No Agenda Episode 1241: “Curtain Wranglers”

oh this is no agenda northern Silicon
Valley where everybody’s wearing masks

and you know there’s a smile under that
mask I’m Jessie Dvorak yes the right
topic off the bat I am unmuzzled I will

not be muzzled and you don’t have to be
muzzled the official word is in wearing
a mask in public is not desired

this is dr. Anthony Fauci on 60 minutes
right now in the United States people
should not be walking around with masks
you’re sure of it because people are

listening really know closely to the
right now people should not be worried
there’s no reason to be walking around
with a mask when you’re in the middle of
an outbreak wearing a mask might make
people feel a little bit better and it

might even block a droplet but it’s not
providing the perfect protection that
people think that it is and often there
are unintended consequences people keep

fiddling with the mask and they keep
touching their face then can you get
some schmutz and sort of staying inside
there or of course but when you think
mask you should think of health care
providers needing them and people who

are ill there can be no question no
masks and as a handy resource I have
made no masks dot-org
and if you go there I shall do it myself

no masks org you will see a copy of that
video you will have an audio there and
you can bookmark and bookmark that as a

handy little resource when someone gives
you crap you say oh yeah
look at tony fauci bitch
I like to wear you put a byline on it

it’s not really by design that’s
otherwise you can’t have a title without

the byline that’s just some way the
system is cheap generator no excuse me
this is the freedom controller not some
cheap generator thank you very much your
controller you should be able to have it

so you should be able to control it yes
I know I know I’m working on it I’m
working on it anyway so there it is that
is the definitive answer it is from
Asics nothing has changed since then

ouchy in fact is not even on the scene
he is in quarantine how handy is that
when everybody wants out just when
everybody wants him to testify

all of a sudden yeah no I thought yes
someone was exposed so I have to self
quarantine little things it’s kind of

timing so everyone is not walking around
here in a mask I would say about 50
percent of the people yeah well you have
oh you should private lands maybe it

could be right I mean here it’s a
hundred percent yeah I accept some of
the homeless and they’re not walking
around in messages yelling at people

yeah and shaking their fists everyone
else is wearing a mask happily they’re
all happily wearing masks this is this
is so not a good idea the more I think

about it now that now that we have the
official medical advice I mean you agree
with me right that is the guy who makes
the call correct
he is the referee oh okay yes he’s the
referee he’s the guy that makes the call

he said no mask it was very clear we
have a mask ordinance in Austin which is
illegal because the the state overruled
it but still they’re gonna try and shame

you and Duke on all kinds of Democrats
I don’t know if it’s just because the
Democrats this that’s what is reason
around here it’s something in the water
and MS the Republicans try not to so you

think that’s the delineation it’s not
just people who are won’t be muzzled let
sighs yep yeah yes sadly you’re probably
somewhat right but but the protest is

everywhere people want to they want out
they’re done they don’t want to hear it
anymore they want to get back to work
they want to get back to life they’re
just not taking it anymore that boots on
the ground Pennsylvania from one of our

producers gonna kill people people have
had enough the overwhelming majority of
deaths in Pennsylvania have been in
nursing homes the hospitals were never
overrun in fact they are furloughing
people and hospitals are losing money by

the billions due to cancelled elective
surgeries not unique to Pennsylvania we
were told that even with social
distancing there was a huge chance would
overload the system and it simply didn’t
happen and yet the governor just

extended the stay-at-home order until
June 4th without any data to back it up
three four five man the day that eight
comes I’ll be I’ll be Hootin and

Hollerin seven cars seven car economy on
we have a we have a friend that works
for NHS mm-hmm and she says that it’s
same thing

hospitals are empty I’m suppose it must
be a pocket someplace where there’s a
hospital full and she says what’s
pathetic is that people look like
there’s a one example recently there’s

this big empty Hospital places big is
empty and some guy had a stroke so they
brought him in but because of all the
rules his wife or nobody can see him so
he’s stuck in there by himself when he’s

half out of it and he’s wondering where
everybody is he’s wondering if he’s dead
my dad where’s my wife and my dad and
he’s just pathetic
she says this is so sad and this is

going on all over the Great Britain with
these people because you can’t just go
and see him so
if your assertion is correct and I’m and

I’m gonna say in California I bet it is
that it’s political the mask is a
political thing that is so it political
grease because the people who wear the

master responsible and the people don’t
wear the mask and want to kill everybody
they’re horrible Republicans okay so you
could say that both of these groups are
acting rather cultish right one says
we’re the smart cult and you gotta wear

the mask and the other says we’re not a
part of the cult and they have their own
cult I guess you know true I don’t think
that I think that non masks words are
not part of a cult okay well that even
strengthens this argument truthstream

media put together a cool little video
to the shownotes
in a show notes calm just a talking cat
ladies and gentlemen do not despair no

agenda show has the talking cat coming
up in just a moment stand by they did a
bit on cults and how people are
initiated so initiation rituals into

cults are they they kind of mashed up
the idea of what’s going on now with the
video while reading a very traditional
piece of work about initiation real

rituals into cults and I just picked up
this one-minute clip from it necessary
for new members to function properly in
the society they are being inducted into
are all imbued at this time

repetition is typical as its use helps
hammer the spell home the wearing of
masks may be required

masking has traditionally played an
important role in rituals of this kind
and hastening the suppression of ego to

help facilitate a death of the old
identity before the identification with
and manifestation of a new one disguised
under a mask and hidden away the

initiate is more easily able to
transcend the self pushed further toward
that invisible line between the physical
and spiritual realms I’m all in on this
now I’m so no no this mask thing is a

very bad idea the very bad idea people
have to wake up to what’s going on here
we’re so preconditioned forget just the

one it’s just how bad I think it is
especially around here you don’t know if
you see it there but I’m sure you do you
have these morons and I’ll use the term
driving in their cars by themselves with

masks oh yes John we have that the
windows are up yes we well you don’t
want the ronan to fly in and hit you in
the face do you know and also the air is
off no no you can’t have any air on it’s

just your hotbox and down the road with
your mask yes I’ve seen it
so we make kind of a sport of it now to
see okay did you go in without a mask

yeah hell yeah I did people aren’t
yelling yet they’re not not yelling yet
but anyway the preconditioning producer
Justin losing obviously a gamer or he
was a gamer around 2000 said

so much stuff that has been in the in
the psyche for so long this is the game
dos dos X that gets some kind of combat
game whenever and here’s a little clip

your appointment to FEMA should be
finalized within the week I’ve already
discussed the matter with the senator I
take it he was agreeable he didn’t
really have a choice

has he been infected yes most certainly
when I mentioned that we could put him
on the priority list for the ambrosia
vaccine he was so willing it was almost
pathetic this play the rioting is

intensifying to the point where we may
not be able to contain it
why contain it let it spill over to the
schools and churches let the bodies pile
up in the streets in the end they’ll beg

us to save them going on for a while
Deus Ex actually I mispronounced it oh
yeah but how differents how different

does it sound from New York City this is
producer Nick who caught the giant voice
recording going off as people were
starting to kind of congregate getting

too close to each other you know wanting
to say something to their government

and you are ordered to disperse if you
fail to this person yeah this is
reminding me I guess we’ve got users

from there you will be ticketed and yeah
the red zone is for parking
and you hear that what kills me about
that announcement at the airport’s they

play it inside the airport only a JFK
though I don’t think anywhere else they
do it Oakland so you’ve even got yeah

but Oakland is very small so the Oh
golly Marlene I forgot to bring the car

don’t start outside parked so even some
of the doctors are fed up with it and
are doing the typical kind of stand-up
presser in front you know in the scrubs

in front of the the hospital doors up on
the steps and scrubs yeah oh yeah there
you go exactly dr. presser his pressures
damn it I’m on a roll presser in scubs

this is dr. barky what did the experts
are wrong
what up quarantine the healthy doesn’t
actually save lives

what if wearing a mask in public is not
effective my name is dr. Jeff Markey and
I’m here representing thousands of

physicians across the country whose
voices are being silenced because we
don’t agree with the mainstream media
and the experts who are telling us what

to do
never in the history of this great
Republic have we quarantined the healthy
never in the history of this great
Republic have we told churchgoers and

it’s illegal for you to exercise your
First Amendment right of freedom of
religion yet at the same time it’s
essential to keep pot dispensaries open

never in the history of this country
have we been told that you can’t go to
church because it’s not essential but
you can go get an abortion

never be fooled another country have we
let criminals out of jail but we’ve told

you you can’t exercise your Second
Amendment right and protect yourself by
purchasing a firearm when liquor stores
are deemed essential but your businesses
are getting non-essential there’s

something wrong going on this booklet
the Declaration of Independence and our
US Constitution was never designed to
restrain the people it was designed to

restrain the government I can inform you
the doctor has been demonetised doctor
is a republic well there’s that but he
has he has some very valid points and

he’s he’s making his point heard but
there’s somebody’s got to do it but
there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on
weird they’re just even at a local level
or the state level and like an Austin a

mayoral level they just don’t want us to
get out they just want to come up with
reasons to keep us in and now we have
the trait at five G up well now we have
the Tres act on the way House House

Resolution D well and of course it is
how it you can’t make it up it’s House
Resolution 666 it’s one six too many and
here’s the problem a lot of people have

with it it will authorize the Secretary
of Health and Human Services toward
grants to eligible entities to conduct
diagnostic testing for kovat 19 and
related activities such as contact

tracing through mobile health units and
and here comes as necessary at
individuals residences and for other

so they’re putting together a tracing
squad a hundred billion dollars is the
proposal for this and it will be yeah
exactly what it sounds like a form of a

like the EU regulation like an army and
so if if you’ve been identified as
someone who
may have been in contact then to come to

your house and test you and take
measures so what could these measures be
well let’s take you out of the house and
lock you up
that’s correct and this is doctor Robert
Levin he is the health secretary of
what’s-his-name here a health director

of Ventura County California and here he
is talking and when you listen to him
speak just and I’ve left a little more
in this than I would have at the

beginning certainly he’s like mr. Rogers
and he’s an ally I even have to
interrupt him he’s so sickly at telling
you what’s going to happen I mean it’s a
real doctor and you just listen to this
guy and what he’s talking about is quite

concerning we are beginning a program
today and it’s a pilot program which
will certainly grow into something
larger and larger and that is community

contact tracing program we’ve done
contact tracing all along that a contact
is a person who’s been exposed to

someone that we document to have the
kovat infection when we find someone who
has a kovat infection those people are
immediately isolated but we also work

with them to figure out who their
contacts were just the way he says that
you know it if you if you have the virus
okay you can be asymptomatic maybe you

get tested but the way he makes it sound
is like immediately isolated luckily
because you have been doing such a great

job of cooperating and staying indoors
and staying isolated you’ve been such
good little obedient servants and slaves
it used to be there were ten contacts at

least for every patient that we would
find now it looks like there are
probably only two or three or four
contacts not surprisingly so good

very good Human Resources by the way the
guy is not doing an interview he’s
speaking on stage this is how he speaks
to his his County is his subjects

because most people have been staying
away from others saying that’s that’s a
good news but the purpose of this
program is to bring on people we’re

going to start with ten people we may
bring on up to fifty or even more just a
pilot project after all as the program
grows and as we see the needs for it as
we do more testing we will find more and

more people who have kovat 19 and again
will isolate every one of them and we
will find every one of their contacts we
also realize that as we find more

contacts some of the people we find are
going to have trouble being isolated for
instance if they live in a home where
there’s only one bathroom and there are

three or four other people living there
and those people don’t have kovat
infection we’re not going to be able to
keep the person in that home every
person who we’re isolating for instance

needs to have their own bathroom and so
we’ll be moving people like this into
other kinds of housing that we have
available empty prison cells no no no no

no no listen you don’t call the prison
cell anymore they’ll also have other
needs perhaps food whatever it’s gonna
be if the county will be there to back

them up and to support them yeah I think
you’re right it’s a prison cell I think
that’s exactly where you’re going and so
you know when you hear this and you hear
you see this bill that is coming our way

you gotta think the guys pretty happy
about it it’s like yeah I’m gonna get
fund it’s perfect reminds me of this a
little bit if you think about
takes place within a strong legal

framework we operate under the rule of
law and are accountable for it in some
countries secret intelligence is used to
control their people in powers it only

exists to protect their freedoms protect
their freedoms
protect their freedoms protect their
freedoms and that’s why we’re doing in

citizen is to protect your freedoms I
have no fear yeah yeah it’s gross okay
that’s that unfortunately is seems to be

where we’re headed now we were looking
for some names for uh for some reason
that that really hit a mark and you see
where I have this people started coming

up with all kinds of cooler names for
tracking so that we could kind of sell
it a bit better so we have social
interactive safety social proximity
awareness when we need something for

these troops we need a name for them too
social density squad I had one I forgot
to write it down because somebody wrote

one and I thought was quite good first a
bunch of yeah we should put a webpage
together and you could put by Adam Curry
on it screw you door I could go to it
anyway I had a very infected eye oh yes

you had a big eyeball was swollen up and
you could even barely see through it it
was causing problems with this show show
actually suffered yes there were certain

buttons like I could not hit with
accuracy my eye hand coordination and
gotten thrown totally out of whack so
after three days of you know as the
eyelid was all swollen than the socket
we were in a big boxing match yes on the

losing end of the match and so now my
whole face is kind of swelling up and
like all right now we got this oh it’s
the hair that was my secret and by the

way little Richard died and talking
about a guy with a big head
yeah Little Richard man he did a lot
he’s a lot for America he really won’t
bamboo yeah he did a lot anyway so you

know being a podcaster the you know the
insurance scene is not all that easy in
a while back the keeper and I found this
new outfit from that’s actually a couple

of Silicon Valley guys and it’s called
decent and we may have talked about on
the show and well they basically give
you five hundred dollars a month per
person disaster insurance but you know
they they do chip in for some medication

and stuff and whatever it ideal if
something bad happens you know I’ll have
to figure out the eight thousand dollar
deductible the insurance kicks in and
besides I typically go to doctor wrong

the voodoo doctor anyway it’s not
covered so but one of their selling
points is unlimited
telemedicine appointments so I think
well here’s my chance I’m going to have

to do this which of course yeah good
involved downloading the app which I
have a special phone for which is goes
off after the usage downloaded the app
and I have to tell you wait hold on a

second you can’t do this on your regular
computer a desktop yes you can
you can’t can you can’t there’s a link
and everything one guy I wanted to have
the full experience so I could report on

it on the show this is the new hot thing
telemedicine and up on the screen pop
said dr. Sam robot doc now no I think he
may have been he’s maybe a Turkish

descent but he’s in Vegas and he owns
the telemedicine company he’s also the
CEO and he had a bow tie which tells you
he’s an inventor and that was fun he’s
invented a device that you connect to

your phone and then he can listen to
your heartbeat and take your temperature
and God knows what else maybe stimulate
but I had a really good experience with
this and he says you know the thing is

we can talk as long as you want there’s
no limit and and he told me uh well I
didn’t say confidentially but anyway he
said that he only charges $10 per
telemedicine visit to the

insurer’s he says you have no idea how
we make it up on volume so we got tens
of thousands of customers and they’re
calling with prettiness simple things
and for me was like okay I see why
you’re calling the guy do you see the

problem you know three questions and
then get the drops and by the end of the
afternoon it was already starting to
clear up I was impressed I’m not a guy
who likes to go to the doctor for

yeah well it’s not as a dangerous place
it’s a very dangerous place
it was quite yeah I there’s something to
and I and these guys are trying to
figure out a different business model by
making it more affordable I don’t know

if they’re actually making money but it
certainly is a hell of a lot cheaper
than lots of other routes I’ve seen and
your eyeballs okay and my eyeball is
doing quite well thank you got some

antibiotics and I’m rocking and rolling
well did he tell you what this problem
was what my problem will rot the eyeball
yes he had a name for it which I

promptly forgot but it is essentially
inflammation of the eyelid from
allergies with a histamine and then you

rub it and then if you rub it then he
gets screwed up and you’re screwed yeah
yeah Texas syndrome yes indeed Texas
syndrome yeah okay I have a phrase that

I think we will be hearing a phrase from
the shades no I think well no it’s gonna
be a phrase from the future and I’ve

read it a couple times and I’m like wow
are they really pushing this and maybe
I’m wrong but the recovery through
prevention which is just the most new
speak I’ve ever heard recovery through

prevention which of course you know what
that leads to
yeah locking in jail we let the
prisoners out now the vaccine of course
it leads you straight to vaccines

yes exactly vaccines which totally that
earlier clip well I’m gonna play this
one for you and this will kind of
finalize the getting back to work part

even though everywhere everywhere in the
world people are just giving up their
get their walking out of their homes
they’ve had it am sir damn is Rotterdam

it’s no the UK isn’t is different the UK
I think they shoot you on the spot
they’re really locked down over there
hey I have a couple UK reports okay

we’ll get to it after we listen to the
only way we can get back the only way
the world would get back to normal
ladies and gentlemen we have to listen
to the guru William Gates in my lifetime
there this will be the greatest economic

kit but you don’t have a choice people
act like you have a choice people don’t
feel like going to the stadium when they
might get infected you know it’s not the

government who speak for yourself pansy
boy saying okay just ignore this disease
and you know people are deeply affected
by seeing these deaths by knowing they

could be part of the transmission chain
and in old people their parents that
grandparents could be affected by this
and so you don’t laugh at about well I
think that he’s actually laughing

because it’s a tell some people have
brought the hammer down on me and say no
it’s because of his Parkinson’s like
well that may be but oh ok when do we do
his Parkinson’s began about a decade ago

yeah and they’re gone as far as I can
see I know bill before he when he was so
giving speeches about hobbies make money
by selling code and I’ve seen and I’ve
seen lucky buy for someone very young

yeah oh really that laugh has always
been there and went and when would he do
the line and Andy in appropriate smile
right in the middle of a sentence what
the right so what is that then if you’ve

been around it well I think that the
idea that it’s a tell is probably the
closest it gets my knowing me just I
mean you could say well it’s just a

nervous laugh but why does it show up
when it shows up because always shows up
at a tell moment I think he’s giddy
about the whole idea he’s giddy about
people being afraid

giddy about the only solution being his
giddy ass vaca Nations well I think
that’s a valid interpretation I could be
by knowing they could be part of the

transmission chain and in old people
their parents or grandparents could be
affected by this and so you don’t you
know you don’t get to say ignore what’s

going on here there are there will be
the ability particularly in rich
countries to open up it things are done
well over the next few months few months

for the world at large normalcy only
returns when we largely vaccinated the
entire global population and and so you

know although there’s a lot of work on
testing a lot of work on drugs that were
involved with you know trying to achieve
that ambitious goal which has never been
done for the vaccine that rises to the

top of the list
this indoctrination from dr. bill is so
deep that people are buying into it I
think part of this is the reason why

even when cuz pouchy is he’s compromised
he’s a trump guy he’s got trump goo on
him she’s not a trump no no no I think
foul Chi is now being pushed away and
he’s being seen as a turncoat just like

Burks I’m telling you the you should
know out there foul Chi is really not
this questions about him he won’t go to
the house for his testimony now he’s at

home now
no no bill Gates is still the ultimate
guy he dr. bill he knows everything
people are getting sick a bill and you
only have to ask someone like Sean Penn

who appeared on the view who appeared on
the view to an outlier and using that as
your example it’s still Hollywood its
Hollywood I just want you to hear the

programming Sean Penn I know Sean Penn I
got remind me one of these days to tell
me Sean Penn story on the MGM grand air
but for now theory is on the view as

somebody who has seen government
response to crises
first hand how do you think this
administration Shan has been helping and
handling kovat and and what worries you

the most well on federal level I think
that one thing that certainly should be
much more robust is in the defense
production Act manufacturing just listen

to it and kids I believe that if we had
that on the kind of level with which
that Act was used in the past for war
efforts that there’d be no question but

that we could test what in fact give
multiple tests over a series of weeks to
every American there’s no question we
have a model that’s that we’ve been able
to push out and with that you’re using

the combination of local governance and
community organizations or NGOs if it
would work on a small municipality level
as it would in a big city or in rural

areas yeah no Shawn there’s no way we’re
going to get multiple tests for every
man woman and child in the United States
and and I gotta appreciate the guy has

local teams here’s a score I think his
name was group and and they they do a
lot of good things but no you you’re
drinking the kool-aid man it’s not
feasible but then again no yes nobody’s

did this Universal vaccine is it the
whole world is gonna be vaccinated is
never the whole world’s never been
vaccinated for anything especially when

nobody in Africa even trusts bill again
he’s talking about testing now not VAX
no no I’m talking about backing up
because you didn’t let me get that look
jab in there well bill or something go

back go ahead you jab all you’re one of
dr. bill it’s bullcrap
well Canada is there’s gonna be more
people walk march in the streets against
any universal vaccine Trump I totally

subscribe to the Trump thesis which I
kind of think where I made know where it
comes from but it’s been observed before
this thing is just gonna go away

it’s not gonna be here next year
the Canada is already talking about
making the vaccine mandatory for all
citizens but Canada this guy’s applied

bend over and hey hey hey not all cand a
Navy ins not all of them they know who
they are I have a second part of this if

you just want to laugh a little more the
fear has also been that all we do the
fear but this shows you that not Bill
Gates the yeah that is kind of what we

do this shows you what right what the
programming does if you only if listen
he’s appearing on the view you have to
think he’s probably getting his input
from one-sided sources at this point but

Sean yes yes so you know his fear level
is also at a point that is just off the
scale and unwarranted which looks do you

saw this she looks nervous and scared
not at all well I don’t think we need to
attach a face of personality or what
somebody was sending on their social

media to be able to identify an active
shooter an active shooter is anything
that is continuing to to kill people and
our brothers and sisters and fathers and

daughters and sons this is this virus is
the active shooter and if we were I
think that if we could wrap our head
around it in that way and understand

that it’s principally putting in the
radical people of color
elderly people young people it’s racist
in randomly selecting all of us but you
see what he’s doing there he’s the way I

hear at night I think I’m hearing what
he’s thinking is this is active shooter
and look at it he almighty it would have
been better if you said and active
shooters also target black people that’s

almost what he’s saying the programming
is so deep on that man anyway with with
or without the vaccine it’s all gonna be

okay especially New York
we’re gonna get get back we’re gonna
bring our city back and we’re gonna
bring in the best people to help our
children when we are reopening schools

let’s Oakland a better school and let’s
open a smarter education system and I
want to thank the Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation will be working with them on
this project is in everywhere he’s like

yeah we got a city down sitting down
bring in the Scholastic Services he can
repurpose common core but he’s a genius

I just knew that Cuomo was jizan on Bill
Gates is a visionary ways and his ideas
and thoughts on technology and education
he’s spoken about for years but I think

we now have a moment in history where we
can actually incorporate and advance
those ideas yes so the next time windows
acts like a bitch just think Bill Gates
and then you’ll know that’s why we

worship Him that’s why you can’t make it
up you cannot make it up you can’t now

I’ll take you into your UK clips ready
control ready I’m gonna take you into
your UK clips here’s what we’re gonna do
I’ve got a clip from the UK but first

some feedback on the stochastic model
and the assessment thereof of the Neil
Ferguson Imperial College model here is
you me Neil Ferguson the guy who is

shacked up with his mistress when he was
supposed to be yes sheltered in place is
the one that’s the one the guy who was
overestimated quite a lot of numbers
throughout the run see that that would

be 2 million deaths in United States we
didn’t get too many 500,000 in the
United Kingdom alone yes that guy and I
and you recall that he built these
models not on rock and roll but on 13

year-old undocumented code and we had
the lockdown skeptics org and they
reviewed the code and they had some
interaction as well with the college
defeating I had some questions back and

forth and one of the things
came up was it was the stochastic part
was and I really didn’t have the
capability to analyze it properly but
what you and I thought was wait a minute

if this thing is returning random
results then something’s wrong with it
and we were partially right and I just
want to read this one paragraph from

producer Richard who analyzed what’s
going on he says the model and this is
what the article says under the
paragraph the model and elsewhere it’s a
simulation and of course with the

simulation you do want some random
factors being thrown in but he says this
certainly looks like a poorly written
one in that in addition to the
intentional pseudo randomness underlying
the simulation there are additional

hardware and configuration dependencies
that cause the results to differ I would
not call these latter random or
stochastic in the statistical sense
because despite its flaws
if the code will run multiple times on

the same Hardware in the same
configuration with fixed random number
seeds the results would be identical at
least in single thread mode this is how
stupid this is

Ferguson’s attitude about it is very
poor and he says admittedly were
partially right about the model about it
the pseudo randomness of it so bottom

line this model is shaky it sounds like
it’s it’s you know this is this whole
thing and I don’t want to again I’m not

I’m just sounded like an ideologue but
this is the same kind of thing you see
with global warming these mediocre
models and they go on and on with these

models and then they make decisions
based on their lousy output and that’s
what we’ve have right now with this
stupid thing and his model in the
Imperial College whatever that is not

Oxford it’s not it’s not Manchester I
mean what is this place very influential
that they nearly yeah because the whole
world’s been shut down because of their
their pride models and this is what’s

going on with global warming to which
people will never listen to these people
have never had a science they’ve never
taken a course in science but they’re
all the big experts and so all the media
people none of them have ever they can

barely get through a sociology class but
here they are talking about these
computer models and how the gold is
gonna is melting the world’s melting
it’s not just Oliva balandin snot just
the models it’s the actual data itself

we are hearing numbers of dead people
ranging from 37,000 to 72,000 we don’t
really know what dead is and the CDC has

a history of exaggerating numbers of
dead and go back to 2000 from the movie
super from the documentary Super Size Me
and at the time there were headlines

trumpeting everywhere that obesity was
soon to overtake smoking as the number
one cause of preventable death in this
country the head of the CDC Julie Gerber
Dean went before Congress and issued big
warnings and there was a big uproar over

the number of deaths that were to occur
basically what they did was divide their
survey samples between people who are
obese and people who are not obese and
then basically looked at rates of death

now if you are obese and you died from a
snake bite they would say that it was
your obesity that was causing your death
not the snake bite and sound familiar it
was part of a little statistical

hanky-panky on their part in other news
today the Centers for Disease Control
said it made a mistake about the scope
of the obesity epidemic in the country
roughly a year later another set of
researchers from the CDC offered a much

much lower set of estimates according to
their estimates it was roughly 25
thousand people a year who were dying
from weighing too much researchers say
that mathematical errors exaggerated the
death toll why did the CDC inflate the

numbers of deaths attributable to
follow the money I think it’s all about
funding and bureaucratic mission when I
talked to a few CDC officials they’re
constantly preoccupied about how much

money the government our Congress is
gonna allow for them for the next year
they’re constantly worried about getting
their funding cut
all of this might have gone unnoticed
except for the anti-tobacco people who
see this as a zero-sum game so they see

that if obesity becomes a big public
health issue it’s gonna crowd out
funding to tackle smoking as a public
health issue so they were among the
first people to tell him to point out a
lot of the methodological problems and

the estimates relating obesity the
public health outcomes so they’re just a
bunch of lying corrupt douchebags and
they do it all for the money for their
own projects for their own grants
there’s so much money in Health and

Human Services is an incredible
I mean foul cheese little teeny teeny
weeny division is 11 billion dollars and
we heard from one of our producers John
you were on the email who knows people

in in the business and and they hate
that within what they call the flu
people the flu people they get all the
money it’s always the flu people within

we also point out in that note that the
flu numbers are probably exaggerated cuz
we’re always talking to all 60,000
60,000 dead from the flu the seasonal
flu is killing thirty to sixty thousand

people and it that number may be
exaggerated Allah seemed it appears that
well RFK jr. is all over this he says
maybe a thousand people a year die from

the flu he says it’s a lie it’s just a
lie he says but it’s a big moneymaker
for the that by the way it was the first
question Adam tell me about yourself
you’re 55 okay when’s the last time you

had your flu shot first question out of
the gate and I say never and he went
okay next question actually that’s funny
because I’ve had a big question asked me

and and as soon as you say I am I gonna
get one
they don’t even lecture you about it I
mean so I mean it’s as though they asked
this question gratuitously no because if

they were serious about when they say
well you should get one no no no all
they have to do is put the black
checkmark in the database that’s what I
mean by gratuitous they’re just doing it
for someone’s black check mark so

they’ve done their job yes and there and
the follow-up it’s exact same by the way
no offense of the doctors out there but
how is that any different than would you
like fries with that what sighs mm-hmm

because it’s not as though the french
fry guy had McDonald’s or wherever it is

pushes it they don’t say we should like
fries or they say no they said all you
should they’re great no but for now it’s
not entirely true because the then it
would be McDonald’s saying excuse me sir

when’s the last time you had fries time
for a tasty fry aren’t you hungry all
so clearly the CDC has had issues in the
past and there’s so much confusion we

cannot trust any of this data so who
knows it could be a thousand people
could be a hundred thousand people we
don’t know we don’t know there’s some
average but it seems to be a heck of a
lot less than we were scared into

staying home for now did this work and
you too and I put that chart in the in
the show notes of the guy who took the
data before the lockdown after the

lockdown looked at all the death rates
of all 50 states and charted them and it
shows statistically if I understand it
and I’m not a statistician that there’s
pretty much no difference between in the

death rate between staying home or not
staying home you saw this graph right
yes this graph has been going around it
was all over Twitter and it indicated
that based on the early numbers and if
he’s projected outward the states that

said we’re not locking down and the
states is’s were locking down there was
the graph goes exactly as it would if
they if they even switched positions you

know the DES block down didn’t do
anything in other words and meanwhile
we’re still locked down and worried sick
because we have again a lot of Democrat
governors and who are scared that if

they lift a lockdown oh my god I’m gonna
be blamed for somebody else yes yes
point the finger at me it’s gonna be
blood on my hands but even crazier is if
you look at New York and the numbers

appear to show that over 60% of the
people infected got infected while they
home lockdown but that doesn’t sit well
with the media oh no no no no no that

can’t be true well we certainly hope so
I want to put up a quote from Governor
Cuomo in New York which which sort of
had some surprising information in it he
said 66% of the people who were new

cases were at home which is shocking to
us he said this is a surprise
overwhelmingly the people were at home
we thought maybe they were taking public
transportation and we’ve taken special
precautions but actually no these people

were literally at home 66% of the new
cases how does that happen well
generally speaking patients report and
this has been well established better

and safer behaviors than reality
so people report that they may be
staying at home they’re lying but in
fact we know 600 people got the
infection during pretty harsh sheltering
conditions in the New York area

how did that happen that means they got
the infection during the extreme
measures dude this they can’t even take
any kind of news in any other light can
they these people be dead liars liars

liars liars liars liars anyway I promise
to get you into the UK I’m gonna push
one off the rail I’m off the rails I’m
just gonna pull a hard left Katie

Hopkins on Sky luckily at least they can
talk about the Neil Ferguson guy and his
multiple mistakes and only in typical
British fashion can they rip a guy down

the way Katie Hopkins does in this clip
unbelievable so there’s this bearded
scientist he’s the typical science type
he looks like the sort of guy nobody
would want to sit next to at a wedding

he would Neil Ferguson and he’s
basically the guy that was the the he
was the one that made it such that the
UK was locked down he’s called professor
lockdown he was the one that came up

with the modelling that persuaded Boris
Johnson that we all had to be shut away
and put under house arrest in our homes
he says 500,000 people might die in the
UK because of coronavirus now what they

did whilst he had the rest of us locked
down he got his mistress his married
lover a woman funnily enough called
missus stats so for a guy who does

modelling and statistics she’s called
back he had her over and professor pants
down got his pecker out on a number of
occasions to you know help entertain
mrs. stats whilst the rest of us were

locked out so number one massive
hypocrisy as per usual number two he is
known for being absolutely crazy with
these models like five hundred thousand

deaths we’re nowhere near that number he
predicted 200 million would die from the
bird flu I believe it ended up in two
hundred and forty two like his modeling
is about as accurate as my five-year-old

standing up to take a pee so why were
listening to him at all I don’t know and
now professor pants down as god is
torture out whilst the rest of us are in
lockdown so frankly regular Brits that
had enough whoa you got butt slam in

that clip really because we played a
Katie Hopkins clips two shows ago where
she’s bitching about the same guy but

before the mistress story and she used
the same story about her little boy
trying to pee standing up oh I forgot
about recycling some of her gag
oh boo boo hoo well we shall report that

to the sky news division these fake news
is it’s old news this is no good we
can’t have that alright so here I here
we are in the UK welcome it’s your turn

ok well I don’t have anything to compare
to that last clip you pre topped me very
funny UK restrictions garden centres

they finally get their openers loosen
things up by opening up the garden
centers of any major loosening of
restrictions garden centers though in
England will be allowed to open from
Wednesday it’s part of first step

measures but with the Sun out this
weekend many people are already ignoring
some of the restrictions still in place
as Rebecca Williams reports
the sun’s out and you’d be forgiven for

thinking lockdown is over despite the
odd reminder mixed messages and little
information from the government to
making it feel like the country starting
to move again definitely needs to be
lifted two roundabouts now like a lot of

the people they’re not really sticking
to the rules anyway I think he should go
as far as he can to reduce it
I think people be very good so far I
think there’s a tipping point you feel a

bit weird like it’s contradicting the
feeling of are we allowed to be outside
now I realized to do more than one
exercise a day I think is going to be
definitely easy because it’s already

happening so it would be very strange if
he says the opposite doing the lockdown
most have stuck to the rules but police
have had to come down hard on some in

the West Midlands this man even spat
blood into a police officers eye as he
was handcuffed raising fears of
contamination forces across the UK have
been patrolling parks and streets but

there are concerns that this weekend
could place added pressure on officers
it’s got its challenges because it’s a
bank holiday weekend people people need
a boost I think and it’s a great

opportunity to commemorate the VE Day
celebrations I knew it’s confusing but
the rules are still the same
so the week’s go on it seems parts of
the country are getting busier and

busier in the first four weeks have
locked down the police issued nearly
nine thousand fixed penalty notices to
those flouting the rules for the highest
number issued in London the tenth Valley
and also Lancashire fine there is that

they’re handing out tickets yeah hundred
pounds I think and our friend in the UK
the NHS worker she says the real problem

that she’s noticing is the what they
call them to British isn’t like the
curtain Wranglers curtain Wranglers
these are the old laws behind the

curtain out their window and they’re
turning people in left and right
narcs yeah the narcs and they’re turning
people in left or right and the cops
come over and give you a ticket if the
curtain Wrangler call it good turns you

in and this is going on all over the UK
do you know that we have a huge narc in
Texas let me a huge dork a narc ok I’m
going to tell you what happened then

you’re gonna guess who it is
a guy in Texas sent secret shoppers all
over Dallas to restaurants who were
opening up to find out if they were
complying with reopening guidelines and

published today that 96% of Dallas
businesses are not complying
who’s the narc well your Mayor Mark
Cuban what yeah Mark Cuban is a narc

Cuban will continue sending out secret
shoppers over the coming weeks with
visits to hundreds of locations plan for
the rest of the month

how is this a good idea well he has his
own restaurant chains I think he’s
invested in fad shack and some other
pasta joint but still I mean I don’t

know he’s just he’s someone made him
Emperor and he’s going around busting
narking on in fact competitors Wow
yeah I think he is quite the dick unless

I’m missing something unless I’m missing
the point behind it you know people are
struggling man and you know so they’re
gonna cut corners do whatever they can

to get us back you’re gonna sit around
arc on them
geez wow that’s a really a disgusting
story okay well you getting back to the
UK yeah with curtain Wranglers on twere
to the other thing the newspapers all

these little local newspapers which UK
is full of the UK really is a newspaper
country’s a great great country for
press families gonna be ending pretty
soon during play this clip predicting
the industry could lose over a billion

pounds by the end of the year with
circulation falling by around forty
percent since lockdown started and ad
revenue down between 50 and 80 percents
do you have and it’s the local papers

that are really suffering we all want
local newspapers they’re really
important for communities and providing
local news and giving guidance to people
if they start to disappear as some

already have I think that’s a real
one solution being tabled is to
legislate to force the tech giants to
pay for news they’ve never really
compensated news organizations properly

for the value of their content shared
through those services and that’s
accelerated their decline and if we do
nothing now in a very short period of
time we’re going to see more news

organizations go out of business
and more people increasingly reliant on
the sorts of disinformation and
low-quality news that circulates like a
virus through social media and with
digital users continuing to rise the

physical paper could ultimately be saved
by online success stories these persons
can use hold on a second hold on a
second how does this work how come those

how come those guys are all mad at
Google issued in Google be giving them
their journalists like they do in
America we just talk about the line that
there’s did once the newspapers go the

only thing is gonna be low-quality
crappy news and then I’m thinking to
myself you mean like the BBC and Sky
News the broadcast element kablooey out
of the story what was the name they’re

headed yeah what was the name of that
outfit that the the Google thing where
they’re putting hundreds of the story
yeah I know I can’t remember the name of

the outfit no I’ll find it anyway this
is what it’s called so they okay so the
only way I couldn’t get this story so I
only have the teaser for it but I can

explain the story I’d for some reason I
just kept I just couldn’t get the story
but there’s the teeth of the teasers UK
heli heli payments coming up next here
on Sky News giving away money to heal
the sick economy how so-called

helicopter payments could be the cure
for a global slowdown a helicopter paid
what so this is it Ireland and so these
did these chocolate

no helicopters the big boy no yes and
then thrown bags I don’t understand they
can’t just they can’t just land what’s

going on just throwing it that I gotta
hear that clip again you need to get the

whole story coming up next here on Sky
News giving away money to heal this sick
economy how so-called helicopter
payments could be the cure for a global
flow day full of crap Dvorak drunk bags
of money out of the choppers and it’s

almost it reminds me of like some old
movie where the king is throwing pennies
at the peasants they’re following him
unused little boys and girls are there
Waifs and they’re all grabbing the coins

and the money off the ground and now
let’s go but they haven’t they haven’t
actually done this yet have this is not
a card they showed a video of the
chopper throwing money but bags of money
flying out of the chopper yeah I’m

trying to find this now I want to find
some pictures of it okay well the memes
are there there’s helicopters with a big

piggy bank underneath are you working on
it okay perfect heli heli payments who
ever heard of such a ridiculous thing

that is nuts
all right so I do have some kind of the
story which was starting to appear on
Thursday and now it’s getting more

traction is this bright yeah this is so
this is the guy who will be the
whistleblower or he is the whistleblower
this is good I’m interested I’m glad

you’re so so here here is the I got ik
like this is a four parter they’re all
short clips but this Norah O’Donnell is
going to interview him today so on 60

mm-hmm but they took some clips for this
Friday a new show to tease us and
they’re the best clips so this guy who
is a nudnik to say the least
and I don’t want to defame him because

of your
sexual orientation well you shouldn’t
that makes it has nothing today we’re
gonna do that then why you bring it up
oh but he is such an annoying kind of a
character that and he’s over he’s okay

he’s a drama queen all right there you
go that’s fine and so he comes on is it
you know and he’s gonna be this is gonna
be the Democrats new oh he’s gonna be
the strong man that’s gonna take down

Trump and this guy can barely keep it
together talking to Nora so let’s listen
to the clip this is nor on the hook no
it’s actually only three so let’s go at
Nora interviews bright does the intro

quite recently led Barta that’s a key
agency created to defend the country
against troops and he says he was
removed from his job for putting science
over politics and he filed a
whistleblower complaint earlier this

week and today a federal agency found
reasonable grounds to believe that the
administrative administration was
retaliating against bright well tonight
a preview of our wide-ranging
conversation buzzing so this guy you

know this agency nobody’s ever heard of
is making a big fuss and they they’re
gonna use they’re gonna grow after

another impeachment with this character
but I think he’s weak listen to him he
can’t even keep it together in this
twenty two second clip part no no to
make it part noise from size 50 seconds
part two tonight another no wait hold on

we had interviews bright too
okay but we skipped over nor it uh-huh
I’m sorry I had the wrong one okay here

we go the president called you a
disgruntled employee I am NOT
disgruntled I am frustrated at a lack of
leadership I am frustrated and a lack of

urgency to get a head start on
developing life-saving tools for
Americans I’m frustrated at our

inability to be heard as scientists
those things frustrate me as early as
January email show he was sounding the
alarm first about the critical shortage

of n95 masks we see
to many doctors and nurses now dying and
I was thinking that we could have done
more to get this mask and their supplies

to them sooner and if we had would they
still be alive today this is the beauty
oh yeah

Trump has blood on his hands he saw all
the talking points at Nancy’s he sounds

familiar he sounds like this guy either
work for someone else are you work for

yourself and most people work for
someone else in a way that they aren’t
free noodle boy only talks even slower
dumb noodle boy its noodle boy 2.0 yeah

and he’s a whiner and he’s in cunt you
going into tears why he’s there he’s
like you see but it this is so pathetic
anyway this part three that’s a horrible

thought to think about the time that
passed where we could have done
and we didn’t bright claims his
persistent warnings caused tension with

his bosses at the Department of Health
and Human Services it reached a breaking
point when he raised concerns over the
administration’s embrace of
hydroxychloroquine what he called a drug
unproven to treat kovat 19 patients you

believe you were retaliated against
because you raised concerns about
hydroxychloroquine yes I did and says he
was surprised to learn he’d been

reassigned to the NIH to develop
diagnostic testing you’d been sounding
the alarm about the lack of testing
platforms this sounded like an important
job that’s an important initiative nor

I’m the director of Barda to take me out
of our organization focus on drugs and
vaccines and diagnostics in the middle
of a pandemic the worst public health

crisis that our country is faced in a
three and decapitate the Barda
organization to move me over to a very
small focused project of any scale of

any level importance it’s not
responsible didn’t make sense
oh my god drama queen is the right
question or is the right description oh

my goodness so what is this Barda
organization if someone is just a
subgroup who runs on HHS and it’s
biomedical Advanced Research biomedical

Advanced Research and Development
Authority oh yeah without those guys
we’re toast
Barda with addy that’s where it is Barda
with addy they got a crappy-ass website

yeah this guy’s this guy’s gonna be
their their go-to guy and they’re gonna
do if you will see them and listen to
them the Republicans on those committees

even though they’re just gonna be housed
you know so it’s gonna be led by Nadler
and shit the Republicans that are on
those committees will eat this guy alive

he’s gonna be a wreck Wow yeah I don’t
know how well he’ll do without going
into tears this is this is portly died

but this is part of a larger movement
that the media is involved in
Entertainment News Hollywood I have two
clips to back it up unless you want to

do more but this could but about this
particular topic there’s blood on his
hands this shows up
this is WGN TV Chicago
a new study says the death toll in the

u.s. is double what it could have been
if governments had responded just a few
days earlier the earliest stay-at-home
orders were implemented in late March
orders to wear face masks began in April

researchers with Princeton say if these
orders had come four days earlier the US
would be seeing fewer than a thousand
deaths a day instead of more than 2,000

a day they point to California which
implemented stay-at-home orders early
and now has fewer deaths per capita than
other large states see how that works
that’s exactly how it works so but that

hasn’t taken it far enough no for that
we need to go to Hollywood and for that
we need to check in with your girl Amy
on Democracy Now 56 foot billboard
called the Trump Dethklok has been

unveiled in Times Square here in New
York the Billboard was created by the
oscar-nominated filmmaker Eugene Jarecki
so the drunk Dethklok is a billboard
that hangs over Times Square by the way

this is the same will yo as as this is
Brent guy and what it shows is an
estimate of the number of u.s. kovat 19
deaths that resulted from the president

and his team’s failed response to the
corona virus outbreak thanks to doctor
foul Chi and leading epidemiologists we
now know that had the mitigation
guidelines been put into effect just one
week earlier on March 9th

instead of March 16th 60% of u.s. kovat
19 deaths would have been prevented
that’s an incredible number and on
behalf of all those who live needlessly
lost their lives to this failed

leadership in a pandemic we need a
symbol a symbol that cries out not only
for accountability but also for more
responsible and responsive stewardship
going forward at the time of this

broadcast the Trump Dethklok stands at
46,000 485 and growing the arrogance of
this hole right down to Amy’s report and

growing I am actually speechless it is
and of course this is the bottom of the
days like sleaze ball tactic it is and

Jarecki who is a respected film director
you know kind of more like a Sundance
kind of guy but he has a brand new movie
coming out on Netflix who have quite a

China strategy so maybe that has
something to do with it
I don’t know how you get a billboard on
Times Square will I do actually I don’t

know if you can even get one now if
there’s business is being done but I
don’t I know who owns Time Square so
this is a Chinese thing going on with
this guy as far as I’m concerned he’s

virtue signaling towards his money
people and his backers and whatever else
it’s sickening and then for Amy this
pencast the Dethklok 46,000 321 and
Counting lady horrible horrible horrible

that is the that is yes that Dethklok
thing is it’s a humiliation to the
country but speaking of humiliation and

it’s China China oh yeah
China’s put the Dethklok up there
because they hate Trump they may be
behind this whole thing for all we know
they can’t nobody’s been able to prove

it and now they’re doing this bullcrap
just to get Trump out something like Joe
Biden well let’s have a little listen to
the president from the Oval Office I

think the words matter you know what you
the worst attack we’ve ever had on our
country this is really the worst attack
we’ve ever had this is worse than Pearl
Harbor this is worse than the World

Trade Center there’s never been an
attack like this and it should have
never happened
could have been stopped at the source
that seems if I were in Beijing I’d be

like what did he what did he call an
attack an attack that’s very clear
language to me I don’t know if they’re
gonna keep pulling this stuff like the
Dethklok the china and yeah we will say

that the chinese are behind it that
because i think your analysis is correct
they’re gonna hear more of that because
you know they we call it the Chinese flu
and all this and he backed off almost
overnight because of a phone call or

whatever because he does these you know
he does ago she eights well he’s
negotiating now no he went the Chinese
want to keep just keep the pressure up
to get him voted out which is meddling
by the way yeah an American election

hopefully he’s gonna please gonna that’s
gonna be jacked up you watch well let’s
continue let’s see what the China is
doing jimmy kimmel what network is he on
he’s on the Chinese control Disney that

yes ABC let’s see what he had in his
opening monologue the other night
regarding Mike Pence Harry is with no
masks on wheeling boxes of PP ease into

a health care center and doing his best
to lift them what a hero it just barely
in the door and since it was going so
well and also because he didn’t realize

he had a mic on Magic Mike decided to
keep it going listening closely here
you probably can’t hear it but pence

literally says to how about these boxes
the guy says those are empty sir and he
says well why don’t we just grab what
for the for the TV cameras Mike Pence
pretending to carry empty boxes of pee

pees into a hospital is the perfect
metaphor for who he is and what he’s
doing a big box of nothing delivering
another box of nothing so when I saw the
clip I’m like oh my god how can you how

can you fail on that that’s so so lame
and I was looking at it on Twitter and
I’m gonna give Twitter props it’s right
underneath the video it said manipulated
media I’m like that’s interesting I

click on it then it says according to
some people this was edited it’s not the
way it happened well it is the way it
happened because there’s this is on
c-span I put a link to it in the show

notes there’s 20 minutes of pense
literally lugging boxes diving into the
back of the van
slapping him out not letting other
people really help him and they’re heavy

he’s putting them all down at the very
end they’re joking around and the guy
says now those are empty so come on
we’ll just do it for the TV cameras
after he’s actually done that

yeah well Kimmel apologized because he
did oh I didn’t know I apologize so but
he apologized in an offhanded way the
apology consisted of him saying well it

would turn out that the boxes he was
carrying were full they weren’t empty at
all and I’m so sorry that we made this
we this was wrong from and I hate to say
that because of it for the

administration was lying all the time
johnny has to because he’s got the
Chinese Communist Party up his little
mouse but like hey hey hey you be

careful there but here’s what’s really
going on Reuters subs fara nod know is
really the first one to report on it
because I think at all it also is going

to have a name pretty soon the name
would be the economic prosperity Network
sharpening his tone against China

Trump said late Thursday a trade deal
between the two was now of secondary
importance the u.s. leader threatened
Beijing with new tariffs as his
administration crafted retaliatory
measures over COBIT 19 Trump’s

frustration has been growing as tens of
thousands have died from the virus in
the u.s. the economic contraction as a
result also threatens his chances of
re-election in November two US officials

speaking on condition of anonymity said
a range of options against China were in
the early stages of discussion although
they added that recommendations have not

yet reached the level of trumps top
national security team or the president
one source said there’s a discussion as
to how hard to hit China that could
leave the u.s. walking a tightrope in
its ties with Beijing it’s currently

importing crucial personal protection
equipment from China for health care
workers a multi-billion dollar first
phase trade deal with China was only
signed in January world stocks pulled

back further on Friday following Trump’s
comments while most European markets
were closed for a public holiday stocks
in London slid over two percent grim
data combined with Trump’s threats added

to already dented sentiment so this
thing is real it’s quite a task force in
fact the the information coming out is
this is a whole-of-government effort the

very well-known phrase of course but in
Trump’s case it might actually happen in
which free trade advocates seem to be
losing their struggle with the China
Hawks inside the administration yes it

seems like the globalist are losing out
this time and I was listening to a
globalist who I happen to like where is
my globalist buddy here

this is Elon Musk Oh a LAN and he was on
Joe Rogan which was a interesting I
think Joe does some of his best work

with with Elon Musk that that’s a very
messed up interview to listen to at
times well this was I found this one in
pod musk seemed something was like
something was wrong with him well I

think he’s still trying to figure out
how to pronounce his kids own name you
know that’s that’s his problem there
it’s like a ex5 Sigma Tau fine by me
Elon but here’s what he was talking

about when when because he’s been pretty
vocal about the shutdown and appears
he’s against that it appears he thinks
it’s not a good idea and this came up in
the interview I mean you look at

civilization through the ages most of
them you know they rose and fell yeah
and I do think like the globalization
that we have at these sort of like the

the mean sphere is there’s there’s not
enough isolation between countries or
regions it’s like if you get up if

there’s a mind virus that that mind
virus can infect to much of the world
you know I’m like I actually sort of
sympathize with the anti-globalization

people because it’s like man we don’t
ever want to everywhere it’ll be the
same for sure and then we we need some
kind of like mind viral immunity so
that’s his he’s feel some sympathy with

the anti-globalist people Wow you’re on
that was the worst the whole interview

he just seemed it did it was just
disconnected well even listening to that
clip it’s like what was he given I don’t
know it’s well I think what he was

trying to say is that this mind virus
where everyone’s like holy crap we’re
all gonna die I mean it’s not just like
something that happened accidentally it
came from somewhere and has been
enhanced a gain-of-function amplified by

the mainstream media
and he says no HUD how do we how do we
stop that well that’s basically what
globalism does and what it wants but
well I agree with with you your you

should have been on the show back on the
show yes I have not been invited well
you will be that’s going to be a couple
other things going on we can take a

couple of cases in the white house yes
this is Mayo
and so this is to try to play that Norah
on new cases this is a big deal tonight
another White House staffer this time a

top aide to the vice president has
tested positive for coronavirus Katie
Miller the press secretary to vice
president pence is now the second
confirmed case tied to the West Wing
after a valet who serves the president’s

meals tested positive on Wednesday
Miller is married to Stephen Miller one
of the president’s senior advisors and
tonight her test is raising questions
about whether the White House is doing

enough to distance the president and
vice president from others for his part
president Trump told reporters today the
whole concept of tests aren’t great
those are his words and he said he’s
convinced the virus will just go away

without a vaccine his own advisors have
said that’s not true this is gonna go
away by itself which seems to be the

case with all these previous events you
know from bird flu to swine everywhere
yeah my point people say well why would
it go away it’s gonna come back I said
what about SARS how come that didn’t

come back
SARS we never got an immunity to SARS so
we’ve got MERS yeah we never got
immunity tumor and then he’s just
throwing and how about peak oil just
throw that in for no reason so so Nora
says at the end that he president says

he’s gonna be it’s gonna go away and but
his advisors say it’s not yeah how do
they know doesn’t matter
no it’s not gonna go away what why does

his advisors know more than he does cuz
it’s it’s a crapshoot you don’t know
it’s gonna go away or it’s not gonna go
away there’s no proof one way or the
but she wants Trump to go away so that’s

why she has to report this oh you’re
talking now just alright did this go to
new cases and white houses a continue to
report oh but wait there’s more news

that one of the vice president’s closest
aides Katie Miller tested positive for
the virus delayed mr. Pence is scheduled
trip to Iowa Miller was not onboard Air
Force two but six staffers who had

recent exposure to her had to be removed
Katie she tested very good for a long
period of time and then all of a sudden
today she tested positive doesn’t matter
what you do with Trump you’re the top

you’re the best tested me better than
anybody else for negative she was just
the best negative I mean when it comes
to testing Katie you couldn’t have a
better one you tell me you could not
have a better person to be tested it was

Katie a long period of time and then all
of a sudden today she tested positive
she hasn’t come into contact with me
spend some time with the vice president
Miller is with the vice president nearly

every day her husband is senior
presidential aide Stephen Miller
president Trump attended their wedding
in February held at Trump’s Washington
hotel despite the potential which by the
way is a great hotel it’s one of the

best hotels it truly if you want to test
you want the number one test you’re
gonna do it the best hotel that’s where
that’s a we don’t mess around Trump even
put it in the story to bring it up
despite the potential exposure mr. pence

did not wear a mask while in Iowa we
also know that President Trump was in
the same room as his personal White
House fillet on Tuesday before the valet
tested positive for coronavirus today

the president still addressed a group of
world war ii veterans at a VE Day
ceremony without wearing a mask the wind
was blowing so hard in such a direction
that if if the plague ever reached them

might be very surprised the president
says he’s now being tested every day and
so far as negative but doctors say that
may be a false sense of security
somebody could become infected be

incubating the virus and test negative
every day including yesterday then this
morning become infectious still feel
fine and spread it to other people
before the next
shows that they are in fact infected

that bastard
I’m glad that that report at least
a little bit of VE Day which was
completely ignored by the American media
I believe you pointed that out in the

but it was also very odd to see you know
in the in the Netherlands which was
liberated on on May 5th but a May 4th
they have at 8 o’clock this is actually
very unique to the Netherlands 8 p.m. on

May 4th all traffic stops everyone is
quiet and they told the Bell with ever
they have a moment of silence two
minutes two minutes and everyone is

completely silent and it and I’ve been
in the Netherlands where it was 8
o’clock and the highway people stopped
just stopped on the highway and then
waited some got out and then everyone

waited for the two minutes of silence
and they got in there drove off so the
this ceremony has been going on since
the end of World War two and having the
the troops the Yanks and the Brits you

know coming through and their jeeps it
was you know the flags it was such a
joyous occasion none of it all just
quiet no one on the street if there no
no parties I mean this is this passed by

that I think it’s a shame how quietly
that passed by because of all this I
don’t think it’s because of all this I
think it was in spite of all this they

could have done anything they could have
made a little presentation on the news
or anything instead of all this just
nonsense of doing about how Miller was
married at the Trump Hotel there was

very little mention of it by I mean
Trump did this little ceremony but the
media just dropped the day doesn’t want
to talk anything about anything that’s

patriotic well no I don’t want to do it
they’d rather do it that made rather
brag about the big sign talking about
how many dead or some Trump the other
thing is again a Chinese influence the

Chinese do not want the Americas the
Chinese by the way I’ve been watching CG
TV whatever it is the Chinese outlet but
constantly and their date the most of
the globalists are actually coming out

of China
now it is because the Chinese I actually
think they have the opportunity oh yeah
do not only be for a globalist world but
for them to run the thing and so a
nationalist event like VE Day which is a

nationalist event because we beat Hitler
of all people yeah and the nationalist
event is to be frowned upon and the
media just paid ok we’ll we will play it

up we won’t even mention it I don’t
think half the people even knew it went
you’re so right though and I think we
can’t hammer it enough when we should
probably reiterate it’s CCP Chinese
Communist Party I don’t know many

Chinese people I’m sure they’re just
like us I’m sure that they’re there in
deeper crap than we are with these
a-holes running the show there’s a cool
video from some Chinese guy Chinese
American guy that I put in the show

notes and it’s the history of China
actually it’s Kali I saw that it’s very
full great it’s called the story of how
China ruined everything
and it’s 30 minutes and it’s it’s pretty
good I mean there’s it’s not complete

and it’s easy to skip over 5000 years
here or there but I was very impressed
with that and you’ll learn something
from it’s worth is worth watching
Pompeyo is also out on the road also

speaking out against China help really
wait just before I want to just mention
one thing cuz these clips about them
infections in the White House that

depresses giddy over this because
they’re hope and true hope and some gets
it yeah they want it but we can’t we
can’t forget this one element that we
must remember this one element Trump is

a germaphobe yeah and he is the
likelihood of him getting it based on
some of the earlier reports that we’ve
had on how you do get it

Trump’s never gonna get it unless he
kisses somebody with it which is always
possible yeah right we know for sure
that this is actually context CNBC’s the

financial news channel we know for sure
that this virus originated
Wuhan China and that the disease
emanated around the world the Chinese
Communist Party covered this up we have
been working diligently and are working

diligently today to get the Chinese
Communist Party to help us identify
patient zero where this began how this
came to be and this isn’t about politics
this isn’t about partisanship this about

protecting Americans tomorrow this is an
ongoing crisis are the world’s
epidemiologists still don’t know the
original of this virus the reason that
we continue to ask for transparency and

for a reliable partner in China is
because it matters going forward so not
only do we have this current pandemic
that’s taking place that we still have
to figure out how to get therapeutics
and get vaccines to mark and all the

things that we need this information
that only the Chinese Communist Party
has in its possession and they’re the
only ones that can help the world
resolve this today and for our Americans
security but we got to make sure this

doesn’t happen again
so I think this is very interesting if
true he’s saying that we can’t even make
the vaccine without pertinent key
information that china is not handing
over I don’t know if it’s true but he’s

saying it and there should be questions
about it hey foul cheat or hey Bill dr.
bill doctor professor bill yeah yeah
maybe but but well here’s the tack

they’re not using yet which I think
could be used and I think I think Pompeo
could do it well and it would be uses
leverage the Chinese cases of Corona

have dropped to nothing what do they
know that we don’t know they just say no
Trump Xi Jinping

there’s your problem that that’s what
would come back just briefly on
therapeutics and vaccines on the
therapeutic side I have a beautiful

breakdown from our official No Agenda
pharmacists many people have noticed
that the New England Journal of Medicine
medicine has published a new
observational study regarding

hydroxychloroquine and of course it
turns out to be completely useless why
would you even consider using it
but it’s interesting because as our
official No Agenda pharmacist says below

are my favorite parts which highlight
the implicit bias and the main bias is
the patient’s they took Oh besides the
fact that they had no you know what do

you call it double double by no placebo
etc they only took and there was no
treatment with zinc here it is

the AZ throw Meissen suggestion was
removed on April 12 the
hydroxychloroquine suggestion was
removed April 29th the decision to
prescribe either either or both

medications was left the discretion of
treating team for each interval patient
he says our pharmacist says here’s the
implicit bias as the only people
included in the study were those people

who needed to have moderate or severe
disease treated so they were already in
the ventilator stage which is actually
as we know from other doctors who have

successfully used hydroxychloroquine is
really too late you want to use it much
much earlier almost like Tamiflu so it’s
very similar to the VA study no placebo

one one particular group of people with
a certain type of level of illness I
mean the whole thing is is broken down

in the shownotes is under therapeutics
well worth a read but a lot of people
did send in that as well as a lot of
people who have sent a very it’s kind of
the same letter or email it’s the

debunking of the plan Demick documentary
this is the one with dr. Judy Mike Ovitz
who has been around for years and is
saying the doctor foul she should go to
jail for being a criminal and what’s

interesting is they all are kind of the
same these responses or the debunking
–zz and it attacks her really more for
business political reasons how she

handled herself with publishing of
studies or not Roy doesn’t address any
of the many of the main issues but the
thing that
always comes up which i think is the

mistake in this it seems like it might
be might be some form of coordinated
response this is literally one of those
hey Adam a friend of mine has a couple
of nurse friends or doctor friends and

here’s what they have to say and then
you get a four word of the email but it
always says in there that dr. Mike Ovitz
claims there’s never been an RN a
vaccine and in every single one of these

debunking responses it’s oh yeah are you
kidding me there’s tons of them
this vaccines for all kinds of RNA
viruses yeah but that’s the difference
there’s vaccines for RNA viruses the RNA

vaccine that is being discussed that
actually felt M R an mRNA has well you
looked into it right you had a thing for
me to put in the show notes yeah that

debt paper which discusses the mRNA
vaccine which is a which is a an
experimental idea it’s not do get all
the RNA vaccines are based on the

old-fashioned way view you cultivate the
the the disease and then you’ve used
attenuated versions or killing right you
put you grow it and then kill it and you
do all these different things to make a

vaccine is just a normal way of making a
vaccine this is this mRNA vaccine is a
totally different animal it’s never been
proven to work and so like yeah so to
the fact that this was a good paper on

it and that’s what I when somebody sent
me that same exact thing you got some
put some stooge to this in this paper
and I said here read this the the thing

that I like the most is that they said
there’s never that’s a lie
they’ve been tons of RNA vaccines like
okay this has got to be someone who
doesn’t know what they’re talking about

so the debunkers are being debunked but
there’s about three of them in the
shownotes under the bronx you can look
it up there any more clips to do in this
Rona segment I want to guess is we’re

talking about Bochy debunking our
let’s listen to the talking cat yeah
been waiting for almost an hour and a

half period she talks here she talks
about pouch II and again and it just add
anti foul foul Chi rats very well
structured the scientific evidence is

what needs to drive us and we appreciate
the fears of the American people but we
don’t want to have policy that would
have negative unintended consequences
that’s actually fairly reasonable but
that’s a quote from 2014 when he was

talking about whether or not we should
quarantine for Ebola
another interesting quote of Anthony a
slouchy and the director of the National
Institute of Allergy and Infectious

that the CIA forgot to scrub from
history is when he said that there is no
doubt that Donald J Trump President of
the United States will be confronted
with a surprise infectious disease
outbreak during his presidency he likely
said well rubbing his hands together and

then cackling to the sky for several
minutes when questioned about concerns
for the future trump administration foul
she reportedly said that there was the
potential for a new influenza pandemic
and outbreaks of diseases that are not

yet on anyone’s radar the issue of
pandemic preparedness and if there’s one
message that I want to leave with you
today based on my experience and you’ll

see that in a moment is that there is no
question that there will be a challenge
to the coming administration in the
arena of infectious diseases both
chronic infectious diseases in the sense

of already ongoing disease and we have
certainly a large burden of that but
also there will be a surprise outbreak
he has the same doctor found you who
according to this WikiLeaks email loves

Hillary Clinton I was a verbatim reading
of something but the cat’s okay the cat
cannot just talk the cat can read it’s
quite astounding love the cat and the

cats pretty good
anyway so that’s what I have my head
that’s what you have you want you got to
Cove in Italy Kovac South Korea needed

break you want to do anything about
South Korea or Russia I get cut off yeah
I don’t know you’re just talking and
talking at me you’re not listening he’s
not not obeying me what do you hear me
yeah I just barely hit the mute button

asking is do you not want to do the KO
vid Italy or Russia I’m interested in
these that was the fun oh those are the

country to run down so we do that the
end with that then I’d like to thank you
for your courage and say in the morning
to you the man who put the C in curtain
Wranglers John Wayne Oh morning to you

and in the morning the ships at sea and
that boots on the ground the feet in the
air and the subs in the water and the
dames and the nights out there yes and

in the morning to our trolls let’s do a
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thanks trolls good to have you here
helping as always then in in the morning
to the artiste for episode number one

four zero the title of that was meat
must flow and boy does it and there was
controversy from this over this image

from Trent Drac who brought us a just a
great piece kovat safe no agenda this
crazy-ass looking mass the fonts
everything was great and within seconds

of posting the show the NAR kissed were
out and that’s artists who narc I’m
looking at you calm extra blogger he’s

dumb he’s number one art this is stolen
art you must take showdown now you’ll
get sued stolen art so I’m like oh man
did we get good wink because we did an

image search we looked for this wing we
found similar stuff but not exactly that
and lo and behold there it is on some
image did you follow any of this John

did you follow her this going down I
thought the final leg of it which is
this is a piece of licensed art the guy
has a license now that’s a no agenda
producer for you right there I’m not

gonna compromise my boys putting the
tribes art that you could find maybe if
you searched around not with the no
agenda other stuff on it and it’s been
altered like you do with licensed art

but he license he likes a lot okay this
first bring up a couple of there you go
that parent League comic strip bloggers
unfamiliar with including the piece art
that he actually did still some time ago

a little Santa Claus thing which could
have been licensed any but he didn’t
like now don’t think for commercial
artists they licensed certain kinds of
clipart and different kinds of very

specialized looking to tends to be
stylized and they will like there would
take out licenses from these different
places and in one or two of them and
then they’ll use the stuff judiciously
as projects come and go and it’s part of

the deal and this is done with video
more even so even more so than it is
with art there’s a number so
there’s a couple named Evo the guy’s

meteo itself didn’t use them but the
guys had licenses and if you watch
almost any of the every time I said
watch anybody’s presentation see the
spinning logo come in and flame the the

big ball but explosion of flames as all
these things come from one particular
site whose name I could always forget I
always have to ask Nick we about it
what’s the name of that site again but

it is one site just like its cost like a
dollar to dice and some of the most
spectacular videos that you’ve ever seen
yeah and and everybody subscribes to

these services and so we have a couple
of artists I’m sure more than one Muslim
can listen to the show and do live art
on this fly but we do it this is a
example of a licensed pro well done

people oh I hope I explained that yeah
anyway I just thought it was funny the
NARC aswer out that was just funny

they’re so competitive it’s so
competitive if it’s competitive it
should be yeah
well thank you Trent Trent drak for the
artwork for episode 1240 this is great

because we’re one of the only podcast if
not the only podcast that every single
show we release has new album art it
shows up in your podcast players most of
them will show it and it’s exciting when

you see it in an overview and it’s this
is something about the show and it’s a
part of what what you know what the
package matters Packaging matters we
learned that from Steve Jobs we are the

iPhone of podcasts actually you think
about it your little white box yes
that’s so no agenda art generator calm
is where the artists compete but it’s a
fun friendly competition everybody has a

good time and we laugh about it and we
love comic strip blog or just messin
with him because ladies comics your
blogger he deserves it you blocked him
everywhere I have to deal with the

fallout when you say these things so
stop it just stop
no agenda art generator calm then we
have more values art I uses I probably
use more comic strip blogger stuff for

the newsletter
no and you don’t even follow him you’re
a heathen these are too much of a back
channel or from that’s the only problem

part of our like part of our value for
value network here at the no agenda
media tribe is the way the system works
everything you’ve heard up to date we
can give you the narrative at least the

one we hear we believe or what we’re
finding out from actual sources because
we’re not run by pharmaceutical
companies or by China or by anybody else
for that reason it’s you the producers

and we love to thank our executive and
associate executive producers as soon as
we have quite a few maybe we should get
to it
All Right bingo boom way more than
normal and I want to thank each and

every one of them and I don’t think it’s
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Chris die stirs next from Brookline
Massachusetts he also came in with
$1,000 this Dame Hood donations from my
smokin hot wife another this is an

interesting coincidence number going on
here yep – Dame installations by men
she’s gonna be Dame die store I think D

I think it’s die store yet die stir
she’s incredible mother to our kids and
I know this donation will be much more
meaningful of Mother’s Day as a Mother’s
Day gift than any BS item I could have

come up with Diana hit me in the mouth
years ago this is an opposite way it
normally goes and that’s just one of the
many reasons I’m the luckiest man on

earth oh oh that’s so beautiful I’m
gonna give them both the Karma the B
field that’s right you’ve got Karma and
we continue with this theme and what sir

Maxima Rifkin with $1,000 as a birthday
present to his wife Olga Olga Rifkin her
birthday is on May 9th and you’re gonna

insta dame her so we have three mr.
Dame’s in a row without any
encouragement it was in the newsletter
good work boys well done men they loved
it they loved their wives and moms don’t

they the the moms Mary’s the older would
like to hear Obama you might die and
don’t eat me Joe
beau Jayden also goes requesting a
product development Karma

well we got that for you you might die
you forgot karma Wow the ladies that’d
be great it’s gonna be fun at the

roundtable today I’m looking forward to
it sir now we dropped him a normality
sir Kevin deals the vikon of Charlotte
three and $33 and 34 cents from
Huntersville North Carolina

this donation along with the producer
credit is my birthday present myself
this year I’ll be turning 34 in may 12
please add me to the birthday list this
past year being 33 has gone pretty much

how I no agenda producer would expect
I’m looking forward to putting 33 behind
me in this donation amount seems like a
great way to celebrate my odometer
rolling over
since this donation also completes my

seventh night hood I’d like to claim the
title of Earl my accountings attach the
title upgrade will also feel like good
time to expand my Protectorate I’d like
to claim the state of North Carolina
assuming everything checks out with the

peerage committee please add me to the
title change as sort Kevin deals Earl of
North Carolina
my only jingle request if it’s not too
much trouble is to have Adam play the
Dylan version of the title change song
the times we’re changing later in the

show when we do that little dude since
I’ve got the platform I like to have a
couple of friendly shout outs the first
two all the beautiful people in the no
agenda local 704 meetup group here in

Charlotte and I’m looking forward to
sucking in soot with all of you again
hopefully very soon second I’d like to
give a shout out to all the folks on the
no agenda social you keep me sane no
jingle is just karma thank you for your

courage sir Kevin get Dill’s vite count
of charlotte thank you so much sir Kevin
of course will be happy to bring out the
Robert Zimmerman version then we have
sir ten T do is that ten T I think it is

Duke of the Federal Reserve District
seven dears crock pot crackpot and
BuzzFeed thank you for the continued
service during the Rona lockdown I know
that even knights are struggling with

the imposed restrictions especially in
the hub of Federal Reserve District
seven Chicago keep your head up sir Jo
foe things will get better soon enough
no karma but can I get a Bernie I have
all the power

Greta how dare you and Fletch your
orange combo that’d be great all the
best certainty Duke of the Federal
Reserve District number seven and he
came in with three hundred and $33.33
the president the United States I have

all of the power how dare you I got it
thanks yes who’s up next Maxine Waters
gravel is back nice the gravel returns

of Louisville 33333 the gravel has a few
enterprises that qualify for some magic
munchkin munchkin Mooney minuchin money
so as to celebrate what better way to

the gift a portion to the greatest show
in the universe who would have thought
that the man who invoked my existence
would play a part in helping the show
all hail simulation was that it hold on
no now all hail the simulation is just a

mount catapults me delighted to move it
now the catapults me to Baron I’d
understand that may now claim a
protectorate if available I’d like to
claim the Greater Bongo Bongo land
surrounding territories jingle request

John King China not a Huntsman but the
Sir Chris produced jingle yeah followed
by China a whole and you might die goat
Karma for all your Corona papers please

cheers mwg happy Mother’s Day to all to
my mom and all the no agenda mums out
there hello friends the show just come
from China the city of Chongqing China

welcomes you don’t trust China Chinese
how you might duck
you’ve got a circle of lavender blossoms

returns lavender blossoms org it is the
official what do we call it the official

CBD CBD operation to show tribe when
we’re hurting we get our lavender
blossom south in the morning folks Kay

McAfee just buy me lunch and they’ll
write a golden article about you right
after I write my cookbook did you happen
listen to McAfee on Nick the rats last
podcast no I didn’t know he was on oh my

gosh McAfee doing on McAfee will do
anything wait dinner he owes me a happy
Mother’s Day and happy birthday John so

it’s a bit belated and that’s from Cal
so wait a minute McAfee owes you money
no it was made dinner Oh dinner from
what yeah when he was in the heyday when
he was actually making money he was

actually working for a living and we
went out to Stars in San Francisco now
defunct restaurant was very famous at
the time and I picked up the tab and he
said ah next one’s on me uh-huh
that was the end of never saw him again

well he’s a horrible man he’s a liar no
no but you know maybe come on it’s not
right anyway I will have to listen to
this Nick the rat interview with McAfee

that’s got to be one of the most
fabulous things to listen to no doubt
three 3309 from Cernik who dragon of the
four domains Waterford Michigan

I’d like to donate for Mother’s Day I am
sure that my son Andrew loves sitting
with me listening to your show I know
he’s up in heaven oh yes
cupping his head and shaking his head

laughing his butt off well I thought
sure absolutely I’m sure he is as well
thank you thank you very much what was
the 9 for I wonder baronet surnicc know
hard to say Joel tuckered meanwhile from

the largo florida is here with $333 and
he sent an email in which they
isolated oh good whyyou wisely took that
next one uh the next thing I could okay
he writes ITM the next thing I could do

the next thing I could think to do on
Mother’s Day was to become a knight and
this donation brings you to the round
table ah get your pen out okay this is

it’s another one on this huge list we’ve
got crazy today now I can say to my
mother see mom people are calling me sir
now the peers committee like you’d be
knighted as Sir here we go ready yep sir

not sure how to pronounce a LOC white
bin loki bin hello see ya
night-night of the Psychonauts psycho

naughty as psy psycho you’re in a UTS
like not astronauts I cannot Oh sir
Llosa bin night of the Psychonauts i get

it easy done does he want something at
the round table I’m gonna continue to
read Thursday you were trying to come up
with a name for social surveillance I

suggest social eyes or the play on words
sort of fits the criteria you are
looking for social haze I would like to
ask for some goat Karma but is he’s got

no special requests I would like to ask
for some goat Karma but that has to be
the greatest value for value I’ve ever
had I would like to ask for some goat
Karma okay that has got to be the

greatest value fidelity of everyone not
sure what he’s meaning thank you so much
for the infotainment all right you’re
welcome more than welcome you’ve got
from the kid who’s graduating today No

yes I did
boss’s name I’m so sweet which is good I
should have printed that no doubt it was
a mistake because he invited us to his
virtual yeah Robert Robert blank Shane

yes he wrote a beautiful beautiful note
about his graduation from st. John’s
College in Annapolis and I just want to
read it to sorry I feel truly as though

I could not have done it without the two
of you and the show and the entire No
Agenda community has been listening for
five years that’s really great
I’m sure that really pleases me yes I
was impressed by that note honey uh

sorry I was just saying honey one of our
children graduated Joel Tucker by the
way from Largo gave 333 and meanwhile oh
no priests are in Sisk Holland $333 he

also said it sent a note in your John
and I’m short note to confirm my

donation happy to donate in proper
valuation what the show brings me every
other Thursday or Sunday whatever
celebrating our 30th anniversary on May
so no better moment I found the local

restaurant tours able to prepare a
four-course meal to take away so at
least we can celebrate in style getting
back to the last shows brainstorm on how
to name the monitoring another one the
random number again two in a row when I

go for so social security
it makes all be easy not to he says it
makes it all the more easy not to only
use your phone and also attach a special

reward system mm-hmm
you are well meets brave new world okay
but you but it’s really or well the

ruble eyes are out ruble eyes are out
no it’s Orwell meets brave new world I’m
sure says Q I don’t know why oh oh but
maybe it’s cute I was wondering what

your thoughts were about the latest
developments in the case of Michael
Flynn and I haven’t Michael yeah I have
Michael Flynn stuff – we got lots to
talk about and well I have to get the
supercut no I didn’t get the supercut

that’s great well they get this just
coming up ready coming up hold on hold
on a second are you sure you’d like this
no I got a big thing popped up and
wonder reset my machine no thank you

Bill Gates dr. bill someday had
triggered me when I was listening to RFK
clips was that the coincidence of this
Kennedy family and specifically the RFK
branch suffered a loss recently when may
mmmm Kennedy drowned while kayaking meth

as you may know was the public health
official Mao working for the USDA’s
global aids program
what about coincidences one would think

on another note here in the eurozone the
erosion continues now with the red
judges of Carl Sewell laying an AED for
the ECB stimulus program and the

European Court almost instantly replying
that the German Constitutional Court
lacks the legal power to judge on the
European institutions role completely
ignoring the German Federal Constitution

that specifically defines the role of
the Constitution visa vie international
treaties they really don’t wanna clap
one thing is certain the longer the
rhone of crisis lingers the better the
odds are for EU implosion you know in

the meantime I’m now wearing a hipster
ponytail as hairdressers are still shut
and I already need to get a haircut
three months ago yeah if this is the
worst of this lockdown I’ll take it in

reality the power grab of our civil
liberties is without precedent and I’m
wondering how long the obedience will
last even in the sheeple will eventually
wake up or
so I hope for jingles oh man we hate and
we have jingles uh-huh a 33 and playing

karma with some Jordan Peterson with
kind regards all the best to all the
producers from Gitmo nation plus 31 now
what I know I understand the 33 but then

What did he say
karma plan karma no goat yeah with some
Jordan Peterson I don’t know what Jordan
Peterson we have is wrong we do have
don’t we have an ISO a Peterson I think

you’re saying it’s wrong is it good okay
let me see it’s wrong I wasn’t prepared
for this you’re wrong just wrong yeah do

you know how many how many clips we have
where it’s wrong is in the title
anything just put type in Peterson and
play it okay and then the 33 thing you

don’t take that very seriously do you
just type it in and play it
what are you working sides government’s

that’s wrong nailed it you’ve got Sir
Colin the friendly fat man as a first

associate executive producer $250 he’s
in Ohio so called the friendly fat man
checking in from Cincinnati normally my
six siblings and I would get my mother
some combination of flowers chocolates

or whatever but we figured what better
way to say thanks to mom with a No
Agenda producer ship so happy Mother’s
Day to Colleen from Cory Stephen Caitlyn

Colin Connor Sean and Aidan you have
been a shining example to all of us and
have made us who we are thank you for
all the sacrifices and hardships you had

to put up with throughout the years
happy Mother’s Day also to my sisters
Corey and Caitlin as well as our
sister-in-law Kate we need a deducing
for those siblings who have never

donated before and well first we’ll do
the deed in their clans but we also need
to call out Tim as a douche bag dealer’s
choice Sharpton in my Corona thank you

both for all you do to keep us folks in
flyover country sane the whole family
enjoys your coverage and you have become
a staple topic of conversation at our
regular family dinners also mom I hope

one day you can forgive me for ruining
the hamburgers and that is from Sir
Colin the friendly fat man we thank you
for your courage sir the president
meeting with the cola cute

you thought well Harry
Jason Perry in East Peter Petersburg

Pennsylvania 250 couldn’t figure out how
to get my message on the donation but
here it is okay let’s let’s contemplate
what he just said there couldn’t figure

out how to get my message on my donation
but here it is what he did it he
couldn’t figure it out he’s just letting
you know he had some trouble but it
worked out I’ve been a listener for five

years number look upon this back by luck
when searching for podcasts and never
donated supposedly that means a douche D
douching yes you’ve been deduced how

many people we found you through that
that mechanism through was probably not
a lot so which mere podcast keeps my
amygdala shrunken please keep up the

good work and deep dive into the lies
the m5m propagates please call out my
brother-in-law Bob Raymond Loewy as a
douche bag several times to hit him in

the mouth even though he was definitely
a note even though he’s already an
original listener I guess please play
listen to that horn

Trump aroused look at that juice don’t
eat me bulge I didn’t and karma of
course have we mentioned how sick you
people are and we love you for it

it was hard to get it aroused and it is
hard to get it aroused but we got it
around 250 bucks he just says keep up

the good work you can take this love you

man thank you yes we have Vincent from
Lantana Texas two three four five six
great number combo hey guys we love the
show appreciate the bye weekly dose of
m5 and to m5m antibodies we were punched

in the mouth when Adam was on the Joe
Rogan experience and have been listening
to you ever since
there it is John proof we got a listener
from the road johann we’ll get you get

Rogan experience yeah we have to get
another one I would like to split this
donation to Oh 1.23 for Sinead the
mother of my beautiful daughter who was

also my smokin hot wife I will not say
happy Mother’s Day since she is a
wonderful and appreciated mother every
day and she doesn’t care for the
Hallmark holidays sounds like no agenda

material to me the rest of the donation
3333 is for myself so that now we can
both be deduced thank you for keeping us
sane through this plan Demick and if

possible can we get China is asshole and
what else do they want and that’s true
we’re all gonna die in karma so I just
have to line them up for a second so

China and then sorry I’m spacing today
that’s true we’re all gonna die oh my
goodness how they
you’ve got karma thank you welcome you

too thank you very much this is Sara
Gonzales in Houston Texas to 3333 she
writes in Dear John and Adam in the

morning and thank you for your courage
and standing up to ignorance in this day
of social censorship I’m trying to
reverse the historical trend and sending
this donation in honor of Mother’s Day
and all the moms out there trying to
keep their sanity during this insanity I

am spending most of my time these days
with my kids ages eight and six trying
to use this opportunity to teach them
about things such as open debate about
ideas very good iing slaves to those

with hidden agendas my kids were the
ones who we hit in the mouth in the car
on the way to New Orleans and though I
still occasionally get a complaint about

little girl and get a complaint about
little kids yay yeah my eight-year-old
clearly sees the calm perspective of
that knowing that no agenda has brought

to our household amid the paranoid
germophobia and is constantly singing
your praises
yes profile we got a Bruce’s profile
we definitely have a demon to making on

our hands oh it’s a her oh great eight
euros a girl okay good because there’s a
dame in the making we I really
appreciate what you two do I’m happy to
let you know that I’m spending Mother’s

Day brunch at one of my favorite
restaurants and never been so happy to
live in Texas there yeah that’s one is
it which which restaurant isn’t it now
she didn’t say the reopening of business
she should plug it the reopening of

business I’m it’s named the child in the
restaurant the reopening of the
businesses feels painfully slow but at
least is happening on a little act of
rebellion was tearing down two caution
tape surrounding the playground in the
park or a house a few days ago because

even though the parks are open the
playgrounds are still closed
brother we wouldn’t what our kids to
have too much fun oh we’re a thankful
not to get arrested or have a video of

our crime posted on next door
Wrangler curtain Wrangler and have and
be happy to see a few cuz they saw there
be seeing a few kids playing on the

playground have that so when we returned
today thanks to our efforts Jing anyway
should we return to it and she wraps it
up please play orange for my smoking-hot
husband who loves to yell this okay and

send lots of jobs karma to all those
producers who are hurting right now and
maybe a screaming goat to finish it off
best wishes wishes gentlemen keep up the

great work
Sarah Gonzalez in Houston day mom after
our own heart Sarah Gonzalez thank you
for your courage sir jobs jobs and jobs
let’s vote for job Nicolas grass checks

in from Cincinnati Ohio to 3333 this is
my first donation so I request a much

needed decision I was hit in the mouth
of my future brother-in-law about six
months ago and I was called out on
episode 1217 so time to donate your

content and media deconstruction are
just what the doctor ordered and the
treatment has successfully shrunk my
amygdala I’d like to request some small

business karma for my smoking-hot fiance
we created a virtual Fitness website
during the extra quarantine time and
we’re using the value for value model I
hope that works I want to let me know
this is a Fitness has been the big boom

during you cannot buy any fitness
equipment you can’t buy a weight a
rubber band
yeah bread-making that’s exactly right
yeah all the Millennials are making

bread thanks for the inspiration has
worked great so far if any slaves need
to get off the couch and break a sweat
give it a try and there’s a website
there it’s nick fit too oh my goodness
I’m gonna put that in the show notes and

I’ll put it under actually I’ll let me
just mark this and make sure I do this I
will put it next to your donation so you
know that thank you for your courage
jingles little girl yay and there’s a

small business
so thank you for your courage indeed and
welcome to the bottom you’ve got karma

Daniel Galloway from Marietta Georgia
comes in with $229 there’s no note that
I can find under looking under the
subject line donation or Daniel or
Galloway let me just show you real real
quick I don’t think I sorry I have

nothing from him nothing adrián drink on

what drink on drink sounds right yeah in
Calverton New York $205 she’s a drunk
hen it ten cents happy first Mother’s

Day to me whoo and happy birthday to me
and my daughter Violet man my husband
and I love you violets a popular name

for kids now for some reason a little
moment here yeah my husband and I love
the show and listen as a family we could
love a goat Carm if possible my awesome
husband Joe thinks it’s hilarious

cheers Dame Adrienne PS I hope the hope
Tina the keeper and Mimi have a great
Mother’s Day well that’s nice that is
nice and yet the keepers gotten calls

and nice things and all that and how
about me me of you is she with you or
she up at the annex she is traveling at
the moment

oh that’s necessarily traveling I’m
gonna wrangle my narc on that woman this
is not acceptable yes we have a goat
karma for you absolutely love that you

listen as a family happy Mother’s Day
Adrienne first time for everything enjoy
you’ve got Barbara pon wits is in
Norwood Pennsylvania and we just talked

about Pennsylvania and she says do you
Adam and John thanks for all you do I
think I’m slowly hitting my husband in
the mouth or he just encouraged me
because I enjoy the suit of the show so

either way please give my mother-in-law
a cancer karma for Mother’s Day that
would be an F cancer karma of course I’d
also appreciate jobs karma for everybody
and last but not least special goat

karma for my boss and friend Tom he’s a
longtime listener and regularly donates
would you also please play some sharpen
for my husband Eric whose birthday is
this Tuesday this would crack him up

thanks again barber upon wits and that’s
interestingly that’s Eric spelled like
our own shill and they are chillin by
the way do you have the birthday list

out yeah I do now who’s on the Eric put
his wife on there Janelle that guy is
unbelievable Mackey no oh my gosh

Danelle Mackey is when is her birthday
today no it was I think it was Wednesday
okay and we don’t know an age right of

course she’s 19 years younger
exactly we know how to keep the peace in
the dvorák clan she’s 19 mm-hmm she

looks 19 yes so we do have some some
sharpton for you quick Sharpton and you
also wanted the eff cancer in the jobs

karma got it all for you right here big
annoy we’ve uh jobs jobs and jobs let’s
vote for job
you’ve got Carmack should blow it away

that’ll take care of it and last but not
least on this very generous Mother’s Day
a show anonymous $200 in two cents he’s

got a couple jingles on there Atlas
Shrugged logo yay I TM gents please keep
me anonymous I started listening during
the election run-up of 2016 and haven’t

missed an episode
thanks since as a staunch libertarian
emphasis on the small L I was overjoyed
to find your podcast using the valley
for value system while I had donated

previously this is my first associate
executive producer ship the show is most
certainly the best podcast in the
universe I was further encouraged by
Elon Musk’s remark on Rogen about corona
as he echoed much of what you two have

been deconstructing in the past two
thanks for the show notes they certainly
help with grad school but they do a big
Mother’s Day shoutout to my mama Kim in
South Jersey I love you mom she listens

regularly and hopefully this proves that
no agenda producers love their moms $30
of this was for her Dame hood and two
cents for the penny jar oops there’s one

and there’s the old pennies real copper
it’s not that crazy new stuff and we
need to Atlas Shrugged EE and a karma
and we’re good girls

by I’m ready
you’ve got karma Wow
there’s love in the room for the moms

that’s for sure
that’s how you do it love in the room
well everybody thank you to these
executive producers and associate
executive producers you can proudly

display that as your credit for episode
1240 one of the best podcasts in the
universe and know that you have not only
made a lot of moms happy we got we’ve
upped our quota of Dame’s very excited

about the ceremony later but also you’ve
kept this show going successfully
throughout we’ve really had we’ve now
witnessed everything together we’ve been
through a lot we’ve been through a lot

of things but now also this I’m very
proud of what we’re doing very proud of
the support today and look forward to
everybody showing up again on Thursday
which you can find out more about at our

donation webpage vollrath org slash n/a
and once again you’re up to speed on all
things Rona
our formula is this we go out we hit

people in the mouth

right Oh so that so I got this Clippers
for the last Jonas wanted to play it
because it’s just kind of stand-alone

and it’s a and I want somebody in
Australia to tell me who this woman is
she’s like a Katie Hopkins of Australia
mm-hmm and so she kind of rails I this
is only 31 seconds of something I went

for a couple of minutes because she just
kept laying into Joe Biden and she’s in
Australia which is I find amusing but
this place is good the clip is called
fie make isn’t it just perfect
the party of diversity has got rid of

every woman and person of color
including the fake Native American
Pocahontas Warren and the fake Mexican
better O’Rourke to end up with two old
white millionaire men one a socialist so

had a heart attack just five months ago
and one is so confused that he has
trouble remembering where he is and why
is there Joe Biden is now the

frontrunner to be the Democrats
presidential candidate it is pretty
funny by the way do you have some ISOs I

want to pitch right yes good we need a
pitch pitch it will pitch away so okay
so I got let’s start with the one which
is which is the wimpy guy bright and
this is wrong I so wrong I so for end of

show wrong okay noted yep
uh yeah here’s one done more oops
oh my oxygen cord disconnected John hold

on I got a plug I told you to stop
anything from from underwater yeah okay
I’m back I’m back I unplugged the cord

and and it lost all oxygen alright done
more we could have done more
we could’ve definitely that one again we
could have done more I like it because
but we could have done more yeah that’s

actually not bad that that’s yeah I
think it’s a little more exciting than
well now that I hear it wrong that’s not
bad good wrong okay it’s a very it’s a

it’s it’s a righteous wrong yeah but I
like the Denver because he’s in tears
and do you have any more
yeah disgruntled I am NOT disgruntled I
think wrong I think just wrong

is a contender okay I’m surprised by
wrong I’m surprised I like it – it’s a
right just wrong I like it but we’re not
you know we’re not done until we’re done

let’s yes you want to go over to some to
some international likova yeah yeah I
would like I would like your organising
your next bit I would like to do I got

no bits man I just start with the Italy
Russia but I have let’s do USA kovat
update there’s about the reopening
state-by-state the country is beginning

to face the reality of a slow recovery
ahead from the Koba 19 pandemic
companies are considering ways to bring
workers back but the unemployment rate
is staggering whether you are here in
New York where there is still a strict

lockdown order or in an area reopening
this is a challenging time let’s get
started with today’s top news cases of
Kovach 19 continue to slow in most of
the country do you view it after two

months there were more reopening zuv
barbershops salons restaurants and
public spaces but the rules differ
state-by-state in New York where a
lockdown remains for much of the state

Governor Andrew Cuomo said
hospitalizations new cases and deaths
from the virus dropped again today but
Cuomo said three children have died from
a new syndrome associated with Kovac 19
and there are 73 reported cases it’s

inflammation of the blood vessels which
can then cause problems with their
fortune Cuomo said parents need to be

vigilant while New York health officials
work with the CDC to investigate this
new syndrome nationwide there have now
been more than 77 thousand deaths from
coke at 19 and more than 1.2 million

confirmed cases also today after reports
at the Trump administration
shelve the guidance from the Centers for
Disease Control and Prevention on how to
reopen the country the White House

issued a statement from the director of
the CDC Robert Redfield that said the
plan quote was in draft form and had not
been vetted you seriously I’d rather
have Kovac 19 than listen to that report
again that was bad that was uninspiring

was not as bad as his lighting yeah was
he at home yeah yeah he was now at home

but they light him somebody doesn’t like
him you know cuz the lighting guys are
the guys that can make you look good or
you look horrible he looks like Boris
Karloff playing Frankenstein Wow okay

Marsh is very harsh Marsh
okay let’s go to Italy and see what’s
going on just Italy or is Ovid Italy and
it’s also to South Korea in Italy once

the center of the global pandemic the
lockdown is starting to ease many bars
in Rome were open today for takeaway
drinks but officials warn the social
distancing must be maintained to prevent

a resurgence in coronavirus cases in
South Korea the mayor of Seoul closed
more than 2,000 nightclubs just one week
after they were reopened dozens of new
coronavirus cases were connected to

people who attended clubs last week hmm
not much going on there so that was
pretty dull you’re right yeah so let’s
go and take a look at that this is the
cove in russia and comparing russia to

belarus let’s look at what’s happening
internationally Russia like most
countries has scaled back its
celebrations to mark the end of the
second world war in Europe because of
the virus pandemic but in neighboring

Belarus one of the only countries yet to
impose any social distancing measures
thousands have gathered to mark the 75th
anniversary from Moscow skies down a
magnet has this report

even Russia has postponed this year’s
Victory Day parade but it’s smaller
neighbor to the west Belarus has not
despite more than 20,000 covet cases the

veterans were encouraged not to come
others incentivized to fill seats good
grades promised to students for example
at a time when many in Belarus don’t

trust their president on this pandemic
most newcomer one the official count is
of a hundred and sixteen deaths the
freshly dug graves at this Cemetery in

the small city of stones B suggests it’s
far more fear of my doom this reporter
for Russia’s Channel one was expelled
from Belarus and his team stripped of
their accreditations after this report

which suggested that even locals don’t
believe the numbers Anna Lilla through
this woman telling him
her mother had had kovat but that the
official cause of death was heart

failure the picture inside hospitals
even in the capital is grim every piece
of space is used up here and there’s
that ubiquitous co vidcom where the

state is failing volunteers are stepping
in the ubiquitous covered COFF has that
been identified as a specific type of
cough yeah well that’s what JC when he

had Kovac and these survived it easily
enough but he ended up with that Kovac
caught the cotton that lasts a while I
did last as long you know how you get

sometimes you get to coal or somebody
gets into this just coughed that never
goes away gonna last and last and last
you know people that I think horowitz
had it for like three four shows I like
a month he had this cough this terrible

call the covet cough which is really
horrible to hear it it’s like it’s
horrible to hear it I mean it’s just a
cringe oh it didn’t last long at all
which is good no that is good that is

good let me see if we can find an
example of this Co good cause it’s it
sounds like it sounds like it’s
somebody’s coffee and then you hear a
goose honking here we have a couple of

examples the the
is does this sound like you on YouTube
that may be exactly what we’re looking
for let’s see and why don’t I hear

is that it no no really no that’s your
fake to a higher gear there’s a very

specific thing it does it is like really
frightening to hear it
the ghovat caught yes I got an email
which may fit into a good topic for us
today and I and I want to reiterate that

this show John I come to each show we
don’t talk to each other in between
shows rarely maybe an email or something
typically John sending me some chick on
YouTube whose hey guys whatever
that’s usually what I get from John so

we show up and I have my stuff he has
his stuff and I received an email that I
wanted to respond to I thought that it
would be appropriate I see that you’ve
got some clips to talk about it this is

from Roland he’s from Germany German
producer in the morning gents I’m not
sure how voting works but in Germany
it’s like this you get a postcard with
your name on it the city knows where you

live is you have to register when you
move to it tells you when and where you
can go and vote historically it’s been
on Sundays between 8:00 and 6p at 8 a.m.
6 p.m. if you’re out of town and you
can’t make it to the voting place

usually a school or kindergarten in your
neighborhood can send you the postcard
back at no charge you can ask for
vote-by-mail papers which you then get
and send back in time done well now this
apparently isn’t much of a thing in the

US what is wrong what is the problem why
are you all so jacked up about it some
analysis would be helpful especially to
the international listeners I think
that’s an appropriate question Roland

well I have two clips on this bingo boom
first of all you can’t vote by mail in
some some states in fact that’s all you

you don’t even there’s not even this
processor you’re talking about
Washington State for example there’s a
100% vote by mail ah there’s a lot of
people that believe that it invites
fraud and allow me to explain the as I

understand the fraud part of it in the
United States and this is why it’s an
we I I hate to say it but our voting
public is pretty dumb so when someone

knocks on your door and says hey did you
get your mail-in voting bally’s that I
don’t know man it’s around here
well listen why don’t you just you know
just I’ll take care of it I’m gonna hand

it in just what do you want to be
Democrat right okay we just write this
down and I’ll mail it for you don’t have
to worry about it
it’s called harvesting and sometimes
they’ll get ballots that are just empty

and they’ll fill it in for them it’s
theirs and this is I think was Orange
there are Calabasas somewhere in in
California where they followed these
people and showed how they do it and

this is not just the US but its but this
is harvesting is a real issue and also I
think it’s just lame as a citizen you go
into the booth and you kick the lever

and you go there you stand the line with
everybody grousing about it it’s part of
your ID by the way well no that’s
different well in Texas but for a bid
yeah Texas you have to show your ID well

here’s a question here’s a good example
if this is what you have to deal with
this is on PBS again and they’re having
this this problem in Connecticut because
Connecticut you can do an absentee

ballot but it’s a very complicated
process and the problem with Connecticut
is what the story’s about mostly is that
they the Connecticut Constitution says
you have to show up yes so it’s not like

Washington state it’s like it’s
designing the systems designed for vote
vote by mail and by the way it’s funny
how the harvesters do such a good job
they tend to get a state loaded with

Democrats I’m not gonna just accuse the
Democrats but when you hear reports like
this here’s the vote by mail fraud
question that was asked on the PBS
amongst some people that are discussing

how to do this in Connecticut we just
six months until November’s presidential
election states across the country are
trying to determine how they will safely
collect and count ballots during a

national health emergency for many
states that means reevaluating in person
versus absentee voting just yesterday
California governor Gavin Newsom
announced that the entire state would be
asked to vote by mail in the November

Action bought four states like
Connecticut with a long history of
in-person voting the push to vote by
mail remains a complicated task Newshour
weekend’s Christopher Booker has more

the scenes from Wisconsin’s recent
election did not sit well with
Connecticut’s Secretary of State Denis
Merrill that was a turning point in my
discussions with both the legislative

leadership and the governor nobody wants
to look like Milwaukee frankly and that
that can happen pretty easily
after Democratic governor Tony Evers
executive order that delayed the state’s

election by two months was overturned by
the Supreme Court Wisconsin voters had
to go to polling places if they wanted
to cast a ballot 52 people who worked
the polls or voted on April 7th have

tested positive for kovat 19 the
situation Merril does not want to
duplicate in her state you know people
are just waking up to the fact that they
may be asked to vote either in a primary

or particularly in the general election
is their concern and jeopardize their
health and I think the Milwaukee
situation really galvanized people
because it was all over television and

people were home watching it but hoping
to minimize in-person voting in
Connecticut will not be an easy task
with voting laws dating back to the
state’s 1818 Constitution the rules to
vote absentee or by mail in the state

nicknamed the Constitution state are
restrictive yeah that’s a decent
overview well that’s a decent order that
was the wrong clip the one you told me

to play vote by mail fraud question oh
it was the wrong clip but that’s a
better clip for the intro to this clip I
would have had it I should have actually

played that clip first so you
accidentally did the right thing voter
fraud is a major talking point for those
against expanding vote by mail on April
8th President Trump tweeted that
Republicans should fight very hard when
it comes to statewide mail and voting

Democrats are clamoring for it
tremendous potential for voter fraud and
for whatever reason doesn’t work out
well for Republicans voter fraud comes
up quite often have you seen rampant
voter fraud in Connecticut oh absolutely

I mean for people to complain about
absentee ballot fraud in Connecticut is
kind of ridiculous because we have so
many processes in place first you have

to mail the application to people they
have to fill it out mail it back to the
clerk the clerk then mails the ballot to
the person which is in a double envelope
you have to put it in an inside envelope

and then in an outside envelope to
protect their anonymity and then you
mail it back to the clerk and during all
this process the clerk has to note every
step of the way in our electronic voter

registry secretary Merrill says there’s
little evidence that there is widespread
voter fraud in Connecticut can you point
to specific instances of voter fraud in
Connecticut I don’t have them on me but

we deal with these every year we end up
having a lot of kind of quirky election
issues that I don’t particularly find
coincidental but it’s something we need
to address the critics of expanded

vote-by-mail often cite voter fraud is
there evidence that when you increase
the access to vote by mail fraud
increases none there’s no evidence none
whatsoever no where it does not exist

oh I’m poorly informed then yeah you
don’t know what you’re talking about I
need to shut up right because she said
right there that Democrat woman she said
no no never happened ever happens I know

what you’re talking about
by the way just because you go you walk
into the good like for example here at
the house I walk in that mail has been

there’s two or three ballots sitting
there I could pick any with any one of
them up we had type a bunch of stuff I’d
put stuff on their sign somebody’s phony
name send it in I could do that anyone
could do it or somebody they’d lose some

mail somebody steals from a post office
I mean that’s just minor but the
harvesting which you pointed out which
has always been that the big threat and
the joke of it is the Democrats always
hated much of this because it would be

well I mean the Republicans used to hate
this for the reasons that the Democrats
used to like it which is in the deep
south back in the 50s and 60s they would
just the Democrats would steal all the

black votes just rouse the black votes
they just steal them they steal the
black vote or they buy a vote they say
there’s another way of doing it before
harvesting you go up to everybody you go

door-to-door so I’ll give you five bucks
for your ballot is that illegal I I
think it’s a farce it’s illegal is it
yeah what is illegal raise the league is
it illegal to say to someone here’s five

write down your vote right now that’s
not illegal well probably not it’s not
exactly what politics is I’m gonna give
you this for your vote isn’t that okay
we should the ditch it’s it’s asking for

trouble go well there’s that yeah but
this woman when I heard that clip we’re
at the very end of that clip she goes oh
then I know something’s up how do we

usually put that somewhere we had a
thing about that that we could see oh
yeah that’s not it where is it ah we had
nothing to see here I’ve lost so many

I’m losing my touch
you are just a eyeball nothing it’s not
completely healed I’ll give you that but
it’s not that bad for a long time I know
that’s why I couldn’t find it you know

it’s been replaced by so you know what
it’s taking place now is we have this
political fight which trump is ch

tweeting about a lot so I guess he’s
worried is this you know the the house
is looking to make legislation and I

guess you can do it by state even to
vote by mail because all coronavirus be
too dangerous for people to show up and
vote same is the to danger for them to
show up at the grocery store and stand

in line is it too dangerous to go to the
haircutter I mean why is this more
dangerous than these other things that
people do constantly if there’s a shop
that says haircutter I’m not going
that’s a dangerous shop it says coops

that’s a different story so there is a
lot going on in the political in fact
pretty much all of it is now political

and I have been enjoying
these transcripts from the is that the
house intelligence Oversight Committee
these 50:53 transcripts that have been

released yeah I have a clip our friend
Kaylee yeah
slamming yum yummy yummy yummy SHhhh
oh no I reading from these transcripts

and saying well how great it was that
they were released now let’s just go
over this before we play before we play
Kaylee and Yumi she now has Flynn been
exonerated or is that just bar saying it

has to happen the judge hasn’t done it
yet he’s he actually exonerate exonerate
dropped all charges well in case it’s
not no no I take it back
you gotta use this right because you’re

getting jumped on by all these guys that
are gonna write your note it’s not
exoneration when the cases drop was it
cases dismissed rights dismissed and
what is interesting about the dismissal

as that it comes from now overwhelming
evidence from the FBI’s own files that
they were railroading Flint yeah
absolutely railroading him like like

real assholes like real thugs really not
okay stuff but then he fight it’s one of
these old Russian things like Barry I
used to do you know said show me a man
I’ll find you a crime right in addition

to this very old stalinistic idea as a
way to do it and that’s what they were
doing and it was but an Obama was behind
it well this is what’s interesting so
now we have in in this case all of a

sudden we have 53 transcripts
Declassified of all of these players and
this is the hours and hours and hours of
testimony it’s very interesting to read

I was interested in Brad parse Cal the
guy who’s who is now the campaign
manager the for 2020 the guy was just a
web dude in Texas in San Antonio who

didn’t you know like the wineries did a
one-pager website for Ivanka’s thing
and you just and they said well we’re
gonna explode 2015 I exploratory you

throw up a page for Canada trompe to see
how it looks and it just grew from there
and the guy just turned out to be really
smart he’s never done any political
campaigns anything like that and he just
used calm in fact he did everything that

the political consultants in Washington
he what they advised he did the opposite
did all kinds of different innovative
things and it’s really interesting to
read his story now there’s not much in

the way I mean every five so uh while
you were selecting a vendor’s for the
website did any of them possibly have
ties to Russia like that
so did they did they have speak with an

accent I mean this is the kind of stuff
that was going on and this has worried a
lot of people and the main here’s what’s

if flynn the case is dropped and his his
you know what he was accused of was
lying to the FBI and now it turns out he
was lying to the FBI because the FBI

said you better lie are we gonna lock
your kid up and the lie was a very menu
detail of a phone conversation he had
had with the Russian ambassador kiss
lyac and the feds when they were

interviewing which I believe include
Peter struck they had already heard the
call they knew the answers to the
questions they were asking and of course
he answered something wrong word said I

don’t remember that or I didn’t have
this time and then they said well you’re
gonna have to plead guilty here
otherwise we’re gonna get your kid and
he has a kid on the way and it was it’s
really ugly really it’s like J ed ver

edgar Hoover type style ugly and the
President Obama all of a sudden has some
coincidentally leaked audio

that comes out in fact I have a little
news report about it because I think
what’s happening is I believe Obama as
you pointed out Obama is implicated in
this thing it goes all the way up to him

and he’s striking back but interesting
way he’s doing it
former President Obama discussed the
Michael Flint case during a phone call
with some former Obama administration
officials and then portions of the audio

of that call were leaked to Yahoo News
Flynn you may remember pled guilty ‘aa
lying to the FBI about his
communications with the Russia
ambassador the Justice Department
announced Thursday it plans to drop the

case against the former national
security advisor Obama says he was
shocked by the move where you
Norm’s but our basic understanding of

rule of law is is it risk President
Trump praised the Justice Department’s

decision he also praised Flynn calling
him an innocent man the White House says
it believes the FBI was trying to target
and trap Flynn over his comments not
surprisingly reaction up on Capitol Hill

has been split how I don’t like this
report I think it’s full of crap they
also left stuff out here’s the actual
leaked call and there’s something that
Obama said here which is factually

incorrect and I’m waiting for the news
media to let us know about that the news
over the last 24 hours I think has been
somewhat downplayed about the Justice

Department dropping charges against
Michael Flynn and the fact that there is
no precedent then anybody can find for
someone who’s been charged with perjury

just getting off scot-free interestingly
he wasn’t charged with perjury that’s
just not true

no he didn’t take it Oh mercury is very
specific so why did Obama say that why
is he making a big deal out of well this
has never happened before a guy perjured
himself when he was no I think Obama’s a

little a little we’re a little afraid
it’s getting a little hot under the
feets yeah I did sound you think maybe
Obama knew this was being recorded how

he leaps it was another piece of
disinformation get thrown to the pot
this perjury nonsense told you I see if
anyone picks up the tree pit flies yeah
interesting well that shows he’s very

when Obama has to step in and do this
kind of crap he’s worried yeah or
something that’s very strange well I do
have the super clips was this is about

the Flynn and this is a bunch of clips
that can’t be right after Flynn was
first arrested indicted whatever they
want to call it the advertising and all

the media was and and Trump knew this
was a setup he bitched about he said
Clint shouldn’t have been arrested he’s
a great Patriot and on and on and the

White House and and the the right the
Conservatives all knew something was
fishy about this whole thing and
meanwhile MSNBC and CNN and all the rest
of the news media they had their

thoughts about it and they were mocking
everybody President Trump and his top
aides have been routinely ignoring the
truth and pushing phony conspiracy
theories the president it seems to be

saying that this was a case of
entrapment that Michael Flynn was
essentially pressured into lying
what is your response I think that’s
hogwash you know there are all kinds of
conspiracy theories about how he was

entrapped the FBI agents didn’t do
anything wrong here so I think that’s
important because there are a lot of
sort of conspiracy theories they all
work together and you know the Fox News
people in the White House fuel these

sort of rumors do they send these around
with fax machines they come up with
these conspiracy theories and they send
around the facts
they should just knock it off and
realize that their ridiculous conspiracy
theories are gonna be knocked down stop

stop with the conspiracy theories so I
think that loud sound you heard it about
12:30 Eastern was the sound of 10000
conspiracy theories by the Trump
defenders exploding the sound you hear

is a million conspiracy theories
exploding think I could call them the
trumpets all over the country their
heads were blown up here’s another
conspiracy theory that has been blown to
bits Trump talking points and right-wing

media conspiracies demolished poor
Michael Flynn
he was Duke it’s so embarrassing you
know watch all your chips to the middle
of the table better be damn sure you got

a good hand yeah the FBI broke standard
protocol in the way that they came in an
ambush general Flynn she knew better
yeah don’t be no one cares what they

said two days ago think we know they’re
all wrong cares it’s like fine I think
they’re losing so much ground the
mainstream does people don’t care that’s

right people are out and about they’re
not listening to your fear anymore
they’re done with you
there’s a lot of people that are sitting
in there yeah yeah but that’s in curtain
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are invalid Palo Alto California 60 he’s
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working on the wiki you were going back

and forth with him oh yeah yes yes he’s
working on a wiki yeah and I and you I
guess I thought you wouldn’t like the
idea I’d like the idea and I thought you
are wiki hater so I didn’t say that

specifically but I mentioned that he
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I’ve removed myself from the convo good
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F cancer for her anyone else who’s

dealing with it coming up yes the true
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end Matt for sure Harrison Nobles
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wonderful mom Lynette happy Mother’s Day

she loves to listen to the show as a big
fan of Q and on
Wow okay well Roger pratter in Talladega
Alabama 57:20 home of the famous

racetrack and the Knights apparently
have special nights in Talladega now
he’s got he’s a de Mastodon guy probably
the only person who’s listens to Noah

Jenna really I’m probably the only boys
a blind person listen to no Jenna okay
really snow because Adams mentioned how
blind people would be able to work with
things like jazz hands clapping I’m so
happy so glad that no agenda isn’t like

other conservative shows where they just
do the opposite of the left this is true
well we’re also not a conservative
shiranai conservative show but but Devin
Prater says he has a birthday I don’t

think he’s on the list hold on a second
it turns out yeah 2016 always belated so
let me just see I want to make sure we
get to know Devin 26 on the seventh we

have we have more blind listeners than
you’d than you think actually I think
well throughout the years we’ve had at

least twenty you have self-identified
but it could be more at podcasts are of
course fantastic it’s great for people
who are have more sense
audible senses sensory people who are

deaf it’s Griffin it’s horrible for
people who are blind it’s great
there we go I’m trying to just say it or
if I was really bad but anyway

Rogers thank you very much and just put
you on the list
and thank you seven thought it was
Reggie it says Roger Prater no he’s
definitely okay gotcha

and what Roger comes in what forever
ARIMA actually in circus media circus
media Missoula Montana fit 55555 and he

says to my mom Christine thank you for
being the best mom a kid could hope for
Oh Baron Bob of the dudes named Ben 55
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north carolina baron bob of highpoint I
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pickles thanks for all the great show

especially the producer who made the
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nickels on the dime happy Mother’s Day
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Michelle it was put up with me while
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I’m sure my son Andrew is cupping his
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always all he’s up in heaven cupping his
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accounting love Bob sir Kyle Meyer in
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amounts we just mentioned the mom
there’s a moms yeah this is a happy moms
day from someone no it’s all pretty much
innominate yeah and we’re always happy
to do it and I am I too am a little

taken aback with the the support for the
moms this has never happened on the show
before never
uou I got it I got it figured it out I
know okay what do you think Kovach yes I

agree I think that during this time is
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all that that’s what’s going I’m telling
you that’s what’s going on yeah that’s

what’s going on and it’s likely because
this is the worst show of one of the
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you’re right we’ll be around for a while
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Mother’s Day happy Mother’s Day to all
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moms so I always like to say that’s it
my mom’s dead it always it always puts a
smile on people’s face on Mother’s Day
when they hear me say that all right
here we go with our jobs and f cancer

karma again thank you all very much we
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jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for jobs
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well we’re radioactive the Geiger

counter is blasted in the background
that is a May 10 20 20 here’s our
birthday enlist we have Adrienne drink
on and a daughter Violet both
celebrating today we have Devon Prater
who turned 26 on the seventh so belated

birthday happy birthday to Devon Maksim
Rifkin happy birthday his wife Olga she
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Denise Dalhousie IRS’s happy birthday
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today through Kevin Dill’s 34 on the

12th Barbara pond wits happy birthday to
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he turns 54 on Tuesday and finally Eric
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birthday to Dale Mackie and happy

birthday from everybody here at the best
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don’t gather round douchebag would you
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is we are
brothers and sisters who

and we have one title change today
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and we actually have today of course

because the Rona the No Agenda meetups

have come to a screeching halt but not
entirely because a lot of producers just
will not give up they’ve done different
types of meetings and I believe Boston
is checking in with their report we are

live with you know the one and only

Negro the Northeast Brandon aka 3317
like Paula wretched boy feel free to pop
us we’re also here with JJ yo JJ reddick

lunk here and this is her Nathan Lee
Miller foster a chaotic good night at
the White Lodge the Blue Orchid of the
cold hard mountaintop directory

lstoneham bear the sword reports I can’t
believe I remember that thank you so
much dog we love you and thank you for
inspiring these meetings a loud group
they are booze is flowing that’s right

and then of course no agenda meetups
calm we’ll start moving again I did want
to mention sir Scott Matt of Norristown
Pennsylvania has put one on the calendar
the doughnut narc the thinks meet up and

that’s coming up on nothing it’s until
the 20th but that will be FEMA Region
three and that will be as I said in
Morristown Pennsylvania Morristown in

Norristown it’s got to be Morristown
right Morristown so go to no agenda
meetups dot-com to find out more no
agenda meetups where everything is kind
of just like a potty

sometimes you wanna go hang out with all
the nights and days you’d be
me check it all hell I even gonna be

with everybody
there is a party whoo what a show what a

day moms everywhere are happy happy
happy happy wild yeah so I have two
things gone wild what I have two things

left okay I have the Kaylie slamming him
each oh yes yeah I was kind of excited
about that yeah well should we do that
now and at last but let’s do that last

it’s not as good as her other slams in
the past but it’s just a similar style
and I’m liking the way she’s doing these
things a lot of people like her then I
get to bite and came out and it looks

like it came out of the basement oh okay
this is goodnight a special special I
don’t know why the meet out personal way
it was this was this yet another
technological abortion no it was

actually pretty good
I heard that he won didn’t do it well
and it was like Joe Biden live and his
lunch life was like in quotes it was
like you know so he’s he comes out with

with a stupid mask on looks like an
idiot and I think he’s in his back in
his in his basement with a guy and I
don’t think he’s there’s a book she’ll

see I’m I think it’s a green screen I
think they just changed the set you have
them standing that’s what I think I
don’t think he was because I don’t know
that he’s got this background and then
if you listen carefully I’m gonna play
two clips this is the first one’s a bit

of Biden you play that oops
being here is pacing oh my sorry it just
affects there we go it has so far cost

tens of thousand Americans lives and
millions of the jobs and make no mistake
it doesn’t matter how much the market
rebounds as long as there are millions
of unemployed struggling people to get

by we won’t be anywhere near bouncing
haha that sounded really dumb we yeah as
long as millions of people struggling to

get by it’s great that’s basically what
he’s saying as long as there are
millions of unemployed struggling people
to get by we won’t be anywhere near
bouncing back yeah what he meant was
people struggling to get by but okay

second his entire economic strategy is
focused on helping the wealthy and big
corporations just imagine just imagine
what we could be doing now with the 2

trillion dollars in tax cuts Trump
delivered to his rich friends as this
first priority amazes how much better a
position we be in right now
struck if instead of Donald Trump

cheering corporations on that spend
hundreds of billions of dollars buying
back their own stock these corporations
have I’m guessing that money to keep
workers on their payroll okay all right

this is this is insulting to my
intelligence the Democrat Party who with
the Republicans voted unanimously for
this bill for the cares Act which he’s
not tell about the cares Act what’s he

talking about then he’s talking about
that tax cut that went into play in 2017
the two trillion dollars well he’s got
his numbers a little mixed up cuz that’s
not what it was he does have his numbers

little mixed up well anyway he goes on
visit next part of it but it doing just
that they did produce us a little bit
because they have and I you notice this
in the first clip too but notice it more
I heard birds in the background that’s

what I’m saying
they got phony birds chirping in the
background is on the brother greens
there’s no way you’d have to mic the
birds and come on hey wait a minute you
sure the windows not open it could be

the real birds Joe Biden they can’t even
record Joe Biden property let alone some
birds in the background but it could be
yes sure okay
please done now he really goes after

Trump everything’s Trump’s fault of
course it is well he has blood on his
you know Koba 19 caused massive economic
challenges but this crisis hit harder
and will last longer because Donald

spent the last three years undermining
the core pillars of our economic
strength many small businesses closed
because stayed home or because of
stay-at-home orders but a lot of them

won’t open again because they don’t have
a cushion due to three years of Trump’s
policies that rewarded the biggest
companies yes many have lost their jobs
because of the crisis or we’re seeing

many proud families forced to endure
epic lines for food boxes in football
stadium parking lots because Donald
Trump has spent three years tilting the
playing field toward the wealthy and not

the middle-class
you know Trump love to crow about the
great economy he villains but when the
crisis hit became clear who the economy
had built this was built to serve not

workers not the middle class not
families Trump’s economic agenda has
three unmistakable failings failings
that have been present since day one but
are coming into sharp relief in the

current crisis first Donald Trump’s main
measures main measure of economic
progress is the state of the stock
market it’s the only metric he values
and it’s the only lens through which he

sees our economy for the past three
years even as Americans have had to work
harder than ever to pay their bills
he said the economy was great because
the stock market was up hey this is

pretty insulting it really is yeah I do
but I heard a different bird when I
listened to Joe Biden this is the berta
here it’s it’s gosh man instead of

saying here’s what I’m going to do no
this is all he’s got so that he has

nothing that’s got nothing you can’t
just lean this before you can’t just run
on I hate Trump no that’s probably why
Hillary lost exactly above all other
things I mean she could have won easily

but just con she had no plans it was
just all this guy sucks yeah this guy
sucks vote for me what are you guys what
are you offering i al care because this
guy sucks

you vote for me and then we get rid of
him that’s exactly right
is exactly what’s happening here nothing
going on and then last on my list of
clips I do have Kaylee and this is going
back and forth with you me she brings in

some of these quotes that were from the
released papers and she was thinking
that’s great I’m sure she’s gonna have
more about their real this is Kaylee
mackaninee who is the new girl on the
block she is putting up quite a fight

against against the Washington press
corps I I am sorry I thought she
wouldn’t last a week but she is there
and she’s hanging in she’s a tough
made-up cookie it simply glad you asked

that because for about first four weeks

of the election I was watching CNN and I
was naively believing some of the
headlines that I saw I’m actually not
going to read the headlines so I very

quickly came around supported the
president in fact CNN hired me I was on
many eight on one panels where I proudly
supported this president who I believe
is one of the best presidents it’s not

the best president this country will
ever have but I would encourage the
individual who did that analysis of my
past rather than focusing on me he
really should be focused on some of the

very guests CNN chose to have on their
network he should be focused on I mean
my over here Jim Jim clapper who said
you know ten days before he privately
told investigators there was no evidence

of collusion that Watergate pales in
comparison to the Russia probe I’d
encourage them to look at Samantha
Power’s who was privately saying I’m not
in possession of any evidence of
collusion ambassador rice I don’t recall

intelligence or evidence of any
collusion former attorney general
Loretta Lynch I do not recall that being
briefed to me and for three years two
years probably more than that CNN ran

with the collusion narrative and if the
American people are watching right now
they’re probably very confused as to
some of the
I read those individuals were saying
much different things publicly than they
were saying privately and I’m very

grateful that those transcripts were
released yesterday and perhaps the Kay
file should do an analysis of that
president there is no questioning that

so honored to work for him and ebony
next question
shocking I tell you well you misha’s got
to start doing some damn Arab reporting

is she only interested in making Caylee
look stupid is that what they’re doing
what a waste of time they’re not getting
very far it’s like a huff x mark mean
girl does that wouldn’t touch her she’s

probably not to be touched probably one
of those women you just don’t do that to
and I wanted message she did allo singer
in there which was was she said I was
hired by CNN oh yes eight to one panels

there’s eight people eight Democrats at
the one exactly exactly I feel like it’s
the case you hadn’t noticed went a

little bit long but hey we do it for the
moms we do it for the moms coming up
after this day happy VE Day happy VE Day
as well coming up after this show on the

on no agenda stream dot-com grumpy old
Benz will be whacking a tracking sounds
end of show mixes quite a few good ones

we’ve got Fletcher and Blaney we’ve got
Jason Lewis Jesse coy Nelson and Rolando
Gonzales all keyed up then I am coming
to you from the couple of the drone of

Star State it is FEMA region number six
on the governmental maps if you’re
looking for tin opportunity zone 33 in
the morning everybody
I’m Adam curry and from other Silicon
Valley where I don’t know everything

seems nice except everyone’s wearing a
mask I’m Jesse Dvorak no masks org no
masks org and I’m sticking to it
remember us at Dvorak org slash in a
until Thursday adios everybody yo mofos

and such

no anger
I wake up in the morning

back saying
they’re driving me insane
my hand

we’re gone that is fine

work for the GUP No
no ain’t gonna work for the governor no
the girly hands you a nickel

she was damn
me ass shoes with the grin
a good time
every time we go out to door

for the Geffner no more
how dare you you have stolen my dreams

my childhood with your empty words yet
I’m one of the lucky ones people are

suffering people are dying
a deadly and contagious virus from China
has made its way into the u.s.

got the virus isolated myself from the
beginning because I thought that’s well

directed the UK set to formally leave
the European Union the government will

now focus on the next phase of
negotiations getting a trade deal and
forging a new partnership with the
remaining 27 countries there are three
cases or patients we have coronavirus

the Prime Minister Boris Johnson has now
been discharged from hospital as he
continues his recovery from kovat 19

increasingly families are going public
with what it means to be a transgender
kid so two sisters and you’re the
brother right were you always the

president I’m not always what were you
before I’m their sister because I wanted
to be a boy a deadly and contagious
virus from China has made its way into

the u.s.
but specifically the trans community who
may have been on schedule for surgery
some of them may be affected directly by
coping 19 that’s all folks

I didn’t cause I didn’t call you I
didn’t I didn’t there we go sit down

there we go
Thank You mr. president that’s enough
here we go Thank You mr. president
that’s enough we stopped him cold there

we go I’m not gonna say anything
Hillary Clinton is a bigot do we go we
go we shouldn’t treat people that way
yes one of the things I think about Hey

look this is gonna have a huge impact on
China she looks at all of that but
here’s the thing I didn’t I didn’t I
didn’t call me directly and I’ll call
Sonny and get mail okay let’s do it the

way you want let’s do it the way you
want we’re doing well and now we’re
doing better nobody has to tell me to do
it I’ve been talking about that for

years I never told you about spaceforce
wants an incredible thing Julie like
trying to put out a fire till we get our
log it does better make that decision
there’s no collusion there was no
collusion I want security Peter there we

go it’s a disaster they don’t know what
the hell they’re doing
there we go angry people it should end
I’ve done a lot I don’t want to do it in

China Dvorak
org slash in a wrong