No Agenda Episode 1215: “Omnipocalypse”

he’s a classic Nazi atom curry
John C. Dvorak Sunday February 9 2020
this is your award-winning Gitmo nation
media assassination episode 1215 this is
no agenda

the drone star state in the morning
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon

Valley where I’m selling off my closet
I’m Jesse Dvorak oK you’ve got me
interested the closet or the contents of

the closet are the contents of the
closet oh my goodness
this is a treasure trove yeah are you
are you putting it on Etsy
the first item fred is gonna be done two

item by item wait a minute
I don’t understand what you’re in you’re
a classically trained archivist yeah why
would you consider giving anything away

I’m not giving it away I mean I like
getting rid of anything I understand and
how did you come to this this is this is
big news it’s shocking because I’m

worried about a couple of the items I
know they’re gonna end up getting
damaged or something is gonna and they
should be in the hands of a capable
fellow archivist oh my goodness okay are
you gonna do an item per item and can we

discuss each one on a different episode
of the show yeah okay what’s today what
do we have on the docket I have a
Microsoft Bob frisbee oh my goodness
okay we will be posting a picture later

of course I have it of this fine fine
the collector’s item and what do you
hope to get for this item on today’s
show Jon hundred bucks a hundred okay
great well and how many items do you

think you have how long will it take
about a year before we got here into
everything here in two years wow that’s
fantastic I’m very excited about this

this estate stay estate sale estate
stank stank stank sale okay
oh by the way I should mention the

Microsoft Bob frisbee
he has never been flown it’s just as
virgin it doesn’t have plastic on it or
any other markings that they will prove

its virginity you can just look at it
entails never been used okay virgin Bob
everybody one hundred dollars can’t wait
it’s very exciting

well you know what since we’re just kind
of getting off to a a different start
there was something that happened on the
last show that we as marketers branders
marketers advertising executives you

know should be kind of interested in yes
and as I’d like to put it marketeer
marketeers yes let me see okay right

away everything that I wanted to do of
course falls apart let me play for you

the piece from the show and Tina
actually called me kind of called me out

on this she said what was going on there
what it what exactly did you think you
recalled remembered what did you really
know what John was talking about this is
from twelve fourteen this is about the
Superbowl advertisements he had a lot of

screwy stuff too in the Google ad was
creepy that was like enjoyable cuz it
was so bad which one was that
which oh oh my gosh that was horrible
trying I just worst ad where I think it

was the worst dad yeah explain it again
I don’t remember
creepy Google ad was not effective in
terms of memory no so here is what

happened I remember I because Tina asked
me did because use that you kind of
pretended like you knew what it was and
then you said John why don’t you tell us
you’re fully well knowing that I

wouldn’t really remember what was going
on and then you didn’t remember I was
immediately looking at the troll room to
see if they remember Tina told me about
this and said she didn’t remember the ad

either so I figured we’d play the ad
hey Google showed me photos of me and

Loretta do you remember what the ad was
oh yeah here’s the nutty part the ad is
literally for a service that helps you
remember and neither you me the troll

room or my wife could remember the ad
this has to be some subliminal thing
that is wrong with this advertisement or
right with it say what all right with it

Oh what no but if they’re trying if
they’re trying to promote something to
help you remember you should at least

can’t remember your brain so this is the
and the reason it was kind of creepy is
because it was clearly an old guy whose
wife had died and he’s saying all you

ever remember all this google remember
it for me and then Google of course
remembers and will tell him and you know
it was just there’s something about what
was going on that that no one remembered

the actual ad night I just wanted to put
that as a data point also a data point
to this comment okay here’s the problem
what was with all these callbacks to the
60s and 70s how old was this audience

exactly that ad was for 80 year olds oh
that’s an interesting connection yeah

well the audio call backs were annoying
I mean I mean they weren’t to me I got
all of them but you know I’m sitting
there watching it with J and she’s

looking at it going huh what do you
think that’s about I didn’t know there’s
no way you would know I have to these
callbacks I mean they’re all that was
missing was an F Troop to call back F
Troop that’s even hard for me to

remember all right we have maybe before
we get into debates we do just something
a little more international for
everybody even seeing the the ratings of

the debates people don’t care that much
more in America just as a as a little
debate subside interest well why don’t
why don’t we you want to do some Wuhan

flu to get that out of the way first
what do you got what I got I got this
guy he’s a professor at University of

Chicago I think that’s where he’s from
his name is dr. Boyle he’s actually the
guy Boyle have you heard of does his

first name Lance that would be funny
wouldn’t it no let me see if I can find
his first Frant
well cliff Francis Boyle he is the and

he drafted the biological weapons act
and he still he still works at the at
the University at Chicago see which one

it is before we do well then before we
play that let’s play the update on PBS
of the coronavirus story that came out
on Saturday and they’ll go right into
that okay and it’s titled run a virus

update Saturday all right here we go
US officials announced today that an
American citizen has died from the
corona virus in the Chinese city of
Wuhan the 60 year-old woman who died on

Thursday reportedly had underlying
health issues before becoming the first
known American fatality from the illness
as the death toll rises and the virus
spreads authorities from around the

world are taking strict precautions to
slow the spread of the deadly disease
Hong Kong said today that it will begin
enforcing a mandatory quarantine for
anyone arriving from mainland China and
3,700 people are being ordered to remain

aboard a cruise ship for 14 days after
64 passengers tested positive for the
the corona virus has infected nearly
35,000 people globally since it was

first detected in December right so the
the main issues the things that that I’m
hearing but of course have no evidence
of because we really don’t know how
honest the Communist Party of China is
being that every number you hear you

should probably just multiply it by 10
that’s the general consensus among
people discussing it at great length dr.
Francis Boyle has drafted the US
domestic implement implementing

legislation for the biological weapons
convention known as the bio lab
biological weapons anti-terrorism Act of
1989 that was approved by both house the
US and signed the law by HW Bush and he

really doesn’t get on mainstream media
anymore I’m not sure why I have a
feeling that he might have said
something during SARS that pissed
somebody off and they just ignored so he

shows up on all kinds of other podcasts
and radio shows this is this is my
favorite radio station kay poo KP oo a
familiar with capo FM k poo everybody

serious I routinely monitor outbreaks of
disease around the world we’ll both for
humans and animals to see if there might

be a biological warfare agent at work so
I followed what was going on there at
Wuhan and eventually reached the

conclusion that what we are dealing here
is an offense and biological warfare
agent that leaked out of the Wuhan

biosafety level four
let’s back up now you’re asking the
rhetorical question at the beginning of

this clip why they don’t bring this guy
on he seems to be marginalized yes I
think he was marginalized before the

Wuhan outbreak it here’s his full
credits bachelor he’s not a he’s not a
medical doctor which makes it a little
more interesting slash challenging

Bachelor of Arts University of Chicago
JD magna cum laude from Harvard Law
School Master of Arts Doctor of
Philosophy else from Harvard so he’s he
is not a medically sound like a very

smart person well yes you get a JD from
Harvard magna cum laude you’re not no
slouch but again here he is saying stuff
that for whatever reason including

widespread panic is not allowed on them
for them that leap out of the Wuhan
biosafety level for laboratory there
that has been DNA genetically engineered

with gain-of-function properties that
simply accelerates the DNA genetically
engineering for a bio warfare agent in

the first place and as far as I can tell
right now Steve just having read the
public record it does appear is if it’s

a combination of what’s called a camera
that basically you have the SARS and we
know that that facility has previously

worked with stars and stars leaked out
of there at least twice before combined
with the flu virus and appears also are
combined with HIV that you know leads to

AIDS at a minimum here’s probably why it
got marginalized October 26 2010 boils
sharply criticized Barack Obama and

Hillary Clinton
stating that quote Obama was bought and
paid for by Zionists
that’s why Rahm Emanuel was his chief of
staff until just recently when he
decided to run for mayor of Chicago a

man yell was bought and paid for it to
be put in there the same way Dennis Ross
and the white house mrs. Clinton sold
her soul to the Zionists in New York to
get elected as senator from New York
yeah I think that is what kind of to

kicked-off means that gotta fly that
doesn’t work so here’s the second part
of his his analysis it’s my opinion it
you know it’s extremely dangerous the
Chinese government the first case was

December 1st it had nothing at all to do
with the you know the food central their
that’s just baloney and propaganda
clearly the son Chinese government knew

about it probably right around December
1 the first human to human transition
transmission was December 15 so the
Chinese government has been lying about

it since then this is a specially
designated WH old research lab now
imagine that the w-h-o especially
designating a bio warfare lab so the

whu-oh is in on this
these bsl-4 facilities are only good for
research developing testing and
stockpiling biological warfare weapons

so of course we don’t know and I take
this guy’s word for it no worse or
better than anybody else’s and no one

really has information the question is
if this did it really just leaked out if
this was some flu or some some virus it
appears as as many if now the scene that

appears to really affect Chinese and men
in particular and even was the han
province is that the is an ethnic
subculture of the Chinese it’s a genetic

difference in Han Chinese and the the
all the way the other ones the Tibetan
Chinese the Mongols and all the rest are
all different in some little genetic way

in Han is the
ones that are Chinese so we think of as
Chinese and so and the han are they
really only in the Wuhan region are they
every no no haunts all of China they’re
all of China Chinese okay so let’s like

that’s the big problem you Jeff after
playing that clip you might as well play
this one which i think is it brings some
light to this clip this is the dead

Chinese doctor clip yeah yeah yeah
the Chinese doctor who warned the
government about a possible corona virus
outbreak has died after contracting the
virus while working at Wuhan central

hospital 34 year old ophthalmologist Li
wen Lang warned his fellow medical
workers about corona virus on December
he was then investigated by police and
accused of making false comments his

death has sparked a wave of anger and
outrage in China where the hashtag we
want freedom of speech went viral on
Chinese social media site Weibo on
Thursday well it would make sense if it

really only attacks the hon hon Chinese
Itchy and the hon Chad Chinese because
Trump doesn’t seem overly worried what

we also are not hearing is people who
are in the United States and other
countries that have the virus we have
lots of Americans who are Chinese
Americans and and I think the many of

the cases may be Chinese Americans and
not necessarily anglo-saxon Americans or
whatever the do whatever the none of
they won’t give the ethnic makeup of the

woman who died the first American who
died the six-year-old woman
and they just won’t give her a name out
which might indicate what I think
generally speaking will give you some

indication at the same time on Thursday
not long after we did the show Bloomberg
came out with a report US President
Donald Trump and president Chinese

President Xi Jinping reaffirmed their
commitment to implementing the phase 1
trade deal signed between the two
countries last month you recall that I
had put questions to their force majeure
clause which said hey if were

if some happens and you know some freak
of nature or something we can’t help
then we can go back to the negotiating
table so that may have been what that
was about the two presidents agreed to
continue extensive communication and

cooperation between both sides the White
House said and readout of the leaders
call on Friday they also noted the great
achievement of the recent United States
China phase one trade deal and

reaffirmed their commitment to its
implementation and if it true if it
really is something that does not affect
many outside of Han Chinese DNA Trump is
in a fantastic position to put the

screws to the Chinese and get anything
we want because I think that this is
going to affect their economy and their
output much more severely than expected

I mean do you ever does that that
affects us too cuz you like you said yes
yes yes Just In Time nonsense yes

what so besides I guess they got some
auto industry a lot of
telecommunications fiber optics from
what I understand comes out of Wuhan and
lo and behold what does Bill Barr do at

was this some think-tank that he was
speaking at earlier this week in other
countries that do not want to put their
economic fate in China’s hands are not
going to install always infrastructure

we have to have a market ready
alternative today you need a system that
will allow you to seamlessly migrate
your installed 4G base to unit to 5j

there have been some proposals that
these concerns could be met by the
United States aligning itself with Nokia
and/or Ericsson to American ownership of

a controlling stake either directly or
through a consortium of private American
and allied companies the main concern
about these suppliers is that they have

neither huawei’s scale nor the backing
of a powerful country with a large
embedded market like China putting our
large market and financial muscle behind

one one or both of these firms would
make it a far more form
competitor and eliminate concerns over
its staying power or their staying power

we and our closest allies certainly need
to be actively considering this approach
pretty interesting words from the
Attorney General I mean no well the only

thing I can read into it is hey finally
we’ve got a chance to get rid of those
pesky Huawei dudes here’s what we do
hey what if you’re interested investing

in nokia or Ericsson we’ll back yeah
we’ll put some money into your company
no worries we need to have that it seems
like you’re right about that yeah but it
seems like the timing is kind of ha

let’s do it now you should be a story
going around I heard this from a
different at least two different sources
that the whole Huawei and this also by
the way was the way Sun Microsystems

used to do business but not under on the
not in such a sneaky way hmm is that the
wall always spent most of their time
doing due diligence on where Ericsson

was going to sell product right and as
soon as this they did follow the sales
guys around for all practical purposes
and when the guys left they’d go into
the company say what did you Ericsson

bid yes yes yes well I just find it all
very coincidental the timing of it is
obviously good for us in that regard you

know he had what says the Commerce
Secretary Wilber who said we have to
produce stuff here if they shut down I I
think something’s coming I really do

that they’re not only anytime soon back
let’s go back to analyzing the
possibility now why first of all this go
back to the virus itself
now there’s another rumor that showed up

floated around about how it was like
something developed or found or
discovered or something in the Middle
East yes it Jordan specifically now is
it possible that they this is not a was

maybe a bio weapon but not developed by
the Chinese because it makes zero sense
to me here as the Chinese would
develop a bio weapon aimed it down if

you recall the first one of the first
times we were talking about it
identified was the AC e2
DNA marker I don’t know if I’m using the
right terms but AC to AC e 2 and that is

prevalent in Asian so Don Chinese I’m
not a DNA specialist so I’m shooting
from the hip but also apparently an
Ashkenazi it’s possible that it was

initially some kind of either I don’t
know about Jordan but I would say maybe
Saudi Arabia or some other some other
not friend of Israel who set it up for

them wow that’s good now we’re getting
there everybody you are on the 23andme
DNA report has a scan Ozzy you may want

to be careful around coughing people it
could hurt you so because it makes no
sense to me that the Chinese are gonna
develop a bio is that maybe it’s a but

maybe they had them they had it and they
were analyzing it and there’s just a
sloppy operation and one of the guys
caught it walked around town for a while
the market and wherever and started
getting out and then this other guy he

identified it and then that they cracked
down on him as fast as they could
because the government knew what they
were doing and they didn’t want yeah yes
that’s possibly that’s the only reason
you why would you send call the police

on this poor this whistleblower the way
they did unless you knew it was going on
so they knew it was going on even though
they acted like they didn’t and now you
know now they got a problem cuz they

have to I don’t think you can I don’t
know maybe I’m wrong but I it’s I can’t
cordoning off 11 million people in the
city of Wuhan and and letting that and
having that work for more than a week or

two before people just start burning
down the place apparently now the they
filled they filled up community centers
and sports halls with beds and this is

what I’ve heard understood from
biologists this is
if you don’t have a vaccine pretty much
the only thing you can do is put people

together and and wait for it to quote
run its course so herd immunity starts
to take hold and then it passes so you
know this also isn’t really you know

there’s nothing being reported this is
the this is the problem because
everyone’s like that’s all that we hear
here so you know I got a watch sky and
RT and al Jazeera and and I and I tried

to get the clip from the World Health
Organization press conference which
literally they’re like okay I’m gonna do
a press conference on the website click

the raise my hand button or press star
nine if you want to ask the question and
they had no statement it was just
questions you couldn’t hear then there’s
a bunch of people who you almost could
not understand including the the the

chief of this meeting I will read to you
from the BBC what they didn’t even take
a clip of it it was so unclip about the
what’s his name here dr. Ted drew said I

would like to speak briefly about the
importance of facts not fear people must
have access to accurate information to
protect themselves and others
misinformation he says at the World

Health Organization we’re not just
battling the virus we’re also battling
the trolls and conspiracy theories that
undermine our response that’s us as a
guardian newspaper headline says the US

has a guardian newspaper headline says
today misinformation on the corona virus
might be the most contagious thing about
it so exactly we really don’t know
anything and all the World Health

Organization keeps saying is oh good job
good job
and also I’m so sorry I couldn’t clip it
just was inaudible they’re the ones that
contacted Facebook and Twitter and said

could you please remove stuff that is
disinformation that’s how Zero Hedge got
banned the World Health Organization did
so there’s this you know if you don’t

have any kind of information and my
goodness how many times we have to go
through these epidemics pandemics before
they figure out how to communicate so
yeah this is what you get you get to

conspiracy theories inquest match what
the conspiracy theories must be like in
the city of Wuhan itself so people must
be freaking out this poor people yeah we
got one of our producers is in not in

Wuhan yeah professor Jones you me see
where is he acts I think he’s in
Shanghai but he lives there
after you notes about what’s happening

in some Chinese cities house to house
welfare checks I had a woman come to my
apartment C’s in Shanghai my department
woman come to my apartment complex
walking door-to-door asking if people
are sick or taking temperatures I told

her in Mandarin we do not have a problem
and she smiled and went away in when Zoo
where I used to live that’s great isn’t
in when Zoo where I used to live a
metropolitan area of about ten million

people has only 1500 confirmed cases of
corona virus but since February 3rd the
entire city is on lockdown people not
allowed to leave their house unless they

have the pass the Travel Pass is given
per household one person is allowed to
leave the house once every three days we
repeat that from a whole household one

person is allowed to leave the house
once every three days so my friend can
go to the grocery store on Monday but
can’t leave the house again until
Thursday the only exception is if you’re
going to the hospital many cities do not

allow more than two people to be in
proximity a group of about six men were
playing mahjong they were all wearing
masks a cop came in smashed the tables
with a hammer he was posted to WeChat

undoubtedly some other person reported
them as quote congregating this is a
super snitch country I have no idea in
which city it was but there are a few in

addition to Wuhan hyung Xue and when Xue
that have instituted a forced curfew and
no associated Association order and a no
Association order
all schools have been closed since

mid-january the last two weeks were part
of the regular Chinese New Year holiday
but kids will not go back to school
until March 3rd at the earliest
most of the xpac teachers have left
China before the holiday the then

another group left China in the last
week of January subsequently places like
the Philippines Taiwan Australia have
banned Chinese or people who were in
China for the preceding two weeks
just today Thailand is refusing entry to

allow anyone from China and they’re too
busy killing people over there
furthermore many of my work colleagues
cannot return to Shanghai anytime soon
because so many flights have been
canceled from the UK Korea Philippines

etc I have access to a medical doctor in
Wenzhou he’s from South Africa he’s
conveyed that his hospital is not
treating people with high doses of
vitamin C they are not giving people

vitamin d3 they are not giving selenium
Ono instead are they’re not giving
selenium chromium magnesium or zinc
instead the standard protocol is just

recycled antiviral drugs those drugs are
simply a non organic derivation of
essential fatty acids like is a tough
one for me phosphor died Tech black line

without the phosphorus in inocentes
readon lastly we can walk around the
streets of Shanghai with impunity most
people are going out even though most

businesses are closed only things that
are open are big-box stores grocery
stores bakeries gas stations and
hospitals the subway is running with
literally no one on the train
Shanghai all the tourist areas are

closed museums bars bookstores banking
as large electronics no effect there the
funny thing is watching people jog with
paper-thin masks or even smoking with
the Pats con that is all for now dr.

Jones from Shanghai that’s Shanghai
that’s not even a report yeah it’s good
dynamite report you know one of those
reports yeah we need as many as we can

get that is a good report because it
does indicate that he brought up a
couple of interesting points that then
there’s there is a sense that these this
Chinese specific aspect of this or
Chinese targeted because anybody could

get this yeah but Chinese target
is is it’s in the it’s in the its
underlying that entire report exactly

people are sensing this or they know
this or they already this it’s exactly
there’s got to be some some partial
truth to it because it’s just from
almost day one we’ve seen you know this

actual matter they look real the pub the
publication’s of what’s in it they sure
look pretty official I don’t know know
what I’m gonna be this story’s gonna go

on for at least two months the question
is what will happen this applied doesn’t
I think Wuhan also manufactures a
substantial amount of pharmaceuticals is

that possible
anything’s possible right now I thought
maybe we could get some shortages of
things I mean this it’s not just steel
and iPhones you know there’s other stuff

that comes out of the and Pfizer stuff
well this would be a good lesson for a
lot of people and that’s there we are
with our racist jingles as always yeah

somebody’s got to do it
well uh onward to what’s next on this I
got some crazy stuff well do you want to
if a little review or this a couple guns

on my Pietschmann stuff we got debates
we I’ve got some serious stuff which
needs to be discussed and nobody in the
mainstream media is discussing it you do
get it here and there for AJ I got it

from you want to do that first let’s do
some serious stuff all the way back we
don’t nobody knows what’s going on there
all hell’s breaking loose yeah is this
with the Russians is are they in bored
the Turks is it crap going on between

them well here let’s listen to start
with this when I got three clips mm-hmm
I have one from a here’s one from Al
Jazeera and this is D and this is all
happening in Eid Lib Syria mess it live

AJ the United Nations has long warned
that the last and most bloody chapter of
Syria’s brutal
could take place in Eid liberal the

Security Council have now been told that
is happening we are witnessing the
humanitarian catastrophe that the
secretary-general has warned of this is
causing totally unacceptable human

suffering and endangering international
peace and security the bombing and
shelling have forced hundreds of
thousands more people to move in the
attempt to find safety we now estimate

that 586 thousand people have moved in
the last two months
they are mostly children this emergency
meeting was called by the u.s. France

and the UK I think the worst nightmare
on it Lib has come to pass a US
counterpart ended her speech with these
words I want to close now by speaking

directly to the Syrian people yes these
are dark days that there can be no doubt
but you are not alone and you are not
forgotten but after nine years of war no

one could blame the people of hid Lib
for feeling abandoned and betrayed by
the world the Security Council has not
protected them in fact one permanent
member is directly militarily involved

in the onslaught they’re facing James
BAE’s al Jazeera at the United Nations
I’m looking at ed Lib which is in a
weird place it’s between Aleppo and Homs

which kind of rules out the traditional
pipeline routes you know what is that oh
okay here we go
how Russia and Turkey are eyeing new

deals on a blip in Libya okay yeah Italy
and Libya yeah I think that the maybe
this is part of their to Turk Street in

Libya that those two guys are getting
involved just look at them these two
gangsters they’re involved in anything
and everything they can get their hands

on okay my situation with over a half a
million people displaced and the mostly
kids is just not not acceptable but it’s
not even playing on democracy now these

stories this is like completely ever
since Trump somehow and I believe you
have to give him some credit for this
got us out of that mess yeah I think we

still have people there but generally
speaking I think we’re out and the Turks
have somehow taken over and they’re
fighting the Russians now it’s
ridiculous let’s play this second clip

which is Syria mess this is I are
turkish President Erdogan said Turkey
and Russia should resolve differences
over the conflict in Syria’s I’d live
without anger after a deadly flare-up in

violence challenged the fragile
cooperation between Moscow and Ankara
the two countries support opposing sides
in Syria’s nearly nine-year war in a

phone call on Tuesday Putin and Derwin
highlighted the need to follow Russia
Turkey agreements on it live that
envisage increasing cooperation to
neutralize extremists the Kremlin said

turkeys report on the same phone calls
said that Edwin told Putin the turkey
will use its self-defense rights in the
event of another attack on Turkish
military personnel in Syria at the

United Nations on Tuesday Secretary
General Antonio Guterres called for an
end to hostilities to keep the situation
from getting out of control the Russian
Defense Ministry said that the Turkish

troops were hit because of their failure
to communicate with the Russian military
it could be yeah with them thing is of
course Turkey thinks they got NATO
behind him and if they call Article five

we’re kind of obliged to go in and Ooo
Ooo gasp fight the Russians on behalf of
the Turks the last one is this real
screwball story which is again making

things even more complicated this is the
Syrian mess with Israel involved so
later in the week oh I’m sorry
on this one we’re learning that Israeli

airstrikes in syria may have prompted
local air defenses that almost shot down
a passenger jet the plane was on its way
from Tehran in Iran to the Syrian

capital of Damascus on Thursday with a
hundred and seventy two aboard it was
forced to make an emergency landing at a
Russian military base in Syria the
Russian government announced the

near-miss only on Friday Russia says the
plane came under fire from Syrian air
defenses who were responding to the
Israeli air strikes and it comes only a
month after the Ukrainian passenger

plane that was accidentally shot down by
Iran killing everyone on board Russia
did not name the airline but flight data
shows it was a syrian sharm wings flight
sean was hit with US sanctions in 2016

for allegedly transporting pro-assad
fighters to Syria and sending weapons
and equipment
how can turkey still remain in the NATO

didn’t they just didn’t they buy all
this Russian stuffed and thereby the
s400 anti-aircraft missiles or yeah soon
and meanwhile right you’re fighting

Russia with Russia’s gear I mean very
very crazy I mean I’d like to see some
growth and analysis here and there’s
just like completely

it’s hard to imagine it being under the
radar after all the serious serious
serious stuff but there it’s baffling
you know it’s bad well it’s not
it’s not about Trump that’s not more my

god man and I there’s just there’s
nothing you can watch in America that is
the that or originates here even you
know BBC America it’s all Trump Trump

the oh it’s so such a disservice such a
disservice I’d like to know more about

this this seems to be a little more than
your typical proxy war this seems to be
something real that’s going on yeah and
we don’t want it like we don’t even have

to be involved in the rubble ization
continues in that great these guys don’t
do it who’s gonna go and rebuild do we
still get to go in and rebuild I don’t

think so when the rebuilding begins you
call on Bechtel I’ve gotten several
emails about the situation in Australia
with the with the with the rain and

here’s here’s an example sir Ned Knight
is the convict broadcasts says I
remember awhile ago there was some
discussion about how once the rain stick
get gets used on one location it stays

there and the power of the rain stick
can build up over time I don’t think we
actually discussed anything like that
but then he says so while we appreciate
the efforts of the rain stick in
stopping the fires around Sydney please

use it somewhere else it’s been pissing
down non-stop for three to four days
everything is flooded I have no power
please make it stop dear sir Ned I quote
I believe it may be neat you the gods

are most cruel when they grant our
wishes and I wish I could change it but
there’s no we we don’t have a reverse
rain stick there isn’t and it’s a

drought stick I’m sorry with and we
maybe it was those three extra shakes I
gave when we did it and now I won’t do
that ever again Adams fault
I thought Australia would be able to

handle it you know tough down under Aziz
this is a knife no no crying of course I
have sympathy for what you’re going

through I see the pictures too
but at least you’re not burning alive so
we do have a story in this Thailand
shooting I got a PBS thing on that with
an ISO yeah this is uh this is an

unresolved story wasn’t there something
last year that also happened in in
Thailand weird shootings that take place

so here’s the play there’s Thailand
shooting and then I think you’ll be
amused by the ISO an Army sergeant in
Thailand killed at least 20 people and
injured more than 30 others during a

mass shooting today
police say the man killed another
soldier and a woman over a land dispute
at a military base before driving to a
shopping mall he fired shots along the
way and reportedly posted updates to his

Facebook page people in the multi-story
mall about 150 miles northeast of
Bangkok were trapped for hours it was
unclear how many were injured or killed
at the mall shortly before midnight

police secured the building and more
than 100 people were evacuated the
gunman reportedly had an assault rifle
but as of late today there was no word
on whether he had been captured okay

what was the ISO well here’s an to show
ISO suggestion happy ISO ending by the
way the the ISO from the last show

people have been saying oh can you
please post it I I really I really want
to get to be able to say it right I want
to say it right if the backup in the
back of the back of the backup that’s

the one everybody loves a backup and a
backup to that backup and a backup to
the backup to the backup that is what
exactly what they did at at the Iowa
caucus or a backup and a backup to that

backup and a backup to the backup to the
a gun hey your thought I was gonna say
good so we do have a little update MSNBC
when in full force as I as far as I

understand the actual results still have
not been published this is now what it’s
eight days or this is seven days almost
a week later they’ve they have not just

not been published
can I play this clip because yes you’re
right and I’ve come up with my own
thesis on this this is the fraud play
this book this is a hanky-panky in Iowa

plus Sanders in election news Democratic
National Committee Chair Tom Perez is
calling for a recanvass as some of the
voting precincts in Iowa at the latest
caucus results shows senator Bernie

Sanders and South Bend Indiana Mayor
Picabo to judge virtually tied with a
hundred percent of the results now
reported Sanders is still leading in the
popular vote by thousands but Budaj edge

maintains a tenth of a percentage point
advantage in what’s known as the state
delegate equivalent race but the New
York Times is calling even these results
into question after its investigation

found the results released by the Iowa
Democratic Party were quote riddled with
inconsistencies and other flaws unquote
on Thursday senator Sanders declared
victory in Iowa this is Sanders

responding to a reporter’s question when
he had moved on to new hampshire mayor
Pete’s been declaring a win for days now
why should people believe your victory

speech over his because I got six
thousand more votes
from where I come when you get six
thousand more votes that’s generally
regarded to be the winner latest polls
show senator Sanders is leading in New

Hampshire where seven Democratic
presidential candidates will take the
stage for a debate tonight ahead of the
Tuesday primary yes exactly what we
discussed is that the numbers for the

actual the what we would call the
popular vote were not even published
this was only about the delegate count
and some have surmised and we may have
even talked about it

this would be a a good scapegoat to get
people all fired up about getting rid of
those pesky electoral college mating
deaths an element but I think the real

element being uncovered is if we look
more and more at it once they came up
with the app yeah
perhaps the app was honest and the app
worked but but because Iowa has been the

Iowa Democrats have been corrupt from
the get-go they’re the ones who
sidelined Bernie the last time Bernie
was act about what the results were and

that’s why Bernie put people in all the
caucuses to really yep it’s possible the
app had the right numbers as oh my god
we can’t have this because we want this

guy to win or we want that guy that went
or in the olden days Hillary or whoever
else it was it’s possible that the Iowa
caucus system was just bad and corrupt
and the band the app proved it here’s an

MSNBC report on the app this is from
Thursday so it was on the last show day
so take that into account so we had ups
here well is incredible that after all
the cybersecurity concerns and concerns

about Russian interference and the
threat of hacking that the app has
actually been leaked we were able to get
a copy of the app from one of the Iowa
precinct managers and actually download

it I actually have a copy of it on this
phone here downloaded here in in New
York just so amazing and we sent it to
analysts who found that the coating was

rushed that there was some design and
technical considerations that were
there were problematic and yet still
this app was was rushed into use the
biggest issue this is such a detailed

report isn’t it while the core
functionality of that of the very kind
of simple basic app look to be okay
there was an issue coding issue on the
back end how that data was being

transferred to the Iowa Democratic Party
servers this is this is the big NBC News
organization they have so many resources
they can’t tell us anything other than
well you’ll yeah was rushed it was

rushed how do you know it if a developer
rushed to put it together did you did
you actually have the source code are
you just looking at like some API that
it’s talking to it’s this is a very low
grade report that’s the key issue the

other thing that we saw because we got
the email copies of the email chain sent
from the developers shadow Inc and Iowa
Democratic Party to these precinct
chairs giving them multiple layers of

information complicated instructions
asking a lot of the precinct chairs to
do on their phones on their on their
Apple phones and their and their Android
phones and just looks like a rush job

and just poor deployment you can’t
forget that for all the consideration
about cybersecurity issues election has
a lot more than just cybersecurity
we’re talking about real people on the

ground rang asked to change settings on
your phone go into their phone and
change to allow these outside apps that
the the phone was telling them what was
not safe you got to do that groundwork
to train people in advance and people

are telling us that there just was not
enough training okay so I think we can
discount everything from this guy’s
report except for two pieces one he was
about what was happening on the backend

which pretty much has once the app sends
the data unless it never sent the data
then the shenanigans were on the back
end and I think the real on-the-ground
trouble is an oversight and a stupid one

at that that they probably does not have
they’re predominately Android app signed
for the store so you downloaded it not
from the App Store from the Google Play

Store whatever it is
downloaded from their server and your
Android phone most people’s phones not
the typical no agenda dude named Ben
phone will say do you are you sure you

want to give permission to this app that
is not officially sanctioned by Google
and people will freak out so I think
that’s probably true but I’m with you

this is bullcrap and the fact that NBC
pushed this this out is there a
technical report almost matches the
insane notion that the problems yeah the

app was a problem but it was really true
so we have some brand new reporting
we’re scooping right here on NBC News
about what went wrong in Iowa and why a

hundred percent of those caucus results
still are not in here’s the deal we’re
learning more about why the phone lines
used to report results were flooded
Monday night it wasn’t just caucus
organizers the Iowa Democratic Party

tells us there were also a bunch of
Trump supporters apparently calling in
jamming things up The Times calling in
things up great reports from hostile
calls so where might those supporters

have gotten the idea or even the number
itself NBC is first to report this
apparently from one of the most extreme
far-right message boards on the internet
one we’ve talked about a lot on this

show called 4chan I think she’s confused
with HM being the really far extreme
right but okay 4chan oh yeah that’s
that’s where it’s happening he’s

reporting that Trump supporters honestly
these 4chan sites were told to clog the
lines basically what’s up yes there was
these posts that came out at like 10
o’clock roughly on Monday night that
said here’s a phone number

clog the lines just stay on these lines
and you know what’s the number it was
the number for though the people were
supposed to call native report’ caucus
results that’s exactly right and here’s
the deal like it’s easy to blame for 10
for this but for chain is kind of 4chan

hey John 4:10 it’s going to 4chan right
this is NBC News NBC News the number it
was the number for calling in to report

caucus results that’s exactly right and
here’s the deal like it’s easy to blame
also the guys have yeah he’s a by the
way I would like to say this is the only
in broadcast media today we’ll you will

not hear the phrase here’s the deal or
at the end of the day and except for in
the clips this guy is clearly a Biden
man you know saying here’s the deal

always been the deal here’s the deal
that’s only bite and says it constantly
that’s a Biden ism number for the people
were supposed to call native report’
caucus result like that’s exactly right
and here’s the deal like it’s easy to
blame for ten for this but for chain is

gonna 4chan right they left a door oh
this is like a saloon door of bad cyrus
Harry this is like it was wide open so a
saloon door of cyber security people
kept calling this number and at least

that’s what they claimed on for ten but
now we have evidence from the party
itself that said look look
you know Trump supporters were calling
people calling just hanging up I feel an
end of the day coming either exampled

like prank calls basically we’re not
sure if the IDS starter unfortunate but
it was definitely there on Monday night
there are posts prove it and we’ve
backed it up with a lot of reporting any
think you said 4chan is gonna fortunate

saying the 4chan is gonna try to mess
with something big on election night
right as like saying the ocean is wet
you know you can swim in it oh thanks so
now let’s just push that out there let’s
get that going all 4chan Trump

supporters 4chan is gonna mess with it
with election night oh yeah let’s get
y’all primed up for that shame on you
NBC News shame on you but I think poot
actually set us up at this CNN Town Hall

and told us you know that he really also
thinks this popular vote man it’s
probably not so good maybe
responsibility to talk about what we

believe in and to make the case for what
we think is right when it’s popular and
when it’s not I know that some of my
views on what we need to do as a country
aren’t popular Franklin I’m showing a

level of respect for New Hampshire
voters uh expectation of my honesty when
I share with them a view that might not
be popular around here that I think that

the Electoral College has run its course
and in the future we ought to pick our
presidents in a way to make sure that
the one who got the most votes actually
gets to be President but I say that
because I think it’s the right thing to
do and I think everybody left right and

center ought to come into the public
square making the case for what we think
is right
okay there’s one other thing going on
this is this is gonna be the number one
and the media is gonna be behind it

because they make more money I’ve
written about this saying that the media
will support getting rid of the
electoral college because then the
advertising makes more sense in states

like California and New York etc yeah so
they get it they make more money but the
thing you’re just gonna start to hear
and I’ve started to hear it I don’t have
any clips i defined saw my period it’s
in passing and then I try the clip but I

don’t I don’t get it but it’s um it goes
something like this
18 percent of the public controls 51
percent of the Senate how’s that fair

I’ve heard this this is a good one and
that’s why Trump is still president
mm-hmm yeah by the way it doesn’t matter
when Clinton was president you had the

same situation and he got elected by the
electoral college all that’s bad it’s
beside the point but 18 percent of the
point and that what they’re saying is
that states like Wyoming have two

senators right and they have very little
population there’s their population Y
only is less than its population of the
bay area yet they have two senators oh
it’s nothing the same with Montana some
of these other sparsely populated states

they all have two senators because the
country was set up that way for good
reason the same reason that the
electoral college was set up to keep
criminals out of the White House and it
worked yes Hillary is not president

you’re right it’s not it’s part of a
larger issue which is I think pure
elitism Michael Bloomberg this clip is
from 2016 but it’s surfaced of course

during this election cycle he was at
Oxford and he was explaining some of the
issues with this stupid American public

which he which he identifies by calling
himself and the people in the room at
Oxford the intelligentsia if you think
about it

we the intelligence people who could
make it into this room we believe in a
lot let that settle in for a second what
is the actual definition of the

intelligentsia well it refers broadly I
think to the more intelligent people
that are highly educated and have some

control over the society here we go the
intelligentsia is a status class of
educated people engaged in the complex
mental labors that critique guide and

lead in shaping the culture and politics
of their society as a status class the
intelligentsia includes artists teachers
academics writers and the literary yeah

John Legend if you think about it we the
intelligence of people who could make it
into this room we believe in a lot of

things in terms of equality and
protecting individual rights that make
no sense to the vast bulk of people
they’re not opposed to you having some

rights but there’s a fundamental
disconnect between us believing the
rights of the individual come first and
the general belief around the world I
think it’s fair to say that the rights

of society comes first and so I don’t
know how many of you familiar with the
the bathroom issue and in the United
States anybody know what I’m talking
about if you want to know is somebody a

good salesman give them the job of going
to the Midwest and picking a town and
selling to that town the concept that
some man wearing a dress should be in

the locker room with their daughter if
you can sell that you can sell anything
I mean they just look at you and they
say what on earth are you talking about
and you say well this person identifies
his or her gender as different than

what’s on their birth certificate nice
what do you mean you either born this so
yeah or you born that
and you know I will say in our prison
system in New York City we have to have

the policy when you walk in you know
drop your trousers you go this way you
go that way
that’s it because you can’t sit there
and you can’t mix things in a jail
that’s a practical in case of what you

have to make a decision but it’s so many
things that we are nuanced and the issue
the social issues that we’re very proud

of of achieving aren’t believing aren’t
believed by the vast bulk of the people
I mean yeah so he’s defending the Wow
but but you see the message is the

people who can make it into this room
the intelligentsia are enlightened
enough to understand that we need to
protect prisoners from being raped but

not children I mean that’s the that’s
the comparison he made whether you
believe it or not I mean it’s like well
in prison it’s a different situation if
schools did school and stupid people can

they can’t they can’t they’re not
enlightened enough they can’t grasp it
just can’t I mean that that guy wants to
be President
that’s can you imagine you know you

shouldn’t be drinking big sodas he’s a
he’s a classic Nazi I think that’s a
timestamp right there that’s the opening

of the show
people are like oh finally they’re gonna
say something nasty about Trump good he
is a classic that’s a good clip did that
well that’s another clip that’s fun I
mean when I’m trying to promote I think

I think you have a bit this is from the
first debate let’s see if I have
everything find it quickly first debate
this is the first debate this is where
they this was a NBC’s and everybody

stopped doing this after this first
debate cuz this is I think the killer
and I have a photo which I’ll put in the
next newsletter of the first debate
where they asked this question and

everybody’s hands goes up and then when
you start thinking about it logically
you realize it’s crazy but they keep
they keep it up this is where they ask
the question huh
here think that you know the
undocumented aliens should get free

health care if we have a socialized
system that you guys all want we wait
and they one of them to Mary Ann as
somebody else lift their hands but then

they all lifted their hands up everybody
said yes a lot of you talking tonight
about these government health care plans
that you proposed in one form or another
this is a show of hands question and
hold them up for a moment so people can

see raise your hand if covered if your
government plan would provide coverage
for undocumented immigrants

because our country is healthier when
everybody is healthier and remember

we’re talking about something people are
giving a chant given a chance to buy
into in the same way that there are
undocumented immigrants in my community
who pay they pay sales taxes they pay
property taxes directly or indirectly

this is not about a handout this is an
insurance program and we do ourselves no
favors by having 11 million undocumented
people in our country be unable to

access healthcare but of course the real
problem is we shouldn’t have 11 million
undocumented people with no pathway to
citizenship it makes no sense and the
American people the American people
agree on what to do this is a crazy

if leadership consists of of forming a
consensus around a divisive issue this
White House has divided us around a
consensus issue the American people want
a pathway to citizenship they want a

protections for dreamers we need to
clean up the lawful immigration system
like how my father immigrated to this
country and as part of a compromise we
can do whatever common-sense measures
are needed at the border but Washington
can’t deliver on something the American

people want what does that tell you
about the system we’re living in it
tells you it needs profound structural
reform undocumented immigrants could you
explain your position I’m sorry big

apartment the show of hands you did not
raise your hand did you would be covered
under your plan which is different than
Obama care that change yes you cannot

let as as the mayor said you cannot let
people who are sick no matter where they
come from no matter what their status
go uncovered you can’t do that it’s just

going to be taken care of period you
have to it’s a humane thing to do but
here’s the deal the deal is that he’s
right about three things number one they
in fact contribute to the well-being of

the country but they also for example
they increase the life span of Social
Security because they have a job they’re
paying Social Security

how do you contribute to the lifespan of
Social Security if you’re an
undocumented worker with no social
security number no please moving on from
Joe but here’s the thing that always

gets me in it this is gonna bite him in
the ass this all those hand-raising
they’re all in on this
luckily globish R and Warren working on
this is what they have the two-parters

and the problem is is that okay so I’ve
got some horrible disease and I can worm
my way onto a flight to the United
States as a bit as a travel visa yeah

and I just checked my itself into a
hospital here and gets paid for what
they’re saying is that everybody from
all over the world can come to the
United States and get free medical care

no matter how sick or how undocumented
they are it’s just crazy to say that
it’s I think it’s worthwhile to read
through Pete Buddha judge’s bio once
again this is not really done he’s

always positioned as well it’s just a
mayor from a very small town in Indiana
that’s pretty much it now
the keeper grew up partially in these
parts and you know it’s good school

Notre Dame but it’s you know it’s it’s
okay it’s not an Ivy League school but
this is where this is Poots roots so
from the Wikipedia he’s a graduate of

Harvard College and Oxford University
you know where the intelligentsia
assemble attending the ladder on a
Rhodes Scholarship always a fun one 2007
2010 he worked as a consultant at the

management consulting firm McKinsey this
is well known 2009 217 served as a
native naval intelligence officer in the
United States Navy Reserve as a
lieutenant he was blood deployed to

Afghanistan in 2014 for seven months
then he also worked on the political
campaigns of Joe Donnelly and John Kerry
he served as a 32nd mayor of South Bend

Indiana as we know he still is
so his dad was a prophet and professor
at Notre Dame and apparently quite the

lover of Marxism so Pete is an elite yo
he’s a total elite and we should mention

something to people out there who were
looking for you know little things to
check off the box Rhodes Scholar the
Rhodes Scholarship it was developed by
Cecil Rhodes who was responsible for

Rhodesia which was this racist operation
but nobody wants to mention that part of
it and his whole thing in life was

one-world government
yep Cecil Rhodes was a big promoter of
one-world government if you get a Rhodes
Scholar you are me you are going to be
inoculated inoculated brainwashed into

every every possible one world
government scenario there is all Rhodes
Scholars are really anti-american
one-world government people let’s take a

look at the list we’ll do it in reverse
order we’ll start at the most recent one
it’s a long list I’m gonna go let’s see
who do we have here oh this is not even

Ronan Farrow
it’s a Rhodes Scholar let’s see Pete
Buddha judge is there okay I think Bill
Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar if I’m not

inoculation indoctrination is the one
I’ve been looking for indoctrination
that Clinton had because said that’s who
was a stone or years you know Rachel

Maddow is also a Rhodes Scholar so she’s
an alum so she and Pete should have a
lot in common I didn’t realize that she
was one of them bobby jindal Cory Booker
we knew that Rhodes Scholar going down

the list if I see any other interesting
names I think just the fact that Rachel
Maddow is what Susan Rice Graham I know
that’s not a known name I know me wolf

hmm yeah yes yes are all people
indoctrinated to the idea of one-world
government and they’re all tend to be
egalitarian sin their approach this is

the thing that came up earlier in the
show and how do these what do we want to
get rid of the electoral college and why
we have the caucuses the way they are
the Galit arianism which is part of the
Democrat ethos you have their main thing

as we talked about on the show before is
the Galit arianism and justice or
equality and justice the way they put it
and the Republicans are freedom and
liberty and so the the Galit Aryan

mindset is that everybody’s equal to an
extreme this is what’s hurting the
people in Sweden right now because every
immigrant is exactly the same as a sweet
exactly and so if you’re a Galit Aryan

in your approach to things you can’t
have an electoral college because it has
to be one man one vote yes and that’s
which is egalitarian they the American
system is not set up as an egalitarian

system it’s a it’s a federalist system
and the reason for the Electoral College
again is because the states are the ones
that are equal not the individuals in
the country yes okay and so you do end

up with 18 percent of the public
controlling 51% of the Senate but that’s
the way it was designed because the
Galit arianism is bad
yeah historically we’ve seen that that

doesn’t work out very well but you
wouldn’t know it from listening to these
candidates of the Democratic Party
they’re all against the popular vote
they’re all against the electoral
college they all want the popular vote

and they keep referring to the United
States Constitution yes they keep
referring to United States as a
democracy and they’re just routing
around the system and and really lying

is it’s really in its I don’t think it’s
good I mean we have a system if you want
to change it that’s fine but don’t try
to sneak it in with lying about it and
saying this is unfair I mean how many

times I’ve heard someone on CNN or MSNBC
say that the caucus system is inherently
undemocratic well
then that kind of ends there doesn’t it

I mean what are you gonna say to
something like that it’s it’s it’s
that’s the point of it exactly I can’t
wait to talk about the debate and maybe

a little bit of the State of the Union
fallout but first I would like to thank
you and say the morning to you the man
who put the C in constitutional scholar
John C dad good morning to you mr. Adam

curry also in the morning oil ships that
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subs in the water and all the Dames
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sometimes it takes a while yes if the
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shouldn’t that gap allows you got any
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as well that’s true but in they have
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he also put in something quite
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sound it does kind of make it more
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I’m a big fan of giving the listener all
the control this is the part that a lot

of people disagree on with me but I I
like it like fast forward you should
build to chop stuff up anything you want
to they you that you’re gonna miss
beautiful things is up to you but I like
it I think that that’s true

interactivity is that you can mess
around with whatever you received and
that may be part of Apple’s problem of
not wanting to do everything or they
want to control everyone wants control
anyway Apple traditionally is one to

control us with the darshan the Mac and
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you see the horse is going around now
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I had one comment we think you even

mentioned it but now the president is
saying everyone’s saying well you know
if the Democrats can take it even tally

up votes how can they run the economy
how can they run healthcare and we have
such short memories and can I remind
everyone of the Obamacare website
debacle how long was that thing delayed

in launch lunch
months and months how much did it cost
like six seven hundred million dollars
it wasn’t just whips it wasn’t just the

web’s nasibi Fair was connecting to
legacy systems but that that is exactly
the debacle that it’s not exclusive to
Democrats it’s when government gets into

these things they have no business or or
they just don’t they don’t have the
knowledge the culture and so instead of
saying oh you want these people around

their Qadri or how about self-driving
cars drones facial recognition you want
them to run that that’s the question I
have not anything else

keep it out they don’t understand it and
it’s not just Democrats but government
in general I think is not currently
qualified to run these types of things

okay you made your point but it’s time
for the debates
okay okay so the debates went on they

were terrible it was a little lively at
the beginning they got you know Biden it
apparently doped him up enough that his
eyeballs at one point I think
steyr was talking and Joe turns around

has his back to the audience and snorts
something I missed this yeah it’s it’s
an a wide shot now you can’t I don’t it

may have been a nasal stick whatever it
was there was doping on the field I’m
telling you and he turns his back and
Tahlia his his hands are up to his nose

I don’t know what he was what he was
snorting well in the olden days in the
70s when when the the drug cocaine was a
big deal because it got to cover

everything he was man of the year on
Time magazine and probably the usage of
it was less than it is today
mm-hmm there was an old trick of getting
these they used to have this Vicks yeah

the Vicks they still have and those
Vicks things are actually addictive by
yellow inhaler of certain people would
load him up with powder yeah and then
they’d use that maybe that’s what he had

everyone surprised me but it was odd it
was just odd the whole thing was odd for
clips that goes before one of them if
you’re interested in the ratings uh

force six just under seven million
people watched it was ABC so they always
get more than anything else I’m actually
surprised it was higher than I would

have expected but I think that’s also
considering it’s a Friday night that’s
the entire activated political audience
in the United States is probably that
all the people yelling on Twitter is
probably them that watch this I think

that’s that’s a good chance that you’re
the real active politically active
audience in the United States is about
six seven million yeah not much anymore
I think that sounds right yeah for all

the noise it’s a very small percentage
of the country
so let’s let’s do a few things here’s
like yet definitely had Bernie going on
with it he isn’t here’s Bernie’s

impeachment rant I thought was good
we sat for two weeks listening to the
impeachment process and here’s what I
think the Hara and the danger of what
happened was not only the acquittal of

Trump who in fact committed with me
chable offenses and obstructed Congress
it is the precedent that it said the
precedent that it said and what that

precedent is about now is in the future
you’re gonna have presidents who say hey
governor you want highway money you
better support me well you’re not gonna

get it because I am the president I can
do anything I want
hey Congress you want to investigate me
don’t be ridiculous
who cares about the Congress who cares
about the separation of powers who cares

about the constitution of the president
I’m the president the United States all
of the power by the way presidents do
that to the governors is to hey you

right you mind to get any support from
your state I’m not giving you any
Tideway money to constantly do that crap
do you know I’ll do it in a minute it’s
okay yes keep god I thought that was a

good line and actually that should have
been a possible I so I didn’t make it
either because I like my ISIL so much I
think did anyway before we play this is

another one that was good but before we
play the other ones I’m gonna play this
Bill Maher clip t he had Banyon on no I
saw it yeah man it was very good it was

just Banyon talking over him and then
the audience booing him but let’s just
part I wanted to play before I play the
next debate clip we’ve seen this in
other countries when you talk about

people like they’re scum and they’re
evil we’ve seen it in Rwanda cockroaches
we’ve seen it in Germany vermin you
don’t think that when you talk about
people like that your side the people
who hear those words

you don’t think eventually it translates
into action they see people on Arsenal
as less than worth no absolutely not
Wow how about literally Hitler Nazis am
I missing something it goes on and on of

course yeah but the way more seasoned no
no his side is fine so let’s listen to
the debates tire doing his name-calling
but he’s been the Republicans have

rolled over they’ve had a sham trial
they’ve refused to have witnesses
they’ve covered up the truth for the
American people and it doesn’t matter
anymore that he’s a crook and he’s
always been a crook and he always will

be a crook
right now what we have to do is we have
to beat them in November and we have to
beat them because he’s incompetent and
bad for the American people
and that’s the case we have to make now

is he a crook I knew that two years ago
is he going to be more of a crook now
that he believes he can get away with
anything of course he is there was a lot
of well what what I saw what I noticed

is it started off kind of slow I mean
for you always you start with Joe he
always sets the pace and Joe was you
know in kind of third gear of a 7-speed
transmission and yeah so it kind of

slowly starts getting up there and then
I think it was it was probably steyr who
first poured the gas on and you know
then it was like oh maybe that’s where

we go maybe we kind of like do like a
little Trump little yelling and and make
it loud and then Bernie got louder and
then everyone got everyone got a little
bit louder except for my favorite of
course Amy Klobuchar

and and and and I think it really missed
the mark because all I heard except with
the for a few exceptions was how shit
everything is everything is shit

it’s horrible this is no good I mean I
wake up and I’m part of the most racist
system in the world in all of them all

of history and and in fact I’m
responsible for it all of these things
and I’m gonna die I can won’t be able to
afford anything I’m gonna
I have poverty hunger sickness the there

was not a base almost a sparkling light
not to be found amongst anything that
anyone said and it was this it was so
repetitive well let’s listen to this is

the blazes globish are and her bogus oh
by the way this is a well know this play
that bite into clover char first and I

want to play the other one cuz I have a
follow-up to it
here’s whoever the nominee is the
presence could make up lies about he
thinks he has free rein right now one of
the things that I think is really
important is we have to be authentic

with the American people about what
we’re gonna do and how we’re gonna do it
and by the way Colonel women got thrown
out of the White House they walked out I
think we should in it at the same time
he should be tending the middle

amendment and not on rusty ball

criticize senator bernie sanders track

record in senate we were able to hear
that the democratic party’s last
presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has
criticized senator Bernie Sanders record
in the Senate saying nobody likes him

nobody wants to work with him he got
nothing done so no club which are you
served with senator Sanders in the
Senate is he going to be able to get the
support of you like it but is he gonna
be able to get the support that he needs

from Republicans we actually worked
together on a number of things including
pharmaceuticals we actually had a vote
late at night one time Klobuchar Sanders

amendment to bring it in less expensive
drugs from other countries since in this
great state of New Hampshire like in

Minnesota and Vermont we can see Canada
from our porch getting I think 14
Republican votes and they might not have
noticed what was happening late at night
but we got those all right I’d like to

say something about the vin Minh part
this is your next article of impeachment
lieutenant veeneman Lieutenant Colonel
VIN Minh his brother who was a problem

but they’ll find out soon enough and
Sandeman owe you all Friday night
massacre this is the next articles of
impeachment the media is already setting

it up it’s wall-to-wall fallout
whistleblowers retaliated against the
witnesses whoo you watch this is the
next article of impeachment it’s coming

well it is definitely coming it’s gonna
be this is gonna be abuse of power for
firing these guys from the national
security wasn’t actually didn’t lose his

job he just got back from the National
Security Council who removed from the
National Security Council yeah well
they’ve been trying to cut it down
anyway you don’t have to just
by it to me it’s it’s totally stupid the

whole thing is dumb but that’s what
they’re going to waste our time with
next is it’s gonna be about that and
then everyone’s gonna want the brother
to show up the twin brother but we can’t
have that because he’s not really just

the National Security Council guy he’s a
hedge fund guy with big fines for shady
business dealings with Eastern Bloc
countries to waste meanwhile people in
time in China are dying okay I got this

this last clip well serious who cares
let’s go here’s Klobuchar and this she
makes this assertion which I did some
research into taking on a president if
you want to talk about being tough

enough to take him on on a president
that literally went down to Mar Lago
after he signed that Republican tax bill
and looked at all his friends and said

you just got a lot richer that is
Exhibit A for those carpenters in
Pennsylvania hmm did he do it no there’s
no evidence of this well this was this

was a big story about when their tax
plan was put I think I had of a clip
that was one of them and it gets it in
there’s even a tax plan clip tax cut

bullshit 2017 play that he’s also
touting the passage of his tax cut
legislation but it’s what he reportedly
told guests at his Florida Club that is

raising some eyebrows president Trump’s
night before Christmas was full of What
did he say there in that little little

snippet nothing to do with you’re gonna
get richer it was just it was it was a
whipsaw and again the report itself he
started over
he says reportedly this was a CBS
planted story oh of course of course you

know I will start it over I want to hear
this the report he’s also touting the
passage of his tax cut legislation but
it’s what he reportedly told guests at
his Florida Club that is raising some

eyebrows I predict this
presto they just threw that in there and
and connected in your brain so it’s
almost as if you heard him say something

but you heard but he said something else
but it’s he says animal being building
will be bringing building bushes before
Christmas okay Trump’s night before
Christmas was full of good cheer in

front of the cameras he and First Lady
Melania took calls from children to give
updates on Santa Claus from Trump’s
luxury Florida resort mar-a-lago he also
sent season’s greetings to members of

the military stationed overseas your
families have been tremendous always
under appreciated the military families
let me guess the report doesn’t actually
include the line you’re all gonna be

you’re all a bit richer now I guess
that’s not in the report you’re never
gonna hear Trump say it and he denied
saying it was just as all reportedly it
all came from a CBS story where there’s

somebody said he said it mm-hmm who was
supposedly at a table nearby and I guess
he told the reporter it’s bullcrap yeah
but that’s okay we don’t care that you

got the list of Lies that Trump does but
these no I know that’s interesting you
bring that up because I I went back to
it to get some new ones to talk about on
the show they have not reported any new

lies it stuck at 1620 for lies January
20th and that just they’re not they’re
not updating it I’m very disappointed I

wanted to read a new one for you but
it’s just it’s all it’s all the saints

I’m sorry sixteen thousand two one
thousand two hundred forty-one
know that the last update was January
18th that’s it
so well so Amy’s basically lying here
you know I was thinking about this cuz

Amy had a couple of good bitches she’d
always point to her self when she wanted
to say who could be a better president
or who could be the one that could be
Trump yeah if she actually came out and
with a little more aggression and said

look these guys are no good I’m the one
who can beat Trump these other these are
all a bunch of white old white men you
know what except for yang and who knows
what he doesn’t he doesn’t even have any

experience I’m the one she should go on
and bright and dead message smartest one
up there totally I think what what

connected with some vote with some
voters and certainly some in the media
which I will play for you was this end
of kind of her pitch and she compared

herself to FDR there’s an old story of
Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he died
his body was put on a train and went up
across America there was a guy standing

by those tracks along with so many
Americans and he had his hat on his
chest and he was sobbing and a reporter
said sir did you know the president and
the guy says no I didn’t know the

president knew there is a complete lack
of empathy in this guy in the White

House right now
stretching your paycheck pay for that
rent I know you and I will fight for you

if you have trouble deciding if you’re
gonna pay for your child care or your
long term care I know you and I will
fight for you if you have trouble
figuring out if you’re gonna fill your

refrigerator or fill your prescription
drug I know you and I will fight for you
I do not have the biggest name up on
this stage I don’t have the biggest bank
account I’m not a political newcomer

with no record but I have a record of
fighting for people I’m asking you to
join us at Amy Klobuchar calm believes
in America can win this because if you

are tired of the extremes and our
politics and the noise and the nonsense
you have a home with me please New
Hampshire I would love your vote and I
would love the vote of America thank you

I think that was very good for very good
for the audience at hand
she totally distanced herself from the
other people on the stage I’m not the

most famous one I’m not the biggest bank
out I’m not yeah I’m not a newcomers no
experience Fu Mei Oh Pete you know but I
feel you I feel you and you know who

felt Amy you know who really felt Amy
Chris Massie Chris Matthews from MSNBC
was all Gitty about it Chloe sure was
wonderful I’ve never seen her this good

I think she showed in the last week
audacity but you want to see from a
politician as audacity spontaneity don’t
have it on the damn script be somebody
home with the lights on

somebody who’s there a human being and
that’s how she came across tonight she
never raised her voice she was confident
she looked I’m sorry it’s weird to say
this she seemed like a president tonight
ooh an endorsement from Chris Matthews

who went unhinged by the way over Bernie
unhinged yeah I got to play this for you
and I and it totally solidifies the

theory that a lot of older people in
politics in the country in general
and and certainly in the media are still

traumatized by the Cold War by the
Russians by communism
you know how old is Chris Matthews he’s
got to be in the mid to late 70s so he

says yeah but listen to what he does
when it comes to Bernie I have my own
views rewards list and I’ll be glad to
tell them share them with you in private

and they go back to the early 1950s I
haven’t added to the bathroom I remember
the Cold War I have an attitude towards
I believe if Castro and in the in the
Reds had won the Cold War there was an

execution since Central Park and I might
have been one of the ones getting
executed and certain of it people would
be there cheering okay so I have a
problem with people who took the other
side I don’t know burning checkrep
Bernie supports over these years I don’t

know what he means by Scioscia one
awakens Denmark we’re gonna be like
okay that’s harmless that’s the size
basically a capitalist country without
good social welfare programs Denmark
asam’s pretty clearly in the denmark

yeah well we haven’t seen a campaign yet
we’re video of him praising the other

that’s a great question I love how
vasectomy boy their jump seemed like

okay well you know it’s not really the
Cuban Revolution anymore shut up man
we’re gonna do something else okay
boomer but basically this was this was a
pro Trump rant Trump should take this to

steal this and use that that was
unhinged man it was funny
Wow Wow
I do have one clip I want a plague

because I played the switch back on that
tax thing and the fact that Trump
supposedly said
something at mar-a-lago which is
bullcrap we haven’t one of our producers
is a major major tax attorney and some

time back when this tax law was passed
you talked read a note from him and I
can attest to this is that people who
the upper classes that are gonna is
supposedly getting the benefits of this

tax relief got no benefits because they
put a cap on on tax crossovers in other
words property tax and all the rest of
it it had a limit and many people who

are especially the billionaire class
they have tons of property that that you
would write off the taxes now they can’t
do that they end up having to pay more
there’s the yeses bullcrap it was the
anonymous anonymous gay accountant yes

locally yes and in addition to that and
of course the jury is still out we’ll
see but one of the biggest tax cuts
which is like a ten year program is the

opportunity zones and you know we’ve
looked into that extensively how it
works you have capital gains from our
capital gains and if you invest it into

opportunity zones that in ten years
you can take it all out tax-free so it’s
kind of a deferred tax advantage with in
the meantime it’s supposed to put money
to work in underserved areas for ten

years now the the allocation of that I
think is up to States and states can
delegate that down so some of it will
get used improperly
but in Austin there’s fifty or sixty

opportunity zones and it’s it’s being
built now will it ultimately help
gentrify these now on a poorer
neighborhoods probably but it wasn’t in

effect a reinvestment into the country
and you know no one ever defines it it’s
all Apple did repatriate a lot of money
so there was some good things going on

there and as you can see what it didn’t
do is didn’t really screw anybody it’s
in fact if anything it proves their
point that modern monetary theory kind
of works print whatever you want it

doesn’t make a difference everything
keeps going up
you know so long that goes on you know I
one more one more clip yeah it works for
a while may work forever but now that if

you look at the money as something other
than money I got this clip because it I
had to go back and get this clip this
was after that the Trump State of the

Union speech and it was yummy Sh else
endure on PBS newshour
and she dropped this little ditty in
there because he was talking about

immigrants and it’s a rewrite which I
think it was always intended to be just
listen to this yummy SHhhh clip from PBS
in quick mesh to you

you referred in your report to what you
call what’s been referred to as either
misleading or inaccurate statements the
president made during the State of the
Union that’s right the president has
been someone who has not shied away from

bending the truth if it pursuits his
political will and this speech was no
different he talked about a lot of
different things that were misleading
including the fact that immigrants were
committing a lot of crimes study after
study shows that undocumented immigrants

do not commit more crimes than American
citizens III think that is wrong I think
that check Falls no no he was talking
specifically well I don’t know you tell

me what what you were thinking well is
that just this meme showed up a number
of years ago right after Trump first
came down the escalator and the meme was

that immigrants don’t commit as much
crime as Americans right so that’s not
the same as illegal immigrants

documented meaning illegal aliens who
are committing a crime even by being
here so there’s no way that can even be
possible but did the mean was first

immigrants and it was and it was used to
trick people into associating immigrants
with undocumented immigrants or illegal
aliens which they took that term out of

the lexicon because you can’t say
illegal aliens there’s no people can’t
be illegal right and so you you change
documented immigrants and but then so
the idea was to make the association in

your brain yes but never to really say
the Association just say and she
actually said it incorrectly here
she said it incorrectly because the
Association has been so finalized that

she can get away with it I never saw
anybody correct your on this it wasn’t
on the next day showed there was no Mia
culpa no now that’s the way they’re
gonna say it and it’s bullcrap you know

I’m gonna pull crap and she should have
been called out for it yeah I didn’t
hear anybody say anything during this
little interview I didn’t say Judy
corrector yeah I think you made your
point yeah I know I went out there you

could have put my little red thing at
the end oh I could have dammit
case in point you know when I set up my
whole Linux environment and I

reimplemented all my filters there was
one of course you know stuff that I
changed or started new then if someone
was in my my bounced file which pretty
much deletes the email and sends a reply

saying no I’m still not reading your
email you’re deleted so this guy got
back through ed Z in Texas and he sends
form letters because even the font is

different dear he sends it to everybody
but I just want to read it to you Trump
is not Hitler but when an American
president addressing those mass rallies
signals that all honest journalists all

mexican-americans all non-christians
all Californians and in fact all voters
for the Democratic Party are disloyal
enemies of the state he doesn’t even

have to spell it out nor use the words
in the language of his own old relatives
from the old country when he echoes the
sentiments which those who hope for a
new Hitler are waiting to hear

I invoke ein Reich ein Fuhrer ah
when I was small and my aunt from the
old country told me to do everything I
could to keep Hitler from gaining even
one posthumous victory I had no idea

what she was talking about I guess I had
to be shown what moves you regards your
pals IDI and all the free Texans
so that’s the kind of shit that people

take away from it that’s how far it goes
it’s sad that’s an it’s an amygdala
close to rupturing right there
very sad yeah this guy so this is some
guy that you you gotten spam from and

you it’s not spam he targets me and I
blocked him and but then when I reset
all my filters and was rebuilding my
mail he came through again with one
there’s notes I wanted to share it

that’s the kind of bullcrap that people
actually believe no evidence there’s no
evidence of it now you already went to
the State of the Union stuff I wanted to
go back to the debate for one second two
strategies that I want us to keep a

couple strategies Amy is clearly going
for the I get you I know you you know me
we are one this week week well we know
what Bernie’s going for Pete I’m just

not sure he is clearly an intelligence
asset I mean work for intelligence
he’s very similar to Barack Obama in
fact I caught a little bit of the

opening of Saturday Night Live last
night where they had hashtag white Obama
for Pete I thought that was very funny
Elizabeth Warren she understands that no
one can win the Democrat vote without

the ADIS block voting block the American
descendants of slavery and but she’s
gonna pitch it you know I’m glad to
stand on this stage my fellow Democrats
who talk about how important the black
community is at least at election time

here after year after year
agile election after election after
election Democrats go-to people in the
black community and say boy we really
care about these issues racism is

terrible we all want to do something and
then somehow the problem just seems to
keep getting worse well I think it’s
time we have real concrete plans that
are going to make a difference in

people’s lives
yeah which is totally empty because she
doesn’t have a plan steyr actually said
reparations and then the was like cut
off and moved on and like when I

shut up you but Bo Jayden he decided it
was time endorsement or not I’m going
full-on Obama ba-bum ba-bum Obama

there’s people right now facing what I
face this is accomplished and what we
faced without any of the help I had we
must move now I’m against any Democrat
who opposes and but takes down Obamacare

and then a Republican wants to get rid
of let me let me turn to senator Sanders
the president was left as President
Obama I think through the heck of a job
to compare him to what what this guy is
doing is absolutely I find tomorrow as

the u.s. excuse me as the vice president
nine states I work with a man who in
fact we worked very hard to see to it we
dealt with these issues in a major major

way I think you’re so underestimated
with Barack Obama dude he’s the first
man to bring together the entire world
196 Nations to commit to deal with
climate change we preached that fact

checks rezulin during the obama-biden
administration I’m also the only guy
that got us all weapons ban the
president turned to me and said Joe get
our combat troops out of Iraq alright so

he decided now is the time I don’t care
if he’s not endorsing me I’m gonna play
off the obama-biden told the Obama card
well but there was a moment and I think
this was a pivotal moment for the voters

for the viewers at home for Democrats
for the people on stage he made a very
good point and I think it kind of it

might have created some brain fry I
think we’re not all that bad I wrote the
Violence Against Women Act I managed a

nine hundred billion dollar Recovery Act
which in fact I love his list of
accomplishments 100 billion dollar
Recovery Act well done Joe which in fact

put millions and millions of dollars
into his city before he came and helped
save his City I was able to do it dodge
naval past the chemical weapons ban
arms control and I was the first major

leader holding public office to call for
same-sex marriage so I don’t you
remember when he when he gave that
interview and it was supposed to be a
big reveal that Obama was gonna come out

for same-sex marriage and Joe popped it
like three days early and everybody one
of the reasons Obama’s not gonna give
them any endorsement by the way I think

we caught a flub here let me go back to
the beginning I managed a nine hundred
billion dollar oh it is billion I

thought he said million billion all
right back back to the moment is coming
man arms control and I was the first
major leader holding public office to
call for same-sex marriage so I don’t
know what about the past a Barack Obama

and Joe Biden was so bad what happened
what is it that he wants to do away with
we were just beginning it was just the
beginning of what will be the future of
moving this country beyond where it is

now in significant ways and there’s ways
to do that and one of the ways to do
that is to make sure you have someone
who knows how to get things done and can
lead the free world at the same time
this was to me a very good point

if Barack Obama was so fantastic and
everything was great why not build upon
what he did Obamacare is not gone yet

it’s not done it has not been repealed
why not build upon that everybody loves
Obama everybody loved the I’m sorry the
Biden Obama administration everybody

thought it was great why are we trying
to do something completely different
that was never the plan under Obama
I’m Biden Obama it was never the plan to
do that why all these changes what

happened what is wrong and I think he’s
making an excellent point if we all love
Barack Obama so much and how he ran the
country why is every policy completely

in fact some cases the opposite of him
the opposite Obama deported millions of
illegal immigrants we’re not gonna stay

on that Obama plan no no we’re gonna
them all back in Obamacare was flawed
and we wanted to improve no no no no no
screw it let’s just do Medicare for all

what the hell happened that’s Joe’s
question and I think a large part of his
constituency translation is he thinks
the same but it matters not because no

impeachment no budget and he’s dropped
no one cares about him he can’t get
above fourth-place anymore it’s over and
done with
I disagree of course yeah but you’ll

agree with me that this this why the
Democrats are in fact want to implement
policies counter to what the great Obama
did is something that is just not

discussed this it’s not recognized I
totally agree with that and he makes a
good point maybe he should like start at
that point earlier well Pete of course

late in the game to dream that one out
well Pete Buddha judge had an answer
respond then senator Sanders
achievements were phenomenally important

because they met the moment but now we
have to meet this moment and this moment
is different the next president is going
to face challenges from global health
security like what we’re seeing coming

out of China to cybersecurity and
election security challenges that were
barely thought of a few years ago that’s
all we heard of a few years ago what are
you talking about poot PSYOP Pete get

out of here mayor Pete thing which is
kind of funny it sounds like you know

democracy now is not a big fan of Pete
didn’t go anywhere anywhere else but
democracy now played it in more election
news The Daily Beast reports earlier

this week former mayor Pete Buddha
judges campaign removed the name of the
former head of a data company that
contracts with ice from the list of
co-hosts of a Buddha judge fundraiser in

Washington DC after being contacted by
The Daily
East Jacob Shapiro is the former
president of giant oak which was founded
by a former high-level Customs and
Border Protection official and has

received nearly forty five million
dollars in immigration and customs
enforcement contracts over the past six
years know that move on people we’re all
crooked here move on

don’t don’t focus on him don’t get many
farter what I thought would be helpful
because you know this show changes our
attitudes changes

Trump basically broke everything which
is fantastic I mean it invigorated my
thinking it’s like oh it’s something
different going on there’s a new way of
doing politics

so the State of the Union was rowdy it
was you know unpress unprecedented in
the reality show moments of course was

just great marketing he’s a marketeer
connecting personal stories to his
outcomes taking responsibility for
taking credit for it and at the same

time setting a trap like you can’t
criticize that because you’re gonna
criticize the the lady with the with the
the premature a child who’s still alive
you’re gonna criticize the Tuskegee

Airmen you’re gonna criticize the guy
from Redemption with his alcohol problem
and came back and as now has a is an
upstanding member of society no you’re
not gonna do that we had everybody

dressed in or everybody Nancy squad
dressed in white and also narrows up and
screaming House bill three House bill
three so the rules have changed let’s go

back to the President Obama State of the
Union which I think at the time we too
thought it was inappropriate when this
happened and this of course is well this

is a little bit of the I forget which
Republican said you lie when it came to
immigration in hindsight I think the guy
was right because you know it was about

rights of undocumented
the workers and also the media and the
political fallout so this would have

been I don’t remember what year this do
you remember when the when the you lie
thing was what state of the union that
was a while ago I’m thinking 2009 I’m
thinking something like that as well

just to show you how things early early
this too is false the reforms the
reforms I’m proposing would not apply to
those who are here illegally

it was stunning to hear such a statement
made on the floor of the House and the
president of the United States thus

speaking how did we get to a point where
it’s okay to yell you lie at the

president while he’s speaking to
Congress all that precipitated this
moment the you lie moment a lot of
things everything from the president not
being welcomed in American classrooms to

people casually wearing t-shirts with
his image and Hitler and the Joker this
is awfully cavalier awfully casual if
not callous so Phil where does this come

from and are we saying now that it’s
okay to openly criticize the president
to get this anti anti Obama movement of
fueled some people here sense racial
overtones to the Wilson heckle showing

disrespect to a black president of
something to some South Carolinians I
think a minority can accept much better
than if the president were not an
African American I don’t know how you

could not say that this has a racial
effect associated with it the very first
president in the television age to be
heckled the first president to suffer a
heckling in that situation is the first

black president noble whelming portion
of the intensely demonstrated animosity
toward President Barack Obama is based
on the fact that he is a black man so

the more things change the more they
stay the same it’s you know it’s all of
course immediately because he’s black
totally unbelievable that that the
connection is made but okay here’s what

here’s what’s going on this tit for tat
will go on forever so we had a
Republican guy clearly a racist who you
know and implications of calling him

Hitler and did Joker and and all those
memes were there it’s the same thing
we have longer memories than most
because we’ve got clips to back it up it
was also at Bush now of course it was

but but because the Republicans started
this one in particular Republicans
started with you know heckling the black
man and so now we get the the mayhem
that we get about the Republican

president and guaranteed the next
Democrat president is going to be
impeached on day three in office because
the people who we elect are shitheels
pretty much all of them and this is what

goes on all the time so it and anybody
can be pretend to be holier than thou
but you’re not and we’ve changed too
we’ve become much more accepting of this
type of behavior and you know social

media has a lot to do with it the
overall discourse how people communicate
but let’s not kid each other this is
things have changed and me personally I

like it I like it with benefit of those
who enjoy being entertained all the time
how can you argue any of that it’s so
obvious that’s the that’s the correct

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meetups has been unsuccessful in
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his report from from the Ramallah Meetup
hey this is Jesse coy Nelson here in
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see if anybody goes in I’ll give it
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as far as Ramallah it’s very interesting
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main street you got lots of restaurants
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very nice here okay yes unfortunately no
one else attended the Ramallah No Agenda

meetup but I believe that they had the
Jaffa meet up today and I expect some of
our Israeli listeners to attend Jesse
Coyne Nelson by the way will continue

he’s already been I think in a hundred
and thirty different countries or
something he’s not gonna stop and he
will be in Cairo on Tuesday and we’ll be
talking about that in a second in the

overview meanwhile we had the Toronto
meet-up me-80 report this is its rope
time so I’m out here in the morning this
is serge white the nights I have nothing

else to say there’s always one guy at
the meetup that sounds like that if you
notice that there’s always one guy any
point yeah it’s so there’s always one

guy that sounds like this in the morning
and this is Sir asset of the cane and
avian Woods from the Toronto meet up
a half-hearted in the morning from

we had the illinoisians Meetup hey this
is black nights alignment of the net
pretty soon to be baronet of Southern
Illinois that’s how you say it

we’re here at st. Nick’s in do coin
having our second annual or second
meetup of the southern chill annoyance
and really enjoying our time here at st.
Nick’s really proud that I’m at the

point where I get to be considered a
baronet that get my title change finally
and so I’m gonna pass along a mic to the
mic along to account here hi I’m Kyle

and I’m a douche bag I’m also a
millennial and ironically I ordered mac
and cheese tonight I’m Steven de Coyne
and I too am a douche bag and it’s like

a party hi I’m faith I’m married to
Steve this is my first Meetup hi I’m
Michelle this is my first meetup as well
this is Joey Hawkins or Joseph Hawkins

again with a southern chill annoyance
and I’ll end with a shut up slave yeah
we’re enjoying the mac and cheese here
tonight at st. Nick’s in do coin
illinois once again from the the

southern chill annoyance alright chill
annoyance dame jamie in connecticut
hosted to meet up i had to i don’t know
if they recorded this on a one of those

memo recorders or it was all kind of
like all nasal high ends so we’ll see
how well this comes through
apparently brandon goes to a lot of

meetups and complains he’s the only
black guy the meet up
douchebag Zack from Stratford

military-industrial complex here we come
we are not going sauce in the morning
that’s happy to be out of meat up in the
morning Sir John aka red Jeffrey Epstein

did not kill himself in the morning sir
Mad Hatter from the broke state of

Connecticut I am NOT having sexual
relations with a Democratic candidate

rowdy bunch there in Connecticut rappy
bunch so as I said that we’ve got the
club 33 in Cairo on deck for Tuesday I
hope someone’s in in Cairo to have Jesse

Coyne else and so nice that he’s doing
this but at least we’ll have we’ll have
left our stank on all these different
places we can always say there wasn’t no
agenda meetup is just very small
Wednesday no agenda local one in

Plymouth Michigan Friday a most
marvelous middle-eastern meetup in
Manama and that is Bahrain and that is
oh this is daya sir Dave fugu fugu Zotoh

Earl of America’s heartland and Saudi
Arabia this will be the first-ever
Manama Bahrain meet up at the Sherlock
Holmes pub in the Gulf hotel this coming
Friday Stockholm the No Agenda meet up

there look for the organizer in the no
agenda space force t-shirt looking
extremely American at O’Connell’s Irish
pub in gamla stan’ that will be a
michael hosting for you and next sunday

the minneapolis warm up at 5 o’clock the
venn brewery taproom in south
Minneapolis dr. hammer is your organizer
I have a note here ok I believe we were
going to a night our meetup meetup No

Agenda meetups calm admin yeah did we
check on that do we have a night named
for him Daniel but he a night knee I
know his name but the night name was

supposed to be a surprise
maybe well I’m sure I’m sure he’s
surprised now Dan you’ll let us know
what your night name is gonna be because
it’s well-deserved no agenda meetups

calm is providing tremendous value not
so much for the fort no monetary for the
show but for the show for the producers
of the show it is it kicks ass over any
other infrastructure that we’ve tried

that was commercial like meetups calm no
agenda meetups calm perfectly suited for
us is where you can find a meetup near
you at a time near you and if there
isn’t one all you have to do is start

one put it on the calendar yourself and
the keeper and I will be in Florida
Delray Beach meet up on the 21st of
February see you there

me check it all he’ll be

it’s like a party
there we go sorry three clips left that
I want to play for sure okay one of them

is I think oh well let’s just play this
a game an odd clip this is the talking
about this PBS report on the Starliner
or so with Starliner this is like

there’s idea of the independent launches
into space by Boeing and X SpaceX or
whatever they call yeah and apparently
the Boeing stuff is again there they’re

having all kinds of software issues and
here’s a report so later in the week we
also had kind of an update to some of
the things that people were figuring out
about the Starliner project what’s right

so right now there are two companies
that are creating these new vehicles to
take astronauts to and from the
International Space Station and they’re
getting really close to actually putting
people on those vehicles but before they

do that they have to do these uncrewed
flight tests and Boeing did it’s on
crewed flight test in December and it
didn’t really go according to plan at
the time a software glitch presented to

the capsule from getting into the right
orbit so didn’t actually go to the
International Space Station like it’s
supposed to but now we’re learning that
there was actually a second software

glitch that was corrected at the time
but if it hadn’t been corrected it could
have been a catastrophic failure for the
spacecraft and it could have maybe been

destroyed when it reinterred Earth’s
atmosphere we don’t know because
fortunately they fixed it but it is kind
of highlighting that boeing has having
these these coding problems and NASA is

really doing a deep investigation into
that as the Starliner project is
happening you also have the SpaceX
project that’s kind of working in
parallel and that is planning on putting
people into orbit right so initially

when they chose these two providers it
was supposed to spark competition and
man since then that competition has
really heated up they definitely are
constantly going back and forth with one

another and trying to prove and beat out
the other the provider beating out your
other provider and a half a game the
writer reminder

that was kind of interesting you know
this is going on they were still sending
our guys to the Space Station
thanks to Russia mm-hmm their engines
yep we don’t have well their engines and
then their vehicles too I mean we have

to go to Russia yeah our astronaut goes
the Russian gets on a Russian product
and shoots it up they shoot it up nude
there you go
I found this in interesting clip this is
the Trump comment clip and it’s just

something he’s just giving us some talk
to he just like given talks all the time
he’s just he said this little ditty in
here and I kind of looked into it and
but it did catch me off guard behind in

the company once my administration will
hold summits just like this one in
cities across the country working
closely with community leaders workers
entrepreneurs employers and faiths the

leaders are great faith leaders so many
great people I’ve met you know we got
rid of the Jensen amendment so they can
speak their will right
John do tell us about the Johnson

amendment well apparently this was put
in place I think in the 50s and it had
to do with 501 C 3s and how they can
they can’t come out for and I think it
also has to do with churches because

that’s what he’s specifically referring
to where if you’re a church and you’re a
pastor you can’t go in front of your
congregation and say vote for Trump
we’ve known about this for a while

decided with an executive order just
kill this thing
yeah has not been talked about is not
reported the media’s flat-footed again

they don’t know what the hell’s I doing
I’d say they’d want a report on that as
something with it
terrific good now wasn’t it wait a
minute that’s not true wasn’t it before
the impeachment I recall there was a

brief moment of reporting I can’t
remember but it certainly was on the
radar just briefly and drop right off

but yet to have short sure I think the
the complaint went something like this
well you know you can’t be not be paying
taxes and you’ll have the government
subsidize your church if it’s all gonna

then it’s you know emoluments Claus I
don’t know the set was the original
thinking behind it Johnson amendment
it’s like you’re getting a tax break and
no he can’t mix government with you know
religion and I think with fair point by

the at fair point you know if you’re
gonna get tax breaks there’s certain
thing okay if you’re gonna have a

tax-free organization you’re gonna your
speech will be controlled that’s why we
never went that route for this very
reason you don’t want the government
telling you what you can and can’t do
well that’s gone by the wayside I think

and unless it gets challenged it that
means the next line because the next to
the 2010 election you’re gonna have a
lot of fundamentalist preachers you know

evangelist preachers telling people to
vote for Trump because you know they’re
gonna do that especially if Bernie runs
cuz he’s a socialist it’s religion he’s
an atheist notice we put a stop you when

I vote for an atheist you know so this
is like a little little thing that
nobody you know this should be a scandal
to me but are there two stupid women

Zinnemann Vinh men lieutenant colonel
please should have been called out for

not calling him lieutenant colonel yes I
think it was a big issue so now this is
a report this may set a new trend that I
don’t this is a classic democracy now

kind of let’s add a new element to the
way we report stories okay and this is
the report on the old the old El Paso
shooting apparently they’ve found the

guy guilty or what I ready go but the
way it was reported to me introduces
some real problems I’m looking for the
clip John which one no sorry it says
report on old you know Paso Texas the

white man suspected of killing 22 people
had now passed gotta love that’s that
white man report you know what this is
you can’t how do you get away with

the white man well it’s kind of you’re
gonna see the black man the Puerto Rican
that Mexican you’re gonna start using
that all the time as an adjective in
front of whoever’s doing stuff the I
mean if you start doing that you’re

gonna go down the road to perdition but
let’s play it again I think that the
white man is the new Florida man yeah
like instead of a Florida man just start

over just replace searching for place a
Florida man with a white man you know
Paso Texas the white man suspected of
killing 22 people at now Paso Walmart
last August has been charged with

federal hate crimes the alleged killer
is accused of targeting Latinos in
racially motivated massacre moments
before the August 3rd shooting the
shooter published an online manifesto
echoing president Trump’s rhetoric about

an invasion of immigrants
boy well if you pay attention this white
man thing yeah if you want I will do
that with a bow of black criminals so

digit somebody Rob’s a bank I just don’t
see it I don’t well to be fair in
context of the report which claims it
was racially motivated against brown

people although they said Latinos should
have said brown people to be honest
that’s that would be the style guide if
you’re gonna say a white man yes he shot
Brown people that would be fair but I
think you know but she did no but in the

context it was a racially motivated I’m
going to wind up with three clips for
today about the homelessness situation
in Austin Texas which is quickly

becoming a model of how not to do things
especially when you have examples of
California Washington State Oregon we
have very clear models of how it does

not work so we’ll start with on a second
we start with a beak now this actually

happened earlier in the week we had a
very big fire under uh under a highway
here in Austin couches TV
propane tanks actually pad locked areas

mattresses trash and literally hundreds
of needles it’s an entire system of
underground homes dope tops
refrigerators bunk beds all built into

this bridge I like landscaping and so I
dug it big-ass cave into the wall under
the bridge about ten feet off the ground
bridge Johnson believes he’s one of

about a hundred people living under the
bridge I mean I’ve got the furnace and
chimney in there and nice and warm and
cozy this catacomb like camp spans
roughly three football field
Monday morning it went up in flames we

came down here for medical calls a lot
we’ve always feared there being a fire
there’s a fire one arrival there were no
residents of the camp that we had to
deal with and rescue everyone appears to
be okay the firefighters were worried

about spaces and possibly people they
just couldn’t reach it is definitely a
very unsafe situation for our
firefighters as they’re gonna have to
dig through this stuff for hours hazmat

has been called in just to make sure
that you know it’s safe for our guys to
go down there text docs and hazmat to
the scene as their bridge inspectors
were unable to access the fire starting
point otherwise they become very

resourceful and dealing with lack of no
power so there was a generator
that we have to account for without
leaking into the watershed last week the
city began cleaning up homeless camps
and watersheds as part of a 250 thousand

dollar year-long contract that could be
extended the city is flexible on how
many sites they’ll clean up this year
but right now they’re slated to clean
approximately 20 this site was not on
the city’s initial list of spots to

clean and text dot tells us the bridge
is fine rich johnson tells us the room
he carved out under that bridge is also
okay he plans to return as soon as
possible so this was quite to me quite
spectacular three football fields of

dwelling space dug out underneath the
highway apparently not Dane any danger
to the integrity of the structure but
something caught fire and just burning

has all kinds of stuff yeah I think the
guy who we heard the beginning of the
report says oh no I’m like I like
building things he could be an architect
I guess but now I decides to do that

under the bridge and I have no I really
am losing compassion for the campers
because that’s what this is this is
they’ve been driven out of downtown so
no longer do we have people camping in

downtown Austin by ordinance but go
ahead and just go out anywhere else you
want to and these aren’t even Austinites
anymore that these are many of them
vagrants and harassing people in their
cars with squeegees etc and I’m becoming

quite negative about them as always we
have our monthly meeting in Austin it
happens on Thursday you heard in the
report hundreds of needles found around
this camp this is from the Thursday

council meeting councilmember Allison
alter she had something to say about
these needles the needles people use
needles for health reasons and for

insulin and other stuff and I believe
that’s what we were seeing and so I just
wanted to throw that out there that a
lot of folks almost have health issues
and they’re using the needles for health

reason that doesn’t make them safe to be
on the ground but it but
that is one of the reasons that we may
be finding those in those periods well
this woman is about to be run out of

town oh yeah it done though the needles
are clearly for health issues for
insulin which I’m sure they have in
their refrigerator right nearby this is
how insane has become in Austin Texas

that she can’t even admit that people
are doing drugs no no no no it’s for
health reasons don’t be so mean to them
please so now the City of Austin has yet
again a fabulous idea if you recall we

had a consultant come in who the reports
at the time where she quit after one day
on the job now they’ve changed that to
four months but she really didn’t do

anything but don’t worry we found that
another consultant penny Boston is
recruiting more help internally and
externally to work on homelessness
issues today the council approved hiring

Matthew Doherty as a consultant already
helped shape national homelessness
policy for years Jake’s an investigator
Kevin Clarke spoke to city management
about the decision to increase staffing
and the difficult lessons learned last

year t lives life on the streets she’s
far removed from the homelessness policy
debate inside City Hall where the movers
and shakers are changing again the city
wants to pay close to one hundred

thousand dollars to Matthew Doherty who
would work through the end of September
to help Austin Dougherty has national
connections having been executive
director of the United States
interagency Council on homelessness

we’re certainly looking forward to his
ideas so ultimately recommendations that
he provides connections and coordination
this comes as Austin is creating a
homelessness services division within

the city’s Public Health Department it’s
expected to include multiple full-time
employees and a public information
officer it gives what was a one-person
homeless strategy office it gives it the

support that we need and believe we
believe is a much more appropriate
Laurie pampy Lou Harris resigned as
Austin’s homeless strategy officer on
the job less than four months in emails
from December about her long-term goals

for homelessness policy
she told city management I was hoping
for enough time to
an appropriate assessment asset mapping
and intersectional discovery that would
lead to some concrete planning and

action steps
I never was given the space or time to
do this appropriately or would the focus
needed she also told staff I have seen
it being exhibited from elected
officials that they are looking for the

solutions for today and not the solving
of the issue for the future I have a
challenge with that it was a lot that
Lori could have a lot of additional
support from an administrative
perspective that Lori didn’t have that

we certainly learned in terms of lessons
sorely lacking from this report about
the brand-new consultant to fix Austin’s
homelessness problem is the actual

background of Mathew Doherty who was
appointed in 2015 by the Obama
administration to lead the u.s.
interagency Council on homelessness
which was tasked with coordinating the

federal response to homelessness across
19 agencies including Department of
housing Urban Development education
labor and commerce and was fired last
year by the Trump administration for

utter failings mainly in California this
is the dickhead we’re bringing here to
fix it in Austin can you believe that
shit yeah of course and they don’t even

you do in Austin they don’t throw it
they don’t even report it and it’s gonna
something’s gonna happen you know I
think the point that really the real

point is why wasn’t that reported by the
newest media that you have there in
Austin they can look it up you looked it
up it was so hard I had to do a whole
search and type the guy’s name and spell

it properly is insane I I can understand
how hard it is a teenage girl that all
do I have to do I have to really really

really disappointing that’s funny
yes so the struggle continues in the
capital of the drone star state

everybody and on Thursday I have an OTG
update that I’m dying to share with you
we got lots of good stuff and who they
heck knows what else is gonna happen
because it’s nuts out there oh by the
way United Kingdom’s of of England and
gitmo nation east good luck with that

storm they got a massive storm coming
it’s like everything shut down no
flights no trains bridges they’re
looking at 80 90 mile an hour winds yeah
so we’re thinking of you we’re thinking

of you
we’re thinking you were thinking about
sure yeah please think of us consider
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slash na and we look forward to
returning back to you probably with you
know if we still if we don’t if we’re
alive we’ll have an update on the Wuhan
virus and everything else is going on

coming to you from opportunities own 33
in the frontier of Austin Texas capital
the drone star State we are FEMA region
number six and proud of it in the
morning everybody I’m Adam curry and
from northern Silicon Valley where we’re

having a little wind storm up here I’m
John C Dvorak we return on Thursday
right here on now and not not not with
no agenda until then adios mofos and

oh yes end of shows from Fletcher and
Starkweather back up and back up and

back up and experiment we call democracy
will happen

baby would fatally painless
I started some fun this is a lot of fun

thank yourself because nobody else is
going to do henceforth for with
indubitably affirmative Lee for the

Democrats Joe I want to answer really I
think you should come over keep
listening to this same debate and it is
not real
I’m the President of the United States I
have all of the power for Republicans

and Democrats we saw what happens when
that happened these things are all
connected but that’s the point
so are all of the things that need to
change Americans feel like the political

parties have been playing you lose I
lose you lose I lose for years and you
know who’s been losing this entire time
we have a drug offense they go directly
mandatory prison I’m assuming mandatory

treatment there’s no way around it you
may want to nibble around the edges we
bring our party together it’s an issue

we can all agree on and fight in the
corruption I got this bill well the
reality is actually Joe Biden’s right
they called me I talked and I believe I

can get it done meeting the moment
meeting the moment we had a moment for
the last few weeks close your eyes
everybody remember what you saw on
television largely black and brown women
who do this work for entrepreneurs were

black and brown and minorities to be
able to get the heart and soul of this
party is diversity black people Latinos
AAPI people Native Americans and white
people but for goodness sakes

mofo Dvorak dot org slash and a the

whole thing is a joke