No Agenda Episode 1249: “KBALL One”

no agenda from northern Silicon Valley
where I was going for the cops gonna

knock you to the ground and I can’t
figure out why I’m John Cena boy what is
that story must be something that

happened in in your neighborhoods the
video that’s going around where these
just huge solange of cops are marching
forward and some old fart hmm no in his
70s I think cops knocked him on his ass

but they no one ever noticed that his
old guy was standing in the way of these
cops and he was made a lunch for one of
the cops guns actually it was there’s a

lot of information how’s that mean the
hell stop that it’s the same damn
spammer there’s a lot of information
that that was staged and that there’s

some evidence photographic evidence that
the guy had a fake blood kit who were
the tube running up his back to his ear
so when he fell down and and immediately
those blood coming or it looked like

there was blood coming out of his ear
and this guy apparently is some kind of
agitator you think but but to go to that
length is pretty extreme I thought that
was I like interesting yeah yeah yeah so

that’s actually in the show notes so
people are the cops got fired anyway oh
that’s what that was this morning this
somebody said they did I mean I don’t

know for a fact who and surprised me a
thing that is very important as multiple
people have asked me to remind you I
believe some have even sent to the PIO

b12 vitamin boxes for you have you
received have you taken are you good to
yeah I’ve got two in my mouth
piqué vitamin booster when your mouth

one in the hand it’s nice that many but
do you dissolve them don’t you just
swallow them
well the b12 methyl is supposed to be
kind of it’s not sublingual but you’re

supposed to chew it and get a lot of
saliva mixed in with it okay you could
have just swallowed straight up it’s
less effective you could have done that
before the show now it kind of sounds
like you got marbles in your mouth well

I wouldn’t have you’re the one who says
I always take two vitamin b12 before the

show yeah so I’m looking at the ball cuz
I’m coming upstairs with the tea yeah
and I said let me take tooth before this
show and see what that does

that’s what I did but unfortunately now
they’re gone I don’t know you know well
we’ll know in an hour or so how it’s
man I had an interesting 48 hours coming

off of that email bomb that that are you
finally clear well not exactly all clear
but I gotta say mark void 0 man to the

middle of the night cuz of course he’s
seven hours later than than I am here in
Austin he’s in the north of the
Netherlands and he helped me mitigate
you know setup email server I’m just but

holy crap this was very severe and
everyone I’ve spoken to says that
someone absolutely had to pay money to
set this up to do this and typically

these types of attacks where you just
get subscribed to all these horrible
lists and and really spam devices it’s
typically done when someone steals your

account info such as your bank account
records or some other some other
information with a password and they’ve
stolen that and they want to obfuscate
the password reset email that you

so I did spend an inordinate amount of
time looking through about a hundred and
thirty thousand emails if there wasn’t
anything with jibt in there which I

couldn’t find so and nothing seems to
have been that’s a very good idea very
very time-consuming it really robbed me
as time so that yes it sure did is you

will never get that time back is worse
than one of my clips so I got one really
so one of these guys sent me a note one
of our producers and he says he got the

same it’s called subscription bomb
mm-hmm or a subscription attack and he
says that he says was triggered I don’t
know if you got this note would you

probably couldn’t find it if it find all
of them no but he says that his was
triggered by his okay cuz he tracked it
down he spent weeks I guess to figure
out how they heard has happened cuz he

didn’t do anything to anybody right but
he says he figures it was from hitting
an unsubscribe button yeah and it was it
was just a nefarious thing it’s like you

hit the unsubscribe button to sell
really and then they just black that you
get it when and as a database yeah you
get sent to the database and everything
gets you know you get subscribed to
everything yeah yeah I’ve long since
learned it’s not a good idea to hit the

unsubscribe button in your email it’s
always do what you want and it’s a
perfect security flaw it’s perfect for
that hey I just sent the bullcrap email
to a hundred million people and look

better people alive because they hit
unsubscribe good we got a live one add
to the database good to go well there’s
exactly now what is kind of fun is that
we’ve implemented Demark and SPF records

which is there’s really something Google
put together and I know well I know why
they say they did it but it has a couple
of extraneous side effects that benefit
Google and so in wait what what happens

now through a process with as I said
Demark SPF Demark and DKIM
and there goes the audience now the they
like this

in fact the audience seems to have told
me about most of this interestingly
enough that you can actually verify who
sent an email on behalf of Adam at curry
calm or yeah

there’s a number of ways you can
actually track it back and so there’s a
couple of big WordPress installs that
got hit and subscribe me and sign me up
for the whole bunch of websites so we’re
contacting them because we can now track

exactly what time the emails came in
they can track it back and see what IP
address registered that and so we may
actually be able to find out what IP
address it came from which could be kind

of fun but I have little hope anyone’s
ever going to get tracked down there in
a VPN yeah you know I use a VPN a lot
and just the lighten things up just for

a second if when you use a VPN you’re
always risking the following this is my
clip that’s not I’m not much of a risk
but the problem with a VPN clip okay

Manasa would re not Carol off yes I
posted on your products at after king of
Islamic inverse a Casio inside cat or a
Buddhist Prada watch oh and how did you

get that and that was that a problem
otherwise other than I don’t know what
you to they play you of 30 second
Ukrainian had high production values

there in Ukraine huh really nice they
did there’s a Russian ad that I got that
was for some one of the telephone one of
these cell phone games the battleship

war the battleships or something it was
pretty exciting
so really interesting I watched through
the whole thing it was interesting
enough that’s fantastic anyway so it
still will take a couple more days to

flip I was gonna say the reason why
Google I think part of the benefits to
them implementing this type of thing is
that you can no longer use your Gmail
and and just say oh I’m sending it as

Adam at curry calm and just reply to
a reply there it gets forwarded to Gmail
you can’t do that anymore unless you

have an actual account on that server so
you can yeah you can set up an alias if
you have an account on that server not
not if you just want to put the reply to
remember that was really easy or a tilde

well the reply to is the Weymouth is a
way to do it yeah but the spoof is but
you can no longer say it’s from you know
let’s say John at curry comm if you
don’t have an account so you know you

will always be stuck at anything that
has to be registered to your Gmail
otherwise they won’t let you do it
so then it is it is to combat spoofing
but talk man this or then and there was
another thing we ran into which we only

figured out as we were configuring my
email void 0 and I that two of the main
certificate authorities and they have a
central certificate which is usually

good for 10 years so two of these
expired on May 30th and a lot of people
didn’t know mainly because it’s a Sunday
when dudes named Ben are probably not

always on the case and so if you look
around the net there’s all kinds of
certificate errors taking place now and
we had it on on our mp3 files on the
email it’s just any way more than anyone

wants to know you’re absolutely right
however I did go to a fun meetup
yesterday here in Austin Texas which was
the five 112 local yeah how many people

I was I made a mistake I thought now
I’ll just go by I’ll show up around 2:30
it started at 2:00 I’ll say hi to

you know usually about 8 or 10 people
there and yeah just hang out have a beer
we had to sit outside anyway there was
95 degrees you can’t sit inside it’s a
Doc’s backyard and yet cuz of Corona

well there must have been 35 or 40
people including a party bus with 10
people that drove up from San Antonio it
was like what what happened all of a

sudden and new people John new people
and I hold the whole slew from from San
Antonio was fantastic it a really good
time but of course I

much more time there than I should have
and you know kind of ran into the late
hours on prepping but so cool well this
reminds me of the video going around the
net showing the cosmopolitan casino open

oh yeah and and it’s packed I was
talking to Dame Angela she says this
packed no one’s known social distancing
and we’re open it’s not only packed no

social distancing and no masks one mask
at the very beginning of the video and
which confirmed to me that there was
actually it was it was not an old video
and so I got some notices from some some

guys that work in the Vegas gaming
industry and one of them said that sense
they’ve relaxed in Vegas and and he’s in

yeah he says that and he’s a industry
he says the coin in is the highest
they’ve ever seen and that of course
refers to slot machines yeah or anything

where just a coin you put it in and so
the coin and he says was the highest
ever I got also I mentioned in a tweet
that I tweeted which is I they don’t let
you take pictures of these casinos and

somebody corrected me on that telling me
that years ago they relax that so you
can go walk because people selfies you
couldn’t stop that anymore couldn’t stop
but no way to so some guy this guy just

walked through the casino with taking a
movie and the place was indeed packed so
I don’t know I mean this changes my
whole perspective on what’s gonna happen
when they reopen sporting events like a

football game for example at a college I
think they’re already set they’re
already done they’ve got to do the fake
crowd noise that this there isn’t
especially football now I don’t want

college but the NFL they’re they’re
under complete control by black lives
matter right now and I predict you right
now the Colin Kaepernick will be forced
to play by if some team will be forced

to hire them maybe even the Vikings for
all I know now he’s not gonna play he’s
going to play they’re going to force the
issue one of these Trump friend white
nationalists a hold not

see white owners handbook but you can go
on and on all you want but the guy can’t
play anymore he’s over the hill
oh how little you know John Brodie back
how little you know of this movement

these people are relentless relentless
this was the time this is a reminder
Kaepernick won’t but doesn’t want to
I mean Kaepernick set up that scam with

the NFL where he’s gonna try out for all
these teams and they’re gonna put it in
the you know some stadium an event he
cancelled it and decided to his own
photo shoot by himself because he’s

never gone you can’t take off know that
he wasn’t that good to begin he doesn’t
have the weight that’s the problem no
I’m putting it in my own workout why hit
that’s it

I’m putting it in my own book okay get
your book out and this yeah when yours
books you bought one yes cap to play NFL
it will people be a condition it will
bake conditions of black lives matter

hey man they’re getting politicians
celebrities to kneel and repent so this
doesn’t surprise me that that they’ll
get the that they’ll push for this now

maybe Kaepernick won’t start but he’ll
be will be hired chief won’t store be
hired sure already hired you’ll be hired
oh yeah but before we do that as a as a
hello welcome to Walmart guy okay look

it’s in the book I have my ideas you
have your ideas well just leave it that
I do want to yes listen to start early
okay I’ll pay very close attention to

you so already I’m dumb I smack and here
is a smack your lip okay not supposed to
jump on me for mentioning it well it was
for one-two punch did okay okay

I never said you were dumb either so
you’re just you put words in my mouth
you’re a mind-reader

welcome how it goes going to go out
there and get killed if he gets I didn’t
say he would play well or not get killed

on now that would be a dad that would be
a good publicity
he’s going to get hired and he’ll get
killed okay on the field that we can
keep it at that so everywhere we’re
seeing medical professionals now coming

out and saying different things on one
side we have people actually interested
in health and medicine and they are
studying and seeing that things are
changing with the virus as a medical

story this is very optimistic news you
know actually that’s not the one I
wanted that’s a stupid guy damn it
I had the the virus is getting as

getting less where the hell does that go
yeah the virus is getting weaker isn’t
that interesting
okay here it is changing actually recent
reports from northern Italy indicate

that the SARS Toby – virus that is what
causes kovat 19 illness and infection
may be changing with some patterns
suggesting that the potency has

diminished this well for pandemic – does
it there’s lots of things to be done

still anecdotally what we’ve been seeing
in recent positive cases that is people
who test positive for the virus is that
the total amount of the virus that the
patient has is much less than in earlier

stages of the pandemic also the number
of new kovat 19 ill patients that we’ve
had the place on a ventilator has
decreased since the last week of April

we see all of this as evidence that the
kovat 19 cases are less severe than when
this first started here’s a couple of

doctors from the University of
Pennsylvania Medical Center recent
reports from northern Italy indicate
this is Coby – virus that is hit early
also says ear disease that’s not the

same guy though that’s a different guy
he said ear de lis know it that was the
same clear you know it’s a different
clip I know it was the same guy in the
same clip the same it early well this is
the full clip now that’s weird

we’ve tested widely here including using
our own UPMC derive test
and other tests that perform very highly
seeking to understand what’s happening
in our communities before the virus

arrived after it arrived and right now
and this helps inform us on what we need
to do our goal is to give you the best
care and to understand what the threat

of the virus is anecdotally what we’ve
been seeing in recent positive cases
that is people who test positive for the
virus is that the total amount of the
virus that the patient has is much less

than in earlier stages of the pandemic
also the number of new kovat 19 ill
patients that we’ve had the place on a
ventilator has decreased since the last

week of April yeah I don’t know what
happened there it’s sometimes it goes
right to me all that the point was I
just messed it all up I was I was going

to play what the other people are saying
fuck it do you do something you’ve
confused me I got one when was this
let’s ask you a question what was it was
one member one time in New York there

was a thousand dead yeah one day yeah
and there remember yeah and then and
that was in understand well maybe we
should start back in that coma says no
no there’s gonna be we’re still waiting

for the surge
let’s take place in mid April yeah okay
yeah well let’s listen to Cuomo’s
yesterday’s press conference where is
singing a different tune all of a sudden

we went from a thousand to what today is
a day of good news we have
one of the lowest hospitalization rates
since this began and really good news we

have the lowest death rate it’s down to
35 I’ve been asking all the experts who
will talk to me what is the lowest that

number can go and when it gets this low
it’s really a question of how their what
they’re attributing as the cause of

death in other words you have people who
are gravely ill who are going to die of
something and if they get the covert

virus they attribute it to the covert
when it gets down this low it’s it’s
really a question of what that hospital

certifies as a cause of death so we’d
like to see nobody die in the state of
New York ever so what we actually have
negative deaths because they’re just

making it up what the hell that’s what
he said if you listen to the whole clip
where he gets to the end he says in New
York we want to have no deaths ever yeah
is this him not signaling the hospitals

to okay we can stop the scam now didn’t
he literally say didn’t he literally say
it depends on how you code it yeah I
want to hear it again that one part what

they’re attributing as the cause of
death what is the lowest that number can
go and when it gets this low it’s really
a question of how they were what they’re

attributing as the cause of who are
gravely ill I mean the guy is basically
saying guys well it depends he may be

saying coded up a little bit I don’t
know who knows what his agenda is no
like no the I think the message was
clear at the end he says we want no
deaths he’s telling him to pull the plug

on the scam yeah well you get a clip of
the day for that one
totally missed out clever the day
but he reveals the scam Oh way you know
it’s the way they coded it he reveals

the scam which we have revealed for the
last two months it’s a little close hi
rios yeah and i’m an again we found
people that said well you know they keep

pressuring us to stay covert when it
wasn’t covert the guy died of a heart
attack but to put kovat but also this
comes at a very interesting time
coincidentally as another issue that

we’ve been looking at and have declared
to be incorrect and wrong yes we went
against science and were often
excoriated for it turns out yes we

actually can read medical journal
entries and we can make a conclusion as
well the mainstream media narrative
against the use of hydroxychloroquine is

quickly falling apart the recently
published Lancet study which has been
used by many to denounce
hydroxychloroquine is now being
retracted by its own authors over
serious concerns about its scientific

credibility if you wondering why i chose
this as a clip that’s because the only
two outlets that will report the story
are fox news and a1 american news this
was the study has been plagued with

controversy since it was released with
numerous doctors and scientists around
the world coming forward to refute its
claims as wildly exaggerated as a result
of The Lancet study in numerous
countries including France Belgium and

Italy as well as the w-h-o all suspended
trials of hydroxychloroquine or outright
banned its use in treating coronavirus
patients now however the study is being
formally retracted after independent

reviewers were unable to verify its
highly questionable results that is not
true I disagree with that the the reason
why it was withdrawn is because they

gave the implication that it was and I
think the conclusion was that
hydroxychloroquine does not help but
what they didn’t say or what they didn’t
do is actually try the test with zinc

they only tried it with an antibiotic
and without an antibiotic so they didn’t
actually perform the correct test yet
they yes well there’s more to it than

that the group that did all that
the better para that’s the better part
that the group was about eight people
and two of them were adult film stars
which sounds like a fun fun place to

work at honest that’d be great
the main complaint after quitting hours
eight by the study was that
hydroxychloroquine caused heart
complications but that claim was refuted
by the American Heart Association itself

which other way there were two studies
that were um that was drawn and that was
only one of them the other one was
published in the New England Medical
Journal Journal of Medicine hold on a

second stop we’re talking about to the
tooth issue the most prominent yeah
medical research journals period they
are the number one and to operations and

they both screwed it up and why would
they do that because of political
pressures amongst the Millennials that
worked there that’s where this Kant
comes from well in addition to that I
will say that probably a good 50% if not

more of all the studies published in
these journals are not reproducible the
science ice know it the scientific field
knows it this it’s called the
reproduction problem and they all know

that they’re full of crap and lying and
it’s coming to roost these guys got away
easy because who cares some company is
probably gone by now it doesn’t even
exist only on paper but yeah this this

is total total fraud both the main
complaint made by the study was that
hydroxychloroquine caused heart
complications but that claim was refuted
by the American Heart Association itself

which found no increase in heart
complications whatsoever dr. Gould
confirmed these findings explaining the
drug was only problematic for patients
who had known issues with heart disease
something any doctor prescribing the

medicine would already be aware of
following the retraction of the study
the World Health Organization’s been
owned it studies the hydroxychloroquine
for treatment of coronavirus patients
after president Trump’s endorsement that

California State Medical Board sent a
letter to physicians across the state
warning them against using it it’s not
clear how the Lancet studies retraction
will affect doctors in the US but dr.
Gould says there are a lot of patients

around the country who could be helped
today if more doctors were allowed to
freely prescribe this medication some
people probably died because of these

Asians very possibly very possibly
actually now you know I could go to
Costco and just talk to like maybe ten
people and find someone who could do a
better read than that guy but they may

not look as as buff as he does he looks
the part he’s just a horrible horrible
reader he may be a robot for all I know
sounds like a robot it’s a good looking

robot yeah so we have you know the
situation now where everything’s you
know it seems like the virus is
diminishing in strength which would mean
that it probably wouldn’t come back at

all although I’m pretty sure we all know
now that Paula political activists will
do anything they can and they’re spread
out throughout the entire world we got

people yelling F Trump in in the UK in
the Netherlands
I knew that voters they’re not voters
but it’s you know it’s all used in fact
well the absentee voter in the UK and

they’re very influenced by locals and
well that’s may lose that’s true some of
those boats just back to the the NFL and
and really you know at this point we

have to agree that many many pieces of
the mainstream media many people are
complicit and it is impossible that Jake
Tapper can can play this clip in these

particular times while interviewing Ben
Carson the brain surgeon who and it for
this case it matters that he’s a Doss

who is the secretary of HUD her Housing
and Urban Development and actually gets
into this conversation I remember we

have coronavirus we got people outside
we got the protesting rioting black
lives matter and of course we need to
connect that to Trump I’m telling you my
Kapernick prediction is not far off

listen to this clip when somebody
disrespects our flag
say get that son of off the field right
now the President reiterated Friday that
he still opposes those who protest

police brutality by kneeling during the
national anthem you’ve said you support
peaceful protests do you support NFL
players exercising that right to
peacefully protest by kneeling during

the anthem have you ever seen two people
and a vehement argument and they’re
talking about completely different
things and they’re talking past each
other and they’re not able to come to a
solution that’s what this is all about

there are some people who are talking
about the flag we’re talking about our
veterans we’re talking about people who
sacrifice their lives we’re talking
about police officers and there are

others who are talking about injustice
in the system and they’re arguing past
each other that’s the problem I don’t
disagree with what you’re saying and I
don’t particularly personally have a

policy point on this but what do you
think about the right of NFL players to
do this I mean the president called them
sons of bitches hold on and that is he
did it now in his own segment and I like

calling him out the president did not
call the players sons of bitches he did
not say all players who kneel are sons
of bitches oh no I’m sorry all black

players who Neal are sons of bitches
never even mentioned race well let’s
just listen again when somebody
disrespects our flag to say get that son
of Dolf appeal get that son of a bitch

off the field if they disrespect the
flag but tapper turns it in two layers
to do this I mean the president called
them sons of bitches come on man it’s
bullshit that’s this is it this is a

political activist not a journalist just
heard that the clip for taking a knee
and peacefully protesting police
brutality that’s what they were trying
to do and in fact Colin Kaepernick

originally would sit during the national
anthem because he was on the sidelines
that wasn’t because he was protesting he
was kicked out he was dumb no good and

that is not true that’s how it started
he was on the sidelines on the bench
that is absolutely how it rude way
before headon started to kneel that was
a vet who came over and said hey man
maybe you should kneel that was yeah he

was on but he wasn’t on the bench
because he wasn’t playing he was when
they start when they do the national
anthem all the players get up and stand
they didn’t leave one guy in the bench
because he wasn’t playing respectfully

disagree because we deconstructed this
whole episode on mole facts and he was
sitting on the bench because he was not
being played that’s how it started was

he sitting on the bench in protest no of
course he wasn’t sitting in protest but
that’s what right I would I would argue
this point listen to what they’re saying
is you just heard the the clip for

taking a knee and peacefully procreative
NFL players to do this I mean the
president called them sons of bitches
you just heard that the clip for taking
a knee and peacefully protesting police

brutality that’s what they were trying
to do and in fact Colin Kaepernick
originally would sit during the national
anthem okay he was on the bench and it
was his girlfriend who started this all

off I mean I’m just telling you I’m just
telling ok protest was not while he was
sitting on the bench the point is is
that during the national anthem all the

players are standing in a long line with
their hands on their heart or whether or
not there’s nobody sitting on the bench
during the national anthem unless
they’re doing it for some particular

reason and isn’t that so you’re making
my point
you’re not listening you’re making my
point Jake Tapper said he used to sit as
if he was sitting in protest that’s just
not true

did you ever see him sit during the
national anthem I wasn’t paying any
attention to any of this I’m just
telling you the process and I’m telling
you he was sitting during the national
anthem there had to be some reason for

him sitting and if it was sitting
because he wasn’t starting that’s one
thing all right I’m gonna say one more
time we never saw him sit during the
national anthem Jake Tapper makes it

sound like he was sitting in protest
during the
oh no I agree with that argue in that
point well that’s all I’m saying
well you’d make it a sound like he’s
sitting during the national anthem but
I’d have a Napper is saying I said he

wasn’t sitting there okay well the beach
robe hasn’t kicked in clip I’m just
telling you the process the way things

going if he was sitting he was sitting
for some reason yeah because he wasn’t
exactly what I think we’re saying the
same thing but your pee no I don’t think
so because you’re serious oh you and Mo
are saying that he was sitting cuz he

wasn’t starting or his work cuz he was
banchs like that and that was not during
the national anthem astir during the
entire game he never even got to the
lineup didn’t look oh that’s different
that’s what I’m saying Jake Tapper makes

it sound like he was sitting in protest
and he never was oh I can I believe
that’s possibly a thank you thank you
that he was because he’s just pissed
exactly what I said I mean the president

called them sons heard that you said the
clip for taking a knee and peacefully
protesting police brutality that’s what
they were trying to do and in fact Colin

Kaepernick originally would sit during
the national anthem and then a veteran
who was upset about it and Colin
Kaepernick had a dialogue about this a
former Green Beret and they came up with

the idea of Kaepernick taking a name
because that was respectful because
that’s a way that people pray and yet
the president called Kaepernick and
anyone else who engages in that kind of
peaceful protest a son-of-a-bitch my

personal tailor is if those players were
to come out and say we love our nation
we are patriots we love our flag we
honor the memory of those who have died

to give us our freedom but we are
protesting some of the brutality that
has occurred and that’s why we’re doing
this I think it was all the problem and

I suggest that they do that
there you go took much longer than the
smell the stench of China and Nike oh
yeah oh yeah by the way the

controversial clip we just discussed did
bring me a possible end of show I so the
president called them sons of bitches oh
I got an ISO okay which i think is a

little better when I have my series of
Joe Biden clips now well let’s wait
until we get to them but let’s stick
here now you want to hear the devices
fine all right I give one I sell Thank

You Biden thank you for listening we’ve
played that one as an end of show I so
this just came from it from a thing you
just did a couple days okay I’ll find
the it’s almost the exact same of Biden

thank you I don’t think it got bumped
okay here it is here it is I have this

one I’m Joe Biden and thank you for
taking the time to listen okay sim
similar not the same but we did play one
of those ISOs I have an uncanny is a lot
tighter yes it is and I think

sons-of-bitches is by the way why at the
very end of a speech would you say I’m
Joe Biden wait we know who you are well
you do that oh that’s part of the I

approve this message script I just
pulled the approve them to this message
and Joe reads whatever they tell them to
read possible
hello yeah it’s possible he just reason

with that cuz I saw him lose the
prompter on one of these clips I got
he’s just looking at it they blanks out
and then I think it overrides because
the prompter guys falling asleep or just

letting it go that’s gone automatic you
know how that happens
yeah and so I think the prompter went
past his cue and he now he’s reading his
right paw stuff possibly possibly
alright let’s just talk about see we’ve

got masks and muzzles I believe in the
UK so when so when Cuomo gave his little

spiel about the 35 deaths and all the
rest of it
you know what happened where’s all this
you know concern about social dizzy you
got these riots in town that now that

should technically bump up the numbers I
mean we’re talking a lot of people know
social distancing there’s packed packed
in right and that but no one’s
discussing this well yes people are

discussing it and nobody I’ve noticed
well eclipsed yeah I have an open letter
first of all there are definitely a few
people here and they’re saying well we

might see a surge in that two weeks
which by now should be really next week
we should see the surge it’s been 12
days that people have been out not
social distancing well ten days so maybe
four or five more days this week we

should see a surge in several cities
around the country around the world
actually Rotterdam Amsterdam Munich
London London not soon but also London
but big crowds in the in Munich we

should be seeing that if we don’t well
then we can draw our conclusions but the
open letter on referring to did get a
lot of press because of course it was
another one of those 1200 medical

professionals and open letter about the
demonstrations and the key quote is
social justice is more important than
social distancing and I have this letter

here it’s in the show notes this is a
disgusting letter then for number they
don’t care if people die and let me it’s
not as though it’s these brought these

protests are saving lives open letter
advocating for an anti-racist public
health response to demonstrations
against systemic injustice occurring to
the Cova denied teen pandemic most

people would click away right after that
opening sentence because what the hell
did it mean nothing but here’s how their
letter starts on April 30th heavily
armed and predominantly white protesters

entered the State Capitol building in
Lansing Michigan protesting stay home
orders and calls for widespread public
masking to prevent the spread of kovat
19 infectious disease physicians and

public health officials publicly
condemned these actions and privately
mourn the widening rift between leaders
in science and a subset of the
communities they serve as of May 30th we
are witnessing continuing demonstrations

in response to ongoing pervasive and
lethal institutional racism set off by
the killings killings plural of George
Floyd and Brianna Taylor among many are
their black lives taken by police a

public health response to these
demonstrations is
warranted but this message must be
wholly different from the response to
white protestors resisting stay home
orders infectious disease and public

health narratives adjacent to
demonstrations against racism must be
consciously anti-racist an infectious
disease experts must be clear and
consistent in prioritizing an

anti-racist message long story short we
propose the following guidance and they
just say basically it’s okay but wear a

don’t use tear gas smoke or any other
respiratory irritants that could kind of
mess up messed up your Reyes system
prepare for an increased number of
infections in the days following a
protest so we’re waiting for all that

but here’s the rub who signed this
letter who are these 1200 people you’ve
taught us
you’ve taught me to go look at what’s
the mailing list who the hell is on this
this this could be a good list yeah and

this is the part that I don’t think
anyone’s really looking at so I’ll just
go it’s in alphabetical order and so we
have you know a MD MBA Vanderbilt
Medical University Center okay that

makes sense then we have WSU medical
student well glad I’m glad the students
are you know students oh yeah abraham
rice is Abraham’s a title is activist I
mean you can’t make it any crazier it’s

on the letter here Adrian Jones
do you know what her title is the hole
maker african-american that’s your title
your title your title on this letter yes
this thing is F is completely nuts they

just threw it together and threw some
names on there half of them are our
students which is fine but you know you
don’t necessarily I could put the letter
a letter together and go hire a bunch of

these guys who do petitioning you know
there’s guys down in the corner that you
liked it that you give grief to which by
the way that does work your trick you

probably for a guy because you don’t see
these guys so much anymore which one the
no no you’d go to be a guy in the corner
saying you know we’re gonna save the
whales and you’d say I hate

yeah and that does work yes it does I
mean I’ve done it a couple of times now
I just say you know whatever it is I
hate those things and and they just kind

of take one step back and they don’t
give me they don’t try to talk me out of
it or anything they just let me go of
course that guy’s a nut step back that
guy’s crazy

so you can you can hire you can do that
hire a group and then just to have put
their titles down and I’ll bet you that
within that group you’d have pretty much
the same kind of list you’d probably get
a doctor you’d probably get so and you
just move them around on the list

sure so there’s bogus
of course it’s bogus of course it’s
bogus so we do have a couple of a couple
of things to look at regarding these
protests and black lives matter and what

has been going on which is I think
historically just fascinating to witness
and it starts for me with it an email
that was distributed by black lives
matter with Christy Williams I think

what is exactly Christy Williams I’ve
talked about her she is I know she’s is
she just black lives matter mm-hmm have
to figure it out anyway she sent an

email out email blast then this is about
it’s actually called a if you are white
and headed out to protest please make
sure you are doing it correctly here is
the white folks guide to protesting

because you could dis a way to do it
right and there’s a way to do it wrong
you already heard how the medical
professionals are very concerned or at

least the medical professionals on this
note very concerned we have anti-racist
response and make sure we don’t piss
anybody off
so for white people here is a guide to
participating in these protests and I

find this a head shaker quite racist in
fact here it is number one follow calls
only do not initiate or lead calls and
with a call you know it’s like hey hey

ho ho some white guy is guns got to go
your job is to follow an
add your voice when it is called for
number two white people do not take

selfies ask to take pictures of it
videos of individuals if you are there
to witness only film the police as much
as possible your goal is documentation

to ensure that the true narrative is
told number three remember guide for
white folks be helpful and out water and
snacks make sure protest leaders are

hydrated and fed this is exhausting work
help keep their energy up
number four follow a cup of coffee
yes sir follow directions if a black
person tells you to do something you do

it immediately without question you
respect the authority and decisions of
the black protesters at all times that’s
among my favorites five stay in the back

until you are called forward if you hear
or something like you step forward and

link arms with other white people to
form a human shield
it’s called the white people human
shield I guess six when you’re at the
front you are silent your job is to be a

body you are there to support only the
oldest this is a parody there’s got to
be a sad time it is not it is an email
that went around to people in

corporations is not satire it is not
satire maybe it is
it’s pretty good this is I believe this
to be true and the fact that I even
believed it to be true says enough stay

in the back until your call we got that
when you are at the front you are silent
so we got that one
you me yeah I know when you are at the
front you are silent your job is to be a
body they are there to support only the

only voices on the police line should be
black voices seven remain calm at all
times this is difficult you will be
emotional and your system will be
flooded with adrenaline
remember this is life and death for the

protesters save your emotions for a home
do not agitate this is not a game
joining a protest is a serious decision
make sure you are there for the right
reason support the safety of black

protestors at all time this is not a
parody this is the truth this is really
I mean the irony is we have the
protesters with signs saying I can’t

breathe during an actual emergency that
we were led to believe people were dying
because fuck they couldn’t breathe of
Corona this is a very interesting
situation not buying it what that it’s a

real note yeah it’s a real note John and
you don’t have to buy it but it’s a real
note and it and I got it from multiple
producers who received it at work from

colleagues so well that doesn’t mean
it’s not a real no I mean desmi is not a
parody I mean things get passed around
as you know and I know like crazy

especially when there’s incredibly dumb
yeah I mean I did okay I mean you’re not
buying this fine and I’m not buying it

fine I mean since you’re not buying it
allies yeah the light people get to the
front and form a human shield to protect
everyone Adam now that’s that was the
one right there that stopped me wow

sounds like Syria that’s so interesting
that you don’t believe that it that’s
I mean this is exactly what we’re seeing
everywhere it’s this

behavior and and I see these kids are
doing exactly that they’re bringing
blankets and water and doing whatever
they’re told to do do this help the poor
you talk about the staff of the New York

Times no man I’m talking about young
kids who are posting on on Instagram
what are they doing up there they’re
just giving money to what we talked
about to act blue thinking that thing
it’s gonna bail out legitimate

protesters which is not so I believe
this to be true but okay well we’ll see
then we have the email from our producer

in Minneapolis I know if you read this
from Ty in Minneapolis I thought it was
worth reading this one I believe this
email to be true as well

sheriffs who die of course it is Gary my
insight from Minneapolis on the recent
pandemonium I’m one of those mystical
GPRS what is a GPR you ask why that is a
gay black Republican I live in

Minneapolis and I used to live six
blocks from the third Precinct for three
years third Precinct of course is the
where the the cop headquarters got
torched I was off I was also in the

i-35w bridge on Sunday when a semi drove
into a crowd of protesters it would
suffice to say that what’s happening
here over the last 10 days has been
downright bizarre but to me not entirely

surprising the race problem in Neapolis
from my perspective is compounded
largely by one group of residents white
liberals remember this is the GBR
the gay black Republican the vast

majority of my friends are white
liberals and as most know Minneapolis is
often described as one of the most
liberal places in the country something
I always laugh at when someone brings it
up so why is it that this is also one of

the most segregated cities in America
why does it rank at the bottom of
education for students of color
why does so many black people move away
after just a few years if even for that
long well in my estimation the city is

an echo chamber for white liberal virtue
signaling backed often by his little
action as possible so often I hear them
cheering for black lives matter or C
yard signs that say we love our black

and brown neighbors yet
ask the majority of them if they would
go have dinner in one of the black
neighborhoods in the city the answer is
almost and always an awkward OMA truly
asked them if they have black friends if

they don’t have one token which isn’t me
the answer is almost no ask them if they
would be comfortable with a black man
black family moving in next door if you
tell them you went to a store and one of

the black neighborhoods you’ll be met
with Oh Mike so why would you go over
there anyway you guys get the point as
I’ve seen it play out Minneapolis is
largely white largely liberal population
love supporting these causes in theory

so long as it’s not in their backyard
what’s worse there’s a sense of pure
arrogance when you question one of them
about this problem typically met were
the response to the effect of racism in
Minneapolis I don’t think so this is a

deep-blue City the test pit the past 10
days have forced many of these same
residents to question how did we let
this happen here how bad is it really as
well as hopefully finally acknowledging

that masquerading as a liberal utopia is
not an actual solution to our city’s
persistent and potentially fatal flaw
I’d really appreciate that and it is a
perfect lead-in to your mayor Jacob Frye

who is 38 days from so what does that 80
81 or 82 so he’s a he’s not a millennial
he’s an X arisen he’s at Gen X you’re

from 80 early 80s oh I think 82 is when
it begins so he’s running these on the
bone there well if we thin I think it’s

fair to call him a millennial I’m good
with that
he’s G’s is good for it so the crowd has
him out with a mass comm on his knees in
front of the black lives matter speaker

I don’t know exactly who who she is is
this oh no oh this is beautiful now it’s
a little hard to hear in the very
beginning but you’ll you get it so he’s
kneeling kneeling at the commemorative

protest on a knee which is one near to
start one knee one knee but he might as
well have been on too and he he starts

to atone for all for everything
responsive prints with my own brokenness
in this situation my own failures my own

shortcomings that I know
the systemic racist system needs to be

whatever you say it’s not good enough

because there is only one thing they
wanted to hear from him the protestors
and that is defund the police you’re
going to defund the police and you will
say that you will defund the police it’s

a the protis woman who has the megaphone
the microphone she’s on a a boxer so
she’s up high she’s probably you know a
whole body height above him he’s on the

it’s an over-the-shoulder shot which is
phenomenal so she’s looking down on the
mayor and commanding him commanding wow
no pressure by the way listen you guys a
fist up this up is how we do it yes or

no question for you

of course it’s a yes or no and yelling
at the mayor who’s still on his knees

looking up we can’t really see his full
expression because it’s hidden by the
mass lucky for him but she’ll take it
one step further active and very astute
hey man you’re running for election we

need a yes or no answer
you couldn’t hear it but he says no he’s

so yes or no and he says no I will not

this is the saddest thing it is it so
now he’s standing up everyone’s sitting

down on the ground and he’s walking away
as they’re saying jacob frye go home
like he’s the nerd at school and all the
bullies have gathered to point out that

you know he has he he has a spot on his
pants or something and they’re telling
him to go home go home little man go
home jacob frye but of course nothing is
complete without the good old game of

Thrones walk of shame
here comes

that just goes on and he’s walking away

question I have is why a did he put
himself through this why did he agree to
this was he just wandering down the
street when this happened or he
volunteered to go do something what was

he thinking in case you hadn’t noticed
there is no room on the political left
to do this there’s no room on the
spectrum of skin of white to say this
you need to get out man this is crazy

what’s happening and this guy he’s doing
this is a stupidest thing I’ve ever seen
anybody do as a political figure yeah
it’s dead picture of him I can’t even
bring myself to express the disgust I

have for this guy sure but let’s play
this clip which is the Fox this is the
this is the clip I have about what what

is gonna go on because apparently the
City Council overrode him and
Minneapolis police reforms blocks a
little quick mention calls to defund or

lower funding for police across the
country continue to rise up nationally
you’ve got some leaders in Minneapolis
taking things further they want to
completely dismantle the police

department in favor of a new
transformative force that would protect
people apparently after the death of
George Floyd the City Council they are
holding an emergency meeting today and
they reached an agreement with the state

to ban police from using chokeholds
along with some other reforms
I want to mention one thing we forgot
about which is about the Minneapolis

Police this is the department is
obviously incompetent and horrible and
this was just the last of many episodes
if you remember that time then this was

probably about a year ago where the
Minneapolis Police were called out
because some woman had called and a
white woman I think she was at like a
Taurus from Australia white blond
good-looking woman called in saying she

was being raped the cops came over and
shot her
oh that’s not good so I don’t really
remember that yeah they shot it through

the window just gunned her down and I
don’t doubt it at all so the mini a
political ease have a lot of explain in
desert but the a ball abolition or the
defunding what the hell does defund even

me this is a political this is not
people who are cohere full it’s it’s a
political term defund the political code
word yeah it’s in and but so kind of
back to the mayor just well the virtues

signaling by the way drew drew brees
apologize not once yes
twice twice because people are afraid of
their jobs John because one false move
and you are out

I think drew brees got plenty of money
drew brees should quit and retire he’s
already been playing too long he should
just retire and tell them to screw

themselves but he won’t do that now he
wants to play again and it’s he’s not
gonna be any good the LA Galaxy kicked
one of their players off alexandra cuz i
what what’s the name of the team again

the LA Galaxy its you know it’s come on
don’t be a dick
it’s a soccer team in Los Angeles you
know you’ve heard of Beckham maybe a
little football player you’ve heard of

his wife posted something on social
media in I think Ukrainian or Serbian
Serbian and it was just you know about
the protest boom he’s done he’s gone

someone translated it of course the
context of translating something from
Serbian into English may not always go
that well really so yeah he’s gone yeah
they’ve parted ways with him so he’s out

brought in specifically to play they’re
actually Jeff Bezos has to be it has to
personally get out there and explain on
Instagram that he deserves it he

supports black lives matter the
co-founder of Reddit who was married to
Serena Williams 15 years ago I
co-founded reddit as a place for people
to find community and

sense of belonging alright it is long
overdue to do the right thing I’m doing
this for me for my family and for my
country I’m saying this as a father who

needs to be able to answer his black
daughter when she asks what did you do
so I have resigned as a member of the

reddit Board I’ve urged them to fill my
seat with a black candidate and I will
use future gains on my reddit stock to
serve the black community chiefly to

curb racial hate and I’m starting with a
pledge of 1 million dollars to Colin
Kaepernick’s know your rights camp
I believe resignation can actually be an
act of leadership from people in power

right now and to everyone fighting to
fix our broken nation do not stop vite
vite SCAF ænima you won’t know that name
necessarily is a Dutch guy and I ran

across him again with the email issues
as he wrote the post fix email system he
is basically the inventor of the email
whitelist and blacklist and he made a

very important announcement that he
feels in this day and age it is no
longer appropriate to have a blacklist
but for it should be a block list the
white list is okay we keep the white

list but the black list no that’s gotta
go um Billy Eilish you’re a big fan you
know all these old Hollywood guys are
gonna go go on about the old blacklist

stories from the 30s and forth the
convoy 50s the blacklist and the black
listing of Hollywood producers no why
why would they do that why would they do
that that’s the Hollywood that’s a good

way to get on the blacklist
I mean block list Billy Eilish who
doesn’t know her she agrees with people
who have said to her you only won your

Grammys because you’re white she came
out and said that’s right wrong it’s
wrong I have no talent I should not have
won these
I mean well there you may she may have

something there
it’s it’s really quite bizarre and if
you want to understand where this comes
from and we’ve tried to I mean it’s very

not having really been in a university
or school ever but certainly not in the
past 15 to 20 years although we’ve come
across so many postings from parents

saying hey what is this my kids are
learning at grade school but also in
University and look at all the different
courses that are taken and look at the
influence of the donor money where it’s
specific where I can only go to a

certain type of course like gender skits
Studies or racial equality or racial
racial justice all this stuff but now
they’ve taken it to a whole new level
and this is really serious this started
on Saturday on CNN at 10 o’clock this

morning that Saturday morning they had a
special show a full hour with interviews
with Sesame Street Sesame Street ladies

and gentlemen and here’s what your kids
learned they’re gathering together to
protest a protest is when people come

together to show they are upset and
disagree about something they want to

make others aware of the problem through
protesting people are able to share
their feelings and work together to make
things better so far so good that is a

typical Sesame Street wholesome hearty
message which turns ugly soon they are
sad and upset and they have every right

to be Elmo people are upset because
racism is a huge problem in our country
huge Oh
racism is when people treat other people

unfairly because of the way they look of
the color of their skin is not I’m sorry
not the definition of racism and this is

wrong right off the bat you’re teaching
the kids something that is factually
incorrect John what is the definition of
race I don’t have it in front of me but
I do and it mentions something they put

a put a little trick there it was this
is part of us a long term white scheme
to get equal employment for people who
have for example a tattooed face yeah or

a big spike in their nose you really
think that’s their mission you think
that’s the mission John or are they
afraid that the black Americans are

running away from the Democrat Party I
mean do you really think it’s to get the
tattoo people jobs no there’s an element
of that but but your element which you
just described which is this fear of

blacks leaving the Democrat Party is
extreme it’s rampant
the definitions there are they are
freaked out the definition of racism

prejudice discrimination or ant or
antagonism directed against someone of a
different race based on the belief that
one’s own race is superior it is not

what was just said here that is not and
so you’re teaching children incorrect
things racism is when people treat other
people unfairly because of the way they

look or the color of their skin no well
no but not all streets are like Sesame

Street I on Sesame Street we all love
and respect one another across the
country people of color especially in

the black community are being treated
unfairly because of how they look there
their culture race and who they are I
love that he just throws the black

community at all the children like
they’re supposed to know what that means
what we are seeing is people saying
enough is enough they want to end racism
we can start by learning and talking

about what is happening and take action
yeah whatever we do let’s not explain
exactly what racism is and this went on
for an hour and you can only imagine

where it went from there and this is the
by the way that’s public what happened
to Public Television money and why is
that on CNN and how does that work
Sesame Street is not a commercial pro

ball to commercial product but it’s it’s
it is supposed to air on a non no there
was something that happened a couple of
years ago we talked it well they had
five different CEOs that’s what happened
no one could run the thing properly

probably it was there and it was
something going they they move something
to CNN for some particular reason I
can’t remember the story oh really
I don’t remember that yeah we’d escaped
with something screwy into CNN got a gut

some Sesame Street cons they got some
piece of it mmm they just got some
content for something for their morning
morning even I watched it Saturday
morning this time

you can be sure that that was like wow
really really doing that and so if right
off the bat you’re explaining things
differently as racism you know collar
isn’t race they’re not explaining it

right and and just let’s just package
that into four minutes in between two
commercial breaks no way to go everybody
very proud of you
very proud of you I don’t think you’re

pretty to be honest about your paw I was
the only person Plus maybe one other guy
watched it
I can’t believe you really are on you’re
in such a mood today

okay since you say that let’s look at
the ratings for Sesame Street on CNN
okay if they have it I don’t know if
they have it this soon probably an

asterisk dreaded asterisk they don’t
have the ratings yet but it got a lot of
play and I’m sure that uh you know if
they already have something on in the

morning come on kids let’s watch CNN
this morning now the kids probably
probably watch it anyway then this was
promoted know a lot of people heard

about this there’s a lot of good stuff
directed there PBS mornings especially
on Saturday it’s like four channels
since they digitized it so it’s got four
channels now it’s all kid kid stuff and
something’s pretty decent well oh stop I

won’t say anything else but uh yeah I
can’t I can’t find the can’t find the
overnight ratings but I have I think
that more than just me and a couple kids

saw it John and that’s kind of the point
kids I said you and a couple other guys
okay well thanks here’s a hey why not
just do here you can ridicule me for

this I’m gonna play a clip from a former
already enjoying the show why do you
think originally use abusing discard
these people are evil they love misery
they use that as a political strategy

and they’ve done it from from back when
the days of KKK when when the Kay
Democrat the military along with KKK now
the military arm is that people the
PlayBook doesn’t change what they do
right now is they’re trying to bring as

much misery and about to be honest with
you we could predict that this was gonna
be happening four years ago because
every four years these guys recycle the
same playbook they find a person a bad
person going to that person say this

representative our country you don’t
talk about all the service all the good
folks are going in and lift our country
up they don’t talk about the fact that
just began this year we had the lowest
unemployment in history of our country

for blacks or Hispanics Asians veterans
women we had up to a 40 percent growth
in business ownership for
two years business ownership life
business ownership that speaks volumes

for the hope in an envision and industry
that we’re having a black community that
we have not had a long time they don’t
talk about that because that brings hope
wouldn’t let this what the evil people
do they love chaos they love fear and we

need to understand their people we the
people that’s not our enemy
that’s Burgess Owens who I think is
running for for office as well he’s
correct the PlayBook doesn’t change

seven million people saw the and I’m
sure they’re just a couple of guys saw
these seven million seven million
I don’t know why anyone would watch it
let’s get back to the clip you just

played this is borne out by a somebody
did have one of those Engram things with
Google and it shows that just before an
election the black lives matter meme
jumps into the air yep and then you have

within the two couple of months is the
election and then there’s nothing for
like three two or three years and then
we here we go again
now we there’s an election then we have
little small one at the two year at the

midterm elections don’t we have little
and what’s the one that lasts what I was
referring to me of something was not
that small no no none of its small but
this is I think this is off to church
this is actually all they may be blowing

up there there’s a problem with doing
too much too soon I mean the Democrats
have tended to do this with their
elections I mean Hillary when she ran
last time she was running for about two

she started her campaign very early oh
no oh no look out oh oh she’s doing it
she heard you call she comes out right

she’s swooping overhead
she should get in now man now is the
time for her to do it there’s a lot of
people saying that now is the time for

to do it well she can she can make those
super predators he’ll you know she can
do a good job with that yeah she
wouldn’t be the one that with the might

with the thing that the lording it over
the guy with this with the megaphone oh
yeah oh she would love to do that
absolutely so you want to hear a couple
of biting clips what do you want to hear

you instead of that you know I’ve got
these this series of Clips because what
happened well or what’s happening is
that the left is doing a very good job

of making Trump the bad guy this Trump’s
fault you know yes the Minneapolis
police that Trump yeah
the fact that the entire state of
Minnesota all Democrats in the state

governments Democrats in the city guys
Democrats Trump Trump of course so the
fact that they burned out all the black
businesses like they got was bitching
about you know they just business being

Burt yeah Trump well before actually
thinking about himself before you go to
Biden I just have not was thinking they
skip and Biden for now I just I just
have a couple more things from the
events over the past few days which are

just fun to listen to like Al Sharpton
who is on the scene so it’s not only do
we see the the spike every four years
the United States of black lives matter
but who’s always popping up it’s always

Sharpton Sharpton is at every single one
of these killings that guy shows up in
fact someone sent me a note this morning
and it was wasn’t sure what Sharpton a

CIA or FBI guy for a long time no FBI

informant he ratted on people yeah it
was is he still doing that maybe that’s
why your jury is so Sharpton Sharpton
was there for the family of course

George Floyd Trayvon Martin Steven Clark
Michael Brown Eric Gardner and he was in
North Carolina

even though they have benjamin crump as
the lawyer which is a sharp din disciple
or competitor perhaps maybe that’s why
Reverend Ella was there he shows up and
has asked a few questions they are from

my Canadian television what’s the
message you want to Sandi today that we
want justice that there should not be a
funeral here today you know I preached
the funeral of the victim of a chokehold

but New York City Police Aragon since he
has got preach the funeral in Ferguson
policemen killed Michael Brown both of
their families are here how many

funerals do we have to have before we
change the laws and we have
accountability so I’m going to preach to
this family
that we’re gonna make sure that George
Froy did not die in vain this is the
tipping point for changing how policing

is gonna be done in America and I’m
going to be forthright in that the hope
I have is I’ve seen as many whites
marching as blacks
I’ve seen people old and young it’s a

new day the time has met the moment of
change in America and I’m gonna express
that in my eulogy
and since you from Canada I won’t have a
21 second gap before I say what I have

to say so for some reason and and I have
the the clip he’s referring to now
Justin Trudeau is also a loser as you
heard al say or won’t take me 20 seconds

to answer the question he’s referring to
this that happened on candy Navion TV
where Trudeau was asked a question that
took an inordinate and long time to
answer mr. Tom Patrick CBC you’ve been

reluctant to comment on the words and
actions of the US president but we do
have Donald Trump now calling for
military action against protesters we
saw protesters tear gas yesterday to

make way for a presidential photo-op I’d
like to ask you what you think about
that and if you don’t want to comment
what message do you think you’re sending
he’s just looking into the
he looks a little bit to the right he

swallows he’s looking straight ahead his
head goes a little askew just a little
bit almost not noticeable they slip
smack groan we all watch in horror and

consternation what’s going on in the
United States obviously he didn’t answer

the question but why so he’s now getting
skewered because he’s not answering
right he’s not a proper ally you see and
that’s why Reverend Al was on this crap
now this is all shame it’s all shaming

it’s all shaming horrible there was a
better example which I saw I didn’t get
the clip up because it was a tune it was
it was you know was not a lot it you

had to see it
he’s with a bunch of protesters in
Toronto yeah he’s got his mask and his
craw wasn’t he crying on his knees or
every well he’d know I didn’t see that

huh but wouldn’t surprise me but he’s
coming out and there’s somebody yell
Verity yelling was pretty clear go home
black face it’s really yeah can’t win

man can’t win
meanwhile the actual family of George
Floyd is really not all into this it

seems I just had to come down here you
know to speak to speak speak to people
and let people know that
just telling your anger elsewhere don’t

tap it don’t tap your town no all of
this is not necessary because if his own
family and blood is not doing it then

why are you
the first old family and blood is trying
to deal with it and be positive about it
and go a certain go another route to
seek justice now why are you out here

tearing up your community because when
you finish and then you turn around and
then you want to go buy something you
don’t throw it up so now you you messed

up your own living arrangements so just
relax justice will be served
the one of the editors of the
Philadelphia Inquirer has had to step

down as an editor for the paper for
allowing the article with the headline
to be published in buildings matter to
stepping down out of the way out of the

way that’s right well there was a thread
on Twitter that was interesting to me
which was about the takeover of the New
York Times by the millennial social

justice warrior types oh and they would
the explanation was the when as follows
it was and that’s when they’re all bent
out of shape about something they

published recently and they all wanted
to you know they were ashamed it was a
Tom cotton wrote in oh yes they pulled
it right they retract is retracted the
art now I do it they’ve got everybody
bent out of shape let’s put it that way

and you know that that’s what our pens
are for there’s you know supposed to be
opinions from different people their
opinion which it was too opinionated no
it was too Republican and so what

happened was that apparently the the old
lefties that really kind of were more
old-fashioned Democrats type that were

running the editorial side of the paper
they started hiring what they thought
were fellow travelers you know a young
young the young let’s bring some young

people right and they brought but they
weren’t just young people that were like
gonna go there to be mentored by the
outlaw a robber very they brought the
Fox into the henhouse yes

and they can they kept her and it
brought so much of it in that they took
over the place and now they’re
dominating the internal culture of the
Grand the old gray lady which is what it

was always referred to it’s not an old
gray lady anymore and it’s a bunch of
these kids and none of them care about
journalism so much as activism and so
the New York Times is just one of the
worst case examples of yes the

Washington Post has to be something
similar like that going on there
sure load they more lefty well you can’t
trust the either these papers if you see
I looked at the news rundowns every day
and I look and I say oh there’s

something you know Trump’s got to go
tomorrow and it’s always New York Times
Washington Post or you know there’s
always some negative very negative piece
and it’s always the same two outlets

those two papers are not worth reading
no they really aren’t unfortunately we
have an entire segment of the population
who read it exclusively and believe it
and believe it to be true even though no

media not we’re not we’re not always
right we I don’t think we’re ever
nefarious and trying to do something on
purpose we’re not political activists
because we don’t get paid to do that but

these people do get paid they get paid
to keep their job and you keep your job
by following along and doing what
everyone tells you to do that’s just the
way it is and with with with you with
the dura Drees beez kneez whatever it’s

the same thing he apologized twice he’s
because it really really doesn’t want
the humiliation and where is this coming
from and I’m starting a new category an
old category anew in the show notes and

a show notes calm a lot of this not all
a lot of it is coming from and certainly
influenced by George Soros and just to
kinda try and play as many clips as I
can the guy doesn’t talk a lot and when

he does it sounds like crap he was at
Davos this past year and listen to what
he said about the United States this
market already celebrating comes
military success

is breaking up out to reach new heights
but an overheated economy well we kept
both at the boiling point for too long

if all this has happened too close to
the election it was ever short his
reelection his problem is that the

elections are still 10 months away and
in a revolutionary situation that’s the

so there’s your guy he’s basically
saying it ah
so if that economy gets rid disrupted
it’s not gonna work for him and in a
revolutionary setting ten months until

election is it lifetime well there you
all these little groups that he funds
jump on stuff and do all kinds of things
and he does he live in America he’s live
in the UK where does Soros live guys no

good first of all there’s a couple of
flaws in his I know what he I agree with
this by the way I think that he had

something to do with it and all he has
to do is throw by Joe honey it’s you
know there’s direct financial evidence
of payments from him to the organizers
of black lives matter so there’s no

dispute but here’s the problem because
of the as the electronic ages move
forward the and the massive Adah the

ADHD which is which is part of the
public’s consciousness and we’ve seen
this and we witness it and we’ve got we

talk about stuff that we talked about
this very short time ago that we can
barely remember if that wants this
situation halts which is going to do
because you can’t keep these riots up

for more than maybe two or three maybe
you can go three weeks but it’s people
are just gonna get sick of it and find
something else to do that will take us
into July maybe August
when September comes around and Trump

starts doing advertising mm-hmm that’s
what people are gonna start to remember
because they’re gonna forget about this
it’s gonna pass they’ll Cove Adonia
whatever I remember that happened last

year it’s it’s just the the attention
span is so short the other thing we have
to push this closer to if this was done
in the neck the next lucy’s in other
words if they broke out the Cova 19 in

September hmm even though I don’t
believe they broke it I think it escaped
accidentally it wasn’t really
intentional but the rioting was that’s
for sure they just look for any excuse
and they that’s too early they’re just

but they dare honestly believe they’re
blowing it and I’ve talked over this
with other people I just and and for
example there’s a couple of clips I

wanted to play well hold on hold on let
me respond the point of of playing this
is not to say it’s all over the point is
here’s who was at least financially

behind some of it I think he’s behind
most of it likely I want to jump into
what you said about when Trump starts to
run commercials cuz I mean I’m in total

agreement the short term memory it’s all
about what can we blast in your head now
people have no capability I think is
probably you’re they’re filled with all
kinds of stuff there’s no more

capability for them to remember the
exact same scenarios that happened six
months ago or a year ago which could
have been could have happened on the
exact opposite political side the
difference now is a couple of

differences and one is that the Bill
Kristol is back and he’s got a lot of
money and he I have to say I saw this
out of play the audio for it he’s he’s

got a good video guy who’s who’s doing
Trump hate ads check this one out
where is the president in a time of

national emergency hiding in a security
bunker watching his shows afraid not
either from supposing you brought the

light inside the buddy company within a
couple of days is gonna be down to close
to zero embarrassment you know that
those who have worked with him know that

the former defense secretary James
Madison president Trump of being a
threat to the Constitution our allies
and our enemies know that it’s time for

unn competent president let’s select one
no that’s the thing there’s they don’t

sew that butthole listen to this
democracy together this responsible for
the content of this advertising so what
you’re seeing is the the red phone
ringing at 3:00 in the morning so it’s
kind of like a callback to the who you

gonna who’s gonna pick up the phone in
the White House at 3:00 in the morning
they put everything in there
Trump’s hiding in his bunker I mean and
it’s the visuals are very well produced
not just a little bit about this group

defending democracy together we believe
in American exceptionalism we believe
the United States of America is unlike
any other nation on earth so they are

Republicans who hate Trump also known as
as never Trump errs but let’s listen to
the list for a second so William Kristol
of course neocon that project for new
American Century which predicted the

9/11 terror attacks very very astute
this bill kristol
Mona Sharon who I don’t know but she’s
an author Linda Chavez I think she’s a
World Street Journal reporter Christy

Todd Whitman of course former and
Governor of New Jersey Bob Inglis where
we know him from around well the guy
that interested me the most was the

video production director Barry Rubin
unlike Wow who did this is a
goofy-looking guy Barry Rubin is
director of video production at
defending democracy together Barry
started making videos at the age of 13

when he guilted his mother into allowing
him to use his bar mitzvah money to buy
a video camera sounds like the perfect
guy to have on your team no rather
guilting your own mother

that is funny though a couple of things
they throw in the threat to the
Constitution mattis which never met you
can’t find Matt is saying that so that’s
a lie of course and I want you to play

of course duh I want you to play the
Dana Perino Trump in the bunker myth
clip I also could if I could just
mention two
things one is this notion that the
president was hiding in the bunker this

would be very clear no president asks to
go down to the bunker
that is a Secret Service decision they
come and they tell you sir

you are going to the bunker they
actually had to carry Dick Cheney to the
bunker because he didn’t want to go
after 9/11 like though I really hope
that the media stop staying that the
president was hiding that wasn’t his
choice that the Secret Service is in

charge of protecting the president
that’s that choice the other thing on
them on the media that I just wanted to
mention to you is this caught my eye
today so Michelle Goldberg is a
columnist at the New York Times I tend
to read her because I like to get the

perspective and the headline is she
thinks de Blasio should resign very
liberal left-wing yeah columnist and I
thought wow we’re on the same page and
then I realize oh no she wants him to

resign because he’s not progressive
enough because he decided to often with
the police and if you saw on the daily
briefing today one of the police

officers who went after Qala in DeBlasio
saying you have no idea what it’s like
to be us they do not feel supported by
their local leadership and I’ll leave it
you know it’s here’s something I noticed
it’s so bad how people are are just

afraid to say what they think mainly
because of their job crystal ball and
what’s the other guy’s name and to do
this agar you like that right it’s

pretty decent
you know we’ve played clips from it I
like to show a lot I think crystal now
that’s why I have this crystal ball
clips well let me lead into it and and
I’ll lead you right to the clip so they

were on Joe Rogan a couple days ago and
you know they flew out there on the show
Joe’s a big fan he’s like I love you
guys love what you’re doing they come

back the next show they do and I didn’t
clip it is all like well you know really
yeah and one’s kind of lean and more
progressive now I mean yeah I don’t
really like what Trump is they’re

completely completely vers you’re
signaling well not say gar as much as
crystal ball there was the ball yeah
crystal ball is really doing the the see
no she’s flipped yes

so after Joe Rogan’s appearance I’m
telling you I saw it happen in real time
well it was according to crystal ball
and this other guy say guard it was

because of some blogger vlogger named
Justin something or other some what is
his watch no way here’s how it goes
you see the Joe Rogan’s for three hours

and after he’s like I’d love you guys
and you can’t he’s a nice guy and like
yeah I agree with you Joe yes sure no
you’re right you’re right yeah and then
they and it completely rubbed off it was
very interesting to see huh well anyway

this is one guy that said he was a trump
supporter he does some he does a podcast
of some sort I’m sorry I don’t have his
name in front of me and according to two

of them it he was it was very it meant a
lot to especially to Crystal who’s now
flipped over and she’s thinking about
Biden even though she knows he’s an
idiot and so the two of them are also

holed up because I guess this was a
weekend presentation there at their
houses yeah and so she’s not only
influenced by Rogen’s Polk and this is
Justin character and now she’s back home

which is probably reading the New York
Times which has a bunch of Trump should
quit editorials and so here we go now
she’s sounding not at her normal self
she’s sounding more like the kind of

dingbat she used to be at MSNBC and
here’s kay ball one really get behind
and affirmative lis vote for two things
in my view have happened I mean like

Kyle I share the view that what Trump
suggested with the insurrection hi I’m
sending me Oh Kyle Kyle the blogger yes
Kyle the blogger

it was military into our streets to
quash peaceful protesters and I know you
could say oh it’s just gonna be the bad
ones but we saw before our eyes as you
know protesters that the president has
now shared a letter basically you know

insinuating they’re terrorists were
quashed with tear gas with rubber
bullets with flashbang grenades Church
ladies activists journalists whoever was
in the wake wash so that he can have

this photo at Bob so in my view the idea
that you’re in
military and they’re just gonna be able
to focus on the peaceful protests and
protect everyone’s First Amendment right
it’s it’s ludicrous to me looking at
that and look he might not do it this

time because now the protests have
turned mostly peaceful so she she if you
listen to that clip again she says well

there’s peaceful protest and I don’t
like the idea of him bringing in the
military to turn their guns on the
peaceful protest a peaceful peaceful
peaceful so she’s implying that their
peaceful protests and then at the end

she says well maybe he won’t do it now
that they’re turning peaceful wait a
minute if they were peaceful then they
can’t all model mm-hmm how do you turn
peaceful so I’m thinking this is this is

someone whose mind has been just by
turning the page in the New York Times
yes now it’s changed so they’re turning
peaceful that’s and then their peaceful

peaceful peaceful but they’re turning so
that doesn’t make any sense so she goes
on uh leg I got cable one don’t have a
two now I see you two I think two is

missing by the way may I suggest that
Kay ball one is just a great title for
the show I don’t know just now but also
it’s okay it’s all caps K ba ll space o

K ball one I mean you know that is a
hip-hop brand you can put that on a
hoodie a sweatshirt it will sell like
crazy k ball one well talking about K
ball it which sounds a lot like a train

oh did we see this effort yes this
effort went by during one of your little
things probably about ten minutes ago is
late and and and well remember what was
it was a six I think six six six and

we’re getting really is because that’s a
bad sign well what we last show but we
didn’t mention the last show yes we had
an eight car we didn’t mention it
because it happened before the show and
what happened in the two days after that

I don’t know what stock market went
crazy up a thousand points yeah we had
another eight car today so eight cars is
car is the normal is the normal economy

it was discussed at the meet up
yesterday people said we didn’t hear
about the zephyr on the show and I said
I’m angry at myself because it was an

eight car Zephyr the market went like
crazy on Friday if it’s an eight so will
if it’s an eight now that means we’ll
stay pretty stable Lord forbid it goes
to a nine but I’m telling you it has

gone to a nine go go back and recently
go back and look in the red book check
mark recovery check mark recovery not V
not L check mark it’s in there I said it

yeah you can say it all you would check
mark recovery that is it it is in the
book there’s no doubt about it but you
were you if I called you on this say it

wasn’t it was an L like it you know
we’re thinking mm-hmm
you would say I never said check mark it
was the banker who said check mark know
was the bank who says check mark your

now take your tea no no it’s a racial no
it’s official the banker said it I
reported it and don’t you want to agree
say I’m in what under check marks I’ve

always been in on the check mark I said
I agreed with the check mark okay okay
that’s all I wanted to get all right
let’s go to kay ball kay ball three Joe
Biden is who he is we have a long record

we know what he stands for we he’s
promised us nothing’s fundamentally
gonna change and we should take him at
his word however you have people in the
streets in a way that I’ve never seen
before in my lifetime and you know that

Trump is going to be completely
unresponsive to them he’s not gonna do
one thing that they want and not only
that is going to seek to crush them and

try to quash their speech because that’s
what he’s we’ve seen him do we know he’s
not gonna be responsive and he’s just
gonna try to quash them buying on the
other hand is at least trying to

incorporate he is subject to some
pressure right he is subject right to
right pressure out of the
he’s part of the coalition and it is a
78 percent support you know the

protesters so it’s very much the
mainstream of America oh my goodness I
don’t mind I mean I’ve respect for the
Bill Kristol group because they just say
we hate Trump we don’t want them they

don’t say vote for Joe Biden because
they’re not nuts and of course they’re
Republicans but kay ball here to say oh
I’m really considering Joe but come on

this be real about that for a second no
you’re not you might be considering his
possible VP pick who I don’t know who
that’s gonna be at this point other than
the globalist pushed Stacey Abrams which
I just don’t see happening oh no no it’s

gonna be Amy
what does she mean when she says Trump
won’t give them what they want what do
they want there must be something that

you can express because if Trump won’t
give them what they want
who is things well the protesters what
if the protesters want what do we want

okay Oh believe me they’re gonna get
justice from Trump that’s for sure like
it all right let’s go on with the cable
for since he is part of that coalition

since he depends on them for his
political support he will be somewhat
responsive at least to the demands that
are coming out of this movement so it’s
not just what demand in my view Trump

has become the demands our defund the
police as far as I’ve heard defund the
police has been the main one or
abolished the police which is turned in
to defund do you see any other demands I
see the exact same – you see abolish or

D or defund usually one or the other
well that’s the demand that’s the demand
and that’s up to the locals to do it’s
not just up to the President of the
United States now unless you’re thinking

that that we should which is by the way
something the Liberals have kind of
expressed an interest in the idea of a
national police force this has come up
in the conversation number of times yeah

and I remember Obama had something
some kind of it was gonna do some early
but Trump also had something weird like
that some kind of there was some kind of
security forces or some join up like

brown shirts for America it would be the
clip still going yeah that in my view

Trump has become worse and more
unacceptable and is committed maybe the
worst act of his presidency in my view
it’s also that because of the protesters

in the streets
I actually think Biden’s presidency will
be somewhat better than it would have
been before so for me it’s both of those
pieces but his presidency will be better

than than what his presidency before huh
no for Christmas that literally is what
she said but what she meant was I think
that is what she meant was a projection

that because of the protesters his
presence would be better with all these
protests than it would have been if they
hadn’t have been any protest ok yes fair
point and so what she’s trying to say is

that the protesters are already pushing
him around which doesn’t sound like much
of a president you want but so meanwhile
Sager comes in a clip for here and says

something which is a little key little
this is something that the left is
talking about or the Democrats not the
left the Democrats are talking about
this particular buzz phrase and tell me

if you’ve heard it since he is right I
witness four or five this must be five
Oh what am I get you said four but it’s
five here we go yeah I’m sorry so I

think that’s interesting it’s very much
a flight 93 calculus and I don’t
begrudge or judge anybody for holding
that position wow I’ve not heard this a
flight 93 calculus yeah the two of them

talked about it quite a bit and then I’m
starting to catch it elsewhere amongst
conversations in like left wing talk

now flight 93 was the let’s roll fights
light correct that’s flight 93 zijn when
they crashed and literally shot down but
we don’t talk
about that well flight one day flight 93
I thought yes but that was yes because

of the let’s roll
I think yeah flight 93 let’s roll cuz
they were gonna go they’re gonna go
storm the cockpit and then it crashed

right so I was yes so it was let’s roll
now how does it work for them like we
have to storm the cockpit but we’ll
crash I mean is that is that their
analogy sounds groovy I tried to

deconstruct what they’re talking about
but the yeah there’s got to be in the
literature someplace I haven’t heard a

good explanation for it but it’s
something right sounds great let’s learn
the cockpit and crash this sucker yes
the flight 93 calculus means we might as
well kill everybody so that we can have

more planes flying in the future I can’t
think of any only this kind of look this
up this is okay where you’re looking it
up okay

it’s the we’re gonna run this Biden guy
even though he’s a loser we’re gonna
lose this election but we’re gonna have
a lot of money from the bankers okay
sorry so give us money I mean what else

could it be
is anybody that in the troll room have
any thoughts on flight 93 calculus let’s
see Biden backers make the flight 93

case against Trump well this seems like
the one we want to have so let’s thank
you very much trolls and let’s see what
they say this is from the Claremont
Review of Books the flight 93 election

here we go this is where it’s from
listen the flight 93 election the
election of oh that’s 2016 so maybe it’s
a revamp we’ll test whether virtue
remains in the core of the American

nation okay let’s read this and
understand who wrote this thing 2016 is
the flight 93 election charge the
cockpit or you die you may die anyway
you or the leader of your party you may

make it into the cockpit and not know
how to fly or land the plane there are
no guarantees except one if you don’t
try death
is certain wow wow wow I had not heard
of this but they brought it back from

2016 and in 2016 to compound the
metaphor a Hillary Clinton presidency is
Russian roulette with a semi-auto with
Trump at least you can spin the cylinder
and take your chances so it was used in

the opposite direction
that’s fascinating yeah I thought so but
they used but it was used in 2016 yeah
and now it’s anti yeah well it’s a very

very interesting message but do Wow
that’s what it is meant okay so we got
to storm the cockpit I mean it’s not
just inciting violence oh what it is

looking for anything they looked at
they’re grasping at straws man with that
I would like to thank you for your
courage and say in the morning to you

the man who put the C and CNN’s ratings
John C Dvorak will in the morning you
mr. Adam curry in the morning all ships
at sea boots on the ground feet in the

air subs in the water in all the games
and nights out there yes no agenda
stream com how many do we have usually
on Sunday we’re kind of up there let’s

see Oh 18 almost 1900s so pretty good
we’re also a little late on our segment
for today we’re just having too much fun
apparently I’ll bet you the bigger the

Zephyr this the chair who starts to
shrink because they’re going back to
work exactly it’s exactly right let’s
see no agenda stream calm you can listen

to all the live shows live but also find
some cool podcast is 24/7 seven days a
week or 24 hours a day seven days a week
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they will point you towards some fun

shows all commercial-free all good value
for value and you can also get an invite
there too no agenda social comm so go to
no agenda stream calm and listen long

and troll with the best of the trolls
anywhere and a big in the morning the
Darren O’Neill he brought us the artwork
for episode 1248 we titled that one did
you scratch up beer

yep thank you very much Darren for the
for the artwork that I think generally

portrayed exactly what I went through in
the past week with the email situation
that was a great could you turn your
speaker’s down just a little bit I’m

here myself come back oh just a tad yeah
whose skull and crossbones with
ampersands or at signs in the in the eye
sockets and you’ve got mail plastered
over it he wasn’t it was good we liked

it it and again we’re looking for pop
and this one definitely had that pop
factor we love that
Darren O’Neill yet another time we chose
four only friends yeah we only choose
our foil issues our friends no agenda

art generator dot-com this stuff also
sure thing else it was worth discussing
probably um we did it we did discuss a
few there was a couple Karen things the

one I kind of liked one another Darren
ano one with the Wickham’s kids holding
a gun which is a frightening thought
yeah saying I’m a protester oh there’s
the one yeah it was what is this

Taunton tantas Neil or whatever it is
yeah oh oh that’s right had the silences
violence in Alice’s last very nice piece
hi hi concept that very high concept I

mean there’s always good stuff but we
have to make a choice and and we want it
to pop we want it to pop
but a lot of great things in there so

it’s highly appreciated
that’s no agenda art generator dot-com
and of course we also like to thank
people who support the show in upper
amounts as our value for value system
goes into its is in its 13th year why

are you laughing this is a new piece
that just came up it’s under Elmo very
good ok yeah let’s thank some of our

executive producers and associate
executive producers for episode 1249
1249 of the best podcast in the universe
who do we have and what have we to thank

them for well for starters we’ve got
Corwin Underwood who should be an
instant ID if he’s not a sir Hamilton
Ohio and he came in with $1,000 Oh note

as long note and we you know we’re
trying to get people to shorten their
notes a little bit now his note is just
karma please hey man you got to stop
writing these long notes I don’t see him

on the list so now we had a lightning
strike at the back office which would be
fair to mention
Eric the shill like a tree dragged down
power lines gas lines did his house
explode cuz that’s the way it read in

the emails like he was on the road was a
get a lightning strike though it did
burn out a lot of stuff just a lot of
funny photos so we have a little bit
know there’s just karma please and I am
assuming that was on the paypal note and

that’s probably all he wanted okay well
we just let us know thank you very much
John Byrne at Oklahoma City’s next on

the list three hundred thirty three
dollars and 33 cents my first donation
was a year ago interning double nickels
this is a year for my birthday on
Saturday I’ve made a knighthood a gala

lot of birthdays today and made
knighthood I made Knight my knighthood
and shall be known as Sir airforce
John from the land of Thunder mm-hmm our
first jump in the land of thunder down

under’ okc being the home of the Thunder
NBA team there you go
now the Thunder you know to celebrate my
knighthood I will be adding the would
you know that used to be the see Seattle

Sonics go so it’s no longer owned by
what’s-his-face didn’t Allen own them
for a while
no he owned the Portland Trailblazers
okay anyways just a long story but they

stole them they stole the team so
another big fan of that celebrate my
knighthood I be adding the third OKC
gathering to the No Agenda social the
front frosted mug on Saturday these are

probably gonna start to pick up again at
laughter Adams report yeah 13 June 2022
p.m. leave your Wuhan virus at home as
the roundtable seems to have it all no
special requests I could use some type

of good health karma regarding and nasty
spider bite among other items with just
getting old
sir air force John from the land of
thunder although although I’m not

computer illiterate I have never been
able to get into the troll room huh and
it seems that as I write this I cannot
get on to social no gender social evil
either never receiving an email with the

confirmation instructions and nothing in
my junk mail or spam mail folders you
get this is a complaint letter got it
will I will yes I will get in touch with
you alright Karen I’ll get in touch with

you after show we’ll figure it out it
requires some registration and go work
it out for you and thank you and I think
he is being knighted today as the color
code correctly indicates and indeed

we’ll see you at the roundtable later
I’m looking forward to it you need some
health karma yes spider bite you’ve got
karma Ashton brown and Springfield MO

33333 happy 33rd to my hunk of a husband
sir Burgess of the Ozarks he is without
a doubt the very best husband and some

sort of homina code here
thank you John Adam and the producers of
the best podcast in the universe for

helping us mane
some some of our sanity this year he’s
on the birthday list I assume I’m the
birthday list absolutely and okay you
can hump beam I can do this one hump or

ding dong I’ll do the next one because I
can’t do the next one okay Humperdinck
super dank
pahala Hawaii Mahalo Hawaii 33333 by TM
two-thirds of my way to knighthood took

jobs karma please in this age of
oh I’m sorry model of Modelo DOMA
Madeline OMA McMann monomyth Madeline
OMA maudlin oath roll up the

shape-shifting Jews followed by did you
see that juice okay 36th birthday on
Monday enjoy a portion of my daddy trump
bucks Adam needs to try out the zero

gravity Institute in Austin there opens
back up maybe s JRE about it as well
I opened a Center in Kansas City modeled

off this particular Center and guarantee
he will have a wonderful experience
Aloha Humperdinck super dank what is
this is this like one of those your it’s

like your skydiving on the ground is
that what the zero gravity is zero grout
yeah oh it’s a floats the float Center
oh please
no have you ever done floating John I

have no idea what you’re talking about
of warm water and you just float there
it’s all water and you float for 45

yeah and it’s supposed to be a fantastic
experience and all I thought was it’s
getting colder and I really have to pee
I could not that could not focus if why
don’t you just be in the tank who’s
gonna know you go

jobs jobs and jobs let’s vote for jobs

you’ve got karma there you go all right
yours yes

our next note is from Stowe this is
Steven battle currently our colonel
colonel US Army who I met yesterday at
our v 112 local Meetup please do South

Carolina know he’s stationed in San
Antonio he came in on the bus no he was
there before the party bus he came on it

under his own pictures was pretty damn
full I’ve been enjoying your brilliant
brand of analysis and dare I say media

political and cultural reporting for
nine years I’m grateful to you both and
all our No Agenda producers it was a
real treat to meet up with Adam and the
rest of the in estimation today in

Austin the mission oh he’s at public
he’s a public health official which was
as a colonel so he travels around and
he’s gonna explain what he does here the

mission of public health authorities is
to keep leaders from getting fired or
voted out of office the severity of
public health countermeasures
overwhelmingly reflect a political
calculation this is very interesting we

think is about it’s about the military
compare the restrained HIV and Ebola
responses to the draconian public health
initiatives of prohibition and the
covert 19 enforced isolation there’s

never been a lot of HIV quarantining or
business closures and there were no
travel restrictions to were from
ebola-stricken West Africa anywho and he
writes any who considers including

Michelle Malkin and Gavin McInnes on
your media rotation we see everything
Adam in light of recent Twitter
censoring of President Trump please
reconsider the ideological based
censoring by secular Sharia silicon

Ali what do I have to reconsider think
it’s all pretty clear what’s going on
there well what did what what does he
think you’re thinking I don’t know if
you’re reconsidering yet to reconsider

something what are you thinking I I
don’t know I think they’re a bunch of
douche bags what would work well then
maybe you should think otherwise maybe
they’re nice guys yeah I don’t think
that’s what the note says no please help

me out with some missing my beautiful
family karma for all the military
service members who were separated due
to no movement directives
I requested jobs goat Karma for Trent

and an Obama no no no jingle and does it
miss you anything else in this note
keep up the great work guys oh yeah yeah

please accept our donation in honor of
my sweet and this is a $333 in in honor
of my sweet smart and stunningly
spectacular bride who is an authentic

military hero and an inspiration to me
that’s a beautiful tribute to his wife
and he mentions Trent here who was a
dude well he’s a lot of things but a

dude named Ben no I think he’s also from
San Antonio he came up as well and it
was kind of fun because he had one of
those light phones the light phone –
we’ve talked about that it’s it’s as the

screen is like the electronic the e-ink
do you recall this I don’t recall it
having ink yeah so it real and it’s very
small it’s like a credit card a little

bit thicker and you turn on and it’s
very it’s very pretty to look at and you
can call you can text you can set an
alarm and that’s it but what’s cool with
the texting you can’t rotate it and it

brings up a little mini keyboard but
everything’s a little slow because it’s
it’s the ink so it’s not really enjoy a
zippy but I was and I had my flip phone
of course so you know we’re jammed

all of a sudden where there was Steve
and Trent and then a young lady comes up
just hey you guys like Coors Light and
like I

well no but we got a promotion going on
and I was a promotion with it was like
the Duff beer guy yeah it was it was the
Coors Light girl and she and she’s like

oh we give you some Coors Light cups and
and then for the next hour all Coors
Light is on me everybody drinks Coors
Light like oh that’s cool
said but there’s this one thing you do

have to post on social media so trend
tonight both look at our phones and go
well can you show us how to tweet young
lady I was beautiful it was the perfect
moment of OTG and she gave us a look
it’s like I always thought you guys were

weird I could tell by the group but they
don’t even have smartphones I should
probably get the free beer dude I’m not
gonna drink Coors Light that’s that’s

not actual that’s not for human
consumption man no way yeah you get not
gonna get your freak Coors low please
all right let’s see what that’s it was
nice meeting you Steve had a lot of fun

just a lot of great great info so a jobs
goat karma for Trent and an owner no
jingle here we go oh no

jobs jobs and jobs so they so that’s the

GIMP the current marketing scheme is to

go around bars give away free beer and
make you post it on social media I think
you have to do that before you get the
beer she said because you kind of said
like there’s no just one catch it’s got
a post about on can be on anything

Twitter Instagram they probably can’t
Buffalo her she’d have to post and show
her oh no doubt no doubt
it’s alright it was funny was cute it’s

sir quiz Stan of Lincolnshire 250 bucks
obviously in the UK forgive me as I have
been away from the podcast for a while
it took the complete craziness of the
world to bring me back to the best

podcast in the universe please accept
this as a token of my remorse just as a
reference regarding English football
teams taking a knee Liverpool FC are
owned by Fenway Sports Group as much as

I love them I know this was about
pushing the brand in the USA insert quiz
Stan of linkage so in other words is
bogus yeah sir quiz Stan a link ensure
that Gitmo ease of get slowly nation

East interesting and no no jingles no
karma yes it looks like Christopher
Goodwin 250 Chris black currently
reporting from Central Georgia

you’d think Christopher okay Oh Chris
Brown so he says from Central Georgia I
can I have a job I and you ain’t black
and that’s true I don’t think we’d have
you ain’t black do we I don’t know if we

I don’t know well you you actually may
have cut that you ain’t black okay
my TM chance I have to say your courage

for this year has been spot on Oh
coverage now the same thing in in no
agenda fashion this year has been tough
with this mainstream media onslaught is
surely tested my patience with friends

and family yes of course this is the
real drawback to actually having some
understanding of what’s going on
normally I travel the Caribbean monthly
for work and have been locked out of my

overseas business the 20/20 has been
crazy and we’re only halfway through yes
more to come now I’m waiting for Stacey
Abrams to return to the spotlight since
she attended the bilderberg last year

she’s a prime candidate I think I know
how trumped arrangements in syndrome
feels because I can’t stand Governor
Cuomo’s voice I guess it’s a New York
thing the masks are a cool clip did it

from a anyway assessing some stimulus
funds to the greatest podcast we know a
lot of stimulus money Thank You Trump
they’re really central central in South
Georgia please step up step up I’m

calling you douchebags okay well you
give me a douche bag yes I have great
news to report the divorce karma worked

that’s good or bad but I saved a lot of
money so he can pay it forward good also
I know cash app I think we had did a
whole show about cash app right one of

those that uses that system that’s
horrible yes the reason we don’t use
cash app or venmo is because they use
the plaid network which is it’s
middleware purchased by Visa recently

and it gives them way too much access to
your actual bank account and we don’t
want to put you in that situation so we
will we will have no part of that
because we will have no part of it pop

money does work
yep pop money works Zell the Zell works
all works like no shell does not worn
out and it’s not work
okay I did fine I do have a little lot
you ain’t black I got that that’s true

and was there uh karma jobs anything
that I missed something there
regular karma if you have a problem
figuring out whether your firm eared
trump and you ain’t black
you’ve got karma Danny Carroll two

hundred forty four dollars and forty
nine cents from Laughlin Nevada the yet
Laughlin CP and BK this donation is

exactly thirty three point three thirty
three percent of my current economic
impact statement or payment any
associated numerology is period purely
coincidental or is it Adam Joe Rogan’s

gain me as subscribe give me as a
subscriber after you went on so stir
that into your bowl of metrics I’ll stir

it in right now
please d douche me you got it Dana Carol
and Wow what’s this this is not right

Dana Carolyn that exact same donation
from Laughlin Nevada two forty four
forty nine so we assumed there’s
something going on here my husband hit

me in the mouth a few years back first
donation which is 33 point 33 percent of
my stimulus that was unexpected
requiring a horror or DD douching John
now that you screwed up my name phonetic

is Dana what did I say
Dena no wait that’s a Dena that said
Dana maybe I know I don’t recall I think
I said Dana I think it didn’t screw up

your name but I thought I knew related
to Danny Carroll gee you think here’s a
deduce issues
you’ve been deduced I got a lot of that
at the meetup it was Tom and I forget

one one producer she’s a she teaches I
think middle school science and she said
my husband and I met through your show
and we’ve stayed together through your

show so they had that they had like a
weird meeting there was no reason for
them to even meet or be together and and
after like a date or so is you know
played played the show and immediately

and they got married like like that day
I think they went to the chapel but she
was very clear to say your show keeps us
together and and I and look at this look
how beautiful that is husband and wife

supporting probably independent of each
other – they could be strangers in the
same town with the same mentality maybe
they’re about to meet ok dream on man
the same last name so maybe that is

something that you you think Anthony
Rodriguez in Tucson Arizona $200 Dear
John and Adam finally becoming a knight
accounting and short note in email from

Michael Rodriguez night details in J and
K mutton and Mead
please call me surly mofo if available
that sir sewed him up surly mofo I guess
so sir let me just check if that made it

through yes sir so Lee mofo surly mofo
right now he asked for for something on
email did you did you get anything an
email from him I didn’t have a heads up

on this so I am looking now yeah I said
it did this email address he puts in
here it doesn’t make any sense to me
because I can’t believe for a minute

that that email address is allowable no
it’s one of those things you put in
there to make sure that to make sure
that it doesn’t get scraped by spammers
or something like that I think that’s

kind of what is going on Larry yeah
you’ve got mail let’s see I’m gonna lose
that’s nice yes I’ve got mail you’ve got
actually the right one oh let’s hear it

oh I see what he did ok finally becoming
a knight county below bla bla njn kate
here that’s the whole note no more ok

following you guys since forever I would
value your opinion or what your learn
producers on these two items as I cannot
tell what is real in the media well
nothing or online well the same thing is

contact tracing a HIPAA violation
question one I can answer that
and we did and we danced and we did

discuss this the problem is the minute
you allow details your HIPAA details go
into any system ie an app which are now
being flooded with because their contact

tracing apps that usually typically not
always but breaks the HIPAA restriction
because you voluntarily gave it to a

third party so it’s definitely something
to beat till to be on the lookout for
question two can the geniuses create a
vaccine that spreads like a virus so you

can catch it and its side-effects
willing or not I’d like that question
well that’s one of those questions for
the for the audience let’s see if anyway

I don’t know I don’t know the answer
that thanks for your essential service
during the turning-point in the futures
history soon to be surly mofo Anthony in

Tucson thank you very good as a County
yes and he has some he’s a requested
mutton and Mead for the round table he’s
on the list he’s on the list we got the

mutton and Mead good to go to knighting
looking forward to it later on for sure
you mind if I just do these two quick
notes from the Meetup
oh yeah sure because they were
handwritten notes and we’d like to

handle those and this first one is from
Sir a face replacer Joe you boys are
doing the Lord’s work

Godspeed if it’s not too much to ask you
mention our big dumb mouth podcast which
is that obdam pot comm our big dumb
mouth podcast ode BDM pod com

we’d love to join the stream as I
believe there could be some overlap in
interests well we shall check that out
send an email and we’ll get that sorted
out for you and this is Joe and he gave

us $50 for sanity and value and the
second note is from Baron Gordon Walton
who of course is at every single meet up

and he has $150 which is once again
building towards his daughter Katherine
Waltons Dame hood so we have that in the
pocket thank you very much I know that

they had a deducing station at the meet
up yesterday which yeah I’m not quite
sure how it worked I stayed away from it
but people are over there gonna be a Ned
at the deducing station seem to work
okay for them and yeah just a lot of

quick we got we have one more note Oh
okay this was the lost donation note
from the last show Oh Billy bones ah
Billy bones what was it
yeah he sent an email in during the show

by dog with you I don’t usually check my
email during the show ITIM John and Adam
this is AB was a executive producer I
believe so he gets the credit that he
was asking for yeah he got the clutch

for the squirrel mail blah blah blah
with everybody talking about the Rogen
bump I would like to add a tick on the
scoreboard of the podcast that brought
me here the grime Erica show here it

I know what’s coming I started listening
right before show 800 during the
previous pandemic Zika I started small
back-loaded episodes to see who had the

show where the short been so I could be
up-to-date on the conversation I was
quick to realize that the value was
being created and shared on no agenda
when topics and clips would be broadcast
upwards of two weeks before the local

radio sometimes a month with this
current epidemic no agenda brings to the
table the same analysis upwards of a
month or two in advance of local media

while this is a fact this is if the
content is to be discussed at all that
is for those who’d like to clip a
template earlier will never be discussed

the one that he cut from that robot
talking about this robot yeah for those
of you who are on the Fate offense of
donating or supporting the show I feel

this is justification enough this is a
donation of 200 federal reserve freedom
units plus the cost the freedom a buck
oh five for the incredible job of late
thank you thank you now here’s the deal

I have a couple of friends who are in
the process of getting their finances in
order and they do plan on donating but
the end of the day they are listening
and yet to donate Alex you are a douche
bag you are a douche bag

I look forward to hearing the D douching
soon he wants the jobs in general good
vibes goat Karma for everybody on the No

Agenda tribe including those who are
lining up their ducks to chipping in the
future and those looking for a short
podcast the pepper into their regular
listening schedule I offer mine of
course I’ll walk through the mind I

attempt to walk through the middle of
the road for 22 15 to 20 minutes or
fifteen to thirty minutes covering
several different topics and it’s Billy
bones calm with a three for an e yeah

Billy bones also does a lot of our end
of show mixes very town bones is a very
night much wind reeks by the way we only
asked for jobs and add one because he

triggered me billion Wow small heads are
coming you’re gonna do it you watch

and job that’s I forgot they they got
one they got two billion dollars for

that Zika crap considering our first
stab was eight billion now before before
we went to the trillions I’d like to

thank all of these executive producers
and associate executive producers
profusely nice to meet some of you at
the meet up of course and just great to
have all these notes coming in and thank

you all so much
you are very important to us you’re
important to the entire tribe the
producers make the show and you really
helped us out thank you
it is sincerely appreciated and of
course will thank more people in our

second segment and a reminder that these
credits executive producer or associate
executive producer of episode 1249 the
best podcast the universe are valid
anywhere that are accepted if anyone has
those you will be happy very happy to

vote for you and if you’d like one of
those coveted producer ships will be
here on Thursday often do is go to our
little website dvorak dot org slash

silence silence our formula is this we
go out we’re here people in the mouth
you’ve got mail

and up
up already a science well Little Joe
Biden time yeah I think we can do I had

one more thing to promo this you’ll get
a kick out of this so so we have our
search engine kind of multi-pronged
competition going on which really isn’t

the competition because we have no
no agenda query com we have no agenda
which is a funny domain n o AG nd a le
know it oh no no a no agenda l–

obviously a make sure I’m spelling it
right no let me see a gin don’t ya oh
it’s n o AG en TL e calm and take off on

Google all by the way performing
fantastic each search engine has links
to the other search engines on their
home page so no matter where you go and

and they all deliver the results a
little differently but here’s the kicker
I get an email yesterday hey Adam
apologies for letting search not any
show notes get broken and stay broken

for so long I’ve been man overboard
honestly and I didn’t prioritize it this
is from producer Chris who gave up six
months ago and so now it’s like hey I’m
back and I’m gonna fix it so we’ll have

five search engines
well there’s rains it pours I love it
and welcome back Chris and well that
should definitely get lot of people to

find anything they want it did they just
can try one thing or another and then
also settle in on one that they like
that presentation from exactly and
straight so being it dot IO is is back
on and search in a show notes calm is

back on and I mean everything link so so
you can find all these different
searches I have a secret hope these guys
are gonna come up with something they

put it all together and outcomes like
some monstrous thing no idea well you
know what the goal rule is when coders
take twice as long three quarters you

I didn’t hear no I didn’t I didn’t know
this rule
I just heard develop quick and break
things this uh that’s what I always
taught wasn’t that that – wasn’t that
two-faced bag yeah like develop it quick

and there’s something else and do it
quick and break things or whatever
anyway thank you to all these producers
for your own dog food is another one
it’s in and I had this guy I have to say

the the results are phenomenal and it
you can do a chronological buy show so
if you’re saying what was that clip that
was on that show you just put in video
or clip or mp3 and a name and boom it

works it’s phenomenal you’ll find things
in there I found a couple of mp3s that
completely forgotten about you know if
you’re a student so going to college
especially high school yeah this is the

way to this totally kick ass with our
documents yes you can and every single
story that we’re linked to has an
offline so a text version that you can

open it’s linked right there or better
than Google I’ve limited yeah we’re
we’re definitely better in CNN million
people would be nice to be listening to

the show let’s go with let’s bitin had a
couple of different even more than two
events but he had a bunch of events I
didn’t see any of him I did not see
Biden floating around every everything

but that so I don’t know where he was
but I missile he had a he had a town
hall with the mayor or she went in the
University of Delaware and he gave a big
speech to the University of Delaware

home my auditorium oh my oh my oh my oh
yeah he’s all over the place I mean of
course you could only find the stuff on
c-span Barlow’s oh there’s there’s that

yeah but c-span will be next with the
Sesame Street by the way so we have him
in Delaware and this is where he I
believe a couple of things about this

particular clip he brings back a Mimi or
an imaginary event and so you’ll
probably be able to catch it in there
and I think he also
he loses the prompter and this is his

little this is Biden in Delaware
stumbling I look forward to introducing
I would have already done it had not had
we did not had the death
George had not been held up against that

curb earlier but very quickly
implementing real a job plan that we’re
going to create and meet this moment

Americans can’t afford to have any more
of their time wasted they need an
economy that works for them and I need
it now Wow Wow
yeah you’re right he totally lost it and

then he just moved past the whole george
floyd script and went straight to
whatever and what what’s with the curb
no curb this was the second time he
referred to the curb cuz he didn’t

actually see the video apparently I’m
guessing that must be the case and why
here’s the question okay ball caught a
ball she’ll set him straight
why hasn’t somebody come hey Joe he

wasn’t against a curb he was in the
middle of the street more or less and he
was a problem if he was against anything
was against the tire of the car why
doesn’t one of his staffers mention this

to me cuz this is the second time and at
far as I know I mean it’s only second
time I’ve caught well can it be talking
about the curb all the time consider
this consider the affliction he has an a
reminder he’s had two aneurysms to brain

operation with Mort more than two it but
to brain operations top of his head’s
literally been off he said this himself
and he’s now up there in age and he’s
just losing it the cognition skills or

losing consider that they if I were
handling Joe it’s like anything you get
him to focus on he’s going to mess up
royally you know what I mean it’s like

Joe it’s it’s not the curb so and maybe
they already said it to him in this
particular case like and I’m sensing
that that’s the case yeah then he’s like

the curb dead so it makes no so either
they did it and confuse them what makes
no sense to even explain it to him
because then they’ll just obsess over it

focus on it and screw it up because he’s
screwing up everything yeah he’s our man
yeah so I’m watching the arm dive on
MSNBC’s news page cuz I accidentally

clicked on to do did you honey I was
gonna say that must have brows must have
been a mistake that’s my beat so I
clicked on it and it comes up with an
article on Biden and why he’s a good guy

why he should be elected there’s a
picture where they were in the mask and
in the little salt little pocket they
have a pocket where they’re running ads
yeah the the ad cuz you know this is all

the ad was five ways to spot senility
how does it work everybody doing the
doing well hold on what the screenshot

of it I will post what were they I
didn’t go to the white I was in the
process of doing geo prints five things
to spot four or five senility five ways

to spot senility and and then did they
Hannity show this is white and gives us
I had one of these teasers I’m not gonna
get suckered into this it says number

two will amaze you that’s a red flag not
CLE that’s clickbait here are the five

things one are you losing things just
can’t figure out where they went my keys
to do you get lost in familiar places
turn the lights on three do you lose

track of the time date or season yeah
that’s me doing all podcasters and four
are your conversations getting stalled

wha-wha good and five do memory slip-ups
interfere with your daily life or
presidency I’m sorry daily Oh
poor Joe poor poor poor poor Joe so here

we go yeah I got so he had a meeting
with the mayors and I have four clips
with all shorts except one which is the
first one I’d like to send a numbering

system by the way X yeah this is nice I
like that it’s interesting I’m glad you
like it but the reason that you want to
repel the reason is someone else sent it
for you it’s code when I have an X by

these this is the ones I want to compile
into a byte in a super clip oh this
worries bla bla you know it’s just
making it it’s this one here probably

shouldn’t have the X it is the first one
this is this is his great at you know
everyone so he does have an idea and he
has a proposal and he’s got a great idea
here we’ll how to deal how did be how to

fix the police one of the things that we
found and back in the days when I had
another job the United States Senate is
we were reorganizing the County police

we’re like a miniature llinois they’re
like foot we are our largest County has
about 65 percent of the state’s
population the city Wilmington’s inside
that county and the county police grew

exponentially as the as the as you know
the state grew and one of the things
that we did back years ago was we had

the county police department set up a
County Police League where they actually
run the equivalent of boys and girls

clubs hmm so that’s this great idea it’s
like a police league well he’s kind of I
think someone this was in the 50s by the
way yeah well but that is what’s being

asked for is a instead of police I’d
like to get the exact
demand so instead of police it’s
community workers I think let me see if

I can find this exact demand it’s very
alternatives to police yeah they want
social workers to do it you know non

violence and stuff that of course will
never work course not you know it’s it’s
you’ve got some some guy who’s out of
his gourd on PCP screaming and raving a

gun and you’re supposed to talk him down
well or what he’s supposed to do with
this guy yeah well besides that that’s
just one small example me that there’s

always been some kind of common common
community force that has to keep an eye
on stuff I I think you can go as far

back as you want in history and it’s
they are vigilant here as different
others like this term that they’re using
that I can’t that I can’t find but it’s

a term of like they want public stewards
and people who are in the community and
go talk with you you know when you’re
when you’re whacked out on the meth

you’re going crazy waving the machete
around hey man let’s just chat yeah I
laugh at that but that’s exactly what’s

exactly what they’re asking Bozek yes
exactly never had a guy with a machete
in front of them yeah even the UK which
had the friendliest police you know the

the bobbies were there with their stick
in there and a do for you goofy looking
helmets now you know it’s all automatic
weapons these guys are decked out not
having any of that cool old policeman

so a clip I didn’t get before I continue
with the Biden collection I wish I could
I don’t know where I kind of miss I
don’t know what happened but it was a

girl in New York complaining that she
was arrested because the police were
ahead there was a curfew violation hmm
and she was like a young little TR got
in high school or baby college go

moaning about we were gonna leave and
they rested me and they hurt my hands
with these with the thing that they’d be
using those those ties yeah the zip ties
I hurt my hand it was hurting and then

they put us in the we were gonna leave
and we were leaving when we were was
just about to get up and leave we were
sitting on the thing they weren’t
leaving and she’s moaning and groaning

and she’s then they put us in this
stinky van and they we talked and talked
and told to turn on the air-conditioning
and they wouldn’t do it
unbelievable I couldn’t well it wasn’t

that I think the article there was a big
article some mom picked her daughter up
and she was in New Yorker magazine and I
want to say and it was exactly like that

or I couldn’t believe they wouldn’t let
her go to the bathroom for eight hours
so you’re in jail I didn’t get my phone
call you’re in jail it’s it’s LARPers
the well yes LARPers but also fortnight

there’s a lot of fortnight in there and
and what they know what they learned
what they learned in school not my
what’s the Sesame Street stuff

okay here’s Rolling Stone magazine gave
us the five points for alternatives
unarmed mediation and intervention teams
unarmed but trained people often

formally violent offenders themselves
should be patrolling their neighborhoods
to curb violence right where it starts
this is real and it exists in cities

from Detroit to Los Angeles I didn’t
know this
seems to be working well stop believing
that police are heroes because they are

the only ones willing to give in the way
of knives or guns so are the members of
groups like cure violence the
interrupter ‘he’s the feminist models
patrols of local will women mmm
okay so that’s one these are the truth

is the breakdown of the demands actually
the second one the decriminalization of
almost every nonviolent crime now this
is very interesting

you take these two I didn’t and don’t
even have to go to the other three
you take these two and let’s look at Los
Angeles where decriminalize is crime
under a value of $900 so breaking into a

car stealing clothes from a clothing
store it happens every day multiple
times a day in many stores not now of
course it all boarded up if you walk in

start stealing stuff it’s not up to nine
they even calculated someone will be on
watch what’s the price calling out the
price okay where nine hundred good let’s
go cuz you won’t be prosecuted so yeah I
think that’ll work fine with no police

we don’t even need that this is great if
you’re cross it says all nonviolent
crime almost every nonviolent crime
let’s see if they have any what it

doesn’t actually specify the exceptions
I’d like to know otherwise if you take
that just buy there’s a rule Bernie
Madoff would be would be living next

violent offenses count for a fraction of
the eleven to fourteen million arrests
every year yet there’s no real
conversation about what constitutes a
crime and what permits society to put a

person in Chains and a cage cage dislike
of this law
decriminalization doesn’t work on its
own the cannabis trade that used to

employ poor blacks Latinos indigenous
and poor whites and its distribution is
now starting to be monopolized by
already rich landowners what are they
confusing here
these are all done like confuse my back

to Joe alright now I just have a
discipline fused sounding clip so this
is a short one just a short little ditty
that will go into the compilation this

bitin in the mayor’s xxxx okay I
appreciate that well one of the things
that this is not about anyway
hey get cable on the phone man this is

the guy for her he’s gonna make a great
yeah cable cable Biden in the mayor’s
the next clip one of the things that
that that that’s a leader of the United

States Senator speaker I mean the house
to speaker the house and others are
pushing is we’ve got to get in the
business back in the business of because
of the pandemic and because of the loss

of significant resources you have no
just no no and then now the bonus clip

to that may be a pipe dream I don’t know
but is it are the kinds of things that
we’re talking is that possible bear you
were talking about me up in st. Paul

it’s something a little bit about what
were you were doing no brother it’s it’s
it’s hard to listen to it’s cringe
and that’s it yeah it’s very cringe

that’s it yeah that’s all I got well
it’s not much you can get I mean oh you
can get him stammering what’s I think by
now we kind of understand that the guy

is he’s not all there I mean we did it
doesn’t matter what clips you grab it’s
all gonna be stammering it’s all gonna
be actually I’ve been known since I do
this I’ve been noticing a few things

first of all he can go about ten minutes
uh and they don’t leave chat too much
past the 10 minute Marcus about ten

minutes he started that’s when he really
starts to fall apart and he also starts
to sound tired and even though it’s not
as tired of most of these clips most of
Myr after the ten minute mark that’s
when he needs another bump I don’t know

what but he needs because he comes on
when he first starts he sounds like he’s
all jacked up about things that he’s
blasted Trump mostly and it horrible
Trump and then and he’s kind of jacked

up and then he said he starts getting
tired around ten minutes in by the
12-minute point they usually have to
pull the plug on it he doesn’t really
doom and his standalone speeches it’s
hard to find one that’s more than 12

minutes long he won’t do I mean Trump
will do an hour oh do you think it’s I
mean ten minutes is truly about what it
takes for a computer memory leak I mean

the guy’s right right they could just
replace him with the Droid a drone and
Android or whatever but how anyone could
seriously support him and vote for him

is beyond me I mean look what they’d get
they’d get the vice president is what
they’d get this guy’s as soon as he gets
in like the 21st amendment does kick in

the place they’ve been putting it in our
brains 25th amendment 25th amendment
hanging the charge at Trump and he’ll go
happily he’ll go happy yeah you’re right
I’m no good yeah this is what is really

is to get us used to the idea of a 25th
amendment and then they’re gonna use it
on Biden oh but that’s where it’s
appropriate on Biden oh yeah and so the

vice president will be the president so
there has to be a me
if it’s anybody else is just gonna lose
too many votes there’s no way it’s gonna
be somebody like Pamela Harris I mean
people don’t on both sides of the aisle

don’t like her right and if it’s Stacey
Abrams I mean you can take a whole show
because I had to retire
well again III will remind you that it

was the former New York banker who was
all jacked about Stacey Abrams and
that’s why I said put it in the book
because he travels in those circles and
you knew who was jacked about Camilla

Harris Steve PIGE Enic oh really
yep right now today no no this was a
while oh oh oh that doesn’t count

it’s all right I mean everyone has weird
things especially everyone has weird
things everyone says weird things and
I’m sure if I asked him today he

probably wouldn’t agree with it no yeah
well of course not cuz she’s out of the
picture here’s a little side clip this
was a live right on the air comment from

some black guy with a mask on talking
about burning down parts of the diamond
district in New York or whatever the
jewelry or whatever it’s called and I
call the clip let the extortion begin

there’s a live protester got a lot of
play on Fox I know I’m a leader of this
ftv movement it means a lot of things it
could mean free to people it could be
for other people it can also mean fired

to property you know that’s very
possible today I’m leading a
demonstration from Barclays Center at
6:00 p.m. to City Hall and that’s the
first stop and we’re hoping the Blasio
and Cuomo come out and talk to us and

give the youth some direction but if
they don’t the next stop is the diamond
district and gasoline takes the truck is
awfully cheap geez that’s a pretty big
threat if you think and by the way why
don’t you just say we’re gonna burn the

Jews cuz that’s what you’re saying I
mean it isn’t that kind of what he means
yep so we know gasoline and the diamond
ristic burn the Jews holy crap man who
is that guy they’ve never identified him

yet but it’s fine I guess was there
P on his on his front right forearms
tattooed and it’s not doesn’t stand for
file transfer protocol either yeah well

let’s look around the world attitudes do
change things are always interesting in
Euro land the Dutch Prime Minister after

the anti-trump anti us police killing us
people of color dutch Prime Minister
aruthor now says his attitude towards

black Piet is now changing success I say
we’ve exported it to the Netherlands he
was mainly he was always saying but Pete

is just black it’s a Dutch tradition
it’s not a problem now he has a
different story now he’s seen what it’s
like he doesn’t want to be like that

over knuckled under over him over in the
UK we have June 15th as the opening day
for what is what that’s one week from

now a little bit over a week from now
and of course that masks and muzzles
will be appropriate but listen to listen
to how this is explained about the

public transport system and about masks
there’s a lot of stuff in here from the
UK public health official I can announce
that as of Monday the 15th of June face

coverings will become mandatory on
public transport
that doesn’t mean surgical masks which
we must keep for clinical settings it

means the kind of face covering you can
easily make at home no yeah yeah yeah
this is important to me because I
remember three months ago in 95 you got

to have the right mask is the right this
is the wrong mask now we’ve gone from
don’t buy a mask make one yourself but
wear it because it’s mandatory

they’ll be exemptions to these rules for
very young children for disabled people
with breathing difficulties but broadly
as we come through this phase we’re
doing what many other countries have

asked transport users to do and as
passenger numbers increase and we expect
this trend to continue we need to ensure
every precaution is taken on buses
trains aircraft and on ferries with more

people using transport the evidence
suggests the wearing face coverings
offers some albeit limited protection
against the spread of the virus some
limited why are we doing it the face

covering helps protect our fellow
passengers it’s something that we can
each do to help each other we’ll make
these rule changes under the national
rail conditions of travel and the public

service vehicle regulations for buses
and this will mean that you can be
refused travel if you don’t comply and
you could be fine you will obey so to
help each other is to help each other or

else I don’t know what your problem is
Adam yeah all I do
Boris Johnson very disappointing he was

the closing keynote speaker at the big
Gavi vaccine vaccine Appaloosa 2020 and
bet you didn’t know there was a vaccine

a Palooza happening can I suggest
something he was locked up in a when he
had kovat and we didn’t get to see or
hear from him is it possible he was a de

brainwashed or swapped out well it could
be but I don’t know I mean this first of
all he is very interesting what they did
here I guess they set him up with a

little lectern at his house or wherever
he is it’s still on zoom because you can
hear the the the audio crunching a bit
but this is the GAVI which is the global
vaccine Global Alliance vaccine industry

or initiatives which no surprise is
financed almost entirely by dr. bill dr.
bill gates all of his companies
everyone’s in there

and here’s good old Bojo I do thank you
very much everybody as we bring this
summit to a conclusion let me let me
just thank you all for the generosity in

your contributions today together we
have replenished this alliance and here
comes the number that you’ve been
waiting for we have secured a fantastic
I get this I get the screen finally I’m

unable to reveal it I’m proud to say we
have secured a fantastic 8.8 billion
dollars for Gabby’s vertical work over
the next I don’t understand who cares

about you raising 8 billion for some
nonprofit that is actually kind of run
by insiders of the World Health
Organization including Bill Gates and

Melinda Gates who cares what what I
don’t understand why do we have to be so
jacked up in GT and why is the Prime
Minister of the UK why is he even a part
of this I mean isn’t it all set

governments will pay the companies know
he has to now be a part of the Alliance
and suck up to everybody ideas so take a
bow everybody thank you very very much I
want to say particular thanks obviously

to eat to you to Bill and Melinda Gates
that are your generosity your
philanthropy yet again your continued
leadership in humanity’s battle against
disease you get the idea you need to bow

before Bill & Melinda they’re the ones
that are saving you our ancestors had to
live with the unavoidable reality that
killer pathogens could anytime strike

down their children imposing an
incalculable burden of sorrow but today
thanks to the ingenuity of Edward Jenner

a British doctor originally from the
Gloucestershire pioneered the world’s
first vaccine okay what did we just
change history

who invented vaccines yeah either Jonas
Salk or Sabin there’s two of them wasn’t
it buster

although invented vaccines what they
said polio they I thought no no no no he
says listen to what Bojo says thanks to
the ingenuity of Edward Jenner a British

doctor originally from Gloucestershire
and party of the world’s first vaccine
no it wasn’t passed a passengers the one
who discovered the idea of microbes I

don’t think he invented vaccine well
according to the Wikipedia’s the book of
knowledge Edward Jenner is indeed
considered the founder of vaccinology
yes he’s the one who did Jesus smallpox

but but I thought it was Catherine the
Great who and who was the first oh she
was the first to publicly in do it but
this wasn’t they weren’t vaccinating
with needles and hypodermics they were

taking pus from from people who had from
the wounds of the smallpox and then they
were poking you with yeah let’s bring
that back the simple act in operating

our children and save lives many times
over vaccines work if it wasn’t such
shitty quality that would be my eye so

my end of show I saw but it’s just too
it’s not good enough why do we why is
there so much bad audio out there well
hello we’re in kovat lockdown this is
he’s on zoom’ that’s why many times over

there comes vaccines work yes thank you
boyo we’re very aware
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no agenda meetups calm
it’s like a potty though it’s the data
on the Truckee when I could take the
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that was a sec Truckee California June

20th Saturday
where’s twister struck II that farm
truck is on the way to Reno fo you go

for just between Sacramento’s on the 80
between Sacramento and Reno Astoria is
in them just at the foothills of the
Sierra Nevadas a beautiful old town
maybe a bit much
yeah probably for Saturday be too hard

yeah okay so we have a leftover supercut
oh it’s always good for a laugh you
always this is the one this is the

rationale for the riots oaks and cuts
pain is everything it has informed
everything that you have seen doesn’t
make it okay to riot says the majority
but doesn’t it depend why it’s happening

property damage is nowhere near as
important as physical loss of life
protestors are right to be speaking out
no one is condoning the violence but
again I understand I’m not gonna judge

people a riot in Boston Harbor started
the fight that amounted to America it
was the minority manifesting a desperate
plea to be heard and for change just
like now the idea that you can have

people who break a few windows and burn
a few cars we are watching years an
anger pain frustration boiled over and
there are a lot of people out there

wondering if this is what needs to
happen in order for voices to be heard
they don’t know what to do with that
emotion so their response especially
young folks is to lash out and people I

think are just trying in this case to to
get themselves heard as best
we would have never been having this
conversation if you didn’t have people
take to the streets goes through your

mind when you hear that sentence riot is
the language of the unheard youthful

protest most of the major movements in
American history have started at the
grassroots level no people should not be
burning down businesses there should not
be destruction of property

but it’s all in the message and it’s all
in how you convey it people are looking
for as I have been saying to be heard
orange man bad just be honest about it
Don Lemon what’s going on we know what

your real problem is sad sad how people
are being abused yeah of course that we
all forget about this guy that poor cop
that word gunned down enough oh this job

David Dorn know his death being
downplayed as much as possible I have a
clip the murder of David Dory for when I
hear the baby I do I do actually because
a lot of people outside of the united

united states are only seeing this in
one in one light you know and it is
pretty much man American cops
particularly racist bunch of dicks who
America boot down with America back with

his Fox News Alert a major development
today in the murder of former st. Louis
Police Captain David Doran trace

Gallagher standing by with the latest
for us tonight hi trace hi Martha David
Dorn was shot while he was inside Lee’s
pawn shop protecting it from looters and
police have now released surveillance

video also from inside that pawn shop
that shows seven people crawling one
after another
beneath the security gate into the store
at least two of the suspects are armed
and one of them points a gun at the door

now it’s unclear at what point David
Dorn was shot but police say he was hit
by gunfire inside the shop and was able
to make it outside where he collapsed on
the sidewalk the suspects as you can see

were wearing masks but the video is very
clear and police are hopeful that
somebody will recognize them and if you
call Saint Louis police David Doran was

a st. Louis police captain for 35 years
before retiring and taking a job as a
small-town police chief Dorn the father
of five grandfather of 10 was also
instrumental in mentoring numerous young

people who were interested in pursuing
law enforcement I just want to note that
Lee’s pawnshop
he’s on Martin Luther King Drive oh my
god I’m so sick of all of it turn off

your TV I am sick I can’t believe you’re
getting clips from Fox News I can’t even
watch it anymore I can’t watch any of it
but my goodness pen during the Fox

people are pandering it’s gonna hinder
accept us accept us no here’s let’s
listen I’m gonna call this show we gotta

get out of here but this is one of a
Lolong local story for you of course we
had protesters on the Golden Gate Bridge
yesterday which was not new I mean we’ve
had protests on the Golden Gate Bridge

before but I think this is it’s unusual
it is unusual it looks good you know
it’s a it’s a good look for protests but
what was interesting is this bridge has
been designed redesigned they said some
fixes and apparently the bridge now

sings because of the faces and here is
so the wind is is blowing through the
bridge and here’s what it sounds like

pretty annoying if you ask well we have
this well a couple of things you should
note first of all yesterday when they

made that recording the wind situation
was unbelievable
I’m surprised that the house is even on
this all really all that bad huh
so it was blowing and what they’ve

apparently because I thought it was the
the some people thought was the ropes
you know the trout the big steel ropes
that are holding the bridge up or mhm
but no apparent according to me me they
changed the the grading on the walkway

across that they changed
oh so it’s a sign that the fence has
been changed and the little things that
are they’re too close together and they
start though they whistle when their

wind gets too high and that’s just a
whistling it’s just the incompetent fix
I don’t know wind velocity it starts but
it’s apparently is annoying as hell well

our wind velocity will ramp up again on
Thursday as we return with the best
media deconstruction here on the no
agenda show thanks to the grumpy old
Ben’s who are coming up after this show
on no agenda stream dot-com no police no

peace that’s the title of that and end
of show mixes
just to for today we thank matthew
hertert Park and Rolando Gonzalez for
the end of show mixes and coming to you

from opportunities own 33 in Austin
Texas capital the drone star state if
you’re looking for it on any government
Maps this is FEMA region number six
we’re very easy to find or easy to find

in the morning everybody my Adam Curry
different northern Silicon Valley where
I tell people the social distance I’m
John C Dvorak like a good Karen should

I’m back to figuring out email and stuff
looking forward to our Thursday show
and you enjoy yourselves and let’s be
safe out there whither were they with or

without face coverings remember us at
Dvorak org slash in a until Thursday in
the morning everybody and adios there
are two people that I think are

destroying this country and that are
guilty white people and angry rich
entitled blacks who continue to play the
race card

and then and they don’t have to live
with the consequences of their advocacy
guilty white people and angry rich
entitled blacks guilty guilty when these
little class people who live in safe

communities are villainize the police
and then the murder rate goes up less
police more black on black crime more
black on black deaths poor people are
being hustled by these middle-class

politicians as Malcolm X said they’re
being bamboozled scams hoodwinked in one
day that sleeping giant is gonna wake up
and understand who the real culprit is
and it is people who look like them who

are failing to use their their positions
to to profit the least of God’s children
instead they’re using it to benefit
themselves and their own group as

I’m exit the video bamboozled scam could
wait bamboozles bamboozles bamboozles
it’s more class than to this race and

now race is being used to deflect the
tensions away from the failures of
people running those institutions the
question is why are black kids failing
in school systems run by their own

people a lot of young people were shot
by the police but they were black police
shooting black kids and that woman was
prosecuted but there was no public
outcry because as long as

illegality or evil whereas a black face
then it escapes detection and that’s
what’s wrong with looking through life
through the prism of race and that’s

what’s wrong with looking through life
through the prism of race prism of race
prism of race prism of race one of the
great promises we we gave to low-income

blacks is that if you were to elect
blacks to public office and we were
running those institutions that all the
black America would be better off in the

past 50 years 22 trillion dollars have
been spent the poverty program seventy
percent goes not to the poor where those
who serve poor people so many of those
people taking office use this money to
create a class of people

who are running these cities and now
after 50 years of Liberal Democrats
running the inner cities where we have
all of these inequities that we have
race is being used as a ruse as a means

of deflecting attention away from
critical questions such as why our poor
blacks failing and systems run by their
own people if race was an issue even a

criminal justice system and if we
continue to look at life through a
racial prism when when evil wears a
black face it will escape protection and
therefore correction

and very stabilization force




the big bamboozle scams good weekday
that’s sleeping giant that’s gonna wake
up and understand who the real culprit

mofo Dvorak org slash n a Thank You