No Agenda Episode 1242: “Smokin Hot”

so dollars in attorneys say Trump sucks
Adam curry this is no agenda curry from
northern Silicon Valley where we’re all

wondering whatever happened to the ice
bucket challenge I’m John Cena Barret so
I doubt everybody’s wondering what

happened to that no they’re not no one’s
wondering about that yes that was for
ALS the money went to ALS oh well I

don’t know man you should dive into it I
want a full report I want a full report
Sunday I want to know all about it
hey I had hair cut right here good it’s

okay with me
I’m so happy I had a haircut it’s so
nice but what an experience that you
like long hair no well I did

I mean well no actually I’ve never liked
it it just looked good on me at the time
back in the day remember I have a small
head in order to work well on TV you
need a big head so if you don’t have a
big head

it’s not that small by the way it’s not
as big as Pat Sajak’s or Vanna White or
Little Richard have you ever seen the
size of that guy’s head he had a big

head what Little Richard was anything
but little it was pretty good it was
pretty big so I learned a little bit
about about returning back to work and
what it means when the governor on a

Friday afternoon says hey guess what you
guys with hair salons you can open up on

you don’t think about it as a customer
obviously and like oh that’s fine great
so I immediately this was yeah I think
it was Friday I saw the news I
immediately started texting Johanna my
hair stylist to the Stars of Austin and

and she said oh my god we weren’t ready
for this we had no idea we thought the
18th is the last we heard is the 18th
that would just you know we would be

able to take a look and we’ll figure out
a timeline but all of sudden they you
know they threw it on him in two days
this was not a smart idea I’ve heard
about this around the country there’s

different errors and there’s always day
hair salons and I was thinking to myself
I’m thinking to myself self so how hard
is it to boot a hair salon you got you
know you’re standing you need your

scissors you need a cut in your little
buzzing things you need a bucket of goo
for the color this is know what this is
exactly what hard can it be this is what
I thought or at least the impression I

had it’s a lot first of all what happens
is without you knowing and who go bad or
some in the meantime wow man I hope the
next person who cuts your hair stick
scissors in your eye

you’re horrible three four five six
seven seven cars on the Zephyr ladies
and gentlemen were still in a state of
depression yep
No so the first thing that happens is

without any knowledge that this would
take it was a scissors in my ass not
nice so I’m warning you really because
you know you get my hairdresser hair

cutter he he doesn’t listen to the show
nobody listens to the show in that dead
business I can I just tell you what what

the experience was so it so you
understand why I think you’re wrong
about all you needed some goop and his
scissors and some shampoo okay so
imagine your year it’s a Friday night

you don’t even know what day it is
anymore in the lockdown and all of a
sudden some someone of importance says
oh yeah Monday you can go back to the
hairdresser what do you think happens it
gets warm up with order in the caught

off guard and there’s a lot has to
happen there
there you know we have very strict city
ordinances despite what the governor has
ordered the City of Austin is going yeah
we’ll get into that in a moment so you

have to have policies it has to be
published you have to let everybody
knows everyone has to wait in the car
before they come in you have to clean
off all surfaces there’s a lot of

different things that have to take place
and then the fear it’s not like the
whole hair salon wanted to come back
there were other hair cutters and like
no I’m terrified so can you open up with

half a shop you know there’s a lot of
III do didn’t think about it but then
when you get into it it’s really weird

to have your hair cut with a mask on and
even even Johanna is like looking at me
like now I know this sucks so bad but
but it’sit’s requirement not legally but
it’s a requirement based on shaming this

let me play these clips and you’ll
understand we kind of started on this
but when the governor of Texas said okay
here’s what here’s what can happen we

can open up there’s no requirement for
masks in public or or even indoors I
mean it can be up to the proprietor or
if they want to force people to wear
underwear on the head but Adler said oh

no no no we’re just gonna tell everyone
they need to wear masks I think we had
the clip on the last show and even
though I can’t find you or send you to
jail knowing that you’ve killed somebody

should be enough if you don’t wear a
mask outside all the time in 90-degree
heat so now the Texas Attorney General
has sent a warning to Austin and its
mayor at a time when some Austin staples
like Shady Grove have closed their doors

for good
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sent a
warning letter in part to Mayor Steve
Adler and Travis County judge Sarah
Eckhart saying that the local health
orders issued last Friday were confusing

and unlawful because the order doesn’t
clearly differentiate between
recommendations and requirements
Kelsey Ericksen roofers with the Texas
Restaurant Association they also sent a

letter to mayor Adler asking him to
change section 11 of the local order it
encourages restaurants with the capacity
of 75 or less to keep a log of all
customers and employees who came in
including the dates and times they were

there and where they sat TRA says if
small businesses are doing this so
should the big ones
city and county attorneys are now

reviewing Paxton’s letter but in a
statement to CBS austin a travis county
spokesperson said in part our initial
thought as we disagree with the Attorney
mayor Adler also sent us a statement

saying in part up to this point we have
avoided the naked politicization of the
virus crisis I will not fry the AG down
that road the city’s order complements
incorporates and does not conflict with

the governor’s orders Adler also brought
it up during his daily virtual address
so Adler is trying to do a Cuomo every

single day from his office there above
the W Hotel in downtown Austin it’s I
really this guy’s being he’s not yeah I
don’t think he’s left his home at all

he’s the guy that’s pussy he’s the one
that’s sitting inside and requiring
small businesses in particular
restaurants we had this happen when we
went to the first open first restaurant
opening you’ve got it write down your

name you got to sign a piece of paper
and of course people are going to revolt
against that and it’s not even a
requirement by law but you heard it it’s
the shaming that’s where all of this is

one more clip of the response from Adler
regarding the defiant Austin Texas your
state is opening up but your city is not
yet why not

well we’re opening up to these
the governor has has put it in his order
so we’re compliant with the state but
the messaging that we’re trying to send

to our community is to take this
cautiously and slowly because no one
knows what the impact of this is going
to be and it’s going to take us three
weeks maybe four weeks to get the the

data on hospitalizations that we need to
see to see whether or not our toe dip
here is putting us on a path to another
surge so it’s more what other surged
there was never a surge in Texas to

start with but he feels that there’s a
surge surge so it’s more of a messaging
element than anything else we have a lot
of community members that know that
while these things are opening it

doesn’t mean we have to go and it
doesn’t mean that we that we have to
open the governor has allowed those
things to happen but we are urging our
community to take this cautiously and
and slowly so that we can measure the

impact before we end up with another
surge another she said twice isn’t
checked just to make sure maybe I missed
the wording somewhere there’s not even a

headline with surge in Texas Travis
County or Austin this is about shaming
and I was surprised because I kind of
scoffed when you said it but my
hairdresser she said oh my god I never

Intel she says I never expected to see
it was kind of funny this level of
social shaming from liberals I’m like

what okay
and she said literally it’s very clear
if you wear a mask you’re Democrat if

you don’t you’re a Republican it’s
exactly what you said about California
history and and even she recognizes it’s
only to make you feel good these are the

masks are the like the ribbons after
9/11 you know and that is community
there’s also a community aspect to it
I’ve noticed this when you go around

without a mask in a but with people
no masks you can start to see the
connection you can see that the no mask
people or the you see a lot of macho

guys motorcyclists it’s kind of like
that Larry David episode worried or the
trump hat start to see then you can see
these old guys are just aren’t gonna do

it you know Murray just gave me a great
oh here’s what you need read make
America great again

masks yeah hello this is the perfect for
the mask no are you kidding me I think I
think Republicans will wear the mask

where you have to wear the mask to get
into the store to Whole Foods for
example yeah yeah big good mask he had
great American make America great again
or a meg Meg masks it’s a mega man where
are they they must have already been

made well it just came up in another
thing when I’m watching television and
I’m seeing actors I’m seeing commercials
they don’t represent the American public
anymore I demand that every single

commercial the actors wear masks in the
commercial I’m looking at masks all day
and I come home and all I see is faces
ugly if I put a mask on that mask you
know what I hate to be this sexist

everyone thinks I am I don’t like that
so they’re what you run into this
situation but again I just happened the
other day it’s like there’s some leggy

girl or is it group somebody with great
legs let’s just make it be honest about
all right and she’s got the mask on and
then you starting to you wonder you’re

wondering what what does the face matte
and match the rest of the body match the
lake or is it this old woman with great
lace does he you see that everyone
survived you would run into that in
Florida this this is also a godsend for

older women because they can have a
scarf or something like Nancy Pelosi you
have a nice you know scarf
you have around your neck you can pull
up if you need a mask situation but in

the meantime a women love hiding there
you know if they are unhappy with their
neck that a lot of older women aren’t
yeah so that it can work as a fashion
statement for them well the topic of

these mats they do have an Amy Goodman
clip well before you do that hit’em Isis
well I’m sorry well I have to apologize
first you can’t just like why I made a

I made a mistake on the last show I made
a big deal about the foul Qi clip which
was listed as may 6 out it was March 6
and and he was clearly saying no masks

whatsoever it’s not necessary it’s even
dumb and right and people got mad at me
John you got two letters okay dude I get

my letters and your let’s be serious I

get my letters and your letters so stop
with me I want to play the original then
I want to get to Amy because I have a
Judy and Judy will lead to Amy that

makes a lot so Amy is about the masks
this is about the mass this is foul John
the mouse Judy I saw this too this
breakdown of foul Chi the thing was
labeled it would when the when that clip

went out and it was criticizing you for
playing this clip and giving a wrong
date there’s two things one it was
mislabeled that I saw this I saw these
these clips they had a Mis label on them

they were labeled May and the second
thing is this is just proving that foul
she was a debt into the whole thing
early on and now they’re blaming Trump
with with quotes which I have on certain

clips I have a clip saying oh and Trump
wouldn’t listen to foul she thought she
was not into this until later so here is
the original this is from March and even
though it’s an outdated opinion I don’t

see how the science of what he’s saying
changes right right now in the United
States people should not be walking
around with
asks you’re sure of it because people
are listening really know closely to

this right now people should not be why
there’s no reason to be walking around
with a mask when you’re in the middle of
an outbreak wearing a mask might make
people feel a little bit better it might
even block a droplet but it’s not

providing the perfect protection that
people think that it is and often there
are unintended consequences people keep
fiddling with the mask and they keep

touching their face then can you get
some schmutz sort of staying inside
there or of course but when you think
mask you should think of health care
providers needing them and people who
are ill so very clear it sounds to me

like he’s talking scientifically this
just makes no sense by the way have some
hair that’s cut off your head fall in
between your mask and your face see how

that feels is very very is a shitty
experience so now we have April 3rd so
that’s still a month ago here’s Judy on
PBS asking Pope Falchi about the masks
again masks oh by the way that’s my eye

so candidate masks we are told that the
Trump administration is on the verge of
urging Americans to wear masks when they
go out tell us about the thinking on

that because just a few days ago we were
told that the thinking was that was not
it’s a great question Judy into thinking
yeah I could there’s no way to edit

anything in after that great question
that the thinking was it was not
necessary it’s a great question Judy and
the thinking is really now influenced by
information that’s coming in and the

information is that more and more
accumulation of data indicate that
people who are without symptoms at all
can transmit the virus but importantly
they can do it merely by speaking now

this I I want to see this report I don’t
know what he’s referring to but now you
can transfer it it’s before it was a
droplet maybe highly unlikely now just

the force of your voice
so there’s yeah there was I just want to
mention that I picked up on this
a couple recent clips I may even have

one of them I’m not sure because I
didn’t think I didn’t think it was it
was a trend but yeah they’re saying that
talking yeah just this goes back to your
theory about the mass being just a

gentle slave muscle it’s a muzzle weasel
you’re talking shot
thank you it’s a good point just by
talking you’re you’re very dangerous

muzzle they can do it merely by speaking
so there’s been a recent study that came
out that said even the force from your
voice of speaking there is a degree of
aerosolization namely the virus can come

out not very far but a few feet and down
so even though the perfect solution to
this is if everyone at all times it’s
day six feet separated so in all the

years in 35 years of of infectious
diseases and viruses now all of a sudden
this one is different than all the rest

we’re just the force of your voice can
go out a few feet and down and it can
kill people
it’s just I’m surprised sometimes
because the genius virus has never

spoken to an Arab at a Lebanese fish
market no well they spit on you stay six
feet separated from another person but
as you correctly mentioned this is not

always feasible there are times when you
have to do necessary functions you have
to get food you have to get drugs from
the pharmacy and you might inadvertently
be in a situation where you’re close

enough where that kind of transmission
can take place but and importantly I
think what people don’t fully appreciate
is that putting a mask on yourself is
more to prevent you from infecting

someone else
all right so but it’s still not a legal
requirement it’s not something you have
to do by law and why well because

unfortunately we can’t throw people in
jail and the same question about masks
that I was asking about staying at home
if these are things that that save lives
keep people

healthy why not require them to do this
you know Judy I understand where you’re
coming from but it becomes difficult
when you say required by what by penalty
by putting people in jail I mean that

becomes a you know something that really
could be counterproductive in the
society that we live in and in America
perhaps you might be able to do that in
China he says he doesn’t say well if you
want that kind of crazy you got to go to

China that’s where they force the people
to do stuff no he’s saying you got to be
China if you want that just wink-wink
nudge-nudge you might be able to do that
in China but I think it would be

difficult to do it here so what we’re
relying on is two people to really
understand the importance of this yes
and the importance indeed I saw after
the the hair hairdresser on the way home

I’m like I’m hungry I’m gonna get me a
sausage biscuit yeah and a hash brown at
McDonald’s in the drive-through and this
was my experience because the

who already you know they have the
headset with the microphone
she had a mask on she had a mascot I
like could I have a sausage biscuit it

what yeah I’ll have a dr. pepper oh my
goodness so of this I so masks friend of

show I think it’s boring but I don’t
have anything to get people this so I
don’t relish this you you have you have

you have no standing if you have nothing
to compete with none can’t tell me my
shits boards okay all right let’s say
what do you got with a no I this is back
to the idea this is the original idea

and I think this is more important than
the a lot of this especially throwing
people in jail part although I do like
the bit you should
bit of the person we’re gonna marry and
by the way they’re isolated anyway there

are over by themselves the people that
are on the McDonald’s microphone but
okay this is a me are talking about a
big con fad going on and there was Trump
had one of these two with the governor

of Nebraska and the governor of Colorado
and and just that you went pulled the
camera back at two sides of the room the
Colorado governor’s wearing a mask and

his assistant was there all wearing
masks on one side and the other side the
the Republicans from Nebraska weren’t
and Amy notices this elsewhere and it’s
it’s becoming a thing Republican Rand

Paul of Kentucky the first is this the
one confab is that what you want cuz I
have to know what the one is right the
top it says Amy Rapp mass affection
because you mentioned confab that’s why

here we go well we’re gonna start today
in Washington DC as president Trump
claims the u.s. is prayer to prepare to
transition to greatness and the Kovach

19 death toll surpasses eighty one
thousand two of the nation’s top
scientists told a Senate committee
Tuesday that needless death would result
if states reopened too soon the stark

warning from the nation’s top infectious
disease expert dr. Anthony Fauci and dr.
Robert Redfield the director of the
Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention came just a day after NBC

News published an unreleased White House
report showing a surge of coronavirus
cases and US communities okay now we
have to watch out for this word because

now they’re just throwing it in anywhere
they want and what is what is the
definition of a surge is it a number if
you have one case in your county and
then you have to a sudden powerful

forward or upward movement especially by
a crowd or by natural force
that’s to be a more than including
Nashville Tennessee in Des Moines Iowa

Central City Kentucky topped the list
the report based on a May 7th internal
memo directly contradicts Trump’s claim
Monday that the number of kovat 19 cases
is rapidly declining around the country

in a surreal scene
dr. pouchy dr. cereal and food and drugs
commissioner dr. Stephen Hahn all joined
the Senate Health Committee remotely

while they quarantine after being
exposed to the virus or to a staffer at
the White House who tested positive
Republican senator Lamar Alexander from
Tennessee was also in quarantine after

his staffer tested positive he presided
over the hearing from his home of the
Senators who joined the hearing in

most Democrats wore masks or balaclavas
most Republicans did not wear masks can
Senator Susan Collins of Maine began the
hearing without a mask but put one on

during Republican senator dr. Rand Paul
of Kentucky the first senator known to
test positive for the virus did not wear
a mask this is so important for her oh
yeah well the mask didn’t wear a mask

and he was exploding here you know had
tested positive and they make it you’re
right it’s just a shaming all that this
is to get this is all about Trump yes

and do you know why or when when it will
be safe to go outside without a mask
because I know when there’s going to be
an exact moment that we will all feel
safe do you have any idea what that is

nobody bet you do
it’s when the soccer mom says so oh yeah
yeah they should this revealing didn’t
Twitter I think I did I don’t remember
that I just I want to read something

from Washington Post a buried lead I
feel and this was one of this thing come
out Monday
during a taskforce meeting Wednesday a

heated discussion broke out between
deborah birx that’s the ambassador
lieutenant colonel general the physician
who oversees the administrations
coronavirus response and Robert Redfield

the director of the Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention Burks and others
were frustrated with the CDC’s
antiquated system for tracking virus
data which they worried was inflating

some statistics such as mortality rate
and case count by as much as 25%
according to four people present for the
discussion or later briefed on it which

of course I can’t believe this either
because we can all believe it in any
case but I’m just reading it to senior
administration officials said the
discussion was not heated quote there is
nothing from the CDC that I can trust

Burke said according to the – two of the
people Redfield defended his agency but
there was general agreement that the CDC
is in need of a digital upgrade Oh

that’ll fix the problem what do you need
to do an abacus counting we’re relying
on this data of who dies of what and
although shootable we’ve got more

digital I actually have a couple of
clips regarding this one foul she is the
one that’s saying well I think the
numbers are probably a lot lower than
they really are

I’m sorry he’s saying exactly the
opposite I have he had a hold testimony
where he said it’s probably double what
it is yes what I said no you said you
said the opposite he said the numbers

are much lower say you said much lower
no I I would move I would ask you to go
back but foul she says that the numbers
are I probably put it poorly you did
pouchy has been saying that the numbers

are higher than we’re reporting he says
he says he believes it’s double and
other people like you said of our saying
the opposite including Burke’s who is
foul cheese Burke’s well listen to this

one I got a good one here this one is
do-do-do-do-do-do papa
like if I find it I’ve got my clips are

still not well organized
Rick bright now-no Trump Trump Trump
this is fun

I’m love hearing you struggles okay we
got time no one’s going anywhere
yeah I can play a little interlude music
if you’d like while you look for that oh
well let’s do the big concert but I want

to go back to the Kami clip first you’ve
missed a little put his little gotcha in
there as she had okay she made the point
if she made a point in that clip of

saying that the report the Democrats are
not only wearing masks but they were
wearing a balaclava sorry I heard it I
lost even with a lot of love AHS black

lava whatever high over your italic lava
yeah what is what what are they you know
what these things are they’re just like
like a Muslim thing this brings us back

to sir Imus and his claim that we’re
being turned into above a Sharia State I
forgot about that yeah yeah balaclava

there’s well a balaclava to me just
looks like just some kind of kerchief
well if you look it up it’s there are
the full face once and cover your whole

ass right right the ones that could be
printed with that’s interesting because
I don’t think a single person was
wearing an actual balaclava you’re right

that’s not true at the meeting with
Trump and the Colorado Governor his
health director was well a balaclava the
definition is a close-fitting garment

covering the whole head and neck except
for parts of the face so what he would
have to go over your face over your head
and you have the eyes in the mouth open
it’s also seen in

any clubs in Amsterdam this outfit funny
I found your a clip it’s a desk
exaggerated over desig Zaheer’s now this
is a classic role we have to point out

Illinois zone state health director who
had a recent second this is your buddy
Laura Ingraham and I have a few clips
from her but she I believe she actually

says Illinois’s troll we have to point
out Illinois own state health director
who at a recent press conference just

casually admitted this if you were in
hospice and had already been given you
know a few weeks to live and then you
also were found to have kovat that would

be counted as a Cova death even if you
died of a clear alternate cause but you
had kovat at the same time it’s still
listed as a Cova death
yeah well this story of course has been
told a thousand times on a thousand

YouTube videos by a thousand doctors
this is the consistent story everyone
knows is very consistent fact those two
doctors that were taken down they was
that word same thing would taken down by

YouTube mm-hmm discussed this in great
detail but it just keeps coming up yes
and except out she right now she says
the opposite is true

yeah foul she says it’s probably double
then he said that in testimony and
that’s when everyone went apeshit once
again and I have the I have a you have
rent Ron Paul I got a right on over on

Paul’s book I got a Rand Paul cliff we
have the Rand Paul clip that’s Rand Paul
I put Ron Paul because it was late okay
is it the same as mine cuz I already got

acute up let me see is it is it the
testimony that you have or I don’t have
the testimony no I have him discussing I
believe with Judy or one of the yeah oh
oh oh how about this why don’t I play

what he said in the Senate Rand Paul and
then we’ll go to what he said at Judy
how’s that sound
if it’s good if it’s related yeah
it’s about the the schools and about

getting back to life no I think he’s
just didn’t he is just moaning hold on
let’s listen to this with regard to
going back to school

none thing that was left out of that
discussion and she probably mentioned
that Rand Paul I think he’s a physician
is the ophthalmologist what he’s a
physician believe he’s an
ophthalmologist yes but he’s still a
doctor is the doctors the doctors an MD

is mortality I mean shouldn’t we at
least be discussed part of this weighs
more MD than Ted Ross that’s for sure
going back to school
one thing that was left out of that

discussion is mortality I mean shouldn’t
we at least be discussing what the
mortality of children is this is for
doctor Falchi as well you know the
mortality between 0 and 18 in New York
data approaches zero it’s not gonna be

absolutely zero but it almost approaches
zero between 18 and 45 the mortality in
New York was 10 out of a hundred
thousand so really we do need to be
thinking about that we need to observe

with an open mind what went on in Sweden
where the kids kept going to school the
mortality per capita in Sweden is
actually less than France less than
Italy less in Spain less than Belgium
less than the Netherlands about the same

as Switzerland
god bless the Swedes man god bless you
thank you for – which Eleni mentioned
anybody did Sweden these as Sweden’s the
one that stayed open and I say God bless

Sweden god bless them for doing that
otherwise we’d have no other proof but
basically I don’t think there’s anybody
arguing that what happened in Sweden is
an unacceptable result I think people
are intrigued by it and we should be I

don’t think any of us are certain when
we do all these modeling’s there’s been
more people wrong with modelling than
right we’re opening up a lot of
economies around the around the US and I
hope that people who are predicting doom

and gloom and saying oh we can’t do this
is going to be surged to admit that they
were wrong if there isn’t a surge
because I think that’s what’s going to
happen in rural States we never really
reached any sort of pandemic levels in

Kentucky and other states we have less
deaths in Kentucky that we have in us in
an average flu season it’s not to say
this isn’t deadly but really outside of
New England we’ve had a real

Tivoli benign course for this virus
nationwide and I think the
one-size-fits-all that we’re gonna have
a national strategy and nobody’s gonna
go to school is kind of ridiculous we
really ought to be doing at school

district by school district and the
power needs to be dispersed because
people make wrong predictions and really
the history of this when we look back
will be a wrong prediction after wrong
prediction after wrong prediction

starting with Ferguson in England so I
think we ought to have a little bit of
humility in our belief that we know
what’s best for the economy and as much
as I respect you dr. Falchi I don’t

think you’re the end whole I don’t think
you’re the one person that gets to make
a decision we can listen to your advice
but there are people on the other side
saying there’s not going to be a surge
and that we can safely open the economy
and the facts will to bear this out but

if we keep kids out of school for
another year what’s gonna happen is the
poor and underprivileged kids who don’t
have a parent that’s able to teach them
at home are not gonna learn for a full
year and I think we got to look at the
Swedish model and we got to look at

letting our kids get back to school I
think it’s a huge mistake if we don’t
open the schools in the fall so foul she
is is obviously being worshipped
certainly by elements in the media and
politicians and he’s untouchable no

matter how many times he contradicts
himself or said it was no big deal and I
think you got some clips coming up
there’s one thing I wanted to mention
about fout she when now when when we
were looking well when the Vatican was

looking for a new pope I predicted this
Pope by name and I want to tell you and
I think I explained how I did that but I
did it by looking for – well really for

looking for one thing I knew was gonna
be some priest from South America and I
knew it had to be a New World Order guy
because I am a firm believer that the
last real Pope was Pope John Paul the

first to by the way was eliminated after
exactly 33 days on on his papal throne
one of those magic numbers that were

always wary of yeah he was he that was
possessed you what the godfather 3 movie
was about yeah fascination of a pope
right well I think he was he was the

real deal and then they had to get some
of these New World Order guys
and then I saw that the Frances that he
is a Jesuit now I only know one Jesuit I
mean really no not well not really

really no but I know him well enough and
that’s the Padre from twit and looking
at his psychological profile which i
think is representative of the of the

Jesuit model is that of well unwanted
submission to control and there’s also a
lot of historical stuff about the

Jesuits and Freemasonry and before you
know it you’re down the rabbit hole of
Illuminati but it turns out foul she’s
also a Jesuit and then it kind of comes

you’ve got the Pope he’s sitting there
in the Vatican with his billion-dollar
empire and here’s foutch II sitting
there at NIH with this billion-dollar
empire telling people what to do I think
he has a bit of a god complex and it’s

being played into if not a much deeper
agenda yes an interesting point I didn’t
know he was a Jesuit no I’d only found
out myself just a couple days ago Mike

oh that’s interesting I really don’t hey
if you’re a Jesuit sitting at home and
you’re mad at me then let me know what’s
going lately I’m sure we have a number
of Jesuits listen to the show because

they have to exactly yeah but now she
mentioned Sweden I want to bring up a

laura ingraham ham clip because this is
I when she did this she’s doing this new
sisters gimmicky things they do it she’s
got this traitors frauds and winners or
something I don’t know what it is and

she’s like I Domingo finger kind of
thing she does okay so she but this
would when she did this little little
little bit these are all short I thought
to myself besides thinking about Sweden

I said this isn’t being covered very
well she’s absolutely correct and this
is the ingre ham florida and georgia
clip and now onto the frauds what
start with Pennsylvania Health Secretary

Rachel Levine who weeks ago ordered
nursing homes to admit kovat positive
well while thousands of residents saw
their loved ones and family members die

Levine quietly extracted her own mother
out of harm’s way
reportedly moving her from a nursing
home to a hotel
my mother requested and my sister and I

as her children complied to move her to
another location during the kovat 19
outbreak my mother is 95 years old she
is very intelligent and more than
competent to make her own decision I’d

rather have her mother be health
secretary of Pennsylvania frankly well
this well that wasn’t the ingre ham
Florida and Georgia clip was it thought
it was I thought that was ingre ham on

pennsylvania health secretary clip on I
it’s the I all right now we try that
again with the correct no well yeah I

want to go back to the Florida trip but
since you played that clip yeah there’s
something to say about it I wanted I
want to play it again because I want you
to listen to this woman who is the

pennsylvania health secretary and she’s
a very strange-looking person she’s a
kind of a squat fat woman with a long
gray scraggly hair and she’s talks and

sounds and then if you listen to that
clip I don’t believe it if you look back
on it you’d think it was a woman at all
it sounds just like a guy mm-hmm dies at
a transgender person who is the health

secretary in Pennsylvania an old old
transgender I don’t know let’s just say
the voice of this woman is just just a
head shaker oh okay this is Rachel

Levine oh yeah I know she’s a she’s a
she’s obviously a transsexual okay that
makes sense with a voice yeah play play
it again listen to do okay with I don’t

even need to play it again let’s start
with Pennsylvania Health Secretary
Rachel Levine who weeks ago ordered
nursing homes to admit kovat positive
patients well while

the residents saw their loved ones and
family members die
Levine quietly extracted her own mother
out of harm’s way reportedly moving her
from a nursing home to a hotel

my mother requested and my sister and I
as her children complied to move her to
another location obviously yeah well
okay that’s an observation I don’t know

if it’s off-putting
all right now here here she is talking
about this is the story that I did
nobody’s gonna want to cover apparently
if it’s and if it’s true but this is the

Florida in Georgia clip no you don’t
want to talk about those elderly homes
for a minute you want to go straight
through the Florida and Georgia
well I all I was interested in is the
business act that they would that this
ninety five year old woman was moved out

of the home when they moved all the
covert people and it’s just kind of well
no this is this talk about this is it’s
a sick situation I don’t understand
what’s very this is very important to
stop this is the this is the problem so

first of all it’s not discussed because
if it’s brought up and really you delve
into it you will find that Governor

Cuomo made a mistake yes and at the end
of March ordered sick people kovat 19
patients to be put temporarily in
nursing homes and homes for the elderly

and allowed for kovat 19 positive staff
to continue working in nursing homes
that means he lent him to be president
but okay so let me just let me just

break this down for a second this is
obviously now that we have the numbers
and it turns out that over sixty percent
of all infections took place in the home
and over fifty percent in New York of

the deaths are in nursing homes so I’m
sure that Cuomo or whoever made this
decision is not an evil bastard and it
was a mistake if someone was not

thinking probably because they were
completely obsessed and preoccupied with
the surge and the hospital system and
this killed people and it has to be
admitted if someone has to say you know

what we made a really big mistake here
and we learned
but the in the United States in
particular but look at Italy every other
country it’s people over 75 and mainly

those who are in in this case state-run
care said we don’t give a shit about the
elderly in the United States we don’t
care about them let me get this straight

would your advocating is that somebody
admitted to making a mistake
you have to because people are in
artesia society like this somebody’s

gonna make it you’re gonna make a
statement like that if it if so if no
one makes the statement then what will
happen is there will be lawsuits is
gonna be a horrible that may happen

but we all for the death toll in general
we have all these people dead whether
it’s legitimate count or not it’s
important for us to understand it’s not

children and it’s mainly people the
majority of people who died were elderly
in Khitan in nursing care facilities who
by the way shared it with kovat 19

positive patients and staff that would
help people understand this put forth
how does this put forth the bite in
Democrat agenda no I’m not I’m speaking
as a human being I’m not speaking as a

media analyst I’m speaking as someone
who says that this will not fly you have
to admit the mistake and because we know
it already the information is out there

and no one’s gonna take anything
seriously and and I’m sorry
Cuomo or each team made a horrible
mistake and we have to acknowledge it
and move on and mark it down as
something we won’t do in the future

right next to don’t open up the Hair
Salons 48 hours before they know I mean
come on this is this is a learning
moment I’m sorry people died this
doesn’t help the Trump clock that’s

gotta go well that’s really this is
really sick then
oh so what so what you’re saying is in
order to get a Trump I can now deduce

this just what you are implying is Trump
is hated so much we have to up the
people dead who do we have um fuck it
how about those old people send some

kovat over there that’s what you’re
saying yeah
well if that’s true then god save the
Republic well it’s gonna need saving the
way these guys are operating now you’re

being facetious you don’t really think
that’s true
oh not completely facetious I’m
skeptical Wow I know nobody pologize and
that’s not gonna happen but it’s also

good to know that most people really are
not at a huge risk of dying it’s
interesting I had this is you and we
talked about it on the show and and

Sunday after the show I wish you’d take
it a picture and posted it it was ugly
Sunday after the show I get email after
email after text message doo doo doo

dude this is this is this how it starts
for some people infected I I got Agent
Orange who was down for 10 days he says
oh it started with me with an infected

eyelid and then the runny nose and then
the cough and then I was out for 10 days
and and one after the other I’m like oh
my god how what poetic justice to give

me the rona so of course the eye passes
but then last night what it’s like after
dinners like 7:15 7:30 and we’re outside
drinking a coffee and all of a sudden my

nose starts running like crazy like
crazy the power of suggestion ladies in
general well and you know what I did
against that for the power suggestion ID
I thought to myself what would jcd do so

I immediately went and grabbed fifty
fifty thousand mega mega Bork’s of
vitamin D Tamara that shit down it’s
gone I am NOT dripping from the nose so

I don’t know what
but I feel good could have been they
might have been right it’s a good thing
you jumped on the d3i
it WWJ CD came we came right right you
got a doctor

you are not a doctor but I was very
happy very happy it is there I think I
had to say I had a similar not a eyeball
thing followed by that but I thought I
could was catching something during the

era that JC buzzkill jr. had he did have
and apparently Jesse had a diversion
where you lost your sense of smell yes
I’ve heard that heard this too during

that little period I was catching
something and it was like that this is a
dis and it was weird too it wasn’t like
the normal kind of like oh I think I’m
getting a cold I’m getting the flu or

something and I just said I’m just
taking the DI / – take some d3 and it
was going that was the end of that and
it was all over we’ll see the it down
the road if you have antibodies anyway

let’s go – ok I think we’re over with
that load segment let’s talk with about
the Florida and Georgia thing which is
what I wanted to discuss him it
initially yeah that was the initial idea
the two states that opened up first

Florida and Georgia both are continuing
to see declines and kovat infections
while shocking the liberal haters but
not to you because we told you that the

virus was probably weakening and that
people would innovate to stay safe
innovate wow she’s mean I don’t know
what she means you know innovating is

six feet apart or who knows whatever how
in the case nobody is discussing the the
you know it that went Georgian more than
Florida yes they they were they busted
wide open so what’s going on

everything’s fine and everybody jumped
all over him said the Republican
governor cuz you know Stacey Abrams
wouldn’t have done this no lost up in
the Bay State yeah I mean the basement

you’d be still yeah a Stacey Abrams
would never make a mistake like that but
otherwise I guess it’s just fabulous
then well well the whole this is just as
getting more enjoy the promises now

this is a new world order I you knowed
amazing Polly found some documents
saying this whole thing was a test

mazing paulien is amazing so amazing
Polly does this thing and it’s and by
the way if you got the last news there’s
a link in there still up it won’t be up

forever no because the people see this
and they there’s nothing in there that’s
inaccurate she’s just taking from
professional documents you know and
showing them and but they find ways to
go oh no no this is bad it’s a bad

influence on the done the youngins or
something I don’t know why they take her
down well the beauty of it all is that
in certainly in the United States not so
in other countries but in the United

States it is all voluntary I mean we
have a court case after court cases
being struck down against people are
being arrested etc so it is really up to
us and and that’s it’s actually much

bigger and much more frightening to me
that we have this social control of
shaming shaming yeah it truly is shaming
let me just just because we’re still on

opening up and stuff I have two clips
about California because it’s very
is California open is a closed mayor
Garcetti the Garcetti of Los Angeles
County has extended these stay at home

order through August but what does that
mean but it’s not would they stay at
home orders they know you’re top health
officials said yes they expect us to

extend the orders for another three
months but explain exactly what that
means sure I think we have to all
recognize that we’re not moving to earn
cope at 19 we’re learning to live with

it’s important not to overreact but it’s
important to take this serious because
it is as dangerous today as it was the
first day that it arrived in our cities
in our country so quite frankly there’s
no so-called open state or open country

that doesn’t continue to have health
orders telling us to cover our faces
physically distance and to tell people
that your safest working from and
staying at home that’s all that the

County Health Director was saying and we
can’t expect that to disappear in a
matter of weeks or even a few months
the same time we’re learning a lot of
really important lessons about how to
safely reopen sectors and places and we
have to assess each of those steps give

three or four weeks time to see is there
any additional spread are we endangering
more people and how can we keep our most
vulnerable safe so we are learning to
live with it at the same moment that we

are also learning the lessons of how to
do this so I believe that that he also
recognizes he has absolutely no power to
tell people or to keep people at home
they’re just using new world order terms

now stay at home order doesn’t mean you
have to stay at home because they can’t
actually enforce it it’s a trick it’s a
mind-control well we’re learning to deal
with it stay at home you know it’s

learning to deal with it we’re learning
here know you’re mind controlling people
into feeling unsafe and afraid of other
people and so the restaurants like Texas
open up with spread out and I think it’s

25% capacity max for the next
foreseeable whatever and then in
California I will say here’s some of
your innovation all right what do we got

here we’ve got oh look at look at this
look closely at this that’s a restaurant
that’s using mannequins to fill out the
half-empty dining room what’s the story
behind this one ash because it looks so

crappy they’re putting mannequins at the
other table so the restaurant looks more
fun and full instead of actual people
smoke and mirrors out there la-la-land

Wow yeah yeah so it’s what’s got that
kind of money those things aren’t cheap
those good mannequins who’s got it you
can’t you can’t run a restaurant at 25%

capacity you can’t run it at 50 literacy
you can’t run it you can’t it’s crazy
what you don’t the shaming thing let’s
get back to the shaming okay this is

interesting it’s just like the whole
thing it’s like there and it’s the
Democrats that are the shamers cuz the
Democrats to the streamers let’s just be
honest about it
no no but even Johanna was she
recognized that and setage is I’d never

expected this kind of shaming from
liberals shame shame shame on you
yeah which of course ventually show
tries to become shame on you for voting

for Trump shame on you for being a
republic yes if you vote for Trump
you’re voting for the virus you vote for
Democrats strategy all over that meme

vote for Trump is a vote for the virus
gentlemen that was $100,000 idea and two

points of all the media Buy
damn it damn it damn it damn it should
have known better
so what is going to what’s weird because

the testing is now has been kind of it’s
not really in the conversation at the
moment it’s going to glide well now it
not not the way it was but it’s going to
come roaring back because China just

made their move I think I think this is
a move against Trump and Shi Jing P says
the CCP will be testing 14 million

people in Wuhan in ten days time
fourteen million drop has been showing
this chart

oh yeah not that this is an information
war and China is saying huh look at you
with your stupid orange man over there
we’re going to test fourteen million
people in Wuhan

in ten days which means you’ve got about
15 the FF that’s 900 tests a minute for
24 hours a day for 10 days so I don’t
know what kind of army and if they’re

gonna go into people’s homes and rouse
to them or how they’re gonna get that
done in 10 days stick a probe up them
but but the whole but this whole thing
is isn’t it I don’t think it’s true it

may well be but I’d be surprised it’s to
make China look like they’re that
they’re the boss they’re doing it the
best way this is the way to go world
health world health organization we know

what’s up Trump bad bad bad bad it’s not
going to end with this testing which is
it’s like the ultimate we cannot go back

to work we cannot fully function until
we test everybody every day five times a
day and we had a vaccine huh the irony
that the testing is the obvious which is

that the more you test the more cases
you uncover because most people don’t
have symptoms and never will yeah so you
have and so that makes the numbers go up
and then that numbers go up and makes
you need for more testing which means

the numbers go up even more and then we
got to stay at home longer cuz there’s
more numbers as sewers to surge there’s
more cases what are we gonna do we’re
all gonna die I’d like to do a quick
review of the three trillion dollar

package that the Democrat Party
announced to be discussed be we’re
always introduced into the house because
I read it it wasn’t hard to do because I

well okay I want you can you do that
after I give to play two clips namely
Amy’s take on it yeah definitely Trump’s
a rebuttal yeah definitely okay where

are we well I guess it’s just not my day
but this
let’s try the big confab maybe that’s

the one that’s got the stuff about the
bill Republican Rand Paul of Kentucky
the first senator knows no no no that’s
can’t be it
loser relief bill promoted by DN n DN is
that it DNA yeah that’s apparently it on

Capitol Hill House Democratic leaders
have unveiled
don’t be so damn creative with your
titles because it’s messing up the
workflow to war loser relief bill

promoted by DN odd I mean that’s a title
man that is a damn title right there on

Capitol Hill House Democratic leaders
have unveiled a massive eighteen hundred
page coronavirus relief package worth
three trillion dollars the so-called

heroes Act would fund expanded
unemployment benefits through January
2021 send most US adults another
one-time twelve hundred dollar stimulus

check and provide one trillion dollars
and assistance to hard-hit state local
and tribal governments it would also
expand snap food benefits fund hazard
pay for frontline workers increased

funding for kovat nineteen testing and
provide twenty five dollars in funding
to the u.s. postal service the bill
would not expand Medicare to cover
millions of newly uninsured Americans

nor does it provide for rent and
mortgage relief or recurring cash
payments in US households the bill would
expand the paycheck protection program
to bail out corporate lobbyists firms

climate activists say the bill fails to
close loopholes for big polluters
Greenpeace USA tweeted quote fossil fuel
CEOs will be rejoicing that Congress has

once again left the door wide open for
handouts to struggling mismanaged oil
and gas corporations this was a slanted
report as if this bill was a corrupt

bill to protect polluters you know it is
a crap I just want to respond to Monday
Trump’s response this is just one thing

before it before I forget
the lobbyist thing IIIi I just need to I
just need to because that was I was I
said listen to how she reported that

because it was it was really lame what
she did there hold on provide for rent
and mortgage relief or recurring cash
payments to US households the bill would
expand the Paycheck protection program

to bail out corporate lobbyists firms
okay so to say that because it doesn’t I
read this thing to my knowledge
nowhere in the bill does it say oh

here’s a special provision for corporate
lobbying firms that is not reporting
what Amy did there that is
editorializing because there is a a joke
now going around in DC that the lobbying

group that represents lobbyists has said
they need payroll Protection Act money
otherwise they can’t help Washington

write very bills they’re voting on so
it’s a circular thing that they want
they want money from the bill they
helped right so they can continue to

write bills but there’s nothing in that
bill that says it’s going to help
lobbying firms but you yeah so I don’t
know why because it’s really a slam
against Pelosi I’m not sure why why she

would I would think she would be all in
but maybe that’s how you make it seem
balanced she twist the story in such a
way that as though that the Republicans
had some input in this doll their fault

well believe me the the Republican Party
I see on the hill it had no hand in this
all right well here’s what Trump this is
Trump on the Pelosi bill

it suggests that depends and certainly
not the package size so today basically
if you look at that package what they
want more than anything else is it’s a

voting package they want to be able to
make sure that Republicans can’t win an
election by putting it all sorts of
mailing ballots now that’s the problem
with mail-in ballots are they going to

dump a whole pile of ballots on your
desk just before the election so the
problem with the mail-in ballots is
subject to tremendous corruption
tremendous corruption cheating so I’m

against it and if you look at the bill
that Nancy Pelosi is putting in it has a
lot to do with elections and then we’re
not gonna we’re not gonna lose elections
because of that I don’t find that to be

I don’t think Trump’s truthful either I
mean I went through this bill I reviewed
several different reviews of the bill
because there’s a lot of legalese is it
what this is it’s really and it’s

typical it’s an omnibus bill so if they
take a whole bunch of stuff that’s been
waiting around has been sitting you know
it’s been in the process been in
committee it’s you know it’s different

people’s important little bills
it’s like sweeping up the mess and yes
and they put it all together into this
huge bill and therefore it’s disjointed
the only way it flows together is by
continuously saying we’re going to get

to an example 25 billion dollars to the
United States Postal Service to help
combat the corona virus in kovat 19 you
understand how they do it so it’s just 1

billion dollars to the No Agenda show to
help combat coronavirus in kovin 19 if
only so a lot of existing bills wrapped
into one

almost every Inspector General gets a
little extra an extra budget usually it
from a million to several million so
that they can accurately have oversight
and investigate any misdoings with the

money which is meant to investigate and
to support and combat the to combat
coronavirus and covert 19 a hundred
million dollars and by the way these

numbers you realize like out a million
here 500 million here truly nothing we
were talking trillions a thousand
so much money so a hundred million to
violence against women and other

domestic abuse victims community
oriented policing which I I love it
sounds like something I want a part of
300 million there are state bailouts to
compensate for revenue shortfall five

hundred and forty billion sounds about
right that’s where that’s what New York
California and an Illinois need so
that’s in there twenty five billion as I
said to the United States Postal Service

couple of billion for some work programs
every single Department gets a top-up
you know at you need some money thirty
million extra for you to combat
coronavirus and Cova nineteen godly the

Ryan White hiv/aids boy
for covert nineteen I don’t know why

exactly but they turn around and give
half a billion to the niaD or NIAID
which is foul cheese group he gets five
hundred million dollars dude you know to
combat coronavirus seven billion for

states child care services ninety
billion for schools
then there’s the Student Loan
Forgiveness up to ten thousand dollars

and of course there’s a twelve another
second stimulus check of twelve hundred
dollars and extension of unemployment
benefits infrastructure oh boy they put
it in there fifteen billion dollars for

highways which is like no that’s nothing
but they did add another 15 billion
reserved for overrun because that’s how
the government works you know it might
be double that one hundred billion

dollars one hundred billion dollars for
rental assistance I don’t know what Judy
read but it’s right there in the
document a hundred billion dollars for
what that would Amy Amy
11 billion assistance for the homeless

well what was she reading everything
you’re saying here is an envier had
nothing to do with her interpretation I
don’t know I’m I’m just telling you what

I saw eleven billion for the homeless
assistance which interestingly
interestingly was not worded as people
experiencing homelessness it was just
homeless assistance and then they shored

up the language around relief funds so
the stimulus of the SBA loans who can
have it who can’t and I think this is
the big point that you know if you
listen to Tucker Carlson which I did not

clip give the money to illegals so it’s
not a good enough you don’t need to clip
no sounds just like it nowhere in this
document does it say that but remember

this is the heroes Act so the heroes Act
wants to honor the heroes and the heroes
try to give again that’s called the

heroes act right and the heroes include
people who are what is the term what
kind of workers do we have right now we
have what we have essential and

non-essential yeah so grocery store
checkout clerks and write heroes and as
we have discussed many times in the past
in the United States if you are living

here illegally you’re undocumented if
you have a job construction domestic
work restaurant kitchen you can obtain
from the IRS at ein a tax payer

information number and you can pay taxes
every single month or every two weeks
and you it’s completely legit so you’re
not committing tax fraud even though you

here illegally and don’t have all your
other papers in order and of course
there’s no payroll to a bunch of things
that don’t work but this has been
accepted behavior for decades as long as

you pay your taxes in America it’s okay
so what they specified in this bill is
how anybody should be eligible for
relief funds retro actively as long as

they have a taxpayer identification
number so you don’t have to be here
legally and in addition to that
essential workers cannot be deported

they need to be protected these heroes
because they work in kitchens they work
and clean up etc and that’s quite a lot

of people a lot of heroes who are here
illegally and work in those jobs and are
thus considered essential while illegal
and that is it’s an amnesty because once

you know if it’s like hey during
coronavirus you can’t deport people who
work in kitchens or work in cleaning
services or etc it’s quite broad the

podcasters are also essential personnel
literally stated podcasting so that
casting is actually mentioned in the
bill yes yeah no no no no no not this

one in the one in the original from the
federal government under media services
under media services the original bill
or the original recommendation because

now there’s no bill that’s sure that
yeah I am because I put it in the show
notes I remember these things well I’d
like to see it Oh God
right after I have you saying it’s just

that seems unusual okay I’ve only said
put in one document and that was the Los
Angeles County Health Department’s yeah
I’ll get it for you so anyway that is of
course a non-starter because it’s a

sneaky way of providing some form of
amnesty and until coronavirus is over
which it never will be then these people
could not be deported or could not be

you know dealt with as illegals but
that’s an interesting trick it’s a well
the Tucker’s right but then but it’s not
entirely truth he says it so then there

are payroll tax cuts for corporations
who have employees working during the
pandemic and then all of a sudden a
whole telecom section no price gouging

rules there will be much money for free
Wi-Fi at and around schools and
libraries emergency broadband for those

who cannot afford it and if you can’t
afford any kind of phone or any kind of
device we’ve got the new Obama phone and
it’s a they call it the enhanced

with 4G LTE yeah you got a 4G LTE Trump
Corona phone and all of a sudden in
there this is how it’s so obvious that

this is just a bill stuck together by
other bills there’s a heading that says
don’t break the t band and I’m like what
what is this it’s clearly a slogan yes

it is the repeal of the t band auction
for telephony that’s very important for
coronavirus obviously and whatever

lobbyists from the telecommunications
industry who put that in there with the
existing headline don’t break the t band
that that was really the for me that’s
pretty sloppy to build I was like okay

this is horrible it’s sloppy I mean of
course Trump already said it’s DOA and
the Republicans aren’t gonna vote for a
new I know so they gotta have the reeds
do it but what if this is this bad right
off the bat and they’re gonna massage a

little bit could could it get worse cuz
eventually something’s gonna get passed
well let’s listen to Pelosi on Tapper
just you can get when get into her head
she’s wearing her little kerchief around

her reptilian neck I can say that
because I don’t like lavage she’s
wearing a balk loes not a balk Lavazza
crew chief chief and the fact is that in
all four the bills that have passed

before they’ve all been bipartisan and
we’ve all in our caucus have agreed that
everything is coronavirus centric and
also in a timely way that relates to the
virus it’s too deadly to our lives to

our livelihood to our democracy for us
to use it for any other purpose so when
the money for state and local is to lay
the cost of the defray the cost of the
outlets they’ve made for coronavirus and

the revenue lost because of the corona
virus testing testing with three pillars
I honor are here this is very
interesting listen to how she doesn’t
she doesn’t really care about anything

but power and yes did you notice that
she was about to say yes that’s why I
think testing that’s why I stopped it
she’s about to say a number of thing

here which he just listened to what
she’s really saying and you tell me if
she’s concerned about the virus or about
her position and party and a and well
man bad the coronavirus testing testing

the three pillars okay the three pillars
I thought it’s gonna be testing testing
testing but the three pillars oh no it’s
very different honor our heroes by
supporting our state and local entities

honor our heroes so that they don’t lose
their jobs these heroes don’t lose their
jobs open up how about opening up the
hospitals for other things Nancy instead
of Oh honor them what does it mean how

do I honor our heroes so they don’t lose
their jobs what can I do with my
honoring them how will that how will
that possibly help these heroes don’t
lose their jobs open up government by

testing tracing treatment etc testing
wait a minute so the most important
question we have this is the most
powerful woman in American politics how

do we open up our states I want to know
opening up my state here in Texas what
do I need to do again Nancy don’t lose
their job open up government by testing

tracing a treatment etc testing tracing
treatment etc
yep that’s worse than Trump’s plan it’s
not maybe it’s just me and the third is

putting money in the pockets of American
people all of the time – and Centrex to
the coronavirus we would be an endless

amount of money if we put our wish list
for the future in there but that is not
what the case is and sometimes I get a
little heat for my own folks who say why
can we do this in this bill and that in

the bus because that’s not what the bill
is about this bill is for this purpose
and it’s a big price but it’s a big
problem and as chairman of the Fed said
think big because the interest rates

will never be lower and so we are
they’ve used the interest rates now here
here it is this is where she goes into
full on partisan mode she said well the
secretary said interest rate too low

will never be lower and so we are
they’ve used the interest rates to give
confidence that credit will be available

because the interest rates are low we
want those same interest rates and they
use it to bolster the stock market we
want to use it to bolster the American
people oh so true Nancy this woman is
horrible and it leads me to another

horrible individual and only because you
were talking about the Irish helicopter
money with yes yeah sorry did you find
this story – throwing money out knife

I found another helicopter from the
mooch Anthony are they doing too much or
too little well I think they need more
helicopter money to be handed I mean I
we did that analysis it’s about three

thousand dollars a person and fifteen
hundred dollars for a child and they’re
offering of twelve hundred and five
hundred respectfully so yes I think they
need to put up more helicopter money

they just injected or they’re gonna pass
state orders fifty billion dollar
additional small business stimulus and I
predict that they will send more
helicopter money out to the average
American this will be a Main Street and

Wall Street recovery program helicopter
money helicopter money helicopter money
I guess that should be
a show title one day a mangies
helicopter money was using the term but

maybe he has a helicopter and wants to
throw some cash out I don’t think I
don’t think I’ve ever that I’ve heard
the term but I it’s like helicopter

parents the parents aren’t actually
flying in a helicopter above the kid
well I did because I had a helicopter
but that’s hovering around I actually
did that okay so we’ve done the bailouts
excuse me well beside before you go on

because Pelosi did say something there
mm-hmm on the interest rates will never
get lower let’s play another Trump clip
from his when his little meeting there
and Trump on negative interest rates

that he wasn’t interested in the
bringing interest rates negative and
that you saw a need for additional
stimulus from Congress I know that you
said we could wait to see on stimulus

that you you want negative rates lalala
believer and negative rates only if
other countries that are competitors
with Germany feared allied they’re
friends of ours but there’s still

competitors on trade and other things so
Germany Japan others have negative rates
that I think if they do we’re the most
prime of the world you know where it’s
based many countries based on the dollar

the dollar is by far the strongest most
powerful currency in the world we’ve
made it more powerful we’ve made it
stronger and certainly if they’re gonna
have the advantage of negative rates we
should too

I feel strongly we should have negative
rates negative rates is basically where
they pay you interest if you borrow
money this is a new one I’ve been
looking for something like that all my
life that’s a pretty good one but
certainly if other countries are going

to be paying for putting out money I
mean they think of it they’re borrowing
money or instead of paying interest they
getting paid
it’s the craziest thing but you know
what other countries are doing it look

at Germany look at Japan look at others
and with the most Prime in the world
right now and we have this we have the
currency and we have we have the power
of the dollar Wow Wow just step the hell
back and take this one so Trump is all

in on the negative interest rates well
there you go anyone he wants it Oh
doesn’t want it Paulo she’s full of shit

when she says it won’t go any lower the
right the end is near oh my god so well
of course from his perspective we’re not
competitive with our rate so we we have

to go to negative interest rates whoo
that’s gonna be fun and all of this a
mere day or two before the Bitcoin
happening oh my goodness what is gonna

happen in the world you know bitcoins
gonna go to $400,000 in the next month
or two so I’m just saying huh yeah
according to Max you know you getting
cash a coin and it quit the show me

meanwhile what and give up show business
yeah I know
meanwhile the European Union is in such
disarray over over Germany because

Germany I think the European Union is
now kind of realizing that Germany
actually runs the show and there’s the
new German Republic the new German

Empire they finally figured this out we
even though the Brits have been telling
him this forever it’s yes and they’re
very some Peretz some Brits have noticed
it but yeah we’ve noticed it yeah very
very dismayed over how things are going

financially in the European Union hmm
well what’s the French figure it out
then war yeah yeah you’re not kidding
just a little update you have been

working a lot on my on my computer setup
that would pretty much all command line
now so I also took the time to there

you know what in act of the future I
have decided that computers are first of
all they’re just getting lower

throughput into from you to the machine
and back I mean that’s is why we have
pads and touch and please don’t actually
do anything you can’t get the computer
do anything unless you unless you go to

a system that lets you program your apps
and string them together yourself it
doesn’t matter I wanted to get rid of
the contactless thermometer spam because
I what okay I keep receiving emails

which is spam for contactless
thermometers you know the ones which you
cannot find if you want to go buy one at

the at the skew you know a CVS or
anywhere I mean all thermometers are
sold out so this spam is all over the
place and it keeps getting through the

spam filter I’ve never gotten one of
these things ever well I’ll never get
one ever again because the word
thermometer is the one and only word
band now but I figured out what they’re

doing they reverse engineer Bayesian
logic in the body of the message
so the subject line they literally say
contactless thermometer you need it now

or something like that and then in the
body of the message they’ve they have
these sentences strung together which
will always include my first name and
maybe a topic of interest to me which I
think they probably got from you maybe

is on a forum or from Twitter or
something and they scrape stuff and
through that they literally go against
the Bayesian logic that would determine

that to be spam by putting these
elements in and the spam detector just
can’t stop it it’s you know who those
guys should be advertising for real
products because they know what they’re
doing it’s very interesting well I’m

drove you to go command line no I’m told
I’m totally command line it’s actually
I’m hjkl that’s where I live
okay I live in H you know what hjkl is

no I don’t know what hjkl is the HJ Kel
and K and L keys on the keyboard are the
universal keys for navigation on command

line so H is left J is down k is up L is
right and this is an old word star o
what it’s the VI works that way but also

if you go to the if you go to Twitter
just the web Twitter and you go to just
what doesn’t matter what it is hit the J
key it’ll go down hit the K key it’ll go

up hit the L key it’ll like that that
tweet hit the the T key it’ll do a
retweet so this is this has been
something that that’s that efficient

data engineers have been doing for a
long time they do for a living to have
to sit the keyboard they got to get
things done and as it turns out this is
what I do for a living I sit at the

keyboard all day managing data managing
emails managing RSS feeds managing
stories managing clips
exactly exactly why I did it I’d like to
talk about the brain what do you think

no no I think we should do a quick thing
on China and then we’ll take a break
Dutch way to China afterwards I like
China well it sounds like you’ve got

some China well then we’ll take a break
got really got no China that’s the
reason oh so you just don’t want me to
do China maybe I get no no you know what
never mind we will go into a break all

right you have a China clip yeah we’re
gonna do that after the break but before
we do that I do need to play this clip

you’ve got to ask yourself what level
has John McAfee sunk to if he’s doing
interviews on the Nick the rat show

clearly clearly unawares of
the knick the rats show is hey wait a
minute hold on stop hey wait so you get
a phone – hi would you like to do my

show what’s it cause – Nick the rat show
and he’s oblivious to the name of the
show itself so much so that he doesn’t
figure out what’s going on I mean even
listen to an old show John is gonna

sewer junks in a sewer during a show
john mcafee it does an interview with
anybody any buddy regardless of who you
are where you are audience sighs it

doesn’t matter which is one of the
reasons why I have no interest in
speaking with him because he’s already
been everywhere but I think that Nick
the rat deserves a Congressional Medal
Medal of Honor for asking the following

question time for one more question okay
one more question last question is uh
the do you know John C Dvorak used to
write for PC Mac I’m sorry this is not

safe for work and I’m not in the habit
of bleeping it out but it’s not safe for
work you have been warned is he parent
Lee you owe him a lunch nonsense that

mother fucker owes me way more than a
goddamn lunch every time he brings you
up he’s like John McAfee he owned he
owes me a lunch and but I was wondering
fuck that shit he owes me a good

articles thank you so much interview
ends of course after that after that

fabulous question of course but you know
I’ve heard this because Nick sent me a
copy of course and I thought to myself
first of all is dinner yeah I know I
know this is this is that was irksome

yep and McAfee is full of crap well what
is this you owe him a good article what
it what kind of nuisance side gigs you
running Dvorak I’m not running anything
that he just throws that in he doesn’t

need what okay I’ll give you a good
article here I’ll mail it to you I think
I think you should do an article about
how McAfee is overexposed on low-level
podcasts not including Nick the rat by

the way
I have not written about john mcafee
since he was doing he says he created
the entire virus environment in con
computers it was pretty much more

abundant ill he popularized it he made
he popularized it for all practical
purpose of course he did it was
abandoned he was a Superbrand McAfee was

I mean he first he created the idea of
virus and then he created viruses to
sell virus software didn’t he is that
how it worked well we don’t know that he
created but some suspicious he retired
rich because he sold off his whole

company that he spent all his money yeah
but literally on hookers and blow which
is kind of but he a boss he I guess he
when he says I do I automatically cuz
I’m thinking he feels that he’s done so
many spectacular things not to say that

he hasn’t because he’s definitely been a
newsworthy guy and I should have written
something about it yes that’s true
that’s what I think he’s thinking but
hey you know Mac if he gets plenty of
ink I just doesn’t I don’t know what

good it’s doing I would like I would
just like anybody just someone who’s
never done a podcast just to contact
McAfee and say I want you to do a bug
hit just make up a crazy name and see if
he shows up well you could actually I

bet you could do this and then you could
actually get an interview say I am going
to inaugurate a new podcast call me
whatever you want to call it called the

John McAfee John I really don’t care
but I think what he would Joey would do
it I am very proud of our very own Nick
the rat you can hear Nick the rat

Wednesday evenings he broadcast live
from the sewer and of course you can
often hear his show on No Agenda stream
calm where we have all these crazy
people including ourselves and trolls

and all kinds of fun and without I’d
like to thank you for your courage and
say in the morning to you the man who
put the C in the China clip block John C
Dvorak well in the morning you mr. Adam

curry also in the morning to all the
ships to see boots on the ground feet in
the air subs in the water and all the
day miss tonight’s up in the morning to
the trolls mentioned them just a moment
ago let’s do a quick troll count see how

we’re doing
we’re low today 1550 usual like 16 1700
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up just show up no agenda social calm
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calm also begin the morning to our
artist for episode number or rule to
1241 we titled that one Curtin Wranglers

and it was good to see caesium-137 back
back again and with a typical
caesium-137 classic piece of art so well

put together the Chinese McDonald’s
french fries the fries are hypodermic
needles we’ve got a little what was the

goofy oh the Microsoft Bob yeah my
yourself Bob from the background and a
unique font it was it was a beautiful
piece did we did we look at other things

we look at yes we did we looked at its
competitor as a competitor to it that we
looked at and this was the one that had
scenes with a big sea anenome get the

ugly mcdonald’s and that was done but
where the that was done by nicked a rat
actually coincidentally that he came in
later I think we’d already chose I’m
looking now let’s see what maybe he may

have but but the thing is Nick and then
Twitter said that that I know he came in
earlier actually then cesium cesium came
in late right I see it no yeah and so he

says well I Nick who had me smeared on
his show says on Twitter that I was
proud I not you as though I’m picking

the art is just not true believe me we
both picked the art and we argue about
it he says that I specifically was
afraid of the clown and then it’s

created the threat of John’s afraid of
clowns memes oh boy that must have kept
you busy for an afternoon no I just
blocked I saw the threat of comic strip
blogger of being blocked by you that was

pretty funny
which one exactly
he was just complaining that you that
you blocked him and he and his is even

though you literally said why you
blocked him he say yeah it’s because I
doesn’t want me to ask if his mother is
polish as Porter’s passport
like twice my mother is polish your
mother’s not even with us she’s dead

she’s sorry but she did lately she got
to eight ninety which is kind of a go
that’s not bad it’s not bad not bad it’s
not bad it’s not great it’s not like
that woman in Pennsylvania the

transgender woman has got the mom 95 and
according to her is genius even that’s
95 anyway I just wanted yeah and would
you explain it very well he’s a

back-channel because and it spit and
then and it’s true because he had he
sent me a message back channel DM asked
of Iraq about as my reporters Pat hot

meanwhile he’s asking you the same thing
and you’re blocking him for it so it’s
like I hate don’t like that don’t do
that that’s what that’s
when my daughter used to do that daddy
can I have this and then you know me

meanwhile already has gone to mom and
gotten some kind of you know did tricky
yeah it’s a double dipping hold it now
not that we don’t love him she’s man I

that’s good work save this oh my god
someone sent me oh I think I I probably
wanted I not someone said the old comic

strip blogger jingle but I don’t
remember what I did with it well you’ll
find it let’s start let me let me read
off so here it is here it is okay this
should be it comic strip it’s not like

we don’t have jingles form and stuff wow

it’s pretty official
well let’s talk about something that’s
more official which is Christopher Barry
coming in with $1,000 and from
Williamsville New York I’m sorry I just
like to thank

cesium-137 one more time no agenda art
generator calm and is this an instant
knighting for Christopher Barry Oh looks
like it since it’s in blue code blue
I think we have

our instant light sound ITM Jensi rice a
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sausage you’ve been deduced he says we
both rock and he’d like a little goat
karma you might die with the

simultaneous two to the head oh I think
we can do that you might die you’ve got
all right did he have any Vizio

name-brand or not did nothing for the
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you’ve got followed by Jeff Anderson of

Carmel Indiana $333 ITM John and Adam
thank you for a great show has changed
how I view everything I used to be a

rabid Republican beholden to the daily
infotainment cycle and I until a high
school friend mentioned your show this
is a good yeah by the way thank you

yes a lot of Republicans were dead
listen to the show we have Democrats and
Republican Republican is a good a good
describing Republicans and they tend to
listen to Alex Jones it’s Fox and then

that was that Hannity Hannity Hannity we
had one for a second last night it’s all

they the New York toilet paper times
which I thought he
he says it over and over I have said
this before he has got to be the hardest
working guy in show business it shows

its mediocre he took over where James
Brown left off the only thing is I the
whole show the Washington toilet-paper

times but I thought what’s funny is the
either the Washington compost that one I
hadn’t heard I thought that was funny oh
yeah he’s I think mark I think mark well
anyway it’s tiresome if you do it if you

do it over and over again it’s like what
do you do i compost he’s bad is another
one anyway he goes on he says until a
high school friend mentioned your show

since that time have been happily taken
my truth vaccine twice weekly will
forever be free from any future amygdala
swelling that’s true I would like to
call out David Brantley who hit me in
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Williams as a douche bag I do not
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it you’ve been deduced I want to mention
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and deduce themselves I believe
cosmically it’s quite likely that ad
douching after calling out people for

being a douche bag doesn’t deduce you
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do we have any empirical evidence for
just anecdotal I just totally anecdotal

hmm and I get from sources I got it from
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I the intelligence community the

intelligence community they all agree on
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your D douching up front up front just
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what can I hurt anyway Nugent no jingoes
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well Jeff thank you Jeff thank you very
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Jonathan Fodor ik in Westminister
California another 333 which 0 0 first

off I want to thank you for the
priceless information it has been
essential for my mental health can I
please get a D douching I would like to
call it my smoking hot babe Liana for

being a douchebag
as well as my friend Brandon douchebag
ok I have another piece of housekeeping
here ok I’m noticing a trend for men and

women both to use this exact same term
smoking hot right I am I’m just

requesting personally that somebody
dream up another term indicating a
similar concept though because I’m kind

of tired of it I don’t know about you
patience pay people supporting the show
you’re doing it wrong I recently had the
abbot antibody test done

Oh from admin Lazarus right right right
unfortunately I tested negative I was
really hoping to boost my No Agenda
antibodies match your fraud it looks
like I’ll be a fraud for now this brings

me to the question by the way there was
a report it might have it on my clipless
that there’s like 40% of these things
are faulty faulty faulty I have one data
point that’s fun from our official No

Agenda pharmacist the he sent me a
report it’s a it’s a pharmaceutical
industry report the serology testing do
you know how big that business is or

will be billions 65 billion Wow 65
billion for for swabbing swabbing and
testing beautiful it’s probably a lot of

blood tests counting in yeah well
there’s no serology serology
Oh miss you know serology and got the
includes blood testing kill ma’am wrong
who cares there’s a lot of money someone

gets the antibodies and tests and tests
positive does this positive test get
added to the daily confirmed new corona
virus I hope would hope so I was
supposed to isn’t it

that would obviously be a major
discrepancy but considering how
problematic the date has been I would
not be surprised hopefully you guys can
shed some light thanks again boys can I
get a comment a dealer’s choice

sergej from the land of scruffa butters
uh what kind of dealer’s choice I hadn’t
really thought about something you got
something you want to play I’m good well
we have to do something I barked it down

specifically to ask you oh yeah there
was one I had in mind it I can’t think
of it oh never mind I got a


you’ve got Carla flat-footed I wrote it
you told me earlier I could have been

thinking about it I’ll say it wisely
so I script from now on she being a
pronounced this lies lies lies Allah is
in Calverton New York yes three oh three

oh three oh here we go
tonight’s number ITN destination for my
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my mom 303 is the mom donation it’s a
good one yeah what’s up with your mom
303 in college smokin hot it’s ankle
Joseph going down an associate executive
producer starting with Lucas ty Hema

Hema tayo its writers I’m sorry I’m
thinking that’s okay Lucas time’ in
august the ish ditched books deeds booze
faced who stays just boost faced who

stayed close enough
whatever 256 is obviously in holland
yearly podcast feat for 2020 yes thank

happy enjoying the show show since 2009
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ashle Lesage in wykisha wisconsin to
3333 from ash the thrash la sage i TM
gents from the great state of Wisconsin

where our Supreme Court has just struck
down or unconstitutional stay at home or
yes right which is an article that we
could have been discussing on the show
they did strike it down with cuz it’s
illegal yes what we talked about we

mentioned this happened we mention it
yeah it’s funny
woohoo in other states I was rightfully
called out as a douchebag last week and
I’m in desperate need of a D douching
you’ve been deduced by Matthew my cousin

Matthew a rock wall rock wall or
whatever hit me in the mouth about a
year ago and a year and a half ago and I
haven’t missed an episode since he’s a

very intelligent young man but has
always had different insights that I
don’t get from the news or talk radio I
could not express how grateful I am for
all the work you guys do to provide us
with this podcast times are tough we put

a lot of work into this podcast yes
times are tough as an elder millennial
with a shrunken amygdala but I’m
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value that you’ve been providing me I’m
also happy to report that we’ve been
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keep up the incredible work and thank
you for your courage can I get a goat
camera for the Tristan Onion Mart tens
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surgery today an a that’s true for Mike

the shark because we use it in our daily
conversations and it’s hilarious trust
me it’ll get old eventually tonight
we’ve we’ve even gotten over it I was

going to say about this that’s true I
was going to say
yeah about this show actively for every
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per episode that’s why it’s the best one
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200 only mentioning because john and
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pronunciation yeah we got trouble with
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yes thank thank you for the show which

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radio license well thank you very much
see how that works
happy birthday Amanda in jnk Neil ko4
ACM 73 yes 73 kilo 5 alpha Charlie

Charlie now was of course influenced by
John to get my hem ticket and of course
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Johnny I was like it’s a walkie talkie
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one question during the entire rona
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first donation what I liked about the
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think you probably picked up a mouse a
lot of listeners 5-nothing mm Oh a lot a
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mode faster than listeners from other
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there may be some $5 these subscribers
but so I’m impressed with Brogan’s
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we’re not calling them audiences we call
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go back Joe is I mean I I was trying to
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Thomas of the Church of the Jesus Christ
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Tom the underachieving son in law that
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thoughts sounds like all that all
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Garland’s thanks for the incredible show
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of course he’s from st. the Salt Lake
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yeah well we’re pretty comfortable
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happy with it and I love seeing the
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in the in the troll room before before
could you have to mention something it’s
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middle of May in California the desert
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well it’s HAARP it’s all part of the

program thank you to our executive
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bars at last
absolutely and I just remembered I would
like to give a special jobs karma to our
very own sir Jean Duke of the south as
the Rona has taken away all of his

clients and he didn’t ask for this but
I’m gonna give it to jobs jobs jobs and
that’s the job cuz you know what when
someone is like hey man I gotta find

that client like who do I know how can I
think of anything I’m like I’ve got the
most powerful weapon at my disposal the
jobs karma why am i messing around
thinking about who I can call yeah so
that’s hopefully hopefully hold

ghostbusters jobs karma will do will do
its business mesh is something that
happened there Guardian printed this
article I don’t know why cuz there Woody

Allen’s on the outs but this is a
guardian article and it says Woody
Allen’s a rainy day in New York tops
global box office so they’ve been
rolling at this movie that was paid for

by Amazon Amazon Studios kicked woody
out after you know Dylan Farrow made a
fuss again even though this has been
done in court and one of Woody’s other
kids says bullcrap but he’s been accused

of being a molester and so they do won’t
let his movie so they won’t even show
he’s been outed stuff not out it what’s
the word cancelled so badly that they
won’t even release this movie in the

United States and I saw this movie it
wasn’t it on Amazon
no no Amazon refused to put it on I
thought they had it on briefly where did
you see it I got it with a screener
interwebs yeah I got a screener uh-huh

and I watched this movie so after it
came out I think this is maybe one of
his best New York he’s got a series of
new movies he’s not about New York I
think this is one of his best ones hmm I

think his award-worthy I mean it’s a
get some it’s a plot neurotics in new
york again but it brings is a little bit
more about celebrity and the shallowness

of new york and it’s just a it but it’s
but it’s an ode to new york i think is
one of his best new york movies ever
and unfortunately the american public
will never get to see it the theater of

course who cares nowadays note all the
theaters it was the renewed interest in
in in canceling him was it there was a
ronin pharaohs me to work or what was
the it was some of Ronan Farrow and

Dylan came out again and started making
a fuss they made a big fuss and they did
it using canceled culture techniques
they started hounding Amazon because
Amazon had picked his contract right

right right
so they started how and and dammuz on
you know did he also supposed to do some
TV work for them and he did this
horrible really a bad piece of work and
he gave it to them it’s just junk and I

think Amazon so hypocritical you know I
mean I’m not a huge Woody Allen fan of
his movies I’ve seen you know somewhat
of course there’s some seminal ones that

we can you know how could you ever live
without it just seeing some of these
great movies but you’re really into it
and I’m like a movie yeah which was that
was the first one well the fur actually

this first movie was was it kind of an
overdub asunder first of all he was take
the money and the real for real first
we’ll just take the money and run that’s
a sight or it gives a gut the note to
the teller he’s gonna rob a bank and it

ended teller says I’ve got a gun what’s
a gub to give me your money I’ve got a
gun I got a gun no it doesn’t say gub he
says yeah it does here it says gun

everything you always want to know about
I saw probably when I was nine yeah
anyway okay well I’m glad thank you for

that Woody Allen update relevant to no
one I really appreciate it’s really
great average he’s relevant no
what sir China China let’s talk about
China for a second China ten inch an

inch in it I have my one China clip yeah
you wanna do your one China clip yeah
let’s do this clip because this clip is
kind of like I don’t know what they did
they don’t know quite what did how to

handle this clip because they the
Chinese influence news media I’m sure
they have mixed feelings but they gotta
run the story and like I say bi Chinese
hackers I like how you say influence you
you can just say control but the

influence is just warm and fuzzy yes CBS
CBS is on a tear here we go tonight the
FBI and federal cybersecurity agents are
warning that hackers linked to the

Chinese government are trying to steal
research on coronavirus vaccines and
therapies the FBI says the potential
theft could jeopardize the treatment of
patients here in the u.s. here’s CBS

chief justice and homeland security
correspondent Jeff Pegues well the
corona virus was sweeping across parts
of China in January my god Jeff isn’t
stop one second I want to mention

something in this particular thing
especially when he’s reporting from home
I am now wondering as we all you like to
make fun of Jeff in it
come on is really a great reporter but

he’s got this funny voice I think he’s
got the same condition that JFK giora
when Robert Kennedy jr. has oh oh when
you hear reporting from home that’s when

you’re gonna hear it and I’ve never
looked into it but I’ll bet you he’s got
the same condition because he’s got
these qualities well I don’t know why
you have to take my joy away that he’s

just has to poop dirty correspondent
Jeff McGee’s

well the corona virus was sweeping
across parts of China in January US
officials say Chinese hackers were
already focused on the United States
trying to steal research from
universities and pharmaceutical

companies that were working on a cure
john Demers is the assistant attorney
general for national security the
chinese per year
have targeted biomedical research and
there’s nothing more important than

kovin 19 research right now in that
field the hacking charges ratcheted up
tensions over the virus between the US
and China or should have been stopped at
the source which was China but it’s not
just China Iran is also on the attack

researchers at the cybersecurity company
recorded future say the Iranian state
targeted an executive at Gilead Sciences
the manufacturer of the promising
coronavirus treatment drug when des

aveer but Demers said China is desperate
to be first with a vaccine you called
this a holy grail of information that
these foreign actors are going after

there’s nothing more important right now
than these treatments and perhaps most
significantly for China for a
geopolitical value to be able to say
that they were the first to develop a
vaccine tonight in the statement Chinese

officials said the accusations were
without evidence but US officials say
anyone working on a vaccine should be on
hyper alert margarett well when I heard
him speak kind of in the interview I

heard it what the the condition is
called spasmodic dysphonia that’s what
Robert Kennedy jr. has could be could be
that he has some of that or it comes

more like he just overworked his voice I
did you blow your voice shot but good
sound interesting

well CBS is doing all kinds of reports
about China and this was 60 minutes
this past Sunday it’s just kind of
interesting how they their version of
the timeline of Corona and China and Rob

told us to direct questions about the
origin of the virus to the Director of
National Intelligence the Chinese
Communist Party has also blocked the

truth in the earliest days the doctor in
Wuhan who discovered the outbreak was
silenced by local officials he later

covet 19 in February the Chinese did
allow a visit by an international team
of experts including American scientists
we are coordinating with the Chinese
government and working closely together

on the corona virus outbreak in China
initially president Trump praised China
but in the following weeks testing in
the u.s. failed to catch up to the need

vital equipment was short bodies filled
refrigerated trailers and science was
continuously challenged don’t dump dump
dump dump dump dump dump dump dump dump

dump and then I see the disinfectant in
a minute and is there way we can do
something like that injection as the
u.s. led the one and illness and death

the White House moved the focus to the
Chinese government that’s where this
began last Sunday Secretary of State
Mike Pompeo attempted to resurrect a
debunked theory that the virus was

man-made in China a debunked theory this
has got to stop reporters journalists
just saying something is a debunked

theory is not journalism
let’s eat at least the mighty CBS 60
Pompeyo was trying to revisit he
debunked the conspiracy theories never

been debunked of course it hasn’t been
debunked but talking about why is he
saying it’s debunked CB vs. evidence
that is debunk just because somebody
else said it wasn’t the case because

it’s uni and we still you know here’s
what’s not resolved people keep saying
this they say there’s no bats being sold
at that at that wet market and other
people say well then it came from bats

being sold at the wet market and other
people say they don’t sell bats at that
wet market is a seafood place as our
President himself says covering up the
spread of the corona virus everybody

knows what’s going on there did you see
the altercation with the Asian American

it’s perpetual which one is this this is
a new one this was this was a new
reporter and she’s one of the activists
the activist reporters that are now

showing up to these conferences men and
women are good-looking they’re young the
good-looking the guys are you know
they’re kind of hunky the girls are
really cute and this and and of course

if they have anyone who’s either of
collar journalists of color but if you
can get an asian-american to ask a

question about China that’s even better
but this I think she jumped the shark on
this one you’ll hear why problem okay
yeah go ahead please

said many times that the u.s. is doing
far better than any other country when
it comes to testing yes why does that
matter why is this a global competition

to you if everyday Americans are still
losing their lives and we’re still
seeing more cases every day so it’s like
a typical unimportant unimpressive
question that is only meant to attack

the president’s demeanor or how he talks
about something and and this is she’s
wasting our time with this but then this
happens well they’re losing their lives
everywhere in the world

then maybe that’s a question you should
ask China
don’t ask me has China that question
okay when you ask them that question you
may get a very unusual answer yes behind
you and here’s what’s really interesting

she came back after he said well why
don’t you go ask China about that which
he’s very consistently say China knows
everybody knows is China but remember
she’s Asian Americans so she gets to ask

this follow-up question what sir why are
you saying that to me
specifically I’m telling you I’m not
saying it specifically to anybody I’m
saying it to anybody they would ask a
nasty question like please go ahead do

you really think she expected the
President to say well clearly you got
splitty eyes you’re a gook what do you
want I mean what the hell are these
people doing is that really what she
thought is that really why she why do

you say that to me is because I look
this is infantile why you notice the
White House can ban these people I don’t
know why they let him in well then
you’re banning a woman of color well

it’s it did what I would have said the
Carll ABC he’s the one who heads up the
correspondents that get to go to that
thing in the first place of course he’s

the guy that’s bringing all the the
activists journalists in yeah and then
and then another good-looking journalist
from CNN okay anybody else please go
ahead in the back please it’s okay

you’re intimated I had two questions
this direction next place but you didn’t
you call it on me
I did and you didn’t respond and now I’m
calling on sorry just a young lady in

the back please I just want to let my
colleague okay the cast ladies and
gentlemen thank you very much appreciate
thank you very much what looks clearly
clearly some kind of attitude or

something and he’s like I not you
anymore and oh but then we just like
that’s not fair yeah you called on me
it’s my time it’s my turn of course that
question I want to question a bunch of

kids I’m probably what’s her name the
Kaylee she also walks out I mean at some
point are you just dare to be harrangue
by the media they’re unit there’s not

these are not legitimate questions well
they’re legitimate questions if your
National Enquirer or you know or not
even there no it’s this these are these
are just questions to harass the
president and he’s not he doesn’t have

to even show up
ball bomb I think went over a year
without doing a press conference at one
point I mean Trump is doing a favor I
mean if they’re gonna ask actual

questions but I didn’t hear any
questions that were just like no I use
showing a chart you know it’s not what
kind of a question is that what I’m
showing the truck because I think it’s
interesting and you know and I wanted to
show it I’d beid what can you can answer

it yourself why you showing a chart well
we are in in a modern kinetic war which
means there’s no bullets but the the

kinetics come from money and regulation
and maybe viral warfare but the Trump
administration is now talking to as many
chip makers as possible about building

fabs in the US which some are of course
going to do Apple is moving a
significant amount of their iPhone
production from China to India it was
kind of interesting to see Van Jones he

had to some backpedaling to do he was
supposed to speak at some conference and
he tweeted I guess he found out by
himself that oh my god I’m glad this got

canceled because I I couldn’t have ever
even done it and I found out it was they
sponsored by wal way and that my
takeaway is that’s exactly what’s going

on there’s so much because Van Jones
wasn’t just gonna go speak just to be a
nice guy he’s getting paid all these
people II don’t speak for free generally
I mean some people do but their speeches

are worthless yeah but but I guess the
understood even yeah professor in
Arkansas University his money because he
thought wait a minute
okay somebody book okay the way it’s

usually done somebody books you to begin
with right you don’t just show up to
speak right so somebody calls you up and
say I’m gonna do it that we’re doing a
conference blah blah blah blah blah

we’re gonna pay you so much money in his
case he probably makes pretty good money
a 10 grand minimum and okay I’ll do that
in this because and then you tend to
because you have to give a speech to

this audience the next thing you do and
I would say all speakers do this you
check out the event so you go to their
web page and see who’s gonna be there
and what was a who the audience is cuz

you got to adjust your speech to the
people if it’s a woman’s a bunch all
women you got to think about this so you
go to the thing and you go to the web
page and the web page really tells you
the sponsor at the start of this show

two hours ago you said I don’t know why
people think I’m a misogynist but really
you got to be careful if it’s a
conference with all women oh yeah so you
go yeah cuz of the you do I’m not an

idiot so you go to the website you check
it out and you’re on the website the
most important thing you see on there’s
who’s sponsoring the thing and the wall
way people would be front and center

well this is no surprise he’s full of
shit this guy well you walked right into
it because this was a conference of the
NABJ which makes it even worse National

Association of blowjob artists clothes
no black journalists and so the National
Association of Black Journalists

are sponsored by the Chinese just want
you to understand that and so he tweeted
I accepted invite this is verbatim I
accepted invite two peas already

speaking Chinese I accept am i all today
I accepted the invite to participate in
NABJ webinar a webinar warning black

community about kovat misinformation
I said yes without knowing the sponsor
glad NABJ canceled I would not have
participated i’ll keep raising alarm

about pandemics impact on vulnerable
people though and he as a posted and
says so he cancels after they canceled
correct and oh now that he decides to

virtue signal yeah but if i am not
buying it but what he’s doing is he’s
busting the the National Association of
Black Journalists that they’re in bed

with the Chinese he’s busting it because
they cancelled his money-making event
okay now thank you
it always comes down to the money a
professor at the University of Arkansas

arrested for undisclosed ties to China
Arkansas man Arkansas at least went to
Arkansas another one of these thousand
talents program did not disclose the the

money the deals that he had there they
charge and arrest these guys now this is
this is not some slap on the wrist
well good yeah I think so too and I
think we should talk about Flint this is

what Flynn oh yeah I got I got Flint
eclipsed well it’s time to do it now
because we are in a very interesting
situation where really the news wants to

focus on death and destruction and
Corona and scary things we have all
kinds of documentation coming out that

seems and appears to backup pretty much
everything that has been said about the
Muller investigation the Russia
collusion investigation about the spying

on the president the president is now
also tweeting Trump gate that what it is
Obama gate I’m sorry Obama gate my god

that jingles are showing up Obama Gate
tag Obama gate it’s what’s trending it’s

what’s trending she has a very
distinctive voices very good you can you
can it’s me she just from a professional

point of view from listening to your
doing voices yeah I mean I don’t device
about just listening to voice she’s
borderline professional voice over she
has a couple of anomalies that once

they’re corrected they’re very minor she
has got the voice of that’s worth a lot
of money whoa that’s quite the
endorsement I mean the way I hear it she
would fit perfect in our in our mornings

don’t you think she would fit perfectly

she would she would do a zoo
what did she what is she what does she
need to be corrected do you want to
correct her Live Well their sake there’s
an inconsistent there’s an inconsistency

in hers in her sweet sexiness and this
is and I can only express it this way
it’s it’s not mean it’s like when you

try to do you’re one of your voices and
it feels like an imitation of somebody
you can’t maintain it you can do a bit
yeah a little bit you know yeah you can
do a little short thing it sounds like

Christopher Walken or someone but you
can’t really do a maintain and she she
is at that point where she can do it but
there’s a maintenance issue and so she
did apparently there’s a meal to hang in

there longer with this sexiness all
right I’m a maintenance issue okay
maintenance it mate is my maintenance I
mean maintaining the all maintaining the

level of voice I got you yeah okay
that’s very interesting what I would
suggest everybody reads and I put it in

the show notes in a show notes calm and
yes I’d like to reiterate search dot na
show notes calm and being it dot IO are
no longer work the developer who made

the search engine is as abandoned it the
beginning of the year everyone multiple
people have tried to reach out to him
the the site doesn’t even work now you

could still go to na show notes calm
draw back all the show notes yeah
there’s a drawback all the show notes
are there everything is in structured
XML data so if anyone wants to build a

new search engine please feel free would
be happy to resurrect search any show
knows calm anyway so we’re back to back
to the yeah well really I don’t fit

exists I have three clips okay I just
want to give a little background her and
then want your clips we really need a
daily Flynn podcast because this is
truly about the deep state

and it’s it’s going to if we didn’t
already have a wedge in in this country
is going to get a lot more interesting
and I was like why I just want to say

that Sidney Powell who is Flynn’s Mike
General Michael Flynn and how this all
fits together hopefully your clips will
start to explain it
Sidney Powell is his new lawyer and

she’s the one that has pretty much
successfully brought all this to light
she has a complete timeline of
everything that’s taken place and I will
sum it up as follows

the Obama administration and the
Democrat Party with Hillary Clinton were
keeping tabs on Trump that’s why they

had this research that was done and paid
for by Clinton and a law firm and this
was all known that this was they even
worked with Russians to get it because

they just needed something really think
it was going to win and and just to make
sure everyone got in the game we figured
out how to use some phony baloney
information from multiple people to go

through the FISA the Foreign Service for
surveillance act court to be able to
wiretap and listen in while not actually
get previously recorded conversations

from multiple people one of them being
general Flynn and just so everyone
understands why this is a big deal we
have a constitution in America you can’t
do that we have a Fourth Amendment Fifth

Amendment there’s a number of other
amendments this would violate but after
9/11 we all as a country said you know
if we had only know more about these
terms than we could have caught them and

all these people wouldn’t have died so
the Patriot Act which was written a long
time before that but it showed up and in
that there was a new deal you could
listen in on American citizens which is
unconstitutional in at the heart but we

made a special law that you could do
that if you got a warrant from a secret
court secret but you could trust it
don’t worry it’s secret because it will

be of the high
a bar that it will be so difficult to
get a warrant to spy on an American
citizen it’s I mean we might as well not
even have the court at all
and of course you have to be very
truthful and confident in the evidence

you show to that court to obtain this
warrant none of that happened in this
case and spying was done here’s where it
all went wrong in my opinion
Trump won the Obama administration and

all the people who were involved with
this everyone who had quote-unquote
unmasked a flynn call with the Russian
ambassador they were in on it including

Joe Biden and that’s documented and they
had a discussion on it on January 5th
just right before the transition and
Obama said oh man we got to do it by the

book but everyone sat in that room and
then they knew that if they handed over
all of the information they had what
you’re supposed to do from one President
to the next and the transition one

administration to the next if they if
they truly were honest and gave it all
then Trump would know immediately he had
been spied on and who had been doing it
so they suppressed that and they doubled

down trying to implicate Trump in a
Russian spying scheme with Flynn kind of
the point of the speak of the spear

which served two purposes one we had to
get Flynn out of there because Flynn
would be the one to investigate and
figure it out and and two we needed a
fall guy

to really stick the knife into Trump and
that’s now starting to unravel because
they didn’t get Trump out in time they
weren’t able to impeach him and I
presume the president’s just been

sitting on this and now it’s time to
release it and I think every day we’ll
get a new piece and this latest piece
that we received is a list of 39 people
39 or 29 things

listen 20 lot around 30 people who all
requested unmasking unmasking of
these of these phone calls and if you

want I have a two-minute clip of NSA
director Admiral Mike Rogers explaining
how that works as an older clip because
he’s the guy once you play that and then

I’ll play these three this about bite
and mostly yeah but it also brings in
Trump and Trump they do be the last clip
and Trump previews what’s coming or
predicts right there we go on so here is

how the process works of someone
obtaining the call that they’re
interested in the of an American citizen
would be redacted and now we have to

know who that person is so we can
understand what the call is about so the
respect to unmasking the following
criteria is apply first for the National
Security Agency we define in writing who

has the authority to unmask a u.s.
person identity that is 20 individuals
in 12 different positions I am one of
the 20 in one of those 12 positions the
director secondly we outline in writing

what are the criteria that will be
applied to a request to unmask in a
report and again part of our process
under 702 to protect the identity of US

persons as part of our minimization
procedures when we think we need to
reference a u.s. person in a report we
will not use a name we will not use an
identity we say u.s. person one u.s.

person to u.s. person three that report
is then promulgated some of the
recipients of that report will sometimes
come back to us and say I’m trying to
understand what I am reading could you

help me understand who is person one or
who is person two etc we apply two
criteria in response to their request
number one you must make the right
question writing number two the request
must be made on the basis of your

official duties not the fact that you
just find this report really interesting
and you’re just curious it has to
tangibly tied to your job and then
finally I said two but there’s a third
criterion and that is the basis of the

request must be that you need this
identity to understand the intelligence
you’re reading we apply those three
criterion we do it in writing

and one of those 20 individuals then
agrees or disagrees and if we unmask we
go back to that entity who requested it
not every individual will receive the
report but that one entity who asked for

us we then provide them the US identity
and we also remind them the
classification of this report in the
sensitive sensitivity of that identity
remains in place by revealing this u.s.

person to you we are doing it to help
you understand the intelligence not not
so that you can use that knowledge
indiscriminately it must remain
appropriately protected and so the 29

people got to see this yeah and even
though you’d notice Roger says there’s

20 people qualified to ask yeah that was
all I’m a little unclear whether that
means it’s I thought it was 20 people
can approve someone who can who can look

at it but that’s it’s a little unclear
to me what is interesting though is the
response from the New York Times and the

New York Times who they cannot deny the
the paperwork that is coming out over
this their headline is Trump White House
rewrites history this time about Flynn

and their article shows a different
picture by omission so they’re leaving a
lot of things out and background and
it’s quite sad they’re in trouble it’s

quite sad to see them I think they’re in
trouble because not only cannot just
anybody go looking at these names but to
leak that name to the press which
happened repeatedly and I think there’s

some documentary evidence of that that’s
a that’s a jailable offense remembered
um but it’s gonna get get introduced
guys are well sadly I have I have

thought in a wringer yeah sadly I have
thoughts on who but let’s listen to your
your joke clips and let’s get into the
see how this will affect our future
there is a kind of a follow kind of a
cascade effect from Joe Biden going on

Good Morning America and so this is
we’ve just before the list comes out Joe
goes on this is kind of edited down but
this is biting on it says CMA but GM a

contradiction here we go I know nothing
about those moves to investigate Michael
Flynn number one number two no I thought
you asked me whether or not always
having to kill that clip I’m sorry

that’s the clip I have to do play that
clip later play clips from GMA 1 sorry I
know nothing about those moves to
investigate Michael Flynn number one

number two this is all about diversion
this is the game this guy plays all the
time the country is in crisis were in an
economic crisis a health crisis but if
they you were reported to be in a

January 5th 2017 meeting where you and
the president were briefed on the FBI’s
planned a question Oh Michael Michael
Flynn over those conversations he had
with the Russian ambassador his lyac now

I thought you asked me whether or not I
had anything to do with him being
prosecuted okay I’m sorry I was aware
that there was that there that asked for
an investigation but that’s all I know

about it I saw this and I have an
observation well wait okay what give me
your observation first but I then I have
an interesting point to make my
observation is when this question was

being asked and the follow-up Jo had an
IFB and he was wiggling it in his ear
and he cocks his head to the left and I
guarantee you someone was saying and you

can see his face tilt again in
recognition and then he comes back with
the oh no like I was talking about this

he was being souffle is that the real
I’m I now that you bring that up I would
say you’re probably right because he

asked it was asked one question he says
I thought you talked about prosecuting
yeah which was the second part when you
take the first part from this earlier
part of the conversation and then you
put the second part which is what I have
here in this contradiction clip when you

take those two together this is what you
really got he never said anything or
even thought anything about your
question being about prosecution list
to this clip I know nothing about those

moves to investigate Michael Flynn
number one number two now I thought you
asked me whether or not I had anything
to do with him being prosecuted there it
is yeah yeah but he switched midstream

I’m telling you switched yeah you’re
probably right because he’s so dumb that
he never thought that that he’s already
made the mistake no I thought you said
something else oh yeah you said that you

wanted orange juice I didn’t know you
said milk at Tina Tina and I were
watching last night and I said did you
see that and I rolled it back and she
saw it too it says look he’s getting
instructions he you know the the the

holding your left hand or what did I FB
is the is the intercom and you’re the
depending on how it’s set up
it could have been Joe’s people talking
to him it could be the the TV network

talking to him it could be you know just
same thing exactly and you’ve seen it
before where the newsreader goes hold on

hold on I’m getting important
information one moment so he makes one
of those moves with his hand he’s
cocking his head and he’s getting
information he’s being told what to say
this is gonna be great I hope there’s a

debate with Trump but sadly I think
something else is gonna happen
well I ain’t ready for it but someone
has to go down for this spying and
Biden’s name turns up on the list as and

Weah wydad in he’s lying here clearly
because he knew all about it he heard
the call well but hold on
why is Biden being highlighted besides
it being Joe I think it’s time to

finally take him down so Hillary can
come in well I’m not gonna of course I
still have never pulled my Hillary
prediction so I’m gonna stick with it
but let’s go on with this theory of

yours in mind and this is Ron Paul says
Ron people but it’s not rand paul and
he’s talking about the biting unmasking
questions that have Rennell addressed
the acting intelligence official senator
where does that stand is Rick Rennell

going to testify to your committee if
you’ve got confirmation of that no but I
did send a letter last evening to
Director of National Intelligence Rick
Cornell and asked him if he would

declassify this and we got this
information today and released it and I
think this is astonishing that Vice
President Biden and really all of
President Obama’s inner circle

individually were requesting the
unmasking of a political opponent and
you know you remember there was a whole
to do about trying to impeach the
president saying that we’re using the

power of government to go after a
political opponent this is this is a
smoking gun if there ever was one that
Vice President Biden was using the power
of government abusing that power to go

after a political opponent essentially
unmasking someone is the equivalent of
illegally wiretapping them the
government had permission to listen to
the Russian ambassador but to protect

Americans we mask their identity but you
got the whole President Obama’s inner
circle clambering around listening to
the private conversation I think he
illegally and I think with ill bill

ill-begotten motives do you know senator
whether these unmasking requests then in
each and all of these cases occurred
after the election I mean obviously the

assessment was prior to the election
that Hillary Clinton was going to win
obviously that didn’t happen so did a
lot of this that transpire after the
election itself yes the document that we

got listed all the names and listed the
date that they did the unmasking so vice
president unmasked general Flynn to
listen to his conversation which i think
is reprehensible but so did James Comey

so did James clapper so did John Brennan
so did Samantha Power’s and so did
President Obama’s chief of staff and a
dozen other people so think about this
it’s illegal to listen to people’s

private conversations you could listen
to if you have a national security
matter a foreigner but it’s thus the
foreigners saying we’re going to blow up
the Capitol and will you help me you

don’t get to listen to the other
person’s conversation if they’re just
yeah Rand Paul Graham answers the
question but the guess that conversation

took place after the election there’s no
other reason to do it but now we have
the president chiming in on this and he
talks about it at that meeting of the
two governors and here he is on a met an

unmasking and he puts a little
predictive thing at the end here which
makes you wonder what’s coming next is a
massive massive thing it’s I just got a

listing it’s who can believe a thing
like this
and I watched Biden yesterday on Good
Morning America being interviewed by one

of your colleagues Stewart
Stephanopoulos and he said you know
nothing about anything he has no ideas
he knows nothing about anything it’s
nothing at all and then it gets released

today that he was a big young masker so
how do you know nothing of you’re one of
the unmasked errs it’s one of the very
big stories and I suspect you’ll have if
it’s possible even bigger stories coming

out yeah it’s he’s been holding on to
this he’s been wait I think he’s gonna
hold on Obama and until after the
election does he want Obama down I know

he does because this is Trump when that
that White House one press
Correspondents Dinner
that’s when Obama dressed him down

that’s that’s a publicly ridiculed him
that’s called dressing him down is it
not oh I thought he was that that that
somebody with transsexual sorry you are

on a roll today hate for women confused
about transsexuals for women I don’t
know what to do with you man I’m telling
you I love the smokin hot ladies all

kinds of issues with you today
so where we’re at now is Bill Barr the
Department the Attorney General said hey
to the judge I think is that in

Washington DC we’re dropping all charges
against Flynn clearly he was railroaded
have evidence we have handwritten
evidence of what the of what the FBI
agents were doing you know you know some

of the names like struck I mean come on
it’s very clear and the judge said no
man I don’t know about that I think we
should bring in another we need to have

some voices chime in here so one he’s
got a retired judge who’s gonna come in
and tell everybody Flynn should be drawn
and quartered yeah and at the same time

but I kind of like this doesn’t happen
often but I lost my train of thought the
whole point was no I remember the two

thousand names they got the two thousand
name list for the lawyers who were
always writing everything prosecutor
lawyers yeah attorneys say Trump sucks

yes that’s exactly what they did again
they sent out a message to the email
list you have the list where you had the
list you have all the hey mister list I

have it yes it’s always if you go back
no hit the story because I failed a
couple these guys to see if they were
religious or alive and they weren’t and
they’re all part of a Trump hating crowd
hold on let’s do this let’s look at how

many stories we’ve had about the 2000
prosecutors so February 17th bill Barr
resignation more than 2000 former

prosecutors okay let’s see well so we
have that’s all February let’s go back a
little bit further because this is being
used over and over again hasn’t it yeah
by the media loves it so it was those

guys who wanted bar to reside there was
a another example though he wanted all
kinds of stuff yeah I don’t know how you
search for it mm prosecutors is the
search I’m doing and it’s popping up

everywhere but it’s I have to go back
further wait I can do tools
let’s do anything let’s do last year see
past year
that’s past you anyway it’s it’s the

same group and they are em they’re like
oh hey I got an email from the group
what are we to sign it okay so that’s
where we’re at and that’s gonna be very

interesting to see what happens but
someone’s got to go down and it would be
great if it was Comey it would be it
would be great if they close the FBI but
Brennan I think Brennan could be in

but ma’am branch according to
everybody’s in trouble but he’s not in
trouble and I’d like to know if anybody
can confirm that his security clearance
was pulled I never heard that it was
confirmed I don’t know you’re talking

new stories from three years ago
okay all right did now did you have more
on the no that’s all I got I just got
the bite and stuff and I think you’re
probably right this may be the one it

may not be the one because you still
have the same old the John Cooper’s out
there these guys who are you know old
PACs democrat party and they’re the ones
who pushed Obama past Sanders because

they’re not putting up with didn’t you
know losing all that banking background
well that bankers money and the bankers
all said in the band the Democrats are
more of a holder to the bankers and the

Republicans are from what I can tell
seems and the oops hold on 1 2 3 4 5 5
oh my god that is effor no that’s the
coastal coming down from Seattle but the

coastal is always a little bit I thought
it was six last time now it’s five now
it’s five it just wouldn’t normally 12
that thing isn’t bad you know what that

what negative interest rates it probably
has something to do with these three
states cuz this effort goes to Chicago
and this comes from Seattle it goes down
as Los Angeles’s
and these states are all Democrats and

all God you know don’t get on a train
anyway where was I I was going while I
was gonna switch gears if we’re done
with Flynn I want to do a quick thing on
Bill Gates and then thank some more
people okay on show number 780 of this

No Agenda show best podcast the universe
from December 10th 2015
this is what we discovered and trumpets

and yet Bill Gates knows what’s going on
oh man apparently at the time trump was
all over Bill Gates and we have to do
something we have to go see Bill Gates

and a lot of different people that
really understand what’s happening
apparently it was all in on Bill Gates I
don’t think so so much anymore and here
is the the obligatory once a show clip

of Bill Gates telling us what’s going to
happen what’s needs to happen and it’s
gonna be an RNAi vaccine and sure people
will die but it’s the only way to go
there’s an approach called the RNA

vaccine that people like Madonna her
back and others are using by the way
these are the companies that either he
personally but certainly the Gates

Foundation has put money into moderna
would be the number one it’s why he
mentions it that in 2015 we died enta
fide that is very promising for
pandemics and for other applications as

well and so if everything goes perfectly
with the RNAi approach we could actually
be at the 18 months we don’t want to
create unrealistic expectations the

efficacy of vaccines and older people is
always a huge challenge you know it
turns out the flu vaccine isn’t that
effective and old early people most the

benefit comes from younger people not
spreading it because they’re vaccinated
this is an interesting little tidbit and
I I just kind of like highlighting that
since we know that the previous flu shot

the 2017-2018 increased the likelihood
of the person who received the shot of
developing a respiratory virus by a very

infect infection by 36% and so if you’ve
got old people in nursing homes who I’m
sure are pretty much told you’re getting

this this vaccine even Bill Gates knows
they’re not very effective on older
people because of the state of their
immune system

and also in order to make it effective
they got to jack it up which is is that
think that’s what you use the adjuvant
for the Hamburger Helper of vaccines and
that could make that viral infection

even worse possibly and that that
benefits on a community basis the
elderly here we clearly need a vaccine
that works in the upper age range

because their most at risk of that and
doing that so that you amp it up so it
works in older people and yet you don’t
have side effects you know if we have in

a one in 10,000
side effects that’s you know way more
700,000 you know people who will suffer
from that so really understanding the

safety at gigantic scale across all age
ranges you know pregnant male female
undernourished existing comorbidities
it’s very very hard and that actual

decision of okay let’s go and give this
vaccine to the entire world governments
will have to be involved because there
will be some risk and indemnification
needed before that can be decided on

here’s the question
with all this moderna and all this work
on the r and a vaccine which is in no
means a vaccine in the traditional sense

because it’s changing RN a versus
building immunity by introducing a
toned-down and or dead version of the

violated attenuated well here’s my
question with all this focus from Bill
Gates clearly on this RNA vaccine what
if it doesn’t work are we in parallel

doing the old growing it in an egg thing
I don’t hear anyone talking about it
because now we I mean we are not buddy
coronavirus apparently does is not isn’t
that’s why they said I’m a new pouchy

said himself in one of these little
ditties there may never be a vaccine for
coronaviruses to one of those it’s like
aids is one of those things well like
it’s like

like all these things like like Ebola
yes all these things why Bala they do
have something but it changes just
enough that it can’t really be a vaccine
is ineffective and what they mean

generally speaking by changes enough not
so much with with AIDS but with these
corona viruses that they think they do
generate and the next thing you know
they’re not effect they don’t really
have the impact anymore Laura Ingraham

mentioned it the French guy who talks
about this together when you know the
Nobel Prize in medicine that guy who
thinks his nuts because these goes
against the grain who says this bullcrap

this thing isn’t gonna last you know
more than a year because it’s going to
just turn into dust can’t reproduce and
live your are not on the right program

today man what do you think that is and
that is what Trump thinks too yeah so
this whole thing is that’s whether it’s
such a rush to get a vaccine out so they
can at least have something to sell

right well then we just get back to the
chlorine or oxy chloroquine let’s play
one last clip from Laura this is ingre
Amano CQ now I told you about seven
weeks ago that hydroxychloroquine was

likely saving lives and now another
study confirms that conclusion and it
was conducted by NYU’s Grossman School
of Medicine where researchers looked at
932 kovat patients who are on

hydroxychloroquine along with zinc in
his it’s room Ison they concluded that
the triple combo that they awell with
that they were 44 percent less likely to
die from the corona virus good news

take that FDA yeah I like the I’d like
the practical results more than just
these damn studies that are rigged and
you’ve got you know certain AIDS groups

whether it’s positive or negative I like
hearing this from Texas what happened to
this nursing home was one of the first
big tests of its kind in Texas
I thought the risk of seeing 15% of that

nursing home die was just not an
acceptable risk a third of patients said
this place in Galveston County got the
corona virus so dr. Robin Armstrong used

hydroxychloroquine pills to treat 39 of
them so the pace
so done well you said most of the
patients have done well somebody’s
listening to this might say way he

qualified it with most have there been
some who have not done well with it well
I would say I would say all the patients
have done well on Sunday these patients
finish their five days of treatment and

dr. Armstrong said no one experienced
any side-effects but the 65 year old
anti-malarial drug has suddenly become
controversial President Trump said it
was promising for kovat 19 patients

Armstrong admits he supports the
president but Democrats correctly
cautioned that this drug remains
unproven for the coronavirus well let’s
say that the president didn’t bring this

drug up well we would be having this
conversation now I wonder sir that is
about the best question I’ve had so far
and I don’t think so I don’t think this
would even be a conversation honestly no

I think the news reporting would be
hopeful results good news
senior saved elder’s it’s not a death
sentence I mean all of this could have

no but no and when all is said and done
and ten years from now when we look back
we’re gonna see that there was a lot of
stuff that could have been done that the
actual hate of the president not even

the pregnant heat of a man a man with
orange hair resulted in death yeah these
Democrats are murderers and Democrats

Democrats the idiots it’s an if the
media as many Republicans that hate
Trump too but this is political if they
do everything you keep hearing about

hydroxychloroquine is totally political
the Democrats doctors and the rest of
them oh no it’s no good
and the Republicans yeah it’s good it
works we’ve done it I mean come on when
is this gonna end it’s gonna end in the

election in November no agenda imagine
all the people who could do gossip oh
yeah that’d be fine

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org slash any let’s see if we had
anything else interesting well I got a
promise to do the test of the Tesla
store so here’s an Elon Musk update from

Democracy Now okay in Northern
California billionaire Tesla CEO Elon
Musk has restarted work at Tesla’s huge
electric vehicle factory in Fremont

daring government officials to arrest
him for violating a coronavirus lockdown
on Tuesday President Trump tweeted
California should let Tesla and Elon
Musk open the plant now it can be done

fast and safely the president tweeted
Elon Musk tweeted back Thank You musk
has repeatedly downplayed the threat of
the corona virus and cold government
imposed quarantined fashion

Los Angeles County’s top public health
officials said Tuesday stay at home
orders will be extended for the next
three months at least 1300 deaths in LA
have been linked to kovat 19 California

State University’s president Tuesday
announced plans to cancel most in-person
classes during the fall semester yeah
you know I can’t just not good a quick

trip around the world I’ve got I have
Corona in Brazil and Africa which is an
interesting little report not so in

Brazil which is emerging as a serious
epicenter even though President jarba
Sanaa rose supporters still cheer him on
he’s provoked outrage as a Cova denier
who still won’t social distance on this

weekend he went for a provocative spin
on a jet ski as the number of
coronavirus deaths past 10,000 local
authorities put a Kovach message on

Rio’s famous Christ the Redeemer statue
have a heart wear a mask 10,000 dead and
we have 80 pushing 90,000 yeah and we

shut down the country in Brazil didn’t
and our population is 350 theirs is 250
so their part their numbers should be
hired I mean it looks like an experiment

they don’t want to do because Boston our
Boston our bowls an arrow is is a bright
wing or supposedly a kind of a piece of
business oriented guy they’ve left press
down there hates him they cause

basically oh I’m a fascist and so you
got the same kind of politics going on
with Brazil you know what I want their
numbers aren’t really being I don’t
think their numbers are high enough – no
they’re not no they’re not but you know

just just throw in surge and dead and
whatever so you have to see the Statue
with with that big to see the Statue
person that’s a beautiful statue what I
think we should do he

America is we should put a big mask on
the Statue of Liberty yes I think that’s
exactly what I was thinking was there a
let’s go to Africa in Africa and
Southeast Asia the virus does appear to

be spreading more slowly maybe because
the population tends on average to be
younger Wow that’s all you got you don’t
have anything about antimalarials okay
but no one is sure and it’s quite

possible that the worst is yet to come
yeah Serge it’s quite possible worse is
yet to come they can’t stand it
Boris Johnson goofed up during Prime

Minister’s question time Thank You mr.
Speaker I thank the Prime Minister for
his update on progress of testing and
tracing this invisible killer but can
you confirm the people of West dr. ship

that the new systems that we are putting
in place will in for some time be able
to detect local flare-ups mr. sandy mr.
speaker the intention is that the
decoded alert system in time will be

sufficiently sensitive and flexible as
to detect local flare-ups so that for
instance if a the code is detected in
the water supply of a certain time or

well then then steps can be taken on
this path so people immediately went
what Congress did coronavirus can be in
the water supply please

well what he meant of course he meant in
the sewage system
uh-huh maybe that’s not saying much for
the water supply in England no kidding

may I have one last clip
and this is just a wacky clip that the
mainstream won’t pick up on in the man
that Bernie Bernie bros won’t pick up on
but Bernie it along with neil honda omar

these two communists have decided that
they think that the all the just why the
banks don’t want this guy by the way and

they’re never good he’s never gonna be a
candidate you should realize this if you
listen to this insanity vermont
independence senator bernie sanders a
Minnesota Democratic Congress member
Ileana Omar have joined more than

3-hundred lawmakers around the world
calling for the cancellation of the
cornea you had to start it over but I
just what 300 lawmakers she says 300
lawmakers around the world this includes

like the Communists in Venezuela and the
Socialists here and the Socialists there
should this is 300 lawmakers around the
world aren’t anyone in their right mind

but go on not play it again Vermont
independence senator Bernie Sanders a
Minnesota Democratic Congress member
Ileana Omar have joined more than
3-hundred lawmakers around the world
calling for the cancellation of poor

nations debts as they struggle with the
kovat 19 crisis this comes as the United
Nations warns as many as a half a
billion people could fall into poverty
due to the pandemic in a letter to the

leadership of the World Bank and the
International Monetary Fund Tuesday
senator Sanders writes quote in the face
of a horrific pandemic in a worldwide
recession we cannot allow poor countries

to get educate money that should be
going towards protecting the health and
safety of their people to pay off
unsustainable debts
we cannot allow these countries to be
deprived of the resources they need to

purchase food medicine protective gear
and medical equipment sanderson cancel
everyone else’s debt except ours

yeah cancel all the debts around the
world which is you got yourself in this
situation and you want to just have it
canceled you hoped that it gets canada
he also wants to cancel all student loan
debt and you me he just wants to cancel

everything so i don’t know if he
understands the nomar the rest of it
even know how the system works
we’re not a socialist society we’re not
China were not we’re a capitalist

country it’s just bullshit I mean I get
funded to be offensive
it’s all so short-sighted look at what
President Trump is saying his idea I
like his idea is let’s get negative
interest rates and then ultimately when

you take out a loan for school you’ll
get paid for it
it’s real simple I don’t understand why
people don’t understand this is great I
can’t wait for negative interest rate

waiting for it all my life and says
everybody’s been waiting for that
well CNN is and needs to be my last clip
CNN just like when the Malaysian
airliner was lost you know they they

went on for over a year every single day
and that items and special shows so now
CNN is doing what they do best they’ve
got to do their gut do their special

show so let’s check out a promo for one
of them taking on coronavirus in
hard-hit communities of color joined on
lemonade Van Jones with dr. Regina
Benjamin and Robert Smith Plus messages

of hope from Mario Lopez samuel
l.jackson and more the color of kobane
live tomorrow at 10:00 on CNN the color
of CO vid with say inspiring messages
the hopeful messages even one black

person who watches CNN romário local
messages of hope from podcasters you
love from around the world

yeah that’s there’s that and then we
have this little ditty just as fun join
Anderson Cooper and dr. Sanjay Gupta
former acting CDC director Richard
Besser former Health and Human Services

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius an activist
Greta tune Berg for coronavirus
affection fears live Thursday at 8:00
I’m glad you got that I can’t wait it’s

Greta – and Berg what the hell does she
have to do with coronavirus will she
have it so what did that so you’re an
expert cuz you caught you caught a cold
so now you’re a doctor

oh and Van Jones isn’t is an expert on
coronavirus come on man it’s you got to
enjoy the little things this is fun you

know it’s gonna be a turd it’s just it’s
really fun man come on
well I got one I got one then let’s
listen to some other another idiocy this

is Rick bright he’s gonna testify in
front of Congress he’s well on his of
ayala gist but somehow he’s become
magically become an epidemiologist

tomorrow on Capitol Hill
Rick bright the administration’s former
top vaccine researcher who is pushed out
of his position will testify that if the
response is not ramped up work 2020 will

be the darkest winter in modern history
yes it’ll be a cold and lonely Christmas
without you I don’t believe any of it

I really don’t it’s quite the beach I
don’t believe any of it anymore and we
just hire some it is a little tiresome
it’s amazing we can put a show together
I mean it’s I have to struggle well

that’s a very good point because we both
I know that we both were digging deep
and hard for for material for today if
you don’t want to bore people you know

you got to come up with new stuff and
here you go
the c-span is still a beautiful thing
yeah got some stuff from them
coming up if you want to hear the foler
Nick the rat interview with John McAfee

that’ll be a no agenda stream calm I
like how these guys think
very smart here at the no agenda stream
and we have a couple of end of show
mixes we’ve got Rolando Gonzalez which I

promise to play from the last show we’ve
got Jason Lewis and Jesse Coyne Nelson
and we would love to see you back with
us again to produce another episode of

the best podcast in the universe on
Sunday until then I’m coming to you from
the opportunities own 33 here in Austin
Texas FEMA region number six and the
governmental maps in the morning

I’m Adam curry and from northern to
Silicon Valley where we’re all wondering
whatever happened to hands up don’t
shoot I’m John C Dvorak we return on
Sunday right here on no agenda remember

us at Dvorak dot org slash na until then
adios mofos ends you know the Nursery
Rhyme that goes
hickory dickory dock the mouse ran up
that Trump Dethklok has over Times

Square and what it shows is an estimate
of the number of us pulpit 19 deaths
that resulted from the president and his

team’s failed response to the corona
virus outbreak yes who’s here on Sesame
Street today from Dethklok and the
masses right over here thanks to doctor
foul Qing and leading epidemiologists we

now know that how the mitigation
guidelines been put into effect just one
week earlier on March 9 instead of March
16th 60 percent of us covet 19 deaths
would have been prevented

don’t run ready to run up the Trump
dethklok’s and the clock is ready to
strike one the Trump death clock stands
at forty six thousand four hundred

eighty five and growing
to drive with

oh man

driving here that’s dirty

in sections of 10
no it’s

we’re gonna die
show it
because I

we’re in a mass
don’t you know it

you are ways act surprised
say how are you nice mask

you tell me
this should never have happened this
should never have happened

this virus should not have spread all
over the world they allowed this to go
into our country this should never have
happened more than a dozen children in
the New York City area have ended up in
intensive care with severe symptoms

possibly linked to corona virus the
finding has not been peer reviewed a
rate of infection is rising heart rate
and their heart rate is very high there

is now a more powerful mutant strain of
the virus to compute the rate of
infection is rising like bringing a

camera into focus these techniques




for a org slash and masks