No Agenda Episode 1224: “CAPS”

Oh Adam curry Jhansi Dvorak’s 2020 this
is your award-winning Gitmo nation media
assassination episode 1224 this is no
agenda capital of the drone star state

in the morning everybody my Adam Curry
and from northern Silicon Valley where

we’re all asking the question how’s that
V recovery doing I’m John C Dvorak well
the V has to go all the way deep before

can go back up let’s see he’s not a V
otherwise yeah that’s great today very
exciting talked about this on the DHS

employ show yeah and Horowitz introduced
it he a new turn model uh uh what was
this he says how about the L recovery
very interesting to see I mean this is

what’s happening in the markets is
fantastic it’s it’s I’m so happy to be
alive to see all this well you’re so
happy to be out of the market apparently
well it’s not like they don’t have some

you know 401k IRA stuff yeah that’s not
be that’s all that’s well you can’t take
it out you smell cash baby you can’t
take it out baby you apparently can take
it out because you’ve hit the edge you

can’t take it out if you’re under what
you have to be 63 I think oh yeah you
forgot that yeah well of course so it’s
okay because you’re more susceptible to

dying from let’s let’s just start I need
to post a a grade for the president’s

performance last night I would say a
solid D – why oh my god it was horrible
completely disorganized behind the

is his demeanor was horrible he’s
snorting and sniffing and breathing he
can’t he’s a completely dead invoice he
would have gotten an ethicist he’s ready

from the prom
yes and it’s this is fail epic epic epic
fail yeah the only yeah I did and the
only thing that was there good is he got

across the the closing of flights from
the EU but you know it’s like this was
so when will these idiots learn so of
course they had the transmission live

broadcasting before all the stations cut
to it and of course people got all kinds
of fun clips beforehand don’t we know
this is you’re supposed to keep an eye

on what’s being broadcast at all times
who’s in charge over there the same guy
does Biden sound well he may be here’s
the here’s the preamble as the president

is getting ready to speak have any white
you have any white stuff he’s cursing

because he has a pen mark which
can you count to ten three one two three

four five six seven eight nine there it
is okay let me see what has a loop is in
so he’s worried about some pen mark
quick get some white stuff somebody

helped me out here and very
unprofessional Mic Check we know that
when you’re doing a Mic Check
you never go past two it’s one two one
two check – that’s not one – thief oh if

I take up in that tent that’s not how
you do it then the president had a
speech which was poorly written poorly
written and created a lot of confusion

the the main confusion was about the
flights from the EU and I’ll read to you
what he what was written for him I think
he read it pretty much verbatim but it’s

very poorly written to keep new cases
from entering our shores we will be
suspending all travel from Europe to the
United States for the next 30 days the
new rules were going to effect Friday at

midnight these restrictions will be
adjusted subject to conditions on the
ground there will be exemptions for
Americans who have undergone appropriate
screenings and these prohibitions will
not apply only to the tremendous amount

of Trade and cargo but various other
things as we get approval anything
coming from Europe to United States is
what we are discussing these
restrictions will also not apply to the
United Kingdom I mean even to say these

restrictions will also not apply it’s
improper it’s shit and this whole your
rating for verbatim from the script yes
and it’s written that way yes Wow yeah

so it made it sound like all trade and
cargo would also be forbidden and so
that had to be clarified and that gave

everybody room to jump up and down and
so for that reason Trump fails because
he gave the media more bull crap to
frighten people with it’s really really

dumb I’m extremely burke’s by it and
then afterwards of course the mic stays
on the video stays
okay that’s not you don’t want your

leader the father figure okay you don’t
want that well from the perspective of
some I would I’m suggesting a jump rock

of provocateur involved here because
this is like like you said every this is
all amateur hour yeah to have them have
the thing live and have it have an open

mic afterwards is all stuff done in the
control room we’re done by somebody
who’s not a good guy you know and done
on purpose these are not accidents not
that professional level it should not be

exact you not at a professional level
this doesn’t happen anymore this
happened in the days of George Bush and
even Bill Clinton satellite time not
this this is dumb

just stupid and of course it gave a
complete room to give us some fabulous
clips so in that regard I am happy the
president performed as he did we got to
see Don Lemon meltdown in real time it

was fabulous he’s the best kiri is
melting down first trying to convince
California the California lieutenant

they hate Trump say that he sucks and
it’s no good but I want to talk about
this reporting that is in the New York
Times detailing the the failures of the
federal government that they have

repeatedly to get ahead of this this
virus give me your reaction to this
reporting I have to really be very clear
that the experience of state officials
all the way up to the governor in

working with the federal government has
been very productive and very positive
we believe very strongly that we don’t
want to see this devolve into a
political situation that the most
important thing is that officials from

the federal government the state
government they’re working together it
shouldn’t be a political but I’ve just
what I want to know shouldn’t be
political but let me go always are you
getting the support that you need from

the federal government what I am hearing
from state officials is that the
collaboration is very positive so I
think you know really that’s that’s all
I can say about

we want to continue to increase
cooperation the public is relying on us
to work together as collaboratively and
effectively as we can
and she’s echoing the sentiment of the
Governor of California Gavin Newsom who

allowed Hell to freeze over briefly yeah
we had a cut we had a private
conversation but he said we’re gonna do
the right thing and you have my support
all of our support logistically and
otherwise so before he made those

statements publicly I had a private
conversation with him around 4:30 West
Coast time and he said everything that I
could have hoped for and we had a very

long conversation and every single thing
he said they followed through on so I’m
I’m just not interested in and finding
daylight on those statements because

every single thing his administration
and it starts at the top including the
vice president has been consistent with
the expectation that we repatriate these
passengers and we do it in a way that

does justice to the spirit that defines
the best of our country and the state of
California I fell over backwards from
this fantasy of course you know
California was the first state to

declare an emergency they’ve got the
money flowing in let’s see Ohio House
Ohio doing John Kasich Republican the
never Trump or at least on the surface
he’s a never Trump or always at never

Trump ER and and Don Lemon tried to rile
him up come on I gotta get someone who
hates the president I just got to say it
the president came out to calm people’s
fears he didn’t do a good job of it

because they’ve had to come back and
clarify it several times and if this has
been going on tonight for them to get it
great we need straight actually an
ovation from this president and this

administration and we’re not getting it
and I don’t understand why you are
tiptoeing around it he came out minutes
oh don’t worry that happens very rarely
and he doesn’t get it right I’m gonna

tell you first of all he read it and
somebody that wrote this book I don’t
want to get into that yeah what was
the president can I finish now no you
can’t because wait you weren’t here I

don’t want you to I don’t want you to go
on and deflect and talk about something
else because we’re here to talk about
the president’s address and and you said
that someone else wrote it he’s the

president even if something else he
wanted it should I know he did and he
has to be respond done he put he put
this thing out because there was some
confusion out there okay and what I look

look I would I’m trying to say to you
dawn we got to move down the road
looking back doesn’t get things fixed
we’re not looking back the president’s

address tonight
that is the newest information tonight’s
address I think it was fine that’s what
I think two or three times you think

that’s fine look I thought he did fine
that’s what I thought I thought he had
the right tone and he no longer played

around with we’re gonna blame Democrats
or were forget this up I hope he’s
trying to move forward because he
understands the seriousness of this
situation now the fact that they

clarified it isn’t unusual in a speech
for somebody to clarify something okay
but I don’t think that the tone he
showed tonight takes away from some
clarification I think he sent a serious

tone that’s what I wanted out of him for
a long time and I think we got it John
that’s what I think I can be serious
here until you four plus four equals 85
Don needs a vacation man he really needs

a rest reporter is this not a reporter
it’sit’s the view for CNN’s late-night
overnight if you want some
politicization of it for that we need to

go to CNN where our brand-new
correspondent no contributor is Andrew
yang former presidential hopeful who
loses all credibility by doing this

thing makes you appreciate a functional
government like a global pandemic yes
I’ve always said that yeah that’s and I
know you’re right I mean none of us

there’s very few people who have seen
what happens when a society
you know has the potential to really
burst at the seams yeah yeah Joe Biden’s
argument has been about sort of a return

to moral normalcy but it’s also going to
begin to look like a return to
competence because Trump Republicans
have been running the government in sort
of an anti-government frame which is not
what you want when you’re dealing with a

health crisis and we all know when Joe
becomes our president he’s going to
bring back many of the Obama alums who
are really really competent and
technocratic hunger for that in the days

to come among many many Americans if the
corona virus continues to grow I’m
hungry for some technocrats I cannot
wait now here here’s what I would have

recommended the President to stop a
second I understand now that Biden is
going to bring into the White House
Obama’s mom Michelle’s mom so yes you’ll

be living with them exactly exactly
now what’s happening and I’ve and thank
you everybody producers from around the

world are sending reports and I’ve been
reading them all night Tina the keeper
and I looking at everything comparing
first of all it seems like the test kits
are really not available anywhere

they’re you know they are available of
course but this this is not like a spit
in the tube 23andme which I think people
think that that’s what it is odd done ID
coronavirus but yes know what am i doing

and these things take several days it’s
unpleasant to have it done it does have
to be done by someone who knows how to
swab you deep in your nose so those down
the throat yeah it’s it’s not a pleasant

experience but it’s you know it’s not
like everyone else in the world has test
kits so let’s just get off of that
what I love seeing is that the American

people are not that I think they’ve
dropped looking at a lot of just like
okay whatever we’re taking matters into
our own hands and I’m seeing companies

organizations all kinds of groups and
it’s kind of a similar messages all
right we’re all gonna do the best we can

we’re gonna hunker down for a couple of
weeks to flatten the curve this is the
term you’ve got to be on a lookout for
flatten the curve of the infection
bell curve and then we’ll get through

this okay and I did although I don’t
think it’s necessary
I encourage this let’s just all okay for
two weeks we’ll do as little as we can
you know try not to you know go to

places where you could get or transmit
and that’s what the president should
have said look we’re Americans we know
how to do this a couple weeks well I’ll
just do the best we can check on your

neighbor can’t get any groceries form
we’re coming together that way I really
see that happening but the president
didn’t give any of that message I think
people are going to start ignoring
everything or the people’s amygdalas are

just going to explode and they’re going
to freak out and that’s unavoidable and
they’re everywhere around us I don’t
know they’re not ignoring anything

around here everybody’s working from
home I had my hair cut yesterday the
guys packed he’s gonna go have an
operation I couldn’t get any well no
cancellations no problem so I go over
they get the haircut this area of

Oakland Elmwood district has just always
jam-packed parking on the street the
parking lot itself was dead empty the
hair salon I was the only one in there

yeah and there’s a lot of reports about
that everybody’s hunkered down it’s
hilarious that’s what I’m saying that’s
what I’m saying it’s like this is a good
idea do that that’s what Americans do

we’re bonding together
don’t listen all this other crap and
we’re probably going to be okay and this
and everything else is maybe the
recommendations stay off of social media

just people are making each other sick
just by talking about it they’ve been
doing that for years their amygdalas the
rest of it so I did pick up a few clips
because we’re gonna talk about this I do

have the some clips because the you what
you’re the one that actually comes up
with this the idea that you’re always
worked about the fact that when there’s
a shooting or there’s something street

that happens yeah I know you’re going to
talk about event 201 and it’s not like
we didn’t discuss it but I’m glad you
pulled clips that’s nice I have clips
yes so since you immediately immediately
say I are trying to say I didn’t pay

attention to it I’m pushing back I
didn’t say that oh I said you’re the
count you’re the one that’s always
pointed out that there’s always these
pre events that take place before a real

event and I and there’s one that took
place with the cove in nineteen yes
which is called event 201 which was put
on by John Hopkins I also got some more
details about some of the money behind

this and one of the guys behind it
poisonous gates money it turns out
really be the open philanthropy money
he’s was part of it so was the boats

even better it’s even better if it’s
Soros not Soros oh I’m sorry you said
open philanthropy oh not open
yes who was open philanthropy Dustin

Moskovitz and Kerry tuna
aye Dustin is a 2% owner of Facebook
he’s the guys that he was at Harvard and
then he became a billionaire he’s never

done anything and then he married this
is this kind of a Trump hater name Kerry
tuna and she’s now we’re kind of imagine
this is my fiancee Kerry tuna
Kerry tuna and she’s kept her name Kerry

tuna I don’t know why but she did she’s
on top 40 radio a bunch of different
operations and it ends up with open
philanthropy which has a huge endowment
and a and their goal is unlike other

muscat says that unlike all these other
things where you you know you set it up
so there’s an endowment forever you know
set it up so there’s money no no we’re

setting this up to spend it all oh no in
what time frame this is before they die
Oh perfect they want to be both when
they die they’re gonna die broke so so

there’s no difference between these
billionaires and us that’s pretty good
yeah well their case it’s one of the two
so the thing is actually out of the

Center for Health security which is a
Johns Hopkins operation and Johns
Hopkins is kind of seems to me over the
years has turned to a front for USAID

and the CIA and I say that because our
economic hitman is working right there
yes we have people on boots on the
ground but it’s like it’s and they have
their there’s very interesting over the

years has become a very spooky place and
so they did this thing called event 201
an event 201 was a was a and you can
look it up just look up event 201 it was

and throw out in the open era hiding
anything it was two months or a month or
two months or a month and a half before
the breakout of the corona virus and it
was a simulation of a breakout of the

corona virus crazy how that works and so
I have about four clips and I have a
couple of bonus clips later that talk
about it here for example this is the

event tool and you have to remember
everything here it was a half day event
and it was a simulation and it was a
table read kind of a head of a TV show
and it was this the scenario for what

actually took place so let’s listen to
the intro this event 201 intro to the
event the goal of the event 201 exercise
is to illustrate if the potential
consequences of a pandemic the event 201

scenario is fictional but it’s based on
public health principles epidemiologic
modeling and assessment of past
outbreaks in other words we’ve created a

pandemic that could realistically occur
and for those interested in our
assumptions we will have a lot of the
background research and of the scenario
publicly a

available on our event 2a1 website at
the conclusion of the exercise the
policy discussions the challenges to be
discussed in this exercise represent
controversial high stakes issues that

would require high-level input from
business and government leaders so just
a few housekeeping notes before we get
started for our in-person audience
please do silence all your electronic

devices but you may tweet add hashtag
event to Oh excellent
you made tweet so they go on and then

they CCC interest okay we’re ready to
rock and so they go with the they go
with the movie they did they present
them here’s how it works

they presented a movie about how it
started and then they have a news of
phony newscast from GNN and that and if
the newscast goes on about it about it

and then they have and then they go it’s
like they might as well ring a bell and
go okay now it’s three weeks later
here’s where we are but let’s listen to
the movie of how this whole thing got
started and with that here in New York

and online
welcome to event 201 it began in
healthy-looking pigs months perhaps
years ago
a new coronavirus spreads silently

within hers gradually farmers started
getting sick infected people got a
respiratory illness with symptoms
ranging from mild flu-like signs to

severe pneumonia the sickest required
intensive care many who died at first
the spread was limited to those with
close contacts health care personnel

co-workers and Families but now it’s
spreading rapidly throughout local
communities international travel has
turned local epidemics into a pandemic

spanning the globe just three months ago
caps started in South America but has
now reached several countries with more
than 30,000 cases and nearly 2,000

deaths have we gotten any terrifying
numbers out of South America anything
from Mexico I mean do everything nothing
right nothing Africa still as good as

nothing likes can’t get it well the
weather seems to have an effect on it
and it’s not supposed to I thought it
was well it’ll all be over when the

weather gets warmer no no they said to
initially and they reiterated this this
is not weather dependent it will not
build where was this really iterated it
was reiterated over and over I didn’t

even bother to clip but I thought you
knew that no I had heard quite the
opposite actually no you’ve never heard
that yes I did hear quite the young as
you did here you’re gonna you’re hearing

other stuff like for example I heard
this the other day on the radio oh it
turns out that they just by the way I
don’t know why you’re argumentative

because this is all fitting in the u.s.
argumentative I’m just telling you what
I read well I heard on the radio this
little ditty which you really got to me
was oh you know it the thing is the

seasonal flu is worse because it spreads
faster this is from one of these local
experts yeah well that’s not the way
we’re Desilu know we were told
I don’t know if you remember not but I

was remember it they were told that this
is virulent one person will give it to
three people and three people give it to
nine people and on and on and it was
gonna go like a bat out of hell in fact

this event 201 kind of projected it to
be that way to which well I was waiting
everywhere from like CBS News and Duke

University that they think that it will
affect the spread I believe this is new
I believe this is playing into your
scenario which is this whole thing is

bogus and it’s gonna end in April first
oh no I’m snow April six I’m still on my
April six time row sixth yeah it was one
I said one month after the signing of
the eight point three billion dollars

after my birthday my birthday is on
April 5th for anybody wanting to help to
show out I mean they’re saying that
there is a lot there lots of reports

that warmer where there will stop this
so and it doesn’t matter I’m just saying
you know don’t tell me I haven’t read
that cuz I did well I’m saying you

didn’t read it I’m saying is playing
into your scenario but I’m not I’m also
saying that it initially it never it
said that this was not weather dependent
right I could find doc you I’ll find
documentation if I need to to prove that

but whatever the case is it may or may
not be weather dependent it makes
logical sense when you look at the map
except in Australia where they do have a
number of cases and then then more
recently Tom Hanks

well now let’s just talk about Tom Hanks
cuz you can make the prediction right
now that by Monday will have multiple
celebraties self quarantined so they may

may not have the virus but they’ll be
self quarantined and all over Instagram
this is going to be a trend hi guys hi
guys Here I am hi guys before before

Tommy Hanks was announced I was talking
at the table to do this and I said to
the kids this is the whole thing as
bogus unless some celebrities get it
with it Tom Hanks is like why did you

have to go straight to the top right
build it up slowly give me a Miley Cyrus
you know give me I mean maybe the
Kardashians they need that for the show
that could work very well yeah go

straight to Tom Hanks though that was I
think they day that was overdone well
then she says she mocks me it’s my
daughter saying what Tom Hanks says and
I said well it doesn’t count until he

dies so now I’ve changed my tune to it
none of this has mean anything until
some celebrities drop dead well you know
I’m changing the table here that would

have worked very well if the Pope had
died that would have been the right
celebrity that every thought I mean was
perfect that didn’t happen of course I

would say we should keep an eye on Ruth
Ginsburg would be someone to watch ooh
yeah that I think we should watch out
for the only reason I brought up the

temperature or the weather change is you
know we just turn the weather machine on
you know that would be easy to get rid
of it I again April 6th the markets not
going to be back to normal the V will

have started no doubt but the money’s in
it has to die down it has to die down we
cannot we cannot have a democratic
Democrat convention with this under way

you know this this it will stop and not
not that the virus not the virus will
stop the track let’s go back to event
201 and what was predicted and what they

were working on to try to what was their
their game plan now this is the third
clip this is the three weeks and now
this is what they they came out with
like the bell would ring and come

somebody come now or six weeks and now
here now you have to remember what
happened to the route the real corona
the one in China and the scenario they
had predicted or they put together for
us depending on how you want to look at

it this is event 2 a1 this listen to
these numbers this is three weeks in
which would have been somewhere around
not on Oh January 20th you think well
yeah although it was already yeah

actually January 25th it was already
and and the way the scenario ran was it
was underreported for the first while

and then within three weeks though it’s
still this is what you got
welcome back please silence your phones
we now pick up the scenario three weeks
later at the third meeting of the board

on November 29th 2019
thank you all for reconvening it short
notice we need to present to this board
a serious new issue related to the
economic fallout that is accruing over

the pandemic let’s start by getting the
latest numbers and distribution from dr.
rivers the Cape’s pandemic continues to
grow with more than 1 million cases and
an estimated 73,000 deaths worldwide

there these are only estimates because
many countries are having trouble
keeping up with surveillance and
laboratory testing our models are
showing that with this continued rate of

spread there may be five and a half
million cases and almost 350,000 deaths
in one month
the three-month projection is alarming
with potential for over 30 million cases
and 3 million deaths the Americas are

still the most severely affected but
there are large outbreaks occurring in
many countries across the globe
countries with limited health care
infrastructure have seen the highest
death rates so far but health care

systems in high-income countries are
also becoming overwhelmed financial
markets have tumbled with all down
significantly for the year economic
disruptions are being felt across the
globe Thank You dr. rivers so now let’s

look at this recent exchange on GNN that
focused on the economic and financial
crises that are rippling around the

the response to the caps pandemic is now
the most expensive international
emergency ever political leaders around
globe are faced with many impossible

dilemmas including financial we have two
guests today to discuss the bottom line
of catastrophic response so just
listening to this it kind of mirrors

what happened they had a much better
I think caps is great would have been
much better than Cove in nineteen but if
they did all this preparation why was

where the did this did they produce a
paper give it to anybody after they
figured all this you can go look to the
website give it to anyone in the
government like hey everybody got the

paper you should look at this the paper
I don’t have it in front of me but you
can look it up it’s just this but it’s
lame right but they don’t you don’t have
it here I’ll give you the gist of it we
need more globalization we need more

cooperation between governments and
corporations yeah say that again yeah
global eyes we need because this is a
global thing we got to internationalize
that we need more cooperation remember

the old cooperation between governments
and corporations yes this is the old bro
this is the opposite of what is
happening and people are now aware that
globalization is a part of the problem

and we’re not stupid by the way Tom
Hanks’s went askew Tom Hanks his kid
Chet then now he’s a he’s a rapper or
hip hopper I’m not quite sure he’s

completely tatted up except for I’m sure
not his neck and face I don’t think his
parents will allow that and he is he so
he does this 33 second video in fact it

cuts at this it should be 34 seconds but
he literally cut he one of his main
tattoos in the middle of his chest is
the all-seeing eye and I and I have to
say that throughout the reporting on

coronavirus the number 33 is everywhere
it’s 33 cases 33 diagnosed 33 it’s 30
three is all over the place then we’ve

always seen that as some kind of code a
message it’s really prevalent right now
and here’s the 33 second video from the
all-seeing eye kid what’s up everyone

um yeah it’s true my parents got
coronavirus crazy they’re both down in
Australia right now because my dad was
shooting a movie down there but I just
got off the phone with them they both

are fine they’re not even that sick
they’re not worried about it they’re not
tripping but they’re going through the
necessary health precautions obviously
but I don’t think it’s anything to be
too worried about I appreciate

everyone’s concern and the well wishes
but I think it’s all going to be all
right but I appreciate it and just have
it cuts off 33 seconds exactly and I

actually went on it I went on a quest to
to find mainstream interviews with
people who are suffering have suffered
family members etc I almost unfindable

for on YouTube for mainstream news
organizations that interviewed people
with pretty much the same results which
is yeah you know so I mean I can play a

few but let’s get back to the event 201
here’s the end is the wrap the wrap so
as you can see the caps pandemic was

catastrophic and as we’ve said the
impact of a severe pandemic is not only
a result of the disease itself but
really the cascading economic and

societal consequences that would follow
now we don’t want to give you the
impression that traditional public
health measures aren’t valuable because
they absolutely are in fact in the
200-some outbreaks that w-h-o responds

to each year interventions such as
isolation of the sick social distancing
disease surveillance really do help to

interrupt the spread of disease and
control epidemics before they become
pandemics but in a savvy
fast-moving pandemic it may not be

possible to contain the spread through
these kinds of traditional measures and
as we saw in the scenario it there’s a
limit to what government NGOs and global
business can do on the fly to stop a

widespread and lethal pandemic that’s
why prior planning and promotion of
routine public-private cooperation in
advance of the next pandemic is really
critical well that’s interesting

Governor Cuomo certainly took that to
heart we get to that I want to get just
bring a couple of little things that bug

me about this whole thing besides the
fact that looked like a playbook and it
was one of these things that took place
just before an event this was at CBS I
saw this guy over and over and over

again on the different networks and
every place else pandemic expert on CBS
play this is on Norah O’Donnell show
yeah hold on a second here we go
and we want to bring in dr. Tom

Ingoldsby he’s the director of Johns
Hopkins center for health security you
might have seen dr. Inglesby on 60
minutes on Sunday so great so this is
the guy who was part of event 201 then
he was at Johns Hopkins he would have

known about it right part of it doctor
thank you so much for joining us today
the w-h-o declaring coronavirus that
pandemic and then we heard dr. Fauci of

the nih say that this is ten times
deadlier than the seasonal flu that’s a
pretty serious message doctor yeah it is
a serious message both the pandemic
announcement is serious I think mostly

for countries in the world that haven’t
had cases yet to kind of make sure that
they’re they’re clear that this epidemic
will affect them but dr. pouches and his
discussion about the seriousness of this

virus as compared to seasonal flu I
think he’s absolutely right
yeah this is this this times 10 is
constant is a the the issue I have with
the numbers is of course the numbers the

denominator for seasonal flu
is the people who have died of flu or
pneumonia so you’re adding a lot in
there so either it’s very underreported

the number of seasonal flu deaths or
we’re going to see a much lower ratio
with this pandemic was not not to bring

that issue in but it was to point out
that this guy no I gotcha Inglesby was
at not only at the event and play event
201 bonus one but what I’m actually

agreeing with you I’m saying that his
message what he just gave there is the
same one everyone’s using the role of
the pandemic emergency board members

here in New York and with that let’s
welcome our participants and invite them
into the room Tom Ingoldsby from Johns
Hopkins center for health security yeah
the guy is jizan all over himself he

can’t believe here he still he’s the
only one that knows the scenario hit
that was mentioned this here he is just
opening the whole event right here bonus

good morning and thank you all for
being part of this pandemic emergency
board we’re at the start of what’s
looking like it will be a severe

pandemic and there are problems emerging
that can only be solved by global
business and governments working
together the global community has been
working to respond to this pandemic

since its recognition but it’s health
and economic impacts have become more
severe the World Economic Forum has
convened this board because of your

combined expertise your backgrounds and
your global voice we will need all of
you to help us respond to urgent policy
crises that are emerging the purpose of

this board is to advise leaders and
national governments global business and
international organizations on the
response to the pandemic particularly

focused on international problems that
require collaboration between business
and government the recommendations will
be critical and will be promulgated and

at the end of this meeting global global
this guy was on 60 minutes the week
before he was on 60 minutes Australia
from what I can tell he has and if you
look him up and look at all his youtubes

he goes back years going on and on about
these pandemics that are gonna come and
he’s managed to hit the home run when he
ran into Moskowitz and and and Miss tuna
and loaded up their operation with a lot

of money and in fact you look at their
sponsors it’s unbelievable do get Gates
money they got everybody’s money they
put this event to oh one thing on and to
make it you know and then all of a

sudden the next thing you know we have a
pandemic pretty much similar it’s
similar in terms of the virus being
implemented and and we’re all in a panic
that stock markets crashed the whole

world’s gotten into a tizzy I don’t
think it worked out anything like this
predicted or what they think how it
should go which is a global governance
and a whole you know cooperation between

this and that in fact when you listen to
the whole event to oh one thing there
was none of them did anything that’s
happening right now with this event is
nothing like what they predicted they

didn’t expect toilet paper shortages
people buying water so first of all this
kind of this is why I never clipped it
and while I wasn’t that interested

although I’m very I like that this guy
is the expert that everyone’s bringing
on that I didn’t expect the it’s like
people saying we’re going into a bear
market eventually you’re right and then

you’re gonna you’re gonna be on TV every
single day so they were right about the
pandemic which I think anyone could have
said will have some kind of pandemic we
have him every every election year so

it’s not that hard to predict they had
it to the event was two months before
this one took place it was six months
before we would have been saying the
same thing like wow if it was a year
before I mean to me I don’t think you’re

suggesting that this was a complete that
coronavirus is a hoax
no the coronavirus exists it’s killing
people but it’s not beyond the

government so especially right if you
lived in the Bay Area where they used to
gas people just occasionally with all
kinds of different chemicals to see how
they’d react I mean it’s as though the
medical establishments got a few dr.

mangle is in it I don’t I wouldn’t be
surprised if this was just a run a an
actual run as opposed to a dry run of a
real pandemic I’m not seeing evidence of

it that is that’s a real pandemic well a
pimp fight they’re dead in Italy I mean
what’s our latest report from Willow
well if you list the Scott Adams who’s
that all panicked about this by the way

most recently he’s talking about the
dead being piled up no bullshit
I’m in constant contact with my sister
Willow who lives in feed ends near
Florence and in fact she gave me kind of

a blow-by-blow as the Prime Minister the
Prime Minister President came on their
president came on television last night
and said okay here’s what we’re doing
it’s not a total shit you never hear

total shutdown in Italy no it’s not a
total shutdown if you’re driving around
it could be going to work it’s okay if
you can stay at home please stay at home
they are closing restaurants which is

that’s a problem that I think they
already were supposed to close after six
o’clock if you are going out then you
have to have a self declaration form

which you can print off right off the
internet fill it out now of course
there’s that people are jittery so weird
stuff happens but otherwise there’s
inconvenience of the grocery store where

you only they only let a few people in
at a time but there’s no mention even in
it now there’s a lot of conspiracy
theories in Italy and there’s and
there’s a number of them which I some of

them I actually kind of like the big one
for the Italians is this was this is a
bio weapon deployed by China because
they want to buy up the country and it’s

happening already Italy has been selling
out to China in fact another conspiracy
theory claims that because Italy was the
first one the first country in the EU to

open up their their hearts their minds
and their wallets to the belt and road
initiative as we’ve discussed many times
that this was a punishment so this so

first we punished China for just for
being Chinese and then any collaborators
including the Italians where we give

them a dose of their own medicine the
the one I also like is the 5g conspiracy
theory that 5g is being tested they
turned up the power to see how people

would respond in Wuhan and of course at
a certain point there’s too much RF
radiation and people start to get sick
there is there’s reams of internet
material on this how you can get sick

from radio frequency the overpowered
radio frequency near your body and you
know just for good measure they tested

it out in Italy as well where they’re
deploying 5g so there’s a lot of these
types of theories but it’s not she says
the same thing says people are panicking
the toilet paper I’ve looked into this

and and if if you people listening not
you John but if you went out and got
toilet paper if you were seriously
thinking about it your amygdala is

inflamed at at best and probably
enlarged to a degree this is a control
mechanism this is pretty good articles
about the psychology of it of course if

you’re really going to be shut in you’re
not gonna use the toilet paper is not
handy because you need food things to
drink and you know other important
things that you could think of but no

toilet paper is because people are very
confused feel out of control they see
people doing stuff and this is all from
in a large amygdala perspective just as

if someone in front of you is walking
through the woods and they jump because
they think you they saw a snake you’ll
probably jump to and the toilet paper
rolls are
because it’s big and it gives you a very

good feeling when you can take big
control of something like okay I’m in
control yeah I’ve got big thing taking
that back it’s it’s complete panic
that is set in when people do these

things but again no dead bodies it this
is the same thing we heard from China
that they were incinerating bodies and
it showed up on on satellite pictures

yes that’s how bad it is
now I’m not believing it every single
video this is just where you have event
201 I have a huge problem with the

complete lack of mainstream interviews
with any victims you could just go look
for it and and you know we interview
lotto winners will do anything to get a

human interest story anything tears
report from New Zealand incapacitated
needing help to breathe and surrounded
by doctors in hazmat suits is perhaps

the go-to image of those infected with
coronavirus not so for Rebecca Fraser
who has conferred 19 as it’s now known
curiously she looks just fine she’s

relation in a Tokyo hospital after
testing positive for the virus while on
board the Diamond Princess cruise ship
that’s now docked in Yokohama and in
lockdown for 14 days her husband’s still

stuck on board Rebecca says she’s
shocked she has tested positive for the
deadly virus given how fit and well she
feels just can’t believe it can’t
believe this happening to you I you know

not one to freak out though it’s not
like I broke down in tears or anything
like that or screaming and yelling I
just took it for what it was and you
know come to the hospital and yeah well

did you feel unwell do you feel unwell I
know I never really felt unwell I had a
little bit of a cough and when they told
me and when I got here I had a bit of a

fever but all of that has normalized and
I have no symptoms and I think this is
part of the problem is they just can’t
get a horrible story out of anybody
Crestview Florida and tonight in

Okaloosa County woman who tested
positive for corona virus while on the
Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan is
back home Janette red Baldo spent
several weeks quarantined at the

hospital in Japan and was eventually
cleared by the CDC
Rivaldo talked exclusively with channel
three’s renee Beninati and renee how is
she doing tonight
April tonight where Baldo is back home

and crest for you and healthy she tells
me she was quarantined in Asia for close
to a month after catching the corona
virus I cried when I thought it it
really brought a lot of emotion

Jeannette Rivaldo showing us the Get
Well notes that now filled her home I
hadn’t felt bad I never worried about my
safety or my health but all these people
were sending so much love

Rivaldo was one of close to 4,000 people
aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship
and then the top hit on YouTube or you
know google video does the same NBC News
the only one I could find from NBC

what’s weird about the symptoms and
seems to be true for almost everybody is
I went days without going I have the
virus and all of a sudden just clicking

my fingers I jumped from normal
temperature to 100 in this rain I
developed a small dry cough but unlike
colds or other other foods that have had
there was no stopping mist of the nose

no nose drip no sneezing no body aches
no chills
so that was the weird part of this my
worst symptom was the fever and that had

for only about eight hours and then like
every fever after that I was drained
dealing with Marchak
I definitely dehydrated there are no
antibiotics for this so they were

pumping me up with a ton of Gatorade
I’ve been through every color of the
rainbow of Gatorade to
myself hydrated and other than having
the drink cause that’s don’t persist

it’s getting better now
virus so I’m just fine geez JC has what
I think is a corona virus out and the

description that woman has pretty much
the same description exactly your son JC
has it you say you think he yeah yeah
well he could be the flu – it could be
something but hey whatever is exactly

what she said it was it’s the same thing
you’re not debilitated and you get this
stupid coffee which is annoying and but
the thing is they will not give him a
test exactly this is the same thing in

Rotterdam is it possible that they won’t
give the test because they don’t want to
see the real numbers no I know what I
understand well it’s a easier to deal
with if you don’t have to deal with real

numbers it might be that it’s more
common than we think it might not even
be new if you really go out there and
start testing so I don’t know the answer
to that but I know that around the world

I’m getting the same report someone says
hey I think I have a corona virus I have
symptoms they call their doctor they go
to the hospital and they are turned away

and say okay self quarantine we need to
use tests for people who are have weak
immune systems or are elderly
etc we have no time for you so to me it

sounds like yeah there’s tests it’s not
any again it’s not an easy test it’s not
spitting a test tube the real virus is
of the mind and it’s propagating through

mainstream media and online we’re all
we’re not even talking about people with
just numbers here’s a chart here are
some numbers
I got another chart over here look at
this ooh but this happened and oh this

is more it’s more dangerous than that
this is all a bunch here let me give you
some real numbers deadly diseases
there’s a nice chart that I’ve put in
the in the show notes

so this is what is the denominator here
disease deaths per day worldwide number
one disease death worldwide as of the

according to the winter Lancet 9th of
March okay a guess
heart disease tuberculosis both

tuberculosis is number one three
thousand fourteen deaths per day number
two hepatitis B number three by the way
if anything should be quarantined it’s

somebody wouldn’t tuberculosis yeah
pneumonia twenty-two hundred a day
hiv/aids this is much higher than I
expected 2,100 a day

malaria mm she GLE osis
what is shigellosis never heard of this
well I don’t want it cuz it kills 1600

people a day rotavirus 1200 seasonal flu
one thousand people a day norovirus 548
whooping cough 440 Typho typhoid 396

cholera 392 meningitis 329 measles 247
rabies 162 yellow fever 82 and there it
is clocking in at 56 a day kovat 19 so

we don’t understand scale as human
beings but we’re being we’re being

we’re being abused by the system by
people with tons of agendas I mean oh my
god I mean that they’re pushing through
another bill today probably by the time
we hear this I’ll have had a chance to

read it money it’s money oh there’s also
more going on this was on the floor the
other day because of course the Patriot
Act still has to be renewed you didn’t

see any of that going on except I have
this little clip madam Speaker I have an
amendment at the desk to correct the
name of the bill amendment to HR 61 72
offered by mr. buck of Colorado and then

the title so as to read a bill to be
known as the federal initiative to spy
on Americans if I said at least we still
have some humor here and there so

actually here is now Pelosi in that this
is also political Trump asked for
something very big he said let’s have a

payroll tax holiday for the rest of the
year which conservatively is about a
million up trillion dollars less in the
coffers of the United States Treasury

this has been rejected flat out by the
Democrats by apparently some Republicans
as well
I personally although I’ve I would love
to try modern monetary theory at this

point I wouldn’t mind giving that a shot
who gives a shit
what do we got to lose we have to do it
one one way or the other we have to try
one of these huge liquidity injections
although obviously I’m against the

Federal Reserve and and the way it’s
been set up but we could give it a shot
Pelosi is having none of that House
Democrats are actually they finished up
a meeting in this room right behind me
talking about this and other issues as

well but what Democrats are trying to do
is get out in front of this issue
ensuring that their priorities are
included in any sort of relief or aid
bill and those are to ensure that people
who aren’t receiving any income because

of coronavirus get some relief and also
people who are food insecure because of
it also get some relief and so what
that’s translating to in a draft bill in
the House of Representatives includes

sixth place leave for people who either
have to be quarantined because of
coroner virus or who actually have the
virus other things is an extension of
unemployment insurance and an extension

of food stamps and aid for kids who get
free and reduced lunches at school but
can’t go to school because their schools
are closed but what’s not included in

this Aemon is the president’s biggest
priority and that’s a payroll tax cut
that has fallen flat on Capitol Hill
among Democrats even some Republicans
are saying that if people are not

working then a payroll tax cut does no
good so what also is not included in the
House bill at this point is anything
else that the president is wanting but

we do know that speaker Pelosi and
secretary monition spoke just moments
ago and that Pelosi wants a vote on this
bill tomorrow before they leave town for
a week amen so this is another litttle

that’s where I played the whole thing
out so tomorrow would be today before
they leave for a week
oh they should not leave they should be
right in their seats in DC working very
hard on this crisis I think it would be

very bad optics for them to leave
then again Pelosi could continue to
propagate her message this is what she’s
saying in every interview this is

my new version doesn’t know about
civilization as we know it is at stake
this is Armageddon to which we say now
here we have ham radio guys ham radio is

the public service network of last
resort when the apocalypse comes we’re
the guys who are gonna save the world
right exactly gonna play corniche clips

play starting a podcast hold on I was
well before I look for that here’s my
ISO recommendation this is Armageddon I

thought that might be useful I’m
starting a podcast this has truly been a
dream of mine for years and I’m finally
going for it just some Rando pretty much

but I showed that for the end of show oh
you’re gonna die so okay what I’m sorry
I got it I’m starting a podcast I don’t

know man this is Armageddon
I think that’s bad dude let me have a
downer I so at the end this is good
because then we can laugh at it but
their Armageddon what yeah yeah why you

you’ve been on this down or kick for
ending the show I didn’t understand if
you keep stopping me because it’s huh-uh
it’s not as funny as I’m starting a
podcast that’s pretty old
it’s a dream come true by the way for

this woman her whole life has been
leading up to this I guess if you listen
to her yeah yeah I’m so happy for her
well while we’re talking about these
horrible things that there’s one little

test that’s come up I don’t even know
that they know it’s a test of their of
the whole thing the whole kovat
nightmare mm-hmm it’s and it has to do
with the NBA they should for what first

of all they dish suspended the NBA is
because Rudy Gobert got covered and they
did a calculation on ESPN showing that
he with covet probably played maybe six
or seven games oh really

and he’s a he’s our starter and he so he
would be bumping in bumping and
breathing and bumping and sweating on at
least I don’t know about 60 70 players
now they should all get Cove

if it’s as virulent even if it’s even
mildly virulent and we’ll see if that
happens but in fact here’s the
announcement as it came in on the on the
get got everybody worked

this is NBA suspends in eighteen second
clip just came in right live on the Newt
they had to stop the newest faded and we
are monitoring breaking news tonight the

NBA just announcing a player has tested
positive for the corona virus shortly
before a game between the Utah Jazz and
Oklahoma City Thunder the NBA now
announcing they are suspending the

season Nora
and that is huge news huge huge now
here’s a funny pair of clips I want to
play just to show you that no matter how

rich you are you can still be kind of
you can be rich and powerful but where
your your places in society may you may
not understand it completely and this

was this is I got two clips this is
about LeBron James LeBron James it was
told that they may be playing games and
there would have been one tonight but

they suspended the season they may be
playing games the NBA LeBron James is
worth nearly a billion dollars mm-hmm
they will be playing games in with no
audience right so here’s Ron says this

is LeBron won’t play please clip one we
play games without the fans know it’s
impossible on Friday night after his
Lakers pinned the Bucks LeBron James let

it be known that if the league schedules
games with no fans in NBA arenas that he
would not play watch up to arena they
know fans in their game plan so they can

do what they want to do
no fan there was no you know he can say
whatever he wants I guess they can do it

there well what happens the next day
this is LeBron well play part two
but as coronavirus concerns mount
leagues are bracing for the

unprecedented possibility that the games
may go on while the fans stay home and
James has now softened his stance they
feel like it’s best for the safety of

the players they feel the franchise safe
did the league to a mandate that then we
all we all this to someone came down on
James I guess there’s a king above James

after all huh probably green with a
George Washington on it I’m sure that
has something to do with it

the dutch Prime Minister went on
television Margareta seen as a dweeb in
general and did this whole thing about
we’re not gonna shake hands with the
Dutch will no longer shit of course the

Dutch actually don’t shake hands they
like to do three kisses but okay we’re
not gonna shake hands and so he goes
through this rigmarole or we can we
could touch the elbows we could touch

our knees we could do all this fun stuff
and well I’ll claim is stupid home
descriptive so at this I’ll translate on
the fly at this moment we are stopping
with the shaking hands resume you can do
feet kissing which apparently is a thing

and the books total you can bump elbows
your guilt if she was hold all I’ve seen
all kinds of great variations at schools
very creative people not for that Thomas
crude but we stopped today with shaking

he then the show ends he stands up turns
to the guide to the left of him on the
panel and shakes his hand
sorry oh

are you saying no stop stop I will do
that over will do that over we can’t do
that this is the kind of leadership they

have in Europe well shaking hands has
always been somewhat weird to me and
it’s arcane because it your stems back
from the days where you have a sword and

you’re you should put your hand out so
the guy pulled a gun or something I mean
it was just it so you have a grip on
somebody in case something bad happens
it doesn’t really make a lot of sense I
mean the bowing is you know I’m

surprised we don’t try to adopt that
nobody’s brought that up for some reason
when’s the last time somebody’s got the
fish just bumping and the elbow bumping
and the arms crushing and all the rest

of it but what about the bow II when we
just start bowing like the Dacians do
bowing for a reason probably because of

the coronavirus the old one
Korona 1510 the only thing we have to
fear is fear itself
a plane had to be diverted to dia after
several passengers became unruly because

they were concerned that another
passenger had the coronavirus the fight
took off from Eagle Colorado our mob
news reporter matt kroschel spoke to one
of the people that were was on that

flight who watch this entire thing
unfold Matt you know Karen the concerns
over coronavirus have hit the high
country with two confirmed cases in
Eagle County one here in Summit County
so the people on board this flight on

Sunday noticed another passenger was
coughing and sneezing they contacted the
crew on board and demanded that that
passenger was removed from the plane but
that’s not exactly what ended up

happening they were trying to get the
whole plane join but sounded like a riot
United is telling us that the three
passengers that were removed from the
flight they’re still under investigation

right now to see if there will be any
charges as for that passenger that was
coughing and sneezing well they’re
telling us it was just allergies they
did check for fever and that passenger
was allowed to continue on to newer

people keep your wits about you this is
don’t go insane over this stuff and this
is the problem we’ve had we were so
primed for this O’Brien we’re so ready
media and entertainment has gotten us to

this moment and the beautiful machine
that is social networks and the
mainstream media the cable news networks
it’s it’s a perfect storm and then the
sad thing for me is you’ve got all these

kids and I’ve spoken about the Robin
Hood app before I think it’s always been
a scam they’ve their front running on
these kids which means you know you put
in an order for let’s say Apple Apple

stock and then they’ll go and buy it and
sell it back see who had higher price
then it’s it’s I mean it’s legal but
it’s a total scam all these kids got
their weed and their skateboard money in

this app and then of course we have the
market gyrating like crazy and not once
not twice but three times in a row
robbing new traders stuck on the
sidelines yet again the trading startups
two days of outages last week during

another historic market day today again
you see tons of red on the signs here at
the Stock Exchange and another thousand
point dropped for the Dow the start up
meanwhile once again saying it’s seen

both major major outages on equities
options and crypto trading this morning
prominent says it’s now been partially
restored its last update says degraded
performance but clients still on Twitter

complaining that they can’t execute
trades the founders now saying that the
two days of adages last week was due to
higher the normal trading volume that
stressed their systems we also saw some
downtime at fidelity TD and Charles

Schwab last week due to that same
trading volume issue Robinhood customers
though taking to social media to vent
some outrage about missing those trading
days last week a lot of those are
Millennials and were first-time traders

most of them threatened to pull funds of
those we saw on Twitter late last week
we also saw a class-action lawsuit filed
against the start-up for negligence due
to that outage yeah good get rid of

those guys well you know kids are
probably probably did the kids a favor
and taught him a very valuable lesson a
lesson also kept amaizing the more

okay no they were stuck in positions
they couldn’t get out of oh well they
let you short on margin there’s all

kinds of crap they let these kids do is
very bad not good but there is a silver
lining not just for these kids but also
a potential exit strategy for you and
myself Andrew I almost did not believe

this when I heard it I know me either
Jesse scientists in London are looking
for twenty four volunteers to actually
be injected with the corona virus to try
and help them develop a vaccine each

volunteer will be paid over four
thousand dollars to be given a weaker
strain of the virus which will see them
develop similar respiratory symptoms in
addition the UK a promising to fund over

sixty million dollars towards battling
coronavirus tell you there’s money in
that four grand a lot of takers money
you know this is my nurse is not the

real deal this is like a miners I did
it’s attenuated it’s a that would be
good let’s see yeah
I thought the it’s worth listening to

this New York hand sanitizer
presentation just because it was so
weird before you go on with that I do
have a suggestion as a really great gag

okay so you buy one of these bottles of
hand sanitizer yes you dump it out and
clean it out thoroughly and make sure

it’s just completely clean so you can
actually drink from it you put it fill
it with the water and put one drop of
blue food coloring then you go to

McDonald’s and you take this hand
sanitizer and make sure you’re in public
and then you’re you spray your hands
before you eat the hamburger then spray
the burger and then open the burger and

spray the burger and then open your
mouth and sprint a couple of shots in
your mouth and start eating the burger
you will get attention
and I can’t be too careful I think you

have to say that I think that that’s
part of the gag is you have to say I

can’t be too careful but I think you
should do it just have a little handy
spray bottle and just do it in a
restaurant do all over the place
anywhere you go

absolutely so New York State you know
there’s been a shortage of Purell and
other hand sanitizers for a while now
for a couple of weeks even though it’s

no more effective than washing your
hands with soap and water but okay it’s
handy and people like it makes you feel
good you get you can sniff it
but for some reason New York decided

we’re gonna make our own so they did and
this was the launch of the product
edited down for your convenience open
the curtain please we are introduced
this is the governor of New York this

isn’t this is not some carnival barker
this his governor has gone off the rails
the governor of New York open the
curtain please we are introducing New
York State clean hand sanitizer made

conveniently by the state of New York
this is a superior product to products
now on the market the World Health

Organization CDC all those people
suggest 60% alcohol content Purell
competitor 2 New York State clean 70%

alcohol this is 75% alcohol it also has
a comes in a variety of sizes it has a

very nice floral bouquets little eye
detective lilac hydrangea tulips when I
like you

tulips yes floral bouquet making it in
the state of New York
cor I’m glad he’s so panicked about
coronavirus craft Act
is making it for the state core craft
makes glass cleaner floor cleaners the

greasers laundry detergent vehicle
fluids hand cleaner and who does this
company employ to make these products
have you any idea mr. mr. dvorak no I’d

never heard of this company
prisoners state prisoners prisoners make
this shit for them and now they make
hand sanitizer the current capacity is

100 thousand gallons per week and we’re
going to be ramping up we’ll be
providing this to governmental agencies

schools the MTA prisons etc that is now
in production will start distributions
we’re going to distribute it to Newark

they should have come up with a better
name again the naming I mean a prison
naming is not as easy as it looked how
about prison hooch hand wash or
something yes it works
my favorite marketing gimmick that’s

ever I don’t even know how they pulled
this off what is in your neck of the
woods is apparently there was a rumor
going around that
Tito’s yes Tito’s vodka it was the great
disinfectant yes inside and out

well yes and it turns out it just
doesn’t have enough alcohol in it it has
to be like 150 proof tea dosa I don’t
think it’s like 120 maybe no no Tito’s
is normal it’s no higher than honor I

think it’s like normal 80 another fun
report is the inhaling of vaporized
propylene glycol yeah which can’t be

healthy well that’s what vaping is is
propylene glycol that’s what is in vape
juice propylene glycol really yeah it’s
yes and apparently that kills the it it

protects the host it’s hey work didn’t
it it it’s not all Dave juice actually
but the ones I use and apparently that

does that scientifically is proven to
stop the flu influenza or to slow it
down we don’t know about the corona
virus but why take chances wouldn’t that

be just funny if you could survive
corona virus by vaping yeah it would be
very funny it would just be the perfect

perfect ending for all of this well
there was just a few were just a couple
more Clips just to get this up subject
out of the way might as well play we
already talked about this the synagogue

being cordoned off I don’t need to play
that clip but we do have you know just
so everyone shows that they’re involved
we do have CBS again they have
apparently they’ve shuttered the New

York office because they have some some
Coronas in there and tonight we here at
CBS News also find ourselves in the
headlines two of our network’s new
york-based employees how much they

surprise ever do the hit I didn’t know
that this was a headline well it has now
been diagnosed with corona virus and
they have our full support those who
worked closely with them have been asked

to self quarantine and our New York City
broadcast center is closed tonight in
order for it to be cleaned
none of that however will change our
commitment to important it was for you
each of you every night from right here

in Washington well I you know as people
will know we too are in the headline
seeing as we have been self quarantined
for about 13 years doing this show we

pretty much don’t get out of the house
so we will continue to bring you the
show twice a week on Thursday and
actually our model is being copied by
CNBC thanks back it’s 8:02 now on the

East Coast I’m Joe Cornel along with
Andrew Ross Sorkin at the Nasdaq market
site in Times Square Becky Quick is at
CNBC global headquarters in Englewood
Cliffs New Jersey and if you’re

wondering why the show looks a little
different this morning it’s because we
are deploying our teams to alternate
locations out of an abundance of caution
for the safety of our employees and
everyone they come in contact with this

is what we will look like for a while
but it won’t change what we do every day
Becky as you can see is still be in the
middle bring you the news you need to
navigate these volatile markets US

equity futures I’ll tell you that on the
Dow that down 11 191 22 so yes we’re
also going to be very brave and continue
to do the show from different locations

just to minimize any potential effects
to that could that bring the whole show
could be brought down yeah it could
happen the whole studio has to be shut

down or as in the case of W in W ABC or
WCBS whatever was in Manhattan yeah to
be cleaned because the place is
apparently a crap hole and needed
cleaning yeah I will say this the big

upside to all this is the cleaning
they’re cleaning the rail cars now
they’re cleaning their airline seats the
cushions at the airport they’re cleaning

the seats I mean they’re cleaning
finally you know it wouldn’t be a bad
idea to have a national time like every
day all right at 10 a.m. we’re all gonna

clean wherever we are yeah
just it and then get some of that blue
stuff you were talking about this brain
in your mouth yeah yeah exactly
there’s this upside to it so bottom line

for people who are looking for some
guidance from us yeah it’s just as risky
as as anything that can get into islands
and I say from my experience and

everybody else is including Jay who went
up to Washington by herself and drove
for a long while she had to test her
driving skills so she took a three-hour

drive now is the time to do stuff yeah
now is definitely the time to deal is
there’s parking there’s it’s true
there’s no crowds except the Costco

still crowded for some reason mall the
mall in Austin is still crowded that
hasn’t slowed I went to the things that
are still crowded for some unknown
reason but the other things aren’t and
there’s a lot more parking and Caeser

driving the traffic is lower because
especially in the Bay Area where Silicon
Valley everyone you work from
home cuz they can all work from home
there’s no per half these jobs are
bullcrap jobs there’s no reason to be in
the office except so somebody could do a

headcount so they’re all working from
home so the traffic is clear you can get
to the city and back pretty easily it’s
like dynamite yeah and and be airline
tickets well be on the lookout though

for the stuff that gets shoved in here
and there that’s that’s the main thing
we’re selecting we’re gonna see you’re
gonna see all kinds of rules there will
be checkpoints testing scanning people

will get used to this which is sad just
we’ll see we’ll see if they they push

this spying on American citizens act if
they if they know that’s been going on
Portia that’s a well but it’s now is the
time to pass stuff because people are
not looking they do that anyway no

matter what they’re getting stuff
through they pass a you know build a
limit farting in Congress and it’s got
all kinds of stuff in it I’ve not read

this bill yet yeah the farting bill
that’s it’s but that guy from that that
Joker from Colorado hurry was should
make him a hero of the show you know

tried to pass the spine clip again I
want to hear it again okay madam Speaker
I have an amendment at the desk

to correct the name of the bill
amendment to HR 61 72 offered by mr.
buck of Colorado amend the title so as
to read a bill to be known as the
federal initiative to spy on Americans

FISA Act mr. buck of Colorado he’s our
guy but you know what he he it was a
good thing
and what he did gets attention that’s

the clip that’s the clip they’re not and
of course you won’t see it on any
mainstream but that’s the clip that gets
around and so it does bring attention to
people to the to the top US yeah well
we’re we’re some people we count we do

count and we have a lot of listeners and
producers and we don’t we have quite a
few producers and with
I’d like to thank you for your courage
and say in the morning to you the man

who put the C in C Dvorak well in the
morn to you mr. Adam curry in the
morning to all ships to sea boots on the
ground feet in the air the V recovery

and all the Dames and nights out there
yeah I’m waiting for it don’t worry 13
1,300 trolls in our troll room in the
morning to you trolls at No Agenda
Street cause I believe my daughter is

even trolling today she said she was
gonna check in as she is self quarantine
E herself by the way we have trolls we
have the self quarantine ENCOM in case

you’re interested in going to that gives
you lots of tips oh no it takes you to a
no agenda experience comm page which
also gives you lots of tips for a
healthy lifestyle we love having the
trolls there they’re very helpful good

to get real-time feedback we’re in the
loop and also for them great two trolls
fun to troll me and and anyone else who
does the live shows 24/7 no agenda
stream calm in the morning to comic

strip blot no wait
oops that’s the wrong one that was 12 22
what I’m looking for is at 12:23
obamacare that was the title of our

previous episode and Darren O’Neill how
could I mess it up he figured out he got
it he brought us the ultimate artwork
for that episode stock up now on no
agenda toilet paper

33 holes I mean there was almost no
discussion it was God’s no-brainer have
you ever seen Darren do his podcast I’ve
heard I mean I hear him on the pre
stream before we start you have to watch

him visually he he’s a for one thing
he’s got a borderline borderline he
could easily be a professional
broadcaster old-school style
yeah you can tell yeah how are you doing

yeah yeah he looks like the kind again
he looks like it he looks like a radio
guy I mean you just have to watch him do
his thing he’s really good and he’s a

mic nut oh yeah he knows everything
about mics he’s a good mic nut and he’s
got some other uses that
you know he’s got it he’s a gearhead for
sure and he’s interesting I enjoy

listening to him he’s my Darin O’Neill
impersonation right impression
everybody’s – no agenda pretty extreme
I’m putting the bass in your face

slammed the speakers your sneakers
through your speakers I can’t even do it
he’s got it down though he’s almost like
Broadway bill wasn’t it Broadway bill
who did all the the rappin rhyming
pumping the wattage into your cottage so

he says he does art so well
he’s a multi-talented character
Renaissance man really ya know and he is
a part of the No Agenda community our

family and part of the value for value
network and anyway as well put it is
podcast hog story as a grumpy grumpy old
Ben’s all of it go – no agenda stream

calm that’s we can find them all you can
talk – everything’s in rotation and for
the art no agenda art generator calm
Thank You Darren for your multifaceted

contributions once again it’s
appreciated now to our financial
supporters we’d like to thank the higher
donors of the show because they’ll get a
special credit as they duly deserve it’s

just like Hollywood you become an
executive producer or an associate
executive producer and we like to give
you these credits right up front or in a
special spot up front in the show and

here we go JT was at Barrington the
night of the black Telecaster 644

another guitar player on the show 640
4.67 greetings gents I’m making this
donation $644 67 cents – the greatest

podcast in the universe so that my
smoking-hot wife I will contain her name
hood contain okay obtain her day
for her birthday today that is a
birthday she wishes to be known as dame

Sparkle we have been listening to the No
Agenda since late November of 2009 and
started donating small amounts monthly

in January of 2010 we have listened to
every episode since I received my
knighthood and received it in April of
2018 I decided to make this large
payment to accelerate her today Mahad I
was able to attend one Meetup over in

Berkeley last August it was a pleasure
to meet John and Mimi and the
interesting folks that came I have
wanted to attend some meetups here in

Oregon ah that’s right I remember you
but my schedule was not cooperated it
has not property I love being part of
the No Agenda fraternity could you

please play there’s nothing like a dame
keep up the good work
JT barring tonight of the black

there we go
nothing like a day George cradle or pro
del Fredo I’m guessing to 5:28 he’s in
Arvada Colorado short note contributing

in honor of the first $280 Denver meet
up tomorrow
please d douche me well he says the
first 50 to 80 Denver meet up it’s like

Michigan so I thought was a dollar sign
says in life yeah 50 to 80 douched
he’s shifting into the cyber security
field join the crowd requesting a China

is asshole asshole as well
jobs jobs and jobs

that’s the job sir code monkey and
Renault South Dakota $400 ITM gentlemen

the four hundred dollar donation takes
me to Barron nice please see the
accounting below please send my request
to the peerage committee and ask if the

title and Protectorate of can be sort
code monkey baron of day that one yeah
of course I think so that’s an easy
doesn’t easy request to accept

I am a database developer and all your
data belong to us that is not a typo
John is a ripoff from this meme and an
old game really anyway if the

Protectorate isn’t accepted it is
accepted I will fill out the proper
paperwork for a protectorate at a later
time Adam yes I know you’ve heard this a

million times but I love the JRE show
you did and thank you thank you please
call my brother Joe out as a douche bag

odd connection I also need jobs Carmen
I’m currently looking for new work from
home data is a database developer not if
anyone in the know ho gender network has

any openings look me a Jason Zeisler up
on LinkedIn ze is le are okay again does
he want anything here yeah he wants jobs

jobs karma did he ask for that yeah
right there at the end he says I also
need a job yes got it got it got it jobs
jobs jobs and jobs

Benjamin wit brought which is white
bread in German

Benjamin white bread three four five six
seven in Charlotte North Carolina well
it’s pretty that’s a good name for there
yeah in the morning Adam and John with

the next Charlotte meetup coming on
I wouldn’t dare show up as a douchebag
again in fact a double D douching is in
order as my brother Matt recently

started a recurring donation you’ve been
you’ve been deduced all right I’m gonna

have to stop show here and and mention
something okay I think the brother
himself should request that he do she
now he can’t know now it’s over now and
now his time is gone if he does ask for

it we will reject it I agree that he
should do it himself that’s true sir
psychopaths hit me in the mouth roughly
two years ago and my amygdala has never

been smaller your podcast is a welcome
escape from the constant virtue
signaling and parroting and what people
think they’re supposed to believe that

we’re all bombarded with by the m5m at
the first charlotte north carolina
meetup i had the chance to really talk
to people who fundamentally disagree
with me on many issues in a completely

productive and engaging way which is the
power of what you guys have built
honestly I’m Way behind on donations and
this is merely the tip of the
compensation you guys for the value of

the conversation for you guys for the
value I’ve received over the last few
years and I urge anyone listening to go
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just do it already
damn it some Pelosi’s job karma would be
as Presley especially appreciated from
my brother and I as we begin to search
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on an industry change jingle requests
you might die Obama you might die now
that’s true to the head Hillary cackling
and then Amy sang pretty good did I have

them pretty good I’ll say it no I got it
I got it I just gotta go save you might

die thanks
jobs jobs and jobs
pretty good

Hillary never sounded bad it’s so
Mike Keeler lost wages Nevada 3 3 3 3 4
and he rides greetings from lost wages I

was going to send you this amount in
toilet paper
how about like he’s got 3.14 roles but
it seems to be all gone so you get money

instead with this donation I they should
change that thing or it sends your
blankets in your water in your toilet
yeah with this donation I have achieved
baronet oh one second Mike Keeler I

appreciate the work you do in keeping
our amygdalas right-sized
I love a don’t eat me Joe Biden and a

dealer’s choice of Reverend Al I’d like
to some karma from my to human resources
in college ok and he will become a
barrow nets

ESP ICT you’ve got karma die Annie

anonymous in Houston Texas three three
three three

Oh she sent a short note said a check in
a spirit of Lent and making reparations
one of my priorities has to be to catch
up on my value for value which alas

seriously in arrears being a hopeless no
agenda junkie there is no excuse for
falling so far behind and then sponging
off your other listeners I would do

better after this keep up the good work
and blessings from Diana Diana thank you
any any sure al Patterson in Auburn
California very nice area by the way

this is a foothills of the Sierra
Nevadas 300 $12.20
this donation of three twelve 20 is on
behalf of my husband Ben Van Kirk quick

hmm whose birthday is on March 12th 220
he was a dude named Ben for many years
then decided to pursue his passion of
his passion project uncharted XCOM

full-time hmm son showed x-com okay he
produces long format documentaries on
topics such as the younger dry at impact

what driest what younger dryas the
impact I have no idea I’ve no idea maybe
that’s a meteor or something

evidence for precision engineering you
know in ancient Egypt in South America
and the improbable timelines of the
ancient Egyptians
I love all reducers man we got something
more the History Channel anytime

Uncharted X focuses on questioning
mainstream archaeology and bringing in
the facts
Ben is the epitome of a one-man show he

records his own on location footage rice
gets him out of the house I suppose I’m
in Egypt writes all the scripts does all
the video editing narration and

marketing himself and leverages the
value for value model to keep it on the
float so happy birthday Ben can I please
get the following jingles I guess we’ll
credit him with the attention yes we

shall we shall
yeah his head is gone look at all that
juice and bite nanana or Obama no no no
plus of course Karma for the ongoing
success for Uncharted X Cheers

all right so this will be four so we put
in bin I guess just to make sure of Ben
flan carrot cake okay and it’s not his

head is gone but and her head is gone
can you see that juice

you ask we play sir JB night at the DMV
two three four five six and his note
says do not use my real name that’s

right all caps
thank you sir JP we got it we got it
thank you for your courage onward to
Michael Robinson in Salem Oregon to to

5.75 and he wrote a letter with
Starfleet Command logo scribbled on in
crayon as if it was a real thing it’s a

forgery but okay there’s no cake you get
it read anyway this note comes to you in
14 point font to help John as implanted
lenses thank you for your amygdala

shrinking twice weekly Thursday laughs
and insights that help keep you sane
your recent analysis of the ruined flu
has been particularly insightful at work
today we drained 33 milliliters of fluid

from a patient’s groin and I knew it was
time to donate fluid yeah well luckily
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in one one lucky 3333 donation a small
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achieved knighting on my 33rd donation
see attach the county I’d like to be
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think I’d be sent this in no I don’t
think so either

my that was my mistake no I’ve been
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this one I guess I didn’t read the note
I’d like okay Rhett you yeah he’d like
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and if it’s not sold out I’d like to
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but okay yes that was a good whenever we
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my smoking-hot wife Michele graduates
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hold on John do you have the direct
number for the table service I do I’ll
give it to you Scott okay my smoking hot
wife Michele graduates from dental

hygiene school in a week and we’ll be
taking board exams and asking for jobs
jobs gonna get her some dimension
straddling Trump Pelosi jobs karma also

my sisters Andrea and Juran are in
Ireland for two weeks can I get them
some corona karma so they can get back
safely yeah by the way Ireland is still

on the fly you can still fly at Ireland
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I’d like okay I’m sorry I didn’t give
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but give you the whole load look at that
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a head get shot is really a good one and
I taste like poop

well like it tastes like poop is bugs
bugs bugs yes I love bugs jingle but I
can cue it up I guess yeah that’s what
you think I think wait I’d like to call

on my buddy Dane as a douche bag I hit
him in the mouth years ago his
smoking-hot wife has donated but I don’t

think he ever has thanks again Michael
okay first we will do the requested
Corona Karma you’ve got

jobs jobs jobs the fly yeah I’m the fly

on the floor yeah that’s why this is why
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so much because I think you can do these
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I will be donating more can’t threaten
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sad okay I love to show my husband but
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nice $200 my husband and I are about to
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that Stu you guys for keeping us company
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much-loved Dame Nancy thank you Andy
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combo for travel and health you’ve got

and last on the list is Brian Ellis who
has a note he said she’s had a card a
very nice card Hale romulus and remus
first time Hale first time donating but

please no D douching been listening
since the pipeline’s episode and for a
first episode the show’s structure was a
little confusing however it was like

Plato’s allegory of the cave
you two are important men of our time
worthy of the same category as Plato’s
as Plato Hobbes Locke and Rousseau all

men I was taught about in high school oh
really well they don’t teach that
anymore No thank you must be of the
older generation thank you for all the

info sentiment and humor you provide on
a bi-weekly basis thank you for being a
positive role model for me as well oh
gee oh here we go

jingles like it already is earlier but
no I’m not gonna gross Adams Italian
nice saying shut up slave two to the

head and dr. Kiki shut up already
he continues right I will keep reading
while you do those up some relationship

Karma as well he’s also had some
relationship karma being my smoking hot
girlfriend is in Russia and I’m in
Nebraska so thank you for your courage
loving light thank you for the card yes

and I have everything here and what’s
just a regular karma relationship
relationship oh we can we’ll do that
once as well that we can we can do this

don’t take the scalpel up already

you’ve got karma shut up already it’s
science that includes our group of
executive producers an associate

executive producers for show 1224 1224
can you believe 1224 episodes of which
you are now an executive producer or
alternatively an associate executive

producer I would say you should be very
proud of these credits they are real
they’re recognized anywhere that the
credits are accepted so you can put them

in your curriculum you can put them on
your LinkedIn it does help get jobs we
know that fan TV it’s what’s the OM DB
if you have an IMDB put it right there
in fact you can’t you start an IMDB if

you haven’t a producer credit yes in
fact the guy we spoke about earlier
Inglesby yeah this is put one up for
himself for a 60 Minutes performance oh
now I did think about that for a second

really you’re interviewed and you’re on
IMDB we should give him an executive
producer ship just for the hell of it
you know we should know we will be doing
this again on Sunday if we make it you

never know but I think we’ll be here to
bring you more of your in info saimin to
keep those amygdalas at a nice and big
delay I should say it Anais and in a

healthy size and to help us please go to
Borah dot org slash
virus our formula is this we go out for

hit people in the mouth
I’m starting a podcast

I have one more candidate for ISO oh and
this is I’m not a pundit okay I’m not a

punter now tubed up it’s Joe Biden
miking a bad miking yeah
and it actually footballs at the end I’m
not a punter hmm yeah

oh I have good news because of the Joe
Rogan appearance appearance the Joe
Rogan experience appearance appearance

is even better I got a call from super
agent Matthew lusher in Los Angeles yeah
this is my agent he’s been my agent for
25 years has gotten it he finally called

you back no he called me out of the blue
I did not reach out to him at all he has
got me zero gigs in 25 years but he is
officially my agent you can look him up
in the agent directory and we had a

little chat and he said how you doing I
said you gotta check out animated No
Agenda and he was playing it on the
phone before we even hung up I said okay

call you back in a few days and and as
he was parting he said ha it’s great
they’re short and I don’t know what that
means but usually if the super agent is
positive good things come of it it’s

probably something in the ether in the
milieu in that crowd that says it’s a
short G letter
yeah now there’s something going on

something well I think we’re on our way
speaking of which this kind of dovetails
two topics we’ve talked about how people

when they’re anonymous online become
such incredible douchebags
and we’ll say stuff to you that they
would never say to your face and this

goes back to my first online experiences
with Usenet and Eric writes in and says
hey so I saw you on Joe Rogan and have a
funny story as one of the first
celebrity types online I sent you an

email 25 years ago
making fun of your hair and you wrote
back saying fuck off asshole well 25
years later I’m sorry what a douchey
asshole I was all of this amazing

technology and I immediately troll Adam
curry anyway your appearance on Joe
Rogan is inspired me to take my online
security more seriously by by Google
sorry man thanks for being a dick isn’t

it it’s like that’s like a Casey Kasem
long-distance dedication almost isn’t
that beautiful that was fabulous I
thought I thought that was just
beautiful I think you should have gone

on the Rogen show shaved head I’ll do
that next time great idea
yeah great idea because we didn’t get
enough attention right 1.7 million views
on the video by the way there are skull
caps you can wear you can fake it and

this gag has worked since the 30s oh
always works I’d like to direct your
attention to the European Union for a
moment that two things first just going

back to the cum flew the reason well let
me give you the the events as I see them
there has been an ongoing argument
between the it would probably be a

Department of Homeland Security and the
airlines to get information on where
people are coming from when they fly

from Europe to the United States so this
is the genesis of this this flight ban
and the airlines and this has been going
on for a couple weeks they’re like we
can’t do this we cannot track where

someone comes from if they’re doing a
multi leg flight and of course we know
why they can’t track it they can’t track
their customers because they can’t
really hook into the mainframe it’s two

separate separate systems and we’d been
been through this many times the the
system the airline booking systems are
pretty much all COBOL big mainframe
systems that’s why your name is still

all uppercase they can’t even do mixed
case so they couldn’t figure it out and
that’s what I think Trump said screw it
we’ll just block everybody for a month
that’s just one of the many problems

going on in Europe the the complete
control for the European
Union Post brexit is in full effect
countries are now being asked to
consider read to do to put clauses into

their constitutions the Netherlands some
politicians have already said this is
easy we should do this we should amend
our what they call the con their their

version of the Constitution to reflect
this and that is once you’re in the EU
you can no longer ever ever ever ever
leave and of course they’d like new

states who come into the Union to
already have that in there in their
constitution here’s our our friend
GeForce dot he’s the guy when it comes
to the crazy stuff at the EU explaining

exactly what he wants so in my opinion
yes yes yes in your opinion what is it
so in my opinion yes grexit is also a
failure of the Union it’s also our

failure we have to recognize that in
this debate and yes there is a lesson to
learn from it and this lesson dear
colleagues is not to undo the Union as

some are arguing here now this lesson is
and that we have to learn from brexit is
too deeply reform the Union to make it a
real union in the community that is

Union without obtains opt-outs rebates
exceptions and above all without
unanimity roots and feet arise only then

we can act and only then we will defend
our interest and only then we defend our
values it is this lack of effectiveness
that is the problem that we have seen

there you go where’s the seat hyah
isn’t that nuts

Sieg Heil I’m telling you no no Bates no
getting out this is a foregone
conclusion that we’re gonna do this I

said only think it’s the only solution
because every time somebody gets worked
while they’re in the union this what
happen the United States it was United
States a bunch of states you know and
then a small a sudden group of them

decided now you know we don’t like where
things are going started a civil war you
have to what he said is what you have to
do i it sounds like you know the re you
know it sounds like the new German

Empire is what it amounts to
yeah but still it’s either that or
you’re not gonna hold this together
otherwise you’re gonna feel like hungry
going their own way you know and they
they’re in the EU but they still do

their own thing which you can’t do that
you gotta bei the rules from Brussels
polls in the Netherlands show 71% would
like an exit yeah I’m sure they would
know you got this dis turncoat this guy

your buddy
what’s his name I don’t know these guys
always been a thorn in the side of
everybody he used to bitch it that Faraj
yeah this is not my buddy sure it’s not

I thought you knew him no I know France
Kaymer Monty Ramones but this was
gift-giver HOF strata Oh team amounts is
the guy who wants 250 billion for the

green New Deal and the Green Deal they
call it the Green Deal
oh yeah all of this is coming together
yeah and they should I think the
Netherlands should give it a shot

be fun but trying to get out yeah why
not what do you got to lose come on yeah
I think it’s always over what do you
mean it’s a crisis was the last I think

it’s over I think that you used is gonna
win this battle and they’re gonna put
the clamps down on everybody it will be
very interesting to see what happens
with the UK first of all I believe the

just going back again to the konk flu
the reason why the UK’s flights will be
into the US is because they’re not in
the Schengen area so it’s totally

trackable you know where someone came
from before they because they had to
show the passport yeah they couldn’t
have voted across from Greece and then
gotten to the Italy and then floated
around and then just snuck into some

country and flown back it’s harder to do
yeah a little harder to do
however we we see a huge problem
happening in the UK this was already

warned about as of April 1st and I don’t
know why they still have this on the
books the digitus digital services tax
will go into effect which puts a two
percent corporate tax on all basically

Americans Silicon Valley companies so
search engines social networks etc and I

don’t know it’s I mean it’s not a law
it’s a it’s a rule but it they keep
restating it April 1st 2020 the the
government will introduce a 2 percent

tax on the revenues of search engine
social media services and online
marketplaces which derive value from UK
users there is a limit though I think
you have to it starts at 30 million

users which is easily lowered to our you
know thirty thousand listeners they
could do whatever they want well but
you’re probably gonna do it I’m

surprised it hasn’t been done already
hmm to be honest about it let’s talk a
little bit about the election the latest
we had another round and we got a debate
supposedly coming up on Sunday or

Saturday yes which is probably not gonna
happen or maybe not it won’t happen with
an audience well yeah so as we discussed
on the previous show it seems only just

yesterday the smart money was on keeping
Biden in his cage keep the muzzle on but
oh no you can’t let the guy out for
three seconds this is this is this is

why they’re trying I think that they
should cancel the debate
and they should come up with some
coronavirus related reason for it I’m
not sure how you do it they’re already

they’ve had to negotiate the joke and
sit down
apparently it’s troubling for him to
stand during these the whole time I
don’t I’ve only heard this I have you
sounds right it sounds right I I know

you have some glitchy stuff from Joe so
why not not like the last show I only
have two okay and one of them I will say
this is an interesting one because this

is actually one of those moments where
you can hear things two different ways
we’ve had the examples of this on the
show before and it all stems back to the
the color of the dress yeah
is it golden golden white or blue and

black two movies one screen and so so
I’m listening to this clip now this is
the clip where Biden says Hitler’s race
referring to Hillary’s and it play the

clip and then I will say that I have
actually serous seriously and
cognitively accurately heard it both
ways play it I’m not a pun to there is

for example I saw there there was sexism
in Hitler’s race and the way it’s real
first of all it’s real so you know that
I heard Hitler not you set me up let me

listen again I’m not a punter there is
for example I father there was sexism in
Hitler’s race and the way it’s real yeah
and both those plays I heard I heard

Hitler the first time but then one
accidentally I was it was playing in the
background I heard Hillary and then we
just played these two times I heard
Hillary both times I hear Hitler II I

kind of hear it well there’s a hit
that’s the problem it’s got a little
both in there but they they’re will made
a big fuss about this and I had no you
know who cares but I but I think your
your point that you I think you made it

on Twitter that is correct and so and
what is untrue about the statement with
nothing untrue no matter which way you
heard it so yeah

all in on that so the good one oh is
this Biden going after some poor schmuck
who I think was a Trump guy or a Bernie
coming into just a harass him oh oh just

on that the guy was prepped and was
reading his entire question from his
phone yes he was so you know he was
pretending he appears on Fox & Friends

the next day on Fox wearing a don’t
tread on me he had it’s like this was an
ambush it was a total ambush of Joe and
he can look forward to a lot more of

this it’s and what if he’s gonna bike I
mean his bite was so big and and
interestingly do you know what what most
well most people in my household because

of course I’m only 49% what most people
dislike the most about this clip yes the
shush Inge exactly the shushing the

shashing was played up by the left to do
to the max and i thought it was i but i
heard i said all this will get people
act but i thought it was what was more

interesting than the earth some aspect
of him telling a woman to shush was
actually the term itself who uses shush
check the calendar it’s 2020 what judy

ahead what is the appropriate term well
i mean should just eyeballed her and

just get told her to shut up with his
eyes but he could have he could have
said shut up he could have said quiet he
could have said I’ll take that I can
deal with this which is what he should

have said well I can I will shush woman
right well she is clearly a handler for
in the crowd and I think she made a
mistake it was her mistake to

immediately jump on that because that
showed us her job is to steer the
candidate away from anything that could
go viral she should be fired she should
I fail she should have just moved him

along this
and I hear this too in the White House
it’s worth every single time there’s a
live event right after the president
says thank you the press and it sounds

like mainly women or that’s only what
I’m hearing above the you know the press
starts yelling questions and the the
White House press people like they’re so

loud and we hear it you know it’s like
hey I can hear you yelling the whole
time and it’s like crazy well this goes
back to Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan

discovered that if he was cordoned off
if the press is cordoned off with a rope
and he was coming in on the chopper or
whatever and he stayed away from the
press they would get filmed yelling at

him screaming questions mr. president
mr. president screaming questions making
them look like a bunch of idiots yeah
and I’d like to remember that during the

Hillary run for president 2016 with the
word the Hillary bus was going in and
out they would run after the little
Brian yeah yeah and this sort of thing

but the way there the Trump doing it
kind of differently and I think he’s
just making a mistake with this group of
people that are yeah over yelling they
should let Trump walk away and let them

continue to yell at him because that
makes them look like but in this case
I’m not talking about oppressor this is
when he lets know by the way this is
according to the experts this is his

presser he does it on purpose yeah but
it’s the room and the cabinet’s meeting
and they the press has to be sent out of
the room that’s know they’re doing it

slowly yeah I think so I should just
throw and you know who Tim black hood
well you know the kid doesn’t keep his
step very long talking about the staff

on the press or the press okay well
let’s just skip back to Biden this is
the Biden are you with the gun advocate
I’d like you to explain how you plan to

not only keep us working about how you
intend on getting the Union home when
there’s a large portion of the union
workers are young enthusiasts and you
are actively trying to do a minute or

second a minute right to take away a gun
here for shit oh wait a minute okay
that’s interesting so first he says
you’re full of shit and then she jumps

in and then he’s shush that’s where the
shush came from because he couldn’t get
past the shit he was still in the shit
shit second second just like right now
if you yell fire that’s not free speech

the very beginning I have a shotgun
language 20-gauge a 12-gauge my son time
guess what I’m not allowed to hold any
weapon I’m not taking their gun away at

all you need a hundred rounds I did not
say that
in America

yeah the AR 14
comment is quite off that’s know this

exists as the air 14 is a
directed-energy weapon used in the game
hallo everybody knows me really now
AR 14 yeah ya know now did way it was

presented and this is pretty much the
according to Democracy Now now I’m sorry

I didn’t clip this part
she’d never played the clip she just
said that first bite and and of course
she’s hates biting because amy is all in
wood Bernie and they all know he’s

getting shafted yeah and she says that
he threatened to punch the guy in the
face and then take him out in the back
and beat him up yeah and I never heard
anything yeah yeah it’s an I heard it he

says he doesn’t say I’ll take you out
back and punch you in the face and you
want to go outside we’ll take this
outside did he did say it take you
outside thing ok which is she oh no
sorry that’s wrong one Joe Biden Bernie

Sanders take your pick okay I will
anyway the thing was Biden is kicking
ass and this is not gonna be unstoppable

but I think that what we have here and
all we have to do is play this clip and
this is the tip of the iceberg this is
what’s really going on this is the
voting irregularities only democracy now

plays went with this there were reports
of irregularities at many polling sites
during Tuesday’s primaries in Missouri
some would-be voters in st. Louis County
left long lines at dozens of precincts

without casting a ballot after the
county’s electronic poll books failed in
Kansas City mayor Quinton Lucas was
turned away from the polls Tuesday

morning and told he wasn’t in the system
even though he’s voted in the same
precincts since 2009
mayor Lucas had just posted a video to
social media stressing the importance of

voting in Michigan disabled voters
problems voting in Detroit and Dearborn
and college students in Ann Arbor and
East Lansing reported long lines with
wait times of up to two hours in a

statement senator Bernie Sanders called
the voting problems an outrage writing
quote at a time when Democrats correctly
attack Republicans for voter suppression
it’s disappointing to see people

standing in long lines for hours today
waiting to vote in Michigan and around
the country yeah it’s the pole pads
again they had to go all high-tech and
all smart and he’s when we reason with

him for a reason this whole thing the
Democratic the Democrats are the ones is
that I say what you are I am a problem

with the Democrats blaming the
Republicans for trying to rig the
elections are trying to suppress voters
because they asked for oh they asked for
an ID oh my god that’s depressing voters

but meanwhile they’re pulling stunts
like this to get make sure that Bernie
doesn’t get elected as a scam and again
Andy and the Democrats are really good
at it they bring you illegals in they

bust them and they have them vote and
the my understanding is in many of these
states the actual presidential candidate
votes were collected by the DNC

separately therefore tallying the bag
answer price we have the the backend
that does all the local stuff was not
even in and it was known it was like

known that this was not going to be
ready that won’t be ready for a couple
another reason like how can none of this
be ready
that means years and why am I even

asking Michael Moore of course has to
weigh in and now he is a big Bernie
Sanders supporter and he blames Trump of
course but I think Trump has just

pummeled this country so badly and I
know I mean just you know I’m lived in
Michigan so I’m I’m familiar with how
people feel they’re frightened they’re
demoralized there is a malaise that has

spread across this country and certainly
throughout Michigan
and people can’t take one more day of
this the fact that this coronavirus has

driven home just how much danger we’re
in for this individual in the White
House that I think people just didn’t
want to asking people to do two things

get rid of Trump and get rid of the
system political and economic system
they gave us Trump that’s what I think
was too much to ask probably four people
were just like can we just get rid of

Trump that’s please and I understand
that okay
that’s if that makes him feel better to
think that that guy’s unhinged but it

was it was really an antibiotic guy who
really looks like an old woman
the again how they how the the DNC how
they called everybody up and oh but I

had a thing about the deals they were
getting or the proposed deals who
doesn’t mean anything but apparently
Budaj edge was offered an ambassadorship
to the UN I think either Klobuchar and

or a Warren doesn’t seem to have
accepted anything but she was like
Treasury secretary and Kamala Harris

possibly Attorney General doe brother
but we still need a vice president and
there’s nothing like a pollster over on

one of the the CNN’s or MSNBC’s to tell
you exactly who bo Jaden needs and for
these young Bernie people issues do
matter so yes I think that Biden’s best

play in bringing in the Sanders people
is to bring with him on the ticket
somebody who is going to represent a
more progressive platform yeah you know

like I said not money you know and and
also somebody who is not a white male

white very diverse so right just say not
can you believe this
we just need not white not white excuse
me do you understand that’s kind of
racist you say not white you know don’t

you want to bring in the best person
possible no not white Oh penis you know
and also somebody who is not a white

male right perfectly not white and then
saying right like you know right don’t
you agree everyone agrees white met
white people with penises bad a white

male right preferably not white the
party is very diverse so I would think
Kamala Harris or Stacey Abrams would be
my top two picks because they’re hitting

three metrics all at once gender
diversity racial diversity and
ideological diversity now if we look at
your check box is your candidate grisham
qualifies to cheaters no she’s much

better than the other ones because was
set for a Camelot but grisham is a
Native American which is even better not
she’s from the western state which is

what you need and she’s a woman so she’s
the one no kinetic three no penis big
three tulsi gabbard by the way is still
running you know and now described
everywhere on mainstream media as a

woman of color you know we still have a
Tulsi Gabbard in the race a woman of
color and why don’t you say a

representative from the great state of
Hawaii now a woman of color you know
it’s Veterans actually she is she still
in the reserves she checks for boxes cuz

she’s got military does she have a penis
that’s another one she’s well I don’t
know actually maybe okay I’m just saying

the candidate that I have my eyes on
presented himself to the press and a
very very shit

I’m sorry him I think you had you I
thought you were the amy klobuchar fan
no John I’m for the vice president no
I’m no I’m talking about the president
who I want to run would see as president

of the United States the guy I will be
voting for averman supreme of course he
presented himself to the press exactly I
love me some vermin supreme vermin

supreme 2020 dot-com he’s your guy
it couldn’t be any worse vermin supreme
is is definitely the funniest candidate
I want to play one more thing about

these elections and this was on PBS and
this was a little back and forth with
Judy and a couple of women going on and
on about electing a woman president and
they they made a number of assertions

that I think are complete bull crap is a
very short clip but it’s worth listening
to electing a woman president what what
are some examples of what women still
have to deal with you know we just heard

Elizabeth Warren say look if I say there
was a there was a problem with sexism
people accused me of whining but the
reverse you know women know that’s just
not true there is sexism out there

certainly and we know from our research
that women are held to a higher standard
on the issues of qualification and
voters assume men are qualified all men
have to do is put out their resume and

women have to prove it over and over and
that’s part of the reason we saw this
creeping electability refrain coming up
over and over and we also know that like
abilities are non-negotiable for women

voters won’t vote for a woman if they
don’t like her and they
vote for a man that they don’t like and
likability is something that’s so
subjective the advice is like walking a
tightrope use humor

not too much humor take credit but also
share credit dress nice but not too nice
so much of it is based on hunches and
opinions and that’s such a burden that
women have to bear and men simply do

such a burden haven’t they learned how
to dress now listen to that bullcrap
likeability if it’s a guy you don’t like
you don’t vote for a guy cuz he’s a man

that’s bull crap women will do that
he’ll know for women just because
they’re women
I if I don’t like the guy when we’ve
done it on the show he’s a schmuck I’m
not gonna vote for some guy don’t I

think as unlikable is a creep but and
dead by the way the proof of the pudding
was Bloomberg yeah exactly
he had everything including money yeah
nobody liked them I mean even even Billy

Joel got Christie Brinkley with money
there you go but Bloomberg couldn’t
couldn’t buy a vote this is out of the
Hillary playbook out of her Hulu special

I’ve watched the second episode in other
an hour each these episodes and Hillary
said something very similar she said I
have to do it takes me an hour for

makeup man just throw on a pop-up and
I’m like that’s not true that is so
men have grooming habits we have things
we need to do we need to put a knife on
our face

typically in the morning if the
interviews in the afternoon we got to do
it again which means if you have TV
makeup on removing it there’s definitely
some time that goes into it I found that
quite offensive but the timing of this

there she is full circling overhead the
timing of this documentary is so obvious
I mean I don’t know when she’s gonna

make a move but it this this thing is
set up for it and there’s a review of
the second episode indeed it’s around
1990 when she turns and she goes from

that means obvious hero for young girls
women and an on a path and she turns
into a dude I think she said alright

that’s it
I’m gonna run bill and especially after
he lost his re-election you see her
walking in front of him and her lost
re-election he lost the re-election of
governor of Arkansas yes sir no Leanne

Arkansas sure okay
and then he won the next time after
Hillary took over cuz bill yeah bill is
charismatic and he’s an oath he likes to
get high he likes a drink likes to hang

out that’s why Hillary got involved in
all these these douche bags the savings
and loan shit the whitewater of course
bill was in the background with the
bushes doing mean Arkansas running all

the coke
so she was corrupted and couldn’t get
out of it and just decide I’m gonna be a
dude and I’m gonna run at night and I
one day I’ll be President but she very
she becomes very mean very mean-spirited

very angry and says things like
they meant to easy so I can’t wait for
episode three help my brain even further

that somebody’s picking up the slack do
you think she’s going to take a stab
somewhere along the line well I mean
that’s always been my theory but this

the timing is getting really sketchy
defective product as candidates I mean
they are trying to protect the public
from knowing this but that’s not gonna
work it’s working fine it doesn’t work

people listen to our show or people that
are online but the mainstream media
doesn’t play any of these clips I mean
they sometimes I mean the Democracy Now
will approach it once in a while but

this isn’t normally played this is they
don’t be great Joe for being a bumbling
idiot I think you’re overestimating the
power of the mainstream I think that

power is gone in fact I think it’s
demonstrable people no longer trust it
they certainly don’t trust any
mainstream after this coronavirus no one

no one trusted I think that it’s the
word is out everyone can see it just
because they’re not saying it doesn’t
mean that people aren’t aware of it and
the people who come on and pretend

and have ever have something at our in
the game but the photos you’ve isolated
yourself from reality
oh yeah sure you’re now in dimension B
shut the fuck up you’re very annoying

today yeah you’ve just been incredibly
annoying the whole time
that’s a good question I don’t know why
you’re buying it I’m just saying I’m not

buying that the public doesn’t pay any
attention to mainstream media the public
is catching on that you can argue that
with me but then say that I’ve no longer
in reality I’m in dimension B is an

incredible insult well I mean if you
okay I’m sorry I said that but I’m not
buying any of it I think the mainstream
media has got a lot more influence I
think there’s a crossover point maybe

some people are paying some attention
but they still have the influence in New
York Times CNN MSNBC
NBC let’s skip the image you really
think you really think that they still

have the power that they used to have no
they don’t have the power they not all
of the power they used to have they have
most of the power they used to have so
can we just have a disagreement on it

instead of shaming people okay
right I don’t know why you’re so

I’m not sense that if I’m just
responding I’m just got a little tired
of it what you just said to me that was
a jerk oh the whole show and it’s
working you know and yeah yeah well that

seems you seem oversensitive you started
off by telling me I was out of my mind
about coronavirus so and then I never
said you when did I use the words you

were out of your mind you know what I’m
talking about
no I’m was go I was backing your theory
up debt that grown a virus thing is
something phony about it and it’s just
gonna end all of a sudden when it should

right and then okay fine that’s how you
want to take it your side in a strange
way of doing I was backing you up a
hundred percent let’s listen to the

call that once again our Russian
hoaxsters are on path and they Lucy who
was the last birthday they they punked

Bernie by calling and saying that oh
this is Greta and Greta’s dad and they
did the same thing to Prince Harry who’s
for some reason thinks he still is
allowed to speak on behalf of anything

even though he’s effectively no longer a
royal kicked out but here he is with
some good old agenda has been created
from this change in climate so again we

have to almost physically shake these
people and get them to realize that it’s
not only of a few things of your future

which you’ve said over and over again
which I apology for and also that they
are directly responsible for actually
killing people and wiping out whole
communities and now I’m confident that
within the next five to ten years things

will change but we can’t wait for us at
all times or ten years so I think if
Donald Trump can be can become the
president the United States of America
then anything’s possible right ah so
good so good I hope they do just do more

people why does this guy even I don’t
want to even get into why these guys
make public appearances
because someone’s willing to pay for it

someone is willing to pay for these
these two to show up they love it they
love it
what was your I wish I could find that
old clip of Joy Behar

when she had her show you you can try
when she goes off on rush limbaugh she
just goes nuts and she says I cuz Rush

Limbaugh was did we have a real clip
yeah it’s a real clip mm-hmm and what
she says is on the clip so I don’t
understand how this guy can get off

saying any of this stuff about about the
climate because he’s not a climate
expert he’s not a climate scientist he
doesn’t know what he’s talking about and
I was used that as kind of the model for
like why is how come it’s if one guy on

one side of the argument says this seems
like bogus doesn’t make a lot of logical
sense that’s bad but if a guy like the
princess just the opposite of anybody is

not an expert it’s Prince Harry
he doesn’t know anything about climate
science he’s never been a scientist what
he does know he knows a lot about coal
his family is he’s even even Harry has

been involved in coal mining I guess the
coal mining yeah yeah he was out there
digging exactly he certainly knows about

okay we have let’s see where are we
we’ve got an OTG segment coming up I
think we should take a little a little

break and thank the rest of our
producers here no agenda imagine all the
people who could do with us oh yeah
that’d be fine

yes we have people to think starting
with Ron Conway should be Conway
Underwood says there

Ron Ron convey convey Ron convey in
Lincoln Nebraska $160 is 16 cents he he
actually wrote a note I’m gonna read
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No Agenda meetups there where the No
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we may have some surprise visitors so I
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Austin I think is taking place before we
do that though let’s listen to a meet-up
report from winston-salem this is berrin

Bob at the winston-salem Meetup and
we’re having a great time it’s like a
party this is a douchebag named Ben
having a great time

douchebaggery soon to be remedied this
is a dude named Joe in the morning we’re
having a great time here what’s the
salem this is a dude named Sam thank you
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us in spirit on a stick Sir Andrew sends
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courage meetups coming up as said
tonight we had the local 512 meet up in

Austin the Connecticut meet up as well
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from that earlier on they’re on a
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13th of course a very popular day for
some meetups the Mississippi rocket

ranch 4 o’clock in the afternoon now you
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oh by today I have a note here if you

want to because this is at the Stennis
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I’ll bet so make sure you go to nodes in
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in Amsterdam tomorrow as well the No
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hmm this is a complicated thing they’ve
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have a lot of producers in Amsterdam

the lowlands in general loci de staat is
where you want to be Saturday
Charleston’s six week cycle event home
team downtown barbecue in the heart of
college basketball season yeah while it

lasts and Sunday the Las Vegas ooh this
is new a last-minute meetup at atomic
liquors look for the girl in a jean
jacket and white sneakers she’s in town

for a work trip her name is Katherine
she’s organizing wow that sounds like a
honey honey pot trap to me if I ever
heard one
check it out on Sunday Las Vegas and

then Monday we have the Essie a Royal
Caribbean Oasis opposed the see Royal
Caribbean Oasis of the Seas what the
heck is this calling all cruisers cruise

goers who might be on the oasis of the
sea meet up in the schooner bar deck six
bring bring your face mask I guess Dame
Miao dicin and douchebag Dave are

hosting that I can’t wait to find out
about this Meetup
it is in where where is this thing I
don’t see a place wherever the ship is
yeah but I don’t know where it it’ll be

out the seat for all we know I was
literally saying wherever this oh okay
man well yeah if you’re on the ship it’s
a 2 p.m. I’ll be on Monday good luck the
ship sold what 3,000 people they could

be it could be people there it’s just
it’s just funny to have any kind of fun
event on a cruise ship at this time it’s
like seems seems like in your rooms yeah
enjoy that I wanted I want to meet up

report from the Royal Caribbean Oasis of
the Seas if you heard something want
more details go to no agenda meetups
calm if there isn’t something near you
it’s very simple all you have to do is

add something anybody can do it it’s
free and it’s great for your mental
health your amygdala great to meet other
people from different backgrounds walks
of life race creed color religion you
name it but all one thing in common we

don’t trigger we love talking with each
other no
gender meetups calm go there now

you wanna be
everybody feels the same
and we should mention that did you say

something because I couldn’t hear it

through the jingle were you did you just
on the meetup thing of that okay yes we
have to remind people that the meetup
site is for meetups is not for our

announcements or selling cars or let’s
be specific about it there’s a thing
called the childer Berg camping trip
which is a libertarian conspiracy

theorist thing going on in Austin and
they wanted to put it on the meetups but
it’s not a meet-up and we have to we
have to make it clear so this thing

doesn’t get to our meetup site doesn’t
get clogged with anything that’s not
meetups specific to the show so if if
you had this before we had this
discussion before right my question is

if it’s at an existing event such as the
furries such as the the soccer game in
in Texas I think it was Dallas how do

you do that you have a meetup at the
event right but isn’t that what these
guys were doing a meet-up

at that event it sounded like a plug for
the event itself okay in other words if
you had the furry thing for example you
have a bunch of furries meeting up at a
convention that was actually the site

yes the idea is not to plug the
convention now if they come if the
furries come and say we got this great
furry thing going on and then you just
coincidentally there’s a meet-up there

guys I just think we have to keep it no
I I’m in agreement
I just want lifting understand
understand the rules that makes a lot of
sense so the way to position it would
have been we’re having a no agenda

meetup and the location is here right
but even in this case it was pretty do
okay I don’t know anything about this

children burg lots of people talking
about it I’ve got no idea
it’s an awesome there’s going to meet me
the guy chatted it up with you know each
I did what up with me I don’t know he

says I’d the guy tells me that Adam
contacted him and y’all bought into that
the other I didn’t care whether you

contact him or not
well I contacted no one but I have seen
I have seen posts about it I have seen
Twitter things about it but I’ve never
contacted anybody alright so let’s try
and keep it meetup specific everybody

now the OTG story which I want to do
because I’ve been holding on to this for
two weeks we just haven’t gotten to it
it’s been so much going on is about this
geofencing warrant that took place in

florida here’s the background there a
search warrant was issued by the
Gainesville Police Department to Google
for GPS has drawn the attention of some
experts in April of last year GPD file

was known as a geo-fenced warrant for
three houses at their properties on
Northwest 32nd Street they want Google
to give them the GPS data of anyone with
Google accounts in that area during a

burglary that happened in late March of
last year professor of media law Frank
Lamont a with the University of Florida
and the Brechner Center for freedom of
information says that one’s right to

privacy and matters like this one may
have been signed away in the terms and
conditions for use of online mobile
services once you use a service like say
Gmail you’re agreeing to the terms of

use of Gmail and part of that may be
that they reserve the right to be able
to comply with a warrant or turn over
your data if they’re demanded to do so
most recently an anonymous third party

filed to have the search warrant squatch
or quash in Alachua County based on
privacy and Fourth Amendment concerns
and that motion that’s not yet been seen
by a judge so this is really a quite an
interesting case and I think it’s

something that we’ll see more of in the
future if it even comes to light in the
mainstream this the guy there was a guy
who was on his bike and
he lives nearby a house that was burgled

burglar burgled and the local police
asked Google for a geofence of any
devices they had seen in that area which

includes the street out in front and I
guess some of the neighboring properties
so that they could issue well they
wanted a warrant they I guess they

issued a warrant for this that they
wanted this and this guy happened to
live nearby was biking through the area
and all of a sudden now they want to
look at all of his all of his

information and this is I think this is
a this is a new it’s a new road that law
enforcement is going down you know we
have the ring cameras that really has to

happen with permission of the owner of
the video but even that seems to be more
easy to opt into and I’m a little bit
concerned about this I mean you could be

implicated and stuff and then have the
authorities go through your information
just based upon the fact that you were
sore your phone was somewhere at a
certain time which brings you to there’s

some great storytelling where you could
take the phone and plant it on a dog
exactly but there has to be a crime unit
needs to be somewhere where there’s it

where something takes place and you’d
have to know about it
but how about this how about just you
know like don’t what if you’re if you’re
a burglar an idiot criminal don’t bring
your live phone with you when you bust

into a house house I’m gonna talk to the
getaway car I mean come on
this is the stupidity of the criminal
class but what’s worse is that as an
innocent person a warrant can be issued

just to go through your show I think you
could set someone up exactly yeah but
you know and the next thing happens is
who know this is for the people I have

nothing to hide people so what if the
authorities could just go through your
Gmail today just based upon the fact
that you were in a certain area or your
phone was in a certain area at a certain
they get access to one thing and

especially if it’s you know Google which
all these apps you have to give away the
store to use them and any one of them
you know if you didn’t go through any
route to get all this data if they’re

collecting the data as they as we think
they probably are because for marketing
reasons yeah it’s a real problem at this
to me still goes back to the first time
they put the black box in the car and

right now it’s for one thing but pretty
soon it’s gonna be getting for speeding
tickets in the mail you know oh you went
too fast the other Tuesday on the
freeway yeah yeah it’s just this is a

before gone conclusion we’re doomed
yeah the the worst part is the is that
it’s just gonna cost you more money to
stay anonymous
now with the keeper and I have new

health insurance I like it’s pretty good
outfit but you know there you go hey
install the app for your telemedicine I
really don’t need I don’t need a consult
I need to talk to you but you know

what’s coming discounts discounts you
got to put the app on your phone I
wouldn’t even mind calling the doctor
from a browser you know but no no no you

have to use that no you’re right
the discounts are already insurance
companies have played with this
marketing strategy and it’s working out
progressive being one of them with the
right a little clogged or whatever it is

or you call them up every state farm
actually if you call them it once a
month and tell them your mileage they
give you a discount there’s a lot of
this sort of thing going on if you tell
them but by the way I want to just

mention this this is what irks me
because mechanics bank our bank all of a
sudden is jacked up all their fees on
everything like crazy I guess they saw
something coming yeah so it’s like a

total rip and now the free ATM isn’t
free anymore if you somebody else’s you
used to be everything was free and now
it’s not yeah if you had like an X
amount of money then they would refund

the ATM fees yeah yeah they don’t do
that anymore she’s I think they’re
pulling it and now the thing that gets
me is that the ATM I remember when it
came into play I think was in the 60s or

70s seventies maybe probably the
the thing comes up and goes like this oh
this will save so much money because we
don’t have to have as many tellers we
can have an ATM machine machine and that

saves us money it saves you money saves
everybody money yeah and then all of a
sudden we go from saving everybody money
to having us money to use it go to a
teller in that they don’t charge me that

five bucks to talk to the teller how
does it go from free money saving device
to what you have to have a fill you have
to pay to use it this is what happens
with what you just described it’s like a

discount for progressive and then pretty
soon it’s a fee while you’re saving so
much money you know all the money you’re
saving you have to pay now to use this
system it’s like what the cable

companies you know they used to be
oh yeah we’re getting broader
distribution when it was CCTV remember
that community television you have a den
town it was the beginning of cable yes
nobody was free and now you have to pay

for carriage yep
so that says this Doug D I can go on
well I’d say bitcoin is the answer I’m
looking at the price of Bitcoin man that

crashed I mean it’s basically it should
technically why not because it’s
supposed to be this big security blanket
so when the market crashes you’ll have

all your money a Bitcoin to be safe yeah
I do it’s just not worth it as much
anymore it is I have it all it’s still
safe but it’s now at six thousand
dollars that’s down from man we were

above ten just uh what two weeks ago but
switch to gold well it’s actually no you
know I still got two coins
I got Krugerrands Queens it’s I find
actually interesting what what bitcoin

is doing I don’t really know what that I
mean it’s o parently people found that
that was not a safe haven and sold it
off but maybe we’ll see the V recovery

there as well
I think there’s if there’s gonna be a V
recovery anywhere it would be in Bitcoin
that would be a cuz that’s what it does

anyway yeah well this would be a pretty
significant V if it did this but it’s
possible it’s possible I’m a hablar I
mean for the long-term it’s like we
still have the happening coming up

around May so right now I think the if
you’re and a lot of this may have had to
do with China who were you know mining
most of the coins and I guess the mine a

lot of miners must have shut down
who knows there’s so many stories out
there you don’t know um but we’ll see I
don’t think they make any money at

$6,000 for a Bitcoin I think it cost
more in energy and machines well yeah
the mining might be a dead good idea
let’s play some international news I’ve
got a couple stories there’s why first

of all is a 14 second piss-poor
update on democracy now about Saudi
Arabia we still don’t know anything but
what’s going on there oh you mean with
the with the takeover by NBS and the oil

prices or who knows and Saudi Arabia
reports have emerged of a new crackdown
on senior royal members and top
officials as Crown Prince Mohammed bin
Salman appears to be renewing efforts to

consolidate power in the kingdom at
least four prominent members of the
royal family have reportedly been
detained so means what kind of report is
that we had that last week

hello geez hey now this is a good report
because this is one of the West Clark
sevens we don’t talk about much nobody
reports on the mainstream oh so we
simply do the little a little reminder

of the the West Clark so just a quick
you could you might as well we haven’t
done it for a while so I came back to
see him a few weeks later and by that
time we were bombing in Afghanistan I

said are we still going to war with Iraq
and he said oh it’s worse than that
he said he reached over on his desk he
picked up a piece of paper he said I
just he said I just got this down from
upstairs meeting the secretary defense

office today and he said this is a memo
that describes how we’re going to take
out seven countries in five years
starting with Iraq and then Syria
Lebanon Libya Somalia Sudan and
finishing off Iran all right well we’ve

got Iran we nailed that with the with
with our bio weapon so here’s the Sudan
that they were going uh instead of
bringing troops and they were going at

their economy and we’re doing a pretty
good job of it is this is the Sudan
report from al-jazeera cues of car
stations are a common sight in Sudan’s
capital drivers waiting for hours just

to fill up their tanks to be able to get
on with their lives I’m very sure there
is no time for work we dedicate all our
time to cues either for fuel or other

things I’ve been here for hours waiting
Sudan is now just a country of people
and queues I’ve been here since 8:00 in
the morning and now it’s 4:00 in the

afternoon our lives have been mostly put
on hold as we wait to fill our car tanks
to be able to go around Sudan has
imported fuel since the oil producer
lost 75% of its output when South Sudan

became independent nine years ago
oil was the main source of the country’s
income the Sudanese pound started to
lose value against the dollar now the
government is struggling to pay for

imports of fuel which it largely
subsidizes the impact of fuel shortages
can be seen at bus stations like this
one in the capital Khartoum passengers
are facing longer and longer waits for a
ride because there are fewer buses

passing through they’re stuck at queues
at petrol stations around the capital
buying bread can also mean a long queue
the currency shortage affects imports of
wheat for flour we suffer coming here

from 7:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the
afternoon or more just to get bread it’s
for our kids at home and no government
official has bothered to come and see

why things are like this bread shortages
last year sparked protests that
eventually led to the ousting of
longtime President Omar al-bashir
Sudan’s cash-strapped transitional
administration says it’s working to

bring in hard currency through other
sources it’s put together an economic
crisis management team with the power to
put forward new policies fever boo

Medina there are other alternatives that
the country can go with in terms of
policies that can help provide resources
with the people part of the solution
we’re looking into is to restoring back
the amount of money stolen by the former
regime as well as getting rid of all the

sham security companies that dried up
the budget of the country okay so what
is going on with this this is very odd
they’re broke
can’t get gas they’re spending all the

time standing in lines for pretty much
everything right and there the last time
this happened they had a regime change
when they had we’d pull a stunt like
this before on this happening again

meanwhile South Sudan where all the oil
is is being played their part of the
locust swarms so the locusts are like
attacking South Sudan in such a massive

way that it’s just screwing up that
Uganda’s being screwed over like kenya
thick clouds of the insects that you

can’t get this before it before you move
on to locusts I’m still I’m I’m still a
Sudan so the apparently a lot of money
was coming in through Sudan soldiers

fighting in Yemen which is now tapered
down a bit apparently so they’re they’re
soldiers of fortune

don’t have any job yeah and then are we
messing with their with their well we’re
that you know if you think of George
Clooney and the fact that South Sudan
split off into its own country and it

was like well that’s where all the money
in the sea ask oh well it was until the
locusts showed up and that’s where the
money was for the whole when there was
one big giant country and now it’s just
a mess and as part of this risk Clark 7

I don’t think it’s a coincidence
necessarily um so tell me about the
locust is that only in South Sudan or in
the South shoot no it’s most of a lotta

Africa Uganda South Sudan dip that
there’s no report of the locust in the
regular old Sudan it’s South Sudan
Uganda Kenya and apparently it’s a
plague of locusts taking place went

plagued by the way it’s a very specific
term there’s a swarm as a plague there’s
an uptick there’s a bunch of different
words for how many locusts there are but
gonna be 500 X more if they don’t do

something about it pretty soon 500 X do
they do they what’s the breeding cycle
of the locust well you know this is like
you know supposed to be you always heard

about the seven-year cycle but they have
but this doesn’t seem to really add up
and it’s like the less time they haven’t
play you’re missing I guess you have to
there’s no reporting on this by the way

zero zero six major locust plagues in
the 90s the last of which was in 87 89
in the 1900s I’m sorry the last of which

was 87 89 and the last major upsurge
upsurge is less than a plague and that
was in 2003 2005 and this is still

qualifying as an upsurge but if it gets
to 500 X it will be a plague and it’s
like it causes nothing but trouble it
eats everything kills the animals

because they started to death in the
field I can’t breathe there’s a certain
situation you can’t even see through
it’s like a fog of bugs I’m some little
Pakistan also although not like was done

it’s also being hit for some reason not
anywhere near it’s interesting yeah
that’s what I thought was interesting
too so this locust story which is really
under plate it’s not played at all it’s

like yeah alright what are the locusts
the animals can’t breathe they eat all
the crops eat everything
what are these grasses need to crops eat

the food everything they can get their
hands on so how do you combat locust
well you’re supposed to round up ready
can we get some some roundup spray food
and the people they’re supposed to be

you catch them in them apparently in the
morning when they’re sleeping they’re
all on the ground and you gotta be quiet
you go out you spray them and they you

know with some coccyx but they don’t
even they can’t get enough pesticides to
do this and furthermore these are the
so-called desert locust
locusts mm-hmm and the desert locusts

are out in the middle of nowhere half
the time and you can’t find them to
spray them and then all of a send-up big
cloud emerges of millions of these
things now tens of millions perhaps yeah

and then they just start munching on
everything it’s a nightmare are the
locusts edible are they tasty is that
can we turn this lemon into lemonade
according to some locusts apparently are

very tasty and very edible well
shouldn’t we be harvesting them well
it’s like apparently it’s not a there’s
something to that part of the story is
not being reported either I don’t lose

that are poisonous or some looks that
are edible and you could probably eat
them but they’re it’s like they’re
clogging the roads and there’s you’re
sliding down the highway because of the

dead locusts and I mean it’s just it’s
you can’t this not the solution is the
point but I don’t care what the solution
if you can eat him not even how about

some news report on this instead of you
know it’s Trump Trump Trump Corona
Corona Corona Trump Trump Trump Corona
Corona Corona and if you I watch the
three news shows again you know just
compare the whole front end of the news

is Corona they’ve even having new
weather reports on CBS and then there’s
a couple of slams about Trump and then
more Corona I mean it’s out of control
the apparently Israelis like locusts

because they are the crunchy kosher
snack the kosher how does that work I
have no idea how they’re kosher they are

now that’s our marketing well it seems
to me like there’s a tremendous
opportunity to Hoover up some of these
locusts and sell them you don’t really

have to Hoover them you should put your
mouth yeah all you do is open your mouth
so what are they complaining about they
got free food everywhere this is what
we’re doing in the West people get with

it Sudan figure it out already
quickie here from oh yeah this is this
is not international news but just as an
ultra mall from well it might as well be

international news it’s from
state lawmakers and advocates will
gather in support of a plan that would
ban body size discrimination the bill
would make it illegal to discriminate

against someone based on height or
weight lawmakers and advocates will
gather at an event on Tuesday to push
the plan which is yet to be voted on by
either the House or Senate now we’ve
gone nuts that is nuts can’t ban yeah

yes okay they should go I’ve always
thought this because I think it’s just
good policy airlines are charged ticket
prices based on your weight yep it’s

essentially frayed the way they’re doing
it now it’s not a comfortable flight as
Freight your freight I think it would be
great for Disneyland you have to be this

high to ride the space mountains excuse
me you can’t discriminate yeah that’s I
can see a lawsuit I think the guy could

do is Bloomberg he’s probably never gone
on Space Mountain please see there you
go this is exactly the problem you’re
making fun of somebody’s height yeah
like I was mm-hmm and I don’t even know

I mean what Bloomberg’s real height is
they didn’t could be five three I think
I think he’s five not even think he’s
five three I think he’s about five one
all you think is that short oh yeah yeah

I do
Wow yeah I could be petite males is not
like there you don’t see him did you see
them all the time yeah that’s why I said
you see him all the time yeah it’s just

you know he was a little he’s a little
manic about it she’s okay yeah short
guys council like uh you guys holy who
was everything about five eight Napoleon

was five eight oh the impression you get
as he was much smaller than that well I
was doing reading along about this
recently and it
he’s either five six or five but he’s
not like I’m five one you know just to

the airplane thing I wouldn’t it’s okay
if they charge you by weight but then I
should be able to pay more for extra
size that’s really extra size you know
you’re gonna be pay for weight or size

or height you’re paying for that space
they have to provide you that much
morcilla more space right right right
yeah I I think that’s fine well right
now you’re welcome to go take over any

airline you want because I hear you can
buy them up cheap stocks or stocks are
really good now for airlines so I’d say
hoppy and take advantage of that yes now
is it your last chance yeah my last

little piece I got here was for the V
recovery that is I would say we can play
at least get this out of the way
Harvey Weinstein got 23 years in New
York so both of us were wrong yes wholly

cry we were sure he was gonna pretty
much walk well you weren’t different you
weren’t thinking they’re gonna throw the
book at him no I think my thing out for

23 years I didn’t expect that look like
the way they’re doing the case that he
was going to get off but apparently this
woman who is the prosecutor if you watch
Court TV enough that woman who was a

prosecutor in this jurisdiction is it
like something of a legend no and she’s
like really good and so he got you know

they could threw the book at him and I
guess the judge didn’t like him so this
is a little report I do have a clip
Harvey Weinstein once one of the most
powerful men in Hollywood in a Manhattan
courtroom today to face sentencing on

charges of rape and on criminal sexual
act in the first degree
let’s go immediately to the courthouse
where Stephanie Gosk is standing by she
has been covering this trial throughout

the big question today was how v stiff
with this sentence be and there was a
powerful message today sent by the judge
Stephanie Chris there certainly was this
is a very severe sentence thrown at

Harvey Weinstein he is now facing 20
years in prison for the first-degree
sexual acts charge and another three
years in prison for the third degree

rape they are to be served consecutively
which is also a surprise here often
these charges come and these sentences
concurrently mean they’re served at this
same time now he’s saying consecutively

which means he has a basically he’s
facing 23 years in prison he will also
be put on this sex registry the judge
telling the court today that this made
me his first conviction but it is not

Harvey Weinstein’s first offense we also
actually heard from Harvey Weinstein who
stood up and showed very little remorse
in the comments that he made he did say

he had remorse for the women who accused
him of these crimes but he went on to
say that he was the first in the me2
movement and that he fears it led to
thousands of men in his words not

getting due process saying that he
basically making the leap that he did
not get to process himself in this
situation the judge showing no mercy
here this is a tough sentence more than

many people had predicted Kris
yeah and it’s it’s hard to even analyze
what what Harvey Weinstein is saying in

public but because I think he does have
some points about process and how how
this trial went not the sentencing but I

don’t know what’s your view well it
looks like they’re out to get Harvey
Weinstein and they’re gonna they’re not
gonna put this sentence into effect

until after his trial in Los Angeles and
he had a another minor heart attack
right after this it wasn’t reported in
this report and he ended up in the
hospital again I mean if I wanted to go

with second half a show thinking I would
almost think that Harvey is setting
himself up for their removal from the
hospital dead uh and then ending up in

some island someplace hmm kind of you
know like you weeks make the guy from
MCI and Enron there’s a number of these
cases of mysterious death they wind up

in Argentina well or someplace I mean
there’s no they never get cut they I
mean why is he in sixty-seven so that
the 23 year old prison sense would take
him to 90 so he’s it wasn’t it but just

the he had the money he has the money to
pull off some stunt like that yeah well
I’m not even second show of half stuff
it’s just the second half of show stuff

it’s just the the entire I mean the guy
is an incredible douchebag
but all of this is based on testimony
right yeah yeah I mean it’s just it’s

testimony yeah so it’s it’s you know
we’re you know proof hard proof I mean
it’s just I’m not saying that he is

wrongly convicted or sentence it’s just
he’s saying well this is gonna be
interesting for men I think yeah I think
I think he’s right about that you know
well men who get arrested well yeah

douche bags total douche bags there’s a
lot of them I yeah and the stories keep
coming up at different kinds of douche

bags showing up here and there yeah I
mean could this same be applied to some
of the other cases I mean there are
other cases out there I think this guy
was the most egregious it was a like a

open secret which is kind of bothersome
it’s like it was such an open secret for
such a long time yeah where Seth
MacFarlane is doing material on one of
the award shows I think the Academy

Award let’s put it this way let me put
it this way if he’s convicted all these
things I think that there should be a
conviction of accomplices who enabled

and you know you’re an accomplice if you
send someone up to the room I think
there’s more by the way I think you’re
an accomplice if you were aware of this

behavior and didn’t and were near him or
let’s say in the same hotel or party or
restaurant or whatever and you knew this

was happening it didn’t report it didn’t
do anything let’s go all the way let’s
not just throw the book at this guy
let’s get to the enablers and the
enhancers and and also the private
detectives and all the people that work

as his accomplices yeah do that
yeah chance of it actually happening
yeah zero yeah somebody should make a

fuss about it yeah cuz it was he didn’t
do this by himself
nope accomplices should be held to
account and that is it for our show

we long today but then again we’re under
quarantine so it might as well make the
best of it or it’s stiff important stiff
and we’ll do it again on Sunday if you

will all join us please then remember to
attend your meetups and look out for
that V recovery is coming coming up
after the show we have on no agenda

stream calm random thoughts end of show
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