No Agenda Episode 1214: “Stanktuary”

oh I have to stand in line now Adam
Jhansi Dvorak’s 2024 winning game on
Asian media assassination episode 1214
this is no agenda morning everybody
I’m Adam curry from northern silicon

valley where we’re molding all kinds of
things I’m Jesse tomorrow you’re mulling
not pulling over Oh Molly Oh

we’re Molly I’m Molly isn’t mulling this
is something you do with wine so let’s
start with this Super Bowl prediction
you almost had it

I know and remember that I said that I
still wanted to root for the Chiefs but
that I felt I truly felt and if you look
at the expectations the way they set it

up it was going to be empowerment for
women there were women all over this
place co-owners were women coaches were
women we had the the big empowerment

rock nation Shakira JLo empowerment
halftime and I blew it but you me you
didn’t actually I mean you you didn’t go
with your gut you have you saw mahomes

wearing a trump shirt yeah that that
should have been the clue I blew that
what’s the clue because the idea was we
have Pelosi versus Trump Pelosi versus
Trump and Pelosi represent San Francisco

well I also thought you know the
president would get impeached yeah hey
that was a good game though I really

enjoyed it I didn’t care much for it oh
I the thing that bothered me 21 to
nothing in the fourth quarter when I
mean is that comfortable to watch
somebody fold I mean this guy the coach
of the 49ers did this before he was who

he was the offensive coordinator with
nobody cares joked he was the offensive
coordinator for the land of fall cuz
what was the biggest fold in Super Bowl
history the the problem I had with it
was the technical aspect I was sitting

down waiting for
I want my player stats flying in Windows
I want Telus traitors I want all Kai
want to feel good good about the
technical production of the show and it

was sparse now maybe football fans like
that more but I thought it to be very
almost low-budget I’m not kidding you
didn’t get that at all I didn’t think

about it but because I prefer just no
sound I think you’re probably correct
and I think for the bulk of the public

who doesn’t really follow football that
close they just go to watch this one
game and then there watch the halftime
show and then they say to themselves oh
there’s the second half yeah you bring

it up yeah it was it was just lacking
also the commercials were I have a list
of might of some of the commercials

issues I had we have to talk about this
at least for a second or two it is yes
and then who does a podcast a broadcast
a radio show or anything in between this
talk about Super Bowl commercials oh
that’s right that’s kind of the law

isn’t it we have to talk about it it’s
early FCC well I there was I don’t think
there was anything I like nothing stuck
out like wow that’s so great
no none of it okay here’s the problem

what was with all these callbacks to the
60s and 70s how old was this audience no
that’s a good question

I don’t maybe that’s what they sold it
on an older audience this I mean they’re
for sure we know that it didn’t really
do any better than last year which is
already down from the year before so
it’s kind of I mean 98 million people

this is not bad for anything well maybe
it was all although all the old 98
million people but they had they had a
lot of screwy stuff too and the the

Google ad was creepy that was like
enjoyable as it was so bad wait which
one was that which oh oh oh my gosh that
was horrible try it

that were I think it was the worst dad
yeah explain it again I don’t remember
all I remember I just have my notes
horrible word creepy Google and uh was
not effective in terms of memory no then

there was the couple to couple these
things what was the point of bringing
Ric Flair I mean there’s a reference to
the 70s there’s a reference to Fargo the

movie well that’s because the new series
of Fargo is coming out there’s just I’ll
take that there then there was the whole

Snyder’s whole references these old
references who I’ve got written down
here whose live l IV peanut add dropped

oh yeah they were gonna drop the peanut
dead peanut add for the baby peanut yeah
cuz it Colby but they didn’t do that
oh they also startin to call this is

this is ok let’s well I’ll just wrap it
up with this please all of a sudden I
see this as a bunch of 5g ads whoo 5g
yes a lot of 5g and then everyone was

touting that they’re going to connect
the country but here’s what bugged me
there now touting 5g as ultra wideband
huh ultra wideband is a versus something

no is there something very else this
little it’s a spread spectrum style of
communication and it’s very specific
it’s also used for ground-penetrating

radar it’s the protocol it should go
with 5g right so hook an entirely
different protocol everything’s
yeah so they’re stealing the name
because they can’t get any traction with

5g yeah possibly I mean do you remember
it was that Verizon or was a t-mobile
who was touting that I don’t recall one
of the two I don’t know either I didn’t
write that part down hmm

I was just so earth by this they just
robbed my bra all right that’s enough
yeah I mean it really really aims like
the ads like what about the halftime
show was very I mentioned to my daughter

that it was a bunch of because I saw
the analysis of the of the woman who
does these analysis is who I think is
the amazing Polly to be honest about the
same voice she breaks down the Super

Bowl halftime show as a cult satanic the
whole satanic message to get people into
global governance
well the well part of that was there I

mean the halftime show was part of this
jay-z deal that the white racist NFL
owners put together you know they had

they kind of rub out the Kaepernick
stuff and they brought jay-z and and
rock nation so he was the consultant and
and here’s the only thing that uh and I
spoke to many different women about this

including my own wife they say I kept
hearing empowerment empowerment
empowerment empowerment and I give to
men to me it’s like doesn’t seem really

empowering when you’re hanging on a pole
I get the idea of JLo’s movie which I
like was a pretty good movie and I and I
without a doubt the physical effort and
still being able to sing mostly all live

certainly on Jennifer Lopez’s part was
incredibly talented incredibly
professional really good but I just like
if you if you’re setting us up to be

ready for an empowerment mesh’s you’ve
literally had a promo or commercial
where there’s two teen football teams
once kick of the other ones asked that
the helmets go off it’s women you know

there was a lot of this and then just
seemed like okay and from the woman’s
perspective that I’ve spoken to like
well yeah that’s that you can be sexy
and be empowered I’m like okay all right

makes sense I guess it was nice to look
at for me otherwise the US women
displayed as sex objects once again yeah
but if you say that to any woman and you
get real pushback yeah I didn’t get any

pushback from me me well I never said it
to read that has beside the point
watch the game I was kind of surprised

right I enjoyed the game she’s also
stunned when I gave her the the occult
satanic message yeah yeah well there was
there was some stuff there with the

Puerto Rican flag and the American flag
and so yeah I don’t know if part was
that all about nobody explained that
well Puerto Rico’s well I can I can
connect some dots if you want Porto Rico

we actually got a a note from one of our
producers let me see this would be under
2020 yes you got a note here Adam as you
know Puerto Rico in Puerto Rico we

American we are American citizens who
cannot vote for the President of the
United States but here we can vote in
the primaries to select the candidates
this year let me cue this up this year

we will have the Democratic primaries on
March 29th and Puerto Rico will send 51
delegates to the Democratic convention
that’s more than Iowa a delegation

larger than the delegation of 20 states
at this moment Bloomberg is the only
candidate which adds in local with ads
in local TV and radio and it seems he’s
investing a lot of money since you can

watch and hear the ads frequently on
shows with the best ratings that’s
really bad I mean even I know that

that’s really bad Spanish he had an ad
in which I thought was also kind of weak

so maybe that had something to do with
it but you know the whole it’s Miami
Miami has a different vibe my real
question was if you have JLo and you

have Shakira both very accomplished who
was the dude who came on I didn’t even
look it up they’re so annoying like what

is this douche bag
haha I can go up there and do that
invite me I’ll put on the silver suit
I was wondering about that the guy shows
up and out of the blue and it maybe
wasn’t even supposed to be there let’s

think about it I think I think he went
him up Mike him up see who was the guy
in the Super Bowl I would expect the
troll room to have that for me already

but no Jay J Balvin ball that J Balvin
was his name yes yeah well he ruined
everything if there’s anything that we

going on with that but the you know that
dancing and then singing I would that’s
good I mean that’s that was impressive
I couldn’t understand a word of it we

got we had snow last night here in
Austin everybody in the world saw your
wife who Tina were the snow to keep her
trying to make us she’s from Chicago

throw it what was that all about I think
what you saw was a a very lightweight
snowball to still kind of give it a

little idea that there was a snowball
and she just tossed it she’s very she
can throw a ball she’s from Chicago she
will kick your ass so be careful yeah
well know are they are I wouldn’t get
that impression from this no ball toss

of hers
gosh no yeah it’s freezing that all
about I don’t know man global warming

likely must be something like that I I
don’t understand it’s crazy yeah we
never get snow here we’re at a higher
latitude so one other thing that was

just odd but I guess it’s never been a
thing in the NFL is a home Mahone the
the quarterback for the cheese which is
named against my home’s you you at my

home my home yeah my hands my home back
to my homes he he’s black but he was not
touted as the third black

that quarterback in history to win the
Super Bowl at all I don’t believe that’s
true that he’s not black
oh I don’t believe it’s true that he

wasn’t tired because I remember seeing
couple of ball notice you know what I
mean compared to previous Super Bowls
has been a huge they keep doing it
fourth the fifth the sixth now this was
the third to win yeah I know but this

has already been a couple of guys before
him yeah – yeah you gonna do it everyone
the fourth guy comes at some point you
gotta just give it up and say hey you

know blacks can play quarterback – it’s
not like a crazy idea that one would win
if just tonight okay the dot you know
what whatever fine I really don’t here

for sports well I really don’t care yeah
I’m surprised you watch the game no I
love you didn’t even get his name right
so there you have it that’s on promise
what do you mean yeah

what’s his name bill dick alright so
then we had oh man what was the next

event was the next event was the the
Iowa caucus of course what a fiasco hey
listen that you want to hear a fiasco I
got a one of the clips from the Iowa

caucus under and asked Adam oh okay good
ideas you got a chef’s quick you can
come up with this guy’s name this guy I
well count out something more important

that let’s assume it’s Pete Buddha judge
okay hit it you know something you know
something if you had told us one year
ago that we were gonna come in third in

Iowa we would have given anything for
that and you know something you know
something not only are we going to New
Hampshire Tom Harkin we’re going to
South Carolina and Oklahoma and Arizona

and North Dakota and New Mexico we’re
going to California and Texas in New
we’re going to South Dakota and Oregon
and Washington Michigan
then we’re gonna Washington DC to take

back the White House the yeehaw of
course the Dean scream gave it or gave
it away yeah I didn’t realize that was

in Iowa Oh interesting yeah I didn’t
either really hmm why you know why witch
scream now it’s something that I kind of

bumped into it by accident when when of
course we and actually I spy sat through
the entire from start to finish well

start to polls the the caucus polls or
whatever they call them closing and I
watched its many different you know it
breaks I’m switching around and of
course I watched more MSNBC it was

probably MSNBC CNN then some Fox but
MSNBC I think they really had the their
top crack team on it because I wanted to
really understand that there were some
rule changes and it’s it in a way I kind

of liked it it seems like it seems like
a very democratic process where you
you’re arguing with you and these
sometimes it’s groups of a couple
hundred people with your neighbors you

know people from around the neighborhood
and you come in with your first choice
and your second choice it and it’s kind
of like a horse trading market type idea
and I’d like watching that and they had

interviews with some young people
17-year olds who will be eligible to
vote in November so they’re you know
coming up on 18 and they were all
excited and like oh this is really cool

is that kind of democracy in process and
and then of course it all started to
fall apart as the results didn’t come in
now we we know a lot more about what

probably happened at least technically
and what I was lucky in finding was a
January 15th interview on NPR or a piece
actually with it with a couple of

journalists which specifically mentioned
this app and how it was something
incredibly new in fact here’s the intro
to their piece the upcoming Iowa

caucuses represent the first in the
year of big tests for America’s
democracy a big test big test for
America’s democracy to Russia’s
interference in the 2016 presidential

election in fact NPR and Iowa Public
Radio have learned that Iowa State
Democrats are going to use a new
smartphone app to help run their
caucuses we’re going to talk more about

that now with two reporters I want to
start with you first just to remind us
how caucus notice I cut the reporters
introduction out it’s so annoying you
first just remind us how caucuses work
and how an app would be involved this

time around yeah so caucuses are very
different from a primary there are no
ballots there are no voting booths
Iowans will physically go to different
community centers all across the state

and physically show their support for a
candidate by standing in a different
part of the room and so as far as this
app the party is hoping that it will
help precinct leaders be able to report

their results more quickly those leaders
will be calculating how many delegates
each candidate wins based on the support
in the room and so having an app the
intention is that process will happen

faster and local leaders will have help
and calculating those numbers by the way
it was working fine before this app came
along well yes this and I don’t think we

can add much more commentary or color to
the to the issue of the app and what was
working or wasn’t working in fact I
believe that the most damage the the

Democratic Party did with this failure
is to their befriended news media who
were super annoyed they spent four or
five hours the first night alone

fiddling time and and you know they’re
like I was supposed to be out of here at
11:11 I could be out here I got dinner
plans and the s and there was a wreck

this is under under this is not normally
taken into account you you’re absolutely
right they got they had they got grumpy
they got fine Iowa you got you got a

schedule you know what’s what now it
normally goes and now because of the app
you’re gonna get out of there
be able to float around the nightclubs
but NPR and Public Radio International

to their credit in this in this piece
from January 15th they already had done
some work and there were definite
questions about the app miles we’ve

talked a lot about cybersecurity since
the 2016 election given that cyber
attacks were part of Russia’s
interference how big a deal is this that
our Democrats are going to try and use

this approach in 2020 it’s one thing to
introduce a new piece of watching
technology without really any practice
beforehand and then it’s another thing
to introduce that piece of election
technology without giving any security

details about it we know very little
about the specifics of this app we don’t
know who developed it or who wrote the
code we don’t know what sorts of
security tests have been performed on it
these are the two basic questions that

any security expert would ask when
confronting a new system and the
Democratic Party says basically they’re
not going to provide any of this
information because they’re scared it
would help hackers but experts actually
say that that secrecy doesn’t help

against hacking at all here’s Betsy
Cooper she’s a cybersecurity policy
expert at the Aspen Institute basic
transparency around how it was built
how up-to-date the security of the app
is and how it’s been tested all could be

made publicly available with little cost
to the DNC and this is probably one of
the main things when we talk about
democracy online which John you and I
are really against for well for this

reason being one of the many is just not
a good idea and typically you do want to
open-source your code you know at least
have enough available so people can see
that this isn’t especially if it’s an

app something that could be nefarious
this I think is is the gem here where
they going to talk about this security
amongst themselves and I think with the
with the Iowa Democratic party chair

Kate how are these concerns being
addressed as you said this app is focus
mainly on reporting caucus results could
the election results be for instance
changed remotely so because of the way

the caucuses work there are thousands of
witnesses who are seeing the results
play out in these caucus locations this
year the party is also using
friends cards so there will be a paper
trail involved that could be referenced

so the idea of the results being
tampered with that could be overturned
there will also be contingency plans
that the party has set up Troy Price the
head of the state party in Iowa so there

will be a hotline for folks to call in
if the app doesn’t work for whatever
reason if there is a challenge we’ll be
ready with a backup and a backup to that
backup and a backup to the backup to the

backup I mean we are fully prepared to
make sure that we can get these results
results intact this is the potential end
of show I so a backup and a backup to
that backup and a backup to the backup

to the backup but fired you’re fired
dude that’s what you are backup to the
backup and a backup to that backup to
the backup backup and a backup to that
backup and a backup to the backup to the
backup are you kidding me this guy what
a moron

does the approach since the caucuses
approach Bernie then that enough people
to do this had a Bernie man a Bernie bro
yet each of the caucuses taken down

notes so they could you know verify that
they weren’t gonna get screwed over
paranoid about this it turns out that
they were screwed over by at least 500
votes here and there I’d like to pull it

all together got one last clip from this
NPR NPR piece and then I think I may
know what’s going on there’s a couple
other things we should look up but this
let’s close this out there are a couple

scenarios look out for here a successful
attack could potentially lead to the
wrong winner being announced and then
having to be retracted which would
obviously lead to a lot of questions
about the elections legitimacy an attack
that didn’t even break into the system

could still potentially bring it down
which would obviously lead to delays and
reporting and a lot of confusion at all
these individual precincts and then
there’s the possibility you have to
remember that this app is going to be
downloaded on the phones of almost 2,000

party and caucus leaders across the
state these are personal devices that
have emails passwords text messages
photos and Russia has already shown an
ability to weaponize information that

they have hacked and stolen they did
this leading up to the 2016 election
hacking John Podesta email account and
weaponizing those emails we
do not have enough security specifics

about this app to know how it will
protect against that same sorts of
hacking this time around yeah I’d really
love that not once not a single time
that anyone even speculate for a second

that it could be Russians isn’t this
exactly what we were told they would do
well they could have been the guys who
designed the apps for all we know well

either they kept it such a secret thank
you Democrats I do have one clip about
this and this is a kind of another clip
that kind of wraps things up with the

ending that makes more sense than
anything this is a guy who does a PBS
show in Iowa the PBS hour the previous
Iowa or something like that and he’s
being he is being interviewed by Judy

anything you want to add about how
Elizabeth Warren or how Joe Biden did
Yeah right this is bad news for Biden
and it explains why his campaign is

complaining the loudest about the
delegate count today fourth place
they’ve never been four tickets out of
Iowa this is not a good showing now
maybe it will change and this is all

tentative as you’ve noted that 62% maybe
he does better in rural areas but it’s
not very good news for Biden this isn’t
give him the the momentum that he needs
to raise desperately needed money to

stay in this race in Elizabeth Warren
I think this halts her slide she had
peaked at one point and then took some

hits and debates and so her campaign was
really trying to get some momentum again
so the third place she lives is to take
the argument on to New Hampshire and

just in a few seconds she I heard you
say you do think this may be the end of
the caucuses in Iowa yes I think you the
criticism all over the country is this
is not a good way to do this they should

go to a primary system I expect there to
be a big discussion nationally in the
Democratic National Committee and I
think there’ll be a discussion in Iowa
as well about whether this state
shouldn’t in fact go

primary like most dates it will have to
see what happens in New Hampshire but I
it appears that my prediction of
impeachment over were dropping Joe Biden
could come true I’m fearful that this is

true yeah now let me just reiterate the
idea is they kept Joe in there despite
the bumbling and everything else and he
really was not running on a lot of money

apparently a lot of he doesn’t have a
lot left I had to have no idea but
that’s what the word is
and once the impeachment is gone you no
longer need the political opponent of
the president to be involved in that

story so now they toss him and rightly
so they’re tossing him right back where
they where he should have stayed to
begin with it’s sad but come on well
again I am going on the basis of the

people who are in the Democratic Party
at the upper echelon who I follow on
Twitter and they’re all backing bite
into an extreme and I still think
they’re gonna try to shoehorn him in now

I should mention that this guy who
predicted the end of the caucuses this
is interesting because there have been
other caucus states and they’ve all
fallen by the wayside and this may be
the last to go in it’s easier to control

to manipulate a primary I think than it
is a caucus situation where you actually
see people saying one thing or another

Bern that’s why Bernie put his people
there’s a thing do a real head count I
think primaries are more easily and I
think this may have been the goal if you
think about it was it possible that this
app was designed to screw up two things

so badly that they’re gonna go to the
more easily manipulate able primary is
that possible well here’s what I was
thinking the app could be just a total

distraction and you know the fact that
they I think as of this this live
broadcast I don’t know if 100% of the
information is eaten yet it wasn’t last

I think the fix was in with the rule
change and there were what was new this
year what I understood is they would
also have the raw results and by
everybody’s account Bernie had more

people turning out for him but the way
votes were allocated if you were quote
valuable and had 15% of the first round
that’s how the delegates which is really

the only thing that was being reported
by the m5m was the delegate count and
the percentages of Delegates but not the
actual what you would call the popular

vote and I think that was to be
obviously or maybe there was so much
focus was supposed to be put on that
that no one would notice that you know
they could definitely tap Bernie down by

giving you know by taking or having
operatives for all I care it doesn’t
take much that to have someone who’s not
viable pop over to co-op Pete I mean
this is this is easy stuff and it was in

plain sight I think that’s that was the
genius of it the app probably wasn’t
meant to fail but it was meant to focus
people more on the results as desired
ie the delegates and not the completely

new and transparent raw vote which is
what the Bernie bros were counting and
and what ultimately everyone was really
pissed off about in fact it became such
a big thing Symone Sanders was really

she was grill for CNN as far as we can
tell their job is to discredit Bernie
Sanders it started with the you you told
Elizabeth Warren that a woman couldn’t

want win the presidential election you
know that canard and then with the
campaign manager or one of the campaign
managers for Bernie came out and said we
don’t trust that we don’t trust the

results at all and listen how Symone
Sanders who used to be with who she was
with before I don’t know
but she would buy it maybe she was with

Bernie and now she’s with Biden let’s
listen Miss confuse you believe the
results the app that the I William any
hard to be they’re not being there
waiting for two hours wide but this is

interesting because the Brianna Keilar I
guess from CNN just keeps hammering
Junior say it was accurate but because

she wants someone to go on record and
say it was rigged and and this piece of
chicken shit won’t do it reporters they
were unable to get the presidential
preference cards ours aren’t very

important so all our campaign has said
and and what K been located among what
are the Mon Simone I am going to I’m
going to gather up and you’re not
answering the question is this data

correct in your view is it correct
look Briana I have not analyzed the back
ends of the data what we are saying and

what we have implored to the Iowa
Democratic Party are two things one we
have to make sure we get it right
getting it right means checking checking
again and triple checking I’m making
sure that there is a paper trail the

presidential preference cards don’t try
to paint this as we’re trying to say
this is some kind of conspiracy theory
okay you guys roll it right what we
think you have a process where you can’t

be confident that the results that are
being reported are reflective of the
votes that people cast last night in the
process that’s a real concern yeah I
think that was actually the Biden
probably by the think she would Biden

know the funniest part he asked well
what was just hilarious and showed how
the mainstream news media is complicit
in ruining everything though they’re

trying to figure out how to get these
this information into command central
they’re on the phone for hours and hours
and I I think this was one of the
captains of a big precinct trying to

call through to the to the party and and
give his precinct information and of
course he has to be on the phone live at
the same time with broth over on CNN

they tried I think promote an app to
report the results the app by all
accounts just like doesn’t work so we’ve
been recommended to call into the

hotline and the hotline has not been
responsive as to what’s going on no I’m
just waiting on hold and doing my best

to report the results from that reason
what are you hearing I know you’re
listening to a conversation from the
Iowa Democratic Party this is a real
coincidence wolf I just got off hold

well just so I’ve got to get off the
phone to report the results all right
now go ahead report yours what can we
listen in as your report them so on yep
okay hi hello waiting for over an hour

except of the day here’s a gear yourself

that one catch
this guy’s ahead on hold for an hour
that brawl for fixing it no they hang up
on it this is the dammit this is this is

the Democrats for the Democrats very bad
very bad
they can’t run anything if you want them
to run the economy well and this was you
know and that immediately was the right

wing that’s Fox News talking point who
was these are the people who want to run
your health care okay yeah sure this was
a right-wing meme I think this is a

pretty generalized meme that when right
down the middle it wasn’t like a bunch
of right-wing nut balls
yeah there were yeah that’s well that’s
when there were lots in the yes but you
telling me no moderates thought that

this was a little bit a little bit hinky
I don’t live in moderates I live in CNN
MSNBC and Fox
so there’s only that’s it and I was
hearing all of that on Fox and not

certainly not immediately on the other
channels but and I’m not not accusing
you I’m just saying that seemed like a
like an easy easy target you know where
is really what was just odd it’s like

we’re not going to question the
integrity of the security of it it’s all
they’re incompetent how about hacking
isn’t isn’t this who was it that said
they’re going to do it in plain sight

the Russians oh it was Malcolm Nance he
predicted this yeah oh I won’t play the
whole thing goes a long clip but I’ll
take it about halfway this was when he

was on joy Reese say well that’s just
too bad that’s the result of the
election Donald Trump wins and the other
party is left standing there blinking at
a president who now believes he can do

anything he wants in the natural
national interest so of course all of
our opponents in the global threat arena
that’s North Korea as you said Saudi

Arabia has a very vested interest in
keeping Donald Trump in as president of
the United States and they use is really
American and other subcontractors to
carry out nefarious hacking and

intelligence activity
this nation is going to be under attack
cyber wise unlike anything that we’ve
seen before not just this information I
think we may possibly finally see people

put their hands on those thumbs of the
scales of American voting machines or
tally machines at the state level
wherever they can and it will be sloppy
it will be so obvious that again there’s

nothing we’re gonna be able to do about
because one side will accept the result
isn’t that exactly what happened it will
be sloppy it’ll be obvious where’s
Malcolm Nance now well this just tells

me that it’s bull crap the whole Malcolm
Nance thesis is bullcrap and the only
thing that we’re ever gonna see in terms
of like Russian hacking is is really

orchestrated and not orchestrated by the
Russians it’s it’s like just a big
theater because you’re you’re right and
this is why you’ve been so baffled about
this they have not even brought in the

idea that’s the Russian that’s not once
which you you know did this just screwed
up this caucus yeah and it would be in
the it would be right within the
scenario because here’s the Russian

screwing up the Iowa caucus to who
benefits the most Trump does yeah
possesses it makes nothing but sense but
since their script says the Democrats
are scripting this and it’s bullcrap the

Russians aren’t doing any of this they
can’t they’re not quick on their feet
they can’t ad-lib they can’t go off
script so they they were flat-footed
they didn’t know they had this

opportunity they were sharp they would
have jumped on that immediately or
someone should have at least said you
know who’s laughing tonight Vladimir
Putin that’s who’s laughing that there’s

something yelling at one of those in not
a single one that’s because I think no
offense I used to be a Democrat but I
think the Democrats are stupid low

information voters I have to to more
independent things Emma from The Young
Turks she was boots on the ground and I

think she was mainly in the Bernie
Bernie camp
quite a connection there a long long
time connection to Bernie Sanders with
the Young Turks and here’s her her

feedback on the situation the narrative
that I think should be coming out of
this is this plays directly into Donald
Trump’s hands right so right the
Democratic Party has no cohesive idea

when it comes to combating Donald Trump
in 2020 they want to nominate the status
quo candidate a moderate candidate a
corporatist candidate like deep blue the

judge or like Joe Biden but they’re
unable to coalesce around anything other
than that except for kneecapping Bernie
Sanders every chance that they get but
what they really needed to do was show

that they were able to be competent and
that they weren’t the very corrupt party
and part of the corrupt system that
Donald Trump ran against successfully in

2016 and when you have this completely
convoluted process an app crashing that
they didn’t test before and then just
ask seven year-olds hey work this app on

your phone as a part of the process
didn’t have any of the captains or
people who were monitoring the precincts
have any experience with this app before
that just speaks to the varying

competence that trumps so effectively
ran against in 2016 so we’re off to a
great start
applaud that line Oh swell swell setup
yeah it was good so it can really only

be a total incompetence which seems the
easiest be it could be nefarious stuff
from the outside or if one of one of the

campaign’s but when you see all the
connections huge you know Silicon Valley
billionaires Hillary Clinton operatives
and when I say operatives Neal came

paint campaign managers surrogates it it
starts to become suspicious enough that
you could just say hey
what’s up with these people involved in

the party to this degree and screwing up
this badly and the woman who’s in charge
of this at not shadow but the acronym
the seventy-five million dollar super

PAC there’s that was running that built
this and she is supposed to be the the
Democrat digital you know High Priestess
and she’s the one that’s gonna make sure

that whoever the nominee is that that
we’re gonna out digitize Trump and and
his team and sad is sad sad a good start
exactly and and we can’t we have to

remember that just the day before but
really just just was the day before yet
because it was on Saturday or Sunday the
poll the most important poll from the
Iowa Register and again it appears it

was a digital problem that some
different wrong fonts were used and
therefore sometimes Pete’s name was
omitted Jake Tapper actually expects

explains it differently it’s not just
Trump is doing his own thing and then
you also have a series of events leading
up to even before we get to Iowa that I
think understandably made a lot of not

just Bernie supporters but supporters of
all Democratic campaigns skeptical you
want the Des Moines Register pulled not
the one of the most important polls
coming out before Iowa deciding not to

get pulled out because they had this so
when it happens in the advantage of the
other party it’s Russian hacking when

it’s your own party it’s a glitch I just
want to understand the the terms to
glitch and then last night or it was
like I was last night I don’t it’s bids

been so many days it really didn’t get
the coverage and I only heard about it
through this YouTube channel status quo
who reported on it and you know that was
again a data integrity issue two days

after the caucus what the heck is
happening with the results from the Iowa
caucuses I know I started this video off
smile on my face I promise you I’m not

really smiling because it’s gotten
absurd at this point I I just I don’t
even know what to think the Iowa
Democratic Party released results after

we’ve been waiting and waiting and
they released results that got us up to
85% of results then all of a sudden they
said they had to pull the results
because there was there were

discrepancies oh my god what is going on
here okay let’s take a look at what they
said before I get into what I think
about it this is the Iowa Democratic

Party there will be a minor correction
to the last batch of results and we will
be publishing our pushing and update
momentarily what what you’re telling me
it’s here two days after the Iowa

caucuses you had two days to report
these results I usually take about an
hour to report so normally in past years
we would have had results pretty much
right away on the night of the caucuses

here we are two days later and not only
are you slow trickling these results but
you’re screwing them up in a really
really shady way so this they went from

62% to 71% then to 85 and then had to
retract that additional that got them to
85% because the data was wrong I mean if
this wasn’t at some level corrupt and

then I got a wooden leg or I deserve one
it was there is corruption here someone
is clearly doing one or two things
certainly trying to tap Bernie down the

final results like what 1/10 of a point
of the delegates
okay got it got the message and Joe
Biden is you know sayanora he’s out see
yeah and that’s the narrative now oh he

can’t raise money there’s no money Joe’s
talking about a punch to the gut Don
he’s over so this this was but it was
just like Malcolm Dan said it was so

blatant so obvious and everyone just go
oh well New Hampshire
that’s it well the if Biden Biden can
sneak through he will win South Carolina

and if he sticks around even if he
doesn’t advertise and I think if we’re
invited like this campaign I’m not
giving up on you no no that’s okay but I

do want you to know that the players
don’t think Hillary’s doing this should
jump in but I’ll take Joe next cuz I
don’t think bhootish – let’s face it is
not gonna get it cuz nobody wants that

guy but straight but he doesn’t want
Bernie but Buddha what Buddha judge is
the story he came out with a victory
speech and it really was Amy Klobuchar

it was the first one to say screw it I’m
going up and saying we did great see in
New Hampshire I thought that was a bold
move and I thought it was smart the
media company completely covered that up

and went all in on the Peabody judge the
taking taking the victory lap and then
he arrives in New Hampshire the next day
he takes another victory lap and you

know it I don’t think it’s related but
it’s bad optics to have both the Buddha
judge and the Biden campaign and the
Bernie campaign it was it the Bernie I

think so using parts of this company
services more like text messaging so
just money flowing it’s just it’s it’s
sick it’s sick is what it is very very

sad for the Democrat Party for Iowans
who are just I mean I’ve been to Iowa
and the people in Iowa by the way racist

everywhere MSNBC in particular they kept
having these Clinton people on black
women primarily well you know the caucus
is a really racist because who has time

on a Monday night to go out you know
that’s white people black people don’t
have the time because they’re
babysitting for the white people’s
babies that the white people are going
out to caucus that’s truly the message

they were sending so it’s sad well
it’s an embarrassment that’s for sure
yeah how sad it is anyway I’ll be blow

over a little just go away after the
next round but then they’re gonna have
to get to reanalyze that but I think
Pete will do well the next round but
it’s gonna be Sanders and Warren that

looked like they’re gonna take this
Indian bitin is gonna be again and
oh yeah the Biden’s out he’s done he was
knees no and that’s that’s that’s me I
know I know you fought Hey look I was

wrong about the Super Bowl and it
happens and you’ll be wrong about Joe
and I won’t rub it in your face it
happens yeah you will Warren I’m still
waiting for the Hillary swoop I’m still

all in on that that is so good now
Bloomberg is gonna come in to do and you
know I think people take him at his word
well III if I don’t win I’ll support
whoever is and although bring him in
he’s got money let’s bring him in maybe

and he knows apps oh maybe he maybe
maybe you know she knows apps man he can
do it was before he does he’d know that
a lot about apps
Hillary still on the periphery but

anyway that wasn’t the end of the fun
then we had the the impeachment this way
this was a jam-packed week yeah the

impeachment was good it was I got it we
got to do the
simply not reachable

simply unimpeachable so it went as
planned and they wrapped it around the

State of the Union address which
probably should be discussed first
really either stretch to three events of
three events to plus one let’s do it in
timelessness five minute speeches or ten
minute speeches by each congresswoman

yes gal you mean senator senator yeah
yeah every senator got the act for five
to ten minutes and they all did and it
was you know it was like the worst it

would took up a whole day or more and
then they went to the State of the Union
address they took a day off and then
they went to the vote for the impatiens
where they could yak some more and
everything went kind of according to

plan the Democrats were showboating as
much as they could and it was
exaggerated by the news media coverage
in that then when they got to the State
of the Union address we got to see wait
a minute wait don’t why do you want to

do it out of order I think it’s
important I’m giving the right I’m
giving the rundown what we’re gonna talk
about well we got to the State of Union
address we got to see the president at
his best in terms of producing a reality

TV show and it which had the drama but
you still pass it you’re just gonna do
it your way you want if you want to talk

about state of the unions is I have all
these clips anyone not talking about
state you know just come let me stop cuz
I gotta finish and then we went to the
vote where they let him go and that was

the end wait a minute
yeah you’re right I guess I guess you’re
right their boat was then yeah you’re
true true so let’s think well it was I
want to just stick with with this with

the final speeches I thought there were
some interesting things going on there
but that’s where we start with yeah do
you have anything I know I have I don’t
have much about anything to but the

final speeches which was day it was
Monday yeah and what I have is a
breakdown of Lisa de Chardin from TV
acting the coverage on PBS to such an

extreme that
that everybody that’s ever been
associated with this show is dead is
rolling over in their graves it is
extremely one-sided and this was on

Monday before the vote and before the
State of the Union and I want to play
these and show you just how one-sided
and slanted PBS has become without Glen
Eiffel well Gwen and then her mentor

yeah but let’s listen to this is the
beginning and I want you to listen to
the Sheep what she does is she says
here’s what happened today and she’s
doing it this is like before the State

of the Union so this is the first day of
the three-day event and she’s gonna play
some of the clips of the people that are
doing their 10 minute discussion and she
what she does and I’m gonna show it here

she plays Democrat after Democrat after
Democrat after Democrat condemning the
president a couple of Republicans not
supporting the president but kind of

condemning the Democrats for condemning
the president and that’s the way the
report went sounds fair
so let’s start with impeach Lisa dj1 PBS
congressional correspondent Lisa

Desjardins our coverage at the Capitol
the impeachment jury is silent no more
so I may begin mr. president thank you
one by one
mr. president I rise to voice my

opposition to these articles of
impeachment I will vote to convict the
president because it is the Senate’s
constitutional responsibility senators

took turns processing two weeks of
arguments during which they were
forbidden from speaking into ten minutes
of remarks each

all right so she starts off with the
intro to the to the presentation and she
has two clips in there one guy says I
object to the articles and the other

woman who is the Democrats the
president’s guilty so that’s a little
sloppy there and so would now we go to
the gist she write rattles off 46
seconds worth of Democrats and then

you’ll hear after that clip 29 seconds
were the Republicans and listen to her
how she goes on clip to the Senate must
now ask do these charges meet the
standard for impeachment for most

Democrats the focus was sharp the
president and a conclusion that his push
to investigate a political rival was a
high crime Donald Trump did it he did it
he did exactly what he was alleged to

have done he abuse his power he
committed impeachable crimes he’s guilty
there’s no question about it
President Trump took this action to
benefit himself personally and not for

the good of the nation what the
president did was wrong unacceptable and
impeachable Democrats have waited days
for this honing thoughts in hallways and
in private and so have Republicans okay

now so you can hear the vitriol on the
side of the Democrats now she switches
to balance the report she switches to
the she switches to the Republicans and

and their counter to what the Democrats
have done and she’s already put in the
mind it was starting with the Democrats
the mind of the viewer the press is
guilty it’s pretty obvious and so have

Republicans their focus largely blasting
House Democrats impeachment process the
house chose to skip the basic steps of
judicial adjudication and instead left

straight to impeachment as the first
resort there is no doubt that the House
impeachment process was partisan

politically driven and denied President
Trump some of his most basic rights of
due process
so we have no defense of the presence

it’s a process problem and they say that
we’re trump defenders its listen to this
and they’re getting paid now we go to
the mixed at the end she wraps it by
mixing back and forth back and forth a

little back and forth and again you’ll
see the slant completely anti-trump
slant and this is how she wraps as it
did in the trial the witness question
and the decision not to call any

permeated the air with Democrats bluntly
critical if the Senate abandons its
responsibilities when it blocked efforts
to get the complete truth here in this
chamber as a result there will be a

permanent cloud over these proceedings
it makes people believe correctly in my
judgment that the administration it’s
top people and Senate Republicans are

all hiding the truth they’re afraid of
the truth to that high power charge
Republican leader Mitch McConnell
responded with his own volley at
Democrats I can certainly see why given
president Trump’s remarkable

achievements over the past three years
Democrats might feel a bit uneasy about
defeating him at the ballot box
but they don’t get to rip the choice
away from the voters just because

they’re afraid they might lose again
that party divide is evident even in the
search firm meaning Democrats concerned
for the future unchallenged evil spreads
like a virus

Republicans eager to get to the future
work together we must we will emerge
strong unchallenged evil wins that’s
disappointing for viewers like you

I thought that was the most biased
reporting and I’ve seen from them and
she did just a terrible job she just
cherry picked the most vile stuff she

could through it on there and then had
the Republicans sound like a bunch of
wimps that really didn’t like the guy
and they’re just worried about the
process they’re all process oriented
there’s nonsense

I thought shifts final uh final little
ditty was interesting and I kind of knew
why he was doing it which turned out to
be true this morning and this is just a

piece of his final his final plea this
has become the president’s defense and
yet this defense proved indefensible
if abuse of power is not impeachable

even though it is clear the founders
considered the highest of all high
crimes and misdemeanors but if it were
not impeachable then a whole range of
utterly unacceptable conduct in a

president would now be beyond reach
Trump could offer Alaska to the Russians
in exchange for support in the next
election or decide to move to mar-a-lago
permanently and let Jared Kushner run

the country delegating to him the
decision whether to go to war because
those things are not necessarily
criminal this argument would allow that
he could not be impeached for such

abuses of power of course this would be
absurd more than a third it would be
dangerous so what he’s saying is is just
absolutely absurd but he’s saying it I

kind of figured it out but it’s obvious
this is what you want to do you want
that setting although it’s the worst set
the worst television set in the world
looks like you’re in somebody’s shitty

bathroom with that marble behind you
it’s just a bad set Lighting’s bad shots
wrong but it’s really so that he can be
turned into many many many political ads
it is midnight in Washington

the lights are finally going out in the
capital after a long day in the
impeachment trial of Donald J Trump you
can’t trust this president to do the
right thing not for one minute
not for one election not for the sake of

our country
you just can’t he will not change and
you know it
history will not be kind to Donald Trump
I think we all know that not because it

will be written by never Trump errs but
because whenever we have departed from
the values of our nation we have come to
regret it and that regret is written all
over the pages of our history if you

find that the house has proved its case
and still vote to acquit your name will
be tied to his with the court of steel
and for all of history he has betrayed
our national security

he has compromised our elections and he
will do so again you will not change him
you cannot constrain him truth matters
riddle to him what’s right matters even
less and decency matters not at all we

have proven Donald Trump guilty and now
impartial justice it’s going to be scary
this election season orange man bad I

did not throw the Bing Bing bong bong in
there that’s in there the visuals of
course are fantastic throwing up Martin

Luther King and Obama you know all the
good way okay that’s a political ad
against Trump for but produced by whom
you’re right by the way everything that

shift did and everything he said
especially when he was had the marble
behind him was written as though is
gonna go into an ad it was 11 films is
the name of the outfit that did it

they’re in Portland I don’t know who
paid them I don’t know there was one
little funny eye so that came out of the
the Schumer as Schumer did some kind of
stand-up presser and he was

orchestrating the press and this came
out of his mouth I’ll do you okay thanks
I maybe someone would want that for this
part of it this is because I have the

end of it is I also have us a nice oh
this is where’s my Schumer clip Schumer
is astounded no mistake about it the
drip drip drip of evidence is going to

keep coming out with each new revelation
Republicans are going to have to answer
for their votes
they chose to turn their back on the

American people and stand for a cover-up
they chose to use that hominem attacks
and finger-pointing
leader McConnell couldn’t even say bring
himself to say what the President did

was wrong when you asked him a few
minutes ago that’s astounding that’s
astounding it’s pretty good competing
with the one you already pre picked for

yourself yeah but the oh there’s a
10-car train today I have this doubting
ISO which is just played and then I have

the yargh old no that doesn’t come on
you cannot I’m sorry there is just
nothing that personally I think can go

above my eye so lit okay I was gonna
wait to play it at the end of the show
again where it belongs but yes here it
is a backup and a backup to that backup

and a backup to the backup to the backup
I mean that’s legendary that needs to be
codified well you know this will wait
we’ll see what comes up what’s the clip
length it’s the three seconds it is it

is on a long side it is on the long side
those you’re gonna want to set the
precedent you know what’s gonna happen
we can’t we have a choice we can thank

some people or we can go as State of the
Union then thank some people I like the
t’s but it’s up to you I think that we

can let me think for a second if we
thank some people time is it okay just
averages we’re playing our ladies and
gentlemen we are making important
two decisions these decisions do not

come easy what what if we’re gonna thank
some people that there’s one issue that
has to be this tree has to be at least
acknowledged I’m not supposed to say
yeah what’s that I’m all ears

I don’t have the spreadsheet up yet
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backup and a backup that backup and a

backup the backup to the backup
oh yeah I did want to do one thing
rush limbaugh announced that he had
stage four cancer lung cancer and which

is my mom died of lung cancer so I have
some experience with it from close up
not good what what disappointed me
though is that everybody immediately is

like well you know they put it in a
different way I really didn’t hear
anyone say hey man let’s beat this you
know you’ve overcome incredible odds try
it it’s like everyone’s given up the

eulogies are already being written I
found that I found it very sad well I
actually tracked a lot of this on
Twitter because I wanted to put together

a newsletter that shows a lot of the
hate oh good oh my god I hope he dies a
slow and painful death so he supported
birtherism is exactly what I read like
died that but there’s someone I think

one person put it everybody that’s
saying I think about rush it all has
never listened to his show and they
never have I mean Rush Limbaugh’s show
is not they’ve listened to the show it’s

they’ve listened to the format he
pioneered because it’s it’s a format he
pioneer you listen to you know serious
progressive you know any of any of these

talk so channels it’s all the same he
pioneered an incredible format well
let’s talk about that for a quick second
talk should moderate I noticed this when

it happened is because I used to I
worked a lot of radio as a bluesy a
substitute host here and there in the
Bay Area and did you go by that John C
Dvorak was that your honor and the old

school talk radio was you get on and you
take a lot of calls yeah and there’d be

phone calls and every phone call centric
people would call right in and they
didn’t do that
Limbaugh didn’t do that he came up with
a new theory and I think it was based on

the fact that he’d done talk or video
for a while or it worked in Sacramento
he did some other things
he noticed two things first of all of
course he became very partisan because
the Fairness Act was was repealed and he

could to just be a Republican but which
is what he did and so he didn’t have to
balance the show like you supposedly had
to do in the past
but the other thing was he noticed that
call-in shows which is what most talk

radio was during the 80s early eighties
especially in the late 70s where you
take a lot of calls and you’d kind of
interact with these callers and you’d be
at get gek and they’d talk he noticed

that there were most of the call ins
weren’t as interesting as he was and
what and they were they were boring in
many cases and they were to ramble and
they were hard to cut off and some of

them are entertaining guys who did talk
radio would hang up on guys and make a
big scene by arrows suck and they hang
up right and that was always entertained
but it was again it was a gimmicky thing
so Limbaugh found that he would if he

just talked it was talk radio of one guy
talking and yak-yak-yak he talking
talking talking then maybe take a call
to take a break right repeat himself a
lot over the three hours a day but it

was mostly hamming talking and giving
his opinions and that seemed to be more
interesting than taking a lot of phone
calls so he never took a lot of phone
calls the other guys who came along
after him were the same way that they

pretty much wiped out the call and part
of the show and that includes Michael
Savage who just could talk for days and
the big chatterbox mister chatterbox who
can’t stop talking is sean hannity and

then guy i think he’d go three hours
without taking a call and that really
changed the structure of talk radio and
turned out to be what the audience
wanted they just wanted to hear a voice

that was consistent and Jachin atom and
that’s rush rush made four hundred
million dollars in one contract and we
are of course the No Agenda show and
when we have anyone that is going

through this we have something for that
and it’s called the f cancer and I’d
like to send one out from for me and I
think from you as well John to Rush

you’ve got karma so I get to meet him
once and there was a just casual he was

ironically smoking a cigar I’ve met him
several times we had the same
syndication company and a very nice guy
and this guy and it was very clear in

the pecking order at the syndication
company there was rush limbaugh and then
really a whole lot of nothing then below
the whale poop that’s where I came in
that I mean Rush Limbaugh is certainly

in radio business is unparalleled the on
all levels all levels the Union now
there’s a couple of I don’t have any

clips of one and but not from the State
of the Union I just have some
observations I thought I thought it was
reality TV we had his finest well hold
on that’s too easy that that’s you know

like it was reality TV this was just
call it what it is what is the number
one show in America what does it every
one show in America The Bachelor but

what are the probably the top ten shows
in America you can you the television
pundits can wrinkle their noses and
squint their eyes and say this was not

saying you were I’m not saying you were
I’m saying the pundits you got a pundit
I am a pundit I want to stop because
it’s certainly from us our producers

deserve to hear a little bit more about
what was going on this could not have
been a better structured television
format because that’s what it was and I

think that once again completely the
establishment because in the media
establishment underestimated Trump
severely with what he does with these

things it’s so obvious
beautiful stories from people you
connect that to the edginess of this
actually Wow he’s taking stories from

people and connecting it to his outcomes
and it’s a beautiful trap because you
can say it’s much like the Democrat
rebuttal to the State of the Union which
we can play three seconds up but that

was pathetic
I will get to that where you say well
there’s Mary in in South Carolina and
she’s struggling but when you put those
people there and then you say and this

is their struggle and thank you for
being here we had the redemption story
hey man you were you were alcoholic on
drugs you came back you’ve got a job
thanks to the opportunity zones stand up

other black guy who did that I mean he
was going after the black vote he was
saying it’s and I think in an
interesting way also the Latino vote who
are not for illegal immigration the ones

that are here legally and you know what
people said it well it was just like
Oprah and Ellen with you gotta K you got
a car you know what look at the ratings

douche bags exactly and you sound like
elitist not you jump you sound like
elitist douche bags because you can’t
stand that he did exactly what the

American public wants this is how we buy
our washing powder through these types
of shows he did a brilliant job and then

who oh my god he could the Presidential
Medal of Freedom to rush lab this thing
has been given to Elvis Presley to Oprah
Winfrey this is what this is a

presidential show business ribbon and
it’s nice it’s a nice thing to get yeah
I was like oh this is the bra then he
had the Tuskegee Airmen who

coincidentally had been during the he
did the coin toss at the Super Bowl he
had the the Marine come home this was
just a fantastic show people loved it

and if I the only thing I wanted to play
from a pundit tree perspective his van
Jones he did this
same thing I think I don’t know don’t

remember it was before the election he
completely sees what Trump is doing from
the black vote and I think that in the
numbers the way I understand the numbers

the Democrats need the black voting bloc
and if Trump can shave off maybe even
three percentages of people who show up
to vote african-americans because a lot

of them didn’t show up they a big bigger
percentage than the Democrats would have
liked to see in 2016 then the Democrats
can’t win that is there that is a very

important block they pander to it all
the time
and here’s Van Jones to explain what he
sees and I think he put everybody on
notice in the media as well as like you

guys don’t see it you’re idiots I think
the last 24 hours have been a big
wake-up call for Democrats that’s what I
think the Iowa caucus was a debacle and
this was a very strong speech and it

shows what he thinks he needs to do win
and I think that she’s very clinical
about this I think you’re exactly right
he knows he’s got to give a lot of red
meat to his base and he gave it what
from religious liberty abortion all of

it the military etcetera but he’s doing
something else and it has to do with how
he’s got a managed race in this thing
and there seems to be a trade-off
between the Latinas and the

african-americans that’s what you see he
went hard on the sanctuary City stuff
that is very very disturbing it turns
out sanctuary cities are actually safer
the non sanctuary City said he’s a cato
institute which is a libertarian has

come out and said that immigrants are
committing less crime so for some reason
he thinks that doubling down on the
anti-immigrant piece is a big part of
this thing at the same time at warning

the democrats what he was saying to
african-americans can be effective you
may not like it but he mentioned HBCUs
our black colleges have been struggling

for a long time a bunch of them have
gone under
he threw a lifeline to them in real life
and in his budget he talked about that
about the criminal justice reform he
talked about Opportunity Zones this
school choice sure yeah listen wake up

he doesn’t have to be effective you have
to be spacious and the thing about it is
and I think that we got to wake up folks

there’s a whole bubble thing that goes
on we say well he said s whole Nations
therefore all black people gonna hit him
forever that ain’t necessarily so
and I think what you’re gonna see him do
is say you may not like my rhetoric but

look at my results look at my record –
black people if he narrowcast that it’s
going to be effective which means as we
move through this primary process we’ve
got to pay a lot more attention both to
what’s going on in with the Latino vote

we’re gonna get a benefit in terms of
you know having them respond and with
the black vote is there going to be a
split off pretty especially for black
male voters we got to be clinical about
this stuff we get so emotional about it

that was a rope that was a warning to us
a warning shot across the bow at
Democrats that he’s going after enough
black folks to cause us problems
he’s not just a white suburban voters he
wants black vote and you’ll remember
second commercial in the first

commercial block of the Super Bowl was a
trump prison reform ad these things
matter to black Americans African
Americans and also Trump specifically

says historically black colleges and
universities he’s really trying to
communicate to the ados American
descendants of slavery which is which is

I think appreciated because so often as
well black and brown know black and
brown people over there that’s not what
African Americans want to hear they
wanted to hear what Trump had to say and

I think I think that was the the killer
blow well I’ll go back to my reality TV
comment I think what was to me the most

interesting part about it wasn’t these
yeah I had all these guests come out and
they were all many of them in tears for
one reason or another which was again a

reality TV mechanism mm-hmm but it was
the fact that he would say something
like we have to end all crime and he
would get all the Republicans to stand

up and all the Democrats
stay seated and many of them very well
defined because the women decided to
wear white yeah yeah and so there was
like this huge group of people that were

seated with their arms crossed and they
didn’t show in other words they didn’t
want crime to be stopped well there was
a lot of thought murder even even
women’s issues they weren’t standing up
they wouldn’t stand for anything he said

one or two items at Nancy Pelosi in the
she was the cue she would be the one
again she was a reality-tv she would be
the director she would when she would

clap they would clap if she didn’t clap
they didn’t clap if she would stand they
would stand and she shush them too a
couple of times she did she’s just
something and I’m not sure what it was
but she was because they didn’t know

that they were booing and gasping and
sighing and I roll it that was so she
between her horn
no you don’t do that so she’s like the
kind of the stage manager for the

unfortunately on screen the whole time
and did you see pence because he knew
that he wasn’t squarely behind Trump so
he was askew his his right shoulder was
actually not even touching the back of

the chair he was so tilted over to make
sure there grumbling and this she was
chewing on her stop doing that she’s

chewing away she looks terrible and so
that that to me was the best part which
was the yes that yes yes we’re for peace
and prosperity yes we are for peace and

prosperity while the Democrats were
sitting on their hands no we’re against
peace and prosperity we’re off were for
murder they were I think it was a sucker
that he played a sucker he suckered them

you know what you know it was it was
orchestrated so they would be
embarrassed oh yeah and there was a
couple things first of all his hair was
a helmet he would turn his head and and
the back of his hair would brush against

his shoulder and the whole thing went
for look
I kept seeing his hair move like oh man
just a little lighter on the spray in
the back when he was talking about the
two trillion dollars that that we’ve

spent on the military industrial complex
and they cut to the generals I mean this
should have had thought balloons they’re
like do you know what we did with that
where’d it go man where’s all that money

they look shifty they didn’t look very
very confident in this two trillion
dollars they’ve they put into something
now there was another element to this
which was the quote unquote

fact-checking and the fact-checking
thing is getting really old and stale
and one of the things that you if you
notice you listed the facts again they
really didn’t find a lot of facts that

Trump said that we’re wrong they were
just kind of questionable or borderline
or Trump would say something like three
point nine million and they said no it
was three point eight five they were

like really really they’re nitpicking
about some of these facts you know so
they get added to the twenty five
thousand lies I know I’d like to
strengthen your argument because I got a

little tired it’s actually more than
sixteen thousand lies this is this is
the thing this it should be in the Trump
rotation sixteen thousand lies and and
we’re and we’ll get back to State of the

Union I’ll just play this little little
bit of this clip when I saw I saw this
clip of Jimmy Kimmel and that made me
dive into it to find out the moment
Donald Trump put his hand on the Bible
and swore to protect and defend the

Constitution of the United States that
was his first official lie as president
and he just kept going from there
according to the Washington Post since
taking office
Trump has racked up more than 16,000

false or misleading claims sixteen
thousand two hundred forty one lies and
that’s just in public that doesn’t even
include the time he told Don junior he
loves him that GZA so that goes so I

went and found I wanted to find out who
has tracked this since it’s such a thing
16,000 16,000 it’s the Washington Post
the number they are have tried to have a
database and the number is currently

sixteen thousand two hundred and forty
one and of course it’s not
eyes they Titleist false or misleading
claims just the first page just to give
you an idea of what’s in here January 18

2020 Trump said I remember 2016 the
election the fake news they said Trump
was going to have a hard time winning
Texas so that’s one column that’s the

false allegation or the lie on the
right-hand column they have their
debunked statement literally one line
Trump was always going to win Texas
easily so that’s a lie so what he said

there is a lie because that’s their
fact-check Trump was always going to win
Texas easily let’s see a couple of
others since my election night stakes is

before you go on and I like this list
I remember when some people were talking
about both Georgia and Texas possibly
switching over but this but this is this

is my point is it’s very subjective
claims more Jenni okay January 18th 2020
Trump said since my election the United
States has gained 7 million jobs

if I had said that in the campaign trail
the fake news would have gone crazy the
rebuttal cuz this of course is false
Trump sites how many jobs have been

created since the election but not since
the beginning of his administration
we’ve got him since he took office it
was six point six point seven million

okay the next one Jan your January
eighteenth twenty twenty I got it the
unemployment rate is now three point

five percent the lowest in more than 51
years the rebuttal from Washington Post
first I don’t have to do the voice for
some reason Trump always stretches this
climb throughout 2018 and 2019 a low of

three point five percent unemployment
would be the best in 50 years
this is the shit that’s at the top of

the list yes
is 59-51 that’s because they lie because
they feel that when he said it it wasn’t
a year that didn’t have the exact number

so it really was the best in 50 years
and not 51 that’s one of the lies and
that you can go through all 16,000 of
them it’s stuff like that it’s called

aunt fucking and it’s lame although very
entertaining to read it it just you be
it’s crazy it just points out the
insanity these people it’s the

Washington Post the Washington Post is
insane here January 18th
they had to capture them they the
migrants couldn’t get over the wall they

had to send trucks and ladders they got
stuck on top of the wall they couldn’t
get down loaded up the with drugs on
their back the rebuttal news reports say
there’s no evidence to suggest that the

migrants were carrying drugs I mean they
take it so they take such an odd stance
anything – yeah as a result of our
reductions and regulations the average

American household will save $3,100 a
year just on regulation cuts wrong it’s
not 3,100 it’s 3,000 you’re wrong you’re
lying Trump okay he’s doing great for

everybody but he’s a liar because it’s
not 30 100 is 3,000 an income on to that
that kind of stuff that kind of stuff

now yeah I loved how he did some of his
own his own stories when and if you
watch watch the video of course I was
really only watching Nancy

he starts and she’s reading along stop
dad you know I never thought of that
Nancy is what classic Hollywood scene
stealer yes yes you’re right somebody’s

who’s your your eyes can doubt you
mentioned that already remember seeing
Trump’s expressions cuz you’re you just
watching Nancy dance unless his hair

I saw that and then but Nancy so he
starts he stand she’s reading along with
the with this with the script which
around this point she pre-tour I’m sure
you’ve seen that now on Twitter there’s
there’s pig there’s video of it

everywhere she pre tore the pages for
her dramatic tear at the end so this is
probably half an hour before the end she
already had decided that this is what
she was going to do and he starts
reading this horrific story about many a

criminal illegal immigrant who’s you
know and this rampage he went on but as
he starts to go in like California is
the worst with this and of course what

he said was California passed away just
law declaring their whole state to be a
station we’ll get into sanctuary in a
moment but as he’s reading that you need

to go back and watch her face because
you can see she’s reading ahead and see
that he’s going to read this horrific
story of people getting shot at close
range and her mouth falls open and she’s

she’s horrified that he is going to read
this about her a jurisdiction basically
her her state and and that’s when the

whole getting ready to tear the thing
etc but the stang I was Tula I
immediately tried to register sanctuary
calm it’s all registered of course

people much faster than me I have a clip
Scott Adams actually I thought did a
pretty good job of discussing this
particular gaff which was it a gaff was
it not a gaff and I thought this was

pretty funny and my favorite part is
that when the president misspoke he
slurred a word he was trying to save
sanctuary City but it came out statuary
city to which I said to myself he’s a

natural he can make up a nickname kill
shop for a person you know with two
minutes of thought and it’ll be like a

permanent nickname that we all use but
he came up with a San Francisco
linguistic kill shot it’s no longer just
the sanctuary city
that has human feces on the sidewalk it

is quite properly
he’s sanctuary city maybe it’s it sure
seemed like an actual flub but maybe
maybe his brain is so talented

according to Scott Adams that his brain
immediately recovers with something that
the rest of the world will love I don’t
know maybe a lot of one-liners that just
not I didn’t mean to say that came just

from my subconscious yeah and then that
well subconscious is for a thick pine
and when a job well and I’m pretty funny
one moment of the speech I was shocked
horrified dumbfounded I mean this was

the lie there was a huge lie that I
don’t see at the top of the Washington
Post a 16,000 lie database this was the

lie of the evening here this evening
it’s a very brave man who carries with
him the hopes dreams and aspirations of

all Venezuelans joining us in the
gallery is the true and legitimate
president of Venezuela Juan do i do’ he
is not the true legitimate president of

the even of the council or whatever he
was his his so-called term ended he held
his own phony baloneys swearing-in
ceremony he had to pretend to hop over

the wall of the of the Parliament to
make a scene about it he’s not he’s just
not he’s not the legitimate president
that was a total CIA whatever I don’t
know what he was thinking it really

discredited a lot for me like come on
and then grideau it was literally Obama
he just looked like Obama it almost
looked like he did a Vulcan salute yeah

and maybe Trump thought it’d be funny to
have like an Obama guy in the crowd that
he could wave to I don’t know but I was
up not the word I was appalled by that

lie I was appalled by it well this may
be he may have gone along with the
program to get some Kudo
the New York Times who credited as his

speech as a grand slam for some reason I
think you could have just as easily
taken a of this speech and taken to the
opposite approaches and saying how bad

it was as a State of the Union speech
it’s quite easy to do that of course
with any of these things it’s very
of course since the New York Times said
grand slam I’m thinking what what was

the deal here what was the quid pro quo
bruh maybe that was part of it you’re
right the I only got just a little piece
of the of the Democratic response for

good reason because I don’t know what
and it must be something with the the
sound engineers that the Democrats hire
if they’re not screwing up Joe Biden

making sound all distorted one channel
this woman she is what’s her name again
John she’s another of Michigan

yes she’s Gretchen Whitmer yeah it was
almost like you know there’s a ASMR
videos where people you hear them do

that and they’re eating and you hear
stuff closed mic that’s what this was
this woman she had white strands of
sticky saliva in her mouth and the mic

was picking it up groundbreaking
legislation to finally give Medicare the
power to negotiate lower drug prices for
America’s seniors and families those

three bills and more than 275 other
bipartisan bills are just gathering dust
on Senate Majority Leader Mitch
McConnell’s desk

um it’s just everything she said every
word she needed a glass of water or
something and of course you know now the
Democrats are afraid to drink water
because every single time water comes up
in a in a rebuttal to a State of the

Union it’s always a big joke either
you’re drinking too much too little your
spill you know it’s just like it was
the exact opposite of good television it
wasn’t even good YouTube ASMR it was it

was really bad the funny thing she
points out that there go the sin is not
doing anything both course involved us
an impeachment and immediately I do have
this little this is a very short 45

second version of what soon as the
impeachment gavel slammed down and thing
was over there was time left so Mitch
McConnell immediate at least took over
the place as everybody walked out and

this is a little bit of what you got to
hear if you were listening to the after
the impeachment just before he he closed
the sanity’s on all by himself pretty
much doing the following permission we
the undersigned sentence with the

provisions of rule 22 is that this is
what you’re talking about yeah have the
standing rules of the Senate do hereby
move to bring to a close debate on the
nomination of Philip M Halpern of New
York to be United States District Judge

for the Southern District of New York
some by 17 senators as follows I should
know just had to read an IV waive
without objection I ask unanimous
consent that the mandatory quorum calls
for these cloture motions be waived

without objection I ask unanimous
consent the Senate resume legislative
session be in a period of morning
business with senators permitted to
speak for up to ten minutes each he’s
not objection since the Senate proceed

to consideration of s res 493 submitted
earlier today so what he just brought in
seventeen more judges what the hell

already do impress interviews he’s like
let me slip in a few judges while we’re
still here in there and just blew away
everything I mean this well this woman

was bitching a moan about the same yeah
there are doing press conferences and
he’s in there running more judges
through the system with unanimous
consent yes not without objection blah

blah Wow you have to know what you’re
doing to manage this but he was there
doing it and then he closed the Senate
he said there would be absurd until
tomorrow at 11:00 when I was done with

all this stuff it was just it was
unbelievable now so then we had the
really the the scene
stealing moment without a doubt which I
think was very effective in that regard

Pelosi ripping up the the pre torn
speech that was just waiting there for
her to rip
she had three piles so she ripped three
different times make sure every camera
angle got one rip that’s true I saw it I

was watching very closely that’s what
she did and by the way this so-called
snub you know he didn’t shake Pence’s
hand either yes and I wouldn’t have
shaken her head enemy a sawed-off lady

and she started by not saying
traditionally it’s my great honor to
present the the President of the United
States in you know in our house she

didn’t do that
so in who cares but the the ripping of
the speech I thought was very effective
thought it attracts a lot from his
message people are talking about that

and not about some of the other things
that happened according to this edited
c-span montage which of course is
cherry-picked and you know the c-span

has the call-in lines you can call in as
a Republican Democrat or independent and
they opened up the phone lines after the
the State of the Union and this is a

montage of Democrats calling on the
Democrat line again it’s cherry-picked
but it’s enough of them see kind of get
the idea of what people thought of not

even the speech but of Pelosi’s action
I’ve been Democrat for 77 years what I
seen tonight of the Democrat Party I am
changing my mind I mean I probably still

be a Democrat before I’m elected for a
goddamn Democrat never again I’m a
Democrat as well no longer will I vote
Democrat I think it’s outrageous that

they sat there when all these good
things are happening to our country and
how much we love our country and they
looked like they hated our country and
Nancy Pelosi the whole time she’s

sitting up there there was a disgusting
look on her face
it’s outrageous I
never vote Democrat again and I’m sick
of it and my whole family feels the same
way my husband my friends are sitting

here all former Democrats we all voted
for Hillary last time therefore never
ever will we ever vote Democrat again
you know it’s always portrayed that the

Democrats don’t love their country we
love our country and we want to see it
succeed but it appears to us that our
Democratic Party’s been stolen from us
by a bunch of Communists no longer will

our family ever vote Democrat again
I am literally disgusted with Pelosi and
the Democrats behavior the way she

turned up his speech behind him at the
end I was a registered Democrat I’ve
gone independent I’m leaning GOP now
with the simple richt of a paper Nancy

Pelosi has pretty much sealed the deal
of a reelection of Donald Trump just a
selection no one gave me any any other

ones plans could be could be plants
could get all that plants but it was on
c-span and at least three people watched
that so it’s influential it’s like a
podcast on television basically like a

party it’s just like a party so then of
course he had the impeachment vote the
next day and Trump I think he’d already
done this meme before this where it

shows Time magazine Trump twenty twenty
four twenty twenty eight twenty thirty
two and it goes up to sixty thousand or
whatever but but I had my hair done on
Tuesday blue yes indeed and and my

hairdresser is that she’s I consider her
friend she’s been cutting my hair for a

long time she also actually cuts by
coincidence the former New York bankers
haired we are only two male clients and
she I wouldn’t say she’s a Trump hater
but she’s kind of a Trump hater

she’s not you know necessarily a she’s
kind of agnostic but
he straddles she’s able to straddle in
different dimensions but her dad is you
know watches Fox News all day and you

know so she actually said to me at some
point I don’t maybe she was a little
he says you sound just like my dad I’m
like okay well let’s change that because
I that’s really a comparison I don’t

want I don’t want to get a haircut from
someone who’s perfect well but but she’s
very oh and I know we have a good
exchange but then she said something
said I really think he’s a true dictator

I said yeah this is what you’re being
taught you really believe that just well
what if even if he wins re-election what
if he doesn’t want to leave after his
second term now and this is a smart

woman and I looked I said did you really
think you know that this is just
trolling right she says no no I did
really could happen and then I saw Bette

Midler who replied to his tweet with
this this meme of him staying in till
the year 60,000 and this is all caps
because it Bette Midler just types in

all caps I guess he pinned this you
think this is a joke don’t you it’s not
he means that he will change the rules
and his enablers will let him if he wins
again he will rule you until he dies you

die or both then you’ll get you’ll get
and that’s the end of it she could not
contain herself and it’s and she really
believes this and this is a problem if

people don’t see this humor if they
really are taking that seriously that’s
that’s that’s a problem well I don’t
have this clip but it was on on PBS
newshour there was they were discussing

this after the pitch man there was Judy
on the right and then there was a law
professor from Yale or Harvard some
woman to to her right across from her
and then a guy who was a I don’t know

who he was to be honest about it
but he was a brute maybe a Republican
and he said well then he starts talking
about that particular meme he says this
is another example of apparently Trump

knows how to rub there were Democrats
and they and he just loves goading them
cuz he knows all their hot buttons and
it’s he says what’s really bad here is

it shows that there’s a moment in
history where the Democrats seem to have
either no either lost their sense of
humor or have no sense of humor and as
they as they as he’s saying this this

woman this law professor was almost
having a heart attack with a grimace on
her face and she was shaking yeah I’m
thinking wow this guy’s nailing it in

any I said even to my hairdresser said
you know that would be considered
unconstitutional and I know there’s
arguments that the Constitution says you

can yeah no person can be elected to the
vet the presidency twice and so there’s
you know question if you could be come
from you know like Nancy Pelosi you

could become president or Pence could
become president you can only do that
for two years I mean there’s all these
ways are up but honestly if if it came
down to Trump ends his second term won’t

leave office I think I would go to DC to
tell him to get the hell out I mean that
it’s ridiculous for any American to
believe that that the American people
would allow that or somehow this Trump

Army is going to protect them in the
White House no it’s not going to happen
I have to remind people that this meme
which is an old one before the term meme
was being around forever right this goes

back to the when I remember it
personally from Nixon there was Mark
Lane and was out there one of the guys a
big who used to talk about the Kennedy
assassination and he mark Lane said

Nixon was working on work running for
the third term II Davis finished his
second term but that’s okay he’s gonna
go for a third term this came up with
Clinton and this came up wit just never
came up with George HW Bush because he

never got in twice but this came up with
Clinton and Obama with George Bush and
Obama too and Obama
that’s right Obama I remember it with
Obama I should have mentioned this is
bullcrap but it’s funny and I think you

did this on purpose knowing it’s gonna
get there one old
stop forgot to mention during the the
stank chew area statuary city dead
so today right after the the stank of

the Union Homeland Security I think it’s
acting Homeland Security Secretary said
the Department Homeland Security because

New York State has declared itself a
sanctuary sanctuary sate statuary State
we are immediately suspending enrollment
in global entry and all other trusted

traveler programs for all New York State
residents fantastic move because they
saying it’s like hey you got people who
could be there illegally who who have

can come into the country without being
checked because I’ve got Global Entry
that’s over in OMA now you still get you
can still do pre check but all of the
quick entry to the country programs are

suspended for anyone from New York
that’s can you imagine how many elites
with the plebs let’s make some work of

this damn it that bastard Trump yeah
crap such a crap yeah that was if that
was a pretty slick move move

yeah but there’s logic behind it well
sure drama says Trump says they’re gonna
pass it because they had that get poor
guy up there crying but Trump said in

the State of the Union speeches are
gonna pass a law that makes it you
you’re able to sue a sanctuary City if
some illegal all right right right kills

you in that city you can sue the city
and for allowing that guy to be there
instead of you know sending them off to
ice I gotta tell you this the illegals

it’s a problem and I’ll and I’ll tell
you know they also just allowed everyone
in New York state to have driver’s
they’re illegal or not so Texas does not
allow that but people drive without

licenses and for the second time it
the that happened was it Thursday after
the show as a little like Vietnamese
place at the keeper was working late so

I drive there parked my car you know in
the in a parking bay and a guy that
turns in he’s got an old cab repainted a
kind of yellow green and it’s the paint

that the kindergartners used to paint
with you know has that kind of really
rough feel to it and if you if you pass
your hand over the car the kind of paint
comes off so yeah of course he turned

right into the back of my car you know
I’ve got yellow green paint all over the
bumper it’s damaged it’s you know
scratch the whole thing’s a mess no
insurance of course the second time it’s

like no insurance you know I’m sorry man
makes me mad well yeah but I have to
assume that you’re not the only guy in

lists are targeting you that’s getting
involved with these guys floating around
with no insurance nobody please don’t do
jack about it I know but you know it’s
like okay so you know he paid me some
money and he can pay me some more next

month and I don’t want to say any one to
jail and I don’t want to do that but
like yeah come on let’s just you need
insurance you’re gonna drive follow some
rules damn it

pisses me off apparently well yes it
does it does it does
I think your car there’s your fault yeah
it is my London sorry I exist um well I

think is that it for for the State of
the Union I think we’ve done everything
yeah I got one here there was one clip

did yeah I wanted to mention that just
to get some of this out of the way this
is a Minnesota collecting personal
information because there used to be a

caucus state now they’re trying to be a
primary state and now it’s become a big
big to-do because they’re collecting
personal information to get you to
register play that clip and get it out
of the way see it’s taking center stage

just days before the Minnesota
Legislature heads back to
Work Secretary of State Steve Simon
wants your information to remain private
for the first time Minnesota is holding
a primary to vote for presidential

candidates that means voters here will
have to declare a party to get a ballot
as it stands now that information will
then be shared with all four major
political parties in Minnesota Democrats
Republicans and to marijuana parties

there are no limitations in the law
whatsoever on what the political parties
can do with that data they could sell it
they could give it to a vendor they
could give it to a friend group they
could even post it online if they wanted

to Oh boohoo boohoo you think that’s
what a party’s that’s not that’s not bad
this is a quick OTG segment one clip
only no jingles this is what’s coming
introducing watchman home by reek or a

first-of-its-kind license plate
recognition solution designed for
everyday use by utilizing your existing
security cameras to recognize the
license plate of a vehicle watchman home

gives you the ability to protect your
family and neighborhood while also
further automating your smart home with
watchman enhancing your home security

system is easy simply enter the license
plates of priority vehicles to receive
notifications the instant they drive by
your property now your child made it
home safely and even deter that pesky

package thief
and enhanced home security is just the
beginning because our software is built
with AI and machine learning we’re big
fans of the smart home using those same

priority license plates connect watchman
home to your favorite smart assistant to
open up your garage door turn on your
lights unlock your front door and more
at just five dollars a month Watchmen

home provides sensible security and
countless capabilities upgrade your
cameras today and detect license plates
the watchman way so of course that only

means that all these cameras which are
already used to surveil people and

police have access to it and it’s all
run by evil Corp Amazon yeah now we can
have you love license-plate recognition
put some license plates in there so we
know who you trust and we promise we’ll

just store that in the cloud it’s not a
problem it’s it’s only a matter of time
before we we as citizens will have
access to to these back-end databases

you know the face of relational
recognition theme the same thing you
just walked past someone hold your phone
up it’ll flash like douchebag okay I’ll

just leave you alone want to talk to you
it’s gonna change things so dramatically
and people will see it as great like
this you know something that the idea is
that is the problem you wrote you

identifying that problem yeah you so
here’s here’s how they’re selling this
is great the video is even a little
better it’s in the show notes in a show
notes calm you because you have your own
license plate of course you want to put
that in there and you pay it you pay for

the privilege pay five dollars for a
random wat the company called watchman
thanks to spy on you so when you roll up
to your house it’ll automatically

identify your license plate and open the
garage door
this is progress so so in other words if
I’m a thief and I know where you live

you and I’m driving around a car with
green paint on it
I can like back up block your way out
you could be in an argument to me while

an accomplice of mine goes into the
front of your car bending down they
can’t see it you can’t see him
takes your license plate off runs it
over to another car puts it on real
quickly while you’re still in a dispute

with the guy jumps in the car drives
over to your place drives up to the
driveway the garage door opens because
they see your license plate he drives
into the garage door doors and robbed

your house doors unlock automatically
lights go on and some nice music comes
on so you can rob in peace in peace
plunderers you’re there to pick up teen

hour something meet up with her and so
you just know about the house it would
might what I just described as a
scenario how would that not work oh it’s
going to work it’s totally gonna work so

yeah there you go there’s your future yo
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on a backtrack and go back to Victor
Victor Vasquez in San Antonio he did
send something in it was he sent in a
Fiesta Texas Fiesta stuff couple of

challenge coins one you got one oh and
he said a copy of twit magazine I got
this hold on a second before you reveal

I received from him I did get a
challenge coin the info technology
challenge coin but then thought I don’t
know if you got this I got a beautiful

Beto 2020 let me see what he categorizes
it here as collectible San Antonio
Fiesta pin medal of Beto 2020 it has a

blue ribbon and this Beto on the
skateboard that’s the one you got as
well I think so very collectible what a
what a beautiful item we’ll have about a

hundred these on sale here at QVC so
once you get on in on this item right
now and call them but the TWiT magazine
I didn’t even I left it in the envelope
did you go through it that’s yes I

didn’t want this laying around the house
so his point of sending this it’s twit
this week in Texas and it is a little
magazine and he sent it to prove that

the name twit was used way before it was
this week in technology the the
interesting well you would you describe
this twit magazine – well let’s just say
I’ll put a P I’ll try to remember to put

a picture of the cover in the next
newsletter if you notice subscribe
you’re gonna miss oh yeah you’re missing
out if you do and so yeah it’s a it’s a

gay magazine for that highlights bars
and activities of the gay men in the
Texas area Texas very hunky nude men in

this match well buffed guys this is a
lot of chests you know this seems to me
if he is legal to have a guy’s chest
like that exposed women should

any law against that either I but I
digress they do have all the bars listen
that I didn’t know he sent you a copy
because I was gonna recommend some of
these bars to you just casually there is

one difference between twit the magazine
and twit the the network the magazine
doesn’t actually have dick pics so

that’s the big difference yes saving it
all day brother is a very it’s very
funny magazine but it’s extremely but

anyway the the names at classic like San
Francisco has a lot of really fabulous
bar names that are pretty obviously you
only idiots would not know that they
were gay bars right but the one there I
thought was the iron bear in Austin iron

let’s have to meet up there that’ll be
great that sounds good oh man

let’s see tell you this let’s do
something about anything but Trump well

I got the Weinstein if you wanted
oh no that of course we want the
Weinstein I think that this clip well
before we do it I do have a humorous

clip this is what Weinstein isn’t
humorous well not as humorous is this
this is the unavailable for comment
clip from KTLA’s a few months is
something like six months ago somebody

sent it to me classic TV a gaffe of not
unknown gaffe to it
a classic stand-up woman is out in the
street somewhere we’re doing a story we
tried to reach out to the man who died

in this pursuit they were unavailable
for comment
might go back to you
I thought we played that one already I
know it’s still I played a million times
yeah the dead person was unavailable it

remains still we’ve checked this still
unavailable for coming did we keep
trying it won’t talk alright now this is

disgusting if anybody has kids that they
don’t want listening to this I of course
not the kids I want to listen to it it’s
pretty gruesome
this is worse I think than the other
clip and I very quite I think it’s

questionable but again this went over
the air so I have to assume the FCC
approved of this sort of thing or what I
did but this is a another woman who came
on who she’s not really one of the

complainants but she might as well be
and this is said she but she’s backing
up the complaint that Harvey was a creep
we learned a few new things this is
Lauren young and she’s being examined by

the prosecutor and told to describe no
but I’m sorry this is once again a court
TV Court TV calamitous reenactment and
this transcript I just wanted because

it’s important that we set that up
properly this was a winning segment on
the last show so many people even
lawyers like oh my god this is insane
and it’s such a brilliant idea why these

guys don’t turn this into a podcast
they’re wasting their time on television
because this is some of the best audio
entertainment I have ever heard

well this case is pretty bit this is
worse than the last one I did cut it
down this is from a six-minute clip I
cut it down to take out some of the
foundational questions that the lawyer

would ask to create a foundation for
another question and a lot of it was
pretty bold I’m sorry wanna so that when
you hear the lawyers say because there
was some question about that from the
previous clip foundational what does

that actually mean cuz you kind of
explained it there because it seems to
be just jump into a question without
laying down a foundation that makes it
okay to jump into that question without

getting a objection for relevance to
kind of the opposite of how we operate
on this show yeah we and so then of
course the way I clip this down I just

pretty much put the good stuff in hello
if you want to call it good stuff we
learn more about Harvey’s private parts
that we didn’t want to know and they

paste apparently they pet I surround
pictures of him on to the jury and
Harvey’s sitting now this guy must be on
on Prozac or something to be able to put
up with this without just saying I’m

guilty I’m guilty throw me in jail I
can’t take it anymore but here we go
good afternoon good afternoon we left
off this morning with you having
followed the defendant into a bathroom
correct what point did you realize that

you were headed into a bathroom once I
made that last right turn and was
entering the bathroom is when I realized
there was no other room outside of the
bathroom again

what reason had the defendant given you
for having left to that bar area to
continue our discussion about America’s
Next Top Model and did he indicate that
he had somewhere to go at that point
that he had to go and accept an award
with Quentin Tarantino I’m going to put

up on the screen briefly people’s
exhibit 87 and evidence if you could
describe for the jury what happened at
the point you got into the bathroom so I
followed Harvey in and Claudia’s behind

me and as I step into the bathroom
there’s a mirror straight ahead and I
look in it and behind me I see Claudia
closing the door Harvey went straight to
the left into the shower opened it
turned it on and already started

undressing I turned around and the door
was finishing being shut I stood there
in shock at first I started nervously
laughing and shaking my head and I went
to go towards the door to approach it

and he was already naked at that point
it’s the quickest I’ve ever seen anybody
undress and he stepped in front of me
when I went to approach the door with
his naked body at that point he was
right in front of me and the door was

right the shower door was right behind
him and it was also blocking the door to
the bathroom and I could see a shadow
through the door and underneath that
someone claudia was still standing there
what happens next so as I approached the
door and he gets in front of me he

starts no we’re just gonna have a talk
here we’re just talking like it was
nothing that he was naked rinsing off
real quick and I just
here for just what I thought was to
continue a conversation and he starts
approaching me and I’m backed up I

backed up towards the sinks there are
two things so I turn because I did not
want to look at his naked body and he
came behind me and unzipped my dress and
he started pulling it down I was wearing
a white dress with lace and another

under gown this look underneath it and
he m in zipped it and started pulling it
down and turned me around and then he
was masturbating and grabbing my boob
with his his my right breast with his
left hand and with his right hand saying

how am I going to know if you can act
and I said no no no the whole time then
I had a boyfriend that I was not
interested my hands were down his line
was I want to make sure you can act is

that what it was yeah that’s fantastic
and then he was masturbating and
grabbing my his my right breast with his
left hand and with his right hand saying

how am I going to know if you can act
and I said no no no the whole time that
I had a boyfriend that I was not
interested my hands were down to my side
because the dress was pulled down

towards my elbows and my breasts were
out and at that point he went from
grabbing my breasts my right breast to
touching my vagina my hands were still
down by my side so I blocked him with my
hands and he continued to masturbate and
ejaculated on the towel and he

approached me he quickly dried off with
and dropped as soon as he approached me
he ejaculated onto that towel what
happens next
he left the bathroom first and I stayed
standing there in shock do you remember

anything about his body or at that point
that he took off his clothes yes can you
describe that for the jury I remember
his body was hairy had moles like on his
rolls he had some rolls and can’t kind

of a disgusting looking penis when you
say that could you just describe what
you mean yes objection overruled
it looked like it had been cut and sewn
back on and not like a normal-looking

scar from circumcision it did not
something didn’t look normal and I just
remember noticing that and I didn’t
really see a sec it just seemed like you
know the penis did you at some point in

October 2018 meet with people from the
LAPD yes at that point did you attempt
to describe what you were just described
to the jury yes did they ask you to draw
a picture of what you remembered about

the defendants body
yes they did Wow so first of all you
probably should have disclaimed a little
bit more this can be this can be
triggering and shocking to some who have
been in a similar situation yes even our

producers can be shocked by this
the sad part is I’ve read there’s a big
article about his lawyer and if you’ve

seen this is the woman who defends
sexual predators she’s only ever lost
one case reading through what she says
and how she interprets the evidence he’s

gonna get off and it’s not a double
entendre joke he will not be convicted
of these crimes there’s only two left of
this of which this is one I think this

is just one trial for these two women
he’s not going to get convicted I hate
to say it no I felt that way too
now the thing that was interesting in a
bad way is that I believe that he must

have had there was a period of time in
this 70s you’re going to going to the
genitals yes I’m interested in your take
on this where there was a period of time

where you could have this operation to
make your penis longer it was a it was
like a popular operation I think and I

think Hollywood people would probably be
susceptible to this kind of thing cuz
they’re so susceptible to anything I
think he had one of those operations cuz
the way she describes it it sounds as

though he had a you know a a transplant
Wow and and no testicles apparently and
scarves Dini crappy-looking

well no she said she said it was B fat
rolls with lots of moles it was beeped
out but I think she said it looked like
he didn’t have any ball sack I think
that’s where the term she used that was

then bleeped out but it’s it’s
oh my goodness well this whole testimony
is just and this by the way is just I
cut this down to three minutes of a

of hours and hours of different women
coming out with these horrible stories
and it’s really Court TVs really has to
be commended for bringing some of this

changing the way these are presented
they’ve done a really masterful job and
they this is not the only case they’re
discussing those other cases a lot of
murder cases and serial killers they

have a lot of different people that they
they’re following but it’s an
astonishing product and you can get it
on you as you said it’s on Pluto it’s
mostly over-the-air around the country

on a subcarrier like this is on Channel
I think this is for me it’s channel 4.4
oh it’s over the yeah yeah that’s why
it’s 4.4 of course of course yeah yeah

Wow all right well that was a winner
Hahn flew update or the comb flew as we

as we call it a couple of producer notes
that are I think interesting to know how
this is being handled certainly in the

United States Adam and John my coworker
Jerry and his wife flew home last
Thursday nobody said anything to when
they arrived in the US because they came
in from China they thought someone from
the CDC or the airline would want

information nothing GE told them to stay
home for 14 days before coming back to
work that’s it then we have producer
Steve Adam in case you’re interested

regarding the economic impact of
coronavirus here’s something anecdotal
I’m a small manufacturer I’m in the
process of prototyping a new piece and
missed the Spring Festival

aka Chinese New Year deadline in January
that means the circuit board designs I
submitted after January 19th won’t begin
until the factory reopens in February
first but when I checked my order status

February first was notified the factory
would now remain closed on February 10th
due to an internal public travel ban
basically means I won’t be able to do
any revenue generating activity for the
new gear this month I’m

already prepared for boom bust on the
sell-through side but combining that
with the supply problem makes the
butthole pucker a bit yeah you know
people often think only about maybe
Apple but there’s a lot of small

businesses that depend on the JIT the
just-in-time supply chain from China and
an anonymous note the Postal Service in
Australia is telling its workers the

virus can’t live outside the human body
for more than two hours so no need to be
worried about the hundreds of Chinese
parcels that are handled every day the
hospitals and medical professionals I

have spoken to say the virus will stay
on a contaminated thing dormant for two
weeks and still active I don’t know if
that’s true but that’s what our producer
writes once activated the contamination
is permanent and dangerous

I feel the missing from information
postal workers are being exposed to will
increase the spread and severity of the
pandemic please help raise awareness his
herpes for the lungs may be true I don’t
know but I’m still kind of sticking with

the you know the the targeted nature of
this that we were talking about on
another brilliant animated No Agenda
episode thank you Dame Jennifer that was

yeah I hope we get some real viral
traction on on that because that was one
of the best d constructions of the wuhan
virus that i think anyone’s done

anywhere and it was hilarious
hilarious yes indeed Hong Kong unveiling
electronic tracking bracelets for people

who have what Wuhan and Ark warranty to
their home 500 already put out there we
have officially designated camp Ashland

Nebraska for quarantine that is an
actual Fema camp ladies and gentlemen
we’re getting there we’re getting to the
FEMA camps next we need we need to have

pictures of thousands of body bags
thousands have you seen the pictures
though in wuhan people are so freaked
out they’re throwing their pets out the

you have not seen that oh yeah there’s
just dead dogs all over the place
throwing their pets out though they’re
afraid the pets you know the information
flow is is not the best I guess in China

no I don’t think it’s the best and and
so they’re afraid that their pets may be
carrying the virus and so they throw
them out the window

they can’t go outside no it’s not right
at all but that is what’s happening
that’s good story’s not going away and

then the one thing I wanted to bring up
cuz it was irritating me and now I’d now
it’s kind of freaking me out a little
bit when the wind the China trade deal

phase one came out you know this is tout
as a big deal and we’ve got this two
hundred million two hundred billion
dollars that the Chinese are gonna spend

and so I read through this document just
to see kind of what it was and it’s it’s
a very typical you know document between
big countries I’m actually bringing it

up right now because there was one the
very last line in this Agreement is
gonna scroll back through the PDF here
yes the very last line is it not in this

part is you know you always have the you
know what can what can break the deal

apart you know you always have some kind
of provision yeah the out clause the out
clause and I’m not sure why I’m not

seeing it here but the clause says I
wish I could quote it for you verbatim
the clause says that should anything
happen to either parties beyond their
control this would normally be called

the force majeure clause but they don’t
say that so this is like an act of God
or anything that happens outside of the
party’s control then the parties will
immediately get back together and

basically the deal then gets reset
which is not abnormal you know what if
all of a sudden you know we get attacked
by New Zealand and you know and and we
have different priorities or whatever

you know we have to change we have to
sell our corn somewhere else which is
fine however this agreement was signed
on January 15 2020 when the Chinese
fully well knew they had an epidemic

going on in Wuhan and that I think is
not in good faith they knew it and they
signed it with this clause in it well a

lot of people say that that’s what the
Chinese do well pretty low if that’s
indeed what they did that’s why the
Chinese themselves won’t do business

with themselves unless they’re you know
the person for pretty much their entire
life which is if you want to do business
with Chinese and you want to and they’re

legit but you don’t you can’t take a
chance you have to do a lot a a lot of
being friendly in knowing them and
making sure you’re not a criminal kind

of thing for a day I mean they do that
with you you have to prove yourself and
you have to think the Chinese they have
to do the same thing I hope that this is
a lesson to to us in many other
countries and people and manufacturers

who do business with China you know
everything’s great and hunky-dory until
you know you learn that hey there’s got
until those guys don’t really have this
don’t follow the same laws as we do even

the same cultural agreements and yeah
you’ve got billions of dollars held up
and you’re screwed you know then so in a
way the crazy old coot our commerce
secretary Wilbur he’s right by saying no

this should probably be good for us
it’ll build up some capacity in the US
I’m still I still don’t think that this
is going to affect Caucasians you know
there’s now kind of kind of evidence

saying that this may have actually come
out of the Middle East and it was
adapted and through the Netherlands it
was smuggled back into China and you

know it is a bioweapon and in fact if
you look at the
the the increase month no day over day
starting January 30th here’s the numbers

January 30th 170 deaths confirmed cases
seven thousand eight hundred and twenty
one that’s a two point one percent death

rate January 31st 213 deaths confirmed
9800 guess what 2.1 percent fatality
rate february first two hundred fifty

nine deaths eleven thousand eight
hundred eighty diagnosed guess what to
put its two point one percent death rate
every single day that’s interesting this
from a mathematical standpoint is it

engineered to do that I don’t know the
main thing is we don’t know and I
thought with Trump saying pretty much
nothing other than yeah we got to be

careful of this stuff keys all over this
he’s got to know what’s going on he must
I’d still think he’s holding something
over them whatever’s going on well it’ll
come out eventually in the wash but we
are not being the Troy had told the

truth about any no you don’t know
anything you don’t know
JC dig up some more stuff yeah well I
got a couple leftover things talking

about this kind of harum-scarum moment
this has not been played anywhere except
in Minnesota and I only caught it
because I’m listening to CBS and
Minnesota but this is the fake emergency

message if you heard about this no I
haven’t but we’re about to a number of
Minnesotans got a dose of panic with
their breakfast this morning an
emergency alert system sent them a

message to evacuate the message was part
of a weekly test by Minnesota’s homeland
security and emergency management
it was mistakenly sent to residents of
six northern counties as Bill Hudson

explains now the state is trying to
determine what went wrong
for many folks in Pine City the day
began with a far more disturbing tune at

7:52 a.m. cellphone sounded with an
emergency alert evacuate now well it
would sort of concern me but I wouldn’t
know what to do or where to go on the to

be worried to evacuate to Pine County
emergency management coordinator Denise
Baron says dispatch was overwhelmed with
panic phone calls the state’s message
was both alarming and vague it hits the

AT&T phones not Verizon phones on
primary for this Kony and created panic
the alert omitted the words it was only
a test and was not intended to go public

the probes now underway to find out what
went wrong
homeland security emergency management
reached out to every 911 call center in
the state of Minnesota to let them know
of the message that had gone out in it

furtively they did that within 10
minutes yeah again the report goes on by
the way and it equates it with the
situation in Hawaii

sure was sure but it was like this was a
story nobody wants to pass around story
of course we don’t want people that
losing faith in technology you know like

during caucuses and stuff so pathetic
and of course amidst all of this actual
news as reported only by one America

news is not reported at least I would
expect PBS NPR to be all over this
FBI head of Christopher ray in a
statement to a FISA Court Friday

apologized in response to a scorching
DOJ Inspector General report exposing
FBI abuse of wiretapping and
surveillance warrants issued under the
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

otherwise known as FISA Ray’s apology it
comes as a result of a FISA Court
looking into the wrongful surveillance
of Trump advisor Carter page in a
statement to the FISA Court ray writes

that the FBI’s behavior surveilling the
Trump campaign was quote unacceptable
and unrepresentative of the FBI as an
institution and that the FBI deeply
regrets the errors

missions identified by the inspector
general errors and emissions that
allowed the FBI to continue to surveil
what we have now learned completely
innocent Trump Associates like Carter
Paige George papadopolis and general

Mike Flynn president Trump responded to
the apology on Twitter indignant at the
lack of justice for those harmed by
these FBI abuses of power Chris what
about all of the lives that were ruined

because of the so-called errors are
these dirty cops going to pay a big
price for the fraud they committed
president Trump has relentlessly
attacked FBI leadership for being quote

crooked this admission from Ray is
vindicating not only to President Trump
but for the Washington set that has long
suspected the FBI to be a corrupt and
politically weaponized institution and

of course the way this was produced and
her read doesn’t make it any more
interesting become people to follow
obviously this is a problem you have a
news organization that’s actually

breaking stuff that the other people
won’t touch with a ten-foot can put a
ten-foot pole they won’t touch it this
story will not be touched but the
present day and I don’t want to demean

anybody but if but they really need to
bring their game up a little bit a
little bit they got to bring their
a-game big-time big-time sounds like a
high school production well you know the

corrida vorak consulting group is
available for side gigs and there are a
lot of people out there with enough
talent to do that’s work anything you
think just two quickies hear from two

cool producers Adam and John I heard you
mentioned the No Agenda chicken recipe
the other day
I gave the link to my wife she suddenly

decided to make it we had it tonight
it’s really good
thanks for the recipe says Mark
anonymous PS here’s my wife with the
finished product by the way she wrote
the 70s Helen Reddy song ain’t no way to

treat a lady how about that Wow we have
got so much talent that listens to this
show it’s ridiculous and the other
talent is laser crafters

la se RK our aft ers laser crafters LLC
they just started they got a this don
been working with mark one of your

artists to print his art using my co2
laser laser to engrave four millimeter
cast acrylic which includes a solid

beechwood light base we think it’s a
great format for your producers to
display their support of the show on
their desktop or uses a nightlight for
their Human Resources it’s on Etsy and I

put this link it’s under a cool na
lights in the show notes it’s really
cool you know the t-shirt my favorite
t-shirt the one that has the 33 and the
kind of almost like a test pattern with

the swords crossing in the middle yeah
that one so they have that one and it’s
acrylic and the the base it’s a green
light and it shines it looks really
really fun

it looks like code yeah it does look
like code a little bit just want your
desk put it up in your bookshelf and
people like walk in your office will see
it and go and just like no agenda shop

they’ll be giving up
proceeds of these cool no agenda lights
between the artists the show and
themselves and we appreciate that and I
don’t I mean I got I could go on forever

but I think we should probably
apparently you could but you can’t you
can’t because time is running out there
you go
we’re done I only clips I have can be
easily moved around I’m not gonna now

we’re gonna move the affiliates are
already pissed all week for the past
this month we’ve been late I got nothing
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right that’s right that’ll do it for
today thank you all for supporting the

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which is Chris Wilson phantom bill and
John Fletcher Sunday Jeffrey Epstein to
kill itself


the case it was incredible and the
evidence invisible witness even listen

well it’s finishing up remember rules

she’s about to make American credit this
is no

the searchable

we are a big tent party at a place
called huh so we have tens of thousands

of people outside and I said folks I
have the greatest idea all of my people
I say at the greater said it was so
small right here’s what we’re gonna do
we’ve got the party that’s a very

different party a much stronger a much
more inclusive party we have a party
that we love that was a big thing and by
the way we’re winning winning winning
like never before winning winning like

never before like never before
what you see is so sick we’ve got a
party we’ve got a party we’ve got a

party that waited for two weeks three
weeks four weeks weeks we’ve got a party
we’ve got a party we are creating a

pathway to buy drugs from Canada we can
buy the drugs in Canada for 50% less the
same drugs made in the same
drugs drugs drugs drugs drugs from

Canada it’s a very different party much
more inclusive party a much stronger
party we have a party that we love
pipelines are good they’re underground

we have a party that we love we have
like a giant tree you plant it but it
takes time there grab on

nobody knows what’s going on a boop boop
and nobody knows what’s going on with
have you got

nobody knows but for when I
nobody knows what’s going on we salute


for an org slash and a backup and a
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