No Agenda Episode 1213: “Kung Flu”

no no no no agenda it’s also to to 2020
there’s a lot of things going on today

I’m John C Devorah well timed well
prepared as always very impressed Super
Bowl Sunday it’s Groundhog Day it’s all

these things it’s everything that’s
rides oh my goodness how you doing I’m
doing better than the Chinese yeah

Chinese everywhere there’s had Christina
with it was telling me that in in the
Netherlands you know everyone as you see

Chinese walking around or anyone with a
surgical mask for that matter walk
around him there’s a lot of if the
French Asians are saying that they’re
being racially profiled carrying signs

just sweet just sweet no pop Vitas
people can be so conversation apparently

JC dug deep into the whole thing and
found some interesting little factoids
sir that may be something people well
before we start we have a small
conundrum we need a quick sidebar for a

production meeting I have not one not
two not three but four a Wuhan flew
jingles to choose from for the segment
and I think we might as well listen to
all of them just so we understand it

first I want to voice my objection hello
yeah I’m listening I’m wow you said you
want to voice your objection listening I
was an agreement with the idea of

calling it the
haan flu but since it’s not an influenza
virus per se it’s a misnomer and I don’t
like to do to promote such things and so
I’ve gone back into calling it the
corona virus well good you can do that

that’s the Kung flu fighting from Sir

Chris sadly no one picked up on your
objection of coronavirus

alright so we got that one Wuhan flu
seemed to be a popular phrase and the
last candidates it’s time now feelings

about these the fourth one was clearly

racist Thorogood cloned no not George
Thorogood it’s Bob Seger Bob Seger

George Herbert Bob Seger pretty similar
but that one I like the best the first
one is I think had the most potential
but he didn’t have enough snapping

sounds another that’s the good old time
luhan flew yes now is this the the

research paper that’s been floating
around is that what bus kill jr. looked
into with the inserted for HIV like now
whatever they’re called proteins no okay

he’s a mother he started getting looking
at ethnocentric data regarding disease
vectors and he’s such an exciting man to
hang around so he found that there was a

lot number of papers written he’s
actually listen on one of them cuz he
was so insistent on some of this stuff
that he’s been uncovering which is that

it looks as if and this is just
preliminary this guy I kept telling him
to write it down I’ll write it up if he
doesn’t want to do it and I’d like to
see some more evidence of this but I’m
just gonna tell you the preliminary look

at this mm-hmm there’s a lot of evidence
that coronavirus in particular is is
more susceptible by Chinese
then by Caucasians because the same yes

I’ve seen the same foot the same
phenomenon that makes it so Chinese can
smoke a lot there’s a couple of cells in
the lungs that are good for fixing lung

damage those same cells are the ones
that the corona virus attaches itself to
yes and it tends to be not just Chinese
though which makes it interest also

Japanese I think well some Japanese
is Han Chinese wow that’s pretty
specific and he traces a couple of
interesting point tidbits what’s ours in

2002 2003 when SARS was out of all
places of all and I will call shithole
countries in the world right next to
China namely Indonesia there were no

deaths there right and all the cases of
deaths in North America were centered
around Toronto in a specific part of
Chinatown yeah there’s a in this in the

show notes I have an actual list that
shows the susceptibility by ethnicity I
guess what do you call it ethnicity race

no ethnicity I think in the u.s. you
know u.s. is down at like you know 50%
or something compared to a lot of Asian
countries what I’m still waiting to find

out is will this spread from the Chinese
all over Africa will it spread to
pelicans according to JC’s research the
African Africans not American

afro-american the actual African real
Africans apparently have a lot of them
have this same structure lungs that will
create a problem in Africa which brings

us right back to the he what he noticed
and this is a I think the what I’m
trying to talk about what he knows is
that if you start looking into
epidemiology you find very little

correlation with ethnocentric groups
they just don’t make they decided not to
make the connections so you can’t tell
for exam
would let’s say the last influence or

even swine flu you can’t tell if certain
blacks got it more than certain whites
remember wish got it more than Spanish
or anything because they’ve kept all
that data out of the out of the

epidemiological studies and and that’s
what he found fascinating and I was I
propose that the reason they did this is
because one they don’t want to give
anybody any ideas and two I think

they’ve already targeted races with
certain kinds of potentially bio
engineered viruses or other complexes
aids Ebola couple of examples mmm-hmm

and so they don’t want to show any sort
of they don’t want to make these
connections so this digital won’t study
it but he’s convinced it’s Han Chinese
that’s where the Chinese are so freaked

out at the moment right and we have all
kinds of measures being taken now we had
additional country bands and to me it
reads like the one bill one Road one
Belt strategy layout it’s like okay

you’re banned and you’re banned and
you’re banned and your bed which
immediately of course I don’t think it
really work they tried to spin it as
Muslim bad now no no Muslim well those

people sure they may have Chinese in
there by the hundreds of thousands who
could be carrying the flu and spreading

it to people who would come to America
but let’s just say it’s about Muslims
cuz Trump hates Muslims it’s such a
disservice such a disservice to the
public the economic impact I think is
going to be as I was talking about from

day one this this is what it’s about in
my mind and the CBC so far is the only
one that’s had any kind of decent report
on the economic impact of the
coronavirus Wuhan Kong flu you need not

look far to see the economic
consequences of this virus airline after
Airlines suspending flights to China
this afternoon
one of Air Canada’s last direct flight
from Beijing landed

in Vancouver in China entire swathes of
the country have been shut down
Starbucks has closed more than half its
outlets Toyota announced it will close
its plants and Google says it will
temporarily close all of its Chinese

offices remember though back in 2003
China was basically the world’s factory
today China’s much more intertwined in
the buying and selling of the global

economy the fact that the Chinese
authorities have clamped down and they
foot many cities in lockdown already
that means those consumers aren’t out
there purchasing and that will really

dampen Chinese growth and that dampening
will be felt in places you may not
expect Cameron’s seafood sells about
half its lobsters to China and Chinese

New Year is one of the busiest times of
year they were set to ship about 20,000
pounds this week those are the all
canceled so actually the sells to a
China completely disappeared from Monday

there are other markets for those
lobsters but there’s no way to make up
the loss of the Chinese market and no
way of knowing how or when the world’s

second biggest economy will reopen for
business if it really is and of course
this sounds completely bioengineered one
or gee how unfortunate for these Chinese
that it only or really only it seems to

be targeting them but it’s kind of it’s
kind of a perfect perfect setup it was
who was the who’s the old coot Secretary
of Commerce Wilbur

what’s his name Wilbur this is really
good because now we can bring back some
of that manufacturing this guy always
lets the cat out of the bag this old man

this guy’s too funny you have our the
CBS rundown it just ran yesterday of the
update there they’re updated the korone
of a situation you might have play it a
new case of the deadly coronavirus has

been confirmed in the US the latest case
in Massachusetts it’s the 8th in the US
and the first on the East Coast health
officials have declared a public health

emergency nearly 14,000 people worldwide
been infected and more than 300 have
died and nearly 60 million people in
China are under travel restrictions
ramie Inocencio leading us off from

Beijing the CDC says the new case of
corona virus is a Boston resident in his
20s who recently travelled to the center
of the outbreak well you know just to

interrupt I’m very disappointed in in
light of this information that they
never really say what ethnicity or
background these American victims have
because it could be American Chinese

could be American Japanese American
Korean whatever it is at African
American we should know they should
start it’s a blackout yes on China he’s
been placed in isolation

also today tech giant Apple announced it
would close all its stores and offices
in China until February 9th joining a
growing list of companies restricting
operations here this all comes as the

World Health Organization declared a
global health emergency and the US State
Department raised its travel advisory
for China to the highest level meaning
do not travel to China a new study out

by the british medical journal The
Lancet estimates that more than 75
thousand people have been infected by
the virus as of last week if that turns
out to be true

it would confirm what many already fear
that Beijing is massively under
reporting these numbers the CDC reported
that even if patients initial tests for
coronavirus are negative they could
still develop the illness because the

test only works when patients have
symptoms a study also showed the virus
can be transmitted by patients with no
symptoms a woman who traveled from
Shanghai to Germany infected seven other
people while she remained asymptomatic

those findings contributed to the
decision to place 195 Americans housed
at a California airbase in the first
federal quarantine in 50 years they will
spend 14 days there the best way to

control a virus like this is to keep
people away from everyone else while you
run out the clock on that incubation
I’m really
you got this clip because it leads

perfectly into doctor foul qi and doctor
foul she is a celebrity here on the no
agenda show you may remember him one of
the most famous lines ever do you
remember Thank You mr. blue yes doctor

pouchy thanks so much as always for
joining us good to be here bro so that
is fast he’s a fan favorite here at the
No Agenda show and he’s talking about

these one I think it’s him yes talking
about the 195 Americans that were flown
out of Wuhan and now they’re in
quarantine they’re not getting out in 14
days listen carefully clearly they’re

all isolated and and will be for the 14
days we have done virus isolation but I
want to be clear the current tests that

we developed at CDC is not we’re not
sure of natural history of how the virus
is isolated can you isolate it one day
then three days later you can and we are

seeing in the cases that are in the
hospital we’ve seen people had
detectable virus and they didn’t have
detectable virus and then three days
later they had detectable virus we’re
using the virus cultures right now in

these individuals more to help us learn
about this virus how much a symptomatic
carriage in fact is there so I want
people to understand that distinction

we’re not using it as a release criteria
because we don’t know the natural
history of how this virus is secreted
and this is what we’re continuing to
learn not using that as release criteria

enjoy your February this is the problem
is you can get it and then it goes away
and then it comes back

well that’s no I don’t think that’s what
he just said he just saw that was what
he really said was the test sucks
there’s that so this is from the task
force and they did have some soothing

words for merkins I want to stress
the risk of infection for Americans
remains low and with these and our
previous actions we are working to keep

the risk low all agencies are working
aggressively to monitor this continually
evolving situation and to keep the
public informed in a constantly

transparent way the United States
appreciates China’s efforts and
coordination with public health
officials across the globe and continues
to encourage the highest levels of

transparency it is likely that we will
continue to see more cases in the United
States in the coming days and weeks
including some limited person-to-person
transmission the American public can be
assured the full weight of the US

government is working to safeguard the
health and safety of the American people
you know my 23andme comment is not far
off from our future you watch if this is

true and it is and it comes down to DNA
and you know what parts of of people
you’re made out of no we shall see we
shall see what happens well but it’s

still I mean ultimately it’s it’s not
even apparently as bad as the seasonal
flu but if it if it comes and goes and
you carry it after months that’s

problematic or a problem I guess well
something is a problem so then the
Department of Justice they did they also
we get some notes – did you know they’re

building about these hospitals
apparently aren’t really hospitals that
they’re building right outside there’s
prisons containers with the lock on the
outside it’s a container you can pick it
right up with the crane so just to add

some insult to injury and this hasn’t
been used politically yet that I’m aware
of but the Department of Justice came

out and gave a little rundown of what
they’ve been doing most recently with
people doing a
in covert research on behalf of Chinese
bio labs we’re here today to announce

three separate cases highlighting the
ongoing threat posed by Chinese economic
espionage and research theft in the
United States first the arrest today of

a Harvard University professor for lying
about its participation in a Chinese
foreign recruitment program second this
morning we have unsealed a separate
indictment of a Chinese national working

as a scientific researcher at Boston
University who failed to mention on her
visa application that she is also a
lieutenant with the People’s Liberation
Army finally this office has indicted
another Chinese national for trying to

smuggle vials of biological material out
of the United States to China and lying
about it federal investigators that
defendant whose entry to the United
States had been sponsored by Harvard

University was a cancer researcher at a
lab at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical
Center so this morning the FBI arrested
dr. Charles Lieber the chair of the
department of chemistry and chemical

biology at Harvard University for making
false statements regarding his
involvement in China’s thousand talents
plan and his affiliation with the Wuhan
University of Technology the complaint
alleges the dr. Lieber’s signed a

contract with the Chinese University in
Wuhan and was paid up to fifty thousand
dollars per month plus up to a hundred
and fifty eight thousand dollars in
living expenses and awarded more than

1.5 million dollars to set up a research
lab at the Chinese school and work there
on researching nanotechnology Lieber
also joined China’s thousand talents

plan according to the complaint a
Chinese government-run program designed
to entice scientists and researchers in
the United States to share their
research expertise with China

coincidence I think not
it is just one of those odd coincidences
it’s a beauty Justin you know now the
the Health and Human Services Secretary

on czar he’s I think he’s in trouble
somehow with this I mean he is he’s
waffling and floating around the way he
says stuff when I have two clips one

from I think this is the from their
press conference and then I think the
other one may be from a direct
television interview but this is
explaining a self quarantine mr.
secretary the mandatory quarantine for

people coming in from Hubei Province
will that be home quarantine or will
that be an institutional set that would
be at an appropriate quarantine facility
of some kind for those individuals for
the US citizens returning to the United

States from having been in China within
the previous 14 days they would be
funneled as secretary cuccinelli spoke
of they would be screened appropriately
to see if they have presented is ease

and then they would be asked to self
isolate at home over the 14 days but for
individuals from who bay because that is
the epicenter of this with such high
immediate transmission we filled these

additional measures of quarantine for up
to 14 days here comes our appropriate
could I just follow that have you
selected specific quarantine centers we
have selected um I we will announce

those as DHS implements with the
airlines that funneling activity can you
say it with me now FEMA camps FEMA camps
in your future ladies and gentlemen and

listen to Unser has a tell and a truth
wanna comes out a moment wants to come
out moment in 39 seconds will get the
tell at the beginning and then the truth

wants to come out and the headline is is
the world ready for the coronavirus how
do you answer that question so ed we’ve
actually been very transparent about
what we do not know yet about about this

had we’ve actually been very transparent
about what we do not know yet about
about this virus which is we don’t know

full information about its
contagiousness about its severity
profile which is why I’m delighted that
at the invitation of the Chinese
we will accept the invitation to

participate as part of the World Health
Organization’s team of experts that will
deploy to China to assist Chinese
experts on the ground to actually get
ground truth to study this virus get all
the information to both help the spread

prevent the spread further in China
ground truth to study this virus get all
the information to both help the spread

prevent the spreading further in China
of it but also global spread of this
virus oh my goodness conversation we’re
talking about some other aspects of this

lose the fact that men should be more
susceptible for various reasons the 70%
more men infected than women so far
yeah and that has to do with the

structure of the lungs and this and the
smoking and the rest of it but you know
the conversation camp where the Chinese
have too many men anyway yeah it’s a
good thing so you know it might be give

to even things out a little bit who
knows the conversation I’ll tell you
yeah but now we know that historically
speaking having been around the block

for a bit being a little bit older all
of these scares Ebola xik swine flu h1n1
SARS I mean yeah people die at 30,000 a

year die from seasonal flu people die so
in the United States I don’t feel we
have to be that worried
Europe is also not shutting everything

down now and my goodness I think they
can’t of course cuz every that
everyone’s that this is the this is the
real issue it’s not just China as the
from one of the first clip said it was

just our factory anymore we’re
intertwined so if if China goes down is
gonna hurt just economically speaking a
day my astrid sent us a note discussing

this in what’s going on in japan yes you
got that i did she matches that the de
Ginza is just empty the places that the
streets are deserted on’t want to eat

they want to go out they won’t do
anything I know yeah this real slow down
slow down your economy you know bankrupt
this is not good I mean over just that
part you mentioned at the beginning is

just not economic you cannot actually
it’s a niche is not good now I got a
note from are being ignored I think some
somebody but I should also mention this
as you started off by mentioning that

the paper about the HIV being inserted
into corona somehow which may or may not
be true yeah I think it’s bullcrap
but and it did get by posting this which
is nothing wrong with posting the fact

that this paper exists yeah it’s got
kicked off of Twitter gone yeah I saw
that too Larry just that’s not
suspicious our Intel analysts this is

the one who caught the the fact that a
lot of the Canadians flying back from
Iran were actually work you know it came

from the University in Canada Naevia
where they’re experts in nuclear
technology so yeah sent me a follow-up
note here’s some facts regarding the

virus though actually he said he got
this you know so he’s an intelligence
analyst so he gets his information from
sources so he sells says a well-placed
source with direct ties to mainland

China I know it sounds a bit like a
weird blog post but it was private to me
and you know he has some standing in the
show since this previous observation
so he attends his his source attends

John Hopkins University in nadjia China
or attended and as an alum he still has
a log on to the libraries where he drew

some research from so the short version
of what he our analyst has found out the
most susceptible to the n carve the
novel coronavirus the highest AC e to

gene structures people who contract
never recover from it the virus becomes
recessive after incubation and initial
Flair many of those who had an initial
infection with fever and cough but

without a cytokine cytokine storm what
does that John was the word cytokine
storm CYT disorder you have to look at
well it’s C Y T Oki n e cytokine

cytokine it’s a cytokine so without
cytokine storm if you looked at up four
we had showed a compromised immune

system and recurrence of the virus in
several cases the third or fourth
recurrence in the reduced immune
response the there’s that word again
cytokine storm developed those people
died because the virus is immuno

compromising any recurrences yes stop it
a cytokine a cytokine storm is an
overproduction of immune cells yes and

activating compound cytokines which in a
flu infection is often associated with
the surge of activated immune cells into
the lung so you kill yourself by trying

to put your body tries to protect
yourself I give some people are getting
you can almost self induce an asthma
attack but there’s certain things that
get released just amines and then the
next thing you know you’re dead

half-dead because the virus is immuno
compromising any recurrences further
weakens the immune system the Chinese
are using the term airborne aids in
describing the approach to it the
patient in Seattle was given an

experimental antiretroviral after his
first post infection flare fully
recovered on the drug he was declared
cured when he stopped the drug the virus
flare recurred this is from the New York

Times January 22nd article he
back in the hospital the basic
prevention is to quarantine and avoid
people in the AC e2 gene sequence those
people will have the highest viral load

and be super spreaders yes this is much
less deadly currently than the flu virus
however it has the potential to grow
undetected at a much higher rate it has
also had an impact on the global economy

that has already surpassed anything flu
virus has ever done according to our
intelligence analysts so the AC e2 gene
sequence is that something can get from
23andme can we figure that out can we

target people now who have done this
I think did I think this again is the
Han Chinese probably know he has the
list it’s the same list that buzzkill
jr. probably saw with most susceptible

where we’re Americans comes down and you
know the halfway down the list 50% so
that even that we’re kind of sounds a

bit like something that might have been
bioengineered who knows well this thing
I mean naturally occurring substances do
evolve to do that – yeah on their own

and then they you just have to be the
unlucky winner

there you go

progress to the point that if it is not
if you can’t get rid of it once you get
it you had your this year forever your
cry it’s more like herpes
yeah oh man well that’s all bad news

it’s not great I think I still think the

real bad news is yet to come to much
this interesting the economy will coast
for a while it’s got it’s gotta be
hurting it has to the numbers have to
make it no it’s got to be huge it’s
gonna and everyone’s gonna start using

this hey if we had a public company we’d
be having this meeting right now hey we
still have that you know that shit on
the balance sheet why don’t we get the
bad news out blame it on Chinese flu or
whatever say I or sales something

problem well that supply chairman of sec
yeah if it’s bad weather you’ll blame it
on whatever’s going on of course but
it’s gonna definitely have an effect and
whether or not the market accepts the
blame and you because the market will go

well okay well let you slide on this one
yeah but if it continues and if this is
like what dead john john’s hopkins
report in the union that intelligence
guy which i believe him because johns
hopkins is to spook operations and it

and they would have good information
yeah and so if he’s looking at there’s
their stuff and they good this doesn’t

go out to the newspapers this kind of
thing they don’t want to freak out the
public no no this is just for podcasts
that’s just the Intel guys can sit
around way the inner conversation to
opened up what we started talking about

it went like this
Oh Adam read a note from one of our
producers talking about this a big big
programming operation and all the
programmers are staying away from the
Chinese you remember that note yes
they’re all huddled anywhere but they

don’t want to be hanging out with the
Chinese yeah yep coders and JC starts
off by saying for good reason that helps
but that’s that is very strange and that

to me it’s kind of new that and the
public is so poorly informed only
reading headlines
typically just and and people have tuned
out to news because what is news anymore

I think that’s why one of the reasons
why people like listening to no agenda
is because you know we at least distill
we may not be right all the time we can
know but we present everything that’s

out there that could be presented yes
and we have people out there who also do
analysis they give it to us and then we
realized this is fantastic that’s the
thing is that we have our own analysts

and then yeah exactly
they have access to stuff we have people
that have access to stuff that
definitely the public doesn’t have
access to and the reporters don’t be you

know they can’t even barely use a
computer so now they’re not gonna get
anything from the New York Times they’re
only interested in getting Trump out of
office and it’s been Bernie from getting
elected hey and you know what CNN is on
and again if you thought that after it

now we’ll get to the impeachment in a
moment because of course it’s going to
be an acquittal vote on on Wednesday
that’s expected unless something crazy
happens but at this very moment and we
have tomorrow very important for the

Democratic Party is they are going to
have the Iowa caucus that’s all in
leading up to who will be the nominee so
it’s an internal thing it’s not a
government thing it’s a demo it’s the
club of Democrats they can that’s how

they run it first I want us all to pay
very close attention
I believe Joe Biden’s campaign is over
it is completely done and and wiped out
he will never recover because he’s no

longer needed he is no longer we needed
him to be an opponent of Donald Trump
for the impeachment impeachment over
thanks Joe you you you really did your
job for us you can now go away you can’t

really function anyway mark my words Joe
Biden’s campaign is over which leaves us
with the Sanders surge this is an
incredible problem we need to stop

Bernie Sanders and CNN did a fabulous
job by reporting well here’s the clip
and then you’ll understand David CNN had

planned to bring everyone the final Iowa
poll from CNN in the Des Moines Register
tonight that is no longer happening
explain to our viewers why yeah Anna it
was brought to CNN’s attention earlier

this evening that somebody who was a
question for the survey raised an issue
with the way that their interview was
conducted that means the results of the
poll could have been compromised we

weren’t able to determine exactly what
happened during this person’s interview
and we don’t know if it was an isolated
incident so out of an abundance of

caution CNN and the Des Moines Register
and Selzer & Company who conducts the
poll decided not to release tonight’s
poll we take the standards that we apply
to our polling very seriously and to

keep the highest possible standards we
wanted to present this information to
the public and explain why we didn’t
proceed with releasing this poll this
evening honor so the a lot of this stuff

is almost like superstition you know how
things work and what you need and even
this caucusing which maybe John you can
try to explain it’s not incredibly clear
certainly not to anyone outside of I

don’t know Iowa but this poll is an egg
or a poll that has always run and
published the on the eve of the Iowa
caucus and it is supposed to be a very

important indicator as to who is going
to be who’s going to get the most people
caucusing / delegates for the ultimate
choice of the Democratic contestant in

the big reality show and I mean for CNN
to have someone call we you know it’s
not like this person was on the air I

have no no proof there’s a lot of you
know a fish according to official
sources there’s no names anywhere but
someone called up and said hey who you
voting for Bernie

Elizabeth Jo and apparently didn’t say
boo to judge and so that immediately was
taken by CNN into canceling the obvious
news that Bernie Sanders is surging

ahead of everybody so they are they are
they’re meddling in the primaries for
and unless you have something else I’ll
play the ABC Iowa update because I think

it kind of encompasses our rap the
scheme because I have some thoughts on
this you take whatever you want plate
yours and then I’ll see if I can’t
remember what mine’s a bike producer

last night play mine hold on what’s Iowa
rap here we go with just two days to go
before Iowa’s first in the nation voting

for the 2020 election the Democratic
presidential hopefuls are trying to make
every second count
spen iturra Lizabeth warren made it to a
late night campaign event Friday after
leaving president Trump’s impeachment

trial they’ll spend the weekend Criss
crossing the state ahead of Monday
night’s caucuses the latest Monmouth
University poll shows former Vice
President Joe Biden holding a slight
edge over senator Bernie Sanders among

likely caucus-goers ah this is
interesting layman who was a whose
report was that who did that one CBS
let’s listen to a be Central
Intelligence Agency broadcasters maybe

no ABC has a different edge tonight a
final frenzy the caucus is now just two
days out senator Elizabeth Warren and
listen closely to who they make sound
like a doofus

fresh off impeachment Duty making a mad
dash from the Capitol to rally her
supporters dressed in a campaign hoodie
that’s the sound bite you want from

someone you want to marginalize and
maybe her closing argument
today we will we must come together as a
party and beat Donald Trump that is our

tonight a surging senator Bernie Sanders
shaking off concerns about his
electability but I believe that we are
the strongest campaign to defeat Trump a

democratic super PAC trying to stop his
momentum before the first votes are cast
pushing out an aggressive ad campaign
questioning the Senators health I do

have some concerns about Bernie Sanders
health considering the fact he did have
a heart attack and I believe that our
campaign is the campaign of energy is
the campaign of excitement the divide

within the Democratic Party on full
display in a critical election year
congresswoman Rashida to lead booing the
mention of Hillary Clinton’s name as she
campaign for Sanders today apologizing

writing I allowed my discipline making

Bernie look bad very bad because he has
bad surrogates women with secretary
Clinton’s latest comments about senator
Sanders and his supporters get the best
of me former Vice President Joe Biden on

a 20 city 17 County bus tour throughout
Iowa mr. vice president have you
benefited from having this thing largely
to yourself during this critical stretch
joe has his head down he has no energy

he’s depressed because he know that it’s
oh he knows that it’s over and I
disagree with this let me just finish
the clip in them

the DNC changing its rules dropping the
donor threshold the patent the pathway
is now open for the billionaire mayor

who is self funding his own campaign to
possibly qualify for the Nevada debate
happening later this month so you
disagree with my Jo theory yeah because
the guys I follow which of the Democrat

operatives and many of them are on
Twitter John Cooper’s my favorite and
they have a you can tell that this Biden
thing is they’re doing everything they

can they they’re not gonna let Bernie
win and so Bernie doesn’t when it’s kind
of has to be Biden and and here’s my
basic new thinking the entire
impeachment process is designed to get
Biden to win the reason they stalled one

whole month before presenting it to the
Senate is so they could time it so the
senators would have to be in Washington
DC that are all running against Biden
right Wyden has no restrictions so Biden

can go pound the pavement in Iowa day
after day after day is impeachment drags
son coincidentally moved right to the
point where the caucuses are and

stretched so they so that’s where they
tie into both these reports that we play
is these senators are rushing to Iowa
that the flyover and they’re coming in
near midnight meet up with people then

they got to fly back to Washington for
the for the vote on Monday the this is
all a scheme no I agree what I agree
with that I totally agree and it was

maybe more orchestrated to thwart Bernie
than to help Joe is my idea
well its death will burn EES definitely

the target yeah they have to stop Bernie
so I would I would not disagree with the
theory that Bernie is number one on the
list of why we’re doing this yes but I
still believe that is that is joke is

the one who got to take advantage of the
situation of this impeachment which
which they stretched needlessly and they
took their 24 hours they did everything
they could to keep these senators in

Washington DC where they had to attend
they couldn’t say I’m out of here I’m
gonna go to I am
election to run right our campaign to
run they kept him in Washington and the
only one who there’s only two people

that benefited from that and that is
Buddha jej yeah and Biden because
they’re not senators yeah well and the
pavement although it won’t make any
difference it’s also benefit to
Bloomberg well Bloomberg’s not in the

caucuses okay I want to play that a
benefit bloomer you just spending money
left to race but now he’s already spent
a 200 million there’s like we do some of

these look look at the players here who
were at work this is the you heard a
little bit in the ABC report this is the
anti Bernie ad that ran in Iowa the most
important thing is we have to be drunk

and we’ve seen the damage that Trump and
the Republican Congress have done I
doubt if Bernie Sanders can beat Trump I
like Bernie I think he has great ideas
but in Michigan Pennsylvania Iowa
they’re just not going to vote for a

socialism I do have some concerns about
Bernie Sanders health considering the
fact that he did have a heart attack I
think it’s very important for Democrats
to nominate somebody that can beat Trump
I don’t feel as though Bernie Sanders
would do well in style chocolate

I just don’t think Bernie can be charmed
EMF iPAQ is responsible for the content
of this advertising so that’s the DMF I
pack that is the Democratic majority for

political action committee Board of
Directors and Lewis this is straight
from Wikipedia she’s at the top of the
list White House communications director
during the Clinton administration Henry
Cisneros Cisneros HUD secretary during

Bill Clinton’s administration budget
Clinton operatives
oh yeah and Jennifer Granholm who’s also
a currency and end political contributor

it’s obvious who’s behind this just to
get rid of Bernie and it and I am very
disturbed by how far they will go and do

they not realize that there are a lot of
people who really like Bernie Sanders
there’s a lot of things should be noted
well we’ve noted it before I think

Bernie could beat Trump if I think is
the only one who could be Trump because
it’s a clear to
stinks and I think it makes the voters
have to really take his side yeah I
don’t think he would be Trump but I

think he could beat room I don’t think
anybody else can well not without no not
with this pushback from his own quote
unquote party well he’s not in the party
that’s the joke of it he’s an
independent but he’s running on the

Democrat yeah they’re that fond of this
concept you know it was kind of
interesting that in there in the
impeachment vote of course his vote
comes through as an independent yet he’s

running for the Democratic ticket which
is and I’m not quite sure how that works
why did they even like we can’t they
just say yeah you’re out why’d they even
let him in Socialists in the party
there’s a DES left over the party that’s

the future of the party it says we’re
basically going if you look at the two
parties in the future the Left will have
two parties the Communist Party and the

Nazi Party as of course the right-wing
conservatives will see the left as
communist socialist communist and the
left will see the right konna right-wing
conservatives as Nazis so that’s what

it’s gonna be he’s gonna be Nazi commies
future and Michael Moore Michael Moore
spoke at the Bernie rally he wasn’t he
was a little fired up

they are removing the rule to be on the
debate stage where it says you have to
have so many people donating to you
otherwise instead of 27 people on the
stage there be 227 people on the stage

so you had you had this show they had to
get have a certain number of Americans
that would give you a buck that’s all
the ruleset certain but they would show
that there’s support and that’s how they

determine who would be on that debate
stage today they removed that rule
because Mike Bloomberg the billionaire
the Republican mayor of New York City
they removed so that he could be in the

next debate he doesn’t have to show he
has any support amongst the American
people he can just buy his way onto the
debate stage and I gotta tell you it’s
so disgusting about this

i watch the debate in Iowa here two
weeks ago be all the old white debate
and the fact that the Democratic the DNC
will not allow Cory Booker on that stage

will not allow Julian Castro on that
stage but they’re gonna allow Mike
Bloomberg on the stage because he’s got
a billion that’s right

so Bloomberg has a new ad with it with

more does he hate Jews oh no we did that
knowing you can’t say that I should
mention the visuals for this ad you

don’t see people you just see dogs dogs
dogs dogs dogs on leashes dogs look at
each other it’s a dog ad to Diane for

Mike Bloomberg is the man to lead us he
will create more jobs Mike’s not afraid
of the NRA not one bit
trust me Mike we’ll get it done yeah I
like Mike I like Mike’s dog I approve

this message
I’m Mike Bloomberg and I approve this
message the only thing the only thing
getting pummeled by ads for Bloomberg

Bernie and steyr yeah and even though
start he really hasn’t spent much that
was real by the way that’s and that’s
not because I’ve not seen this ad in
California what is the point of this ad

what do you think I think it was put
together quickly as a joke because of
the weird way he shook that Colley’s
head you saw that video thing about this
he he was he was doing a meet and greet

somewhere and someone had a dog the dog
comes up to him he grabs the dog by the
nose the dog opens his mouth so he just
basically grabs the top part of the
dog’s nose and head and and just kind of

shakes it like he’s shaking someone’s
hand it’s very disturbing wait he
grabbed your dog’s muzzle and shook the
muzzle jet but just the dog’s mouth is
open so just the top part of the muzzle

oh he put his hand in the dog’s mouth
yes yes yes why the dog didn’t clamped
sadly no otherwise you would have heard
about it he had to know that dog nobody
in their right mind does that unless

he’s a reptile well there’s that
maybe the dogs just vote for him I don’t

know maybe have a I have a nice Oh for
the potential end of the show okay is it
the blue yeah okay
I’m Mike Bloomberg and I approve this
message I got another one later okay let

me see what else we have going on in the

2020 oh yeah you know of five three
eight media the the great pollsters who
predicted who got one thing right twenty
years ago and then they’ve gotten

anything right sense those guys pretty
much silver man or whatever his name is
yes that guy silver silver Brad silver
something it’s the guy that everyone
trusted when he said the Hillary will

win 98 percent sure that’s the guy yeah
Nate Nate Nate silver there you go so
they interviewed Stacey Abrams a quick
quote Stacey Abrams them alone of five

three media says do you think the
country will elect elect a black woman
president in the next twenty years
Abrams says yes question do you think
they’ll elect you Abrams says yes that’s

my plan
I’m very pragmatic uh-huh Alicia admits
she wants to be the president Wow
so she gets her talking points from the
CFR and that’s what she says mm-hmm I

don’t know maybe she’s living there I
think that this is not the way to do
no well pretty bold yeah so that’s ahead
of you’re on board with it cuz you think

you you’re on your I think she they
bought into it you bought into the
Stacey Abrams uh she said I really do I
really don’t know what to think anymore
I I mean we clearly differ on the Biden

stuff so I don’t want to see what
happens first I think we’ll know very
quickly I’m actually almost getting to
warm up to the idea which has been
promoted and this has also been promoted

in Zero Hedge and elsewhere that Hillary
is gonna be the vice president it would
Biden well this was this was you laughed
at my Occam’s razor
did literally what I suggested it’s even

an animated no agenda that must have
pushed you over the edge
well it got me the weather logic was
different than yours and it was and I

started reading and something would fell
on my head the Apple that fell on my
head was that oh wait a minute there has
to be some reason some rationale some

reason my original concept that Hilary’s
gonna jump in at the end isn’t coming to
fruition this could be it
okay I’m not quite sure how differs oh

no it’s still my idea only now you just
but I’m just saying that I’m now coming
around to thinking okay supply is mixed
I can see I can see where it could

happen it’s a terrible ticket I miss you
to people with Walker’s you know running
for president it’s a pretty man oh my

a it’s a great the whole idea is great
did you I have a Lib dev posting did you
have any any combos with your Lib Joe
friends after the no to witnesses and

documents vote which essentially was a
dour moment for many no I didn’t die I’m
trying to keep trying to minimize my my
approaching it’s like getting to the

edge where there’s a rift in the
dimensional rift
yeah the way I’m seeing these things yes
and they’re and you know I try not to
approach because I’m still worked about

the Putin’s calling the shots beliefs oh
it’s only gotten worse well it could be
but I felt that’s not healthy to get too

close to it so you start to have it’s
like this year this time space continuum
you’re pieces of your Anatomy start to
dissolve right me just dangerous
here’s a posting from my Lib Dem friend

and it’s titled epitaph for America
mr. posted on Friday it looks like the
impeachment trial will be over tonight
I’ve been trying to come to grips with

how the Republic leer evidence of the
corruption of the president could go
along with it I figured it had to be
blackmail or a threat of force we now
have a russian-style government and this
is a rite of passage like the

confirmation or bar-mitzvah of the new
autocracy in in russia the parliament
has no power that seems to be the
message bouncing around the
Twittersphere Congress isn’t going to do

anything about this what comes next
it’s new territory for Americans really
for everyone because the last time a
great power went down this path was
before the Internet
and it just goes on and on and on and on
well instead of that let me okay I have

a couple of things first of all I
learned something completely new after
this vote and I’m very pleased with

Chuck Schumer because not often that I
learned something new from Chuck Schumer
and I’ve met this guy yeah I interviewed
him once way back in the day and he’s a
creep but I learned a new word I learned

a new word he came out after the vote of
no witnesses no document he heard this
word – Wow
they witness a document no witnesses no
documents in an impeachment trial is it

perfectly what perfidy yeah perfectly
that’s in all this kind of an arcane

word I kind of know what it means of
course that disloyalty faithlessness
falseness these are all synonyms of
course but it’s an act or an instance of
disloyalty is this deceitful so why not

just say that what’s this perfidy that
was so odd toad oh yeah it could be code
you’re right well so there’s a couple of

a couple of paths now that the m5m is
taking it I have a Supercuts montage we
always love doing those
so the initial response from the m5m is
if you didn’t have a witness if you

didn’t have documents even though you
have witness testimony and documents
from the house impeachment then it’s not
an acquittal it’s it may be an acquittal
but it’s certainly not an exoneration

well he will not be acquitted you cannot
be acquitted if you don’t have a trial
if the president’s acquittal will be a
meaningless this can’t be a real
acquittal you cannot have a true
acquittal if you’ve not had a fair trial

but do not be a true acquittal if
there’s not been a fair trial and he can
say well I was acquitted but he really
can’t say he was exonerated he may get
an equipment but he’s not gonna get an
exoneration it’s not an exoneration we

can’t let it be seen as that I think
they’ll always be a always be an
asterisk it should be fair to the
president we will not benefit from an
acquittal or dismissal if the trial is
not viewed as fair it’s not a real trial

and it’s not a real exoneration if in
fact we do have a not guilty finding
it’s gonna be questioned in the absence
of a fair trial how can the American

people conclude that justice was done
after the senators deliberate and vote
on trial or sham you’re right the next
step is for Victor acquit mr. president
without a fair trial the value of your

acquittal will be zero zero very very
little okay so that’s the shaping the
message there from the m5m interestingly
over on that exclusively MSNBC on the am

joy joy read show she brought on former
spook Malcom Nance and he just went
straight to it which I find this this I

find to be very not that a lot of people
are watching am joy but this guy is
propagating something which is yeah if
that’s the way you want to go it’s fine
but when you bring this kind of thing

into question you make it difficult for
the whole country everything it’s just a
shitty thing to do well I think that we
are standing in to a measure of danger
that is going to be extremely extremely

critical for the American Republic it’s
not only that Donald
Trump is being given permission on the
basis of what he’s done in the past to
go and cheat in this election this vote

next Wednesday when he is acquitted will
give the entire world permission to
attack the United States and perhaps be
rewarded for it so just imagine next in

November second Tuesday of next November
it may not be Russia providing political
propaganda beyond what they did in 2016
imagine North Korea loosing their entire

global hacking Network upon the
Democratic Party and supporting Donald
Trump’s re-election it could be bad you
know what do we wake up the more of the

other nine election and we’re told truck
one Vermont how would we even deal with
actual interference in the vote right I
mean again a director tackle in the
United States where a nation state has
decided that they are going to actually

hack the results and make it is so
obvious in such a way that one party the
Republicans say well that’s just too bad
that’s the result of the election Donald

Trump wins and the other party is left
standing there blinking at a president
who now believes he can do anything he
wants in the natural national interest

so of course all of our opponents in the
global threat arena that’s North Korea
as you said Saudi Arabia has a very
vested interest in keeping Donald Trump

in as president of the United States and
they use israeli-american and other
subcontractors to carry out nefarious
hacking and intelligence activities this

nation is going to be under attack cyber
wise unlike anything that we’ve seen
before not just this information I think
we may possibly finally see people put
their hands on those thumbs of the

scales of American voting machines or
tally machines at the state level
wherever they can and it will be sloppy
it will be so obvious that again there’s
nothing we’re gonna be able to do about

it because one side will accept the
Wow hey that’s going pretty far he’s
based in this is former intelligence guy
yeah well he’s still under orders he’s

probably des probably right from the CIA
there you go
and the idea that North Korea is gonna
unleash his hordes of hackers yeah this
is bullcrap yeah but people don’t know

that y’all I mean even even the probing
of ports which in the m5m quickly was
called thousands of attacks per minute
that people if you ask people on the

Lyall Eyewitness News if you say was the
2016 election hack they say oh yeah the
results were hacked of course because
that’s what they’ve heard not that they
actually care that much anymore but Ted

Cruz senator Cruz is on a podcasts truth
always wants to come out although I
don’t think his truth is correct but it
was odd no you know he was being

interviewed on another podcast he is he
is a podcast Meister now for he will
promote he invented the podcast that’s
correct and he will promote his podcast
but he says something else here a lot of

questions that raised a lot of questions
of corruption and the president I think
not only was justified but had a
responsibility to say look into this and
investigate that corruption I think that
exchange was really important briefly if

president Trump’s watching tonight your
message to him
the Senate’s gonna follow the law we’ve
given both sides a fair trial the house
didn’t have a fair proceeding it had a
one-sided partisan proceeding we let

both sides present their case we’re
going to apply the law I think by the
end of the weekend the president is
going to be convicted I’ll also mention
the guy asking the question doesn’t even

correct him to be convicted although we
let both sides present their case we’re
going to apply the law and I think by

the end of the weekend the president is
going to be convicted I’ll also mention
more this find information like that
what I just said on my podcast

stupid Ted uh okay so we had that then
we had well then we had just bitter

complaining o Hakeem Jeffries he was one
of the house managers and this was
actually he was I found that this to be

inches one of the I think this was
Friday you know the last Q&A session or
the discussion session and he is
answering a question that came of course
from one of the senators was slowly

walked to the desk the desk to the
Justice Roberts taking up all the
valuable airtime the question is is the
steel dossier could that be considered
foreign interference in election which

you know considering it was shepherded
by a citizen of the UK and included
comments and information from Russians

arguably yes but Hakeem Jeffries argued
it on the floor the opposite way this
thing with senators the thank you for
the question the analogy is not
applicable to the president situation

because first to the extent that
opposition research was obtained it was
opposition research that was purchased

it’s not election interference if you
buy the opposition research but if you

just like scraping it yourself then
clearly that is interfering an election
I did get one does one thing that I
wanted to play in that Q&A era

yeah and this was this relates to the
last show and this is John Roberts
explaining the tiebreaker situation I
got that too yeah this guy was so happy
that he answered that because we didn’t

really know it was it was a question
which is a new piece of information in
there I didn’t realize the Democratic
leader will state the inquiry is the
Chief Justice aware that in the
impeachment trial of President Johnson

Chief Justice chase as presiding officer
cast tiebreaking votes on both March
31st and April 2nd 1868
I am mr. leader the one concerned a

motion to adjourn
the other concerned a motion to close
deliberations I do not regard those
isolated episodes 150 years ago as
sufficient to support a general

authority to break ties if the members
of this body elected by the people and
accountable to them divided equally on a
motion the normal rule is that the
motion fails I think it would be

inappropriate for me and unelected
official from a different branch of
government to assert the power to change
that result so that the motion would
succeed so 50/50 is a loser yeah and now

I was watching this vote and I loved how
it worked right down to the very last
vote so will it be 50/50 will be 41 for

what’s it going to be could they get two
I loved how they killed the mic and
waited and it just that the tally stood

stuck there I was beauty I was a good
dramatic moment although they forgot the
confetti because the every show ends
with the confetti a fountain but learn
some new things and where is it here

sorry about that
now wait a minute here is what they were
counting on was or the Democrats were

counting on Murkowski from Alaska they
thought that she would be one of those
votes that could just now in this case
it would have still been 50/50 so would
have been a loser and you know Mitt

Romney being the hero that he is he
voted for the the witnesses and
documents I think looking back at
Murkowski I think she got I think in an

odd way although wouldn’t have made
difference because it would have been
50/50 and thus a loser although I’m sure
we could have argued and had hearings
about that for another month I think it
was Sarah Palin that actually helped

swing this vote in the way that it did
she threatened Markowski that if she
voted to impeach Trump or or or do
anything of the like to remove him that

she would run for her seat in Alaska
which I think we’re cows Keyes was
actually kind of worried about it could
and I think that that would probably
have some Murkowski herself claim that

the reason she did is because she saw
that there’s just a bunch of political
political of the whole process and it
was just used to embarrass the president
and there’s no purpose in it and so she

refused to take part in that so she took
site of the Republicans although she
could have had other reasons I found the
one thing that it was the kind of the
argument for the no witnesses that came

up on the on the Republican side one of
the president’s lawyers gave this little
spiel which was not not one bit of it
and I thought this was a pretty good

argument because he argues here that
this that the reason that we’re not
gonna go anywhere with this is because
there’s nothing to it to begin with and
that is not even discussed by the
mainstream media so I wanted to play it

so this is the argument for no witnesses
so this idea that they haven’t had
witnesses is that’s the smokescreen
you’ve heard from a lot of witnesses the
problem with the case the problem with

their position is even with all of those
witnesses it doesn’t prove up an
impeachable offense the articles fail I
think it’s very dangerous if the house

runs up which they did articles of
impeachment quickly so quickly that they
are clamoring for evidence despite the
fact that they put all of this evidence

forward they got their wish of an
impeachment by Christmas that was the
goal but now they want you to do the
work they failed to do but as I said
time and time again we heard you didn’t
hear from witnesses you didn’t hear from

many witnesses you mr shipp modified
that a little bit today a little bit you
heard from a lot of witnesses but if we
go down the road of witnesses this is
not a one-week process remember I talked

about the waving the wand and Ukraine
corruption in Ukraine was gone you’re
not gonna have a witness wand here where
we just say okay you got a week to do
this and get it done there’s no way that
would be proper under due process but

you know due process is supposed to be
for the person accused and they’re
turning it on its head they brought the
articles before you they’re the ones
that rushed the case up and then held it

before you could actually start the
proceedings but they’re the ones that
passed the articles before Christmas you
know we talked a lot about the court
system and the fact that they were

seeking witnesses and when it got close
to actually having a court proceeding
they decided that they didn’t want to
have that witness go through that
proceeding they actually withdrew the
subpoena to moot the case out how many

constitutional challenges will we have
in this body because they placed a
burden on you that they wouldn’t take
themself in putting their case forward
if we look at our constitutional

framework and our constitutional
structure that’s not the way it’s
supposed to work yeah this was very
irritating to a lot of a lot of the
Senators and there’s a term for it which

the senator from Hawaii mazie Hirono
coined when she was interviewed
president who already we know he has
very few constraints on his behavior and

there will be even fewer you will be
running around saying that he has been
exonerated no he has been let off the
hook by the Republicans we’re not going

to vote for his conviction but he is not
going to be set free by the American
people I hope forget that this is what’s
not a fair trial with no witnesses no

documents total stonewalling by the
President and I don’t care what kind of
nice little legal constitutional
defenses like they came up with all nice
little I don’t care about you nice

though the constitutional legal legal
tricks vote her out Aloha
before we do anything else I want to say

happy Black History Month which really
should be a Doss History Month and you
can always remember when it’s Black
History Month because it’s the shortest

month and one of the coldest that’s the
way we roll in America however something
really nice happened though that we’re
happy with the United States Postal
Service for has come out with a black

heritage forever stamp of Gwen Ifill
really yeah which i think is really nice
and we for all the crap usually for i

casters get stamps yes yeah I don’t
think I don’t know you that’s a good
question I don’t know yeah it’s it’s a
it’s great it’s easier the typical Gwen

Ifill publicity shot head shot and it’s
a and it’s a forever stamp and we miss
Gwen in in hindsight when this is
something to be learned for so when was

she made it apparently it was her cuz
when she left it ended she made sure
that the PBS Newshour was objective and
it wasn’t like crazy like it is now

where they won’t listen to anybody’s
other side of the story do you have two
people on there supposed to be debating
but they’re both in total agreement on
everything yeah it’s really really bad
so we we miss we miss Gwen and I’m very

happy that she’s honored in in this
small way but she I take it I take a
stamp when I’m dead in fact I’ll take
that over a plaque I’ll give me a stamp
but it’s perfect forever stamp they’re

getting a stamp and with that I’d like
to thank you for your courage and say in
the morning to you the man who put the C
in the caucuses of Iowa John
well in the morning you mr. Adam Curry

in the morning to all ships to see boots
on the ground feet in the here subs in
the water and all the Dames nights out
there yeah in the morning to the trolls
in the troll room let’s do a quick count
we got 1381 it’s on the upper end it’s a

lot of trolls hey trolls no agenda
stream comm is where you can join your
fellow trolls not just on show days
which is Thursday and 2nd Thursdays but
24/7 there’s always someone in I pop in

all the time just say hey see what’s
going on people are watching you know
watching what’s going on the news
they’re listening to whatever podcast
may be rolling we do have a lot of live

ones it’s a great place to hang out and
soon to be new and improved no agenda
stream dot-com is pretty bare-bones
right now but the chatroom or as we call
it the troll room is really the place to

in the morning as well – Darren O’Neill
once again Deron hit the hit it on the
head with the artwork for episode 1212
we titled that one five Biden’s and

broke a rule we don’t typically only one
person caught it that mentioned it at
least as we somebody caught it well me
on Twitter we try to have three open

three elements of post production for
the show we have the title for the show
we have the the artwork and we have the
opening clip and then we actually look

for the opening clip first then we go
for the artwork then we go for the title
and five five Biden’s was it was just a
good title it was it’s a very no agenda
title we tried a couple others where we

had already kind of settled on the this
sound the mixing panel or the mixing
module for Joe Biden clearly run by his
sound guy reverb all the way up
distortion all the way up I didn’t

personally in hindsight I think the
dishonesty dial was was funny but I
don’t think Joe is really dishonest he’s
just out of it so I gave off a political
message that I didn’t think was

necessary at five ever to probably be
more accurate if it’s been half a notch
but still Darren O’Neil nailed it and
we’d really appreciate it there were

some other ones that we looked at I
can’t remember exactly what the what
some of the objections were was he up
there was one other one we liked which
it was well let’s go back and look I’m

actually I’m seeing things
oh the Nigel Faraj with the head in
inside the european union stars oh yeah
I liked that one and then we both were I

think Adam noticed before I did but it
was not centered it was kind of throwing
sluts lap down it was a right idea but
execution just didn’t quite make it

so yeah especially when he had to come
if you came to compare to the yeah so
Neil piece which was extremely high-end
yeah it was was very precise but we
appreciate the work that all of our

artists do thank you so much again like
you do these analysis I should mention
to give the artist some feet insight
into how we do it to begin with so you
can get so you can cheat the system it

truly is a fact that less is often more
and it’s got a pop we all know it’s got
a pop it’s got a pop cuz we want to

stand out amongst that a huge row of
podcasts and whatever the art changes
it’s noticeable it’s just another way
people reminded that there is still a
best podcast in the universe and that’s

the one you want to tap on click on etc
No Agenda art generator dot-com part of
our value for value model where
everybody contributes in one form or the
other it’s sometimes it’s an

intelligence analyst wishing to remain
anonymous but giving us deep inside
analysis of things that he has already
looked or she is already looking at it’s
an artist it can be you heard for

coronavirus jingles in a row that’s the
value for value model right there we
also need to pay bills and we thank
goodness we have a lot of producers who
can contribute monetarily we’d like to

credit the ones $200 and above is our
associate executive producers and 300
and above is our executive producers for
each episode we also mentioned them
earlier on just like a Hollywood

although you get the title but you just
don’t get all the cool perks there’s no
limo no Four Seasons dinner and no
hookers anonymous starts us off with a
nice 1212 donation which may have been

from the last show probably holding Holi
much less anonymous the NJ n K which is
about as easy as it comes well thank you
very much anonymous that was it
so no jingles no karma just wow no name

no nothing and this is a special day it
may want to reiterate that we have this
super palindrome going on which it’s
just it’s a 33rd day of the year there’s
333 days to go because it’s a leap here

it’s a palindrome o – o – – o – o in any
country in any I in the ISO format or a
it’s just it’s an informal it doesn’t

address that this is the last week’s
number 1212 no I know but I’m already

moving on to – what we have what we’ll
see later on in our donation segment you
know in the segment here next is Randall
Schlabach flobble tribal shabu-shabu

schaible you think ya SCH a IBL show
yeah shape shot IVA loose again l
Somerville Massachusetts Massachusetts 3
3 3 6 9 jingle requests goat karma

China’s asshole and I love bugs ITM Jon
and Adam thank you for your courage and
for making the greatest podcast in the
universe with this donation I become a
knight I’d like to be called searchable

my friend Mary who has been a longtime
listener needs to be called out for
being a douchebag you can do that I also
got a birthday coming up in February 4th

I’m turning 26 assume he’s on the list
check it out
Adam you converted me to the OTG life ok
I thank you every day for the sanity
that alone has brought me oh you’re so

outstanding I’d like to know how OTG are
you let let us know it’s always
interesting and here’s what you

tastes like glue
you’ve got karma and we’ll see you at

the roundtable a source able to be nest
next is Thomas hit Haller 321 he’s from
Oscar John Adam I am sending sorry I

think it’s from Austria yeah 80
Austria’s from Austria what’d I say
there’s no no I know I just jumped in
and just inserted myself I’m sorry
I’m sending you a countdown donation and

appreciation of the services you provide
Austria’s great country people should
visit it you provided me over the years
my amygdala being the main beneficiary
but this donation also comes with some

critique my last karma request had not
produced the intended results after
considering the possibilities for this
failure I was left with the realization
that my donation amount was too low for
the requested service hmm so I upped the

ante to try again please send some extra
potent resources to me and my
smoking-hot wife
eat pizza the fun life has to end at
some point right serious but before that

and as usual can we get this
shape-shifting Jews keep up the good
work with all the best from Austria Sir
Thomas the unbelieving Knight okay so

what I think you and I don’t I don’t
think has anything to do with the
donation amount per se but I think you
need a choise enough karma which is an
old one which really only pertain to a

certain donation amount so I will play
that for you with the karma it’ll be the
sua’s enough karma that should work

but the shape-shifting juice

you’ve got karma that doesn’t work then
I don’t know what will

well who knows Joseph Pinto in Atlanta
I’m sander is the first associate
executive producer to 3333 I’m broke
requesting jobs karma Joseph also call
out Phillip hit me in the mouth after

listening to twit for being a douchebag
jobs jobs jobs and jobs

hope that works out Joseph so now I have
an issue with the next donation okay
now this person who I won’t mention at

the moment asked to just for me to read
an anonymous note well pretty never say
anything about being anonymous but I’m
making him anonymous so I’m gonna reach

I’m just gonna read you the note and
then you can tell me how I’m supposed to
handle this is too late now but
gentlemen I’m sending this anonymous
note to accompany my 200 250 donation by
cheque my request is a plug for a

podcast I produce for a dear friend of
mine in fact I think it’s a show that
your respective wives would enjoy its
size Queen love size well-endowed men
and the women who love them I’m sure the

keepers already subscribed find it
online its size Queen love calm and
thanks for continuing to deliver high
quality shows for your producers alright

so I guess we just put size Queen love
as the producer credit in this case or
anonymous well probably not well either
one I don’t care

I like size Queen love as a producer
credit that’s kind of cool word with
Mark Duke of Japan and all of the
disputed islands is a Japan see 202 20
this is going to be our group of 202

twenties which are the commemorative
John and Adam the perfect day to donate
$20 to $200 two dollars and 20 cents
thank you for always making sense of our

world and being the only news source we
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yes we are the architects really but

2020 is a big year for us as our Pecha
Kucha Pecha Kucha Pecha Kucha 20 by 20
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images yes they do this is one of the
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big is their big thing this is their no

agenda is Pecha Kucha Pecha Kucha okay
you have you show 20 images was auto
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in Tokyo in 2003 and Penta Kucha nights

have spread around the world to over
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it’s spread far and wide
the number of parallels with No Agenda
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2020 we’ll be holding our our
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to 20th of this month
Pecha Kucha day in 100 cities and we are

hope to have 1,000 presentations and
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presentation online with our new create
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Pecha Kucha you and no agenda or family
so here’s the next 20 thank you for your
courage sir mark duke of the japan or
all the disputed islands in the jet pan
see it

no jingles no karma yeah this petticoat
I I have successfully been able to miss
twice in Austin once because there was
flooding believe it or not the whole
event was flooded out but this it’s a

phenomenon the Pecha Kucha is a big deal
then it’s just fun to say I’ll pet you
Kucha come over here I’ll pet you
coochie with that do you put your it’s
gonna be better than the TED talks let’s

put it that way well and thank you you
you’re making a great point and TED
Talks and is all this you know crazy
stuff that’s what you can and can’t do I
don’t think there’s any rules for Pecha
Kucha just 20 by 20 and roll with it oh

it’s great then they’re doing good work
Wow so we heard from Sir Mark and day
mastered in one show that’s nice yeah
John grumblings next two hundred two
dollars and 20 cents this is my annual

donation and the palindrome made it a
little more fun no karma or anything
since that usually doesn’t work out for
me anyway there’s something to be said
for knowing what it does or doesn’t do

thank you very much thank you 20 20 Adam
and John as it happens I’m 33 on this 33
the 33rd day of 2020 which is of course

two – I would like to make sure I’m on
the right side of karmic palindromic
dimensional wormhole today so here’s
some value for value I could use some
job startup Karma and here’s the hoping

the auspicious birthday / palindrome has
a multiplier multiplier effect unsaid
karma for jingles maybe just some
angelic initiatives of choice yep I just

for good measure I yes and keep up the
good work 73 no 73 kilo 5 alpha Charlie
Charlie and hey you were the president
of oops

that’s not what I wanted I wanted the
nice little I so that’s what we wanted
that’s true jobs jobs jobs and jobs
your job you’ve got karma snowy Cascades

2020 no jingles no Carmen and then she
writes go chief yeah go chief since

today is the big day I’m very I’m very
excited about the Super Bowl I would I
love you know the more I did anyway but

well because I’m in such conflict we
have so I know that I was first I was
thinking the Chiefs will win and then I

because of the you know the racist
nature of their name and that will bring
you to the forefront and and then I
thought well no wait a minute it’s got
to be the 49ers because they have the
first you know they have a female coach

not the head coach but female coach and
she’s queer or gay or lesbian whatever
it is which I doesn’t matter but and
then all of a sudden the Chiefs
quarterback was wearing a trump Kanye

sweatshirt to like wow do is it the is
it the San Francisco Nancy Pelosi’s
versus the Kansas City Trumpy Chiefs and
I’m like I’m not sure which way it’s

gonna go and then I see you know the
real news is out that the Super Bowl
will feature women owners on each side
for the first time in history so it’s

got to be the 49ers even though I really
despise your team and California and
everything about it well let’s go to
another source we don’t have his

donation today even though I think he
sent one everybody didn’t come in on
time it moves over the limit but obvious
reasons this is fuga Soto yeah Earl yeah
he says he goes on about his octopus’s

emotional support octopus and he has he
has like one of the I thought it’s from
one of the teams but then I looked
closer and I see he says go chefs go

the food service people they’re gonna go
I mean I will be rooting for the Chiefs
but I really think that
the the fix is in for the 49ers you’re

gonna have they’re both teams are fun to
watch and the curious thing is that
she’s offense is fun to watch and the
49ers defense is fun to watch your
goodness it’ll be fun to watch it’ll be

a fun game to watch both team here’s
another movie since we’re talking about
it that both teams the coaches on both
teams have a history of choking which
makes it really interesting cuz cuz the
big guy on the Chiefs the Andy Reid’s a

coach and he’s a big fat guy and he was
in the Super Bowl before and they lost
and it was a choke job and then the
49ers head coach used was the guy he was
one of the wasn’t the head coach but he

was the offensive coordinator I believed
in the Atlantic game when they played
the Patriots and it was the biggest
choke job in the history of the Super
Bowl so we have two guys that are

potential massive choke artists playing
against each other
something’s got to give who will choke
the hardest we’ll find out later today
onward with sir woody of the Falls in

Sioux Falls South Dakota 202 dollars and
20 cents
merry Groundhog Day something else we
forgot about ya at 4:35 p.m. I will
complete my 73rd Revolution around the
old son all these congratulations on

this eventful day I would like to
express my gratitude for all you do the
world just wouldn’t be right without to
no agenda show thank you very much for
this old geezer on his birthday sir

woody in the Falls hey Rose oof Oh sir
woody you’re not old you’re still
perfectly fine to be President so you
could be the leader of the free world I
would make you young to be President
exactly don’t put yourself down too much

thank you very much for supporting us
that is incredibly appreciated and he’s
got a birthday yes oh no oh no oh no oh
no Priester mm-hm insist

two hundred two dollars and two cents
that’s Netherlands celebrating OH – OH –
two – OH – OH – the day that my youngest
Human Resource celebrates her 22nd

birthday ah as she is now looking at
next steps in her education a special
goat Karma for her would be much
appreciated thanks again for the info in
infotainment that’s why we don’t use

enough infotainment the best podcast in
the universe gives me unlike in my youth
the two Sundays a week or something to
look forward to a few Karma’s would be
much appreciated I’m sure this also

helped to contain the Chinese plague
from spreading and before I forget
epstein didn’t kill himself
you’ve got testimony from the weinstein
case yeah I love it yes it yes it will

curl your hair and other things
sir silver dude of the silver dolphins –

OH – OH – in Severn Maryland I like to
order us an order of stop the hammering
and goat Karma for for all who need it

now I am no numerologist but OH – OH – –
OH – Oh looks pretty cool to me
after realizing I missed donating in
January I felt obliged to correct the

error also I retired from the Navy last
February after 20 years of some work
lots of waiting and lots of doses of
mandatory fun some look for more

examples of the magic 22 freaked me out
keep it wacky congratulations this or
silver dude that’s nice
well-deserved stop the hammering
you’ve got karma sorry

he needed a go karma we do you’ve got
Trevor Davidson – OH – OH – from Calgary

Alberta greetings from Calgary Canada
Navy I hit got hit in the mouth a year
or two ago from a friend at first I was

fearful that it was a podcast that was
just a right-wing conspiracy outlet to
defend Trump I stuck with it and
realized it when you deconstruct media

and all they talk about is orange man
bad it can’t seem that way exactly
seeing how the media operates has been
an eye open an eye opener and scary
since they are still deemed trustworthy

not by us if any of the names are nice
out there know of an outlet doing the
same deconstruction thing here in Canada
that would be great to hear yeah I
worked it I would say the rebel the

rebel comes pretty yeah this good
material on the rebel is for sure for
sure we’re getting pretty divided up

here and when the PM gifts what he deems
good media six hundred million dollars
it creates dot-dot-dot questions I
actually have a clip about that for

later good anyways after hearing the
horse race I knew it was time to do the
deed to get deduced just started with
some friends that could request some

goat karma followed by a clover char I
think that sounds pretty good
finally it’s the the Amy that sounds
pretty good that’s become our new we

we’ve dropped that’s true from our
vocabulary here at home and now
everything is hey ready for dinner it’s
like that sounds pretty good thank you
very much thank you very much more

think that sounds pretty good you’ve got
Karma I screwed it up again everyone’s
asking for goat karma today you’ve got

these double doses are gonna do the
William bag didn’t con sugar and con con

hoho Caen
kind of who could control kahoka n–
kancho code should I can’t pronounce the
city it’s $200 from having these in

Pennsylvania con its Conshohocken time
shuttle Conshohocken contract
Conshohocken yeah yeah tight I’ve been
man overboard for a while but I can’t
ignore that the corona virus contains

the magic number of a nucleotides by
informatics Stack Exchange dot-com what
yeah well this is what we discussed it

has the the the DNA the genetic code has
33 a’s at the end of course i mean we
have not ignored that we discussed it on

the last show and it’s obvious this
means something is up something is up
and what no jingles well karma looks
like from william that’s fine

Jason Grey’s last on the list of
northglenn Colorado at 200 bucks loved
the show I may not make it tonight hood
as come flu will undoubtedly lead to
martial law forced vaccinations and the

collapse of the economy will all be OTG
shout out to the open eyes that hit me
in the mouth Claude and Tiger Tiger
LJ and striker any small business karma

would be appreciated as a venture into a
new field
you’ve got karma and that is a list of
associate executive producers and

executive producers although I’ll
probably going to include Eric from
Stockholm up in the list because it
looks like there could be a amount of
money that didn’t ran something if
something got lost in the in the euro

translation and so we probably push him
up but unless he just does he ever know
it or not there’s no note to where I
will go look on the email in the next
segment but it there’s no reason for the

199 is not anonymous and no it doesn’t
make sense anyway the executive producer
ship thank you very much to our

associate and our straight up executive
producers that good showing for today
thanks for participating in the magic
number of the palindrome
it makes everybody feel good it’s a
great number and you help your podcast

continue to be produced and that is
highly appreciated and we’ll be thanking
more people in our second segment coming
up later on remember we are here twice a
week on Thursdays or Sundays what

alternatively but we’re here we’re
always here and we’re here because we
love doing the best podcast in the
universe with you and you can support us
for our next show which will be on
Thursday all you do is go to tube or at

org slash and a pretty sure you’re up
speed on all things Rohan flu our
formula is this we go out or hit people

in the mouth

there’s what let one another element of
the Wuhan flu thing I didn’t get a clip
of it it was a local thing I just missed
it apparently they’re flying these
drones have you seen these videos no

they’re flying these drones around Wuhan
yeah and the drones have loudspeakers on
them and they drones fly up they fly up
over your head they start yelling at you

if you don’t wear a mask they show one
were apparently yelling some little kid
who didn’t know what the hell is going
on here runs down the street scared to
death Wow no I have not seen these

videos I did want to just jump in on
what our producer said who was it who
was talking about the six hundred
million dollar yes that was a Trevor
from Calgary so I just I just clip this

this morning from the rebel actually who
was complaining about this about a new
policy paper that has come out about
elections in Canada and actually the

title of it is Canadian government wants
to regulate internet media according to
a cabinet advisory panel who released
this well advisory paper as to what the

Canadian government should do to protect
its citizens from horrible
disinformation and a candidate does have
a constitutional clause about freedom of

speech and freedom of expression and
free in fact it I think it expressly
states freedom to use all media to
communicate your message which would

include podcasts and YouTube etc so I
chopped it down a bit this is Ezra
Levante from the rebel discussing this
very interesting case in Canada the word
regulate appears fifty four times in

their report fifty four of course it did
like this we recommend that the CRTC
regulate certain internet media content
undertakings oh really

really of course you do let me give you
an example of one of their proposals in
an increasingly connected society an
appropriate balance to be struck between
maintaining a free and open space for
the idea exchange of ideas and

respecting and protecting individual and
collective rights and freedoms and not
further marginalizing Canadians from
diverse social locations at the core of

the challenges posed by harmful content
is the question of the rights and
responsibilities of digital

intermediaries for the accuracy or
appropriateness of information that is
distributed on or shared via their
platforms and any related social harms
that may be caused hang on I mean I I

know the Charter of Rights it has a
section called fundamental freedoms and
it says everyone has the following
fundamental freedoms it’s granted to me

as an individual freedom of speech
freedom of the press freedom of thought
etc so how are they gonna do this how
they gonna regulate the Internet well
they want the government to decide a
strong financially stable and

independent news sector it delivers
diverse accurate trusted and reliable
sources of news to Canadians through a
variety of media is essential to the
health of democracy and to an engaged

citizenry it is also necessary to
counter the spread of misinformation
facilitated by communications
technologies this section focuses on
ensuring that Canadians have access to a
wide range of accurate reliable and

trusted sources of Canadian news there
are certain of their crews my point is
who is telling the truth and who’s lying
and everything in between well that’s
ours as individuals to figure out it’s

part of life but this Trudeau
hand-picked panel wants to make
determinations for you by using the
government that’s right that’s right so
that’s what you’re looking at Canada

it’s just like the UK man and you don’t
actually have free speech and we’re
getting very close to being shut down
here as well oh yeah I mean not really
shut down but you know we don’t quite

have the government well that we
actually do have the government saying
we can’t have dishonest ads for
political ads that can will can’t happen
as if not every policy every politician

lies one way or the other let’s talk
about lying in a so they just may get
into a couple of clips of
wanting to play uh well it’ll be nice if
I had the right sheet of paper somehow I

moved it go on with your next thing okay
well here it is no part yeah you are
well I was going to play something that
I it’s actually kind of related to the

to the donation segment on our value for
value model so I’ll do that you know any
while you’re looking for this is a quick
clip dr. Mark Hyman is he on the show
the doctors maybe he’s definitely a TV

show doctor anything and he relates a
story about how incredibly corrupt
television is specifically one I mean
it’s incredibly corrupt in general but
this one example was interesting to me

because of something that I witnessed
and participated in thirty-five years
ago and this is about the inherent
dishonesty of television media in this
case a health-related show when it comes

to sponsors advertisers or native ads
not being disclosed I can tell you a
story from the past because it shows not
on the air anymore
I was the Martha Stewart Show and I was
on the show and we’re working with a

producer and we were talking about
getting healthy and working out and
detoxing and Martha had her trainer
there and the producer says what we’re
gonna have to do a bit as part of the
segment on dairy and how dare is such a

great sports recovery drink no way yes
and so I was like you know I’m just
sorry to tell you but there’s always
evidence that that’s not true so I
download all the scientific papers

documenting the science behind the fact
that dairy isn’t a sports drink it’s
like mmm I know but we kind of have to
because this spot is sponsored by the

dairy cow my gosh and then if you’re
ever on television you know that the
experts don’t get notes they don’t get
cue cards they don’t get teleprompters
they have to know their stuff well this
woman who was the trainer had all these

two cards that was being held up about
dairy with all the bullet points of why
there is such a great food and sports
drink it’s insidious so we think we’re
getting news we’re thinking any author

that supports to from matters
Lister experts and we are influenced
by these experts I mean the evidence is
so clear that you know industry is
heavily funding science well I know why
we called science but I heard this and

the surprise is nobody but I wanted to
relate a story that’s that happened me
thirty-five years ago with the Dutch
Dairy Council when I was doing the

television show in the Netherlands I was
maybe I was just twenty I started when I
was 19 I was just twenty and a a
decision was made and I wasn’t really
clued into it in the beginning it’s oh

yeah yeah you’re gonna do this for every
interview you do I’m gonna put a glass
of milk here and the guest me of the
guest typically had a you know a Coke or
a or a beer or whatever a glass of wine

and and and and and it would just be on
the table and then a certain point the
producer said yeah could you could you
take a drink of that during the
interview like wait a minute that so

they literally wanted me to take a drink
of milk while I’m interviewing Mick
Jagger so I mean Jagger’s answering a
question and then I take a drink of milk
which is they cut to me full-frame as I

said and I said hey and this was still
on a public public broadcast television
so it was clearly not entirely legal or
it was sounds illegal and and and I said

what is going on here and they said
would you like a new car and I said yes
was the conversation and I drank milk
during interviews for two years non-stop

and they would have no idea how much
they were getting from the dairy we’ve
got a card you get a car yeah I did I
got a it was brand new but it was a
Volvo for a DES but I don’t think they

make it anymore is one of the first
Volvo sports cars which yes indeed is an
oxymoron or it’s a contradiction in
terms at best so that you said the

little car it was pretty cool so that’s
been going on for for decades and
decades and decades and that’s why we
love doing this show here because it’s
yeah we don’t need a monastic you don’t

get we don’t get the hookers or the free
cars or nothing No
we get this beside huge sum CBD solve
nice nice nice gifts from our producers
no spices do a bumper stickers cool

stuff hats we get some hats alright did
you find me – I’ve kind of just the
opposite end of the spectrum where the
media so dumb they don’t even know

what’s real what’s not I want to play a
couple of clips that the Sun newspaper
has a guy Leah
Liam Evans who does these interviews
with all kinds of people he said

Faraj and all these guys on there but
this is Andrew Doyle
Andrew Doyle is a comic but it’s a very
serious comic in this interview and he’s
the guy who does that fake character she

what’s her name is uh thing Miriam
something some tatianna McGrath I think
so name and if you were on Twitter you
run into this touchy anima growl oh yeah

this the spoof account yeah I got you
it’s a spoof account and she plays she
plays or he plays her and she is a
liberal kind of a lip Joe type and she

says all these dumb stuff it’s very
entertaining to read but here’s this guy
talking about Breck’s and some other

things and these two clips the second
clip it really applies to what you just
played but let’s play clip one the
causes of anti racism anti-sexism anti
homophobia and transphobia all of that

kind of stuff these are good causes that
moves virtually everyone gets on board
with right so we’re talking about a
minority of social justice activists
have so much power that’s the problem he

said if it were just that a few people
on Twitter mouthing off right I wouldn’t
care about that it is a minority but
they seem to have infected all the sort
of major institutions in the country

right so they’re they’re in the quangos
right there the term the government
outsources all kinds of authority there
they’re there in the law they’re there
in education they’re certainly there in
the media they’re 100% there in the arts

you know they totally dominate comedy in
the arts and drama and TV so so when you
have a small group of people
who come generally from very bourgeois

backward as a face of privileged people
talking about how oppressed they are but
running everything that’s kind of funny
so it’s it’s quite a good idea to to to
mock that because I think that

personally I like I like to punch up in
comedy you know there’s all this stuff
about punching up and punching em right
and I like to punch up I like to to
attack those in power and I and this is
where the debate lies you see the people

who don’t like what I do will say that I
punch down minority groups even though
minority groups are never the target
right so that’s just kind of a basic
misinterpretation but quite a common one
but I’m sort of attacking those who

would who would patronize the minority
groups those who who want to try an
engineer Society and they’re in the way
that they want those who have a complete
a complete intolerance to any kind of
dissent any kind of alternative

viewpoint any kind of even even to a
sort of basic discussion of principle
you know he’s talking about there’s how
the social justice wars have taken over
everything which is what we do our show

gets attention because we’re not part of
that group but they run the media they
run you know this is John Legend well
it’s not just John Legend it’s sleeping
giants it’s it’s the castle culture and

it’s very frightening for big brands in
particular because they don’t quite know
exactly if the the tweet storm or
wherever it’s going to end I think it

typically is on Twitter because that’s
part of the mainstream media machine
really it’s quoted the most and the
journalists are all on there so what and
you can still go look at Fox News you
can look at Tucker Carlson he’s still

running my pillow dot-com ads and it’s
amazing that he’s on me he maybe he took
a pay cut or something because they are
not making the money they need to make
and that’s purely because none of the

pharmaceuticals none of the other big
brands want to advertise on his show
because all they get is the tweet storm
of people saying oh you’re evil you must
be Nazis and big brands walk away from

it is the Alma it is an unfortunate
addition to my statement that you can’t
monetize the network for this very
reason for canceled culture

well it doesn’t happen to us so this guy
who is a character decided to write an
op-ed and send it into the I think of
the Telegraph for the Express beautiful

as her a pseudonym of course under a
pseudonym and it was just it was about
how comics should be there should be
special laws against hate speech and

comedy clubs and apparently they took it
hook line and sinker and other people
started writing about this in agreement
it’s already in Prime Minister question

time I’m sure and then so here’s this
part this is very funny if you listen to
the details now you wrote a fantastic
article for the independent that was
completely out there and they published

it under and you wrote it you submitted
it under not your name can you talk a
bit about that and why you think so many
people fall for two Tony McGrath being
wheel so you’re talking about an article

by Liam Evans which is for the lis
pendens yes so Liam Evans submitted an
Liam Evans doesn’t exist and it was
obviously a hoax right so clearly a hoax

what what he was saying was that
comedians needs to be subject to hate
speech laws and he gave a couple of
examples and said you know basically the
police ought to get involved now this is
this is such a kind of maddeningly

authoritarian stance you know if I were
working at the independent I would look
at that and think but this is not real
is it this isn’t this is made up this is
someone trying to hoax us but the fact

that they published it because they
agreed with the sentiment right that’s
what it exposed it also exposed the kind
of the I suppose the the lack of any
kind of background check this was a

complete unknown to someone with no
online presence and then sprinkling the
skills so nothing there all is is they
wanted to push a worker agenda right and
it’s just it’s just that in that article
which is still online if you take the

fourth letter of every sentence it
spells out – Tonia McGrath wrote this
you gullible hacks now I’m not
suggesting they should have spotted that
but but the article in a bit topper so

made up and of course the point of this
I mean I know some people accused or
suggested that what the point of this
was to try and suggest that this is sort
of widespread view that this white

sought of intolerance to comedy and this
widespread sort Puritanism when it comes
to comedy there is that I don’t think
it’s as widespread as people think but
but it’s there but actually the the

target of that satire was the media was
the woke media who absolutely will just
go along with absolutely anything with
no thought just sort of blindly push an
agenda and you know so it works but I
mean it have a look at that it’s

it’s it’s utterly stupid and saying that
ever since then there’s been a few
articles that have come out that I’ve
been even worse yeah where does this
come from how did this happen well this

is what we’re trying to figure out and I
we actually talked about this I think
didn’t we talk about this just words
just come from it’s in the educational

system and one of the things we’ve kind
of both identified in fact you kind of
just proven the point that all this
stuff goes way back you have that 30
year old anecdote about the milk but it
I’m starting to think that you know it

came about with the security state after
World War two it started with the
takeover of the education by the woke
yes the education system and I think a
lot of it has to do with television and

yes baby would even take place if there
weren’t these screens with this well
it’s time to remind everybody that when
I was a kid and I get to say that now
with my double nickels when I was a kid

we were limited to how much TV we could
watch and it was don’t sit too close
don’t watch too much it’s gonna rot your
brain this was a C and I’m sure that was
propagated by the book industry or

whatever what was called I don’t need to
think the book industry needed to do
that it was called the boob to boob tube
yeah and you know these days you know
you see kids in the stroller on iPads

you know newspapers did nothing about
this they couldn’t compete em you talk
about the death of the newspapers it
used to be competitive but then they

didn’t do the TV news started taking
their stealing their lunch and of course
now they blame the internet but the
Internet’s not the problem the internet
is just television in a networked form
and you know hard to monetize form which

makes it that much more interesting and
so you have yeah you have this this
situation where the entire public has
become stupefied but to the extent that

it is we’re taught this what we’re
talking about is it really any worse
with the idiots at the independent
printing this guy’s and by the way I
made a mistake by said Liam Evans was

the interview that’s not the case it was
the big name for this article if the
independents so stupid as to run this
fake hoax Jonathan Swift kind of essay

just without even doing any research or
checking it out or even thinking that is
phony or a fake I’m not convinced that
this wouldn’t have happened 40 years ago

well this kind of explains why this was
in my clip bin and I brought it to the
show and thinking how does this relate
to anything and it kind of relates to

this the education system so we I’m sure
you’ve seen the old Soviet spy guys
we’ve played clips from on YouTube or
says ah this we attacked America we

attacked the west through the
educational system we brought in all
these Marxist Leninist thinking and so I
don’t know how this wound up with my
clip bin but it’s two minutes I’ll play

it but before you play that when you do
what you just said just as a reminder
earlier in the show we pointed out the
stupidity of Harvard hiring the spy yes
and China yes I mean it’s very easy for

the educational system to be corrupted
do you remember the highest levels the
McNichol Haney report McElhaney I think
was how do you pronounce it McElhaney

report it was on TV and I ain’t like the
mid to late 90s I want to say and
earlier could be no yeah well some of
the references in this go don’t go back

that far said this it’s not from 2011
was the upload date so I was trying to
source a date for it but this is the
type of this was the perestroika
deception and it kind of explains in an

odd way the yeah the the guy I’m talking
with KGB defector Yuri Desmond off thank
you troll room that’s that’s the guy who

warned America that the the Soviet Union
not Russia the Soviet Union had set us
up for this you know hollowing out the
West from from within through the
educational system so this is just an

introduction and I encourage everyone to
watch this it’s a whole hour it’s this
is just two minutes of the introduction
of the perestroika deception which I
believe is the fourth book that this

particular author who’s being
interviewed put out and let’s just see
if it pertains I think it does I think
it connects to this
welcome to the McElhaney report I’m bill
McElhaney on this show we cover current

issues of the day but always from a
viewpoint or perspective rarely aired by
the mass media we hope you’ll find it
interesting since 1989 the world has
been told that the Soviet Union

collapsed and that except for several
countries communism is dead and the u.s.
won the Cold War the truth the reality
is quite the reverse everything we have
witnessed since 1989 has been a massive

and successful the multi decade-long
deception strategy on the part of the
KGB the Soviet secret police the goal to
deceive the west and achieve the goal of

Leninist strategy a totalitarian world
government or international police state
we know this from the evidence provided
by Anatole galitsin the most important
defector from the KGB who came to

America in 1961 in 1980 he wrote a book
new lives for old that was published in
1984 which described the disinformation
strategy and made specific predictions

as to what the KGB KGB would do in
subsequent years such as removing the
Berlin Wall changing the name of the KGB
itself and other structures in the

Soviet hierarchy and also the role to be
played by Mikhail Gorbachev an
independent analysis of these
predictions years later showed that over
94% of them came true

by 1991 and since then that’s how we
know galitsin was telling the truth and
quite correct our guest today who first
appeared on this show in 1995 is

uniquely qualified to expose this
conspiratorial strategy based in London
he publishes 10 newsletters and reviews
on economic financial and political

intelligence including Soviet analysts
these invaluable periodicals incorporate
the understanding of post 1989 events
provided by Anatoly galitsin he’s
published Gleason’s second book

perestroika deception he’s also
published Joseph Douglas read cocaine on
the Soviet strategy of using drugs to
sabotage the west and he’s published a
very important book the European Union

collective on the regional world
government now in place over both Europe
and Britain
so it was Anto legal it’san which is a
different guy but he was also a KGB

defector and a couple of takeaways from
this because if you’ve watched that
whole interview it’s clear that there
were definitely Leninist Marxist
messaging pumped into the Western school
system at particularly the United States

but also when you listen I mean I was in
the Soviet Union in 1989 just before
David Hasselhoff personally brought the
wall down a lot of politicians who are

still in Congress today I’m looking at
the 70 to 80 year olds they probably
have the
this in their head like you know that
this and I can’t really blame them

forward to a degrees like this is
nothing different this is still they
just changed the name of the KGB to the
FSB your thought yeah well I mean I
always thought that guy was kind of an

alarmist but as we witness more and more
and more especially what’s going on now
with this latest group the the
Millennials and the Z’s Zoomers they’re
very susceptible to this it seems like

they got it from the beginning and get
it on the media they get it on TV they
get it from the news clothes anything
that supports the if any things that
they’ve been taught to subject to
Authority don’t question authority it’s

it’s on the news I must be true you know
they don’t you’re right they don’t and
we talked about this a couple of things
I’ve noticed as a new phenomenon I’ve

run into and we had a discussion about
this at the table and what it goes thus
and I should only notices recently so
I’m in line at one of the you know the
Whole Foods are one of these types of

places and I’ve got a cart full of stuff
and there’s somebody behind me a
millennial almost always and the
Millennial has like one item the last

most recent example which triggered the
thinking because I’m starting to see a
she had one pint of ice cream I had a
cart full of stuff but I said you want

to go ahead and I gave her the motion to
go ahead of me in line because there’s
no reason she should wait for me to
bring all this stuff which he’s got one
crappy pint of ice creams all she’s got
is melting in her hand

mmm-hmm no thanks no thanks I can wait
wait a minute wait a minute is were you
wearing your your Crocs because she
might have just been afraid of you do
you want me to do this continuously come

on just one joke I’ve never had Crocs so
so I said so then I finally get to the
part of the line where I’m just about to

put my stuff under thinking I offered
her a second time
would you like to go ahead and right now
is the moment you know you can just jump
in front of me I’ll ring it up you’ll be
out of here no no no no thanks no thanks

Felton this has happened to me more than
once and so I brought it up I think this
is seem pretty screwy cuz I’m not the
type of person to say no and somebody I
know I’m like thank you thank you thank

you very much yeah I say thank you and I
going fronting that so the two theories
came out of the table one was that
Millennials don’t like to have any
interaction with anybody and so this is

nerve-racking it’s nerve-wracking to
deal with this kind of situation yeah
which is you’re in line where you belong
yeah now and you’re not you’re not you
know yeah the other one which was more

disturbing I didn’t completely buy this
one the other was oh well yeah they’re
deferring because I’m old and they’re
just being super polite what the hell is

that well first of all you don’t look
super old so what like tonight that to
be less likely yeah I’m not buying that
when we were kids

we definitely scoffed at old people
bailed man yeah we just yell at him and
we were assholes of course but there was
a time and by youth and that yeah well
man it was very mean yeah so well that

does seem like not so much Soviet Union
stuff but Leninist
perhaps very you know you do you you’re
it’s a disorder I’m this is my position

I’m gonna stay here and then move up as
I’m supposed to when I’m supposed to
since we’re doing find it to be very
peculiar we’re doing I would like to
hear from others out there this is part

of my collection of millennial isms I
would like to hear from others out there
who have some similar experiences
because we noticed this we did have this
about four or five years ago in the show
it first started discussing Millennials

and we noticed is one phenomenon is that
they they don’t know how to deal with a
line cutter right the guy cuts in line
they don’t say anything they know that

they look at
each other in the discretionary has they
don’t know what to do it takes a Boomer
or even a Gen X or to tell the guy hey
hey buddy the line is back there right
right right

so along similar lines since we’re doing
old stuff a documentary from 1978 this
is how far back we document the pet

explosion most people don’t know it but
we’re in the middle of a pet explosion
throughout not only the United States
but throughout the world and this has
brought about from the new pattern that

has emerged in the last 10-15 years in
the family life I would say that the
pill is probably largely more
responsible for the pet explosion than
any other single factor this is a part

of surprise it’s a lot of people that
don’t understand the business and
haven’t done any background work but
it’s very simple the old style was for
the husband to earn the Laveen the

mother stayed at home today we have a
different pattern today the husband and
wife both work and they want to prepare
themselves in the home and some of the

things that they’d like to have before
they start a family well this is just
fine from a planning standpoint but
nature can’t be put aside so when the Oh
mother comes home she has to have

something to fondle something to mother
something to law she’ll have a pet the
rest of it in the normal pattern would
be that the grandparents would have

children grandchildren to take care of
de fondle and to help to rare and this
would satisfy their need for love and
giving of love and receiving the one

this has been set aside for five six
seven or eight years what do they do
they get a pet now we’re talking about
both sides of the family what I talk
about just one now we have a three-way

explosion the three-way pet explosion
this is not new it’s been building for a
long time yeah all part of this similar
sociological phenomenon that began yeah

at some point during the Soviet era not
that that specifically had something to
do with it but we take television you
take the these the infiltration of the

schools you take medical breakthroughs
like the pills very of course it was
very good it was a true revolution okay
well what else could we talk about this

well sing yeah well I’ll start and this
will fold nicely into your Weinstein
update this is an Epstein update Cindy
McCain who is the widow of John McCain
was on a panel and I this is a clip from

almost a week ago but now I get to play
it and here’s what she had to say about
Epstein the perception a lot of between
a lot young people is that there is an

untouchable ring of governmental and
economic elites in this country that not
only benefited like she mentioned but
actively participating in sex

Jeffrey Epstein was an example Robert
Kraft was arrested not far from here on
on trafficking charges are these power
players a priority for us right now can

we even touch them or is this a pipe
dream that we need to address in the
future somehow you know it’s like
everything you know we it hides in plain
sight Epstein was hiding in plain sight

we all knew about anything we all knew
what he was doing but we had no one that
was know what what we all knew everybody
knew we all knew yet you kept quiet I

find this abhorrent get this clip by the
way well I’d have to go back and look as
I said I had it a week ago it’s

someplace guys full of shit for one
thing he says that Robert Kraft now of
course he’s arrested on trafficking nice
of course he’s foolish he was arrested

for soliciting a prostitute right but
that’s not trafficking but God is that
who cares no I do care because I think
they’re good they’re gonna this is
another one of those examples of where

they start to twist
oh yeah sure well what else is new you
solicit a prostitute now you’re involved
in sex trafficking somehow and we all
knew about it you know it’s like

everything you know we it hides in plain
sight Epstein was hiding in plain sight
we all knew about him we all knew what
he was doing but we had no one that was
no legal aspect that would go after him

they were afraid of him the wife of a
United States Senator says here well

whatever reason they were afraid of them
Oh whatever reason they were what do you
think someone said des we’re not afraid
of you anymore on what you’re doing it’s

not wrong it’s illegal it’s you know all
those things it’s it’s like a house of
cards now it’s gonna start tumbling
believe me and these guys if they don’t
leave the country number one they’re

going to get caught and they’re going to
have and they know they will they get
caught but they’re going to be made
examples of and that’s exactly what we
should be doing with these guys
especially in my opinion if you know I

know there’s questions but excuse a
chickenshit for doing good
you should have faced the music that one
who should oh wow really miss McCain
really you’re the wife you did sitting

u.s. senator and now the Epstein’s a
chickenshit that’s disgusting that’s
disgusting that’s disgusting in a

medicine that’s disgusting what I’m
about to play is truly sickeningly
disgusting it’s disgusting on a on a
visceral level yes so this is a

testament this from court TV and they
what they do is they grab by the way
Court TV is available on Pluto oh good
yeah just court it’s also online you can

get it online but Court TV and then you
get to see this one of the most you’re
gonna see you want to see a rising star
if she wants to stay with it there’s
this woman that they have one of the
correspondents she goes to the cases and

then she
ports back they have about three or four
really good-looking ladies but this one
this is just the one you can just see
she’s going to fuck she’s a law degree
she’s you this fighting of Kappas you
got all these these characters miss

Arkansas from some year I think ten
years ago she was Miss Arkansas and her
name is and she’s got a fake like a
stage name already or a strippers name
one of the two Chan Lee Chan Lee painter

and you just look at her you go oh my
god she’s gonna she’s gonna be making
lots of money on fox if they have a clue
she’s a brunette though now this is what

they do on Court TV now is they got
their following the Weinstein case very
closely and they grab big by I guess you
dig by the transcript immediately after
the testimonies they get them from the

court recorders and then they reenact
the testimony with some actors that do a
pretty good job of of making you think
that you’re hearing the real testimonies
even though this is just audio or do

they do they reenact the hold the August
oh that’s good that’s cool and so here’s
I flipped I clipped a few things out of
this is about two minutes I clipped a

few things like because it would have
been too long because there’s a lot of
lot of interruptions and they out of the
court to get the judge in there bitchin
and moanin and but there’s stuff in here
that is truly disgusting describe what

was happening to you and what your
interaction with him was objection
foundation judge overruled he would talk
very dirty to me about objection –

fantasies and things and compare me to
other actresses that he said were doing
kinky objection kinky dirty things with
him judge can we approach overruled no
he always wanted to film me objection

did you ever give him permission to do
that I never gave him permission
question and answer stands next question
what became well what’s the relationship
describe the relationship for the jury

it would be basically him wanting to see
me and just needing a fix like a drug
first of all holy

this is this should be a podcast I don’t
know what court TV is doing but this is
podcast able material right here this is
really good we returned and just needing
a fix like a drug addict dang what’s

going on here what would he say to you
what would he do with you what would you
say to him what would you do with him he
would say do you like my big fat Jewish

objection objection judge may we
approach okay if you would step down
there for a moment
judge I’m asking that those answers be
stricken and the prosecutor be directed

to move on request denied next question
miss man can you describe the jury the
defendants physicality the first time I
saw him fully naked objection and

relative I thought objection overruled I
thought he was deformed and intersex
objection he has an extreme scarring
that I didn’t know if maybe he was a

burn victim but it would make subjection
overrule he does not have testicles and
it appears like he has a vagina
objection overruled and does the
defendant also have a penis objection

leading he does have her penis overruled
did you engage in non forcible sexual
situations with the defendant I engaged
an on forcible oral sex with the

defendant did you desire him sexually
objection she just testified she entered
ruled no why did you continue to have a
relationship with him there is a lot of

layers to that question okay the next
question while you were in this
situation with the defendant what were
you feeling towards him I saw him the

way I saw my father objection overruled
next question in what way my dad had a
similar anger objection overruled
move on did the defendant at times

display anger to you objection
foundation yes overruled
and what way would he in what
circumstances would he display anger

towards you if he heard the word no it
was like a tree
objection overruled P objection really
also he also peed on me once objection
Foundation overruled he would um it was

it was like being discarded after I
served my purpose objection sustained
that I think this is fantastic

I do have a follow-up on this though mmm
regarding the state of his sexual organs
as I by the way because it’s so
disgusting you only get a borderline but

you do get bad because it really brings
the quality of all clip of the day’s
down to just like got her level oh yeah
so well I do that when I made the class

this was a questionable clip to even
play on the show well here here’s the
part that’s so good yeah here’s the part
that may blow your mind so I read
through the transcript of the

description of his sexual organs so
which didn’t really come out that well
in this particular audio reenactment but
he has it looks like so she said look

like it was intersex and like he had no
testicles and like stuff was inverted
isn’t that kind of what she said yeah
this may be a typical case of a Hemi
penis which is one of a pair of intro

mittened organs happy penises are
usually held inverted within the body
and are averted for reproduction via
erectile tissue much like that of a

normal human penis they come in a
variety of shapes depending on species
in particular intermittent organs of
male Squa mate such as snakes lizards

and worm lizards why I think Weinstein’s
a lizard well that’s a possibility Mimi
said that he probably has crypto

Chisholm which is a super people I think
is recordin or undescended balls I’m
I’m going with reptile well this is
probably a better more for purposes of

our show it feels better also there’s
two other things I didn’t get in that
clip cuz I didn’t get the clip and
unfortunate I couldn’t find a clip of
the analysis but he also smells like
poop which is a you really want to be an

actor pretty bad
try methyl is trimethylaminuria which is
a particular thing that makes you smell

like poop all the time it’s an actual he
looks like he smells like poop John just
look at the man he smells like poop and
he also apparently is back which is
really disgusting I don’t even want to

bring this up go go go
it’s just covered with huge blackheads
oh my god really
can we get any worse I don’t know how to

sprint I got a transition I gotta get
about as this let’s get out I’m gonna
show myself I don’t know – no agenda
dodging all the people who could do this
oh yeah that’d be fun

and there’s a reason why you don’t hear
this kind of stuff on the m5m there’s no
way can you imagine the Dairy Council I

think that have a problem with this
segment I had a problem with it
personally well done though but Court TV
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there they’re big enough for a meet-up
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the No Agenda inaugural meetup in
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Montana we are at the inaugural 406

sounds like someone had some George
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meetup report we have this is the
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Carolina Meetup
we are at most Allen Charlton names I
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Odessa enjoying life out in the complex
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boom hey guys this is the real Greg
thank you and I’d like to thank the left
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me to Daniel it’s time for me to go
apparently sir Daniels human resources

were not having any of it they did not
like it had to go and it was a of course
Charleston South Carolina and that was
organized by Baroness Dame Jennifer of
the possible exit strategy that is her

baronet Esme she also the art director
and and sole employee of the animated No
Agenda studios yeah that’s very good

thank you very much here’s what’s coming
up just a brief overview I do good
voiceovers I think she can do a lot of
things she totally gets media she’s been
in this guess she knows what she’s doing

and just appreciate the really
appreciate that animated no agenda it’s
so good Thursday we meet up in Fairfield
Connecticut this will be organized by
Dame Jamie also add the Ramallah stop

this is at 6:30 in the Palestinian
they’ll be Barley’s in Ramallah Israel
Jesse coy Nelson is our man who was
traveling around the Middle East right

now and as I was pointed out to me
Israelis are not allowed to attend this
they are not allowed in Ramallah that’s
to do one over in Jeddah
he’s doing it he’s doing the next one in
in Jeddah which will be Jaffa Jaffa

Jaffa that’ll be on the ninth shows in
Saudi Arabia right Jaffa it’s the the
shafa bar in Jaffa and that will be next

this Friday though loose
top of the South New Zealand piss-up
that’ll beat the spring and fern Tahu
now we your mate Tom organizing Toronto

this Friday no agenda six weeks cycle
bishop organizing for you also the
southern Sheila knows Ian Sheila noisy
and meet up and keep getting that wrong

sir Raleigh Hawk and Joseph Hawkins
organizing a Seattle no agenda meet up
at the lookout Bar and Grill on Friday
and then Saturday Oslo Norway
that is Bernstein we’ve just heard sir
Bernstein will be organizing that’d be

good if we can get some people to hang
out there and has just mentioned the
Jaffa stop of the no agenda tune man
tour on Sunday the 9th go to no agenda
meetups calm to find out more

there’s always a meet-up happening
somewhere someplace on the 21st the
keeper and I will be in Delray Beach
Florida and if you don’t find one start
one yourself go to no agenda meetups

with all the nights and days like a

and they’re getting pretty successful
sounds like it
do you anything for I’m dying to do a
quickie OTG segment but I’ve been

talking a lot so I’d be happy to hear
you speak about something before we do
that well I got some old clips they were
kind of interesting I thought this was a
oh I have another ISO suggestion this

one is nailed it mmm nailed it nailed it
let me compare to the Bloomberg I’m Mike
Bloomberg and I approve this message
no I think that’s I think Mike Bloomberg

approving her message is better I’d like
it let’s go to 2008 and I thought this
was interesting they don’t do this as
much anymore

this was democracy now and Amy was a
little more on the ball and this was a
report on the 2008 presidential
candidates this is at the time it was
wide open for both parties and so there

and what they were doing here was
analyzing the advisors and it’s the same
people in fact this kind of disgustingly
so the same people that were advising

these candidates back in 2008 as they
were getting today you know 12 years
later and the rundown is quite
fascinating to me thousands of reporters

have also descended on Iowa this week
covering everything from Mike Huckabee’s
haircut to John Edwards rally with
singer John Mellencamp but little
attention has been paid to perhaps one

of the most important aspects of the
candidates their advisors the men and
women who likely form the backbone of
the candidates future cabinet if elected
president many of the names will be

familiar advisors to Hillary Rodham
Clinton include many former top
officials and President Clinton’s
administration former Secretary of State
Madeleine Albright former national

security adviser Samuel Berger former UN
Ambassador Richard Holbrook Senator
Barack Obama’s list includes President
Carter’s national security advisors in
big new Brzezinski former

terrorism’s are Richard Clark former
Middle East negotiator Dennis Ross
Rudolph Giuliani’s advisors include
norman podhoretz one of the fathers of
the neoconservative movement john
mccain’s list of official informal

policy advisers include former Secretary
of State Henry Kissinger General Colin
Powell William Kristol of the Weekly
Standard and former CIA director james
Woolsey would have Mitt Romney’s top

advisers as cofre black the former CIA
official now serves as vice chair of
Blackwater Worldwide vice president Dick
Cheney’s daughter Elizabeth as advising

Fred Thompson as for Mike Huckabee it’s
not clear in December Huckabee listed
former UN Ambassador John Bolton as
someone with whom he either has quote
spoken or will continue to speak but

Bolton then revealed the two had never
spoken how could be also named Richard
Allen but the former national security
adviser also admitted he’d never spoken
to Huckabee the name that came up in
there was called for black a CIA guy

who’s a kind of a nut in that Hayden
Rodriguez cult yeah torturers and it’s
interesting because he’s on the board of

burr yzma oh yes the Romney advisor of
course it’s somebody pointed out well
here’s something that’s interesting you
know Romney this he you know this is
nonsense this guy I’ve seen interviews
of him and you don’t see him he’s a very

low-profile guy he does come on show
some he’s not like completely out of
touch yeah but he’s not the kind of guy
that you know right I mean he probably
did Romney a favor to even beyond his
advisors of there’s no connection to

Romney connection to Burr yzma’s Miss
Mike is weak yeah weak you know what I’m
surprised by that neither of us unless
I’m missing it have any clip about

brexit I mean I’ve watched I watched the
final hour countdown they projected the
the countdown on the White Cliffs of
Dover which looked pretty crappy and
then also on 10 Downing Street and I was

like let bring the bells they want to
ring the bells yeah Big Ben is under
construction so they couldn’t do
I don’t understand why they didn’t put
some high-end high powered speakers up
there well they they had the bell

ringing and then they had big ben
superimposed on 10 Downing Street so
kind of look like big then was was
ringing and the end big bit one of the
faces who was exposed but it was really
to me it was very anticlimactic because

all people were talking about and I
watched the final hour on I think sky
through Pluto TV it’s all about well
what’s gonna happen tomorrow and there

was like nothing exactly the same
nothing changes now now the clock starts
11 months to figure out how to actually
brexit so what happened here is because
everyone’s getting so fed up with it

said okay we’ll just sign the paper that
we’re gonna do it but here’s this little
addendum that says all that bitching and
moaning we’ve been doing for three and a
half years that’s just going to continue
for the next ten months and by December

they have 2020 they have to have the
agreement in place for immigration for
trade for everything pretty much this is
which means they really haven’t left no

they really they they they still have to
pay their dues they still have to run
under European Union rule and law except

now they don’t have anyone representing
fraud anyway I think it just got worse
for them I don’t think you see how it

got better well I don’t see how a change
I don’t think it changed one way or the
yeah the changes that will represent a
celebrating I mean if they’re if you
went to the soccer stadiums where people

got to see a big image of the flag being
taken out of the –use councils meet
with the hallways and they all jumped up
for joy but the media is not gonna show

any of that stuff because as far as
they’re concerned this is a bad idea now
I did get one clip that which is this
guy’s kind of runs a news site online
news site but it’s very interesting his

Brendan Brendan Brendan O’Neill he was
also interviewed by the Sun interviewer
he gave a little history of brexit that
reminds us what the real reason that
they did this even happen in the first

place and something that this kind of
seems to be lost in the shuffle is that
the Brits really lost their sovereignty
in this deal and they just regained it
and another kind of flat-footed and I’m

reminded of the time that you were
living there when you first started
doing the show you were talking about
how depressing everything was cuz all
the everyone was a drunk and I think a
lot of this was a all plan because once

you lose your sovereignty and you have
everybody else telling you what to do I
think it causes these sorts of problems
with with the society you know
absolutely I’m sorry your honor then
just play this clip absolutely

fascinating about that vote and I think
you hit on the point there is it was the
first time we were ever consulted on
this since 1975 yes and all the way back
in 1975 voters probably didn’t think

that the EU would adapt to what it is
today can you talk about the kind of
liars some people would put it they were
sold in 1975 and how the EU continued to
adapt continue to centralize power more

and more away from those who you know
those daughter Navy voters and how the
British people were never consulting not
even once not even one treaty had a
referendum in in Britain that’s right
absolutely right you know if the EEC was

understood to be an economic
relationship we were told that it would
be beneficial to the UK if we had this
economic relationship with this bloc of
countries a fairly small bloc of
countries back then in Europe and it was

understood by most people who then
eventually voted in the referendum that
came in 75 it was understood that it was
a fairly narrow relationship it was
going to be economically based it

wouldn’t have a grave impact on Britain
as a sovereign nation that’s that’s the
lie we were told and people accepted
that and you know for good reason I
don’t think people were hoodwinked or

brainwashed they people weighed things
up and said okay if it’s just going to
be about economic partnership if it’s
just going to be about trading and so on
and economic standards we can live with

let’s give it a whirl of course what
happens then through the 80s and then
right through to the early 90s and then
onwards from then
it becomes the European Union it becomes
a much more political body it becomes
the body that has a very significant say

over the laws that we live by over the
the the ability of us to control our
borders over the free movement of people
the freedom of goods the free movement

of services across the continent or
across the European Union and so it
becomes much more powerful becomes much
more political it becomes much clearer
that this is a body that significantly
has a detrimental impact on our

sovereign rights so be very interesting
to see how this goes I mean once again
neck’s it has been rekindled for exit is
on deck you know this is a it’s just

talk of course just talk but now we have
to see how it actually works and it’s
unfortunately it’s just gonna be at
least another year until we figure out
what’s really going to happen and in the
meantime I think it’s gonna be pretty

bad for the UK I don’t I can’t I think
it’s just my feeling I can’t back it up
other than seems like you’re kind of
like a lame-duck position you can’t do
anything and and for unfortunately that

just going to what everyone wanted was
not to hear about Briggs it anymore now
they’re going to hear about it
continuously it’s not gonna stop we’ll
see that is pretty much gonna ruin your

life and a good example was a week ago

this is so great one of our producers
gave us a login to Google classroom and
apparently a lot of schools have adopted

this the for a long time Apple had it
was putting Macs into schools and then
the Chromebook came out and Google just
no carpet-bombed K one through twelve
and included

if you but of course if you want the the
Chromebooks and you have to use Google
classroom to manage and track your
students do you ever did you ever log in
to that John did you ever log in – no I

didn’t okay it’s not so great because of
course there’s no students in our in our
classroom but the system speaks for
itself and Google Docs including Google
classroom went down last week for

several hours and people were didn’t
know what to do I mean the classes had
to stop they had to stop teaching the
class had to stop because they couldn’t

do anything they could not you know log
in look at assignments even look at the
curriculum I guess and people were
trying to do term papers here’s a hint
for you stop that just use notepad for

all I care anything you rely on this
you’re gonna get burned and this is just
once it’s going to be it’s gonna happen
more and more and more which brings us
to a note from Mike producer Mike which

is similar situation which is another
thing that we warned against cash
emergency in most of BC happens ya know
there’s a huge flood going on there’s a

final canada fibre optic line has been
severed due to a washout of the rail
line near spasm of all places we have
people there we have spa summers might

be global warming or it could be winter
weather in canada how about Russia
Russia Putin fiber optic line parallels
rail lines in most of Canada pandemonium

ensues as people have no money and no
access to cash happily and no agenda
producers always prepared thanks Boise I
love hearing that

I love that that’s right your ATM date
James don’t work that’s right you got no
cash becomes a little difficult in a
certain point you’re gonna be hungry
work this story came out desperate to

talk to talk about this one although
it’s only part of the story about the
ring doorbell was on engineer calling
for wind to be shut down immediately he

says citing privacy concerns the
engineer published
post on median saying quote the privacy
issues are not fixable with regulation
and there is no balance that can be
struck ring should be shut down

immediately now by the way I found this
report interesting that’s why I pulled
this one from the original money honey
Maria Bartiromo this is on Fox Business
News this was not a post on medium it
was a comment in on a whole different

post it was a very short just you know
like one paragraph saying exactly what
she recited but she kind of makes it out
to sound like it’s a not it should be

because it is a big deal but it was
interesting that she pulled this out I
don’t know if that was a stock
manipulation thing or kind of you know
hyping it a little up a little bit for
the market who loves to hear news about

Amazon but factually it was not a post
on Amazon on a medium it was a anonymous
comment and not brought back this is of
course the company that you could

somebody rings your doorbell and you can
deal with it on from your phone but it
has opened the can of worms on privacy
where is this video going are they
giving the ring video to everybody shows
up your door to local police and others

I mean this there’s a few privacy issues
here and there’s a lot of complicated
issues here I mean one of the issues of
course we’ve seen people taking hackers
getting access to people’s accounts and

part of that is the person themselves
has to be responsible use a difficult
password don’t make it easy to guess but
you’re right we have to know what are
the D what do they have deals with law

enforcement what are they going to do if
if law enforcement requests that them
you know we’ve we’ve seen those issues
already with phones so you know there’s
some precedent for what they might do if
somebody shows up at your door and that

person is questionable from the local
police standpoint then how does that
implicate you it just it just opens the
door to all these questions about who
shows up at your doorstep blah blah blah

blah blah shut up
what is more egregious about the ring
doorbell system as reported and of
course this was this didn’t get any
traction because of impeachment and
orange man bad

the Electronic Frontier Foundation who
get a lot of money from Google to stay
alive but I do like what they do in
general they did an investigation of the

app that comes with the ring doorbell
which you manage your entire system and
guess what it’s packed with I’m reading
from their report packed with

third-party trackers sending out a
plethora of customers personally
identifiable information for Maine
analytics and marketing companies were
discovered to be receiving information
such as names private IP addresses

mobile network carriers persistent
identify our sensor data on the devices
and by the way you’re paying customer
and they’re still selling your ass to
other third party marketers and as the e

FF correctly points out the danger in
sending even small bits of information
is that analytics and tracking companies
are able to combine these bits together
to form a unique picture of the user’s

device and their life turn that stuff
off and it’s despicable that amaz that
you pay for this stuff it’s just like
Skype if I look at Skype right now I pay

for Skype I got an ad at the bottom of
Skype now and I pay for I pay for the
service and the problem is there’s so
many a lot of these applications you

know like we were listening to the
Amazon show-and-tell the you know the
Alexa show-and-tell work and identify
the product these are very these are
fantastic developments I wish I could

use them I love having the ability to
use voice to have things turn on and off
and it’s handy and for many things but
because of the business model you’ve

rendered it useless for people of a
brain it’s too bad because a lot of the
stuff is really cool technology and I
like it but no you cannot use it because

of this and this is I mean if people
actually knew this that what Amazon is
doing they change they’d probably think
twice and you’re putting these things in
your kids bedroom anyway live the OTG

lifestyle everybody give your kid a
a megaphone or something if he needs
something no need oh gee OTG it’s a very
OG OTG exactly that’s all I got for that

for this segment for now okay main
things just need to get those out
otherwise they pass by and no one talks
about it and then oh yeah
no actually I do have a nun who’s clip

very proud of what’s going on in Austin
you’ll recall that the governor of Texas
Abbott got into a into a Twitter war a
tweet up with the mayor of Austin what’s

his name again
anyway Adler
about the you know the unhoused because
I’m not gonna say they’re all poor

homeless people they’re grifters many of
them did you know aggressive window
washer squeegee dudes it’s not just
people who don’t have a house or a home
in fact that a ‘but repurposed a lot not
far from we are in Southeast Austin I

have not I’m now gonna go again and try
and find that it couldn’t find it the
first time which would be for the
unhoused to go and that did something
magical has happened they’ve started to
build a little community this once

mostly empty lot in East Austin has
become home to more than 100 people
without another place to go we give
everybody a chance we don’t judge you by
your past history says that yeah but it
has once referred to as camp Abbott

because the governor opened the
state-owned land to the homeless
population people here are now calling
it something else camp rat responsible
adult transition town for the homeless

one by the home like every town camp rat
now has its own list of leaders what we
have donation and volunteer recruiters
we have maintenance and general labor

recruiters we have the web designer we
have the web work the media outreach we
security and then we have a treasure
donation argument Corey Roberts the

secretary schedules town meetings each
week the seven person committee
nominated by those at the camp has held
two of those so far it’s important
because we actually have a voice we

actually have a hand that we are
actually putting forth to actually make
our lives a little bit better changing
the perception of the homeless community
is important to those living at the camp
because we wanted to show people that
were not just criminals drug addicts

slobs bums off the street that we
actually just anybody else in this
community just without a house right now
the committee is focused on finding food
donations so they don’t always have to

rely on provided MREs providing hot
showers instead of the makeshift stalls
and water hose they’re currently using
organizing events to help out others in
the Greater Austin community and maybe

most importantly giving newcomers a
point of contact so they don’t feel
alone don’t be afraid to come out if you
have nowhere to live and want the laws
leave you alone for being under a bridge
come on here it’s safe there’s not

really any violence out here we’re all
big family town I really like this
development I’m going to go there over
there I’m going to bring food this is
this shows that they can work when you

allow people to build be a part of a
community and build a community give
them some basic blocks to do that which
is literally all they got and so there
is some protection I think they do have

police you know making sure that things
don’t get out of hand but they’re
creating their own community and I think
this is great and it’s enough of Ella’s
get started in Brazil I’m not saying we

won’t have that but at least it’s a
community and they’re trying to do
something else other than you know did
you got these two tens of millions of
dollars being spent on bullcrap that

does nothing I was excited to just give
the tens of millions of dollars in
direct payments to these guys and that
would probably help possibly but that is

not everybody in that group five
thousand bucks each that’s not
how it works reparations he said
reparations for being homeless all right

sorry affiliates if you were waiting
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