it got paid for you know
these different radio stations that
brought Paul Harvey little these little
news snippets had some whose something

like podcasting to this woman this woman
doesn’t know what she’s know she really
doesn’t know what she’s talking about
but the guy from Morgan Stanley is just
as clueless I thought he was an old pro

they’re making the same assumptions and
the same mistakes we’ve seen go on
before people have to make new
assumptions and new mistakes that’s the
way I see it well we’ve made lots of

mistakes our assumption is it’s not
going to work we could not do the show
we want to do it would not be
interesting enough if we had
advertisements and if we did even then
it would still be the Tommy John’s me

undies Squarespace Casper mattress of
the world because that’s the margins of
advertising you can always get that if
you want if you want to restrict what
you do if you want to be like that I

think you should replay the the Peter
Griffin clip from last show oh that’s a
good idea
what is it family guys the name of this
family guy okay here we go Peter we have

got to prove Lois is innocent that’s
and the best way to crack any
high-profile crime case is to do a
podcast before you have all effects okay

and the key to any podcast is poor sound
quality and tons of commercials all
right we’ve got Lois calling in from
prison she’s only got three minutes
you bet Lois my first question is do you

get a good night’s sleep well if you get
a Casper mattress now you have a hundred
days to decide if it’s the right

mattress for you I don’t have time for
underwear that bunches up that’s why I
wear me undies perfect underwear for
hanging yourself in your Jail sounds
like you could use blue apron have you

ever wanted to receive a vegetable in
the mail then you need blue apron I’m
like obsessed with the stir-fry Brian
here likes the Moroccan beef I have no
opinion on the Moroccan beef Peter Brian

this is not art this is commerce oh boy
everyone knows hiring is a nightmare at
least it was before zip recruiter

suppurativa we’ve vastly overestimate
how many podcast listeners are in a
position to hire someone so to wrap this
up I would like to say that I am a

believer in our model and I love how
well it has worked and continues to work
because 12 years is nothing to be
sneezed at we have an incredible

community of producers who understand
the value for value concept and
understand that this show is produced
with many hands and a lot of hands doing

a lot of work including financial
contributions the only thing that and
this by the way is our exit strategy the
only way to exit is to sell the whole

kit and caboodle to some to this next
idiot up the line
well I think video or looking yeah you
think first of all you have a negative

attitude but you’re overlooking
something I think it should be pointed
out which is when you mentioned
discovery and how the reason our show
got to where it is which has got a lot

of listeners and it’s a lot of it’s word
of mouth but discovery used to be with
music which they did kind of end it
during the Napster era used to be the
radio yeah

because you’d listen to songs on the
radio and if it was even to pay all the
days where people would pay they have
the songs done we have the no agenda
stream exactly which is a 24/7 stream of
our choices of the best podcasts that

you can listen to in a streaming basis
and if you could jerry-rigged it up just
right you can have it just streaming in
your cars you’re driving around and the
noise yet the stream is a good example

of I don’t know anybody else doing that
and that’s really the future of the
whole thing it seems to me which are
these channels of pot cast which is what
we have even if you go to one of the
network’s these podcast networks they

don’t have a channel of no I guess they
just have a bunch of an array there’s a
difference between an array of shows and
a stream of show we’re the only ones
that it pioneered the stream of shows

and if I may add when you go to the
stream if you’re if you go there on the
oh no agenda stream calm you’re in there
in a chat room with people who are also
recommending things I mean it’s a whole

ecosystem I think we’ve cracked it and I
like that we have other shows who are
also taking donations I don’t think we
have a single show that has any ads in
there in their episodes that we we
banned that I think from the get-go I

don’t think anyone does that lots of
people who are on the stream have value
for value propositions and it’s working
long story short take your money out of
Morgan Stanley those guys are idiots I’m

gonna show my food by donation too no
agenda imagine all the people who could
do this oh yeah
well after all that self-promotion we

have a very short list today um
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seventy threes by the way Katie Katie
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50 the following people are $50 donors
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right screwing up right Roy 10 Haven pin
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rat of the Texas Hill Country you want
to read this note I think is interesting
as I continue to share the show with my
family there’s one thing I found that

really brings my gen Z aged human
resource to the table it’s the no agenda
animated show this is what’s on YouTube
yet just search no agenda animated these
clips are short well produced and have

the perfect amount of punch him in the
mouth as we say hit him in the mouth and
draws these jens e kids into the no
agenda family i would like to add my

Anika think it is Anika its I have
squiggly lines here yeah I don’t know
the Dame Drive list there’s nothing
better than educating the next
generation on the importance of keeping

one’s amygdala at a healthy size thanks
to both of you and fellow producers for
my daughter could you please play John
Brenner’s ok boom Allah bless you sorry
and a goat karma Oh John John John

Brennan John’s okay boomer Oh bless you
again let’s see what fix it okay boomer

okay boomer it’s okay with you is okay
with me
okay thank you sir lab results
thank you sir lab rat of Texas yes I

agree Dame Jennifer does a great job on
an animated No Agenda and I get the same
response and my daughter who really
hasn’t listened a long time I started
listening again after she saw I had to

show her the animated No Agenda and
she’d laughed and said oh this is good
and now they’re listening so you’re
right it’s it’s perfect for this

sad to say Robert deca days up on the
list these are all $50 donors name and
location Fairfax Virginia Rawson tuchkov
in London UK Kimberley Redmond in

Toronto Ontario Jonathan ferris and
liberal at Kansas and that’s boom done
very short list today hopefully these
things start to pick up as the year

progresses yeah we do hope so indeed
since we have a few moments I went to
the PIO box I want to thank sir dude
named Ben anima s’ for sending me the
copy of Reason magazine had a really

nice spread on mobile loaves and fishes
community first village and let me see
he’s a big fan of Serrano massive dog
patch and lower slab oviya in fact he

says he’s adopted him as his no agenda
spiritual father because he says bah
this is sweet just as you had to say
goodbye to your dad last month I had to
bury my own biological father earlier

this summer and I still miss him
I loved hearing John Rietz Euronymous is
incredibly well reasoned and code
sprinkled missives every few weeks I
assume he’s not just a highly-skilled

spook but probably a well-heeled world
traveler I can only fantasize that he
might welcome me as the spiritual son
he’s never met and someday deem me
worthy to be included in his will yeah

we all won that it was anonymous but I
got two great books and I really I’d
love books

Laurel Canyon covert ops and the dark
heart of the hippie dream weird scenes
inside the canyon you ever heard of this
no but I don’t know how he and one says

anything to do with once upon a time in
Hollywood it’s probably similar I’ve
seen that one no yeah I’m thinking at a
movie and the other book is by Lincoln

Lawrence were we controlled the
assassination of President Kennedy that
should be interesting yeah yeah yeah

it’s I’d love I love getting books thank
you very much and thank you to our
producers who supported us today on our
on our journey we need to do better for
sure especially if that whole rap I gave

about how stupid the advertising podcast
advertising businesses and don’t make us
look bad but the people who do support
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details at Dvorak org slash I have a
request from sir Chris Wilson from Down

Under I just left my friends studio he
had some session work playing bass sadly
I don’t have anything for you today
tomorrow I’ll be programming my Asterix
system what I do Chris is a crazy guy a

small favor Kylie that’s his keeper
Kylie’s old school friend Leone needs an
F cancer and some goat karma they found
spots on a deliverer and she starts
chemo on Monday yes and we had a couple

other one or two for Neil peered of
course an F cancer and some jobs Karma’s

jobs jobs and jobs
that’s the job you thought karma
no surprise shortlist for that as well

but we say happy belated birthday no
happy birthday in that in fact to Justin
Edelman 33 the magic number for him
today sir ray Jacobson of Ashland
Virginia will be celebrating his 58th

trip around the Sun tomorrow and Andrew
Gardner says happy birthday to his
daughter Mick Alena who is celebrating
today I believe happy birthday for
everybody here at the best podcast in

the universe well it’s been a few shows
but we do have a knighting to take care
of so I’ll grab this blade here yeah oh
that’s the short one but it’ll work it’s

good I got my hand perfect up on the
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show you now are able to join the
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agenda show it’s like a party
Wow the party blowing out my ear yes we

have a meetup report to start with this
is the meetup from Long Island our first
meetup in Long Island Tom Starkweather

now you know him well Tom has done work
for for the no agenda show producing in
Manhattan he also does quite a few end
of show mixes along with his clearly

better half Alexis yes I want to say
Alexis and they recorded their meet up
the way they should do we’re coming to
you from Long Island’s the first Long

Island meet up with host Andrew Grasso
yeah we hope that many more one-time
executive producer here help do that
many more times as well and great time
I’m Tom Starkweather and you are I’m Joe

I am Andrews wife I’m seven months
pregnant so expecting our first child in
two months and I would love some goat

Karma hi hello world in son James Notley
walk but we’re gonna get there
hey I’m Mike the boyfriend Bushwick and

I’m really glad to be out here in the
hi I’m Alex you might know alex from the
station ID in the morning yes I meant of
course Alex mother looks throw that goat

Carm out right away that was a good
request got meetups in the future now
Mimi sent me what I have so this from

the first upcoming one is the sixteen
thursdaya that makes sense and that’ll
be in Austin the awesome local 512 Doc’s
backyard and Sunset Valley seven o’clock

in the evening this will be the first
meetup since the meet up meet shoot
event and sir Scott baronet of the No
Agenda armory is hoping we can get some
photos and share some stories from the
event and additionally they’ll be taking

a collection for the show with the goal
to gain a group associate producer
credit this coming Friday we have the
Charlotte to meet up number two seven

o’clock and evening as well a sycamore
brewing look for the large crackpot and
buzzkill heads bio cameron organizing
that now there’s a change on the New
York City meetup it’ll now be five
o’clock five o clock and this is Athena

and Alex are organizing and join us in
the afternoon in the heart of the silly
city of swollen amygdala for much needed
post holiday midwinter relief and joyous
camaraderie that will be at the Laurel a

beer garden and again at the new toy was
two o’clock and now it is 5:00 p.m. on
Saturday also on Saturday flight of the
no agenda on the other coast in Los

Angeles that will be at 2:00 p.m. that
will be right near LAX I believe it’s
the proud bird food bazaar bring your
appetites and thirst as Leo Bravo

next Saturday no agenda tuned man tour
continues this is Jesse coy Nelson he
will be in the amigo pub in Amman Jordan
please if you are anywhere near please

join this meetup that would be
spectacular again Saturday the 18th in
the amigo pub in Amman Jordan Nashville
will be celebrating its six week cycle

on that Saturday as well make sure you
go to no agenda meetups calm to get all
the information on the horizon I’ll just
give you a quick list Moscow in Russia
on the 25th east westminster

massachusetts also in the 25th atlanta
georgia on the 25th and on the 26th
alexandria virginia philly at the end of
the month Colorado Springs and remember
on February 21st the keeper and I will

be at Delray Beach in Florida and we’re
looking forward to seeing everybody
there at the meet up no agenda meetups
dot commas we can get all the
information we can find out what meetups

are happening near you if you can’t find
one start one it’s a great place to get
to know people hangout non triggering
conversation and meet joking from other
lands it’s good for you it’s good for

your amygdala good for your health
sounds good yes when are you so when are
you going to another one next we’re
gonna try to organize that Silicon

Valley one pretty soon
good now I have a couple of clips I have
a series of clips but I have a one clip
that’s kind of a standalone it it has to
be played because it’s got two plus

marks that means is funny yes and this
really what makes me wonder I really
have I really am fearful especially
since the 7 is starting with the 787

dreamliner fiasco
were they out sourced everything and it
became impossible to make the plane they
finally got it off the ground whoa did
Boeing just issue a strike that was Mike

I’ve been very worried about Boeing and

this is the report that democracy now
produced I never heard that I heard some
of these snippets but this this this
presentation by Amy I think was the best
the inquiry into the plane crash in

Tehran comes as the jets manufacturer
Boeing is facing even more scrutiny over
its troubled 737 max jet as released
internal emails show Boeing employees
talking about deceiving federal

regulators and joking about potential
safety flaws in the planes design ahead
of the two fatal plane crashes that
killed all 346 people on board in
Indonesia and Ethiopia in one email an
employee wrote quote this airplane is

designed by clowns who are in turn
supervised by monkeys unquote in another
an employee asked a colleague quote
would you put your family on a max
simulator trained aircraft
I wouldn’t unquote in a third a worker

wrote an apparent reference to
interactions with the FAA quote I still
haven’t been forgiven by God for the
covering up I did last year unquote the
Boeing 737 max has been grounded

worldwide you know thing is this is not
new I mean we had these messages weeks
ago this is now just I guess because of
the Iranian crash or the Ukraine

Airlines crash that they’re dredging it
up and out of guys hook it is
hook yeah
I never heard the these reading these
notes I mean the design by clowns I

heard but I never heard supervised by
monkey so they’ve been been clipping
these clip these little snippets was
funny I just wonder about bowing it that
mean you it’s not unusual to have

disgruntled employees that’s for sure
all companies have them and I don’t
think this yeah but it’s nice to hear
that about something that’s flying you
through the air yes I don’t want to hear
these things

I got a Boeing report from CNBC spot the
gaff a new twist in the saga of the
Boeing 737 max as internal messages were
released showing what Boeing Boeing
employees were saying about the max one

reads this airplane is designed by
clowns who in turn are supervised by
monkeys I got a hand it to CNBC for the
acting a little better than when Amy did

I mean she really put some emphasis into
it did a good job though boat joins us
now with more fallout from this latest
embarrassment for Boeing but Phil does
it reveal anything new that’s

problematic for the airline not did you
hear it reveal no listen now with more
fallout from this latest embarrassment

for Boeing but Phil does it reveal
anything new that’s problematic for the
airline she apparently thinks Boeing is
an airline well I listened to it 18
times you know before you listen again

this proves our point about you know you
listen and listen to listen cuz we
produced these clips you have to listen
to them over and over you start picking
stuff up I have this I’ve had this this
clip for it not at least a week maybe

even three shows I just wanted to put it
out there Universal Music Group it’s the
world’s biggest music label home to Lady
Gaga Taylor Swift Ariana Grande and
greats like the Beatles and now to be

shared with a consortium led by Tencent
universals owner vivendi
closing on tuesday that it has finalized
an agreement to sell a 10% stake to the
chinese firm and its co-investors the

deal values universal at thirty four
billion dollars when the consortium has
an option to buy another stake by early
2021 talks between the two groups were
first revealed in August the agreement

will allow both to expand in a
recovering global market with $0.10
getting more access to US artists and
universal tapping into Korea’s kpop and
other Asian stars the revenues are there

2018 sir a fourth year of strong growth
after a decade of decline much of the
upsurge driven by Spotify and other
streaming services they made up nearly

half of all revenues the deal will also
be music to the ears of Vanson or Buller
a the French billionaire who controls
Vivendi and who’s been seeking to cash
in on the revival I think this will have

more implication than people
implications that people realize Chinese
don’t like all kinds of content
that’s true yeah you know and Universal

Music Man is that’s a big one that’s a
that’s a really big one you know we’ve
sold everything sold everything to the
Chinese good work 34 billion a Toback
list yeah oh yeah sure

well it’s all streaming money money in
the bank it’s the only thing we don’t
have but I’m a happy man and every

single day I show up to do this show
which is every day cuz we’re always
working on it I am so thankful I get to
do this job very very thankful well well
you’re thankful yes we have are we

I’d like to okay well if you want to
wrap it I did want to do a little bit
about the worldwide protest but we can
turn out that on the back show no I
think if you want to do it now we can do

it I’ve stopped the end of show tune
well then you got to listen to a bunch
of clips including the French women
protest me just knew no no no no we’ll
do we’ll do that on the next Sunday

which will be Thursday Thursday’s good
for talking about riots mo facts with
Adam Curry episode number 20 is up on no
agenda stream you’re right John it’s a

great place to go listen to cool
podcasts discovery it’s built into it no
agenda stream calm
and you don’t have to get an app you

don’t have to buy it yes it’s on the
internet it’s on the web you just click
and boom you’re done end of show mixes
Leo LaPook sir Chris Wilson and who’s
the third one from liked I have a credit

on the third one but we definitely will
be back with you on Thursday to bring
you another two to three hours of media
deconstruction I am coming to you from

opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier
of Austin Texas FEMA region number six
in the governmental maps remember us at
Dvorak org slash na until then in the
morning everybody I’m Adam curry and

from northern Silicon Valley
I’m just see Dvorak we return on
Thursday please join us right here and
no agenda stream comm no agenda show com
uh no agenda until then

our missiles are big powerful accurate

lethal and fast it was not a scintilla
of evidence presented to justify the
so-called imminent threat there’s no

clear evidence of an imminent threat you
can’t have two stories you can’t say
that something was imminent when it was
not there was no evidence of an imminent
and specific this administration has not

made the case that there was an imminent
threat they did not show us that they
were dealing with in a minute threat I

saw no evidence of that whatsoever the
president puts his interests above
America’s interests we have an imbecile

we are not safer I’m staying on that
our missiles are big power accurate
lethal infants

okay so we have an imbecile for
president you know this but

imminent regular up
in distress

we have an imbecile for president you

know this
there is no imminent threat there is no
right I’m staying on that topic but it
was eminent and then all of a sudden he

was gone
yes so amidst wiggity grete breakfast

out of her mind getting so much pressure
all the time
forget she grabbed her all the time

we’re getting wrapped all the time
so much better


OPO for an org slash and a Oh