No Agenda Episode 1225: “Toilet Preppers”

find out your boring water people Adam
Curry John C. Dvorak Sunday March 15
2020 this is your award-winning Gitmo
Nation Media assassination episode 1225
this is no agenda March and broadcasting
live from opportunity zone 33 here the

frontier of Austin Texas capital at the
drone star state in the morning
I’m Adam curry from Northern Silicon
Valley where the freeways are deserted
I’m Jesse Devore I admit I’m loving the

traffic sitch yes the traffic stitch is
the best Wow hey so we we were talking
on Thursday how we were so surprised

about all this panic shopping I hadn’t
seen it you hadn’t seen it but I guess
it none of that happened until after the
president’s disastrous Wednesday evening
performance which apparently was written

by Jared Kushner we’re trying to read it
but I don’t believe this is true that it

was written by Jared know about the
about this happening after the
announcements well every Thursday well
he did it Wednesday evening and then

Thursday okay what the national
emergency was called on Friday no I know
I know but the the nutso buying of
products because I went out shopping
Friday and I here in Austin as well I
ran into empty shelves so you know it it

kind of I think it right after the
president had crappy d-minus performance
that’s when people went and then the
stock market was dropping like well I

think that’s what happened and it went
up no we’re talking about Thursday
Thursday Friday but Friday it
skyrocketed of course so we have the so
we had here a and I’d gone at the start

of the day before and it was after
Trump’s thing but it wasn’t it wasn’t it
didn’t seem to be the disaster was on

now on Friday we had and this was
reported in the news the traffic is
backed up on the freeway mm-hmm like
backed up on the freeway for as far as I

can see and I thought I was a wreck as a
wreck that’s correct somebody wrecked
and no and it turned out that that
traffic was backed up for the purpose of
going to Costco which is yes we had the

same at some of our Costco’s but on
Friday not not like Costco what what
does Costco done to the public they
hypnotize people well first of all
Costco has big carts which is makes you

feel good and powerful because we’re
gonna get lots of stuff I went I went to
the supermarket and indeed we had no
paper products no cleaning products and
no frozen food lots of fresh produce low

on potatoes but I I would listen line
for about an hour and I just looked at
what everyone was buying John the two
things one this was around two o’clock
Austin time so people were on their

phones watching the president in the
Rose Garden this was kind of surreal
there whoa yeah president’s talking all
right yeah he’s doing this is how pizza
you hear yeah he’s doing the State of
the Union that’s what I realize I’ll

curry you’re way too deep you know way
too much about this stuff this is the
level people understand he’s doing the
State of the Union okay but they have 15
bags of chips five boxes of elite brand

mac and cheese all these no can no tuna
fish normally they can’t sell the tuna

fish and tuna fit and the only thing
that was left was you have colorful
boxes that look like they might be Asian
that contains some tuna fish can or
something but the great toilet paper
scare is a fractal this is a fractal of

1973 and I was living in the Netherlands
so I don’t recall it but maybe you do in
73 people started to freak out and buy

toilet paper because Johnny Carson
cracked a joke about it on The Tonight
Show actually I read the same are
there’s actually it predated that cars

cracked a joke because it was in the
newspaper wasn’t it newspaper yes right
so somebody had announced and I don’t
know where that by the way and I just
read this and to kind of answer your

earlier question that I might remember
this I don’t remember this but okay okay
I don’t even know that it happened but

maybe that’s where my mom’s thing came
from him might have started right there
and that’s the first thing I was
thinking of 1973 that would be a time
when your mom might have said oh the
Chinese and it was a Chinese thing

wasn’t it was the or Japanese and then I
was a Japanese shortage I think well
there’s a shortage somewhere and then
Carson made some comment and then it was
all over and it became according to the

same article or one of the articles like
you read it became like a big thing I
don’t know if there’s it is a fractal of
that but it well here’s the front what
the triggering mechanism we go to
Stephen Colbert Procter & Gamble says

17600 products could be affected by
coronavirus in China over 17,000
products including Charmin dawn bounty
and Crest toothpaste so get ready to

start brushing your teeth with a hygiene
product still made in America Jack
Daniels I it’s possible that he may have
kicked that off that was the beginning

of the week
maybe something kicked it off but it did
Meany about it is laughable yes it’s not
it’s sad it shows you how how

dysfunctional people are minimally and
the thing is they’re not nobody’s ever
even thought to stop manufacturing

toilet paper and as I’ve mentioned when
we talk about toilet paper which we
apparently do of once a year or so the
because I talked about Z the brand Z and
I since like get some toilet paper from

Grocery Outlet mainly because there goes
to Zephyr let’s go one two three four
five six seven
8:8 economy stable all things normal

we’re gonna short it should be nine oh I
thought oh you’re right nine is no we
are short economy down economy down
trying to be down economy down economy
down only eight cars on the zephyr now

so I I realized by doing that buying it
at this place there are probably a
hundred separate brands of toilet paper

and I don’t know how many come in from
China which seems unlikely is kind of a
wasters or its kind of a stupid thing to
do but there’s a lot of different but
nobody is stopping the manufacturing of

toilet paper anytime soon if not if
there’s not a glut on the market so the
people who went out and bought bushel
baskets full of toilet paper it’s just

it’s beyond comprehension
I think there’s that there’s an OP going
on well before we get to ops let’s
listen to our Secretary of the Treasury
and fellow Tourette’s sufferer although

he’s much better at suppressing it
Steven minuchin only recently I know but
I got to get his tips I got to figure
out what he said I think he’s being

injected he has he still has it I can
see it when a question comes he does he
moves his head in his neck a certain way
and of course I recognize what that is
it’s a stifled tic but he’s good at it
and he weighed in of course on the

economy and very interesting as we kind
of thought this buying would would
affect the overall economy and it has
there’s there’s area the economies that

have been hurt very hard immediately
area of the economy is the best thing
that’s ever has occurred so as you said
people are shopping from the data I have
from the credit card companies and what

we’ve seen is although travel spending
is way down spending on supplies food
medical pharmacy has almost offset that
in the short term and again any supply

chain issues the task force is focused
on and we’ll be dealing with don’t see
that as a major problem at the moment I
think as you know people were concerned
about China China’s opened back up China

opened for business and thank you for
helping the economy the overall economy
of course because it’s starting to hurt
and if you noticed this I don’t know if

it’s the same with you I’m getting
emails and texts and calls from lots of
friends and families like I’m some
Oracle now like hey what’s going on do
you know what’s happening yeah the kid

came home from school saying from was
you know heard that China created this
to kill us all you know so this is now
this is what’s happening with 11 12 year
old kids the hearing is at school so

everybody needs to feel somewhat better
eating anything at school around here
schools been closed yes and as I have
family in Italy in food ends willow and

everything is they’re not freaked out at
all of course her husband who was an
entertainer will have no work for a
delete he’s had no work for two weeks
he’ll probably know there for more

because he’s a comedian and he performs
in public so that’s done and it’s just
kind of a ghost town it’s like people
just aren’t really going out except to

go to the the grocery store or pharmacy
yeah or if you need to drive to work
restaurants and bars curfew
a Tiffany in the Netherlands and

Christina of course in Rotterdam
Rotterdam is is really completely shut
down and they’re expecting curfew to be
installed by this weekend so they say or
this coming weekend maybe even sooner

and the shit and then the shelves there
it was rated just the panic is real in
the lowlands people are flip
and they’re just buying anything that’s

it to buying the shelves gonna buy this
show I mean I might need a shelf give me
the shelf I want this shelf by the shelf
and that you know the there’s no one
calming anybody down there’s no one

doing any good work actually I I thought
I don’t you saw the whole Rose Garden
speedo by the president as bad as the
Wednesday night was I gave this a solid

a finally finally he does what he’s good
at doesn’t use the prompter comes out
with his his kind of people the CEO from
Walmart from Target from Walgreens when

I’m missing their CVS he’s got all the
big guys at hey hey Don come over here
okay Pete you get right Pete you got
this under control

and he had he had it together finally
and he was also not taking any shit from
the reporters if someone just kept
dreaming on about did you take a test
have you been tested then he just had

the mic taken away from him but didn’t
you know didn’t do his typical shut up
your fake news the best though which you
didn’t see on your Evening News because
why would you we were too obsessed with
claiming the president lied Google isn’t

doing anything Google isn’t building a
website by the way how about the
president giving a shout out for Google
yeah we just had Google build a website
which will see slips in a little

political bullcrap
which it hasn’t happened with every
website launched by the government okay
that was unnecessary I hate it when he
does that

but then he brought on promised he’s
done it he does it too much now he
doesn’t need to do it he doesn’t need to
so he brought on Deborah bricks Bri Eck
Burks I’m sorry BIR ex she’s State
Department ambassador-at-large and she

has she was in government starting with
the Bush administration PEPFAR she is
the I’ll just call her the AIDS czar as
she has shepherded that throughout the
Bush administration and she laid out and

said this is
a little bit longer clip three minutes
but she lays out exactly what happened

exactly because it all we’ve heard is
we’ve got no kids we’re not testing the
truck is killing us oh wait I should
actually play the lawrence o’donnell
clip let me see where is that douchebag

here we go this is Lawrence Alton this
is your mainstream media more people are
in America tonight because Donald Trump
is president more people are dead and

dying in America more people are dead
and dying because of Donald Trump thanks

we feel really horrible now so Burks
comes out and she I think she explains
it incredibly well
she even addresses the fact that it may
have been confusing for the press and
for people at home but he and she has

actual credibility and she in the Aged
days and the heyday of the aides
although we’ve learned that aids still
kills 2,000 people a day worldwide
she was always up front and center as

she’s very well respected then of course
that’s why no one talks to her no one
interviews her they don’t even put this
segment on television but I think this
really tells you what is going on and

where we’re at dr. Burks please Thank
You mr. president Tom it’s a pleasure to
be here with all of you I think you know
at the beginning of this epidemic HHS
through CDC proactively developed an

assay built on the existing flu
surveillance system that surveillance
system was then converted to diagnostic
system but last Tuesday seeing the

spread of the virus around the globe the
president realized that our current
approach to testing was inadequate to
need to meet the needs of the American
public he asked for an entire overhaul

of the testing approach he immediately
called the private sector laboratories
to the White House as noted and charge
them with developing a high throughput
quality platform that can meet the needs

of the American public we are grateful
to LabCorp and quest for taking up the
charge immediately after the meeting and
within seventy now at 72 hours bringing
additional testing access particularly
to the outbreak areas

of Washington State and California and
now across the country we are also very
grateful to the universities in large
hospital systems that took up the charge
developed their own quality tests made
available by new dep new FDA guidance

this has resulted in expanded testing
across New York California Washington
Colorado and you see sometimes those
dried through options that have been
made available through these high

throughput options following the meeting
last week major commercial laboratory
equipment and diagnostic companies took
immediate action to adopt and develop
new testing systems last night the

initial company Roche received sta FDA
approval moving from request to
development to approval in record time
in less than two weeks together we have

developed a solution that we believe
will meet the future needs testing needs
of Americans I understand how difficult
this has been I was part of the hiv/aids
response in the 80s we knew from dying

from first finding cases in 1981 it took
us to almost 1985 to have a test it took
us another 11 years to have effective

therapy it is because of the lessons
learned from that that we were able to
mobilize and bring those individuals
that were key to the HIV response to
this response I understand that a lot of

this behind-the-scenes action over the
last couple of weeks was invisible to
the press and the American people but
this intense effort has not only
resulted in innovative solutions but an

automated high throughput system
bringing the availability of these
quality Korona viral testing to the
American people at unprecedented speed
finally I want you to know in South

Korea they did have large number of
tests available over the last several
weeks their positivity rate is between
three and four percent with LabCorp and
quest expanded testing their positivity

rate is between one and two percent so
we want to also announce this new
approach to testing which will start in
the screening website up here
facilitated by Google where clients and

patients and people of interest
go fill out a screening questionnaire
move down for symptoms or risk factors
yes they would move down this and be
told where the drive-thru options would

be for them to receive this test the
labs will then move to the
high-throughput automated machines to be
able to provide results in 24 to 36
hours that is the intent of this

approach we have seen it work just in
our own United States and we want to
bring this across the continent thank
you very much so a couple of things we
learned I think none of this was

reported except for the Google is going
to build the website which I even see
the troll room people believe that
that’s not true at Google of course came
out and said yes we are doing that it’s
through our act you know one of our

companies that they acquired and we have
Google engineers who have volunteered to
get this up and going by Sunday but
that’s what the press focused on well
actually they focused on something else

in addition to that if you was tested or
not well three things three this is
Trump’s slamming slamming a niche else

indoor PBS really played this up at all
the other places did too saying that her
question was nasty

yeah so he’s a racist oh of course
it’s yummy Sh when he’s a race he’s
racist we know because she sees used the
word nasty and and we’re on PBS the

NewsHour they and I don’t know when this
started because reporters aren’t
supposed to be part of the news but the
news crews nowadays on the various
networks the big networks they they put

the camera on the reporter asked it
usually their reporter yeah they never
you know their reporter asking the
question so they had the camera on you
know the Yami SH and she’s asking the
question you shut down the pandemic unit

and it’s just the reason we’re so far
behind you know what did they have an
answer for that because I’ve looked into

and I know exactly what happened well
you can tell us what happened after I
tell you what the president said he
speak kind of passed it off saying you
know these other people have done things
it’s not nothing really I know where

you’re blaming me for that was a nasty
question because it was it was a nasty
question in terms of just a ambush
question yeah and dad became the big
news right so what actually happened is

it was John Bolton that reorganized that
what was it blamed he mentioned Bolton
yeah but what happened was pandemic was
replaced with the but the chemical

banned bioweapon team so it was
replacement upgrading it in my mind to
something much better
and there’s though in that in 2018 the
same timeframe that the documents in the

show notes you can see the entire layout
for the bio weapon team that replaces
the pandemic team so yeah and I that
sounds like something Bolton would do
that makes a lot of sense but what we’re

hearing now from dr. Burks is the entire
system was not set up for this type of
testing and also people really have some
kind of fantasy about you know you just

swab your cheek and and you’re good to
go and you beep you get a green light or
a red light you know it’s not like a
23andme DNA test spitting the – well it
is actually it comes back faster than

the 23andme but it’s not an immediate
test and apparently it took a little
while to get the test to be right which
of course is just an outrage and people

have died because of this but the CDC
failed and Trump did something very
interesting he went something almost
straight from a socialist playbook

actually you got to be you keep your eye
on it he said all right let’s bring in
everybody else and he said and and in
Europe the word is oh my god only in
America would they come up with a genius

idea of a drive-through testing you have
to understand this is unique to the
United States drive-through hamburgers
was a big deal in the 70s when we heard
about it over in Europe

so this hit so we look like like the
coolest people in the world we’re gonna
do that in a drive-thru format and
that’s really an important thing because
you don’t you don’t want to fill up the
doctors offices hospitals and ers with

people wanting a test
yeah the drive-thru is a great idea
that’s genius but I don’t know if they
still have this in Texas but they used
to have drive-through liquor stores and
and beer vendors don’t know of any

especially around these parts you know
we have Sunday can’t even sell liquor so
as I’m sure it’s weird but I was

encouraged by hearing that and also a
South Korea remember we talked about
these numbers would probably be the
numbers that would matter and a pet they
sure they had tests but their test gave

worst results than our tests could our
test be fixed rigged bugged whatever I
don’t know I don’t think so so the test
is getting better it could be bad
flattening the curve though I think we

kind of nailed that one I heard that
over and over this past week flatten the
curve we got to flatten the curve and
yeah it’s kind of expected and predicted
people have started to hunker down a bit

I think it’s gone a bit too far but
retail is cutting hours restaurants I
mean we went out to a restaurant last
night where you know pretty much empty
although other ones were full I think it

kind of hit and miss but just trying to
keep the economy going and one other
thing from this Rose Garden speech kind

of set me on a path of looking at a
couple of things and I want to discuss
that here’s what the president said
about the virus Americans are the
strongest and most resilient people on

earth and in the coming weeks we will
all have to make changes and sacrifices
but these short-term sacrifices will
produce long-term gain and again I’ve
said we’re learning a lot for the future

and future problems like this or worse
or worse it could get worse the next
eight weeks are critical we can learn
and we will turn a corner on this virus

some of
the doctors say it will wash through and
will flow through interesting terms and
very accurate I think you’re gonna find

in a number of weeks it’s going to be a
very accurate term all right these
things I pay attention when he says look
eight weeks he’s putting real numbers
out there I didn’t see this clip played

anywhere either eight weeks and they say
go look at number doctors say it’s gonna
wash over it could be just a couple of
weeks and that’s what the doctors say
that could turn out to be pretty
accurate you’re gonna see I mean he
couldn’t message it any stronger

and I was looking around at the you know
because of course there’s this
comparison between influenza and what it
does and how many victims it takes every

year and versus the corona virus the
symptoms etc and it’s very hard to go
back and find stuff in any of the search
engines Google is useless actually if

you want to find something from even a
few months ago that contained the terms
influenza or or sick or anything like
that and the first one I hit was Time
magazine from January 16th and this was

a weird flu suit flu season it turns out
then time well time the rag says flu
season is always unpredictable different
viral strains circulate each year which

makes forecasting a deist the disease is
spread and formulating the annual flu
vaccine and educated guessing game even
so the 2019 2020 flu season has been
particularly unusual influenza B the

viral strain that usually circulates
toward the end of flu season instead
emerged first this year shifting usual
transmission patterns a vaccine Mitch

met mismatch and reduced immunity to
influenza B may have contributed to the
early and severe start of this flu
season but what at what all articles say
including this one is that it would be

milder than other years the CDC itself
and see what is the date of this
publication they published what to
expect for the 2019 2020 flu season

and this page was last reviewed on March
13th so it it’s still accurate and let’s
just look at the numbers for a moment

CDC estimates that from October 1st 2019
remember’d started early this flu season
through March 7th 2020 there have been –
not there will be there have been 36

million 251 million flu illnesses 17
million to 24 million flu medical visits
370 thousand to 670,000 flu

hospitalizations in my favorite 22,000 –
55,000 flu deaths so this is this has
happened in this period that we are just

looking back on these numbers could have
could have easily been reported as
something incredibly scary yeah 22 –
55,000 deaths I mean that’s that those

are scary numbers if you hype it up the
way this has been going but it hasn’t
but what we do see if you go back to
January now January 25th or 23rd is when
the news first started reporting it here

in the u.s. seriously with deaths in
China in that month and I remembered it
because of my daughter my so I had
something in December but if you go back

and look in timelines people’s timelines
on Twitter or just any friends you’ll
see that they had a lot of them had
flu-like symptoms
felt like crap went to the doctor

diagnosed with influenza but did not
test positive with an influenza test
told to go home took about ten days and
they felt better I have a feeling
personally listening to the messaging

from the president and looking at the
numbers that this thing has already
washed through us and the only reason
why it appears to be building is because
we’re testing we’re testing oh my god

but is it you can’t tell me that this
only we only have these cases now after
this was already killing people in
January we have direct flights from

Wuhan to Toledo Ohio interestingly
enough a hundred thousand cases
predicted to be in Toledo Ohio
why well there’s a million Chinese
coming back and forth all year with all

the factories that they that’s what
American Factory the Obama documentary
is about about that exact area in Ohio
come my feeling is the symptoms yeah of
course is gonna kill people just like

the flu you’ve got the numbers I think
it’s already people have already had I
think it may have come and gone it just
looks like it’s incredibly bad because
the numbers are now starting to come in
from testing we probably have thirty

forty fifty million people infected most
have no symptoms some get some symptoms
some people died like the flu we have to
remember that the corona virus is night

alongside of rhinoviruses that is the
cause of the common cold thank you and
that seems to have been lost in the
shuffle well and so back to your op yes

this I think this is an op for multiple
multiple angles this is financials I
mean the money that must be made right

now in the markets for some must be
astronomical if you know what you’re
doing you’ve got to be cleaning up I
mean this and we’ve we’ve got to have

acquisitions coming soon there are there
companies you know down to a buck two
nokia nokia is a like a buck and a half
a share of Nokia this is gonna be
accurate it was already on the under

acquisition block so there’s all kinds
of stuff that’s going on there control
is my fear we see now in Israel they
have an app encouraging all citizens to

download the app will you you report and
of course it tracks you and it’s very
very open about it it tracks you it then
so that you can say okay either I’m in
quarantine I’ve had it I have it you

know you show up on the map and if
you’re walking around somewhere in
Israel and you’re you go and you you are
virus free and you come in proximity of
someone who might have it you know your

phone’s go careful citizen warning Will
Robinson danger yeah so there’s a lot of
tracking that will be put in
place this is the surveillance the way
they the way they speak about it who

knows what else will will come of this
but this is the never let a crisis go to
waste moment and I think we’re going to
only when this subsides a bit will we
find out exactly what has been put in

place there are things we could talk
about the green new deal in Europe in a
minute but I just cannot see this as the
panic driven crisis that is being

explained to us and you know I like dr.
drew and he’s trying to sound the same
Bell I guess hit the same message here

he is on the CBS so you’ve seen
pandemics over the decades how does this
one compare with every bad flu season is
80,000 dead we’ve got about 18,000 dead
from influenza this year we have a

hundred from Corona which should you be
worried about influenza or Corona a
hundred versus 18,000 it’s not a trick
and look the everything that’s going on
with the new are cleaning the subways

and everyone using Clarence wipes and
get your flu shot which should be the
other message that’s good that’s a good
thing so I have no problem with the
behaviors what I have a problem with is
the panic and the fact that businesses
are getting destroyed and people’s lives

are being upended not by the virus but
by the panic the panic must stop and the
press they really I somehow need to be
held accountable because they are
hurting people and I could just see it
the way the innuendo and the every every
opportunity for drama by the press was

was twisted in that direction let me
give an example
the World Health Organization is out now
saying the fatality rate from the virus
is 3.4 percent right every every

publication from the w-h-o says 3.4
percent and we expect it to fold
dramatically once we understand the full
extent of the illness no one ever
reports the actual statement right we go

three point four percent that’s ten
times more than them whatever five times
more than the flu
and yeah it’s gonna be a little more flu
probably so dr. drew trying to bring

some sanity I don’t know if people trust
him anymore do you think they still have
some trust in dr. drew
no nobody cares they just thought they
got to worry about the toilet paper let
me just go back to that comment if his

about the press I have some clips I have
a second one from him about the present
and then one played that real quick and
then we’ll hear you sure I think there
was it was a concerted effort by the

press to capture your eyes and in doing
so they did it by inducing panic there
there’s you listen the CDC and the WHR
they know what they’re doing they
contain pandemics that’s how they know

how to do and they’re doing an amazing
amazing listen to them what about the
global implications of this because we
were talking off-camera about Italy
there’s China well there’s some little
outbreaks where you should avoid right
there there are that’s I would I would
look out where the flus out Breaking Bad

right I ended up getting the bird flu
I got h1n1 oh really and it was horrible
it was no fun how long have that well
that was ten years ago and I was I was
really sick for about two weeks I’m

really sick and that’s no longer about
the press okay first of all Saturday’s
PBS Newshour woods tree cirfairy knew

his name he this half is a half hour on
Saturdays it started about Corona it
ended with Corona it was an entire show

Corona Corona yeah I’m sure
so the National on Friday which is the
Canadian a Diaz top news show it’s there
CBC’s news hour it’s an hour it was one

whole hour of reporting about Corona in
one way or another there was nothing
else there was not one single other

story for the entire day and what makes
you think what makes you think this is
some kind of an operation why would you
even consider that some clips from
Canada which are kind of interesting

mainly because there’s one fractal in
there but there’s a the Canadians they
stare panicky and you have to realize
that they it was well played
play this first clip is the no travel

clip number one intro no travel oh okay
I see what you’re saying
Colby 19 Zim packed on Canada is getting
wider the number of cases nearly 200 so
far and its impact on our lives our

communities and our work is already
massive the concern now that this
outbreak in this country has only begun
I know that you’re worried you’re
worried about your health about your

family’s health know about your job your
savings about paying rent about the kids
not being in school after a week of
chaos from the stock market to

supermarkets the federal government says
help is coming but also advises
Canadians not to leave the country
unless absolutely necessary 200 yeah
well let’s get real

193 oh he was exaggerating it’s letting
here fleece is almost 200k as an aside
just came out today the UK police will
have power to arrest people if you’re

and and this is like what if you are on
the street and you are a virus carrier
do you remember the Lisbon Treaty this

is one of the things that can now not
and out of the out of the EU the EU
Lisbon Treaty if you recall one of the
things that actually got me started on

the path of eventually winding up
talking to you about this stuff which
led to the show was the protocols to the
Lisbon Treaty which said authorities in
the EU or the EU authorities will have

the power to arrest people and detain
them if they have communicable diseases
which was not even defined I mean it
could have and I think we might have

even joked on the show that well you got
the cold bless you I’m arresting you now
these things and they come back to
people all of a sudden
that’s a good one not if you’re in the
EU it’s not now here’s an entry of a

plate clip to the second part of that
tonight we’ll look at ottawa’s plan to
control the spread of the virus and to
support the economy including the
growing list of restrictions and

cancellations and how panic is making a
hard situation even harder from grocery
stores to diagnostic testing considering
how quickly things are changing many of

you are on edge and have lots of
questions while today we got some
answers and warnings today from the
federal government
David Cochrane begins our coverage from
Ottawa the Prime Minister is fighting
this virus on three fronts his family’s

health the health of Canadians and the
health of the Canadian economy we will
be supporting the economy and Canadians
through this time because his wife
tested positive Trudeau will work from

isolation as his government tries to
stop the contagion today my advice is to
postpone or cancel all non-essential
travel outside of Canada no Canadians

should leave the country while the
government will limit the ways travelers
can enter the country the international
rivals from certain regions will land
only at a few specified airports this

will enable us to to concentrate our
precious resources for our Border
Services officers and for our public
health officers cruise ships are banned
until at least July they won’t be

allowed to go to the Arctic at all
because of the lack of health facilities
in the north the border however stays
open as evidence shows a border shutdown
doesn’t work I think what we have to

remember is that viruses don’t know
borders a border is not going to contain
the virus until late April MPs of all
parties not wanting to be part of the

problem when they visit they’re riding
this globalist piece of crap borders
don’t stop viruses yeah if you stop the
flights they do if you stop people from

walking across them it certainly helps
in my nuts or am I just not a globalist
you’re not a globalist brother well I
mean they stopped if they’re one it they

want nobody to leave the country and
they want the screen all the fights
coming and that’s kind of like you know
and then but the border should be open I
don’t yeah this is your right this is
part of the let’s have all the borders
opening let them walk in from Ecuador

well you know you you put me on the path
man when you got that John Hopkins who
actually ran the event 201 pandemic
exercise that guy is now the expert and

talking to God knows whoever within the
media but they’re their paper as you
explain it they’re result of what has to
happen when we eventually hit this

pandemic which we just hit is more
globalism we have to teach the world to
sing in perfect harmony you know
everybody has to do it all together it’s
you know it’s the opposite of what

people actually want to do it’s shut
down hunker down and go away evil man
they tell you is shut done so so
Canada’s got the hoarding well wait
before I go to the hoarding in Canada

which is exactly the same as it is here
and the same in in the Netherlands
toilet paper everything know that
neighbor in the Netherlands do not John

they’re buying the actual shelves here’s
the here’s de fractal this is the non
testing of Trudeau listen to this oh

oops hold on sec now well the Prime
Minister today said he feels fine he
also said he has no plans to be tested
for kovat 19 which has many people
asking why not yeah these doctors

actually advised against testing since
he is showing those symptoms and his
Health Minister Patti hi do pointed out
a little later that is the normal
protocol there is no evidence that

someone needs to self isolate if in fact
they have been contact with someone who
is asymptomatic and so it’s important
support to remember that that is why the

Prime Minister has received that more
oblique health and Phi City doesn’t have
to have a test I do also say the Prime
Minister’s wife Sophie will
extensively interviewed as health
officials attempt to trace everyone she

has been in contact with so Sophie’s got
got tested positive which is little
different than Trump Trump was room was
hounded for the same exact reasons and

and at first used the same exact excuse
which will my doctor says I didn’t need
it yeah and this which is what’s crudos
doing yeah but Trudeau you you think
might be a little more inclined Trump

finally gave in got tested turned out to
be fine and Trudeau’s gonna do the same
thing but I just thought it was curious
at both these guys we’ve kind of went by

the exact same playbook unknown to each
other I’m sure well I I know why why
Trump didn’t want to do it this is 25th
amendment Oh sick all right

boom move in president’s no good it’s
gone to his brain Oh they’d have him out
so quick your head would spin and and
pence would provoke and we have a

president who was infected and pence
would be right there pence by the way
he’s like dude I’m looking pretty good
I’m getting some props um he looks just
like the guy who plays him on SNL

it’s it’s uncanny and Pence is looking
pretty presidential yeah Wow yeah we
might have to we could deal with him
could do that okay now play this another
thing they’re doing up in Canada this is

they’re shutting debt which is what they
should do everywhere they’re shutting
down the government for all practical
purposes this is the killing legislative
sessions clip the impacts of copán 19
are also stretching to more than 50,000
employees of the Ontario public service

the province has asked employees to work
from home beginning on Monday until
April 3rd if feasible this follows a
vote at Queen’s Park to suspend the
spring legislative session temporarily
the Tories are also determining whether

to postpone the March 25th budget
yeah they should Jim Oak should go home
and by the way a hundred and ninety
three cases in the entire country and
they’ve gone completely nuts there’s a

term for this that’s going on which I’d
heard before I kind of ignored it
because I saw a lot of people posting
and laying out whatever it’s the what do
you call this

you call this the dunning-kruger effect
you familiar with the dunning-kruger
effect no no tell her well it’s
something called the dunning-kruger

effect no Danny Kruger effect is a
couple psychologist dr. Danny a dr.
Kreuger realize that there’s a cognitive
distortion for people that may don’t
really know the landscape of a

particular topic it’s what allows people
to get up on American Idol and sing and
sound like hell or go don’t it sound
great they don’t know good singing
they’re not exposed to it and the same
thing is true in many areas of science
and so right now everybody thinks

they’re an expert on everything they’re
not that is done in Kruger people that
are real experts feel like imposters
which is the opposite of with that
inquiry because you realize on fast the
top because I’ll complicate it is you
never feel like you know enough but in

social media Danny Kruger is a wide yes
and that’s part of the problem oh my
gosh I’ll say this at the people that

listen to this show aren’t the ones
getting the toilet paper I can assure
you there are probably very I mean it’s
not that somebody in the family’s not
doing it but I don’t see anybody I met
didn’t run out and get a bunch of toilet

paper we got toilet paper it lasted I
don’t know weeks where the toilet paper
how much do you need and they keep
restocking it it’s not as though the
stuff is gonna disappear for all men
forever there’s always tissues you said

why nobody buys the Kleenex Cristina let
me get my last Canadian exit but this is
just so we get some perspective on the
hoarding you already gave it in Holland
and this is the Canadian version well

some public places have been thinning
out grocery stores are jammed with
customers they’re loading up with
supplies to make sure they don’t run out
and in the process emptying the shelves
Thomas daglow went to find out what’s

fueling this panic
on a quick trip for essentials good luck
consider this coronavirus fuelled panic
buying empty shelves lineups that keep

going and going and going not to mention
a tight squeeze in that crowd even as
public health experts urge everyone to

avoid contact that seems a lot a little
bonkers in there now today there is lots
of people and more than normal even on
their busiest day indeed with so many
users sharing pictures online showing

toilet paper shelves empty unfounded
fears of a shortage run rampant toilet
paper isn’t the only thing running low
in some stores like non-perishable food

items tomato sauce and pasta in a store
it’s nearly all gone
but stores are restocking everyday and
officials across the country promise

right now all trucks are delivering
goods and we don’t expect any shortage
so what’s driving the panic this medical
anthropologist blames the fear of a

mysterious virus and the need to do
something to help hoarding behaviors in
the context of an outbreak are not
helpful problem is over buying prevents

others from grabbing their own supplies
but it gets worse like those reselling
cleaning wipes online at outrageous
prices I’m profoundly disappointed in

people who are hoarding and then selling
online III think that’s just offensive
that you see that guy who the New York
Times did a piece on know he had 17,000

bottles of hand sanitizer Kenny was
price gouging him on eBay and then eBay
blocked him and now he can’t sell any
and he’s crying about it just tell me

about you Tito’s vodka is the answer so
the thing there’s a slate article that

was written showing they did some
document documentation of what people
actually are grabbing off the shelves
but more interesting what they’re
leaving and what there’s a for example

the meat counters are all emptied out in
some places but the pork products were
left because at the end of thinking is
is the pork is this thought of a swine
flu and Chinese and pork it’s also sunny

pork of course all the vagin stuff is
there if you’re a vegan you don’t worry
not actually food so of course nobody’s
buying there’s a rack of meat that’s all

missing except beyond meat that’s all
there oh no one’s buying the beyond
which is a sign for you investors yes

yet bail bail now this is no joke and
then and then all the water is gone
except design
for some reason it sounds Italian well
no no no it’s because it’s everyone

noses because even on the bottle its
coca-cola water that’s just tap water
that’s been filtered yeah the whole
thing is nuts especially but let’s say I

got a couple clips because playing some
Italy stuff since you did mention it and
I thought this was interesting this is
the rules clip Italy rules and something
I wrote it down I don’t know what it

says Italy remains on lockdown as
officials and health care workers
struggle to contain the corona virus
pandemic special correspondent
Christopher lip say joins us now via
Skype from Rome Chris we had a
conversation a week ago what’s changed

well the lockdown that was previously
limited to northern Italy the the
hotspot here in this country it expanded
to cover the entire country so that
first of all when he says it’s a

lockdown it’s bullshit this is a prime
example of the type of shit that the
mainstream media is doing it’s not a
seems to be locked down he won’t leave

his room dude this guy is full of crap
as far south as Sicily and including the
capital and rum where I am and then in
the past couple of days they’ve actually

heightened those restrictions and so
you’re only supposed to go out if it’s
absolutely necessary
I see a little bit different than a
lockdown no you can go out to go to your
job you can go out to the grocery store

legit if you need to go to the hospital
if you need to get food and that means
that the types of services you’ll find
once you do go out are also limited it
means that cafes and clothing stores
they’re all closed now as part of this

ban in place pharmacies you will find
open grocery stores you will find open
but if you want to actually be outside
of your home you have to have proof that
it’s a good reason so that means

carrying up with you this self minted
affidavit in which you explain your
and if you don’t have this on you and
the police stop you you can be fined or
even arrested and by last count about

5,000 Italians had already been charged
for for breaking these rules that are in
place okay well great this is the this
is the thing you print off the internet

the fill is your self play play the
second clip these are limited resources
a ventilator can cost tens of thousands
of euros and you have to be on these
devices for six to eight days at times

and if you’re in your 80s your chance of
recovery is very low so in a lot of
hospitals it’s become a wartime
situation in which doctors have to
decide whether to give it to the

eight-year-old or whether to give it to
the fifty year old or thirty year old I
mean whether there are reports now of
the dead not being able to be collected
from their homes because the health
services are three parts overwhelmed and

you can’t get a funeral home that’s
willing to risk going inside a house
where there’s coronavirus because they
don’t want to get infected I mean it
conjures up images from the Middle Ages

when you had the Black Death sweeping
through this place where I’m talking to
you from this is what’s so interesting
where are that they had the pictures all
the pictures where the pictures now

where are the pictures budget but still
what he described what it was here
actually describing I just hated to
bring this up they’re just kind of as a
call back he’s describing a death panel
yes who just who decides oh it’s a death

panel well and thank you would everyone
please put in a little Google News
tracker for the National Health System
in the UK people are flipping out it’s

underfunded we’re already ten thousand
doctor short mm-hmm
yes and who’s going to decide who gets
in who doesn’t get in this is exactly

exactly why you don’t want this kind of
centralized control on Italy then this
this is the same for Ojai when I heard
Ohio Ohio’s number a hundred thousand

and all the light bulbs went off and
that’s when I didn’t know that you could
fly directly from Wuhan to Toledo
well you can’t now but they’ve you know
this is this is a hotbed of Chinese

activity no wonder if they were coming
in and December January bringing this
virus with them of course everyone there
is inflect doesn’t mean people are dead
and you have to lock down Ohio Italy is

different for a couple reasons well the
main thing is Italy was the first
country in the European Union against
the wishes of all two of the 28 27 other
member states who joined up and had Zhi

Jing ping and all the muckety-mucks from
the CCP a year ago almost to the day in
northern Italy we’re part of Belton Road
yes it’s great there’s a hundred

thousand workers Chinese workers in the
factories in northern Italy are these
people who have died were they factory
workers who maybe even be in below
Western standard housing situation we

don’t know no one’s told us who these
people are for what I spy the way I this
is an irritant
an irritant with me from the from the
get-go I’ve mentioned before on the show
I don’t see why we can’t get the ethnic

information or age or age even how about
ethnicity would be very interesting I’ll
take age absolutely so but the tip off

the tip off to this well there’s two
pieces that there was supposed to be a
big meeting a big launch of something on
the 23rd of March with the with the

Chinese that of course is off the table
the tip-off came do you remember willow
sent me the voicemail message which we
played on the show and she was talking
about you know the racism against the

Chinese and they were going to Chinese
restaurants to try and show solidarity I
looked into this and they went even
further there the government instant the
local government instituted the hug a

Chinese and they had Chinese people on
the streets of Italy of Florence’s
I saw with a mask on with the blindfold
on and it had with the sign says please

hug your hug of Chinese and this is the
Communist Party who are insane about
Taiwan even being called Taiwan on the
map in fact Taiwan isn’t even Taiwan and

Wikipedia it’s the ROC Republic of China
they want they they’re out there telling
the Italians you better have people of
love in the Chinese and so then they

come up with all these crazy things like
hug a Chinese go to the Chinese
restaurant don’t be racist and this is
what CNN is doing now oh you can’t call
it Wuhan no that would be bad that’s

racist that’s that’s xenophobic that’s
horrible CNN is owned by Warner Media
Warner media is owned by AT&T AT&T has
huge deals with Huawei and Chinese

telecom companies the call went out hey
hey hey hey hey stop calling it the
Chinese stop calling it Wuhan and then
all of a sudden the CNN anchors are all

telling you that it’s racist to say that
if the Chinese have time for all that
then certainly things are not as dire as
they appear to be here is China China’s
top virus expert this is the man who

shepherded China through the SARS
outbreak China Sina medical advisor Joe
Manchin says the corona virus outbreak
may peak soon and may be over by April
in an interview with Reuters mr. song

said that the prediction was made based
on mathematical modelling the 83
year-old is known for combating the SARS
crisis in China in 2003 but this comes
as the death toll from the corona virus

epidemic in China hit 1016 so he’s
expecting it to be over in a few weeks
as well could be true could not be true
I don’t know I hear the president sneak
in those words in there stuck in my mind

I always think he knows something that
he can’t say and could be wrong but I’ve
said April 6 because April 6 would be
exactly 30 days after the initial eight
point three billion dollars was released
and I think when everyone has the

initial money then things will die down
not so for New York City Mayor Bill
DeBlasio who showed his true
color red in this little ditty with joy
read the testing thing I think it is

really and you know maybe I’m a bit
obsessed with it because at this point
it seems insane in a modern country in a
great city like New York City but it
seems almost impossible for people to

get a test can a New Yorker or someone
in this city that is symptomatic in some
way get a test if they need it and if so
how joy there are people can get a test
it is according to a priority structure

and it’s not enough testing it’s just as
simple as that
we have been pleading with the federal
government for weeks publicly letters
phone calls get us testing so we could
get ahead of this
it’s here’s the reality this is a war

like situation we’re in a wartime
yeah with a mar-a-lago attitude being
accused by the federal government right
it’s so laid back and I don’t understand
it and by the way testing how about

ventilators where is the federal
government making sure that our
hospitals have the ventilators we’re
going to need where is the federal
government when it comes to surgical
masks getting them distributed whether

this is a case for a nationalization
literally a nationalization of crucial
factories and industries that could
produce the medical supplies to prepare
this country for what we need so instead

of doing what the president did which is
call everybody and say hey let’s get on
the stick here this douche bag wants to
literally nationalize these companies
okay you seem like a stable person and

we don’t have factories that make those
products anymore the silver lining to
this all is that we’ll bring a lot of

that manufacturing back and I have to
say it again I cannot believe the
coincidence of the past three years
Donald Trump says China is a problem no

one’s ever talked about China publicly
don’t cares yet China and immigration
China China China comes in first thing
he says let’s get our own steel going we

can’t trust Chinese steel we need to
have our own steel without your own
steel you don’t have a country you can’t
defend yourself then let’s bring
manufacturing back
then the trade tariffs then the tax
break which repatriated all the money

with the pressure on the Chinese economy
and then by coincidence wow man we saw
Han has to shut down well it’s crazy how
that works John Hopkins seems to be in
the middle of a lot of this as you

pointed out with the event 201 and we
got a note an anonymous note from one of
our producers who operates in in the
John Hopkins system

John is correct John Hopkins is spook
central though I have not heard anything
about involvement from US intelligence
agencies what I have heard for the past
few months my department of the hospital

has been dealing with the fallout from
at least 10 research doctors who were
found to be spying for China one of them
was specifically brought over with money
from an endowment set up via charitable

donation that is specifically to be used
to bring over postdoc fellows from
mainland China there’s been a push for
more funds like this to be set up in the
department with the loudest voices
coming from the docs who are Chinese

nationals so this wasn’t just Harvard
this is rampant you just got to think
it’s coincidental how all these things
happen I really love your your
booby-trapped theory but John Hopkins

continues to put out webinars and
interesting factoids and podcasts about
the corona virus and sometimes the truth
just wants to slip out here’s the most

recent panel discussing it and so we we
saw a lot of rumors about government
conspiracies in our dataset and now on
the novel coronavirus there’s some

rumors about government conspiracies can
you talk about what you’re seeing is
you’re looking out at the current
landscape right let’s information yeah
we have here you know we have an example
of that coronavirus might have

originated in a lab linked to China’s
bio warfare program that’s
it’s the interesting thing about this
misinformation is that if you go to a
different country it blames a different
country so this is a coordinated effort

to to sow discord and division when we
need it the most when we need to have we
need to have
cooperation come on this is a

coordinated effort to sow to sow
confusion when we need it the most
exactly this is what happens when your
spy inside John Hopkins University

System is you get confused that’s a good
one I don’t really have anything else I
do have the New Rochelle clips with the

update they got that yeah they were
talking about this programming people
let’s bring the National Guardian so
we’re used to seeing the military on the
streets the mobile testing center will
serve all residents of Westchester

but officials are prioritizing people in
New Rochelle the town where it’s located
it’s one of America’s hot spots for
kovat 19 most of the city’s cases
originated from young Israel synagogue

of New Rochelle earlier this week it was
made the center of a quote containment
area by the state of New York
for two weeks for one mile in every
direction large gatherings would be

banned that meant closing schools local
colleges and community centers as well
as religious institutions the state’s
National Guard would also be deployed
it’s a sensible means of controlling the

spread of the virus in an area where it
has a high concentration but it’s not an
exclusion zone it’s not a quarantine
no one is prevented from entering or
leaving no Brant is the mayor of New

Rochelle office he says the state
National Guard’s role in the containment
area is limited the guard is your inner
shell to provide logistical and
operational support principally
delivering meals to students who cannot

receive them at the public schools
providing supplies providing cleaning
services to large facilities these are
things that will be entirely beyond the
capacity of a municipality the size of
nura shell so we’re grateful to have

their support but they’re not here in a
military or police on function and I
think it’s very important to draw that
distinction this is interesting this was
what day did they talk about this the
National Guard being there this would

have been on either on describers
mmm okay because no that can’t be I got
a note for on Thursday from producer

Andrew and he says hey I’m on my way to
New Rochelle for a service call but
apparently the National Guard is there
and I don’t know why he’s email his clip
is from mr. doesn’t mean it differently

okay it’s a and I don’t know why he’s
really mailing memes like I hear the
National Guard is there I’m like I don’t
and so I follow up I said hey man you
ever make it in he said yeah it was

here’s nothing to see I don’t know where
the containment zone was but everything
was normal I could travel around had to
pick up some auto parts yeah I took some
pics of a Chevy and New Rochelle the
head take look it’s all in your head now

you think containment zone National
Guard you know I immediately see the you
know like a Will Smith movie or a Brad

Pitt movie with the National gosh sorry
sir I can’t come beyond the checkpoint
no this is at this point psychological
warfare at best by the media itself for

ratings but probably a hell of a lot
more this is crazy we could do this
about anything what’s in the second part

of this report on a plant of course we
have any idea how the virus is spreading
in New York right now what we know and
this will certainly change is that there
are over 500 confirmed cases in New York

State the majority of which are in New
York City and just this morning New York
State reported its first death an 82
year old woman in New York City who had
been suffering from emphysema did indeed

die from the karana fire of course you
know what this actually reminds me of
War of the Worlds
this is like an Orson Orson Welles thing
man 83 year old woman suffering from
emphysema on her last legs yes yeah what

mark down another killer killer exactly
I will say I like that I like the kids
who have given it the coronavirus a new

nickname the young kids the gen Z kids
is called the Boomer remover like that
you know funny thing is when they were

walking by you can’t rip them and then
we had the the families first acts
coronavirus response Act which was
lauded as some huge great thing that was

being done although as I read through it
it seems like very poor people will be
helped and rich people or people who own
larger businesses will be helped and

everybody in the middle can go suck it
you’re not getting anything so and it
was about something many people are
getting anything if you let’s go back

and listen to what he said they let the
last clip New York City what’s this
population seven eight million yeah is
it not more than that I don’t know
exactly I mean the chatroom might have

the newest numbers but as it’s up there
it’s in it’s in the you know close to
ten million and you have five hundred
people that have been infected yeah
there’s one death I mean so there’s a

quick response team
there’s no does nobody has this disease
is five hundred out of ten million
people right so I’m yes and even if you
took the the Chinese example one point

five billion people you know it’s a very
small fraction of the overall population
but we’re being SIOP we’re being we’re
being just frightened by the numbers and

online that propagates beautifully
you’re not being frightened no I’m
saying I’m not being funny our listeners
are being frightened to the pocket Lord

this why is there only a few voices of
reason out there because the site struck
by the way yeah because we don’t have
any commercial interests a we take no

money from China because China’s asshole
and we’ve we understand the media and we
can do simple math and I think wearing

we inherently are distrustful of experts
telling us something and we go and do
research and compared to other experts
and you know we’ve been we’ve been this

show has been looking at this for eight
weeks we were talking about the the
economic impact only from a China from
the Chinese perspective and the the JIT
the just-in-time supply line eight weeks

ago so this is no surprise most people
are like hold in fact most people watch
The Bachelor the other night that was
what they were really doing sitting at

home watching The Bachelor that’s what
most people do the drones and if they do
watch the news all they’re getting is
Corona as I mentioned the entire show

yeah the entire show yeah
so by the way there is other news that
we do it yeah we’re going to get to

coming up Pelosi tried to do a big a big
grand gesture here we are yes we have to
put families first and she has the same
problem I have although I’ve practiced

it and and I can say epidemiology to
understand the people that made the a
biological status friend under the
spread of the virus you gotta you got to

practice these things and and I think
the saddest part of her presentation of
what this bill is was what is in it and

when she I was in the car and I heard
this like oh woman seriously you did
that the three most important parts of
this bill are testing testing testing

before we take our break let’s just lead

we can probably lead into the biggest
joke of them all
which was
Joe Biden and Joe wanted to look
presidential and he wanted to do a

corona virus town hall meeting so he
could of course do what towards the best
do what presidents do is you know calm
everybody down before before they
started before they started they had the

crack audio team that have we have been
following and just appreciating to no
end for their incredible lack of
professionalism or hearing capability

have completely screwed Joe Biden time
and time again there’s now we’re gonna
do right people we’re gonna set this up
we can’t have this mess up the no agenda

guys are talking about how over
modulated it is what is going on fix
this get it right are we still hearing
the heavy
we’re gonna do the last final Mic Check

for this one two three four five yes
okay now again not a professional Mic

Check we all know if you know what
you’re doing is check check check one
two one two that’s you never go past the
two and then they kicked off the wall
for the coronavirus with some confusion

actual video from the Town Hall no no

I’ll tell you in a moment what happened
but this this was the audio from the
actual beginning so here’s what happened

and I’ll start at the end you actually

heard Joe Biden say we’ll be prepared
better so the guy who can’t get an audio
sound right for the life of him during
the life of his campaign is going to

prepare better for Corona what they did
what they did is they used zoom video
and these amateurs and I it’s just as
egregious as streaming the president pre

and post is his oval office speech just
as egregious they set it up and there’s
multiple ways to use it but typically
when you use zoom video when someone
starts talking it will switch to that

person’s video
so however they did it they had some
people from the campaign watching on the
zoom video the baby cries but and of

course it’s not muted so the sound comes
through and then boom you get the
picture of wherever the screen switches
to wherever the baby’s coming through
then some Indian guy pops up and because
he’s making noise and everyone’s trying

to mute their devices because they had
no training didn’t know how to use the
product and were clearly ill-prepared
Joe ill-prepared and then with all the
testing they did of his microphone they

had an obvious you know interface
mismatch even either the the bitrate was
it basically needed to unplug and plug
the sound card back in again hadn’t
figured that one out so they finally

gave Joe an iPhone to talk into which
made him look anything but presidential
providing for the additional funding
that would provide for no hidden bills

etc and I can get it done I can get it
done quickly and people would be covered
but even I can’t do that for another two
year another a year between now and
November are actually January but to

become so incredibly sad a disaster
those when he walks off camera yeah well

it’s not an audio gag unfortunately but
yeah he just walked by off he doesn’t it
it was and and this was the speech that
would show that he is more prepared than

president Trump that’s the irony of it
all well the funny thing is is the way
the Hollywood E’s like Alyssa Milano
comes out and says something like Joe
Biden said he’s loved loved your

leadership during the coronavirus and
Rob Reiner is falling all over himself
about how Joe Biden is gonna be such a
great president what is wrong with these

people we will find out momentarily but
first I’d like to thank you for your
courage and say in the morning to you
the man who
to see firmly in the curve we have to

flatten Jhansi de bourree well any
morning you Adam Curie in the morning
I’ll ship see boots on the ground feet
in the air subs in the water all the
hockey refs and dames and nights out

there yes in the morning two trolls in
the troll room whoa
bingo I knew people would be tuning in
wrong we’re up to 1800 today John that’s
pretty big

that is no wonder people are it’s I’ve
seen this thing scroll by and like lots
of people are talking
that’s uh that’s probably 25% more than
we typically have nice to see you trolls

and troll away very good no agenda
stream calm it is truly the best thing
you can have in your coronavirus safety
kit is no agenda stream comm because you
can listen to some podcasts no

commercials no corporate money no
interruptions and you can’t roll away in
the troll room and all their amygdalas
are small so you’ll feel good you feel
right at home no agenda stream dot-com
and then a big in the morning to Mike

Riley who brought us the artwork for
episode 1224 our previous show on
Thursday the title of that was caps and
I was asked to mention specifically that

he wanted to share some of the credit
with comic strip bloggers who had now
this was the the locust slash cricket
look more like a cricket with the sign

has said free food and a little Asterix
kosher and he had indeed uploaded it
twice once without the cochon one with
the kosher and that was a upon the
recommendation of comic strip blogger he

put it in I think it actually did make
it I think that that made it just that
extra bit better to put the the kosher
on there and this was since we know the
Israelis love eating locusts because

they’re kosher and it popped it was a
great piece of artwork popped out love
it and we thank you for your courage
Mike Riley is a part of our value for
value network where everybody can
contribute one way or the other the art

is a huge contribution because we are
one of the few podcasters album art
changes with every single show it’s
exciting it gets attention people like
it it looks good in the podcast that in
fact it makes the whole industry look

and no agenda our generator calm is
where you can upload your art if you
want to participate or have a look at
the tens of thousands of pieces that we
have that people have done over the
years also part of our value for value

system is the executive producers and
associate executive producers who
financially support the show and we’re
going to thank a number of them for
today episode 1225 starting with Matthew

Janiszewski in Chicago one two six one
curiously is to show one two to five

Club donation Plus which is interesting
to do it what didn’t we have a rule
about that about what backdating your
club donations well he’s he’s not back

dating it he’s giving it plus the paypal
Vig all plus the Vig what did you
thought Olli misunderstood he says no
karma Wow what Wow I present the grand

duke of the Pacific Northwest says Wayne
Mellon song I’m on the ball that was

I was stunned normally it goes like this
and then I think you have something

special to them doing something to play
here no no this time I nailed it
300 $33.32 he’s into a tight guard or
again he by the way Alan beans up there

now should Baron the Baron they have a
lot of people in this area presides must
I have to look I think I’ve been through
there I think it’s in the wine growing
area or some place in northern no or

again it could be could be mistaken i TM
gents i sold a bottle of hand sanitizer
i’m splitting the proceeds with you self
quarantine eing is better with no agenda

to distract me by the way a corona
jingle and by the way a carotid
jingle and Kenya you see that juice with
karma for all producers please thought

we can do that

you thought karma Dame Laura 3:14 15 a
happy pi day John and Adam had to donate

to register my frustrations about the
enumerate numeracy of the elites in
numerous I’m not sure what what how
she’s using this term of the elites

regarding coronavirus and celebrate
celebrate the circle yeah
314 PI the circle a numerator circle
number donation John your your whole

idea I know but I’m getting confused
with the elites a circle I don’t know
you’ve already reviewed the numbers but
what hasn’t been discussed are the

unintended consequences my family has
been hit in ways by the way you know
they also closed all the Apple stores
well that’s a plus I mean that was
that’s a germ pit just waiting to spread
all kinds of nastiness Apple stores

equals germ pit next next family has
been hit in ways that I could never have
anticipated I’m a I’m a doc and the AAA

a conference American Academy of Allergy
Asthma and Immunology ‘s canceled their
conference in Philly for this week and
this was a minor inconvenience and if

that we’re all that was affected it
would be minimal however my college
Asian son is now stuck at home for
another three weeks this is a disaster
yes yeah come on Rose by the way

somebody pointed out the dinner table
they expect a lot of two things to
happen besides maybe a baby boom you
know it yes the corona big horse boom
you want to invest in some ik divorce

attorneys you have I’ll invest in baby
stuff I’m a much more I’m well
optimistic I’m a glopped amidst the idea
of the mom and dad having to be stuck

with each other with the kids at the
later ages yeah this is not a recipe for
success now
and especially when they lose I was

talking about this too when you’re
working from home not everybody knows
how to work from home
it sounds oh I get to work from home a
lot of people think it’s a cool thing
but when you do it it’s it you can’t do

it a lot of people can’t work from home
and stay safe very difficult to do I
mean I’ve been doing it now for well
full time from home what the past’s
eleven years maybe of the 13 years of

the show maybe 10 yeah and what’s great
goes like this you get up do some email
then you still got your housecoat on and
then around one o’clock you like the

first joint you’re like you know I
should probably get but I bring my
a-game every Thursday I’ve kind of

worked from home since 1985 so I’m uh
I’m pretty easy which is why we also
don’t have any virus so we don’t get out
that’s why we’re not sick it’s younger
brother a high school junior has been

most affected black face Ralph aka the
Virginia Governor canceled school for at
least two weeks yesterday because of
this my son’s my son’s SAT scheduled for
today Saturday was canceled as well he

now gets to take the classes at home as
he prepares for multiple AP tests in a
month and a half in addition to
continuing SAT prep for the test that
was canceled his class trip to New York

City was canceled he finally made
varsity soccer and that’s been delayed
at least two weeks the fact that any of
my kids could make a varsity team is a
cause for a huge celebration the kid is

17 if he gets coronavirus he’ll sniffle
twice and keep on doing what he does
yeah he has had the influenza B last
month despite the vaccine hello and this

by the way you learn about Tamiflu and
that this time is greater health impacts
on most people then the corona virus

ever will anyway I apologize for a
warrant piece but this has been such an
overreaction to what should be handled
with hand-washing and staying home a bit
we don’t recommend no sex as a

prevention of hiv/aids only safe sex
upon hiv/aids will kill people by many
orders of magnitude more than covet 90
never will
that’s a bungled yeah well no maybe has

it been bungled or is it on target
that’s the question well we’re we’re on
this fence about that will close with
Lord what fools these mortals be from

Midsummer’s Night Dream and as for Karma
for my son as he preserved preserves
prepares for his exams this donation
also allows me to become a baron ectis

Oh should be on the list
okay I will put in Dame Laura becomes a
bear anything else or yeah and I am
yours with much I and I am yours with

much appreciation Laura you’ve got karma
1415 the pie donation we have two of
those that that that that paid off big

sir Kevin McLaughlin Earl of Luna locus

North Carolina three four he’s the other
one three fourteen fifteen jingles jobs
camera glues goat karma ITM Adam and
John thank you for your courage will

this pie donate with this PI donation
I’m extremely close to becoming a Duke a
few questions for the peerage committee
I had one becoming a Duke does that mean
I get a sash if you want to go to
Michaels you can buy a sash there Yeah

right take a picture when you’re wearing
it and send it though we definitely see
you use you’re allowed to you are
allowed by the rules to create and wear
your own decorative sash ceremonial sash

or medals ribbons but you must send us a
picture of you in full gear
will there be any small-batch

limited-production night rings to
purchase in the near future don’t know
the regular ones are available my plan
is to forgo the standard ring and
purchase one I missed the boat on the

last round the beautiful it takes you
know they these are they’re made made by
Erik’s does though it’s yeah and he it
takes and he does them only like once a
year so they come and go with regards to

the additional lands I’m thinking of
claiming that I’m thinking of claiming
that given the giver of light the ever
radiant Saul if that’s applicable with

the committee us accepting it so yeah I
guess is a next donation to my greatest
to the greatest party cast University in
the moolah report sure Kevin McLaughlin
Earl of Luna yeah so he wants to go he

wants to go change Luna this all is that
what he’s thinking I’m having trouble
definition regards to the additional
lands of this is so he’s talking about
his dukedom when he gets there yeah he

wanted he want claiming the giver of
Luna now he was this the dog he wants
this if it’s a big one but you are the
peerage committee John it’ll be in it’s

a it’s a it’s in in committee oh wait I
just be one of the jobs with that jobs
jobs jobs and jobs that’s what you

there’s the luge Cartman oh it still
haven’t we got it oh yeah we got it for
you all right

first I thought that this donut next
donation was a joke I mean the name was
a joke because you always say Laura
Ingraham yes ingre ham yes this is David
Ingram actually is ingre ham $233 and so

I looked him up on the squirrel mail and
before you could even play the theme
uh-huh it popped right up so yeah and a
hundred David ingre ham Dhingra ham yes

beautiful said please attribute this
donation to anonymous do I need to set
an edit point here please attribute this

donation to my sister Kayla ingre ham in
terms of producer credits okay we got to
remember that one you might want to
write it right what’s her name Laura
Kalon just give me now Laura KY la yeah

Kayla got it
greetings Adam John in the No Agenda
producers this donation represents this

show share of my Christmas bonus yes
it’s a little late but I finally got
around to it reminds me of the gout
comes with the meet up with an envelope
with a stamp on it addressed to the no

agenda show from like months ago and he
hands me this is I have meant to put it
in the mail it’s like the check was like
sixty days old I still take that at the

bank they take I said Bank usually cuts
it off at about forty five I was gonna
say so you gotta be careful will they
even take your checks when you go cuz

you know people don’t know but John you
know he goes to the bank with a knapsack
I go to the bank with his checks with a
Polish won’t they be worried about the
dirty checks Oh Corona Corona cash

Corona cash yeah well checks I haven’t
see anything about checks but it’s only
the cash that carries Corona if you
remember that’s why they’re washing the

cash in some parts of the country
yeah where they ended was in China there
were again Emery they’re getting rid of
it so he only would use digital come on
we all know this is part of it it’s a
little late but I finally got around

yeah I have for Human Resources with
another on the way
mmm-hmm keeping his wife busy and my
wife stays home with the kids so scram
huh yeah there’s all kinds of material

here we got your set up notice grass
scribe scraping together with a donation
can be I know it can be difficult but
you are worth it you too thank you
me my wife and my sister drove from

Omaha to Des Moines to meet Adam and
Tina at the meet up and it was one of
the great highlights of my life oh
that’s so nice yeah well Tina is
exciting to me to understand we eagerly

await a visit from John to Omaha it’s in
Terry the the Corn Palace I think isn’t

nearby anyway lately you’ve been
enjoying hearing how listeners got
started with the show so I thought I’d
share my story I’m a tech I’m a tech
loving millennial

tech loving millennial named Ben dude
named Ben yes and way back in 2012 I was
watching twit previously I had heard
John talking about the show uh that he
was doing twice weekly and kept telling

myself I need to check it out as John
was the only host on twit who ever said
anything interesting hell yeah hell yeah
but I never did until John’s co-host was

on twitch and brandished not just any
gun but a judge this is a long time ago
this is nine years ago a twelve years I

immediately subscribed to no agenda and
started listening five minutes into the
first episode I stopped the show called
my sister and told her
to clear her podcast schedule we have

been listening ever since and the family
that no agendas together stays together
uh and he’s got a couple PSS here or I
have a human resource on this so please

send some new human resource karma shut
up already a science and the classic
wtc7 won’t go away so we got karma which
we got lined up shut up already at

science and wtc7 won’t go away hit it
shut up already

you’ve got karma thank you thank you
dude that was perfect I could not have
asked for a better podcast partner at
that time Landon dalan in LaSalle

Ontario to 29.99 thank you for all you
do please accept my donation of three
3.33 CAD just buy the rest to be but

this yes Landon will be an executive
producer that’s our agreement with the
dollar at Scandinavian New Zealander or
Ozzie we accept them value for value at

face value so about three hundred
dollars a dollar was where the dollar
once and it was once and you didn’t okay
you know I’ve given you more of them it

was budgeted for toilet paper for the
last I got to the store that shelves
were bare so I figured I’d forward it on
to the only two gentlemen I know that

it’s something more than Charmin ultra
soft in this time of absolute madness
please keep doing what you do and send
me and my wife some baby-making karma

mmm okay well this is the time for it
the corona baby boom single request that
sounds pretty good and Amen fist bump I

think that sounds pretty good amen fist
you’ve got karma Emily gather in Eau
Claire and she writes in ITM gents this

donation is from my husband
Jed’s 37th birthday on the 17th if he
could get some foamer would someone

think of the children and a goat
flavoured jobs karma that would be much
appreciated he also needs a healthy D
douching if you’ve been deduced would

you please call out now you get some
call out sir
alright douche bag call outside give me
your one at a time all right Joel

jj-just and lastly Emily douche bags

thanks a million for everything love and
light Emily jobs jobs and jobs let’s
vote for jobs we’ve got okay now we have

a note we probably should at least see
if we can find it this is Levi a

princess inferencing PRI NZ IMG’s kovat
oh wait I thought you’re looking for the
note you can’t just like you’re cutting

me short you said you’re gonna look for
the note I am I’m gonna go now okay
that’s right ladies and gentlemen
when we need a note there’s only one
place that we can find the email because

this is not some Microsoft Exchange this
is not my OS email no this is nothing
like it this is the one and only that
actually works and we’ll bring the mail
to the top I don’t care who you’re

talking through me because we have the
fitness the jingle because john cena
boric we’ll find the mail from this
particular donator and he finds it with
the best program in the universe we call

okay did you find it I found it right
is that the type in the name you want

too many times where the name is Mossad
I know first you guys are great says or
she I don’t know if she r he leave I I
think mail more male than female maybe a
couple of women around here first you

guys are great I wish I give more often
next covet nineteen panic seems to have
hit Minnesota
I work as a maintenance yes guy dude
named Ben okay this is definitely a male

for a retirement community and bay area
I wouldn’t say that necessarily in every
time we came in and today we moved to
basically a lockdown status the
retirement community yeah they trying to

and and that that’s where you wanted
lockdown in the retirement community is
exactly that is where you want to be
careful and the regard flew to just be
careful there of course clean out your

boring water people yes please use it in
your spaghetti sauce it’s delicious and
to get today we just move basically a

lockdown situation unless it is the end
of life or emergency situations we are
not letting anyone other than employees
and some contractors if they are
screened onto the campus also in the

community you can barely buy toilet
hand sanitizer or any or any basic
people what is this we have a name we

have to have a name for these toilet
paper hoarders this we got to give him a
name so they can be identified so we can
put a little sticker on them they can
have a sticker on their head you’re a

toilet paper hoard any basic PPE
anywhere what’s PPE P personal personal
protection equipment personal yeah I
don’t know yes for personal protective

equipment masks goggles gloves he says
he says it sucks within the hospitals
and care centers you can’t get the
equipment they need to keep residents

and patients safe because
a bunch of morons make runs on suppliers
so we can’t do our jobs yeah I got it I
got it I got it I got it

toilet Preppers toilet Preppers I think
that’s pretty good one
well if nothing else is a show title for
sure toilet Preppers toilet prep damn

toilet Preppers okay
deposit them I’m kind of uh I kind of
buzz at the moment didn’t stock up on

the TP but got a few cases of wine
because I’m locked in my house with five
kids three teens and two toddlers for
who knows how long since they make

canceled public school – they will other
districts have already done so sorry for
a long note love you guys keep the great

no jingles or anything or like forgot
the jingles prepared prepared on the No
Agenda show onward

Sophia Pena Sophia Penn delay in San
Jose California you’re the only source

of news I trust thank you for doing what
you do if possible asking for a health
car of course we have that for you Sofia
thank you for your courage
you’ve got karma baba seguida he wrote a
note I don’t have it in front of me it

was a note saying that he sent some
money in I will read see if there’s
another note because I asked and you
want me to say something on the show
mm-hmm and I haven’t heard back or maybe
I have and if I have I’ll put it on the

second half of the show Bob otherwise
you’re good for 200 Justin Monroe in
marionette Wisconsin Justin Monroe
surprised he doesn’t know no it’s a

surprise because this is not really from
him Oh in the morning justice is from
his he
his wife Amanda Monroe oh oh oh surprise
like more of these in the morning gents

the enclosed donation is to be credited
towards my husband Justin I felt that
making him a producer for an episode of

the best podcast in the universe would
be an awesome birthday surprise
he turns 34 on three twelve which two
days ago he’d be on delenn he’s on the
list thank you for that is and by the

way awesome awesome birthday surprise
yes we don’t use that word lightly No
thank you for your courage and the
awesome show twice a week Wow karma and

dealer’s choice for jingles dealer’s
choice I mean what do we give for a
birthday boy no I would think well I
guess what we were missing in this all

these selections and nobody asked for a
sharpton for the first time in months
hmm well then we should do a classic
sharpton teleprompter I feel and let’s

do a let’s do a teleprompter anything
that was Anna karma and the birdies on
the birthday list yes of course crown
all day two we are watching that was

upturned II General Eric Holder a
biddies about some Republicans are
already beating the drums of war

today the pentagon refuted that claim
and he said the American people do not
want him to quote briteling he did not
want him to twiddling his thumb you can

get a gig as a clock contortionist
intravenous fluids and pills coated or
with galette Gillette Lee we don’t leave
our women or women women on

men in uniform behind the monument to
the Eucharist of Dick Cheney
representative role our Labrador years
of a brute of abuse I personally

apologized to mr. peepers just as soon
to be former Congress with Democrats are
outright GD C counter tourism
counterterrorism center Veteran Affairs

Secretary and steady why do I always
mess up the name Shinseki I love my
critics laughs for that

oh dear God please please spare the
Reverend Al in this horrible coronavirus
we need him you’ve got karma he is the
gift that keeps on giving do not let him
do not let him go down

there’ll be our last associate executive
producer for short 1225 yes before we
before I thank everybody a sad note I
got late just before the show this

morning in the morning crackpot this
message is with the heaviest of hearts
an hour ago my dad bill aka babo passed
peacefully as I held his hand after a

massive inoperable stroke he was so kind
and gentle I can’t overstate how
influential he was in helping me become
the man I am today he will be missed by
so many people

totaled a wrecker no agenda is like no
is an extended family to me and it truly
gives me comfort that any producer would
sympathize with such a loss thank you
for the properly sized amygdala it helps
more than I can express love and light

dad rest in peace barren sword eh
Baroness Dame bangbang lady Simona
Simona Sir Andrew and sir Emmet and we
certainly share in their in their loss
for today and thank you all for

supporting the show our executive
producers and associate executive
producers it is a privilege to be
working with you on this great
production we call the No Agenda show

and we’d love to see more help for our
next episode which will be on Thursday
go to this website Dvorak dot org slash
a-and you can now safely roam the
streets knowing that you’re not gonna

die our formula is this we go out or hit
people in the mouth

and just a general karma therefore the
slammer family’s dad with a go with the
go you’ve got we all love a goat hey I

got a viewing tip since ok if you’re

stuck inside and you want something to
watch we just finished it last night on
Netflix cheer this is about a small town
in Texas Corsicana Texas who has the

award-winning cheerleading squad and
it’s a five-part or six-part documentary
it is really interesting to watch it
sounds good

like it is it’s all these kids who come
from broken homes I mean the really
messed up situations just dropped off
and live in this trailer I’ll be back
next month that kind of deal and they go
and yeah it’s really really is there is

that ah it’s and and there and there’s
such a fleet very feel-good pretty good
a feel-good type of series and I think

you’ll enjoy it it’s and also just the
athleticism is you know now that hey
what else you gonna watch this no sports
on TV might as well watch cheerleading

while they’re showing nothing they’re
showing old games it’s pathetic it’s
almost sad yeah cuz they got all these
games the basketball college basketball
games are showing old games NBA old

games you know old playoffs oh can you
man can you imagine the hit to the
advertising business the TV advertising
business I’ve done imaginable and not to
mention the empty stadiums and all the

rest of it yeah it’s just pathetic
yeah that’s why April 6 we’re done with
this shit April 6 we open-to-buy
I’m not arguing the point yet you
haven’t you haven’t been proven wrong

yet well no on April 7th I’ll be the
first amend it because somebody’s gonna
tell you meanwhile of course what we did

miss or you may have missed I don’t know
who missed it because the
they’ve decided to put all television
production on hiatus oh yes but they had
to get mayor Pete on the Jimmy Kimmel

show oh oh he’s hosting it you missed
this oh gee John I forgot to watch some
lame-ass show oh I didn’t miss it I want

you know I watch David Spade on repeat
so unfortunately because I would like to
have seen mayor Pete in front of an

audience instead of in front of an empty
auditorium with a bunch of his friends
there wait a minute so what’s chemo off
he just wasn’t more Kimmel Kim was doing
a pilot for the Who Wants to Be a

Millionaire or some new show which made
Regis Philbin a millionaire yeah and so
the kimmells got Dan and so he had to
take the debt night off but they could
have just killed the showrunner rerun

but now somebody came with the bright
idea cuz they’re a bunch of Democrats
this is CBS ABC OH
maybe soon ABC is them somebody went
back and forth with somebody on this

about you know we know who’s you know
NBC comcast is a bunch of damage
basically affront for the Democrat Party
CBS is the CIA
ABC News ABC is the big mystery it’s a

Disney who knows what they’re up to not
be ia that could be Russians for all we
know and it is and it’s got a sum of gay
undertones throughout the ABC Disney

empire and which makes nothing but sense
of you things that they brought mayor
Pete on like so you could talk about his
husband being in the audience of 10 by
the way the audience made a lot of noise

so I have three clips oh wow
mayor Pete must have killed it they’re
short okay now the one is Melissa here’s
how he opens on the show and he that’s

have just as you didn’t see I wish I had
seen it because to just analyze how I
think he was you know he had that dumb
smile on his face the whole time I
thought he was I didn’t think he was

very good and he had professional joke
writers and but the
with if you’re gonna be a host on one of
these shows you got more writing team
maybe of six maybe ten people sometimes

they’ve had more sometimes it had less
but the key to success is not the
writing team it’s you and the writers
they come up with all these pitches and
you’re the host whoever you are and

you’re you have some come comedic chops
for sure sure it’s a it’s a big gig it’s
not a small little thing I would be very
nervous about doing that yeah and he had

well he was he wasn’t nervous at scene
but his selection of material which is
was his choice was piss-poor
and and then he had as his guest I don’t

have any of those clips I just have this
opening he had Picard Patrick Stewart on
and they basically creamed in his pants
because he’s a huge Star Trek fan mainly

of the next generation series because
he’s not old enough to be a fan of the
original series and and so he did
everything but talk about Pete he did
all the talking he was just enamored

with the story and he did everything but
discuss his collection of the action
figures was weight weights and now I
know why you caught the show you were
tuning in for Picard weren’t you oh yeah

I got you
I really disliked Patrick Stewart but
okay let’s play mayor Pete is opening my
name is Pete but a judge and I am

running to be the next host of Jimmy
Kimmel Live
now this is a strange night for us not
only because this is my first time

hosting a talk show because we are doing
it without a regular studio audience due
to public health concerns over the
coronavirus we have canceled the studio
audience tonight but a few kind Kimmel
staffers and some friends my husband

Chaston all here instead everyone is
spread apart at the CDC recommended
distance this was not our plan we just

decided this a few hours ago and it’s
disappointing because as you all know I
love to crowd-surf it’s kind of my thing
but the experts have told us the best

way to prevent the spread of the virus
is for us to physically stay apart so
that’s what we’re going to do the only
way we’re going to get through this
crisis is with unity so let’s do this
together who’s winning

full disclosure none of those people are
but when you don’t have a real audience

you have to fake one
just like Trump’s inauguration Oh Pete
that was yeah that was pretty bad it’s

pretty bad took him that length of that
clip to get his first first joke first
joke yeah now I would like to hire in
the talking about you talk about the Joe

Biden sound I would like to hire the guy
who mic this audience because the
audience is Privia probably around 25 35
people maybe and it’s so well miked
except for that second part which was

sweetened because he showed another
audience but the audience that he has
there is so well mic it actually sounds
like a crowd it doesn’t sound bad but
also the audience is super enthused of

course its staff well they’re jacked
yeah they’re super jacked and the and
there was a goat in there too I heard so
well miked don’t be screaming I think
that’s Chaston or whatever so this is

the clip – this is terrible now last
night President Trump addressed the
nation regarding the corona virus
pandemic and he had this message for the
American people if we are vigilant and

we can reduce the chance of infection
which we will we will significantly
impede the transmission of the virus the
rut the virus will not have a chance

against us I agree that this virus is no
match for the American people but for us
to get through this we have to take
immediate action now there is a bill

right now in Congress that would provide
free coronavirus testing for everyone
who needs it paid emergency leave and
unemployment insurance for workers who
are laid off because of the economic

shock so for the good of every worker
every family every community that will
be hurting we need Congress to get that
so where was the joke was no Joe joke

hey proselytize he does that well yeah I
want to ask you a question about that
how does unemployment insurance work do

you have to have it before you can claim
what’s insurance right because they’re
talking about unemployment insurance
yeah so you have to have unemployment

insurance yes you have to put into a
fund what are they talking about them
with more on talking about I think
you’re talking about extent making it I

don’t know okay the Democrats love to
throw out the word unemployment
insurance I didn’t know it was but it
means if you don’t have unemployment
insurance you can’t run out and get it
now and say it’ll be better that’s not

clear to me either the rest of the bill
I understand but not the unemployment
nevermind I’m sorry hey Pete great joke
hahaha what’s next okay that I do the

third clip is now he’s into the material
no he is gonna deliver three jokes
obviously written by this three yeah
bang bang bang and this is about it and

it just it’s just from this at the end
of this is then it goes downhill and it
goes into Patrick Stewart where he’s
going and the rest of it is just this I
didn’t find it that interesting overall

but here we go a lot of folks are
wondering how I ended up getting booked
to host this show and all I can say is
that Iowa caucus app really screwed
everything else Jimmy asked me to fill
in because right now he is off taping

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire which is a
game show that Michael Bloomberg 156
thousand times interrupts
now some people have been skeptical
about me hosting a show like this

they’re like you’re too inexperienced
you’ll never be a good late-night host
well a lot of people said I’d never get
elected president and I showed them I
wasn’t too bad I chuckle Dover though

his timing is rough he’s not claiming
their timings off but there was some
good lines I don’t dislike the guy it’s
just it’s it’s it’s so weird seeing him

do that it’s almost as weird as seeing
Andrew yang being a you know a talking
head on CNN you know the guy who could
do this I think I was gonna start

looking at politicians I think that
Rubio should be given a good guest host
because Rubio actually has comic timing
and and I say that because when he tried
doing it which is ruined his campaign

when he was up against trumpet yes I
remember him try and he would try really
hard actually to the he’s a small hands
gag pretty good the small hands gag

stuck yeah and his timing was impeccable
I thought he did such a good job that it

was so much like an actual comic and he
used to be a performer if you remember
in the sequence it was a definitely some
sort of a stage dancers with this no I

don’t remember this don’t look it up
Marco he had sequins he had he was like
some sort of AG like in a gay clubs I
don’t know but it was out there to the

point where he’s got enough show but he
has show business experience and he does
know long here he is Marco Rubio was an
active member of the South Miami high

school dance troupe an all-male hybrid
of the Village People and Chippendales
where he and other studly bros flopped
around on stage and flaunted their
tanned rippin rippling meet torsos in

this so I’m putting that in the show
I’m not saying that he’s like you know a
professional stand-up comic but he’s
he’s very sure this job but he had

enough that he could deliver a line a
lot better than Pete and I think that he
should be given a shot cuz I think he’d

be really good in fact I think he was so
good at doing it when he was trying to
be funny because when use there was his
only hope against Trump because he was
killing everybody in the debates and he
went out on the rodent and delivered

some material including the small hands
gag and some other things that were so
well done it put people off right and I
can understand that it’s like it was a
little too well done and so he lost his

credibility as a serious person I can
see him as actually he has kind of the
dancer physique now that I think about
it may be a little on the short side but
he’s he’s got the right build huh he

should be on Dancing with the Stars
that’s how we’ll get it started but he’s
you know he’s gonna do what he does
it’s a good gig right so I think he’s in

charge of bringing the pharmaceutical
manufacturing back it hasn’t Trump put
him in charge of that I don’t know I
think so anyway so that was mayor Pete
well done felt something of a

disappointment a valiant try and I
wonder how the ratings were Oh what are
you saying it probably bad well maybe
not because maybe people at home a lot

of people tuned in because they were
curious I was watching the cheerleading
stuff on Netflix believe me if I had a
choice in fact I made that choice the
opening bump was probably good so the

the monkey comes out of the sleeve on
the the union worker that got into a
verbal assault with the Joe Biden yeah
yeah the guy’s an NRA guy yeah and

here’s his I just pulled a minute from
it of his a response clip on an ad the
NRA YouTube channel that Joe Biden tried
to intimidate

they are 14 so what the old diamond
wants to take my a are 14 let’s just not
tell him what it really
I got this the day after I talked to Joe

I’m sure that’s not the result he was
going for my name is Jerry Wayne and all
I wanted to do is that’s a presidential
candidate a question I didn’t intend to

start a fight all I did was ask Joe how
he was going to win over the Union vote
but he’s playing not coming after our
guns with fatal roar I watched a video
where he wanted to make assault weapons

or America’s most popular rifle illegal
so I asked him about it instead of
answering me honestly he acted like he
never said it at all it just goes on and
on it’s like a seven minute thing like

really NRA is that all you have time for
is to go push around old men and
embarrass them that’s what it was that’s
true elder abuse of the old man they got
the NRA guy in there now I’m not saying

I disagree with what what the overall
discussion was about but you’re gonna do
that and then play it up and I find it
rude I really do it’s just sad well it
was but this is what the other set up

guys this is that this is Project
Veritas era I mean if anything you gotta
be worried about this stuff NRA this is
what it is and the köppen 19th pandemic
could lead to a ban on guns and alcohol

in one annoyed town champions mayor
signing an executive order declaring a
coronavirus emergency it includes
ordinances that allow her to ban the
sale of firearms and booze spokesman for

the city says they might not be
implemented but are in place to protect
the welfare and safety of our community
there are currently no cases of
coronavirus in Champaign Illinois and

are your headlights okay I’m gonna give
you a clip of the week for that oh well
thank you very much the clip of the day
clip of the day I’ll take it this is the

kind of a-holes these little towns have
running them mm-hmm yeah
that’s exactly it and that’s the stuff

that’s kind of danger you have a minute
and I shouldn’t say little towns you’ve
got one running the big town of Austin
that’s not a minor little burg yeah they
haven’t tried that on us though I’m

gonna try that little ditty bah they
didn’t have the idea yet got a ban guns
cuz the cove in 19 did you hear about
Andrew Gilliam I did but I’m trying to
figure out what I heard cuz I just

remember it I’ve died – Andrew Gilliam
ran against Ronda Santas for governor of
alright 20s he got caught in a gay tryst
well nowhere hasn’t been reported that

it was a gay tryst what was reported is
that the I’m sorry James Woods reported
that it was a gay tryst well I do trust

James Woods over many mainstream sources
and that may be totally true but there
were two other men in a hotel room
emergency services were called one was

OD’ing his heart he was having heart
trouble Gilliam apparently was too
intoxicated or inebriated to even speak
with police and was puking in the

bathroom and there were three three bags
of methamphetamine and some story about
yeah I mean I went to a wedding and
drank too much then the other guy says I
don’t know about no wedding gay escort

it’s it’s kind of what a sad sad thing
to have happen yeah he almost was made
of governor of Florida

governor fly like five votes he lost
does he have a gig does he have any
other gig is he doing anything I don’t
have any idea probably is probably part
of the Gans

what should make nothing but sense let’s
do this let’s take a quick look what is
he doing he’s got to be doing something
I forgot about that story it’s a great

story let me see it is a great story but
it’s a little it’s a little lewd it’s
tawdry it’s a tawdry story and I’ve been
avoiding these it’s a tawdry tale tawdry
tale and when you and you bring in my

bouquet I’ll talk about him you know but
with the embellishments but still which
is a honey smells like Gilliam is really
weird knowing GI l l am i L it is that
simple that was an eye in there now into

G I ll um G Andrew Gilliam Gilligan that
trolls do you know what he’s doing is it
political commentator well that’s right
you should be on CNN yeah I should be

with with the other method I what’s the
guy with the weather dildo in his boot
and the rope around his neck and the
meth in his pocket oh come on it was
Richard rich yeah that guy

oh my surely we have a clip of that guy
I haven’t seen him for a year well he’s
not he’s on CNN International Richard a
dick quest quest is his name quest how

come I was surely we have this quest
clip it’s the funniest thing ever
we was caught in was it one of the parks
in New York yeah something like that
some weird stuff man I don’t have that

anymore I wish I had it that Gilliam had
a wiki page he does not finding it good
yes even his profiles you got Twitter

and Andrew Gilliam yeah gee I ll um yeah
yeah so he’s probably a CNN guy now
perfect yeah makes sense
sad though sad man that’s shitty I think

you have to have these credentials to be
on CNN
this is exactly right let me see what do
they have oh oh oh yes oh my goodness

this was such a beautiful conversation
we know that the view is completely
scripted and this is one of the heaviest

scripted shows in television and if you
haven’t seen the morning show on Apple
Plus the Jennifer Aniston
Reese Witherspoon project which is kind

of a me to type of series whatsit I’m
gonna talk about that for one second
before you go on this show the morning

show I should well I’m gonna just
because it’s recommended by the two of
us but it’s there’s a warning I have to
put out there it is it’s such an inside
baseball showbiz type show that most
people don’t like it my son doesn’t like

it for example he thinks is stupid all
right I think people who listen to us
and how we critique the media and how we
talk about what goes on behind the
scenes I think that will help a little

but it’s very scripted and mind you
fresh news from the view crew is that
Joy Behar is going to take some time off
from the show to social distance herself
I think it’s more mental distancing but

she’s going to distance herself from the
view but she’s here with with the full
crew and Whoopi’s on here and they’re
discussing possible VP picks for Joe

Biden again this is a completely
scripted show so when they get into it
you should not be surprised that that’s
where the conversation went Joe Biden

looks more and more like the Democratic
nominee there’s a lot of speculation
over who he’ll pick as his vice
president Stacey Abrams Carla Harris Amy
Klobuchar have been mentioned don’t know

what do you think there’s a who with it
there’s a smorgasbord of people to pick
from there Liz there’s it’s not like
he’s gonna have a like a low amount of

people to choose from it’s gonna be huge
it’s a lot of capable interesting
candidate yeah you should pick a woman
chayo yes absolutely white but were
Latino or black woman either one I think

would work but it has to be a woman I
agree I mean I think he does really well
with african-american voters of course
you know although people are talking
about Stacey Abrams and and Kamala
Harris but when you talk about a woman I

mean there’s been so much research done
I know there was a woman out of
Georgetown that did some research that
when you have women legislators they
propose more bills they propose more
policy changes they just get the work
done and so I think that would be really

helpful to his ticket I do but the
person that he actually should know it’s
your fear no no no a man or a woman it’s

a woman a woman Michelle not Michelle
it’s you bigger than a breadbox yes who
really is qualified to do it mm-hmm and

he cannot pick Herman Hillary Clinton Oh
Hillary Clinton yeah I’m just saying
because in terms of ratifications she
she is she would be brilliant yeah

because of all of the the backlash
tonight was it you or you who told me I
should watch the Hillary talk I just
finished watching it is particular

realize it was intense it goes to show
you not only her qualifications but who
she really is and how she has been so

misread by so many people and so
misjudged and really just sort of you
know the sins of her husband have just
been imputed to her is the fact that she
did not conform you know what I forgot

about was the beginning of their tenure
in Arkansas yes when she was sort of
working side by side with him and they
were like well you know you’re not
supposed to be doing that right you

suspect if you need to get into corner
now she’s like I’ve never
been in the corner yeah you can’t put
baby in the corner so again this is a
scripted show this was not good

coincidence you really think they could
not remember who would be the the ideal
vice presidential pick in a seven-minute
segments they don’t let the women at the

view freewheel it’s and then they were
also a promotion of the who produced
that movie was it anything to a Disney
ABC Hulu yeah I’ll bet you ABC ma owns
most of Hulu they own a piece of it yes

so it’s it’s an obvious ABC promotion
but is more than that he in March 2019
Disney acquired 21st Century Fox giving

it a 60% majority stake in Hulu and then
AT&T sold back its 10 PS so it’s
basically an ABC product for the most
part Hulu and they went on to and

exactly the way I expected that
documentary to be although I haven’t
seen all four episodes is exactly what
you’d expect this like it is a hold on a

second you’re going on on how about this
about this documentary before you saw a
couple of the episodes and then you
bailed so you could watch the
cheerleader thing yes which is telling

us a lot about the fact that this
documentary probably is grading there’s
time for show prep and pain and there’s

a time to sit with my wife and enjoy
looking at children jumping around I
love Jerry all right

yes I will complete my viewing task I
will but this is a set up I was hoping
that you’d already finished it so I

don’t even have to think about the
possibility of watch it’ll be done by
favors literally don’t want to watch
it’ll be done by Thursday you don’t you
don’t actually you’re correct
you don’t want to watch it you don’t

I’m watching Curb Your Enthusiasm Oh
aren’t you up to speed on show up to
date just the latest one looked like it

didn’t look that promising it’s there’s
some very good very good episodes in
there no I know that all of them have
been outstanding and they’re standalone
they seem to be actually be written

there seems to be a thought behind it
besides just I had living a bunch of
lines but episode 8 starts off it seems
very disc and discombobulated and I’m
not I’m getting disappointed in the lack

of the art the art of creation that
they’re doing and I did watch nineteen
seventeen I’d recommend that if you want
to watch movies yeah I do want to watch

that I want it’s a it’s very it’s in
crits a good movie I think is definitely
the movie of the year because of because
of one thing and one thing only it’s
movie making art parasite which one the

best picture is not even an American
film is Korean mm-hmm there’s some I
don’t know what they’re thinking is
really it’s a it’s a good story but it’s
at some point it just becomes like a

one-trick pony story it’s just kind of a
fractal of itself yeah and it’s not the
great movie that 1917 is or even Once
Upon a Time in Hollywood which I really

enjoyed a lot of people didn’t like but
they don’t like Tarantino
anyway I don’t know we’re doing movie
reviews I have some some clips that we
need to get to okay
catching up with the locusts ah yes the

only show that stays on the beat of the
locust no one else knows what the hell
is going on but you’re no agenda show
and all of the associated producers now

I have two different I have three clips
but two of them are if they’re from
different stores I got the ITV locus
report which is actually kind of old and
then CNN did a report one with one of
its hosts I’ve never seen before

and overnight it’s very minor report but
let’s listen to the look because it
introduces the CNN introduces what I’ve
been waiting for which is the locusts
are part of global warming and it’s all

because of global warming and there’s
these locusts even though both of these
reports talk about locusts and Biblical
times but okay we’ll skip the biblical
part and it’s all about global warming

here’s locusts ITV they’re so
frightening they’re mentioned in the
scriptures as divine punishment locusts
have been harbingers of doom from time

immemorial notorious they may be but
this is exceptional it’s 70 years since
Kenya witnessed these sights and Sun a
proliferation that began in Saudi

Arabia’s empty quarter no stretches
3,500 miles from there across much of
East Africa these desert locusts are
among the world’s great survivors

normally they live in the hottest driest
places on earth but their hardiness
stands them in good stead when the going
gets good and in perfect conditions like
these they prosper and their numbers

simply explode rain is the reason a
series of cyclones coming off the Indian
Ocean have kept this region on
seasonably lush crops and pastures used

by livestock have been devoured by
ravenous swarms each and every one of
them can eat its own bodyweight each and
every day mama Torito is a farmer and a

mother and three weeks ago she watched
locusts eat the flowers on her mango
trees no flowers she fears she has lost
half of this year’s harvest she told me

she depended on selling her mangos to
clothe her two children and to pay for
their schooling the same swarm consumed

all the sweet potato plants that Gladys
l’amore was cultivating here by me she
said they tried to scare the locusts

away but that for two days they kept on
coming back I have a little issue with
the with this report
it’s the production value is completely

wrong I mean we need this is what you
need I’ll prepared for the next show
I’ll get some locust swarm you want to

swarm I’m with this so I’d the best
report actually came and I don’t have a
clip of it because it was here it is
good clip of it was because it was pat

robertson on the christian broadcasting
network he had a root because of course
is biblical if you think about yes of
course but the problem is pat so old now
that he’s doing it back and forth with
the correspondent and it’s just pouring

listen to full i’m sure but they did
give a clearer understanding of what
happened what happened was there was a
in the yemen deserts and south saudi
arabia that area of the peninsula they

had an inordinate amount of rain in 2018
and then i guess and then because of the
conditions the rain get these locusts

all jacked up to started hatching and
then a series of tornadoes hit the
Cyclones hit the peninsula and lifted
these these critters up to the air blew

him into pakistan and into africa huh
and they landed there and then they
reproduced another cycle and i think
they’re on their third cycle and they’re

in areas where they probably shouldn’t
be and some of them even got as far as
china and besides the fact that when
they’re in flight they can go 100 miles
a day these these critters and so it’s
becoming a nightmare and the global

warming angle is the oil it would’ve
happened if it wasn’t for the cyclone of
course yeah and we’re gonna hear that
now by listening to the CNN

here’s clip one from CNN for three
months now swarms of desert lurkers have
been eating their way through east
africa here in cages like appear county
bang utensils to try and ward off an

increasing menace to their livelihoods
all to no avail
the locals keep coming a voracious
appetite means these lurkers eat the
equivalent of their own bodyweight in a
single day damn and they move with speed

on the change in winds as far as a
hundred and fifty kilometers almost a
hundred miles a day beans maize pasture
for animals nothing stands a chance
raising fears over food security as the

farmlands are decimated and they keep
breeding laying their eggs in the earth
in pastoral and agricultural lands
across this Africa locust swarms of

biblical proportions have been
threatening life and grazing land and
eating all the people’s crops here you
can see these hoppers are the new
generation that will pose a bigger

threat to agriculture in Kenya this is
now in full swing
if this forms are stopped the UN says
they can multiply as much as 500 times

by June
so the Korean government and UN agencies
are fighting back with pesticides in
northeastern Kenya villagers tell us

they’re seeing billions of newly hatched
locust how did this happen
after years of drought – cyclones hit
East Africa in as many years
these farmers change influence phenomena

replenish pastureland and filled the
rivers but the heavy rains made the wet
earth ideal breeding ground for Lucas
the situation is really it’s disparate
but not hopeless we we intend to control

it maybe in two or three months despite
the challenges they’ve killed as many as
17 swarms in a day a medium-sized swarm

being 30 to 40 million insects on the
frontline of the locust invasion like 47
year-old herder Sameera quoi future is
full of doubts yeah and again this is

this is not produced in an exciting you
know lead story kind of way it’s not a
lead story they’re gonna talk about

coronavirus and Trump I know but even
I’m falling asleep at the locust wheel
well here’s the last of it then you
won’t have to wait long this is the kind
of the back-and-forth where they bring

in the global warming aspect of it all
damn is joining we now live to talk more
about it it’s so sad that how this
locust epidemic is hurting people and
can have a real threat as we’ve said to

millions without a doubt Natalie and the
link to climate change is clear laughing
about it let’s go back to that that was

good you have my attention again the
link to climate change is clear let’s do
it without a doubt Natalie and the link
to climate change is clear if I can

maybe I can just say what it is at least
on my mind this is terrifying this is
one of the most horrific things that I
can imagine
but I can only imagine what it’s like to

be on the ground to see your crops your
agriculture is decimated by these swarms
these infestations of flying locusts I
mean how do we get to this point right
well think about what climate change

does I have an increase in global
temperatures that supercharges storms
like cyclones that occurred in 2018 off
the Arabian Peninsula and then you take
climate change that tips the scales that

allows for these large-scale planetary
circulations to favour these swarms of
locusts and unfortunately we might want
to get used to these flying pests

because if the science holds it looks as
if they’ll become greater in numbers and
become more frequent as well climate
change is real wow man I just love how
this reporter actually says it’s

obviously climate change ha ha on my
mind that’s worth plating again that
little bit that was very interesting
here without a doubt Natalie and the
link to climate change is clear if I can

maybe I can just say what it is at least
on my mind this is terrifying this is
one of the most horrific things that
this is top-top not journalism hey man
its climate change at least in my mind

it’s real it was terrifying
blowme CNN
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now there was a says something that came
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good on the new on there you understand
it so i’m gonna read this no john asked
you that’s me to give Rene DuPont now
Dame chard chard Ronay of the lil ah new
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inconvenienced as he described but I
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place well I think black Dame is is that
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Bobbo segue to did send an email in by
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laying that before the peerage committee
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you know it is the 15th of March the
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he wanted the the Bob Dylan title
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not make it out to the meetup they I saw
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just meet up with our big gloves and an
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thank you for your courage this is Bill
Cameron at the Charlotte Meetup
six of us showed up we’re having a great

time I do feel a little queasy because
everyone shook my hand but we’ll see in
the morning from sir Kevin Dill’s Vai
counter Charlotte thank you for your
courage in the morning John and Adam

this is sir hey mousse we’ve definitely
flex in the corona resistance model here
and with our small amygdalas in the
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we’re all gonna die today bend whip
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among us with small amygdalas thank you
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kovat in the morning the cover
this is future sir boiled peanuts Thanks
in the morning I like these reports and
do you hear how people sound like

they’re having fun
let’s go to Denver George Plato
reporting to you from local 52
apparently they have the the Joe Biden

crew is a deadly everybody got the audio
for the difficulty of reporting to you
from local 5280 here in Denver hello I’m
Tom out of a John in the morning hello

John this is mark mezack thank you for
your courage sir maniac of Colorado says
in the morning this is our producer
Mountain Jay thank you for your courage
it’s a SAM from Denver this is Jeff I’m

the vine of utopia in the morning this
is Rob trains good plains bad I love
this show Mississippi this is the rocket

ranch this was a this was it called
rocket yeah the rocket ranch meet up
there’s a place where the Rockets are
launched or were launched and they had a
meet up of course in the mornin and this

is sir rocket man Baron of the bay kg
5zf a black six John Horner we are here
at the Mississippi rocket I mean when
you hear this we’re not a cult okay five

ACC black six rocket man Baird of the
bay kg 5zf a black six John Horner we

are here at rocket ranch meetup we just
got done taking a tour of the test
facility I’m gonna pass this around to
the other knights and producers in

attendance in the morning Scott on the
newly knighted in the morning this is
Sir Foreman thank you for your courage
in the morning this is a douchebag
jacques de lisle

and now back to John alright we’re gonna
get the douchebag to maybe send another
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everybody thank you all for your courage
no thank you for your courage

yeah we’re a tribe actually I shouldn’t
say cult we are a total tribe a quick
rundown of meetups that are taking place
today and tomorrow brand-new one for
today a last-minute meet up meet and

greet this is Malta Wow if you’re still
up in Malta la-la-la-la Tartine at the
most a dome next to st. Mary’s pharmacy

Stewart organizing I don’t know if this
came in on time but it certainly is on
No Agenda meetups comm Malta yeah we are
bad we are global Naza tonight in Vegas

another last-minute Meetup I think
people are doing last-minute meetups
because they have an urge to be with
sane people not toilet Preppers so I
understand this last-minute meetup stuff

I really do and I think that’s good
atomic liquors is where this will be
held look for the girl in a jeans jacket
and white sneaker she’s in town for a
work trip wink-wink nudge-nudge say no

katherine is organizing in Vegas tonight
at 6 o’clock Monday night then meet up
at CSEA see I don’t think this can be
continued this this meetup seems like it

might be off this is on the Royal
Caribbean Oasis of the Seas 2 p.m.
tomorrow I have a feeling this may not
happen I thought everything was canceled
but you never know so keep an eye on No

Agenda meetups calm if it doesn’t need
happen the oasis of the sea will be
available for you to meet up in the
schooner bar
Dec 6 on day 2 March 16th Dame meow
dicin and douchebag dave well they are

legit sisters two of them there yeah
that’d be two and then just coming up
and see the 21st of not having anything
this this week I don’t think the 21st

San Diego western New York Springfield
Missouri Dallas Eastern North Carolina
and LAX the 22nd Philly local 76 the
28th Rochester New York and they just

continue go to no agenda meetups calm
for more information if you want to know
about a meet-up that you’d like to
attend you can get all the details there
it’s free it’s a great service part of
our value for value network

and if there’s nothing there that you
like all you have to do is start one
yourself no agenda meetups they are like
a Potter
Judith the way me check it out

you wouldn’t be
it’s like a party

so I do have a one last sequence of
clips to share regarding the Green Deal
not the green new deal but the green

deal in the European Union and the Green
Deal is better known as the European
Union climate law this is the purported

to be 250 billion euro boondoggle led by
my friend from steam amounts I say my

friend because I met him on a previous
radio show he used to accompany the
queen of the Netherlands to all the
Bilderberg meetings he is a sales guy

he’s actually I think he’s only one or
two years older than I am is 56 or 57
but he looks he looks 65 with his damn
beard he’s let grow so I have a lot of
respect for this guy not for what he’s

doing but I really like him I like Lee
operates you know when I called him out
as a Bilderberger he went wink-wink
nudge-nudge it’s important you keep
tracking that so maybe he wants to kill
me but I’m following him and I’d like to

do a little just a little overview of
what the the European Union climate law
is it was introduced by the brand-new
leader of the European Union von der

Leyen she is the head of Starfleet
Command and here she is I am pleased to
tell you that the Commission has just
adopted our proposal for the first-ever
European climate law this proposal sets

in stone
our objective to be climate neutral in
and 2050 is no longer impossible distant
to imagine and my children will be a bit

younger than I am now when we have 2050
so as I have a glimpse of the possible
environment they will likely experience

well this glimpse is pretty sobering if
we don’t act now
the science is very clear climate is
part of the natural work world that
sustains us and this natural world is

severely endangered it is high time to
act this climate law is part of the
European contribution to this action it
will be our compass for the next 30

guide us every step on the way as we
build a sustainable new growth model so
very important what she says at the end

there now I just want to play that again
so people can hear exactly what she said
at the very end she says this is
important for the European Union why it
will be our compass for the next 30

years and it will guide us every step on
the way as we build a sustainable new
growth model it’s a new growth model
exactly so we’re just going to replace

things with new things so replace the
old gasoline cars with battery calls
cars doesn’t matter if it saves the
environment it’s a new growth model and
I like her ths for a for a European

she’s her growth came out pretty good
usually it sounds what a gross gross
motile yeah she used the F yes she’s got
it for my rough model now what you

noticed perhaps is that she spoke of
2050 this is not exactly in line with
the existential crisis that is going to
kill us by 2030 which is what Greta

Greta has been calling for luckily when
France team amounts Bilderberger
globalist extraordinaire and green deals

are of the European Union came in to
present his case he made sure to let
everybody know Greta
was a part of this we were inspired by
grassroots movements as you know this
morning a presence on the line had

invited get a tumor to assist at the
beginning of the college meeting and to
share have you with us and as I said to
her this morning I’m sure that without
the movement she has inspired and is

leading probably today we would not have
a great deal and probably today I would
not be talking about something that is
quite unique and quite forward-looking
this climate law I’ve listened carefully

to Gretta and the message I take away
from her words is this planet doesn’t
belong to those in power for the
generations in power it belongs to the

whole of humanity and I feel a strong
responsibility I have kids in her
generation I’m fortunate enough to have
kids in the Millennial Generation and in

a generation see and I feel strong
responsibility that together with them
we should make sure we make a success of
European climate neutrality by 2050 so
they’re going to complete climate

neutrality by 2050 what they don’t have
read the law it’s it’s hundreds of pages
interestingly there’s no numbers so they
well actually before before we explain

the numbers he had a completely honest
moment about climate change if you
believe in climate change in all this
yeah he just I like this guy for this
very reason listen to this and I as I

could repeat time and time again when
people are saying this is about saving
the planet no it’s not the planet can
take care of itself and if we’re too

much of a nuisance to plan that will get
rid of us like the planet got rid of
other species before this is about
saving humanity this is about creating
the right conditions so that humanity
can live in balance with its natural

environments in a way that is equitable
and in a way
does not say to those in the world who
aspire to our level of life to who
aspire to live like us to say to them no

that’s not possible because Mother Earth
could not afford that yes she can if we
adapt if we do this if we stick to this
road then we can reach this this is a

problem that is huge is this existential
huge that it’s also problem good that
can be fixed thank you very much yes so
there you go that’s that’s a good way to

put it we all got a chip in or we’re all
gonna die by by 2050 and then and this
is what I was leading up to earlier he
did a classic move it’s almost like a
Nancy Pelosi move only a little bit

better they’ve passed this law the law
has passed what is not in there is the
impact an impact is an important part of
any law it is what are the what are

those results be and most importantly
what will it cost well they did things
differently this time in the EU of
course many people are keen as I’ve seen
everywhere to hear the Commission’s 2030

targets those I say that our work to
assess the impact of the new 2030
targets has started and is ongoing and
as you know we want to find out what the

best landing zone is if we want to get
the best landings oh this guy’s great –
from 50% towards 55% emissions cuts in
2030 to do that will require huge

efforts by all and that is why we don’t
want to make thoroughness and detail the
victim for political expediency I’m I’m
absolutely convinced that the Commission

were to today announced a number a
figure that has not been fully assessed
for impact then we would have an endless
discussion over many months whether the
Commission is right whether this is day

whether the the assumptions are correct
whether the facts are correct etc and we
would use a lot of time so to those who
say when you come at the end of the
summer with your number you’ve lost time

I would say with my experience for
instance with the passive strategy if
you do an impact assessments
so the facts are no longer disputed you
can move quicker also in the legend
process so once we’ve done this work we

will propose an amendment to the climate
law that we are presenting today and we
will put the 2030 targets like below see
you got this you got to pass the bill to

find out what’s in it first put it into
law so then we can figure out how much
we’re gonna do with it and we’ll just
put an amendment that is fantastic I
love this guy he’s got brown shoes and

everything this mofo can sell I really
hope to get an interview with him I
would love to speak with because he
understands us – he understands you know
the the he understands us he gets us so

I really am trying hard to get it but
now he’s like he’s like big man this is
a top gig he has is he has unlimited
budget was 50 60 people on a team and

it’s law hello hello farmers are you
ready for more protests because you’re
gonna have to do it when you figure out

these jamokes are doing and that’s your
climate to update look pretty bad things
but we’re gonna put him off but the I

did want to mention something which was
the ninth that was supposed to be this
last week Cory Feldman’s movie yeah the
the tale of two Cory’s or whatever and I
finally did some research you know he’s

released this movie a couple of times
one time in particular was outlined I
think this was in he is supposed to go
into a 2007 2013 2016 I think it was the
2016 release of the movie where he he’s

gonna stream at yeah 20 bucks and then
it crapped out it was glitchy so they
couldn’t do and not just use the G word
in my presence I did and then apparently

the same thing he releases all know it
was like he couldn’t get it was hackers
moving from being a release for quarry
and so this is just a never-ending he

keeps adding new names to his list of
abusers and as they die yeah and so all
the speculation about why they’re CEO of
Disney quit so you know none of that

panned out not a single bit nothing
panned out and it’s like okay well I
think we’re tired this is reminding me
now of the guy who has the does this guy
Moser I can’t remember his name but I

first heard about him in the seventies I
think and then the eighties he keeps it
but every so as soon as you forget takes
a long time to forget this but about
every five six seven years he releases a

flying car it’s not exactly Manoa yes
and so this fucking car he’s gonna
release he’s got now is it the last time
I heard of this was a number of years

back where the flying cars now more
feasible because of computers and you
know again this is the same thing as
we’ve you’ve got some gimmick that you
make money on somehow and then you keep

doing it over and over again pretty much
the same blueprint is so this Corey
Feldman thing you might just forget
about it’s not even in the picture
anymore it’s not II you know it’s just
no good yeah I was anticipating I mean

apparently there’s something in there
about Charlie Sheen that he raped corey
haim and Crisco was involved yes imposed
there’s Charlie she’s in denies this

Haim is dead and they brought a new
person into the into the list of abusers
who’s also just died recently and you
know it’s just this is not this is not

any good do you have an end of show I so
I didn’t get any ISOs I have you know
there’s just something about you that
pisses me off have that from the Hillary

documentary that’s all I really have is
that’s it thrilled and excited I’m
certainly think oh my gosh I don’t have
anything no I’d the one I would still
like to see as the end of show I so what

you haven’t used okay is the I’m the
president I can do anything that Bernie
Sanders I so I
it’s long I think we’d use it most hello
I think you slipped it into the show but

I love use it as the end of show it’s
still a winner powerful is it most
powerful man in the world I think yeah I
was that your ISO

oh no I may have been well this is
problem ever get some ISOs sure that I
get it backed up now but but I can’t
find it the most well just do stop the

hammering and then you can’t go long
stop the hammering it is good stop the
hammering is probably good especially

with the toilet Preppers
all right everybody that will do it your
amygdala should be a perfect size if it

wasn’t already
and I hope we have better news stories
if they don’t just play wall-to-wall
Corona no kid over the next news cycle
we got four days of news coming and it’s

like guys something now April 6
everybody mark it down this one will be
out of this grumpy old Benz coming up on
no agenda stream calm after this we have
a couple of end of show mixes Thor

brought us a nice Corona song which I’ll
play a bit of thank you John Fletcher
Fletcher professor Jones and Tom
Starkweather and coming to you from

opportunities own 33 here the capital of
the drone star state Austin Texas FEMA
region number six and the governmental
Maps in the morning everybody I’m Adam
curry and from Northern Silicon Valley

where the traffic is dynamite light will
be back on Thursday the second one of
the week remember us at the Borges /na
until then keep your meatless small and

adios mofos and such

it’s getting late have you seen this day
it is the public really full of fear but

it was on top Joe was ready to flop is
Hillary Clinton near the wall street is
jumping and the stocks air or a dump

another bailout time over here has emic
power who manufactured news
depression-era Food lines here don’t
give a son in your hesitation you need a

little discipline
Kovac 19px cute down there but not bad
back in shutting down the trains on the
airport to impose some fries

lisa was designed for black
now we deter doorway Oh

baby mama baby

washing your hands



we’re ready you there

we were in you there but there’s the
deal no hidden bills at seven and up the
ante and what we have to do there’s much

we can do to be the first hundred days
invite the major polluters in the
country and the major abusers of
endangered species to the United States
of America who are any you there
well I’m sorry just such a disjointed

effort here because of the connections
but there’s a lot more to say but I’d
rather probably said too much to you
we’re any you there but even I can’t do
that another two years another year now

actually Jen
we’re ready you there one slug here we
go I’m thrilled and excited I’m starting

to think oh my gosh oh my gosh okay I
can shift a little bit toward a more
expected appearance and then I had some

friends say well you know I’ve got ideas
about your hair and ideas about your
clothes I violated them you know from
the very beginning okay I can shift a
little bit you know there’s just

something about you that pisses me off
he was in Congress for years hooters
about the countless years he had one
senator supporting nobody likes him

nobody wants to work with him he got
nothing done it was nuts it was all just
baloney and I feel so bad that you know

people got sucked into it
Hey honestly Marie’s must have drove me
crazy I don’t think anybody had any idea
that he had fallen into a depression
because the crushing intensity what he

was going to do he knew too much
ridiculous conspiracy theories

mofo Dvorak dot org slash and a