No Agenda Episode 1211: “Pale Male”

hey old lady

you have lots of shiners there man
they’re all on the other side of the bay
by the poop I can’t quite decide what
the what’s better to start with with a

shorter boring television show known as
the the president’s defense in the
impeachment trial still boring they just
made it only three hours thank you

that was better or do we start with the
obvious big news which is the Wuhan
well the boring thing with violation of

1211-transcript‘,’0:01:16’)” href=”javascript:void(0);”>our rules we don’t want boring we wants
to ruin virus there you go we got
jingles nothing like a little of my

corona virus that’s beautiful I have the
I have two clips yes I have the ABC
Corona update and which is a little long

but we can play that and then we can
play the Corona on PBS
probably they kind of downplay it and
which is in fact they fall into your way
of thinking at the very end

let’s hit ABC first tonight concern
growing in the United States officials
saying they expect more people will
contract the dangerous new disease
passengers on flights to Boston wearing
face masks everybody is wearing the mask

because they are afraid of getting
infected by other people in Seattle
Chicago in Los Angeles reports that
stores are running out of supplies of
masks two cases currently confirmed in

Chicago a woman in her 60s she had cold
like symptoms shortness of breath fever
and many times who would present just
like a cold just the type of cold or flu

outside Seattle a man in his 30s at
least 63 people are now being tested for
the respiratory illness in 22 states
including three possible cases in New
York symptoms include fever dry cough

and shortness of breath
tonight hospitals on high alert
dr. Jennifer Ashton visited New York
City’s Health and Hospitals Bellevue so
this is the negative pressure room here

at the hospital where a patient with
corona virus would be cared for by
specially trained medical personnel
today showed her precautions they would
need to take how prepared are you and
your staff to receive a patient who may

have corona virus we’re prepared to take
that patient now our radars always set
high so we can screen these patients so
we can stop it from infecting other
people and the public
Wow this is ABC News with a minute and a

half of completely information free a
news report there was nothing in there
nothing different than any of their

reports I mean they could have at least
you know done the bat stuff they could
have thrown that in it could have done a
lot of different things but now this is
just about oh yeah it’s well it shows up
is the only reason in the m5m that I

haven’t seen anyone report seriously
report on the the bio lab yes this is
well I do have something but it’s I
don’t want to I guess we could switch to

it let’s just we do the PBS thing if you
want but I got a I had two clips here
that’ll they kind of bring the whole
thing to to to a head okay okay let’s
find it here Dave Hodges our buddy

from the common sense show comes on cue
coronavirus one what the Hong Kong man
say dr. Guan he’s a virologist
he said China is doing it all wrong they

haven’t taken the steps they needed but
he doesn’t know that any nation will
take the steps they need and he says
I’ve covered this forever forever and
I’ve never been scared until now so

here’s a guy has made a life work out of
studying this and he said this is the
first time it’s ever frightened him and
he’s really frightened he said this
could sweep the globe into unbelievable
damage she said this particular strain

in his professional opinion is ten times
more lethal than SARS Oh doesn’t the
reason why I say this is bioengineering

everything speaks to this do you think
maybe we should take this guy’s threat
seriously it answers a lot of problems
for the deep state doesn’t it this is
one hell of a distraction from the crane

act and were asthma it truly is yeah I
would say the timing is a little suspect
wouldn’t you and I’ve said this before
too this comes out of the Chinese
equivalent of Fort Dietrich how many

coincidences do you want to buy
right now I think dr. Guan is right we
need to not panic but we need to take
steps to protect ourselves so please

take those steps we’ve talked about on
here also to pay attention to what the
health experts are saying do not pay
attention with the news is because
they’re going to underreport government
statements because the government

doesn’t want you to panic and still
they’re gonna underestimate the problem
and in fact they’re gonna lie to you
don’t worry the info war store has all
kinds of stuff that’ll so Dave to the

next level though in part two kind of
tells you what we need to be thinking
about yeah got it very well may be and
we’re gonna talk about that here on the

common sense show my name is Dan Hodges
I’m the host and you got to be prepared
to be hunkered down martial law yeah
could be a possibility here with what’s
coming so what I want you to do is to
prep like you’re gonna be in martial law

you can’t go out of your home I don’t
mean travel dust the dog her whew I mean
total shut-in
you may go nowhere and that is one of
the provisions I’ve reported on earlier

that was a recommendation I was allowed
to report on that went from acting FEMA
director Gaynor to president Trump was
the I was allowed to report on

somebody’s just eating him yes he was
allowed really okay all right I have
some thoughts about this what is I want

what is this other report this this
wuhan report is that something we want
to play oh yeah this is definitely one
of the better ones is a wuhan report

freaked out tonight at the epicenter of
the Karuna virus outbreak Redmond who
has this from Tomy where is this from
you’re not gonna believe with words from
us from ABC what oh my goodness this is

what I expect from ABC go tonight at the
epicenter of the corona virus outbreak
the crisis is escalating dozens of
workers in Wuhan with heavy machinery

racing again
time to build a brand new thousand bed
hospital in just 10 days and now a
second 1,300 bed facility in the next 15
the space desperately needed hospitals

teaming with patients and staff
stretched thin in China alone there are
now more than 1,400 cases and at least
42 deaths I gotta fix this guy’s this

guy’s report this is not working out
uh Missy he’s reading it the right way
but he doesn’t have all the elements

let’s see it see we can help me there’s
more than 400 medics who worked on SARS
and Ebola deployed to help with the
rapidly growing emergency who Han and 16

other cities in a travel lockdown that’s
a total of 50 million people ordered to
stay in place that’s the population of
the states of New York and Texas

combined the US government’s evacuating
the majority of consulate employees and
families from Wuhan and is reportedly
working on a charter flight to get all
remaining Americans out to trim cabin

fever especially the players here it’s
the Chinese Lunar New Year the country’s
biggest holiday have gathered here to
pray for good luck in the year of the

rat the people who also be warned about
gathering in large places like this and
so most people here are wearing these
kind of protective masks the list of
cases outside mainland China also

growing with more than 35 cases in 13
countries or territories including
we are all going to die there might not
be ABC buddy got much better with the

music it was a lot better with the music
and I think you should be producing news
for the networks we played all these
clips from also playing the PBS one

which has the kicker at the end which I
think was just kind of like a deflator
that was worth listening to China’s
President Xi Jinping warned of a quote
accelerating spread of the coronavirus
today and called the situation grave

forty-two people have died and the virus
has infected more than 1200 others since
the outbreak began in the central
Chinese city of Lu Han at least 48
million people in China are now in a

lockdown that includes a travel ban
covering 15 cities festivals and events
marking today’s Lunar New Year are
canceled Hong Kong ordered schools
closed through mid-february 10 other

countries including the United States
have confirmed cases of the corona virus
which causes symptoms ranging from cold
and flu to pneumonia which can be fatal
so far those cases that have reached

other countries are linked back to Wuhan
so in terms of person-to-person
transmission outside of China we have
not seen that yet and there are I always
like to put this in perspective there

are viruses in this country right now
such as the flu that pose a much much
bigger threat yes exactly
well that’s interesting PBS is the only
one that got a little bit of what I

think is real information everyone else
loves to do this we’re all gonna die we
got pressurized rooms we got one in
Texas A&M we got people over here people

are there I have tried to collect facts
now that show has been through a couple
of these incidents in fact the last one
we had was they even got a jingle for

itself let me see here it is
yeah well we spotted that one a mile
away that came out of Mexico for some

reason yeah then you had SARS you had
the h1n1 and there is some some
interesting facts about this particular
virus which is its are not value are not

as in r0 but for some reason they
pronounce it are not as a not zero no
not is over two which means one person
will infect at least two people and that

means it has virality it’s gone viral
which is good that a lot propagated all
over the world
apparently the incubation period is two
weeks so we have no idea could be

everywhere the people who have died so
far are mainly elderly and because you
don’t die of the virus you die of
pneumonia resulting from the virus very

similar to a flu so in that regard PBS
is right the the sanitary and hospital
situation particularly in Wuhan as we

know from our boots on the ground
reporting is very poor people sick
people huddled together in hallway
similar to a subway I guess like a
really packed subway people are just not

hygienic at all when it comes to
speeding on the speeding everywhere it’s
just part of Chinese culture nice
culture but what but what no one has
really focused on by the way if if one

person can affect to which means two out
of every ten which Democratic candidate
do you think you will go down just

saying one of them’s got to get it and
they’re all kind of old so that could be
interesting to watch but what no one
really in the mainstream has taken a
good look at is the economic effect and
that’s what I find interesting in

particular this Wuhan is our producer
told us on last show is very much like
but people say it’s the Chicago of China
our producer said it’s more like the

Detroit of China and I think our
producer with boots on the grounds a
little close
to the rete to the fact is a reality of
what Wuhan is this is report from
Chinese see and a television it may take
quite some time before we know the full

economic impact of the one virus but the
disruption is likely to dent China’s
economy now that’s because Wuhan is a
major transport hub in recent years has
become a symbol of capitalism in central

China with international automakers such
as Honda and General Motors building
cars there
in fact reports say that more than 300
of the world’s top 500 companies have a

presence in one local going to show big
GDP growth was 7.8 percent last year and
as that is 1.7 percentage points higher

than the national average
Rohan’s economic strength last year came
as its total value of imports and
exports hit a record high
it was 13.7 percent higher than in 2018

and it accounted for almost 62 percent
of Hebei provinces overall foreign trade
value not an unimportant city which has
now been effectively shut down no one in

or out Walmart has stuff packaged up
there and the shipped over Kentucky
Fried Chicken Burger King this is a
this.d I guess Detroit sounds a little

fair to me cuz I’ll steel steel industry
stuff cars a lot of cars this is this is
quite an important deal economically
speaking I think that this this was

floating around
it wasn’t handled properly the Chinese
you know in the past certainly with SARS
you know just haven’t handled these

things properly they get in too late
they don’t they’re not really
transparent before you know what this is
out because the commissioners are all
fearful because they can get executed
forgiving you know getting not doing a

good job well of course they lie the
system does not promote honesty however
having just because you know the timing
I liked our buddy Dave there with all

the timing yeah this will distract from
the from the impeachment hearing I think
I predicted by the
way that this would be that they would
interrupt impeachment proceedings or in

every break that do something about the
Wuhan coronavirus I think that’s kind of
true that came out but is that really
the thing that’s coincidental or is it

more coincidental that we just signed
phase one of the China trade agreement
and perhaps what is happening is
President G is overcompensating because

he’s deathly afraid of what this will do
to the Chinese economy already rumored
to be in trouble you never really know
where the Chinese rumored to be in

trouble there’s secondary loans that
seem to be falling apart the iou
financial system which is just all
pieces of paper shuttled back and forth
and now you have all these factories

which already were going to be somewhat
understaffed because of the Chinese New
Year but that just may not be any
product going out and I think Qi was

worried that it still may be worried
that Trump would say you know what ah I
got some leverage here how about if we
stop all containers from China just just
in case you know we don’t want some guy

where they’re sneezing into the Walmart
cereal aisle and then all of a sudden
that comes over you we should just stop
the Trump was interviewed in Davos at by
CNBC and later from that this was a very

good interview all about economics and
quote-unquote his great economy but the
first question off the bat was an
economic question about this Wathan

virus it’s great to see thank you for
joining us again in Davos we’ve done
this before right think was a couple of
years ago before we get started with
with we’re gonna talk about the economy

a lot of other things a the CDC has
identified a case of coronavirus in
Washington State the Wu Han strain of
this if you remember SARS that affected

GDP travel related effects do you have
you been briefed by the CDC you have the
words about a pandemic at this point oh

we’re not at all and where we have it
totally under control
it’s one person coming in from China and
we have it under control it’s gonna be
just fine okay President Xi there’s just

some some talk in China that that maybe
the transparency isn’t everything that
it’s it’s going to be do you trust that
we’re gonna know everything we need to
know from China I do I do I have a great
relationship with President Xi we just

signed probably the biggest deal ever
made that seems it certainly has the
potential to be the biggest deal ever
made and it was very interesting for a
time let’s get it without it done and no

I do I think the relationship is very
very good so the president has no issue
at all is not worried I think he’s
really signaling disease does gee saying
you know and to see the same with tweets

okay you’re doing the right thing but I
think he’s holding this over his head so
hard and no one is talking about the
millions of Chinese in Africa you wanna
see wanna see virus spread introduce

some crap into Africa and that’s I think
where the Chinese will see their biggest
problem if this virus really pans out if
everything they say is true that could
cause great issues it’s their whole belt

and road strategy the no belt 15 roads a
train I think I think China is in a very
precarious position with this

yeah it could be it could be if this
thing is you know what it’s cracked up
to be
and I like the killing 1 out of 10

people who catch it 1 out of 10 people
the virus is not killing people it’s
pneumonia this killing but the virus is
responsible for 1 out of 10 the virus is
responsible at the core of it now I

don’t know if this is true but I read a
report and in fact it’s could be likely
untrue because you know you know this
stuff I read and the people I talk to
that so far it really has only affected
Chinese or Chinese Americans in our case

but Chinese and it is so it appears to
affect Chinese and there are now four
cases in Israel which the people I spoke
to said it could be that this goes by

DNA and it could be Eskenazi that it
that will also take two and I was just
thinking how cool would it be if it

turned out that this virus was really
deadly but watch let’s put it this let’s
say that there was a particular type of

person that would be more susceptible to
carry the virus could be Chinese or
could be Eskenazi
could you imagine how cool it is that
all those people have their DNA with

23andme will that be great if we could
segregate it I’m sorry yes we looked at
your 23andme results and you are one
percent Ashkenazi so we’re sorry we have

to quarantine you oh my god that would
be such a sweet moment
so you’re looking three or four levels
back on your head for your personal
amusement that’s just my personal

amusement yeah but I I think the
economic impact is being used right now
by Trump as leverage without even having
to say anything she is I think is really
worried was he got like 15 cities shut

down now completely I mean no traffic or
rounding it on Wuhan I can see I’m
looking at the map where it is and kind
of in the middle those races

what is it isn’t in the middle of China
is it really in the middle is kind of
toward it’s it’s it’s it’s a it’s kind
of in a Chicago taxiway said we call it
Chicago business location kygo located

it’s kind of in a nice place to transfer
through right it’s just it’s just west
of Shanghai yeah and solid waste out to
Beijing so Beijing’s nowhere near this

place it’s a very interesting people
should look at the map and see where it
is it’s not where I expected it to be I
was thinking it’d be more to the more to
the west it’s not quite as West it’s

right I wanted the big river so they can
put the cars on a boat and send them off
to the ports and send them off to the US
when there were sent them the yeah when
I come up when I look at these theories

and and propagate them it’s only
enhanced by the genome of the Wuhan
coronavirus you probably got a note
about this you know a genome sequence
has a bunch of letters and numbers

grouped together and that represents the
it’s the genome of of that particular
item in this case the virus
it ends with 33 A’s
huh yeah and there’s a lot of people

noticing this and saying well why is
that that’s odd and you know no agenda
producers we know it means something
yeah you just don’t know what it’s
literally 33 a’s all in a row is how the

genome sequence ends hmm just one of
those things
sorry another one of those things is

like I know maybe this is some sort of
yours a joke about my mom and the toilet
paper in the Chinese yes well that joke
it’s it’s a fact it’s the truth facts

the true stories are buying all the
toilet paper mm-hmm so now I have this
with my wife did you just say your wife
reminds you of your mom cuz that’s never

good no she says all you got to go buy
some of those face masks because the
Chinese there’s only people to make them
and they’re gonna buy them all up I mean
you don’t need you don’t need to face

masks I don’t need to face masks what do
we get out do you leave the house like
more than once a week
really there was a reporter by the enemy
stuck at home gee what am I gonna do
when I’m here at home this goes to wine

collection exactly I’m coming over we’ll
have a look anyway it’ll be very
interesting to see how this unfolds I’m
just looking at the economic factor I

believe the last was thought was a h1n1
the last one or SARS I don’t remember
but I believe that that was as SARS it
was the swine flu got swine flu and and
that brought down no the last one in

China but wasn’t that was SARS I think
SARS was the last one in China and it
brought I think bird flu was the last
one in China that was h1n1 then yeah
that came way after SARS

but it hurt it hurt the economy by 40 or
50 billion dollars Chinese economy I
mean it’s not huge but it’s not nothing
it makes a difference and I think that

you know what let me just let me just
play this
where is it so Trump sat down with the
CNBC interview and I and I normally what

are you gonna clip from Trump you know
that isn’t already cut up to crap by the
m5m – you know cuz he says stupid stuff
this was a very interesting interview

and I was surprised that at just how
calmly heating there was no stuttering
there was no hand waving it was it was a
pretty relaxed I’ll just jump to – one
of the clips about GDP you know the US

had a GDP of 2% or is that growth growth
of 2% over the last year
apparently Davao is just everywhere
Davos is freaking out about the economy

just so happy and you know how do we get
a piece of it but Trump kind of singles
signals that it could have been much
better because of some black swans
things change do you attribute the GDP
of 2% to the Fed being tight for too

long or do you acknowledge that maybe
some of the tariffs or some of the the
uncertainty engendered by the China
trade war affected GDP well it’ll be

higher than 2% a lot of people are very
thrilled with that me I’m not but we had
a lot of bad things happened number one
the Fed was not good because as far as
I’m concerned and that was a big blip
that should not have taken place it

should not have happened but it’s one of
those things but we have Boeing we had
the big strike with General Motors we
had things happen that are very unusual
to happen including some unbelievably

powerful storms you know we were at news
firms now with all of that had we not
done the big raise on interest I think
we would have been close to four and I
could see 5,000 to 10,000 points more on

the Dow but that was a killer when they
raised the rate it was just a big
mistake and they admit to it they admit
to it I was right I don’t want to be
right but I was right so what if the

economy’s clearly him on paper and on
Wall Street the charts it’s off the
chart built on you know kind of magical
stuff that no one understands what if

Trump and this is the same interview
where it’s like I’m not really worried
I’m not really worried about the
coronavirus what if he wouldn’t mind
having everything tank by a couple of

points because of this yeah because then
he’s class we were doing great and the
Chinese you know they couldn’t do they
couldn’t keep it together so all right
now so now but we’ll build it you know

it’d be perfect for that pause we’re
looking for some kind of pullback don’t
you think well everybody’s expecting
some sort of a pull direction correctly
yes correction is the turf yes correct

I don’t see that there’s gonna be one I
mean it’s possible that this could cause
it there’s just a panic effect you know
people will get all freaked out and they

maybe do more telecommuting it’d
probably increase the defense but but
having products not coming in from China
wouldn’t that hurt us too if it actually
shows up to be the case I mean right now

for example they talk about all those
cars that are being made by General
Motors and Daimler and all these people
that have plans in Wuhan those are for
domestic use the stuff that’s coming in
from China which is out of the coastal

right cities yeah I don’t think that’s
gonna slow down enough to make a
difference okay I’m just looking at all
angles I mean it could also be possible
I mean I would think it could create a

huge panic in the market No yeah I think
borderline collapse but I don’t think
that was gonna be good for Trump’s
reelection no but well if listen if it
if it collapses or diamond collapse so

we have a huge pull back because
everyone’s freaked out I’m you know it
could happen it’d certainly hurt the
Chinese markets its dis hurt you know
these things hurt markets he would be

the perfect timing for it to be to pull
back then we fix it we get the so-called
vaccine whatever bloody blot it’s always
the same you know the same it’s always
the same another yeah and then build it

back up and believe back to where we are
right about now
in November I can’t do that what you
described especially at the point we are
now can’t be done unless you like

getting less you lower interest rates
yet again won’t work what you’re
describing takes too long that’s a long
cycle that takes about a year and a half
what you described okay with or that

interest rates going to zero I mean you
can’t lower him much more than almost
nothing I don’t think it’s doable I
think he would miss that you’d be at the
timing of you off he just had to start
six months ago for it to work do you

mind if I just play a couple of these
these Trump clips from Davos because I
think you’ll like it it’s it’s really
especially because we’re talking about
this stuff right now
sure well first let’s close this
yes ladies and gentlemen mr. Chris

Wilson as always all right so this
interview I was I was I just liked the
whole thing I like what Trump was saying
he seems to have a grasp on what is
actually happening he’s not the total

stupid oath that he’s been portrayed to
be apparently or he just mimics stuff
that people tell him very well
so this again is the CNBC interview in
Davos and it starts right off with what

the scene was like in Davos that this is
the big elite get-together therein is it
whistling yes whistling ski country
there’s one little thing just before I

forget I guess there was some one of the
governors was there and Trump was
walking and the governor’s on the other
side of a of a rope yeah governor Abbott

yeah yeah Abbott and so they so Trump
goes but hey are you doing it cause he’s
ever been sick or something and so yeah

but it’s on the other side of some rope
so thank you so they got these guys
partitioned off and various ropes so the
superstars are in you know the big shots
are on the one side of the rope and then
sadly that rope that rope was like at

his neck height it was kind of like a
decapitation vibe cuz I saw the video
but Trump was saying – oh hey man you
want me to wheel you over here we can
take yeah you want to fly easy I think
even said you want to fly back with me

back to the states you know I’ll give
you a ride
so people saw no that was generous um
but I’m just thinking more of the way
they owe the second cuz I know the
reporters that go to this thing they’re

on some other third rope or I can’t even
get the second rope yes governor Abbott
is he’s not in the a group he’s just a
governor by you know for gosh sakes he’s
knees not a world leader

so everyone was vegan on the US economy
in Davos and they were not abashed of
actually changing some of the
conversation intended to go on just to

talk about it it came to Davos expecting
to hear about this ESG environmental
social and governmental issues we expect
you hear about stakeholders versus
shareholders we expected to hear about

climate change in four hours yesterday
with with the CEO of Bank of America
Schwartzman that Blackson all we talked
about and all they wanted to talk about
was the strength of the US economy it’s
the envy of the world and I think if you

have a strong economy all these
ancillary issues become easier to deal
with and I think even the Europeans even
the plutocrats of Davos are now
acknowledging that well I appreciate

that very much we do we have an
incredible economy the consumer has
never been so rich they I think he means
the consumers never been so much in debt
I think that’s what he meant but okay

we’re richly in the tax cuts and the
regulation cuts people forget about
regulation I think it might have been
more important than the tax cuts but we
have a consumer in the United States
that has never done so well and I think

we’re really poised to have tramatic we
have tremendous potential you know we’re
at a point where we’ve done so well I
think we’re going to do much better we
have tremendous potential so so the

interest rate the Federal Reserve’s
interest rate came up several times in
the conversation and clip after this one
it’ll become very clear what’s so
interesting to the president about it

but he already alludes to it here and
luckily he was also asked to give us a
pinion on negative interest rates which
we hear on the show we’ve been following
I just want to ask you because we’re
starting to see this bandied about that

the the re expansion of the Fed’s
balance sheet somehow correlates with
the move in the stock market do you
think there’s anything to that that

they’ve primed the pump and some of the
games are not warranted by the
underlying well I think it’s the
opposite actually the Fed raised too
fast interest they brought up the rate
too fast and they didn’t drop it fast

enough and that was very you know that
was a lot of increases and
a lot of increase and I think it’s
really the opposite of what you’re
saying now they’ve dropped it but it was
very late and you look at other

countries where they actually have
negative interest rates negative in a
positive way I mean they’re actually in
a positive way yeah because it’s
negative interest rates but it’s

positive somehow but he admits he
doesn’t really understand it I get it in
a positive way I mean they’re actually
getting paid they make a loan in the end
you don’t are you hoping that it comes
to that in the United States that we get

to negative rates because that it a lot
of people don’t think it’s a great thing
and it hasn’t worked well in other
places do you well they don’t know yet
it’s so new I want to know who the
people that buy okay who the people that

buy and they invest in Germany and end
up getting you know less money and so I
have to find these people but no if
Germany and with the most prime in the

world with a leader in the world we have
the dollar and the dollar is very strong
a lot a lot of things are happening but
you know we’re paying higher interest
than other countries because of the Fed

if we were paying less I would do it and
I’d pay off a lot of debt right I’d do a
lot of things it’s chairman Powell out
of the doghouse is he are rates where
they should be are you satisfied with

with I don’t want to talk doghouse I
wish he didn’t raise the rates that was
not what I thought we had a government
level now do you film I think the rate
should go down figured out further no
because I think the dollar is very very
strong and I think the rate should go

down we have a very strong dollar and
that sounds good and it is good in many
ways but it’s very bad in terms of
manufacturing I’ve created almost
700,000 manufacturing jobs the past

administration said manufacturing is
dead which I said tell me about that how
do you you can’t do that and we have had
a tremendous success but it’s harder
with a strong dollar and I want this

dollar to be strong I want to be so
powerful I want it to be great but if
you lower the interest rates so many
good things would happen right and one
of the things I do want to do is pay off

debt this is a lot there you want to
comment on this before I play the last
clip short short clip
yeah he’s just rattling off stuff I
don’t think there’s anything going on

he’s not paying off dead well he he’s
not paying it off this is his idea we
had had one of you guys the NEC director
of Florence cut alone yesterday we asked
him about deficits and we asked him I

mean we acknowledged that you wanted to
rebuild the defense industry and you had
to agree to search things with with the
DeMars look at us will you look at in
wit do you need to raise taxes or do you

need to cut spending we’re gonna
actually probably lower taxes if you
want to know this you know what we’ve
done we’ve cut taxes in half and we’ve
taken in more revenue substantially than

we did when the taxes were high nobody
can even believe it but we take in more
revenue with the big tax cut I mean you
were paying really forty-one percent and
we’ve run it down to 21 and it’s sort of

lower than that that will be a priority
oh absolutely and one of the reasons I’d
like to see the interest rates lowered
frankly is because I’d like to refinance
the debt and pay off the debt do you
think we get a refi with zero points or

do you have to throw in some points for
the and who’s gonna refi us who does
that I love the idea the public does
right yeah okay so we get our money back
and then we’d loan loan everything again

and lower right I think the public we
most of our bonds are owned by us right
always take China like we know there was
wet trillion said about it I get some
yeah I think it’s great reef I love

Trump really does his job you’ll end up
in Georgia Bank will end up taking the
beating and they’ll lose all their money
and we’ll be free to go they’re lucky

yeah anyway
who knows I thought it was you know is
it his milieu I think to some extent

even though it’s oh yeah totally totally
he’s out there with me people always say
was he’s a you know social climber he
wants to be in the in the socialite
world of Manhattan yes is really the

world of these and he’s beyond Manhattan
that’s the world is none of these people
are socialites in their own countries no
they’re they they make the money runs

the money guys yeah so I I enjoyed it I
thought it was you know it was better

than anything else because now we can go
to the we can go to the hearing the
impeachment hearing yeah it was only the
way we discussed some of these people

you know the Lib Joe’s and these others
that have these six thoughts about one
thing or another and the two of us have
kind of isolated really stemming all
stems from the New York Times yeah there

is a think I mentioned this to you in an
email there is a concentrated version if
people want to know how the left TDS is
you might want to put it at Trump

derangement syndrome folk if you want to
know where they’re really getting their
keys and sorta smelling bad yeah it’s
really in alternate org and that’s yes
there was an email I didn’t even know

AlterNet was still around that’s been
around for ages since it has been around
from day one almost a little more of a
kind of a progressive no objective
progressivism and now it’s just pretty

much anti Trump propaganda and this is
where there’s two mother things that the
live show said to me he expects and this
comes right out of right out of as a
reminder as a reminder the Lib joes are

the liberal journalists who have were
starting to fade into the sunset but
they’re very famous they go unnamed on
the show but we know their level is up

they’ve been named once but the two
things come to my besides Trump going to
jail and Giuliani is going to jail new
Ness is going to jail pants is going is

going to jail you’re going to jail
you’re going to jail so everyone’s going
to jail and that all comes from

alternate because I’m looking at
altering that the more recent edition
there’s a there’s a whole thing about
newness and how he’s up to his neck in
corruption I tried it you know I
typically I watch MSNBC although CNN

I’ve been switching back to CNN a lot
because you know they have the the anti
Bernie thing going on so I’m just
looking for the narratives and of course
MSNBC is this you know this video did I

guess it was kind of the the October
Surprise his rightist Schiff is closing
his arguments on on Friday now we’ve got
the news all left Parnassus the recorded

Trump in in at a dinner and you know
this was being played up really big and
excited to have a clip I have an ABC
clip what do you have I thought the ABC

clip but let me know it’s long how long
is yours well I have the I have a bunch
of ABC clips too because I thought
they’re the best stuff well before you
do that let me just play this this

opener from another source that I always
use is the Trump cast it’s a slate
podcast and so they they have their
opening montage and then this is how

this Washington Post let’s make take
yeah we have this Washington Post but
who owns they own slate correct yeah
okay so here’s how it starts hello and
welcome to Trump cast I’m Virginia

Heffernan on the Mount Rushmore of evil
American men you might find the murderer
Oh Jay Simpson the sex slave trafficker
and child rapist Jeffrey Epstein the
sexual predator who’s been accused of

sexual assault over a hundred times
that’s Harvey Weinstein and of course
the President of the United States
Donald Trump
yeah seems like pretty unbiased that’s
job wow that’s that’s really bad he’s

not he wouldn’t be on Mount Rushmore
because he’s not an American he’s our

only American much more evil you see yes
Rushmore creeps evil yes I’ll do this
I’ll do this one ABC clip as an opener

it’s long but I think it really sums it
all up the president has repeatedly
denied knowing Rudy Giuliani’s former
associate left Kahn sorry that’s the
left are nesting we talk about that

what do you have from from ABC well I
have four clips the one the updating
report good this let’s play this is the
impeach ABC update and report this is a

put good because it’s a good clip
president Trump’s legal team didn’t even
warm up opening their defense straight
to the point you will find that the

President did absolutely nothing wrong
even getting personal attacking lead
house manager Adam Schiff going after
his summary of the president’s phone

call with Ukrainian president Solinsky
at the center of it all this is the
essence of what the president
communicates I want you to make up dirt
on my political opponent understand lots

of it that’s fake
that’s not the real call in there to our
presentation the presidents lawyers
repeatedly discrediting the Democrats
evidence that President Trump pressured

Ukraine to investigate his political
rivals by withholding military aid most
of the Democrats witnesses have never
spoken to the president at all let alone
about Ukraine’s security assistance

president Trump blasting the quote
totally partisan impeachment hoax
well his defense team suggested the
Democrats are using the trial to
influence the election they’re asking

you to tear up all of the ballots across
this country some Republican senators
saying the defense’s case is off to a
good start

their team entirely shredded the case
that has been presented by the house
managers tonight the question of whether
the Senate will compel witnesses and
documents the president has blocked is

still not resolved but the Republican
controlled chamber appeared unmoved they
want this to be the first impeachment
case in history without a single witness

all of the history yeah I just might my
general thoughts I I thought it was weak
maybe that was intentional that they
want to do the the big the big show on

Monday because of the timing of Saturday
watch the whole premise was we’re gonna
show you things that the Democrat that
the prosecution did not ask yourself why

and I guess was why didn’t they show
that was put Dave hedges on the Hodges
on then I think that I think it’s it’s

poor I think it’s really poor to do that
because why well because you know they
hate Trump we know yeah exactly I mean
any anybody can answer that I thought it

was very poor and what I’d hope they
would do which I think if I were running
this and as you know I’m a
constitutional lawyer I would have put
the transcript on the screen

of the call next to and I only showed
like a just a few seconds next to shift
with his interpretation and I would have
had it scrolling next to each other like
oh here’s what she have said here’s what

it really is what really was said he is
what shift said that’s what I would have
done that’s something that would showed
showbiz exactly and maybe can star or
the other epstein cover up artist

Dershowitz there’s their church may I
have my underpants on and it was an old
lady that maybe those maybe those two
will bring the show but they better do

something because I didn’t think it was
impressive at all interestingly you know
right after again I was walking
monitoring MSNBC or the president now
said MS DNC I hadn’t heard that one I

thought it was funny it’s classic and
CNN and within three minutes of coming
out of this three hours of ask yourself
why jeffrey toobin my my colleague also

a constitutional lawyer had had nothing
more to say than this Jay Sekulow was
the only personal lawyer who spoke today
that bet to me was pretty strong white

house and white people I mean you know
this is a lesson in the diversity of the
two parties and you look at the house
managers it was almost evenly divided
between men and women it was you had two

african-americans you had a Hispanic I
mean you know look it was all white men
today there are two two white women on
allegedly on the team we’ll see if
they’re allowed to argue I mean I think

you know in a visual medium when you
have one side that has a very diverse
team and the other side that’s all white
man that says something in and of itself
oh yeah

I mean seriously that is hating on
whitey going to benefit the Democrats I
was thinking about this listening to
some of this stuff going on by some of
these people and it was like why are you

just hating on whitey and you expect
that to be some sort of benefit and he’s
a constitutional lawyer
he should be talking about something
else other than well that says it right

there looks a bunch of whitey techno
pale males I think is the Hale male use
some bronzer there’s no doubt about that
but that’s beside the point

you know by the way in that thing word
that you dude that clip I play for maybe
see where there’s someone of the
Congress women or senators said they
shredded the the other side this was
actually Joni Ernst and Johnny are some

happy days sorry I’m sorry
Joni Ernst big you know the gun-totin uh
senator from Iowa that did the ads where
she’s you know butchering a chicken or

something I forget what she did but shot
a deer but she’s a tough marine oh yes
yes I know she is yeah she looks

she’s hairs all grainy all of a sudden
and yeah there’s a new study out about
gray hair as a result of any sort of
stress boom your hair can turn gray
overnight that’s I think that’s not new
I remember no it’s not new but it’s a

new study I said back in the 70s I
remember people so he had a really bad
shock and that’s why his hair started to
go gray I’ve heard this everybody’s
heard it but no I didn’t know I thought
that was already accepted science is

what I’m saying oh I don’t I don’t know
that it is I don’t think anyone studied
it I think that just a commonplace
common knowledge it’s like you know why
it still hard to break because you know
he’s worried but apparently anxiety

specifically will cause your hair to
turn grey quickly and she’s gone
gray-haired what happened to her
so they’re putting a lot of pressure on
her because I you know a Democrat

comedian I think this is a I think the
local party and some of these states are
really evil local Republican parties in
some states California is a good example
is a terrible Republican Party here so I

learned and I think that this
impeachment for the the public version
of it will obviously be litigated on
television and and it seems like it’ll
be obviously Fox News

against everybody else at least that’s
the way Fox News Fox News positions
everybody else is the mainstream media
even though they have the best ratings
it’s very interesting how they do that
millions of people more watch them but

there were some things said not during
the where I learned some things not
mentioned during the impeachment
presentations this is actually right
after the the president’s defense forget

who it is who came out and and said
everybody up so they could talk on the
microphone but where we had this whole
and this should have been I think in the
presentation but maybe it’ll come up

later throughout this this whole
impeachment trial in the Senate so far
it’s all about the process and it’s you
know Russia’s my arch enemy and we
really need it’s America’s national

security our interest to make sure that
Ukraine had the weaponry it needed and
the military assistance so it to to date
the defense of that has been well Obama

gave water and blankets and we gave but
this is perhaps a better one the facts
of this case remain the same and those

facts are Ukraine in fact received the
Security Assistance and there was no
investigation into the Biden’s and a
really important point that I think you
should all report for the American

people is that when it comes to
supporting Ukraine’s security assistance
three of the Democratic house managers
voted no they voted in opposition of the
u.s. providing defensive security

assistance to Ukraine these members are
Jerry Nadler Zoe Lofgren and Hakeem
nobody picks up on this stuff that was

fantastic one of the things that bothers
me is this our ally Ukraine yeah how
many of our allies for example do we
have no extradition agreement with what

ally in the world is there do we have no
extradition most you know we have a lot
of extradition agreements cuz you know
some criminal runs off to the place you
want to get them up you wanna get him

back gonna put him on trial we have
nothing like that with Ukraine’s just
the same as it is with Russia we get
we’ve got nothing no actually what kind
of an ally
well bullcrap this well you bring it up
and I and I queued up the clip just in

case it would come to this so you’ve
kind of forced my hand I feel it would
be appropriate to play the phone call
from 2014 I believe that was that

intercepted by the Russians and released
in great quality which is which is why
our own State Department said that had
to be the Russians of Victoria Nuland

setting up the government of Ukraine for
a complete coup or we could call it a
regime change and I think it might be
worthwhile you know it’s now six years

just listen again to what we were
really doing in Ukraine and that may
explain or make it clear to people why
this is our allies because our fingers

were throughout the whole government
what do you think
I love that clip it’s three minutes so
it is long but I think that’s a good

people probably not heard this clip for
a while if they’ve heard it at all but a
lot of listeners probably never heard
this clip this is the D and nobody knows
for sure it was the Russians who tapped
the phone and released it to the public

but I would think it would be the
Russians because it wasn’t to benefit
them it was a but I I agree it was an
astonishingly good I mean they might
might have been in the room there might

have been in the room
so when Newlands talking to someone back
in the States
and they’re talking about who should be
in the government who shouldn’t be in
the government who’s going to help us

make this happen and then some other
tidbits replayed they should mention
this is before the quote-unquote you
know to regime change that took place

that we had that we orchestrated and we
and people like John Brennan were
actually in Ukraine at the time John
McCain John Brennan Victoria Nuland

Lindsey Graham’s handing out cookies at
the Maidan McCain taking pictures with
known terrorists who might have been at
the Maidan I don’t want to speak ill of

the dead but seems like he was pretty
involved in that and so not only does it
show you why there are allies if you
think about corruption and people
getting stuff and when you put a

government in place and you are
literally putting the president and the
Prime Minister and the foreign are you
putting these these pieces on the
chessboard there’s kind of room for
corruption what do you think I think

we’re in play the Klitschko piece is
obviously the complicated electron here
especially the announcement of him as
Deputy Prime Minister and you’ve seen

some of my notes on the troubles in the
marriage right now so we’re trying to
get a read really fast on where he is on
this stuff but I think your argument to
him which you’ll need to make I think
that’s the next phone call we want to

set up is exactly the one you made to
y’all tonight
I’m glad you so yachts is yachts in
November the guy looks like a bass
player or a bad 70s band and all of a
sudden he was he was the guy as he

might be dead for all we know that guy’s
going to put him on the spot on where he
fits in this scenario and I’m very glad
he said what he said in response good so
I don’t think we should go into the

government I don’t think it’s necessary
I don’t think it’s a good idea no regime
change here in terms of him not going
into the government just let him sort of

stay out and do his political homework
and stuff I’m just thinking in terms of
sort of the process moving ahead we want
to keep the moderate Democrats together
the problem is going to be tiny booking

his guys and you know I’m sure that’s
part of what Yanukovych is calculating
on all of this I think he arts is the
guy who’s got the economic experience

the governing experience he’s forgot you
know what he needs his cleats and Tony
booked on the outside he needs to be
talking to them four times a week you
know not only setting up who’s going to

be in the government but explaining how
we’re going to talk to the people we’re
not going to let in the government and
the Victoria Nuland just you understand
was the ambassador this is secretary of
state right yep there but I think she

had like an ambassador title because of
it but she has Assistant Secretary of
State but high up and of course married
to Robert Kagan the Peace Foundation yes
oh yeah those those guys have not

neo-cons at all
I just think tweets going in he’s gonna
be at that level working for Yatsenyuk
it’s just not going to work yeah no I
think my understanding from that call
but you tell me was that the big three

were going into their own meeting and
that yes was going to offer in that
context a three-week you know the 3+1
conversation or three plus two with you
is that not how you understood it no I

think I mean that’s what he proposed but
I think just knowing the dynamics it’s
been with them where Klitschko has been
the top dog he’s going to take a lot of
a straw for whatever meeting they’ve got

and he’s probably
his guys at this point so I think you
reaching out directly to him
helps with the personality management
among the three and it gives you also a
chance to lose sass on all the stuff and

put us behind you before we get to the
great quote here just a reminder that
part of the impeachment hearings that
are going on now the prosecution is very
clear that we were really endangering

our ally the European Union the European
Union who we have to protect it all cost
so anything we do in Ukraine is to help

the European Union those are our
brothers and sisters keep that in mind
behind it before they all sit down and
he explains why he doesn’t like it okay

good I’m happy why don’t you reach out
to him and see if he wants to talk
before or after okay well do thanks okay
I’ve now written

oh one more wrinkle for you Jeff yeah I
can’t remember if I told you this or if
I only told Washington missed it when I
talked to Jeff Feltman this morning he
had a new name for the UN guy Robert
Serry oh yeah that’s right we needed to

get people to come in and help put this
deal together listen to all the all the
hoodlums who are coming in to help who
have nothing they’re not Ukrainians
nothing to do with Ukraine are we gonna

bring in some elites for you to fix this
Midwife it if I only told Washington
list it when I talked to Jeff Feltman
this morning he had a new name for the
UN guy Robert Serry did I write your

that this morning yeah I saw that
he’s now gotten both Serry and Ban
ki-moon to agree that Surrey could come
in Monday or Tuesday bring bunky moon in
to bless the deal you know it’s funny

about this listening to her
I forgot this part of noodleman she
sounds just like nurse Cratchit and one
cold you’ve now gotten both Serry and

Ban ki-moon to agree that Surrey could
come in Monday or Tuesday
okay so that would be great I think to

help glue this thing and have the UN
help glue it and you know I told you
this or if I only told Washington missed

it when I talked to Jeff Feltman this
morning he had a new name for the UN guy
Robert Serry did I write your that this
morning yeah I saw that
he’s now gotten both Serry and Ban

ki-moon to agree that Surrey could come
in Monday or Tuesday okay so that would
be great I think to help glue this thing
and have the UN help glue it and you

know fuck the EU know exactly and I
think we’ve got to do something to make
it stick together because you can be
pretty sure that if it does if it does
start to gain altitude the Russians will

be working behind the scenes to try to
torpedo it and again the fact that this
is out there right now I’m still trying
to figure out in my mind why the ANA
Kovich that but in the meantime there’s

a Party of Regions faction meeting going
on right now and I’m sure there’s a
lively argument going on in that let’s
bring in some more people to help close
this deal group at this point but anyway
we could we could lend jelly set up on

this one if we move fast so let me work
on let me work on Klitschko and if you
can just keep I think we want to try to
get somebody with an international
personality to come out here and help

the Midwife this thing and the other
issue is some kind of outreach to
Yanukovych probably probably regroup on
that tomorrow as we see how things start
to fall into place

so on that piece Jeff when I wrote the
note Sullivan’s come back to me
VFR saying you need button and I said
probably tomorrow for an attaboy and I
get the deeds to stick ridings Willie

okay great
it was Nurse Ratched by the way I I

didn’t realize until listening to this
thing a second time that Biden was
involved in yes yeah he was there to to
bless it you know to to do it give an

attaboy and to make the deets sick stick
and and when I hear this and I hear how
all those people testified about the
process and our policy what these people
want and I’m saying everyone everybody

all sides this has nothing to do with
partisan what these diplomats
bureaucrats and politicians want is they
really want it to be like the EU you

know we’re Senate will choose the
president you know this is exactly how
they did this like okay yeah yeah your
party wins we’re gonna choose the guy
you know and we’re we’re much smarter

than you were technocrats you don’t
understand this stuff you stupid people
to me that’s what they want they want to
be just like the EU with it with
listening to the more recent stuff going

on in the about the impeachment in the
rest you the new meme this has been
pointed out by all the right-wingers
they say this and they you until you
start looking for it you don’t see this

much but then you start seeing it quite
a bit which is they they’re already pre
determining that then the next election
is going to be rigged yeah by Trump and
it’s gonna be it’s not gonna be it’s

gonna be illegal so that’s the other so
the Circa the Senate should determine is
easier it’s it’s more trustworthy if the
Senate determines who wins yeah speaking
of Nunez who as we know will soon be in

jail I learned something from an
appearance he had on Fox which I really
I can’t believe that we and all the
years we’ve done the show we’ve never

looked into it the National Security
Council when I say when I hear National
Security Council what do you mean we
know there’s a
the national security adviser and the
national security adviser that was most

recently Bolton now we have another guy
and forgot his name do you know anything
about the National Security Council I
mean to me it’s like a room twelve guys

you know we got the military brass in
there do you know anything about the
national security it works for the
president specifically just a little
it’s a little group of advisors called
the National Security Council yeah

that’s what I thought too
well what am i how am I wrong in there
well this you know Colonel VIN Minh
Lieutenant Colonel VIN minute please
address them as Lieutenant Colonel Viet
Minh he is on the National Security

Council and let me just tell you he’s
still on the National Security Council
and here’s newness to it for me
information I did not have I thought the

same thing you did there’s a lot of
problems with the National Security
Council and the Trump administration is
trying to get it under control
the new national security adviser is is
doing what the previous national

security advisors under Trump didn’t do
and that is to try to reduce the size
and scope so there’s hundreds and
hundreds of people over at the National
Security Council which look I’ve never
been on the National Security Council

but if you go back 20 30 years ago
during the reagan days i’m told that you
know you had a couple dozen people maybe
three maybe four dozen people total that
we’re on the National Security Council

Obama put hundreds and from all this
don’t forget you also had people that
were on the national security staff that
that went over to Adam shift staff okay
that knew the whistleblower Levin Minh

the guy you know he served his country
that’s great he wants to be called a
lieutenant colonel that’s fine his
brother is also there is a lawyer so all
of these people colluded they

coordinated with the whistleblower they
coordinated with Adams shift staff so
you know really what you had there is
you had a dinner thieves there at the
National Security Council look I have
said this over and over and over again I
said this to McMaster I said it to

Bolton and I’ve said it to the new
National Security Advisor O Brien that
that they just need to get all those
people out of there like if you were
there and worked for our Obama and you
were a holdover just you know get a used

building somewhere on the other side of
the Potomac just get him out of there
hundreds of people on this thing from
well I guess I was right though
in the 50s back when we first heard

about it that no wonder no wonder we’ve
got all these this is in this I think
they’re in the White House don’t they
assemble and or in the executive
building that’s what’s implied by what

newness just said I mean and so veeneman
is just a bunch of Obama guys and
they’re just screwing things up they’re
the ones who causing problems but the
interesting thing about lieutenant

Colonel’s Inman is his brother who
apparently is also on the National
Security Council is a hedge fund guy
lawyer he says he obeys a hedge fund guy
and and his fund received a one point

four billion dollar fine for me all
kinds of shenanigans in OG Ukraine so
it’s it’s a quite it’s amazing what is
going on and we have no idea there’s a

nothing and then I’ll stop but one
American news had an interview with a
whistleblower from the it’s the the net
now what is it will this thing called

again the net assessment the office of
net assessment I’ve heard of this the
office of net assessment it’s a it’s a
pentagon thing but wait until you learn

about what this is fantastic Senator
Chuck Grassley has expanded his
investigation into the Department of
Defense’s office of net assessment the
office was supposed to be a unique

futuristic think-tank reporting directly
to the Secretary of Defense but Grassley
in his January 22nd letter noted the
office may have become a part of the
deep state he asks if the office awarded

contracts to Stephan halper who hired
the Russian intelligence officer and who
contributed to the now discredited Trump
dossier to dig into this obscure office
whistleblower Adam

and his exclusive interview talks to us
about how it has become a slush fund for
Washington’s politically-connected
there was a very deliberate thinking
that went into the placement of the

office that this had to be the Secretary
of Defense’s think tank to advise him on
difficult strategic challenges the
office annette assessment produced no
debt assessments to inform our wars in

iraq and afghanistan and has produced no
net assessment on iran for example and
so truly when you look at the the range
of threats to the United States the

office has actually avoided all those
and what a senator Grassley has revealed
in his letter is that it’s really a
two-part problem one is that the office

is derelict in its duty its primary duty
to produce these high level strategies
known as net assessments and secondly
what has it become and what it’s become
is a slush fund for politically

connected contractors the contracting
system in the office in assessment is
utterly broke the contractors chosen are
not chosen for their ability to
contribute to net assessments which is

really the reason why they should be
chosen they’re chosen because they’re
the Friends of the leadership net
assessments the office unfortunately I
mean the leadership was in place to put

in place by President Obama
it leans leftward it’s an office that
has historically downplayed the
strategic threats posed to the United
States by our adversaries we’ve got the

National Security Council filled with
people who hate Trump we’ve got the the
Pentagon with the you know paying this

was it the professor who was part of the
whole sting operation and just to make
it crazy I don’t you want to play one of
your left Parnassus you had an ABC thing

and then we can almost be done yes I’m
here let’s play yeah yeah harness guy
you know want to mention this you know
they they they make a big they try to
dramatize the fact that Trump said I

never met Donna who this guy is
if everybody that ever has a picture
taken with Trump I could have had a
picture taken with Trump and Trump could
honestly say cuz you can get a picture

taken with Trump if you’re in the right
circumstance he’ll take your picture and
you know you get a picture it doesn’t
mean he knows you or ever you know the
problem the problem is they’re spinning

it because now there’s this video where
you actually hear Parana say something
right but they’re spinning why they’re
doing but I don’t think they’re even

spinning I think they’re dramatizing it
that’s a better way so let’s start with
impeach ABC goes after Trump about loves
a brand new phase of the president’s
impeachment trial underway in Washington
and tonight new developments in a story

ABC News was first to report tonight
audio and now video of President Trump
at a small gathering with Rudy Giuliani
associate left partners you see him here
and others Parnas recently indicted for

campaign finance fraud is someone the
president has repeatedly denied knowing
on the recording a voice sounding like
the president’s orders the removal of
Ukraine ambassador Maria Jovanovic same
take her out sources familiar with the

recordings say it’s from a Trump Hotel
private dinner in the spring of 2018
ABC’s David Wright at the White House
tonight starting us off 2018 president
Trump arrives at a private dinner at the

Trump International Hotel Don juniors
there so is indicted Rudy Giuliani
associate live Parnassus and there’s the
place set for the president on the tape

a voice identified as Parnassus can be
heard telling Trump that the Ambassador
to Ukraine was bad-mouthing him yeah
she’s basically walking around telling
everybody wait

is going to get impeached just wait
president Trump has repeatedly said he

doesn’t know left Parnassus but on the
tape they talk in detail about Ukraine
however they last in a fight with Russia
not very long were you relying on LED

harness to get rid of your ambassador no
but I have a lot of people and speaking
to Fox News the president did not
question the authenticity of the tape
will you tell me the harness to get rid

of her I mean you have a state to point
well I wouldn’t have been saying that I
probably would have said it was Rudy
there or somebody but I make no bones
about it I won’t have investors I have
every right

I want ambassadors that are chosen by me
I have a right to hire and fire
ambassadors the recall of ambassador
Murray Ivanovich features prominently in
the Democrats case against the president

yeah what’s funny about this and any if
you look it up bunsen even Snopes has
this is that Trump fired all the
ambassador’s when he first got into

office they didn’t know leave but yes
she didn’t leave yes she refused to go
I’m staying staying here and so nobody
ever even brings that up I mean it
wasn’t as though as well crying no

you’re right because the dramatization
is perfect we have the president say I
don’t think I’ve ever spoke to him and
clearly damning evidence at a a meet up
the meet up I don’t want to degrade our

meet up because our meet ups are really
fantastic I mean it’s fantastic but you
will remember we won’t remember
everybody’s name no no yes plate Trump
this is part two of that clip all right

David Wright joins us now live from the
White House and David there’s no
evidence of anything illegal on this
tape which was recorded on the phone by
another ignited Giuliani associate both
men have pleaded not guilty to charges

but David Democrats believe this
bolsters their case they do Tom for two
reasons first it shows that despite his
efforts to distance himself the
President had first-hand knowledge of at

least some of the work being done in
Ukraine by Giuliani and his associates
also it suggests there may well be other
material out there that we haven’t seen
you relevant to the impeachment yes

ah there’s all kinds of material that
may be out there I like the way they use
indicted this guy oh yeah the indicted
yes what does that become something

that’s that’s kosher well how about just
saying D not yet indicted John C Dvorak
I mean that’s perfectly if you say that
the not yet indicted Adam Korea you must
about everybody I’m going is bad is

really a bad this bad form
I am the not yet indicted Adam curry I
just want to make sure everybody knows
not yet so left Parnas is of course the
character that is very interesting the

keeper I think nails it by saying oh is
the new avenatti I think she’s right
although uh this one belongs more to
MSNBC then he also was the superstar
hero he’s gonna run for president you

know but check this out George Webb
investigative journalist George Weber BB

who does fantastic work I always want to
how the guy makes his money cuz he’s all
he travels all over these all over the
US mainly but it’s international he does

45 minutes of video a day it’s
impossible to keep up with him but he’s
down in Florida or at least he was on
the 22nd when he shot this a pulled the
clip and he’s right across from the

afghan-pakistani center of excellence
which is right by the base there and of
course it’s a spook training operation
and he has some interesting connections

to that and others and left on us
staying here very close to try to get as
much information as we can especially
about this Center that was established

called the afghan-pakistan center of
excellence the AfPak center of
excellence or Co II and that’s going to
become very important in CENTCOM

recruiting a private set of DIA
informants that are used and were used
politically and it have been used
politically at least since 2012 the

AfPak Co II was established in 2009 one
of the key directors was a guy named
Eric Harvey and he is the handler and
recruiter of left Parnassus he is the

handler and recruiter of Lemp our nest
so let Parnassus was trained here in
tampa we also have Hina Alvey who was
the sidekick or the main contact of

encrypted key for encrypted
communications for debbie Wasserman
through Imran Awad we also have the
person who lured
Roger stone with emails from Hillary

supposed to leave the hack Russian
emails a guy named okay and why ants key
and he was or hen has known to Plumas
Hank Greenberg but he was also I came

through this AfPak Center we have the IP
numbers from one form when they went to
training that was their fatal flaw that
was the piece of when they went off to

training from here in Tampa over to Fort
Huachuca when they did their initial
training to be dia informants that’s
where they left these telltale IP

addresses we know I should say here that
it’s a much longer piece of course but
web has evidence router logs and somehow
he’s been able to connect Parnassus

device to IP addresses coming from this
training center now how he got that I’m
not sure maybe it’s one over the
previous videos but when web says he has

proof of the IP addresses and that it
came from that device I’m just gonna
believe in because no otherwise be a
short show left these telltale IP
addresses we know that led Parnassus the
star witness of Adam shifts impeachment

the star witness of Adams impeachment
shares not only one set of IP numbers
with Derek Harvey and one set of IP
numbers with Peter struck the key

architect of the all that takes down
Trump the takedown of crossfire
hurricane the CIA takedown before that
the transition attempt to take down with
Mike Flynn the attempt to take down with

the oak onus lures after that the
attempt to take down with the Muller
plant again and again and again all
these lures by Peter struck we have the
key star witness for Adam Schiff live

part ass sharing IP numbers at Fort
Huachuca writes itself
that’s right itself now when I get one

my one last clip which is the one you
know all these left all the left harness
all the rest of it and even that last
report from ABC that I played always
hinted well there’s more to come or

there’s more
this is all about a vote taking place
later this week this is all about this
whether or not they’re gonna call any
witnesses mm-hmm because you guys
already did your Dimpy Schmidt thing you

want to call more witnesses I mean it’s
not in the houses and running things and
and they’ve already insulted the
senators a couple of senators that may
have said yes and now not gonna say yes
because when the short fat guy went out

there net Nadler at Nadler he he
insulted the senate and everybody got
bent out of shape about him one there’s

one analyst on MSNBC or CNN one of the
two who said you can’t you don’t you
never insult a jury if you ever expect
to win a case losing votes but there’s
always one steadfast guy who will

probably vote on the side of the
Democrats and all circumstances because
well he’s the number one Trump hater for
various reasons I have my own theories
but this is the impeach ABC update two

witnesses okay Kyra Phillips joins us
now from Capitol Hill Washington all
play out today here in a major
development today Republican senator
Mitt Romney is indicated he made out

support hearing from the witnesses
that’s right this is the farthest he has
gone Tom saying now it’s very likely
that he will be in favor of witnesses in
the Senate trial but remember Democrats

will need at least four Republican
senators to vote in favor of calling
witnesses and right now even with Romney
it’s far from clear that they have

enough support for witnesses when that’s
put to a vote next week Tom okay so when
when it’s when it’s almost certain that
no one else is gonna vote Romney comes
out to be the hero even though he

definitely doesn’t want anyone
uncovering stuff that went on in Ukraine
yeah doesn’t he have a kid also after
the insult and everything that turned

the whole everybody that maybe
non-defense against the idea of voting
for witnesses Romney looks back looks
left looks right he says man I man I’ll
do it unbelievable yeah the guys existed

the guy
is the worst I didn’t imagine what a
creepy was and with that she liked to
I’m sorry I said until recently and with
that I’d like to thank you for your

courage and say in the morning to you
the man who put this morning to you mr.
Adam curry also in the morning all ships
at sea Busan Graff eating their subs

into water all the names and ice out
there in the morning to our trolls in
literal room let’s do a quick count see
how many trolls are in there today today
we have one thousand two hundred and
seventy-six yes a lot of interest for
our deconstruction of the virus similes

and also what 276 276 that is no I just
count overflow sorry we have no overflow

room they’re all in there 1276 all in
one room and they’re trolls and that’s
what’s great about it because the trolls
just hang out and they troll they troll
each other they troll the live shows the

host of the live shows they’re trolling
me at this very moment and I love it
because we don’t really have any rules
other than thou shalt troll a lot and
sometimes it’s helpful and usually it’s
just annoying but it makes for good
content I find and a fun place to hang

out 24/7 we’ve got shows they’re rolling
all the time great podcasts and a great
place to hang out and it’s part of our
No Agenda Network also a big in the
morning at 2:00 comic strip blog or two

in a row he’ll be looking for the hat
trick she brought us the artwork for
episode 1210 the title of that was pain
of imprisonment which is exactly what
the Senators have right now pain of

being imprisoned in the chamber and he
did a nice kind of Chinese rubber ball
coronavirus made in China rendering and
I don’t think we had any argument it was

it was good to go wasn’t it did we was
anything else we looked at we looked at
all of them of course yeah it also pops
a little bit see what else yeah that
really was the best one and I want to

remind the artist that when you are
creating artwork look at it in the small
overview of
submitted art don’t look at it in the
you know in the five was it the 512 by

512 slide 12 yeah
that’s not you’re not gonna see that
that you won’t see that in on the iPhone
you won’t see it in the the tweets you
won’t see it anywhere except if you

click through to the album art on in the
show notes or at the art generator so
when you’ve got a lot of stuff together
and text you can already kind of
determine that it just it’s not gonna

little little there was one piece that I
like but unfortunately and let’s take a
look where it was oh yeah them no
agendas masters data yeah the little
logo down there modified logo yeah it

was too small and the Spotify logo you
can’t even read it on this but I mean
it’s a nice piece I like the piece and I
like the colors but a little Spotify
logos not readable if you maybe it put
it on the side of the horn bigger that

might have worked exactly but of course
the work of all artists is incredibly
appreciated it is such a such a super

feature of this show whenever our value
for value network and you know we’re
working on a new homepage but if you
want to see how great the artwork look

looks in context go to no agenda
experience com you can really see how
how good that looks there’s like holy
crap look at all these different pieces

of art but it’s going on this show must
be fantastic I’m subscribing right away
so thank you very much comic strip
bloggers we’ll see how he does if he
goes for the hat trick today no agenda
are gonna rock him there blocking is

underway what don’t say don’t even make
fun of this but you already blocked him
you’ve blocked him on Twitter and he’s
very upset actually they’re gonna block
his art know who you know the artists
are gonna do something too spectacular

pieces oh ok they’re going for the
they’re gonna block his hat-trick you
mean yeah like a good go like a
defenseman would do on the hockey field
you know we just saw the all-star game

this weekend but we of course are
completely fair and we just picked based
upon what we think is right and what
please look at who the artists are until
he and by the way since you mentioned

the all-star game it can I just briefly
rescind my prediction on the Super Bowl
with a quick explanation
what I know is something came up I got

new information this has never happened
before because some strong information
came to me which I guess I could have
known you could have even brought it up

the reason why it seems San Francisco
49ers will win as twofold one I’ve
learned from our Kansas City Meetup that
the Chiefs were not named after an

Indian tribe but after a mayor chief so
that kind of hurts my argument does that
also account for the fact that there’s
an Indian head on the helmet no but I

think these so they when it comes to
social justice issues there’s only a few
things that will beat out the abuse of
minorities which would be Redskins

Chiefs etc and that would be the fact
that Katy sours will become the first
female coach in a Super Bowl and she’s
gay she’s gonna win talk about the what

oh yes do we have a female coach on the
night or she’s assistant offensive
coordinator and she’s gay what do you
mean well yes she’s expect I disagree

with what you’re saying okay I’m sorry
but the social justice warrior angle is
in I got that part but I got another one
for you mm-hmm the last time the Niners

run the Super Bowls the only one they
ever lost and and the quarterback at the
time was Kaepernick
they have to win so they can make cap

earnest of the leak and make Kaepernick
to loser oh right right I’m out of the
scene he’s got go right no now on

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was fantastic how does this even work

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lemon the smoke to try it out yeah
I’m a they look very appropriate nice oh
and I want to thank us or pokey I just
briefly sir pokey sent me a fully

configured bare metal Linux laptop now
the laptop is off eBay seven years old
but man truly shows you the power of
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now but I appreciate Sir pokey doing
that for me listen that bloatware zero
blowed we’re but the how fast fast fast
it’s just crazy how fast this thing is

and it’s running at it sold at an i7
yeah whatever whatever then old laptop
weighs about 18 pounds yeah it works
best on heavy hardware apparently well

thank you to our executive producers and
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I think that sounds pretty good
may have to run that end of show again

it’s so good yourself when she did that
what is she thinking why did she say
that she’s trying to appeal to middle
America with an accent I guess good I
think I think something like that seems

about right to me well she also
corrected herself about just you did and
she says sounds pretty good and the norm
will speak
hey the Armageddon is upon us there
always is no no no now now just just 100

seconds away we are closer to doomsday
than ever before according to the
Bulletin of Atomic Scientists they
created the Doomsday Clock at the

University of Chicago and based the
countdown to midnight on how much time
civilization has left two years ago they
moved the clock to two minutes to
midnight closer than it had been since
1953 when the United States and Soviet

Union successfully tested hydrogen bombs
now they’ve moved it to 100 second to
closest it’s been since being created
following World War two

the reasons why our political leaders
ending of nuclear arms agreement between
the United States Iran and Russia and
failure to address climate change oh my
goodness failure to address climate

change so now this group of nuke guys
has decided that they’re all in on
climate change and that they’re now they
get to set the clock based upon climate

change activities baby my that’s right
and so who did they invite to be on
their Board of Elders which intercourse
or no no no no no no no Moonbeam Jerry
Brown yeah speaking of danger and

destruction this is him with the elders
the Atomic Scientists he was invited to
speak it’s never very easy if you speak
the truth people will not want to listen

because it’s too awful it makes you
sound like a crackpot oh really
our own president in front of the davos
businessman of the world calls out

against woody co
the prophets of doom now I didn’t
particular eyes on what doom he was
talking about but I think back to the

prophets of old dies eya
Jeremiah are ones who don’t
necessarily know the future but they
warn of the danger that they see ahead

today we live in a world of vast deep
and pervasive complacency so let me get
this straight so he’s calling himself

one of the biblical prophets because
he’s truly warning and he’s not one of
those crackpots is that what he’s saying
well if you want to interpret it that
way I’d say absolutely it’s what he’s

saying unbelievable they get a is a
crackpot told that’s why they call him
Moonbeam yeah it’s unbelievable

very Brown dr. Dan its songs no Dead
Kennedys song still works
hey I sent you a copy of the of the

Spike Jonze song it’s in your Inbox oh
just now yeah okay well not just not
just before the show uh-huh

and that’s the song you might want to
play a bit off because it’s an earworm
because I was humming it before the show
and I think maybe we should give the
audience a treat and play a little bit
of der Fuehrer’s face by Spike Jonze

about 1942 okay just have to keep
talking for a moment because you can
keep talking as long as it’s good
because you you asked me before the show

if I had the bonus clip and I have the
bonus clip which came in as bonus clip
but after that apparently you did send
me this little ditty which is gonna play

and reproduction


you won’t hear this song anywhere but on
your no agenda show I can tell you that
the reason I said it or is because you
said a little thing before the show you
mentioned that some kids yes like movie

Jojo Jojo rabbit is a problem because
kids don’t like anything that makes fun
of the Holocaust I’ve not seen the movie

so I don’t know if it makes fun of the
Holocaust I’ve seen little snippets it
looks it looks you know like a Monty
Python sketch to me really you know
which I’m kind of used to that but I
guess we can’t you know we can’t have

any fun anymore can’t laugh
hmm I don’t know what that makes fun of
it it just seems like a dumb movie I
don’t understand why you would not want

to see it for some political reason
that’s ridiculous it’s not political
reason it’s a kind of a political
Holocaust is it was political
yeah I think so now there’s some
commentary that can be made because I’ve

got the bonus clip ready to go and this
is they parently they have dug up a
mummy and then they computerized vocal
cords so we can hear what a mummy sounds
like three thousand-year-old mummy

this is way too I explained this way
what what is the what is going on here
apparently there was a mummy that they
could dissect in such a way that they

could get the vocal cords to either be
modelled or actually maybe run some air
through them but they could actually
have the Mummy’s voice recreated someone

has too much time on their hands look
into this but there’s the mummies voice
this is a genuinely a 3000 year old
person this is what they sounded like

that’s like what are those dog videos
where the look my dog could talk so how

much did that cost that will been a
research to by Jim sure that’s fast
that’s like Hillary oh man night that
was the bonus clip yeah yeah I feel I

feel blessed
all right yeah goldman sachs running
with the social justice warriors this is
actually a big opportunity for people in

the no agenda no agenda producers really
if you want to make some good money and
sitting on a board of a public company
you debt you can I think anybody almost

a no no as long as you have you know
some credentials you can make fifteen
twenty grand a year just for attending
the meetings and then you probably get
some stock options now if you’re more in

if you’re on a committee like the
compensation committee or other
important things you can get paid more
just for being on the board so I would
like to recommend in this case certainly
n of any of our gay men should pay

attention because there’s money out
there waiting for you what you need to
know is all pal all mouth isn’t cutting
anymore at least for Goldman Sachs David
Solomon issued this ultimatum in Davos

the biggest underwriter of IPOs in the
US will no longer do business with a
company lacking a director who is either
a woman or diver so this comes after
July if a company wants Goldman the more

the board must have at least one person
who is not white male or straight and
next year the bank raised the threshold
to two diverse directors now Goldman
said the decision came after it learned

that more than sixty US and European
companies in the last two years went
public without a woman or a person of
color on the board
Fred folks he’s a management professor
at Boston University he says for Goldman
and Wall Street this is a seismic change

but narrow we covered diversity and
equality here a lot at Bloomberg and
questions will remain how will other
Wall Street firms follow Goldman on this
will they will they not and more
importantly whether this actually
represents the high-water mark for

diversity or is this just the beginning
to bring greater representation to bore
rooms and suites around global Wall
Street around the world in my lifetime
it is fantastic to see that now the
token black token gay token woman he’s

now required and they’re doing
everything but calling it token
mind-boggling to me
token isn’t that exactly what it is

focused one but they just won’t say
token well no but we will
you know what happens in these
situations I can tell you in advance but
there are already plenty of black board

members on big boards of course the IBM
would have way and that’s the guy that
they’re gonna tap to be on every board
yeah he’s gonna make millions one guy
being a token can pay off can’t if

you’re on board after board after board
after board that’s fantastic
so yeah I got one here that I like I
like the pale male though under cup Pale

Male Pale Male pale male hail the pale
male hail the pale male people making
songs from that let’s go to Democracy
Now and we hadn’t has been due back to

politics a bit talk about Bernie ah cuz
this is of all things on Democracy Now
this is kind of funny democracy now has
this woman who’s that I don’t know she’s
Puerto Rican I can’t tell she’s on

everyone so much she’s dour she could be
kind of attractive but but very doubt
our doctors look he’s celebrity on she
brightens up and she’s got this big

smile on their faces pass horizon flirts
woo it’s really embarrassing so this so
Tim Robbins the actor producer ah well
wait wasn’t he at one point married to

to the other burns of Bernie woman
always she may have been yeah Elmen
Louise lady yeah what’s her name my chat

room you can come up with it now trolls
you can trust got address of many files
otherwise they don’t listen yeah Susan
Sarandon he comes out for Bernie and

makes it kind of a fuss about but he
makes some observations that we make on
the show all the time
of course it’s all futile but I just
thought it would be interesting to play
this but I wanted to ask about your

recent endorsement of Bernie Sanders I
don’t know if a lot of people heard
about it although there was a massive
rally in California what a OC was there
of course Sanders for now West how many

people would you say were about 25 to
30,000 on the beach in Venice this isn’t
so much about you is of course about him
and the erasing of Bernie Sanders that

the corporate media does was how many
was there huge risers with cameras I
mean was of thousands of people there
were cameras and someone has it on tape

yeah I know you can find it on YouTube
average no and but that’s par for the
course yeah you know the reason why I
support Bernie is because despite all of

this he still has in immense numbers
he’s leading in the polls despite being
erased or ignored and I believe he is

the only one of them that can defeat
Trump I I truly believe that he is the
best shot we have I’m getting rid of
this guy yeah the the centrist Democrats

have run with a strategy for years to
try to appeal to suburban housewives
there might be conservative we get a few
of those votes will shift the focus and

we’ll be able to win the election well
yeah maybe not but but here’s here’s the
thing it didn’t work for Gore didn’t
work for Kerry didn’t work for Clinton

claim Obama won because he won
to the left he ran a progressive
campaign I don’t know oh really
hold on a second that’s the only reason
Obama won really that’s what it was two

problems to the left he ran a
progressive campaign I don’t know why
they believe this strategy will somehow
change now and that that’s now if we run
to the center everything will be fine

the electric in the electorate is
restless they’ve rejected it in the past
and you see how strong their support for
is Bernie is and so III believe he has

the best shot now I agree he has the
numbers I don’t know if you can keep the
money flowing but he has the numbers
he’ll never get it of course he’s gonna
get screwed it’s gonna get screwed again

and they’re already trying really hard I
think they made a mistake that a lot of
mistakes in this one but the the Barry
Weiss Joe Rogan question kind of put Joe
Rogan through the to the bowels of the

Machine for 24 hours misses this 45
second clip was taken verbatim and used
on Twitter and other social media

outlets and platforms to show Joe Rogan
endorses Bernie Sanders which is this is
not by any means an endorsement but

here’s exactly what the 45 second clip
was Huyen vote for primary I think I
think I’ll probably vote for Bernie him
as a human being

when I was hanging out with him yeah I
believe in him I like him I like him a
lot what Bernie stands for is a guy who
look you could you could dig up dirt on
every single human being that’s ever
existed if you catch them in their worst

moment and you magnify those moments and
you cut out everything else and you only
display those display those worst
moments that said you can’t find very
many with Bernie he’s been insanely

consistent his entire life he’s
basically been saying the same thing but
for the same thing his whole life and
that in and of itself is a very powerful
structure to operate from

the last bit has me puzzled about Joe
everything else is fine he’s a Bernie
bro so that’s cool well people lost
their crap over that particularly the

Bernie people I don’t understand it
because he’s transphobic don’t you
understand he’s homophobic transphobic
white straight male punches other men I
used to in the ring is everything wrong

everything wrong about the left would
the less response to that simple
light-hearted endorsement is everything

wrong with the left it’s not even an
endorsement he’s just saying yeah no
it’s not even gonna vote for him but the
point is is that if anyone would care
that so much that they would throw him
under the bus for wanting to I mean

don’t they want anyone to vote for
Bernie I mean destructive cuz he odd I
saw it trending I like let me take a
look see what’s going on but it was all

like he’s a known trans folk like oh god
and it all stems from Rogen at one point
saying yeah you can you can do whatever
you want and you can you can call

yourself a woman and you can go fight
but you can’t fight chicks I think
that’s literally what he said and so now
of course he’s trans folk and I mean
look at the platform that Rogan has and

they’re gonna shun that it’s nuts
it’s really nuts
I don’t understand what I also don’t
understand is that Joe’s reasoning

because by the same reasoning you can go
look at Trump interviews from the 80s
and he’ll say this is exactly the same
thing about China and immigration but
this is a very consistent very powerful

platform from which to operate from so
he could easily be a trump guy just as
easy as he is a bernie guy but well if
there’s only criterias consistency but
the the overarching message for me once

again is you know what Tim Robbins was
saying yes he was never married to a
Sarandon but they lived together for a
long time boyfriend-girlfriend he’s kind
of deal is that
there were 45,000 people on a beach and

you didn’t see it on CNN fox or MSNBC
and I bet even during this interview
that they show video of it or just talk
about it they should have no video
you’re secure enough it even said

somebody has video of it no no you gotta
understand Bernie is being ramrodded
he’s not it it’s just as maddening to me
well is it possible that bernie is such

a bad person and a communist let’s say
that the agencies have actually walked
into the editorial offices in new york

times would lead the way in this you’re
not doing that you’re not showing this
that’s possible and you go into the New
York Times to say you’re not showing
this you’re not talking about it just
you know you can put Bernie coverage in

this you know as is normal but we don’t
want this because you’re putting the
country at risk if this guy becomes
president who knows what’ll happen we
don’t want to take a chance and then
they go into the NBC CBS and ABC and

they do the same thing and they say look
you’re not running these pictures of
these big rallies with Bernie because we
saw him at the beginning of the 2016
campaign they surely wonder yeah what

that was about and then that was the end
of it they stopped showing them
meanwhile I said you know you want to do
big ride show Trump so this show Trump
gave Trump all the street publicity but

they never showed Bernie find that to
this day they’ve never shown these big
rallies and like maybe there is one on
Google I couldn’t find it and then you
didn’t even show up even of still photo
Democracy Now so there you go sums up

well this dump does something that’s up
is obvious is that the the media will
not show it look the Fox News doesn’t
want doesn’t like Bernie but neither do
any of the left-leaning liberalised

meteorologist budgets they don’t like it
they don’t and sadly that is I’ve said
if you’re sure they don’t like it as
much as they’re told not to cover it and
they do as they’re told

well good point I mean ultimately money
and bullshit walks yeah because like
Bloomberg you know it’s like he’s just

spending and spending and spending but
the money’s not gonna work for him it
doesn’t matter what he spends he’ll
never get the nomination well he
switches his message a little bit

because of the impeachment he has now
gone into anti-trump mode for his
advertising oh you know that’s
interesting actually let me open this up

where was this I don’t have a copy of
one of these ads but he starts off
bitching about Trump and how he’s got to
be out ya know I don’t have that what I
do have is this the neo-cons who I think
are now aligned with the Democrat Party

Bill Kristol he guess totally
so he’s got something funny hahahaha
that he’s doing with a new group so he’s
back on the scene our boy Bill Kristol

has showed up on Morning Joe with his
latest commercial Mike Pence doesn’t
brag about sexually assaulting women
Mike Pence doesn’t pressure foreign
governments that was a new ad from the

group defending democracy together and

joining us now is the group’s founder
and director Bill Kristol Phil I’ll
start with you in the ad what’s the
strategy there and I just got so tired
of people telling me that the election

is going to be reversed and of course
the president’s own lawyers have been
saying that and I really do think that
half the people who watch Fox to use to
support the president think that if he’s
impeached and removed and Hillary
Clinton or Nancy Pelosi will become
presidents and I thought it’s worth you

know let’s just remind them that the
president will be Mike Pence a pretty
conservative Republican if you like
Trump stretches guess what Mike Pence
will appoint the exact same judges if
you like the deregulation Mike Pence
will deregulate industry just in the

same way he’ll keep the cabinet instead
of us I’m not a huge fan of Mike Pence
but I do think it was just worth writing
people that causing maybe a little
trouble maybe presidency ahead and get a
little annoyed little worried depends

remover behind the behind the scenes to
you know encourage people to replace him
so we have a little website president
pence calm just to get that idea out
there what a smug cock what is the point

of this
and Jimmy Kimmel was all in Jimmy Kimmel
I mean like no one knew no one saw this

you didn’t see it I only caught it by
this ad is not really running anywhere
the guy’s not spending any money with
his DDT group it’s just I don’t know
what he what his game is but he did

somehow get it on Kimmel Kimmel played
it came out of the clip with this my
pants better hope Donald Trump doesn’t
see that commercial or Mike Pence is
gonna have Donald Trump’s foot of his
oval orifice isn’t it but I do not

thinking about that if some kind of
miracle happens and these senators
actually do the right thing for a change
in remove the president from office
which they won’t but if they did I
wonder what that would look like like

would they actually have to remove him
physically from his office what if he
won’t leave will they drag him out and
put all his stuff in to the left to the
left where would Mike Pence be would he
be hiding in there like the back of a

van outside waiting for the coast of
would there be hair pulling on I mean
don’t you want to remove him just to see
that come on everybody

I mean I don’t know I don’t know what
the point was it’s not that funny an ad
no it’s not funny in that and that Ben
Kimmel is just a Trump hater he’s got

really off the deep end yeah I mean only
Fallon is trying to stay a little bit
neutral with this kind of light-hearted
material but Kimball’s just hates Trump
and it’s just it all began about the

year-and-a-half ago as some night kids
and cages I think is what it was he was
crying it was crying kids in caged

crying man just crying about it all so
horrible kids in cages we’re gonna do
with the kids in cages I can’t
understand it’s just so bad
part of a creepy add that I put on this

list here you might want to play
Kirt part just parsed part of a creepy
yet okay your data being sold is not the

only problem it’s also being used for
other reasons worse reasons you’re being
profiled whether it be political
persuasion or with the men in black

suits want people of your type and
looking at the bottom line is with
ultimate control role of our society
censorship and manipulation do you see

and read the same news that someone with
the opposite political beliefs sees do
you read the same news that someone of a
different race or someone who makes more

income than you seeds what about your
children are they really being given an
equal shot or is everything
predetermined so who is behind what pops
up and what does it Google chooses what

to show you before you even press and
turn Internet use is not just limited to
laptop and smartphones if you use a
debit or credit card your purchases and

time and date and physical location can
be tracked what was the ad for I like is
for some VPN or something it was
ridiculous totally up my Bentley yeah I

know I put it aside for that reason
because it sounds like an OTG but you
were saying I was reminded every time I

hear something like this and that
probably never shows up too much in the
OTG segment but I remember the late 70s
and the 80s for sure when all these
pretty way before the internet all these

promises were when it was like a it was
a Holy Grail I mean any bold timer out
there remembers this oh yes oh one of
these days they’ll be able to customize

your news when you get your news he’ll
be nice to you by the way down you’ll
get the
that was part of me about you that was
part of the RSS promised that you would

be able to customize your own news feed
your own news flow that was part of the
promise yes so you get what you want not
all this other crap not the fake news
you only get what you actually want yeah

yeah that work out and so they start
doing that this is another this is one
of the two kind of idiosyncratic
complaints I have they start doing that

automatically for you they said what is
what you want we figured it out because
we got all the L goes and we get your
profile and is what you want so here it
is and now you’re complaining the other

one the other one the other one was
another one from the 80s I remember all
these these basics oh one of these days

all the libraries in the world will be
digitized all the knowledge will be
everywhere and so nobody did that so
Google starts doing it just on their own

and everyone started bitching again it’s
fantastic yeah I was listening em Scott
Adams for some odd reason interviewed

one of the investor of clearview AI
which is that the app that they’ve now
temporarily it’s only available for law
enforcement where all you have to do is

just have a picture you throw it into
the app and they’ve been scraping
Facebook Instagram tick-tock you know
all the social media sites and so pretty
quickly they coop they pop up who you

are it with links to two posts or tagged
pictures which you know and actually
they came up I didn’t call any clips
from it but they did talk about some

interesting uses such as identification
of victims of course but you know
they’re really focusing on bad guys just
gonna get bad guys with this and Scott
Adams said something that I thought was

very interesting he said
pretty much everybody with technology
like this then this will be everyone the
company wants to make it available to
anybody I don’t know if they’re going to

he says that would be the great
equalizers everybody had it and I’m sure
this this concept can be replicated even
an open-source it should be possible so
this is going to exist and Scott Adams
point was interesting he says you know

in the past twenty years but certainly
since he’s been doing the show so what
is a year and a half two years he said
I’ve become recognizable and people know
who I am they know about me that a lot

of them don’t like me because I might
have at one time said oh you know the
president’s doing a good job he says so
everybody will have this in the future
everybody will be quote unquote famous

or have the same attributes we could say
hey then who was that person you look
him up and you know a lot about them
immediately you know political you know

the socio-economic standing etc and he
said interestingly he said if I had to
exchange being recognizable and famous
for not being recognized one’s famous he

said no I probably wouldn’t cuz I I kind
of enjoyed there’s a lot of benefits
however he said if you asked me before
I’d ever been famous I probably wouldn’t
have wanted it and I thought there was

an interesting take thanks and for me it
brought up the following bastardization
of the super can man how about this in
the future everyone will be anonymous
for 15 minutes I think that’s where

we’re going that’s cute
thank you two products two products to
talk about for the OTG segment just

emoji GTG can again there’s an app that
comes with an envelope
and you put your smartphone in the

envelope and it’s seals so the only way
to get it out is to rip and thus ruin
this envelope it’s a square kind of
cardboard box type it’s called an
envelope but it’s more like it’s almost
like the packaging box that a phone

would come in when you first buy it and
there’s two versions of it explained in
this short clip but really printed on
the on this on one side of this packaged

envelope are certain buttons you can use
so the idea is you put your phone in the
envelope and then it helps you with your

digital detox it comes with an app of
course as the studio we’re really
interested in exploring ways to find a
balance with technology when it comes to
mobile phones people find all sorts of

strategies to limit and control their
use some people buy a much simpler
second phone and try to use it at
weekends and other people go to great
lengths to hide their phones we wanted
to create a really simple accessible way

for people to experience a digital detox
so we made envelope all you need to do
is seal your phone inside to transform
it into a much simpler device you can

make and receive calls you can speed
dial a favorite number and there’s even
a little clock to tell the time the idea

is to try and last as long as possible
before opening the envelope and getting
your old phone back the camera envelope
removes all the functionality of your
phone apart from the camera so you can

only take photos and videos to but you
have to wait until the end of the day
before you can look at them we hope you
like these little concepts and can give
them a try to find your balance with

envelope I know is crap
the second product is called
show-and-tell it is a feature of an

existing Amazon echo product near the
Amazon echo now comes in a
self-contained unit with the screen and
the new technology the new features it

has are being touted as great for people
who are blind but you can just imagine
the implications the whole idea for Show
and Tell came about from customer

feedback actually challenges around
identifying things in their pantry how
can we thought yeah we can do this we
can help here I’m gonna give you a
product and then you’re gonna say Alexa

what am i holding let’s see it looks
like 365 Everyday Value macaroni great
that’s awesome
I think that’s garlic powder wow that’s

impressive it’s critical for us that
we’re working with our customers
building with them not just building for
them they really need our feedback to
tell them what we need it here’s known

is to help you position your item whoa
is that what it is
all these devices that are acting has

your eyes I think it’s very
revolutionary for me the less stress I
have to put on somebody else it’s less
stress on me
and it makes me feel through

yes Amazon show-and-tell that’s great
for people who have vision issues but
kind of shows you where it’s going
doesn’t it

oh yeah I think the idea for that
particular product is dynamite of course
for job is well Amazon you have to
remember Amazon if you had a fire phone
would they still have this which we

found out be Zoe’s doesn’t himself
actually use no no I did because it
won’t hold enough naked pictures that
was just cool filters on it look how
long it is

anyway anyway yeah I had this I had this
feature you put you point the phone as
something you push a button
and it would just look all over them

just real does that yeah well well the
fire phone you’re right had multiple
cameras I remember that yeah it has some
system it was really fast you could go
into it with the product was ghost then

it would link right to amazon’s and we
sell it for it but 99 yeah yeah but
which is the idea but I think it’s gonna
go much further now it just identifies
stuff you’re wearing you know anything

and they’ll start doing stuff yeah yeah
tell you how it was last time you washed
your shirt it just doesn’t feel good
nothing about it feels good

now all this stuff sucks in fact the
internet stinks imagine all the people
who could do guys oh yeah that’d be fun

that wasn’t grouchy enough I can get
worse but I want to thank a few people

first starting with Tracy Bassano in
Madison Alabama 1 2 3 4 5
uh if anonymous dog wants to help me I
am grateful so she’s on the list it’s

anonymous from Dogpatch autonomous dog
no you might as well get it right if
you’re going for the for the promotion
for the really city bus driver in Eugene

Oregon $100 Christopher Remer
eighty-eight parts unknown Carolyn
Blaney in Aurora Ontario isn’t that one

of the hog the hog wash hog stories
Carolyn yes I think it is maybe she’s
got the newsletter that would run it
before this latest one with all the

horrible children’s books in there she
thought it was really end of show we
have a reading by Sir Felix Wilson of
the No Agenda book as you requested John
my first gun my first gun heelless

Turkish Intel apasa Georgia
he needs a deducing it is Elias 808 for
him Audriana Villanueva in Blue Spring

Maryland 7777 she teased a deduced Brian
Burgess 69 33 from Pelican Rapids

Minnesota John Kramer in Harlem
Netherlands $69
Gary Blatt 66.6 t keep up the good work

Spencer Pearson in Kansas City Missouri
66 ah
Noah they meet up 816
action this is actually the so this
would be the 816 locals donation yeah

okay nice thank you very much John John
Tierney 5678 by the way don’t we have a
make good with somebody who sent a note

it is the one that you said you would
take care of yes did you have that note
Oh God you said keep going I’ll look it
up but I will point out that you you

specifically said you would point out my
fordable so it’s not a problem I know
but now I’m hustling trying to figure it
out okay but wait a minute I may
actually have done something if I
haven’t if I printed it I know you have

good intentions is this road wolf uh-oh
this is good note but after this

something else I’ll read it afterwards
onward with tyranny
5678 Jim Buell in Spring Hill Texas 5333
Dan during in olia Missouri fifty-fifty

and the following people are $50 donors
a short list again
Gerald vandenbrink in East Ulster Oh
trust Netherland Utrecht

there’s no L in new twist I finally
received knighthood celebrating it with
a extra donation of fifty bucks

it got the accounting in I’m a longtime
listener recently I found two no agenda
the tpo podcast in Holland for as we
should say these days the Netherlands
I’m a loyal listener says day wandering

commutes mountain biking and traveling
in the Far East in January came across
back from China with a nice and deep
something healthy COFF COFF Oh while

listening to no agenda drinking too much
Corona beer always lovely here John
slaughtering Dutch names and Adam using
the Dutch accent

what are you talking about thank you for
keeping watch you read the rest of this
that with that accent okay one moment I
was looking for the email you lost you
know yes thank you for keeping my

amygdala small in my mind healthy I
would love to have beer and bitter Bala
at the roundtable you got it
some goat karma and the jingle nothing
to see here and look over there which

has been my ringtone for many many years
is great of all these years listening to
no agenda I’m noticing people are more
and more faking up with a healthier
worldview resulting also in the

Netherlands is podcast like Cafe Belgium
it’s JP TPO podcast Jensen and the
upcoming of think-tank and political
party forum for democracy thank you for
all the work you do the insights you

gave in the joy and laughter my future
Knight name will be sue Doris Knight of
the wild boar mountains in the lowlands
now reason you do this because I think
when you do accidents that are so

complete like that they do need to be
exercised and you have not done that one
for months
thank you and so what is he needing a
beer and bitterballen I shall put that
at the round table and what else do we

have to do that I’m sure there was other
stuff that’s about it that needed to be
done on word on the list Colin choline
I’m sorry choline Garrett and Cary North

Carolina $50 matthew ching $50 alle
wasps who Allah Allah is able level
libel hello libel in Newark Delaware

Noah Davis and West Lafayette Indiana
$50 and Mitchell Kaufman in Hillsboro
Oregon also fifty bucks at loan with hey

soos Ellen in Austin Texas
Julian Robbins in Aptos California and
will West in Peoria Arizona Oh couple
more Colin Villanueva another Villanueva

if it’s not the same one in Blue Springs
Maryland Jo Winky in Santa Rosa
yeah Joe Campbell Joe Campbell Joe

Campbell Joe our guy and he that
includes our group of producers for show
12:11 we hope to get another big group

in on four twelve twelve twelve twelve
the next one that’s the kind of a famous
a couple of numbers are twelve twelve so
we’ll look forward to promoting that
okay let’s look at the what we messed up

here so one is David Russell he was
miffed that he made a donation and then
somehow he’s missed on the birthday list
so he’s on the birthday list for today
and it was herb lamb who herb lamb Earl
of Georgia yes and here’s what he said

he was hoping for some F cancer karma
which had put in the paypal note perhaps
it did by the way I found something I
discovered something if you donate to
the show on a mobile device

PayPal interestingly has the note at the
top of the page I think that’s what
confuses a lot of people because you
know you kind of work from the top down

Here I am I’m doing I’m sending the
money to this here’s the amount and then
he’s expected to be a note but it’s not
you have to scroll back up it’s the
stupidest thing I’ve ever seen

oh yes I’m surprised nobody’s complained
about that publicly I was making a
donation for some software I’ve been
using like cuz I want to put a note like
hey I saw you okay you’ve discovered it

yeah so herb hurt I’m gonna give herb
that well who was it for though Monday
my uncle who as much all was not much
older than I am has stage-four cancer in

his lungs and brain we are still waiting
on a final prognosis but it’s not good a
figured the Karma couldn’t hurt
of course and here comes

you’ve got karma and apologies for her
apologies for that but thank you to
everybody who supported the show today

these people over $50 and of course
reminiscing again about the great list
of associate executive producers and
executive producers it all makes a big
difference and in particular when you

look at people come in under 50 these
are the ongoing sustaining programs you
can join there’s always a couple people
at 49.99 who just want to make sure they
are anonymous because we don’t read

anything over $50 but then you see the
3333 under we have the 2017 twenty to
twenty point seventeen twenty point
eighteen twenty point nineteen all

started probably on the January of that
year so fantastic to see those still
going and twelve 12s and there’s another
not that many twelve twelve we could
probably do it was a short-term thing we

tried but all of that is is just so
appreciated and it’s the way the value
for volume system works it’s still
working for us and it’s working for you
because after all you are the ones

creating the show it is your podcast and
we all know by now it is the best
podcast in the universe an emergency
karma request from sir fudge fountain
Baron of Ann Arbor Michigan kilo eight

tango India Yankee 73 from k5 a cc I
don’t like to whip out my peerage and
waggle it around too often it’s so long
but got to make an exception and

petition for health karma from my mom
she there’s talk of a potential blood
clot in the lung leading to her recent
difficulty breathing we find that pretty
worrying if you get a chance to swing

your beam towards Florida and direct a
few watts of karma in that direction my
family and I would be a very pretty no
no now we have to throw a goat in to fix

you’ve got karma and for anyone who
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get ready to come up with a number and
visit this website of org slash and hey
and for those who needed a jobs karma
jobs jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for
job you’ve got karma 20/20 here’s our

birthday list with a belated happy

birthday to David Russell who turned 50
on January 18 Joe Carlson celebrates
said today actually named gender versus
happy birthday to her husband Gary he is
celebrating today Brian the firm 33 on

the 29th and Chris drum all says happy
birthday to his son Steeler drum all
twenty forty years old
on the 24th happy birthday from
everybody here at the best podcast in

the universe now hold on a second I’m
just looking at this did we read the
note from Dame Jennifer for her husband
Gary did we read that because I

completely I don’t believe we did
because she is giving him do you see her
on the list somewhere she’s got to be on
the list

I bet comments on this come on sideways
on the email and it’s effective so she
made a donation and I know that she is
upgrading her title to Baron ettus but I

believe she deferred or has upped the
numbers for her husband Gary who becomes
a knight today so I want to make sure

that I’m sure she had a note because I
know I forwarded it I just don’t see it
anywhere on the list is this because of
am I just blind let’s see make sure we
do okay good son squirrelmail so as I

click on it pops right up yes I see I
mentioned a couple weeks ago Eric helped
use my donation accounting and recently

passed 3k rather than upgrade myself to
Baroness I would like to upgrade to just
baronet tests and gift the knighthood to
my husband for his birthday which is

tomorrow she we just listed him and I
showed a
lgy I would like to be Baroness Jennifer
of the possible exit strategy Dame
Jennifer soon to be baronet this is the

entire brains and art director behind
the animated No Agenda and that is seen
as a possible exit strategy I think the
title is appropriate apropos that’s Joey
she obviously has a heck of a sense of

humor cuz her stuff is quite funny the
government grants might be the most
lucrative but I think animations would
be very more fun for Gary’s knighting he
says surprise how about Sir Gary patient

husband and supporter of animated no
agendas sorry I know it’s long for now
he can give Eric something different for
a certificate if he wants he’s a bourbon
lover so he’s already covered for the

round table request a dame Jennifer soon
to be baronet tests that’s her note
alright beautiful well I don’t why don’t
we do it right now let’s get to let’s
get the swords out here if you got some
blade egde I got my blade right here

nice play
if you can an anonymous key tarts from
the brink and Bret Samuel

gentlemen thank you very much for your
support of the No Agenda show your
podcast the amount of $1,000 or more and
I’m very proud to pronounce the case sir
Gary patient husband supporter of
animated No Agenda

sir Scott of Norristown sir Doris site
of the wild-boar Mountains in the
lowlands the serpent Knights of the dark
fate gentlemen for you we have hookers
and blow red poison Chardonnay we’ve got

beer in Pizza Bala dr. pepper and coffee
in cannabis in bourbon and of course of
course there’s always mutton in Mead all

of you should head over to no agenda slash rings and we’ll get
those out to you soon as possible just
fill in some of the the paperwork
there’s always paperwork with peerage
it’s the way it’s always happened and

thank you very much for supporting your
No Agenda showed the best podcast in the
universe strategy another valuable
member of the value for value Network

and the No Agenda family thank you that
Dame Jennifer for everything you do and
possibly getting out of this well we’ll
never get out of the show because if
they do the show for the exit strategy
but we’d be rich I think that’s the idea

is not the idea if we if we have a show
on Netflix we’re golden we’re in we’re
home that’s that that we’re working we
can retire
well maybe even against bidding war with
Apple Apple TV and anything could happen

these things so mentioning that before
you go on yes I just start watching the
morning show
I was there with Jennifer Aniston this
is probably her best acting job ever

I agree and
I think it’s really an interesting show
cause is so inside baseball
it may not be you’re appealing to
everybody but I really thought it was a

it’s like someone with a grudge really
put something nice together with a big
budget yeah big budget now it’s a good
show I agree and you know seeing as she

won at the Golden Globes and Brad Pitt
of course want the Golden Globes and
we’ve seen the pictures I can tell you
if Brad and Jennifer get back together
then all our problems will be solved

that’s I can I think when they split up
that’s when America started to divide
into two dimensions I think they are
ground zero of the dimension the
dimensional split in the United States

there you go I’m just hopeful meetups
today at the Daytona International

Speedway sir Raptor this evening the
Rolex 24 meet up also in Philadelphia
the Philly local 76 it’s the first one
that will be in southeast PA at the
Philadelphia Brewing Company buzzer

scatman and now a night as you just
heard of Norristown will be hosting for
you and Alexandria Virginia which should
be underway they started it at noon as
the trademart drinkin heat and Sir

William of West pencil tucky hosting let
me just say what’s coming up this week
Friday the Colorado Springs 719 local
719 at phantom King and growing upstairs
em Andruw Jones hosting that for you

also on Friday the local MCO central
floor to meet up number four at 6:30
that’s the Stanford Brewing Company
Brandon e
organizing that for you and I might as
well tell you well we’ll leave it at

oh no I’ll do the sat next Saturday
Charleston South Carolina the six week
cycle at one o’clock dame jennifer
buchanan hosting that of the animated No
Agenda Vera netis also next Saturday the

Boston no agenda meet up that’s red 33
red 33 and that will be at the
oh my goodness the Castle Island brewery
in Norwood Massachusetts and finally for

next Saturday South West Ontario can
Navy and meet up at 6 o’clock enjoy a
burger rebellion and beer from refined
fool Trevor Collette organizing find all

of this at No Agenda meetups dot-com we
have some meetup reports the first one
comes to us from the 816 local hey this
is Spencer wolf of Kansas City we’re

here at the Rhino in North KC for the
first eight once next edition of no
agenda meetup so I’m passing it around
hello hey Dame DeLorean here

hey no agenda nation what’s up hello
from Kansas and Missouri
I’m from KC MO I’m no longer a douche
bag Killa Brinkman from Springfield

Missouri circumspect remote Grove
calling Villanueva from Blue Springs in
the morning Adriana from Blue Springs no
agendas the bet best podcast in the

universe alright then we have we see
where’s this next one this was the

Austin local 512 meetup sent to us by I
think it was Sergeant Fred who sent this
oops this one here at the meetup which

is called the plight of the No Agenda
flight of the no agenda here Airport I’m
sorry that was not the one I was

thinking of holy crap why I thought this
was no that is Fred I guess I don’t know
what the hell this is this is
oh that’s the meetup in LA on the 18th
and I guess I’m messed that up
I’m sorry I have to work on organizing

this better but I do have the New
England meetup from the 25th my name is
Mike comma mano and I’m Jeff I’m a
member of the original OTG family I’m

here with my wife Emily my daughter
Aruna thank you for your courage and
keeping our amygdalas clean I got
deduced tonight hey what’s going on it’s
Brandon thank you for your courage once

again the only black person here step up
Dave them a dude named Jeff in the
morning hey it’s will
what do you call a group of podcasters
aperi stay not shake from the quiet
corner I am Adam and John

hey Robert case here IgM I made it to
the day hope you England meet up yeah
hey Craig I am from Massachusetts
in the morning this is Chris from New

England an awesome podcast that we
couldn’t live without thank you yeah

what she said
so yes good
this is surgeon making the recording
watcher this Stargate protector of fish
hello it’s sir knives here and I just

wanted to say I TM and thank you for
your courage gentlemen and I maybe
better recognize this or knives Ernesto
have a good time and New England Meetup

thank you for your courage thank you sir
for organizing in the morning
outstanding reports all thank you so
much and finally a written one from Tim

who had who hosted the Oregon local 33
meetup the other night for slaves
president he says three producers a
small turnout yet a great time was had
by all the low turnout raised some

concern there might be some confusion
over the venue I guess there was a bar
33 Brooklyn where we met and a place
across town name bar 33 we’ll see if you
hear a different meetup report we had a
brief round of another No Agenda game

this one based on the game tell astray
shion’s only within a themed items it’s
challenging even when I was the one
creating the word list and a nice
picture of of the producers there thank

you all no agenda meetups dot-com if you
can’t find one that’s happening near you
for God’s sakes man set one up get it
going already no agenda meetups calm

but we went long today but I do have an
important an important one
this I think is pretty important you

know we’ve been tracking the war on cash
she’s almost since the beginning of the
show would you say is that fair it’s a

fair to say in fact we have a jingle and
the jingle at least 2013 been tracking
it for a while we’re big proponents of

cash cash is becoming a problem there
stores everywhere that there certainly
in the Netherlands in Amsterdam you know
sorry no cash no cash at all what’s
really good about this what’s just funny

is we’re now in one of those situations
where social justice is frying
everybody’s brain because yeah we all
want to hurry up and just touch and go

and we don’t want to have this nasty
pesky old cash it’s stinky and why would
you want it you are you okay boomer have
some cash but there’s a little problem
whether you swipe insert or tap it’s

become part of the consumer culture in
New York City the goal to keep you
moving and it’s the reason why some
businesses like sweet green have
completely gone cashless but now it will

be against the law as the Big Apple
becomes the latest city to ban
businesses from not accepting cash cash
is the great equalizer it is the

universal currency the legislation which
was sponsored by Bronx councilman Richie
Torres will penalize brick-and-mortar
businesses who don’t accept cash with
fines of up to fifteen hundred dollars

supporters of the legislation
overwhelmingly passed by the City
Council Thursday say the cashless
business model discriminates against the
poor homeless people in undocumented
immigrants as they are more likely to be

disconnected from the financial system a
ban on cashless business is a protection
of privacy is a protection of equity but
above all it’s a protection of consumer

choice the band comes as many businesses
move toward the so called tap and pay
model like the cashier list Amazon go
which now has four locations in the Big

Apple where customers only have to use
an app to me
purchases after getting much pushback
Amazon announced last year it will
accept cash at select locations we have
to ensure that our increasingly digital

economy in no way leaves New Yorkers
behind now the mayor is expected to sign
this legislation into law in about a
month making it official and the
legislation itself will go into effect

by the end of the year gotta love it
they just can’t do it
their brain is what you can have a
cashless society because it’s unfair to
poor people but particularly homeless

people we had a couple we talked about
this in the show before there’s a place
in a couple of places in Berkeley they
were cashless and they’re kind of he
kind of this should be shamed and they
were yeah so Jewish Jada said oh yeah

they dare hook their cashless because
they don’t want any homeless coming in
there and buying a cupcake and then
using the bathroom
I think the homeless pop in front of the
place right in the doorway yeah anyway

that yeah this is a good as I can get
around there little problem because all
you have to do and I think it’s New York
has an exception for this is if you make

Amazon Prime members because you have to
be a member of Amazon to something when
you go into those one of these walking
down walkout stores without paying
anything you just make it a private club
yeah yeah I’m thinking there’s you know

people will have to have cash and
there’s got to be some kind of wallet
that you can you know like a phone case
that has their grid goes down what are

you gonna do notice know what I’m saying
because I’m talking an exit strategy one
of these one of these stupid phone cases
that has a special wallet for cash not
for cards but for cash

and you can dispense it and you just
kind of like swipe the bottom of your
phone and the money and put it around
your belt and you can click on it in the
coins ml hey man it’s a show day and

there’s some sad news that just came out
yeah Kobe Bryant is dead what dies in
helicopter crash
well that’s terrible Kobe was traveling

with at least three other people in his
private helicopter when it went down a
fire broke out emergency personnel
responded but nobody on board survived
five people confirmed dead Vanessa
Bryant was not among those on board

that is while excessive day wrecker man
holy crap
Niko who as she was peeking – he’s like
doing business deals getting a lot of TV

work so this is too bad this will change
the reporting
I would say if you want some ratings you
got it you got a hammer the Kobe story a
lot I think that will not it’ll liven

things up that may solve Corona look at
a couple of days of that yeah at least
two days that’s what that sucks man
let’s but that’s a shitty way to go
yeah I’d say chopper death he did well I

have I have some stuff left over for the
next for next upcoming show I can I
could probably get a couple things out
of the way maybe let’s get this out of

the way okay since you brought up Kobe’s
death let’s bring up Jim Lehrer ZH death
oh yes
newsman extraordinaire extraordinary he
also was the one who pretty much

mentored Gwen Ifill a lot of people not
just hit Gwen but tons of people I would
say yeah I’m Jim saying specifically for
that show because what you’re gonna hear
is like you’ll hear nothing but well

they don’t do that anymore well they
don’t do that anymore would they don’t
do that anymore because the current
people running the NewsHour are just
there’s just not cutting it as far as
I’m concerned in terms of being the

objective I mean everybody I mean when
you can have al gore we should have that
Clips around but I dig it up I’ll go are
telling Judy never to mention that
there’s people that are still skeptical

about climate and her obediently obeying
is pretty pathetic but let’s hear this
because this is Jim’s rules for and this
is rules for journalists be throws it

out at this little and this Diddy here
told those of us privilege to work with
him it’s not about us but night after
night Jim showed by example that being
yourself journalist writer family man

citizen can be a high calling indeed 36
years as an anchor of the NewsHour
Jim reported the news people often ask

me if there are guidelines in our
practice of what I like to call
macneil-lehrer journalism but yes there
are he did it with a clear sense of
purpose even as the world of media

changed around him
do nothing I cannot defend cover right
and present every story with a care I
would want if the story were about me
assume there is at least one other side

or version to every story assume the
viewer is as smart and as caring and as
good a person as I am assume the same
about all people on whom I report assume

personal lives or a private matter until
a legitimate turn in the story
absolutely mandates otherwise carefully
separate opinion and analysis from

straight news stories and clearly label
do not use anonymous sources or blind
quotes except on rare and monumental
occasions no one should ever be allowed

to attack another anonymously finally I
am NOT in the entertainment business
he’s rolling over in his grave that’s

for sure
yeah yeah the boy the New York Times
leading the way with anonymous bullcrap
exactly all right
well you wanna you want you want to call

it a day I think it’s time yeah okay
good I definitely have stuff for uh for
Thursday more on the OPCW some more
epstein stuff yeah good know at least

some leave some people wanting for
something mean we did a long show today
and we do have end of show clips let’s
see we’ve got
Shawn Cardinal Leo LaPook and we also

have sir Felix Wilson
and coming up on no agendas
grumpy old benz number 47 the the health
scare that’s a no agenda stream calm and

i am coming to you from opportunity zone
33 here in the frontier of austin texas
it is in fema region number six in case
you’re looking for it on the
governmental maps and my name is valley

where things seem very normal learning
then there’s no corona yet i’m john
seymour we return on Thursday please
remember us at Dvorak org slash na it

really matters that you help with our
value for value network and keep the
show going the news let everybody and
until next time

keep information publications present my

first gun read buying so Felix Wilson my
first gun my first gun is not a toy my
first gun is for girls and boys

we’re all born equal we all say my first
gun helps keep it that way my first gun
is for target fun my first gun is for
when bad guys come my first gun I always

check the chamber because if it’s loaded
there is danger my fingers off the
trigger and the Safety’s on so I don’t
accidentally shoot someone I checked my

target and what’s behind before I take
aim with my chamber Prime and Liat my
target I point my muzzle to avoid
accidents and misfired trouble with an

empty chamber and magazine I keep my
first gun all shiny and clean I’ll get
closer inch by inch when I’m relaxed and
do not flinch if my aim is true that my

spirit is willing my next time will be
and I are 15
apocalypse alert today The Bulletin of
the Atomic Scientists moves the hands of

the Doomsday Clock
it is 100 seconds to midnight the
bearers of unbearable news the time is
almost up until the world is doomed the
hand of this fateful clock has been

placed at various positions since its
inception more than 70 years ago but in
2018 it was set at 2 minutes to midnight
the closest since 1953
now the Nobel laureate studded panel has

moved at a hundred seconds before a
climate catastrophe
I’m absolutely terrified

elevennews field ever tick-tock
tick-tock – the Doomsday Clock deduced a
clock we’re in a countdown tick-tock

my children’s children
throw things at children can’t say hey

Greta you show me your science degrees
please I don’t want you to listen to me
what’s Bloomberg’s net worth his net
worth is his personal worth billions to

see worth I think he’s up in the twenty
billion range fifty plus anything he
wants anything it was said impresses

people I have no idea
but I’m not running as presidents do
small things but do big things he’s full

of crap this guy the challenge of Africa
of American wealth creation today pretty
left it right here Bloomberg
for hundreds of years Americans

systematically so black like I kind of
pass through that pretty quickly does
impress these people I have no idea

yeah I think he’s gonna stay along this
Joe Biden

Howard K Smith 1978 ABC News running us
about the coming ice age advanced by
primatologists an ice age is returning

to the earth this glacier is down to the
mason-dixon ions the evidence adduced by
professor Reed Bryson of the University
of Wisconsin our leading stolen

bricen he cites the rhythm of a hundred
thousand years of Ice Age interrupted
briefly by a mere ten thousand years of
war tomb in our 10,000 years of war has

now passed raise your hand
the US Pacific Command has detected a

missile threat to Hawaii a missile may
impact on land or sea within minutes
this is not a drill if you are indoors
stay indoors if you are outdoors seek

immediate shelter in a building remain
indoors well away from windows if you
are driving pull safely to the side of
the road and seek shelter in a building

or lay on the floor we will announce
when the threat has ended this is not a
take immediate action measures the US
Pacific Command has detected a missile

threat to Hawaii a missile may impact on
land or sea within minutes

mofo Dvorak org slash and a I think that
sounds pretty good