No Agenda Episode 1222: “Booby-Trap”

don’t kiss adam curry Jhansi Dvorak’s
2020 this is your award winning keep mo
nation media assassination episode 1222
this is no agenda 7 flip phones and
broadcasting live from opportunity zone

33 in the frontier of Austin Texas
capital at the drone star state in the
morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where we are reeling from Joe
Rogan fever I’m John CdeBaca alright I

have to tell you and I’m sure you know
this I have been incredibly nervous
since I got home last night

uh-huh because they’re only really two
people in the world I trust to tell me
the truth Tina of course but yeah she
loves me and there’s you and and the

fact that you have not tweeted retweeted
made a comment or anything about the
Rogen appearance as me and I know I
fucked up some things but has me very

concerned I only got to the psilocybin
part so I’m not oh my god really
oh I have I had a show to do

Jimmy I know I also traveled yes you you
probably had more to do than I did okay
well what yes

my daughter watched the whole thing oh
well that’s even better
which kept me a I gotta have a report
wait before before the report let me

just mention a few things that I’m
embarrassed about and pissed about one
although it was mentioned very nicely by
Joe in the intro to the podcast which is

really what matters
it’s where that’s where the bulk of
everything when I saw the podcast there
was no intro he was you were halfway
through the pot as he started off hey by
the way we were on the air and

no no no no that I think that must have
been the YouTube the podcast itself the
audio yes YouTube audio version starts
off and he said Adam Curry no agenda
show because not at a single point ever

did I mention the URL no agenda show com
that is a an incredible faux pas and
this was also pointed out it since you
had three hours and you’d never said no

agenda we talked a lot about no agenda
and different don’t no agenda our
generator and no agenda shop but I never
actually said no agenda show when I had
the opportunity I foolishly completely

spaced and did not promote animated no
agenda very very disappointed in myself
oh that’s why she says she’s not gonna
do any more also I forgot to mention

Dave Jones who built the freedom
controller I had an opportunity to say
that and he deserves that credit and I

know I’m in big trouble because I did
not give a shout out to Justin the drug
dealer so those are things I know that
that I goofed up on I’m happy to hear
the report you were twitching yeah and

people were making comments about it and
I saw it that and I didn’t think it was
anything out of the ordinary it wasn’t
out of control well let’s just talk

about blinking a lot
yes well let’s just talk about it for a
second I already knew that I would never
be able to relax enough to have a great
conversation and get through however

long we were gonna talk so I did have in
my mind my secret weapon which I
deployed about an hour into the show and
I said hey let’s smoke some weed because
then I can tell you about how crazy my

Tourette’s is and we had a nice chat
about it and that at least made me feel
comfortable myself fully cognizant that
I’m ticking and twitching away and I’m
out of control when I’m on weed what’s
interesting about this in the comments

because I looked at some comments on
YouTube and stuff so people would be
like Adam blink three times if you’re in
danger but a common one was dude
on adderall he’s tweaking is completely

coked out I got a lot of that which I
thought was interesting but I also I
also got you know some some people who
have some possible fixes and say well
this may not be actually Tourette’s it

may be what is it it’s the there’s a
couple of books on somatic experiencing
yeah and so apparently if you have this
trauma that is stuck here flight fight

freeze that happens during
traumatization events a traumatizing
events and how the limbic system and
nervous system keep memories in the body

so it could be that when I get tense or
some something’s triggering it it’s
something very old is stuck in that’s
very possible so there may be some
solutions for me yet I’m sticking with

the Tourette’s
for them if anybody wants to know why
okay you can ask me why hey why one two
three four five six seven eight

eight only eight cars today this ever
economy is stable the reason I say that
is because I saw that I’ve talked to you

about this before I saw this really two
or three our special interests which I
was very sympathetic with and I can and
I’m you and I can talk about your
Tourette’s and all the rest of it and

one of the elements of all Tourette’s
sufferers as they like to put it is
they’re neat freaks OCD and you are one
of those yeah although I still kind of

disagree with you on that but well that
would be typical but I thought Scott
Adams had Tourette’s
I guess he blinks a lot and and he’s

very fastidious well Joe was really cool
about I got it I had a really good time
it was yeah it looked like you guys got
along we got we got a long I was my only
concern to be honest oh my god we fell

into it right away we’re like and he’s
really nice he’s very very nice guy not
that I expected him not to be but she’s
like wow dude you’re super super nice

even called me last night although it
so unknown number comes through so I’m
like no reject and then he texted me
they said that he had he really enjoyed
it I think that’s kind of the if the

host of the show contacts you after the
show and says that was cool then I think
that I sitting down with Carson oh well
I said that literally as well I said
this is the The Tonight Show of our era
and man it’s the stuff that is coming in

John is gonna be so good for the show
listen to this hey Adam I’m the director
of content partnerships at audio boom we
host distribute and monetize podcast

content I wanted to reach out to see if
you will be interested in working with
audio boom to help you secure some
sponsorship opportunities for your
podcast yeah that’s what I like it but
guys they don’t even bother listening to

the show they don’t know anything about
it and they’re starting to offer spot
this is like usually a lot of this hey
we’ve got a guess for your show that
you’ll love well yes I’ve already gotten
those and I’ve gotten a lot of hey come

on my show it’s happening I’m I’m
peaking my show is breaking out you got
to be the show also by the way I regret
I didn’t plug dry America they deserved
a plug a few I just and I didn’t even

have to watch the show or listen to it
to know I had forgotten these things
once I was in the hour-and-a-half
traffic going back to LAX after the
after the interview that was interesting
smoke a blunt with Rogan and then hop on

the 405 to the 101 whoo well at least do
worry about getting into a high-speed
accident no no that’s true that’s true
so anyway yeah may not seem like it was

a winner and my daughter thought was
good she did she thought that you that
Rogan kind of slapped your sight when
you tried to really promote the show
really I never I never even tried except
for one time that’s intercede felt that

you were you were not being allowed to
plug the show much hmm that’s
interesting I mean three hours and we
talked about all kinds I mean I talk

about you a lot actually oh that’s sweet
specifically I should get my name right
or might still build dungus or whatever
I thought it was before that I don’t
think you I don’t think you ever

actually used your name
but I was saying oh you know these these
Christmas cards with mushrooms on it
said I know Dvorak had he’s collects
those he has those did you get the whole

the whole mushroom Santa Claus bit or
that you didn’t you didn’t get that far
yet I think you know I told you I it was
right around some other side bin

mushrooms it was right around there so
I’m probably yeah and some other things
well I’m glad you did it sounds like a
good idea and we’re now you’re gonna get
harassed by people who want to book
guests yes on our show yeah we got a

great guest for no agenda show everybody
this audio boom pitch is funny yeah our
sales team is able to land host reads
spots for podcasts collecting around

10,000 listens in episode wow this is
great we can we can land a host a host
read spot good for $45 yeah anyway
highly recommend staying at the Marriott

at LAX that’s a great hotel
I’m so happy you taught me to do this
this so yeah it’s so smart man I had
8:00 a.m. flight the next morning so I
just you know those early super early

flights which you end up taking a lot
when you’re someplace else
yeah or so inconvenient but it’s like
the only flight you can get you leave
the hotel about 5:30 in the morning why

am I even here well and that’s why you
get a hotel at the airport yeah then you
just swap out a bed walk to the gate
your hook you’re there well not cool you
got to pop on the shuttle from the
Marriott but oh yeah no that was okay

that was okay I like the ones that are
actually inside the airport itself yes
like in the Amsterdam Gatwick has that
but the thing about the Marriott is they

have the Hertz rental office right there
in the hotel so that’s nice yeah that
was and and and
cars they’ve like a 20 car lot there so
everything was there so it’s perfect for
her for doing that anyway I’m the under

travels no pre-check of course traveling
alone not with the with the keeper my
magical pre-check lady so none of that
and it was interesting to see how people
were dealing with coronavirus the first

thing I noticed that they still have the
damn Zika signs up but in the TSA line
someone’s got to work on the print shop
there brings us to a clip oh oh where is

this clip yeah this is it now this is
the talking about you gotta move he’s

gonna move from one thing to another you
got it move and this is a good example
this is the Ebola is over the World
Health Organization had some good news

about a virus that’s plagued the world
for quite a bit longer than coronavirus
Ebola the congos discharged its last
Ebola patient raising hopes there that
the end of the outbreak may be in sight

the Congo has been hit hard for over a
year and a half losing over 2,200 people
to the contagion second worst Ebola
outbreak in history was compounded by
security concerns including lawless

areas that medical workers had
difficulty reaching for fear of
militants or criminal groups but now
it’s been two weeks since the last new
case was confirmed at this rate
officials may declare the Ebola outbreak

over in a matter of weeks
well glad I could play some jingles then

we got a little mileage out of him just
before mine away went away went away for
good the bow oh that’s fantastic yeah
yeah we’re rid of Ebola if it was as bad
as it is how come it only killed 2200

people especially the areas where there
were jet you know terrorists that didn’t
allow them oh we remember the the
phony-baloney CNN footage of kids like
laying down on the street the minute the

camera panned to him is just weird weird
reporting don’t really know exactly how
severe it was what was interesting on
the flight to LA was the face masks

there was a masks and I have to say
props to LA they were designer I saw a
lady with an actual Gucci facemask oh my
goodness my goodness by the way they

don’t want apparently these masks don’t
work and and everybody all the medical
people say these masks don’t work and
people are hoarding them and they don’t

like the fact that they’re hoarding them
and if you have any give them to the
medical people because apparently if
they don’t work they somehow work for
the medical people well I understood it
differently my understanding is the
masks and if you think about a surgical

situation there’s a surgical mask you
look at the surgical situation and in
the operating room the doctors and the
nurses everyone’s wearing a mask why are
they afraid of some virus jumping out of
the cut-open body no it’s so they don’t

hawk their stuff and virus is out into
the sterile environment so it’s really
more for sick people and so when
someone’s wearing a mask I think you’re

probably sick those that’s if you if you
have it that’s when you should be
wearing a mask not if you don’t have it
I agree I don’t think I don’t think
they’re going to be particularly
effective well who knows yeah but the
most important thing for me and luck

they got an email back this morning Sir
Patrick Coble the duke of the south is
safe that was pretty bad what went down
in Tennessee
and it made landfall only about 20 miles

east of where he is his direct family
and friends are okay but he has friends
and and friends of friends who are in
the hospital lost their house lost fan
tornadoes this is people out there that

don’t know it Adams talking about oh I’m
well you actually thank you because it
was so pushed down in the news and
compared and it was kind of sick
compared to the news about coronavirus

it’s like wow could you just mention the
19 people minimum who just died in
Tennesseans like in in nashville like
what a wreck or what a mess no I what it
was pushed down but I on the networks

mm-hmm it was not at the top of the news
occurs you’d cove at 19 but it was up
there was like either the second or
third story tony was in the first block
so no it wasn’t it’s done that way yeah

but you know the incessant hammering
that you get is just like I’ll please
stop the hammering so Karma for for
everybody in in Nashville and

Murfreesboro Borough cuz they need it
right now
no rain stick can help with that now
let’s I do want to get some I have some

Co vid 19 clips okay I got a live would
you rather do Super Tuesday before we go
into because I got a lot of Kung Fu
Oh Super Tuesday or not so I mean
however you feel about it let’s do some

let’s do some co vide 19 screw the to
Malaysia well let’s start with the
update end this is the Cova 19 the ship
and the update this abcs wrap yeah in
Los Angeles a state of emergency in New

York City tonight about a thousand
people are now under self quarantine all
possibly coming in contact or linked to
one man who was hospitalized in critical
but stable condition tonight his wife

two children and a neighbor all testing
positive one of his children a college
student at classes cancelled there in
Los Angeles that state of emergency six
new cases there including an airport

worker doing medical screenings at LAX
the death toll in the u.s. rising to at
least 11:00 tonight the first death for
California a passenger on a cruise ship
during a roundtrip voyage from San
Francisco ABC’s whit Johnson leading us

off with the efforts to contain
the virus here in New York and across
the country tonight a scramble to
contain the spread of the corona virus
in New York about a thousand people

ordered to self quarantine all possibly
connected to one patient in this
hospital that is another one two three
four five people and again all of this

one attorney they’re going to be
hundreds in Westchester that 50 year old
father now hospitalized in Manhattan in

critical but stable condition his wife
two kids a neighbor who drove him to the
hospital and another family connected to
his law firm testing positive to the
number of cases jumping to 11 a local

public school district now closing to
disinfect the buildings in California
tonight health officials say this Grand
Princess cruise ship has likely linked
to the state’s first death from the

corona virus and a second infection an
elderly patient possibly exposed while
traveling from San Francisco to Mexico
the CDC now investigating a small
cluster of cases of kovat 19 in Northern

California traced back to that ship
there is almost nothing as infectious as
fear it’s really being played hard on
this now well you want to Co code I’m

gonna skip to my good clips well that
was just an updated background or I get
it let’s go to Kovac 19 death rate
higher the World Health Organization
said Tuesday the global death rate from

the disease caused by the new corona
virus is 3.4 percent far deadlier than
the seasonal flu the warning came as a
number of coronavirus deaths outside

China surpassed the number inside China
for the first time Washington state
Tuesday reported another coronavirus
death the 9th in the region in New York
Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday a

Manhattan lawyer has become the second
person in the city to test positive for
the new corona virus you know and I love
it when they just throw all these
numbers out and I saw Cooper on CNN do

one that he didn’t even correct and it
was reading right from the prompter his
moments ago the death toll climbing to
105 cases across the United States
six people have died all in Washington

State four of them residents of a
nursing care facility near Seattle so
what he meant to say was a hundred and
five over hundred ten cases but he said
the death toll yeah norstedts if you
listen to this clip this is this is

right from CBS they brand this thing in
this written it seems to be a long clip
as 140 and I actually went for about two
and a half minutes and this was a expert
from Harvard Oh expert the guy who’s

gonna tell us how many people are going
to get infected and how many people are
gonna die wait a minute wait I mean we
all know who’s gonna die don’t we we’re

all gonna die the corona virus I’m sorry
this is coming close to saying that

worldwide the corona virus death toll
now tops 3,000 with nearly 90,000 cases
but even those numbers are nothing
compared to what could happen in the

months ahead
today’s CBS news is Jim Axelrod was one
of this country’s top experts from
Harvard viruses who has a startling
prediction the number that I think is
grabbing a lot of people is this

estimate 40 to 70 percent of the world’s
adult population could be infected yes
accurate that is it’s a projection so we
will find out if it’s accurate as things

go on
it is a best estimate that I’ve been
able to make based on a combination of
the mathematical models that we use I
can predict epidemics so much in terms

of addressing the numbers that may get
people panicked what can you tell us
well again the 40 to 70 percent is a
number infect a proportion of the

population adult population infected and
we know that some people who get this
infection have no or almost no symptoms
whatsoever what we don’t know is how

many there are like that so if say
that’s half the people then the
1% or 2% that we’re seeing in the
symptomatic people is cut down by half

right whatever the number is it’s going
to be it’s going to take a toll if it
really does spread as widely as that
projection says and that’s what I think

is likely to happen and there are gonna
be millions of people dying I don’t
think there’s any way to get around that
and so I think there’s real reason for

people to be concerned thank you for
spending an extra couple minutes on that
that was worth it notice I’m mark this

clip archived because if you do the
calculations that this guy said that
means 200 million Americans are gonna
get infected at least one of us too was

gonna be dead
well actually 3.5% of the two of us will
be dead but where if you take that
number and you go three point five that
means we’re gonna have seven million

dead Americans mmm by the time this
thing is over right and by the way World
War two four hundred thousand dead yeah
Americans yeah so we’re gonna have seven

million dead America’s just what this
guy just said yeah I mean he didn’t do
the math for us but I’m doing the math
yeah but that’s what he said so so let’s
just even cut that in half to three

million let’s cut that down to 1 million
which is fighting not even close to his
number so there’s gonna be a minimum of
1 million dead I’m not buying this no of
course of course not and and it was a

lot of odd things happened it so I when
I got in Monday in LA I watched a lot of
TV I watched a lot of local to a local

TV because you know they were gearing up
for Super Tuesday and everything and
it’s the way
let me put it this way having been

having traveled out I didn’t see except
for the Gooch won’t you know the odd
Gucci facemask I didn’t see people
overly worried I didn’t see people
standing you know within a three feet

from other people I didn’t see any of
this no one’s like afraid to shake my
hand none of this now there are people
who are susceptible you know a large the
MiG blood stuff and they get very

tripped out by it but really this is an
incredible virus of it’s a media virus
and it really affected the stock market
and we’ve seen this of course in

interesting ways and then the Federal
Reserve cuts the rate while the rest of
the g7 countries are saying well they’re
waffling like we don’t know what we’re
gonna do with our interest rate of

course they have negative interest rates
I don’t know what they’re gonna cut just
gonna start handing out money to people
on the street here you go here’s your
here’s your debt whatever they’re gonna
say I I think that was an odd odd move
and you see the things that are being

cancelled and I just have a little list
here we have no MIPTV MIPTV this is by
the way there’s an investment
opportunity for people like shorting the

market oh yeah
I think all these entertainment venues
are going to be toast if this key even
just Donnell’s on any longer so one more
month so we have and this is very
strange what’s going on Austin you’d

expect Austin to be lockstep in on this
mayor Adler has said no we’re not
considering canceling South by Southwest
and let me tell you next to Formula One

South by Southwest is the moneymaker for
Austin so while I totally agree with him
I’m not sure exactly why he’s doing this
this is not his normal stance when it

comes to nut job stuff but everyone’s
pushing back Netflix is now joining the
growing South by Southwest Exodus over
coronavirus worry so they’re pulling out

of South by Southwest this thing’s going
to get cancelled there will be no it’ll
be no stopping it
we’ve had two or three or four events in
San Francisco the Google i/o I think

there’s an apple
a couple of the counties for conferences
in that San Francisco has enough trouble
tracking conferences nowadays with all
the poop on the street and the homeless

cancel the cancelled the city done well
how about this were a cancellation for
we go tonight some very bad news for

bond fans the release date for the new
James Bond film no time to dine has been
pushed back by seven months to November
it’s nothing to do that evil villain or
a femme fatale nope Rhona virus

producers say they acted after an
evaluation of the global marketplace but
actually the founders of to James Bond
fan sites had called on the studio to

delay the movie’s release because of
fears of infection in theaters well
we’ll just have to look forward to
seeing it Thanksgiving instead let me
say that to cancel or to postpone the

launch of a Bond movie for seven months
that is not cheap they were they were
ramping up that they were getting going
they already got you know the theme song

was being promoted with what’s-her-face
grid Billy Eilish they’ve got you know
trailer’s running this is like wow and
now I understand if they really think

theaters won’t be full in a few months
that okay I get it but what are you
really what are you really propagating
Italy everything shut down now willow
couldn’t travel to to Spain everything

shut until March 15th minimum the ultra
ultra March Festival in Miami big Music
Festival canceled

that’s like meanwhile over in the
financial world you’ve got a whole
different kind of analysis at least ones
that I picked up to share understand
that but this is a you’re gonna hear Rey

Wong he’s from constellation research
yeah I want these financial research
firm understand that but when is this
spread gonna be under control I think by
May we’re gonna realize that this is

just like any other virus it’s in the
population it impacts about 0.12
five percent of the people but it
doesn’t look like it right now people
are completely scared in a media induced
panic wait a minute a media induced

panic don’t tell me more yeah it is
because what’s happening is if you so we
got know a lot of friends that are
actually doing the testing people are
going to the hospitals are getting

pulmonary panels and then the pulmonary
panels are finding the original
coronavirus not coded 19 they’re finding
rhinovirus right this is prevalent in
the population and when you look at some
of the Johns Hopkins studies it’s gonna

be 40 to 60 percent of the population is
gonna have it in population and point
one percent is gonna be fatal and a lot
of people can get sick just like the flu
but right now it is so hard to figure
that out because we’re short on facts

we’re short on information we don’t
trust what’s coming out of China and we
don’t know what’s in the US population
because we haven’t tested the population
yet so yeah there you go what well well
along those same lines this to

complicate matters more besides what he
said which is a good clip play The Cove
in nineteen two strains and I wanted to
get your reaction to this global

headline tonight China there’s a new
study out tonight showing that there
could be two strains of this coronavirus
which we see for example in other
viruses like influenza this small study
out of China showing two strains one

more common one more transmissible we
don’t know yet about which one is more
common here in the US some where I think
I had a two strains clip let me try this

all right this is just more of the the
media hype and this was very telling to
me this is Margaret Brennan by the way
she related to John Brennan in any way I
hope not they don’t look the same Oh No

this is Face the Nation and she has Alex
a czar on or Health and Human Services
Secretary who I think is doing a pretty

reasonable job he’s taking a lot of
incoming his beard looks super douchey
though I don’t know what’s up with that
but I think she was really trying to do
a couple things she was trying to cause
uncertainty around the president’s

handling of the situation and she was
pushing so hard and we’ll just play a
couple clips they’re all short and
one thing that kind of caught me and
like oh they tried they’re really trying

to do something with the president of
course it discredit him use it
politically use this politically we’ve
seen it building but I think she was on
board and was giving this a shot this
first one is oh well of course we wanted

the answer well who was wrong Trump said
it was a woman it was a man he doesn’t
know it with everything’s messed up the
president yesterday when he was speaking
referred to this fatality as a woman it

is a man how is a mistake like that made
because people are very nervous right
now and very nervous getting some of
these basic facts basic tracks right
affects public trust well I understand

that it’s a very fast-moving situation
our Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention were up late at night very
early early in the morning working with
the Washington State Public Health
Office and inaccurately recorded that

the individual was a female that’s what
the president was briefed on they’ve
apologized for incorrectly briefing on
that but it’s a very fast-moving
situation obviously we regret their
wrong answer wrong answer it was the

wrong answer go ahead say we what first
of all with all this bullshit about
gender that was the right thing who are
you to determine what gender that person

was Miss Brennan that’s the answer well
the end of it and the other answer if
you want to take it to something more
sensible is what difference does it make
thank you good point well it’s because

it’s going to be bad people so in France
they shut down the Louvre Museum they’re
telling people don’t kiss as a stupid
Museum anyway okay don’t shake hands in
Japan did they really tell people don’t

kiss in France kiss so in France they
shut down the Louvre Museum they’re
telling people don’t kiss don’t shake
hands in Japan they’re closing schools
for a month Canada’s health minister

told his people to start stockpiling
food in the u.s. there were closures as
we just said in Washington and in Oregon
they’ve declared a state of emergency
out there and the CDC said this week
disruption to everyday life might be

severe might might that’s what what does
that mean I mean American
well it means minds it could happen lady
and they are concerned there’s about a

two percent fatality rate and I I
appreciate that people are concerned of
that that is why we’re being radically
transparent about what we know and also
what the full range of potential
scenarios could be and that’s why we say

might be but also might not be with
aggressive containment and mitigation
steps right now it’s important for
people to understand we’re not advising
any types of particular measures in the

United States like travel restrictions
or closures state or local public health
offices which are the front lines of
response might make their own decisions
to do that but at this point we do not

have sufficient spread in the United
States that would indicate those
measures but we’re not taking any of
them off the table the full range of
options will always remain on the table
so now she’s continuing to try and make

it all sound scary and she has a very
worried look on her face but then the
monkey comes out of the sleeve as I’d
like to say and she brought something up
which I hadn’t heard in a crisis you

need public trust and independence began
with the public trust she’s mr. General
announced this week that they are
looking into this complaint by a
whistleblower did you know of any

whistleblower complaint here we are
again with the whisper huh so they tried
another whistleblower scam and here it
is that they are looking into this

complaint by a whistleblower that your
agency did not provide adequate training
or equipment to those workers who went
to receive and welcome back Americans
who had been evacuated from Wuhan China

and those workers were not tested for
the virus after they had that contact
have you personally looked into these
allegations yes we are we are looking
into these allegations I’m personally
involved in doing so so can you say that

this wasn’t something that tipped off
the spread on the west coast so just
trying to make the assumption that
because she uses fancy words but how
about orange man bad Trump Trump was not

prepared and people weren’t – didn’t
have protective stuff and now people are
dying the spread of the West it’s your
fault that is absolutely not the case
so first

take the protection of our employees
very seriously second we want to make
sure isolation and quarantine procedures
are followed as appropriate third we
appreciate the whistleblower bringing
forward any concerns we are aggressively
looking into any if to see whether

there’s validity to the concerns but
what the American people should need to
know is that we now have passed well
over 14 days since any HHS employee had
contact with the individuals involved

they are not nobody asymptomatic nobody
has a disease even if these allegations
prove to be true
there was no spreading the disease from
this and we have offered even though it
is not medically indicated we have

offered to test any HHS employees
involved if they would like that extra
peace of mind we want to do that for
employees not so clearly they had
someone was trying to roll out another
whistleblower scam if it we know where’s
the whiz the true whistleblower

complaint come on Margaret Brennan this
is just bullcrap this is very
well I always thought Margaret Brennan
had a little more scruples than this no
she got old rusty scruples no good then

she led into I think is the trap and the
trap the Trump set and if you recall
this coronavirus if we as we discussed
is very coincidental in the overall plan

that Trump appears to have had for
decades of reining in China although at
first it was Japan and then Japan messed
it up themselves and anyway it was

thinking about China and that was to
bring back manufacturing repatriate the
the money so people could build
factories again then mess with them with
with sanctions with trade and get them

in a weak spot and then amazingly
coronavirus pops up and it just messes
with China really big and we don’t seem
to be that worried over here but anyway

what is this thing we should be worried
about do you expect drug shortages as
some senators have highlighted concerns
there could be because of disruption to
the supply chain so we’re very concerned
about the intermingling of our supply

chain with China in particular we the
FDA has gone out and worked proactively
with drug manufacturers and there are 20
drugs for which the entire molecule or a
critical element of the molecule is made

exclusively in China and so we’re
working aggressively with the
with the manufacturers to determine if
there are any shortages we are aware of
one drug which has many many
replacements in terms of that

therapeutic class available that may be
in shortage for a short period of time
but I’m not able to because it’s
commercially confidential information
that’s submitted voluntarily to us I’m
not able to discuss that but this is a

drug in a class where there are many
many many alternatives available it’s a
generic drug very available what do you
think it is lipitor well it has to be
something with a lot of lipitor a lot of

generics doesn’t it I think a lipitor
could be one of them and for all we know
it could be viagra now that would cause
a panic I’ve never said this or you

don’t want to mention this hey man we
can’t mention the boner pill problem
anyway here’s Trump and he’s laying it
out he’s now basically spiking the ball
in the in in the end zone the way I see

it the corona virus shows the importance
of bringing manufacturing back to
America so that we are producing at home
the medicines and equipment and
everything else that we need to protect

the public’s health
and I’ve been talking about this for a
long time that process has already
started and started long before we ever
knew about this we want to make certain
things at home we want to be doing

manufacturing at home that’s not only
done in China it’s done in many other
places including Ireland and a lot of
places make different drugs and things

that we need so badly and it’s not good
to be dealing with one or two or three
countries and we do very little at home
and we’re going to start doing it at
home and we’ve been talking about that

for a long time and a lot of the drug
companies because of what we’ve done in
terms of incentives and taxes they’re
heading back here anyway well thanks
double thinks this also probably relates

to his visit to India of course supplier
of drugs well in fact the way I
understand it a lot of those core
materials or whatever the molecule

whatever azar was talking about they go
from China to India and India actually
puts most of the drugs together but the
core elements that comes mainly from
China now just as an aside I do have a

story that comes from an intelligence
source that comes from the India Sri
Lankan Nexus of Spice spy works oh my

goodness this is and this is the way
this is the way the story kind of goes
is that the United States had a number
had and we notices because there was the

number of people busted some professors
and a bunch of other trying stuff and
then and they were they were stealing
are some of the the elemental bio
warfare material straight up from some

of our labs and then one guy got caught
right walking out with a bunch of vials
as you recall according to this source
the United States is well known in

intelligence circles even though it’s
not brought out in our public to do
and the weaponized way to iwitness do
you mean kind of like a tag on a dress

or that you take with you out of the
store and then you try to peel it off
and it blows up and red ink all over
your face
exactly oh okay and so apparently the

lot of people suspect nobody knows is
for sure that this virus was a was
stolen from the United States but it was

a booby trap to begin with and it was
and it was designed specifically to
target Han Chinese which is what keeps
coming up in the conversation now people
with their with lung structures that lot

of smokers for example still have no
reported cases in all of Africa where
the where there’s a million Chinese by
itself they’re not even asking the
advertiser we listened as of course I

don’t like hearing all these reports
from New York and elsewhere about the
dead guy this diet guy or this guy’s
sick and this guy’s not without some
ethnic reporting I agree age and ethnic
listen New York the guy’s 50 we know

that listen to this I’m watching
Saturday Night Live and you may I don’t
know if you don’t really watch that that
you didn’t see that
Chris read one of the one of the SNL

players is doing The Weekend Update and
at the end of Weekend Update in the
applause see I clipped it see if you
could hear what he says – Colin juste as

as they’re saying goodbye getting out of
the segment
did you hear it

somebody coronavirus he says black
people can’t get the coronavirus it’s
true it’s true how about that huh
Wow does he get to do those secret

messages I’m sure cuz I know know what
the deal I’m sure the black community
I’m sure black people watch him and go
damn I heard it he said it we’re good if
I heard that I’d be pretty happy so the

so the point is is that this was this is
maybe part of Trump’s grand scheme cuz
you said he was spiking the ball on this

yeah well our media is not doing helping
anybody by panicking the public do all
the toilet papers gone as I can tell
well we knew that would happen my mother
your mom predicted that the sage

Nostradamus Dvorak she predicted it
decades ago hysterical pet owners
fearing Corona Vina clearing coronavirus
asking pets to euthanize their dogs yes

and the one now never let a good crisis
go to waste so we’re still waiting for
the Patriot Act waiting to see because

that that comes due March 15th Ides of
March beware the Ides of March and the
coronavirus bill is going to be jammed
through and we’re looking to see if
they’re gonna try and put bits and

pieces particularly what comes to the
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
known as FISA and the FISA Court if that
maybe will be pieces of what will be
shoved in there but the World Health
Organization urges people to go cashless

because you know those dirty ass
banknotes they can spread the virus and
this is what we’ve been waiting for this
is the way to get people to go cash to
scare the bejesus out of them to hold
man money is filled with virus we’re all

gonna die the the World Health
Organization they sent out an image on
social media with that with their
hashtag so hashtag go bid 19 has tagged

coronavirus and here’s their their plea
do talk about people acquiring or
contracting kovat 19 do not talk about

transmitting kovat 19 infecting others
or spreading the virus as it implies
intentional transmissions and assigns

blame so we can’t even keep the social
justice douchebags out of this at the
current moment what yeah that’s
ridiculous how you’re supposed to talk

about it yes now we have rules about
talking yeah yeah of course you don’t
want to upset anybody this was my
favorite from c-span if you really if

you really want the news you want to
listen to the show where you can call in
and you’re identified by the line the
number that you call so we’re gonna go

to c-span and we’re going to go to the
Republican line in Tennessee Smyrna
Tennessee Republican line Michael hello
hello thanks for taking my call
I want to talk about the corona virus

that’s not that’s been around for a long
time excuse me if you look on your your
labels of Lysol disinfectant it hits on
their human coronavirus I believe that

China created this a different strain of
it they released it to their people I
believe it did it to start a recession
in China because their economy is so bad

right now and now they’re they’re
wanting to get it over here in the
United States and it’s working you know
if they started and it’s a easy Avenue
to start a recession here in the United
States because we ship things from China

you think about the bubble wrap you bust
that bubble wrap it’s got air and air it
could have a doctor Dvorak as a
specialist in air pollution is this

possible could the corona virus be
housed in bubble wrap
could it be contained could it stay
alive can it survive the container trip

well I think the process of making that
bubble wrap would kill any viruses to
begin with but it’s a funny idea I love

but he does he adds something
interesting which I didn’t realize it’d
be easy for Donald Trump to shut the
ports down not this parts race stop
trading then we got a recession in

America so I believe that people are
really just taking this too much out of
contact text because of the regular
virus the flu kills people and we don’t
know if these people are dying from just

the natural cause of flu there are old
or their immune system is low so I just
believe they’re just trying to scare
everybody it’s a socialist tactic to try
to scare people from going out going on

vacations and getting around crowds of
individuals okay no it’s not on there I
thought that was good he takes a
socialist move he also said that right
on the can of Lysol it says right there

kills human coronavirus I don’t have a
can of Lysol in front of me yeah there’s
right on the label let’s save it no the

guy said it and then what we can probe
thats not that hard to to check Lysol
label now we’ll just look at an image
Lysol label here we go
Oh Fox News did Ken Lysol and Clorox

that products killed the novel
coronavirus the answer is complicated
okay good got no time for your bull bull
crap complicated meanwhile in Hong Kong

the horse it can’t especially Clorox
yeah in Hong Kong their hand they’re
gonna start handing out $1,000 to
everybody 10,000 Hong Kong bucks so
that’s about thirteen hundred US dollars

I think to stimulate the economy I doubt
it’s gonna be in cash because that would
be the wrong idea no it would be a net
credit to your credit card and and we’re

also seeing let’s see which I think was
at Taiwan miss check there’s a number of
apps that are being put out by

governments and but they’re using your
previous location history to see if
you’re at risk and you get a an update
if you should check in with the

authorities because you
oh wow oh yeah oh yeah okay with the
authorities if you’re in the zip code
nine four one one one eleven here we go
the Taiwan government established the

National Health command center after
okay well it’s anyways like big data
analytics that’s we’re doing all the the
National Health Insurance database they

merge it with the Immigration and
Customs database and then they put it
into the big data analytic engine that
allowed them case identification by
generating real-time alerts based on

travel history and clinical symptoms ah
man so there’s all this stuff that that
you know governments love doing this
especially the the techno nerds oh yeah

you got him now man yes it’s great this
is great brother
well anyway so I I still AM I’m not so
worried about this I like the water but

I’m worried about the economy’s defect
on the economy that it’s real the movie
generation it’s all these screens these
guys you have a potential for going

broke well Airbnb is seeing tons of
cancellations I’ve got multiple emails
from producers who work in high-end
travel people have cancelled six-figure
trips yeah and they don’t care they

don’t care what the cost is like we
don’t care we just don’t want to deal
with it so they they can clearly they
can afford to lose some money on it but
yeah air B&B that’s that’s gonna be bad
for hosts and for the company itself

which I don’t think that’s even
profitable it might might shake some
stuff out and I hate here’s another this
is a Andy Brenner from another one of
these Wall Street firms but nonetheless

I think it’s a total disaster with the
Fed did and how they did it and and
they’re going to have to open up the
spigots they’re gonna have to increase
the Fed balance sheet they’re gonna have

to go to some kind of QE and you know a
client honestly it wouldn’t be so bad if
they did with the Bank of Japan did and
bring in the plunge protection team
Bank of Japan yesterday of etf’s equity

ETFs and while I don’t think this Fed
will do it it’s certainly not a bad idea
alright so I haven’t actually heard a
mainstream television report ever talk

openly about the plunge Protection Team
that was like a conspiracy theory wasn’t
it when when we thought Obama was
putting that was using it
oh just conspiracy theorists it has a

different remember being a conspiracy
theory because it’s a real thing that
has a different name it’s the
presidential team on plunge Protection
Team is what it is

and I hear that the Fed may even lower
the rate again next week
you know you know why Trump is happy
about this he wants to refi America he
wants to refinance our debt and this is

exactly what he’s going to get yeah you
just okay we’ll just refinance it now
all of a sudden our our debt servicing
will go down significantly you could

drop by a third that would be a great
move well that’s what he’s always
talking about is whenever he talked
about the Fed interest rates has got to
go down it’s got to go down I want and

he knows more line – right now well
maybe he wants to get paid he likes the
negative interest rate and I’m sure he

would like that yeah so he’s weakened
he’s helped weaken the dollar which is
is good for X but he is truly at this
point he’s like pence there you go gotta
be rolling we got all the conspiracy

crap gun you know like squash those
people shut them up and let’s lower the
interest rate some more I think it’s
gonna be quick it’s going to lower the
interest rate he does he calls up rocket
mortgage and we got a he’s already

logged it he’s already locked in the
rate you know it’s good it’s good for
three months so I’m locking it in
and we’re ePHI and that will make it
will make it so good for us because with

me it’ll blow our payment by half a
trillion dollars perhaps on an annual
well I’m like I don’t what is our
payment I’ll be paying two trillion two

years this but he could drop a little
bit wouldn’t hurt yeah definitely the
bonds don’t have any real payout he’s
working on Quicken right now it’s like
trying to figure it out he’s got what’s

the other QuickBooks yeah so now but
you’re absolutely right although again
restaurants not empty not empty people

are not freaking out here I just I need
go search it the Chinese restaurants
packed you know before before I left
this past weekend we have one right up

the streets really the only restaurant
in the air it’s Vietnamese / it’s kind
of Asian fusion it’s a very low-end but
great food and they and they I think
they move a hundred people every 30

minutes is crazy and it was packed
packed well I think that’s good dad yes
but the things that people can cancel
ahead of time a trip you know people are

canceling vacations yeah yeah I mean
that’s yeah it’s very relentless and you
have to always give him credit for that

I mean if Margaret Brennan is sold out
to the whole idea and she’s like you
know on board course and you got
problems she’s up there with the you
know well along with this comes another

interesting news report since we’re
talking about the finances of everything

and I was very surprised to see this it
was on MSNBC thinks is Ali Velshi so
it’s a very simplistic report but he
brought up mmt and for those of you who

are new to us from the Joe Rogan show
mmt is not a cooler version of DMT sadly
its stands for modern monetary theory
and I was surprised that they did an

explanation so it’s either a push or
it’s it’s it’s bubbling to the top and
unconventional economic theory is
gaining some traction thanks to the

policy teams that
and Rio Cascio Cortez and Bernie Sanders
it’s called modern monetary theory mmt
I’ll stay with me for this one mmt
suggest that governments don’t have to
worry about debt because they print

their own money if we need to spend more
money on government programs we print
more but too much money in the economy
could result in inflation mmm tea
suggests that we use taxes as a relief
valve pull money out of the economy

before it overheats from having too much
money in there supporters of the theory
say the government should stop trying to
balance the budget period they go so far
as to say that policies aimed balancing

a budget hurt the economy by forcing
cuts to programs in fact they think a
budget surplus should be avoided at all
costs a government holding onto money
instead of funnel it in finding it into

the economy is more harmful than piling
on debt in the long run this is a very
different approach than the
pay-as-you-go proposals from Democrats
or the massive program cuts suggested by
Republicans over the last few decades

and it’s a total departure from
mainstream economic theories one that
hasn’t been discussed a whole lot until
now policy proposals from the
progressive left like Medicare for all
or from Bernie Sanders or the green new

deal for becauseö cortes often raise the
question of how we are going to end up
paying for it one of the answers is we
can just print more money now if you are
without a doubt the expert and I think

you’re a fan of the idea of mmt well
first of all it’s not really their
theories this is a very well-established
well not well established and it’s not
like what’s not well-known Milton

Friedman knows long but it’s fairly it’s
fairly new it’s but it’s it’s got good
theories behind it and it really has a
lot to do with it with them with the
money itself and money and and how you

look at it as not a representative of
anything but just a means for buying and
selling and you’d have to guy would
recommend the Wikipedia page is

reasonable mamaan our monetary theories
in there and you can read about it and
try to grasp it it’s really it’s
connection to the green New Deal is nil
I mean there’s no real connection I hate

the fact that they put those two
together oh of course
to hide a jacket it’s got nothing to do
with anything and it is pretty much just
to boil it down it is pretty much that
no we’re looking at all this the wrong

way and bankers the bank fans well
that’s that’s what worries me so much
the former New York bankers like oh this
is it’s fantastic mmm t works and he

used as example Trump tasks tax cuts to
look at all the money that just came in
it’s no inflation nothing happened
um by the way that brings me to a story

from the meet up in Oakland we had our
de gay animus gay accountant anonymous
gay accountant who has big clients like
CEOs of pays no major major companies

he’s a mover and shaker he is so he’s
got billionaire clients and all of them
came back at him after they did

finishing the next year’s taxes with
this he says he got so many complaints
he couldn’t believe there’s all each one
of them they all came next day hey
where’s my tax cut and billion is for

the richest 1% that getting the tax
breaks so they’re all got done because
they get they saw no tax cuz whatsoever

interest because apparently each and
every one of them they’re all typical
Silicon Valley liberals you know their
billionaire liberal the billionaire a
liberal class which is a very strange

group of people as far as I know always
say sir please PLEASE tax me more I’m
fine if you tax me some more but this
yeah the billionaire liberal class they
bought the argument of Bernie Sanders

and the others that this was a tax cut
for the rich so where’s my tax cut
that’s vanta you should have reported
that earlier I didn’t know that took

place that’s great I forgot just
happened to forget about but yeah you
just reminded me yeah I so they’re all
Kirk because they didn’t get their
billionaires tax cut that there was
promise there was no billionaires tax

cut that was bullcrap oh man that’s
great this is this is why we have the
best producers in the universe
we do do by the way Rogen like that kids

like talking about so your fans fund you
said no Joe
these are producers he’s like oh that’s
a great way of looking at it so did that

producers and I think he finally got it
it’s like these are produced by the way
it’s not as though they’re not producer
all grab before we before we take a
break I am going to avoid small aircraft

hot tubs canoeing in any water in DC and
what else should I be on the lookout for
what are you doing well I laid out the

the vapor Wars
I explained the scandal oh and I took it
I and I’ve become like a hero of the
vape community all of a sudden oh oh

yeah oh yeah it’s it’s crits I mean that
immediately got clipped that was viewed
a hundred thousand times you know within
two hours of the show airing yesterday

and you know I took it all the way from
the the faulty th C vitamin E acetate
people getting sick from that and dying
to the back was you know the the jewel
scam the right off and then here it is

I cross it’s it’s on the market now and
the vape community is like I’m the hero
I’m the hero of the vapors but as I was
thinking about it and actually Rogan

made me think about it he says this is
like kind of like who killed the
electric car and I thought to myself oh
crap I gotta be careful it’s a lot of my
they don’t mind killing people and
they’re their customers

they’d have no problem getting rid of
someone who’s annoyingly right about
something yeah yeah I’d be a stay out of
the hot tubs and with that I’d like to
thank you for your courage and say in
the morning to you the man who put the C

in CO vid 19 John C Dvorak blunder
morning to you mr. Adam curry also in
the morning to all ships at sea boots on
the ground feet in the air subs in the

water and all the names and nights out
yes in the morning to the trolls at No
Agenda stream calm let’s see
the count is thank you Doug 1213 looks
like we got lots of trolls in there this

is where you come to hang out during the
live shows there’s many of them but also
no agenda stream comm where you can
listen to excellent podcasts all
functioning under the value for value
model 24 hours a day but that’s a good

number for a Thursday it’s for a
Thursday it’s extremely good number yeah
it would be a little low for a Sunday
but I think it’s probably about 400 more
than usual on a Thursday first Thursday

also a hearty in the morning hadn’t even
brought it up yet to the artists who
brought us the artwork for episode 1221
we titled that Biden reset and this was

just so funny and we how could we not
choose the Mike Bloomberg boot the
elevated boot that Darren O’Neill put
together for us with his Bloomberg 2020

logo on it lots of people too bad Mike’s
dropped out now you know what we won’t
get to see so much of him
struggling to to mask his his vertical

I sympathize with him though I got I got
Tourette’s you don’t want anyone looking
at you funny like needs a dwarf like I I
understand it’s kind of similar I guess
we had some reports on this and the

coverage of Super Tuesday ok very good
no agenda art generator calm it’s a part
of a value for value network try to
explain it to Joe Rogan and he thought

it was very interesting that we have
some other guys who run a shop no agenda
shop calm he says so the who is that so
well it’s just some guys then they they

take the art from the art generator they
put it on cops mugs caps t-shirts
hoodies and they sell it and then they
give a third to the artist they take a
third and sometimes they send us some
money he’s like what you know he didn’t
he said that’s beautiful is what he said

so I don’t know if well it’s but
generally speaking most people say why
don’t you okay let’s do I’m gonna just
stop for a second and explain one thing
it’s extremely difficult to make money

selling mugs and t-shirts for your
podcast yes and podcasters fall into the
trap of doing it constantly oh let’s put
some mugs out there I mean Jay Garrick

who does know how to do this stuff he
couldn’t make any money off of it no
yeah he couldn’t be very difficult to do
there are some specialists out those
guys who have a real knack for doing

shirts and and marketing them and
selling them at a profit it’s just that
it’s not us
no and I and I think they haven’t in
with the manufacturing side of it there

has to be yeah so the core competencies
are not if you’re a podcaster I’m
telling you this is the queen of a lot
of podcasters listen shall we do hello
yes you’re a podcaster you’re not a
t-shirt sales company you don’t have a

shirt shop on Telegraph Avenue in
Berkeley you do that shop on Telegraph
Avenue in Berkeley well there used to be
tons of them and then the funny thing is

even if you if you did run a shirt shop
before and then you became a podcaster
okay maybe you have some excuse but just
some some everyday stooge no I don’t
yeah I don’t how to make my name is

selling t-shirts no there’s not a good
mic and I can barely order the right
size for myself alone manufacturing well
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profitability what are we doing and how
the world views your show okay I hate to
think of this show ever ending but I

would want you both to get the exit
scenario you want I’d like the name of
Surfline not in the open in of the open

okay that’s tonight today yes he is
requests hot coffee and huevos rancheros
who a Vosges rancheros nice i doochlt
with a donation at the New England

meetup organized by sir Nathan Lee
Miller Foster and at the or at the
cattle I I’m sorry I’m trouble because
there’s this nbsp : yeah you know

throughout this thing I have no idea
what that represents is some Unicode
the Castle Island brewery my smoking-hot

wife had no idea what she had agreed to
attend to and my worked in professional
background is relevant to so much of
what you cover but that can be covered
later okay now he’s thrilled for the

future why not thank you very much well
he will be Surfline out I guess yeah
okay so he’s not officially Surfline up

but he will be sir fly not he must be
also flying out anyway of course does he
want to says he want anything from us
think he already got deduced he said but
give Maddie Duchenne just in case all

right the douchebag miss falls away
beautiful thank you sir fly not that’s a
great idea
empty your pay pal great idea yep and
the email to use for all these systems

is no agenda at Devorah Matthew Linton
910 dollars in 30 cents when were
rolling in rolling in Tulsa breathing’s

ITM from Canada Naevia John and Adam I
discovered you know 10 years ago while
in the hospital after a near-fatal
traumatic brain injury it’s been a long
and trying time but I’m finally in a

position to probably thank you both for
supporting the redevelopment of a
healthy and appropriately discerning
amygdala in my case literally from
scratch Oh

after relearning how to walk and talk
and read I eventually room and I
eventually reentered the world only to
discover that in my absence my fellow

Canon a V ins had lost their collective
minds voluntarily somehow so wait so
that so the guy has a traumatic brain
injury he’s basically out he’s set he’s

resetting and then it’s like the worst
thing you can imagine like I can walk I
can talk I can read and then what the
hell happened that’s like that’s got

Rumpelstiltskin thing that you fall
asleep and you wake up and the world has
changed fast forward to today rights and
I’m a proud father for the best daughter
in the universe and I’m about to

undertake the roll up of enterprise day
that management modules into a single
incredible ALM it was AI ml so
artificial something else yeah
artificial intelligence machine learning

ah fueled platform global financial
institutions a minor partner in one of
the you know you know one of a kind
pork farm are Behunin our pigs are

raised entirely outdoors and produced
some I betcha stuff’s good some of the
highest quality pork anywhere and he’s
got the the Linton pasture pork LAN gon

pas ture pork calm you order by mail I
love real pig or can you helicopter fly
over them and shoot them but most

importantly I’m about to become the
night with no agenda roundtable this may
be trite sound trite but I’m sure how I
would have I don’t
how I would have survived the past ten

years without no addenda treatments oh
that’s nice mr. every episode to
Thursday’s I’m a week my donation twelve
twelve twelve dot twenty-one Canadian
aha there we go there you go I hope it
would be treated on par for peerage of

course and credit purposes please Knight
me Sir Matt Knight of the Casa Loma
I believe this donation also qualifies
me for membership of the club Club 1222

okay remember yeah I will I will as well
as an executive producer credit an
enormous D douching please you’ve been
deduced no jingles but a karma for the

entire No Agenda community as a sincere
thank you and best wishes for keeping my
sanity company on a very long journey
maybe a touch of dating karma as there

was a divorce along the way though it’s
probably time okay Wow now that’s quite
the story and yes just to clarify for

both our our Australian and New Zealand
producers they use dollar in New Zealand
don’t they the New Zealand dollar elite
dollar ret yes the dollar ette for canon

a via we just do a one-for-one when it
comes to when it comes to donations and
the levels and we think that’s just fair
I mean you’re our brothers and sisters

you got you got your dollar at so of
course and a little bit that Carmy
you’ve got karma thanks Matthew

it’s great circle of lavender blossoms
comes in with 420 hahaha of course sir
Cal lavender blossoms org you bet I’m

great Shawn JRE I was getting more and
more interesting as the sativa kicked
jcd would you go with that and next time

on je re if invited keep on truckin my
friends super Cal of lavender blossoms
do you really have to watch the show and
I’m a little insulted you didn’t watch

it but you had a show to do I understand
I understand because I smoked the blunt
with him in the blunt I had never smoked
the blood it was fantastic what yes I’d
never smoked a blunt this sounds

unrealistic no it’s not it’s not I just
never never it was never offered was
never around he also offered mushrooms
like no I’ve never done those either so

that’s why yes where I stopped the show
oh I got you I got you
yeah that’s what I said sir Cal thank
you very much give sir Cal a karma hit

so I can go grab Tim’s note okay so Clow
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org if you want the salv does wonders we
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Tim Rucker from Laird Hill in one Texas
Tejas all right Tim hey Hoss wish nobody
says is that Mike Bloomberg I say Tejas
Tejas not sure but you and Mike you and

Mike birds of a feather mm-hmm so Tim
comes in with 375 dollars and a fry
since he writes I got another law this
is this notice this is but this is a lot

well on your way down wait I get to what
in rocker but do
but about Sara Gonzales where she I
don’t have Sara go

oh she’s way down she’s the second note
this the first note oh yeah Tim’s a
winner him longtime viewer first-time so
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viewer first-time donor could you please
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give me a job farmer thank you jobs jobs
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faithful and lawyer loyal viewer yeah

that’s the best where is he dude named
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it doesn’t matter thanks Tim sir Dave
sure he’s never watched the show that’s
definitely sure that’s what I said no
sir Dave 338 98 no need to read this on
the show okay come on what happened to

the donation but this wouldn’t come
through to jive with baronet Horatio’s
donation all right this is the one we

gave him credit for because he had
written a nice note but he somehow the
donation hadn’t come through yeah Saudi
Arabia ceased to allow entry from 25
countries including India Wow so I’m

having to change my plans bummer
stupid Co vid 19 yeah but glad I got
found out ahead of time so travel Karma

worked out again thanks ITM okay
turday thank you sir Dave the Earl of
Saudi Arabia and all the Arab some
things no America’s heartland

no markers of course the heartland what
am I thinking yeah sure Michael 33333
sir mark my brother Matt and I will be
in Austin this house towson house to

house my house Houston
like to take you out to steak dinner oh
we were looking forward to doing the

same this time last year but Austin the
meow stand meetup ended up being at the
same time we had a great time last year
and hope your your free this is just
asking you if you wanted to do well and

normally I’d say yeah be delighted to
unfortunately well Sunday night is is
always out because I’m just a wreck
after the show but Saturday we are
hosting the former New York banker and

his wife here at the at the house so
it’s kind of a work night for me and we
have a dinner okay so sorry sorry
Michael and waster Michael sort yeah

Edna’s brother man yeah mark we’ll have
to have to try again ma’am it’s just not
the weekend try and get me a little
longer notice if you can’t
Paul Albers is next on the list three

hundred thirty three dollars and 33
cents crackpot yes and Buzz Killian ITM
OMA here in a troller gob and proud hog
story okay let me translate for you ITM

OMA oh my is grandma so it’s the in the
morning grandma and no agenda troller
Suzy in the trial room gob will hog
story Nestorian know this Oh grumpy old

Ben’s grumpy old Ben’s yeah I think
that’s it yes so all the shows are no
agenda stream calm surely you know that

as one of the the the note continues as
one of the many crazy cult members yeah
it’s you were accused up by the Rogen

show yeah I tried to play it off his
church and even I could justify it
somehow I tried the no attended
community I wanted to give a warm
welcome to those who may be listening
for the first time talking to John’s

submarine can prepare dupes he’s asking
for a sound effect here prepare to have
your amygdalas as

shrunken sorry every thought well this
thing that Adams that’s hard to do that
while reading I know well this is Adams
interview on jr. II I didn’t notice it
was episode 1 4 3 6 1 4 equals 3 3 minus

6 equals 3 equals 33 it was taped on 3 3
I’ve been through in a magic number here

and there just so everybody to get all
Gitty with it there you go
I only request a hardy dose of goat

Karma for our new producers love and
light I TMO me you’ve got I’m sure the
old mate doesn’t mean grandma but it was

it was what it means in Dutch so I just
see it as grandma I’m just making that
up for myself I don’t know what it means
Sarah Gonzalez Gonzalez Gonzalez
Gonzalez in the Houston Texas long note

before I had no agenda I’d become so
sick of the mainstream news media that I
made the conscious decision to ignore
all Internet and TV news and just

embrace being a blissfully ignorant
person for the rest of my days my
husband Roland who’s been a dedicated
listener of the no agendas shown an
executive producer since last year had
been hitting me in the mouth lately for

a while with the interesting tidbits
from your show he finally select me
really hard in the mouth on his seventh
hour car ride to New Orleans over the
holidays even hit her kids riding in the
back of the seat in the back seat in the

mouth also although I don’t think they
enjoyed it as much as I did
they kept complaining about the kids
yelling yay
after a Pelosi’s job karma which of
course made me love it all the more yes

very good being yeah we’ll make a joke
about my husband hitting me in the mouth
and this day of censorship of all things
hilarious and is Alerus in the name of
overboard political correctness brings

me more joy than you’ll ever know as
I’ve been a dedicated listener ever
since I feel more informed about the
goings on in the world but with
the misbegotten sense of impending doom
that the mainstream media seems

hell-bent on instilling in us I refuse
to be a slave or a douchebag and I will
be going with a monthly subscription
once this donation wears off thank you
so thank you john and anna for doing

what others will not including one
creating a news show that doesn’t make
me want to throw up – for criticizing
both sides rather than only one we
happen to be less politically aligned

with three for being funny and making me
laugh every morning as I start my day
and last for pulling my head out of the
sand despite my best attempts to keep it

there Wow I’d also like to thank my
husband Rose I’d also like to thank my
husband Roland who is constantly hitting
me in all sorts of places out of love

and it’s still smoking out and somehow
even more amazing after 13 years of
marriage also to my kids who may resist
being hit in the mouth but now but now
hitting them out now but will someday

learn to embrace it and realize that
pain just makes us stronger and also a
shout-out to my friend Jeremy who’s also
a No Agenda producer and accompanied
Rowland to the Austin meetup last year I

kindly request that you play a couple of
my favorite clips okay all right sorry
Clovis charge that’s pretty good every
gets all snow followed by a yay for the

kids yeah and keeping it real best and
in the morning shower again so let’s
give her a karma – wait what is this you
have a third you said keeping it real no

no just though – any karma sure no
I think that sounds pretty good you’ve
got Karma there you go thank you
Sara’s nice note love it Ryan make words

next on the list with $333 hi Jon and
Adam this donation brings me two-thirds
of the way to my knighthood I have one

simple message to all the listeners to
the best podcast this karma stuff works
so chip in I met my smoking-hot wife
Ashley after requesting karma last time
this time requesting human resource

comma for our twin
who were born on the magical day three
three nice congratulations all right one
of the twins will be in the hospital

awaiting surgery before coming home
unfortunately jingle is gonna get a
little girl yay and is true and Human
Resource karma yes well congratulations
Ryan and it’s so nice oh he says this
karma stuff works

I met my smoking-hot wife Ashley after
requesting karma last time
that’s so we’re kind of uncle’s now
aren’t we yeah yeah well we give us some
names when appropriate we’re looking
forward to it the two girls this is my

daughter John my other daughter Adams
yes it’s couldn’t be more social justice

warrior than that Neal Williams and lots
of wages Nevada 333 this is pretty good

David great hello chance for some reason
PayPal didn’t send the attach note I’ve
been a douche bag since listening just
before the 2016 I would he know that the
note wasn’t sent since listings just

before the 2016 election I am now
underway to the eventful knighthood I’m
just a dude named Neil in Las Vegas and
needed the support to show thanks for

everything can I get a short clip if I
got ants PS effing great job Adam on the
Joe Rogan show you did you you did your
crit you did well you crazy son of a
bitch Jennings

okay I’ll play that the end of the show
for all the new listeners by the way
nice job hitting the post on that Dvorak
I’m very impressed you don’t even know

you did it no you did that was so
professional I’m a winner yes yes
Andreas shagging in Palmetto Bay Florida
came up with $333 three hundred dollars

and 33 cents she’s our last executive
producer I looked up her last name I
looked up her first name I looked up the
donation I looked up the subject line
donation I looked up everything nothing

huh so let’s just give her a karma yeah
we will in there send me an email
Andrea you’ve got karma see if we can
figure it out for it
it came as a bank check so Shawn Finch I

mean it could be just an anonymous
person who wants to give us money Shawn
Finch I’m in Portland Oregon two three
four five six is this is an emergency f

breast-cancer goat Karma for any of my
wife’s best friends oh one of my wife’s
best friends who was diagnosed with it
today no agenda family send all your

positive vibes and good juju to get our
Justine in Chicago as she begins to
navigate her journey to beat the nasty
c-word you bet and we all think the same

you’ve got there you go sir clay
alchemist in Grand Rapids Michigan

emailed to follow two hundred $10.98
whoa I didn’t see that email
I don’t think sir clay I just have a
couple of notes sure let’s do it
one of me but I didn’t see it come in

alchemists unfortunately when it comes
in a short clay yes not gonna be easy in
the email oh wait here it is Wednesday

I’ve been dancing daily to Donald loves
Nazis in my head think he could play
that today been working too much my
brain is just about fried I need my

amygdala shrunk just a little bit so I
didn’t come up with new sculptures for
ArtPrize 2020 thank you two for bringing
so much laughter and news into my life
sir clay Alchemist of the Grand River
and as always you can enjoy my

plasticine characters at clay alchemist
dot-com and see it wasn’t prepared for
this but we have your request sir Donald

loves Nazis
see it and say that he’s KKK – of Sieg
Heil with it

Wow beautiful glad we could play that
one gem mm-hmm okay last one I think no
no we got only two more two more yeah a
Michael love this is rennaker in two

hundred dollars and 33 cents chipping in
please send me some business Karma you
got it here we go
you’ve got Karma and we have another
cancer one coming up here this is Mike’s

up Co comes in with 200 dollars and 13
cents from Brooke Maura New Jersey I
would like to request some health cover
for my sister-in-law who was recently

diagnosed with invasive breast cancer oh
good this on a brighter note a few
months ago I requested health karma from
my niece was being treated for
neuroblastoma in New York City I’m happy
to report that she was voted captain of

her field hockey team graduated with
honors from high school got into college
out of her choice where she finished her
first semester and was granted her
make-a-wish request more importantly
although her treatments are far from

over her cancer is in remission thank
you Mike and so big f cancer going out
for his sister yes sister-in-law done
with that you’ve got it

all right that’s our group the executive
associate executive producers for shut
12:12 are 12 to 2 12 to 2 and I want to

thank them for keeping this show going
I’m these segments have been nice and
long and we like it that way even though
some people complained there’s a lot of
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just segments of donations there’s stuff
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stuff because it’s me honest story some
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these are our executive producers and

associate executive producers for
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you know this they use don’t even ask
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that and you know there’s no premiere
but you can be proud that you are
responsible for producing the best
podcast in the universe thank you so
much and please consider us for the
sunday show please go to to Vollrath dot
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in the back seat that’s who we are our
formula is this
who hit people in the mouth

a man something really horrible happened
you know britt hume yeah I like britt
hume a lot he’s one of these old-school
kind of journalists and oh really you
know him you know him well or just I

know you wouldn’t say Devore I mean
she’s going down he’s on his scooter
you’re on your scooter go in the
opposite direction hey JC Davis no none
of that that gonna happen okay so we

posted a screenshot and I really I
consider him like one of these guys that
you trust he’s Britt you know he’s a
he’s been around he’s got that long kind
of header and look he’s got a whole vibe

going on and he posted a screenshot
about the election Tuesday morning but
he made a classic mistake
and he took a whole screenshot of all of

the tabs that were open off browser
there was sexy vixen vinyl which is some
mail-order outfit with this new vinyl

hot vixen vinyl outfit that I guess he
was evaluating for male whore yeah
that’s embarrassing well it’s

embarrassing and before you know it the
the problem is someone will say you know
he actually kind of said something to me
once that I felt uncomfortable with and
these Matthews

before you know it Chris Matthews clip
that you know that I want to talk about
this for probably a minute and 42
because I have Matthews clips and then I
also have I want to discuss the woman

who one of them was responsible who’s
taking nothing but grief this me and a
freelance writer named Laura Bassett

you know women were the last name
Bassett is just not not good but okay
but she’s like she’s kind of a dick I
mean I read her article like war and I
had my own sexist run-ins with Chris

Matthews and she wrote this piece for I
guess he was under fire and before he
got fired and so on the 28th she wrote
this piece on Matthews joining in she’s

piling on is what she’s doing I want to
a couple chunks from this thing this is
her article was in GQ which she’s
written two or three times but isn’t GQ

supposed to be was not a man’s magazine
like a manly manis quarterly yeah hello
gentlemen’s quarterly and that’s the way
you pronounce it why do they let the
enemy in to the quarterly the enemy
she’s not the enemy at this place okay

oh boy the allegation is that Matthews a
veteran journalist was trying hard to
undermine to undermine we’re actually
corroborated by a third party to watch
this he’s talking about he had a run-in

with with Elizabeth Warren and you know
too accusing her of this this idea that
a woman couldn’t win the kill it why
would he lie he went back and forth and

she’s defending Warren just at all costs
so he hears her argument cuz after this
back and fortune is the allegation that
Matthews a veteran journalist was trying
so hard to undermine which was that this

born was full of shit right was
corroborated by a third party to the
Washington Post which means nothing
earlier this month there’s no reason for
him to harp on his ferocity about the
lie he said perhaps that he himself had

made so many sexist comments over the
years that he has a vested interest in
Bloomberg being let off the hook huh so
she said that’s where she started

something she goes on with a tendency to
objectify women and his orbit has bled
into the train made of female
politicians and candidates and of course
he went after Clinton yeah and in fact I
have a clip and she’s links to which is

the Chris Matthews before the Hillary
interview this is a little somebody left
an open mic and decided to record him
and this is what you get can I have some

of the Queen’s water’s precious waters
where’s that Bill Cosby pill I brought
with me man this has got a teacher you
gotta shut up when you’re miked yep she

writes visit 2017 I wrote a personal
essay about a much older married Cable
News host who inappropriately flirted
with me in the makeup room a few times

before he went live on the show me I
know let me guess I now couldn’t reveal
I feel comfortable enough to reveal what
is it what if she used what she all
right George it you’re almost there I
was afraid to name him at the time for

fear of retaliation from the network I’m
not anymore it was Chris Matthews in
2016 right before I had to go on his
show and talk about sexual assault

allegations against Donald Trump she as
if so she was never assaulted but she’s
gonna talk about this and by the way she
has a lot of anti-trump in her like
trump hate yeah and she’s a she’s a kook

Clinton Hillary but right before I won
the show about sexual allegations
Matthews looked over at me in the makeup
chair next to him and said why haven’t I

fallen in love with you yet nothing he
followed up to my makeup artist quote

keep putting makeup on her I’ll fall in
love with her okay does that shit work
that’s what I want to know does it well

start with that part of it okay
Matthews is a Silent Generation guy just
before the baby boomers he’s what 70 75
is say something like that and he is

Irish Irish you know Irish Blarney the
Irish bullshitters he’s Irish
his mom was Irish his dad as half Irish

he’s Irish and he is a chatterbox like
Joe and he’s like Joe he’s one of these
guys and he would say shit like that
constantly to these women she is so
sensitive to oh she just can’t take it

instead of taking what he considers to
be a compliment she takes it as some
sort of
and it’s so right that is in fact the
only thing was missing was him saying

hey how come I haven’t fallen in love
with this broad that was the only thing
that missing it or a dame or something
like that game yeah this is how these
dudes used to talk of course this is the
way they used to talk and it’s not an

insult it it’s not meant to be an insult
that’s for sure it’s meant to be a
compliment it’s not flirt really flirty
if you’re an Irish guy doing this to
everybody right I worked with these guys
and I did this isn’t an innocuous but no

no no she takes it makes a makes a
federal case out of it and then writes
about it twice as if there’s nothing
better than what she does is and I think

unfairly is she connects this Open Mic
moment which she was not a part of she
connects that to what she experienced
and you know this it’s not very fair

she’s an idiot but that’s you know I
just find it offensive she’s getting
nothing but flak because in two days
after she wrote the second article in GQ

second article bitching about Matthew
she’s been getting death threats and
everything in between but she kind of
what is I mean he’s an accomplished guy
she got made him get fired well I as

part of this article helped get him
fired there’s no doubt about yeah but I
kind of not a big Chris Matthews fan
I’ve met him he’s a nice guy there’s a
lot there’s a lot going on he was going

pretty unhinged over Bernie you know
comparing it to being you know him being
shot in Central Park nothing new he’s
been like this as the beginning of the

show he’s always but the world around
him changed if you know that’s what he
that’s what he points out he forgot his
mic factor I’ve got his quitting here
he’s quits he could some honest he quits

on a show and walks four blocks right
off the set right well he didn’t walk up
this said he’s I think he he didn’t come
back he didn’t come back after that
segment he never came back

and NoDo days noticed and apparently
according to the trades that he was on
you they were trying to phase him out
under a slow retirement process and

hittin the rug something to him the
wrong way and he just said screw you I
yeah what I did notice he he was reading
off the teleprompter yes and you and

this is a good point I’m glad you said
that because this was carefully written
yes and it was somebody put it in
someone put it in the prompter that

doesn’t just look he wrote it yeah oh he
wrote it yeah but I they knew in the
control room he was doing this someone
knew what he was doing well I’m sure
that but he wrote it and he and if you
listened and I got one ISO of it between

the lines I don’t want to play that
first but when you listen to it is
double entendre see start trying to say
two things at once it’s he’s a
professional writer and this is very

carefully constructed and I’ll show you
one example after you play the whole
thing where he actually quits and this
would be the clip quits walks off set
let me start with my headline tonight

I’m retiring
this is the last hard ball at MSNBC and
obviously this isn’t for lack of
interest in politics as you can tell
I’ve loved every minute of my 20 years
as host of hardball every morning I read

the papers and I’m gung ho to get to
work not many people have had this
privilege I love working with my
producers and the discussions we have
over how to report the news and I love
having this connects with you the good

people who watch I’ve learned who you
are bumping into you on the sidewalk or
at waiting at an airport and say hello
you’re like me I hear it from your kids
and grandchildren who say my dad loves
you or my grandmother loves her my

husband watched it till the end
well after conversation with MSNBC I
decided tonight will be my last hard
bulb so let me tell you why the younger
generation is out there ready to take
the reins well you see them in politics

in the media and fighting for their
causes they are improving the workplace
we’re talking here about better
standards than we grew up with fair
standards a lot of it has to do with how
we talk to each other compliments on a

woman’s appearance that some men
including me might have once incorrectly
thought we’re okay we’re never okay not
then is certainly not today and for
making such comments in the past I’m

sorry I’m very proud of the work I’ve
done here long before I went on
always I worked for years in politics
was a newspaper columnist and author I’m
working on another book continue to
write and talk about politics and cheer

on my producers and crew here in
Washington in New York and my MSNBC
colleagues they will continue to produce
great journalists of many years ahead
and for those of you have gotten in the
habit of watching a hardball every night

I hope you’re gonna miss because I’m
gonna miss you but remembering Humphrey
Bogart in Casablanca will always have
hardball so let’s not say goodbye but
till we meet again

so he walks Chris so there’s a lot of
doubt you know so I got this one
I so I took and if you listen to it and

deconstruct it carefully you can see
what it is actually saying is not what
he’s saying but he is not condemning
these newbies that are coming in to the
scene well the minute you if if it’s

related to the Casablanca quote yeah I
can see what he’s doing
well there’s that but no this is right
in the beginning and I want you to
listen to this I so carefully and then
I’m going to deconstruct it and point

out that if you change the comma here
and though because reading it is one
thing but looking at it as a structure
is says something completely different
we’re talking here about better

standards that we grow up with fair
standards better standards than we grew
up with fair standards interesting so
the deconstruction is we grew up with

fair standards but these are better and
he’s mocking them he’s is a mockery it’s
like no he says they have better
standards now if you take it with a
sarcastic voice you can get that you can

get the you can make it at work he can’t
do that because he’s reading it straight
up and he doesn’t want to do that but if
I was gonna do it I’d read oh yeah there
it was better standards I like our
standards which were fair standards yeah

yeah it’s a good points listen again
we’re talking here about better
standards that we grew up with fair
standards yeah yeah that’s good he’s
they’re much better they’re better than
yes and the whole thing if the entire

structure what he said is can be
deconstructed that way where he is not
happy with these kiddo
no but don’t have a

a clue and effin clue let’s put it and
they’re coming in with their better oh
there it got better so oh they know so
much yeah and that’s he was not happy
and that’s what this message really was

I’m just sad I mean the guy he’s been
around a long time I’m not I’m not a
huge fan I don’t watch his shows like me
either blowhard to me but he’s an

audience and they should just let him go
with in a nice way but I guess he’s they
the noose tighten so quick he couldn’t
even get out with a little bit of hey
good job Chris no none of that no they

couldn’t no gold watch for him nice out
and you know they’re talking about
putting in this place don’t tell me oh
let me let me guess let me guess someone
established yeah

it’s already someone already on the
channel come on help me out is someone
already armed somebody already on the
channel okay someone already on the
channel what’s this timeslot I don’t
know is it submissive made mainstream a

time slut joy read it just when you you
set me up and I think it can’t be it

can’t be vasectomy boy because Chris
Matthews already has a great lead-in
from Rachel Maddow it’s like well who
could it be
and it’s already on the channel well of

course it has to be Joy read who else
you need to go the exact opposite so
good smart MSNBC
I’ll be watching damn if the ratings
weren’t bad enough she’s crazy so I just

found the whole thing offensive and I
found a woman and her she’s so offended
by this dis douchebag who’s just talking
cuz he can’t stop talking yeah you know

get him get the guy fired it’s just done
it’s unconscionable
I just beyond me yeah but okay whatever
is no like a they used to say in two
days it’s no sweat off my balls yeah

they used to say that we don’t say that
anymore now because the woke telly yeah
all right let me just let’s talk about

Super Tuesday and I’d like to start off
with some anomalies that I caught while
watching local television in California
on Super Tuesday evening so this is

after after I was hanging out after I
was hanging out with Joe my new my new
friend Joe well actually in Texas the
way the polling was done I’m led to

believe was very uncomfortable for
people than I shall expose it in Austin
I’ll say for Austin people when you
arrived at the polling place you had to
choose the Democrat poll pad as they

call it poll pad which was really sad to
hear that poll pad
or the Republican pole pad and you did
that rather publicly so you could not

just walk up and say hey I’m just here
to cast my vote
I want the right ballot you know or
you’d pick the ballot that you want no
no you have to and there were people who
I know who wanted to vote for Trump so

by definition you have to then take the
Republican ballot but the but they felt
rather shamed into ashamed of doing it
you know like this is Austin you know

other people are looking at you and then
they just I don’t know it doesn’t seem
like the way it should run maybe a maybe
what do you mean that Paul Patterson
knows you have to go to a special booth
no I’m sorry they literally had to

different tablets
it was the Democrat poll pad or the
Republican poll pad and you had to say
give me give me the one with the orange
man bad on it that’s pretty much what

you have to do if you wanted to vote for
Republicans now I noticed very quickly
on kcal I think I was watching that they
you know the Texas Texas and California

votes came in very very slow Texas was
incredibly slow
you saw 46% and it stayed stuck at 46%
for hours and here’s what I understand

happened first of all they did both
California and Texas used a new system
for tallying the votes a new backend
very good we love that hello Iowa but

the local election so City Council and
sheriff and all that stuff that you do
that worked perfectly that was handled

by the new software the presidential
delegates on the other hand were not a
part of the system and those votes were
collected by hand by the DNC and tallied

in a whole different world we know
nothing about and on Peggy
yes and on February 3rd they had
announced let me see I think I have

Texas counties were started seeing
updates I this is from no that’s the
third of think yeah that’s it Texas
counties were start seeing updates
state’s election reporting system will

allow them to break out the vote totals
needed to determine how many delegates
are won by presidential continuous
contenders on Super Tuesday the
refinements to the portal brother the
portal what is this 1996 the portal used

by the states 254 counties to report
results come after Texas Democrats
raised the prospect of the delay in
calculating delegates and apparently

this was also the case in California
although it there was a report headline
San Antonio results delayed by software

snafu I guess they like alliteration now
it’s not used glitch any more or less
use snafu which makes no sense because
snafu stands for situation normal all
fucked up it’s not the same as a glitch

or whatever so it’s I don’t know why
they’re using that so I find that I find
that to be you know I found that to be
suspect and it really wasn’t really
wasn’t discussed in any great detail and

add to that Greg Palast you know we all
know Greg Palast he does a does he work
for any any outfit anymore that I know
of well he does great documentaries and

and yeah you don’t like I thought you
like to Palace stuff no I never disliked
him I just said he’s like kind of uh
he’s politicized a bit more than I like
well in this case it fell right into his

lap because yes he this is something
political he did a short expose on the
extreme possibility that Bernie Sanders
would get gypped in California in the

manner in which the ballots were handed
out worth listening to
last month the Golden State sent out
three million seven hundred fifteen
thousand three hundred sixty nine

ballots with no presidential candidates
most at-risk young voters and Latin X
voters the core supporters of t o Bernie
the result five hundred fifty three
thousand Bernie Sanders supporters are

at risk of losing their right to vote
for their
and how did this happen while California
votes solidly Democratic in general
elections a huge 5 million Californians

register independent mark NPP for no
party preference these NPP legal voters
have the legal right to vote in the
Democratic primary but good luck trying

many will lose their right how last
autumn the state mailed all five million
independents a postcard and telling them
they can ask for a Democratic ballot

looks like junk mail only one and eleven
returned the cards because students move
a lot less than five percent of 18 to 24
year olds get and return the cards up to
eighty six percent of independents who

want to vote in the Democratic primary
could be locked out independents can
save their votes by bringing in their
npp ballots into the polling station and
exchange it for a Democratic ballot but

not a regular ballot only something
called a crossover Democratic ballot but
you must know the magic word awesome
Jenna Bria was a poll worker they have
to specifically then ask I would like to

have a Democratic crossover ballot the
words that were told to us in our poll
worker training and if this NPP voter

did not specifically ask for a
Democratic crossover ballot they were
given an official in PP ballot which did

not list presidential candidates on
there and I am unable to ask you
are you sure you want an NPP valid I

hear California protesting the report I
don’t care this is bullcrap
all right good well that’s why I bring

it up dad another reason not to like
Paulo so much this is a skewed report
that’s not true
okay first of all yes the part that’s
true is that you’ve got the I because
I’m an MPP you’re an npc but you can put

down npp but I’m a MP whatever I am I
don’t get abnormal ballet get this
independent ballot mm-hmm and I can go
to the polling place to take and I

signed up from voting
okay because most people in California
you didn’t sign up for vote by mail
you’re an idiot because there’s lines
were a mile long and it was not

everywhere but nothing around here may I
just interject one little thing about
that and then this is all just stuff
that I thought I saw so I’m reporting it
back many people who had done the vote
in early and had voted for wall street

Pete or for Amy Klobuchar were really
upset that their vote wouldn’t really
even count in Super Tuesday because they
all resigned the day poor babies yeah

exactly so you get these vote-by-mail
things the kids voted and I voted and we
have a drop-off box for the ballots

specifically it’s right in City Hall and
you start on the way to the store you
drop them off you’re good to go
and that’s what you’re doing you get it
out of the way but you can and I’ve done
this I have gone in you can take this

mail-in ballot you can go in this I want
to vote Democrat and they give you a
Democrat ballot you know what to say I
had won a vote Democrat the bird flies
at night swallows do listen you don’t

have to go in there with a bunch of CIA
code words to get the damn ballot they
just give it to you bullcrap thanks Greg
Palace for playing over so yeah they may

have had this rule but this doesn’t mean
anything to the locals all right
just give me the ballot you vote that
way I was actually gonna do it this time

cuz I was gonna vote for Tulsi uh-huh
and but you know then I thought about it
for five seconds and I just voted on my
ballot and said who cares Tulsi couldn’t
even win in American Samoa no she got

one delegate from American Samoa that’s
not true I thought I thought Biden won
all of the Samoa though no no it was
Bloomberg that one so blue I’m seeing it

over the delegate hey let’s just let’s
just let’s just stop for a second and
let’s just say that we’ve learned one
important thing already from this
campaign and I’m very happy we learned

about it and what we learned is even
unlimited money does not buy you favor
with the American public this is a good
lesson it’s not really being just

deconstructed because everyone’s afraid
because they all want the Bloomberg
bucks to flow into Biden but we learned
it doesn’t work no no we’ve learned but
we don’t use advertising the advertising

based companies like the New York Times
they’re not talking about this whatever
I have one more one more thing to add to
that how much money did Putin personally
and the Russians and the troll Factory

how much did they spend on ads to meddle
and hack our election in twenty to ten
thousand dollars how does that compare

to Michael Bloomberg six hundred million
that’s a good point that’s another thing
no one’s discussing Russians are smarter
man that’s right that better custody

because they’re smart you’re smarter
than Bloomberg there much better
marketers man they get it they really
know how to talk to the kids in the bag
yes that’s a very good point so this
report nonsense and so the California

vote was gonna go I think that too may
still have been messed with because
Bernie did win California but it was
really expected to win by points before
we before we go to Super Tuesday let’s

talk about a few things that happen
before Super Tuesday just to kind of you
know set the stage because you can’t you
can’t live without analyzing the full
spectrum of what took place now the

first thing that happened on Thursday I
believe Michael Bloomberg announced I am
going to MIT was Friday I’m going to do
a primetime a talk and he bought three

minutes of airtime on CBS and CBS NBC
and CBS 7:30 Eastern Time or maybe was
also 7:30 on both coasts what do you

think that cost him 7:30 three minutes
ah ten million dollars at least at least
and I mean completely blew it in fact I
pulled a small clip just because you

know you can get an idea of what he was
trying to do but the the imagery was
wrong it was a it was a green screen and
kind of had like a an out-of-focus flag
and window in the background green

screen to me and if we had produced that
we would have said okay let’s make it
look like it’s live Mike so you may be
here just in the minute the the camera
comes up the mic comes up to hear one

you know just like three two one thank
someone cues so to give her that live
feel no instead it was comparing it was
so static and then this is the kind of

junk he was mentioning is the former
mayor of New York City I know it is
critical that the federal government
work in close partnership
with state and local leaders who

administer services and deploy first
responders that requires putting
politics and partisanship aside I was
first elected just weeks after the
attack on 9/11 a massive rebuilding

security and health challenge in my 12
years in office I dealt with hurricane a
blackout attempted terror attacks the
West Nile virus and swine flu my method

of leadership was to plan ahead before
the problem arrived and really his whole
speech was you know the president wasn’t
prepared he’s no good coronavirus is

gonna kill us
meanwhile he’s touting how prepared he
was for West Nile virus and for swine
flu oh please Bloomberg to more know
what’s interesting about that clip hmm

and I feel bad about this because I
should have at least done you know some
research I was under the impression
during his bullcrap ads which had been
inundated with here in California and I

had to go back and look at these ads
that he was mayor during 9/11 no
Giuliani was mayor during 9/11 wasn’t it
yeah well that’s what I remembered but

then when I started watching these
Bloomberg ads I being taken in making us
someone make us Giuliani may have been
out yeah and I guess this guy came in
but Giuliani made a big scene during
9/11 to rally the troops but that would

because it was just he was just in there
and Bloomberg just got in so why would
he do that
right right so I’ve been misled by
Bloomberg he’s a liar the other thing
that happened was Michael Moore made a

big boo-boo
after South Carolina then Michael Moore
is of course a Bernie supporter and a
poster boy for vasectomies I might add

well you sure that isn’t Chris no
what’s-his-name from MSNBC no he’s yeah
he’s not the poster boy I mean you look
at Michael Moore and there you’re seeing

the old woman look that you will get if
you get one of these things
fire beware this is a public service
announcement a callow

can Michael Moore and there you go so he
he this is a minute clip listen to what
he says and I’ll tell you what the
fallout was we reported earlier tonight
the reminder that Joe Biden’s run for

president three times this weekend is
the first time he’s ever won a state
there are Democratic party insiders 32
years running heat one here’s what you
and here’s what you said about Joe Biden
you’re warranted Democrats this was a

quite quite a while back I want to play
for this
in October take a listen Joe Biden is
the center Joe Biden is this year’s
Hillary Joe Biden is not going to excite
the base to get out there and vote on

November 3rd 2020 70% of the people
voting next year are either women people
of color or young people between the
ages of 18 and 35 that’s 70 percent how
do you square that with South Carolina

South Carolina is not representative of
the United States I mean that’s just
that’s just the facts so throwing
absolutely no impact on the November 3rd
election it is still the same is that

the 70 percent of those eligible
eligible this November young people are
people so I’m black Twitter this did not
go over well they were say well why

don’t you just call us the n-word
Michael Moore we don’t represent we’re
not representative of America now I
think I know what he was trying to say
but he’s so insane that he really he
really turned a lot of people off and

I’m sure that hurt Bernie I think
Michael Moore hurt him now that’s not to
say that the fix was not in for Biden oh
my god this was beautiful then that’s by
the way because I told you this yeah you

are you are so I’m kicking myself I
laughed at you I chuckled behind your
back you me and the other Mean Girls we
pointed at you when you weren’t looking

we were saying that guy he thinks that
the establishment is all in for Biden
how is it possible well holy crap
that’s what I mention I want to mesh
this one thing before I get too far away

from the these some of these votes in
the butt and the Bernie thing Bernie was
supposed to win California by 50% he
but there’s only by 30 I think they’ve
they tried to rig it to because I don’t

know how bite in one Texas well I mean
he won Minnesota
he never even set up shop in Minnesota

well so the night before Super Tuesday
excuse me and I was watching this live
it was happening and it was in them it

was Dallas and first of all I saw the
mayor of Austin Steve Adler standing
there jizan all over Biden he was right
off to the side he’s got this look and

he was just so I can see because I hate
this guy when I hates a strong word I
think is it dick and I’m gonna try and
help recall him get him out this guy is
ruining Austin would look I’m looking
he’s he’s all in love with Joe and I can

just see his mind going that’s me one
keep it together handler you’ll be
President one day just like Joe I can
see it get out what are you doing in
Dallas we got problems here in Austin

you suck up so here’s what happened this
way where he was standing next to bite
it in Dallas yeah doing it Dallas
sucking up to Biden sucking up to the

he’s a part of the system man he’s a
part of the capital establishment and
the establishment came out and did its
business behind the candidate with the

best shot to do it and after yesterday’s
vote is clear that candidate is my

friend and a great American Joe Biden
that I’m delighted to endorse and
support of Joe Biden so here we have Amy
Klobuchar Bloomberg and well Beto was

the last one you heard and mayor Pete
now apparently rumor has it that calls
went out and Obama called everybody and

said you’ve got to stop
you can’t run we’ve got to let Joe have
it and I believe it I believe that it
went it was certainly Bill Clinton was
was manning the phones and I really

think that Obama put in a call because a
CIA Pete didn’t want to give up and then
Obama said okay and then just ever all
funding got pulled all DNC funding he

was just completely wiped out and it
appears that deals were made Elizabeth
Warren just dropped out this morning
that’s now official deals have been made
cabinet positions have been promised in

fact who’s going to take care of the
most important thing an existential
threat not climate change


so Beto Joe Biden just said better
O’Rourke is gonna take care of the gun
problem once he’s president oh this is
very popular

yeah dad is gonna go there goes Texas
that’s a really and may I just once
again say why does the technical crew at
the Biden campaign thank Joe Biden so

much I mean now the guy is finally on
top he’s doing stuff I don’t understand
it it has to be explained that you just

explained it I hate him
this is the problem with technical crews
this is the camera guys this is the
lighting guys these are all the guys
IBEW guys all these guys in him they’re

their regular guys yeah and they like to
be treated as normal and you know as
part of this part of the structure yeah
but if you treat him like crap which I
have to assume by Tim prong must be must

he is probably just so they they treated
him like crap and you believe me they
have more power than you do at the when
all is said and done you want to make
you want to make sure that the crew

likes you so while this is taking place
while the establishment is moving
everything into position and you do this
just before Super Tuesday that’s that
was what I hadn’t even thought that you

clearly knew it because you’ve been
following them and you predicted that
they were gonna be all in and they
rolled it out lickety-split even Hillary
was on board is the behavior of the
establishment right now only furthering

a narrative that somehow everything is
rigged against them
I just reject that analysis I see it in
a lot of places if the establishment
means you put your head down you get to

work you figure out how you’re gonna pay
for things you build a coalition you
actually make change
then I think that’s a misnomer and if
you listened to two of the candidates

who just dropped out last night at the
Biden rally you know the very
accomplished senator from Minnesota and
the very inspiring you know young mayor
from South Bend why were they on that

stage endorsing Joe Biden because it
because they’re already part of an
establishment no reality you know young
mayor from South Bend why were they on

that stage endorsing Joe Biden because
it because they’re already part of an
establishment no because they know how
hard it is to get things done

why do Democrats still talk about
electability why because it’s what’s bad
if they’re not an obvious choice right
now you have to you have to resurrect
the possibility that Hillary will be

called in as a VP for Joe to kick the
bucket within the first 100 days Joe
what are you gonna do in the first
hundred days as president die
okay great Hillary will be President

this is a real possibility now yeah I’m
still sticking with my basic thesis that
and this I don’t get from the insiders
this is my own analysis which is one
rishabh Hispanic lady rich Latin X yes

the let the next group I want to play a
couple things yeah please the ABC
rundown on Biden and then I got to play
another Biden clip but I have to play

this de gaff Biden’s gaffe of the week
well I have a couple of gaffes why don’t
I play a couple quick gasolin lead-up to

play your gaffes and then I’ll play my
regular clips sorry so here’s the gaffe
number one
he doesn’t know if it’s 1920 or 2020

that always that always works then we
have but this was a good one about
health care and I and I take no pleasure
out of playing these clips because this
is elder abuse the man is being used for

this particular election and I love your
stick gun this is beautiful but I mean
it I really do mean it but I mean I just
take no why do you take a little

pleasure in but not real great joy here
is that here he is on the on the
healthcare now what are we looking for
quality health care affordable health
care Joe what are we gonna get and for
folks in the working class their below

400 they will in fact will increase
their their premiums the public option
will be available on my plan will make
sure it’s not a quality we make sure
it’s only affordable okay so we’ll make

sure it’s not quality it’s only
affordable that sounds great Joe and
then I’m going to take Joe side on what
happened here

now I saw this happen in real time and I
saw that he was actually Jill Biden who

said oh no no we’re supposed to stand
the other way around and she switched
places with with Biden’s sister and he’s
getting hammered over not knowing who
his wife was who also I will say what a

badass she just stood right up to those
idiot protestors she’s like no I’m not
having any of that I thought that was
pretty cool

that’s it that’s a real woman right
there it’s like no Jill stuff get off
the damn stage dr. Biden in the house I
like that so those were and I also have
all you didn’t get this one no I I have

it but I saw you had it so I was gonna
leave it for you okay well there it is
this is my the self-evident is the best
Jim it’s the best one we all these
truths to be self-evident oh go you know

you know dearly beloved we are here to
pray to the you know the thing man poor

Joe it’s bad a sad sad sad way the Biden
run down off of ABC which I thought was
it good because it did mention the

possibility that this is rigged they
hinted at it they didn’t want to go all
in on it but let’s play bite and run
Donnie one and what Joe Biden said today
when asked is this the establishment

trying to stop Bernie Sanders and
tonight what Sanders is now saying about
the race ahead Mike Bloomberg dropping
out endorsing Joe Biden and the phone
call that Elizabeth Warren had with
Bernie Sanders today ABC’s Mary Bruce

tonight with the reshape race for
President Joe Biden today is relishing
his stunning comeback
last the former vice president swept 10

out of 15 Super Tuesday contests
including upsets in Minnesota and even
Texas he also won two states and Bernie
Sanders his backyard Massachusetts and

Maine best week of Biden’s campaign got
even better and I’m glad to say I

endorsed Joe Biden and I hope you will
join me in working to make him the next
president of the United States Michael
Bloomberg poured more than half a

billion dollars into his campaign only
to win just one contest
American Samoa American Samoa got the
vote reporter Rico doesn’t get to vote

or did they get to vote I don’t know
whether you get something is you don’t
get to vote in the Pope I don’t know
what you dive to lost track of who votes
and who doesn’t know watch okay I want
to mention the people that should read

my essay that was linked in the last
newsletter which discusses why this is
all taking place to begin with because
of the money
they can’t let Bernie get this a
nomination because they will lose so
much money because the bankers have

already threatened to pull out him and
we know you know Bloomberg who
apparently owns the party he’s
threatened to drop all his money and
they need money more than they need
Bernie and they don’t think Bernie’s

gonna win anyway so Bernie’s through but
read the essay because it’s a very I
thought it was pretty well structured
now here let’s go to Bernie the the
second part of that ABC report dropping

out today he pledged to keep his
checkbook open to help defeat President
Trump I will not be our party’s nominee
but I will not walk away from the most
important political fight of my life and

I hope you won’t walk away either
Bloomberg’s exit came as news to Sanders
well that’s first I heard about that he
certainly brought a lot of money into

this race so I suspect we will see uh
you know a lot of money coming into the
Biden’s campaign probably a lot of
negative ads attacking Sanders winning
Utah Colorado and his home state of

Vermont and he’s leading in California
but today he was blunt of course I’m
disappointed I would like to win every
state by a landslide it’s not gonna
what we are trying to do is

unprecedented all right we are talking
about a political revolution okay
yeah so tired of he says nothing new
well I’m here’s a here’s an interesting

little good clip this is the Sanders as
under Sanders Sanders campaign flaws
this is on CBS and I have a comment
about this major before we let you go
Bernie Sanders he’s got a broad in his

support if he wants to be victorious how
does he do that well he has to not only
broaden his support but first you have
to create a message that is more
inclusive and Bernie Sanders talks about
what he’s building this

multi-generational multiracial coalition
well last night was a pretty good test
of it it didn’t show up yes he had
decent numbers among younger and some
minority voters but not in sufficiently
large enough numbers to do anything but

win in California but winning in
California by not nearly the margin of
the Sanders campaign expected well okay
now I have a clip to play this did not
sit well at all with the proto typical

the proto Ground Zero Bernie bro very
very upset and call and stalk of war
actual war is now on the table can you

surmise who I’m speaking of Jory Reed
close chunk chunk chunk chunk chunk
yogurt and he was pissed making we

thought we looked at week ago I would
have told you I did tell you
Super Tuesday I think we got this
remember we’re talking about whisper big
dream I think it might be over on Super

Tuesday so I’m not saying this for on
behalf of TYT or anything like that we
thought it was almost
we’re burning was gonna win now it’s not
over now we’re in a tie and now we got
absolute diggin warfare against the

establishment but we didn’t start the
war they’ll lie about it again we didn’t
start the war they started the war
they’ve been lied about Bernie since for
God’s sake I’m Castro I can give you a

thousand examples Bernie Sanders said
the same exact thing as Obama everyone
on TV is lying like oh my god what an
outrageous thing that Bernie Sanders
said Obama said the city no shut up

don’t cover don’t cover don’t cover
Obama said the same thing is Obama Pro
Fidel Castro same exact thing god damn
it tell the truth god damn it tell the
truth if you’re not gonna do it we’re

gonna do it okay
and so you want to go to war we’ll go to
war and that is what this is
we cannot let Biden win guys not just on
progresses versus establishment this is
so important I need you to understand

this behind it’s not gonna beat Trump
Biden is either near senile or actually
see now watch any of the tapes and Biden
lies non-stop he’s gonna get caught he’s

okay the media is covering for him but
they’re not gonna be able to cover what
the Republicans come for him and when
Trump comes for him he’s not gonna be
Trump this Salva Street candidate is

less likely to be Trump anyway we just
had 2016 establishment Kennedy lost or a
doofus like Trump and now here we go an
establishment Kennedy that is far worse
with mental fight his mental faculties
under questioning his record worse than

Hillary Clinton’s he lies a thousand
times more than Hillary Clinton did
right and you’re gonna run that guy
against Trump and we’re gonna lose the
Trump again and maybe lose our democracy
hell no hell no no Bernie Sanders is

gonna win this race and I’m telling you
right now and it’s not just hey let’s go
fight it’s also a prediction Biden is
not capable of winning this and I’m

we’re not doing a brokered convention
where they give it to someone who didn’t
get less votes not going to happen
Bernie Sanders is gonna be the nominee
I’m telling you right now yes so couple
things one yeah I feel bad for giving

you a clip of the day for that when
you’re done with your talk I’ll take it
right now if you don’t
I hate to forget it’s like I sometimes
diluted well a couple of things one a he

and I’m just I think he speaks on behalf
of a big corporate big collection of
people at the Bernie supporters vote and

they know they got screwed they did they
got screwed by the establishment but I
am on the other hand happy because now
do you see what the media is doing this

is what we’ve been telling you for 13
years and I’m sure that the Young Turks
if they even know we exist think we’re a
bunch of dick wads I’m sure of it
do you see what we’re talking about

chunk chunk do you see what’s going on
here I also looked into his accusation
that Obama said exactly the same thing
as Bernie very hard to find apparently
came from a 2016 town hall meeting so I

only was able to get a clip that
includes some hokey ass shit music but
it’s fairly similar and you recall that
Bernie said the Castro put literacy
programs in place and everyone could

read it was very good they have great
medical care and that’s pretty much what
Obama said that’s a huge achievement
they should be congratulating and I said
this the president Castro in Cuba
I said look you’ve made great progress

in educating young people every child in
Cuba gets a basic education that’s
that’s a huge improvement from where it
was medical care the life expectancy of

Cubans is equivalent to the United
States despite it being a very poor
country because they have access to
health care that’s a huge achievement

they should be congratulated but of
course it was Obama so you know it just
sounds better
it doesn’t sound was threatening the way
Obama uses his tone of voice I think is
perfect because he’s saying this is

factually true it’s true but you know we
all know as communists but that’s kind
of implied so you know it’s not exactly
the same chunk however when it comes to
Joe Biden lying yeah we’ve got some

pretty good historical evidence there
was quite the fracas several decades ago
which needs to be revisited
the new question stem from tape marks
abiding during an April campaign
appearance in New Hampshire I went to

law school on a full academic
scholarship the only one in my in my
class that have a full academic
scholarship went back to law school and
in fact ended up in the top half of my

class I was the outstanding student in
the political science department at the
end of my year I graduated with three
degrees from undergraduate school 165
credits only 123 credit button now
concedes he did not graduate in the top

half of his law school class that he
does not have three degrees from college
and that he was not named outstanding
political science student in college
Newsweek says Biden actually went to
school on a half scholarship ended up

near the bottom of his class and won
only one degree not three Joe Biden
ranked 76th in a class of 85 at the
University of Syracuse law school I mean
this guy comes off this whole thing as a

Flyway to now Biden says Newsweek is
right and his memory had failed him so
yeah teasing embellisher a liar and even
then he was blaming his memory which

could not have improved oh well it’s the
idea is again if people read my essay
it’s not about anything but the money
they’ve already conceded the fact that
trumps gonna win and chunk and think

what he wants I do want to say something
about the campaign clip I played well
you you need you just need to re explain
that one point when you say it’s about
the money make sure you explain what the
money is about and who was for the money

is for okay there’s a lot of money that
goes into and the DNC needs to collect
as much and Hilary used to be great at
getting a lot of money she’s not gonna
get any money for Sanders that’s for

sure the money is not just for the
presidential guy the money’s for the
down ballot and their concerns seriously
concerned about down ballot which is
everybody else so you have to have not
only money to for the presidential

candidate you need money
overflowing so it goes to the down
ballot people that’s why you need a
Bloomberg he’ll drop 500 million on his
own lark of a campaign you drop a

billion bucks if it’s needed and then
you have all these bankers who already
said they’re not gonna dig it out
they’re done if Warren gets in let alone
Bernie so they’re not going to

helping and the Democrat Party as I
explained in the essay is really the
party of the bankers you know and the
and the billionaire class nowadays and
they need this money they’re not gonna
get this money if Bernie’s running and

it’s Bernie would just screw up
everything they’d lose everything they
would the the party would fall apart if
Bernie caucus they’re not gonna let it
now do you think that the Democrat Party
believes that the Bloomberg money will

help them retain the house and capture
the Senate there well that’s the hope
do you think do you think they have a
hope a chance in hell no not even the
house wouldn’t be a complete disaster

like it would be with Bernie where they
not only wouldn’t they have a chance in
hell but they wouldn’t have any chance
in hell right if I was running roses it
would be the money would dry up and then

you know Bernie can get some money but
it’s not it’s a joke right comparison
and so the and brain is not even a
Democrat he’s not even a member of the
party and it’s a party these parties
it’s like a party to party now I want to
mention to be fourth Super Tuesday when

everybody well or actually before South
Carolina before everybody’s uh you know
Biden’s done yeah I have me to put these
clips together but the the clip that
really gets to me is the one will you

listen to major Garrett talk about you
know Bernie can’t get anything going on
as opposed to two weeks earlier when you
listen to Brooks I don’t have the clip
here I did find it again were Brooks on
the PBS NewsHour’s also serious about

you know the thing about Bernie why he’s
gonna win is because he’s got a message
he’s got a clear message and a clear
vision and nobody else in the whole
Democrat Party has a clear message

revision and so that’s why Bernie’s
gonna win so everybody’s all on burning
this message in his vision until he
loses and now everybody uh this is like
stock market analysis whatever the

market does you got the same issues
flipped by the market went down because
a cow the buying opportunity
that’s a buying opportunity that’s one
thing or another but this this is over
it’s over and I don’t even think in my

essay do kind of indicate that maybe the
possibility of the brokered convention I
don’t think that’s even possible now no
bite is gonna take it out right that

Brazil’s anger on Fox and Friends you
know Donna Brazile who in the 2016
election had to resign from her post as
vice chair of the DNC because of the way

they screwed Bernie well no and I’m not
making it up she also took questions
from CNN and gave them to the Hillary
campaign for the for the townhall day I
rode one of the debates we had a couple

questions he’s rotten person I guess the
the Democrat media or the left-leaning
media don’t want her anymore so now
she’s a staple on Fox and Friends along
or on Fox along with our other buddy

Marie harf from who was the state
department spoke sole for a while and he
or she gets into she gets mad
we had donna rana mcdaniel on donna

earlier on the program of chairman of
the RNC and she was talking about the
possibility of a brokered convention the
impact that would have on Bernie Sanders
here’s Rana it does depend on how big

the lead that Sanders takes out of
California is if he picks up a huge
proportion of Delegates but I don’t see
anybody getting out soon and it’s
leading towards potentially a brokered
convention which will be rigged against

Bernie if those super-delegates have
their way on that second vote to that
you say what Donna first of all I want
to talk to my Republicans first of all
stay the hell out of our race

stay the hell out of our race I get sick
and tired and Sandra listen to
Republicans tell me and the Democrats
about our process first of all they
don’t have a process they are canceling

primaries they have winner-take-all they
don’t have the kind of democracy that we
see on the Democratic side and for
people to use Russian talking points to
so their vision among Americans that is

stupid so Rana go to hell this is not
about I’m tired of it ad yeah not we’re
not trying to prevent anyone from

becoming the nominee if you have the
delegates in win you will win this
notion that somehow another Democrats
are out there trying to put

turtles or roadblocks before one
candidate that’s stupid I know what’s
going on there if they are scared of
Democrats coming together to defeat
Donald Trump they need to be focusing on

what we’re focusing on the Democratic
Party and that is preventing foreign
interference and our elections stop
Russia talking points Madame chair one
month using Russian talking points and

of course that’s where I get the I so
for the end of the show and I thought
that was kind of useless I think it’s
rude I have a bunch of ISOs is
competition okay I have and therefore

and they’re funnier and they’re not so
mean-spirited no like that Wow Wow okay
so let’s start with Trump world of
flutter it’s got the world of flutter I

got the world on this string
sit down okay now we got from a
different podcast mm-hmm Wow good job
Wow good job what podcast was that from

well that brings us to another put
segment of the show
well is this a whole different topic
it’s a very short topic though well we
really deserve to take a break for a

moment yeah it’s too short okay all
right this is the walk that don’t walk
run podcast it’s one of our producers
put its plug in for our show o to

compete with you and Rogen will compete
or compliment well compete I think but
this podcast is some I don’t know this

guy but he’s like he’s a video podcast
and he collects money on the fly which I
thought was interesting and if you send
ten bucks he reads your notes and no
it’s not a bad guy he’s a YouTube guy
and it’s cash is it YouTube he’s got the

super they give you I’m gonna give you a
preface to his he’s a kind of a
Republican analyst he treats political
and analysis but just to give you an
idea about his accuracy played the don’t

walk podcast preface Oh
preface on yes got it okay uh-huh
drills that broke Britain says I’m a
Russian who is getting more interested

in politics don’t worry I’m not meddling
I didn’t think you were and I really
enjoy your concept by the way
BBC suggesting a bloomberg might drop
out and Warren will keep going

Bloomberg’s not dropping out he’s got
too much invested and he’s doing he did
well tonight he didn’t do great he
didn’t do bad spot on so here’s the plug
and builder consisting you listen to the

No Agenda podcast I don’t and
unfortunately I not a lot of time to
listen to stuff but I do definitely I I
go out of my way to watch at least the

first hour of the Ben Shapiro show and I
go out of my way to listen to Sargon boy
we’re riding high today aren’t we where

was the plug I mean that was that was it
where does that what is Wow
good job where does that come from it’s
another part of your show I just bowled

it I don’t know what do I like I don’t
know I like my go to hell better but
okay not the way you want to end the
show it’s just depressed like telling us
to go to hell we did the world the

flutter okay we’ll use world to flutter
then okay if it’s positive I like the
positivity of it okay yeah uh can we
close Super Tuesday I think we must yeah

resist we much for that will much be
forgotten I’m gonna show my ID oh no no
agenda imagine all the people who could

do gossip oh yeah that’d be fun
well we do have a few people thank for
show 12:22 starting with Christine code

a guy under fifty eight dollars and ten
she’s gonna be the Dame that we have a
lot of Damien we got dames galore
birthday he’s on mine goodness mmm-hmm

she loves you read this you might learn
I was setting everything up
Christine Cody she says Adam and John
thank you for the years of info same and

please accept this final installment for
my dame hood please day me as dame of
the south coast if available by peerage
committee I believe that is available
shout out to Ryan Calderon for hitting
me in the mouth a few years back I’ll

save you a seat at the roundtable who
knows where I’d be without no agenda who
love you mean it please add Spanish red
and Thai peanut wings to the round table
for all to enjoy and I have hell’s a
Thai peanut wing it’s something you can

fist I think I don’t think so can’t you
can’t fish the peanut wing no it’s
probably a it’s a buffalo wing in some
kind of Thai peanut spicy sauces what I

took away from it mmm that makes sense
Adrianna Oporto from ya word California
44 cents out of here in another game to

be you might as well read that note from
her in light of the great time I had at
the Bay Area meetup last weekend an
honor of Adams appearance on Rogan it is
finally time for me to shell out the
last bit of cash needed in order to

achieve my long awaited Dame hood status
I’ve been shamefully behind in my
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a consistent source of sanity in my life
for many years now and I always look
forward to the non triggering amygdala
shrinking greatness on both Thursdays
and Sundays of the week this is why I
don’t make fun of Joe Biden when he says

super Thursday because I’m just as bad
as Joe when it comes to that you too are
a beacon of hope in a world that seems
to be forgetting how to think critically
I would like to be known as Dame Phoenix

of the port
I also hum requests the humble pairing
of spiked seltzer and steak at the round
table and she had some jingles which
while we played all of these so far

today anybody display everyone’s jingles
here I want to make sure I’ve got the
spiked seltzer and steak at the round
table well you write that down I’ll go

on with the announcements or hugger of
Kitty’s Baron of the grunning hanging in
gas fields in the Holland Groningen
Groningen before 5:00
I barely his mail doesn’t come through

to me because it sounds like a gambling
site Baron lad akin hundred dollars
Jennifer Rodrigue rod the rüdiger
rüdiger rüdiger rüdiger in Bonney Lake
Washington $100 and she’s crediting that

to her smoking-hot husband Brian in his
quest for knighthood good night John
Robin a $100.00 William Durkin 7333
Baron Mark Tanner a regular in Whittier

with a new donation about 71 77 which is
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nine nine six I think meanwhile William
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an accounting here at John Adam I was
checking my accounting on a couple
monthly donation plans I realized it’s
time for me to join the roundtable been
listening since early 2009 fell
overboard once but never again

I hit my friend Scott Richardson in the
mouth a few years ago and he since
called me out as a douchebag twice just
because I’m on a small monthly donation
doesn’t mean I’m not helping out that’s
true that’s true

Scott isn’t a douchebag in fact he
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statistics I am a millennial I’m a
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own a gun will only drive a car with
manual transmission and have a dog his
name is Roger he’s a good boy
and I do tend to treat him like a person
however that does not mean I take in

places that dogs are not allowed and
pretend he’s some sort of service dog
Thank You those people make me sick
Roger is well-trained and likes to
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like he’s not like these crazy bark and

pooping everywhere dogs that people
think are their kids can’t stand it for
the knighting ceremony I’d like to be
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around been lucky numbers for me so far
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gibbous is next on the list 6803 he’s
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coming up Eric Hoff in Edmonton Alberta
$65.00 Scott Richardson a New Orleans
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this is the his but William’s buddy sir
Scott on the rocks and please bring back
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will also be as dinner tonight yes thank

you for keeping me sane since 2015 you
got it Scott see in a moment
Adam Weisner in Green Bay Wisconsin
berry 5511 oh it’s got $60 berries 5511
now this very short note yes in honor of

Adams appearance on Rogen I figure it
was time to formally complete my
knighthood we’ve cleaned up on this
Rogen thing he shall I tell you what I
like the most is that the producers took

great ownership of this appearance and I
really appreciated that
I had people prepping me I was working
on this interview for several weeks in
my head and people were saying here’s

what you know how it works I watched
Rogan of course but not as we have huge
crossover lots of people who listen to
this show listen to Rogan and every note
that I got was a collective feeling of

ownership from the producers of the show
and that’s all I need to say about it
let me stop and give you a note that I
got just the gist of it just to be a
dick word yeah it’s just to be a dick

okay well I’m not the dick the guy says
hey you guys are gonna get a bunch of
Rogan people listening they’re not gonna
put up with the bull crap you put at the
beginning of the show is just a bunch of

chitchat you’re gonna have to get into
it really quick otherwise they’re gonna
tune out well see we’re trying to help
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anyway this donation along with my

monthly donations 2012 brings me
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what is my daughter
James swagger prance in Fullerton
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Brian thoroughly Furley I think is
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Nate and Sebastopol he comes in every
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Kitagawa over here in san francisco
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here at the best podcast in the universe
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Oregon local 33 on Thursday is on Friday
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I just have a quick little news blurb

that I caught this morning and this is
the reason I want to bring it up it’s
one of our favorite things the FBI does
the FBI is always great at that
entrapment basically you know I get

someone who has low IQ and they’ll Jack
them all up and say hey man you like
killing Muslims don’t you yeah yeah yeah
well get you some guns and bomb I bought

it but yeah I love a bomb okay just dial
the cellphone to blow up okay okay and
then they arrest him they sucker these
people in well now there is a claim by
Lori Loughlin we know her well she got

in trouble for the college admissions
scam and she alleges and has apparent
evidence that the mastermind on the

college’s side the guy named singer that
the FBI forced this guy to lie to the
parents about paying bribes and and

coerced him into telling the parents
they were legitimate donations this is a
problem this is a problem for the
prosecutors yeah yeah the couple claims

to have proof that the mastermind behind
the sprawling scheme Ric singer was told
by FBI agents to lie about whether
parents knew they were paying bribes

rather than legit illegitimate donations
February 26 motion to postpone Laughlin
June jion Ulis upcoming trial date
attorney Shawn Berkowitz wrote the

prosecution had handed over notes from
singers iPhone describing the alleged
FBI coercion singers notes indicate that
FBI agents yelled at him and instructed
him to lie by saying that he told his

clients who participated in the alleged
side-door scheme that their payments
were bribes rather than legitimate
donations that went to the schools
this is wow this is a lawsuit waiting to

happen these one the other way and
you’re messing with the wrong people you
got people with money and and they’re
figuring this out no no no no very
Hollywood connections very very bad

people are well-heeled
like screwing with some dumb guy happens
to be you know that name yes I’m normal
moron that you get to push a button or

something yeah crazy no that’s this
could be bad yeah I think so well we
have I got a funny clip there you know
the Ron Ian’s have had a lot of Rice’s

don’t get reported a lot about here but
there’s a and they killed a lot of
people in there because they shoot
bullets at him to break up the riots and
I was listening to this report this from
Democracy Now and Amy and so I’m

thinking here’s a but it’s about
Iranians killing protesters how do you
see I’ve got a report on Ronnie’s coming
how can I somehow blame Trump

Amnesty International reports Iranian
security forces shot and killed at least
23 children during crackdown an
anti-government protests in November

among those struck and killed by live
ammunition was a girl who may have been
as young as 8 years old security forces
killed many as many as 1,500 unarmed
demonstrators and bystanders during the

November protests which were sparked by
a sharp increase in gas prices the
rising fuel costs came amidst
devastating sanctions imposed by the US
after President Trump withdrew from the

Iran nuclear deal orange man bad there
it is Amy good job good job you did it
yeah Gary create a grammar school
protesters meanwhile another report from

the markets now and Amy you know out to
get you know just embarrass Trump
because she wants Bernie to win but of
course that’s gonna go nowhere let’s go

with that the Trump rehired this guy
McEntee to do what it seems that I gots
thing you should do with this
administration but this is the way she
kind of twists it and leaves information

out CNN reports Trump’s new personnel
chief is distributing questionnaires to
potential political appointees to verify
their loyalty to President Trump as part
of the Trump litmus test candidates must

explain what part of trump’s campaign
quote most appeal to them
the campaign to identify and purge anti
Trump staffers is being led by 29 year
old John McEntee whom Trump recently

appointed head of the presidential
personnel office before he was rehired
this year McEntee was fired in 2018 by
then Chief of Staff General John Kelly

because he was under federal
investigation for financial crimes
what were those accusations do you
remember you think she’d mentioned that
don’t you yeah I’m curious well

apparently he has a gambling problem and
he had a couple of attacks tax filings
that weren’t quite kosher if you look at
audited apparently that’s being under

government investigation well that
happens to me once every 10 years then
so that was I think that’s about as
slanted as a crappy reporters des Amy
could probably muster good work here is

an announcement from Judicial Watch the
right-wing group of lawyers were
right-wing funded group of lawyers I
should say the president tom Fitton all
jacked up hi everyone Judicial Watch

president tom Fitton here with big
breaking news a federal court today
authorized Judicial Watch to take the
sworn deposition testimony of Hillary
Clinton about her emails and about the
related Benghazi attack records and

doing so the court authorized Judicial
Watch to clarify and further explore
secretary Clinton’s answers in person
and immediately after she gives them the
court agrees with Judicial Watch it is

time to hear directly from Secretary
Clinton now it’s this big Judicial Watch
lawsuit that first exposed the Clinton
email scandal so we’re pleased the court
has authorized Judicial Watch to

question Hillary Clinton about her email
practices and how it impacted the
people’s right to know under the Freedom
of Information
but a being that should be interesting

well that’s gonna go nowhere it’s
interesting though she’ll never sit down
she’ll never should that’ll be she’ll
never sit down why would she protested
there’s a bunch of a bunch of
indictments for money laundering no

there’s a real indictment supposedly
they’re not being reported on much but
we’ll have details by Sunday okay unless
you got something else I feel good I

feel we should go out on this just
because I drag it on on Amy so much I
want to play one more clip from her this
is actually a good one I’m kind of this
is about the facial-recognition scandal

that is floating around think this is a
reasonably good report but top
Democratic lawmakers demanding answers
from a secret of artificial intelligence
company over its sale of facial

recognition technology to repressive
regimes including Saudi Arabia and the
United Arab Emirates Massachusetts
Senator Ed Markey sent a letter to clear
view AI on Tuesday demanding information

about the company’s database of billions
of images scraped from Facebook and
other social media sites senator Markey
great quote the use of sophisticated

facial recognition technology is
concerning even in a democracy with
strong civil liberties but its export to
certain foreign countries could enable
mass surveillance and repression of

minorities he wrote in recent days
students that three dozen US
universities held protests against
administrators plans to use facial
recognition on their campuses it was
interesting yeah but it’s inevitable

this stuff is coming to everybody
everybody will have access to it
probably yeah
it’ll be used for all kinds of great
stuff congratulations everybody

glad ya good work glad you put worth
posting all those hairs on Facebook and
good work buddy you’re tagging tagging
everybody that’s my favorite tag
everybody yeah tag everybody so the

government won’t have to
end of show mixes Tom Starkweather
our very own Fletcher and by a request
bill Walsh with the ant song coming up
next on no agenda stream comm somehow I

don’t know how this happened you can
hear my appearance on the Joe Rogan show
Andy Andy and that’s it thank you all
very much for the support thank you for

supporting the show thank you for
supporting me thank you for being a part
of the No Agenda community then we say
that with earnest and coming to you from
the frontier let’s see it’s actually

opportunity’s own 33 here in the
frontier of Austin Texas FEMA region 6
if you’re looking for it on the
governmental maps until Sunday in the
morning everybody I’m Adam curry and
from northern Silicon Valley where it’s

not a community it’s a cult I’m Chauncey
Dvorak we’ve returned on Sunday for
service right here are no agenda till

this whole thing is very very spooky

you’re the reason why all this started
you are the original pod father the
legitimate one so when are we smoking
some weed cuz I’m about ready you love

I tell you man that’s the best thing for
my body you’re doing something good for
your body it’s actually good for you
we have four ones here I’ve never done a
blonde I do love it whoa what’s going on
guys I’m fucking hammer ooh and we have

different sounds bling-bling I don’t
know I haven’t done a lot of different
what should I try I mean I’m sure
there’s some crazy-ass drugs but I won’t
do that what the hell you doing curry
that feels so good

I’m trying to cut back and drinking my
tea though everybody Spiller thought to
really enhance their trip they drink
their urine fantastic um but anyway
completely the illogical what’s going on

I’m pretty high so it’s a psychedelic
the further I got into it the more I
liked it
well there’s something beautiful about

audio-only it’s true Joe we have all
this cool shit all this great technology
I was like oh fuck broadcast mama have a
ride here we are
hey hey can someone Google this for me

Adam I hate to end this but it’s 3:10 oh
shit we’ve literally done this for three
hours I feel stupid now
it’s the weed that’s an amazing story
man that’s cool as fuck I like where

you’re coming from actually Joe Biden’s
this is where I agree with Tom close
your eyes remember to solve television

it’s about fear and loathing has always
been about the abuse of power African
Americans the brown black women gay
straight we should make sure that we
have no one going to jail for a drug

offense that go directly mandatory
prison mission mandatory treatment my
this guy got himself in trouble a man

forgets the saying that he way there is
anonymous but he couldn’t disclose what
he did I came up with the internet
everything came up the kimberley the
whole idea of stealth technology I’m
gonna do the same thing I provide for

the opportunity for a first-time home
our home buyers my friend for a lot
thinks that the employer is going to
give you back if you negotiators union
all these years got a cutting weight

because you got insurance play the radio
make sure the television excuse me make
sure you have the record player on at
night make sure the kids hear words
they’re not bad folks folks that’s not a

bad idea if you like it I don’t like it

we are going to need to be in your
country you have to be open you have to
be clear we have to know what’s it’s not
we have to be there with you we are in a
position right now we have to remember

who we are
tell me how this ends Charlie just say

hey Joe it said it saying that we can’t
let’s say yes we can why they do that
why am i stopping you no one else stops

I got hands hands I don’t know if he had
a you know ants we had an invasion uh I

was thinking if you d if you desiccated
a big pile of ants and then ground them
to a powder like a fine fine grind a
black pepper it we were having dinner

and yeah I got an ant somehow is the
meal and I ate it
these things are peppery I got handsome

I got ants
these hands they don’t need a lot and
then you see who you find all the ones
that are Omer have low live BEC back

then we’ll back them up by doing the
burning truck is torture Shuichi leave
them there they bully and are
occasionally ones where there’s an ant
that you do not torch and that’s an ad
that’s carrying one of the dead hands

back i got hands
I got Hanson Hanson

again handsome handsome


OPO borin
org slash and a it’s got the world the