No Agenda Episode 1239: “Beaches are Open”

rubber meets the road with Joe he’s a
doer Adam curry
Jhansi Dvorak this is no agenda Silicon
Valley where they’re celebrating the die

end I’m John C Dvorak dude low energy
what’s going on it was very low energy
I’m sorry I just surprised me I mean now

you’re gonna make me even lower no well
this should have back to normal this
should help we go to a live shots now
live audio of California everybody let’s

turn on the camera here

I want a mess out there I don’t know
what the story is oh my god they
shattered the beaches in yes County
because that’s where the Republicans are

so no beaches for Republicans oh I
hadn’t even consider that was a
Republican issue yeah it’s the only real
true genuine Republican County even
though they have some Democrat in there

that’s that she did it and it became a
representative but the rest of the state
is open kind of except Northern
California beaches are kind of blocked
off because they don’t want anyone going

in there right and I guess Huntington
Beach got packed well we went out to
dinner Friday night ah yes because
Austin and Texas is pretty much open

good yeah so the the deal was this is
phase one so restaurants can have 25
percent capacity and there weren’t

really any other real clear rules
there’s certainly no mandated masks I
went to h-e-b on Friday they do want you
to wear a mask in there the little shops

are open around here so I went to the
head shop to get some rolling papers and
they actually had a sign on the door no
masks no service all right that’s fine
so but the restaurant which is it’s it’s

one of Austin’s best restaurants in my
opinion the Lonesome Dove and we went
there with have you been there because
we went there with fugu Zotoh we went

there with the horowitz’s and this is
where they have that invited this is
where they have the elk meat and
rattlesnake and that kind of stuff oh it
depends I went to a place that serves

that sort of thing but it was some years
back and I can’t remember the name of
the place and I pretty sure it wasn’t
called a Lonesome Dove you would have
remembered that’s a very nice restaurant
typical compare their regular capacity

260 so that could only have 60 people in
and here was the experience as we drove
into town still
still kind of a ghost town certainly for
you know six o’clock Friday night there

was very little traffic parking right in
front of the door on on Fifth Street
that’s unheard of yeah do you get don’t
get used to him yeah so on the sidewalk
out in front there were about ten social

distancing lines on the sidewalk we were
the only ones as and the man with masks
and gloves today come on everybody and
so you get right in front stand on the

line and he says okay here’s what we’re
gonna do I’m gonna take your temperature
so he took my temperature with and he
says your 98.22 okay said now you gotta
remember that because you got to write

that down the piece of paper inside
by the way keeper was ninety seven point
eight or something huh seems low yeah so
we got I believe the original

thermometer was a little off when this
when this ninety eight point six was
established did we talk about that not
too long ago no why we talked about I
didn’t target but they might have talked

about something else is similar doesn’t
matter so you go in and at this point we
had our masks on just out of courtesy
you not to get any stink eye and then
you sign in this little piece of paper

you write down your name you write down
your temperature which I was said ninety
eight ninety eight point two FM and then
it says you hereby declare that you have
not been tested positive and to your

knowledge have not been anywhere around
someone who was positive in the past 14
sign your name it was that your so it
wasn’t really a huge waiver of any sorts
and then they sat us down all the tables

ten feet distance from each other we
literally sat in the myth the only table
in the middle of the restaurant there
spotlights though if we were the first

ones I think everyone’s real happy l
show up yeah yeah by the time we left it
was full there’s sixty sixty capacity
for prop now probably forty to fifty but
he’s we talked to the server and she

said that
looks like they were full for that
evening but of course they’re not gonna
make any money you know it’s just
there’s just continuity and they had
Jeff snake
I had yes I had the the rattlesnake

sausage and I had the elk loin I could
not resist it was really nice to just be
out and have some dinner and drink some

wine and chat and have some snake was
Texas so really just evaluating what
I’ve seen over the past couple of days

it feels very open I know not all
businesses are back and of course gyms
aren’t open and there is one thing that
is kind of nasty
is that because phase 1 does not include

hairdressers barber shops nail salons
everybody’s got dark roots shitty
splotchy gray women’s nails look like
crap we look horrible but we’re free

here in Texas unlike what’s going on in
Chicago this is the mayor of Chicago
Lori Lightfoot Austin no I’m sorry I

wanted to you might as well cuz you’re
talking about eating the rattlesnake and
gorging on elk meat you know those other
people are thinking in other ways I want

you to play this clip this is Alex Jones
even I didn’t get this clip I’m like I’m
not gonna get this clip this sorry why
do you want to just I’m curious curious

why is this clip of any importance to
you because Alex Jones has some great
this is stupid why do you going to

condemn my clip yes playing because I
I’ve received this clip from 50 people
and like okay that’s funny there’s not

demand I will eat my man just I’m not
letting my kids done I’m just gonna be
awesome my super powers being honest
I’ve extrapolated this out and I won’t
have to for a few years a second food

the full original clip it starts with I
will beat my neighbors and then he says
eat my neighbors it’s just I think
there’s a lot fun growing babies and
cows but did you really laugh out loud

well I don’t normally laugh out loud but
I got the reason I want this clip
because they got two ISOs from it okay
let me see where is the they got Jones

eat you uh where are we oh here it is
alright I will eat your ass and the less

profane version which is under less
profane think about having to eat my
neighbor’s okay yes I thank you for

interrupting my flow to thank thank you
that’s fantastic I think I have better
for end of show and you interrupted

something really much more much more
humorous well it’s not gonna be less
humorous here is Chicago’s mayor Lori
Lightfoot we will shut you down

we will cite you and if we need you we
will arrest you and we will take you to
jail period there should be nothing
unambiguous about that don’t make us

treat you like a criminal but if you act
like a criminal and you violate the law
and you refuse to do what is necessary
to save lives in the city in the middle

of a pandemic we will take you to jail
period yes I got other ISOs but I
thought that was unbelievable

we will hunt you down this is does
anybody notice that there’s Democrats
and there’s Republicans and the

Democrats are the ones making these
sorts of comments and the Republicans
are the ones opening their states
yes Twitter noticed that because of

course it’s the Trump supporters who are
going to kill us all obviously of course
they noticed that and and and oddly
enough there’s a lot of them in New York

City but you didn’t know that huh sama
Kratz yeah no Republicans crazy
Republicans in New York City who are
endangering the lives of everybody going

on just a single Republican here city
buddy well it’s who is it then if it’s
not Republicans it can’t be Democrats
accord Aryans according to the New York
City Police Department chief of

Department cbs2 has learned that an army
of NYPD officers will fan out across the
city this weekend to make sure that
people are wearing masks and maintaining
social distance CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer

has this exclusive story
you might say it’s no more mr. nice guy
the NYPD will be out in force at parks
beaches and playgrounds this weekend to

make sure New Yorkers don’t get up close
and personal with each other that
everyone observes the social distancing
this is a dangerous situation NYPD chief
of Department Terrence Monahan telling

me that New Yorkers drawn out of their
homes by the expected sunny skies and
warm temperatures this weekend will see
a large police presence 1,000 cops all 5
boroughs to keep New Yorkers safe by

trying to stop the spread of covin 19
gatherings of people together organized
sports events people hanging together
trying to drinker or something along

those lines we will be breaking these up
we will be actively involved people who
are just walking together exercising I’m
gonna blanket with their family those
aren’t people with to the father they

don’t have a mass will give a mass will
you really arrest people if they
confront us if it becomes an innocent
yes we will if it has to be yes I hope
it never comes to that though monster

people should understand just how
dangerous viruses yeah must be there’s
Nutty Republicans no man Americans want
to get back to work that’s what’s going

on and I think we figured it out over
the weekend the CDC released their
revised death data of kovat 19 because
it was up to 65 66 thousand that was I

believe track through the influenza-like
illness Network and they came out and
revised it they separated it out it’s
not 60,000 it’s not 66,000 it’s 37,000

nas he dropped so much well that is an
excellent question that has not been
explained you can see it they’ve
released it on their website but if you

look on social media the answer is of
today yeah and that’s you just say
there’s a lag in the data oh just an

eight week lag in the data you don’t
know what you’re talking about like well
that’s okay that’s fine but could the
CDC and dr. Burks perhaps explain this

so that we’re not all sitting around
during the weekend going you guys are
full of crap because this is right this
is what yeah if that’s completely insane

so even if why does so many people out
there who moan about the lag and the
date and all the rest you don’t want to

arrest people and throw them in this in
jail for just standing outside I mean
it’s getting to the point where I can
almost I can see where some people like
Andrew Horowitz his sister apparently is

be is a trump nut oh and and there’s a
it’s getting worse this idea that this
whole thing is just ginned up to get to

ruin the economy to put us all in in in
rags so Trump gets voted out and Biden
becomes the president yeah that’s a very

simplistic look at the situation do you
think yeah to me it’s much much bigger
this is about total control of
population look at where you are look at
the situation you’re in you are

literally in your house
unconstitutionally without this being a
law and you can’t go anywhere and you’re
getting threatened by your mayors and
your and your chief of polices and

that’s that’s crazy this is a voluntary
thing it’s voluntary that Congress shall
make no law is the pre as the first the
first words of the constant of the of

the First Amendment Congress shall make
no law against freedom of speech
actually we should probably read it
verbatim assembly assemblies know it no
religion comes first no I’m just saying

it’s another one on the list an assembly
religious yet well religious another
good example or people garden eggs allow
me to go to church here we’ll read
Batum Congress shall make no law that

means you already have these rights
because Congress can’t make any laws
respecting an establishment of religion
or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

ie going out to a funeral with your with
your Kulick by the way all the Hasidic
Jews they had masks on I saw him in New
York going to church going to Temple

Ramadan your your uh your if your what
am i yes the Ramadan eating thank you
or abridging the freedom of speech which

I’ve always disliked the abridging
because this wiggle room in there or of
the press notice speech comes before the
press or the right of the people to

peaceably assemble and to petition the
government for a redress of grievances
so going to the Capitol and standing
there peacefully and saying hey we have
an issue is completely constitutionally

legal so if people think this is just
about the Democrat this is happening
worldwide people this is every country
almost everything that a few exceptions

notable we’ll get to him this is not
just the United States and the man who
really is responsible for putting us in
the situation and I’ll say it is him

because China did it first and that was
really used as the proof that we had to
do it here ie shut down regardless of
the science the faulty data the models

that exaggerated by a factor of ten or
twenty by complete lack of understanding
of who actually died from what people
are not this is not gonna fly and it’s

people don’t care they’re like okay
bullcrap I don’t know exactly what
happened but I don’t see all the things
you’re telling me and I see nurses
dancing on tick-tock but here is
Anderson Cooper with foul Chee and

Sanjay Gupta and this question about
opening up early and you’ll kind of hear
how he waffles his way through it but
this is what the elites are thinking
when you look at these two diverging

realities when one
and cases are going up debts arising and
on the other hand we’re on the eve of
the federal social distancing guidelines
inspiring at least 31 states partially
reopening in different ways what is your

message overall tonigh to people who may
be confused by these you know sort of
different realities you know Anderson
the message is to take a look at the
clearly articulated guidelines for

opening America again and if you take a
look at them even though the so-called
30-day mitigation period has ended the
first component of opening America again

is what we call a gateway which means
that you need to have to go down over a
14 day period incremental or decremental
decreases in the number of cases that

you have before you can even think about
going to phase one and then you stay a
certain time in phase one and then
there’s another checkpoint before you go
to phase two and another checkpoint

before you go to phase three yeah blah
blah blah blah foul cheap using this
clip as a nice bridge transition and
segue the to a few clips I pulled from

an outstanding interview that was
released yesterday on YouTube and it’s
with Robert Kennedy jr. it’s two hours

and the keeper and I watch almost all of
it last night and thank you so much no
agenda social dot-com producers because
I saw this I’m like this is gonna get

taken down and I really want to be able
to get clips from it tomorrow but I
won’t have time and I just said please
someone save this well it’s everywhere
in our in our universe I got mp3s I got
bitch shoot I got all kinds of versions

of it and that’s how it should work it
was done by an outfit called value
tainment have you ever heard of this
YouTube channel never

and it’s first of all if you listen to
that name value tame and who do you
think could have come up with it Ron
and the guys kind of a Ron bloom

character and he does the interview and
it’s compelling about but if that sets
you up after I remind everybody what mr.
dvorak himself said just on this show a

few days ago China and the drug
companies own the media and Thank You
Dame Jennifer putting that in an
animated No Agenda episode let’s listen
to RFK jr. Anderson Cooper is sponsored

by Pfizer Karen Burnett is sponsored by
Pfizer that NBC Nightly News is answered
by Merck and Roger Ailes told me you

know Roger Ailes I knew very well I was
fine and it was a bounder foxes I didn’t
agree with him politically but we

weren’t friends we spent a couple of
months the other attempt I was 18 years
old and Africa I had this you know
really good relationship with them and
he understood the issue and vaccine

injury from a personal experience with
vaccine injury where a kid who was close
to him was injured and so he knew it was
true and we made out make a film a

documentary about it a couple of years
before he died when he was ill at the
height of his powers and I asked him you
know can I come on I don’t want to play

it on Fox I wanted to come on Fox and
talk about it he said I can’t let you do
that he said in fact if any of my house
allowed you on their show I have to fire
them if I didn’t I would get a call from

Rupert within 10 minutes Rupert Murdoch
who owns Fox also owns one of the
biggest vaccine companies snowgirl
and has been one of the big promoters of

it but what Roger told me then he said
he said during election years during
certain parts of the air 70% of our
advertising revenue for evening news

shows is coming from Pharma and and he
said typically there’s about 22 ads on
an evening news
and 17 of those are pharmaceutical s and

that’s why you see this these aggressive
promotion some vaccines all the time
you’re you’re constantly being told it’s
flu season get your vaccine because
they’re selling the products not just

during the advertising section of the
show but they’re selling the products
during the entire show China and the
drug companies own the media this
interview and he’s so sure of himself

and he could go down and be locked up
forever for slander if one of the things
he said wasn’t true it was really and
this is a fantastic interview Oh where’s

the slander Oh at this I’m getting to it
I’m just saying also listen to what he’s
saying about that’s just the media but
we’ll get into certain individuals and

foul Chi of course is squarely in his in
his headlights oh as a very well
documented and very checkered history of

telling the truth of not telling the
truth of being of abusing his power and
in a resulting and of doing really
sinister things like hiding the leukemia

virus and is known to be and three of
our large vaccines that we know causes
cancer and he’s hidden that from the
American people he be fired then the

number one scientist NIH print her study
showed and those vaccines were
contaminated and he he also he was Julie
mikvahs who work for the agency was on

the team that identified the HIV vaccine
HIV virus and connected it to AIDS and
he kept that secret for six months oh
then he could get one of his cronies to

make the publication but that resulted
in many many people getting is because
the test was delayed by six months do
you think that slanders if he’s
basically accusing foul Chi of helping

people get AIDS
I’d say that’s kind of borderline it is
but it is borderline
okay we’ll hang in there I was delayed
by six months those things are you know

are really black spots on Tony ouchies
record and to turn our entire nation
over to Tony found you with this
unquestioned reference and the constant

you know genuflecting job I think it’s
something that is not healthy for our
country and it’s really kind of
sickening to see to watch the news
division these people are supposed to be

reporters doing the exact same thing
that they did during the Iraq war which
is that you know what reporters are not
supposed to take the word of government
officials yeah well we know that no one

will debate him on this he went into
great detail about you you you remember
the swine-flu era when we were doing the
show and there was always contaminated

yes vaccine actually had live swine flu
in them yes yeah
sorry I drowned you sorry what they were

only caught by just a fluke yeah they
would they were it wasn’t you know just
some inspector some random inspector
just caught a one-to-one batch as a
fluke which is a fluke and stopped it

who knows if how much of this I’ve
actually did go out because there’s a
way you want to do a pandemic your best
way is to have a vaccine for it that’s
loaded with the pandemic I didn’t pull

any clips of that part of the interview
but he goes into great detail about many
different cases the most important one
being in the Philippines and this was
also a foul Qi op where they had tested
a vac I think was the D D D D P DP D D D

did the area yes and they had tested it
on ferrets and the ferrets got their
antibodies everything was great then

they tested it not in a small group I
think was twenty kids
and two of those kids they had they got
they of course it had the antibodies

from the vaccine but when the actual
virus came in they got really sick a lot
of them got very sick and it just
accelerated was much worse and two of
them died and they shipped this off to
the Philippines knowing that had

happened and 600 kids died so and so
sometimes you know a lot of this testing
and well we don’t need to go into a
whole broad vaccine conversation because

we’re safe vacs are and I think Kennedy
is as well but pouchy with what he
wields enormous power and I thought the
way Kennedy puts it here it’s very puts

it into great context now G has a bias
towards vaccines and he owns the vaccine
so he literally owns vaccine nearly
profit motivation is purely property I

think it’s power and I think the same is
true the case both some actually stand
to make huge amounts of money you know
potentially billions millions dollars I
don’t believe you know it’s very hard to

look into another man’s brain and I try
not to do that but I just looking at
them I really believe that
motivation is more about power and there
is no more powerful position than being

a health official because you can
literally dictate I mean at this point
Tony’s out she has powers that no
American president has ever had he said

you know telling people on my California
you can’t go to the beach you can’t go
in the ocean
you can’t go shop your kids can’t go to
school you have to stay in your house
you you’re gonna you know the two days

ago they were giving thousand dollar
tickets to people who were swimming in
the ocean and surfing no presidents ever
before this very good point
and that’s exactly what it is he’s

wielding enormous power and I think dr.
Burks the more I think about it if you
listen to Trump he’s always like dr.
fouled she dr. dished up nets and
Deborah she’s she’s his handler that’s

what’s going on there I finally figured
it Isaac oh she’s such a such a great
mature woman I know I fell for it first
two with the scarves she’s managing him
handling him to the kennedys Democrats

lifelong Democrats what is up with the
Democrat Party who were running a lot of
these types of operations that RFK is
jr. is complaining about well he has

some thoughts and they’re ugly my party
the Democratic Party is the worst on
this issue and it’s very odd to me that

they’re mandating these vaccines that
are untested
how can you mandate any medication for
human thing how can you tell somebody
who you’re gonna force you to take a

medication that you don’t want to take
you know we signed a treaty the
Nuremberg charter after World War two
because the Nazis were doing a defense
thing back to seeing some people and all

these other medical treatments and I
love how he goes to the Nazis we said
that is a war crime we don’t do that to
people and we signed a surrogate you
know the therapies protocols a UN

Charter Human Rights
Alinsky Accords the Nuremberg charter
all of those saying them you
not given medications and something
against their will even if a life of the
nation is at stake that’s a quote

and there’s nothing that we really don’t
know John but he was really good in this
he and you know his voice affliction I

forget what it’s called some kind of
horrible condition once he was on a roll
about 20 minutes into it it almost
disappeared you can all you can hear it
you can hear it you can tell it’s really
odd it’s like it just it started to slip

away last clip from this is the Silicon
Valley big pharma connection we know
Silicon Valley wants to be your bank in
many cases they already are
particularly through scraping systems
like plaid now owned by Visa they of

course want to be your doctor as well
social media sites like Google are
intertwined and entangled financially
with the pharmaceutical industry million

dollar deal with clacks ow is working
with all the pharmaceutical companies to
harvest data to get people’s medical

data through Alexis through Siri through
your cell phones when they’re left on in
the microphone is working and through

your buying habits monitoring those
things so they’re they earn a
partnership Google actually is part of a
larger company called alphabet and there
are other subsidiaries of that company

that actually manufacture vaccines so
Google I actively sensors that when you
do when you do a Google search it added
so surge to make sure that you do not

find the things that are the most common
search subjects it will direct you
towards things that will direct you away
from anything that harms the

pharmaceutical industry it will direct
you are away from vitamins it will
direct you away from chiropractors it
will direct you away from functional
health or integrative medicine or any
kind of alternative to the aula Pathak’s

you know um pharmaceutical
No he went into great deal about the
money following the money this all of
these health agencies including the CDC

are funded mainly or at least half by
the pharmaceutical companies the patents
go to the people who work inside the CDC
it’s really an unbelievable crap show
and I guess we’ve kind of known about

this for a long time we followed the
vaccination idea and he really explains
how this is the bonanza they’ve all been
waiting for and not just the vaccine but

also the the side effects that is a lot
of kids developed from certain vaccines
they are then in the business that’s
about a 50 billion dollar business but

then they sell the inhalers and ritalin
and all the other things you need to
correct your kids after some of these
odd side effects pop up and that’s a 500
billion dollar business so it behooves

them to continue on this path of
vaccines that man I guess kind of works
and so that’s the name of this thing
what was the name of this document
interview the channel is called value

it’s in the show notes of course they
have a title that you could people to
look up yes it does I’m sorry uh
exclusive interview Robert Kennedy jr.

destroys big pharma foul Chi and
pro-vaccine movements in the show notes
in a show notes calm so let’s listen for
just a couple minutes here to Silicon

Valley this is a very long and like for
Google a long interview with the chief
product officer of YouTube Neel Mohan is
this from the same documentary no no the

interview was a two-hour interview
completely separate nothing okay and I
could have pulled a million clips but no
also I would love to interview Robert F

Kennedy jr. and get a dude named Ben
over there and Mike the man and give him
some honey and lemon because he what
Evers happened and when he’s on a roll
and it may be also a little bit of OCD

he when he is just talking and forgets
where he is it almost disappears is
really enter
so this neil mohan the chief product
officer has a lot to say about you know

what they of course are obliged to take
down this horrible misinformation
they are obviously since they are in
direct contact as you just heard with

with the pharmaceutical industry the cdc
they know exactly what’s right and what
to kick off and who doesn’t belong on
youtube the misinformation is changing
where we have to give all of our

evaluators new guidance to enact
underneath those policies so you know
when they say evaluators that’s
basically freelance kids sitting at home
all day and looking at searches and

correcting the answers to authority of
information it’s a human process and
it’s happening the tens of thousands
around the world you know four weeks ago

would we have been talking about things
like coronavirus and 5g conspiracies no
well that’s a that that that happened
and so we need to update our our
enforcement guidelines around that and

make sure that we remove those videos
from our platform because in my mind if
somebody believes that this disease is
spread through 5g that means that
they’re not gonna go and actually seek
the medical care that they need or oh

he’s also a minor not elisha he’s a mind
reader apparently he’s come in his mind
he reads the minds of others and
obviously he’s doing this based on
empirical data instead he sent through

5g that means that they’re not going to
go and actually seek the medical care
that they need or recognize that
actually is a virus and they need to
wash their hands so that’s a policy
violation we’re gonna strike that type

of content and that that’s happening
rapidly we have one of the other tools
that we established that’s come in handy
here is what we call an intelligence
desk and this is a team of professionals

who actually try to look kind of just
over the horizon you if you will in
terms of where a conspiracy might be
coming from where misinformation might
be coming from so that we can do our

best to sort of stay ahead of something
that might be emerging before it becomes
a challenge our
Oh an intelligence desk John they’ve got
experts experts who sit there and they
know exactly what could or could not be

there I don’t see how 5g conspiracy
theory is a huge problem but he’s very
cavalier about the whole thing honestly

yeah his mask is just another example of
his disdain for his actual customers
this is the power of an open platform
allows for content that is fresh timely

relevant to get up on our platform in
front of our users as quickly as
possible so that’s kind of a
foundational piece but this is also
where kind of raising up authoritative

voices and making sure that we remove
the misinformation come hand-in-hand so
let’s take your mask example you’re
right guidance on masks has changed and
this is what I mean by like the actual
underlying information is changing in a

fundamental way really rapidly to but
this is the reason why I feel really
strongly that when users are looking for
this information making sure that we’re
raising up authoritative voices is
important because the way that the

question around masks would be covered
by a credible sort of authoritative
voice channel is that there would be
context there would be explanations

behind why a particular mask decision
was made or not and so the user the
viewer of that content on our platform
can make an informed decision for him or

herself and so you know so as opposed to
you know it’s somebody espousing their
opinions about a mask you know in their
basement this is coming from an

authoritative channel a news source
medical professional and if that’s the
case we think there’s going to be some
context that’s provided around the
question of masks and even if that

guidance changes it will be reflected in
sort of how an authoritative voice or
Channel talks about it my god
leave Leave these Silicon Valley

companies I think people also be driven
away from it just being driven they
can’t find anything they want it’s
boring when you find the same answers

over and over again and these guys are
just making the Federation better
they’re making bit shoot more
interesting it’s nuts well you know they
took the David Icke channel off he you

know he got removes that’s right that’s
and I suspect that he’s gonna get
removed from Twitter to Kennedy jr. went
into a long long bit about social medias
like he can’t get on any social he’s on

Instagram but he every post
they sent through lawyers so that he
doesn’t get the platform he’s very
worried as I can’t say anything because
they’ll take me down so I can only

allude to stuff and and that’s why he’s
doing all these social media interviews
meanwhile we did have we had there’s
some treatments to talk about we don’t
have the vaccine just yet and we heard

now of course the as we discussed on
Thursday the FDA gave if that was going
to fast-track approval even though the
numbers aren’t in until the end of may
of REM disappear the orphan drug by

Gilead also known for its treatment or
the prophylactic works of Truvada the
HIV stopping drugs so they say although

they do disclaim it quite a bit and
there’s a lot of side effects and it’s
not necessarily a hundred Prince sent
safe but the see unlike the
hydroxychloroquine which was just poo

pooed shit on and pushed down everywhere
despite actual results yeah it may
actually be what it counts for the fact
that and it’s an anomaly they don’t like
to talk about in the media there’s very

few cases of kovat 19 in Africa yep were
they supposed to run done dead kill
everybody it doesn’t done anything
that’s it that’s an hydroxychloroquine
area yep and India where they actually

make make this stuff has got very small
numbers well
so they’re using it there as you as a
prophylactic fairly obvious yes I just

remembered something I didn’t get clips
of it but Kennedy jr. says there’s only
about a thousand people a year who die
from the flu we said the CDC Liz lying

they lie every single year in Anderson
Cooper and CNN they get those numbers
and they say uh-oh
60,000 people seven he thought it could
be a bad year 90,000 people go get your
flu shot and me I should have clipped

that I’ll do it for for Thursday he says
no no they it’s the same problem they
count pneumonia deaths as influenza
deaths he said of the 60 70 80 90

thousand people a year who die of
pneumonia it’s really only about a
thousand people who die from actual
influenza and then get pneumonia as the
rest is all kind all did all other kinds

of respiratory issues and therefore the
whole flu vaccine is a joke it’s just a
money-making machine that cranks over
and over and over again

Robert F Kennedy Jr’s words not mine so
some maybe some media foolery here with
Associated Press who covered the Oval

announcement of the FDA we’ve got the
CEO of Gilead we got foutch you got Deb
we got pants everybody’s on board let’s
announce it how oft on Methos and pay
attention at the very end I’m pleased to

announce that Gilead now has an e way
from the FDA for REM disappeared and you
know what that is because that’s been
the hot thing also in the papers and in

the media for the last little while an
important treatment for hospitalized
coronavirus patients and it’s something
I spoke with dr. Cohn and dr. Fauci I
spoke with Deborah as it’s really hurt

here that doctor fouled she ducked the
cup Deborah been handled and it’s
something I spoke with dr. Cohn and dr.
Fauci I spoke with Deborah about it and

really a very promising situation we’ve
been doing work with the teams at the
FDA NIH and Gilead for spearheading this
public-private partnership to make this

happen very quickly
really the thanks go to the patients and
the caregivers that participated in
these clinical trials I also want to say
I’m privileged to work with a group of
amazing scientists at Gilead that for

decades have been working on antivirals
and were poised to put REM disappear
immediately into clinical trials when we
saw the Koba 19 circulating so I’m
really proud of the colleagues backing

Gilead what what I’d like to say is that
you know on behalf of Gilead to the
president’s point we feel a tremendous
responsibility we’re humbled by this
being an important first step for

patients for hospitalized patients we
want to make sure nothing gets in the
way of these patients getting the
medicine so we made a decision to donate
about 1.5 million vials of REM this
aviral we’ll be working with the

government to determine how best to
distribute that within the United States
we’ll be working very closely to get
that to patients working with FEMA
working with other parts of the

government to make sure that we get that
to the patients in need as quickly as
possible because there are patients out
there that can benefit from this
medicine today that are hospitalized and
we don’t want any time to waste for that

and we’re also fully committed to
continue to expand the supply of this
medicine we started investing in this
back in January as soon as we became
aware of the corona virus this is a long
time to manufacture it used to be 12

months it’s now six months our
scientists have brought that down and so
as we get into the second our scientists
brought that down no man that’s called
your engineers this production is not
the new science all of a sudden back in

January as soon as we became aware of
the corona virus this is a long time to
manufacture it used to be 12 months it’s
now six months our scientists have
brought that down and so as we get into
the second half of this year we’re able

to have many more supplies available to
patients and we’re fully committed to
listen to the end mr. president with you
stray shinto make sure that patience and
you can get this important new medicine
i apologize like 30 seconds of

extraneous audio at the beginning wasn’t
supposed to be there so you heard it he
says mr. president this is great
everyone applauds and then what’s let’s
listen again mr. president with you your

administration to make sure that
patients and you can get this important
new medicine that’s fantastic
unfortunately the association associated

press is lying to you they screwed you
here is the ending as it originally
aired I was watching it live I’m fully
committed to working mr. president with

you your administration to make sure
that patients and you can get this
important new medicine and I really
appreciate it but I also noticed the
incredible job you’ve done with HIV

which you know I remember so well 15
years ago 16 years ago it was it didn’t
end there and there were certainly no
applause after the CEO spoke and

certainly not the president saying
that’s fantastic so they fo need up the
clip yeah that’s really egregious that’s
Associated Press yeah good job boys

maybe a little something extra in your
check you know you can just stop the
clip you don’t have to add a phony
ending to it yeah I think they had me I

we can do that if we all do my clips and
extras on Thursday my next clips will
have that phony ending so I have
received a number of interesting bits of
information about treatments and man

there’s some great stuff we have the low
dose lung radiotherapy fork Ovid 19
pneumonia and this was sent to me by sir
atomic rod Adams who was an expert when

it comes to radiation certainly nuclear
he is a he’s
qualified about 30 years he’s been in
the business and he says I can’t get

anyone and he knows lots of people cuz
he he’s worked with the what’s the
Nuclear Regulatory Agency here we had to
any any a nationally remember you know

those guys so he’s trying to get anybody
to pay attention to this because well
apparently we used to do this back in
the 50s low-dose wrung radiotherapy and

this is the this is from what
publication is this Elsevier are so it’s
an official of publication real medical

publication low-dose lung radiotherapy
fork Ovid nineteen ammonia the rationale
for a cost effective anti inflammatory
treatment and the the the original paper
will be in the show notes you can take a

look at it but basically with radiation
less than that of an x-ray they can zap
it and it was done back in the 50s but
once vaccines kind of came into style

guess what wasn’t so interesting zapping
is only one-time cost is not something
that you know that can kind of continue
on ongoing basis like I don’t know year
after year but also there’s people

coming out of the woodwork with oh wait
a minute
here is one where’s this PDF I have
another study of actually inserting a
tube into an intubated patient and then

right at the top of there right above
the trachea or below the trachea I guess
it would be right by there the lung
Airways they spray an equivalent of
hydrogen peroxide obviously it’s not

hydrogen peroxide and that can go into
the lungs and kill the backseat a kill
the kill the virus is these are existing
actual existing treatments that have

been published and this one has been I
think peer-reviewed that’s drink and
Lysol you know drinking bleach basically

I’m just reading it anyway breathing
while you’re probably out when that
happens and back as far as 2016 I think
we had this clip
yesterday has been conducting a study

that assesses the ability of UV light to
treat flu symptoms the UV light device
she uses is from a santa barbara
business called UV lrx so stacey is in
studio this morning with dr. Wrightson

good morning good morning thanks Tony
okay I think that the biggest question
here is how popular are you during flu
season well very popular and all of my
friends call right away as soon as they

get sick okay talk to us about this
technology that you’re testing so the
technology has been around for over 100
UV light treating flus and and viruses
and bacteria it won a Nobel Peace Prize

a hundred years ago so the technology
has been here for a long time but what
this company did is they they took the
delivery system and made it go directly
into the body instead of outside of the

body so this system has been around for
just over a year so you can you show us
a little bit about how it works with
your absolute demonstration here so so
this would be the patient arm okay and

the procedure lasts for about an hour
and it’s really simple it’s just like
getting a regular IV like if you were
gonna rehydrate so we in insert a
catheter and we take the catheter out in

order to put an adapter in which is this
here that carries the light and the
light goes right directly down in almost
directly into the vein and you can see

it right here the light is on treating
the vein so there are other things to
look at then the only life-saving
vaccine which won’t work it’s Dibble

you’ve already discussed this vaccine in
advance it’s an RNA vaccine which has
never been proven to work on anything
it’s a it’s just a crapshoot to make a
lot of money yes and if and the other

thing is what is this and it keeps
cropping up
what is the Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation is it a profit-making
organization is that the idea I thought

they were their idea was to get people
to give them money to to distribute in a
philanthropic way so that philanthropy
is not
it’s a thing you do to make money it’s
just the opposite the house is all of a

sudden you know Gates is gonna make
billions and the I mean the whole they
own one of the prison private prison
companies what is the Bill and Melinda
Gates Foundation owning stock for this

is this started with The Giving Pledge
uh when was it at 12 2012 I think Warren
Buffett came up with this concept of

philanthropy which is now I think it’s
morphed into something called donor
advised funds we there was a lot of
flack about Zuckerberg and other people
doing this where you put this big pile

of billions of dollars into a pot which
you haven’t given out yet but it’s
already basically nonprofit money and
it’s deductible you know the tax the

taxes get taken care of right then and
there and the and because it’s a donor
advised fund the person who donated it
into this holding nonprofit can then

dole it out at will but the and there’s
this one there’s a couple of men Austin
as well as usually Silicon Valley guys
who exited with a lot of money they set
one of these up and they bring in

nonprofit professionals and they have a
website with a lot of damn word salad
about all the fabulous things are going
to do but the machine runs profitably it
it’s doing investments and it’s looking

at ROI and it’s just building and
building so it’s really an accounting
trick so you got this
billions of dollars over here with the
EO taxes on you put a portion of it over

here immediately take the tax benefit on
your own schedule however you want to
and you’re pretty much having your money
work for you that’s what’s going on here
well you know this pledge has always

bothered me
do we take part in this but I admire the
people who have refused to do it to

pledge half of their well for some
philanthropic malarkey is always
bugged me but the idea of it I don’t

pledges in general and that’s why I
always thought that grover norquist
whatever the guys name was the guy who
did the tax pledge if you’re a
Republican you have to sign this pledge

you’ll never miss raise taxes him as far
as I was concerned my congressman is
supposed to be working for me he’s not
working for some guy he made a pledge to

that’s not even in my district so I find
these pledges these sorts of things to
these these to be sickening yeah and
this particular philanthropic pledge

really bugs me people want to give their
money away I want to just give their
money away why they have to make a big
fuss about they don’t have to brag about
it that mean the whole idea of it would
just the people who do give their money

away quietly I’m you have to admire them
if you ever find out about it but yeah
these other people are just well the
game’s lectures that’s nothing yeah that
they’re not virtue segments they won’t

they I think they’re in a very different
on a different frequency with each other
and they truly believe they know I don’t
think they’re sitting there stroke and

white pussies going no I don’t think so
but I’m not for a minute do I think that
anyone who makes it they make the
announcement that they’re doing the
pledge is not virtuous signaling to
their other rich buddy no of course yeah

in that regard absolutely to deserve
their other buddies for sure
but I think what Kennedy jr. said there
is correct it’s about control then they
love it the control that’s being exerted
right now is fantastic it’s wow we’ve

really lost in many cases lost control
that’s why when people are out there
with their guns sort of peacefully

surrounding a governor’s mansion or as
well there is a capital yeah and they’re
ender people in the capital where did

these these wimps that were elected
officials are in there whining about it
and got reading about it oh my god I
feel so threatened yeah but that’s
exactly the point that’s why we have

I’ve been said
anytime that’s why we have the Second
Amendment and it’s part of protecting
the first you’re not gonna kick us out
you’re not gonna send us away and they
won’t that’s why they got to have big

words and come down hard but we’re gonna
kick your ass there’s one other very
disturbing thing that’s happening in
this in this crisis and that is the

report for America project and this is a
this is a Google project where they are
putting I think it’s two or three

hundred quote-unquote journalists into
newsrooms around the country and the end
basically they come with a check they

they have a promo video let me see if I
can the old economics is a news business
simply no longer worked more sharp cuts
to the newspaper staffs the newspapers

are taking steps to trim costs amid the
corona virus outbreak so many of us are
turning to local journalism in this
important time that’s the only spoken
part in the in the piece but I’ll read

some of the words that appear on screen
right after it so you get the idea this
is and this is on the page meet the
twenty twenty twenty one Corps report
for America today announced the
selection of 225 journalists for its two

hundred and twenty reporting Corps so
now reading from the video the need for
trustworthy accurate and local
information can be a matter of life and
death I’m waiting for more words a surge

of reporters to meet this moment god
they should have done a voiceover report
for America an initiative of

groundbreaking truth oh my gasps this is
so good we’re nearly quadrupling the
size of the program anyway you get the
idea the reporting positions come at a
time when local journalism is already

reeling from years of newsroom cuts and
unforeseen challenges brought on by the
kovat 19 pandemic they also mark a major
expansion from the current core size of
fifty nine of whom more than ninety

percent are returning
so they and this is the the journal the
Google’s propaganda forces yeah but
you’re not you’re not explaining it well

go ahead I don’t have I don’t know
anything about it but I have the
questions that you could answer be ok
maybe I can now what it sounds like is
that they had they’ve isolated a bunch

of journalists and they’re gonna pay
them and they’re gonna give them to
newspapers to work for the newspaper or
whatever correct and the Google is gonna
be paying them the salary so the
newspapers don’t have to have a burden

well the CIA’s been doing this for like
decades who said there was a difference
it’s just a different cover CIA has been
using cover of all kinds of

organizations the case of the CIA guys
you get to double dip okay you’re paid
as a journalist and you’re paid by the
CIA in this case you lose half your

salary because only Google’s pay
someone’s not thinking it’s not it’s not
as good a deal okay gotcha
yes I’m in total agreement let’s see we
have a boots on the ground reports in

case you were interested about by the
weights no newspaper worth his salt if I
have if I was running a news Paris to
the editor-in-chief and they offer me
one of these blokes know taking some

guys just a stooge for Google come and
write stories well that I think the way
the outreach works now we have to step
back a little bit online websites I

think most of these local news sources
if they’re still printing it’s really
their website that’s that’s doing all
the business for them they have
successfully handed over their entire

sales structure to mainly Google all
their ads come through it and the minute
the advertising started to crumble
amidst the Cova dices they start to

close down start going out of business
so they were incredibly worried Google
can’t just make up any or it more than
they already perhaps do make up numbers

and say here’s advertising advertisers
by it the advertisers just aren’t there
so Google is the Savior you see they’re
coming in to save the media and I
predict they’ll do the same to the to
the network’s they’ll put people in the

newsrooms there to eventually when that
when they when they it becomes too
unaffordable to propagandize everybody
they’ll come in they’ll come in it
that’s not gonna happen because the

pharma companies will keep those guys
propped up in the and the Chinese
they’ll pay more well that’s a good
that’s a good point producer Jay says I
want to provide some additional details
to back up your comments on Thursday

show about grocery store employees not
getting infected with kovat 19 I think
this was your question John I am and I
am an IT project manager aka cat herder

for a grocery chain that employs roughly
30,000 employees in 20-plus states and
one of the projects I manage is our
company’s workmen’s compensation and

claim system I guess he would know
during a call this week we discussed the
fact that we’ve only seen 52 cases so
far you can do the math this is clearly
being overblown keep up the good work

cat herder of dudes named Ben J so that
gives us some real insight I think
someone who has people and most people
working in wrote that at that level
retail grocery they’re in constant

contact with the public absolutely so
they’re B they should have higher
numbers not lower numbers yes that
doesn’t make any sense
women I’m sorry I’m not understanding

what you’re saying they’re in constant
contact with the public so if this thing
is that yeah they should be much higher
of course shouldn’t be a low number like
that that doesn’t make any sense
especially unless they’re screwing with

the numbers it’s like a bunch of crooked
bookkeepers giving us all this stuff and
that’s why people are breaking out
that’s why they’re not going to stay at

home anymore there’s no clear message
the data is all over the place they
switch graphs
it’s it’s a complete crap show and
people buy with it go on go ahead I was

gonna say I have a what I have a clip
that an underreported story unlike
everything else we’ve discussed about
this is and this is a funny story I

don’t know why it’s funny it’s funny to
me I don’t know who it’s condemning it
said we were dealing with the Bernie the
probe Bernie operation called democracy

now who was really later in the show
when we talked about Joe Biden and and
Tara Reid and in different interviews
that had been done democracy now seems
to be heading it there in the front

there like leading their charge but they
did this story on the coat on covert 19
supplies and this is the and you have to

read this it says steaming but it means
steering steering supplies clip play
this and and tell me what you think in
Maryland Republican governor Larry Hogan
said Thursday the National Guard’s

protecting half-a-million coronavirus
tests imported from South Korea at an
undisclosed location to prevent the
federal government from seizing them
governor Hogan told The Washington Post

he diverted a Korean Air passenger jet
to Baltimore Washington International
Airport to evade the scrutiny of the
federal government we landed it there
with a large contingent of Maryland

National Guard and Maryland State Police
because this was an enormous ly valuable
payload it was like it was like Fort
Knox to us because we’ve been saying the
lives of thousands of our citizens at

least six states report the Federal
Emergency Management Agency FEMA has
intercepted orders for needed medical
supplies it’s like we’re in a war man so
they bring out the National Guard

yeah that’s great and they surround the
airport this was obviously diverted from
Rochdale us right so as a plane did
because the other airports nearby I mean
that Baltimore airports no further

really so they take the plane and they
do it gypsy do with it and it convinced
it to go to Baltimore by the way that’s
the exact aeronautical term yeah
so they get it to go to Baltimore they

surrounded with national guards to get
this this applies off because they’re a
friend afraid there’s a Republican by
the way they’re afraid that the feds are
gonna steal it

steal the load the whole load the whole
load man this is a story that’s a pretty
funny story I think the mainstream would
pick up and make it you know didn’t have

some fun with other things to do it’s
unbelievable so speaking of war and I’ll
just mention this an executive order and

the president has been doing some
interesting stuff and writing some
interesting orders and letters and this
came out on Friday
do you recall well read this first

foreign adversaries are increasingly
creating and exploiting vulnerabilities
in the United States bulk power system
the bulk power system provides the

electricity that supports our national
defense or vital emergency services our
critical infrastructure our economy and
our way of life blahdy blahdy blahdy
blah the executive order prohibits
certain future transactions involving

bulk power system electric equipment
where the Secretary of Energy in
coordination below will determine that
the transaction involves bulk power
systems electric equipment design

development in faction or supplied by
persons owned by controlled by or
subject to the jurisdiction or direction
of a foreign adversary do you recall
that we found out that a lot of the

infrastructure in California is crappy
Chinese stuff
I remember this yeah when we were
looking at micro grids

oh yeah the Transformers all these they
undercut the big guys like cement and
shine that’s how Chinese sales take me
so this is uh this is not reported by

anybody that Trump basically said screw
you your stuffs no longer coming in here
that’s a bet sir those are big ticket
items electrical grid equipment oh yeah

it’s always over
the high profit margins well it’s
actually not alright low profit more the
Martin Chinese because it’s best price
right but it’s also not necessarily

superior quality and that’s what we
discovered when we looked at the
microgrids and the and the fires in
Kelley cases yeah so stuff stuff is time

off with the bidding system stuff is
happening action being taken now what
else you got yes with Co vid yeah you

have a co vid NYC report oh yeah this is
an update on what’s going on in New York
I I’m interested again Democracy Now
here in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Thursday announced plans to deploy
thousands of workers to trace the
context of everyone who’s tested
positive for the coronavirus Cuomo said
he hopes to assign 30 contact tracers
for every hundred thousand New Yorkers

billionaire former presidential
candidate Michael Bloomberg will oversee
the program
Governor Cuomo also announced that
beginning May 6th New York City subway
system will be shut down between 1:00

and 5:00 a.m. each day to clean and
disinfect subway cars and stations it’s
the first time in over a century of New
York subway history that transit
officials have canceled 24-hour service

across all subway lines the shutdown
will exacerbate a crisis for thousands
of unhoused residents of New York City
who’ve used subway cars as shelters of
last resort

I’d like the unhoused that that was our
that was our suggestion wasn’t it no no
dead that came out of some California
talking points oh and we liked it I like
that’s like it much better than

experiencing homelessness yeah a break
there is one important thing that will
be next on the radar for the show and
everybody else and that will be the

tracking tracing and all the other stuff
that is going to be done to make sure
that we’re all absolutely safe
I think you should go for it od where
you want to be these days still proudly

sporting my Alcatel flip flip go flip
three phones just fine the keeper is now
considering making similar moves and
Australia is ahead of the game with the

tracking and tracing and here’s
Australia’s chief medical officer
Brendan Murphy the Prime Minister talked
about the conditions precedent that
national cabinet challenged us to make

sure we met before
they were prepared to consider any
relaxation of current measures and I was
pleased to be able to present to the
national cabinet what we call a pandemic

health intelligence plan hmm in that
plan was listed at a table of those
conditions precedent and we’re doing
pretty well the conditions I’ll just

outline them in an overview way the
first one was around surveillance and
that we have a surveillance plan and we
have sufficient surveillance mechanisms

surveillance being the tracking and
identification of of outbreaks another
one that we’ve met is what we call
community adherence to public health

measures and we’ll show you on the
presentation that we’re tracking that
people are doing what we have said they
are reducing their mobility and their
interactions as required by those

original measures I like that conditions
precedent for tracking so he knows stuff
he knows what people are doing and we

know that there’s many data sources out
there where you can get that information
pretty sure Google will give them
anything I was surprised though to hear
the Cavalier wage which he just kind of
threw out the names and what they’ve

given to Australia’s chief medical
officer next slide
this is a new measure basically this is
showing measures that people are
adhering to distancing measures so for

it this is for New South Wales showing
when we introduce those measures for
Apple has given us data on directions
for driving you can see the direction

fuck you are poor that was the one thing
I didn’t think they would ever do I was
like the one company I never expected to
give up location data is Apple and here

it is for Apple has given us data on
directions for driving you can see that
directions for driving have dropped

google has got data on time at transit
stations again that’s dropped but the
converse is the Google data on times at
residential Google Google does track

people no doesn’t but but this is
showing that but how how will people
have adhered to our measures that we’ve

put in place and you can see some little
spikes around the Easter time but
generally people are doing the right

it’s so disheartening so JC and Jesse
and the baby was his birthday oh yes it
is Theodore Bo’s brother saenko DeMayo
your day yes you see him yours young

about it I don’t know why is he on the
I better be no he was not on the list
we’ll put him on the list his three
hours I know that’s Eric so it’s

competition they come when they come
over for dinners we have these dinners
on Fridays and said and Sundays we’ll
have one on Tuesday this week but JC

will leave his phone at home yeah cuz he
does leaving your phone at home don’t
work which is fine because normally is
on the phone all the time but he says
all I says I’m working I work in the

company is involved in security and I
know what’s going on I’m not gonna be
tracked over to coming over here and did
somebody’s gonna bring up this day to
some day and throw it in my face and
basically he wants to disassociate from

you that could be what it sounds like I
don’t want someone to find out I was
over there one day buzzkills central was
absolutely right we all know it but now

it’s just going to be completely hot so
good I’m so happy
maybe this will even start to give
people some questions I’m just saying
people at least once a month let’s tape
your tape your phone to the dog and just

let the dog go flipping around with it
yeah that is a pretty good idea one more
clip on on this tracking tracing
identification was the idea of an

immunity passport doctor Ulster home
he’s the guy who was on Joe Rogan the
same week I was and and was also
propagating the incorrect models of huge

amounts of horribleness that was going
to happen so I wasn’t too impressed with
him and he was on the CIDR a podcast
which i think is the centers for what is

it Sidra addressed rats the Centers for
our immune infection infectious diseases
and something else whatever yeah it’s an

official outfit and he talked about the
immunity passport well one of the ideas
the the WH addressed in their statement
was the idea of immunity passports what

do you make of that idea is that because
that has been mentioned mentioned by
several countries of issuing people
immunity passports if they are producing
antibodies this is actually one of those

examples I was just referring to whether
there are well intended people who mean
to help provide a better way of
understanding who’s protected who’s not
who might be infected who might get

infected right creating his immunity
passports but they have no sense at all
of what they really mean or what we can
say about this level of antibody and
what it means in terms of protection so
this was far far too early in the game

to decide that we can do that I also
worry about companies I see right now
they’re talking about reopening when
they are actually wanting to test some

workers to see if their antibody
positive or not and this would be a way
that they can get reopened sooner not
true and so I think community passports
will be put on the shelf or sometime yet

to come Center for infectious disease
research and policy so probably at the
University of Minnesota as a think-tank
yeah it’s a think-tank but a good news
reminds me I so I’m reminded of a story

where I I used to carry around a card
that Gabe there was a little yellow card
you carry with your passport that was an
immunity passport it showed that he had
he’s yellow

remember that yes and the way it worked
with me was and wishes shows you how
bogus this is anyway so I was in Peru
and headed to Brazil and the and as I

was as I was at the gate checking in
from the Brazilian Air Lines or whatever
I can’t remember which carrier I was on

but they said you can’t go to Brazil so
what I got the visa no no no you you
don’t have your yellow fever certificate
right now they’re blocking everyone from
coming into the country who doesn’t have

a yellow fever shot
so I said well what can I do about that
he said well we do have a they have a
facility at the airport where you get a
yellow fever shot so I got the so I went

through this place and it was pretty it
was a nice clean clinic and they show
you the vials they show you everything
in advances so that’s new when they open
it up from the package give you a shot
and then they get a certificate so I got

the certificate I got the and I’ve got
the shot and I got the passport boom I’m
on my way I go to Brazil and the guy
stops me at the border says let’s see
your yellow fever certificate I give it

to him he says this is from like this is
like from a yesterday he says the shot
doesn’t take effect for two weeks
doesn’t count and so I said wow so he
said so I said well that’s what am I

supposed to do he says you have you had
two shot before said yeah I had it
before and all I just didn’t have a
certificate so I got another shot as a
booster and he goes oh okay and let me
write in I’ve never had a shot before I

just buffaloed my way through well done
which is where you have to travel if you
travel a lot you have to just going to
do it well we found we found the the

ultimate passport No Agenda nation’s
style Gitmo nation style go to Road ID
dot-com ro ad ID dot-com I think this is
the one that’ll that’ll look the best if

you look at are you there no no I get E
and how hard can that be well I don’t
have my browser in the front because I
was ready to do the outside the

spreadsheet gotcha gotcha gotcha I just
want you to see this would be groovy ro
ad yeah ro ad ID com
there’s a nice little URL yes and look
at him these are think this is the band

I’m talking about with little metal
plate on it you can engrave it with
anything you want and you can do a
little a logo a little Medical logo with
a snake and that should at what you
should get on it and I want someone to

design this so we can put these orders
through it should have the logo and then
on top of it kovat nineteen antibodies
the antibody
and then just some random number like a

serial number yeah now you’re
introducing the concept to the producers
of fraud yes I was total fraud obviously
so I just want to make sure we just it’s

a game John it’s not like this this is a
nice package this looks very good look
official if you have the right logos yes
thank you thank you for protecting

looking for protecting me in the show by
that yes of course I’m talking about
fraud but unlike the fraud that’s been
perpetrated upon us you mean yeah unlike

it yes it’s not the same fraud that’s a
different fraud yeah yeah this is a good
little company we just need to have the

right design someone’s got to put that
together for us before we take our break
you can switch back to the spreadsheet
we’ll get there there’s very sad news Oh

kind of happy news and sad at the same
time we actually had a death of a
celebrity due to kovin 19 a real
celebrity no no the the influencers the
inspiration for a lot of the of this

program a lot of the words we use the
actual term in the morning weenie and
the butt have returned to the show I
heard they were busted for sexual

harassment nothing like Drivetime radio
to remind me that I don’t make enough to
afford satellite radio hey you’re
listening to wqhg 97.1 and we are devin
and lawrence formerly known as weenie

and the butt that’s right Devin those
nicknames no longer fly ever since
several women came forward with
allegations of sexual misconduct against
each of us and
so we’re now on our own John you know

the funny thing is is that there’s
do they know so much at that shows right
there in the writers room that the guys

who did wienie in the but if there were
let’s just say they were existed in in
real life and they do but not as those
two guys they would have definitely by
now been busted for sexual harassment

those types of guys with that I’d like
to say in the morning to you and thank
you very much for your courage the man

who put the sea in the cove at 19
bracelet John Sudha Bora Matthew yes sir
oh I’m sorry
well in the morning you and also in the
morning the ships at sea booster

graphing yourselves in the water in the
Dames and the nights out there yes and
some of them will be trolling along in
our troll roommate count Oh
19:19 nice number hello trolls they’re
all hanging out no agenda stream calm

where they are it’s a chat scrolling by
I see it that corner of my eye it’s
fantastic sometimes we get good lines
and often it’s just irritating people
trolling which is what they do we have a

jingle for them someone on that troll
room is out of control
yep that’s perfect that was a nice clip
isn’t that good yeah he just took off

control room I didn’t someone on that
troll room is out of control I think
that may have been Fletcher’s not
hammering it’s beautiful
we do also want to thank the artist for
episode one two three eight now we call

this sake stock only if you had listened
to the show would you understand that
was a Joe Biden gaff some people were
like what’s up with sock a stock

as it may be you sure listen to the show
the art was Mike Riley you liked it
immediately it was beavis and butt-head
except Beavis has a mask and Butthead is

the angry fat Costco chick as you
described her on the pre fish it was
good there were other pieces there’s a

lot of stuff that was there was good but
you just can’t tonight and everybody
loved it and it worked really well and
Mike’s a pro and this is all original
work is fantastic the kind of work he
does I love the I love the font the

Korean Dvorak it’s just a good piece
yeah he’s a natural we have going and it
would there were some other ones that
you like you like something else and

there was a light actually that I
thought there was about six pieces that
were all usable but the you somebody’s
gonna do original straight-up original
in every way and it relates to the show

and they got the the fat Costco chick
shaking her fist Kirkland with the
Costco thing yeah we had a couple of
bracelets we had people trying to second

you know pre guess what we’re gonna talk
about yeah which is always risky very
risky also I don’t think we need to do
any more yellow stars for koban 19 the

jokes kind of been done you know yeah
there’s something else is going on – I
didn’t I had to go back and look at the
page that I was noticing it does it is

just not working I’m looking now I don’t
know if there’s maybe no anyway what is
fantastic and I’m always blown away by

is the amount of art that comes in the
artists we’re all competing in real time
while we’re doing the show live they’re
figuring out what can I throw together
some within the last ten minutes of the
show it’s really unbelievable and we

after we’re done we do we go over the
credits we put the credits in art is
next on the list so people are really
hustling and appreciate that Mike Riley
and all of the artists who upload their

work – no agenda art generator com
use it in the newsletters we use it of
course for the album artwork one of the
few if not the only show that
consistently has changing artwork every
single episode also no agenda shop comm

you can now get it on your your your Co
vid bandanas and they got cool stuff
over there the one you liked was freedom
in bloom uh and truth in bloom well I

thought they were okay well I didn’t one
was by Martin ray and the other one oh
they’re both by mountain mountain ray
yeah Mountain J I thought there were

nice pieces that that’s really what it
what no we’re good no generator calm
thank you very much Mike Riley no
stranger to the show this is part of our
value for value system which is very
vast but it just like producers sitting

up at 2:00 in the morning
ripping audio for me from Robert Kennedy
jr. we have artists who do this we have
producers do an incredible amount of

work and I don’t think any other show
could do what we do
affordably in a regular type of setting
we we we regularly play which means

we’ve produced over 50 clips a show and
we discuss things like for example I did
use the term and I feel so bad about it

a fat Costco chick yes and we discussed
the fact that if this was if we actually
worked for a corporate outlet I’d have
been fired what’s interesting is you you

claim that you feel bad about it I’m
surprised I’m surprised I don’t believe
that for a second quite honestly could
be dishonest

you said you meant it that’s okay I’m
not condemning you for it I you were you
it’s horrible when you get yelled at for
not standing on your on your social
distance star get back there it’s a

you see a lot of people shouting in
these situations it’s amusing at best
anyway let’s get to the the donations

starting with Matthew McMahon in El
Segundo California five eight nine
twenty three not quite sure what the
meaning of that is but he says this

message is from dr. disorder of disorder
designs calm that’s dr. disorder of
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donation for the No Agenda facemask
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Agenda nation just go to disorder
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like to update the nation that orders

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okay as a bonus update we put together a
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well you can put in the show notes
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is no problem a productive disorder no
agenda social feed thank you again for
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jobs karma for all the seamstresses in

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dollars and 33 cents with a complaint oh
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melody medley jingles swine-flu minute
Hillary screech karma every head starts
quote in these uncertain times that is a
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clips mm-hmm have been certain times I’d
like to hear it again you don’t but then
maybe not for this show but next show
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preface the heaping praise on the best

podcast in the universe your to
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agenda producers your critical thinking
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fever pitch
keep up the frenzied pace no rest for
the weary I’m laughing because I have a
bird outside oh what’s the bird doing

the bird it’s we’ve had these mocking
birds and it’s been for the last five
years as I’ve made some recordings on
but the Mockingbird seem to have
disappeared causes a couple of these

doves and all they do they have nuts the
most uninteresting stuff it’s just and
it sounds like they’re mocking me as I’m
reading this note anyway no rest for the

weary you’re the best sore Craig 73’s
kb1 ye yes 73 is to you I’m just trying
to think which Hillary cackle do we want
silly any of them they’re all gold mmm

well that’s easy for you easy for you to
say I can’t play the win from the little
machine here uh I got one let me try

Kharma you picked the best one thank you
thank you I knew there was a reason I

showed up this morning sir Jim Watson
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beautiful part of the world yes I’ve
been to Oh 676 I skied it I skied it was

supposedly one of the best drives
everyone says you go up from Calgary you
mean drive up there you start I think

you start in I don’t know if it’s
Edmonton or Calgary I think I started on
Calgary okay there’s a ride from Calgary
to Vancouver BC and it takes you right
through apparently the most beautiful

Rocky Mountain scenes you’ll ever see
anywhere and everybody in Canada knows
about this drive and they you know it’s
like a big deal I’ve saw that I think
the drives for hours or something if I

recall it’s a long drive yeah it was
great and then I went to the right yeah
yeah and then after I skied at Whistler
I was all for MTV back in the day I went
to the Calgary Stampede the Stampede was
correct the Calgary Stampede man if you

ever have a chance to go well worth it
that’s greetings from a tourist ghost
town there’s no Stampede going on now
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due to the rona this is my annual Cinco
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seems a bit over the top so I shall ask
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season is long over so request startup
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list and we will see you at the
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in insane times from Sir Richard no
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Oh nation you’ve got karma it’s always
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that’s a list of executive and associate
executive producers for show 12:30 and I
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our formula is this we go out we hit
people in the mouth
you know the now that the presidential

briefings are have kind of slowed down
either’s not not answering questions or
he’s doing a little bit in the oval
office and there’s really nothing to
report I mean there’s no more graphs you

know it’s just the same questions about
what we went from ventilators to mass
now it’s about testing it
oh that’s just kind of dying down I
think everyone’s weary of it so I spent
some of my Rona time relearning vim and

mutt the command line applications and
I’ve realized that I it’s so much faster
when you remove like windows and

interface and user interface if your
hands don’t leave the keyboard and
you’re not using the mouse why anyone
wants that a mouse I have no idea it’s
no evidence no and it’s really true I am

so much faster can process so much more
information particularly with the
customization I’m just going on a quick
little Linux rant and I’ve realized that
email and this and this is really the

reason why I run my own server is the
ultimate platform to build data input
applications and I’ve got stuff tricked
out man I can send an email with a key
word it adds it to a file of stuff for

the show or for a different project
producer notes and then it all wraps up
and pops it in front of me on show day
I’m so proud of myself
nerd yeah we are yeah but it’s it’s

really time well-spent I I encourage
everybody to look in to just these if
you want to do anything fast look into
these two applications so I would like

to discuss Joe Biden and Tara Reid and
the he finally came out and did an
interview came out and he took a huge
risk and went on Morning Joe yes he did

and thinking people love that they
thought Mika was actually you know she
did a standalone with him and she was
the tennis start and look on her face

and she kept asking the same questions
over and over and so when I started
clipping these things I got three clips
from this
but I could have gotten a lot more
Christian did some of us kind of amusing

but it was really he was it looked like
a good shit look serious it looked like
she was going after him she kept
pounding him about pretty much opening
up the archives at the University of

Delaware which everyone’s doing and but
then in retrospect crystal ball of all
people came on with a critique that
really put her it I think put this

interview in this place but let’s before
we do that let’s listen to me Kay and
Joe and how this went it let’s go to
part one mr. vice president thank you
for coming on the show this morning we

have what we want to ask you this
morning Joe well I will join in just a
moment for questions on how you would
handle this pandemic that campaign and
other news of the day but at the start

it’s just gonna be you and me and I want
to get right to the allegation made
against you by Tara Reid if I could just
interrupt for a second they negotiated a
good deal on that and that’s why she’s

she said it it’s just you and me and I
think that was very smart of the Biden
camp and campaign because the minute you
throw anything extra in there and you
you’ll net you could never get through

and I think Joe would have been confused
so I think that was a good set up also
was at 8 o’clock hour it wasn’t at 6:00
in the morning so it was it was friendly
set up well right to the allegation made

against you by Tara Reid so the former
Senate aide accuses you of sexual
assault and please to our viewers please
excuse the graphic nature of this but I

want to make sure that there was no
question as to what we’re talking about
she says in 1993 mr. vice president that
you pinned her against the wall and

reached under her clothing and
penetrated her with your fingers would
you please go on the record with the
American people did you sexually assault
Tara Reid No

is not true I’m saying unequivocally it
never never happened it didn’t it never
happened do you remember her do you
remember any any types of complaints

that she might have made I don’t
remember any type of complaint she may
have made it was 27 years ago and I
don’t remember nor does anyone else that

I’m aware of and the fact is that I
don’t remember I don’t remember any
complaint ever having been made have you
or your campaign have you reached out to

her no I have not reached out to hers 27
years ago there this never happened and
when she first made the claim we made it
clear that it never happened and that’s

as simple as that
couple of things one he she asked him
specifically do you remember her mm-hmm
and he does not answer that question

he just because as it over and goes on
to something else and they end up
talking points are apparently this
27-years thing he says that over and
over again through the whole thing and

you can again I only took these three
short clips because it’s more because it
gets repetitive she keeps hounding him
about the same things he keep quotes him
about what he said about this the judge
Cavanaugh hearings which is what

everyone’s comparing this to except
she’s leaving out the important part of
it which is a verifying the witnesses
that have backed her up she lives that
out completely which hold on hold on
it’s not witnesses it’s not when it’s

crossing corroboration yes at the time
period mm-hmm
which is important as opposed to this
woman who came out against Cavanaugh she
had nothing so let’s go to clip two in

the past 30 minutes or so you released a
statement on medium and among other
things you you write this there’s only
one place the complaint of this kind
could be the National Archives I am

requesting that the Secretary of State
ask the Senate ask the archives to
identify any record of the complaint she
alleges she filed

if there was any such complaint the
record will be there are you preparing
us for a complaint that might be
revealed in some way are you confident
there is nothing odd confidence there’s

nothing no one ever brought it to the
attention of may 27 years ago this is
any assertion at all no one that I’m
aware of in my campaign that I received

my my Senate office at the time is aware
of any such request and or any such
complaint and and so that I I’m not
worried about it at all if there is a

complaint that’s where it would be that
should be filed and if it’s there put it
out but I’ve never seen it no one has
that I’m aware the New York Times has
investigated this exhaustively they

didn’t find any of your former staff
members were able to corroborate the
details of this allegation she did file
a police report a few weeks ago with the
DC police but since you want to set the

record straight
why limit this only to Tara Reid why not
release any complaints that it may have
been made against you during your Senate

career I’m prepared to do that the best
of my knowledge but no complaints made
up against me in terms of my Senate
career interns my office and in they had
these been run look it’s just an open
book there’s nothing for me to hide

nothing at all you know what’s been very
interesting in this ordeal which and I
knew you would do this then I appreciate
it you’ve Joe is after all your beat
with Cavanaugh and so this is the

comparison that’s made continuously and
absolutely Christine Blasi Ford had no
one corroborating in fact actually
saying no I don’t remember any of that
so denying what she asked them to

testify to but the the term at the time
was believe all women yes and that has
changed to all women should be heard and

it sounds kind of the same way the same
thing yeah yeah yeah but no it’s not the
same it’s and and that is agreed
it’s gone from believe all women to all

women should be heard well these are all
taught this is all came out a memo and
it I mean and Biden was obviously
hounded to make sure to put the did 27

years ago thing in it as much as
possible what do you mean memo what are
you talking about
well there was like there’s a number of
pieces of paper floating around that
tell everybody to say this but everyone
must be heard I’ve heard if I just sat

around and took clips of air of all
these pundits saying all women must be
heard I mean everybody yeah it’s like I
don’t even in fact that didn’t even
emphasize it too much on the with these

clips because it’s out of control it’s
rampant yeah and in fact they didn’t go
into that part of it with this Biden
thing because I thought that I think it
may be something of a smokescreen oh

well you know joe said this day about
about Blasi for and and now he’s saying
something different about this accuser
well this is more the media that I’m
talking about you know forget what Biden

says the media is doing knows it meet
their hole it’s they I think it’s
something of a distraction to the fact
that this happened but you know what I’m
saying so they’re making a point of this
well you’ve changed your way he’s

looking at things you changed wait a
minute there was a there was a rape
basically that took place here and you
we’re not talking about that anymore
we’re talking about this change in
attitude by the Democrats that you would

believe all women to do is hang her I
gotcha so just nice and say hey you bro
here you so so I didn’t really Jen mica
just pounded him about that and I have

none of those clips because I’m not
interested and so I’ll just go to the
last one which is this little clip here
look from the very beginning I’ve said
believing women means taking the woman’s

claims seriously when she steps forward
and and then vet it look into it this
that that’s true in this case as well
women have a right to be heard I wanted

to just because now as some information
has changed I think will lead into your
into your clips and again Associated

Press who were really on a terror
certainly on Today Show
they changed the headline of their story
and the story is that Tara Reid now
apparently has said well I did file a

complaint but I only filed a complaint
about Joe Biden complimenting me on my
legs and I didn’t put the sexual-assault
into that so when that news broke

Associated Press headline Tara Reid says
the Senate report she filed against Joe
Biden didn’t refer to sexual harassment

or assault fascinating what she said
there where he says hey I really like
your legs is literally today’s
definition of sexual harassment he says

exactly so they changed it yeah they’re
chicken shit oh let me read to the
Reid : I didn’t use sexual harassment in
Biden complaint so and so they somehow

they got this quote and then they
actually put at the bottom that the
headline of this story was changed for
clarity and to incorporate a direct
quote from Reid Mike come on I mean

there’s the untrustworthy so I guess
hello Captain Obvious what am I thinking
sorry so uh of all people crystal ball
who is a on this she does you know we’ve

never thought much of her and she sounds
like a dingbat when she presents well
she went to what reason and where’d she
goes she’s actually doing pretty good I

think the hills oh she’s at the hill
she’s at the hill doing a video with
this other guy and she’s kind of a
Bernie bro and he has kind of a
libertarian Republican that’s not hard
to watch I mean it’s okay no it’s not

hard to watch and it’s a little long
yeah yak yak yak yak too much room is I
mean we act a lot the two of us but we
changed the subject a lot we bring in a

topic we brought we bring in we knee in
the butt I mean how could like hello so
and this is a long clip but I think it’s
valid it’s a valid clip to listen

totally crap this is long
there’s a long clip but this is her
explaining why and and when I saw this I
realized that I was kind of taken in by
the mica thing and I watched other

people who were taken in by its thinking
oh she did a pretty good job she went
after him but no she didn’t go after him
in the least and crystal ball caught it
right away are we allowed to stop and
comment or do we yeah please do cuz it’s

gonna be boring how does that square
with what you’re saying now and she was
very persistent on the records piece the
part that was completely absent is if
you listened to that interview you would
think that Tara has nothing backing her

up exactly she has no it all rests on
the record exactly it all hinges on that
which by the way they also don’t make
clear in the interview is just about

harassment according to Chara not about
the assault so we should be clear about
that as well but there’s no mention of
the facts you guys know the list but her
brother confirmed her friend confirmed

she said she told her mom who cared
called in to Larry King Live that tape
emerges then two additional
corroborating witnesses come forward a
neighbor that ripped that spoke with
rich McHugh he said look I know this

happened because Tara told me about it
about two years after it had occurred
and a co-worker who didn’t corroborate
the sexual assault part but confirms
that Tara talked to her about facing
harassment at her workplace in DC and

she had been reassured that that would
not reoccur in this office there was
also an intern that the New York Times
spoke with who confirmed the piece of
the story that Tara says she was

reassigned she had been managing the
intern she was suddenly reassigned after
she complained about sexual harassment
this intern says she does recall thar
being reassigned suddenly and she

doesn’t know why so that’s to me the
biggest sort of missed opportunity here
is again if your viewer who hasn’t
really tuned to this into the story
which a lot of people haven’t because

the media is really focused on it
you would not know that Tara has all
this weight of evidence on her side and
that’s why the Kavanagh standard is so
problematic for Biden and everybody else

who’s taking his side because Christine
blase bored didn’t have nearly that
amount of corroboration and most women
who come forward
have that amount of corroboration and
that’s actually what bothers me and this
is where I don’t know whether to put on

that conspiratorial hat or not which is
look this is likely the only long length
of time he will ever answer questions
about this allegation I’m reasonably
certain of that this is also frankly the

only real hearing on this that MSNBC
viewers are likely to ever get that
lightning questioning and then later
will be covered in their primetime shows

and they’ll play Kooks from it and if
you think about the totality of that a
large segment of MSNBC viewers and
Democratic voters will never hear about
rich McHugh’s corroborating reporting

yeah never hear about the Larry King
phone call remember these people exist
everybody loves to talk about this visa
vie Fox right Harry was a Google on Fox
named after this work yeah what about

the MSNBC bubble has the corroboration
been told to Biden’s face and has yet to
respond and again Trump has had to do
this for every single one of the sexual

assault allegations I mean you know it’s
kind of interesting as I’m just
listening to this I mean it’s just off
the wall and it’s it doesn’t make sense
but it’s almost as if certainly the

timing of everything someone in the
Democrat Party said who do we have a
Democrat somewhere you can do a little
mission for us yeah we got that girl
terror reach the Democrat we all know

this is not a secret it worked so well
for Trump yeah yeah it’s just the
thought exists everybody loves to talk

about this visa vie Fox right everyone
yeah what about the MSNBC bubble yeah
has the corroboration been told to
Biden’s face and has he had to respond

and again Trump has had to do this for
every single one of the sexual assault
allegations I mean at most Paolo Justice
Kavanagh had to do the very same thing
literally line by line on all these

other things how come Joe Biden does not
have to answer for that Larry King phone
call and others and why he believed dr.
Ford then and doesn’t believe Tara Reid
he says the facts then were on dr. Ford

sigh and the facts are not here well
that’s the thing if these MSNBC viewers
only believe that the facts of the
records look my friend Joe Simonson he
called the Senate a historian he said

there’s it’s almost impossible if these
things are still around and one other
and so I think they’re very smart and
absolutely to say AHA this really just

detracts all the attention away from
what actually happened or didn’t happen
but the comparison the Trump is I’m
sorry it’s way off base he was not
committed he was I agree he was not

accused of sexually harassing someone he
was not accused of raping someone he was
well not in at least not in the context
of the election there was no formal
charges no mica interviews with anyone

like that and we had stormy Daniels then
we had it grabbin by the pussy comet
very different if I may just take a
moment and say well give you my thoughts
on this or do you have more data we need
to listen to I have stuff you should

listen to okay I do want to play a byte
and I so it’s bitin ma that is maybe the
one ladies and gentlemen my officer name
they had news from Ryan what my officer
name they had these from run my office

of my office a name they had names from
run my office internet needs be run like
ruin Corey there’s a few people who get

that I want to listen to a little bit of
Linda one of the cooperating witnesses
and also Tara Reid was interviewed by
Democracy Now some time ago and she

gives her whole story it’s actually kind
of chilling to listen to her we’ve heard
some of it but this is a one of the best
presentations but let’s listen to this
clip is rich McHugh on Biden and this is

so probably has to be played to get it
out of the way just you know circle he
wrote what he’s the guy wrote the
article that busted all the stuff out

rich McHugh’s recent investigation
confirmed Tara Reid’s accounts with two
people who knew her in the 1990s and
we’re joined by one of those women linda
Lacoste’s a former neighbor of Tara Reid

whose corroborated Reid’s account and
she will be talking about that for the
first time in a
odd caste interview rich McHugh brought
out the interview with her in print and

Business Insider rich let’s begin with
you talk about this story Joe Biden as
we speak is saying it’s not true well I
think that’s not unexpected you know for

someone in his position what I’ll say is
that when I started reporting on this I
had every story like this with extreme
skepticism I never actually wanted the

report on this story it was one of the
survivors and the Weinstein you know
story that I’ve worked with Sarah and
Massey came to me and said look can you
take a look at this and I said well look

we might not like what we find but if
everybody’s ok with that I’ll go down
this road and so the more that I’ve gone
down the road reporting it the more
corroborating voices I’ve found and when

I you know which who does he work for
business insider the more corroborating
voices I’ve found and when I you know
when she saw the police report and then

when she when I found Linda you know
Linda is someone that struck me is
entirely credible she’s like look I am a
lifelong Democrat I’m voting for Biden
regardless and this happened so I I need

to in good faith to come forward and we
can say that so you know will we ever
know that it’s that there’s a hundred
percent truth that this happened or did

not happen I don’t think so
but you know this needs to be continuing
to be reported out I know this morning
the Joe Biden said he’s calling on the
National Archives to to release women

what do you say about lifelong Democrat
entirely men the one of the corroborate
all of these people are Democrats this
guy’s a Democrat this is the most
reluctant I’ve ever seen how all these

reporters are just nobody wants to do
this story but what I liked is lifelong
Democrat so entirely be entirely
credible well it was I don’t think yeah
I know what you’re saying but I think

what he meant was it’s not as though she
has a political grudge I got morning
the Joe Biden said he’s calling on the
National Archives to to release his
paper so we spoke to the National

Archives and said look there is some
question about Tara Reid filing a
complaint outside of this office outside
of the Biden office if if that if you

have that would that would would that
live there and they told us that no they
have no records from the I believe it’s
called the Fair Employment Practices

Office and so that leads us to believe
that there might be some of those papers
within the University of Delaware and
his senatorial papers which is why we’re
calling on them to open yeah separate

ways I wanted to get this done with wine
we can go and listen to Linda for a

little bit or we can jump Linda Linda’s
interesting I could just summarize what
she has to say she says she’s the Tara
was crying and she had all these because

they were discussing something that had
to do with violence and she brought the
story up you know again is that one of
those three clips you have well we
wanted to play the Linda clips are kind

of interesting because she’s really as a
hardcore Democrat and she’s kind of torn
about this whole thing because I’m
hearing it okay Linda on Democracy Now
clip one Linda this is your first time

speaking on television about that what
can you tell us what happened in the mid
1990s how did you know Tara and then
tell us what she told you and why you’re
coming forward today

well Tara was my next-door neighbor I
moved into the apartment right next to
her and we became close at that time and
we actually she told me about it when we

were having a conversation and so you
know as rich put forth in live and the
article in The Business Insider she you

know I was having a moment
he’s outside and I have just received
some papers and I was upset about them
and yeah she came over and we were

talking about about violence because I
had experienced violence myself and she
started telling me about Joe Biden and

what he had done so basically she told
me that he put his he put her up against
a wall and he put his hand up her skirt

and he put his fingers inside her and
she was very distraught and she was very
upset and she was crying you know the

the issue with this is that it’s just
gonna go round and round and round round
and unless there is an actual piece of

paper that says here’s what he did but
even even if he only was flattering and
complimentary about her legs this is a

pattern with Biden and it’s just been
everyone’s like ass just Joe or you know
old old creepy Joe or whatever and
there’s no accountability for it which

is is inconsistent of course and that
just makes the Democrats in this case
look incredibly lame and weak on the
other hand I completely understand

because I I know women who have been
assaulted different for similar very
similar to this case or the alleged case
and they didn’t stop their assault or

they didn’t mention it to anybody they
it’s very easy to put this out it’s very
shocking so you put it out of your mind
the the story can change I mean the mind

is an incredible thing it’s not abnormal
that women will not talk about this in a
in a report or in some other way like
that that they talk about it to fellow

survivors possible I’m curious if
there’s Linda said huh let’s go report
right away but also that doesn’t happen
this is 1993 we didn’t have a me too
so that’s evolved quite a bit one other

possibility is that just the harassment
alone not the penetration was shocking
enough for her young impressionable girl

the big powerful senator like this maybe
he didn’t do that but she kind of got
into a Brian Williams vibe it happens to
Democrats and before you know it she was
in the helicopter crashing under heavy

fire you know it’s like it happened to
Hillary Clinton she lied about that
stuff too which is it’s very possible
people believe this happened well that’s
over that’s an overtime thing but these

are these stories like what Linda’s
telling her is at the most within the
moment with her mom yeah it’s within a
year of the event right right so that’s
a little you know you don’t start

creating these stories like Brian well
that was years earlier and same thing
with Hillary but the next question
Hillary’s just full of shit all the time
but the obvious question is why not in
2008 when Biden was picked to be vice

president and why now that’s a very fair
question that I have not heard answered
properly that no one’s asked that needs
to be asked to sir no one’s asked that

question no one asks anything I mean
it’s the median if it was a Republican
yeah yeah yeah you’re right these guys
this is all the next man up I mean the

Democrat Party is is is the party the
Republicans would like to be this party
but the Democrats are this party which
is why a lot of people are attracted to
it the Democrat Party is next man up you
you wait in line you do your thing

you’ve become a congressman you do this
then you move up you move up then you’re
next man up you’re gonna be the senator
you’re the next man up Balki who’s on
the list for to be the president and
this until all the rest of his bogus and
your all the nominations and all the res

no the Biden was the next man up because
he decided to be it would have been a
problem if when Hillary was next man up
and so these next man up so they don’t
deal they just stuck with the guy

they’re loyal they’re very loyal this
to the people and so they’re very loyal
to bite it and so I just read I can see
a lot of what you know you’re this
complexities right aren’t gonna be there
hey let’s go to the second part of this

clip and what year witness that you had
that conversation 1994 or 1995 or early
1996 and Linda if you could tell mind

you that’s not really at the time John
that’s three years later possibly
there’s one witness the mom was at the
time the brother was at the time and the
other neighbor was at the time I get the

feeling you believe that Biden did this
yes and Linda if you could talk about
your response at the time she told you

did she tell you it was Senator Biden
who she had worked for she did she did
tell me that and you know I really
didn’t pay that much attention at the

time I didn’t really care much about
politics I didn’t I knew she worked for
him I didn’t know really who he was much
yeah I didn’t put that much importance

on it
so so can you talk about why you’ve
decided to come forward now I understand
you’re a Biden supporter is that right

yeah that’s correct
I’m a strong lifelong Democrat and I am
a biting supporter and you know she I
didn’t know about I didn’t know about

all the stuff that was going on in the
news she told me about it last month she
called me and she told me that she had

decided to come forward with a and and I
said she told me about the allegations
and I said oh yes I remember that

so then she freaked
again a little over a week ago and I
volunteered to come forward and again
you know I’ve worked so much I hadn’t

really had time to to pay as much
attention as I could have but I did
volunteer to come forward and the reason
I volunteered to come forward is just I

I feel that the truth needs to be told I
realized that we are uniquely positioned
to do some fun things with this story

for as long as it lasts which will not
be very long I guarantee you
particularly if we compare it to the
Kavanagh rape allegations here is a
democracy now a report from well it

doesn’t even seem that long ago does it
meanwhile the National Council of
Churches has called for Cavanaugh’s
nomination to be withdrawn saying he
showed extreme partisan bias during last

week’s Senate hearing into sexual
assault allegations by Christine Blasi
Ford against him the group represents
some 45 million churchgoers at a hundred
thousand US churches where they know

where they know where are they and these
are all your clips by oh yeah I don’t
know if you remember much much of them

just listen to this one I’m just Randall
Randall clip little Bagwell I mean just
a same question I asked of Anjali are
people getting are young people getting
mixed signals from our nation’s leaders

right now there is some obvious sexism
and that as we tell boys that were
telling me this was this was the

discussion that was going on around
Cavanaugh boys our leaders have horrible
examples Joe no no no you’re not gonna
do that really good with Joe it is well
I can skip the last one if you want but

it’s a we’ll only one minute let’s play
a clip three from Linden they will move
to the end of this which will be Tara
Reid actually talking and just talk
about how you measure now that she was
sexually assaulted by her boss by

Senator Joe Biden that’s her allegation
if you believe her why you support him
I’ve always supported him and I just

have to keep supporting him now and it’s
a little bit harder now after this

allegation I’m a definite anti-trump so
no kidding
so I’m having a little bit of a hard

time with it this is the position that
the United States of America is in right
we have become so polarized and
politicized that it is more acceptable

to wink wink nod nod let Joe slide on
this because ultimately he’s gonna take

out the orange man back and therefore
Morning Joe this morning and he looks

very believable too but I’m hearing this
today and I heard Tara a long time ago
telling you that this puts a lot of
Democrats in this situation that’s why

we’re not seeing this on the regular
media cuz the media itself would have is
a brain fry and so so we get it we get
it we would get to watch the interview
get to see crystal ball on an internet

TV hold on one second I just I just
wanted to say and now I I think that we
can see things pretty evenly and I was
like either way I’m not raged I’m not

running around like my and my head’s on
fire nor or head chopped off pants on
fire neither you didn’t do the same with
Trump either what we’re seeing this is
very similar to when Trump was going

through all this
the people who were always Trump they
let it slide they let all those now I
don’t it wasn’t to the same level in my
opinion as what we’re talking about here

but they let it slide it’s like yeah and
you know when he says crazy-ass shit
people like it’s just Trump man the
Democrats are doing the same with Joe
Biden and we have to recognize that both

sides will do this the Democrats are
saying well you know Joey I mean you
know he did this but get to get rid of
Trump so you know we need a Dave joke
can’t string three sentences together

yeah but it’s Joey you know he’s gonna
get rid of Trump that’s what’s happened
and I think it’s it’s an a magnitude of
order more severe an order of magnitude
more severe with Trump’s always the

Royalists on both parties and they’re
always gonna vote for their guy this
woman is too bright at the crossroads of
maybe just not voting which I think a
lot of people will do because they can’t
vote for Trump

I think a lot of not vote I think a lot
of Trump errs especially women in the in
the 2016 election we’re on the fence
when the grabbed by the pussy thing came
out this is a different majority of
white women so but this is a different

level I’m just observing what’s going on
here less talking more action with Joe
rubber meets the road with Joe he’s a

doer he’s a grower not a shower
so let’s go to Tara Reid was on
Democracy Now and this was a while ago
this is when this all first came out and

nobody picked up on it it just died in
the water and it’s only recently that’s
been everyone’s a but beside themselves
about what to do about now how long ago
was this can kovat go on longer can cove
it go on longer well how long ago was

this interview it was when she first
came out with the accusation was that
before she now caught her right away is
that before the Rona yeah okay before
the Rona it will be mentioned in here

but let’s start with Tara Reid on
democracy and I only have three clips
but just start with the intro which kind
of brings her right to the right to the
floor senatorial records at the
University of Delaware which are sealed

to the public and it
comments during the Brett Kavanaugh
Supreme Court hearings in which he said
for a woman to come forward in the
glaring lights of focus nationally
you’ve got to start off with the

presumption that at least the essence of
what she’s talking about is real unquote
Joe Biden’s denial comes this to more
people have come forward this week to
corroborate the account of Tara Reed

Business Insider reported earlier this
week that Reed’s former neighbor said
the pair discussed the assault in detail
in the mid-1990s and that Tara Reed
described then-senator Biden pushing her

up against a wall and digitally
penetrating her a former colleague who
also knew Reed in the mid-90s said she’d
spoken of being sexually harassed by her
former boss in Washington DC

Tara Reed first came forward with her
allegations in March she recounted the
incident on Democracy Now a warning her
description is graphic I really enjoyed

digital penetration oh my god so here we
go with Tara Reed on Democracy Now this
is part two and this is her there’s a
long clip but it’s a good clip I was

approached by my supervisor she handed
me a gym bag and said hurry Joe once you
wants this so get it meet you down

towards the Capitol and I went down the
stairs and I don’t remember exactly
where I was because there’s connections
between the Russell building and all of
that and the corridors but we were in a

semi-private location it wasn’t a room
it wasn’t the rest you know the Russell
office building it was I mean in the
roads his office it was reporters and I
handed him the gym bag and then he it

was one as I described fluid moment he
was talking to me and he said some

things that I don’t recall and I was up
against the wall and he and I remember
his hands underneath my bus and I think

my skirt and his fingers penetrating me
as he was kissed trying to kiss me and I
was pulling away
he pulled back and he said come on man I
heard you liked me he was angry it was

like a tight voice and he tended to
smile when he was angry and he isn’t
like the Uncle Joe like everybody talks
about now he was younger he was my dad’s

age at that time I’m very strong and she
looked insulted and angry and I remember
feeling like I had done something wrong
when he said that statement and then I

was standing there when he said he was
still near me he said pointed his finger
and said you’re nothing to me you’re
nothing and he walked away

and I don’t remember exactly where I
went after I think I went to the
restroom to clean up but I don’t
remember precisely the next memory I
have a city from the cold stairs and the

Russell building back stairs where the
big windows are and I remember just my
whole body shaking and I remember
knowing but knowing that I had made him

angry and that my career was probably
over sitting on those stairs the reality
hit me the next thing I remember was

that night I’d be talking to my mom and
she was like you need to file a police
report as a sexual assault and I didn’t
think of it as sexual assault and I
didn’t really understand and I was

trying to just get over the shock of it
because I looked up to him he was
supposed to be a champion of women and I
was so thrilled to be at that office I’m

so honored I didn’t shattered my life
and changed the trajectory of my whole
career in life and I lost my job after I
complained and I was fired

holy crap John I’m so glad you brought
this there are things said here that I
did not read anywhere I’ve not heard any
of these things you know why do you
think that is oh the good very good

details in that could this be a Hillary
up now
no she’s brazen
she is well she’s got the kind of

details about the cold against the back
of her oh no I’m not I’m not saying it
didn’t happen
he’s the timing of this etc – I know
what you’re thinking cuz ever you can

always suspect Hillary but I don’t see I
don’t think I think Hillary’s judge – I
don’t think so
you’re right she would have been dead if
Hillary were after her well I wouldn’t

think I mean Hillary’s after Biden’s job
or dinner his position so he should
become the nominee what do you mean –
Joe is all but saying it’s gonna it’s

you it should have been you G it’s you
hey Gill uh I should be I shouldn’t even
play here’s Joe for you yeah
let’s listen to the last part is this
that’s pretty shocking to listen to it

was pretty shocking very shocking and
it’s believable and it’s got all the Joe
Biden earmarks the way the guy is
probably a borderline personality guy

he’s got issues he’s creepy and here we
go we were following up on a podcast
interview done by journalist Katie
Halper many news outlets were slow to

report Tara Reid’s allegations but our
story gained renewed attention last
weekend when archival video emerged of
Reid’s mother anonymously calling in to
Larry King show on CNN in 1993 and

making a reference to what happened to
her daughter Tara hello
I’m wondering what a staffer would do
besides go to the press in Washington my

daughter has just left there after
working for a prominent senator and
could not get through with her problems
at all the only thing she could have
done was go to the press and she chose
not to do it out of respect for you or

she had a story to tell but out of
respect for the person she worked for
she didn’t tell it that true Tara Reed
has confirmed the voice of the caller
was her mother who died in 2016

Joe Biden’s campaign has denied Reed’s
sexual assault claim calling her
allegation untrue all this comes as Joe
Biden is picked
several high-profile endorsements this

week including House Speaker Nancy
Pelosi and Congress member Parrilla
jayapala co-chairs the Congressional
Progressive Caucus March 31st is when
she was on Democracy Now and I

remembered vaguely but yeah I remember
gosh uh shocked I tell you there’s
sexual harassment going on there yeah
and the funny thing is nothing bad to

bring a little sexism into this if you
see a picture of her at that age when
she was 27 or whatever this happened she
was pretty she looked like a model and
oh really

oh she was literally gorgeous okay in a
very model like the way I mean she she
wasn’t just pretty and so you end up
thinking Biden is one of these guys he’s

a douchebag and he probably just thought
she was a loose woman or I don’t know my
goodness you’re right what she’s kind of
she has that sultry kind of look yes she
looks just sexy looking to be to be a

sexist jerk but woodless just you know
that’s the thing that we can do we can
just go we can be sexist jerks but we
can discuss this is an element yes it is
it can’t be overlooked it will be

overlooked by the media because they
can’t talk about a woman’s appearance
but this woman was gorgeous and Biden
was a douche bag and so he just goes
after her and she was probably you know
somebody that really wanted to be in the

you know in the political machinery yeah
not as a whore and it didn’t work out
for her and she you know just just
looking the difference between the

pictures then and now it’s also very
possible this really messed with her
head man I believe it did yeah she says
it did geez what that’s like day and

night yeah well that’s what happens when
you work with a psycho yeah geez anyways
it’s not often that I had just dumbfound

I gotta know I can’t say anything but
I’m shocked by this
I tell you shocked good report yeah it
was it was pretty I I’m completely I

totally believed that this happened and
I believe it probably happened other
women too and some make it yes well
there I think there’s another another
person who did come forward come out of

the woodwork after a while because he’s
memory hold on there’s one brand new
came out today I don’t see what this is
also reported by I’m gonna see new women
new woman woman claims Biden sexually

harassed her when she was 14 and the
allegation the hair is that her mom
introduced her at some function to Joe

and he said how old do you and she said
14 oh my god you’re really well-endowed
for 14 which apparently left her so much
confused at the tender age of 14 what

yeah you think before we take our break
just a little bit of different news
we’re going to go to Kanda Naevia
because Kanda Naevia amidst all of the

Rona fide news that we have going on by
the way Rona
is your source for all the information
they had a mass shooting the biggest one
in Canada’s history I want to Nova

Scotia yes and I think but it wasn’t in
one spot it was spread out no the guy
was nuts he was shooting everybody and
it was driving a police cruiser and a
lot of stuff that we have absolutely no
knowledge of or what happened or what

went on China the Chinese even as I said
Chinese men the Canadian media Chinese
what’s a daily cover it at the time very
well it’s only being covered in
retrospect well we’ve had a little

change in canon a via what they’ve tried
to do here for over 200 years
they succeeded we are closing the market
from military-grade assault weapons in

Canada the Liberals following through on
a campaign promise to crack down on
assault-style weapons 1,500 different
models and variants of assault style

on the chopping block effective
immediately it is no longer permitted to
buy cell transport import or use
military-grade assault weapons the ban

covering a wide range of rifles with the
aim of making Canada safer saying the
guns were designed for the battlefield
not hunting or sport shooting and the
move comes just weeks after a gunman

killed 22 people in Nova Scotia the
worst mass shooting in Canadian history
gun proponents argued the killer did not
have a license in the first place but
the incident was enough to spur the

government into action these weapons
were designed for one purpose and one
purpose only to kill the largest number
of people in the shortest amount of time
he’s got his talking points the changes

are being made through regulation rather
than legislation they include a two-year
amnesty period as the government figures
out a buyback system for current owners
under the amnesty the newly prohibited

firearms can only be transferred or
transported within Canada for specific
reasons and owners must keep the gun
securely stored until there is more
information on the compensation program

Canada’s Public Safety Minister trying
to ease the anxiety of law-abiding gun
owners I want to assure hunters and
farmers and target shooters in this
country that nothing that we are doing
today or will do in the future is

intended to interfere with this lawful
responsible and legal activity I’m a
little disappointed in Canada it’s only
regulations is not a law I mean come on

pussies if you really mean it do it this
can get turned around this regulation
can be changed or expanded well I is
also this assault style you know these

these rifles these are rifles we’re
talking about
he said Miller he’s taking a little
differently saying me he said

military-grade yeah
it’s bull right one point and then he
said assault style and another point so
I don’t know if it’s assault style I
don’t look at that I don’t have the
thing in front of me or military-grade
but but first of all let’s make it clear

that assault style is just not just its
it’s like a sports car yeah doesn’t mean
it’s a race car you got a sports car
it’s not a race car exactly you got a

you got a saw so the gun is styled
industry cuz cuz gut cuz fashion applies
to guns like it applies to everything
else nobody who wants one of those old
cornball looking thirty-aught-six is

with a big wooden thing and then
horrible it’s a stupid looking gun would
it be do you want something that looks
like mean it looks like a man’s exactly
like your car you want a muscle car

people that don’t know anything about
weaponry cuz they don’t you know and
they used to teach in high school they’d
have gun safety classes they teach all
the stuff in high school that kids need
to know know they keep you from that

Gender Studies well do gender studies
instead of this right of gun safety no
gun safety gender studies it’s just like
India so you end up with this situation
what people don’t know what the hell

they’re talking about
yeah they don’t but it’s just he’s just
it’s just the premier yeah well if you
want to talk gender hey know they know
every single version of that they can’t

tell a military-style assault rifle from
an actual military weapon but they can
tell you how many genders there are is
that your point yeah kind of yeah since

the school so the schools have been
brain we were done because of the
schools Day Clause can imagine all the
people who could do this well yeah

that’d be fun
yeah we do a few people to thank for
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cannot leave without talking about Flynn
we’ll have a lot of Flynn clips
can I have background her stuff so maybe
if I set that up yeah why’d she do that

because these clips are mostly trey
Gowdy although I have to say he did
reveal something that would make all the
unindicted unsealed sealed and I feel
bad so before we get into the weeds but

just make it very very simple Flynn
hasn’t got a new boy Flynn the
lieutenant general that was the head of
the DIA and he got railroaded by the FBI

to get him out of the Trump
administration yeah he was going to be a
national security adviser he was
national security was about a month and
he was entrapped and this has all come
out now based upon

him hiring a new lawyer Sidney Powell
was very famous and she’s kick-ass and
there was and really just to cut to the
short of it Jim Comey sent some agents

in to coerce Michael Flynn in the White
you know in eight really it was that
were interrogating him and he wasn’t

really told that this was the type of
interview that it was and they had even
written down or someone had written down
on notes that we either gonna get him to
admit to it or resign or get him fired

and the reason for that I have my
thoughts about we’ll talk about after he
goes for some of the clips but the
smoking gun evidence that Sidney Powell
is talking about now with this note is

that the person who sent these agents
including Peter struck to help Flynn
incriminate himself for a testify
against himself plead guilty to

something he wasn’t guilty of
necessarily or at all was James Comey
and that’s witnessed in this smoking gun
clip from things by a year and a half
ago as he was bragging about it you look

at this White House now and it’s hard to
imagine two FBI agents ending up in the
same room how did that happen
I sent them something we probably
wouldn’t have done or maybe gotten away

with in a more organized investigation a
more organized administration in the
George W honest tration for interesting
flub I hadn’t even heard that a more
organized investigation than he says
administration in a more organized

investigation a more organized
administration wrote Rove in the George
W Bush administration for example or the
Obama administration and both of those
administrations that was processed and
so if the FBI wanted to send agents into

the White House itself to interview a
senior official you would work through
the White House Counsel and there’ll be
discussions and approvals and who would
be there and I thought it’s early enough

let’s just send a couple guys over so
that smug arrogance may come back to
bite him in the ass here is Sidney
Powell this is all background but it
gives you a good overview two-parter she

with the original money honey Maria
Bartiromo Sunday well a guilty plea is
supposed to be knowing and voluntary his
was neither we have evidence that we

produced earlier this week that general
Flynn’s guilty plea was coerced we found
documents that indicate that from the
Covington law firm that they had a
secret side deal with mr. van gock the

prosecutor and I’m not sure it’s mrs.
Ahmad – that was on the special counsel
operation they had threatened to indict
Michael G Flynn who had a four month old
baby the general son if he didn’t

immediately agree to plead guilty
so that is coercion that’s completely
improper and they also hid from him all
the evidence that we’ve uncovered that
shows he’s innocent that they made up

the entire thing of course he knew that
but he had no evidence of it and no way
to prove it because the FBI agents had
gone in ambush interviewed him did not
record the interview of course they

didn’t even tell him that they were
interviewing him as a subject they
schemed and connive to keep him from
knowing that he was a subject of the
interview they deliberately wanted to
avoid that because they wanted to keep

him relaxed and unguarded nothing about
this case was done right they violated
every rule every protocol and then have
long hid since the beginning of the

investigation the evidence that they
knew he was innocent the entire
prosecution was false it must be
dismissed for the government’s egregious
misconduct and his guilty plea withdrawn
the standard is supposed to be lenient

before sentencing it’s really not that
hard but it definitely should be
withdrawn so the the part of this that’s
interesting is that his original law
firm had some secret side deal with the

prosecutor apparently to get Flynn to
plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit
but there’s an interesting kicker in the
second clip so Sidney wait a second what

you’re telling me is that general
Flynn’s first lawyer before you the
Covington firm had a deal with
prosecutors to make sure that he pled
guilty now I know that Covington is also

Eric Holder as a partner at
Law Firm they did not on earth any of
these documents that that you found you
say that they they hid them specifically
intentionally isn’t that interesting the

former attorney general eric holder’s
law firm cut a deal to basically screw
this guy this is a grievous actionable I

have I have a theory about this and then
I want to hear your clips so according
to what we’ve heard and what the
president has said and has now accepted
knowledge when President Obama met with

incoming president elect Trump he said
the two things you gotta watch out for
is North Korea interesting that starts
to spark up now with some weirdness
North Korea cuz oh he’s gonna new

nuclear bombs and Michael Flynn so this
is not just the guy’s a dick and I can
say from firsthand experience in general
intelligence people hate Michael Flynn

my uncle told me personally uncle Don he
would not be caught in the same room as
Michael Flynn and this is I believe that
for a number of reasons one is he’s

military intelligence so CIA and FBI
don’t even think military have any
business doing that at all but he also
was kind I’m not saying this is what why
uncle Don doesn’t like him but he also

wasn’t going along with the ISIS trick
and here you can’t you can’t trust
Islamic terrorists to do your bidding
you can’t just give him a whole bunch of
guns and make him do stuff it’s not
necessarily going to work so he went

against rightfully so against all policy
well he don’t forget we have clips but
what if something else is going on

well what let me get this one out of the
way so just a pad your argument a little
bit Michael Flint doing the interview
the as because he was in Afghanistan
Afghanistan I’m thinking for a while and

he said there’s no way this is a waste
of money
mm-hmm remember those clips yeah and
nobody would they never came to the fore
but he was talking about this is a waste
of money and we would just get out of

there here because
this is nothing this is bullshit and I
think don’t have something to do with it
this Bureau this cuz these guys have
schemes you don’t need a guy like this

is it really that necessary for
President Obama to tell Trump watch out
for that guy because of that I don’t
think so I don’t think so
let’s take the simple case that we have

seen the Obama administration but
certainly in this election run the
Democrat Party they project they project
everything but yourself in yourself but

you cope to the health we’ve looked at
this we’ve identified at hundreds of
times they project so what if is it may
be possible that the mahler scheme was
not to get rid of Trump but to protect a

Russian spy ring inside the US
government at high level and I think
Peter struck is possibly a double agent

and Flynn knew it and he knew it and
they had to get rid of Flynn and they
really screwed the guy all the way down
into the ground something is going on it

ties back into all this it’s not just
because of you know people didn’t agree
with his policy I think this has always
been about some kind of deal with Russia
it makes nothing but since cuz we know

Russia is not actually a threat but
there was a lot of money to be made with
Russia a lot well I’m gonna stick with
the idea that something’s going on along
those lines but why does it have to be

Russia Obama administration was filled
with Muslim Brotherhood folk or could be
Chinese John the CIA guy was is a Muslim
who was converted in Saudi Arabia
there’s plenty of evidence of that he’s

never been asked directly by the media
could it be something along those things
because could be Flynn was involved with
the Muslims more than he was with the
Russians he gave one speech in Russia I
don’t see it that much of a connection
or could it even be worse than both of

these and be a Chinese China that’s what
I’m really worried about
because the Chinese have taken over the
media they’ve done a lot of good work
they’ve taken over our education

everything going on I mean there’s
anything unstoppable don’t have is this
show we will be the last ones to go but
when we go we’ll be rich yeah well then
the wall way thing is still you know

it’s obvious that this is a spy
operation and the when the Europeans are
just being hounded into buying this gear
why don’t you just give a direct phone
and make sure that they’re on the line

every time you have a phone call I mean
this makes no sense to me if the Chinese
run the media is it then yellow
journalism this is my racial this is my
this is my race of the day thanks trawl

room someone on that troll room is out
of control I’m just reading man I’m just
reading the prompter oh you’re reading
from the troll and you’re making
mistakes let’s go with okay now so trey

gowdy was on fox news being interviewed
about the flynn story and he’s got some
good stuff now I have four clips I got
zero with one and two and then at the
bottom you’ll find under the name trey

gowdy goes off on the yeah that’s a
separate clip ok so let’s play these
clips that would be done okay let’s go
at 0-0 it is can I ask you why you
decided to do 0 instead of one yes I’ll

tell you well I’ll tell you exactly why
so you can understand this I’m doing so
I’m doing clips and they come they come
at me and sometimes in backwards order I
said well I’m gonna have oh yeah yeah I

know this happened to me too I know what
you did yeah you needed to put a clip in
front you already had to label the one
in the two I got you all right slid on
Fox the Asian stripper White House to
interrogate National Security Advisor

General Michael Flynn telling him that
he didn’t need a lawyer not to worry
about that they had written on a bill
priests app who was a head of
counterintelligence at the FBI wrote
this on a piece of paper what is our
goal truth admission or to get him to

lie so we can prosecute him and get him
question mark lawyers and former agents
are coming to the defense of the bureau
including the lawyer for the Ukraine

whistleblower saying this
the FBI notes reveal consideration of
routine law-enforcement interview
tactics and by no means undercut general
Flynn’s prior admissions of lying to the

FBI stop I’m sorry I just realize it
it’s Ukraine and that’s where all that’s
yeah okay never I will continue but now
I know not Russia not China

I’ll betcha Ukraine felony and accepting
full responsibility for his actions to
which Kim stressful at The Wall Street
Journal fired back as four liberal
commentators legal scholars saying that

all of this is routine will let sure as
how hope not the FBI exists to
investigate crimes not create them that
from Kim’s trestles at the journal here
now trey gowdy Fox News contributor and

former chairman of the House the
Oversight Committee Trey welcome good to
have you here what do you think was was
the notes were the notes and was the
investigation of General Michael Flynn

at the White House routine for the FBI
and for the agents who carried it out I
hope not Martha and if it is routine
then why didn’t they apply the same
standard the Hillary Clinton that they

did it to Michael Flynn if you go back
so so Flynn’s under investigation and in
the summer of 2016 a counterintelligence
investigation the FBI found nothing they
didn’t find an insufficient amount of

evidence they found no evidence and
they’re about to close this
investigation and then he has the
conversation will kiss Leah so Colby
decides to send Bureau ages to the to
the White House why I mean that’s the

fundamental question were you
investigating a crime the Logan Act
which there’s never been a prosecution
under that act or were you conducting a
counterintelligence investigation if
it’s a criminal interview then why did

you treat him so differently from the
way you did Hillary Clinton remember
Martha she had a medium-sized law firm
in the room with her they gave the
questions to her lawyers before they
interviewed her and they most assuredly

told her there’s a consequence for lying
none of which they did for Michael flat
yeah and whenever these interviews annoy
me because I can do all the comparison
questions don’t ask me why that didn’t

happen tell me why it happened with
Flynn hopefully he does
I don’t know that he did that he implies
it’s just that we’re just after Flynn

but they don’t have that what you’re
thinking I’m gonna do something
something deeper he doesn’t have that
man it’s kind of disappointing
especially to get the last clip and play
the next one beyond Flynn they were
hoping that if they pressed him hard

enough and put him in a tough enough
position and held some of his earlier
comments against what he said there that
he would I’m sorry this may be the
answer this is why they were going after

Flynn a on the surface this is what that
this particular question and answer
answers your question okay
we’ll play it again from the beginning
beyond Flynn they were hoping that if
they pressed him hard enough and put him

in a tough enough position and held some
of his earlier comments against what he
said there that that he would flip on
President Trump that he would give up
some goods on the president do you agree
well I do for this reason there’s also a

notation in these documents released
this week to use that defense of
briefing as a pretense as a ruse so
everyone that’s all for today Finn’s a

briefing by the FBI keep that in mind
they may be interviewing you remember
Comey did the same thing with Trump he
gave this defensive briefing all the
dossier but he was really interviewing

him they still thought Donald Trump was
colluding with Russia when they went to
interview with Michael Flint so I have
every expectation they wanted to flip
Flynn on the president the problem was
no one what the campaign was colluding

with Russia that wasn’t fled it wasn’t
trumpet wasn’t Papadopoulos they were
wrong about all four of their crossfire
hurricane targets this makes no sense
why would Obama say careful of Flynn’s

stay away from him if they really wanted
to get him to flip Trump that doesn’t
why if you tell Trump no he’ll get him
and then we can yeah I mean were they
using him as an asset

unbeknown unbeknownst to Flynn I doubt
that what happened I don’t know and I’m
not convinced that that Obama told
Warren Trump about Flynn I don’t know

there was any kind of coordinated
efforts about anything like that
well this is this is the that story I
just brushed let’s go on with that

listen some more of gaudy so how come
when we heard from Robert Muller and the
investigation two years and millions and
millions of dollars was finished and we
got the report where were these notes

that we’re seeing now they were not
turned over they have to be turned over
if you’re going to trial there’s there’s
a little bit of a debate about it but I
think most people will tell you Brady
does not implicate guilty pleas so when

Michael Flint said I’m going to plead
they didn’t have to turn over the nose
but Martha this is not the Department of
let’s see if we can get away with it and
it’s not the Department of let’s see who

we can get fired it is the Department of
Justice Sally Yates who is hardly a
Republican was infuriated when she found
out what Comey had done so that’s the

Department of Justice we don’t care if
you’re an R or D we don’t care whether
we like your and we don’t we’re going to
treat you the same Muller smokes did not
turn over these documents because they

didn’t think they had to given the
importance of the job the president
thought there were better people for it
and that Flynn wasn’t up for the job a
former senior Obama administration
official told CNN so there is a NN oh

yeah no of course
hello I’m just telling you that even the
New York Times is reporting it so
anything could be alive could be along

as a lie hmm interesting
I definitely don’t trust those two
sources either no of course not so now
let’s listen to this this is the trey

gowdy goes off on the FBI and this to me
there’s a little tidbit in here that I
think we will both be amused by in
retrospect I think the Attorney General

and and US Attorney Durham are both very
interested in how this whole sordid
affair began so the four targets let’s
just go with Flynn all right you’re
gonna put a general under

counterintelligence investigation by the
world’s premier law enforcement agency
why what is the factual predicate where
you think you have the power to
him under counterintelligence

investigation for being an agent of
Russia what was it I mean did Irina
check off Nabu did he watch Doctor
Zhivago why did you put Michael Flynn
under counterintelligence investigation

I think that’s what Durham and bar are
getting out of this
none of these investigations were
sufficiently factually predicated and if
that’s true then you’re gonna see a
clamping down on the power that we’ve

given the FBI and it’s about damn time
ge glossy prosecutions no ma’am nobody’s
talking to a federal prosecutor on the
way over here but we have got to to not
only associate accountability with

prosecutions I don’t think I think being
a terrible FBI agent and treating people
unfairly maybe it ought to be a crime
but I don’t think it is a crime what the

takeaway is the next time the FBI says
hey we’d like to talk tell them no say
when you clean up your eye when you quit
trying to get people fired and see what
you can get away with we’ll start

treating you like a dispassionate
law-enforcement agency but until then no
thanks we’re done talking with you
okay two things one so much for the
sealed indictments nobody’s going to

jail no no I think his argument is
correct I’ve worked for the government
and yeah you can be a kind of a lousy
agent and doing anything and your
doesn’t mean you’re liable and that the

other thing is that just don’t talk to
the FBI meme we first brought that into
play probably six seven years ago this
is what Thomas Drake the NSA

whistleblower right says at the
beginning of his speeches I was trying
to find this clip of him saying it but
he says them he says the most important
thing he learned he was harassed I have

it here for I think I have your clip
hold on Thomas Drake FBI comments
probably let’s take us a quick listen
after your experience would you advise

someone else in your position to blow
the whistle on government wrongdoing yes
but make sure you understand what you’re
getting yourself into

do not speak to the FBI and make sure
you have a lawyer right from the start
if my case is any example they’ll do
everything they can to take anything you
say and anything they find and use it to

justify charges that in my case were
actually framed see I told the truth to
the FBI agents they didn’t believe me in
fact four of the 10 felony counts were

for making false statements one of them
was for obstructing justice you know why
because a chief prosecutor said that
unless I cooperate with the

investigation they’re going to pursue
so the answer is yes we need actually
need more having spoken to Daniel
Ellsberg he actually thought in the
early 70s with all the publicity that

surround the Pentagon Papers that more
people would actually step forward and
other than some close colleague no
associates guess what hardly anybody

step forward regarding the travesty of
Vietnam February 2018 we played that
clip there not that long ago but that’s
what he makes it he makes that point
there’s another clip of him where he’s

actually giving a speech where he says
don’t talk to the FBI well the idea of
not talking to the FBI
you know includes when in Flynn says
that these guys are he thought they were
coming over to but you know just a pal

yeah just chat get a little deets yeah
and so he was naive and you know maybe
should have the people yeah
naive that guy doesn’t seem like someone
who’s naive in general but yeah I guess

possible awesome no he doesn’t know he
was tricked yes
that’s what it sounds like to me well I
do have the end a show clip if you want
to well before we do that I just want to

check because we we have a bit of an
issue now with our end of show I so I
really don’t like Alex Jones
end of show I so not this one at least
no no you got bad two ones

well not really here’s here’s one I’d
this is the full clip in context now and
then I’ll give you the end or show I so
possibility chance for us to share
things like producing child to death and

mmm maybe it won’t work did you hear
what he said those – no I said mumbles
listen to this producing child to death
no producing child to dad he meant to

say reducing childhood death but he says
polio he said producer but that’s a
blunder yeah this is producing childhood
death producing child that’s a clip but
it’s not I don’t think it’s in the show

okay we have the classic because the
beaches are back open let’s go with that
and I will finish with this clip this is

a this is a okay this is the mist I
think it’s good yeah the mist classic
biting clip this is a clip they probably
took place a couple of men a few weeks

back and we never picked it up and we
never used it and I think it’s a great
clip of a bullet of a gaff are you at
all concerned as Trump said that we
cannot let the Cure be worse than the

problem itself we have to take care of
the cure that will make the problem
worse no matter what I thought we played
that one I don’t remember yeah I’m

pretty sure we did it was too good if we
missed that one then we don’t deserve to
be podcasters that’s what I’m telling
you well that’ll be the day
and why the hell do those mini bell
peppers live inside the bell pepper

itself these are questions we did not
answer today oh yeah one growing inside
us it’s gotta be some genetically
okay you say so when the seeds sprouted

inside decided was in the dark and it
produces a little bit member okay I’ll
take that everybody thank you very much
this is your deconstruction for today No

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it’s just gonna be early and I want to
get right to the allegation made do you
remember her

would you please go on the record with
the American people did you sexually
assault our weak
I’m saying unequivocally it never never

why limit this only to Tara Reid why not
release any complaints that it may have
been made against you during your son

career I’m prepared to do that the best
of my knowledge has been no complaints
made of against me as soon as my sin
occurred it turns my office and they had
these been run look gives us an open
book there’s nothing for me to hide

and all know what the phrase rule of
thumb be no man has a right to chastise
as women of Mirage thicker than the
circumference of his stuff

for complete transparency why not push
for the release of any document with
Tara Reid’s name on them whether it’s at
the University of Delaware or the

National Archives first of all let’s get
the straight there there there are no
personnel documents but you can’t do
you wouldn’t for example if you worked
with mayor I work for you and you had my

my income tax returns you had my or
whatever serve their private documents
they’re not further they don’t they
don’t get put out in the public they’re
not part of the public record that in

fact is that any senator or vice
president or president has in their
today I am proud to endorse Joe Biden

are you home as well
or seeing the soul of America now slow I
want to tell you about the Joe Biden
I’ve seen working behind the scenes

hammering out solutions for the American
Joe has been a voice of reason and
resilience Joe Biden has been with us in
every step of the way and to destroy

every last benefit and protection for
the American people he knows how to get
the job done there’s a woman talking in
my ear about something that has nothing
to do with what we’re doing here and

weekend governance what’s the big deal
put people in cages and it’s logical and
it’s rational where is it helping create
and save millions of jobs wherever we

will deliver bold progress for the
American people crazy
gonna sound coming in my ears pretty
stupid hammering because he never
forgets his rules windmills caused

cancer the cancer moonshot Jim Fox we
need a forward-looking battle-tested
leader I was ready to prostitute myself
who will fight for the people welcome

Hillary it’s great to have you
mofo Borak dot org slash and a yes the

beaches are back up and what are you