No Agenda Episode 1208: “Weeping Angels”

about that Adam curry
Jhansi Dvorak media assassination
episode 1208 this is no agenda in the
morning everybody

I’m Adam curry northern Silicon Valley
where I’m ready with a cowbell you
almost disappeared there yeah would your

cowbell were you leaning away from the
microphone no I just probably blew out
everything you changed something
you changed something you did I’m
telling you you changed something since

we tested we always do a test before the
show tell me you Twitter throbs change
you twiddle the knob I know you did you
twiddle them little knobs yeah you do
you’re a knob twiddle er you’re one of

those guys that would say oh something’s
broken and then you’re twiddling knobs
well if I had knobs to twiddle I would
okay I must say that personally I’m

tired of it all how about you
I loved it the last debate was the worst
ever know anything for now they had

incredible ratings for CNN’s timeslot
for their for their debate 7.3 million
viewers up from the PBS debate which was

6.2 so I guess they’re you know the last
few days before the debate there their
ratings gambits work they got the fight
going between Bernie and an Elizabeth

Warren and people tuned in for it and I
think they were not disappointed
we were disappointed his support was the

it wasn’t anything interesting I do say
I will say that the debate between
Elizabeth and Bernie was quite quite
amusing especially the high cut the the
I’m start at the end I have the hot mic

yeah okay which which I think it is the
way to listen to the start to start with
that then we can go to the debate if you
want to do that but this is the hot mic

let’s not do it right now you wanna have
that discussion about that Mesa you

called me you told me the best part of
that clip was Dyer saying I just want to
say hi Bernie

yeah what a brown-nosing jerk well it
shows you where he is in the standing
him he doesn’t even get to say hi to
Bernie normally that’s how low on the
totem pole mr. Steiner is oh yes and

then Bernie gage brushed him off but see
this this was what CNN intended this was
their show their entire show was around
Bernie and Warren and this he said he

didn’t say that’s what it was and they
got a 1.1 extra million viewers because
of it that was the whole that was the
whole purpose of the debate everything

else I agree was the worst ever but from
that television perspective they didn’t
blow it out right away they brought it
in about a quarter of the way through
then they had another another tense

moment and then at the end and they had
to release this video with the audio
after the debate because the televised
version didn’t have the audio
right so yes somebody why do you know

somebody snuck it oh yeah
Jeff Zucker gave it himself to the
posted himself on YouTube please
you think that was a leak

I mean was it was the whole thing was a
giant scam you are correct we Mazel
listen to this I have the Liz versus
Bernie opener

okay yeah see none reported yesterday
that and senator Sanders senator Warren
confirmed in a statement that in 2018
you told her that you did not believe

that a woman could win the election why
did you say that well as a matter of
fact I didn’t say oh and I don’t want to
waste a whole lot of time on this

because this is what Donald Trump and
maybe some of the media want anybody
knows me knows that it’s
incomprehensible so I would think that a
woman could not be President of the
United States go to youtube today

there’s some video of that of me 30
years ago talking about how a woman
could become president of the United
States in 2015 I deferred in fact the
Senate award there was a movement to

draft Senator Warren to run for
president and you know what I said stay
back senator Warren decided not to run
and I did I did run afterwards Hillary
Clinton won the popular vote by three

million votes how could anybody in a
million years not believe that a woman
could become president of the United
States and let me be very clear if any

of the women on this stage or any of the
men on this stage win the nomination I
hope that’s not the case but if they do
I will do everything in my power to make

sure that they are elected in order to
defeat the most dangerous president in
the history of our country right so he
was ready for the question he got the

question well if he was ready for the
question he should have been ready to
throw it back at him and say you know
this is a setup by you guys because he
did say the media he says this is what
Trump and the media wants us to do bitch

about this he should have thrown it back
this is a setup question you guys
specifically ran this up and I’ve never
just thrown it back him I would have
been fantastic if he had done that well

but now I didn’t say he had a good
retort he was ready for it he had
something but yeah what he didn’t expect
was the next part which I guess is which

clip is that the Liz versus Bernie
retort to senator Sanders
senator Sanders I do want to be clear
here you’re saying that you never told
senator Warren that a woman could not

win the election that is correct senator
Warren what did you think when senator
sander sanders told you a woman could
not win the election I disagreed that
was fantastic now I I thought was the

most chickenshit thing you could
possibly do and it was hilarious now
just to be clear how this works this is
one of our favorite ways of doing

reporting in fact one of the CNN analyst
Jess McIntosh had this to say about this
after the debate yeah I couldn’t agree
more I think that that the moment

between Warren and Bernie is obviously
the one that’s getting replayed the most
and I think what Bernie forgot was that
the season he said she said story this
is a reported out story that CNN was
part of breaking so to have him just

flat-out say no I think wasn’t was it
nearly enough to address that for the
women watching now that was actually
something in the in the original
question let me just see listen to what

the the CNN moderator says here CNN
reported yesterday that and senator
Sanders senator Warren confirmed in a
statement so the way this works is

someone from the Warren campaign calls
CNN and says man can you believe what
happened in 2016 when Bernie said that

and a private dinner to Warren they say
oh now they don’t know it’s the Sanders
campaign of course and they call up
Elizabeth Warren and say hey did that
happen and then she says oh yeah yeah

yeah that’s true I confirm it so she
didn’t say she just confirmed it it’s
the circular reporting that we’re always
laughing about and they literally said
she confirmed it
oh yes she and I was instrumental in

breaking this that was the entire
ratings bonanza and it brought in a
million viewers that’s not bad that’s a
thousand CPMs that’s pretty good
it’s a lot yes well considering these

things were more but a dead on the dead
on the vine and there was no other
possibilities going on here they had
you look he’ll you need a controversy
and that’s what it was and it was kind

of good for Joe cuz he got the hang back
and yeah he didn’t say much no and he
not only that but he was when he did
speak who was foof Oh bad

in fact he he threw out one or is this I
had it’s my favorite we are in a
position right now we have to remember
who we are

Obama’s lines shit out there in the
Steyr now Steyr was good this this was

one there was a lot of this during the
debate I would do it from the standpoint
of environmental justice and make sure
we go to the black and brown communities
where you can’t breathe the air or drink
the water that comes out of the tap

safely most racist thing I’ve heard
unbelievable the black and brown
communities as if that’s like one like
it where’s the where the black and brown
people oh they’re in the community over
there okay thanks you go over the hill

when the black and brown community how
do you actually I have that as a large
the the black Americans feel about this
when they’re they’re going for something

tangible some reparations they improve
their own air and they get brown people
they’re trying to breathe their own air
which is unbreathable and they throw in
some brown people as if it’s all the

same it’s so racist that guy he doesn’t
even know is he’s a moron he’s obviously
a kiss-ass yes Gordon introduced himself
to Bernie after all these debates did
you see I know if you got the clip the

first question for steyr was well you
know you’ve been a businessman you’ve
been in finance no he made his money in
coal but they couldn’t they couldn’t
bring themselves to say it they couldn’t

bring themselves hey you made your money
in coal no it was finance okay
thanks here’s where he his target was
environmentalism and he

for the round of applause there’s a
round of applause in here that he gets
just listening for it cuz it’s very
funny but this is why climate is my
number one priority and I’m still

shocked that I’m the only person on this
stage you will say this I would declare
a state of emergency on day one on
climate I would I would do it from the
standpoint of environmental justice and
make sure we go to the black and brown

communities where you can’t breathe the
air or drink the water that comes out of
the tap safely but I also know this
we’re gonna create millions of
good-paying Union jobs across this
country it’s gonna be the biggest job

program in American history yeah well
can’t wait ready for it but I’d love as
he says there’s one guy out there
laughing for calling it for a national

national emergency everybody
probably the most embarrassing thing for

Bernie was this Liz Warren I don’t know
if I have this clip it’s not really that
important but she goes on about herself
and bragging about her and she’s the

only person that’s beat a Republican in
the last 30 years yeah and then joe says
hey that was me well then Bernie comes
out no not Joe

Barney comes out and says though I beat
somebody in 1990 oh all right I’m sorry
it was burning and so so she’s looking
around and she’s doing takes she’s doing
like double take sin and mugging they

had the camera yeah and so she’s going
would hoods that she calls him out on it
and then he doesn’t even understand the
math and just keeps barreling ahead and

changes the subject I thought it was it
was a point for her even though it still
made them both look silly this debates
listen Bernie thirty years ago to to set
the record straight I defeated an

incumbent Republican running for
when 1990 that’s how I won beat a
Republican Congress there’s any debate
three years ago I beat an incumbent

Republican Congressmen and I said I was
the only one who’s beaten an incumbent
Republican in 30 years
well thirty years ago as 1990 as a

matter of fact no it is the meme of the
hour I get it little slower
I’m slower than 80 he’s eight

doesn’t matter my favor have one more
with Bernie most of my clips are quite
short you just heard the long ones

but there was one Bernie it’s called uh
I think it using oh you have it down as
an I so this is under Bernie it’s Bernie
before I tell you this I think is a just
did this on the mid this is Bernie

completely Bernie
oh I see okay it’s not under debate yeah
you label it burn it label that weird
okay here we go oh yeah but before I
tell you that let me tell you something

else it’s the best performative of the
evening ladies and gentlemen but before
I tell you that before I tell you that
I’ll tell you something else
I think that’s that’s pretty good that’s

it end of show worthy really it’s kinda
well I got a bunch of them so we’ll go
over them okay now let’s go to my
favorite was of course well here’s the
gobbledygook this is byte and I want you

to explain to me what he’s actually
saying if you can even understand his
words oh shit dropped it oh here we go
so it’s a fundamental difference than
negotiation with other countries it’s

fundamentally the requirement that we
use our special forces and small numbers
to coordinate with other countries to
bring together coalition
well it’s apparently what they’ve done
during the eight years Chris vice

president Cohn ordinary it’s a
fundamental difference than negotiating
with negotiating other countries
fundamentally the requirement that we
use our special forces and small numbers
to coordinate with other countries to

bring together coalition no no he’s just
not he’s just not qualified to do this
can you imagine if he becomes the

nominee and then he has to stand against
Trump it’s just not gonna work he’s just
gonna melt well it could there’s one
opportunity for him what’s that

Trump such a bully with guys like this
that you know they try to you know he
would start ridiculing his his inability
to dress negotiating and other words and
start to make people feel so sorry for

Joe they might vote for him cuz nobody
felt sorry for Jeb Bush no and by the
way nobody felt sorry for any of the
Republicans that Trump went after I

think it was Van Jones I knew you were
clipping all this so I didn’t get very
much I think he actually called Joe
Biden low-energy too
actually said it was low-energy fox and

friends did something interesting which
was a very nice propaganda piece
they ran because you know that Trump
today rally during the debate of course

counter-programming in Milwaukee I want
to say thing was Milwaukee so while
they’re debating he’s you know up on
stage doing his thing

so the next morning Fox took the debate
yeah side by side was Trump and played a
quote I have it here so you play the
quote from something from the debate and

then Trump with the counterpoint and
what was super nice about this in from a
propaganda standpoint was the Left
screen which was left for a reason
was black-and-white and the right screen

screen with Trump was in color we have a
president who is lying again
and could drag us into a war that is
even worse than the war in Iraq Bernie
and the radical left cannot protect your

family and they cannot protect our
country nor do they want to I think we
have lost our standing in the region we
have lost the support of our allies

America is winning again America is
respected again we could do much better
than a trump led the trade deal we will
in that trade deals that results in more
products proudly stamped with that

beautiful phrase made in the USA I am
ready to take on this president on the
economy our economy is booming wages are
rising poverty is plummeting no one is

above the law that includes the
President of the United States
well we’re creating jobs and killing
terrorists Democrats in Congress are
wasting America’s time with demented

hoaxes and crazies witch hunts this is a
decent evening check
the patriotism check at stake in our
present battle is the survival of the

nation what these people are doing they
will destroy our nation these
republicans led by mr. trump basically
kicking the american people in the face

I gotta say they did a good job on that
now what was this is go over this again
so if they open the show and from the
night before from the debate show Fox

and Friends in the mornings the stupid
morning show yeah I never watch it well
no of course you don’t watch it I don’t
want no no this was not a John it wasn’t
ad it just wasn’t paid for of course it

is that’s how they opened their open
their hour with this so left screen
black and white these clips of the
debate right screen Trump full color in

Milwaukee back and forth wonder who put
this together
I know it’s new I haven’t seen them do
this alright and I liked it because if
you want to satisfy your viewership did

stuff like that that’s gonna work it was
very slick very stupid but the black and
white and the color that that really
punched at home so yeah obviously an ad
hello my favorite debater a dagger saved

her clips for last amy klobuchar
yes I thought she was fantastic oh I
love Amy clovers you’re we as a comedic

yeah as a comedian if I had to choose
from any person on that stage I choose
her she listed a couple of things I got

from her for one thing I’ve got a pretty
good ice hoe I so I know it’s even
called a pretty good I so I think that
sounds pretty good
now that’s our end of show right there

I’m playing more I’m putting it into the
slot just in case
all right here now I got something over
we’d like to talk about people dropping
the tea oh yeah this is an absolute

beauty cuz I didn’t know you could drop
the tea with this word my Republican
opponents that have gotten out of
politics for good my Republican

opponents of Putin’s she’s dropping a P
she’s dropping a pnt opponent my

Republican opponents have gotten out of
politics for good now now under stresses
people do make mistakes she was shaking

like a leaf was no it wasn’t as bad as
it has been in the past it wasn’t as bad
as the first debate but it was it was
bad considering how many she’s done

sound as an I Twitter and a Tourette’s
sufferer it doesn’t bother me I think it
makes her look interesting that she
doesn’t make it look nice look dumb but

I think worse than that is still this
schoolboy thing where Bernie’s holding
his hand that for the teacher to call on
him like throughout the entire debate
call on me teacher and then Tom Steyer

by the way when he talks yeah he first
of all he has a fake smile at the
beginning cuz I guess somebody told hey
Tom smile a little bit so he puts on
this fake stupid looking smile and then

he goes right back into his dour look
and then he rolls his head in a circle
as he talks and it’s his clockwise and
he’s rolling his hand in a circle as he

talks and I’m watching oh I thought if I
had the time I would have made an
animated gif but I did so I was too busy
collecting good Amy’s clip so here’s a
me that I got two more clips from her

Amy and the cloakroom is the first and I
will never forget going to
Crawfordsville here in Iowa and thank
you for bringing up Iowa Brienne since
that is where we are and I went to this

there was one worker left in that plant
that plant had been shut down because of
Donald Trump’s trade policies and
because of what he had done to those
workers with giving secret waivers to

oil companies and ruining the renewable
fuel standard that worker brought out a
coatrack of uniforms and he said these
are my friends they don’t work here
anymore and their names were embroidered

on those uniforms derrick mark salvador
and that guy started to cry these are
real people hurt by Donald Trump’s trade
one well now this is this is what I

believe this to be is something that
never works on television but if if so
we’re in Iowa everyone’s going to Iowa
places you know this is a pretty big

firm so she wants to localize it for the
crowd there and and you can usually
people do it with an applause moment
instead she did it with a tear jerker
and then you know they had you know he

brought out the clothes from the
cloakroom brought out his workers who
have been terminated poof into clear
clear air they’re gone so it’s a
localized thing and it always comes

across weird on the national level on
television yeah I’d say she sound like a
psycho I’m gonna push back sound like a
psycho I like Amy man and then the best

one here’s Amy talking about her one of
her friends whose name she can’t
remember this is the big gasp I would
like senator let me finish my couch okay

open it I wasn’t at the meeting so I
can’t comment I was gonna say what what
do you say to people who say that a

woman can’t win this election I hear
that people have said it that’s why I’ve
addressed it from this stage I point out
that you don’t have to be the tallest
person in the room James Madison was
five foot four you don’t have to be the

skinniest person in the room you don’t
have to be the loudest person you have
to be competent and when you look at the
facts Michigan has a woman governor
right now and she beat a Republican

crutch and Whitmer
Kansas has a woman governor right now
and she beat Kris Kobach and her name is
I’m very proud to know her and her name
is governor Kelly thank you I don’t know

why I just felt like that was the right

clip to play her name is but what good I
growl to know her name her name is
mumble kind of at the low voice but what
she what she now here’s what I liked

about this she’s basically saying look
at me I’m short I’m not you know your
typical body type model television star
but I’m competent and of course

everything she said that I got lost
because she couldn’t remember her best
friend’s name but that it’s a tactic
that I think we should keep our eye on

I’m not I don’t think any of these
people should be the president but keep
your eye on her
by the way she has her lipstick on like

it’s a big square block of lipstick so
she looks like she’s just she looks like
a kind of a Nick parks character you
know wallace and gromit this funny look

I mean it she’s great she doesn’t have a
smile she can barely smile it’s always
kind of downwards smile she’s missing I
think Hillary needs to swoop in because

we’ve got nothing on the stage nothing
to what it looks like raagh man she
better hurry
tick tock tick tock well they’ve already
given it to Jo

yeah you keep saying that but I’m not so
sure about that well I I will hope not
I’m nuts I’m only saying it from what
I’m observing I’m not saying cuz I want
Jo even though it will be funny and it

will give me the opportunity so we do
have a shift here a couple of things are
happening Bernie still has the absolute
numbers he’s got crowds he’s got the the

Bernie supporters it’s a big that’s a
big amount of people we don’t really
know it we don’t really see it because
it’s optimal it’s just like in 2016 CNN
now you know now we have a whole faction

of Bernie bros but it’s not just Bros
although the guys that Project Veritas
highlighted were obviously Bros
Milwaukee will burn okay fine all right

Bernie bro all right but they’re you
know it is a very animated base of
people and they now also hate CNN now

this is an interesting interesting thing
because Bernie won’t get the nomination
although that’s the one America deserves
we deserve to say okay here your choices
socialism capitalism that would be the

election to have and I agree with that
and I think that that would be fair and
that’s what we deserve but it’s not
going on the walk you will burn if he
doesn’t win

fine that is not going to happen but CNN
will you know has double the amount of
haters now why double but there’s a

substantial amount who hates CNN
specifically because of Trump and now
there’s a big bunch of people who hate
CNN because of Bernie so if there’s some
other schmuck on the Democratic side who

do you think the Bernie’s are going to
go to I think a lot of them will defect
to the anti media guy
who’s the aunt a camellia grump oh yeah
well I tell you minute you were

suggesting a Democrat no Trump if they
have to choose between I don’t know what
happened last time because my daughter’s
2016 was gonna vote for Bernie like all
the kids all the Millennials yeah I

don’t think she would anymore
but she was going to and a lot of people
were they’re all excited about Bernie
because he was you know you granddad
talking to the kids and once they once
it came out that he was screwed by the

Democrats she voted for Trump and I
think a lot of people already voted for
Trump that were Bernie bros well just
not like their politics or anything
similar no no but this is not this is

not really about politics it’s about
personality and stuff I think and we’ll
play this just before the debate

Elizabeth Warren was sitting with a
bunch of students the hours before the
Democratic presidential debate in Iowa
u.s. senator Elizabeth Warren detailed
her latest proposal on how if elected

president she would forgive federal
student loan debt of up to $50,000 she
says she can do it her first day in the
White House and without Congress the US

senator from Massachusetts said she
would be able to help about forty two
million people with their student debt

by using the Department of Education
spree existing Authority which she says
gives the Secretary of Education the
power to wipe away loans on its
discretion anyway so you know that’s

what people want they want that’s the
biggest selling point for young voters
and I still question if they’re really
going to show up but that’s what they
want take take that student debt off of
my back anyone who really shows some

serious plan for that I think can get a
lot of the support well I again will
they show up probably not

god I don’t know if if she was a little
more clear I mean so she says she can do
it without Congress doubtful but ok so
someone needs to analyze that need to

dive into it and they got a hurry up but
she she made I think she was on the
stage I think everyone worked one clip
of her where she’s ranting and raving
about all these things she’s gonna do a

Clovis chart says the same thing as a
woman both impressed it as a woman
president like the men wouldn’t do this
there’s a million things I can do and
I’m gonna do a ball you know I had a

question about that so both Warren and
Klobuchar say well the the president she
should do this she the her prerogative
will be this yeah shouldn’t it be they

and then let’s just be honest about it
isn’t that it’s not yeah you know this
is something I should have caught not
you but you did uh considering in the

way we’re supposed to use the language
today yep you’re absolutely correct
we’re not supposed to do that
but we’re supposed to use general
neutral in all circumstances yeah at do

I didn’t those two women had only two
women up there the only two that use
gender specific mm-hmm you can say I yep
but you can’t but if you’re gonna say we

she she should it should be that you’re
right absolutely correct I’m glad cap
I’m kudos to you I’d give you a clip of
the day for catching that if there was a

clip to give you a clip in a day for
clipping it’s actually worth an essay
they both did it yeah yeah I did small
things like that but it wasn’t it was it

was actually not you mentioned it’s a
major thing well I do have less you play
this this is Warren on drug pricing this
way Warren’s gonna do she goes on and on
this is the bait Warren on drug pricing
long answer why does it make sense for

the government for the government to
manufacture drugs especially when public
trust the government is near historic
lows so let’s do this both ways I’m just
going to use the power that is available

and I will do what a president
can do all by herself on the very first
day and that is lower the prices of
certain prescription drugs I will lower
the price of insulin we already have the

legal authority with the president to do
that president just hasn’t picked up and
used it I will lower the price of epi
pens of hiv/aids drugs that’s going to
bring a lot of relief to a lot of

families immediately but you know there
are a whole lot of drugs about 90% of
drugs that are not under patent they’re
generic drugs but the drug industry has
figured out how to manipulate this

industry to keep jerk and the prices up
and up and up so my view is let’s give
them a little competition there was an
interesting article that come here we go

Sky News
Boris Johnson opening it here Boris
Johnson Wow’s to quote get those waiting

lists down after worst NHS figures ever
so just to give you an idea the Oso
heralded National Health Service the
United Kingdom which is the best in the

world why would you want to live in
America that’s crazy
official data showed only eighty one
point four percent of emergency patients
in England were seen within four hours

so that’s the emergency room for our
wait for which of an emergency but it’s
it’s Annie it’s the accident and
emergency and he’d be dead and four

hours an emergency well last year one in
four patients had to wait more than two
months for the start of their
chemotherapy that’s how that’s what

that’s what happens when you let the
government what is the point of that oh
it’s because it’s inefficient that my
point is there’s nothing inefficient

about because if you’re prescribed
chemotherapy I mean you first of all you
have to know you’re gonna get
chemotherapy then you have to wait two
months yeah that’s what’s the wait for
John what are you waiting for you

waiting for
no because the system cannot process you
faster than that it is just the system
it is a government managed health care
system as is logic a medicare-for-all

know this it’s you know it’s fine you
pay five five pounds for your for your
visit or your medication that’s it

everything else is free but you have to
wait so I’m just pointing out that
nothing is perfect no system is perfect
and medicare for all certainly won’t be

and that’s what she’s selling that’s why
I bring this up yes she’s a big promoter
of it well they all are they’re all
promoting it all right we don’t have
Bernie Bernie got got a lot of we have

to remember this we had to keep
reminding ourselves that in 2016
Bernie got a lot of momentum with a
number of messages to stop the tuition
the student loan debt to get Medicare

for all there was a number of
initiatives and everybody at that
because he got so much traction as
opposed to Hillary which was let’s just
help the bank’s they they said who who

thinks illegal immigrants should have
health care they all raised their hand
come on I know that was the classic so
what a blunder that was such a blunder

that the DNC if you remember us we got
to go back to the first tomates not a
question how many pure think that
illegal immigrants should have free
health care they all raised their hands

and then it was like wait a minute if
everyone in the world can get free
health care in other words you always
lose fly to the United States is it on
anything and just get free health care

every dying cancer patient and the world
would flock here as it’s free yeah and
then the DNC said okay you’re not
allowed to ask questions anymore where
people raise their hand so those

questions are outlawed yeah exactly but
the whole for good reason that was an
embarrassment that gave away the whole
Democratic Party much down if you want
to open borders we don’t even need

borders yeah I’ll raise my hand cuz
Bernie raised his all right are we done
with the debate because it’s taken up
too much of her time there’s a lot going
I just have one last thing which is bite
and it’s not that from the debate but

it’s a biood Biden clip because out of
the biting clip I I took a nice Oh
so here’s the bite in come on man do you
and there’s no but everybody knows who

this guy is come on man come on man I’m
looking forward to this man man hey man
I tell you but before I tell you that me
tell you something else I’m sorry I was
wrong yeah we can play the bitin good

come on man I so sorry about that
yes come on man no was this really in
the debate when there’s no but everybody
knows who this guy is come on man this
was not a debate it’s somebody put it

together no okay right let me just hear
that again man I think that sounds
pretty good no I think this better iso

better this is better so far that’s the
end of your life oh okay
before we do other stuff I’d like to go

into Vinay wait before we go to that I
got one more Biden thing again not the
debates but just an ISO possibility okay
this isn’t some situation where Biden is

talking to some subspecies he says don’t
tell me you’re not hearing crackpot
which be you more cocaine crack powder
cocaine crack powder cocaine

crack oh I know what he’s saying crack
or powder cocaine is what he’s saying
crack powder pink crack powder or
cocaine crack powder cocaine

crack powder cocaine Idaho look he
should ask his son
haha sorry was kind of me it was kind of
mean okay I’m done thank you God thank

you for that wrap up that was pretty
good yeah it’s um that’s basically what
you didn’t miss or what you might have
missed that was the best of it the best

of the best we saved every miss not
thing we saved everybody some time so on
the last show we discovered is that even
though there is a new president of the

ensemble or whatever they call it in
Venezuela and Guido has as effectively
his term ended he was not re-elected he
faked trying to get into the into

Parliament by jumping over the fence
even though the official said you just
could have come in the front door then
he had a phony swearing-in ceremony as
if he’s still in charge we looked at the

headlines Washington Post New York Times
Wall Street Journal all of them saying
Oh Guido you know still in power still
rocking and rolling which is literally
not true because they now it is another

one of our shields who’s in there and
forget his name but he was another CIA
they think they think that’s even in his
title ex CIA guy hi I’m here to run the

Elliott Abrams who is the special envoy
to Venezuela did a press conference at
the State Department and what he says in
this minute clip is mind blowing so we

clearly have an agenda to I don’t know
what exactly we want to do but we’d like
to have some form of control over the

Venezuelan government we are Obama
look-alike Guido was supposed to be the
guy he never caught any traction never
really did it just couldn’t make it
happen no one supports him and honestly

the guy’s kind of goofy so he’s not the
guy but man do we have the resources
Elliott Abrams was asked by a reporter
so you know so tell me about the
resources tell me tell me exactly what

your what you’re doing with the money
and what tell me about this money you
know Congress has voted a fair amount
money to help the Democratic opposition
in Venezuela then we will be thinking
just to be clear our Congress approved

our money our tax money to support the
Democratic opposition in Venezuela
already I’m a little worked because hey

that we can use that money for something
else but okay if it’s really that
important a lot of oil there you know
sure if it’s that important and man you
are a war monger aren’t you like oil

money give the shit we don’t need oil
and we don’t need the oil money we just
print our own money that’s what we do so
anyway we need oil not for the muck we

don’t need oil for money we need oil cuz
we’re a petroleum economy that people
don’t want to you know we have enough
for our own oil it’s just look South
America you have enough oil man South

America needs to be controlled it’s
obvious for obvious reasons and let’s
listen again how our Congress voted for
this to be done at who’s doing it in
Venezuela and we will be thinking of

ways to use those funds and to try to
get other countries to give political
support diplomatic support financial

support to the forces of freedom in
Venezuela okay the forces of freedom in
Venezuela I just love the terms he
literally said we got to think of ways

to spend that money which leads me to
believe Congress didn’t appropriate it
properly because they just said Oh
Elliott Abrams oh here have this money
go do what you want how much money and

what does that being used for currently
I’m a little reluctant to to go into
detail on that because I don’t remember

the exact number is the final final
number but we have done an agreement
with the legitimate government of
Venezuela developed the legitimate
government so what we’ve done in

agreement with legitimate government he
means guido by that he doesn’t mean
Maduro or the other guy not the
legitimate government basically we’re
giving our money to our boots on the
ground but we have done an agreement

with the legitimate government of
Venezuela development agreement and we
are able to do things to help for
example the Free Press in Venezuela to
help the Free Press jar we need to help

the Free Press that wouldn’t be
propaganda or anything would it no no
it’s the Free Press people to help for
example the Free Press in Venezuela to
help people keep publishing and help

people keep publishing is there some
kind of moratorium on website apparently
free press in Venezuela to help people
keep publishing and to keep broadcasting

we have some funds that we can use for
the National Assembly some friends so
there are variety of things this is
really oh this is all being done through

or not all mostly being done through AI
dee’ but also through democracy and
human rights Bureau here at state USAID
and a new one the democracy and human

rights Bureau which is also new one you
will look oh yes I did this is our exit
strategy all we need is to write one

good grant this is for I mean it
literally says opportunities here’s one
request for statements of interest China

programs so the Bureau of Human Rights
of democracy human rights and labor
which is a part of the State Department
announces a request for statements of

interest from organizations interested
in submitting statements of interest for
programs that protect and promote human
rights in China I think we qualify if
not we could make a sub

cast that does it oh yeah in oh yeah we
could do that the program concepts
should demonstrate ability to improve
rights awareness and access to justice
for Chinese citizens strengthen an

institutionalized citizen participation
in government promote government
information transparency bla bla bla bla
bla the numbers
have available for 2020 I’m just

scrolling down because it’s a very long
thing seven hunt for 750,000 and one for
1.5 million dollars John were crazy if

we don’t go after some of this that’s
just the China one we could grab any one
of these before this is a propaganda
bonanza I love these guys

and and Congress just gives them the
money there you go yeah this is a very
interesting outfit so that’s what your

money’s going towards podcasters in
way to go Congress very very proud of
the work you’re doing Wow I know some
guys the best well you know I don’t know

exactly what no no I’m reluctant to say
the numbers but what he really meant was
God if they were these numbers it’s so
cute but this is one program for China

one one and collective two and a half
million dollars available come on
yeah come on man come on man come on man

well we should seriously consider
getting some of that money it’s just out
there for the takings and some other
podcasters gonna get it I agree we
should do it that you will do it this

week going to get it going to get it
okay let me do this next perfect piece
of information because we had another
split-screen moment the next day we had
the president announcing phase 1 sorry

of the China deal at the same time Nancy
Pelosi transmitting articles of
impeachment to the Senate which

fantastically enough literally consisted
of the impeachment managers in some kind
of procession like a funeral procession
lockstep walking across the hall winner

with a lady in front holding the
articles of impeachment as if it was a
gift like a like a scepter that she’s
handed so very British is this even a

thing is it as it hasn’t always been
done this way where we we have a
procession that marches across the hall
no probably not

I like it may it be something similar
during the Clinton thing but the Nixon
never happened so you have to go back to
Andrew Johnson and that was like yeah
who knows what happened out it so

they’re couple of things that happened
that of note that I have some clips for
so what she was really trying to do all
day and Nancy here was make this into

some kind of historical moment and I
know if that’s for her personally or you
know that this this will be her legacy
as she impeach the president but she

compared this moment to several
historical events in our history and she
didn’t really have a hook but she wanted
you to remember this date and this time

not this date but the December date when
the president United States was
impeached and that’s forever
as I’ve said it’s always been our
founders when they started when in the

course of human events it becomes
necessary when
Abraham Lincoln four score and seven
years ago Thomas Paine now are the
Tuffy’s of the times that try men’s
souls at times have found us again and

again even even our poets of Longfellow
remember listen my children and you will
hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere

on the 18th of April in 75 hardly a man
is now alive it remembers that famous
day in here it’s always about marking
history using time on December 18th the
House of Representatives impeached the

President of the United States an
impeachment that will last forever so
apparently what you want is some nursery
rhyme or some little little little jig

that will talk about Nancy Pelosi the
great Nancy who impeached the President
on December 18th that schoolchildren
will recite in the future left out
tinker’s to Evers to chance this is the

only thing that she was you kind of
missed a boat on a very famous baseball
poem well but she was talking about more
political type country stuff not about

baseball however this moment will be
remembered and it will be remembered for
something she did and I think it will go
down in history

and someone has to make a jig about this
or some kind of song I’m looking at you
Chris Wilson at the end she did
something very typical that we’ve seen
happen certainly all throughout Obama

then I’m sure it’s happened forever but
we are show really didn’t start until
the Obama was elected and that is the
signing ceremony where you sign three

three dots of your name with one pen you
switch it out get another pan switch it
out get another pen so that you have all
of these historic pens that were used to

sign this historic document and she did
this for this impeachment for these
impeachment articles and not only did
she sign with each of these pens she was

handing them out to everybody on stage
to the impeachment managers and they’re
all taken pictures with their pens it
was so disgusting that even CNN couldn’t
handle it we are used to seeing signing

ceremonies handing out pens at moments
of celebration when a president is
signing legislation when even sometimes
in the rare occasion but it has happened

when the house sends over a landmark
piece of legislation it was it was
unusual to see that kind of up ceremony
and and making you know handing out the

pens and smiling for a picture in this
kind of situation where the House
Speaker has bent over backwards to say
publicly and privately this is somber
this is not a time for a celebration

understandable this is history and the
people who are involved want to mark the
moment was a little jarring message
because you heard NASA was there say in

fact that this was a sad and tragic day
and then there she is holding up the pen
and having photographs taken with those
pens so yeah I think it was a little off
message for someone who has tried to set

a very serious tone and here she is
posing for photographs with a pen so
probably not the committee chairman and
the house managers they will
those pens for the rest of their lives

yes yes brought the rest of their lives
it’s such a treasure to have brother
that really I mean that’s that was
really pretty pretty lame better word

for it than that it’s sick yeah yeah
this depends have sundar they specially
printed on this of course they come with
us now you get a certificate they send

you the box later with a certificate of
authenticity oh yeah know this and by
the way that’s your money too that’s
every six is not that glad you’re

customizing 10,000 a penny apiece no
these are not penny apiece pens either
I think these nice Tiffany pens or
well Tiffany probably not but if aney

why not anyway I don’t even make a pen
yes you can ever hurt you’ve never heard
of the Tiffany pen tap
depuis Tiffany pen tap yes this is a Wow

maybe it’s not a maybe it’s not a thing
a white house no the Tiffany pen tap is
in a boardroom when everyone’s in
agreement they take their Tiffany pens
and they all tap on the you’ve never

heard this phrase never yeah
so while this was taking place and we
can certainly do more but I would like

to just switch over briefly to the other
screen the president was announcing and
subsequently signing with pens his deal
with China which is really one thing and
one thing only I have minuchin here to

explain it he was on Lou Dobbs I cut Lou
Dobbs out Lou Dobbs talks three times as
much in the any of you as minuchin it’s
unbelievable how boring that guy is he
likes to talk so really what it is is

we’ve already leveled out the trade
deficit China has I think it was already
announced that they agreed to acquire 50
billion worth of farm goods from us I

think that was already kind of that was
known as probably baked into all the
numbers and that’s over I believe a
two-year two-year term there have been
some changes to the forced technology

transfer intellectual property which
really isn’t important as minuchin says
here it’s all about the accountability
there’s a very detailed dispute
resolution process this is an

enforceable agreement just as the
president dictated it would be there
were two issues here one was he wanted
to reduce the trade deficit in two he
wanted structural changes particularly
around worst technology and other issues

so this is an additional 200 billion
which is very significant and
specifically and in for our farmers you
know there’ll be 40 to 50 billion
dollars annually of purchases so this is

a great win for American business and
American farmers and I do think this can
be good for China China has a billion
350 million people they got a large
growing middle class and if our

companies can compete fairly selling
things to that middle class that’s a
huge growing market for our workers I
love what he says here because he starts
off by saying this is a big win for the

Chinese people because it’s good for our
workers listen isn’t this Midna call
they got a large growing middle class
and if our companies can great and then
go back a little bit here where was it
in business and American farmers and I

do think this can be good for China
China has a billion 350 million people
they got a large growing middle class
and if our companies can
compete fairly selling things to that

middle class that’s a huge growing
market for our workers I don’t see how
it benefits China but okay
and the agreement is a precondition if
he will to this phase want to relieve

the Chinese of the currency manipulator
status that that well actually you
penned on them well the only reason why
we change that is because there’s a

chapter in this agreement on currencies
and foreign exchange it’s fully
enforceable there’s very strict
commitments that they will not
manipulate their currency going forward
and as a result of that we got

comfortable lifting the the designation
but like every other part of this
agreement that will be an enforceable
chapter going forward so since the
mainstream will not pay any attention to

this or explain it at all they’ll just
go about the phase one is really not
that much of a big deal however it’s an
enforceable agreement with triggers so

that if China doesn’t follow the basic
tenets of the agreement then we can call
them out there’s you know the it’ll be
very clear and then we probably start a

new king room or something I don’t know
but this is not a very important deal
for the the details it’s important for
the process going forward that we have
agreements that we know that people will

abide by them and that’s really it they
could at least you can stop don’t start
saying going forward he said it too many
times already
oh well exactly because there’s nothing
is really nothing in there the only

thing is it sets the ground rules so
that I guess in modern parlance we can
call them out
and you know and then reverse everything
and pile the sanctions back on whatever

I think they want to do a deal
it would make sense they want to do
something well everybody wants to do
something everybody wants to do
something I don’t know what’s gonna hit

come up this hmm
but it’s Alicia’s doing at least he’s
giving her some lip service nobody else
has ever did yes yeah time went on
forever without any without anybody even

paying any attention to the fact they
were losing all their jobs at factories
are moving overseas and everyone was
making a lot of money except the
American worker yes thank you usually

why they voted for Trump yes yours
whether you gonna keep voting for Trump
I don’t see the Democrats sucking them
back in don’t worry John you have your
spot at the convention you’ll get it
it’s fine we get your message I need it
you got your spot bro it’s all cool now

last night kind of on the cusp or
yesterday really started yesterday big
news breaking and I guess they found

extra people and documents just before
they transmitted the articles of
impeachment and all of a sudden Lev para
nós who used to be Trump’s guy he’s

doing an interview with Rachel Maddow
oh this was fun
and I’ve really tried to understand cuz
you know lighten the game for show prep

really trying to understand exactly what
is at issue apparently there’s a new
character this Floyd Floyd guy you got
work for good for Giuliani well the no

that’s the live Parnas guy he works for
Julie Lloyd is well that’s important
because Floyd is one of these guys who
shows up at a lot of Trump events much

like many people because he donates a
lot of money I think he’s donated fifty
five thousand dollars to the America
first super PAC which is where this Lev

Parnas guy he donated three hundred
fifty thousand but he did it through a
shell company which is why he’s indicted
and rightfully so because you can’t have
foreign money coming in even though it’s
we know how it’s done usually credit

cards and everyone’s doing it the right
so Parnas has whatsapp messages that
have been released I’m not quite sure if

they went through how they’ve been
released or if it’s part of the grand
jury and I don’t know what it is but
Rachel Maddow hasn’t and there it’s very
clear that he’s texting with this Floyd
character and the Floyd character is

saying stuff like okay man yeah well
we’ve got the ambassador in our purview
we see what she’s doing we’ve got her
under civilians okay she’s no longer on
her phone she’s turned off her computer

so she’s in her house she’s not online
this these kinds of messages going back
and forth this was tied back to part of
the transcript if I understand it
correctly from the call with the Trump

and the president of Ukraine where Trump
says I’m paraphrasing well she’s gonna
go through a lot of trouble herself
referring to the ambassador and that was

in conspiratorial circles
taken as oh my god he was talking about
taking a hit out on her then there’s

this Floyd guy who’s surveilling her and
knows a
when her when her phone is on or when
her computer’s on they were trying to
take her out they were trying to kill
her and if you remember she was called

back to the United States because they
were there was a fear for her security
so now all of a sudden we have escalated
this this corruption by Trump as alleged
into a hit job by Trump and so and then

the guy who’s under indictment by for
election campaign contribution fraud key
all of a sudden decides well I’m gonna

be a good guy I’m gonna go talk to
Rachel Maddow about everything hence I
had to get because she published
everything this morning or maybe late
last night on line and this Floyd
character is a guy that apparently the

Trump Hotel and this makes total sense
in DC it’s kind of like the the the bar
from Star Wars is a whole bunch of

unsavory characters everyone’s hanging
around in the bar in the lobby and you
know a DC is very much like this anyway
it’s no different from Hollywood people
hang out at the Four Seasons Hotel bar

and the OAS he is Bob Bobby DeNiro over
there you know and so you can talk about
it you might mean you might bump into
him might say this is where most of the
business is done it’s where all the
lobbyists are and of course the Trump

Hotel in DC has got to be an
unbelievable seething pit of Republicans
and hangers-on mainly that’s that’s the
that’s the thing so this Floyd guy you
know he’s he’s got money he’s handing it

out so you get invited to stuff but he’s
talking to people and apparently he now
had through his contacts in Ukraine had
the Ambassador under surveillance and
he’s texting back and forth with left

Parnas and here’s Rachel’s interview
with him specifically talking about this
frightening individual what why did
those exchanges happen what was he
trying to tell you well I don’t believe

that’s true I think he was either drunk
or he’s
was trying to make himself bigger than
it was so I didn’t take it seriously and
I was trying to if you see I didn’t even
response in most of the time and if I

did it was like something like lol or
okay or great or you know something like
that just because that wouldn’t respond
for a long time and then I don’t want
him to get rowdy if I saw him next time

and say oh why didn’t you type of
response I would just amuse him until
eventually as you could see I cut him
off but the texts where he was
supposedly recording on the whereabouts
of the ambassador went on for a week I
mean it wasn’t like one drunk night

Curtis went for seven days
couldn’t have been drank the whole time
no he he’s drunk all the whole time he
wakes up and he’s drunk he starts at six
I mean he I’ve never seen them this by

the way is not what Rachel wanted to
hear she did not want to hear the guy is
a total lunatic he’s drunk at 6:00 in
the morning until late at night but it
will continue drunk so you thought that
this was him making it up you didn’t

believe he actually had the Ambassador
under surveillance
absolutely not I asked mr. Parnas
several times over the course of our
interview if those text messages from
Robert Hyde indicated a real threat to

ambassador Jovanovic I asked him about
it as many different angles I could come
up with I was insistent in asking he was
adamant in his response this is Rachel
covering for herself because what she

doesn’t want this is really bad yeah we
what she doesn’t want
is Twitter exploding and saying
something like that it was totally her

covering her ass and of course we’ve sad
it’s sad that she did that she should
have just not aired it at all very good
at what she does

and this was not in the studio this was
at I think the guy is lawyer’s office so
she was a little bit out of her element
but that’s how important the story was
to her that you’re sure that she would
be because the tea like I can’t believe

I thought they were gonna kill her we’re
gonna kill her but under surveillance
now the guy’s just a drunk lunatic oh
let’s hear that again
I asked money different words number two
perturbed uh I asked mr. Parnell several
times over the course of our interview

if those text messages from Robert Hyde
indicated a real threat to ambassador
I asked him about by the way I said
Floyd but it’s hide so I made a mistake
as many different angles I could come up
with I was insistent in asking he was

adamant in his response so it’s clear
that you didn’t take mr. Hyde
seriously in terms of the factual claims
that he was making but are you clear on

whether or not there was ever an actual
physical threat or a threat of personal
intimidation against ambassador
Jovanovic never from my side or anybody
I know

you didn’t worry that she was actually
in physical danger never because you
didn’t believe mr. Hyde no believe this
though okay so that was kind of a bummer
but the guy did say something which I

think rings true and is very plausible
and so after certain instances Trump was
supposed to meet him president Trump was
supposed to meet Alinsky and Poland
himself but then he used the excuse of

the hurricane but it wasn’t because of
the hurricane it was because he was
angry that Solinsky still didn’t make
any an attempt or effort to make any
announcement before he was gonna meet

him and he wasn’t you know that was an
excuse and that wasn’t the real reason
because I spoke to Rudy Rudy would talk
to me too I mean we spoke about this
everyday I mean everything that was
going on was discussed between me
Victoria Rudy I mean the team president

President Trump is supposed to go he
decides not to go vice-president
pencil-sized instead yeah and basically
he was supposed to go there and get it
straightened out that szalinski was

supposed to make another announcement
and that didn’t happen and that’s what
bolton secretariat bolton went over
there and i think he has a lot to say
I’m not gonna talk on his but I think

he’s a key witness to his conversation
with Solinsky and when he came back and
why he left or got fired or however you
want to look at that let me make sure I
understand what you’re saying when vice

president Pence went over there on
September 1st again in president Trump’s
stead you believe when you have reason
to believe that vice president Pence was
tasked at that meeting with getting
president zalenski to announce

investigations of Joe Biden specifically
and to tell him that they wouldn’t get
their aid until
I don’t know exactly what he was but it
was always the resignations like I said
that aid itself was something that I

think the president decided to do or
what’s a call but it was I think a
reaction to that there was no
announcement being made after so many
attempts and so many promises so holding

the aide was the president’s own sort of
innovation to add to the leverage to do
the pressure that people like you and
the vice president and mr. Giuliani and
everybody else involved in this effort

was putting on the Iranian government
right so Rachel’s leading the witness at
the end but the first part I thought
that rings true to me I think it was
Pence’s job to go and get them an
announcement I think he messed it up and

for that reason alone maybe he will not
be on the ticket I’m predicting it right
now he will resign someone else is going
to be on the on the vice presidential
ticket for Trump right I think though I

think you screwed up royally there
especially because it’s now coming out
well after those clips I should read
iterate the ban on Rachel Maddow clips

yeah boring yeah but this you know we do
have that place take a look at that one
issue this guy has this guy ever talked

to the president know as the guy he ever
met the president doubtful two guys have
Rudy Giuliani you know fix her and it
works for Giuliani I don’t know this

seems like it could be just a lot of sin
there her to me and I’m not convinced
about any of it there’s no piece of it
is not a bagman no I think he is a
bagman I think he’s the perfect bag man

because he doesn’t look or act like one
I think he is a bagman and I think he
screwed this one up and and write it
down in the book he won’t be on the

he will not be on the ticket if you do
have the book are you writing it down
the book he got a book a red book is it
in the book jeez
let me get a book oh god I gave up on
the red book some time ago but I’m going

to write this one down in this
particular ledger uh-huh what is today’s
date today is the 16th of January 2020
and while you’re doing that I would like

to thank you for your courage and say in
the morning to you the man who put the C
in the crock pot cocaine yeah hold on a
second while I write this in the book

you still writing well in the morning to
you mr. Adam curry also in the morning
two ships in Cebu City graphi in the air
subs in the water and all the Dames
tonight’s out there in the morning to
our trolls in the troll room who you can

find and not just find but join at No
Agenda stream calm it is where people
hang out it is where they hang out to be
with each other to chat about the shows
that are playing they find shows listen

to shows shows are live as they’re
recorded for podcasts you can subscribe
to shows and we and I’ve made it my
mission for 2020 I’m going to upgrade no
agenda stream comm I’m very excited got

a lot of ideas a lot of people willing
to pitch in and help so
hello trolls thank you thank you for
being here and thank you for inspiring
me and trolling No Agenda stream comm
also in the morning to our artist who

brought us the artwork for episode 1207
Oh is my site down
oh my goodness we’re down this is
actually problematic whoa that’s

dangerous hold on a second because we
may not be able to know wow that’s
really weird is it like amaz Amazon
can’t be down sure am as I could be down

could be sabotage by Microsoft in a
shownotes dot-com refusing to connect
Wow that’s weird

did you pay your amazon bill yes yes and
a hefty one it is at that it’s okay
because we can still say that the title
of that episode was imminent threat

it’s an imminent threat and the art
workers brought to us by net Ned as we
looked for a number of well we looked
through a number of different pieces of

of artwork and this was the podcasting
is addictive as cocaine with a little
kid with the Oreos yeah it was great and
there really wasn’t anything else I mean

the one we both like we had to go to the
evergreens to find that no this was was
that an evergreen yeah it wasn’t alright
the one we liked was cesium-137 did one
with a a 33 dollar bill with a OC on its

and EOC and we liked that a lot
but he had used such a crappy late
overlay he needed to do he needed to do
an original love overlay yeah just if

I mean seriously maybe 15 minutes of
extra work would have would have nailed
it because the idea was good execution
up until it was just there’s no way we
could use it a wooden pop a lot of Megan

Marco stuff a lot of obscure jokes but
that was really the best one
yeah I don’t think there was any other

contender which is why we had to go to
evergreens but it doesn’t matter because
every show is a new opportunity for
artists to show off their wares another
opportunity for us to get a great piece

of art which we appreciate very much and
you can find all of that or upload your
own at No Agenda art generator calm and
thank you very much

Ned for helping us with an image that
popped really made the difference no
agenda art generator calm
and we do have a few people to thank as

producers social executive producers and
executive producers for show 12:08 right
yes 12:08 Greg Martin is at the top of
the list of Phoenix Arizona 500 bucks hi

Jon and Adam the $500 donation puts me
over the top for my knighthood please
Knight me as night north-to-south
know right he’s from Fairbanks Alaska
north to Phoenix South Arizona hence the

name north to south I love your show men
never miss an episode
your show has made me skeptical of
virtually everything virtually
everything I hear on the media that is

yes so thanks for that my life is so
much simpler before supposed to be an
improvement recently one of my favorite

dog dogs yuck one of my dogs recently
one of my dogs yuck was diagnosed with
bone cancer if there was one thing that

can beat this that’s it’s her but I
would appreciate dogs or people to and
fuck cancer jingles I would also like
the same I was like I would like some

racehorse karma oh brother
racehorse Karma yeah he owns a horse
it’s running in the simpler life you own
a racehorse Wow it’s running the stakes

race on Saturday and Santa Anita is fast
enough let’s hope he’s first if this
works just imagine the new revenue for
you we actually we have made a point of

not doing karma for a football team we
don’t think no now this is a little
different it’s horse a horse race
yeah and that maybe it’s for the horses

as health we can I think we should it’ll
be allowed only if you own the horse
yeah okay so that’s a new rule it’s you
ready for your local team you don’t own

the team it’s not any part of your home
or business but if you own the horse I
think it’s I think it’s allowable yes
and but we don’t have horse karma so
we’ll substitute with the side of goat
you’ve got let us know how it turned out

sir Kevin McLaughlin Earl of Luna 349 97
jiggle request health and hit jobs karma

for all the producers choise on neuf
karma boobs Thank You Adam and John for
the identity so I guess there’s a bunch
of I don’t know what that is all that

they suggested thank you john and anna
for the excellent work you do to help
our amygdala stay healthy and small
today’s donation of three forty nine
ninety seven this five small donations

rolled up into one
boobs 808 lopsided boobs they do six
small boobs 606 mall lopsided boobs 6008
ants wasn’t enough dharma 6969 mr.

kenneth McLaughlin Earl of Luna he loves
I believe completely in the First
Amendment and in boobs then I saw her

you know I forgot about that there was
the Brooke Baldwin show there’s the guy

from the barstool sports I think isn’t
it I can’t remember but he loves boobs
and she was so huh

finding that clip is very funny clip
John Benson 33333 from Fort Mill South
Carolina pretty good list today yeah

yeah he’s not after we told him we
needed this and more help than last time
hey Jonathan after being hit in the
mouth a month ago by my friend rich I’m
finally making a donation at best
podcasting universe and humbly request

ID douching you’ve been deduced the
Charlotte beat up on Friday can’t wait
it’s like a party thanks for all you
guys do and if you have time please play

the following jingles pastor Manning
Kellyanne Conway money shot Alex Jones
babies grown in cows and three you can
see can you see the juice well I’ll

admit it to know what they’re talking
about new king and the president saying

fire in theory I’m gonna come around
around nurse there’s the longer clear
love you for that I’m gonna play this
because I don’t remember this whole it’s

only 20 seconds guys
I know if that was me or Jones the idea
I never heard of babies in cows uh hmm I

bailed I prepped this segment you know I
try I miss karma oh did he want a karma
well I would give it to him oh okay well
I thought we were supposed to request

karma changing the damn news deducing we
Bouchet karma constantly John his name
is his name is John Benson he didn’t ask
for Addie douching and didn’t know he

did and we gave him the deducing he
didn’t ask for karma and you keep
telling me no karma unless requested
I would like to document that that is
not true I said no D douching and less

now you cannot find a documentation for
the what you just asserted that’s
possibly true I may I may be incorrect
julie McNeil’s next on the list along

with our big list of executive producers
hey cuz we tried karma all the time hey
hey I said I may be incorrect you don’t
need to rub it MacNeil 33333 st. Gabriel
Louisiana nice little town there

gentlemen so this is by the way I want
to point this out this is one of the
problems I’ll have with these when you
have these two notes that are both
colored a I could see reading into the

next one
gentlemen I’m enclosing 33333 on behalf
of my smoking-hot wife Julie Osbert but
hold on who is this I’m not talking
anymore because you know I’ll just be

called out wrongly this just donations
from Julie but apparently your adam
managed to swap it out because it was
donation on her husband making it a
nation on behalf of his smoking-hot wife
Julie whose birthdays on the 16th there

you go by my calculation this amount
should secure her a spot at the round
table nice I hit her in the mouth years
ago and she said he’s the normally
doesn’t do that I hit her in the mouth

years ago and he has been a and she has
been a fanatical listener ever since huh
I would like to request the title Dame
Julie of Grand Isle Louisiana if this is
not already taken I don’t mean look at

the list
hmm I don’t think that’s taken it’s not
on here so she can have it I would like
to call out our friend and John in
Lafayette Louisiana for being an utter

huh derp douchebag and I like to make a
special request that you play for her
anything with CNN correspondent al

Sharpton in it well MSNBC MSNBC yes not
CNN CNN is not that bad
the more the better kiba the fantastic

work at Julie’s husband instinct is
really easy Anna okay shorty and thank
you and we’ll see Julie your smoking-hot

wife at the roundtable later on Luc
Bixler in Charlotte North Carolina also
33333 and also with a complaint
forgive me pot fathers I have sinned

it’s been years long listener I’ve been
a years long listener of the show yet
this is my first donation and such I
humbly request that D douching deduced
insert generic but heartfelt platitudes

about amygdala size and relative sanity
here I just ended a career in the
military and it feels I absorbed some
residual have absorbed some of residual

jobs in-house karma as my tradition to
transition I’m sorry to the private
sector was fairly painless and I feel
I’ve made a soft landing I’d like to

return said jobs the original Nancy and
house karma of the Gulf variety if you
please back into the ecosystem over the
past months I hit both my pal Randy and

my smoking-hot girlfriend in the mouth
and would like to call out both in other
words the double as douchebags before
words of meeting that fellow Charlotte

slaves tomorrow at the meet up
I think I stood a choice of sharpton yes
as actually today the the Meetup
yes that’s the Charlotte today hold on a

second and what was the last request was
a random Sharpton yeah resist we much we
must and we will much about that he
commits jobs jobs jobs and jobs that’s

Lewis Kemp Lewis Tom house a cop ha the

P and the H is not an F in in Dutch comp
our comp house means camping house

richard camping house $333 in holland
Adam in China and all listeners to the
best podcast universe first off some

jiggle requests well undi douching this
is my first time donation deduced jobs
jobs jobs karma for myself

goat karma for my smokin’-hot swiss wife
karen who has to finish a couple of
essays before a deadline on the 20th of
january shit

high school kid what is the deal
smoking-hot wife he says i smoking hot
wife nice to finish a couple of essays
maybe she’s an essay you write essays
you’re just not a yes please do that we

all would appreciate that here you go
with your jobs jobs jobs and jobs

Samuel Lichtenstein in New York City 333

no jingles no karma Thank You Samuel
Nicholas Miller in Tucker Georgia 333
and a big list today charterboat karma

just got my license going back to BVI
Tortola that’s a British Virgin Islands
stamp he wants a big donation bro hey

bro the best way to go on a catamaran is
baked are you kidding me Gerald papi

meanwhile from parts unknown 250 bucks
and he’s our first associate executive
producer another donation from dr. dr.
for my beautiful wife Allison and
daughter Lynette who are very attractive

listeners oh I’m sorry
attentive we all appreciate the
insightful analysis of the political
it sounded like donations had been slow
yes and we won’t want to keep the show

how about
giving us a don’t eat me Joe Biden and a
few uh other good sound effects they’re
all funny keep up the good work

was that what she wanted

I hope so they’re all funny it was all a
bunch of sound effects didn’t say jingle
said sound effect so I gave not effect
is what you did yes I found the clap

rest I found the clip wheel again for
your for our clip blitz
Collin pressed into 2260 no jingles

little karma thank you sir Uncle Bob and
uh somewhere in a APO box number do
military not 22222 Western APO and dpo

oh I don’t know
well someone did this chatroom might
know APO vs. DP oh that’s a very good
quote oh really and have you ever seen a

DP oh is it defense post office or what
is the a army post offices yeah okay or
something anyway he says been a long

time since last donation has been
floating around sub-saharan Africa for
the last 18 months due to a job
reassignment I’ve managed to keep up
with the best podcast in universe though
and it keeps getting better a few

observations from having visited 10
different countries since arrival on
maybe should be CP Oh on Khan continent
into the off world uh-huh here he goes

the Chinese are taking over Africa and
your analysis is pretty much spot on it
course we put that in the show I think
about eight nine years ago easily yeah
easily there’s one of the first things

we did yeah hey just so you know China’s
taking over Africa yeah yeah it seems to
be still going on alone is grant it’s
safer this is what we’ve discussed ten
years ago

alone is grant is safe for the building
of an airport as in the case of Lusaka a
Chinese construction company is then
hired which sends the loan money right
back to China and then when the African
country inevitably defaults on the loan

boom a China ends up with the collateral
which is often – American style of the
economic hitman read the book – Mara
economic hitman by John Perkins Perkins

and we read the original edition don’t
read the update collaterals the mining
rights or share of the ownership
state-owned it’s actually more than that

there’s a lot this is more complicated
than this but it’s east note notices
it’s a scam the absolute most disgusting
thing I’ve seen in my life was a Mopani
worm in Zimbabwe it’s a thick

caterpillar of the Emperor moth and it’s
supposedly a delicacy in this part of
the world of very chewy extry exterior
with a thick and gooey interior that’s

too large to swallow whole nice which
means you have no chance but to chew it
and chew it and chew it so hard with the
community remaining on my boat and it’s
and I’ve eaten some really disgusting

things in my life with that would you
please do I like bugs
followed by can you see the juice and
then give all the producers a big shot
of goat Carm and good health and safe

till for 2020 also some photos of
Chinese imperialism in Africa might be
helpful you think so yes please send us
something I could try and send as few as

few as they are very interesting and
try to send a few he says as for you I’m
dead sorry it’s hard you know you’re
you’re getting up there with the Joe
Biden territory we might we might not

want to make fun of people anymore yeah
I might finally I’m thinking of a
meet-up in zim zam BIA the DRC are Addis
Addis Ababa what are your thoughts yeah

would you to attend no love and lights
on kebab of the unincorporated default
County Georgia or decal DeKalb County de
cab and there’s got a photo which I

don’t have
I like default County better thank you
very much your Uncle Bob a minor war in
peace but it’s appreciated here’s what

you requested sir that’s the wrong one
you’re a troll Oh what do you mean I’m

on a roll I’ve done everything
beautifully except for that one what is
that but which I love bugs bugs bugs
bugs maybe it’s this one no this is oh I

see the problem I got it here we go
tastes like boo-boos

you’ve got still baffled by he says he
attached a photo but this is a PayPal

this comes from his email note and I saw
the photo but it’s not not interesting
enough to discuss that’s why I just
moved on barren Chris speier’s will move
on to him he’s right down the street

from you and all this right 22 bucks I
want to thank you for your courage in
some long-ago overdue value your way I
would like I would assume an appropriate
deducing is in order I wish both of you

a belated merry new year thank you for
continuing to put on an outstanding
product Baron Chris and we’ll give him
the requested deducing you’ve been

this guy’s a baron either why would he
never need a D douching well mr. love
America’s heartland in Saudi Arabia ah
Dave fugu Zotoh here’s 20 20 step up and

chip in you freeloading douchebags
that’s funny dave says that I signed up
for that somehow they got my

my phone number and they texted me so
you know I do this for the show
obviously and they said would you like
to receive alerts from move on yeah I’ll
receive some alerts from move on let me

read the first alert just so you know
where these people are coming from John how did they what is the
genesis of again
began it used to be it began as a

software company and Berkeley called
Berkeley systems and they’re the ones
into flying toasters screensaver do you
remember that yeah yeah of course
well they had they this is during the

Clinton impeachment and the owners of
the company got a hair up their ass they
were pissed off about this being a thing
and so they started this organization

called referring specifically
to the impeachment and how we should
move on from the impeachment and so they
took their company which was

specializing at the time in creating
screen readers for the blind
and they morphed it into this
ins so that I don’t know what happened

to the rest of the operation but the
idea was to move on from the impeachment
move on everybody has this crazy name is
what it means move on here move on alert
Speaker Pelosi will send impeachment

articles to Senate today all up all
upper case Trump’s trial starts next
week we’re running billboards and have
organizers on the ground in key states
driving calls to the Senate and prepping

for another mass mobilization chip-in $5
so if that tells you where they’re
coming from and who’s behind that stuff
I think you know yep so even

is using chip in which is why it’s
lovely when our peerage uses it
mockingly ship and ship in new
freeloading douchebags which is what would love if they could
write that just just stop for a second
and appreciate the transparency and
honesty of this group we are chance I’ll

reread Dave fuga Soto’s note step up and
chip in you freeloading douchebags so
that’s what everyone would like to say

but apparently they can’t because
they’re not a family like us well leave
it move on
in Annapolis Maryland 203 dollars and 33

cents we have a good list today yeah hey
now I was hitting the mouth a few weeks
ago while reading the comments of a PC
Magazine article please accept this
humble first-time donation request a D

douching from Phil in Annapolis you’ve
been deduced
my way you read Daniel Mariano

200 bucks parts unknown jingles huntsmen
Chinese and that’s true if I can get a
good karma to be great a friend hit me
in the mouth a while ago and I’ve been a

loyal listener since the 900s Adam yes I
only remember you as the cool guy with
the hair doing your MTV ears and didn’t
really follow your career after that

John I’ve been a fan since your tech TV
days you were tied with Patrick Norton
as my third favorite personality behind
Summa das and erica Hill there are
obvious reasons we’re number three

number three anyways keep up the great
hey what do you want he wanted a
Huntsman and a karma a regular goat you
wanted that’s true if I get a goat karma

yeah I thought he wanted Huntsman yeah
you know you said Huntsman Chinese and
and that’s true okay that’s true
let me grab that one and a cart regular
or goat boat top boot ID algea Jigga

cheese you’ve got on Smith’s daughter
who is on the view quit oh really

we’re gonna work full time for now
there’s gonna be back to one just one
conservative then now she’s gonna work
full-time for her dad who’s gonna be
running for governor of Utah

you must be sad because it’s ruined your
view viewing experience I never watched
the view it’s hard to watch yeah I don’t
like anybody on the show okay

uh Tony I do I do the other shows that
are out there the Earth’s that is the
the talk which is kind of artificial
version of the view it’s not quite as

good it’s not quite as as lively and
then the one that’s probably the best of
the group is the real yes like the words
of all ethnic there’s not a person on
that ship ethnic ethnic really Loni love

ethnic okay oh that’s it’s called black
but not ethnic no they’re not no there’s
two women are Asian they’re not black oh
I think one or Mexican one maybe

Hispanic I think there’s this maybe two
Asians one maybe one or two blacks max
so why do you say s Nick because it’s
the only way to describe I’ve gotten
bigger Lee how about how about a bunch

of women
ethnic women there’s no white I know I
think it’s just not right which means

they have ethnic but if you’re black
America and you’re not ethnic you’re
black if you were if it matters not just
I just thought that was interesting

go ahead dig away I’m just I’m not I’m
digging a grave for you my friend I’m
just trying to protect you I don’t think
so Tony Santos Knight of South Jersey
meanwhile it could be protecting us
because he donated 200 bucks Adam and

John thanks for the twice weekly dose of
reality can I get a John huh what
can you believe this you know get a John
Huntsman Chinese and Chinese asshole

Clinton know that we had never had to
that I never had that John Huntsman
reclip for years
it is very rare very rare that’s
interesting yeah random number I’m

looking for jobs car miles I’m having a
hard time with my current job as a dude
named bandit might jump ship to the
family business love and light
Tony Santos king of South Jersey okay so

no night night so Huntsman
okay here we go booth hi chia-chia she
and the jobs car sorry jobs jobs and

jobs let’s vote for job carving buddies
will do the podcaster that they chinese

podcast because we’re not gonna get a
visa anyway keep playing that clip well
I think we’re doing a great we’re doing
exactly what the State Department would
want they should be paying us to pay
that play that clip yes every time we

play at comp no idea why that clip is so
inherently funny
it’s my plan please okay well I just got
rid of it hold on easier than easy to

find again Huntsman here we go top boot
ID algea Jigga ching ching know what the
china is asshole oh okay well that’s an
easy one I thought you I thought well

maybe it’s the comments what I think is
just inherently funny yes Chinese
asshole laughs is great
why well sir Giga the source of the Sri

as what babadook
sir keg of the s ring 200 bucks making
uh making up four times I thought about

donating but never got around to it
jingle request Reverend Al’s dealer’s
choice and sir keg of the s ring string
okay people think we have like some huge
library of Sharpton stuff but really we

have about four that are a minute and a
half long so when people say hey throw a
random in there it’s like I don’t really
want to use a minute and a half that’s
why I resort to the respect often or

that ladies and gentlemen is Adam trying
to tell you quit asking for nothing but
Sharpton eclipse we got plenty of other
things Thank You Adam Barrett meanwhile

comes in with the best donation of 200
bucks and says and finishes it off with
NJ n K so we end with that and we want
to thank him for that Ben courtesy

fantastic list thank you so much how we
needed that because we need to make up
for low low numbers in the past was it
three shows tooth shows and show since
the halls this year yeah that’s the

whole all of this it’s interesting
because people don’t understand or maybe
you should just I’d like to talk about
it briefly the newsletter is important
because it reminds people that there is

a show and the reminder is also a
reminder to support the show I mean and
of course it’s also a preview of what’s
coming up sometimes we do or dive say

John you do more of an essay you put
note like a lot of research and content
in there which always results in very
low donations it’s just true absolutely

true so when and and and this is this is
part of our system is reminding you this
and believe me we know how busy people

are just because a tweet goes out
doesn’t necessarily mean that that you
go listen to the show that we like
people to remember the day before
there’s a show coming and please support

the show it’s a very simple ask
but when MailChimp or whatever provider
we’re using doesn’t deliver that hurts
us directly what’s been interesting is

there’s an ongoing conversation
certainly on No Agenda social calm about
alternative methods to deliver this
newsletter and I just wanted people to
understand that no just emailing out a

link to a web page where the newsletter
can be viewed will not work and will not
result in what we want it to and it’s

very hard people don’t understand it
when I say this but it’s because it
sounds like a good idea if you don’t do
it if you actually don’t walk here’s the
assumption here’s the yes that’s why I

wanted you to discuss it here’s the
assumption quote we don’t like HTML
embedded emails anyway comma who does
John please explain
what am I supposed to explain I don’t

understand why nobody – I like HTML
males but also uh it’s yeah go ahead
bill well there’s a number thing there’s
a number of issues here with HTML mail
there’s a this is the old school old

school doesn’t like HTML mail because
it’s it’s it’s kind of it’s just kind of
messy compared to just a good text mail
you just get and by the way the text
mails always get through so I do text to

everyone so well to remind people
there’s a mail somewhere and I could put
a link in there to maybe a page in that
regard but generally speaking you can’t
do anything interesting with just text
mail you can’t well please explain the

links please explain the results the
reserves the result is people just don’t
respond as well to it
they never respond to it I mean I can
send out a bunch of text says this very

I could do a seminar on this and I
probably will yes thank you exact is
rather interesting too because people
don’t understand how these mechanisms
work I just coincidentally as a writer
early on in my career took a lot of

direct marketing seminars in New York
with the DMA that the medics Direct
Marketing Association we gave these
seminars and they were done by some very

famous people and I learned a lot of
stuff then and but over time I’ve done a
lot of research thanks to my son
buzzkill jr. he would he’d dug up all of
all the church mechanisms and how the

church is operating what they do to get
people to help and it’s a lot different
in fact as some of its contradictory to
the standard direct marketing approaches
and you had so I’ve kind of combined the

two ideas and that’s why sometimes
occasionally I’ll do something that is
very effective but a pro in the family
namely Adams wife will look at some of
these things as oh my god this is you

guys are gonna be doomed yeah he’s
trained traditionally and I’m I have as
it were cross training and a cross
training which and which also refers to

the cross is different and it and it
results in different response
and it’s a it’s complicated and the
point is is that it it requires doing

thing he’s an HTML hello that’s subjects
to summarize yes and and that has all of
the issues at hand there’s lots of spam
issues that email itself has become very

difficult and that’s mainly because we
have central point of failure everybody
went on the free stuff and you get what
you pay for so you just don’t get our

email sometimes which hurts us directly
I will say I’ve seen a lot of people
move to protonmail and they seem to have
no issue over there so if you want to

Reese absque Ribe to the newsletter and
make sure you get it protonmail seems to
be good again single point of failure
but it’s not run by douchebags as far as
I know that’s a different country so as

we’re talking to shock the idea of would
add it which Adam mention it to be
outset which is the newsletters real
purpose is to remind you to listen to

tomorrow’s show and one of the lotta pot
i casters I’ve told podcasters to do
this but most of them can I still much
work and I want to do it they don’t do
it and the problem with any kind of work

like this like this this podcast in
particular any of them is that you think
this podcasts do people doing the
podcast you think your podcast is the

center of the world
and that’s all people are thinking about
all the time oh god when’s the next no
agenda show guess what nobody else think
about the show except us I’m thinking
about it

my wife’s thinking about it Adams
thinking about we’re thinking about it
and a lot of podcasters assume that
because you’re thinking about it
everybody’s thinking no nobody’s
thinking about it that’s right in fact

that’s why you do it like last night
Tina even said oh shit you got a show
she wasn’t even thinking about it course
not No

so thank you and then you get the other
thing for me this is from the white oh I
forgot you had a go today
wow you get on show day you get that
no I Wow that’s for 25 years of marriage

will do I guess huh still doing that
podcast thank you to our executive and

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our formula is this
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so talking about buzzkill jr. he sent me
a link to a deep fake voice creator okay
now this is a there’s a webpage I can

put it in the news next newsletter
because you although you might not be
interested I decided you you put a it
can turn your voice into Kennedy’s voice

Obama’s voice are these the same guys
that the Joe Rogan voice fake is it the
same outfit I don’t know I but I don’t
think so

okay this independent research is they
also do Oprah and Clinton and a couple
other people including wondering who
heard things to researcher so I decided
to put into the finger who put your
voice in and here’s John’s voice this is

me putting in one of the things that I’m
gonna say no agenda is the best podcast
in the universe now that’s you
they saves a really claim that’s you and

you recorded that on your phone no I
recorded it on a cheap mic that’s hooked
to the other computer oh okay this
sounded but it’s you can hear with it
what does it say when I say no agenda is
the best podcast in the universe no

agenda is the best podcast in here right
yeah so this is understandable yeah
let’s hear what it sounds like in
Kennedy’s voice Junior send this says

hey this is great

Wow fooled me I thought it was I thought
it was JFK yeah well I want to hear
Clinton Clinton voice uh okay Clinton
voice this is real it is really I’m fun

I’m being fooled now here is Obama by

the way which one okay that was good I
had one I got this one this are said

something else in this is Obama voice
he’s got this weird noise at the end
what is the web what is the URL for this

piece of crap I have to get it for you
the point is is just not very good

Oh tea baby hey I got a full-on segment

today and our off-the-grid segment OTG
we are OTG kind of guys that means we
like to create as little data as

possible for commercial companies to
exploit and if possible to keep them
from selling our data and as you know
it’s not really the government who’s

spying on you it’s your friendly Silicon
Valley companies and they’ll be happy to
share it or even sell it to the
government and I have three topics to
just quick easy that we can and get

through if you’ve recently purchased a
Smart TV which I think all TV’s are now
branded as Smart TV can you even buy a
boring old television anymore not a good

one no the one that scares me more than
your doorbell
it’s your TV and that’s the one people
aren’t talking about Smart TVs today
almost all the ones you’ve bought if you
bought a TV in the last few years it has

a camera and a microphone on it that you
probably didn’t know if you ran your
finger around the black edge of it you
will find a little hole it’s a camera
they have created the television

manufacturers in the network’s have
created a technology called a CR
automatic content recognition they’re
using facial recognition and voice
recognition so your TV in your living
room wants to know who is watching and

what show are they watching so they’re
looking at you through a camera using
this ACR facial recognition they know
it’s your teenage daughter voice
recognition they hear her talking and

they want to hear her say this show is
boring and I don’t like it that’s why
they created it in fact this technology
is so interesting that some people may
not know there was a quite a scandal

because the CIA said wait we could
listen and look at people in their homes
for their TV that whole project was
called weeping angel you can google it
and see and people say is this legal
that’s the question and the answer is

actually no it’s not legal the video
Protection Act of 1998 protects us from
that but Stuart every one of us when we
install something or set up a new TV
it says accept user agreement when you

clicked accept you are then overriding
your own protection because in the fine
print that no one has ever read it
actually says you’re enabling us to do
something they call smart interactivity

you just gave them permission to use the
camera and use the voice or the
microphone to look at you and listen you
to figure out what you’re watching on TV
who and your house is watching it what
they’re saying about it the weeping

angels project ladies and gentlemen have
a look at that you will be surprised and
you may want to reconsider the device
that you’ve placed so prominently in
your living room so they could really

can see everywhere and everything you’re
doing even what you’re doing when no
one’s home and you’re watching that
special Channel just think about that
but that’s not all John you may want to
get off Grindr tonight’s an alarming

morning from national security officials
about the personal information you put
on your dating apps if there is an
interest to see it assume that somebody
could see it our investigation begins in

Europe where transparency laws give us a
window into just how much of your
personal data is at risk
this is Victoria been on a few dates who
recently moved to London here unlike in

the u.s. European law requires dating
apps to turn over data they keep on
users if requested we had three people
living in Europe request their data we
found that hinge collected are stunning

250 pages of data Victoria in less than
six months
NBC News looked at these four dating
apps and found they collected personal
information including everything from

exact location data to sexual preference
some collecting users chat messages and
Grindr collecting HIV status it’s made
me rethink using the app John demoulas

is the assistant attorney general for
national security how long does that
data live for it could live forever
Justice Department officials tell NBC
News they are concerned about Grindr the

popular dating app for gay men it’s
owned by : tech a Chinese gaming company
sparking concerns the
data could be turned over to the Chinese
government and they and they laugh at me

with my flip phone hey laugh at the flip
phone these are not great services to be
a part of these are not great apps to
put on your phone at all and I have bad
news for people yeah bad news I got a

call from one of our one of our security
experts who actually he was a
penetration expert and he got upgraded

and always an analyst so now he has some
time to call me and you know we’ve been
talking about different banking
methodologies for transferring money

particularly when it comes to the show
we have gsella ze ll e there’s a couple
others but the main one I think we’re
talking about over the past two shows

was venmo then Moe and people seem to be
paying bills with it and venmo is a
really big deal and our security
producer called me said I have to tell
you what’s going on here and by

coincidence a whole bunch of news around
this company comes out not venmo but the
company plaid pla ID have you ever heard
of plaid john plaid no so I’m good I’ll

spoil and actually I’ll play the intro
and then I’ll explain what they’re doing
it’s a three part or three clips here
plaid is a company that sits in between

your bank and your app that you’re using
and I can tell you upfront almost any
app that deals with money is using this

company plaid so this is an MSA what’s
MSA microservices architecture it is but
it’s quite macro in what it does and
what it’s actually doing is really

mind-blowing and it’s very very
important that we understand what
they’re doing because this company just
two days ago was purchased by Visa for
five billion dollars and this is

literally the day that I’m talking to
our producer he didn’t even know that
part here’s an intro to the company
plaid it’s an S CNBC report it’s a
shitty one

but at least
have the the founder in here and you’ll
hear what they do here’s the intro
interesting key to this new era though
is that we are seeing players who are
operating to create new infrastructure

that will be relevant in the world of
banking and big data and artificial
intelligence as we go forward and one of
those examples is plaid we’ve integrated
with every bank in the US and now most

of the banks in Canada and many in the
UK and those integrations allow us to
collect data or take action on your
behalf if you use venmo Robinhood or
pretty much any other modern finance app

you’ve also used a company called plaid
we sat down with dr. a co-founder and
CEO of plaid at the company’s San
Francisco offices we’ve always had this
this kind of mantra of making money

easier for consumers who want to make
money easier for everyone we found out
we need to go one layer to build the
infrastructure that’s not behind these
applications into basically the the
connectivity between your bank account

and an application on the web through
plaids application programming interface
or API the company can do a lot of the
heavy lifting on the back end for
someone who wants to make an app without
a third party like plaid startups would

have to hire their own engineers and
create their own ways to sync with banks
which needs to be adjusted based on
different laws and regulations of
various countries plaid also adds
analysis on top of the bank account so

app users are able to do things like
budgeting or expense management it can
authenticate bank accounts for direct
payroll deposits and electronic bill
payments verify someone’s identity
verify someone’s balance in real time

and understand income and employment
okay so we understand the basic premise
you’re right micro services architecture
the reason they exist is that the banks
the US banks really had no API

application programming interface that
they could expose to app developers and
I mean it’s also coinbase as you said
it’s acorn its Robin Hood I mean there’s

hundreds of these apps that use plaid as
their connection to the bank so they’re
they’re really a piece of middleware but
it’s about how they do that and what
they do I’m sorry the way yeah well

middleware technically by this
sites awesome MSA it is you’re wrong
it is middleware and it’s an it’s
important that’s the crux of this story

listen to this they had actually
experienced the problem firsthand so
they started out actually building a
financial technology app
direct-to-consumer it was to help them
track expenses track spending things

like that and they ran into the problem
firsthand that they couldn’t connect to
Bank infrastructure we went to hackathon
a TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon and we
just built a product on top of our
infrastructure and and kind of watched

it and it ended up winning back how many
of you had a ton of people coming to
your I say hey can I use the the back
end to that application you built or can
I license your infrastructure to go
build XYZ they made it big with their

first customer venmo which was not a
household name at the time that app now
owned by PayPal has 40 million accounts
in the US they had a pretty massive
interchange fee and then we wanted to

switch their model to running on a CA
trail so direct bank transfers which
have a much lower fee and and they
couldn’t get consumers to actually link
their accounts because it was to are

difficult now it was a process where you
had to type in your account number your
routing number you had to wait three or
four days go log into your online
banking or look for your bank statement
type in two and four cents they did this

trial deposit verification it didn’t
work at all and no one would do it on
mobile devices and so they came to us
and said hey can you do it quickly and
easily and and we of course had this
this instant onboarding process which
they started using we grow is the first

derivative of the FinTech market and
we’re fortunate to have almost
everything tech company that’s built on
top of flat well as the ecosystem grows
so do we so for example and many of our
lending customers use blood not to help

understand a consumers complete picture
of their finances as they’re applying
for a loan so if I go to a bank and I
want to apply for a mortgage the bank
can easily link the accounts that I have

with them but maybe you have a stock
investment account maybe you have
another checking account maybe I get get
funds from another place how can i link
all those accounts together create a
financial picture and then use that to
apply for the mortgage without having to

come in with my 40 pages of
documentation the old model of
connecting a bank or transaction account
by using a routing and ABA number
an account number these are not things
that are just lying around

whereas sort of your login to your bank
is in your head most of the time so the
up talking is important here because it
shows you that this is a millennial who
has millennial values and doesn’t care

as much as a gen Xer slash boomers might
about what is going on here as you heard
the way that did not work for anybody
and I’m sure everyone who’s listened to

this show if you’ve been around for the
past ten years active and had a bank
account you’ve probably gone through the
routing number bank account number wait
for the two pennies to be deposited then
go back and then say okay I got the two

pennies and seven cents over here and
then the authentication is made instead
these guys have built a screen scraper
so what use if you have venmo you have

literally given them your username and
password to your bank account they go in
acting on your behalf and emulate a

human being on the website of the bank
and that’s why they can do everything
once they’re in they can see your credit

card purchases when you’ve paid your
credit card anything that anything that
you can do with your login to your bank
account they can now do which sounds
fabulous but have you read their Terms

of Service no because you never heard of
plaid they can do anything they want
with the data they have collected and
that’s all of your banking information

ever except when you log in to your bank
so we ID mechanics Bank you log in to
your bank
anything I can do in there they do
because they are literally emulating
clicks they’re emulating clicked and

they’ve done it for every single bank so
they are not just facilitating a
transfer they are acting as you and you
don’t really know it and you don’t know

really what they can do other than what
you heard is so how do you get these
instant instant loans because they go
into your bank account do an analysis
based upon when you pay your credit card

using your credit card for that’s how
they determined for their customer if
you’re trustworthy Valon cuz you
basically said hey come on in and use my
bank yeah I think we got the picture if

you don’t find this to be extremely
disturbing disturbing
I definitely wouldn’t sign up for I
think it’s I’m wondering where this even
legal you can’t be scraping my path

it’s tumors it’s completely legal and
here’s the segment about that the
regulatory environment is completely
different in your it is a little bit
more forward-leaning around consumer

ownership and access to data applied one
of our foundational beliefs is that
consumers own their financial data and
they should be able to do with it what
they want to do and in Europe the laws
are quite clear they’re saying that

consumers have access to an ownership of
all that financial data and actually
they they stipulate how that data can be
shared which is great so it’s really
forward leaning there and we still have
a long way to go in terms of challenges

like communicating across the notion is
there’s no easy feat when you have a
company like plaid and it takes your
data with your permission and uploads it
to some other entity it is now governed

by a whole series of murky rules which
are overlapping and sometimes
conflicting involving third parties and
also involving data ownership we don’t

have clarity in the u.s. about who owns
the data and importantly we don’t have
clarity about when the liability for the
security of that data transfers from one

entity to the next so what people need
to understand is that when you use venmo
they are going into your account and you
have given them permission to do

anything they want that’s in your
end-user agreement I’m just gonna read a
few things from how we share your
information from you think you’re
dealing with n mo but you’re not you’re
dealing with plaid we share our data
with the developer of the application

you are using so all the data any data
they get from you which is your entire
your entire bank account not just your
your where the money is but everything
within your banking with what you do
with your bank our data process there’s

other service providers partners or
contractors in connection with services
they perform for us or for developers in
connection with a change in ownership or

control of all or part of our business
such as a merger acquisition
reorganization or bankruptcy so all your
data if you
used any of the plethora of apps now is
owned by visa because visa just bought

it between among plaid and our current
and future partners affiliate
subsidiaries and other companies under
common control and we may collect use
and share end-user information in

aggregate this includes a retention
we retain and use information no longer
than necessary to fulfill the purposes

for which is collected and used unless a
longer attention period is required and
permitted as permitted even after you
stop using an application or terminate
your account with one or more developer

we may still retain your information
this is crazy
I think we get the picture yeah thanks
for being an asshole about it but I

think this is important you’re not
letting me talk audience the picture is
that these if you use venmo you’re
basically turning over all your personal

information and all you’re not Venlo and
all your passwords over to some third
parties not venmo it’s hundreds of apps
John under hundreds anyone who’s
associated with plaid is what you’re

saying which is every single financial
app that’s out there that that connects
to your bank because there is no app
that connects directly to the bank
except for your bank’s app every single
one is a my question is which is I would

to hope your thought about is what
happens when a mobbed-up operation gets
involved in this and just steals
everybody’s money all at once exactly

the problem well
there’s been discussions about these
various bank heists that a worldwide
we’ve talked about it on the show about

two or three years ago these mysterious
bank heists were through electronic
manipulation entire fortunes are wiped
out of certain banks and it’s and the

banks don’t like talking about it
because there’s like the banks never
like talking about how they get ripped
off when it comes to electronic fraud I
found to me as though we’re looking at a

set up for a real beauty all someone
needs to do is to get into this company
and once they get into their system it’s
over I mean yeah you have no idea how
many apps are using this it’s really the

list is really really crazy
and I think it’s I think it’s a big
story that is yes many in our audience

may understand it but I don’t think I
think it’s it’s bigger than that I think
more people need to understand this
I think legislation needs to be employed

this is not right
well the this everywhere you read about
these guys they keep the bottom line is
the bank’s really don’t want any
legislation they want to have their own

API but now they’re stuck between a rock
and a hard place because the minute they
turn off plaid they’ll turn off the
biggest is venmo but there’s again
there’s just countless apps that that

tie into this and they’ll lose their
customers within within ten minutes
because it all say oh shit you’re you
don’t use MIT venmo I’m going over here
so now they’ve screwed it up because

they didn’t jump into this early enough
and do you think that politicians and
policy makers understand this
they’ll understand after the big bank

heist the worst part the one that
freaked me out is coinbase i i
immediately that disconnected because I
used coinbase to buy Bitcoin well you’re

a quaint base user not anymore
but but of course now my data can be
retained by plaid and it’s now been sold
to visa even though I’ve disconnected

I’m no longer using coinbase ie I’m no
longer using plaid
this is
I am very upset about this yes I noticed
well moreover when you just keep saying

I think we get that pink well I think
you know you beat it you’re beating me
up with this I mean I got it right away
that what’s going on
these guys have could come through those
ones you said screen scraper if they’re
scraping my password in my entry into a

bank account and they’re just using to
bypass the system that’s normally in
place which is what the one you
mentioned which is the two cents which a
lot of people don’t understand because

they never put up one of these accounts
putting a two cents in the account and
confirming it takes two or three days
for this process to work yeah yeah I can
see immediately what the difference is
and what they’re doing it seems it

sounds illegal and B it sounds very
something that can be abused to an do
not a little extreme but to a massive
escritt extreme to you where you could
bankrupt the country exactly that was my

and I wish you had just said that that’s
all well I tried to but you know no
because it was the second time you said
we did it instead of saying got it we

got it I think we did get it but you
should have gotten to the big point
which is the possibility of this
bankrupting the country
so these guys who what’s gonna happen

here’s what’s gonna happen because they
know they could bankrupt the country
it’s the mob or the Russians or the
Chinese anybody they’re not gonna do
that though cuz that’s not what you do

what you do is you get into these
systems and you take it out slowly yeah
you it’s the office pay ten ten bucks a
month nickel-and-dime it to death you
take out a penny here in a penny there

and you’re just pulling out millions and
millions and millions of dollars from
the system very slowly because you know
how much money do you need and you just
keep doing this over the years and you
could take out billions before anyone

even finds it more than a rounding error
Fannie Mae uses plaid
I’m just watching it I’m just looking at
what’s coming in now that’s mortgages I
just I just find it and this is also why

10% of venmo payments fail
because their screen scraping and screen
scrapers fail that just doesn’t always

learn by these really good exit strategy
well these guys just sold the company
for five billion dollars so the nice
exit right there they don’t need to do

any they’re done they can move out
and I don’t I don’t think you’re right
this would have to be legislation to
stop this in its entirety outlaw it
immediately because there’s no way the

banks can transition they’re trying
that’s what Zell was about Zell is not
using plaid Zell only works between
banks that are hooked up and that’s one
of the ways they’re trying to get around

this but I think that they’ve missed the
boat isn’t it won’t happen it’s done I
I think it can be legislated oh it can
be but do you see that happening

I think it can be I think it can I think
it can be I don’t see it but I think if
if somebody took an initiative and so

I’m making a boy you me yeah I’m not
gonna make any initiative yeah no why me
because you’re adamant about your Morse

you worked up your to be perfect you’re
the guy to go before Congress and get
this fixed oh yeah sure I got time for
no not gonna do it at all not happening

anyway that was my OTG segment that was
beyond OGG

well if you’re gonna go in that
direction but the gloom and doom I have
a magnifying my clips I have a couple of
clips uh oops somewhere yeah

where are my sorry well if I play
something where I find my clip okay

sorry I want to play this guy’s got this
common sense podcast common sense
podcast Hodges no this is a podcast I

think that goes above and beyond
generally above and beyond the
conspiracy style of podcast this guy is
oh wait is this the vaccine guy I don’t

know if he’s a vaccine guy but he’s not
a vaccine guy in this he might be it
would make nothing but sense if he was
okay but let’s just listen to I got four
clips from him because this podcast is

his absolute dynamite and it has to do
with what’s coming up this weekend cuz
all hell is gonna break loose apparently
but let’s play Dave Hodges community a
common sense podcast part one I have
written two articles today on the

unfolding story connected to the secret
meaning behind the California of account
the Kansas State Legislature and DHS
where they’re taken to secret briefings
signed non-disclosure agreements but we

have a handle with our intelligence
sources around the country of what is
happening and I published that in two
articles there’s a third part coming out
in the morning that’s even more damning

because this is a story with many moving
parts and much of what I said earlier
today that was the Hodges hypothesis is
now being presented as this is the best
evidence and this is our conclusion

based on the best evidence as it is
right now let’s go back and establish in
fact shall we we reported heavily here
on this channel about drones circling
Colorado and we assumed they were

looking for guns some people don’t
believe that at all some people say it’s
a joint operation
guns plus they’re looking for something
that’s missing what’s missing well if
you ask many of the federal agents who

are no and they’re in the field they’re
all looking for two missing nuclear
weapons and they have been for about
nine months and this is no secret many
people in the independent media are
talking about this and they’re writing

about this they’ve written about it for
a long time and the drones have sniffers
on them and they were looking to detect
the nuclear weapons the drones also
expanded their area of operation from
eastern Colorado north to the southern

panhandle of Nebraska and far into
Kansas yeah actually I had this in the a
my prep for for the last show we didn’t
get to it but yeah I heard that this I

heard to this was the reason for the
unidentified drones over Colorado was
apparently someone lost a nuke it fell
off and they can’t find it

yes there’s been a live man Mimi’s been
pestering me to talk about these drones
that are flying all over Colorado about
what’s going on cuz there’s all these

different Mimi was convinced that they
were mapping that’s what you told me in
the last time but she says she thought
it was Google or Amazon mapping and it
made no sense at all and why would they

be I mean you can map with the
satellites that are already out there is
not as many the cloud cover over
Colorado goes away no I so there’s a
possibility there is but this guy’s got
on to something but he takes it too he

really brings it brings it to the fore
with his kind of conspiratorial notions
let’s play clip – aha and this is why
DHS is meeting with the Nebraska State
Legislature they tried to keep that

quiet and the Kansas State Legislature
that wasn’t kept quiet what are they
well let’s jump over to Virginia what’s
going on there well this weekend all

hell is going to break loose let’s play
that God engages that area and brings
peace calm and tranquility with divine
intervention but the way things are
going the way it’s lining up is this

they’re going to start the roadblocks
and confiscate the guns as if that’s not
enough to get the violence started we
have learned and we have been reporting
on this now for about ten days then
antifa is headed there to employ what

they refer to as their belt-buckle
strategy and this is where they mix in
with Patriots they dress like Patriots
they have their Mogga hats and they
appear to be good guys oh hey go Trump

yeah baby Trump Trump kicked by and then
they start breaking all hell loose they
attack officers they attack anyone a
position of authority so the Patriots

get the blame now what happened in DC
right next to the communist control blue
counties of Northern Virginia what’s
there DC and what happened in DC ten
days ago

96 ms-13 in the number of undisclosed
amount of terrorists were taken into
ms-13 hitmen we don’t know what the
terrorist specialty is but I’m gonna

make a guess with the continuity of
government drills going on right now in
I’m gonna guess they were rehearsing for
the take out of Washington DC really

you’re really gonna lay that I mean
maybe just do a show with this guy who
seemed to love it this is dumb come on

this is dumb again so you’ll say hey
this there’s two clips left if you don’t
want to play them and they’re even
better than what you all know I’m
forcing you to play them now I want to
see what’s good you are giving five

minutes of someone else’s podcast in our
podcast and it’s crackpot II because
we’re gonna have they’re gonna take out
Washington DC with a nuke with ms-13 and
ante Fah I want to hear it now this by

the way the reason I like everyone to
play these clips is because this guy is
predicting it for this week and that
means Saturday Sunday which means we can

it’ll be the government’s will have been
taken over and apparently Colorado is
gonna get wiped out too with by these
nukes and anyway and on T Phi is running

the nukes is that the idea I don’t need
ever makes that clear he’s very clear
with these theories now oh.nothing thing
about this is how when you do like when

you made the tense prediction it was
just a minor prediction that he’s not
gonna refer to again you know that’s
months and months and months away but
when you have the nerve to do a podcast

and make a prediction like this that’s
gonna happen in two days
I did I don’t know how you get away with
it when cuz it’s not gonna happen this

is all bullcrap classic you know bad
podcasting reputation that business bad
name well the Peter Griffin on if I can
just say the the Virginia gun

confiscation has been bubbling under for
several weeks now it’s come to a
forefront Tucker Carlson now saying this
is very scary very scary they want to

shut down indoor gun ranges it’s a gun
grab gun confiscation they’re coming for
our guns there’s all this has been
bubbling under for several weeks and I
really think most of it is bullcrap okay

wait wait while you’re on that the other
thing this guy’s claimed in this last

clip was they’re having roadblocks which
he will say is illegal illegal
roadblocks to confiscate the guns are
people driving around their cars
especially people have a big caches of

guns or they driving around the guns in
their trunk what are they expecting to
find I have a gun in my car
okay the first I try to get you then I

live in Texas Sun yellow in Texas you’re
good you’re good to go
play clip three and I think this
Virginia roadblock situation with
governor Northam or should I say Soviet

premier Northam I think this all plays
nicely into their hands well Tifa be
part of a new cleaner based operation
maybe maybe not and the two nuclear
weapons are not the only thing you have

to worry about the fact that they’re
missing I have learned from a couple of
my federal agents sources that they have
long been concerned at the border about
medical-grade highly enriched uranium

coming into the country because what it
is it’s medical it’s for dental x-rays
x-rays in general but if you get enough
of the medical the only difference

between medical highly enriched uranium
and military-grade weaponry is the
amount so if you acquire no voila
you can create your own dirty bomb

explosion or worse yet now do you
subscribe to this podcast do you donate
to him but how did you come across what
do you what is your connection first
time I’m a new listener a longtime no
donor now nucular explosion so it’s not

just we have to worry about the missing
we have to worry about the what’s coming
in and I have that confirmed more for me
today oh yeah okay couple of things one

in what universe do you need enriched
uranium for an x-ray machine but I
why are you deconstructing this guy no

universe because it’s dumb
so his idea about enriched uranium
coming into Medical Systems and I okay
we were just okay we’re just skip the

whole thing as being idiotic there is a
part for if you’re interested well I’m
interested but let’s go down a scenario
because things start to make sense when
you part search and agree like dots

number one if DC is taken out I guess
this is very interesting that you that
you’re doing this where you know you’re
very frustrated with me I get it you’re
killed you’re overdoing it killing the

point about something I thought was
important yet we’re really spending five
six minutes on this idiots
if DC’s taken out we’ve already
rehearsed this who’s the capital
Colorado but wait a minute drones were

looking for what in Colorado exactly so
if you’re gonna take out number one
because you want to destroy America why
would you take up your back out take out
the backup capital side as well

wouldn’t that makes sense really cripple
the country paralyze its ability to
manage its affairs and it would be a
easy country to overrun and is that what
the globalist one is they establish
their new world order you have to do

away with the 423 million handguns you
have to do away with all the veteran oh
wait does he bring in the United Nations
have hired someone who’s going to be
managing the gun collection did he put
that in I hope he put that in as it can

fight you have to do away with the
government that would stand up simply
put UN troops in the form of Chinese
soil and we gonna have instant martial
on isn’t it interesting that Bernie

Sanders operative is campaign operative
came out yesterday and said FEMA camps
for Trump supporters listen I don’t
think this is a random I think this is
reflective of a view that represents top

democratic leadership why because all of
these people are connected in one way or
another to the illegal arms deals with
yeah okay yeah we’ll know mr. doubter

yeah rovol no this weekend

right let me maybe I’ll be over this way
this guy puts himself out there he says
this weekend yeah I should be able to
see the smoke plume from my house
Tammy I can’t wait you laugh now alright
we’ll do a few people to thank for I

showed 1208 no produce Joe
starting with Mike Maura Maura Qian
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it’s very nice note but it’s and I have
tea I’ve no noted down what what he has

said Simon James $100 in Australia sore
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yeah Isle of Wight of white 88.8 eight
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that on the list
interesting we have somebody at the I on
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before we’ve talked about it every time
it comes up I mentioned and they have

never dynamite lobster restaurant there
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the Isle of Wight just to eat the the
lobster and you’ve been there of course
hello Brian Walters 808 Ronald shul 800

AD he came in with pop money which is a
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talking I will check yeah check daniel
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pop money came up before
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believe I think Bob money’s pretty old
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hearing a time talking about the CES
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thank you all for your courage for
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we need more meetup reports I love the
meetup reports
going a little long today but I did want

highlight some messaging that’s going on
in the Klein
change arena I have a climate good well

I have a climate change intro which was
on PBS climate change report okay 30
seconds second climate change report
severe winter storm in Pakistan and

Afghanistan has killed 160 people since
Sunday in other extreme weather news
this past decade was the hottest ever
recorded that is according to new data

out today from NASA and the National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
scientists said the 2019 was the second
warmest year on record they attributed

the global warming trend to manmade
climate change wait a minute so we’re
going in the right direction we’re going
down it’s the second I think was funny
to do that report right after the

pakistanis snow story that killed a
bunch of people is also Washington state
poor Mimi’s snowed in up there is she
okay she got power and everything a
quick little reminder Al Gore started

this thing a while back and it is in
order to to give people a visual about
how dangerous the climate changes he is
resorted to a comparison to Hiroshima

bombs when it comes to what is happening
with climate change and he’s upgraded as
we go along so I’ll just as a reminder
here’s Al Gore from couple years back

would be released by 400,000 Hiroshi
McLouth atomic bombs exposure
so if 400,000 but not to be outdone he
came back two years later and it now

traps as much extra heat energy every
day as would be released by 500,000
Hiroshima class atomic bombs exploding
every day so 500,000 Hiroshima class

bombs exploding every day that is the
same amount of energy that we are
witnessing right now warming up our
ocean sea this about the warming of the

we had a new report that came out the
report a credible report the Guardian
did a big write-up on it and this is the
messaging from the report 2019 was a

warmest year on record for the world’s
oceans yeah just so you know don’t be
confused because Amy said it was the set
2019 s the second warmest year but

that’s for the globe it was the warmest
for the oceans the oceans were the
warmest ever we need to put a number on
it 2019 was the warmest year on record
for the world’s oceans that’s according

to this study published in the journal
advances in atmospheric sciences to put
that into context or one professor
interviewed by Vice says it’s about the
equivalent of five here five Hiroshima

bombs of heat every second day and night
365 days a year the oceans temperatures
warmed by 0.075 degrees in 2019 which
might not sound like a lot but the

amount of energy that’s needed for
that’s needed to be absorbed for it to
rise like that is astronomical
the single year increase in stored
energy between 2018 and 2019 was

equivalent to 394 million Hiroshima 94
million Oshima bombs it’s just scary

John it’s just scary can you imagine
that to me so it’s zero point zero seven
degrees immeasurable really but to make

it scary for everybody we have to say
394 million Hiroshima bombs then
everybody’s dead but wait we make it a

little more relatable the average
temperature of the world’s oceans reach
the highest point on record last year
The Guardian reports that the rise is an
indicator of global warming
adding studies show that oceans are

getting warmer every year
according to recent report in the
journal advances in atmospheric sciences
the amount of heat added to the oceans
is equivalent to every person on the
planet running 100 microwaves 24/7 back

to the her Oshima bombs this is really
not gonna work going too fast let’s get
back to that first clip now that woman

she said she made this comment he said
she’s had some millions of bombs today
he was well no she said that to warm
that the warming this past here’s how I

understood her the warming this past
year of the ocean which is 0.07 degrees
is the equivalent of 394 million

Hiroshima bombs oh okay that would be
for the year because she did the
calculation she said it would be earlier

in the clip she says it would be five
it’s like people having five bombs every
second of every day 24 hours a day
360 days a year I think this is it every

second day and night only the equivalent
of 5 here 5 Hiroshima bombs of heat
every second day and night 5 corrosion
of bonds every session every second yeah

so I did the calculation ok what would
how many bombs a day would that be to
compare it to Gore’s right is like right
so you multiply 5 times 60 times 60
times 24 four hundred million four

hundred thirty two thousand oh so the
day so it’s gone down from the 500
thousand well it’s yeah but she’s kind
of she’s in the between she’s in between

400,000 and 500,000 with 432 but it’s
gone down
apparently yeah I think why aren’t we
celebrating exaggerating but why aren’t
we celebrating why don’t we celebrate if

it goes down if it’s the second hottest
year on record why aren’t why don’t we
say hey it’s working more of whatever
we’re doing wait hold on a second what
you’re what you’re saying this is that
and just being the second hottest year

what you’re saying is that because we’re
seeing what you’re saying is that if
it’s trending up yeah because of global
warming climate change crisis whatever
you want to call it advertising whatever

you want to call it if it’s trending up
it should be trending up right it
shouldn’t be trending down and down and
down or down trending down I would say
it’s trending down – well it’s a fact if

we’re number if it’s the second what’s
like this Venice story so Venice know
Venice is all dried up now all of a
sudden not according to this remarkable

and alarming scene playing out in Venice
you have to understand there’s something
called Oh what is it called a tide and
so you have high tide and low tide and
low tide Venice was dry this was what

two weeks ago Venice dries abode so now
the waters come rushing back the tide is
high but listen carefully to what is
being said here a remarkable and
alarming scene playing out in Venice the

worst flooding there in more than 50
years the worst flooding in more than 50
years which means 50 years ago it was
worse yes so this can’t be something

crazy new we’re all gonna die if it
happened 50 years ago it’s something
that may happen every 50 years but but
that’s not how the rest of the report

plays out that report should read it
should be if it was if it was you would
be asserting is true which is either
you’re gonna go up or down it would be
the worst flooding ever but that’s not

the truth a remarkable and alarming
scene playing out in Venice the worst
flooding there in more than 50 years
people wading through the water across
st. Mark’s Square one of the most

popular tourist spots in the world
tonight the mayor declaring a state of
emergency now for what he’s calling the
rising water there here’s ABC’s Maggie
rouille tonight tonight tourists
suitcases floating away in Venice the

mayor declaring a state of emergency
saying the city is on its knees famous
landmarks like twelve hundred year old
st. Mark’s Basilica inundated water

flowing through the church my life this
was the first time that this state mark
square now a swimming pool hotels and
shops turned into canals water rushes
through buildings for the closing on the

things in the shops and grocery stores
the floods have caused at least two
deaths at Venice’s mayors blaming the
worst flood his city has seen in more

than 50 years on climate change
now Venice is used to seasonal flooding
but this one was the second highest in
recorded systematists are expected to be
in the hundreds of millions of dollars I

just don’t understand how you can say
it’s related to climate change if it’s
happened if it happened 50 years ago
when we didn’t have climate change

or just look at the top stories your
Venice canals nearly dry months after
historic floods this is a brand new
reporter’s canal is almost dry
two months after severe floods I know

Venice canals reduce the muddy trenches
as water levels plummeted yeah yeah the
other flood was the famous 1966 Venice

flood yeah it was just predating the
climate crisis going the other way we’re
gonna all freeze to death now we have
people that listen to this show that
really condemn us yep for pointing out

the obvious which is that this is
bullshit mm-hmm but okay you can take
keep your side I mean it’s not rational
and nobody wants to talk about it which
is the real problem because nobody wants

we’ll let you talk about it that’s the
problem we had a high tide low tide
situation here the other day in the mud
flats and so the mud flats we had a low
tide yearly low tide lowest low of low

tides and the mud flats I swear went out
out into the bay I mean they were just
out a mile and then when the high tide
came in it was just a it was just a

height I didn’t it was didn’t lap over
the freeway which is right there a
ground level or anything but they’re all
who were all worried the death disc is
high tide this is high tide coming in

the big high tide this is what the way
it works yep
yeah you’re not allowed to say that not
allowed to say that by the way the Dutch
public broadcasters now are running a

lower third on certain programming which
says production costs of this program
and all co2 associated with it are being
offset so I guess they’re like yeah

they’re they’re buying carbon credits to
offset the carbon they polluted the
atmosphere with during the production of

public broadcasting post castings a
polluter yes what is the I’d like to I
think we should do the same this program

definitely uses lots of carbon co2 I
should say we we pollute the world with
co2 Wow well I’m opening my mouth do you

not hear the hot air coming out so
that’s one that’s one way you we’re
using computers we have lots of people
making clip using computers so I hereby

have a mandate and the MANET is the No
Agenda show will offset all co2 used for
the production of this program and we’ll

do it with a known program John and I
will both have a nap
after the show which will reduce our

breathing and will reduce in and we’ll
turn off the lights and we need at least
a hundred producers to do the same and
plant a ficus ficus is that the the

plant of choice I used to me affiliates
we’re running very late but I hope you

did enjoy this rather extended
deconstruction of the No Agenda show for
all media today
and Sunday we will be mourning the loss
of DC and Colorado but at least we’ll

have predicted it Alicia knew in advance
you have your chance had your warning
had your warning go west
coming up on no agenda stream calm Steve

Botanic with Adam curry had a chat with
him this week about mainly about Iran so
you might be interested in listening to
that and end of show mixes we have or

quite a few I’m actually going to move
sir Chris Wilson to Sunday because it’s
so good hugh allison tom Starkweather
josh Brickman leo LaPook all on deck and

coming to you from opportunity zone 33
here in Austin Texas FEMA region number
six in the governmental maps in the
morning everybody I’m Adam curry and

from Northern Silicon Valley where
there’s no nukes around here I’m John
Steed Evora we return on Sunday remember
and remember us at Dvorak org /na until

adios mofos
I’m talking about dishwashers I’m
talking about dishwashers sinks toilets

sinks toilets and showers
you don’t get any water try going and

buying a new faucet you turn it on no
water comes up we won’t talk about
toilets but how about the shower I have
this beautiful head of hair I need a lot
of you turn on the water drip drip drip

it’s a very unpleasant experience

situation where were looking very slowly
at sinks and showers and other elements
of bathrooms
and what talking about dishwashers sinks

toilets before washing toilets 10 times
15 times 10 stands for rain
I think you called me a liar



but this University of Alberta thing it

has me like whoa we are in a position
right now we have to remember who we are

african-americans brown black women men
gay straight and make sure we go to the
black and brown communities where you
can’t breathe the air or drink the water
that comes out of the top safely this

debate isn’t real I was in Vegas the
other day and someone said don’t put
your chips on a number on the wheel that
isn’t even on the wheel that’s the
problem we also have to think about how

we spend money he was working it was
hold tightly there was no movement on
the part of their tornadoes made of fire
how would you prevent that from
happening again

tell you but before I tell you that let
me tell you something else that our
giant corporations making billions of
dollars in taxes making billions of
dollars in profits for the CEOs of large
corporations I can bring you in here en

I want to hit reality here
tornadoes made of fire Joe Biden is a
rabid dog he should be beaten to death
of the stick I count that other than
that you like him other than that I like

him and he it’s going to take a view to
the future as well as the readiness to
learn from the lessons of the past and
for me those lessons of the past sore
tornados made of fire I hear that let’s

go do it
mofo to Borah org slash and a I think

that sounds pretty good