No Agenda Episode 1210: “Pain of Imprisonment”

you know people going up to Joe like hey
Jim curry I’m looking through my news
articles I’m not aware of the Russians

attacking us what’s going on
that’s what ships is gonna happen oh
that oh man I gotta tell you it’s after
yesterday I really wasn’t liking Mike my

gig so much as I used to I had a bad day
yesterday let me just explain after two

days of this bull crap
which violates the United States
Constitution I might add because as you

know in the Constitution it’s clearly
stated that thou shalt never create
boring television that is our United
States law

and by the way what a shitty set that
was – what what is with them like the
get like killer standing in someone’s
marble bathroom horrible set bad set bad
actors everything bad so last night we

go out to dinner with the kids and we’re
gonna drive him home and it’s raining
and so I pull over into a left-hand Lane
to to get onto night 35 or something and

it’s dark it’s raining and the minute I
pull up to the light
two guys appear from the shadows
and immediately start waving at me and

then I realize pretty quickly
their squeegee guys now I haven’t had a
squeegee yeah you this is this is new
now in Austin as a vocation you’re
allowed to stand on a corner and

squeegee people’s windows wash their
windows in the rain again it’s raining
two guys approach the car and and
immediately is God now it’s got a stick
which is the squeegee like hey hey no no

and then they start yelling and bad and
so I roll down the window and I say no
and then they start putting the squeeze
the sticks on my car and on my hood and
I diffused it for myself I said do not

touch the car and I don’t know if was
the way I looked or whatever but they
they kind of backed off but didn’t
really and were just it was a menacing

experience not so much about what have I
I I was even like for the first time
ever I contemplated putting my hand on
my firearm and and I’m really torn about

it because you know it’s like I don’t
know if I was mad and and a little a
little startled at the same time and I

was like wow this has got to stop I mean
I’m a dude imagine women driving around
with these douche bags accosting and I’m
not saying they’re homeless they’re

grifters this should be this should not
be Allah anyway so it really set me off
I was in a very you know the adrenaline
was through my korsak’s I couldn’t get
to sleep glad you find it entertaining
entertaining was not that great I’m

still know we don’t even have squeezes
in San Francisco or Berkeley I mean
squeegee guys are just squeegees it’s oh
man this is somebody came out of New

York City from the eighties in a time
machine and a time machine and say you
know Austin is ready for this hey man
you should give us money if you don’t

you pulled into the squeegee Lane I said
whoa the squeegee Lane No
you pull over left and that’s the
squeegee lane some Bad’s gonna happen so
that’s great

something Bad’s gonna in the rain
something on this will not end well this
is Texas yes I’m gonna get shot well
sooner rather than later so that the
message can get out because this is this

is just not okay anyway let’s get to the
most boring part of our life shall we
what the heck they preempted everything
on television the first dates stupid

Shep time the Fox affiliates they just
ran her regular program he cleaned up at
a certain point I saw that because I was
watching CNBC because I always want to

get their analysis but they were doing
zero analysis just continuously running
running running the whole thing and and
Fox eventually just cut away and started
doing analysis which I thought was the

smart move because people I mean are
just bored to tears of this stuff no one
cares this is not a TV show anyone Yahoo
no one cares they’re repetitious yeah
that too off in fact I do have a clip

that that highlights the repetition okay
let’s do I have to bore people a little
bit just so we can know I hate no I
don’t think so I’ve only got like two

okay good mostly they’re bitching and
moaning about this yeah good so I think
we’re good to go
all right in fact they’re so so few
clips they didn’t even sub categorize it
as a certain case live okay here’s the

overwhelming argument this is Senator
this is on c-span this is John Barrasso
comes on and he’s bitching and moaning
at this is after the event down in the
basement mm-hmm the overwhelming

argument sorry if you read the test if
you read the brief that the house
managers brought forward 11 times it
says the information is overwhelming the

facts are overwhelming
Nadler has said we could do this in
three minutes that it’s a rock-solid
case present the case and let us vote it

doesn’t see if the vote is on the
impeachment of the President of the
United States and the evidence is
overwhelming present it and ask us to
vote we ought to be able to make that
decision right now we’re gonna make it

we’re gonna hear from the managers there
are about five and a half six hours into
a 24 hour presentation will then hear
from the White House in their defense
and then have sixteen hours for
questions it does seem to me that at the

end of that most senators will be pretty
well informed on whether they know which
way they’re going to vote and aren’t
going to need any additional information
yeah you know one thing was prevalent

throughout the past two days from the
analysis across the board you heard this
well it’s gonna be a long day so tiring
some of these senators are I mean they

can they can’t have their cell phones
and they can’t talk in fact their day
here you hear they both persons are
commanded to keep silent on pain of
imprisonment that was the opening hear

ye hear ye but just love that one by the
way I’m glad you got that clip just
constantly oh poor senators all man that
to sit the whole time
I’m thinking to myself every single day

in the United States thousands if not
tens of thousands of citizens American
citizens sit on juries for hours on end
with no cell phone no talking no

sleeping and no milk candies no drinking
no getting up for a little for a little
interview a little hit in the halls no
these guys are douchebags and complete

for that reason alone completely
disconnected from all reality in America
as citizens are called for jury duty and
that me and that’s it’s really the the

other side of voting in my mind and you
are a part of the legal process it is
your duty as a citizen I don’t hear
people bitching and moaning like these

guys did or the news media saying
off-mike they’ll get out of it by the
way they don’t just sit on juries like I
got this job I can’t sit on the jury ok
good your

excused I found it very offensive I did
and then well they did good they could
have killed the whole thing I don’t know
why they didn’t I mean now they’re

moaning and groaning I want to hear play
this is the one where they’re bitching
and moaning screws number one mmm this
is coming off day two first day got it
well we’re in the first day of the
Democratic Managers opening arguments

and one of the realities that’s already
setting in as is just a few hours into
their opening arguments they’re already
repeating the same points they made for
13 hours yesterday and I suspect the

Democrats threw a fit yesterday insisted
they needed at least three full days to
present the arguments I think we’re
going to see an awful lot of repetition
making the same points over and over

again yes which was true correct he
nailed that one
um did do would you want to play too or

well you can play the second part of it
as crews kind of more generally
complaining it’s not bad you can play it
there were two things in particular

today that I thought were highly notable
number one several of the Democratic
managers made the case that that that
Ukraine denying Ukraine military aid
endangered lives was was a tremendous

blow to American national security was
wrong even a moment of delaying military
aid to Ukraine risk lives you know
there’s an old saying that that

hypocrisy is the tribute vice pays to
virtue and this is a really powerful
example because if there is such a
compelling national security interest to

give military aid to Ukraine then what
do these House Democrats have to say
about the years that Barack Obama
refused to give lethal military aid to
Ukraine in fact I traveled to Ukraine in

in 2014 came back and urged Barack Obama
to give lethal military aid to Ukraine
the Obama administration refused to do
so instead they sent blankets and MREs
but they wouldn’t give lethal aid on the

other hand the Trump administration has
given javelin missiles as sole javelin
missiles that can take out Russian tanks
and so if the house managers argument is
correct I guess the consequences under

their argument maybe they should have
been peached Obama if not giving
military aid to Ukraine was was a deep
threat to US national security a second
point I think the house managers made a

very serious strategic error today
Adam shifts arguments to open the
day-to-day directly drew into question
hunter Biden and made not only his
testimony relevant which it already was

but it is now critical because the House
Democrats had built their entire case on
the proposition that any investigation
into barista and corruption was a sham
that it was completely debunked the

problem is there is very significant
prima facie evidence of corruption
hunter Biden the son of that the then
sitting President Joe Biden was being

paid eighty three thousand dollars a
month a million dollars a year this is
someone with no sick and tired of this
storyline to we’ve heard it we know it
we get it

surrounded oil and gas no experience and
at the same time Joe Biden is publicly
admitted that he threatened Ukraine he
withheld or threatened to withhold a
billion dollars of aid unless and until

Ukraine fire fired the prosecutor that
was potentially on which his son served
on the book kill kill kill why it’s just

you’ve heard this all I want to read
today’s headlines from the Google News
that if you go you know Google News just
two major headlines yeah
number one shift warrants of Russian

attack on US mainland as day two of
trumps Senate impeachment trial
concludes that’s Fox News yeah Los
Angeles Times column there’s a column
Republicans wanted to impeach Trump from

the start that’s interesting then the
third article is New York Times and we
know them Trump acts like a politician
that’s not an impeachable offense we all

know that this is a show and that the
president is not going to be removed

that’s that’s just abundantly clear from
the numbers the mate and I am going to
reiterate that neither side wants
witnesses neither side wants additional
documentation they certainly don’t want

hunter Biden either side because they
all incredibly corrupt when it comes to
Ukraine we’ve said it before the money
is circling around there’s millions of
dollars going into all kinds of family

members and NGOs and nonprofits and it’s
been going on for decades
Ukraine happens to be one where people
got a little bit too excited because we
basically took the place over with

Victoria Nuland and with Brennan and
John McCain and Lindsey Graham they were
all they’re all a part of it
luckily this will be finally exposed not
on the mainstream but in a podcast he’s

and I’ve got a big surprise coming up
I’m gonna devote a lot of my time this
year exposing the double standard on my
own podcast Oh fun shit how come I don’t

get that on my show no it’s gonna be in
a podcast go Rudy oh and I’ll do it and
I’ll do it with records recordings tape

recordings financial records a lot of
people were pulling a lot of money out
of Ukraine and I learned a lot more
about Ukraine than I did just the

millions that Joe Biden stole there dear
and the millions that he stole in Iraq
and the minute he stoled in China and it
if it makes grace that he’s not under
investigation can’t wait for that

podcast I’ll be promoting it the crowd
you’ll never see so the crux really of
the obstruction of Congress article
which isn’t discussed much is that is

about executive privilege and I dove
into this because you know you keep
hearing why executive breath and so the
Democrats pretend they want to hear from
john bolton the at the time national
security adviser they pretend they

wanted they don’t really we just went
through that but the president says no
well under executive privilege I’m not
gonna allow him to do that because he
knows a lot about what I think about
different world leaders etc so that’s
just not appropriate and it is the right

of the President and other members of
the executive branch to maintain
confidential communications and now I’m
citing from from Wikipedia the book of
knowledge truth above all truth under

certain circumstances within the
executive branch to resist some
subpoenas and other oversight by the
legislative and judicial branches of
government that’s being caught his
evoking executive or possibly evoking

executive privilege and not wanting to
show documents under the same executive
privilege is being deemed as obstruction
of Congress now it’s not in the

Constitution executive privilege the
Supreme Court this is where it comes
from this power ruled that executive

and this is the fun part also not listed
in the Congress be in the Constitution
congressional oversight each are a
consequence of the doctrine of the

separation of powers derived from the
supremacy of each branch in its own area
of constitutional activity and this was
decided in United States versus Nixon so
the the the irony of Congress of and

specifically the House of
Representatives is they keep touting
it’s our constitutional responsibility
for oversight co-equal branches of

government bullshit both of these two
sides were determined by the United
States Supreme Court and it’s a great in

the same case so you can’t it on one
hand say the president has no right to
do that while on the other hand you’re
saying we have the full right to
oversight because it’s all in one court

case and is decided by the supreme court
so this whole thing is just insulting
really is
yeah well however we did have some nice

little moments from and there’s just a
lot of messaging everywhere everybody’s
messaging everything well I want to get
my messaging out of the way which is a
couple short clips just to show you

where CBS and the mainstream media was
coming from
they were happy as a clam that this was
going on even though they weren’t
playing a lot of clips that we were
listening to on c-span

there’s no jacked up day on the
impeachment is Norah O’Donnell pumps
impeachment on CBS or intro can a series
of dramatic dramatic dramatic
presentations stretching into the night

she got stuck like a broken record no
one knows what that means in a series of
dramatic dramatic dramatic presentations
stretching into the night house managers
laid out their case to remove mr. Trump

from office at times using his own words
against him today was the first of what
will be three eight hour-long
presentations by the Democrats before
the president’s lawyers are even allowed

to speak dramatic but you use these own
words I do see that he spread shit
phrase out some clips oh yeah it’s clips
again they did clips and PowerPoint

Nancy Cordes she brings her right after
you know she’s all drink all jacked up
about this is gonna be some big deal
Nancy Cordes comes out as she’s no much

she’s not much better now she’s hoping
for the best but she’s getting no
where’s another short clip or just you
know throwing it to Nancy Nancy had
nothing Norah the impeachment managers
are walking the Senate through all the

evidence step by step every phone call
every email as they lay out why they
believe this Senate should be the first
in US history to remove a US president
from office I love what Schumer was that

that’s about it for the mainstream media
right there there’s two clips I love
what Schumer was doing consistently
whenever he was speaking in the hallways
he talked about all the president’s men

were doing this all the president’s men
which is a very sly throwback to Nixon
and Watergate that nobody will get
I got it yeah yeah you and nobody else I

got it too but come on
Jay Sekulow one of the presidents
lawyers signaled to the No Agenda show
consistently and with great valor there

was a lot of 33s going on yeah which

really makes you wonder sadly yes sadly
ok so the way out just to kind of wrap
it up unless you have something else

let me think do I have something else
no what where were nothing else that’s
it you got it

okay we’re we’re have this this is from
a little earlier a couple of couple of
weeks back this is a shields of shields
and Brooks talking about the impeachment
and how it doesn’t merely make a big

difference because in his insightful way
says well you’ll hear it against the 47%
in favor of impeachment

41:48 a little bit of an overstatement
they compared this to Watergate it took
26 months after the break-in at
Watergate 14 months of hearings to get

to the point where we are now with
Richard Nixon that was the summer of
1974 one month before he resigned that’s
the point where we are with Donald Trump

right now and as far as I mean you can
look at all the polls episodes does it’s
done six since the end of October it’s
gone from 47% in favor of impeachment 41
against the 47% in favor of impeachment

41 40 against I mean it’s been next next
to no movement I just I just think that
what we have quite frankly is the early
stages and we’re very much in the early

stages and I I think you know to us to
rush hey Jeff Hall with the Democratic
pollster does the Wall Street
journal/nbc poll with Bill magnataur if
the Republican compares it the the
impeachment and conviction in the Senate

as to the criminal part of a trial and
the civil the civil trial will be the
election of 2020 Donald Trump may very
well be not guilty than the criminal
part but right now he is in just

terrible terrible shape
looking at November 2020 I guarantee you
the ratings are gonna be so bad for
with this kind of drivel this kind of

dumb ass partisan analysis on all sides
of it it was just a waste of
intelligence human energy is very I’m
worked about it well I really AM I’m

perks like shut up all of you this is so
stupid and no
one sincere no one means it at all by
the way hunter Biden has to appear in

court in Arkansas for the first
paternity suit I’m thinking that hunter
Biden may not be long for this earth I

know I felt that way says I saw his
interview yeah it’s he is a huge problem
really really not not good for Joe not

good for the Democrats not good for any
of it
meanwhile the flowers Jim I just head
out of the country he may be out of the

country for all you know meanwhile
everybody is over in Davos and I do have
I did watch as much davos coverage as as
possible and now it’s important for us

because that’s where the elites are it’s
the it’s the annual gathering of the
reptiles trump was there as well
here’s what he had to say about some of

the impeachment process the facts what
did you make of the dust-up between the
White House Counsel festival on a
general matter last night and are you
absolutely a lot of questions first of

Jerrold Nadler I’ve known him a long
time he’s a sleaze bag everybody knows
that there was some actual interesting

statute going on the CNBC had a penny
they’re always over there for the
financial angle and they had the Sajid

David who’s the United Kingdom’s
chancellor of the checker which is I
guess that you could just say secretary
of the Treasury so he’s there he’s the

money guy and they pitted him against
our money guy Steve minuchin and the
topic was about the tax on Google Apple
that it’s called the digital tax which

we’ve discussed several times that’s the
European Union essentially soaking and
in this case I guess the UK is going to
do it as well essentially soaking the
American companies for tax revenue that

we all know that they’re cheating and
that we’re not getting the tax revenue
but these companies now feel that you
know hey you can’t use our very
favorable tax system which is the the
Irish double-dutch reach-around

up and over Donkey Kong whatever they
call it which essentially gives
everybody a way to not pay any taxes
anywhere but I’ll give minuchin some
credit here as he’s saying hey you know

this is just not okay you’re not just
gonna tax our companies I’m not a fan of
I’m not a fan of most of these companies
Amazon I do use them one way or the
other but just really nearly taxing it

doesn’t seem like a very fair deal and
this exchange went down II planned to go
ahead with our digital services tax in
April it is a proportionate tax and it

is a tax that is deliberately designed
as a temporary tax so it will fall away
once there is an international solution
I think we’ve been pretty clear that we
think that the digital tax is

discriminatory in nature there’s an OECD
process that we’re participating in
international tax issues are very
complicated they take long times to look
at and you know if if people want to

just arbitrarily put taxes on on our
digital companies will consider
arbitrarily putting taxes on car
companies so that’s where the 25 percent
rumoured tariff comes from I like

minuchin I like him because he’s kind of
a autistic and straight forward kind of
ticks anymore and he’s got that under

yeah well I think I don’t think it was
used to being in the public so much he’s
kind of like you mm-hmm you when you
were on MTV and you did other things

where you’re in you just put it under
control even though it’s a strain yeah
nice yes oh yeah right right yes right I
had to work twice as hard as the other
VJs and that’s not saying much
hypothetical Davos takes place every two

years very well planned yeah now what is
to prevent I mean if terrorism is such a
major major problem in the world that’s
not isolated there’s really some other

political movements yes why it seems to
me that if you really ran an
international terrorist operation and
you were trying to screw things up

I don’t even put Soros into this
category why don’t they plan to blow up
the whole place yeah they’re a nuke or
or just a series of massive bombs well

or you’re making a lot of things you
could do or mistake here
half of these people if not more are in
cahoots with terrorists so-called

terrorists or were the organizations
behind him it doesn’t behoove them
that’s why you don’t see
rarely do you see anything happen in the
Netherlands the Netherlands is the narco

state of the European Union all drugs
flowed through the harbour flow through
the whole country you can get into the
Netherlands you know no problem with
immigration you can get to any other

country you want it doesn’t behoove
anybody to do that they need these guys
some of them
I’m just saying if this is what you’re
doing is an analysis no I’m doing is

asking a hypothetical question that if
this would if all this terrorism thing
was such was oh it really was okay
existed yes well I know I just hasn’t
happened and yes okay so I did indeed

give you an analysis but I think that’s
that’s the answer right there it’s no
one wants this they got friends
everywhere they are the terrorists
thank you finally of course tons of

climate change talk at Davos and Reuters
put together a little report which of
course pitted david versus goliath

orange man bad greta tune very good
thousands of miles away from his
impeachment trial in Washington
President Trump was in Davos on Tuesday
at the World Economic Forum where

climate change is being talked at the
time the President had an environmental
pledge of his own we’re committed to
conserving the majesty of God’s creation
and the natural beauty of our world

today I am pleased to announce the
United States will join 1 trillion trees
initiative had you heard about this only
the only just now the 1 trillion trees a

lot of trees I think what happened was
somebody did the math on the trillion
trees and and it turned out that it was

I offset so much with the idea of just a
trillion trees we would we wouldn’t have
any oxygen
oh yeah it offsets so much carbon
dioxide you mean yeah yeah it probably

boost the oxygen levels trillion that’s
a lot of trees if we you know if the
oxygen goes up too high so the place
catches on fire no dinosaurs come back

one trillion trans initiative being
launched here at the World Economic
Forum 1 trillion trees
but in an apparent rebuke to the

initiative the teenage climate activists
Greta Sundberg said simply planting
trees isn’t enough to combat climate
change we’re not telling you to offset
your emissions by just paying someone

else to plant trees in places like
Africa while at the same time forests
like the Amazon are being slaughtered at
an infinitely higher rate planting trees

is good of course but it’s nowhere near
enough of what is needed and it cannot
replace real mitigation and rewilding
nature big words mitigation rewilding he

did oh yeah we called that that was the
title of our last show we knew that was
coming soon yeah the rewilding when she
actually called for the elimination of

all fossil fuel usage Wow yes
immediately Trump Trump responded in
kind and I can understand where people
may hear this next clip and go holy crap

do you guys write his speeches but to
embrace the possibilities of tomorrow we
must reject the perennial prophets of
doom and their predictions of the

they are the heirs of yesterday’s
foolish fortune tellers and I have them
and you have them and we all have them
and they want to see us do badly but we

don’t let that happen they predicted an
overpopulation crisis in the 1960s mass
starvation and the seventies and an end
of oil in the 1990s these alarmists

always demand the same thing absolute
power to dominate transform and control
every aspect of our lives we will never
let radical socialists destroy our

economy wreck our country to eradicate
our Liberty I think it was smart they
didn’t pull in the you know the same
people said in the 70s we’re gonna die

of Arctic freeze
I think I was probably smart because
that would you know people would
immediately conspiracy theorists but the
peak oil I mean we went through that

peak oil and that way I love peak oil
the peak oil was there with this stupid
using it as leverage I always thought
that was clever yeah I was saying they
pulled the plug
you must not been the only guy because

they pulled up they pulled the rug out
from under peak oil yeah cuz I would say
hey do you believe in peak oil people
you know yes I believe it’s a problem
solved then climate change won’t happen
we’re gonna run out of oil it may suck
but you know we won’t die from climate

change and that immediately shut people
up and so then I think you’re right I
went crap this is not working Curry’s on
to us pull it hurry hurry hurry the the
reptile the head reptile was in

attendance this would be Prince Charles
as we know he is along with the Prince
Philip actually but Philip doesn’t do
any appearances anymore Prince Charles

had his own he kicked off I think the
climate change subcommittee at Davao and
I pulled a couple of clips just so we
could see what what he is thinking i
lizard we are in the midst of a crisis

that is now I hope well understood
global warming climate change and the
devastating loss of biodiversity it
hadn’t heard that one in a while

when’s the last time we heard
he’s bringing back our Chuck all the
greatest threats humanity has ever faced

and one largely of our own creation now
I have dedicated much of my life to the
restoration of harmony between humanity
nature and the environment and to the

encouragement of corporate social and
environmental responsibility quite
frankly it has been a bit of an uphill
struggle but now it is time to take it

to the next level
in order to secure our future and to
prosper we need to evolve our economic
model having been engaged in these

issues since this is very interesting he
says we have to really say do we have to
change or upgrade our economic model and
evolve evolve and he’s telling the truth

because this is the plan is evolve the
economy of all the economics change
everything so that guaranteed the people
like us wind up with less money now it

is time to take it to the next level in
order to secure our future and to
prosper we need to evolve our economic
model having been engaged in these

issues since I suppose 1968 when I made
my first speech on the environment and
having talked to countless experts
across the globe over those decades I’ve

come to realize that it is not a lack of
capital doubt that is holding us back
it’s the lack of capital from you but
rather the way in which we deploy it o

deploy it
therefore to move forward we need
nothing short of a paradigm shift one
the despised action at revolutionary
levels and pace ok blah blah so that’s

basically the the standard level a
standard talk but he went a little bit
further here this is the big menu of
stuff that Chuck is working on so

beginning here at Davos and throughout
the year
and in order to identify game changes
investments and barriers to transition I
will be convening a broad range of

industry and history round tables
including but not limited to are you
ready for the list this is this is the
reptile agenda for climate change not

about burning up in Australia from the
so called climate change wildfires not
about drowning under the oceans nunna
he’s taken it to se said a whole new

aviation water carbon capture and
storage shipping forestry plastics
financing digital technology the
Bioeconomy nature based solutions

renewable energy battery storage
electric vehicles fisheries integrated
healthcare cement steel traceability and
labeling and agriculture at the end of

which – we’ll probably be dead
I’ll give Chuck that one that’s quite a
list right down to health care and wow
there’s a lot going on in in reptile

land and just to wrap it up of course we
always have to think of the children
everything I’ve tried to do an edge over
the past 50 years has been done with our

children and grandchildren in mind
because I did not want to be accused by
them of doing nothing except prevaricate
and deny the problem now of course they

are accusing us of exactly that so put
yourselves in their position ladies and
gentlemen we simply cannot waste any
more time the only limit the only limit

is our willingness that’s it
same old message from the reptiles

expanded on the money they’re going to
take away from us expand that on the
areas they’re going to take it away or
take the services away I think when you
talk about health care thing it means
you’re going to get less of it
and don’t forget they’re gonna try and

make us eat more bugs more bugs yes and
because that’s what they eat and I yeah
we always joke about this about the
reptiles I have another little nugget of
proof here that they exist and well of

all people in the House of
Representatives who would you put at the
top of the list as being a reptile House
of Representatives yes well ship of
course yeah that wouldn’t be my top one

why you think Nancy Oh Nancy Pelosi you
say why listen to this clip from the
Bill Maher show you have to be ready to
take a punch and throw a punch

for the children but what I am and
concerned about for the children is the
future of this country and we have to

have our common ground a mainstream
message no in recent election we won we
showed in the house that we know how to
win disciplined focused cold-blooded in

terms of just need good cold blooded so
completely cold-blooded and she admits

it she admits a cold-blooded hiding in
plain sight yes and as another data
point and this surprised me and I still

don’t really understand how it can even
be I’m gonna bring up this story here
this is Homam since the 19th century the

average human body temperature in the
United States has dropped according to
the Stanford University School of

the two wait wait so what you’re saying
is the average that doesn’t mean yours
or mine no average it means there’s more
reptiles bringing the average down yes

and listen to the statistics I don’t
know exactly what it is
in centigrade we could look it up but
I’ve always grown up knowing that 98.6

degrees Fahrenheit Fahrenheit made
famous by Col Reinhold Auguste von der
leash who published the figure in 1868
that is the human body temperature now

he’s talking about it hey 98.6 it’s good
to have you back again
I always thought it’s about radio
station but of course it wasn’t was

about not being sick anymore apparently
in the United States the average by
average body temperature now is ninety
seven point nine a full half degree

I find this concerning
yeah I know is that much lower that
would be more in the 98.2 so so they’re
they’re clearly breeding and they’re

spreading so you know we we have to be
on alert maybe that the squeegee guys I
don’t know but it’s very very troubling

to me
well it’s something to think about I’d
use it as a gag all the time at the
table though I’m not I’m half serious

maybe I’m all serious but whatever the
kids everyone suppose so you really
think there’s people as there are
lizards among us look around the only
ways a good explanation for a lot of

stuff I mean shift is a good example and
the guys obviously he’s just a
weird-looking character and he’s also
somewhat hypnotic as you pointed out in
the recent event you had the dinner

party where people were all jacked up
fantastic what what a solid politician
what a great guy yes exactly
okay so speaking of lizards shall we

listen to a few in I’d love to get
through the 20/20 clips that I have
because we some people this is all
Democrats they’re all out on the trail
they’re all doing stuff Bernie’s and I

think there was a big vice you know the
the online and HBO company the the
advertising agency that creates content

known as vice they invited all of the
Democratic candidates to come by and
talk it was on stage kind of that
setting I’m not sure if this one from

Bernie Sanders is there but this is
concerning the wall the partially built
wall between the United States and
you said the wall is symbolic and it
represents us so wouldn’t it be proper

to tear that symbol down in order to
achieve that it may be but you know it’s
how much those are gonna cost to tear it
down did you do that carrot now I don’t
know maybe the answer is yes that’s

something that’s something you’re
willing to consider yeah if you’re
willing you’re tearing down existing
fencing between us but again a few cuts
are gonna cost me billions of dollars to
tear it down I’d rather invest that may
be in their needs for child care in this
country but it’s something you know we

can look at what did childcare become
such a hot button again the state now
needs to pay or the state needs to
control our children while we’re while
both parents are off working is that the

idea what what exactly you need a state
can be there to also propagandize the
yes you had win it Bernie become mean
that bernie is all nervous there he

sound like a fad a stalker Oh me I think
may was maybe the question was
nerve-racking for him I don’t know you
had a different Bernie I don’t think so
you had a I’m told year she’s met Bernie

dancing clip that’s not Bernie you had
an interesting item in the newsletter
about children’s books the proper
propagandizing children yeah some photos

there but yeah I started getting into
these books or their propaganda books
that are being sent out to verbs yelled
I suppose so supposed to be so cute some

of the listeners or producers think that
maybe some of them are put on I’m not so
sure the I’m looking at the list here of
his wolf baby dream on little one
Nursery Rhymes here’s a good one Nursery

Rhymes for social good for bid we have
old Nursery Rhymes then there’s a bunch
of these books a is for activists c is
for consent writing a baby about sexual

consent oh my goodness this is and and
are these are these really selling are
they bestsellers they’re doing well like

the little trailblazer the little
trailblazer has a picture of a of a
woman wearing a burka and a black baby
not getting some of this

look at these the ABCs of equality Jay’s
doing the ABCs of the stock market for D
H I’m plugged but the ABCs of equality

when it was a baby or a kid that pret
toddler is for toddlers and kids and
people that you read these books to
please baby please here’s a book this is
the book the title of this book

counting on community what are you
trying to with this will put the kid to
sleep luckily your no agenda show is a
has gone past this and is going straight

to audiobooks we’ve decided the no
agenda press is its first audio book for
babies babies babies babies babies

babies like playing games just go to

know again no agenda get foundation

productions pick up some of those
audiobooks we know gender babies that’s
what be it better than this one I’ll let
me get a couple just a couple more these
out of the way baby feminists and
there’s a bunch of these my first book

of feminism baby feminists pink is for
boys yeah I have pink shirts I mean what
is this this is like presuming that that

no man has ever worn pink
yeah bike this was also defended in a
lame way by my daughter but I’m gonna
finish anyway so I I said she actually
defended this to one of the baby

feminists books has a
buncha babies dancing around a circle
and the boy baby redhead I might add a
bit redheaded baby had a pink boa I do
not think that pink boas are appropriate

that pink boas for baby boys are
flamer topic I mean it’s kind of gross

let’s put it this way fine you want to
push that stuff

how about baby’s first gun yeah
amendment for babies like that I think
it would be a winner if we can settle to

all the brave baby brave baby handy
shoots a burglar your hello exit
strategy what’s wrong with you you’ve
given away all our best material this is
perfect we should totally be doing these

books yeah do you know by illustrations
for if you want to do brave baby and you
have him shooting somebody a baby with a
gun it’ll be a board book you’ll be
right in there with the rest of them

Berkley bookstores won’t carry these
books though oh no we’ll have to sell it
exclusively through the info war store
we’d make millions

alrighty boner pills now now you’re
taking it too far back to the reptiles
Joe Biden also had to virtue signal and
in this case about immigration and

illegal immigrants residing in the
United States I believe his first or
second wife and his daughter were killed
in a car accident which he’s disputed

but I believe maybe the driver of the
truck was drunk
do you recall anything and I tried to
look it up and there’s different stories

everywhere like you know some say yes
I’m saying no Biden definitely at some
point said you know a guy who decided to
drink his lunch instead of eating it
so this insinuation he has to go back to

the old newspaper reports to see what’s
right but the insinuation is that they
were killed by a drunk driver by Joe in
the past so here comes an interesting
question about illegal immigrants they

go off to school wondering whether when
mom comes and picks them up is she not
gonna be there because then I say she
was there to arrest her or they take she
takes them through the doctor that she’s
going to not be there because she is

quote undocumented and nice Asians gonna
pick them up change the culture by
saying you’re gonna get fired you’re
fired if in fact you do that you only
arrest for the purpose of dealing with a

felony that’s committed and I don’t
count drunk driving as a felony Wow well
drunk driving is a felony in multiple
states and doing it more than once will

result in felony charges I found this to
be pretty crazy and to go that far this
is interesting I think I’m gonna give
you a clip of the day for that and I’m

not because it’s such a great clip but
because it does introduce this factor
why all of us if just tell me I’m wrong
about this analysis wait stop let me do
my take my clip of the day first
otherwise we forget these things yes

true hoping if you forget it
if you know people that stop smoke and
they become nuts about it yeah yes very

handsome oh yeah
oh and there’s people that stop drinking
they become nuts about what are you
doing yeah how can you drink that stuff
if you had somebody killed so if your
wife that you’ve cried in public over

and when your kids were killed by a
drunk driver this would be something
that would linger forever
you’d think yeah so so bitin wouldn’t
all of a sudden start passing off drunk

driving as a man no big deal unless
there was something more to the original
story right then there may be there may
be I just I just thought just to even
say that there are a lot of families out

there who have suffered loss because of
drunk drivers and then to say it’s not a
felony by the way ie you can’t get
kicked out of the country for being here

illegally and driving drunk to me it’s
kind of like yeah yeah yes you should go
but not to jail you should go not oh not

to Joe not the joke mayor Pete that
would that was a very interesting clip
thank you
this one will not be as interesting
which mayor Pete says enough he had is

he had interesting factors zero he had
is Jeb Bush moment by having better
hands guided by better values on those

pulleys and levers of American
government so can I look to you to
spread that sense of hope to those that
you know come on here I’ll fix it for
him by having better hands guided by

better values on those pulleys and
levers of American government so can I
look to you to spread that sense of hope
to those that you know please clap that
lame laugh is not gonna get him any

votes it might be end of show might be
end of show I so you got nothing to beat

it okay well it’s going straight into
heavy rotation then there we go to two
more topics Michael Bloomberg he’s out

on the trail he went to Tulsa Oklahoma
Bloomberg is really spending by the way
apparently if you join the Bloomberg
campaign immediately you get a brand new

MacBook Pro and an iPhone 11 everybody
who draws joining I know it’s like join
he’s also paying people you know
mid-level operatives in in the boots on

the ground campaign I guess who
typically get $4,500 a month with most
of the other candidates he’s paying them
$10,000 so he’s trying to steal talent

to find it that’ll do it that’ll totally
it’ll do it I mean you get a MacBook Pro
an iPhone 11 and 10 grand a month
shit fuck the podcast I’m in move right
to that where

I sign up but now he’s trying to get the
very much in my mind in play right
before he go on I just can you guess
what’s Bloomberg’s Bloomberg’s net worth
his net worth is his personal worth how

many billions is he worth I think he’s
up in the 20 billion reign if T 50 plus
50 plus billion what’s all this stock of
course but doesn’t matter I mean that’s

50 plus billion you can spend that he
can spend anything on this campaign in
his peanuts team yeah anything he wants
anything he wants so he is now going
after the african-american vote and I

think he’s this is where he’s going to
fail and whichever Democrat wants to win
has to have the black vote and I’m
talking a dose descendants of slavery

the American black vote and so he’s
going after it with something he calls
the what does he call this thing the
Greenwood initiative and I’ve put that

in the show notes if anybody is feels
like reading through it it’s I mean it’s
it’s more of what the black Americans
don’t want obviously here he is in Tulsa

announcing but when you think about it
from an economic perspective the
exploitation weren’t exactly as it was
designed to do
slavery sharecropping Jim Crow

segregation and redlining
400 years Americans systematically stole
blacks I like how he kind of passes
through that pretty quickly does a theft

of labor and a transfer of wealth
enshrined in law and enforced by
violence and the impact of that theft

over a period of centuries has meant an
enormous loss of wealth for individuals
and families across generations the kind
of reverse in of the compound interest

in Reverse well if compound interest in
reverse and interesting like anyone in
that audience understood what he was
saying well nobody understands because

it doesn’t except doesn’t exist no it’s
it’s a yeah in a black hole maybe first
in Reverse well it’s time to say enough
and to do

something about it too damn well soon
that is why I’ve come back to Tulsa

because the challenge of
african-american wealth creation today
we left it right here back to Tulsa
because the challenge of

african-american wealth creation if
you’re trying to speak to African
Americans try to get it right
Africa today is inextricably linked to
the racial inequalities of the past and

I’m determined to make breaking that
link a centerpiece of my presidency
centerpiece of his presidency he says
now you really have to read it to
understand it but I do have a second

clip where he explains his grand plan
and as context for this and I know a
little bit because of the show I do with
Mo african-americans are looking for

what they call something tangible
reparations would be fantastic now
that’s probably not going to happen but
there any candidate that says I’m gonna
give african-americans this it cannot
include other groups it can’t be to

minorities it can’t be too black and
brown people no it has your brown as
long as your descendant of slavery
african-americans that’s that’s the
group he needs to go after that’s what

he’s targeting and let’s see if he’s
going to deliver fulfilling dr. King’s
vision of economic equality across all
colors is a monumental challenge but I’m
not running as president to do small

things but to do big things so today I’m
proposing a sweeping and ambitious
strategy to invest in black wealth
creation and close the racial wealth gap

that plagues our country the strategy
we’re announcing today is comprehensive
and inclusive and it has three big goals
one we will help a million more black

families buy a house to counteract the
effects of redlining and the subprime
not it spelled out not as specifically

African Africa americans in his document
but again it’s done by income levels
soon we will double the number of black

owned businesses which right now are far
too few magic and three we will help
black families triple their wealth over
the next ten years to an all-time high

and notice that he goes from africa
americans to black I mean this is
failing he’s failing with this massively
that will reduce but not eliminate the

wealth gap between black and white
families but it will build the momentum
we need to close it entirely someday
yeah I think he’s gonna fail on this
he’s the the whole plan is it’s it’s

just like Camilla Harris it’s the same
things like talk a big game and then
ultimately comes down to oh well you
know it’ll be for low-income families

which is really racist
and just on the building homes the cfpb
that is that the what’s the cfpb I don’t

know come on sis yeah I should have
prepared for the CFPB’s consumer phyto
it’s Elizabeth Warren’s consumer fight
and Financial Protection Bureau yeah the

one that’s gonna keep robocalls from
ever happening again as a number of
years ago oh by the way I got libel
immunity within one hour oh I get him
all day long

including this Social Security one twice
the consumer financial Bureau what’d I
just say CFPB has sent a request to
Congress to amend the ability to pay

ability to repay qualified Mortgage rule
to remove the DTI
and you may remember DTI debt-to-income

for all borrowers of would they call it
they said it wasn’t subprime it was
almost almost prime loans

so they’re doing the exact same thing
that was structural in up until 2008 so
you can even if you don’t really have

the the wealth in order to purchase and
collapse the economy that’s exactly what
will happen yes

they’re removing the DTI requirement or
that it’s been requested let’s see what
I find this fascinating he’s full of
crap this guy that’s not Bloomberg that

is that is the Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau but they’re full of
crap – but I’m just get back to
Bloomberg uh so he’s advertising heavily
here yeah and I am you say heavily I

mean heavily him and steyr is it
anti-trump and or is it only probe
the Bloomberg ads are not the Steyr

anti-trump mm-hmm and they’re also he’s
got some assets that aren’t just pure
anti-trump but he says he has more

ads Bloomberg ads are subtly anti-trump
but they’re mostly Bloomberg Bloomberg
rate guy Bloomberg was who came out of
nowhere he was fired when he was 40 and
now he’s worth 250 billion I don’t know
what that means that impresses people I

have no idea but he’s advertising and
advertising in average the problem
especially in California which is a
shallow culture you said it it’s a known
fact uh it’s a shallow culture and we

like you know work the Hollywood you
know I think it put a babe up to put
some just tracked –iv right uh this guy
is unattractive he’s too new yorky and
he’s uh he’s I just don’t see him get

any play voting for him because just
like can we have a good-looking guy
David you could run you know it’s pretty
much any Hollywood guy that dumb as a
fireplug but you know anyone and they’d

get more votes than Bloomberg it’s
unbelievable the thing they think that
Bloomberg thinks he can get he can just
buy his way into this it’s not gonna
happen apparently his ad ad spend has

actually increased the the costs per
minute of advertising of political
advertising he has single-handedly
raised the price because he’s just

flooding the market with money and it’s
he’s really only getting any attention
at all I think because he’s flooding the
market the television mainstream market
with money is he I wish I see it in

Texas here to accept that the ones he
runs here in Austin anti-trump vote for
me and it’s Bloomberg with a lot of
black people
huh well it’ll be fun to see I’d like to

see ruin new when Super Tuesday comes
around which is I he’s targeting those
states yeah and California is one of
them and California’s got a lot of

electoral votes oh and so does Texas so
Texas and California will be targeted as
any other state with a lot of electoral
votes will get targeted by Bloomberg I
don’t think people are seeing these ads
in men in Montana I could be wrong but

people can report in where they see
these ads well I knows we’re seeing lots
of these ads yeah and it’s and it’s just
Michael Bloomberg this great guy and he
can do this and he can do that and but

he’s so there Undine Amick ads they
they’re not and his Bloomberg never
smiles ever and not really have you ever
say the guy won’t smile I mean even

steyr fakes a smile once in a while yes
as seen in the most recent animated if
you’ve not subscribed to a na yet go to
youtube and search for animated no

agenda and subscribe to our channel we
we cracked the five thousand this is
good news five thousand subscribers
please subscribe final reptiles
although semi reptile one of them is the

big lawsuit well a democratic duel
happening off the campaign trail 2020
hopeful Tulsi Gabbard filing a 50
million dollar defamation lawsuit

I guess Hillary Clinton Gabbard who’s on
Fox and Friends this morning
for Hillary Clinton and her powerful
allies to attempt to smear me and accuse

me really implying that I’m a traitor to
the country that I love is something
that I cannot allow to go unchecked
Clinton did not name Gabbar but she

strongly implied that she was referring
to the Hawaii congresswoman Clinton
spokesperson is calling this lawsuit
ridiculous I did read the lawsuit she
makes some good points in there although

it is indeed an issue I think legally
that she never actually said Tulsi
Gabbard is a Russian agent now it’s not
true she never said that no I know that
but I’ve gotten to I spent a lot of time

with these attorneys that talked about
that involved in libel and smell okay oh
good good you do not have to really name
the person if it’s if the implication is
there it is naming them so you have to

be careful Wow at the in the law in the
the papers for the for the lawsuit it
says I’m gonna paraphrase I couldn’t

find it very quickly Tulsi Gabbard is a
natural person has not in the past
currently or does not expect in the
future to be contemplating suicide I
thought that was a nice touch surance

policy in the suit got to do that and
with that I’d like to thank you for your
courage and say in the morning to you
the man who put the C in the Consumer

Financial Protection Agency John
Linda morning in the morning to you mr.
Adam curry in the morning all the ships
at sea boots on the ground feet in the

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nights out there in the morning – are
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the morning to the artist for the
artwork for episode 1209 the title of
that as we already alluded to was
rewilding popular term co-opted right

away by Greta the artwork was a comic
strip blogger and you liked it right
away you said it was the only one that

made you laugh that made me laugh out
and it was as it was so silly it was
this it was the the climate change we
had a quite a decent theory and perhaps

even a new exit strategy business of
providing vasectomies to men who want to
save the earth
and z is for vasectomy babies have a
surely er baby yeah no not what now it

actually goes like this
not song
full version end of show thanks again to

mr. Chris Wilson yes oh it was a picture
of meat
no meats a picture of an airplane don’t
fly the airplane and a very well it’s a
cartoonist rendering of Harry Baals and

it was something very funny about it
yeah and it just misses short of the
hairs it was our crumb quality too
addicted oh wow that’s quite the

compliment comic strip blogger did that
for us I think this is his wheelhouse no
agenda art generator calm there were

many other fantastic examples and
submissions for the for the show we have
about ten times the amount of art as we

do episodes but it’s fun to go take a
look it’s they’re fun to use for other
things it’s a completely open source no
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can you can participate yourself go to

no agenda art generator calm and I did
want to promote a new website which one
of our producers put together I don’t
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experience calm and I think that this
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name but the No Agenda show calm if you

look at this website no agenda
experience calm he’s taken and this is
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together so right away when you hit the
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audio and it has beautiful it’s really
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there’s there’s X there’s actually a
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well in this
just taking all the different pieces
that the you know that I produce with
the through the freedom controller but
also the the transcripts which clog wog
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player integration I’m really impressed
by this and I’m liking this as a it’s
just a total like a place to go and has
you know the network it has all the
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I’m gonna give it the once-over yeah I’m
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producer he’s top of the list $464 in
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sweet little town gay I want to tell you
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I only realized how light it’s a gag
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it’ll change you can check that and make
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are the hard words to it would be
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trust Dvorak with all the money maybe
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my pronunciation being the sheriff of
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John harassing at him about his spin
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thoughts on the running into a fellow
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be so I’m protocol for approaching
another night oh so he doesn’t know by

the way young weeks away from completing
my last commitments and I will be able
to switch gears from business owner to
salary and Commission board could I

please get some Trump jobs karma as well
as an asset liquidation goat karma yes
and he will be a baron a double night as
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and should kind of know this you are the
period you know what I do know I’m right
now I didn’t get enough sleep off all
rightie jobs jobs

you’ve got karma there we go
we need him work back on the thicket
efficacy of the Trump car

yes and I keep getting messages I have
not heard from someone who said it
didn’t work I have heard from several
people saying it does work
I think there’s a version that doesn’t

work and I think we’re staying away from
that version okay I’m just guessing all
right Frank as Vince taught neither of
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of Port Phillip Bay Australia Wow

so that’s the way you do it by the way
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PS please feel free to butcher the
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Port Phillip Bay Australia Anzac Day is
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I would appreciate some baby karma so it
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Haley hunting groups Todd Trotman comes
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the dime and I know he had some health
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so we wish him well of course and that
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it just keep keep the notes coming
I onward with the sword on that Baron of
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New Hampshire huh
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always listening thanks for the dose of
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who is entrenched in mainstream media
and the university life claims he is
clinically depressed from all the shit

okay unfortunately he’s too far gone to
get hit in the mouth thanks for bringing
my sanity some car my plot please and

the long lost its science thanks guys I
think it would be worth it to try and
hit him in the mouth I mean no one’s
really too far at far gone I had well
let me get to LA so I had a dinner I was

a dinner dinner so let me give him his
his Karma first and then I don’t want to
hear about your dinner
you’ve got karma have more thoughts on
this but this is I’m starting to notice

a trend cuz after having lunch with one
of the Lib joes and then having dinner
in a Berkeley house with a bunch of
people that were sitting normal until
you know Oh Trump was brought up into

the conversation which was not by me
they just felt like doing it but I
couldn’t help but like you know talk to
the orange man bad a couple of things
like out of the blue what did you do

what did you do
well I asked a simple question because
somebody brought up you know the
country’s going to pot and Trump said
whore horrible guy and the and Putin’s

run in the country this keeps coming up
he’s Putin’s puppet Putin’s run in the
country that’s why we keep putting

sanctions on him I guess it’s
so I say you’re telling me that you
think Putin is running the country
and she says whose dad was CIA

incidentally she misses that uh she said
well no but he’s calling the shots and
everybody not in an agreement at this

table yo yo yo yo they’re all bouncing
their heads up and down and I’m looking
around thinking are these people insane
they they they literally not any in any
other way they literally think Putin is

running the country or at least calling
the shots how is this even in the realm
of it’s very easy John I don’t know who

these people were
these are headline readers man these are
these are people who that’s the same
people that I had dinner with they get a
headline they hear of a lead from Jake
Tapper or they hear from Rachel because

they only consume one type of diet you
know they’re eating kale all day
eventually you’re gonna sick if you eat
kale all day so the eating stuff those
babies and cages oh really they did the

babies in cages that now you didn’t you
didn’t you didn’t get into that with
anyone did you like Obama tell me the
ones that tell me oh but it was late

enough in the evening cuz the dinner was
pretty much over eating dessert I think
it’s something somebody said like that
and I said well this is great but I
think I’m done ah one’s gonna get into a

political discussion because there was
just people that didn’t really keep up
with politics and they weren’t following
the news and I get out and everybody
else feels out you’re the old thing

broke up right there I mean I hear
pundits say that from time to time and
and they they have some statistic to

back it up like yeah Putin’s I mean it’s
definitely was a American policy
previously too whatever it takes to keep
Russia out of the Middle East so for

people who are still in the USSR Soviet
frame of mind I think it comes across as
very scary that we’ve made that I think
the smart moves they here have at it

have at it you do you enjoy we don’t
need them anymore we don’t we got the
oil you got our own oil we don’t need it
that’s at least what I’ve told I have
not counted the oil myself I now I’m
just expressing that people think

Putin’s calling the shots then the rash
that really depressing to you it is
because these are rash otherwise
rational people and what would you live
in a country to think Putin’s calling

the shots to run it the Russians are
running in I the States of America are
you kidding me I feel pity I feel that
people are sick that these people have
truly EV have some health issues and

they’re and they’re doing it to
no one’s note that about that you can
tell no president really runs we have a
process government and you can see it

it’s on display we we have 12 hours of
debate about how we’re going to run a
trial I mean this is this is process
government everything is processed is

why nothing ever works so if you think
works fine that’s intended to be so so
people think that Putin is somehow
running the show are idiots and have
been mind controlled and should be

careful at what other things they’re
thinking they’re making rock bad
decisions out all day all night
man oh man okay onward with our last
associate executive producer Karl with a

k’ in Rochester New York to two hundred
dollars and 33 cents gents I heard John
playing clips from a podcast and making
fun of of it on a recent episode well

done huh now I knew I had to contributor
the show again keep up the great work
you got a pan another podcast man that

apparently people like that I don’t know
what it is you play you know I wanted
you to do that as a feature some years
ago no I’m against it now I’m against it
I don’t like I don’t like it but if you

were against it and I knuckled under if
it’s an m5m podcast like the Chuck Todd
cast you know no I know it was like the
normal it was actually the first one I’d
ridicule which the guys got a kick out I

was the morning stream yeah oh boy did
that stir up a whole bunch of crap see
you don’t live in the in the online
world you’d close the show when you’re
done you go finish your book I’m outtie
you’re right in vinegar stories and I

have to deal with the fallout
you know it’s cuz no one email zyou I
get it all yeah well well you guys are
the mornings dream you know they’re
great is that still on I don’t know if
it is anymore huh that’s a good question

that which is you know doesn’t know if
it is they do a lot of work
he asked for no jingles no karma will
not give that to him but I would like to

play something for your friends
and I think you might want to consider

an upgrade of friends
zowie so much you can do in the san
francisco bay area this also shows you
the necessity for the no agenda meetups
this is exactly why people like to go

hang out together because even if you
have different beliefs and I mean
beliefs like godly beliefs religious
beliefs political beliefs doesn’t matter

no one cares because they all understand
we’re all here you think this I think
that whatever fine I’m not upset by it
No Agenda meetups calm and thanks to
these executive producers and associate

executive producers for keeping the show
going for yet another episode
it is highly appreciated will be
bestowing sir husky bottoms of the
hardwoods with his a title upgrade in
our second donation segment we also

thank everybody who comes in over 50 but
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slash formula is this we go out for your
people in the mouth

the guys are goofy that’s a good one

the spy candidate the spook Peter just
no one’s fooled by you poot we know that
you’re a spook it’s okay

good try they always tried to do pretty
good well you know their limitations is
the problem they can’t go they can’t
fear too much away from the you know you
put on a road you can’t really you can’t

gun the engine you can’t do anything
it’s too restrictive it’s not this
I mean the fact that George HW Bush
became president it’s only kind of a
fluke did it because he was vice

president he can kind of coast in right
speaking of which what we didn’t talk
about because it’s pretty boring Hillary
Clinton and you know she has been
propagated we don’t have to play clips

or anything she’s been helping spur
along the anti Bernie move started by
CNN no start by the New York Times us be
honest okay well really back in the in

the previous elections when it started
when they actually screwed him out of a
nomination the m5m mainstream media not
showing any of his rallies any of the
the girth and the vastness that is

Bernie on the road is quite spectacular
but it’s not like Trump but it’s Trump
like in zuzia size enthusiasm is
definitely there so we had a you know we

saw Elizabeth Warren in cahoots with CNN
trying to take out Bernie make them look
bad then all of a sudden again a CNN

poll and why people still look at I
don’t look at polls because we learned
that you could be 98 percent certain one
candidates gonna win but then it was
really 98 percent certain the other

candidate and was all the pollsters so I
don’t see why people still rely on polls
other than they need to fill up some
vapid space on television we should
mention no pollster since the debacle of

2016 has shown any shops of accuracy
it’s a real problem the pollsters are

ambling to try to find it why even one
guy with a new methodology because the
methodology shot big and I think a lot
of it has to do it to switch from
landlines to cellphones and there’s a
lot of the you know it’s just so you
people are calling or the same old

people that are entrenched in their
beliefs you know they always say one
thing and it’s not a good poll these
polls are no good that’s the problem
there’s state they’re no good that’s

what I’m basically saying polls are no
good they’re just not good they’re not
working and why they’re not working I
don’t know but the reliance is
astounding when you get a CNN poll all
of a sudden and I love the mo e the

margin of error is now like 5% you know
just throwing shit in there so you could
be neck-and-neck race 5 percent margin
of error there could be a 10-point
difference for all you know shows that
bernie is moving ahead of Joe Biden and

then Hillary Clinton comes out and says
nobody likes him he’s a jerk no good
screw that guy all a part of her Hulu
documentary which I’m now more than that
my understanding is I’ve seen the

documentary is that this is not is not
it’s not out no it’s a part of her inner
her view press she said this during
interviews yes about the documentary yes
and and that’s exactly my point is that

the documentary no one cares about the
documentary the dots are the documentary
is meant so that she can have a reason
for being interviewed in this very

period that’s why it’s after Super
she needs to be either in control or I
don’t know if I mean I’m still so
hopeful John that your prediction of her
swooping in may be broken conventionally

but even just you know the it’s the
reason for her to speak scott adams
actually had a I’m surprised you didn’t
pick up on this it’s kind of your beat

his theory is Hillary wants to
annihilate Bernie again and she maced
the Clintons may very well still control
the the DNC I mean the DNC owed a lot of

money and they bit and the Clinton
campaign bail them out hey look I don’t
know what the
how the back office is looking but she
may still be in control and her saying
Bernie’s no good and this was Scott

Adams theory is to have Biden the
candidate then throw Camilla Harris as
VP candidate then of course both of them
are no good

can’t really tie their shoelaces so she
would still be controlling the strings
in the background the Scott Adams theory
I heard about this and I would have am
NOT unaware of it and it is my beat

but it’s dumb I mean everything Scott
comes up with is a genius and this is
one of them have one thing Brooke
Campbell a Harris’s and you’ve got your
a dos podcast you know this she is not

got your podcast thanks thanks for
categorizing it that way I’m now Bernie
hat by Bernie not Bernie bite and has

the black vote the black if there give
there’s a black vote to be had he’s got
it because he was you know the Vice
President Obama and everybody likes him
he’ll get the vote he’ll lose that same

vote if he puts camel hairs to the cop
the DA on his on the ticket so that
makes no sense that he’d do that he
won’t do that he’ll put I mean there’s
better qualified people but I’m sorry I

don’t think I’m sorry I’m going with the
grisham de Mexico don’t you still know
the the VP isn’t chosen in in the
democratic round

and I think very much the black vote is
in play for the Democratic nominee the
VP candidate isn’t picked until much
later they were am I wrong no the VP
candidate traditionally not

traditionally way back in the olden
olden days they used to be all the other
party would have a VP nowadays the way
it’s done is that the once they

determine at the convention who is going
to be the Democrat candidate he sends a
list of people that he wants to be his
running mate with emphasis on number one

the list they always picked that person
and whoever’s in other words Biden if
Biden is chosen will pick the running

and they will just be an animus Li AAA
we want that person to and I think it’s
gonna be grim it could be others
I think Clos Bashar is an interesting
idea she’s not the but she’s not diverse

enough the grisham is both a member of
the Hispanic Caucus and she’s a member
of the Native American caucus she’s got

three checkmarks she’s a woman a
Hispanic Native American boom one two
cloven chars got one Shack boom it’s
staplers at her staffers may I give you

a tip next time you have lunch with your
friends instead of saying
whenever he wins the nomination as in
it’s always a guy I think you should say

Z I should say that but I’m not going to
because I’ll never remember and I’m not
saying he because there’s not the chance
a woman could win because there is a New
York Times went nuts decided to roll out

both again just a slam Bernie they
rolled out of a huge 3500 word I got
notes from people that are numerous

Democrats stunned by this they put out
an editorial and call it you kind of
with the big pictures and 3500 words was
a long long op-ed to say the least

they’re normally under words advocating
for Klobuchar and Warren because a woman
should be running for president and
should be one of these to kind of kick

and bite him to the curb yes I think
you’re you’re being way too intellectual
about this the only theory I can see now
other than some kind of brokered

convention where Hillary somehow gets
the nomination seems very unlikely the
most obvious Occam’s razor is Hillary VP
Joe dies it’s simple there’s a track

record everything is that I mean it all
makes sense
Occam’s razor includes the Hillary what
do you mean that is truly Occam’s rate

we have other candidates putting in
their lawsuits I don’t want to kill
myself and while I’m suing Hillary
Occam’s razor is a meaning you know as a
reason that this is simple it’s it’s

right there in front of our eyes I don’t
think anyway people would love her to be
VP and everyone would know wink wink
nudge nudge go Joe and then you know
people going up to Joe like hey Joe you

know see if they can get him into a
heart attack
what Joe actually said he’s only gonna
run for one term ya know there you go

there you go so she would have term two
fantastic here is there’s just a small
piece of an interview regarding the the
new documentary the director of this is

Nanette Bernstein what really like her
work because she did the kid stays in
the picture which was the movie version
of Robert what’s his name the Robert

yes Robert Evans is a fantastic movie
you think I’d want some awards even so
I’m very disappointed in this drivel

that she’s been clearly paid to make I
was looking forward to talking with
Nanette because I really found myself
and great rapport with her we had to

originally thought about doing a
campaign film and then she came back and
said you know your story is part of a
much larger story about women and
everything that’s going on and I just

was really you know very comfortable it
was interesting which is I did wasn’t
quite sure what she meant we thought we
would just do a campaign video and I was

wondering does that mean it would just
be about the campaign or were they gonna
do a campaign video together you know I
mean it was I can’t quite figure out
that’s actually very interesting catch

it’s almost implying since his recent
the discussion had to be recent we had
Alessi after the 2016 election that she
was going to do well it could have

implied she wants to do a video about
the previous campaign or a new campaign
video a video of her right right right
right running again we have this the

Madonna post that was from 2016 you do
realize that don’t you oh I didn’t
realize that okay I didn’t want to call

you out on Twitter publicly but oh you
should have called me out or you should
have just send me a I am and said get
your race no no I did what everybody
else does and go shrug your shoulders
and go

dvorák oh and I was fine posted gold
stuff I never knew that existed set it
right there posted in 2016 it is a
little time stamp why is she doing it at
posting it again then

that’s the point no I don’t what did she
retweet it because I’m buddy head I saw
was just a retweet but she didn’t repost
it was the old post from 2016
but that Madonna reposted it now no no

listen to this
Hillary thing again I want to listen to
what she says I was looking forward to
talking with you net because I really
found myself and great rapport with her

we had originally thought about doing a
campaign film and then she came back and
said her story is part of a much no I
think she was thinking about just doing

a campaign film which tells me even more
that this was only intended particularly
with the release day because you or at
least this any this is not like theaters
don’t have any space for her movie no

it’s gonna be on Hulu its March 6 I
think is the is the release date it’s
chosen he’s got all of Sundance he’s all
gonna be all over the place it’s just to
get interviews and be a force in the

media around the Democratic nomination
and and that probably the intent was you
know we’ll just do some bullshit film
about part of my language about the

campaign and now that’s so I just need a
camp it’s something so I can be in the
media and then it’s like well this
actually could be pretty good you know

let’s do something about how fantastic I
am just in case I don’t know but I don’t
think was for a campaign video was
really just to again you’ll probably
that’s the way I see

yes dogs are people too I wanted to
mention two stories about our furry
friends our fur babies the dogs who are

clearly people the first one is almost
an OTG segment at the same time Spotify
and now also Netflix but Spotify as the

one I checked now enabling you to create
a playlist for your dog so that when
your is when you’re at home or when
you’re not home and your dog is there

then your dog can feel good about him or
herself and not feel too lonely and I
was very interested in exactly what
these playlists worried now I’m thinking
we can hit bow-wow wow I mean are we

gonna get this news right well you know
I mean what exactly will this playlist
be I have to give Spotify credit whoever
is running the show over there it is a

complete profiling exercise you are the
one that creates the playlist for your
dog it has like does your dog is your
dog pigs and it’s all about your mood
your feelings your thinking they’re

identifying you with really personal
emotional information by making you
think that this is gonna help your dog
not be lonely it’s very smart
they are capturing 15 different pages of

information so they can then come up
with some playlists for your dog I think
it’s very smart they did a good job on
that and then they’re selling it right
all that data exactly got a big what’s

causing some consternation from the US
Department of Transportation who is now
seeking comment on proposed amendments

to regulation of service animals on
flights and I am very happy that they
are opening up this this craziness and I
will explain briefly there is a sting as

a service animal typically it’s a dog
and these are trained specifically for
people with certain disabilities these
disabilities are typically mobility the

vision auditory issues and there are
very strict a da American Disabilities
Act laws you can’t you can’t even ask

someone about what their dog does you
know as long as it has gone through
training under penalty of what penalty
of law you’re you’re not a lot always

gonna what happens to me if I ask
somebody with their dog because they
know they can sue you you’re not allowed
to ask that you can say you know my name
is the dog trained for your disability
you’re not even allowed to ask what the

disability is I’ve studied this so I’m
telling you this no no can do the
problem is people started to buy service
dog vests and little badges and stickers

so they could take their dog on the
it started with dogs and then it went
all the way up to miniature ponies the
little horses and this is all for
emotional support and finally because

it’s very problematic for people of
actual service dogs because people don’t
understand it’s very confusing in all
realms of service and particularly to

them and the animals the actual service
animals so the proposal is define a
service animal as a dog that is
individually trained to do work or

perform tasks for the benefit of a
person with a disability no longer will
a emotional support animal be considered
a service animal that’s the biggest one
and I’m all-in on that however they’re

adding a catted or in category
considering a category for a psychiatric
service animal to be a service animal
and require the same training and
treatment of psychiatric service animals

or other service animals so you can’t
just have an emotional support animal
and thank God put your pets with the
neighbors like everybody else does it
will allow Airlines to require

passengers with a disability who are
traveling with a service animal to check
in at the airport one hour prior to
travel time required for the general
public to ensure sufficient time to
process the service animal documentation

and observe the animal it will
why’re Airlines to promptly check-in
passengers with service animals who were
subject to an advanced check-in check-in
process he will allow airlines to limit
the number of service animals traveling

with a single passenger allows airlines
to require a service animal to fit
within its handlers foot space on the
aircraft it will continue to allow
Airlines to refuse transportation to

service animals that exhibit aggressive
behavior and to prohibit Airlines from
refusing to transport a service animal
solely on the basis of breed most
importantly done with you dog people and

I have nothing against dogs I really
despised the dog owners ripping off the
joke in the system jerking everybody
around with your poodle with a sticker

on his head
blow me out of here goodbye now you can
imagine people are losing their shit
over this in particular Fox News Fox

Business News by the Department of
Transportation considering a ban on
emotional support animals from flying
with their owners after a surge of well

unconventional animals have made
headlines someone tried to fly with a
peacock ename remember Maria we’ve seen
pigs we’ve seen many horses at these new
rules past Maria only professionally

trained service dogs would be allowed to
fly with their owners I was on a flight
a month ago with a great dog my opinion
let him stay Maria but I’ll send it back
to you

of course let them stay this is not good
I don’t like it thank you ah gouache
this story is hogwash
it is something that’s trumped up by the
media we keep showing and yeah I’m
calling our cell I’m calling us out for

it we keep showing that video the
peacock in the airport that pick up
never got on a plane it’s a story that
is this is a story that’s being pushed
by the airlines because they want to
charge you money for bringing your

animal your dogs in carrying cases on
board and why not why not fat people
have to buy an extra seat no I have no
sympathy for this round trip on Delta

for example it is two hundred and fifty
dollars for the dog to stay in a crate
it is not that big of a problem you know
it’s a problem Real Housewives okay I

don’t want to hear that you’re gonna put
I’ve stopping the clip but thank you
Thank You US Department of
finally it really bothers me they also

know you get your assert I’ve seen
people with an emotional support dog in
at curry calm yes for all your emotion

he’s the one who hates the doorway this
was the we talked about on the last show

which was this and by the way if you
haven’t noticed they didn’t bomb
Colorado and blown up and there is no
revolution and they’ve been the that’s
the podcast we were harping on I think

that’s what the what the donor was
talking about that was why why am I
getting credit you did a better job of
but you’re right how can DC in Colorado
are still here I thought that we’d

connected the dots oh it’s next weekend
or is it this week another fine made-up
name the base which is a guy in Canada

and I guess they have a couple guys who
live in Georgia that are part of it but
let’s listen to the big the the base
story and this is this Catherine
Herridge who moved from the Foxes over

to CBS that oh my god so now she’s doing
craps she did pretty good stories on Fox
now she’s gonna do crap on CBS pretty
much here sort of discussing what
happened on Canadian Patrick Matthews
computer agents found a profanity-laced

video he taped declaring if you want the
white race to survive derail some effing
trains kill some people and poison some
water supplies Matthews and two
associates were arrested last week in an

FBI sweep of members of the neo-nazi
group the base
they discussed traveling to Monday’s gun
rights rally in Richmond to start a
full-blown Civil War US attorney Robert

Hurst said the men were doing more than
just talking about violence having built
an assault rifle and purchasing more
than three thousand rounds of ammunition
they packed food and supplies including

a gas mask intending to load the truck
quote for the war end quote in Virginia
three other alleged members of the base
were arrested last week in Northwest
Georgia at the group’s training camp

Catherine here at CBS News Washington so
sad so sad Catherine couple of things
was it al Qaeda didn’t that mean the
base yes that the base is in the

database yes it’s totally taken from the
al Qaeda it’s a derivative and it’s
clearly some Joker who set this up I
mean they arrested some guys in base the
medium medley I have here that someone

put together I don’t know where this one
came from you you have better you do a
better job of sourcing these things but
this is one of them this is before and
of course we had our podcast that we

played the common sense podcast had
discussed this and was gonna be you know
was gonna be the revolution was gonna
begin is happening was Jones Alex Jones
was there in an assault vehicle ready

ready to document all that was going to
happen and I told Sir deuce if I said
this is a dud man why are you wasting
your money going there it’s nothing’s

gonna happen in nothing happened
of course not let’s listen to the
netting ever happens but let’s listen to
the way was built up by the media this
is a bunch of clips put together in the
media medley of what was going to happen

this is pre weekend and there everyone’s
all in hoping for the best
thousands of gun rights activists white
nationalist militia groups all swarming

the Virginia state caps are a lot of
people nervous about what’s going to
happen authorities in Richmond around a
high alert polarization what may happen
in Virginia several hate groups
supposedly some white nationalist white

nationalist white nationalist white
nationalist white nationalist groups
white supremacist white supremacist
white supremacist white extremist this
entire rally stands in opposition to the
meaning of this day Virginia on the edge

how concerned are you that there might
be some people who’s proud that may want
to get violent certainly a lot of
concern here raising fears
dangerous confrontation that could be
violence there is real concern there

about what the intention is behind this
a lot of concern about the potential
violence of sparked violence tensions
high in Virginia they caused violence
there I’m clearly trying to avoid
another Charlottesville in

Charlottesville to see a repeat of what
we saw in 2017 in Charlotte so similar
to what we saw in Charlotte to be
worrying about a repeat of horrible 2017
Charlottesville disaster you look at
what happened in Charlottesville the two

sides clashed in Charlottesville men
walked through the Capitol in Virginia
carrying weapons of war many
demonstrators are in fact heavily armed
heavily heavily are heavily armed look
at the gear what is this all about

militia groups armed militia these
militia groups
all right malicious malicious Alysha
groups far-right extremist treatment
extremists look those threats which
caused the governor to call for a state
of emergency have simply not emerged the

police very clear in saying that they
have not had a single arrest during this
yes let’s top that real quick with the
Sandy Ocasio Cortez’s take with that

organizing challenges many of the
operating tenants that the United States
was founded on including racism but also

including the protection of capital over
human beings and you know another thing
that I’ve been really thinking and
sitting with today is that we there’s

this gun rights protest that’s happening
down in Richmond on MLK Day it was the
image that has struck with me the most

about that that’s actually really
disgusting with those two there see on
MLK Day really have you ever looked into
the history of the guy who apparently

killed Martin Luther King jr. or was it
government agencies but okay let’s just
say it’s so disgusting to to for people

to show there’s a protest protest gun
rights she said I mean like pro-second
amendment okay that’s happening got a
Richmond where

and what MLK Day on MLK Day but here’s
the image that has struck with me the
most about that is that when we go out
and march for the dignity and the
recognition of the lives of people like

Freddie gray and Eric garner the whole
place is surrounded by police in riot
gear without a gun in sight and here are
all of these people flying Confederate

flags with semi-automatic weapons and
there’s almost no police officers
obviously of course there were tons of

police officers everywhere
no Confederate flags no cops yeah that’s
everyone’s against you on MLK Day that
is that some of the most racist stuff

I’ve ever heard
really outrageously stupid
these people all this came up at the
dinner table this actually got me to

leave okay here we go this who exactly
was at the dinner we have to evident

names but just friends well I don’t
there was a couple I didn’t know I bet I
knew of and they’re rich local
celebrities let’s put it that way and
but I got this from the Lib Joan this

what bothers me because it’s like what
where’s the sheet that’s that’s
producing these talking points and I
decided and I did some work I decided
that it’s the New York Times hmm the New

York Times is responsible for all the
talking points and I think the New York
Times is responsible for what CNN
reports and it was all she and then it’s
a horrible bunch of anti-trump errs and
then the MSNBC Oh whole MSNBC just a

bunch of pay no pavement pounders for
the Democrats no they’re all getting
their cues from the New York Times and
The Washington Post is a secondary cue
provider they’re the backup

they’re like you did the CIA thing where
you plant a story than one point person
according to the New York Post at the
Washington the newer time to the
Washington Post and vice versa yes and
so they’re doing this and this is it but

it’s mostly the New York Times and
that’s when what they said they have
this recent editorial bout Trump not
being impeachable or something cuz I’m
very baffled by that but so I’m trying

this is the ugly just give me the quote
the reason we have to situate a bad
situation we have with them with the
medicines the high price of drugs and

the high cost of health care
his white supremacy you didn’t storm out
then you surely you asked for an

explanation before you left no no I
stormed out it was like wait a minute
but I said I heard the same thing from
the Lib Joe
he said all use white supremacy he

starts blaming white supremacists and I
and I’m looking at him he’s white by the
way everyone at the table
what is white supremacy thing came up at
Aaron’s nodding oh yeah no it’s a

privacy they’re all nodding they’re all
white so what is this what is this is
like self-loathing Jews it’s like what
is this white supremacy thing and so I

did make one question I said so you’re
telling me that the pharmacies are the
high price of drugs and everything is is
it is because of white supremacy yes or
try the white supremacists want to want

to suppress the you know the blacks they
wanna make it so the blacks can’t get
medical help and so I’m thinking I’m the
one paying these ridiculous prices these
damn white supremacist me they screw

over some black guy so he can’t get
medical care but you’re not you’re not
in the club you got to join the white
supremacist that’s where you get your
check apparently Wow so I heard that
again on this you dis little medley

white supremacist white surprise now
five years ago I never heard this term
no no it started it started crop up what
did these guys all of a sudden get all

their power Trump yes
it’s Christine a blur it started with
Charlotte started with Charlotte
Charlottesville Charlottesville yeah
in that on him unfairly you know find

people on both sides and boom that was
enough sadly it worked you know I think
you’re going to have to kill some people
there you gotta stop you can’t have them
kill themselves obvious with every white

sheet for the KKK free health care so

you have now we have people that are
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a few things to talk about this uh well
let’s talk about the coronavirus okay I
have a clip okay

it’s called coronavirus I guess hounds a
new virus that has killed nine people
and infected hundreds more in China has
now spread to the US a man in his 30s
from Washington State is the first

person in America
to be diagnosed with corona virus it’s
called the man returned to the Seattle
area last week from a trip to Wuhan
that’s the city in central China where
the outbreak began right now that

patient is in isolation in a hospital
north of Seattle our number one priority
is to complete the identification of all
the patients contacts reach out to the
contacts and monitor their health we

also want to make enhanced screening is
already in place at three US airports
with two more being added this week our
doctor Tara Narula is here at the table
with more on this story you hear about

it you see the mask it’s very disturbing
how worried should we be yeah and what
is it exactly so this is a form of a
corona virus we’ve known about corner
viruses before this is a new strain this
is a virus that’s found worldwide it

causes typically a mild or moderate
respiratory illness but it can be more
severe we saw that with stars and MERS
which are also forms of coronavirus so
certainly the CDC is recommending that

we be cautious about this that we’d be
proactive because it is the new strain
it’s contagious so interestingly they
think it does circulate in animals and
occasionally can make the jump from

animals to humans which is what they
think happened in this case because the
initial cases
we’re surrounding an area a market a
seafood animal market in the wuhan area
and there so they think that it started
in animals who’s transmitted to humans

and now they’re saying that in fact it
is spread between human to humans yes
every report is kind of similar we’ve
seen this the fear-mongering hasn’t
quite reached any peak yet I feel it

will start to build because it’s a great
thing you can cut away from the
impeachment to have a breaking news
alert oh my god hazmat suits everything
very very scary I did get a

boots-on-the-ground report from
as we have people there let me just grab
it here whereas my boots on the ground

report darn it
looking for that I just mentioned
something that’s left out of the reports
I don’t know maybe something you would
you could play with which is that

coronavirus is really a virus that
affects animals mm-hmm namely dogs and
they kind of go out of their way I love

these dog kennels we’ll have a breakout
of a certain Corona kills all the dogs
and it sometimes jumps from the dogs
from dogs to people yes and now it seems
to be jumping from people to people I

have my report well once it gets to
people it can go from people to people
so there’s noise it’s going to it’s
going to I’m not if you recall I
contracted SARS you remember that in San
Francisco yes I don’t remember it you

can’t say yeah how can you not remember
it I was sick for like five days and
they even did the show yeah but when you
do the show you can be sick as a dog in
who would know yeah I survived it you

know the thing is people who are a
little bit weaker when you get
respiratory illness you can get lung
pneumonia pneumonia pneumonia and and

that’s what kills people this is from
producer Aslan Oh as it happens I am
currently in Wuhan China I even had to
go to the hospital in the beginning of

January just as reports of the virus
started that was quite the experience my
wife thought it was much nicer than in
Ukraine though I cracked some ribs this
is our producer I cracked some ribs
ziplining in Thailand over the holidays

had to get it checked as it was hurting
more than it should no damage but the
hospital has everyone stacked together
waiting for two CT scans we had to walk
through merck through an emergency ward

and wait and with the very sick standing
all together kind of like in a subway
the conditions are right for mass spread
of any disease and the habits here do
not help it is commonplace in China took

off without covering your mouth they
will walk down the street they being
Chinese they will walk down the street
in the grocery store subway anywhere and
just cough on everything they coughed so

much and so hard it’s common to have
phlegm come up
this of course is yes this of course is
just spat out right then and there on
the floor on the street or even beside

the table at the restaurant in
restaurants bones or other undesirable
things are just spat out right there on
the table not in a napkin on a dish on
the table I really don’t think the

washcloths they used to clean the table
as any bleach or anything other than
disease from all the tables Wuhan has
about 11 million people it’s on the
confluence of the Yangtze and the Han

rivers they call it the Chicago of China
but I consider it to be closer to
Detroit this city has the largest French
investment in China with Renault being a
huge influence auto manufacturing steel

and other heavy industry is very
prevalent here it’s about to have the
world’s largest memory fab semiconductor
industry becoming a big player here
although it is half the size of Shanghai
it has a larger area of about a hundred

square thousand square miles I can tell
you since I live in both cities Wuhan is
huge my clients are scanning for fever
as you enter if you’re okay you get a

daily color-coded health health smiley
sticker my main client had an employee
come down with the virus we were advised

not to come on-site due to the health
and safety concerns my company is now
shipping the local employees surgical
masks because you can’t get any here the
Lunar New Year holiday which is coming
up is akin to our Christmas and New Year

break most people will travel back to
their hometowns to spend it with their
parents and relatives many Chinese have
moved all over the countries have better
jobs the estimate one billion trips will
be made over this holiday season I’m

adding to it as well as I’m going back
to Shanghai on the first Thursday of the
week and then off to Japan for some
skiing after the ziplining in Thailand
what else and I got a follow-up email

from him he just got out before they
closed the entire city down and
regarding that an article from nature
magazine from 2017 to February 2017

inside this is the article and reading
from it inside the Chinese lab poised to
study world’s most dangerous pathogens

and guess what they study there I don’t
have to tell you do I come on
coronavirus so all this
it was the market and maybe it was but
it seems like something may have gotten

out one of the workers may have been
I am not too worried all of these things
if people die yes I’m sure we’ll have
hundreds of people die people die from

flu people die from all kinds of
diseases thousand flu deaths a year
usually yeah and it’s not from the flu
it’s from pneumonia
however pay attention to the m5m this
report I think is is important because

in the context of the us-china relations
their stock market value this is rather
significant a new viable outbreak from

China is spreading around the world
countries like the US Japan and Thailand
have confirmed cases and on Wednesday a
Chinese health official has said the

virus is adapting and mutating so what
exactly do we know about this flu-like
virus health officials now say it can be
passed from person to person so far

hundreds of cases have been confirmed
and several people have died symptoms
include fever coughing and difficulty
breathing and can lead to pneumonia the

exact origin is unknown though Chinese
officials that linked the outbreak to a
seafood market in the city of Wuhan all
of the deaths so far have been in that

central Chinese city it’s also home to a
Foxconn plant which is a key supplier to
Apple and it’s hosting Olympic
qualifiers for women’s soccer next month
things to look out for next will be what

happens over Chinese New Year
and whether fear takes its toll on the
global economy millions of people are
preparing to travel around China and
abroad for the New Year celebrations

raising the risk of a wider contagion
fear of a pandemic has also sent chills
through the markets investors are
comparing it to China’s 2003 SARS

outbreak that killed nearly 800 people
and by some estimates caused 40 billion
dollars in global economic losses
aviation and luxury goods stocks have

already been hit particularly hard the
concerns that could deter Chinese
consumers from traveling or shopping so
that you’re all ready the Chinese on

their on their social media are saying
wow this is clearly the Americans they
planted a virus to bring us down I’d
love that you’re just as conspiratorial
as we are my favorite though is the

patent for coronavirus which is patent
number ten one three oh seven oh one
issued november 20th 2018 for a firm
that researches this in the united

kingdom I really don’t think that this
is some biological weapon that the
government has released all I would say
is you know make sure if you get the

virus you get the patented one you don’t
want to knock off from China you want
the actual coronavirus so you can be
cool with everybody else and look for
the hazmat suits everywhere it’s gonna
be great and it’s not gonna be a big

deal except on the m5m a great break
away story for the impeachment because
you know it’ll get us all excited about
something gotta do something yeah so I’m
so that’s I don’t think this just much

to be worried about at all
yes the vape war has been following this

for probably a year now we went through
another story that came and went
remember we were all going to die from

vaping turned out about I think 1520
people died because they had some bad
THC cartridges this however was used
immediately by the tobacco industry to

kill off even more of the vaping
industry got the president involved got
the first lady involved for this total
hoax trying to make it look like the THC

deaths were related to vaping just
vaping liquids or vaping nicotine which
it wasn’t I think we deconstructed that
and of course it is also intended to

bring in the I cross the IQ OS a
smokeless tobacco product but
interestingly the CDC is now stepping
back from their broad recommendation to

refrain from as The Wall Street Journal
Etha Guerette s– has moved the agency
removed from its website guidance that

people should stop vaping if they were
concerned about the illness and this
comes from a conversation that was
overheard as reported by Rolling Stone
magazine during an oval office call on

speakerphone the president expressed
regret for getting personally involved
in the issue quote I should have never
done that fucking vaping thing Thank You

president at least you turned it around
and he actually gave according to Axios
gave a lot of crap to on Zara’s his his
Health and Human Services Secretary who

I think was in on it I think was in on
this whole deal to screw vapours and to
help the tobacco industry and I am this
is I’m actually personally affected by

this and I’m happy
the president is turning all this bull
crap back and pretty quickly to it only
a year of this and
see although the damage maybe it’s over
extremely permanent yeah another way

that mainstream media can distract us
from the impeachment mm-hmm and let’s
get the update on this because this is

getting pretty good and I think this is
gonna end up not the way people hope
this is the Weinstein update on CBS
today was a milestone moment for the me2
movement as the first witness took the
stand in the New York trial of Harvey

Weinstein in a surprise move Weinstein’s
lawyers revealed they would use the
accusers own words against them Jericka
Duncan was in the courtroom this graced
media mogul Harvey Weinstein recovering

from a recent back surgery stumbled as
he entered the courthouse today at the
heart of this case to allegations that
Weinstein raped an aspiring actress in a

Manhattan hotel room in 2013 and an
allegation he sexually assaulted a
different woman in his Manhattan
apartment in 2006 prosecutor Megan Haas
didn’t mince words telling seven male

and five female jurors he referring to
Weinstein was not just a Titan in
Hollywood he was the rapists defense
attorney Danish sharona’s countered with
his own plan of attack citing the

hundreds of emails texts and notes sent
from the alleged rape victim that he
says demonstrates a loving relationship
phone notes that described Weinstein as
a casual boyfriend and emails to

Weinstein one that read I love you I
always do but I hate feeling like a
booty call it’s signed with a smiley
face Annabella skier is expected to
testify tomorrow now The Sopranos

actress alleges Weinstein raped her in
the 90s and she did not report it to
authorities overall this trial is
scheduled to last at least another four
weeks Norah

it’ll be fun these big nas he’s what
he’s getting he’s only getting off but
let me to mention something if anyone
gets a shot at this view if you get
over-the-air television you’ll find a

sub channel called Court TV and it’s
it’s the old original court TV from Fox
which they took off the other
had that horrible woman they got rid of
her and put us a really crap group of

people together hmm all lawyers a couple
of very attractive women and they go
over these cases with a fine-tooth comb

with a lot of experts and it’s
fascinating it’s absolutely fascinating
the court TV and if you will start
watching Court TV you’re gonna be
stunned by it is so good but they have
discussed this case and that one of the

things they brought up is Gweneth
Paltrow so I guess she made a deposition
this is just gonna be used against the
whole thing the deposition essentially
went like this

Gweneth says that yeah Harvey inviting
me up to his bedroom and I went up to
the hotel room and he asked his unit
came out with a robe and he said would

you like to give me a massage and
gwennyth then said no I wouldn’t as I’m
not interested goodbye I’m out of here
and she just left now that is going to
be used to get what all she do what you

just said no this is gonna be used
against everybody I mean boo this is
like a perfect you know why didn’t you
do that yeah this is this guy’s getting
off I think so too

there was some interesting extra court
documents then I don’t know which woman
it was who testified but Nate was the
first one and she had you know she’d had
an ongoing relationship and then and by

the way it’s rape happens in
relationships and it then it’s still
it’s still not it’s still illegal you
can’t just rape someone but the salient
detail was that she went into the

bathroom and found a syringe with an
erection drug
I did not know this existed you shoot it
into your pecker and then oh my god

I am yeah I know somebody that actually
used that product once what’s it called
I can’t remember but it’s not like this
much there’s not much to it’s really a

little it’s like a pinprick thing and
you end up with this direction that just
doesn’t go away and you end everybody
around the apartment for hours and this

is one of your friends was at the lunch
no this guy was a white supremacist so
it was awkward okay gotcha yeah that

that’s been discussed that product I
can’t remember the name of it but yeah
that’s crazy
well anyway so this guy’s it’s now for
sale at the info war shop though I think

Infowars they have the best version yes
they do
yeah the other story that I think is
going to get is get someplace I

personally think it’s a great story
because it brings up a lot of OTG issues
who love it well this is the vaso Saudi
hack story and I have the CBS version

bezos’s phone was hacked possibly by the
Saudi Crown Prince Jeff PJs on a motive
and what’s in a new forensic
investigation commissioned by Bezos
according to the report Amazon

billionaire Jeff Bezos and Saudi Crown
Prince Mohammed bin Salman had exchanged
messages on whatsapp before but the
message sent in May of 2018 set in
motion a wild chain of events the UN

says an mp4 video file sent from a
whatsapp account used by the Crown
infected baseless phone and caused a
massive and unprecedented exfiltration

of data the flow of information out of
the Washington Post owners phone jumped
by 29,000 percent and he would soon get
messages from the account signaling that
he was being spied on the Saudis weren’t

happy with the Washington Post coverage
of the kingdom and
columnist Jamal khashoggi a critic of
the regime five months after baseless
phone was hacked

Jamal khashoggi was killed inside the
Saudi consulate in Istanbul for which
the Saudis ultimately took
responsibility on 60 minutes did you
order murder and Amal khashoggi this was
a heinous crime I can tell but I take

full responsibility as a leader inside
especially since it was committed by
individuals working for the Saudi
government one month after the killing
another message from the account of bin

Salman included a photo of a woman
resembling Lauren Sanchez whom Bezos was
secretly having an affair with soon
after the National Enquirer broke the
story of bezos’s affair and Bezos blame

the Saudis cold today the Saudi foreign
minister denied his government’s
involvement in hacking bezos’s phone
I think upset is exactly the right word
the idea that the conference would hack

Jeff Bezos phone is absolutely silly and
Jeff joins us here what do we know about
how someone would gain access to Bezos
his phone so this was spyware and we’re
told that Bezos didn’t even have to

click on it for it to sweep up his
information I can get your passwords
text messages even have access to your
phone and so now the UN is calling for
the u.s. to investigate the FBI though

is not commenting yeah I see this as a
orange man bad story I think I don’t
okay I see the story as a BS story to
start with I mean there’s so many

screwball questions that need to be
asked which is including the first of
all let’s start with the phone these
phones and the permissions you give for
almost any app all the permissions you

give for almost any app include all your
data includes all your your phone listed
it basically lets you they say you we
can hack your phone so any app that you

have on your phone can do what was done
to Jeff Bezos his phone you have to
agree with that I mean you’ve seen these
lists of you know what we’re giving sure
permission to when you put any olap on

No now do we don’t know if it was
Android or iPhone we don’t know this
well we know it was probably Andrews as
Bezos has it you know the fire phone and
some they have a lot of licenses I

what’s the good point it would be nice
to know but but just just to step back
for a second why is nobody looking at
Facebook why wouldn’t this easily be
Facebook spying on bees oh so they they

own what’s that
they could easily be it could easily be
Facebook but did bring this also brings
up a lot of other questions this took
place five months before the killing

why would khashoggi and Bezos be
exchanging notes and pictures on what’s
app in the first place
let’s make any sense as you’ve seen in

the impeachment trial a lot of shady
characters use what’s app or as know
when the lawyer said what what’s up or
not what’s up why is Bezos

and the saudi prince this guy the
why are they what when did they become

buddies well the story goes that they
met at some function and exchanged phone
numbers and then the saudi prince or his
account sent a piece of malware maybe

disguised as a video it was probably
some kind of executable if it happened
that way i don’t know i always brings up
another question according to BAE’s add

up agaist he says at the end you don’t
even have to execute the program hmm
okay how’s that work nah it ain’t gonna

nah it’s bullcrap that’s why I said I
think it’s an orange man bad story Saudi
Arabia and Trump that’s don’t you
remember Khashoggi was almost literally

killed by Trump yeah it’s a stretch but
you could be right and trumpets got a
beef with Bezos and Bezos okay this
brings a couple of other points I want

to get out of the way how much how much
nude photos and crazy stuff does Bezos
keep on his phone and why would anybody
keep that kind of stuff on their phone
seems kind of risky are you confusing a

rich person with someone who’s smart
those two don’t necessarily go together
they threw out that they threw out an
extra little ditty which I unfortunately

this is the one opportunity where they’d
be nice that video for this show even
though it’s normally negative the big s
pj says that
does prince sent a picture of a woman –

that looked a lot like Lauren Lauren
Sanchez which is the woman that Basil’s
having the affair with or he used the
word resembling and on the video they

showed the picture this woman looked
nothing like Laura Sanchez at all unless
it may be when she was 14 they just
throw this picture of this woman up they

don’t throw a lot of pictures of naked
Bezos or anything like that but somehow
they got ahold of this one picture there
Johnny I’m gonna tell you here’s the
story I feel the m5m will cook up if

this thing is even real or not doesn’t
this was all meant as an attack on the
war on Bezos Washington Post by Trump
through his proxy as MBs all of the

smells of orange man bad it hasn’t
surfaced yet but I’m just waiting for it
to show up
well the whole story stinks while city

reporting the haze but Pegasus one of my
favorite reporters because he well
besides that he has he does a thorough
job but when he drops the ball with you

didn’t even have to execute a program to
make this thing take over your your
phone that’s nonsense
yeah I mean there are types of worms and
things that can do this sort of thing

but that that doesn’t require anything
pretty much it just kind of gets through
the network but to send that program
specifically and then specifically say
that that program which caused the

problem never had to be executed that is
very sketchy and it seems to me that PJs
would have at least explained this a
little bit I think he was just given
this story here read this you know and

he didn’t do any reporting at all you
need to ask the tech guy
anyway I just find that story to be

dubious well since you brought an OTG no
jingles I just wanted to bring up one
story a recent trend which is again
baffling to me the which character are
you trend now you haven’t seen this

although you do you do stalk people on
Instagram from time to time a new filter
has been created now it says it’s been
created by just a user of Instagram but

I’m going to place questions around that
it is the what character are you and and
if you go on Instagram you will see
thousands of people just their face
staring into the camera and above them

is a little box ago and it’ll show you
which Disney kits a totally random it’ll
show you which Disney character you are
or you know that all these different

variations meanwhile people are giving a
beautifully accurate close-up picture of
themselves to Instagram and no one seems
to see seems to understand what they’re

doing it’s it’s really baffling first of
all that anyone would care about that
some random generator that says oh you
look like Daffy Duck okay but they stare

in the camera for 10 seconds now this
thing is Berger going above their head I
mean this is face recognition of course
is for face recognition people yes it’s
very very disturbing yet off this stuff

please this is Ruth
I think a lot of you know I read a lot
of comments about people kind of
realizing that this is going on but they

can’t resist doing it anyway
yeah it’s very it’s addiction it’s um
it’s a definite addiction okay I was of
course wrong about the Titans I would

like to give you the winner of the Super
Bowl I’m going to call the winner now
and I would like to tell you why okay
they will just back up for people that
weren’t listening to the show there was

the playoff games and Adam thought the
Titans were gonna win everything and it
was they lost right away in the Super
Bowl but now we’re gonna base it on some

of our more political law yes – okay and
I thank the other Adam for helping me
out with this producer Adam the Chiefs

calling the Chiefs and here’s why
awareness to racist team names will have
the tomahawk the Tonto chants all that

stuff Kansas City crowd is going to be
painted as derogatory and racist and
therefore finally we will see teams
changing their names from you know the

Redskins the Chiefs the Indians will all
have to it’ll bring up the conversation
it’s best to have the Kansas City Chiefs
win so we can once and for all get rid
of all these racist sports team names
okay well I will take the other team

then and I’m with a rationale it’ll be
the San Francisco 49ers because of the
poop so you know what happens when they
win is they go wreck the city the only

way to get the poop cleaned up now and
that you will still have the same effect
you say well the Chiefs lost because of
the bad karma for using an Indian as a

as a mascot through fur okay I like that
I’m still gonna stick with the Chiefs
but I do like your thinking because they
can’t lose with that they can always go
for that but I’m going with the poop and
the Niners not my Rico so you’re going

with poop I’m going with racism perfect
okay and that is stuff you can take clip
I want to get out of it cuz it expires
okay this clip expires is for people who

want to get buy stuff in an auction this
is the Sinatra auctions coming up in New
Jersey people should go and buy buy
stuff and maybe sense of it to the no

agenda folks myself and Adam included if
you’ve ever imagined yourself living the
lavish life of a super celebrity like
say Frank Sinatra a little piece of that
dream could soon become a reality you

actually have a chance as the public to
own something that Frank Sinatra sat on
were slept on
but enough about enough about Mia Farrow
Swedesboro New Jersey recently purchased

the contents of Frank Sinatra’s
executive suite at the former Golden
Nugget Casino in Atlantic City and this
Sunday it’s all up for sale it’s an
English canape bar it’s solid mahogany

some of the
items were shortly used by Sinatra to
entertain his famous friends others like
these marble commodes with golden seats
are flush with Hollywood opulence these
commodes would probably have cost

somewhere around twenty to thirty
thousand dollars when they were new
casino mogul Steve Wynn’s Direction
items from around the world furnish
Sinatra’s enormous 1980 suite some of
those can be had for as few as $100 or

less others like this Ferdinand burr
toad clock could fetch hundreds of
thousands of dollars the clock is one of
mounted in bronze with an ebony case
personally I’m a huge fan of Frank

Sinatra dominate camera audio along with
his father and grandfather are three
generations in the high-end auction
business this is one of their favorite
collections the pieces that we acquired

are very awesome check it out yourself
at a preview Friday before the auction
on Sunday in Swedesboro New Jersey
cleaver eyen cbs3 Eyewitness News yes
I’m glad that you want more stuff I look

just look at that bar they had in there
I didn’t you know when I guess I really
knew how to treat because his headliners
right build a whole suite for him

all right everybody that is our
deconstruction for today and in honor of
the incredibly long boring television
show known as the impeachment we have
only one end of show mix it’s long it’s

an honor of the impeachment but it is
Sir Chris Wilson who has taken the
impeachment pie the day the impeachment
was signed to a new level so be the only

end of show song that it is absolute
piece of art you will love the lyrics
let’s see coming up on no agenda

streamcon right after we’re done hog
it’ll be the sukkah bag episode be on
the lookout for that and we of course
will return on the second Thursday of
the week which some call a Sunday where

we will deconstruct the most latest news
whatever’s going on we watch so you
don’t have to and I am coming to you
from opportunity Zone 33 here in the

frontier of Austin Texas it is FEMA
region number six on the governmental
maps if you’re looking for us in the
morning everybody hi madam Curie and
room northern Silicon Valley where I’m
staying out in Chinatown I’m John C

Dvorak we return on Sunday right here on
no agenda be good to each other until
next time adios mofos and such
on December 18th a House of

Representatives impeached the President
of the United States an impeachment that
will last forever so apparently what you
want is some nursery rhyme or some

little little little jig that will talk
about Nancy Pelosi the great Nancy who
impeached the President on December 18th
that schoolchildren will recite in the

future this moment will be remembered
and it will be remembered for something
she did and I think it will go down in
history and someone has to make a jig
about this or some kind of song I’m

looking at you Chris Wilson shit okay
let’s do this bah bah but it would be

you if I had the chance in between his
incoherent rants maybe in a long shot
did resign

whose report made me shiver with every
finding it delivered conviction was
elusive the evidence inconclusive I

can’t remember if I cried when the
Ukraine call leaked from inside my hand
those pens with pride the day the

impeachment was signed
bye-bye to the orange bag God took my

letter to the Senate custard president
from Ukraine where bride singing this is

the impeachment I signed this is the
impeachment I sign did you write
and when you make

but what we’ll see
do you believe that he stole the
election last

Oh think Leah
then she had the popular vote
in love with him and our futures looking

we won’t take the abuse a pushing
so we rarely doll to instruct woman agra

hats in their pickup trucks are you I
would resist we much the day
each went was sign we started singing

my letter to the Senate is the press
good old boys

singing this is the impeachment I sign
this is the impeachment I sign
put me

but Rochester
and apology
and engagement filing from Al Green to
Congress back in 17 said the time for

how it’s gonna be

recruiters henchmen
inquiry engine
the runs across Trump Tower and FISA

Court Horace
was signed but they were singing
who’s the prince

the impeachment I say this is the
feature in our side

with the stormy cheetah an island hop
Alicia the blackboard man
locked inside

for many he died

three they tried to plan but droning son
guide for my ran destruction of the way

sign approved by all for Christmas time

wait for Mom
the day the impeachment was signed

this is the impeachment I sign
the beach when I saw

oh then we were
generation of inch beam right
you stand down

where there must
ministers and ours in drag too
this orange world

oh and as we watched him on the stage
our hands were clenched in fists of rage
the bubbles in his mouth

there’s a plane
night auntie bouquet
to pick up

the fascists and
each month was signed
when we were singing

I’ve seen this is the impeachment I sign

each what I saw
America would progressive use we

broadcast on the
but she just yelled and wild away
went down to the white a stone

bother students he’s before
man said invite-only go away
I didn’t the straight the Liberals

screamed the snowflakes fine you to
restrain attendance numbers token
the cameras all work
so cover-up and pride home

fine said richest ghost who’s if they do
we’ll all be tossed the day
the impeachment was signed

the orange bad guy took my letter to
the Senate coastal president lies bingo

boys from Ukraine
this is the impeachment our son
this is the penis size to the orange bag

God took my letter to the Senate cooks

the president lied then dude old boys
from Ukraine were brought singing theses
the impeachment I signed

I’m great however I want me to write
something about cutting your nuts off
for an org slash and