No Agenda Episode 1209: “Rewilding”

gonna be World War 3 Adam curry
John C. Dvorak January 9 20 2015 Gitmo
Nation Media assassination episode 1209
this is no agenda deconstructing the
Dream Team and broadcasting live from

opportunity zone 33 here in the frontier
Boston Texas capital the drone star
state in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry man from northern Silicon
Valley where every was singing and
thinking the same thing go Niners I’m

John C Dvorak only guy know who chokes
on his own name
John C de Voort you want to do it over

are you happy with your performance
I did a joke on my own name that must
have been a glitch in the in the Skype
oh okay I must have been it well sorry
there you go yes go for it so do we have
the final teams for the Superbowl

finally do we know we don’t Oh
today we have the two games today the

Championships are the two conferences
and the winners those two winners go to
the Super Bowl a couple of weeks okay so
who are the possible choices just so I

can call it now and be done with it
oh well you have the San Francisco 49ers
yeah and they’re playing I don’t know
who they’re playing cuz it’s really not

a team that can beat them let me think
well they’re playing somebody okay and
then you have the Kansas City Chiefs
playing the Tennessee Titans okay I
think that’s right oh no no the Niners

that sir I’m looking at the chat room
the Niners are playing the team from
Green Bay go go Packers
okay so you didn’t get me any

information okay you got the Green Bay
Packers of San Francisco 49ers the
Kansas City Chiefs the Tennessee Titans
those two the four took that the Titans
for the win they take it all why why
question these things I am from the

future normally that’s a political
economic reason that you make these
selections just just no no no no I’m
just guessing now once we get to the
final two we can do the political

economic reasons this is just a gut
okay well I’ll be lucky to get past
Kansas City but no will I ever know they
there are they’re kind of a surprise

team to the lowest seeded of the hold
for some it’s time they got as far as an
underdog underdog time I would like to
welcome the brand-new listeners from New

York City to the No Agenda family
as the way we guided affiliate New York
now finally there was there was an
important dinner last night here in

Austin ah yes this was the former New
York banker it was his wife’s birthday
and they celebrated this in the brand
new hotel in Austin the proper which I

believe several of the attendees had
invested in so this was like the
investors have a dinner at the hotel

that’s brand new can you imagine what
that was like
sounds like a lot of cigars and booze no
but the the New York former bank and his

wife they are there you know it’s the
kind of like the welcoming committee to
New York and anyone who moves from New
York to Austin you know they always told

all you got it you got to hook up with
those guys and I will say they connect
everybody and they you know so they’re
maybe eight nine or eight couples there
last night
all of them between 40 and 50 all very
successful everyone’s still working no

one retired women – no trophy wives and
all MSNBC viewers so this yes yes yes so
however I have kind of good news what

I’ve noticed is that these obviously
very busy people and you know they’re
they’re just active in their businesses
they clearly use MSNBC as a guide as you
know as their guides through the morass

of news once I was kind of able to hit
him in the mouth a bit they were all
extremely surprised with the information
I had and very open to it actually there

was no that’s unusual yes and I don’t
know if this is a trend yeah I think it
may be because people are so tired of
years and years of this bull crap in the
media and so the keeper was on the other

side you know with of course strategic
placements we weren’t sitting together
and she was across the table and at a
certain point one of someone next to her
gentleman said yeah I think Adam Schiff

is a really good upstanding politician
that was the funniest line of the night
and of course the keeper is like really
what and but everybody was open to to

alternative information and once they
they figured out that I was the pod
father oh okay well now now everyone of
course had to tell me what their

favorite shows were which are pretty
much universally the daily which is the
the New York Times daily I understand
that a lot of MS
dc’s renamed it the Gailey MSNBC John

really I’m trying to make friends here
um go and so you and so next to me is a
young woman from New York and she’s only

been in Austin a short amount of time
huge Howard Stern fan say uh this is an
opportunity for me now at now I may be
able to you know get a listener here say
well yeah I was I’ve been in your live

in New York from listeners 15 years
I love Stern I said be now ever since he
got the serious he has changed a little

bit and I think the new wife Beth I
think has turned him a little soft yeah
yep yeah did you hear the interview
between Howard and Hillary Clinton I
said well of course I did that’s prime
material for our show he says how

fantastic as yes it was really fantastic
and I said you know she’s gonna run that
was the best thing I could have said all
night just what no say yeah absolutely

said it’s all in the cards it’s all set
up we’ve been predicting it just like we
predicted the Pope anyway John I think
we have a lot of new listeners who would
be very very surprised to hear oh no

don’t say 0 it was a it was a really
good evening Danna and again I have to

say I love the openness and it’s to me
it just proved that yeah people just
listen you know and o11 general was like
Rachel Maddow’s you cannot she’s so good
at the facts and like no I wouldn’t say

that I’m positive man what a big
optimist exactly that was nice well I

figured you know there maybe maybe they
learn something if they catch one show
and we’ll see him at the next dinner
that’s the next birthday dinner we’ll do
it all over the wall moved from New York
yeah they’ve all me yep from New York

from Manhattan some
financed some healthcare some other dude
they run a witness protection program
actually I think it may be a form of

that it’s not it’s not a you know it’s
very plausible it’s like hey man if it’s
getting a little hot and in the city
move on over to Austin we’ll take care
of you no worries

Wow no worries yeah now I’m betting that
these people are still afraid of guns
they haven’t seen enough of them yet so
that’s very you know there’s some fear
there understandable if you’re coming
from New York so I’ll talk to you next

to you get used to it
yeah well hmm what else did you learn
Yuma I still learned some couple of
things going on that were besides the

politics of the New York bankers all
being into MSNBC and probably all Trump
haters no I don’t think well I don’t
think they were this is this is what the
big thing that I learned the takeaway

was I think they’re just tired of if
they were Trump haters
none of it showed there was actually not
a single no one said anything that I
heard the whole evening about orange man
bad or any of that truly just like I

mean if I had actually asked hey what do
you think hold on stop I don’t want to
interrupt your flow but is it possible
that what you were witnessing is a bunch

of very satisfied folks that weren’t
gonna be bashing on Trump because they
know he’s done he’s gone he’s through no
no in fact I don’t think so because one

of the guys in architect and neo he’s
building out in East Austin and I said
well that’s great because you got the
opportunity zone
oh yeah that’s fantastic that’s the best
thing we got this great tax breaks oh

you mean the Trump tax break what yes
though it’s the opportunity zones yeah
who do you think did that now I I don’t
think I don’t think that the I it felt
to me like everyone’s just tired of it

they’ll watch Rachel maybe a little
watch Morning Joe there’s some definite
Morning Joe viewers brother oh yeah mika
brzezinski is great i said she was
better when her dad was alive you know

did that made more sense to make fun of
her yeah but no one no one pushed back
nah I have a good I have a good feeling
about it it means that it means that
people have just been beaten down and

now their minds are I think kind of open
for change or different ideas that I’m
not trying to change anyone from their
political persuasions but just maybe a
little less on the derangement side you

know it’s like let’s just chill down
it’s not all nuts which is what I
consistently explained that’s what we do
we try to keep you healthy now feeling
good listen tomorrow is what I said so I
expect them all to be here

okay and Australia you had a note couple
notes yeah several notes I’ve got

actually let me I have a little other
clip to play and that will get us
started a major storm system has brought
valuable rain to drought affected parts
of Australia’s East but it’s also caused

flash flooding on major roads a cleanup
is now underway in many areas as the
heavy rain moves on to the North South
Wales Mid North Coast it’s hard not to
smile seeing the happiness on this

farmers face heavy rain drenching
drought stricken parts of the country’s
East also helping to dampen fire zones
the downpours being celebrated in our

regional centres but it’s created some
chaos in the cities in South East
Queensland severe storms triggered
widespread flash flooding 330
millimeters of rain has been recorded at

loader Creek on the Gold Coast where the
SES has responded to more than 100 calls
for assistance the deluge so great it
closed not only at the Pacific motorway
for six hours but also themeparks wet

and wild and movie World shop for the
day as the water levels rose zookeepers
using brooms to try to keep alligators
in their enclosures and wading through
the water to rescue koalas all the 100

millimeters of rain has been recorded at
bhandara in the Northern Tablelands
and for the first time in five years
water flowed through a creek in a
drought stricken regional town once

again Australia you’re welcome
well I got a note from a friend that was
the biggest squeak I’ve heard your chair
make yet much as I was leaned waiting I

was enjoying the clit okay yeah I also
got my volume cranked way yeah yeah
that’s good it’s sounding fantastic
thanks for this show it keeps me

entertained this from Neville I have to
cry or laugh as most politicians in both
our countries focus on anything as long
as it’s not to the benefit of the voters
thanks for the rain it’s been a big help

to Australia and not just a New South
Wales the climate change faith fought /
faith followers has attacked our prime
minister for the fires it’s his fault

as he does not do enough to change the
climate crisis this is even though our
own scientists cannot say there’s a
direct link and have publicly said so

the Greenies will also not admit they
have some responsibility build up a fuel
an opportunity for fires about 15 or 20
years ago they pushed greeny policies

through state and local governments
slowed or stopped back burning hello
yeah yeah closing roads and reduced
management of national parks impose

imposing huge fines on farmer managing
their own fire risk and preventing
clearing trees and growth near housing
estates yeah they also will not
recognize most fires are started by

people often on purpose and some by
accident anyway go and prepare as heaven
forbid at his summer and Australian
isn’t likely to warm and it’s likely to
warm up again uh he wants an it’s true

for this economic yes now so I’m
watching Cristina Amanpour and she’s got
some Aussie on there and she’s arguing
that he’s arguing that climate change

didn’t cause these fires and he kind of
makes the same points are that Neville
here is making which is that’s
mismanagement they’ve let it happen
yeah even even the Aborigines say hey

you know we didn’t have this happen when
we were in charge of everything here
because we knew what to do we do
we’d take care we’d set little fires
keep stuff smoldering all summer long so
we had to kind of contained yeah you

have to do this in these areas so this
guy’s arguing with Christina Amanpour
who’s going on and on with every
litanies 97% of all scientists how can
you say such a thing and she’s just all

all-in she’s a witch we’ll discuss later
in the show a true believer and this guy
says here’s the problem that we’re
really starting to witness now people
don’t want to do anything to prevent

fires anymore because it’s so much
easier to just blame climbs yeah that
makes sense I was all-in with this guy
what he said yeah well its climate

change this fall okay well we just have
to do something about that and we won’t
it won’t have these fires anymore and
okay you know bit well that’s the same
that’s the same in California yes that’s
the same in California it’s the same

attitude essentially yes in California
has the same series of prods lot like
when I when I was working for their
pollution disagree we would have burnt
these burn days I mean was always

carefully calculated when you did I’m so
you wouldn’t have an inversion layer but
you’d have a burn day and they burn off
up the Solano County burn it to the
ground pretty much under controlled
circumstances you never have these these

problems you wouldn’t have paradise the
whole city burning to the ground does
that happen so so we came to the rescue
and is there’s just no denying that we
operated the rain sticks these are high

precision instruments they are they’re
from Utah made by Sherry Osborne these
things are official they are they are
the real deal you I believe keep yours
in the gun case during the day unsafe

gun safe I’m sorry even better gun case
a gun safe to make sure there’s no
illegal uses you don’t want anyone
grabbing it or something you who god
knows what would happen because we

should we shook our sticks and if there
was about three day delay which of
course part of that is just the time
difference with Australia the speed of
light but also when people are listening

to the show people download the PS
unload the podcast you know that’s
exactly my point is that
there’s some delayed reaction and
response in certain areas based upon one

people download and listen to the show
that proceed perf uncas in Indiana
he says Sunday I wanted to send you a
little port from the region a episode
behinds his crib uh he said three days

ago I listened to the rain stick episode
and for the next two days we had rain in
Highland Indiana my hypothesis he says
is that some of the power of the rain
stick is stored in the audio and then

released when someone plays the episode
which would explain why when you shake
them on air you’re getting blowback in
other places I think it’s completely
true and I know it sounds crazy but
every single time when asked to shake

the rain sticks it rains where it’s
supposed to rain and this was that was
the five months of draught all of a
sudden two podcaster step in but a bing
bada boom

um yeah that’s where we’ve done it
before but it also causes problems
locally and elsewhere yeah it does know
we had pretty crappy weather and I just
heard all of New York – now – yes okay

they’re gone
staying with the green new deal George
Monbiot I’ve just got your joke there
George George Monbiot who is he is he

just a columnist or is he he’s made his
room is he’s a columnist activist yeah
oh yeah the large is a major major

socialist right and he writes for The
Guardian and he has covered a lot of the
the climate crisis and the green new
deal and he was interviewed in a talk
show in the UK and I need to play this

because this is I think a lot of people
follow his thinking a lot of people will
follow him he has a following he’s been
around for a long time I think he’s very
popular in in these types of circles and

here he explains what we really need to
do and it then it’s right down the line
agenda 21 what we really need to do in
order to save the earth

what would you say people should
different different thing I mean what we
have to do is the big structural
political economic stuff you know what
what we’re being told to do is change
your cotton buds and all these sort of
pathetic micro consumerist bollocks

which just isn’t gonna get us anywhere
you know there are two things you can do
as a consumers do make change switch to
a plant-based diet that’s one big change
animal farming has this massive

environmental yes another one stop
flying but stop eating meat stop flying
these are number one will live in a cave

shaming another one stop flying yeah but
but beyond that actually everything we
have to do is change the system we have

to overthrow this system which is eating
the planet I mean since when was GDP a
sensible measure of human welfare and
everything that governments want to do

is to try to boost GDP now people like
the OECD or the World Bank so we’re not
asking for a lot of growth just 3% a
year that means doubling in 24 years
yeah we’re bursting through all the

environmental boundaries and screwing
the planet already you want to double it
double all that double it again keep
doubling it it’s madness we’ve got to
find a better way of measuring human

welfare than perpetual growth we’ve got
to start ramping down all fossil fuel
production and leave fossil fuels in the
ground and at the same time and this is
a nice bit of it it turns out that

through massive rewilding ecological
restoration you can draw down a low the
carbon dioxide we’ve already produced
huge amounts allowing the forests to
come back the marshes to come back

I think this rewilding that’s the get
everybody to live in the cities thing
it’s like everybody live in the city so
we can keep an eye on you and control
you and then we’ll rewilding else rhe
wild to draw down a low the carbon

dioxide we’ve already produced huge
amounts allowing the forests to come
back the marshes to come back the
seafloor to recover from trawling and
stuff they draw down carbon dioxide and

can take us a long way towards stopping
climate breakdown at the same time as
stopping ecological breakdown there’s
time but we can’t do it by just pissing
around at the margins of the problem

we’ve got to go straight to the heart of
capitalism and overthrow it
right overthrow capitalism and we’re
done that’s all we need to do along with

stop eating meat and rhe wild
yeah that guy that guy indeed
we just move we’re gonna talk about this

a Muslim moves to this clip this is a
guy that was on one of the one of the
kind of quasi right wing talk shows on
the radio where they like to get guys on

her it’s kind of nuts and this guy’s
been doing this for a long time this is
less you night get it less you know
that’s his real name less you know okay
alright that’s his name though and as

her name he uses and he’s on the dory
Monson show
and here’s a clip lime it’s activists in
Portland has come up with a solution for

improving the environment he would like
to see the human race eradicated his
name is les Knight and he said that he
has concluded the best thing for the

planet would be a peaceful phase-out of
human existence well I knew I had to
talk to this guy so let me welcome
lessons that’s such a disc jockey well I
had the Dori Monson show hello les

doriga glad to hear from ya yeah I don’t
really I think eradicate is the wrong
word I know that some news sources are

saying that but they’re peaceful
phase-out it wouldn’t be an eradication
that’s what we’re trying to avoid okay
so a peaceful phase-out meaning what now
I know that you had for example it

sounds like you got yourself a vasectomy
many years ago because you didn’t want
to have to population is that right that
is correct yes and so many people are
telling me lately

you go first and I’m saying okay I did
now holy shit I just had a great idea
this makes so much sense
why no this that that is the fix this is
to solve climate change forced vasectomy

vasectomies hold on I think you made it
you’ve made a philosophical blunder
I don’t think you have to force it yeah

yes I here you go okay all right so tell
me about this why why do you think earth
would be better off if mankind was not a
part of it well everywhere that we have

has flourished even turn oval which we
can’t go to for you know twenty four
thousand years because of the radiation
all the other species that we had wiped

out from their bears and how boars all
sorts of things are coming back why
would we care about other animals more
than we care about mankind well it’s

equal doesn’t have to be more than we
are causing the sixth great extinction
hundreds of thousands species are going

extinct because of us and if we phase
ourselves out we won’t voluntarily we
won’t go in voluntarily in the great
collapse that is bound to come if we

continue causing extinctions of other
species now there’s not going to be any
great collapse I think you’re right what
if what did what a great idea because

there’s so many men who are so willing
to virtue signal and show that they’re
on board not just with with women and
and bringing more equality but also to

save the earth
yeah I think you’re nuts off movement
well no wait wait let’s let’s work on it

let’s work on a little bit of a
campaigning here for a second we need a
chant so ho ho ho your balls have got to
go hey hey let’s do something a little

more subtle don’t be daft don’t be silly
save the earth snip your willy
let’s get in there he’s getting they
will work on it okay but this brought me

to an interesting little aside I did a
little research this guy I looked him up
and he’s about 72 or so and he said he
had hmmm hmm okay you already know where

I’m going well you think he’s shooting
blanks at this point he had a vasectomy
at 24
oh geez not like he just got a vasectomy

and but that was Wow so he didn’t just
get one that’s the whole point well this
is what but this is what is interesting
because I think there’s a lot of guys

like this out there because if you look
at the time line when he got his
vasectomy with according to my
calculations the population boom
probably exactly he got his vasectomy
around 1974 based on the numbers which

Kate and Paul Ehrlich’s book came out in
68 and that was the first salvo and then
the Club of Rome which I mentioned
earlier to you comes along and they they
came along and they performed in 68 and

in 72 they came out with their first
report I call the economic growth or
limits to growth and then they came over
the second report which after limits to
growth got mankind at the turning point

and they were promoting the end of the
world if anyone remembers and it’s old
enough I should brief you on this they
were promoting the end of the world in
the year 2000 because we’re gonna run

out of resources and we have too many
people and that would be the time to get
a vasectomy and to be clear to be clear
a lot at the end of the world population
bomb was as big a deal in the media then
as climate changes today

almost exactly the same yeah we had less
usually I want him just to reiterate
that this had a lot this this notion
which I believe resulted I think there’s

a lot of people out there that are
gullible I’m gonna use the word gullible
yeah probably
and so they’re in a situation because
they’re so stupid and gullible that they

had to they got clipped I in their in
their 20s and and I want to read this
little tidbit from a as an abstract from
other the publication social biology

performed and refused vasectomy a decade
of waning popularity and increasing
awareness of safety family and overt is
the abstract Family Planning clinics and

a random sample of private physicians
throughout the US were surveyed in 1972
and 84 to learn the incidence of
performed and refused vasectomy and to
discern attitudinal change over time

toward delayed physical and
psychological sequelae related to
vasectomy that means after effects
Dana showed that after a dramatic rise
in pop dramatic it would hit this is the

key word here yeah a dramatic rise
popularity in the early 1970s
well the incidence has fallen
significantly in the intervening years

and then they tried to figure out why
this was and they said the greatest
decrease was reported by physicians they
think it was the physicians print
election to practice defensive medicine

because you get sued every time
somebody’s balls swole up this to me is
mama right after the climate crisis
which brought me to the third point

which is a book that should be in our
reading list okay it came out in
nineteen fifty one called the true to
true believer and I’ll read a little bit
who wrote this who was mera coffer Eric

coffer was a kind of a lecturer and a
longshoreman who’s called a longshoreman
philosopher he did a whole bunch of
books a whole bunch and they’re all very

readable but the true believer that came
out 51 used to be standard reading in
because there was a problem with kids
that were gullible hmm
gullible strauss believer was a

correctional tome it was printed to stop
they stopped printing in 2002 so it was
on the market for 21 years and then they
you know who needs it but let me just
read a couple of things here offer

analyzes this is from Ricky Hoffer
analyzes and attempts to explain the
motives of the various types of
personalities that give rise to mass
movements why and how mass movements

start progress and end and the
similarities between them where the
religious political radical or
reactionary argues that even when their
stated goals or values differ mass

movements are interchangeable
MMN adherents will often flip from one
movement to the other and we saw that
with the you know the climate free zoo
the world’s gonna freeze the same people

yep went from from a new ice age is
coming to we’re all gonna die in a fiery
hell and that the motivations for mass
movements are interchangeable thus

religious nationalists and social
movements where the radical or
reactionary tend to attract the same
type of followers same type of followers
believe in the same way in the same
tactics and theoretical tools they use

the same tactics as examples and
examples and I shouldn’t mention just
part of the part one a little synopsis
he says mass move us begin with a
widespread desire for change from

discontented people who placed their
locus of control outside their power and
who also have no confidence in existing
culture or traditions feeling their

lives are irredeemably irredeemably
spoiled oh you’ve ruined my childhood
exactly and believing there’s no hope
for advancement oh we’re all gonna die

or satisfaction as an individual true
believers seek self renunciation thus
such people are ripe to participate in a
movement that that offers the option of

subsuming their individual lives in a
larger collective and that’s exactly
what we’re witnessing with climate
gee I think you’ve nailed it I think

that is I mean the clip was not clip of
the day worthy but this analysis
certainly was and it’s perfect it’s a
perfect time to shame men into doing

get the climate back snip your sack I
mean there’s a million things we can
come over
push the climate back it’s easy snip
your sack I mean that’s just as so many
we can do yeah and then I sniff my sack
doo doo doo doo now I’m a believer we

can just go on forever
Oh your song well we’ll keep our eye on
this if it’s not already a thing I think

we should promote this just to be good
for the show we need I mean we already
have the the women saying oh I’m not
gonna have children anymore no mention
by the way of sterilization or anything

no just a conscious choice not to have
children but we all know that it’s
really men who are the problem one man
can spread his demon seed across
multiple women so we know that we have
to go to the source of the problem the

problem with climate change is too many
people that’s because they’re too many
men who have active organs checking all
the boxes that’s right well that’s that
can almost go in the red book that

that’s gonna happen by the way that the
landmark case with the the kids who were
suing the government for climate change
because they didn’t do enough

yeah tossed out didn’t even didn’t even
hear it just tossed out no no no this is
not is not gonna go I’m sorry for the

cliff people go out there and read the
book the true believer they’ll find
there’s a lot of he’s got some very
interesting theories how how people get
met they actually turn themselves in

mature and childlike which is why you’d
had a leader like Greta who was a you
know 16 euros ludicrous it’s your book
is fast and they effort kind of left it

out of the out of the I’m putting it in
the show notes put it in the show notes
just putting the show notes right and
ass to go it has to be read by everybody
it’s in the show notes any show notes

now very interesting you mentioned a few
minutes ago that you had clips from
crystianna on impor from SI oh no I said
I saw the show oh because I also was

watching crystianna on import in these
past few days and I did get some clips
which I think are relevant considering
that we now have a dream team a dream

team for Trump’s impeachment trial in
the Senate even I didn’t see this one

you have the two guys Alan Dershowitz
who I respect I think he’s he’s the the
proto constitutional lawyer and before
he didn’t virtue signal against Trump he
was always on CNN MSNBC he was

everywhere everybody hailed him but then
he and you know said well you know the
court do the Constitution everyone hated
him right down to Martha’s Vineyard well
I have the PBS intro clip to the to the

dream team if you want to just play that
as an intro to what you’re gonna discuss
it’s an approach to Trump’s legal
defense team for his Senate impeachment

trial is taking shape and expanding it
was widely reported that it will include
Ken Starr who’s investigation led to
President Clinton’s impeachment and

retired Harvard Law Professor Alan
Dershowitz White House Counsel Pat
Cipollone II and mr. Trump’s personal
lawyer Jay Sekulow are expected to lead
the legal team during oral arguments

beginning on Tuesday so not only is
Dershowitz but also can start both men
involved in the slap on the wrist
prosecution of Jeffrey Epstein in

Florida you can’t make this up both of
those guys were involved in that deal
with the Justice Department and Jeffrey
Epstein to get him his little private

cell where he could leave 10 hours a day
and just go back to sleep and he had his
own wing
those guys are doing this
here’s the alan dershowitz explaining

what his role will be the abuse of power
allegation is that that request
conditioned on money that was federally
mandated under the law for a different
purpose isn’t I’m sorry I’m sorry
playing it the wrong way around here he

is talking about his role well my job
next week will be to present the
constitutional case against impeachment
a case that I’ve been presenting on your
show in two books and 25 articles I will

not deal with the nitty-gritty of the
facts and facts now we can’t now he
means something else but and some media

training would be appropriate here der
circles I will not deal with the
nitty-gritty of the fact that’s all you
need that clip just play that over and
over again on CNN that little bit is
enough and whether they should be

witnesses or not but just from a
personal point of view the Constitution
approach which was suggested in Prior
preachments impeachments was always to
have the facts presented to the House of

Representatives cross examination you
then get a report and the report is
what’s put on trial the one thing that’s
critically clear is that if the

Democrats or latter call witnesses
president Trump’s lawyers will have to
be allowed to call witnesses and they’re
going to determine initially whether the
witnesses are relevant on CNN all day
they’ve been saying today that hunter

Biden wouldn’t be relevant but of course
he’d be relevant if witnesses will call
because the issue is was he corrupt
did the president legitimately have an
interest in ferreting out corruption

including the corruption of hunter Biden
so I think if the Democrats begin to
open the door they will regret it also
will put the trial off for months maybe
even longer than that because they’re

gonna call Bolton Bolton will want to
testify the president will invoke
executive privilege and then the Senate
will have to take that case to court and
the court will have to decide either a

blanket way or a question by question
way whether or not Bolton has the right
to answer these questions remember he
doesn’t get to make the decision it’s
made by the president in the first

instance and then the courts
so according to the country’s
constitutional lawyer no way
it doesn’t even qualify

and of course he said that on fox news
he doesn’t get to say that anywhere else
I guess he kind of meant yes a lot of
this stuff isn’t said anywhere else and
he doesn’t mention that they and I

outplayed this little clip this is the
clip is Professor on testimonies on
impeachment this is a professor from NYU
who is on PBS this is not CNN this is
not MSNBC and he’s just throughout this

little snippet when it was when they
were discussing the idea of bringing
hunter Biden on board to testify like
atmosphere maybe the press people and
who he wants are people like hunter

Biden who aren’t directly relevant to
the case and I think that’s part of it
is to trying to like flip the narrative
into being about something else hunter
Biden not part of the case but all of
the including PBS on this all of the

news sources are making the claim that
hunter by it irrelevant is not part of
the case there’s nothing to do with it
no of course not
and now if you wanted the contrast to
that listen to this where I have a Rand

Paul clip which is pretty hard to come
by it’s something worth playing yeah
certainly because he’s usually he’s
pretty much kept out of the off the air
but just here’s Rand Paul talking about

the same kind of thing can you think of
any company anywhere in the world that
would ever pay millions and millions of
dollars to somebody here is this Hannity
yeah unfortunate all you can get on I

gotta tell you I cannot watch that man
this is hard this and I don’t it’s I
can’t listen to him on the radio it’s
just there’s something about him it’s
just like oh you’re just beating me with

your wet blanket all the time stop that
what’s the way he talks I guess do you
could you what any business ever do that
well it goes to the heart of the matter

of the president’s being accused of
withholding foreign aid and his argument
is well we were studying corruption and
we wanted to know about corruption in
Ukraine and I think the Biden’s are as
corrupt as the day is long

no young man who’s the politician gets
fifty grand a month who has no where
they go zetaclear you know
working for ukrainian oligarch you know
I mean for goodness sakes

it smells do I have and it smells like
corruption and every day on the
mainstream media they say oh there’s no
there there this has been investigated
there’s no corruption I think the
American people don’t buy it but here’s

the thing is fair is fair and if they’re
gonna put the president through this
they’re gonna have to have witnesses on
both sides but I’ll tell you what my
fear is is that some Republicans are
gonna vote for witnesses we’ll get those

the ones the Democrats want and then
when we have the votes on bringing
witnesses or letting the president
choose his witnesses I think those will
fail not only because of those
Republicans but because a whole variety

of Republicans may not allow the
whistleblower may not allow Biden for
one reason or another because they serve
with them but if it turns out and the
Republican base sees that this looks
like only Democrat witnesses and no

presidential witnesses I guarantee that
the Republican berate the Republican
base will punish those people who set up
I can’t support any Republican that does

that I could tell you right now yeah
yeah fine yes and the narrative is about
to fall apart let’s shrink some
amygdalas here I got an email from a

person who works at a DC lobbying firm
and I’ve confirmed that with one of the
partners of the firm this doesn’t happen

often but the partner actually confirmed
this I want to read this this is about
left Parnas and left par Naz is you know
the the guy with the hair stuck on his

head the the he’s bald but he just
thinks it looks good if he sticks those
strands here so he is described as rudy
giuliani’s crony you know he’s out there

he’s doing deals he’s trying to hear
this spying on the ambassador or
whatever this is very important to
understand unless Parnas was a client of
the lobbying firm I work for in DC and I

confirmed that here’s the important
thing to know about Lev
he paid rudy giuliani $500,000 for him
to copy the business model of LifeLock

and this makes sense because i kept
trying to figure out what is this
company that he used to donate campaign
funds through fraudulently apparently or
that’s under indictment called fraud

guarantee which you know the mainstream
laughed about this why you can’t make
this stuff up the guy’s a fraudster he
has a company called fraud guarantee

no one actually looks into it this is
true the guy tried to create LifeLock
which is a great company who will email
you from time to time and say oh you
better keep your subscription up for $25

a month we found your information on the
dark web you don’t want any I’m not
kidding the keeper left because she had
LifeLock and she left it because I said

and I don’t want all my shit in a single
point of failure and and ever since she
left it she’s getting all these
threatening emails oh we found you on
the dark web this information about you
in the dark web sign up now to get off

the dark web so he Giuliani was helping
him advising him recreate the LifeLock
business model so Rudy Giuliani was
working for him not the other way around

and this guy the the probably the
trouble he got into is for bribing local
officials for pot licenses so the the
accusation from the lobbying firm

employee is he’s just doing this to
raise his own profile his own political
profile maybe but certainly profile not
marry you

sorry avenatti to it completely an
avenatti story except Alvin I didn’t
stick the hair on his head he went full
bald enter Christiana on impor she does
an interview with the Foreign Minister

of Ukraine Vadim pristiq oh this is the
Secretary of State this is the Foreign
Minister this is the guy who deals with
everything with other countries he deals

with the United States State Department
and he’s been in the inner circle of as
the Lansky’s and before he got elected
and throughout his entire yeah

first year in office Christiane Amanpour
is Sohail and the guys in I think it was
actually in DC at the embassies outside
shot and he’s you know he’s just doing

this interview he has business in
Washington DC because that’s what
foreign ministers do Christiane Amanpour
is so hell-bent on getting him to admit
about this quid pro quo and it’s so
obvious that left par nos you know he’s

the he’s the missing link and everything
we can now we can now we can finally get
rid of the of the president orange man
bad but she can’t make it happen and her
valiant efforts are well appreciated but

this clip which ran on CNN International
has not aired once on CNN in the US and
this is one of the main guys who would
know exactly what’s happening he is just

like Hillary Clinton was a sidekick to
Barack Obama when she was Secretary of
State the guy was on the call and he I
have a couple of clips from this
interview mr. foreign minister let me

ask you the questions that everybody is
talking about right now
left on us a crony of he even says a
crony isn’t that interesting

how she sets that up really oh we have
on us a crony of Rudy Giuliani who is
the president’s personal lawyer has now

spoken out as you know and he has said
several things mostly that he did carry
a very explicit message from the

via Rudy Giuliani that there would need
to be a quid pro quo if Ukraine was
going to continue getting any kind of
assistance financial military political
whatever kind of assistance and

furthermore he has now said that he has
spoken to key officials within president
zalenski circle since you are one of
those and you were when this happened

did you get that message from Lev Parnas
no do you have to kind of get into the
guy’s speech pattern because he’s
obviously not a native English speakers
English is impeccable but it’s very it’s
very it has a heavy accent as little

jerky but the question is very clear and
it’s only all Oh Ukrainian media as well
today and yesterday and strangely enough
my name was not mentioned although I’m

Minister of Foreign Affairs and I
frankly I never spoke with this
individual and again frankly I don’t I
don’t trust any work he’s now saying the
assistance which we he is referring to

was reviewed out each and every year
annually at least twice and half a year
at the end of year so we knew that this
assistance is to be reviewed sometimes
it would be cut because of the some

political understanding of what is to be
done in Ukraine sometimes being in rest
which is now were observing at the end
of the year we would receive even more
than it was planned I understand that
this individual which I don’t know

personally but he is now trying to save
his own case and I again I don’t trust
what he saying and I would you know I
was so tired of these questions about
the our own impeachment what we are

trying to tell Americans that we were so
happy to have bilateral support from
both parties and we will be happy to
have it as well so I know it’s you get
into it as you listen to him but he’s

saying no this is very normal it’s very
normal every six months we adjust we
talked to the State Department talked to
our counterpart at parts that sometimes
things have to be adjusted down we have

to do certain things all in normal
course of business
this left Parnas guy yeah not quite sure
what he is he seems he has like he has
his own problems as he said he’s
fighting for his own case the guy when

he did the interview with Rachel Maddow
had a GPS tracker on his ankle because
he’s he’s on bail he’s not allowed to
leave the country etc but that doesn’t
work for crystianna i’m poor let’s make

sure you you say that your name hasn’t
been mentioned public I just want to
make sure that you will never receive
this kind of message verbally or
otherwise from anybody connected with

Rudolph Giuliani or representing the
press just to make sure you didn’t you
know like trick me and someone else told
you there was a quid pro quo are you
really sure I know miss Rudy I know
Amanda spurn us and they all others name

mentioned I believe that people are now
trying to raise their political
importance I never had the chance and
we don’t need these channels our
channels of communications Americans are

well-established if some some of the non
official contacts through the advisors
that’s why it Weiser’s for we took the
official formal part we were happy with
the conversation I was at all the

meetings and the conversation is a
telephone only person who’s president
Trump and I can tell you with all
certainty that he was never mentioned
that we have to do something and
presidency Lansky was always telling him

that whatever this message and this
lesson he were teaching us all the
thirty years of our independence that
they should be rule of law and should an
independent judiciary and prosecutor
general from the present we finally got

the message we are not going to
intervene because of some political
gains we told him if you have
information send us through the official
channels which is prosecutor general’s
office you have your particular channel
we have ours let them talk at rate if

anything should be investigated let’s
investigate this again we understand
there are always things that are
political or things that need to be done
for particularly in the arena of

corruption in Ukraine we understand
sometimes all or parts of the funds are
held withheld delayed because we have to
do something very normal course of
business just send us the changes

whatever you need we’ll get right on it
but but but didn’t didn’t the president
get all pissed off and and not attend
the inauguration because because there
was no formal announcement of

investigating the Biden’s
clearly the United States had made it
clear that either the President or the
Vice President was going to come to
president solinsky’s inauguration and
this we are told also was mentioned by

either left partners Rudy Giuliani or a
number of people who they say were
carrying message to your president
it didn’t happen as you very well know

they didn’t come to the inauguration I
can tell you why we as some some blame
can be on our side because we had to do
it in a very fast way presence in sq
wanted to leave the parliaments free

from from his new presidency and we have
just a couple of days to make it legal
we have been will be limited by
ourselves by time so we gave quite a

short notice to all the nations in an
hour case in the American case
Perry came we believe that would we’ll
have somebody else if you want to if you
give more more time for the foreign

delegation so now he could be covering
and that would be the one view of this
but what he’s saying and you know this
is the kind of like a number-two guy in
the country no we made the decision you

know a couple days before it’s not easy
to move the president or vice president
if we had want really wanted that level
to show up we would have planned it

differently we got secretary Perry and
then it was Secretary of Energy we feel
that was pretty appropriate okay one
more time this can’t be true what about
what about that ambassador Sunderland he

clearly said quid pro quo perfectly
clear mr. foreign minister even the
president’s own ambassador to the EU

Sunderland who was tasked with the
Ukrainian brief says that there was a
quid pro quo was there a quid pro quo as
far as you know and were you surprised
when you did actually hear that that

military aid was being suspended I know
personally master sunland’s and I have
to again remind you that he was
political appointee he was not on the
formal side he’s over the State

Department he was also close to the
circles which were sort of trying to get
in their own business like wait maybe he
was bringing message but if you read it
in his statement he never talked to me

although I was the advisor and then
Minister of Foreign Affairs about any
pre poker or any any unofficial cat
channels or ways of what we can do to
get closer to present Ron no he was

talking to some people who believed was
instrumental that time I personally see
that we are okay with this support we
have right now and we don’t need sorry
to be blunt and we don’t need this

unofficial support it’s not on the level
at the level when we have these American
Americans already we can have the
support and if we are told that the
systems military systems can be affected

by some lack of reform this is a normal
conversation we had with Americans so
many times before
and during this particular year you’re
describing right now we had a couple of

times to explain to members of Congress
that we understand the decisions not
coming from the sky it is connected to
some reforms we have to do two changes
and we were doing so it was not about
political gains on in his insight we

heard this this assistance is important
we told him that it is important and it
is connected to summary force which we
were doing and that was it she could not
beat it out of him and this is as far as

I understand kind of the crux of this
abuse of power which we now know is not
constitutional impeachment article
well I mean I I know you slipped into my

subconscious the idea of clip of the day
no no no I did difficult I would give
you clip of the day for this because

it’s really an outstanding clipping of
an unbelievable catch but because that
guy is so difficult to listen yes
hardening it’s borderline okay and I’ll
accept the borderline it’s completely

but that is the whole now it’s just the
foreign minister we also have the actual
president saying knows no pressure now

they could be lying that you know Trump
may have a gun to their head behind the
scenes I don’t know seems unlikely the
Ukrainians if anyone’s got a gun it’s
damn so to me that that just kind of

shuts it all down as I’m not sure what
you’re actually gonna talk about but it
seems like this is all you know we’re

moving from this is the molar report
basis I mean it’s the same kind of thing
a bunch of oh I had to lunch with one of
the Lib joes

oh my goodness this should have been top
of the show well what we had top of the
show is better and and bringing in the
true believer I think epitomized the Lib
Joe mm-hmm fine conversation you’re

talking about normally net at the very
end when I knew Trump was mention that
this is why I was listening to you and
the bankers thing because everyone’s
know no one said anything about Trump
cuz you never triggered him it took me a

while but I finally oh you had to
trigger him interesting interesting you
didn’t do that no well hello I was uh I
was a guest unless you want to you want
Tina to be worked for a couple of ways

you didn’t want to trigger because if
you triggered him and you got what I got
oh my god here’s a couple of little
tidbits one Lev is the most important
guy ever ever I mean it more important

that who is the last most important guy
I forgot who whatever Kohinoor Cohen

this guy
Trump is done get both the House and the

Senate in 2020 and then if he’s still in
office somehow because it’s a
possibility no hanging that Trump as a
solo act which never happened I’ve

watched this and you
have to the president doesn’t come in
and then loo every like nobody votes for
a Republican president then votes a
Democratic ticket they just don’t do it

no but no no that’s what’s gonna happen
okay did you say hold on let me put that
in the red book did you do that I was
writing down everything to write on but

I remember eyes most of it cuz I just
bets available everybody’s going to jail
everybody’s worked with Trump so far has
gone to jail anyway did the topic of

thousands of sealed indictments come up
I by me I just think he’s just a
reflection of the other crazy sided
thing but he said bar is going to jail
for jail Giuliani jail jail jail jail

bars the worst buy the red corner these

guys now I don’t know where they’re
getting is but some help bar has turned
into this you know great guy to this
horrible person that’s going to jail did
they mention any kind of charge

big corruption everybody’s corrupt the
whole operation this is the most and
then what was funny about this
conversation was first he starts off

with and he actually had a better list
than I had at the top of my head of
Trump’s accomplishments he had your
pretty much every one of them and did
that people would say well here’s what

Trump’s done and he had them all okay
the reason that Trump is accomplished
what he has is just by sheer luck oh oh
it was really the process of the
government that made it all work yeah

but he’s doomed he’s done well that’s
very similar to the to the opportunity’s
own like oh no that’s just Trump
happened to be there that that happened
yeah coinkidink

that was it that was that was the only
the promise that this is what brought me
by the way this is what brought me
around to the to the idea that this was

he’s incredulous you won’t listen to
anything and he won’t listen to anything
other than what he would his sources are
which he won’t tell me I told him what
they were seeing an MSNBC

because you know as MSNBC guy New York
Times for sure in the Washington Post
period that’s your four sources of
information for most of these people
well and this is why this got me to

thinking about the gullibility factor
these people and there’s a lot of them
and it really concerns me that they’re
just hook line and sinker they’re so

gullible that they believe this stuff
without any critical thought whatsoever
and they don’t even care to hear
anything opposite of whatever they’ve

been through whatever they bought into
and I would put this on the climate
science people the climate crisis people
the people that were into the new Ice
Age and the people who got there to get

clipped when they were in their 20s this
is dig they’re gullible and this my
friends are gullible
gullible travels man oh man oh man that
and this was the professor yeah Wow well

he’s getting it from both ends so to
speak and he’s getting it from the from
the from the academia and from Rachel
Rachel Maddow I love that that’s it

because it’s literally the same thinking
on both sides they’re all going to jail
they’re all corrupt
it’s a mirror image it is completes

which is kind of good because when you
disturb one for us well don’t give away
the secrets of the show if you change
something on one side you may see a

complete and equal change on the other
s’matter yes now we’re deep wow
disappointing because it’s like you

think people would be a happy you know
trying to think of themselves a little
bit but it’s just litany it’s just bang
bang bang bang – and it’s I’m almost
like I might as well have Rob Reiner at
the table man talk about talk about

being good for the show that would
that’s oh by the way is a buddy it’s
like if I could ask people friendly
would you please refrain from filling

out online forms for people to be a
guest on the No Agenda show it’s very
embarrassing to the show twice maybe
three times a week I get an email from

an author from someone who has another
podcast from you know like hi we want
you on the no agenda show and then you
know they sign it Adam curry Adam
McCurry Cobb hahahaha so then I have to

explain ah this is just some overzealous
fan I guess you know we don’t know some
Joker when they had show haters but it’s
like people subscribing me to the

idiotic newsletters luckily most of them
you know check before they a lot of this
auto-subscribe you know I am for a while
thanks bud but yeah for guess it’s just

rude and it wastes time and you’re not
funny and you know we don’t have guests
oh stop it don’t do it
thank maybe you thought you were helping

but you’re not
I don’t think they thought they were
form of harassment could be could be by
the way you know the the transmission of

the articles of impeachment was what 28
days 30 days I’m now thinking now that
I’ve had a good look at these pens these

are these are Mont Blanc pens though
they’re mom blocks with the gold a about
a waste of the taxpayers money
they’re about now I don’t well she got
them it’s a there engraved with Nancy

Pelosi signature yeah just a good one I
think they had to wait for the Pens to
get delivered
Wow what else could it be I mean to get

and you know that thirty of these pans
they’re probably about three grand deeds
so that’s not bad you know I looked at
mommy grant I looked at no I looked at

Mont Blanc pens and the one that
resembles it I don’t see the exact pen
in their lineup so maybe even a total
custom job for all I know but the one

that looks like the most is $3,000
$3,000 a day that’s engraved as include
engraving that’s before engraving
but what yes Mont Blanc pens are – not

cheap I mean that you’ve gotten that pen
as the souvenir I’m sure what they’re
gonna lend up in a little display case
but I just baked it in some lucite yeah

yeah it’s they may have dipped at least
a week for those pens you know that and
you know she was really hammering on the

dated being that December 18th and this
was important so I think she had that
date on the pan it’s engraved with her
signature the dates on the pen yes the
date of the impeachment the date of the

impeachment of the date of the transfer
the date of the impeachment which is her
whole thing she wants a December 18th
she wants it to be remembered that
schoolchildren need to remember this oh
she did Paul Revere Nursery Rhyme yeah

there’s an infamy she’s not gonna get
anything out of this this is going
nowhere for her well I think she’s gonna
be famous you know in the history books
in her mind she’s there ready she will

be she will be remembered as the first
female Speaker of the House that that’s
that’s a kind of a big deal but I can’t
I don’t I doubt you could name either

Speaker of the House during the
Roosevelt administration which probably
was a pretty secure situation can you
know I can’t either I don’t know who it
no it means the who is the Speaker of

the House sir and Truman I don’t know
and again people don’t seem to care
they’re moving on with their lives
they’ll they’ll just watch Rachel and
you think that but then when I had when

I get the triggering going cuz I didn’t
see that’s true you know boom next thing
you know corruption and horrible person
orange man bad everyone’s going to jail
unbelievable alright I’ll try some

triggering next time but I have to set
this it’s not going to large group do
they it could trigger each other could
go it could be an explosion the whole

hotel could have gone awry smoke like a
nuke with that I’d like to thank you for
your courage and say in the morning to
you the man who put the C in vasectomy

one morning you had in the morning to
you mr. Adam J is C curry or something
Jay really mm-hmm
see Adam kick again Clark and work yes

Clark curry Adam Clark curry would you
sound like a paper company in the
morning of you in the morning to all the
ships of seeing the boots on the ground
two feet in the air the subs in the

water and all the Dames tonight’s out
there and in the morning to the trolls
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who has done it once again a lot of
compliments for this charge you you said
it was great I’ve never watched drama
and walnut’ whatever so this was not for
me I deferred to you and I think we made

a good we couldn’t find anything else
that you like yeah that’s true and you
didn’t like this piece either no it’s
like it doesn’t really mean anything to
me but I deferred I think I said oh you

did I give you that you deferred to me
and I assured you that it was a funny
piece and you were I could hear you
rolling your eyes funny it’s a complaint

I get at home too hmm and you rolled
your eyes and then you said okay well
we’ll give it a shot it’s because what
you said when you convinced you finally
was that it jumped a pop yet popped off

the page it was the only ones pop always
looking for pop
but yeah I was a funny piece that was
amy klobuchar as a wallace and gromit
character and people yeah but then the

compliments were abundant so it was a
good choice good piece by Nick we thank
all the artists who were always
incompetent friendly competition
no it’s friendly its friendly they’re

always thanking each other on Twitter
like congratulations No Agenda art
generator dot-com is where you can see

all the submissions there’s a lot there
there’s 10 times as much art as we could
ever use but it’s therefore incredibly
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shop comm where the artist the shop and
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so we have a pretty good show as showing
you all the last minute it was kind of
interesting I know Eric sent me a Redux
spreadsheet he said I guess some stuff

came in that well there was a couple of
teams that came in late but let’s go
over what we have okay
hieronymus is at the top of losses but
he comes in every cerana myths of lower

sliver of Dogpatch in lower slovakia
right and he writes he came to it was
one of his coded numbers one two three

when I was doing a $32 first of all
thank you sir animus and now for the
decoding of the the number and the note
well the note a couple things is e this

is not a real one of his normal notes
this is a note because he’s established
a fund for a new daming thanks for all
the producers that make the best source

of news in the known universe the value
from this show continues to be
immeasurable to me my effort for Dame
ladies support seemed too complicated
now then he says this please credit the

women that donated to show 1200
games are not included in this promotion
is to add new roundtable members so I

don’t know what he means by this so he
says for episode if I understand him
correctly episode 1200 female donors
receive his

his fund this particular go brows
Brittany Allison Olga Shari Lindsay

Cassidy Jennifer there’s a bunch of them
oh he wrote him down or you looked him
up I looked at my huh to simplify this
promotion any woman that donates at
least double nickels on the dime for

this show and the previous show will
share equally in the donation credit
toward their totals okay this has to be
divided up I rely on you two to

determine the divisor the divisor and
identify them the troll room can confirm
things if you like I knew it was gonna
be too easy he’s finally come around and
has decided he wants to make us work

this fall is when does that not happen
we have to and by the way we are passing
this off to Eric right for him to figure
out he’s not gonna do of course we can

does separately okay now he does this
thing here he wants me to DG changes his

mind about this part but I’m gonna just
kind of summarize uh he apparently Rene
DuPont and show 12:06 is the woman who
had the courage she had the courage the
way he puts it to hope she would share

in the Dame drive from promotion I
thought it was just a smart move on her
part because she came out and said hey
so he’s going to give her an instant
game Wow when he when she comes up with

a dame lady title
and so there’s another thousand dollars
in abeyance which is not not on this nut

and he during the original promotion no
it’s not included in this donation okay
it’s part of the original promotion all
I’m very confused so do I know I know I
am too but I’ve got kind of a handle on

but Renee if she gets a hold of us if
she’s listening and she should be
listening if she’s so sincere and if
she’s not and that she can condemn me
first using the words so she’ll get a

touch with us and and give us a title
and it won’t insta Dame her at some
later a later event produced with no D
writes all right being on a non-us

commercial carrier over a country’s
airspace when the country launches
missiles can be disruptive to air
traffic you may experience some
discomfort during flight Danny says as

if as he finishes off I hope yum yum
keeps his missiles in his pants during
my visit next month what he’s going to
North Korea oh my gosh this is fantastic

mystery oh no GJ jingles no Karma so we
don’t know so that anyway that’s where
we stand

I’d like a souvenir I’m thinking a
that’s a really bad joke so all the
women who donate the show 1200 and
there’s at least 12 of you you can drop
a hundred bucks into your account nice

that’s the way I see it makes sense now
okay so is there any other work that
needs to be done in the show notes or no
no we’re good we’re good to go good Wow

you know he’s truly the patron I know he
doesn’t want any titles he doesn’t want
us to call him anything other than
Soroptimist of Dogpatch and lower
slovakia but what a fascinating guy or

we don’t even know if it’s a man or a
woman quite honestly you know it’s a man
we D likes about his wife oh okay all
right well thank you so much and this is
a new twist to the value for value model
I know we kind of understand yes sir

Oprah of Dogpatch and lore Slovakia well

thank you very much sir anima s’ that is
above and beyond and incredibly
appreciated and welcomed and it helps
big time
and I lit up by Alison yes who’s gonna

give him a karma just no no he was no
jingles no car maybe that’s what he
smoked specifically says well and I
think it may you know he’s yeah I think
he doesn’t want it literally doesn’t

want Karma okay well have a fun trip in
no Co we cannot wait to hear how it was
and yeah you want a report we want a
report I’m pretty sure that after we
smoked we smoked what’s his name

sulemani I’m pretty sure Rocket Man is
piped down a little bit it’s like that
could hurt

ah strand er comes in next from a Manor
Texas and he comes in with he’s a show
guy he’s at 12:09 is what Wow
a show number haven’t had that in a

while of course oh just ago yeah Wow
what he says $1,000 to make executive
producer and insta night for my Tony the
keeper who was the one who hit me in the

mouth over 10 years ago listening to the
podcast I know how he’s guy who Derek’s
got this list but his variance tonight
Tony the amp Tony the keeper yeah hold
on hold on hold on I’m checking the

shirts on yes
Tony the keeper is this ting to the
podcast has become almost like Church in
our house as we look forward to
listening to the live episodes together
on Sundays nice a 200 bucks is on there

for a newest human resource to get her
on the producer listing okay we have to
put her on the producer list I guess
okay uh and to be one of the youngest
producers of the know Jen just shy of a

few months just shy of four months well
on our way to be one of the youngest
nights James Daly yes yeah no name given
so that makes it rough for us to put her

on the producers list but okay G for our
$9 for myself so I can officially be
deduced you’ve been deduced
and if Adam has not already jumped the

gun where did that phrase comes from
that is there’s got to be a gun on the
ground you jump in no that’s the starter
gun the starter gun you jump the gun I

would like to ask for 3d douche things
please I hope to work towards my own
knighthood on our next big donation you

know in 3d douching no come on I’m gonna
do my god man
no no deducing z’ and less requested now

there’s a request for three and you want
to thwart that request no what do you
like Trump and Ukraine what’s wrong with
you also like to ask for jingles down in
case it takes a second to find he’s

already produced these best George
Clooney is despite bugs bugs bugs bomb
them bomb them and it’s gonna be amazing
jobs over our karma for all and then all
of the jingles have become common

household lingo for us those that it’s
kind of funny true it’s so true it’s
true that’s the only we still use at the

dinner table
those that Noah does that no agenda
together stay together and that karma
has certainly helped with my job as well
as your excellent analysis I’m an

educational options trader Oh an
educator options trainer ie a high
school teacher who wants to make money
and trades options at night and I often
times when I pair your analysis of

global events with my technicals it
keeps my accounting profitable just not
accounting not accounting trading
account the account yeah we’re helping
can are helping your trade keep said

yeah well that’s what we do just
recently with my with the with the Iran
situation after your expert coverage
along with the charts I decided to stay

bullish in my account as Khali’s
discussed the mainstream media and we’re
putting on hedge
I stayed the course needless to say I

went into this holiday weekend with nice
gains in my account and I feel the need
to share the law although that’s where
we got to 12:09
yes of course oh I love hearing that
people freaking out oh my god the

world’s gonna gonna be World War 3
pretty much that jeweled Clooney is a

jobs jobs and jobs

okay uh I gotta go the emails because
Neville I thought I printed his mail out

and I may have but you be honest about
digging and digging through the you know
what that means whenever John has to go
to the mail it’s not just any old mail

it’s not Outlook it’s not Eudora or
anything like that no it’s not Firebird
or something right now no is the
original the only email program that
guaranteed to work for any type of mail

and he never gets no spam ladies and
gentlemen John Cena vork is going to get
your email he’s retrieving it from the
only place that matters
this is actually 900 $9.94 roaming

Australian Wow how sad is that it’s
pretty bad where’s the rain that’s the

race know what I read earlier this is
yeah this is Neville’s no okay we’re
reading again yeah thanks for the show
it keeps me entertained you have to

laugh or cry as most politicians of both
our countries focus on anything as long
as it’s not for the benefit of the
Motors thanks for the rain it’s been a
big help to Australia and not just NSW
there’s climate change faith followers

has attacked our Prime Minister for the
fire says Jesus is not do enough to
change the climate crisis as we read
earlier yes they would not recognize
most fires were started by people and
often on purpose place somebody accident
anyway better go and prepare as heaven

forbid it’s summer in Australia likely
to warm up again and he would like a
it’s true I asked his jingle and I think
we should give him a karma okay that’s

true you’ve got karma by the way by the
way I think the keeper and I are gonna
make it happen this year September or

October we’re gonna do Australia and New
good fun I’m very excited sir Mike in
Las Vegas 333 dollars and 34 cents need

some health karma from my mother in the
hospital also some Karma for my to human
resources in college too at the same
time what was I thinking

you’ve got Karma there you go
that should help dude named Ralph in
Miami Florida 33333 Dear John and Adam
thank you for the work you do to bring

us the best podcast in the universe on
both Sundays every week it’s true mulder
report dude named Ralph in Miami thank
you very much dude named Ralph nice

numbers the quads resist in Bellingham
Washington he drops to associate
executive producer for 270 $3.77 he
wrote him a note in because he said in

the chick a nice letterhead ITM in the
accompanying submission of value for
value received by and large I’ve met the
qualifications to join those most

accomplished knights of the round table
and he’s got the if appropriate I like
the title of Knight of neurogenesis it’s
on there is no need for anything in
addition to the provision sigh they seem
to be more than adequate I’ll skip the

gerbils listen to shout-out to Sir
Nathan what no gerbils okay I’ll take
the gerbils off the table no jerk no
ginger ale no gerbils okay Scott please
send a shout-out to Sir Nathan Lee and

Ryan de Blanc for organizing the busting
Meetup mmm hello I met a young nuclear
engineer given the opportunity and
slander that’s been directed at that

industry I’m surprised that there were
there were that there were young leaders
right yeah no kidding we have had a most
informative discussion with him and look
forward to future meetups your ongoing

encouragement of meetups is consistent
with the enlightened think and you’ve
brought to the No Agenda Show for over a
keep it up we have we have to meet up
reports for this show actually yeah

jingo requests I should have read these
at the beginning so you could do them
but you know Reverend L getting
Judy the Putin don’t worry be happy and
a little girl

boom Shakalaka okay so it’s worry be
happy’ and little girl boom Shakalaka
gee yeah I’m not sure what I have on the

getting Judy but we’ll see GOP
infighting is escalating political sense
Democrats are out right hold on you’ve
got karma let me find it

it’s a Knicks kid I think this is
looking for this one there we go
fulfilled okay that’s one of the best

ones by the way the kids love element
Omega project v $250 252 put a hit on
the chimp mail chimp

oh yeah that’s one that’s one of our
motion micro-services architect one of
our micro-services architecture elements

ma’am we’re not going to put a hit out
on the MailChimp
yeah it’ll make a project so he says
that’s it he was from home 8 make a
project so he’s putting home a Capri

ok well thank you very much I make a
project Barbara pun wits in Norwood
Pennsylvania – OH – OH – Dear John and
Adam I was hit in the mouth by my boss

Wow that’s nice
Tom and I a few months ago I started
being my boss I you know maybe Thomas
was talking about it Tom and I a few

months ago started listening it became
regular listeners since this is my first
donation please reduce me you’ve been
deduced I would also like a Trump jobs

car man and F cancer for my mill yeah I
don’t am and his cap capital letters M
il mother-in-law I figured it out hello

mother mother-in-law mother-in-law those
who just diagnosed who is just diagnosed
unfortunately with Stage four melanoma
ouch booth is the worst sorry for

another request but I would love it it’s
true and China is a hole or asshole your
podcast is better than music to listen

to while on the treadmill now that’s an
interesting it probably is yeah it keeps
me going and therefore excellent from my
mind and body thanks for all you do the
way you explained the show has helped me

latch on and enjoy it and not feel like
an outsider Barbara pond wits
you’ve got karma Thank You Barbara and

have cancer for your mi l there no

I had DC I mean I was really well
organized we have sir Antonio no no no I
know I got that part I’m looking ahead
I’ll read this sir Antonia Madrid $200

he’s the Spain in Madrid I’ve got a
number of Madrid list I’d like to go to
visit Madrid again we go have some fun
Madrid is terrific on celebrating one
year and my new job thanks to the best

podcast in the universe Nancy trunk jobs
karma works ok
did you give i’m sorry cuz i was digging
around with did you give barbara a trump

Trump karma no she wanted a Trump’s jobs
garment oh I’m so sorry I didn’t know I
only did a an F cancer so we’ll do a
Trump jobs Karma

here we go karma work differently for us
or Antonio good sir hashtag null answer

Dragonheart now this is an interesting
donation as well I was fishing around
for it was a card hold on a second good
I understand you’re moving around here

but Sir Antonio wanted a Nancy Trump
jobs karma or not no he didn’t oh you
just said it works okay it worked
all right meeting adjourned and he has a
bid he got a good job with Dinanath with

that karma I’m so happy for him I
noticed that he had a longer note I
don’t know what was not in here sir
hashtag Nolan’s for dragon heart this is
our last donation they’re in Beverly
Hills hmm

now this actually came in and I don’t
know why but it came in as two separate
donations but then it wouldn’t qualify
for anything
so I combined him okay to make to make
the note readable and at this note

hundred bucks from each one of them okay
two separate postal mail orders or would
have money orders Durai Adam and John
please find their donations of the best

podcast in the universe enclosed and
noted below the show continues to be
salient timely and it’s reassuring to
know that we have fellow like minds out
there in the wilderness of luma in the

wilderness of their right where insanity
a little anecdote regarding the tea

dropping craze which I believe you may
have touched upon a few shows back when
I was growing up you could always tell
when someone was not from my hometown
when they pronounced it natives always

said ta’rhonda Toronto well
visitors forced the second T as in
Toronto’s wrong
yeah I would say I think there are some

words I’ve noticed and people have
pointed out that even I dropped some T’s
but it’s a little different than
important yeah that’s different
dropping a Tian’s something yes I agree
with you what you just said almost a

reverse of what is happening now and I
imagine if trends continue that poor
second team may be lost forever
okay now pour second-team Verano I got
been to Toronto I’m in the Chi is in

there Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto
Toronto Toronto Toronto Toronto to run
to Toronto
that’s our ejecutivo do sir and

associate executive producer list for
12:09 I want to thank each and every one
of them for keeping the show alive and
especially these execs and associate
execs because this is really what keeps

us going and you get a stir on immersive
Dogpatch who is paying it forward
sharing the love for the Dame Drive
that’s highly appreciated and you know
we’re to help this is – truly a value

for value network I mean and I just want
to go back to Allison’s note how was it
Allison yeah Allison who is an educator
by day options trader by night listens
to the show felt comfortable with our

analysis no World War 3 coming this is
all just you know a big a big PR move on
both sides you know a lot of flag
tweeting back and forth she didn’t go in
for the hedge it’s not like she invested

in something and made a billion dollars
but she didn’t spend money on a downside
because she felt comfortable with the
analysis made the money and then
sends that value back on to the show I

mean it could not be a better example of
how it works for certain people it can
work for anybody in multiple ways yeah
we keep people saying it miss really
easily go off the deep end and think

some crazy stuff is gonna happen and
then it start hedging because you’re
fearful but it’s a mistake in this case
certainly absolutely another way y’all

can help I did want to mention is
subscribe to the no agenda animated
channel animated no agenda we are very
close to the magic 5000 number and I

know a lot if you don’t have a Google
account so no YouTube and it’s for very
good reason and I support that but then
you know I’m sure you have a friend or a

colleague or someone in the cubicle next
to you you can go you can go subscribe
them to the show just we need to get to
that 5,000 number so the owl goes kick
in so we can finally exit with our

Netflix series so that would be highly
appreciated and thank you again
executive producers and associate
executive producers for producing
episode 1209 of the best podcast in the

universe we have more people who thank
meetup reports coming in the second
second half of show and we will be here
again on Thursday if you’d like to
support us go to to Vollrath org use a

lot of the information to be very lucky
in business our formula is this
for hit people in the mouth


okay down bars going down what’s gonna
boss Bart is going down oh I got to play

something fun for you this is fun this
we’re going back to the debate and this

is the hot mic clip that CNN released so
you know we had Bernie and Elizabeth

Warren going at at the end and so you
called me a liar on national television
and and you couldn’t hear that during
the original debate at the end you could
just see Bernie extending his hand Liz

Warren’s pissed off this clear something
going on Tom Steyer standing there like
a dope and just listen to the audio
higher thing is still the key to this
whole thing to me listen to the audio
again let’s not do it right now you want

to have that discussion about that you
called me you told me now what was very

interesting is that this was obviously
we certainly deconstructed it to be a a

move on cnn’s part to push Bernie out
that was the whole argument about could
a women when a woman win the election
and then you know this happened at the

end no one heard it oh crap we got to
make Bernie look even stupider let’s get
the audio out and it appeared in a
report on CBS with I think this is Nora
either senator Bernie Sanders

know where senator Elizabeth Warren I
wanted to discuss what everyone else is
talking about their confrontation for
after Tuesday nights to be

let’s not do it right now you want to
have that discussion we’ll have that
discussion you called me you told me

the disagreement stems from whether he
once told now did you hear a difference
I shall play this that wasn’t Norah
O’Donnell obviously I’m gonna play the

CBS report snippet again their
confrontation for after Tuesday night’s
debate the original audio as played by
this show on the previous program is

different you see she messed it up she
said I a liar on national TV so I don’t
know why but they decided to double the

exact same piece instead of the original
clip I remember it as I think you called
me a liar on national TV not I think a
liar or whatever she said there but I’d

the first part was extremely garbled and
you couldn’t hear it I think there’s
even a third version of this but it’s
yeah I don’t know I bet this is to
clarify don’t think it I don’t think it

was a Miss I don’t think it was illegal
quote unquote
what maybe not illegal just trying to
make it deep I don’t think they need to
repeat it I think they’re just gonna

they couldn’t just use the one yeah now
the thing about this I finish is that
CNN doubled down by having a body
language person on to discuss this did

you get it I have it yes is it the one
from YouTube is it that lady this is a
woman named Janine and Ida clip if you

want to queue it up yeah unfortunately I
spelled it hon mean I believe or
something stupid uh I got nany dry body
language but anyway the thing that I

would notice about this or I was
thinking about and I’m glad you got that
other clip from CBS
and I pointed this out in the newsletter
that the New York Times in particular
has been going after Bernie at David

Brooks came out with a column saying
some of Bernie’s a jerk and then the New
York chemist has a reporter that just
goes after Bernie they have they are now
pulling out that all the weapons they
can to Submarine Bernie’s campaign they

don’t play as obvious they don’t play as
his get rallies because they’re just
you’re not gonna do that
well the rallies have numbers they look
great and yeah they’ve got big numbers

and God and God forbid we get the
election we deserve in America put the
socialist Bernie doesn’t really have
much of a chance and it but he still
keeps his numbers up so they’ve got to

do all these other things this
particular analysis is quite interesting
and of course it makes they make it
clear that Bernie is a liar scandals
hurt you more when they seem plausible

right this is not CNN this is our
favorite joy ratio on MSNBC physicality
you know when he when he talks is a
shaking your fingers at Hillary

Clinton’s shaking your finger shall be
weirdy his physicality yeah makes me
think yeah he could have said you know
listen I think in this environment a
woman can’t win that doesn’t seem like a
I think I think Bernie’s lying we see

him he stretches forward anyway joy but
here he Turtles if you look at his eye
level he does do that he is it turned
against like a head goes down and

shoulders come on she she makes the
assertion and this is an interesting one
to look for if your eyes drop the load
your shoulders because you’ve dropped
your head down to your turtling yeah

that is an indication of a liar boy so
he’s a reptile this is the best part
the only answer his question when he
makes the denial his whole shoulders

come up like a little kid getting caught
his eye level is below his shoulders
this is trying to hide in plain sight
and many of us we don’t know what to
look for so if you look for this right
out of the gate in the strongest denial

is simply
saying no and I think women in
particular we want to believe human
beings so we’re like yeah I would I
would say that he literally said well as
a matter of fact I didn’t say it that’s
nine words unnecessary no did you vote

for Donald Trump in the last election
absolutely no money an Easter absolutely
no right so it’s no we say no absolutely
it’s actually not the strongest denial

you’re playing with me here in the game
but least you’re getting the know in
here we’re not hearing the no with
Bernie also with Bernie he has numerous
hot spots he says well lawyers like to
start with well he looks away he laughs
I think he might have been coached to

laugh in this moment a lot of
politicians are coached to laugh in the
difficult times so we’re focused on the
laughter and it’s supposed to send a
message that this isn’t serious it is
serious if he said it which I believe
that he did he would have been better to

just own it you know Barack Obama wrote
a book years ago years ago and he said
what in the book he tried cocaine and
marijuana and he never touched the stuff
again we never talked about it when he
was president after that talk about it

what does that say about you mainstream
media that you never talked about it we
talked about it what was that Larry
Sinclair talked about it quite

extensively Oh
President Obama apparently was smoking a
lot of things back in the day yes I
don’t really have you know what I do
have I finally got these Supercuts

analysis what the the m5n thought of the
debates and this is pretty much all
MSNBC CNN PBS CBS NBC this was not the
type of night of ambition we expected it

was a dull and plodding debate there
weren’t a lot of fireworks
was it fiery did you know could you feel
the crackling in here
no not really even any pointed questions
we saw no one swing big nobody looked

good on the debate stage tonight for me
with dispiriting caution was the most
active participant
but Democrats never do better what we
saw tonight I want this race to get
tougher but is anybody confident looking

at these people
there was nothing I saw at night that
would be able to take Donald Trump out
this race has been gentle and whoever
comes out the other side is running
against Donald Trump oh is this gonna
condition the ultimate nominee to take
on the

beast that Donald Trump is everybody’s
weakest performance if you can’t take on
and take charge in the debate what gives
people the confidence you can do that
with Donald Trump by the way I did that
at the table last night I said claw

Hillary’s gonna swoop in didn’t bat an
eye I thought it was normal that I did
that so Hillary is now pretty much
owning a Sun Dance Festival everybody’s

talking about the Hillary documentary
which airs on Hulu March 6 which is JA
the timing is just just kind of

beautiful if you’re interested I can
play the trailer we they have a new
trailer out some of the audio I think
the these particularly the end of this

trailer really tells you what she’s
I provoked strong opinions are you ready

I didn’t draw thinking about going into
politics but much to my surprise was
elected president the public ends I got

into law school I thought I’m gonna try
to make a difference in people’s lives
but to propose and I saw Hillary soon he
was watching me and she closed the logo

they said if you’re gonna keep looking
at me and I’m gonna keep looking back we
ought to know each other’s names I’m
Hillary Rodham who are you she was
different than anybody I ever met I said
I really want to marry you but he should

marry me there is a set of expectations
on a first lady I violated them from the
very beginning she brought to the
forefront women’s roles in society this
is radical feminism we decided to ask

Hillary to become Secretary of State
surprise people
Hillary’s polarizing human rights are
women’s rights and women’s rights are
human rights

people who burn up clutching copies of
that speech reciting that line from it
email email mails bang it played into
all of the suspicions she’s so sketching
cold calculating she could actually be

crazy there is this sense that she knows
that she is an ethical moral person and
that can blind anyone – you know you get
scarred up a little bit it wasn’t like I
thought you know I cannot think about

the most stupid thing I could possibly
do and do it and didn’t want anything to
do with them
Chelsea put herself between us and held
both our hands as long as she has been
in a public life there have been these

ups and downs you know be our champion
go away
you want to make a difference you want
to have an impact well then you got to
get in the arena ya gotta get in the

arena I’m telling you man this is a
campaign ad if the trailer just has they
have a bunch of these hypnotic vamps and

then they play a kind of a lullaby thing
later in that trailer
I wonder if during the show itself
they’re gonna be trying to trick us with

music Oh to play that kind of music and
then just gonna suck us in yeah hmm well
what I’m always looking for is okay what
is going to be the insurance policy this

year because obviously the Senate is not
going to kick the president out just
seems highly unlikely anything could
happen and it would be great for the
show but it seems highly unlikely we’ve

already heard the mainstream say there’s
no one can take on Trump none of these
guys can do it guys and gals know every
now they call him a beast trumping who
will take on Trump the Beast

so let’s go I know it I know I know this
is that that was an MSNBC saying Trump
is a beast they can’t beat him so what
is beast mode beast mode what is the

what is the plan let’s go to the Council
on Foreign Relations shall we they
usually have some ideas when they’re
around drinking in the club Jane Harman
stands up and asks a question of a panel

discussing this very issue and she
injects some interesting concepts
we haven’t talked about any potentially
catastrophic events that could happen

between now and the election such as
another major terrorist attack major
9/11 style attacks maybe not that but
close enough or massive Russian

disinformation campaign clearly
identified but massive really creating
doubt in many states about whether the
election was fair and who voted and all

that if those things happen especially
given the fact that we have acting
everybody in the homeland Department and
so on how does that affect the election
what do you think of this what do you

think of what how does her brain even
well obviously the only thing they could
still disrupt this is you know like a
9/11 not exactly but kinda like a 9/11
style of tagging or lots of people dead

and or you know the Russians actually
change the votes what why does this
woman even think this way this this is
anyway she’s always creeped me out I

think she’s a reptile for sure here’s
the answer great question great question
on the terrorist side that question a
lot would depend upon what happened how

it happened how close to the election
who is seen as being responsible for it
is it clear for example if the
administration failed in some way or
failed in in with its immediate response

so there’s a lot of factors that would
play it out but going back to the this
issue of whether doubts are raised about
the legitimacy of the vote totals if you

were asking sort of look at one wild
card that could really unsettling
politics I think it’s exactly that and
you don’t actually need to have anyone
penetrate a the electoral rolls or to

change the vote if people believe
perhaps because of disinformation that
somehow a vote count wasn’t actually
accurate and that would matter obviously

the most if you have a very close
I mean imagine a state in which it holds
the balance the electoral college about
you know less than 1% margin and there
questions raised about whether the votes

were accurately tallied that would be I
think a problem that would have a very
long shelf life which is why I would
hope that we as a country would have
taken much greater steps to ensure our

election security now it’s just a
drinking club that just you know
shooting the breeze shooting from the
hip they’re just spitballin but you know
that would be an obvious tactic is to

say the russians changed the actual
votes take us back to hanging chads and
stuff like that and and then Manuel
counts and recounts that you can just

see it coming down Broadway they’re
coming up with another
and truly disinformation
you know there’s something else going on

parallel to this which is I haven’t put
in you know to analyze it well but
everybody and their sister is going
after Zuckerberg yeah even Bob I didn’t

even Biden said ìdo he doesn’t like
Berg they is always the lefties the
right wing is like said well you know

whatever they don’t like Facebook they
don’t like its influence but the left
seems to be adamant about and it seems
to go like this I don’t understand why
why Zuckerberg isn’t with us us hmm

right the Google boys are what can I
just because I actually watched two
hours of antitrust hearings which I have
a clip for maybe after the second half

the main issue seems to be that face bag
has decided not to censor or take down
political ads that may not be factually

correct in fact the New York Times wrote
and I have it in the show notes
somewhere I’ll paraphrase it New York
Times wrote I mean it’s you know while

Donald Trump blatantly lies in ads about
you know Joe Biden face bags not taking
it down so I think that’s where a lot of

this anger stems from
yeah I think there’s well they’re
definitely too but that’s again they’re
targeting him to the New York Times’s
talk now it may the thing that can’t be

overlooked is when you discuss the New
York Times or even the Washington Post
or any of them targeting Facebook is
because Facebook is eating their
advertising lunch and also stealing

money from the big boys also you know
we’re Twitter than dumbbells that they
are said we’re not gonna do any
political ads during the season the

number one advertising event in the
United States is an election election
season billions of dollars billions

mainly going online now and at least 70%
I think is going to be spent online
dumbbells that’s about it Jack Dorsey

had to go to the BS Elon Musk what do
you think what would you do if you ran
my company or what did Bilan say I can’t
remember it wasn’t anything serious oh

man oh yeah I know what he said Elon
said get rid of all the bots and you’ll
be fine hmm but this that was a serious
to me no but yeah there’s a dumbbell if

he doesn’t want to be political
advertising is a bonanza is the les
Moonves investor call a couple number
years ago where he goes on and on

bragging about how much money they made
during the last election cycle let’s
let’s go play that clip the advertising
climate couldn’t be better right now and
I’ve never seen it this hot for a number

of years third quarter scatter was
phenomenally good and fourth is even
better than that so as the year ends and
we move into 16 guess what in 16 we have
an extra AFC champion playoff game we

have the Super Bowl and we have a year
of political advertising that looks like
it’s shaping up to be pretty phenomenal
you know we love having all 16

Republican candidates throwing crap at
each other it’s great the more they
spend the better it is for us and go
Donald keeps keep getting out there and
you know this is this is fun you know

the you know watching this let them
spend money on us and we love having
them in in there we’re looking forward
to a very exciting political year in 16
isn’t it interesting that Les Moonves

got hashtag me too
yep after saying Donald next thing you
know he’s out he’s out oh yeah I’ll show
you what should the name one of the

women who he who accosted or anything is
there anybody that you can think of I
don’t know yeah yeah it was one of the
older women I was like in her I think

she’s in her mid 50s I’m not the same
age as me she was an accounting or
something or within the company but
apparently he he was quite the year
the mover and shaker within the

corporation this well he had to go yeah
he had to go but that’s exactly it and
yeah so here’s Jack Dorsey no we won’t
take your money okay short-faced bag
I mean Twitter they just keep it but uh

well you know whatever is ever Baba if
you don’t like what these guys are
advertising do some advertising of your

own since it came up there was an
antitrust hearing I was several hours
and it was held in Colorado for some

reason apparently they had these trials
in the field I think they call them and
so they they bring in people and it was
against Apple it was a software guy is
like oh you know Apple you know we can’t

we can’t really even do it and make
money off of our software Apple wants
30% from the App Store if we even put a
link in the app you know they may may
take it off you know they have too much

power to which I say well their phone
their system you know go make a phone
goggle of course was under the gun the
most interesting I think was Amazon who

was really turning out to be the you
know a true evil Corp and we’ve
discussed this again this one this is
the the CEO his name is Barnett of pop
sockets and pop suck it is the that’s

the phone case you put on your
smartphone and then the button pops out
so you can hold on to it it’s very
popular with women so they can walk
around shopping with their bags with the

there’s a bunch of these got it well
right so the original pop sockets which
is patented trademark but patented for
sure and you know this is this is a big

item like a hundred and seventy million
units or sold but this guy explains how
Amazon operates and well it’s not that

long I’ll play this and then that we can
discuss it if necessary so we started
our direct relationship with Amazon
about a year and a half into business so

of 2016 we started selling product to
Amazon Amazon in turn would sell our
product on the marketplace it was
immensely successful within five months
Amazon became our largest customer and

we became one of Amazon’s most
significant players in the mobile mobile
electronics accessory category we were
pop sockets was the number three search

term at some point on Amazon so we had
immense success but despite the success
we we never felt like we had a genuine
partnership with Amazon so the problem
of counterfeits is the first problem

we’ll talk about we had enormous amounts
of fake product that were taking our
sales creating bad customer experiences
and of course it was illegal so illegal
activity on behalf of those selling them

and when Amazon was the seller Amazon
was clearly engaged in this illegal
activity and multiple times we
discovered that Amazon itself had
sourced counterfeit product and was
selling it alongside our own product for

a year and a half we requested the
Amazon take some action some serious
action and just require evidence from
sellers that they were selling authentic
product after a year and a half finally

in exchange for about 1.4 1.8 million
dollars of retail marketing funds which
might my team deemed ineffective Amazon
agreed to work with their brand registry

department to require this evidence so
the way it works now in Amazon is if you
want to actually have your product in
this case the guys original product not

emit two imitation if you want that to
even show up
you have to buy ads on Amazon
and these guys I mean it’s it’s pretty

brazen what they’re doing is like okay
so we have a store and you’re in the
store and then you’re very popular in
the store then we’re going to promote
other products either like yours or
complete ripoffs and illegal product and

if you don’t like it well we can change
that but you have to advertise its
advertising for Amazon’s own store this
is genius

it’s truly evil Corp it’s this pretty
bad yeah oh my goodness these guys
business scams which you pretty hard to
regulate I don’t know what you do about
it I mean shopping at Amazon because it

pull stunts like this or just or you’re
gonna try to make yourself aware so you
don’t buy the scam product you know they
sold all kinds of crazy stuff that is no
good I mean I remember there’s a company

that was selling memory sticks that
would when you plug him in says you got
two gigabytes but it’s only like 128
because it was some trick that was going

on they show lots of them before they
took him off the market I remind you of
the book publishing business which I was
involved in enough so that when Pearson
publishing started buying up all the

computer presses they bought all of them
they bought prentice-hall they bought
Macmillan and they owned q and if you
had a best-seller if you hadn’t wrote a
book that was like a real hot book they

would have Q do a kind of a copy or a
clone of the book and then they would
promote that because with Q it was all
all the writers were just paid per book

they were never paid royalties right
right royalties well let’s just shove
our interest over to the Q book where it
nobody’s getting any royalties we sell

more books and then it would they would
put their promotion behind the Q book
this code this sort of thing goes on
constantly in business it’s just
horrible Microsoft used to be known for

stealing people’s ideas and making kind
of cheap copies of them people out of
business right well in this case though
people have put all of their trust and
their product and and everything into

Amazon and it’s putting businesses
working mortar businesses out of
business you know people will have to
start learning to support businesses
directly I guess if they want them to

stick around otherwise these things will
go away that’s that’s just the market
forces going away there’s the public but
isn’t the public’s conscientious this is
lacking yeah

oh my god no more pop holders what will
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now it’s reporting from FEMA region –
thanks for coming yo its Mike the boy in
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Park folks anonymous Oh from Brooklyn
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Jaron from New Jersey
we’re number one hides Winnie from
circus I drove 500 miles from this is

Dame Tanya from the snow storm New York
City meetup and I’m gonna try to do a
live little girl yang Dan Franco from
the Bronx in the morning 9 o’clock

Chet Blanco from the Bronx it’s so it’s
you have from Manhattan in the morning
in the morning mogera burrs in the
breton by nobody’s come from the no gem
show this is David Raymer who has a

monthly and this is our friend we just
hit in the mouth thank you I appreciate
that I still have my teeth what a great
group and where else can you get a group

is diverse of that we have people with
different accents from different
countries we have our minority
representation I mean this is this is a
great representation of a no agenda meet
up people from all ages all backgrounds

all Creed’s race religion you name it no
triggering you can’t be triggered
because the amygdalas are small and you
just hang out and have a good time
together and I loved hearing that one so

that was our New York City Meetup
let’s do another one the Charlotte
meetup and some of the pictures that are
posted online are phenomenal this is
another great group Hey crackpot and

buzzkill this is Bill a camera and the
organizer of the Charlotte Meetup bill
is spelled byl
and we’re here with our creaky chairs
and noisemakers so in the morning a lot
of good times about 20 folks showed so

here’s sir euchre is Dave sir euchre in
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count or Charlotte I leave in the
morning Ben in the morning I have a
douche bag but we’re fixing that soon
hey man I’m the token Chinese guy and

they would like China’s asshole did
anyone freak out no in the end Ali Jade
is the No Agenda official no agenda
tranny this is beautiful this is exactly
what the social justice woken Eswari

errs want the world to be guess what we
just he just are not triggered by all
the nut sack stuff that you guys are
putting out there it seems to be okay

people can actually hang out and have a
good time
the Charlotte meetup fantastic in John
you have a challenge I see for an extra
hundred dollar donation you need to spot

the spot the sniped well I just probably
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you should be like a little embarrassed
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all right here’s what’s happening I meet
up wise we’re looking at next Friday but
now for the 24th Oregon local 33 at 6:30
the Grand Duke of Pacific Northwest

proclaims another joint meetup so make
sure you go to local a bar 33 in
Brooklyn Portland next Saturday local
406 Montana 4 o’clock is the inaugural

meet ups of the first time in Montana at
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is your host also next Saturday the 8th
16 edition that’s also a brand new meet

up in Kansas City Missouri Dame DeLorean
and sir Spencer wolf of Kansas City have
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404 333 Eastern Time that will be

Saturday next Saturday or this coming
Saturday I guess needed to give the
beloved Alisa a send-off as she embarks
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and the euro lands contact mark for
venue details but it will be a no agenda
meetups comm also next Saturday New
England winter meetup that will be FEMA
region ones meet up at the Wachusett
brewery the brew yard in scenic

westminster massachusetts moscow russia
we have gareth kichan cos i believe who
invites a burger and a beer with fellow

No Agenda listeners in Moscow Russia two
o’clock on Saturday the 25th Sunday the
26th the Phillies 76 inaugural meet up a
new meet up as well the slaves of FEMA

region 3 are invited to the southeast PA
meet up it’ll be at the Philadelphia
Brewing Company scatman of Norristown
hosting that and alexandria virginia

will be the meet up a next Sunday
trademark drink and eat is the new
locations for Willian of West pencil
tucky is your host for that reminder the
21st of February the keeper and I will

be in Delray Beach in Florida and
looking forward to that meet up no
agenda meetups it’s like a pod a No
Agenda meetups dot-com and thank you
always noteworthy mm-hmm is that this

thing especially with some of these
great meetups where you’d like in
Charlotte where you had 20 people and
New York had about the same is that

before no agenda meetups calm this
wasn’t possible because using the you
know the free services that are just
junk from me but remember when I would

went to a couple of meetup said that
we’re going through the old meetups calm
and you go over the side so are you you
didn’t sign up fast enough you did to do
this you got to do that you got to jump

through hoops yeah because it’s all
arbitrary because it cuz you weren’t
calling the shots yourself these guys
had a bunch of arbitrary rules or what
you had to do and all the rest of it it
was just it was just barriers that made
it so you couldn’t really do a lot of

meetups cuz they would deflect the it
was just it was just too rigid it was
too restrictive there’s no agenda meet
up some doing stuff yourself this is
what we’re all we have our own servers

for the for all and I just like to
mention this is another excellent
example of the value for value system
our value for value Network Daniel
tomash set up No Agenda meetups comm and

you know that’s his contribution and he
took away all the headache and look at
the result yeah I cannot agree with you

and mentioning every Muslim mentioned me
me who doesn’t probably a lot too more
work than she should
well no but you definitely need to
mention me me me kidding yeah but the

point is is that this is the kind of
thing that it just shows you that if you
if you don’t you know you go into these
these Silicon Valley ideas and just
following following a lines of your

Gmail and EPS calm and all these other
systems and they always end up failing
at some point leaving you in the lurch
and this would bothers me about LinkedIn
yeah I mean LinkedIn when I first joined

him you could download your your contact
listen and maybe use it in a in your own
address system or whatever you wanted to
do and they would have the email
addresses they stopped giving you the

email addresses of your own contacts for
years all we do is install apps and say
I would like access to your contacts is

that okay for years we’ve been giving
Silicon Valley our contacts and now
they’re saying no backsies yeah
douchebags LinkedIn is a pathetic shell

of itself because of that one factor and
I would not advise people to join it
even though they’re not gonna stop
because it’s a good way to you know
build up a lot of people following you

and following them pick up chicks yeah
it was an interesting article in The New

York Times which was shared widely and
I’m I think most no agenda producers
were not surprised by this but the rest

of the world suddenly figured out that
wait a minute it’s very easy to figure
out who you are based on facial
recognition in fact the New York Times
even wrote this secretive company that

might end privacy as we know it the
brother and the company is called
Clearview AI to something very simple
scraped all of the social media sites

face bag probably LinkedIn if I’m sure
you can scrape some youtube venmo all
kinds of sites to gather you know when
you know when you have a potty ladies

I’m looking at you and you take a selfie
with alt with your squad and then you
tag everybody so this company went in
and said oh look there’s a photo with
tags of people and then put it in their
database you posted it online so it’s

very very appropriate for them to use
that and store that in their database
and using very simple facial recognition
you can just say hey here’s a photo of

someone we got it off a closed
closed-circuit TV we got it off me or
whatever it is you put it into the
Machine and it then spits out your name
and links to everywhere that your name

has appeared on Facebook YouTube Twitter
etc etcetera Instagram and 600
law-enforcement agencies are using this
and apparently the New York Times was
surprised as were many people what they

can trust you gave the information to
the world and now and I love the the
headline secretive company is that a

secretive company the guy’s name is Tong
tot hunt wanton tot and just threw it
together yeah obvious thing to do it was

a prize this is a big shock to anybody
yes should be very naive whoo what was
the tech writer who wrote that what was
who was now hold on let me check it out

the write the tech tech writer tech
writer the tech writer Kashmere hill
hmm whose Kashmir Hill I never heard of

Kashmir Hill is a tech reporter based in
New York she writes about the unexpected
and sometimes ominous ways technology is
changing our lives particularly when it

comes to our privacy she joined the New
York Times in 2019 after having worked
as an investigative reporter at Gizmodo
Media Group and to write at his moto
investigator group editor at fusion her

writing has appeared in The New Yorker
and The Washington Times oh she gave a
TED talk in 2018 she gave it her TEDx it
just says TED talk what your smart

devices know and share about you in
which she described what happened talks
have devolved into that in which she
described what happened when she
transformed her apartment into a smart

home and monitored the data being sent
out of it well let’s see she may be
lying about that let’s see if it was a
TED talk or TEDx cuz that would be funny
I’m gonna just be Ted for women there’s

Ted for women what is that another
little offshoot it was a tear oh no it
is no it’s a let me see here it is see
is this a Ted no it’s a proper Ted it’s

a proper Ted Ted proper
not a cent at a TED talk to discuss the
mundane and the banal yep she got it
last year yeah Wow ya know a year ago at

8 2018
yeah anyway that talks about what you
know worms growing in the in your walls

or something you know more interesting
now the European Union is looking at a
temporary ban on facial recognition in
public places this is good in fact a lot
of countries are doing much better than

we are I got a note from one of our
producers who is in the field of our be
a robotics process automation which I
cavalierly called screen scraping this

goes back to the the company plaid which
all of your financial apps are tied into
the way they manage your bank account is

by you stupidly enough giving your login
and password to the company so they can
then do anything they want profile they
could do anything that you can do in

front of your computer logging in
yourself they in fact they they
replicate the human being a few things
he wanted to share with us this tech is
far beyond screen scraping the tools are

capable of using image recognition
optical character recognition
handwriting recognition neuro linguistic
programming to some degree machine
learning to simulate a human user as

much as possible popular platforms are
blue prism uipath automation anywhere
but now Microsoft is also entering the
field so what can they do given access

to an account with credentials
absolutely anything the user can do and
likely more with permission from the
target company which would be your bank
they’re not defeated by Citrix

environment automation prevention
measures although they are slowed by it
they can use everything we mentioned as
well as Dom do M which is document
object model manipulation JavaScript

injection api’s anything you can think
of they can use as data or a data
connector Australia interestingly has
legislated against this

they are it’s called the consumer data
right under this legislation eventually
all industries not just banks will need
to create standard API is that give

customers the right to share their data
with the apps the legislation gives the
customer the right to explicitly control
what data is shared what it is used for
and they can require to be deleted at

any time of course this is not possible
with plaid even if you leave them they
still had by the way I think the easy
way to get rid of if you don’t if you
want to make sure that plaid can’t log

into your bank account is change your
password and put in two-factor
authentication that seems to stop them
dead in their tracks now you won’t be
able to use venmo cash app Robinhood

acorns coinbase everything that you do
money with on your phone but I think the
No Agenda show would recommend this is a
good thing to do is to leave I have a

really good idea for people who need to
do this kind of thing okay actually
carry cash no they are still available
its old-fashioned are you gonna give

cash to your buddies to settle the bill
of drinks no no no we can’t have that
cash and we keep a couple of hunters in
your wallet you look like a big-shot
we we missed our opportunity once again

even though we should have both
understood this I’m very mad mad our
exit strategy once again been thwarted
we’ve been usurped we’re idiots

we learned years ago that every single
website that performs a public service
does not necessarily have to be a
nonprofit or governmental website but a

public service would have to have
everything annotated for the for the
Deaf which means all videos need to have
subtitles there’s more than it needs to

be this is Americans with Disabilities
Act regulations yeah and we’ve already
seen companies getting sued over this
can you believe that we miss this one a

deaf man filed a lawsuit against pornhub
yeah he said and I think I think he can
make this stand up in court to coin a

phrase too and that will that can you
imagine how much work that will be to
create all of these all porn videos make

sure they have subtitles and we also
have to have a DA regulations for for
the blind you need to have man walks in

with Pizza woman opens door scantily
clad that has to be that’s gonna be a
law it’s gonna be a regulation yeah I
agree we should have been suing them

this has no a Joey wheeler I can’t hear
it I need help

yeah we missed the boat now you have a
clip blitz for the end of show if you
want yeah actually let’s roll up the

that’s the clip blitz wheel alright
blessed star with Putin stays in office

Russia’s government abruptly resigned
today after President Vladimir Putin
proposed sweeping changes to his
country’s constitution that could keep
him in power after his term ends in 2024

the amendment would also give the
Russian parliament greater authority in
his state of the nation speech in Moscow
Putin in sister news that his overall
proposal followed the law he’s arguing

the amendments do not affect the
fundamental basis of our Constitution
which means they can be approved by
Parliament within the framework of the
current law through the adoption of the

corresponding constitutional laws hours
later Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and
his entire cabinet quit Putin tapped
make I’ll miss shootin who is head of
the Russian Tax Service to be the next

prime minister me too in China a
journalist and leading activist in
China’s fledgling me to movement was

freed today after three months Human
Rights Watch said that 30 year-old
Wang Xuan Qin had been detained on a
charge known as suspicion of provoking

trouble she had reported on the me2
movement on sexual harassment in the
Chinese workplace and on the protests in
Hong Kong flew in Kansas City sorry I
dropped your clip the flu is affecting

children particularly hard this season a
rare strain of the virus is going around
and it is proving deadly KCTV 5s Casey
Jones is live and she’s been

investigating exactly why this year the
season seems to be so bad she’s live now
from Children’s Mercy on Broadway case
here at Children’s Mercy they’ve been
seeing a lot of type B flu cases that’s

right on trend with national numbers
most deaths and hospitalization in
children have been linked to this type
beat so doctors say to reduce your
likelihood of ending up here a vaccine

is the answer Lunar New Year celebration
millions of Chinese began heading home
today in the world’s largest annual

human migration travelers crowded train
stations and airports bound for reunions
with family so they can celebrate the
Lunar New Year together on January 25th
one more China population up and down

in China officials announced that the
population grew again last year to 1.4
billion even though the birthrate
actually fell to its lowest level in 70

meanwhile the working-age population
declined but the number of those over 60
grew they now make up 18% of the total
Chinese population

good for January 19 2020 you are up to
date with all the news that matters in
our club you know what’s kind of funny

about the one of the clips there’s a lot
of hymns from obviously Judy yeah on PBS
but was the one about and I didn’t

notice it until I just heard it which is
this concept that the Chinese that when
they celebrate the Chinese New Year they
have a big migration yes oh yeah people
in his only party but if the wordage is

there heading home huh
now normally when you’re celebrating
some say we’re gonna celebrate something

you’d go go out you go out you go out
you’re not you know the the beginning of
the migration is not heading home so so
that implies that all these millions of

Chinese that are gonna go celebrate the
Lunar New Year guard home they’re all
you know in some box Cartman is
someplace just anywhere but home

they’re at Foxconn yeah Foxconn where
there’s a million employees yeah they’re
you know they’re trying not to look into
the Nets that’ll catch them if they jump
out a window

unbelievable I do want to bring us up to
speed on let’s see there were there were
actually some good hearings so you know

the the Colorado antitrust hearing was
it was kind of boring it was it was
off-site it was a you know the tearing
in the field but there was also a
hearing about Afghanistan now apparently

we’re very close to or according to the
Taliban who have tweeted know what a
world what a time we live in the Taliban
has tweeted that looks like we’re ready

to sign a deal sometime this coming week
the president has been talking about
this but of course we’ve been too busy
with drop and Lev and cronies and
Giuliani here’s a report it is one of

the few reports I could find about what
was going on with the inspector general
we know the the afghan papers came out
the war has cost trillions of dollars
immeasurable value in lives that

everyone’s been lying
we’ve been shafted terrifically by three
presidents now this will be the third
one nobody seems to care because Trump
orange man bad here’s the voice of

America’s report John Sopko Inspector
General of an independent government
watchdog created by Congress to combat
waste and abuse in the US reconstruction
effort in Afghanistan Sherman so the

House Foreign Affairs Committee on
Wednesday a persistent incentive to lie
about the progress on the ground US
efforts in Afghanistan you create from
the bottom up an incentive because of

short timeframes you’re there for six
months nine months or a year to show
success that gets reported up the chain
and before you know it the president is

talking about a success that doesn’t
exist and I think that’s a good issue to
look at not whether there was line but
why the hearing comes one month after a
Washington Post report that government

officials misled the public about us
gains in Afghanistan for years and hid
evidence that the
war had become unwinnable the newspaper
cited Seaguar documents as evidence but

Richard voucher who served as assistant
secretary of state without Asia during
the Bush administration says there was
no deliberate deception I think all this
tried to tell the truth in terms of what

was going on in the war the difficulties
that we were facing the difficulties of
getting things done you know in a
chaotic situation like the one in
Afghanistan despite notable failures

experts say a rash exit from the region
could lead to deadlier outcomes we’re at
a stage where we know we want to
withdraw but we want to do it
responsibly and that requires a
negotiation process we are so trump

administration has been negotiating a
peace agreement with the Taliban to
finally bring the war to an end well we
shall see but it’s very very upsetting
that no one that’s certainly not the

media who holds government accountable
they don’t seem to give a crap about it
I mean there’s hearings going on there’s
clips for the for the grabbing there’s
people to talk to you can interview

people it’s just like oh ho hum with you
know how that goes silly old government
yeah that’s pretty much a summary there

that you nailed you got anything for uh
before we leave you want something funny
or interesting yeah it’s funny and kind
of interesting this is the story comes

out of Kansas City it’s actually I think
it’s really taking place in Iowa but
this is the trial by combat guy tonight
a paola man is making headlines all over

the world he’s proposed throwing out a
judge’s gavel and settling a custody
battle with swords he’s asking a judge
for trial by combat you heard that right

I demand a trial by combat we can all
thank Game of Thrones for bringing
attention to the phrase trial by combat
I’ve seen the television show and read

the books
that’s what Paola is David Ostrom had in
mind when he submitted these court
filings in Iowa over a protracted child
custody and money battle the

attention-grabber petitioner demands the
court sanctioned trial by combat to
resolve these disputes I’m not
interested in physically causing harm to
anyone he’s not violent or crazy but

frustrated by what he considers a system
that in some counties specifically in
his case he says is stacked against men
when it comes to issues of custody and

financial support they’ve tried to
ignore me not address equal custody and
I think this puts the spotlight on them
about five minutes long but apparently

this guy’s you can’t get any attention
so he’s done this and now it’s become a
big issue and I was being examined for
being unfair to men just one of those I
roll are things like okay that was

clickbait clickbait it’s this is how we
do clickbait on the no agenda show we do
it at the end of the show there’s no
benefit to us slick bait just click bait
and that’s our deconstruction for today

as we head towards the second half
of the first month of 2020 looking
forward to seeing you all back here

again on Thursday
and please remember that we need your
supports Dvorak org slash na and coming
to you from opportunity zone 33 here in

the frontier of austin texas fema region
number six in the governmental maps in
case you’re looking for my coffin in the
morning everybody

I Adam Curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where again I’ll say it one more
time go Niners
I don’t know why you say go Niners when
clearly the wasn’t the Vic was the
Kansas City guys what’s their name the

Trojans the Titan – Titans go Titans now
we go remember at Dvorak org slash na
until next time adios most

pious end of show mixes both by sir
Chris Wilson the man is a force to be
reckoned with grumpy old Ben’s next on

the stream adios mo flows
a long time ago I knew back then that
articles of impeachment would be filed

and I knew if I
had the chance with all of his
incoherent friends but maybe in a long

shot he’ll resign
but Mueller’s report made me shiver
every finding it delivered conviction

was elusive the evidence inconclusive I
can’t remember if I cried when the

Ukraine call leaked from inside I handed
out those pens with pride de vino’
peatland was signed

bye-bye to the orange bag god I took
this letter to the Senate cuz the

and then good
boys from Ukraine were brought singing
this is the impeachment I signed this is
the impeachment I sign

it’s a hope everybody knows that as you
know on December 18th the House of
Representatives upheld its
constitutional duty and voted articles

of impeachment against the President of
the United States Donald Trump when I
find that Donald Trump’s in trouble

speaking Nancy comes to me signing off
of Congress let’s impeach
to the Senate now she’s signed off on

everything there will be a hearing let C
let’s impeach let’s impeach let’s

impeach let’s abuse
Donald’s got to go now
let’s impeach at when the brokenhearted

people watch it all on NBC
there will be rejoicing let’s impeach
for though it may be boring there is

still a chance that they will see Donald
Trump’s impeachment let’s impeach let’s
impeach let’s impeach bloody bitch let’s

impeach the Blair will be
let’s be

let’s see pitch let’s impeach let’s be
Donald Trump’s impeachment let’s be

always marking history percentage

impeach the president of the United

the West
to me
let’s impeach let’s appeal

let’s do
and when Mike Pence’s left in charge

we’ll find something they hang on here
for his own impeachment let’s impeach
after this election you’ll see Democrats

run everything
no more opposition to engage blessing
bitch let’s impeach let’s impeach let’s

let’s me
let’s impeach let’s impeach let’s

impeach Donald Trump’s impeachment

it’s Hollis it’s a Holmes everybody
knows that it’s a good it’s a complete
hoax mo
dvorak org slash and a