No Agenda Episode 1212: “Five Bidens”


he’s got something wrong with the
episode this is no agenda

Lady Gaga’s books she went broke

bankrupt oh I have not heard of this yet
well oh you mean heard her financial
books I didn’t know this this is a pop
entertainment news I was not made aware

of that could be bullcrap
I wish it was where did you go from good
source from the gray search Twitter
sounds kind of right I mean you know

these musicians they sign off these
deals and they end up
I don’t know footing the bill for too
much stuff yeah I think you got ripped
off by somebody ripped off really sucks
man that’s I feel bad for it I mean

especially the kind of success she had
and then gone and still still has hey KJ
says hey kg still around mr. Chris Jacob
Baron of the No Agenda show he was he’s

in Austin he was he’s here for some
conference of course he’s working for a
new company you know him he’s got his
brown shoes on creating markets that
don’t exist yeah he came by we did a

nice a nice chat was good to catch up
and he was wearing his Knight ring
wearing the night ring to the house a
very it was appreciated and I made no

agenda chicken for him which yeah I’d
like to remind everybody that this is
one of the better recipes no agenda
chicken you can actually just go to

favorite search engine and type in no
agenda chicken it’ll pop up as the first
result it’s delish it’s easy it’s so
easy to make the people wow this is

mm-hmm slaved over that bits the whole
meal it’s like the chicken the
vegetables the potatoes you’ve done
everything’s in there everything you
need is good to go is fantastic it
really is hey it was nice nice that he

was over nice to see him I have an
announcement an exciting announcement
for the no agenda shop I will be
appearing on Joe Rogan good finally yeah

in the next so we’re just picking a date
and that it has to be either Monday
Tuesday or Wednesday that’s when he
tapes and it has to be February or March
we’re coordinating because we have some

travel here as well and so yes I’ll go
out to LA and and plug the hell out of
the show well let’s hope so
and try and contain my Tourette’s for

two hours that’s gonna be interesting I
don’t know let me know they got a
Tourette’s thing so just get over it I’m
gonna take all the way through tick tock

tick tock or something to be more
entertaining actually although you won’t
do it no now if I know it no I won’t I’m
gonna try not to try not no no you want

I mean you you would if I even if you
okay I’ve had it with this trying to
hold back I’m going to just tick away
and no your tics or minor just make
these let’s assume you’re gonna make

that choice yeah you won’t do it he’ll
still freeze up and not take what you
well when you do tick it’ll annoy you
yes it’ll be out of the blue right

probably just be I’m guessing the left I
kind of a half close like you’re winking
you know it travels around different

parts of the body and the different
takes a different time I’m always like I
don’t mind having the tick I’m just
having my leg you know just put it in my
toe or something and get rid of it says
not in the eye you know like the the

crazy eye blue
underneath exactly okay well there’s a
there’s a lot to look at today you know
when it rains it pours got all kinds of

stuff to talk about yeah you know
there’s a couple of things I wanted him
first of all I’d have very little on the
impeachment I do have a couple of items
I have some decent stuff the right-wing

talkers and Michael Savage had something
to say just cuz he was kind of sick of
this uh he brother talked about himself

and he me made this comment and it kind
of stuck with me which is why is
everybody this is really something
that’s peculiar to the Senate the Senate

has a job to do and they’re gonna do it
no matter what what is the point of the
public fretting about this one way or
the other and making commentary all over
the places though we have anything to do

with it we’re not there I don’t quite
understand the point but the point is
maybe this is overblown and we this
whole thing is just like who cares is it

I think is what he’s trying it’s got
nothing to do with us well hold on a
second I’m going to send a question to
the desk to see what’s going on with
that the most dead air in a television
show I’ve ever seen in my life what as

Roberts reads the questions yeah every
single senator says I’m sending my
question to the desk I mean I this is

the problem no cell phones just text the
guy the question then the person’s got
to get it from the senator walk it over
their cell phones they be doing
something else no kidding no kidding at

all even there well what I enjoyed you
have to be there’s or some law that says
oh I’ve got a stomachache can I stay
home and watch this on TV on c-span
that’s a good question I personally

think that either you let the Senators
who are running for president right now
you let them go but or they should
really recuse themselves as mine
why haven’t they recused themselves well

because they’re not going to there’s no
intent whatsoever no one’s talking about
it but uh sigh but if if it were the
tables were turned we would certainly
hear well these these people are running

for president you can’t I mean that’s
actually corrupting an election is you
are going to decide whether this guy
stays or goes questions you may ask
things you may bring up
hello book deal Bolton you know that

could corrupt the 2020 election so they
should recuse themselves but it’s not
gonna happen it doesn’t matter they
should recuse but that’s why we’re
talking about this sort of thing let’s
play a couple of medleys okay I have a

one medley of the Clinton impeachment
and the media and and you can contrast
that well actually I’ve got the three
medley so who I have are the newest

medley of the anti-trump bromides let’s
maybe we should start with that it’s
kind of entertaining what’s it cost the
media and some politicians moaning and

groaning about Trump it’s called newest
medley anti Trump bromides desirable
fact of the president’s betrayal of his
oath of office the president has been
exposed violating his oath of office

president the United States has betrayed
his oath of office violations of his
oath to the Constitution unprecedented
breach of the oath of office he trails
of his oath of office the president has
admitted enough we have got enough

information at this point he’s already
confirmed what he’s done in broad
daylight we’ve basically got a
confession he’s already confessed to
this crime the president has already
admitted the president Mitch he did it

the White House and the State Department
continue to orchestrate this massive
cover-up we are watching a cover-up by
the President of the United States
they’ve been in the business of trying
to cover-up implicated in a cover-up

there’s a caveat the cover-up the
attempted cover-up to interfere with the
Congress’s ability to before it relevant
witnesses will be considered as evidence
of obstruction from strategy it’s pretty

clear obstructive flat confused
obstructing justice refusing to comply
with the congressional inquiry it is
obstruction of justice
it’s bribery a lot of the committees

have documented obstruction of justice
all of this obstruction no I
house and from the president
specifically he’s using the abuse of
power and every element of the
presidency the heart of the abuse of

power is gross abuse of power and you
could say it was an abuse I there has
been an abuse of power abuse of power
and that isn’t obviously impeachable
abuse of power definition of the word
bromide what I looked it up because I

know yeah I thought and it means
something a little different than I
thought it means a trite and unoriginal
idea or remark typically intended to
soothe or placate that’s questionable

with a medley of the same media only

this is about the Clinton impeachment
I rise to want to oppose these unfair
motions which call for the removal of
the President of the United States from

office the Independent Counsel news the
president this is this is the 1998 clip
this is literally no but I met medley
Clinton impeachment Oh issue has been a
sham it shouldn’t have gotten this far

the house acted improperly and passing
it on to the Senate
why is your party draggin this thing out
why is this happening why go through all
this this business about witnesses it’s
gonna add months to this thing we should

stop this this bogus inflated case these
people just get down to business and
leave this impeachment thing alone it’s
going to be an enormous distraction to
the White House and all kinds of issues

that the Congress ought to be
considering there’s a long line of the
people’s business that seems to have
been put aside and apparently is going
to be put aside for weeks if not months
now we begin tonight with the voice of
the people the visitor who got up and

shouted God Almighty take the vote and
get it over with God Almighty the man
said take the vote and get it over with
this whole thing is the guy who stood up
in the Senate gallery last week and said

good god vote and get over with this
will ya
this process is solid it is
not some concern of the public
perception in in some quarters not all

of them Democratic that this isn’t in
fact a kind of effort at a quote who’s
heard of managers from the house one
White House official told me today in

twenty years he said people will
remember three things about this that
the president was impeached in the house
that he was acquitted in the Senate and
that the whole thing was a partisan hit
no people remember one thing Clinton was
impeached that’s that people don’t

remember any of the other things
well now let’s just a quick twenty two
seconds this is not a man not a true
medley but this is the ninety eight clip
this is Pelosi and Nadler I rise to one
to oppose these unfair motions which

call for the removal of the President of
the United States from office the
Independent Counsel knew that the
president was exonerated the effective
impeachment is to overturn the popular
will of the voters they must never be a

narrowly voted impeachment or an
impeachment supported by one of our
major political parties and opposed by
the other right all right yeah we know I
mean the mainstream is doing this to Fox

is playing this and then they flip it
around and CNN MSNBC do it every day
folks I’m sorry is produced by Fox yeah
obvious obvious but it’s easy to do but

it does these people do need to be
reminded especially Nadler I have a
couple of clips I personally I joke
around that I’m a I’m a lawyer I’m not

I’m a cost I’m a constitutional scholar
as what I have are you changed it yes as
a constitutional scholar i Scholar I
very much enjoy listening to Alan

Dershowitz and I’ve certainly I think we
both have been a fan of durscher which
since the day we started this show and
he’s he’s he’s never bashful about his
political leanings or he’s not solidly

loves but he’s consistent but once he
was consistent about Donald Trump then
he got disinvited from the party’s
Martha’s Vineyard the Hamptons he’s

everybody hates him and that I do have a
personal issue with the with the Epstein
stuff although he seems pretty adamant
that it was human only received a
massage from an old ugly lady and he was
wearing his undies not sure I’m sure

whatever make sense but I enjoy his
presentation style I think he is the
only person that presented and I’ve
watched most of this the Republican or

the president side is called the
Republican if he’s easy it’s much
shorter I thought the presentations
because they’re short there’s just like
okay I got it

and Dershowitz had to two pieces they’re
a little long the first ones three
minutes second ones two minutes but it
really broke it down and I found
incredible how he literally is going to

oh he argued that on the first article
abuse of power that that is a political
act that should be used in all politics
has been used in all politics and he has

several examples to show why that is not
an impeachable offense that we can stop
it during during this first clip if we
want to but I personally I was like wow
you argued that pretty convincingly

because you know what exactly is abuse
of power and I didn’t get any kind of
clip from the house managers other than
well that’s clearly an abuse of power

but how impeachable is it is what is now
being argued so I guess we’re kind of
slipping and giving up on the yeah of
course yeah use this power it was it
abuse of power yeah but it’s a political
thing it’s okay and then obstruction of

Congress we’ll get to that in a minute I
will now give you a list of presidents
who in our history have been accused of
abusing their power by the way I did
edit a couple of things in this clip for

instance I didn’t let him ramble on
through all the presidents because that
was of course the show part you know all
the presidents all the things they
should have done but I picked out a
couple that were pertinent to his

argument would be subject to impeachment
under the house managers view of the
George Washington refusal to turn over
documents related to the Jay Treaty John
Adams signing and enforcing the Alien

and Sedition laws Thomas Jefferson
purchasing Louisiana without
congressional authorization Abraham
Lincoln was accused of abusing his power
for suspending the writ of habeas corpus

during the Civil War George HW Bush the
following was released today by the
clinton gore campaign in the past weeks
americans have begun to learn the extent
to which George Bush and his

administration have abused their
governmental power for political
purposes that’s how abuse of power
should be used campaign rhetoric it
should be in statements issued by one
political party against the other that’s

the nature of the term abuse of power is
a political weapon really when I heard
this I was like wow that’s interesting I
had not considered that that it’s just

purely political but he’s arguing it and
it should be leveled against political
opponents let the public decide that’s
Barack Obama the House Committee and the
judiciary hold an entire hearing

entitled Obama administration’s
abuse of power now by the standards
applied to earlier presidents nearly any
controversial act by a chief executive
could be denominated abuse of power

for example past presidents have been
accused of using their foreign policy
even their war powers to enhance their
electoral prospects presidents often

have mixed motives that include partisan
personal benefits along with the
national interest this example is gonna
give of Lincoln either
it’s well known it may have come up
earlier on a different show but it’s a

good one that’s a Josh Blackman
constitutional law professor provided
the following interesting example quote
in 1864 during the height of the Civil
War President Lincoln encouraged General
William Sherman to allow soldiers in the

field to return to Indiana to vote what
was Lincoln’s primary motivation the
professor asks he wanted to make sure
that the government of Indiana
remain in the hands of Republican

loyalists who would continue the war
until victory blinken’s
requests risked undercutting the
military effort by depleting the ranks
moreover during this time soldiers from

the remaining states faced greater risks
than did the returning Hoosiers the
professor continues Lincoln had dueling
motives privately he sought to secure
victory for his party but the president

as a president and as a party leader and
commander-in-chief made a decision with
life or death consequences and can we
impeach him posthumously because I think

I think we should that’s an outrage
professor Blackman drew the following
relevant conclusion from this and other
historical events
he said politicians routinely promote
their understanding of the general

welfare while in the back of their minds
considering how these actions will
affect their popularity often the two
concepts overlap what’s good for the
country is good for the officials

re-election all politicians he said
understand that dynamic like all human
beings presidents and other politicians
persuade themselves that their actions

seen by their opponents as self-serving
or primarily in the national interest in
order to conclude that such mixed-motive
actions constituted abuse of power
opponents must psychoanalyze the

president and attribute to them a
singular self-serving motive such a
subjective probing of motives cannot be
the legal basis for a serious accusation
of abuse of power that could result in

the removal of an elected president yet
this is precisely what the managers are
claiming here’s what they said quote
whether the president’s real reason the
ones actually in his mind are at the

time legitimate what a standard what was
in the president’s mind actually in his
mind what was the real reason would you

want your actions to be probe for what
was though
real reason why you acted even if a
president were a and it it clearly shows

in my mind that the framers could not
have intended this psychoanalytic
approach to presidential motives to
determine the distinction between what

is impeachable and what is not so I
appreciated that argument taking it
right to the house managers own words
and say oh wait a minute so you’re
basing it on what you think was he was
thinking and that is something that

happens a lot in our political climate
yeah it’s called mind reading yeah so I
like that I appreciate how dorit’s
explains the law I have no idea if that

senators eyes masive may have glazed
over I don’t know if they care to even
pay attention I think their minds made
up so they’re not paying attention but I
will say that I that I’d listen to this

too and that little ditty about the
soldiers going back to Indiana know that
it was very fun no worries we’ll hold
down the fort it’s all gonna be good and

then a much shorter clip here where he
explains why quid pro quo is not
impeachable if purely political and he
uses more examples yesterday I had the
privilege of attending the rolling out

of a peace plan by the President of the
United States regarding the
israel-palestine conflict and I offered
you a hypothetical the other day what if
a Democratic president were to be

elected and Congress were to authorize
much money to either Israel or the
Palestinians and the Democratic
president were to say to Israel no I’m
gonna withhold this money unless you

stop all settlement growth or to the
I will withhold the money Congress
authorized to you unless you stop paying
terrorists and the president said quid

pro quo if you don’t
what you don’t get the money if you do
it you get the money there’s no one in
this chamber that would regard that as

in any way unlawful the only thing that
would make a quid pro quo unlawful is if
the quo were in some way illegal now we
talked about motive there are three

possible motives that a political figure
can have one a motive in the public
interest and the Israel argument would
be in the public interest the second is
in his own political interest and the

third which hasn’t been mentioned would
be in his own financial interest his own
pure financial interest just putting
money in the in the bank I want to focus

on the second one for just one moment
every public official that I know
believes that his election is in the
public interest and mostly you’re right
your election is in the public interest

and if a president does something which
he believes will help him get elected in
the public interest that cannot be the
kind of quid pro quo

that results in impeachment that was
about it
the house managers pretty much you know
I guess their strategy is a bombshell

every day so we’ve got the Bolton
bombshell book the three B’s B three
yesterday left parn us walking around I
mean it’s every day that it’s something

some new media thing comes out and I and
I didn’t clip it but there was something
very interesting which I thought was
novel for the time we live in and I
don’t remember who it was Sekulow or

ight one of the one of the presidents
the defense lawyers said the president
just tweeted the following which is a
very interesting way to get the
president’s word into the proceeding

itself by using tweets I don’t think
that has ever happened before if you’d
like to have something that is
newsworthy that you can mention without
it being you know new documentary

or hey I just got a note from the
president you know that sounds shitty I
thought that was an interesting move and
it was obviously with some bombastic
thing about how obviously but you know
just from a legal perspective I find

that interesting I really do I it’s fun
to watch I think there is something
unresolved which is a possible outcome
that I can’t find the answer to and it
was not addressed the Chief Justice of

the Supreme Court is presiding over this
not the vice president who in a tie is
the tiebreaker and it’s unclear if let’s

say MIT Romney says bad no it’s not it’s
not clear it’s not who if there’s a tie
who has the deciding vote play the clip
impeachment Nora and Nancy Oh hold on a

second good I’m so happy this is why
there’s two of us and Nancy joins us
from the hill so Democrats try to make
the case that in order to determine
motive you need to hear from witnesses

what’s the likelihood of that Nora it is
looking less likely tonight because a
couple of key Republicans announced
today that they are probably going to
vote no on witnesses still this vote is

going to be raised or tight it could end
up at fifty eight fifty nays in which
case Chief Justice Roberts would have to
decide whether he wants to be the
tie-breaking vote that would be

incredible all right Nancy thank you
hold on that’s not a resolution she says
he has to decide if he will be the
tie-breaking vote what if he decides now
I’m not qualified he could do whatever

he wants I mean if they give it was the
vice president he could do the same
thing and not not you do you imagine he
doesn’t have good you imagine Pence like
okay if I say impeach then I’m president

so would be it oh my goodness
well well here’s another play that I

don’t know why they’re not saying it the
the m5m for once it would be appropriate
to say at this moment we are in
actual constitutional crisis because

we’re interpreting the Constitution and
there’s disagreement I call this a
constitutional crisis well this may be
it I don’t know if the word crisis is

correct just like climate change
bringing a crisis I don’t think is that
much of a crisis everyone’s running
around two hands in the air I might be
completely mistaken yeah clip is just a

very small snippet this is impeachment
over by weeks and according to a CBS’s
play that Republicans are increasingly
confident that they will be able to

block witnesses in the impeachment trial
raising the likelihood that President
Trump is acquitted by the end of the
week yeah well it’s supposed to be it’s
gonna be an issue for the people on the

campaign trail so there’s a whole bunch
of stuff going on in Iowa before next
week’s election on Saturday morning I
don’t think too many people are gonna be
complaining at least until those after
those meetings are over but let’s go

back to this Bolton thing I get kind of
thinking about this now I’ve got two
clips on the Bolton in the book mm-hmm
and I’m trying to think which is the
clip they should go first let me play

the Bolton in the book this is the CBS
rundown president Trump had John Bolton
on his mind today at the White House he
took to Twitter to attack the man that
he once chose to be his national
security adviser and the administration

is moving to block Bolton’s book from
being published we judging reports
tonight from the White House today we’re
finally ending the NAFTA nightmare even
as president Trump signed a new North

American trade deal today he injected
impeachment into his remarks while
thanking Republican senators maybe I’m
being just nice to him because I want
their vote the White House is lobbying

senators to vote against having
witnesses such as john bolton
at the trial on twitter the president
said his former national security
adviser begged him for a job and if i
listened to him we would be in World War

6 by now he also bashed bolton’s has
as nasty and untrue CBS News obtained
this letter from mr. Trump’s national
security council to Bolton’s lawyer

saying the manuscript contains top
secret level classified information that
may not be published or otherwise
disclosed but while it was only made
public today the letter is dated January

23rd the day after President Trump said
this about Bolton’s potential testimony
the problem with John is that it’s a
national security problem in just three

days after the White House halted the
manuscript the New York Times reported
it says the president told Bolton
military agency crane depended on
investigating the Biden’s tonight

Bolton’s lawyer tells CBS News that he
responded to that letter the very next
day to say they don’t believe anything
in the book could reasonably be
considered classified and they have to

resolve issues right away since Bolton
could be called to testify about that
very material Norah hmm now this got me
into the timeline of it all and also the

fact that this book isn’t coming out it
seems as if the book was quashed on
January 20th and bulls crossed a
publishing term I think it could be used

in publishing tell me was it was
deep-sixed it was it was not going to be
all the time deep sixed yeah yeah I got

deep I don’t even know if this book
exists I’m wondering about the whole
seems to be that nobody gets a look at

this book because it’s a national
security risk and me but and there’s
some issue about whether or not it will

get printed but I want to play this Q&A
that was on the floor with with the with
Dodd during the impeachment
was given to the Supreme Court guy just
wait from now on to s CG the Supreme

Court yeah so this is the Bolton book
Q&A at the hearing just a straight now
one little factoid that was left out of

the CBS report which I thought was for
reporting after I heard this the
question from Senator Merkley and other
senators is for counsel to the president
please clarify your previous answer
about the Bolton manuscript when exactly

did the first person on the president’s
defense team first learn of the
allegations in the manuscript secondly
mr. Bolton’s lawyer publicly disputes
that any information in the manuscript

could reasonably be considered
classified was the determination to
block its publication on the basis that
it contains classified information made
solely by career officials or were

political appointees in the White House
counsel’s office or elsewhere in the
White House involved the White House
counsel’s office is not involved in
classification review determining what’s

classified or not classified
I can’t state the specifics my
understanding is it is conducted by
career officials at the NSC but it’s
handled by the NSC so I’m not in a

position to give you full information on
that my understanding it’s being done by
career officials but it is not being
done by lawyers in the White House
counsel’s office okay so that means the
book but through write the proper

channels it didn’t have anything to a
Trump right getting getting it killed so
they say let’s just think this let’s
just say they I don’t know the CIA puts
a book together for Bolton to publish
and and it’s loaded with secrets and

they know it isn’t and the word goes
already and they say you have to kill
this book because the reason for the
book is not for a book maybe a book will
come out eventually
but the reason so he can leak some bogus
information that all the hours in the

room a trompe well as he said quid pro
quo and all these bogus claims suppose a
Bolton made so he can beat so now we
gotta have Bolton testify when in fact
he’s got nothing to say about anything

but the whole thing is just a complete
dreamed up by the intelligence agent
well and just to point out because I’m
sure I don’t know if you’ve had any text
messaging with the Lib joes but this was

a New York Times origin the New York
Times did not quote the book they say in
the book apparently Bolton says in the
book that Trump said to him you know no

no announcement of investigation no
money so and you know that is the knee I
think it’s really borderline reporting

in this case I mean think I’m right
whatever they want but and it also came
it came on their opinion to be honestly
had to be fair about it came out on the
opinion page well that makes it even

John Kelly the ex chief of staff comes
rolling ounces all whatever Bolton said
I believe whatever he said he’s never
seen the manuscript he’s never seen the
paperwork he just comes out to get on
the bandwagon

here’s what I’d hate Trump these anti
Trump Republicans which are many of them
worked for for Trump are sickening and I
should mention this about Trump you know
I think Trump’s pretty honest when he

says stuff like Bolton begging me for
the job know which is the same thing
because you’d start to notice this with
Napolitano he says well Napolitano
wanted to be a Supreme Court judge I’m
sure he did yeah and he wouldn’t give it

to him rightly so and the next thing you
know Napolitano hates Trump and he’s on
the other working for MSNBC now and he’s
saying bad things Bolton’s kind of the
same way now I heard I guess as I was

listening to enough right-wing talkers
that from a number of them they all said
that Sean Hannity is the real key guy
here because they all know Lord help the
Republic this is Sean Hannity’s the one

who insists Kaku sees Trump apparently a
lot insisted that bold or you should
hire Bolton Bolton Bolton oh yeah of

apparently went to Hannity and begged
him to bake Trump which explains why
Trump is not going on Hannity so much
anymore he goes on ingre ham and hmm
interesting here’s what I think I’m
pretty sure the president made it known

to people off the record not recorded
and possibly Bolton hey do we need this
from you no we need to get this guy
going he know he knows the right thing

to do and the fact that he even
specifically said to ambassador Salman
as personís testimony no quid pro quo
that’s not Trump language man no way no

way he doesn’t talk like that unless he
has something in his mind and he knows
what to avoid he’s had some advice or
maybe he was setting a trap that’s
giving him a lot of credit and so he

went he went right up to the line with
everything that’s why he’s so confident
because he know that there’s no actual
proof of proof of him saying that
didn’t your Bolton would just be Bolton

saying it you know it’s not it’s not
proof and it came up and testified you
wouldn’t even say that it would be
something like a lot of these
testimonies that have that are promising
you oh god this conds of sealed

indictment I call me was a bore when it
came to all that sort of thing all right
very suspicious about this manuscript
didn’t I’m glad you notice it was the

New York Times that leaked his bullcrap
I mean this is pathetic
these guys are just completely off the
rails when it comes to this sort of
thing there’s this new group called the
Lincoln group or the Lincoln is all run

by a bunch of Trump haters beginning
with George Conway unbelievable and
they’re all just xx ol hacks from
McCain’s groups these groups what

there’s all kinds of press opportunities
going on I pretty much sit by the TV
with the recorder Jack D and all the

time ready to to roll it back and
capture a clip let me see where do I
have this so then I got it at that fun
little ditty from Chuck Schumer who got

who went out and you know it he’s really
just listen to how he how he treats we
treats the the media when he’s asked
questions and this grand experiment we
call democracy will have been fatal

fatally eroded because when Americans
lose faith that elections are fair when
Americans lose faith that it’s Americans
determining who elects the president
rather than a foreign power possible end

of show I so possible

let’s go up against my end of show
suggestion okay which is the I so five
Biden’s okay let’s check it out okay
well I have I have another candidate now

during this impeachment Trump was in New
Jersey this was a huge a huge meet up in
New Jersey and having lived in New

Jersey I can say with some confidence
and certainly South Jersey and very
familiar with Jersey i’ts
really will just vote for the man or
woman that they think will do the best

job for Jersey yeah this is why it’s a
very mixed state I think people lean
liberal kind of that blue if you want to
give it a color but there’s been several
famous Republican governors chris

Christie Christie Todd Whitman so I
think all of New Jersey which is very
blue-collar certainly in South Jersey is
very excited about Trump coming out and

so that’s why I was extremely busy Fox
was covering this but then something
happened and they cut away after even
laughing in studio Democrats decided to
shield ad shelter grandma to look look

you have criminals right watching the
president here in Wildwood New Jersey I
just wanna get a quick comment before we
what does that cover up that’s the
moment to turn up the volume not to cut

away you don’t get what that was about
there’s a number of people that pushed
that clip around and it was baffling to
me what well let’s listen for the I

think he was on some roll he was gonna
go in some direction and he stopped
himself mid word hits his brain fried
man listen wait I think he wants a

definitely shorted out yeah oh yeah oh
there’s a brain fry for sure for sure

it’s a wonder the press conferences you
know the the stand-ups at the microphone
were pretty good I thought it was a good
question that was asked of Ted Cruz
about the hunter Biden possibly getting

a cushy job on a board a as I say
no-show board seat because he’s the son
of a Joe Biden here hopefully you can

hear the question
in prison

my children are nine and eleven I’m
sorry he just goes on about his own
children but I think the questions you
should have played the whole clip that
was a fact I was gonna play I was
listened to the whole just a funny clip

because this guy’s all worked as it
could have been equalized a bit the guys
all worked up and he’s asking this is
the stupidest thing moment I think I’ve
seen for a while my children are 9 and

11 I’m sorry that you want to throw a

nine-year-old in prison
but at this point but my third grader
plays basketball and softball at her
school so so stop playing the nasty note
no stop playing than that nasty

Washington games I thought it was it was
good up until that because it’s true I’m
sure half of the representatives in the
House and the Senate that they have

children with fantastic jobs it’s the
problem is one of them when you problem
is when you legislate and that then
behaves your children and of course you

know if the if this president not this
but doesn’t even have to be removed from
office that everyone’s everyone is now
in the crosshairs everyone’s everyone’s
gonna get out it’s gonna it’s gonna be

canceled cultures right on what I said
right on biting I do have one clip but
nowhere on actually on crews and I want
to play one more Cruz clip that unlike

the Rudy Giuliani podcast which is just
I mean I don’t know if there’s a new one
I’ve been refreshing haven’t seen it
yeah the worst Ted Cruz also has a
podcast yeah which is I think a better

format because he has a guy there asking
him questions and so it’s more of a
question an informal question answer but
it’s it’s scripted as to what they’re
going to talk about and he said that

there is one in if we get two witnesses
which I personally doubt if we get two
witnesses and I doubt it because nobody
wants the dirty laundry to come out
on any side of the equation they’re

pretending the other way will you know
there’s gonna be interesting because if
a couple more Republicans come over I’d
like to see Romney retreat before they
wouldn’t that be great here’s there’s

something that that could be done for
these witnesses that I hadn’t thought
about if we do call additional witnesses
I’m very confident we’ll call hunter
Biden but if you call hunter Biden or

rather if the White House Calls hunter
Biden to testify before the Senate can’t
hunter Biden just say I don’t want to
answer your questions I plead the fifth
and I’m not gonna I’m not going to say

anything so he can and if we call hunter
Biden he will almost certainly plead the
fifth now here’s the interesting thing
there’s a federal statute that gives the
Senate the authority to grant him what’s

called transactional immunity which
means we can force him to testify now he
can’t be prosecuted for anything he
testifies to okay but you can find out
you can get his testimony and that’s

something the Senate can do grant him
immunity and I gotta say that idea you
want to talk about something to terrify
47 Democrats in the Senate it is the
fact that the Senate could grant hunter

Biden immunity and hear his testimony
about whether in fact there was
corruption from Joe Biden and let’s be
clear this is not about look hunter
Biden the guys led a troubled life yeah
this is not about him this is the

question about whether his dad abused
his power so now he’s he’s he’s accusing
Biden of abusing his power the same way

they’re accusing Trump of abusing power
it’s it’s a quagmire you’re probably
right they’re not gonna bring the moon
houses out I’m gonna get you two would

like to see him get close enough that
Romney has to retreat I’ll get you two
Biden with this odd I think very odd
thing that happened same setup you know
after the after the session everyone

comes out they huddled on the
microphones and the Democrats are
standing there and then Joni Ernst who
mature from Iowa an important senator is
this Iowa caucuses folks Iowa caucuses

are this next Monday evening and I’m
really interested to see how this
discussion today informs and influences

the Iowa caucus voters those Democratic
caucus goers will they be supporting
President Vice President Biden at this
point that was off message I thought

that was interesting
there’s why was it off message it’s
against the the guides against the party

guy Biden is the party guy not Bernie
she can’t be saying I’m interested if
people still want to vote for him that’s
off message what message is she supposed
to send she’s not she’s not a Democrat

if okay
she’s not what I think she was a
Democrat I don’t know she’s anything but
a democratic republic I’m gonna cut that

part out of the show that was dumb I’m
sorry why why did I think she was a
Democrat I thought I’ve looked it up
even okay well it’s totally on message

way to go Joni yes you nailed it hey you
know what Trump that that’s just not

fair I think I don’t think it’s me and
Trump I think it’s more like me and
Schumer all right that’s what it is that

must be it yeah no I’m all GD about it
to talk about the Kobe copter crash but

let’s go to Biden first oh we’re gonna
get to that got one clip to that you add
to your thing and some thoughts but
let’s go to let’s go this is but know
this is on the mark levin talk show oh
my god I can’t you know he has either

Parkinson’s or his own version of
Tourette’s have you noticed that he’s
something wrong with them yeah all right
so they say about me see that’s my point
people look at me and go it’s got

something wrong with him all wrong with
so so he’s on there with this book guy
who was writing a book about the bite
the five Biden’s yeah who I thought that
I saw is funny and he’s just and he’s

got anecdote after anecdote he goes on
and on and on one after the other this
is just one of them I am I could have
made two or three clips and this was too
long but you Mazal play this the five

Biden’s mark eleven clip five Biden’s
right it’s like it’s like a whole family
of I’ll say of corrupt Biden what did
you find you know it’s interesting
there’s two sides to Joe Biden let me

begin with a real small illustration
where I think proves the point Joe Biden
has been seen as the Amtrak senator the
guy who’s a regular guy who gets on the
Amtrak train would go home to Delaware

that’s absolutely true but in our
research what we found from the local
newspaper accounts in Delaware is he not
only did that if he was running late he
would call Amtrak and have them hold the

train so yes he was regular Joe Amtrak
but if he wanted to pull strings power
for his benefit he would do some new
somebody on the board yes

his son exactly his son was put on the
board now we talked about the five
Biden’s we know about hunter there’s new
material about hunter in in the book the
chapter seventy pages long so there’s a

lot of ground to cover but some of the
other ones are very very interesting
James Biden for example his brother very
very interesting develop in November of
2010 this old town by Denis friend named

Kevin justice who grew up in Delaware
with Joe Biden’s kids starts this
construction company called Hill stone
goes to the White House in November 2010
meets in Biden’s office according to

White House visitor logs we don’t know
what they discussed mark it was his the
only time he ever visited the White
House but three weeks after that meeting
he appoints James Biden the vice

president’s brother as the executive
vice president of the construction
company now James have any constructed
great question mark the answer is no he
did not in fact on the company

bhaiyya which is no longer up they said
that his skill was he was comfortable in
the corridors of political power and of
course you’re very comfortable when
you’re brothers the second most powerful
man in the world but that’s just the

beginning of the story about six months
after James Biden becomes a vice
president this company gets a contract
from the federal government to build a
hundred thousand homes in Iraq it’s

about a billion and a half dollar
contract they get a twenty two million
dollar contract with the State
Department they get legions of other
federal contracts that’s the kind of
thing you see repeated over and over

with the Biden’s and it’s all about the
timing mark these things occur when Joe
Biden is pulling the strings of
governmental power at this time and then
he’s always says I don’t know anything

about it yeah I son my brother Joe is
the family franchisee and I think he’s
getting too much credit here I think Joe
he’s dumb and we I mean we’ve seen

nothing but dumb stuff from him
throughout most of his career and I
think that he just doesn’t maybe it
looks like he’s not even thinking
through it let me see now if I if I help
these credit-card guys you know it’s

like it’s all there’s all kinds of stuff
with it and I’m sure it’s the same maybe
it’s just normal course of business
everyone else does it is that strange
I think it’s rife I’d like to know about
all I think it’s rife – I’m not gonna

argue that whether he’s dumb or not as
it remains to be seen but look at show
business works exactly the same way my
kid is in semi show business she doesn’t
really want to be in show business but

the money’s easy why because of her
parents you know so you could and you
know and did I put on MTV as a prop when
she was three years old

there you go yeah
so I understand but the MTV is a little
different than being a senator or vice
president yeah and taking the public
funds yeah hmm but just kind of a

different the major difference and
you’re not supposed to do that in
government because it’s just this is
against the law it’s not against the law
to give your daughter any anything she

wants in terms of helping oh yeah I
understand but that but people forget
that they just get complacent I have a
couple of Joe Clips here none of them
are great audio quality we know why

because the audio guy and the iPhone
video guy hate Joe apparently want to
make him sound as crappy as possible and
here he is threatening Trump here Joe

completely validates our previous

discussion as documented and propagated
to the universe in the animated No
Agenda episode VP predictions for Uncle
Joe which I think Jennifer did a

fantastic job once again is one of the
best I mean it’s it’s funny and you were
funny it was a lot of it was your bit so
that really it works so well I’m so
proud of that series not that I’d do

anything for it but I’m still will take
total credit remote it didn’t take total
credit animated no agenda he validates
my concept of vice presidential pick
I was worse than I even thought it would

be pretty bad but you could understand

it said you know hey we’re gonna be vice
presidents gonna take over cuz I’m an
old guy I’m gonna drop a lot of us saw
the Hillary Clinton a variety interview

and there’s only one part that you need
to know about you only saw half of it
here’s the full one-minute four seconds
in context do you have you don’t have to

tell me who it is that have you picked
who you’re gonna vote for in the primary
2020 primary you know I’m I’m going to
vote that’s what we leave it at that
I will definitely vote I vote every time
there’s an election and I am telling

everybody here at Sundance everywhere I
go please please get out and vote and
then whoever the nominee is support that
nominee whether it’s you know someone

you voted for or not in the primary
process because the most important
responsibility we all have is to retire
Donald Trump I know that you’re not

running but do you ever feel the urge
that like I could beat him if I were or
like I wish I do yeah I certainly feel
the urge because I feel like the 2016
election was really an odd

an odd time and outcome and the more we
learn the more that seems to be the case
but I’m going to support the people who
are running now and do everything I can

to help elect the Democratic nominee she
feels the urge slipping a little sounds
of the Eagle it’s not an Eagle man it’s
a pterodactyl you crazy don’t you know

the difference
can’t have Hillary represented by an
eagle so the by the way just as an aside
so did we have a couple Hawks and the
Eagles around here and wide ranging

everyone was hovering directly over the
house as I was coming in from outside
just hovering just stopped dead and it
was I think a red tail I’m not sure but

I just do too high up but you could see
it up there and he make that noise that
noise the the swoop noise the squawking
noises but during that one well
something like yeah he’s well me from

whatever the bird sounds like yeah that
sound they don’t make that sound when
swooping they make that when they’re
hungry while there’s hovering right to
get the attention of the little animals
because if you hear it in your look

because when I heard it first thing I
did was look up yeah really get your
attention it’s very interesting and they
keep making the noise over and over
again trying to stir something what’s
that you know kind of thing and it’s

fascinating anyway
well I have an aside harkening back to
the almost inaudible Joe Biden clip in
there he says you know I’ve got number
women and people of color who I’m
looking at I have it on the supreme

authority from that a das podcast with
Moe he and I I asked him specifically he
is not alone when you say people of
color that he hates that he’s black just

to take a lot of blacks do and he says
people who say that typically don’t have
any black friends probably but the New
York Times uses that as a part of their

style guide and having that change cuz
that’s not always thought there was a a
I wish
thought it was a sketchy usage people of

color I think I think it’s arrogant
here’s the headline how some people of
color feel inside the Buddha judge
campaign New York Times right there

right there so that’s just an aside and
I think it’s in fact most said when when
he hears people of color his brain
translates it to colored people he says

I can’t help but this just how different
is it really I think actually stem from
that it may stem from a desire to say
colored people exactly the racists at
the New York Times in Ellison now you’re

getting to the point I think I could be
right yeah see what he thinks about that
well he listened so he’ll let me know so
Joe of course has some in fact we have
the latest from I don’t know is this CNN

let me see so we’ve been saying for a
long time we don’t have enough polls out
of Iowa now we have two million county
here’s three of the most recent and
there’s more than this in the last few
days but you see there is a poll out

there with Biden up a bunch of the deaf
seniors that if you average everything
together in Iowa average of all the
polls out there currently this is what
it looks like right now you mentioned
Sanders now in the lead in the average

25 Biden 22 warum back at 14 the imagine
Budaj edge it’s interesting because I
think there’s probably a lot of overlap
there in terms of Budaj edge and his
supporters he’s almost doing it like a

horse race isn’t he no here comes
Pocahontas should work on that and so

that clip goes on but the point being
that Bernie Bernie be surgeon Bernie be
surgeon everybody and that’s a problem
and countermeasures are now in place as

the convention Commission for the DNC
have been announced and I actually
somewhere have the full list but just to

let you know that one of the two are the
prominent names on the list Barney Frank
and John Podesta
is Frank and John Podesta yeah yeah okay

boomers so they are on the committee and
this is pissing off a lot of people
including Bernie this is Nina Turner she
is from the Bernie campaign and she is

not having any of this their own party
of course even though they’re really not
Democrats they’re socialists and they’re
just running on the Democratic ticket

but it’s a big tent everybody fits under
it very disappointing to see chairman
Perez build a list of this magnitude it
also shows a lack of understanding about
what the grassroots asks for host the

2016 election it is an embarrassment
the DNC should be ashamed of itself
because it really is a slap in the face

to folks who are working for reform and
let me just say this that if the DNC
believes it is going to get away in 2020
with what it did in 2016 it has another

thing coming and it also perks the
Democratic Party itself a party that
should be big to big ten no no I’m not
big enough for you so that’s and I can

feel the Bernie anger amongst his
constituents although no one cares
Project Veritas keeps trying to make a
big deal out of it showing the Bernie

bros and we have Bern member named
Burton Byrd I’m from Milwaukee I ain’t
gonna burn that people you know they got

to be very careful I I think I mean I do
I don’t know who’s running the show how
it works it seems it’s like a very
closed box black box but the people who

voted for Bernie Sanders in 2016 they
are not going to let the same thing how
I hope they know all of the tricks that

were played including the phony polling
places that would swap out ballots I’m
making accusations I can’t prove but
there’s a lot of

a lot of circumstantial evidence and
they’re gonna be pretty they’re gonna be
angry if you also remember during the
primaries in New York there was a number
of precincts that never reported a vote

they all disappeared yes yeah yeah
I’d like to thank you for your courage

and say in the morning to you the man
who put the C in the in the morning you
mr. ed McCurry also in the morning all

ships to see boots on the ground feet in
the air subs in the water and all the
Dames tonight’s out there and in the
morning to our troll room no agenda
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I’ve concluded the O stands for Old
Faithful he’s always there before the
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guy yeah
Darren’s a little more than a warm-up
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talented they’re always the next
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about through donation notes it’s really
there’s enough donation notes there’s
some somebody’s a lot of people like to

multiple– they donate a lot and they
have a lot of personality in their notes
you get to know Rodrick Lenhart to 33 33
69 yeah I TM gents I’m on my sixth and

final leg of my 65
honeymoon smokin hot wife photo attached
I didn’t see it she’s gorgeous wife huh
I fell behind four to five episodes as

we enter coronavirus land can I just
wait can I make a policy can I set a
policy for the show
I don’t like coronavirus I think we
should just consistently call it Wuhan

flu it’s so much cooler well this makes
me well not it not to just break away
from this but this makes me wonder how
serious they are about this or some

people think well I think you’re amongst
and I think the whole thing’s a scam I
don’t like the branding this is not good
and the fact that their branding it this
way as a general coronavirus there’s
lots of different coronaviruses ours was

a coronavirus the other one was to worse
and this one if they were if they were I
think the whole thing may just be a
short term we’ll get to that we’ll get

to that I just wanted to say long-term
that could you’re right they’d call it
the Wu Han virus so I think we should
call it the Wu Han flu not virus Wu Han
will ooh that sounds scarier I can catch
Wu Han flew and flew the Wu Han scourge

okay we’re gonna substitute as we go yes
and I fell behind four to five episodes

as we enter Wu Han flu land I couldn’t
wait to hear some real analysis about
the impeachment trial once I hit wife
once I hit Wi-Fi we arrived in Chiang
Mai Thailand I’ve been there and what

you know it our room number is 33 mm-hmm
coincidence I think not so here’s 333
369 333 for me and 69 for Rocky Foster

who knows he should donate
there’s your message Ricky you bastard
Ricky Ricky it’s time like these that

the douchebags out there need to realize
how important the value for value model
is in pony up you’re a bastion of sanity
in the fought m5m Wonderland wish us
luck and plentiful face masks as we head

to join
next okay good work soon-to-be sir
Roderick of flavortown is he on the list
or anything because he’s not glued out

here no he’s not soon to be is not not
yet doesn’t mean now it can be assumed
it knows it means what it says
please kick it old-school at him and
give me a clippity-clop

don’t hit eat me Hillary two to the head
and a little girl yay there you go old

excuse me yeah I finally got rid of my
coffee it’s almost gone
I’m kidding month a month I was thinking
about we were in Soho which is is pretty

much China because it’s all Asian
students and of course I immediately
equate someone who looks Asian to
Chinese I think I got like an early
version of the Wuhan flu yeah no seems

Michael sellers Cypress Texas 333 ITM
John and Adam though I’ve been a $5 a

month subscriber for a few years I am
excited to make my first executive
producer donation nice humbly request
the D douching for my first on-air
credit deduced show 1212 for a while
none I hope this makes the cutoff just

in time and I will say just in time
because it came in five minutes before
midnight yeah if you take the two 12s
and add that numbers you get the two

threes or 33 which you’ve noticed which
makes this the episode to support mm-hm
as a recovering journalist I appreciate
your deconstruction I’m disappointed in

how my previous profession profession
has deteriorated
read that again that’s important I like
hearing that
well I’m gonna I have a comment on it as
a recovering journalist I appreciate

your deconstruction I am disappoint
at how my profession pre my previous
profession has deteriorated yes well as
I played the clip medley from 1998 I’m

not sure it has just as bad oh there’s
more YouTube I was thinking about this
last night actually I think that because

it seems as though it just happened but
then I started relating stories of my
kids were in the second grade stuff that
went back into the during the Barry
Goldwater sixties I don’t think it’s

deteriorated at all I think it’s been
this way and it’s just now being noticed
because the change in the structure of
the media and and social media and these

other and the internet and other things
I think have made it more apparent
interesting you bring that up because I
too had a thought about days of days
gone by of the yesteryear about the

social media you know how people just
become total dickheads on social media
once they’re anonymous and just didn’t
know why we have this incredible discord

just anger and people yelling all the
time when I first got on the Usenet
newsgroups and then some of you may have
to look that up us e us e ne T Usenet

newsgroups and I remember and it was a
fantastic system because basically you
had a local copy of all of these
bulletin boards and at night it would

circulate around the whole internet and
everybody would get their update so you
could post something but it it wouldn’t
come back until a day or two when
everyone had seen it and it circulated
it was just a beautiful system for the

amount of people that were online then
this is before the web and I remember
going on alt dot music dot I don’t know
maybe music video or something as MTV
guy Adam Curry and I remember
immediately don’t you’re not supposed to

quote in line you have to do this you
have to say this I suppose and then we
had something called netiquette if you
recall netiquette how you’re supposed to

speak with each other online but it was
the same thing it was anonymous people
yelling at other people over
reveal stuff it’s just gotten easier to

do but it’s this if there’s something
about human behavior that did the minute
you let someone talk in a group and you
and it’s completely anonymous people
become dickheads nothing new on this was

the the gift of the Internet yeah
exactly nothing new it’s the same same
thing now the funny thing about Usenet

just as an aside now the Usenet was kept
in in play for years after things the
view of the web began in 93

approximately and that he used that was
still running in the late 90s and it was
largely taken over as a structure bite
if you remember this product I’m I may
be wrong about the names but I’m gonna

try to remember deja vu yes yes that
organized use that for you so you could
still go on deja vu and you could go
into these old groups to something all

that blah blah right and you could be
and it was it was structured so it was
easier to navigate everything was better
about it
and that without that was on the web
that was on the web at the time wasn’t

it you went through a web browser yeah
so you could use use that on the web
browser and and it was stayed alive and
it was vibrant and it was running Google
bought it dead or whatever yeah yeah it
was so well organized too you could go

all dot binaries you wanted one porn
picture you had it out for five hours
you had to download 18 different parts
and then have a program that reassembled

it was organized yeah it’s true
everything you’re so right man
everything nothing changes really all
right and and thank you Michael for okay

started to know it over though I’ve been
a five-dollar subscriber I just I got

his did he get his D douching yes ladies
the D Duchenne guess I plan to donate
for a while and he went on you get to 33
the race of the bodies okay here we go
after as a recovering journalist I

appreciate your deconstruction I have
disappointed how my previous professor
profession has deteriorated that took us
off the track yeah the rail the race to
the bottom was one of the factors that

caused me to leave after a decade of low
wages poor work-life balance and working
daily miracles to get stories on the air
without recognition of the effort

involves called paying your dues Michael
paying your dues man the last eight
years in marketing but it may soon be
time to strike out on my own with the

video production company yeah there you
in preparation for the future I humbly
request some small business goat Karma
to grease the machinery of capitalism
and hopefully help me find a mnemonic um

of success nice jingles wherever an L
respect clos Bashar sounds pretty good
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Cypress Texas Mike Cypress Texas PS I

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just a tip to other producers who are
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ESP I see I think that sounds pretty

you’ve got my new favorite did you
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I said some but Klobuchar are being is
like in play for Vice yes I send a
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plus whatever yes point Michigan 298 14
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associate executive producer and he

writes this donation is in tribute to my
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invested girlfriend lady Chardonnay
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charred Renee by don’t get chard Renee
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this word here the amount I think it’s
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novel ah

Wow let’s go back a look at that number
two nine eight one four twenty nine
thousand eight hundred and fifteen
you’ve got a ways to go warn people
think this the description of a meet up
how about a place where people from all

walks of life gather around a single
shared interest
sort of like an a a meeting concept
except cocktails are served Donald and
Nancy jobs karma please because I have

two full-time jobs I would I would be
it’d be nice to be paid for at least one
of them okay do we have a moment to play

a jingle that explains the meetup I so
living as a slave in the world today

takes everything you’ve got
seeing heads on a stick Dvorak encourage
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get away


you oughta be where you won’t be keep it
all hell – bloody me you will be where
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you will be when you won’t be expected
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q Allison assist from Ron Aldridge
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heads honestly like a party all right he
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Garrett Garrett Ben NICUs in Tigger

durian 250 he’s in there with the Grand
Duke yes hi John Adam I’ve been a
listener since the beginning I still
listen to every show I can

I appreciate your guys work very much
you bring me laughter and sanity in
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so much if possible I’d like to request
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you guys have that for my parents and
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named Ben across the pond and my
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all the No Agenda
over the past decade plus and last thing
my birthday is today January 29th you’re

on the list yeah I would love very much
a birthday shout-out on tomorrow’s show
which will be listening well he wrote
this yesterday obviously which I’ll be
listening to live you’re in the chat
room thanks again Adam and John you guys

are the best
yes he needs what kind of karma do you
want health karma yes we have that for
you right here yep
you’ve got karma jobs – yeah
Oh a jobs caramel sauce jobs jobs and

let’s vote or job
karma okay uh and we’re – sir Dave a
roll of America’s heartland in Saudi

Arabia fuga Zotoh um – 34 33 he’s on a
roll recently giving us a lot of
attention which we appreciate
I think you go in just silent mode

shortly but he did send an email in your
pita and hummus I was been concerned to
hear about the FAs restriction on esa s
in show 1210 I have an OB daya my
emotional support octopus for several

years now he I think it’s hard to tell
I’m not really sure where to look on
this or is this there how do I assume
gender is not terribly empathetic but

he’s a great hugger that said it’s
probably the best that the dry recycled
airplane air on long international
flight does tend to dry your out

unfortunately I have just a solution
paging dr. Bronner dr. Bronner to seat
33 be it’s all there in the fine print
you know food is odo is free association

you’re gonna fly it would you like me to
handle the German right now one of those
flights with you know they sometimes cut

the oxygen way and he was writing this
as a third place and then also for some
upcoming work for for travel to Taif

Jetta Yanbu and Medina funky cold Medina
Medina is interesting is there’s only
one hotel that is available for

non-muslims like me also the city is
surrounded by large arches marking the
harem zone inside of which is for
Muslims own only not to be confused with

the Haram is Oh
which is a very different place no
kidding if you’ll indulge an Earl a
quick story when I lived in the kingdom

back in the knots we spent a few days in
Modena for work after he got finished
one day my interpreter said let’s go
downtown and get some else’s Azaz john

that’s the chicken joint you were at
raved about uh 966 and 967 okay I’ll
just hang out here at the hotel I said

Matt ma fille mikela no problem
come with us just don’t say anything
oh and try to look like a Muslim Dave

can not pull that off no matter what
well you can wear enough fun and did it
um okay well I survived they must have

done it right and that’s the story about
how I was smuggled into the Forbidden
Zone of the second holiest city in Saudi
Arabia for the world’s most delicious
fried chicken it wasn’t worth it yes

Earl of America’s heartland is Saudi
Arabia thank you sir Dave and I guess
we’re seeing a dame melody we’re having
dinner with her she’s she’s gonna be an

awesome by herself in next weekend I
think very well more stories we move on
to Napa ‘less Maryland where resides

vasily o’s plan plug this plugin blanket
s plainness i think to 1212 this
donation is a big thanks for letting me

listen to over 300 episodes of No Agenda
in 2019 I’ve learned so much along the
way and my commuting life is much more
I am less than 300 episodes me too – a
week – no no no there was no 300

episodes of No Agenda 2019 is 200 maybe
I’ve attempted to hit my smoking hot
excuse me John you know there are some
people who will go back and listen to
episodes so I think he went through the

the archive ah
you’re welcome yeah thank you I’m right
by the way I’ve run into this every so
often when I first are running in this

in Canada there’s a timing thing that
you with interpersonal relationships
where you do you do something and just
at the time you’re gonna say thank you
the guy says you’re welcome as if you
didn’t say thank you soon enough

well after 12 years of doing that time I
did that oh you were doing it
sarcastically no but but I’ve noticed
this and now I’m starting to notice it
around Berkeley oh boy yeah it’s one of

those things mmm
it’s very strange he continues I have
attempted to hit my smokin hot

girlfriend in the mouth while we’re
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clip is pretty much the summary of her
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that is a nice note that’s fantastic

Gregory Seymour 202 33 again please
please deduce me as this is my first
you’ve been deduced ITM not again no

agendas helped me broaden my perspective
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along with providing good conversation
topics from my lunch break please grant

some jobs karma to my smoking-hot
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school this year Chelsea your support

during this college change of mine has
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continue my education good luck thanks
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career change not college changed but
you know yeah you found a good one Greg
Gregory yeah she’s a she seems like

she’s a keeper she’s gonna support you
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first aquestion it goes straight to go

do your politician be fantastic
here we go man this will help jobs jobs
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track of again it’s gotten to the vortex
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Oh is there something that that I can do
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okay well get to it eventually so he
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I think it involves something this he
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have to call me the fixer who Ray
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envelope your show is fantastic looking
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suppressed by major media outlets the
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register til I heard it on your show
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nice one that’s the last one correct
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to at least sound pretty smart about the
impeachment right our formula is this we

go out we’re hit people in the mouth
one at a time

alright let’s go to the chopper okay you
got a clip to set this up me up here I

do have one little clip this is a little
short clip with some information that
this is the and this is most recent this
is CBS and the little discussion that
they talk mostly of course Kobe Bryant
died in this helicopter we everyone

knows that and it became the news top of
the news for the whole week yep and
continues and now there’s some
controversies because certain people are
canceled culture oriented people are you

know trying to you know defame because
because it was rape charges I’m years
back and they’re trying to make fun of
it or or condemn him but the guy’s dead
and I mean come on people meanwhile

there was a you know there’s some
controversy over the crash itself and
this is the part of a CBS report that
was actually about five minutes long

mostly talking about all his awards Kobe
Bryant’s helicopter was only about three
minutes from reaching the Camarillo
Airport new video from a doorbell camera
captured the sounds of the chopper

falling from the sky
with nine aboard for its final flight in
worsening weather the helicopter was
flying without black boxes or a terrain
awareness warning system known as taus
that could have alerted the pilot to the

jagged landscape but the FAA only
requires those technologies for
helicopter air ambulances toss could
have helped to provide information to
the pilot that’s something we’ve

recommended several times over a number
of years
today the Lakers practice for the first
time since Sunday’s crash as tributes
continue to flood in yeah I think right
out because we heard about this the

troll room alerted me during the last
show and right after I took a quick look
and you remember the first thing I said
I’ll tell everybody what you said you we
talked it once we discovered what the

chopper was it was a sikorsky sk six
seven i can’t remember the name 76 76
adam said you know that’s a consider one
of the safest helicopters there is and

it usually has two pilots I’ll bet you
that that guy was like maybe one pilot
and they probably didn’t have probably
checked in as a visual only instead of

using instruments and and and probably
crash from you know just kind of like
well before that the first thing out of
my mouth which I’d hoped you’d remember

was Scud running I’d literally said oh
yes never remember that because it’s too
screwy a term so the reason why I’m
uniquely qualified for this particular

flight reasons are I am a rated
single-engine complex fixed wing and
rotary several types so I’m certified to
fly and of course Robinson 2244 and

strim for a DB turbine I owned and
operated and piloted although not all
the time in augusta 109 E power twin
turbine helicopter which is very similar

to the S 76 but the S 76 is bigger
significantly bigger but it’s the same
twin turbines although I do not hold a

Dermott rating I have had 15 hours of
instrument training 25 hours flying
helicopters 1500 hours fixed-wing I also
owned a helicopter company that operated
for high-end clients and had an AOC and

operator certificate which is basically
an airline very hard to get any other
there’s a lot of rules a lot of

regulations so I understand the private
owner experience
I understand operating for demanding
clients and just to give you some two
examples because this does come into

play in this particular story my
instructor would also operate aircraft
for other clients and he had a very
wealthy guy who had a king air twin
turboprop I think it’s 12 seats very

nice aircraft AB he and family friends
were gonna go on a flight somewhere and
they showed up with 13 people and a
child extra child and they’re like well

you can just sit on someone’s lap and
William said no not you you can if and
if you don’t like it you can take your
plane and get off get out of my hangar
go and he was that’s how I was taught

it’s like no you cannot have an extra
person there’s regulations you got to
stick to it and there’s reasons for it
my personal experience with my own
aircraft the Augusta 109e power when I I

was not flying I was in the copilot seat
and we had a replacement pilot named
Pete Barnes and he was from UK
helicopter company that also operated

the Augusta 109s it was a fill-in pilot
as we’re getting ready to take off
actual little wisps of smoke come out of
the control panel from the transponder

and you can pull these are modules he
pulls the module out does aw damn it
fried but we have clearance so let’s
just tell him once we’re in the air that
that would something’s wrong with the

transponder otherwise they won’t let us
take off and we took off and I thought
at that very moment I’m never flying
with this guy ever again because yeah it
might just look like the transponder
blew but because I think he was like a

flashy guy
and I say was because if you recall at
Battersea in London just a couple years
ago bad weather Private Pilot ghost with
an Augusta goes to pick up a customer it

really was not the right weather his
tail boom hit a crane he died two people
on the ground died and that was Pete
Barnes so there’s this get there itis is
what we talk about especially when

you’re flying high profile or high
net-worth individuals that which is also
high profile so that’s part one and by
the way I did not start my investigation

with this I first immediately went
looking for any evidence that this was
an Illuminati sacrifice for the Grammys
the next day and I and I’m serious about
that because you are serious because in

fact you went you’ve watched the graph
watched some of the Grammys didn’t watch
all of them but I know you watched the
Grammys specifically for Illuminati
stuff yeah that is always there as

always sorry yeah so but you know I
think there’s too much evidence that
points to what really happened here and
so here’s the next data point that you
need to understand and instrument flying

rules visual flying rules special visual
flying rules not that important in this
case other than to understand that if
you want to fly on instruments and there
are exceptions to this in different

situations but basically that’s leaving
from an airport going to another airport
your flight is mapped out it’s known
that the whole point is that air traffic
control is gonna try and sequence you is

for when you arrive and that’s why you
have slot times you’ve heard of this oh
we missed our slot time because that is
part of the IFR the instrument system
and this helicopter flies perfectly well

with instruments with a single pilot
it’s called single pilot IFR that’s only
for the flying part it doesn’t land
automatically doesn’t hover you have to
be going and this aircraft I think 50 50

55 or 60 knots to even engage the the
instruments but you’re still hand flying
it down on instruments down to the
ground but you can definitely get

through some real peace ooh
everything else is visual hovering in a
helicopter is very important you cannot
hover well of course there are some AI
systems I’m sure you can find a video

somewhere where someone created a
helicopter that hovers by itself but now
you need to be able to see outside you
need to be able to see a horizon

otherwise you cannot hover the aircraft
the second part of the situate spacial
awareness you have because you are you
are keeping that in balance it’s almost

like a ballet move all your your both
your feet and your your both your arms
are working with the cyclic and the
collective one is for up and down one is
for left right forward just to make it

simple you-you-you need to see the
horizon to know where you are for your
inputs and it’s minuscule there’s none
of this left right it’s like in a
quarter of an inch and then back you

know otherwise you can get into
oscillate it’s not once you can do it
it’s like riding a bike but you cannot
do it without being able to see a
horizon doesn’t matter if it could be
lights as long as you see horizon it

can’t be a whiteout and the whiteout is
what we’re talking about here and I have
been in whiteouts Twyla is actually part
of your instrument training when you are
in an aircraft and you cannot see out

the windows the same spatial awareness
issue pop pops up as someone who has
vertigo within one second maybe even

less than a second that you’re in a
complete I cannot see outside the
aircraft I can’t see horizon whether
it’s fixed-wing or helicopter if you
will immediately be disoriented you will

think I’m leaning to the left I have to
lean over I have to you know move the
stick over to the right you will be
upside down within about eight seconds
and you won’t even know it or you could

be in a dive you could be in a crazy
climb it’s everyone every pilot will
tell you this it cannot be done you have
to immediately go to your instruments to
your horizon and that will keep you safe

and I’ve had this happen in again I
don’t have instruments
so I have been special VFR which means
you can kind of see the grants bullshit
I can’t really see but I’m not in the
clouds so let me go just for for

permission to cross some some aerodrome
with it with the the plane I flew the
Cessna I had a leveler so you get into
the clouds you hit the level or

immediately it goes it’s just gonna keep
your level then you have to look down
your instruments and make sure you’re
not in a dive or you’re going up or down
but you can’t look outside I’ve also had
it happen in the helicopter and it was
on the way from Amsterdam to Belgium

luckily I knew where I was I knew that
it was all flat there were no wires
anywhere because that’s what kills most
helicopters so I got into a situation
whiteout it just I flew into something

and was white all around me immediately
I went to the instruments slowed down
straight ahead no turns whatsoever I’m
just concentrating on keeping it
straight and level slowly lowering the

collective so I come down out of the
whatever cloud I was in very scary
here’s what happened and it can only be
one of two things

in all cases of aviation mechanical or
human error and it’s and the human error
will be the pilot in this case although
the pilot knew what he was doing was
very familiar with the terrain he should

have in my mind filed four instruments
and gone to an airport and had his
passengers you know take an uber from
there to wherever they’re going to go so

you’ve got nine people nine passengers
in this aircraft or eight eight or nine
so it’s full you’ve got kids that go
into a game and you show up at Burbank
you want to cross the Burbank airspace

so you can go around and make your left
to go wherever you wanted to go but
because he was not IFR because it was
not on instruments he had to hold and
and in fact he had to hold for other

aircraft who were who were slotted and
scheduled to come in and one of them was
on a go-around which means they missed
their approach for whatever reason
probably because of the weather and the
end so they were all IFR so he was not

IFR and had to circle it’s I’m not sure
if it’s twelve minutes or fifteen
let me tell you circling in a helicopter
that’s full of people is not fun the

passengers don’t like it it’s it gets
annoying you get anxious just you’d have
to witness it for 15 minutes and I’m
sure it’s like okay I got people in the

back who really want to get out of this
thing he gets very claustrophobic when
you’re doing this and these are pretty
tight turns so I think that that clouded
his judgment and when he made his turn

he was following the one on one to go
right you know that’s it’s completely
the way you do it everything according
to the book except he hit a whiteout
situation and he did the first thing I

think would be the right thing to do in
his case because he knew terrain was
ahead he pulled up but then he made I
think a critical error and in and maybe

it’s in maybe it’s because he saw thee
wasn’t going to clear the top there’s
some reports that he was only 20 30 feet
away from clearing he made a decision to
turn that decision was a fatal one why

he turned left I’m not so sure because
that is in this helicopter the pilot
sits on the right-hand side you couldn’t
see anyway he decides to do what we call
a wing over as the way I see it so you

turn left kick the tail and he lost his
spatial awareness inverted and they
crashed I don’t think anyway probably
didn’t even know they were upside down
and they were and it was just boom right

away so bottom line should have flown
IFR well somebody did something wrong
now he did something wrong the the pilot

made a poor decision boom you’ve had a
long exposition at the beginning of this
this lecture about demanding clients how
does that come into play why did you

even mention it did you not hear what I
said Kobe or somebody was saying hey but
did you not did you what part did you
miss where I said that they they
wouldn’t want they wanted to land at the
Sports Club they they you know they did

not want he made the decision instead of
saying it could get a little patchy I’m
gonna fly it to the airport on
instrument then you take a 10-minute
Eber ride from there that was one the

second one Murillo yeah the second part
is when you’re in a hold for 12 to 15
it makes people get anxious kids get
anxious it’s not a fun experience it’s
not even even in a hold in a in a 747 it

gets annoying after a while I know
you’ve you witnessed it like oh here we
go again and we’re turning again and
we’re turning again now imagine that you

start bitching yes to the passengers and
people next to you let’s this boat crap
so I so of course there was just a bit
wasn’t the anxiety of the or the anger
of the the prop no this is pilot I don’t

care how angry your passengers are he
should have said no I’m flying you IFR
instruments and that you can take a cab

from there now I think that was the big
mistake so the reports are pretty
accurate in this case not the early
reports which went on for days I heard
the engine sputtering please yeah oh he

was hovering in the clouds no no he was
and none of that was taking place so I
wish I could make it more spectacular

like an Illuminati sacrifice but
unfortunately bad day it happens to a
lot of good pilots sadly so if you have
a helicopter mm-hmm and it’s clear

everything’s fine and you wanted to just
go straight up hovering just go again
gaining out to gee how high could you go
so there’s two types of hover the in

ground hover and the out of ground hover
that depends entirely on how much fuel
and passengers you are you’re carrying
so most so for instance this helicopter

when it has once pretty much full you
got a VIP interior lots of human beings
than the fuel taking off and you’re
coming up into a hover above the ground

because you’re then in ground you’re
pushing all this you have an air cushion
between you and the ground that is that
that will work with this helicopter to
then fly you have to trans

and start moving forward to create lift
which is just like an airplane where the
the rotors then function as wings if you
and it depends on how high because of

course you have different density the
higher you go if you don’t have all that
weight and you’re at the right weight
and balance you can do an out of ground
hover you can just hover in the sky like
the police helicopters do some

helicopters depending on what they have
on board how much weight they have can
do that at 18,000 feet you see it all
the time with a mountain rescues but not
when you’re fully loaded you can’t just

you know in other what you’re saying is
could he have just stopped them being in
a hover a no because you can’t do that
in in a complete whiteout situation B he
probably didn’t have actually I’m

wondering how high like a legless police
helicopter or something that’s got
pretty neat pretty empty could just go
straight up and keep going half would

what altitude would it be like I can’t
do this anymore that again that that
totally depends on the aircraft it has
to be I mean it does say the most

optimal is there’s any craft that can go
to forty thousand feet no no no remote
the top I think for specially equipped
and it’s usually sikorsky’s or gyro

copters the 136 I think comes to mind 35
yeah you’re a couple of 135 they can be
outfitted to do that at you know up to

18,000 feet two problems one you’re
gonna start getting breathing problems
because you’re not pressurized and you
need oxygen and at a certain point you
know you just can’t go any higher the
there’s not enough air flow the density

drops to such a degree that you just
you’re flapping around in nothing okay
yeah I’ve always wondered about that
yeah you’re welcome
why do I wonder about it maybe you want

to go on a trip I personally I got to
tell you I
I don’t fly in helicopters I don’t know
not as a passenger any of that I don’t

like it I don’t trust it
for a lot of these reasons Wow yeah
let’s okay I think we’re done with that
you’ve solved the all the questions have

been answered
I hope so now would probably go another
week with the tributes to Kobe yeah no I
don’t mean while I also have I don’t
know I don’t know anything about Kobe

you know to change the subject because
we have a big thing coming up that
nobody’s talking about sit and Faraj was
that this was great when I clipped it

but I clipped it in two parts I clipped
the beginning and that I took I had to
gut it because it went on for five
minutes well you got the beginning in
the ending I’m surely at the beginning

and the ending cuz the ending is the
beauty is the beauty yes I agree
so and I also have a press conference
now there’s also he did a press
conference afterwards which is kind of

interesting and for informational
purposes and we may or may not want to
play that this show but let’s start with
the Faraj goodbye number one this is a
Faraj and the in the UK European Union

at Starfleet Command in the big hall and
I believe the president of fund a lion I
think she was presiding the issue was
the new female head honcho of the
European Union a 47 year political

experiment that the British frankly have
never been very happy with my mother and
father signed up to common market not to
a political union not to flags anthems

presidents and now you even want your
own army for me it’s been 27 years of
campaigning and they were 20 years here
in this Parliament I’m not particularly

happy with the agreement we’re being
asked to vote on tonight but Boris has
been remarkably bold in the last few
months and miss von der Leyen he’s made

it clear he’s promised us there’ll be no
level playing field and on that basis I
wish him every success
in the next round of negotiations I

really do but the most significant point
is this what happens at 11:00 p.m. this
Friday the 31st of January 2020 marks
the point of no return once we’ve left

we are never coming back and the rest
frankly is DS L we’re going we will be
gone and that should be the summit of my

own political ambitions just for
everyone’s knowledge I the whole thing
so the full clip is in there what I

think you don’t have although it is
interesting to go back and listen to
later is Farraj talking about the
do-overs which we’ve taught now the
second part of us got to do it’s got the

view overs in there okay because what
I’m hearing is yeah they may they had
this vote in the European Parliament but
it’s still gonna be a while until
they’ve actually he has a final set for

2020 he did this is the part I did cut
out the 20 the fact it did be Alec a and
Friday this hands but a while I have a
clip for that later let’s let’s get to

the second part okay this is the good
part and you may lose populism but I
tell you a funny thing it’s becoming
very popular and it has great benefits
no more financial contributions no more

European Court of Justice
no more Common Fisheries Policy no more
being talked down to no more being
bullied no more I mean what’s not to

like I know you’re gonna miss us I know
you wanna ban our national flags but
we’re gonna wave you goodbye forward in

the future to working with you as
sovereign right that was where his
microphone was caught off if you disobey

the rules you get cut off please remove
the flag

really please sit down resume your seats

put your flags away you’re leaving and
take them with you if you are leaving
now if I may say Justin is my reference
the word hate was used oh yeah yes

you’re right I didn’t thought I had it
in there but I didn’t have in the second
half where they eat bitches about all
the do overs and claims that British he
expected the British to do it to but

they didn’t the whole thing was funny
because the very and she cuts him off as
he’s saying the last two or three words
because they all pulled these little

bitty British flags out there you know
they’re like little desktop-like like
you know there’s about 20 people then
they’re waving these little flags and
she gets bent out of shape about it so

juvenile here’s a report as to what we
can expect tomorrow night at 11 p.m.
Gitmo nation UK time and then what’s
really what it really means I think 11

p.m. of course Boris Johnson wanted Big
Ben to bomb but that’s almost an
impossibility because of course as we
all know Big Ben is under refurbishment

and it was going to cost a rather large
amount of money to actually make that
so in stairs at Downing Street there’ll
be a light show put on with a clock
that’s going to be shown on the side of

Downing Street of course the Prime
Minister’s residence and there’ll be a
count down there at Parliament Square
people who support and bricks it of
course will be coming out to also count
down to that moment 11 p.m. of course in

Britain which is 12 p.m. in the European
Union’s for the European Union got its
way on that one so there’ll be some sort
of celebrations I think at Parliament

Square but of course this issue has
divided a nation so not everyone will be
celebrating there will also be those
commiserating those people that didn’t
want the UK to leave the European Union
but I think after that come Saturday

morning at Boris Johnson for one will be
hoping that everyone can just move
forward we can all stop talking about
brexit that what is what I think your
hope for so the critical phase I think
will be done but there’ll be more pain

to come that’s for sure because Boris
Johnson will have just 11 months to come
up with a free trade deal with the
European bloc and already eat there are
some European leaders saying that that’s

an impossibility it can’t be done that
quickly so again there’ll be a crunch
time at the end of this year in December
because if a free trade deal can’t be
done then there could be a no deal BRICS

isn’t of course all the uncertainty that
then comes with that but this today in
the European Parliament you saw Nigel
Faraj there flying his British flag his
parliamentary career is over for all the

right reasons according to him so that
was a key moment but there is still more
to come Friday night and then a little
pause and come back in December so the
way I read this is they agreed to go

figure it out in ten months from now
only there’s no there’s no going back
but they still haven’t actually
negotiated the exit she’s taught they’re
still talking about a hard brexit what

had what is going on I wish I knew I
mean this obvious that there is just
another stalling tactic I think so it’s
really I agree I you know you can say

what you want but I’m not seeing them
leaving it it’s what’s gonna happen is
that the British congregation or the
contingent and the Harlem is not going

to be there anymore they’re gonna be
gone yeah but meanwhile that’s like I
found this press conference interesting
cuz Faraj was asked a lot of questions
about a lot of things but he talked but

some some Swiss guy comes up as about
you know the EU is
pressuring Switzerland to join and Faraj
had some observations about the whole EU

and the EU structure and why it’s white
has an appeal it doesn’t have an appeal
to the masses but it has an appeal to
the professional politician the
political class yeah which i think is

being reflected in a lot of areas
including the United States but but when
you listen to it from his experience and
point of view you can see it’s a
corrupting influence and you can see why

I listen to this another example you
mentioned quite often during this all
this year in Switzerland so even my
question would be even Switzerland it
seems or the government this wants to to
tie itself closer to the European Union

to keep this access to the interior
market so what would you say to this way
so what what how do you see the Swiss
model nowadays it’s still a model for
the UK for the future thank you well

look I don’t know any Swiss models
personally but I I’m sure that you know
you have you you have us alright and you
have a model of direct democracy which

I’m insanely jealous of the fact that
you are able to hold your political
class to account by holding referendums
of a national level or a kansong level I
like and after all bricks it’s only

happening because we have the ability to
have a referendum and make a decision if
they’ve been left of the politicians we
wouldn’t even be discussing this and
Switzerland is rich too and it’s done
incredibly well and it’s really rather

small in terms of size and it’s carved
out its own position the difficulty in
Switzerland of course and you
highlighted it beautifully in your
question is that everywhere
the political class loves the European

Union and the people don’t and this is
perhaps hardly surprising I mean look
you know for most people coming to
Brussels even as an MEP you know and you

get chauffeur driven cars of an endless
list of invitations to champagne
receptions you’re told you’re the elite
of Europe it’s all very tempting and
you know you probably start to earn

money that you had that you can only
have dreamt of them it’s amazing thing
isn’t it but in this city of Brussels
within a couple of miles of where we are
there are 10,000 people earning more
than the British prime minister so from

the perspective of Swiss politicians and
bureaucrats and civil servants what’s
not to like it’s the same story all over
Europe the EU have done their best to
try and bully Switzerland but I think

brexit will give them other things to
think about and maybe take a bit of the
pressure off you okay there were a lot
of European parliamentarians or at UK
European parliamentarians who were

crying and I think some of them were
crying because while we did it and also
holy crap that goes my cushy lifestyle
yeah sounds like fun
I mean you know you know over there

you’re making it like I don’t know what
they’re making they’re making more than
the British Prime Minister I don’t know
the salary but it’s probably a few
hundred thousand dollars but with all
the perks and the freebies and you can
you can hire your family you have a

budget your family you get a per diem
and I think that per diem is 150 euros a
day so you um there’s plenty of videos
of this I think for Raj even did one of

people who show up you know they’ll fly
in to Brussels or to the other place
where it’s a transport thinker yeah yes
they fly him it’ll be like 4:00 in the
afternoon they go into the I’m sorry 300

per diem I’m being corrected Larry
hundred euros per diem but you have to
show up sign you get your 300 euros and
they go right back out get in the car
and go to dinner they take the 300 that

I showed up Here I am let me sign you
have to sign for it that’s a that’s
imagine that that’s better than
I’d say uh-huh and we don’t get to

chauffeurs or any of the perks with far
from it uber can I call over yeah so
we’ll have we’ll have to see exactly how
this goes with with brexit but to me I

think you’re right we can call a
stalling tactic but
what the British people want for my
understanding for my friends and what I
read is they they said just get it done

we’re sick and tired of it
they don’t care let’s do it get that
that was the the the slogan all sides of
the equation get it done just get it
done already we don’t were sick of it

now they’re gonna go through another ten
months of deliberation the same
conversation at least losing is his per
yeah well the and the parties and all
that but and the parties and the

we got to change the jingle to two Wuhan
flu and won’t work with that there’s

there’s a little bit to talk about a
very interesting clip okay well I just
want to set it up and what’s the name of
the clip so I could cue it
it’s the corona virus in Japan there’s

an odd tidbit we’ll get that in a second
this is an interesting double whammy I
realized for China even though we’ve
talked about it you brought it up on the

show I have a news alert set up for it
every single day there’s stories about
the swine virus which we call pig Ebola
in China this has devastated Chinese

pork supplies and is this is much bigger
deal than it’s in they eat a lot of pork
their pork is pork sensitive cork it’s a

pork country yes and to be hit with and
that has that’s part of the reason why
Trump was able to do part one of the

trade deal is they’re buying a lot of
stuff from us because they can’t make it
anymore a lot of it due to this pig
Ebola as we call it so to have this
Wuhan flu on top of it is really an

economic double whammy and I think that
even Trump is now starting to say well
you know cuz countries are shutting down
air travel we don’t want people coming

in there’s a lot of fear-mongering that
this has a job within it doubles every
6.2 days is is one of the modeling but
of course it’s modeling just like

climate change so why would I believe it
and it is a little bit more severe than
other types of flu but yeah I mean if
you put it in perspective from a health

standpoint people die from the flu all
the time more die from your domestic flu
people die from getting the flu shot
even there’s a flu it’s it’s the
pneumonia that gets you and more people

will die from pneumonia from causes here
in the United States I believe then from
the Wuhan flu but the economics of its
shutting down

travel shutting down shipping I think
this is that part of this is going to be
much more important than anything else
and then we find some new little
wrinkles which are good for the

conspiracy side of my brain such as the
researcher Chinese researcher who was
working in the level 4 bio lab in Canada
and was removed in July good morning dr.

Jango too has been recognized by the
Governor General’s Innovation Awards
this work can feed on without team walk
she and the team at the National

microbiology lab have been praised for
developing an Ebola vaccine but just
over a week ago to her husband and her
students from China were evicted from
Canada’s only level 4 lab their security

access revoked staff at the lab was told
last Monday the couple is on leave and
not to communicate with them we’re
getting this resources to work at the

lab but who don’t want to be identified
for Fears they’ll be punished
they say this is coming just months
after IT specialists entered Chu’s
office after hours and replaced her
computer and her superior stopped

authorizing work trips to China Manitoba
RCMP confirmed it was called in by the
public health agency of Canada on May
24th a spokesperson says the agency is

investigating a policy breach calling it
an administrative matter and it’s taking
steps to resolve it expeditiously we can
assure Canadians that there is no risk

to the public and that the work of the
nml continues in support of the health
and safety of all Canadians and again
this report was july 2019 we’ve had a
number of researchers now exposed as

working with separate contracts and
research deals on the side not disclosed
with China all connected to Wuhan
University that of Technology I think

and their biomedical lab there it’s it’s
a lot of possibility for stuff to have
slipped out been I mean you weapon

is a million different ways you can look
at it really don’t know other than the
World Health Organization
now comes out and says yeah we were
wrong it is kind of a pandemic in China

we’re just gonna kind of real able what
we said we were trying to calm me down
and yeah it’s it’s a problem and I think
it is a pandemic levels in China so what
happens now is all in all a matter of

economics as far as I can see it’s just
you know we have this just-in-time
supply chain for a lot of our companies
in the United States which really means

you order it it kind of like gets
stamped out boom boom boom boom oh
there’s an order this was this was a
technique that was you might be able to
explain it better than I can’t this was

a technique I was I understand it as
first popularized by Hewlett Packard and
I think in the late 80s or in the 90s
and it was picked up by most of the high

tech companies and the best of the best
of the best and the greatest of the
great is Tim Cook at Apple mm-hmm he was
considered the superstar of this yeah

that’s that’s right that was his thing
right super bean counter with the JIT he
was the guy who could do this better
than anyone and he knew how to do it and
it’s tricky it’s not like easy to do you

have to have the right everything has to
be in place everything has to be and you
essentially setup it I would say it’s
like a physical version of microservices
Architecture something I ride by harp on

and so everything is like ready it’s
ready to go and so when things come in
the everything comes in it read exactly
the right time it’s like a virtual Ford
Motor Company plant where all these if

you ever been to a car manufacturing or
worked there in a car manufacturing
there’s things coming in there’s a door
coming down while I glue handles are
coming over here and things are coming

over here and all these things are
coming together well this is done on a
worldwide basis it’s like the same thing
only virtualized into the real world so
all manufacturing is just in time just
like the door is just in time for you’re

standing there where the door comes and
you hook it to the car right eye and the
whole everything operates like that and
to do
massive scale which is why Apple’s the
world’s biggest company technically in
terms of its and why produces so much is

because they can do this better than
anybody there you know people think
about the oil innovation is their
manufacturing and I’m pretty sure that
they they know Tim Cook knows how to do
this he knows how to just swap out

supply chains and I think you can’t make
it work unless you’re gonna swap things
out yeah you and from different place
what you know it’s like the single point
of failure you can’t have that so I’m

sure everything is fixed for that with
that in mind one light one other but
it’s a lot of stuff that coming out of
China yeah and it’s not just technology
there’s a lot of stuff so this just in

time can be interrupted I think that’s
real now will we be crying because we
can’t get an iPhone no but it has
follow-on effects you know there’s all
kinds of stuff that it’s a domino effect
one of my buddies works at a chip

manufacturing company and he has Asians
he has as an Indian’s Pakistani and
Chinese and I think Korean and and he
oversees all this staff and I said and I

actually question what said is any of
the the just-in-time stuff is that
affecting your supply chain said dude no
but the people every everyone stays
clear of the Chinese in the building

they don’t want to be near and won’t sit
them near them during lunch of course
the Chinese have all of the last face
masks so there’s animosity over that
that’s just one company I’m sure there’s

lots of stuff like that going on so
while the media the m5m plays up we’re
all gonna die maybe who knows that once
again show Joe Johnson’s also working on

their back sheet oh here’s this company
here novo VAX which is you know
basically a penny stock which is listed
on NASDAQ it should be on over the
counter you know that shoots up nine

bucks you know there’s a lot of
shenanigans going on it’s the same thing
that happens with any virus but this
time the economic aspects I think will
be different what’s your Japan clip well
this is interesting because it

introduces an element that nobody in the
US or a place else has picked
on and it’s a frightening little element
and but they are you’re not gonna hear
it in our media because that’s won’t

freak people out but let’s play this
clip you’ll hear it in there in Japan
the Health Ministry says three evacuees
have tested positive for the virus
a day after returning to Tokyo 206
passengers were on their government

chartered flight on Wednesday all were
sent to medical institutions to undergo
tests the Ministry says two of the
infected patients had no symptoms it’s
the first time in Japan the virus has

been detected in patients without
symptoms the prime minister also says
two of the evacuees didn’t give their
consent for the health check the
procedure is not legally binding

unfortunately they did not agree to be
tested like we could not force them as
it is also a human rights issue Abbott
said he’s confident all evacuees on
subsequent flights will give their
consent now a second plane carrying 210

Japanese nationals from the virus hit
city touched down at Haneda Airport on
Thursday morning 13 passengers on that
flight are exhibiting symptoms and have

been sent to a special Hospital for
infectious diseases huh you rang the
bell I heard it your interpretation no
symptoms yeah so all these airports with

all these scanners looking for
temperatures and all the rest of it’s
nonsense is useless
yeah patently you can carry the virus
and be contagious for two weeks before
you can before symptoms develop yeah and

I have real-world examples and so you’re
gonna end up with a situation that’s
just completely could go out of control
assuming this thing’s this virulent as

they’d like us to believe it may or may
not be I mean in China like we had our
letter we almost were three reading the
letter of from our guy in China talking
about the sanitation habits of the

locals coughing all over each other and
there are cramped borders and it’s like
a lot different and you know the wide
open spaces of the West yes but take a
good look at what a

socialist-slash-communist government
does for the people in times like this
they crammed together you’ve got pop-up
hospitals which are basically containers
that lock from the outside

I think that’s genius by the way ah man
a whole bunch of people died in that
container strap it up boys just lock it
down the crane comes over throw them in
your in the river

drop some in a ditch yeah so I but I’m
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interesting to watch because that could
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anyway but well that’s that’s what I’m
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that’s right we had parties we got

parties going on all over the place a
quick we have to meet up reports the
first one for the Philip C local 76
meetup this is was held at the

Philadelphia Brewing Company this is Sir
scatman of Norristown at the local 76
Meetup and I am not planning on killing
myself anytime soon I’m from New Jersey
this is Sir McQueen of Blighttown

praise the Sun
this is brian michael creator of such
jingles as and now is time for 3×3 yes
adam yeah wow this sounds exactly like

the jingle actually black nights are
easy and i just want to tell you don’t
worry be happy sister brad fight count

of the jersey shore in delaware valley
in the morning my name is jay this is
swim miller session will is the super

tiser and Epstein didn’t kill himself
all I had have been John Mike from
Coopersburg hey guys Jason Lucia from
Chadds Ford this is kuba from Wayne PA I

just want to say thank you to John’s
chair keep up the great work but thank
you hey your chair got a shout-out

that’s pretty good
my son time now we have a report from
the Alexandria Virginia Meetup and of
course we always like to play quite
confident that there’s always at least

one spook to keep an eye on things at
every single Meetup
this is more or less into the spooks
backyard tell me if you can hear the
spook in this meetup report hey Adam and
John this is Sir William at the

Alexandria Virginia meetup ITM and
looking for the vinegar book hey it’s DC
girl in the morning hey this is Alan
that is all Lorraine in mourning from

FEMA Region three guys Phil from
Annapolis thank you for your courage in
the morning what do you think I think I
think Balon those Phil from Annapolis

thank you pretty courage go from a nap I
think Phil let’s listen to the rest
this is Sir Chris not Wilson from sexy
South Arlington happy to be here this is

a dude named Daniel your humble no Jenna
me nips admin here at the region 3 this
is Bob from Annapolis one of the other

subs in the water to be there in the
morning nice I think it was this guy
although honestly you know this one it’s
Phil from Annapolis thank you for your

courage in the morning yeah he sounds
like a spook
although DC girl may be the true spook
yeah yeah I think she may be this is a
kind of a Twain to her voice a little

bit like I don’t know these idiots are
but if she truly is the spook she’s a
good one she is unknowing gender social
she’s she’s very active in the keynote

very active in the community she’s
probably finally she’s competent let’s
have a look at the overview for the
coming week I didn’t want to play the
whole long that’s too long is that the

short one
that’s crazy the other thing is DC girl
never gives her name no of course not
why would you guys you know why would

this Friday Colorado Springs local 719
six o’clock at phantom Canyon brewing
upstairs Andrew Jones organizing for you
also on Friday the local MCO Central
Florida meetup number four that’ll be at

Stanford Brewing Company brand any
organizing for you then we go to
Saturday Charleston South Carolina
there’s six week cycle every six weeks
they do a meet-up it’ll be at most
crosstown same places in August named

Jennifer Buchanan well-known as the art
director and the evil genius behind
animated No Agenda organizing that for
Saturday Boston the no agenda meet up at
2:30 in the afternoon red 33 red 33

Castle Island brewing in Northwood
Massachusetts make sure you are there if
you’re in the neighborhood southwestern
Ontario Canada Navy a meet up also on
Saturday at 6 o’clock enjoy a burger

rebellion and beer from refined fool a
Trevor Colette will be hosting then next
Thursday Fairfield Connecticut five
o’clock New York City
commuters local kitchens closed to the

close to the Fairfield train station
Dame Jamie another fantasies is always
emailing me great ideas and links
she’ll be organizing also next Thursday
no agenda tuned man tore the Ramallah

stop this is the Palestine territories
little standard time actually so he’s
touring in the Middle East will be at

Barley’s in Ramallah
and that’s in Israel and who am I
talking about Jesse coy Nelson has done
many many fantastic end of show mixes
for us he did not have any takers in
Jordan he was an Amman Jordan could not

find anyone for the Meetup if you were
anywhere in near Ramallah Israel please
and you have a lot of Israeli listeners
yeah I don’t know how far Ramallah is
from Tel Aviv my naive the whole country

is walking distance good point what am I
thinking so he needs someone to show up
for this because he had it you know he’s

it’s the Middle East tour people then
next Friday Toronto no agenda six week
cycle meet up me-80
that will be at wvr St Union Station

Toronto Ontario Canada bishop organizing
that for you also next Friday southern
chill in nosy Sheila nosey and meet up

ah Sheila Sheila noisy and meetup I got
at Southern Illinois and that’ll be at 6
o’clock meet at the st. Nicholas brewery
and then brand new entry for next Friday

lose top of the South New Zealand piss
up meet in Nelson New Zealand at the
local watering hole the spring and the
fern tahuna e no idea what’s going on

your mate tom is apparently organizing
that and then there’s also a Seattle
meetup next Friday on the 7th meet at
the lookout Bar and Grill Patrick

organizing for you all the details for
this or at No Agenda meetups comm where
you can find meetups near you if there
isn’t one make one get one going people
love this

the keeper and I will be in Delray Beach
for the meetup on February 21st that’s
your meetups No Agenda meetups com a
great initiative love seeing this it’s
good for your soul all right well I’ve

got a few I got three clips left that I
want to run all right one of us a public
service I might want to get that out of

the way first it’s got a sad story in it
which I’m thinking as I watch these
people this is nothing that would happen
to any No Agenda listener but let’s go
on with the Khomeini because we mock

this situation but CBS decided to do it
kind of as a public service to run this
story about the Social Security scam the
government today sounded the alarm about
what it called the most reported scam in

America Social Security fraud there’s
been 115,000 complaints in the last
three months alone and as Ana Warner
reports the thieves are sophisticated
and scary I was very afraid Michelle and

Kyle Anderson say the elaborate scam
began with a phone call like this one
your social has been found some
suspicious for committing fraudulent
activity they said there has been some

fraud on your account and we we feel
like you’re suspect to anti-crime a man
told her her social security number had
been used by a drug cartel to set up

multiple fraudulent bank accounts that
these people were very dangerous that
they were watching me that I needed to
do what I was told and not tell anyone

to protect the family’s assets he said
she needed to wire all the money in the
couple’s bank accounts to an offshore
account so she did if I drove to the

credit union and I transferred all of
her money into our checking the couple
lost one hundred fifty thousand dollars
what how did they come up with that

money in the first place we have money
in the bank Wow
money we had worked our entire lives to
save dollars and testified at the Senate
hearing today in Washington scam that

has cost America’s seniors thirty eight
billion dollars Americans trust our
agency and
our employees and we cannot allow
swindlers to erode that trust

now Kyle Anderson wants to warn others
maybe this happened for a purpose maybe
it happened to us so that we could help
others how dumb are you I’m sorry just
that’s mean really you could see the

couple this is like a couple of I’d say
they’re in their sixties late 60s the
woman looks like a Berkley well you know
kind of a woman never washes her hair

and kind of frazzled it’s kind of women
I run into at Berkeley Bowl all the time
it or you know twitch and a purse excuse
the guy the guy looks a little like a
you know retired businessman who does

not seem too pleased with his wife ah
and I’m reminded of the movie it was
done by Brooks the comic not Mel Brooks
but the other one it made it living in

America or something where they where a
couple goes to Las Vegas and they decide
to retire to jump in a mobile home they
go to Las Vegas and within ten minutes
she’s lost all the money that the family
has at the gambling table is that

national lampoon’s vacation no it’s not
vacation snows now Albert Brooks Albert
Brooks now I know you’re talking and
it’s just that’s what it looked like it

looked like she was so stupid that she
you know okay I won’t tell anybody I’m
gonna send all the money to you and of
course what happens I’ve got because
we’ve gone through these and we had a

few of them I taped I tried to tape him
if I can I haven’t had any recently
they’re more taping yeah I had like some
guy custome out one said that was pretty
funny but they grill you I guess now how
much money do you have you know we’ve

got 150,000 this bank account have to be
really dumb to fall for this but but the
over billions and billions of dollars
this has happened a hundred over a

hundred thousand complaints to where is
Elizabeth Warren right with the consumer
flight tailors our FBI when it comes to
this where’s the Consumer Financial
Protection Protection Board where is

that Bureau whatever is where is
yeah yeah yeah it has a new one this is
this story is John it’s obvious these
are the same people who respond to the

call to action chip in oh okay
chip in she’s been so I’ll chip in yeah
well no but no agenda producers are not

this gullible no no you have to be I’m
convinced they’re both Democrats let me
interject on you have two more clips you

want to play there is new news new news
from our gals that’s true girls who have
been following them I’ve dropped the
ball well when I realized that the
angelic number 1212 was on deck I

decided to check out the angelic
initiative this is our two ladies that’s
they actually they don’t say that’s true
that they have a new one but there is a
variant a new one well the Indian you’ll

hear it instead of saying that’s true
they say other things we have a show on
Sunday that will be OH – OH – – OH – oh
and that apparently according to what

they are receiving from the higher
dimension there’s something about that
date that’s going on and we should be
aware of it this planet is in such

crisis times that it’s time to stop
thinking about whether or not people
will be making fun of us that’s right to
think about what more can we do and
we’ve got a deadline approaching of

February 2nd 2020 which was a deadline
given to us maybe three years ago maybe
and what are we supposed to have
accomplished in like let’s really give

it that final push
so intersecting that awareness with the
clue about the request to thin the
astral dimension that’s right that’s

do you notice this interesting pattern
that’s been happening this last maybe
week or ten days where our entire
dimension seems to be flipping upside

and when we asked to be shown what’s
going on don’t keep finding this room
that’s got an open window and there’s a
stack of papers on the dash and a much
higher dimension thank you in a much
much much much much higher dimension

much larger and much higher and there’s
a paper that seems to represent this
entire dimension and it’s right keeps
getting blown off the desk and onto the
floor and it tends to blow up side down

as if the ink on the page causes the ink
side to fall down that’s right and how
it tends to feel to the souls is as if

they’re heavy headed dolls and the
bobble head keeps going down and that
little feet are sticking up that’s right
so it’s a similar sensation of being

upside down something going on upside
down I think that’s no no Super Bowl is
this Sunday no agenda show is this

Sunday it’s a crazy date and they feel
that both in Europe and the u.s. is the
same as a pail yes another good point so
there’s that they sound a little worried

about the universe flipping upside down
well they’ve been you know like there’s
jokes in there I can’t come up with him

right now it’s long into the show but
I’m sure more than a few things have
flipped upside down for those two women
I’d stay away from the Super Bowl and
tell you that I wouldn’t go if I had

tickets I wouldn’t go now after hearing
that I take them serious gonna go really
go over to Miami I could broadcast the

do the no agenda show and then go right
to the game guys a chauffeured limo yeah
if you’re working for gimlet now I’d be
using an ointment Mike right

all right take us home Johnny boy okay
got two clips you can choose what you
want now one of them is gonna annoy you
oh let’s do that one but wait let me
explain why it’s going you know it’s why

you can get you warmed up and so
everyone can get ready cuz it’s gonna
annoy everybody okay because normally
when we do Clips we take the pauses out
we like to make it’s because it tightens
them up yeah but when you’re dealing

with George Soros and the fact that he
is kind I would say that he’s borderline
over the hill and we were you know he’s
a big still important guy important dude

he still has a lot of thoughts on things
he’s a major personality yes
but listening to him go on and on about
how Facebook is going to make sure that

Trump gets reelected this is his theory
yes it actually needs all the pauses and
the umph sand the Gump’s and the thing

the noises he makes yes so you can
really get the full impact of this guy
and and how he’s borderline lost it okay
I want to try it the Facebook is going I
can’t do it last year you talked about

Facebook and and the platform’s a lot to
sort of summarize those questions do you
think the company is doing a better job
today another dog no I think I think
Facebook made an important role in

getting Trump elected in 2016 and I’m
really afraid that he will do the same
thing or for in 2020 because there is

nothing really to stop him there is a
regulation that X exempts social
platforms for having any liability

liability for publishing falsehoods
deliberately candidates for election

there’s nothing to stop them and I think
there is a kind of an informal mutual

assistance operation or agreement
developing between camp and and Facebook

and Facebook will work together to
realize Trump and and Shawn field
protect train wreck of the day

Wow that’s basically elizabeth warren’s

message only it took him a minute and a
half to get it out many 50 to nothing I
thought it was necessary to play this so

we get to state of the mind of George
Soros at Davos visit Davos fantastic
alright I’m sorry I didn’t know you
wanna do another one I thought okay well

we could anyway that’s fine but you at
least want to keep up with the drug
tunnel because this is this is I’m
trying the drug this guy’s my favorite
reporter that’s very accurate wait a
minute wait a minute is it Jeff

it’s totally Jeff ah we break for Jeff
on this show oops I hit the wrong Jeff
the tunnel runs three-quarters of a mile

and is the longest ever discovered by US
officials it started in Mexico and ran
under this part of the newly fortified
border into the u.s. we’ve seen an

increase in drug seizures
deputy chief Aaron Heike says smugglers
move everything through the tunnels it’s
going to be people it’s going to be
narcotics the potential for weapons and
ammunition ten miles away is another key

smuggling route for Mexican drug cartels
bordering Tijuana San Ysidro California
is the busiest port of entry in North
America in those buildings on the

Mexican side our sources tell us that
sometimes the cartels use spotters to
keep track of how the drugs are flowing
from Mexico into the u.s. drug seizures
the u.s. borders are way up over the

past five years
cocaine seizures have doubled meth
seizures are up nearly a hundred and
seventy percent in that same time and
fentanyl seizures are up a staggering
thirty five hundred percent good

business is good yeah well isn’t maybe
this is a Trump’s tunnel we always
figured was gonna build a wall so that

he could control the drugs in a better
well it’s might work out it’s a nice
tunnel it’s almost a mile long
it’s crazy great looking tunnel to loose
layers done by a pro and your pros of

deconstruction will return in just
several days from now on Sunday the
second of February twenty twenty it’s
gonna be a bonanza I tell you the big
bonanza coming up on no agenda stream

calm Nick the rats celebrating four
years in broadcast excellence from the
sewer so catch that if you’re if you’re
loitering on the stream end of show

mixes we got a lot of a get to all the
man net Jeffrey Leola puke we got Roy
Connor and his keeper who helped out

there Tom Starkweather John Benson and
of course we will return right here and
I’ll be coming to you from FEMA region

number six in the governmental Maps
opportunity zone 33 here in the capital
the drone star state Austin Texas in the
morning everybody I’m Adam curry and
from northern Silicon Valley where I
remain I’m Josie Dvorak we return on

Sunday we’ll see you then
remember Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill
and such

bombshell bombshell pop-up a bombshell

everything is a bombshell the John
Bolton absolute bombshell the bombshells

about John Bolton right the President
Trump is denying a bombshell report that

claims they told former national
security adviser John Bolton to continue
freezing aid Ukraine until they launched
the political investigations he wanted
bombshell revelations from former

national security adviser John Bolton
this is John Bolton bombshell former
national security adviser John Bolton
with the Bolton testimony or this
bombshell about the manuscript and it

could be a bombshell an explosive new
National Security Advisor John Boonton
bombshell reporting a bombshell said
bombshell in this bombshell bombshell

bombshell bombshell bombshell Tangshan
bombshell bombshell bombshell
tonight’s bombshell report I gotta get
back to that bombshell for the biggest
box out supporting Poncho’s I’m gonna
drop on my head Bolton’s bombshell and

drops the bombshell take it anymore
bombshell to death do you think you can
blow up hearts yeah blow up dude yeah
blow up real good



more straight

100 company
I call up Goldman Sachs




przemek I think I think I’ll probably

vote for Bernie
it’s funny how I only briefly mentioned

on my podcast that your characters true
at lease us the impression that I got
from spending just a couple hours with

and afterwards I uploaded
conversation to my channel
and then I must have spoiled it all by

saying something stupid like I’m a
b-plus I appreciate a bit more fire and

spice there’s an audience beyond the
Senate and that is just this
politicization of a intelligence Egon
Cuba and on other issues why would we
would want someone that like our

credibility that I can’t understand very
clearly that’s what john bolton
represents he would tell in a
captivating way that the public would
watch the most pernicious part of the
president’s scheme and his is love of

conspiracy theorists there you series
partly him played to their base and
playing to their audience you know the
the modulus boomer room demo

wait conspiracy theories for rent
org slash n at a time