No Agenda Episode 1243: “Obamable”

adam curry
john c divorce it’s sunday may 17th 2020
this is your award-winning kitmo nation
media assassination episode 1243.
this is no agenda

and from northern silicon valley i

believe adam’s turned into a democrat
i’m john cena buzzkill
in the morning yeah i figured i’d try
and see how it works with the mask

seeing as that
is what we’re going to be coerced into
no matter what
we want
well i’ve read these orders and none of
them say you have to be wearing a mask

all the time correct
you do not so why are people wearing the
mask all the time they’re wearing him in
their car
i’m wearing him at home yeah yeah i have
done some

investigative work on this and um
unfortunately this is a result
of the i would say the
the society that we’ve created certainly

younger people
and it goes like this
you have to wear a mask to keep
me safe okay
you have to wear the mask to keep me

safe so if you’re not wearing a mask
but i’m wearing a mask i’m keeping you
but you’re a douchebag and
that’s the bottom line you’re not going

to get away from it
people are mad they’re angry
and i think that if we want to just open
up i have a suggestion
it’s completely optional so wherever you

go a store
doesn’t have to force you to wear masks
but they can’t and if they do
then you should will respect that any
other place
where you want me to wear a mask so that

you feel safe
is good i’ll wear the mask and to make
i feel safe and i’m protected from you
i’m going to open carry my firearm
and i’m going to do this in texas

so that you can see i’m not a democrat
democrats have guns open
carry no i don’t think so in austin
no double no not at all

a couple of things here i i i question
your premise
and by that i mean i’m not absolutely

that all these douchebags wearing a mask
actually think that they’re wearing the
mask to protect
you from them no it’s it’s all virtue
signaling but that is that’s what that’s

the reasoning that’s given that’s the
rationale it’s not even really true well
then why is somebody wearing the mask in
their car
well that’s okay if they want to feel
that that’s their business i don’t care
if they want to look like idiots but i’d

like to get away from
this we’re never going to open up fully
until we agree on some social things and
if it’s going to be masks oh my god so
be it

go ahead force everybody to wear a mask
that’s we need to do something and i’m
willing to compromise but again i’m
going to open carry which is legal as
long as you have your concealed carry in
texas you can open carry and i

intend to do that in my car too and on
the street
yeah yeah it’s you know there’s i don’t
think there’s any other
way for us to go so you don’t have do

you have a holster yet
oh i have several holsters um in italy
they’re opening up on tuesday and uh
they will have social distancing i’ve
got a little report from willow

so they’ll have all that set but masks
shall be worn until there’s a cure or a
vaccine so
i’m seeing what’s going on we’re not
going to get away from this it’s going

to be an
endless fight with a whole bunch of
idiots and we just have to become japan
we’re already on our way financially
into the japanese
debt trap so we might as well just go

the full nine yards
i don’t see it it’s not worth it from
our duke and duchess or the duke anyway
would you i don’t know if you have it

well i’d like to read it during the
donation segment but i have some
it’s kind of just i think i really might
want to read it now this is really
exactly what you’re talking all right
all right well okay
i have a report from china as well uh

this is from sir mark and dame astrid
the duke and duchess of japan and all
the disputed islands in the japan sea
and uh we will read uh most of this
on uh during the donation segment but uh

masks work
is the japanese uh reasoning
and the whole country wears them for flu
season every year especially on the most
crowded mass transit system in the world
he gives us some

numbers they’ve only had 739 deaths for
a population of 126 million
which is very good uh complete so that’s
uh what did what do you put here that’s
like uh

it’s like 10 times less than united
states if you believe the numbers of
yeah then well there you go well hold on
hold on we’ll go
we’ll get there mass usage went up with
covid but it also meant that it was the

weakest flu season in over 10 years
interestingly uh not the same here in
fact the mortality rate in japan from
march was also down on top of this if
you feel you have symptoms
and this i think is kind of cool japan

is doing you’re asked to go to one of
the many hotels
that have been commandeered for
isolation hub so you don’t go to the
hospital and infect everybody
you don’t go home and infect everybody
you go to one of the designated hotels
and the government has options and over

120 000 hotel rooms across the nation
that i think is a pretty good idea
of you not if you’re enough think about
you if you’re a traveler
well this room previously occupied

nobody’s traveling nobody’s traveling
nobody’s traveling uh but yeah if you
want to go to uh
uh to the to the obvious hurdles but
maybe just a quick uh
update from wuhan one of our producers

is back and i’ll read his note
uh or hers anonymous we’re back in wuhan
friday wuhan this is you know wuhan said
they were going to test

11 million people in 10 days yeah
and i looked at the math and said i
don’t know how that’s going to work but
we have a little more data
our producer says back in wuhan friday
wuhan tested just over 113 000 people

our hotel slash apartment called us and
we’ll schedule our test this coming week
my clients are testing the workers at
work and the chinese government is
setting up testing stations in local

neighborhoods they’ll test everyone in
10 days
it’s not really even a blip on most
people’s day
one client has a parking lot that is
full of tables and trailers that has two

blood and throat swabs takes less than
10 minutes to stand in line and go
through the process
yeah that is 11 million
people times 10 minutes i’m just i
really want to see how they’re going to

complete this
and so far only a hundred and thirteen
thousand done
um i had to do this went bullcrap
i had to do this when i first arrived in
wuhan so i couldn’t start work this will

be my third test since coming back to
china wuhan is mostly open
some restaurants have dining inside
while others are take
out only i can’t use dd which is uh
their version of uber only taxis because

they track you
and you need a chinese id to register to
be tracked by the
uh chinese uber our local wet market is
open but not

inside they moved the market to the
sidewalk and made it one-way traffic
enter on one side and walk through to
the to exit the opposite side
you need to have your temperature
scanned before you enter any place and
show the qr code having fun in wuhan
when we first arrived a few weeks ago

pollution level was great we had blue
skies and some stars at night
now it’s back to gray skies and burning
so uh i’ve never i’ve never seen a blue

sky in china
well i i think it probably did happen
when it was when it was all
shut down that’s what he says yeah but
it probably was quite phenomenal so in

order not to go through all of that
tracking and everything i suggest the
mask i really do
i mean i hate it i’m against it but
it’s we have to sacrifice somewhere this

and republicans need to shut up and just
get on board
move on let’s do it we can always
do something later on and maybe people
will forget about it but
this is not the hill anyone should take

a stand on in my opinion
because we’re dying i was reading a
a column about the fashion industry this
you know and it and that the nothing

could take
uh what’s her name from vogue magazine
oh my goodness and a winter and a win
tour dana winter famous
editor of vogue magazine with the

glasses devil wears
prada movie made about her uh
the fashion industry is saying well it
looks like nothing could take her down
but the coronavirus
that can take her down and the fashion

industry is obliterated
doesn’t the fashion designers are out of
business or
going out of business not that i’m
crying about it but you know there’s a
lot of people that work in the fashion

it’s just the longer we we do this the
longer it’s going to be a problem
and assholes like fauci and all these
people need to get out of the way we’ll
wear some masks
make it optional for people to

requirement and let’s go let’s move on
no no we can’t do that here’s austin
they’ve gone back to the color codes of
a threat level of 911. tonight amid
state demands to roll back its

coronavirus restrictions
austin travis county is now releasing
new pandemic guidelines
divided into five stages the chart
suggests what actions to
take based on community’s risk of

the coronavirus stage one is where we
want to be
the chart separates suggestions by the
general public
low risk individuals and those at high
risk such as anyone

over 65 years old so if you’re uh
in a high risk individual uh then the
suggestion is
is that uh even in stage one
that you still avoid gatherings for

everyone else social distancing and mask
wearing appears
at stage two austin public health says
we’re in stage three
right now this means avoiding groups of
more than 10 people

and avoiding non-essential travel mayor
steve adler says
hitting stage five means the city is in
a pretty bad place
and needs to take extreme measures you
look at this thing it’s like a grid with

colors and numbers and you know and it’s
reverse order so stage five is worse
stage one is good
it’s dumb it’s dumb pussies man
go go go i wonder what this what

where this is preoccupation with
non-essential travel what does that even
what is non-essential travel it’s uh
everything is non-essential travel

unless uh you’re an essential person
but if you go into the store no i think
travel means
i don’t know i don’t know i don’t care
it’s all bull crap they can’t force

exactly what i said
yeah yeah but but we can sit in bicker
or we can get going and i’m very i’m
getting a little worried here in austin
which is different from the rest of
texas and the rest of texas is doing it
a little differently and moving a little

faster now here we all have to be
um and meanwhile just get back to the
numbers because that’s
really the problem there are
increasingly more there’s increasingly

more evidence
that this death count is really really
full of crap
and do you remember i said that i think
berks might have flipped and she was all
kind of on trump’s side and maybe

anti-establishment that she’s trying to
save herself from the
impending doom that these people will
meet when we finally figure out where
all the money is
coming from and going and you know
judicial watch is

doing all kinds of foyer requests on the
fauci and the nih you don’t want that
you don’t want that and i’m sure he
hasn’t covered everything he
don’t want that he doesn’t want that
fouchy doesn’t want that you don’t want

tom fish not me you don’t want tom
fitting in judicial watch making a stink
about your business which has been
as far as i can tell very shady for a
long time
so uh this is a cnn report jim acosta it

was a very long report i chopped it down
because it was really billed as tensions
uh between the administration and let me
get the exact uh

exact title here tensions rise between
the white house and cdc
as burke’s critiques virus
tracking and the death rate in control
of the coronavirus message coming from

the white house president trump is
giving the administration a pat on the
back for the u.s
response to the pandemic with the
enormous weight of the pandemic hanging
over the white house sources tell cnn
administration officials are questioning

the accuracy of the coronavirus death
toll in the u.s and whether the number
of dead is being over
counted but that would fly in the face
of testimony from top administration
health expert dr anthony fauci

who said deaths are likely being
undercounted as some residents in hard
hit new york died at home
and were never counted as covet 19
fatalities so in direct answer to your
question i think you are correct

that the number is likely higher i i
don’t know exactly what percent higher
but almost certainly it’s higher
the president suggested new york’s
numbers i love how they did that
first they say the numbers are bull crap

and then they get cut straight to fauci
out of context
and but it’s all no it’s higher it’s
definitely higher this is a good report
from cnn when it comes to propaganda 19

so with direct answer to your question i
think you are correct
that the number is likely higher i i
don’t know exactly what percent higher
but almost certainly it’s higher
the president suggested new york’s
number of debt was too high last month i

this morning where new york added 3 000
because they died and they’re now saying
rather than it was a heart attack
they’re saying it was a heart attack
caused by this

trump allies on fox news have zeroed in
on fouchy as an
obstacle to reopening the country
blasting the doctor’s cautious approach
to the pandemic
is this the guy you want to ch chart the
future of the country

maybe not this is a very serious matter
the decisions we’re making right now
tony fauci has not been elected to
anything fauci to be very blunt is the
face of this failed administrative

statement totally we’ve got to question
the entire premise of this
the chief buffoon of the professional dr
anthony pouchy
also seems to favor what the democrats
want and that is
massive restrictions with no end in

sight with all due respect to dr fauci’s
no one elected him to anything but
there’s one big problem for the white
house a cnn poll found a solid majority
of americans trust

fauci not the president so the whole
point is
they don’t really interested in talking
about the facts of the death rate let’s
just go ahead and say
fox news or assholes and fox news is
doing the same to cnn

but every day i could play a report like
this when police in cortez colorado
found 35 year old sebastian yellow
in their city park on may 4th coroner

devers quickly determined what killed
the man it wasn’t coveted it was alcohol
toxicity yes he did have covet
but that is not what took his life in

yellow’s alcohol level is .55
nearly double the amount that’s fatal so
he literally drank himself to death
yes exactly devers tested yellow for
covet 19

after his death and the test was
the coroner said he was surprised to see
the state then show cova deaths in
montezuma county
go from two to three with sebastian
yellows counting as number three

before the death certificate was signed
they had already listed it as it go to
before the death certificate was even
signed divers said he’s been trying to

get the state health department to
explain how a case of fatal alcohol
was classified as a covid death and they
should have to be recording the same way
that i do

they have to go off the truth and the
and listed as such it’s not the first
time the state health department has
come under fire for reclassifying deaths
as covet fatalities
last month a cbs4 investigation found

attending physicians at this centennial
nursing home
ruled three deaths were not related to
but since the residents had tested
positive for covet 19

the state then listed them as
coronavirus deaths
there you go every day you could have
one of these reports every single day
but it’s just
what every exactly since the beginning
we’ve done one of these

there’s just this is you don’t see
where’s the other reports
in other words you know for the word
under counting how right i don’t have
outrageous reports coming constantly no
we can’t have that

there’ll be none of that uh i put in the
show not doable
i put in the show notes a uh a report
from bmj that that’s a big deal what
does bmj stand for
something medical journal what is it the

british medical journal i think it’s uh
let me see bmj i think this is
let me see what is it

oh bnj yeah oh the leading yeah
there it is
they don’t even expand the acronym you

the bmj is the something of
medical journal okay anyway whatever it
is it’s a real medical journal real
medical report abstract this is
a cluster randomized trial of cloth

masks compared with medical masks
and the objective was to see if there’s
a difference what is good what is not
good it’s all marked up one of our
producers actually was kind enough to do

this conclusion
uh the study is the first of cloth masks
and the results caution against the use
of cloth
masks which is what we’re all using
because you know
we don’t have enough disposable medical

masks moisture retention
reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration
may result in increased risk of
it’s right there in the bmj

so we are not getting good information
this is what’s frustrating this is
what’s driving people i think
nuts i have a one of our producers works
in a store which is starting to open up

and this is believe it or not a store
with democrats
and uh i just listened to this note that
has been written to the managers of this
uh place managers i’ve been in the store

for 90 seconds and two of the first nine
people i walked past first thing i’m not
wearing their face masks while within
six feet of other staff and in public
all uppercase now i am disappointed in

what i thought was a team
of individuals who appreciated an
employer that had as much concern for
them as they do themselves
we spent the last month in net losses as

a result of our selfless act of
closing the stores and paying everyone
for for our week so that we can do our
in trying to keep our staff and their
families healthy safe as well as

mentally and emotionally secure
in very uncertain times all caps still
that won’t happen
we can’t get our money back but i damn
sure we’ll take action to make sure it
was not in vain
v-a-n-e misspelling we will do

absolutely everything in our power to
sickness and the risk of having to close
our doors again
blah blah blah let me be clear in
writing so there’s no misunderstanding
i won’t do the voice anymore we’re

wearing a face mask
wearing a face mask by employees and sub
i just spit all over my screen
wearing a face mask by employees and
subcontractors is a requirement
while conducting company business at any

time and anywhere and while our property
for any reason
following company protocol for
preventing covenant spread at a rate of
100 percent is a requirement
the grounds are simple employees

terminated for being a clear and present
danger to health safety and well-being
of our team members and customers by not
taking the measures required by company
policy of wearing a face mask to help
prevent the spread of overnight pain

that’s pretty serious where would you
run into this little
screed one of our producers uh who i’m
going to keep anonymous
uh works there and this was sent to her

yeah it’s really there’s
that’s why i’m saying who cares let’s
just go for it do it

get over it already so we can just move
on because
we’ll never get out of this we’ll never
ever get out of this by the way the cdc
data which i have the link for
in the show notes couple of our

producers record this data
and uh and you know from week to week
and this producer said i went to update
my spreadsheet notice that they have
increased all of the uh 2019

2020 season numbers even though most
weeks have been listed as 100 percent
reported before
increased total deaths by literally
thousands per week even though they said

in their own and we have the proof their
own documents this is 100
counted or 100 reported and then they
re they updated it and they just added

to uh to several weeks what yeah
yeah the cdc is is not a a good outfit
no it’s been corrupt for years now to go
back to your

uh your statement about this not being
uh a requirement and not being
uh a law that we have to adhere to
you’re of course
absolutely right here’s dr drew who was
still i don’t know if he’s on fouchy’s

fear squad anymore or if he’s
freewheeling but here’s
his latest and let’s remind ourselves
the cdc
never recommended shutdown they never

shutdown they recommended social
distancing and let’s not confuse social
distancing and shut down those are two
very different things shutting down
businesses isolating in place
those those are far-reaching measures

mere social distancing so the real
question is
was that necessary might there have been
a more
rational intermediate step to take close

some businesses
close some schools isolate nursing homes
might that have been a more
sophisticated way to do this
and given that in california we overshot
by somewhere between a

a factor of 10 and 50.
evidence we did suggest we did a great
job and maybe we did too good a job
on how bad our economy is hit
oh brother so now i have probably the

most frightening thing of the day i’ll
get it out of the way right away
thank you while we cannot while we have
not been forced to shut down we’ve been

very compliant human resources doing as
we’re told social engineering and great
play we’re being
shamed into compliance
and the ultimate question is when a

vaccine comes around
how is that going to work now um we’ll
probably dive in later into the this
rick bright character who keeps coming
back who
was slated to be the guy running the

program now the military
is going to do that we already said i
think a couple weeks ago there was going
to be
warp speed operation warp speed was the
get the vaccine but
done and and and out and ready for

by january of 2021 so when that comes
um do we will we all have to take it is
it going to be optional will you take

the vaccine john
uh no nobody in the family is taking
this vaccine and what if you were forced
to take the vaccine
no that’s not going to happen here is a
constitutional lawyer alan dershowitz

let’s be very clear how we break down
this issue
the city of new york the state of new
york has the power to close a park
based on their view that it would be

helpful in defeating the pandemic
absolutely no question about that the
supreme court has case after case after
saying that public health justifies
closing down parks

closing down public areas the next
question is does the governor have
the right to do that governors generally
are not authorized to make the law
they’re authorized to enforce the law so

you’d have to look to see if there were
legislative authority allowing the
governor to close the park
if there is then it would be legitimate

let me put it very clearly you have no
constitutional right
to endanger the public and spread
a disease even if you disagree you have
no right not to be vaccinated
you have no right not to wear a mask and

if you refuse to be vaccinated the state
has the power
to literally take you to a doctor’s
and plunge a needle into your arm if the

is designed to prevent the spreading
disease if the vaccination
is only to prevent a disease that you
will get for example if there’s a
disease that will kill you
you have the right to refuse that but
you have no right to refuse

to be vaccinated against a contagious
public health the police power of the
constitution gives the state the power
to compel that
and there are cases in the united states

supreme court
holy crap
i was not aware that that was a
somehow possible well i’d like to hear

other interpretations
dershowitz has got one opinion about a
lot of stuff right but we typically
like what dershowitz has to say can’t
just because you disagree he can’t say
yeah you know but he’s become a bit of a

uh uh
arm uh s waiver recently i mean he’s
he d i mean he’s what he’s saying is
probably true but i’m sure there’s
other ways of dealing with it well this

is not going to happen we’re not going
to get a shot
do you remember h1n1 this wine flew yeah
we’re still waiting
still waiting for the video on this show
we discussed oh there’s gonna be two

remember the whole
rigmarole is gonna have to be two shots
you know maybe three and then it could
come to one and then become part of the
flu shot and there’s all these different
that’s what that era when people at uh

because i took pictures and put in the
where they were giving the shots out in
albany they had
a line oh i remember that yes yeah
opening a star wars

the public will line up for this shot in
such a
to such a degree yeah that you there’s
not going to they’re going to force
anyone to get the shot because there’s

going to be
so many people getting the shot they’re
going to probably run out of it
yeah that’s a good point that’s a good
don’t line up but it’ll be lined up a
mile long

and as the president says do you mean a
fully approved vaccine for
everyone the full public or a partially
approved vaccine with emergency use no
we’re looking for a full vaccine for

that wants to get it not everybody’s
going to want to get it there you go
but we’re looking at a full vaccine is
that a correct statement yeah will
issues yes synthetic so the answer what
is the questioning we’re looking at a

full vaccine what is that like a half
hey man i’ll take the uh a quarter a
she was asking are you gonna something
that’s not quite fully approved

i understand i understand you could have
a full vaccine is that a correct
statement yeah will
issues yes so the answer is the answer
is yes we’re working for a fully
approved vaccine but we’ll also use the

tools we have for instance emergency use
um as as appropriate we use all of our
regulatory tools to bring vaccine
available for
the entire american population by
january okay and then mr president can

you just clarify
why are some of you wearing a mask and
why are some of you not wearing a mask
oh please we’ve all been tested i’ve
been tested we’ve all been tested and
uh quite a distance away and we’re

outdoor so uh i told them i gave them
the option they could wear it or not
so you can blame it on me but i gave
them the option we could wear it or not
so the president is there saying kind of
what i’d like optional vaccine

optional masks and also optional uh
open carry so rick bright
was the guy who was who has
traditionally for many years

he’s been in and out of government and
back to
the pharmaceutical industry multiple
times and he is the guy that was
supposed to be
in charge of the vaccine this is the
barda the biomedical advanced research

and development authority
and this was unceremoniously taken away
from him
as he was pushed out and now of course
he’s a whistleblower
so oh yeah we he has a job but listen to

this guy’s career
and you start to understand why you
really don’t want him
in the business of vaccines
in this case certainly as he started

um well in atlanta georgia vaccine
research center
98 to 2002 we worked at the cdc
in atlanta uh where he studied influenza

a virus and the h5n1
from 2000 2003 he went to the
industry which is always great when
you’re in government and then you go to

the private
industry and then you can shepherd stuff
in so he went to
altea therapeutics is which is
also in atlanta and he was a senior
research for their vaccine and

immuno immunology programs in 2003 he
went back to the cdc so only a year that
he was in private business
and uh then he was still in atlanta but
then he was focused on the

avian flu and he was there until 2006
then 2006 to 2008 he went to
nova vaxx like the number one penny
stock of
vaccine bull crap on the stock market

during that time
he participated in world health
organization committees on vaccine
development and pandemic preparedness
and then in 2008 he worked at the bill
and melinda gates foundation

and then in 2010 he came back to the
department of health and human
services so the guy
is way too in entrenched in
in the pharmaceutical business i don’t

think you want this guy
running the show and the fact that he’s
so pissed off about it and so angry that
he’s become a whistleblower
i think tells us i’m sorry god
i think that tells us that you know this

was not the way it’s supposed to go this
we are going to learn eventually so much
the pharmaceutical and medical industry
and all the egos and all the money that
takes place

and it’s going it’s going to blow us
because the scandal and the bull crap on
the money is
ten times bigger than than than movies
today this is rick bright testifying

because of course we got to testify
today the world is confronting a public
health emergency unlike any we’ve seen
in over a century
we are facing a highly transmissible and
deadly virus which not only claims lives

but also disrupts the very foundations
of our society
the american health care system is being
taxed to the limit
our economy is spiraling downward and
our population is being paralyzed by

stemming from a lack of a coordinated
and a dearth of accurate clear
about the path forward americans yearn
to get back to work

to open their businesses and to provide
for their families
i get that however what we do
must be done what is he like in charge
so he gets he sounds like he’s the

premier of canada
get back to work to open their
businesses and to provide for their
i get that yeah but this is the
this is the attitude of these people i

am king
however what we do must be done
with guidance from the best scientific
our window of opportunity is closing if

we fail to improve our response now
based on science i fear the pandemic
will get worse and be prolonged yeah
this is my favorite part is now we’re

bringing it all back around to science
and trust the scientists
because the republicans in particular
don’t believe in science
there will be likely a resurgence of
cobit 19 this fall

it’ll be greatly compounded by the
challenges of seasonal influenza
without better planning 2020 could be
the darkest
these guys this goes on with biden too

where’s the science where’s the science
that says it’s going to
recur in uh in the fall of 2020 oh well
there’s no specifically what science no

he’s talking about science science
science specifically name something what
study do they know for a fact that this
thing’s not falling apart
i mean is there any evidence whatsoever

this is all
speculative without better planning
2020 could be the darkest winter in
modern history
first and foremost i love could be the

darkest winter in modern history
have you heard of the hunger winter
a-hole without better planning
2020 could be the darkest winter in
modern history

first and foremost we need to be
truthful with the american people
americans deserve the truth the truth
must be based on science
we have the world’s greatest scientists
now the truth must be based on science

there’s a very interesting phrase and i
think we’re going to hear this a lot
because there’s really only truth in one
thing and that’s mathematics
and what they’re showing us is
mathematics and there’s no truth in it

you know what i’m saying science is is
not always truth in fact it’s kind of
never truth but we’ve been through this
with global warming
and the green new deal and climate
change and

is just coming back and please ignore
the math that we showed you that was all
wrong trust in science people
americans deserve the truth the truth
must be based on science
we have the world’s greatest scientists

let us lead
let us speak without fear of retribution
there you go john let us lead let us
they want to give the power to the

scientists to let them lead you
we must listen each of us can and must
do our part now
on tuesday dr fauci delivered a message
and a voice that is clear and

has encouraged us to act with caution as
we return to our daily lives
we should listen to him and other
scientists sharing their expertise
yeah it’s so bad that to push the
science and believe the signs

truth is in science cnn did a special
sanjay gupta anderson pooper bring it in
to that i have to play a couple of
things because because
bright’s testimony was a fiasco and it

was a disaster
and uh i want to play two things that
preluded this little
this spiel which everybody clipped about
oh we’re gonna have this dark winter and

all the rest of it let’s listen to how
this thing actually began
this is the pro bright testimony
okay hold on here we go five minutes for
an opening statement

well you don’t think it’s resolved well
are we going to ask if
he wants to be represented by council
and then who the council is
dr bride do you wish to be represented
by council

yes okay and then
could she identify herself for the
record and for the
record would uh council please state
your name

my name is debra katz i’m an attorney
representing dr rick wright
with the law firm of cats marshall and
banks all right thank you
i think that’s all we needed to do good

all right well the chairman is
recognized for
his father you’ve got a parliamentary
parliamentary question i’m glad you got
this john this is very good
it’s president so gentleman state is

yeah it will the witness be under oath
because if you have a witness
whistleblower testimony under o and i a
witness would normally be under oath and
if not today
he’s under oath not under oath then if
we get into whistleblower allegations

how can we
be sure that the witness is telling the
truth uh uh
under under oath if they’re not under
oath and if they’re not under oath
then how can you talk about the
whistleblower complaints

i think that’s in a fair and equitable
i i thank the gentleman for his inquiry
all witnesses know that it is illegal
uh to lie to congress and in

our subcommittee unlike o and i
uh they are the only subcommittee that
i mean it’s a practice um it’s true it’s
a tradition

uh but we don’t swear people in uh
but witnesses know that um it is
illegal to lie to congress usc
1003 or something i believe thank you

now a couple of things one this is anna
eshoo that’s that’s heading this
subcommittee and she doesn’t know what
she’s doing

and and so the republican guy has to
tell her how to do things properly and
they have to walk through a bunch of
but this lying to congress thing i
didn’t realize and apparently there is
some us code

so what about james clapper oh that
doesn’t count
the thing is that we’re living in a
world of calling out hypocrisy and
that’s all anyone does all the time
and and it’s it’s it has no

it’s no benefit it doesn’t go anywhere
it hasn’t gone anywhere so far
so let’s get to part two this is another
uh that now the uh
uh the head republican whose name i

wrote on that back of an envelope i got
it back there he’s from oregon
he’s a congressman he’s very good by the
way this guy
and i’ll get his uh go get the envelope

uh now this is the beginning of the
the kind of the true confusion and the
hook and this makes the whole thing a
a joke and a fiasco and in fact and they
brought up this lawyer he wants to be

represented by
council he says yeah i want to be
represented by council she says
absolutely nothing the whole time he
never once
asks her a question so that she’s just
up there as a joke

and so this part of it makes it even
more of a joke this is uh
uh representative walden i believe
walden greg walden from uh he’s quite
good quite good
we have asked for and this committee

should hold hearings to find a path
forward to reform the strategic national
to increase domestic manufacturing of
critical supplies and disentangle our
supply chains from china
we should be exploring strategies for

increased testing so we can begin to
safely reopen our economy
we need to find ways to improve access
to mental health and provide relief
both for our health care providers on
the front lines treating covet 19 cases

and our health care workers who have
been furloughed because their hospitals
are closed
we should be conducting rigorous
oversight of the trillions of dollars
myriad new policies congress has
appropriated and enacted in the last

three months and we should be
really investigating allegations like dr
bright’s that raised concern
that our about our nation’s coronavirus
that does not appear to be why we’re

actually here today and frankly it
saddens me dr bright
your allegations are serious they
deserve a real investigation
i know the office of special accounts
with whom you filed your complaint will
do just that

and i know they take their work
seriously and we’ll hear you out and
we’ll give those named in your complaint
an opportunity to have their side heard
as well
i must tell you that many of us on our
committee were confused when we learned

from a tweet this hearing was scheduled
in the wake of your
complaint as you know that’s certainly
not how we do things at the energy and
commerce committee
not long after the notice of this being
a whistleblower hearing we were advised

you were
here as a government witness not a
whistleblower but then we were told you
were not representing
the government but yourself the hearing
title suggests the hearings about
protecting scientific integrity

yet the chair invited a witness who will
not be speaking to that issue
so it’s all pretty confusing and unusual
to say the least
here we are in the middle of a pandemic
and we aren’t given time to secure our

witnesses conduct appropriate research
or require documents
that could aid in our understanding of
the situation you face in the country
so the whole thing is a sham

of course it is it was set up so bright
can go up there and say something
present and lie and do whatever he wants
he didn’t have to

do whatever he wants but the joke is he
didn’t do a very good job of any of it
except that one clear one you played
which is pretty much what everyone
so that was a i consider the whole thing
an epic fail

well i was being honest about it yeah
but going back like
the push now and that’s really wanting
to want to prove with that clip
the push is for uh
truth science is truth that’s the push

and that’s
and let the scientists leave we kind of
heard that but now he’s
this this guy he’s the pied piper and
he’s supposed to say the things
everyone’s going to repeat and you’ll

well as dr bright said you know you’re
going to hear that i don’t think so
so we had the big uh rhona special on
cnn with anderson pooper
and sanjay gupta and there she is the

expert when it comes to science all
things science the
uh ever so idealistic gratitude
i’ve seen you talk about online too is
just how important it is to

listen to experts and listen to science
and this is a time
when you know i was not a very good
science student um
when i was in school but this is a time
it seems

that you know the global scientific
is so critically important and we’re
really seeing just how important it is
to to follow science yes yes exactly and
and i hope that is she a phd

oh oh yes listen to her message she’ll
do 50 seconds of the same thing
we can see now that the scientific
community are stepping up

and they are they are speaking out more
than they have
they’re done before you know i gotta
tell you for a 16 year old swedish girl
the term
stepping up like the scientists are
stepping up is an

odd thing for her to be using just in my
opinion you know you
i don’t know is that how kids talk about
oh the swedes that’s all they talk about
stepping up
yes yes exactly and and i hope that

we can see now the the scientific
community are stepping up
and they are they are speaking out more
than they have
they’re done before because obviously

this is a crisis that would require the
scientific community to speak up
and um and i hope that people really
it feels like uh science is getting

the role of science is is changing now
it’s becoming more
people are starting to realize that we
are actually depending on science and
that we need to listen to scientists

and experts and i i really hope that we
that that stays and that’s that also
um is is for for other crises such as
the climate crisis and the environmental

that we actually understand that we have
to listen to to
the scientists
don’t you think that the climate folk

uh are freaked out about this whole
situation because they’ve been
talking about being put on the back
burner they’ve been taken off the stove
yeah they’re back in the pantry where

they belong
yeah i think so that’s why it’s
important to have greta back on the
scene so she can maintain her profile
people forget pretty quickly
but i’ll tell you okay we have anderson

like you said the big three there was
anderson cooper who
immediately says he was not he was a
lousy student
and he didn’t get flunked science so
he’s an idiot
and so then you get greta tune barry

who’s who
it was a kid she’s just a kid let’s face
and then you have a the md a doctor yeah
it was only just a panel doogie houser

was only just as a kid as well you know
it’s like these kids can be very smart
they can be geniuses
remember who you’re talking to your
average cnn viewer
they’re cnn viewers which is a small

group of people let’s face it
it’s under a million generally speaking
uh is uh we probably have a bigger
probably is the dumbest audience that

watches television and thinks they’re
keeping up
because you have to you have to imagine
you think you’re keeping up because it’s
all about news news news news
oh no opinion opinion opinions it’s all

about opinion
the central intelligence broadcast
i think really did a good job in uh
pitting the two main people that it’s
all about who’s going to lead us that’s

that’s what it’s coming down to this
week i haven’t seen the sunday shows but
i’m sure it’s part of it
who is going to lead us trump the
or fauci the god president trump
continues to push the country

to quickly bounce back and says he does
not consider that happening
without reopening schools claiming the
virus has had very little
impact on young people but you’re right

his own top health experts
disagree lucky wants to play all sides
of the
equation president trump pushed back
against the warning dr anthony fauci
delivered at a senate hearing the day

there is a real risk that you will
trigger an outbreak
that you may not be able to control we
don’t know everything about this virus
and we really better be very careful

particularly when it comes to children
just to interrupt i’m a little tired of
we don’t know very much about this virus
why not i mean if you’ve been studying

this for
40 years it’s similar to other sars
i’m i don’t feel very comfortable
hearing we don’t know we don’t know we
don’t know but then

telling me it’s gonna be the worst
winter in
history this is uh very contradictory
very careful particularly when it comes
to children i was surprised by his
answer actually uh
because you know

it’s just to me it’s not an acceptable
especially when it comes to schools but
a new cbs news poll finds that most
americans trust dr

fauci though his unfavorable rating
among conservatives has
increased since april the country needs
of the nation’s best medical and
scientific experts
these literally are matters of life and

of death
as democrats demand more guidance from
the federal government
today the administration’s former top
vaccine researcher rick bright
will testify before house committee that

if the response is not
ramped up 2020 will be the darkest
winter in modern history
i think cbs does a good job of wrapping
up the messaging that they want

trump bad fouchy good
it’s the exact same messaging that pbs
is using
the obs has been going to they had
shields and brooks on and they went on

and on
well let’s hear it let’s hear it i want
to hear it i want to hear what you got
well we got a few things here i got a
lot of stuff i’m biting but if
you know well biden will come let’s
finish up the rona let’s do uh
shields and brooks on pbs research notes

uh and it reveals that joe biden is a
very transparent person the
the culture they describe is certainly
the culture i knew when i was
covering senator biden go to

go to uh shields on reopening seas
battle pbs
president and he said it again today uh
we need to move ahead
uh whether we’re ready or not on the you

know in the direction of opening up
yes he did judy and the president proves
once again
he’s not actually strategic or tactical
in his political
uh fights that he engages in uh he’s

he’s visceral
uh he’s instinctive he went out you
should always if you’re going after
somebody politically stop go after
we’re gonna have to start this over

because you gotta listen to what he
did she she says trump wants to go ahead
and reopen the country
and he this is like this messaging that
you just brought up on cbs and it’s also

being played
out on pbs and elsewhere it’s as though
the overlying talking points the message
of something else
sneaks in as a as a given
conversations that where it shouldn’t so

she’s asking them to
the president wants to reopen the
country and his response is
he doesn’t know how to pick his battles
he’s not strategic
wait a minute he wants to reopen the

country is not a battle
who’s a battle with who well we know
it’s assumed they already know what the
battle is it’s a battle between fauci
and trump because they want to lower

trump’s numbers
he put somebody else you know that
called the shots and helped continue
ruin the country
and so the world not just the country
the world yeah the world the world yeah
the one world world government will take

care of that although although every
country has their own fauci
yes every country has their own fauci
all connected own saucy got got pictures
of fauci on the background on their desk

they’re all fouchy’s disciples disciples
the pope disciples
so you have this so we played again this
clip now that we have that yeah you want
to play it over here with it in mind
that what she says and what he jumps in

with is
discrepant president and he said it
again today
uh we need to move ahead uh whether
we’re ready or not on
the you know in the direction of opening
up yes he did judy and

the president proves once again he’s not
actually strategic or tactical in his
uh fights that he engages in uh he’s
visceral uh

he’s instinctive he went out you should
always if you’re going after somebody
go after somebody who’s a lot weaker
than you are politically or less popular
i mean democrats won five consecutive
presidential elections

running against uh herbert hoover uh
because of their the depression and
unpopular as the republican president
but he picked anthony fauci dr fauci uh
david mentioned it’s been been there
since the reagan years

but not only that when in a presidential
debate when george
h.w bush was asked to cite a
contemporary american hero
he cited dr anthony fauci
what a hero not anymore in my book

and now remember the in order to get
back to work
it really is about nine things testing
testing testing

tracing tracing tracing isolation
isolation isolation so we got to test
you we’ve got to trace you we’ve got to
isolate you
and i have been identifying along with
some of our no agenda

lab personnel that the antibody
tests are increasingly difficult to put
the the material they’re receiving from
i’m not sure where it comes from i think

some of it if not all from china
seems to be faulty uh not the same
and this is the this is what certainly
the um
a lot of people want and and feel is
necessary to go back to work is we have

to test for the antibodies
and obviously the leading group
on the test for antibodies is run by who
else could it be
the gates foundation it’s not really run

by them but
they’re a major funder of this group and
the fba has stepped in
the food and drug administration halted
a coronavirus testing program promoted
by billionaire bill gates and seattle

health officials pending reviews
the program sought to send test kits to
the home of people both healthy and sick
to try to bring the country to the level
of testing officials say is necessary
before states can begin safely reopening

the program which has already gone
through thousands of tests found dozens
of cases that had previously been
the seattle coronavirus assessment
network said on its website that the fda

has asked it to pause testing while it
receives additional authorizations but
maintained its procedures are safe
the story is so underplayed that you
can’t even get a clip you have to get a

computer voice
reading the copy you know it’s from
money that computer voice
sounds like another one of these online
commentators bill still
oh yeah really i had to put i had to cut
it to put pauses in to make the

natural and so bad but that’s how how
under-reported this is nobody
nobody wants to really let you know that
it’s failing
meanwhile without a doubt science-based

new york has some great ideas for
getting back to work
and new york has problems but
they do want people to at least go back

and play some tennis
every player unless they’re from the
same household has to bring their own
tennis balls
so that you don’t touch other people’s
tennis balls

with your hands you can kick their balls
but you can’t
touch them okay is that iso worthy
you can kick their balls but you can’t
touch them
it gets it gets it gets better because

she recognizes what she’s doing and
this is our humorous moment of the show
with your hands you can kick their balls
but you can’t touch them
i’m gonna blush sorry um of course if

if you’re playing with someone in your
household you can’t touch those tennis
uh to avoid convince to avoid confusion

i give her high marks for that hi marx
i love it that everyone’s cracking up we

just needed that moment of like oh okay
okay okay okay i feel so much better now
you have to number the balls like they
do you got a number
and the ball boys they can’t be grabbing

everybody’s balls they only can only get
balls on their side of the of their from
their team
you can only touch your team’s balls it
goes on forever obviously you can have a
lot of fun with this

i have since it’s uh
also being um obfuscated
i have an update from a new york city
nursing home

where a good half of all of new york’s
city patients
died uh would you like to hear this from
a dude named
ben who works in i.t from yeah i love
the uh yeah yeah so the the

what we’ve been discussing and what is
death mill
what is on our radar is the fact that
the governor signed a number of orders

which really put sick people back into
uh nursing homes without proper
separation without
not all of them but really unprepared
and that infected

a lot of people and killed a lot of
people and he
doesn’t want to own up to it i don’t
think he will
uh i think i’m not blaming him
specifically shit happens in an
emergency this is not a good one

but uh you know i don’t want to be
to talk about the hypocritical nature of
it obviously we know if this was
a republican who had done it the media
would have been talking about it
but even even fox news isn’t really

talking about this no one wants to know
so here’s our report boots on the ground
dude named ben that’s not really his
name but a
dude named ben who works in i.t for a
large new york city nursing home a few
facts about how

our governor cuomo has handled this
vulnerable population
from the beginning we were told by the
government and new york state department
of health
that we cannot test staff and residents
as there is not enough testing supplies

and hospitals are more important
that’s mistake number one the only way
we could test a patient was to transfer
them to the hospital then they were
the only way we could test staff is to
have them go to their private doctor

get them to call the state testing
hotline and if symptomatic
get an appointment for a testing center
therefore there was a very low death
rate reported by nursing homes since
they couldn’t test

and therefore could not confirm the
deaths were coveted 19 related
then cuomo ordered all nursing homes to
accept kovid 19
positive discharges that’s people from
the hospital

most nursing homes are unprepared for
this do not have sufficient
ppe or staff ignore the ability to
we partnered at that time with a large
new york city hospital system created a

dedicated covet 19 recovery unit and
gladly accepted positive patience
patience once we put in place the
appropriate infection control procedures
and received sufficient ppe from our
hospital partner

then cuomo woke up and realized many
nursing homes were not equipped to
handle covet 19 positive patients and
the death count went up and issued
another executive order
for bidding nursing homes from accepting

covet 19 positive patients
they will surely back up hospitals and
create an artificial surge
then cuomo mandated this is crazy that
all nursing home patients and staff be

we had a team of 20 from the department
of health here this week tested all
residents and staff over four days we
now have to put a plan
in place by five by may 20th how we’re
going to continue to test staff

twice a week even though there are not
enough testing supplies lab capacity
logistical ability
nurses and doctors to swab and cost of
millions of dollars per month per
facility will become a financial

if we don’t have a plan we risk losing
our license and i really don’t look
forward to having my brain poked an
additional two times per week going
you two are so spot on in much of your
analysis thank you for

do to spread the truth analyzing tissue
stay safe keep your six foot social
distance figure out how to wear a
mastering haircuts thank you
so again cuomo certainly but i think in

doesn’t care about the elderly doesn’t
care about old people cares about the
and the money that they can make i’m
just going to say that
in the state and getting a bailout he he
does not like did not

care for the actual people who needed
um no he’s about the money yes
and it’s it’s disturbing
when you raise this disturbing and so

far he’s like worshipped
along with fauci by the democrats and
especially the
the ones that kind of hope bite and put
moves aside so cuomo could take over you
know we’ve already

shown on this show that that’s not even
a possibility because
cuomo’s commentary where he says
america’s never been a great country
which is all you have to do is just keep
playing that audio forever and then
he’s never going to get a vote it’s the

dumbest thing anyone could ever say
yeah so as a politician i mean people
can say it
right but but it’s just politicians all
of it is just

it’s so sad and you were arguing about
the wrong
things no one and the media of course
has not been your friend for
a long long time but it’s just gotten so

very bad a lot of people get notes from
is saying that the media
i mean the media has been bad for a long
time and we’ve documented for the last
10 years and then
as we go back in history and go back to
the gulf of tonkin and those other

things that took place in the media
fell off the of the side uh
the media’s never been any good well
and that was it was interesting i was
talking to the keeper about uh the

church um
commission uh
i think she said it it has it always it
always been like uh
you know this indoctrination into the
media i said yeah in 75 there was a big

a big hearing the church commission and
you know the cia sat there saying yeah
yeah we
yeah we have people uh on staff or who
who send in

stories to reporters in the printed
press and then the question came in
well do you have anybody at a major
television news network well that had to
be discussed in private setting
yeah and the same for anyone at the new

york times well
we think we should discuss that in
private settings so yes and if you think
it went away
it did not so why would it
no it’s a good mechanism it works well
for them but

unfortunately we’re a lot of people are
welcome we’re sucked into public
remember the the pennsylvania secretary
of health that we discussed and that
you had questions about the secretary’s

have you ever seen the appearance of the
of the health secretary from los angeles
well let’s stick with pennsylvania for a
second yeah go on
um so you were uh your hunch was correct
we didn’t know much about uh

the secretary of the transsexual woman
they’re transsexual
exactly trans woman well uh the guy
there’s a guy there was a guy who’s not

uh who pretty much pretty much got
because he too made fun of uh
the health secretary of pennsylvania and
uh here’s a little story about it
robert portagalo is the owners of

peppers and at here in braddock
super popular restaurant in our region
but portogallo is coming under fire
for recent facebook comments that he
posted on his personal page

comments that some say are transphobic
these are the facebook posts that robert
portagalo shared on his page
now what’s interesting is what you see
is a picture of

him with the wig on and looking like uh
and then you see a picture of the uh the
secretary of health
next to each other above that which i
think was

funny and the actual joke not this is
not a trans joke
was a picture of uh of wayne from
wayne’s world
with the stupid glasses looks exactly
like the

uh the secretary of health so i think he
was he was saying oh you look like
wayne from waves at birth yeah tagging
his restaurant peppers and at
in one of the posts portogallo is
wearing a wig glasses and pearls

appearing to mimic the look of
pennsylvania’s secretary of health
dr rachel levine oh what an outrage who
is a transgender
woman another post shows portogallo
appearing to impersonate dr levine

holding a news conference around rolls
of toilet paper with the caption
now we know who hoarded all the toilet
paper while puerto gallo says his
intent was to be funny members of the

lgbtq community
aren’t laughing you should see this
video this
this spokesperson or i’m sorry member of
the lgbt community
is wearing a rainbow mask uh pink flags

you know and it’s weird to hear this
see the person talking with the mask
over their face she’s done nothing but
be a wonderful compassionate leader in
guiding the commonwealth

and making sure they stay safe christine
bryan is with the delta foundation of
pittsburgh whose mission is to fight for
the lgbtq community
i know there’s a lot of people that

didn’t realize that she was a member of
the transgender community and truthfully
it doesn’t matter
yeah she’s a human being just like
everybody else with an extensive resume
that um is so impressive so impressive
but listen

shut up there was not an lgbt joke it
was about
wayne’s world and it was humor we can’t
have humor
you said by the way
is it battle x whether it’s a

transgender battle axe an
old woman yeah or even an old man
doesn’t matter but no
let’s let’s immediately take it into all
and by the way it’s okay to make fun of
the president and his orange hair

orange man bad that’s okay but oh no
oh no this immediately has to be taken
into lgbtq shut up
so annoying
yes uh the appearance uh bigotry

needs to be consistent in uh in texas
you can mock the president for being
uh or a clown or whatever you want to

call him uh
let it be you’re open it’s open game
it’s open so you can go after anybody
you’d think
you’d think but no uh
see yes so the final things i have is

what’s going on locally here in texas as
um you know there’s a lot of pushback
from people who want to open up
and you know there’s uh what we’re

seeing now across the country
is some of the more rigorous mayors and
or government more mayors than anything
but governors as well
they will take away your license so you
can’t operate

you know doing anything to shame you or
thwart you from
conducting your business legally which
you know
it’s legal is this is not a violation of
law it’s a violation of some kind of

social standards that we’re now
tied into so in texas we have the
traveling economic militias
and this is this is new
these guys are going all over texas

and they are protecting businesses
that want to open up and they stand in
front with their rifles
and of course all kinds of intimidating
looking gear and you know what

businesses are open and that i think is
sad that it has to go that way
i like it i’d like to think it’s great
that it has to go that way
and perfectly and you know i would

participate in in that if
if someone was having problems i’d jump
right in and stand there no one’s gonna
this is why we have guns
when this type of situation appears
let’s look at a country

that just took away their guns in new
and let’s see what kind of powers
they’ve given to their prime minister
this bill enables the police to enter a
without a warrant madam speaker the

police have never
held that power at all
they have never held that power and this
this bill enables police just on

reasonable cause
to enter in to your home
sweet it’s just like the good old
king king uh george the third they used

put all the houses too that’s why they
put in the bill of rights when we we
told them to sod off yeah
good times over there yeah
new zealand’s a wreck the place is a

mess i want to play the one closer
excuse me
i mean i do have some i have to round
the world tour which has got some good
stuff but i had to get this out of the
before we go to the break which is the

something that doesn’t get a lot of play
i just looked into it seems to be true
it seems to be an
accurate report it’s not a joke it’s not
the the sakura the bee
or whatever that that thing is the new
uh onion
the soccer lab report what what is it

the b the b
the babylon b the babylon b the p4
sorry what sorry go go the p4 lab at the
wuhan institute

of virology has come under scrutiny as a
potential source of the virus
according to an nbc report a hazardous
may have happened at the lab in october
last year

three people familiar with the matter
told nbc that u.s intelligence agencies
are reviewing an
unofficial report on cell phone location
data the report found there was no cell
phone activity around the high security

part of the p4 lab
between october 7th and 24th last year
the report suggests there may have been
a hazardous event
there sometime between october 6th and

that required the lab to be closed
during that time
the report talks about images from
october 14th to 19
last year showing no outbound traffic
from the lab
it’s suspected a roadblock was set up to

prevent cars and people
coming and going this is in contrast to
satellite images from august to october
which show a lot of activity the next
instance of activity was on october 25th

u.s senator tom cotton also spoke about
the data in an interview with fox news
cotton said normally thousands of mobile
phones are in use around this area
wuhan has about the same population

density as new york
he adds the sudden drop in cell phone
usage is likely an indicator of when the
virus first began spreading
he said we could get to the bottom of it
a lot faster if the chinese regime was

more transparent
us intelligence officials say the
evidence is not enough on its own
they are still investigating now where
did this report come from

this came from a news operation called
which is chinese operation uh an ntd
center new
tang dynasty and it turns out that these
are the same

group that comes out of the uh like the
epoch the epoch times uh right right
right right right right same operation
yeah that’s uh they they hate the

obviously they hate the chinese was
falun gong yeah that’s falun gong or
banned in china and it was uh and i will
be writing an essay
about this because the following
phenomenon is quite interesting this
operation only began in the 90s

there was a uh a moment there was a
moment in history where this uh
there’s all these different movement
practices in china
and uh chi gong it was one of them that
goes back i think three or three

thousand years at least and it became
for some unknown reason
a super popular again it began its
popularity began in the 50s and then it
incredibly popular in the 90s and it’s

like tai chi
chi gong there’s a bunch of these are
all interconnected and gong also this is
kung so kung fu all these different
uh ideologies are part of chinese

and in the mid 90s this qi gong is
extremely popular and they in an
offshoot called
fallon gong came up and became
so popular so quickly that it garnered

like 70 million followers within a
couple of years
and by the end of the same decade it was
banned in china because it was seen as

yeah and then ever since then it’s been
this this blood feud between these uh
these people in the chinese communist
i’m glad you uh you went into that and
and whenever i see

you know the epoch times i bear that in
mind they have an agenda but i think a
lot of people don’t even know this don’t
even know that
it’s epoch times and what else what’s
the other online thing well this one
here is ntdd there’s a new service

there’s also something else called
happy morning or something they’re doing
happy endings
this ntd stands for new tang dynasty
oh and the tang dynasty is interesting
because that’s the one that took place

between about 600 and 900
uh very early and or early in modern
chinese history
and that there was a 300 year reign with
a with a hole in the middle of

it where the evil empress woo
oh we ruled that little era it was the
only full uh
empress in the history of china that
actually had total complete power

that was and she was evil she was a
whore apparently who somehow got into
and which does happen now was that
before before the wu-tan clang or uh
a little bit before just before the clan

all right whoo little chinese system
a little bit of history for everybody
the stuff this stuff has its
implications and this
these uh these falun gong guys have got

some very serious this is a good
journalism they’ve
been producing to be honest about it i
mean i know it’s slanted too but it’s
pretty well done well all news is
slanted but you still have to pick out

what you can as long as you know what’s
going on
this story about the lab getting shut
down which has been debunked
of course having something to do with it
is uh not being played by anybody and
and it apparently nbc did have the story

but they kind of they got crushed
so what is your takeaway with that then
the still the
virus came from the chinese lab i think
just like the french guy the french
nobel prize winner in medicine who

discovered the aids virus
is the guy who’s i think is right and
they all call it everyone calls them a
and now yes now they do it’s like got
his nobel prize he’s got his

his chops yet he’s a crackpot this is
yeah this is happening everywhere in the
there’s a very famous statistician and
pollster his name is maurice duhont

and that translates interestingly to
maurice the dog
that is that is literally his name and
he’s probably he’s got 10 years on me
i’ve i’ve worked with him in the past

but he’s very famous he’s the guy that
whenever there’s elections he’s
everywhere on television
he tells he shows everybody the charts
the numbers he’s got it all down he’s
very good at

understanding data and he’s been doing
it since i was a child
almost in the country watching him he
has been
shut out entirely banned from all

and he’s now appearing on podcasts and
i’m actually
considering because he speaks perfect
english i’m i’m uh considering
doing an interview with him because it’s
easy to get right now
and and it’s because he said look uh

the way you’re collecting the data is
shoddy you have completely
incorrect data the numbers are no good
your models are no good goodbye
maurice the dog so it happens

it’s happening everywhere france has got
that crackpot get rid of him
maurice de jong i think his career is
over not that he you know he has i’m
sure he’s plenty of money
but it’s it’s odd to see the guy that i

grew up watching is the authority on
data and statistics and numbers to be
completely shut out because he had a
different opinion
my man is cancelled

now before i started off as a podcaster
you don’t have this problem that’s right
before we take a break we do have a very
important public service announcement
that is something i’d like you all to

listen to
very carefully in the morning no agenda
when writing the no agenda show we know
you all want to refer to your
significant others

as smoking hot when everyone uses the
same term to describe their
lover it can get quite repetitive so
when writing the no agenda show please

using an alternative term such as
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banging beautiful bit of crumpet
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delicious dollface dreamboat enchantress
foxy glamorous gorgeous
good-looking head-turning hottie hot
sexy mama knockout lovely magnificent
perfect ten

ravishing sensuous sexy sex kitten or
crafty cougar
smashing stunning sensational stone cold
foxy titillating tremendous
twinkie-licious vivacious yummy or
wonderful the no agenda show appreciates

your cooperation and compliance through
these difficult times
if your significant other doesn’t like
the description you use
be sure to tell them to relax while you
hit them in the mouth

and with that i’d like to thank you for
your courage say in the morning to you
the man who put the sea in crafty cougar
any more to you mr adam curry also in
the morning all ships of sea boots on

the ground
feet in the air subs in the water and
all the dames and nights out there by
the way was that uh darren o’neill
the one and only well i could recognize
his voice i just as i was listening to

yeah i’m just a message to darren a
little positive feeling he’s the
director yes feedback he is he is
one inch away from being able to do a
perfect rush limbaugh

well i hear the slots opening up soon
whoa sorry bad dj joke is what it does
yeah darren is it well he gets enough

he just needs to drop it down a little
bit slow down i mean i know exactly what
what i mean he’s he’s already got the

he’s got the tonal qualities he just
and he has to say stuff like ditto heads
yeah if he does that or mega dudos i
don’t even he does that
anymore but yeah darren o’neill thank

you very much and i have to say in the
morning to our trolls there in the in
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is that your handle there i think so i
think so
i think so i don’t know you do log
in from time to time that’s why i don’t
know because they you know yeah you just

logged in
i understand exactly uh then i’d like to
say in the morning to uh the artist who
brought us the artwork
for episode number were we
1242. let me

bring up our little show notes page here
this art well the title of the show was
smoking hot
this art done by nick the rat really
moved people’s emotions and when art

does that
it’s genius he had the handcuffs
the two arms with the handcuffs and the
mask in the middle of the handcuffs as
if you’re being shackled by the mask

it was a dynamite piece there was no
question i think that this
and people responded to it
it was an excellent uh piece of symbolic

and we had there was a a lot of pieces a
yeah we got a lot of pieces for some
reason like a lot and uh
and i would say a special uh

commendation to comic strip blogger
uh who did his rendition of the national
black journalists association if you
recall it’s the

he oh yes yeah right if you want to see
it go look at
he does these everyone saw it just
well i appreciate he did it because he
knew they had no way of getting this
art picked but oh man

it it certainly gave me joy so thank you
for that csb but above
all thank you nick the rat when nick
comes in and does it he does it right
no agenda please go

have a look at all of the fantastic
different submissions and if you want to
you can join in too it’s tough because
artists have stuff done by the end of
the show we pick

the art probably about 15 minutes after
we’re done
after you know uh cleaning up the
opening and the closing of the show and
doing the credits we’re right into that
it’s an amazing thing that they do and

value for the show as one of the few
podcasts anywhere in the world that has
fresh album art for every episode no
agenda art generator
thank you no agenda
thank you nick

you might want to put a time code down
for that got it
uh we do have a few people to thank for
show 1243 and i’m gonna have you read
because you read
part of this note already and you know

where you read and where you didn’t read
yes and this is from sir mark and dame
astrid duke and duchess of japan and all
the disputed islands of the japanese
sea and they came with 333.33
and with a whole bunch of nice pictures

of themselves
their staff they’re all wearing masks
and bragging about oh yes dear john adam
thank you for your courage
the last few months of your virus
deconstruction has been

the best i wanted to give you an update
from the front line here in japan we
have dodged the bullets so far and have
only 739 deaths
for a population of over 126 million
that’s 5.8 deaths per million compared

that to the us
with 267 deaths per million of course
that includes people who drink
themselves to death
and the uk with 511 deaths per million

which is
definitely people who drink themselves
to death japan is an incredible 100
times less than the uk
we have that i’m curious they must be i
bet you the japanese are accurate with

their diagnosis
of death the cause of death do what do
you think
i would agree with i have a feeling that
this is the japanese are known for
yeah yeah and everything apparently
everything has to have a stamp and an

approval so they’re not going to mess
with it alex is such a good car
the ones made in japan yes
is it is that why the lexus is such a
good car is that it
it’s one of the reasons uh okay now uh

back to uh
masks and he says we’ve been doing it
right yeah masks work the whole country
wears them for flu season every year
especially the most crowded mass transit
system in the world you wear them so you

don’t give
your cold to others and people have been
doing this for years and it’s no big
deal no stigma
attached it’s also meant that we had oh
it’s also
important that we had more stock yeah

several billions of them there was
just enough to go around mass usage went
up with cobit but it also meant that it
was the weakest flu season
over 10 years and we went through the
hotels that he spoke about
contact tracing is big here not

electronic just lots of leg work all the
resources have been put
uh on that and uh on let me
put on that and on phones in mass
transit oh no i’m sorry and on tracking

coveted clusters we might have been
lucky getting a weaker strain but it
helps not having to shake hands just bow
no huggy kissy greetings no talking on
phones in mass transit

hand sanitizers almost everywhere high
adoption of touchless
electronic payment systems as well as
burner cards
finally the healthcare system here has a
low barrier to entry my kids can go to
the local doctor themselves

just take their national health card mom
might rock up later very much
neighborhood policing system well yes
it’s a very sophisticated
disciplined society which has a lot of
downsides too

the kids get a feeling for what’s going
on it’s by no means perfect the
testing measures can be seen as flawed
the reporting flaw japan is flawed
but all the micro actions combined make
it a rather safe place to be right now

there’s a lot to be learned from this
fuzzy logic and staying calm sir mark
and day master duke and duchess of japan
and all the disputed islands in the
japan sea
thank you so much for your courage and

uh can’t wait to see you guys in japan
hope to go this year
hope to go if there’s any flight yeah
nick’s on the list
lybrund in medfield massachusetts nuts

333 dollars
uh the direction of uh adam i’ve sent
333 to produce the next episode my last
donation was episode
122 uh two uh d douching and

sprinkling of job karma would be
appreciated give him a d douchey
you’ve been deduced
my son flyknit junior

fly not junior yeah i’ve seen him around
uh has a may 25th birthday he’s got one
so does he
uh these on the i think they’re both on

the birthday unless you might want to
check yeah here’s an update on what’s
going on with the medical ppe it’s ties
to some of the
kaylee cayley mcinanni
quotes that are making the rounds one of
my manufacturing sites produces

layers used in n95 surgical masks
here’s a part of what i think has been
going on with the lockdown and how ppe
played a role

one a one as the covet hit the u.s we
started summarizing more clearly what we
knew about the industry
we guessed that the u.s would make about
6 million n95 masks per day

and the government was supposed to have
a stockpile of 90 million based on 2000
on a 2004 paper but when created there
was never more than 85 million at the
start of the rona it had about 12

as an example california’s first request
was for 20 million
in late february hhs said 90 million was
the correct number should have been a
330 million

seven days later hhs says the right
number was really
3.5 billion as we’ve dealt with the
military via the defense production act

my guess is that the military and the
rest of the us government did the same
math and realize that the whole
situation was hopelessly out of whack
wait we can make how many masks that’s
not enough

at this point the nature with the nature
of the disease being very unclear the
best option was to simply
shut things down and give the supply
chain time to get caught up
masks and pp will be part of the

national the meanwhile you can
impeach trump over this of course of
course mass and pp would be part of
national defense strategy going forward
hoping that the rumored bill that is a
version of the barrie amendment for

medical supplies is passed soon the
barrie amendment is the legislation that
requires the military
to buy certain items from producers in
the continental u.s
kayleigh mcnamara makame uh

had a great quote in the recent briefing
furthermore what crimson
contagion brought us in that president
trump was right all along
about misguided economic and trade

policies that left america vulnerable to
well not too vulnerable to pandemic but
due to a pandemic
yes yes yes but i totally get it so

you fred and junior are on the list
thank you very much
uh you see he seems to have a thing for
kaylee mcananny
yeah i think that’s the first time she’s

ever been mentioned in a donation
segment the first two times
he donates again you can assume it’s
going to happen one more time here’s
your jobs karma fred
jobs jobs jobs and jobs
let’s vote for jobs

you’ve got karma and thank you for the
once you read this one while i look for
uh the one after that yeah this is from
producer jacob

333 and he says it’s jacob your favorite
yes this is one of our lobbyist
amy wrongfully said that would be
probably one of your clips

that quote corporate lobbying firms are
being oh that’s right we talked about
the corporate lobbying firms being
bailed out she’s wrong there’s no
bailout provision for lobbyists i think
we explain that but
he says people should not misinterpret

what that means lobbying firms including
our own are making
all-time high profits thanks to the
abundance of new bailout
uh slash appropriations bills
the biggest problem love this the

biggest problem will be
a lack of lobbyists next year because so
many will retire
following this year of record profits
the states can’t believe that shit the

stage four and stay five stage five
stimulus packages are coming stage five
he’s talking about
are coming next and will likely include
up to five trillion dollars in new
spending this is coming from the one of

the money guys in dc
so you can take that uh as some version
of a
future future prediction
uh sent some of the rock record profits

to your way
um no agenda producers who need help of
an evil corporate lobbyist can reach us
in case you need an evil corporate

lobbyist you can reach the official no
agenda lobbyist firm at
lobby me at
jacob thank you very much for your
courage and it’s appreciated especially
the knowledge of the stage five is

coming up to five trillion dollars
woo everybody everybody nothing but
party man party well at least he’s
sharing it with us that’s good news
uh uh the associate executive producer

the first one is ernest selmons i can’t
find any note from him he said 289
dollars and 56 cents
he is in ee i think is is that estonia

estonia yeah that’s estonia he’s in
estonia oh yeah talent
allow me to use my nifty new search bar
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either let me see

search the joanne brady’s next on the
list at 220
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uh corona cash you’re the best podcast
ever thanks
also call out my brother michael brady
for being a douchebag
okay dame jennifer arnis appears to be a

sir so i’m gonna get that straight
dame jennifer’s next on the list of 200
uh here’s to your share of the very
generous contributions we
i’ve received recently regarding

animated no agenda
i still have major rhona brain but i am
so thankful i stumbled on the no agenda
almost 10 years ago a big nutty
as as bug nutty as i am lately i

shuddered to think how much crazier i
would be without
another one she’s one of the nervous
uh i’d started to think how much crazier
i’d be without your show and the

wonderful producers i’ve met
along the way you know jingle just could
you definitely use a
huge jobs karma maybe the trump pelosi
combo to shake things up
she puts that as a question mark mike my

answer to that is no no
why let’s not shake things up
no don’t shake those you don’t want to
shake things up with experimental
sketchy uh x uh
jingles you know x is in like an

experimental vehicle the rona has not
been kind to the bottom line
please also sprinkle it out to the
producers who are having trouble these

p.s the 17th is my actual birthday and i
feel so lucky
that this is also a show day
well that sounds like she should be on
the birthday yeah she is on the birthday
list actually

funny uh show day thank you all for your
courage and support
our tribe is amazing good old dane
jennifer and
dame jennifer of course just did another
fabulous uh

episode of animated no agenda which
was the helicopter helicopter money
people don’t understand us they they
think that we

really don’t understand the concept of
helicopter money
but interestingly it’s not it’s heli
payments it’s a whole different deal
heli payments
in the ireland is not the same as
helicopter payments that come from the

federal reserve
so i thought it was did you see it did
you see the i have not i didn’t know it
came out
oh my goodness it’s your bit it’s well
i’ll check it out

for sure it’s very funny very very funny
i love seeing my own bits
your bitters your bits are the best you
should put use a marker to make sure
no one takes your bit thank you dame
jennifer and here we go with the only

jobs karma that makes a difference
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on the list forest martin 200 bucks
parts unknown he should be on the
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uh just making my yearly birthday
donation he writes and congratulations
to adam and the keeper on their
now he remembered it’s the 19th so
that’s two days away thank you

forest uh also thanking you both
gentlemen for everything you do
keeping people informed and entertained
and i would like to get an official d
you’ve been deduced as it got lost in

the shuffle last year
and since my job situation has improved
since i was first able to donate a year
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and that’s our list of associate

executive producers and executive
for show at 12 43 it’s back to our
amounts i think everyone’s over covered
i guess

i don’t know well what i appreciate the
most of the
of the shows we’ve done in the past
couple months is is people feeding back
just like
dame jennifer said no matter what it is
people seem to find

some comfort in listening to us and i’m
i’m proud and happy about that but
i want to thank everybody because it’s
really it’s the producers
long ago we noticed that it’s better to

have producers than listeners
because they actually do stuff and
produce and make things happen there’s
no way this show would be what it is
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thank you extra thanks to so many
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thank you listings of time codes

pre-clipped it’s
incredibly appreciated uh
because that’s what it is and that’s why
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end of story these people
of course are executive producers and

associate executive producers and they
um use these credits wherever they want
to because they’re official
and when people see a credit they
recognize it it gives you stature
and maybe a gig which is what a lot of

people are going to be looking for
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the kid was blowing up on me sorry about
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and i even i have biden clips today
uh well biden had this horrible
advantage so i don’t even know
i mean you have let’s look let’s look at

things objectively you have
uh nbc msnbc is owned by comcast
and they’re big promoters or big haters
of trump
what does it take for biden’s techies to

go and get a hold of comcast and say hey
look we’re going to do a bunch of these
down out of biden’s basement what is the
chance of getting some real
high-speed just kick-ass

connections you guys can help us uh
would consider it a contribution from
the like the campaign contribution
whatever you want to

want it to be called but we do need some
help here can you give us your best guys
and get us some
just no
who said that this wasn’t their best
guys it’s comcast

have you tried comcast connection oh
come on we know
they can do better than this uh i mean
that’s funny it’s funny line but the
is that this is this is this one was so

it was almost like watching that movie
you know they’re
they’re here or whatever it’s called
everywhere where you put the glasses on
you see
monsters yes yeah
and so every time biden moved you know

his head stayed there on one side and it
became a skeleton head and it was
oh it was the worst yeah but but before
they we play that i do have this one
a clip i want to get out of the way

which is biden uh
and apparently he was on um
they were talking about him scarborough
and what’s her name mika or
mika brazil discussing biden’s

commentary when he was on gma and i’m
going to play this clip because the
combination of biden
telling why he’s hiding biden’s height
and he’s in his basement scared to death
and the two of them are going on and on

about how great it is because he’s a
now you know everybody says you know
biden’s hiding well let me tell you
we’re doing very well we’re we’re we’re

the guidelines of the medical profession
following the guidelines of the experts
the dr faucis of the world
we’re doing very well and that matter of
fact we’re
winning if you look at all the polling

data i’m not saying that’s going to last
until november i don’t know enough to
know that
but right now the idea that somehow we
are being hurt by
my keeping to the rules and following
the instructions

that are uh that have been put forward
by the docs uh
is absolutely bizarre i reject the
premise that somehow
this is hurting us there’s no evidence
of that
i’m following the rules following the

rules the president should follow the
rules instead of showing up at places
without masking the whole
the whole thing i’m sorry he wins that

every time check me he wins that
every time yeah you know really i i
you i i understand the president and
people some people inside the white
house most of them understand they’re

whistling past a political graveyard but
you know donald trump snubbing doctors
advice in the middle of the pandemic
that’s killed now
over 80 000 people we have new estimates
it’s going to kill

140 150 000 people after donald trump
yeah whatever doctor’s advice early on
and said this was nothing to worry about
he loses to a dude
who says hey i’m gonna follow the doc’s

because guess what most americans
are following their doc’s advice
following advice to the doctor so
i mean joe biden’s right
the brzezinski child and the douche

knuckle jeez you know god
it’s gonna we’re coming close to banning
yeah yeah you can’t resist come on hey

you’re right
it’s the mika the brzezinski child she’s
pretty funny
which brings me to just a little break
in the show here
yeah uh i have my list of isos which
includes the top one

checkmate oh hold on a second uh
shit yeah i got it here i got it here
the iso yeah checkmate
yeah oh checkmate i

i have one i’d like to try on you okay
okay try this one
so i’m walking around with the corona
vice i’m asymptomatic i got it
you got the rona is that what’s going on

here i didn’t know you had the corona
let’s try this one let’s try this one
dry this is not a geese
okay that’s the geese you hear in the

okay that was biden okay let’s go let’s
go this one another bite
is following rules following
rules where are we uh
oh got it i’m following the rules

you know i’m sorry it just none of it
competes with
you can kick their balls but you can’t
touch them
if that wasn’t so echoey i’d say yes oh

so now we have to go to rule follower
well let’s no no let’s go to another one
try this one pandemic
okay where where where where is it we’re
in the middle of a pandemic yeah that’s

the one
that’s the one that’s done i like it
that’s a good one i got one last one
no you have more but wait there’s more
put up or shut up pull up or shut up

no no no no no no no no no i think you
nailed it with us
before you do more joe clips may i take

you back in time for a moment
sure let’s just get in the time machine
for a second let’s go back
to may 20th of

2013 episode
512. so this is quite a while ago of the
no agenda show this is what happened is

that’s not going to happen is that that
is the dream yeah that is
i think it’s called a hallucination i
i had a real dream last night and i woke
up from this

put this in the red book just for just
for yucks
all right i and it was vivid okay
it was vivid and maybe because we’ve
played a couple of clips of him recently
i’ve been watching video of him

are you ready for this joe biden was
i am from the future ladies and
i am from the future it’s in the red
book i think

you should be able to find that it’ll be
a disaster
all right so we have brian giving his
little event i got i got some
miscellaneous clips and then some some
research on him

okay um let’s go with the biden event
clips i got
uh i know i got three of them i got
anyone you want to play i can play the

short little one which i think is
similar to the
pandemic when this biden’s event with
the govs blather
exists because you know in a few nations
that every major crisis we’ve faced in
our history

has been in a situation where we have uh
come out stronger come out stronger and
uh what i’m finding
and maybe go back to this later but uh
i’m finding that

you know uh this whole crisis sort of
taking the blinders off
most people you know the people who
weren’t are there geese in the
yes necessarily prejudice but just

didn’t focus
that’s the geese you hear in the
background the little pond out here
and those canadian geese are trying to
get away from the buyers anyway
all kidding aside what happens is that

uh um
what i’m finding people who are
constantly calling me and i know
we’re all in place but we have on the
probably six hours a day or people are
talking about how

they didn’t realize that it was somebody
making you know
seven bucks an hour is making had their
back you know
by the time he got to the end i had no
idea what he was talking about

exactly that was the point of that clip
yeah well it worked
and there’s a little sub clip here this
is biden event with the govs blather
one w-a-h-o

yeah i got it we’ve got and i know you
all stand for that we got a lot of
ground to cover
so let’s start with this you know that
iris can hit anyone but it

doesn’t affect every community oh shoot
oh no i disconnected my head you know i
got a real problem with these headphones
and i’m not going to hear you for at

seven seconds so you can fill up the
void while i’m waiting well that was
that was a classic example of both how
stupid this event was this is widened
three governors but the lousy connection
none of them could none of them in fact

all three plus biden couldn’t talk for
at all they were all
i like you said iris now
i got one clip of joe with the the

number mix up do you have that one
no but i have this last one from this
series okay and this is says biden event
with gov’s
blather and this has no other moniker on

okay exists because you know in a few
no wait that’s the one we played we
played that one first
no the one you played first should have
been uh
uh gov’s blather zero z-w-e-o

no we you didn’t play the one that says
oh okay uh yes i have it here we go
desperately need your
this is we did not play zero we played
oh this is zero play zero yeah

desperately need
your company’s going and this is it
would help if it didn’t say
zuio if yeah
i thought it might have been like you

don’t have to humiliate me in public i
i know how to spell i’m not humiliating
you i’m telling you that i
if i want to humiliate you that’s easy i
was saying i thought
i thought it might be a ceo clip or
something i didn’t know that was

zero it’s fine they’ve already
believe me you take these joe biden
clips out of order it doesn’t it doesn’t
it does not matter desperately need your

going and this is not a moment for
excuses or deflections or
blame game where we’re we’re it’s
we’re in the middle of a pandemic that
had cost us more than 85
000 jobs as of today lives of millions

of people that’s the ones the people
millions of jobs that’s the one i mean
everybody shakes their head and says

joe’s gonna win the race
you know and we’re in a position where
you know we just got new unemployment
this morning uh numbers 365 million
claims since this crisis began and

3 million new claims in the last week
the unemployment rate is nearing 15
the highest it’s been since the great
depression but i need not tell you all

of course it’s uh it’s the least
well-off for
being hit the hardest 40 of the
making 40 000 or less
experience the job loss just in march

and we’re going to have to work harder
and smarter
than ever before to pull ourselves out
of this economic tailspin and this is
the problem with
with joe is that when he gets a sentence

it’s really nothing there’s just nothing
in it we’re gonna have to work hard
pull together he doesn’t really have any
i’ve no i think i’ve not heard one
uh policy oriented solution even for
uh african americans he came out with

the league the big joe biden’s black
which was uh you know i think it’s
called lift all
we will lift all voices which is not
pandering at all

to the religious black americans um
any and what he says in there oh we’re
gonna we’re gonna do a study
and do a study to see if we should do
some reparations i mean this
is the kind of crap that is not gonna

but i know what sorry is this mike
is that still the clip oh yeah there’s
another 40 seconds and seven seconds to
i’m sorry it seems like it seems like

weeks go by but all of you know
i’m my second anniversary has already
taken place this clip is so long the
only way out of this
is by following the science listening to

the experts
talking and taking responsible
precautions that
are going to help us reopen the economy
i say fleeing as quickly as possible
and uh as we do there’s got to be

federal support to state and local
levels of our government in my view so
that we’ll be able to
come out of this crisis stronger and
more united

we have an opportunity in my view to
transform the economy as we come out
to build a more inclusive and more
resilient middle class
and i think that can withstand the next
next public crisis whatever it is

however it comes about not just reward
the people who are well off and well
it’s time for us to make sure everyone
gets a fair shot of success in this

that’s science i don’t believe in
one last clip i want to get to get this
series completely out of the way
they talked about this on pbs
uh a little bit and judy this is the

smear she this is smear that she slipped
into this little announcement discussing
the biden
event in the days other news former vice
president joe biden says that if

elected president he would not pardon
donald trump or his associates of any
instead he says he would let any
investigations play out
the presumptive democratic nominee spoke

in a virtual town hall
on msnbc last night and he accused mr
trump of abusing his power
we never saw anything like the
prostitution of that office like we see

it today
it is not something the president is
entitled to do
to direct either a prosecution and or
decide to drop a case that is not the
president’s role

responsibility and it’s a dereliction of
his duty
what is he is he talking about flynn is
that what he’s what he’s saying
yeah i think it’s about flynn well i
have the clip that

where he is i think he’s in up to his up
to his eyeballs on this flynn thing
yeah by the way this was a smear
when judy says that he’s not going to
pardon trump that
the way it was presented was as though

trump had had cr
created an actual crime well let’s go to
crime let’s go to the town hall and
let’s see how this
came about the judy did not play the

source material because
it was a request from an audience member
here it is
would you be willing to commit to not
pulling a president forward
and giving donald trump a pardon under

pretense of healing the nation
in other words are you willing to commit
to the american ideal
that no one is above the law absolutely
yes i commit

i don’t know it was a spiked call or
whatever but i commit
these commitments please but this
but this town hall was very interesting

for another reason
all of a sudden and this was the joe
biden special event
the msnbc i think it was uh
lawrence what’s his name uh no

laura lawrence o’donnell so he’s hosting
and all of a sudden we’ve got lawrence
in the middle
joe on the right and stacy abram pops up
on the

left-hand box and hilarity ensued
as we watch stacey abrams slowly lose
her soul on live tv so i want to begin
this with a question to joe biden

uh stacey abrams is here because joe
biden invited stacey abrams to be here
and so uh mr vice president uh do you
have an announcement to make
uh is this an audition is there

uh what is the reason that that you
decided it’s time for me to get
what would you say stop the hammering
and on tv with stacy abrams well because

stacey abrams has done more to deal with
the fair vote and making sure there is a
fair vote than anybody
and she’s she has a great great capacity
to explain things

mind you she’s sitting here right now
saying nothing
looking in the camera in her own box on
the left the smile
started to slowly fade and the layout
exactly why it’s going to be so

critically important in this election
this president’s already said when they
put in the stimulus package the congress
first passed
money to provide for mail-in ballots
he already said i’m not for that if we

do that
well no republican will ever win or
something to that effect
he’s made it clear this is the guy who
said he wants to
defund the post office from being able
to deliver ballots i mean

so stacy knows what she’s doing and uh
and she’s a incredibly capable person
and so since then that said nothing he
set her up if you want to make an

of course everyone’s thinking oh my
goodness is going to be the vp
nothing no that’s embarrassing did you
think and by the way when did trump say
he wanted to defund the post office

because so they wouldn’t deliver
absentee i love that too i thought it
that was a nice touch why did you say
that no i don’t i don’t think i don’t i
don’t think he ever said that
that was joe someone told you hey just

make make it up
so i did see part of this i didn’t
take any clips from it but it’s pathetic

abrams is really a dud i just don’t
understand what i was so
jacked up about well and i will say it
again i’m going to remind everybody my
thinking on this

having been a democrat there’s
not a woman in the democrat party that
will have
stacey abrams as president until
a white woman is president first

if i may uh we this was a big
topic on the mofax and uh
and we discussed the vp slot

specifically from an ados perspective
and stacy abrams is not wanted
is not going to be it is being shunned

the reason why which i thought was i
hadn’t really considered
uh she is the oprah candidate and
when she ran for governor of georgia oh
remember oprah went down
oh yeah promoting beyonce everybody was

there and she couldn’t win
and i think that uh and remember oprah
of course she she feels that she made
barack obama and she had a big hand in

for sure uh and this is her candidate
just think
oprah can’t run herself but this would
kind of like an oprah like an oprah ugly
you know and and

and the democrat party wants nothing to
do with her
and i think wants nothing to do with
oprah certainly after seeing the combo
oprah and stacey abrams in in georgia
failed and they’re probably questioning

all kinds of celebrity endorsements if
they really are worth it anymore
so no stacy according to mo and i
i think he laid out the uh
i think he laid out the the the case for

that is not going to be
vice president there’s no doubt about
that not going to be the vice
presidential nominee
but she’ll do anything she’ll even show
up and and be publicly embarrassed

well i i’ll just add to my thinking on
this is that
no black woman will be the vice
presidential candidate
under biden which takes a little further
than just the

targeting stacy because again the
white women that are democrats are more
racist than the republicans by a lot
having been in both parties and they
will not put especially when

hillary was snubbed they will not allow
a black
woman of any sorts they say abrams or
otherwise that’s why
camel and the rest of them are all out
too for other reasons i’m sure you can
target them

but because they want a white woman as
the first female president period and
you think they’re that racist the
democrat party
yeah i do there are no

they’re already misogynist or no i’m
sorry miss anthropos by saying it can
only be a woman it can’t be a man
because we don’t qualify we’re no good
we’re stupid
just look at joe there’s going to be a

if it’s not a white woman amy klobuchar
would be at the top of the list i
i would say that he wants to go for some
other ethnic possibilities again i’ll
bring in uh luhan

uh grisham out of new mexico and
somebody sent us a note going on and on
about how
that was me in particular since i’ve
been promoting her you saw that note
yeah i did i’m actually i’m gonna grab
the clip for you here’s the clip

that uh brought this uh comment on hold
on a second
and um uh our secretary of state
and this broke the meeting up basically
in terms of her influence that

this be called the lujan virus
which was our producer said well he just
gave away the just gave away who it’s
going to be
who had the vice presidential pick it
had this luan was in the back of his

head he couldn’t just not say it
so it’s a logical
you know i’m still i’m hedging my luhan

i’m putting her in the second spot under
amy yeah but
oh i’m sorry amy klobuchar my amy
klobuchar is now top spot
amy amy she would be kick ass

as vice president i’m sure she would
well she’s the
except for the fact that she throws
staplers and yells at her staff and
she’s mean

which they suppressed to such an extreme
now we have her none of these stories
they were only apparent at the beginning
of the campaigning so which makes me
think that she may be
a possibility for the vp slot

since they’re they’re sanitizing her as
we speak
so let’s just to be clear amy klobuchar
is my amy

and you have uh amy from uh pbs
no democracy now yeah from democracy
that’s your amy and amy klobuchar’s mike
thank you very much yeah that’s my

my you get your amy hey i have sports
are you ready for some sports news
coming from me oh this should be
rich going into this season coming up

this is from fox sports
fox sports fox fs1 fox sports and that
comes with a huge
asterisk and hopefully there is a season
there’s probably going to be a season

in doing games with no fans which
uh will be difficult i think fox and
networks have to put crowd noise under

to to make it a huge designing
experience at home
you think they’ll do that i do yeah i
i know in fact i know they’ll do it um
let him finish let him finish you’re

yelling through my sports clip it’s not
often that i bring one in fact i know
they’ll do it um
and they are that’s that’s the
conversation right now
that’s that’s it’s pretty much a done

deal i think whoever’s going to be
at that control is going to have to be
really good at their job and
and be realistic with how a crowd would
react depending on what just happened on
the field so

it’s really important then on top of
that they’re going to put uh they’re
looking at ways to put virtual fans in
the stands so when you see a wide chat
it looks like the stadium is jam-packed
hey sports fans you’re not needed you’re

completely replaceable
in fact they should just play the games
in a big blue screen
green screen auditorium and do all kinds
of cool stuff

you know this is telling uh you know
what this tells this confirms
the basic no agenda thesis is that all
sports are rigged
no kidding this is taking the rigging to
it to a maximum

you have fake fake audience fake noise
fake applause the whole thing you know
it’s the canned laughter again once
put canned laughter to get a can
laughter guy in there and have him just
yuck it up uh it’s unbelievable oh my

god i can’t believe it’s an interception
oh no he drops he fumbles
that’s the best we can do that’s about
all i got

oh my god there’s a cruise missile
there’s a cruise missile going over the
stadium what can we do about it the
cruise missile
i have nothing else yeah
that’d be very sad but it’ll fit with

the fight fake outcome of
of these games so that’s good uh oh yes
i do have one more
uh biden related clip short one
the convention which is coming up in

what is there
is the democrats supposed to be in
august have they moved it is that
i don’t know maybe it was in july they
moved to august i don’t know august is
the last i heard
here is the uh the communications

director of the dnc
regarding the convention and uh i think
maybe i’m reading too much into it but
it felt a little bit like
not everyone in the party is on board

with joe have a listen
i mean there’s a real possibility that
the convention does not happen or it
happens in a virtual sense
is that correct well first of all our
convention has to happen because we

are not officially nominating joe biden
in order to take donald trump so our
convention is happening there is
business that has to happen
now when it comes to um what our

convention is going to look like
i can guarantee you that our convention
will ensure
that the safe that is safety first
whether it is our delegates
the people of milwaukee or all of those

involved in a convention
we will make sure that they are safe
whatever that looks like and that they
vote for our nominee now did you catch
the beginning of how she phrased that

i’ll play it again i mean there’s a real
possibility of the convention does not
happen or it happens in a virtual sense
is that correct our convention has to
happen because

we um are not officially nominating joe
in order to take donald trump i like how
did notice that take donald trump i
thought that was an interesting
use of words is that how they see it to

take donald trump
well that’s their only goal but did you
listen to it carefully she says our
convention is not to nominate joe biden
is that correct as of today well first

of all our convention has to happen
we um are not officially nominating joe
in order to take donald trump so our
convention is happening there is

we’re not nominating joe biden as what
she said i told you there’s something
weird in that clip and she
seems like she’s not i know for a comms
director i think she let out a little
bit too much there
my personal personal opinion oh yeah

they don’t care about anything but
donald trump
that’s this you can’t win elections that
all right uh i i am very excited to have
a second half of show coming up for you

which uh is a send-in from one of our
producers uh but first i think we should
thank some more people who are on the
spreadsheet for today
i’m gonna show my support by donating to

no agenda imagine all the people who
could do
that oh yeah that’d be fabulous
in the morning yeah we do have some

people to think starting with john
and he came in with a hundred dollars
i had why don’t you read a couple of
these because i do have a couple of

notes i do want to read
uh well we don’t typically read these
i’m not sure but okay
uh johnny get me down to where it says i
got a note i got to go to the desk and

get the note
oh you’re just making me do it okay john
patrick uh decatur illinois 100
much respect for you both for covet
anonymous 100 has a douchebag call out
and is from an anonymous

uh parts unknown don’t mention full name
location just well we’re just doing
i’d like to call out oh my goodness i’d
like to call out dame jennifer as a

for never sending an invoice for some
voice over work she did
well how about that she’s two old
too good for this world too good

uh john cooper downers gay grove
illinois you have the notes
he has a note here’s what he was doing
there’s another note this is a note
that’s good and i want to read it

i am new to your show after hearing adam
on jre
another notch in your belt well wait
until wait until you hear the lights
more about that guy i gotta tell you

joe and i were texting and joe keeps
mentioning me
on his show i noticed a couple of
mentions yeah
but here’s the thing so tina the other

night we’re sitting on the couch
watching some tv shit and
i’m texting hey who are you texting i
said my friend joe she says
she says she says joe de geneva
yeah that sounds about

yeah anyway onwards yes this has done
well this is eight people so far who
have uh

come over to our tribe from uh jre i’m
very very pleased with that
john continues i’ve always disliked the
media but in the last few years the mask
has really come off
it is awesome finding like-minded people

i look forward to joining the meetup
once the not lockdown is lifted thanks
for all you do
to keep people away from the m5m fear
porn yes and keep amygdala small i have
managed to figure out

most of the insider terminology this is
always a problem with the newbies
but i have a few questions okay what is
the significance of the number 33
are you big fans of rolling rock beer

well let him stew in this one
really well let me just say one thing
we’ve noticed over time
that when the number 33 shows up in news

there’s typically something very fishy
going on with the report or with the
situation now
of course we have uh it’s we’ve taken it
so far that and this has been going on

since almost the first day we did the
uh that people are noticing it
everywhere and during the uh this rona
crisis it was everywhere 33 this 30
through that 33 people are sick 33 is

and we have a jingle for it
so that’s it it’s the magic number
whenever we see 33 we pay attention
we’re never sure what it’s going to mean
but something always comes out of it
yeah it’s code it’s code

it’s and here’s another one he brings up
which i think should be this
i’m reading this because this is good
stuff to reiterate for the newcomers
it seems harsh to call people douchebags
that have not donated but i will not

become a douchebag if i’ve included my
donation 100 but okay let’s start
let’s start with that concept this was
our idea no ever no
no we we also don’t do it if you realize

we are reading
the notes that people send in we’re not
calling them douchebags
uh anyway he goes on he says uh he goes
on just

thanking us for the show appreciate the
insights on audio production and proper
microphone usage i
love benefiting from people’s expertise
in areas where i would otherwise not get
my ear is now much more attuned oh
excellent i thought you liked that yeah

i did thank of course thank you john
so anyway onward to uh forrest morris
the fourth i love the name forest forest
morris the fourth

horse another one another one
uh what well he’s uh forced
yes this is the second note it’s right
behind this other one i think no i don’t
have enough force

no no no i’m going to read you the note
when i say another one
it’s something else forrest morris iv
from murfreesboro tennessee where we
have a lot of producers

uh forrest the mass barber here
listening since joe rogan experience
withholding two cents for john’s
opinions on barbers and stylists not
listening and not needing any time to

professionally handle health and safety
and two cents for his mask as he will
need to wear one at his haircut
keep up the great work would like some
karma for tips

yeah we’ll get we’ll get some karma for
the at the end of this
so he’s cleve cabrell i think at 800
boobs donation and this is a

first donation first donation so he says
a d
d douching is in order
you’ve been deduced

got it lamb of the earl of georgia sugar
georgia 8008 ronald schull
came in with the pop money donation joe
weiss in miami florida 77

77 he has the note that he wrote this
check in and i this is another note i
put aside for this reason
a quick message from miami where they’re
trying to move south florida into a new

this morning when i was taking my daily
walk i was listening to yesterday’s
podcast 12 41
john just started to talk about the
morons who are wearing masks while
driving alone
and no sooner did that he make that

statement within four minutes i
witnessed three separate mass commandos
alone driving in their vehicles fighting
off the corona
with the air conditioning off and the
windows up uh

with your recommendation i also listened
to two hour interview with the jfk
junior interview
he said it was great treasure trove of
good information and we do recommend
that interview if you can find it i
think there’s

okay in the show notes it’s rfk junior
rfk what did i say oh jfkg
all right that’s a mistake i probably
did say jfk arnold
tyler arnold’s next only 75 dollars
um he says he says he’s sorry is this

hate mail you’re going your way adam
well sure i just i just want to you know
thank you but it’s really it’s hate mail
for john that i
this gets sent to me and i don’t
understand they keep doing it

tyler thanks well all hate mail to john
should go to adam sir
milkman in arcadia georgia 66-69
uh sir jake of the ip bogan

i.t bogan i’m sorry maury field the
queensland australia 59-59
and he’s got his old man jeff uh on the
birthday list

you got that daniel mariano in full
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sir buck of the 11 of 21 12 55
yes another birthday needs needs to be

stopped happy birthday from sir buck of
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this is dame jennifer’s show pretty much
dame jennifer would you mind doing the
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hot and now she’s beautiful
well he listened to the uh the warning

that you gave we’re not allowed to
do that anymore you were very very the
darren has some good ones in there yeah
classics i like the uh minecraft
washbish you know racine wisconsin

55 his brother rick
is who hit him in the mouth i know he’s
listening but he has not done it so he

donated so he needs to be called out as
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well actually sir christopher barron of
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no title changes but birthdays yes alana
margulis says happy birthday to

her harlan’s uh harlan’s father zach
forrest martin celebrates the day travis
fricker says happy birthday to his
smoking hot wife becky she turns 33 she
turned 33 on the 15th

sir buck of 2112. happy birthday was
beautiful caring talented wife dame
jennifer she is celebrating today on the
as is uh damien he is sir aaron yoho’s

uh he turns 11. dame jennifer wieda
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now you know sir greg davies uh
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we miss him dearly he would have been 44

years old tomorrow we celebrate him
still of course sir
jake says happy birthday was father jeff
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who will be celebrating on the 25th and
fred himself will be celebrating on the
31st happy birthday for everybody here
at the best podcast in the universe
yeah we actually we have a meetup report

a very short one
i guess there was yeah some people are
and i appreciate that this is vernon
this is the may 16th marcellus new york
nine mile creek

meetup report the adam there were plenty
of people sitting around maskless at the
picnic tables and benches near the
baseball diamond at marcellus park but
no one asked me about no agenda people
did ask me about my white

uh cockapoo’s red boots which was the
indicator i was the meetup leader
i guess not many people look at the
website if no podcast meetup
announcement is made and there you go
so i guess that was a one-person meet-up

darn sorry vernon better luck next time
when the rona is over

like a party
so are you ready for um

sometimes i want to take before you go
into no before you do that i got a
uh on tremont okay
uh curiously this is 43 seconds and it

look a little like the joe biden stuff
which is really less than two minutes
but it went on forever for some unknown
this isn’t going to be another one the
this is a apparently
all the virtue signaling uh celebrities

mostly yeah are out there showing uh
doing commencement speeches
yes yes including the president right
they’re all doing i didn’t know that he

was doing one but
he he’d go and do it oh no i’m sorry uh
president obama i mean not the
president president obama has been doing
commencement speech oh yes that would be
uh but they’re all doing them virtually
and they’re in a bucket they’re usually

in a bucket or they find a good place to
put the mic
it’s a little bucket on the side and
they’re all in a bucket and they’re all
giving these commencement speeches that
are lame and they’re terrible but i’ve
decided i’m going to look for the worst

oh yay so this is a short
snippet from tom hanks
uh giving a commencement speech just to
some small

western case or something i get the the
name of the school here somewhere it’s
wright state you want your rights and
never heard of him right stay sorry
anybody writes state alums uh so he’s
giving this speech

he’s reading it kind of but he kind of
lost track and i think he started off
with saying the wrong thing and he’s
tried to make up for it and and he just
kid he never really caught up to it so

the speech became this
discombubilated piece of crap here it is
congratulations to you chosen ones wow
stop right there this is i
i don’t understand how they allow this

to happen i i
this sound is just beyond me beyond me
congratulations to you chosen ones
and i am calling you the chosen ones
because you

have been chosen in many ways
you have not returned to the starting
line like all of
us generations before you you’re just
approaching it now for the first time
you’ve just arrived you are chosen in

that way
to enter into the competition of life
just when so
many have had to recover and refresh and
and reawaken and to retake up the hard

work and the unshirkable
of making the world not only our own
but of your own wow

talk about he start here’s what happened
he says congrats
i think he kind of ad libbed the
beginning thinking it was going to be
cool and he
to said chosen ones and then he thought

to himself right on the spot
wait a minute i’m not joking
i mean this is offensive what i’m saying

and so he then goes and tries to make up
for it and it says by what by
what i mean by chosen ones and then
the whole thing falls apart and it’s
just an embarrassment
and he’s in his home with a brick wall

behind him and he’s trying to read off
his notes
this is just should not be people should
not be doing this that was pretty much
the definition of phoning it in
it was really bad from the sound to the

to everything and even the intent even
the intent why does he why
why are they doing that very odd and if
you’re gonna do it do it do a great

make it memorable not like oh i’m tom
hanks in a bucket
yeah the other thing is these guys all
know production values and people like
hanks is a good example he’s not like
he’s a producer

yes he’s a producer he could produce a
and he could put the good sound with it
he’s got nothing else to do he’s
he’s holed up in his mansion he could
put us he could put a track behind

himself he could have a
green screen he could be in paris i mean
there’s a million things you could do to
make it lively but no
he’s just walks through a bucket

it’s embarrassing these guys are just
showing that they really
are they really producers or are they
just front men that is
with no talent what uh what was the
school he was doing this for as it’s
build by the way

on news sites as tom hanks inspiring
2020 commencement address it’s
inspiring inspiring who was it for

wright state is that his alma mater
i don’t know i didn’t go that deep into
no they quote no one will be more fresh
to the task of restarting our

measure of normalcy than you you chosen
oh brother all right fine all right tom
hanks i’m so that is the worst
commencement speech i could find

now entering second half of show
it’s been a while it’s been a while
second half of show
i received multiple emails

uh this over the past few days
about the earthquakes in nevada
exactly i didn’t know either i’m like

there’s earthquakes in nevada what’s
going on
it was i saw a couple of headlines about
earthquakes in nevada
uh so we had dame angela who uh
said it but like 30 or 40 of them it was
all day long and yeah and people were a

little concerned
but now there’s fracking going on
somewhere well that’s what you think but
we have a boots on the
on the ground report from uh
sir joel so he’s royalty you know he’s

sir joel the skinny trucker battle-born
black baron of the northern nevada
certainly you’ve heard of him here he is
with his earthquake report

hey adam and john this is joel the
skinny trucker i’m also known as
sergio the battleborn black baron of
northern nevada
just wanted to give you my update on the
nevada earthquake that we had

early this morning on friday may 15th
i was driving through pretty much the
exactly when it happened felt the
truck shake a bit and i was wondering

what’s going on it’s pretty windy
but as i was going up the road highway
95 there was one crack and i’m like oh
that’s strange that wasn’t here when i
drove down to tonopah from reno and then
there was another crack

and then a third crack and i’m like oh
there must have been an earthquake and
lo and behold there was
but interesting thing that i noticed
as this was happening i was looking up
on the

the ridgeline of the mountains to the
west and i saw this bright blue light
behind the mountains and i’m like i
wonder what that is because it didn’t
look like an
airplane or any kind of truck light it
looked like something else so

if you guys know the area middle nevada
western nevada it
is a lot of federal land there’s a huge
army depot
just north in hawthorne and
you know area 51 is not too far away so

who knows maybe get the theremin out
some tinfoil
and hopefully some other producers have
some information that maybe can shed
some light on the subject

but that’s my take from northern nevada
it’s the battle born black baron
joel in the morning thank you thank you
for your courage
in the morning thank you for your
courage well northern nevada and area 51

not even close no i but i don’t think he
was insinuating was aliens
um i’ve been paying attention to this
weird weather we have had
torrential downpour

literally just texas it’s been very
to see the weather patterns and maybe uh
there’s some
harp fire age going on who knows i don’t
know what’s happening but the blue light

out there
that’s odd and these earthquakes has
that happened before
like 30 40 earthquakes on a day in
nevada maybe it has i don’t know
there’s an area in nevada where they
have a lot of quakes it was a

but that was due to fracking right
um well i don’t know we’ll keep an eye
on it
i’m sure that we’ll find out nothing
oh you’re so positive we’ll keep looking

we’ll look and look we’ll keep looking
we’re not going to get anywhere with
all right any more screwball reports
no i don’t have that but i do have an

on thousands of sealed indictments yes
yes i’m telling you everyone’s out on
the woodworks we’ve got everyone talking
clappers on tv brennan’s on tv
everyone’s getting their points in and i

think a good backgrounder is to go
to the man who is the mainstream gateway
thousands of sealed indictments lou
dobbs on
fox uh business news and uh here is uh

who i think is a good uh
journalist john solomon to bring us the
yeah everyone i’ve talked to today has
been exasperated by the judge’s conduct
but at the end of the day it’s a lot of

for an inevitable conclusion at the end
of the day
these charges are going to be dismissed
against uh general flynn because the law
requires it
when both parties go in as they do in
this case and when there is a

preponderance of evidence as there is in
this case of wrongdoing the courts have
consistently allowed
a vacation or vacating of a
conviction like this it’s just going to

extend the drama a little longer but
it’s going to inevitably end up whether
it’s at the supreme court the appellate
or the district court it’s going to end
up getting the the charges are going to
be dismissed
finally and i do say finally uh lindsey

graham has
scheduled a hearing to dig into these
very serious issues i
i know his investigative staff very well
they’re very competent
they’ve been working very hard behind

the scenes they’re going to have some
big revelations that are not yet public
uh that will move this narrative along
and show just how far reaching the
corruption inside
the bureaucracy was uh as for the issue

of president obama
you know there’s gonna come a moment
after that first evidence is laid out in
his hearings
where people are going to obviously say
hey this started at the top with
president obama

and then i think lindsey graham will
have to face the music of his own
and decide what he’s going to do and i
think that moment may you know when the
evidence is all out there
there’ll be an even more poignant
question to the to the chairman

why aren’t you talking to president uh
obama and i think well you know let’s
see what the evidence comes out but
keep in mind over the last few months
there’s been a lot of information taken
from the national archives
from the obama administration they lay

out a very powerful case
we’re going to begin to see that
evidence over the next three four weeks
and all i can say from what i know from
my reporting is buckle your seatbelt
buckle your seatbelt well well

first of all i am not buckling my seat
for starters uh-huh yeah no kidding
nothing’s coming up any of this

well i’m not so sure i think that
something’s going to happen we you know
this flynn stuff
and the unmasking and fisa court abuses
i i think

something will come of that but we’ll
well let me finish
it’s easy to say i have i have some some
i’ve received
have some backup um
there’s a lot of running around of

people coming out who haven’t spoken for
a long time and i think they’re all
jockeying and positioning clapper seems
to be the the top guy
uh now this was cnn it was
uh people called this differently than

it was
uh the way it was posted is oh look he
asked him a tough question and then the
connection breaks
but it actually you can hear a little
truly an audio glitch

uh it froze right after the first
question so he didn’t he probably didn’t
even hear the second one but that
doesn’t mean that he wasn’t removed from
uh zoom call
uh so we could not answer here’s uh

clapper former director of national
uh and a liar uh a liar to congress
uh but unindicted okay so asking for

nothing wrong with that unmasking in and
of itself nothing wrong with that
leaking classified information and by
definition these phone calls
were classified that’s a problem correct
uh absolutely it is um and if anyone you

hear the little
that’s when he cut out but we’ll do the
question anyway did leak
the contents of these conversations with
or without the name
that would be a problem yes uh we’ve

lost the shot i wonder if we can at
least get him on the phone
to finish this let’s try to get director
clapper back all right we’re going to
we’re going to work on getting that shot
yeah so of course they did get him back

later this question didn’t come up
but was he willing to testify ah yeah
can you come in and testify
uh given my age demographic i’d be happy
to come

uh after i’ve been vaccinated for covert
would you testify i could do it remotely
the case with uh the faucet hearing or
respond to questions or or or that sort

of thing but
uh i don’t particularly want to put my
life or that on my
wife uh in life in jeopardy uh
for uh in pr in person testimony
yeah so basically not intending to

testify to anything at all
because corona covid
the other guy out and about was former
cia director
john brennan and uh have you heard do

you know yet if his uh
clearance has been uh removed no i just
got no information one way or the other
we just don’t know i’d like to remind
you john brennan’s uh stance

on uh the law and
when you are guilty or when you
should be sentenced or charged it’s very
short he’s very clear

people are innocent until alleged to be
involved in some type of criminal
so this would be guilty john brennan who
was alleged to have some part in
criminal activity
and this is a longer clip uh but it i

think it’s
extra good because you can hear well
we’ll we’ll discuss it
chris hayes and john brennan there does
seem to be a bit of a shift
in the last several months with william

barr at the department of justice with
richard grinnell
at dni such that the actual machinery
and tools of government are being kind
of applied
along the lines of the rhetoric of the

president how do you see things right
well chris that’s exactly why i think
the recent developments are so worrisome
because mr trump has removed individuals
from the head of the intel’s community

as well as from the fbi as and justice
and he’s trying to put people in who are
going to do his bidding
so we saw recently with the acting
director of national intelligence rich
purnell a hand-picked individual who

i think has demonstrated his loyalty to
mr trump over the years
um releasing uh declassifying the names
of individuals who had
unmasked some names in intelligence

and with the implication that that was
well it wasn’t carrying out our
incorrectly but then when i look at the
attorney general mr barr
now so of course there’s no diving into

the fact that it was
39 people who were a
witness to or who had requested and
received unmasking
but i guess that’s just the job carrying
out our responsibilities

correctly but then when i look at the
attorney general mr barr
and how he has repeatedly demonstrated
that his interest is being the
president’s lawyer

as opposed to being the people’s lawyer
you need to get the updated memo brennan
that’s pretty old hat you’re repeating
uh and i’m very worried that the
instruments of governance

the instruments of intelligence and law
enforcement and justice are now being
exploited and manipulated in mr trump’s
hands and i think that’s something that
should worry all americans
it’s one thing to have policy

differences and we can have
arguments in public about that but if
he’s going to try to bring
charges against individuals trumped up
charges because of his political

and he’s going to have individuals who
are going to help
make that happen that is something that
i saw
overseas in my career my national
security career
and i never thought i would see that

happening here in the united states
clearly back in the last century in the
we had incidents where president nixon
tried to use the fbi and cia and others
for political purposes

and we had quite an uproar at that time
president nixon was forced out of office
sad to say that it sounds like we are
now back in the same type of environment
where an individual in the white house

is now using
those organizations and using people
in senior positions in intelligence and
law enforcement for his
own purposes
that is the best example of projection

i’ve heard from him
and says just like richard nixon clearly
this president was using the
intelligence apparatus
to get at his enemies it’s exactly

what happened allegedly with the whole
obama administration
if if that isn’t rewriting the history
the history of

nixon is also saying
out of the picture of these guys oh this
guy is the worst
i think there’s a fall guy the cia
should be embarrassed that he was ever
part of their operation yeah there’s one

little quick
thing a quick bite i got here which may
be the fall guy because someone’s got to
i’m just hoping that individuals like
chris ray who
is a remarkable public servant will

continue to stay strong
in the face of this type of um
uh vulnerable uh
so chris ray’s on the block

let’s listen did he say obama
wow individuals like
chris ray who is a remarkable public

will continue to stay strong in the face
of this type of
um abominable uh vulnerable
again abuse of authority oh man
obamable that’s a great word

oh bombable but i think christopher wray
is on the block
i think that may have been what you just
heard there that clip

uh i think put put him on the block
well that that would have been part of
the part of the point registered done

i don’t know why why but i need it
and it’s available right
that’s right everybody i do a podcast

you can find it at
yay and i think that uh
that’s some other stuff um well i got a
few things i want yeah

and we have our around the around the
run around the world yeah you want to
hear a few of those yeah run around the
well let’s start with the funniest one
and i also have a sub clip for it this

is covent new jersey
ah always a good time with summer right
around the corner new jersey announced
this week that beaches would be open by
memorial day weekend with some

the openings are weeks behind other
coastal states like georgia and florida
but as one of the state’s hardest hit by
the covet 19 pandemic
local officials say they are proceeding

at exactly 10 am yesterday barriers that
had been blocking the boardwalk and
beach in seaside heights new jersey
were pushed aside an announcement made
it official
these beaches are now officially open
once again these beaches are now

officially open it’s a sign that things
are returning to normal in this
quintessential jersey shore town
sort of we’re looking to see how we do
with the social distance
and that’s going to be our test today

tony vaz is the mayor of seaside heights
after nearly two months of being closed
because of covet 19
visitors can now walk and ride bikes on
the boardwalk
provided they heed the rule of six feet
between groups of people

on the beach there’s no swimming or
sunbathing but the public can walk
fish and even surf mayor vaz says it’s
just the first phase of seaside heights
is reopening

i’m optimistic that this is a good first
obviously i would love to see everything
open i would love to see us swimming
and so forth but we have to recognize
that we have to take this in steps

seaside heights is one of more than
three dozen communities along the jersey
grappling with how best to reopen in
neighboring seaside park
beaches are already open to sunbathers

provided beachgoers keep their distance
you know i was more interested in this
this tony vaz
guy he sounds identical to joe pesci
yeah it does a little bit that’s a

little bit a little bit i actually have
a clip from further on in that
in that that presentation
and this is the 16 seconds of him talk
this guy has a

voiceover gig anytime he wants one then
by the way he’s wearing a mask so he’s
kind of muffled but this is tony vaz
talking a little bit more if we just
obey the rules
you know you’re going to stop at a

stoplight yeah we gotta we gotta whack
that’s a rule so you know if it’s social
dissidency now social distancing if you
know it’s another
mandate follow it i’m not an optimist it
has to get better i don’t have the

magical number when
it will get better yes
nailed it
we should find him and ask him to do
some stuff for us i

i was thinking about it but then again
i’m thinking i’m going to get a call
back saying
you think i’m funny i can get a visit
that’s very good i like that but sad man

what does new jersey become
i lived there for you know 12 years
jersey is
sad sad sad no i’m not 12. nine years
just back back to the rundown uh that

was jersey let’s go to the
covet eu update with an emphasis on
covid eu a border
germany in switzerland was dismantled

last night it’s part of an agreement by
those countries as well as austria to
opening borders again german prime
minister angela merkel said earlier this
week that she would like
all emergency border controls in
europe’s 26th nation schengen zone

removed by june 15th
also in germany the country’s premier
soccer league bundesliga resumed play
today without
fans it is the world’s first major
soccer league to start up following a

two-month pause due to the coronavirus
do they have fake fake audiences i
have not heard i i have to check that
out so far no
in greece more than 500 public beaches

reopened today as the country
experienced its first heat wave of
the year beachgoers were required to
keep their distance as officials
stipulated how many people could be on
the beach and exactly how far apart

umbrellas needed to be
yes the beaches are back open the
opening beaches is the first major
easing of greece’s coronavirus lockdown
to date it has had just a fraction of
the cases of many neighboring countries

including turkey
starting tomorrow greeks will be allowed
to attend church
and tourism officials hope to welcome
back foreigners in july
no wow so they got nothing going on it’s

not is underreported nobody wants to
talk about greece why they have less
maybe there’s something they’re taking
they may be taking up a prophylactic
like uh

hydroxychloroquine is it possible nah
can’t be could never that doesn’t work
the shit doesn’t work you need rem
disappear that’s the one that keeps you
alive somewhat longer i don’t know you
need the approved one
uh coved brazil pbs brazil we are really

doing a run around brazil’s health
minister resigned last night after just
one month on the job the shake-up comes
as the number of coronavirus
infections in brazil continues to rise

nelson taisha did not provide a reason
for his resignation but it came just a
day after brazilian president jair
pressured him to accept the use of
chloroquine to treat coping 19 patients
the drug which is used to treat malaria

has been praised as a therapeutic for
the new disease by bolsonaro and
president trump
though it lacks scientific support
brazil has become an epicenter of the
coronavirus outbreak setting daily

records for infections each of the last
three days
on friday the health ministry confirmed
more than fifteen thousand new
despite relatively low rates of testing
if i may compliment you

it takes a real professional to hold on
to a
surprise edit clip until the very end of
the show i
i commend you sir that was well done
very good

i got you off guard yes you did not out
of it
you made me feel good overseas in china
officials said they marked one full
month with no new cova deaths
but vulnerable populations like here in

are bracing for a blow in this crowded
home to one million rohingya muslims the
first coronavirus case was confirmed
just today

huh there you have it yeah
well i thought our boots on the ground
from wuhan was better
well anything is better at least we got
people on the ground in wuhan

well is that the same guy wrote as the
note initially when this whole thing
broke open yes yes yes yes that’s the
guy yeah
we’re good we have some of the best i

was let me just check and make sure i
didn’t miss any of these uh at the
worsting home
nursing home the wuhan i want to thank
dr disorder for uh
sending us our no agenda mask not the

ones we ordered but he there was a
cancellation so he sent
the keeper wants the 1984 mask which is
coming i hope
she wants to proudly wear that which is
a good one

um i think yeah
these are all be good i do i could play
a little moro with the biden i could
play the shields and brooks on the pbh

let’s get out of here on something happy
that’s happy
okay what is it it’s
just too depressing from the same side
of the political agenda

standing in their in their homes and one
of them worried sick the other one too
old to care
let’s listen to shields and brooks uh
and it reveals that joe biden
is a very transparent person the the

culture they describe is certainly the
culture i knew when i was
covering senator biden and the person i
know him to be and
it raises more skepticism about the

i would say this and in addition there’s
a politico report looking into some of
terrorite’s past allegations in other
cases other parts of her life
and i think the bottom line is if you
were a person who was

saying should this issue be a problem
for me in voting
for joe biden i think the arrow has
moved into less of a problem we don’t
know that it didn’t happen
we we can’t know that but certainly the

the degree of skepticism has to be a
little higher because of this reporting
and mark i mean you’re somebody who’s
covered the city for a long time you’ve
walked the halls of the
the senate office buildings but what do
you come away with here

well i come away first of all with great
admiration for both police and dan
i mean 74 people on the record uh is
remarkable that
meant a couple hundred calls they had to

make uh to get that
okay now what i wanted to while i played
that clip because i was gonna play a
series of clips where they pbs i’ll
play maybe play it next thursday they
took their two lisa desjardins some

other guy
and they went and they investigated lisa
is not a yes
they spent a fortune um
investigating the tara reads story by

talking to old staffers and they talked
it they tried to
contact 200 people and they contacted 75
and got
or got 75 on the record and
shields is impressive they got 75 people

on the record to
to do full interviews and i’m as i’m
listening to the one overlooked
fact here is that the new york times and
the washington post

do stories with nobody on the record
they don’t talk to 200 people right
they don’t talk to anybody and they have
just as sources somebody thinks that
somebody heard
somebody else said something about

something no they talked to the campaign
about it that
that’s what they did and they removed a
part of their reporting that talked
about the pattern of him
fondling and touching people which was
not a problem at all

so you end up with the anomaly where pbs
just a tv show it’s not even any good

get 75 people to talk on their record
about a specific thing
and the newspapers who have people that
are supposed to be doing this making a
lot of phone calls
they get nobody for anything it’s

well i just thought it was it was
remarkable that then pbs they
why they have to do that many people
what was that what are they trying to
and did they talk about any of their
research or is that the series of clips

you want to do that on
you want to do that now the series of
clips well yeah we have time i’ll do the
series of clubs let’s start there’s only
three of them okay
and the the longest one is the first one
and we’ll play that two months ago
allegations arose accusing former vice

president joe biden of sexual assault
tara reid who in 1993 worked in the
office of
then senator biden said that he
assaulted her

biden has categorically denied the
allegations which now face
examination from the public our own dan
bush and lisa desjardins
did extensive reporting talking to 74
former biden staffers to learn more

about the vice president
the culture in his offices and their
thoughts on the allegations
the two join me now to share what
they’ve learned hello to both of you
and i’m going to turn to you both but

to you to begin take us through what you
and and what you learned in all from
talking to all these people
yeah judy we reached out to uh tried to

reach out to some 200 former biden
of that we were able to have in-depth
interviews with some 74 of them
now 62 of these former staffers were

and to a person judy those women told us
they had never had
any experience that was uncomfortable
with the former vice president or had
ever heard of any experience it was
or worse many of them said they had

spent time with him alone
during work hours and that they had they
wanted to say that they
most of them didn’t want to reflect on
whether what tara reed is saying is true

or not
but they did say that it did not reflect
their experiences at all
especially in a workplace that dan and i
both heard from them
they felt empowered women that’s right
lisa i would add to that also that a lot

of the former staffers
we spoke to said that while they never
felt uncomfortable
they did confirm what we all know about
joe biden which is
his history his habit of reaching out

making physical contact with people he
speaks to touching them we spoke to
people who said at the time of this it
was known about biden
that he would rub your shoulders squeeze

your shoulders give people hugs
and kisses and again while the people we
spoke to said that they themselves
didn’t feel uncomfortable
they did acknowledge that vice former
vice president

biden doesn’t seem to have strong
a strong social signal in terms of when
that kind of contact
is wanted or not that came up last year
on the campaign trail

and now again here oh
man now they did dig up two
interesting little tidbits which are i
don’t know if they’re important or not
and they’re trying to they’re really

going out of their way to protect biden
is the candidate let’s face it no
kidding yeah let’s listen to
clip two and lisa you also uh uncovered

new details that reflect on tara reed’s
allegation that
she says she was forced out of the
office because she
complained about uh being uncomfortable
about this sexual

uh incident uh tell us exactly what you
learned about that and why it matters
well tara reid said that she complained
about previous sexual harassment
in the office and that after she

she says she was retaliated against and
for in a couple of ways and that that
eventually forced her out of the office
we spoke to the man who shared an office

with her
his name is ben savage they worked
together on constituent
mail ben savage told us that
actually it was a performance problem
with tara reid

that he himself raised two supervisors
in some cases he said
she was throwing out constituent
important records of constituent mail
and that the problem was bad enough that
he raised it to supervisors

he believes that’s why she left and
here’s some of the interview that i had
with him over the phone
and of all the people who held that
position she’s the only one during my
time there

who couldn’t necessarily keep up who
felt or who found it frustrating
we of course reached out to tara reed
she declined our request for an
interview but her
attorney did give us detailed responses
to our questions among them

to this exact issue he said that story
is flat wrong
here is what doug wigtor wrote us in
response he wrote miss reed recalls that
there was a lot of nitpicking regarding
her performance in the office

she was also very nervous at that point
and distracted so it’s possible that
from time to time there was a mistake
but her performance had nothing to do
with her termination
and judy we do know that reed worked in

that office for about nine months
wait a minute she says she was i thought
she left she was terminated
yeah um well then there’s a then there’s
a termination letter and there’s

something there that i have
somebody’s to have some documentation
for this and by the way
how what kind of a job are you going
through mail
this is not a complicated job that you
can’t oh she can’t keep up

come on with bull crap i worked in the
government discussion
did they uh now how was this report
presented this is it this is the
presentation of their findings or they
have a package or

no no there’s no package but there’s a
little bit of a package in this last
clip where this guy goes on to
which i have to explain after the
presentation this is the
part three and and dan you also learned

new information from reed’s attorney
about the location that tara reid
says is where joe biden assaulted her so
tell us about that

that’s right judy reid’s attorney
provided us with new information
about this assault this alleged assault
saying that reid claims that it took
place somewhere between

the russell building where biden had an
office at the time
and the u.s capitol building we want to
show you
what these spaces look like so this is
the hallway where biden’s office was
it’s essentially unchanged to now

to get to the capitol you go down a
flight of stairs
and then take a tunnel where there’s a
subway that takes lawmakers to the
building now anybody who has been to

this part of the capital knows that
there are a lot of people moving through
these spaces especially when congress is
in session
lawmakers their aides reporters there’s
a police presence

as well and what a lot of these former
biden staffers told us
is look these are public places uh
if this allegation is true if it took
place it would have been

extremely brazen judy because the
that it would have been seen by someone
was very high
man if well i
gotta give you an explanation of what

these showed first he showed the big
long hallway
there was nobody there then he showed a
spot where there’s that little
little subway system and there’s a crowd
there and then he showed another shot

there was
zero people he’s going on and on about
all the people
in these photos helping the empty photo
empty empty corridors
well um i don’t know what happened we
we will not know we’ll never know

believe all women
whatever uh the fact of the matter is
look here’s the deal
joe biden is not qualified to run for
it’s a sham i don’t know what’s going on

i don’t know why they’re doing this
it makes no sense and i would
hope that we remember the people who
were speaking so
glowingly and lovingly about joe biden

about his experience and what a great
president he’ll make
in these days specifically because i’d
like to talk to those people

after whatever happens happens because
it’ll become apparent that this was a
scam whether he gets in office or not is
going to be a parent
yeah i don’t get it personally i don’t

know what what’s the point of it
unless it’s just to put somebody in the
vice president’s slot that you know you
can’t get elected
uh amy klobuchar be a good example no
one’s voting for her she did poorly in
all the

uh primaries uh but you can get her in
as president and she’d be a good
and as long as she’s a globalist it’s
good to go
i mean they’re trying to get a globalist
back in the in the office and get back

on track here of
turning the country over or national
sovereignty should be turned over to a
one-world government that’s obviously
what’s going on
and there are people that advocate for
that and that’s the corona thing is all

about that
well i i i think joe biden is right i
think he’s very smart he stays in his
basement i think it’s very
uh intelligent of his campaign they do
not let

any outsiders in from comcast or any
smart people who are going to come in
and fix their sound
because the likelihood of him being
killed is high right now
certainly in the corona period we’d have

a great excuse
i i fear for joe’s life at this point
there’s no way
anyone who was running any show at the
democratic national party or the
democratic party
thinks that this guy is actually going

to be something worth anything as a
it’s just i i i just totally
disagreement with you
you’re speaking from a logical
perspective as if the democrats are
logical i’m i’m waiting for you

i i just think they’re illogical i think
they’re they’re sincere
i think they sincerely think this guy’s
going to be a great president
they’re keeping most of the gaffes out
of the public eye so that so the public

doesn’t notice
and so we can get in they they believe
their own publicity so when they see a
post poll that says that biden’s going
to beat trump by 10 points they all
i think they believe it i don’t think

they they think that is bull crap
i think well this guy’s a winner this
guy can beat trump that’s all we want
this guy can beat trump yeah maybe he
won’t be the best guy
but he can beat trump and he’s a good

guy he’s one of ours he’s one of our
guys and he’s next on the list and he’s
the guys
up next up the bat no matter what
strategy you look at
it’s apparent that uh people are being
chosen around him

or so or selected or people are getting
ready in case
he either dies in office and
okay we disagree on this but the way
this is being run

and if you’re telling me that the people
who run the dnc i’m not talking about
democrats i’m talking about the
the prostitutes on television they’re
just doing what they’re told to do i’m
sure they believe
but this to me sounds like a setup for

someone who is not nominated someone who
is not running
someone who is going to have to come in
and save the day when something bad
happens to joe
that is a scenario that has to be looked
at well that brings hillary back into

the mix
thank you very much that’s all i can
think of
and if if not that then yeah then people
are just
delusional because this man is not

for any kind of public office the right
any kind of public office well hillary
again is the one that
could be targeting the whole thing she
could be behind everything i mean their

their machine still exists
and there’s a lot of support for it and
it i think the general public in the
united states will get
extremely irked at this point
if hillary swoops in because i i think

they’re going to see
the whole thing was it was a setup
what’s the point what is that what’s
wrong with the democrats that they can’t
find anybody how about this first
scenario wait a minute let me

she’s flying over hold on you got to be
careful once you
those low flyby she does are a little
dangerous feel the flapping of her wings
aiming for

trump’s hair so how about this
how about we choose an african-american
woman for vice president
joe croaks then we get hillary as

president black hillary as vice
how does hillary get in well if joe

is he going to crook before or after no
no no before the nomination of course
before yeah of course before the
announcement he’s gonna have to croak
within the next two months
and the clock is ticking the biden
cro croak countdown clock has started

t minus two months i hope not
but i don’t know well i hope not too i’d
rather see joe in it
much more entertaining much more much

more entertaining
uh that is it for our deconstruction for
today we have end of show mixes uh
coming up
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on no agenda until then adios
so groups of people standing outside an
ice cream parlor or

maybe they’re playing pickup basketball
sharing a sidewalk on a nice day
weeks ago these were everyday activities
but the coronavirus
has changed everything if i see

that i don’t think is right especially
now i’m going to challenge it
social distancing complaints are drawing
shame on social media
and calls to the police corona
corona corona virus corona virus

corona virus coronaviruses like this
i don’t know i don’t know i don’t know
let’s listen to the scientists vaccine

vaccine or no vaccine with the mask on
it’s most dangerous
social distance it’s contagious
don’t be stupid or amazing
while driving entertain us

building gates crouching focusing
quarantine ochioche

don’t be stupid

the neil ferguson imperial college model
shacked up with his mistress when he was

supposed to be yes
sheltered in place yeah that’s the one
and you recall that he built these
not on rock and roll but on 13 year old

don’t you remember he built
his bottles he put
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