No Agenda Episode 1226: “Bats True!”

bbbbb get out of the graveyard curry
Adam curry
John C. Dvorak March 19 2020 this is
your award when he give my nation meat
the assassination episode 1226 this is
no agenda in the morning everybody

I’m Adam curry Danford northern Silicon

Valley where the whole state is under
house arrest apparently someone posted
voted Republican I’m John C Dvorak what
kind of political gripe did you make

there I didn’t quite catch it we’re
under house arrest man you literally are
not allowed on the street lock that off
the street slave have you been out at

all Joe the one person admits they voted
Republican and we can shoot them before
we go any further I want to remind

everybody how thankful we are but also
how important it is that we are an
independent unaffiliated media property
we don’t use any of the Silicon Valley

infrastructure we have our own
infrastructure we have our own networks
our own social network we have our own
servers and why is that important today

this report from Reuters is self
explanatory some of the tech world’s
biggest names announced they are joining
together to combat the spread of
misinformation about the corona virus on

their platforms in a joint statement
released by Microsoft Facebook alphabets
Google and Twitter
the tech giant said they will work
together to quell misinformation in

addition other tech companies including
LinkedIn reddit and YouTube are stepping
up to the plate in coordination with
government healthcare agencies around
the world to share critical updates

about the virus but the industry is
already anticipating problems on the
like most sectors Silicon Valley has
sent much of its workforce home which

means the teams of contract workers
responsible for policing and cleaning up
tech platforms aren’t fully functional
the tech giant’s say they will have to

rely more on artificial intelligence to
do the job Google YouTube Facebook and
Twitter warns users may see an uptick in
videos and other content mistakenly

taken down by AI of course that’s not
limited to the announced effort to
combat miss truths about the coronavirus
but to all topics as AI takes greater
control of policing content Google in a

blog post said such software is not
always as accurate as humans which will
likely lead to errors and slower
turnaround times for content to be

restored based on appeals Facebook and
Twitter issued similar warnings so
that’ll be an evergreen clip we’ll pull
out from time to time to remind you that
the big Silicon Valley companies are

protecting you by making sure no miss
information gets out because they know
everything apparently and AI as you
heard is almost as good as humans a

group of youtubers apparently formed a
kind of a collective oh and started

doing some testing of words that would
get them D monetized and let me guess
coronavirus would be one well I have the
list oh good good good by coincidence ah

number of things we get you there’s a
list is large but the ones that have the
you get very mixed results but 424
examples one of them is really you

you’re risking D monetization you 911 me
to actually really know yeah what else
we got here

some of these are I don’t understand but
they apparently they’re big 14 over 88
go that’s some kind of Nazi thing
oh I’m sure 18 plus two girls one cup

there’s nothing wrong with that video
what’s the problem
bring your Chan this has nothing to do
with coronavirus this is just a shitty

list this is a list of things that get
you demonetized and this is the AI that
they’ll be using this it’s just a bit
adjust crops up there’s a bunch of these
different things that are on here we can

put in the show notes if I look at it
from a little higher perspective because
the things that were not the biggest
problem we have is we don’t have
information and I’ve done a lot of

research over the past four days
everything I talk about today will be
based on two pieces of of information
that I’m pretty confident on one there

are at least two strains of the corona
virus and this is this has been
published in the oxford university press
copy in the show notes it has only been

challenged by one other paper which has
not been published it’s just posted like
a blog post and that the two strains are
the L strain and the s strain and I have

a question then I know about this
there’s Robbie even more strains but
that’s beside the point does the test
that is widely used determined the

difference which strain you have
excellent question no idea there’s also
not been a single word from any of the
official statements and none of the

press conferences nothing about the two
strains is it possible that one strain
there’s another question you have a lot
of questions that one of the strains is
the supposed booby-trap strain well so

before we get into because I do have a
lot of thoughts on how but more
important is these two strains and where
they appeared and how they were

propagated the L strain which
easy to remember that’s the lethal
strain that was what first spread in
Wuhan and this is all according to this
to this paper so it’s you know it’s

easily and oxford doesn’t publish stuff
for no reason the LS the l string does
not transmit through the air or through
you know coughing sneezing it’s more

through feces and other unsanitary and
hygienic situations but it is much more
severe and really can well this is what
kills old people very easily in people

who are compromised the S strain is
incredibly infectious but has much
milder symptoms so from what I
understand it’s very easy to see that

the L strain in Wuhan may have been what
was spread to Italy seeing as there’s a
direct line between China and Italy with
the three hundred thousand factory

workers who put together your $2,400
Gucci bag which actually cost twenty six
dollars when they’re done with it
articles in the show notes so we don’t
exactly know who’s sick there’s no no

ethnicity but for sure that strain was
probably brought over from Wuhan same
goes for Ohio I think we’ll see a lot
from there and New York San Francisco
there’s a lot of Chinese travel what’s

interesting about the s strain is once
you have it then you were also immune to
the L strain and that gave me a little
bit of a pause thinking remember they

were spraying stuff in the streets in
Wuhan and that has never been answered
what that was well and on top of that do
you remember the guys a couple of them

who came out so we shouldn’t fit in
infect everybody so so that way we won’t
have to worry about this anymore just go
through it we’ll go through the process
remember when they say they wouldn’t it

affect everybody in they all backed off
no no no I’m sorry why do I know what
we’re talking about yeah exactly
exactly that that was the weirdest thing
I’ve ever heard so I’m now thinking that
since we never got an answer what they

were spraying
Wuhan may have been s virus to
essentially inoculate everybody what’s
interesting what’s interesting about
this was I got the red book just in time

for psych-out what’s interesting about
this and I want to talk about that later
that is how a bio weapon works you have
you target the area you want to target
with the extreme virus and then you

expose everybody to the less extreme
virus so they’re immune from the extreme
one now the second piece of information
is weight again I’m going to stop your
life sure oh it’s good

go ahead there’s a term for that type of
bio weapon you know what it is I don’t
binary or something that is that well no
minor is where you have two combined all
right okay no right right I don’t know

what the term is okay I don’t know what
but just anecdotally seeing a lot of
chemtrails pop up particularly over for
I’ll just leave that for what it is
there’s no chemtrails here here’s the

anecdotal piece that is highly
interesting on the last show we talked
about people getting sick in December in
January I have hundreds of emails tens
so but maybe 50 different tweets from

people saying oh my god now I remember I
had this exact these exact symptoms in
December January time frame my wife had
it my kids had we went to the doctor

tested for influenza negative of course
there was no test for coronavirus at
that time but you tested negative for
influenza and but we’re pretty sick with

all you know the fever the cough which
varies from person to person but in
general it sounds like this thing has
been around for a while and it makes
nothing but since you can’t think that a

virus only you know it takes a month for
a virus to get over to Europe into the
United States no it it was there for a
long time and now of course we’re still
testing people so now it’s going to look

like more and more people are getting it
but we’re really behind the curve but
this is something Tina
caught by the way she saw that she said
look at all these people who are talking
about being sick and then once we
mentioned on the show and then one

I think one not even that on no agenda
social people start just popping up hey
I had this I had that so my thinking is
well my thinking is that we’re in a huge

bunch of bullcrap to make us do things
and it may not be that dangerous at all
excluding people who have been exposed
to the elvirus well here’s what I like

to propose people think about in these
terms and this number might not be
correct but the last but when I add the
day I conceptualize this idea there’s

only one population in the United States
it’s a population of the Americas all
they everyone that’s here is here you
walk around you go out day to day do

your thing you’re going to bump into one
of three things right a cold and catch a
mm-hmm you can catch the coronavirus or
you can catch the influenza yes you can

any of those and in the end it’s a
single population so it’s a simple thing
to study it’s not like there’s two
populations or I mean they’re you know
there are isolated pockets of this and
that but generally speaking we take a

one giant population we’re trying to
keep that from happening combined making
anyone stay at home under house arrest
but now at the time of this the total
death count in the single population has

been 8700 four coronaviruses probably up
a few hundred from that and 20,000 fill
it for influenza so in the same
population you can catch a cold you can

catch the flu you can catch coronavirus
the flu is outpacing coronavirus over 2
to 1 and then the logic of this is that
is is that the corona virus which is

supposed to be this horrible thing
that’s gonna go around like a wildfire
and kill everybody millions and millions
of people are gonna die how come it
can’t even keep up with the flu in the

death count and within the same
population this is a simple ok toric ok
I have an answer for you and the answer
is misinformation from media and my my
hero of this entire and Tina’s getting

is going nuts
from you’d saying this my hero in this
entire operation his doctor Deb deborah
birx and she’s the woman who she was the
the aides are who is still from through

bush-obama it’s after she is highly
respected and she gets it she
understands how to talk to the media she
understands how to talk to people and
she’s dressing appropriately each time

there’s something she knows what she’s
doing and she went full and she went
full in against the bullcrap models now
these models are computer models they

were set up very similar to like the
climate change model which we’ll get to
these models were showing two million
people would die the federal officials
of millions of tests as you and your

colleagues have said why is the federal
government system only fifty nine
fifty-nine thousand tests been processed
to this point we just ran damn it sorry
this is the clip on it also can you

speak to this study that as many as 2.2
million people in the United States
could die if their work this type of
action by the government taken
yes I think you know models are models

and they’re based on input and they’re
based on infectiousness without any
controls I can tell you we’ve never seen
that level of infections that models up
to that 2.2 million and mortality so we

are looking at that we are having a
particularly model meeting tomorrow I
think that’s really going to be
important I’ve dealt with a lot of
modelers in my time they’re wonderful

people but they all have their favorite
inputs and someone says they’re
wonderful people you know the thought
bubble is dickheads I’ve dealt with a
lot of modelers in my time they’re

wonderful people
but they all have their favorite inputs
and they all have their favorite
integration functions so we’re
evaluating all of those so we can
integrate and create the best model for
the United States based on the best data

and that first set of recommendations
you saw were based on what we could do
today to prevent anything that looks
like that so she handles that perfectly

not that anyone will ever play that for
you let you know it but these are movies
were models and was fear mongering fear
mongering and yeah we should mention by
the way that with fear mongering and

panic the public turns to the media and
watches more TV especially when they’re
stuck at home and the and the media
makes out on this they make out on
election years they make out on this

panicky thing they’re making money you
make a bank in fact I see you know this
the Johns Hopkins map the pew-pew map
with all the red blotches all over it

which I which I despise because I think
it’s a misrepresentation you think the
dot over ice that is ten times bigger
than a sled itself so I don’t like the
the misrepresentation but now you see

the same guys who a week and a half ago
we’re using the big touchscreens on TV
on the news channels to show the
election results now they’re using this
I’ll take a look at this here this is an

important number here we have 8,000 Bob
150,000 with this is a good number to
look at and they’re just they’re
completely all Gd
they they’re salivating but the the
trick is out and open it’s out in the

open and and you’re going to be the next
four or five days you’re going to be
fooled or their people are going to try
and fool you now that we have millions
of test kits and we’ll get into that in

a second out there people are going to
start testing when you start testing the
number of people who have it goes up it
could be someone who just tested someone
has a coffin not nationally people dying
in the hospital that’s going to go up

and end they’re going to abuse that
number but really you need to be happy
because that’s the denominator we get to
that also important lethality rate and
here’s dr. Burks explaining how this how

the testing is really going to work and
what to look out for if federal
officials the 50 millions of tests as
you and your colleagues have said why is
the federal government says of only 15
59 thousand tests been processed to this

point we just heard from the Atlanta
Public Health Director saying that they
have fewer than 50 test kits for more
than 900 thousand citizens Louis so
that’s a very critical question and

thank you for asking it so the test kits
that we put out last week through the
approval the rapid movement of that
meeting that President Trump called less
than two weeks ago that had resulted in

bringing our private sector to the table
because the tests in the platform that
was out there could only run between
four and twelve tests per platform per
day we’ve now moved into platforms that

can run basically tens of thousands of
tests per day so yeah the reason I’m
grateful for your question because it
allows me to point out that a course

then there was backlog there were
individuals who had been tested who
hadn’t had their specimen run because of
the slow throughput it’s now in a
high-speed platform so we will see the

number of people diagnosed dramatically
increase over the next four to five days
I know some of you will use that to
raise an alarm

that we are worse than Italy because of
our slope of our curve to every American
out there it will be five to six days
worth of tests being run in 24 to 48

so our curves will not be stable until
sometime next week
so she even warns about it as I know
some of you were gonna do this and of
course they will and again I don’t think
many people heard what dr. Burks had to

say I’m sorry nobody heard that
no no of course not it will not be
revealed now one of the early mainstream
media gotchas that they were just

throwing out their continuously was
Trump fired the CDC defunded it it was
horrible they botched it all it’s no
good as well and when you look into it

again everything’s in today’s show notes
any show notes calm well you look into
it nothing could be further from the

truth in fact I think what went very
expeditiously is we are not there’s no
we do not have a health care system or
ever have had any type of government

system in place through the CDC or
otherwise to test every American it just
does not exist in fact all these tests
would go through the CDC and Trump very
smartly blew all of that out of the

water and said let’s get the commercial
guys in and so now we have tests and
there’s there’s questions about early
tests who got a test did they even get a
test I’m thinking a lot of these

celebrities may have been bullcrap I
don’t know exactly what kind of
operation is going on but there’s a lot
of misinformation disinformation out
there but listen to this Howard

professional athletes getting tests
while others were waiting in line and
can’t get them to the whelk and that did
go to the front of the line well that’s
get up to ask them that question I mean
the hybrid no I wouldn’t say so but
perhaps that’s been the story of life

that does happen on occasion like that
hey guess what life isn’t fair sometimes
rich people and celebrities go before
you what can I tell you and I’ve noticed
where some people have been tested

fairly quickly look we inherited a very
horrific excuse me Father excuse me we
inherited a very obsolete system this
was a system that was out-of-date
obsolete for it was a system that was

never meant to take care of the kind of
quantity the number of people that were
talking about millions and millions of
people if you go back in years past like
even recently with the flu

nobody had tests before they didn’t test
the entire nation to see whether or not
they had flu they got the flu they got
better hopefully they got better that
was it now all of a sudden they do this

very complex testing what we’ve done is
we broken it down we’ve broken up the
system but it was obsolete and or you
could say was also a system that just
wasn’t meant to handle the kind of

volley volume that you’re talking about
we’ve rebuilt it into a system that for
the future will be a very good system if
you want to go this route but this was
never done before and I would imagine it
will be done in the future but we built

it into a very good system by using
private companies the great private
companies and I have to say Roches with
doing a very good job they of doing a
lot of work a very good job but this was
an obsolete system this was not a system

that was meant to do anything like this
or even near this and one other fact
that needs to be debunked is and in fact
this came up in the debate with between
Biden and Sanders that the w-h-o had

tests and we refused the tests we didn’t
want those tests from them what
Americans are dying because of the test
we didn’t get that test out all horse
crap all of it bull crap hey put a

timecode down this is my new hero along
with the Burke’s is Admiral brett gr i
think you pronounced a gir oh i air oh i

he’s from Health and Human Services
this guy is kick-ass and he seems like
one of those you know kind of field guys
like hey go out there and make it happen
and he’s got his his wartime fatigues on

is blue HS fatigues and the question
comes up about this wh Oh test-tube
Ivan’s in the World Health Organization

offered testing kits that they had
available to the United States and to
give it to us now we refused it we
didn’t want to buy them PolitiFact says
the wh should have never made that offer
can you tell us well that’s what I’m

gonna let I’m gonna let Tony answer that
question or some whoever’s best at
answering that what you have something
like that I’m just gonna emphasize a
little bit more on that when I became
involved in the testing world I called

as senior officials at the WH o as I
could find to understand what the
situation was and as far as I can tell
from sources that should know no one

ever offered a test that we refused what
I heard to know this was this is a
research grade test right research grade
test that was never submit was not
approved not submitted to the FDA that

was supplied in tens of thousands of
quantities to a hundred countries in the
world okay so I think there’s a lot that
people are saying about this this is
based on rumor and myth nothing was

offered that we refused it was a
research test that was not approved and
again there was a small number that we
have greatly surpassed in a very short
period of time so number one nothing was
offered number two it was a bad test

there you go finally that’s been
resolved actually I didn’t clip that but
the president was very nice about it
because he answered that question

started walking out the same reporter
says what are you gonna are you gonna
call Joe Biden on it and the president
went no not at all you made a mistake
I’m sure he’ll apologize very very good
now all of this makes no sense to me

what and now we’re going to move into
the lockdown the shutdown the
recommended 10 people I mean the the
temporary pause and putting the middle

class the
mom-and-pops the restaurant all the bars
that the people are gonna go out of
business especially the mom and pops is
gonna be outrageous I want to become no

no it’s not a clip I just want to make a
statement because it pertains to you as
well so while because this is the
important thing is what’s gonna happen
with what are they really doing to us
the flu we’re all gonna live I’m pretty

confident you know it’s like influenza
it’s the S strain sure some people may
have L in Italy etc but this will end
very quickly they know they’re on the

back end if they know it’s been around
for months they know what the curve is
but here’s what bothers me about the
lockdown if the people most vulnerable
are senior citizens

so it really 65 and older so I’m putting
you in that category John if that’s the
group and people who have immune
deficiency issues cancer heart issues

etc lung issues respiratory if those are
the ones that need to be protected why
are we locking down the people who will
just get it and shrug it off you should

be locking up and protecting those
people that group is 20% of the
population quarantine them put them in
bunkers I don’t care let the rest of the
world continue to function that’s the

bullcrap that I don’t understand and
that can only lead me to believe that
this is going to be used for other
things like 9/11 we need to be unlooked
on the lookout for the weapons of mass

it’s cashless society tracking
vaccination issues vaccination tracking
all kinds of shit is going to come down
on us and I think cashless society is

the first one but let’s talk let’s talk
about the the economic impact and how
crazy this idea is well the hope to
create I want to have a clip that I
think epitomizes the craziness there was

a number of they discussed this a lot
obviously locally and I do have a lot of
clips about it but I want to start with
the clip that is the most nutty and this

is the hiking rule stupidity added that
you can go on a hike with another person
as long as you stay
six feet apart this is all just mind

control this is just just getting into
your into your brain and making you
crazy it’s unbelievable that they would
even suggest such a thing you’re hiking

you know I don’t in any of camping maybe
and me and you’re probably going in the
same car but you have to hike six feet
apart is ludicrous there’s a PSYOP going
on the cashless society I’m told

disagreement with that because right now
then the reason is I’m disagree with
that it’s being cut although there are
some come on up listen I have family in
Italy in the Netherlands so I have a

little more you already seen it but the
problem is if we’re gonna go into a
negative interest rate which were one
step away from yeah it makes cash more
valuable stop right there and so what

are they doing gonna give everybody cash
and where we gonna put that cash right
into the bank not me no not you but

you’re gonna get a check you still have
to deposit the check it goes into the
bank unless you’re gay as this continues
but I’m not getting a check you’re not
getting a check I want my check you’re

not gonna get it I wanna check you I
wanna check get a check but what do you
think about the general assertion that

that we’re closing down everybody to
protect people who are not functional as
functional in our economic society who
should be protected deserve to be

protected I mean the shutting everything
down it just I don’t understand the
logic and no one is saying hey what’s
wrong with this I’m going back to my
assertion about of influenza having

20,000 deaths versus eighty seven
hundred for this I don’t we agree on why
are we shutting anything down we
shouldn’t be protecting anybody that
this idea is killing old folks it’s
nonsense all you have to do is look at

the people who have died and they’re all
like I emphysema victim in 285 on their
last legs I mean there’s no healthy
older people that are dropping like

there’s no celebrities that one is
died I mean all these basketball players
not one is died over there not older by
any means but none of them even have
symptoms this thing is a scam you know
what’s interesting I had well but we

agree on that so now I’m more interested
in yeah we agree the numbers don’t make
sense we agree what they’re doing
doesn’t make sense let’s talk about some
of the genesis of it but on the PR front

let me see I have the Surgeon General of
the United States who really doesn’t
have much of a role in the in the daily
briefings he just kind of sits in the

background Kevin
Jerome Adams he made it very clear how
the remember the remember the president
was asked why do some celebrities get a
test and other people again can’t get a

test because it’s a PR initiative that’s
going on here I want to ask you do you
feel like people are getting the message
here you know we still see people out
and about you had three states holding

votes yesterday do you think people are
sensing the urgency well I think we’re
starting to turn a corner and people
really are it’s because it’s starting to
affect people who they see and know I

have a 15 and a 14 year old son at home
and they don’t care what dad says even
if dad is the Surgeon General of the
United States but by golly they they
know that Kevin Durant just got
diagnosed with the corona virus so this

is this is how a good operation works
and the Surgeon General just said it oh
they don’t give a crap but when Kevin
Durant gets it who I think is a
basketball player when Kevin Durant gets

it all then everybody knows that’s how
you promote these things China is a bad
actor and I went back and more of the
time wow what a segue thank you thank

you very much thank you very much where
did the fear start now there’s a great

video but you put linked in the
newsletter from the German German
yeah a lung expert yes and he says hey
this is bullcrap I’m just going to

shorten the 10 minutes into hey this is
bullcrap makes no sense pretty much what
we’re saying
but he also pointed out that it was the
viral gist who first discovered this

strain which then I’m gonna think is the
L strain in Wuhan they got all Gd about
it now we’re going back to January
January 23rd is when they start shutting
down Wuhan and who was on TV who was

talking about stuff it was the
biologists it was the models it was the
two million are gonna die the mainstream
media jumped into this they love that
and they just started perpetuate but
what happened online where did the first

L strain videos come from people died
and falling down on the street where all
these videos of people being dragged
into cars locked up in their houses

people throwing pets out of the window
where did that appear on really cap on
what platform YouTube
tick-tock-tick tie and know that
promoted by the Today Show on February 6

in a clear native ad giving everyone
their 15 seconds of fame
tick tock is taking social media by

tick tock was the second most downloaded
social media app in 2019 beating out
both Facebook and Instagram
despite its reported security and

privacy concerns the china-based app is
rapidly growing in popularity 44% of
tik-tok stone downloads today that seven
hundred and thirty eight million took
place in 2019 alone

at only 22 years old Brent Rivera is
what a pic stalks biggest stars with
nearly 20 million followers and today
Brent is giving us our very own

tick-tock tutorial frontier okay so they
go on to do it their own tick-tock video
I’m telling you this is not an accident
that this that this native ad pops up on

the NBC Today Show February 6 when this
stuff is just starting to pop people are
posting that’s where the videos came
from and then all of a sudden we get

this influx of can’t call it the Chinese
flu it’s racist don’t do that
CNN was the biggest biggest perpetrator
of calling this the Wuhan flu this is

one of those super cuts but it’s worth
listening to
two weeks before if mmm I think February

maybe 15th this is what CNN CBS and not
MSNBC but CNN mainly some CBS even PBS
sounded like this is all happening at a
time that we’re starting to see message

shift here because you’re starting to
hear the Republicans especially Trump Co
calling it the Wuhan or the Chinese
coronavirus they’re looking for someone
to blame concern is growing this morning

over an outbreak of a new stars like
virus in China at least six people have
died from the Wuhan corona virus the
Wuhan coronavirus the wolf on
coronavirus the 34 year old

ophthalmologist diagnosed Saturday with
the Wuhan coronavirus virus there will
Hong coronavirus the Wuhan coronavirus
what more can you tell us about the
similarities or differences between
stars and the Luhan coronavirus the

Wuhan coronavirus a Wuhan coronavirus in
China the Wuhan
rotavirus a Wuhan coronavirus from the
Wuhan coronavirus Luhan coronavirus
ideas continue to grow I think you get

the idea goes on for another minute and
a half and that’s all it was the Wuhan
coronavirus Chinese Wuhan corona corona
virus then all of a sudden oh no man
that’s racist you can’t even mention

colonies oh you call of a sudden they
got a call from their masters in Beijing
and let me tel explain how that works
CNN owned by Warner Media Warner media
owned by AT&T AT&T huge deals with

Huawei Chinese telecom companies you bet
they got a call they got a call but it
went so far that there was a tweet from
some lib Joe that said someone in the

administration just called it come flew
to my face I wonder how they call it
behind closed doors so your buddy your
buddy you meesh

I’ll see what sir yummy shall send or
I’m Michel sinned or shall cinder who
does she work for a PBS and she’s also
sunglasses activist is isn’t she also is

the only only PBS as a media outlet I
think so so she asks a question here it
my second question is there are some at
least one White House official who use

the term kung fued referring to the fact
that this virus started in China is that
acceptable is it wrong are you worried
that that having this piracy it must be
talked about it as a Chinese virus that

might launder their sugar no sugar I’m
not sure the person’s name but would you
can use the fact sure to term again a
person at the White House we use the

Jerusalem flu my question is
wrong come flu using the term Chinese
virus that puts a generic I think they
probably would agree with it 100%

it comes from China I think Trump
trolled her so hard right there by sake
say it again kung fu kung flu huh kung
fu yes Kong flu I think it was expelled

after three times you know people are
gonna remember it so I think that was a
total a total troll I like that a lot
so that’s so you know China is very

involved in the conversation they’re
there you can’t trust anything or
anybody you can I mean us you can trust
we don’t have Chinese money coming in

you know we tell you where the money you
don’t even hit we don’t even have the
number of Chinese donors his very
miserly you may be three not from China
that’s for sure every doctor show is

played in China I somebody was there so
they can hear the show in China so but
they’re very wary of the message they
really don’t want they they want to
control the message they want to and

they can they own so much of our media
so much of our of our entertainment
companies and products through which we
are all so perfectly preconditioned with

you know movies like contagion to be
they own Hollywood yeah they pretty much
own it so one obvious direction that
this is going to go this this clear

abuse of people and there’s we need to
talk about that what’s really gonna
happen I look forward to hearing your
thoughts on economic issues but for sure
this is going to be turned into a

climate change discussion there isn’t
the if you don’t think so you’re nuts
in fact you’re not nuts well you are
because I have one two three clips that
already are connecting this to climate

change globally this is see the first
one here
is france24 these are quite fascinating
times what surprises me most is that the

measures that we are ready to take to
face this coronavirus are much more
severe than the measures that we would
be ready to take to face climate change

or atmospheric pollution strangely
enough I think the death toll of the
corona virus at the end of the day might
be positive if you consider the death
it’s great to hear a French guy say at

the end of the day that’s a new one for
me just astonishing I think the desktop
of the corona virus at the end of the
day might be positive if you consider

the deaths from atmospheric pollution
for example eighty-four people at eighty
four thousand people die annually in
France because of atmospheric pollution
more than 1 million in China most likely
the number of lives that would be spared

thanks to these confinement measures
would be higher than the number of lives
that will be lost because of the
pandemic but you understand in the one
case it’s something invisible in this
case something that’s palpable and I

think this is something that should
question us why are we so much more
afraid of the color virus than we are of
climate change or atmospheric pollution
or other kinds of threat what is so
special about the corona virus that were

ready to put the world world on lockdown
because of that so I like his stance hey
wait a minute why can’t we scare people
and doing what we want them to do with

climate change it worked here we should
be that’s my translation of what he said
you I think your translation is correct
but they have been trying to do that
that’s all they’ve been doing right but

he’s saying now we have this this
perfect example ie we have the control
see we made those silly people do we
made them all stay home and go broke
democracy now of course Ami’s all in for

more we’re joined from Cleveland Ohio by
Sonya Shah science investigative
journalist and the author of pandemic
tracking contagion from cholera to Ebola

and beyond talk about this connection
between climate crisis and the corona
virus we’re not hearing very much about
this but we know in a general sense that
climate the climate crisis is resulting

in tens of thousands of wild species
moving into new places
it’s scrambling our migration patterns
and so that’s going to contribute to
this broader phenomenon of people and
wildlife coming into new kinds of

contact we can see with for example
deforestation that when you cut down the
trees where bats roost for example they
don’t just go away
they come in roost in your back gardens

and your farms and your yards instead
and that allows people and bats to come
in to new kinds of contact and the
microbes that live in their bodies which
becomes them any kind of disease can
spill over into human bodies and that’s

how we turn animal microbes into these
epidemic and pandemic causing pathogens
so they got to work on the shave down
that message a bit but you understand
what’s coming well that’s not as though

people are licking bats you can have a
little battery in your backyard it’s not
a big deal it’s good because if you have
bats around the neighborhood there’s no
mosquitoes or in flying insects they’re
not a bad thing although I do have a

clip you should play which is Corona
comes from bats yes
as scientists work to contain the corona
virus researchers are still trying to

figure out where it came from
early research suggests human picked up
the corona virus from animals possibly
bats but it’s not clear how the virus
made that jump science journalist and
author David Clemen has been tracking

this he joins me now on the phone and
David I know you know a lot about this
but I am learning with a lot of other
folks here and disease that can spread
from animals to humans is called
zoonosis corona virus is a zoonotic

disease what do we know so far about the
corona virus and how it spread from
animal to human well part of what we
know comes from past experience with

outbreaks such as SARS in 2002 and 2003
SARS was a very scary new virus when it
first appeared in southern China it was
new to humans it had to come from

somewhere and scientists eventually
tracked the SARS virus to bats bats are
the reservoir hosts meaning the virus
lives in them without causing symptoms

now that was part of what rang the alarm
bell on coronaviruses corona viruses and
SARS is one this is another
they evolved very quickly they live in
animals frequently bad and when we come

in contact with bats we invite those
viruses to jump from bats into humans
because they evolved quickly they can
frequently adapt to us and cause
terrible trouble is in fact bats in this

case as well what is it about them that
makes them these frequent hosts of
viruses or reservoir hosts as I believe
you just called them that’s right
bats seem to be over-represented as the

reservoir hosts for a lot of these scary
viruses SARS virus as I mentioned MERS
Hendra virus in Australia Nipah virus in
malaysia now this one what is it about

bats well a couple of things first of
all bats are a very diverse order of
mammals one in every four species of
mammal on earth is a bat Wow I like it
one on fours who knows I may be part bat

well maybe that’s I want to play my
because you kind of jumped in there I
want I want to play the last climate
change clip which infuriates me that is
from a podcast and it’s a popular

podcast like that podcast b sam harris
sam harris always being excited is this
great podcaster I can’t listen to him

well you’re gonna listen to a minute and
34 seconds of them and you’re gonna
you’re gonna you’re gonna be disgusted
this is how the popular podcaster Sam
Harris categorizes what we need to do we

need to go and who’s responsible
collectively this is a wake-up call on
so many fronts I mean the idea that we
don’t want expertise anymore right the
idea that we can just wing it with a

reality TV show star and his buddies in
charge of everything I have to imagine
many people who for whom the downside
there was just an abstraction

understanding that their problems we
have that are global and scale for which
there really is only a global solution
we can’t be the first for global
problems and

that lesson has to become indelible the
flipside of the this epiphany however is
that given how hard we’ve found it to be
to convince ourselves that this pandemic

that is just crashing down on us is
worth paying attention to
I don’t know how we get our heads
straight around climate change just

imagine if this were climate change
right and you had reports out of Italy
but climate change has arrived and the
hospitals are full and they’re having to

triage patients and deciding whether a
forty five-year-old with two kids should
live over a fifty five-year-old with
three kids and that’s all due to climate
change and you know we can track its

progress across the Atlantic and it’s
coming to New York and we still can’t
decide whether to it’s to pay attention
to it that’s the situation we’re in

right now and yet you know climate
change is this multi-year multi decade
abstraction these are the kinds of
people you got to be careful of this guy
is a globalist a-hole yep and he’s he’s

not even giving solutions he just said
we have to do it globally not with the
reality TV star it climate change it’s
in Italy it’s coming it’s horrible guy

horrible I can’t believe that people
actually take that seriously well your
buddy Joe Rogan’s a big fan of his well
I at the you know the Joe Rogan
interview with the viral adjust

osterholm I think his name is which has
eleven million views now that was a big
part of the of the panic a lot of people
listen to and watch Rogen and 11 million

or eight million views some astronomical
number that caused a lot of panic and
again it was the guy started right off
with well looking at the model the model

two million people who are you know same
same stupid ass model there is one yeah
one of the reasons I think we have so

many dudes named Ben that listen to this
particular podcast hmm because I don’t
know if there’s any other
I guess that understands computer
modeling and what a farce it is 90% of
the time exactly and they’re all

computer guys they have to run into this
constantly there was another question
that the president answered which he
actually scoffed at when it came in
again clearly another Chinese globalist

move it seemed this was a major trade
coalition is calling on you to suspend
terrorists with other countries as part
of the response to the corona by who

heads that group those countries do so
it’s the dark jacketed American free
trip night now I’m sure a free trade
look at China is paying us billions and
billions of dollars in tariffs and

there’s no reason to do that they
haven’t even spoken to me about that
China hasn’t asked me to do that but
we’re getting billions of dollars here
from tariffs from China and I can’t
imagine Americans asking for that but it

could be the China will ask for a
suspension or something let’s see what
happens China’s having a very rough time
they have their worst year and 76 years
as I understand it having a very very
tough time and then on top of it this

happened with the virus but no we’re
taking in billions of dollars a year in
tariffs and this was caused by something
totally unrelated to tariff you know the
fact that the american free trade

association when i tried to find out
really who’s behind that and it’s a very
black box website the fact that they’re
trying to move this towards a off it’s
such a global problem let’s drop all

tariffs that tells you that self this
there’s a move afoot something is going
on exacerbated by these letters that
people in the media and that critical

infrastructure are receiving from their
employers and if you’ve heard about this
i’ve received a number of them from
people and it’s a letter that says you
know the the bearer of this letter is

working under the authority of I think
it’s Health and Human Services
Department of Homeland Security of
course all of this once you have the
state of emergency and you’ve activated
all these things start to happen so

people are getting freaked out like holy
crap I I have a letter that allows me to
buy fuel what’s coming
what’s coming I’ve researched it now
don’t worry this is very typical very

normal when this has been activated as
just part of procedure what I find
fascinating is you can get these letters
high-quality PDF all over the internet
you download it print it out you just

show it to whoever you need to show it
to is I don’t understand the effectivity
of it but then there’s the how people
feel about you know the media of course
they’re very full of themselves and they
love how you know how they’re even if

they’re sitting in essentially podcaster
set up so they’re now learning that you
can you can do good content as a podcast
or sitting in the little box with a
green screen that’s how all the shows
are made now but this local NBC report

kind of took it a step further it seems
that there cannot go a day by when I
don’t get a call about some rumor about
the National Garden

let me just be very very clear when the
national guard is going to do something
you will know about it so at this point
we don’t know about it one of the other
things you said coming up because we’ve

been asking about this for several days
when our daycare is going to be affected
at this pointed because they are so
essential for so many of the health care
workers that are using at this point he
says that maybe in coming days it could
be as early as tomorrow you also spend

some time talking about those essential
workers I mean we are those essential
workers but of course the heroes out
the people we are the essential workers
here at broadcast TV we the news models
we are essential we’re the heroes of

this so full of themselves Wow
and here’s it here’s a PBS reporter clip
you’ll like this one more here’s a PBS
reporter where the truth always wants to
come out and duty the fear is that the

us-china relationship is getting worse
right now at the time but the world is
faking and facing an economic and
medical crisis we’re faking it yes of
course faking so I had very so we have

three girls out of work essentially
furloughed is what is called with this
this day I’m sorry with pay
no no not do you know when you’re

working in a restaurant you don’t get
pay you’re furloughed goodbye
well hope you just growed yeah you’re
screwed this is hundreds of thousands if
not millions I want to remain by my

prediction of April 6 for the following
reasons one as we discussed this has
been around for a while I think they
they know the numbers they’re gonna they

didn’t the testing no one really wanted
to do all this testing because they want
to get out of it quickly now we’ve added
five days until I think the 24th that
will you know that will increase the

numbers make the curve look bad and let
the media go crazy but that’ll be the
peak then we start the flatten it
another reason is the pandemic bonds
March 24th is the date that those were

looked at so we need to have a
turnaround buy them otherwise otherwise
those investors get screwed but
everything should be done by April 6 and
it has to be we cannot go any further

than two weeks on this lockdown or I
mean even two weeks I think is too long
what’s your feeling I mean it will kill
too many businesses if we stay closed

we’re already gonna see a lot of that I
I will well let me play a clip and I
have some thoughts because I went I go
for drives I pay zero attention to this
you got a print you got a print off one

of those pieces of paper man so your
essential personnel a hero I have a surf
hat whether your community is read
emergency response search I have a

circuit computer emergency response I
bought let me tell this story Airbnb and
and this woman I get there early and

she’s finishing off a garage sale and
there’s a there’s a certain hardhat
sitting there and I said
we’re just gonna sell this for someone
you can have it if you want it nice edge

hell yeah that white is it one a white
one or color no it’s green Oh even
better that looks official the green
ones are the real ones yeah it’s a real
one and so I’ll just throw this
Earnhardt hat in the back seat I got

good to go back there okay clipboard but
just print out one I’ll send you the
link just print out one of these PDFs
just in case and send me much time
you’re on your drive so the so let’s

play this clip this is the enforcing the
quarantine in Alameda County this is a
bogus clip there’s not I haven’t talked
to any of the police I’ve run into

because I haven’t seen too many they’re
all taking time off but this this is
bullshit police and sheriff’s deputies
will actually be the ones doing the
enforcement here in Alameda County

deputies say they hope their enforcement
power won’t be needed we don’t in law
enforcement perceive any major problems
with people not complying sergeant Bray

Kelly with the Alameda County Sheriff’s
Department says they expect most people
to stay home over the next three weeks
but if people are blatantly ignoring the
shelter-in-place order
deputies will step in where there’s

extreme levels of this the law is giving
us the authority to act the first page
of the order spells out the legal
consequences saying violation or failure
to comply with this order is a

misdemeanor punishable by fine
imprisonment or both yeah okay so the
idea if you look at the this lockdown
gave me I’m gonna got a call by the way

even on the landlines hello this is your
emergency response team from Alameda
County you’re required to stay a shelter
in place for the next 21 days shelter in
place did you also get one on the cell

phone or just the landline it came on
cellphones too interesting not all those
not all the numbers but it came on a
couple of the phones so everyone’s
supposed to say okay but the exception

is if you’re going to go out for
pharmacys you’ve got to go pick up your
drugs or if you got to go to the store
that’s the two exceptions so you have to
go to the store and the store maybe in

another town and maybe some store you
like to go to I mean if you did there’s
no restrictions I don’t so you can go
this is a very successful mind control
it’s a size yes it’s totally successful

and everybody’s going okay there’s a
couple couple of benefits I got to shut
to the stairs you can shoot the San
Francisco effortlessly there’s no delays
oh yeah yeah the city it’s fantastic cuz

nobody around they’re still doing
construction they haven’t stopped doing
that our homeless have disappeared how
about yours I was no not in San Fran
around here or me I haven’t looked in

Berkeley but in San Francisco they’re
still there I haven’t seen any changes
yeah we were downtown and I didn’t see
him mmm interesting maybes a sweep going
on behind your back to stay home we’ll
sweep up the homeless could be so so I

took the drive yesterday to go to one of
my favorite stores the Grocery Outlet
and which is way up in enrichments lay
the you took the entire drive all the

way up San Paulo Avenue to check out the
stores and what was open what was closed
who was driving around the traffic
seemed about the same to me it was Aldo
wasn’t it was during her if you go
during rush hours still light but it

wasn’t seemed fairly normal all the car
repair places every single one of them
is open every one of them every little
tire changer and oil changing operations

open the gas stations are open then I go
past these minute these little malls the
Marshalls and all the clothing stores
and those places are closed anything
that even has any kind of food at all is

usually open some places that are not
essential as far as I can tell are open
tap plastics I believe was open so
there’s a lot of guys who just scoff

there’s say nuts I’m gonna stay open and
they’ve stayed open so there’s a lot of
that there still it went past safe way
for someone known reason there’s a long
line in front of Safeway I don’t know

why I can tell you why they’ve
implemented that
done this now here as well they’ve
implemented a set just like Italy set
number of customers in the store at the
same time so they’ll write together

outside in the line yes true makes
nothing but sense of course yeah so I
went to a grocery outlet which is a
place I like to get because it has a lot
of uh look please like to go because it

has a lot of weird stuff that is like
test-marketed materials and things like
that and yet I started to notice what
would be missing from there because this

would be the last place you’d you’d all
the toilet paper is gone which is
actually surprised me all the paper
towels are gone the cleaning supplies
are gone so that’s all it’s just

checklist stuff all the bread meat and
chicken is mostly gone to pork is there
yeah pork and and the fake meats
everywhere I went fake no one’s buying
that what are we doing the case of

Apocalypse night are you gonna take that
shit that’s for sure every tortilla in
the place was gone now that tortilla
factors may have just stopped work but I
don’t know it seems unlikely so there’s

no tortillas there was no pasta zero
pasta pastas gone no pasta sauce no
that’s the American Way we buy mac and
cheese pasta and pasta sauce when
there’s an emergency and of tuna fish

but even that’s if he yeah everything
else was there and it was like there
were eggs even though apparently at
Whole Foods there’s no eggs well yeah I
have a supply chain story of stores I

went I went to two different stores one
is the h-e-b which is this fantastic
Texas company everybody knows h-e-b in
Texas everybody knows HEB and h-e-b has

their shit together they’re
communicating with the community or
great great store they they’re open from
8 a.m. to 8 p.m. so they can stock
overnight they’re doing special hours

for elderly people who are more
susceptible that now they obviously
you’re not gonna get your brand-name
peanut butter but ok yeah if you don’t
mind the crunchy Peter Pan you can get

peanut butter but that they really have
done a fantastic job
so I stocked up at at h-e-b
then I went to Whole Foods disaster
disaster half the store is dark because

they’ve had to shut down three quarters
of the meat section more than half of
the fish section there’s no chicken that
froze everything frozen is gone if you

want artisan cheese Whole Foods is the
place for you you want anything else
completely out and as I went to the deli
the deli counter because I wanted some

some turkey and there was a little piece
of Turkey left and young ladies slicing
it for me I said yo how you feeling says
well this is crap man because I’m an
hourly worker and I’m not quite sure how

I’m gonna make ends meet because we’re
gonna have to shut down so our suppliers
are already at 50 they will not send us
more than 50% and when you think about
it it’s all that artisan bullcrap that
Whole Foods sells you know if you just

want some basic items you just want them
in bulk you’re not gonna get that from
Whole Foods but they’ve been chopped
down to 50% of deliveries from their
suppliers this is because of the Amazon
system I saw these changes I saw how

they were doing just-in-time delivery of
the crab cakes I know it sounds weird
but I saw it and they were smaller and
cost the same I think Whole Foods is
gonna have to close its doors they’re

not gonna be able to stock anything of
any value that people want or give in
yeah give in exactly I mean this
just-in-time thing is is yes greatest

idealistic it’s it’s during a decadent
time you can do stuff like this but any
little ripple in the time space-time
continuum and you’re out of business

let’s talk about the money for a second
because this is big and the president
said we’re gonna go big and we already
had the Federal Reserve putting in a
trillion dollars not putting it in but

making available for the overnight Bank
overnight lending which is not the same
as you know as the Fed printing money
it’s it’s a head-fake really it’s just
numbers overnight that’s just to make

sure one bank who’s weak somewhere in
the system is not going to go out of
business so the Federal Reserve provides
some liquidity but just short-term
the eight point three billion dollars

which was the initial response which
will be spent by April six which is my
date for the turnaround then the
president and minuchin has been doing a

lot of different press conferences and
his Tourette’s is back I have to say
he’s good he said look we’re gonna take
care of the 50/50 billion bill from that
originated from the house for the

families first blah blah it’s really
just a political move who gives a crap
at this point sign it phase one which
they’re working on today is to get half
a trillion dollars out with another half

trillion dollars in checks or some form
of payment how does that exactly work
for me and I’ll just tell you up front I
think everyone’s all in modern monetary
theory who gives a crap print it won’t

make any difference it’s zero percent
anyway you know we can always jack up
inflation later I’m simplifying it but
is this a big deal or is it not a big

deal depends on who you talk to I’m
talking to you my friend I have no idea
modern monetary theory about it but if

you’re gonna if it works and it’s a big
if I mean it’s probably best that the
market has already kind of collapsed

let’s face it this collapse well the
market is one thing I’m not talking
about the market the market is a
reflection of the economy thank you
and so it says okay well you’re gonna
try the modern monetary theory we’re

gonna do it from jet Dow Jones 19,000
not 30,000 and they will go we’ll figure
we’ll figure it out after that in other
words they’re not in on it so in in some

psychological sense I mean the market is
a weird animal it’s like an it literally
is like an animal and it has its own way
of thinking and so it has decided that
this is not good and go ahead go ahead

it’s not good
what I was talking to the former New
York banker again also emailing me a lot

so I know that it’s on his mind
I see ask him how his v is coming how
that V is coming he says that he says
the market he this was two days ago
expects the market to go down further

which it did I don’t know what it’s
gonna what it’s doing today he still he
still believes in the V but here here’s
his here’s what he I guess he’s looking
for for how to get his money back or to

invest and he and if you were in the
market yes that’s what you’d be doing
here’s here’s his thinking where’s the
growth going to come from he says it’s

not gonna come from finance that was
destroyed that was the real growth
driver certainly of the United so the US
economy he thinks that I think we talked
about this before that Silicon Valley we
have now learned we can keep people at

home we have telemedicine as being
promoted heavily look at the teller dock
see that stocks on fire despite it being
a piece of crap company slack it is up
all of these all Silicon Valley they’ve

always wanted to be your bank they’re
gonna be your bank I think this will
this will bring in cashless not that
it’ll be a rule but hey you don’t want
to risk germs just tap your phone you

don’t want to risk touching nasty cash
World Health Organization even said so
it’s dirty nasty cash coronavirus can
stick to it so they’re gonna be your
bank and they want to be your doctor and

want to be your teacher and they’re
going to get it this is the technocratic
society this is not the event that’ll
bring us there 100 percent but we’ll get
something like China perhaps they did
this so the app defines where you can go

if it shows green then you’re fine to
carry on as normal if it shows yellow
you need to stay at home if it’s red
then you really need to stay at home for
14 days and that the color on the app
the color coding can be changed

automatically by algorithms that
identify where you’ve been who you’ve
been in contact with and so on so that’s
the kind of thing that can be done in
China but maybe not so much in other
parts of the world you know I think it’s

going to be done easily it will not be a
separate government
that says FEMA tracker it’ll be built
right into your existing insurance your
health insurance app or something like
that and we’ll be tracking what you have

where you go in fact today with any
health insurance app then fully well
aware of your your physical health today
can say oh you shouldn’t be in this area

because you have respiratory syndrome
and there’s people over here who are
sick stay away Boop James you’re danger
turn right that’s coming what’s not
coming in our lifetimes yes it is oh my

god oh yeah how can you the man who
started with me agreeing that insurance
apps will be tracking or driving to
raise your this is only 10 years ago we

were talking about this in fact that the
card the black box in the car would be
used by the state before that before we
even started doing this podcast that the
black box you’re so giving you a

speeding ticket so how they have it how
can you know you every insurance app
gives people bonuses for downloading the
app either doing exercise that’s an

absolute fact and that’s a big trick so
you don’t think that you don’t think
this health tracking is going to be
activated in these apps you said not
maybe you meant not in your lifetime I

think it will be in my lifetime no it
won’t be in your lifetime put it in the
book right now put that in the red ball
be here to read it yeah but I will gloat
over your grave another China story

which is very freaky this is a county in

Colorado is on lockdown
Colorado is seeing its first County
essentially go on lockdown to prevent
the spread of kovin 19 San Miguel County
telluride is under a shelter-in-place

order until April 3rd they’re telling
everybody to stay home after they saw a
number of critically ill patients and
then within the last 48 hours
some kids under the age of 4 with simple
of coronavirus the county shelter in

place order came with an announcement
that they’re working with a biomedical
company for a first in the country blood
test for the virus on a countywide scale
so everyone in San Miguel County can get
a test now if they want it and then

another blood test in two weeks this is
interesting they’re doing a blood test
all of this stuff that we’re talking
about is swabs with this one company
United biomedical he’s doing a blood

test well if you look at United
biomedical you see that they’re pretty
much a Chinese company they have Chinese
representation that Mandarin writing on
their dam the website they have the

Schenley on biomedical company they’re
doing something with the blood and I
don’t know what I know exactly what
they’re tracking or what they’re doing
this is an anomaly and should be looked
into but no of course not only the

Chinese backdoor Chinese affiliated
company test my blood in this particular
case no and yes I’m very biased against
China not the Chinese people China the

government the government know that it’s
not even a government it’s a gang
Chinese party a bunch of gang gang the
thugs listen to Trump talk about the

self swab test okay today I can announce
further steps to expand testing capacity
we’re working with several groups to
determine if the self swab a much easier

process than the current process that’s
not very nice to do I can tell you
because I did it but we have a current

process that’s a little bit difficult if
you haven’t done the the groups are
working on determining if a self swab by

an individual is as effective as the
other the others very effective very
but we’re gonna see if we can do a self
swab which is would be a lot more

popular I can tell you that this morning
about had to take the test but nobody
wants to take the test because they

shoved this swab through your nose into
the back your mouth down your throat
yeah and then they pull it out it’s a
mile long it’s gross it’s very nasty I
had a I had a clip see what I’m missing

here that’s odd sorry I had a clip but I
guess I can’t figure out what that was

it’s back to the shutdown going along
with the general idea of agenda 21 2030
which is I’m sure this is all a part of

it and you’re already hearing the
globalists talk about climate change and
how that fits together it seems to me
that the idea here of this shutdown is
to come back with less mom-and-pop

stores I mean I think a lot there’s
always there’s always stores on the
brink mainly because of online sales I
don’t think they’ll come back at all I

think you know some bookstores will give
up though I think in my case that I’m
worried about the Hopkins launderette a
small shirt and laundry shop that is run
by one Japanese woman and her daughter

and it’s not there’s no unless if
there’s three weeks they’ve got a
business there that going to be in
business and I’ve seen many many
restaurants but certainly the small

grocers they’re not gonna they’re not
gonna come back I think they’re just
going to be destroyed and isn’t that
part of the plan ultimately for the
technocracy to be your bank be your
doctor be your teacher and you order

everything online we know you know how
to do it we’ll just bring it to your
house don’t worry about it and we’re
going into it again I agree
not in our lifetime will we see the full

thing but while I’m alive I think I want
to yell a lot so people can
remember I was yelling about it yes yes
exactly so let’s let’s take a short I
went to put just a little bit of a clip

this was the funny clip that showed up
on the Twitter and I want to this was a
Simpsons show Simpsons of course
predicted the Trump election and

Simpsons kind of predicted I don’t have
the episode of this or what season it
was somebody they keep asking nobody
seems to dig it up I could probably do
it but I just want to play the clip this
is the housecat flu clip from The

Simpsons I’d like to call to order this
secret Conclave of America’s media
empires we are here to come up with the
next phony baloney crisis to put

Americans back where they belong and
darkrooms glued to their televisions too
terrified to skip the commercials well I
hated BC you are here to listen and not
speak I think we should go with a good
old-fashioned public health scare new

disease no one’s immune it’s like the
summer of the shark except instead of a
shark it’s an epidemic and instead of
summer it’s all the time now I hate to
be the guy who derails what everybody

else loves loves being that guy but
Janice we do have standards
this can’t be a made-up disease the only
moral thing to do is release a deadly
virus into the general public we do have

something we’ve been holding on to but
it hasn’t been tested
get over here NBC we certainly believe
in testing but
Wow Wow

so we’ve got our deadly disease no you
just have to blame it on something
that’s in every household something that
people are a little bit afraid of
already housecat flu is coming people

the Center for Disease disinformation
predicts with some degree of probability
that the housecat flu might spread in
the following hypothetical outbreak
pattern so Petter beware that warm body
on your left just might be ready to

destroy your tender vittles
springfielders are advised to stay tuned
for more information if they experience
any of the following symptoms mild

thirst occasional hunger
I like the Centers for Disease disease
disinformation very good a reminder as
we said at the beginning of the show

that the social networks are being
completely controlled ai is running the
show so you know stuff is getting
blocked deleted accounts are getting
suspended this is why we have no agenda

social calm none of that exists there
and please go there if you’re looking
for a gig or if you if your company is
looking for teleworkers we have a lot of

dudes and dudettes named ben who are out
of work people who had all kinds of
skills it’s already happening No Agenda
social calm go there you can get a an

invite from multiple places we don’t
like to open up the registration all the
way but this is the time we can actually
help each other also I think meetups
will probably all be be off for a while

although two seem to be scheduled we’ll
talk about that later I love seeing
people coordinate on No Agenda social
calm they’re there doing their own
meetups on jitsi or whatever that thing

is called jujitsu some kind of crazy
video Meetup and I think alcohols
involved so the community is good email
lockdown where we’re in a good place

however beware beware if you don’t hate
the orange man you’re gonna die there’s
also Washington Post peace
that talks about the fact that older
Americans are more worried about

coronavirus unless they’re Republican
Jennifer that we now have a situation
where Trump’s own people are actually in
greater danger but those of us who live
in this earth and can’t even reach them

they’re not listening to anything that
any of us say including someone like you
was a formal Republican you can’t reach
them no and if there is a particular
cruelty irony that it is their core
viewers the Republican old reviewers as

Eric said who are the most at risk and
when you think about it I know who this
woman is that’s talking but she sounds
like a Nancy Pelosi from like five years

ago Jennifer Rubin Jennifer Rubin the
blogger Jennifer Rubin is supposedly
she’s abysses of columnist for The
Washington Post

but she is a jan she’s supposed to be
the conservative blogger for the
Washington Post she’s not conservative
she’s not Republican she’s a die-hard
liberal and she does this phony baloney
I’m a conservative but I and I hate

Trump worse you saying if you watch Fox
News you’re gonna die I can hear what
you say she’s obviously in the same
milieu as Nancy Pelosi

there’s also Washington Post peace this
is joy Reid Americans are more worried
about coronavirus unless they’re
Republican Jennifer we now have a
situation where Trump’s own people are

actually in greater danger but those of
us who live in this earth and can’t even
reach them they’re not listening to just
the arrogance of what joy Reid is saying

right there politicizing this to this
Trump’s people they don’t live in from
sleep she lives in this earth I don’t
she lives in the in the hell of Earth
but this is very disturbing anything

that any of us say including someone
like you was a former Republican you
can’t reach them no and if there is a
particular cruelty irony that it is your
right total Nancy Pelosi clone so she’s

she’s conservative and hanging out with
ants crowd for sure there are core
viewers the Republican older viewers as
Eric said who are the most at risk and
when you think about it which party

immediately cancelled all of their
rallies which party immediately started
having their political figures really
portray and now use their lives as an

example it was the Democrats so they’re
going to be I hate to put it in these
terms so come unless Democrat deaths
because of their less gatherings there
will be less opportunities for people to

congregate and share this horrible
disease its head shaker man head shaker
and then last night all right there do
they’ve have trumped arrangement

syndrome it’s like they’re insane that
they’ve their amygdalas are exploding in
their heads but they but they play their
hand because on one hand it’s we’re all
gonna die lockdown we’re all Americans

beat together and then they do this shit
so oh yeah yeah that’s politicize it
that I know that you got you know if CNN
is willing to take China’s call and and

say oh it’s racist to say Wuhan then
they were willing to lie about the
severity of it in the first place you
can’t this is of course no one will
believe it but no agenda producers know

it’s the death knell it’s the death
knell for corporate media and every
single time they come up with a new
model we’ll have to refer back to this
but last night on the on the station
where people are gonna die because they

watch it on Fox Tucker Carlson near the
end of his show all of a sudden brought
in the weirdest guy of on skype which it
may have looked less weird if he wasn’t
on skype clearly looking down to read

some kind of press release uh it just
kind of threw it in there fortunately
there’s some good news to report so not
in that front we’re really evidence
suggests that chloroquine that’s a cheap

anti-malaria drug may be effective in
treating coronavirus Gregory oregano is
an adviser of the Stanford University
School of Medicine and he joins us
tonight does your honor thanks so much

for coming on so tell us what this is
and why you think it’s promising please
so the president has the authority to
authorize the use of high
Roxi chloroquine against coronavirus

immediately he has cut more red tape at
the fda than any other president in
history and for example in 2017 a new
drug was approved for muscular dystrophy

that enroll in a for a clinical trial
that for a clinical trial that enrolled
less than 15 patients and was generally
uncontrolled in an open setting

hydroxychloroquine has been on the
market for over 50 years with a quality
safety profile and I’m here to report
that as of this morning about 5 o’clock
this morning a well controlled

peer-reviewed study carried out by the
most eminent infectious disease
specialist in the world Didier Raul’s
MD PhD out of the South of France in
which he enrolled 40 patients again a

well controlled peer-reviewed study that
showed a 100% sure right turi
against coronavirus the study was
released this morning on my Twitter
account Ragan Oh esq as well as our most

recent website Kovac trial I Oh
the study was recently accepted to the
International Journal of antimicrobial
agents by Elsevier so it was such a

weird thing that is where guy I want to
interrupt that for a second I mention
that JC who believe he has corona he
already took this stuff ah

he is chloroquine is a it is a synthetic
quinine that’s actually semi toxic you
have to be real careful quite quinine as

the the the the concentrate is what they
dip arrows in right to kill you know
something else I don’t know what your to

know quinine was the anti malarial that
you would need because you are a I’m
sorry it’s Gerard yeah that’ll stop it
quinine which is used in gin and tonic

water is quaint I supposed to get make
your head headache
and so the they could you can’t get
enough quinine actually pure quinine to

treat coronavirus and so it turns out
that this particular synthetic quinine
which was never mentioned in this report
obviously is a it’s a chemical that
works just the same way it’s got the

same learning model but it’s did
somebody’s liver toxicities a problem
with it you had there a lot of blood
tests but or don’t use it much but no
it’s not new and in fact it turns out as

they mentioned the report that this is a
well-known kind of an antiviral of
product that goes way back but here’s
the question so buzz kill jr. believes

he has corona virus which make leaves me
believe he hasn’t been tested for but he
has taken this and it did not help no he
doesn’t have Corona anymore he’s done

he’s fine
did it help when he took it it could
have do you know if a drug that you took
had anything to do with it or your body
may be cured itself you don’t know I
mean it seems to have that was okay so

just I’m just asking from the timeline
he took it and he got better whether it
was address a lot yeah interesting I I
don’t know
I mean he’s not he didn’t go I mean he
didn’t use any of the antivirals or d3

or anything tell him thanks thanks
thanks for helping out the show by not
trying all everything possible to report
back this kind of not participating and
he’s not a team player he’ll the way he

too much experimentation seems to me so
but yeah I don’t know what this was the
point of that was in this show it’s not

an unknown maybe he seems I don’t like
Tucker’s show anymore no I’m very
disappointed he is a big fear monger
huge fear monger it’s it’s getting very

irksome yes there’s that and I can’t
stand the my pillow guy if I have to see
Mike anymore with his geezer size I’m
gonna puke it says he was showed up in

my in my medicine cabinet
looking back at its the shots enemy
hasn’t shown up it’s horrible it’s
horrible I tell you meanwhile here’s
what’s airing on television this is

perfect timing some people are just
disgusting particularly when it comes to
insurance companies the mom we’re so
glad you’re feeling better you gave us
such a scare I know honey three two but

I want you to know I’m at peace with my
home going when my time is up and did I
also tell you that I got coverage for my
funeral so you and your brother would

not have to worry about expenses I
didn’t know you were saving money for
your final expenses I haven’t I called
the open care senior plan and with one
phone call I was eligible for $30,000

for my career and final expenses the
open care senior plan will pay up to
$30,000 for funeral and other final
expenses there’s no medical exam and you

can be approved with just one phone call
your rates can never be increased your
benefits can never be decreased and your
coverage can never be canceled call the
number on your screen now and see how

final expense coverage can help you
there’s no obligation Colm 880 was
playing the piano by the way yes no
she’s actually in the hospital

recovering I have a more disgusting song
can it get even worse than that well so
this is a native ad quasi relayed they
kind of worked in let’s do a native ad

of the Entertainment Tonight style where
everybody who’s mentioned paid money
mm-hmm everybody’s a bunch of money
somebody paid the most money and that
required a big giant football player

Michael Strahan to say the stupidest
thing in the world at the very end of
this native ad on Good Morning America
about Corona and how the entertainers
out there are all volunteering to help

and they’re all jumping in and
everybody’s going to be really happy
about this whole thing this is the this
is the ABC GM’s GMC pandering combo
native ad this morning

some music superstars using their
platforms and the connective power of
music to bring people together

this video of her soulful cover of Bob
Dylan’s make you feel her love
country star Keith Urban jamming out on
Instagram joined by his wife Nicole

and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin
taking off a virtual concert series

started by global citizen and the World
Health Organization called hashtag
together at home taking requests from
viewers playing unplug versions of
Coldplay’s hits like sky full of stars

and yellow it was called
at the start of his Instagram

performance Martin put out the call to
another artist to follow his lead but
who knows maybe tomorrow someone else to
take it over and none other than John
Legend answered using that together at
home hashtag legend tweeting he would do

a solo live show later today fans on
social media tagging their favorite
artists hoping they’ve joined the
together at home movement Beyonce Luke
Bryan and Alicia Keys among the requests

that’s really special and Broadway icon
and Hamilton creator lin-manuel Miranda
streamed himself performing last week as
well now Hamilton the show is putting

out a casting call for its Hamill fans
an open audition for people to be part
of the ham at home digital show that
streams later this month Robin take
their shot people are getting very very

creative they’re saying that I love
Coldplay oh shit what a tease I couldn’t
hear it at the end he said I’ll be this

is the big guy saying but all my
Coldplay he says I’ll be listening to
him right after we’re done yep Coldplay
that’s as funny as you listen to Green

Day that’s crazy I know you actually do
like Green Day you’re like but this is
part of this to me this is the
programming together at home we can do
it be together listen to your true

leaders the celebraties
they’re gonna tell you to do John Legend
you know by the way if you believe in
the computer simulation theory this is
one hell of a subroutine isn’t it I love

what they’ve done here this is really
really good and eventually we will wake
up one day and they’ll be all over and
things will be different
ah and why is not only put it
differently the media freaking out about

this racism this was it you know what’s
really racist is not reporting on
hundreds of black men dying every week
due to gun violence in Chicago and other

cities around the country you don’t
report on those numbers you don’t care
no when it’s white particularly
entertainers then all of a sudden it’s
important as I put in the newsletter

there was eleven coronaviruses deaths in
California when they shut they stayed
down yes and ten homicides in Oakland
New Baltimore Baltimore the mayor

actually said hey can you stop killing
each other because we need the hospital
beds for corona victims I don’t have a
clip of it sadly I did look great
and I’d believe me I looked I look

hey you blacks stop it
yeah really stop the shooting with each
other you know what I’m saying you’re
gonna do clogging up the beds for the
sick coronavirus people right the whites

yes this is although this is a great
time for podcasts I think podcasts are
having an all time boom mainly because
everything shut down you know the the
nightly talk shows sports all of this

has gone so people are going to their to
their to their tribes you know this is
try I’ve said it before this is tribal
media we’ve got a tribe we have some
agreements with other tribes like the

Joe Rogan experience tribe but people
have their tribe and the biggest tribe
is this mainstream trying to get you to
be all in on you know what they want you
to do it’s it’s Nick the rat show you

have to count him in and grime Erica you
keep forgetting these guys no of course
I don’t post nothing forget him I’m just
I’m just saying in general now of course
the saddest thing that happened is this

it is with great regrets we have to
announce the cancellation of the
Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in

Rotterdam put in place by many
governments and the Dutch authorities

makes it impossible for us to host a
live event as planned we are very proud
of the Eurovision Song Contest that for
64 years have United people all around
Europe and we are deeply disappointed

about this situation
the EBU together with the host
broadcaster and Pio nos albatross and
the city of Rotterdam will continue to

talk to see if it’s possible to state
eurovision song contest in rotterdam in
2021 very very sad moment 64 years
they’ve always put on a broadcast

because it brings the people of europe
together somehow israel’s a part of that
actually got this I heard about this
last night for my neighbor Steve he was
he was like oh my goodness

no Eurovision Song Contest what are we
gonna make fun of just before we take a
long overdue break where this came from

how it happened I think what to me
there’s a couple of scenarios and just
want to run through them it’s the least
interesting because where it came from

how it happened is no longer important
to me it’s what is the weapons of mass
destruction of this generation going to
be what lie is going to pull us into
some kind of behavior you know checking

your temperature it’s just a little step
you know checking your temperature
everywhere you go and then before you
know it it’s your barcode micro or nano
dot at tattoo if you’ve had a

vaccination there’s all kinds of things
that are coming but just to go back to
where it might have come from let’s look
at the the possibilities there’s way too
many scientists and Harvard and Canadian

researchers all on the Chinese payroll
on this round trip through Wuhan the bio
lab the World Health Organization is
involved in the bsl-4 lab in in Wuhan so

it could just be that someone of the
many research is just a like a revolving
belt if you look into it Harvard you

know 10 20 different professors and
Restall on all on the payroll of the
Chinese on the sly something got out in
the within the area you know was only 30

minutes from the wet market so blame it
on that that’s one way could have
happened if it truly was a bio weapon oh
and by the way I forgot to mention Iran

Iran also has a lot of direct Chinese
contact that’s why they also got very
high numbers but he’s that just
coincidence you know was it meant to
bring down the United States or

something like that I don’t see how
China would benefit from that at all
unless this financial reset that you
kind of called it a reset you know we’re

gonna start it you know down 19,000 or
whatever unless that somehow is gonna
benefit them I don’t see how I only see
negative for China mainly we’re going to
start taking back we are gonna start

taking back production and it puts a in
my mind a key Bosh on globalism so I
don’t see why it would make sense nor
would it makes well it makes more sense
the theory that during the world

military Games the competition where
12,000 athletes from different fighting
forces around the world were in Wuhan in
November or December that’s what the

Chinese are saying is hey you guys
brought it here it’s your fault
could we have dropped it in there again
why would you put everyone at risk and
it doesn’t seem like was very controlled

certainly not by Trump although very
convenient for his entire mission of
knocking China back into their place
certainly in the minds of people and he
continues to do that calling it the

Chinese virus etc what other options are
there do you think that this was really
some kind of an attack be of any any
I go back to the booby-trap theory so

that would be the researchers the
researchers were you know they were
stealing biomaterial from us and there
lot of people were busted and Harvard
professors were arrested there’s just

been a recent arrest again they’ve been
arresting guys left and right some guy
in Florida took off and they’re all the
Liberals oldest car was run out of town
because there was investigating him and
the the idea hidden amongst some

intelligence groups outside the country
say that we are the booby trap masters
mm-hmm and we rigged a couple of these

vials that you know said one thing and
to do another and they stole them and
just got out and now they’re just trying
to and it would make even more sense if

it was true what you said earlier in the
show that you rigged this thing with a
kind of virus that may be weaker own a
virus is also partially part of the
common cold a cycle this is just a

version did he have a bad cold a bad
cold like they said with the people that
you talked about earlier who got tested
you don’t have the flu you have a bad

cold well if the ball the whole
countries had these bad colds over the
years maybe this el virus won’t do
anything at all to us and so you end up
with the Chinese it’s kind of screwing

excuse my hubby’s laughs and or sleeves
and then we faked the rest of it like oh
we all got to lock it down lock it down
like if this whole thing could be a scam

well like well you know it is look at
the look at the numbers it is a scam it
is an absolute scam the numbers look at
the numbers just do the numbers 22,000

dead from flu in the United States from
October 1st through March first and
we’re all freaking out over where we are
globally right now which doesn’t even
touch half of that so the numbers show

you that we’re being scammed but you got
to look at it from all sides there is
one other some interesting data points
that some of these athletes that went to
the the Wuhan Games came from Fort

Dietrich for
at some point actually around the time
of Ola
what athletes are at at fort detrick am
I did you just miss the part where I

said they had the military games in
Wuhan yeah no I’m just saying military
oh you thought military games like being
in the tanks no no it’s it’s competition
sports sports competition that’s what I

just said yeah what athletes are at Fort
Dix or Fort Dietrich that would show up
at these things do they have yes yes
they have teams yes they have teams I’ve
looked into it’s Dietrich yes they have

teams all over the country who and and
athletes who participate in these games
it’s Lahti athletes in the army but I’m
just telling you it’s just a medical

facility I’m just telling you what it is
what I would I’ve come to understand and
read but more interesting than that is
that around the same time that the event

2a1 took place which you played clips of
a couple of shows ago there was a
biohazard alert in the area for Dietrich
and just to add another twist to this

which I like is that’s about the same
time that people started dying from
vaping and some horrible lung affliction
from something in THC vapes I have not

taken it any further than that but I do
like it and then so the idea is oh it
was there at Fort Detrick

it has bio weapons as far as I
understand something got out there
something happened it happened the same
time it could have been a part of event
201 and could have been a complete scam
I don’t know I’m just saying a couple

things we should mention Fort Detrick is
were supposedly according to the
Russians at least is where AIDS was
developed it’s also where Ebola was
developed and it’s also where some other

things were developed supposedly and
it’s not proven and they deny it and but
they do work on stuff like that I don’t
believe for a second that Americans

would do that
I like the boobage I like booby-trap the
most – I really do I like it the best
because it’s like you did it to yourself

which is more our style and listen to
how Trump speaks he keeps saying no no
those Chinese they know it they know
exactly what they did and he keeps
messaging he’s gonna be over very soon

sooner than you think
because he knows let’s play that clip
we’re on the tail end of this I got two
clips here that made no sense want Trump
on faster victory hey

that’s always the toughest enemy the
invisible enemy but we’re going to
defeat the invisible enemy I think we’re
going to do it even faster than we
thought and it will be a complete

victory it’ll be a total victory oh yeah
he sees this as war he’s used the the
war term as well I don’t have a clip of
it but I’ve heard and then then the
Trump on vaccine is a little fit this is

a fishy-fishy clip to me earlier this
week the first clinical trial of the
vaccine candidate for the virus began in
Washington State as you probably know
the genetic sequence of the virus was

first published in January but thanks to
the unprecedented partnership between
the FDA NIH and the private sector we’ve
reached human trials for the vaccine

just eight weeks later that’s a record
by many many months it used to take
years to do this and now we did it just
in a very short while that’s the fastest
development in history of what we’re

doing with regard to the vaccine making
very very big progress well luckily your
co-host has looked into this what are
your objections why do you think was

fishy about it I think this is coming to
faceted says to me there’s already a
vaccine it was a vaccine before it got
released what’s interesting is this
being called a vaccine but it’s not your

traditional vaccine this is not a dead
virus that has been cultivated in an egg
this is a gene insertion I’m just
calling I’m not using the right words

but it’s the 1:33 nicely by the way
minuchin even spoke about this he said
some gene 133 gene 133 when activated or
when you put in some protein or shoot

something into somebody this is my
understanding of it it starts to create
plasma and and the plasma is what can
suppress this and can and can keep you

safe from like this strain all strains I
don’t know but it’s not a vaccine in the
traditional sense it’s a I have the
document of gene 133 and has all this
CRISPR stuff so yeah this is genetic

stuff and we’ll see what it does but
it’s not it’s not getting a dead virus
that that then you build up immunity
where’s our news media to explain these

things so we can like deconstruct the
information we don’t even get that far
listen to John Legend thing in his

basement and with that I’d like to thank
you for your courage and say in the
morning to you the man who put the C in
curare John C de bourree good morning to
you mr. Adam curry in the morning me all

gypsy boots on graphene the air subs in
the water subs and the water and all the
Dames tonight’s out there in the morning
to all of the trolls in the TRO room
hello trolls how you doin let me do a
little troll check here control count

troll count
15:45 not bad for a Thursday actually
what I predicted I did last night’s
dinner table that J says did you how
many live listeners you’re gonna get you

think tomorrow and you say no we had 89
last Thursday and we had like 15 on
Sunnat you know we always get less
annoyed we had 18 on Sunday cuz that’s a

easy day to listen but I said that we
usually get 12 and she says well there’s
no everyone stuck at home I said ah 15
easy easy
well we surpassed that 1545 the troll
room is that no agenda stream com it’s

called the troll room because you can
listen to the live stream and you can
sit there in a chat room environment and
troll away everybody loves it
you control the the hosts who are doing
the live shows I’ve been trolled

continuously but also thank you troll
room for being such an incredible help
because they are on the ball those that
don’t have too much lag
they got answers very quick and it’s
highly appreciated no agenda stream calm

then we want to thank our artist for the
artwork for episode 1225 a controversial
piece of art as it turns out Tyler brown
brought us this artwork it was the

boomer remover spray I got hate for that
man I got massive oh yeah I got hate for
that that’s not funny man my parents are
ok with anybody wrote you that their

parents are not boomers the oldest
boomer is 74 thank you
I should have said that instead I said
hey man my parents are dead okay and she

came back with I highly doubt that and
like okay I’m done with you how would
they not know this if they actually just

saw it randomly dad I tell you just dead
mine I thought this was a great piece of
art it really it set the tone it shows
you who the No Agenda tribe is loved it

it was very funny and and I love people
do they get the joke odds just lighten
the mood a little bit we’re all freaking
out I know gender art generator comm is
where you can upload your parties submit

is a great piece they were I’ve somehow
I have stuck in my brain there was
something else we needed to talk about
well I use it in the newsletter it was
the kamasutra piece where the toilet

paper is very good fantastic so that’s
part of our value for value Network
people contributing in many different
ways the one that keeps our lights

running and the server’s whirring and
and the availability for I mean I have
it’s interesting everybody has this all
locked down and you know what are we
gonna do I’m kind of bored to me I’m

about you John it’s like my life has
barely changed
that’s exactly how I live it hasn’t
changed at all every day I was like the
kids do you don’t want to go out Tina’s
walking around and she’s like what am I

gonna do she’s reading books and I go
for a walk and he said how you doing I’m
great this is my life I live all the
time I watch TV yes which for the
network’s I record some clips you know

I’m thinking about stuff so anyway we
like to thank the people who support the
show financially and although it’s not
quite the beginning of the show we have
a pandemic format that were adhering to

today we’d like to start with our
executive producers and associate
executive producers first they came in
with good numbers for us today yes
starting with Baroness Kathy and Baron

gray gasps the moon it Simone itch
$700 and they write well in Illinois’s
is Ella noise I said Illinois so you did
is in lockdown sir Greg and I Dame Cathy

will continue to support the BP ITU
thank you I need your help it says thank
you because everyone’s gonna we’re just
gonna be you gotta be a slow down here

it’s coming all we have oh it’s
complicated for keep me as sane in this
insane time stay safe
Baroness Kathy and Baron Greg simone it
rhymes with munich munich be some use
the munich rhymes with munich yeah Roger

Munich so it’s a Munich not rhyme is
what says Munich yeah but if she should
put Munchen do you think we would know
how to pronounce our royalty names here

yes a moon simona he is impossible to
pronounce salutes a munich Samarin
Academy Baron Greg that’s what I think
thank you very much thank you guys

sir Steven us wygor $640 included is a
tithe of my lady way to me he sent a
note in and how did and I didn’t send a
note to Eric I have a note here

okay what’s the same exact as that note
he wrote this is a check that came in
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one he sent in the mail I hereby request
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good is a tithes of my latest bonus
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dollars and twenty cents I think yep no
it’s 640 on here I think was okay maybe
which is 640 after 22 years fortunately
if I stick around until then I got a

six-month severance not great he was
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needed anymore as an IT manager the
severance was six months severance but

not great but better than me better but
better me than someone else some of my
guys okay
I’ve been upwardly mobile so I can

adjust in other words she’s gonna get
work I heal here by request whatever the
best job karma there is I it worked last
time when I requested a smokin hot milf
girlfriend karma although it took about

five months I think it is the jobs end
of it that worked in the milf didn’t
it’s perfect timing
to get me a job in September please
adjust my title to become sir Steven of

us way go soon-to-be former man know it
okay his title change is going to be
former manager of the dudes named Ben
Baron of Fox about River Valley okay

well what we need to do then is give him
the best jobs karma which according to
our show our thinking is the Nancy
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give so here you go sir Steven and see
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jobs and jobs let’s vote for job you’ve
got karma is over to the girlfriend

karma I’m not sure Stephen Morris no it
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girlfriend karma it took five months but
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get jobs karma I’ll get a job in five
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after his six months severance yes

Stephen Moore well the jobs coming I
think it works a little faster I think
so too
Stephen Morris 600 bucks NOLA NOLA Mara

no no West it’s a Australasian Australia
okay got it
sorry I was thinking I never heard of a
place like this it sounds like a place
in Australia Stephen Morris from he’s
from London in England but a resident of

Perth yeah
no one visits Perth it’s beautiful I
know it’s beautiful yeah that’s what it

was says says beautiful go there no so
please accept my humble Aussie dollar
rats ah yes this is a ok this is a lot
of this going around this was the it’s

unintentionally became a drunk donation
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circuity security get it security Knight
of the slums of Shaolin shouting

shouting shouting so proud to be an
instant ID after a shameful decade of
begging douches thank you for being in

to me this sounds like the drunk
donation for being my only source of
news as a cybersecurity professor
professor professional and yes Adam I
mean port scanning I think of the No

Agenda show as my firewall to the
mainstream media filtering out that
we’re junk and weaponized it’s
information leaving me with exactly what

I want
pure infotainment packets beautiful of
karma for my little boy Nathan and my
beautiful wife q QQ o wife Oh may I

please have a central D du chic
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the round table claret and camembert or
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not but do you want me to unorder no no
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whichever alliterative pairing that John
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resident in Oh file thank you both for

so much for all that you do jingles it’s
science kill it
goat scream what is the kill it well
that’s the thing that was bloom buddy it

was that a nice oh yeah I was a nice so
kill it but let me see if let me see if
this is it was this it I’m like one
Bergen – oh that’s not it

Lizabeth Warren who said it she was
quoting Bloomberg kill it right but I
don’t remember an ISO of that high so
did for the in the show well what would

you have titled it kill it no it’s not
kill it kill it is I only have one
that’s this at least I didn’t have a
boss who said to me know what I can just
queue it up there we’ll use it from here

we’ll do it live we’ll do it live shut
up already sign it
so close damn it all you were so close

we got to stop it damn it I try well I
Stephen Draper’s next on the list oh and
by the way Stephen will be knighted yes

for the $600 dollar rets
yeah which is is is basically 60% of the
value over here I’ll I did I looked it
up 60 cents the Australian dollar at 60
cents I can’t wait to go there and buy

everything yeah but they’ll be unlocked
down Stephen Draper in Arlington
Arlington going

some more people from Arlington wait 33
whoa but oh I’m sorry I thought you
missed one yep you got it
Stephen Draper in Arlington Virginia

who’d keep it up we need your analysis
more than ever now cheers from DC Thank
You Arlington Virginia hello thank you

thank you thank you
Langley we love you too up worth in
Meyers town Pennsylvania 33333 in the
morning fellas

we’re all counting on you now more than
ever for the sanity informed takes and
analysis keep up the good work please
deduce me no deduced it’s been a while

he says also call my daughter I don’t
know how to pronounce see ya see ya

Lysia maybe this year Alicia Alicia
Lycia but Lycia that’s gotta be it
yeah goober because she’ll think it’s
hilarious a goober she’s a goober that’s

like boomer to speak who calls anyone to
go goober refers also to peanuts yes but
who calls their their daughter a goober
I don’t know but apparently if you do it

she thinks it’s hilarious all right so
your goober Lycia big goober goober

okay I don’t have a note here do you
have one I do not
Linda O’Connor Austin Texas what you’d
think I would have received something
but I will check very quickly Linda and

no no no no no I got nothing okay I got
nothing but let me check check under the

word I’d looked under O’Connor but she’s
harder to check so I’m gonna check under
Linda and then go to the end and see if
I’m lucky you know this is funny here we
go squirrel mail it’s on his way I’m not

even gonna play it you should have had
cured you
no no no you know now I got I guess a
Linda Berkeley I got and it says she’s a
PR woman selling me on brand awareness

Linda 3:33 from Austin Texas thank you
so much if we miss your note somehow
please send it to me or John and we’ll
we’ll make good on that and thank you

for your support
and you are the the fourth of our
executive producers today on to the
associates starting with just playing
Christopher in Clermont Florida two four

five 200 in the morning gentlemen my
donation represents the show number x –
1 – 1 – 2 . 60 times 2 equals 2 4 5 . –
Oh 12 26 was too small and I just can’t

afford 12 20 6.00 I was first hit in the
mouth by Nate while I was in Afghanistan
into 2010 and was promptly called out as

a douche bag you’re in Afghanistan the
Taliban hey man I lost my way after
safely returning home but then found you

again so I definitely need a D douching
well I don’t always agree with your

analysis sometimes a linguist is just a
linguist I do it thoroughly enjoy the
show and your insights and comments
already may always make me think I

sometimes question my beliefs
and I learn new things that’s what makes
us grow I also need some travel job and
just general Carman my life so whatever
you can do would be appreciated no

jingles necessary keep up the good work
Christopher you got it thank you very
much Christopher you’ve got karma I
really like that analogy that who said

that Stephen Stephen Morris that we are
the firewall for the m5m
let’s say that’s a good way to look at

it I am fighting virus we don’t let that
we don’t like m5m virus through our
firewall Jim Rogers in Ellensburg
Washington 240 26 thank you for all the
sanity and deconstruction from the no

agenda show best of all media in the
universe well I made it tonight hood
today’s contribution of 240 26 bringing
lifetime donations to 1 2 3 4 5 6 nice
in the inning

thank you for your reporting on China
it’s very close to the real truth thank
you for your approval what is the real
truth I don’t know but as we’re close to

it with the spread of the China virus I
finished the book which is now on Kindle
be Beijing vampires a red chaos it’s
fiction about vampires in Beijing but a

lot of the themes are based on
little-known facts in China Beijing
vampires is free – for Amazon Prime and
pretty low otherwise at $2.99 I slipped
a few No Agenda memes in there

fun for it he wrote this book oh I
slipped a few No Agenda memes in there
fun for adults and for students off from
school there are some lessons in history

economics and a bit of psychological
operations media operations and chaos
could unite me sir Beijing vampires
Chinese name why don wooow that’s cooool

on so it’s the book is Beijing vampires
read chaos go ahead and get that I’m
gonna I’ll get it today that looks it
looks very cool interesting all right

future sir Beijing vampires quite Don
here is what do you want travel Karma do
you want any karma midget it did he

mention any I thought you wanted a karma
screw it I’m giving it to him I don’t
care he deserves it you’ve got karma
Anthony NIST is next on the lesson next

on the list from Logan Utah two three
four five six there’s been almost five
years since the last donate is so while
I’m a long no longer technically be a
douchebag I sure feel like one

just to give you guys some quick
background on myself I’m currently
enrolled in ph.d program an experimental
psychology at Utah State University
where my lab focuses primarily on animal
models of drug abuse and relapsed

although the hysteria over the corona
virus has certainly reached us here in
Logan Utah our research is still ongoing
for now despite all the courses being
moved online even still I’m finding it

hard to concentrate on matters that are
starting to feel trivial compared to
what’s going on at large
normally I feel as though I am the one
among my friends and family trying to

calm the panic yeah you know people some
people get hard to just it’s hard to
beat the waves it’s just some sub
shelling sand into the ocean but right

now I have to say that I’ve never felt
more like a pig in a human human
clothing the facts portrayed in the
media if any of them are to be believed
just are not seeming to add up they

don’t add up
yeah they don’t I can feel it in my gut
that there is much more to this than
meets the eye I just do not know what it
could be

we’re trying to we’re gonna find out
what we’re working on we did today it’s
what we’re feeling my colleagues some of
the smartest people I’ve ever known view
me as a crazy person when I say this
this virus is the least of our worries I

hate to be hyperbolic but we need you
two to cut through the BS more than ever
I loved you guys ever since I was hit in
the mouth by my best friend seven years
ago and I also hate to admit that I’m no

longer not a knight I should be but yeah
hopefully I can rectify that sooner than
later anyway keep up the good work you
guys are wandering wonders for my sanity

favori Corey Thank You Anthony and
yes I was gonna say something very
prolific but I found yeah thank you and
please you’re gonna drone no I’m not

gonna do that Anthony already did that
so thank you thank you very much and
we’re glad you’re you’re still with us
Steven Sorel in Amarillo Texas two
hundred and ten dollars love you guys

requesting job Connor as my team was
laid off right before the craziness and
hiring freezes are not kicking in yeah
you know I’ve heard so many stories of
all the Barry Diller companies I chose

my brother-in-law got laid off from
Expedia and it’s like three days ago
like during this this thing comes down
two days after it starts Diller it fires

a whole bunch of people from VRBO and
all these other place the guys ruthless
ruthless I tell you here’s your jobs
karma jobs jobs jobs and jobs that’s
those job karma Justin do get in

Washington DC 202 dollars this works in
DC mmm my god there’s nothing by God

there’s nothing to do all because of the
damn woo flu now there’s no better way
to spend my birthday than my first a EP
on the BP ITU executive producers what

he said Justin do get spooked town
Washington DC birthday three ninety on
the list

thank you very much Justin good note yes
very much
anonymous in San Francisco two hundred
missus or less does associate and he
comes in with a note anonymous after the

Bay Area troll moot meet up I knew I had
to step up my game so I’m getting my
first Associate Producer ship credit the
corona apocalypse is just the latest in

a string of fake amygdala swelling media
frenzies that no agenda has been
invaluable in helping me navigate here
in San Francisco ice

I calmly stroll through hordes of people
who are running around like we’re in a
chapter three of the stand because I am
and I’m inoculated with the most
urgently needed vaccine the best podcast

in the universe thank you
and a belated shout out to Sean Jennifer
and all the OGN a listeners at the meet
up for jingles I’d appreciate some F
cancer for my sister who’s in remission

good then a North Korean newscaster
followed by clover chars that sounds
pretty good and of course Corona Karma
boom and oh is this honor is no okay so

we’re gonna do it in the opposite
direction of course but thank you very
much here you go I think that sounds
pretty good you’ve got that’s a good

sequence I like that yeah it was good

that’s our good our associate executive
producers executive producers for show
12:26 of the No Agenda podcast
thank you all executive producers and
associate executive producers for

stepping up
I’m afraid John’s right as the as this
moves on that’ll it’ll affect everybody
it’s gonna affect us too so thank you
for supporting us for this program and
these are of course I think you could

probably call it executive producer or a
social executive producer of the No
Agenda coronavirus special I think you
should do that now you could say episode

12 26 but I think it’s okay to say the
coronavirus special that’ll look really
good on your curriculum that look
fantastic and your LinkedIn profile and
all the other work at home profiles

you’re gonna have to create as a part of
the New World Order thank you and please
consider us for our next clandestine
broadcast which will be Sunday to
support us go to that Vollrath dot org
and a and we gotta find out guidelines

to help you talk to this about other
people our formula is this we go out or
hit people in the mouth

and I realized I said it backwards what
I meant to say was what to John what to
do you have a can of tuna fish there I
had a well now that you mentioned I will

mention I would tell the story so I have
a can of Pete’s a caramel macchiato
coffee in a iced coffee in a can and I

got it a gross out the Grocery Outlet
they call it gross out and nickname and
everything a gross out is like either
experiment that went bad a short fill

but this one I’m three what it was the
little tab opener doesn’t work
oh so defective packaging it’s a

defective packaging so you have to have
you open it it doesn’t quite work and so
you got a pound it with a pan to get the
thing to open this thing pour the coffee
out excellent I find as always it’s

always an adventure thank you for
clarifying I feel we should be able to
give our producers some tools when they
steal you saw the donations people think

you’re crazy I mean what could what what
can we recommend people do or say to
those who are you know medium to
severely freaked out and mainly about

the the dying part I guess I mean the
the economic part there’s reasons to be
freaked out economic parts problem but
the dying part I would use this analogy

about the flu deaths so far with the
corona death so far and say this is the
same population of people I don’t should
we be more afraid of the flute and the
corona virus it’s killing like three

times as many no this this is not gonna
work do you have any idea how much if
you post that on social media I bet you
gets deleted
oh you I thought you’re talking about

interaction like they talking this yeah
but I know but I’m saying that that
there’s people cannot believe it doesn’t
work if you say that yeah but if it’s
Corona bottle ei rot it doesn’t work I

think I think that I think the trick is
say two strains I think that’s hey
because you can research scientific and
complicated it’s not really would you

say there’s the L strain in the S train
the L strain was in Wuhan and due to
direct travel between Italy Iran
everybody a all you in Ohio you’re all

gonna die
some will you know unless you’re in Ohio
I’m not worried about it to be honest
about it

Ohio though I think they’re doomed are
you doing Scott Adams deal cuz you need
to stop that immediately I did not do
Scott Adams Dale huh and I would like it
I didn’t hold a little Kleenex under to

my chin either do you know what I think
is just beautiful in this moment people
staying home all over Europe and now I

have Christina is in Rotterdam that’s
pretty much on lockdown although you
they they’re trying to go for herd
immunity in the Netherlands so is still

trying everybody get it just everybody
get it’s gonna be fine then we have
Willow in Italy which is you know as a
lot of people dying it’s average age 81

they got hit very very hard but staying
at home there’s a problem
everybody’s at home italy doesn’t quite
have the infrastructure we do but even

the united states we’re seeing this you
have bandwidth issues you have because
everyone’s at home clogging the network
and of course the e use the ever smart
european union has net neutrality laws

and these net neutrality laws prohibit
the throttling of entertainment services
but it looks like they’re now starting
to come back on that because it seems

that exactly the scenario that you and I
always painted telemedicine your doctor
needs to talk to you need to do a Skype
call yeah

that can’t be slowed down by anything
except no your Netflix so they have to
now temper it to haven’t done it yet but
they will have to temporarily suspend
net neutrality because the networks have

to manage the traffic they’re going to
have to degrade some streaming services
gaming it’s going to have to degrade I’m
so happy we don’t have that bullcrap
here in America well yes exactly exactly

but it’s exactly the example we used oh
now it’s ok oh yeah I guess now we go
with bugs emergency situation we have to

be differently no you want networks to
be able to control their network you do
yeah you do
need they have to be honest and the next
step the next step they’re gonna say

they’re gonna ban it they’re gonna ban a
certain types of games or gaming at
certain hours and they’re gonna shut it
down your ISP will shut down your your
stupid game yeah it is a benefit for the

world at large put it in the red book
it’s coming it’s coming now I have a
before we get it completely away from
Corona which I want to do I want to play
three clips that I’ve collected from the

because it’s got a punch laughs at the
end of the third clip is worth it’s
worth the wait this is the in 1976 there
was a swine flu bogus fear mongering

media was all in event about three years
later 60 minutes with Mike Wallace did a
breakdown of it this is still old

material and so it sounds old because I
don’t know they before digital
everything in the business you say it
grows hairs every time you make it
double something this would brew a few

hairs yeah and this is the this is part
of the long longer report and it’s
actually we should just all familiarize
herself with the 1976 swine flu

non epidemic that was gonna kill
everybody and here we go the flu season
is upon us which tied about this year
and what kind of shots will be told to

take remember the swine flu scare of
that was the year the US government told
us all that swine flu could turn out to
be a killer that could spread across the

nation and Washington decided that every
man woman and child in the nation should
get a shot Orion prevent a nationwide
outbreak a pandemic
well 46 million of us obediently took
the shot and now 4,000 Americans are

claiming damages from Uncle Sam
amounting to three and a half billion
dollars because of what happened when
they took that shot by far the greatest
number of the claims two-thirds of them

are for neurological damage or even
death allegedly triggered by the flu
shot we pick up the story back in 1976
when the threat posed by the swine flu
virus seemed very real indeed this virus

was the cause of a pandemic in 1918 and
1919 that resulted in over half a
million deaths in the United States as

well as 20 million deaths around the
world because the US government’s
publicity machine was pranked into
action to urge all America to protect
itself against the swine flu menace

influenza is serious business during
major flu epidemics millions of people
are sick and thousands died well this
year you can get protection the vaccines
are safe easy to take and they can

protect you against flu so roll up your
sleeve protect yourself
one of those who did roll up her sleeve
was Judy Roberts she was perfectly

healthy an active woman when in November
of 1976 she took her shot two weeks
later she says she began to feel a
numbness starting up her legs
I choked about at that time I said I’ll

be numb to the knees by Friday is it if
this keeps up by the following week I
was totally paralyzed so completely
paralyzed in fact that they had to

operate on her to enable her to breathe
I love that you got this this is
fantastic this is good this is Mike
Wallace this is not some this is not

some bullcrap news report this is like
the real deal so he goes on and they
talk about her for now about five or six
minutes I clip through most of that and
got it because it was just the horror

story but this poor woman crawl
quadriplegic she they finally got her
you know after years they got her back
so she could stand up but that was about
anyway it goes on and it gets closer to

the real joke of the whole thing let’s
continue with part two Judy why did you
take the true self I’ve never taken any
other flu shots but I felt like this was
going to be a major epidemic and the

only way to prevent a major epidemic of
a really deadly variety of food was for
everybody to be immunized why did this
so called deadly variety of flu where

did it first hit back in 1976 it began
right here at Fort Dix in New Jersey in
January of that year when a number of
recruits began to complain of
respiratory ailments um thing like the
common cold an army doctor here sent

samples of their throat cultures to the
New Jersey Public Health lab to find out
just what kind of bug was going around
here one of those samples was from a
private David Lewis who had left his

sickbed to go on a forced march private
Lewis had collapsed on that March and
his sergeant had revived him by
mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
no no signs of illness a few days later
private Louis died

hmmm ok so this is how it started and
then so we have the sergeant curiously
gave him mouth-to-mouth and never cut
the thing and there’s the other guys all
survived too but now the funny part

where we check in with the CDC and have
a orator the guy that was a head of the
CDC at the time went into private
enterprise and and it’s just funny

you’ll see if this disease is so
potentially fatal there’s going to kill
a young healthy man middle-aged
schoolteacher didn’t have fair the New
Jersey lab identified most of those

soldiers throat cultures as the normal
kind of flu virus going around back here
but they could not make out what kind of
virus was in the culture from the dead
soldier and from four others who were
sick so they set those cultures to the

federal Center for Disease Control in
Atlanta Georgia for further study a few
days later they got the verdict swine
flu but that much publicized outbreak of
swine flu at Fort Dix involved only

private Lewis who died and those four
other soldiers who recovered completely
without the swine flu shot at that time
had been in a sick bed went out on a

forced march and then collapsed and died
I would never have taken a shot the
rationale for our recommendation was not
on the basis of the death of a single

individual but it was on the basis that
when we do see a change in the
characteristics of the influenza virus
it is a massive public health problem in
this country dr. David Sencer then head

of the CDC the Center for Disease
Control in Atlanta is now in private
industry he devised the swine flu
program and he pushed it you began to
give flu shots to the American people in

October of 70 sector bur first by that
time how many cases of swine flu around
the world had been reported there had
been several reported but none confirmed
there had been cases in

Australia that were reported by the
press by the news media there were cases
in nuttin confirmed
did you ever uncover any other outbreaks

of swine flu anywhere in the world oh my

still got a jingle for 1976 were there
any cases reported no confirmed none
zero no nothing so this this scam has
been going on for so long brother yeah

it’s kind of disappointing it’s well
it’s disappointing that we’ve not
learned anything we’ve not learned to

figure out that this is you know you’re
being scammed football it really is well
I and you know everyone’s I stake my

reputation almost on this April 6
deadline I mean I’m giving you four days
either way thank you but I still think
we’re gonna be spot on on the six it has

to we can’t keep anything closed Trump
knows it and I have I am very very happy
I’ll show my bias here I’m happy that
Trump is the one in the middle of this

scam because I think either he has
figured it out and he’s playing along
until he can do whatever he needs to do
or he’s just dumb luck

but I’m happy it’s not Hillary Clinton I
don’t at UAB so well we be stupid be

here’s she was on Fareed Zakaria and
they brought up the bought up the corona
virus and she got a little confused in

what administration she was in but okay
now the president has said that some
things the Obama administration did that
he questions he says that the Obama

administration didn’t handle the swine
flu well he stalks about how it changed
changed some of the parameters of
testing well what do you think
well I don’t think the facts support

that assessment in fact what we do know
is that the SARS epidemic which happened
in the very beginning of the Obama

administration because actually SARS was
the Bush administration but we’ll let
you slide you got confused what we do
know is that the SARS epidemic which
happened in the very beginning of the

Obama administration because I was
Secretary of State at the time really
was a full-court press by the
administration yeah press that’s all she
did was press to be sure that at every

level not only national state and local
but globally the United States was part
of the response the Centers for Disease
Control had been given the

responsibility under the Obama
administration to be vigilant and try to
get ahead of where viruses like this
were formulating especially if they were
animal to people transmission viruses so

there was a lot that was done under the
Obama administration and in fact the
Trump administration severely cut back
the CDC budget cut back on this program

of overseas vigilance but I don’t think
it’s a time to point fingers whether
it’s from the past or from the present
what a horrible human being
lies says oh yeah heavy cuts in overseas

what’d you call it overseas monitoring
or something oh yeah that’s what but I
don’t want to point fingers you
shouldn’t point fingers me and hell

froze over as Hillary’s hair salon mate
they meet up in Peru where Pierre does
their hair down a bash on CNN first of

all before I continue I want to just
give you the dates on this the SARS
outbreak was 2002 yeah
shortly after 9/11 yeah to 2004 what is

she talking about
yeah well she doesn’t want to point
so I’ll do it here is her hair salon
maid Dana Bash Dinah Dana Donna Bosch on

CNN hell froze over I mean look this is
just coming back to where this
conversation started after the press
conference I here with Sanjay saying
about Tony pouchy giving you know a
little bit more wiggle room than others

but if you look at the big picture this
was remarkable from the president of the
United States this is a nonpartisan this
is an important thing to note and to
applaud from an American standpoint from

a human standpoint he is being the kind
of leader that people need at least in
tone today and yesterday in tone that
people need and want and yearn for in

times of crisis and uncertainty Wow Wow
didn’t see that one coming
Wow I think I think Hillary was having a
Joe Biden moment because I think MERS

I’m looking MERS up it was the murder
thing she’s talking about how about SARS
and MERS is totally different in the
Middle East and everyone got over here
wasn’t anything like so like the SARS
was which I just do want to point out

that the president has no she’s called a
national emergency
he has enacted the Stafford Act which
puts FEMA boots on the ground which may

or may not be good and FEMA they gotta
come in FEMA caps are coming a lot of a
lot of spooky business going on in FEMA

so I don’t know how much or how well
that can be controlled but then the
military production a defense act I
think it’s called this is a cool one and
I have to say what I I’m looking at this

now from now on out I’m just looking at
the PR aspects that’s why I like the
team that the the president has I like
dr. Burks I like the the Admiral foutch
II he talks too much then he’ll do

before you condemn foul Chi I will say
this foul she’s being condemned by the
right-wingers the left wingers I listen
to a lot of left we talk too

good talk and he’s been condemned
because he won’t confirm all the bad
news I don’t understand why she doesn’t
say we should be we should be under
lockdown and pouchy doesn’t do this how

she doesn’t do that yeah it’s hilarious
to listen to this stuff and I’m not a
fan of Falchi because you know he’s
benefited very very well over the years
from his research he I think he has

patents on many vaccines but in general
he started at Tuesday he started to
speak a little you know more positive

wasn’t kind of like I don’t know could
be forever you know now he’s and someone
has given him a little bit of training
there and then when the president it
just looks good when he says boom here’s
your hospital ship boom there’s one in

California that looks have you seen that
thing he’s a thousand beds it’s got
seven patients would be great more than
enough sweets but this is I agree with

Danna Bosch this is what people need to
see the scam is in most people in fact
99.9% of people do not understand
they’re very worried amygdala is already

swollen they’re only getting the
approved bullcrap online this we start
at the top of the show everything you
see is approved approved by the AI rules
or whatever it is so you’re not getting

the type of information we’re telling
you you’re not getting anything getting
anything nothing let’s do two more clips
to play all right I got pants I these
are both categories these as WTF clips

because they have some some element
that’s odd
this is pants who was the head of the
thing you know trying to do it this is
pants on closing the Canadian border
president as you all are were also

announced today that by mutual consent
the northern border to Canada will be
closed to non-essential travel this does
not include essential travel or transit
of goods but it was through a mutual

discussion that took place this morning
between the president
Prime Minister Trudeau and the
Department of Homeland Security will be
effectuating at that decision
whole thing was weird because the

Trudeau didn’t want to he wanted to let
Americans come back and forth to spend
money right but they stopped that okay
that’s not the the weirder the weirder
clip where there may be some truth wants
to come out is in dispensing fee mclubbe

as the president said last week in
signing the Stafford Act
he stood up the National Response
Coordination Center and today at the
president’s direction FEMA has gone to

level one FEMA’s mission is to support
disasters that are locally executed
state managed and federally supportive
locally as you hear that locally

executed no they’re just support
disasters hold on a second I’d no I did
not let me here you know as the
president said last week in signing the
Stafford Act

he stood up the National Response
Coordination Center and today at the
president’s Direction FEMA has gone to
level one FEMA’s mission is to support
disasters that are locally executed

state managed and federally supported
yeah I think you’re right it’s but it’s
is what I said as well they support this
that is locally locally executed

disaster they support yes yeah exactly
that’s what he said they support local
and our locally executed disaster it but
round here is the shut it’s the lockdown

that’s exactly what it is no brother
I mean FEMA is a black box man no one
really knows what FEMA does I mean they

we do we see the boots on the ground but
back in the day when I had had
registered this is in the day of
the Gopher server this is in the day it
was a headless it was at this a little

bit of lore the headless son three that
ran at did Jack’s did Jack’s was a in in
they were in Alexandria Virginia I think
no rest in Reston Virginia yeah yeah

Reston boop-boop motel
they were above a Chinese restaurant and
and these were just like dudes named Ben
and Robert see strim I’ve lost track of

him RS he said yeah you take a look
around and take a look at it you know
but you can’t go over there what’s that
that’s the FEMA it’s the FEMA black
boxes and they got all kinds of stuff
running on that and it was just you know

dark set of racks this is 92 93 and and
you know everyone everyone’s like aiya
this is when these guys come in we all
have to vacate you know we we can’t have

our guns in here if they come in that’s
all kinds of stuff going on so from then
from that point on I’ve always thought
whom FEMA more than just tents and
rubber boats I’d say right by the way

before we go to the segment yep I want
to try a – eye to eye so as I found good
good I’m ready for this oh you’re gonna
be short yep thank god this came from
the first one is cannot trust a hippie

this came from NCIS la you can never
trust I hit me this is an old school
slogan though this is you know never
trust a hippie wasn’t that was at the

Ramones who did the song never trust a
hippie I don’t know I like it I like it
do it then we have the other one which
is a competitor sorry but you have it
you found it yeah I know there’s a

political line I understand China’s
horrible awful nothing ever good was
real funny but it’s too long for a
leader this is the this is it’s dead
long is that the five-second when I

thought he had a shorter version Oh Oh
mate let me see this is five seconds
it’s the China never good iso okay we’ll
play it one more time I know there’s a

political line I understand China’s
horrible awful nothing have a good week
the other one you can never trust a
hippie no the other was so crystal clear

yeah just from the broadcasting
perspective it’s just but from a
broadcast perspective that hippie is a
little chopped off you can never trust a

hippie that is a fail
no I don’t think
so what are we going with well I mean if

you want to play the long five seconds
of it Bernie but I thought I’d clipped
it down to just above a bit red black
thing well I can do that
oops homie yeah why don’t we do that

whereas it cannot at China and never
good we can do that how about here
nothing have a good luck there or you
want it further back like here here here

we go mine is terrible awful nothing
ever good boys run over a lot yeah dad
now that’s the end of sheds with it here
I here this here this here this pine is
terrible awful nothing ever good wasn’t
overlock yeah okay sold sold sold sold

I’m putting it in let me just mark it
finest huh
yeah okay perfect all right and with
that I’m gonna show my food by donors
you too no agenda imagine all the people

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little more show to do today because I
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I think the beginning of the show
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80 yeah then you’re also immune to a lot
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hello everybody

it’s like a part
all right we have a couple things to
talk about before we wrap this up yep
yep with the bow uh first of all let’s

talk about the did you watch the debates
I did the audience the debates with no
it was a debates it was one debate and I
did watch it and I wondered why why we

have a woman from Colombia as a
moderator because Univision was the
co-sponsor of the debates I know but

what does Univision have to do with a
u.s. elections isn’t that a South
American company am I wrong that Mexican
I think oh then it makes total sense
okay well that was the first time they

did that or have they had other you did
that guy from unity Hyundai had that
other character okay the guy’s birthday
his Trump like this one didn’t hate
truck she was saying some crazy stuff

too wasn’t that the one who was like
hounding hounding Biden about Oh Bernie
about something maybe I think of it
you’ve gotten into it yeah you’ve got

the I got the the bickering clip which
is kind of funny this is this play that
this is the big best exchange the two
guys are bickering hanging hanging look

the idea that Bernie implies way way he
says things speaking of negative ads my
lord Bernie you’re on an ad saying I’m
opposed to Social Security the
politifact says there’s a stack flat

line and that the Washington Post said
is a flat line oh well let me ask you a
question Joe yeah you’re right here with
me yeah have you been on the floor of
the Senate you were in the center for a

few years yeah time and time again
talking about the necessity with pride
about cutting Social Security cutting
Medicare cutting veterans programs no
you’ve never said that no all right

America go to the website right now go
to the YouTube right now time after time
you were not a fan of bowles-simpson I
was not a fan of he went out a fan of

the balanced budget amendment which
called for cuts in Social Security come
on Joe
you walk look here’s the daughter’s talk
what did you tell the truth make
mistakes tell the truth you said that I

in fact I’ve why am i rated 96 percent
by the social security organizations why
am i beautiful I said I have laid out
how I will increase social let’s believe

that I have laid out how I’m going to
make a living that it is in fact paid
for okay go to Joe Biden look at this is
literally two guys in the park yelling

over checkers this is this is without
the video it’s that it is in fact paid
for okay go to Joe bite calm look at my

exchange with Paul Ryan on his desire to
try to privatize and or cut social and
understand how he manipulated comes all
right all right Joe let me repeat it
again I want you just to be straight

with the American I’m going to trap you
I am saying that you have been on the
floor of the Senate time and time again
talking about the need to cut Social

Security Medicare and veterans programs
is that true or is that no it’s not true
what is not true that is not true what
is true is in terms of the negotiations
are taking place how to deal with the

deficit everything was on the table I
did not support any of those cuts in
Social Security or in veterans whoa whoa
all right you’re right you just said it

including in your judgment cuts the
social security environment in order to
get the kinds of changes we need on
other things related totally but I don’t
see where we did not cut it I know

because of people like me help stop that
but Joe you just can’t predict oh you
just contradicted yourself oh you didn’t
get the best part all right go to the
YouTube know that was in there it was

right at the beginning I didn’t hear the
YouTube in that one you say it right at
the beginning of that yeah it was it
early in the clip oh there’s some reason
probably go to youtube know about

YouTube is it this what he may have said
die YouTube the idea that
the YouTube go to the YouTube I mean
who’s gonna vote for those guys well

either one of them but bernie is losing
it cuz he’s let it be let bite and
over-talk over him he dominated Bernie
and I think it hurt Bernie and if not if
that didn’t hurt Bernie I think here’s

where Bernie this 31 second clip I
believe this is what lost in any chance
of getting the nomination he just phases
he’s weak
he’s weak did China make progress in
ending extreme poverty over the last 50

years that’s a no that’s like saying
Jack the Ripper this is the problem we
can’t talk I know there’s a political
line I understand China’s horrible awful

nothing ever good boys I don’t realize
but the fact of the matter is China of
course is an authoritarian slide it’s
where I just said it’s a dictatorship
that’s what I just said five minutes ago
you know and by the way you know the

question that was asked quoted Barack
so really you think yes right yes okay
we did this a short clip we can play it
again I think he said you know you know

yeah first he said you know twice and
then he said I already said that I
already said that I said that five
minutes ago and then he goes on and on
and it’s just like he’s like weak he’s
like he’s he’s playing a defensive game

and he’s losing to Biden I mean the fact
that I think Biden kicked his ass in
this debate is that was it for Bernie
but this I thought epitomized it you can
play it play it again and you can just

sense the sense it says by he’s losing
it did China make progress in ending
extreme poverty over the last 50 years
NASA no that’s like saying Jack the
Ripper no it’s not this is the problem

we can’t talk I know there’s a political
line I understand China’s horrible awful
nothing have a good wasn’t a lot but the
fact of the matter is trainer of course

is an authoritarian slide that’s why I
just said it’s a dictatorship that’s
what I just said five minutes ago you
know and by the way you know the
question that was asked quoted Barack
Obama yeah the whole debate was just

useless it looked like two losers beyond
their sell-by date
yeah and that’s really how it felt like

oh man these guys and then it just kind
of got drowned in everything and you
have Biden was calling it Biden was
calling it Ebola and Bernie was calling

it’s ours and they could even say
coronavirus right it just didn’t make
any sense it was pathetic it was
pathetic it really was well Bernie has
now suspended his his campaign I believe

I didn’t hear this this is today yeah
yesterday I think the stubble is that
somehow Sanders suspends pretty sure

campaigning that we had his ass handed
to him on Tuesday let’s see what it says
Axios apologizes after falsely reporting

Sanders suspended presidential campaign
oh my god but he’s reading Axios who
shouldn’t be this is how it goes
Bernie Sanders has not suspend this

presidential campaign so whether you I
guess he deleted oh they deactivated the
20/20 campaign Facebook ads well that’s
a good way to win if that’s not a

suspension I don’t know what is but okay
well I’m talking about ads they do have
one clip I want to pull it get out of
the way well this will this is there’s a

house ad that chunk runs on Young Turks
hmm and this is a part of it and it’s
about how he really thinks that well he
thinks it’s a gyp that Bernie’s not

getting the nomination but he thinks
that the Democrats are gonna sweep and
yes and he’s very cocky about it this
guy is really uh this guy’s got skewed
he’s skewed individual but let’s play

the chink chink House ad hoc where’s the
line but we’ve crossed every line you
can imagine we are a socialist country

it’s socialism for the rich
not to know the truth just believe what
they tell you there is no bounce to
their monstrous hypocrisy petcock I
think we’re gonna win the Senate in 2020

and I think we’re gonna have the house
and I think we have the presidency
tick-tock and in 2020 we’re going to
clean your clock and we’re gonna run you
out of town and we’re gonna have an

actual democracy in this country
November 2020 it also be potentially the
greatest day of our lives
oh I’m glad you had you played this now
I now I figured it out he it makes total

sense he wants to be the Alex Jones of
the good guys that’s what he’s trying to
do here tick tock the whole music yeah
he’s totally trying to do it and I’ll

bet that’s why he hates Alex Jones so
much I can do that better I can do that
same thing but we’ll just make it for
the good guys the white hats do you
remember the time that chunk was doing
yeah they got really got into almost a

fisticuffs yeah and he was doing a live
spot at one of the conventions or
something in Jones and stone walked
right on there was set and made it be

under the set and just it was just it
was rude by the way but funny yeah well
I’m calling it I think we need to go

back to our battle stations as we
continue our lockdown situation you be
careful old man be careful old man
let me know we have to stop podcasting
podcaster stop podcasting and I say that

with love coming up next on no agenda
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when I gave it to you
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and we then decide what kind of a future
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for good life I went a lot of places and
did a lot of things that looking back on

it would be worried today one day I was

I think we were by no means perfect we
started being besieged by didn’t you say

don’t understand I’ve never understood
this all day

restriction lead to Rama fly in cases
Turton and to undermine that spreading

by risk all across the doctor nurse Jade
is in the Schengen zone the countries
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it’s gonna save

reimu-san it
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