No Agenda Episode 1223: “Ogamacare”

orange man kill beibei’s Adam curry
John C. Dvorak this is your reward when
you get my nation media assassination
episode 1223 this is no agenda morning
everybody I’m Adam curry and from

Northern Silicon Valley where we have
shaved heads and fists in the air it’s
international Woman’s Day I’m John C
Dvorak wow man leave California is that
what you got there is that all you have

for international Woman’s Day shaved
heads and fists in the air no seriously
is that what’s going on
no you’re making that up right
they scrote elizabeth warren oh yeah

well that’s true okay
oh man I just had to think we had the
New York banker a former New Year banker
his wife over the last night yes we

hosted them and so as that’s why
struggling about Elizabeth Warren I
learned a couple things yes we’re all
ears everybody let’s make sure you’re

ready for me
let me see four main topics one the New
York Times sucks it’s it’s now using the
same model as Fox News pander to your

caveat he says that’s the only way you
can make money any more in media this is
a new this is this is a revelation to
him well I don’t know I guess

yeah then I have I yes we talked about
the economy and what’s going to happen

with with the rebound from once
coronaviruses over and he said that
apparently now people are talking about
au recovery I don’t know if you know

this people say they in the first with
all we might see a V recovery and then I
guess everyone’s talking about au
recovery ooh but he refutes that yeah
and he agrees with our basic premise

that this is not a big deal that that’s
how it kind of how he got to the the
bullcrap from the times and you know he
says everyone it says that a lot of had
Trump hate he agrees Trump hate in the
reporting he also thinks it will pass

pretty quickly and he believes he has
the mechanism that will reverse the
trend of well the trend of the market
but also the fear factor in the world

and that would be once South Korea
definitively publishes its numbers and
he thinks it’ll be somewhere like a half
of a half but no of a tenth of a percent

he thinks will be extremely low but that
the South Koreans will be trusted
because they can be trusted when they
come out with numbers and it will be
positioned as such and I like that I

think there’s a there’s some validity to
that I agree however he says the United
States I said hey man is are we going

into what’s going is gonna be a
financial reset what’s happening all
these new there’s a lot of stuff going
on and in fact he laughed let me see if
I have this

laughs no well well what up what did I
always say about Trump with the with the
US debt what did you say well you
laughed about it just on the previous

show I said he wants to do a refi he
wants to refire
listen here here is the president at the
town hall from earlier this week so a

lot of questions mr. president about the
national debt since being president
you’ve signed into law four point seven
trillion dollars of debt including two
point one trillion of discretionary

spending understand that you’re spending
on the military as well when you ran for
president at one point you said that you
would pay off the debt within eight
years so now we’re about four years in
and the debt is up three point five

trillion dollars that’s about 18%
Republicans and Democrats obviously are
not talking about the national debt a
lot on Capitol Hill or on the campaign

so did I talk about you care about the
now I do right very much and I’ll always
talk about it because to me it’s very
important now the good thing about the
debt is we’re paying very little
interest almost nothing this is a great
interest climate in fact I want to

refinance the debt construction guy the
revival refi but now but then he said

something interesting about where we’re
going to go he says it doesn’t matter he
says we are in the Japanese debt trap
and I like Japanese debt trap yeah he

says look at what happened with Japan
although there was an important
difference and I’m paraphrasing him he
said the in Japan it didn’t matter how
much stimulus whatever they tried to do

how much they printed it made no
difference the economy just kept slowly
deflating which of course kind of backs
up the modern monetary theory but the
problem Japan had and he says the same

goes for for China eventually is they
don’t have enough young people and
that’s then that’s why Japan you know
just really can’t get out of it so his

is we better get busy we need to make
more babies that was his he says that’s
the only way we can avoid it
and I don’t see that happening with the
you know dogs I don’t see it happening

with dogs either replacing children in
today’s society so I thought that was

interesting and then the final one as we
were talking a little bit more about
coronavirus he’s you know when you have
a course it’s international Woman’s Day

you have a when you have a societal
discouragement of having babies and
Families and there’s a discouragement of
families which means the discouragement
of babies and this is built into the

economy it’s built into the school
system it’s built into the colleges and
that’s why we have all these people that
have furry babies and my baby has four
paws and all these kinds of bumper

stickers yeah it’s all bit the system is
is pushed the family is it’s this it’s
designed to destroy the country and who
was behind this system and how do we

stop him
you know it’s funny I was talking to my
buddy from Holland yesterday yeah Robert
Jensen and he said and I didn’t I didn’t
think to look for a clip but he says

apparently earlier this year maybe
wasn’t yeah early admit was at the end
of last year
Soros apparently said yes yes there’s
only eight months until the election but

in the revolution eight months is a
lifetime and so now the conspiracy
minded of course are thinking that all
of this including the corona virus scare
has all been propagated by George Soros

and why not die and in the in the in the
mode of never let a good crisis go to
waste the analysis from the former New
York banker was pretty interesting about

Silicon Valley is now is it or is it
Google Amazon Apple as well they’re all
asking their employees to
I work from home I think a lot of them

are Amazon doesn’t have a lot of
presence down here but they yeah but
they’ve done that before I mean it’s the
it’s very doable for these companies to

have people working from home well what
the what the former New York banker
posited is oh yes he posited this oh
just before I D he posited it he said no
this is they’re doing this to stimulate

Silicon Valley he says by doing this
they want to stimulate more
telecommuting companies you know more
technology more networks more broadband

it says it’s and of course for them huge
differences in overhead so they’re
trying to use this to prove to I guess
shareholders board members workers alike

that see it works we can do it you can
just stay home that’s much better
I think of something that’s not even
close that’s what he thinks is going on

yeah I’m sure he does I used to imagine
that sort of thing myself years ago when
I was writing about telework
yeah just became known as yeah and then
you start looking into it and yeah and

that’s not the way it works now I didn’t
want to see people it’s it’s like the
right it’s like you had a company but
you know pod show and they Ron bloom
wanted to see people want to see people

no desks everybody all these guys in
Silicon Valley all these bosses they
don’t like the idea of people working
from home yeah it sounds good on paper
and maybe you can sell it to somebody
but in fact they want to see they want

to see body so they I control these
people hmm and it’s I’ve never seen any
evidence to the country one time on the
silicon Spencer I had ad entrepreneur on
there she was very kind of famous famous

enough who was she what did they not
gonna mention her oh good she would she
would go on and on about do do I don’t
understand why people would they have to

be in the office because sometimes we
have a meeting we needed teams we need
to have teamwork we need we need this
camaraderie it has to be in the present
yeah I said I’ve got to
argument whether about telework no huh

no that’s no chance of that happening
with this mentality interesting okay
but this is what they have all these big
buildings that’s why there’s this
Salesforce Tower this tower is mine this
tower well three out of four for the

former New York bankers not bad then not
bad and we might offend Sunday you thing
I think I’m also over this of this I
subscribe to the new idea but V recovery
are you recovery I think you do recovery

to be better but he says it’s gonna be a
V he doesn’t say it’s gonna be you he
said I know it’s when he says V I think
you two out of four ain’t bad ladies and
gentlemen virus so we might as well

stick with that for a moment it’s it’s
kind of hot and I do have the bill that
was signed into law by the President on

Friday the Coronis coronavirus
preparedness and response supplemental
appropriations act money money money
money money but first let’s find out

what happened within the hour after the
President signed this bill which
contains appropriations means
distribution of money to the tune of
eight point three billion dollars within

the hour our fearless leader in Austin
mayor Adler canceled South by Southwest
disaster declarations remote the city of
Austin and Travis County canceled what
would have been the festival’s 34th year

community leaders saying people’s health
is just more important this is any
evaluation that is ongoing daily with
decisions made daily Friday afternoon

just days from the start of South by
Southwest the City of Austin canceled
the festival with a disaster declaration
at the same time the county issued a
similar declaration to festival

gatherings that are attracting
individuals from areas that have
documented cases of person-to-person
transmission of kovat 19 and also those

participants would be
expected to be in close and sustained
proximity with one another but just two
days ago the city’s health officials
said that canceling the festival would

not stop the spread of corona virus in
Austin there is no evidence that closing
South by Southwest or other activities
is going to make this community safer

Friday they added having the festival
would help spread the virus faster
there was no acceptable path forward
that would mitigate the risk enough to
protect our community officials looked

at the size of events venues where
guests were coming from and if those
places had any threats of
person-to-person contact between people
with coronavirus the fact that this is a
high-impact disease and that we lack a

vaccine or treatment at this stage makes
the threat higher as well there are
still no confirmed cases in Austin or
Travis County and for the past week

businesses and performers have been
dropping out a South by right so let’s
take a look at a few things first of all
this is very sad for Austin this is our
big event it’s our big annual event it

brings in over 350 million dollars
according to last year’s numbers give me
a quick comment yeah sure
couple of things one they said they are

cancelling the event for health reasons
well if that was the case it would have
canceled eight years ago you know the
drunk Fest that it is the other thing is

as soon as I hear all this because I
know there people were starting to bail
yeah oh we’re gonna keep doing it when
this guy bails and then that guy bills

and then this guy bills it was headed to
being a money loser if it kept on and I
die I’m gonna do you probably know the
answer this but is it possible that it
was canceled officially does that

trigger some insurance clause guys
losing their asses well the insurance
clause on the South by Southwest
organizers is unclear this conflicting

reports but the reason why this was
signed an hour within the president
into bill this declaration was made is
very obvious from the money being

distributed there is emergency money and
you know when you look at eight billion
dollars and I’ll break it down a little
bit it doesn’t sound like a lot when you
break it into hundreds of millions and

you see how many hundreds of millions
that is an you think one hundred million
dollars a lot of money the the most
important chunk of money is four hundred
and seventy five million dollars which

will be made available to cities and I
what else to do tribal areas stuff like
that but cities who have declared an
emergency in that four hundred and

seventy five million dollars says here
the four hundred seventy five million
dollars of the funds made available in
the proceeding proviso be allocated
within thirty days it’s like got a rush

got it got to spend the quick got to get
it out there so I think Adler of course
had no choice there was a move on org or petition which to me is

always like okay you got fifty thousand
something’s fifty thousand people signed
this now I don’t know about that maybe
maybe not I don’t know exactly we but
you know as a as a Democratic mayor he

had no choice you know for him it’s it’s
the easiest one it’s like if I just bail
out you know if someone gets sick then
I’m screwed now we’re gonna get the

money anyway so maybe some of that money
goes to compensate South by but there’s
there will be programs for small
businesses as well I’ll read some of
that to you but here’s the to me

disgusting thing the same day in the
evening after after service announcement
was made
the mayor post video with the the city
attorney who you heard speak there and
his health official and they’re sitting

in one of Austin’s the better-known
eating establishments and they got
tequila and they’re drinking and they’re
eating and during this eating and

drinking of the food they record this
video I’m here with our Senator in our
senator standing with Austin you know we
cancelled South by this week there are a
lot of people that are hurting because

of that now is the time that we should
be going to restaurants going to clubs
wide musicians merchandise helping one
another we want to make sure that
everybody knows it’s still safe and a

wonderful thing to stand with Austin to
eat with Austin to take rideshares with
Austin and to go see local bands with
Austin so y’all get out and enjoy

go to the bars go to the clubs listen to
the music tip your waiters tip your
bartenders and if you want to you can
make a contribution at the Austin
Community Foundation and that’s Austin
CF dot org you can make a contribution

to help those people who are hit the
hardest by this and are the least likely
to be able to come out of it
drinking shots so how does this jive

with that speech he gave when he
canceled South by Southwest it’s like oh
you know it’s emergency health emergency
but people gotten partay I think I don’t

see how that works
doesn’t yes
NPR had a good short piece on the bill
which I’d like to just dive into briefly

but they set it up with this eight point
three billion dollars interestingly it’s
the largest of its kind eight point
three billion sounds like a lot how is
it helpful here

it really is actually a lot there are
some figures for comparison here five
point four billion for the Ebola
response in 2014 nearly seven billion
for h1n1 in 2009 so this is many

millions of dollars more than Congress
put towards those efforts one important
point this is quite a turnaround for the
Trump administration just last week they

requested only 1.25 billion in new
funding and they wanted to move money
around to get to 2.5 billion and they
defended that

figure as members of Congress from both
sides of the aisle said this really
seems like a lowball the president did
say last week he was open to more and
that is what he got eight point three
billion more than three times that

initial ask to which the president said
oh you ate okay I’ll take it so this is
the cause I said the coronavirus
preparedness and response supplemental

appropriations act what this is is a
division of that eight point three
billion dollars and the the main
takeaway from this is it’s incredibly
fuzzy as to what this can be used for

but in general it is for mmm
preparedness I shall read it verbatim
let’s get start first with the some of

the chunks of money which are really
ill-defined do require an additional
designation by Congress before it can be
used and that’s kind

peppered throughout this thing so
there’s still some some power strings
cuz this is so obvious you know the
president didn’t see a need for a lot of
money Chuck Schumer jumped in and every
and this is so typical of Washington DC

everybody jumps in they’ve all got their
oh I need some money I need some money
over here for instance an additional
amount for disaster look the disaster
loans program account for administrative

expenses to carry out the disaster loan
program for the small business Act
twenty million dollars goes there and
the amounts will be maybe transfer to
and merged of wind salaries and expenses

so you’re going to go hire some people
then we have the Department of Health
and Human Services two point two billion
dollars and this is what it’s for to
prevent prepare for and respond to

coronavirus domestically or
internationally that’s it is there any
obvious pork wells I just give them away

well the pork is the giveaway so
underneath the this 2.2 billion this and
I of course I was looking for some
keywords this will be will be made
available to quote carry out

surveillance but that’s all it says yeah
and I guess that can be monitoring
people but surveillance is pretty
specific I think so I don’t know it’s
not specified anywhere else

also for communications preparedness and
then we have that four hundred and
seventy five thousand dollars and that
the real pork is in their funds may be
used I think this is Secretary of CDC

for purchase and insurance of official
motor vehicles and foreign countries I
guess we need that five million dollars
I’m gonna go on a car shopping spree ten
million dollars goes to foul cheese

group there you know doctor foul Chi
yeah thanks broke oh yeah he gets some
communications of money there is three
point 1 billion dollars made of a

for counter measures and vaccines
prioritizing platform-based
technologies with us-based manufacturing
capabilities and the purchase of

vaccines so I think that will be used to
build up some manufacturing capacity
that’s one of the president’s favorite
little moves they’re further provided
funds appropriated under the in this act

may be used for grants for the
construction alteration or renovation of
non federally owned facilities to
improve preparedness and response
capability so it just sounds like we’re
gonna give it to certain favored

organizations or manufacturers Guus yep
your building yep
also in many cases it says years they
might be hiring people but be be known

that such individuals may not be deemed
employees of the United States well it
says for the purposes of any law

administered by the Office of Personnel
and management I guess they’re just
saying we’re gonna be hiring furnace or
shelling out money in furnace lands
that’s a really imply foreigner just

says there’s not going to be employees
of the United States money they’re not
working for the government they’re good
didn’t just means it’s gonna be a bunch
of money going to NGOs I think oh yeah
Department of State for quote diplomatic

programs 264 million dollars programs
got to do with their virus well let me
read the diplomatic programs 264 million
for necess for necessary expenses to

prevent prepare for and respond to
coronavirus including for maintaining
consular operations so that makes we’re
gonna well but still if everybody in the

council dies they got to put in a
skeleton crew that cost money here’s my
favorite actually let me play this
second clip from NPR first another big
pot of money in here 950 million will go

to this state and local public health
response through CDC and as you say half
of that has to go or be
hitted in 30 days that’s really really

fast and what the money will be used for
at this point in the epidemic is things
like health department’s staffing up to
work 24/7 laboratories buying equipment
and paying staff overtime and

investments in data to be able to
properly do surveillance I love how they
don’t blink an eye bat an eye at that
everybody wants to buy a mass spec that
would be there exactly global health

programs this is for the State
Department will receive four hundred and
thirty five million dollars for the same
expenses for necessary expenses to

prevent prepare for and respond to
coronavirus then funds appropriated by
this title and this is for homeland

security I believe now this is still
state anything under the heading
diplomatic programs may be transfer to
and merged with funds available under
the consular and border security

programs and I’m thinking maybe there’s
some wall money in there that Trump
tried to hide but this is my favorite
administration of foreign affairs
diplomatic programs of the department of

state foreign operations and related
programs appropriations well we all know
what that is
CIA black budget exactly why do those
guys give that to get some new added

scam money from everyone then they have
an additional security protection not to
exceed a hundred million dollars let me
see cars for this

here we go super cars yes amounts
by Congress for overseas contingency
operations slash Global War on Terrorism
I mean come on it’s like the everyone’s

just taking money they’re just stealing
little bits and pieces ooh I think I’ll
grab this this is a nice little bit
mm-hmm yeah nice work if you can get and
now one other important designation in

this in this act is the you know they
just they just they have the term
coronavirus so what do you believe the
the legal term for coronavirus should be

in this document
I think it’s be specific to the covet 19
yeah but that’s not what it is it’s ours
CoV – – yes this is what by the way I

sent you that clip of those the army and
their little group of a guy from Fort
Dietrich and a bunch of other I would

say creepy people mm-hmm but very
knowledgeable they all called it that
that’s what all the army calls yeah call
it czars Corona – yeah because it’s

extremely similar to kuroh czars corona
and I don’t understand why did we have
to have a CO vid 19 then this is odd I
when I first heard this czars Corona –

which is the designator that’s used by
these guys I thought to myself to do
this is you know its army so you know
they’re always very good about finding

them just the right title and and making
it sound militarized yeah what I felt
exactly the same way what was all this
rigmarole this folder all about kovin 19
when it’s really SARS corona – yeah it’s

the SARS virus now that course the rumor
mill and the Internet has it is it’s
ours it’s been injected with HIV yes
there’s any evidence of that but the

cause it’s all bullcrap it sounds to me
well but I think it’s just SARS – well
here’s here’s what here’s the prediction
I’m a guy and I think it’s a fairly good

this was signed on Friday the six so by
April 6 this should all be over 30 days
from now it’s all done

everyone has their money we know it has
to be spent the important money has to
be spent here Adler
within hours is already acting like it’s
party time this I mean so transparent
and obvious oh it’s a group that’s a

great point first he cancels the event
it should be a sad time but no now he’s
out party and everybody else come on
farling shots you see we’re doing shots
yeah the three of them do a shot at the

end of the video and meanwhile the
actual information is just never really
brought to the top of the stack we are
still I’m sorry I should say who this is

this is M Admiral Brett Gerrard jawar he
is the assistant secretary for health
and human services we are still very
early in understanding and all the

evidence isn’t there so I want to caveat
that but to set a grass and foundation
these typically more calidad is that
what are you supposed to say is a no and

now I decide like to add don’t caveat
something it’s nothing bring it into a

verb give me a break I mean that is
classic it’s trying to do a google move
turning a noun into a verb I got it
we are still very early in understanding
and all the evidence isn’t there so I

want to caveat that but to set a grass
and Foundation the typical mortality
rate for seasonal flu is about 0.1% or
0.15 percent the best estimates now of

the overall mortality rate for Kovan 19
is somewhere between 0.1 percent and 1
percent okay that’s lower than you heard

probably in many reports why is this
it’s because many people don’t get sick
and don’t get tested so probably for and
this is reflects the overseas experience

so probably for every case there are at
least two or three cases that are not in
the denominator so I just want to sort
of scale that that it’s certainly could
be higher than normal flu it probably is

but it’s not likely in the range of two
to three percent so our best modeling
again you have a denominator problem and
I want you to understand that that only
the people who are really sick or have

symptoms come in and get tested so based
on is is based on the models we have
right now we estimate the mortality as
0.1 to 1%

yeah of course no one wants to look at
their models because that’s only good
for climate change models now the last
show I believe is the last show I had

heard this show before I had a clip two
clips in a row to point out to the
idiocy of this whole thing which one guy
says it’s three and a half percent Tory
had the Harvard professor of the expert

and then they’d know then the expert
came out what he would do is first there
was somebody else said Sir Ian a person
then the expert came out using that data
and his own data the expert who
predicted by the calculations by the

numbers Jesus throughout we calculated
it 10 million dead yeah get this money
all this money shuffling and now from we

go from the three point five and ten
million dead – well you know it’s kind
of maybe worse than the flu a lot of
people have it they don’t thirty days

John 30 days 30 days and it’s all over
it’ll all be over in fact on MSNBC
they’ve are they’re already done with
the death and destruction part they’re
moving straight on to politicization and

this is that Princeton professor Eddie
Glaude real smug prick what I was
thinking about this in terms of politics
right right that’s how prefer professors
of Princeton talk right what I was

thinking about this in terms of politics
right we talked about
the business community finally not kind
of sticking with Donald Trump but this
may be and I you know Nicole I should

mention this with little trepidation but
this may be Donald Trump’s Katrina hey
let’s just lean into that for a minute

the time we got to talk like that let’s
just lean into that topic for a minute
now was the moment when all the things
that felt incredibly incompetent about

the Bush presidency the appointment of
Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court the
botched attempt to pass Social Security
private as they I mean I just can’t sit
there like that she was she was in the

Bush administration she did she was in
the press office so she’s quoting her
own administration here Nicole Wallace

Harriet Miers was not put on the Supreme
Court as we know it was a suggestion
that floated around it never grew nobody
took it seriously that gig okay let her

continue I’m sorry Supreme Court is a
horrible person this woman and that’s
why I’d bring her up botched attempt to
pass Social Security private as they
lived it I can go through the whole list
were realize we gave them a proof point

that we were indeed incompetent and also
people died I mean this is this has the
making structurally for the same kind of
moment but if there’s only a moment that
would shake that 40% the folks who would

allow him to shoot someone and ride down
to the there’s any a moment it’s this
one because it’s babies it’s friends do
you hear what this a hole is doing it’s

like this is different because it’s
babies that’ll be dying babies will be
dying orange man kill babies babies
hey Bill look at all this toilet paper

we’ve got yeah right and so it seems to
me that this is an event that could take
down a president oh yes it could take

down a president this event mm-hmm
mm-hmm so I think everyone’s kind of
getting over the the clock is ticking
down thirty days and we’re good to go
and you can wait for the you I’ll take

the bankers advice on the V good a note
from Black Knight of Seven Hills
Cincinnati Adam John listening to the
show had some Intel to share first you

mentioned toilet paper shortages yes
particularly by the way I went to
Central Market yesterday and I saw
people in the parking lot with their
trolleys filled toilet paper and it was

super busy there was no shortage inside
but however it may be defined the West
Coast as our producer says yes

particular on the west coast but in
general in the US retailer inventories
of toilet paper are critically low and
then tell wait he has standing here home
I’m being told the retailer warehouses

are essentially empty I work in the
consumer supply chain and we’re being
told that toilet paper hand sanitizer
and bleach are essentially out of stock
nationwide we’re making paper as fast as

we can and are unsure if we should
expect a huge drop-off in April as
people work out yes exactly yes or if
people will use more because they have

so much and demand will just level off
so we’re preparing for both
possibilities you don’t use more toilet
paper cuz you have so much hey Bill look
at all this toilet paper we’ve got yeah

I’m gonna wipe myself and wipe myself
for no good reason this nonsense hey man
he’s one of our producers so go easy on
them this is probably management
management that’s saying this all right

further my wife and I work it sorry for
our producer yeah man well don’t imagine
people we’ve got more toilet paper so

let’s use more toilet paper okay no I
well I don’t know maybe you know how
about this if if coronavirus is over and
we said within 30 days and everyone’s

got gobs of toilet paper then I can see
what people like hey we’re not dead and
yeah and wipe some more I don’t make it
as possible further my wife and I work

in major cincinnati-based companies and
consumer goods and groceries and in the
social justice warrior times they cannot
be seen as putting the employees at risk

therefore although travel isn’t
technically banned we are being
encouraged to not travel to that end
we’ve elected not to participate in
tissue world the paper industry trade

show for toilet paper and paper towels
this is that this is a show I would like
to go see Wow you imagine a big trade
show for just toilet paper and paper

towels there may be some great
innovation that we don’t know about you
know see you maybe they have no the
shells that was the shells or the rocks

the pebbles I can’t remember I have no
idea what the but it could be at one of
these this would be debt you’re right
oh just worth going to just to go to it
yeah thank you very much Black Knight of
the Seven Hills Cincinnati yeah you got

I got a kick out of a tiny black nice
use for toilet paper cuz we got more
toilet paper let me see what else we get
oh no no that’s a skip that Jack Dorsey

is rethinking his plan of living in
amid the corona virus outbreak which we
might want to note again is not in

although Uganda has what you gone to do
Uganda cancels all international
conferences issues travel ban Lombardi
now in Italy little north where my
sister Willow lives they now they’re on

lockdown and another one of those
Illuminati Illuminati numbers 11 million
people just like Wuhan 11 million people
are shut in lockdown so we’ll see how
that goes mr. Jack Dorsey with his

Taliban beard it’s going to rush off to
Africa because he’s afraid of the what

is wrong no no he was going he had this
plan to you know just to move like ice I
think a second headquarters or something
he wanted to do something in Africa

because his swamy told him to I don’t
know and now he’s really thinking that
isn’t that we used to have Swami’s does
United Nation I’m just doing a reading

through the headlines the United Nations
refuses to call coronavirus outbreak a
pandemic so that we know that’s still
based upon the the pandemic bonds which
they don’t want to trigger and I think

they won’t be triggered because now the
u.s. that one thing Donald Trump is
always bitching about that we’re the
ones ponying up here we are not the
bondholders not Germany not Japan now no
we’re gonna pay for it because we got

more than a billion dollars going
overseas more than that actually you
know let’s see like that NPR interview
and to be clear is this all domestic
spending or is there any money being
offered to other countries that are

dealing with the outbreak yeah so this
is interesting the Trump White House did
not request any funding for an
international response the head of the
coronavirus task force and Health and
Human Services Secretary Alex azar

actually told Congress they were
focusing on the homeland but Congress in
this law did include over a billion
dollars for the international response
and that could be used for instance to

help low and middle income countries
shore up their resources to be able
to contain or mitigate outbreaks experts
I talked to were really pleased and
quite actually relieved to see this
funding in there no it’s it’s shameful

there was a prett there’s a pandemic
preparedness fund funded fully ready to
go all the World Health Organization has
to do is say yeah yeah it’s at that

level and I think the numbers are there
because it’s specific numbers but no no
we’ll pay for it don’t worry about it
these jackasses in Congress getting all

this free money wouldn’t be bitchin and
you know it’s interesting you say that
because you know of course power of

money corrupts I started watching the
long touted and perfectly timed Hillary
Clinton documentary on Hulu yeah and
it’s four hours so I’ve only watched the

first hour and I must say that whole
first hour you can’t help but be a fan
of Hillary Clinton in that moment
because she seems like such a genuine

person a true fighter for for women very
good work she did a lot no it’s it is
extremely well done you do not get even

with a slight whiff of the corruption
something bad happened to her
you have to yeah bill I think you’re
right I think it is exactly what

happened now you you have to watch all
four hours now that you watch the older
stars of course have you possible that
think I don’t you know if it’s you

sometimes you can blow your you can blow
it you can do is do what you just
described is like wow this is great I’d
vote for her she’s the best and then
after a while starts to wear on you and

after four hours maybe I don’t know it’s
not I don’t care for it’s possible that
they can’t sustain that if they can
sustain that feeling that you’ve
achieved it was in the one-hour period
as a filmmaker and they can do that for

four hours and Wow yeah they can write
her but
okay so again this was incredibly
we have just the perfect and I am sure
you have some bite and stuff we have but

we have the perfect potential but before
we go switch gears completely I do know
someone Reese little update I want a
place we will update on Cove in 1900 you
still have that is it really worth it is

it more than I just did it will add no
it’s totally this in a different
dimension it is actually something
reasonable does just a Cove it’s gonna

kill us all continue but it’s kind of
backing off a little bit this is the
mainstream media V of PBS on Saturday
with Hari Srinivasan reporting and it’s
a lot different than what you gave us I

mean it’s not better the Food and Drug
Administration is rapidly expanding the
distribution of test kits to detect
cases of the new corona virus across the
country Vice President Mike Pence made

the announcement in Florida today at a
briefing with health officials that was
this before the the bill was signed or
you don’t know no it’s just yesterday oh
okay more than 1 million tests any

cooperation with those same commercial
even with more kits there are concerns

about the capacity of different states
to test people as the number of cases
increase how that data will be gathered
and reported there are nearly 400 total
confirmed cases in the US according to

Johns Hopkins University which is
tracking this spread globally Florida
officials reported two deaths from COBIT
19 both people who died were elderly
that brings the total number of deaths

in the u.s. to 19 New York Governor
Andrew Cuomo declared a state of
emergency after 21 new confirmed cases
today we have now been also going after
the money testing around the block as

you know we are aggressively testing
following up leads because we want to
find as many people who test positive so
we can get them out

circulation that’s a great concept I’m
sorry Mr curry you’ve been taken out of
circulation so we can get them out of
circulation the Grand Princess cruise

ship remains off the coast of Northern
California with its 21 confirmed cases
of the virus among the more than 3,500
people on board as of this afternoon
officials have not said when or where

the ship will be allowed to dock in
Egypt a cruise ship on the nile river
with 100 foreign tourists is in
quarantine in the city of Luxor 33
people have tested positive for kovat 19

on that ship in southeastern China a
hotel collapsed today trapping about 70
officials say the hotel was being used
to quarantine people who had contact

with kovat 19 patients is this just
intended to raise the blood pressure of
their audience I mean this is like just
going down a list of all this all italy

reported its biggest daily increase in
virus what i say as you say that it
continues these infections now total

more than 5,800 people and 36 people
have died there from the virus in the
past 24 hours in Iran 21 people have
died from the virus just since yesterday

one of them a member of parliament the
number of confirmed cases in Iran is
also more than 5,800 people US health
officials continue to caution that the
immediate risk of being exposed remains

low and that the majority of people who
contract kovat 19 will have flu-like
symptoms and will recover
Wow Thanks reporting some actual info at
the very end oh my goodness alright I’m
closing the door on this step up in

China your what step correct wha
from the North China Plain all the way
to fullback whoo-ha
all right back to Hillary for a moment

the woman does fascinate so just the the
release date of this documentary it is
all about her running for president from
what I can tell and of course she’s

doing the rounds and she showed up on
Fallon and of course we needed to talk
about the current 2020 candidates and

the the primary for the Democrats and
it’s always interesting to check in and
see what HRC is thinking what do you
think of that with a look I thought it

was very exciting because starting in
South Carolina he had so much energy and
what he had to say was you know really
enthusiastic and positive and about what

he was going to do and who he was and
the people of South Carolina
obviously rewarded that and then that
kind of set off this momentum and it
carried him he won all but I guess three

states yeah why do you why do you think
people connect with Joe Biden you know
look I’ve known him for a really long
time I think people know he is a deeply
decent person he is a kind person he

doesn’t take cheap shots at people
doesn’t insult people as a way of you
know trying to put people down and lift
himself up he is such the opposite of
what we currently have in the way

had had a chance to think about it as
this contest got going and decided boy

the most important thing is we retire
the incumbent that’s more important than
anything else and he has the experience
he knows what needs to be done he can
repair the damage that he would be

inheriting so I think that’s what was
going on in people’s minds
ya know Hillary is clearly talking about
herself here she doesn’t believe a word
of that’s when it comes to Joe Biden and
she does her disgusting Russia dance one

more time the candidates also have to
have to be willing to admit Russia
interfered last time they’re interfering
this time yeah we know that even the

Trump administration has to admit that
so the propaganda it’s just not true did
I miss something did we not miss that
that was overstated and it was what the

actual intelligence report said was that
Russia wouldn’t mind if Trump was
reelected so that they cuz they felt
they could deal with him wasn’t that the

actual intelligence reporting Putin’s
calling the shots man the Trump
administration has to admit that so the
propaganda the lies the disinformation
the theft of information and all of that

that went on last time is going to be
back and so it’s not only the candidates
although they have to be prepared to
take it on but voters need to be aware
of all that and what what advice yet to
the voters oh okay

hello stupid people of America your
queen now tells you what to do really
pay attention don’t get fooled by the
propaganda just because something pops

up in your Facebook feed don’t think
it’s true I’m really very sad that
Facebook has said we’re not going to
take down false information candidates
and particularly Trump is doing this you

can pay to put lies on Facebook and
that’s really slick Lee is that a portal
for that is there a dashboard lies on

particularly Trump is doing this you can
pay to put lies on Facebook and that’s
really slickly produced people think
it’s true really be skeptical about
what’s coming in that Facebook feed

really any kind of social media
information that you get because so much
of it is manipulated you don’t know
where it’s coming from
yeah I was gonna say is it from you
think is there other people’s as Russia

as other countries well we we know from
the intelligence that’s been shared that
Iran tried to mess with the primary
another report Iran tried to mess with

the primary she says we know is prime
which primary I don’t know what is she

is she still read into everything is she
top-secret I mean I guess I don’t know
but this one was new to me the
intelligence that’s been shared that
Iran tried to mess with the primary but

if you were a foreign adversary of ours
or if you just wanted to mess around
with us why wouldn’t you try because it
worked last time so hey get in there and

try to pretend you’re for somebody else
or pretend you’re you know a certain
kind of citizen and you have a certain
set of beliefs and you try to you know
Jen something up so yeah I think all of
that’s going to go on and is going on as

we speak
Oh Thank You Hillary for our Intel
update luckily over at the Hulu premier
someone actually asked the question that
would be on my mind because the most

important thing for our country not just
for the Democrats all Americans is to
defeat Donald Trump that’s what I’m
going to be working toward
and Joe Biden had a big night last night
would you consider being his VP if he

asks I’ve not even thinking about that I
was very pleased that we had a huge
turnout people really are focused on
beating Trump and that’s what they
should be focused on interesting how she

answers the question by saying I’m not
really thinking about that well why do
you say that because she could have just
said no she always has to leave it in

the middle and we all know we all know
know we all knows that though she could
have just said no but of course we got a
clue a clue from Amy Klobuchar that is a

sign that is a sign of lying of course
what’s the simplest thing you do is you
say no or you just say Iran I don’t know

that’s Ron they got new technology over
there so this is the clip I found the
clip of Amy Klobuchar apparently gaffing
out by saying that she was happy to join

the Biden ticket now I’d like to let you
for finding this because I could not
find this clip oh yeah well they
irritated me whenever I see an article
and there’s you know it states something

with quotes and there’s just a picture I
go looking yeah I will look into but
then I says that by about halfway
through I said wait a minute this is so
this is out there so much Adam will

start looking and he’ll find it I’m done
I could not think of a better way to end
my candidacy as hard as that was to do

with our beloved staff and everyone else
then to join the tick join the the Joe

Thank You Jo

I’m sorry your misgendering us no no you
can’t say guys as women here toe join
the terrific the terrific terrific

campaign of Joe Biden what do you think
trial balloon actual or it yeah problem

test mark Ania no I think she was given
the opportunity and I mean by pick his
gruesome from New Mexico as vice

president but which the former New York
banker likes that idea by the way it’s a
very good idea yeah he liked it it and
but this is a it’s a possibility that
the Democrats is Bynes gettin to do it

it is you know what roomies in somebody
would have to be a Mesa lucky you you
got you got a bailout will give you the
vice presidency and then just probably
not long for this world and you know we

can so you think you got it you really
think that they they asked her what the
reason that when she did the gaffe
mm-hmm she goes I did ticket and then
she instead of saying is which if she

was like oh I gave it away or was a gap
or if it was actually a gap she would
have said oh yeah Joe I didn’t joined
the ticket but believe me I would if I
was given the opportunity because that’s

how much I like this guy Joe Biden right
she would have she wouldn’t have gotten
so flustered because it’s probably a lot
of this is based on confidentiality
agreements and all the rest and she
can’t say anything yeah so I think that

they’ve offered it to her
on a contingency basis she may have
blown it right there that’s why she was
so nervous yes yes you got all flustered
because oh my god no they’re gonna take

it away from me we did get a quote from
her after after that gaffe here she is
and so I think yeah it’s a possibility

in Deadwood of course it takes Grisham
out of the picture and it it would
explain why Amy just bailed so quickly
and left the war and it hang and hang in
the banging uh you know they hung out to

dry as I’m yeah yeah and she doesn’t
know what she’s beside herself now
Warren is because she can’t because the
party’s on her case to there’s those
people over there saying to her let’s

face it you can’t no no you can’t you
can endorse Bert Bernie there’s the
thing he’s not even a member of the
party do you understand and by the way
you in him gotten to this beef do you
remember that he called you a liar and

all the rest and you so you have a good
excuse not to endorse him throw it to
Joe who do you think has the better
relationship with the unions is that
should be Bernie I would presume right

there’s no evidence of this Biden is old
school Democrat old Union guy well I’ll
tell you why I speak about big unions

yeah I’m talking United United Auto
Workers is that big it’s as big as it is
yes for the biggest so this has been a
member twice I might might add well this
is so here’s my question I find it

incredibly coincidental that after five
years five years they’ve been working on
this case just four days but with the
weekend four days before the primary in

Michigan we have this story the United
States at Michigan of course Detroit
Michigan at Motor City the United States
of America is charging mr. Jones

with one count of conspiracy to embezzle
Union funds and conspiracy to aid
racketeering activity this is the former
United Auto Workers chief who has been

indicted for this home for the horrible
crimes listen to them in one count of
conspiracy to defraud the United States
by failing to pay taxes on over 1
million dollars that he and his cohorts

stole from the UAW the allegations are
that in connection with his UAW roll
mr. Jones conspired with other UAW
officials to steal over 1 million

dollars in UAW money and property
instead of that cash and property going
to help the men and women of the Union
mr. Jones spent it on his own personal
enjoyment and on the whims of other

high-ranking union officials
mr. Jones together with UAW officials
Vance Pearson and Edward Robinson spent
UAW money on items that the workers of
the Union could scarcely afford these

improper expenses were completely
unrelated to Union business such as
luxury condos and villas in California
lavish dinners at expensive restaurants

premium liquor five sets of custom-made
golf clubs specially designed by a golf
pro horseback riding on the beach now
there’s a couple more in here but yes I

found it here in the United Auto Workers
endorsed Bernie Sanders so dad the way I
read this is this is Bernie Sanders you
really want this is the guy who works

with these people but these these people
is your unions you want oh this is
horrible and look at what they’re doing
they’re there and I love the
specification of of these horrible
crimes we designed by a golf pro

horseback riding on the beach over
$100,000 in golf green fees golf
clothing sunglasses and tips for caddies

over $60,000 in high-end cigars humidors
and cigar paraphernalia over $8,000 in
spa treatments for UAW officials and

their spouses and much much more I’m
thinking we got to find us a union
sounds like party this is really a great
clip they’re doing this to screw Bernie

well let’s let’s analyze that for a
moment in ten
the golf the emphasis son golf of
courses visit as a leader Strunk yep oh

yeah yeah yeah Trump yeah just like a
lead us to Trump horseback riding on the
beach this is what is not what a union
man would do it’s just so from the feet
it would have been better if you said

romantic horseback rides on the beach
well this is this is part of the of the
I would it’s kind of like a reverse
mirror to make Bernie an elitist in the
all these socialists they want to take

your money and they’re gonna use it for
their own pleasure and which is what you
wanted the kind of argument you want to
sell people and to kill this idea of
socialists being you know anything but
asshole stealing your money and then

they the ones they’re driving around the
big luxury cars and they’re making you
do all the work and tip tips for caddies
and tips for caddy so so this is a this
is really and again it would end the

party that would be tight with the but a
lot of dimensions are they the upper
echelons of the Democrats jens that this
would be the way to go this is a
fantastic clip and you’re right is it’s

all about bernie is all about
embarrassing bernie and some awkward way
and after it once they gave the
endorsement to bernie there’s no reason
the UAW should endorse bernie by the way

that I can tell there’s nothing can’t
attend and when one of us has a really
great clip and the other one appreciates
it what do we do well what we did

usually but but as you mentioned one
time ago that if somebody actually
defragment water over and slalom if you

ask you get skipped all right well
you’re mean you’ll give yourself the
clip of the day thank you thank you that

everyone’s calling for it man
so I’m gonna get back to this analysis
of Biden that was great by the way I
that was one of the best out-of-the-blue

things that these guys are when doing
this guy wish I said by the way a month
ago when the Democrat elites decided
that they don’t want Bernie then I get
to Bernie’s done I mean that just just

makes the thing they did with Hillary
where they just had a few memos about
how to screw Bernie this makes it look
like that looks like Sunday school
compared to what we were witnessing here

this is dynamite this is real person I
and stuff I mean they gotta unless we’re
getting rid of this guy
they got a US Attorney to roll it out
and with those words to really know not

just embezzled funds no no let’s really
spell it out with these horrible wrecks
of human beings have done with your
money yeah your money now we talked

about Brooks on the PBS news hour going
on about how Bernie had the message and
he was nobody could beat him and then
well now this is another week goes by

the next thing you know Bernie’s in the
in the toilet and bitin the gaffe
machine and I have a bunch of them yeah
today yes is that so what it what is
Brooks gonna say so this is his thing

I’m explaining it he’s gonna be baffled
by it
he’s always baffled this guy he was
baffled by Trump right to the end so
let’s go with Brooks on the Dems

community shift I’ve never seen anything
like it
it was in the in the 48 hours after
South Carolina the polls were moving so
fast some pollsters were saying that
polls over 12 hours old were obsolete

and it’s it was a spontaneous move by
millions of people all around the
country and different graphics spot day
I think there’s one in reaching the same
conclusion that it’s got to be Joe Biden

and why they didn’t do that six weeks
ago or four weeks ago
I think first Super Tuesday forced a
decision on a lot of voters all at once
second you had an amazing act of
political selflessness a mclubbe a

Scirocco to one minnesota and it would
have been nice to feather in her bonnet
and she said no I would be selfish
and the judge did the same and so you
had a party establishment frankly doing

the right thing but more important was
the rank-and-file voters who just they
they looked at the reality and like a
community a community is more than just

a bunch of individuals a community
people have common values they sense
each other’s movements and I don’t
really think the Democratic Party acted
like a community moving all in at one
moment a community a couple of things

that are interesting that we’re gonna
witness as we continue on this is
married journey
the media has decides as the media’s
part of the Democrat Party they have

decided to cover up Joe’s gaffes now I
refer back to my essay that it was
linked in the newsletter with a couple
of newsletters ago which is that this is

really all about the money because
they’ve already given up they keep you
maybe maybe maybe Biden could win but
it’s that who cares we just we don’t
want names they need they need the money
for the down ballot candidates and all
the down ballot people they’re gonna

lose it all if Bernie gets you know
nominate so they’re going out after him
and here’s the funny this is a my
favorite clip which I think should be
kept around this is a because you
especially for your use this is Brooks

on Bloomberg advertising I want to play
this with it with it in mind that the
newspapers and magazines and everybody
is always you know promoting the idea
how advertising works and it works so

well and then we we hear of course this
is on PBS so there’s no advertisers
involve you probably would have not
heard this analysis on any of the
network stations on Bloomberg I I
started this thinking you can’t buy your

way in votes in the presidential
election there’s too much free media
good ads don’t do it and I think there’s
a lot of political science evidence to
this that that advertising especially in
the high profile campaign just does not

work and Bloomberg did not help himself
in the debate but I don’t think it’s
enough well hold on hold on a second
does that is that just television or is

it all his Facebook and Instagram stuff
I don’t know man the Russians did pretty
well with 110
I gotta keep saying that this blows
people away the great with a hundred and
ten grand by the way don’t forget

citizens united in the koch brothers yes
oh my goodness how come you don’t bring
those guys into the conversation mr.
Brooks all the Democrats do is moan and
groan and moan about citizens united and

all the rest of it and they can’t get it
so their director conflicted with this
very completely they can’t drop it can’t

say that on TV you can’t say that
advertising doesn’t work I’m amazed he’s
still alive nah now which brings us to a
side clip which is the idiot one of the

members of the New York Times board this
is this is and I’m happy you’re playing
this I clipped it to this is it is

important to record this and have it in
our show for future generations to enjoy
she’s talking with Brian Williams on
MSNBC and this is what we hear wait wait

let’s just set up its Brian Williams
MSNBC it is Mara gage mara gay yes and
they’re right with the tweet the tweet
itself is from Washington Post reporter

somebody I don’t know who that guy is
this no no it’s a woman
Makita I think it’s got some funny name

it yeah I didn’t get to look at her
tweets because they’re yeah but she’s a
wopo reporter so it’s the track it’s in
it’s NBC News it’s the New York Times

and it’s Walsh Washington Post it
perfectly shows the Ministry of Truth
eNOS no.20 20 billion bucks beating this
guy he could do it absolutely somebody

tweeted recently that actually with the
money he spent he could have given every
American a million dollars got it let’s
put it up a screen it when I read it
tonight on social media it kind of all

became clear bloomberg spent 500 million
on ads u.s. population 327 million don’t
tell us if you’re ahead of us on the
math he could have given each American 1

million dollars and I’ve had lunch money
left over
it’s an incredible way of putting it
it’s an incredible way of putting it
it’s true it’s just surveying it says it
does suggest you know what we’re talking

about here which is there’s too much
money in politics it’s true it’s true
I’m a reporter it’s true damn it we
forgive him because that’s part of his

charm now so 300 million people times a
million dollars of course is 300 billion
which is not what Bloomberg spent he

spent what they said which is about 500
million but to come up with the idea
you’d be about a buck and a half and
somebody did the math you know it’s easy
enough to figure out oh yeah but they

figured that it’s the same as giving
everybody 1 million dollars and they and
this makes a lot first of all to say
that in the first place you have to stop
and think you have to say wait a minute

maybe my math is off here because that
doesn’t sound right it doesn’t sound
right this is a problem with these
reporters they can’t stay at this knit
there’s no sniff test for them exactly

it doesn’t sound right because it’s not
even close you’re off by a factor of 1
million 1 million this is not a small
factor this is not like a factor of 10
I’ve done that on the show I’ve been off

by a factor of 10
I made a math mistake and is off by 10
it’s not off by 1 million and they play
it straight and then somebody produced
they tweet and put it on the screen

there’s a director there’s cameramen
there’s guys in the control booth
they’re all over the place and I don’t
see why you’re something I don’t see why

you’re surprised I’m not surprised at
all it’s fantastic I think Brian
Williams should be on the talk show
circuit he should be on the view too
talking about this yes yes but your

point is is well made and that is the me
Leo and the complete trust of other glib
Joe’s they just trust each other just
just completely blanket car Blanc’s you

have with me I have a letter from one of
our readers in the one of our one of our
many jurors one of our reader readers
readers yeah well you reach the groupies

or newsletters him I gotta have to find
it cuz it’s around here somewhere but it
also reiterates what somebody else said
is and this was regarding your you and
the sound guy you know the sound guy oh

yes yes yes he says somebody hates him
and bowdry him but you’ve commented on
Twitter says somebody must really
somebody in the control room because
there’s no way this could get through

all those dollars levels
somebody must really hate fucking
Williams he maybe he’s a dick and this
girl this game what’s her name whatever
name is Myra Gaius she was so glib

looking oh yes and she had this look of
like unbelievable satisfactory had done
math for the first time and liked the
answer she liked the answers that you’re

right this is the New York Times a Gitta
mised this is a pity this is the epitome
of what we’re getting from the New York
Times well and the Washington Post and

the NBC and I think the former New York
banker is on to it as well was about
time and with that I’d like to thank you
for your courage and say in the morning

to you the man who put the C in the
circulation you get taken out of
morning you mr. Adam curry in the
morning I boots underground feet in the

air subs in the waters – feet in the air
subs in the water and the games tonight
set well done nailed it in the morning –
the trolls in the troll room at No
Agenda stream calm let’s take a quick
look account we have ooh nice 1369

that’s a lot of trolls there where y’all
from trolls were you checking in from
this isn’t no agenda stream calm where
you can listen to lots of live

programming if it’s not live then we’re
rolling out value for value podcasts go
no agenda stream calm and here we go
Ecuador Columbus Ohio Bangor Maine okay
door yeah Kanda Naevia Nevada

chiraq Confederate California cala
california west slope of colorado Gitmo
lowlands eyes is good this is very good
good to see you all everybody then I

would like to thank our artists for
episode 1222 this episode was last one
on Thursday was titled booby trap and

the artwork was a nice piece and this
was done by comic strip blogger and this
was the Democrat donkey symbol kicking
as a donkey does a Bernie 2020 ball

behind him or her or it and it just this
was an older one wasn’t it this wasn’t
or was this no this is my week ago in
the newsletters one of the I think the

second time I we’ve used a newsletter
artwork for the show I think has only
been done twice well I mean I saw it and
it really epitomizes what’s going on it

was very symbolic it was very well done
good people well thought out
definitely a good piece thank you for
that comic strip blogger we have many
artists who contribute their value to

the show by giving us fantastic artwork
it also shows up on hats and t-shirts
and hoodies and mugs at no agenda shop
calm and in general in our value for

value system I just wanted before we get
to the executive producers associate
executive producers who were also
obviously adding value to the show
I just wanted to say looking at how

because I got a lot of extra female
coming in after the Joe Rogan appearance
and I it’s so nice how everybody I said
it before but everyone’s like really

they’ve been promoting this if you look
at the YouTube comments
it’s just every five comments there’s an
in the morning here’s the URL you got to
check out the podcast you guys have gals

hey guys and gals you’ve done great done
a great job at promoting is and that’s
what you do but also I wanted to thank
everyone over the years art producers
have gotten so sharp when it comes to

spotting things that they think you know
will be interesting for the show that I
eyes are really sharp on important
topics like really it’s like having our
own network of intelligence analysts and

it’s I just want everyone know it’s
exactly what it is well a yes seasoned
research professionals and it’s so
incredibly enjoyable and when I look at

just other models even you know what
Joe’s doing I’m like we are so fortunate
to have built this community and yes and
I want to respond more thing and they’ll
shut up we’re not a cult we’re a tribe
and I was just thinking about it and

with Rogan said well you guys like a
cult and I answer should have been well
either not no different from your cult
but smarter would have been yeah we’re a
tribe this is tribal media that we’re

doing now and in this case we had a we
had two tribes united by the same
peace-pipe yeah I guess anyway any any
new newcomers hello welcome to the

partay it’s like a party and here’s
where we thank who people who supported
this particular episode in extraordinary
measures and that’s why we like to
bestow them with the title of executive

producer or associate executive producer
yes we start off with anonymous uh
today’s a little slower than it’s been
we didn’t get any of the Dame against

the Dames you know which because it’s
international Woman’s Day we thought
that might accomplish something so that
that was a
good huh who’s a total dud nobody cares
about the women no well there you go

maybe they didn’t shave their heads
there’s no evidence of shaved heads
shaved heads in the fists in the air
anonymous 360 $9.99 from the Colorado

bunker now he is donated a lot over the
years and now he’s going to be the he’s
not yeah I don’t know if you never asked

or benighted him something else but now
he’s not he’s gonna be the anonymous
Baron of the ATF – see which is code for
something is doing ATF – see ya
something you have to figure it out now

this is the 14th I’m out confuso what it
is yes I figured it out okay this is the
14th time I’ve contributed monetarily to
the show I’m still unwilling to allow my

true identity to be revealed on the show
so please keep my name anonymous I am
knighted as soar anonymous Baron of the
ADF – see I typically donate once
annually as my tax refund rolls and I

donated annually my title and tithing or
only mentioned once a year because of
this I feel unworthy unsightly and
douchey please d douche me OK oops I
almost missed the deed the douche button

when I hear all the knights contributing

more frequently I feel a pain of angst
and I think that I should simply break
up my annual contribution so that my
name is mentioned more frequently as a
solve for my conscience as a specific
way to obtain moral self in sensing what

moral cell or moral self licensing sorry
and virtual signal to my fellow knights
and dames so here I am donating again as

I’ve stated before you must continue
your work it is vital to our nation’s
interests and the citizens are better
for it
as the as the peerage grows the
knowledge spreads as they hit people in

the mouth they are illuminated by the
light that is the No Agenda show as the
tax returns roll in over paying like the
good little slave that I am I’ve
returned a small sum inclined paying

back the value for value in any small
way that I can I have donated before and
I managed to rise amongst my peers to
the level of Baron hopefully I can
continue to contribute throughout my

wage-earning years which are rapidly
diminishing this particular donation in
the amount of three six nine ninety nine
is a special contribution that I called
a triple Intel threat treat a triple
Intel treat that’s treat not threat

this donation celebrates the power of
three and they all my te o – one two
three three three pronounced o twelve
triple three yes

that’s executive order 12333
the triple threat presidential read it’s
that’s PPD I think it’s a a presidential
preparedness order or something I think

it may ask you a question did did the
Jambo Joe package arrived for you no I
got nothing
oh pretty happy today oh no I didn’t get
anything I did know it’s busy I’m happy

because the clock changed and I got to
get up earlier oh my god I was hating
myself so much at 4:30 this morning
five-thirty but really for 30 it was bad

damn it leads stealing time so these
guys is accounting on the back in a very
very orderly fashion well so he’s taken
as a very hike I take this a very high

compliment from him you know once you
figure out ad F dash C it’s a high
compliment that he says where did that
we’re doing important work so I like
that and I appreciate it thank you then
he will be a knighted sir anonymous

baron of the ADF see today at the round
table yes he sends interesting notes how
you will say although they we don’t get

any insight stuff from him but it’s it’s
still good stuff
Tony Cabrera three five six six seven
and he says in the morning here’s your
latest karatsu profits from the No

Agenda shop do you know this refers to
its key retsu this is this refers to the
Joe Rogan show I I talked about how no
again refer to the Japanese idea that I

use in Silicon Valley so much which is
why I brought it up on on Joe Rogan I
talked specifically about no agenda shop
and how it worked and and I said it’s

kind of a key retsu yeah Hebrews but he
was he was of the opinion that it was
nuts that we weren’t doing mugs yeah I
said we got mugs and just we don’t take

care of it ourselves and do this boys
over there no agenda shop calm they do
whatever they believe will that your art
we have people thousands we have people
and they know how to do mugs they know

how to make money doing some of this
stuff that it’s not our core competency
our core competencies to scream into a
microphone but also yeah okay fine I
will be mailing out some no agenda mugs

to both of you yes good another mug yes
and I will send the bonus one to Joe of
and if bonus ones to Joe via Adam that
says Joe mentioned he wanted one good

no jingles no karmic being part of the
no agenda network is enough for today
thank you Tony and we love what you guys
do no agenda shop comm
the artist benefit the shop benefits and

sometimes the show benefits
fantastic well there we go right there
he’s an executive producer Chuck boy
sure had sir hashtag blessed to 333 dad
I’m listening to you on the Rogen last

night when my first thought first
thought was does he know what he just
did that JRE episode is going to make
some waves man congratulations sup John
ITM Chuck we have one point four million

views on the full the full interview and
another 1.8 million views on the clips
this you know that cut it into Clips ten

minute bits so and that’s all that’s
excluding the actual podcast which I
think it does huge numbers well let’s
get the numbers of the podcast should be

higher yeah yeah so Ryan Boatright in
Salt Lake City Florida 333 request goat
karma about three months ago I started
listening again and I don’t know why I

ever stopped thanks for all the great
episodes and keep being awesome we shall
do our best here’s you goat farmer Brian
you’ve got el Boleyn in Farmington
Minnesota to 6-9 6-9 first associate

executive producer for Today Show 12:23
jingle 69 69 to stop the hammer and you

even read those because you didn’t I got
those no I got all those I’m good I just
I’m just working on my dame hoodie here
AJ Bolin sorry Noel

AJ AJ um Jane hood here I’m a millennial
girl stuck in a big big d’leh world if I
could get a jobs come by the way so we

had to go right in saying it’s just the
opposite of what you said yeah like I’m
not convinced of this because we were
playing some it was a some guy went on

this is a couple of years ago some guy
went on and on about the amygdala
swollen when they get mad all the time
you see it bigger right
but whatever we’re gonna stick with our
theory anyway she’s stuck in a big
amygdala world if I could get some jobs

karma I’ll need that for the annual
review at work so I harbor much love for
you John and Adam Adam and John she
harbors much love yes I find that to be

an interesting usage well she’s going to
caveat that in a moment stay calm and
keep podcasting love and light AJ AJ
thank you so much stop the hammering

jobs jobs and jobs let’s go to jobs like

that combination is a good combo haven’t
heard the the 99 rosy thing in a long

that’s an old it was the hammering it
worked out alright so Roberts Vogel in
Franklin North Carolina to 1882 Road in
just a little length you know but it’s

kind of interesting with the included
donation and attached donation record I
hereby a request to be knighted Sir
Robert of the Smoky Mountain brass
mmm-hmm is he on the list I think so yes
he is on marched a blah blah blah

it’s his 65th birthday ah that I didn’t
put him on that list oh okay I’ll put
him on that also I ran into this note on
one of my previous shows and I’m not

sure that we ever put Milton’s Cuevas
son Jackson was in his final month of
the army training at Fort Lee on the

birthday list today
well his birthday is on March 1st so
Jackson what’s his last name it would be
Jackson Cuevas CU e VA s and that was
March first and how old was he

21 21 I have a feeling we did it but
well we’ll just do it again do it again
it should have been done in pile two

anyway he says he’s gonna be the
mountain brass he’s his brass has a
double meaning in my title it refers to
the brass instrument I play an E flat

Alto horn in the Smoky Mountain brass
band in Asheville North Carolina oh nice
huh yeah I told you man that is an E

ah the brass I sweep up after the day at
the local outdoor range oh that’s right
that’s some real brass ma stop shooting

range in Nantahala National Forest
he needs a D douching we got that you’ve
been deduced birthday karma a little
sharp then I got ants and don’t eat me

Bernie Sanders do you have that one I
don’t know anyway says having discovered
no Jenna from jcd plug on twit several
years ago I’ve sought to hit various

friends and family in the mouths with
only one full-time success my u.s. Naval
Academy roommate hmm despite forcing my
girlfriend over ten years to listen to

no agenda in the car and dragging her to
two and a meetups in Atlanta her
standard retort remains quote they have
an agenda what were here jingles cuz I
did I couldn’t prep for those what did

he ask for oh sorry
birthday karma a little Sharpton huh any
Sharpton I got ants we don’t eat a
Bernie okay well we don’t have don’t eat
me birdy but it’s Bo Jaden we have don’t

eat me Bo Jaden let you play that and
and ants we don’t play the full ants
it’s a minute 45 but no lives then I
understand what people want is anything

else in his note yeah I’m reading she
says they have an agenda yet I do see
her crack a smile every now and again
especially when dogs are people too
segments pops up she is not a dog person

but our big dog Percy oh yeah she should
get listened to Adam Adam in her be
right in the same boat she also tells me
that she that the reason I listen to no

agenda is because I’m an old crotchety
white man like you guys especially jcd
boom Shakalaka
gee compliments flying fast and heavy
here today and and I and my now adult

human resources have been tech media
group he says erica Hill was young and
hot she’s still hot but I digress
there’s only crotchety old man can say

stuff like this yes a few years back I
posted something yeah I’d say something
like that I get slapped a few years back
I posted something on the face bag but
based directly on a link from the show

notes my younger son mid-30s who put
really puts anything on the bag reported
on the bag quicklist listening to Dvorak
how did he know I don’t know it refers
to faces another funny story relating to

a recent episode right after the first
or second Democrat debates was respected
in the discussion about Han how
unbalanced audio levels were on a couple
of women candidates the reason for that
according to my other human resource who

works in one of the AT&T Time Warner’s
seeing in Turners subsidiaries hmm was
that just before they went on the air
they went for one last pee break and
their lavell ear transmitters got

knocked into the toilet oh really
the audio guys did not have time to
check levels on the replacement trans
Minister before they went on the air too
funny not to be true that sounds lanes

it it would explain it anyway DRI sees a
two hour and 15 minute drive each way
the Noach in the podcast is the ultimate
driving companion for making the trip

one habit I’ve developed is which I need
to break is that every time I hear
someone on the radio or TV say look I
yell look I want to add to that and I
love those those types of reports from

technical crew are gold I feel is gold I
mean who would know that I have one here
anonymous producer works for a
production company in Manhattan does
large corporate galas fundraisers and

benefit dinners Bloomberg has attended
many of these events and every time his
height has been a problem if he’s
speaking at a lectern it must not be
made of lucite or a clear material see

this is Bloomberg’s rider his handlers
have a specific box for him and they
want it hidden while other people are
speaking at the lectern I do not have

the exact dimensions of the box but my
guess is about eight inches tall
when he’s speaking at a fireside chat or
in an interview setting there must be a
pillow on the chair to prop him forward

so his feet cut to the ground these
rules by the way also applied to Janet
Yellen big fan thanks for everything you
guys do the secrets of TV and media

being exposed right here before your
very own oh yeah I love that pillows my
feet touch the ground that’s worse than

the box that is worse than the box
that’s horrible yeah what did our um our
Robert want here for he don’t eat me Bo
Jayden Sharpton to the any karma or jobs

come regular karma know you wanted a
hers it was some special karma it was it
was a regular Karma but it was for some

special reason no now we have to know he
had to put he put it right in the middle
here live any story episode so here it
is I deduced we did that I did that
birthday karma that’s it okay

I got handsome

you’ve got a bead since I’ve given erica
Hill story so erica Hill was at neck –

who is Erica are you telling us banker
for CNN she worked at she was on the
morning show on CBS she was one of the
coasts of the morning show before during
one of their transition periods she was

a she’s a very pretty woman and I’m
consider myself the one that discovered
her okay the monkey comes out of the
sleeve again it wasn’t like a discovery

it was like she was state she was very
attractive she had the right-sized head
she had the dimple shit everything going
on and they would have her do little

reports from the office or some some
bullshit some phony baloney thing but
every time the camera hit her the camera
loved her yeah and she liked the camera
and it was just like this relationship

you could see it between her and the
camera and as soon as I saw it once I
said oh if this girl wants to go into
broadcast and she’s got it made because
it was just one of those things you

don’t see it that often where it’s just
a match made in heaven between a camera
and a person who just has this die the
ice Sparkle and everything with the

camera it’s just funny the thing to say
in your witness but she was like top 10
yes and I’d like to expand when John
says she has the right head this is a we

are speaking as television executives in
this case she’s got a you’d want a big
head on television the big head big
heads are good for ratings look at
Pat Sajak look at Jay Leno I mean I

don’t have a big head but I made my head
big with hair and it’s worked very
successful big heads equals ratings yes
but the funny thing is Natali del Conte

has a very small head and that was she
also had to run away to Portugal so
she’s still out there she’s still on the

lam with her husband well according to
them they’re never on the lam but I she
has a blog and I check in on about once
a month to see what they’re up to and I

have not they’ve they’ve begun
radio silence so I okay anyway so
there’s your in some more insight if any
you know people actually do care about

how the mechanism works owners
podcasting because they mostly it’s all
trickery they’re trying to fool the
public Darrin Grimes is next on the list
two hundred two dollars and two cents

and by the way if you skipped a donation
segment you missed that story that’s
welcome JRE listeners to the best
podcast in the universe Bri be prepared
to have your paradigm shattered or

reinforced depending on which dimension
you’re in great job on junior ye Adam
and thank you for our shot at last show
hopefully we can have you on the grime
Erica show soon often described as the

second best podcast in the US we will be
interviewing Jen briny in a few good
very good
interesting she’s a very good she’s
another one that’s a kind of a natural

no but she’s also your discovery no no I
but she was discovered herself but I
you’ve coped helped her as much as I
could because when I heard her voice

that she has one of the most she has a
lot of women that have that are good on
broadcasting they have a kind of a song
in their voice it’s like yeah yeah it’s
got a ring to it that’s this it’s like

it’s things it’s hard to explain it but
when you hear it you know it and when I
heard there was it oh my god its
pleasant it’s a pleasant voice Innes
I when I met her and talked her the

first time it was like she has no
training you know it’s just natural and
that that’s it so it was got it made of
you that natural just like people you

run into there’s another one I hate to
go dead Gress too much but it’s like
once in a while you run into somebody
who’s like a natural teleprompter reader
never seen one don’t know what it is
they’d start to look at they read it

like it’s like I know I know I jump is
exactly like that
his whole his whole body shifts and now

I’m going back to the teleprompter it’s
so boring
why don’t the Democrats call Trump out
on this he’s a lousy teleprompter reader

and he bitched and moaned and groaned
about Obama and his teleprompter and
then next thing you know he’s reading
from it and nobody says any clothes
because the Democrats guide beau Jaden

is not much better so people in glass
houses people in front of glass screens
people who read from glass screens
should not cast the first stone
we will be interviewing brainy in a few

weeks lastly he continues we need to
call out the Brothers of the serpent
podcast of their of the serpent podcast
as douchebags we hit them in the mouth

last man I know they’ve been loving the
show better donate soon boys keep up the
good work lads
onward and upward thank you for courage

there’s no threat there anything better
donate soon boys next came in with $200
dude Jon and Adam I’ve been thinking

about donating for a while I knew it was
time we’re listening to the first
donation segment for episode 12 22 when
jcd said now let’s thank some people for
show 12:22 I looked at the clock in my

it was 1222 it was a sign thank you for
the sanity Adam great interview at with
Rogen thanks Matt Davidson jingles

okay Matt Davidson jingles please
Huntsman sounds pretty good
with a goat health karma top booth hi
Leo JIAJIA ching-ching I think that
sounds pretty good
you’ve got Thank You Man

wait a minute dude I didn’t ask for a
deed douching it seems like he might
have been in order for one but he didn’t
ask for it so David all cock 200 I’ve

been a douchebag for far too long but
thanks for some to some but thanks to
some good house selling karma I’ve got a

little scratch to add to the kitty even
though I do not have as much as I would
like to give you have 200 which is fine
I have included a little something
something extra to sweeten the pot I

have unfortunate enough to have a good
voice although that is what people tell
me oh so he made a clip and he hope
you’ll like and I think I don’t know how

I have it I have it I think it’s in
order to give some background on the
clip first of all it has nothing to do
with sex although the name might imply
something different when I produce I
have a dry track which is the original

recording and a wet track which has been
enhanced as you will find out I named
the track pussy so naturally I named the
first track dry pussy and nobody likes

dry pussy and the enhanced track wet
pussy so my gift to the greatest podcast
in the universe is not only in the
universe but in the multiverse as well

and all the Knights dames and douchebags
in the know genetic community for a
little scratch for those kitty and some
wet pussy humbly request a thorough deed
douching some wet pussy and it don’t eat
me Hillary sincerely Nature Boy

douchebag pgs I’d like to work on the
other no Jenna
with other no agenda producer so hit me
in the mouth on the no agenda social
okay well no that was a note I don’t

feel comfortable reading you’ve been
deduced if you don’t like what we have
to say pussy then don’t fucking listen

no agenda without him curry and John see
Devorah you’ve got karma I think we
should give him some general feedback

since he produced this the preamble in
the note was a little overboard
to be honest or not’ than there was
material yeah and you you’re just read

normally you go a little bit too low
like that that’s a bit too much it’s a
little less I like the sound in general

and but we wouldn’t play in as a clip
like that often with the f-bomb in there
like that no no it’s not necessary what
does it bring to the party exactly

so but you got a good voice but just
stop trying to force it like you do it
in a world where women wear comfortable
shoes just just ease back and send us a
new one the meetings over and by the way

most people are better off and
broadcasting if they try to sound like
yes it’s like everything else thank you
thank you David we appreciate it and I

believe we have a candid a V&O so see
exact you t’v producer here on the list
ah that’s true the candy Navion was
rested of the Canon avian woods and

Cortese Ontario one four three six two
this donation is yeah okay so jingle
requests you’ve got it you read that’s

true Dvorak’s chair gently squeaks karma
requests if cancer goat
forgive me pod Father for I have
douchebag you time completely missed my
monthly donation for February so I am

for it with this donation for both
months with some extra cash on top to
bring me to the associate executive
producer level
please d douche me you’ve been deduced
and give me some good karma along with

some F Cancer Karma for my father whose
tumor appears to have been vanished
since treatment and sense treatment it
will hopefully stay that way like the

dealer’s choice Sharpton that’s true and
yeah or didn’t you say this twice in
here am i reading this now and while
Dvorak’s chair yes he did put their
gently squeaks yeah well I’ll play a

little bit of it here thank you both for
your courage sir asset of the Canon
avian Woods Cortese Cortese Ontario
Canada and just to reiterate any other
country using dollar X we will honor

your $200 at level as an associate
executive producer here on the show
because and it’s getting getting better
for you guys in Canada you’re not even

hitting 150 bucks and how is your 200
that is so sad well that’s the Canadian
economy is about to collapse thanks to
Justin Trudeau’s policies sir cutting
off the oil guys and all the money

they’ll burdens used to be the richest
place in the world now they’re all
suffering I mean this is a nightmare up
there perhaps he was influenced by
gurgle and the Third Reich
we’re still here the mass media

you’ve got karma

all right well that’s our group of
well-wishers in the form of associate

executive producers and executive
producers for show 12:23 yes and thank
you yes I’m sorry no I just say thank
you I want to do what you’re gonna say

said I was going to say these are
credits that are completely legit and
you can use them anywhere credits or
recognize so this is great for your
LinkedIn profile your business cards

still have business cards that we still
do business cards I do
yeah you have well of course of course
you do I’m I said anyone else in a
normal state of being do people still

use them again I asked for business
cards once in a while and I can get them
but you know maybe you’re you’re looking
for a job but also it just it looks

impressive executive producer of No
Agenda show episode 1223 thank you very
much you’ll be thanking more people in
our second segment and of course we’ve
got some some nights to bring up on

stage the podium and we’d love to see
you back again to support us for
Thursday’s show please do so by going to
Vollrath dot org slash n so while you’re
telecommuting ovid 19 our formula is

we go out we hear people in the mouth

younggu yes I’m waiting for the joke

yeah yes I wanted I can’t wait on mania
for very short ones and a longer one

actually yeah let’s start with the woman
that’s not under get F but under bite in
gaff and this is the one that got I
think most of the play where he loses it

in the middle of a discussion and says
we have to reelect Trump turn turn this
primary from a campaign that’s about
negative attacks into one about what
were for because we cannot get reelected

we cannot win this reelection excuse me
we can only reelect Donald Trump now I
would like to stop for one moment here
and put the no agenda producer

researcher hat on this is you’ve been
duped you’ve been duped this is out of
context because what actually happened

is Jo said something else after that
yeah so this is unfair so I have to
protect Jo I mean he’s still out of his
gourd but that is not it well here comes

okay I’m not gonna argue with that but
let me just say one thing first we’re
gonna we’re only doing these gasps
because the the mainstream media has

decided to cover up for Jo right and
many of these gaps came from people’s
listening to these clips on the
mainstream media and noticing chunks
missing right just this one is unfair

and I just want you to hear the whole
thing in context come on the nominee
will bring this party together who run a
progressive positive campaign and turn
turn this primary from a campaign that’s

about negative attacks into one about
what we’re for because we cannot get
reelected we cannot win this reelection
excuse me we can only reelect Donald

if in fact we get engaged in this
circular firing squad here so he saves
it but it’s important to point out that
something else it was still nothing you
okay let me just step out who is in

charge of Joe Biden he just had a
fantastic showing on Super Tuesday put
the man at home and put the GIMP ball in
his mouth

lock him up don’t let him out put the
surrogates on the road get Jill Biden
out there anybody
don’t put this candidate out there
before before your Michigan primary
that’s crazy he’s you can’t manage this

kind of person so they put him on the
Chris Wallace show no geez and so we now
we have a standalone kind of gaffe

followed by more gaffe and this is a
real disaster in my opinion this is the
gaff standalone thanks Chuck will see me
standing next to him and him standing
next to me we’ll see you sleepy mr. vice

president thank you thanks for your time
please come back and less than 13 years
sir thank you very much all right it’s
Chris but anyway I just did Chris no no

I just did Chuck I tell you what man and
these were back-to-back anyway on the
campaign trail thank you sir thank you

said that he I think that was the that
wasn’t even the real Joe now I’ve just a
bunch of real short ones that came from

my compilation I there was about ten him
the compilation bus and work they’re
very good but I like these and for a
couple of reasons
this first one which is the the top of
the list which is the because all of

these were at the same speech and this
would have all like two or three years
ago on our show would have been a drunk
or not drunk do you want to do it do
want to do a drunk or not drunk or no we

don’t have to but you can maybe late no
we don’t need to do that but let’s start
with this one this is the dump this one
that says three
this is where he says instead of
Obamacare he says oh gamma care I ponder

though is uh is the the incredible

enthusiasm and excited this campaign has
generated folks well yeah but this was
something different I didn’t hear that
did and I didn’t that would that was the
end yeah oh I must have clipped it

well sorry well well done good work
drunk or not drunk mania or drunk one
that’s this was one you wanted to first

of all now I wanted three oh god this
says Obamacare in the clip they’ll never
know I’ll edit this out okay good gee

John hey John tell me we have more bath
clips let’s start back to that first one
with the one you played this is the one
that would have qualified for the drunk
or not drunk this is just him rambling

about talking to fire he sounds
plastered I pondered always uh is the
the incredible enthusiasm and excited

this campaign is generating a thick
tongue yeah oh man we need he needs to
drink courage now now that that will
move to clip this one this says to

alluded when I wanted to the end this
one says two and this one I was very
happy to get because he actually says Oh
Biden know Biden the Biden’s oh he does
that’s because that’s not the real Joe

man the real Joe wouldn’t make that
mistake woody it’s not about his own
name Oh Biden Oh Biden the reason why
the reason why is because he keeps

throwing in there with some consultant
told him say Obama Biden you know Bhama
Biden campaign
Bhama by the administration obama-biden
care and then then when he comes out

with but then when he for some reason
says Oh Biden were Biden first Biden
Obama his brain can’t can’t process who
comes out oh by your app you’re probably
right this is probably exactly now this

is the one I like which is the Obama
care you know if he actually used that
on this platform for it gamma care uh I

like that I want some Obama care
fantastic poor Joe as somebody once said
this is a bailed Elder Abuse yes it is

totally but the media will not play
these clips
well no no suffering for him they really
everyone is all in on getting this guy

the nomination and letting him run
against Trump and lose I would just like
to remind everybody that if even if you
go to Wikipedia and this is why I don’t
add heat it’s it’s an insult really to

run this guy particularly when he talks
about I wrote that bill I wrote that
bill you know I wrote the federal
assault weapons ban bill well the
problem is that was all wrapped up into
one Act of 1994 the Violent Crime

Control and Law Enforcement Act and this
is the act that put a hundred thousand
cops on the street that built the entire
commercial prison system this was what

Hillary Clinton said this is how we need
to bring the super predators to heel and
if you look right here on Wikipedia so
this was very that my point is not a
very Pro african-american thing you did

here Joe and it says right here the bill
was originally written by Senator Joe
Biden of Delaware he was behind the
whole thing but ok run Joe run yeah this

would be a good opportunity to mention
that we do not have a explicit two-party
system in the United States and you go

anywhere overseas well you only have
Republican Democrat
you can actually you know there’s a lot
of different parties and I look some of
them up and I would like to share some
other choices that you can vote for

Brian Carroll is the nominee for the
American solidarity party Jerome Segal
who was a philosopher from Maryland he
is running for the Bread and Roses

ticket we have Don Blankenship from West
Virginia he is running for the
Constitution Party then we have Gloria
la Riva and Gloria is running for the

party for socialism and liberation
Howie Hawkins the Peace and Freedom
Party he’s an interesting dude and let’s
see do we have anything else

let’s Libertarian Party do they have a
candidate this year well ice let me see
I think they do actually no independent
I don’t see the Libertarian Party

anywhere in this list it was did they
even have usually they do something yeah
they have a usually a convention and
then Garry Johnson gets to be President
it would there’s been none of that

maybe it folded Libertarian Party 2020
let me see I could be wrong and it
wasn’t McAfee running for something he’s

always running for something here we go
20 20 presidential candidates okay so
they do have a here we go Oh like we
could have been on this list Adam Koch
Esch Bryan Ellison

Daniel Berman Daniel Berman’s got a big
hat that says taxation is theft on it
sounds like a good libertarian uh
Jedidiah Hill I’m just reading the names

that I recognize this go quite a lot of
people running for Oh bad there he is
thank goodness well here’s here’s the
guy you go to Vermin Supreme twenty20
calm he is on the ticket pony up America

Vermin Supreme twenty20 this oh he’s got
a great website John you got to take a
look what he’s doing
Herman supreme he’s the guy with the

boot on his head that guy with the boot
on his head and he gives a pony his
platformers everyone gets a pony you
spelled as vermin of the erm I n yeah

supreme twenty you know the guy twenty
twenty calm platform for a pioneer
America and a zombie powered future is
to spread allowed an unapologetic

message of free thought clean smiles and
ponies through satire and humor I
present real issues with fantastical
context in depth analysis and a dose of
much-needed humor in the political

sphere with thought-provoking activism I
stand against the tyrannical duopoly the
violent police state and all forms of
overreaching government got a link for a
V you might maybe there’s audio from

this down this way from the homepage
yeah well not let me see I can play yeah
he’s got a good picture himself says
motherboard and has got a okay I grew it
on his head here we go

hi my name is Dermot supreme and so
generally knowing for as a person who’s

running for president
I’m a friendly fascist I have a tyrant
that you should trust and you should let
me run your life because I to know what
is best for you that’s it he’s got my

vote he’s got my vote
I voted for him before the guy is
fantastic love this guy
vermin supreme 2020 actually on the

ballot anywhere that’s a good question I
mean he has to be usually he’s on the
ballot in New York but I don’t know if
he’s a mmm it’s good question
I don’t know you can also donate to his

campaign doesn’t even say chippin so
while we’re on the topic of vermin
supreme mm-hmm I have a kind of a side
clip that might be worth listening to

because I’ve got to compete with you now
and digging up some of these things
this is chunk chunk chunk chunk yogurt
yogurt yogurt yes but he actually

recorded this himself oh and this is
only part of the recording he’s at the
airport and he I guess the flight was

and he decided to make a fuss about it
and he was going to and he’s gonna post
this I guess he did or somebody isn’t
this old he’s done this before
it hasn’t he gone through some airport
oh yeah he does this over every so often

I don’t know if this is new or old but
I’ve never heard it before you’ve heard
it before I think this is old I think
you’ve got snookered again man coming
supervisor I think this is I think this

is old so you at least got to be honest
what is their plight is there a plane
to be honest is there a plane whose
airplane where’s the play where’s the

play where is it
okay so where is the plane because I’ve

been here for hours
where’s the play when did you make a

decision is there a plane I think this
is old I’m pretty sure it is well it’s

my right it’s new to me and I got a kick
out of not the like as though somebody
was recording somebody going nuts you
know with their own camera I got a kick

out of the arrogance for him to record
it how he thinks he’s all that in the
bag of chips man she doesn’t believe it
but really does he really thinks he’s
all that I know no I mean let’s record
ourselves being an a-hole yeah I don’t

know hey I have an update of not really
an update but I caught something in the
hallway mush I need to play my theme

song hold on I’ve missed I have a theme
song here
I am the vaped Crusader hero of the
vapors I have exposed evil tobacco

yeah apparently by the way I should
mention this not to promote Joe Rogan
but why not everybody commented on your
because I heard that part 2 on your

exposition on the your and I was asked
about it by Nick yes he says what is
this what is all this I said Adam has
been going on and on about this for

weeks months months mm-hmm and he became
an extra and I explained Dexter and I
went to the background everything I said
I don’t think that many people know so
much he’s almost like he’s like that now

he’s the expert he should be hired by or
brought into the government and and he
summarized by parently beautifully
according to everybody on the Joe Rogan

show and I guess nobody it it baffled
everybody Wow so idea is a complement of
some sort that I’m giving you

yes for it clearly pains you but okay
but so the the even shorter version is
vaping has been taken down by big

tobacco and and the states that have the
master states agreement that’s an
important part which means tobacco
companies have a deal with states states

is particularly California get a lot of
money to compensate for the death and
destruction that tobacco causes and the
states wrote bonds against these and you

know so they borrowed money against
their future earnings and with vaping
guess what people were not smoking
tobacco so they had to put a stop for it
and taking Jul effectively out of the

market and I think Monday or Tuesday
they’re gonna try and pass this bill for
a flavored a liquids because oh you know
that’s just trying to hook the children
you know don’t don’t mind giving your

cellphone but please don’t don’t have
any flavored vape liquids around and
this is all to Shepard in which is now
coming and we’ve been waiting for I
cross I and I know it’s a stupid name no

one even knows how to pronounce it I
little I capital Q OS which this is a
good use I’ll stop you here what were
they thinking with this naming

convention it’s an acronym for I quit
ordinary smoking and I and I’m sure the
URL was available because who the hell
comes up with that so and and why is
this the genius they’ve been working for

working towards is because it is a
device that looks like a vape pen it
comes with little cartridges you plug in
but it is heated tobacco which means

it’s almost smoke free this is since the
barbarians at the gate if you’ve never
seen that movie I think it was HBO
barbarians at the gate is about the

leveraged buyout of RJR nabisco and a
running gag throughout this was well
actually not even a gag they had on deck
the smokeless cigarette and it was going

to be a huge bonanza so they do a
leveraged buyout but it turns out the
smokeless cigarette when you light it
with a match something some chemical
reaction took place with the sulfur and

it smelled like a turd so as it but so
the I cross apparently has a smokeless
so now I’m looking at how else are they
gonna try and introduce this because

they need a few more pushes we already
have vape is bad vapors gonna kill you
even though it’s completely unrelated
with tea with illegal THC cartridges
filled with the you know with vitamin E

acetate added we have all the scary
stuff kids are getting hooked it’s all
bad here’s I cross is gonna save the
world but we still need we still need to
highlight how great this new device is

and what better than some new research
yeah now let’s think almost no smoke
practically no smoke from this that’s

important because of a new term
third hand smoke you don’t have to be
anywhere near a cigarette for toxic
chemicals to affect you that’s because

the residue is lingering long after that
cigarette is put out what you need to
know John Banzhaf is a professor of
public interest of law at George
Washington University law schools also

the founder of the group action on
smoking and health
many of us had no idea what their hand
smoke was how exactly if it’s on close
or in walls is it so powerful that it
could actually harm our health

well many ways third hand tobacco smoke
is like secondhand tobacco smoke
although the experts tell us it is more
toxic the circus acts tells us there’s
no safe lower level of exposure to

secondhand tobacco smoke kills 40,000
Americans every year compare that by the
way the coronavirus now what this study
shows here typical non smoker you go to
a movie theater where they haven’t had

smoking for over 15 years you sit down
it’s not too crowded some of the people
in the audience are smokers or they’re
not smoking then simply the residue from
their clothing will be enough to expose

you to about the exposure of 10
cigarettes secondhand tobacco smoke this
is pretty outrageous research I mean I
don’t think that the jury is really in

or is done on secondhand smoke but now
third hand smoke you go to a movie
theater just the smoke the residue that
is hanging on other people’s clothes is

equivalent to you sitting next to
somebody smoking 10 cigarettes
it doesn’t even pass oh the sniff test
this is bull no this is PR is what this

is this was on HLN CLN your friend
what’s the difference well because this
aired on CNN Headline News this is the
this is the propaganda channel I mean

not any less than the others CNN but
this is where you can get these kinds of
guys on either National Center for
Health Research sounds important not
really this these guys are paid shills

and this research is going to be
distributed it’s coming from them
go ahead wait for it this will become a
story if they need a break

they need a break in the media cycle
taken you know so they can slip this in
but that’s what we’re getting now
that’ll be the net just follow it
that’ll be the next step towards we need
I cross yes because it takes it get

takes care of the nasty third hand smoke
you want to hear some more until I have
another minute into 50 seconds the kids
because this stuff tends to collect on

rugs and furniture kids are falling
around on rugs they’re more likely to
pick up things the touch thing and put
it in their mouths and so it’s much more

dangerous for kids but it’s terribly
dangerous for adults fortunately there
are legal remedies and what are the
things we can do because obviously the
take away now listen to this this is
this is really egregious because they’re

going to use HR and all kinds of other
mechanisms to screw people who and
probably people who are vaping – you
just watch it’ll be a third hand vapor
oh yeah it’s really really bad listen to

what he suggests you do at your company
and what are the things we can do
because obviously the take away I can go
to a movie theater I can’t prevent
whether someone next to me smoked a
cigarette no but if you work and you

work where somebody is smoking go
outside for smoking break and come back
in and they smell tobacco smoke you can
complain to your employer you can file a
complaint with OSHA you can file a

complaint of the Americans with
Disabilities Act
you could probably file a complaint
under your local laws relating to this
and we’ve actually done this and in fact
it works or you could give me I cross

for his birthday it’s coming no legs the
third hand smoke story has got no legs
okay we’ll see I’m predicting that as we

well for one and this guy sounds like an
old crank now if if the I cross
manufacturer comes along and says hey we
want to buy some ads

I think it’ll get some legs we’ll see
the third head smoke thing is too
laughable it’s got no legs is stupid
it’s the stupid this is the lab coat on
John he looked official but the lab coat

was a smart move but I all say this that
this doesn’t happen this is not gonna
work it’s it’s too stupid it is stupid
would you suggest I cross market to the

masses I don’t think they’re gonna oh
that’s a good question if we were
sitting around trying to figure out how
to sell this this Turkey through the
house argue about it is the question I

mean I got the raw it’s got a bad name
it’s got it looks is just too similar to
vaping while was just vape it makes more

it’s and this I would marketers they’re
painting themselves into a corner no
possible no I cross the safe vape that’s
what I do because it doesn’t have better

than what they’re doing it doesn’t have
any harmful chemicals as a bonus there’s
almost no secondhand smoke let alone
that crazy third hand smoke people are
talking right know what the tobacco

company would say to that pitch they’d
say we don’t want to use the word vape
in any way we were trying to get people
not to even think about vaping so we
can’t we can’t put vape can’t put the

competition’s wording in our pitch hmm
okay well it’s a real shame if they
can’t even launch a new product off of

this destruction I mean there’s the the
vapor of the vape industry is quite
large worldwide and it’s just it’s it’s
being hammered and you know and when I
say they’re outlawing flavored eliquid

it’s not entirely true you have to go
through the FDA process about 1.5
million dollars per flavor so you know
it’s like who can afford that

oh it’s and there’s a lot of little vape
shops and there’s a lot of family
businesses this is a very grassroots
movement that was taking place and in
collusion with the government the the

the Big Tobacco came in and screwed
everybody and is getting away with it
and that’s it from your vape Crusaders
see you next time everybody so I’m
noticing a couple of interesting things

they just think Burks me a little trend
that’s irking me is there is the ageism
that I’m starting to see on democracy
now Oh interesting and this I only have

one but I could say that she says this
constantly over and over again because
everyone’s all perked about the way it’s
gone for Elizabeth Warren mm-hmm having
which once she quit the whole

everybody’s up net Izzie and so you end
up if you go to Democracy Now you hear
the following kind of thing and you hear
it a lot this is the Amy Amy Goodman and
she the way she describes the

competition this is the top clip the Amy
older white men senator Elizabeth Warren
has suspended her bid for the 2020
Democratic presidential nomination
leaving the race down to two older white

men former Vice President Joe Biden
senator Bernie Sanders yeah she says
older white men a number of times and

then when she starts talking to people
they go off the deep end complaining
about racism and sexism
yeah but ageism doesn’t count ageism
apparently is okay with these folk and

so they go on and on I do have one clip
that I did kind of enjoy this was the
she brought on this guy old socialist
hack norman solomon to come on and there
of course defending than one of the

older why old white man bernie sanders
but they were discussing and i think
pretty much what we’ve been saying for a
very long time the the corruption of the
media and why we see a lot of anti-trump

corruption of the media
the anti Bernie thing is at least as if
you’re a socialist appears to be even
worse but they’d never make the jump to

Trump they will not see Trump big guy
whatever they say about Trump’s fine but
let’s listen to this clip because this I
was enjoyed enjoy this is norm Solomon
on corporate media let’s face it MSNBC

and CNN huge and powerful cable networks
have been engaged in all sorts of
slander and innuendo and sometimes
smears against Bernie Sanders and for

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC and other
networks and media to act as though this
is only coming from one direction and
toward one direction is of a piece of a

pattern of bias against Bernie Sanders
that shouldn’t be a surprise but should
outrage us these are corporate owned
entities MSNBC is owned by Comcast a
very anti labor anti-consumer huge

corporation they don’t want Bernie
Sanders to be President he would tax
their profits he would challenge the
prerogatives of the wealthy to determine

the policies of the US government and
overall I think we should note that
corporate media have been on a assault
against Bernie Sanders we’ve gone
through several phases a year ago he was

old news other candidates were saying
the same things then when he stuck with
Medicare for all which is an affirmation
of the human rights of all people then
he was portrayed as an extremist or too

radical out of step then we were told he
had no chance to win the nomination
then after New Hampshire and especially
Nevada he was being trashed the mud was

flying from corporate media to pretend
that therefore progressives should stay
neutral until a convention I just don’t
understand that we have Elizabeth Warren

saying now that she’s going to stay in
the fight is the fight for Medicare for
all is the fight against corporate power
if that fight is to affirm the human
rights of all human beings

how can she stay neutral this is very
disturbing to me because
day goes by and Elizabeth Warren fails
to endorse Bernie Sanders and go out and
campaign for him is a de facto

assistance to corporate power to
corporate America and Joe Biden and I
don’t think we should pretend anything
else Wow she was on SNL last night Liz
oh yeah catch it yeah I did it was it

was it was she was pretty good I have to
say they did a whole whole bit and
what’s her name Kate McKinnon you know

she does Elizabeth Warren and then so
Elizabeth all of a sudden came on she
was answering question if she is fuzzy
but it was good and but more importantly

Elizabeth Warren and she’s what 70 I
think she’s just about 70 no she’s over
70 she’s like no she might just be
simple she’s an old white woman but if

she got contacts grew her hair back and
ran as a Republican she’d have a shot
she is she is she’s pretty good-looking

to her neck good skin if she she looks
she does not look 70 she just she’s men
if you look at older pictures of her she
had some some hottie in her some very

have to go way back she is exactly 70
yes but she she just needs to stop
dressing like a hysterical nutjob this
is just some advice from this curry

Dvorak consulting group she actually
dresses like an 80 year old woman yeah
yes she dresses older than she is and it
just you know don’t part it in the
middle get a get contacts she could look
really good you should go ask Hillary

where she gets her hair done in Paris
and get Perez yes exactly
that’s not a hair gonna hairdo yeah yeah
yeah but she’s good again she was good
but there’s you know she’s still not

exactly solemn and said she’s not she’s
not endorsing anyone she’s not helping
Bernie she’s not helping anybody she
just who the hell knows I can help
Bernie the party’s gonna be on her ass

you like look do you like this job of
yours as the senator you want to keep a
support you understand the party you’re
gonna become an independent what’re you
gonna do if you’re gonna if you’re a
Democrat you’re gonna endorse Joe and
here’s how you’re gonna do it they’re

gonna give him/her a script that that’s
a good excuse for her to endorsing Joe
she is not gonna endorse Bernie
there’s no way there’s no way she’s
gonna ever endorsed Bernie she can’t do
it they won’t let her know he’s alright

you’re right you’re right well maybe she
missed she did hold out but maybe she
was holding out for a great deal maybe
there’s something I don’t know we’ll see
Pamela Pamela Harris Camilla Harris
endorsed Joe Biden Kevin Harrison who

stood there and said children and now
she’s all this is the man I trust him

he’s great yeah please hypocrite can’t a
hypocrite yeah I’m gonna show my school
by donation to no agenda imagine all the

people who could do with us oh yeah
that’d be fun
and we do a few people to thank for show

12:23 is getting with well we did acid
so let’s go to Sir Richard offered a

hundred dollars loves the show keep it
sir herb lamb the Earl of Georgia 8008
movement a God compliment for you and

Joshua Pettigrew I you know who he is
yes in Monticello well he is our artist
that did the and he can’t do art anymore
so he sent us in some money can I got a

note from and I want to read it okay I
figure out where it is curious it’s a
little longer than I’d like but here it

dear Jack Benny and Rochester I write
you in a response to the many kind words
of appreciation that you both have
heaped upon the Peabody judge artwork I
submitted a special thanks goes to John

who has personally championed it
mentioning it on the show more than once
and using it in the newsletter and
posting it about it on Twitter that’s
true that’s because this is a great
piece yeah I also write to apologize for

the belatedness of this note I should
have responded quicker you guys deserve
better of your producers I’ve not gone
overboard and continue to be blessed by
your wit and wisdom during these
deranged times the reason for my lack of

artwork submissions in recent years is
due to the fact that I can’t listen to
the show live anymore
right yeah he told us that as you can
imagine this can be a difficult hurdle

to overcome the Pete Buddha judge art
came after Trump called him Alfred E
Newman on Twitter the hilarious images
that conjured in my mind was just dying
to be expressed in real life as John is
described on the show before sometimes

an artist just has to create this is
true in this case and I couldn’t help
myself despite the low possibilities of
being selected and that was the reason I

won through this note is that we have
another guy that’s in one of ours who
won’t mention who it is who’s always
quitting he you know you’ll get them
upset you never I am not gonna do any
more art but he listens to the show and

this happens artists are artists they
are and they had they can’t not do it
and well I just thought was just a
that’s a sweet note and just it reminded

me of last night the former New York
banker I know who he wanted to be the
candidate and who he thinks will be an
excellent president next time around

people judge and I and and I and I know
this because I said Oh
CIA Pete the white Obama mmm that was
the wrong thing to say

the free think of that commentary he did
not like that man but he’s the smartest
guy yeah I he mumbled and I could see
him and I backed off immediately he was
not yeah now that was early on in the

evening so it was still good everything
turned out great later after I after I
sent them home with one of those

cinnamon bottles from jambo Joe
everybody loves me now Jim Zuko loves us
69 69 he came in from Beverly Hills

California with a donation and he says
in this age of Corona can john sheridan
sp4 bus mighty rice thanks i don’t know
but useful rotavirus has to do with it
what you should consider I haven’t

written up somewhere I’ll posted good
Bobby SRAM and Dubuque Iowa Dubuque
he needs a he’s 60 bucks and him and his
smoking-hot wife needed a Duchenne Cates

yeah you’ve been deduced Mark J we’ll
call him because it’s what it says on
his note from American Fork Utah sent a

note in that is again worth of at least
a little mention he needs a D douching
you’ve been deduced he says he also I
didn’t do this and I made a mistake he’s

needs to be on the birthday list uh yeah
okay Marv Marv J yeah turning 50 on
Saturday okay mark J 50 on Saturday done
so he says the last 10 years have been a

string a bad thing after another maybe
some no agenda karma will help him quit
that the end for you he says I first
discovered no agenda in the back in the
early days and John mentioned on twit
that he was doing a podcast with the
original and greatest host of

headbangers ball what so I had to listen
and he says I immediately connect you
with the shows you were talking about

things I was noticing about the MSM that
nobody else seemed to notice he says I
stupidly became a man overboard and
we’re only returned in 2016 after the
2016 election that’s not good we’re

happy here’s a PS so I wanted imagine he
says he didn’t know it would be talked
about this before he didn’t know it was
saying they were saying New World Order
oh really
I always thought he says know what that

Oh des yeah that’s it could be who knows
me if it’s if it’s that to you it’s all
good it’s all good

onward Marshall Bennett in Locust Hill
Virginia by 555 and he’s God he says I’m
calling out the very person who hit me

in the mouth my father as a douche bag I
also want to wish him happy birthday at
the same time he’s on the list sorry dad
and happy birthday
lots of love also need health cam karma

and f cancer karma from my mom
mother-in-law was battling cancer yes
we’ll put that the end for you thank you
John Monica 5510 Highland Heights

sir Mad Hatter 5510 hey and he’ll be
wishing dame jamie the love of his life
a very happy birthday for March 10th
also on the list
macaé Stoddard I’m hoping I got that
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another douchebag call out here he’s gay
can you please call out a Jew jo o
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Catherine 5510 in New Hampshire another
birthday for Abel Kirby yes he’ll be
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tomorrow Abel Kirby man he does a lot of
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does he yeah hold on a second let me
just I’ll play a shorty one that you’ll
recognize what is this now that’s an end

of show he has what is this stuff he’s
doing here

as he has a lot of end of show things
cool you know is this one


yeah not gruesome at all nice mm-hmm
yogi onward Brian Burgess in Pelican
Rapids Minnesota
5405 then we have Katrina

Oh cursed rum Jesu ski in Iowa City Iowa
$50 in 30 cents and she’s got addy
douching he’s a D douching for starters

deduced and then she’s got a birthday
call-out but it’s also a douchebag call

out for his dad Brad Josue ski hey but
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also on the list Brian Moser $50 in one
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Brian hey with the birthday some parts
unknown is he got a DB well this is this
is nice for Brian hey as a birthday gift
from his wife and kids he he’s always

saying he wants to donate me up more
often we aren’t sure what addy douching
is but we’re pretty sure he’d appreciate
one if this is enough for it in the
morning yeah well deduce it

I love that here’s the here’s is the
white mom and the kids and like well you
know you could have gotten Old Spice or

some damn socks now you give the man
what he wants
thank you it’s appreciated Mary Hui Hui
Hui Hui a Joey y50 Sir Chris Abraham in
Arlington Virginia another but this

birthday day we had a number of strings
of days there’s a lot of birthdays there
anything in there that we need to do
besides the birthday
Jonathan Mayer in Xenia Ohio Bret
Farrell sir I believe in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma by count Allen being in Tigard
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a note from him I do have the note who
is this is Oh advi– count Alan bean is

this uh is this the special letterhead
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has been such a draw to me now he’s in
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this our areas as heard Wayne Mellon son
this is a draw to me over the years I’ve

moved to Tigard Oregon from Oakland hmm
this is a recent move you’ve only been
here a week and we’re already very happy
to been done so both my wife and I are
newly retired and look upon this move as
a new adventure well that’s interesting

nice yeah got out of California chats
fir’d Pennsylvania nice I got out of
Oakland yeah sir Kyle Meyer in Atlanta

Georgia and last but not least Geoffrey
the cinnamon rhymes with cinnamon in
South Euclid Ohio want to thank all
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org slash and my request jobs jobs jobs
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look at the calendar for the 8th of
March 2020 here’s who’s celebrating her

who has celebrated belated – happy
birthday so Jackson Cuevas who turned 21
on the first Marshall Bennett says happy
birthday to his father sir Mad Hatter
says happy birthday today

Jaime so be celebrating on the 10th
Catherine says happy birthday to her
brother Abel Kerby he’ll be turning 30
tomorrow and Katrina okra Strome Jesu
Jesu Suki says happy birthday to her

husband Andrew he turns 30 today Brian
hey is celebrating Sir Chris Abram turns
50 today Robert the soul turns 65 and on
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happy birthday from everybody here at
the best podcast in the universe one two
three knighting for today so I could
just do with the medium blade if you are

Robert so gentlemen all three of you are
about to join the no agenda round table
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soon as possible as soon as China’s
shipping him again are we expecting any
how does that work the people running
out of t-shirts in the world and does I
wanted I wonder you know there’s got to

be a lot of cheap stuff from China that
we’re not gonna see anymore
and I have a question for you hmm
there is talk of an oil war Saudi Aramco
slashing crude pricing apparently trying

to destroy OPEC screw with with Russia
have you followed any of this no but I
do have a clip although you’d have to do
your meet up report first I believe oh

shoot man thank you so right
it is like a potty actually have a thank

you for reminding me John I do have a
meet-up report this is the Miami Beach
meetup report in the morning this is the

Miami meetup on Friday March 6th we’re
at the hookah and Moore and North Miami
this is Gregg in the morning everybody
hey Gitmo nation this is Prem and I have

to call myself out as a douche bag hey
this is Alex from previously Panama then
later Italian now in Belgium thank you
for I know small but dedicated meetup

these are meetings that people go to
sometimes we’re able to attend in

different parts of the world but people
like to get together they know that when
they’re part of the tribe that there’s
no triggering everyone can talk openly
freely don’t have to worry about someone
getting all all dude mad about anything

and they meet up and have food and
drinks and hang out and it’s all walks
of life all race creeds religion
backgrounds ages it’s well worth it and

we’ve got a couple coming up this week
Tuesday in Toronto it is the meet-up
me-80 and that will be at Union chicken
look for Bishop your organizer Thursday

in Monroe Connecticut sprawl to be
exactly Monroe which has a diaper
changing station meet at Republic
kitchen named Jamie organizing for you

also this coming Thursday no agenda
local 5:12 March Sunset Valley Texas
this is Sir Scots black baronet of the
No Agenda armory I may try to go to that

one on Thursday and mainly because sir
Scott says he’s got some beautiful fresh
venison for me and I know I’ll come to
the meet up for that I woke you up and

then Friday the Mississippi rocket ranch
this is a meet-up
at the John C Stennis Space Center in
South Mississippi’s Hancock County

and you got our RSVP 48 hours prior to
the event for access to the meetup site
how cool is that John Horner is
organizing that also finally a good

reason for an RSVP yes
Colorado local 5280 in Denver that’s the
first ever Denver local 5280 meetup and
they’re on a six-week cycle Hofbrau and

Colorado a gorge pray Dell is hosting
that for you and then Friday the
Charlotte meetup Friday the 13th
spooktacular that will be at Sycamore
brewing camera and hosting for you and

what does this 8th Friday Amsterdam No
Agenda meets
Oh what is this meets top pad I think
there’s a meeting of I think this is

Roderick fellows podcast group may be
meeting with ours in Amsterdam yeah with
sounds like it’s fun it’s a lokai funder

stud and entrepreneurial was organizing
that for you for all the details
go to no agenda meetups calm if you
can’t find something there you can start

your own it’s free it’s easy it’s
available and you’ll meet incredibly fun
children from other lands No Agenda
meetups calm it’s like a party
sometimes you wanna go hang out with all

the nice and day
you to be way me check it all hello

it’s like a party
thank you for reminding me of that job
now back to this this oil ward looks
like we’re underwear like at 45 bucks a

barrel now and it’s in its it could go
down some say to 28
yeah there’s I saw a clip years ago that
Saudi Arabia can make money at 20
because it comes out so easy yeah but

who else going on there too I want to
play this clip this is about some Saudi
Arabian intrigue okay at least four
members of the Saudi royal family are

being detained
according to reports in The New York
Times and The Wall Street Journal Saudi
princes were reportedly taken into
custody for allegedly plotting to house
King Salman and the Kings designated
successor his son Crown Prince Mohammed

bin Salman two of the men the King’s
brother Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz and
his nephew Prince Mohammed bin Nayef
were arrested in their homes and charged
with treason knife had been crown prince

until 2017 when King Salman replaced him
with his son Mohammed bin Salman known
as MBS Saudi officials did not comment
on the four arrests as of Saturday

so from Bloomberg Saudi Arabia kicked
off an all-out oil war on Saturday
slashing official pricing for its crude
making the deepest cuts in the last 20
years on its main grades in a bid to

push as many barrels into the market as
possible the cuts in monthly pricing by
state producers Saudi Aramco are the
first indication of how the Saudis will
respond to the breakup of the alliance

between OPEC and partners like Russia
the kingdom plans to accompany the price
cuts with a hike in crude supply so
they’re gonna flood the market this this
wall of this hey I got people in Texas

emailing me saying they’re worried
because we can’t go much under 50 bucks
I think for our shale no shell know 50
is definitely the the bottom right yeah

you can’t do shit otherwise it’s just no
there’s no money
Saudi Aramco lowered April pricing for
its crude sales to Asia by four to six
dollars a barrel into the US by seven

dollars a barrel and then now Putin’s
also starting to dump now
now this it’s the Russians don’t have
well I think they’re trying to crush
Russia I have a price floor to it yes is

it’s not much lower than what it is
no I don’t know maybe this is part of a
giant scheme maybe it’s part of the
whole Syria thing you know they’re there

it’s all about oil there too and so
maybe someone stepped on somebody’s toes
but yes the I I’ve read I don’t know if
I can find that anywhere here but I
think I read that the incarceration

because when I read the story I’m like
this is an old story about mb/s
incarcerating his family but no it’s
it’s happening again
there’s a rumor that Kings Psalm and his
dad that he’s dead

yeah he’s dead yeah you heard that –
yeah yeah so what happens could this if
they really go down to 228 I mean won’t
we get when we have a oil crisis again

like in the 70s isn’t that exactly what
no in the 70s the price went up not down
Oh what am I thinking of then well so I
don’t know far as I’m concerned you

booed glory the price of oil in the
economy’s all perk up because there’s
cheap energy so cheap and okay means
here we go this is Trump with his
buddies remember his his orb friends

they all stood at the orb yeah and he
said hey hey mb/s brah let’s put Putin
out of business man how about that for

strategy no definitely hurt Putin you
know it’ll hurt some of our oil
suppliers and mostly the frackers yep it

won’t change much with the drillers and
I don’t know I mean I’m watching it
closely trying to figure out what the
hell’s going on but it’s very weird it’s
very odd there’s no reason for it unless

something’s going on hmm
you’re something about foot okay well I
expected to know more by Thursday I hope
a OC was on Seth Meyers we haven’t

played any a OC stuff in a while
if you’re interested yeah I’m always
interested in whatever she has to say
well it’s it and I and this caught my

eye because people are like upset
because she said illegals should illegal
aliens should vote in the or should
participate in the census and of course

there’s all kinds of people particularly
on the right who are triggered by that
but as far as I know the idea is
everybody signs it I mean it’s it it
states quite specifically in the FAQ

that I read on the site but
yes if you want money to go to your
community your city your town whatever
even if you’re there undocumented you

should participate in the census so
she’s not saying thing anything out of
the ordinary but I guess this stems from
the potential question that the Trump
administration was toying with putting

on which was are you here legally or not
or that word I think was it citizen or
resident alien anyway here she is
another thing that will have huge
implications not just on this election

but the next decade is the census can
you speak about how you’re approaching
that and and how just try to explain to
people exactly how important it is it’s
this is such a setup so y’all come on if

you let me talk about this so we are all
going to get census forms or a prompt
we’re gonna get mailed a prompt to fill
out the census in the next two weeks or
so and so I think what’s really

important is that we all fill this out
it happens once every 10 years every
single person no matter your
documentation status no matter your
housing status income etc is to be
counted and it determines how much our

schools are going to get funded how much
infrastructure gets invested and of
course how many members of Congress each
community gets and if you get under
counted you know in in some parts of New
York City some communities the self

reporting is about half of what we think
it should be and that has real impacts
on apportionment of how you know how
many teachers that your local schools
get so it’s really important it’s

completely confidential and it’s even
confidential within the federal
your your census data it is not shared
with any other federal agency also don’t
worry if you’re having a creative living

situation and it’s not gonna be told to
your phony dudette now this is also the
census also is also used for

redistricting so it’s very important to
have everyone counted certainly if you
have people who’ll be sympathetic to AOC
such as undocumented immigrants I don’t
think she’s gonna get reelected by the

way I think she’s out all of these the
whole squad I’m pretty sure there’s
gonna be some movement against them as
well they’ll get out well the party’s
fed up with him yeah and and and she so

there’s one other clip here short one
that I have
I was surprised by this and as a citizen
as a taxpayer somewhat perked happy you
got some companionship for yourself I

would imagine Washington even though
it’s crowded with people can be very
lonely yeah you got a new dog this was
taken in the House Rules Committee he

was a doggie chairman of the day he
rotates there’s a cast of characters and
so they very graciously invite the the
dogs of many members so this is that

this was not a special treatment for you
it’s a rotating set of dog so there’s a
lot of different doggie chairs of the
day that’s great by the way I don’t know
why that’s not on c-span because it
should be it should be because she’s man

is boring it needs more dogs so they
take time to bring their dogs into the
chambers and they have professional

photographers and they put their little
dog with a little sign with his name and
they take a picture of it and he’s the
chair dog
really I can see why your this behavior

you’re putting us into the the debt trap
of Japan she’s the one saying you can’t

have children because of climate change
well look at Japan and enjoy your future
AO see you should change your tune young
lady I had gotten a couple of clips to

finish things up I want to get at least
one I want detentions on the Greek
border so we get catch up with that

little problem that’s becoming a mess
which is not being reported as a PBS
does report it on Saturday tensions on
Greece’s border with Turkey escalated
today as migrants trying to get into

Europe faced off with Greek police
authorities use tear gas to try and
disperse a group of migrants armed with
rocks who tried to tear down a border
fence at least two people were
reportedly injured in today’s clashes

Greek police have been clashing with
Syrian migrants trying to cross into the
country since Turkey’s president Reggio
title on opened the border last week
Greek officials said that the tear gas
and water cannons were used for quote

deterrence purposes man it’s such a mess
it’s a total mess I hear that there’s
now a new movement starting for an exit
for the Netherlands they want to NEX it

yeah yeah how is that gonna work
what do you mean how is it gonna work
their land like – right in the middle of
an Atlanta like I mean they’re not

landlocked but they’re right in the
middle of all they’re right in this guts
of Europe I mean it’s not like England’s
an island over there someplace they can
kind of maybe pull it off I don’t know
if they could pull it off well I’m just

reporting I do all right I’d push for it
yeah I’m all for it in fact I talked to
the former New York banker last night I
said what do they do with the euro
because that’s the problem so that’s a
real problem to do a brexit type move

while holy water in the eurozone yeah
well what he said was they should bring
back the Gilder and peg it to exactly a
peg it to the euro but then at the price
that it went in so

the biggest complaint when the Gilder
turned to the euro is you got 50 cents
for you had it was 2 guilders to the
euro and so you’d buy a cup of coffee
you know a week before this changed over

and it cost 3 guilders and a couple
weeks later it was 3 euros it happened
to Italy – oh yeah so I think it was 220
or something was the exact number so he

says take it back – you know so that
would be what 60 cents or whatever and
introduced the Euro the Gilder at that
price but peg it peg it to the euro for

5 years and they then you can always
change that later
what’s that would cause a boom in the
economy oh my god it would be so good

well that’s a good idea hey do we have
an end of show iso or you leave me high
and don’t have any eyes i do have one
little end of show kind of sad story I’m
kind of but it’s really good for end of
show no it’s not that sad is it okay

bitches it’s the fact that Rosalind P
Walter who you’ve heard her name a
million times she’s financed half of PBS
died and yes she’s a rich woman she was

a inheritor of Schwab and come as your
dad recommen super rich but there’s a
kicker in this story about her she

Rosalind P Walter who nobody knows who
she is but she was Rosie the Riveter Oh
with the with the the muscle arm and the
muscle I mean world

Wow really about that to be fascinating
that and it’s just it’s a very strange
story but about her in general because
she was her parents wouldn’t let her go

to college for probably the same reasons
you shouldn’t go to college today and
she it’s just a very I thought would be
a good opiate we don’t play them on the
show too much but discipline was kind of
fascinating was run on a Saturday of

course nobody got to hear it the more
you know
this week Rosalind P Walter one of the
most generous and devoted supporters of
PBS programming including the Newshour

Newshour weekend died at age 95 her name
has been a constant on the credits of
programs like American masters which she
helped launch to great performances to
Canon Ric burns documentaries and dozens

of other programs since the mid 1970s
Rosalind P Walter served as a trustee at
wnat for more than 30 years and became
the station’s most generous individual

supporter in its history
but most people don’t know that Rosalind
P Walter was also the inspiration for a
1942 hit song Rosie the Riveter and the
posters honoring the women who worked in

US factories during World War two
she’s making history in the early years
of World War two

ra’s worked as a Riveter on the night
shift at a Long Island aircraft plant
making the Corsair fighter planes they
had to find out where the women could
earn the same pay by doing the same job

so they timed me after I’d learned them
all and I broke all the men’s records
they had to pay the women it’s this
thing come on

she was never known as Rosie always Roz
but the song was born Rosalind P Walter
was born into a privileged wealthy
family her father was president and
chairman of the pharmaceutical company

er squibbon sons and her mother was a
well known educator poet and writer but
her parents refused to allow Rosalind to
attend college she once said that she
chose public television as the focus of

her philanthropy because she quote
wanted all Americans whether they were
rich or poor well educated or not so
well educated to have equal access to
news and knowledge and the arts her

legacy is ours to carry on thank you
Rosalind P Walter oh that is a nice nice
note to leave on it’s nice yeah yeah
when I died I want a plaque I want to

apply and I want a PBS Saturday’s thing
I want a plaque
please Platte thanks you’re good coming
up next on no agenda stream comm which
you should be listening to 24 hours a

day seven days a week
Baron Surma chose brand new show maps
with Matt so it’s a debut on no agenda
stream calm nice you get the Superbowl
lead-in all right end of show mixes from

Jesse coy Nelson our very own John
Fletcher and cersei sitter and we look
forward to returning with you on

Thursday you never know what will be
happening in the meantime especially on
show days and coming to you from
opportunities own 33 here in Austin
Texas capital the drone star state FEMA
region number six and the governmental

maps in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where they’re bald heads and
fists in the air and I don’t care I’m
John see before we return on Thursday
right here and no agenda until then

remember us at Dvorak dot org slash na
and adios mofos and such

completely theological what’s going on

sadly we’re reacting in all the wrong
ways I mean my favorite part of this
script is it unravels was the Pope
sneezing at coughing oh my god if the

Pope dies this will freak out the world
we’re conditioned through horror movies
for this we’re conditioned we’re primed
we’re primed to be suckered into
something someone was trying to talk to

me about that whatever is going with the
pandemic there’s always something going
on the background do you think whenever
there’s something going on with the
pandemic then they use it as an
opportunity to sneak stuff in yes you
have a bill and the bill will be

financing for coronavirus whatever that
means so this is when you move in with
new legislation and you stuff a bunch of
shit in that bill piece of the Patriot
Act and they actually get passed in that
big million a half was already kind of
there you cannot vote against this shit

cuz how can you vote against pandemic
saver how can you vote against Patriot
you cannot vote against this shit
endemic saver this whole thing is very
very spooky there’s all kinds of weird
shit you

and I vote against this shit how can you
vote against Patriot so this is when you
move in with you legislation yeah one
more time the kikiyaon it’s fucking

ahead but anyway the problem is the
joking around about it while while death

is happening this message is being
broadcast by the Department of Defense
of the Republic
this video is about the coronavirus and

how it is another Illuminati scam now
the first thing that got my attention
was that Wuhan is a major city with 11
million people remember 11 is a Masonic

and number a story going around today
claims that many people think the
illness sweeping the globe is connected
to Corona the beer it’s true Google
searches have spiked since January the

18th for the terms beer coronavirus so
far Corona beers parent company has yet
to comment about this then overseas many
popular tourist destinations are eerily

quiet due to coronavirus concerns the
waterways of Venice are largely empty
and the Louvre in Paris is closed today
as more infections are confirmed across
Europe hundreds of shoppers rush into a

Los Angeles taco this morning with this
warning supplies are being rationed to
keep up with the unprecedented
coronavirus plan of chopping customers
rundown store aisles at full speed and

then quickly start loading up their
heart yesterday during a segment on the
I said maybe it would be a good idea to
expose everybody to the corona virus
maybe it would be better off for the

global economy or if the markets in
general there was the dumbest most
ignorant stupid thing anybody could have
ever say

I think an epidemic of either naturally
caused or intentional caused is the most
likely thing to cause save 10 million

excess deaths don’t tell the supervisor
I have the pig I’ve been working with
the shattered pelvis for three weeks I
am going to avoid small aircraft hot

tubs canoeing in any water in DC and
what else should I be on the lookout for
what are you doing well
I laid out the vapor Wars I explained

the scandal oh and I took it right and
I’ve become like a hero of the vape
community all of a sudden

and blue a thick cloud

this paper made man
brought up the big horse
and now and once he hit that blood he
new shower Betty had to protect the bad

babe in his hand
be exposed on the big

and now
so we’re at a bank closet ain’t never

gonna stop
newspapers made

running from


put money in the vape community is like
I’m the hero
I’m the hero of the vapors but as I was
thinking about it and actually Rogen

made me think about he says this is like
kind of like who killed the electric car
and I thought to myself oh crap I gotta
be careful yeah yeah I’d be out of the
hot tubs mofo Dvorak

org slash and a they’ve got nuts