No Agenda Episode 1227: “Boozing and Beefing”

night Adam curry
Jhansi Devore at Sunday March 21st 2020
this is your ward Whitney Gitmo nation
media assassination episode 1227 this is
no agenda cutting through red tape

broadcasting live from opportunities 33
here in the frontier of Austin Texas
capital of the drone star state in the
morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon

Valley where there’s virtually nobody on
the freeways next week at this time
they’ll be blood I’m John C Dvorak for
those of you who tuned in to feel calm

and serene that opening I’m sure helped
a lot blood in the streets stop it stop
it yes Edie
we’ll check in first how’s everyone

there when okay yeah it was fine yeah
okay well stir-crazy say they’re
not yet button by this time next week

for sure
my my niece has corona virus which nice
is this this is well it’s an is it Mike
so my cousin’s daughter is that a nice I
did you’re asking the wrong guy yeah is

this the one that told you you don’t
have a high enough security level no but
she could be one of those but no she’s
not that was pretty actually was pretty

harsh she a couple days she was very
sick yeah but she’s at home now so she
it looks like she’s gonna be okay did
she go to the hospital
oh yeah no she was in the hospital that

did the other had to take of the
hospital does she she was puking and a
fever and just not good
puking yeah that’s a new one I that was
not a part of the set as far as I’m not

a part of this set and every time
somebody brings something up you know
but as part of the set or somebody
ad-libs like Trump yeah said something
so jet PBS is all over him now I found
something that I picked up from

Chinese national you know Chinese
Communist Party news they were
describing the symptoms and they
included at least with the Wuhan version

that they had uh couldn’t junk to Vitus
isn’t that something with your eyes yeah
huh that’s interesting I only heard it

once that I only heard on the Chinese
Network what one has ever mentioned
conjunctivitis anywhere and I never
heard the puking part when you that
could have been part of fever could have

been anything I don’t know but she’s
tested and she’s tested positive I know
that we do seem to have a possible
off-ramp though in this in this whole
thing and there’s a lot of weird stuff
going on around it which brings into

question some of the team members that
we see on stage although a couple team
members appear to have been dropped as I
was watching over the weekend
no sooner that we talked on Thursday

about the chloroquine which had
apparently gone through a some small
trial in France no sooner had we talked

about it then the president came out and
pitched it and this this started off a
very unique set of events which I don’t
think has been picked up very well by

the m5m gee I wonder what no it was
picked up well let me give you the whole
piece of what was picked up or not
because it started off and I think this

was the right way to roll it out and and
let me back up the president is at a
degrade level for his for his briefings
they’re no good he’s not good at this

and it he just looks cavalier he gets
into little pissy fights of course
whenever you know whenever someone
lashes out at him about you know about

it being racist or whatever then we’re
not fast enough then he immediately goes
back to I shut down it’s just it’s not
helpful and no one cares he’s not he’s

not doing a good job at all in fact
who was doing kind of the pre-show to
Trump’s briefings to the past three days
people love him and he’s sitting at a

desk and he’s got a PowerPoint and he’s
going through things and he’s got his
and if his emergency outfit on and makes
it it makes him look very dare I say

presidential there’s even some noise now
that Biden and Bernie are a little
worried about how well he’s doing that
he could just jump in and save
everything wouldn’t that be crazy Tom

but Governor Cuomo yes yeah yeah he
stinks people like him I’m not saying I
like him but before we go on then why
don’t we let’s get this out of the way

okay which is the Cuomo versus Cuomo CNN
spat this is well worth it
curfew I don’t like the word curfew
maybe we should just set up for people

don’t know Governor Cuomo’s is his
brother yes brother
yeah his brother is Chris Cuomo from CNN
the and also known as the Cuomo kid
curfew I don’t like the word curfew dad

tried to have a curfew for me I never
got past the resentment but I do believe
you’ll see the numbers don’t slow your
problems with the curfew so these swaps

just thing you know I never fight you
violated the curfew all the time of
course the much pain but that’s a
different story
I don’t believe in rules Governor Andrew
Cuomo I appreciate you coming on the
show I love you I’m proud of what you’re

doing I know you’re working hard for
your state but no matter how hard you’re
working there’s always time to call mom
she wants to hear from you just so you
know yeah I called mom I called mom
before I came on this show by the way

she said I was her favorite she never
said good news is she said you were her
second favorite second favorite son
we both know neither of us are mom’s
first or second favorite in the family I

can’t believe you’re lying to my
audience you’ve blown the credibility of
entire interview I should have ended it
the second favorite son listen to the
word listen to politicians a very tricky
throw a word in there after the first

time you said it creates a lot of doubt
but I imagine you clarify me straight
across the plate stay straight across
the plate stay strong stay for your
people and I appreciate you being here I
love you brother

oh lordy what a jackass that’s what
these that all about I have no idea the
whole thing is out of calm yes it
doesn’t make a lot of sense and these

two guys either hey t so what would he
have him on the show for I think Chris
was resentful that he brought up that
somebody booked him I don’t know I was
like it okay who’s irked about something
and by the way did get a I so out of it

though okay
hold on a second oh I see it already yes
we’ll give it a shot here I don’t
believe in rules yeah possibility
possibility I may have something later

on for us to to counter that we’ll check
it out so the president wants to pitch
something he comes out and he first I
think does what would be appropriate

although he man he’s so bad he’s just
not getting the message out as a lot of
homina homina homina but he sets it up
by revisiting his right to try

legislation yes it was legislation
passed by both the House and the Senate
and that’s the precursor to what he is
going to pitch and you know one of the

things that I’m most proud of that I got
was right to try that’s where somebody
who’s ill somebody who’s very sick
terminally ill usually in past
administrations we signed us a year and

a half ago you wouldn’t be able to even
think about getting any of the drugs
that may be showing great promise now
and they’ve been trying for many decades
to get this approved and it sounds
simple but it’s not because it’s

liability involved and lots of other
things and I was able to get it approved
working with Congress right to try this
is beyond right to try what we’re
talking about today is beyond right to

try right to try and that would be
trying something off prescriptions that
what it’s called
I want to say oh your date off labeled

awfully that’s legal that’s legal but
you would write to try implies is that
off-label prescribing is legal
it’s done all the time and the doctors

do it and it’s an Department of
pharmaceutical companies like love it
like it that way cuz the thing of
labeling really Latins they love it
except if it’s out of patent and they
don’t own it they don’t love it then and

I think we’re going to see that popping
up this is about the Clark Quin which is
an anti malaria drug and I have another
doctors and explain exactly what it does

but here’s Trump pitching it but this is
me outright to try if treatment is known
to be safe in Europe Japan or other
nations are effective against the virus
will use that information to protect the
health and safety of American people

nothing will stand in our way as we
pursue any avenue to find what best
works against this horrible virus now a
drug called chloroquine and some people

would add to it hydroxy
hydroxychloroquine so chloroquine or
hydroxychloroquine now this is a common

malaria drug it’s also a drug used for
strong arthritis somebody has pretty
serious arthritis also uses this in a

somewhat different form it is known as a
malaria drug and it’s been around for a
long time and it’s very powerful and
it’s shown very encouraging very very

encouraging early results and we’re
going to be able to make that drug
available almost immediately and that’s

where the FDA has been so great they
they’ve gone through the approval
process it’s been approved and they did
it they took it down from many many
months to immediate so we’re gonna be

able to make that drug available by
prescription or States I spoke with
Governor Cuomo about it at great length
last night and he wants to be right on

he wants to be first on the line let’s
let’s just understand exactly what this
drug does dr. William grace is at one of
the he’s an oncologist but is it one of

the hospitals in New York that are
filling up forget which one it was for a
moment and he’ll explain in this
interview how though first how the virus

attacks the immune system and there’s
some kind of I guess relatively new
information about what is actually
happening why older people have issues
it not necessarily because you’re old

and decrepit but because of how you’re
mature your immune system is mature and
that is actually what creates a response
from which you can die one of the things
you have to realize here is there’s a

paradox and that the immune systems of
people who are very young are very
immature that’s why they get
vaccinations and as you get older you
get exposed to more and more of external

you know threats and so your immune
system matures even though your body
ages and maybe becomes weaker but your
immune system is not weaker there by the

many of the people who are dying from
kovat 19 pneumonitis are dying from what
we call in medicine a cytokine storm
where the immune system is basically

goes crazy in fighting the virus and
kills off a lot of healthy lung tissue
so that’s a little different than the
what we’ve heard so far but it makes

total sense
and there is a way to combat this and
that’s possibly with Clerkin and so the
way in which i’d roxy chloroquine works
is not only in some of its more

well-documented you know prevention of
the prevention of replication of the
virus but also it is an
immunosuppressive agent that’s why it’s

used in wilmut arthritis and lupus and
other inflammatory states to cool down
the immune system so it’s felt that it
probably works in two ways to as a
checkpoint against the cytokine storm

and to as a
ability to to inhibit replication of the
virus and despite what we’ve been
hearing and reading there had been

several tests done not the type that the
SDA would typically want but with
success and the doctor has some numbers
to back it up yes you’ll see that
articles in China there was a randomized

hundred-person trial there was a trial
in Japan and in South Korea and of
course the most recent and most exciting

data coming out of Marseilles France
where the combination of
hydroxychloroquine and as Ephraim Ison
managed to get 100% of the patients

disease-free I mean literally virus free
in in five days and the significance and
then again this data was weighted

against the success of the treated group
there were more men in the treated group
and do worse there were more older
people in the treated group and and the

older people do worse and there were
more people in the treated group with
pneumonia in the in the lungs and in
spite of that for the the people who got
the combination therapy did remarkably

well so well that the significance is
that there was less than one chance in
10,000 that the data was there by chance
alone and as you know in medicine today

we use one chance in 24 sophistical
significance but chances of less than
one chance in 10,000 is an extraordinary
outcome that’s why these doctors

published this work because they thought
it was morally imperative to save lives
you know in a perfect world you would
have a nice randomized trial and
everybody would digest it you know after

four or five or six months when it would
eventually appear in the New England
Journal of Medicine but they wanted this
out there now because they thought it
would save lives and my experience is
that in New York it is going to save

lives and the combination may save many
more lives so sounds like a cool
off-ramp that we could take and the
president in his two
fashion went out and said the following
with his usual caveats so those are two

that are out now essentially approved
for prescribed use and I think it’s
going to be very exciting I think it

could be a game-changer and maybe not
maybe not and maybe not but I think it
could be based on what I see it could be
a game-changer very powerful they’re
very powerful so I want every American

to know that we’re doing everything we
can and these actions are important next
steps I mean for the FDA to act the way
they acted with this kind of speed is an
incredible thing normally they’d say

well we can have it by next year now
here’s where it got interesting
so Trump does all this the FDA guy
standing behind him he’s looking a bit
like the CDC guy you know now that CDC
has effectively been taken out of the

equation because they screwed it up so
the FDA guys behind him he’s like yeah
you know he’s kind of looking like that
but then fout she takes the stage just
as with malaria it might be used as a

prophylaxis against co-offensive the
answer is no and and the the evidence
that you’re talking about John is
anecdotal evidence so as the
Commissioner of FDA and the president

mentioned yesterday we’re trying to
strike a balance between making
something with a potential of an ant of
an effect to the American people
available at the same time that we do it

under the auspices of a protocol that
would give us information to determine
if it’s truly safe and truly effective
but the information that you’re
referring to specifically is anecdotal
it was not done in a controlled clinical

trial so you really can’t make any
definitive statement about it
so dr. foutch she clearly has looked at
different data than the doctor at the
hospital in New York and he’s cutting it
well let’s stop for a second how she

brought this up but but this was a
rigged question and specifically had
nothing to do it with a guy in New York

had to say
yet because the questionnaire said is it
useful as a prophylaxis which is not a
medicine for treatment I think if you

said he specifically asked if it was a
prophylaxis and it’s foul she said no
and that’s what all that if you’d
listened to any of these clips from the
mainstream media they play the Trump
thing like you did then they they

skipped a question and they just play
Falchi saying no it’s no good and that’s
my point and that’s my big question is
rig that’s bullshit but that’s my point
my point is what what what people are
seeing is his answer I’ll make it a

little more clear I will point out that
he said that he specifically said now
the studies they’re anecdotal which I
think can be disputed that we’d like to

do big trials I’m just listening to what
he says then he did a round of media and
he went on Fox to walk some of it back
now from the briefing earlier today you
seem to dismiss the suggestion that

chloroquine an anti-malaria medication
can have much of an effect and if I
heard you correctly said we just haven’t
had enough time to figure that out is
that an accurate reading on your answer

for that indication you know I’m not
dismissing it at all and I hope that
that that interpretation was in
widespread what I said that we don’t
have definitive proof that it works so

what we need to do since there are
suggestions anecdotally that it works
try to get it available but to do it in
the context of a protocol where we go we

accomplish two things we make something
that’s maybe hope and promising for
someone at the same time we determine
whether or not it’s safe and whether or

not it actually does work I wasn’t
dismissing it I was saying we need to be
careful so he wants to be careful wants
to slow it down wants to take their time

and it wasn’t until I saw him being
interviewed by the most important man in
the universe that I realized that he may
have a second agenda because this is not

the only compound that is being tested
and getting ready for treatments out
she’s probably got a pat
on something else so who do you think
interviewed him who of all the world’s

celebrities the most important man the
man we all should look to as our hero
our Savior we really need to hear from
him Don Lemon close Mark Zuckerberg
cuz of course Mark Zuckerberg has to

interview everybody from his doing
interviewing anybody well I’ll tell you
one thing
what’s because we don’t have video he’s
gonna start off and he has problems with

his IFB and so he’s wife out she is
speaking Zuckerberg has taken this thing
out of his ear foul she still has the
IFB is a inter fold what it would extend

for again how I can’t even remember the
possible intercom fold back so the
control room can talk to you in the
control room and we see this happening

that yeah instead of talking to the host
they talk to the guests and things go
wrong look what happens at the beginning
of this interview everyone and thanks
for joining I’m here today with dr.
Anthony Fauci who is the director of the

National Institute for allergies and
infectious disease and is the nation’s
top infectious disease expert who’s
involved in leading our response against
the corona virus so dr. pouchy thank you

so much for for joining today and I was
hoping that we could just get started
maybe you could tell us about where we
are with the situation overall where are
we with the spread of this and in the

overall government response well we are
certainly still in the escalation phase
of this outbreak mark as you know
globally different countries are at

different phases of the outbreak China
got hit very early on which was the
origin of where the virus first came out
in Ron yeah what’s it we okay yeah okay

so I just wanted to tell you what
happened there so by the way it’s
interrupted back is what is B stands for
he mentions China origin and China and

immediately someone’s yelling in the
wrong IFB namely his it’s the timing is

any got hit very early on which was the
origin of where the virus first came out
in Ron yeah
what’s it okay yeah I’m telling you
someone was saying hey get him off of

China tell him not to talk about China
and China
I’m sure Facebook has some agenda which
is why I watched this dumb interview
wait a minute let’s back up a minute
where was this interview was played on

Facebook yes and I got a copy
I have Beezus hands or what people
normally do in the podcast no it was Pro
it was Pro I F bees yeah and he was at

some office maybe so they had so they do
what you just the people should know
this what Adams describing here these
things were only used in professional

environments where you have your usually
a lavalier mic and then you have this
thing in your ear which is us which is
curiously a sound audio device that
doesn’t have any electronics in it

successfully in the back it’s got a
little speaker that’s with a tube but
the tube of sound this particular sound
really literally sound yes and it goes
into the and I don’t and I think the

reasons for that are varied but they
that’s what they do and and it’s used so
the control-room can punch a button and
talk right to you individually you or
Zuckerberg or fight you who every year

who’s got these things plugged in and
they will tell you stuff as you’re
talking and and really good the people
that are very talented with it I’ve been
here can actually tell an entire story
from scratch from somebody talking in

their ear yes they’re that and use I’ve
seen it happen I think I can almost do
but it’s it’s very uncanny to watch if
you and so so what what the situation is

here is that because it was set up for
pros but this is not a real pro
environment somebody probably pushed the
wrong the wrong button and so instead

and so mark first had to get rid of it
because it was guess something was
squawking in his ear and then
the minute Fouts he says the origin and
China booms someone’s on the inner and I

see this happen a lot these hitting the
wrong buttons because and it’s writing
is relatively new that they’re really
pushing guests and prompting them I’m
just seeing it more and more certainly

on Fox in this arena is not new and
broadcasters know I’m seeing more of the
guests being prompted more more of it oh
and yeah a Fox in particular in

particular but then Zuckerberg of course
spoke to many scientists because you
know he and Elon Musk and Tim Cook
they’re all going to save the world

because they’re all meeting and doing
important things
curiously they’re not hams I’m not so
Zuckerberg might be and and that’s where
foutch II of course with his guard down

because what the hell is this it’s on
Facebook I think he lets the cat out of
the bag remember we’re talking about him
purposely slowing down the approval of
chloroquine although I think the

president has pretty much just buffaloed
his way through and and there are
already a lot of doses on the way to New
York and he and Cuomo have a deal I
think that he’s gonna try it so here is
Falchi I talk to a lot of scientists now

who basically you know all have
hypotheses of compounds or or things
that they love to get tested what do you
what would you like to see have happen
there to prioritize which ones are the

are the most optimistic and what do you
think what that strategy overall well
it’s a great question cuz it’s exactly
happening and I like the strategy so
there are a number of already approved
drugs or drugs that have been developed

but almost approved not quite the foods
that are now being looked at because of
initial either in vitro or animal data
work the jesting that they may be

helpful give you some examples there’s a
drug called REM desapear
which is a drug that was developed by
Gilead as an antiviral we tried it in
Ebola it didn’t work as well as some of

the other drugs but it’s there what
we’re gonna do now is their clinical
trials going on right now
both in China and in the United States
the see if it works it’s likely that one

or more these drugs and there are
several are going to be out there to see
an already developed drug if it can work
another one is interesting there’s a lot
of buzz on on the on the internet about

this Oh mind you John it’s not something
the president suggested there’s a lot of
buzz on the internet if it can work
another one is interesting there’s a lot

of buzz on on the on the internet about
this and that is a drug called
chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine which
is a drug that’s been approved for
decades very cheap that film you learned

earlier yeah used in malaria and used in
certain autoimmune diseases like lupus
there’s some indication in the test tube
that it might have some activity yes

they said today that they are gonna see
if we can do some expanded use access
getting people who might want to use it
off-label namely since it’s an approved
drug so your point is extremely well

taken I don’t know man
that sounds like that sounds like a
Pharma shield douchebag besides that the
chloroquine is what he was saying
doesn’t work and it was just antic total

oh yeah now now it’s in the test tube
and it’s big on the internet through
promising and there’s a buzz and that’s
the buzz on the Internet
dude he’s already in trials he is

already in trials with remedy severe and
he should know because the vet he’s very
own where he comes from National
Institute of Health did a study in 2005

with coronavirus on primates with
incredibly high success rate now I don’t
know if they if he’s gone back and
looked at his own research but it’s
there but no no this is just a test tube

was on the internet this clip by the way
where he said he mentioned chloroquine
as if he’d never heard of it after
blasting it is ludicrous and by the way
this is the stuff that JC took I mention

we mentioned this before to get rid of
his corona virus which he believed he
had a case of and he we looked into and
found chloric when he says the
downside to chloroquine which is never
mentioned by these people and I believe

was one of the reasons why thought she
was not saying anything positive about
in the earlier press conferences is that
you have to have a lot of blood tests
and make sure it’s not damaging your
liver and so you got up you got your

right there you got your own no
liability oh my god what we’re gonna do
well there’s also and I’ve received so
many emails from people thank you
producers everywhere give me all kinds

of and we have producers and interesting
places which we’ll find out later it
also apparently can has side effects of
really weird dreams could cause some

depression and it’s not it’s not without
side effects obviously but it that
brings me to the clip I want to play
because they’re not Marines it into
integrator focus okay which is the

report the updated the co vid PBS this
is the covin report update number one
I’ve got two it’s a two-parter this is
PBS going through and giving us a

briefing on what’s going on and how
everybody’s full of crap and trumps a
bad guy more of the country is closing
down tonight trying to contain the
corona virus pandemic New York State and
Illinois have now joined California in

taking that step with more states
expected to follow meanwhile President
Trump invoked emergency powers to move
medical supplies into place as quickly
as possible as US infections top 15,000

with more than 200 deaths william
brangham begins our country in much of
california stay at home orders have
already brought much of public life to a

halt and today those orders expanded
governor Gavin Newsom asked the entire
state 40 million people to stay home he
cited an analysis that half the state

could be infected in the next eight
weeks if more aggressive moves weren’t
taken so he ordered that nothing but the
most essential activities continue we
will have social pressure that will

encourage people to do the right thing
just a nod and look saying hey maybe you
should reconsider just being out there
on the beach being 20
too strong at a park it’s time for all

of us to recognize as individuals and as
a community we need to do more to meet
this moment it’s unclear how the new
orders will be enforced but it’s one of
the most drastic containment efforts

underway across the country another huge
effort New York Governor Andrew Cuomo
ordered every employer in his state to
keep their workers at home 100% of the

must stay home these are non-essential
services essential services have to
continue to function
grocery stores need food pharmacies need
drugs your internet has to continue to

work the water has to turn on when you
turn the faucet
so there are essential services that
will continue to function
yes oh that was the end of that was the

end of it yes I’m sorry I remember
cutting it now is waiting for more yeah
or I may have lost my connection the
Internet continues to work well anyway

so that’s kind of the lead in it so now
we go into like the detailing some of
the issues going on and we do we include
the foul Qi denying the chloroquine
thing now we also have Trump being

condemned condemned for his description
of the disease itself an Illinois
governor issued a shelter-in-place order
effective tomorrow these states have
seen a surge in kovat 19 cases and they

along with Washington State are the
hardest hit in the country their
hospital systems are already being
stressed and critical protective
supplies are running low the White House

offered is some forms of relief today
President Trump’s that he had invoked
the defense production act and directed
certain companies to change their focus
and produce supplies needed for the

coronavirus fight and the president also
announced an extension to the April 15
tax filing deadline we’re moving it all
the way out to July 15th no interest no
penalties your new date will be July

15th in the move to stem the spread of
the virus across countries he announced
the u.s. and Mexico had agreed to close
down the southern border to
non-essential travel but in what turned

into a testy contentious press
conference the president also said
several things that are factually wrong
for example he cited the wrong symptoms
for kovat 19 they’re seizing this

sniffling they don’t feel good they have
a temperature they’re a lot of different
things actual symptoms are fever but
also dry cough and trouble breathing
sneezing and sniffling or not
did you put that in like whoa they get

creative over there he implied that an
unproven anti-malaria drug could prevent
infection there’s zero proof of that one

of his top health officials dr. Anthony
foul she had to correct the record
moments later the answer is no wow and
contrary to all public health guidance

that the president implied the US didn’t
need additional testing for the virus
very positive things about testing it’s
able to test millions of people but we
inherited a broken old frankly a

terrible system we fixed it and we’ve
done a great job
I am I very appreciate your 1930s
throwback sound effects it really does

spruce it up a little bit
before we continue because I think we
can go down this path for a bit I’ve
done a lot of research into the two

questions that keep getting asked over
and over again and there’s a disconnect
with I think the American public at
large somehow people in America believe
that the federal government is your mom

and dad and has everything under control
and can just do anything anything you
need because we’re America we can get
for you and it starts with the masks
question and what is I’ve not I’ve yet

to find a single report where someone
honestly says masks were no longer
produced in the United States they were
produced in China China withheld masks

and gowns from shipping to the United
States no one reports on that honestly
and fairly you know we have companies in
the United States who make orde-lees

stockpile construction masks and that’s
right in the president’s backyard so he
called up his his builder buddies and
said hey I’m gonna get you a liability
waiver for these so you can hand them

over to the hospitals that’s happening
there’s now manufacturing in without
having to invoke the defense production
act which everyone is pushing for come

on come on come on cuz you know that’s
the war machine just wants yeah we can
force people to do stuff I mean while
the companies are money the companies
are gladly doing it they’re doing
everything they can they’re donating

masks that people are changing that
they’re tooling so they can create you
know ventilators or to jerry-rig them so
it’s a lot of interesting things going
on but you know the the government has
is trying to connect the states and the

hospitals where they can get the masks
you don’t want the government in between
still it’ll match it let’s say here we
can get you this but we here talk to
them directly buy it and get it in and
this is being presented as the Trump

orange man bad he screwed it up it could
completely then let’s talk about that
which is the testing and the testing
truly went wrong with the CDC and at

this point I’m almost want to think that
they did it on purpose and so we lost
some time but now when you get down to
how this is being spun we have yet a new
piece to this which is just a head

shaker and almost for me confirms that
the elites know we’re on the tail end of
this we’re going to come out okay
because when you can politicize to the
angle and degree the joy read does on

MSNBC with I think another blatant lie
in there that I mean then you either
have no scruples and you don’t give a
crap or you know that we’re getting

towards the end the fact that we also
have an outbreak where the president
United States did not take seriously his
own intelligence community saying no
this is gonna be bad again the
intelligence community no names no

agency names no the intelligence
community the same ones what do we just
have recently the intelligent oh yes
that Russia was already hacking our
election turned out to be kind of

exaggerated no apparently these Intel
agencies are back and they’ve got news
seriously his own intelligence community
saying no this is gonna be bad members
of the Intel community in the Senate if

Intel committee in the Senate knew it
was gonna be bad only told rich donors
didn’t tell everyone
meanwhile only told rich donors can you
believe this shit this is insane
donors didn’t tell everyone else

meanwhile the president is downplaying
something that his media his affinity
media you know picks up his line that
it’s nothing that it’s a hoax now these
are the same older of course he never

said that but that’s now where the
narrative is set and cast and it’s in
stone forever he said the whole thing
was a hoax no he didn’t but ok this is

not what it is a hoax now these are the
same people who tend to be older and who
tend to live in states that don’t have
health care Washington Post reports one
in eight Trump voters the county will

not stop what state what is the state
nicknamed me the state that has no
health care what are they talking about
there’s no doctors there’s no hospitals

just listen it’s only 30 more seconds
you you’ll wet yourself listening to
what she’s saying here
yeah there’s no health care these are
the same people who tend to be older and
who tend to live in states that don’t
have health care Washington Post reports

one in eight Trump voters lives in a
County with no ICU beds many Trump
voters live in states that refused to
expand the Affordable Care Act so people
without a lot of money don’t have any

health insurance how lopsided could we
wind up seeing this outbreak become
doctor jaw because Donald Trump’s own
followers are now behind the curve and
joy to your point I mean there is no

doubt about it that we’re gonna have a
lot of states that have not invested in
Medicaid that have not invested in in
making sure everybody’s covered that are
gonna have real problems this is gonna
be a national challenge that we’re all

gonna have to work on I’m just shaking
my head you don’t care about people joy
read whatever you’re doing here is not
sincere its political its political and
you’re saying that oh yeah will trump

basically why don’t you say Trump people
they’re gonna die
they’re just gonna die because they’re
dumb that tend to be older I’m not sure
what that is do you tend to be older or
is that just on Thursdays yeah come on
and then of course we have a a group of

never Trump errs what’s the name of this
group it’s
Republicans for the rule of law and they
and they have a time line ad which is on

the internet I have not seen it on
television yet but apparently it’s an ad
for television it is a 60 second and
it’s a time line where they go that will
you see on the screen all these

different clips of Trump and when you
hear – that’s the counter of cases going
up and the dates changing and he’s lying
and he’s no good the words about a
pandemic get this going or not at all a

concern do
well we putting my shut it down a lot of
people think that goes away in April we
have contained this I won’t say airtight
the pretty close to airtight it will be

down to close to zero it’s going to
disappear like a miracle it will
disappear they can have vaccines I think
relatively soon you’re not taking this
seriously enough at CNN the president

say for example he’s gonna continue with
with political rallies is this sending
the right message I’m going to a rally
there’s no reason that you shouldn’t go
hands in our line of work you shake

hands no I don’t take responsibility at
all divided something that we have
tremendous control of acculturating your
response to this crisis
I’d read it at 10 this is a pandemic I

felt it was a pandemic long before I was
called a pandemic so you know Trump may
have made massive mistakes he may have

done genius work I don’t know I don’t
want to hear it from him and I don’t
want to hear it from the media until we
have a handle on this
this is counterproductive and I’m gonna
remember these people the Republic rule

of law Republicans with fu it’s
unbelievable so either they really know
that this is almost over or they just
not human beings it’s pretty bad and you

know they’re condemning him for shaking
hands this is a good one
there is a this seems to be to me a very
strong this is a worldwide phenomenon

this isn’t just here or getting this
kind of weirdness you have the
toilet-paper phenomenon and you have
that shut down everything shuttered and
it’s almost second test run to see can

we if we had a one-world government
could we all pull together in the same
way right one edict is that possible I
wonder let’s find out well this I’d love
to get to those theories in a moment

just a few more things I think it kind
of starts with South Korea South Korea
is the shining light the beacon of how
to do it right and their death rate is
extremely low

now that they’ve tested quite a lot
that’s how the death rate works or the
morbidity rate
I caught an interview with the South
Korean Foreign Minister a charming lady
and I have three clips that pertain to

what we’re talking about here starting
off with their strategy we have a very
good health care system to begin with we
have a system that is highly wired as
you can imagine and fully utilizing that

we have dealt with this this outbreak
from the very beginning with you know
just full transparency and that’s the
way we’ve won the public trust and

support for this and
as you say we are seeing a stabilizing
trend for three days in a row the number
of newly confirmed positive cases is
smaller than the number of those fully

cured and released so their curve is
trending down true or not doesn’t matter
they can show a graph and people believe
it interestingly they went through the
same curve we did with testing well

first of all testing is central because
that leads to early detection
it minimizes further spread and it
quickly treats those found with the
virus and I think that’s the that’s the

key behind our very low fatality rate as
well I think the the our system quickly
approved the the testing system after
the Chinese authorities released the

genetic sequence of the virus in
mid-january our health authorities
quickly conferred with the the the
research institutions here and then and

shared that result with the
pharmaceutical companies who then
produced the reagent and the equipment’s
needed for the testing and so I think

our testing is nearly a quarter of a
million at this point at 2020 six to
eight thousand as of today so we had a
similar issue where the CDC received the

the data they created the test their
test was no good now why I don’t know
you can’t necessary of course that’s
being blamed on Trump because of some
vague replacement of people in the

National Security Council bullcrap
the CDC fumbled it I’m gonna just
presume that that was a an accident and
then about this it happens it happens
and then Trump went to the FDA yeah

which is that everyone’s all up and
eyeball okay we should have good South
Korea look what the ad authoritative
couple of things find at that number

wasn’t useful which is they only tested
250,000 people be thank you that is like
less I mean their population is 50
million our population is 350 million so
have that when when the CDC had to do

testing it wasn’t for gonna be for a
measly 250,000 people it had to be for
at least a million or two and so that
there’s all these that just out of whack
though this comparison with South Korea

and everyone wasn’t doing the comparison
because it makes Trump look bad
but the comparison is just out of whack
it makes no sense but okay let’s just do
a korea’s better than we are
and by the way if anyone thinks that

korea so great watch the movie parasite
and see how these lower classes live it
was after all your favorite movie of the
year so the CDC has a centralized system
where you you know you have to send them

back they have to process it and I
believe it was the President himself who
said okay no good bypass it rewrite the
rules scrapped the regulations we have
to have the commercial labs doing it the

commercial labs still have to test they
all have different systems we got one in
Austin I think already has the home swab
so that was very smart to do that for a
number of reasons although maybe not so
smart because man do you really want to

see the numbers go up and make everybody
crazy now that we’re being tested
because they go up and it looks like
we’re all gonna die on the same by the
same token the morbidity rate goes down
with the more cases that you can show on

the testing I received an email from a
dude named Ben in a lab he wants to be
anonymous for obvious reasons longtime

producer of the show
listening since before episode 200 a
show he says I as a dude named Ben at a
major Clinical Laboratory was shown a

report of the positive cases of corona
virus that have passed through our lab
after having processed tens of thousands
of swabs over the last two weeks the

real rate of positive cases we have
found is less than 0.1% you don’t get

from the numbers were being shown though
I thought that was an interesting data
point data points are getting gonna come
out and the whole thing is gonna be
embarrassing final clip from the South
Korean Foreign Minister and I think this

is this is the template this is where we
may be going we already see the logo out
they did not quarantine people and they
have chosen for a different path which

I’m quite confident will be recommended
here very soon the other thing that you
do of course is that you monitor people
afterwards you’re not going into the
same kind of lock down the social

exclusion that a lot of European
countries are but instead you’re
monitoring people by phone app again can
you explain why you’re doing that
and not closing down large chunks of
your country well I think this is being
faithful to the values of our very

vibrant democracy with you tracking
people is the core of our very vibrant
democracy I mean this needs to go down
in history pull it back a little bit

that’s too good well I think this is
being faithful to the values of our very
vibrant democracy which is which is open
and and you know the government fully in

the service of the people and I have to
say our public is very demanding and
require you know did you know expects
the highest standards from government
services and I think this is the key the

drive of our of our of our response to
this and they’re not the only ones lots
of countries are now doing this we know
about China but we actually have a promo

reel for the trace together app from
Singapore play your part in fighting
Kovac 19 with just two simple steps one
downloaded drinks together and help

those around you to set it up to turn on
your Bluetooth and it is as simple as
get peace of mind for you and your
family to a community-driven contact

tracing trace together helps contact
tracers notify you more quickly if your
close contact with a Kovac 19 case
whether or not you know the person but
how does it work trace together uses

Bluetooth signals to determine when your
phone is near another phone that also
has the app installed both phones
exchange anonymized IDs which are then
stored in encrypted form only on your

phone if the user gets infected with
Kovac 19 he or she will be asked to give
contact tracers access to the trace
together data a list of anonymized IDs

that your phone has been close to and
that’s really it
no geolocation or other personal data is
collected the anonymized IDs for help
contact traces quickly identify and

contact people at high risk of infection
to provide care and prevent the spread
of the disease take this time to 1
download trace together and help those

around you to send people on board
halfway through I zoned out completely

then I heard or say turn on your
Bluetooth a second time I said wait a
this is just going around and around in
a circle so it is the worst and the
music oh yeah it’s trying to do

hypnotize the public so I’m pretty I’m
very sure that we’re going to first of
all the cashless society is happening I

know we had a little disagreement about
that on the last show how are we still
doing the newsletter you said maybe
we’ll see this and I have a picture
after picture after picture of people

snapping shots of point of sale that
says no cash coronavirus we want to take
ultimate responsibility careful for our
employees and our customers no cash card

only so it’s going to be very easy to
cash and because it was Ted dross the
Ethiopian that at the World Health
Organization who said it I take that

very seriously he’s also the guy that
said morbidity rate of three point four
and it will go down drastically over
time but no one ever reports that so
just taking it to it’s forget about the

app and it’ll be very interesting to see
what people like me will have to do I
think you automatically just get a mark
it’s like well you don’t have a
smartphone you just read on the map no
matter what this stay-at-home concept is

going to get legs we’re going to see
stay-at-home as a solution to things
certainly we’ve all trained and we’ll
all have an app or multiple apps or

maybe your phone will have it built-in
it’s time to stay home cower in place
this will come back maybe next year you
know we’ll have another we’ll have
another one of these we’re going to go

through it because we’re not going to
the the end times yet there’s way too
much money to be made but for sure you
can count on the messaging coming that
because we all stayed home co2 levels

drop dramatically there was much less
pollution in the air you might have
looked up and you saw was a beautiful
blue sky and I think we’ll have maybe
quarterly stay-at-home days no oh yeah

oh yeah because we have proof that
staying at home saves the climate we
will have staying at home weekends or
days or weeks it’s coming and well I
hope not

there has to be a reason for this it’s
not in the numbers and I want to remind
everybody of this clip that I played on
the pre I won’t play the whole thing
this clip I played on the last show at

the top some of the tech world’s biggest
names announced they are joining
together to combat the spread of
misinformation about the corona virus on
their platforms in a joint statement
released by Microsoft Facebook alphabets

Google and Twitter
the tech giant said they will work
together to quell misinformation yeah
and let me tell you the extent that this
is going so someone posts something on

medium a good
article about the numbers the numbers
that we’ve been talking about for
several weeks that they don’t really add
up is to the response removed by medium
blocked by Twitter

someone tried to send me information
chloro chloroquine yeah the document
that he shared on Google Drive his own

Google with Google Drive and I went to
the link and it says sorry this document
violates our community standards or
Terms of Service is not available I mean

come on that’s private sharing that
they’re now into what they’re what
they’re digging into private sharing on
Google know on Google Drive so these are
going through your dry so in other words
what you’re telling me is that if

somebody has private information that
they’re putting on Google dry their
scandal is actually going through it yes
it’s interesting you say that because as

I was this you know my head and my brain
started worrying this morning around
3:30 and woke up and I was thinking like
that is so messed up just imagine what
kind of profile you could build off of

someone off of your Docs and your Gmail
I bet you could build a pretty good
profile of somebody just by looking at
their email well that’s another good

reason not to use either system I used
Google email for one reason only I don’t
know how you’re gonna profile this I use
it because like it’s easiest way to send

you a block eclipse yes and that’s
pretty much all I use it for and that’s
all I use it for you and I don’t use
Google Docs and all very possible that
if you said what I want to and I have a

hard disk I can buy a terabyte drive I
can buy an 8 terabyte drive at Costco
for 150 bucks I understood my stuff in
Google’s cloud from aptus took the

borrow to block to block
so the censorship is on and for some
reason we’ve put all of our faith than
no one questions that they’re that

they’re blocking in just articles just
in from
an article about the numbers is taken
down by medium block by Twitter on
Facebook I don’t know what’s going on

there Instagram and and then the the
Google Drive it just blew me away so now
that could have been well I’m gonna
remain skeptical about the Google Drive

why I mean I talked to the guy he said
this is what I sent you and we and you
know the test is there I have the the
link and I open up the link and I get

this block I need to see one more piece
of evidence so this is what’s going on
and it’s just not some bug or a alright
or something was done done wrong because

I took us to do that now it’s doable
I’ve never seen a competitor a community
Terms of Service block from from a
Google Drive that’s that that’s the
community of to one person sharing

there’s no community it’s just a draw
it’s just that file in this cloud that
you’re given to you yeah where’s the
community here let me let me go well I
guess it community of everyone at
Google’s looking at it yeah okay

actually the so here it is is from Jay
Donnell you know Jay Donnelly plaque
Anil used for anti malaria and lupus

drug is his as ex-wife was on in the
mid-90s isn’t interesting doc about it I
click on the doc
it opened on the link it opens up we’re
sorry you can’t access this item because

it is in violation of our Terms of
Service sorry in our community standards
Terms of Service with a link to Terms of
Service which of course takes you in a
rabbit hole so wait wait wait so a
document about some old product that is

being sent to you specifically how
what’s worse the terms of service on
this in terms of services good maybe the

guys had he’s got too much stuff up
there or something okay dream on Dvorak
I’m just I’m just dream on it’s it’s
almost hard for me to believe and I’m a

that Google is digging through Google
Docs they’re doing it by Machine mm-hmm
I mean because you can’t do it by hand
well now recall that they said in that

in that that clip that I didn’t play
fully they said we’re because people are
can’t you know can’t work because
they’re at home which is a total lie

because all of these content checkers
work from home they’re contractors
through third parties we’re switching on
the AI and a lot of stuff might get DD
platform D listed unfairly but we won’t

be able to do anything yeah we won’t be
able to do anything about it
for now though I mean well even so let’s
stop this stuff let’s even drop that if

it’s a docx file that you put in your
folder and your cloud that you’ve rented
or bought or you paid for it’s part of
your system or your service and it’s

just a single file that’s talking about
something and he sends it to you where’s
the violation of the Terms of Service I
don’t know
it sounds to me oh there but here’s the

mistake hold on a second it sounds to me
as though they’re fishing through files
that they have no business fishing
through that are closed files that are
on their on their cloud their cloud is

completely useless to anyone who cares
about anything if that’s true so you
have a filing from your attorney that’s
talking about some some strategy for
your divorce settlement Google now knows

about it are you gonna tell me there’s
gambling going on there stop it
you can’t feign this at this surprised
this is disgusting him welcome welcome

citizen let’s look at the the racist
angle for a moment this is really being
played hard and heavy San Diego racist

this race before you go to the racist
thing and I want to go there but I want
to get the one I have a foul cheek oh
but when I get out of the way right sure

this is foul Chi
you know they’re asking him crazy stuff
fun for first of all Judy is trying to
set foul she have to say something bad

about Trump and he won’t do it orange
man bad so but but he goes into this
other thing which is kind of interesting
this is well let’s start with the Judy
versus thought you here’s Judy trying to

get file cheated that she by the way
looks like she’s getting old she looks
like she’s it looks like the painting in
her basement has fed somebody stole it
and started punched say say it again the
painting in her basement what the

painting in her basement which kept kept
her kind of youthful is like been
destroyed and she’s like aging on the
spot from fretting well it’s possible
she’s an old woman who was fretting a la

disco de Factory Reuters is reporting
today that the first cases of kovat 19
reported in the United States and South
Korea on the same day January the 20th
but in South Korea they moved very

quickly they had testing made available
manufacturers are available within days
they move very quickly to identify who
had kovat 19 the
story in the United States has been a

lot slower it’s this country is still as
you’ve said not ready with tests
everywhere they’re needed what has gone
wrong here not just with testing but
with all the equipment and the
preparation and the social distancing

that that didn’t get implemented until
the last few days to be fair I don’t
think that something has gone wrong
obviously nothing was perfect with
regard to the testing we’ve gone over
that over and over again about initially

the system that we use for testing from
the CDC developing a test Frank getting
it to the public health of our eyes was
not designed to the broad type of

high-throughput testing that goes out
for the country we are now really in
that arena now let’s look forward as
opposed to back that’s working but the
other things we’re doing I think that we

are actually being and have been quite
aggressive I mean whenever you have an
outbreak if you look at the history of
outbreaks it’s a little bit like the fog
of war
I mean people try to do the right thing

and sometimes they get it right right
from the beginning
sometimes they correct and really go I
would think where we are right now in a
good place it isn’t perfect by any means
we still have to get more equipment and

we’re doing something to get more
equipment we still need to make sure
that testing is much more available but
it’s getting there really rapidly
so it shuts her down I mean she’s

obviously I was actually the nicest I’ve
heard him about about testing he’s
explained it many different ways
well we messed up you see what we we
made a mistake I’ve heard that he’d said

that in in the house I think and I think
he sense that he was being set up and so
he got his hackles up and he just
defended the whole situation because

I’ve heard to her the way she’s asking
these questions she has turned into a
very negative hyper liberal progressive
reporter she’s not listen to the teaser
this is what this is what this PBS’s

audience is supposed to be the
intellectual the inteligencia supposed
to be all these people that are running
them you know that the smart people are
supposed to listen to PBS and they’re
being fed stuff like this Judy teaser

still to come on the news hour warning
signs the critical days ahead as the
virus spreads through the US I should
mention the movie Contagion which is

such beautiful predictive programming
for this event and I remember this
because we went through it with a
fine-tooth comb in 2010 2011 was
considered that it was a CDC slash NIH

pouchy Ian Lipkin we was that time was
the CDC director they were all

consultants on this film and they went
through 12 script rewrites he remembers
talking about that and I think we have
said this is this is a set up I wish I
could find what show that was but it was

2010-2011 timeframe these people I’ve
become very very cynical and skeptical
about what I’ve just everything I’m

seeing now is there’s too much of this
if they really were worried why would
they keep pushing this this Trump in the
end the the racist thing I mean here is

an accounting member San Diego and well
go ahead I just want to say before you
go and
the racist thing which I you know we can

do I want to say that goes it seems to
me it seems to me because of your mo
facts podcast mm-hmm it seems to me that
there’s a desperation and the Democrats

are worried sick that there’s gonna be a
few blacks voting for Trump or they
bought a pound this home or not voting

for Democrat or not voting at all yes
not voting at all but no I don’t think
it I think it’s I think they’re feared
that the voting for Trump is I think if
they don’t vote it also hell are you

gonna do but if they vote for Trump
there’s some sort of I think it would be
very upsetting to that because Johnson
promised a black vote to the Democrats
for the next 100 years he was a liar to
60s a lot of lying in Texas I’m telling

you like I said he said with I’m gonna
deliver the black vote to the Democrats
for the next 100 years and then you push
the civil rights like they did a bunch
of other things and they be that was the

guarantee and now they’re fearful that
the blacks are gonna go ahead these guys
haven’t done jack shit for us yeah
that’s kind of the kind of the thinking
the a das definitely are thinking hey

this is not we’re not we’re not
participating in this I don’t know how
many are gonna vote for Trump but I’m I
think the Democrats are dumb enough to
think that but the end and the

Republicans are also probably dumb
enough to think it

we have the best producers all right is
it time can I go now to the sorry you’re

interrupting so much particularly the
racial stuff because it’s just it’s so
obvious that but China and I have to
remind when I when I – I mean I think

we’re just so we’re so used to it but
China is in all of our society
particularly academia lobbyists the
Chinese lobby in Washington DC is it’s

it’s huge entertainment if they’ve got
they’ve got their money and their and
nothing hey I don’t blame him for doing

it but we’re kind of waking up now and
saying wait a minute there’s a lot of
hot Hollywood yeah well they bought
everything they’ve bought a lot of our
lot the NBA the NBA is another fantastic
example this you know so what do we see

the NBA is probably the example we got
King LeBron saying hey you know and then
three days later oh we have to be
careful we say about China because it

could hurt people could hurt people’s
could hurt people’s money people spoke
good book he said that because China
rules or I should put it this way money
rules it’s really not even about China

it’s about money when people see their
paycheck in jeopardy they they make
interesting decisions so that there is a
Chinese Lobby that is saying we have to

stop being called out for this I can
understand can understand their
reasoning but they’re going about it in
the following way so I’m not sure what

the connection is this council member of
San Diego as she’s a first
first-generation immigrant I presume
from China I haven’t had time to look
her up but just listen to what she says

generation immigrants when I hear about
this talk about the Chinese virus I just
roll my eyes and think that is so old
and I am reminded that these kinds of

tropes have been raped into a
and culture and history associating
immigrants with fear and history has
shown that when we’re afraid we want

someone to blame and we often turn to
xenophobia and we know that really so
is this true dude when we’re afraid do
we actually turn to xenophobia as I
immediately turn to xenophobia and we

often turn to xenophobia and we know
that doesn’t really solve anything and
only creates more problems Asian
Americans are actually the first illegal

immigrants in the US during the Yellow
Peril era the Chinese in particular were
seen as dirty diseased taking away jobs
from good people that of course led to

the Chinese Exclusion Act fast forward
today we’re even before all these social
distancing measures Asian restaurants
have been the first to financially

suffer and they became ghost towns and
there are increased reports of bullying
harassment and violent hate crimes
against Asian Americans and in one case
that was reported on CNN a woman was

attacked on the subway by a man who
yelled every disease comes from China
everything comes from China because
they’re disgusting and by the way this
victim was Thai American rhetoric from

Washington we cannot ignore it we must
condemn it right away call it out and
force our leaders to be accountable

because our well-being is at stake and
can I gently remind everyone that Asian
Americans are American thank you so you
know there’s reasons for this and it’s

not just your typical woke miss although
I believe that political correctness and
woke miss is our problem that’s why
people no one’s taking a stand
everybody’s afraid and I think there’s

it’s it’s not by coincidence that we
have New York Los Angeles Washington New
York California Oregon Illinois all
super woke leadership in those cities

in there just shutting down like okay so
stay inside be quiet they’re not they’re
afraid to do anything else because they
know they’ll be canceled if they if they

say well I think we’re okay here we
should wait a couple more a days not
they’re afraid okay back to the racist
part then Trump clearly sets up the one
America News reporter with the stupidest

gambit ever I mean I was insulted by
this I get it you’re under fire for that
for a lot of things but this was dumb
excuse me mr. president you know I’m

gonna ask you a dingbat question that
you’ve never heard before do you think
Chinese food is racist because it’s you
know it’s it comes from China that’s our
question and Trump equally does the dumb

shit and cartels and you work right here
at the White House with direct access to

you and your team okay yeah let’s let us
back up for a second and remind
ourselves what happened during the Bush
administration when George Bush was in
office they had some gay model who was

one of these beefy gay guys oh yeah it
was one of the more sing with a midnight
tour guys posing is some sort of
reporter some phony baloney reporter

asking this sort of stupid question
pandering to the president and he was
planted there and given credentials to
come in and do it he was immediately

busted by everybody spent a lot of time
trying to get credit
and this is the same sort of thing this
is a bad idea and it’s extremely stupid
Oh a inch who’s doing a good job of

keeping you know keeping a good a good
pace up for bringing out good news
stories and they have some good people
there they should be ashamed of
themselves for taking part in this oh

they went down a notch in my opinion two
notches to at least two but there’s
other stuff you know NBC and it’s really

only was it three companies who own all
of our television news Comcast Disney
and Viacom and Viacom right that’s

really it so now that well since we’re
on this sort of thing about the Chinese
influence let’s listen to Steve bannon’s
podcast where he’s played on KABC and/or

at WABC in new york city he’s he’s been
doing I’ve been listening to this show
for I think since it started and I
suppose they have professional engineers

in the control room no no it’s the it’s
I have actually sent a message to him
although I don’t have his email so I
just like DM done Twitter I said my god
have someone call me I know what’s going

wrong it sucks it’s horrible and you
must must fix this no not no answer this
is idiot so it it’s horrible well they
did bring out I got two clips from hit

one of his project is some woman named
Maura who’s an expert on all kinds of
things and she comes in on the phone way
over modulated by compressed it myself
tried to fix it no it’s useless I tried

I tried I tried the level of the there’s
history and belief zero put your power
yeah now that’s the second clip the

second clip has a piece of information
that is quite interesting but let’s play
the first clip and the funny thing is
with any Steve man and interview it is

no I’d say seven eight
Bannen yes yammering we’re using all
kinds of military code and terms he’s a
Navy man so I’ll give him that but he

loves the whole war setting it’s there
isn’t a podcast war room war room
pandemic Steven K Ovid Report now he’s
changed the co vid report damn alright

so here we go so listen here’s the thing
is today
you’ve seen this ratcheting of the
Chinese counters party propaganda from
their state media Mike Pompeo a couple

weeks ago actually put out a
proclamation that the state media was
going to have to essentially be like a
foreign mission they weren’t really
media they were more like an arm of the

Chinese government then you’ve seen
there was an official in the Chinese
government last week that actually
accused the United States military of
being of having something to do with
this virus they called over the

ambassador from China to the United
States to the State Department you know
read him the riot act we have not had a
formal response I don’t think today but
there’s now a leak of this phone call

where the Chinese Foreign Minister an
individual I know not a particularly
pleasant fellow called Mike Pompeo and
they leaked it immediately to the
chinese state media and he according to
chinese state media really laid it down

on on secretary Pompeo
about they were tired of being smeared
by the United States government and then
later today we just found out that they
have essentially kicked out the American

national reporters on China and non
Chinese nationals I think of the wall
street journal in The New York Times and
also I think voice of Voice of America
so you’ve been at this a long time

particularly at freedom of the press and
the ability to get information into
China can you kind of contextualize this
for the audience is really surprised to
me at all I did many years working for

Radio Free ages tibet service and that
is most difficult part of china to get
information in and out of Western China
Qin Qiong in Tibet under permanent
lockdown at all time and I think it is

very important for your listeners to use
this as an opportunity to examine
Shinhwa Global Times China Daily I mean
we see them on news boxes in every

single corner of New York City and
Xinhua which is a propaganda ring of the
Chinese Communist Party is not a
legitimate news organization it has been
spreading Chinese communist propaganda

for decades but it has been normalized
and integrated into our society oh yeah
you know there’s some news about the

journalists being kicked out of China
the US journalists New York Times
Washington Post Wall Street Journal oh
okay well it’s in retaliation because we

kicked out I think five or six
journalists from Chinese media
quote-unquote media companies here first
never happens that these were Chinese
spies that we kicked out and we wouldn’t

put surprises we’re not at the
Washington Post Wall Street Journal the
New York Times no spooks there so this
is the part though that got me this
little tidbit that she puts I didn’t

know this because I don’t live in New
York and but there’s a little thing that
Bannon pointed out and then as soon as
she confirmed it and they talked about
it I thought this is absolutely the

worst case in Suva it’s not like he’s
not even native advertising listen to
clip doing you see what I’m talking
about every everywhere I go I see people
now parroting propaganda from the CCP

when they should be supporting the
president supporting Governor Cuomo this
is bipartisan this has nothing to do
with picking fights another side we have
to come together in the midst of this

humanitarian crisis so I think it’s very
dangerous when I see mainstream media
siding with the Chinese Communist Party
and and I but I’m not don’t think it’s
surprising at all but incredibly if I’m

wrong in New York City I think if you
get a paper edition of the New York
Times delivered on Wednesdays isn’t the
China Daily and insert into the New York
Times I think yes four years and that’s

why they’re there coverage you survive
you do you know pounding this Russian
cat thing this rest of us
as responsible for the ills about

society but they always take a light
touch with China because they’re taking
ad dollars from from the Chinese
Communist Party every week and so I
suppose that would influence your
coverage wouldn’t it it’s not just ad

dollars John explained the editorial
insert process and business well the
editor quelled it is ad dollars because
those are considered advertisements but
they’re disguised as disguises all kinds

of things I mean you have the special
report is a classic Oh special report
and it’ll be a special report on some
part in many cases nowadays just like it

be a special report on some part of
China right an incident is you read
about the in the special report which
looks like editorial but it’s not as
paid but and paid for and it’s usually
written with some you know some of

advertising guys oversight and there’ll
be you know they have all kinds of
little subtle propaganda within it but
this idea of taking the entire ins to
insert an entire thing an entire

newspaper inside your newspaper this is
expensive it’s a lot of money and if
you’re and you’re the advertiser of your
China Communist Party dropping their

China Daily inside the New York Times on
Wednesdays for home delivery you are
paying a lot of money and and the
coverage will reflect that I don’t care

what anybody thinks I’ve talked to
people about this you talk to two people
you talk to the higher-ups in the New
York Times structure oh no that would
never happen we have a church and state

the church is one thing in the state’s a
dollar they don’t mix and then you talk
to the reporters get yourself a pat on
the back for that voice that’s a new one

to the show I like that guy that guy’s
cool that’s the that’s the New York
Times editorial this a little bit so
then you have the reporter on the street

by the way did you say Chinese wall
no I said churches they Chinese thanks
Charles church and state is the thing

they do but it’s the thing they say they
never say Chinese wall and and the
reporters all say will tell you that and
I’ve written in big magazines that you
know what’s going on you say well you

know these guys advertise a lot we’re
not gonna say dude this report because
I’ll probably get fired or you know
whatever of course and then you talk to
the New York Times editorial guys about
to say yeah these guys won’t write about

that because they say they get far –
never gonna happen
we wouldn’t do that and they do it’s
it’s a joke yeah it’s a joke that
they’re putting the China Daily in the

newspaper and it’s not affecting
coverage it’s totally affecting coverage
I’m so disappointed in just the media
approach who is running the White House

communications who’s in charge of the
media and getting stuff out some new
woman there I think I mean so I I think
it’s very it is is Trump exactly yeah

I’m sure he’s the way get one American
news get that cute girl over it she was
cute get the cute girl and put her in
the bag one oh yeah I was the cute not

the blonde no no I don’t like her she’d
I don’t I think she’s uh sorry you don’t
like Camille Erin no I don’t I don’t
like her you can’t even see her but you
can tell it but just the way she’s like
oh I mean it’s setup you man if you’re a

cub reporter for one American news
you’re gonna do this without without
some preamble with the administration I
don’t think so or maybe they know that

Trump loves that I don’t know but very
appropriate to have the first lady say
something comforting and I I’m a fan of
Melania they you know as a first lady

and then they put her in a hallway with
an echo and it sounds like she’s in the
the Adams family house it kind of looks
that way in the back you know just did

it at him too
and her accent comes in and she’s
sitting really sweet things but it sucks
balls today I want to speak with you
about coronavirus and what it means for

you and your family
yes Gomez we will make crazy love later
well changes need to be made now this is
not how we will live forever our
children will return to school people

will return to work we will gather at
the places of worship concerts and
sporting events again it’s like Zsa Zsa
Gabor in her mansion you know it’s just

it’s so wrong and I feel bad for her she
gets screwed every time with this deal I
urge you to stay connected to family and
loved ones through the video chats phone

calls social media and other safe
technologists please be sure to follow
CDC guidelines which can be found at
coronavirus gov or along with

other information and resources it’s
also kind of like one of those in-flight
videos you know where the instead of the
you know the the stewardess they have a

little video that shows you how to
buckle your seatbelt yeah you put this
at the metal tip in – and remember when
many of us apart we are all in this

together so just it’s bad Trump came
from it he has enough show business
chops yeah he was knighted he bring a
sound guy in there that knows what he’s

doing I don’t think he was involved in
this that well here’s the eye so this
will not last forever know that did you
know what this sound is so sad yeah you

can’t you can’t even use it I have I
have another candidate tell I so
candidate yeah this one is scary okay
sorry it’s very scary now talk about

sound quality is horrible it’s like a
Skype warble it’s very it’s very scary
no I think I think this is still I don’t
believe in rules I think that’s still

the toe that’s clean as a whistle yeah
that’s still the best one my South wall
just one scary except if you want to
hear where that attic
well will you give what were we talking
about you want to finish you pointed

discussion because I have one more go go
for go for what do I tell you what we
can continue this yes what I want to
talk about that we continue it right

after what you’re gonna do I want to
talk about about how these idiots have
this because they’re taking this so
seriously have the Hollywood has decided
to start doing their programming from

home and we’ll talk about that right
after I thank you for your courage and
your teas and say in the morning to you
the man who put both seasoned Cuomo
versus Cuomo John C double rags and the

morning meal mr. Adam Korean or
something everybody
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antidote for the fear virus the
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perspective and critical thinking
horrible The Ides of March indeed my dad
passed and sister to brain cancer

earlier this month that’s not good my
daughter shares my birthday 51st on st.
Patrick’s Day like on the list so we got
matching four leaf clover tattoos first

had two for each of us symbolizing luck
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Ejim occasional indeed but meanwhile we
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I kept a man who is my hero
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so here we are the reversed cover this
country song yes well I have a very

covered as much as one does and now
trying to now my amazing husband is
harassing me daily to become a dame okay
so I put him off for a few months

because I honestly didn’t know what to
say but I’ll try she hasn’t even started
I like you I think you’ve actually
shrunk my amygdala you provide a bastion

of sanity that is scarcely Latin that is
sorely lacking in the world at large
especially today as they work from home
waiting to see the next big story that I
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where’s the money and who benefits
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Reverend L money shot for my love Todd
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thanks and regards from the Baron at
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large yeah well New Jersey is a cow were
in place our in place folks cower in
place Duck and Cover Duck and Cover
cower in place new sir Curley knighted
the slums of Shaolin in nollamara

Western Australia’s just recently United
yeah this guy’s on a roll yeah this guy
looks like he looks he’s got one of

those one of those widows games call
where you filling in the blanks crazy
something Mad Libs Mad Libs
ever since my drunk Aussie dollar Rhett
donation I have been a nagging feeling

of a night impostor syndrome happens
yeah there are worse syndromes Trump
derangement irritable bowel not to

mention the current Corona Corona neue
aronia neue I think that it’s got to be
a better way of putting that but the kis
is just not sitting well with with me I

feel like a fake of fraud a Fugazi fuga
Zil fuga Zilla I don’t know what that is
guys Lagasse it’s a Fugazi oh for God’s

it’s got a dozen exclamation mark the
Aussie dollar is in a toilet right now
as so the 10/22 IUDs I sent simply not
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sense the disappointment in John’s
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mr. dvorak
as a junior dude named ban I know
there’s nothing worse than of cranky

geek and would never want to kill Jon’s
buzz the only correct action is to top
off top this off to the proper amount
with my formerly great British pounds
also at 35 here loves also also specific

yeah so well you know so please accept
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for it’s the dirty sanchez of d douching
i love you both and selfishly hope you
never find your exit plan yours
faithfully sir

purity security knight of the slums of
Shaolin Perth Australia it’s like we
have a lot of these big ones shall I
take fugu Zotoh if you want to read fugu
xoto sure yeah

Dave fugu Zotoh Paulo haboob as they say
in the local patois for good day my for
my fine fellows boots on the ground
report from Saudi Arabia sorry in
advance for the length the kingdom is

doing pretty well and as of today has
under 400 cases with 16 recoveries and
no deaths international flights were
canceled last week so I’m stuck away
from my Dame’s for the time being but
they also cancelled domestic flights

buses and long-haul taxis on Saturday
the country is mostly shut down with
governmental pleas to stay home and not
go out unless absolutely necessary
restaurants are only takeout or
drive-through and most non-essential

retail services are closed grocery
shelves are well stocked though and
there’s no interruption of food supplies
that I can tell the local hygiene
regimen tends to use an on-suite spray
hose so there’s no mad scrub on quote

John Wayne paper which is what it’s
called because it’s rough tough and
don’t take shit off anyone Santa I
hadn’t heard that one sanitary wipes and

hand sanitizer are hard to find though
and here there’s no using Tito’s as a
substitutes and since alcohol is
verboten and hypothetically if it did
exist would be too precious for topical

application of course dr. Bronner is
always on call we act expats
typically live on compounds that are
suitable to our Western style of life
mine has an international mix of

residents one whom apparently had the
bug but they and their family were
confronted confined to their villa and
have since recovered but nobody wants to
hang out with them now how very sad all
of the compound services restaurant gym

pool coffee shop spa hair salon etc are
closed we’re encouraged to socially
distance ourselves but you do see
residents out for strolls and jogs and
occasionally congregating in small

my company is complying with the
kingdom’s guidance for a 14 day minimum
work from home although my position
still has me at the office that said I’m
getting a lot more work done than normal
since the normal stream of supplicants
has dwindled off to a mere trickle in

all of this my amygdala remains strong
clean and right-sized
thanks to the twice weekly refreshing
lava lavage of truth and sanity from my
old friend the best podcast in the

universe not only can I maintain an
unnatural serenity amidst the chaos but
I’ve clear cows I think is the word but
I have clear unpacks perspective that I
used to influence those with whom I

interact this show and the media
construction it provides is truly more
important now than at any time in its
history I hope you guys understand the
impact you’re making without
exaggeration you are probably saving

lives by interrupting the panic chain
finally I humbly request the honor of an
upgrade as I unwittingly passed the
threshold for dukedom earlier this year
accounting attached request title change

to serve fuga Zotoh Duke of America’s
heartland and the Arabian Peninsula I
might as well snaffle up the rest of
this place while I’m stuck here with no
way to get home

one jingle request please Pelle the
anthem of our No Agenda tribe at the
close of the broadcast day I think we
could all benefit from this unifying
triumphant and optimistic tones
apologize for the verbosity so he has a

title upgrade which I don’t think was
reflected on my sheet today well hmm
Thank You Duke Duke Dave I was I was
tart when I was in Dubai and there was a

guy that British guy was showing me the
ropes about everything and he probably I
don’t know I did what he did for a

really did for a living but he he lived
in one of these compounds in Saudi
Arabia and generally speaking these
compounds are there like they’re
verboten to the Saudis Bobby can live in

one mm-hmm I said well what you said is
that is because of some legal thing the
Saudis can’t no no no he said we don’t
allow Saudis in these things because
what the classic Saudi that’s actually

Saudi Arabia Saudi this you never really
been out of the country all they do is
stand by the pool and all the girls in
the bathing suits right and it’s very

disturbing to the women no kidding yeah
so I’m sure food risotto has the same

Timothy Perez is next on the list he’s
in he’s also overseas with 133 dollars
or I’m sorry 333 dollars
flatout ITM John and and is my first

donation d douche me douche I was hit in
the mouth by a friend in April of 2018 I

listened off and on for about six month
and I was hit with a heavy travel
schedule for work I was looking to find
ways to fill time on some long-haul
flights and became permanently hooked

I’ve learned a lot from your podcast and
have benefited greatly from the
shrinkage of the amygdala however the
recent hysteria over the corona virus is
threatening to reenlarge it to a degree

one of my biggest takeaways is that
residual jobs karma is dangerous when I
first started listening to your podcast
I was working with my company to secure
a large multi-million dollar contract

overseas if we won I would have a key
position on that contract in a nice race
as the months went by and I began
listening more often I thought about

but I never did however I thought let’s
test this job’s karma thing I’ll donate
if we win will we did win in June 2019 I
was given a position I wanted and the
race I was looking for but I didn’t

donate uh-oh
as the first few months after winning
went by that job became almost
unbearable and I was miserable
however reserves jewelled jobs karma
came to the rescue again

and in January 20 I moved to another job
given another raise and a cash bonus but
I still haven’t donated while I was late
ly and greatly enjoying this new
contract contract it ends in a few
months and we are fighting to get it

renewed long term so we’ll sit on my ass
no further it is time to donate and
backdate to all those times I would have
done it before
I need specific jobs karma directed
toward me and securing this contract

long term please people do not rely on
residual jobs karma you do not know what
you’re going to get no donate today
please give me an Obama you might die

that’s true Tuesday hand followed by
little girl yeah also the strongest jobs
karma you got keep up the good work Tim
you might die jobs jobs and jobs that’s
can’t get any stronger than a goat job

Karma and that’s that’s about the max
wonder what he does
Brian Boatwright Lake City Florida 333
dollars now 333 donation for Brian

Boatwright this is my second EP donation
towards knighthood thanks for the
excellent coverage of the Chinese
coronavirus I hereby request a smokin

hot milf girlfriend karma hopefully I
find a dame in less than five mmm in the
five months it took sir Steven and also
a health karma to get rid of this damn

persistent and dry cough which is
probably just allergies right right
alright Brian I think you need that
relationship karma Adam finding karma

that’s one mother I’d like you’ve got
karma and now bump-bump bump-bump bomb

i’m so good but this time I wasn’t I
wasn’t good yeah you do keep it going

keep it going
nice ball wait this is the one we want
not ants on the mic

yeah nice bomb bomb
home work butter there we go that’s what

we wanted Sir Thomas Duke Grand Duke
Thomas Nussbaum in Virginia Beach
Virginia three four ten fifteen Archduke
Archduke is he in our CTO couch – note

to self don’t rant on Twitter when drunk
I never proved to my step-mom microwaves
don’t poison food others think there

there’s an old man upstairs watching
over us love you guys when a bunch are
getting that last check done thank you
Archduke Thomas Nussbaum speaking in

code as always yes ma’am yes Jo Blazek
Reno Nevada Marino this is of course the

Baron of Northern Nevada check out my
podcast the skinny 303 is is a donation
thank you um I’m new to this check out
my podcast the skinny trucker calm or on

your favorite pod catch your app I have
low production but talk about how I keep
it skinny on the road through a low carb
whole food Kido way of eating go
podcasting as a feeder driver for big

brown we have had multiple message about
how UPS is deemed essential for the
country and our work schedules will
continue as normal
I would suggest anyone who needs some

work to check it out although our hiring
process usually takes about a month or
so I understand Kroger Walmart and other
food suppliers are hiring as well the
decrease in traffic around Reno has been
calming the closing of the ski resorts

is troubling not so much for the
corporate owned places but the smaller
locally owned spots in Tahoe that just
received the best snow of the season
that will not get the spring-break rush
that should be going on right now is

problem there are also thousands of
seasonal employees who are expecting to
work through April at least and I don’t
forget the j-1 visa employees who comb
over from the southern hemisphere to
fill the gaps meanwhile instead of going

out to buy more guns and ammo I will
donate this week then excellent choice
if I lived in LA during the riots worked
for the American Airlines during 9/11
had my own bankruptcy and foreclosures
in 2009 well this one will work itself

out as well
please credit this donation to my smokin
hot keeper Asuka she works at the Tesla
Giga factory just outside of Reno but
has been telecommuting this week before

the pandemic there were concerns over
whether Panasonic will be able to
fulfill Tesla’s battery needs for the
model 3 yes because basically Tesla
repackages Panasonic’s batteries
especially since the culture clash of

the American and Japanese worth ethic
has caused some issues with production
hmm I say let’s I think to be honest
about it I think it’s their repackaging
Panasonic batteries which are made in

China for Panasonic there you go
I could be wrong basically the unite
doubt it sorry the one basically the
American attitude is that’s good enough

and why you got to keep looking over my
shoulder well the Japanese technicians
training them just want the job done
correctly so they don’t have to fix
problems and can go back home to their
families in Japan the 12 hour work days

are kind of tough too so it looks like
they will slow down as well as the
Fremont plant is suspending operations
man we got to stop this crap John maybe
sometime you can talk about the new me

venture of GM and Toyota that failed in
the 80s for the same reasons This
American Life has a pretty good rundown
of it titled a new me and you um I I
make I make too much to get a bailout

check but because I have no depth size
my mortgage I’m pretty well prepared to
weather the storm so donate if you can
support local businesses where you can
and keep ordering online because we are
delivering how about a trains good

planes bad and a good old clippity-clop
thanks for your courage to rajole and
that he asks for a karma as well in that
or is it just those two yeah no see it

the message is clear you’ve got Karm
classic classic Eric Remington’s next on

the list
he’s in Morristown New Jersey and he’s a
associate executive producer $250 in I
sent you this happy birthday donation

too long and I have gone without
donating and an old friend finally paid
me back for some money in from 2010 and
decided that since I’d written it all
off no better place to the user then
there’s send to the best podcast in the
universe I would like 333 dollars to go

to the podcast or license signed by Adam
send me an email
Erik so we can set that up yeah it’s got
to be disarmed long it’s a process it’s
impossible didn’t used to be this this

remains to be a normal donation this
remains to be a normal the remains of
the month the remains okay I would like
to call a Gregory Hayes as a douchebag I

recently learned he’s a listener and
he’s never donated health and wealth or
karma please also the same for you too
guys that is an acceptable group

pronunciation he alright I’m not
offended does he become it’s also in
blue here on the list I don’t know why

Eric Remington let me just double check
if he’s is he down here somehow yes he
becomes aa a black night I guess was

that to make better something yeah okay
all right all right yeah that’s why it’s
happening good well thank you for
supporting us again Eric that’s very

kind of you and you shall be black
knighted today
edie Lobato yay in Hesperia California
250 bucks keep the great work is what he
says and we appreciate the short note

Steven Myers in Austin Texas right down
the street from you 250 bucks I started
listening to the best podcast in
universe but around shows 60 around
Shostak back around show 60 sorry go

somewhere early on when you’ve got karma
pre goat was heavy under rotation I got
a cat and named him karma so every time
I heard the jingle I’d think yes I do

you’ve got karma get it and I’d smile
last month after going to a doctor’s
appointment I came home and discovered
my dog had killed my cat holy crap
that’s his dogs that good dogs will pack

up which is a problem when you get a lot
of dogs I like to donate to his memory
and only request one jingle the original
you’ve got karma because you’ll always
be live in my heart and in the best

podcast in the universe according to the
moola report all right well we’re sorry
that karma has gone but there you go
you’ve still got it
you’ve got karma favorite number two
three four five six Christopher Baylor

from Grafton Wisconsin I feared my
donation wasn’t going to make it in time
it’s 1:30 here in the great state of
Wisconsin but I think I’m saved by John
being two hours behind acts I think it

came in late I’m not sure no I think it
came in just just otherwise you wouldn’t
be here at all because I was gonna skip
it but I think I’m saved by John me too
if not then Thursday show is fine I’m

going to apologize now for war and peace
but it’s important to me and for others
to hear it might save their kid’s life
so we will read this of course this is
the value that we expect from our
executive and associate executive

producers I’ve never donated this level
because well you know I’m cheap I
normally donate six seven eight nine $67
89 cents around family birthdays I know
John loves his number so I try to keep
it the same anyways a year ago I asked

for some human resource karma my
daughter was doing about two weeks and
there were some signs of possible health
issues but we wouldn’t know until she
was born I decided I should shoot for a
little human resource

karmen to make sure everything was a-ok
it was a scary time for us four days
later on a show day a Sunday my wife
went into labor and gave birth to our
third child Anya anj Anya she was and is
perfectly healthy and the most amazing

little girl a guy could ask for
no her big brothers are amazing and love
the D Duchenne clip they also love
calling people douchebags yes get him
going early working on that of course I

tweeted a picture when Anya was born and
you both had kind words thank you but
just as amazing so did other producers
No Agenda producers are more than a
tribe we are family and seriously people
karma works on dick Ovid 19 I’m just

finishing Thursday show and it hit me
what Adam said that others were sending
him my oldest son and daughter had this
in December January my daughter was not
as memorable since she couldn’t tell us

how she felt was getting teeth and also
had an ear infection however they both
had a crazy high fever and this odd
cough that would not go away my son was
out of school for weeks after Christmas
break several other kids at his school

had it as well
his doctor chalked it up to a quote
virus and said let it run its course he
kept telling us he felt fine he really
seemed fine maybe running about at 80%
but as a six-year-old he was still

bouncing off the walls now my other son
did not get it and my wife may have had
it but far less drastic the kicker here
is my mom in her 70s and mother-in-law
in her 60s saw him several times since

they helped watch him while we were at
work neither of them got sick now
obviously I cannot prove it was Kovac 19
but it sure seems like the symptoms I
hope all this passes quickly and people
can get on with their lives my wife and

I are stuck at home working from home
and our kids are here as well with no
real end in sight and getting back to
normal would be just great thank you
both for all the work in this crazy time
that you do can I get a little Karma for

myself but also sprinkle it on the
douchebags jingles number station rub
Eliezer with cruise missiles and pew pew
mixed in it’s not like you’re asking for

anything special their cruise missiles
and pew pew mixed in and over the top
followed by Sanders on King / president
in love it is two men

klipsch it’s actually I’m the president
I have all the power if that’s too much
just the number station with pew pew oh
now you say it also birthday shout-out
to Anya on her first birthday Tuesday
thank you both sorry again for the long

note Kris in Grafton Wisconsin Thomas
gillich Singh in Greer South Carolina to

2278 we’re almost done I TM gents please
accept my contribution for show 1227
younger brother Jim is celebrating his
birthday today March Julia on the list

March 22nd if the drone is operational
and not subject to Co vat19 related air
traffic control restrictions could you
please send over the updated 20 20 no
agenda invisible hat

to my brother Jim and please add him to
the birthday list a little pew pew
coincidence I think not a little pew pew
and some good karma force all hunkered
down producers out there

and this needed karma
he’s getting it drunk karma now we have
whoops bill Kadir CEO tter and New

Brighton Minnesota 201 and he sent a
note a handwritten note literally
handwritten and he says doing a great

no jingles no karma but get my name
correct last year spelled with a k sorry
so there you go thank you that was short

and sweet Bjorn son Derek Levin in
Norway here’s our last guy he says sent
a note – no agenda or from well I

thought it was a note one of these
cities someone – Adam there’s a two
hundred dollar donation hopefully a
conversion reflects that please read my
note okay so it is let me see if I would

look it up under clevon SIA KL e V o s–
and dark I’ll look it up I understand
dark sand Ark ready to hit play the
jingle no sure know that I’m like I mean

that jingle I’m sorry I’m setting stuff
up here it’s my opportunity I missed my
Albertine before you could even play the

squirrel mail jingle boom from Hannity
ITM Jen says longtime listener
first-time donor please d douche me boom
hardly know going OGG is how I

discovered your show I hope this finds
you well a decade ago I carried a Sony
Ericsson feature phone with is Ana’s
hoon the Zune was dining dynamite it was
good by the way I only drew what it was

great the zoom it was a great device
it had a nice sound but it was it was
the least ii was like the loser device
of podcasting that’s for sure
yes well there’s that so I only jumped a

smartphone bandwagon when Windows Phone
hit the scene in 2012 actually came out
in 20 2007
the years went by and downloading the
podcast and mp3’s gave way to streaming

youtube and spotify premium by 2005 i
was working for a company that supplied
company iphones no doubt is slackin
fication majors except we still use

email i really like to give him my
windows phone and added app diversity
only made my hedonistic habits worse by
now as mandated to carry a wretched the
wretched thing until one day i spotted a
colleague carrying an old nokia phone i

asked her about it and she said it for
$2 monthly fee our company’s carrier
offered a second SIM card tied to the
same phone number incoming calls and

texts who then be received by the two
I could be dialed or sent from either
phone I tried it myself I strongly
encourage any listeners who are
considering the OTG lifestyle but are
electing are simply unable to take the

plunge to check out their carrier about
this service it’s commonly known as twin
SIM hmm however two things to be aware
of one if your OTG phone uses mini sim

make sure to ask for the old micro SIM
stock nano SIM chips don’t always line
up with the men’s sim contacts on the
phone even with the appropriate plastic

shell in tact second the twin sim
lifestyle is a gateway drug to full OTG
living I should know as I eventually
asked the company to take their iPhone

back which they allowed now it’s just me
and my ever-growing collection of
discarded candy bars that my family
donates to me so going that far I
decided to cancel my Spotify

subscription and buy a new complimentary
I vowed to buy music instead of renting
it if it’s worth listening to it’s worth

owning people I also recent subscribers
the podcast and I listened to but was
aghast to find that one Jhansi Dvorak
was no longer on to it John cynical take
was the only reason I listened to that

show it worried me that he may have
retired I looked him up on the book of
knowledge and found that he’s been laid
off and disgraced he was hosting a
finance show and Apple
analysis show both of which sounded

pretty dull nailed it
still I gave them both shows a chance
and whilst the first was a bit too
inside baseball the latter was also
inside baseball but in a way I wanted to

get in on it the amount of the truth I
got in assuming that’s this show the
amount of enthusiasm and humor the two
of you exhibited was infectious and I
was very blown away by your lengthy

three-hour bi-weekly out but I’ve never
seen such a long-form production before
which makes your business model all the
more impressive Adam I was not familiar
with but his excitable and lively

demeanor it was Annie as a perfect foil
to John’s deadpan style I’m done she’s
calling me the straight man the two of
you worked very well together but if the

bickering can become slightly
uncomfortable at times it’s not fun to
hear mommy daddy’s fighting referred out
before yeah blah blah blah we don’t care
yeah but it’s price worth paying for in
such a great unrehearsed show that’s the

it’s unrehearsed exactly okay so I will
no continues and I’m going to stop and
read any requests for jingles I hope
this held you’ve announced a health

karma and I’d like to request a big
healthcare for mom and pop aside from
that fair bit of chronic pain that our
wonderful Norwegian health care system
has been unable are uninterested in

helping either of them with even though
before the coming flu outbreak and they
are quite vulnerable to the virus so
give them a healthcare will be good with
this new off and one more thing after

the after the Karma tell you what it is
you’ve got Karma
March 31st first first put him on the

birthday list so give a birthday call
yeah you could have done that okay I
couldn’t not done it well yeah but I

could have I could have done this during
I did believe me if you say it’s a wall
of text
okay and when is his birthday the 31st

of March okay that’s on there and
actually we have one more because it’s
Michelle Cartmell 181 dollars however
this donation was two hundred and

seventy one dollars and fifty nine cents
canden avian ah it was our 16th wet so
that means that because it’s a dollar at
will bump you up to the associate
executive producer level no problem

it was our 16th wedding anniversary on
March 20th instead of waiting until June
to donate for his birthday I figured for
the show sake I would bump up my
donation time to now instead we could
sure you some anniversary karma Adriel

came down with some type of food
poisoning so not only we were stuck
inside from kovat 19 but also because he
quite literally could not move from the
couch amazing timing I must say happy
Anniversary to the best husband in the

universe this donation also officially
brings him to knighthood this will be a
surprise to him so please place his
knighthood in abeyance until he chooses
a knight name thank you Adam John for
the twice-weekly sanity absolutely what

a beautiful gesture thank you so much
Michelle congratulations you’ve got
karma to you and Adrian excellent I know
it’s a special time so these longer

notes are nice try to keep them short
people yeah yeah a little short I mean
the dealers will read them but you know
so yes we will be doing another eight

hour show today so we get everything I
have two benches something I cannot
close the segment or do you want to do
before we do that
ah let’s do it what cuz it’s about this
segment we had an earlier one where he

had the two guys with the pew pew it was
like a coincidence yeah there’s one
there’s one that’s in the second half
where we have a coincidence with the two
exact same donations and exact same

requests mm-hmm
$433 I just want to mention this random
number thing they don’t know each other
they’re both exactly the same donation
the same requests and they’re both from
Texas from different parts of Texas nice

I just was like and they came in bang
bang was like what this is crazy
by request I will give Michelle and a
drill thus was enough karma actually

goat karma and an lgy for their
and thank you all of our executive and

associate executive producers for
supporting the show this is exactly what
we needed because it’s gonna get tough
in in well hopefully I’m still looking
at April 6 I’m very very I feel very

good about that based upon what we’re
seeing today and how people are moving
away from death and destruction into
just blaming orange man bad so they must
know something otherwise they’re

complete idiots and will be thanking
more people in the second half please
remember us for of course another show
which we’ll do on Thursday just go to
Vollrath org slash and then you know

what to ask for if it ever does get
approved it may save lives our formula
is this we go out we hit people in the

sorry it’s very scary

coronavirus the hard food doesn’t kill
you the media pen cool now do whatever
the government tells you to do
I haven’t yes I love that it still

doesn’t know what I want to read from a
Bay Area cop ah yes we got a couple of
similar notes but this is a good one
I’ve been at time since I’ve email you
guys has been a time this show is

absolutely awesome by the way and I’m
propagating the formula in overdrive due
to the corona madness going on I up my
donation to knife $49.99 a month and
hope to get my knighthood soon if you

guys use any of this keep me anonymous I
am a cop and a medium sized Bay Area
I like the way they use agency for the
police department nowadays most of all

of the police departments have been put
on some sort of modified enforcement of
directions meaning at this time no one
is getting stopped for traffic
violations or drunk driving if you can
find them if you can find a more typical

dealings with transients have been put
to a stop as we usually go out and find
the ones that are have warrants or
possessing drugs etc and then take care

of them our departments have decided
they don’t want us catching spreading
the virus around so many cops are
working so many cops are working what I
would call a holding pattern only

responding to emergency type calls that
being said if we can handle things over
the phone we will but if it involves
ascending needing a cop to physically
show up we will unless something changes

we’ve had absolutely no direction from
the upper heads about enforcing any kind
of stay at home order frankly there are
too many people walking around going to

work getting their food and going about
their business frankly because all you
have to do is just say you’re going to
the store frankly so the cops aren’t
gonna stop you frankly many cops are
just irritated that the day’s offer

being canceled and that we have to wipe
ourselves and the insides of our cars
with numerous chemicals before and after
our shifts which seems ludicrous if you
ask me

a lot of us are anticipating the at home
staying trend continuing a couples are
going to start boozing and beefing as
the American Way as is the American Way

we were told us if we’re still to stay
home out definitely report if something
interesting comes along now I will
mention this Mimi took a friend to the
airport and sup in debt she’s up in

Washington but she’s reporting from
Washington about all the craziness up
there because of the maniac governor jay
Inslee who is you know would all in on
global warming and he’s thinks that he

should put borders between the counties
of his state and they were even thinking
about stopping traffic from Oregon to
Washington she made a record time drive
to the airport there’s no traffic and so

and so that means they’re not enforcing
the speeding laws which are Washington
State for anyone who doesn’t know this
have you ever traveled up there should
know that it’s a one giant spill trap
speed trap and so she was just doing 70

and she says she got back from the
airport in two hours flat go Mimi as
opposed to three and a half which it
normally takes a normal traffic and it’s

just the dream come true for people who
have to go someplace so I’ve received
similar emails from Philadelphia from
Illinois also we have a lot of police
officers who listen to the show I can

imagine it’s a lot more exciting on the
to listen to us but same thing cleaning
don’t really you know if you can avoid
interacting with the public which is

exactly the opposite of what the police
do you know please don’t arrest you know
they’re exactly holding pattern they’re
really not gonna do anything they’re not
gonna go after anything small and it’s

so bad in Baltimore we talked about on
the last show but now I got the clip
mayor Jack Young is I mean it’s like
where were you when the crime and the

killings started years ago mayor Jack
thank you all for your hard work and
dedication to the people of Baltimore
I’ve also asked Commissioner Harrison to
join us today to provide a public safety

update before we hear from the
I want to reiterate
how completely unacceptable the level of
violence is we have seen recently we
will not stand for mass shootings and

the increase in crime we will not stand
for this level of violence and I’ve
instructed Commissioner Harrison to do
everything in his power to combat this
crime we’re dealing with the Cobra virus
and those of you who want to continue

it’s the Cova virus to shoot and kill
people in this city we’re not going to
tolerate it it’s okay if we don’t have
the Cova virus but today no shooting and
killing people you who want to continue

to shoot and kill people in this city
we’re not going to tolerate it
we’re gonna come after you and we’re
gonna get you we can not clog about
hospitals with their bids with people

who are being shot senselessly because
we’re gonna need those videos for people
who might be infected with the Cova
virus coronavirus and it could be your
mother your grandmother oh you wanted

your relatives so take that in
consideration and put down the guns yeah
that’ll do it mayor that’ll do it
that’ll tell him that guy should be
recalled immediately he’s horrible that

is that is just its head shaker real
head shaker I want to mention something
else which the Jay and Nick I have been
sneaking out to go play basketball or to

walk the dog and one of the things they
see there’s a lot of people out it’s not
like him normal it’s just abnormally
small amount of people but the people
are and they commented on this and they
keep and I’ve talked to me about it

she’s noticing the same thing that
everybody that’s out floating around are
so happy should they set they just seem
happy not my thinking is they’re happy
that they’re out not at work oh okay I’m

thinking this because himand I hate my
job and I think a lot of people just
hate their job and they’re just happy to
be away from it but the me me believes
is they’re happy because there’s no

traffic and you there’s no swarms of
people it’s just a minor thing and it’s
but there seems to be a happiness going
on that’s really unaccounted for yeah I

don’t see that I see quite the opposite
people are starting to go stir-crazy
there’s not enough information they’re
they are insanely insanely scrolling
through social media which is the

ultimate way to get sick from something
else besides the Rona it’s really not
healthy and and of course we’re around
young people who all are all out of work

every single one of them and you know
and then you know they they hope they’ll
go back to work maybe April 3rd maybe
April 6 hey but that jet person came
from overseas on vacation she wasn’t

it’s just there’s not enough information
I do not get this happiness vibe at all
we’d go out we’re not on lockdown
you know scour in place but you know we
go out in the USA but Texas at that app

it closed the state no no way all the
restaurants are running everything’s
fine the restaurants are all doing
curbside pickup there’s about 20 of them

and we know so we order from them if I’m
not cooking at home they say that you
know as they still had to let part time
staff go but it’s keeping them afloat
so that the the ingenuity is really

coming from the people themselves we
have a cupcake shop here called sugar
mamas cakes and cupcakes they too had to
cut back on their part-time staff but
what they’re doing is they’re now

converting to also be baking bread
because it’s harder to get fresh bread
and you know people are still doing some
hoarding obviously but I think that the
stay at home is I think it’s starting to

bother people and I am quite sure that
just like our our officer said they’re
you know people are gonna what was the

term he used and we start hanging and
banging fight yeah boozing and so think
and oh that’s that is what Texas did do

we’ve allowed alcohol deliveries you can
do a lot in tech you can shut us down
but if you cut us off from alcohol you
got real problems so the alcohol the

deliveries are now are not possible but
in the broader sense of this and I and I
want to ask you a few questions or maybe
you’ve maybe you can just provide some

answers on you’re looking at it where
we’re at right now is were just an
overview of the money on march 6 eight
point three billion dollars was

appropriated that has to be that was by
request by Schumer Senator Schumer it
was much lower he wanted much higher
eight point three that had to be spent
within 30 days hence my April six

prediction and I think we’re still
reasonably on track if not for the
financial and economic reasons people
will start hurting each other it’s a

this is not what people are used to
anymore in this life so he’s looking at
a two trillion dollar package which will
be done in two different oh I would then

we had the the gimme to the Democrats
which was the family first act of fifty
billion which keeps food stamps going at
children who rely on school for their
breakfast and made Nancy Pelosi look

really important and good for a half a
second there so now we get into the two
tranches which should equal two trillion
dollars it’s held up on one thing at
this point as far as I can tell and that

is Trump wants to put in this in this
bill that the companies who also receive
money because it won’t just be checks to
everybody it will be money to essential

industries he wants it to be forbidden
that they use it for buybacks and he’s
very disappointed in some of the
companies who used his tax cut for
repatriation of their money to do

buybacks and when you do a buyback you
the company buys the stock and which
drives the price up and the only people
who benefit are the people who already
hold the stock typically shareholders

and insiders such as the executives
themselves and that seems to be a point
of contention which gives me another
clue that there’s bull crap going on why
would any company say well now we’ve got

to enrich ourselves with that money we
can’t just keep it for the American
people so I’m skeptical of that and then
the final thing which I’d like us to
the markets did not crash on the

coronavirus news the markets crashed
because of the oil price and I don’t
understand why that’s not being
discussed it’s just over there Trump

says from time to time here we got cheap
prices it’s good for everybody yeah
we’re not driving anywhere thanks fool
what is going on why if it’s just Saudi
Arabia we know Trump can put in a call

and say yo MBS was up stop that what is
going on and why and why are we
forgetting that that’s what tanked the

market well was the straw that tanked
the market it was it was a two thousand
dollar 2,000 points straw is what it was
that was not known if the oil crisis was

the last straw now the oil crisis came
quickly we had a down day it would
follow this we had a down day went up
then then over the weekend we had the
oil price and then all bets were off and

it just tanked right everything but it
was the oil war whatever that is you
don’t hear about it no one’s reporting
on it can anyone say hey Saudi Arabia

Russia work it out because that’s we’ve
been told so I’m getting calls from
everywhere this is the big reset this is
the they’re gonna reset the financial
markets and I’m here to tell you no and

the reason why is easily explained with
help from the former New York banker
there’s still money to be made in growth
and he still he wrote me last night he
still believes in the V recovery with

the technology companies leading the way
and that’s being supported almost
everywhere in a kind of all wouldn’t it
be horrible kind of way but when it
comes to online ordering fulfillment

telemedicine work at home slack zoom
all of these different of what is it to
citrix all of these different companies
that are benefiting from this

it’s very hard to believe that some of
this isn’t done to get a great ride on
the way back up again listen he the one
who said that we should keep an eye on

goldman sachs cuz everyone’s gonna hit
the hardest they’re gonna be out done
that yes once and and and i’m still
waiting for i’ll ask him again about
that because that was the the repo
market that they were pumping old and

now that they put in a trillion and a
half dollars into the overnight lending
into the repo market that’s typically
done in non crisis times and they’ve
done several hundred billion is because
there’s a weak brother amongst us and he

was hinting to me that that was goldman
so something has to give somewhere in in
that regard here’s here’s a MSNBC’s
crack analyst kramer

amazon they’re out of there robs you
know was have been waiting i think for a
1-up day to be able to say some good
things and what’s remarkable there’s

just a course of people saying you got
to buy amazon that the world has changed
forever that people realize that they
can buy this by the way is what the new
york banker told me he bought was amazon
many more things on amazon they thought

i got home last night there were four
packages from Amazon to my wife were all
sorts of things that we would just
normally have just going down the street
to a Rite Aid or Walgreens and why
because we don’t want to be where

there’s crowds and so Amazon is the anti
crowd retailer by the way Amazon and
Walmart both announced hiring Walmart
announced a spectacular bonus plan you
know what I think these have to do David

we come out of this sooner than other
small businesses can open if we come out
of this later David there’s gonna be
three retailers in this country there’s
gonna be Amazon there’s gonna be Walmart

there’s gonna be Costco and that is
something that the government cannot
afford to have happen if it comes out
that those are the three
can you imagine David what it means for
this country to just have three

retailers why is he even thinking like
this this is on his mind it’s on lots of
people’s minds and they’re going to get
some of that it’s obvious that some
places will they were before whatever

reason they they were already having a
tough go of it with
from the likes of Amazon etc online
retail food delivery instead of people
going out they’re not going to come back

it is going to hurt that’s going to cost
jobs and these cocksuckers I’m sorry
they’re just sitting there like whoa
whoa what would happen then and by the
way I love it no crowds screw these guys

this is it has to be over by April 6
they wouldn’t be so cavalier there’s
something that we didn’t get the memo
well Trump did have a hint I don’t have

the clip I kind of wished I did have it
I don’t think I have maybe I have it but
he said that he’s expecting to be a lot
of people gonna get rich when the bottom

is is struck
okay he’s mentioned he’s mentioned
there’s a couple times actually and I
mean I think there’s gonna be a lot of
buying opportunities but I’m not I’m

talking more about the economics and not
the market it’s well I well I do but the
market is like a reflection it’s always
a reflection and it is I don’t see a V

and I don’t see one comment I don’t see
any chance of it I think if there’s
gonna be a V it’s gonna be a minor kind
of a pullback it’s gonna go back up a
little bit it’s gonna get back to this

this word it looks like the 1919
thousand looks like a really nice bottom
where it can sit and stew for a while
okay but how about so much money being
taken out of the economy by people that

are the part-time workers and everybody
that should be spending money they get
their won’t have any money but here’s
what because of the lack of information
and also the lack of hope seems like
hope has just gone out the door there

people you know I still have willow and
Italy who here’s you know 800 people
died yesterday in in Italy although they
count everyone who dies in the hospital

not just those who have coronavirus so
you know well there’s even though was
they say have a corona virus apparently
those numbers are exaggerated it’s still
it’s not nice when you are on lockdown
sitting home and you know she’s now

almost two weeks into it you know the
there there is so little hope and we
cannot keep this going beyond two weeks

people will start to get cabin fever and
you know the experiences we when I have
are not typical that you know their
families living in little apartments and

they got the kids there and it’s
stressful and you know dad’s got to do
teleworking and the kids are Yammer and
it’s it’s stressful this is not good
this this this is the part that worries

me the most and can well the essay I’m
finished is going to be released
tomorrow if anyone is on the newsletter
list they will get a link to it
immediately mmm this is a good reason to

be on the newsletter a it discusses the
home work telework phenomenon because
I’ve been doing it for a lot longer than
anybody I know mm-hmm and I’ve concluded

and I’ve changed my attitude about
telework out which is became the key
word for a while and the 90s over
telework is the word when you use the
word telework because it was telecommute
before that and I used to give actually

even speech as public speeches about how
great it is then why I save all the
money these who needs these big tall
office buildings I was all in on the
whole thing and over time I’ve come to

realize that it’s extremely difficult
for most people they can’t do it this
whole idea of working from home sounds
good on paper but most people don’t have

a clue how to do it they don’t know how
to organize themselves to do it it’s and
it will be explained I think is it
pretty it’s not that long of an essay
couple thousand words
and it is just I’ve just my conclusion

was this is a disaster this whole
working from home thing is that’s why I
say blood in the streets because at some
point people can’t they just be it’s not
that easy to work from home unless you

have done it for a long time it takes
over I’d say two years of doing it
before you get the hang of it and there
is a hang of it mechanism that’s all I
have to say second half of show stuff

let’s see
of course the conspiracy theories are
abound in these time
and I feel that is usually my beat to
keep an eye on them make sure that
whatever’s going on is reported so we

had several things take place during
yesterday’s briefing this was oh very
but again I don’t understand why were

you cracking these jokes when there’s
real fear and uneasiness amongst
millions of people one thing Secretary

of State buffaio is extremely busy so if
you have any question for him right now
could you do that because you know what
I’d like to do I’d like to go back to
the State Department or as they call it

the deep State Department you don’t mind
I’d like to have him go back and do his
job so does anybody have any question
it’s so not helpful it’s dumb it’s just
dumb you know

stave the stick for another time and and
that’s gonna be his downfall of anything
because this cavalier attitude is not
working even though normally I’d find
that hilarious

then here’s I’m gonna play this video as
it was posted on YouTube verbatim and I
caught this too when Pompeo said it and
what Trump said after that I think this

youtuber heard incorrectly but this spun
around the internet really fast you may
have listened to this video already but
I want you to listen again this time I

have a little better sound and I want
you to pay very close attention to what
he says
Pompeyo says this is a live exercise and
what you’ll hear in the background is

Donald Trump say you should have let us
know so again I’m gonna let it play over
a couple times so you can hear it it’s
very interesting take a listen

this is not about retribution this
matters going forward we’re know well
exercise here to get this right we we
need to make sure that even we’re know

we’re alive exercise here to get this
right we we’re know we’re alive exercise
here to get this right we we we’re know
we’re alive exercise here to get this

right we all right so you get the idea
and I just want debunk this because I
know exactly what Trump said there
obviously when Pompeo says we’re in a

live exercise here that can also be seen
as code for it was a drill and it went
live we’ve seen this many times which
would presume a fried fish or false flag

is we would call it what Trump says is
not you should have let us know because
that’s now the theory oh it was a live

exercise and I didn’t inform Trump and
it got out of control him up no he
continuously says they should have let
us know he is continuously saying China

didn’t let us know that’s what he’s
saying so i’m yeah i call that debunked
know that that thing is out of context
i’ve got i got the same clip but i would

the same analysis so here’s here’s the
one that is right up my alley
fits with the thousands of sealed
indictments and people are taking this

one very seriously i want i won’t hit it
all but and this comes from the q group
mainly we are in total lockdown because
Trump is now arresting all the

pedophiles around the world is a good
one but it gets better so the new one is
adrenochrome they familiar with
adrenochrome yeah that’s what do you you
you scare children and you suck their

juices out and you get this adrenochrome
which makes you live longer and stay
younger so here’s the thesis and that’s
why Hollywood elites eat babies and
drink their blood now that’s not the

conspiracy theory I’m just stating this
now let’s go to the conspiracy theory is
that you’ll love this
because it crosses one of ours the
theory is one of the dealer’s of this
what’s it called again into Chrome no

adrenochrome one of the dealers because
it’s the most wanted drug amongst the
elites in the Hollywood VIPs they they
loaded one of those samples with

coronavirus oh and that was boob that
was the booby trap the booby trap was
who and that’s why Tom Hanks is in
lockdown in Australia because he of

course drank the booby trapped children
blood and got the coronavirus and so
there’s these maps that overlays the
corona virus outbreaks and you see that

they’re identical to where all of the
people are going to be arrested and
people are very into this theory very
very serious no none of our listenership
oh the troll room has been full of it of

course the troll room is always full of
it hello but I don’t want to make light
of people because a lot people have hope

I mean they they really they believe
this but I’m gonna have to let you down
I really don’t see it I really really
don’t see it this you know there’s it’s
just so much out there about this

adrenochrome and then you know all these
different celebrities are jonesing
because they can’t get they can’t get
their fix it’s fantastic probably
something I forgot the point I was gonna

think you had something when you’re
talking about Tom Hanks or something I
was well no I know exactly what you I’m
gonna lead you into it we’re gonna talk
about how Hollywood has taken their
Studios that into their basements

they’ve all become oh yeah there’s the
bad podcasters I would say but I thought
it would be fun to just take a little a
little break and we’ll listen to some
show business enter to oh I should

actually it says
one week after their coronavirus
diagnosis Tom Hanks along with wife Rita
Wilson are updating fans on their road

to recovery with Hanks’s signature sense
of humor good news the symptoms are much
the same he writes bad news
my wife Rita Wilson has won six straight

hands of gin rummy and leads by 201
points the couple under quarantine at a
rental home in Australia after spending
several days in the hospital spent of my
24 hours as you can probably guess

British actor Idris Elba also checking
in with fans after revealing his
coronavirus diagnosis Monday have any
symptoms checking my fever twice a day
and feel good feel okay

while the 47 year old says he’s trying
to stay positive he admits he’s
concerned I’m worried about you know my
having asthma and how that could make

make things really complicated for me
very quickly overnight basketball
superstar Kevin Durant becoming the
latest celebrity to confirm he has

tested positive telling a reporter he
feels fine adding everyone be careful
take care of yourself and Quarantine
we’re going to get through this other
stars are doing what they can to keep

spirits up and help those in need
John Legend with wife Chrissy Teigen and
daughter Luna performing a live concert
on Instagram like all the other unicorns

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner
among the salon think I can take it
anymore it’s too much it’s too much and
it’s all paid for and the nothing’s

changed in that regard but what’s got
what gets me is we got Jimmy Fallon
doing his monologue from home I don’t
have any clips of it so bad yeah he’s

doing his monologue from home and doing
the show from home with a laptop that he
pushes buttons on it gets fake applause
and laughter and it’s like why are we
wasting our time just show some old

reruns we can do meanwhile what we can
do it we can do a audience track it
would be just as bad now so I’m watching
Saturday I did pick up some some content

for the show I got listen Harry
Srinivasan is doing the PBS Newshour on
Saturday from his basement this is so

over-the-top it’s incredibly stupid but
let’s listen to this I got a three-part

clip because he got some freaky nurse on
who was on skype and that’s what you
were bitching about curiously earlier
when I had this that’s scary clip and
you immediately recognized the Skype

warble and he’s like he’s not miked
right he’s using a webcam and it sounds
like crap it looks like crap and they’re
putting that on PBS yes like like the

rayless show yeah and and he has a green
screen or actually has a wall behind him

but he but he keyed it and so he’s got
like a background he looks like it looks
like Russian the the looks like the
worst kind of Russian TV from the 60s
it’s actually very interesting to see

how incapable mainstream is of making do
with very little now we’ve done this
show on a shoestring budget and if the
whole setup has cost

than 1500 bucks total any given time
it’s a lot and and you know we’ve been
around we know how to do it and these
guys they they fall apart they don’t
know what to do with it they don’t know

how did they don’t know what’s what best
best practices are and I guess they
don’t know how to my god I have to think
they’re doing this on purpose they’re

doing this on purpose
there’s no there’s plenty you can send a
crew over the crew would gladly set it
up you know if you’re Jimmy Fallon is

not sick you know test everybody
whatever you need to do I’m sorry this
is this is this is a Hollywood man this
is this is this is being done for a

reason it’s all my it’s almost as bad as
Alex Jones being I’m in my bunker locked
banned by there it’s like that it’s that
it’s insulting we know you can do better

than that
no it’s it’s a it’s now a form or some
some format it’s and it sounds like crap
and I don’t believe these guys take

pride in this but let’s listen to Harvey
and the freaky nurse and this is the two
of them going on it got three exception
I don’t even know if I need the let’s
play the whole thing because it’s just

she’s he’s on there on skype he’s at his
base man he’s got a lousy mic rig and
this is the this is network television
supposedly but listen to this under

immense pressure health care workers are
bracing themselves for an expected
deluge of coronavirus cases Newshour
weekend special correspondent Carla
Moorthy spoke with dr. Alexis Lange’s
field who works in an emergency room at

a New York City Hospital about her
personal experience not on behalf of the
hospital now is he reading a prompter
I would like to know because this sounds
like is definitely a read I’m wondering

if he’s looking straight in the camera
because then I’m gonna call double crap
he was looking in the camera so he’s
might have us who’s got a prompter I’m
calling triple bull crap on this you
bring in a prompter prompter is one of

the hardest things to do if you’ve never
set it up before yourself I agree so you
telling me he’s got a prompter but yet
they can’t mic him it’s horrible audio
nah it’s all staged man yeah all right

so they cut it to this girl this
freelancer who’s in talking with okay so
they cut it to a freelancer another one

who instead of him doing the interviewed
the freelancer does the interview and
she has almost the same voices this
freaky nurse from New York who is she is
just like a hill bot out of control her

hair’s every which way she’s gonna
scared like a deer in a headlight look
and she’s freaked out and she almost
starts crying at the end of this whole
interview it’s it’s well you’ll hear you

can hear it in her voice then I got
another clip after this after this woman
of Brookes pretty much going into tears
okay things are changing day by day hour

by hour we’re also seeing a lot of
reports that there’s just not enough
protective equipment and safety
equipment for healthcare workers
there’s absolutely not enough protective

gear oh by the way this this is the
trend this is what we’re all saying
there’s not enough P P EPP EPP there’s
not enough of the first health care
worker to die Trump will have blood on

his hands you can just take it from me
supplies as they possibly can even by
the end of every shift we’re out of
gowns or we’re out of we’re out of
bleach wipes we’re out of all the things

that we need in order to maintain a
clean and sterile workplace I’m sorry I
just have to say it again hospitals are
completely managed by the insurance

companies the insurance companies they
don’t reimburse for individual
operations they say
Hospital we’re gonna give you 800
billion dollars this year you figure out
how you bill everybody for it they are

the ones that keep the supply lines
tight since the 90s they’re the ones
that said we got to be more efficient
less hospital beds so let’s take a look
at where the real problem the problem is

insurance companies pay for your cost
and be for your just-in-time supply
lines which are falling flat right now a
lot of the emergency rooms and people
expecting the government has to have

that all fixed up for you no no let’s
see a Trump let’s blame the right people
knock on doors you know a lot of places
that’s open spaces with curtains in
between and those aren’t places where
it’s safe to have people cohorted so

we’re trying as fast as possible to
actually divide the ER into multiple
sections so that we can keep
non-respiratory patients safe what are
your biggest concerns in terms of

keeping yourself safe and your family
safe my biggest concerns are that now
we’re beginning to see that young people
are getting sick too
the scariest thing here is that
initially we thought that this was a

disease of older people and people with
pre-existing conditions and as horrible
as it sounds I can I can handle that but
now that we’re five 19 30 and 40 year
olds that are coming down with it just
as severely just as quickly just as

fiercely it’s much scarier to try and
protect myself and when where does she
work what are her credentials again
she’s a nurse at one of the big
hospitals in New York she’s really only

talking about herself you think I’m
afraid of not coming home to my kids and
my husband and I’m afraid of them
getting it me not being with them and

not being able to protect them I’m in a
situation now where I’ve decided that
I’m gonna pick up more shifts and I’m
dropping my family off outside of the

city and I’m going back into the city to
pick up more shifts and work when we
made these decisions it seemed like I
still personally wouldn’t be at much
risk but now we just don’t know so with

the lack of personal protective
equipment and with the worst of the
disease still to come knowing that
everything is you know we’re just at the
beginning of that steep incline

man the steep incline comes from
increased testing that’s where we get it
from this is a fear monger you think you

hold the PBS newshour group is a bunch
of fear mongers although they’re taking
it serious I don’t think you’re doing it
I don’t think they’re doing it out of
evil intent as a fear model they’re

doing it they’re doing because it’s
horny to them it’s yes yes they get off
on this this you know when I went to
Iraq with the radio show I admit fully

there was a an element of holy crap were
going into a war zone look at me the big
hero you know and that’s what this woman
ends up saying about herself in the last

of the clip steep incline it’s very it’s
very scary okay I just don’t know I can
tell them that I’m gonna do the very

best to protect myself and then I have
to do what has to be done because people
need my help but I can’t really promise
them it’s all going to be okay and when
you drop them off do you know when
you’re gonna see them again it’s it’s

not really clear depending on how things
go if they close off the roads if they
change things if I’m more needed but
it’s really an indefinite stay I will

stay and work as long as I’m needed and
can work so if the population of needy
patients picks up enough that I am
needed round-the-clock in the hospital I

will stay
yeah yeah everyone getting everyone in
media getting a corona boner from this

where we’re in the basement look how
innovative we are it reminds me of CNN
Gulf War round one where they’re
downstairs the cameras rocking were

being bombarded it was all green screen
or the way or they’ve got one guy that
that one guy that I forgot to what his
nickname was he’s always ducking Peter
Arnett Peter Arnett no not Peter I never

said he was the young stud was the Scud
stud the scuds – who was that it was his
name it wasn’t Peter Arnett it was that
he’d be ducking and oh yeah and
meanwhile they were perfectly safe

in the basement with with they had palm
trees that brought down their Arthur
Kent yeah thanks mr. Bobo well let me

play a couple of other Brooks I want to
hear the Brooks one well I got let’s
start with another corona boner but this
time these these two jokers have gotten

off on the this is selling the stock oh
this is this is set that up because
we’ve been tracking this Ames well it’s

not really interesting we’ve been
tracking this government stock trading
for um almost since the beginning of the
whole show and and we went through the

stock Act which didn’t get rid of this
capability but put some dumb little
things in place so uh cat was mostly
about reporting yes in the basement of
2012 and then the next year immediately

they took the reporting because it you
had a reporter on your website yeah any
transactions stock transactions but they
were all legal there are still legal you
could trade on information the problem

first explain what’s going down because
this this is going to be big news it
already kind of is but it’s going to
propagate and what’s interesting about
it is there’s mainly Republicans but

also to Democrats involved in these
allegations and Feinstein is involved
and they don’t mention her ever
yes they do but it’s Fox News mentions
her you know how it goes it’s like right

I don’t
Tromp even did this he said well that’s
interesting you mentioned two Republican
senators you didn’t mention Dianne
Feinstein that shit makes me crazy at
this point stop it all of you remember

that’s not well you can complain all you
want yeah we have so the idea is that
ideas this is that it turns out that can
if you’re in Congress or if you’re even

working in a congressional office you
can trade stocks on proposed legislation
and information that you find out in the
process of legislating you can trade and
so as crazy as it sounds ladies and

gentlemen as crazy as it sounds the only
way to stop something like this is to
just prohibit all stock market training
and they they won’t they just refuse to
do it and so they had the they created

something called the stock Act which was
because it was out of control and yet
during the bushing before that aclinic
administration this sort of thing and
people got wind of it so they came with

this phony baloney stock act which is
really it sounds like you’re can’t do it
anymore but in fact it really involves
more reporting it than anything else and
they even have a in addition to the act

amendment that they put in so you the
reporting has to be private and in the
basement of the library of congress in
the basement you’re not named to

congress itself i don’t think it’s a
Library of Congress I think it’s in the
basement of the Congress but you’re not
allowed to make digital copies you can’t
take in a cellphone if you have to write
this you have to write everything down
that you the information you get there I

mean it’s it is the biggest scam in it
well one of the biggest scams and our
government is this and that hey they’re
all millionaires up there how does it
happen huh so they this was legal yeah

most of it with rare exceptions it’s
totally legal but everyone made a big
stink because a bunch of guys got busted
because some smart reporter got off his

ass he was bored stiff and when to do
we’ve been looking at this for a decade
like oh well mom they got a briefing in
the trend they sold their stock Oh even
though as you pointed out the beginning

of the
this market didn’t really collapse when
they got the briefing or even shortly
thereafter or even when they’ve grown a
virus was announced they could have sold
their stock they had a long time to sell
their stock because it was the oil

crisis that triggered India and they
didn’t get a briefing on that nope
well not the thought that we know so now
out that we know well even if they did
it’s this this whole thing what cuz of

the timing they sold their stock before
the oil crisis okay yeah it would be the
time yes yes so they probably didn’t
know and if they did they’re a it’s good
good good thing to be so meanwhile the

era of the media gets all bent out of
shape about it and they started being
accusatory and and they’re very upset
about it all and so we have but before
I’m gonna I got two clips on this I got

mark shields going on about it and then
Brooks going into tears but I want to
play the very opening of Brooks on PBS
this is a 56 second clip this is Brooks

nervous Brooks who’s supposed to
represent the Republicans or you know
it’s just another Democrat but he is so
nervous and upset he’s gonna go into

tears throughout this whole thing he’s
remote he’s in Annapolis oh my god what
a horrible place to be an Annapolis
doing it remotely and he is scared to
death I just let’s see if you can hear

the nervousness in his voice David how
do you make sense of this you know
things going on that I think most of us
could never have imagined yeah I sort of
have a split sameen screen reaction to

this when you talk about regular people
and how they’re acting I think it’s been
a remarkably good week and an uplifting
week on the whole this is something even
though we’re separated it’s something
we’re all going through together and

we’re having the same experiences and
under drawing the same anxieties in a
weird way we had to be put apart in
order to feel together and there are so
many acts I’ve heard about or
communicated with and heard about of

people helping the elderly in their
apartment buildings about people having
virtual cocktail parties I really do
think it’s a moment where the social
connection is written yes and I think
you and I just wanted to get the point

you see I don’t know if you can hear but
he’s very upset well then this is
because he by
into the same theory as one of my Lib
dev friends posting literally Trump must

go or we all die I’m not kidding
Trump must go or we all die and Brooks
buys into that he’s always bought into

that stuff yeah yeah he’s never even
believed that Trump could even win or
get more than so much votes so let’s
play that now here’s the back-and-forth
Judy let’s start with the mark shields
and they’re talking about the stock to

the Senators stock mark one mark the
report about Senator Richard burr of
North Carolina senator Kelly Leffler of
Georgia selling stock back in January
when they first heard privately about

how bad coronavirus was going to be they
both say they didn’t do anything wrong
nothing illegal but people are asking
questions Judy it’s it’s a time

especially it is picking up on David’s
point when 49 members of the Utah Jazz
basketball team and company immediately
get tested while hundreds of front line

health care workers can’t even get
tested you know that there is special
privilege and special treatment being
shown which the president seemed
strangely indifferent to when the

question was posed to him and I just I
think what if this is blood money that’s
all you could say if in fact they had a
private briefing and then sold their
stocks and well you know senator left

well that’s fine somebody else did it I
have a private adviser doing this I
don’t care I mean this this is if this
is the case that you were informed of

what was happening and unloaded stocks
that looked like they were going to be
losers and took a profit that truly is
unacceptable it is blood money and has

to be pursued and prosecuted does he
know what the law is does you know
anything about this and saying there’s

no this guy’s way these guys are getting
paid a million bucks each
to come on this show and go on and on
they don’t even know the basics
I hope it’s important I hope that at the

end of this people will really just be
so turned off by the mainstream media
and I think that’s also part of what
we’re seeing here John is defensive

moves they know that people are home you
know the the kid TV channels their
ratings are up 60% it’s a bonanza for a
lot of stuff they want to get in on the

Bonanza and they and you know what’s
happening people are going to podcasts
they know it they know it they’re
podcasters are podcasting seven days a
week there you know they got their own

tribes they’re keeping everybody saying
hold on a second maybe what you
suggested earlier about these these guys
doing the at-home monologues and all the

rest of it poorly you you had you had
some theory but what if it’s the sound
more like yes you think a podcast sounds
like yes because that’s what the kids

want and it’s in every disaster movie in
every single disaster movie you always
have the guy in the RV
now you’ve always got that guy usually

played by Woody Harrelson and and they
envelop should be playing by Randy Quaid
yes where is Randy Quaid by the way I’m
still around this this is the corona

boner that they’re all on and I think
that that’s a very good possibility like
yeah this is the way to go all the kids
are doing it yeah this sound this is
what the sound is of their sound but

we’ll give you it would explain that
prompter prompter is around yes of
here’s your prompter so you feel just at
home we’ll make it look and sound like
the kids want it ah that that’s a
disgusting thought well let’s listen to

Brooks now they go they turn it to
Brooks he goes he starts babbling about
something I had to cut deep into it
before we get to the end and then at the
end you’re gonna hear a pause the pause
you’re gonna hear before it finishes up

is him actually choking up he’s about to
do he’s so upset that he’s about to cry
and then they cut away and he says
goodbye and that was the end of it I was

just it’s a head shaker but it also
requires leadership from the top
leadership of empathy it requires a
sense that everything is surrendered to
the common good and that’s that we enter

this crisis with all those things all
the social solidarity levels at such low
ebb that we have no luxury here we just
have to develop and have to grow it in
the worst possible way and obviously

what those senators did or any kind of
anything that looks like privateering
even if it’s wrong that is unacceptable
when what yeah so I mean we’ve just got
to keep Social Solidarity uppermost on

our mind on that note David Brooks mark
shields thank you for you sure it wasn’t
an IFB someone squawking no no you can
see him he was just he was like you
could he got that thing in his joy he

couldn’t talk if you see it visually
it’s not an IFB oh my gosh oh my gosh
he’s for Christ and he said this thing
he says privateering even if it’s wrong
okay if it’s wrong then you’ve got

something so you got it it’s kind of
scrub and just a one last clip I’m going
to sneak this one can I just say no one
in the House of Representatives or in

the Senate wants this store
to get any legs the stories to be kept
very quiet well as quiet as possible oh
yeah but it’s bipartisan so it should

get kept quiet by the media but we have
this other kind of the same kind of a
dance on shrink on Cooper Anderson
Cooper mm-hm and they and they were
talking about the kind of a the same
thing Brooks’s there’s something bout

the left is doing this all we all one
we’re all one which i think is leading
again to global governance yeah we’re
all one we’re all the great big one and
so I couldn’t resist getting this
discussion with shrink Cooper Q behavior

and see to see are they larger
collective to see the we we can see the
we in all of this yes and actually see
the bigger picture i I really you know

Anderson you and I’ve talked about that
a lot I mean we are all in this together
how I behave affects you how you behave
affects me and it is a larger purpose I
you know I have a question doctor about

this you know we’re getting further into
this crisis obviously in the United
States I have you know three kids at
home people have been home now for a
number of days their their social
physical distancing they’re starting to

it’s starting to settle in that you know
we’re in this for a while this isn’t a
snow day it’s it’s a it’s a it’s a
season of this what should we be looking
for in terms of mental health in our

family or our friends it’s a great
I wasn’t quite ready for that one

imagine all the people who could do oh
yeah so have a chance today we have some
people to thank for show

12:27 I believe is a show number for
today yesterday which Richard Fox in
Houston Texas is right at the top of the
list and he actually wrote a checking
sent a note and I can’t find my glasses

which I’d put somewhere there and I’ll
use these he wrote a note which ones are
you using now I’m curious is that the
monocle yeah I use a monocle I could use

a monocle what does it say there Kevin
Nicole Pam yeah oh yeah we’re at uh well
you did Michelle Kevin McCall Colton in

Imperial Pennsylvania says he is under
fifty bucks thanks for taking the time
okay so Kevin’s out of the way it’s
Richard Fox and Steve Steve and Richard

Fox gave the exact same amount of money
and uh Richard needs some D douching
even that you’ve been deduced and then I

think they both had their note was a
very almost identical yeah

okay I’m say anyway the point is is that
there was a coincidence here I’m a
Florida I think you learned at Steve’s
note steve says he works in broadcast
himself back in the eighties and he

finds the media discussions interesting
which will you do constantly got out an
83 went to the wireless industry the
broadcast never wanted to pay for
engineers I guess they’ve gotten cheap
over the years which we noticing yes uh

okay sorry boys I do sing for one of
them and then we’re done
okay we just did that so we’re done okay
that’s Richard Houston Texas and Steven

or Dripping Springs both 13333 sir
Donald from Spokane Valley this is
borovsky the fire bottles yeah I who is
always sending a note on letterhead for

the United Federation of Planets here’s
some support to the purveyors of
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coincidence he wants me to introduce
Bambi to the stage this was also in one
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it’s just strange I’m just finding it
weird today are you gonna invite Bambi

to the stage I don’t think we have Bambi
great one of the guys asked where did

this come from where’d you get this clip
as if just actually a clip we recorded
somewhere on it in a strip club yes
that’s correct

clubs the right of an old bitch club 33
which burned to the ground and you can
go back and listen to him and of course
it was a real Club in your mind
Rebecca Taylor Stafford staffordsville
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sometimes you wanna go hang out with all
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well I got the one thing to discuss just
a quick one clip which is a political
clip because we knew that if you read

that essay I wrote some time back about
why the Democrats don’t want Bernie it’s
because they don’t want they want
Bloomberg’s money and Bloomberg said and
the bankers said that if it’s going to

be Warren or Bernie we’re out you guys
are gonna have to fend for yourself
there’s not gonna be any money for down
ballot candidates you guys are gonna be
screwed so I guess that the Democratic
National Committee did enough of a job

on Bernie you know with the irregular
voting and the arizo it’s always the
Republicans that are stopping the vote
but these guys have managed to get by it
into winning states such as Minnesota
where I didn’t even campaign or have an

office to win anything and so I guess
they finally convinced Bloomberg that
the Denver at the DNC did did the right
thing and he’s all back in now and

here’s this clip he’s giving eighteen
million dollars to the DNC former
Democratic presidential candidate
Michael Bloomberg announced today he is
transferring eighteen million dollars to

the Democratic National Committee the
money comes from his campaign account
and is the largest such transfer ever at
the same time Bloomberg dropped plans to
keep hundreds of campaign workers on his

own payroll in support of the party’s
nominee I think he fired them by now I
think yeah he fired a lot so much for
that total person kill it kill it kill
it total people person have anything

else to do Mike this is job you promised
you’re gonna keep us on yeah get out
with all of the you know the
conspiracies surrounding the these

sealed indictments and the the eating
babies and drinking baby blood and all
this crazy stuff Sidney Powell who I
find to be quite an impressive lawyer

who is she’s representing Flynn I think
right Mike Flynn
I don’t know yeah I think she is
actually the keeper was reading her book
and she’s reading me bits of it and it’s

very interesting she seems to be a very
high-powered attorney and amidst of all
of these conspiracies she throws a
little Diddy on top of the fire 675,000
Clinton emails when they got Anthony

Weiner’s laptop in a search warrant
because of all his sex perversion issues
it was all the Clinton emails the
Clinton Foundation her Secretary of

State emails Huma Abedin emails lots of
people emailed who might as a proxy for
Hillary so one of the things if I were
the president I’d do is demand the

Anthony Weiner laptop and get it to the
most trusted person in the military to
take apart everything on it and then
start using it there’s a lot that can be
prosecuted I have no doubt on that

laptop inferred stuff in fact I heard
that the New York police officers who
saw some of it even though they’re
hardened investigators literally had to
go through a lot it’s bad what

yeah well this what go what what would
make you read what you saw you’re going
through Hillary 675 thousand meals
randomly and you read something and you

feel like you have to go you actually
have to literally oh you don’t you don’t
you don’t know what this is about you
never heard of this no I don’t know what
this is about at all ears huh the the
term is owned on the term is come on

come on troll room frazzle frazzle
something frazzle pop frazzle Ritz what
the hell is it there’s a term for it

this is how it’s coded by cue etc but
apparently there’s a video of this is
what I’ve heard about this month is

what’s going on I know it’s you know
okay the video of hillary and uma and
apparently they they cut a child’s face
off and wear the skin face on their own
face fragglerock that’s what a frazzle
drip frazzle drip that’s the one

frazzled drip don’t go looking for the
video you’ll get on
list somewhere don’t do it don’t do it
you’re gonna be a list it’s also not
it’s not an existence as far as I know
but that’s that’s where it’s coming from

but you know who knows I don’t know I
really don’t know here’s one that I
liked a lot this kind of slipped by and
I love I love reporting on this this is

a NASA Administrator what’s his name
Jim Burton Steen Stein
he gave an update now this is just

before the the corona virus started the
hitting big in China so we didn’t hear
much about this but he gave an update on
the Artemis program this is the this is

our mission to the moon and he’s all
jacked up about it it’s gonna be and of
course a global initiative it’s gonna be
big never done before and listen up so

as we go forward there’s a lot that
needs to be done in order to create the
architecture that we need to create at
the moon we’ve got to have the SLS

rocket again the most powerful rocket
the United States of America has ever
built we need a European service module
when we go to the moon for the first
time it will be international in nature
I mean just explain to me how the

administrator says this we need a
European service module when we go to

the moon for the first time it will be
international in nature I’m so excited
to go to the moon for the first time
first time the European service module
is a critical component to the Orion

crew capsule the Orion crew capsule is
how we get our astronauts to the
vicinity of the moon but there’s not
enough Delta V there to go too low lunar
orbit and land on the surface of the

Moon Oh what-what up so we need to get
more Delta V where do we get that we are
building a reusable command module in
orbit around the moon that we call

gateway I like what someone in the troll
room is saying the troll room says he’s
reading the prompt or wrong that the
line break or the comma is in the wrong

which is possible I’d like to listen
against rocket again the most powerful
rocket the United States of America has
ever built
we need a European service module when
we go to the moon for the first time it
will be international in nature oh yeah

I think that’s good that’s that’s
probably what it is when we go to the
moon , for the first time we need a
European service module when we go to
the moon , the first time it will be

international in nature I’m very
disappointed now thanks that strolling
man right there you trolled me into into
bad mood yeah it’s just a bad read well
I’ll keep trying it’s still a good clip

you still bring it out of the context
what do you have open offices you love
going to when you’re the speaker you can
go bring this clip out yeah that’ll work

alright let me see if there’s anything
else we need to talk about I think I
think we’re pretty good for now I do
have quite a number of end of show mixes

as you can imagine
they are all surrounding the the virus
well obviously with the size of the

troll room and the long donation segment
and as much as I hate to say this that
the talking about this thing seems to be
what people want for that for a while

yes for a while first you find it
tedious I know I know you do but I think
it’s important we’re doing probably at
least for somebody’s doing the job right
yes yes indeed indeed

all right end of show mixes sir seats
that are Chris Wilson Leola puke atomic
glue and secret agent Paul and we’ve got
mo fax coming up on no agenda stream

comm right after we’re done please
remember to support the show if you
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after all you are producing this show

coming to you from FEMA region number
six in the governmental Maps in the
morning everybody I am Adam curry and
from northern Silicon Valley where the
traffic is light and the skies are blue

I’m John C Devorah we return on Thursday
right here on no agenda until then
adios mofos and such

some free advice let me get back there

you poured toilet paper you’re standing
poured it poured it likes made of gold
because it is I got my toilet paper

wall-to-wall I’m gonna wipe it until I
can wipe no more enough pay in sanitizer
to survive martial law gonna hide in my
house and lock

where there’s a as long as there’s



in high demand

yes surveillance video shows a stampede
of customers clearing the shelves fights
over toilet paper breaking out in
grocery stores and shelled run MP events
a mother and daughter have been charged

after a fight over toilet papering

Oh God I just had a blue option pages
with Cabernet


u.s. health officials continue to

caution that the immediate risk of being
exploded remains the Hong Kong flu of
1968 the Asian flu pandemic of 1957 the

Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 Ross River
virus the Mitsuko virus the West Nile

virus of 1937 Ebola is the abala river
swine diseases name for Lyme Connecticut

flu at the White House fighting on
behalf of the left on political
correctness burning words wherever they
find them how dare you referred to the

virus out of China as the Chinese virus
of the China virus go Luhan Chinese red
come through oh no oh no I’m so

someone said country comes from China
the virus sacks a key is a town in New
York the Hendra virus Penta is a suburb

of Brisbane Australia Rocky Mountain
spotted fever oh sure we used to name
viruses after locations but we don’t do
that anymore you know what we stop doing
that when present Trump started saying

China but that’s when I shouldn’t say
that because you’ll get me


mofo Dvorak org slash and a I don’t
believe in rules