No Agenda Episode 1228: “Stunning”

choke on the toilet paper douchebag
Adam Curry Jhansi Devore award-winning
media assassination episode 1228 this is
no agenda everybody I Adam Curry and

from northern Silicon Valley where

yesterday I’m sad the report the Zephyr
only had seven cars I’m John Cena brat
is indeed worrisome the the standard

normal economic zephyr major is nine
cars yes ten is good economy nine is as
good a tis is weak yeah and seven I

don’t think we’ve ever had a seven car
I’ve never seen a seven who was like the
thing shows up and boom there it goes
it’s only seven cars I don’t think
anywhere was even on it

well there’s similar freaked out man
there’s something else we have to look
at then since you know we have net many
indicators that we’ve developed over the
years with with this show that really

seemed to be incredibly accurate I’d
like to know about another economic
during this time of social distancing

and economic uncertainty you have
questions about how it’s affected to
four o’clock you know the one we have
the answers you need just a one 903 33
3333 and for only three dollars and 33

cents per minute we’ll let you in on
don’t wait call now perhaps time to
explain Dvorak’s law once again

well divorce law was taken from a joke
from a comic who once said you know the
great thing about lousy economic times
is that the hookers are cheaper and they
looked better

how are we doing on this standard I
haven’t seen a hooker for a year you
mean okay if we’ll just leave that as
the I so that it is yes thank you Demi

San Francisco you used to see these
Street walkers are used to be here and
there but I don’t know oh man as Dame
Jennifer I didn’t know she had such a

great voice oh that’s funny I didn’t
know that was her either oh she could
just a voiceover work you know I’ll say
this sounds like she might have done one
of these before man so much going on
last night I spent well actually late

last night I spent quite some time
looking at the 880 page cares act carry
CA arias cares act this is pretty

incredible what they’ve done here I’m
all ears
yeah people are actually gonna get
checks and and not just yeah did you get

I mean you couldn’t obviously read every
word in that thing but it wasn’t there’s
just a lot of cheesy gotchas in there no
no like what

like they’re gonna you know require gas
emission standards and know they have
all these little others little aspects
you board of directors any company
getting any money has to have a number

no no no you’re you’re a whole round
behind yeah because and and I really
must say I’ve just been watching c-span
I’ve been watching of course

yeah you’re around behind here’s what
happened the Senate came up with a bill
and that would have been Sunday what’s
at Sunday night or Monday I can’t

remember exactly and they and it’s kind
of what it is now the official act and
the idea was to pass it in the Senate
and then the house would just go by

majority without without a voice without
a vote present in the House of
Representatives so just for people who
don’t know the process typically a bill

first goes to the House of
Representatives then it goes to the
Senate then they come up with the
combined bill then it goes to the
president for signing so in this case
the Senate had it first and apparently

either Pelosi or the Democrats at large
I’m not sure who exactly wanted to delay
this and the way they delayed it is and
I and I went through this I did I did

find you know the not search to replace
but I went looking for the similarities
these were literally pieces that just
taken out of the green new deal bill and
just copy and pasted with a search and

replace to put in to combat coronavirus
you know and but they it was only a
delaying tactic major and what happened
subsequently is that all the Republican

senators well that’s what you would do
of course by the way this effort just
went by okay and seven a double double
sevens on a show day I’m worried so this

was this was a the only reason for them
to do this is to make sure that it would
never ever ever pass pass anything and
and it was just a tactic to shove back

and say okay
we want to have some hand in this when
he gives everybody a chance to
politicize a little bit and then we go
through two days of negotiation they
come up with something that is I’d say

reasonable I mean the reason of four
trillion dollars being made available as
a prop up power for the Federal Reserve
and then over two trillion dollars to

American businesses and workers what
they did a good job on so good in fact
that it that that was one of the final
sticking points was on getting the

actual people money including gig
workers you know so right down to your
part-time Ober driver unemployment
doubles from 300 a week to 600 a week

and anyone who makes up to 79 thousand
dollar actually it’s really up to 99
thousand dollars but there’s some leeway
there we’ll receive twelve hundred
dollars every child five hundred dollars

so a household of four you could wind up
somewhere around three you know maybe
thirty three hundred dollars all depends
so there’s unemployment thing became a

stickler well heat so here’s what this
is what I’m getting to the stickler
point was if you count it all up and you
look at it on a weekly or you know by by

monthly basis some people who are making
twelve dollars might be making more than
they made previously and we had a group
of Republicans headed by Lindy Hop

Graham who said no no we can’t have this
this cannot happen because that will
incentivize people to not work because
they’d be making more by just staying

home of course people who work and get
their their stipend from the government
will be making out faint fabulously this
is what the final point was last night
and Bernie Sanders took to the floor and

now I find that some of my Republican
colleagues are very distressed they’re
very upset
if somebody who’s making 10 12 bucks an
hour might end up with a paycheck for 4

months more than they receive last week
oh my god the universe is collapsing
imagine that somebody was making 12

bucks an hour now like the rest of us
faces an unprecedented economic crisis
with the 600 bucks on top of their
normal their regular unemployment check

might be making a few bucks more for
four months oh my word will the universe
survive how absurd and wrong is that
what kind of value system is that

meanwhile these very same folks had no
problem a couple of years ago voting for
a trillion dollars in tax breaks for
billionaires and large profitable

corporations not a problem but when it
comes to low-income workers in the midst
of a terrible crisis maybe some of them
earning well having more money than they

previously made oh my word we got to
strip that out gotta still gotta call
those poor people that no matter what by
the way when this bill when the

McConnell bill first came up
unbelievably and I know many Republicans
objected to this they were saying that
well we want to give a whatever was a
thousand of 1,200 bucks but poor people
should get less you say because poor

people are down here they don’t deserve
they don’t eat they don’t pay rent right
they’re somehow inferior because they’re
poor we’re gonna give them less well
that was a dress now everybody is gonna

get the $1,200 but some of my Republican
friends still have not given up
underneath to punish the poor and
working people you haven’t raised the
minimum wage in ten years minimum wage

should be at least 15 bucks an hour I
haven’t done that you’ve cut program
after program after program and now
horror of Horrors for four months
workers might be earning a few bucks

more than they otherwise went and I’m
not sure exactly how it works in the
Senate but
Sanders could definitely hold up the
bill being voted on by by standing down

the floor and doing this I’m not sure
you know what bothers me about Sanders
is that he uses the his polemics always
include some some lie and idle I refer

to his breaks the tax breaks for the
rich which never existed and we know
that for a fact because we have an
attorney or I’m sorry an accountant in

our midst who does the breeches of the
richest tax forms and/or tax accounts
whatever you have this type of chance
I’m sure tax returns that’s it and so

this is just nonsense and so it always
bugs me that we finish the story that
that our CPA he’s getting calls or was
getting calls at the time of

billionaires saying hey how come I’m
paying more I’m not paying less exactly
and and this is the thing that left
tends to do and they just can’t seem to
get off doing that this is like you know

repeating false Trump narratives over
and over and over again it said because
the argument is fine without that yeah
so why do you throw that in a you know
and that’s an excellent point because

throughout this whole process which I
really followed very closely multiple
screens you know watching c-span Senate
watching the Washington was going on on
cable news people politicians are always

slipping little bits in you know the if
I hear Republicans slush fund for big
corporations one more time we’re gonna

get sick to my stomach it’s like okay we
get it in the bill itself there’s some
interesting thing you know we have such
a great community of producers you know
we have the CPA who does well actually

that’s the when I said the CPA who does
the the rich the richest tax returns
producer Dave Jones who as a dude named
Ben at a at a CPA firm he really in a

couple sentences said oh the the small
business loan scheme is fantastic this
is another part of the bill

so I’m just gonna leave the $500 can the
Republicans slush fund for companies
over here for a second
but for small business so that’s your
restaurant that your I love the example

of hardware store by the way that hear
this all the time you go to your local
hardware store now there’s no more local
hardware stores everyone goes to Lowe’s
or Home Depot but your local businesses
they’ll be able to do the following the

Small Business Administration loans
which can be you can go to the bank
I guess as soon as this is passed and
you can get from your bank a small

business loan immediately you don’t have
to show your cash flow or any any of
your business results it’s backed by the
federal government and it’s a loan that

converts to a grant so the way it works
is you estimate your payroll for the
next three months apply that amount to
the loan you want to take out anything
you don’t use by July 1st you give back

and everything else is free so basically
three months of tax free payroll that is
big and according to Dave CPA firms all

over the country are going to be
applying for these loans on behalf of
their clients he says it’s a free money
bonanza which it is but I think I think
those parts of the bill are good and

it’s going to work to the five hundred
billion dollars for loans to big
companies so this is we’re talking about
Boeing we’re talking about now whatever

the entire hospitality sector the bill
specifically states they had to do it
that any business controlled or owned by
any member of the administration any

member of Congress for that matter any
member of staff or their family and they
went out of their way to say including
son in-laws I see you Jared Kushner

can’t benefit from the loan scheme for
this from the cares Act so it’s just so
fucking patty we get it
Trump orange man bad we

edit when they did they made a big point
on PBS newshour which has just gotten to
be it’s gotten worse and worse they had
Pelosi on babbling her way I tried to

get clips from it but it just that’s not
as hard there’s nothing against possibly
and they had her on for 20 minutes she
was promoting the Democrat and the

Democrats and how they’re really
responsible for all this and it was just
pathetic and and they went on and on
about Trump was specifically named yeah
you know because that was important

because he was gonna rip us off well
what they wanted before the final bill
was written the Democrats wanted to have
you know like some mechanism that would
give them an oversight committee that

would be next to the Treasury 24/7 and
had full subpoena and impeachment power
befo if one dollar if one dollar went to

trump or whatever it was it means so
there was moronic stuff by the way I
think I got the ISO from Bernie from
that clip oh my god the universe is
piloxing possible I so so little longs a

little long to possibly think oh my god
would just suffice use that you know so
there’s stuff for hospitals in there it

on the surface of it what of course I
wasn’t able to completely get through
everything but I’ve also seen
trustworthy analysis or at least that I
trust and it seems like this is pretty

much you know spot-on
will it work will it be enough who knows
who knows that I think that depends more
on when we get back to work than
anything but it wasn’t filled with any

of the crazy I mean there’s some and
they wanted to all airlines to pay for
carbon offset for every flight they made
all of that good but that was all green
new deal and and it was just a delay and

that’s what really pissed me off I think
a lot of people it was course
accentuated by the Republican senators
who just like cotton going on for hours

and hours about all these crazy things
they want everyone
was just the delay tactic but actually a
lot of people missed that cycle but then
we went to at the past day and a half

and then last night late last night
96 to zero a couple of Senators were
self quarantine e8 passes the house says
yeah we’ll vote on it Friday because now

they have to do all kinds of you know
who knows what they’re gonna push it
just a little bit longer they’re not

yeah there’s they want they can do it by
proxy this is maybe they’re using today
to figure it out or they should just
pass it ninety six to zero in the Senate
just go no no no I can’t pass it cuz
they’re not there and it’s illegal they

were okay so that’s why they want to do
it by the I don’t know the exact
mechanisms but the two ways to do it
were one with approved proxy voting
which apparently can be made legal and

you can do it by not requiring a vote in
the House by tally but it can be a
unanimous decision

somehow that magically Nancy Pelosi
makes happen I wish I knew
they won’t yes they did there are
mechanisms there’s no doubt about
because we’ve seen it we’ve had we had
excerpts from years ago where some House

member would come up and blather off
some crazy thing during one of those
periods of you know open discussion and
he just you say all kinds of crazy stuff
and it was a yes so you names you Bob

bang bang bang the gavel a few times
it’s done massive bill was just passed
done right in the middle of the you know
chat time what I’ve worried about and
what I think will happen is the

Democrats who rule the house of course
will have to get their word in at this
point it’s no longer about actually
helping anybody this is done we don’t
even really have to look at the bill as

far as I’m concerned I will of course
but that’s that’s just the level one
dividing up the money
everybody’s got their piece yeah we got
the good pieces for American businesses
and for American workers everything else

who the hell knows now it’s about what
are we gonna do next how is the
situation going to be taken advantage of
further multiple agendas that’s that’s
where my focus is and just as I got gets

to get something off my chest because I
heard a couple interviews I was
listening to a lot of different podcasts
in the past couple of days this
incessant hammering on ventilators is

let me tell you this I hate this
incessant hammering on we need more we
need 5,000 6,000 7,000 10,000 30 so how
many ventilators do we need and this has

become a metric and the press asks about
face masks and ventilators but here’s
the problem why is no one asking how
many ventilator operators we have this
is a this is a technician level job this

is not something you read the manual you
jump in you can do it one technician oh
I think it’s a respiratory ventilator
technician can operate about 10 devices

simultaneously no one is asking you if
you can go ahead and look on the job
listings 3 4 500 different listings for
the ventilator operators no one seems

concerned about that but I don’t think
it’s really true this is what are the
3,000 cases in California am i right
more or less I don’t have the numbers in
front of me but you’ll need 50,000 beds

by May first are you kidding me this
doesn’t make sense by any stretch of the
imagination most of it doesn’t make
sense by any stretch of the imagination

and you’re right about that
and the ventilator thing at GLAAD you
mention it because it’s gotten to me too
it’s like the ventilator is it’s in
itself some sort of a metric yeah and

even though there’s gonna be making a
man for it’s gonna be making um that’s
and and with that in mind just on data
and stuff that you know we’re being

given because it’s very hard to humans
have a hard problem or a tough time in
general understanding macro numbers and
the largess of something or something

that seems large which isn’t like this
still is reasonably blown out of
proportion 17 million views
on Joe Rogan’s interview with Michael
osterholm and this is the guy he was on

like two shows after I was on with Joe
this guy pops on and I think this
freaked out in a Norden in a huge amount
of Norden did thank you inordinate

amount of young people an inordinate
amount of a lot of young people were
freaked out by this and I just want to
revisit what he said three weeks ago

March 10th just out off the bat how
serious is this is this something that
we need to be terrified of or is this
overblown or how do you stand on this
well first of all you have to understand

the timing of it in the sense that is
just beginning
and so in terms of what hurt pain
suffering death as a cat happened so far
is really just beginning okay arguably
true this is gonna unfold for months to

come yet and that’s I think what people
don’t quite yet understand and so this
really is acting like an influenza virus
something that transmits very very
easily through the air we now have data
to show that your infectious before you

even get sick I’m not so sure it was
ever proven that it is completely trance
transmittable through the air other than
water droplets or if someone spits in
your face and he claims I think that’s
what they met they don’t mean you’re

just exhaling co2 and you can get get
Lucy you have to see these you have to
cough in some cases quite highly
infectious just breathing is all that
you need to do is that what you just

no just wait a minute I’m not gonna out
defend him because I should yes if
somebody coughs and there’s a little
droplet because there’s millions of them
when you sneeze for example and you’re

just breathing you would breathe one of
those droplets okay but the way I
interpreted it was if you are contagious
and you’re just breathing you could
transfer it I don’t believe that

no and in some cases quite highly
infectious just breathing is all that
you need to do so from this perspective
I can understand why people would say
well wait a minute flu kills a lot more
itself every year than this does and

already remind people this just was
beginning probably the best guesstimate
we have right now on what
we haven’t say this is gonna be at least
10 to 15 times worse than the worst
seasonal flu year we see 10 to 15 times

which he known how is completely untrue
to what I want to bring back my point
which was that we’ve had these two
coexistent bacteria of bacteria viruses

coexistent in the same population the
flu is outpacing it for deaths and I
want to mention a couple of things first
of all can I just play the last 30

seconds because you know fight fit right
in with what you’re saying just listen
to his actual numbers here we see 10 to
15 times worse in terms of fatalities
yeah yeah and just illness in fact I
just I brought some numbers we just

brought some numbers here comes the
modeling numbers based upon the Imperial
model it can serve the estimate that
this could require 48 million
hospitalizations 96 million cases
actually occurring over 480 thousand

well now it’s just beginning can’t wait
for those numbers to not come true that
can occur over the next three to seven
ones with this situation so this is not
one that to take lightly and I think

that’s what I can understand if you say
we’ve been 10 deaths or 20 dose or 50
deaths just remember two weeks ago we
are talking about almost no cases the
United States and now that we’re testing
for it and watching the spread as its

unfolding those numbers are going up
astronomically so it was this kind of
reporting or just I got some numbers for
you and reports 48 million people will
have it 90 million people of 48

hospitalizations 90 million will have it
four hundred and eighty thousand deaths
better hurry up to hit your first three
month to Lourdes dead than in World War
two so let’s wash about World War two

let’s what you were saying something
about them about the numbers about flu
outposts of my life
first of all the flu and the corona been
coexistent for a while and the flu is

outpacing it in deaths how do you
account for that
nobody does I want to stop here and I am
sick of computer models that are
designed to scare the public their

bullcrap this is a bit happening with
the global warming thing is all computer
models it’s got nothing to do with
and every time it’s checked against
reality none of the computer models work
except apparently for some Russian model

which shows none of the numbers that we
keep getting told there is their ad this
is a challenge for the community of
anybody like c-span they might want to
try this cuz I have been working on this

and I have not I not done it I can’t do
it I can’t find it about seven years ago
c-span had one of the one of their
during the congressional breaks they

have these little specials they do a
usually a lot of hearing some meetings
at the Brookings Institute all kinds of
stuff like that there was a guy who is a
major computer modeling expert yet came
on c-span and gave a lecture to a small

group showing how how the community that
is involved with computer models does
not trust them at all and they should
never be and he said specifically they

should never be used for certain things
such as what we’re using them for to the
global warming thing this coronavirus a
extrapolation of how many people are

gonna drop dead next week
these computer models are not supposed
to be used for these things and this guy
went on and on about I cannot for the
life of me and I know it’s in there

c-span has it find this this guy in this
lecture but that is was his message is
that computer models should not be used
for these purposes and that’s all

they’re being used for I read a quote
all computer models are wrong some are
helpful and that’s probably true that’s
probably true I a degree that’s probably

what they’re for
yeah dr. Burks who still receives almost
zero coverage or serious coverage even
though she is the coordinator the Cova

dean response coordinator for the White
House she’s mentioned this yesterday and
the day before think this is from the
day before about the reporting on
infection rate and what we should expect

in full infection I wanted to say one
other thing because you see a lot of
they’re about 70% of the population is
going to get infected or 60% of the
population based on those models

understand that the way you get to that
number is you do nothing and it goes
through three cycles so they’re talking
about this cycle that we’re currently in
another cycle in 2021 and a third cycle

in twenty one twenty two in order to get
that level of population infected and
you know we will have vaccines most
likely by the twenty one twenty two

season and we’re gonna hopefully have
therapeutics in the fall of the next
so the reason we’re so much focused on
blunting the curve for this piece is if
if the virus comes back we’ll have much

more facility both for diagnosis of
testing monoclonal antibodies treatments
and then the vaccine so if only they
would play one of those clips of hers

somewhere in the coverage instead the
Washington Post did a profile deborah
birx has a style that is always in
fashion competent and reassuring oh yeah
the fashion editor highlighted dr. Burks

brushed Burks does not wear the typical
Washington power uniform know her tone
is gentle but firm from her background
as a diplomat she’s skilled in soft

force the art of getting people to do
what they want them to do without having
them think it was their brilliant ideal
all along she stands out on what was a
distressingly crowded stage until
recently thinned out women are in the

minority during these public expositions
but she’s distinctive because of her
attire and they go into this whole thing
about Burks doesn’t dress like a lady
politician in jewel-tone suits and

statement jewelry she doesn’t wear power
dresses those sleek sheets that are
critical part of the House Speaker Nancy
Pelosi’s professional wardrobe she
doesn’t turn up in a white coat I mean

it just goes on and on of our scarves
which I agree with but this is the
person who is the coordinator of the
Cova Dean response this is the most
misogynistic thing I’ve seen they’re not

even taking a woman
seriously for the job that she’s doing
and the things she has to say
point well-taken

that said she does what he expects she
does look fabulous I’ll have to say so
she she’s got it all together
I dig I has no influence I wanted to
correct you on something I was listening

to D H unplugged
and all of a sudden the genesis of the
April 6 lifting of the tower at home
restrictions changed all of a sudden the

former New York banker gets credit and
what is wrong
that was horrible no it was you
literally you you well you have the clip

I’m we just believe me that I’d listen
to it I’m not gonna get stammering but I
would but that’s okay let’s say I did

would I he was wondering where you came
up with this yes and you didn’t I said
well I think you what happened and I
gave her some positions and and I know
that this probably wasn’t accurate but

it was just to get to change the topic
it’s not a big deal it’s just a way for
me to bridge into reminding everybody
how how we came up with it okay good I’m
glad you did can I be I can renew myself

I can renew my own information and I
have a clip which I mentioned the part
about the 60 days after the bill passed
or if 30 days after the bill passed I
mention that John it’s okay let’s just

play it exactly as it was and it was the
eight point three billion dollar bill
which was signed on March 6 march 8th we
looked at the bill and it said the

majority of the money had to be spent
within 30 days I think it’s just czars
too well here’s here’s what here’s the
prediction I make it and I think it’s a
fairly good one this was signed on
Friday the 6th so by April 6th this

should all be over 30 days from now it’s
all done everyone has their money we
know it has to be spent the important
money has to be spent

Adler within hours is already acting
like it’s party time so that was the
genesis of it was the 30-day clock of
course none of that really makes sense
anymore in light of the two trillion
dollars I know it’s like small potatoes

but Billy but I think I think we’re
still going to start easing on the six
for the simple reason that the president

obviously said he wanted to have that
done by the 12th because we have to do
that I’d love to have it open by Easter
okay well I will tell you that right now
I would love to have that it’s such an

important day for other reasons but I’ll
make it an important day for this – I
would love to have the country opened up
and just raring to go by Easter that
would be a great American resurrection

two and a half weeks from this fox of
course and something about this this
briefing which was called a virtual Town

Hall the day before for some reason
MSNBC and CNN decided they were not
going to carry any more Trump briefings
live Fox that carried it live and they
and they didn’t so the next day Trump

did an exclusive with Fox well that that
ended the the band pretty quick over at
MSNBC and CNN and why they wouldn’t want
to air it is beyond me okay it’s tedious

it’s annoying it’s repetitive and that’s
just the journalists so the president
wants it opened by the 12th so
immediately we get our cower in place

order in Austin until April 13th you
know we’re just gonna add one more day
just despite the guys are crazy yeah
they’ve gone you know here’s what one of

the things that’s going on it should be
noted and it’s driving everybody nuts
now the idea was is that you get this
just covert thing and you let get out of
control and then the president watches

everything and they get him out of
office and right or maybe even better he
gets the disease and
25th amendment him which is by the way
pouch he said that he might get it some
comment of course that’s five foul make

some comment like somebody’s gonna bump
into him and prick him with the pricker
and give him a cut case of this thing so
let’s see

it’s that his reason did the problem is
is that his they don’t understand the
mechanism and I finally figured out
what’s going on in terms of my cycles
theories which I don’t discuss too much
on the show but I because because some

of the cycles and guns so skewed by the
government interference with the economy
but every eighty years we’ve had some
incident in this country that has been
seminal in the formation of the country

itself the the country started with an
American Revolution and you go 80 years
from there you have the u.s. Civil War
and that changed things and then eighty
years from there we have World War two

exactly to the date and that changed
things because after that we developed
we opened up and became a security
stated from 1947 on because of the
holiness the creation of the CIA the NSA

and everything in between
and so we’ve that’s changed things 20
years later I’m always expecting well
there’s got to be another war because
these things always seem to be war
oriented you had they you had your

revolution and you had the civil war
than you had World War two and now we’re
gonna have some other kind of crazy war
against the Muslims or who knows what no
this is it yes and I have a clip to back
it up that this may even happen from our

own our own government services
attacking us here is the FEMA director
and finally a little bit about the
National Guard the federal government
continues to take aggressive action and

proactive steps to address the Cova 19
threat as we attack the health and
safety or protect the health and safety
of American people where they got a the
truth always wants to come out and

finally a little bit about the National
the federal government continues to take
aggressive action in proactive steps to
address the Cova 19 threat as we attack
the health and safety or protect the

health and safety of American people it
remains our top priority it’s a top
priority attacker might tell you attack
oh oh I almost forgot the v-shape

oh wait before you go the v-shape let me
get back my point I’m sorry which was
the point is is that because it’s a
similar set a two-year cycle war during
those episodes the president’s

acceptability numbers go skyrocket I’m
gonna keep going up and up and up and it
is driving everyone nuts oh I have a
clip just for that from Andrea Mitchell

there is politics involved we’ve heard
very little from for instance the more
likely most likely nominee of the
Democratic Party Joe Biden he’s having
difficulty getting projecting through

this crisis as the campaign goes totally
on hold and we’re also seeing some polls
indicating the presence proven ratings
among Democrats and independents
skyrocketing to their highest levels yet

it’s some 60% approval ratings for the
way he’s handling this crisis as he
continues to hold these briefings the
briefings are working for the president
no matter what he says people seem to be

seeing him as a leader these more people
do listen to the response this douche
yeah you know Andrea you and I share a
healthy skepticism on public polling and
I think you know what polling shows

right now Oh
polling that’s no good man only when
Hillary’s gonna win 90 percent oh yeah I
have a similar clip about this

turnaround away things are looked at
yeah I don’t want to shift gears
complete but before you mind because
you’re gonna go into the V recovery I
was listening to again I’m kind of

really upset about the PBS turning in
this kind of a propaganda armor the
Democrat Party has just really gone off
the rails and I’m almost of the opinion

that whoever got great Gwen Ifill out of
the way she died unfortunately and they
gave her
stamp I’m gonna go buy those stamps and
use them there’s a the post office has a
good when eyeful stamp I know we talked

about it it’s dynamite
so okay so here’s an example now we’ve
already known about you know they’re all
you know the South Koreans they kicked
ass it is such a better job than
everything you know we couldn’t do

anything like that right
blah blah blah and now listen to this
this is the clip odd testing fact shows
bias and this evening President Trump
held another briefing on Cove at 19 this
time declaring victory on the pandemic

aid package still being held up in
Congress but let’s turn right now to our
you Michel sender who’s been listening
in so you mean we know the White House
was has been involved in those

negotiations on the hill what are they
saying about where things stand right
well Justin me of just a few moments ago
at the White House President Trump said
he would sign the two trillion dollar
coronavirus bill if it was sent to him

immediately so he was urging the House
and the Senate to move quickly
one thing that was remarkable the
Treasury secretary Steve monition said
even though this two trillion dollar
bill would be the largest stimulus

package passed by Congress if it passes
he said it would only keep the economy
afloat for three months the president
said if we have to go back well it’s
stop stop this clip has not been edited
correctly all right but clip too much of

it go about halfway through it and start
playing it from there that’s right
Treasury secretary Stephen ushion said
this is a bill to get people back to
work we were fine with the unemployment

benefits and we wanted to go forward the
president said I will sign it
immediately and then also quickly you
mean we know the President and others at
the briefing spoke about the status of
the fight against the corona virus what

are they saying well the president was
praising the the job that he’s been
doing and he talked specifically about
testing here’s what he said we were also
doing some very large testings

throughout the country I told you
yesterday that in South Korea this is
not a knock in any way because if I just
spoke with President moon we had a very

good conversation about numerous other
things but
they’ve done a very good job in testing
but we now are doing more testing than
anybody by far we do more in eight days

and they do in eight weeks just a quick
fact check here president Trump is
saying the United States is doing more
testing but South Korea is six times is
only one-sixth of population of the

United States they’re doing more testing
per capita than the United States also
the United States was slow at testing so
this is testing being ramped up that’s
why we’re now testing so many people
Judy important point testing is now

ramping up that’s why we’re testing this
is a complete bullcrap now a that but
she brings up this 1/6 the size although
she says six times yes she botches a lot

by the way I can’t believe she’s on the
air but she says one and she says
one-sixth decides and she goes on what
was the 1/6 the size when they were
praising South Korea for doing all this

great testing and being way ahead
because we all got infected at the same
time that was never mentioned but now
because we’re doing more it’s mentioned
this is a classic example I want to give

you one more of these from PBS because
it’s like they can’t stop themselves I’m
gonna play this is the same clip I’m
gonna play it twice this is the clip
it’s called this is odd not about

anything other than just a separate news
story this is about the dead CIA guy I
don’t remember anything about about it I
kind of do and this is I got to cuz I
want you to play the minus kicker this

is the dis just the straight-up 24
second story dead CIA guy – kicker in
the day’s other news the family of
one-time FBI agent Robert Levinson says
US officials now believe that he died in

custody in Iran Levinson disappeared
there in 2007 on an unauthorized mission
for the CIA Iran never acknowledged
holding him but the New York Times and

others are reporting now new
intelligence shows he died in the last
few years okay okay so that’s the story
right that’s done that’s the story well

we can’t leave it at that we play the
other one now so we’ll play the same
story but instead of just
leaving the store Eli we have to do some
little some little dig it Trump you know

those other news the family of one-time
FBI agent Robert Levinson says US
officials now believe that he died in
in Iran Levinson disappeared there in

2007 on an unauthorised mission for the
CIA Iran never acknowledged holding him
but the New York Times and others are
reporting now new intelligence shows he

died in the last few years President
Trump said this evening that no one has
told him that Levinson is dead oh yeah
what does that have to do with anything

nothing but it leads me into more of
this hate and really focusing on things
that don’t benefit their viewers or
people interested in getting actual

information and this started with I
believe it was Monday or Tuesday the
team came out for briefing and oh the
horrors oh the horrors
pouchy was not on stage dr. Fauci the

voice of reason the people who we just
what we can’t do without him cuz trumps
are crazy now this was after a weekend
of foul Chi doing several interviews in

which the headlines and boy headlines
are bad these days headline was I can’t
just jump in front of the mic on stage
although although that was completely

unrelated to any question about vaccine
or chloroquine or anything like that
that became the headline did and of
course everyone points to The Times and

then they do their own version of it and
before you know it
pouchy is saving the world without him
Trump will kill us all Chris Cuomo as an
example not seeing dr. Anthony Fauci on

stage today worried me and it should
worry you you know the doctor now
remember the Sirona virus task force
director of the National Institute of
Allergy and Infectious Diseases but more
than that he’s become like America’s

he gives conscience and comfort and fact
to this country and uniquely so instead
today in his absence we got this
those parties right now I do know this
reefing little ways has feature walls

and I was just with him
we test for speeding right past we have
a test does he agree with you about the

meat rape in the economy soon well he
doesn’t die not icky he doesn’t not
agree I don’t know what that means but
it doesn’t matter and here’s why is
doctor foul chi important to our

economic decisions no why would we make
foul Chi a foil to Trump why would we
not want to do that do you know what’s
more dangerous than kovat telling the

truth about Trump as a member of the
executive branch no one survives that
why put foul Chi in a position of having
to admit that Trump is wrong or lying
when we already know that to be the case

you literally sometimes leaf out you
with no good answer other than what do
you want me to do the answer to his
question is help us get through this
pouchy must be kept bigger than the

politics of Trump just as our collective
well-being has led us away from the
petty gripes and calls from coast to
coast for lawmakers to be not right or

left but reasonable more dangerous than
covet 19 itself I’m telling you oh my
god so funny give you a clip of the day
for finding that one well it wasn’t hard

when Alice the MSNBC I don’t know that’s
CNN CNN well say by Tuesday foul she had
had more than enough of it because he’s

just trying to keep his 100 million
dollar partnership with the Gates
Foundation and Gilead on track to get
their you know vaccine and their their
therapeutics on the market for the next

cycle you know so he’s just playing
along he’s doing this thing yeah it’s
okay anecdotal this that that but he was
tired of this and the only place he was
either allowed to or where he rebutted
to any of this wasn’t WMAL in Washington

dr. Fauci I want to ask you about
something that I’ve seen transpiring
over the past couple days especially as
it relates to you it seems like
increasingly a bunch of the questions
from the media are designed to create a

rift between you and the President of
the United States or at least to sort of
emphasize differences of opinion in a
way that you know creates distance
between you and the president are you

sensing that as the media continually
asks you questions about the differences
you have with him that is really
unfortunate I would wish that that would
stop because we have a much bigger

problem here than trying to point out
differences they’re really fundamentally
at the core when you look at things
there are not differences the president
has listened to what I have said and

what the other people on the task force
have said when I’ve made recommendations
he’s taken them he never counted all
over ridden me the idea of just pitting
one against the other is just not

helpful I wish that would stop but we’d
look ahead at the challenge we have to
pull together to get over this thing so
there you go he’s a little tired of it
the president is smart though he’s

really playing the media in it I think
in an interesting way he’s backed off a
lot on the fake news unless it’s for
instance the question you heard in the

White House reporter but I came across
this little gem this week in the spirit
of unity
I made a moral appeal to the White House
to consider the homeless and
incarcerated amid the covert 19 crisis

so my surprise president Donald Trump
called me to discuss it
he and I have exchanged some very
contentious words over the last several

years and though we have not changed our
view of each other we did talk about the
fact that in the mix of this pandemic
people that may be on different sides

politically must discuss and try to come
to some kind of common ground to deal
with those in this country and around
the world that are most vulnerable for

that to be committed you know but this
is a very different tone Reverend Al is
typically dropped at this problem and
now it’s like well you know we’re all

together inertia when they look at the
numbers and see Trump’s approval rating
skyrocketing now as US which is the word
that Andrea Mitchell used yeah for

Democrats yeah they changed you know
they start to back off because they
didn’t realize that they’re gonna get
themselves into trouble I’d like to now
move over to the April 6 which I think
arguably is is too early but based upon

just where we’re at I think it’s still
fair to say within some you know within
a couple days 8th may be more likely
Wuhan is opening up Manas this is a
major development these strict lock

downs happen in place in Hubei Province
since January 23rd now we finally have a
date for when this lockdown will be
removed the date is April 8th this means
people will now be allowed to leave the

leave whom a province leave the original
epicenter of this outbreak we have been
reporting in the ensuing days gradual
policies to ease restrictions we’ve

reported several days ago that residents
would be allowed to leave
Wuhan after proving that their virus
free by getting a nucleic acid test and
getting a health certificate it’s not
clear however despite the removal this

locked out that transmissions have been
totally cut off despite the fact that
official counts in wilhunt have slowed
to just the zero or a few in the past
several days and the reason why I say

that is because according to a report
from Tyson there are still a few to a
dozen asymptomatic cases people who are
being diagnosed everyday in HoN because
unlike South korea-china does not

include asymptomatic infections in its
official count that’s interesting
they never included asymptomatic in
their count which we like to quote which

would why why well it will give you a
higher morbidity rate that’s for sure
what would you want know to make it look
scary this is a crisis of testing that’s

what the whole thing was about was test
test test that says and now we go oh my
god it’s spiking if I hear that one more
time by spiking could worrisome spike no

it’s because we’re testing we would
probably the same boat as China probably
not that much later than Wuhan we got it
what we may get it last year yeah there

was last year if we could track down a
public relations agency behind this
whole thing that represents a testing
company well that would be the entire
pharmaceutical industry because all of

these labs are you know it it was based
on an open source or forum to this today
still it’s like oh the curves not
flattening no because we’ve got a

hundred and fifty thousand tests a day
now apparently so yeah it’s gonna look
you know it’s a lag it’s a huge lag and
you can’t compare our testing to China’s
testing and the morbidity rate anymore

because we just heard they never
included asymptomatic cases I mean yes
you can’t because the Harvard professor
we had a clip of the Harvard professor
who said that is 35% of the people are

gonna drop dead and there’s 75% 70% of
all of us are gonna get it and he used
the computer model to prove it wait a

was it one of these Harvard professors
we’re here today to announce three
separate cases
letting the ongoing threat posed by
Chinese economic espionage and research
theft in the United States first the

arrest today of a Harvard University
professor for lying about his
participation in a Chinese foreign
recruitment program second this morning
we have unsealed a separate indictment

of a Chinese national working as a
scientific researcher at Boston
University who failed to mention on her
visa application that she is also a
lieutenant with the People’s Liberation
Army finally this office has indicted

another Chinese national for trying to
smuggle vials of biological material out
of the United States to China and lying
about it federal investigators that
defendant whose entry to the United

States had been sponsored by Harvard
University was he what is he affiliated
with those people is the name of the
professor that they arrested there I
don’t know yeah well but this was Jen

this was January two ago but the point
is why aren’t they naming names at these
press conferences what I liked is that

there was actual sealed indictment that
was the first get there anyway so you
heard health certificates so in some

kind of plaque acid test which is
interesting so I guess now you can just
get a quick swab and know within a
second or is it is that something you do
with the border at the checkpoint I
haven’t I’m not exactly sure what what

they’re talking about there I don’t know
either no I did but it does bring up one
of the things that we’re looking forward
to I’m looking forward to it not the
actual implementation but it’s tracking

and now around the world we have
governments tracking in fact this is
Pennsylvania Governor Tom wolf many of

us have already cut back on social
functions and traveling in a recent
study of cell phone data places
Pennsylvania at the top for social
distancing so I want to thank all of you

for the sacrifices you’re making so of
course when you look into this don’t
worry it’s anonymous
we get rid of it right away we have
helicopters now in Austin every night
and I know exactly what’s going on

they’re getting the data we have too
many cell phones in this area and they
fly over it and they circle I haven’t
heard the giant voice system but it’s
coming it’s coming so now they just
circle around they circle around to make

you scared and go home but you know what
they’re doing at some beaches in Europe
I guess so oh yeah with helicopters
they’re blowing the sand up so people

can drop washing that’s great
so here’s dr. oz who of course America’s
favorite physician when it comes to all
things dump and on Fox of course

here’s his plan what medicine when you
have a program that’s work you copy it
and if you look around the world the
most successful effort is but in South
Korea and I think the reason they worked

and I’ve done a fair amount of research
in this is they basically created a
digital vaccine everyone got tested your
information was entered into a
government-run app that tool was a lot
was used to track where you were going

what you were doing to help you make
sure you’re being smart about your
social distancing to quarantine you if
you’re infected
they attract people you’d been near to
so they can get it tested ahead of time
so you could contain the virus so as we
call come through this difficult time if

you want to release the restraints
earlier we gotta be really meticulous so
we don’t let this grow back again and so
we’re gonna want a sophisticated program
like they had in South Korea we can do
it all the tech companies the leaders

are in this country we’ve got wonderful
and programs all the big boys know how
to do this and we’ve got the ability to
do more testing smartly and if we can do
that together I think we’ll buy

ourselves a lot more time next time
around let’s do it smartly yeah let’s
get some tracking and I’m gonna tell you
first of all let me just tell you one
thing this is not going to be mandatory
everyone will gladly put this app on and

this and this ties right into the term
only really used in America social
distancing this is a very evil term
we’re taking distance from humans

you know six-feet social distancing has
subconscious meaning which I don’t like
at all so in that direction let’s go

back to what the clip said first of all
he made it he made it seem as if the
entire country was tested if you

listened to that clip mm-hmm
it’s very misleading he says first of
all everyone was tested as if the entire
country was tested well that’s his dream
this is the testing testing testing but

my understanding is 250,000 people in
Korea were tested yes to an 80 or
something yeah yeah I said in that range
and the population of Korea’s 30

millions but the idea is the first idea
is to mislead us it so again it’s all
about testing because the longer we get
people to test and I think that’s

different here in the United States from
Korea we want to keep testing keep
why does I want it to end once the more
you test the longer this thing lingers
in the media the the virus with it with
a with the public relations firm known

as coronavirus the longer we test the
longer it stays around the more we can
harangue the more we can bitch and moan
that Trump’s gonna kill us by trying to

open up the economy and the country
again get people back to work and if I
just go back to where we are now and
tracking comes into this when you have

people going back to work but they’re
getting money in addition that is a
great trial including what Bernie was
harping about and what is now taking

place some people if you work you’ll
make more money because you’re back at
work you got some unemployment and you
get you $1,200 if you’re an adult this
is a great beta test three-month beta

test for universal basic income and how
people respond how they’ll respond geez
well you’re at it why I’m empty you
can’t do this without some mmt modern

monetary theory you can’t create all
this money
I think that will there will be analysis
of how do people look at other people
who don’t go back to work and just take

the the universal basic income for those
for that period how will people look at
others who go and go ahead and work and
take the money

what will the money be spent on this is
very interesting from a universal basic
income perspective and I have to
question if this difference wasn’t left
in there to just see if hey who knows we
might learn something how people respond

to that for the future remember it came
from Bernie so this tracking is all
going to be a part of it and the idea is
everyone will want to get tested you’ll

probably be able to get a test with your
23andme DNA swab they’ll send it right
back to you as if you’re not being DNA
tested for any swab as is it’ll be very
simple and then you can add that and you

get it put it right into your app and
then every well know if you are immune
if you’ve had it you know it’ll be
Bluetooth and geofencing all this stuff
is gonna come in to slightly and then

you’ll get true
social distancing way like oh I think I
should probably take fifth Street and
not go up Main because you’re too close
citizen you’re too close to the person

in front maybe too close citizen you’re
too close exactly what I see what I see
coming it’s exactly what it is and and
people will love it they don’t care no

kissing oh and that and just the social
distancing term this is not used
anywhere else but the United States and

and it’s just the term now I’m not
social distancing I’m standing five feet
behind you or to the side it’s not I can
still be social with you and there’s
something evil about that back to the to

the other big laugh about the v-shape
recovery that I did get from the former
New York banker

and on the briefing I want to say it was
Tuesday the president said that happens
now in addition to that we’re talking
about economic well you you know really

hurt a country you could take years and
years to recover and the longer you stay
out the harder it is to recover I happen
to think that you’re going to have they
call it the V I think you did have a

very big bounce you know very big bounce
back I think it’s gonna be very big
we’ll see even quite say v-shape
recovery you said they call it the V
it’s probably wondering why do they call

it the V I want it doesn’t matter they
they call it the V yeah I’m with the
president I’m with the President on this
yeah he does work out and it’s not just
another bull trap well that’s always

possible because man has has this thing
been abused and now we have Greta timber
coming out and saying well I think I had

the coronavirus so that’s just putting
everybody on notice cuz once she’s once
it’s time for her to speak she’s going
to come out to speak and it will be

something based upon or very similar to
the reports that are now coming through
it was unavoidable this is CNN this is
what Chinese cities usually look like
this time of year thick smog blanketing

the skyline but this year there’s
something different in the air blue
skies in several Chinese cities the air
pollution has improved especially Wuhan

the original epicenter of the deadly
coronavirus NASA and the European Space
Agency released satellite images from
January showing Wu Hans nitrogen dioxide
levels and the dramatic drop in February

after 11 million people there were
quarantined co2 emissions for the past
four weeks are down by at least 25
percent 25 percent reduction in co2

emissions so the world’s biggest
polluter that could mean a drop of 200
million tons of carbon dioxide this is
more dramatic than anything else that

I’ve seen in terms of the impact on
emissions the Center for Research on
energy and clean air says coal
consumption at fired power stations saw
a 36 percent drop compared to last year

their research also shows carbon
emissions from the aviation industry
plunging due to falling demand and
widespread travel restrictions in
neighboring Hong Kong air quality has

also improved as the virus triggered
partial shutdown there are lots of
people who work from home and that’s
reduced the traffic volume and reduce
the traffic congestion

now Funke says this brief period of
clean air should be a wake-up call if we
want to children the elderly who could
live healthily in Hong Kong then we
should think about how to make business

as usual change and that’s where we’re
headed did you notice the bogus
information and that report that makes
zero sense

go ahead how is I can see okay yeah air
traffic’s down so there’s less jet fuel
how with everybody holed up in their
houses running electricity running air

conditioning running heaters in their
houses all the time all day 24/7 how
does coal consumption suddenly go down
what is the rationale do they have one

that coal consumptions dropped like a
rock but everybody’s in the house
instead of outside roaming around how
does that work well it’s unimportant
because that’s not the point no we know

that’s not the point
you ask you be questions of information
in there making it sound gross is what
they’re lying
what no no the joke is gambling yes yes

but I did that last time I got tired of
it so the same app the social distancing
app which will be with the logo you see

everywhere stay home the little heart
with the with the house around it stay
home you’re going to have companies that
have a and B teams circle teams triangle
teams half of the company will be and

this is how we’re going to restart this
is how we’re coming back as of the six
there will be rules to keep if you can
keep half your workforce at home working
from home then switch out after two days
the other part comes back and that’s

going to be permanent in a lot of
companies it’s and we’re going to have
climate change stay home weekends all
tracked and socially tracked social

distancing so I will be able to see hey
wait a minute I see you that’s my
neighbor’s phone he’s walking up the
street he’s not so that’s a guy
I wonder how much involves slack will be

slack is a winner and I called it weeks
ago when this happened slack and zoom
are the two big ones Cisco’s trying to
horn in with WebEx which they’ve had for

a while I don’t think they they’ve had
that for a decade they don’t they don’t
they don’t know how to market that then
not that kind of come to market anything
but it’s in fact the the CEO of slack
wrote some Twitter thread and um you

know these he was – it was very it was a
very good piece of PR and I hate to say
it but the way it came across me is you

know look at how good we are look at
we’ve done but meanwhile it was all
about jacking up the price and getting
people interested and fairly so because
yes the good guys were jacking up the

prices layers not be fair they did give
away some some free but I think that
this is where we’re headed and because

because the fight now right this very
moment is going to be Trump wants to
kill us all by getting the economy back
to work

oh by the way before I forget one of our
dudes named Ben is on a very panel that
governors panel I don’t want to say too
much because very small and they’re
working on I think it’s backed by a lot
all or a lot of Governors for social

distancing tracking and they’re in the
ideation stage now but it’s happening so
and and and he said he joined it
specifically to a have some influence

and be to be boots on the ground so but
we have to keep have to be a little
cagey about where he is and where this
is happening for us because a small
group he doesn’t want to be knocked out

I will be way worse on silent mode until
the whole thing is over that he’ll give
us a briefing yeah well he’ll give us
some some briefings on the way on the
way there but testing data will be used

we’re going to actually probably forget
about the morbidity rate I think that’s
already gone out the window all these
10-15 times worse than the flu is all

it’s not happening it’s not the way it
played out for whatever reason and those
fear-mongering stories are going to
continue this one metric they have left
and that is testing and the more we roll

out well the curve hasn’t flattened the
force you would want to look at the
morbidity curve the death curve but the
media will continue to tell you that
Donald Trump is trying to kill you yeah

QE won’t get is not releasing the
ventilators and he wants to kill you I
mean if I see one more Twitter post from

people I used to respect saying Trump
has to resign now or we will all die or
Trump wants to kill you yeah yeah it’s
sad touch her these people wouldn’t it

when this president when his approval
rating is as Andrea Mitchell said
skyrocketing how far touch out of touch
do you have to be to understand I’ll be

making Twitter to tweets about Trump
trying to kill you I got a cool super
cut from another one of the
fear-mongering panic media prostitutes
Nicole Wallace remarkable stunning all

those words we get tired of using here
on the show stunning news this morning
but you’re stunning this is stunning
just stunning so stunning that’s
stunning stunning it’s stunning calling
shocking stunning giving me a pit in my

stomach and a lump in my throat stunning
stunning stunning stunning stunning
stunning donning up I just got chills
gave me chills stunning stunning what

what stunning stunning stunning stunning
it gave me chills because it fills me
chills about once a my stunning stunning
stunning stunning stunning it’s just

stunning I can’t I can’t I can’t
I’m at a loss for words I have no words
I have no words have nowhere
have no words I have no words that I
read it with my job my jaw dropped my

jaw on the floor was stunning and it was
breathtaking this is stunning on so many
levels you stunning stunning stunning
stunning stunning stunning stunning
stunning and every time she says

stunning it’s something about Trump
every time she says my jaw dropped on
the floor it’s about Trump this is all
this woman does now I have some I have a

question for you hmm
what is a pit in her stomach does she
eat an olive no I don’t I never heard of
a pit in my stomach

well that’s Nicole Wallace she moves in
mysterious ways is a pit in her stomach
everyone agrees this is a war how many
times we heard it’s a war a war on the

invisible enemy war we’re at war would
you agree that’s pretty much what we all
feel we’re at war against this under
this is my 80 years psycho theory yes
thank you so if we’re at war and when

we’re at war we do crazy things but we
do it all to protect the homeland does
hint a lot we do it all to protect
America it’s America we always go

overseas and kill brown people in the in
Sandy areas for American interests which
benefits our economy back home so to not
start opening up to take some risk in

this war just like we send our 18 19 20
year old boys and girls to the sand at
risk for this hinterland for the

homeland who get killed and maimed by
the tens of thousands we can be at home
a little brave and some people may catch
it some will die but the war is for the

motherland we need to get back to work
stagger it get it going roll anyone else
is a traitor that was mine Max Keiser at
the end there a traitor

no that’s not Bernie anyway
that’s what I’m missing that’s the talk
I’m missing from somebody it’s coming
we’ve got the part that war coverage we

have war news coverage of the death toll
yes you looked at the newspapers from
1943 is it dead this many dead that many
dead this many dead that many dead yes

yeah we’re trying to get those numbers
up so it matches you know World War two
but we can’t quite get there I mean the
pretty big numbers all we have the world
war two number yeah so that’s him and I
think that is the way we should be

approaching this I’d like you know i
liked the assistant governor’s assistant
assistant governor of texas who said
look I’m in my 70s it’s this older

people like me are at risk why don’t we
send other people back to work who want
to go to work and I’ll just take the
time for my generation okay boomer time

for my generation too takes a risk which
I liked a lot that’s turned around into
Republicans just want to kill old people
I mean this is where I thought was a

very noble thing you know it’s like hey
we’re all 70 plus you know go ahead get
out there will will will take our risk
we’ve had a great life so far I’d like
to make another couple years but go but

none of this is taken into account
instead Trump wants to kill you I’m
really tired of that I’m sure he’s gonna
be able to get back to work but we still

have to deal with the governors and the
mayors what are they going to do but by
the way this is all voluntary except for
in Austin now we’re on lockdown until
April 13th because well you know though

I guess they’ll shoot you they don’t
have any plans to do any of that oh it
was beautiful I went out yesterday the
day before I went to the you know went
to pick up some some supplements from

dr. Ron I roamed around went to a
student line that the heb to get in they
have little placards on the yeah they
have that here now

help us social distance the wait outside
that’s going to continue that that will
continue for and we’ll probably open up
restaurants half-full for this very

that’s the variously they haven’t done
it at Costco they don’t have quotas how
many people can be in the store at one
time because this is packed you know
interesting wheat so we have quotas per

square foot at I asked that heb wouldn’t
tell me they didn’t know at Whole Foods
it was a hundred and fifty D what 150
people in the store at the same time so

we want a tea room uncle e one comes out
the other one goes in there we have a a
tea quota in our store that the whole
foods yeah yeah so that so that’s a size
obviously and I thought personally it

should always be like this this is nice
I can get around it’s quite empty 150
people didn’t isn’t does not feel like a
lot crock to crock so that’s that’s the

main well while you’re bringing up these
old farts I might as well play this this
is DeNiro and Danny DeVito being played

with by the mate by the governor your
governor friend and cuomo and who sleep
for some unknown reason is laughing like

a son of a bitch in the background hello
this is Robert DeNiro we all need to
stay home we need to stop the spread of
this virus and we can only do it
together not just to protect ourselves

but to protect others and all the all
the people you love please
I’m watching you hi everybody Danny
DeVito and I’m asking you from the

bottom of my heart all over the state of
New York
stay home I mean everybody I mean we got
this virus this pandemic and you know
young people get it they get transmitted

to old people
next thing you know so Governor Cuomo
asked me to ask you please do it a favor
all of us and stay home not spread this

virus around thank you yeah I’ll make a
prediction that based upon this and

based upon what I saw on the social
media it is quite interesting that when
we’re all at home and can be on social
media all day we’re kind of ready to go
outside I’m actually seeing I think a

decrease in in some Twitter usage at
least anecdotally what what I’m seeing
but when you have John Legend and
Chrissy Teigen and they’re out in the

car and they’re exchanging a pie for a
loaf of bread with somebody at some
neutral location they’re rolling the
food at each other and then laughs and
this is going to going to turn out bad

for celebrities because people now
they’re they’re getting antsy they don’t
feel so good a lot of people are out of
work and these a-holes are gallivanting
around on Instagram how cool they can be

when they’re at home and locked down
there’s a blowback of coming on this
well I think the blowback is not even
something that is due them through

through their own Karma the HUD the
Hollywood scene looks to me if we’re
gonna be this freaky about lines in
front of the store and all the rest of

it there goes the theatres there goes
Hollywood everything’s gonna be home
theater you’re gonna be downloading your
movies and the economics for downloading
and watching movies who not work is not
the same and this happened with the

magazine business I got to be there
magazines could make I mean PC magazines
are good
it was a big thick magazine came out
twice a month it was making millions and
millions of dollars per month and now

when you go online you don’t make
anything like that you make it tenth
maybe even less than that the same thing
with movies the movie industry in the
big tent poles summer film that’s done

and that’s the big moneymaker I have a
feeling that Netflix lost their shirt on
this on this period because there was
too many people watching Netflix movies
when they were hopefully they’re not

watching as much as they did no new
signups you bet it’s I think they’re
signups will be low I don’t think a lot
of people will you jumping on who
weren’t there already but the existing
customers consumed maybe 10 times as

much and this is just data I’m guessing
at and that’s not in this house so the
slack is picked up a lot by Disney Plus
right Disney Plus actually gets a lot of

I think a lot more attention than people
want to give it credit for but the but
your point is well-taken if you’re gonna
go with the subscription model like

Netflix and all of a sudden people are
overusing it because they’re getting an
Elsa do there’s no money in that and
there’s no money and renting it just
bringing out some of these movies that
by the way so just as a quick more

review yeah the rise of Skywalker yes
it’s the worst thing ever it there is
someone I can tell I can’t even get

through it it’s it’s got no plot it’s
got just a lot of shooting and it looks
like a Hong Kong film from the late 80s
by John Woo it’s just a lot of action
and no story and it’s just unbelievable

it’s the worst thing they can imagine by
it they had to sell it to the public
they had to get it out of there and
they’re selling it for 20 bucks or so
upon 20 bucks there’s no money in this

going out to the theater for the theater
experience the spending 20 30 bucks or
bring your whole family money the money
comes from the concessions at the
theater and the concessions right yeah

there’s none of that it’s all done I
have identified V
Kung Fu TV hit one has emerged as the
just you know we always have a summer

hit movie and this is the summer hit
stream Tiger King have you heard of this
no oh man after the show you immediately
have to start watching Tiger King it is

it’s on this give us a little review
here it’s a reality show about a guy
primarily a guy in Florida who started
raising and collecting big cats tigers
Lynx leopards the whole deal has about

200 of them and you know and he makes
money exploiting them and but they don’t
know but he grows up with him so he they
play with him they around the house and
they’re not eating him apparently and

and then there’s another guy also in
Florida and he has his own zoo and
there’s a third person the lady who is a
so-called preservationist but her places

also a zoo and somewhere in this really
seen a few episodes there’s a
murder-for-hire the whole thing goes
haywire it’s it’s like what’s the swamp
people reality show this is a real

reality drama well how do you get a hit
man involved in the reality show because
it happened during the filming of the
show it’s uh it’s it’s fantastic you’ll

love it no probably not
yes you like reality shows generally but
it’s no no it’s well this is different

in fact when people are fake they
actually show it it’s hard to explain
how that works in it but it’s like Swamp
People meets nut jobs with guns meets
nut jobs and throw into America and

that’s exactly what it is it’s great
it’s and that’s that that’s the hit
that’s going to emerge from from this
stay at home which again is just
something to call me what’s the

connection between kovat 19 in this
particular reality show nothing this is
just what everybody started watching
it’s gonna be okay yeah duck dynasty
with Tigers now not exactly

it’s it’s dirty it’s nasty it’s crazy
it’s dangerous you’ll love it
it’s Tiger King now on Netflix streaming
everywhere in low quality because we’ve
been asked to do low quality you saw

that right in every except in the United
States everywhere in the world people
are being a Netflix has been asked to
throttle back their quality YouTube is

throught throttling back their quality
on the YouTube videos because it’s taken
up too much bandwidth and they can’t and
the ISPs can’t do it because net
neutrality isn’t that great

life’s as we’ve always predicted life
saving need for Internet no no you can’t
throttle the the you can’t throttle

netflix cuz my video might stutter yeah
yeah yeah yeah it’s exactly where it is
we got a lot more on this but first I’d
like to thank you for uh gonna do one
more since we’re on the vid because

we’re not gonna get back to it good I’ll
edit that out and you’ll never hear it
yeah you can being down here I just want
to give another plug for something that
I recently subscribed to even though I
don’t like the idea of having to but I

needed to and then they subscribe it’s
gonna be interesting to watch how this
works out especially with the net
neutrality and them throttling back and
all the rest is I took out a
subscription to YouTube video oh wow now

you and I did that because it has all
the local sports it has Comcast sports
and it has ESPN and it has all these
these sorts of channels plus it has the

basic cable channel
did you give something up for that or
give up sling TV okay no I was just
wondering what it replaced if anything

what’s thing TV was I was using for my
sports you know habits and then I know I
just cancel it and it kept away from it
and then I decided let me try this
because they had a free sample for a

couple of weeks a couple of things you
should note if anybody wants to try this
it has an infinite virtual cloud-based
VCR capability mm-hmm PVR pepper so you

can record any
you want to record and it just keeps it
forever and seems to be limitless
because what I know it how they’re doing

this I know the mechanism like for
example I want to record
NCIS on a weekly basis so I record it
and I can go back and watch these
episodes when I feel like it like I

would with the regular you know the
video recorder and ordered my own you
know the ones that come with the dish in
the rest right and that’s because they
just record all everything they got

enough computer power to do that so
they’re not recording for me they
already have it or they’re already
recording it so it’s just something of a
scam and you but you at the same time
when you’re on it you can stop video you

can stop and stop the show wow what an
amazing capability it’s all we’ve since
we’ve had you seen Steve oh I get it
yeah that bit is no box I got it and so

then you can you can fast-forward
through ads which is another capability
which is nice and so forth but the
interesting thing is it is maxed out
this is where I can comes in with the

net neutrality it’s maxed out insofar as
resolution is concerned and there’s a
little button you can push and it says
nerd nerd something or other you can get
all the stats on the on the stream hmm

they’re all coming across at 1080 mm-hm
1080p and in less than 720p but it’s
mostly 1080p for almost everything and

the and the image quality is
well they that’s not fair because they
need to diminish that so people can
watch Netflix is there any porn on

YouTube TV I don’t think so okay maybe
well thanks for that update on YouTube

supplied people yeah I will stay far
away from it I want nothing to do
without what they’re tracking what I’m
watching not anywhere well with that I’d
like to thank you for your obvious

courage and say in the morning to you
the man who put the C in cash is coming
John’s seed
clean the morning you mr. hacker you
know all the morning this trips to see

boots on ground feet in the air
something to water Dame’s a nights out
there and in the morning to the trolls
in the troll room let’s do a troll count
hands up trolls hum you see we’ve got
1637 not bad for a Thursday very nice

welcome trolls No Agenda stream comm is
where they hang out and that’s up a
hundred from last Thursday yes but it’s
down a little bit from Sunday but that
stay everyone’s home home today by the

way they yes yes hand check no agenda
stream calm is where it’s been quite the
community with the podcast we have
podcast running there 24/7 on a stream

you can join in troll the host when
they’re doing it live or just find
interesting people and there you can get
an invite to no agenda social when you
in the chatroom just type exclamation

mark and a social and it will give you a
link and you can go to no agenda social
calm which is also exploding an activity
great to see how everyone is doing
virtual meetups etc and and it’s a great

to read today’s meetup list yeah yeah
that’s why the the meetups are virtual
is an interesting concept also a big in

the morning to our artist who brought us
the artwork for episode 12 27 we titled
that one boozing and beefing Darren oh
did it simple to the point gets it

it was the RX no agenda prescription and
the prescription is written in by our
very own dr. Darren O’Neill take one
dose two times a week it was simple

apparently listening to the show puts
people’s minds at ease during these
trying times war against the silent
enemy I would talking about the art I do

want to mention something people should
note so they don’t waste their time you
know the way their arts picked at him
and I go or stuff and then you know one
over the tool you have to both degree

it’s like one of these things where it
has to be 100% agreement which means I
can’t you means that one of us has a
veto either one of them yeah there’s
always veto yeah I will veto anything

with a picture of the cover oh no virus
on it I think
it’s a disgusting image it’s not even
real it’s not from a it’s a artists
conception of it that comes I believe
out of Italy and then became licensed

and it was net it’s not from a foot from
a electron microscope or anything which
is it doesn’t look like that at all it
looks a little like it has got the
corona part but I find it it’s kind of
an ugly image and I if I see it it you

will not get picked so if you want to
just put coronaviruses on there you’re
not gonna ever get picked and then ron
has a veto so even if I like it it just
won’t work and the other I mean I will

veto or just not vote for it it’s not
really a veto but I just won’t vote for
a any image that is ugly I don’t like
the idea of a tooth I like a toothless

hag or I just don’t think these are
attractive images that people are gonna
be you people are not attracted to it if
you’re not attracted to the image then

what’s the point of using is it’s a
marketing tool and so ugly images are
just verboten as far as I’m concerned
and they’ve grown a virus itself that
stupid-looking thing with all the plugs

sticking out of it isn’t isn’t it’s just
out so do your art whatever you want to
do but you put that not going anywhere
just thought that should be mentioned so

you don’t waste your time well thank you
very much Darren O’Neill you do not
waste your time he did a fabulous job
love it worked out perfectly for us and
we look forward to art that will be

uploaded for today’s episode we change
the album art part of our value for
value network well we are just better
than the rest because we have tens of
thousands of producers not listeners not

fans producers I would like to thank the
executive producer and associate
executive producers for today’s episode
indeed and there’s a couple I think sent

you notes or something you might want to
look at oh really in particular Jason
Howard and Alison Park Pennsylvania six
nine six 33 is top of the list and he

writes in gentleman and sir
always appreciate your show especially
in these long large amygdala times wish
for a new

amygdala shrinking variation of the
nominal virus I Hale near Pittsburgh I
asked for a hardy douche

you’ve been deduced and a melody of your
choice I will work on my knighthood
posthaste thanks for keeping me calm and
carrying me on yours truly a knight

howitzer to be

you’ve got karma that’s terrific

Derek Winkie in Clarkston Mississippi
399 96 in these times of need
here is your cut of my future Cove in

nineteen stimulus after 80 3 point 33
percent ahead of the curve thank you
that’s very one all of everyone that
helps with this show is ahead of the

curve that’s how good would universal
basic income be if you still worked but
you could jet you were you were forced
to spend your $1200 or your thousand

dollars a month on podcasts or other
media that you want to support directly
it’d be great that would that would up
and everything politics would change of

course Hollywood would change news would
change it would change the world just a
girl can dream
he says the balance of which will be
directed to my employees who I continue

to pay through the state shut down right
on good for you I count myself as
something I count myself fortunate and
have prepared for events like these both
personal and business so I do not need

the money off it goes to support the
show a vital resource of these times
common to all producers who help
navigate the mass hysteria that we’re
living through ITM Derek Winkie thank

you very much Derek ITM you’ve got karma
right now we have Cole Candler who came
in with 389 what is it 389 34 is in

Lynchburg Virginia I believe I have a
note from him yes I get mail yeah I
stepped all over it I died my timing was

shit so just say I have a note here edit
a note here you’ve got mail now you got
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to a long overdue knighthood
oh oh that’s not on the list
I should have read this note earlier no
it’s called show prep I did I but the

prep was looking up all these missing
notes and then putting him in separate
tab so I can go back and read them not
necessarily read each and every one of
em which is gonna take way too much time

and the number of people that slip to
the old knighthood in out of the blue is
so low that I’ve made the decision that
I don’t have to worry about it
okay well we’re worrying about it now

tell us I would like to be known as Sir
Cole mm-hmm of lore Locke’s view lower
what Locke’s view Li LOC KS view Locke’s
mark like you looking at luck okay happy

to eat and drink whatever’s at the round
table I’ve been a listener since the
very early days love the show like a
fine wine is getting better with age
yeah yeah just like the dose is a karma

and a douchebag call-outs like all right
who’s the douchebag call-out for let’s
go first I would like a large dose of
goat Karma to all members of the high

school class of 2020 and University
class of 2024 my daughter is a high
school senior she and her classmates are
being robbed oh and by the way yes
robbed of which should be the best time

of their lives
the dance recital she’s looked forward
to since she was 5 years old as
cancelled as is her senior dance and
almost assuredly graduation it will be a

tough time for these kids
psychologically sitting at home and
doing online learning will suck second I
need a dose of business selling karma

we’re supposedly selling a large chunk
of our business on March 31st ha ha
here’s hoping at dose of karma will help
make that happen I’ll keep you posted
and finally a douche bag call out to
Zach Moss I am in about four years ago

and when he was working with me time for
a donation Zach also we miss you thanks
Jake Cole Kendler okay so he also wanted

to deduce
I think was that at the beginning we
give him that know he dead douchebags
just douchebags yeah just a douchebags
and the Karloff Gautama we got it you’ve
got let me take good fellow of the

Rockies 33333 Arvada Colorado in the
morning gentlemen sir get good fellow of
the Rockies here this donation has

become war in peace I hope it’s worth it
so do we
many have discussed the inconvenience of
this current climate in comparison to it
has been completely devastating for my
company and everyone in the live events

/av space audio video every event
through May canceled or postponed with
no clue when anything will begin to
schedule or start working again I’ve had
to layoff 50% of my workers and cut

salaries on top on the rest to keep the
lights on we have no foreseeable income
to August I hope it’s sooner while
airlines restaurants and other social
places will pick back up fairly quickly

we will see many more months of waiting
on what is going to happen when people
will start meeting again thankfully we
will survive this but we I know many
others whose lives have or will be
ruined it’s just plain terrible

I would love to crowdsource any ideas
from producers that might have alternate
income ideas for us because at the
moment we are at a dead and complete
stop I’ll take any thoughts at this
point I’ll take any thoughts at this

point the easiest way to reach us is
through gig GI GRE and
this is a very serious situation I
believe that our industry has been

affected by this more than most pain
tour than any other one anyway done with
the bemoaning I want to quickly give
perspective to the constant notes about
the terrible audio and everything that
Joe Biden and others do I have some
standing here as I have had the

privilege of doing a number of events
for the White House and other campaigns
here we go this is interesting I was
lead on the 2009 stimulus signing event
in Denver another Joe Biden Joe Biden VP

event the same year and other Obama
campaign events in 2008
I’ve also staff that handled Bernie
Obama Biden and Bush events other than
the president none of the candidates pay

for or have a dedicated sound
professional with them unless they are
on national television
I’d say that’s your problem right there
president smart he’s got he’s got his
guy at the campaign events there will be
a different AV company almost every

single time and you can’t always
guarantee a professional handing of the
audio maybe this should change but
frankly I don’t think they care as long
as it works when it’s a random video
that they make many times as a staffer
with the video camera filming them that

has no idea what they’re doing no
kidding the president on the other hand
has two to three comms Department people
that travel to each event and carry
their own sound console that is on
battery backups and pre dialed for the

standard shure sm57 s that they are
always required to use in the podium the
crew are normally from the army and have
been assigned to the White House and
served two to three years there they’re
trained once assigned and doing audio

for the president is most of what they
do this doesn’t change the fact that
they should do a better job at least we
can know why donation breakdowns is
follow $300 33 split evenly between the
two guys that work in the warehouse at

our Denver shop I hit Michael in the
mouth and they now listen to every show
I hope this can lift their spirits and
slightly slut slightly and know that
they’ll be back in the warehouse as soon
as I can possibly get them back in there

can you d do SH Michael and Dalton for
you’ve been deduced and the last $33 is
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new a/v podcast this week would love a

Sharpton compilation and the best jobs
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and Dalton’s whereas all business we
need events back on the books yesterday
we’re all getting pretty bored and tired
of this out here lastly I need a title

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can afford me with some I don’t know if
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right now in committee well it would be
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some people because well there will
shortly be it this will be a this will
be yes all right so I’m gonna throw the
GART karma out there with some Sharpton
respect seems like a lot of people are
defending on sir good fellow of the

you’ve got fret ree-ree giri giri
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sky a thousand times and never asked my
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Virginia 300 $33.33
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douche me you’ve been deduced bad me
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hello to Baron John Bell Erick wills and
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I think please call him out and I just

have some jingle requests you can write
down as I continue to read this and
discuss what we have here from Fred he’s
got whitens the whole load the whole

load Obama you might die and China is
asshole and then some just old fashioned

karma at the end oh it’s so he does have
its pronunciation ounce reggae Oh Fred
reggae re GE puts it at the end by the
way it’s funny people put this stuff at

the beginning yes please you’ve got

okay onward Whistler with the North with
the rivet that Howard Morgan is next
$333 and I looked for a Howard Morgan

note there’s none to be had it’s
possible cuz I did look up his email
that he sent you something yeah
Howard Morgan I do not have C note no no
Howard Morgan you’d be surprised how how

many people ask for something and you
know think that I know magically their
email address and they provide the wrong
one and it’s very it’s frustrating but I

don’t have a note we need a formula for
people who said I don’t know why anyone
says that I’m a note cuz I’m doing it
reads these but okay k5 easy sir otaku
Dorothy adore Doris Doris Duke of North

East Texas and the Red River Valley mega
dorth he’s contributed 300 bucks he’s
from Louisville

since Cova nineteen has gripped the
world in fear it forced me to work from
home and caused the cancellation of all
the barbecue and steak competitions for
the foreseeable future

oh no I’m sending the in the entry fee I
would have spent for my next steak
competition to help you guys out in this
time of uncertainty the next then you
know they had two state competitions

that would be bog
that B I’d love to be a judge on that
one I was a judge in a number of these
things and I could do barbecue but
didn’t he already invite you to to the
barbecue off or something right maybe

but it’s moot Smoot Smoot Smoot not
happening Smoot the nice thing about
prepping for barbecue competition is
I’ve got a freezer full of bris oh yeah

you know I need to go this way I can
learn how to cook brisket properly Texas
style pork butt because only Texans seem
to know how to do this correctly you
have brisket all over the country and

it’s not as good as what you get down
there pork butts ribs and steaks and a
closet full of nitrile gloves Clorox
wipes paper towels and toilet paper
so I got back and I watched the good

folks of DFW raid the shelves of my
local grocery and the big box stores
thanks for keeping me from going
stir-crazy and what seems like a totally
surreal time can I get some jcd mac and
cheese karma and a little girl yay 73k

five easy sir otaku Duke of North Texas
northeast Texas in the Red River Valley
yes 73k five ACC this I’d wanted to
mention that the hams the ham radio

community of which John and I are
outstanding members not awarded with any
awards but we are clearly celebrating
hams they are going GD over this on the

bulletin boards the ham reddit is my
favorite is it here’s a a subject on the
hem amateur radio read it this is the
moment we’ve trained for all our lives

people we have ham radio guys ham radio
is the public service network of last
resort when the apocalypse comes we’re
the guys who are gonna save the world

right few slaves can get used to mac in
the negative shoes macaroni and cheese
better melted together back in the
cheese mac

mac and cheese you’ve got karma I
brought this up at the dinner table I
said what do you think in this moment

would happen if they the government
announced that they’re gonna shut down
the internet for public safety reasons
or whatever to shut it down no internet
what would happen and everybody agreed

that they would be riots in the street
yeah likely I think Google services like
Google services went down for a little

bit this morning and people are already
losing their crap
unbelievable because of course I’m by
the way somebody so one of our producers
or someone at the company I don’t know
where this came from someone sent me a

Charmin I saw the picture that’s
yeah there’s three rolls that I didn’t
get to show the third one and then and
then you get this little rack they give

you and it goes in the bathroom it just
looks like it it’s a monstrosity I love
the idea I saw the picture of you is
great yeah and it’s like enough toilet

I would like to somebody to tell me who
did this it’s enough toilet paper each
one of those rolls is good for a month
and so there I am a because I the toilet
paper has been sold out in the Bay Area
every shop everything looking currently

the has since the day one since day one
when they had the first toilet paper run
the the panic and Costco has not had any
toilet paper in and they have a big sign

out in front of the store now no toilet
paper and Costco’s made a smart move
they’ve decided that they’re not taking
any returns ton any paper products so if
you bought way too much paper towels or

you bought tons of toilet paper and you
can’t get rid of it they’re not taking
it back whereas Costco even if you buy a
bottle of wine and you don’t like it you
take it back full credit yeah they’ll

take it back they’ll take you almost
anything back anyway without whatever
out no house complaint no hassle but now
they’ve made a new Paula
so you cannot bring the toilet paper
back that’s bought if you keep it choke

on it
choke on the toilet paper douchebag
so they should say I think it should be
added to the employee manual yes on with
the associate executive producer

starting with Remy cooter cooter cooter
kotor court oh god I’m sorry I didn’t
see it was not yes I would have gotten
it it’s actually misspelled here it
would be que eu te r EU okay

quitter in voter burg two three four
five six four four burn for burn
nailed it

thanks for the balance and this
infotainment – the best bestest podcast
in the omniverse from the soon-to-be sir
stink finger aka the plague from the

thug district oh 700 calling out my
buddies Olaf the dark of Elms burg and
Big Ben the waterboy hold on a second
I’m gonna stop this read immediately I’m

gonna give it over to Adam to read it in
his best Dutch accent calling out my
bootys Olaf the dark of Elms burg and
Big Ben of the Volturi fields because

dude could I get some special number one
customer Trump Pelosi Jobs Karma for my
smokin hot wife emka aka bambam of the

speed words sensor recruitment agency is
suffering from a heart to hiring freeze
due to the panic pandemic caused by Khan
fit 19 get it Khan fit meanwhile some

personal health karma is appreciated
since I’ve been scraping pieces my own
lungs of the Vols for three weeks but
not dying so not getting tested so no

Corona that’s how we roll in the
lowlands the real Spartans keep on
walking slaves and take two paracetamol
oh geez there’s jingles herbalizer
Sheena’s asshole bernie mass of the

universe friend carry on gentlemen Remmy
dude in a nod and having to Sean

jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs and jobs

that’s vote for job you’ve got karma he
will be our only associate exam why as

we want to thank all these a second
executive and associate executive
producer for sponsoring show 12:28 yes
it’s been extremely nice to hear from

all of you I love these notes some of
them longer than others but you know
this is a very interesting time we’re
living through and I like them the
information that we’re getting thank you

especially you narc snarking on stuff
that’s going on I love that anonymity
assured whenever keep it coming because
the media tribe known as no agenda
nation clearly is head and shoulders

above all other outlets I mean really
I’ve just heard so much misinformation
people just missing entire swaths of
what’s happening I think we’re doing a

pretty good job a very good job but so
far the best the best pot get we need
Trump to say that consumers please get
him to tell us how excellent we are we
of course do this under the value for
value method as you just heard

whatever the show is worth to you please
let us know that in a donation go to
Dvorak org slash na will be doing
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vollrath dot org slash and

you can easily go tell everybody that
this is the place to get all the best
info our formula is this we go out or
hit people in the mouth


you know there are other things to talk
about besides this but people seem to be
interested and I have coming up or we
can do it now do it now I think now is a

good time just a worldwide report right
because we’re not hearing as much as we
could be in this you know every country
in the world’s been affected there’s a
worldwide phenomenon it’s a world war
and I want to we could do it like a clip

blitz but I think we can just do it and
these are the different countries to go
to where do we start let’s start with
France France it is and we start for you

here in France where the army will be a
more visible presence in towns and
cities across the country in the coming
look weeks more money to be poured into

france’s public hospitals which are
under strain this is all part of what’s
known as operation resilience an updated
plan to fight covert 19 announced by the
french president in an address to the

nation on wednesday let’s take a listen
to a little of what Emmanuel macron told
the French people differ Lots has been
done listen doubtedly the response
wasn’t fast nor strong enough no get

tonight I’m committing to a plan for all
of the health staff and the entire
nation when we reach the end of this
crisis I’ll implement a large-scale plan
seeking to invest and reassert the value

of all careers within the health sector
people not happy this is what we owe our
medical staff and it’s what we owe to
our nation and this you well it’s clear
the situation in France is extremely
serious and indeed across much of Europe

the United Nations has also been
sounding the alarm about the risks of
covert 19 in the developing world I’m
really glad you’re doing this people
easily forget outside their own bubble

what’s going on this is this is a global
global war and every country is trying
to get money to their citizens every

single the EU has a
very interesting problem you know who
should get the money and why not all are
affected equally you’re seeing our own
little problems here in the US but

everywhere they’re trying to figure out
how to scare people into staying home
and how to get them universal basic
income so we can then figure out what
the world should look like after this

exercise yeah and there’s a lot of I
think personally especially based on
some reports out of Italy that only 19
percent of the people dying actually

have kovat so the possibility exists at
some of these countries that like to do
this to the EU are pumping up their
numbers to get more cash yep not sure
I’m not accusing anybody but

coincidentally the next on the list is
Spain now let’s take a look for you at
the situation in Spain where the death
toll from the corona virus is rising
sharply more people have now lost their

lives in Spain than in China where of
course the virus originated over three
thousand four hundred fatalities have
been recorded on Spanish soil and
authorities have been forced to turn an

ice rink into a temporary morgue to cope
with the number of dead as John reveals
now reports where once the served as a
Madrid ice rink makeshift Morgan R takes
its place batches of body is continuing

to arrive here every day all of them
victims are coming to the coronavirus
Spanish suffering continued into
Wednesday as the country’s death rate
overtook that of China there’s more than

3400 mortalities now recorded it city is
the only country with a high at all yeah
yes well watch what says China was
mentioned let’s take a quick look at

China okay China is on deck back in the
original outbreak epicenter of China
Chubais Province two months of travel
restrictions were eased allowing some

rail stations and airports to get back
to business and families to reunite
I feel so happy that this virus didn’t
affect my family so much I’m so

desperate to go back home now to see all
of them they are my china’s worst hit
area of Wuhan however remains under
lockdown with no plans to ease
restrictions for another two weeks

so yes yes and what and while we’re
still would go back to the EU and finish
with it the only report from the UK and
in the United Kingdom the heir to the

British throne 71 year old Prince
Charles is the latest high-profile
positive test for coronavirus he has
mild symptoms and his self isolating at
his Scotland estate before we move on to

the next sad SAP country what a great
opportunity to satisfy the will of the
British people who clearly would rather
have will as their prince instead of

having to deal with what King no III
mean Prince William as king who clearly
would rather have him King than Charles

a perfect opportunity yeah I’m surprised
we’re not seeing more people die and I
did take the liberty of clipping three
short bits from Boris Johnson State of

the Nation his this is what how it was
presented now I left out the whole what
you’re you’re only allowed to leave your
house for the same things as pretty much

everybody has and here we continue with
some more rules about what you should or
should not it’s very different from the
United States as this is the law these
are the only reasons you should leave

your home you should not be meeting
friends if your friends ask you to meet
you should say no you should not be
meeting family members who do not live

in your home you should not be going
shopping except for essentials like food
and medicine and you should do this as
little as you can and use food delivery
services where you can if you don’t

follow the rules
the police will have the powers to
enforce them including through fines and
dispersing gatherings we knew those

helicopters well yes we need to ensure
compliance to ensure compliance
the government’s instruction to stay at

home we will immediately close all shops
now this is different this was no one
ordered shops and restaurants to close
in the United States it’s part of a

directive and it’s part of the
recommendations which finally got down
to the city level but this happened at
the top we’re closing shops that’s what
he said we are closing shops close all

shops selling non-essential goods
including clothing and electronic stores
and other premises including libraries
playgrounds and outdoor gyms and places

of worship will stop all gatherings of
more than two people in public excluding
people you live with and we’ll stop all
social events including weddings

baptisms and other ceremonies but
excluding funerals
funerals are excluded but okay and he
wraps it all up with a nice bar with a

very somber tone no Prime Minister wants
to enact measures like this I know the
damage that this disruption is doing and
will do to people’s lives to their

businesses and to their jobs and that’s
why we produced a huge an unprecedented
program of support both for workers and
for business and I can assure you that
we will keep these restrictions under

constant review we will look again in
three weeks and relax them if the
evidence shows we are able to but at
present there are just no easy options
the way ahead is hard and it is still

true that many lives will sadly be lost
and that’s not is that how you end your

speech sadly many lives will be how
about we can fight this will take her to
the beaches we’ll take her to the
bunkers no none of that
sad yeah you should have slipped the

Churchill speech in at the end yeah but
sadly it’s just
yes I know little girl sadly he lost
yeah they will be lost
oh my goodness Thanks go Joe let’s take

a look okay onward with our little world
tour let’s go to India being the unlock
down with police barricading roads
restricting movement and checking driver

identification while markets and
airports appeared abandoned money about
coffee caravello Goga india’s current
tally of cases and deaths is dwarfed by
countries like China Italy and Spain but

the country has just nought point 5
hospital beds for every thousand people
compared to four point three in China
and three point two in Italy health
experts have warned the densely

populated nation faces a tidal wave of
infections if harsh steps are not taken
while Prime Minister mohammadís
announcement has mostly been met with a
reluctant acceptance residents remain
fearful that the poor will be the

hardest hit despite government’s
lockdown also extending to places of
religious worship a few locals managed
to gather outside shut Hindu temple
doors on Wednesday as prayers were
offered on the first day of the shy

thread Navaratri festival india’s gonna
have a baby a good worst-case exam very
interesting to see how they’re gonna do
although you go down to africa which is

where we’re headed it’s gonna be
interesting big countries like nigeria
should have some some problemos not in
nigeria where the vice-president and

several other senior politicians are
self isolating after coming into contact
with two people infected with the corona
virus President Muhammadu Buhari is
chief of staff he’s also said to have

carried 19 one of a growing number of
cases in Africa’s most populous nation
this Wednesday Nigeria received test
kits and protective gear from Chinese
billionaire Jack Ma the founder of

e-commerce giant Alibaba China’s richest
man has pledged to donate equipment to
all 54 countries in Africa
that’s interesting yeah check while

stepping up good well of course that’s
where all his people are yeah that’s
that’s where the fabric that we got it’s

still very low infection right very low
but it’s gonna it’s gonna spike yes
alarming spike let’s go to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe home of the trillion dollar
bill right now we are exposed and no one
seems to care those the words that the
president of Zimbabwe stopped his
association thousands of medical workers

have gone on strike in the country
complaining of a lack of protect
protective equipment and water shortages
as a gear up to tackle the corona virus
pandemic there have been at least three
recorded cases in Zimbabwe in less than

a week and one death the outbreak is
likely to test the nation’s already
stretched health system
yeah three cases doesn’t seem like it’s
gonna stretch it that much let’s go the

place has got the most is worse is next
on the list of which is South Africa yes
South Africa gears up for a 21 day
lockdown there’s been widespread panic

buying people have been rushing to stock
up on essentials in all shops and
businesses will close except those
providing essential services there
currently over 700 confirmed cases in

the country which is the worst affected
nation in sub-saharan Africa it’s a
worry for health officials as South
Africa has a large population of HIV and
tuberculosis sufferers who may be a

greater risk to the virus due to
weakened immune systems onward to
Cameroon I thought I thought the whole
point of some people I thought a lot of

HIV some kind of antibodies or something
was flowing around in Africa since it
had such horrible HIV and AIDS problems
that some wasn’t as so I mentioned maybe

some immunity to the virus I’m just
thinking what I thought you know there’s
an HIV drug that’s used against the
corona virus is supposed to be effective

yes I think it’s another Gilead
invention probably Cameron
now we head to Cameroon where the
country is in mourning following the
death of legendary saxophonist Manu

Dibango the Afro jazz musician was one
of the first global stars to succumb to
the corona virus
I like the use of the word sex often
issed instead of saxophonist yeah when I

want sax I call candy sex off honest I
like sex I usually I use my esophagus
for my sex whoops
sex Afon sex fire never mind yeah it’s

fine let’s go – I got a two-parter in
this the final two parts which is Congo
one now the corona virus is spreading
quickly in parts of Africa including in

the Democratic Republic of Congo over 40
people that have contracted the virus
and three have died so far the state of
emergency has been declared and that
means borders are closed and the capital

Kinshasa cut off from the rest of the
country hmm
and then wage continuing that report was
a guy talking about the capital how they
got cut off

tn suspended all in the passenger
flights to and from Kinshasa the aim of
these measures of course is to stop the
spread of the novel coronavirus across
the country and also to isolate the

that’s because Congolese authorities
know all too well that should be
epidemic worse than here in the DRC the
health care system would be simply
unable to cope with an influx of sick

people that’s something that was
confirmed by the national doctors Union
who said that there are only 50
respirators in the country these new

measures come a week after other safety
and precautionary measures were
implemented including the suspension of
all international flights the schools

churches as well as bars and restaurants
have also been closed and gatherings are
now limited to no more than 20 people
when I hear all these reports it sure
sounds like a global reset doesn’t it it

sounds like everybody in fact it’s the
euro and dollar now almost equal it’s
maybe think it’s a penny or so
difference well I can tell you really
quickly I thought it was one point

maybe it’s nine cents hmm take a look
let’s see I got a look up here and now
it’s about ten okay all right that’s

that’s still pretty good but man there’s
I had all this money being created
where’s it coming from John where does
art where’s the fourth the six trillion
dollars come from the pound is about 21

by the way well that’s the this you know
this is almost as and it seems as though
you’re right everyone’s agreed on the

same process stay at home cuz the
borders if this is a it’s stun and then
give away a lot of money yeah this has
got to be something like they had a

meeting there’s something US had a
meeting so well you know our plans that
make one big government’s not gonna work
let’s try a different approach there was
something in the cares Act bill that

refers to the gold as the gold standard
ax let me see a section 10 a of the gold
reserve Act of 1934 which gives the the

government the power to take away your
gold and basically I don’t know and I
tried to figure it out last night yeah
they did but they could do it again you

know there’s all this noise that China
had been buying gold before this came
down gold has been moving around from
country to country for years now we’ve
heard about repatriation of gold and I

would say that the big conspiracy theory
has always been you know this is where
they bring in the oneworld you know the
currency the SDR which I don’t believe I
do believe it’s cash is gone I’m waiting

for the Amero that was great the Amero
scare that was before Bitcoin really
really know what we were doing I you

can’t help but help help but think that
there was some coordination and and then
where does it come from

I mean yeah I know it just gets created
you know but we have all these we have
banks now at 0% reserve it seems like
I’ve we’re in a very precarious

situation did I not see the three-month
Treasury now is a negative rate no I
don’t think so I think it but I think
it’ll bounce back bounce it’ll bounce
through sound the one other thing didn’t

mention is crude oil is now 22 yes so
the way I this is a major change I mean
except in California where we’re still
being charged for old $60 gas but

everyone else in the country right now I
understand Oklahoma’s down to like 95
cents yeah yeah so in an ideal recovery
and I recall yes coronavirus hit yes

that took the market down but we lost
2000 points when the gold war the oil
war started between Saudi Arabia and

Russia which is almost no in-depth
reporting that I can find that explains
exactly what the problem is other than
we don’t like them we don’t like what
you’re doing you’re doing it wrong

too much too little too high too low and
if we if this is truly a setup for a
v-shaped recovery catapult everyone’s
rebalance somehow you’d expect somewhere

in the way up as the bill gets sign or
whatever else is gonna happen all of a
sudden that should end just like it
started and that could catapult or

slingshot something up it’s it’s such an
odd occurrence that it’s barely reported
on and then if they do was just a
mention well you know they’re in a rift
this is not insignificant this would be

the story
I think if kind of I should only agree
if it wasn’t for Cove at 19 this would
be the story that everyone was hand

would be hand wringing over and blaming
Trump yeah why just call your buddies in
Saudi Arabia and make it all better
which is a question by the way has been
brought up in the conversation I’m sure
I’m sure Trump can fix it overnight only

has to do is call MBS whatever it is
he’ll tell him what to do cuz he’s his
boss and meanwhile huh computed who’s
calling the shots he’s the one running

the United States
how come he doesn’t all Trump there :
yes exactly well Trump is also killing
people and that this is with the Trump
cure as it’s now known chloroquine eke a

chloroquine that is the Trump cure it’s
dangerous it’s anecdotal evidence don’t
take it don’t do it all wrong the media
just hammering against Trump you you

cannot find a mainstream story that
speaks positively about this combination
of the z-pak and the chloroquine which
has now been FDA regulation of the

chains everybody can take it I hear that
there’s good results with it but let’s
just check the mainstream media for a
second like this is what I was just
gonna say before you play that I talked

to JJC keeps up on this because he used
chloroquine to get over this to covert
and he keeps up with all this stuff and
I asked him about this combination
they’re talking about and he told me the
real problem with it is is that it

causes heart dysfunction and which is
you know you can get through that as
long as you eat over the kovat but if
you exercise or you start to do anything

you know that might put a little stress
on the heart you drop there you have a
heart attack and drop dead and that’s
what’s killed people and so these
athletes you know are real good examples
because they can’t stay still long

enough so that’s it
but it does work well this is not true
this is possible positive spin on things
maybe giving Americans it may work and
it may not work and I agree with the

doctor what he said may work may network
I feel good about it yeah that was of
course horrible who is he to disperse
medical advice
pouchy you know had confusing messages

but now everyone’s on board and it can
be used and apparently it’s being used
in New York and I again call to
attention doctor foul cheese other
interests why he may have been cagey and

I don’t want to point the finger to too
directly but I think his answers were
pretty sketchy in light of his
conflicting interest with the Gates

Foundation hundred million dollar
partnership for Gilead resolution to
this the company Gilead I should mention
and this comes up in the conversation
scott adams and one of his whatever

they’re called mensch is that he was in
close contact with one of his friends
whose doctor gave him the chloroquine

and got our quarrel chloroquine and got
him off you know I’ve got him through
the kovin situation so this is not as
though this has not been it’s not as

though this is not being used as we
speak we have lots of that evidence that
it is so this the whole thing is very
fishy and it would have been really nice
to have Scott or his friend on you know
on CNN if they hey this is worked out

for this guy that’s good it’s hopefully
got some news no instead we get this
from CNN a game changer that is how
President Trump describes the
anti-malarial drug chloroquine it’s now

one of 69 drugs being investigated as
potential treatment against coronavirus
the problem it has not yet been approved
in an Arizona one man has died after an

apparent attempt to self-medicate with
that drug in that report no mention that
he drank fish cleaner now that’s how
that’s how low the media goes that’s how

low they will go to just because they
hate Trump it does it’s it’s it’s
unbelievable third one John after
President Trump touted the use of

chloroquine as a possible treatment for
covert 19:3 Nigerians have overdosed
from that drug according to Nigerian
health officials yes sure
evidence less reporting yes there’s no

evidence of any of this but they’ll
report it anyway yes meanwhile we have
on Instagram actor Daniel Dae Kim you
may recall I didn’t I don’t know him for

what he’s doing now I think he’s in
Hawaii five-o but he was on lost he was
jin unlost and he posted this here is a
treatment protocol I followed as
prescribed by my amazing doctor it was

what’s called a drug cocktail which
means it’s a combination of different
it consisted of Tamiflu which is an
antiviral the antibiotic azithromycin
more commonly known as a z-pack a glycol

8 inhaler and that was used to ease
breathing and the inflammation that’s
commonly associated with coltd and
here’s what I consider to be the secret

weapon hydroxychloroquine this is a
common anti-malarial drug that has been
used with great success in Korea in
their fight against the corona virus and
yes this is the drug that the president

mentioned the other day it is also the
drug that dr. Anthony Falchi cautioned
us about he said that evidence that the
drug was promising is anecdotal and that
is correct it means it was a studied and

it’s only based on personal accounts
we’ll add my name to those personal
accounts because I am feeling better now
why is a famous actor I think he’s very
he’s very recognizable he’s on a current

show why is he not interviewed why does
this have to be Instagram why is he not
on a Skype connection it’s good news it
saves his life potentially we should be

reporting on this no I can bring the
doctor in he yeah no that’s not gonna
happen and to prove that other interests
are at work I could not believe how low

the tobacco industry was willing to go
in propagating and I don’t know why the
Michigan governor did this I don’t know

why the Surgeon General jumped on this
but listen to this part of a statement
from the mission of governor regarding
their lockdown no we’ve got to do
everything in our power

keep that from happening here in
Michigan when I shared with you one you
know anecdote about younger people being
as susceptible as older people there’s
been this misperception that if you’re

young you don’t you’re not susceptible
to cope at 19 the fact of the matter is
in America we are seeing severe
consequences in our younger people in

ways that they haven’t seen in other
parts of the world and I’ve talked to
more than one physician who has observed
and perhaps you know there’s too little
science to know precisely if this is

what’s going on but vaping is a lot more
popular in the United States than is
elsewhere and that is compromises your
respiratory system and makes you more
susceptible to respiratory illness and

so this is a crisis that we are feeling
in ways that other parts of the world
hasn’t even experienced so she goes out
of her way to say young people are dying
from this and uses vaping as an

anecdotal example she spoke to at least
one at least one scientist and she also
claims that more people in America vape

than anywhere else in the world absolute
bullshit go look at the UK if no idea
what you’re talking about
and where’s the warning about tobacco
hey kids don’t vape and don’t smoke

cigarettes that’s gone no no no no we
can’t talk about that even our own
Surgeon General Jerome Adams is all on
board on this are young people more at

risk than previously thought well so far
the demography definitely seems to be
very different he sounds like Mike Tyson
doesn’t he in the United States versus
and other countries that saw this hit

earlier and we’re looking into that
there are theories that it could be
because we know we have a higher
proportion of people in the United
States and also in Italy who vape oh we
don’t know also in Italy ie pay look at

all the dead people in Italy must be
some 80 year olds vaping but okay
in the United States and also in Italy
who vape um we don’t know if that’s the

only cause but it’s important for young
people to know you can get this disease
you can be hospitalized from this
disease you can die from this disease
and the Surgeon General should say not a
good idea to be inhaling anything

foreign into your lungs including
tobacco that the Surgeon General warning
is on every package of tobacco no vaping
this is this is why I don’t believe that

this is a scam and people are jumping in
on it and getting anything they can all
the money’s good magic money helicopter
money who knows where it comes from I

will mention because I just I watched
now I’m watching the YouTube TV and some
of these other systems where you’re
getting your TV from the internet

there’s a lot of interstitial and other
advertising moments on video is
especially YouTube plain old videos at
the beginning that are anti vaping and

they’re very very expensive
advertisements that Bloomberg funded
extremely it slick I know it’s Bloomberg
funded it says nothing about tobacco no

I know but it’s Bloomberg funded yeah
amidst all of this and again there’s no
reason this had to happen right now but
it did once again we have taken a sad

sad pathetic member of society jacked
him or her up for months gotten them all
crazy and then at the moment we need

either our budget renewed for you next
year or perhaps to spread more fear and
terror amongst people we’re gonna make
this moron pop off and do something that

he or she thinks is incredibly cool and
big and dangerous but it was all set up
for months and it’s phony also known as
the six week cycle FBI agent shoot and

kill a man in Belton Missouri
who they say plan to bomb a hospital
it’s on this dead-end street in Belton
where the FBI say they met Timothy
Wilson on Tuesday he thought he was

there to pick up a car bomb and set
agents were there to arrest him during
the operation the armed 36 year old
suspect was injured he later died at the
hospital at the same time agents were at

this house on Hickory leaf Lane in
Raymore where neighbors say Wilson lived
with his grandmother there was two
unmarked VI trucks out here and they
were bagging and tagging evidence and

logging in loaded and on the trucks
through here about three or four hours
and they all all left
federal authorities had their eyes on
Wilson for several months they described
him as a violent extremist motivated by

racial religious and anti-government
hate and was planning domestic terrorism
you know hung out with his grandmother
that that had the place and never did
see anything that would indicate that he

was some type of domestic terrorist or
anything like that the FBI said they
covet 19 crisis made Wilson’s speed up
his plan to blow up a car bomb at an

area hospital to cause severe harm and
mass casualties I mean this is this is
so horrible that they’ve done this if
this guy truly was

he had religious and terrorist and
idealistic things you could have carried
him on a little bit more to go blow up
something else what why all of a sudden
does it have to be a hospital in the

middle of this crisis and listen to what
they’re saying they set him up for
months they had a phony truck bomb car
bomb ready for him he wasn’t planning
something during the coronavirus this is

total horseshit that’s why even even the
eyewitness you hear speaking what
eyewitness speaks to the news media and
says the following hold on where was FBI

his grandmother there was two unmarked
VI trucks out here and they were bagging
and tagging evidence bagging and tagging
evidence okay yeah that sounds like a
typical bystander logging in in loaded

no this is to terrorize people even
further didn’t you mention something
about a terrorist attack a few shows ago
baby bagging and tagging this is

they had it completely under their
control they controlled the guy yeah
well this is what’s new about that

because it adds an extra level of Terror
ontology people already terrified yeah
that’s what it does and that’s then the
media picks it up and said it just

ignores it shameful shameful yeah if I
was one of the supervisors the FBI
running this six-week thing I would

probably scull the agents for doing this
would they agents may have been forced
to it’s hard to say you could probably
read it in the indictment I’ve read the
indictment no I don’t think they were
forced to I mean the indictment at least

doesn’t state that the special agent
just says no they’re not gonna say that
specifically you have to read between
the lines I don’t know I didn’t pick up
on anything other than business as usual
well they’re protecting the public

thanks boys good job I feel much safer
now dying to get food they got two shows
on now they got FBI and FBI most wanted
on NBC both Dick Wolf Productions yeah

and it’s kind of interesting because the
narrative has shifted on television
dramas from all we’re the local cops and
we know what we’re doing and we can

handle these investigations and oh no
the FBI is gonna get involved they’re
gonna botch it and you’re gonna let the
guy go yeah yeah yeah witness pretended
to it now they’ve switched it Dick Wolf
is the progenitor of all these things by

the way they switch it now it’s the FBI
oh my god the local dumb cops and all
they don’t know what is right so what
what I don’t know how much money this

guy’s making for these two shows but I
was doing foreign oh yeah he’s doing it
funny he’s always done fine who’s not
doing fine as Joe Biden Joe continues to
embarrass himself it’s it’s

incredibly sad here’s the teleprompter
one Roy’s his hands over in the side
trying to get the prompter to move up
yeah this is a sad one and hot topics we

just about Trump saying the government
would reassess the recommended period
for keeping businesses shut and people
at home are you at all concerned as

Trump said that we cannot let the Cure
be worse than the problem itself we have
to take care of the cure that will make
the problem worse no matter what
okie-dokie yeah that’s what a lot of

people said when they heard this you
want to hear that last bit again yeah
it’s almost an end of show clip are you

at all concerned as Trump said that we
cannot let the Cure be worse than the
problem itself we have to take care of
the cure that will make the problem
worse no matter what keoki it’s this

stuff that comes out of Joe’s mouth but
it’s confusing people and if you hear
the term no I won’t even I won’t even

set it up just listen to this next one
from Joe and what we have done is the
reason why most of the world has
repaired to us particularly after World
War two is because of who we are as a
nation we the people we hold these

truths etcetera it sounds corny when you
hear the term we hold these truths
you always have to complete it with to

be self-evident you that’s just what you
do he’s making an example of why people
love America and listen to us and and
want to be on our side we hold these

truths etcetera it sounds corny but it’s
real that’s why that no but that’s why
yes there’s my I so sounds corny but
it’s real I thought that was reasonable

reasonable the actual I saw we hold
these truths etcetera is so bad man

where is it here we hold these truths
no it’s an American I can’t play that
it’s just no good but meanwhile

meanwhile Twitter exploded for half a
second two days ago with the name Tara
Reid Rea de did you hear of this story I
did not Tara Reid was a staffer for beau

Jaden back in the day and I don’t know
why it’s coming out now it is her own
words her own voice I pulled a
minute-long clip from her sexual assault

committed on her by Joe Biden when she
was a staffer for him I don’t a–first
Senate or VP but not they were using
Congress to I believe for a while yeah

we were alone and it was the strangest
there was no like exchange really he
just had me up against the wall and I
was wearing like a skirt and you know

BEC business skirt but I wasn’t wearing
stockings it was kind of a hot day that
day and I was wearing heels and she just
hugged me up against the wall and the
wall was cold and I remember he it

happened all at once the gym bag I don’t
know where when I handed it jim was gone
and then his hands were on me and
underneath my clothes and yeah and then
he went um he went down my skirt but

then up inside it and he and I traded me
with those singers and um I he was
kissing me at the same time and he was

saying something to me
he said several things that I can’t
remember everything he said I remember a
couple of things I remember him saying
first like as he was doing it do you
want to go somewhere else and then him

saying to me when I pulled away
he got finished doing what he was doing
and I comes pulled back and he said he
said come on man I heard you liked me
and just that line alone makes it 100%

believable I believe this woman she’s
very upset with us with it John and so I
believe that her tone sounds right I
would like to know the

date yeah I can find here I don’t care
it has to be that don’t care if it’s a
Friday or Monday I just wanna know what
year this was that would be useful
mm-hmm does anyone have any information

on that
well then this is the interesting thing
this sounds like a solid allegation and
actual for pardon the pardon me saying
it grabbing by the pussy moment but real

uh let me see if I can find her when
this was from 1993 when she was a Senate
staffer 83

yeah that’s been biting head hair yeah
themself as a lady killer I’m a ladies
man ladies man yes she worked in his
Senate office in 1993 this was probably

some other allegations because you can’t
be the these situations from what I can
tell or just from life experience one
one offs or rare in other words this guy

has not done this one time as well
especially if he’s putting up against
the wall doing that and then saying and
this is what rings true to me come on

man I thought you’d like me I mean that
sounds like the delusional Joe that we
see yeah and I’d you know in the world
of hash tag me too

come on come on man here’s the deal
someone’s got to make some noise about
us this woman is sounds too traumatized
to me to and aren’t we supposed to
believe all women isn’t that just the

way it is you know it turns out hmm
that you only believe all women if it
has to do with Republicans oh hey you
don’t say I hope people see this for the

farce that the media is and this is the
reason why the No Agenda show came to be
our own frustration about the bullcrap
way the media portrays so-called news

mainly for their own agenda
I’ve recalled that mention yes what
that’s exactly one of the reasons this
show began or got onto the track that
it’s on

and and one of the early sales pitches
we had and that we don’t use it much
anymore but it’s still a good one which
is that things that are being reported
don’t make sense

they didn’t make sense to us and then if
you look into it it doesn’t make sense
for a good reason because it’s bullcrap
and we had a lot of early listeners say
to us you know I felt the same way but
then I was doubting myself and all the

next thing you know and then you guys
came along and confirmed my suspicions
mm-hmm that’s what we do as early days –
this was 12 12 years ago we started as

east we didn’t have as much people are
doing are finding their own truths their
own facts yes you can have your own
facts depending on what you’re looking
at and how you’re looking at it but

there are some irrefutable things and
this is this is just typical stands
above everything why is the media not
all over this why is the media not
showing gin from lost who has been saved

wow that was deep I’m gonna show my food
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colony Texas in the morning this is
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kill themselves in the morning there
forth John at the Oklahoma City meetup

having a great time with great people
this is Sir Laurence of Logansport in
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himself thank you for the production
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exactly now I have some international
news to get out of the way before we
finish mm-hmm but before I do that I do
have two competitive ISOs we can try I
think you’ve already got the one you can

try stay home ISO okay we all need to
stay home yeah yes no it’s not as good
as yours and then I have your misha’s

ISO which is from a report we didn’t
play but it and it says zeroes or it may
not be anything in this file but give it
a shot
well Justin me mum what yeah you can’t
you can’t get no I can’t hear you yeah

it’s because she’s just mumbling it I
thought it’d be a good ISO but it’s not
okay wait whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa
I just got it is this our ISO now as the

let me see is this it
oh my god the universe is collapsing
so along I think oh my god is the best
part it just oh my god oh my god the

universe oh my god hold on I can do the
sheath can you take a couple of beats
out of that maybe you could use the

whole thing well then I’d have to edit
it which I don’t mind do I don’t mind
doing but I’m I don’t have it’s funny
but it’s not not for end of show I like

it you like that kind of show I do I
like it
oh well excuse me hold on then I will
keep that let’s see lockdown okay it’s

in the spot okay no I mean dumb funny
yes so let’s let’s catch up with some

international news these are all
piss-poor reports that mark as such
mm-hmm from PBS is the piss-poor report
on Yemen and the Saudis Saudi Arabia is
being accused of torture and other

crimes against civilians in Yemen
Human Rights Watch reports that Saudi
military forces and their yem
allies have committed a long series of
abuses the Saudis are backing the Yemeni

government against Shiite rebels who
were allied with Iran what
aren’t those Shiite rebels actually the
Houthis yeah he’s actually run the

government and the government is
actually deposed I’m using any of this
information important to PBS anymore
told no no no no no let’s don’t talk in

those terms does that still get ratings
as anybody watch this dreck I don’t know
but it’s really gone down the tubes
really have another good example I mean
if I were you I’d give up on it I mean

it’s not it’s not like yes it’s not even
it’s not even funny it’s not even funny
here’s the other news Chad army loses to
Boko harem have you heard about this
hold on other news oh oh I got you okay

no I had not heard this in other news
nearly a hundred Chadian soldiers have
been killed by Boko Haram in the

deadliest attack ever by the group on
the country’s armed forces the Islamist
militants have increased their attacks
in the region in recent months Nicola
JAMA has a story on Wednesday more
chattin troops arrived in the lake chad

region the country’s army is considered
to be one of the most efficient ones on
the continent but it has just suffered
one of its worst setbacks nearly a
hundred chadman soldiers were killed on
Monday in this region by jihadist group

Boko Haram President Idriss Deby who’s
been in power for 30 years visited the
scene of the attack
and that has I think picked that up from
overseas I gotta get that from France 24

Pompeyo versus China bad report from PBS
another one the Trump administration
escalated a war of words with China
today over the corona virus pandemic
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo again

accused Beijing of concealing vital
information he also charged that Chinese
officials are spreading claims that the
u.s. is behind the pandemic this is news
to her she says she follows anything

this is Friday yep I mean yesterday this
has been going on for weeks back brother
okay last one this is a this is kind of

interesting this the apparently Dakota
pipeline after in-service for three
years they’re trying to stop it and
they’re going for it sorry I’m sorry in
this country a federal judge in North

Dakota ordered a full environmental
review of the Dakota access pipeline
three years after it began carrying oil
construction of the pipeline near the
Standing Rock Sioux Reservation set off

months of protests in 2016 and 2017 the
tribe wants the line shut down boom boom
is right it’s like where did that come

from all of a sudden now that ya know
reporting on how about some info there’s
got to be somebody involved with this
what is it what does the company say is

that really have a chance does there any
only gonna do it I mean there’s nothing
they’re giving it’s just they’re doing
the same kind of news reading only from
different sources that Amy Goodman does

they just have a little thing in front
of him and they read a story he wasn’t
the last one I’m gonna play which is
Turkey and died Saudis okay Turkey area
prosecutors in Turkey filed an

indictment today against 20 Saudi
citizens in the murder of journalist
Jamal Hazuki the Washington Post
columnist was killed at the Saudi
consulate in Istanbul in 2018 the Saudis

have refused to extradite any of the
boom we don’t know is it don’t really
know don’t even really know if it was
true or any of that mine okay that’s

that’s the way it goes
read read read read read Trump’s sucks
really Trump’s sucks
that’s your PBS news just a final please
stop emailing me about the 21 fewer cell

phones in China I’d like to just address
in 21 million I think something like
this at 21 million fewer cell phones
yeah so this is sent well 21 million

people died first of all I would say out
of 1.5 billion Chinese it’s very

possible 21 million of them thought if
this I don’t want to be tracked anymore
and just smash the phone and got rid of
it also thousand people die a day in

regardless maybe even more without
coronavirus it’s like this these please
stop emailing it this is the kind of

data that people send around yeah I got
a bunch of those too you know it’s like
yeah and you know people die during a
time and there was no signups no new

sign up so that that skews your numbers
but these data scientists even the
numbers are who verified this exactly
just made you Pew if you look you
verified all right all right time for us

to skedaddle out of here let me see what
we have on no agenda stream comm that
Larry show the big reset okay you just

listen to that Larry show end of show
mixes today come to us from viola puke
Tom Starkweather and I’ll thrown that
Dame Jennifer again because I thought

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guaranteed we’ll have something to pull
apart for you since the media is
entirely unreliable from beginning to

keep it here with your media tribe no
agenda nation I’m coming to you from
opportunity zone 33 in the frontier of
Austin Texas FEMA region 6 which is more

important than ever to know on the
governmental maps in the morning
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where I’m seeing trucks go by on
the freeway filled with toilet paper I’m

John C Dvorak we return on Sunday right
here and no agenda until then keep your
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status we still have the trajectory

going up no one is gonna want to tone
down things where you see what’s going
on in a place like New York City I mean
I mean that’s just you know good public

health practice and common sense guy who
loves sports but we’re not unfortunately
even be able to allow team sports we
separate our men and women of the NYPD
will be out there spreading the message

now when people break it up if they have
to break it up move along no lines type
together in a grocery store no grocery
stores fall over in New York the current
American epicenter of this pandemic the
first data tonight suggesting that maybe

just maybe social distancing is helping
to slow the onslaught of carrara virus
if you call it hot if you call it any
word you want to use it is

at a level that I was speaking to Tony
before it’s a level that no place else
is closed it’s very unfortunate you know
one of the things that the will also
enact mandatory playground social

density is probably a new concept and
you can transfer it which makes you
dangerous to the people who you love
it’s very possible that they won’t be

ever subject to what’s happening in New
York New York is definitely a hotspot
there’s no question about it and you
know what we’re doing in New York to try
and help you’re gonna get a check taking



it’s party time I check Dvorak

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