No Agenda Episode 1216: “Rando”

gotta move gotta move back atom curry
John C. Dvorak it’s Thursday February 13
20 24 20 get my nation Media
assassination episode 12 is no agenda in
the morning everybody

I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where we’re we’re dead set
against the hanging of Roger stone I’m
Jesse to correct all emotional over it’s
very difficult they gonna hang the guy

yeah exactly
no you know what this was you know what
this was don’t you this was a setup yeah
I heard that theory before couple times

well then let me mention it on the show
where you haven’t heard it the idea was
that the law fair group lawyers so what
is presented as long term civil servants

and working for the Justice Department
yeah I know this was impeachment lawyers
who came from the loft law fair group
they decided oh here’s a good idea why

don’t we get another impeachment thing
started we’re gonna ask for a crazy
amount of time for Roger stone and then
we’ll resign and exactly what they
wanted this will just be added to the

impeachment 2.0 case well the problem is
his mind-reading involved here because
the idea was to get Trump to do
something about it all he do note we are

something to do something about it was
born it was tweet about it and Bart had
never heard didn’t bark and go cuz
they’re gonna bring him in he’s gonna go
testify he’s gonna they’re gonna say did
the president tell you to do this and

they used to say no John you’ll see it
and you’re confusing logic with what the
m5m likes to use in the machine this is
all over the place Oh bar should resign

the Trump oh no this is obstruction
it has nothing to do with with logic or
with truth or facts it’s just let’s just
do something everybody come on that’s to

me that seemed pretty obvious I’m
getting sick of it well no there’s that
there’s that uh before we go oh I
finally got the I so um the President of

the United States I have all of the
power I just I can’t I can’t see
anything else being used than this it is
so dynamite good old burns to coal it’s
what an idiot see where are we at when

we have to talk about Oh Oscar’s I guess
Oscars is all-time all-time low yeah
well done well done they weren’t

particularly fond of watching their
celebrities that they go to spend money
on it the movies lecturing now about how
he should act well it wasn’t much of it

I mean there was only Brad Pitt coming
out and bitching about not not having
Bolton testify so I didn’t see that as a

huge anti-trump slam it’s like okay that
well but what do I think there was a
what was interesting there was the fact
that he said he only had 45 seconds yes

or did so the so the acting award I mean
the makeup artist spent more than 45
seconds thanking people well you know
these speeches are even though Brad Pitt

denies it there are companies that write
these speeches for people and they’ll
write something funny for you or give
you a little political message whatever
you’re looking for so I think this was
maybe it’s the the Norman Lear Hollywood

group who sends out some consultants
okay we got another thought here maybe
they’re on staff at the Oscars who knows
but above all it is painfully obvious to
me that just like in politics where we

have an old guard and I’m not being
aegis but at a certain point you know
it’s wearing this in this transition
period where the we live longer people
are you know

70 is the new 50 but you know the lot of
the old ideas and thoughts and ways and
means and racism to I’m sure kind of
sticks and then we got the new people

coming in and they all they all want
woke ‘no sand they want different things
and they also communicate differently
and how many Oscars were won by Netflix
shows hello is this telling you anything
Hollywood so you know they’re so deathly

afraid of having a host because all
controversy yet I think it was the the
comedian’s who kind of made the show
bearable to watch they paired him up and
with Will Ferrell and what are the

Saturday Night Live gals you know it’s
the that was kind of funny but otherwise
it’s just a dumb boring show with to be
honest I don’t think you nope I saw a

parasite it’s good movie is it really
the best is it I’m asking I haven’t seen
it I’ve only watched the beginning of it

I like the beginning oh it’s okay but
for all the hype I heard about it once I
saw it and went oh you wait until you
see what happens and then there’s
something it happens in the movie like
okay that’s cool that’s that’s a good

twist and now you know just I don’t know
well I do have the one clip I got which
is not the whole thing because it
because for the 45 seconds

Joaquin got to speak for Best Actor yeah
the Joker yes he spent 3 minutes and 11
seconds and never played him off or
anything he went rambling on he started

off by saying you know the great thing
about being in this business is that we
get a platform I never thought that was
part of the deal but ok he thinks he’s
got a platform to go on and on and on
about what he thinks is you know what he

thinks is important and what we need to
be hearing from him he said actor he
should be reading lines and I don’t
believe anybody wrote this for him it’s
too discombobulated but do you want to
play this is a short less than a minute

of him going on about whatever we go
into the natural world and we plunder it
for its resources
we feel entitled to artificially
inseminate a cow and when she gives

birth we steal her baby even love her
cries of anguish are unmistakable and
then we take her milk that’s intended
for a calf and we put it in our coffee
and our cereal and I think we fear the

idea of personal change because we think
that we have to sacrifice something to
give something up but human beings that
our best are so inventive and creative

and ingenious and I think that when we
use love and compassion as our guiding
principles we can create develop and

implement systems of change that are
beneficial to all sentient beings and to
the environment we are the world we
think we have to sacrifice something to

give something up isn’t that like
redundant is that what you do and your
sacrifice you are giving something up
what is he talking about how does it

what does that got to do with putting
milk in your cereal you should not be
drinking milk why do you drink pus from
the cow it’s crazy I’ve heard it all my
daughter’s big on that too she’s like

we’re not meant to drink that okay all
right yeah I guess baking with it’s okay
though is it all right to bake with nope
with milk no how disgusting you a
horrible person you don’t care about the

earth and the world and all his
creatures this is very bad very very bad
that you’re doing yeah yeah you know
that the the Irishman that costs a

hundred and ninety million dollars why
on what were they drinking that much on
CGI man so I got a look at Netflix’s

numbers I don’t know if you discussed it
with with Horowitz at all but so they
currently they just raised another two

dollars in with a bond which I guess
would be a junk bond probably or jump on
status I think that’s what all the
messaging was so they’re total debt is
14 billion dollars like a Hollywood

studio but check this out their budget
their content budget for 2020 just take
a wild guess

10 billion 15 billion dollars that’s
outrageous well they should at least put
animated no agenda on their stupid
channel I mean come on oh yeah well
maybe we’re not spending enough on it

hey guys this is our demo and we really
need a ten million dollars to produce it
properly whereas this is exactly what
you want Thank You Jennifer the most

recent one the yes quite good yeah this
is a 16 thousand lies
oh I tagged the president in it if
everybody would please retweet because
all we need is one retweet from the

president one one I think this is the
one that he might that he might like or
might catch his eye it’s a video you
know dynamite idea yeah I mean if we say
yes everybody go retweet this to the

president yeah in fact don’t reach we
just tweet it copy it tweeted again make
sure the video shows yes between again
and retweet it let’s see if we can make

it happen I mean it’s it would be
fantastic that would really put that
show on the map and I as I was going
through the list again came Jennifer’s
done some phenomenal work we have like
15 of these things out we were like

dynamite you look like a real or
operation illusionist don’t look over
here plates spinning exactly love the

plate spinning alright I found that the
event the oscars were they were dull and
yeah and by the way what with this set

we were every year we kind of talked
about this set looked like a black hole
to hell it looked like this something’s
gonna suck you in and you’re gonna be
gone for like a black hole

it was knees movie the black hole was a
black hole yes that’s true
that’s true I don’t even remember that
much from the show it was just blatantly
boring I mean even then Elise came over

here she’s a super film nut you know the
kind they’ll be like well I don’t want
him to win for Best Director because he
also directed that movie was a piece of
crap and he’s homophobic that means

really deep deep deep into this stuff
and even she was only there because none
of these kids have television she won’t
she hasn’t hung up the antenna I gave

her for direct over-the-air so she just
comes here it says yeah hey I’ll come
over and cook like mm-hmm
and because she wanted it watch with
which was fun but man right after the
the best movie oh well the shows not

over oh well I gotta get up early
tomorrow she’s gone you know no interest
no interest in the show business around
it it’s just none it’s it I think it’s

they should really get rid of this do
something else with the airtime in the
Academy what is the Academy it’s just
slowly gonna grind down to a stop it’s

gonna kill itself yeah it’s not I don’t
know there is nothing good about it
no next year they of course could ask
the creative or a consulting group I’m

sure we could spice it up a bit but even
then I’m worried about it it’s all right
so we had what else did we have ah yes
well we have a some kind of horse race

going on in the United States for the
Democratic candidate for the the 2020
election and it’s it’s getting really
fun and hopefully you have finally

decided to unfollow the Democratic
operatives you place so much trust in
because Joe Biden has been dropped enemy
has been dropped all support is gone I

told you he was only necessary for the
impeachment because if he wasn’t if he
wasn’t the front-runner then he’s not
really a political opponent now and now
is he so they need mine’s gonna win

South Carolina Joe
Vytas not gonna win South Carolina in no
way well you know what he’s given it a
good old try yeah this is a this is from

a speech he gave I think it was this
morning or yesterday we don’t feel tired
we’ve come too far from where we started
and I don’t believe he brought me to

this farm to stop now
so he’s speaking to a crowd of a dose
and there where we heard that before I
don’t feel no ways tired
I don’t believe he brought me this far

you cannot tell me that there is not a a
mole in the organization that is is
messing with this sound that is giving

him false information hey Joe just tell
them we’re in Nevada hey this is great
Joe the blacks will love it Joe just do
this just recite this job we don’t feel

nowhere he’s tired maybe it was a was a
gag please
there’s no time for joking around well
you know at the very beginning I always

thought or at least I think the two of
us agreed that he wasn’t really into it
that much and maybe never really what
wanted to run because he’s kind of old
and this seems like a big hassle yeah he

doesn’t need the money yeah obviously
and it and so he said was it kind of
half half sincere about the whole thing
and so he doesn’t really care but now I

think it’s it’s become kind of a since
he’s getting called out as a loser
I think he’s maybe he’s got his hackles
up and he maybe will like is that you
actually be sincere about this and

actually run that’s why I think he’ll
win South Carolina Wow but you’re right
I could be I should divorce myself from
and following these guys yeah this
they’re not helpful they did the
constant theme is Joe’s gonna be the guy

yeah and Bernie’s got to go yeah well
that Bernie’s got to go is agreed to and
there’s all kinds of crazy theories on
the mainstream as well this is my
favorite this is my top
we’re back with Jerry Falwell Jr and

Jerry we’ve got about 30 seconds here do
you believe
Mitt Romney should be thrown out of the
party for going against the president I
think he’s gonna leave the party I think
I’ve heard speculation this week that

he’s positioning himself to be a vice
presidential candidate for one of the
Democrats and I think there would be an
honest thing for him to do because he’s
been more in line with their beliefs for
decades than the Republican Party so I

hope this is his move to come clean
finally I think what you hear out there
I don’t know if you can hear it I can
there’s a lot of applause out there for
what you’re suggesting

thanks so much here so the idea is
the so-called unity ticket between MIT
Romney as vice president and John Kerry
as president I put it but I’ve posted

this in the newsletter I know but that’s
there actually seriously discussing it
they both they’re both deluded yeah well
the m5m is so desperate that they’ll

pick up any story as long as we can not
say Bernie then it’s okay I guess let’s
just do a quick recap of an important
event here breaking news now the

chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party is
resigning in the wake of the disastrous
caucus process the technical glitches
and delayed results there it is

we totally screwed over the results we
couldn’t actually give you the results
the reason a glitch
thank you mainstream I feel so much
better now that I know exactly what

happened so that’s it you resign because
of a glitch no more questions asked
it’ll never come up again and we’ll
never have the final tally what we I
don’t care a democrat party yeah who

cares it’s about time they got bumped
from the debt perch what else you get
well I think that there was one

interesting thing actually pulled this
from Rush Limbaugh say I’ve never done
before there’s my first cuz he’s you
know no I did be maudlin about it but he
did have this he did find this one

little tidbit this is the clip 17
through 24
no okay NBC News exit polls showed last
night voters between the ages of 18 to

29 made up only is this voice higher
sounds higher it’s funny that you’d say
that because and I don’t know why this
is and it did a couple of things I

noticed because I recorded a bit of this
there’s only a small small part of all
the stuff I recorded never used for one
thing he is his wave forms are not

even close to being as compressed as I
thought they were Oh interesting it’s
not like a compress to Andy’s am AM

radio generally and it’s a very
uncompressed WAV form it doesn’t look
anything like a classic big big booting
voices I mean like the No Agenda show
which is a block of flat black block a

flat yeah also when you hear him doing
it it sounds deeper than when you do the

replay and when he replay Rihanna’s
bitty replay some of his old clips he
likes to do this you find a clip from 10
years ago where he predicted something
and he likes to harp on right we hate it
too yeah we do that but anyway he plays

his old clips and they sound tinny it’s
like what you know it sounds like about
the reproduction of his show that sounds
teeny it may be it sounds like someone

I’ve heard I heard this reason it sounds
like someone who’s been intubated you
know if you and you had the you get
knocked out general anesthesia this is
usually your voice is up a couple of

what can his voice might be up anyway
I’m sorry for interrupting that anyway
because I very interested in this the
kind of audio that comes out of this

guy’s show and it’s not like anything I
NBC News exit polls showed last night
voters between the ages of 18 to 29 made
up only 11 percent of the Democratic

electorate far below the 19 percent of
18 to 29 year olds who voted in 2016 now
we keep being told that the Democrats
have all this enthusiasts a trump it’s

just about beating Trump we’ve got to
find anybody could beat Trump Trump’s
gotta go Trump’s gotta go the Democrat
Bernie doesn’t care who they’re so
energized I hate Trump they hate the
name-calling they hate the mudslinging
may hate the tweeting they hate Trump

they hate him they can’t wait to get rid
of Trump there is no such enthusiasm
well according to that poll and by the
way who’s gonna replace me I don’t want
to be morbid about it but let’s just say

he goes into a year of treatment and
just won’t be a
to physically work I’m not gonna say
it’s gonna die because I’m not like that
I don’t think that way my mom had lung
cancer I’d I remain positive till the
very end just how long does she have

before after her diagnosis how long she
get going go well they the diagnosed oh
the she was fine of course except for
that she had a shitty cough and we all
heard it like a death rattle she went to

doctor oh guess what hey no happy way to
say is she got lung cancer oh and by the
way it’s the shitty car okay and the
minute they put her on chemo that’s when

you know the chemo of course immediately
deteriorated it because that’s what
chemo does then they decided to take out
a lung and she was cancer-free for a
year then it came back and it was just

months it was like three months so fast
yeah but there’s a void and I don’t
think Shaun watch on handy but what’s in

the Mark Steyn he’s already got his own
show none of these guys will hold the
audience none of them are in this guy
was a singular talent yeah and but it

does leave a hole in that time slot
across the nation but when I date I’m
probably gonna record a few more things
before I hate to be that way but I’ve
noticed a couple of things in his in his

bit cuz I used to always talking about
inside baseball for people or anyone who
wants to be a podcaster should probably
be paying attention though is that when
you listen to certain guys like Jim Rome

who was a very interesting talented and
he’ll repeat stuff kind of say the same
thing three or four five times in a row
I never noticed until I recorded this
some of this Limbaugh stuff and and

listen to a second time and then we
started editing it actually that clip is
highly edited because he repeated
himself the way Rome does a couple of
times on the jib he says something that

he’s then he stops and pauses and says
it again maybe adds another word in
there so he he pads the show with this
kind of repetitious approach oh yeah I
don’t know I’m gonna have to listen to

Hannity and see if he does the same oh
my god Hannity is unlistenable
I cannot listen I can’t watch them on TV
I can’t leave I’m you know I will
actually analyze it so we can come back

and I can tell you why but it’s
something about just his presentation
yeah it’s also a smugness I think he has
the uber smug of the right yes we get
that old style yeah it’s like uh he’s

pretty much got the old smug style not
that Limbaugh is not smug but nothing
like Hannity he as Handy’s got that old

fashioned smug stop with the modern
yak-yak-yak approach who or he’s not
taking you know he’s the old smug guys
just take a lot of calls this is the new
smug anyway if I had if I had the time I

guess I would start by would start to
show streaming every single day from
noon to 3:00 Eastern Time I do it

immediately and give people a choice
you can’t do his exact stick but you
there’s a void there and it’s kind of
someone’s gonna fill it up and it’s not

gonna be mark Stein it’s not even gonna
be the Rush Limbaugh Show
you know things do come to an end but
that’s pretty much keeping thousands of
radio stations alive at this point it’s
gonna be a huge problem because they

don’t know you know these substitutions
a lot of them in dan bond Geno is one of
them guys you can only listen to him for
they’re not it there’s something wrong
with these other guys and compared to

Limbaugh who’s can keep your attention
and he does good at his analysis is good
that’s the thing that’s that’s
interesting I’ve listened to this guy
when I usually not up to driving around

and listen to him but when I do I’m
always impressed especially during the
election season of his analysis he had
an analysis I don’t have a clip of it
but he he discusses what the Democrat
Party is going to have to do if Bernie

wins and who’s gonna be the VP kind of
stuff we do know and he’s got this
theory that the Democrats this is the
theory basically the Democrats know

they’re gonna lose the Trump date the
insiders do hotshots the big boys the
guys you follow so who are they gonna
put up against Trump that can take a
that can be beat up and without hurting

the party long-term well he thinks it’s
Bernie because Bernie will be beaten and
that’ll be the end of this socialism
crap we’ll get it out of the waste like

what happened with when they ran
McGovern right back in the day well i
snicks i think that yes and as we’ve
discussed here it is the election
America deserves you know hey you want

this guy this direction you want that
guy that direction that’s what we
deserve I think they’re truly afraid
that Bernie would win mainly because of
the do anything to get Trump out and I

think there’s apprehension on that on
their part for that
it’s everything feels like it but with
Biden out the question is I’m sorry

sorry let me in my world Biden
out in the world of MSNBC Biden’s out
what’s interesting and I watched a lot
of this coverage MSNBC is hands down

just the one to watch if you want to
know what the party line is because they
keep bringing people on your pundits who
are either consultants or that it
clearly right you know they’re

surrogates that Fox does that too but it
they’re really they’re really pretending
to be just interested parties here for
the discussion and the conversation so
joy Reid who was not a Dawson you know

she’s not a an african-american in the
truest sense of the word but of course
she represents black America when it
comes to MSNBC and here’s what she had
to say there’s only room for her or

Buddha judge in that Lane and Biden is
really there’s there freezing him out
and you know what I was saying in the
break is that this is you know this is
sort of a focus group of white voters in
the Northeast in these two state and

great in these two states what I see
there is is that the people coming out
of New Hampshire
none of that none of those people have
residents with black voters none of them
do the one who has resident no the ones

who have residents are Biden was getting
crushed and if he doesn’t work out what
I’m hearing from black voters
consistently if Biden goes down
they’re going to Bloomberg but listen to

the exact word she’s saying
she’s saying he’s getting squeezed she’s
she is repeating line she’s heard

Biden’s getting squeezed he’s not gonna
make it black voters and then what I’m
hearing what I’m you know and the
confusion of course is all cheap team is
black so she must know what African

Americans are thinking what I’m here
know what she’s hearing is from the
Hillary Kent Clinton clamp a camp or
maybe it’s Hillary in Bloomberg camp I
actually tried to register Bloomberg

Clinton 2020 it’s been taken and all of
those are gone Bloomberg Clinton dot-com
also gone so she’s she’s instructed to
tell black people that they should go to

Bloomberg there’s no other way to see
this and of course she did
massive black audience MSNBC has it’s
not you get my point

yeah she tried to push the messaging
there on behalf of Hillary well there
was one other message that came in on
behalf of Hillary and let me see where
was this lady hmm well okay that sucks

but while you’re looking for that
continue I do have a wrap up of the New
Hampshire thing and this is off a Fox

radio this is the New Hampshire rap from
Fox radio former Massachusetts governor
Deval Patrick suspends his presidential
campaign becoming the third Democrat to

drop out following Andrew listen again
former Massachusetts governor Deval
Patrick’s to Spain right at the moment
he should have been there for black

America oh no no no no I mean the third
Democrat to drop out following Andrew
yang and Senator Michael Bennet after
the New Hampshire primary New Hampshire
went for Bernie Sanders we’re going to
Nevada we’re going to South Carolina

we’re gonna win those faces but a close
second was former mayor Pete Budaj
in this election season we have been
told by some that you must either be for
revolution or you are for the status quo

but where does that leave the rest of us
now Joe Biden who finished in fifth
place left early to campaign in South
Carolina and Super Tuesday states and
beyond the senator Amy Klobuchar said

she’s headed to those states after
coming back with a third place finish
Elizabeth Warren who came in fourth
predicted a long primary fight ahead I
found my clip another person who showed
up with Chris of Chris Matthews was

Adrienne L door and if you saw her you
be oh yes I know who this is
Elrod I’m sorry Adrian Elrod she’s a
shell rod like Elrod Hubbard Elrod echo

Lima Romeo Oscar Delta Elrod and let me
see if I can find it now she is the
daughter of lifelong friends of daughter

of parents of lifelong friends of Bill
and Hillary as she was Hillary for
America strategic director
communications and surrogates what’s

your first name again
Adrienne ADR Adrienne sent me cute she’s
like 40 you know your typical she would
actually do well on Fox she has been a

commentator on Fox News Fox Business but
you know I’m looking at she’s a blonde I
don’t recognize her
hmm well I watch more MSNBC than you do
so and for good reason yeah I a

premature death so she she’s held a
variety of positions at 2008 Hillary
Clinton presidential campaign let me get

the point she is not just has not been
working not just working for Clinton but
she is also family friends and so she
and she’s on the same the same panel

with a joy read and listen to what so
I’m just gonna presume everything that
comes out of her mouth is coming from
the Clinton camp it seems only logical

to believe this a lot of money I think
you can spend a billion dollars easily
it probably makes a billion dollars
during the course of this campaign
seriously he’s just dipping into the

tail as it comes in
what happens if he’s the candidate
against Trump is he gonna would he be
able to leave the Democrats while he’s
running the Democratic primary and he’s

doing pretty I wish that was the ad that
I saw Joe Biden closing with a New
Hampshire so she’s right away absolutely

he’s running the whole camp absolutely
something’s up interesting analysis how
could it be anything else so the the

thinking I have is first of all March
3rd which will be an interesting date
because that’s when I’m on Rogan is
Super Tuesday and I think we will see
the equivalent of an atomic nuclear bomb

of money being dropped on Super Tuesday
by Bloomberg it’s just gonna be and by
the way the guy is running it it looks
as if he was the vice president for

Obama have you seen the ads so yeah well
that’s one set of the ads where do we
see all the ads okay well I’ve seen the
one Rees with Obama here he’s in the

helicopter with Obama he’s in fact when
he says I’m Michael Bloomberg and I
approve this message
I at one point I thought I heard I’m
Barack Obama and I approve this message
it was just it’s crazy and kind of

insulting towards Joe yeah I think
they’re meant to be insulting towards

Joe no joke and not yet Obama didn’t
help him no and Obama’s not gonna say
anything until there’s a candidate I
think that’s why he’s not making a big

deal out Joe’s using some Obama clips
now as we already know he’s already on
the hall you know the Biden Obama
administration sad man it’s sad to watch
so static but I’m happy about a me you

know I’m a big fan she’s she’s got a
little juice there she’ll uh she’s on
the radar she will not become president
but she will but she will have elevated
her status I think she’s probably a good

a good senator I think she’d be she’s
good at that
she doesn’t have to do much more people
like her and and she she brought what
was necessary to the to the conversation

to kind of shake it up and then all
that’s left is this amazing surge for
SIOP Pete who I spoke to poach anak
yesterday ah briefly and and he says

what are your clues that because I said
I’d mentioned the conversation the SIOP
Pete says Oh what do you think it was
just clearly he’s a spook he’s he’s been

he’s been planted just like Obama you
know CIA handlers he says what’s your
clue I said well Rhodes Scholar Harvard
elite a Notre Dame he said yeah what’s

the other one I did think for a second
and then it hit me
aiya Mackenzie of course and that’s
that’s really the giveaway
Mackenzie these guys they are the

consultants to the military-industrial
complex they are the consultants to Wall
Street today that it’s the big one
and they’re they embed embed with these
organizations and if you listen if you

listen to him speak it’s like not a word
is out of place not a single word is
wrong nothing that could be misconstrued
as anti anything it’s just it’s perfect

I’m actually I’m not even sure he’s gay
that may be an act to you know is his
husband is an improv artist that’s what
he does improv oh that’s a funny idea

why not it’s perfect
don’t focus on Mackenzie kiss yeah don’t
focus on Mackenzie focus on me being gay
yeah well somebody posted a picture of

him in Afghanistan and then noted that
he he had it look like I’ve the whole
picture was a fake the intro badges nope
attaches no there’s no name tag no

nothing he wasn’t standing over a dead
Iraqi digging Jerry read one of those
too that’s funny that he’s not gay
yeah well I just I mean I don’t know I

don’t want
take anything away from him it’s just
for a moment then like well if you
wanted to distract from your obvious
spook background which is rarely
mentioned the it’s it’s it’s just so

similar to Obama that you know community
organizer whenever they say mayor Pete
it was and I get he’s no longer than
mother the media is in on this deal I
mean they’re they would never they never

it wasn’t even harped on that George HW
Bush was actually the director of the
CIA for for a while and in Dallas I
guess during the shooting of Kennedy and

who which may or may not be true but it
seems like a good story but that was
never discussed much it seemed fine oh
yeah oh director of the CIA’s secret
police is run in the country that makes

sense why not what’s wrong with that
what’s your problem
nobody’s recept bringing up the fact
that Buddha judges a spook yeah well it
just seems like seems abundantly clear

to me abundant that clear
so what else it but Jenny got to say
well actually it wasn’t what he said but
we were talking and then an idea hit me

and I actually want to do a little
presentation if you don’t mind oh whoa
it’s a little the structure of the show
well no no that’s not true from time to
time we do presentations okay I mean

it’s I just wanted I was looking at
Trump and China and China China China
China and it probably the first thing

that got me going was this front line
special on Trump and trade Trump and
trade and China this’ll this’ll set it

up despite the uneven consequences
President Trump was all in on the tariff
it’s a strategy he’s been talking about
for years as far back as the late 1980s

when he first tested the possibility of
becoming president
I guess the fame developer Donald Trump
of New York back then the Trump’s target
was Japan for what would its trade

practices the fact is that you don’t
have free trade we think of it as free
trade but you right now don’t have free
trade and I think a lot of people are
tired of watching other countries
ripping off the United States this is a
great country

he believed from the beginning that
there’s really nothing worse than being
laughed at
they laugh at us behind our backs they
laugh at us because of our own stupidity
by the way here’s Trump with a much
higher voice – which of course is due to

age and this is the 80s this is 1988 and
he came to see the Japanese as laughing
at the United States a taking advantage
of the United States by stealing the
jobs by dumping product here we let

Japan come in and dump everything right
into our markets and I mean it’s not
free trade if you ever go to Japan right
now and try to sell something forget
about it out but just forget about it

it’s almost impossible after Japan’s
economy crater Trump shifted his ire to
a rising economic power China they are
ripping us like we’ve never been ripped
before if you look at Japan if you look
at China where we lose a hundred billion

dollars a year with China she’s been
saying the same thing for 30 years
Donald Trump has a very binary view of
life and certainly of the world and and
so to confront China which he perceives

as America’s most important and
dangerous rival and to be able to use
blunt instruments against them and to
come out and at least be able to say
that you’re a winner and they’re a loser

there’s it’s hard to imagine anything
more appealing to the core of his
personality so I’ve been wanting to play
clips of him talking about China decades
ago so and I had to even forgotten that
he cuz I was in New York when he was

coming up 87-88 and everyone was
everyone loved Trump half those
interviews are from Oprah and he even
said of Oprah you should be my vice
president anyway that’s when everyone
still loved him so clearly he’s always

had a grasp of the issues with the trade
imbalance and it’s when Japan was no
longer a threat he shifted to China it’s
not just the media that is saying
this his his number-one guy when he when

he ran the campaign Steve Banyan says
the same first time ever met Trump I was
you know coming out of Goldman Sachs and
and and and being somebody they’ve been

in finance for a number of years I was
set to be unimpressed I was actually
very impressed and he didn’t know a lot
of details he knew almost no policy but
what I found most extraordinary was when

we got to the section on China which I
kind of threw out there of a two-hour
meeting almost 30 minutes or more was
all about China we have a 500 billion
dollar deficit trade deficit with China

the only thing he had formed as a
worldview was China because we can’t
continue to allow China to rape our
country and that’s what they’re doing

it’s the greatest theft in the history
of the world talking this kind of
vernacular that kind of hit people in
the gut and particularly we talked about
trade and jobs and jobs shipping

overseas was his message to these people
on trade china’s to blame yeah the
message is very simple is that the elite
ship the jobs overseas and I’m gonna
bring it back and if I if I look at our
show clip archive we had stuff about

China before before the 2016 election
but it wasn’t really much it wasn’t on
our radar unless you can remember some
specific instance where we were talking
about it in the past before Trump came

on the scene I think you’d only in
passing yeah there once about growl a
little bit like everybody did a little
bit but nothing nothing big we didn’t
really care so Trump comes out comes on
the scene and during the the initial

election process in the campaign you
pretty much this is it let’s say China
China China China China China China
China China China you go over to China
China China China China China China

China you take China China China I love
China China China China China I have to
have my China right China China China
now he ran that into everybody’s head

and he of course connected it to the
complete removal of manufacturing in the
United States this is before the
before the campaign this is mm are you

eating something no trying to sort
through these papers I’m looking for
something keep going okay what interrupt
your own presentation I want to make
sure you’re not bored that’s that’s my

biggest fear my biggest fear is my
second stop stop if I’m a little bored I
usually say something to get you to move
along a little bit and then you get mad

at me but it’s not for me never to say
something I’ve always say something no
but I heard you rustling papers so I’m
like resting papers I am I I can move
the mic so won’t you wanna hear it I

just don’t want to be bored for you okay
you’re doing fine go back to China
except for these interruptions 2010
here’s what Trump had to say you know we

don’t manufacture anything anymore in
this country we do health care this is
1010 years ago let me just remind you
ten years ago you know we don’t
manufacture anything anymore in this
country we do health care we do lots of

different services but the big service
is manufacturing everything’s made in
China for the most part between China
India and others but China in particular
and frankly they’re sending stuff over
here and we’re paying for it and you

know sort of interesting very little tax
if any paid and yet you can’t do
business in China you’re not allowed to
do business in China it’s almost
impossible to do business in China yet
they take our business from North

Carolina from South Carolina from
Alabama they make boys they then sell
them to this country they make
tremendous profits and they then they
loan this country money in the form of
Treasuries and I think it’s terrible so

what do we do about China this is an
issue that you’re obviously really
passionate about you know look at what
Google has done taking a stand in China
I think we’re not going to do business
this way you know you’ve got that’s how
long ago this was when Google pretended

to take a stance against China I think
we’re not going to do business this way
you know you’ve got big businesses with
very different takes on China lots of
different businesses but when it comes

to manufacturing China’s making all of
these products and they could be made in
North Carolina they could be made in a
they could be made in lots of our places
and right now they’re not personally I’d
tax China because it’s not a free trade

country I would tax China very very
heavily and the money that you’d get
from that tax because some of the
products would still get through even
with the tax but it would create jobs in
this country

so what Trump is saying ten years ago
which is the most recent one where I
found it we put it all together he’s
because of the imbalances because of how
China doesn’t play fair and makes their
product so incredibly cheap below cost

of what we could do it here every
everyone has sent everything over to
China and the more I look at it the more
amazed I am at what has actually gone to
China in fact I’ll just stop the

timeline this is rosemary Gibson she
wrote a book called China rx which you
won’t hear about because no mainstream
media outlet is going to let you rail

against the pharmaceutical industry but
it’s pretty bad it began in the early
90s when generic drugs really came came
out strong President Reagan was

bipartisan in the 80s let’s have a
generic drug act and that made medicines
a lot cheaper for people the brand-name
products would go off patent so let’s
make generics and so over time how do we
make these cheaper and so we started

sourcing the ingredients to make them in
China and then once we opened up free
trade this was a real real stunner so
when we opened up free trade and trying
to join WTO the next year we lost our

last aspirin plant we’ve lost our
ability to make vitamin C we don’t make
the ascorbic acid anymore that’s when
the last penicillin plant closed can’t
make the core components the

acetylsalicylic acid in the ascorbic we
cannot make it here and that’s because
not just opening quote free trade but
China cheats it with our medicines and
cartels they form these cartels they

dump it on the global market at below
market prices and they drove everybody I
didn’t know that we don’t even make our
own aspirin or vitamin C anymore or that
we apparently don’t even have the

capability to do it
and this is well you probably recover
the capability oh we could but not like
you said hey I want it tomorrow of
course we know well that would take you

would take them you could do in a few
months though but it is also it’s your
you know what people don’t give a shit
about this because you’re not sick I’ll
tell you if you knew that that we can’t
make viagra in America people would lose

their shit what China’s controlling my
dick a lot so it’s just a matter of what
you know and what you don’t know so
Trump gets in his main messages build a
wall which he also connects to jobs etc

and meant we got to bring manufacturing
back that was this consistent message
before China really it was we got to
start the manufacture I got to bring
steel we got to have our own steel we

don’t have a country it’s National
Security need manufacturing and whether
it’s twelve thousand factories or twelve
hundred I don’t know he started
something we will pour new concrete lay
new brick and watch new sparks light our

factories as we Forge metal from the
furnaces of our Rust Belt and our
beloved heartland which has been
forgotten it’s not forgotten anymore we

will put new American steel into the
spine of our country American workers
will construct dreaming new lanes of
Commerce across our landscape they will

build these monuments from coast to
coast and from city to city we will
embark on a wonderful new journey into a
bright and glorious future we will build
again we will grow again

we will thrive again and we will make
America great again right so then he
gets into the whole it gets in and then

this is I think that’s the from a State
of the Union his first one and then he’s
talking trade wars tariffs we’re gonna
finally he’s got the power he’s gonna do
it he said I’m gonna screw what he’s

been promising for all these years I
would tax him I would tax him China of
course calls his bluff very consistent
US President Donald Trump says he wants
to hit China with a big fine on trade
put in the capital Beijing experts and

insiders say there’s little sense of a
crisis voices in the US business
community have warned China that the US
president is serious about tough action
on trade and he told Reuters in an

exclusive interview a potential big
damages are on the way however Reuters
Michael Martina in Beijing says
officials think Trump is bluffing so
here in China the sense we get is that

Chinese officials aren’t overly
concerned about the threat of trade
action by the Trump administration for
one they feel that perhaps the Trump
administration doesn’t happen to be the

political standing and sort of will to
endure the economic fallout and well we
did and he did and he put the tariffs on
too much the grinning of the markets and

it was I mean we forget these things or
at least I do and the oh shit yeah I
remember we almost pissed off about it
what’s going on do we have a is there a
trade wars a no trade war and everything
seems to be okay we still have tariffs

but then there were a couple other
things some economic blows ZTE we’re
like now you can’t sell here anymore
Android you can’t have that 5g yeah
we’re not so sure we want you in our

networks so this is pushing these are
economic economic warfare pushing down
pushing back and then we get phase one
of the trade deal and phase 1 has some

very specific things that China must do
although of course they have an out
under the force majeure clause which
says well you know if something happens
and we can always figure it out later

but that takes place then we have bar
who is the Attorney General
we have Pompeo the Secretary of State
going out into the heartlands to talk

about what we need to do about China’s
encroachment on pretty much everything
so I think this is the clip that I
played the way this is this is Pompeo
he’s setting them up here this is the

National Governors Association the
winter meeting which was just held last
year I received an invitation to an
event that promised to be quote an
occasion for exclusive deal-making it
said quote the opportunities for

mutually beneficial economic development
between China and our individual states
are tremendous
Tendo quote deal-making sounds like it
might have come from President Trump but

the invitation was actually from a
former governor I was being invited to
the us-china governor’s collaborations
summit it was an event co-hosted by the
National Governors Association and

something called the Chinese People’s
Association for friendship and foreign
countries sounds pretty harmless what
the invitation did not say is that the
group the group I just mentioned is the
public face of the Chinese Communist

Party’s official foreign influence
agency the United Front work department
now I was lucky I was familiar with that
organization from my time as the
director of the Central Intelligence
Agency but it got me thinking how many

of you made the link between that group
and Chinese Communist Party officials
what if you made a new friend while you
were at that event what a few new friend
asked you for introductions other

political politically connected and
powerful people what if your new friend
offered to invest big money in your
state drafts in your pension in
industries sensitive to our national

these aren’t hypotheticals these
scenarios are all too true and they
impact American foreign policy
significantly indeed last year Tankian

so is he expressing this as though this
is a new phenomenon now he stumbled upon
and everybody else was oblivious to know
even though no Warner was he when he was

a head of the CIA and this was going on
this has been going on yeah
that’s for 20 years that’s the point bar
is probably introducing this to these
governors who are a bunch of tired

looking people in this audience and he’s
saying hey we know this has been going
on we know what’s happening he’s doing
it rhetorically because of the audience
that he’s speaking to he doesn’t want to

say hey you shitheads
are you insane Akbar those Pompeo
correct he’s what he’s saying is hey you
shitheads look at what you’ve done
you’ve compromised possibly compromise
national security you’ve let them in

you’ve taken money from them so he’s
it’s a friendly way of saying this is
not good what you’ve done and powerful
people what if your new friend offered
to invest big money in your state

perhaps in your pension in industry
sensitive to our national security
these aren’t hypotheticals these
scenarios are all too true and they
impact American foreign policy
significantly indeed last year a Chinese

government back think-tank in Beijing
produced a report that assessed all 50
of America’s governor’s on their
attitudes towards China they labeled

each of you friendly hardline or
ambiguous I’ll let you decide where you
think you belong someone in China
already has so you know he’s setting him
up he’s setting him up teeing him up for

what he’s got to say meanwhile the same
week this is just last week the same
week Barr talked up the to a bunch of
entrepreneurs and captains of industry
about 5g in other countries that do not

want to put their economic fate in
China’s hands are not going to install
always infrastructure we have to have a
market ready alternative today you need

a system that will allow you to
seamlessly migrate your installed 4G
base to you to 5j there’s been some
proposals that these concerns could be

met by the United States aligning itself
with Nokia and/or erection so that was
his and this is the this is the Attorney
General out there doing these speeches
they’ve been sent into the field the

final clip which makes it even a little
bit more clear nothing we haven’t talked
about since almost the beginning of this
but Pompeo again reiterates to the
governor see FBI director and I think
the Attorney General to talked yesterday

about something called a thousand
talents plan its plan to recruit
scientists and professors to transfer
the know-how we have here to China in
exchange for enormous paydays the
program is probably targeted campuses in

your state indeed the Department of
Justice has indicted professors in my
home state at the University of Kansas
at a Virginia Tech and at Harvard a
Texas A&M investigation reportedly
scarred more than 100 academics

participating in Chinese talent
recruitment plans only five of them had
declared that they were participating in
this program and goodness knows what
else we’ve not discovered there aren t
very credible reports of Chinese

government officials pressuring Chinese
students students studying right here in
the United States of America tamaño
monitor fellow Chinese students and to
report back to Beijing many of you are
familiar with Confucius Institutes

Confucius Institutes purport to have the
sole purpose of teaching Mandarin
language skills and Chinese culture a
bipartisan Senate committee found last
year in 2019 that the Chinese Communist
Party controls nearly every aspect of

the Confucius Institutes activities here
in the United States over the past few
months the University of Missouri the
University of Kansas the University of
Maryland have independently decides to
close down the Confucius Institutes

after conducting their own reviews in
schools in 22 other states are doing or
have already done the same sadly China’s
propaganda campaign starts even earlier
than college China has targeted K

through 12 schools through its Confucius
classrooms the ccp’s program to
influence kids in elementary middle and
high schools around the world do you
know that we have no ability to
establish similar programs in China I’m

sure that doesn’t surprise you the
president Trump’s talked about
reciprocity and trade we should have
reciprocity in all things today they
have free rein in our system and we’re
completely shut out from theirs as of

2017 there were five hundred and
nineteen of these classrooms in the
United States
Beijing knows that today’s kids are
tomorrow’s leaders to China competition
is happening it’s happening in your
States and it’s a competition that goes

to the very basic freedoms that every
one of us values
so to summarize Trump has been on to the
for decades he sees the threat he sees
what the seeping in of the Chinese all

throughout our everything our schooling
our economy our manufacturing all
manufacturing is is was gone we can’t
even make our own pharmaceuticals if we

needed to but at the drop of a hat he
he’s he just doesn’t he’s I think he saw
it as war that we were attacked so he
sets up a new manufacturing Ben boom I

don’t know how far it is but I guess
we’re doing something we got a we got a
plant here or plant there then it’s like
oh the Chinese are gonna be investing
money here Jack Ma is gonna put money in

this so we can handle some of that
manufacturing we get a trade deal in
place the economy is starting to have a
problem in China mainly just their own
financials you know they they lie about

everything so they have this whole IOU
secondary money flow that is probably
stopped right now all of this stuff is
set up and then all of a sudden when
China is arguably a little bit weak

Wuhan flu now tell me we are not at war
with China and whether that was a
targeted strike from us or a very

coincidental happenstance this is war
and we just may be issued a kill shot
well I like the presentation thank you

I’m not going to go as far as you went
with the conclusion I think there’s a
there’s no proof that the Wuhan flu is

anything other than what it is a another
corona virus which the tax Chinese just
naturally and they’re but can I can I
just interrupt you I didn’t say this was
a bio weapon it’s just a flu I think it

passes I think it will be gone there’s
just a lot of Chinese and maybe he just
took advantage of the situation maybe
the belt 19 man maybe this is all media

hype maybe it isn’t all that bad maybe
all the stuff we’re hearing has been
manufactured maybe there’s not really
half-a-million dead and these satellite
photos maybe that’s not bodies burning

maybe it’s all just media and what it is
done successfully is you know bike parts
are no longer being shipped there’s an
actual steel manufacture Skol force
Mazurek just summarize what you’re gonna

say just but whatever the reason or how
this ever came about which is not
uncommon in China for these epidemics to
take place exactly the fact that it they
had to shut down the city of Wuhan

that’s the only thing we can be sure of
I don’t believe any of the crematorium
stuff it makes no sense and but they did
do a complete shutdown and it resulted
in shortages that American manufacturers

now have to deal with yes is is the the
warning shot is hey this is what you
guys have done to yourself you’ve become
so dependent on this one channel that
what happens if this child goes away

completely that have excellent point
that’s I’d like that even better as the
conclusion that this is more this is
what I’m sorry well I didn’t get to the
second part which is a warning shot to

US manufacturing that part I hadn’t but
that makes total sense this or someplace
those people but while we were all
looking at Russia and impeachment and
Ukraine this has just been going on in

the background has just been happening
just like I guess now that in the in the
latest spending bill there is actual
money to build the wall which you know
no one is out there yelling that he
can’t do it they have other other things

that are more powerful because they know
that most Americans want some kind of
border protection so that’s why you know
vid Minh you know like whatever was in
men I hear he purged seventy from the

national security council seventy people
yeah no he’s trying to what get bloated
with no kidding 250 or something like
that is a bunch of people that should be

like you used to be like 20 people total
yeah now this is like all these people
that Obama shoved in there as you know
kind of like almost like it was a
patronage he’s from Chicago
yeah and patron is just the way to go in

other words you got you create something
just keep stuffing peep
they don’t have anything to do there
they just get a paycheck yeah and that’s
what Dubois Chicago politics used to
always be it was called patronage and

that is when you wonder you became the
mayor you got the people there’s all
these empty slots and you get to put all
your buddies in here you see a little
bit of that in places like Berkeley
where when one of the mayor’s got you

know got in he first thing he did was
take city money and build a bunch of
housing and put all his pals in there
it’s what you do what you do it’s

old-fashioned way of doing it and that’s
what Obama did quite nicely
a little Trump sees no reason for
patronage he just says his family and

they sort of get rid of all these jokers
so anyway it’ll be very interesting to
see what the next moves are but that’s
how I’m looking at it I’m looking at it
from a I this and part of this was
p’chenk is very adamant about saying

we’re not gonna have kinetic Wars
anymore it’s not going to be it’s just
not he’s is gonna all be cyber his space
is very important although he’s very
down on the idea of the Air Force

initially Manning the space force he
thinks they’re no good like really it
really thinks they’re no good he’s all

into the National the the National
geospatial agency which changed their
name to the geospatial intelligence
agency yeah recently they had to do that
for their pride because that’s what they

were doing all along yeah until everyone
else came in were there stupid internet
what the hell man you with your internet
spying that’s no good I’m just gonna
look at it that way that that’s what a

lot of this is about and you know we’re
all running around take it to the next
step with the secondary presentation
okay why are the Democrats and
specifically the Liberals and the

swellest socialists even all of them are
so dead set against Trump accomplishing
what he’s trying accomplish well that’s
what is it the benefit what is he that’s
easy that’s easy money there is I mean

Washington DC is just filled with
lobbyists who have
tons of Chinese money they own Hollywood
China owns most of Hollywood at this

point and one of the main guys in DC is
ambassador cui Tiankai and this is a
mover a shaker he’s at all the right
parties he’s got tons of dough you can

register it and most people don’t but
you can register under Farah a foreign
agency registration foreign agent
registration act and you can go just be
in bars talk about China talk him up how

about New York Times Square where’s that
money go there’s money there’s tons of
money going into campaigns it’s it’s
it’s rife of course corrupt from the

check it’s Chinese corruption has taken
over the Democrat parties that were
saying and I’m not just the Democrat
Party come on let’s be honest about this
at all politicians are susceptible to

this but the Democrats yeah Obama bowed
when he went to check on fellow
about soullow oh they were all about

China because that’s where all the money
was you know there’s a lot of sins are
also about China they give the nuclear
secrets yeah and then I can see Romney

being all up in China because of his you
know connection to bain Capital’s
Chinese money of course
well we’re doomed I do have a clip from
Face the Nation me gather some bo la

daredevil clue we’re getting no Chinese
money thank you how good life would be
listen China we’ve got your number Joe
you want us to let up you know Dvorak

org slash na we’ll talk so here’s the
Chinese ambassador was on Face the
Nation with a very interesting way of
evading the question about the Wuhan

enlasa the coronavirus being a possible
biological agent listen carefully
Senator Tom cotton who sits on the
Senate Intelligence and Armed Services

Committee suggested that the virus may
have come from China’s
chuckle warfare program that’s an
extraordinary charge how do you respond
to that

I think it’s true that a lot is still
unknown and our scientists Chinese
scientists American scientists
scientists of other country are doing
their best to learn more about the virus
but it’s very harmful it’s very

dangerous to stop suspicion rumors and
spread them among the people for one
thing this will create panic another say
that it will send up racial

discrimination xenophobia or decision
that will really harm our joint efforts
to combat the virus of course there are
all kinds of speculation and rumors

there are people who are saying that
these viruses are coming from some
military lab not of China maybe in the
United States how can we believe all
these crazy things do you think it’s

crazy where did the perhaps totally
crazy where did the virus come from we
still don’t know yet it’s probably
according to some initial outcome of the
research probably coming from some

animals but we have to to discover more
about it it’s interesting he doesn’t
actually deny it he doesn’t say no no no
that’s not possible

he says well you know it’s very harmful
to have these rumors some people say
it’s from America like never say no
rumor well the interesting thing about
that interview is that his first phrase

when she asked the question the very
first thing he says and this is a truth
wants to come out I know yes it’s true I
know let’s listen again you’re so I was
ready Senator Tom cotton who sits on the

Senate Intelligence and Armed Services
Committee suggested that the virus may
have come from China’s biological
warfare program that’s an extraordinary
charge how do you respond to that

I think it’s true that a lot is still
unknown I think it’s true still unknown
there you go

and of course if you’re going to be
asked a question like that this is just
to how all the elements of a lie if
you’d otherwise you just say no that’s
that would be the simple way to do it

did you have anything on Wuhan or no
nothing new I mean I might have let’s
see what these what’s on the list now I
have I have this one which is not really
new but it’s worth mentioning here we go

we also have a new name for the virus
the World Health Organization Ovid 19
Benjamin Newman is professor of
biological sciences at Texas A&M
University and he was on the panel

considering these new names he told the
BBC what’s involved in choosing a name
for the virus I’ll just stops you for
saying this is so disappointing to me
yeah it sounds like a birth control pill

you know we named hurricanes we gave him
girl names boy getting boy names why did
we have to do this Cove in nineteen
we’re trying not to name check a person

a place and on the coronavirus naming
committee we decided not to actually
include 2019 in the name as the w-h-o
did when they were naming the disease

the idea was that there actually five of
the Koala viruses that have had
outbreaks this year including MERS
coronavirus and so the year isn’t
particularly indicative okay blah blah
blah you guys are not good marketers

that’s that’s the bottom market here’s
the clip I have is the who about the
World Health Organization covet this is
whe oka vat19 clip the World Health
Organization is warning the corona virus

poses a grave threat to the world as the
death toll in China tops 1,100 people
with more than 44,000 confirmed
infections worldwide with 99 percent of
cases in China this remains very much an

emergency for that country but one that
whole is a very grave
for the rest of the world unless we use
the window of opportunity that we have

now meanwhile at least a hundred seventy
four people have now tested positive for
coronavirus on the quarantine cruise
ship the diamond princess which is
docked off the coast of Japan there are

3,600 people aboard the ship where crew
members say the workers aren’t being
protected from infection yeah well
that’ll go on for a little bit longer

until it’s just dropped and you know
that they changed the counting
methodology so now it looks like we had
a huge spike in in cases and deaths so
that that the thing that actually

probably hurt the market a little bit
this morning but it’s back up again so
this is all you’re being played think
you’re just being played this is not I
just don’t see this as being any like
kind of when we started I would like

we’ve been through this we’ve we’ve
we’ve been through this movie John we’ve
we did the swine flu h1n1 SARS we
haven’t we seen it all and it’s like no

old people die from pneumonia people who
are dental or come out that just a
regular old-fashioned flu yeah yeah so I
think there’s a lot of playing going on

but at least now we can pay attention
and maybe some companies will learn
their lesson you know Apple might have
learned their lesson they brought some
minut manufacturing back to the States

we’ll see who else learns a lesson but
for sure there’s gonna be stuff that we
don’t have anymore for a while I think
that’s this it’s almost impossible that
they can get things going fast enough to

just you know it’s all jazz we talked
about just in time so we’re people are
gonna start losing missing out on and
parts missing out in time exactly thank

you for your courage say in the morning
to you the man who put the C in the
basilar Sean C Dvorak in the morning you
and mr. Adam curry in the morning all

ships to see boots on the ground feet in
the air subs in the water and all the
names tonight’s out there yes in the
morning to our trolls who have been very
trollee super trollee totally I mean
very trollee you know I’m doing my whole

presentation and they’re just making
racist jokes at least you can do it here
that’s kind of what the troll room is
for so we’re glad that you having fun
let me see how many people are in there

trolling at the moment live troll count
1087 trolls doing their job also a big
in the morning to the artist who brought
us the artwork for episode what were we

twelve fifteen and let me just bring
that up for a second the title of that
was omni pocalypse which I still think

we’ve titled another show on the
apocalypse somewhere in the past
no never help I want to thank Darren
O’Neill that’s right the man with the

Darren Oh from the radio and he brought
us the artwork it was I mean he couldn’t
ask for more intelligentsia with the
appropriate nerd smiley face joined the
Intelligencia the artwork pops it was

funny it was relevant to the to what was
discussed and I don’t think there was
even a second that was one and done I
think yeah do you remember you don’t

remember I don’t remember you don’t
remember well it was perfect and we
loved it and again when you look at your
podcast app and you see that artwork

change and something fresh is there it
invites you to listen the whole point
part of our value for value network
thank you very much Darren O’Neill then
we have people who support the show
financially these are our associate

executive producers we start with our
executive producers at the top of the
list indeed and at the very top of the
list today is Dave fuga sotto ah the

girl the Earl Earl Dave and he said a
feature-length film script with with
lighting directions yes he contributed

for 28:20 and this course is he’s one of
our top guys at the moment
so this script I have the treatment here

oh yes joins it a little bit aside as we
call that I got my side here and I’m
gonna read it I tried to edit it but
it’s one of these stories you know he

likes to tell these tales of of travel
and they’re interesting enough that it’s
probably worth reading I skipped a
couple of things but not too much
my Dame’s are traveling for another

competition so bunches of flower would
just be another thing to topple over
while driving and drop petals and leaves
around the hotel room is generally
troublesome therefore because I love
them I’m donating 214 dollars in 10

cents to eat for each of Dame should be
to 14 22 if I put 10 or 20 another thing
for each Dame melody and Dame is Abella

for a for 28 20 donation of eternal love
this is the Valentine’s Day that’s of
course it’s beautiful as I’m sure a by
the way nobody else what everybody hates

their lovers they and they hate their
moms and dads according to our show our
research has indicated kinda knew this
didn’t we as I am sure it said many

relationships tree if you really love if
you really love me there’s a quota here
is if you really loved me you donate to
no agenda
no I’m sorry I’m off script it’s true

Valentine’s and now a cautionary tale
here we go I’m late I’m late I did it
myself to travel karma for my work trip

worked perfectly and I was once again
smuggled into the her harem zone for a
delightful supper at a classy
establishment called T G Friday’s TGI

Fridays in Saudi Arabia I have attached
a photo from the inside for your
amusement however I looked I overlooked
asking for travel Karma for a short trip

the following weekend to a place called
Al Houla I went there to see the ancient
tombs of
Medina’s Sal a mid mid ain saleh

sometimes referred to as saudi arabia’s
saudi arabia’s Petra it’s the name NAB
Allah is the same NAB alayan Kingdom but

further south the karmic lapse resulted
in numerous avoidable inconveniences I
had a request no agenda nation’s
indulgence as I recount this experience
for the benefit of all producers okay it

was long it was longer than this this is
an abbreviated version
well I only took out a few things oh my
pre booked a lodging was apparently a

date palm Orchard there was not a
building in sight and it would indicate
a place to lay down after a day of priam
relations fortunately a random strangers

from which we asked to rest from who I
asked directions and offered to let me
stay at his rest house so it worked out
and I wasn’t murdered in my sleep
or anything wait for you got to read the

whole script if you want me to be on cue
I took that one out by the way there are
exactly zero taxi cabs in six Ebers in
the entire town enough for a major

festival winter at tentura has been
going on for several months those ubers
are also conveniently uber vintage Land
Rovers and one gets the privilege of
paying two to three times the normal

rate anyway he goes on about that but I
will say look at it gets a little better
he says these boobers didn’t apparently
didn’t run half the time and so he was
didn’t want to miss the whole reason for

the trip the tombs of made the ants
allez I’d figured I’d better start
walking this time our after about three
kilometers another kindly stranger
stopped and offered me a ride I know

what he’s wearing inconveniences aside
the place is amazing
jewellery worth most amazing parts in
his white pants and sport coat

suspiciously like tulsi gabbard
let’s remember Yanni well this is what
got me to stop for a second I actually
did a little work on this letter married

to mutt Evans
I went to to Dubai for some event abysm
but at least 10 years ago and they
determine Jani was bandied about as some

sort of an insult and they would call
you a Yanni really yeah and so I
remember this very distinctly and so now
all of a sudden through his Oh toes

going to see Yanni and so I had to look
up just I’m working find that Yanni
indeed was playing in Saudi Arabia and
he was playing at this at this the same
place al Allah which is a mirrored

Palace entertainment a venue which I
find it hard to believe you can’t get a
cab or something to go there and back
and forth but according to I maybe
you’re not supposed to be there I’m not

sure what – why it’s so hard to get –
and so he was playing there it was it
was there this last weekend Wow I’m
thinking who’s gonna go see Yanni and
Saudi Arabia SAS screwiest thing ever

this is screwball letter I’m adding
little Yanni music to the background for
you the experience reinforced a few
things for me while travelling and
embracing the moment keeping your sense
of humor and keep going with the flow is

essential I have the same advice for
people my advice is to keep moving just
keep moving just keep moving you’ll be

although let’s be honest a melody would
not have been amused by for the
experience yeah at one point had to walk
seven ignore by Yanni believe me oh yeah
yeah although to be honest being manly
would not have been amused most

importantly travel karma only works if
you ask for that’s right so donate
douchebags get some karma of your own
having learned a hard lesson please give
us a wee bit o Irish dance travel goat
cover for the girls and a bonus dose of

goat scream for me as I traveled to
Bahrain for Friday’s most marvellous
Middle East meetup in Manama Mahna Mahna
Mahna Mahna Mahna Mahna Mahna Mahna

dududu it’s gonna be magnificent
all right well I I wonder if when he’s
back stateside if he’d be interested

going to a John Tisch concert with me I
I think I found a good look you’ve got
very much sir Dave the Earl with the

script okay we got an anonymous three
hundred thirty three dollars and 33
cents for Norman Oklahoma I said he has
a note and indeed he does but his note

he says he doesn’t want anyone to read
now this is if you thought that was long
this note is three times longer three
times three X is reprinted anyway he’s

just no jingles no karma so by the way
this is a very entertaining note tooth
and I enjoy it Brian McDonald three

hundred dollars to forty nine census
next on the list greetings gents
longtime listener an infrequent donor I
love the show and the amygdale

which has resulted from listening I am
trying this is interesting I’m trying to
wean my wife from m5m by pointing out
pointing out can I make a recommendation

if you’re trying to wean someone off of
something if you want to introduce them
animated no agenda give him that just
say hey check this out that I think
that’s that is your gate by animated no

agenda is a gateway drug to the good
I agree anyway I’d like to request a
bowling Karma for my human resources a

big tournament this week in Las Vegas I
think that’s good
yes it’s interesting you left off the
point that he knows you’re a bowler so I
don’t know if people realize that bill
when I used to be you have a ball you

have a ball and he says that he was old
you get $300 and 49 cents and so he in

case it gets a 300 game or conversa for
nine split hmm minutes nothing were
split in the world 7:10 okay it’s the
worst split well I think actually a five

7/10 which is the worst split because
it’s also an embarrassment that you left
it not that you’re a bowler or anything
I left a 5 7 10 once in my life and I
was just I was I was I felt so bad

that’s our that’s our associate their
executive producers we have to drop down
to associate executives now hmm so we
it’s not a big day for us so we’re

patting it sir Donald Sylvan it would be
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agenda I’d I’d like it all that you do
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thank you and I wouldn’t worry too much
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and you know we live a lot longer these
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lot more and I’m giving you a karma
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Oh Aaron Marino because of him I have

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handwriting that is beautiful I’m sure

it’s pretty but hard you’re hard to
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avid list because there’s like the avid
for example looks like a our ID so he’s
either an avid list or an arid listen
I’m not sure I think so he he deserves

it oh yeah she also does the tease the
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European he did not have to beat me up
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face but he needs to donate again
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her agenda
just saying yeah I had my finger on the

button it’s hovering happy Valentine’s
Day to everybody
happy Valentine’s s you would like goat
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for your courage

you’ve got she’s followed by anonymous
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overdue as I’ve been listening to assess
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there was no agenda royalty at this at
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working in Canada the deconstruction you
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them to good work and I use some Nancy
put I could use some Nancy Pelosi Jobs
Carmody helped me land a summer law job
for jingles I’d like if you it’d the

innocent committed a crime thing that
one that’s Brennan Brennan pretty good
and that’s true thanks people are
innocent until well alleged to be

involved in some type of activity I
think that sounds pretty good it’s jobs
jobs very good not like the combo to

cooter kayui ter in Vora Berg for
borough a 4-4-2 burg Netherlands two
hundred bucks there john and anna i’m

utter douchiness behind an aspiring
knighthood sometime in the future give
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thug nice very very gangster of you ever
I think rhenium
that tweeted me about this well thank

you for your courage just appreciate it
very much so in fact okay good
didn’t ask for a deed douching but you
gotta give her one oh okay well Ramey

might be a dude so oh oh it could be ya
know it’s probably is a dude but it’s
not as popular woman’s name okay well
here we go

you’ve been deep dude there you go
mm we’ll see you at the roundtable soon
enough then I guess very nice very nice
and I’d like to say our group of
well-wishers associate executive
producers and producers executive

producers for show 1216 yes and I’d like
to say happy Valentine’s Day to my
beautiful wife Tina the keeper I’m
saying Valentine’s Day to my daughter
and my wife and all the relatives that

are women and the ships at sea
you know boots on the ground that just
as a quick aside yeah so Tina really
wanted to take my last name and be Tina

Curry this is shit give any idea how
hard this is to change your name on
stuff these days it’s insane y ou could

you can’t it’s not just like okay here
I’ve changed it here Social Security
office yeah that’s not enough oh no no

yet you’ve got to sit at the DMV and
then you’ve got to go to the to the
title company for the house and and then
the passport which is another it’s it’s
never-ending credit card oh I gotta

change it’s it is it’s almost not worth
it it’s really really insane how hard
that is how hard is it to keep both
names what do you mean keep her original

name and have a it’s like two names yeah
please when you travel like you know so
she done everything she’s like oh shit

we have tickets to Florida it’s under
her maiden name or under previous name
but she but now she has a driver’s
license with Tina Curry on it that’s a

non-starter so luckily she hadn’t done
the passport yet so you get and you just
got to think of all this stuff it’s like
they it’s like they don’t want you to do
it really shut up slave keep your name
or something like that I don’t easier to

track it’s yeah well it seems like it’s
an opportunity to change your name you
can’t you can’t be tracked as easy they
definitely don’t let you change your
name very easily

but yes Valentine to her and we’d like
to thank these fine producers who had
their own valentine’s notes for
themselves thank them for their courage

and for the support of the best podcast
in the universe after all this your
podcast you’re the one producing at
someone and maybe that was REME someone
on twitter said holy crap how do you
guys do that how do you do you do your

own research where you get the clips
from do you have a producing staff I
said yes thousands when you stopped I
think I forgot to mention miss Jamie of
the highway 214 dollars and 33 cents oh

no yes you did because I was looking at
same time funny nobody else put in 214
dollars for Valentine’s Day then I look
I’m looking I see miss Jamie of the

highway oh well it says on there on the
line which is just as I D miss Jamie of
the Highway 214 dollars and 33 cents
from somewhere in the USA well Miss Jane
you have been yes yes good I see what we

got here this is a Valentine’s Day
call-out to miss Jamie from someone
going through is awkward and so we don’t

know miss Jamie you know who it is
we hope so 12 16 and we thank our
executive producers and associate

executive producers alike we’d like to
thank them at the beginning a more or
less the beginning of the show kinda
like Hollywood does you know you open up
the show and then you have your credits
and these are the people the movers the
Shakers that make it happen but we have

a lot of other people to thank who made
this episode possible do that in our
second segment for now please accept
your titles and our gratitude thank you
for your courage and if you’d like to

participate in the grand experiment
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network very simple for our Sunday show
all you need to do is go to the Borah
org slash

and with that you’re up to speed on
everything you look so smart when you’re
talking about China our formula is this
we go out we hit people in the mouth

I have a couple of randos Oh a Rando I
got a couple of randos for you I got

three quick randos this is a new term I
guess the first Rando is the latest diet
commercial from the diet company Jenny
Craig yeah Jenny Craig is a like

Nutrisystem like Weight Watchers it’s
crappy food in the right portions and I
think it’s really portion control that
they send to you it’s a food company and

they only send you enough to the kind of
like starving you out and if you just if
you don’t cheat then of course you will
lose weight but they’ve added a twist to
oh yeah I just got my results back and I

literally am so excited getting your DNA
tested gives you just straight advantage
it creates a very specific plan for you
who doesn’t want to get the edge and
figure out how we do this by the plan

and get a free DNA weight-loss kit DNA
weight-loss kit Wow
I had no idea that DNA was there so
advanced do you look at the fine print
of course it’s nothing there’s nothing

there’s no DNA gene that says oh well if
you only cut back on that so yeah that
would be the message hey eat the food
you did you’re lost cause you got the

fat so gene I don’t know what what that
is about maybe it’s just trendy but they
are the DNA weight-loss kit please sure
when I got a short one – this is the

unfortunates under the letter cases
kyang did we it didn’t play this but we
shouldn’t feel it never heard it this is
Joe Biden calling somebody a dog-faced
pony soldier number one I was a

Democratic caucus there Ben Dukakis no
you haven’t
you’re lying dogface pony soldier very
bizarre well that come yeah he took that

from a John Wayne movie apparently oh
there’s no evidence that John Wayne yes
his old story from years ago I’ve never
heard John Wayne say that I won

no I think he did Biden is just acting
silly it’s funny when he says something
like that is so well miked good point
good point

here’s another Rando which is good news
for you and for me as it’s good news for
the president a big relief for tall men
height may protect against dementia

taller young men have a lower risk of
the memory loving disorder researchers
examined intelligence test scores
environmental and genetic factors as
well as height through a lifetime Elife

reports a study of more than six hundred
sixty-six thousand men over 20 years
revealed the benefit height offers when
it comes to a diagnosis of dementia
finding ways to predict the risk of
dementia may give doctors a hint at

earlier diagnosis and interventions to
aid patients hey let me hold onto my
dream okay Amy goodness Bloomberg ISO

and I could never had the clip wasn’t
good enough to use but I thought the ISO

might be good I can’t find Bloomberg is
racist hmm
close let me close I mean it’s I’m gonna

play it again because I’d like to
compare we have we have competing ISOs I
so number one

Bloomberg is racist I so number two
okay here’s the way I see it okay
the Bernie clip is lots better

I mean it’s one of the great it’s a
classic I so it’s a close oh so that is
a Kleiss oh and so you can keep that in

because it’s always good you don’t say
the word abeyance somehow does that mean
I’m screwed on this deal you could do
what you want you do the Isis is your

call because you’re like finishing the
show and then you punch up the ISO it
just seems to me that you can use that a
lot yeah okay so when I don’t have it so

we’ll okay
I see your logic and this is the end of
show Eisenberg is racist that’s
beautiful beautiful the final Rando

shorty Rando for you from Sandy Ocasio
Cortez it’s funny you ask this because I
was just reading today about how Milton
Keynes a famous you were yapping through

it I’ll play it again so you can listen
it’s funny you ask this because I was
just reading today about how Milton
Keynes are famous they predicted that by
2030 u.s. GDP would grow six to eight

times what it is which would allow for
everyday people to work 15 hours a week
love Milton Keynes I’ve read all his
books she did not be Maynard Keynes is

that not yes she’s well she just got
scott adams by the way thought this was

a this was great that this only
solidifies her positions future
president yes yes he did say that you
should be sharing his drugs and I have a
another text message from the president

from the win red outfit I want to remind
everyone everyone everyone everyone the
Democrats have share blue act blue which
is a central clearinghouse for a lot of

things but when you donate money to the
chip in when it says chip in you’re not
sending it to the candidate you’re not
sending it to the blue organization and
they then distribute it to the DNC

there’s all these different ways it has
to be counted properly you didn’t know
that of course of course you did
but strongly it would be done it was

there fooling the public trump set up a
very similar system called win read and
it is run by Jared Kushner and an ex
buddy of Jaron co-chaired Kushner’s of

course I despise this whole concept cuz
they’re skimming money off the top it’s
just I don’t like it at all but they
must be doing something that’s working

for them because as you know they have
been texting me that I somehow my
membership has expired
I’d never signed up for a membership and
this came in you are being officially
notified your deadline to support

president Trump with 5x matching funds
has been extended for four more hours 5x
5x and if you click through is doing the

matching that don’t tell you that if you
ask for a refund you get five next I
have no idea but it’s shameful and I and
I keep showing him to the keeper you

know who’s in this business she says I
can’t believe they’re doing that it must
be working maybe we’re not maybe we’re
not doing it right maybe we should try
that hey listen you dicks I know it work

I’m you read the newsletter yes there
you go end of that all right whoo man

and get warm when I do that stuff oh
this was this was kind of interesting I
got a note and got a note to follow up
with this clip you recall we have a mole

inside a prominent lobbying firm in
Washington DC who gave us information
about Lev Parnas and his yes that Rudy

Giuliani was actually working as a
consultant for LifeLock and he was hired
to recreate that model for left Parnas

with his wasn’t bankrupt guarantee or
whatever that company and everyone
laughed about it we’re the only ones who
really had the backstory on it not that
it’s that interesting but this is a

little more interesting this happened
just a few days ago I’m here to announce
the indictment of Chinese military
hackers specifically four members of the
Chinese People’s Liberation Army for

breaking into the computer systems of
the credit reporting agency Equifax and
for stealing the sensitive personal
information of nearly half of all
American citizens and also Equifax his

hard-earned intellectual property now do
we recall what happened with X equal ax
do you yeah okay it’s the biggest hack
ever they stole everybody’s data yeah

but what was there was an interesting
situation we knew it had to be the
Chinese because they would never showed
up on the dark web for sale because it
seems like a mailing list anyone would
want to copy up but what was the reason

for the hack I don’t remember what the
reason for that yes what readymade the
reason I’m sorry the good point the hack
was done through a machine that was

compromised because they had not applied
security patches do you remember that
vaguely okay so that when that was
generally how most of these hacks that
was spelled out broadly so here’s what

our mole in the lobbying industry says
Adam our colleagues in the lobbying
business specifically at Akin Gump
drummed up this indictment at DOJ on

behalf of Equifax so Equifax is
insurance company would be forced to pay
for the losses from the class-action
lawsuit the whole thing he says is fake

and I believe it I totally believe that
let’s not talk
the mistakes we made let’s not talk
about how we allowed your information to

be hacked let’s blame it on some I’ll
use that word again randos in China yeah
that’s what they yep
bus like it’s like the indictments that
Moeller did against the randos in Russia

yeah you can do that that’s a nude
gimmick yeah I just like how how that
works in DC with the lobbying firms
didn’t get anything done as long as you
got money China Saudi Arabia all these

guys it’s fantastic Kittinger well the
insurance companies should check into
this and see if it’s a scam that sounds
like but it probably was taken to China

I mean that’s very possible sure nobody
I have a clip of your buddy joy granted
I am joy my buddy all right I thinks I

feel good your buddy she’s not my buddy
I want you to try to decipher this this
is a discussion with her and some psycho
writer talking about Trump and the media

and I listen to this I clipped it in
fact I couldn’t even clip it down for
any shorter than this and I just want
you to talk about theirs what they’re

saying Tom she said the media have
struggled to appear balanced and
objective and an era when the president
behaves in shocking and unprecedented
ways they need to find a language to
convey vividly the unhinged anger and
obsession with repetition understand her

well what she’s saying is the media is
trying to find some way to talk about
Trump’s mental illness I think that’s
what she’s saying the unhinged anger an

obsession with retribution the Trump
occasionally and lisas in public before
I’m gonna I’m gonna get Robin but I want
to go back to hope your crop is better
Dave okay there’s a wonder back to you
first really quickly because no that’s

okay no I wanted you to have a moment
I’m to get you know to take some water
but the media is still under this you
know this is self policing that says
that that that save the Union which was

very unusual I mean that took place in
the gallery of in the house gallery
sort of sacred political space and it
really wants show business and the media
still struggled to fit it into the norm
how so they’re talking about the State

of the Union there was to show boots all
show business Noah’s had an absolutely
no no content just show business or
marketing you might call it of what they
expect but even in Fox News The Daily

Beast has a piece now they said an
internal documents even Fox News
understands what this is internal even
if they don’t say it outright in
documents obtained by The Daily Beast
fox’s research team advises colleagues
to be wary of disinformation from

several trump boosting on-air regulars
including rudy giuliani so internally
even there some people feel a little
queasy but in the writ large Trump knows
that the rest of the media is gonna

cover him as if he’s a normal president
no matter what he does yeah i mean i
think you know we all talk a lot about
fox news being the platform that
elevates donald trump but i think

unfortunately i think it’s the quote
quote mainstream media that actually
does the biggest service to this
president if you look at the headline
that was after his East Room performance

than in the New York Times it talks
about you know President Hales acquittal
no he didn’t hailed his acquittal he you
know raged for an hour and I think this
sort of neutral language the sort of

decorum and politeness that has governed
newspaper journalism for the last
hundred years that that the office of
the presidency is afforded it just

doesn’t work with Donald Trump and I
don’t unfortunately I don’t have the
answer I’m you know I’m a reporter I’m a
writer so I struggle myself with these
issues but I know the end result is that
the public is not having an accurate

view of who this president is have you
ever looked at those papers from the 20s

and 30s what these people think they’re
so above everything it’s amazing to me

this is a problem this has been a
problem with journalism some British guy
described it best when he says for some
reason American journalists think it’s a

when we think it’s a trade thank you
that’s it no that’s it find out who said
that he’s making a lot of sense so
longer anybody could just go online and
see anyone who’s interested to see this
hour-long rage no it was actually if

Trump talked during that one hour or he
was thanking his team and setting
everybody up for moving forward after
the impeachment if he talked like that

all the time we’d be like oh that’s
pretty presidential yeah it was anything
but a rage it was not a rage at all but
that so if you’re wondering why you’re

having troubles you I say what you are I
am little well afraid
yeah but you’re safe being yourself but
you cope to the health that phrase yeah
it applies Jacques Jacques Hughes

McHugh’s in French yeah but it’s if
you’re wondering why people aren’t
getting the message it’s because you’re

not being truthful it wasn’t a rage I
mean with rage I don’t know maybe I’m
misunderstanding the the definition of
the fool of the word but there was no
rage there but you know the the

television version was take him saying
bullshit take him saying this did put it
all together
whoa what a rage yeah well meanwhile on
the other news on the other news channel

damn one of the one I use for balance so
I can hear the socialist point of view
the socialist point of view democracy I

would expected this and here I’m gonna
guy finally get it this is Amy Goodman
mm-hmm on Democracy Now smearing Pete
Buddha judge so look at Pete Buddha

judges record on policing and racial
justice following his second-place
finish in New Hampshire last night
the former mayor of South Bend Indiana
has surprised many with the strong
showings in Iowa and New Hampshire two

of the country’s Wade estates but as the
race moves on now to Nevada and South
Carolina Buddha judge continues to pull
extremely low

with african-american voters his own
former constituents are condemning his
treatment of the black community in
South Bend during his time as mayor
calling out systemic racism and the
police force during Buddha judges tenure
as mayor from 2012 to 18 black residents

were 4.3 times more likely to be
arrested for possessing marijuana than
white people at last week’s presidential
debate ABC News moderator Lindsay Davis
questioned people to judge about the

rise and arrests of black people under
his administration well the reality is
on my watch
drug arrests in South Bend were lower
than the national average the overall
rate was lower the year before you were

in office it was lower once you became
in office in 2012 that number went up in
2018 the last number year that we have
record for that number was still up and

one of the strategies that our community
adopted was to target when there were
cases where there was gun violence and
gang violence which was slaughtering so
many in our community well for more we

go to Chicago where we’re joined by
Henry Davis jr. a South Bend City
Council member since 2008 welcome to
Democracy Now Henry Davis jr. can you
talk about your experience as a city
council member with your mayor at the

time he might I’m working with a mayor
Buddha judge was a at best was
contentious it was very difficult to get
across to him and also to his
administration how african-americans

were living in South Bend and it’s some
of the issues that confronted them on a
daily basis you’re talking about double
digit power of double-digit unemployment
you’re talking about a very high poverty

rate over over 40 percent you’re talk
about high crime your took my school
shade out and closing in even some of
those policies when decay to a thousand
thousands a thousand days program don’t
look at that don’t look at that look at

me I have a husband the more I think by
the way that why not for another 15
minutes now of course it did yeah quick
OTG husband a little OTG quickie

little assist from Larry David there

this was a story that we just didn’t get
to there’s a number of clips I’d like to
get played today because we didn’t get
to him this is this accentuates why the
OTG lifestyle is important and I want to

reiterate because it’s very if the name
of course is bad because people think
off-the-grid means you don’t wanna be
connected you don’t be hacked now it’s

not really that it’s you don’t want to
be making data that other people can
easily aggregate and use against you
when I say against you is they pretend
that you’re they’re helping you with ad

with ads that you want content you
already you love but of course your data
is then stored in databases it’s sold
everywhere and as we have said many

times the government doesn’t actually
have to put any spying programs in place
because it’s being done for them with
your willing participation this is how

it works you get this pop up and agree
to let an app use your location a travel
app may want it to suggest nearby hotels
or airports and that I think I may play
them out of order make sure this is how

you get this pop up and agree to let an
app use your location a travel app may
want it to suggest nearby hotels or
airports ride share apps want to know
where to pick you up

but often those apps are also sharing
your location with marketers who are
using it for targeted ads research
analysis and even
selling it but what we found is that in
some cases that consumer data is being

resold to companies that buy and sell
data for the government according to
people familiar with the matter and
documents reviewed by The Wall Street
Journal the Trump administration has
purchased the database that map’s the

movements of millions of cell phones in
the US and is using it for immigration
and border enforcement in 2018 data
tracking contributed to the discovery of
a drug smuggling tunnel according to

people with knowledge of the operation
sources described this one case down in
Arizona a border town called San Luiz
where a man had allegedly built a tunnel
between his property which was an

abandoned KFC restaurant and the Mexican
border police say that smugglers were
using this tunnel but the interesting
thing is when this person was arrested
none of the court records indicate that
they found this tunnel based on cell

records this data was showing cell
phones moving from one side of the
border to the other
and investigators surmise there must be
an illegal tunnel there and began
further investigations that led to the

arrest of this person so what’s
interesting about this story is that it
is truly the app so what’s app the all
it’s the apps that are handing out your
your location sometimes very precise

even if you have location sharing turned
off it’s unbelievable I by the way I
have a backup clip for what you just
played it’s the tracking immigrants via
cell phone yeah that’s that’s pretty

much the same story I guess Wall Street
Journal reports Immigration and Customs
Enforcement or ice and customs border
protection or CBP have spent over 1.2
million dollars to access cell phone

location data to track and arrest
undocumented immigrants the Homeland
Security Department reportedly began
purchasing cell phone location data in
2017 from a Virginia based company

called Vento the data is drawn from cell
phone apps like games and weather apps
that ask the users permission to access
their location and the Customs and

Border Patrol is very adamant
about one thing and this is why the OTG
lifestyle is important in a statement to
The Wall Street Journal a CBP spokesman
said quote while CBP is being provided

access to location information it is
important to note that such information
does not include cellular phone tower
data is not ingested in bulk and does
not include the individual users

identity because that would be
completely illegal actually but but the
point is they don’t have to do that
however if they want to track good old
crackpot they’d have to have cell

location data because I have a flip
phone that pretty much does nothing it
has no apps zero apps and the apps it
has a browser so I’d have to be careful

but I don’t really use that I mean
unless it’s emergency
but it’s the apps it’s an anything
that’s free put a big suspicious
suspicious tag next to it because that’s
that’s how they make their money they

make money on selling that exact data to
ultimately the government I have to
bitch I’ve been bitching about this for
over a decade and it’s because when you
go on you’ve got some app and I don’t

even like the word and you load and say
we’d like bikes the green to our Terms
you have also given up the computing
everything notebook your email your

camera can be turned on the mic can be
turned on they can use your cunt they
can download your contact list and I’m
thinking this is like a flashlight and

they want my contact list agree to any
of this the flashlight was the best spy
app ever remember that first came out
everyone’s downloading it that guy got
so rich there’s a bonanza so all we’re

here to do is to warn you that this is
just a very very bad idea and there’s no
reason for you to you know what so
here’s what I like about the Alcatel go

flip three is you know it’s a basic
phone I can I can text I can receive a
call it’s great for calling by the way

it’s a very very pleasant phone to speak
on and in a pinch I can get me
and I could do something on the web but
it’s really in a pencil it’s very slow
it’s it’s laborious but you want that
you don’t want to be distracted that’s

another big part of it but there’s
really no way to track me
however the beauty of it is that it can
also function as a Wi-Fi hotspot that’s
what’s really cool about it because if

you are in that undeniable it happens oh
my god I absolutely need to get online
to do something you can use that with
your laptop or you know I have this

surface GoPro the surface goes servers
go whatever the hell it’s called you
know ten inch or good circuiting which
only has Linux on it but I can get
online I can do whatever I want that’s

just don’t create as much data stop
creating data because they’ll only be
used against you we haven’t heard much
about the war on cash lately although

just crop up from time to time Australia
is now on deck with a new cache ban bill
Australians could face two years jail
sentence up to $25,000 under proposed

laws that limit the use of some cash
transactions to $10,000 there are calls
for the government to withdraw the
proposal which was announced in the

budget fight this month in black economy
John Adams and independent economist has
come out against the change I have to
characterize this on many cases as the
greatest attack on economic freedom and

liberty in this country and in the last
two or three decades I mean I mean this
law is quite serious I mean I don’t
think in a free society government
should have any role in telling people

what to do with their own money whether
it’s a cash transaction or a non-cash
transaction so the government has
claimed that this proposal is about the
black economy and obviously they had the

black economy task force that they subs
in 2016 this is where this $10,000 cash
transaction bank comes from now the
government has not provided any evidence
that this band will
work in terms of reducing the black

economy and one of the countries in
science is Sweden with in Sweden they’ve
virtually eliminated the cash and yet
they still have a flourishing black
economies so the way the law is
constructed at the moment basically if

it’s either business to business or
individual to business so if an
individual was to engage in a $10,000
cash transaction
above $10,000 that is illegal under this

proposal so for example if you went to a
car yard if you went to a furniture shop
if you went to a jewelry store and you
proposed to pay cash for a product or
service under this law you know

individual to business or business the
business that is illegal now the way the
government has proposed this law is
there’s a bill for palm and there’s a
regular proposed regulation the bill
makes everything illegal and the

regulation has certain exemptions now
one of the exemptions in the regulation
is individual to individual transactions
so for example if you had you know a
piece of furniture for $15,000 and I

wanted to buy that off you all for one
offer we’re not Enterprise –is that the
government says is legal under this law
but given that this exemption is in
their regulation the the assistant
treasurer at any at any time can remove

these exemptions make these exemptions
illegal without the scrutiny of
Parliament I love that this guy this
report went into depth because most of
the headlines just scream you know but
the details are even more interesting

where there’s the law says we’ll have a
regulation for what amount you can spend
at a business or a card then of car
dealers over there they got cards and

that limit is set at 10,000 but they can
lower that because it’s just a
regulation that’s that’s the real creepy
part about yeah they can lower to a

thousand yeah which they would do why
wouldn’t you you’re not gonna raise it
no that’s just like what do you call it
v80 value added tax same deal yeah you

put that in place it’s there forever
Danny blue suggested should you should
throw a shoe at him it can only go up so
I picked up a couple of clips from

Trump’s New Hampshire speeches he’s
doing a new act oh they know they no
longer play it on Fox oh and follow my

Fox is just blurring now they’re getting
really bad I can’t because they’re run
by a bunch of people that don’t even
like Trump well well you know that they
have internal memos that from the
episode the way it’s Fox News works Fox

News Channel they have a news desk and
the head of the news desk put out a memo
that was leaked to said just so you know
you shouldn’t really take anything that
is on Hannity or judge Janine’s show or

ingre ham because the people the guest
they have on are known disinformation
people from their own organization that
was a clip we played earlier in the show

now he’s changing his bid a little bit
he’s got some good got a couple of nice
new bits but he did have this little
crossover thing and they’re encouraging

people to by not encouraging him to
cross over and this is the Trump stumps
and New Hampshire suggesting a crossover
where you can vote for the other party
done great this has been an incredible

success state where the people are great
just great people
here that there could because you have
crossovers and partners don’t you so

here a lot of Republicans tomorrow will
vote for the weakest candidate possible
of the Democrats is that make sense you
people wouldn’t do that my only problem

is I’m trying to figure out who is their
weakest candidate I think they’re all
weak I mean it’s not a huge laugh but
it’s a it’s an interesting bit of stick

I like it a better bit was she’s added
to his act is this Trump where he goes
on about Pelosi on Tuesday I delivered
my address on the State of the Union and
I had somebody behind me who was

mumbling terribly sucklings
very distracting
very distracting

now it was very distracting I’m speaking
and a woman is mumbling terribly behind
me angry there was a little anger back

there where the one should be angry
not them we’re the ones that should be
angry but we proudly declared that we
are in the midst of the great American

combat our country is stronger today
than ever before I had not heard this
like that a lot
what was that well mumbling that reminds

me of the time I flew on the Concorde
and I was very excited and it’s like oh
my god I’m gonna fly in the Concorde and
we go to flight it was for the something
at Wembley Arena I can’t remember

exactly what MTV flew me Concorde
because I had to be there right away or
whatever was going on good and this was
New York to London and I was super
excited and Liza Minnelli is sitting

behind me completely drunk and ruined
the whole damn ride she was kicking
against my chair talking loud yeah it
was a big bummer anyway that’s for my

book you turn around and tell her and
knock it off no I was too impressed like
Liza Minnelli I’ll just keep this better
to have the story than to have some

international ruckus because you know a
drunk Liza is something gonna be very
careful of and I would think yeah well
while you’re at it is there anything
else from Trump that is during the
speech no that’s all I got from that

speech and it is worth watching his new
act this is a slightly different one
before New Hampshire where I watched
some of that one and that was just that
was his old material and it was about an

hour and 15 hour 20 this new act which i
think is mostly new is only an hour he’s
crazy always cutting it down he’s
cutting it down right it’s down I think
this was like 55 minutes hmm but he

builds you know he starts has got a
basic act and then he adds and adds
that’s good
just one last story since all of the

stuff that we’re talking about is so
irrelevant when it comes to how bad
things really are and that you know this
is actually the biggest failing on the
media not the

newspapers who published it because I
think they that’s good that they did
that and if you read through it all then
you you feel very sad about the state of
our what we’re doing or how we’ve

positioned ourselves for decades and
when I say ourselves the United States
this of course is the Afghan papers and
to get any kind of in-depth reporting on

it I got this from Voice of America
which is the propaganda arm United
States John Sopko Inspector General of
an independent government watchdog

created by Congress to combat waste and
abuse in the u.s. reconstruction effort
in Afghanistan Sherman so the House
Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday
is a persistent incentive to lie about

the progress on the ground US efforts in
Afghanistan you create from the bottom
up an incentive because of short
timeframes you’re there for six months

nine months or a year to show success
that gets reported up the chain and
before you know it the president is
talking about a success that doesn’t
exist and I think that’s a good issue to

look at not whether there was lying but
why the hearing comes one month after a
Washington Post report that government
officials misled the public about US
gains in Afghanistan for years and hid

evidence that the war had become
unwinnable the newspaper cited the guard
documents as evidence but Richard
voucher who served as assistant
secretary of state for South Asia during

the Bush administration says there was
no deliberate deception I think all of
us tried to tell the truth in terms of
what was going on in the war the
difficulties that we were facing the

difficulties of getting things done you
know in a chaotic situation like the one
in Afghanistan despite notable failures
experts say a rash exit from the region
could lead to deadlier outcomes we’re at

a stage where we know we want to
withdraw what we want to do it
responsibly and that requires a
negotiation process we are so trump
administration has been negotiating a
peace agreement with the Taliban to

finally bring the war to an end just so
because it’s not like we don’t know this
but that is out there and you know where
the where the real hearings where we

really pin in people up hey man this is
well this is again this is like we took
what talked about in ten minutes ago we
said you start a value-added tax you
can’t back off on these things you go

into one of these stupid wars that’s not
really a war cuz there’s nobody’s
attacking us but you go in there to
police the place and you can’t get out
yeah well you can but the system will
let you get out no the whole system is

designed for you to be stuck there
yeah disheartening is the only that’s
the only thing I can say well don’t feel
good about it you recently be good word
I got a couple of goods just at one more

news item if you want to get out of the
way well let’s do one and then we got to
move gotta move gotta move babe let’s do
it live yes all right what are we saying
this would be the most interesting one

one guido returns to Venezuela
Venezuelan opposition leader Juan widow
has returned to Venezuela where
protesters waited for him outside the
airport Tuesday screaming dirty traitor

and get out whydo was returning from a
trip to the United States where he
attended president Trump’s State of the
Union address guardo also traveled to
the World Economic Forum in Davos

Switzerland during a political tour
aimed Alstom Venezuelan president
Nicolas Maduro this guy you know this is
another disappointment I’ll play it
again here this evening it’s a very

brave man know who carries with him the
hopes dreams and aspirations of all
Venezuelans joining us in the gallery is
the true and legitimate president of

Venezuela Juan
well as the president himself would say

imagine all the people who could do this
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quitting us with the first successful to
mentor in Jaffa and this is brian of
london in jaffa and we’re here at the

the No Agenda Meetup and this in the
Middle East and this is the man who can
say it’s like a bad egg and we’re in
abulafia John your bagel shop

come have a look this is Arab bagels and
Arab desserts and sweets thank you very
much in the morning and until the next
time come visit us in Israel in the

morning oh yeah I wanna go you’ve been
Israel you knew about the the bagel shop
so of course you know that bagel shop is
unbeliev it’s the best in the world
supposedly I’ve never never been to

Israel I should go We certainly have
peeps there so I’m looking forward to it
yeah you got that one mi6 guy spot the
spook what do you mean it’s like spot

the non spook I’m just kidding kind of
just kid here is the list of meetups on
the near horizon for you tomorrow
Valentine’s Day we stay with well in the

Middle East but this will be a most
marvelous Middle Eastern meet up in
Mahna Mahna tu tu du du du dude 1 p.m.
Arabian Standard Time this is the

Sherlock Holmes pub in the Gulf Hotel
and our very own Sur de fuga Zotoh Earl
of America’s heartland and Saudi Arabia
will be hosting it’s sure to be a hoot
and he’ll take pictures he’s very good

very very good photographer also
tomorrow if you’re in Stockholm is you
happen to swing by there’s a meet-up
6 p.m. look for the organizer in the no
agenda space force t-shirt at

O’Connell’s Irish pub in Kemalist on
Michael be hosting us his name on Sunday
the Minneapolis warm-up that’s the venn
brewery Tap Room south Minneapolis dr.
hammer organizing for you then Monday

brand new analysts Fort Lauderdale this
is Monday the 17th meet up at 6:30 at
Rocco’s tavern look for the guy in the
no agenda space force t-shirt seems like
we’ve got a trend going on here sorry

first Kitchener Ontario local 42 o33
Thursday a week from now this is the
second beat up in Kitchener meet at
moose winnow skis crystal be hosting for

you also next Thursday man Magnolia
Texas local 6 6 7 Houstonians come for
craft brews at the lone pine brewery in
downtown Magnolia Texas Texas Joe

organizing for you next Friday
not tomorrow a week from now the Delray
Beach Florida meet up 6 o’clock with
hosts galore Adam the keeper and

Horowitz I don’t know if Horwitz is
coming I hope he is that will be the
South Florida meet up at saltwater
brewery and there are many organizers
but crystal and David Culp I think are

the ones that that are taking charge of
this so please come and hang out with us
we look forward to meeting everybody in
flo rida and if you have not heard about
a meet-up near you is very simple go to

no agenda meetups comm create your own
that’s all you need to do they’re great
they’re like a potty
sometimes you wanna go hang out with all
the nights and day

you to be where you want me triggered
I’ll help you wouldn’t be
that’s right no agenda meetups calm

and a new item at the end of the show
let’s see what’s in John’s clothes we
had the Microsoft Bob frisbee I’m

wondering if there’s another item that
you are putting up for auction or sale
or otherwise I was thinking about it
mm-hmm I don’t have anything wow this is
a dead item well what you all I have to

do is take one look around yeah I do
have a couple of things actually
well you’d sound woefully unprepared
well I’m unprepared yes I am I thought

about this earlier and I’m unprepared I
can’t I have to skip we’ll do it we’ll
do it for the next show
yeah not too many things to choose from

this the problem I didn’t get any bites
on the frisbee what no one did wanted to
drop a hundred bucks on hundo on a hundo
on a virgin Microsoft Bob Mick it’s

dishing to Bob can you haggle over the
price because if you’re just saying
hundred price – yeah we’re gonna have to
people don’t see the value in these

things but okay you need to put up a
cosmic weenie page someone can get in
the show to do there you go I have just
one more little thing

unless you have something that you’d
like to do for me I have actually three
four clips I did which are news clips
which I promised everybody we’d try to
keep people up with the world yes let’s

do that first good idea and so let’s
start with the Irish vote let’s get that
out of the way oh yeah this was very
this so typical Irish voters went to the
polls on Saturday in an election that
could remove t shook Leo vodka from

power amid a surge by left-wing shin
fain to Radtke cast his ballot in Dublin
after campaigning on his own diplomatic
successes on brexit helping prevent a
hard border on the island but the

strategy appears to have fallen flat
amid domestic issues such as health care
and housing which have seen a swing by
voters towards shin fane party leader
Mary Lou MacDonald urged people to vote

for change as she also went to the
polling go
in Dublin today is very important day
today’s the day that the people are in
charge and every single vote counts
people have told the strokers campaign

that they won’t change that they want to
change the representation and they want
to change in government something to
people please come out today and vote
for that change but McDonald’s party is

unlikely to enter government as it has
put forward to a few candidates opinion
polls points to the main opposition
party FINA for winning most seats and

forming a coalition or minority
government led by me whore Martin who
voted Saturday morning in Cork its
policies on the economy and post brexit
Ireland are broadly similar to those of

Brad cos center-right FINA gales both
FINA fall and FINA Gayo insist they will
not govern with shin pain after polls
close at 10:00 p.m. local time counting
will begin at 9 o’clock on Sunday

morning so does this mean we’ll have
bombs going off again or is it might
just imagine these are the same people
Costel hey just as a quick aside Tuesday
August 3rd 2010 blog entry on the Dvorak

uncensored blog with picture valuable
frisbee found in closet yes an unused
Microsoft Bob frisbee was buried in one

of my closets Wow
priceless collectable yes yeah that
you’re recycling what you’re recycling
recycling I still have the frisbee

recycling story and it’s the same
picture you sent me of this thing
sitting on the mantelpiece next to a
Christmas bear dude what is this

collectable Christmas bear in the
picture what is know what do you even
have that in your home what is that
thing I don’t know that was from ten

years ago uh-huh
and a horse glass horse head I want to
be in your Clyde so I want to be in your
closet so bad
I bet you do you’re kind of in the

closet Oh what are you supposed to do
somebody throws a softball so here we go
piers Robinson he’s discussing Syria

piers Robinson II W story is about the
investigation of an alleged chemical
weapon attacking Duma in Syria in 2018
which was controversial at the time

because France an American euk bomb
Syria within about seven days of that
alleged event having occurred this is
new somewhere after we’ve ripped this
all apart front to back and this is now

new still and the premise for the event
was exactly what happened is we of
course Newton it spotted this a mile
away but and it’s been discussed by
academics and it now it’s official well

even fully official it’s just some guy
who quit one of these organizations and
kind of made it quasi-official that the
whole thing was a scam like we said II W
story is about the investigation of an

alleged chemical weapon attacking Duma
in Syria in 2018 which was controversial
at the time because France and America
in the UK bombed Syria within about six
or seven days of that alleged event

having occurred and the premise for the
event was that Assad winning the war
gassed his own people had dropped the
helicopter dropped to get chlorine gas
cylinders and oh that killed sort of
dozens of people in in duma and that was

the original event which the OPCW went
out to investigate what we know now
after leaks and people from within the
OPCW talking is that the team who

initially deployed to do man who did the
investigation that their first internal
report was very clearly indicating that
there were problems with the idea that

the Syrian government had dropped
cylinders that there were indications
that staging had occurred and they were
already pretty much shut out of the
process after the internal report which
is what really started to cause I think

dissent within amongst under team and
then ultimately the final OPCW report
came out suggesting very strongly that
the Syrian government had dropped
chlorine gas cylinders and at that point
shortly after that an engineering report

was leaked which suggests the off
sit and what we know now from all the
leaks and what we know now from the
courage foundation panel for example is
that there are a serious problems with

the final OPCW report but the science
does not back up the claims that are
being made when we know that from the
leaked documents we can see that from
the information coming out from OPCW

scientists and most spectacularly we saw
it with Ian Henderson addressing the UN
Security Council where he made very
clear that he had been sidelined and he
made very clear that the engineering

assessment had indicated that’s faking
that occurred so odd that a podcast that
rips apart mainstream media or media
really whether it’s a radio print or

television of course a lot that this is
one of the few places you can actually
hear a bunch of stories that you that
are kind of interesting and of global
importance you know I’m glad we do this

because where else would you get this
news I mean you have to be monitoring
everything you don’t get i watch sky and
i watch RT and al-jazeera and you pick

up stuff from time to time but they’re
also headline driven it’s all headline
driven clear that’s what makes this show
so great oh yeah now I remember
okay there’s a shorter little news item

this is a Sudan story this is the update
on Sudan news time leader Omar al-bashir
will be handed over to the International

Criminal Court in The Hague to face
charges of genocide war crimes and
crimes against humanity
he’s accused of leaving the Sudanese
government scorched earth campaign in
Darfur where after 300,000 people were

killed and more than 2.5 million people
were forced from their homes Bashir was
forced from power last April amidst
massive anti-government protests in
Sudan Clooney did his job right at the

Sentinel project finally good work
George now I have somebody that’s not
international news but it’s a compliment
it’s a clip that was produced by this

operation I’m gonna ask you cuz I was
are you familiar with what what’s
referred to as a maker a maker well yeah
it doesn’t make a conference maker yeah

from the maker space for people who use
3d printers and stuff like that yeah
that’s a maker yeah well you’re
completely misled what we women we’re
not going nowhere I was part of a small

team that lenses and SUV sized robot in
the surface of Mars now with the therapy
I started to understand what made me
tick we are driven change makers fed up

with the world around us and we’re ready
to take action no matter what you want
to be proactive don’t look away
no one is invisible when we demand to be

seen they love my body its society that
is uncomfortable with my body goats we
must be pretty amazing to have overcome
all of fish ships I think it’s important

that we have these kind of conversations
hopefully you leave here inspired to do
something what is this what I don’t
understand it all what that was this was
makers 2020 yeah if you look at the

thing it is the about the empowerment of
women and to push forward the new
feminists to something or other
well they’ve hijacked the term you tell

me about it that’s what I said
hijack the term that’s not okay there’s
nobody doing 3d printing that guy at the
end was John Legend hello there’s only

two men that they’ve highlighted that
one the guy in the middle was some guy
talking about how he had to go see a
shrink so he can become a cuckold I
guess I’m not sure what he was after

there Wow let me the beginning when I
heard at the beginning it made me think
think of something else
maybe think of

I’m surprised they use the term makers
it doesn’t have what’s got dual are they
is this a derivative of hole maker so
well it’s not a wrong old-fashioned term

that should be issued yeah so they’re
home makers or what’s makers I thought
the same thing where’s the 3d printers
very odd on Fox Tucker Carlson had a

very slow day or whatever they were
expecting Trump to say I don’t know what
it was so he pulled out an old interview
we did with Adam Corolla and it was

about homelessness and it was so good
what Adam Carolla said and there was a
it was a long segment so I chopped it up

and down and into three shorter pieces
and it was it was an eye-opener i sat
this and holy crap he’s really saying
some smart stuff here because what he is

identified as the problem in Los Angeles
I lied I’ll just say California is
exactly what’s going on here in Austin
it’s exactly the same it was a I hope

and I really appreciate what he said
it’s and it is completely in three parts
so first he explains why the government
at local city government or state

government doesn’t care about the
homeless I mean if I asked you you just
offhand why do city and state
governments not care really don’t care

about the homeless I have no idea
California and LA especially sort of
broken the citizens into two groups
there’s the groups that have money and

then they’re the empty bags they don’t
have any money so if you have money and
you’re in that group and you pay your
taxes you’ll get pulled over and get a
ticket for not having a front license

plate but if you’re homeless or you’re
illegal or
you’re not in the system then you’re
essentially an empty bag and they can’t
get money out of you in fact they cost

the city money so anything that costs
the city money they’re not that good at
but they’re really good at parking
enforcement and they’re really good at
permits and building permits and fines

and anything where there’s money to be
had they’re super efficient at it and
the homeless don’t have checking
accounts so there’s nothing in it for

that they’ve really divided the entire
city into those who pay and those who
can’t and if you can they’re not that
interesting I think this is so true and
it really hit home for me just the other

day the keeper and I were coming back
from we had lunch together and we’re
driving back on South Pleasant Valley
Road which is a 35 zone there’s no it’s
it’s it’s lunch science there’s no one

on the road and I’m driving yeah and I
and I and I look in my rearview mirror
and I see a car behind me like close
kind of riding me and so I I pull over
to the side immediately it was

undercover you know the guy I’ll stop
you all right boy over here we were
speeding but 50 feet up there squeegee
guys and tents on the median so now I

have to say I didn’t get a ticket I got
a warning but it was that that very
moment I felt the same it’s like look at
what you’re doing man there’s no one on

the road yeah okay I was going a little
fast and like okay I was over 40 sorry
but look at the illegality taking place
right and I’m not blaming the cop

obviously because the cop is not even
allowed to do anything but that’s the
stuff that drives people crazy I thought
it was an interesting observation that
these governments don’t give a shit if
they can’t get money out of you they

don’t care well this still begs the
question mm-hmm
why are they allowed to have these
encampments it’s it costs the city money
too because somebody’s got to clean this
stuff up eventually

well it’s something what is going is
that a trash van backing out the
strategy garbage truck well that comes
in the second part of the story and and
this is a very valid question although

it’s not it’s not addressed in what
Carolla says but remember this this
camping is all these liberal cities have
allowed camping because of a lawsuit

that is in the Ninth Circuit it’s in
Idaho that removing homeless people who
are camping is quote unconstitutional
because it is against because it is

cruel and unusual punishment this is
what the woke stirs have come up with
and so for that reason because it’s now
in court idaho said well well we can’t
we can’t it would kick these people out

because they know that’s constitutional
and all the woke counties austin
literally says the same thing well you
know there’s there’s there’s a case
before the Ninth Circuit we can’t really
do anything until that’s resolved

because you know just kicking people out
of their homes where they’re camping
that’s cruel and unusual punishment cuz
you’re ruining their home that’s that’s
how they get away with allowing it and
of course the real no that’s not the

question the question is why I mean they
get away that’s why they get away with a
lawyer but why do they want these
encampments cuz they obviously will or
they wouldn’t hell no they don’t

here’s Corollas vision on that well what
changed is we started to mistake
discipline and rule of law for being
mean this sort of like don’t be mean

don’t take that homeless guy why are you
making him go here or why are you
arresting him or why are you
incarcerating him or why are you putting
them in this facility la has become this
sort of good vibes place where America

our city and then the governor Los
Angeles Governor of California Gavin
Newsom then nobody everyone is scared of
being called a bad person and we used to

realize that coaches and teachers and
generals and the police force and the
people the mayor

and the governor when they enforced laws
they weren’t bad people they enforce
laws they’re doing what they were
elected to do they’re doing their job
now when official says I want to get rid
of this homeless camp we’re gonna we’re

gonna bulldoze the homeless camp we’re
gonna give it it’s like why are you
being a mean person why are you being a
bad person this is a zeitgeist that’s
joshing over this nation that the people
that the teacher that’s expelling the

student for being unruly has now become
the bad person not the student the
teacher we’re turning on the rule of law
we’re turning on the teachers the

coaches the governors that the mayors
that the cops think what we’ve done with
cops we turn cops into the bad guy yeah
no not the bad guys who were the bad

guys and the reason the cops are engaged
with the bad guys is because they’re
involved with some bad behavior we’ve
heard the guy with the uniform and the
badge into the bad guy and nobody wants

to be the bad guy
it’s meta but I think there’s a big
element of truth to what he’s saying
well yes I agree I’m not gonna disagree
with the basic thesis but some cities

have the homeless problem in some cities
don’t Dallas doesn’t have the same
problem Austin has no because they’re
not idiots
well who’s idiots at people in Dallas no

the people in Austin the City Council in
Austin is doesn’t want to hurt anybody’s
feeling do you remember the report I
played on the last show where the the
city council lady said well you know

those needles it’s probably for um you
know they have diabetes and the homeless
people need to use needles to you right
yeah for innocent yet yeah that that is
the dumbest thing here let me play

that’s a shorty and play it over the
needles that people use needles for
health reasons and for employment and
other stuff and

believe if that’s what we were seeing
and so I just want to throw that out
there that a lot of folks are almost
have health issues and are using the
needles for for health reason that

doesn’t make them safe to be on the
ground but it but it is that is one of
the reasons that we may be finding those
in those areas but corolla has his own
example of that does the last clip where

he said he gave I thought an excellent
example of this this specific problem I
was talking to a guy who runs the
Staples Center
he literally runs the Staples Center one

of the they rejuvinated downtown in illy
it was falling apart Staples Center came
in and really just brought it back to
life they bring millions of dollars in
tax revenues I said a guy I went to a

game there with my son a Lakers game I
walked out I almost tripped over a guy
selling hot dogs on your property from a
shopping cart with a propane tank on it
I said there was dozens of these guys

just all on the Staples Center property
they’re selling food they’re not
licensed they’re not regulated they’re
not getting a grade from from the the
system there they’re literally just

selling food totally unregulated on your
property and he said yeah I know we hate
it we hate it
I wish there something we could do about
it I said we didn’t mean we stopped we
could do about it go talk to the City

Council get my property has I talked to
the mayor Oh get off my property
throw him off your property call the
cops he said I don’t want to get into
trouble that’s it that’s a big part of
the problem in downtown LA is really

gone to crap now besides that particular
area but yeah that’s it so they don’t
want to get in trouble with City Council
and therefore you actually risk people

getting sick from the food yeah or or
some propane tank exploding whatever
whatever could happen so I thought it
was I liked it I thought that was very

interesting observation is this
interesting situation in San Francisco
is kind of the same
i-i think la is it’s got more it’s more
diverse or they have a more of a diverse

problem and they don’t but San Francisco
I don’t see it being any different in
terms of the city count of the City
Council knows I think it’s helpful
precisely the same thing they got the

pooping going on in San Francisco I
think is a little more this is more of
that than in LA I think well it’s
starting here in Austin the pooping yep
pooping on the street yeah it’s very

very strange phenomenon the the pooping
itself or allowing now the whole thing
the whole homeless pooping failure to do
anything about it and you know and we

have this certainly one homeless guy who
emails me regularly he has an Obama
phone he listens to the show and it’s
it’s not made easy for him it’s really

he sees no and he’s in want to say he’s
in Washington State this is no way out
that he does not see a way out and they
you know that all kinds of horrible

stuff happens especially out out there
and the worst is is the homeless
themselves they’re there they do two
horrible things to each other
so I do a lot of things that I can for

the homeless so I don’t want to sound
like I’m you know people think I sound
like a dick but you know there’s ways to
help and this is it’s just

counterproductive I think we should stop
by saying no okay you can’t camp here
here’s where you can camp here’s if you
want to live as a camper that’s fine and
we’ll help you get your disability check

because you know people there are ways
for them to get money but they don’t
want to people don’t really want to help
them and the only other agencies here
they want a per client fee you know so
it’s it’s kind of a insidious is like a

it’s a real bummer at the end of the
show damn it dude give me something fun
John I don’t like this I’m gonna save
the Trump stuff for Liza maybe there’s

one give me one thing clear
help me help me stone new information
nothing there’s a funny story out of
Michigan State they had this MSU and his

painful reminder of the Lynch oh yeah so
they had a damn display they had a
couple of these things they had it was a
display and in the student you know the

student store kind of thing mm-hmm and
they had these little more characters
little rag dolls that they were selling
and the display there was like you know
how they have a little clip on the back

of something and you hang it yes
well the way they did it because they
have a little clip from it turns out to
be what looks like a tree oh man well

play this story leaders at Michigan
State University apologizing today for a
controversial display at a school’s
performance center gift shop you can
take a look at the display yourself many

are calling it racist saying it shows
historical black figures hanging from a
tree following public outcry the school
removed the display and sent out a
statement to apologize but some students

say that’s just who was this was the 20
year old painful reminder of one lady

before Michael Jackson it’s painful she
remember she remembers the days when MTV

didn’t play Michael Jackson videos so
that’s a painful reminder I guess but it
was they saw it there was a couple of
these incidences they had to do with
some merchandising guys liking the
hanging least items so you could see him

she asked you was was this a white lady
this is a white lady who said that was a
white lady who said that
I don’t know who no we did painful
reminder yeah no it’s a blow but there’s

a blow okay all right well good but the
point is is that it would you can see
some idiot who’s you know I don’t know
what this is
yes way to display them but I’d like to

hear it’s gonna be an end cap I like
that it’s not good enough to say sorry
not good enough I want my tuition back
something ah hey no agenda people know

is best to keep your league alig Duma
your amygdala nice and small tiny
compact so much better so much healthier
and I think symbolized yes maybe we’ve

helped you keep it small it’s the only
show that says we help you keep it small
a small sized amygdala yeah you don’t
want to be a reptile no hell no he’ll

turn into one we will be back on Sunday
will but whatever’s going on in the
world we will bring it to you we will
deconstruct as possible and I look

forward to seeing you all here producers
thank you all for producing the best
podcast in the universe coming to you
from opportunities own 33 here in
downtown downtown in Austin Texas

capital the drones star state FEMA
region number six in the morning
everybody I’m Adam curry and from
northern Silicon Valley am John C Dvorak
and coming up on no agenda stream calm

Nick the rats his Spanish rat episode
end of show mixes cyborg Dave Phantom
Ville and proto V we thank you very much
for your courage we’ll talk to you on

Sunday until then
and such Bloomberg Bloomberg Bloomberg
Bloomberg Bloomberg Bloomberg in Bergen

Bloomberg I’ve seen some of the ads and
all I see is Mike Bloomberg with a lot
of black people I see him every day and
I they’re not that good you just have to
learn to live with some things

they get a paycheck with your paycheck
comes some restrictions and
responsibilities slavery sharecropping
Jim Crow segregation and redlining

but when you think about it from an
economic perspective the exploitation
would a theft of Labor and a transfer of
wealth enshrined in law and enforced by

taxes are regressive that’s the good
thing about them the problem is people
that don’t have a lot of money and so

higher taxes you should have a bigger
impact on their behavior and how they
deal with themselves we have a lot of
soldiers in the United States in the US

Army and that’s what why you do want to
do exactly what a lot of people say you
don’t want to do a life or a job or
taxes or life which do you want to do

take your poison
and I’m Mike Bloomberg and I approve
this message this flu knocks you out
like Apollo Creed accidental outbreak

you that’s hard to concede Hillary could
fix this or sleepy Joe when I step up in
China you I step correct
whoo-hah the grandma get our flu shot

better double-check
whoo-hah from the North China Plain all
the way to Quebec Wuhan put your masks
on Tyne don’t ever disrespect


an unknown germ is being flowers around
the world
anything is possible verge the best

brains in the world
running through this thing to find to
the germ is visible under a microscope
but is not like any bacilli ever known
you can’t be destroyed by any process

we’ve been able to uncover I’m in
quarantine I’m in quarantine I’m in
quarantine for the first time and this

time I know for real
I’m in quarantine God knows God knows
I’m in quarantine I’m gone down with the

I’ve gone down with the flu
I’ve gone down with the flu for the

first time and this time I know is for
real oh god no God no son down with the

yeah I can’t get over really
but they have

or anything

mofo Devorah dot org slash and a

Bloomberg is racist