No Agenda Episode 1238: “Sake Stock”

podcasting the truth Adam curry with
seven cars things are looking up so we

have one car more than the last show yes

this is good man I’m so happy about this
well we’ll see what happens but I mean
everything is looking so good except it
can’t be

have you noticed though they’ve shut us
down for another month I know this is
this what is going on man tell me what’s
happening cuz we’re opening tomorrow
well good so tell me what’s the story
that we get the phone call you get a

phone call yeah it’s just a lousy call
it sounds like somebody edited it hello
a patrons of calamita county we have
extended the stay at home orders until
May 31st you are required to then they

get through the list of stuff I would
like to get a tape of it but someone
like you what what is the lace press 1
to acknowledge receipt of this call and

you have to say so you have to press 1
to acknowledge receipt
well you can’t or you don’t that is
that’s crazy

this end there’s almost like there’s
nothing going on in California I know
the mortality rate is low the actual
case a case count is low the death count
is low well they did have that one funny

part of the message at the end hmm we
will lift the orders if you vote
Democrat if you vote Democrat I’m sure
they did that everything’s pretty good

well we are opening up tomorrow here in
here is the governor who I like for a
lot of reasons I really don’t think he’s
a good speaker my goodness he no he

doesn’t do well with the speaking but
here’s where we’re at for tomorrow which
will be May first in Austin my executive
order to stay at home that was issued
last month is set to expire on April the

30th that executive order has done his
job to slow the growth of Cove in
nineteen and I will let it expire as
scheduled now it’s time to set a new

course a course that responsibly opens
up business in Texas
obviously not all businesses can open
all at once a more strategic approach is

required to ensure that we don’t reopen
only to have to close down again we will
open Texas businesses in phases
phase one begins this Friday May 1st

all retail stores restaurants movie
theaters and malls can reopen May the

now to minimize the spread of Kobe 19
during phase 1 on the advice of doctors
I am limiting occupancy to no more than

25% the extent to which this order opens
up businesses in Texas supersedes all
local corners

if phase one works while containing Koba
19 phase 2 will expand an occupancy to
50% this order allows these businesses

I said he’s shitty I can’t help that but
we are one of the first states to open
one of the first really first places to
open with restaurants this 25% is very
interesting I’m not sure how you do that

in a restaurant so I don’t either I
called up Lonesome Dove and made a
reservation for Friday as they are one
of the at this I think yesterday there
was probably 15 restaurants listed and

I’m like well if it’s Lonesome Dove
I say hey yeah yeah we have limited
availability whatever that meant so we
have a table at think six or six-thirty

ahead and he said and I said hey thank
you guys for you know doing this as
great as good that you’re opening up he
says yeah we’re gonna keep everybody as

safe as possible seat everybody six feet
apart and we’re really gonna ask
everybody to keep wearing their masks
until food is served
oh brother why don’t we just put trash
bags on her head so it’s you know I want

to stop here because most of these
municipalities have this kind of the
same rule you wear the mask when you’re
not six feet apart yeah that’s the whole

idea isn’t it yeah yeah if you’re six
feet apart you don’t need the mask
anyway it didn’t sound like they were
going to enforce it too much but I will

have a report on Sunday of course
regardless this move by the governor is
a real problem for liberal cities in
Texas such as Austin really ass

a little disappointing here is the
response from our mayor in Austin the
Adler they the overwhelming impression
most of the mayor’s is that they wish

that the governor had waited another two
or three weeks to do this two or three
weeks so that we would be in a better
place with testing better place for
traffic better place Travis County Judge
Sarah Eckhart says locally we do not

meet the federal guidelines for opening
back up with only a week of declining
case numbers additionally we’ve seen a
tripling of the number of deaths in the
last two weeks which certainly does not

meet the gating criteria two weeks well
she’s saying it what the numbers or the
actual you can’t say tripling it could
have gone from one to three the point

was well here is the point is if the
guide the official guidelines say you
should have two weeks of of decline but
these these death rates they come over

the weekend and they’re much higher
because they don’t count them they don’t
release them until Monday you know so
it’s it’s we all know that this is
bullcrap they’re counting broken
toenails as close in the last two weeks

which certainly does not meet the gating
criteria of a two-week decline in death
rate county commissioners expressed
fears that if cases spike again they may

have to shut the community back down but
I understand that it’s just horrible for
the economy and for so many people
who’ve lost their jobs and can’t pay
bills I don’t have a clear sense for how

you do try and retreat once you’ve gone
forward to reopening the city and
counties say they are working to draft
up a new order of their own that would
provide stricter guidelines for staying

safe even though it would not override
the state mandate and you heard Abbott
say specifically you this over the
supersedes everything every local order
and here they are well it’s not an

official order but we’re gonna give your
stink-eye if you don’t do what we say
dickheads and people are ready for it
this is up and by the way I want to plan
what that woman said

she says I don’t know how you retreat if
you have to go back to the what do you
mean what is she talking about you just
tell people to go back to closing these
businesses you mean you don’t know how

to I think you heard her say that yes I
heard it and I think she does not know
because she knows what the citizens are
thinking such as this woman who was has
a hair salon not far from Dallas yeah

rally cries open Texas a crowd of people
gathered in Frisco choosing to ignore
social distancing practices Saturday

afternoon they believe reversing the
fall of the state’s economy is the top
priority a feeling shared by salon owner
Shelley Luther and if they want to lock
those doors

I’ll put chairs out here and my stylist
can work on the patio gladly she was
served a citation from the city of
Dallas and a cease and desist letter
from Dallas County judge clay Jenkins on
Friday still she says she’s not leaving

a line formed again before she opened
again on Saturday it’s unclear what
actions officials will take everything’s
being vague because they’re all looking

at each other saying what do we do
because this is unprecedented
she’s had steady lines of support she’s
you know fighting the good fight for all
of us as a business owner every single
day matters it’s utterly agonizing to

look at a pile of bills and get more
bills and know that you’re getting
further and further behind people
they’re done with it they want out they

want to be free and Texas is probably a
good example of what it means to be an
American I’m gonna go out on a limb here
here we go

freedom which we have here in America
it’s in the Constitution is risky it
comes with some risk and that’s why
America is fantastic and we I think from

our the beginnings assess the risk and
go for it or not we’re also a lot of we
have a lot of dumb heroes in America the
movies are folded filled with it you

know a lot of guys rushing
they’re the hero but I think everyone
feels this way in Texas I can’t speak
for all of America but I’m hearing the
same from people in California with who

like you are baffled baffled that you’re
going to be closed another month
Christina told me that in Rotterdam in
the Netherlands things will ease up at

the end of May but sports clubs
restaurants small shops may not open
until September and this is why you hear

our sheriff here say I don’t know what
to do I don’t know how you shut them
down once they got because you can’t
because we won’t go and we’ve figured it
out I have a little time I have a little

time lined I just wrote down I just like
well okay go ahead I was just gonna I
wanted to interrupt and and mention a
couple of things about California since
you brought it up sure sure

one they do beaches are open in Southern
California even though they’re gonna try
to shut them down again which means
beaches are open whoo-hoo well if give
me one second with his news yeah but
Newsom is irked about it because their

work you know they know the place is
half empty there you still work I think
there’s actually a the and I just just
off the top of my head it’s a scam of
sorts they’re shutting down the state
for another month

so Newsom can be the big hero and come
in as the governor and open things up in
about a week or two oh good point that
would make sense

it’s a risky strategy though because
people are you know you can push people
so far and I think they’re on edge
you’re not you and I are pretty easy
because this is our life anyway all
right we’re media exempt hello no but in

general my life has not changed too
drastically I’d say I realized yesterday
I’ve been at home for six weeks of
course I’ve been out to do some shopping

but I’m like it didn’t feel like
anything extra special is like my life
we have a deck so I’m lucky I get to sit
outside and
the Hollywood celebrities but people are

people are on edge and you know what’s
happening and actually this is a
California this this is the kind of
stuff that’s going to happen more and
more and they’ll get more aggressive

until people get back to life to women
Carmelita Marella and Rosetta Shabazz
have been arrested on federal charges in
connection to using a cough as a weapon
during a robbery back on April 6 2020

outside at Walgreens in San Francisco’s
Tenderloin neighborhood FBI Special
Agent in Charge John Bennett when they
were approached by store personnel they
began to cough you know pretty pretty

aggressively and then they they told
everybody they had kovat and so in their
own words they were they were telling
people they were positive or for this

flyer FBI investigators say these crimes
are part of a disturbing trend
nationwide oh I don’t know about that
being a trend nationwide but if it is it
just proves my point

now you I think it’s interesting to
think that Gavin Newsom wants to come in
in a week as the hero what I’m seeing is
certainly New York and I would presume
that Gavin Newsom wants do something

similar for the state of California they
need an Illinois they need money they’re
it’s probably cheaper for Illinois to
keep people at home and I don’t even I
don’t think most people even gotten

their unemployment checks in Illinois
yet it’s cheaper for them to keep
everybody at home and try to keep the
city running in other words the city can
we start losing money more well that’s

that’s I think that’s the way they see
it so now we’re seeing these questions
pop up about bailouts and I think Trump
is open to it but this is where he has

all the leverage and this came up in the
Tuesday briefing which I still follow
religiously since no one no one reports
on them properly here is also this is
another interesting little side note

although he doesn’t answer that about
universal basic income
probably a desire of some of these
Democratic governors what about the idea
of another round of studious payments to
American taxpayers directly Democrats of

course up on the hill are talking about
the idea of a guaranteed income which
obviously could go on for months and
months and months what about another
round barrel tax cuts I’ve liked that

from the beginning that’s he’s doing
this pence move the pulling the pence
because clearly the guy wanted to have
everybody just get a check and stay home
but he’s just like yeah I think we

should get people more money by cutting
their taxes not not even it doesn’t even
address the actual question what about
another round of payroll tax cuts I’ve
liked that from the beginning that was
the thing that I really would love to

see happen a lot of economists would
agree with me a lot of people agree with
me and I think frankly it’s simple it’s
not the big distribution and it would
really be an incentive for people to

come back to work and for employers to
hire the double tax on the company and
also on the person
that’s what I like and something like
that could happen also I think you have

to look because a lot of people are
talking to I assume your next question
would be about states and Steve and I
talked about it and I talked about it
with Mitch and with Kevin and with

everybody and the problem with the
states is we’re not looking to recover
25 years of bad management and to give
them the money that they lost that’s
unfair to other states now if it’s kovat

related I guess we can talk about it but
we’d want certain things also including
sanctuary city adjustments because we
have so many people in sanctuary cities
which I don’t even think are popular

even by radical left folks because
what’s happening is people are being
protected that shouldn’t be protected
and a lot of bad things are happening
with sanctuary cities but that’s just
standing up here answering this question

that’s one of the things I think about
if we’re going to do something for the
state’s I think they’d probably want a
something having to do with sanctuary
cities something having to do with other

different points that we can discuss a
later on hold on a sec he’s got the
leverage he not only pulled a pinch yeah
but he he didn’t answer the first

question but then he asked himself
follow-up is good assume that your next
question is and then he answered some

vague question nothing to do with
anything it was about cities Wow I’m
finally learning it a little bit there
yeah and I wanted to point out cuz I got

so much pushback on the previous show
trying to read through what Trump was
getting at with the disinfectant and the
ultraviolet light and and I don’t

understand why if I just have a
different interpretation of something
someone stead and said and I’m trying to
work through that why people are angry

or disappointed you know it’s very odd
to me and what you didn’t have you
weren’t interpreting it were just

playing it well I was I was interpreting
some but yes but verbatim we played it
and people get very you know you and of
course you get the Trump apology and all
that let me just say here’s what here’s

what chickenshit people do they always
disclaim it I don’t like everything who
dies but and I’m not gonna do that
when I don’t like something else Aidan I

didn’t like it when I think it’s good I
think it’s good people want us to just
rail on this guy and turn on the fucking
TV you got enough there oh that’s a good
point you made this point to some guy
who quit the show he says I’m sick of

you guys all you do is apologize for
Trump you never say anything bad about
Trump and by the way it’s two different
things apologizing or saying something
bad are two different things but all

said if you want that just turn on the
TV turn on Jimmy Kimmel listen to his
monologue in the and the second part is
were very inconsistent because we was

Obama we would have done it differently
that’s not true in fact we were the one
of the few podcasts that went on about
how Obama wants to do the right
thing in many instances is being forced

not to we had a very interesting take on
Obama and it was a very positive one and
Muslim we made a lot of fun of him and a

Muslim we made a lot of fun of him
that’s for sure
but that’s okay one more thing Trump
handles everything like a CEO CEOs or

the brilliant captains of industry as
they’re known and some are actually
really brilliant some aren’t it’s always
debatable a lot of them are weird
Zuckerberg Jobs Elon Musk

Bill Gates Larry and Sergey we can go on
a lot of more weird so they communicate
in weird what’s the guy from Barry uh
come on he owns all the dating sites oh

no no no Barry Brahn Barry Switzer now
it doesn’t know Barry Diller Barry

Diller’s another one of these a-hole
guys yeah I heard from three different
people when just before they fired you

know fifteen or twenty percent of all of
his company staff he came in to talk
about how you know the company was you
know what they were the future or

whatever it was like at like a rose
garden speech and all I does is talk
about his own issues and his crap and he
couldn’t build out on the pier and the
East River and everyone says the guy
isn’t an asshole but the company runs
well so anyway take that for what it is

yeah yeah I don’t have to defend myself
all we do is deconstruct the news it
just so happens that Trump is being
lambaste it and call the Clorox drink

and also stuff and we deacons trying to
look at and say no he’s not a Clorox
drinker he’s never told people to shoot
Lysol into their veins it’s nonsense but

they keep saying it I could go in three
different directions right right now
I’ll just play a teaser
Nicole Wallace saying exactly what you

just said told people to ingest weight
he told people to ingest bleach no he
did it no and where was this anyway and

he’s never used the brand names Clorox
or Lysol I might add no no but let’s
talk about some brand names and some
generic names because we had more good

news besides I feels good that Texas is
opening up well hey we’ll take the hit
we’ll take the risk we’ll let you know
how it is here at the frontline I’ll go
in the restaurant oh so scary it’s so
scary the Pioneer so just I just wrote

down a quick little timeline of the
pharmaceutical aspect of this scientific
/ pharmaceutical let’s start with our

lockdown that was based on the model
that was changed four times downgrading
from two million potential dead in the
United States to sixty one thousand and

even if you believe that that initial
two million down to two hundred thousand
didn’t have the mitigation that built
into it which is a lie because it did

it was built in fine I would like to add
the model which was created by Neil
Ferguson was based on thirteen year old
undocumented code by his own admission
very quickly hydroxychloroquine in

combination in combination with zinc and
also the z-pak was promoted by Trump
immediate pushback from everybody we
followed it for weeks the media

this is nuts it’s on it’s unfounded and
who knows Trump is trying to kill you
and of course we had some lady try to
kill her husband although we only know

that now but people were drinking the
fish cleaner so that’s how the media
responded from the get-go for not us and
I think we talked about it what can
someone just say hey this if this could

be good news this could be very exciting
we might have something that we could
treat people with Laura waiting for the
that didn’t happen no trials were funded
because it’s not worth it the market

price has already said it’s less than a
dollar so that it’s very uninteresting
and you can’t Jack that up because you
got people with other diseases like
lupus and malaria of course where it’s
intended for so you can’t make so it’s

it’s non-starter and they don’t care and
we knew from the beginning we heard
Gilead from the beginning all from
Falchi we heard REM disappear right out
of the gate gate right out of the gate

gate is a new one so a week well I’ll
play this first because this happened
unlike the possibility that some good
studies out of France and Italy and

other countries about hydroxychloroquine
know that’s been shuffle shuffle to the
background and you never heard exciting
news it could be a treatment but

yesterday this happened he’s just coming
out of a pool report on some comments
that doctor found she just made and he
actually seems to be detailing some of
the results from that NIAID trial of rim
that severe he says quote it’s quite

good news he says that so the primary
endpoint of the trial was the time to
improvement and we know that the study
meant that goal doctor foul Chi
according to the full report saying the

time to improvement was 11 days compared
with 15 days on placebo saying that 31%
improvement is quote very important he’s
saying this is a drug that can block

this virus he also didn’t according to
this full report notes the mortality
rate trended better 8% in the treatment
group versus 11% in the placebo group
he’s saying when you know drug works you

have to let people in the placebo but
that’s a pretty damn small difference
between placebo and the control group
okay in the placebo group he’s saying
when you know drug works you have to let

people in the placebo group know so they
can take it that comment probably
explains why we got these results
earlier than expected from the NIH we
weren’t expecting this trial to read out
until the end of

we’re also learning from the pool report
that Falchi has compared this to when
they first found HIV drugs he’s saying
this will be the standard of care so
this is the announcement that NIH should
plan to make later today

the president I guess told dr. fountain
to describe this just now and we’ll
bring you of course any more news that
we get but this is the first read of
that positive NIH study on Gilley ads
around a severe and guys this dr.

Gottlieb saying this drug could get FDA
emergency use authorization immediately
based on these results so very
encouraging news very encouraging
completely the opposite of

hydroxychloroquine we really don’t have
any any details but we got some data the
data won’t be available till the end of
May there’s no peer-reviewed study on

this but yet we’re all in and we might
want to remember that the media is
mainly living off of certainly now
pharmaceutical advertisements so it

would make sense that they got a little
push because this is very exciting of
course what’s odd is that just a week
ago REM dis aveer came out with very
disappointing news that there was no

positive news from their initial
clinical trials the stock started to
sink and I have a report from a week no
I didn’t tink tank it was sinking it did

not take it was about it no it was
sinking I wrote this word down
specifically because I thought tank
would be incorrect
it was sinking okay one week ago this is
the results that were considered to be

poor and possibly tanking the stock from
CNN this is a doctor
how optimistic should we be at this
stage Elisabeth actually I wouldn’t be

optimistic at all I think we should
maintain and even an even outlook
could this drug be useful absolutely
creditor could it turn out to be useless

absolutely let me tell you what happened
and then let me talk to you a bit about
what happened during the Ebola times
because I think it’s a good comparison
what happened was that there was a video
conference as many of us are doing these

days about this drug University of
Chicago doctors were involved and it was
taped and somebody leaked that tape to
stat which is a health news website and
in that tape we’re told now stat didn’t

post the tape but they wrote about it
and they said that all sorts of positive
things were said that the patients were
recovering more quickly that few of them
were dying and that there was a general

sort of positive and rosy outlook
expressed by this doctor but what this
is really is office chatter and we all
work in offices and we all know that in
offices you get chatter that turns out
to be true and you get chatter that

turns out to be nothing so the fact that
these doctors said this does not mean
much and the reason why is that
sometimes patients with covin do well as
a matter of fact okay I’m not gonna play

the whole thing but the important part
was the only hearsay analytical
anecdotal results from that trial was
people recovered four to five days

earlier and that was considered
disappointing that is exactly what is
now by doctor foul she considered to be

extremely exciting and promising so much
so that he is willing to put his seal of
approval on it a month before the actual
data comes out and all of the other

trials that are taking place now have a
new standard of care so we would have
normally waited several days until the
data gets further the dot the I and

cross the T but the day they were not
gonna change some of the numbers may
change a little but the but the
conclusion will not change so he’s all
in on that now as a small aside I

probably should mention that dr. faoud
she together with dr. Brix pioneered M
lead for

years almost two decades now more than
that almost 35 years the HIV mission
within the health the National Institute
of Health and if you know we spoke on

the show many times about eight years
ago a new treatment came out to treat
HIV make you virtually virus free or
undetectable please wear a condom even

though you take our drug because you
don’t know that is Truvada so that is a
Gilead drug so that’s why he even
mentioned himself earlier that was
another the other doctor said you know

it’s just kind of like aids yeah because
this is following the same path and the
same company doing for AIDS by the way
well here’s what I think the vaccine for

AIDS is not gonna happen but here well
let me just go down the list a little
bit and then I got one more one or two
more clips then we’re done so remedy
severe is back on it does something we
don’t know how well it does and actually

I do have to play this report cuz is one
more clue this is from MBC same kind of
excitement just excited can’t believe it
it’s so great this morning a promising
option between the sickest coronavirus

patients promise the president Trump’s
urging the FDA appears poised to approve
the use of REM des aveer an antiviral
that has shown positive signs during
clinical trials led by the NIH is a

medicine that prevents the virus from
growing what it is proven is that a drug
can block this virus dr. Anthony Fauci

the nation’s lead infectious disease
expert saying there is clear-cut
evidence it works we think it’s really
opening the door to the fact that we now
have the capability of treating and I

can guarantee you as more people more
companies more investigators getting
involved it’s gonna get better and
better the NIH trial involves nearly
1,100 patients worldwide so far REM des

aver has accelerated median recovery
times from 15 to 11 days and at 8% the
mortality rate is lower than the 11.6%
for those who received

placebo this is leading the charge for
the global trial Emory University
Hospital which had more patients than
any other site we’ve been in contact for
several weeks with the top researcher

there dr. Aneesh Mehta we now found that
Brenda has a significant effect and so
we do want to make sure that we offer it
to all the patients that would qualify
and would get benefit from it it’s

important to note REM deser beer is not
for everybody is for the sickest of the
sick in the hospital iu ICU it’s only
treatable or usable I should say in an
IV form you’re not gonna see this in a

pill form at the local pharmacy the NIH
says its study still needs to be
peer-reviewed Gilead Sciences is ramping
up reduction of the med and now research
want to know what researchers want to

know how effective it is in combination
with other drugs and might that be even
more helpful very interesting this is
being run I love this just jam it

through it’s perfect for the
pharmaceutical industry perfect for the
hospitals because it’s not a pill you
got you you’re dying you got to go in
it’s the last one it’s also $1,000 per
treatment so that works out well for

them and it and I think because it’s
this is clearly a pharmaceutical
hospital system based treatment this is
part of the reason that those two

California emergency doctors were
vilified I mean they were they weren’t
just vilified but they were taken off of
YouTube as is dr. Erickson and his and
his colleague play clips from them last

show we did took him off of YouTube we
had the a joint statement from the
California physicians and I happen to

know a little bit about not about these
two doctors specifically but their
situation they run an emergency medical

and by coincidence I know about you know
the emergency medical centers I guess by
state or certainly there’s probably a
National Organization you know they have
their own their own Club and the biggest

problem they have is the hospitals
hate them because hospitals have so many
more regulations over what you can do in

one of these emergency care centers and
for people who don’t know if in America
you drive by a strip mall and that would
be all of a sudden you see like an
emergency room you can go in for your
broken leg or whatever else you can go

in for treatment and but these are
independent and so these guys own not
just that one but a couple of them and
these and the hospital the doctors came
out and said these guys are clearly just

trying to promote it for their own
financial benefit there’s nothing in the
science that proves any of this is true
so they really just reduce reading
statistics what is he dogged about no so
I think while Bill Gates is over here

with everybody working on the vaccine I
have a feeling because of the fast-track
FDA because of well you heard their
Trump’s endorsement I think he had he

had he cut a deal all right good you do
this we promote this he may not even say
anything about hydroxy anymore it’s very
possible but this means we’re moving
ahead we can open up because we have a

fix we have a cure we have something
never mind the fact that
hydroxychloroquine may actually have
some prophylactic features and this drug
doesn’t but I think that’s I think

that’s what happened and now he is going
to leverage this he has all the leverage
over foul Chi we’ll talk about that much
later I’m sure we get to China and the
and the lab I think this is a good sign

I think I think it means full full speed
ahead and I have from this answer your
question a little bit better where’d
this come from from Bloomberg

the the Trump administration is
organizing a Manhattan Project style
effort to drastically cut the time
needed to develop a corona virus vaccine
with the goal of making enough doses for

most Americans by year’s end called
Operation warp-speed
no brush speech the program will pull
together private pharmaceutical

companies government agencies and the
military to try to cut the development
time for vaccine by as much as eight
months according to people familiar with
the matter take the AIDS vaccine coming

by the way
well it’s very–it’s it appears to be
very hard just to find and locate the
virus HIV he’s always been a complicated
thing to wrap this up from our No Agenda

pharmacist you may recall he was
creating a protocol for his emergency
doctors in the hospital system where he
he of course followed up with me once
the remedy severe news came out Adam my

trial got killed because of the bullcrap
VA study and now how she is saying that
REM de severe is a clear-cut winner and
game changer based off pretty much a
press release by Gilead trial results

won’t be ready until May we’re being
robbed of hcq that’s hydroxychloroquine
clinical trial you can see yeah but they
can still use it a lot of doctors are
prescribing it anyway yes the clinical

trials he’s being robbed of that part is
gone clearly these guys strung me along
long enough to delay the trial and then
abruptly killed it off based off this

bullcrap retrospective study in the VA
that wasn’t peer review didn’t show
durations of therapy dosing and the
sickest of the sick received hcq
compared to the control group bias

everywhere interestingly if you look at
that report did he say that they were
giving him a C Q in addition to the
other stuff he had a protocol here the

protocol was Inc yeah I wasn’t just hcq
he had a protocol no I’m talking about
they were in dis aveer remedy severe at
the very end of the report you heard

they would be probably trying it with
other drugs which to me means if AC q
yeah no no is Inc probably
hcq is really only opening things up to
get the zinc in that’s what I am Not

sure I’m not sure that’s what the case
is I think they work together well this
is yeah they work together where well
neither of us have any business
discussing and discussing that are no

agenda the pharmacist was there actually
prescribing of what’s actually working
based on anecdotal information which
nobody wants to base anything on int so
he sent me the the VA study which isn’t

you know not peer reviewed half the
people in there on the Gilead payroll
it’s really interesting and again it’s
not – it’s not peer reviewed but here’s

the thing that he wrote in addition that
I thought was kind of scary or
interesting at best my current
hypothesis about the virus is that it is
an immune modulator that stimulates a

cytokine storm which we know it does and
that’s your own immune system freaking
out that either throws your lungs into
acute respiratory disease syndrome and

then they turn into stiff thick grey
sacs of fibrin and clots in your lungs
or your blood ends up clotting from the

systemic inflammation and you stroke out
or have a heart attack and then we’ve
heard reports of that and he sent along
a document of an autopsy with pictures I

might add which will be in the show
notes for you of of the lungs of us some
unfortunate person who got all this
clotting and you can really see what’s

going on inside these lungs and he says
he’s continuing with his protocol is
just as no longer a funded trial and
he’s going to continue to keep us
updated on what’s happening and then the

other you know other people wacky people
like Trump in Australia former member of
parliament Clive Palmer peace he’s still
all in on hydroxychloroquine he’s tried

big cars and big billboards now cause
comas big splash announcing he spent big
cash the former MP claiming he’s
purchased nearly 30

three million doses of
hydroxychloroquine an anti-malaria drug
that’s been trialed on covered 19 and
championed by Donald Trump may work may
network I feel good about it so it is

just a feeling I do know I’m a smart guy
I feel good about it since then studies
in America and France showed the drug
had little impact on coronavirus

patients lie that’s a lie if France had
exactly the opposite had a positive
result it’s complete how can somebody
just go on and lie like that is okay if
somebody’s doing that that means there

is an agenda yeah and white but why
would anybody you know these reporters
let’s just start with this they’re not
getting paid they don’t get a check from
gilead they’re not getting money under

the table to still lie like this what
are you talking about they’re getting
money in the form of ads and they’re
being told the reporters get none of
that money they keep their job and

they’re told to stay in line yeah well
that’s about all it amounts to but they
can keep their job other ways I meant
just if they were bonusing the guy for
lying I would say well there you go what

are you gonna do it’s just the way it
goes but no this guy is lying for just
he’s just lying it’s just amazing to me
is it not that I’m is a mercantilist I
think you get paid to be like don’t be a

liar is it I think you need to be paid
to be a liar is it possible that there
was no research done and they’re just
taking whatever the New York Times wrote
yes okay

second I have a question you mentioned
that even if they don’t say do what
their boss tells them they have other
ways to keep their job does that involve
some kind of sexual favors or what is

your thinking on that yes you’d have to
give blowjobs
it’s media after all this media would
expect especially in broadcasting
America and France showed the drug had
little impact on coronavirus patients

while last week a Brazilian study was
halted when 16 people died after being
administered high doses of
hydroxychloroquine interestingly in
Brazil they have extremely

low numbers the mortality rate it’s
between two and three my risk we’re
worrying about is it affects the
electrical conduction system in the
heart of your in high doses so you can

suddenly have what we call an arrhythmia
and effectively a heart attack that
kills you goes completely against what
Artin no agenda pharmacist just said he
says it’s because of clotting because of

the continual severe infection this guy
something at the electrical system hmm
technically a heart attack that kills
you at this time of national crisis in

our country mr. Palmer is quoted all
Australians must do whatever they can to
help their fellow Australians I have
thanked him and he’s made a very
generous offer to the national medical

stockpile it’s being assessed on to
France those fronts will be an expert
panel and clinical trials but American
authorities are warning against
stockpiling hydroxychloroquine say it
could lead to a shortage for those that

actually need the drug for malaria
typhus what what’d you say anyone eat
that drug and rheumatoid arthritis we
really have to be very thoughtful and
make sure we follow the science and the

evidence Clive Palmer declined to
comment letting his ads do the talking
today I thought it was interesting that
he bought 33 million and we’ve had so
many 33 33 33 million

and actually it was it was the the the
reports at 33 I think it was two million

nine hundred and you know two million
nine hundred thousand five itself very
close to thirty three very close there’s
lots more to talk about but I think we

should mix it up a little bit I know I’d
like to have some fun first on this
topic because you brought up Ferguson a
minute ago and so I found this clip of
Katie Hopkins who is the the ex LBC
commentator right wing woman who’s who

uses British good mocks everything is
she’s in too much she does everything a
mocking style and so she did this thing
kind of a condemnation of this Ferguson

guy the Imperial College and I so i
retweeted or i posted it i retweeted it
on Twitter and imediately get a bunch of
people coming back at me with ad-hoc

attacks on Katie Hopkins not questioning
what she had to say she’s a racist and
I’m always amused by this I know is that
your art is that the argument that most

people have now they don’t even listen
to what somebody has to say it’s easy
just to throw out racist dun dun it’s
easy well here’s the clip because I
think it’s amusing clearly I’m not a

doctor and I’ve never pretended to be I
don’t have a fold-up bicycle for example
I don’t feel the need to wear scrubs in
the street and indeed I’ve never voted

I don’t read The Guardian but let me
introduce you to a scientist I think we
should all be asking questions about his
name is Professor Neil Ferguson of
Imperial College

he runs models not beautiful women model
statistical models where he tells people
how many deaths he thinks there’s going
to be from a pandemic or other crisis
Neil Ferguson says lifting the lockdown

could cost a hundred thousand lives in
the UK and he’s the guy the government
are listening to right now which is why
we still under this infernal house

arrest that everybody seems to be
clapping there
frying-pan spout let’s look at some of
Neil Ferguson’s work in the past and see
how through it it’s been for bird flu he

estimated using his very sophisticated
models there might be 200 million deaths
globally there were in fact 282 when it
came to swine flu professor Ferguson

used his brilliant models and he
estimated there could be 65,000 deaths
in the UK there were in fact 457 again
with mad cow disease a disease that I

can relate to between 50 and 50,000
deaths in the UK he said and the correct
answer was 177 and for Ovid he came out
and said there may be five hundred

thousand deaths he’s now saying there
may be a hundred thousand if lockdown
ends and of course we have no way of
knowing right now how many deaths there
will be but it seems that Neil Ferguson
is prone to exaggeration he’s kind of

like Gemma Collins on hormone
replacement therapy other scientists
have challenged his thinking as well and
surprisingly they say at best his models
are crude estimations containing serious

errors so questions remain why aren’t
the mainstream media asking these
questions why are we listening to this
man who’s about as accurate as my
five-year-old tried to we standing up

very British yeah yeah it’s we’re not
gonna hear about this anymore it’s over

we’re moving beyond this point maybe
there’ll be some some post-mortem some
review over time I think a lot of things
will change the players will change foul
cheese gonna come all kind of under all

kinds of scrutiny but what we will have
first is the political aspect we will
have the Democrats in United States and
this is happening everywhere it’s

happening to divorce Johnson and all
political parties it’s now it’s it’s
kicked off its politics season who gives
a crap we’ve got revenue severe Billy
boys on the vaccine let’s go get Trump
out of office so let’s make him look

like a shit
Pelosi goes on with tapper and discusses
you know what he did and did he do it
right or wrong and the shutdown it
wasn’t that a good thing he did with

that the keeping flights from coming in
from China Nancy Vice President Joe
Biden’s campaign told me earlier this
month What did he say that did you hear
that flub where did you say vice
president Ouma Vice President Joe

Biden’s clunk campaign told me Cole Vice
President Joe Biden’s clunk campaign
told me earlier the club camp sounds
like like Vice President Biden’s club
called me is what it sounds like

Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign to
me earlier this month that he says
probably how they talked about him at
CNN hey I think from the VP’s Club
betcha Vice President Joe Biden’s

campaign told me earlier this month that
he supported president Trump’s partial
travel restrictions after he called it
xenophobic on January 31st blocking

foreign nationals from China from coming
he actually didn’t wait what does tap
we’re saying here Biden was very clear
he said it was xenophobic is he is he is
he lying for Barnes no no okay miss

there’s been a number of things Biden
said at one point what Tapper said is
true Biden did that the xenophobic thing
it may have been later okay that makes

sense ah sorry cuz Nancy called him says
you can’t do that he got a comms he a
public what did she say she said you
can’t do that Joe you have to call him a

xenophobic you’re ruining it for the
rest of us on January 31st blocking
foreign nationals from China from coming
to the United States do you agree that
it was the right move by President Trump

at the time well let’s go into the
future okay the
actually tens of thousands by the way
when she says this tappers face is like
what according to the future well let’s
go into the future okay actually tens of

thousands of people were still allowed
in from China so it wasn’t as it is
described as this great moment though

there were Americans coming back a green
card holders on the back you have to
start to clip again I mean that part of
it again cuz she says let’s go into the

future and she immediately goes into the
past yeah because she actually had a
future thing that she was going to talk
about so but she’s incoherent is worse
than buy-in when it comes to being yes

she goes he’s on level with par with
Trump and to some degree with I know
what she’s trying to say but she’s old
and it’s coming out weird well let’s go

into the future okay actually tens of
thousands of people were still allowed
in from China so it wasn’t as it is
described as this great moment though

there were Americans coming back or
green card holders coming back but there
were tens of thousands so if you’re
going to shut the door because you have
a evaluation of an epidemic then shut

the door yeah that would have worked
well I think if the President had said
no more Americans you can’t come home
that’s I think president Pelosi would
have done that here is her future this

is what this is what she tried to say at
the beginning this is the agenda for I
would have to presume not just Pelosi
but the Democrat Party again we’re
beyond everything we’re gonna open up we

don’t give a crap all that now it’s back
to get Trump out but let’s go few into
the future where the American people
want is for us to have a plan to go
forward what do you think the top three
things are that people want John the

American people because she knows the
American people the American people want
Trump out in caves they hate and see
Trump out do they what no no I may
change the face John we’re still in the

pandemic don’t you can’t get
this is Nancy talking to the American
people what do you think they’re at home
still good education climate change food
security we fix the homeless problem no

no you’re wrong and our plan to go
forward we addresses their concerns
their first concern is that our our

heroes be taken care of our health care
workers our police and fire our
emergency services our teachers our food
service people are our transportation
workers is that everyone’s concerned I

don’t think so
they’re looking at them on tik-tok
dancing on tick-tock so no I don’t think
that’s what people want okay I missed

the one hour postal service that they be
taking care of because they are taking
risks to do their jobs that’s the the
old gambit the he’s just letting the US

Postal Service part of the US
Constitution rot in hell because it
needed a bailout but no would you care
giving us the brief explanation again of
what the problem is with the post office

yeah they have to fund pensions 10 years
in advance for each employee and so in
other words you have to pay so instead
of paying an employee

I don’t know 50,000 a year whatever
they’re getting they have to literally
put aside five five hundred thousand
dollars per employee per year yeah

forward normal get the same that year
and then you get a pam-4 a year into
there so it’s like doubling there it’s
just it’s a bookkeepers nightmare the

post office Union bitches and moans
about this because it’s used as people
don’t talk about it they don’t talk
about how the whole no all they talk
about is they need a bailout but that’s

not what they need they need different
accounting our Postal Service that they
be taking care of because they are
taking risks to do their jobs
secondly they want their check people
want their check I agree with secondly

they want their check where’s my tip
I pulled that as an ISO by the way just
in case we needed one I thought maybe
maybe this would work where’s my tip
maybe my unemployment check were a note

and the so unemployment check you know
the states are doing that it’s a mess
Tina got hers yesterday and Ellen

Chicago still nothing Christina I have
not heard from her she may have texted
but as of yesterday nothing if she’s
been closed down in Rotterdam for almost

two months unemployment check we ran the
checks from this PPP they often all not
gotten them and she doesn’t even know
what she’s talking about PPP is for it’s

not it’s the opposite of unemployment
lady that’s for companies to bring you
back and the government pays to have you
work and all night gotten them and we
have to have oversight as to how quickly

that could that should be moving and the
third thing they do not want what they
do not want yeah she pulls a tricky one
the third thing that they do not want

she says I don’t know if that means that
the people don’t really want the other
two or not but what the people don’t
want not want what they do not want is
taxpayer dollars at this difficult time

being used by the big entities that
receive billions of dollars for anything
other than keep people at work they
don’t want to see any model backs any
corporate increases and pay bonuses

dividends and the rest of that that
makes them very angry and we have
oversight to do all of that that’s
really that’s all the American people
want we want our check we want to thank

the health care workers and the Postal
Service and we don’t want rich people to
get any money that’s all we want woman
could not be more disconnected from

reality it’s really really really sad
and here she comes with the memes
remember if you say it three times it
must come true

testing testing testing tracing tracing
isolation isolation isolation I did that
myself she actually said something yeah
he said it differently she originally

went like this let me see where was it
this is what she wants we’ve done four
bills we’ve general right all in a very
bipartisan way I’m proud of that but we

just have to have a path to the future
if we’re going if and when we can open
up testing testing testing tracing
tracing tracing isolation the one we’re

ready she didn’t have the balls to do it
that’s why it
that’s what I’d go for that’s why I did
it for her testing testing testing
tracing tracing tracing isolation

isolation isolation she was on joy Reid
I might as well play yeah I might as
well play this no actually I’ll play the

I’ll just play this the second piece
because there she brought it up again
she’s doing testing testing testing
tracing tracing tracing and she only
threw out one isolation very

disappointing so I figured I’d fix it
for all not for once and for all this is
what Nancy Pelosi wants let’s enlarge
the issue from there we want to protect
everyone and we want it to be something

that knows no economic legal ethnic
racial difference and that’s why we were
very proud of what we put into this

build that people are saying it didn’t
do enough in there but again let’s just
come back right science science science
testing testing testing
tracing tracing tracing isolation
isolation isolation

treatment treatment treatment prevention
for every one there we go good now we
got it does everyone remember that’s the
sequence and then

I know kicker from her but when we’re
ready we’ll go out there but we all
there there’s planning we spend a lot of
time what the president said went right
and disinfected in the body you know

what they call that they call that
embalming that’s the medical term yeah
that’s what he meant Nance he meant
embalm yourself exactly
Wow and that is the leader of the

Democrat Party it is and and I think
it’s Lisa sad it’s a very sad I have the
one I so that’s a competitive round of

his you deserve but this is Mika
Brzezinski mm-hmm and she says testing
oh really
where’s the do you have it under Mika
and did testing well that makes nothing

sense and 65% say it’s a bad idea to
allow people to return to work without
testing Mika without testing Mika like

that along with testing and release
comes tracing and tracking that’s the
next part we got to look at and that of

course now this is the part that they
didn’t a they’re not getting anywhere on
this one
well well everyone else is in the game
everybody is jumping into the game and

now they all pretend to be I mean this
has been a tech issue cropped up I
remember it back in the early days of
the of the of the cell phone this is pre

smartphone and this is when the fuel the
greatest cell phone companies were all
the greatest cell phones you could buy
our Japanese the DoCoMo phone oh oh he’s
got a DoCoMo phone and so people would

have all these phones and one of the
things that they they had where these
tracking apps were you and this was that
era when you where that little that
little telex already had that little key

fob thing there was a little Japanese
thing that beeped and boob to when
somebody made tamagotchi yeah something
like that never that was the toy what is
that what is the track of the beeping
we’re told there was a it was something

else but what the point is is that these
phones were set up so you could and I
saw that I was demoed the software and
it was in the 80s even where someone
would say maybe was in the 90s but it

was they would show you this
it was tracking software you could look
at his you can see where all your
friends are congregating oh yeah yeah
sure sure yeah I’m in Amsterdam and I’m
gonna click on my phone look all my

friends are over at this bar I’m gonna
go over there and the all these little
dots on the screen yes I immediately
looked at that and this was like at
least 20 years ago and said this is not
good this is for stalkers this is

bullcrap the public will not allow this
so they’ve been pushing this and pushing
it and pushing it I think it’s all about
government track anything is what’s
really about well I brought the the PDF
to the party today that I received

covertly and I think I can put it in the
show notes but I’ll double check it’s
it’s just a PDF it’s the social distance
data project innovation response

volunteers this is the citizen software
engineers it’s what I told you but I
think some of this works going on in
Colorado but their mission is to support
state leaders and their decision-making
process with the data they provide about

social distancing patterns and what I
found interesting about this
presentation is the data sources they
are using and there’s six of them and I
just I thought would just be fun to read

through it in the context of
ODT going ot you may want to consider
that sake so many people okay so they
have the CD ot which i think is the

Colorado Department of Transportation
they have traffic recorders on all major
roadways we have the des cartes labs who
provide mobility index for county

municipalities and Aoi’s and what a Oh
Isis we have unicast you probably saw
that one on Twitter which has
demographics and traffic by county
municipality and census block we have

x-mode which provide a mobile device
grid with points of interest we have
safe graph which has which is part of
the Cova dean data consortium with I

guess they’re sharing their traffic with
each other and map box which has
telemetry data with changes in driving
patterns these are just the six sources
these guys are using for the tracking

app and when you and they have
screenshots of all of these different
all these different services you will
you will leave your phone at home when
you see that yeah but even so they in

California there’s something like 10,000
tracking cameras so when you’re driving
around yes your your plate wherever you
drive your plate is you know always here

he’s there he’s here he’s there and if
you have any of those little fast passes
which everybody uses in fact they’re
making gonna make it mandatory
encounters all around that’s right I

always put mine in a pocket that you you
you say mandatory no no they are banning
cash it’s not that the it’s not that the
the EZ Pass is mandatory they’re banning

cash that’s they want to get rid of it
the but it carries disease the tracing
app is good to go in Australia the
federal government is set to launch its

contact tracing up today the app will
help health authorities identify people
who have come into contact with a corona
and some people have expressed privacy
concerns about downloading the software

but the government says safeguards are
in place and the information will be
destroyed once the covert crisis is over
as senior federal government Minister is
worried complacency is setting in as
Australians are tiring of social

distancing measures new data shows there
has been a big spike in the number of
people accessing directions on their
smartphone over the past week it’s a
sign people are out and about rather
than staying at home to compact the

coronavirus Home Affairs Minister Peter
Dutton has told Sky News we risk doing
all our great work if we’re not careful
if people believe that we’re immune in
our country clearly we’re not we were
tracking in the same direction that

Italy in other countries were headed in
and we’ve been able to offset that
through the social distancing measures
through the announcements so the
national cabinet is presided over as
well so we don’t want to give that up

so I think worldwide certainly in the
United States what we’re seeing is you
know the pharmaceutical industry that’s
all pretty locked up filed she’s got his

people in place we’ve got REM
disappeared on the ends we got hcq on
the hqc on the HC q on the way out we’ve
got some magical vaccine which may or
may not come it’s it’s locked tight no

one else can get in the game we’ve got
it so that leaves technology and
technology is still all a lot of scams
can be pulled and when there’s a scam
you can bet Bill Clinton is right there

yep he is now doing video interviews
with the Clinton Global Health
Initiative which apparently is still
doing just fine and they’re good to go
to help with tracking and tracing and he

talked out it all over with Gavin Newsom
governor of California on the zoom one
of the elements key elements and I
edited out every single pause and bills

drawn-out speech your plan to be able to
reopen California but one of the things
that you have to be able to do is to
track people to the positive

Massachusetts is recently announced that
they’re gonna try to build a statewide
tracking program and they’ve asked
Partners in Health Partners in Health
Partners in Health is the one of the

NGOs that I think may have even been
founded just to go rape Haiti that was
bills Haiti year outfit who were there I
don’t know what they did but not much

good came out in the reports about what
the Clinton Global Health Initiative and
Partners in Health what they were really
doing or achieved in Haiti besides a

couple houses in the hotel with the
Clinton name on it but they’re gonna try
to build a statewide tracking program
and they’ve asked partners in Hell to
run it for them and they’re one of my
partners and I think he’s jumping on the

bandwagon he’s weaseling in through the
partners in health because they got the
gig from them from Massachusetts in
other places but where are we gonna get

all its contact crisis yeah like like
you did with the California did with a
Conservation Corps of young people see
Bill is still from 1970 and he’s

thinking tracking means we have people
like shadowing other people and knocking
on that door which of course is with the
actual wait tracing and tracking is done
but he hasn’t quite figured out the

technology piece for some reason no
that’s relation core of young people
should we have a contractor or even if
we call it something more element I
think the answer is absolutely yes and
and I love the Massachusetts example we

were able to learn from them we’re all
sharing best practices in real time Bush
John this have you I’m sure I have heard
this or I’ve used this in a meeting

we are unread this down everybody write
this down if you have a job we are all
I hear it again that was fantastic and I
love the Massachusetts example we were

able to learn from them we’re all
sharing best practices in real time
we’re all sharing breed software if
someone complains about the show hey

we’re all practicing best well sharing
best practices in real time here okay so
leave us alone but this is an
interesting point that’s often not

brought up we have tracing capacity that
predates Koba 19 goes back to SARS
measles TB etc tracking and tracing
capacity that exists in the county

levels primarily an increasing capacity
at the state level so what we’re doing
is we’re building off that existing
infrastructure and using the tools of
technology to overlay the predicate for

getting back to some semblance of
normalcy is our ability to identify
individuals through testing to be able
to trace their contacts to isolate

individuals that have either been
exposed or corn I like this isolate
listen what they’re gonna do so we’re
gonna trace you it’s not like we’re

asking you to go into quarantine no
we’re gonna isolate you this is
interesting this is very New World Order
II Nancy use isolate as one of her
triples you you betcha ecology to
overlay the predicate for getting back

to some semblance of normalcy is our
ability to identify individuals through
testing to be able to trace their
contacts to isolate individuals that

have either been exposed or quarantined
people that are tested positive and
that’s just going to require an army of
folks and the capacity of consideration

from individuals to allow for their
privacy to be impacted by that kind of
acuity of attention based upon where
they go any of attention-getting worse

about if ik tone down his language
listen to the payoff the very last piece
very last bit here either in the
capacity of consideration from

individuals to allow for their privacy
to be impacted by that kind of acuity of
attention based upon where they’ve been
and who they talk to where they’ve been

sure who they’ve talked to who they’ve
talked to what he said you need to track
who I talked to yeah because you may

have passed off that PDF file to that
person is I mean so how do you track who
I talked to do you think this is just an
oversight that he says this or does he

mean we’re gonna actually find out who
you’re talking to
well that’s what they’ve already been
doing over there at that building over
on Third Street in San Francisco that
AT&T building is used by the NSA to
track who you talk to

I’d like to get ahead of this I have a
little luck I have an idea I have an
idea I have an idea idea yeah I think
this could be a mine not an exit
strategy but it could be an ice cream

cone on the weekend a bonus okay so it’s
gonna take a while before all of this
stuff comes to bear before if people
will even accept the violation of

tracking and I think that this whole
situation has been one big smoke and
mirrors of course actual people died and
people died during influenza seasons and
other types of viral issues and you know

I think the whole world got through it
pretty good from a health standpoint but
now we got a real problem with getting
back to work into life so instead of
just to get ahead of it I’d like to see
if the No Agenda shop guys if they can

make the following for us you know those
you have them you can get one of those
you know that bans the rubber band
bracelets that have something printed on
it you know like over there in Austin

Texas they popularized not my buddy
Lance Armstrong yes so you have them the
same material a little broader except

that all it’s more like a watch
wristband so it has a clasp and then on
the top of it is a metal plate that you
can have engraved

and I’m thinking we make this look
really official with little medical sign
like you know the little snake and shit
on there and we do co vid 19 antibodies
verified and you just put that on and

wherever you go sitting on I got to look
I got it
Co button and they’ll see it and they’ll
believe it and you’re good to go
and this is a fact this could be a
$15.00 item this is a fact if they see
it they’ll believe if you had a thing

that was grave covin 19 and that body’s
confirmed yep
maybe the or even flour it up or even a
little more and you had on your wrist
what we do are good to go we can’t be

thrown in our 33 and I TMS on this thing
and 33 it’s no different
Thank You TRO room it’s no different

than the bullcrap emotional support dog
that has this that has his flat flak
jacket on and his crosses and don’t pet
the dog and you know all that stuff it’s

no different from that come on no agenda
shop let’s get it done think that way
I’d like to think of a prototypes before
we go into final production we got to

move this track we can’t get that ship
from China oh the irony it’s probably

already done just need the words coded
nineteen antibodies confirmed alright as

you know here at the No Agenda show we
are legendarily lazy so if you have if
you have any any way to do that we think
would be fantastic and that’s how we get

ahead of it and then eventually when
when people it’ll be such a hit that
people will be very excited of course
it’ll be we can’t list it on Amazon
because he’d taken down immediately

maybe we put on the bottom its 5g
compatible just to just throw that in
there a lot of this stuff that did
nous sommes going on and on about I mean

it’s such it’s such baloney
they have like throughout the state like
I said something like ten thousand or
more monitors and they have these little
monitors that monitor all your Ted told

tags and if you watch Law & Order they
show oh I see went over the Brooklyn
Bridge you know at this time then he
must have gone into Manhattan to kill
that woman so they have all this date
they have more data that they collect

because they collect every car that
drives by in both the toll tag reader
and also the license plate readers and
most of the buses have license plate
readers on him and all this goes into

the giant database that is out of
control there’s nothing they can’t do
anything with this data I know that’s
why I think I think our idea is the best

and then once people actually have
antibody tests they’ll be happy to get
those it’ll be buying the thing yeah
they’re selling it to the government
hey these public-private partnerships

you never know hey it’s done I need five
million of those bracelets fantastic
with that I’d like to thank you for your
courage assay in the morning to you the

man who put the C in The Cove in
nineteen antibodies verified bracelet
chemistry on current scene the boots
with the grounded feet in the air and

the subs in the water and the dames and
the nights out there yes in the morning
to everybody in the troll room they’re
known as trolls they’re not really
bodies that trolls let’s count them
troll count 1625 good for a Thursday
what you’d expect on a lockdown and

they’ve been very helpful today lots of
good ideas thank you so much trolls it’s
good to have you here of course you can
troll out as well at No Agenda stream
com where you can also get an invite to
no agenda social calm now more relevant

than ever as everything is just getting
deep platformed and deleted and blocked
and terminated suspended social calm or
you can just follow me and everybody

else Adam at No Agenda social calm from
the Federation from any any Mastodon
compatible or new social compatible
system it’s not that crazy anymore you

can figure it out it’s good fun when you
get there it’s kind of like the early
internet there’s no bullcrap it just
works in the morning to our artiste a
four-episode 1237 this was done by Joe

casera why do not believe has done any
other art except this one and it was a I
thought a very good takeoff best I think

it’s best buds a Keith Haring very
famous Keith Haring for a painting and
the extended the two characters with

longer arms they got little masks on the
font was in the right I mean the whole
thing just made sense the whole thing
was good in fact we had to check to make
sure it and make sure it wasn’t stolen

well he never submitted before so he
might just you know be one of these kids
a lot of guys coming oh this is cute I
met bet you’d be no gender guys alike
and then they put the run through the

through the generator and they put their
logos on there next thing you know it’s
stolen yeah we used to do we do check
these things it doesn’t mean that the

some stuff doesn’t get by I mean it’s I
think there’s been an instance of
something was lifted and it was not
caught but that’s not rare that stuff
happens and then we lecture you know we
right yeah we lecture all right excuse

me so again thanks to sounds like the
Kovach off yeah it is
thanks to Joe Kucera the award-winning
art for episode one two three seven this

is really important and Pat and I said
important art work only changes on on
our show every single show I don’t think
everything not many people have that

certainly not what the frequency have
and the quality the quality of the work
like this is it’s just fantastic so we
appreciate this value that producers
provide to us no agenda art generator

calm you can look at all of them we use
it for newsletters that also goes on I
use the Nick direct peace that was a
nice a lot for the newsletter and you
hated it

I did not hate it oh I’m sorry I don’t
hate dogs Lance Armstrong you know I was
a dog Lance Armstrong it’s not my buddy
you met him Stacey Abrams is not I’m not
predicting that she’s going to be VP

that was the former New York banker yeah
well I got it mixed up because you see
still theme you seem to be boosting her
I think that she’s a dead end
well let’s let’s hold that for a moment

I want to talk about her and I have some
stuff and I’m sure you do as well but
this is the point where we like to thank
our executive and associate executive
producers who keep the wheels show

earning more or less the top of the show
it’s been a little we’ve adjusted the
format a bit for the for the see stuff
for the Dakota bit for the Co vids which
i think is actually kind of benefited

the overall flow since we are longer as
well so I’m I’m pretty happy but let’s
kick it off by thanking our executives
thank some people yes please Sony
Cabrera is at the top of the list today

and he gave 630 3.33 and he has a note
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get mo nation because they just said
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much dynamite oh my god they’re
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thanks Tony
thank you the eggs no agenda shop comm
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a while money shows up like this thanks
time that’s that’s a true value for
value system right there any of the it’s
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gallery yeah I like that doesn’t come in
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it doesn’t come it doesn’t come exactly
kimberly singleton 500 1.20 john please

wish my husband timothy single tonight
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security guy he Joe Joe Joe he he used
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and text each other they said yeah we do
that okay
Ted this is Gartland and mend in New
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there’s his home bake jingle Oh made
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tech tip of the day since he mentioned
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there are a couple things you don’t do
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search because you moved the search bar
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one on one I’m looking I’m like okay
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guys dame lady
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who your media deconstruction is simply
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starting with aibee aibee aibee it’s
Abby sorry Abby Abby Abby
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of all thank you for creating the best
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thanks John and Adam for continuing to
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podcasting the truth alright we can do
in reverse order for a be deduced you’ve

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jobs and job how long it takes to get a
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I’m in time I like this yes and what if
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love it

Jacob Jacob Hernandez Jacob bananas in
Kennewick Washington his next on the
list and he is coming in with 200 bucks
and he says I just beat the coronavirus
and I couldn’t have done it without the

No Agenda show well that needs to be a
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a little more details please it just
something yes Wow

Gregory Van Mullin yeah give him a good
karma first needs it
Gregory Van Mullin in Bakersfield

California 200 samolians I have never
been prouder to be from Bakersfield home
of doctors Erickson and and Artin must

see here these are banned from
expressing their doctor opinions they
got banned from from science they’ve

been banned from science from science
yes they’re out these two guys to get
rid of these two guys hey we got plants
here we’re doing some work and this guys

coming in come on get out
people are learning through science
these guys are my new heroes i censored
you – they’re censored YouTube video is

awesome the lockdown has recently
started to fall apart here in
Bakersfield traffic is way up and
mask-wearing is way down I even went to
a car show at a local restaurant last

Thursday night no jingles no Karma for
my knighthood ceremony I would like to
request loud pickup trucks and open
source code you got a Gregory see you
there ma’am at the

roundtable it’s gonna be fun today big
one big induction ceremony and that will
be our list all that secular producers
associate executive producers for show
12:38 I want to thank each and every one
for keeping this show going

especially the titles is important for
you if you’ve supported us during these
exec and associate executive producer
credits these can be used anywhere
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make sure you put on there you were
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please support us by going to Dvorak org
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is this
we hear people in the mouth

well I made a point of doing a little
Joe Biden stuff today yes I’m happy you

did because we need some entertainment
you got it you got it coming now he did
a bunch of he did finally got out he’s
still in his hole well you know the
Trump’s roaming around fences rolling

around without a master hos wear a mask
he’s I haven’t tested I don’t need a
mask I’m a tough guy eat while Joe is
holed up in his face in his basement

where he can’t escape he does say he’s
gotten out of the house a couple of
times but he shows his mask cuz you
can’t even go outside cuz apparently
he’s afraid to go outside without his

medicine it’s gonna be our next
president so he did an interview as an
exclusive interview I don’t have though
the whole thing but I got most of it
yeah on CBS for Miami and so he’s in the
thing and I want to play clips from it

and then I have little ISOs that are
from the clip to point out some of the
stupidity of Joe’s comments because he
just you know yak yak yak look look you

know you’ve gone you know the way I saw
the tre look the way a was the other to
look the never here I can’t finish the
sentence can’t finish a thought and so
we have some of that but so let’s start

with Biden CBS for one Oh mr. vice
president thank you very much are you
home as well I am home Wow right off the
bat that’s what your grandma that’s what
you would you would you big momma and

your pop-pop say when you call them on
the phone hey are you at home as well Oh
God Oh mr. vice president thank you very
much are you home as well
I am home yes are you getting a bit of

cabin fever down there in the basement I
am I’m allowed to go upstairs and I walk
out in the yard with the Secret Service
they got my mask with me so I’m already

so mr. vice president I just I guess I
want to start with talking to you about
I what about how this virus has sort of
exposed some of the inequities in our

society and the folks we used to look
past you know because they were in low
wage middle class or dead-end jobs we
now consider them essential workers how
do you think this changes this going

forward well pray God Jim it changes a
lot you know I’ve been there the
neighborhood’s I come from is Scranton
and Claymont Delaware down where I when
we moved it from from Scranton and you

know these are everyone from
firefighters law enforcement officers
grocery store clerks bus drivers etc and
all of a sudden people not because they
were prejudiced they just didn’t focus

on it people have more means dog well
you know always what’s the big deal now
they’re realized and there are the
things they’re the folks keeping
everybody moving everything going and I
hope that God when this is over we’re

going to be able to turn what is a awful
crisis and extreme damage done
particularly to the to these providers
and turn it into an opportunity to begin
to treat them like this should be

treated with fair wages more respect in
the position where they’re gonna be able
to take care of their families and I
just think it’s a I think it’s it’s kind
of like Jim Nia the blinders have been
taken off all of a sudden the person at

the you know who’s the high school
educated woman or guy stacking the food
in the grocery store becomes really
essential alright so what is going on
and on about this year they’re trying to

get this you know their bet the party of
the bankers is gonna try to get these
but I was like but but there’s the real
now if this was Trump and he says what
this isoh is going to show his trumpet

says something like this he’d be he’d be
really nailed this is the real the real
attitude toward these people is

exemplified by something within that
clip that you probably didn’t catch look
what I did and here it is this is the
one I so and there are the things
they’re the folks keeping hold on the

things and there are the things they’re
the folks keeping that’s who they are
they’re just things this they’re the
things so the people

all these important people that he he’s
heaping praise upon calls when it sound
was free flow of thought they’re the
things they’re things that’s right on
jump thing you’re looking at what the

Democrats candidate for president you’re
you hate you things out there you should
be voting for him really not fair what
you’re doing here it’s what he’d said I
know yeah I know you’re right I’m not

very unfair to actually dissect what
this guy has to say very unfair very
unfair things just it’s just the truth
wants to come out there just things

doesn’t surprise me doesn’t surprise me
so let’s go – I don’t have an ISO from
this one but this is just another just
is the dumb clip this is cbs4 – becomes
really essential or the farmer putting

the mark you know getting food to market
it’s really essential and I think
there’s a greater appreciation for who
merely makes this country function I
talked early when I ran when I announced
about a year ago we’re gonna restore the

soul of America we’re seeing the soul of
America now is Blaney’s folks these
folks are the soul american Lattimore
scared to death but they’re still
showing up for work and the essential
jobs well does this does this tend to

make the case for $15 our minimum wage
oh I think it makes the case for that in
quite frankly Jim I think it makes the
case for more it makes the case you know
the president talked about you know he’s
uh you know he’s a commander in chief

well look look at all his generals
lieutenants and and non cons they’re all
people the doctors or nurses or police
officer firefighters they’re store
clerks they’re people who in fact are

driving in buses and transportation
facilities and I think it’s about time
they start to get recognized for what
they do and compensate it appropriately
What did he say non comes yet non comms

noncommissioned officers okay all right
so we’re confused by that non comms
so he makes it clear that he thinks you

know like but like unionized bus drivers
you get more than three
you know if they already do get the
minimum wage way beyond $15 an hour most
of the people who isn’t this just a

partner not ditch-diggers who are
talking up is this not just a part of
Pelosi’s plan the first thing we do is
we want to that I’m sorry the first
thing we the American people want to do
is thank these people yeah and by the

way thanking these things when you do
that with a flyby from the Jets you’re
an asshole for planning it but thanking
them is what we want yes

yeah all right let’s go to CBS for three
so I also wanted to ask you about the
World Health Organization if you are
like the president will you restore

fundings of the World Health
Organization yes I will but I’ll also
insist that we have do what we were
doing before we had set up a pandemic
office within the White House President
Obama we had CDC the folks for the

Center for Disease Control forward
station and other countries to
anticipate when we might see a virus
coming a pandemic coming because they’re

gonna be more of these and we are so I
would I would get much more engaged in
the world we can’t step back if in fact
for example we solve the problem in the
United States America and you don’t

solve it other parts of the world you
know what’s going to happen we’re gonna
have you’re gonna have travel bans
you’re gonna not be able to do have
economic intercourse around the world
there’s a lot
look when America goes the lone lone

when America’s first it’s America alone
and idea that we’re stepping back from
the world leadership that we in fact
engaged in during the virus and the
pandemics in the past it is leaving it

leaderless as a matter of fact so we
have to get back in the game well one of
the issues is going to be China that’s
one of the reasons why the president
cited for pulling out of the World
Health Organization China is likely to

become a major issue in this election in
part because of the corona virus I think
you’ve been critical of the way the
administrator to show you handled China
the administration has been critical or
the way you were when you were vice

president we’re dealing with with China
I guess I want to ask you do you think
that this is is going to in fact be a
major issue and are you vulnerable on
this issue at all because of your son’s
business dealings in in China now I

don’t please so it
my son’s business dealings were not
anything with everybody that he’s
talking about
not even remotely number one nothing to
do with me number two and talk about
business dealings look at the business

he’s the president has with China
he owes apparently millions of dollars
of the Bank of China is he’s got patents
from I mean this is this is all about
whether or not we’re gonna be able to

coexist with the largest the biggest
population in the world and make sure
we’re the ones that set the standards
that the rest of the world repairs to
that’s what it’s about

I think that was pretty much debunked
the the Trump China business dealings
yeah I think has been debunked I think
there was a Lloyd’s right it’s yeah they
tried to push it they tried to push this

as a meme for something you could find
anything because the Chinese like every
other bank is sold off whatever do Trump
owed them to some other Bank dry
apparently had it you did have a loan

with China with the with a bank for some
real estate and sure like every other
real estate I mean we’re it’s just what
you do you be every time you take out a
real estate loan over the last twenty
five years they get moved to somebody

else you don’t even know who yo but
let’s listen to a couple Isis that are
in that one there let’s go to uh this is
just ISIL just ISIL yeah yeah Biden CBS
fine because the idea Jim you’ve never

seen a time when someone’s seeking
asylum has to seek it from another
country I know what he means but it
sounds really dumb it means yes it and

in fact I think that’s you’re supposed
to ask for asylum either before you
leave your country or at an official
asylum window whatever did you say
whatever so here’s that there’s the one

that’s I so two and make sure we’re the
ones who set the standards that the rest
of the world repairs to repairs to what
he said I think you said repairs to and

make sure we’re the ones that set the
standards that the rest of the world
repairs to he means it adheres but I
think that’s just merit just repair it
he said repairs that repairs is very
that you will replace if you rest of the

world repairs to repair to me what you
think he was trying to say adheres to no
I don’t think it’s just in the structure
repair I don’t know what I cannot figure
out what word he was trying to use okay

one more time yeah that’s probably a
good idea and make sure we’re the ones
that set the standards that the rest of

the world repairs to prepare to repair –
all right well how does it happens it
happens it happens
oh yeah well it seems to happen a lot

with this guy so let’s go to buy it in
four lobby emulsion when America goes to
loan when America’s first is America
alone I wrote that down when it’s
America first it’s America long baby I

don’t know what it means but it sounds
good we go along we’re going for the
bomb the guy’s great now did you played
you just play the ice so that’s all I

had no don’t you have Veidt Biden for
immigration oh here it is okay I’m sorry
you know you we can talk about it later

but the way you’ve labeled them it shows
up in a weird place
well it’s okay with regard to
immigration you said that you would
suspend a place a moratorium on
deportations for the first hundred days

for anyone in the country illegally do
you still hold to that and why do you
believe that’s a good idea
because we have to straighten things out
anyone who committed a felony in the
meantime would be deported but we have

to take time to take stock of exactly
what’s going on who’s where what the
truth is and what’s going on at the
border and that’s the thing we should be
doing now because the idea Jim you’ve
never seen a time when someone’s seeking

asylum has to seek it from another
country you’ve never seen a circumstance
where we have put people in cages you
know we have to say stock of where we
are we are a nation of we have to say
suck you know I missed that one of the

device owed it to if you put people in
cages you know we have to say stock I
want the sakes
stocke damnit sake stock it’s probably a
Japanese company that has sake stock but

it came out different for Joe from the
telephone where we are we are a nation
of immigrants and one of the reasons why
we are so powerful and we’ve been so

successful is because we’re a nation of
immigrants and the way we’re acting both
domestically and internationally is is a
crying shame it’s not who we are
wait there we go

that’s my one Obama that’s yeah there’s
some of that now that’s the end of that
thing I do I think I do have the Biden

on how to win Florida I think came from
this so this is a kind of an iced over
short thing that I think came from the
same interview biting on how to win
Florida that we build the middle class

back up and also deal with what
everybody in Florida knows is a problem
global warming I don’t know if there was
any context about Florida before it but

it doesn’t matter somehow you gonna win
Florida that we build a little class
back up and also deal with what
everybody in Florida knows is a problem
global warming you don’t expect it you

can’t drive through Miami without

hitting a fish man good eating by the
way this fish those fish fish we’ve now
I do it’s not like I’m not beating up on
bite in here but I felt that you know

the bite is working on his picking the
vice president this is where the Stacy
Abram stuff might come in yeah I’m ready
for you he I don’t have station I do I
do i do i do have well I’m gonna let you

play that before I continue bashing him
but let’s go on do we have to determine
who it would make start to make some
predictions I’ve made a couple of them
already that may be falling by the

wayside because my latest thinking and I
couldn’t be wrong
mm-hm is that he’s going to go with Amy
Klobuchar No
why do you sweaty why are you so

exaggerated in your reaction to that
because I’m so excited for Amy
oh it’s Road I forgot yours yes I’m an 8
I’m an I’m an Amy man what was I think
everybody I’m gonna Amy man Amy go to

I’m Amy so and I think there’s some
reasons for this money’s gonna he
already say he’s gonna pick a woman and
he has to really seriously think about
this white Stacey Abrams was out nobody

is going to let Stacey Abrams become
President of the United States when all
she is is a small town small town well
she may be she’s a giant she’s a small

town member of the Council on Foreign
Relations that’s all you need to know
she’s a small town small space small
she is a Georgia legislative member of
the Georgia Legislature

legislature and how is that
qualifications to be President of the
United States yes she is a CFR member
and how did that ever come to be so
that’s suspicious

but so she’s out I don’t care what
anybody wants to thank y’all you know
they just like to talk about her so they
can talk about it so they can bring her
up later but Stacey Abrams is out and
then the other women that I’ve looked at
I mean she can’t do Elizabeth Warren

because it doesn’t balance the ticket
properly clover charts in the Midwest so
that balances the ticket you have East
Coast Midwest that’s always a good
balance and I’m starting to is starting
to narrow down to those calm Kamala

Harris is a horrible person she’s not
that delicate this is a horrible person
and then he’s got you know Gillibrand is
making noise trying to get in on the

action but she doesn’t have her purse
she’s also not she’s from the East Coast
also that means no balanced ticket
anyway so I’m so Amy is my top pick

right now even though I still like the
woman from New Mexico you know who the
keeper uh the keepers prediction is it
just came out well it’s not a prediction
but she says very interesting Val

she’s Florida Democrat so let’s let’s
look at the list she’s a Democrat she
she vowel Demings she’s a Democrat she’s

a woman and she’s african-american
that’s three for three bro yeah three
and she is give you my three the United

States representative she’s a
congresswoman so she’s good to go no
one’s ever heard of her ever heard of
her no one’s ever heard of her all right
now let’s just break for one second

because you gave me the room I’m going
to play you 46 seconds of the hacks on
tap podcast pax on tap is a fabulous
podcast it is the two big campaign guys

Mike Murphy the Republican and Axelrod
who of course ran the Obama campaign and
they go head-to-head and talk about all

kinds of stuff like who should Joe pick
for a VP I mean I can’t tell how many
times that I’ve been with a candidate in
this discussion and they bring up a name
that the media keeps harping on that

they’re getting lobbied for and all that
that choice could make a lot of sense
and then there’s a then there’s a pause
in some smartass sometimes me says yeah
and we’re gonna need a food tester
because it’s clear the core loyalty will

be to the future of their career and I
think that’s a problem with Abrams I
think that’s a problem of Carmel and it
could be a problem with any of the
others so you can never underestimate in
the room how important that is that to

get a team player not somebody who’s an
independent operator and what’s a very
tough job cuz you go out and take fire
for the president and people have their
own campaign plan thinking Joe’s only
there for one year are gonna be very

difficult to manage in that way and it’s
gonna be a tough time to be POTUS so
let’s just review what was said there
he’s only really gonna be VP for a year
because well we all know and the second
thing was they’re gonna need a food

taster depending on who Vice President
is cuz apparently they think someone’s
gonna try and kill Joe of course so I
think that’s a good prediction we’ll

give him one year and careful what you
eat Joe
I would also mention something else that
should be mentioned and this is my
former Democratic self coming out the

women in the Democratic Party are not
going to accept a black woman as the
first female president of the United

States not out of their party and you
say this is a former Democrat racist
these people they liked it that’s why
they’re so you know they’re adamant
about all you know we got a racist

everyone else is a racist but me
this is them again doing that old adage
the Dutch adage what I say you are as
what I am and they will not accept they
will vote against any possibility of a

black woman becoming the first female
president of the United States when the
Hillary should have been the first
female president and she was white and

the first female president should be a
white woman well does she still have a
chance in hell yeah I think so oh gosh I

mean there’s a couple of odd theories
coming out one of them is that’s been
promoted is that Joe is going to once
he’s nominated then they can say well

you know you get they could suddenly
decide that oh the Tara Reid thing is
important or he’s gonna get Quran is too
old and they can party the party which

the party can do this can say he’s out
we’re gonna put somebody else in his
place in the last minute and they’re
gonna have to make a decision now some
people say that if he did this before he

was fully nominated and confirmed which
has to be after August did then then all
the Bernie bros who get all bent out of
shape because well not us right right
making this way they can get out of the
idea of pushing Bernie out out of the

picture without hey we did it the way it
was supposed to be done but they have to
if they’re gonna replace Joe who would
they replace him with they can’t just
out of the blue in September of this

year after all this bla Biden Biden
Biden Biden he’s
even if he can’t talk or walk but I
can’t get out of the basement he’s
who can we replace them with you can’t

put anybody else in there no to replace
him without knowing the entire party
except Hillary tell me my logic Sanne
fine yes

no I think your logic is there I don’t
think that they’re gonna do this by the
way this is not a theory that I but if
they did it that would be the

opportunity to drop Hillary in because
that’s the only logical person because
she’s already got the campaign mechanism
she’s always got the brand name
recognition you can’t bring in a me or
anybody else out of the blue and didn’t

replace Joe you’d have to replace him
with Bernie but you could replace him
with with Hillary and nobody would bitch
about it too much
look replace them with Michele and the
Democrats win that’s it that’s it that’s

it replace it’s not my theory
interfering don’t win with Marion like I
said a minute ago the white Democrat

women will not put her in and you say
that you say that as a former Democrat
yes I’m saying it is a former Democrat

and people that and they still know
Democrats and I know what racist they
are they are not going to do it but but
I don’t I don’t understand your logic
you saying they won’t let a black woman
win Michele could easily win this I

don’t know if she could win or not and
next nevermind
was really bad it was let’s go back to

Joe and and couple of he he’s doing
town hall meetings that are basically as

podcast this shitty podcast
yeah the podcast is no good but the town
hall meetings are interesting and the in
the town hall meeting consists of him

and one person this is that town hall
that was him and Bill I’m sorry Hill
right yeah yeah many Hill and so I
played it fed them surprises as long as

this is this is a bite and welcome
welcoming Hillary and he basically Biden
comes on and welcomes Hillary who goes
off which by the way it gives me the

idea that she could be the replacement
she goes off the deep end yet get get
get get she can’t stop talking he never
gets a word in edgewise he’s falling
asleep he’s got his eyes closed lolling
asleep no he’s not can’t just say

something he’s not I know what this is
gonna tension to him doing this before
the lockdown when someone complements
him he looks down as he’s bashful
because he’s receiving praise and maybe

deep inside Joe feels he doesn’t deserve
it so he looks down he his it’s his eyes
are downcast people think he’s falling
no he’s embarrassed by the pray is

whenever someone praises him that’s when
he’s embarrassed and looks down I
believe this is true but it still looks
like he’s fallen asleep really thrilled
to have my friend the former senator and

former Secretary of State and the woman
who should be President on stage right
Hillary Clinton welcome Hillary it’s
great to have you here that was a nice
intro to say the woman who should have

been president the United States that’s
pretty nice Hillary it’s great to have
you here and if I may say I’m sorry I
won’t interrupt after this I think

Hillary looked good I don’t know if
she’s essential personnel but the hair
the hair is working for she’s doing
something with her hair that is new and
fresh she brought a hairdresser in it’s

new fresh and I like it to be here with
and to be part of this very important
discussion and I am thrilled to be part
of your campaign too

only endorse you but to help highlight a
lot of the issues that are at stake in
this presidential election as you just
so rightly said this terrible pandemic

that we’re all going through kiss a lot
of Americans much harder than others
we’ve seen it firsthand in
hospitalizations and in unfortunately

fatalities but we’ve also seen it when
we look at the pictures of those people
on the front lines do you know 80% of
all health care workers in America are

women and one out of three jobs held by
women in our country has been classified
as essential so this is an issue that

affects all of us young and old every
kind of background from every walk of
life but it is having a disproportionate
impact on the front lines men you’re

yelling at your own clip on women
working on women caring for others I’m
German holding this no I want to hear it
down the home as we go through this
together so I want to add my voice to

the many who have endorsed you to be our
president just think of what a
difference it would make right now if we
had a president who not only listened to

the science facts / fiction but brought
us together showed the kind of
compassion and caring that we need from

our president and which Joe Biden has
been exemplifying throughout his entire
life geez yeah we’re all coming together
tomorrow night by the way there’s a

we’ve got the big Oprah 200 star-studded
24-hour global virus relief event oh
yeah oh yeah yeah this is gonna be great

is it I think this is the Clooney gang I
think this is where Hillary will be now
she probably be there Oprah Julia
yeah sorry should be the guests are
coming in late oh hello no I know you’re

so busy no I’m not stuck at home I want
to go back to a 2008 clip Abidin when
he’s when he’s running as vice president
for Obama and this is why in 2008 and I

just to me it just shows you these
consistent over the years and it really
doesn’t hurt to keep picking on it look
that’s been an economic plan just

nothing to tackle the number one job
facing the middle class and it happens
to be as Barack says a three-letter word
and jobs especially since those four
letters alright Joe thank you he’s great

that that went viral which was written I
think this is me showing my I’m a gen
Xer but I could have been a boomer
status everyone was chuckling and

cracking up over this I would get much
more engaged in the world we can’t step
back if in fact for example we solve the
problem in the United States America and
you don’t solve it other parts of the

world you know what’s gonna happen we’re
gonna have you’re gonna have travel bans
you’re gonna not be able to do have
economic intercourse around the world
there’s a lot
look when America goes you know I grew
up and I remember when I was mm I think

eight and I remember someone at the high
school kids and they were on the bus and
they were like oh we’re where we have a
conversational intercourse like oh who

is it the quiz
my god everybody was loving of course
maybe it’s just I mean the word that’s a

beavis and butt-head react economic
intercourse and I understand that that
globally people didn’t get it because a
couple of Dutch people like man he’s got
his mind it’s an actual word I mean it’s
totally not what you want to use in his

position which is why he used it no
doubt cuz the man is fried he’s being
accused of forced intercourse it’s
another version of intercourse forced

sexual intercourse I should say so for
him to do that was was I mean wow the
guy they’re gonna have to keep him on a
leash and put a muzzle on his head but

it was fun to see since we’ll just wrap
this up I have the Stacey Abrams what we
talked about she was on Don Lemon Don
Lemon grilling her in the new Don Lemon
way you know this is he’s been doing

this for a while now he’ll uh he’ll come
out of a clip it’ll just sit there and
look at the camera and just go really is
that really it’s very annoying

unwatchable and he was doing this to
Stacey Abrams regarding the allegations
against Joe Biden okay someone who wants
to be his vice president I think it’s

important that you we speak about
something that’s in the news now as you
know there is a sexual assault
allegation against Joe Biden the accuser
name is Tara Reid tell CNN at the
alleged incident happened in 1993 while
she was working as an aide and Biden

Senate office she is claiming that she
was delivering Biden a duffel bag and
says that Biden had her up against the
wall in a corridor on the hill and
violated her with his fingers now CNN
his nap has now spoken on the record

with her former neighbor who says Reid
told her about the allegation within a
few years of the alleged incident
Biden’s campaign says untrue never
happened is this a credible allegation I

believe that women deserves to be heard
and I believe that they need to be
listened to but I also believe that
those allegations have to be
investigated by credible sources the New

York Times did
investigation and they found that the
accusation was not credible
I believe Joe Biden I believe that he is
a person who has demonstrated that his
love of family his love of our community

has been made perfectly clear through
his work as a congressional leader and
as an American leader I know Joe Biden
and I think that he is telling the truth

and that this did not happen so in in
2018 you tweeted it was shameful that
Brett Cavanaugh’s Supreme Court
nomination was being rushed forward and
survivors of violence at Christine Blasi

Ford deserve to have their voices heard
are you applying a different standard
now by the way good on Don Lemon he’s
asking the right questions oh not at all
I believe then I believe now that women

deserve to be heard because too often
they are not and Tara Reid deserves to
have her story listen to and investigate
it now that’s it that’s exactly I just
want to stop there because that is what

you’re getting from from your fellow
women women this is what your feminists
are doing I believe all women should be
heard you know what that means right
they just okay I heard you get out of

the way and she keeps repeating that
it’s it I am offended by it all I
believe all women should be heard well
of course they should be heard she got
if you got allegations it would by the

way I haven’t seen her being heard much
on CNN or MSNBC or ABC or CBS or NBC
News no so women are not being heard in
a different standard now not at all I

believe then I believe now that women
deserve to be heard because too often
they are not and Tara Reid deserve to
have her story listened to and
investigated what was happening to

christine Blasi Ford was that there was
no investigation there was a rush to
move the conversation forward so that no
investigation was conducted and as I
said I believe that there was those

allegations needed to be investigated
and I believe in the New York Times and
subsequent reports support what the
Biden campaign has said and I believe
Joe Biden

she stumbles over the whole bit at the
end there which is pretty sad and again
the investigation she’s referring to
both Brett Kavanaugh who was confirmed

as a Supreme Court justice
we’re investigated by the New York Times
whatever that means cuz it’s not law
enforcement it’s the New York Times in
the New York Times what they come up

with about Brett Kavanaugh well yeah it
couldn’t we find anyone who said
anything but sure sounded right and
maybe I don’t know hmm and the New York
Times investigated these allegations and

literally said The Times found no
pattern of sexual misconduct by mr.
Biden beyond the hugs kisses and
touching that women previously said made
them uncomfortable in which the New York

Times take that down now why did they
take it down we have a quote from the
author of the article baquette be a qu
et was it was this guy you know him

bucket but Quentin Dan Dean Dean Baquet
no he’s that one of the A’s the editor
of the place who is the editor well he
explains the deletion I’m quoting even

though a lot of us including me had
looked at it before the story went into
the paper I think that the campaign
thought the phrasing was awkward and
made it look like there were other

instances in which he’d been accused of
sexual misconduct and that’s not what
the sentence was intended to say so he
changed that based on what the campaign
thought the editor of the New York Times

I think that the campaign thought the
phrasing was awkward and made it look
like there were other instances in which
he’s been accused of other sexual
misconduct and that’s why they took it

out because the campaign thought that or
he thinks the campaign thought that
doesn’t matter why are you thinking of
the campaign mr. editor it’s really bad
that to admit that what’s wrong with the

guy yeah that’s really bad he should be
fired immediately now for a moment about
getting back and opening up I mean you
had all these clips about we had a

number of clips and sub
responders and the the grocery workers
and the firemen and the police and quite
frankly it’s most people who keep the
whole damn world running I’d like to add

to that dude’s name Ben dudettes named
Bernadette never mentioned Network
admins people managing your damn Netflix
oh you so you don’t buffer and cry a lot

of people doing that work but for some
reason people are so freaked out that
they become completely irrational now so

how can you be very cool with all these
people in your grocery store and I don’t
think we’ve seen a lot of people get

sick and died in the in the food sir in
the food business in the grocery
shopping business do we have numbers
have we heard numbers apparently were
quite low and the only the only the food

packing business do we have numbers I
want to right away with you am i I’m
leading up to a clip and you’re just
jumping in and stealing it from me
that’s because I’ve been a lead up job
cuz I’m so act okay I’m at Costco and

I’m there and I got at least 10 feet
away from the guy wait are you inside or
outside where are you inside out inside

underlying to get out to check out
uh-huh can I see your mask I got my mask
on okay everybody’s got a mask on I’m 10
feet away from deep from the counter cuz

I’m just back and this woman starts
screaming at me the woman at Costco one
big fat Costco chick oh you went on the
star I wasn’t on this you weren’t star I

was 10 feet away you were not I wasn’t
on the sorry these people all want to
work for TSA you know or their ex TSA
people I don’t know what they are but I

find it
okay I’ll back up like you know an inch
I got that I got that at at the Whole
Foods a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t on
the star where they screaming at you

like this maniac was cream no I got a
Kurt like please Barret question can we
name the show big fat Costco chick
because I think that will really work
well for SEO just just checking with you

so this is the but you’re right it’s
that kind of insanity yeah I don’t see
people yelling I just I just don’t see
the danger I don’t see the results of it

I’m not seeing what was supposed to be
there are hundreds there are millions of
people working in grocery stores in
big-box stores fantastic I’m so happy
they’re doing that but the people

they’re serving are people who are
freaking out like the your Costco lady
you may have seen this video as a
teacher walking she’s walking her dog by

the way she’s outside she’s walking her
dog two kids are in a playground and she
goes off on
we come over there

we’ll go over there
I’m keep recording him

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show so Trump decided to or somebody dig
up an old at this is a pre covet clip
and I think it was taken by somebody

visiting the White House I’m not even
sure I never saw it before and he went
around the Twitter’s and got everybody
all bit bent out of shape and it was a
classic Trump troll which one wasn’t and

I want to play this is the one that’s
titled Trump is a young man I just feel
like a young man I’m so young I can’t
believe it I’m the youngest person I am

a young vibrant man I look at Joe I
don’t know about him I don’t know
I would never say anyone’s too old but I
know they’re all making me look very

young both in terms of age and I think
in terms of I just feel like a young man
I’m so young I can’t believe it you want
me to continue as a no no it’s just to

say that’s how it doubled okay yeah just
some sweet handy yeah that’s what you
get for ripping it off of Twitter they
repeats repeats don’t like we’re taking
comes from Twitter because the people

who edit them and put them up they
always got me the end clipped off it was
poorly done it was interesting
Oh a number of interesting press
briefings and the president has always
has his shills in there we had the

Breitbart shill we also had once again
one America News shill he always calls
on them to to load up on a particular
thank you I’d like to switch gears and
talk about

their report circulating now that he may
well be fully exonerated this week if
that were if that were the case is there
any reason why you would not bring him

back into the administration I will only
say this I think that general Flynn is a
wonderful man he had a wonderful career
and it was a disgrace what happened to

general Flynn let’s see what happens now
but what happened to general Flynn
should never happen again in our country
what happened to other people should

never happen again
in our country what happened to your
President of the United States should
never again be allowed to happen and
what is happening is some interesting

stuff in the background as was it
yesterday afternoon with documents were
released that show very clearly the
general Flynn was being at least there

was a an attempt to frame him yeah well
noon is at the noonas clip newness went
out a couple of his shows and he had
something to say about this okay yes why
is general Flynn important because on

Friday night thankfully Attorney General
Barr has appointed a US Attorney out of
Missouri to look into you know what was
going on in some of these investigations
and now we don’t know what was submitted

to the court on Friday evening but we
believe that it’s possibly exculpatory
evidence that the government had on
general Flynn okay and remember in our

report the report which which the House
Republican report from 2018
it’s the gold standard okay have reports
if you look at all the other reports
whether it’s you know the intelligence

community assessment whether it’s the
molar report whether it’s the the steal
D and seed dossier those are all a joke
right and the media you know has been

promoting these this Russia hoax for so
long and the reality you have a the
former head of the of the DIA who has
been strung up here for for a year after
year after year and what was now likely

we’re gonna find out he was framed
imagine that
framed by our own government and by
political operatives who don’t like you
and I think that’s what we’re gonna find

out yeah and I think we are going to
find out and the guy to tell us the only
one who has all the inside scoop who
knows about the thousands and thousands
of sealed indictments we know that the
Attorney General Bill Maher has ordered

an independent review of the Flynn case
in other words people not at the Justice
Department main justice who were
directly involved in the case and he
handed it off and the US Attorney for

the Eastern District of Missouri the guy
named Rosen who was a former FBI agent
that lawyer sent a pile of material from
the fling case files in the US attorney

in DC Tim Shea who then sent it to
Sidney Powell based her pleading on
those documents what’s interesting about
this is that information did not come

allegedly exculpatory information did
not come from the lead attorney
prosecuting Michael Flynn Brendon van
grok it came from the person that bar

appointed the US attorney in the Eastern
District of Missouri it is then just as
that story is coming out a story appears

saying that Chris Rae and his general
counsel at the FBI Dana Puente did
everything they could can block the

production of that information to
general fluence lawyer the source for
that story according to the press were
an FBI official and that means there’s

the mole at FBI headquarters that’s my
favorite part there’s a mole that FBI
headquarters guys just not in control

well I like that Joe did kind of give us
an overview and he talks as you know
there’s another hour and a half I could
easily play but no we’re not going
to do that but this is playing in the

background and it’s going to be
interesting to see what happens
the FBI appears have been really really
really bad it was a really bad stuff
this is not new yeah but now we have

documents and the documents are good the
documents are out farther
let’s see how far it gets I I want to
play as something else was kind of a
buzz during the week yeah which was then

this against a little clip very short
clip this is the Howard Stern clip where
he tells everyone all that I have a
question to you a question for you I
want to ask after this clip you play it

safe uck this Khurana virus with all of
his followers and let them all hug each
other and kiss each other and have a big
big rally big cocktail of disinfectant
yeah and all take disinfectant and all

drop dead that’s just urn I mean he’s
always been like that
but but here’s what I read the question
oh now I was thought that cuz Stern was

you know he the way he approaches things
dead yeah he came out with just in
support of Joe Biden I guess anyone
could do that but it seems to me I’ve
always thought his audience would be

more of a Trump type audience because of
his the nature of his the way he
interviews in the way he you know kind
of more of a working-class
rough-and-tumble group not a bunch of

Joe Biden you know types so where my wit
was what’s wrong my thinking okay all
right your thinking is not wrong and
first to go back to what I said remember

when the when he was still a DC 101 when
that I think was American Airlines that
crashed into the bridge and those people
died in the icy waters right in DC I
don’t remember it was no talking like

early early early eighties and he called
up I think was American call up American
Airlines the day that took place I said
hey can I get a ticket one way to the

bridge you know sister and he did shit
like that and there was like okay what
change with Howard Stern is he got
married REME remarried and his I think
her name is Beth

she is she might as well be named Karen
let’s put it that way
and he and I was actually talking with
Joe Rogan about this after after I did
his show he said he also hired a woman

as a CEO of the show and she immediately
started putting people into different
offices and you know Baba Booey is
somewhere in a hallway and for big power

plays and and there’s even tape of Stern
out there saying let’s just register
fake accounts on Twitter to promote the
show you know completely the opposite of
what Howard Stern represented and he’s

been maybe this was always his feeling
he but he’s definitely all in on he was
all in on Hillary all in on Democrats

the show is I catch it once in a while
in the car
but it’s really I think ever since they
went to Sirius it wasn’t that funny and

I think that you know he’s also been in
in therapy for four years and it’s
changed him now he may be a more likable
person to live with at home I think he

probably was a real dick but I do not
think the the audience appreciates the
direction he’s going his core audience

does that answer your question it’s it’s
always a woman who ruins at John that’s
the ends of the story
this that more than answers my question
I really appreciate that background

you’re more than welcome let’s the gang
get brought out the point that you got
you at this is actually based on inside
information yes you guys Joe I did well
we were we were analyzing it inside
gossipy yeah it was like two old wise

I’d only have one little set left to
talk about I think it’s important
they’re short clips generally because I

have the closing clip okay good you hold
on to that Monday briefing the president
again gets one of his buddies to kick
off the question answer that he wants to

hear Breitbart is on deck news a
majority of polls show that Americans
blame China for the spread of the corona

virus and yet they’re taking advantage
of the crisis to make the world more
dependent on their supply chains how do
you get how do you hold China
accountable and how do you keep our
country functionally there are a lot of

ways you can hold them accountable we’re
doing very serious investigations as you
probably know and we are not happy with
China we are not happy with that whole
situation because we believe it could

have been stopped at the source it could
have been stopped quickly and it
wouldn’t have spread all over the world
and we think that should have happened
so we’ll let you know what the
appropriate time but we are doing
serious investigations if you look prior

to this virus the deficit was coming way
down under my administration because I
put massive tariffs on China we took in
tens of billions of dollars gave some of
it to the farmers who were unfairly

targeted by China nobody’s ever done
that before we never took in ten cents
from China now all of a sudden I think
you know very well we’ve taken in tens
of billions of dollars I helped the
farmers by giving him two years ago

twelve billion dollars all coming from
China and we had plenty left over too
and then the following year sixteen
billion and this year we’re also going
to help our farmers but nobody’s ever

done a thing like that because they were
targeted unfairly by China so we’re
doing a very strong investigation and
we’ll let you know what the result of
that is we should be able to get the
answers to

so he’s signaling very clearly that
stuff is going to get done stuff needs
to happen I did pull a little iso from
this just as a as on a lark and we are
not happy no no no the thing good
probably not good friend to show a lot a

lot happened during this Monday briefing
and he kept on bringing it back to China
as much as possible if you would have
said with the tragedy that this country

had to endure and go through with all of
the death and the people that died and
were so badly hurt by what happened and
you can only say god bless them but if

you would have said that our country
would be in the position where now we’re
ready to move forward we’ll never forget
loved ones will never forget these great
people that sacrifice for a reason of

incompetence or something else other
than incompetence what happened at a
point where they could have protected
the whole world not just us the whole
world but we had the greatest economy

ever in the history of our world and and
still pointing towards China and then we
get this responsible Germany Senate bill

five hundred thirty billion dollars it’s
hard to hear and you also probably
didn’t see this in many news briefings

Germany is talking about suing China for
this for a hundred and thirty billion
euros this is the only time I heard it
I’ve not heard this reported yet this

reporter asked the question and of
course he wants to know if we’re
thinking of suing China this has gone a
lot further I believed in the media in
the United States is reporting the CCP
controlled media possibly yes

I was gonna say I want to mention
something which is that if you haven’t
noticed and I’ve been noticing it I
didn’t have any clips to back this up
but everybody is now starting to blame

everybody else for the for example the
Canadian government says that the United
States is responsible for the Canadian
cases and Cuomo of course already said
that now they didn’t come from China you

you’re starting to see more and more of
this buildup of the corona problems in
various countries is not China’s fault
even though that’s where case one is
everybody else thought so the Chinese

media is actually managing to do what
you just said I made a mistake it’s not
the German government that wants to sue
China but built magazine so they’re gone
there yeah that’s too bad I should know

morning that’s that’s not as good but
we’ll take it and listen to the
president’s response holding them
responsible Germany’s Senate bill China

four hundred thirty billion dollars
three hundred thirty billion euros for
the damages caused by discard a virus
would your administration who look at
doing the same well we could do

something that’s very interesting it’s
even more interesting to me now where
she’s does say built I didn’t hear that
she the German magazine is suing China
will you do the same like he’s a
magazine I will the US well we could do

something much easier than that we have
ways of doing things a lot easier Minh
is looking at things that we’re looking
at things and we’re talking about a lot

more money than Germany is talking about
yeah please go ahead we haven’t
determined the final value look at the
world I mean this is war did you hear
what he said we haven’t determined the
final amount yet so he’s he’s serious he

he’s thinking of levying some kind of
extra tariff or something but he’s
beyond considering it he’s thinking of
the amount please go ahead we haven’t
determined the final value if you look

at the world I mean this is worldwide
damage this is damage to the US but this
is damage to the world yeah please
okay so we have the German magazine of
course in a way they want to represent

the German public because of the problem
that this cause they are pointing the
finger at Germany does build now of
course according to every website I’m
looking at is a crazy right-wing
publication not at all the biggest in

Germany but they are let’s go over to to
the World Health Organization see what
they’re thinking about China our good
buddy Ted Ross the body bag des dross he

did a presser right after returning from
China just a couple days ago as you know
I was in China
just a few days ago where I met with
President Xi Jinping I left in

absolutely no doubt about China’s
commitment to transparency and
protecting the world’s people and which
has been met by an unprecedented

response as I have said repeatedly since
my return from Beijing the Chinese
government is to be congratulated for
the extraordinary measures it has taken

to contain the outbreak despite the
severe social and economic impact those
measures are having on the Chinese
people the speed with which China

detected the outbreak isolated the virus
sequenced the genome and shared it with
WH and the world are very impressive and
beyond words so is China’s commitment to

transparency and to supporting other
countries in many ways China is actually
setting a new standard for outbreak

response this declaration is not a vote
of no-confidence in China
on the contrary whu-oh continues to have

a confidence in China’s capacity to
control the outbreak sounds reasonable
to me wow that was a great clip that’s

it that’s that’s your Chinese connection
the world is mad and he’s like no no no
no but there’s one other small item and
the item is the lab and the funding of

the lab and where the money came from
and who’s who approved it and that’s
probably where the virus came from and
doctor foul was asked about this saying
this week that the current virus likely

came from a level 4
there’s also another report that the NIH
under the Obama administration in 2015
gave that lab 3.7 million dollars in a
grant why would you ask a grant like

that to China the Obama administration
gave them a grant of 3.7 million I’ve
been hearing about that and we’ve
instructed that if any grants are going
to that area we’re looking at it

literally about an hour ago and also
early in the morning we will end that
grant very quickly but it was granted
quite a while ago they were granted a

substantial amount of money we’re gonna
look at it and take a look but I
understand it was a number of years ago
who was president then I wondered well I

went searching for this and I try and
define the money trail there is no as
far as I can as far as I can find out
there’s no direct transfer of money from

the United States government to the
Wuhan virality I roll lab so it’s much
easier than that the guy who you will
see showing up defending whatever went

down there at the lab is the CEO or that
I guess the executive director of a not
a non-governmental organization which is
the same as a non-profit they run under

the same the same tax laws ie they’re
not to pay any tax it’s called the Eco
Health Alliance and the Eco Health
Alliance is you see isn’t this the guy
that we had that clip on from eight with

a Amy Goodman show do you mean had that
guy the apologist he was part of this
and he was defending this lab all over
the place is it peter ducek das it was
would that be would you have would you

put that in the title of it probably not
maybe but I don’t know you do what I’ll
do with it with a democracy now clip if
she introduces the guys name I won’t
necessarily put it in the title of the

clip well sorry Peter daznak has been
running this foundation after an
illustrious career of course for a
number of years he actually
works at the lab in Wuhan as the sole

director and only a full-time employee
of the eco Health Alliance who is the
same guy it probably was who received

four million dollars that’s a little
more than 3.7 he paid himself three
hundred and thirty six thousand dollars
this is the money it’s the four million
dollars that came from NIH and he spends

it and doles it out wherever he feels
appropriate mainly in the lab and this
guy is doing the rounds he’s very
worried about this and so is fouled she
because it was 3.7 million dollars in

2015 and there’s another 3.7 that was
just or that had been approved will
probably won’t be paid out now these
guys haven’t put their 2019 form 990 up

so I can’t investigate it but it’s
clearly it’s just a pass-through
the money comes from NIH goes into the
Eco Health Alliance nonprofit and then
this das Jacques das da kay guy he

starts doling it out and they were doing
exactly this kind of research with
gain-of-function on some bat virus on
coronavirus and Trump knows this so

thank you all very much it’s incredible
what we’ve done together over a short
period of time I want to thank our vice
president for the task force and the
work every day it gets better and we had

a fantastic call with the governor’s
today and I would say that they are as
thrilled as they can be considering that
the fact is that there has been so much

unnecessary death in this country it
could have been stopped and it could
have been stopped short but somebody a
long time ago it seems decided not to do
it that way and the whole world is

suffering because of it 184 countries at
least I found very worried I think foul
she’s gonna have a long term problem the
the reason I my understanding from just

reading a lot of stuff is that the Wuhan
lab has been getting a lot of American
money because some laws were passed
preventing our labs

or Detrick yes from developing chimeras
it from this kind of research for this
very reason that it’s it’s unnecessarily
dangerous yes and that’s these guys

that’s the da sock team and this money
well it’ll come out eventually in the
wash but but as we leave it to this last
clip I do want to debunk or I mean I’m

gonna let the spokesperson debunk a
situation that a rumor a a gossipy kind
of thing that went out there claiming
that the real conspiracy behind the co

vid was so the government could recharge
the fake birds that are the birds aren’t
real man and so we got the bird we

actually have the spokesperson for the
birds are not real operation to explain
that this isn’t true because it’s not
necessary hey guys just coming on here
real quick to address some posts we’ve

been seeing what you’re suggesting the
government is using this time period
this quarantine times replace the
batteries and bird drones while
everyone’s in their houses this virus is
really serious guys to it not the time

to be spreading misinformation on the
so as the official movement we figured
it was our responsibility to come on
here and set the record straight the
government is not changing out bird

drone batteries during
because birds are rechargeable bird is
charged on power lines drones don’t have
conventional batteries like we’re used

okay these are advanced cyber organisms
they don’t take double a’s so the entire
concept of changing batteries really
doesn’t even apply here and the
government doesn’t even need a
quarantine to do drone maintenance

they’ve been doing it right above your
nose your entire life this is our
official statement on the matter stay
healthy stay woke stay woke
sounds legit John yep sounds perfectly

good they do and they’re now reach they
can do wireless recharging with the new
5g mass that just went up while we want
look do that but that birds read you
like those wires coming up after the

show I know agenda stream dot-com again
on the basement for Nick the rat end of
show mixes from sir Dave and dimension
be matthew hertert danny loose jesse coy
nelson tom stark whether it’s a

cornucopia of mixes for the end of show
and a reminder that bitcoin happening
happens in 12 days more or less
you can already see the interesting

action taking place and a reminder to
support us go to Dvorak org slash na
coming to you from the almost no longer
locked down opportunity zone 33 here the

frontier of Austin Texas we’re getting
ready to get out go back to work get get
eaten in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon
Valley where we’re shut down for another

why Johnson right we will return with no
answer to that probably on Sunday right
here on no agenda till then



like these men down there with be cake

choking the toilet paper bag


governor approach I don’t think we had
any idea how much damage you don’t want

to do there are 50,000 Americans now or
dead because of the different competence
of courts fail but that’s that’s from
media telling them to I am telling them
sheltering in place decreases your

immune system and then I thought we also
now that you’re in place with a lower
immune system is worth trading viruses
bacteria what are you just going to
happen diseases gonna spike and then
you’ve got disease fighting almost the

hospital system with furlough doctors
and nurses this is not the combination
wanna set up very healthy society
make any sense you assume everyone has

the virus and it’s just it’s symptomatic
you want casinos opens aigis back in
is that a responsible call because the
people seem doing a great job and you

know what we’ll continue to do prejudice
dress president is asking people to
inject Lysol into the ones disinfectant

like life on all wrong this is something

you can get through the mail injecting
disinfectants like Lysol oh wow other
people in our family look for some other
flavors hand injecting disinfectant

feels like right oh wow
chocolate and then we have some other
chocolate here and rifle
since you’ve been isolating in your

house how much of your regular diet do
you think is ice-cream inclined and
injecting disinfectant like my phone as
much as possible it is I enjoy it I like

it better than anything else it seems to
agree with me I have a lot of energy
oh wow and we just got a priest stopped
by phones

but right for Easter Sunday because we
say enjoying life oh now I agree I don’t
know who I am without it Sun is out

we’re gonna do this almost starts the
mask up as I do

500 million masks coming in I’m gonna go
to them and say what happened here why
didn’t it happen and how can we fix it
we have a sleepy guy in a basement of s

not saying people wouldn’t think they’re
invincible but they have to be really
clear the game could be just a test time
look at that old world curve that is the
mountain perspective

I don’t think it’s too soon I think it’s
about right on time he’ll be rolling you
know phase at a time 33 was the number
from this morning but the day you were

not going to change some of the numbers
may change a little but these but the
conclusion will not change what tough
month was anger and frustration and lots
of things happening in this crazy

reality where Scalia has very good genes
that guy I’ll tell you Scully he’s got
this gonna be a change and we all know
what that means

thank you so much for that I mean one
does it’s done
Popo Dvorak dot org slash and a where’s

my tip