No Agenda Episode 1240: “Meat Must Flow”

those boys are just gonna get in the
trouble the way they think Adam Curry
John C. Dvorak this is no agenda and
from northern Silicon Valley where I

have the exact right amount of clips I
can explain why later I’m John C Devorah
well I know the feeling when you wake up

and everything’s there and you’re like
oh my god have the exact right amount of
claps yeah the last show and now we
don’t play everything but we came to the

party with almost 70 clips yeah we came
with too many that’s quite a lot of
quite a lot of clips yes do you want to
expand on why it’s just the right amount
of will that come later yeah what I’ve

did my newest process is I take the
clips and I print them on a sheet on the
left hand side landscape style
oh okay and so that leaves a bunch of
room on the page usually have to have

two sheet for taking notes writing down
potential titles things like this stuff
yeah yeah and when I folded the paper in
half it usually has the clips or there’s

a lot of little white space over there
there was a it’s perfect it’s like when
you fold it in half to create a you know
landscape Felipe’s piece of paper fold

in half the the length of everything is
just perfect it fit on the sheet
perfectly well so this is the exact
right amount of clips that is an
interesting observation I have something

very similar I have a window open and
it’s the clip bin and I tossed like so I
have your clips in the morning that’s in
a folder it’s closed but then when that

when that bin is filled to the bottom
before it starts to scroll that’s my
sign that I have the ideal amount of
there you go this is everybody out there
is fascinating

inside the podcasters studio everybody
without of Korean Jon sliver egg so
we’re almost well we’re on our road to
recovery here tomorrow make Texas in
Texas yes tomorrow May 8th barbershops

and hair salons may commence Louis about
time well this through everybody fairly
everybody needs a haircut oh do I ever
oh man I look scraggly Tina’s

complaining about her about her roots
well that’s what women do but I
understand so I immediately texted my my
hair gal she’s like well because this

was Friday yeah Friday so we’ve been
totally blindsided by this we don’t know
what to do we’re not ready they were I
think that the the hair industry was
kind of kicked back like the month

whatever I’m flying goodbye haircut so I
guess we should immediately talk about
the haircut of the Chicago mayor which

she did despite actually telling
everybody that you shouldn’t go to the
hair salon he or she is the whole

thing’s kind of explained in this clip
you hadn’t heard it yet Mayer Lightfoot
facing criticism tonight after getting
her hair done a photo surfaced of the
mayor with a hairdresser but she

appeared to ignore social distancing
efforts standing right next to them for
the picture when asked about that photo
today this is what the mayor had to say
I’m the public face of this city I’m on
national media and I’m out in the public

eye and you know I map I’m I’m a person
who I take my personal hygiene very
seriously as I said I felt like I needed
to have a haircut I’m not able to do

that myself and so I got a haircut
I’m going to talk more about that part
of the criticism came from the fact that
the mayor had called on people not to go

out and get their hair done in one of
her stay home save lives PSA so that
pissed people off and I kind of liked
how she takes her personal hygiene very

seriously it’s important to her is it
personal hygiene really involved with
washing your hair as opposed to getting
a cut well maybe it was more than that
for her did you use the word hygiene
personal appearance different yes what’s

great though and all of this is in the
show notes the videos in there as well
and it’s in a show notes calm what’s
great to watch is when she’s saying that

this the the woman who was signing next
to her is making these horrible faces
you know how they they really do a lot
of the expression when they’re signing
and and they and they mimic some of the

words and and she actually was looking
at the mayor going like grimacing her
face like I’m a portent it’s something
that has to be seen it’s very very funny

once you take your attention off
Lightfoot herself so in Texas Governor
Abbott said okay me these the the broad
announcements May 8th hair salons

barbershops I think nail salons as well
on the 18th
Jim’s other types of athletic places and
I think on the 18th and restaurants can
go to 50% so that’s moving along but oh

no we can’t have that with our mayor
adlet here in Austin no no oh no this is
yeah you know it’s a way too early of
course how could we go back to the

Abbott and Abbott specifically said you
this supersedes everything but everybody
here in Austin wants to have masks on
outside it’s 99 degrees I’m barely

surviving let alone some coronavirus in
the air it’s not happening so Adler well
since you can’t find you he’ll guilt you

into wearing a mask clear this up for me
are we still required to wear the masks
in Austin or did the governor’s order
supersede that well
Gunnar’s order said that we weren’t
allowed to have a penalty of a civil or

criminal penalty associated with not
wearing masks but yet he recommended me
whereas the lieutenant governor
recommended we wear masks every public
health official that I talked to says

people should wear masks
so in Austin in the city I’m going to
keep it mandatory now the penalty for
not wearing a mask is that more people
are going to be infected and some people

are going to die so the penalty is
justice now I’m hoping that people will
take this particular penalty very
seriously we should all still be wearing
masks yeah you got me into two clips I

got a play I wasn’t meaning a blame
right away about a play okay both about
masks uh-huh let’s start with Trump in

Arizona no mask democracy now big deal
it’s a reopening of our country who
would have ever thought we were going to
be saying that a reopening reopening
president Trump made the remarks during

a trip to Arizona where he toured a
Honeywell aerospace plant that’s now
producing a 95 facemasks Trump wore
safety glasses but no masks during the

ignoring a sign in the factory ordering
everyone inside to wear facial covering
as a Honeywell executive showed
president Trump n95 masks loud speakers
blared a cover of the song Live and Let
Die by the band Guns and Roses

Wow they stoop to this level this is
this is like face bag level reporting oh
my god

Trump also wore no mask during a
roundtable discussion Tuesday with

Native American leaders at the meeting
Trump promised to send a half billion
dollars to the Navajo Nation which has
been devastated by kovat 19 more than a
month after Trump signed the Kara’s Act

into law tribes still haven’t received
some eight billion dollars and promised
relief funds okay so that where that
leads me to this wait can I just make a
quick observation about this sure that

is Trump’s tape that’s the one he plays
at the rallies that’s the one with tiny
dancer that’s the one with an in fact
right after he was done at the plant
they played that can’t always get what

you want and it’s not Guns and Roses
it’s wings
shut up Amy Amy Amy
we got Amy there so this came up and
this just caught my attention and

brought me back to the clip we just
played this is Kaley new secretary yes
this is good
she’s great by the way she is now she’s
real mean she’s a mean girl I had no I

had my doubts about Kaley mackaninee I’m
like she’s gonna get eaten alive she
comes out with just tons of makeup and
hair also I mean really hammered on

thick because she’s changes her entire
appearance it really does she looks
entirely different and then yeah I
thought this was a great mic drop me one
this is the one on masks oh oh oh the

master one I haven’t heard the mask one
okay what do we got play this is Kayla
and the politics of mass now she doesn’t
really answer this question but it
brought up an interesting point which
relates to the fact that Austin’s all

bent out of shape
Amy’s all bent out of shape and the
question is we do have to discuss this
but you’ve I’m sure you’ve seen the
number of holes there’s a huge
difference between Democrats and
Republicans over whether or not they

think it’s necessary to wear masks no
sense as to why that would be that’s the
choice to the American public choice to
the individual as to whether to wear a
mask or not but again I’d praise the

extraordinary work of this
administration and distributing those
masks and ensuring health care providers
son get them okay so she doesn’t answer
the question but now this guy did bring
up the point and this point is reflected

in all the clips you’re gonna get the
Democrats all we gotta wear a mask we
gotta wear our masks were told to wear a
mask we have to wear a mask we’re gonna
kill each other they’re all gonna die if
we don’t wear a mask yeah the

Republicans are hey I wear a mask ‘its
are somebody around and they don’t worry
I have to wear a mess I wear a mask if I
have to wear a mask I’m not gonna wear a
mask if I don’t have to wear a mask I’m
not gonna wear a mask when I’m walking
down the street and it’s a political

thing so this whole thing’s become
politicized and the mask is D is the
kind of this symbol well it was it was
ventilators before that now it’s gone
now it’s gone to the next level

and I think I know why but I’m
interested to hear your further thoughts
I don’t really have any serious thoughts
i but I do know that I have a basic
thought mm-hmm I think the Democrats are
the Liberals in Canada would be a good

example they’re more compliant they
fought they’re more route they’re
rule-followers they can’t think for
themselves oftentimes I think I mean I
hate to say it but that just seems to be

the case and they and their virtue
signaling and the virtual signal is a
big part of it all we’ve got a mask on
look at me I got a mask on it’s it’s the
blotter and people so you don’t have a

mask on you should have a mask on they
like the lecture people yes it’s all
it’s all so go ahead well I don’t have
anything deeper than that’s kind of a
shallow I know it’s very obvious besides

the virtue signal which in fact shows
other people that you have the same
irrational thinking at this moment if
it’s outside now if someone has a
business and they want me to wear a mask

in their business fine I really don’t
care if I want to get something if not
if I don’t want to do business with them
I won’t but outside no you’re not gonna
shame me in and into any of this but the
reason for it is also

the symbolism of a muzzle shut up slave
it’s a muslin er yes I like it and
that’s why people who are mad about the

whole thing really refused to wear it I
think subconsciously we’re like no I’m
not going to be muzzled by this that’s a
good I like this a lot thank you now I
will say that Mimi has a mess that she

had made I think J made it for which
goes over the nose and mouth and this is
a break limits when the cloth vest was
painted and I recommend people try this
I mean we do have some matching just buy

from the Zoe she’s sniffing she’s
sniffing the paint is she breathing that
rue this name is not just paint it it’s
got a big red nose and a stupid-looking

clown smiling too big giant teeth
hanging out of it mmm so just it’s the
stupidest looking thing you’ve ever I
have to take a picture put it in the
newsletter I’ll wear it it’s it’s she
won’t wear she’s embarrassed by it but

I’d wear it and it’s very funny and it’s
like makes it it really was just
ridicules the whole system since
graduation but just from you know I
okay I’m biased now because I think of

it as it’s a really as a muzzle as a I
mean there’s so much that goes along
with the mask yeah but I when people
come in an opposite direction for me but
also in Texas I smile you know now all

you got to work with is your eyes and I
got a really bad eye today so people
would always see was a mask in this
pussy right eye and they’d be freaked
out but you can have some blood painted

on your chin like on your neck like it’s
dripping I saw a commercial yesterday
from dull no sense to clip it because
it’s only text on the screen

masks are worn by superheroes and they
show of course first responders and
nurses and doctors there is there’s
another part to it perhaps and it’s it’s

purely about the response
an NBC of all of all they published a
poll of which country scores best with

their citizens as it pertains to their
response to the corona virus outbreak
and if you look at the list and remember

NBC who do you think is the number one
country with coronavirus response
ranking according to well this global
law survey NBC mate would probably pick
China yup 86 Vietnam was 77 then we get

UAE India Malaysia New Zealand Taiwan
Philippines Indonesia Singapore South
America Australia Germany then we get
the United States where Sweden under

this Sweden is of course not on the list
but that no well that’s interesting
isn’t it that brings up something else
and I do it oh do you want to get back

to to the opening up stuff remember
Apple released their data of how many
times people requested directions on the
Apple Maps app which a lot of people

emailed me saying hey man just because
they’re you’re publishing that doesn’t
mean that tracking is not your personal
information it doesn’t matter the
promise was you share nothing you’re
sharing something you’re sharing me

touching my screen I don’t like that but
anyway they publish this data so I go
and look and you can see it’s really
about mobility so that guests they say
if you ask for directions you were going

to travel they claimed they didn’t track
that part in these numbers and you see
everybody has an L it’s the famous L
drops down goes boo boo doubloon and
idea it starts to tail up a little bit

and you can drill down by cunt like in
the United States you can drill down by
state go to Sweden there’s an L it’s not
true that they didn’t do anything they
definitely had a significant – fifty

percent in transit activity they weren’t
locked up at home though that’s what
makes it different and people did it and
I know a lot of companies did that so

you know I’m we’re not out of the woods
this was a good idea or not particularly
now that New York has seen 60% of all
transmissions occurred where in the home

people at home giving each other
coronavirus so it might not have been
such a good idea anyway there’s a reason
why and it’s gone full-on political so

I’m not too worried about coronavirus
anymore I mean yes people will still die
there will be putt we’re doing a lot of
testing so you see lots of positives we
have no idea if people are being marked
up is truly dead from kovat 19 or not

doesn’t matter it’s B everything’s
politicized now so there’s clearly no
one else in Washington certainly is
worried about it but we have all this
this these things coming out now all of

a sudden we have a report that was MIT
that wasn’t a report it was a draft
created inside the habit here
it was the Harvard Public Health Harvard

Bloomberg public school no I’m saying it
wrong John Hopkins Hopkins Bloomberg
School of Public Health the same guys

who did event 201 somehow some internal
document from one guy who’s himself says
in the Washington Post he has no idea

how that draft model which was not by
any means done or ready for publication
or even the model wasn’t completed how
that got leaked to the Washington Post

he doesn’t understand this the mutant
strain memo no no this is this is the
model that Johns Hopkins Bloomberg to
the Washington Post that says the true

deaths will be 200,000 in the United
States by the end of June so everyone
started freaking out and it was all
that’s all it was Monday and all that
everyone’s going nuts they’re like oh we

can’t open up and stop protesting and
Jake Tapper does I mean leading the
has Michigan Governor Whitmer who of
course had huge protests she’s very

unpopular she’s been doing all kind of
crazy things telling people they can’t
buy certain things and stores has to be
roped off but just it’s nuts
so Jake Tapper wants her to describe the
citizens who came to protest outside of

I guess the state the state capitol
ordered her man the governor’s mansion
but listen to how he frames the question
is disgusting these protests came after
President Trump tweeted liberate

Michigan he tweeted quote the governor
of Michigan should give a little put out
the fire he said that these are very
good people about the protesters that
were featured in the video to which the

executive director of the Jewish
Democratic Council of America Haley so
far who’s from Lansing Michigan she
compared those comments to president
Trump referring to those marching
alongside neo-nazis in Charlottesville

as very fine people is that how you see
these protesters in that vein and that
extreme can you believe that question
that guy is the debt is the douchiest

question you could possibly ask and
here’s her answer and he knows that the
debt very fine people thing relating it
to Charlotte is just pathetic
that’s exactly what he was going for

phil has very fine people don’t tell me
is that isn’t that come on come on
Whitmer is that how you see these people
don’t you think in that extreme well

some of the outrageousness of what
happened at our Capitol this week you
know depicted some of the worst racism
and awful parts of our history in this

country sure the Confederate flags and
nooses the swastikas the you know
behavior that you’ve seen in all of the
clips is not representative of who we

are no I didn’t see any nooses and
swastikas please show me evidence of
this horrible it’s just horrible there’s
any swastikas it would have been a

reference to her exactly no serious yes
but this is exactly what the Nazis did
they locked everybody up took away their
livelihood bankrupted the small the
small businesses now maybe they’re just

using a couple of tactics but yeah so
anyway back to that to the bogut of
report it was so bad that secretary of
human health and services a czar had to

come on fox and friends go into the
friendly trenches to disclaim it which i
think he did a really poor job of yeah
mr. secretary the other question

obviously this morning and many
Americans are waking up and wondering
about is are these various news reports
suggesting there’s at least a draft
report from CDC FEMA officials and
others predicting that you and others in
the White House the administration have

to prepare for the possibility of up to
two hundred thousand deaths of Americans
by June 1st that there’s going to be
3,000 deaths a day it’s going to be
rising is that true have you seen such a

report and if it’s not true what are you
preparing for sir so I’ve not seen that
report I’ve heard about it obviously
this is there are hundreds of models
that are it was in The Washington Post I

find that to be an insufficient answer I
haven’t seen it yet dude it was the
front page of The Washington Post
bad answer so I think it was
refrigerated hasn’t seen that literally

have the reported as hands I know but it
just like it comes across as weak you
know it didn’t didn’t bother you that
the way minute I didn’t hear anything
negative about that don’t let him finish

so I’ve not seen that report I’ve heard
about it obviously this is there are
hundreds of models that are drafted up
to look at various contingencies out in
the private public health world as well

as within our agencies this apparently
is a draft modeling report of various
contingencies prepared by Johns Hopkins
this was not reviewed by the White House
or senior leadership or the Task Force

the president’s recommendations on
reopening the American economy are based
on the soundest scientific evidence and
modeling and forecasting not draft
initial projections that just are

floating out there see what the problem
I have with this is that
I don’t understand how any citizen this
is probably the same around the world
with these experts and and the and the
leaders of these different departments

it’s very difficult for me to follow
what the numbers are and what the model
is and it’s okay if you change it but
stick to one and say here’s them don’t
tell me there’s all kinds of models

floating out there that we may pick from
this one or that one I don’t want to
hear that what are the numbers
why does CDC have different kovat 19
deaths versus the so-called 67,000 I
don’t even know where to find those

numbers anymore that chart has just been
given away it’s bullcrap you’re all full
of crap when it comes to these models
no obviously to add insult to add insult
to this Neil Ferguson the man behind the

original we’re all gonna die two million
deaths in America model the man
responsible for millions of cattle being
unnecessarily killed during Hooven mouth
disease who was wrong every single time

by a factor 10 on all of the crises but
still we used his model Neil Ferguson
resigned from the advisory group because
he broke the lockdown rules in the UK

because he knows his bullcrap it’s
unbelievable you know I broke the
lockdown rules right yeah because he had
a date with his his tinder girlfriend I
know it makes it that’s very British of

course you know if it’s a scandal it’s
always about his penis oh we’re good at
that here too but what’s nicer the work
that has been done independently is a
code review of Ferguson’s model as you

recall this model the 2-million model
later revised to 200,000 to 80,000 to
60,000 now apparently revised back up
who knows what was created using

thirteen-year-old undocumented code so
the lockdown skeptics which is a group
you can find at I think it’s locked

locked locked down skeptics calm just
org they did a code review a
professional code review of what they
could and this is such a piece of crap

they can’t even run it on a multi-core
process you have to run it in single
thread mode otherwise it doesn’t work
with the same inputs outputs are not

repeatable or Purdue or reproducible no
regression testing after changes the
whole thing makes no sense

it’s very poorly developed and you can
read it for yourself I mean anything I
say will go too deep for most and I’ll
just sound foolish but these guys seem
like they’re pretty Pro and then the one

thing I can do is I can look up a word
it says because they this group went
back and forth with the Imperial College
reviewing the software and they said
well you know it’s really intended to

often provide as very stochastic results
like what is stochastic do you know have
you heard of the word

kostik yeah it’s a very it’s used all
the time in computer science randomly
determined so the results are randomly
determined they say it right in black
and white you have to remember it Bill

Gates is behind this I’m not sure what
it means but okay mr. coder luckily dr.

Drew is is still on the scene we know he
is on foul she sphere squad but he still
has his own opinion and one of our

producers handed over three short clips
worth listening to the first one regards
outdoor transmission of the virus dr.
research has shown there’s been only one
documented case that was in China of

outdoor transmission all other cases
have been indoor transmission which is
interesting there’s also good evidence
that the virus dies very quickly out in
sunlight so outdoor looks like a safe

place for us to be but we shouldn’t be
outdoors without masks and we shouldn’t
be outdoors shoulder-to-shoulder so then
that seems stupid to be doing that and
that seems silly to me
uh-huh thank you very much masks

outdoors everybody don’t walk
shoulder-to-shoulder tell us about
shutting down drew what kind of
experience do you have with that what is
this all based on does it really work is

it the way to go I mean it seems like
everyone got infected at home the idea
of shutting everybody down is a new idea
that was developed in the 2006 Bush
administration provisional plan on

pandemics based on a high-school
students science project so the idea
that this is the way to go shutting
everything down is is not true it’s not
scientifically true it may be superior

but we don’t know yet
so it may just be that when we go back
to masks and social distancing in the
there will be no uptick in the cases so
this idea of a second wave may never

happen that we will have some uptick
some little outbreaks but the idea will
be to isolate and contain those
okay there you go never been proven

never been tested I’m kind of interested
you know as we move into the next phase
of tracking and tracing we’re supposed
to learn things from that and I have not

seen one report about South Korea if
they’ve learned anything I would have
expected some kind of information coming
back by now but we continue with dr.

drew final clip here about social
distancing that one’s nervous because
people are beginning to pile out of
their their isolation but you gotta

remember we don’t know that isolation is
superior to social distancing we don’t
know that now isolation certainly
superior to nothing but they’ve never
studied the difference between social

distancing and masks done properly and
quarantine never been done so we will
find out soon enough
well I want to go back to what you were

talking about with these models okay
there seems to be a this is Chi I don’t
know when it changed or how it changed
and I’d have a sense it has something to

do with the way they’re gonna keep us on
the global warming tract yeah that well
that’s got to come but we have to keep
all focused on impeaching Trump with
more important to get impious of course

but if you remember the last I think
it’s probably the last three or maybe
even the last four or five hurricanes
when they showed the the predictions
nowadays they don’t just show a

prediction they used to always do that
the news guys would rather guy here’s
what’s predicted to do know now they
show about 30 tracks and they show them
on the screen on the weather screen they

sir that could do this it could do that
it could yes mighty says it’s gonna do
that yeah the Western alliance of
weather caster says he’s gonna do this
and they have all these different
companies that’s what that’s what the

one where Trump took one of the things
that’s gotta hit in Atlanta right
remember that model that was the Sharpie
model and so you have all these models
now and they’re scrolling around all

over the map it’s there’s a couple of
things that says to me one is that this
has changed we’ve never seen anything
like this before and they could have
been doing this for a long time but they
haven’t they just started recently it’s

because and I think global warming’s got
something to do with it because there’s
a lot of models and and they don’t
nobody wants to talk about the Russian
model which we’ve talked about an
emphasize which seems seems to be
tracking are very mild increase in

temperatures and this is got nothing to
do with much of anything but they’re
getting to the point where they’re gonna
do this because they can did now there’s
no responsibility right well that was
one of the models yeah

well that was one of the most well
that’s not them yeah well there was 30
models and gray this is the one that
happened there’s always the the model
always works as the is the least complex
when it’s a simple one but they it’s

just solving themselves have any
responsibilities are the models models
well along with social distancing has
come something new which is also

excepted and that social censorship and
I just coined that myself I don’t know
if anyone ever thought of it but that’s
really what we’re witnessing where there
is a social agreement

apparently that certain types of
information should be censored because
it’s very dangerous in in our current
climate because we need to listen to the
experts with their multiple models this

is why David Icke has been completely
removed over an interview in where and
I’ve watched it I’ve watched all of his

interviews and clips from it well let’s
go through that and I’ll just preface
this by saying what Google and YouTube
and I think Spotify Spotify removed the
David Icke podcast

Oh boohoo this thank God we made that
shit open people you really think you
can you can silence people by kicking
them off Spotify and it looks really
dumb Spotify but they’re all making the

AOL mistake America Online was safe
you’re safe with us well we’ll give you
this little window with a crappy browser
to that scary Internet but you really

don’t want to go there stay with us use
a keyword that’s what they’re trying to
do is trying to keep people safe and it
doesn’t work people want to go out they
want a bit they want to find out crazy
stuff they need alternative information

so they’re going to leave these
platforms anyway social censorship
that’s in full play like yeah like your
little theory there like that may even
be a show title I’ll flip over this
perfectly folded sheet and write it down

oh it’s the shownotes side of the page
very lovely lovely now Mike talks about
let’s go over some of this I only have
them 5g think that’s interesting but

then I have another only have two clips
so we’re not gonna bore people stuff
with David Icke but David Ickes whole
thing he goes on and on for about an
hour but it would everything we talked
about on this show yeah pretty much it’s

not it’s nothing new or even I mean it’s
interesting on the show but we talked
about in the show months ago and it’s so
it’s kind of like oh geez David where
you been everybody ever listen to no

and then he does his little crazy stuff
with this five Gina the five G thing is
also misinterpreted he never says to
everyone like because there was
something that went around about five

g’s gonna trigger the corona it’s out
there and then the five G hits and you
get it no he’s saying that five G is is
going to make people sick and Corona
coincidentally can be used as the excuse
oh they’re sick because of Corona not

because of 5g but I’ll play this clip
this is david icke of comm story 5g a
government sensor called Ofcom Office of

which is the regulator of British
broadcasters they have said and it’s
it’s run by a lady called Melanie doors
and we need to note these names down

ladies and gentlemen and when we’re
through this at some at some level
through it these people have to be
called to account we have a situation
where this lady and her organization

which is a government department has
told British broadcasters and of course
they’ve complied spineless ly as usual
that they will face serious sanctions if

they allow any discussion on their
television stations and radio stations
about any connection between 5g and
so-called copied 19 the British

government through this other idiot the
health secretary Matt Hancock you know
people are sitting there all over the
house is 66 million people in this

country oh shit near me else in doing as
I’m told
because this this guy you you wouldn’t
let run a you know a Lego house Hancock
he’s saying that everyone must do that I

mean what are we doing anyway
people like him are now saying to the
the Giants of Silicon Valley years aku
Berg’s at Facebook your Bryn’s and pages

at Google and you know which house keys
at Google owned YouTube etc that they
should ban people who are making a
connection between Phi

gee and this co bid nineteen crisis so
that tells you one they couldn’t care
less about freedom and the right to free
debate thus they have no right to be in

government and no right to be running a
broadcast regulator but he told you
something else
number two it tells you there is a link
between Phi G and this health crisis

there’s only one reason they don’t want
it discussed because there is a link and
who’s been promoting Phi G and the
rollout of Phi G who runs the licenses

for Phi G Ofcom same woman in a
different interview he went a little bit
more in depth than ID and I looked up

the studies and what he claims and the
claim is correct I don’t know if it is
true for five G depending on the
frequencies power etc but indeed effects
of electromagnetic field exposure can

create oxidative stress and acts
antioxidant defense system issues and I
he talked about it in this one to go to

this one
and said it’s completely valid that and
and the thing with these theories which
is always with Ike it’s always the case
if you listen to what doctors are saying
people are turning blue it’s like

they’re not getting enough oxygen I
think we had a clip of that ER doctor in
New York who said to me it looked like
someone was at you know 20,000 feet
without oxygen and they were just

literally dying because of a lack of
oxygen in their lungs and in their blood
and so that could be that absolutely if
someone’s immune system is compromised
and there’s a 5g tower next door and

possibly I don’t know but it’s certainly
he I don’t think he ever said
coronavirus is caused by 5g but it
doesn’t matter no he never says that it
doesn’t matter its social censorship if

it if it deviates at all it must be
eliminated yes I’m I’m I’m gall wood
this is why our show existed
of course let’s play the let’s play the
other one which is DVID I get left there

sorry this is this is an interesting
clip because I hate gives me an anecdote
I can I can talk about this David Icke
towers going up while this lockdown has

been going on I know from communications
to to me and Gaz and Jamie at some David
Wright comm I know from all the postings
on the Internet not just in Britain but

around the world in America but while
this lockdown has been going on 5g masts
are being rolled out at a very rapid

rate in the same period of this lockdown
something like another 21 towns and
cities have been opened in Britain – 5 g
a5 G is being rolled out all over the

world at a very great rate of knots this
is a time where everything is supposed
to be stopped yeah and they’re still

building towers overnight yes because
that’s considered yeah yeah we okay so I
saw one row up here right like five

minutes from our house I was like what
that’s new well Mimi drove down from
Washington last I guess Monday but no
but maybe you last Friday I’m not read

one of these days before it’s been
around because traffic is just there’s
no traffic and go back before it yeah so
she comes down this last time and she
says holy crap all I saw coming down

were people putting up 5g towers yeah
all along a highway us interstate 5 yeah
well and you know when you think about
it and they are of course essential

personnel this is infrastructure it’s a
great time from the do anything what
they should be doing is fixing the
potholes that’s what I’ve been waiting
oh yeah no pothole fixing whatsoever

see that that would have endeared the
community but no but no but no but no so
so Ike effectively really D platformed

it just and you’re right that’s that’s
why our show is here and we’re
completely independent and thank God we
don’t have to rely on a youtube or
anything else like that and in that and
I gotta say bitch shoot some of these

you know be that all these different
alternative video sites they’re that
they’re winning with this they’re
gaining well we’ll see what if this is a
good strategy for them but I think that

when you it’s one thing to have your
people you know to socially censor
content on your platforms when people
are running their regular lives but when
they’re at home all day you know they

start to wander then they’re not
entirely your slaves anymore they’re
thinking for themselves maybe a little
bit so not one but the point is you
can’t start taking this stuff down I

mean what’s that they’re just you’re
gonna hurt you two-bit long term of
course you can’t get advertisers anyway
but if the Russian car cam videos moved
to a separate platform boom and once the
cats are gone after that the cats

changed so that once the cats leave then
you got no platform left cats and car
crashes is that’s the end funny moment
in West Virginia although it’s kind of a
blue dress silver dress moment the
governor of West Virginia accused of an

expletive again I encourage all
businesses that are allowed to open to
do so only if they fucking follow the
guidelines to keep West Virginians safe

now he claims he didn’t use an expletive
today at her news briefing there was an
audio glitch and it sounded like that I
had said a bad word a word that I was I

would never say nor have I ever said no
possibility in any way shape form or
fashion okay yeah
bullcrap but I there is a glitch and

that and you’re allowed to say that when
it comes to audio there is an actual
glitch in that but it’s after the F word
and I can’t make anything outside of it
I don’t know when then what was he

saying if it wasn’t
I’ll listen to it one more time again I
encourage all businesses that are
allowed to open to do so only if they
fucking follow the guidelines to keep

West Virginia safe I don’t know at least
it gave us another five minutes of
entertainment you know this denial he
should just apologize for saying it I

think so too I just looked up I mean
this is the kind of thing I got yeah
yeah let’s move over to pharmaceutical
stuff and the President did eight it was

a virtual town hall of the Lincoln
Memorial this was a Fox exclusive very
interesting setting I’m not quite like
what are you trying to say here hmm I

Trump Lincoln and you trying to connect
something here in my brain and he took
questions and you also took questions
from Martha and from Brett and the

question came up about the
pharmaceutical companies and the need
for them to be really you know we need

our medications our essential
medications created in the United States
maybe not in China or other countries
and so it was kind of a two-parter in
the second part I think she rattles the

president a bit and here’s his part one
there’s a lot of people who say why you
talk about making it here in America
why are all of the antibiotics made in
China can you give me a date by which we
will be self-sufficient in antibiotics

in this country and what kind of
incentive would you give manufacturers
of pharmaceuticals to make sure that we
are not dependent on China anymore for
this so the reason it took place is

because other people that sat in this
chair maybe not right here but this is a
beautiful place because they were
foolish you could even say because they
were stupid because they allowed this to

happen and it’s not only China you take
a look at Ireland they make our drugs
everybody makes our drugs except us and
we’ve already done it what
coming out with things numbers you’re
seeing numbers of innovations that we’ve

made in the past and things are being
announced already but we’re bringing
that whole supply chain back nobody has
to tell me to do it I’ve been talking
about that for years now the one that
you see you don’t see you see it with

cars you see it with other things people
never looked at medicine but it’s always
been about medicine because we have at
least 94 95 percent of our medicines are
made important to do the vaccine watch

an incredible thing there American
companies well I’d like to be able to do
it here I don’t want to do it in China
don’t want the vaccine in China that’s
for sure but then Martha follows up and

I want you to give me your impression
after you listen to the clip whether
this was a setup whether he knew it was
coming if if he turned it around and may
turn it into something to his advantage

I think we need to talk through it
because she presses him and she uses
something and that’s why I’m suspicious
of the question well when will we get to
that 95 percent everything made here and
he seemed rattled when we get 94 percent

of antibiotics made in this country do
you have a target date for that I think
we will have it done within two years
you know it doesn’t go that quickly and
frankly you put me in a very bad

negotiating position by asking me those
questions you know we’re talking about
this now I’m supposed to call up my guys
I mean you put me in a very bad
negotiating position and I’m not blaming

you that’s you that’s your job you know
you’re taking my cards away because I
don’t want to be talking this way I’ve
done a lot but it gets exposed when you
answer I assume the show is a big show
right it’s going to do very well tonight

but you do take away a lot of my cards
when you’re answering asking me a
question like that you understand that
yes here’s the bottom line I met with a
drug company six months ago I said you
got to stop making the drugs here
you’re gonna start making them here and

they do it for two reasons
a cost reason but it’s no longer so much
cost because we can do things here for
the same price and in some cases less
and then you don’t have the
transportation problems we’re taking

care of our look another reason I got
elected and some people don’t like the
sound of it and other countries don’t
like it but I said I’m sorry it’s called
America first and we’re all about

America first that’s what we’re about
it was protest protesting a bit much I
felt he’s got a tell which is he which
is the term that we’re always ridiculing

people for doing it he doesn’t normally
do it but when he does it I believe this
is when he says look yeah yeah exactly
yeah so he said look I met with the with
the pharma guys six months ago so I’ve

been telling them you got to bring it
back and I’m sure that you know similar
to what has happened in the past they’re
waiting for something to sweeten the

deal and that’s why I think he protests
too much I think it this was maybe the
whole thing was part of his negotiating

it could be I haven’t figured it out
what could be cuz he did you know oh no
you’re gonna ruin I only have one other
question from this but it’s a good one

and his answer was very complete and
this comes on the heels of at least the
knowledge being out there according to
The Spectator in Australia that there is

a five eyes intelligence report so
that’s the UK the United States Canada
Australia and New Zealand that Australia
has and there’s a 15-page is floating

out and about let’s say you know hey
yeah the Chinese are really responsible
for this and we don’t know exactly how
much is true or how deep it goes but
Trump has a very outspoken opinion on

this and he got a question about it from
some dude who called in it was black guy
and he he looked and he well he sounds
as stoned as he looked mr. president I
have a question for you is there enough

evidence that China made a global
community of by the scorn of our
if it’s so hot your global community
respond yeah well I don’t lose any

question about it we wanted to go in
they didn’t want us to go in early very
early you’ll see that because things are
coming out that are pretty compelling
now so I don’t think there’s any

question don’t forget China tried to
blame it first on some of our soldiers
that turned out did not go too far I’m
sorry I do need to mention I have edited
this clip in two spots because Trump

I’ve learned speaks and what I call
hanging chads so he’ll talk he’ll be
he’ll be talking about something then
all sudden he drops down into a
repetitive sentence about how he looks

oh and I closed it up on time and they
told me not to and then they closed it
and then he comes back to the stores
like this is like one of his rallies
yeah so it’s a hanging Chad thing so I
just snipped it off and I really got

very upset with that that was not right
China tried to blame Europe for this no
I know you saw evidence that gave you a
high confidence that the virus came from

the Wuhan lab we got that it was created
there perhaps but that it came from
there at the right day we can illuminate
any more about that yeah we’re gonna be
giving a very strong report as to
exactly what we think happened and I

think it’ll be very conclusive is there
any suggestion that it was anything
nefarious or that it was just a mistake
so I think they made personally I think
they made a horrible mistake and they

didn’t want to admit it we wanted to go
in they didn’t want us there even world
health wanted to go in they were
admitted but much later you know not
immediately and my opinion is they made
a mistake they tried to cover it they

tried to put it out it’s like a fire you
know it’s really like trying to put out
a fire they couldn’t put out the fire
what they really treated the world badly
on they stopped people going into China
but they didn’t stop people going into

the USA and all over the world so you
could fly out of Wuhan where the primary
problem was all of the problem
essentially also where the lab is

but you could fly out of war on and you
could go to different parts of the world
but you couldn’t go to Beijing and you
couldn’t go to any place in China so
what’s that all about

in other words they
they had a problem I think they were
embarrassed by the problem very
embarrassed and you know the case could
be made they said hey look this is gonna
have a huge impact on China but here’s
the thing they allowed this to go into

our country they allowed it to go into
other countries they change how you feel
about president G does it change your
relationship with him I’m not going to
say anything I had a very good
relationship he’s a strong man he’s a

tough man and a very good relationship
with him but this should never have
this should never have happened this
virus should not have spread all over
the world they should have put it out

they should have let us and other people
in other countries go in and put it out
because people knew what was happening
so that is a pretty clear opinion and a
lot of people heard it and saw it I

think it was almost four million people
who viewed that Town Hall which was huge
for Fox News on cable I was very big for
them yeah why well Pompeo made some
comments about this which took a very

turn because it sounds like he was
contradicting himself and so I have this
clip of him answering the wuhan origin
question 200 in a press conference and
mr said you seen anything that gives you

high confidence that it originated in
that Wuhan lab Martha there’s enormous
evidence that that’s where this began
we’ve said from the beginning that this
was a virus that originated in Wuhan

China we took a lot of grief for that
from the outset but I think the whole
world can see now remember China has a
history of infecting the world and they
have a history of running substandard

laboratories these are not the first
times that we’ve had a world exposed to
viruses as a result of failures in the
Chinese lab and so while the
intelligence community continues to do
its work they should continue to do that

and verify so that we are certain I can
tell you that there is a significant
amount of evidence that this came from
that laboratory in one do you believe it
was man-made or genetically modified
that the best experts so far seem to

think it was man-made have no reason to
disbelieve that at this point your
office of the DNI says the consensus the
scientific consensus was not man-made or
genetically modified that’s right I I

agree with that yeah
obviously I’ve seen their analysis I’ve
seen the summary that you saw that was
released publicly I have no reason to
doubt that that is accurate okay so just
to be clear you do not think it was

man-made or genetically modified I’ve
seen what the intelligence committee has
said I have no reason to believe that
they’ve got it wrong you have to put
this in context here I think that
there’s confusion in the question and

the answer and when he’s saying when
she’s asking about if it was created so
clearly wasn’t synthetic but in his mind
I believe he’s answering the question if
it’s a bio weapon

No No if you listen to this very
carefully at the very end the very end
of that clip he says you got to take
this in context he says I believe what
the DNI said but you got to take it in

context that’s what he said and what he
and I do i imaginated over this
particular clip for a while before I
realized what context meant the DNI
report stated that the a bunch of

scientists and other people agreed that
it was all was a natural form element
and it was and in that that was the
reports about the agreement was solid

that it was naturally formed it came out
of no bad or whatever and in context
what he was saying why he could agree
with the DNI report is that they were
reporting on what the scientists said

reporting on the reality of it okay okay
right and that’s what he meant by you
gotta take this in context well the
context was the DNI was not discussing

how this virus came about or there’s
other probably other intelligence
reports that came out that indicate
because he’s very strong that this is
man-made genetically engineered or

whatever from the lab that made words
escaped from which brings me back to
what I think that would the French guy
the guy who had discovered the AIDS
said and I’m gonna subscribe her to him

even though it was says he’s nuts he’s
nuts What did he say so so I listened
this over and over again I realized that
you could yes you can’t say that it was
man-made and you can agree with the DNI

report because the DNI report is just
stating that all these scientists have
said the following yes I agree that the
DNI reports got that right those

scientists did say that well that makes
sense because the last thing he wants to
do is supersede because the president
also didn’t say man-made he said come
from he didn’t get into that so they
Pompeii yeah yeah well not it not a

great replicating into any have any
trouble agreeing with the DNI report
it wasn’t it was I don’t think it was

well done no but I think it’d be but
when he says in context that was the key
work I got yeah so anyways like I think
he’s not lying

no but it’s confused the reporters and
he never really got it went out of his
way to explain it I’m not helpful not
help it’s not helpful
the Chinese hear it loud and clear

though especially when it comes that
five eyes report this is from 60 minutes
in Australia how’s this for slap this
week Australia was described as chewing
gum on the boot of China that needed to

be scraped off on a rock the insult came
from an influential Chinese newspaper
editor backed by the Communist Party our
crime we’re troublemakers because our

government is calling for an independent
inquiry into the origins and spread of
coronavirus it’s fair to say our
relationship with Beijing is currently

fractured but understanding why China is
so defensive
not to mention petulant is difficult
because the regime is so suspicious of
the Western media chewing gum huh stuck

to the shoe that’s gotta stood that is
not that’s not gonna play well that’s
international words of war my friend you
can’t just say that is great especially

in context of Eastern culture and
chewing gum like chewing gum is really
low low on the polls so there’s there

isn’t an attack on China there’s a
there’s polls everywhere saying
overwhelming majority of people’s and

here’s the term here’s the term we
should be on the lookout for D couple we
want to consciously decouple from China
think this is going to be the term
decoupling yeah that’s been that’s not

it that spin I’d say around for a couple
months it doesn’t go yeah I’m hearing it
I’m hearing it it’s a good term it is
maybe it’s catching on here’s what you
think yeah it could be catching on

uncoupled tuples Ted Cruz is on his own
little mission
he’s doing the rounds and he wants to
force Hollywood to stand up to Chinese

censorship and at first I was kind of
puzzled like why are you so interested
in this it gives a crap but then I
realized what he’s really doing he’s

saying we can’t have these movies which
have a permanent desk at the Pentagon
using our military equipment ie Top Gun
if they’re also going to if these

productions are also going to be
involved in censorship and in Top Gear’s
spit upon specific instance Tom Cruise’s
flight jacket had a Taiwanese flag it

had to be removed
so for some reason Ted Cruz is spending
a lot of time on that and I think that
it may it’s it’s meant to cripple China
in in multiple ways but I think they do

have such huge investments in in movies
and Hollywood that he’s trying to hurt
them there but it’s just an odd thing to
do it’s like even more to it than that

what you got
he knows the connection I don’t know I’m
not a mind reader I don’t know what Ted
Cruz is thinking he may have nefarious
scheme under foot under way mm-hmm maybe

under foot he said something offensive
too right now we’re trying to get Taiwan
to get involved into

whu-oh and some other things would we’re
moving to get Taiwan’s independence
recognized I mean there’s a million
things that we’ve been trying to do at
Taiwan for ever since the 1940s right
when they you know ran off and you know

the government really Republic of China
ran off and to become the Republic of
China on Taiwan they run off to off the
mainland by Mao and so there’s there’s
that element and so this any pushback by

the Chinese on stuff like that little
flag is going to be rejected but
especially when yeah the Chinese invest
a lot of money how much money do you
think the State Department or the

Defense Department spends on one of
these war movies in terms of
just fuel for the Jets and I think oh
yeah that’s a lot of money it’s Millions
yeah and so why are we you know taking a

backseat to the Chinese investment when
we’re making these investments and these
movies actually can’t be done without an
investment I agree I’m just kind of
confused as to why Ted Cruz is in this

but maybe it maybe he’s trying to create
a squeeze and and he’s really going
after Hollywood and not China
I think it’s possible he’s going after
Hollywood yeah that’s what that that

would make more sense I would make more
sense so meanwhile we have on the
medical front we have multiple trials
going we know REM dis aveer is is now in

trial which have all these all these
great stats it’s all in the show notes
you know the cost of REM dis severe it’s
like it’s like $400 a day versus

hydroxychloroquine at the pennies a day
it’s really quite an incredible and it
just seems like anything that is not
approved by doctor dr. death himself

doctor foul Qi that it has to be pushed
back in them and quiet and be suppressed
let’s not talk about it and then all of
a sudden we get this over the over the

past few days out of Pittsburgh Ross
Township police believe two men found
shot to death over the weekend was a
the body of 37 year old being Lou was
found Saturday at his home at the muse

of town north
police believe loose killer left the
town home went back to his car and
killed himself that man has not been
identified but police say they believe
that Lou and the man did know each other

well so this research have been research
have been working on a cure a treatment
for kovat 19 any and he goes out in a
murder-suicide what are the chances but

that brings us to the planned Demick
quote-unquote documentary that has been
socially censored they’re still

available on multiple platforms have you
seen this John’s about 20 seconds woman
has lots of videos that have come and
gone they all get censored I always

download them mm-hmm very copies very
good cuz I figure you know this things
aren’t gonna last and this latest one
though I have to say the one with the
ominous opening and the guy interviewing

uh yeah I think it’s the best produce
and the and the most impactful cuz this
the one mimi’s all you got to watch this
yes yes and I said well you know I’m
very familiar with this woman and she’s
been bitching and moaning about one

thing or another for a long time long
time long time well we we actually
discussed her probably about ten by
decade a decade ago but we just started
the show now I’ll just want to say this

about the documentary I did not pull any
clips from that because it’s great as a
piece and I think it’s fantastic to make

people aware of of this story and of end
of this doctor story in particular but
you know you get all the scary music
it’s very dressed and there’s a lot of
manipulation going on so I found an

interview that she did with it was just
her a Skype call but the the quality is
good and the questions she speaks in in
answer blocks she’s fantastic for media
but we knew about her when we first

started talking about vaccines on this
show 10 11 years ago I’ll just be
somewhat repetitive that we had found
documentation from a big Goldman Sachs
and JP Morgan Chase I think medical

conference that all the pharmaceutical
companies were all jacked up because
vaccines was the future it’s a you know
in some cases they’re mandatory so it’s
a guaranteed paycheck and they’re
identified they’re indemnified they

don’t have to go to the same test ii
because it’s called the biologic and
there’s so many great reasons for this
and we got a lot of contact which i
don’t think I quite understood at the
time about dr. Mike Ovitz as it pertains

to chronic fatigue syndrome and people
were trying to communicate something to
us and we dice or
was just not my headspace was not there
we just kind of started deconstructing

stuff and I was a little naive to some
things that were going on so it comes to
the medical community but in this first
clip she addresses that and what she had
figured out back in the day is that

there were what are called XM RVs which
is Mouse raira viral viral retrovirals
excuse me extra cross were showing up in

in different people and for reasons that
were very unclear but what this was
creating was a chronic fatigue syndrome

not dissimilar to HIV actually in many
ways in fact the and we’ll get to that
later testing for HIV showed people with

these xmrv zyi this chronic fatigue
syndrome show tested positive for HIV
even though I didn’t have HIV so it’s a
mess and she was a part of it she’s been
part of fout she’s system for many years

and she has her own story about how she
was kicked out and and jailed and
accused of fraud and and that certainly
stuff you can look into I’m more

interested in what she’s saying she
sounds credible she certainly has the
curriculum to back her up and let’s take
go back to that initial issue when we
were first introduced to her but this is
a current interview

this is dr. Judy Michael it’s Mike Ovitz
we we isolated a new family of
retroviruses called XMRV that means Zeno
trophic Mouse related retrovirus so it

was very clear that you know the human
by room doesn’t have Mouse retroviruses
therefore we thought perhaps as in the

days of HIV that this virus could have
been spread through biological therapies
because we use a lot of mice in therapy
in our lab we also remembered back to

the days of HIV
when when HIV spread through the
population from a contaminated blood
supply when it became clear by the way
that very bit there Alex Jones has been

yelling about that for for maybe 20
years vaccines being transporting
contaminated blood and that’s where he
got it from spread through the

population from a contaminated blood
supply when it became clear in 2010 and
11 that in fact the blood supply was
heavily contaminated and in fact the

most likely way that these mouse viruses
of many strains not just one got into
humans it was almost certainly from
biological therapies and the most likely

the most prominent one was vaccine that
that in fact that we were injecting in
mouse tissue
you know hisses pieces into into immune

incompetent little babies people and and
we had actually literally caused a
number of diseases including this is a

this is a family of mouse cancer-causing
viruses so cancers and neuro immune
diseases including chronic fatigue
syndrome autism anomaly Lou Gehrig’s

disease others are associated with with
retroviruses and it was very clear in
2011 in the summer of 2011 this wasn’t

just one but many and and the most
likely way they got into humans was a
contaminated blood supply and
contaminated vaccines so contaminated
vaccines as some so any stories you’ve

heard in the past likely stem from her
because that’s where I remember it from
and that’s where that chronic fatigue
syndrome came from but there we did have
lots of clips if you recall during the

swine flu bullcrap mm-hmm there was a
contaminant there was a
huge set of vaccines that went out that

had live swine flu in him and would have
contained would have given people swine
flu you know to push the numbers up I
don’t know I mean it seems like you know

the carelessness was weird and there was
some cross-contamination of other
vaccines that nothing to do with swine
flu but the swine flu was in there and

these were caught at the border kind of
azor being shipped out but dude you
don’t know it because there’s this or
not there indemnified from any damages
no matter what’s in the shot they give

you anything could be in there that’s
why I think a lot of people are I I for
example do give I got a vaccine for I
got the Prevnar 13 back so you know a

couple months back yeah before a kovat
broke out because I figure well you know
let’s get I because my doctor said I
should get it and everybody said you
should get this if you’re getting older
you want to get this and this is the flu

notice the Prevnar 13 it stops 13
different kinds of pneumonia hmm and but
but at the same time I’m very dubious

about any of these things because
there’s now something going right
because there was a new of experimental
pneumonia vaccine that floated around I
got a bunch of people sick even though
this is well established so I wasn’t too

worried about it was very expensive so I
wasn’t you know I said well they’re not
they’ve got me how many people are gonna
be spending this much money for this
vaccine and but I’m always skeptical I’m
very nd if you look at the stuff that

Robert Kennedy jr. said about the Gates
Foundation bills experiments on babies
and they’re all in Africa and India I
mean most of his vaccine experiments
have gone south you’re not gonna like

this a couple weeks ago we discussed the
study that was a published account the
Medical Journal published account it’s

in the show notes once again that a
number of
military personnel who the 2017-2018 flu
vaccination was tested on from that test

group that turned out that you those who
had been administered the 2017-2018
season seasonal flu vaccine had a 36%

higher chance of contracting a
respiratory disease from some other
virus specifically corona virus do you

remember that that report they do
remember that okay and it’s called it’s
called whether there’s a term for it

it’s like interference I think it’s a
vaccination interference it’s mentioned
in this clip because this is where it

gets pretty messed up
as this is the crux of what dr. Mike
Ovitz is really saying is going on with
kovat 19 what dr. pouchy has been saying

is get the influenza vaccines the live
attenuated influenza vaccines and and
there have been several publications but
one in 2017 at 18 among the military

which actually said the flu vaccine
promotes the spread that is your 36
percent more likely to get Koba 19 or an

infection with SARS code two if you get
the influenza vaccine so it is advice to
the country you know is totally against

published literature that says it’s
dangerous that yet that you don’t you
know that you’re driving the disease
with the influenza vaccine and that

would spread it easier to them across
nations because those know that you shed
those viruses that is you express those
viruses and you’ll actually you know can

get an influenza the same kind of
symptoms the same kind of upper
respiratory infection and now you’re
more like
li to to spread from human to human

the coronaviruses and in fact other
microbial agents other viruses
respiratory syncytial virus rhinoviruses
that that cause upper respiratory

diseases including influenza and what
she’s saying here is if you had the flu
shot in 2017-18 and possibly with any
flu shot or with any vaccination which

may have some contamination in it that
seems to be prevalent but in what
there’s evidence that the actual flu
shot could make you very susceptible to

this and she explains how this works
because it sounds very familiar and even
worse the vaccines for
covin 19 the vaccine that would target
directly SARS Cove 2 has been studied

some since the original SARS outbreak in
the original MERS which is Middle East
respiratory syndrome outbreak since that

time the vaccine development has gone on
and in every case and in every study
there the vaccine actually drives the
death by by literally turning on the

fire they you know exploding the fire of
the immune the overreaction of the
immune system
that is what we call the signature of
disease it’s that inflammatory cytokine

storm and and the vaccine itself can
drive that storm such that it if you are
reexpose it can lead to rapid death yeah
by the way as I’d listened to that clip

I’m reminding us I didn’t record it but
they’re talking about actually I do have
a clip they see if I can find it it’s
the clip that says because I was
watching this clip as they were doing it

this is the not the source of mutants I
wanted to get unto that but mystery cord
allowance can’t find it instantly but
it’s they show that they’re working on a

dr. Britax dr. bright ignored maybe no
no they’re working it no that’s an all
right they’re working on a vaccine
and they did their showing they say

human testing has begun I don’t wish I
had this on here
human testing has begun and they show
some poor poor schlub shot of something
human just go goodnight damn thinking

what maniac is signing up for this have
you ever even listening alternative
media I’m serious I’m like screaming at
this guy screaming at the television so

that kills the kill shot from from dr.
Mike Ovitz and then you know at least
you know what’s going on but I think she
puts a lot of reputation on the line
here for whatever she has left he’s

written several books about this about
this topic and how she was and it has a
lot to do with money and patents and and
this this cabal of foul Chi and Burkes
lieutenant commander Colonel Burks

ambassador and Redfield from the CDC
these and and bright all these guys have
been are been around with Gates
Foundation I mean it’s great to see

pictures of pouchy and Burks without and
John at the AIDS gala I mean they they
these are celebreties they are very big
in their world but along the way we’ve
seen or as the doctor will Chronicle

there’s been a lot of cover-ups and
lying to push agendas and get things
that don’t work to work so people can
make money there’s a published study
from 2005 about the effectivity

the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine that
a foul she is a he he’s aware of these
studies it’s his own its own group of
the government that’s done these yet

when it comes to this particular illness
no no no it’s now it’s just anecdotal
evidence I believe they did some fudging
on the numbers or change some the the
test goals to push the remedy severe

through and of course ultimately it’s
all to really have nothing that works
well in the people’s mind then the
vaccine which is inevitable the push is

real but she feels that doctor foul she
should go to jail do you think that
doctor thought she played a part in
kovat 19 then you

think that he should be held accountable
or responsible or criminally responsible
for the corruption with covet 19 or even
tracing back as far as 30-plus years oh

he should be held criminally responsible
all the way back to the spread of
hiv/aids through the country at the same
time he did the same thing he’s doing

now in koban 19 that is prevent the use
of therapies like hydroxychloroquine or
type 1 low dose type 1 interferon alpha
or any number of natural things prevent

people you know from doing the
appropriate testing the FDA didn’t do
the appropriate serology testing that
that would have shown that in fact we

know the virus had been through this
country earlier than thought and we may
have actually had in many places a
natural herd immunity that isn’t it
occurring with the lockdown and that

people aren’t being who are being
prevented from you know even if they
were exposed from from getting the
disease with prophylactic measures
that’s preventative measures like

hydroxychloroquine and and all the same
time promoting drug use in research in
clinical trials which he’s also doing a
similar thing to what he did on what he

directed to be done in the case of the
XM rvs that’s that’s fraudulent studies
that that show you know that that a drug
works when it really doesn’t work and

how they manipulate the study design and
in order to you know to drag it out so
and and then because we’re not
developing a natural herd immunity the

the amount of disease and death that’s
being caused while while people are well
he’s promoting measures that that not
only don’t work but it cause literally

the devastation of our economy and and
and we won’t even be able to count the
number of deaths from people who
couldn’t get adequate care for things
like cancer and and and cardiovascular

disease just simple care for
things that have nothing to do with Koba
19 i demand an investigation yeah you’re
gonna get an investigation alright

you’re gonna get an investigation as to
why they fired the move
dr. bright is gonna be done by Adam
Schiff alright alright let’s get into it
fat Jerry Adler yeah that’s where your

investigations going cuz already they’re
talking I don’t let Dad even want to
switch subjects had some other sub today
but let’s talk about the bright guy
emerges CBS clip this is thing we talked
about this guy week at months months ago

this guy got kicked out of the he was
bitching and moaning about using oxy
chloroquine and chloroquine which nobody
uses and he says they any and just
listen to the this idiot listen to these

two clips this is the bright gyri
emerges as dr. bright Gary oxy
chloroquine and chloroquine he just
decided he could no longer remain silent
learn bright has agreed to testify on

Capitol Hill next week and he hopes to
get his old job back tonight an HHS
official says that he was transferred to
a critical role at NIH and they are
disappointed he hasn’t shown up for work

which I’m gonna call him that because
the following clip this clip is this the
doctor burse under dr. bright ignored

his term democracy now – just kind of
set it up this is a Darrell course all
in because this guy was wrong we let’s
start with this premise he’s a
government worker not necessarily the

best known in this field for anything
he’s just the guy is running this one
this very small branch of some very
small branch of another division and he
is what I’ve seen these guys I’ve worked

in the government long enough to run
into guys like this everybody in that
governments are running cover-your-ass
memos and they’re just that’s what you
do you do just in case and so this guy
is just really a nudnik out of the blue

there’s nobody’s ever heard of him until
this he’s made this big fuss and now
they’re gonna bring him in for so he can
testify against Trump basically even
though Trump doesn’t know really what’s

going on I don’t think well let’s play
this clip and I yeah i’ll tell you
what’s goal
me about this and instead to award
lucrative contracts based on political
connections in other words I was
pressured to left politics and cronyism

drive decisions over the opinions of the
best scientists we have in government
dr. bright also says he repeatedly and
urgently demanded action in January to
address the looming pandemic including a

critical shortage of personal protective
equipment for doctors like n95 face
masks but was ignored it was ignored
because he’s like most people in the

government you’re ignored because
everybody’s bitching and moaning about
one thing or the other so this guy going
on I was ignored that was ignored that’s
what he’s gonna testify against I wrote

a memo on January 5th saying we don’t
have enough and why would he even have
anything to do with n95 face max the
stats how many there are what the
hospitals have it doesn’t make any sense
but okay I was ignored I wrote this man

when I was ignore all you wrote this
memo was and you were ignored nobody
said anything yo well my boss has told
me to stop writing memos it’s just
ridiculous this guy and they’re gonna

make a mountain out of a molehill as
best they can try to impeach Trump again
the end and so the theory is because
this guy wrote a memo which was ignored
thousands died is that it and that’s the

blood on your hands yes exactly
just briefly on the testing you know
testings ramping up so and and I am
still surprised how many people are so
poorly informed that they read in the in

our local news here at Austin oh we have
you know 60 new cases oh my god there’s
a stay in sight no no listen we’re
testing more and it’s good news the more

people who are asymptomatic aliy
infected the lower the actual chance you
have of dying you had have more
information but the tests are a problem

and I think one of the one of the main
points of David Ickes theory is that the
test is for a just a corona virus but

not necessarily the kovat 19 creating
corona virus
and we know from dr. Mike Ovitz that

there were positive tests on people who
had they were supposed to have had AIDS
which they didn’t they had these excess
XMRV virus mouse crap in your in your

veins but the tests are a real issue
this is only a report you I’m sure you
won’t get this on the mainstream
you won’t from Reuters so take that for
what you will coronavirus test kits used

in Tanzania were dismissed as faulty by
President John Magoo Magoo Fuli on
Sunday he said they had returned
positive samples and he is a chemist by
the way that’s why he ordered it so they

had received positive samples positive
results on samples taken from a goat and
from a pawpaw which is a fruit
so both the goat and the pawpaw tested

positive for kovat 19 I mean I’ll even
take the goat but you’re gonna tell me
that’s a fruit tasty fruit the proper
you should have heard what the goat had

to say about the whole ordeal yeah so
and and and now I’m in contact with one
of our producers who was working with
antibodies and tests and this lab person

has told me that there’s been some
issues getting you know the right I
guess they’ll you need the spiked
poached protein or whatever and they’re

different labs from overseas it may be
India it could be China I mean this I
can’t get answers to everything because
of secrecy and NDA’s and things and so
it’s hard to get full info but I finally

just said is it possible that whatever
the hell they’re sending you is just not
really the right one and that’s
something that our producer could not
answer is no way to know that so there’s

a lot of you know because you can put
perhaps the AC e to Trump is right we
got to bring the stuff back here we

don’t know what the hell is going on
it’s crazy a scammer
starting to give our own scammers that
the cash exactly and with that I’d like
to thank you for your courtesy in the

morning to you the man who put the see
in social censorship John C Dvorak Linda
Marni UMich Adam curls in the morning
ships to see boots on graphene the
aero-subs of our dams the nights out

there hey trolls in the morning to you
y’all let me see how many trolls we can
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Thursday it’s about right almost 1600
you could you two can be a troll and you
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under a bridge currently but it’s really
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you can hook up with our little part of
the Federation in addition to that it
big in the morning to comic strip
blogger whose artwork was selected for

the episode titled the beaches are open
episode 12 hundred and thirty nine and
this was the Apple logo pooping out
location apparently the the there was

some scatological joke with the
government because they are the ones
receiving the information from Apple and
it was the it was good I don’t know why
it wasn’t the best was it was the best

but there were other choices didn’t
quite make what happened something it
was one that was the best oh right I
remember what it was when we go in and
take a look unfortunately it was it was
two rulings by Darren who just must have

been beside himself with the chuckling

to himself you know behind the mic he
see these guys picked this it was well
why can’t I find it now and that’s

interesting hmm did it get taken off
well we had the you know what we had the
comics different one from comics or blog
or we might use this dead the other one
I actually come a strip blogger got a

twofer cuz I gave him the I put that on
the newsletter no nice the other one and
but this other one I was almost tempted
to use the lewd oh we liked well we like

Tommy the heretic with operation warp
speed which was cool because it was a
syringe like the Starship Enterprise
yeah it was well done

but then he had a but a female too but
we long with the thong it’s like no it’s
just put that in there well I mean we
don’t mind a good-looking but but it’s

good but if it’s gratuitous necessary
but äj– it was just not no wave this
buddish belongs on this art so they got
kicked from it for that just from that I
can’t find the one that was the other

one that was so offensive it’s still
there I can’t find him no no I think and
I think it got removed oh no no I
remember I remember what it was it was
the best piece of art and and even we

could I don’t think we could discuss it
well yeah I can just tell you what it
was it was a Kentucky Fried Chicken logo
turned into Joe with Biden instead of

Kentucky Fried Chicken it was Joe Biden
president finger lickin good
and now yeah we felt that was not

no and Darren no he knows that he knows
that it’s not purpose just to see if you
get went through I mean is what you
always do creative types are always
trying to sneak something through oh

yeah you know it doesn’t fly with other
creative types who know what you’re up
yeah like it’s like Disney you know
trying to hiding penises and snow white
dress and stuff like that and we’re on
to get talented artists there let’s

start with thanking a few people
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well how was it labeled it was either

Labor’s are you I’m assuming already
looked at Merkel and Arbeit yes can’t
find it’s just the way it goes I said
that’s exactly the problem so what he

does want is Pelosi Trump jobs karma and
we’ll start it off with a little bit of
Merkel for you
jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs and job

job I see Sir
Joe be one of a week Apple weekapaug

think 247 16 I can’t thank you enough
for continuing in the info segment I
need some jobs cover for me my wife and

all the out-of-work all out of workers
affected by this pandemic lady karma is
a dental hygienist and it’s very nervous
about returning to work in such a high

exposure profession working inside
people’s mouths everyday I also
potentially I’m switching jobs doing
these during these crazy times and some
Wow have to convince my current company

to utilize me by paying my new company
time to face up my Browns face have to
lace up my brown shoes

can I get a title change for my lovely
wife she also wishes to be lady karma
Kara lady kara of the clean tooth
instead of Lady Kara of weekapaug you

want to put that I got it it’s down it
was already on the list she’s good in
regards to that my previous note my name
is not Joe bisexual John did you say
that I don’t know it’s possible now no I

did make it did make me laugh to hear
you say it and Adam I thought you were a
pothead but you were confused at my
roundtable request of sticky green

doesn’t that prove your point
a kind of a I guess it’s been almost 30
years since the term was first

popularized by Snoop Dogg
lastly despite the running belief of the
show I indeed love my mother but the
chances of her listening to any product

podcast I’m okay with not that it makes
a little more sense it’s not that she
their mom’s hate the show
those boys those boys are just gonna get
into trouble the way they think now that

is a good mom voice and so that would be
the rationale we’re using but but what’s
the podcast is probably the real reason

okay so such an ageist old man aren’t
you oh yeah absolutely
well thank you Joe bus se and the change
will be made you got it and he wants his

name changed to Joe bisexual is that
what he wants I don’t think so okay all
right onward with anonymous 200 bucks
what could be better to give from my

locked down self than my finally
attaining knighthood from the best
podcast in the universe’s world goes
completely nuts I seek the sanctuary of
sanity at the No Agenda roundtable on

behalf of both me and my amygdala thank
you I would like to ascend from
anonymous in San Francisco to captain
Luke Knight of the Barbary Coast mm-hmm
please play the classic fear is freedom

followed by it’s true followed by
boom-shaka-laka and then provide covet
karma for all for all for the round
table I’d like to add ghurabaa and

manicotti okay hold on a second
I need the
this one I didn’t have where didn’t we

have Corona karma I’m pretty sure we had
that Corona I don’t recall it personally
but I’m not to keep her at the karma
yeah let me see if I can find this real

quick cuz you want because we don’t have
Co vid karma we had Karuna karma well I
guess I can’t find that one either then
just feel it’s got a stupid I should be

able to find that and then we only have
one eye yes anyone’s gruff Monica the
daewoo yes I’m working on

all right if that’s what you wanted you

got Corona that’s what he gave it David
Walsh and Gold Coast Queensland $200
that’s in Australia hi John and Adam I’m
David Walsh from the Gold Coast ql’

Queensland Australia to celebrate my
10th anniversary of listening to the
greatest podcast in universe I figure I
get off my arse which is what they say
in some countries including Australia

arse and complete my knighthood I have a
long message plan but decided against it
so I’ll summarize it was longer than
this follow jcd here and after listening

to him on twit I did take a 2.5 year
hiatus from 2015 in mid 2017 due to my

amygdala shrinking so much that it
became cynical and day and jaded with
everything if that’s a danger that is
that is a real danger some people have
that and they just they because it once

there explodes these guys I could do
this on my own I don’t need any
hand-holding thing is this is like a
part of like how Hollywood and the other

media work you have to it has to be
collaborative even means one of us could
do shows yeah between the two of us it’s
the same thing yeah we can’t do the show

it we could but it wouldn’t be as good
and we’d be making mistakes constantly
and it would be it wouldn’t work out as
you know and we wouldn’t definitely get
on just the kick that we’re on of

correcting people’s use of at the end of
the day look at things like that because
you know you hear it on television all
the time just distressing and so that
includes the audience the audience is

the third element of the of the
collaboration and so it all works
together and that keeps you ever from
you know that’s why you shouldn’t stop
which is a minor which is why

it’s obvious that we all produce this
show it’s a it’s a it’s a tribe effort
he continues by saying I think it was

over the Obama era I have been far more
entertained in the Trump era so you as a
voters please go he’s in Australia we
got to remember that yeah so USA voters

please keep him in for another term it
makes me smile to see the media go nuts
I wish to thank you for your courage and
wish you all the best of year for years
to come and uh so all the listeners pony

up for a subscription even five bucks a
month helps jingle trains good planes
bad train FOMA the whoo-hoo listen to
the horn Karma for all listeners and
producers birthday it’s my 46th and may

6th please add me to the list you’re on
the list
knighthood names her dame of the Gold
Coast sir day was my root username
assigned to me in 1998 on a FreeBSD box

please regards okay graduate you have
sent to MIT for yes yes these nuts
always uh David wash PS your non-us a
listeners use the date format date month

year use the date format date month year
and so I feel like you miss out on some
good numbers yes there’s one coming up

that if you reverse it against the
European yet we usually we can do that
we’d do it once in a while I’m sure you
have thought about it though and I would
like to raise it just in case PBS all
money in USD I do appreciate the gesture

to match Aussie and Z Canadian he’s got
south african dollars bucks though i
just thought that means iran so it’s
gotta mean something else i know what
he’s talking about anyway so i thank you

for the note I think southern Australia
Disney from southern ass no he’s from
the gold buy OC it’s southern Australia
it’s not they’re using different money I

don’t know who knows you don’t they are
chewing gum underneath the shoe of China
who knows what I do know thank you very
much David and we’ll see you later on at
the roundtable all aboard

you’ve got karma Sonia bozan Burgin

Madison Wisconsin jingles rub Eliezer
and the old the old donate to no agenda

in the Gregorian chant style which we
need to use that more in the end of the
request combo health and relationship
Karma for my son thank you for all your

continued hard work the BS is getting
thick out there and having you guys
makes me able to turn it all off love
and light
so the rub Eliezer number station and
what else

oh the old donate to no agenda or the
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that’s our Gregorian monks right there
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it want to thank them for making this
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continuing and it is because indeed of
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show episode 1240 or associate executive
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John you’re just explaining this is not
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the the third leg what are the other two

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is Michael bitch whose object our
formula is this we go out or hit people
in the mouth

went wrong here today
okay sorry about that it’s my eye man I
can’t see I have a couple of series play

here I wanted to place as there first of
all I think let me skip to something
that’s a little lighter the they’re
trying to scare us with this meat

shortage things that can make us freak
and I want to just point out that of
this show weeks ago we had a producer
from a meatpacking outfit give us some
very clear warnings that this was coming

yeah it’s coming it’s here yeah and of
course they’re doing what they can and
Trump did an executive orders they want
to keep the meat flowing but so they did
a report on CBS Nora and I want to play

this is the intro to the report and then
she kicks it to one of our reporters to
do that you know the stand-up this meat
shortage tonight grocery giants are
putting a cap on how much meat customers

can buy as the pandemic forces more
processing plants to shut down and at
hundreds of Wendy’s restaurants managers
are asking that famous question the ad
campaign where’s the beef I like that

you say meat must flow it’s like liquid
meat so she goes on and on and then she
cuts it says and so-and-so is gonna

report on this and this they bring it to
a guy who goes on about the Tyson he
starts reporting on the whole thing and
then right in the kind of right that the
judge sees as he wraps it up I would bet
money although they would never admit to

this but ABC does this all the time and
they’re very obvious because their time
perfectly there’s a native add not
dropped into the middle of this report
just right at the point where you want

to hear it and I don’t think it’s gonna
help sell anything but if this isn’t a
native ad because you got to remember
they’re talking about all the closures
and this is he’s guys wrapping it up and

this is it and as a sign of the times
the impossible Foods Company announced
that it’s impossible burger which is
made with plants will be available in
2,700 grocery stores nationwide starting

this week and it says it’s ready to
expand to meet the growing demand
Nora well this would be one heck of a

battle and if the meat guys got defeated
by that the only thing that was left on
the shelves during actual pandemic where
people possibly could starve they didn’t

buy that crap they didn’t so they throw
this little gem at the end and I’m
thinking I wonder what they paid it’s a
15 second ad it’s just a spot cheaper
and 15 second has to exist that’s J and

it’s just like oh brother I just rolled
my eyes I killed the rest of the report
anyone play anybody’s wanted to play the
native had to point out that these guys

are douche bags oh yeah
oh yeah no you know who are douche bags
the news reporters at home who have the
Apple earpods

in their ears Oh doesn’t work doesn’t
look like you got cigarette butts
hanging out of their head it’s not a
good look I can’t get over it I’m like
then they will have won have distracted

like why only one you know why didn’t
you want to and can you hear yourself or
what’s going on it’s a dumb look look
most of the looks and sounds from these

at home guys in the beard to grow in a
beard and all the rest are in the books
they got books behind them all the time
that looks smart Knoll thing it there’s
some it is so odd that people think

that’s a good look with books his books
rarely look good in the background

they just don’t well I would like to
death I was doing this I was I was
working for me I would do one of these
desks that is just an outrageous mess I

wouldn’t have to do a lot exactly just
turn the camera on you’re done yeah I’m
good to go I could do it like you use
this my little studio set here and have

this Gong in the background and do it
here’s a I could have a couple of these
crushed cans yeah mm-hmm got a couple
crushed can you just look like a you

know like you’re just hanging out
I have you know I just I’m s I think
that’s the way to go no one has the guts
to do that do you have you have crushed
cans just in case in your studio well

here’s what I know I have these these
Pellegrino cans and I crushed them and
then I noticed that they were good for
if you were good little devices for
making more sounds and I was I told you

this before I thought just to make a
good Geiger counter sound that’s
actually pretty good Geiger conscious
you you have you have these things since

the Geiger counter comparison the cans
have been there yeah I can’t right here
sits in the sound effects bin you are a
special individual Jhansi Dvorak you are

a special man interesting article that
showed up but I think it came well zero
heads they always have some kind of I
like how they pull stuff think you got a

link out of them though they’re good for
headlines but apparently Reuters is
reporting that the Trump administration
is getting ready to release plans to
initiate a pact among several nations

our allies for mining the moon and
there’s going to be a so it’ll be a an
international agreement that it will be

called the Artemis Accords now Artemis I
think is the name of this mission or the
name of the of the next of the next
mission to the moon yeah I have so much

trouble believing all this I mean 50
years ago we landed a tinkertoy wrapped
in tinfoil on the moon it’s since then

we have we went from a phone that if you
if you touch the wires it could actually
shock YouTube a phone that is now a
supercomputer in your pocket that the

advance is the Internet all this stuff
why isn’t Elon Musk already spinning
doughnuts on the moon in his Tesla I
just don’t understand what

happened and I wonder if we’re ever
going to get to the moon again anyway
that’s all I had to say on that okay I
think that’s valid as a valid opinion

yeah I wanted to play these three clips
because this is the media is losing
their kind of their people are losing
interest in kovat oh no got to bring
them back in the fold so let’s go with

this one this is Nora opens with mutant
virus– Wow
hold on a second where is yes got it as
we come on the air tonight coronavirus

infections are still growing in much of
the country just as we’re learning there
is now a more powerful mutant strain of
the virus that is even more difficult to
treat there are now more than 20,000 new

confirmed cases every day here in the
United States and while cases are
declining in the New York City area the
epicenter of the crisis elsewhere the
rate of infection is rising still 44

states are moving forward with lifting
restrictions and tonight President Trump
is acknowledging those moves to reopen
could lead to even more deaths telling
reporters today that Americans should

quote think of themselves as warriors
okay couple of things first of all the
way she does that report it makes it
sound just 20,000 new cases of the
mutant virus term mutant virus whoever

put this this story together had her
read it across information so she went
from one subject to another

she says the difference I want you to
play the beginning of this again and
listen to this where she is claiming if
the waves just listened to her that
there’s 20,000 new cases of the mutant
virus as we come on the air tonight

coronavirus infections are still growing
in much of the country just as we’re
learning there is now a more powerful
mutant strain of the virus by the way
mutants drain mutant strain of the

viruses that is even more difficult to
treat there are now more than 20,000 new
confirmed cases every day here in the
United States
and while cases are to the right of

course of course
this poor copy never follows up on the
information so I have an old herbs clip
from democracy now this is this the clip
is called source of mutant strain a new

study finds the novel coronavirus that
emerged in China mutated in Europe in
February to become more contagious
speeding it’s spread around the globe
the report from the Los Alamos National

Laboratory also warns the mutated strain
could leave people vulnerable to a
second infection of kovat 19 the finding
has not been peer reviewed and the

director of the National Institutes of
urge caution saying the study draws
sweeping conclusions about the virus
that might not hold up to further
scrutiny the authors of the study said
they release the study early so that

people who are working on vaccines could
see their results what this is Lamy
people working on vaccines can see their
results this is bullcrap stretch this

out a little more well if you can’t do
it with the new do I love the way Nora
pronounces mutant mutant yeah you can’t

whoops there goes his effort well how we
doing seven cars yeah it was really late
that is effort is hours late so that is

not a good sign we would like to see a
solid nine cars is a stable good economy
eight is made is ok it’s ok we’ve had a
ten in the past seven I mean at least

it’s running it may be late but it’s
running happy about way they weren’t
gonna be so late
okay so here’s it’s not bad enough that
the mutant just drained the virus is

gonna kill you try this one mystery
kovat children’s disease now to a
mystery illness that’s putting otherwise
healthy children in the hospital more

than a dozen children in the New York
City area have ended up in intensive
care with severe symptoms possibly
linked to corona virus all this as
parents start thinking about camp and

school here’s our chief medical
correspondent dr. John
Pook 14 year old jack McMorrow loves
music and video games two weeks ago a
rash on his hands quickly led to a fever
of over a hundred and four degrees he

was rushed to the ICU and tested
positive for kovat 19 john McMorrow is
his father his heart rate was over 160
it was the scariest point in my life I
do as nothing anyone can do it he

prepared me for the worst Jack finally
responded to steroid treatment and
doctors continued to monitor his heart
function at Morgan Stanley Children’s
Hospital in New York I’ll have a very
fast heart rate they’ll be they’ll have
a high fever and if their heart rate

still stays very high they will
oftentimes come to the ICU for extra
support researchers are now
investigating COBIT cases like Jack’s
and the symptoms of a mysterious illness
it resembles Kawasaki disease the New

York City Health Department sent out an
alert last night describing a pediatric
multi-system inflammatory syndrome
symptoms include persistent fever rash
swollen lymph nodes and inflammation of

the heart eyes mouth and skin
hmm all gonna die yeah or at least the
kids will know anyway that’s kind of
distressing jeez

uh here’s what we should do I think
there’s always time in fact more and
more people are interested in our our
way of living these days and we should

start with the tracing and tracking apps

mentioned earlier hmm I wish we’d have
seen something out of South Korea by now
what is the point if it’s only to alert
people and throw them into quarantine

maybe we could learn something there are
people who are positive walking around I
mean release some data please yeah maybe
we’ll get more from Kanda Naevia Alberta

has launched its tracking and tracing
program go big nineteen remains a threat
but there’s a drive to get out to get
back to normal
well AHS says there’s now an app that

could help providing this information
voluntarily is crucial to our work to
prevent the spread of kovat 19 Alberta
trace together is the first contact

tracing app available in North America
every time users pass one another their
phones record the encounter using
Bluetooth encrypted data will be stored
on the phone now if one of those users
tests positive for kovat 19 the user can

upload their interactions to AHS and a
contact tracer would call the numbers
the phone registered telling them to
self isolate like bringing a camera into
focus these techniques give us a far

clearer picture that helped us to inform
our actions going forward now the app
stores only phone numbers no locations
it doesn’t use GPS but tracking still
raises privacy questions Alberta’s

Privacy Commissioner says she has been
involved and she supports enhanced
contact tracing in a statement she adds
in my view Alberta Health has chosen a
less intrusive approach in deploying
this app

okay what is happening is in every
country the app the same conversations
being had apps are being made and
governments are telling their citizens

you need to give up some of your privacy
so you can do so you don’t die and
pretty much is everyone’s going along
with it yeah that’s right sounds right

to me
in the Netherlands literally the
government is in the newspaper this
morning and an interview with some
muckety-muck and said I’m translating on
the fly well we’ll have to know

everything and we’ll probably even have
to know who you’re who your secret lover
is but don’t worry we’ll keep it secret
that’s the headline because of course

they’re gonna know who your lover is
because you want to be around that
person singapore’s these phones are good
for Singapore is going to require
smartphone check-ins at all businesses
and will log visitors identity numbers

but that of course is Singapore so
that’s kind of to be expected what I
think they’re doing wrong is there and
they’re calling it tracing and tracking
and you and they we’ve done so well

we’ve done social censorship hey
everyone understands that we have social
distancing I would recommend as a
representative of the creative or a

consulting group social surveillance use
that too I don’t like the word
surveillance I would I would not that I
think social surveillance I think it
will work I think not again I don’t like

to I think you’re onto something here is
to come up with the term and I think the
two of us can do it but that’s not I I
like the social part of it yeah unless

so no social social must be good let’s
look at some synonyms okay synonyms for
okay Luthi social sleuthing we could
also use let’s see contact social

snitching oh that’s a good one
I like social
hissing yeah you like it okay we got
inspection mm-hmm

monitoring is no good I don’t like that
either I like inspection supervision is
a word that’s kind of a synonym spying
and espionage those are out social

no one’s good no one’s gonna fall for
that bit superintendence no no no no
that observation social observation

yeah that’s getting there that’s that’s
new or new world order how about social
supervision that’s what I said oh I
missed it I didn’t hear that one that’s
pretty good then social super VIP mm-hmm

what made me work on it trolls aren’t
helping us socially no they’re no good
you haven’t graduated the top podcast
spot we can do this we can come up with

the word that means surveillance which
is what we’re talking about maybe you’re
not it being surveillance or what’s the
other one they’re doing in a spying
snooping snitching how about a synonym

for tracking maybe there’s one there how
about this for an idea how about doing
what they like to do in Washington where
you change that just change the titles
of the bill means it’s nothing like the

title yeah you could do that but how
about social awareness we do something
with that okay let’s start with let’s
use the word awareness but put it at the

so it’d be awareness um not awareness
monitoring I don’t like that no where’s
my social awareness protection okay I
think we’ve you know what we’ll we’ll

come back to the to the brainstorm a
little bit later on we’ll work on this
well we will get it meanwhile companies
are also creating their own social so

I’m just going to use it for for now
social surveillance inside their own
organizations several organs as this
according to The Wall Street Journal

several organizations
are going to be tracking location within
people within corporations within the
building to make sure people here the
company aims have its social distancing

app ready at the end of May workers
movements are tracked through their
smartphones and you get a higher score
the more time in the office you are
farther than six feet from another
person so they’ve gained the phone in

the drawer they’re gonna get a raise no
you have to be around people but it has
to be six feet so you’re standing up on

your desk in the cubicle yelling at
people oh man oh by the way I you know I
had this desktop machine in the studio

which really runs runs lubuntu in a
virtual machine but we were scanning
some documents yesterday and this then
the window side of that computer is

still configured to this or when the
scanner starts it sends it to that
machine and it’s fine that’s good but
then I had to email that to to myself
and to Tina and I so I fire up Outlook

the machine does is maintained it’s a
continuously updated with the Windows 10
you know virus that comes in on Tuesday
to update it for your experience and I
got a new experience as I found out

Outlook is now part of Microsoft 365 and
a part of 365 for a long 12 but a window
popped up telling me this and told me in

order to send an email I had to send I
had to log into Microsoft 365 so now I
just want to use Outlook no no and so
and I tried to click new message

no it’s grayed out yeah you can’t do
that what are you trying to do you’re
trying to foil the way this is working
I thought Outlook was outside of that

you could use it for free I didn’t have
to pay for outlook you paid for that’s
old Outlook Express oh no no
well I don’t know what happened but I

don’t like having to sign into Microsoft
to you to send an email yeah I don’t
blame you i wouldn’t do it i use
squirrel mail no it’s not gonna we know
what you use

I am fully back to mutt I map filter and
VI baby I love it and then finally this
is a hot off the press I do not believe
it has it has been mentioned anywhere
yet but there is a class-action suit

that’s been filed against plaid networks
for selling people’s bank information to
third parties illegally and it’s a class
action this could be now that it’s a

part of visa with all the all the
different venmo and all this stuff that
fits in that that’s connected through
the plaid network into banks and just a
reminder plaid sits in between your

venmo app or your cash app and there’s
many more to make it easy for you to
access your bank account you give that
app your login and password for your

bank account I know you’ve all done it
and then that app logs in as if it’s you
and then acts as if it’s on the website
as a person and can make transactions

but can do anything it wants and
apparently it has been so this should be
they would sign up for something like
this well you people don’t know they’re

signing up for it because they sign up
for venmo when they think okay I’ll just
put in my bank password and I can trust
VIN Milo you keep the bank password to
anybody else’s soft millions of people
have done it

milah I don’t know why they would do it
they’d just be forbidden yeah people
should they need to be taught in school
in high school yeah yeah not to do that
don’t give your bank password to anybody
I always got a kick what was that

software that came out some years back a
there’s like about eight years ago it
was some sort of it managed all your
money and it did all these crazy things
and it was like and it required you to
turn over your bank pass well there’s a

number of these their plugins a lot of
Millennials use them and that it’ll
manage you’ll say oh I can get you a
cheaper deal on this and looks like
you’re paying too much for your

insurance let me find you a cheaper deal
because it’s
continuously in your account looking at
your transactions I don’t think so oh
yes what do you mean your right mind

would give that you have no idea how
successful these companies are oh yeah
this should be investigated Shoop you
hmm all right let’s play the Kaley that

one thing that the one kind of offbeat I
could say that to the end well no now
let’s fight now do you have the whole
thing even when the journalize don’t
have to hold the yelling at the end when

the journalists are yelling at her at
the end yeah all right all right so this
is Kaley taking a question now I’m
thinking this woman who I like she is a
little bit over made out but it’s just

funny yeah but I like her because she’s
not putting up with any bull crap and
she decided you wishing me that we’re
gonna to see if she has a pattern here
but I think the pattern would be the
following I think this is what she

should adopt somebody has a snarky
question that’s got nothing to do with
anything it’s just a stupid snarky
question so you answer it with a blast
that you have pre-prepared because you

know that you can see the question
coming you have it pre-prepared and then
because it was a snarky question and
because you blasted them you finish with
a big blast and you leave the room I’m
out of here folks I’m here all the way

can walk out on him and that’s what she
did previous life before you were press
secretary work for the campaign and you
made a comment I believe on Fox
president Trump will not allow the

coronavirus to come to this country
given what has happened since then
obviously would you like to take that
back well first let me note I was asked
a question on Fox Business about

president’s travel restrictions I noted
what was the intent behind those travel
restrictions which is we will not see
the coronavirus come here
we will not see terrorism come here

referring to an earlier set of travel
restrictions I guess I would turn the
question back on the media and ask
similar questions does Vox want to take
back that they proclaim that the
coronavirus would not be a deadly

pandemic does the Washington Post want
to take back that they told Americans to
get a grip the flu is bigger than the
coronavirus which is the Washington Post
likewise want to take back that our
brains are causing us to exaggerate the

threats of the coronavirus does the New
York Times want to take back that fear
of the virus may be expressive spreading
faster than the virus itself does NPR
want to take back that the flu was a

much bigger threat than the corona virus
and finally once again the Washington
Post would they like to take back but
the government should not respond
aggressively to the corona virus I’ll
leave you with those questions and maybe
you’ll have some answers then a few days

so what you didn’t hear at the end we’ve
got cut off right the end one of the

journalists was yelling you you you were
prepared for the question how’d you know
I think I watched I would got decided
the actual press conference yeah it’s
right at the end and I never heard that

wait might have heard that I was left it
on well I’d see it’s interesting because
I heard it and I saw you had the clip so
then I decided not to clip it but you
can hear that question right the last
thing you hear are you’re prepared yeah
which she was obviously so that’s kind

of fun to show the press corps that they
have leaks as well it does work and
ravit reverse because she absolutely
knew that was coming she didn’t hesitate
for a second on that no she went right
to it

she had a page of all the notes so well
the hostility has started them with her
that should be interesting I I was not I
expected her to get steamrolled and I am
clearly wrong and we’ll see how she does

I looked at her background I didn’t
think so she she has one of those she
has a certain mean girl style that is
usually can take it and she’s smart if

you look at her background she’s smart
so she’s a smart mean girl this is not
that somebody you’re gonna be able to
blow blow away Lucy well at least we
have a different setting you know at

least someone else is answering some
questions a little tired of the
president and it’s hanging chads but the
media is theirs it’s kind of I guess
it’s been happening for a while but I

only put the two together and realize
that there’s a new style in news opinion
shows although they appear on news
networks specifically CNN and MSNBC
though these are news news outfits and

and it goes like this you talk to the
president for some reason these Talking
Heads now believe that it’s they should
be telling the president what to do and

there they’re looking into the camera
looking to the president have you seen
this Don Lemon does this Don Lemon and
he did a very interesting one the other

and I just went up it’s 45 seconds but
you can he’s looking right in the camera
and it’s just yeah I saw that I didn’t
clip it by should’ve that you this is a
good clip what is it about President
Obama that really gets under your skin
is it because he’s smarter than you

that are educated
made it on his own didn’t need daddy’s
help not bathing at all

wife is more accomplished this is the
kind of thing you don’t say to a guy’s
face you could beaten better-looking I
don’t know what is it what is it about

it he’s a black man that’s accomplished
any president Wow
and he punked you on the whole or a
certificate thing what is it about him

just wondering
this is a very odd thing he’s doing but
I believe it’s very successful with the

audience he has I think they like it I
think they really dig that he’s doing
this I think it brings a new audience
though I mean them no no no they’re
locking their audience down and the
audience is small yes it is it’s about

half of MSNBC which is half of Fox
but speaking of MSNBC Morning Joe is now
doing the same thing and Morning Joe and
this is just a minute but it went on for

five six minutes is talking to the
president obviously Donald you didn’t
want to hear that again I know I’ve been
saying it a lot and you actually tweeted

something extraordinarily cruel he’s
literally talking as if he’s talking to
someone on a video chat it’s very odd
and meek is going like like diamond and

pearl oh yeah mm-hmm preach yeah you go
I know you meant to be extraordinarily
cruel to me by attacking me that is
leaking my god diamond itself you were
supposed to have a working weekend you

got it wrong again you said 50,000
deaths 60,000 deaths now you’re saying a
hundred thousand deaths what was your
working weekend what did you do during
your working weekend well you know you

tweeted more hateful things about
colleagues of ours you tweeted
conspiracy theories about Jeffrey
Epstein will you have time for this you

tweeted conspiracy theories about Barack
Obama will you have time for this
you attacked George W Bush for simply
sending out a unifying message just

president I ask that you get checked out
I ask that you take a rest I ask that
you take care of yourself and maybe let

Mike Pence run things for the next week
you’re not well it’s a very odd form of
journalism that is taking place well
it’s obviously not journalism as these

guys that they think so highly of
themselves they feel obliged to do this
and everybody wants to be wants to
editorialize I mean you can go to
Lionel’s nation if you want to hear this
sort of thing

from Lionel the crazy lawyer who likes
to scream at the camera yeah and he’s
got some very good rants on there and
he’s holed up at like in his basement
much like Biden is in his basement the

it but they’re more entertaining than
this because the guy knows what he’s
I had this reminded me of the clip of
morning in America which I don’t have
the whole thing I do have I have the

Democracy Now report of it and this is
that group the Lincoln project oh this
is the George Conway’s George Conway and
so at a me the way she structures her
her commentary on this she thinks this

morning report is great because all
these smart Republicans hate Trump and
then of course she uses the word lashes
out and then she gives an example at the
end which is not Trump lashing out at

all in fact this whole lashing out thing
with Trump is nonsense but this is a I’m
gonna play this clip this isn’t a me
talking about the but a that includes a
small clip of mourning in America and

then she reads a trump a trump tweet
yeah I don’t know if these people know
that these tweets are extremely funny
and but they see him as like some
negative horrible thing and I think

morning Joe was everybody hates these
tweets yeah here we go President Trump
is lashing out against a new
advertisement by a republican-led group
called the Lincoln project calling out

his mismanagement of the corona virus
pandemic the one minute ad is titled
morning in America spin on Ronald
Reagan’s 1984 campaign slogan there’s
morning in America under the leadership

of Donald Trump
our country’s weaker if we have another
four years like this that morning in

America ad spelled mo you are in NJ in a
series of angry tweets posted just after
midnight Tuesday morning Trump attacked

the makers of the ad singling out George
Conway longtime Trump critic husband of
white house councilor Kellyanne Conway
Trump tweeted quote I don’t know what
Kellyanne did to her deranged loser of a

husband moon face but it must have been
really bad Trump tweeted he said that
before but to hear Amy say it is better

read Trump tweets is just dynamite isn’t
this just pure controlled opposition if
you really look at it I mean that that’s

that’s I keep thinking this is
controlled opposition I don’t think it
is I think is because that controlled
opposition really resides on MSNBC which
is more representative the Democrat

Party as a whole well Amy may be a
Democrat she’s really a Bernie bro and
the Lincoln group the Lincoln group is
real for sure that’s controlled
opposition isn’t it I mean there’s my ID

but who’s controlling the control
Kellyanne Conway I don’t know maybe okay
this could not be a healthy relationship
I don’t there may be something to the

theory that this is all planned and
controlled because – he’s insulting
Kellyanne and George in that little
tweet in a funny kind of way calling me
a loser and you know your husband you

don’t to hit if you work for someone you
called somebody calls your husband a
loser moon face moon face loser of a
husband I don’t know maybe I find it

I like that the tweets are funnier than
that stupid morning in America thing
it’s morning in America and there’s
thousand points of light

I was I was shocked I will say shocked
that Project Veritas comes out with the
big news with undercover video and voice
altered witnesses that CBS faked a shot

Oh No
yes I’m shocked shocked this is so what
a waste

so the and I got a minute from their
from their teaser report well just
listen to it this happens five times a
day at least you’re telling me you’re a
hundred percent certain that CBS News

CBS News Corporation national staged a
fake event they fake the news they faked
the reality and broadcasted that to all
of their audience last Friday on CBS

this morning only six states have
reported more cases than Michigan but
fewer than 2% of its people have been
tested for the virus in our series on

the state of coronavirus testing Adriana
Diaz shows how Michigan is trying to
improve a system that has failed some of
its people but the governor says testing
above all else will help determine when

to fully reopen
all right so the whole report is this

bad and and what happened is they were
going to do a shot of a line of cars
waiting to test to be tested for
coronavirus and there was almost no one

there so CBS arranged a whole bunch of
fake cars and patients and of course
sadly there were some actual people who
were waiting for about an hour because

of the shenanigans who really were
patients to be tested yeah I drove past
the Berkeley testing thing which is that
no cars zero not even one car was gonna
drive through it just asked him a few

questions I should have when you brought
my little camcorder but this Veritas
would like the heartbeat music you know
women that one woman who I can’t
remember her name but she does a bunch

of videos on YouTube but– she did the
expose and showing all these the day
before shot you know all these people
lined up the ambulances are coming in
the next day a bunch of locals yeah here

we go it was unbelievable we went to the
site of the CBS news crew there
lining up cars but they weren’t cars of
patience no there were cars of endurance

they were manipulating the media to make
it look like there was a lot of people
being tested this was false we have an

come on he’s insulting me it would have
been better if it was like then all that

course they were all driven by the dead
and that is exactly why we are
non-commercial we don’t have to do dumb
crap to get people to watch or pay

attention I’m gonna show my food by
donation to no agenda imagine all the
people who could do with us oh yeah
that’d be fab

but one thing we have to do is thank
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that in Florida
I don’t know but she does have a call
out I want to call out Doogie fresh as a

douchebag claymation uh the corona
survivor can you please tell me the show
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virus pandemic walkthrough meeting book
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can’t beat it
not really and the point is is that we
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we do we don’t do that we know we’re not

archivists in that sense we have these
systems we provide all of our data in
structured format opml it’s available
the show notes and everything is

available and people put that together
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developer just lost interest I guess
and as of January 1st it hasn’t been

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have one important topic for for these
remaining moments we have and it’s an a

dose related topic American descendants
of slavery this came up on the mo show
and of course it didn’t hit my Twitter
and didn’t hit your Twitter but this is

about a move in the political space or a
move at a movement and we’ve been
tracking that the Democrats need the

black vote they lost some of it I think
not a a substantial enough amount during
the previous election that it made

people pay attention but as you know
there are a lot of African American
descendants of slavery who are
considering not voting for the Democrat
Party doesn’t mean they’re voting for

somebody else but that they will no
longer hand over their vote without and
here the key words to look out for
tangibles like give us something that’s
really for us or reparations I would say
that is that as the big ask and it’s not

being listened to it’s not being
discussed Joe Biden came out with his
that Biden for black America plan which
believe it or not mentioned the word
reparations and but it was in the

context of doing another study to see if
what what should be done who should get
it so that that’s not gonna fly we need
more studies but did he came out on he
was doing which is funny if you know did

he but he was on a livestream with Naomi
Campbell some kind of Rona let’s hang
out together and do a zoom video
everyone can participate in and here’s
what he said the black vote is not going

to be for free we’re gonna have to see
some promises you know what are we
getting in return for both and nothing
has changed for black America and in
order for us to vote for Biden

we can’t be taken for granted like we
always are because we’re supposed to be
Democrats or because people are afraid
of trouble this weathers going to take
care of our community whoever wants to

make a deal it’s business at this point
you know we can’t trust politicians you
know so we want to know very clearly
just like Trump made it clear that he
wanted to build the wall the body needs

to make it clear that he’s gonna change
the lives and quality of life of black
and brown people obviously can’t get the
boat I will hold the boat hostage if I –
he said it here said it first breaking

no no no Diddy is no stranger to to the
voting process he’s done a lot of a lot
of campaigns over the years people do

listen to him he’s no slouch
I think it’s they should be worried
about him
I got a lot to be worried about yeah
yeah maybe I should be I don’t know what

they’re gonna do I think about this is
like what are these guys gonna do they
got this they got it they got the
country on a you know just beaten by
this virus and shut down everything that

I mean that that’s weakens Trump’s
position but then they’ve come up with a
candidate like Biden although I think
it’s you know you could point out that
most the people they’re gonna vote for

but bite him don’t even know of what a
bumbling idiot that he is because they
don’t get to see those clips because
they won’t show them to him to
mainstream media is all in for bite into
Democratic bigwigs are all in for Biden

and they just hoping for the best
they’re hoping for a fluke and then of
course the peel die and the the vice
president become president so that’s the
first you got ready to keep an eye on

did you see the I don’t think any of
this is gonna happen to be honest about
it I think it’s gonna be a one-sided
slaughter and Biden’s out did you see
the New York Times opinion letters to
the editor and this was Joe Biden and

Tara Reid whom to believe and the
letters to the editor included I mean
this is the one they published the New
York Times published these letters to

the editor and you know it was very
clear that Ted there’s you know you
gotta listen to something’s going on
here so we have to investigate this
thank you for this editorial for the
record I’m a lifelong Democrat and we’ll

vote Democrat this fall regardless
defeating Donald Trump and saving our
democracy is the most important thing
however we do still need a full
transparent investigation I totally
agree with this editorial I don’t want

an investigation
I want a coronation of Joe Biden would
he make a great president unlikely would
he make a good president good enough
would he make a president better than
the present occupant absolutely I don’t

want justice whatever that way maybe I
want to win the removal of Donald Trump
from office and mr. Biden is our best
chance by the way that’s Martin tulchyn
who was a former reporter for the New

York Times and they published it with
his name and it says the writer is a
former reporter from the New York Times
well they probably felt obliged to do

that because of the disclosure stuff
they like to do that’s crazy and so
there’s probably two here’s who had the
discussion when you’re in the minute you
know you’re putting it just one person
usually the actually the editor does

take part in some of these letters
because they like to slant the
perspective and so they have this
discussion this oh this is a great
letter look at this he slams Trump to
all things isn’t that one of our old
writers oh shit

just pull this one and run a different
one now you know I kind of like it all
we have to do just put the disclaimer in
there that good letter that we wanted to
put it in there no one’s good nobody

reads us is gonna think anything about
whereas anybody who is not a normal
stood for the time to think what it kind
of corruption is this why don’t you just
have the editor write-up phony letter to

herself or himself sorry yeah well I got
some news I got some news mm-hmm I have
a well I got a kind of a kick out of the
well here’s the well here’s that except

I wanted to play earlier in the show
this is the New York dead and the
vaccine this is the one I was cringing
his twenty-first second clip okay CBS’s
Milegi is gonna lead us off tonight in

New York City mola well Nora well deaths
in New York are down significantly from
their peak just a few weeks ago we’re
still losing more than 200 people a day
to this virus so many that bodies are

being stored in makeshift morgues like
those white refrigerator trucks that you
see behind me there and that is why
there is so much hope in this
experimental new vaccine that could be
ready by this fall up with it I’m

cringing watching this clip oh brother
okay so my end unless you have something

for the industry I got two clips I’ve
finished things off I just want to know
what commentary I would just like to run
through one bit of information then both
of your clips are good to go now I have
one bit of information and the clip then

you’re good to go
will that work Zion fine okay bit of
information why Michael Flynn remember
we asked this question why was he so
data theories are rolling yes well this

is from our military intelligence who
knows Flynn personally I can attest to

this is Agent Orange and he says here is
why it’s a one to five point list one
I’m glad that he’s chimed in by the way
yeah one he knows what happened in Libya

and how Hillary Clinton moved weapons
from Libya to Syria when she was running
the state two
he knows how Ukraine played of em and
this is verbatim he knows how Ukraine

played a vital role in supplying
moderate rebels in Tunisia and Egypt for
the Arab Spring pen three
he knows the lost man pads in Libya were

repurchased and the CIA gave them to
Qatar who sold them to the Taliban that
shot down a US chopper with him with a
whole SEAL team on him for heinous oops
for he knows who gave the stand-down

order regarding Benghazi and finally he
was going to audit the intelligence
agencies I think that says enough that
sounds right I like the whole list it’s

a good it’s a good list anything to keep
us from speculating is a plus yep and
then this is my final story where
political correctness and over

socialization has just gone too far in
my book this is Alaska hated Alaska vote
by the mat-su borough School District
Wednesday night did two things that
removed the New York Times Learning

Network from teacher resources and
getting more attention it removed five
books from the curriculum the
controversial because of words like rape
and incest and sexual references and
language and things that are pretty

serious problems especially in our
teenage world the novels in question I
Know Why the Caged Bird Sings catch-22
Invisible Man things they carried and

that scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
which is one of the top ten most read
books amongst high school students in
the nation it’s really baffling that

this is taking place well those are
seminal books well they’ve been taken
out of the curriculum Catcher in the Rye
which is a very important book that kids
read no no catch 20 catch 22 not catch

her in their eye catcher in the wrong
catch-22 catch-22 is a fantastic course
it’s a great book it shows you the
ludicrous nature of certain kinds of

that would be the problem and then you
have the Invisible Man which is a I’m
assuming it’s the Invisible Man that
would be a great novel by Ralph Ellison

yes and ya know this is ludica they
didn’t catch 22 still okay
no catch no I’m sorry I’m get deep eyes
still okay

yeah but Maya Angelou is not okay and
the great gatsby because because of the
great gatsby is minor and I mean it’s a
great book it’s a great structure but
there’s always taught in English classes

for its balance it’s one of the best
structured novels ever written but it
but in terms of the rape and all the
rest of it it’s like it’s gonna it’s not
with the books about okay well they got

something wrong with him up there then
sounds like Texas I don’t think so take
that back I’m sorry Texas yes okay I get

the two clips I wonder if I meant to
play last night last year I’m playing it
now this is a San Francisco protests
over hotels mmm Dookie in California

medical students and doctors with the UC
San Francisco do not harm coalition
staged a die-in outside the home of San
Francisco mayor London breed Wednesday

to protest her refusal to swiftly move
unhoused people into hotel rooms the
dying lasted thirty minutes to symbolize
thirty thousand vacant hotel rooms in
the city that could be used to how is

the homeless during the pandemic the
protesters also hold a moment of silence
for three unhoused people in San
Francisco who’ve died of kovat nineteen
so that’s because the hotels have heard

about this scheme and they said no now
we’re not going to do that and they Bri
does know how to make him do it they
can’t make him do it they don’t and they
can’t make him do it so the whole things

that fell apart that whole idea now the
last one which is the best flip aha is
the California beaches clip of course it
is in California Governor Gavin Newsom
has ordered beaches in Orange County

closed after crowds defied social
distancing rules California reported
more coronavirus deaths over the most
recent 24-hour period except in Orange

Scrooge on Republicans are so you close
those beach of course of course you’re
gonna close that all right well keep
your social distance everybody so these
social surveillance can make sure that

you are good to go and will take care of
the social censorship and we will return
here will we guess we’ll return here on

Sunday we will bring you another
jam-packed show no doubt deconstruction
whatever takes place in the next two
days and I will do it here from Austin
Texas where I am it’s the frontier

opportunity zone 33 FEMA region number
six and all the governmental maps
remember us that Dvorak dot org slash n
a in the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from northern Silicon

Valley where I don’t know it’s a nice
day and people should be out I’m John
see tomorrow we return Sunday right here
on no agenda again remember us at Dvorak

org slash na until then adios mofos
oh by the way I should mention we have
Jesse coy Nelson and a mix and after the

show on No Agenda stream calm random
thoughts where’s the beef adios
everybody both the mayor and the
governor only had the right to enforce

the 30-day stay who lives there now
abusing their power we mean business and
we are going to shut this down one way
or the other

don’t be stupid
we will cite you and if we need to we
will arrest you and we will take you to

what are you trying to do you call
yourself a progressive but you shall

throw yourself to Brooklyn yeah
seriously you guys have a part you live
in the middle of the park you don’t need
to not essentially travel to Brooklyn
this is the epitome of non-essential

travel you’re too close to me to be
especially distant now y’all can we just
get real do we really care about our

fans there’s this just another deal
another way socials about the people
remember we are people do you really
need another life perish here so we need

another pose to show up everywhere I
hope that’s read scatter that we never
then I first live forever even when we
go to bed


give it up merry McCoy

mofo Dvorak dot org slash and a space